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2 Welcome! There’s Put down the cigars and step out of the vintage cars! Join our plenty to local insiders and wander through historical sites of revolution, keep you taste fresh peso food, shoot the breeze with the locals at a casa entertained particular, or hike through limestone caves and emerald-green here. The waterfalls – we’re going to show you the real Cuba. best part?

It’s not Contents choc-a- bloc with Havana Matanzas tourists

Viñales Valley just yet. Cienfuegos Santa Clara Overview


Camagüey Holguín Baracoa Western Cuba Our Insiders’ Picks of Cuba’s Top Santiago de Cuba 10 Experiences

Explore the Viñales Valley Viñales Valley Central Cuba With red-earth lands, valleys of tobacco plantations, and limestone monoliths, it’s no surprise that Viñales Valley is Cuba’s most scenic natural attraction. Eastern CubaEastern There’s plenty to keep outdoor- lovers entertained here: travelers can go trekking, climbing, zip-lining, caving, and horse-riding through this UNESCO World Heritage-listed gem. The best

part? It’s not choc-a-bloc with tourists Adventure Cuba just yet.

Roam through Habana Vieja, Havana’s colonial enclave

Havana’s intensely cinematic, colonial Road the on Goats

3 core fulfills every traveler’s image of Cuba. Stroll through the main drag of Calle Obispo with the sounds of salsa and rumba in the air; join the Hemmingway trail at Hotel Ambos Mundos and sip a mojito at La Bodiguita del Medio. Don’t miss the Museo de la Contents Revolución for an immersive coverage of the , as well as the key battles and political aftermath. Just don’t expect neutrality of coverage here. Overview Stay and dine with the locals at a casa particular Havana

There are plenty of hotels in Cuba, Death to Stock but if you’re looking to support a local family and have a richer travel or just sip a mojito and enjoy the Western Cuba experience, check out a casa particular entertainment. There are live salsa – a local guesthouse – for a uniquely There are shows and music every night of the Cuban experience. plenty of week. Casas are privately-run by locals, and hotels in It’s popular with locals and travelers the owners always make you feel like Cuba, but alike, so you’re bound to make some family. if you’re new friends. Central Cuba For a glimpse into authentic, looking to homemade Cuban dishes, be sure to support a Experience Carnival in have at least one dinner at the casa. local family Santiago de Cuba This is where you’ll see Cuba’s flavors and have a Birthplace of the conga and an exotic really shine! richer travel blend of African, Chinese, Indigenous, Eastern CubaEastern experience, French Haitian, and Spanish cultures, it’s Dance the night away check out only fitting that Cuba’s biggest party – in Trinidad a casa Carnaval – is held in this exotic city. Cuba’s best-preserved colonial town, particular. Every year, towards the end of July, Trinidad, is a charmer. Whichever night the former capital explodes in a joyous of the week you arrive, head to the celebration of music, dance, and color. Adventure Cuba wide stone staircase beside the Iglasia Costumed performers and dance Parroquial and find Casa de la Música. troops fill the streets in impromptu This open-air venue is Trinidad’s parades, and contagious drum beats most popular choice for a night out. burst from every corner over the two- Dance the night away under the stars, week celebration.

4 Havana waterfalls, and crystalline pools. There are lots of forest trails to At the choose from here, and if you’re a 36-berth nature-lover, is Marina a must. It’s home to tremendous biodiversity, including the eye-catching Cienfuegos, cartacuba, rare hummingbirds, and the you can tocororo – Cuba’s national bird. charter a Contents Independent travelers can hire a car, sailboat, or for an easier option, sign up for an arrange a organized tour: not all trails are well- sport-fishing marked. excursion, The Cuban national holiday is often book a in the middle of the celebration, so if Scuba dive in Jardines de Rey cruise Overview you can, it’s a good idea to plan your Some 30km from the mainland at around the trip around July. Ciego de Ávila, Cuba’s Gardens of the harbor, rent King remained unexplored till the late a Hobie Cat, Spend a day on the ‘80s. or take a bay of Cienfuegos These picture-perfect islands – windsurfing Western Cuba One of the most inviting city ports you woven with mangroves, lagoons, class. could hope for, Cienfuegos – known as gleaming white sands, and crystal-clear La Perla del Sur or the Southern Pearl waters – are ringed with a spectacular, – overlooks a picturesque bay. 400km coral reef. At the 36-berth Marina Cienfuegos, you can charter a sailboat, arrange a Topes de Collantes National Park Central Cuba sport-fishing excursion, book a cruise around the harbor, rent a Hobie Cat, or take a windsurfing class. You can also rent snorkeling equipment and sign up for scuba Eastern CubaEastern diving trips here to a large coral reef, directly west of the beach. Either way, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable day on the water.

Hike through Topes de Adventure Cuba Collantes National Park Southwest of Trinidad, at the heart of Sierra del Escambray, is this beautiful national park. Here, you’ll find ancient caves, rushing rivers, plunging

5 You can go snorkeling or diving here General Cost Guide among the technicolor marine life, and For custard- with more than 30 dive sites dotting CUP VS CUC colored There are two the dramatic coastline, it’s perfect for scoops different currencies divers of all abilities. in Cuba: the CUC of sand, (often pronounced head 21km kook by Cubans) Surf the waves of La Setenta and the CUP (The Known to have waves up to eight feet northwest National Peso). CUC is pegged equally to Contents high, this shallow rock reef is not far of the city, the US dollar, while you’ll get around 25 CUP for 1 CUC. from the old center of Havana. to the coves Like many places on the north shore, at Playa Many people believe this means there’s a tourist currency and a local currency, but the best time to hit the waves here is Maguana. this isn’t entirely true. when there’s a massive storm in the While almost everything tourists buy will , which sends the surf be in CUC, if you get a chance to use CUP Overview crashing on the Caribbean islands. for things like produce, street food, and Because of the underwater some local transport, do it! Using CUP can be a real money saver. topography, access to the surf can be difficult from the coastline, but there’s ESTIMATED TRAVEL BUDGET a random concrete slab sticking out Western Cuba Cuba on a shoestring: US $35/day into the ocean where many people Hardcore budget travelers could easily find easier entry. get by on US $35 a day in Cuba if you’re staying in the cheaper casa particular and Soak up the sun on Baracoa’s eating mostly peso food. unspoiled beaches It will afford you slow travel, with a cheap Astral bus ride every 3-4 days, and maybe If you’re looking for a little sand and Central Cuba even the odd tour. sun, Baracoa is a must on the itinerary. Midrange: US $50/day The black-sand city beach, Playa This is a pretty comfortable travel budget Baracoa, is the most famous, but look for Cuba. You’ll be able to stay in a beyond for a tiny slither of sparkling nice casa particular and maybe the odd midrange hotel. You’ll be able to eat a mix white sand – Playa Blanca – to get

of peso food and nice sit down meals and CubaEastern away from the crowds. can go on a few tours during your trip – For custard-colored scoops of sand, maybe even a dive or two. head 21km northwest of the city, to Top-End: US $100+/day the coves at Playa Maguana, or go The sky’s the limit in the top-end category. Stay in swanky hotels, start southeast towards the Yumurí River every day off with a mimosa, and finish for slithers of tiny, unspoiled beaches. each evening with a delicious lobster Adventure Cuba Get a taste of local peso food meal, a fine bottle of wine, and a Cordoba at Playa Mangilito, a beach shack cigar at sunset in your private Jacuzzi. restaurant. Tour, taxi, or bike along Cuba has enough luxury for even the swankiest traveler. this remote coastal road for a relaxed day trip.

6 Climate & Weather Cuba has a subtropical climate year-round, with a typically Caribbean temperature of 24ºC (75°F) on average. With distinct wet, dry, and hurricane seasons, Contents it can drop as low as 15ºC (59ºF) at night, so it does depend on the time of year you’re visiting.

High travel season Overview The dry season of December through to mid-April, as well as all of July and Siboney Beach, Santiago de Cuba August, is typically high season for tourists. Spring (around March and

April) is the best weather-wise, since the Gulf of Mexico, so the island can be Western Cuba you’ll miss the heat and humidity of hit by crazy storms. Though this could summer. Prices are generally lower occur anytime during summer’s wet between Jan-Feb too, which is just season, September and October have before the Cuban holiday season. the highest chance of serious storms. If you’re looking to surf (and If you’re traveling during this time, it’s you should while you’re in Cuba), important to be aware of all hurricane Central Cuba November to April is the best time warnings. This is especially so in Eastern visit. The Atlantic groundswell comes Cuba, which experiences the highest in from the north-east during this heat, humidity, and hurricane threat. time, producing some decent barrels. What to Pack Eastern CubaEastern Wet season in Cuba • Bring layers so you can adapt throughout the day. Your base layer Summer – between May and should be anything that will help you beat the heat and humidity, but bring a light sweater for the cooler nights. October – is generally considered the • If you’re sensitive to the sun, bring plenty of sunscreen, a hat, and wet season. With tops of 29ºC-30ºC sunglasses to protect your skin. (84ºF-86ºF), expect it to rain at least a • Cuba’s a pretty relaxed place, but if you plan on going dancing or seeing couple of days every fortnight. Don’t a show, bring something a little smarter like a shirt or a sundress. Adventure Cuba worry, though the rain comes down • Bring a good quality mosquito repellent (with DEET) and always thick and heavy, it’ll soon clear. remember to apply every morning, topping up every time you’ve gone for a swim, or if you’re sweating heavily. • Pro tip: keep a packet of tissues with you in your day bag; it’s not always Hurricane season in Cuba available in restrooms throughout the island. Cuba sits in the hurricane corridor in

7 Where to Stay Hotels and resorts are aplenty in Cuba, and whatever your budget, you’re spoilt for choice here. But if you’re looking to support a Contents local family and have a richer travel experience, check out a casa particular – a local homestay – for a uniquely

Cuban experience. Overview

Casas Particulares Casa common area in Vinales

(private homes) Road the on Goats In 1997, the Government announced that Cubans could register their or requests for your casa (such as Western Cuba homes as privately-run businesses. English-speaking hosts), be sure to Since then, locals have been renting check before reserving a room. Casas out their rooms to foreigners. To book your stay, check out particulares Casas particulares are set up more websites such as CasaHavanaParticular. are set up like guesthouses than home stays, com, HostelsClub.com, and more like but the owners are there to make you HostelWorld.com. You can now also guesthouses Central Cuba feel like family. You can party with the book through Airbnb, but you’ll have than owners, have dinner with them (or a to pay a service fee of between 6%- homestays, cigar!), or just say hello and enjoy a 12% with this option. but the quieter stay. owners are These homes are set up for Hostels there to Eastern CubaEastern travelers. Typically, the owner will live In Cuba, there aren’t really any make you next door, upstairs, or down the road. “hostels” in the traditional sense: A feel like You’ll find anywhere from one to hostel typically has lots of dorm beds, family. five private rooms, many of which a communal kitchen, a backpacker have an attached bathroom. Each vibe, and activities available on the room will usually have air-conditioning cheap. Adventure Cuba for those hot nights, and some basic In Cuba, expect to find more B&B’s, furniture. Sometimes, there will be a homestays, and casas instead. kitchen in the home that you can use, Recently, many of the casas have plus a common area. started listing their properties on If you have any particular needs websites like HostelWorld.com, but if

8 Cayo Levisa cabanas, Western Cuba 3 Tips for First- Timers • Check the reviews from other travelers before you book your room. These are shown on

the booking Contents platforms directly, or search on TripAdvisor.com. • The Wi-Fi situation in Cuba is a bit frustrating

and time- Overview consuming, so if you know which cities you want

Claire Boobbyer Claire to visit during your trip, try to book all of your you’re looking for a true hostel stay, which are state-run rather than rooms ahead of Western Cuba you may be disappointed. owned by individual Cubans. time in your home If you'd prefer to stay in an actual There are a few iconic hotels in country, rather than trying to find hostel, there are a few available Cuba that you may want to stay at, or Wi-Fi in Cuba to around Havana, but in reality, the only at least pop in to have a look. book as you go. difference between them and a casa is The elegant National Hotel in • When you’re in that they have bunk beds. Vedado, Havana has been welcoming Cuba, you can Central Cuba also ask your casa guests since the 1930s. Some notable to call or email Hotels names who have stayed include the next one For a more luxurious stay, check in Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, and you’re considering to one of the many hotels or resorts, Ava Gardner. staying at. If it’s low season, this Also in Havana is Hotel Saratoga. option is OK, Eastern CubaEastern Havana With its neoclassical architecture and but leaving your recent restoration, this gorgeous accommodation until the day hotel has attracted the likes of before isn’t a Beyonce and Jay-Z. great idea in the To book a hotel in Cuba, search high/shoulder

online or visit Trivago.com, Expedia. season. Adventure Cuba com, or Booking.com. Keep in mind that these historic hotels come with a hefty price tag, upwards of US $300 a night, so it might not be for everyone.

9 Getting Havana Around Plane, train, coco-taxi, or classic cars… Cuba has some of the most interesting transportation options in the world. Just keep in mind that you’re in the Contents Caribbean – things may not run like they’re supposed to, so keep a relaxed attitude and enjoy the ride. Overview Getting to Cuba Americans, rejoice! You can now fly direct to Cuba from Atlanta, Charlotte, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark, New

York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, any visa forms – just a straightforward Western Cuba and Tampa. Tourist Card. These can usually be If you In order to travel legally to Cuba, US purchased at the airport before arrive and citizens must be traveling based on one boarding your plane to Cuba. Note that you don’t of 12 official reasons. If you plan to if you’re traveling via the US, the official travel to Cuba as a “tourist”, technically reasons for travel still apply – even if have proof this isn’t allowed. Check out our Visas you’re not a US citizen. of travel Central Cuba and Vaccines section for more details. You will also need to have travel insurance, For all other nationalities, you can use insurance in order to be allowed to enter you’ll be “tourism” as your reason for traveling the country. If you arrive and you don’t asked to to Cuba, and you don’t need to fill out have proof of travel insurance, you’ll be purchase asked to purchase the Cuban Asistur the Cuban Eastern CubaEastern policy – for $5/day! The benefit limits Asistur might not be suitable, so it’s a good policy – for idea to get a quote for travel insurance $5/day! before you leave.

Renting cars in Cuba Adventure Cuba Having your own wheels to explore a destination is something we always advocate. Unfortunately, in Cuba, it costs quite a bit to rent a car - around Cienfuegos US $80 per day. Because these are

10 people. You’ll be picked up at your casa, and dropped off at the next one. Door to door service! Viazul is the The cost is the same as the bus. For tourist bus example: from Trinidad to Havana, on offer, expect to pay around US $35. and it’s the inner-city transport of

Local buses Contents Local buses are always very full, and very choice for cheap (US $0.04), paid for using CUP. travelers. Viazul tour bus Goats on the Road the on Goats Coco-taxis government-run, it’s the same price all In Havana, there are round tricycles that around the country. resemble a yellow coconut. This is a very Overview A cheaper option is to rent a gimmicky way to get around, but fun motorbike for US $25 a day, or US $20 if nonetheless. you rent it for three or more days. Viñales is a great spot to have a Collectivos motorbike. You can head out to the San Collectivo cars run on set routes around Western Cuba Tomas Cave, drive somewhere for sunset, the major cities. Tell your casa or hotel or venture off on the two-hour trip to your destination, and they should be Cayo Jutias, a beautiful nearby beach! able to help you with what number of You can also hire a driver for the day, or for an hour or so, to take you around in one of Cuba’s famous classic cars. Central Cuba

Tourist buses Viazul is the tourist bus on offer, and it’s the inner-city transport of choice for travelers: it runs on time, is generally Eastern CubaEastern clean, and quite comfortable. You can purchase your Viazul bus tickets at the bus station, or check with an Infotur office.

Shared cars Adventure Cuba Another option for traveling between cities is a shared car. These can be arranged at Infotur offices, and at your accommodation. It’s basically just a Coco-taxi

normal car or van that can fit about five Road the on Goats

11 collectivo to take, how much the price Trinidad should be etc. The cost is very low at US $0.50 / ride. Paid with CUP currency.

Bicycle taxis This manpowered mode of transport is affordable and good for a quick ride. Contents Taxi Old cars are used as taxis in Cuba, whether it’s for an intercity trip, or a local journey, you’ll find yourself in a car that’s much older than you are! Overview Classic cars The touristy way to get around. Tour

rides in a shiny car are about an hour and Road the on Goats cost US $15 or so.

Key Phrases for Travelers Western Cuba Trains There are some old locomotive trains What's up?: ¿Que bola, acere? putting around Cuba, but for the most What’s your name?: ¿Como se llama? part, you have to be pretty patient to be My name is _____: Me llamo _____ . a train traveler on this Caribbean-paced Thank you: Gracias island. Even though there have been Central Cuba Sorry: Lo siento improvements to fuel supply and the rail Let's go: Dale fleet, the trains are still often unreliable and not the most comfortable. More or less: Más o menos The bus : El guagua

Where is ____?: ¿Dónde está ______? Eastern CubaEastern La Yuma: America - it can be pejorative or cheeky

La Revolución: The 1959 Revolution

Ropa vieja: Local shredded beef specialty. Literally "old clothes."

Arroz morro (sometimes just "morro"): Black beans and rice

Mani: Peanuts (street vendors sell them in small white paper Adventure Cuba cones)

Cajita: Literally a little box, usually contains a delicious cheap lunch of rice, beans and fried chicken.

______Napolitano: In red sauce, e.g. spaghetti Driving around Cuba Daeth to Stock

12 Cuban Cuisine If someone tells you that the food in Cuba is bland and boring, they probably ate at an all-inclusive resort or a “luxury” restaurant. The best Contents local food is found elsewhere in the country, so it’s time to debunk some common misconceptions surrounding

Cuba’s food scene. Overview

Local restaurants Gibara

These days, there are some excellent, Terry Ward locally-owned and operated restaurants serving Cuban and international fare. to see what local gems you can find. Western Cuba Cuban people have only been allowed Also, make sure to chat with your Generally, to legally own and run their own casa particular about the best local if you’re in restaurants since 2011, but they’re restaurants in the city you’re visiting. already popping up everywhere. a busy plaza Eating at these paladares are a great Eating at your casa particular or square in way to help put your tourist dollars in For a glimpse into authentic, Cuba, menu Central Cuba the pockets of the locals, rather than homemade Cuban dishes, eat at a prices will state-run establishments. casa particular (a Cuban homestay). be quite Fresh fish and seafood are the stars This is where you’ll see Cuba’s flavors high, while of most menus in Cuba. A few stand- really shine! the quality out dishes are the ropa vieja (stewed Many Cubans are excellent cooks, might be Eastern CubaEastern and shredded beef with tomato sauce but haven’t had the chance to open up lacking. and spices), paella (the Cuban version a restaurant due to past restrictions of the Spanish dish – usually found in from the Government and/or money a clay pot), lechon asado (spit-roasted constraints. pig) and enchilado (a fish dish cooked in For a mere US $5-$10, you can have wine and spicy tomato sauce). an incredible spread of food. Typically, Adventure Cuba Generally, if you’re in a busy plaza breakfast is included in the cost of a or square in Cuba, menu prices will be night’s stay at the casa. Expect fresh quite high, while the quality might be fruit juice (guava, mango, etc.), eggs lacking. of your choice, soft bread, homemade Head away from the touristy spots jam and slices of tropical fruit. Plus,

13 strong Cuban coffee! For dinner, you’ll need to notify your casa in advance so they have time to purchase all of the fresh ingredients. Each casa is different, but the portions are huge, the ingredients are fresh, and the food is made with love. Contents Peso food Peso food are meals that are available from little shops, around the country, which accept CUP (the National currency).

These foods are unbelievably Overview affordable, and if you’re a traveler on a tight budget, you can easily get by on Lobster at casa in Havana

US $3 a day while still treating yourself Road the on Goats to three round meals a day.

That’s right – peso food is often a Cost of Food Western Cuba buck a plate (sometimes less). In Havana, in Cuba Some foods that you can buy with you can dine Food is one of those things in Cuba CUP include: fresh fruit juice (US $0.04- on a lobster that varies greatly in price. $0.08), egg & cheese sandwich (US meal at the Typically, you can get “peso pizzas” for $0.36), sugarcane juice (US $0.04), pork casa for just around US $0.25-$1, or some rice and & rice meal (US $1.50), pizzas (US$0.24- US $10! meat meals for US $1.50. There are also Central Cuba $1.20), ice cream cone (US $0.04), some stands selling delicious fresh juice for just US $0.04 and egg and cheese coffee (US $0.04), beer (US $0.50) and sandwiches for just US $0.35! fruit & vegetables from the market. On the other hand, if you eat at a nicer sit-down restaurant that serves food with more frills – such as pasta, seafood, or steak – you will be charged in CUC. These CubaEastern types of meals, while still good value, will usually cost around US$8-$15. If you choose to stay in a casa particular, you can ask the hosts to cook up a meal for you (highly recommended).

These dinners are often tastier and Adventure Cuba cheaper than you’ll find in nicer restaurants, and you get to enjoy the experience of eating in a local’s home. In Havana, you can dine on a lobster meal at the casa for just US $10! Peso pizza Goats on the Road the on Goats

14 Cultural Highlights Music, dance, rum, and cigars – so many aspects of Cuban culture have become famous throughout the world. But, there’s nothing like actually Contents experiencing them in Cuba. Here are several iconic and lesser-known cultural highlights to add to your itinerary. Overview Traditional music Perhaps the most famous spot in the Havana entire country for traditional music is Santiago de Cuba’s Casa de la Trova

– literally, the House of Troubadour restrictions have led to an explosion Western Cuba Music. This multi-storied, 50-year-old of privately-run restaurants known as No drink institution has hosted some of the paladares. is as much country’s brightest talents. These establishments now offer a part of Stop by in the afternoon to catch some of the finest, most creative Cuban intimate acoustic performances, or cuisine in the country. culture as come in the evening for bigger shows The paladar scene is ever-changing, Central Cuba rum. with dancing. so be sure to ask around locally for up- to-date recommendations. Cuba’s evolving dining scene In recent years, Cuba’s loosening Cuban rum No drink is as much a part of Cuban Eastern CubaEastern culture as rum, and you’ll find plenty of opportunities to down a Cuba libre (rum and Coke), mojito, or daiquiri during your stay. To explore Cuba’s rum heritage, head

to the Museum of Rum in , Adventure Cuba operated by the country’s most famous producer, Havana Club. You’ll learn about the history of rum, see how it’s made, and finish off the Havana tour with a small sample.

15 Cigar rolling harvesting, drying, and finally, cigar- rolling. To learn about the Carnaval process Cuba’s biggest Carnival celebration takes of making place annually in Santiago during the last Cuba’s week of July. It’s a vibrant, colorful party world- bursting with conga parades and street famous Contents performances. Be prepared for very hot cigars, pay a weather and crowds. If you’re in town outside of the visit to one Carnaval period, you can always visit of Havana’s Fusterlandia the Museo del Carnaval, which has cigar

Part Gaudí, part pure Cuba, the displays of carnival masks, instruments, factories. Overview quiet neighbourhood of Jaimanitas costumes, historical photographs, and on the western edge of Havana has folkloric performances. been converted into a whimsical public art gallery, brimming with colorful Jazz in Havana mosaics, surrealistic figures, and funky Usually (but not always) held in Western Cuba sculpted shapes. December, the annual Havana Santería, It owes its unique character to the International Jazz Festival attracts top the Afro- creative genius and community spirit musicians from around the world. Cuban of ceramicist and painter José Fuster, It can be difficult to obtain in-depth Religion whose studio-workshop forms the festival information far in advance, but Widely practiced in project’s centrepiece. no matter what time of year you’re in Cuba, Santería is a Central Cuba religion of Yoruban Havana, you can always catch some origin. This syncretic Cuban cigars world-class jazz at La Zorra y El Cuervo belief system To learn about the process of making in the Vedado neighborhood. is based on the Cuba’s world-famous cigars, pay a visit worship of saints, known as orishas, to one of Havana’s cigar factories. The many of whom are Eastern CubaEastern Partagás, Corona, and H. Upmann associated with the factories all offer tours, but you should Roman Catholic saints. check when you arrive to see what else A good place to is around. learn more is at In Pinar del Río province, the heart of the Guanabacoa

Cuba’s tobacco industry, various farms Museum, 5km east Adventure Cuba of Old Havana, or also welcome visitors, particularly in in Regla’s church and around Viñales. by the port, a short Depending on timing, you may ferry ride across the be able to see various stages harbor from Old Havana Havana.

of production: from planting to Road the on Goats

16 Travel Safety Cuba is a safe country, with virtually no violent crime, although pick-pocketing and petty theft do happen. If you stay aware of your surroundings, Contents you should be able to have a safe, enjoyable time.

Safety at night

Nightlife doesn't get started until Overview about 10pm or later in Cuba, but it's generally safe. The biggest hazards Old Havana are intoxicated people walking in the street, so be aware of your surroundings. almost exclusively toward the l Western Cuba Sidewalks are poorly lit, and many atter when it refers to women) The biggest have large holes, especially in Havana. to befriend tourists. hazards are On average, Cubans make US $18- There is no physical danger here, $20 a month. This means that if you just be cognizant of the nature of your intoxicated want new friends to accompany you to relationships and, as always, practice people a tourist restaurant or nightclub, you’ll safe sex. walking in Central Cuba likely have to pay. the street, It's also not uncommon for jineteros What to watch out for so be aware or jineteras (a term that ranges from Law enforcement is ubiquitous in of your "hustler" to "sex worker", but tends Cuba, and protecting tourists is one surroundings. of their main goals. Eastern CubaEastern However, as part of that goal, many question Cubans who spend unsanctioned time with tourists, especially if the Cubans are local men and the tourists are women.

If you end up talking to the police Adventure Cuba because of this, remain calm and follow the lead of your Cuban friends, since there will be no negative ramifications for you, but there may be Santiago de Cuba some for the Cubans.

17 on a Caribbean island that was at once conservative, Catholic, and communist. The most While local LGBT people may experience legal or societal difficulties, effective LGBT visitors are highly unlikely to way to experience any challenges due to keep street their sexuality. harassment While Cuba remains socially from ruining Contents conservative, especially outside your trip is of big cities, times have changed to connect LGBT Pride Parade dramatically. with others Homosexuality was decriminalized about it. Tips for solo female travelers in Cuba in 1979. Mariela Castro Espín –

Like many parts of the world, street director of the Cuban National Center Overview harassment is prevalent in Cuba. It’s for Sex Education in Havana, LGBT wrong, and you have every right to be activist, and daughter of President upset by it. Raúl Castro – has helped improve Some people are able to tune it out, Cuba’s reputation around the world as but others are not, and that is not your a safer, more gay-friendly destination. Western Cuba fault. Sadly, there really isn't anything You’ll find a visible gay scene in you can do to prevent it, and you will Havana: in the Vedado neighborhood, see women harassed regardless of their along the Malecón at the gay-popular clothing or behavior. Mi Cayito beach, and in bars and clubs The most effective way to keep street that reflect a more innocent, pre- harassment from ruining your trip is to Grindr time. Central Cuba connect with others about it, whether in Holding hands and basic affection person or online. If it becomes physical, isn’t a big deal in Havana, especially please seek help immediately. in gay-friendly areas like the Vedado neighborhood in Havana. A little more Piropos caution is advised outside the city. Eastern CubaEastern Additionally, Cuba is known for piropos. This complimentary wordplay is Top 3 Safety Tips expected to be clever, and is therefore • Good shoes are hard to find in Cuba, so don't tie yours to your seen as a cut above the all too common backpack or luggage. When at the beach, ask someone to watch whistling and taunts. Feel free to throw over your things, as someone may steal your shoes while you're back barbs, but know that playing along swimming. Adventure Cuba is often taken as flirting. • Tourists aren't allowed to swim off the Malecón in Havana, even though locals do. This is one of the few times law enforcement will interfere with tourists. LGBT travelers in Cuba • There are only a few specific spots along the Malecón where you can For decades, LGBT Cubans were the climb back out of the ocean, so swim at your own risk. black sheep of Cuba – outcasts trapped

18 Visas and Travel for pure tourism is still prohibited Travelers' under the 1960s US Trade Embargo Vaccinations for Cuba against Cuba. US Travelers, having ticked Vaccinations • Standard the appropriate category on an airline’s All travelers on vacation to vaccinations are booking engine, can purchase a direct Cuba require a Tourist Card to required and flight to the island and buy their pink Cuba protection from enter the country, and must Tourist Card through the Cuban Consulate, some mosquito- transmitted take out health insurance for an airline, or at the airport. infections is Contents their trip. But what about US airlines charge different prices essential. vaccinations, and how should for the Tourist Cards; all offer complete • Make sure you’re you go about acquiring a visa? instructions on their websites. vaccinated against diphtheria, Foreigners on a direct flight from the tetanus, and polio. Visa requirements US to Cuba must also abide by US law, • Take advice for travelers to Cuba and follow the same procedures. on rabies, and Overview (Non- US Residents) Hepatitis A Travelers flying to Cuba (not via the US) Other types of visas for protection. can purchase a green Cuba Tourist Card travelers to Cuba • Carry a Yellow Fever vaccination from their Cuban consulate, or a travel Other types of travel to Cuba – which certificate if you agent authorized to sell Cards. requires the purchase of a visa – include have recently Western Cuba Shop around as prices vary, and some Journalism, Business, Event, Diplomatic, been to a country affected by Yellow airlines include the Tourist Card in the or Family. Be sure to check your country’s Fever. price of the flight. requirements before you leave. • Malaria has not If you’re flying direct to Cuba from Tourist Cards are generally issued for been reported in the USA, you must buy a US-issued, pink 30 days, and can be extended in-country Cuba, but it has

had outbreaks of Central Cuba Tourist Card – whatever your nationality: for another 30 days. mosquito-borne A Tourist Card bought elsewhere is not Different rules and different Dengue, and a valid for this journey. extension prices apply for different few confirmed nationalities. The extension requires cases of mosquito- transmitted Zika Visa requirements for travel the purchase of a bank stamp before (187 cases were to Cuba (US Residents Only) attending an immigration office. reported in 2016). Eastern CubaEastern All travelers to Cuba must have a Tourist • Cuba has also Card (aka a Tourist Visa) to enter Cuba. Health insurance documents had outbreaks of Cholera; a vaccine US citizens are only allowed to visit for travel to Cuba is available. Cuba if their trip fits into one of the 12 All travelers who enter Cuba must categories of the General License for have insurance documentation. Health

Travel issued by the US Department of insurance has been mandatory since Adventure Cuba Treasury. Most travelers tick the People- May 2010. to-People category, which requires Random checks may be made on a full-time schedule of educational entry; a definite check is made when you activities, and US law requires travelers request to extend your stay (prorrogar) keep records of their trip. at an immigration office in Cuba.

19 Contents Overview Western Cuba

WESTERN Central Cuba HH

CUBA CubaEastern

journey into the Western offers A a taste of both rural and

urban life, with some spectacular Adventure Cuba landscapes and adventures along the way. Whether you’re drawn to the breathtaking scenery of the Viñales Valley or the salsa-filled air of Havana, western Cuba has it all.

20 WESTERN CUBA Havana With stunning architecture and gritty revolutionary landmarks galore, a visit to the country’s political, cultural, and economic capital is the best way to kick

off your Cuba adventure. Contents

Habana Vieja First-time visitors tend to dedicate the lion’s share of their time to Old Havana. And rightly so: the city’s intensely cinematic, colonial core fulfills every Overview traveler’s image of Cuba. Day and night, the sound of salsa and Capitolio rumba fills the air along Calle Obispo. Watch some of Cuba’s artists at work in their studios, or join the Hemingway Trail building by dictator Machado in 1926. Western Cuba at Hotel Ambos Mundos, where Big Ern Just west of the Capitolio, the Partágas Just west lived from 1932-39 and penned chapters Cigar Factory destroys the myth that of the of For Whom the Bell Tolls. cigars are rolled on the thighs of dusky Capitolio, Follow in his footsteps with a virgins. Don’t miss the 30min tour, where the customary mojito at La Bodiguita del you’ll see the entire production process

Medio and a daiquiri at La Floridita – it’s and watch skilled torcedores roll cigars Partágas Central Cuba every traveler’s rite of passage. as they listen to daily news readings – a Cigar tradition since 1895. Factory Centro El Prado funnels south to Havana’s destroys the While it may resemble a war zone in front yard, the Malecón, a wild and myth that parts, Centro still clings to its Belle invigorating seafront promenade where cigars are Eastern CubaEastern Époque. lovers swoon, fishermen cast their lines, rolled on Parque Central, the city’s transport and and teens dive from the rocks. the thighs entertainment hub, is the neighborhood’s of dusky bustling epicenter. It’s surrounded by Museo de la Revolución virgins. majestic architecture, including the One of Havana’s must-see attractions, iconic Hotel Ingleterra and the stunning Havana’s Revolutionary Museum is Adventure Cuba Baroque Gran Teatro de Habana, home to housed in the former Presidential Palace. the Cuban National Ballet. Completed in 1920, no expense was Running west, along the leafy spared on the lavish structure: The boulevard of El Prado, the lavish Capitolio building is topped with a monumental is built in the style of Washington’s capital dome, and the interiors features dazzling


Castillo de la Real Fuerza and Castillo del Moro The second- Havana’s colossal forts not only shows off Spain’s engineering prowess, but speaks oldest fort, to the city’s strategic importance as a the Castillo lucrative colonial port. de la Real The second-oldest fort, the Castillo de Fuerza, was la Real Fuerza, was built in 1558 to defend built in 1558 Contents against pirates. Despite its formidable to defend walls, the fort fell to frequent attacks by against Havana English buccaneers and pirates during the pirates. early 17th century. designs by Tiffany & Co. Located on a headland, the Castllo del

With lashings of revolutionary Moro (also known as El Castillo de los Tres Overview iconography – and no attempt to Reyes) was built between 1589 and 1630, even feign objectivity – the museum and provides the most memorable sunset spotlights the seminal events preceding views of Havana. It’s now a museum, the Cuban Revolution, as well as the displaying a series of exhibits on Cuban key battles and political aftermath. history since the arrival of Columbus. Western Cuba The staircase is riddled with holes from an unsuccessful attempt by a radical Getting Around Havana student group to take out President The easiest option are the modern tourist taxis, managed by Cuba’s in 1957. Ministry of Transport, under the umbrella of Cubataxi. All tourist taxis have meters, but always be prepared for the ‘my meter is broken’ trick.

Museo de Bellas Artes Expect to pay around CUC $1 for the first km, and then between Central Cuba Havana’s Fine Art Museum is the CUC $0.60-0.80 for each additional km. city’s cultural highlight. It’s home to Get a better rate from local taxis, or yellow, Soviet-era Lada taxis (CUC $0.40 per km). an exquisite collection of fine art, For the romantically-inclined, negotiate a horse-drawn carriage ride ancient Egyptian sarcophagi, colonial (from CUC $5-$10 per hour), which can be picked up on Parque Central, masterworks, and contemporary Cuban by the Hotel Ingleterra. Eastern CubaEastern paintings and sculpture. The quirky option is to zip around town in an open air, bright yellow Housed in the original 1954 cocomóvil, which resembles a large eggshell on wheels. Trocadero Museum, the colonial Cuban For a local experience, you can take a shared colectivo taxi (classic Oldsmobiles, Buicks, and Chevys) which operate on fixed routes and will wing displays works by Cuba’s most only pick you up at unmarked ‘stops;’ the most central pick up is by Prado famous painters, and an impressive Y Neptuno restaurant on Parque Central. Pay your 10 pesos (moneda international collection. nacional) as you exit the vehicle. Adventure Cuba Many of the works belonged to some Another cheap option, bicitaxis (bicycle taxis) are technically illegal for of Cuba’s richest families, including the tourists, so stay clear – you will have no comeback should any mishaps occur. Always agree your price beforehand. Bacardí family and members of Batista’s Classic-car lovers can rent antique-cars like the Chevy ’55 or a Mercury government, that were left behind ’54, with a driver, for around CUC $25 per hour or CUC $125 per day. after the revolution.


Matanzas Plaza de la Vigía & statue, Matanzas & Varadero Just over two hours east of Havana is the undeservedly- overlooked Matanzas province. With plenty of sun, sand, Contents and sea, it’s time to add “the birthplace of rumba” back on the itinerary.

Music & dance in Matanzas

Matanzas, founded in 1693, was Overview christened “the Athens of Cuba” for its rich artistic life.

Neglected for years by visitors Boobbyer Claire and authorities, it’s the birthplace of rumba. The dynamic, sexually-charged de la Vigía, an art gallery showcases Western Cuba courtship dance of guaguancó is said contemporary artists’ work. On Plaza de to have begun in the warehouses of Northwest of town, perched on la Vigía, an Matanzas port. Look out for local the hilltop plateau, is the restored art gallery performances. Ermita de Monserrate church with its showcases The central Sala de Conciertos José panoramic views of the lush Yumurí

White has been beautifully restored, Valley. contemporary Central Cuba and hosts classical music and native Head northeast to see the 18th- artists’ work. danzón dance events. century San Severino Castle, which The sumptuous 19th-century marble houses a small Slavery Museum. interiors of the Sauto Theater will soon be open to the public again following Things to do Eastern CubaEastern restoration. around Matanzas Southeast of Matanzas are the Cuevas Soak up the culture de Bellamar, where visitors can explore in Matanzas 1km of underground tunnels. The outstanding Pharmacy Museum Just east of the city is the Canímar preserves the antique ambience and River, where boat trips take visitors Adventure Cuba vessels of an 1882 French-founded to explore upriver and see a slice of pharmacy. Cuban countryside. Workshop Ediciones Vigía publishes Havana’s sister cabaret, Tropicana exquisite, hand-crafted books of Matanzas, is also close by. stories and poems. Next door, on Plaza North of Matanzas is the Yumurí


Valley. Most visitors glimpse it from Varadero Beach the lookout point where you can also see a 110m-high bridge – Puente Bacunayagua – spanning the valley. Another way to experience the green valley is to take the Hershey train from Matanzas back to Havana – Cuba’s only electric train was Contents established by the US chocolate mogul Milton S. Hershey.

Varadero beach Stretching 21km along the Hicacos

Peninsula into the Atlantic Ocean, Overview Varadero beach has been the vacation spot for the rich and famous since the 1920s. Today, there are more than 60 hotels and dozens of private B&Bs, What to see & do Western Cuba plus a flashy new marina. The smartest in Varadero Most hotels are closer to the tip, while the For a touch of history, head to the visitors to B&Bs and smaller hotels are clustered Cueva de Ambrosio to see indigenous Varadero together in the small town at the rock art, or get in quick to see the come to western end of the peninsula. pretty Varadero Museum – it’s slated

Most visitors to Varadero come to for demolition – to see antique sunbathe Central Cuba sunbathe and swim, but there are wooden architecture. and swim, plenty of water sports and land-based If you’re looking for something a but there activities. little more adventurous, go skydiving are plenty to get an aerial view of the sea below. of water In the water, take a catamaran sports and Eastern CubaEastern seafari out to Cayo Blanco and snorkel land-based the reefs, or learn how to kite surf activities. in the shallows. If you’re a keen diver though, it’s better elsewhere on the island.

Banana boats, pedalos, and sail Adventure Cuba boats are also available at many hotels. On land, golfers can try their swing at the only 18-hole golf course Trinket seller, Varadero Beach

Claire Boobbyer Claire on the island.


Viñales Horse-rising in the Viñales Valley Valley This UNESCO World Heritage- listed valley is an adventure- lovers’ playground. Go trekking, climbing, zip-lining, Contents and horse-riding through this hidden gem, and spend some time shootin’ the breeze with the locals while exploring the charming town. Overview Exploring the valley The Viñales Valley is made up of limestone mounds – known as mogotes – that are covered with shaggy vegetation, rising from the flat floor of excellent B&Bs – travelers can explore Western Cuba the valley. the caves, the mogotes, tobacco, and This This photogenic landscape is fantastic food options. photogenic surrounded by royal palms, oxen tilling landscape is fields, tobacco fields, and tobacco leaf Adventure activities surrounded drying huts. The views here are simply in the Viñales sublime – especially on blue-sky days. The National Park is crisscrossed with by royal Central Cuba At the heart of the valley is the small trekking routes. The Visitors’ Center, palms, oxen town of Viñales, now the tourist capital close to the Los Jazmines Hotel, has tilling fields, of western Cuba. tons of information and a booking tobacco From here – and its vast number of service. If you’re planning a trek here, fields, and make sure you bring an official guide. tobacco leaf Eastern CubaEastern Riders can hire horses and book drying huts. guides through many B&Bs in town; this also gets you into the neighboring valleys. The horse ride to the Palmarito Valley will lead you past tobacco leaf-

drying huts to the Palmarito Cave, Adventure Cuba where you can swim. On the edge of the Palmarito Valley, at Loma del Fortín, there’s a new zipline canopy tour. With four lines and eight Vinales Valley platforms, it’s a great way to get a bird’s

25 WESTERN CUBA eye view of the valley as you fly through Viñales Valley the air. Those with For climbers, there are more bigger than 250 routes offered here, and appetites spelunking or caving fans should head should to the Santo Tomás Caves to explore head up the 45kms of subterranean stalagmites the hill for and stalactites. Guides and headlights the farm- Contents are provided for your safety. to-table feast at Top landmarks close to outstanding Viñales Town Finca To the north of town, inside a mogote, walking, a taxi, or by the hop-on hop- is the Cueva de San Miguel cave. The off Viñales Bus Tour, which takes an Wilfredo’s, Overview main drawcard here is a reconstruction hour to circuit the sites and departs with its of a runaway slave settlement, but eight times a day. pretty don’t miss a meal at El Palenque de wooden los Cimarrones restaurant for some Thing to do in Viñales Town house and delicious local fare. After shooting the breeze with the awesome Western Cuba North of the cave is the popular owners of your casa particular while panoramic Cueva del Indio, where a boat ride sitting on the terrace rocking chairs, views. powers visitors through the cave. mojito in hand, explore some of the West of town, the Mural of Prehistory, activities in the town center. on the mogote wall, was designed The Jardín Botánico (Botanical in 1961 by a Cuban muralist. It’s not Garden) was set up by two sisters, Central Cuba everyone’s cup of tea, but check it out Carmen and Caridad. Today, the and head into the valley’s new mirador tangle of plants and flowers are still for some drinks and fantastic views. flourishing, and visitors are welcome South of town, up the valley side, is to wander the grounds and dine in the the small La Casa del Veguero. In this small restaurant. Eastern CubaEastern small tobacco farm, you can witness Those with bigger appetites should cigar-rolling, but you’re better off with head up the hill for the farm-to-table the real deal in Vuelta Abajo. feast at outstanding Finca Wilfredo’s, At the top of the hill, the viewing with its pretty wooden house and terrace of the Hotel Los Jazmines awesome panoramic views. offers outstanding valley views. Feasting should be followed by Adventure Cuba Close by, sip a mojito at the cute dancing – so look out for the band Sol Balcón del Valle restaurant in the trees del Valle at the Patio del Decimista, with its winning mogote views. salsa bands at Patio de Polo Montañez, If you’re staying in town, these spots as well as disco and live band nights at are all accessible either by a bit of Cueva San Miguel.

26 Contents Overview Western Cuba

CENTRAL Central Cuba HH

CUBA CubaEastern

hether it’s the cobblestone streets of Trinidad, the revolutionary W spirit of Santa Clara, or the

unforgettable city port of Cienfuegos, no Adventure Cuba trip to Cuba would be complete without a visit to Cuba’s historic center.


Santa Clara Mausoleum Seemingly located in middle-of-nowhere Cuba, Santa Clara is the liberal capital of the country. It’s known for its revolutionary

spirit, a famous university, Contents and many historical monuments, including Che Guevara’s final resting place. Overview Che Guevara Mausoleum If you talk to Santa Clara locals,

they’ll be proud that their national Evie Cheung hero, the lauded Ernesto “Che”

Guevara, is buried here. Though The Armored Train Park Western Cuba originally from Argentina, Che was (El Tren Blindado) On this one of the leaders of the Revolution, As a monumental piece of Cuban monument, having spearheaded the movement Revolution history, The Armored you’ll see alongside and Camilo Train Park is one of the most visited the words Cienfuegos. attractions in Santa Clara. This event

On this monument, you’ll see the ended the and “Hasta la Central Cuba words “Hasta la victoria siempre,” was a turning point in the revolution. victoria which translates as “To victory, In an attempt to thwart the rebels, siempre,” always”, a famous phrase that Fulgencio Batista sent a train from which branded the Revolution. Havana to Santa Clara, loaded with translates hundreds of soldiers and supplies. 18 as “To Eastern CubaEastern The Armored Train Park guerrilla rebels attacked the train, and victory, Che himself is credited with derailing always”, it entirely by bulldozing 30m of train a famous tracks. phrase that Today, you can visit the original site branded the and see historical black and white Revolution. Adventure Cuba photos from that day.

Leoncio Vidal Park (Parque Vidal)

Evie Cheung Located in the middle of the city,


Teatro La Caridad Getting As one of the few remaining colonial Around Santa Clara theatres in the country, Teatro La Because Santa Caridad is now preserved as a national Clara is a small monument. It’s one of the eight grand city, you can get theatres of the Cuban Colonial era. to most places Unfortunately, it’s closed to the public, just by walking. If you’re not feeling but we’ve seen travelers slip a few CUCs the Cuban heat, Contents to whoever is working the entrance, you can also hire and discover a world of interior a horse-drawn Leoncio Vidal Park carriage from town

Evie Cheung architecture from a different time. square. Be aware though Leoncio Vidal Park is a favorite spot for El Mejunje – in an effort locals to gather and pass the time. Looking for an authentic, off the beaten to preserve the Overview historic streets and Here, you’ll find a relaxing path experience? While it may not be architecture, cars atmosphere, well-manicured foliage, in all the tourist books, El Mejunje is are not allowed in and the famous statue El Niño de La definitely worth a visit during your the town square. Bota (The Boy with the Leaking Boot), time in Santa Clara. This icon of the city one of the symbols of the city. houses various art pieces from political Western Cuba The park is dedicated to Colonel Cuban artists and hosts many local Leoncio Vidal y Caro, who is events. As an important LGBT center, it remembered as a hero of the Cuban hosts the annual Cuban Pride Parade. War of Independence against Spain. It’s easy walking distance to here from the majority of hotels and casa Cuban Pride Parade Central Cuba particulares that you’d stay in. Take note that the streets around the park are closed to cars to preserve the environment.

Catedral de Las Hermanas CubaEastern Santa Clara Asis This beautiful cathedral was the center of controversy in 1923, as it was built to replace the original church in the center of Parque Vidal. Adventure Cuba Now located three blocks west of the park, it’s home to beautiful stained- glass windows and a white statue of the Virgin Mary – who used to be on

the road to Havana to bless travelers. Evie Cheung


Cienfuegos Waterfront Promenade With a scenic bay for watersports and a unique blend of colonial French élan and exotic Caribbean vibes, there’s lots to see and do here in Cuba’s most inviting city port. Contents

Parque José Martí Centered around a marble statue commemorating the city’s namesake revolutionary, the lush and elegant Overview Parque José Martí is the city’s heart and soul. Surrounding the park, Cienfuegos’s impressive late 19th-century buildings speaks to the city’s glorious heyday. patron saint – the Virgin of the Western Cuba On the park’s north side, the theatre Cienfuegos’s Immaculate Conception. Teatro Tomás Terry is a national palm-lined monument, playing host to diverse Palacio del Valle waterfront acts from Diana Fuentes (Cuba’s Cienfuegos’s palm-lined waterfront promenade answer to Taylor Swift) to actress promenade unfurls south to Punta

Sarah Bernhardt. unfurls Gorda, where glorious palaces and Central Cuba Directly opposite, the grandiose south to mansions reveal the wealth and pomp Museo Provincial distills Cienfuegos’s Punta Gord. of Cuba’s 19th-century sugar barons. epic history into a small collection of The city’s architectural magnum exhibits, primarily focused on 19th- opus is the Palacio del Valle, a riot of century French-Cuban decorative arts Moorish stucco, tile, and turrets built Eastern CubaEastern and furniture. in 1917 by Spaniard Acisclo del Valle On the southwestern side, the Blanco. Palacio Ferrer (built in 1918) is home to The maze of rooms spans Baroque, the Casa de la Cultura, where quality Neoclassical, and Gothic styles, and art exhibits, concerts, and dance culminates in the arresting Salón performances are worth a quick peek. Comedor (dining room), an ode to the Adventure Cuba On the eastern side, the striking intricacy and mathematical precision yellow Catedral de la Purísima of Spain’s Alhambra Palace. Concepción features dazzling stained- During the 1950s, Batista planned glass windows depicting the 12 to convert the palace into a casino, but apostles, and a statue of the city’s now it’s a restaurant (the food’s hit-


Cienfuegos Bay There’s a collection of military and maritime artifacts, including Spanish coins, and terrific views of Cienfuegos’s bay.

Watersports on the bay One look at the picturesque bay and you’ll want to get involved in the city’s Contents myriad of watersports on offer. Each year, several international regattas, fishing tournaments, and speedboat races are held in the bay. Head southeast of town for

a cluster of pleasant Caribbean Overview beaches, including Playa Rancho Luna (the most accessible) – an ivory sand, half-moon beach with rocky headlands, around 18km from town.

and-miss), with a rooftop bar worth a At the Faro Luna Diving Center, Western Cuba One look visit for its Instagram-winning sunset you can rent snorkeling equipment views and live music performances. and sign up for scuba diving trips to a at the large coral reef directly west of picturesque Museo Nacional Naval the beach. bay and Five blocks northwest of Parque José At the 36-berth Marina Cienfuegos, you’ll want Martí, it’s hard to miss the elaborate you can charter a sailboat, arrange a Central Cuba to get pearl-pink National Naval Museum. sport-fishing excursion, book a cruise involved in Built in 1933, it’s housed in the showy around the harbor, rent a Hobie Cat, the city’s former headquarters of the southern or take a windsurfing class. myriad of naval command center. watersports It was here in September 1957 that a Eastern CubaEastern on offer. disgruntled band of sailors and civilians revolted unsuccessfully against the Batista government. The story of the rebellion forms most of the museum’s exhibits, along

with a forensic insight into Cuban Adventure Cuba Naval history. It also shed light (don’t expect a balanced commentary) on Cuba’s declaration of war on Germany, Tokyo, Rome, as well as the Bay of Pigs Horse taxi Invasion.


Camagüey Camagüey This isn’t a city you’ve likely heard of unless you’ve already started planning your trip to Cuba, but it's likely the first you’ll remember when you

arrive home. An artistic and Contents sophisticated colonial gem, Camagüey is a place that will woo visitors at every turn.

Parque Ignacio Agramonte

This square is in the heart of the Overview city, and with plenty of trees and comfortable seating, it’s a popular

place to spend the afternoon or early Road the on Goats evening. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to see a musical performance here Casino Campestre Western Cuba in the evening. This massive green space stretches Camagüey is over Río Hatibonico and is Cuba’s a place that Inglesia de Nuestra largest urban park. It’s the perfect will woo Señora de la Soledad place to relax and enjoy the visitors at This church is hard to avoid. Located afternoon sun. at the intersection of Republica and Families, couples, joggers, and every turn. Central Cuba Agramonte, two popular walking strollers all head to this park to sit streets, its tall, beige, and orange on the shaded benches or on picnic tower is probably one of the most blankets in the grass. photographed sights in Camagüey. Originally plotted in 1860, today there’s a monument dedicated to Eastern CubaEastern Inglesia de Nuestra Mariano Barberán and Joaquín Collar – Señora de la Soledad as well as a baseball stadium – and you can sometimes catch live concerts in the park as well.

Inglesia de Nuestra Adventure Cuba Señora de la Merced Don’t miss this one! The church was constructed in 1748, and has an active convent attached to it. The two-level

Goats on the Road the on Goats arched interior is beautiful. Plus, there


Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral from the narrow cobbled streets. San Juan de Dios is known as the There are city’s most picturesque and beautiful many lovely plaza. plazas in There are lots of restaurants Camagüey surrounding the square, but they tend that offer a to be overpriced and not very good. nice change

from the Contents La Cava Restaurant narrow & Wine Cellar cobbled

Goats on the Road the on Goats You probably never thought you’d find streets. a wine cellar in Cuba! are creepy catacombs and the Santo La Cava offers a unique experience,

Sepulcro – a solid silver coffin. with a variety of wines from Cuba and Overview around the world starting at just US Museo Provincial $10 a bottle. Ignacio Agramonte The tapas are tasty and very This museum is home to Cuba’s second affordable, and the cool, oak scented largest collection of modern and ambiance reminds you that you’re in a Western Cuba contemporary art. It’s a must-see for beautiful old cellar. any visitor to Camagüey. If you’re looking for a nice setting The cavernous interior of this local with a non-pretentious menu, this is war museum is full of 19th and 20th the place for you. century art. It includes the chilling works of Fidelio Ponce, and iconic Plaza San Juan de Dios Central Cuba paintings by the renowned Cuban artist Tati – the most famous of which is The Benefactors of Our Lady of Charity of Cobre, painted in 1803.

Sacred Heart of CubaEastern Jesus Cathedral This gothic-style cathedral is topped by three eerie-looking spires that clearly appears to have adopted different motifs to most other Adventure Cuba cathedrals in Cuba.

Plaza San Juan de Dios There are many lovely plazas in Camagüey that offer a nice change


Trinidad Plaza Mayor, Trinidad Cuba’s best-preserved colonial town, Trinidad, is a charmer. Head down cobblestone streets to see pastel-colored houses, and visit the car-free

historic core that’ll take you Contents back to the 19th century.

Iglesia Parroquial de la Santísima Trinidad The streets surrounding Trinidad’s main square, Plaza Mayor, are lined with Overview beautiful mansions from the heyday of the local sugar industry. Facing the square, Trinidad’s main church was built over a 75-year period in the 19th century, and is known for its most recognizable landmark. Western Cuba impressive neoclassical altar and fine A block off It’s now home to the Museo Nacional acoustics. de la Lucha Contra Bandidos, with the Plaza Its greatest treasure is an 18th exhibits about the Castro regime’s Mayor, the century wooden statue of Christ, known struggle against counterrevolutionaries Convent of as El Señor de la Vera Cruz. during the 1960s.

Saint Francis, There are also spectacular views from Central Cuba Convento de San Francisco with its the bell tower. A block off the Plaza Mayor, the Convent distinctive of Saint Francis, with its distinctive yellow bell Museo de Historia Municipal yellow bell tower from 1813, is Trinidad’s tower from Inside a magnificent 19th century 1813, is mansion, the Palacio Cantero, this Eastern CubaEastern Street musicians in Trinidad Trinidad’s museum contains an eclectic assortment most of antique furniture, artwork, and recognizable decorative items, as well as exhibits on landmark. the sugar industry and other aspects of local history.

Climb the tower for great views of Adventure Cuba Trinidad and the Sierra del .

Museo Romántico Dating from 1740, with an upper floor


Trinidad and One of the most interesting is the Manaca Iznaga estate, where you can Stop at the visit the restored manor house, sample Mirador de hand-pressed sugar cane juice, and climb la Loma del a 45m bell tower, built in 1816, for more Puerto for a stunning views. panoramic view of

Casa de la Música the entire Contents Atop the wide stone staircase beside valley, the Iglesia Parroquial is Trinidad’s most dotted with

Flavio Vallenari popular choice for a night out: an open- the ruins air venue where you can dance the night of former added in 1808, the Palacio Brunet away under the stars, or just sip a mojito sugar houses the Museo Romántico, which and enjoy the entertainment. Overview focuses on the period from the 1830s There are live salsa shows and music plantations. through the 1860s. every night, so don’t worry if you’re Objects on display include porcelain, arriving here on a weekday. glass, furniture, artwork, and other items owned by the wealthy Brunet family and Playa Ancón Western Cuba other local elites. This lovely, 4km stretch of white-sand beach located on the Peninsula Ancón, is Museo de just 12km south of Trinidad. Arquitectura Colonial Cuba’s largest black coral reef is Flanking the Plaza Mayor, the Museum located just offshore at Cayo Blanco; of Colonial Architecture occupies two day trips for snorkeling and diving are Central Cuba connected blue buildings from the available. 18th century. It highlights outstanding examples of Topes de Collantes domestic architecture from the colonial National Park period, including walls, ceilings, carved The Sierra del Escambray mountain Eastern CubaEastern doors, ironwork, and other elements. range forms a verdant backdrop for Trinidad. Valle de los Ingenios The best place to explore it is at Topes Most of Trinidad’s wealthiest colonial-era de Collantes, a natural reserve full of families made their fortunes in the sugar beautiful forest trails, some of which industry, centered in the nearby Valle de lead to natural swimming holes and Adventure Cuba los Ingenios. waterfalls. Stop at the Mirador de la Loma del Organized day trips are available from Puerto for a panoramic view of the Trinidad, but you can also arrange your entire valley, dotted with the ruins of own transportation and pay a usage fee former sugar plantations. for trail access.

35 Contents Overview Western Cuba

EASTERN Central Cuba HH

CUBA CubaEastern

any travelers have heard of wild eastern Cuba. But don’t repeat Mthe mistake of many and skip

this enchanting part of the country. From Adventure Cuba Baracoa’s pristine beaches to Holguin’s bourgeoning dining scene, it’s worth spending a week exploring this untapped destination.


Santiago Santiago de Cuba de Cuba The hot and exciting Caribbean city of Santiago de Cuba is an essential stop on any trip to Cuba. As the former capital and key player in the Cuban Contents Revolution, there’s plenty to explore in this city known for its history, rum, and music.

Casa de Diego Velázquez Overview Casa de Diego Velázquez, home of Santiago’s first governor, is a must-see. With its Moorish decoration and fine furniture, it’s said to be the oldest house in Cuba. It now features a piracy museum and Western Cuba Located on the main Céspedes Park, a cannon-firing ceremony at sunset. The it’s overlooked by the towering, 19th- Spaniards century cathedral and the attractively Complejo Monumental defended the renovated colonial town hall. Antonio Maceo enormous One of Cuba’s independence leaders,

San Pedro de La Roca Castle Antonio Maceo, is commemorated in bay of Central Cuba The Spaniards defended the enormous a statue surrounded by 23 enormous, Santiago bay of Santiago with the monumental, upright iron machetes in the striking with the 17th-century San Pedro de La Roca Complejo Monumental Antonio monumental, Castle, known as El Morro. Maceo, which dominates the city’s 17th-century Revolution Plaza. San Pedro de La Roca CubaEastern San Juan Hill Castle. When the Americans stepped in to the Spanish-Cuban-American war in 1898 — fought over Cuba’s independence

from the Spanish realm — the last battle Adventure Cuba was fought at the San Juan Hill on the outskirts of the city. It was here that Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders defeated Spanish troops. Today, the park El Morro features monuments and plaques.


Cathedral of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion The founder’s son, Emilio Bacardí, also became the mayor of the city, and he The most established the Bacardi museum in the famous city center in 1899. resident of This museum, with its exhibits of the ornate items belonging to Cuba’s independence Santa leaders, as well as Peruvian mummies, is Ifigenia among the top things to see in the city. Cemetery Contents Close by is the Museum of Rum, on the city’s located in a beautifully restored, 19th- outskirts is century villa detailing the history of the Fidel Castro, liquor. Go grab a shot of Bacardi – it’s who died in Moncada Museum free to visitors. 2016. Fast forward to the 1950s, and the Overview young rebel Fidel Castro, in an attempt Music venues to overthrow President Fulgencio Combine rum with music by visiting Batista, attacked the city’s military some of the city’s top music venues. barracks. The assault failed, but Castro Check out the Casa de La Trova and the eventually fought his way to victory more intimate Casa de las Tradiciones in Western Cuba in 1959. The Moncada Barracks is now the French-influenced Tivolí district. a detailed museum of the attack and Reach this barrio via the city’s well- the Castro-led guerrilla struggle from known, long flight of steps: Padre Pico. 1956-59. Carnaval Museum

Fidel Castro’s tomb If you’re not in town for Carnaval, Central Cuba in Santa Ifigenia typically held at the end of July, visit the The most famous resident of the ornate Carnaval Museum and catch one of its Santa Ifigenia Cemetery on the city’s daily music and dance events. outskirts is Fidel Castro, who died in 2016. His simple stone tomb is next Eastern CubaEastern to that of José Martí, Cuba’s national Cayo , Santiago de Cuba hero, and mastermind of Cuba’s 1895- 98 independence war; a changing of the guard ceremony is enacted at his mausoleum every 30 minutes. Adventure Cuba Bacardi Museum Santiago de Cuba is also renowned for its rum and music. The Bacardí family founded their rum factory here in the

city in 1862. Boobbyer Claire


Holguin Loma de la Cruz Cuba’s third largest city mostly registers on the radar of travelers who are visiting the beautiful beaches of Guardalavaca, just 50km

north of the city. But a swing Contents through Holguin’s pretty and clean historical center is definitely worth your time.

Loma de la Cruz Overview (Hill of the Cross) Holguin’s hillside overlook and shrine is

the crown jewel of the city. Terry Ward You can grab a taxi or climb the 458 steps from town where a bar – perched the Parque Galixto Garcia in town, one Western Cuba some 260m above sea level – overlooks The hill of Holguin’s many parks, and pose for the verdant hills surrounding the city. a photo in front of the pre-Revolution gets its The hill gets its name from the Eddy Suñol Theater. name from wooden cross placed here in 1790 by a the wooden Franciscan friar, and Cubans still leave Grab a bite offerings and light candles at the shrine. cross placed For an excellent meal at a paladar Central Cuba here in (a family-run restaurant) in the Parque Galixto Garcia 1790 by a historic city center, take a short walk Back down the hill, enjoy the well- Franciscan from Parque Galixto Garcia to 1920 preserved art deco buildings around friar. Restaurante & Bar. Tasty dishes such as grilled octopus, Serrano ham, and the Eastern CubaEastern Holguin city centre classic Cuban rice dish congris are on the inexpensive menu.

Guardalavaca Just under an hour’s drive from Holguin,

you’ll reach the spectacular beaches of Adventure Cuba Guardalavaca. Rent a Hobie Cat or pedal boat to explore the turquoise seas, or join the locals picnicking on the sand with bottles of Havana Club rum and

Terry Ward Reggaeton music at the ready.


Gibara A Day in the Life of a Cuban Coffee Farmer In the small town of Palenque, outside the city of Guantanamo, I opened the window to my farmhouse room and saw the

fog creeping up the Contents mountain-side. Small coffee trees dot the landscape for acres up and over the hills, bordering a cluster of wooden homes belonging to the extended family of Ana Martinez Almaquer and Senen Dies Moreno.

The family has owned the land for more Overview than two generations, and among the coffee trees, they also have citrus and banana trees, a large personal garden, three pigs, and two cows – which, according to Cuban law, they are allowed to

Day-trip to Gibara milk but not eat. Western Cuba Another worthy day trip takes you To harvest and process the coffee, the Christopher family hires a few locals to help pick the about an hour northeast of the city, Columbus beans, which must be done by hand. One along rutted roads, to the colonial town made woman, who had been working with them of Gibara. for years, had built herself a small sled. She landfall Christopher Columbus made landfall drags that behind her across uneven ground, between coffee trees interspersed with here in 1492 and loved the town so here in 1492 Central Cuba and loved palms and banana trees, all providing shade much he stayed for 12 days. and keeping the soil nurtured. the town The 19th century was Gibara’s golden The hard, berry-like seeds turn red when age, and you can still see some of the so much he they are ripe, and she collects them in burlap original homes from that era around stayed for bags to be weighed when she returns to the main house. town. 12 days.

Once dried, they can sell them. They have CubaEastern Take a walk through the small parks a contract with the government to harvest and historic center, or join a local guide and process a certain amount of coffee per to explore the area’s famous caves. year, and only after that amount is reached Then, head to the outskirts of town may they consume what is left. to La Cueva Taina, a fabulous, family-run While Cuban coffee is traditionally a strong, espresso-like coffee sweetened with sugar seafood restaurant in a farm-like setting, Adventure Cuba and lightened with milk, in modern Cuba, where the mojitos are strong and the milk is often scarce or expensive. Mesa Gibareña (set menu) includes a Here, a pan with fresh milk from the cow that spread of stuffed land crabs, whole morning was slowly heating to pasteurize, snapper, grilled shrimp, tostones, and and for the first time on this trip to Cuba, I would be able to have café con leche.

more. Cope Suzanne


Baracoa Piaza Marti, Baracoa Far-flung Baracoa might be difficult to get to, but with beautiful rivers, waterfalls, beaches, and wild exploration at its doorstep, it’s no wonder

most travelers who plan to Contents come for a day or two, end up staying a week.

Our Lady of the Ascension Cathedral

Founded in 1511 as the first city of Overview Cuba, this tiny city facing the Atlantic Ocean is packed with history, legend,

and wild nature. One of its most Boobbyer Claire famous landmarks is Our Lady of the

Ascension Cathedral, which houses the a collection of endangered multi- Western Cuba Cruz de La Parra. It’s said to be a cross The city was colored local shells (Polymitas). that Christopher Columbus planted on Another fort, the hilltop Santa defended these shores in 1492. Bárbara Castle, is now the city’s most by a series attractive hotel: El Castillo. Fuerte Matachín & El Castillo of small

The city was defended by a series forts built Archaeological remains & Central Cuba of small forts built to deter multiple to deter Táino Aboriginal legacy pirate attacks. Inside one of them multiple Earlier history is captured at the – Fuerte Matachín – you can read pirate archaeological museum, Cueva about the city’s history and admire attacks. Paraíso, in a cave above the city. Here you’ll have panoramic views over Eastern CubaEastern Baracoa below. The aboriginal Taínos were a strong presence here, and their legacy is still apparent today, especially in the cuisine. Serving up traditional dishes are

paladares (private restaurants) such as Adventure Cuba El Buen Sabor and El Poeta. Baracoa’s nightlife is legendary, with salsa and live music nights at the venues in town – all scattered around Baracoa Bay from El Castillo Fort the tiny central park.


Baracoa’s mountains & rivers to Alexander de Humboldt Park, 56km Baracoa’s real drawcard is its northwest of Baracoa. It’s home to the Further wilderness. The flat-topped Yunque world’s smallest bird, bat, and frog. upstream, Mountain, which dominates the city Trek through this UNESCO Biosphere skyline, is a full day hike up through bathe with Reserve, and take a boat trip out to the forest, passing endemic species. the locals spot manatee in Taco Bay at the end of Once you reach the top, the astonishing in the your trek. views of the coast will no doubt blow refreshing Contents you away. Honey River Baracoa’s beaches Explore the river canyon of to fulfill the If you’re looking for a little sand and the Yumurí River, kayak the Duaba legend that sun, you’re spoilt for choice here. River, bathe in the Duaba’s waterfall, all those Beyond the black-sand city beach, and visit Finca Duaba’s cocoa plantation who bathe Playa Baracoa, there’s a tiny slither of trail. here will sparkling white sand, Playa Blanca. Overview Not too far from town is the tiny, return to Find custard-colored scoops of sand, pretty village of Boca de Miel (Mouth of Baracoa. 21km northwest of the city, in coves at the River of Honey) reached by walking Playa Maguana. along the town’s beach. Southeast towards the River Yumurí

Further upstream, bathe with the are slithers of tiny, unspoiled beaches. Western Cuba locals in the refreshing Honey River Get a taste of local peso food to fulfill the legend that all those who at Playa Mangilito, a beach shack bathe here will return to Baracoa. restaurant. Tour, taxi, or bike along For the more adventurous, head out this remote coastal road for a relaxed day trip.

Rio Yumuri, Baracoa Central Cuba Food in Baracoa Unlike other areas of Cuba, Baracoa's regional cuisine is famous throughout the island. Many dishes here are cooked in coconut milk. Ask at your Eastern CubaEastern casa for the best paladores to sample the local fare. Baracoa's chocolate can be drunk at the Casa del Chocolate on the main street, or found as chocolate bars from

sellers on the side of the road. Adventure Cuba Don't miss Baracoa's best delicacy: the cucurucho – a palm-leaf cone stuffed with mashed coconut, honey, and almonds, sold on the

Claire Boobbyer Claire side of the road.

42 Contents Overview Western Cuba


CUBA CubaEastern

hether you’re looking to cycle through valleys dotted with ancient farmhouses, Wfind waterfalls on horseback, or float

above coral reefs teaming with marine life, Cuba Adventure Cuba has an outdoor experience to thrill every kind of adventure-seeker.


Western Vinales Valley Cuba Packed between the capital and Cuba’s westernmost tip is the stunning scenery of the Cordillera de , the Contents world’s best tobacco soil, palm- fringed beaches, caves, and a bounty of natural wonders… all within easy reach from Havana.

Las Terrazas Overview Just an hour outside Havana is the eco- community of Las Terrazas. Here, you can

hike forests, pass old coffee plantations, Boobbyer Claire bird watch, take a canopy tour, lunch on organic vegetarian food, and cool off in Viñales Valley Western Cuba the pools of the San Juan River. While Western Cuba’s poster attraction is the Round- you’re here, don’t miss the nearby Soroa, UNESCO World Heritage Site: Viñales topped Cuba’s largest orchid garden. Valley. Round-topped mountain stumps mountain (known as mogotes), surrounded by stumps, La Güira Park ruddy red soil, royal palms, farms,

This former hacienda, surrounded by the working oxen, and walking trails, create surrounded Central Cuba forests of Parque La Güira, has recently a lush backdrop to rural Cuba. by ruddy been restored. Explore the area and hike The valley town, Viñales, is the center red soil, to Che Guevara’s 1962 Cuba missile base, for accommodation, trekking, horse royal palms, Cueva de los Portales. riding, cave visits, and more. farms, working Eastern CubaEastern Cayo Levisa palm trees Visit the tobacco fields oxen, and South of the Viñales Valley is the walking area known as Vuelta Abajo, the best trails, create tobacco-growing region in Cuba. a lush Take a tour of one of the working backdrop to tobacco plantations, and learn about the rural Cuba. Adventure Cuba crop from seed to harvest, through to the artisanal creation of the cigar. The most famous is the Alejandro Robaina Plantation. An outstanding tour is

Claire Boobbyer Claire offered at the Finca Hector Luis Prieto


Cigar rolling, Vuelta Abajo starfish in the crystal-clear shallows. María La María La Gorda Gorda is a María La Gorda is a popular dive center popular dive at the western tip of the island. There’s center at a range of accommodation on the the western beach, but limited food options. Diving here gets mixed reviews, but tip of the Contents it’s not Cuba’s top diving spot. island.

Claire Boobbyer Claire Guanhacabibes Peninsula & Cabo de San Antonio (Finca Quemado de Rubi). Grab lunch, At the extreme western tip of Cuba is or stay the night in attractive riverside the Guanhacabibes Peninsula, home Overview cabañas with crop views. to sharp limestone terraces, bird life, In Pinar del Río city, stop by at the nesting turtles, and deer. Francisco Donatien Tobacco Factory to The Playa Las Tumbas beach at watch workers craft the cigars. Cabo de San Antonio is mostly a hard-

core trip for birders, divers, fishermen, Western Cuba Cayo Levisa and naturalists. There are state-run Western Cuba is fringed by beautiful, cabanas, and a small restaurant if you palm-tree studded beaches. Closest to do wind up here. Havana is the north coast of Cayo Levisa, a sublime lick of white sand facing shallow turquoise sea. The food is a let- Maria Gorda Central Cuba down, and the dive shop is not always working, but if you can, snag a spacious beachfront bungalow – it’s a real treat.

Off-the-beaten track beaches Eastern CubaEastern Between Cayo Levisa and Cayo Jutías, there are wild beaches, such as Playa La Mulata and Playa La Altura, plus a handful of B&Bs and casas particulares to stay in.

Cayo Jutías Adventure Cuba This is the closest beach to Viñales, and a popular day trip, where there’s a restaurant/bar and water sports center. Walk to the eastern tip for driftwood sculptures, and see bright orange


Central Cuba Bay of Pigs Between the montage of palm-fringed coastline, sandy beaches, and densely forested mountains of central Cuba, an incredible inventory of outdoor

recreation awaits those who Contents are wild at heart.

Ciénaga de Zapata With incredible biodiversity and landscapes that border on the surreal, the Parque Nacional Ciénaga de Zapata Overview ( National Park) packs a punch. Just off the southern coast of the Matanzas province, within striking distance of Cienfuegos or the sugar mill exhilarating landscapes. Western Cuba town of Australia (yup), this untamed Cyclists can ride from Trinidad, Every peninsula is home to Cuba’s most varied through valleys dotted with farmhouses, Wednesday ecosystems. to Playa Ancón (12km) on the south night as The Bay of Pigs, synonymous with the coast. the sun failed 1961, US-backed invasion of Cuba, Playa Ancón is one of Cuba’s most runs along the peninsula’s eastern edge. beautiful stretches of sugary white dips behind Central Cuba Just off the shores of the paradisiacal sand, and is lined with flashy, all-inclusive the city’s Playa Girón, warm waters studded with hotels and water sports facilities. surrounding coral set the stage for prime scuba For more local color, you can detour mountain diving and snorkeling. to La Boca (18km), an earthy fishing peaks, The park’s seething swampland draws village on the Guaurabo River, with a the SiCLas Eastern CubaEastern seasoned ornithologists and budding shingle beach shaded by acacia trees. comes alive. naturalists to its rich flora and fauna, Dive trips can be arranged to Cayo with more than 900 plant species, 175 Blanco, 25km south-east of the Playa species of birds, 31 species of reptiles Ancón. The warm waters and coral keys, (including the endemic Cuban crocodile), rich in marine life, is perfect for divers and over 1,000 species of invertebrates. and snorkelers of all abilities. Adventure Cuba The marina also offers catamaran Around Trinidad: Playa Ancón, strips and deep sea fishing charters La Boca & Cayo Blanco in calm waters, populated with Cuba’s colonial jewel, Trinidad, is the wahoo, swordfish, marlin, tarpon, and gateway to some of Cuba’s most barracuda.


Escambray Mountains Cayo Guillermo These mystical and foreboding mountains form the backdrop for the Parque Nacional Topes de Collantes. It also makes for a rewarding day or overnight trip from Trinidad. The network of hiking trails here take you through lush woodlands, natural Contents swimming pools, coffee plantations, and waterfalls surrounded by native flora and fauna. For independent travelers, guided hikes and horseback adventures can be organized by tour companies and private Overview guides in Trinidad. Nearby is Valle de los Ingenios. This area is traditionally known as a place of healing, where locals have gone to bathe in the natural springs. A popular Jardines del Rey Western Cuba day trip is one to Hacienda Codina, which Some 30km from the mainland at The Javira features medicinal mud baths and lush, Ciego de Ávila, Cuba’s fabled Jardines reserve verdant gardens. del Rey (Gardens of the King) remained is best unexplored until the late 1980s. explored on Parque Nacional This collection of picture-perfect

Topes de Collantes islands, woven with mangroves, lagoons, horseback. Central Cuba Within Topes de Collantes, the Javira gleaming white sands, and clear waters, The reserve is best explored on horseback. are ringed with a spectacular, 400km incredible The incredible network of trails takes coral reef. network of you through streams, canyons, ancient Go snorkeling or diving here, and trails takes caves, and scenic waterfalls. you’ll find technicolor marine life you through Eastern CubaEastern Just 6km from Trinidad, the UNESCO- including, parrotfish, grunts, yellowtail streams, protected Valley de los Ingenios (Valley snappers, angelfish, tarpon, jacks, canyons, of the Mills) was the beating heart of spadefish, groupers, sharks, and and scenic Cuba’s sugar production from the late barracudas. With more than 30 dive waterfalls. 18th to late 19th century. sites dotting the dramatic coastline,

Amidst fields of soaring palms, the there’s no wonder this is a popular Adventure Cuba ruins of more than seventy 19th-century dive site. sugar mills, including warehouses, slave For something a little more low-key, quarters, and an operational steam train, find yourself a spot on the most coveted can be explored on foot, by bike, or ribbon of sand in Playa Pilar, located at on horseback. the western fringes of Guillermo.


Eastern Sierra Maestra Cuba Eastern Cuba is less traveled- to than other parts of the island, but for true challenge-seekers, it’s where Contents some of the best adventures are found. With a bit of planning, most of these adrenaline-highs can even be organized on the ground. Overview

Pico Turquino:

Cuba’s highest peak Boobbyer Claire If you’re a keen hiker, don’t miss the chance to summit Pico Turquino in the Fidel Castro’s rebel Western Cuba Sierra Maestra Mountains. At 1,974m, mountain camp If you’re it’s the highest mountain in Cuba. The Pico Turquino hike can also be a keen Though it can be climbed in one combined with a visit to Fidel Castro’s hiker, don’t day for the very fit, most hikers spend mountain rebel camp, La Comandancia miss the at least one or two nights camping de La Plata. before descending to Las Cuevas on chance to Castro and his guerrilla army holed Central Cuba the Caribbean coast, west of Santiago summit Pico up here in 1958 and built a camp, de Cuba. Equally, you can begin the Turquino in hospital, and rebel radio station. It’s trail at Las Cuevas. the Sierra now a well-preserved museum, and Maestra can be reached on a day hike from Mountains. Santo Domingo. Eastern CubaEastern Saltón de Guayabo waterfall At 1,974m, Santo Domingo is the HQ for trekking it’s the services. Note, travelers must be highest accompanied by a local guide at all mountain in times here. Cuba.

Pine Forest Mountain Adventure Cuba & waterfalls Striking northeast, the cool mountain air of the Sierra de Cristal houses the Pinares de Mayarí pine forest. There’s a

Claire Boobbyer Claire chalet hotel up there with walks into the

48 ADVENTURE CUBA surrounding forest. Take a plunge into the Guardalavaca foot of the cascading Saltón de Guayabo At night, waterfall near the hotel. lines of Cayo Saetia food trucks This is one of Cuba’s most bizarre sizzle from destinations. Cayo Saetía is an offshore frying island populated by ostrich, zebra, and burgers Contents buffalo. It’s a former hunting ground and billow turned tourist attraction. out scents Stay in the hotel bungalows and drive of sweet- to the gorgeous, butter-soft sand beach smelling buttressed by granite boulders in the pork. morning, and take a jeep photo safari Overview through the long grass in the afternoon.

Caverns, shipwrecks Boobbyer Claire & snorkeling

Most of the reef diving and snorkeling Spanish-American War in 1898. The most Western Cuba takes place off the beaches of the Behind famous of these is the Cristóbal Colón. Guardalavaca area on the northeast coast. Gibara town Just west, in the Gibara area, are Guardalavaca are a series caverns suitable for diving and snorkeling, Heading north from Cayo Saetía, you’ll of caves depending on your experience. Behind reach the beaches of Guardalavaca

Gibara town are a series of caves that can that can be – a series of beaches backed by hills Central Cuba be explored on foot. explored on peppered with royal palms. Sail, swim, Off the southern coast, west of foot. dive, and cruise on the catamaran down Santiago de Cuba, are the wrecked to Cayo Saetía for the day. remains of vessels sunk during the Cuban- Baracoa beaches & surfing Eastern CubaEastern Heading south along the pot-holed, coastal road from Saetía to Baracoa, adventurers will revel in the city’s nearby beaches, the trails of Alexander de Humboldt National Park, and climbing its

famous flat-topped mountain, El Yunque. Adventure Cuba Further south, surfers are talking up the surfing at the mouth of the Yumurí River. If you’re keen to catch a wave, make sure you take your own board Caverna de Panaderos, Gibara

Claire Boobbyer Claire with you.


Hiking and Parque Nacional Alejandro de Humboldt Trekking It’s an exciting time for outdoor adventurers in Cuba, as nature reserves and national parks that have been restricted to Contents travelers for decades are now opening up to provide outdoor recreation, history, and wildlife- watching for all. Overview Sierra del Escambray Southwest of Trinidad, at the heart of Sierra del Escambray and encircled by lofty mountains, Topes de Collantes

National Park is where you can hike to or for an easier, hassle-free option, sign Western Cuba ancient caves, passing rivers, waterfalls, up for an organized tour: not all trails and find natural pools to cool off. are well-marked. One of the park’s well-trodden trails (8km round trip) leads to the Salto del Sierra Maestra Caburní, a 65m waterfall where you can Back in 1958, when Fidel Castro and his bathe in emerald green waters. guerillas set up their camp here and Central Cuba The taxing trail (it's steep and plotted the Revolution against Batista, muddy) traverses palm, pine, and the Sierra Maestra was an utterly wild, eucalyptus forests, which provide shade impenetrable jungle. for more than 40 varieties of coffee. Today, the Gran Parque Nacional Novice hikers should be mindful of Sierra Maestra is a Mecca for hard-core Important Eastern CubaEastern steep descents along muddy trails. hikers and wildlife enthusiasts. tip When hiking and Other popular hikes include an Within the park, Cuba’s highest biking in Cuba, it’s 8km round trip to Salto Vega Grande summit Pico Turquino (1,971m or key to remember waterfall, and a 3km hike to La Batata, 6,469ft), is certainly no cakewalk. that guides are still which rewards with a river-cave system It features steep ascents, humid obligatory in most areas (Viñales is Adventure Cuba flush with natural ponds. conditions, and some scrambling is an exception), and When it comes to logistics, skip the required. Don’t attempt this unless you you should be depressing, Soviet-style hotels in the have a pretty high baseline of fitness, or prepared for poor infrastructure ‘resort village’ and hole up in nearby have done some training for your trip. in most national Trinidad. Most hikers tackle the peak over two parks. Independent travelers can hire a car, days from Alto del Naranjo, a 13km

50 ADVENTURE CUBA round trip. The 3km ascent to the eco village Thrill-seekers can opt for the 22km of Los Aquáticos is memorable for its With its route, which involves climbing up and soul-stirring sunrises; a guide will cost red-earth over the mountain to the Caribbean around CUC $5 and organized tours lands, coast at Las Cuevas. This hike must often throw in a horse and cart for a valleys of be undertaken with a guide, which leg of the journey, if you want to take it tobacco costs around CUC $68 per person and easy. plantations, includes an overnight mountain refuge and Contents en route. Reserva Ecológica limestone For more revolutionary history and Alturas de Banao monoliths a (slightly) less challenging trail, an If you want to get off-the-beaten-track, (mogotes), alternative, but equally breathtaking this is the place. Nestled within the it’s no hike, leads to Comandancia de la Plata, Guamuhaya mountain range, this small surprise the headquarters of the revolutionary but magical ecological reserve spans Overview army for nearly two years. four distinct ecosystems. that Viñales Along with the medical hut where The serrated mountains and is Cuba’s Che Guevara treated injured fighters, foothills, dotted with the ruins of most you can check out Fidel’s private digs. century-old farmhouses and laced with alluring

hiking trails, allows for close encounters natural Western Cuba Viñales Valley with plant and animal species. attraction. With its red-earth lands, valleys of Accessed from the village of Banao, tobacco plantations, and limestone 20km west of Sancti Spíritus, the park monoliths (mogotes), it’s no surprise headquarters (with a restaurant and that Viñales is Cuba’s most alluring visitor center) are located at Jarico, natural attraction. The farming town 3.5km from the Sancti Spíritus–Trinidad Central Cuba of Viñales nearby also provides an road. excellent base and a soulful immersion A prime hiking base is the clean, no- into traditional Cuban farming life. frills Campismo Planta Cantú, located Unlike most of Cuba’s national 4km off Route 12 between Banao and parks, hikers here have the freedom to Sancti Spíritus. Eastern CubaEastern explore the region’s trails, farmlands, Right on your doorstep, you gain caves, waterfalls, and swimming holes access to several hiking trails and without being accompanied by a local waterfalls, including Cascada la Bella, guide. and a scenic, 6km trail to La Sabina bio- A tame introduction is the 2km station. hike from Viñales town to a working Seasoned mountain men and Adventure Cuba tobacco plantation, Finca Raúl Reyes women take on the 10km hike to and on to the Cueva de la Vaca, a cave the Comandancia del Guerrillero which delivers tourist-brochure worthy Heroico, Che Guevara’s former guerrilla panoramas of the valley’s signature headquarters, deep in the mountains mogotes. near the hamlet of Gavilanes.


Scuba Diving Cayo Largo reef Cuba’s vast reef system is among the most spectacular and best-protected in all of the Caribbean. Here’s our pick of the best diving spots

and a few tips to help you Contents take the plunge.

Tours, gear, and qualifications The busiest and most-experienced scuba diving tour operators are found Overview in beach resort areas – such as Cayo Coco, Varadero, and Guardalavaca – as

well as popular dive destinations of Bleakney Gregg Maria la Gorda, Isla de la Juventud, and

Punta Frances. Safety in the water Western Cuba Hotel chains like Melia, Iberostar, One of the best safety measures you Trek into Brisas, and Royalton all have reliable dive can have is to ensure you’ve got the right Tayrona shops in-house. insurance cover, so you’re taken care National Rental gear can be of varying quality. of in case of an emergency. You may Park to As always, if you have your own, you’re need to select scuba diving as an activity best off bringing it with you. Just make you’re doing at the time of purchase, enjoy sandy Central Cuba sure hoses and attachments have all so you can be covered for the type of beaches been recently serviced at home before diving you’re doing. surrounded you arrive, as replacement parts can be As with diving anywhere in the by tropical hard to come by in Cuba. world, it’s important to respect the forests. Even if you plan to rent everything on limits instilled by your instructors, as Eastern CubaEastern the island, it’s best to at least bring your well as the limits dictated by your dive own mask, since fit is so personal. computer. Basic open water diver certification Never dive beyond your limits: dive is all you need for much of the diving with a buddy at all times, and be sure in Cuba. If you’re a beginner, it’s best to to observe the 24-hour no-fly rule after stick with shallow reef dives until you your last dive. Adventure Cuba feel more comfortable. For divers with advanced Diving in Maria la Gorda certifications, there’s much to explore Start your dive explorations on the here, too, in the way of caves, caverns, peninsula furthest west in Cuba: Maria la drift dives, and tunnels. Gorda. Here, international dive centers

52 ADVENTURE CUBA front the sheltered Bahia de Corrientes, de la Juventud, is another must-do for and is considered one of the island’s divers. Advanced divers can submerge Even best-protected zones for diving. The into a tunnel at the site, called Cueva snorkelers area falls within the Guanahacabibes Azul, to spot huge tarpon. along Punta National Park and is home to around 50 Even snorkelers along Punta Frances’ Frances’ excellent dive sites that include plunging shores may spot hawksbill sea turtles walls, swim-throughs, and caves. and maybe even manatees, too. shores Some standouts include the may spot Contents Gorgonian Garden, home to hulking hawksbill Nassau groupers, and Lost Paradise, Marine Park sea turtles. where you can fin amongst shoals of The Gardens of the Queen Marine jacks and barracuda. Keep an eye out for Park, off the island’s southern coast, is patrolling stingrays, though. perhaps Cuba’s greatest underwater

treasure. A government-protected Overview Cayo Largo area, it’s considered among the most Cayo Largo, east of Isla de la Juventud beautiful dive destinations in all of the Best off Cuba’s southern coast, is yet another Caribbean. Season for prime place to submerge, with shallow Since commercial fishing is not Diving waters that host a wide range of marine allowed within the park, the marine You can dive year- Western Cuba life. Tunnels, steep walls, and vibrant life here is prolific, with all manner of round in Cuba, but the best conditions coral heads are among the over 30 dive sea turtles and sharks (including reefs, are during the dry sites here, with eels, barracuda, sharks, hammerheads, black tips, leopards, and season, between lobster, grouper and all manner of silkies). December and April. snapper among the inhabitants. The best way to visit the area is on The water is cooler

multi-day trips via liveaboard dive boats. at this time (around Central Cuba 22ºC), and you’ll Jardines del Rey probably want and Cayo Coco Bay of Pigs a 5mm wetsuit Off the northern coast of Cuba, make About two hours southeast of Havana, if you’re doing multiple dives, but a beeline for the Jardines del Rey the Bay of Pigs may be in history books the seas are also (Gardens of the King) and Cayo Coco, for the failed US military invasion, but calmest and the Eastern CubaEastern home to beaches with sugar-white sand scuba divers known it for something water at its most and a rainbow of reef life. else. You can gear up right on the beach clear, with up to 40m of visibility. The water is warm and crystal clear and dive straight from the shore to During the rainy – all the more enticing for spotting access a spectacular wall that vibrates season, between angelfish, parrotfish and large schools with all manner of tropical fish, and over June and October, of tarpon and spadefish as you fin along 17 species of coral plants. increased wind Adventure Cuba creates choppy the pristine reefs. The Jaruca is a purpose-sunk wreck surface conditions that’s fun to explore in this area. and there’s also a Punta Frances: Advanced divers will love the site called risk of hurricanes, so Cuba’s fabled Pirate Coast Punta Perdiz for its deep wall dazzling avoid diving during this time. Punta Frances, located along the Isla with fish life.


Surfing Morro Bay Let’s be clear, Cuba’s no Indonesia or Hawaii when it comes to surfing, but with over 5,500 km of undeveloped coastline and a burgeoning surf

culture, it’s bursting onto the Contents scene as an exciting new wave- riding destination.

Etiquette & safety tips

Cuba’s surfing scene is finally starting Overview to catch on. Not long ago, police were arresting Cuban surfers because they were convinced that they were trying to escape from the island.

Today, there is a significant particulares near popular surf towns, Western Cuba amount of kitesurfing and a growing you can find wax that other surf Cuba’s surf culture, but you may find that travelers have left behind. The owners surfing etiquette on the waves hasn’t quite can sometimes help you with surf tips scene is evolved. Be on the defensive side and and locations too. finally be vocal.

There are no lifeguards on many of Yumuri starting Central Cuba the local beaches, so try to be extra Known as one of the best surfing to catch careful and be aware of sharp corals, spots in Cuba, this river mouth surf bay on. Not jagged rocks, and some hard tabletop is located just 30km east of Baracoa. long ago, formations in places like La Setenta A mostly pebble stone beach, police were and Calle 70. Yumuri has pretty decent waves arresting Eastern CubaEastern Cuban policies, combined with the breaking both left and right, surfers American blockade, have made surfing depending on the current swell. because in Cuba a pretty complicated endeavor, they were especially for locals who have a hard La Setenta convinced time getting their hands on boards, Known to have waves up to eight feet they were wax, and other essentials for the high during strong northeast Atlantic trying to Adventure Cuba sport. groundswells, this shallow rock reef is escape. While there are some places to rent not far from the old center of Havana. gear, it’s best to bring your own from Like many places on the north shore, home if you can. the best time to hit the waves here Sometimes if you stay in casas is when there’s a massive storm in

54 ADVENTURE CUBA the Gulf of Mexico, sending the surf Cabo de San Antonio beach Best crashing on the Caribbean islands. Season for Diving There’s a shallow table reef here Cuba enjoys a with some pretty jagged rocks, so it’s tropical climate year- important not to head out at low tide. round, with north- Because of the underwater easterly trade winds topography, access to the surf can be constantly blasting the shoreline and difficult from the coastline, but there’s a balmy average Contents a random concrete slab sticking out temperature of 21ºC into the ocean where many people (69.8°F). find easier entry. The only real time to surf in Cuba is in winter – from Playas del Este The waves are okay here, but they November to April

Mostly known for great kitesurfing, crash over a razor-sharp reef dotted – when the Atlantic Overview groundswell comes there’s the odd body surfer and surfers with sea urchins and stone fish, so in from the north- on Playas del Este near Havana. most serious falls here are known to east, producing This beach runs for 25km along the leave the surfer cut and bloody. some decent barrels. northern coast. There are few facilities You can do lessons on this break, Cuba sits in the here and you really have to wait for a but there are better places in the hurricane corridor in Western Cuba the Gulf of Mexico, groundswell or a storm further north country for beginners. so the island can to enjoy proper waves. be hit by crazy But, if you’re into strapping on a storms. It’s not recommended to be kite, Havana Kiteboarding have a surf Along the south coast of the national on the water during shop in Playas del Este where you can park there are some good surfing strong weather from rent gear and organize lessons. opportunities. June to November, Central Cuba and it’s important to be aware of all Calle 70 Sun Beach hurricane warnings. This is Havana’s main break, but it’s not There’s an average beach break here a safe one, so be careful. with decent and easy waves good for all surfers. There are some lifeguards Eastern CubaEastern here, who tend to shut the beach down if the waves get too big.

Cabo de San Antonio This beach is known to have adequate

surfing during storms in the Gulf. Adventure Cuba If the waves are too tame, head to the Parque Nacional Península de Guanahacabibes, at the tip of the peninsula, for some crocodile spotting and cenote swimming.

55 Essential can decide if the cover provided suits your needs. Many Many travelers have stated the Insurance travelers Cuban policy is less than sufficient for have stated Tips their purposes, with limited cover for the Cuban evacuation. You can also refer to the US Since the restoration of Cuba- Department of State for further advice policy is US diplomatic ties under former on travel insurance for Cuba. less than US President Obama, Cuba Contents The World Nomads policies for sufficient has opened up as a tourist US residents can cover you up to US for their destination. With direct flights $100,000 for emergency medical and purposes, from the US to Havana, more sickness expenses, as well as up to with limited Nomads than ever are heading to US $500,000 for evacuation on the cover for the Caribbean state to immerse Explorer plan. evacuation. Overview themselves in the local culture. Non-US travelers: For non-US Cuban Insurance travelers, you’re required to have Requirements medical and air evacuation cover,

US Travelers: There are a few which the Cuban authorities will ask to Western Cuba procedures when entering Cuba that see at the border. are important to be aware of. Reports For all countries except Canada, have surfaced stating that the Cuban World Nomads insurance policies government requires American travelers can cover both overseas emergency to have a valid Cuban ‘Asistur’ travel medical expenses, as well as air insurance policy. evacuation. The UK foreign travel Central Cuba The Asistur insurance policy is a Cuban- advice says that ‘medical facilities in based insurance company which offers Havana are better than elsewhere premiums for a few dollars per day. in Cuba, but you may need to be The requirement to have this Asistur medically evacuated if you need policy remains – regardless of whether specialist care. This can be very Eastern CubaEastern or not travelers have valid insurance expensive’. And they’re not wrong. from a non-Cuban provider like World We’ve seen medical evacuations which Nomads. In some instances, airlines cost over US $50,000! are automatically adding the Asistur If you’re planning on doing high- insurance directly onto customer’s risk sports, it’s a requirement by the airline ticket cost when they purchase a Cuban government that you also take Adventure Cuba ticket to Cuba. out an Asistur policy. So, it’s a good Does this mean you only need the idea to plan ahead and check what the Asistur policy? It’s very important that you government considers to be high-risk, look further into what the Asistur policy but it includes sports such as motor covers before traveling to Cuba, so you sports, scuba diving, caving, mountain

56 climbing (using ropes or guides), rock cover your trip, as our insurer is climbing, hang-gliding, skydiving, unable to pay local providers due If you’re contact sports, and hunting. to the sanctions. in need of For other countries, sanction a doctor Medical Insurance restrictions may change at any time in Cuba, a The infrastructure in Cuba is still in the future, so do check your policy limited, and basic things that you may carefully before you buy to make sure quick cash take for granted such as ATM’s and Wi- you can travel to Cuba on your travel transaction Contents Fi are not easy to find. insurance. can see you The economy is still a cash economy, through the and very few facilities accept credit Got questions? thick of it. cards. While paying for small doctor’s We’re here to help navigate how consultations are easy enough, travel insurance works, so if you have this lack of infrastructure can be questions about what’s covered, what’s Overview particularly tricky when it comes to not covered, and how to get help, needing hospitalization or evacuation. our helpdesk has answers to most If you’re in need of a doctor in Cuba, insurance questions. Or, simply ask us. a quick cash transaction can see you All of the information we provide through the thick of it. Where the about travel insurance is a brief Western Cuba policy covers you, you can then submit summary only. It does not include an online claim to World Nomads. all terms, conditions, limitations, However, if you need a hospital exclusions, and termination provisions or evacuation and present a foreign of the travel insurance plans described. insurance they do not know, they may Coverage may not be available for demand cash. This is because many residents of all countries, states or Central Cuba of the facilities are familiar with the provinces. Please carefully read your Asistur policy on face value and how policy wording for a full description of it works. If you find yourself in this coverage. position, our assistance teams are on standby and have experience dealing Eastern CubaEastern with hospitals and evacuation teams in Main square in Trinidad Cuba. It’s important that you contact your assistance team as soon as you need help, so they can work with the medical facility on your behalf. Adventure Cuba Impact of Government Sanctions Cuba is a sanctioned country. Unfortunately, if you live in Canada, World Nomads travel insurance cannot

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