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Australia is resource-rich with critical minerals kt = thousand tonnes Critical minerals Reputable, reliable supplier Supportive and stable state Investment opportunities in Australia Antimony of global minerals and metals and federal government policy RESOURCES, kt 138 Australia is a proven source for Australia has consistently rated highly WORLD RANKING 4 and energy commodities. It is already the in the Fraser Institute’s world rankings world’s largest producer of , bauxite of mineral provinces for its supportive Cobalt and lithium and will be a low-risk supplier of resources policies, political stability and critical commodities to global supply chains. openness to international investment. RESOURCES, kt 1222 WORLD RANKING 2

Graphite RESOURCES, kt 7140 Energy Technology Manufacturing Transport WORLD RANKING 7 World leader in sustainable An investment destination Lithium Rare Tungsten Rare earths mining and mine safety for downstream processing Cobalt Lithium Antimony Manganese Graphite Gallium Vanadium Niobium Lithium Safe and sustainably sourced minerals are Australia is one of the few countries that Vanadium Graphite Niobium Rhenium an increasingly important consideration can produce all of the critical commodities. RESOURCES, kt 2803 in many global supply chains. Australia’s Australia can also produce downstream WORLD RANKING 3 minerals industry is proud to be at the refined products in a sustainable way, forefront of global safety and sustainable reducing shipping costs and enhancing Australia is rich Critical minerals are driving smaller, bauxite, to metals like gold, copper and Manganese development practice. supply chain security. faster and more powerful technologies and, increasingly, critical minerals like lithium. and Australia is an ideal place to source The nation has pioneered new advances RESOURCES, kt 231,000 with minerals critical and develop these new world minerals. in extractive technologies, processing WORLD RANKING 4 to global economic From rare earths to high performance metals, into metals and is ideally placed to the these minerals are critical because world growth, diversity and new applications of Niobium progress advances in computing, manufacturing, energy critical minerals globally. and transport are impossible without them. RESOURCES, kt 216 Established, reliable mining Extensive geoscience data sets And Australia does so with a commitment WORLD RANKING 2 services and supply chains Australia has significant exploration They are also critical because production to sustainability, community engagement, is geographically concentrated, when having rehabilitation and reducing greenhouse Australian mining is already well supported potential. To support further investment, more competition and choice is essential to gas emissions. by an established network of equipment, governments have undertaken extensive Rare elements global economic development. technology and services providers that preliminary survey work across the country Critical minerals are already a multi-billion RESOURCES, kt 3270 supply the essential inputs for the planning, and provided public access to the data. Australia has built its mining industry on a dollar industry in Australia, with many new WORLD RANKING 6 building, operating and closure of mines. reputation for smart, sophisticated, sustainable projects at advanced stages of development exploration, mining and minerals processing – that will soon be ready to support the from bulk commodities like iron ore, and world’s growing needs. Tungsten RESOURCES, kt 386 WORLD RANKING 2 Global investors have the opportunity to reduce Established, high quality supply chain risks through investment in Australia. Vanadium Highly skilled mining workforce infrastructure across the country RESOURCES, kt 3965 Continued investment in developing While many of Australia’s mineral deposits human capital through tertiary education are in regional areas, substantial government WORLD RANKING 3 Concentrated market share of critical minerals Production share by country % and vocational training has delivered a highly and private sector investment in transport, Source: Geoscience Australia, Australia’s skilled and productive mining workforce that electricity and water infrastructure supports Source: USGS Identified Mineral Resources 2018 is ready to deliver the mines of the future. the development of mining operations. Antimony % Cobalt % Graphite % Lithium % Niobium %

1 71 1 DR Congo 64 1 China 68 1 Australia 60 1 88 2 Russia 10 2 Cuba 4 2 Brazil 10 2 Chile 19 2 Canada 10 Minerals Council of Australia Austrade 3 Tajikistan 10 3 Australia 3 3 Canada 4 3 China 9 3 Other 1 Key contacts Email. [email protected] www.austrade.gov.au www.minerals.org.au Geoscience Australia Rare earth elem. % Rhenium % Tungsten % Vanadium % August 2019 www.ga.gov.au 1 China 71 1 Chile 55 1 China 82 1 China 55 2 Australia 12 2 Poland 19 2 Vietnam 7 2 Russia 25 3 9 3 United States 17 3 Russia 3 3 South Africa 12 Cobalt Rare earth elements (neodymium, lanthanum, dysprosium, cerium) Investment opportunities Murrin Murrin 1 Nickel West 2 Sunrise 3 Sconi 4 Mt Weld 5 Nolans 6 Yangibana 7 Browns Range 8 Charley Creek 9 Critical in Australia WA WA NSW QLD WA NT WA WA NT Glencore BHP Clean TeQ Australian Mines Lynas Corporation Arafura Resources Hastings Tech. Metals Northern Minerals Crossland Strategic Metals minerals Operating Operating In development In development Operating In development In development In development In development minerals.org.au Manganese Electric cars Jet engines Grid batteries Smart phones Wind turbines Hard drives TV screens Camera lenses Smart phones Electric cars MRI machines Wind turbines

GEMCO 37 Woodie Woodie 38 Bootu Creek 39 Butcherbird 40 NT WA NT WA Tungsten South 32/Anglo American Pilbara Manganese OM Holdings Element 25 Operating Operating Operating In development Darwin Watershed 10 Molyhil 11 Dolphin 12 Mt Carbine 13 35 QLD NT TAS QLD 37 Tungsten Mining Thor Mining King Island Scheelite Speciality Metals International

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Grid battery Magnets Railway tracks Electric cars 10 13 20 8 39 Cutting tools Drilling Welding Rocket engines Microwaves Lithium 4 31 29 Greenbushes Pilgangoora Pilgangoora 30 28 29 30 16 WA WA WA 14 38 6 11 Albemarle/Talison Pilbara Minerals Altura Mining 9 Rhenium Operating Operating Operating 7 40 INVESTOR Merlin 14 SERIES QLD Wodgina Mt Cattlin Mt Marion 31 32 33 Chinova Resources WA WA WA In development X-ray machines Spectrometry Jet engines Albemarle/Mineral Resources Galaxy Resources Mineral Resources 17 Brisbane 1 5 Operating Operating Operating 2 33 34 24 Bald Hill 34 Finniss 35 Mt Holland 36 Antimony WA NT WA 36 Perth 25 Alliance Mineral Assets Core Exploration Kidman Resources 22 3 Costerfield 15 32 19 18 Adelaide 26 VIC Operating In development In development 28 21 Sydney Mandalay Resources Canberra Operating Semi-conductors Batteries Fire retardant Cable sheathing 27 15 23 Melbourne Electric cars Smart phones Mental health Pacemaker 12 Vanadium Graphite (zirconium, hafnium, niobium) Mount Peake 16 Aus. Vanadium 17 Heavy mineral sands Siviour Munglinup NT Project WA 18 19 Hobart Fingerboards Jacinth- Dubbo Project Donald Mineral Avonbank SA WA 23 24 25 26 27 TNG Australian Vanadium VIC Ambrosia SA NSW Sands VIC VIC Renascor Resources Mineral Commodities In development In development Batteries Jet engines Magnets Kalbar Resources Iluka Resources Alkane Resources Astron WIM Resource In development In development

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McIntosh 20 Uley 21 Kookaburra 22 WA SA Gully SA Note: Select projects and approximate locations shown. Please contact companies for Hexagon Resources Quantum Graphite Lincoln Minerals more information. Aerospace Furnaces Gas pipelines Oil rigs MRI scans In development In development In development Nuclear power Batteries Metal smelting fibre Military