All of the featured at Committee are made the old-school way: native E , traditional practices, hands-on in the and hands- off in the cellar. We’re proud to work with only family-owned estates (and one SIP N amazing cooperative), and we’re even more excited to show you the beauty, depth, I and unique expression of heritage Greek wines. Enjoy a glass of some- thing delicious, or turn the page for bottles of from producers honoring thousands of

W years of winemaking (and drinking) history in and beyond.

RETSINA glass bottle 17 Kechris, ‘Tear of the Pine’ , Thessaloniki 14 56 18 Kechris, ‘Kechribari’ Retsina, Thessaloniki, 500ml 14

SPARKLING 17 Domaine Karanika ‘Cuvee Speciale,’ Amyndaio 18 72 18 Kir-Yianni Rosé ‘Akakies,’ Amyndaio 13 52

WHITE 18 Moschofilero, Troupis ‘Fteri,’ Arkadia 12 48 18 Assyrtiko, Alexakis, Crete 16 64 18 Assyrtiko / Aidani / Athiri, Argyros ‘Atlantis,’ Cyclades Islands 14 56 18 Malagousia, Domaine Zefeirakis, Tyrnavos 15 60

ORANGE 18 Santameriana, Sant’Or ‘Nature,’ Achaia 16 64

ROSÉ 18 Malagousia, Mylonas, Attiki 12 48 19 Limniona, Domaine Zafeirakis, Trynavos 14 56

RED 15 Xinomavro, Thymiopoulos, Naoussa 15 60 15 /, Tselepos ‘Dilofos,’ 17 72 15 Agiorgitiko, Ktima ‘Driopi,’ 15 60 16 Mandilaria, Lyrarakis ‘Plakoura ,’ Crete 15 60 16 Tsapournakos, Voyatzi, Velvento 16 64

CARAFE white/red καράφα Please ask your server! 32 BY THE BOTTLE Y ί 17 Domaine Spiropoulos ‘Ode Panos’ Brut, Mantinia, 58

σ Stone fruits and flowers. Nectar of the gods. α L ρ κ

B ς 13 Tselepos ‘Amalia’ Brut, Nemea, Peloponnese 90 ε

δ Better than Veuve. (For real, though.) B ώ ρ U φ 15 Glinavos ‘Zitsa Brut,’ Zitsa, Epirus 64 α The first Greek is still the best. B NV Tselepos ‘Amalia’ Brut Roze, Nemea, Peloponnese 60 Roze all day! Berries and herbs. Fresh, vibrant, pink. ί E σ α G ρ 17 Roditis / Moschatela / Vostilidi / Muscat, Sclavos ‘Alchymiste,’ Kefalonia κ

38 ί Dip your toes in the pool with this staff fave. Aromatic and affable. N λ

α κ A ο 18 , Garalis ‘Terra Ambera,’ Lemnos

τ 60

ρ Like standing in a citrus grove on a summer afternoon. Also, you’re in love. R ο

π O 19 Xinomavro, Alpha Estate, Amyndaio 60 When Wonder Woman finishes a long day of kicking ass & taking names, she drinks this. É

S 19 Moschofilero, Troupis, ‘3/6/17,’ Peloponnese, 1LT 57 It’s unofficial name is on the side of the bottle. If you don’t read Greek, ask a staff member. O

R 19 Sideritis, Parparoussis, ‘Petite Fleur,’ Achaia 46 Recommended by Dr. Fauci to cure CDS. Crappy Day Syndrome.

16 Roditis / Moschofilero, Gai’a ‘Notios,’ Peloponnese 34 ί

E Easygoing and easy to love. Tropical, fresh, and second-bottle-worthy. σ

α T ρ 17 Moschofilero, Tselepos, Mantinia, Peloponnese 40 κ I

ό New Zealand lovers, meet Moschofilero (aka your new bestie)

κ H υ

ε 16 Vidiano / Plyto, Rhous ‘Skipper,’ Crete 57 λ

Lush and citrus-driven. Fine minerality keeps it so fresh and so clean. W 18 Muscat, Co-Op of Samos ‘High Peaks,’ Samos, Aegean Sea 46 Just like they say in South Carolina: ooh lord, that sure is pretty!

18 Malagousia, Domaine Porto Carras, Macedonia 53 The OG Malagousia made by the natural born hustler.

18 Robola, Gentilini, Kefalonia 55 Evan introduced this to Lin-Manuel Miranda. Ok, that’s not true but it got your attention.

16 Assyrtiko, Domaine Sigalas ‘Seven Villages,’ 120 7...the most famous number. Feel lucky with this pick.

17 Sauvignon Blanc, Alpha Estate, Amyndaio 52 Sauvignon Blanc, Greek style. Watch out New Zealand.

17 Sideritis, Parparoussis ‘Gift of Dionysos,’ Achaia, Peleponnese 54 One producer, one , one wine. Try it. It’s rare and likely your last opportunity to try it.

17 Assyrtiko, Gai’a ‘Wild Ferment,’ Santorini 66 Want a little on your Assyrtiko? Ain’t no shame in that. Ripe and opulent.

18 Assyrtiko, Hatzidakis ‘Familia,’ Santorini 140 Assyrtiko. How it was meant to be.

14 Assyrtiko/Athiri, KtimaParparoussis ‘BarrelFermented,’ Achaia, Peloponnese 57 Assyrtiko from another mother. Less salt, more fruit, max joy. (Heads-up, dry Chard peeps.)

17 Assyrtiko, Venetsanos ‘Nykteri,’ Santorini 96 Stay up all night with this super old-school power-hitter. Assyrtiko, turned up to 11. ί σ

α 14 Agiorgitiko, Bairaktaris ‘Old Monolithos,’ Nemea 46 ρ

D Chocolate covered cherries. Very, very, very, very good wine. κ

ό E ρ 16 Mandilaria, Venetsanos, Santorini 96 θ

υ Hello, do you like your finesse with a splash of power? Drink this. Berries and Earth. R ρ ε 13 Agiorgitiko, Ktima Parparoussis ‘Reserve,’ Nemea, Peloponnese 99 Oregon Pinot lovers, proceed with caution: You’re about to rethink your relationship.

17 Mavrodafni, Sant’Or ‘Krasis,’ Achaia, Peloponnese 49 Tiny estate, big complexity. Elegance, structure, bramble, boom.

15 Mavrodafni, Mercouri Estate ‘Daphne Nera,’ Letrina 84 Mythological wine. But real.

16 Mavrodafni Blend, Ktima Parparoussis ‘Oenofilos,’ Achaia, Peloponnese 56 Like Bordeaux, but better. (Way better.)

16 /,Merlot / Xinomavro, Alpha Estate 'SMX,' Florina 140 I love it when you call me Big Poppa.

15 Xinomavro, Kir-Yianni ‘Ramnista’, Naoussa 52 Old-school gets a New World reboot with ripe red fruit and warm spice.

15 / Mandilaria, Rhous ‘Skipper,’ Crete 60 It’s earthy, it’s smoky, it’s cherry, it’s Kotsifali.

15 Xinomavro, Dalamara, Naoussa 70 You drink Pinot. We drink Xino (mavro).

16 Cabernet Sauvignon / Xinomavro, Oenops 'Apla,' Drama 52 A Californian and a Greek walk into a bar... there's no joke, just great wine.

16 , Costa Lazaridi ‘ Amethystos,’ Drama 120 Scaring the sh.. out of California for nearly 40 years.

13 Red Blend, Gerovassiliou ‘Avaton,’ Epanomi 147 This wine is cool. Samuel L. Jackson cool.

16 Mavrotragano, Gavalas, Cyclades 133 Who is the sexiest person in the world to you? This is sexier.