February 2013 From the study of David Stern Shvat/Adar 5773 Vol. 39 No. 4 Join Us For Shabbat Could we all benefit from 15 minutes of daily prayer? Friday, February 1 rayer means something different to each of 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary the day. There is too much noise posing as information Pus, and to each of us something different in today - and minyan brings clarity. What a great return Saturday, February 2 each moment. Prayer is solitude and community, on 15 minutes of invested time! 9 a.m in Pollman Hall tranquility and celebration, comfort in sadness Whether in a time of happiness or a time of despair, Tot Shabbat and resounding song. our tradition teaches us that it is preferable to praise G-d 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel And for us as Jews, prayer is about people. 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary in a community than to do so alone. The Temple Emanu Our tradition insists on a minyan, a minimum El minyan supported and honored my mourning process. Friday, February 8 quorum of ten, for the offering of the core The minyan also provides a dally opportunity to say a 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary prayers of the liturgy, most notably the mishebeirach – which gave me an opportunity to pray

Mourner’s Kaddish, traditionally recited each day for those in need of healing. The minyan is community Saturday, February 9 for a year after a loved one dies. In a beautiful 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel at the core. 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary lesson about the role of companionship in prayer, The regulars at minyan are a diverse group with a 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary the (Tractate Berakhot 5b) teaches that 15- minute service in common. Throughout my 13+ if two people enter a years of coming to minyan, I have seen many people Friday, February 15 to pray, and one of them finishes come in, unable to utter a word, not even the Kaddish, 6:15 p.m. in Pollman Hall praying first, if he leaves without 8:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary without weeping. Slowly but surely, the short service Union Prayer Book Service waiting for his companion to gave them comfort and the regulars gave them hope that finish, his own prayer will be life does go on and they are not alone in their journey Saturday, February 16 rejected. Jewish prayer is not only through the mourning period, illness or whatever they 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel about the One to whom we pray, 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary are experiencing. 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary and not only about the ones for Minyan lets me thank G-d for all I have, for blessings whom we pray, but about the ones Rabbi in my life, and to remember those who came before me. Friday, February 22 David Stern with whom we pray. When I began going to minyan it was solely to say 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary That offering of community and Kaddish for my mother. I had been so involved with companionship has been the gift of Temple’s her care at the end of her life that I wanted a way to Saturday, February 23 morning minyan ever since it was founded by gradually let go and reflect on her loss. Saying Kaddish 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel Brotherhood President Larry Tabak and Rabbi 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary gave me a set time for this, so that the rest of my day was Gerald Klein over thirty-five years ago. At 8:15 not dominated by a hovering sense of loss. I checked in a.m. from Sunday through Friday, a wonderful Friday, March 1 with my grief every morning, I didn’t push it aside or let and varied group of men and women, sustained it overwhelm. 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary by the commitment and example of Irv Statman Saturday, March 2 I have attended the minyan for the last three years 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel and others, gathers in Lefkowitz Chapel for on a daily basis. It has become a very important part of 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary fifteen minutes of prayer (and a cup of coffee!) how I see myself as a Jew. Daily attendance challenges 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary to begin the day. The daily service includes the question of why we do a mitzvah--- Do I go every

singing, reading in English and Hebrew, and morning for my own well being, or to support Temple prayers for healing. The participants feel the Emanu-El mourners and the other members of the fulfillment not only of their own experience, but minyan community? The answer, of course, is “yes.” of fulfilling the mitzvah to be present for others Could we all benefit from fifteen minutes of who come to say Kaddish. prayer to begin the day? From starting our Complete Shabbat Listen to the voices of some of our morning day with the mitzvah that makes it possible for services schedule, minyan participants: others to say Kaddish? From offering not only Page 4 One of my discoveries of 2012 was the joy of our prayers to God, but our simple presence morning minyan. It is come as you are. For me, that to those who pray along with us? The answer means I am in workout gear, either before or after is clear at Temple every morning from Sunday exercise, depending on the day. You can attend daily through Friday. To quote one of the wise minyan or once a week, as I do. In those 15 minutes, I am reflections above, “The answer, of course, is ‘yes.’” able to set my spiritual and intellectual compasses for Shabbat Rabbi Stern’s sermon series continues at Union Prayer Book services • U NION • P RAYER • B OOK • Friday, March 8 at 6:15 p.m. Roots and Branches: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 8:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary We live in a rapidly changing society and a rapidly changing Jewish world. Once a month, on Fridays at In this three-part sermon series, Rabbi Stern will address questions like: What 8:15 p.m., our lead a service are the roots and historic contributions of Classical Reform Judaism that can from the Union Prayer Book, and help us respond to the challenges and opportunities of our own day? How can our cantor leads music with our the historic dynamics of our movement help us understand Reform Judaism distinguished choir accompanied by in 2013? Does contemporary Reform Judaism still have a distinctive identity? organ. What has changed and what remains constant? As American Jews become increasingly diverse and entrepreneurial in practice, do denominations still This year’s schedule includes: matter at all? Join us for these services and sermons to grapple with core questions and to celebrate the legacy and potential of twenty-first century February 15: Reform Judaism. The Rabbi Levi A. Olan Lecture Part I (December 21) and Part II (January 18) are available on our website at with Rabbi Jack Bemporad http://www.tedallas.org/sermons. March 8 at 6:15 p.m. Torah Honors Appreciating 60 Years of our Choir If you would like to participate in the Shabbat Morning Service in Lefkowitz Roots and Branches: Reform Judaism Chapel by dressing and undressing the Torah, carrying the Torah, or leading Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Part III the Torah blessings, members of our new Gabbai Team can help you make the arrangements. This is a wonderful way to mark a personal milestone in April 12 your life, feel connected to your community and celebrate the richness of our tradition on Shabbat. No experience is necessary but a training session May 10 will take place on February 2 following Shabbat morning services and before If you missed Part I of Rabbi Stern’s the Shabbat Nosh if you’d like to practice. Contact our Gabbai Team at sermon series (delivered December [email protected] or by leaving a message at 214.706.0017. 21, 2012) you can listen to it on our website at www.tedallas.org/prayers/ Sermons On-Line! sermons. We are now posting audio files on the website of the Friday night Shabbat sermons. You can hear a new sermon most Mondays (and 2 on the weeks when we have a 6:15 and an 8:15 service) at http://www.tedallas.org/prayer/sermons. Temple welcomes HIAS President Mark Hettfield Join us on Shabbat Morning, February 2, in Lefkowitz Chapel as we welcome Mark Hettfield, President and CEO of Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS), which has done extremely important work with Jewish and non- Jewish refugee populations around the world. HIAS, the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, is the international Please join us the first Saturday of the month migration agency of the American after Shabbat morning services to schmooze, Jewish community. We provide rescue and refuge for persecuted and sit, relax and enjoy a nosh with friends! oppressed Jews around the world. In recent years, as the population of Jewish refugees has diminished, we have directed our expertise to Oct 6 · Nov 3 · Dec 1 · Jan 5 assist refugees and immigrants of all Feb. 2 backgrounds. HIAS also advocates in Feb 2 · Mar 2 · Apr 6 · May 4 Congress for fair and effective policies Mar. 2 · April 6 · May 4 affecting refugees and immigrants. Since 1881, HIAS has assisted more than 4,500,000 people worldwide. Mr. Hettfield’s visit is sponsored by Helen Thanks to WRJ/Sisterhood for their support of Shabbat Nosh! and Frank Risch, as part of the 2 Jewish LearningFest. Temple Emanu-El and the Women of Reform Judaism invite you to our 39th Annual Interfaith Shabbat Join us at Temple Emanu-El, 8500 Hillcrest Road in Dallas, on Friday, February 1, 2013, as we celebrate with First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Our congregations will celebrate together in worship, song, and fellowship, featuring Reverend Aaron White and Rabbi Asher Knight as they discuss “Social Justice: Standing on the Side of Love.” Choirs from both congregations will also be participating in the evening’s service.

6:00 p.m.: Welcome Reception with Hors d’oeuvres | Sanctuary Foyer

6:15 p.m.: Shabbat Worship Service | Olan Sanctuary

This service will feature the choirs of both Temple Emanu-El and First Unitarian Church of Dallas. Children in grades K-6 will have a special pull-out program during the clergy discussion and will be brought back into services for the concluding prayers. Following services, please join us for fellowship and refreshments as we share this special time together in Tobian Auditorium. Shabbat Shabbat The Voices of the Friday, February 1 Prophets Speak 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Saturday, February 16 Rabbi David Stern 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel in Lefkowitz Chapel The biblical prophets who chided Rabbi Asher Knight Rabbi David Stern Cantor Richard Cohn Shirat HaLev our ancestors to live lives of faith and Rev. Aaron White, Guest 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary action, to demonstrate their beliefs Temple Emanu-El Choir Rabbi Asher Knight by caring for others and our world, Interfaith Shabbat Cantor Richard Cohn still speak to us today. The Haftorah This service will include the Bar portions selected to accompany the Saturday, February 2 Mitzvah of Miles Schiller. Shabbat Torah portions are regular 9 a.m. in Pollman Hall 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary opportunities to learn about these Tot Shabbat Rabbi Debra Robbins moral and ethical values and integrate Rabbi Adam Allenberg Randy Pearlman them even more deeply into our 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel This service will include the Bat modern lives. Our Lefkowitz Chapel Rabbi David Stern Mitzvah of Avery Yoss. Shabbat Morning Service (at 10:30 on Randy Pearlman Saturdays) includes a selection from 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Friday, February 22 these prophetic books each week. Rabbi Debra Robbins 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Lay volunteers chant the traditional Cantor Richard Cohn Rabbi Debra Robbins blessings in Hebrew and read the This service will include the Bat Rabbi Asher Knight portion in English. If you would like to Mitzvah of Ellie Henry. Cantor Richard Cohn participate in this ritual, please contact Student Cantor Leslie Niren Friday, February 8 Frost Gardner at [email protected] 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary com or 972.385.7680 for a date and Saturday, February 23 join this warm worship community to Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel celebrate Shabbat. Rabbi David Stern Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen Cantor Richard Cohn Student Cantor Leslie Niren Student Cantor Leslie Niren 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Rabbi Asher Knight Saturday, February 9 Cantor Richard Cohn 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel This service includes the Bat Mitzvah Rosh Hodesh Rabbi Kimberly Herzog Cohen of Alexis Schirmer. Rosh Hodesh Adar is Monday Student Cantor Leslie Niren February 11. Look for the new 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Friday, March 1 moon on Sunday night February 10! Rabbi David Stern 6:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary In Adar we celebrate the holiday Cantor Richard Cohn Rabbi David Stern of Purim, a time when storytelling This service will include the Bar Cantor Richard Cohn and costumes, sweet treats, special Mitzvah of Galen Bouguyon. Student Cantor José Bowen drinks, and general frivolity help 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Temple Emanu-El Choir to reveal the blessings hidden in Rabbi Asher Knight ShabbaTogether/Jazz Shabbat the world around us. Our tradition Randy Pearlman teaches, “When the month of Adar This service will include the Bat begins, we increase our joy.” This Mitzvah of Bethany Gleiser. Saturday, March 2 new month is an opportunity to 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel uncover and increase the blessings Friday, February 15 Rabbi Debra Robbins of hope and happiness, love and 6:15 p.m. in Pollman Hall Student Cantor Leslie Niren laughter in our lives and in our Rabbi Debra Robbins 10:30 a.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Olan Scholar world with our words and our Rabbi David Stern actions. Cantor Richard Cohn Cantor Richard Cohn 8:15 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary This service includes the Bar Mitzvah Our Daily Minyan Rabbi David Stern of Reece Rabin. in Lefkowitz Chapel Rabbi Jack Bemporad, Olan Scholar 4:30 p.m. in the Olan Sanctuary Cantor Richard Cohn Rabbi Debra Robbins Temple Emanu-El Choir Sunday-Friday at 8:15 a.m. Randy Pearlman Add your voice and your heart Union Prayer Book Service This service will include the Bat to this loyal and loving group of Mitzvah of Liza Kaye. congregants who begin each day with WRJ Centennial Shabbat words of prayer. The brief service includes singing, reading in English and Hebrew, prayers for healing and the opportunity for a community to support those in mourning with the 4 recitation of Kaddish.

TemPLe emanu-eL PresenTs Purim 2013 The Wizard of Oyz

Rosh Hodesh

sunday, feBruary 24 Photography by Winn Fuqua

Click your heels 3 times to meet us in olan sanctuary at 11 am.

Congregational lunCh in Tobian: To sign up, please visit $10 for adults, $5 for children 10 and under www.tedallas.org/purim

adult Purim BrunCh in Weiss Youth For more information, contact Wing: $15 includes brunch and mimosas Carolyne Ojwang at 214-706-0000 or [email protected] Children’s Carnival in Pollman: x131 face painting, games and prizes

games for a Cause in Linz: pay to play and remember... and give back to our partners in the community there’s no place like temple! 5 Celebrations

Pesach at Temple

Passover Second Night Congregational Services Passover Seder Tuesday, March 26, 5:30 p.m., Tobian Auditorium Passover Evening Festival Rabbis Asher Knight and Adam Allenberg will lead a Seder rich with story and Service, Monday, March 25 at song. The evening will include a full-course Seder meal with lots of Passover 5:30 p.m. in Goldstrich Chapel favorites! Attendees are welcome to bring a favorite bottle of wine to enjoy. SATURDAY • ApRil 7, 2012(Ritual wine • provided.)5:30 p.m. Passover Morning Festival Special activities will be planned for children! Child care will be available by Please join us as we celebrate PassoverRSVP with only afor s childrenPecial 3 monthsand memorable to 4 years. seder Service, Tuesday, March 26 at Cost is $18 for children (ages 3 to 10) and $40 for adults. Financial assistance 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel is available – please call for more information. rabbi debra robbins and cantor richard Advanced cohn reservations Cost is are $18 required. for children Please register (ages no3 to later 10) than and Friday, $40 willPassover lead aConcluding seder rich withService story w/ and song.March t 8.he Space is forlimited adults. and will Financial fill quickly. assistance To register, is availablevisit www.tedallas. – org/passover or call Carolyne Ojwang at 214.706.0000 ext. 131 for more eveningYizkor, Monday, will include April a full-course1 at 10:30 seder meal please call forinformation. more information. a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel with lots of Passover favorites! attendees are welcome to bring a favorite bottle of wine to E+2 awilldvanced find reservations a place are required.at the table Please www.tedallas.org/prayer/ If you are willing to host, or if you would appreciate being a guest at a home seder, enjoy. (ritual wine provided) just fill out the “E+2register Matching no Form” later whichthan Friday,can be found march online 30. ats pacewww.tedallas. is passover org/prayer/E+2 orlimited contact Susanand willDunn fill at quickly. [email protected] to register, or visit214-706-0000. www. Please submit your E+2 Matching Form (found on Page 12) by March 11. The special activities will be planned for children,E+2 Committeetedallas.org/passover will make every effort or to callaccommodate carolyne your ojwang request. at 6 including an exodus activity for kids! child care 214.706.0000 ext. 131 for more information. will be available by rsvP only for children 3 months to 4 years. www.TeDAllAS.oRg/pASSoveR Celebrations For 1st night seder, March 25

Pesach at Temple

Please return by Friday, March 1.

7 Celebrate Shabbat Friday, March 1, 2013 6:15 p.m. Olan Sanctuary

José Bowen and Jampact Temple Emanu-El Choir Teen Vocalists Special Musical Guests

Composer Rabbi Cantor Student Cantor José Bowen David Stern Richard Cohn Leslie Niren

Made possible by the Pollman Performing Arts Programs music 8 AROUND EMANU-EL Social Justice New shoes for the children at Pebbles Celebrate Shabbat Apartments The children at the Pebbles Apartments were surprised with new shoes this month. Barbara Einsohn, her sister Mindy Berger and Terry Hill took on the enormous task of buying shoes for each child who needed them. Some of the children had never had a pair of new shoes before so their mothers had to guess at their sizes. Needless to say, few of the new shoes fit, so Barbara, Mindy & Terry had to go back & forth to the shoe stores until they managed to find a perfect match for each child. By the end of the fitting sessions, lots of New shoes smiling children were happily parading Crystal, Kelvin and Sanae show off their new shoes. around in their new shoes. Volunteers bring Christmas to Pebbles Apartments Sign the petition Temple Emanu-El volunteers gave the women and children at The Pebbles Apartments a special holiday party on December 21. asking for Texas to Andrea and Norm Bleicher provided a delicious BBQ dinner from Rudy’s Country Store. Laurie & Todd Platt brought all the party goods as well as ice cream for all, opt-in to Medicaid and Jenn & Jay Riven arranged for decorations and party favors. St Marks and Hockaday provided all the toys as well as a live Santa Claus & Elf, and the Wee expansion Volunteers arranged for small gifts for each adult. For information on Pebbles and how to help, please contact Nancy Lubar at In December, Temple’s Board [email protected] unanimously approved its support of Medicaid expansion and advocating on its behalf. Upcoming Social Justice The Board believes that it is the opportunities for families right thing to do because it is consistent with our Jewish values Are you looking for great Social and the stances our congregation Justice opportunities for your family? previously made on behalf of Please join us each month as we create CHIP and Parkland. and collect items for donation Like Temple’s prior advocacy to support our partner organizations. efforts, Medicaid expansion Projects are geared toward children February Collection has-bipartisan support. We are ages 2-11! working with our partners in the seeks yarn donations Dallas Area Interfaith to build February 2, 10:30 a.m. at Legacy coalitions across lines of faith, In February we are seeking yarn for Preston Hollow (following Tot race, and class that will advocate the knitting club at Legacy Preston Shabbat) together for Texas to ‘opt-in’ to Hollow so that club members can Project: Decorate cookies and make Medicaid expansion. create hats and scarves for us to bookmarks with residents at Legacy If you are interested in getting donate to a partner organization. followed by lunch involved, please click here. Or, Please place yarn in the collection Please donate: Yarn (the knitting club contact Mike Rosen, [email protected] bins located at all Temple entrances. will create hats and scarves made with rosensystems.com, chair of Just • For more information about Social the yarn for us to donate to one of our Congregations or Rabbi Asher Justice at Temple Emanu-El, please Made possible by the Pollman Performing Arts Programs partner organizations) Knight at [email protected] contact Karen Howson at [email protected] To RSVP or for more information For more information visit: tedallas.org or 214.706.0000. about these opportunities, please http://www.tedallas.org/repairing- contact Alison Mellon at [email protected] the-world/just-congregations. yahoo.com or 214.587.2124. 9 Adult Jewish Learning Cantor Richard Cohn’s series explores Save the Date Jewish Mystical Texts and Spiritual Practice The Henry D. Schlinger Ethics Feb. 23, March, 2, 9; 9 a.m. our relationship to that presence. Symposium proudly presents: Join Cantor Richard Cohn for They offer responses to difficult Marriage and the Changing Face of the a series based on texts selected spiritual questions, while illuminating Modern Family from Daniel Matt’s “The Essential pathways of Jewish practice that can March 19, 7:30-9:00 p.m . Kabbalah,” complimented by an influence real choices in our lives. Pollman Hall introduction to Jewish spiritual Each session will be centered around practices. The group will gather on a focal text, encompassed within a Saturday mornings, from 9:00 to 10:15 learning environment that includes Learn with Us a.m. on February 23 as well as March 2 sacred chant, elements of prayer For more information about any of and 9 in the Weiss Youth Wing. and meditation, aspects of mussar these learning opportunities please Jewish mystical texts represent (cultivation of character traits) and check the Temple website at www. a significant body of thought and attention to opportunities for Jewish tedallas.org or contact Ellie Solimani at creativity, applied to the most observance. [email protected] fundamental concerns of our lives. If you have any questions about the They address our understanding of class, please contact Rabbi Adam M. Allenberg at [email protected] Lunch and Literature the Divine presence in Creation and with Rabbi Robbins Temple Book Group meets February 5 February 14, 12-1:30 p.m. The 2012-2013 book group is reading great books this year, and we would love Lunch and Literature explores politics, for you to join us! You can join in at any time, and we welcome newcomers. The gender and cultural identity issues in book group meets every other month at 7:30 p.m. in the Alexander Conference modern Israeli society by reading and Room. Contact Nancy Rivin at [email protected] or 214.706.0000 for more discussing the writings of Israeli authors information. whose family roots are in Turkey, Iran, February 5 – The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot India, Egypt and Morocco. Class meets April 2 – The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides with Rabbi Debra Robbins monthly in Linz Hall and an Israeli lunch is available for $10 with advance registration. The Rabbi Levi A. Olan Lecture Series Conversation focuses on selections from Presents the anthology, Keys to the Garden edited by Ammiel Alcalay and the monthly assignment is available on line. Please contact Diana Hall at 214.706.0017 or [email protected] or Rabbi visit www.tedallas.org/learning/lunch- Jack and-literature for more details. Bemporad Torah from the Beginning Join this participatory, interactive class which focuses on the Torah and its relevance to our lives. The class Friday, February 15 is taught by Robin Kosberg and takes place on Sundays between 10 a.m. - 6:15 p.m. Shabbat service: 11:30 a.m. in the Levine Conference What Jews and Christians Have in Common Room. 8:15 p.m. Shabbat service: Prophets/Prophetic Judaism Talmud Study Class takes place in Linz Hall with Saturday, February 16 Rabbi David Stern Wednesdays at 9 a.m. Chever Torah Study: 7:30 a.m. Dates for February include: Ethics of an Eye for an Eye February 6, 13,20 and 27. Sunday, February 17 Jewish LearningFest 9 a.m. LearningFest at JCC Take advantage of a great The Hebrew Bible, Human Rights community learning experience at the and Interreligious Dialogue 6th Annual LeaningFest, Feb. 8-19. For more information visit 10 www.jewishdallas.org. Caring Congregation Scenes from a Dinner g2g – a friend request! Temple members spent an evening with their friends (for Temple members 70 at the Adult Chanukah Dinner. and above)

g2g (Generation To Generation) is a new Temple Emanu- El Caring Congregation effort initiated to foster and increase engagement for our senior members through spiritual, intellectual and social based opportunities. Food & Thought

Tuesday, February 12, noon to 3:00 p.m. Cost: $30.50 (covers kosher boxed lunch on that day & DJLF sessions all week long!) A lunch & learn event for the g2g generation at the JCC in partnership Fay Polakoff with Marilyn and Leon Levin with DALLAS JEWISH LEARNING FEST Join us for Lunch: noon in the Tycher Library Learn: 1 p.m. to 3 p.m . at the JCC- your choice of topics! 1 p.m. - Traveling and a Sense of Home in Jewish History by Professor Nils Roemer, UTD; Stan & Barbara Rabin, Chair 2 p.m. - Choose from: Jewish Artists & Their Social Messages: Irving Berlin & Billy Joel by Mark Kreditor, Melton Instructor or Prayer In the Form of Deeds by Dr. David Bob & Lynn Patterson, Holocaust Studies, UTD; Hillel Behrendt Bernice and Vicki Meltz and Feinberg, Chair Marty Sherling RSVP to Angelica Ruiz @ DJLF or Harriet Silverman 214.239.7131 Share with friends

A Jazz Shabbat Service Friday, March 1, 6:15 p.m. Music by Jose Bowen, Jampact, Cantor Cohn, Student Cantor Leslie Niren and the Temple Emanu-El Choir Join us for preferred seating with g2g friends! very limited

Share with friends

Sally Unger and Mel Kusin To RSVP for any or all events please contact: Susan Dunn at Temple at [email protected] or 214.706.0000. Drop us a name For more information about g2g please contact: Honoring Co-Chairs: Beverly Blumenthal at Our In our efforts to care for our congregants and to honor our own, [email protected] or 214.361.5631; Robin Sachs at Own [email protected] or 214.987.9414; or Peggy Papert please let us know if a member of your at [email protected] or 214.706.0000. family or other loved one is serving in the military by e-mailing Peggy Papert at [email protected] 11 Caring Congregation Grace and Gratitude for 2013 By Silvia Davis Robin Sachs and Beverly Blumenthal I am grateful to Evey Fagadau I want to say “thank you” to Caring are the brains and brawn behind g2g. and Peggy Zilbermann for our Congregation for the many blessings Way to go! Betsy Kleinman cooks and Volunteer Enrichment events and I have received the past year or so. I organizes Mitzvah Meals and Susan Jim Parrish for all his hard work as want all the volunteers, named and James and Ruth Klein lead Havdallah our Communications Liaison. Zelda unnamed to feel appreciated. So often for Seniors at Town Village North and Siegel, Pat Zilbermann and Peggy it goes unsaid that we are grateful for Legacy Preston Hollow, respectively. Zilbermann are the energy behind the acts of kindness and I do not want to Honoring Our Own, led by Bruce Holiday Cards that go out twice a year miss this opportunity. Kaye, is a Caring Congregation project and Jeanne Miller sends Birthday Whether it is Peggy Papert, our that includes a self sustaining military Cards for Seniors. Thank you Susan director, Alan Harris and his crew of support group whose members have Bates and Hilarie Weinstock for hospital visitation volunteers (who filled me with admiration and humility your work on our Elijah + 2 project will now also visit congregants who at the respect and care they show for that matches up hosts and guests for are in long term rehab) or Jo-Sandra each other. Arnie Marks often helps Passover Seders each year. My heart is Greenberg and her Challah Angels facilitate these meetings and also is filled with gratitude for Roz Katz and who bake tirelessly for many Temple the driving force behind the round her years of dedication to the Service events and projects, I am blessed by table discussions that connect military of Healing and Inspiration. dozens of committed, loving people personnel and religious school kids to Last but not least, thank you to my who are generally anonymous, working help create awareness and compassion. co-chair and friend, Debbie Williams. to help our congregants in all stages of I thank each of you and all the people Thank you for saying “yes” when their lives. The blessings come in the who engage with you to turn our caring I asked if you would walk this path form of example, simple contact and concept into a caring reality. with me. Thank you for sharing your communication. I learn from all of Thank you Shelley Rosen and your wisdom and insight. And a huge them how to care for others in ways I team for knitting Booties for Babies thank you for the laughter we share could never have imagined. and Laurie Drazner for introducing on this journey. I love you. Did you know that Madelyn our committee’s work to Bar and So, Happy and thankful 2013! Rosenbaum coordinates the team Bat Mitzvah candidates! Thanks to There is no better way to kick it off that answers the Careline? Dana Maloree Banks, Gilian Baron and than with a grateful heart. Shidlofsky is the Event Coordinator for Dana Roseman for leading a veritable our Volunteer Enrichment events and platoon of Mitzvah Meal deliverers.

While you are preparing to welcome Elijah into your home for the Passover seder, be mindful of the mitzvah of providing an extra place or two at your table for fellow congregants in need of a seder. Ongoing Support Groups at Temple If you would be willing to host, or if you would appreciate being a guest at a home seder, just fill Ifout the you “E+2 Matching are Form” willing which can be found to online host, at or in partnership with Jewish Family Service www.tedallas.org/elijah+2.if you would appreciate being a Please submit your E+2 Matching Form by April 1. The E+2 Committee will make every effort to accommodate your request. For more information, contact Barbara Mensch at Breast Cancer Support: For women who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer [email protected] at ora 214.706.0000. home for a first night seder, just fill out the “E+2 at any time in their lives. The group meets the second Monday of Matching Form” which can be every month from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Levine Conference Room.

Tuesday,found March 25on | Pre-Passover page Workshop 7, or online at Caregiver Support for loved ones taking care of loved ones as spouses or as Monday,www.tedallas.org/E+2 April 1 | Elijah+2 Matching Forms deadline or contact Saturday, April 19 | Passover Evening Festival Service, 3555 Chavurot Circle’s 4th children of those with long term illness. The group meets on the second AnnualSusan Passover Seder, Dunn Passover-First at Seder [email protected] Sunday, April 20 | Passover Morning Festival Service Tuesday of every month from noon – 1:30 PM in Levine Conference Room. Saturday,org Aprilor 26 214-706-0000. | Shabbat and Passover Concluding Service Please with Yizkor Sack lunches welcomed. submit your E+2 Matching Form by Monday March 11. The E+2 Grief Support: For adults of any age who have suffered a loss through death. Committee will make every effort the six-week session is offered twice a year in Fall and Spring. to accommodate your request. If you or someone you know for whom any of these groups may be appropriate, feel free to forward the information or contact me directly, Peggy Papert, [email protected]

13 Community B’nai Mitzvah

For B’nai Mitzvah profiles, please see the print edition of The Window.

Mazal Tov Children Named and Blessed John Samuel Rubenfield Son of Samantha and Daniel Rubenfield Grandson of Gail and Arnold Join us in Temple’s Rubenfield Weddings Community Garden Robin Kosberg and activities, courses Rabbi Mark Washofsky Conversion Join us for Community Garden Work Days on Sunday February 17 Peter Wallace and March 17 from 10-11:30 a.m. to Apryl Mathes In Memoriam help us plant, harvest, and spruce up Asha Rajagopal We record with sorrow the names of the garden depending on the needs of Collin Thomas those who have passed away. May their the day. Bring gardening gloves and Anna Rajagopal memories be a blessing. garden clippers if you have them. Owen Rajagopal Albert Brotkin Learn about Tomatoes and Brother of Ellen Samuels Accolades Spring Gardens on Tuesday, Feb Miriam Dorfman Temple member Peter Goldstein has 12 at 7:30 in the Weiss Youth Mother of Rosalind Kaplan been awarded a Distinguished Fulbright Wing. Rowena Heller Awards Teaching grant to conduct Save the Date for Thursday, May 2 Mother of Cyndi Heller research in South Africa. for a Recipe Swap and Taste Test when Bernice Lipkin we will support local restaurants who Mother of Lynn Segal New Members serve local foods at7 p.m. in Pollman. Yafim “Fema” Narasov The Temple library has several Father of Semyon Narasov We would like to welcome the gardening books available that you Loraine “Lori” Oginsky following new and returning members may check out to learn more about Wife of Don Oginsky to the Temple Emanu-El family. gardening. Mother of Jay Oginsky You can also join us on Facebook by Lynn, Brian & Zoe Born typing ‘Temple Emanu-El Community Travel to Israel Stephanie, Daniel, Jules & Ari Fine Garden’ in the search bar at the top Jennifer, Jason, Ethan, Alexander, of your Facebook page after logging in December Henry & Isabelle Karpeles in. Click on our group and then ask Travel to Israel in Roni, Shawn & Baer Kelly to join. A member of our Garden December with Rabbi Margaret, Garrett & Brennen Kronick Committee will add you to the group. DISCOVER David Stern and Rabbi Melissa & Michael Rolloff You can see pictures of our weekly ISRAEL2013 Nancy Kasten on the gardening activities and harvests and Congregation Journey Like us on Facebook join the Temple garden community through Israel. facebook.com/ conversation. For more information, please contact TempleEmanuElDallas Contact Ruth Klein at [email protected] Karen Hoffman at 214.706.0000 or sbcglobal.net for more information [email protected] about the Temple Community Garden. 13 Philanthropy Our Temple | Our Future will facilitate 21st Century learning

A new education wing and renovated Imagine a room that is not a to the Temple Emanu-El and Dallas learning spaces are a key component of classroom, but a learning space. An communities. His learning takes place the Our Temple, Our Future project. adaptable room that changes with the outside of the classroom and is seen Here, Rabbi Amy Ross looks at what 21st type of learning that is taking place and utilized by other students and Century learning might look like. within. A room that has flexibility in members of his community. For just a moment, forget size and focal point, integration of This picture is the future of learning everything you ever knew about technology, and seamless storage. at Temple Emanu-El. This picture, Jewish learning. Erase those A room that accommodates the this dream, is one that Our Temple | crowded desks with attached chairs, youngest learners, the oldest learners Our Future will bring. This dream will chalkboards with last week’s lesson and all those in-between, whether they be our reality. barely erased, and faded Alef-Bet are learning together or separately. A -- Rabbi Amy Ross charts from your mind. Banish the room that could be used as an art or image of the teacher, holding a book music studio, a writing lab or social and lecturing to the neat rows of space. A room that is as diverse as its Save the Date students sitting in front of her. learners. Now picture this: a classroom And now, though this may be a Annual Meeting, buzzing with activity. Students sitting challenge, try to conjure the image of in small groups talking animatedly to a student begging his parents to bring Shabbat with each other while researching customs him to Religious School. Begging, Installation of Jews in different countries on tablet because at Religious School, he is in computers. The teacher working with charge of his own Jewish education. Please be sure to attend Temple’s a student on a third draft of a social He has a supportive teacher who Annual Meeting on March 27, at justice presentation that will go to the guides and motivates his study. He has 7:30 p.m. in Linz Hall. The evening Board of Trustees later that month. tools and resources at his fingertips will include an update on Our A built-in projector displaying a that make his learning engaging Temple | Our Future. slideshow of images of Jewish ritual and exciting. His learning truly The Board Installation Dinner objects from different times in history. means something and contributes and Shabbat will take place on April 5.

OUR TEMPLE | OUR FUTURE Rabbi David Stern’s video message at www.tedallas.org Please visit the Temple A contribution to Temple’s Annual Fund website at www.tedallas.org expresses your commitment to providing to see a video message from Rabbi David Stern on the a sacred place for diverse worship, campaign for Our Temple | Our innovative learning, joyful celebrations Future. While you are there, you can also see conceptual and meaningful observances. drawings of the new worship space as well as find the answers to frequently asked www.tedallas.org/annualcampaign questions. 14 Women of Reform Judaism/Sisterhood

Our Temple | Our Future will facilitate 21st Century learning Save the Date We’re warming up Women of Reform Judaism/Sisterhood new members of Annual Fundraiser kicks up heels in May Temple, Brotherhood and WRJ/Sisterhood Sat., May 4, 6:30–10 p.m., in Tobian Auditorium. The special evening includes dinner, bingo, Wed., Feb. 20, 5:30-7 p.m. in Linz door prizes, entertainment and chances to win Hall. fabulous raffle prizes including a weekend in Try our bourbon tasting, coffee San Francisco. Reservation is $54 per person. sampling and blanket making. Proceeds benefit scholarships to Temple Emanu- That’s right, we’re making fleece, El Early Childhood Education Center and no-sew blankets for donation by tying Religious School, scholarships to Greene Family knots. It will be a fun evening for all camp, NFTY trips to Israel and other community and a great way to get acquainted programs. For more information on how you can with our new members as well as sponsor the event or donate, please call: Debby Stein at 214.354.9539. To Temple, Brotherhood and WRJ/ volunteer to help, call Debby or sign up through http://www.surveymonkey. Sisterhood Board Members. Are com/wrj/bootscootin. you curious? Questions? Contact Carla Strauss, Temple Membership Celebrate WRJ’s Centennial Shabbat March 2 Committee, [email protected]; WRJ/Sisterhood will hold its Centennial Sabbath, marking the 100th Jeff Light, Brotherhood, [email protected] anniversary of WRJ nationally. A special sermon by swbell.net; or Leah Beth Kolni, WRJ/ Rabbi Debra Robbins will be part of the service that Sisterhood, [email protected] begins at 10:30 a.m. in Lefkowitz Chapel. Esteemed members of our Sisterhood will be honored on the Luncheon to honor bimah, and Jan Timmons will read from the Torah. A kiddush meal including delicious desserts adapted Celia Saunders Mar. 20, 11:30-2:30 p.m. in Tobian from 100-year-old recipes will be provided in Linz Auditorium. Hall after the service. We invite WRJ/Sisterhood She’s always there and always members to come celebrate with us as well as other helping! Please plan to join us to members of our congregation. For further information on this special show our appreciation for a hard- day for WRJ, call either: Jo-Sandra Greenberg, 972.814.0777, or Linda working ball of energy who lights Steinberg at 972.803.3555 or 214.616.8125. up a room without being in the spotlight; a truly special unsung WRJ Community Intrafaith Brunch hero. This event replaces the Hall of Sun., Feb. 10, 12 p.m., at Congregation Shearith Israel. Fame for 2013, and WRJ Chai Angel Speaker is Terry Martin, Producing Artistic Director, Water Tower Theatre. members can attend at no cost. Cost $20 plus new or gently used items for JFS Resale Shop. For details see the Questions? Contact Sharon Willey, flyer at http://www.tesisterhood.org/forms/Intrafaith_Brunch_2013_Flyer.pdf. [email protected] Annual Circle Judaic Treasures of Service Tea Gift Shop of Temple Emanu-El WRJ/Sisterhood Sun., Feb. 3, 2-4 p.m. The Women of Reform Judaism “The Mitzvah of Giving” is made easier of Temple Emanu-El and Temple with beautiful Tzedakah boxes! Shalom co-host a Circle of Service Tea at the home of City Councilwoman Joy Stember $285.00 and Temple Emanu-El/WRJ member Stone design in Stainless Steel 5" X 3" X 2" Ann Margolin, 10515 Lennox Lane, Dallas, TX 75229. Please join us for The 12 Tribes Tzedakah box this event that benefits the Y.E.S. Tamar Baskin $90.00 Aluminum and glass Fund. Mail your check for a minimum 5” X 3” X 3” annual donation of $36 payable to WRJ Circle of Service to WRJ- Temple Emanu-El, 8500 Hillcrest Join our talented group of shop volunteers! Call Kay 214-762-6746! Road, Dallas, TX 75225. Contact Shop 24/6 at www.judaictreasures.com. Julie Lumbert at 214.691.0842 The on-line shop is always open for business! or [email protected], or

Hours: Mon – Thurs: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.; Fri: 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. Vicki Redden at 214.341.3514 or Sunday: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. when Religious School is in session [email protected] 15 Judaic Treasures Temple Emanu-El WRJ/Sisterhood Gift Shop

Brotherhood Rabbi Adam Allenberg talks about Shabbat at Brotherhood meeting

Rabbi Allenberg explained the three stages of Shabbat during the Brotherhood Meeting in December 2012. He discussed the concepts of creation, Buddy Gilbert of the Temple redemption, and revelation Brotherhood and Troop 729 as it is mentioned in the Chartered Organization weekly Shabbat services. Representative, congratulates Aaron Specifically he talked Noble on his receiving his Boy about the prayers in the Scouts of America Eagle Scout Rank. Amidah (the standing public and silent prayers) as it applies to the Shabbat Aaron Noble achieves Evening (Friday night) Eagle Scout rank service, the Shabbat Rabbi Adam Allenberg (Saturday) Morning service, and the Shabbat (Saturday) Afternoon service. Aaron Noble of Temple Emanu- The Friday night Amidah focuses on creation, while the Saturday morning El Troop 729 recently received his Amidah focuses on revelation and the Saturday afternoon Amidah focuses on Eagle Scout rank. Eagle, the highest redemption. Rabbi Allenberg explained how each version of the Amidah rank in Scouting, signifies the changes to accentuate the stages of Shabbat in which it falls and its meanings. attainment of superior knowledge In summary, he mentioned the importance of rest and how it applies not only and skills. He is the 92nd Eagle to in the Shabbat services but also in our lives. join Troop 729 Eagle Honor Roll. Troop 729 is sponsored by Temple Emanu-El Brotherhood, chartered Ken Schiller gives the D’Var Torah in 1919. Aaron’s Eagle Scout Project was to at the Decembe monthly meeting rebuild a gate and fence protecting Ken Schiller presented the D’Var the vegetable garden of the Vickery Torah for the week to members of the Meadows family area. Brotherhood who were present for the Aaron is the son of Sam and Aida monthly meeting in December. The Noble, and grandson of Dr. Marvin weekly parsha came from the book and Cyvia Noble of Dallas, and Dr. of Genesis 37:1 -40:23 and is called Homero and Sonia Rivas of McAllen. Vayeshev “Every family has a Joseph”. Beginning as a Cub Scout of “Now Jacob loved Joseph best of all Pack 613, Aaron rose through the his sons, for he was the child of his Scout ranks receiving many awards old age; and he had made him an including the Larry Landa Troop Ken Schiller ornamented tunic.” (Genesis 37:3) Award, the Order of the Arrow- Ken discussed the fact that many does not belong. Ken discussed Honor Society of the Boy Scouts, parents do have favorites among their jealousy and its affect among elected Youth Leader for the OA children. Some try to hide this; others members of a family. He closed his Chapter and District Camporee don’t. But children always know which remarks by stating not to be jealous events for the past 2 years. one of them is mother’s favorite, which of your neighbor or your neighbor’s In Scouting he had many camping one is father’s and which one simply wife. feats including 2 trips to Philmont Scout Ranch, Buffalo River National Park, plus many summer camps in February dates to remember Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Temple Emanu-El and its Feb 3 – Brotherhood Mitzvah Cooking auxiliaries affirm the human rights values at the core of the Feb 6 – Brotherhood Monthly Meeting & Dinner Jewish tradition. Neither Temple Emanu-El nor any of its auxiliaries Feb 8 – Boy Scout Shabbat discriminates on the basis of race, national origin, sexual orientation or Feb 10 – Registration Round-up and Pancake Breakfast disability.

16 Mar 3 – Brotherhood Party Expo Temple Emanu-El Brotherhood’s Party Expo 2013

Attend PartyExpo on March 3rd It’s One-Stop Party Planning. Visit Party Expo at Temple Emanu-El, where you can meet all the best party service people in Dallas—from caterers, DJs, photographers and band leaders to button- makers—so you can put on any kind of party effortlessly—anniversary, bar or bat mitzvah, wedding, milestone birthday, or just a “party-because-we-feel-like-it” party. Why drive all over town when you can make one quick trip to Temple Emanu-El for Party Expo When: Sunday, March 3 between 9:30 am and 1:30 pm Where: Tobian Auditorium, Temple Emanu-El 8500 Hillcrest Road Dallas (corner Hillcrest & NW Hwy.) FREE ENTRY. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING.

At Party Expo meet top-quality: § Musicians § Valet services § Button makers § Bands § Specialty suppliers § Rental services § Caterers § DJs § Videographers § Event planners § Florists

For more information about either attending or exhibiting, visit: www.PartyExpo.info, e-mail: [email protected] or call: 214-659-1144 Media Sponsor: Organized & Produced by:

10-0107 Party Expo 11.ai 1 12/10/2010 1:17:00 PM Contributions Memory of Marion Zetley Clergy Good Memory of Thelma W. Swango Jacobus Archives by Jack & Louise Bell by Fredna Swango Supports special exhibits in our Works Fund Anniversary of Rita & Buddy Jacobus Archives. Distributed to needy individuals, Rosenthal General Fund Memory of Edna K. Flaxman community causes or worthy by Devora Radoff by Felise & Harold Leidner Appreciation of Rabbi Adam Supports the general programs and institutions by the rabbis and cantor of events of Temple Emanu-El. Temple Emanu-El. Allenberg by The Cavuoti family Contribution Rose Marion & Lee H. Memory of Lillian Blumenthal by Tory Saks by Beverly Blumenthal Appreciation of Cantor Richard Cohn Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Berg Building Fund Memory of Mazelle Ablon Bohacz Provides for upkeep and maintenance by Robin Kosberg & Mark Robin Kosberg by Suzie Ablon of the Temple building. Washofsky by Susan Salom Memory of Albert Brotkin Memory of Sharlene B. Block Appreciation of Rabbi Kimberly by Avrum & Kimberly by Steven Furst Schonwald Herzog Cohen by Nancy Rivin & Jim General Endowment Memory of Marijo Browder Memory of Thelma Cohn by Marcia Grossfeld Bishkin by Bob & Lynn Behrendt Fund Memory of Paul Finkelstein Appreciation of Rabbi Asher Knight by Gerry Cristol Earned interest supports the by Carol Gene & Howard by Brett Ritter Memory of Stanley Doyne programs of Temple Emanu-El. Cohen Appreciation of Rabbi Debra by Beth & Stephen Doyne Memory of Dennis I. Leeds by Steve & Betty Silverman Robbins by Rita & Mark Doyne by Beth & Gary Kahn by Jackie & Steve Waldman Memory of Rose M. Feldman by Family of Edna Kahn Memory of Albert Sheppard Flaxman Memory of Helen Goodman by Jerald Feldman by Jenene & Mitchell Perry by Harold & Juliette Appreciation of Rabbi David Stern Memory of Hortense Friedman Memory of Lee Steinberg Goodman by Natalie Friedman by David & Diane Birk by Beth & Gary Kahn by Robin Kosberg & Mark Memory of Felice M. Horwits Memory of Herman Friedman Anniversary of Rita & Buddy by David & Donna Gamble Washofsky by Natalie Friedman Rosenthal by Sol & Carroll Putzel by Mark & Maddy Unterberg Memory of Phyllis R. Goldberg by Beth & Gary Kahn by Mildred Schwartz by James & Patricia Krohn Bar Mitzvah of Matthew Zweig Birthday of Frank Risch by Lori & Brian Zweig Memory of George A. Lasky Memory of Lucy Gose by Bobbi & Richard by Harold & Juliette Bat Mitzvah of Bailey Brand by Judith Nieto Massman Goodman by Alan Brodsky Memory of Joel Hart Memory of Dennis I. Leeds Contribution by Judy & Ronald Foxman by Chip & Evey Fagadau by Vera & Andy Baker Memory of Louie Kissner Katherine F. Baum by Steve & Betty Silverman by Melvin & Ettie Weinberg Contribution by Bertha & Edward Epstein Adult Education Fund Memory of Sidney Lynn Memory of Milton Klein Provides for an annual adult by Scott & Holly Lynn by Ozzie & Mel Klein Conversion of Apryl Mathes education class. by Apryl Mathes & Adam Memory of Lippman Miller Memory of Selma M. Landau Memory of Edna K. Flaxman by Barbara & Howard Glick Shulman by James & Patricia Krohn by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau Memory of Tehila K. Miller Happy Holidays to Alan Brodsky Memory of Dennis I. Leeds Memory of Phyllis R. Goldberg by Barbara & Howard Glick by Arthritis Care & by Jack & Louise Bell by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau Diagnostic Center Memory of Jim Patterson by Judy & Ronald Foxman Memory of Maurice M. Harrison by Barry & Mary Rothschild Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Memory of Lester A. Levy Sr. by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau Memory of Ruth W. Pian Robin Kosberg by Sarah Kaplan & Peter Memory of Adelyn J. Hoffman by Patricia & Spencer Elrod by Bob & Lynn Behrendt Bogdanow by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau by Steve & Betty Silverman Marriage of David & Bethany Memory of Roslyn Meadow Memory of Felice M. Horwits Memory of Erich Rosenbaum Zimmerman by Mitch & Janet Jacobs by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau by Helaine & Ike by Sheldon & Judith Memory of Marvin Meadow Memory of Dennis I. Leeds Trachtenberg Zimmerman by Mitch & Janet Jacobs by Betty & Asher Dreyfus Memory of Richard E. Rosenthal Naming of Joshua Pugach Memory of Tehila K. Miller by Betsy & Jeff Robinson by Sam & Sherri Marcus by Darla & Zinovy Pugach by James & Patricia Krohn Memory of Henry N. Meyer Memory of Theodore Shapiro Unveiling of Shelly Feinman Memory of Lippman Miller by Bob & Lynn Behrendt by Marcia Grossfeld by Sydelle Feinman by James & Patricia Krohn Memory of Rabbi Charles Mintz by Stella Novit Memory of Lori Oginsky by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau by Steve & Betty Silverman by Melvin & Ettie Weinberg Rabbi Gerald J. Klein Memory of Richard E. Rosenthal by Adolph Teitelbaum Memory of Ruth W. Pian by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau Memory of Oscar J. Steinberg by Nancy & Richard Fincher Memorial Fund Memory of Sol Stromberg by Joel & Sister Steinberg For beautification and improvements by Sally L. Pian by Jeanne & Tex Fagadau Memory of Annette Greenfield at the Temple Emanu-El Cemetery. by Fred Shapiro & Karen Birthday of Rita Kahn Strauss Bradshaw Memory of Dr. Gerson Gran by Barbara Jeanne Brin by Sue & Ted Strauss by Lynn & Dennis Brent by Peter Vogel & Marguerite Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Memory of Joseph Trachtenberg Burtis Memory of Mina Gran Robin Kosberg by Helaine & Ike Memory of Ernest Rich by Lynn & Dennis Brent by Larry Ginsburg Trachtenberg by Avrum & Kimberly Memory of Rowena Heller Speedy recovery of Margaret Anniversary of David & Renee Karp Schonwald by May Sebel Millheiser by Anita & Charles Marcus Memory of Theodore Shapiro Memory of Harvey D. Kirk by Bob & Lynn Behrendt Anniversary of Sydney & Richard by Mary Ann & Marshall by Jack & Louise Bell by Judy & Ronald Foxman Rosenberg by Donald Shapiro Lustig by John Rosenberg, Halley by Fred Shapiro & Karen Memory of Sidney Lynn Rosenberg & Kerri Aikin by Ada Lynn Bradshaw Leonard M. Cohen Appreciation of Rabbi David Stern by Peter Vogel & Marguerite Memory of Nathan Nevelow by Lou Tobian by Phyllis Bernbaum Adult Education Fund Burtis Supports adult education programs. Appreciation of Louis Tobian Sr. Memory of Robert B. Swango Memory of Sol Stromberg Marriage of Mark Washofsky & by Lou Tobian by Fredna Swango by James & Patricia Krohn Robin Kosberg Birthday of Morton Prager Memory of Blima Teichman by Macki & Paul Ellenbogen by Joe Rosenstein by Charles & Joanne Teichman Memory of Milton M. Toub by Joe & Beverly Goldman Memory of Rose K. Wall by Ronald & Marlene Wall Contributions

Anne and Sam Kesner Alex F. Weisberg Honor of Miriam & Max Vernon Martin & Charlotte by Jessonda Fox Caring Congregation Library Fund Weiss Fund Fund Purchases Judaic books, publications Provides scholarships for Religious Supports Temple members through and videos. Aline Rutland Prayer School fees, buys Religious School all phases of life, in joy and in Memory of Rose M. Feldman Book Fund books and covers additional Religious sorrow. (ie, hospitalization, senior by Elizabeth Hirsch Purchases prayer books as needed. School expenses. services, condolence, neighborhood Birthday of Samuel Ablon Memory of Felice M. Horwits Memory of Colleen Hill programming, etc.) by Elizabeth Hirsch by Dr. & Mrs. Howard Kweller by Shelley & Richard Hirsh Memory of Marijo Browder Birthday of Morton Prager Birthday of Samuel Ablon by Barbara & Philip Einsohn by Sarah Yarrin & Jack Repp by Helen & Charles Feldman David B. Shalom by Helen & Jerome Frank Religious Education by Connie & Leon Rudick Music Fund Walter & Dolores by Jill & Gary Stolbach Supports and enhances the music Fund Memory of Thelma Cohn programs by the cantor and choir. Neustadt Lecture Fund Financial assistance for religious by Katherine Bauer Memory of Thelma Cohn Provides an annual program with a education of Temple Emanu-El Memory of Stanley Doyne by The Benn Family noted speaker. members. by Joan Becker by Phyllis Berman Memory of Barton “Bud” Glaser Memory of Miriam Dorfman Memory of Harry Feldman by Sheryl & Gordon Bogen by Adrienne Epstein by Joyce & Joseph by Paula & Norman Feldman by Karen & Christopher Memory of Frances Golman Rosenfield Memory of Ann Kusin Gold Cheniae by Adrienne Epstein by Mel Kusin by Macki & Paul Ellenbogen Memory of Maurice M. Harrison Memory of Rae Ann Harris by Beth Feldman by Adrienne Epstein Jeanette & Raymond by Alan Harris by Bert & Myra Fischel Memory of Dennis I. Leeds Israel Teacher Training Memory of Felice M. Horwits by Jessonda Fox by Adrienne Epstein by Lillian & Sidney by Beth & Gary Kahn Memory of Edwin Mann Fund Opotowsky by Linda & Stephen Levine by Adrienne Epstein Provides funds for continuing by Connie & Leon Rudick by Norma Levitan Speedy recovery of Evelyn Leeds education of Religious School by Rose Anne Suffrin by Sue Lichten by Adrienne Epstein teachers. Memory of Amelia Krohn by Bobbi & Richard Memory of Miriam Dorfman by Julie & Michael Massman by Steve, Elisa & Alex Reiter Lowenberg by Jeanne & Barry Miller Rabbi Levi Olan Birthday of Cathy Glick by Jody & Melvin Platt Lecture Fund Jill Stone Social Action by Ellene Breinin by Joyce & Joseph Provides an annual program with a Birthday of Peggy Papert Rosenfield noted speaker. Fund by Barbara & Philip Einsohn by Ben Rosenthal Jr. Memory of Harry H. Feltman (established in 2007 in loving memory Marriage of Jim Bishkin & Nancy by Barry & Mary Rothschild by Max & Marilyn Tonkon of Jill Stone by Dr. Marvin Stone Rivin by Susan Ruben Memory of Dennis I. Leeds and his children and grandchildren) by Barbara & Philip Einsohn by Richard & Susan Rush by Max & Marilyn Tonkon Provides funding for social justice by Susan Salom programs and initiatives throughout by Paul & Joan Salzberger the Dallas community and for Cemetery Endowment by May Sebel Early Childhood emergency relief and advocacy Fund by Edward & Barbara Stone Education Center issues. Earned interest supports the by Rose Marie Stromberg Supports ECEC programs. Bar Mitzvah of Joseph Cavuoti maintenance and improvement of the by Jay & Shari Tobin Memory of Rosalie Brown Bloom by Joseph & Jean Abrams cemetery grounds. by Max & Marilyn Tonkon by Jacque & Freddy Roberts Birthday of Jody Platt Memory of Felice M. Horwits by Fran, Jeff, Mollie & Dani Memory of Jacob Herschel Bloom by Norma Levitan by Joan & Julius Nussbaum Toubin by Jacque & Freddy Roberts Memory of Amelia Krohn by Melvin & Ettie Weinberg Memory of Jack Michaelson by OriAnn & Jud Phillips by Carol & Mark Wigder Tikkum Olam Fund by Frances & Steven Okon (formerly, the Social Action Fund) by Sarah Yarrin & Jack Repp Memory of Howard Moss Memory of Betty Michaelson Supports broad array of programs, by Terri Hornberger Memory of Shirley Kaplan Fisher by Frances & Steven Okon projects, advocacy and lectures by Jessonda Fox Appreciation of Mike Findley Memory of Lois Okon related to Temple Emanu-El’s social by Family of Edna Kahn Memory of Felice M. Horwits by Frances & Steven Okon justice initiatives. Flaxman by Hannah Rubin Memory of Naomi G. Roberts Memory of Bronwyn, Memory of Jim Patterson by Jacque & Freddy Roberts Granddaughter of Shelly & Dave Klein Garden Fund by Barry & Mary Rothschild Memory of Lionel O. Roberts Colin Supports the maintenance of the Memory of Janie W. Rosenthal by Jacque & Freddy Roberts by Susan & Daryl Beck Klein Garden. by Ben Rosenthal Jr. Birth of Seth Lowenberg Memory of Rose M. Feldman Memory of M.J. Mittenthal Anniversary of David & Renee Karp by James & Patricia Krohn by Annette & Jack Corman by Patricia Mittenthal by Diane Collier Contribution Memory of Maurice M. Harrison by Ellen Lasser & Tommy Memory of Harold Wiessenberg by Wayne & Kelli Geyer by Jill Armus, Lauren Parcell, by OriAnn & Jud Phillips Kaye Sonal Dutt, & Allyson Appreciation of Michael Blum Appreciation of Cantor Richard Dickman by Joyce & Alan Goldberg Cohn ECEC Parents Memory of Amelia Krohn by Family of Edna Kahn Appreciation of Rabbi David Stern Association Fund by Anthony & Sonia by Joyce & Alan Goldberg Flaxman Benefits the programs and projects of Lowenberg by Families of Marshal & the Pre-School as designated by the Memory of Bernice Lipkin Steve Goldberg Parents Association. by Joni & Robert Cohan Birthday of Blanche Fromm Memory of Sue Lipman Harris by Jessonda Fox by Gail & Sam Vinocur by Walter & Hilma Levy Honor of Carol & Royal Brin by Jessonda Fox Honor of Norma Gremm by Jessonda Fox Contributions by Evey & Chip Fagadau Memory of Joseph Solomon Miller Memory of Tehila K. Miller Sisterhood of Temple Oneg Shabbat by Diane Miller & son, Joe by Evey & Chip Fagadau February Oneg Shabbats are Arndorfer Emanu-El Memory of Theodore Shapiro sponsored by WRJ/Sisterhood and Memory of Ada Rose Miller Supports the Sisterhood of Temple by Ellen Lasser & Tommy Brotherhood. by Diane Miller & son, Joe Emanu-El. Kaye Arndorfer Memory of Cynthia Silvey-Burnett Memory of Yvonne Yuspeh Strug Memory of Sam Neiger by Shirley & Charles Crane by Jerry Strug by Susan & Daryl Beck Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Memory of Morris P. Newberger Robin Kosberg Young Adults Fund by Carol & Jon Weinstein by Gayle Johansen Supports connecting people in Memory of Theodore Shapiro their 20’s and 30’s to each other, to by Annette & Jack Corman Judaism, and to Temple Emanu-El. Bat Mitzvah of Rebecca Berger Social Justice Fund for Birth of Gabe Goldberg by Barbara & Philip Einsohn by Scott Price Birth of Asher Einstein Youth Education (originally, the Rhoads’ Terrace Fund, Birth of Sophie Kitner by Cyndi Heller & Marshal by Scott Price Goldberg established by Temple in the early 1960s to create the city’s first pre- Birthday of Frank Risch Birth of Granddaughter of Henry by Mark & Maddy Unterberg Gelender school for disadvantaged children in the southern Dallas neighborhood of Marriage of David & Bethany by OriAnn & Jud Phillips Zimmerman Birthday of Barbara Einsohn Rhoads Terrace) Supports worthwhile educational causes for youth in need. by Sheldon & Judith by Chuck & Deborah Stein Zimmerman Contribution Appreciation of Rabbi Asher Knight by Francine Daner by Families of Marshal & Conversion of Dr. & Mrs. Collin Steve Goldberg Thomas Temple Emanu-El Couples Club by Samuel Bierner Youth Scholarship Honor of Susan James by Marion McDougal Fund assists Vickery Meadow Food Pantry Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Supports families that need financial Robin Kosberg assistance so their children may At a recent Temple Emanu-El by Barbara & Philip Einsohn participate in some of the youth programs which have a registration Couples Club Holiday Party, cost. members were asked to bring Dora Aronson Helping Memory of Herbert J. Miller a donation of items for the by Fran, Jeff, Mollie & Dani Vickery Meadow Food Pantry. Hands Fund Toubin Distributed by Rabbi David Stern Recognizing the Mitzvah of this to individuals in need of financial Birth of Asher Einstein assistance, particularly in emergency by Robin Kosberg & Mark kind, members brought boxes Washofsky or critical life situations. of requested food items which Memory of Beverly Norma Barshop Marriage of Mark Washofsky & Robin Kosberg in turn were delivered to Vickery Program chair persons Eileen by Penny & Steve Barshop Meadow. Memory of Louis I. Kolber by Fran, Jeff, Mollie & Dani Ray (left) and Renee Gilbert by Rose & Jay Brenner Toubin Entertainment by Karaoke are shown with the boxes of singer Rick Stephens was requested food items donated Priscilla R. Stern Rabbi Sheldon provided for the evening. A by the Temple Emanu-El Memorial Fund Zimmerman catered Latke dinner and wine Couples Club members at a Supports literacy projects in the Endowment Fund social were also a part of this recent Holiday Party. general and Jewish communities. Supports the maintenance of the joyous Holiday gathering. Appreciation of Rabbi David Stern Temple building. The Temple Emanu-El members from the Jewish by Family of Edna Kahn Memory of Yafim Narasov community are also invited to Flaxman Couples Club, founded 23 years by Elisa & Steven Reiter & join. If interested, call Frances by Families of Marshal & Lea Felts ago, is a social club, open to all Steve Goldberg members of the Temple. One Sue Schneider at 972.398.1771, by Sondie Rosenthal Y.E.S. Fund of of the couple must be 55 years or Sarah Yarrin or Jack Repp at of age or older. Prospective 214.361.0486. Temple Emanu-El Sisterhood Supports the Youth, Education and Hunger Relief Project Service program of Sisterhood. Collects funds for hunger relief Memory of Barton “Bud” Glaser throughout the year, including our by Miriam Cohen High Holy Day and Passover drives, by Shirley Shwiff for distribution to local, national and Memory of Felice M. Horwits international agencies dedicated to by Miriam Cohen this cause. by Shirley Shwiff Memory of Alan L. Berger Memory of Charlotte Karotkin by Evey & Chip Fagadau by Miriam Cohen Memory of Marijo Browder by Evey & Chip Fagadau Memory of Rose M. Feldman by Ellene Breinin Memory of Felice M. Horwits by Ellene Breinin Memory of Amelia Krohn by Terry & Jeff Levinger Memory of George A. Lasky by Lawrence & Carol Tobias Memory of Lippman Miller Contributions Gifts to the various Temple Emanu-El funds become a meaningful remembrance as they build a stronger Temple. Temple Emanu-El will send appropriate acknowledgement cards to serve as your courier of good wishes. Below is a listing of the funds available for tribute donation. A minimum of $10 is suggested for tribute contributions.

General Fund: Cemetery Endowment Fund: Martin & Charlotte Weiss Fund: Priscilla R. Stern Supports the general programs and Earned interest supports the Provides scholarships for Religious Memorial Fund: events of Temple. maintenance and improvement of the School fees, buys Religious School Supports literacy projects in the cemetery grounds. books and covers additional Religious general and Jewish communities. General Endowment Fund: School expenses. Earned interest supports the Klein Garden Fund: Hunger Relief Projects programs of Temple. Supports the maintenance of the Klein David B. Shalom Religious Collects funds for hunger relief through- Garden. Education Fund: out the year, including our High Holy Clergy Good Works Fund: Financial assistance for religious Day and Passover drives, for distribution Distributed to needy individuals, com- Alex F. Weisberg Library Fund: education of Temple members. to local, national and international agen- munity causes or worthy institutions Purchases Judaic books, publications cies dedicated to this cause. by the rabbis and cantor of Temple and videos. Jeanette & Raymond Israel Emanu-El. Teacher Training Fund: Social Justice Fund for William P. Budner Provides funds for continuing education Youth Education Rabbi Gerald J. Klein Youth Library Fund: of Religious School teachers. Supports worthwhile educational causes Memorial Fund: Purchases Judaic books and publica- for youth in need For beautification and improvements at tions for Religious School students. Lomdim Project Fund: the Temple Emanu-El Cemetery. Provides an open and inclusive Metz Youth Fund: Music Fund: community for students with special Provides scholarships for Jewish needs. activities sponsored by Temple Emanu-El Temple Emanu-El Couples Club Katherine F. Baum Adult Supports and enhances the music pro- grams by the cantor and choir. or other Jewish organizations. Education Fund Henry D. Schlinger Ethics assists Vickery Meadow Food Pantry Provides for an annual adult Symposium Endowment Fund: Youth Scholarship Fund: education class. Aline Rutland Prayer Book Fund: Supports the annual ethics Supports families that need financial symposium at Temple. assistance so their children may par- Leonard M. Cohen Purchases prayer books as needed. Adult Education Fund: ticipate in some of the youth programs Jill Stone Social Action Fund: which have a registration cost. Supports adult education programs. Walter & Dolores Neustadt Provides funding for social justice Lecture Fund: programs and initiatives throughout the Gina Rosenfield Levy Greene Jacobus Archives: Provides an annual program with a Dallas community and for emergency Family Camp Scholarship Fund: Supports special exhibits in our noted speaker. Jacobus Archives. relief and advocacy issues. Supports families who need financial assistance in order to attend Greene Rabbi Levi Olan Lecture Fund: Family Camp. Rose Marion & Lee H. Berg Provides an annual program with a Tikkun Olam Fund: Support broad array of programs, Building Fund: noted speaker. Provides for upkeep and maintenance of projects, advocacy and lectures related Rabbi Sheldon Zimmerman to Temple Emanu-El’s social justice Endowment Fund: the Temple Building. Early Childhood initiatives. Supports the maintenance of the Temple Center Education Fund: building. Anne & Sam Kesner Supports ECEC programs. Caring Congregation Fund: Dora Aronson Helping Hands Fund: Vickery Meadow Projects Fund: Supports Temple members through all Young Adults Fund: Distributed by Rabbi David Stern to Provides funds for school and neighbor- phases of life, in joy and in sorrow. (i.e. Supports connecting people in their 20’s individuals in need of financial hood programs benefitting those living in hospitalization, senior services, condo- and 30’s to each other, to Judaism, and assistance, particularly in emergency or the Vickery Meadow community. lence, neighborhood programming, etc.) to Temple Emanu-El. critical life situations.

You may visit www.tedallas.org to make your contribution online, or complete the form below and return it to Temple Emanu-El

Donor Name ______Phone ______

Address: ______City: ______State: ______Zip: ______

Apply my donation of $ ______to the following fund(s): ______


Please notify (name) that a donation has been made: ______

Address: ______City: ______State:______Zip: ______

c In memory of (relationship, name): ______

c In honor/appreciation of (name): ______For (occasion)______

c For speedy recovery of (name): ______

c For the following occasion: ______

c Listing in The Window not necessary c Acknowledgement of donor not necessary

Please send contributions to: Temple Emanu-El, 8500 Hillcrest Road, Dallas, TX 75225-4204 SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY

See complete schedule of Sunday Adult Jewish Learning opportunities at www.tedallas.org

6 am: Brotherhood 3 pm: Spanish 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew Mitzvah Cooking Language Class School 3 9:30 am: Religious 4 4 pm: French Language 5 6:30 pm: WRJ Quilting School Class Class Noon: DAFTY Board Meeting 7:30 pm: Choir Rehearsal Feb. 2 pm: WRJ Circle of Service Tea 7:30 pm: Temple Book Group 7:30 pm: Young Adult L’chaim Learning Series Sunday - Friday Morning Minyan 8:15 am Lefkowitz Chapel

9:30 am: Religious 3 pm: Spanish Weekly Torah 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew School Language Class Portions, Haftarah School 10 11 4 pm: French Lan- 12 7:30 pm: Horticultur- guage Class al Education: Tomatoes and Spring 1/26 - 2/1 Gardens Beshalach 7:30 pm: Stepping Stones I Exodus 13:17 - 17:16 7:30 pm: Choir Rehearsal Haftarah: Judges 4:4-5:31

2/2 -2/8 Yitro Exodus 18:1-20:23 9:30 am: Religious 4:30 pm: Haftarah: School 3 pm: Spanish RS Hebrew School Isaiah 6:1-7:6, 9:5-6 17 18 Language Class 19 6:30 pm: WRJ 4 pm: French Quilting Class 2/9 - 2/15 Language Class 7:30 pm: Choir Rehearsal Mishpatim 7:30 pm: Stepping Stones I Exodus 21:1-24:18 Haftarah: II Kings 12:5-16

2/16 - 2/22 T’rumah Exodus 25:1 -27:19 Haftarah: 9:30 am: Religious 3 pm: Spanish 4:30 pm: School RS Hebrew School Isaiah 66:1-13, 23 Language Class 24 11 am: Purim Shpiel 25 4 pm: French 26 7:30 pm: Stepping and Megillah Language Class Stones I 2/23 - 3/1 Readings 7:30 pm: Choir Rehearsal T’tzaveh Noon: Congregational Purim Lunch Exodus 27:20-30:10 Noon: Purim Social Justice Haftarah: Carnival Esther 7:1-10, 8:15-17 or 12:30 pm: Adult Purim Lunch Samuel 15:2-34 12:30 pm: Purim Carnival Purim WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY

9 am: ECEC Visting Day 9 am: Bea Kabler 6:15 pm: Shabbat Chever Torah 1 Service/Olan Sanctuary/ 2 9 am: Tot Shabbat/Pollman Hall WRJ Interfaith Shabbat 10:30 am: Shabbat 7:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat Service/Lefkowitz Chapel 10:30 am: Shabbat Service/ Olan Sanctuary

4:30 pm: RS Hebrew 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew 9:10 am: ECEC Shabbat/ 9 am: Bea Kabler School/Levine School Pollman Hall Chever Torah 6 6:15 pm: Brotherhood 7 6 pm: Conversational 8 6:15 pm: Shabbat Ser- 9 10:30 am: Shabbat Monthly Meeting and Dinner Hebrew vice/Olan Sanctuary Service/Lefkowitz Chapel 6:15 pm: Biblical Hebrew 7 pm: Brotherhood Boy Scout 10:30 am: Shabbat 7:30 pm: Advanced Hebrew Shabbat/Lefkowitz Chapel Service/Olan Sanctuary 7:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat 1:30 pm: Spirituality Group 4:30 pm: Shabbat Service/Olan Sanctuary

NFTY-TOR Summer Kallah

4:30 pm: RS He- Noon: Lunch and 9:10 am: ECEC 9 am: Bea Kabler brew School/Levine Literature Shabbat/Pollman Hall/ Chever Torah 13 6 pm: Garden 14 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew 15 Grandfriends Day 16 10:30 am: Shabbat Steering Committee School 6:15 pm: Shabbat Service/Poll- Service/Lefkowitz 7:30 pm: Temple Board 6 pm: Conversational Hebrew man Hall Chapel Meeting 6:15 pm: Biblical Hebrew 7:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat 10:30 am: Shabbat 7:30 pm: Advanced Hebrew 8:15 pm: Shabbat Service/Olan Service/Olan Sanctuary Sanctuary/Union Prayer Book 1:30 pm: Spirituality Group 4:30 pm: Shabbat Service/Olan 9:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat Sanctuary

4:30 pm: RS He- 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew 9:10 am: ECEC 9 am: Bea Kabler Chever Torah brew School/Levine School Shabbat/Pollman 10:30 am: Shabbat 20 5:30 pm: WRJ/ 21 6 pm: Conversational Hall 23 22 Service/Lefkowitz Brotherhood New Member Hebrew 6:15 pm: Shabbat Chapel Warm-Up 6:15 pm: Biblical Hebrew Service/Olan Sanctuary 10:30 am: Shabbat 7 pm: DAFTY Board Meeting 7:30 pm: Advanced Hebrew 7:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat Service/Olan Sanctuary

7 pm: Young Adult Purim Celebration

Erev Purim

4:30 pm: RS 4:30 pm: RS Hebrew School/ Hebrew School March 27 Levine 28 6 pm: 6:15 pm: Shabbat 9 am: Bea Kabler 7 pm: Youth Committee Meeting Conversational Hebrew Service/Olan Sanctuary/ Chever Torah 6:15 pm: Biblical Hebrew 1 Jazz Shabbat/ 2 10:30 am: Shabbat 7:30 pm: Advanced Hebrew ShabbaTogether Service/Lefkowitz Chapel/ 7 pm: ShabbaTogether Dinner WRJ National Centennial and Activities 10:30 am: Shabbat 7:30 pm: Oneg Shabbat Service/Olan Sanctuary Noon: Shabbat Nosh 4:30 pm: Shabbat Service/Olan Sanctuary

Periodicals Time Sensitive Material

Brotherhood Party Expo, March 3. See Page 17

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