SUGAR DHW Alcohols

Specific Properties of DHW and Spray-Dried Sugar alcohols belong to the group of polyhydric alcohols and are produced by a catalytic of natural Unique benefits for your applications by specific particle structures . They are naturally present in smaller quantities in fruits as well as in certain kinds of vegetables. DHW sugar alcohols comprise the products Sorbitol, Xylitol and . By means of the specifically developed spraying technology, unique application benefits can be achieved by the Sorbitol is a hexavalent sugar and is derived from the catalytic reduction of . Xylitol is produced by formation of a specific particle structure. catalytic hydrogenation of the pentahydric alcohol . Maltitol is obtained of natural after catalytic hydrogenation. DHW offers tailor-made Sorbitols and Xylitol as spray dried products with unique advantages Application advantages in their usage for a number of applications. • Excellent compressibility and tab- • Fabrication of tablets can be car- • Excellent sensory properties of let formation ried out without additional granu- the tablets and for- Sorbitol lating processes mulations by Properties of Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol »» Harder tablets under compara- • Improved appearance of the tab- »» Improved mouth feeling ble conditions lets by smoother surfaces and a »» Longer aroma perception Physical and chemical properties Functional properties »» Comparable tablet hardnesses more uniform colour distribution • Improved binding capacity for ad- at lower pressing pressures of coloured products ditives, as e.g. active substances, • High thermal stability • Sweetening power • »» Reduced stress on the tablet- • Lower sensibility to moisture by , pigments, flavours Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol are Xylitol has the same sweeten- Sugar alcohols are metabolized ting machines harder tablet surfaces – longer • Non-separable inclusion of ad- very stable up to temperatures of ing power as sugar. Sorbitol and and assimilated partially only. »» Less dust, less cleaning shelf life mixed active agents 180 °C and do not change colour Maltitol solutions are slightly less Large quantities reach the large Xylitol • Low friability of tablets • Extraordinary dissolution capacity • High chemical stability sweet intestine, and are fermented there »» Direct compression without the • Improved dissolution behaviour because of instant character Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol solu- • Cooling effect by the existing micro-flora. When addition of binders possible of tablets • Low bulk density tions as well as melts do not Sorbitol and Xylitol have – caused consuming large quantities, pos- • High flexibility to meet customers undergo any by their negative solution heat sible side effects like or requirements with regard to spe- spray-dried Sorbitol (browning reaction). They are rel- and their good solubility in water a effect may occur cial particle size distribution atively stable at low and high pH. – a pleasantly sweet and cooling • Caloric value • Anti-oxidative-synergistic effect in . Maltitol is pleasantly sweet Because of their slower absorp- fats, oils and mixtures containing only tion, sugar alcohols have a lower fat, by complex formation with • Cariogenicity caloric value. In the EU, 2.4 kcal/g metal ions Non-cariogenic effect when are fixed for all sugar alcohols • Hygroscopicity compared to sugar. Sorbitol and Sorbitol and Maltitol solutions Maltitol are significantly slower Compression profile of sorbitol tablets have an excellent moisture-stabi- degraded to acids. Xylitol is not lizing effect fermented by most of the micro- • Preserving effect at higher con- organisms in the oral cavity centrations • Dietetics spray-dried Xylitol • Higher viscosities of the aqueous Sorbitol, Maltitol and Xylitol are solutions of Sorbitol and Maltitol excellent dietetics for diabetics when compared to and because of their -indepen­ saccharose solutions dent processing in the human • Good solubility in water body and their toxicological harm- • High microbial stability lessness

Sorbitol tablets with 1% magnesium stearate 2 3 DHW Sugar Alcohols

Sugar Alcohols for Sorbitols Spray-Dried Product Name Sorbitol Content Characteristics Regulatory Status Function Application Sorbitol TFF min. 98 % Extremely fine-grained Sorbitol TF min. 98 % Fine grained E / INS 420; Sweetener, dietary , Mints, tablets, lozenges, chewing gum, Sorbitol T min. 98 % Standard quality GRAS1) bulking agent sugar-free , cakes, dietetics Sorbitol T80 min. 98 % Large-grained Sorbitol TS min. 98 % with 0.1 % Standard quality with saccharin Sorbitol Liquid Product Name Sorbitol Content Characteristics Regulatory Status Function Application Sweetener, consistency promoter, as candies, , cakes/ Sorbitol LGK min. 80 % (DS)3) Lower tendency to crystallise E / INS 420; GRAS1) pies, , chewing gum Xylitol Spray-Dried Product Name Xylitol Content Characteristics Regulatory Status Function Application E / INS 967 Sweetener, dietary sugar substitute, Mints, tablets, lozenges, chewing gum, Xylitol T min. 98.5 % Standard quality 21 CFR 172.3952) bulking agent sugar-free candies, , dietetics Maltitol Liquid Product Name Maltitol Content Characteristics Regulatory Status Function Application Confectioneries such as candies, toffees, E / INS 965 Sweetener, consistency Maltitol 72/75 approx. 75 % (DS)3) Viscous syrup , cakes/pies, chewing gum, GRAS1) promoter, humectant ice cream 1) These products are “Generally Recognised As Safe” (GRAS) / FDA; 2) These products are FDA regulated; 3) Based on dry substance Sugar Alcohols as Personal Care Ingredients

Product Name INCI Name Form Function Applications Regulatory Status Sorbitol LGK Hydrogenated hydrolysate Liquid Creams and lotions, clear shampoo and Ph.Eur.; USP / NF Consistency promoter, shower formulations (free of preserva- Sorbitol T Sorbitol Spray-dried powder moisture regulator, Ph.Eur.; USP / NF tives), alcoholic lotions, , texture enhancer Xylitol T Xylitol Spray-dried powder tooth-friendly dental hygiene Ph.Eur.; USP / NF

Sugar Alcohols for Pharmaceutical Applications

Product Name Name Form Function Applications Regulatory Status Sorbitol T Sorbitol Spray-dried powder Ph.Eur.; USP / NF Sorbitol TF Sorbitol Spray-dried powder , bulking agent Tablet formulations Ph.Eur.; USP / NF Xylitol T Xylitol Spray-dried powder Ph.Eur.; USP / NF Sorbitol LGK Sorbitol, liquid (non-crystallising) Liquid Consistency promoter, Pharmaceutial creams and lotions Ph.Eur.; USP / NF moisture regulator, Maltitol 72/75 Maltitol, liquid Liquid texture enhancer Medical syrups Ph.Eur.; USP / NF

4 5 SORBITOL, XYLITOL, MALTITOL – one of our is right for your application

Liquid sugar alcohols in food, , pharmaceuticals and industrial applications

• Food »» Confectionaries (tooth-friendly, low ) »» Bread, cakes and pastries (sweetener, consistency) »» Special food (stabilising, consistency, anti-oxidizing) • Tobacco (prevents drying out) • Cosmetics/pharmaceuticals (consistency-lending, texture) • Industrial applications (intermediate, consistency)

Spray-dried sugar alcohols as valuable aids in sugar-free, tooth-friendly sweets, dietetics, medicine, pharmaceuticals and cosmetic dental care products

• Sugar-free sweets »» Lozenges, pastilles, mints (particle structure, surfaces, smoothness) »» Chewing gum (sensory, flavours) • Dietetics (low calorie) • Pharmaceuticals (moisture stabilizing, particle structure) • Cosmetic dental care products (less plaque)

Legal requirements

We offer our products on the quality level that is requested and necessary for your respective applications. All products are available in pharmaceutical and as well as for technical use. They comply with the following legal requirements:

• EC purity specifications – specific criteria of purity concerning sweeteners for use in foodstuffs - E 420 - Sorbitol, E 965 - Maltitol, E 967 - Xylitol • FAO / WHO purity specifications – JECFA specifica- tions - INS 420 - Sorbitol, INS 965 - Maltitol, INS 967 - Xylitol • European Pharmacopoeia and other national pharma- copoeias


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