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5-25-1962 The Quill - Vol. I - No. 6- May 25, 1962 Roger Williams University

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This News Article is brought to you for free and open access by the Student Publications at [email protected] It has been accepted for inclusion in The Quill by an authorized administrator of [email protected] For more information, please contact [email protected] VOL. 1, NO.6 Ro ge r Williams Junior Coll e ge, Prov ide nce, R. I. May 25, 1962 FIVE FACU TV MEMBERS AWARDED GRANTS- IN-AID 43 INCLUDING THREE WOMEN Five members of the faculty have been awarded either study or teaching TO GRADUATEAT EXERCISES JUNE 7 grants for the summer. Four of them were awarded National By Yin Ricci Representatives of nine colleges in Science Foundation grants. They are: Forty-three seniors, including three Rhode Island-Barrington, Brown, Arthur J . McMahon, an evening women, are expected to receive As­ Bryant, Pembroke, Providence Col­ division mathematics teacher, and sociate in Science degrees at com­ lege, Rhode Island College, Rhode supervisor of mathematics for the mencement exercises at the Benefi­ Island School of Design, Salve Re­ R. 1. Department of Education, who cient Meeting House on Thursday, gina, and the Universit y of Rhode has been awarded a grant to s tudy June 7, at 8 p.rn, Islcnd-swill attend. new methods in the teaching of For the first time, degrees in Each senior is allowed six invita­ mathematics. General Studies will be awarded. tions, which rmy be obtained in the Anthony P . Neri, a general studies Numerically, twenty-two students will bookstore. teacher, who will study combination receive degrees in Engineering, Members of the senior class are: analysis and topology for seven weeks seventeen in Management, and four in Engineering-Donald J .Charbon­ at Notre Dame. General Studies. Of the graduating neau, Russell S. Chaufty, Russell W. Robert M. Sherman, chemistry in­ class, twenty-nine are from the day Cook, Edward H. Goldberg, Charles s tructor, who has been appo inted as division and fourteen from the evening W. Gombeyski , Edward S. Hadfield, assistant director and lecturer in a school. John R. Lapham, Robert H. Lataille, summer institute for secondary school Taking part in the academic pre­ Daniel J . Mahler III, Robert A. Maino, teachers on the chemical bond ap­ cession will be Trustees and former Joseph M. Marcotte, Ernest Mari J r., proach to be held at Brown Universitv. Trustees of the College, the Govern­ James Mello Jr., Weston F . Miller, and, ing Board of Alumni, the faculty and Charles E. Mitchell , Joseph E. P . Thomas A. Verrecchia, instructor representatives from each graduating Provost, Alfred Pagel, Herbert V. in engineering, who will s tudy ad­ class of the College from 1948 to Searle, Raymond V. Tata, Clifford K. vanced problems in calculus and 1961. Thurber Jr., Fred M. Torrice, an d foundational analysis for eight weeks Chandler W. Jones, former vice­ David G. White. at Rutge rs University. president of Narragansett Electric General-Roberta A. Eddy, Patricia Operation Crossroads Africa Inc. Co., and now vice-president for en­ A. Grillo , Edward E. Jones, and has awarded a grant to Andrew J. gineering and operation of New Eng­ Brenda A. Sarat. Bell III to s tudy interreligious and land Electric System and Yankee - Management-John H. Bradley Jr., interracial aspects among the people Atomic Power Co., will be the com­ Francis R. Brown, William E. Bur­ in Southern Rhodesia for ten weeks. mencement speaker. Dr. Arthur E. gess, Robert R. Chase, Kevin J . Wilson will deliver the invocation. Cummings, Thomas L. DeFelice J r., As a special feature, handbooks of John E. DiMichele , Walter C. Hewes, GAMMA WINS PTK chemistry, physics and mathematics, Duane Hodgkinson, John G. Kornher, ANNUAL COMP ET ITION donated by the Chemical Rubber Anthony Martins , Wilfred R. McPeak Publishing Cc., Cleveland, will be Jr., Neale D. Murphy Jr., Richard Roger Williams' own Gamma Chap­ awarded to winners of special exam­ J . Ogrodnik , Robert F . Quinlan, and ter Degree Team of the Pi Tau Kappa inations in those subjects. David L. Vale. Fraternity won the David A. Duncan Memorial Trophy for the second year in a row at the Annual Competition held at the Sheraton-Kimball Hotel in ALUMNI DINNER, PROM Springfiel d, Saturday, May 19th. Their winning score was 81.83 com­ TOP SOCIAL ACTIVITIES pared to 55.69 for the runner-up, Delta Chapter of Springfield. tickets may be purchased from any Gamma al so was the only Chapter Plans are completed for social senior class officer or committee to meet its full quota of Degree Team, activities surrounding Commencement member. The committee includes Governors and members present for -the Alumni Dinner on Monday night, Daniel Mahler, John Lapham and this gala dinner dance attended by and the Senior Prom on Wednesday. Edward Hadfield. P TK members and their wives or girl The dinner will be held at 7:30 The prom will be held from 9 p.rn, friends. p.rn., preceded by a social hour at the to 1 o.rn, at the Colony Motor Hotel, Gamma's P residen t Nelson Kay ac­ Hearthstone Inn, Route 44, Seekonk. Cranston, and will begin with a cepted the award' from Governor Gen­ P resident H. W. Schaughency will ad­ dinner. Prom ti ckets are ten dollars. eral Carl Gus tafson of Worcester on dress the gathering of alumni , fac­ The dance is formal. behalf of the members of his team, ulty, and senior class members. The The prom committee consists of who are: Nelson Kay, Cliff Thresher, title of his speech is "Responsi­ John Korner and Neal Murphy. Ar­ Bob Stickel, Henry Anderson , Fay bility." rangements for all. activities are Hays , John McGlashan, Bill English, Any student may attend the dinner. being supervised by Charles S. Ray Jo hnson and Al Bagley. The ticket price is five dollars and Mitchell, senior cl ass president. The Quill, May 25, 1962


SCENES FROM "DOBIE GILLIS" - Dab le (Bill Harrington) mother (Jane Pride) finds Helen's shoes after Helen's disap­ puts the "make" on an unwilling Helen Dixan (Marguerite pearance. Looking on, from left, are the school director (Gene Amarlggi), picture at left. In center, Mrs. Dlxan, Helen's Sanita) and Helen's father (Dennis Santos). At right, Helen (Miss Amoriggi) has words with Petey Bellows (Vln DeFalco). FIRST DRAMATIC SOCIETY PRODUCTION UOOBIE GILLIS" HIT!

A capacity audience thrilled to the Dobie 's difficulty in ironing out the played by Vincent DeFalco; the first production of the newly-formed problems of his college (a junior charming band leader Happy Stella Dramatics Society recently in the college, of course-The Samuel B. (Judith Zinno), the bent-over, near­ YMCA Auditorium. If the production, Chase Jr. College) newspaper. While sighted English professor, (Walter " The Many Lives of Dobie Gillis," doing so, Dobie falls in love with the Kunzman), and the appealing lollipop­ is any indication of the future of this capricious Helen Dixon, a difficult sucking Imogene (Roberta Eddy.) A organization, the result can be nothing part handled so beautifully by Mar­ special word must be said for Mr. but great. guerite Amoriggi. DeFalco, who has fine stage -pres­ High praise must go to Mr. William The whole situation is found quite ence, and shows potential. Rizzini, faculty ad visor, for getting displeasing by the little gal who is Of course, special credit must go the Dramatics Society organized so out to win Dobie's love, Bonnie, to the stage hands and all behi nd­ rapidly and well that it could turn out played to the letter by Jane Drczek. the-scenes workers, for the scenery, such an outstanding production. We look forward eagerly to more ap­ lighting and program were all ex­ The audience loved it, and was pearances by Miss Drazek. ceptionally well done. kept literally " laughing in stitches" The problem is compli cat ed further Roger Williams can be truly proud at the antics of Dobie, so skillfully by the antics of Limbo Lamb , an of its new organization, and everyone portrayed by Bill Harrington. Bill was exotic blond , appropriately looks forward to more productions a natural for the part, and displays played by MaryAnn Carcieri; Petey from this hard-working , vigorous , solid talent. The plot revolves about Bellows, Dobie 's athletic buddy, dynamic group. JEH


winners will receive special copies Wedding Invitations Resumes Three students have been cited for of the 1961-62 Handbook of Chem­ outs tanding achievement. istry and Physics, which will be en­ Stanley Erwin and David White are graved in gold in their names, at winners of science awards, and Lewis Commencement Exercises. Compliments of H. Fine has been cited for his lit­ Mr. Erwin is a first year engineer­ KUNZMANN CHAIN CO. erary talen ts . ing student and Mr. White is a con­ 25 Calhoun Ave. Providence Both Mr. Er win and Mr. White were struction major, graduating this year. the high scorers on chemistry and Mr. Fine, a first year liberal arts physics exams respectively given student, had his poem " The Change" here recently as part of the Chemical selected for publication in the Spring MR. WIENER Rubher P ublishing Company' s awards anthology of the American College 306 Plainfield St. Providence program. The examinations, super­ Poetry Society. The poem was se­ a fine restaurant vised by Dr. Charles Hetzler and Mr'. lected from thousands submitted by open 2.4-hours Robert Sherman, were open to both college students from throughout the dey and evening students. Both United States and Canada.