Award Winners

Agatha Awards 1990 Bum Steer by 2003 Lost Boy Lost Girl by Peter Best Contemporary 1989 Naked Once More Straub (Formerly Best Novel) by Elizabeth Peters 2002 The Night Class by Tom 1988 Something Wicked Piccirilli 2018 Mardi Gras Murder by Ellen by Carolyn G. Hart 2001 by Neil Byron (e-book only) (e-book only) Gaiman (in Legends II) 2017 Glass Houses by Louise 2000 The Traveling Vampire Show Penny Best Historical Novel by 2016 A Great Reckoning by Louise 1999 Mr. X by Penny 2018 The Widows of Malabar Hill 1998 by Stephen 2015 Long Upon the Land by King by 2017 In Farleigh Field by Rhys 1997 Children of the Dusk 2014 Truth be Told by Hank Bowen by Philippi Ryan 2016 The Reek of Red Herrings 1996 by Stephen 2013 The Wrong Girl by Hank by Catriona McPherson King Philippi Ryan 2015 Dreaming Spies by Laurie R. 1995 by 2012 The Beautiful Mystery by King 1994 Dead in the Water by Nancy 2014 Queen of Hearts by Rhys Holder 2011 Three-Day Town by Margaret Bowen 1993 The Throat by Peter Straub Maron 2013 A Question of Honor 1992 Blood of the Lamb by 2010 Bury Your Dead by Louise by Charles Todd Thomas F. Monteleone Penny 2012 Dandy Gilver and an 1991 Boy’s Life by Robert R. 2009 The Brutal Telling by Louise Unsuitable Day for McCammon Penny Murder by Catriona 1990 by Robert R. 2008 The Cruelest Month McPherson McCammon by Louise Penny 2011 Naughty in Nice by Rhys 1989 by Dan 2007 A Fatal Grace by Louise Bowen Simmons Penny 1988 The Silence of the Lambs by 2006 The Virgin of Small Plains by Nancy Pickard Superior Achievement in a Novel 1987 by 2005 in the Snowdrift 1986 Swan Song by Robert R. by 2018 The Cabin at the End of the McCammon 2004 Birds of a Feather World by Paul Tremblay by 2017 Ararat by Christy Award 2003 Letter from Home by Carolyn 2016 The Fisherman by John Book of the Year G. Hart Langan 2002 You’ve Got Murder by Donna 2015 2018 True to You by Becky Wade Andrews by Paul Tremblay 2017 Long Way Gone by Charles 2001 Murphy’s Law by Rhys 2014 Blood Kin by Steve Rasnic Martin Bowen Tem 2016 The Five Times I Met Myself 2000 Storm Track by Margaret 2013 by Stephen by James L. Rubart Maron King 2015 Thief of Glory by Sigmund 1999 Mariner’s Compass 2012 by Caitlin Brouwer by R. Kiernan 2014 Sky by Lori Benton 1998 Butcher’s Hill by Laura 2011 Flesh Eaters by Joe Lippman McKinney Contemporary Romance 1997 The Devil in Music by Kate 2010 A Dark Matter by Peter Ross Straub 2018 True to You by Becky Wade 1996 Up Jumps the Devil 2009 Audrey’s Door by 2017 Her One and Only by Becky by Margaret Maron Langan Wade 1995 If I’d Killed Him When I Met 2008 by Stephen King 2016 The Sea Keeper’s Daughters Him by Sharyn McCrumb 2007 The Missing by by Lisa Wingate 1994 She Walks These Hills 2006 Lisey’s Story by Stephen King 2015 The Storykeeper by Lisa by Sharyn McCrumb 2005 Dread in the Beast Wingate 1993 Dead Man’s Island by 2014 Stones for Bread by Christa by Carolyn G. Hart 2005 by Parrish 1992 Boot Legger’s Daughter 2004 by Peter 2013 Not in the Heart by Chris by Margaret Maron Straub Fabry 1991 I.O.U. by Nancy Pickard ** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 1 Award Winners

2012 Promises to Keep by Ann 2003 True Honor by Dee 1992 Dance at the Slaughterhouse Tatlock Henderson by Lawrence Block 2011 Almost Heaven by Chris 2002 by Dee 1991 Mourning by Fabry Henderson (e-book only) Julie Smith 2010 The Passion of Mary- 2001 A Touch of Betrayal 1990 Black Cherry Blues by James Margaret by Lisa Samson by Catherine Palmer Lee Burke 2009 Dogwood by Chris Fabry 2000 Whispers from Yesterday 1989 Cold Red Sunrise by Stuart 2008 Chasing Fireflies by Charles by Robin Lee Hatcher M. Kaminsky Martin Awards 1988 Old Bones by Aaron J. Elkins 2007 Winter Birds by Jamie Turner “Edgars” 1987 Dark-Adapted Eye 2006 Levi’s Will by W. Dale Cramer by Barbara Vine 2005 Bad Ground by W. Dale (e-book only) Cramer 2019 Down the River Unto the Sea 1986 The Suspect by L.R. Wright 2004 Songbird by Lisa Samson by Walter Mosley 1985 Briarpatch by Ross Thomas 2003 by Ann 2018 Bluebird, Bluebird by Attica 1984 LaBrava by Elmore Leonard Tatlock Locke 1983 Billingsgate Shoal by Rick 2002 A Garden to Keep by Jamie 2017 Before the Fall by Noah Boyer Turner Hawley 1982 Peregrine by William Bayer 2001 Home to Harmony by Philip 2016 Let Me Die in His Footsteps 1981 Whip Hand by Gulley by Lori Roy 1980 Rheingold Route by Arthur 2001 The Trial by Robert Whitlow 2015 Mr. Mercedes by Stephen Maling 2000 New Song by Jan Karon King 1979 Eye of the Needle by Ken 2014 Ordinary Grace by William Follett Historical Romance Kent Krueger 1978 Catch Me, Kill Me by William 2013 Live by Night by Dennis H. Hallahan 2018 The Lacemaker by Laura Lehane 1977 Promised Land by Robert B. Frantz 2012 Gone by Mo Hayder Parker 2017 The Lady and the Lionheart 2011 The Lock Artist by Steve 1976 Hopscotch by Brian Garfield (tie) by Joanne Bischof Hamilton 1975 Peter’s Pence by Jon Cleary A Note Yet Unsung 2010 The Last Child by John Hart 2009 Blue Heaven by C.J. Box by Tamera Alexander 2016 Luther and Katharina by Jody 2008 Down River by John Hart Hedlund 2007 Janissary Tree by 2015 Thief of Glory by Sigmund Goodwin 2018 by N.K. Brouwer 2006 Citizen Vince by Jess Walter Jemisin 2014 Harvest of by Tessa 2005 California Girl by T. Jefferson 2017 by N.K. Afshar Parker Jemisin 2013 Against the Tide by Elizabeth 2004 Resurrection Men by Ian 2016 by N.K. Camden Rankin Jemisin 2012 The Maid of Fairbourne Hall 2003 Winter and Night by S.J. 2015 The Three Body Problem by by Julie Klassen Rozan Cixin Liu (e-book only) 2011 The Girl in the Gatehouse by 2002 Silent Joe by T. Jefferson 2014 by Ann Julie Klassen Parker Leckie 2010 The Silent Governess by Julie 2001 The Bottoms by Joe R. 2013 by Klassen Lansdale 2012 by 2009 From a Distance by Tamera 2000 Bones by 2011 Blackout by Alexander 1999 Mr. White’s Confession by 2010 The City and the City 2009 Beyond the Night by Marlo Robert Clark (tie) by China Miéville Schalesky 1998 Rose by James Lee by Paulo 2008 Remembered by Tamera Burke Bacigalup Alexander 1997 Chatham School Affair by 2009 by Neil 2007 The Measure of a Lady Thomas H. Cook Gaiman by Deeanne Gist 1996 Come to Grief by Dick 2008 The Yiddish Policemen’s 2006 A Bride Most Begrudging Francis Union by by Deeanne Gist 1995 Red Scream by Mary Willis 2007 by Vernor 2005 Secrets by Kristen Heitzmann Walker Vinge 2004 Hideaway by Hannah 1994 Sculptress by Minette Walters 2006 by Robert Charles Alexander 1993 Bootlegger’s Daughter by Wilson Margaret Maron

** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 2 Award Winners

2005 Jonathan Strange & Mr. 1975 by Ursula 1988 Middleman and the Other Norrell by Susanna Le Guin Stories by Bharati Clarke Mukherjee 2004 Paladin of by Lois National Book Critics 1987 by McMaster Bujold 1986 Kate Vaiden by Reynolds 2003 Hominids by Robert J. Circle Award Price Sawyer 1985 The Accidental Tourist 2002 American Gods by Neil 2018 Milkman by Anna Burns by Gaiman 2017 Improvement by Joan Silber 1984 by Louise 2001 Harry Potter and the Goblet 2016 LaRose by Erdrich of Fire by J K Rowling 2015 The Sellout by Paul Beatty 1983 by 2000 2014 Lila by 1982 George Mills by Stanley Elkin by 2013 Americanah by Chimamanda 1981 by John 1999 To Say Nothing of the Dog Ngozi Adichie Updike by Connie Willis 2012 Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime 1980 The Transit of Venus by 1998 by Joe W. Walk by Ben Fountain Haldeman 2011 Binocular Vision by Edith (e-audio only) 1997 Blue by Kim Stanley Pearlman 1979 The Year of the French by Robinson 2010 A Visit from the Goon Thomas Flanagan 1996 by Neal Squad by 1978 The Stories of Stephenson 2009 Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel by John Cheever 1995 by Lois 2008 2666 by Roberto Bolano 1977 Song of Solomon by Toni McMaster Bujold 2007 The Brief Wondrous Life of Morrison 1994 Green Mars by Kim Stanley Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz 1976 October Light by John Robinson 2006 The Inheritance of Loss Gardner 1993 by by Kiran Desai 1975 by E.L. Doctorow Vernor Vinge 2005 The by E.L. Doctorow 1993 by Connie 2004 by Marilynne Robinson for Fiction Willis (formerly Pulitzer Prize for 1992 by Lois McMaster 2003 by Edward Bujold P. Jones the Novel) 1991 Vor Game by Lois McMaster 2002 Atonement by Ian McEwan Bujold 2001 Austerlitz by Winfried Georg 2019 by Richard 1990 by Sebald 1989 by C.J. Cherryh 2000 Being Dead by Jim Crace 2018 by 1988 War by 1999 Motherless Brooklyn 2017 The Underground Railroad by 1987 by by 1998 The Love of a Good Woman 2016 by Viet 1986 Ender’s Game by Orson Scott by Alice Munro Thanh Nguyen Card 1997 The Blue Flower by Penelope 2015 All the Light We Cannot See 1985 by William Fitzgerald by Gibson 1996 Women in Their Beds 2014 by 1984 by David Brin by Gina Berriault 2013 The Orphan Master’s Son 1983 Foundation’s Edge by Isaac 1995 Mrs. Ted Bliss by Stanley by Asimov Elkin 2012 No Award Given 1982 by C.J. 1994 by Carol 2011 A Visit from the Goon Squad Cherryh Shields by Jennifer Egan 1981 The Snow Queen by Joan D. 1993 A Lesson Before Dying by 2010 by Vinge Ernest J. Gaines 2009 by Elizabeth 1980 Fountains of Paradise 1992 All the Pretty Horses Strout by Arthur Charles Clarke by Cormac McCarthy 2008 The Brief Wondrous Life of 1979 by Vonda 1991 by Jane Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz McIntyre Smiley 2007 by Cormac 1978 by 1990 by John McCathy 1977 Where Late the Sweet Birds Updike 2006 March by Geraldine Brooks Sang by 1989 Billy Bathgate by E.L. 2005 Gilead by Marilynne (e-audio only) Doctorow Robinson 1976 by Joe W. 2004 The Known World by Edward P. Jones Haldeman ** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 3 Award Winners

2003 by Jeffrey 1973 The Optimist’s Daughter 1940 by John Eugenides by Steinbeck 2002 Falls by Richard 1972 by Wallace 1939 by Marjorie Russo Stegner Kinnan Rawlings 2001 The Amazing Adventures of 1971 No Award Given 1938 Kavalier and Clay 1970 Collected Stories of Jean by John P. Marquand by Michael Chabon Stafford by 1937 Gone with the Wind 2000 1969 by by by N. Scott Momaday 1936 by H. L. 1999 by Michael 1968 The Confessions of Nat Davis Cunningham Turner by 1935 1998 by Philip 1967 by Bernard by Josephine Winslow Roth Malamud Johnson 1997 by Steven 1966 The Collected Stories of 1934 Millhauser by Carline Miller 1996 Independence Day by 1965 The Keeper of the House by 1933 by T. S. Stribling 1932 by Pearl S. 1995 The Stone Diaries by Carol 1964 No Award Given Buck Shields 1963 by William 1931 by Margaret 1994 by E. Faulkner Ayer Barnes 1962 1930 by Oliver La 1993 A Good Scent from a by Edwin O’Connor Farge Strange Mountain by 1961 1929 by Julia Robert Butler by Peterkin 1992 A Thousand Acres by Jane 1960 Advise and Consent by Allen 1928 The Bridges of San Luis Rey Smiley Drury by 1991 Rabbit at Rest by John 1959 The Travels of Jaimie 1927 by Louis Updike McPheeters by Robert Bromfield 1990 The Mambo Kings Play Lewis Taylor 1926 by Songs of Love by Oscar 1958 in the Family 1925 by Hijuelos by 1924 The Able McLaughlins 1989 by Anne 1957 No Award Given by Margaret Wilson Tyler 1956 by MacKinlay 1923 by Cather 1988 by Kantor 1922 by Booth 1987 by 1955 by Tarkington Peter Hillsman Taylor 1954 No Award Given 1921 by 1986 by Larry 1953 McMurtry by 1920 No Award Given 1985 by Alison 1952 by Herman 1919 The Magnificent Ambersons Lurie Wouk by 1984 Ironweed by William Kennedy 1951 by 1918 by 1983 by Alice 1950 by A.B. Walker Guthrie, Jr. Rita Awards 1982 Rabbit is Rich by John 1949 by James Contemporary Romance: Long Updike Gould Cozzens 1981 1948 Tales of the South Pacific by by James A. Michener 2018 Falling Hard by Lexi Ryan 1980 The Executioner’s Song 1947 All the King’s Men by Robert 2017 Miracle on 5th Avenue by by Penn Warren Sarah Morgan 1979 The Stories of John Cheever 1946 No Award Given 2016 Brokedown Cowboy by John Cheever 1945 by John by Maisey Yates 1978 Elbow Room by James Alan Hersey 2015 Baby, ’s You by Jane McPherson 1944 by Martin 1977 No Award Given Flavin 2014 Crazy Thing Called Love 1976 Humboldt’s Gift by Saul 1943 Dragon’s Teeth by Upton by Molly O’Keefe Bellow Sinclair 2013 The Way Back Home 1975 Angels by Michael 1942 by Ellen by Barbara Freethy Shaara Glasgow 2012 Boomerang Bride by Fiona Lowe (e-book only) 1974 No Award Given 1941 No Award Given ** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 4 Award Winners

2011 Simply Irresistible by Jill 2009 Finding Stefanie by Susan 2002 The Surgeon by Tess Shalvis Warren Gerritsen 2010 Too Good to be True 2008 A Touch of Grace by Linda 2001 Carolina Moon by Nora by Kristan Higgins Goodnight Roberts (e-book only) 2007 Revealed by Tamera 2000 The Bride’s Protector 2009 Not Another Bad Date Alexander by Gayle Wilson by Rachel Gibson 2006 Heavens to Betsy by Beth 1999 Cool Shade by Theresa Weir 2008 Catch of the Day by Kristan Pattillo 1998 On the Way to a Wedding Higgins (e-book only) 2005 Grounds to Believe by Ingrid Weaver 2007 Adios to My Old Life by Shelley Bates 1997 See How They Run by Caridad Ferrer 2004 Autumn Dreams by Gayle by Bethany Campbell 2006 Lakeside Cottage by Susan Roper 1996 Winter’s Edge by Anne Stuart Wiggs 2003 Never Say Goodbye by Irene 1995 Hidden Riches by Nora 2005 Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie Hannon Roberts 2004 Birthright by Nora Roberts 2002 Beneath a Southern Sky by 1994 Nightshade by Nora Roberts 2003 No Place Like Home by Deborah Raney Barbara Samuel 2001 The Shepherd’s Voice 2002 True Confessions by Rachel by Robin Lee Hatcher Spur Awards Gibson 2000 Danger in the Best Traditional Novel 2001 First Lady by Susan Elizabeth by Dee Henderson (Formerly Best Western Long Phillips 1999 Patterns of Love by Robin Novel) 2000 Bodyguard by Suzanne Lee Hatcher Brockmann (e-book only) 1998 Homeward by Melody 2019 The Return of Kid Cooper by 1999 a Little Dream by Carlson Brad Smith Susan Elizabeth Phillips 1997 The Scarlet Thread 2018 Silver City by Jeff Guinn 1998 Nobody’s Baby But Mine by by Francine Rivers 2017 The Mustanger and the Lady Susan Elizabeth Phillips 1996 As Sure as the Dawn by Dusty Richards 1997 Daniel’s Gift by Barbara by Francine Rivers 2016 The Last Midwife by Sandra Freethy (e-book only) 1995 An Echo in the Darkness Dallas 1996 Born in Ice by Nora Roberts by Francine Rivers 2015 The Big Drift by Patrick 1995 Again by Kathleen Gilles Dearen Seidel Romantic Suspense 2014 Crossing Purgatory by Gary 1994 Private Scandals by Nora Schanbacher Roberts 2018 The Fixer by Helenkay Dimon 2013 With Blood in Their Eyes 2017 Repressed by Elizabeth by Thomas Cobb Romance with Religious or Naughton 2012 Remember Ben Clayton Spiritual Elements 2016 Flash Fire by Dana Marton by Stephen Harrigan (Formerly Inspirational Romance) 2015 Concealed in Death by J.D. 2011 Last Train from Cuernavaca Robb by Lucia St. Clair Robson 2018 Then There Was You by Kara 2014 Off the Edge by Carolyn 2010 Echoes of Glory by Robert Isaac Crane Flynn 2017 My Hope Next Door 2013 Scorched by Laura Griffin 2009 Shavetail by Thomas Cobb by Tammy L Gray 2012 to Dallas by J.D. 2008 The God of Animals by Aryn 2016 A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Robb Kyle Ann Hunter 2011 Silent Scream by Karen Rose 2007 The Night Journal 2015 Deceived by Irene Hannon 2010 Whisper of Warning by Laura by Elizabeth Crook (e-book only) Griffin 2006 High Country by Willard 2014 Five Days in Skye by Carla 2009 Take No Prisoners by Cindy Wyman Laureano Gerard 2005 People of the Raven 2013 Against the Tide by Elizabeth 2008 Ice Blue by Anne Stuart by Kathleen O’Neal Gear Camden 2007 Blackout by Annie Solomon 2004 So Wild a Dream by Winfred 2012 The Measure of Katie 2006 Survivor in Death by J.D. Blevins Calloway by Serena Robb 2003 Perma Red by Debra Magpie Miller 2005 I’m Watching You by Karen Earling 2011 In Harm’s Way by Irene Rose 2002 The Miracle Life of Edgar Hannon 2004 Remember When by J.D. Mint by Brady Udall 2010 The Inheritance by Tamara Robb (e-book only) 2001 The Gates of the Alamo Alexander 2003 Three Fates by Nora Roberts by Stephen Harrigan

** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 5 Award Winners

2000 Prophet Annie by Ellen Recknor 1999 The All-True Travels and Adventures of Cidie Newton by 1998 Moon by Larry McMurtry 1997 Sierra by Richard S. Wheeler 1996 Stone Song by Winfred Blevins 1995 The Far Canyon by 1994 Empire of Bones by Jeff Long 1993 Slaughter by Elmer Kelton 1992 The Medicine Horn by Jory Sherman 1991 Home Mountain by Jeanne Williams 1990 Panther in the Sky by James Alexander Thom 1989 The Homesman by Glendon Swarthout 1988 Wanderer Springs by Robert Flynn 1987 Roman by Douglas C. Jones 1986 The Snowblind Moon by John Byrne Cooke 1985 Gone the Dreams and Dancing by Douglas C. Jones 1984 Sam Bass by Bryan Woolley 1983 Ride the Wind by Lucia St. Clair Robson 1982 Aces and Eights by Loren D. Estleman ** No Awards Given from 1979 to 1981 1978 Swimming Man Burning by Terrence Kilpatrick 1977 The Kincaids by Matt Braun

Updated 5/24/2019 ** The Fort Smith Public Library does not currently have the books in italics.** 6