MARY . DORIA . RUSSELL TbeSparrow BSFA Award • Arthur C. Clarke Award • Tiptree Award To the members '{[the BSFA I would like to express my sincere thanks to the members of the BSFA who were kind enough to vote for The Spanuw this year. Iwas thrilled speechless to receive the Best Novel award, although Imanaged to get my voice back for the Clarke prizel Thank you so velY much for this recognition. All too often in the past two years, I have heard people say, "I hate science fiction, but I loved your beok," and then they insist, "The Spanvw isn't really science fiction." Now Ican say, "Oh yes it isl And I can prove it!" Sincerely , 15 June 1998 'CONTENTS' Hi

News • 2 0 the happening 'WOrld EdilOr. CluisTerran - Sparrow wins Qarke ~ ullOf'dutd _. DmlM:. 9 Beechwooel Court - Spedding in jail IlMJ1boIotJrvpby Back Beechwood Grove SummerPqx;om • 6· John Ashbrook previews Leech. lS4 2HS. UK surnmet'nxwie5 Telephone 01132171403 Email ..tJlbrjaurmJed bsfa[lenterprise. net C1Ja1fS • 6. whal'S selling Ill_~ 1'feIlsrlltCludeJOlUptJIldatJd,m R£cent AndForthcoming BooJzs 0 8. paper chase

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Mailbox • 14 0 matrix. matrix, do you reacP Media 0 John Ashbrook Free For All· 16 • Yvonne Rowse on a bumper BSFALogo 0 !an Brooks buncUeoffanzines Cover 0 Mar')' Doria RusseU after receiving Father Ted's Bogusjollnu:y 0 18 0 Lee Montgomerie dips the Arthurc. Clarke Award for The 71JeSpalTOu1swings Sparrowal the Science Museum. From left: Edw:ud james; Farah A Srepbell lLlwbead Bibliography 0 18 0 Andrew M. Butler lislifies

Mendelsohn; john dute, behind lo5t b' . 19 0 John Ashbrook reviews a Mary: Andrew M, Butler; unknown: robinsonade caroline MuJlan; Cuis Hill Mim~ 019 0 AndrewM. Butler dissects Photograph by Chris Terran. Sliding Doors 0 20 0 Andrew ~L Buller bisects Phol:ography • Chris Terran lJark City· 20 0 nave M. Roberts has a rainy De;ign I Production 0 Ouis Terran night in hornage-town Stf IIfPIlIiJIr.., 5lr7. GtmmoId. HdtWica EosJerwnProgrammeBoolts. 21 0 Yvo~Rowsereviewsthelast

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TeealIJl'C:I' • EIiDbo:lh8illlnger HU53DZ 1>.\ ill 1Long Row Clcoie.Ev=Jon.D:l.venuy, 001B16S6om :I: [email protected] ,hange:o;. new ,""",hers Nortlun~.,NNI13BE Publicllions • SIen:Jdfery • JuUeV"nner 001327361661 ,'-1ul:q,= * [email protected]* ~~ * blllln9er,enterprlJe.net C!l \,\;'algnveSlrert. Nt.-v.1anJ WebSire 0 TanyaBrown A,..,nue. Hull. IIU521.T us Agm! • er Chauvin AlIUSsubkTipuon> e 142+!1WiIfrt:tlStrett.lktrolt.MI4l:!213. http://Ilembers.aol.colll/tamaranth/I B7S1.Ufa<:".k7:l1r lJ,SA I p;l~1O • CyChau\in(BSfA] -news------PRATCHETI GETS OBE SPARROW WINS CLARKE AFm the knighthood awarded to Sir Arthur FoLWWlNG its Tiplree and BSFA Awards, Mary Doria Russell's The SprlrTow (Black Swan) was Clarke in the New Year's Honours list, Terry announced as the winner of this year's Arthur C. Clarke Award at a ceremony in London's Pratchett becomes the second sf writer this Science Museum on 27 May. Russell, who had flown over from America for the occasion, first year to be honoured. He was given the OBE collected her BSFA Award from Chris Hill, and thanked the membership of the BSFA (see cover) (Order of the British Empire) in the Queen's Clarke Award administrator Paul Kinraid tllro and John elule and Fuah Mendelsohn for the SF Birthday I-Ionours List on 13 June, "for services called on Angie Edward5, Sir Arthur's niece, to open Foundation, chaired by Paul Kincaid. Many other to literature". lhf ffivelope and announce the winner; lheresull wnler>, editors Jnd sf personalities WE'rE' present, 1-11' told Amib/r: "I suspect the 'services to was l'I\thusiastically welromed by the large including 5tolt Bradfield, Mal1y Brown, Pal Cadi- literature' consisted of refraining from trying to audience. [n a warm and emotional acceptance gan, David Garnetl, Mary Gentle, Colin Greenland, write any. Still, I can't help feeling mightily speech, RusselJ made a particular point of thanking Jon CouIlenay Gdmwood, Peter Hamilton, Paul chuffed about il." 0 her editor Simon Taylor; British booksellers Rog McAuley, John Meaney, Kim Newman, Chris Priest, Peyton and Dick Jude were also thanked for their Divid Pringle, , Andy Sawyer, efforts in promoting the book in this country. Michiel Marsh.ill Smith, M.ureen Kincaid Speller, Four of the six nominees were present: Russell, 'ndBrianStableford.O SPEDDING HELD ON (Tht Glimmtrillg), James Lovegrove • Mary Doria Russell is interviewed in Vutor 200. (Days) and left Noon (NymplzomaIiQlI); Stephen Bax- • More photos on pp12-13 ter (Tilan) and Sheri S. Tepper (Tht Family Tr") • Cbire Brialey will take over from Andrew M DRUGS ALLEGATION were unable to attend. Judges this year were An· Butler as one of the BSFA judges next year; Tanya FANTASY writer and anthropologist Alison drew M. Butler and Tanp. Brown {for the BSFA}, Brown is nOw on herserond year Spedding is being held in a Bolivian prison on suspicion of drug dealing, according to Tile Guardian of 20 June. She has reportedly been held for some months without being charged and with no prospect of a trial, and the 'drug dealing' amounted to possession o( one joint for personal use. She has apparently contracted typhoid and malaria whilst in jail, due to the poor conditions Spedding's fantasy reieJlings of the life of Alexander the Great are currently being reissued by Voyager, under her (ull name (they were previously issued as by 'Spedding' alone). She has long been a resident o( Bolivia, and Nicholas Pollolla of the Science Fiction Writers of America suggests that letters o( protest could usefully be sent to the Bolivian Embassy. "Please write a polite, but firm, letter to the Bolivian ambassador informing him of your moral outrage and asking (or her immediate release. This will only take ten minutes of your time and a stamp." "'aryDofi.RII5~/alld/lerf1.000c1leque.I'rfttIJohrrC!lll,(Jefl)aIldAOOromeda~RogP,yton Address: Bolivian Embassy, 106 Eaton Square, London, SW1 W9AD 0 1998 Nebula Awards 1998 Bram Stoker Awards Women dominated this year"s Nebula Awards, presented on 2May at a The BJam Stoker Awards, given for horror and dark tantasy, were ceremony in santa Fe. Nebulas are voted on by the members 01 presentedltlis year in New York on 6 June. Science Fiction and Fantasy Wnters of America. BEST SHORT STORY BEST NOVEL BEST SHORT STORY BEST NOVEL EDO VAN BELKOM & DAVID JANET BERLINER & GEORGE VONDA N. MclNTYRE JANE YOLEN NICKLE GUTHRIDGE "Rat Food" The fI..foon and "Sisler Emily's Ughlship' Chi/dren of the Dusk (S~rlight I) BEST COLLECTION BEST NOVELLA BEST FIRST NOVEL KARL EDWARD WAGNER JERRY OLTON GRAND MASTER KIRSTENBAKIS Exorcisms and Ecstasies "Abandon In Place" AWARD Lives of the Monster Dogs BEST NON-FICTION (F&SF 961 POUL ANDERSON o.c STANLEV WIATER Dark Thooghrs: G1 Writing BEST NOVELETIE SERVICE TO THE SFWA BEST NOVELETIE JOE R, LANSDALE LIFE ACHIEVEMENT NANCY KRESS ROBIN WAYNE BAILEY "The Big Blow" "The Flowers of Aulil Prison" WILLlAM PETER BLATIV (Asimov's OcVNov 96) JACK WILlIAMSON \' 'crI ntl' ileJnJll1' rumour, cuttill1' SPELLER WINS TAFF I Maureen Kincaid Speller has won thi~ year'~ UK to US TAFF race, and will represent CULT FICTION M. J. 'Slmo' Slmps~ l1as tell SFX, aftllf jonng the British fandom at the Worldcon in Baltimore mAugust and around the States on her success!l.l magazine ~ rts toooding 1"1 1995 and evn..aly risin9 to travels. Full results were: DiJlOlY Elttor,' SFXs 5lstllf ma9UM ClAI TYtlas tokIed after ele'ler1 issues, despite venturing inlo LoadedlllHitcwyYAtt1 nud& pictures 01 Dr 1st Place N"Alnerica Europe Other Who aetl'1lS$ K.ty r.&annlng (she ~ayed Jo Gram in the 1970!;, ChrisBell 53 11 41 aloogsideJooPetlWee) BridgetHardcastle 41 14 17 DRACUI.J,THEUIlOEAOisalourirl\1~Oo1JctionalthelllJtdoorlheatre company~er."ala~oIklve.jealou$yandsupersl~Klnaround Maureen Kincaid Speller 111 41 76 someimprlls$iYeandatmospheliclandsc,;Jles",looseIybasedon No preference , 7 I Stoker's rooveI and various legends. BMg sometr.inglo sit on, warm Total ballots 113 75 145 clolhing and senr.ible footwear. aoo a torch and walerplool ~ ij Icxi:s !ikerain (sounds more like an IlXpedtlOO than a show). Ve-rnJesare: Z9 o ~~ciology of sf - prediction or social Jul·! Aug Helmesley Cas~e, Norm Vor1Is: (.8 Aug Aoythe Park. cntlClsm? ,Technology and 'progress' Wimll; 11·15 Aug Did$buly,Mard'rester: 18·2JAogTowneIyPark, SF (OF COURSE) Boofey,larICS.:2·5SepNewSlead.Abbey.Nolls,:8·12SepP~ Courses on SClen((' fiction happen around Nmetun Elghfy-fiJur. Feminist sf. Fandom, Castle,lsle 01 tdan: 16-20 5ep New t.lills Festival,Oefbyshire.Conlacl the country, rangiing from the full-time conventions, fanzines, the net Tar.gIewood,lHamplonFlelds,Oswestry,Salop,SYll1TLTeI" academic (Reading's MA in SF Studies) to °Mediasf-visualsffromthe50stoTrek 01691655002(l1am·lpm,4-7pm). pari-time evening classes, What can you and ,2001. Silt,!f RUlJlJi'!g, .Soy/elll Grew and, OHl..EHonrTS Summer 1999 should see the Iaurdl 01 a mame expect from the lalter? cruClally, AlielJ. Dystopia, cymClsm and roolti·playerorlirlegamebas~onTokien·sTheHoblilandTheLom profit from Blade Runner to Tilt X-Fiks clrreRKIg~Ther~yingll'lme,currenltybeiog~by Starling in Leeds this autumn the SierraQn.LM1e,wil be able 10 SUllPor1lhoosandsol$ll'lliJlaneous Workers' Education Association offers such Irony and post-modernism. usersandwit!beselsomede<:aoesaflerl~evenlsinLotdofrl1e an sf courS{'. Taught by Rob Hayler, it runs "Sf is oneof the most popular and yet most Rings. for ten weeks from 24 September, 7-9pm on critically misunderstood art forms of hiS GETWmSoo!l!VincClarke,GlandCldFanandGueslofHooour Thursday evenings at the Swarthmore cen~ury," atthel995Wor1dcorlr,G1asgow,remairlsr,hosPtal.1'mma~a says Rob. "As such it is the perfect ~1eprt9ess:hetoldAnsible,"bJt'1realal*e'isnot'Cl.Jable'.lve Centre, It costs £35,or f25 for the unwaged. subJect fora course of the type I propose: an bee!l'mbvmooth'loraboulamonlhnow,andli"eamoccaskmlyol Rob - a philosopher studying language at enthusiastic overview taught by an sf buff fi$h & chips washed down with c:olIee, I eanwalk beIWlda Zirvner LeedsUniversity-iswell-versed in literary with an academic background." Irame:buIsti1,rleedl0.be~pedtomyfeeI.Still.thereisprogress" sfandhasstructuredthecoursetocover: Contads: For the course - WEA, 24 Newlay VIl'lClsnowll'lrehabilitationandex~stobehomesoon,and weIeomeslettersandr8lllingmanerlromfans:sendloA,V.Clarke • How to read sf - What is it? How should Grove, Horsforth, LEEDS, l$18 4LH. Tel GiftiesWald,St Mary's Hospital,SidoJp, KiII'lt, DA146lT, we approach it? 01132590055 ,Ken Bulmer also wek::omes leners ancI1antasyoovels·: Halliwell • Major themes - Hard / soft 5f, science, Rob Hayler (who welcomes feedback on the Nul$ingHome, K"lrlgswood Aoad,TunbridgeWens, Kenl,TN2.uN proposed content of his courS{') - Rat 1,4 'l.nGunn, Australiaileartoonisl, isslilll,ll'lQertrealmlllllforearJCer morality, politics, what is real/human Alter a nol 100 succ:essfI.l slem celIlranspjanl he and partner Karen -History, of sf - Swift, de Bergerac, Regent Park Terrace, LEEDS, lS6 2AX. Tel areoplimistic abolA anew and dIIeren1 course ot chemolherapy Frallul1slem, Wells, Hemlein, the New Wave, 01132748200 (hj,01132333260 (w). EmaiI ,DI.n. Wynne.lones has more bad<. problems, after suffering Dick, Ellison, Gibson, virtual reality, [email protected],uk ~l'8rteOrae.Shelsl1lear.ot/lerleMlou'operalion,anclhas computers, biotech, nanotech, the return to Rob also maintains the 'Bogarl's Exchange' sady had 10 IlJI ouIoI her Guest 01 HOfI(Il,I" aflPEiraooealAlbacon web site, a Philip Dick resource and trading lhisvear hardsf,Marsasthefashionableplanet. area:http://ww.geocities.com/Area51/ AiwflOTORIES The contents 01 tile relaunched Am.izi'lg SIories­ - Specific authors in detail - Bradbury, p.b!i$hedr,JoJ)' by gal'l'liflg-card company Wizards oItheCoast­ Ballard,Egan. Corridor/2997/ showa6slinctlyold-faslVon&dand,somewouldsaV,ri1J1-wingor libertaiW1a~,ThereareconlributionsfromBenBova,James The SlIpematrnl and EngliSh F/CfitKI: & Alan Gardner ancI Nul Banelt Jr. an exCt'l"pl from OfsonSeott AwardS Miscellany John Grlntleds) The Erqcioper:fa 01 Fanrasy. S. T. Card'sforthecmingl'lOVelHeaItfire,andac:omrnff'llc:oM'nnlrom '8ritishwrilers~Efldow&llinttH:SidewiseAwards,giVl!ll Joa~ ~oro' ~y, Master ollhe Angio-Irish BruceSleltlng.AeI1tldingtllemediasideolthemagazinetheeover loralternatrve historylales. NonW1ees this)'Ear are: long Imagl/latlOl1:AiehardNathewsFanlasy:ThelJberation ~beaSfarTreIr:TNGpainlingbVBobEgglelonandthereareST Form: Pe1&i Delaeourte fllllll M My Hands (GoIIancz, oIlmaginalion. stcries by A. C,Cltspln ancI John Belaneourt. Del): Mfchael Swanwick J.Jdl FalJS' (Mmervium, ); 'The 1997 Asirnov's Reader Awards went to: Novella HarryTurtledovtHowFewRemain(HOOjer&Slo4rton, AllenSleele·... Where NlgEls Fearto Treac" 10ctIN0v): DEATHS Jerome BlxbV, .4'nerieanwriler, died on 28 ~I trom ~Rev).Sl1or1Fonn:leeAllred'Forlhe~oIthe Novelette: Bill JohnsOll 'WeWlil Drink a Fisn Together comp/icatkw1s after a quali"up!eheart tlypass operation. Bool in 1923, Hiils· (Writers of the FuIlnI XII~; Eugene Bvme & Kim . '(May):Short Story: Mike Resnick "lhe43 Antarean he fsbest remembered 1Ol" the muctl-anthologised sf short story1t"s a Dynasties"lDee): Poem: laurel Winler "wt1~ goIdisl1 Goodl.i1e"(1953),abcxJ1amutanlchildwholerrorizesasmalto''''\~ Newman "Teddy Bear's Pienie·llnlli1lOflf 1221f2t.Badli'l theUSSA,Zeising);RoIandJ"Green"TheK~clPi;Nand's shoolli"llusepowertcds'(Oec):C~Artisl:Chrls was

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'VEREENAWAR£ofllleexistel1ct'OffanzineseverSinceljoinedlheBSFAten TAFF,GUFFetc. trips and stipulate that theyshouldn'l produce a trip report but years ago. They wereoo::asionally mentioned as being avaUable for 'the lust get the essential fans to inlhal a list to prove the person hasbern. Jrwin's ! usual', The usual. if you don't know, includes lellers of comment, artwork, report was interesting, especially the bit where Creg Pickersgill neglf{ted to fanlinesintrade,a~lf-addressed slampedenvelopeand m the case of Claire show the soft marshmallow of his soul to the panellists, but as a general rule trip Bnaley and Mark Plummet" (&WIIIl Wings) reports are not my favourite reading amusilganimals. OO;UesrJlaphroaig (the casJ< strength variely is partiWIarty Then there was KlM Campbell trying to persuade the UK that another welwmel and nlll'malioo aboul...mo Bjl!y Deacon IS. Worldcon here would be fun {I particularly liked the idea of mini-eons in the lanGunn(MilldWallaby)includes run-up}, Oaire with the Greater Croydon Food Guide and Mark on the dangers Cereal Toys allCl Small Gods of transporting a cardboard David Melior around town mhis·usual'. BOB13&14-JanSorensen;A4,EF J never sent mySAE. Why? [suppose beoIuse [didn't know If I'd really want What can [say about BOB? How does [an Sorensen persuade D. West and jim to read a [anzint', because I didn't know what size envelope and how many Barker to prOVide him with such wonderful artwork? I was very taken by the stamps to put on It (pathetic, Iknow) and because mertia IS a huge faclor ID my 'extra large super strength U\flatablese~dragon' lile. Well, alllhat'schanged now. rvebought myl1lvelopes, l'veoought my UnlikeBW, BOB IS a single-author fanzine. lan writl'S it all,evt'll the "Secret stamps. I'm readymg my letters of comment. What's changed? Chris Terran sent Diary of D. We<;t". I"m not 'lUlte sure why rliked BOB so much. Probably it's the nineteen fanzincs to review (deadline in two weeks) and now I'm hoo~ed. me gossip, Not thescumlous sort, Just what romes across as Idlechit-ehat about the The wonderful thing about fanzincs IS that they are about anythmg the people he knows Don't thmk this is dammng with faint pralS(' - idle chlt-ehat is authors like-so there is politics and permaculrurein InlmwlilJlwl RroolutiorUlry an artform of whICh r am partICularly lond, lan's "Llleslyll'S o/the RIch and Gs was that [ knew what Maureen was wnting about With the writer by '-laureen Klncald Speller where Dlana reveals ht>r bizarre but I have not read Altiludt, and in order to reviewtwelvelssuesofafanzineand childhood in fascmJtlllg detail, talks about worms in custard, launching a a ronvt'lltionyou have to assume some knowledge in your readers catamaran whJCh got stuck and had to have take-aways ferried tOlt maroracle. (In fact, that was my main problem with the lanzines gt'llerally. When [knew . and discusses some of her books. Chris Hill looks at Diana'sdisapproval of what people were writing about I usually enjoyed it, when I had no idea it was parents, Maureen reviews Fm' alld Htmlod, Arwyn Finnie (aged 10) reviews TIlt only the very well-written articles that interested me. In ronsequenre, letter Ogrt O(ially vigilant about proo/reading! 'U·iIil i GiitttrdlrnmtrunglJ - Muk McC.M" Tommy Ftrguson, AS, EF and well--atl,1J!ed conctll Fuullv t~re IS I bit about vO)'l'UnstJe tats Of In the i My enJOYment oIttllS fouwne would hne bfm ellwlad by lM inchlSlon 01 t ,~t~~ e:::e:: := ::=n.mmd IS' S1lrter fOf propk> - hl:1' mI' - i pages 5, 6, 19 MId 20. I'd illVI' ilki'd to know the 'I' WZi mthtartlde Ilwl proINbIy.onpagt6..:IlwouJd~lIyhlvtliUdtoIllVl'firushed·Gtd SqlljUItrl,Hor J le 2- Bridgd H.rdcullt; AS,JP/EF Gravy'" by L.elqRefU. ThIS IS proNbly. Wwnt blhtfl'lOrt'eo-ptntnCfd­ ThIS sbds Ul my nund dUdly for ~ my confusion Jbout whether Pill Of INvW tM\l'ICI\lSIOIl oItht.forfmtnhonfd pages woukI hive m.Jdt 11 aD McMumyolttln-f1lllJlUllfllT'ltl5.P.tnailOfil~It·S.V!'r1lUttlighlmD oom IlW Gotl" Corflu W~ iII\ ImWlIg n!V)tW drunkmrlil5! to 111. U"-. 01 01 pmonJI stuff. jOl.e (6.OXI aloneJ 1'Igt's not loo llW\y) and two suet InJlwnp'mfiltfd mll'OWld.C'OI\- Although l'vtnowsotlOlhtlgtwhm I iIrtlde.ontby8nd~sbthtrJboutththousthtliV!5l1l"mdontbyPJI.bout ilVlW¥triYUlaJ«f..n._It,I·Yt'sot~.:IconfustrdlDmllllltSoI bolllbOn.lbrl9Q6~wluchlnCtudfdthtwonderfulJine,: tIus.~ IOb{e.nd Isympallusfd nstlV ~"'~6d""whII"..-:I~e- For~I""lIlOSl. tht/.lstlllllTllhl-1.tKfttnSfGMp At EF/IP oIGU'~ ... tnCI't'-.-~pocr;yc:nteliCM!l..fdledd T1u5~"MriTstnlptforw.dpuptannnt.:ll~umiJdly Ithtnl O'!'Mr~b"lbrrIIltl-..:MI'Q thrl'R5On It waon/y mUdIy ~ Itlt lidof ..abseAonOl' Iht ~0f'IIlI0"S ThIS IS out oImnlt\l lofcoul"$Irl \\-lIItt!ltrJCTlUlty"flnttdllOJC!urvt~ commonly found 1ft fInme.. Rtprdfd ~ 1ft tlpup IlIl'WSItnff ItIS ftr'! good E_ IftIkftI ~Founh Rod. From Iht Sun- pvt _ 18 Ilw snfcrtUal m. Mm I paracaIMty IILfd 1llt So YOII Tlanl T'hm·s Not: fnoupt Sex In Fannne l·vttoMl INS5l:rlISlrKtbJt'tbnc 1IO..-w.ysubscnpllOD 110 tbre:.-d_ Comn'"". wtltre Arut I"ft IIItr ¥'tI'SIan of dlIt dwnpip!lklw1Ob from lalII "'

'w 00£If!El) 10 ll'~m IhalTM SpllJ'Ow has already ~wned both a film ilnd a later, evm though most oIthrm quahfy for bus passes, and Ihm Ignored for every sequel. 11 is always sad when a favourite rv senes ends. especially WIth the oIher confounding factor Even whl'l1lhl'Y reach the planet Rakhat, hll' goes on I [eadUlg performer dead in real hfe with no chance ofa romeback, so thIs much as III the Craggy Island Puochlal House WIth Mrs Doyle constantly presslllg IllSplred postmodem r('nux III WhKh Father Ted, Father Jack. Dougal and fnends thl' pnests to try hellatest examples of ahen C\lJsine, warning them all the while to ronverl Craggy Island into an IIllerslellarspaCOO"aft and bla.sl off 10 AlphaCl'Iltaun wiltchoutfor"vomltlllg ... lntestinalpaln .. ,bloodydlarrhoea ... bleedmgmthe With MI5 Doyle cooking funousl)' all the way IS a wonderful ronllllualion to the bram ... damagetothellltesluu.'sand liver and kidllC)'S., ,N,OIl,goon, Father; canon 01 anarducally surreal eccleslllshcal shenanigans you wiU,you WlUl Naturally. III the modem splnt. thto el/lIloctntnary of the ongmal has been ~'s a Manous sctne III wluch Father Jack duly succumbs to an arse­ dullenged.sothalthfstlYer-~Ifed.angst-nddencentJalcharxtl'l"l!irestylediS bhstmng. t:rousef-bursbng attad:. 01 Rakh.1rs Jt'Yft1ge and Mrs Doyle (who's fhe F'lherSandoz,lht-«mItncold geeur WIth thr iongbroken IlO5emoost a.s ~y doctor as well as everything dsc) suddenly I'9lISe!i that. although she's ISlew 15 hIS as! ryt. loosf...iJ gnn dIs~ytng teeth JUSt as diWvtDed~ remembered 10 p«~ doves. varul1l, yust, sage, thyme and cunun for hunwuty's ~ Mt llltaslellar apedlbOn, sht's Irft all tM mNICIJ'Il5 behInd m the motherslup Dou~lSsentbac"tofetchlhmlandll\iWgeslOustUptheu-enliresupplyolfud, ""'""1' ~Vtng them stnndoo tor all etmuty (or so they 11unl) WIth only one WOfNn of ~es.mdIllgrahtudt towuds the ~ 1nl: rs of women. ""I' know dukfbeanngilgr and all but OIltofthe men fttherabb.Jreor past It who thty iilTe- TlrdPlrI'lIllICilllooJybcflthtrTtd TNNnIW-I/lm Thai non-dllemm.l and IhtetemalquestJOn, 11 God f'X1Sts why does He~ such ForconfirmalKlflCOfl5tderlhedevelopmen'oftheplot.Foralhlrdoflhe~ ilwful things happen to me7 IS all that tl1I'I\alM of F.11Itr Ttd's tn!nChanl lherf IS no 01(1100, no ahm rontilCT even, Jus! SCmt' aftt'l' scene of Mrs Doy~cookJng deconstructJOn 01 tile Cathohc rnurch. but there lSplentyofllltenhonalromedy III for largt'fand largt'l' groups of PfOple IIltercut WIth nashforwanls III whICh a TlIfS/lllffln'. most 01 It III the fonn of faClle dlnneNable ballter In Wh1C1I a bunchol tongue-hed Ted falls toexplalll to the Vahcall how by sheer bad luck and a SCrlt'S prople of dIfferent ~8l"S. DI1g1l1sand cultures 11\'1118 mtllcmd-21SI century man~ge olndlrulous misunderstandlllgs he has managed to get thl' whole parly kil !lodo!f to amuse each other bv con,tantly quotmg t~gs from mld-2Ot1l cl'lltury American and been caught in an ahen brothel with his pants down and the blood of a !Jght enterlalllmffit Unfortunately TlI( SI~mm' IS also 500 pages long, deadly murdered child 01\ hIS hands. Thm,lllon.eol those wacky changesollac~ thal 5CnO\lS, tediously

Mu(\.Jlln.I98':WhNll:In.""e-swJT.lt8t.GrarlcI~t.lichgIn lOllllrNl/ A Stephell R. Lawhead Bibliography NeorYcA:~I996,""'Yor\.A'IONo\q,I"1)[hndfagonC)'dI" o!hMnfR$iIISN(O:rIudI71 Uon,l990;Pu1lJllCI,er.gon t.b'lnomihPress.l990) Compiled by Andrew M. Butler E"'PJ'flO!IP&II](Oxtofdl?! Uon,1990) The Ta. o1ArJn.1bfr1fHfdpf/lOg(Ba1iIva,IIi1ois:UDn,1990,0JI0Id Uon,1990) Ab! VOll Gmwltl. A Wdt III Lilt AIlf< High SdlooI(Gf~ Rii.pids. "'c:t»;an.ZlII'lClef\'an The ra.o1JrKtmy Vo1lI(61IIV1,fif\oIs.Uon. 1990,Ox!OId Uon,I9901 1918) TrIll r"ilIoI rmorlryM.llldrd(D.lla.a.I~'. lion, lm, O.I01d.LIon, I!t90J ArilHdbyVerneBeck8fuAll"VOijGr<1dua1tl AAsl>fdSl,.ptI«IUwhud: £:Irfosions.~~(WhNlOI\__.VIClOl'8ooks, 19&4/ pjgmJ~G

ItAOJ b.d faoIlI\ll about /mill! 5pru.lgnonng the f~ that ill btg~ VersKln Mrs M.1UrMl Robutson IS broughl fortb by MIITlI Rogen, an iICIn.'!iS who, havmg 01 one 01 the most ~rTmUIll Iv shows Amenu rver produced didn't ruUy romlTUlted thecmhnal SIll ofhvmg beymd Itn tturtlelb btrtllday,lS /IOW n-dutai to I fill my dtilwm With tagtr Oll'ItIClPJhOI\, the ntWS thallI would ronlaln tbe most p1a)'lllg gbmorous mom r6Il5. Here ....,. are suppusN to amopt 1h.l1 she IS Iht> cumpuler-gmmltd s~J rif«ts ytt produced for one film (750 UI tutal) didn', mother of. among othm./udy - plaved by tlealherGrah.un, who IS herself 211 years ~wal.Yousct.I'V\"~th.lIlhemorellfM.mdcffon:tbeyspendMdffds old WhICh means. of COUnt, by tilt hme It\( tneVl.tabIe ~uel gnm15 and groans on lhesed.Jys.lhtlest:uneandtffortgoeslllolllCldml.llslile the~p:. 10 our SO"MIS,sht'U beokl enough to play her own room [then found the film wouldn't ~ J cornrdy - 11 wolS. III {Kt. gotnglO be played And speabng of tunf-Ioop paradlhe; wuuldn'lll be rnce If thIS hoan' old plot 1O,lh pMmlystfillght ~ 11l1s newt5tnt through. me ill cold chill thE- bnd of cold cmtnVilIlCl! ,,'1ft used properly 0IK't m a whde' The Robmsons manage 10 faU duD I u:su.aDy ~ on hNnng pl\r.lses Ilkt -Puff Daddy 5IngS Bing~. ""fruit through a lOt III spKf"bmt, Illf\'IlhemSth1!5 romlllg bad the other Way, stumbk me. !'m "nthN_Ubour"or-loM. It'S}'OUf round" ~ the! wmied hull. 01 the rescue stup whICh "'as sent out artl.'l" them la btt ot Well, lhtend productdot5n'Idts.JPJ'OUll.lllwbtauttfulproducbon.exqWSllr ludo IUIly, gtvm tlLll lhlllgl and ll'IW:gt 10 dll' at leoiSt tlon Oh. and GM\ sprml etrects.md l\Iry ill bRill ~ to rts Clt'lbl Evm the (Kt that you know Guy 0Idmm. bend 01 beln& INuced to tlIkmg tolk robot and lhfo ~ 0Idman IS wtmng Iumself for;l lOT 01 money docsfl', SlOp you fedUlg sorry for snolty-nosNJWllurRobmson.tumsllltoa ralherunpres5lI'egwntartoonspder him ~ hr h.ts 10 tell TIlt Robot. With absoIutt ronmioo. "Farewdl. my YOIl ....,ouIdn·tthulLhelYdIt 1IIhun. pYtIluun-pbt\\i ~ !IV\! my reprds lOobhVlllll· 1Ilf'\11ab1y,alilm IO.Tlllfl'\ bv Al.!,'a GoIdtnan.:an't Ill'ap«tcd 101N\..t_ HI!' 5I,) ...i\.Jl'5llaD.oout'lt's.ooulonehowo1lldflftvnunules\Y;hlilYlw tUlSwI lS.afterJltd\tcb.lprespoMlt>lefor&l"",nft"m'r.mJ&t_...JR.oN~ yourself 1t1S('( III ~ (1h.at'S~ t'~y-~'mber Slur y~rs aW ";Ntv on'fIonR rW'lfun/: ~ IS lnMlemt and JOU1ld In ont bIg IU""'')'-huggv endl.',)vwr 10 '\iIvt' \1 llus. IlIlle. lhe spmaI ft~ "lIKh dUlItr l'\'en' framt' a~!=1onou;, japan Imm the 'rull' appaMltlv mwu findmg omother ElrllHype pWll't prmlO $0 ...·f QI'I Rod QVel' a!1\'llJn(lIll.tyl.IO.dJdrsip'll,lI\"dle\\'QIl,'I'i.lI\"rilollUlll.lh...J ..nd ....uph04ognp!k.'l1 rher~and5CTl.'\'o'm.loneuptOO Of C'OIlrW. bi.-Jut\· IS onh' sLn deep COrISe.llM.'fllly. as 1ISlJ.a1, ,lit the nuft mJ uadlll8 tlus~ tndNvo.u IS tile Robll\SOf\ fmllly Thty an to set oltlo AlplLl IIOflSft\Sr on dtsplav IS IlIJlUKally trymg wroVe!" lip till' f.Kt thaloo 00t' realtv has f"rmw:o - l!lfmly other urtb-type plmel: m lhe not t!lf pWy Ibus wdwted­ much 01.1 clur wh.ll ISgoll1g on. least ofa1J lhehap!rssVIt\l·tr. and build a ttlepon-nngy1Umppl~rypMf-thmg to aKl11It nodus. So, does IM Throughoul, lhl~ IS an Lllf'Sapable let-hng lhallhe chaoom a~ really lost 111 8'bw wckome wctul dnvm' Do mom md ber appl~ ptonm"5 get Iher!:' specul effects. wandmng around non-eustenl sets (they call 'em 'vIrtual sets', "1lhoullllCJdl.'l1l1lJoesth.llotbef n.>nu.1II uncharted? Tht due LS m Ihe film's appmontly). stayll'lg mthe bad.ground as much ~ possible. ~1l1l1(: for lhe far mtIn' hlle Il\\preSSl\"t vIsuals to bi.-Io.aded upmlolheloreground and all around lhem Malt Le Blancgors from betng nlcr-buh:hmJrey m Ff1l'IIJs nghl 10lheOllll IItfore 100 Ion&. tilt same CGlledmology whICh has takm a"·JV" (:ood liI'm(: Chlllk-y suJX'fhero role That's hght·wars away, m.:m. There he IS, faoog from set constructors, ellras, mode-! buddm al\ll anllNlor; Wilt soon Ix> 5C.'l.11l11 lrtSurmounlable odds, proternng the rluldnn. nudeal blasl-, T I Hool.t, and TIlt Irrrv S",mgn Shuw. Can'l wall andl.'l1lOhOnlesscharacten ~CJloollA..!IIm:~.ilm

\'fIglflt'I.'Tl'd, Havlllg shown her and hNlth wnlrol hubby Peler Mann Oeremy Northam) whl'rl.' they'd found lhl' bugs, the kids go off In Sl'arch of furth~r dlscovl'n\.'S beforethl'Y Me 'pl,jltl.'d Y{'S, lldsdlc 11\ Ihl~ picture For Q7"1 of Its lenglhIt\",ilhng10 bl'-.ldidofflheyare,W11hsullJblegol'\'.HeWlsdyl.:nol'o'S reviewed by andrew mbutler thallflhemseetisSl!ttlmdaybght(lheysremabletonumlclallm~lnS10lsh.>r ralllcoalS) Ihm the dlUSlOll wlllbeshaltered On Iheolberband. lhe lhOllgbt 01 CJolffi\.If.S Ihe publlClSl5 make 11100 easy (or the reviewer. 'A Bold lIIS«tS btmg ~blt! 10 ny CoUlvmg a human does '!et'ITI far·fetebC\l Lmgel"Ulg upcnmenl. A rkaJly MIStake" Trmptmg to apply 11 to tile film. After .lit, doubts about the IOseetS' ablhlV 10 breatht' al such a Sllt'arl' supposedlv S(WICTl.'dlled)srnptdoctonngbyJohnSaylesandStevl.'l1SonlierlJerEh dlSnussedbydlSCOVerut.jllhatlheyh.l\'eJungsTharsm,lhl.'l1 doesn'Ilt'JltymsPI~ron~ So we're Ul horrortcmlory rJther lhan si. and on thal levcl lldoe!tchlll and Not so much an apenmtnl though. SlI1Cl' ~'rt deep m!JimS lemlW)'. only dlSlUJb, The shots of Mann and Taylof jlropmg fur a droppl?d lon:h wtlen the IhIS tllne our heroine IS stardung for a femlt male (sorm.'1h1ng she shouJd find audlfflaknowsaboulaJ1 II1seetjustbfyond thar reach IS partlrularlymtpy.Al lromc,&,vml\tr~herhusb.tnd·smabihtyIO('Ol'lC('lvt;butl'mgettmgaheadof hme5 then! IS even a sense thalllle char1klefS won't sUMve to "'lIlIlw: day. md m_IO Sorvtno shows real emotionS and br.IlI\S as an~ hero. This h.1s to be "fhreo!o yea,r5 ta~, $Olllt Chlld,Killmg·lJlscast.oI-the-Wtd; was being spread rounlt.'fWl.lI1Cf'dbyllM!f~lhitOlImtS$doeswmlhrdaJ,andoneortwu by rod.roachts.SoentlSlS. whoc\tarly haven'l seen 11_ p.rt, mampu\.ate lhe WlU\lI!t1llOnatty ludlClOUS momm15 puncture the atrnospllere. Certalllly worth a geMS of" ctlIlpk' 01 ms«ts and ~ them off to Wlp! OIIt Manlutun's cocln.wch kIol,butnotlfVOll~atallsqut'.urllsh popubhon. amously lhest lIlSKIS ILlve bm\ olIlered lO !If SlerUe. bul equally dwIv tIus lStI't prig lO Idd up In tilt WIld. Of lhe moVlt would bt rather short NOI'>' I~'S sornrthmS 1\6}' Jr\ the subway. and lhe sarTl!' SCIl'I'IIl'its end up JIlmic-I9S1 Ornenso:IF_ Or«KI'GuierrnoCllllTn Proc1lan!lQoWens!!!II'I CJl!! trxi.mgthrmdown. Bom!dalaJRaci~Mat!newGttenoergMihll'Ratons.oelTn\PllS.km ~nStftWl~~lId)b'aNSlOry!ll'OlnIoAWahIoI5geoaI Bug sprn.t11Sl Sus;tn Ty," lMuo Soo'lllO. best i.no""Il for Woody ABm's 6ctsNIInxMan1"'~lIeb'nI~a;n,Dani.alsten MJ:!tlyApkmllttbtfon .. leftlUmUllO.tInumbn'ofo1CbOlllhds)hasbm'lbrougbt Cull.klls.:r-.JIlImyNcrilarl.Q\arIIsS.OIn two stilY has disppeared oil ma car, and lhe car whether she ClIches the tube tn.m home or not, she 15 muuN. iU1d goes Via dlShnd. John lynch. "",lh Insh ilcrent, is no IMger there, despite this HeIen hosptlJ.llo her guilly·lootmg boyfneJJt Gmy (John Lynch) or is dwmcd by the floppy fnnge and puppy dog tye. not haWlg

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