INDEX N° 262 01 PopePopee FFrancisrancis APRIL 2013 LetterLettter ooff ththee GeGGeneralneerraal MiMinisterinnisterr ttoo others, that of a poor church. Not only that, PopePoppe FFrancisrancis by Massimo Rosina ofmcap but a poor church also for the poor. It is ope Francis is a pastor who immediately MeetingMeeeting offh the GGeneralenerall an invitation that touches, along with the Defi ninitorytory Pentered the heart, into the fondness and institution, each of us: the use we make of the feeling of many, priests and laity. We money, the simplicity and sobriety of our 02 “When““When God sesendsndn s us tthehhee poor, were all struck by the little gestures he made: of life, the generous sharing with the thentthen he too tatakeskees care ooff them” calling himself the bishop of Rome, the poorest. With his recalling of St. Francis thought right away of of Assisi, “man of pov- 03 ArrivalsAArrivals and DeparturesDeepartures his predecessor, pointing erty, the man of peace, the TheThe Order in NumbersNumbers toward, according to the man who loves and cares language of Vatican II, for creation,” he moves CloserCloser to thethe UnUniifi catiocationn of Trent the primacy of the holy us to refl ect on our model and VeniceVenice people of God, which of development and the is expressed in the local well-being of the west- News from CeCentralntral AfAfricariica church. Having prayed ern countries weighing 04 I invite youyouu as a CapuCapuchinchhiin together, having asked on the planet in terms of the blessing of the peo- environmental imbalances AssemblyAssembly ooff the ProvProvincialinnccial ple gathered to welcome and confl icts engendered MinistersMinisters oof the Four FFranciscanranciscan him, his blessing became by economic interests. On FamiliesFamilies ooff ItalItalyy like a response of faith the other hand, he reminds and prayer that gives the us with extraordinary ef- FourFour FFranciscanraanciscan CarCardinalsdinnaals at the sense of a strong com- fectiveness how much per- ConclaveConclavve munion between pastor sonal example can mean PrayersPrayeers for ChristianChristianss and people. The begin- in terms of the power to ning of the pontifi cate convey the Good News to of Pope Francis has been full of gestures the world. And this is the mission to which, and words that have known how to make in the fi nal analysis, we are called: to com- Letter of the their way into the hearts of millions of municate Christ, that is, “the true, the good, people. One image was placed above all the and the beautiful ‘in person.’” General Minister to Pope Francis Most Holy Father, each other as a sign of brotherhood, love, and trust. great humility.” Where there is praise pleasing to the Peace and all good! Lord there is thanksgiving for his love manifested in the Thank you, Holy Father, for this invitation that we Cross, united to humble service to the men and woman With the well-known and simple greeting of the Fran- accept and make the commitment of our fraternity as of every time and place. ciscan tradition I address you, offering the greetings of Friars Minor Capuchin, to be a sign of that fraternity every brother of the Capuchin that Christ taught us in the washing of the feet of one Holy Father, assuring you of our fi lial obedience and our on the occasion of your election, and assuring you of our another. daily prayeryyp to the Lord, I ask you to bless the Capuchin prayers from this moment forward. friars. St. Francis of Assisi, in having us pray the last verse In your fi rst encounter with the Church of Rome, look- of the Canticle of the Creatures, helps us to pray for ing out last night from the balcony of the Vatican Ba- the realization of this great fraternity: “Praise and bless silica, you invited us to walk together and to pray for my Lord and give Him thanks and serve Him with

Meeting of the General Defi nitory... (continued on p. 3)

OME – The General These are the most noteworthy and of Piedmont was acceptedd RDefi nitory met from Mon- decisions: for May 9, 2014. day, March 11 to Wednesday, Happy Easter! March 20. After sharing infor- Circumscriptions: Appointments for the Generalal mation about activities carried Curia and houses dependent onn • The Province of Maranhão- • Br. Ravi Rosario Irudayana- out since the January meeting, the General Minister: Pará-Amapá will assume than, PR Northern Tamil Nadu, the Defi nitory concentrated responsibility for the Delega- • Br. Dariusz Mazur, PR Kra- bursar of the house in Jerusa- its attention on a wide variety tion of Cuba, beginning June kow and Br. Manuel de Gama lem, beginning April 1, 2013, of subjects. The issues of the 1, 2013. day are many and complex, Santos, PR Bahia-Sergipe, for • Br. Benedict Ayodi, VG and to them had to be added • The date for the unifi cation fraternal service in the General Kenya, Secretary of the Offi ce other items beyond the agenda. of the Provinces of Alexandria Curia, beginning April 1, 2013, of Justice, Peace, and Ecology, HIGHLIGHTS “POOR CHURCH FOR THE POOR” “Our Lady” in search of food and right from their concrete help. Every day we experi- own homes. Kind ence what Br. Wendelin once said: coworkers in house- When God sends us the poor, then work and decent he also takes care of them. men and women serving at table are Passing on God’s gifts renewed in the light of beautiful experi- Br. Wendelin considered “Our ences of times for- Lady” as a place of God’s own char- gotten. At least for a ity. He had chosen the Capuchin moment we wish to life in order not to have anything pick up the broken for himself, but to live only for God threads of trust. At the “Francis and his children. His daily prayer in Gathering” this happens without ake a look at the candles before church bound him to those who, day any pressure. Each one can take his Tthe Virgin Mary in the court- after day, came to “Our Lady” to time. And with the faithfulness of yard of “Our Lady” (Liebfrauen)() fi nd “peacep on earth” in the “tent” tthe benefactors by the entry door wwe wish to offer of the “Francis ssuch a space where Gathering.” Advent by Paulus Terwitte ofmcap Director of the “Francis Gathering” ttrust can grow. In is always now: the tthis way the bread door is open every ggiven freely and weekday and even “When God sends us the wwithout any obliga- on holidays. And ttion leads not a for us friars and poor, then he too takes care ffew to try again our co-workers in a new step out of the “Gathering,” of them” ddiffi culty. For us, God always arrives tthe fact that all our too, often making 20 years since Br. Wendelin founded the “Francis Gathering” gguests have to pay us marvel at our 550 cents is part of grateful guests, who tthe freedom: such 02 in poverty know a small contribu- how to keep their dignity. Every day of God, far from the noise of the tion says to our guests that they are is like Christmas: in the church of “camps” of city life. So down to to- indeed our guests and that their Our Lady those who receive become day for Br. Wendelin and for us Ca- dignity is respected. those who give, benefactors of the puchins it is a miracle to be able to “Francis Gathering.” In the center prepare a table each day for people Blessed are those who share in Frankfurt there is a little “hotel,” who are poor and homeless. in which our poor and homeless On June 21, 2013 at “Our Lady” brothers are welcome. A place that gives we celebrate the 20th year of the About 160 come each hope “Francis Gathering.” We are happy day. that our bishop Franz-Peter has The “Francis Gath- This year we are par- promised to be present that day. In ering” is one of ticularly joyful: with the preceding weeks four important many places that give the seasons of Advent conferences will be held at “Our hope. We Capuchins and Christmas of Lady” to highlight the strength together with about 2012, “Our Lady” and commitment of Christian love 1700 benefactors begins the jubilee mark- of neighbor. At the same time We reweave the worn out ing the twentieth anni- Capuchins will prepare a founda- garment of trust of those versary of the “Francis tion with which we want, together who come to us. They Gathering.” Br. Wendelin, with you, to continue to work of Br. who fi nd the way to the who died in 2010, wrote Wendelin at the church of Our Lady door of welcome in front this of the beginning of after these 20 of the grotto of Our Lady his work: After a brief years of its of Lourdes, who period of training in existence. have known God in Stuttgart I began my The poor and poverty and fl ight, new work on Novem- homeless that they don’t have to tell ber 24, 1992. come to us us their names. You must always Without the energy of don’t ask them about fi nd an open the founder we would their story. Instead: door and not have this place of hot coffee or hot a table set, welcome character- chocolate, fresh bread. because God ized by trust for poor and homeless Often also some jam or sweets that takes care of people, who come to the church of our dedicated supporters bring them. GENERAL CURIA CAPUCHIN PRESENCE

Arrivals and Departures ... Meeting of the General Defi nitory OME, Italy – In the month of RMarch a new brother was added beginning July 1, 2013, to the fraternity of the General Curia: • Br. Umberto Losacco, PR Genoa, Secretary for Br. Francisco Lopes De Sousa Neto, Italian, beginning May 1, 2013, of the Province of Ceará and Piauí. He takes the place of Br. Hermínio • Br. José Carlos Gubert, PR Paraná-Santa Catari- Bezerra, of the same Province, in the na, Vice General Bursar and Bursar of the General work of Secretary for the Portuguese Curia from April 1, 2013. language. During these past years he General Formation Council. The following friars was a student at the International Col- were appointed: Br. Eduard Rey i Puiggros (PR lege specializing in Theology of Com- Catalonia - CIC), Br. Christi Francis V. (PR St. munication at the Pontifi cal Lateran University. Br. Hermínio left Rome on Thomas Kerala- CCMSI), Br. Evandro Aparecido March 20 to return to Brazil. de Souza (PR Paraná-Santa Catarina - CCB), Br. Guadence Aikaruwa Shayo (PR Tanzania - EACC), Br. Juan pablo Lobos Mendoza (VG Guatemala- Honduras-El Salvador - CONCAM), Br. Giamp- The Order in Numbers iero Cognigni (PR Marches – CIMPCap), Br. Wil- OME, Italy – From the statistics offi ce we get some data on the liam R. Hugo (PR. Calvary - NAPCC), Br. Kilian RFraternity of Capuchin Friars. As of December 2012 there are Ngitir (CU Cameroon - CONCAO), Br. Clarence 10,286 Capuchin friars (compared to 10,364 in 2011). Some details: 625 Hayat (VP Pakistan - ASMEN), Br. Andrzej Baran postulants, 367 novices, 1,490 temporarily professed, 8,796 perpetually (PR Warsaw - CECOC), Br. Richard Sinaga (PR professed. We have one brother Cardinal among 91 brother bishops. 208 Pontianak - PACC), Br. Adrian Curran (PR Ireland Friars have died. The Capuchin Friars, present in 108 countries are dis- - CENOC), CCA. tributed in the various geographical areas: 1,357 in Africa, 1,657 in Latin America, 664 in North America, 2,339 in Asia-Oceania, 3,500 in Western Renovation of the Curia. The members of the Europe, 769 in Eastern Europe. The world-wide Fraternity is structured commission for the renovation of the General in 81 Provinces, 9 General Viceprovinces, 17 Provincial Viceprovinces, Curia were reappointed, with the exceptions of Br. 17 Custodies, 8 Delegations, 24 Houses of Presence, and 13 Confer- Sidney Damasio Machado and Br. Ephrem Bucher. ences of Provincial Ministers. We must listen to how the numbers speak In addition, another commission was established to understand the historical moment of our Family; above all to boldly for the renovation of the curia chapel: Br. Pio 03 promote the culture of collaboration and to seek with clarity the paths Murat, Br. Domenico Donatelli, and Br. Marek that will let us deepen our life. Przeczewski. Economic Commission. The following fri- Closer to the Unifi cation ars were appointed: Br. Mark Schenk, Br. Luis Eduardo Rubiano, Br. Giampiero Gambaro, Br. of Trent and Venice Gianmaria di Giorgio, and Br. Piero Vivoli. HIENE, Italy – About 200 fri- Group for the “new planning”. A group was Tars, on two separate days, March constituted for refl ection on possibilities for the 21 and 22, 2013, participated in the houses dependent on the General Minister: Br. third interprovincial Assembly of Christophorus Goedereis, Br. Alejandro Núñez, Br. Venice and Trent. The General Min- Francesco Colacelli. ister, Br. Mauro Jöhri, presided, with the presence of the Provincial Min- Jerusalem House. The church will be consecrated isters, Modesto Sartori and Roberto on February 2, 2014. The Patriarch of Jerusalem Guenin, and the General Defi nitor will preside at the celebration. The feast of the for Italy, Br. Raffaele Della Torre. house was set for June 26, the feast of Bl. Jacob of After the opening prayer, Br. Massimo Lorandini, president of the Com- Ghazir. mission for the unifi cation of the Provinces, presented the work carried out up to now on the various aspects of the life of the two Circumscrip- Constitutions and Ordinances. The work on the tions. Br. Antonino Butterini and Br. Flaviano G. Gusella, on March 21 text of the Constitutions was completed with the and 22 respectively, presented on the values of unifi cation and Br. Robert consideration of suggestions of the juridical and Tadiello on the path of initial and ongoing formation, also in the Prov- editorial commissions. In a short time the text will ince of Milan and the other Provinces of northern Italy. Br. Dario Zardo be handed over to the Congregation for Institutes explained, in broad outline, the historical path of the respective Provinces, of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life. pointing out the administrative and legal aspects for arriving at the procla- mation of the new Province in 2014. The reports concluded with the pre- News from Central Africa... sentation of Br. Roberto Donà and Br. Guido Felicetti on the missionary aspect of the two Provinces, highlighting what has been done and plans for GOFO, Central African Republic – The politi- the future. After the break, Br. Matteo Ghisini, Provincial Minister, and Br. cal and social situation, above all in the area of Adriano Parenti, Provincial Bursar of the Province of Emilia-Romagna, on Gofo, is of increasing concern, to the point that the 21 and 22 respectively, offered their experience on the reunifi cation of our missionaries may not be able to stay. Some the Provinces of Bologna and of Parma. The afternoon was taken up by of the rebels, in fact, have not agreed to respect the report of the General Minister and by the dialogue with the Assembly. the agreements and therefore are preparing to CAPUCHIN PRESENCE NEWS

...News from Central Africa I invite you as a Capuchin continue with violent actions. Already in the EXICO – Taking up the social Capuchin-Franciscan charism as an last three weeks the mission at Gofo has been Mnetworks as a tool of evangeli- authentic expression of the Gospel. visited by the rebels on two nights. Here is what zation, Br. Néstor Wer, of the Mexi- Through a series of interviews he Br. Serge Mbremandij, Viceprovincial Minister can Viceprovince of Capuchin friars, wants to create a dialogue that leads of Chad-Central African Republic, writes to us: has launched to the truth and the initiative, Peace and good, brothers. authentic values “I invite you as of our Catholic As you know through the media, the country is in a Capuchin,” Church, starting trouble. A new strongman has declared himself, but which seeks to from the witness there is still a long way to go. Unfortunately, misdeeds be a Franciscan of each of the are reported from all sides: looting, abductions, witch presence on the Capuchin friars in- hunts. There has been a lot of damage to property. digital conti- vited. The friars re- The country, already beaten down, now fi nds itself nent, a means fl ect on our Fran- underground. As for the friars, especially the fraternity of interaction ciscan-Capuchin of Gofo, which was the hardest hit, the friars were between reli- charism in many “visited” several times. During these “visits” there were gious and laity ways. stolen three cars, two laptops, and the sum of 2 million fostering unity CFA (about 4,000 USD). The friars were terrifi ed, and to be a space to know the life To see the interviews visi: exhausted, and stressed…Fr. Damiano, of the Province of some Capuchin friars, leading to of Emilia-Romagna, who experienced the fi rst “visit“ communion and a way to spread the while we were in chapter, came to Bangui for a week be- fore the fi nal assault of March 14. He is now in Italy. Currently there are still four friars in Gofo: Valentino Vallarino, Antonio Triani (the two Italians), Rolland Assembly of the Provincial Ministers Bawene (of Central Africa) and Valentin Mbatmegue (of Chad). The priests of Batangafo (ten kilometers of the Four Franciscan Families of Italy from Gofo) have joined them and together they are ORETO, Italy – From February which Archbishop Giovanni Tonucci staying close to the people in their sufferings. The other L25 to March 2 was the XXXVIII presided. The assembly reappointed missions are quiet. The fraternity of Bangui (Bimbo) Assembly of the Provin- 04 has not yet been “visited.” Other communities of priests cial Ministers of the four and sisters have received “visits” from the people of Franciscan Families of SELEKA. Remaining in place are our friars Chris- Italy (19 OFM, 13 Con- tophe, Aristide, and Martial and we are in continual ventuals, 21 Capuchins, contact with them. At Bouar, the amount of noise made 2 TOR). The theme of it clear that SELEKA could eventually arrive, but up the meeting, on the new to now nothing has been seen. However, the information evangelization in the frightened the sisters in the center of Bouar, who came to Year of Faith, “With us Sunday evening in St. Laurent: The Poor Clares, the Francis…Catholic and Sisters of Charity, the Polish sisters at the community Apostolic: a challenge center. Here it is calm, but one can still see fear in their for us today” was treat- faces. Our fraternities of Bocaranga, Ndim, Ngaoun- ed by two presenters. daye are quiet. This, brothers, in short, is the situation During the 5 days, the and how we continue to live in this country. We ask you Ministers met with the speakers and for another three years the outgoing to keep us in your prayers that there might be true peace deepened the content and themes Secretary and on the last day held the in this country. proposed in an exchange with their general assembly of the Franciscan own experience. There was also a Movement of Italy. Prayers for Christians Marian liturgy at the Holy House, at PAKISTAN – Br. Clarence Hayat, Viceprovincial of the Capuchins in Pakistan, has asked us to pray for the Christians of his country, who have Four Franciscan Cardinals at the Conclave undergone many acts of violence in these past ATICAN CITY – There were days. The events were followed by protests to Vthree OFM Cardinals present at demand that the government of Pakistan provide the recent conclave: Claudio Hummes, justice and peace for religious minorities. Carlos Amigo Vallejo, and the South African Wilfred Fox Napier. Next to them was another Franciscan, though a Capuchin, Seán Patrick O’Malley, a sig- nifi cant fi gure in the episcopate of the Unites States.

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