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Baden-Baden, November 26th, 2015

The German Media Award honours outstanding personal achievements combining excellence, leadership and vision in the public sphere.

With its decision to assign to you the German Media Award 2015 the Board of Trustees recognizes your outstanding and unwavering efforts in being an advocate for the imperative of a strong world organization in turbulent times. Leading the through its 70th year in the struggle for freedom from fear and want you epitomize the mission of the world's only true universal institution to further peace, development and . In that effort you followed your own course - mixing quite diplomacy behind the scenes with public pleas in the name and interest of the poor and the suffering.


''L , 9 ~ I ...I J f l tl Your approach to the manifold challenges from refugee crisis to climate change and terrorist threats underlines the interconnectedness of problems but also that of possible, integrated solutions. In a time of continuing crisis, escalating power politics and deep uncertainty your leadership, which is inspired by personal humility, represents the for a better world.

The 'German Media Award' is the only media event in Europe where the recipients of the award are selected by a media jury. In the 24 year history of the 'German Media Award' we have awarded besides Laureates like , , Queen Silvia of Sweden, Chancellor Merkel and your predecessor , etc.

The award winning ceremony traditionally takes place either in February or March in Baden-Baden. We would be hugely honoured should you accept the highly prestigious German Media Award personally at a ceremony in Baden­ Baden. Any date in the period from January 20th to March 25th could be possible.

Please find enclosed a photographic documentation of previous recipients and ceremonies.

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1992 1993 Dr. Helmut Thoma Dr. Chairman of the Board RTL Television Chancellor of the Federal Republic of European's largest TV, radio and production company

1994 1995

Fran~oi s Mitterrand Yassir Arafat - Yitzhak Rabin (posthumously) President of the Republic of France President PLO - Minister President of Presentation: Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl Presentation: German Foreign Minister Dr. ...


1996 1997 Boris Jelzin King Hussein Bin Talal President of the Russian Federation King of the Hashemite Kingdom of Presentation: German Chancellor Dr. Helmut Kohl Presentation: German President Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog Guests of honour: President PLO Yassir Arafat,

1998 1999 Nelson Mandela William J. Clinton President of the Republic of President of the United States of America Presentation: Jtirgen E. Schrempp, Chairman of the Board Presentation held in the /White House DaimlerChrysler AG Guest of honour: German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder ...


2000 2001 Gerhard Schroder Rudolph W. Giuliani Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany Mayor of New York (1994- 2001) Presentation: Dr. Frank Schirrmacher of Presentation: Dr. Thomas Middelhoff, Bertelsmann AG Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Guest of honour: President William J. Clinton, President Nelson Mandela

2002 2003 H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden Kofi A. Annan for the Childhood Foundation Secretary-General of the United Nations H.M. Queen Rania of Jordan Presentation: , President of German Parliament for the Jordan River Foundation Guest of honour: President William J. Clinton ...


2004 2005 Hillary Rodham Clinton United States Senator from New York Presentation: German Foreign Minister, Presentation: Dr.

2006 2007 H.M. King Juan Carlos of Spain Stefanie Graf & Andre Agassi Presentation: Stefan Aust, Editor in Chief, SPIEGEL Presentation: Dr. Dieter Zetsche and Dr. Thomas Middelhoff Placido Domingo DEUTSCHER MEDlEN PREIS

2008 2009 His Holiness the Angela Merkel Presentation: Roland Koch, Prime Minister of Presentation: Anna Netrebko

2010 2011 Sir SILENT HEROES Presentation: Vice Chancellor and German Foreign Minister Stanislaw Petrow, Dr. Dr. Sakena Yacoobi, Kabul/Afghanistan Dr. , Kinshasa/Congo Dr. Mitri Raheb, /Palestine Presentation: Prof. Dr. Roman Herzog, Former Federal President ...


2012 2013 George Clooney H. M. Queen Maxima Presentation: Dr. , Presentation: Daniela Schadt, Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs First Lady of the Federal Republic of Germany

2014 Joachim Low Presentation: , Federal Minister for Special Affairs