Permophiles Issue #67 April 2019

SUBCOMMISSION ON STRATIGRAPHY International Association on the Genesis of Ore Deposits ANNUAL REPORT 2018 Commission for Geological Map of the World International Association of Geomorphologists 1. TITLE OF CONSTITUENT BODY and NAME OF 3a. Nominated Officers for 2016-2020 period: REPORTER International Subcommission on Permian Stratigraphy (SPS) Prof. Shuzhong Shen (SPS Chairman) Submitted by: School of Earth Sciences and Engeering, Shuzhong Shen, SPS Chairman Nanjing University, 163 Xianlin Avenue, School of Earth Sciences and Engeering, Nanjing 210023, Nanjing University, 163 Xianlin Avenue, E-mail: [email protected] Nanjing 210023, China E-mail: [email protected] Prof. Joerg W. Schneider (SPS Vice-Chairman) 2. OVERALL OBJECTIVES, AND FIT WITHIN IUGS Freiberg University of Mining and Technology SCIENCE POLICY Institute of Geology, Dept. of Palaeontology, Subcommission Objectives: The Subcommission’s pri- Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str.2 mary objective is to define the and stages of the Permian Freiberg, D-09596, Germany by means of internationally agreed GSSPs and establish a high- E-mail: [email protected] resolution temporal framework based on multidisciplinary (biostratigraphical, geochronologic, chemostratigraphical, Prof. Lucia Angiolini (SPS Secretary) megnatostratigraphical etc.) approaches, and to provide the inter- Dipartimento di Scienze Terra “A. DEsio” national forum for scientific discussion and interchange on all Via Mangiagalli 34, 20133 aspects of the Permian, but specifically on refined intercontinen- Milano, Italy tal and regional correlations. E-mail: [email protected] Fit within IUGS Science Policy: The objectives of the 4. EXTENT OF NATIONAL/REGIONAL/GLOBAL Subcommission involve two main aspects of IUGS policy: 1) The SUPPORT FROM SOURCES OTHER THAN IUGS development of an internationally agreed chronostratigraphic SPS chair Shuzhong Shen organized an international coopera- scale with units defined by GSSPs where appropriate and related tive project on the correlation of the Series between to a hierarchy of units to maximize relative time resolution within South China and Mt. Guadalupe in , USA, which is sup- the Permian System; and 2, establishment of framework and sys- ported by NSFC. tems to encourage international collaboration in understanding A Strategic Priority Research Program “Processes and the evolution of the Earth and life during the Permian Period. Mechanisms of Organismal and Environmental Evolution during 3. ORGANISATION-Interfaces with other international the Critical Intervals in Earth History” led by Shuzhong Shen has project/groups been approved by Chinese Academy of Science (2018-2023). With SPS interacts with many international projects on formal and the national team of more than 200 expert scientists in collabora- informal levels. Shuzhong Shen, as one of the principal proposer, tion with numerous oversea scientists in synthetic stratigraphy, we are applying for funding from various resources in China to paleontology, sedimentology, geochemistry, geochronology and support the Deep Time Digital Earth (DDE) program. The cur- big data analysis and modeling, this program adopts interdisci- rent sponsors of the DDE proposal include the following IUGS plinary approaches to addressing major issues about evolution of constituent groups (affiliated international organizations and life on earth from both temporal and spatial perspectives. national members). These members will serve as founding mem- 5. CHIEF ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND PRODUCTS IN bers to support this proposal. This type of initiative could also 2018 provide an opportunity for partnership with regional and inter- A formal proposal of the -base GSSP was national associations of universities, publishers and datacenters. submitted to International Commission on Stratigraphy, which List of members supporting the initiative: was approved by 100% in ICS. This proposal then was submitted International Commission on Stratigraphy (ICS) to IUGS on June 30, 2018 and formally ratified by IUGS EC on International Association of Paleontology (IAP) July 21, 2018. International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) A volume of Special Publication (The Permian International Association for Mathematical Geosciences Timescales. Geological Society, London, Special Publication (IAMG) 450) has been published by Lucas, S.G. and Shen, S.Z. China Geological Survey (CGS) (2018). This volume reviews the state of the art of the Permian British Geological Survey (BGS) timescales of the SPS including geochronology, high-resolution Russian Geological Research Institute biostratigraphy based on various groups (, Commission on the Management & Application of Geoscience fusulinids, , plant , radiolarians etc.), Information magnetostratigraphy etc. and a latest Permian timescale is also American Association of Petroleum Geologists presented. 3 Permophiles Issue #67 April 2019

A Special Issue on Integrative Stratigraphy and timescale of geography and Deep Time Big Data (DDE Program)”. The China has been published on Science China Earth Sciences (Shen main purpose and mission of DDE Program are to provide a and Rong, edited, 2019) now. This issue includes 13 periods and dynamically linked, paleogeologically- and paleogeographi- summarized the advances in stratigraphy and timescale from cally-referenced (spatially and temporally) digital earth da- to in China during the last two decades. tabase so a researcher, teacher or student can not only ac- One regular issue of Permophiles (Issues 66) and a cess the comprehensive datasets, but also analyze the data supplementary issue of Permophiles for the 8th spatially, temporally and genetically. A formal proposal has Congress (66-Suppl. Issue) have been published in 2018. They been submitted to IUGS EC. This plan will be finally decided are all available on the SPS website (http://permian.stratigraphy. in the IUGS EC meeting held in February, 2019 in Beijing org/pub/pub.asp). 2) Publishing the revised version of the proposals, organiz- ing the field excursions and establishing the remaining two 6. SUMMARY OF EXPENDITURES IN 2018 GSSPs for the . We received a budget $3000 from ICS a few days ago. 3) Continue to work on the Guadalupian GSSPs and global cor- As planned in the 2017 annual report, this money was mainly relation for chemostratigraphy and geochronologic calibra- pre-used for supporting the publication of Permophiles, and tion. Publish the official papers for the three Guadalupian SPS Chair to meet SPS secretary Lucia Angiolini Milano in GSSPs. September, 2018 to edit Permophiles. 7. SUMMARY OF INCOME 2018 An amount 2195 Euro was allocated from ICS. Officers and Voting Members 8. BUDGET REQUESTS FROM ICS IN 2019 since August, 2016 We apply for 5000US$ from ICS for SPS activities in 2019. Prof. Lucia Angiolini (SPS Secretary) SPS Chair Shuzhong Shen will attend the 3rd International Con- Dipartimento di Scienze Terra “A. DEsio” gress on Stratigraphy (STRATI 2019, 2-5 July, Milano, Italy) and Via Mangiagalli 34, 20133 the International Congress on and Permian (ICCP, Milano, Italy July 29-August 2, 2019, Cologne, Germany). Two SPS business E-mail: [email protected] meetings have been planned respectively during these two meet- Dr. Alexander Biakov ings. We will use a part of the money to support SPS voting mem- Northeast Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute bers and young scholars recommended by SPS voting members to Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, attend these two meeting. Portovaya ul. 16, Magadan, 685000 Russia We will also start to prepare the and E-mail: [email protected] GSSPs. Dr. Valery Chernykh 9. WORK PLAN, CRITICAL MILESTONES, Institute of Geology and Geochemistry ANTICIPATED RESULTS AND COMMUNICATIONS Urals Branch of TO BE ACHIEVED NEXT Russian Academy of Science The primary objectives are to complete the remaining two Pochtovy per 7 GSSPs (Artinskian and Kungurian stages) and re-define/study Ekaterinburg 620154 Russia the three GSSPs of the Guadalupian Series (, E-mail: [email protected] and ). The Russian Stratigraphic Committee has exca- vated the Dalny Tukas (Artinskian-base) and Mechetlino Quarry Dr. Nestor R. Cuneo (Kungurian-base) sections as well. The next target of SPS is to Museo Paleontologico Egidio Feruglio publish the Sakmarian GSSP paper and complete the proposal for (U9100GYO) Av. Fontana 140, these remaining two Cisuralian GSSPs. Trelew, Chubut, Patagonia Argentina The priority of 2019 for GSSP is to: E-mail: [email protected] 1) Completing the Artinskian-base GSSP proposal for discussion Prof. Katsumi Ueno and voting in SPS; Department of Earth System Science 2) intensively study and clarify the problems in the three defined Fukuoka University Guadalupian GSSPs; Fukuoka 814-0180 JAPAN 3) Working on the replacement candidate section for the E-mail: [email protected] -base GSSP at Penglaitan, South China. Prof. Charles M. Henderson 10. OBJECTIVES AND WORK PLAN FOR NEXT 4 Dept. of Geoscience (2019-2022) University of Calgary 1) SPS Chair Shuzhong Shen together with Junxuan Fan of the Calgary, Alberta GBDB group is actively involved in organizing the IUGS Canada T2N1N4 Recognized Big Science Program “Reconstruction of Paleo- E-mail: [email protected]