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Must apply for extended jobless benefits

uestion: Are the extended benefits Q automatic once I run out of unemploy- ment? It’s getting close. What do I do? Answer: No, Pan- demic Emergency Unem- ployment Compensation is not automatic. You have to apply for this pro- gram, which adds 13 weeks of benefits for eligi- UCLA VIA AP / 2015 ble claimants, and you must have a zero balance Andrea Ghez, professor of and astronomy at UCLA, was one of three who was awarded this year’s Nobel Prize in in your Unemployment In- physics for advancing the understanding of black holes. Ghez was photographed on the university’s campus. surance account before you do so, according to the state Department of Labor and Industrial Rela- Nobel winner is Keck Observatory user tions. You would apply through your online UI ac- Astronomer Andrea Ghez has been studying the ry’s telescopes, Lewis said count and answer a series Ghez probably uses them of questions to determine Galactic Center from Hawaii island since 1995 more often than anyone whether you are eligible. else — about a dozen nights For instructions on how Star-Advertiser staff covering a supermassive per year. to apply, see labor.hawaii. and news services black hole at the center of The observatory’s twin gov/ui/. the Milky Way in the 1990s. telescopes, each with a The three winners of the , of the Uni- 10-meter primary mirror, are Q: Regarding the new 2020 versity of Oxford, received among the most powerful unemployment call cen- helped prove the existence the other half of the Nobel telescopes in the world, ter, is that really working of black holes, and one is a Prize for proving with mathe- Lewis said, which is “critical” as advertised? I have been longtime user of the W.M. matics in 1964 that the gen- for the work Ghez does. calling and calling and I Keck Observatory atop eral theory of relativity Black holes, which exist at never get through. Are Mauna Kea. predicted the formation of the center of every galaxy, others having the same U.S. astronomer Andrea black holes. fascinate people because trouble? Ghez, of the University of The Nobel Assembly an- INVISION / AP “the idea of some monster A: We got a lot of com- California, Los Angeles, has nounced the prize Saturday out there sucking everything plaints from people who been studying the Galactic at the Royal Swedish Acad- Host Janna Levin left, and Ghez participated on the up is a pretty weird thing,” were unable to get Center — the central region emy of in Stock- “Black Hole Apocalypse” panel during the PBS Tele- Penrose said in an interview through last week (the call of the Milky Way galaxy — holm. vision Critics Association Summer Press Tour at the with the Associated Press. center launched Sept. 30), at the Keck Observatory on Ghez is only the fourth Beverly Hilton in 2017 in Beverly Hills, Calif. He said our galaxy and the but we’ve received fewer Hawaii island since 1995, ac- woman to win the Nobel in galaxies near us “will ulti- complaints this week. cording to the observatory’s physics, following Marie Cu- Ghez has been working that that black hole at the mately get swallowed by one Bill Kunstman, a website. rie in 1903, Maria Goeppert solely on the supermassive center of the Milky Way ex- utterly huge black hole. This spokesman for the De- Ghez shared half of the No- Mayer in 1963 and Donna black hole during her 20-plus ists,” Hilton Lewis, the obser- is the fate … but not for an partment of Labor and In- bel Prize with Reinhard Gen- Strickland in 2018, according years of doing research at vatory’s director, told the awful long time, so it’s not dustrial Relations, said zel, who represents both to The New York Times. the Keck Observatory. Honolulu Star-Advertiser. that 70 more call center UCLA and the In- “I’m so thrilled,” she said “For 25 years she’s had Although scientists com- staffers were added on stitute in Germany, for dis- in an email to The Times. one research topic: proving pete to use the observato- Please see NOBEL, B5 Monday, which likely ex- plains the improvement. Calls are answered 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, except state U.S. Surgeon General holidays. The call center’s num- bers are 833-901-2272, cited for being inside 808-762-5751, 833-901-2275 and 808-762-5752. Call center agents can closed Oahu park handle a variety of ques- tions and tasks, but they Jennifer Sinco Kelleher picturesque view of Mokolii cannot perform adjudica- Associated Press island, known as Chinaman’s tions, Kunstman said. Hat for its cone shape. Those cases, which in- The U.S. surgeon general Adams told the officer he clude disputes over bene- was cited for being in a was visiting Hawaii to work fit denials related to job closed Oahu park in August with the governor for separation, must be han- while in Hawaii helping with COVID-19 and didn’t know dled by a claim examiner. surge testing amid a spike in parks were closed. JAMM AQUINO / [email protected] / AUG. 27 Examiners are calling coronavirus cases, according At the time, Oahu parks pending claimants di- to a criminal complaint filed were closed by Mayor Kirk The email to Adams con- Surgeon General said. U.S. Surgeon General Vice rectly, the DLIR says, and in court. Caldwell in an attempt to pre- firming his exemption in- Later Tuesday, Honolulu Adm. Jerome Adams was sometimes their calls go A Honolulu police officer vent crowds from gathering. cluded links to rules that attorney Lex Smith issued a cited for being in a closed unanswered because they cited Jerome Adams after A phone number Adams were in effect in each of Ha- statement: “During his visit Hawaii park in August, appear to be spam. seeing him with two men gave the officer is the same waii’s counties, including the to Oahu, the surgeon general according to a complaint “If you have a UI claim “looking at the view taking number Adams listed on order closing Oahu parks. was cited for accidentally vi- fi led in court. Mayor Kirk requiring adjudication pictures” at Kualoa Regional an email to state officials “We do not have a com- olating the mayor’s emer- Caldwell demonstrates a please answer 808 prefix Park on Oahu’s northeastern seeking an exemption for ment at this time,” said Kate gency order, due to his coronavirus swab test as phone calls from claims coast, the citation said. The Hawaii’s quarantine on arriv- Migliaccio-Grabill, a spokes- Adams, right, watches at park in a rural area offers a ing travelers. woman for the Office of the Please see SURGEON, B5 Kalakaua District Park. 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WHAT HAPPENED IN THE MARKETS TUESDAY 28,360 MARKET HIGHLIGHTS Dow Jones industrials INTEREST RATES Close: 27,772.76 27,440 52 Week YTD 52 Wk Change: -375.88 (-1.3%) Last Wk Ago High Low Index Close Chg %Chg %Chg %Chg Prime Rate 3.25 3.25 26,520 10 DAYS 29,568.57 18,213.65 Dow Industrials 27,772.76 -375.88 -1.34 -2.68 +6.15 30,000 Discount Rate 0.75 0.75 11,690.82 6,481.20 Dow Transportation 11,399.14 -82.95 -.72 +4.57 +15.97 Federal Funds Rate 0.00-0.25 0.00-0.25 963.80 593.52 Dow Utilities 850.89 +6.32 +.75 -3.22 -1.99 Treasuries 14,183.26 8,664.94 NYSE Composite 12,837.88 -111.77 -.86 -7.73 +1.96 28,000 3-month 0.10 0.09 12,074.07 6,631.42 Nasdaq Composite 11,154.60 -177.88 -1.57 +24.32 +42.57 6-month 0.11 0.105 3,588.11 2,191.86 S&P 500 3,360.97 -47.66 -1.40 +4.03 +16.17 5-year 0.32 0.26 2,109.43 1,181.96 S&P MidCap 1,936.85 -9.11 -.47 -6.12 +4.08 26,000 10-year 0.76 0.67 36,658.73 21,955.54 Wilshire 5000 34,673.56 -443.89 -1.26 +5.43 +17.52 30-year 1.56 1.42 1,715.08 966.22 Russell 2000 1,577.29 -4.67 -.30 -5.46 +7.11 24,000

STOCKS OF LOCAL INTEREST 22,000 AOMJ J AS YTD YTD GLOBAL MARKETS Name Tkr Div Yld Last Chg %Chg Name Tkr Div Yld Last Chg %Chg Major YTD AlexB Inc ALEX .76 6.4 11.93 +.14 -43.1 FsHawaii FHB 1.04 6.7 15.55 +.17 -46.1 Indexes Close Pvs Day %Chg BkHawaii BOH 2.68 5.0 53.18 +.31 -44.1 HawaiiEl HE 1.32 3.8 34.76 +.46 -25.8 S&P 500 3,440 S&P500 3,360.97 3,408.63 +4.03 Barnwell BRN ...... 85 +.05 -17.5 HawHold HA .48 3.7 12.93 -.40 -55.9 Frankfurt 12,906.02 12,828.31 -2.59 CenPacFn CPF .92 6.4 14.27 -.09 -51.8 Matson MATX .92 2.1 43.84 +1.62 +7.5 Close: 3,360.97 3,320 London 5,949.94 5,942.94 -21.11 CinBell/HawTel CBB ...... 15.00 -.02 +43.3 MauiLand MLP ...... 11.37 +.39 +1.1 Change: -47.66 (-1.4%) Hong Kong 23,980.65 23,767.78 -14.93 Paris 4,895.46 4,871.87 -18.11 Cyanotch h CYAN ...... 2.56 +.10 +11.8 TerritBcp TBNK .92 4.4 21.05 -.06 -32.0 3,200 10 DAYS 3,600 Tokyo 23,433.73 23,312.14 -0.94 LOCAL MUTUAL FUNDS Seoul 2,365.90 2,358.00 +7.65 3,300 Singapore 2,529.26 2,517.23 -21.52 Fund Ticker NAV Buy Chg Sydney 6,164.20 6,135.10 -9.38 Bishop St. Hawaii Municipal Bond Fund BHIAX $10.85 $11.18 -$0.01 3,000 Taipei 12,688.50 12,548.28 +5.76 Bishop St. High Grade Income BSHGX $10.40 $10.40 $0.03 Shanghai Comp. 3,218.05 3,218.05 +5.51 Hawaii Municipal Fund SURFX $11.29 $11.29 -$0.01 Hawaiian Tax-Free Trust HULAX $11.56 $12.04 -$0.01 2,700 Pacific Cap. Tax-Free Securities PTXFX $10.60 $10.60 -$0.01 Pacific Cap. Sh./Intrm. Tax-Free PTFSX $10.29 $10.29 $0.00 2,400 COMMODITIES AOMJ J AS

FOREIGN EXCHANGE Fuels Close Pvs %Chg %YTD Crude Oil (bbl) 40.67 39.22 +3.70 -33.4 US $ in 6 Mo. 1 Yr. Currency Nasdaq composite 11,400 Natural Gas (mm btu) 2.52 2.62 -3.63 +15.1 Majors Currency Chg %Chg Ago Ago in US $ Gasoline 1.24 1.19 +3.43 -26.9 USD per British Pound .7752 +.0043 +.55% .8130 .8108 1.2900 Close: 11,154.60 10,960 Canadian Dollar 1.3300 +.0027 +.20% 1.4119 1.3324 .7519 Change: -177.88 (-1.6%) Metals Close Pvs %Chg %YTD Copper (lb) 2.97 2.97 +0.02 +6.1 USD per Euro .8509 +.0017 +.20% .9262 .9104 1.1752 10,520 10 DAYS Japanese Yen 105.57 -.15 -.14% 109.05 106.87 .009473 13,000 (oz) 1,901.10 1,912.50 -0.60 +25.1 Mexican Peso 21.6767 +.2586 +1.19% 24.7985 19.5677 .046133 Platinum (oz) 863.90 897.20 -3.71 -11.1 Swiss Franc .9167 +.0007 +.08% .9782 .9950 1.0908 12,000 Silver (oz) 23.87 24.50 -2.58 +33.9 Agriculture Close Pvs %Chg %YTD Asia/Pacific 11,000 Australian Dollar 1.4051 +.0112 +.80% 1.6420 1.4773 .7117 Cattle (lb) 1.09 1.09 +0.35 -12.4 Chinese Yuan 6.7905 -.0003 -.00% 7.0923 7.1485 .1473 10,000 Coffee (lb) 1.08 1.07 +0.42 -17.0 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7502 +.0001 +.00% 7.7516 7.8419 .1290 Corn (bu) 3.85 3.80 +1.45 -0.7 Indonesia Rupiah 14834.59 +28.55 +.19% 14323.57 14117.31 .000067 9,000 Cotton (lb) 0.66 0.65 +1.28 -5.1 Phillipines Peso 48.49 +.06 +.12% 50.61 51.66 .0206 Orange Juice (lb) 1.14 1.14 +0.26 +17.3 South Korean Won 1164.97 +6.48 +.56% 1225.78 1192.73 .000858 8,000 Soybeans (bu) 10.44 10.22 +2.20 +10.7 Taiwan Dollar 28.81 +.06 +.21% 30.22 30.89 .0347 7,000 Sugar lb 0.14 0.14 +1.98 +3.4 Thailand Baht 31.21 -.10 -.32% 32.79 30.42 .03204 AOMJ J AS Wheat (bu) 5.93 5.84 +1.45 +6.1

A few days after the cita- Boeing forecasts 11% drop in jets over next 10 years SURGEON tion, Adams appeared with Caldwell at a news confer- Continued from B1 By Dominic Gates Difficult as the downturn ence announcing a partner- Seattle Times is for all jetmakers, analysts ship between the city and believe Boeing’s relative po- misunderstanding of the law. federal government for surge SEATTLE >> Boeing proj- sition in the market means He has not asked for, nor has testing. ects that the global corona- it may feel more pain than he received, any special “I’m proud of you, Hawaii. virus pandemic will result rival Airbus. treatment in connection with I’m proud of every single one in 11% fewer new jets being Longtime aviation analyst this citation, and will re- of you who has sacrificed delivered in the next de- Richard Aboulafia of the spond to it appropriately.” over the past several cade compared to previous Teal Group in an interview Court records show a re- months,” he said, standing in forecasts. pointed to Airbus’s mote hearing is scheduled a white military uniform. That’s about 2,200 fewer A321neo as a jet likely to for Oct. 21. “And to the people who are large aircraft built by all lead the recovery as airlines Violating any of the may- lapsing a little bit, I want you manufacturers, or 220 fewer seek to slash costs by flying or’s emergency orders is to understand that a little bit per year on average. Those international routes with punishable as a misde- of fun right now can result in are mostly projected to be smaller, long-range sin- meanor, with fines of up to shutdowns further on down Airbus and Boeing jets but ASSOCIATED PRESS gle-aisle jets that are much $5,000, up to a year in jail, or the road. It’s important that also include smaller re- cheaper to operate than both. we all do the right things right gional jets and some built Boeing says the pandemic will reduce demand for widebody airplanes like the Caldwell won’t be com- now, even if we don’t feel we by up-and-coming competi- new planes for the next decade, long after experts 787 or the 777. menting, the mayor’s office are personally at risk.” tion in China. expect a vaccine for COVID-19. A Boeing 737 MAX “It looks like that one seg- said. According to the com- The projection, part of jet prepared to land at Boeing Field following a test ment will outperform all the Hawaii Gov. David Ige’s of- plaint, Adams put a mask on. Boeing’s annual 20-year flight in Seattle on Sept. 30. others during the down- fice said he wasn’t immedi- He wore a mask at news con- forecast of total commercial turn,” Aboulafia said, add- ately aware the Surgeon ferences with the mayor. jet industry demand, indi- long for passenger traffic to senger-traffic growth ing that with Boeing having General was cited while he “Seriously people — STOP cates the severity of the recover to 2019 levels. through 2024 will be about a shelved its plan to develop was here. A spokesman for BUYING MASKS!” Adams downturn in the aviation And he said it will be five third of what it had been in a new mid-market-size air- Hawaii Attorney General tweeted on Feb. 29. Officials business, the challenges years before traffic is back the boom decade — and plane, “it simply doesn’t Clare Connors said she later recommended that peo- still ahead and a painfully to where it would have starting from very depressed have a product that serves wasn’t aware he had been ple wear face coverings in slow path to recovery. been if COVID-19 hadn’t current traffic levels. that market effectively.” cited. public and around people Boeing’s forecast, re- happened and the long- The latest International Boeing’s annual market Court records show that who don’t live in their house- leased Tuesday, assumes term trend of about 4% Air Transport Association analysis would normally Dennis Anderson-Villaluz hold, based on a review of that the pandemic’s impact growth per year resumes. data shows passenger traf- have been released at the was also cited. Adams listed the latest evidence. will hit hardest through the For the past decade, pas- fic in August down 75% Farnborough Air Show in him as his aide in his exemp- ——— next three years. senger air traffic had been worldwide compared to a England in the summer. tion request. Reached by Associated Press writer Briefing journalists on growing at about twice that year earlier. Domestic traf- That show was canceled phone Tuesday, Anderson- Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar the projections, Darren pace and airlines were rak- fic was just less than half and Boeing took time to re- Villaluz declined to com- contributed to this report Hulst, vice president of ing in cash. COVID-19 halted what it was in 2019, and in- calculate, factoring in the ment. from Washington, D.C. commercial marketing at the boom. ternational traffic was 12% impact of the drastic pan- Boeing, said it will take that Hulst said that annual pas- of the level a year ago. demic-driven downturn. You mentioned lingering KOKUA uncertainty about Hawaii’s gularity.” It’s something sci- as- another image seemed to in- plan to let air travelers avoid NOBEL ence still can’t figure out. trophysicist Glennys Farrar dicate that the stars near Continued from B1 the state’s 14-day quarantine “Singularity, that’s a place said: “There is no doubt that the center of the Milky Way if they arrive with a negative Continued from B1 where the densities and cur- if this prize were awarded were circling something. A examiners: unfortunately COVID-19 test taken within vatures go to infinity. You ex- when Hawking was still third image led Ghez and some phone service provid- 72 hours of departure to something to worry too pect the physics go crazy,” alive, he would share it. He Genzel to think they were re- ers ID the calls as spam or Hawaii. We encourage all much about.” he said from his home. “If did overall more significant ally on to something. telemarketers,” the depart- prospective Hawaii travelers They are so massive that you fall into a black hole, work on this subject than A fierce competition de- ment said in a tweet Satur- to keep close track of nothing, not even light, can then you pretty well inevita- almost anyone.” veloped between Ghez and day. updates, including at escape their gravitational bly get squashed into this Genzel, 68, and Ghez won Genzel, whose team was staradvertiser.com, espe- pull. They warp and twist singularity at the end. And because “they showed that using an array of telescopes Q: I know you must be cially about arrivals directly light in a way that seems un- that’s the end.” black holes are not just the- at the European Southern tired of all the “what if” ques- from the continental United real and cause time to slow Penrose said he was walk- ory — they’re real, they’re Observatory in Chile. tions, but there is still so States to the neighbor is- and stop. ing to work with a colleague here, and there’s a mon- “Their rivalry elevated much uncertainty surround- lands. “Black holes, because they 56 years ago, thinking about ster-size black hole in the them to greater scientific ing Hawaii’s testing program Gov. David Ige has said are so hard to understand is “what it would be like to be center of our galaxy, the heights,” said Harvard as- to avoid quarantine. So what Hawaii’s counties may opt what makes them so appeal- in this situation where all Milky Way,” said Brian tronomer Avi Loeb. if we get the test as required out of the pre-travel testing ing,” Ghez, 55, said. “I really this material is collapsing Greene, a theoretical physi- Lewis said Ghez is still ob- but then our plane is de- program, and so far at least think of as a big, gi- around you.” He realized he cist and mathematician at serving the black hole with layed? This is not that un- one — Hawaii County — has ant puzzle.” had “some strange feeling of Columbia University. the Keck Observatory’s tele- common with Midwest indicated it will do so, mean- While the three scientists elation,” and that was when In the 1990s, Genzel and scopes. winters and we are planning ing that people who arrive showed the existence of things started coming to- Ghez, leading separate “Earlier this year, she to come for Christmas. on the Big Island from the black holes, it wasn’t until gether in his mind. groups of astronomers, found some object — some- A: The state Department mainland Oct. 15 and later last year that people could Martin Rees, the British trained their sights on the where between a cloud of of Health covers this on its would still have to quaran- see one for themselves astronomer royal, noted dust-covered center of our gas and a star — that’s cir- COVID-19 website, saying tine, even if they arrive with when another science team that Penrose triggered a “re- Milky Way galaxy, a region cling around this black hole,” that “a traveler who takes a a negative test. captured the first and only naissance” in the study of called Sagittarius A*, where Lewis said. “It shouldn’t be test within 72 hours from That news dismayed read- optical image of one. It looks relativity in the 1960s, and something strange was there. It shouldn’t be possi- the scheduled final leg of de- ers we heard from who said like a flaming doughnut from that, together with a young going on. It was “an ex- ble for something like that parture, and has a negative they have second homes in hell but is in a galaxy 53 mil- Stephen Hawking, he helped tremely heavy, invisible ob- to exist. So, she picks up all test result, and whose de- Kona, and were preparing to lion light-years from Earth. firm up evidence for the Big ject that pulls on the jumble these exotic things that are parture is delayed by the air- fly in for the winter. They Penrose, a mathematical Bang and black holes. of stars, causing them to also in this area.” line, will not be subject to will be able to quarantine at physicist who got the call “Penrose and Hawking are rush around at dizzying The Nobel comes with a the state 14-day quarantine. home, but no, they can’t from the the two individuals who speeds,” according to the gold medal and 10 million This provision will not apply stop for groceries on the while in the shower, was sur- have done more than any- Nobel Committee. kronor (more than $1.1 mil- to any additional county- way home from the airport. prised at his winning be- one else since Einstein to It was a black hole. Not lion), courtesy of a bequest imposed quarantine rules ——— cause his work is more deepen our knowledge of just an ordinary black hole, left 124 years ago by the separate and apart from the Write to Kokua Line at theoretical than observa- gravity,” Rees said. “Sadly, but a supermassive one, prize’s creator, Alfred No- state’s pre-test waiver.” Honolulu Star-Advertiser, tional, and that’s not usually this award was too much de- 4 million times the mass of bel, the inventor of dyna- The response is in answer 7 Waterfront Plaza, Suite 210, what wins physics Nobels. layed to allow Hawking to our sun. mite. to the question, “What 500 Ala Moana Blvd., What fascinated Penrose share the credit.” The first image Ghez got ——— happens if my flight is Honolulu 96813; call more than the black hole was Hawking died in 2018, and was in 1995, using the Keck Star-Advertiser reporter Mark delayed by weather or me- 529-4773; fax 529-4750; what was at the other end of Nobel Prizes are awarded Telescope in Hawaii that had Ladao and the Associated chanical issues. Will my test or email kokualine@ it, something called the “sin- only to the living. just gone online. A year later, Press contributed to this story. be accepted?” staradvertiser.com.