1986 ANNUAL REPORT National Endowment for the Arts Washington, D.C. Dear Mr. President: I have the honor to submit to you the Annual Report of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Council on the Arts for the Fiscal Year ended September 30, 1986. Respectfully,

Frank Hodsoll Chairman The President The White House Washington, D.C.

April 1987 CONTENTS

CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT 1 THE AGENCY AND ITS FUNCTIONS 5 THE NATIONAL COUNCIL ON THE ARTS7 PROGRAMS 9 11 Design Arts 25 Expansion Arts 33 Folk Arts 51 Inter-Arts 61 Literature 73 Media Arts: Film/Radio/Television 83 Museum 95 Music 117 -Musical Theater 149 Theater 157 167 OFFICE FOR PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP 181 Artists in Education 183 Education Program 187 Locals Test Program 189 State Programs 193 OFFICE FOR PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP197 Challenge 199 Advancement 203 OFFICE OF POLICY, PLANNING, AND RESEARCH 209 Fellowship Program for Arts Managers 210 International 72 Research 212 Special Constituencies 215 APPENDIX 217 Statement of Mission 218 Advisory Panels 219 Financial Summary 239 History of Authorizations and Appropriations 240 CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT

Since over 95 percent of support Another important factor involves Ouf 1986 Annual Report lists for the arts derives from private, new technologies which are radically 4,553 grants by program atea state and local sources, continuing altering the means of public access aggregating $146.6 million; these upward trends in these sources of to both popular culture and the reflect the range of activity of the support, particularly private nonprofit arts. For 1986, video National Endowment for the Arts in support, remain crucial. According cassette revenues may have exceeded Fiscal Year 1986. Once again, we to the American Association of theatrical showing revenues by over are grateful to the 596 panelists and Fund-Raising Counsel, total giving a half-billion dollars. By 1990, VCR 27 members of the National Council increased by approximately 13 ownership is expected to reach 55 on the Arts who advise us on our percent in 1985, reaching an percent of all television households, work. estimated level of $5.09 billion ( presenting major distribution 52 percent from 1981). While opportunities for many art forms. ENVIRONMENT enactment of the Tax Reform Act Other technological changes, such as of 1986 (TRA) has raised questions the spread of cable systems and the The nation has now entered its fifth about future private contributions to introduction of compact disc year of sustained economic the arts, we believe that only the recording, are yet to be fully recovery; inflation, which placed TRA provision with respect to gifts explored and used. severe strains on the finances of arts of appreciated property (important The population continues to age organizations in the late 1970s, last for museum accessions and lead and to shift slightly toward the West year dropped to the lowest level in gifts in major fundraising and South, and from central cities over two decades. The outlook for campaigns) is likely to have negative toward exurbs. Arts organizations continuing real growth in the arts implications; it is still too early to will need to respond to the special fields served by the Endowment will tell what the degree of this negative needs of older participants. New depend in large part on continuing impact might be. cultural "infrastructure" or general economic prosperity. Support from state and local innovative distribution systems may The Bureau of Economic Analysis governments is also strong. The be required to serve new or growing reports that in 1985 revenues of National Assembly of State Arts communities. Hispanic components not-for-profit events Agencies reported in November 1986 of the population will play an increased 11 percent, for the first that state appropriations for the arts increasing role in shaping the time exceeding revenues from for Fiscal Year 1987 total $216.6 nation’s cultural expectations, admission to sporting events. Real million, an increase of 10.8 percent particularly as Immigration Reform GNP grew 2.7 percent in Fiscal Year versus Fiscal Year 1986 (and up 96.5 legislation legalizes large numbers of 1986, and is forecast to grow percent from 1981). This figure people of Hispanic origin in Florida another 3.2 percent in Fiscal Year represents a record high, and again and the Southwest. 1987. This growth should assist the exceeds the budget of the Arts arts generally. During 1986, the Endowment. Local government number of artists employed grew 2 support for the arts has also percent versus 1985, consistent with increased substantially during recent the rate of growth of general civilian years, and the National Assembly of employment. Local Arts Agencies estimates that city and county government support of the arts is expected to increase 109 percent in the period from 1986 to 1988. CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT

ART FORM Space needs ate cited in a number Improved access to commercial of areas in the performing arts; the distribution mechanisms is being Concern continues that financial increased cost of rental space has sought in the area of music stability is being achieved at the become a serious problem for dance recording, book publishing, and expense of quality or daring and and theater in several cities, and film-video production. The Music that too much reliance is placed on many organizations are threatened Program is funding a recording "safe" repertoire, stars, and with losing their space or having to study with regard to the recording blockbuster performances and devote increasing portions of budget and distribution of the work of exhibitions. On the other hand, the toward rent. There is a need for America’s . The craft of performance and smaller second houses to Literature Program has sponsored a production has never been higher; accomodate performance of conference with the Library of are performing more chamber-scale and new work in Congress’s Center for the Book to American music, but still not opera and musical theater. The analyze literary distribution and enough; more than thirty new opera development of improved facilities is look for solutions. The Media Arts and musical theater works have been a concern for mid-sized Program plans to study the issue of produced by major opera organizations in several fields, vídeo cassette distribution and the companiesover the last three years; including dance, expansion arts, and past record of distribution of the and major and emerging folk arts. product of Endowment production choreographers are developing There is a need for increased, grants in order to see how important new work. imaginative use of media on behalf distribution might be improved. Insufficient jobs relative to of the art form and artists, as well talented people seeking careers in as audiences. Last year we funded the arts remains an issue in the two new series, American Masters AUDIENCES performing arts, as does artist and Alive from Off Center; Over the past year, the Endowment compensation, which varies widely America by Design, a series on has continued to develop between fields and within fields. It architecture and design, will air next information regarding broadened is not clear to what extent the fall. There are needs for dance availability and appreciation of the various fie!ds will be able to, or series to help build audiences arts. Of particular interest has been should, expand to support more knowledgeable about the history of creative and performing artists, or a series of Research Division Notes dance, and for additional television providing detailed analysis of data how feasible extension of the paid outlets for ethnic dance, expanded derived from the Study of Public seasons of performing arts presentation of folk artists on Participation in the Arts. companies will be in the foreseeable television and radio, and creative We need to develop, in future. Career entry, transition, and development of opera and musical training problems are cited in the cooperation with public agencies at theater production for television, the regional, state, and local levels, fields of dance, music, and theater, The Museum Program notes the comprehensive strategies to broaden need to address compensation and availability and deepen appreciation job security, as well as improved of the arts nationwide. The needs skills, of museum professionals, and aspirations of rural communities in particular deserve our attention. CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT

Several trends in media have President Reagan and the ¯ Arts in Education implications for the arts and Congress are also allies in this The Endowment has broadened audiences: the decline in commercial cause, and in 1985 the Congress its former Artists in Education network share of television viewer added explicit language to the Program into a new Arts in time, expansion of VCR ownership, Endowment’s enabling legislation Education Program with the goal and the growing reach of cable making arts education in the schools of encouraging serious and systems. Technological advances an explicit purpose of the sequential study of the arts asa (video cassette, compact discs, Endowment’s existence and part of basic education. stereo television, as well as mandating by the end of 1987 a cable/satellite) have the potential for study and report to the President ¯ Local Programs reaching audiences with a greater and the Congress on the state of An extensive evaluation of the diversity of fare. It is less clear arts education and what the Federal Test Program of Support for where that greater diversity will government should do to help. Local Arts Agencies confirmed come from and what its nature will the capacity of Federal dollars be. significantly to increase arts HIGHLIGHTS OF THE PAST funding at the state and local YEAR levels, improve local process and APPRECIATION planning, and stimulate interest Over the past year, the National of the political leadership in the Through advocacy and the broader Endowment for the Arts has taken arts at the local level. We have four major policy steps: mandate of the Arts in Education decided to establish Local Program, the Endowment is * Redirection of Challenge Programs asa full Endowment working with state arts agencies and Beginning in FY 88, the agency Program to continue these other appropriate parties to will accept applications to efforts in the future. encourage the development over "Challenge III" for projects In addition, support for time of serious and sequential arts with the potential to bring about continues to gain momentum. In education in the nation’s schools, long-term enhancement in four September 1986, major figures in Forty-two states applied in the first areas: artistry, access, the jazz world assembled to examine year of the AIE Program’s new appreciation, and non-Federal the field of jazz and consider its category of Arts in Schools Basic support. The emphasis of future. The conference has already Education Grants, anda 1984 study Challenge II on capital resulted in new linkages between the of the Council of Chief State School development will be gradually commercial and not-for-profit Officers has identified twenty-two phased out as remaining sectors of the jazz world and has states that have adopted high school competitive institutions are brought fresh media coverage to the graduation requirements in the arts served for that purpose, field. in the previous five years. The Endowment has an important ¯ Reinstitution of Advancement ally in the encouragement of Following a favorable evaluation progress in arts education in of the Advancement Program, Secretary of Education William the Endowment will reinstitute Bennett; his report on elementary the Program to provide technical education in America specifically assistance and make leverage includes the arts in the "explicit funding available for curriculum" all elementary schools organizational development in ought to provide, and declares that advancing organizations of "the arts are an essential element of excellence. education, just like reading, writing, and arithmetic." CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT

Museums undertook a number of In the field of Expansion Arts, Festival which will complement the exciting projects in 1986 in the areas there continues to be evidence of a Pan American Games opening in of special exhibitions, permanent maturation and stabilization among Indianapolis in August 1987. The collection utilization, and scholarly organizations. Both the Studio Festival will include museum research. Among the significant Museum in and Fondo del exhibitions of Latin American art, a exhibitions were: "The BIood of Sol, a Hispanic visual arts center in display of folk arts which will travel Kings." Dynasty and Ritual in Maya Washington, D.C., have organized to numerous other locations, and Art" at the Kimball Art Museum in exhibitions which have toured performances of Canadian and Fort Worth, Texas; and "Vienna widely. Other organizations, such as Latin American composers by the 1900: Art, Architecture and Design" the Institute of Alaska Native Arts Indianapolis Symphony. at the Museum of in in Fairbanks and the New City. Among permanent Hampshire Charitable Fund in collections reinstalled in newly Concord, are providing excellent FUTURE renovated galleries were the Western service to rural and isolated areas. A principal effort in 1987 will be European holdings at the Museum There have also been some highiy development of our report on the promising developments in the area of Fine Arts, , Texas, and State of Arts Education (including of Western Hemisphere cultural the Co~e Collection at the Baltimore recommendations as to Federal exchange. Record audiences Museum of Art. action in this area) due December The opera and musical theater attended theater, music, and dance 20, 1987, and the first of our fields continue to develop and performances by U.S. Hispanic and biennial State of the Arts Reports consolidate. New opera companies-- Latin American artists presented by due October 1, 1988. Both of these small, in Princeton, New Jersey, the New York efforts were mandated by Congress and very large, in , Theater’s month-long Festival in 1985. Our airo is to develop an California--are beginning, and new Latino in September. Of the several ongoing system of data collection museum professionals who are --by young and analysis and reports that Anthony Davis and established traveling to Latin America on identify and analyze the key issues composer --are Endowment fellowships to explore involved. We look forward to being premiered. In addition, possibilities for exchanges and visual working with the fields anda variety telecasts of opera and musical arts exhibitions, two have already of outside experts on this. theater productions--derived from returned with exhibition plans for performances in the United States their institutions. Plans are under w ay for the Pan American Arts operasand abroad, and including such neWas Menotti’s --are f~~~í~f/~~~ bringing the art form to all areas of the country, urban and rural. Frank Hodsoll Chairman AGENCY AND ITS FUNCTIONS

THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR ENDOWMENT PANELS ON THE ARTS AND THE THE ARTS HUMANITIES The panels serve the individual The National Endowment for the Programs of the Endowment much In 1965 Congress created the Arts, an independent agency of the as the National Council on the Arts National Foundation on the Arts federal government, was created in serves the Endowment asa whole. and the Humanities as an 1965 to encourage and support Together the Council and panels independent agency of the executive American art and artists. Its major provide a system of professional branch of federal government. The goals are to foster artistic excellence peer review to evaluate applications, foundation consists of the National by helping to develop the nation’s identify problems, and develop the Endowment for the Arts, the finest creative , to preserve our policies and programs through National Endowment for the cultural heritage in all its diversity, which the Endowment responds to Humanities, and the Federal to make the arts available to wider, changing conditions. Council on the Arts and the more informed audiences, and to More than 600 private citizens Humanities. The Foundation is a promote the overall financial serve on these panels, whose legislative umbrella concept; it has stability of American arts membership rotates regularly. no administrative or programming organizations. Panelists are appointed by the identity separate from its The Endowment serves asa Chairman with the advice of the components, catalyst to increase opportunities for staff and Council members, as well artists and to spur involvement in as organizations and leaders in the the arts by private citizens, public field. NATIONAL COUNCIL ON THE and private organizations, and the ARTS states and communities. The agency METHODS OF FUNDING Formed in 1964, the National does not direct or interfere with the Council on the Arts preceded by one creative activities of individual Grant money authorized by year the establishment of the artists or arts organizations. Rather, Congress comes to the Endowment National Foundation on the Arts it acts asa partner with the arts- in program funds, the Treasury support community, using federal and the Humanities. Fund, and Challenge Grant funds. The Council is composed of the resources to develop and promote a Most direct grants to organizations broadly conceived national policy of Chairman of the National and individuals come from program support for the arts. Endowment for the Arts, who serves funds. Program grants to arts as Chairman of the Council, and 26 institutions must be matched at least presidentially appointed citizens who CHAIRMAN OF THE dollar-for-dollar. are recognized for their knowledge ENDOWMENT The Treasury Fund of the arts, or for their expertise or allows private donors to pledge gifts profound interest in the arts. The The Chairman of the Arts to specific Endowment grantees. Council is mandated by law to Endowment is appointed by the Each pledge frees an equal amount advise the Chairman on policies, President of the United States, with for the grantee from the Treasury programs, and procedures. It also the advice and consent of the Fund, which is maintained at the must review and make Senate, for a term of four years. Treasury Department. Grantees recommendations on applications The Chairman provides overall must then match the combined total for grants, direction to the work of the of the donor’s pledge plus the Council members serve six-year Endowment. By law, the Chairman Treasury Fund disbursement. terms, staggered so that roughly makes final decisions on policies, Challenge Grants are awarded for one-third of all the Council rotates programs, procedures, and the projects that contribute to the long- every two years, awarding of all grants and term financial stability of grantee contracts, organizations and must be matched on at least a three-to-one basis. NATIONAL COUNCIL ON THE ARTS


Member with terms expiring Members with terms expiring Members with terms Members with terms in 1984": in 1986: expiring in 1988: expiring in 1990: Norman B. Cñamp, Jr. Kurt Herbert Adler C. Douglas Dillon Pñyllis Berney Arts Patron/Trustee Opera Director/Conductor Arts Patron/Trustee Arts Patron/Trustee St. Louis, , California New York, New York Eau Claire, Wisconsin Marlha Graham Allen Drury Joseph Epstein Dance Director/ Novelist Writer/Teacher/Editor Choreographer Tiburon, California Evanston, Illinois New York, New York Celeste Holm Helen Frankenthaler Arthur I. Jaeobs Actress Painter Arts Patron/Trustee New York, New York New York, New York Fernandina Beach, Florida Raymond J. Learsy Margaret Hillis Robert Joffrey Arts Patron/Trustee Choral Director Dance Director/ New York, New York , Illinois Choreographer New York, New York Samuel Lipman M. Kingston Music Critic/Publisher Architect/Former State Arts Toni Morrison New York, New York Council Chairman Author Salt Lake City, Utah Grand-View-on-Hudson, George Schaefer New York Theater, Film, Television Talbot MacCarthy Producer State Arts Council Member I.M. Pei Beverly Hills, California St. Louis, Missouri Architect New York, New York Robert Stack Carlos Moseley Actor Symphony Lida Rogers Los Angeles, California President/Board Chairman Former State Arts Agency Spartanburg, Director William L. Van Alen South Carolina Hattiesburg, Mississippi Architect Wilmington, Delaware Jacob Neusner Writer/Scholar/Professor Providence, Rhode Island LIoyd Richards Theater Director/Producer New Haven, James Wood Museum Director Chicago, Illinois *Term extended until Class of 1990 was sworn in. PROGRAMS




Caniparoli, Val W. Lerman, Elizabe,h A. Sterling, Awilda DANCE San Francisco, CA Washington, DC Santurce, PR GRANTS Cheng, Maria Marks, Victoria E. Streb, Elizabeth A. 355 GRANTS , MN New York, NY New York, NY PROGRAM FUNDS: Coleman, Jr., James S. and Martin, Nina Terry, Keith L. $8,663,600 T.S. Friedman New York, NY El Sobrante, CA South Hadley, MA TREASURY FUNDS: Miller, Beryl A. Vieira, Jelon G. Condos, Steve New York, NY New York, NY $300,000 Hollywood, FE Morgan, Victoria Wadleigh, Renee Connor, Lee San Francisco, CA New York, NY Placitas, NM CHOREOGRAPHER’S Naharin, Ohad Warden, Susan L. FELLOWSHIPS Erickson, Betsy J. New York, NY Kansas City, KS San Francisco, CA To provide funds for any Okada, Kimi D. West, Daniel F. Erkert, Jan K. San Francisco, CA Washington, DC project or activity that Chicago, IL willfurther a Pearson, Gerald A. and White, Donna M. choreographer’s Fisher, Ellen M. Sara R. Salt Lake City, UT development. , NY New York, NY Wong, Mel 90 GRANTS Gladstein, Deborah L. Pena, Raquel New York, NY $636,000 New York, NY Washington, DC Woodson, Wendy The following Goode, Joseph A. Rease, Bob J. Washington, DC choreographers received San Francisco, CA Lake Oswego, OR Young, Bill $5,000 each: Graney, Patricia M. Reed, Peter S. New York, NY , WA New York, NY Alum, Manuel A. New York, NY The following Harkarvy, Benjamín Ren-Lay, Judith choreographers received Merrick, NY Beck, Christopher B. New York, NY $8,000 each: San Francisco, CA Holland, Fred A. Richman, Camden New York, NY Armitage, Karole Beck, W. Terry Oakland, CA New York, NY , PA l-Iong, Sin Cha Riley, Deborah S. New York, NY Brooklyn, NY Bernd, John J. Berky, Robert W. New York, NY Saugerties, NY Horvath, Ian Rios, Ramon New York, NY Boyce, Johanna D. Bowers, Martha Dorchester, MA Brooklyn, NY Hoboken, NJ Houston-Jones, Ishmael Rockoff, Renee M. Buckley, Timothy R. Brumgart, Sarah L. New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY Dripping Springs, TX Indrani Rose, Mitchell New York, NY Cummings, Blondell Bufalino, Brenda D. New York, NY East Elmhurst, NY New York, NY Jaremba, Thomas T. Rosen, Meriam L. Chicago, IL , James H. M. Buntz, Gina E. Washington, DC New York, NY Dearborn Heights, MI Jaroslow, Risa Solbrig, Elizabeth A. Dunham, Katherine Buraczeski, Daniel J. New York, NY Glenview, IL East St. Louis, IL New York, NY LeFan, John C. Soll, Beth E. San Francisco, CA Cambridge, MA


Karol Armitage, and Gross, Sally Charlip, Remy Aman Folk Ensemble New York, NY Los Angeles, CA $48,700 Charles Molton. New York, NY To support four weeks of Moschen, Michael J. touring and three weeks of Brecht Forum, Inc. Halprin, Anna S. rehearsals. New York, NY $8,500 Kentfield, CA New York, NY To support dancers’ salaries American Deaf Dance and production costs related Hoving, Lucas The following Company to Crowsfeet Dance San Francisco, CA choreographers received Austin, TX $9,700 Collective’s creation of a fundsfor a three-year To support the new work entitled Barbie’s Kaye, Pooh fellowship (total of commissioning of a new Revenge during the 1985-86 New York, NY $36,O00for a three-year work by Bill T. Jones, and season. period beginning in the new staff position of Lamhut, Phyllis 1986): Director of Development for Bucket Dance , Inc. New York, NY the Sharir Dance Company. Rochester, NY $29,000 BIossom, Beverly S. To support domestic touring Lemon, Ralph S. Urbana, IL Ballet Foundation of anda series of 21 New York, NY Milwaukee, Inc. performances in Rochester, Cook, Charles C. Milwaukee, WI $43,800 New York. Marshall, Susan S. New York, NY To support domestic touring New York, NY by the Milwaukee Ballet in Capoeira Foundation, Inc. Hay, Deborah the 1986-87 season. New York, NY $9,700 Morris, Mark W. Austin, TX To support artistic fees and Seattle, WA Ballet Oklahoma, Inc. production expenses for Oklahoma City, OK $14,600 FestaBrazil ’86 and Overlie, Mary G. To support four weeks of DanceBrazil Winter/Spring New York, NY rehearsals and an Oklahoma Dance Series. DANCE City performance series. Payne, Jimmy COMPANY Caribbean Dance Company, Chicago, IL Ballet Theatre Voundation, Inc. GRANTS Inc. St. Croix, VI $9,700 Pennison, Marleen A. New York, NY $389,400 To support one performance New York, NY To help dance companies To support the salaries of season on St. Croix during realize projects that best Perez, Rudolph touring personnel for 14 the 1986-87 season. serve their artistic and weeks of domestic touring. Los Angeles, CA managerial needs both at Cassandra Dance l"heatre home and on tour Ballet West Corporation Petronio, Stephen J. Salt Lake City, UT $107,100 New York, NY $15,100 New York, NY 120 GRANTS To support the company’s To support a two-week schedule of performance rehearsal period anda Rethorst, Susan PROGRAM FUNDS: and rehearsal periods, and six-week domestic tour of New York, NY $5,487,500 the production.of Arma Rachel Lampert & Dancers. Karenina by Andre Sanasardo, Paul S. TREASURY FUNDS: Prokovsky. CDS Dance, Inc. New York, NY $300,000 New York, NY $9,700 Bella Lewitzky Dance To support a New York Skura, Stephanie season at the Joyce Theater, Brooklyn, NY The following grants Foundation support activities during Los Angeles, CA $53,800 domestic touring, and the the 1986-87 season: To support artistic salaries development and printing of Slater, Deborah J. for domestic touring, promotional materials for San Francisco, CA Aims of Modzawe, Inc. rehearsal periods, and the Daniel Lewis Dance: A Jamaica, NY $11,700 creation of a new work by Repertory Company. The following To support expenses of Bella Lewitzky. choreographers received presenting ten performances Changing Times Tap $12,000 each: of the Dinizulu Dancers, Boston Ballet, Inc. Dancing Company, Inc. Drummers, and Singers in Boston, MA $58,400 New York, NY $9,700 Bealty, Talley . To support the To support the employment New York, NY commissioning of three new of a full-time administrator, works by Kenneth Rinker, a New York City season,


and production of the tap Dan Wagoner Dance New York City by Sounds with a symphony orchestra festival "By Word of Foundation, lnc. in Motion. and 13 weeks of domestic Foot." New York, NY $34,100 touring for Bill T. To support the new position and Drums of Jones/Arnie Zane & Chicago City Ballet of company manager, the Africa, lnc. Company. Chicago, IL $28,500 creation of new works, and Brooklyn, NY $19,700 To support 20 weeks of a New York City season. To support two weeks of Foundation for Independent dancers’ rehearsal salaries, performances in New York Artists, lnc. Dance Kaleidoseope, Inc. City, and eight weeks of New York, NY $14,600 Chicago Repertory Dance Indianapolis, IN $9,700 performances on tour by the To support a New York Ensemble To support a new work Charles Moore Dance City home season, a five- Chicago, IL $9,700 choreographed by Gary Theatre. city domestic tour, and the To support the salary of the Masters and Fred Mathews. position of company executive director. Dayton Contemporary manager for Eiko and Dance Projects, Inc. Dance Guild, Inc. Koma. Choreographics, Inc. Boston, MA $9,700 Dayton, OH $24,400 Berkeley, CA $9,700 To support the preparation To support artistic fees, Foundation for Independent To support a new work by and presentation of a season technical staff, local and Artists, Inc. Wendy Rogers for the of new and repertory works statewide touring, a self- New York, NY $14,600 Wendy Rogers Dance in New York by Beth Soll & produced concert series, and To support the creation and Company. Company. the salaries of administrative performance of a new work personnel, by Mark Morris and five Cincinnati Ballet Company, Dance Solos, Inc. weeks of domestic touring lnc. New York, NY $9,700 Dean Dance &Music for the Mark Morris Dance Cincinnati, OH $24,200 To support the research, Foundation, lnc. Group. To support travel and per preparation, and production New York, NY $82,800 diem costs associated with of major solo dance works To support a two-week Foundation for Modern the company’s second home by Mary Wigman; anda home season in New York Dance, Inc. in . New York City home season City, and domestic touring New York, NY $39,000 under the direction of by the Laura Dean Dancers To support three weeks of Concert Dance Company, artistic director Annabelle and Musicians. rehearsal, a one-week New Inc. Gamson. York City season, and five Watertown, MA $9,700 Dimensions Dance Theater, weeks of domestic touring To support the Dance Theatre Foundation lnc. for the Erick Hawkins commissioning of a new New York, NY $267,800 Oakland, CA $9,700 Dance Company. work by Rosalind Newman. To support a home season To support the salary of an at City Center Theater; 17 administrative director. Foundation for the Joffrey Crowsnest, lnc. weeks of domestic touring; Ballet, Inc. Fairfield, CT $22,100 the creation of new works Don Redlich Dance New York, NY $243,400 To support the creation of a by Alvin , Elisa Monte, Company, Inc. To support four home new work to add to the Lynn Taylor-Corbett, Mark New York, NY $9,700 seasons in New York and company’s repertoire, and Morris and Dove; To support a New York Los Angeles, 20 weeks of four weeks of domestic and ten weeks of rehearsal. City season, rehearsal, anda ten-week touring, domestic tour. Dance Theatre of Harlem, E. Monte Motion, lnc. Cunningham Dance Inc. New York, NY $9,700 Friends of Station, Foundation, lnc. New York, NY $243,400 To support the creation of a lnc. New York, NY $243,400 To support a new work choreographed by Santa Cruz, CA $12,200 To support the preparation production, domestic Elisa Monte, a six-week To support a series of of new works by Merce touring, 15 weeks of domestic tour, collaborative concerts in the Cunningham, 14 weeks of rehearsal, and the administrative staff, and the 1986-87 season by Tandy rehearsal, two weeks of company’s Development and development of marketing Beal & Company. self-produced performances Marketing Office. materials for the Elisa at City Center in New York Monte Dance Company. Hartos Way, lnc. City, distribution of the Dance Visions, lne. New York, NY $14,600 media repertory, and ten New York, NY $9,700 Foundation for Dance To support the creation of a weeks of domestic touring. To support dancers’ and Promotion, Inc. new work choreographed by choreographers’ New York, NY $24,300 Rachcl Harms anda New performance and rehearsal To support the creation of a York season. costs for a home season in new work to be performed

14 ­ DANCE

Harry’s Foundation, Inc. Hubbard Street Dance Kathryn Posin Dance a self-produced season at New York, NY $29,200 Company Foundation, Inc. the Joyce Theater, and five To support the creation of a Chicago, IL $9,700 New York, NY $9,700 weeks of rehearsals. new work choreographed by To support a choreographer­ To support the creation of a Senta Driver, the company’s in-residence program, new work by Kathryn Posin Marleen Pennison & performance schedule, and for her company, anda Dancers, Inc. the development of lnstitute of Puerto Rican New York City season at the New York, NY $9,700 marketing materials. Culture Joyce Theater. To support the development San Juan, PR $9,700 of a new dance by Marleen Hartford Ballet, Inc. To support a six-week Kei Takei’s Moving Earth, Pennison anda one-week Hartford, CT $9,700 rehearsal period, home Inc. self-produced season in New To support a three-week season, and the creation of New York, NY $22,100 York City. rehearsal period, a new work by Ramon To support the creation and Molina for Ballets de San rehearsal of a new dance by Center of Harvest Dance Foundation, Juan. Kei Takei and related , Inc. Ltd. administrative salaries. New York, NY $194,700 New York, NY $17,900 Institute of Puerto Rican To support the creation of To support a one-week New Culture Lost and Foundation for the one new work by Martha York City season, two San Juan, PR $9,700 Arts, Inc. Grabara and four revivals weeks of domestic touring, To support dancer rehearsal New York, NY $12,200 during a 12-week rehearsal and salary support fora salaries and the creation of To support dancer rehearsal period, anda three-week fuIl-time company new works for Ballet and performance salaries, a performance season at City administrator. Concierto de Puerto Rico. professional marketing Center Theater in New campaign, and a New York York. Hieronymus Foundation, Jazz Tap Ensemble, Inc. season for Jennifer Muller & Inc. North Hollywood, CA The Works. Dance Theatre, New York, NY $9,700 $48,700 Inc. To support the full-time To support ongoing Lubovitch Dance College Park, MD $9,700 salary of, and the creation administrative, travel, and Foundation To support dancer salaries, of new works by, artistic production costs; anda self- New York, NY $60,900 the production of works by director Bob Bowyer for his produced season in New To support a one-week Kei Takei and Mark Morris, company, American Ballet York City. season in New York City, production of work for the Comedy. and nine weeks of domestic Young Audiznces program, Jose Limon Dance touring by the Lar and self-produced seasons in Baltimore aad Philadelphia. High Tide Dance, Inc. Foundation Lubovitch Dance Company. $9,700 New York, NY $24,400 New York, NY Mel Wong Dance To support the creation of a To support the creation of a Mandala Folk Dance new work by Risa Jaroslow, new work by Meredith Ensemble, Inc. Foundation, Inc. and the acquisition of Monk, a summer residency, Cambridge, MA $10,700 New York, NY $9,700 Harmonica Breakdown by a New York City season, To support the addition of To support the produCtion Jane Dudley for Risa and ten weeks of domestic new choreography from of a New York City season; the creation, development Jaroslow and Dancers. touring. Hungary by Sandor Timar, and the establishment of a and production of a new Kahn Majors and Dancers, group work; and the House Foundation for the development project to employment of a part-time Arts, Inc. Inc. increase the ensemble’s long- New York, NY $97,400 New York, NY $9,700 range financial stability, administrator. To support the production To support a rehearsal of a feature-length film, the period and three public Margaret Jenkins Dance Mid-Man Dance position of a full-time performances by the Studio, Inc. Foundation, Inc. director of development, Hannah Kahn Dance San Francisco, CA $27,700 New York, NY $29,200 domestic touring, and the Company. To support the creation of a To support three weeks of domestic touring, a one- continued film and video new work and domestic Kansas City Ballet Assoc. week New York City home documentation of the works touring for the Margaret of for Kansas City, MO $19,500 Jenkins Dance Company. season, and the creation of Meredith Monk/The House. To support rehearsals and a new work by Artistic the 1986-87 performance Maria Benitez Spanish Director Myers. season in Kansas City. Dance Company New York, NY $34,500 To support I 1 weeks of domestic touring, including


Mordine & Company New York City Ballet, Inc. Agnes DeMille’s Fall River Pennsylvania Dance Chicago, IL $9,700 New York, NY $138,100 Legend, dancer training, Theater, Inc. To support rehearsal salaries TF $300,000 and to support rehearsal State College, PA $9,700 for dancers and the creation To support rehearsal periods periods. To support a ten-week of a new work by Artistic and domestic touring, rehearsal period and Director Shirley Mordine. Oberlin Dance Collective administrative activity New York City Ballet, Inc. San Francisco, CA $24,400 related to touring. New Arts Foundation New York, NY $200,000 To support 24 weeks of Emeryville, CA $9,700 To support a special tour of dancer salaries and the Performing Artservices, Inc. To support the salary of the three cities on the West position of company New York, NY $9,700 new position of general Coast in the fall of 1986. manager for ODC/San To support the creation of a manager, and the creation Francisco. new work by Molissa and production of a new New York City Hispanic- Fenley, and the salary of a dance choreographed by American Dance Company, Ohio Chamber Ballet full-time company manager Nancy Karp for Nancy Karp Inc. Akron, OH $43,800 for Molissa Fenley & + Dancers. New York, NY $36,500 To support the Ohio Ballet Dancers. To support a two-week New in the creation of a new New Dance Ensemble York City season at the work by Heinz Poll anda Performing Artservices, Inc. Minneapolis, MN $12,200 Joyce Theater, a four-week fourth performance week in New York, NY $14,600 To support the creation of a rehearsal period, and a new . To support the creation of a new work by Merce work by Vicente Nebrada new work by Karole Cunningham, company for Ballet Hispanico. Original Ballets Foundation, Armitage for her company. training, and the position of Inc. managing director. Nikolais/Louis Foundation New York, NY $77,900 Philadelphia Dance for Dance To support two weeks of Company New Dance Theatre, Inc. New York, NY $39,000 domestic touring by the Feld Philadelphia, PA $24,200 Denver, CO $9,700 To support the creation of Ballet, a full-time booking To support administrative To support the creation of a new works by Murray representative, three weeks salaries, rehearsal and new work by Donald Louis, four weeks of of rehearsals, and six weeks performance salaries for 12 McKayle for the Cleo rehearsals, a New York City of New York City dancers, and a Philadelphia Parker Robinson Dance home season, and 13 weeks performances at the Joyce season. Ensemble. of domestic touring for the Theater. Murray Louis Dance Pick Up Performance New Jersey Ballet Company, Company. Pacific Northwest Ballet Company, Inc. Inc. Association New York, NY $55,400 West Orange, NJ $9,700 Nikolais/Louis Foundation Seattle, WA $146,100 To support the creation of a To support the salary of a for Dance To support a self-produced new work by Gordon, full-time development New York, NY $73,000 home season and four-and­ a New York City season, person. To support the creation of one-half weeks oí domestic and six weeks of domestic new works by Alwin touring, touring. New Life Dance, Inc. Nil~olais, six weeks of New York, NY $9,700 rehearsals, a New York City Paul Taylor Dance Pilobolus, Inc. To support the creation and home season, and ten weeks Foundation, Inc. Washington, CT $29,900 production of a new work, of domestic touring. New York, NY $267,800 To support the creation of a anda three-week domestic To support the creation of new work to be tour by the Pearson Dance North Carolina Dance three new works and the choreographed by Robby Company. Theatre revival of older repertoire by Barnett and Alison Chase. Winston-Salem, NC $43,800 Paul Taylor, domestic New York Dance To support ah eight-week touring, anda self-produced Ballet Theatre, Company, Inc. rehearsal period, the home season. Inc. New York, NY $9,700 expansion and development Pittsburgh, PA $53,600 To support the production of multiple home seasons in Pennsylvania Ballet To support the production of a baroque ballet, various communities of Association and creation of works by domestic touring, and the North Carolina, and Philadelphia, PA $97,400 Paul Taylor, Antony Tudor, salary for a part-time regional touring. To support seven-and-one­ Helgi Tomasson, Andre administrator, hall weeks of salaries for Prokovsky, and Daniel Oakland Ballet Company & the company’s artistic Levans; and rehearsal Guild personnel, periods for the development Oakland, CA $29,200 and maintenance of To support the restaging of repertoire.


Pittsburgh Dance AIIoy Wendy Perron and the tour, and the position of time administrator for Pittsburgh, PA $9,700 production of a season at general manager for the Ze’Eva Cohen and Dancers. To support the company’s Marymount Charles Moulton Dance home season at the Eddy Theatre for the Wendy Company. Zero Moving Company Theatre and the creation of Perron Dance Company. Philadelphia, PA $16,700 a new work by Mark Transmedia Kinetrics To support a rehearsal Taylor. San Francisco Ballet Coalition, Inc. period, the creation of a Association New York, NY $9,700 full-length work, a home Portland State University San Francisco, CA $126,600 To support a New York season, and domestic Portland, OR $8,600 To support home City home season and salary touring. To support four weeks of performances, eight weeks support for a company dancer salaries for The of domestic touring, manager for Kenneth King Zivili Kolo Ensemble Company We Keep. production of a new work and Dancers/Company. (3ranville, OFI $9,700 by Helgi Tomasson, anda To support the restaging of Princeton Ballet Society 24-week rehearsal period. Dance new works dealing with New Brunswick, NJ $9,700 Company, Inc. minorities living in To support the expansion of School of Knocks, New York, NY $87,600 Yugoslavia, and works from the 1986-87 season by three Inc. To support salaries and Hungary and Austria. weeks. New York, NY $9,700 production costs for a new To support a New York dance by Trisha Brown, The following grants Ram Island Dance Center City season by Yoshiko seven weeks of domestic support activities during Portland, ME $13,500 Chuma and The School of touring, and salary support the 1987-88 season: To support expansion and Hard Knocks. for two understudies. development of the Nikolais/Louis Foundation company’s home season Sidewalk Dance Theatre, Tulsa Ballet Theatre, Inc. for Dance performances, expansion of Inc. Tulsa, OK $9,700 New York, NY $75,700 domestic touring, anda Knoxville, TN $9,700 To support the positions of To support rehearsals, fundraising/marketing To support the company’s production manager and domestic touring, anda campaign, tenth-year anniversary wardrobe mistress. New York City season. celebration of three concert Repertory Dance Theatre performances and the Twyla Tharp Dance Paul Taylor Dance Salt Lake City, UT $29,200 creation of a new work by Foundation, Inc. Foundation, Inc. To support the acquisition artistic director Annie New York, NY $170,400 New York, NY $260,300 of new works; home season Genung. To support the creation of To support the creation of production; increased new works by Twyla Tharp, three new works, the revival rehearsal weeks; travel for Solomons Company-Dance, the maintenance of current of five works by Paul the artistic director; and the Inc. repertory, the addition of Taylor, a New York City engagement of company New York, NY $19,500 apprentice dancers, and season, and domestic teachers, artistic consultants, To support the position of a domestic touring, touring. and accompanists, full-time general manager and the creation and Washington Ballet Ringside, Inc. production of a new work Washington, DC $34,100 New York, NY $9,700 by Gus Solomons. To support the restaging of To support artistic costs for Fille Mal Gardee by DANCE/FILM/ three new works by Thabo Dance Foundation, Fernand Nault. VIDEO Elizabeth Streb for her Inc. company. Staten Island, NY $14,600 Wildflower Dance Theatre To support two two-week Brigade To help individuals and Rio Grande Union, Inc. residencies and the Oakland, CA $8,500 organizations document New York, NY $14,500 development of a To support the Dance rnajor works or extend To support the creation and promotional campaign for Brigade’s four-week tour the art of dance through presentation of a new work the Clive Thompson Dance through the southern states the use oí film and by Douglas Dunn for Company. during the 1985-86 season, videotape. Douglas Dunn & Dancers. Thought Movement Motor, Ze’Eva Cohen Dance Inc. Foundation, Ltd. 16 GRANTS Roxanne Dance Foundation, PROGRAM FUNDS: Inc. New York, NY $11,700 New York, NY $9,700 New York, NY $9,700 To support a season at the To support the creation and $305,000 To support the creation and Joyce Theater in New York production of a new work, rehearsal of a new work by City, a five-city domestic and the position of a part-


Buckley, Timothy R. dance vídeo based on, and Rose, Kathy L. of 14 dance companies and New York, NY $15,000 the extension of, previous New York, NY $10,000 eight commissions during To support the production video works by Eiko & To support Syncopations, a the 1986 American Dance of the dance/video Plenty of Koma. piece combining live with Festival. Free Parking, a filmed dance. collaborative project with Inter-Media Art Center Anchorage Concert Kenn Beckman and "Blue" Huntington, NY $11,100 Trisha Brown Dance Association, lnc. Gene Tyranny. To support the production Company, Inc. Anchorage, AK $21,900 of videotapes in New York, NY $16,000 To support transportation School of collaboration with selected To support a half-hour costs and fees for the , Inc. choreographers and/or television program on the presentation of four dance New York, NY $25,000 dance companies, creation and performance of companies such as the To support a 60-minute a new collaborative dance Martha Graham Dance video documenting technical Jacob’s Pillow Dance work. Company, the AIvin Ailey studies anda major work of Festival, Inc. American Dance Theatre, Charles Weidman. Lee, MA $12,000 WGBH Educational Bella Lewitzky Dance To support the continued Foundation Company, and Nina Wiener Colorado Dance Festival, transfer of film footage of Boston, MA $35,000 and Dancers during the Inc. ’s Men Dancers. To support the half-hour 1986-87 season. Boulder, CO $15,000 video-dance program To support a special two- Kaye, Pooh entitled Adventures of a Arts Assembly of week dance/film/video New York, NY $15,000 Post Modern Hoofer, with Jacksonville, Inc. symposium. To support the continued artist Bill Irwin. Jacksonville, FL $4,300 creation of dance/film To support artists’ fees and Cunningham Dance works involving the related costs for Foundation, Inc. animation of inanimate presentation of three or four New York, NY $20,000 objects. dance companies, including To support the second in a GRANTS TO the Paul Taylor Dance series of videotapes New York Public Library DANCE Company, the Feld Ballet, demonstrating the modern Astor, Lenox and Tilden and the Jose Limon Dance dance technique of Merce Foundations PRESENTERS Company during the Cunningham, narrated by New York, NY $45,000 1986-87 Come Downtown to . To support the continued To enable experienced Dance! series. services to the dance field sponsors to present Educational Broadcasting through development and professional dance events Arvada Center for the Arts Corporation preservation of the Dance of the highest artistic and Humanities New York, NY $25,000 Collection’s film and quality. Arvada, CO $6,500 To support the research and videotape archive, and To support artists’ fees for development phase of a through its program of 67 GRANTS the David Taylor Dance television series that will original film documentation. Theatre, the Copasetics, PROGRAM FUNDS." provide an overview of the Joffrey II, Joyce Trisler history and development of Performing Artservices, Inc. $918,900 Danscompany, and the Cleo dance in the context of its New York, NY $15,000 Parker Robinson Dance American Center for relationship to world culture To support a dance/vídeo Ensemble on the 1986-87 Students and Artists and history, collaboration between Dance Series. choreographer Charles Paris, France $4,300 To support the American Folklore Media Center Moulton and videographer Asia Society, lnc. dance series, and associated Albuquerque, NM $10,900 John Sanborn. New York, NY $4,300 To support the completion residency activities involving To support the presentation artists or companies such as of a 16mm film on the Pick Up Performance of a series of dance Danza Azteca of Conchero Company, Inc. Molissa Fenley, Margaret programs during the 1986-87 Jenkins, Mary Overlie, Lillo dance movement among New York, NY $25,000 season exploring the work Way, Bebe Miller, Ishmael Mexican-American groups in To support the production of Asian American artists Houston-Jones, Fred the Southwest. of two ten-minute and western artists whose videotapes by David Gordon Holland and . work has been influenced by Foundation for lndependent in collaboration with John Asian art and philosophy. Artists, Inc. Sanborn, a continuation of American Dance Festival, Inc. New York, NY $I0,000 the concept inifiated with To support the creation of a the creation of "ten-minute Durham, NC $48,000 T.V." To support the presentation


Ballet Aspen, Inc. of three major dance Colorado Dance Festival, Creative Time, Inc. Aspen, CO $17,500 companies, such as Laura Inc. New York, NY $4,300 To support lees for six Dean Dancers and Boulder, CO $17,500 To support artists’ dance companies such as the Musicians, the Feld Ballet, To support artists’ lees and commissions and related Ohio Ballet, the Jose Limon Hubbard Street Dance production expenses for the presentation costs for dance Dance Company, Ballet Company, The Lar 1986 Colorado Dance artists appearing at various West, Blondell Cummings Lubovitch Company, or Festival. sites during the 1986-87 and Keith Terry, and the Pilobolus, during the performance season. Copasetics during the 1986 1986-87 season. Colorado Springs Dance festival. Theatre D.C. Wheel Productions, City Celebration, Inc. Colorado Springs, CO Inc. Baltimore Theatre Project, San Francisco, CA $4,300 $6,500 Washington, DC $13,200 Inc. To support honoraria for To support lees and related To support the presentation Baltimore, MD $6,500 five professional dance expenses of the Houston of Kei Takei, Liz Lerman To support the presentation companies appearing in the Ballet fora half-wéek and the Dance Exchange, of 12 dance companies 1986 Ethnic Dance Festival. residency in Colorado Susan Alexander and David during the 1986-87 season. Springs as part of the Robinson, Sharon Wyrrick, City of San Antonio 1986-87 season. Dianne Frank and Deborah Board of Trustees of the San Antonio, TX $4,300 Riley, Assane Konte, Chen Leland Stanford Junior To support artists’ lees for Columbia College & Dancers, and Marta Renzi University companies such as Chen & Chicago, IL $10,500 during the 1986-87 season. Stanford, CA $4,800 Dancers, Hubbard Street, To support artists’ lees, To support artists’ lees and Chuck Davis Dance marketing and promotion Dance Saint Louis production costs for the Company, Sounds in costs for the presentation of St. Louis, MO $10,900 presentation of Hubbard Motion, Black Ballet Jazz, six dance companies of To support the presentation Street Dance Company, Impulse, Bucket Dance artists on the Danseries and of Dance Theatre of Nikolais Dance Theatre, Theatre, and Dance Theatre four dance companies or Harlem, Kansas City Ballet, Chitresh, Washington of Harlem during the Carver artists on the Here & Now Martha Graham, Aman, Ballet, and Bucket Dance Community Cultural series during the 1986-87 Nikolais, Leslie Friedman, Company during the Center’s 1986-87 season, season. Dinosaur, American 1986-87 season. Ballroom Theatre, Molissa College Community Community Culture of Fenley, and Bucket Dance Boston Dance Umbrella Services, Inc. , Inc. Theatre during the 1986-87 Cambridge, MA $8,700 Brooklyn, NY $13,000 Flushing, NY $8,700 season. To support the presentation To support the presentation To support artists’ lees for of three dance companies in of four-to-six major the 1986-87 dance series at Dance Theater Workshop, week-long residencies during American dance companies, Colden Center, including Inc. the 1986-87 season, such as the Atlanta and several companies such as New York, NY $48,000 Kansas City Ballets, and Aman, Cincinnati-New To support the presenting Brooklyn Academy of Hubbard Street, as part of Orleans Ballet, Alvin Ailey, series DTW Presents, The Music, Inc. an eight-company dance Laura Dean, Oakland Out-of-Towners, The 11 Brooklyn, NY $31,200 series during the 1986-87 Ballet, Bill Cratty, Jose O’Clock New(s), Split To support lees for the season. Molina Bailes Espanoles, Stream, and Fresh Tracks presentation of six dance Maria Benitez, Ohio Ballet, during the 1986-87 season. companies on the 1986 Next College of the Virgin Islands and Twyla Tharp Dance Wave Festival, the St. Thomas, VI $4,300 Company. Danspace Project, Inc. presentation of the Twyla To support artists’ lees and New York, NY $10,500 Tharp Dance Company, the related travel costs for the Contemporary Dance To support the presentation DanceAfrica/Brooklyn presentation of the Rod Theater, Inc. of 24 choreographers and/or Ethnic Festival, and the Rodgers Dance Company, Cincinnati, OH $6,500 companies during the presentation of 20 dance Caribbean Dance Company, To support publicity and 1986-87 season. companies in the 1986 and Ballet Theatre of the promotion expenses, Celebrate Brooklyn Festival Virgin Islands during the technical and production Fredric R. Mann Music during the 1986-87 season. 1986-87 season at the expenses, and artists’ fees Center Reichhold Center for the for the presentation of six Philadelphia, PA $4,000 Chicago Theatre Group, Arts. dance artists during the To support artists’ fees for Inc. 1986-87 season, the Pennsylvania Ballet Chicago, IL $13,000 during the 1986 summer To support the presentation season.


Fulton Opera House from all over the United MoMing Dance & Arts Performing Arts Center and Foundation States during the 1986 Center, Inc. Theater, Inc. Lancaster, PA $8,700 Festival. Chicago, IL $13,200 Clearwater, FL $13,000 To support lees to the Ohio To support the presentation To support artists’ lees and Ballet, American Ballet Joyce Theatre Foundation, of a variety of artists on the marketing costs for the Comedy, and the Inc. 1986-87 Subscription Series Atlanta, and Joffrey Ballets; Pennsylvania Ballet during New York, NY $17,500 and Dancescene series at Les Ballets Trockadero de the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ lees and MoMing. Monte Carlo; and the Alvin related expenses fora broad Ailey American Dance Haleakala, Inc. range of dance companies Movement Theatre Theatre at Ruth Eckerd Hall New York, NY $10,500 during a seven-week season International, Inc. during the 1986-87 season. To support the presentation in 1986-87. Philadelphia, PA $8,900 of six choreographers such To support Movement Performance Space 122, Inc. as , Kinematic, JND Concert Foundation, Theatre International’s New York, NY $7,500 Susan Brown, Stephanie Inc. four-week festival of mimes To support artists’ fees and Skura, Susan Marshall, Miami Beach, FL $8,700 and movement artists, production costs for the Timothy Buckley and the To support artists’ lees and presentation of eight artists Twisters, of Christine production costs fora two- Music Hall Center for the on the Homebase series and Broadbeck on the 1986-87 week residency of American Performing Arts, Inc. a variety of artists on the "Dancing in the Kitchen" Ballet Theatre anda Detroit, MI $30,500 New Stuff series during the series, residency of the Merce To support the presentation 1986-87 season. Cunningham Dance of the Alvin Ailey American Helena Film Society, Inc. Company during the Dance Theatre, the Feld Pittsburgh Dance Council, Helena, MT $10,500 1986-87 season. Ballet, Pilobolus, the Twyla Inc. To support artists’ fees and Tharp Company, and Bill T. Pittsburgh, PA $13,200 expanded residency activities Just Above Midtown Jones/Arnie Zane on the To support the presentation for three dance companies New York, NY $2,700 1986-87 dance season, of six artists or companies, during the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees and including Blondell related costs for Natural Heritage Cummings; Ellen Kogan; Institute for Art and Urban choreographers and dancers Trust/Artpark and the Trisha Brown, Bella Resources, Inc. participating in the Lewiston, NY $13,000 Lewitzky, Hubbard Street, Long Island City, NY 1986-1987 "Mythologies" To support the presentation and Erick Hawkins Dance $8,700 series, of Twyla Tharp, the Jazz Companies, during the fall To support artists’ Tap Ensemble, Murray 1986 and spring 1987 honoraria and promotion Los Angeles Area Dance Louis, and other American seasons. costs for a series of Alliance dance and mime artists performances focusing on Los Angeles, CA $6,500 during the 1986 season. Portland Center for the the New York Japanese To support a variety of Visual Arts dance community, presentations during Dance New Performance Gallery of Portland, OR $4,300 Kaleidoscope 1986. San Francisco To support a two-week Inter-Media Art Center San Francisco, CA $13,000 residency and two public Huntington, NY $5,300 Maine Arts, Inc. To support artists’ lees, performances of Douglas To support the presentation Brunswick, ME $4,300 marketing, promotion and Dunn, Stephanie Skura, or of three choreographers or To support commission and related costs for the Bebe Miller; and six area dance companies such as performance fees to six presentation of seven post- choreographers. Lar Lubovitch, Marleen choreographers and their modern dance artists or Pennison, Martha companies during the 1986 companies on the 1986-87 San Antonio Performing Clarke/Crowsnest, Bucket Maine Festival of the Arts. American Inroads series. Arts Association Dance Theatre, David San Antonio, TX $17,500 Gordon/Pick-up Company, McCarter Theatre Company On the Boards To support artists’ fees and or Senta Driver/HARRY Princeton, NJ $4,300 Seattle, WA $8,700 production and during the 1986-87 season. To support the presentation To support artists’ fees and administrative costs for the of the Martha Graham related costs for Eiko and New Directions II series and Jacob’s Pillow Dance Dance Company, the Alvin Koma, Susan Marshall and the Classical Series during Festival, Inc. Ailey American Dance Robert Davidson on the the 1986-87 season. Lee, MA $43,700 Theatre, and the Paul New Performance Series, To support fees and Taylor Dance Company and three regional artists on commissions íor a wide during the 1986-87 season, the Northwest New Works range of dancers, dance Series during the 1986-87 artists, and choreographers season.


San Diego Arts Foundation Syracuse Symphony Dance Theatre, the Merce , Inc. San Diego, CA $8,700 Orchestra, Inc. Cunningham Dance Minneapolis, MN $26,200 To support the presentation Syracuse, NY $13,200 Company, the Paul Taylor To support a four-week of three ballet companies, To support the presentation Company, and the Hubbard Merce Cunningham Dance such as the San Francisco of the Hartford Ballet in Street Dance Company Company residency, Ballet, the Dance Theatre of performances of The during the 1986-87 season of presentation of the Harlem, of the Joffrey Nutcracker and two other the Center for the Arts. Dances, the New Dance Ballet; and three modern major dance companies, Ensemble, one other dance dance companies, such as such as the Cleveland Ballet University of Illinois company, and the Forward the Martha Graham Dance and the Pennsylvania Ballet. Urbana-Champaign Motion, Choreographers’ Company, the Paul Taylor Champaign, IL $13,200 Evenings and Works for Dance Company, the Merce Thelma Hill Performing To support artists’ lees for Walker series in 1986-87. Cunningham Company, or Arts Center, Inc. four dance companies, such the Alvin Ailey Musician Brooklyn, NY $8,700 as the North Carolina Dance Wang Center for the Dance Theatre during the To support the presentation Theatre, the Paul Taylor Performing Arts, Inc. 1986-87 season, of Fred Benjamin, Bucket Dance Company, the Bill Boston, MA $15,500 Dance Theatre, Philadanco, Cratty Dance Company, and To support performances San Francisco Forces of Nature, the Pacific Northwest Ballet and residency activities by Performances, Inc. Black Dance Theatre, during the 1986-87 season at the Dance Theatre of San Francisco, CA $8,700 Joseph Holmes, anda Krannert Center. Harlem, and the Alvin Ailey To support the presentation festival of new works by 15 American Dance Theatre of at least three dance black choreographers during University of Minnesota during the 1986-87 season of companies during the the 1986-87 season. St. Paul, MN $17,500 the Wang Celebrity Series. 1986-87 season. To support the presentation Trustees of the University of of eight-to-ten dance Washington Performing Society for the Performing Pennsylvania companies, such as the San Arts Society Arts Philadelphia, PA $13,200 Francisco Ballet, the Mark Washington, DC $31,000 Houston, TX $34,900 To support the presentation Morris Dance Group, the To support the presentation To support the presentation at the Annenberg Center of Merce Cunningham Dance of seven companies, of four major American five dance companies, such Company, the Twyla Tharp including a balance of dance companies and three as Paul Taylor, the William Dance Company, of the ballet, avant-garde, smaller modern dance Carter/Ruth Meyer New York City Ballet, traditional modern, jazz, groups on two series for Ensemble, Martha Graham, during the 1986-87 season, and ethnic dance, in the 1986-87. , Hubbard Kennedy Center’s Opera Street, the Feld Ballet, of University of Nebraska- House and Terrace Theatre Spoleto Festival USA Dance Theatre of Harlem Lincoln during the 1986-87 season. Charleston, SC $22,500 on the main series and three Lincoln, NE $17,500 To support the presentation dance companies, such as To support artists’ fees and of a gala dance performance Crownest, Bill T. related expenses for the featuring major solo artists Jones/Arnie Zane, Peggy presenting Merce GENERAL ana the "Footprints in the Lyman, or Lar Lubovitch Cunningham Dance Garden" series during the on the mini-series during the Company, the Vela Ballet, SERVICES TO 1986 Festival. 1986-87 season. Pilobolus, and the Dance Company THE FIELD Stockton State College University of California- during the 1986-87 season at Pomona, NJ $6,500 Berkeley Kimball Hall. To assist organizations or To support artists’ fees for Berkeley, CA $30,500 individuals who provide performances ana residency To support week-long University of Washington services to dance activities associated with the residencies by the Trisha Seattle, WA $13,200 companies, dancers, and 1986-87 Regional Dance Brown Company and David To support the presentation choreographers on a Residency Program, Gordon/Pick-Up Company of Pilobolus, the Alvin national or regional level, as part of the 1986-87 Ailey American Dance including Atlanta Ballet, or who increase the Momix, Jazz Tap Ensemble, season of dance Theatre, the Paul Taylor presentations. Dance Company, ana Merce visibility of dance in their Blondell Cummings, and communities or regions. Atlantic Contemporary Cunningham ana Company Ballet. University of California-Los during the 1986-87 season at Angeles Meany Hall for the 44 GRANTS Los Angeles, CA $26,200 Performing Arts. PROGRAM FUNDS: To support the presentation $557,200 of the Alvin Ailey American DANCE

Affiliate Artists, Brooklyn Arts and Culture continuing program of Foundation for the Incorporated Association, Inc. dance preservation. Extension and Development New York, NY $17,300 Brooklyn, NY $1,700 of the American To support 24 residency To support stipends, Dance Research Foundation, Professional Theatre, Inc. weeks for dance artists in publicity, increased rehearsal Inc. New York, NY $11,700 communities throughout the time and related costs for New York, NY $2,100 To support the Management country, artists chosen to participate To support the preparation Technical Assistance in the 1986 Performing and publication of an Program for dance American Dance Festival, Showcase Series for historically significant companies throughout the Inc. Choreographers at BACA photographic portfolio with country. Durham, NC $4,400 Downtown. ah accompanying article in To support the 1986 Dance Ballet Review. Foundation for the Critics’ Conference. Central Pennsylvania Youth Extension and Development Ballet Dance Theater Workshop, of the American American Dance Guild, Inc. Carlisle, PA $3,900 Inc. Professional Theater New York, NY $1,700 To support three long-term New York, NY $34,700 New York, NY $100,000 To support the Technical choreographer residency To support the membership For a program of Assistance Project, which fellowships and expenses services program which administrative and provides a newsletter, and lees for participants in provides a system of specific consultant services related to information lists, and the 1986 Summer Workshop and low-cost administrative artistic and administrative referral services for the of the Carlisle Project. services to the community of evaluation of professional technical production needs independent performing dance companies, service of dance companies. Chicago Dance, Inc. artists, organizations, presenting Chicago, IL $3,900 organizations, and Archives for the Performing To support the expansion of Dance-USA individual choreographers Arts the professional workshop Washington, DC $30,400 throughout the United San Francisco, CA $4,300 series, the members’ re­ To support the second States during Fiscal 1987. To support the organization, treat, and the reference National Roundtable, the preservation, exhibition and library; and the publication of the monthly Joyce Theater Foundation, increased public accessibility establishment of a dance journal Update, and the Inc. of the Archives’ dance- hotline, resource files, a expansion of the National New York, NY $21,700 related collections, membership directory, anda Talent Development Project To support technical master calendar of dance for the professional dance assistance, marketing Boston Ballet, Inc. events, field, assistance, and box office Boston, MA $3,000 and front-of-house services To support the continuation CIRCUIT DanceWorks, Inc. for dance companies renting of the Life After Dancing San Francisco, CA $6,500 New York, NY $30,400 the Joyce Theater. project, including in-depth ~ To support the continuation To support a continuing and surveys of former dancers and expansion of expanded program of Los Angeles Atea Dance and the development of a management services for administrative and support Alliance computerized data base for member artists, services for performing Los Angeles, CA $13,000 use in the preparation of artists, and involvement in To support a broad range of future career programs for Columbia College special projects of benefit to services available to dancers. Chicago, IL $2,600 the dance community, members in the Los Angeles For the Dance Center to dance community. Boston Dance Umbrella support the continuation Ethnic Folk Arts Center, Cambridge, MA $6,500 and expansion of the rental- Inc. Lower Manhattan Cultural To support a package of service package available to New York, NY $4,400 Council, Inc. production, publicity, local professional dance To support the rental service New York, NY $4,400 rental, and management companies, for the performance space at To support the services; the publication of a the Ethnic Folk Arts Center. administrative costs newsletter for the Boston Dance Notation Bureau, associated with a dance dance community; and the Inc. 55th Street Dance Theater festival at Liberty Island for expansion of a variety of New York, NY $23,800 Foundation, Inc. the Statue of Liberty audience development To support the New York, NY $11,600 centennial. efforts, documentation of a variety To support the continued of dance works through enhancement of the Ticket Mid-America Arts Alliance Labanotation and associated Services Program for dance Kansas City, MO $4,300 means as part of a companies renting the To support a regional dance theater, newsletter; new services and


information for dancers; New York Public Library Philadelphia Dance Ailiance Yeliow Springs Institute for information bulletins; Astor, Lenox and Tilden Philadelphia, PA $3,500 Contemporary Studies and regional board meetings; a Foundations To support production and the Arts dance directory; anda New York, NY $30,400 increased distribution of the Chester Springs, PA $2,600 conference on photography, To support a staff position monthly Dance Calendar. To support costs associated film, and video techniques to provide continued access with two dance laboratories for dance, to materials in the Dance Red Wing Períorming in which participants will Collection. Group, Inc. develop new works. Minnesota lndependent New York, NY $1,700 Choreographers’ Alliance Nikolais/Louis Foundation To support management and Minneapolis, MN $8,700 for Dance publicity services for To support the ne\vsletter, New York, NY $3,500 selected choreographers and the dance production To support research through dance-oriented performance SPECIAL clearinghouse, the personal interviews on the artists. .PROJECTS SummerDance Festival, and lives and work of a number other services to the regional of significant early teachers San Francisco Bay Area For special initiatives dance community, of modern dance. Dance Coalition, Inc. San Francisco, CA $17,300 which will advance the MoMing Dance & Arts Oberlin Dance Collective To support the expansion of dance art forro, are of Center, lnc. San Francisco, CA $13,000 the Dance Resource Center; national significance Chicago, IL $8,700 To support the continuation outreach activities, in­ and/or can be used as To support performance of the rehearsal and cluding the monthly models by the whole services for the Chicago performance space rental calendar and newsletter In field. Included are dance community, including program and to improve Dance; anda range of Dance/Inter-Arts/State sponsored showcase events related support services technical assistance and performance offered to dance artists Programs seminars, workshops, Presenting/Touriig workshops, producing at the New roundtables, and fiscal Performance Gallery. management services. Initiative grants, awarded Movement Research, lnc. in conjunction with the New York, NY $4,400 On the Boards Southern Arts Federation, Inter-Arts and State To support workshops, the Seattle, WA $8,700 Inc. Programs to increase the Studies Project, open To support the continuation Atlanta, GA $10,800 quality and quantity of performances, and the of the Second Sunday To support the further dance presentations presenting series. Series, a showcase of new development of the throughout the nation. A works and work-in-progress. Choreographic Fee Support partial list of these grants Movement T~eatre Project, which enables Inlernational Painted Bride Art Center is included in this section; regional dance companies to the remaining grants are Philadelphia, PA $7,200 Philadelphia, PA $4,300 engage a choreographer of To support the National To support the "Dance with their choice to create and included under the same Mime Conference III in the Bride" series of co­ stage a new work. category in the Inter-Arts Philadelphia. produced performances and State Programs. during the 1986-87 season. State Dance Association of National Association for Florida, lnc. 17 GRANTS Regional Ballet, lnc. Performance Space 122, Inc. Tallahassee, FL $5,200 PROGRAM FUNDS: New York, NY $10,500 New York, NY $11,700 To support the 1986 Florida $759,000 To support the National To support and upgrade the Dance Workshop, Association for Regional co-production dance publications, and Dance Theater Workshop, Ballet’s Craft of performance series, information services. Inc. Choreography Conferences, New York, NY $100,000 including the initiation of an Performing Artservices, lnc. Theatre Development Fund, To support the dance artistic directors’ seminar. New York, NY $6,500 Inc. component of Dance To support the continuation New York, NY $34,800 Theater Workshop’s Nalional Association for of managerial, production, To support the Dance National Performance Regional Ballet, lnc. and administrative services Subsidy Program, the Network which will link New York, NY $13,000 to client artists and technical performing arts voucher To support the continuation independent performing consultation to others in the system, including the new artists and small companies and expansion of a variety dance field. Multi-tine Disk System, and with presenting spaces of technical assistance the publication of New York throughout the country. programs and publications, on Stage, an annual directory.


Dance Theatre of Harlem, Twin Cities Public Commonwealth of New Jersey State Council on Inc. Television, Inc. Pennsylvania Council on lhe the Arts New York, NY $125,000 St. Paul, MN $150,000 Arts Trenton, NJ $8,600 To support dancers’ salaries. To support a series of Harrisburg, PA $15,800 To support dance television programs which To support dance presentation activity during D.C. Wheel Productions, will showcase the work of presentation activity during the 1986-87 presentation Inc. choreographers and dance the 1986-87 presentation season. Washington, DC $9,000" companies not currently season. (The total grant of To support salaries for seen on national television. $72,600 was awarded jointly New York State Council on temporary administrative with the Inter-Arts the Arts staff to assist the Dance/Inter-Arts/State Program). New York, NY $51,300 organization’s search for To support dance Programs presentation activity during new performance and Presenting/Touring District of Columbia Commission on the Arts & the 1986-87 presentation administrative space and to Initiative assist with its subsequent Humanities season. move to a new space. Washington, DC $12,800 Alaska State Council on the To support dance North Carolina Arts Council Arts presentation activity during Raleigh, NC $25,600 Mississippi Ballet Anchorage, AK $29,900 International, Inc. the 1986-87 presentation To support dance To support dance season. presentation activity during Jackson, MS $25,000* presentation activity during To support production and the 1986-87 presentation the 1986-87 presentation Florida Arts Council season. administrative costs season. associated with the third Tallahassee, FL $17,100 United States International To support dance State Foundation on Culture California Arts Council presentation activity during and the Arts Ballet Competition in Sacramento, CA $51,300 Jackson, Mississippi. the 1986-87 presentation Honolulu, HI $17,100 To support dance season. To support dance presentation activity during Pentacle, Inc. presentation activity during the 1986-87 presentation New England Foundation the 1986-87 presentation New York, NY $100,000 season, To administer the National for the Arts season. Choreography Project, Cambridge, MA $17,100 which offers grants to mid- To support dance TF--TREASURY FUNDS sized and large repertory presentation activity during *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION dance companies to assist the 1986-87 presentation them in producing new season. dances by choreographers with whom they have not previously worked.




Breese, Gretchen E. Smi,h, Constance A. Comerio, Mary C. DES I GN New Haven, CT $5,000 West Hempstead, NY Berkeley, CA $10,000 To support a study of the $5,000 To support a book ARTS symbolic function of To support redesign of some examining the political and GRANTS architecture, of the components of ah social context of planning existing automobile to better and its impact on urban , John Suk J. accommodate victims of form. 165 GRANTS Baton Rouge, LA $5,000 arthritis. PROGRAM FUNDS: To support a study of the David, Thomas W. $3,914,423 history and design oí Wesley, Richard H. Morristown, NJ $10,000 Louisiana houses. Philadelphia, PA $5,000 To support continued To support a study on the research and preparation of International Design theoretical approaches to a catalogue on the Singer Education Foundation, Inc. architectural alterations and Industrial Design Archive DESIGN New York, NY $30,000 additions. Collection. a’o support fellowships for FELLOWSHIPS minority students to attend Individual Project de Bretteville, Peter the 1987 International Fellowships Los Angeles, CA $7,300 Includes three Design Conference in To support a study on the subcategories: Entering Aspen, Colorado. Arthur, Robert A. way the original design Professional Designer Somerville, MA $5,000 concepts of many coIlege Johnson, Jory F. and university campuses Project Fellowships To support research and have eroded in recent years. enable professional Raleigh, NC $5,000 writing of a book that will designers in the early To support interviews and increase public awareness research fora book on Favretti, Rudy J. stages of career and appreciation of the Storrs, CT $5,000 contemporary landscape streamlined art moderne bus development, designers design and designers, To support a study on ways returning to the field terminals built in the U.S. to restore Memorial Hall during the 1930s and ’40s. after a prolonged Kania, Michael R. and its grounds in West absence, of those Challis, ID $4,300 Fairmont Park, changing careers within To study the tole of Beasley, Ellen Philadelphia. Galveston, TX $10,000 the design disciplines to landscape architecture in the To support a study of the carry out specific design, design of new towns in Filippone, Andrea J. arctic and subarctic regions, issues of new construction in Morristown, NJ $9,450 research, or educational historic areas. To support the writing of a projects. Individual comprehensive annotated Project Fellowships Lira, Debra C. Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Brest van Kempen, Gustaaf and illustrated catalogue- enable professional To support preparation of a F. guidebook on the existing designers and other conceptual model for the Evanston, IL $10,000 buildings by Le Corbusier. qualified individuals to "L-MalI," or learning mall. To support documentation carry out specific design, and evaluation of the Fulton, William B. research, of educational Marder, Lisa O. contributions made by Beverly Hills, CA $10,000 projects. Distinguished Kingston, MA $5,000 architects, especially To support research and Designer Sabbatical To support a study of the American, toward writing on the impact on relationship between the restructuring Algeria’s urban design when city Fellowships provide time governments turn to real for accomplished aesthetics of nature and our system of higher education, perception of urban public estate development to professional designers to generate revenue. explore areas of interest places and to explore the Broderick, Mosette G. design implications of this New York, NY $10,000 of new approaches to relationship. Helmken, Charles M. design. To support a study of the Washington, DC $10,000 early work of the American Rubin, Morissa R. architectural firm oí projectTo support that a exploresresearch the 38 GRANTS Brighton, MA $4,000 McKim, Mead & White. PROGRAM FUNDS: To support a project to similarities and differences $416, 700 develop design guidelines in the creative processes of that aid in the design and Chotas, James Japanese and American $10,000 graphic designers. Entering Professional transfer of visual New York, NY information from print to To support a photographic Designer Project computer media and vice survey of the fine stained Fellowships versa, glass in Georgia.


Horton, Thomas E. new waterfront development DESIGN Contemporary Arts Center San Francisco, CA $9,650 in Astoria, Oregon. Cincinnati, OH $25,000 To support a study of the DEMONSTRATION To support the selection of evolution and application of Rudofsky, Bernard artists, architects, and environmental graphics in New York, NY $10,000 For planning and design designers to create ah France. To support the writing of a activities that innovative site installation at book investigating the demonstrate the practical the entrance of Sawyer Kane, Thomas J. feasibility of designing and nature of good design, Point Park. manufacturing anatomically Pleasantville, NY $8,650 such asfeasibiHty studies, correct footwear, Contemporary Arts Center To support a study that will conceptual and schematic establish a model for the New Orleans, LA $15,000 Slayton, William L. design, andplanning and research and documentation To support a national design Washington, DC studiesfor design of historic landscapes. $5,000 competition focusing on the To support the preparation projects of special merit, subject of currency as visual of a chapter on urban Kaplan, Sam H. art. design for a book on urban 40 GRANTS Santa Monica, CA $10,000 renewal. Creative Time, Ine. To support research fora PROGRAMFUNDS: $984, I30 New York, NY $36,000 book that examines and Torre, Susana To support designers’ fees celebrates the design New York, NY $10,000 Alabama Agricultural and and expenses in creating ten elements that imbue a city To support a study of the Meehanical University temporary collaborative with a vivid or unique significant influences of Normal, AL $5,000 installation projects on the character. Hispanic culture on To support the preparation waterfront at Hunter’s Point American architecture, of a master plan for this in Queens, New York. Knecht, Gabriele 1890 state land-grant New York, NY $10,000 Zeisei, Era S. university. Don’t Tear Ir Down To support the writing of a Chicago, IL $10,000 Washington, DC $25,550 book, Designing with To support the preparation Brooklyn Institute of Arts To support development of Patterns Based on Squares. of a manuscript for a book and Sciences model techniques for the on the ways designers Brooklyn, NY $25,000 preservation of small Meggs, Philip B. communicate through the To support a design historic buildings in Richmond, VA $10,000 control of form, line, and competition for a downtown Washington, To support a study of the color, masterplan to reorganize D.C. history and development of and complete the Brooklyn American graphic design. Distinguished Designer Museum’s historic landmark Emerson College Sabbatical Fellowships building. Boston, MA $20,000 Moudon, Anne Verner To support restoration plans Seattle, WA $9,850 Ameriean Academy in Rome Buffalo Friends of OImsted for the historic To support a study and New York, NY $68,500 Parks, Inc. Saxon/Majestic Theatre. critique of European To support design fellows at Buffalo, NY $30,000 approaches to urban the American Academy in To support the development Film in the Cities, Inc. analysis. Rome. of a master plan to restore St. Paul, MN $30,000 the 155-acre South Park To support the design of a Nemec, Boyce Moss, Charles W. Arboretum. shared headquarters for the Norfolk, CT $10,000 Camden, ME $20,000 media arts. To support research and To support an exploration City of Chicago writing of a text describing into new techniques in Chicago, IL $40,000 Flynn Theatre for the how to plan, construct, and working with portable fabric To support the preparation Performing Arts, Lid. operate a theater for film. structures, of ah urban design plan for Burlington, VT $21,100 the restoration of the city’s To support the adaptive reuse of a 1930 Paauwe, Paul D. President & Fellows of historic boulevard system, movie house to a regional Kalamazoo, MI $10,000 Harvard College To support the design of a performing arts facility. Cambridge, MA City of Concord more readable, $25,000 To support the Loeb Concord, CA $6,000 contemporary serif typeface. French and Pickering Creeks FeIlowship Program for To support the design of Conservation Trust, Inc. mid-career design four "places as art" on sites Pottstown, PA Pettinari, James A. professionals, designated by the city’s $5,000 Eugene, OR $10,000 urban design plan. To support the preparation To support the design of a and publication of a


preservation plan for the Nature Conservancy, lnc. Philadelphia Chinatown multi-functional upper reaches of French Arlington, VA $45,300 Development Corporation civic/cultural complex. Creek. To support integration of Philadelphia, PA $30,000 design concerns into a To support a feasibility University of California- Hackensack Meadowlands managerial plan for the study on turning a blighted Davis Development Commission Eastern Shore of Maryland. industrial area in the Davis, CA $20,000 Lyndhurst, NJ $25,000 Chinatown community into To support a celebration of To support the planning and Neighborhood Housing a site for housing, the 50th anniversary of the design of a project that will Services commercial, and California Botanical Garden transforma solid waste Jackson, MS $18,375 recreational uses. by inviting environmental landfill into a . To support the design of a designers and artists to the contemporary version of the Save A Farm, Inc. university fora series of Historic Preservation traditional "shotgun Waukesha, WI $28,875 design events intended to AIliance of Arkansas, lnc. house." To support a plan to create promote environmental Little Rock, AR $36,400 a self-sustaining resident design. To support a New York City Department performing and visual arts comprehensive, of Cultural Affairs center at the Wern Farm in University of Oregon interdisciplinary design New York, NY $28,850 Waukesha, Wisconsin. Eugene, OR $20,300 assistance program to To support design and To support a study of the revitalize downtown implementation of a Snug Harbor Cultural design characteristics of the commercial centers in three program that will integrate Center, Inc. natural and cultural Arkansas cities, archaeology into Staten Island, NY $30,000 landscape of the Columbia architecture, landscape To support a design River Gorge. Jersey City Economic planning, and design of competition for renovating Development Corporation capital construction the historic Music Hall. University of Virginia Jersey City, NJ $10,000 projects. Charlottesville, VA $30,000 To support a feasibility Town of Leesburg To support the first phase study for the Loews Jersey North Carolina Arts Council Leesburg, VA $34,100 of a historic structures Theatre. Raleigh, NC $15,000 To support a design report for the buildings To support "Public competition fora new comprising Thomas Maryland Art Place, Inc. Spaces/People Places," a municipal government center Jefferson’s Academical Baltimore, MD $8,000 joint venture by a and downtown multi-level Village. To support the hiring of a consortium of 12 public and parking structure in landscape architect and an nonprofit agencies Leesburg’s National Register Visual Artists, Inc. artist to collaborate on the collaborating to improve the Historic District. New York, NY $15,000 streetscape design of a quality of design in public To support planning to portion of the Loft District places. Trust for Public Land transform a traffic island in in Baltimore. New York, NY $20,000 New York City into a Painted Bride Art Center, To support planning and functional public artwork. Massachusetts Department Inc. implementation efforts fora of Public Works Philadelphia, PA $9,000 waterfront walkway along Walker Art Center Boston, MA $77,000 To support the design of a New Jersey’s Hudson River Minneapolis, MN $30,000 To support, with the theater, Iobby, and shoreline from the George For the design of a Massachusetts Council on rehearsal/workshop atea as Washington Bridge to pedestrian bridge by Siah the Arts and Humanities, a part of the adaptation of ah Bayonne. Armajani, which will span a national design competition industrial building to an arts multi-lane highway and fora bridge in the state of complex. Trustees of the Universily of improve access to the Massachusetts. Pennsylvania museum. Parks Council, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $20,000 National Trust for Historic New York, NY $20,000 To support a preservation Washington Project for the Preservation in the United To support a planning study plan for the Fine Arts Arts, Inc. States to demonstrate how Library. Washington, DC $29,600 Washington, DC $40,180 innovative streetscape design To support designers’ lees To support publications and and new circulation plans United Arts Council of to convert the WPA’s six- workshop/design can create a unified Greensboro, Inc. story atrium space into competitions that will waterfront on Manhattan’s Greensboro, NC $35,000 functional space encourage the development West Side. To support ah invitational incorporating the work of of affordable manufactured design competition to two artists. housing compatible with expand the Greensboro Arts historic neighborhoods. Center into a


World Monuments Fund, Chicago Educational request of the Design Arts the state’s design awards Inc. Television Association Program. program. New York, NY $10,000 Chicago, IL $40,000 To support the research and To complete the last two Environmental Images, Inc. National Academy of planning for the adaptation hour-long programs in the Washington, DC $18,000 Sciences of the Middleton-Pinckney television series, "The To amend a previous Washington, DC $15,000 Mansion in Charleston, Public Realm" and "The cooperative agreement for To support ah ongoing South Carolina, into an arts Land at Large." administration of a network effort with the Federal center, of consultants to provide Construction Council to Commonwealth Council for services to the design fields, advance the quality of Worthington Hall Arts & Culture design, construction, and Foundation, Inc. Saipan, CM $15,000 Environmental Images, Inc. operation of federal " Shawnee-on-Delaware, PA To provide seed money for Washington, DC $8,000 facilities. $14,500 a new State Arts/Design To amend a previous To support completion of Arts program that will cooperative agreement to Ohio Arts Council interior and stage designs develop a design concept for monitor and augment the Columbus, OH $15,000 for the renovation and the island so that the design State Arts/Design Arts To support the expansion of preservation of Worthington of buildings and spaces is in Project, initiated in 1984. the Council’s involvement in Hall. keeping with the island’s design arts. natural beauty and culture. Environmental Images, lnc. Washington, DC $120,000 Partners for Livable Places Conservation Foundation For a cooperative agreement Washington, DC $280,000 DESIGN Washington, DC $60,000 to plan and conduct two For a cooperative agreement For a cooperative agreement one-day workshops on for the continued operation EXCELLENCE to produce a film on design competition and enhancement of the landscape expert John management. Livability Clearinghouse, To provide federal and Brinkerhoff Jackson. which catalogues, archives, lllinois Arts Council and disseminates design state agencies and Cooper Union for the Chicago, IL $15,000 information, including nonprofit organizations Advancement of Science and To support the development descriptions of more than with professional Art of a design arts program in 2,500 grants funded by the guidancefor upgrading New York, NY $16,500 cooperation with the state’s Design Arts Program. publications and working To amend a previous new Capitol Development environments through cooperative agreement to Program. Partners for Livable Places seminars, workshops, and organize, coordinate, and Washington, DC $47,986 educational materials, implement five symposia Institute for Urban Design, Fora cooperative agreement focusing on selected design Inc. for the development of an topics. Purchase, NY $12,600 information exchange 21 GRANTS To amend a previous network, a multidisciplinary PROGRAM FUNDS: Department of Culture, cooperative agreement for information database on $907,243 Recreation & Tourism expert consultant assistance organizations, institutions, Division of the Arts in developing and evaluating events, and individuals Arizona Commission on the Baton Rouge, LA $15,000 Design Arts Program involved in the design arts. Arts To provide seed money for leadership initiatives and Phoenix, AZ $15,000 a new State Arts/Design outreach activities. Regents of the University of To support plans to Arts program that will raise Michigan promote an awareness of public awareness of design Institute for Urban Design, Ann Arbor, MI $24,996 design excellence among and focus attention on how Inc. For a cooperative agreement local government officials, communities can be Purchase, NY $29,700 to conducta feasibility enhanced through design. To enable private-sector study to determine whether Cestello, Christine B. design professionals to help new forms of design Washington, DC $7,800 Environmental Images, Inc. evaluate portfolios promotion programs of To complete the final phase Washington, DC $80,000 submitted by designers who organizations might be of an evaluation of design Fora cooperative agreement have applied for jobs in the feasible and useful in the competitions that have been funded by the Design Arts to provide up to 12 government. United States. professional advisors in Program, and to support various locations throughout Massachusetts Council on Smith, Peter and conduct the preparation the country to carry out site the Arts & Humanities Washington, DC $56,661 of regional workshops on visits in their regions at the Boston, MA $15,000 For arts administrator Peter design competitions. To support the expansion of


Smith to serve temporarily Baltimore, Seattle, Houston, the adobe’s tendency to makers about the value in the Design Arts Program. and Decatur, Georgia. deteriorate in water and and practice of design, collapse in earthquakes, the impact of design Massachusetts lnstitute of decisions, and the Technology University of Arizona relationship between Cambridge, MA $36,050 Tucson, AZ $22,700 design and human DESIGN To support production of a To support a study of EXPLORATION/ publication to help Scandinavian office design behavior. RESEARCH developers and asa model for improving administrators make American office design. 51 GRANTS sensitive decisions about PROGRAM FUNDS." For experimental and new growth and University of lllinois $1,168,800 innovative research that development in smaller cities Urbana-Chaml~aign seeks to clarify the and towns. Champaign, IL $22,700 American Craft Council aesthetic, utilitarian, To support the development New York, NY $50,000 economic, and social Massachusetts Institute of and testing of alternative To support the examination criteria for design, design Technology design approaches to of the integration of evaluation, and design Cambridge, MA $38,500 facilities for housing for architecture and crafts policy. To support production of a severely disabled adults, through an exhibition, a videodisc that will convey catalogue, anda special key design aspects of a University of Minnesota al issue of American Craft 15 GRANTS Boston suburban Minneapolis-Saint Paul magazine. PROGRAM FUNDS: development to be used to Minneapolis, MN $15,000 $437,550 gain more understanding of To support a study to American Institute of the design phenomenon of develop a system for Architects Foundation, Ine. Carnegie-Mellon University suburbs in America. classifying types of Washington, DC $17,300 Pittsburgh, PA $39,400 landscapes, a system that To support research and to To support a study Minneapolis Society of Fine will be a conceptual design plan for an exhibit evaluating the long-term Arts tool for landscape celebrating a century of effects of museum design on Minneapolis, MN $40,000 architects, achievement by America’s the building’s primary To support phase I of a women architects. function--the preservation program that will eventually University of Washington and presentation of works establish a national design Seattle, WA $15,000 American Institute of of art. education research center. To use the photo archives of Graphic Arts the National Geographic New York, NY $31,900 Cornell University President & Fellows of and the American Museum To support publication of Ithaca, NY $20,000 Harvard College of Natural History to study the AlGA Journal of To support the development Cambridge, MA $28,700 the relationship between Graphic Design in a new of a primer and computer To support an exploration traditional and vernacular and improved format that is models on fundamental of the use of ice asa new architecture and climate, more substantive and design concepts, medium in landscape professional. architecture. University of Wisconsin- Foundation at the New Milwaukee Archilectural Foundation of Jersey Institute of Project for Public Spaces, Milwaukee, WI $30,000 Nebraska Technology Inc. To support a study to Omaha, NE $15,000 Newark, NJ $40,000 New York, NY $12,000 explore ways by which a To support a 45-minute, To support development of To support the study of at design aesthetic can be 16mm color film about new design strategies for least ten cities to determine integrated with highway Linus Burr Smith, FAIA, an housing for low-income what factors are necessary planning, influential teacher of families, to achieve successful architecture at the downtown public-space University of Nebraska. Georgia Tech Research design. Institute Architectural League of Atlanta, GA $37,500 Southern Caliíornia Institute DESIGN r~ew York To analyze the elements that of Architecture COMMUNICATION New York, r~Y $30,000 help sustain good design Santa Monica, CA $40,000 To support a five-part over an extended period of To support the building and program on landscape and time by studying six cities: For projects that inform architecture that will explore documentation of prototype the general public, Savannah, Boston, adobe structures using a new aesthetic directions in system that will minimize designers, and decision- landscape design.


Atlanta Botanical Garden, old Central School building the Book/The Book of the National Trust for Historic Inc. in Lake City lowa. Future, a history of book Preservation in the United Atlanta, GA $25,000 design that will examine the States To support the making of a Cultural Council variety of forms in which Washington, DC $50,000 film on the history and Foundation information has been To support documentation design of Piedmont Park New York, NY $10,000 contained and transmitted, of the impact of tax that will inform visitors and To support "Homeless at incentives upon historic residents about the design Home," a month-long Historic Hawaii Foundation preservation in America’s issues critical to the park exposition by Storefront for Honolulu, HI $25,000 public places and historic and its future. Art and Architecture that To support a program lo districts. will provide information educate decision-makers Auburn University Main about homelessness as a about design issues, New Community Campus design issue, especially those affecting Foundation Auburn University, AL Hawaii’s fragile physical Santa Fe, NM $35,000 $5,000 Designwrighls Collaboralive, environment. To support a program for To support ah annual lnc. the preservation of Honors Environmental Santa Fe, NM $40,000 Landscape Architecture threatened historic adobe Design Workshop for high To support a publication on Foundation churches in New Mexico. school students in the landscape design in the arid Washington, DC $20,000 Southeast. Southwest. To support a project of the New York Foundation for foundation’s Research and the Arts, Inc. Blueprint for Architecture Documentary Educational Information Clearinghouse New York, NY $15,000 Seattle, WA $29,000 Resources, lnc. to enlarge its slide data base To support the production To support "A + B," a Watertown, MA $15,000" from 25,000 to 100,000 of Honest Arrogance, a series of public symposia, To support the entries, dramatic, biographical film conferences, competitions, documentation of the on Frank Lloyd Wright. publications, and media production methods of Lipske, Mike events exploring the avant­ Charles J. Connick Washington, DC $1,800 New York Foundation for garde in architecture, Associates, an artist-owned To support additional the Arts, Inc. landscape architecture, cooperative that designs and research and writing for a New York, NY $25,000 interior design, and urban makes stained-glass book on artists’ housing. To support the production planning, windows. The factory, the of a 60-minute documentary last of its kind in the U.S., Minneapolis Society of Fine on The Pont Neuf Board of Public Education has been scheduled for Arts Wrapped," a recent work for the City of Savannah demolition. The Minneapolis, MN $12,000 by environmental sculptor and the County of Chatham documentation will provide To support an exhibition at Christo. Savannah, GA $20,000 the historical record of the Minneapolis College of To support the preparation production methods. Art and Design on the Oberlin College of a videotape of the Massie hardware store that will Oberlin, OH $19,500 Heritage Center’s Classroom Environmental Images, Inc. present the design excellence For a book and exhibition Program, which introduces Washington, DC $15,000 of many of the items to document and analyze the Savannah students to their To support the cataloguing traditionally found there, process involved in the architectural heritage, of the slide resources of the Great Bandstand Design American Society of Competition. Central Park Conservancy Landscape Architects and New York, NY $25,000 New York, NY $5,000 the Landscape Architecture To support a comprehensive Phoenix Art Museum To support the publication Foundation. exhibition and publication Phoenix, AZ $37,000 of a book, Rebuilding program devoted to the To support an exhibition of Central Park: A Case Fairmount Park Art architecture of Ludwig Mies the work of significant History in Park Association van der Rohe. fashion designers from the Preservation. Philadelphia, PA $35,850 mid-19th century to the To support "Light Up National Trust for Historic present. Central School Preservation, Philadelphia," a study of Preservalion in the United Inc. the potential for creative States Pittsburgh Architects Lake City, lA $10,000 urban lighting design. Washington, DC $15,000 Workshop, Inc. To support the preparation To support a film series on Pittsburgh, PA $32,550 and publication of materials Franklin Furnace Archive, the history of the American To support a on the preservation and lnc. landscape, both natural and design-education program restoration of the 100-year­ New York, NY $35,000 man-made, that introduces students to To support The Future of the principles of design


through the construction of Save the , Inc. of a book, The American University of Southern simple projects. New York, NY $15,000 Mosaic: Preserving the California To support the preparation Cultural Heritage of the Los Angeles, CA $30,200 Pittsburgh History & of written materials anda United States. To support the ’ Landmarks Foundalion videotape fora program documentation of the University of Colorado al restoration of Frank Lloyd Pittsburgh, PA $20,000 aimed al preserving theaters, To support the development Denver Wright’s historic Freeman primarily those built al the Denver, CO $3,000 of a reuse plan for the turn of the century in small Residence. Panther Hollow area of To support the publication Schenley Park in downtown communities, of Designing with the Universily of Vermont and Pittsburgh. Trustees of Columbia Visually Impaired: A State Agricultural College Universily in lhe City of Workbook for Designers. Burlington, VT $24,000 Please Touch Museum New York .To support the development Philadelphia, PA $28,000 New York, NY $25,000 University of Georgia by the Department of To support a year-long To support first-year Research Foundation, Inc. History of a method of exhibition entitled "Building editorial and production Athens, GA $5,000 visualizing design changes in Block Art," which will costs for four volumes of For the Institute of townscapes asa means of teach children about the the Buell documents on Community and Area assessing their impact. principles of design. American architecture. Develop .ment to make a documentary video on the Visual Resources Porlage County Regional Truslees of Columbia work of Earle S. Draper, a Association Planning Commission Universily in lhe City of landscape architect who was Seattle, WA $25,000 Ravenna, OH $4,300 New York a pioneer in town and To establish a visual To support a project that New York, NY $18,000 regional planning, resource library consisting will encourage adaptive To support mounting ah of 35mm slides on reuse of significant exhibition al the Temple University of Georgia contemporary design. structures in Portage Hoyne Buell Center for the Research Foundation County. Study of American Athens, GA $40,000 Walker Art Center, Inc. Architecture that examines To support the publication Minneapolis, MN $30,000 the influence of Hispanic of a double issue of To support the first major RESTORE Landscape Journal in the New York, NY $25,000 traditions on innovative exhibition of the buildings and their rail of 1987 on current architecture of Frank O. To support a videotape issues in landscape design Gehry, whose work blends series about procedures for technologies in California, the Southwest, and Florida. theory, traditional and a cleaning, consolidating, unique formal expression. repairing, and maintaining Tucker County Commission University of Miami masonry structures. Parsons, WV $15,000’ Coral Gables, FL $25,000 Wave Hill, Inc. To provide urban design, To support computerizing Bronx, NY $40,000 Rhode Island School of architectural, and planning the new type of zoning code To support compilation of Design assistance for the rural that has been used in Catalog of Landscape Providence, RI $2,500 Tucker County communities building the town of Records in America, a To support a lecture series of Parsons, Hendricks, Seaside, Florida, and to comprehensive reference to and related programs on the Hambleton, and St. George, make the code available to landscape work created in impact space technology which were largely destroyed other municipalities, this country. could have in generating by the November 1985 new design concepts, flood. University of Minnesola al Minneapolis-Saint Paul *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION Rochesler lnslitule of United States Nalional Minneapolis, MN $31,900 Technology Commitlee for lhe To support production of a Rochester, NY $30,000 Inlernalional Council of half-hour film on the work To develop a videodisc Monuments and Sites of urban designer Gordon archive on the history of Washington, DC $30,000 Cullen. graphic design. To support the preparation




Africa. Cultural Center of Afro-Amcrican Cultural program of traditional EXPANSlON Buffalo, Inc. Center, lnc. Sacred Harp singing Buffalo, NY $10,000 Charlotte, NC $5,000 including regular ARTS To provide support for in To support the salary of a performances and training GRANTS artistic director and four fiscal/development officer, sessions for the community visiting artists, each and region by the Wireglass participating in in eight- Afro-American Historical Sacred Harp Singers. 403 GRANTS week residency involving and Cultural Museum, Inc. PROGRAM FUNDS: both workshops and Philadelphia, PA $7,500 AIonzo Players, Inc. $6,587,663 productions. To support the "Jazz Live" New York, NY $5,325 series, which presents To support workshops TREASURY FUNDS: Afriean Heritage Dancers & monthly performance offering professional Drummers evenings of professional training in costume and $65,000 Washington, DC $11,400 local and national groups; scene study, makeup, speech To support in 1986 and the "Larry Neal" and diction, stagecraft and performances and a Cultural Series, in annual improvisation, and related program with visiting artists dramatic reading and expenses. EXPANSION which develops professional discussion event which skills in traditional, modern, focuses on black poets. Alpha Omega 1-7 Theatrical ARTS and jazz dance; traditional Dance Company, Inc. ORGANIZATIONS African percussion, vocal Aims of Modzawe, Inc. New York, NY $7,600 singing, traditional string Jamaica, NY $16,300 To supporr the Young Adult instrumentation, and drama. To support in 1986 a Contemporary Dance To assistprofessionally program for advanced Workshop, providing directed arts African Heritage Dancers & students in African scholarships for professional organizations of high Drummers traditional dance and music, training for inner city youth artistic quality that are Washington, DC $11,400 with master classes and in ballet, modern, jazz and deeply rooted in and To support in 1987 workshops taught by guest ethnic dance. reflective of the culture performances and workshop instructors. of a minority, inner city, programs in African Alternative Center for rural, or tribal traditional, modern, and Aims of Modzawe, Inc. International Arts, lnc. community. These jazz dance as well as Jamaica, NY $16,300 New York, NY $10,000 African traditional To support in 1987 a To amend a previous grant organizations provide percussion, vocal singing, programs in the program for advanced for the exhibition and and drama, students in African performance series during performing arts, visual traditional dance and music, 1986. arts, media, design, African Heritage Dancers & with master classes and literary arts, and Drummers workshops taught by guest Alternative Center for interdisciplinary arts Washington, DC $17,000 instructors for the International Arts, Inc. activities. To support a touring development of professional New York, NY $20,000 performance and skills. For the Exhibition and 376 GRANTS workshop/lecture program Performance Series, PROGRAM FUNDS: that combines dance, music, Alabama State Council on including a retrospective $5,200, 7ó3 drama and other the Arts and Humanities exhibition by mid-career fundamentals of African Montgomery, AL $7,600 artists. culture; anda national To support in 1986 a TREASUR Y FUNDS: artists-in-residency program performance and workshop AMAS Repertory Theatre, $65,000 by Olatunj Center of program of traditional Ine. African Culture. Sacred Harp singing that New York, NY $22,300 Access to the Arts, Inc. includes regular For artistic expenses and Dunkirk, NY $4,000 Afrikan Poetry Theatre, performances and training support of three To support the partial salary lnc. sessions for the community professional training for a program coordinator Jamaica, NY $4,000 and region by the Wireglass programs: Eubie Blake who will coordinate a To support two major Sacred Harp Singers. Children’s Theatre, the lecture series for poetry reading programs Adult Workshop, and the professional artists which will include a musical Alabama State Council on Summer Instruction presenting information presentation, the Arts and Humanities Program. about their works, ideas, Montgomery, AL $7,600 and techniques to artists in To support in 1987 a the Chautauqua region, performance and workshop


American Authentic Jazz exhibitions for emerging Building Program and the Asian American Dance Dance T~eatre, Inc. Native American artists. Center’s radio station. Theater, Inc. New York, NY $11,500 New York, NY $20,900 To support professional Amistad World Theatrc, Arena Players, Inc. To support a performance dance workshops with Inc. Baltimore, MD $6,300 program of traditional and emphasis on performance New York, NY $6,000 To support an apprentice modern choreography skills for the preservation of To support the New Works program for students that reflective of Asian American a vanishing cultural dance Program, including provides further professional experiences; and the heritage through the use of workshops, staged readings, performing arts training and advanced training classes for a developed choreography and original productions by other related expenses, developing artists. technique involving old jazz established or developing forms, minority playwrights, poets, Artists Collective, Inc. Asian American Resource and composers. Hartford, CT $20,000 Workshop, Ine. American Dance Festival, To support a comprehensive Boston, MA $5,000 Inc. An Claidheamh Soluis, Inc. training and instruction To support the position of Durham, NC $11,400 New York, NY $10,000 program in music, dance, administrative director. To support the residency of To support productions of and visual arts. the Chuck Davis Company, Irish and Irish American Asian Cine-Vision, Inc. which provides professional plays; workshops in Artists of Indian Ameriea New York, NY $16,000 training in dance while traditional Irish music and Albuquerque, NM $11,400 To support the Asian identifying talented dance; several issues of Ah To support in 1986 a American Film and Vídeo individuals through Gael, the center’s magazine; professionally directed Exhibition Series, and to Community Service anda folk dance concert multidisciplined arts continue the media training Program dance series, program for various Indian program to develop demonstrations and commmunities throughout professional skills in vídeo performances. Andrew Cacho African the Southwest with techniques. Drummers, Ine. workshops in traditional American Folk Theater, lnc. Washington, DC $13,500 dance, music, song, and Asian Multi Media Center New York, NY $5,000 For classes, workshops, storytelling. Seattle, WA $10,000 To support the playwrights performances, and lectures To provide support fora festival/conference and in 1986 offering training in Artists of Indian America major new theater performing arts training for African traditional dance, Albuquerque, NM $13,000 production by the Northwest youth, percussion, drumming, and To support in 1987 a Asian American Theatre vocal singing conducted by professionally directed, Company. American lndian guest artists and the multidisciplined arts Community House, Inc. professional instructors of program for various Indian Asociacion de Musicos New York, NY $10,700 the company, communities throughout the Latino Americanos For the development and Southwest with workshops Philadelphia, PA $3,300 production of a fourth Andrew Cacho African in traditional dance, music, To support the Latin living history play produced Drummers, Inc. song, and storytelling. American Music Program, by Native Americans which Washington, DC $13,500 with concerts, workshops promotes the talents of To support classes, Arts Council, Ine. and festivals. Indian performing artists, workshops, performances, Winston-Salem, NC $10,000 and lectures in 1987 offering To support the Art-Is- Association of Community- American Indian training in House/Urban Arts program Based Artists of Community House, Inc. African/Caribbean of professional training for Westchester, Inc. New York. NY $20,000 traditional dance, students. Mt. Vernon, NY $3,600 To support exhibitions percussion, drumming, and To support a jazz concert reflective of traditional, new singing conducted by guest Asian American Dance series, a film series for and experimental Native artists and the professional Collective children, a lecture- American art forms thereby instructors of the company. San Francisco, CA $5,700 demonstration series, and increasing the visibility and To support the resident related administrative costs. career status of Native Appalshop, Inc. choreographer’s program American artists. Whitesburg, KY $60,000 that includes training classes Augusta Mini Theatre, lnc. To support programming at to develop Asian American Augusta, GA $4,200 American lndian the Appalshop Center dance works and for For administrative costs Contemporary Arls including performances by administrative expenses, during the 1985-86 season. San Francisco, CA $3,500 the Roadside Theater, and To support the to support the Appalshop administrative activities and


Avante Theatre Company, youth from Chicago’s west Black Filmmakers Hall of Boys Choir of Harlem, Inc. Inc. side. Fame New York, NY $45,500 Philadelphia, PA $5,000 Oakland, CA $5,000 To support a professional To support the touring of Bidwell Education, Music, To support the filmmakers music training program, "The Best of Black and Recreation Center series showcasing community performances, Broadway" throughout the Pittsburgh, PA $I 1,400 independent black artists and management assistance mid-Atlantic region. To support an intensive and their films, in 1986. music and dance instruction Ballet Folklorico de las program incorporating Black Liberated Arts Boys Harbor, Inc. Americas performance opportunities Center, Inc. New York, NY $30,300 Salt Lake City, UT $2,500 and training by professional Oklahoma City, OK $10,700 To support the Harbor To support administrative artists through classes, To provide administrative Junior High School of and production costs of concerts and recitals, support to improve the Performing Arts and the dance programs and concert quality of management for Harbor Performing Arts presentations. Bilingual Foundation of the the center’s professional Center in 1986, providing Arts Fundacion Bilingue de black theater company, professional instruction to Ballet Theatre of the Virgin las Artes, Inc. students of East Harlem in Islands Los Angeles, CA $21,300 Black Repertory Group vocal, instrumental music, St. Thomas, VI $8,400 For the production of plays Berkeley, CA $10,000 drama, and dance training. To support professional as well as career-oriented To support administrative dance training, a scholarship theater training to develop salaries for the professional Boys Harbor, Inc. program, and dance Hispanic talent, theatrical instruction New York, NY $20,000 presentations, program for aspiring black To support the Harbor Bilingual Theater Company artists in the Bay Area. Performing Arts Center in Bay Front Nato, Inc. Kingsville, TX $10,650 1987, providing professional Erie, PA $25,000 To support the Black Spectrum Theatre instruction to students of To support gallery exhibits, apprenticeship program and Company, Inc. East Harlem and the city at professional training in the the production of Jamaica, NY $17,750 laige in vocal, instrumental visual/graphic arts, and professional bilingual To support the theater’s music, drama, and dance graded levels of instruction theater for the greater production season and the training. in dance, and touring by the Corpus Christi area. professional theater training professional ballet company, program. Brandywine Graphic Billie Holiday Theatre, Inc. Workshop, Inc. Bedford Stuyvesant Brooklyn, NY $28,500 Black Theatre Troupe, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $14,000 Restoration Corporation To support the season of Phoenix, AZ $18,000 To support the artists-in­ Brooklyn, NY $27,500 productions and To support the ~eason of residence program To support artistic performances, productions and the showcasing emerging management and theater’s training program, printmakers and "The administrative support for Black Artists Guild, Inc. Offset Institute," a program the visual arts and Kinston, NC $5,000 Bondo, Inc. of research and print performing arts programs of To support ongoing classes San Juan, PR $4,000 productions workshops. the Center for Art and and workshops for emerging To support a filmmaking artists taught by Culture. promotion program and Broekman Gailery professional artists in the professional training literary, visual, and Productions Before Columbus workshops designed to Los Angeles, CA $8,000 Foundation performing arts, and to develop media artists and To support the salary of a Berkeley, CA $8,000 support performances and works expressive of Puerto development director and To support the multicultural exhibits by local and Rican culture, writers’ workshop series and emerging artists. other administrative costs. related costs. Boys Choir of Harlem, Inc. Bronx Council on the Arts, Black Dimensions in Art, New York, NY Better Boys Foundation Inc. $54,000 Inc. To support a music Bronx, NY $3,000 Chicago, IL $5,600 Schenectady, NY $2,000 training/workshop program For the production of a To support ah exhibition To support administrative program featuring in 1987 offering professional costs of a project providing collaborative work by instruction, sight singing, gallery space, services and writers, poets, and contemporary professional and voice for musicaIly programs for developing playwrights; the readers black artists and other gifted students, visual artists from the theater series; and theater special events, workshops for minority community.


Education Touring Program for advanced training in Museum of the Arts, by the Kalilang Kulintang with its primary concern for art of quilt-making. lnc. Ensemble. $15,000 touring; presenting; and Bronx, NY servicing theater, dance, Centro Cultural Aztlan To support the Satellite Caribbean Dance Company, music, and literary artists. San Antonio, TX $4,000 Gallery program Inc. emphasizing exhibition St. Croix, VI $9,600 To amend a previous grant for artists’ fees for special opportunities for minority To support performances Casa Aboy, Ine. Miramar, PR $13,000 programming throughout artists, and a professional training program in dance, including To support photography the city of Hispanic cultural Brooklyn Arts and Culture classes, workshops and guest shows with coinciding celebrations. conferences, guest artist Association, Inc. residencies that will provide Brooklyn, NY $8,500 inner-city youth with residencies, photography Centro Cultural de la Raza, To amend a previous grant performing art training, workshops, seminars and Inc. San Diego, CA $22,000 to support during 1986 the exhibits; and the use of their Carole Morisseau City space by various Puerto To support the New Artists Series and the coordination, promotion, New Artists Apprentice Dance Theater, Inc. Rican arts groups for Program. Detroit, MI $6,700 performances, and documentation of artist To support performances residencies and performances. Buffalo Inner City Ballet anda professional training Casa de Unidad program in dance, including Detroit, MI $5,000 Company, Inc. Memorial $2,500 classes, workshops and guest To support administrative Buffalo, NY costs, the second annual Foundation To support a professional residencies that will provide inner-city youth with poetry anthology, a Puerto dance training program ToKansaSsupportCitY’theMOjazz Studies$15’ 100 performing arts training. Rican photography exhibit, through a guest residency an Hispanic film and video and Performance Program in 1986. providing master classes, Carpetbag Theater, Inc. exhibit, a Latin-American productions, and related Knoxville, TN $10,650 song fest, a guest artist Charlie Parker Memorial expenses. To suppport the creative workshop series, anda dramatics program for video documentation Foundation Kansas City, MO $15,100 Bushfire Theatre of senior adults, training program for youth. Performing Arts To support the Jazz Studies and Performance Program Philadelphia, PA $7,100 Catamount Film and Arts Carter Family Memorial in 1987 supplemented by To support the identification Music Center, Inc. Company and the development of new St. Johnsbury, VT $4,000 recitals, concerts, and music Hiltons, VA $7,600 festivals. plays, largely through the To support a concert and To support training and reader’s theater, performance program in workshops in the visual arts 1986 to preserve and for elderly and special Chelsea Performing Arts constituency artists, and for Studio WIS, Inc. CA-FAM III, Inc. perpetuate blue grass, $7,600 support of local, regional, New York, NY Washington, DC $11,000 traditional old-time, string To support the professional To support the film band and other musical and national exhibits of their work, which is training, apprenticeship and exhibition program focusing styles from the Appalachian performance programs, as on emerging black film region, indigenous to rural Vermont. well as administrative costs artists and a lecture series. of services to artists. Carter Family Memorial Capitol Chamber Artists, Music Center, Inc. Center for Hispanic Arts Corpus Christi, TX $3,000 Children’s Art Carnival Inc. Hiltons, VA $5,000 $40,000 To support the literary New York, NY Albany, NY $3,000 To support a concert and To support the To support a performance program in journal and exhibition program providing career Communication Arts performance/workshop 1987 to preserve and Production Program, a program of the musical perpetuate blue grass, development of Hispanic artists, career training ensemble serving rural traditional old-time, string apprenticeship program for Addison-Rutland, Vermont. band, and other musical styles from the Appalachian Central Pennsylvania Viilage youth; the Harlem Textile Works Program, a fabric Crafts, Inc. Capp Street Foundation region. design and production State College, PA $6,500 San Francisco, CA $4,200 apprenticeship program for To support the artist-in­ To support the development Carter G. Woodson youth; and the Talent Prep Foundation, Inc. residence program for of new repertory works by program. Filipino artists, concert Newark, NJ $5,000 traditional crafts and the season production, and To support the African- master-apprentice program audio/video tape recording American Cultural


Chicago Black Ensemble visual and performing arts, Christina Cultural Arts training in dance, and Chicago, IL $10,000 guest residencies, and ah Center instruction in dance-related To support the season of exhibition series at the Wilmington, DE $12,500 fields, and administrative productions of plays by Kearny Street Workshop. To support professional expenses. black Chicago playwrights, music training for students, Chinese Music Ensemble of a black history program, Co-Real Artists Chicago Children’s Choir New York, Inc. and related costs. Los Angeles, CA $4,200 Chicago, IL $15,000 New York, NY $5,300 To support administrative To support the 1985-86 To support workshops in Cinque Gallery, Inc. music, drama, and dance, and artistic salaries for the concert season, the music New York, NY $8,500 music training and training program, and To support the exhibition helping to perfect performance program, related costs, program of the gallery, performance skills and visiting artists, and related which is dedicated to preparing artists for costs. Chinese Music Ensemble of presenting the work of professional work in the New York, Inc. young and emerging arts. Chicago Children’s Choir New York, NY $5,300 minority artists during 1987. Chicago, IL $7,600 To support the 1986-87 Community Film Workshop To support the advanced concert season of classical, Cinque Gallery, Inc. of Chicago musical training and traditional, and New York, NY $1,200 Chicago, IL $7,500 performance program and contemporary music; and To amend a previous grant To support the advanced the visiting artists project, the advanced musical to support the exhibition film and vídeo training which enhances the training program, program of the gallery program including development of professional during 1986. workshops and classes for choral skills. Chinese Music Society artists with technical Woodridge, IL $10,700 City Celebration, Inc. production assistance geared Raza Group of the To support in 1987 the San Francisco, CA $3,000 towards employment in the Performing Arts, Inc. development of professional To support the partial salary media field. New York, NY $2,500 skills related to traditional of the artistic director as To support the Chinese music through a related to the California Community Music Center administrative and artistic three-part workshop series tour, which offers San Francisco, CA $22,800 costs associated with the on techniques of silk and performance opportunities To support the faculty and production and the bamboo music, the bamboo to the ensemble company, performance of the season flute dizi, and traditional staff salaries for the center’s of traditional Latin ensemble playing. City of San Antonio core teaching program in American plays. San Antonio, TX $10,650 1986. Chinese Music Society To support artists’ lees, Community Music Center Chinese Culture Foundation Woodridge, IL $9,100 production expenses, and San Francisco, CA $22,800 of San Francisco To support a workshop workshops for the Carver To support the faculty and San Francisco, CA $17,000 series in 1986 for the Community Cultural staff salaries for the center’s To support the position of development of professional Center’s theater season, core teaching program in publicity/education skills in traditional Chinese 1987. coordinator as well as for music. Cityarts Workshop, Inc. the activities and exhibitions New York, NY $7,000 Community Renewal Team of the Chinese Culture Chinese-American Arts To support the production of Greater Hartford, Inc. Center. Council, Inc. of a number of murals, Hartford, CT $10,000 New York, NY $14,500 interior and exterior, Chinese Dance Company of To support minority artists’ To support the production painted and mosaic; a exhibitions, lectures, and New York, Inc. and presentation of cultural residency for a workshops at the Craftery New York, NY $2,100 events reflective of the photographer; and the Gallery. To support classes and Asian American culture, training of artists and workshops in Chinese dance students in mural Compania Folklorica and the DANCE ’86 concert Christina Cultural Arts production. program by Young Dancers. Puertorriquena, lnc. Center San Juan, PR $7,600 Wilmington, DE $4,500 Clark Center for the To support a career training Chinese for Affirmative To amend a previous grant Performing Arts, Inc. program in folkloric dance Action for professional training for New York, NY San Francisco, CA $11,000 $30,300 anda performance schedule aspiring student musicians To support a multi-ethnic for rural communities To support lectures and and a black history program dance training program workshops by Asian of exhibits, performances, throughout Puerto Rico, American artists in the providing tuition-free and administrative expenses. and workshops, scholarships, vocational


Concerned Musicians of assistance to emerging To support the scholarship company and touring Houston artists, program allowing program, as well as to Houston, TX $13,700 participation in an provide administrative To support the ongoing jazz Cultural Council apprentice/training program support. performance program in Foundation for career development in 1986 with workshops aud New York, NY $4,000 dance and music, Dimensions Dance Theater, residencies offering To support the "Critical instructors’ salaries and Inc. professional instruction in Mass" program, a series of fees, and general operating Oakland, CA $10,600 , composition, monthly seminars showing costs. To support a dance training arranging, and the works of Hispanic program in African-derived , as \vell as to photographers that includes Dance Visions, Inc. dance, expand the provide administrative critical evaluation by New York, NY $30,000 company’s season and other support, magazine editors, gallery To support a series of related expenses. curators, and art agency performing arts workshops Concerned Musicians of directors, in 1986 for dancers led by Dixwell Children’s Creative Houston dance, drama, and music Art Center, Inc. Houston, TX $12,000 D.C. Contemporary Dance coaches. New Haven, CT $10,000 To support the ongoing jazz Theater To support a program performance program in Washington, DC $4,200 Dance Visions, Inc. identifying and providing 1987. To support ah intensive New York, NY $30,000 professional training for dance training program, To support a series of talented youth in dance, Cresson Lake Playhouse including classes and special advanced performing music, theater, and the Ebensburg, PA $10,000 workshops, as well as an workshops in 1987 in which visual arts, with the intent To support the presentation artists-in-residence program dancers will work with of preparing them for of professionally directed for the Washington professional musicians, professional careers. metropolitan area. actors, writers, and visual theater for rural audiences, artists. Don Quijote Experimental Crossroads, Inc. Dallas Black Dance Theatre, Children’s Theatre, Inc. New Brunswick, NJ $21,300 Inc. Dances and Drurhs of New York, NY $6,000 To support production, Dallas, TX $11,400 Africa, Inc. To support performances by marketing and To support a regular Brooklyn, NY $11,400 the theater for inner-city, administrative expenses for schedule of dance concerts, To support instructors’ fees bilingual audiences, the the development and a touring program, an for professional classes and development of new works, presentation of black artists-in-residence program, training in ballet, modern, and to strengthen the theater, and administrative expenses, jazz and African ethnic administrative structure of dance and music, the organization. Cultural Council Dance Exchange, Inc. performers’ fees, and related Foundation Washington, DC $11,400 costs. Double Image Theatre, Inc. New York, NY $20,000 To support and expand the New York, NY $10,000 To support a diverse programs of the "Dancers Danny SIoan Dance of the Third Age" offering Company, Inc. To support workshops and program of visual and classes in the theater arts, performing arts projects, concerts, classes and Boston, MA $4,500 workshops in dance To support artists’ fees and dance, and music for a throughout the metropolitan salaries and to strengthen multicultural, inner-city Cultural Council community. Foundation arca. production values of the company. New York, NY $10,100 Downtown Ballet Company, To support the production Dance Theatre Foundation New York, NY $15,200 Dashiki Project Theatre Inc. of plays and films, the New York, NY $16,900 presentation of a dance and To support the artists-in­ New Orleans, LA $28,400 residence program covering To support the theater arts To support the professional music series for the Latín dance training programs American and Puerto Rican contemporary dance and training program, the drama techniques for production schedule and the through workshops and community, and professional classes in administrative costs, musical theater, film, and new play project, ; classical schools based both in San Cultural Council European Folk Dance and Dayton Contemporary Juan and New York. ethnic dance. Dance Guild, Inc. Foundation Downtown Community New York, NY $4,000 Dayton, OH $15,200 To support an exhibition Dance Theatre of Harlem, To support the development Television Center, Inc. of ah original work asa New York, NY $7,500 coordinator and ah artist-in­ Inc. To support the media residence fora program of New York, NY $37,900 signature piece for the


¯ service program including Ebony Talent Associates performances by the Ethnic Folk Arts Center, the advanced television Creative Arts Foundation theater’s professional lnc. studio workshop, the Chicago, IL $10,000 company. New York, NY $26,500 community TV To support a comprehensive To support documentation Apprenticeship Program, performing arts training El Teatro de la Esperanza of festival programs that productions for cable TV, program for career-minded San Francisco, CA $20,000 include workshops in the equipment bank, and students from Chicago’s To support dramatic Latino traditional ethnic music and community media projects, southside, presentations to the dance, ethnic music community in 1987; concerts, anda series of Dunham Fund for Research Ebony Talent Associates intensive professional dance concerts in 1987. and Development of Creative Arts Foundation training in acting, directing, Cultural Arts Chicago, IL $15,100 and playwrighting; and Eva Anderson Dancers, Ltd. East St. Louis, IL $82,500 To support a comprehensive administrative costs. Columbia, MD $7,600 To support the activities and training program in the To support the presentation operation of the Institute of performing arts for career- El Teatro de la Esperanza of several dance concerts, a Intercultural minded black youth from San Francisco, CA $17,100 residency program for guest Communications including the Chicago central city To support dramatic artists, apprentice training, classes and workshops in during 1986. presentations by the and related expenses. visual design and the Performing Arts Program in performing arts. Ebony Talent Associates 1986, professional training Evans Tibbs Collection Creative Arts Foundation in the theater arts, and Washington, DC $3,500 DuSable Museum of African Chicago, IL $10,000 administrative costs. To support ah exhibition American History, Inc. To support a comprehensive program which examines Chicago, IL $10,000 performing arts training Fund and documents the work of To support "In the program for career-minded Washington, DC $26,000 contemporary and historic Tradition: A Celebration of students from Chicago’s To support a program African-American artists. Black storytelling," and southside during 1987. providing professional workshops to showcase and training for exceptionally Everybody’s Creative Arts document the work of black EcoTheater,’ Inc. talented youth--particularly Center, Inc. writers. Lewisburg, WV $10,650 inner-city minorities--in Oakland, CA $11,400 To support administrative dance, drama, music, and To support administrative East Cleveland Community costs and workshops, as well the visual arts. costs for the multicultural Theater as theater productions based performing arts center and East Cleveland, OH $12,500 on local history and stories Ensemble Espanol the resident professional To support production developed by artists from Chicago, IL $7,600 dance company season. costs, a workshop series, southern West Virginia. To support the creation and and general operating costs presentation of a new work Fairmount Theatre of the for theater programming in El Centro de Arte, Inc. for the 1985-86 season of Deaf the inner-city community. Washington, DC $10,000 Spanish dance. Cleveland, OH $10,650 To support performances, To support the mainstage East Tennessee Community concerts, training, and Ensemble Theater season of productions for Design Center, Inc. exhibitions for the Latino Houston, TX $5,100 deaf and blind performers; a Knoxville, TN $5,000 community. For artists’ lees and residency program including To support the design production costs associated full-length and showcase assistance program, which El Grupo Morivivi, Inc. with the Ensemble Theater. performances; workshops; makes design services New York, NY $18,000 and other related expenses. available to community To support the advanced Ethnic Folk Arts Center, groups in rural Tennessee. level instruction program in Inc. Family, Inc. Latín music, theory and New York, NY $26,500 New York, NY $26,500 East West Players, Inc. instrumentation, as well as To support a series of dance To support the theater Los Angeles, CA $24,425 professional orchestra workshops that feature workshop training program, For a professional training performances for the traditional ethnic musicians; productions by the program in acting, community, concerts of immigrant ethnic Repertory Ensemble movement, voice, and music; master dance, music Company, anda touring writing, as well as the and song workshops; and program in 1986. company’s season of San Juan Bautist, CA documentation of the events theatrical productions. $21,300 in 1986. Family, Inc. To support salaries and New York, NY $20,000 administrative and To support the theater production expenses for workshop training program,


Gateway Dance Theatre, productions by the artistic training Friends of the Davis Center, opportunities for local the. Ine. Repertory Ensemble $5,000 Company, anda touring professional and semi­ New York, NY $4,200 Des Moines, IA program in 1987. proíessional leaders at the To support the Producers­ To support a dance training St. Francis Music Center. in-Residence Program which program in multiethnic Film News Now employs minority producers dance, including workshops, Foundation, Inc. Frank Silvera Writers’ in the mounting and residencies, and New York, NY $24,500 Workshop Foundation, Inc. producing of original new performances. To support the advanced New York, NY $22,500 works by Black and Latin Great Leap, lnc. film/video workshop For the Reading Critique artists. program providing intensive Series, the Writer’s Seminar Los Angeles, CA $15,000 training for the development Series, and the Artistic Friends of the District of For support of multidisciplinary arts of professional filmmakers, Technical As$istance Columbia Youth Orchestra including administrative Collective offering training Program activities related to the costs, in technical stagecraft for Washington, DC $11,400 production and aspiring artists in Harlem. To support advanced level presentations of major and Floyd J. McCree Theatre & chamber classes that are original works in the Asian Frederick Douglass Creative American community. Fine Arts Centre taught by professional Flint, MI $15,100 Arts Center, lnc. performing musicians from $28,000 Group Material, lnc. To support the theater’s New York, NY the Washington arca anda mainstage productions in To support the writing and concert series. New York, NY $4,500 acting workshops, the To support managerial and 1986, the visiting artists series, and the repertory "Black Roots Festival," and Friends of the Mission administrative costs fora dance corps, which the "Staged Reading Cultural Center studio program of showcases original works. Series." San Francisco, CA $17,500 professionally led classes in To support salaries for , drawing, and Floyd J. McCree Theatre & Friends Mime Theatre- administrative and graphic for gifted students Fine Arts Centre London Theatre Workshop, arts personnel, marketing who seek a long-term Flint, MI $10,000 Ltd. expenses, and related costs, involvement in the fine arts. $8,900 To support the theater’s Milwaukee, WI Group Theatre Company mainstage productions and To support original theater Friends of the Watts Towers productions for the inner- S10,000 training programs in 1987. Art Center Seattle, WA city community by the core Los Angeles, CA $5,000 For the Playwright-in- company, the theater’s Residence project which Fondo del Sol To support organizational Washington, DC $10,000 professional company, and development and ah mounts and presents original workshops in the theatrical scripts by select guest To support exhibitions, film intensive training program and video presentations, arts for emerging for community leaders and playwrights, and for the lectures, performances and multiethnic artists, board members. Minority Playwrights’ poetry readings featuring Showcase which includes major and emerging artists, Friends of Puerto Rico, Inc. G.A.L.A., Inc. readings by authors in $18,000 Washington, DC $18,000 and the "Caribbean 87" New York, NY attendance. To support special multi-arts To support a program of festival as ah annual event. folkloric, popular, and bilingual dramatic H.T. Dance Company, Inc. classical presentations, and productions including "El $7,600 Foundation for the Vital New York, NY the positions of museum Campo," "El Asno," and To support performances Arts, Ine. director and director of for six plays indigenous to and a professional dance New York, NY $16,700 To support advanced development. Mexico, the Caribbean, and training program, including modern, jazz, and ballet Argentina to be performed special workshops and dance classes for professional Friends of Puerto Rico, lnc. as staged readings, events committed to performing artists, the new York, NY $5,563 producing new Asian-rooted choreographers workshop To amend a previous grant Galeria Studio 24 works and a scholarship for íolkloric, popular, program, and performances San Francisco, CA $29,000 program for talented youth.. by the Eleo Pomare Dance classical, and theatrical To support Galeria de la Company. performances; the exhibition Raza, a visual arts Han Sheng Chinese Opera program; and partial multicultural gallery serving Institute administrative costs for Washington, DC $4,500 Francisean Sisters of Little the Latino Mission District, 1986. including administrative To support the production Falls, Minnesola $3,000 costs, of classical Chinese operas Little Falls, MN in 1986 using noted local To support music instruction programs and performers and guest artists.


Han Sheng Chinese Opera To support the "Artists and Hull House Association To support professionally Institute Influences" series providing Chicago, IL $10,000 led performing arts training Washington, DC $4,500 exposure for contemporary To support the training and programs in theater and To support the production visual, performing and cultural outreach programs dance as well as the of operas in 1987 that literary artists from the of the Hull House Art development of a touring uphold the organization’s Expansion Arts field, Center in dance, visual arts, program including dance fundamental purpose of including document, ation of and theater, workshops featuring the promoting classical Chinese their artistic careers. Limon & Graham technique Opera and the use of local Huron Area Arts Council, in 1986. performers and guest artists Henry Street Settlement Inc. who ate noted in this field. New York, NY $38,000 Huron, SD $5,000 International Art of Jazz, To support professional To support arts Inc. Hancock Shaker Village, workshops, classes, and programming at the Wilson Stony Brook, NY $6,300 Inc. performances in the music Center for the Arts To support the Pittsfield, MA $55,000 and dance programs; and including performances, interdisciplinary To support the Latino Playwrights visual arts exhibits, artists’ workshop project with lecture-demonstration staged reading program in residencies, professional training for programs and exhibitions of 1987. intermediate and advanced the traditional crafts of the I Giullari di Piazza, Inc. students culminating in Shakers. Henry Street Settlement New York, NY $4,200 student teacher New York, NY $39,700 To support administrative performances. Harlem Institute of Fashion To support a training costs; as well as to support New York, NY $3,500 workshop program designed productions by the To support the exhibition professional theater International Arts Relations, to move Black and Hispanic Inc. program, which emphasizes artists into professional company featuring Italian the development of theater, and "Bronx folk music and theater. New York, NY $35,500 American . To support the Hispanic-in- Performances," which Ile Ife Black Humanitarian Residence Laboratory and provides new plays and administrative costs in 1986. Harlem School of the Arts, dance concerts for Bronx Center Inc. audiences. Philadelphia, PA $12,000 New York, NY $55,000 To support professional International Arts Relations, Inc. To support advanced Henry Street Settlement dance instruction, classes in training and master classes basic visual arts procedures, New York, NY $40,000 New York, NY $37,900 To support the Hispanic offering training in all areas To support professional theater workshops and of the performing, musical, classes anda music lab Playwrights-in-Residence workshops, classes and Laboratory and related and visual arts. performances in the music which offers workshops with ah emphasis on jazz. Harlem School of the Arts, and dance programs, and administrative1987, expenses in Inc. and the Latino Playwrights Inner City Cultural Center New York, NY $5,000 staged reading program in Los Angeles, CA $60,000 Interstate Firehouse Cultural To amend a previous grant 1986. To support professional Center for master classes and training in the performing Portland, OR $5,000 advanced training for Highlander Research & and visual arts for inner-city To support marketing professional careers in the Education Center, Inc. youth, presentation of expenses and administrative arts for gifted students New Market, TN $3,600 theater productions, and costs for multicultural throughout the city during To support workshops and other reIated costs, programs. 1986. training for Appalachian and southern musicians, Inner City Ensemble-A Invisible Performance Harmonie Park Playhouse, song-writers, singers, dance Theatre and Dance Workshop, Inc. Inc. callers, and other artists to Company Bronx, NY $2,500 Detroit, MI $5,000 share cross-cultural Paterson, NJ $16,000 To support ongoing classes To support the Actors Lab expressions and ideas. To support professionally in drama, ballet, and program, including led performing arts training modern dance, the professional theater arts Hudson Valley Freedom programs in theater and commission and production training and visiting artists, Theatre, Inc. dance leading to company of a full-length dance by including administrative Newburgh, NY $5,000 performances in 1987. choreographer Arnette de costs. To support the production Mille, and administrative of several plays focusing on Inner City Ensemble-A costs. Hatch-Billops Collection, relevant issues for the black Theatre and Dance Inc. community. Company New York, NY $4,000 Paterson, NJ $15,100


Jamaica Center for the Jomandi Productions, Inc. a contemporary black expert, for him to instruct Performing and Visual Arts, Atlanta, GA $12,500 playwright anda director to and direct the development lnc. To support audience assist in the development of of new works which Jamaica, NY $25,000 development, touring theater new productions, and fora perpetuate traditional Polish To support interdisciplinary productions, and workshops marketing director and culture. arts programming, including for professional artists in artistic personnel. visual arts exhibitions, the touring company, and Kuumba Theatre, Inc. performing arts administrative costs. Kalihi-Palama Culture and Chicago, IL $24,850 presentations, and Arts Society, Inc. To support the season of \vorkshops and workspace Joseph Holmes Dance Honolulu, HI $10,000 mainstage productions of for community artists. Theatre To support arts contemporary works Chicago, IL $4,200 programming, including arts focusing on positive and Japanese American Cultural To support administrative training, productions, relevant issues for the black and Community Center costs for a program that presentations, and community. Los Angeles, CA $20,000 offers intensive dance exhibitions featuring the To support the presentation training for aspiring ethnic cultures of the Pacific La Compania de Teatro de of performing arts and professionals, as well as islands. Albuquerque, Inc. visual arts programs by performances by guest Albuquerque, NM $15,000 emerging Asian artists, artists. Kalihi-Palama Culture and To support administrative Arts Society, Inc. salaries and production costs Japantown Art & Media Jubilee Community Arts, Honolulu, HI $4,000 of two plays. Workshop Inc. To amend a previous grant San Francisco, CA $19,000 Knoxville, TN $27,000 to support activities in the La Pena Cultural Center, To support administrative To support the community visual and performing arts lnc. costs, as well as exhibitions, arts program of instruction and ethnic arts and crafts Berkeley, CA $5,600 graphic services, classes, and performances, including during 1986. To amend a previous grant workshops, and other related administrative costs to support radio special events which employ in 1987. Kenkeleba House, lnc. broadcasting workshops and train emerging Asian New York, NY $14,000 during 1986. American community Jubilee Community Arts, To support a series of five artists. Inc. visual arts exhibitions La Pena Cultural Center, Knoxville, TN $24,300 featuring the works of Inc. Jazzmobile, Ine. To support an instruction established and emerging Berkeley, CA $10,000 New York, NY $45,000 and performance program artists, as well as showcasing To support the salaries of To support the advanced of traditional southern professional visual, literary the project director and music workshop program in highland music, dance, and and performing artists, and marketing director. 1987 during which talented crafts; sacred harp singing; for administrative costs. young musicians ate tours of musicians to rural La Raza Bookstore instructed by professional areas; and administrative Kenkeleba House, Ine. Sacramento, CA $13,000 jazz musicians, costs in 1986. New York, NY $6,200 To support the annual To amend a previous grant poetry reading featuring Jazzmobile, Inc. Junior Black Academy of for administrative and professional Chicano and New York, NY $42,000 Arts & Letters, Inc. program costs during 1986. Native American poets and To support the advanced Dallas, TX $8,000 writers, and special events To support a symphony or Ko-Thi, Ine. occurring at the Community music workshop program in $2,500 1986 during which talented jazz event, anda visual arts Milwaukee, WI Cultural Center. exhibition utilizing To support concerts, master young musicians are classes, and workshops instructed by professional nationally, internationally, La Raza Silk Screen Center, jazz musicians, and locally known artists, offering professional Inc. training in traditional San Francisco, CA $21,000 African-Caribbean music Joan Miller and the Just Above Midtown and dance forros, including To support administrative Chamber Arts/Dance New York, NY $5,000 costs along with a workshop Players, Inc. To support artists working administrative costs, and service program for Bronx, NY $7,500 in the JAM Laboratory local Chicano/Latino artists To support management and Program and the publication Krakowiak Polish Dancers, showcasing community of B. Cülture. Inc. administrative expenses for Hyde Park, MA $2,500 based art. the company’s season, To support a guest residency including development and Just Us Theater Company La Raza Silk Screen Center, Atlanta, GA $15,000 by Kazimierz Kopinski, a lnc. production of new works foremost Polish folk music and their presentation. To support the residency of San Francisco, CA $5,800


To amend a previous grant and workshop/lecture Los Angeles Actors’ Theatre opportunities to a multi- for a series of silkscreen demonstration program by Foundation ethnic constituency. workshops and exhibitions master Los Angeles, CA $5,000 for local Chicana/Latina drummer/choreographer For a season of theater Manna House Workshops, artists during 1986. Sylvester Lee and the productions by the Native Inc. Ensemble. American Theater Ensemble New York, NY $15,100 LaRocque Bey School of and workshops that provide To support the artistic and Dance Theatre, Inc. Liga Estudiantes de Arte de performance experience, administrative services New York, NY $4,200 San Juan, Inc. providing professional music To support performances in San Juan, PR $13,000 Lower East Side Printshop, instruction and performance 1986 incorporating classical To support photography Inc. opportunities to a multi- and modern choreography, exhibitions, workshops, New York, NY $10,000 ethnic constituency. drum styles, and costumes conferences, and guest To support the silkscreen of Africa and the Caribbean artists residencies; and the program offering workshops Merit Program, Inc. Islands. use of Casa Aboy’s space for arts organizations, Chicago, IL $7,600 for presentations of plays, technical and production To support the "tuition-free LaRocque Bey School of concerts, and dance assistance, and an artists’ conservatory" programs, Dance Theatre, Inc. performances, printmaking workspace which provide professional New York, NY $4,200 program that assists artists music training for gifted To support performances in Liga Estudiantes de Arte de in their careers, minority inner-city students 1987 by the LaRocque Bey San Juan, lnc. in preparation for eventual Drummers and Dancers, San Juan, PR $16,000 Lula Washington careers in music. incorporating choreography, To support a scholarship Contemporary Dance drum styles, and costumes program anda series of Foundation Metropolitan School for the of Africa and the Caribbean visual arts exhibitions and Inglewood, CA $6,400 Arts, Inc. Islands. training programs To support major dance Syracuse, NY $20,000 showcasing artists from the concerts and master dance To support the financial aid Latín American Theatre community, classes with top dancers program, which provides Eusemble and/or choreographers for instruction in music, visual New York, NY $6,000 Lime Kiln Arts, Inc. the mounting of new works, arts, dance, and drama. To support professional Lexington, VA $7,000 theater productions for the To support the salary of a Manchester Craftsmen’s Mexic Arte Hispanic community, full-time director of Guild Austin, TX $4,800 marketing and public Pittsburgh, PA $40,000 To support the Austin Latino Mental Health Task relations for this southern To support continued Annual 1987, an exhibition Force, Inc. Virginia mountain advanced training in of minority artists’ work; Detroit, MI $5,000 community theater that photography and ceramics arts activities to celebrate To support administrative produces indigenous works, with an ongoing workshop the "Day of the Dead;" and salaries and arts program emphasizing career other related costs. programming, including a Lira Singers development in the visual poetry anthology, artists’ Chicago, IL $2,500 arts in 1987. Millan Theatre Comlaany workshops, video To support administrative Detroit, MI $22,300 presentations, and other costs for the touring vocal Manchester Craftsmen’s To support the season of the related costs, ensemble dedicated to the Guild Millan Theatre Company, performances of traditional Pittsburgh, PA $5,000 which provides at least four League of United Chicano and contemporary Polish To amend a previous grant major productions each year Artists folk music, to provide continued based on issues relevant to Austin, TX $5,000 advanced training and its inner-city community. To support the salary of a Little Miami Theater Works ongoing workshops project director, a West Liberty, OH $8,000 emphasizing career Milwaukee Inner City Arts photography exhibition, a To support the collecting development in the visual Council, Inc. project to instruct artists in and assembling of oral arts in 1986. Milwaukee, WI $10,000 techniques of mural histories for play To support the Inner City painting, and other related productions and radio Manna House Workshops, Training Institute, which expenses, shows, the touring of Inc. provides career development theater productions, and New York, NY $10,000 for select youth and adults; Lessie Bates Davis training in the creation of To support the artistic and the Midwestern Regional, a Neighborhood House, Inc. original works, administrative services workshop event; and East St. Louis, IL $4,200 providing professional music administrative and artistic To support a performance instruction and performance costs.


Minneapolis American apprentice dancers, and Neighborhood Arts Center, including support to Indian Center administrative expenses, lnc. strengthen management. Minneapolis, MN $5,000 Atlanta, GA $17,000 New York City Hispanic- To support a series of up to Nanette Bearden To support the Artists-in- American Dance Company, six visual arts exhibitions Contemporary Dance Residence Training Foundation, Inc. Program. Inc. featuring Indian artists and New York, NY $45,000 educational programs about New York, NY $11,400 To support an intensive New Dance Theatre, Inc. To support performances by Indian art and culture. dance training program for Denver, CO $40,000 and related expenses for the professional career To support the Cleo Parker Ballet Hispanico School of Mixed Blood Theatre development for minority Dance Ensemble, the Dance in 1986, which Company students through a guest scholarship program, a guest provides professional Minneapolis, MN $11,200 artists-in-residence program choreographer, dance training in ballet, Spanish For general support of this with classes and workshops instruction and training, and dance, modern and jazz multi-racial theater in ballet, modern, and jazz other related expenses, dance, the Dunham ensemble, which offers dance, technique. professional training and New Freedom Theatre, Inc. performance experience for Nat Horne Musical Theatre, Philadelphia, PA $17,500 New York Street Theatre minority actors. Inc. To support a season of Caravan Ensemble, lnc. New York, NY $9,900 plays and professional Jamaica, NY $17,750 Mohawk Valley Center for To support the musical training and practical work To support the ethnically the Arts, Inc. theater scholarship program experience in the theater arts diverse theater touring Little Falls, NY $2,500 in 1986, classes and for gifted career-oriented, program, the development To support concerts by the workshops in the inner-city students, of new works, and training Mohawk Valley Choral performing arts, and other workshops for new artists. Society, guest soloists, and related expenses. New Heritage Repertory related administrative Theatre, lnc. Newark Community School expenses. Nat Horne Musical Theatre, New York, NY $19,550 of the Arts lnc. To support the production Newark, NJ $27,500 Movimiento Artistico del New York, NY $9,000 and presentation of the For the Gifted Student Rio Salado, Ine. To support the scholarship 1985-86 season. Program, ah arts-training Phoenix, AZ $5,000 program in 1987 offering program for community To support a program professional instruction in New School for the Arts students; the Advanced Jazz designed to develop and the performing arts with ah Montclair, NJ $28,000 Ensemble; and the Music advance the skills of emphasis on musical theater, To support the professional Copying Service. emerging professional artists including jazz dance, acting, training, performance, through the information voice, and musical theater career development, and Newark Mediaworks resource center, and to workshops, scholarship programs of the Newark, NJ $3,000 support a series of visual New Jersey Opera Institute To support the vídeo and arts exhibitions and National Black Theatre in 1986. radio production internship workshops for Workshop, Inc. program which provides the Hispanic/Chicano artists. New York, NY $34,850 New School for the Arts participants with an For general support of the Montclair, NJ $28,600 opportunity to work with Museum of African theater arts training To support the performing experienced producers and American Art workshop program for the arts training center, the directors. Los Angeles, CA $53,000 Black and Hispanic scholarship program, career To support The community, and for the development workshops, Nguzo Saba Films, Inc. International Review of presentation of productions and concerts in 1987. San Francisco, CA $18,000 African American Arts, emanating from these To support media projects which documents the work workshops. New York City Hispanie- and program development of African and African- American Dance Company, activities, including American artists. National Center of Afro- Inc. administrative costs. American Artists, Ine. New York, NY $48,000 Najwa Dance Corps Boston, MA $30,000 To support performances North Carolina Black Chicago, IL $4,200 To support the black visual and workshops in 1987, Repertory Company, Inc. To support ah artists-in­ arts exhibition program of which provide professional Winston-Salem, NC $7,500 residence program, the work from the most training in Spanish dance, To provide administrative development of a new promising emerging New ballet, modern, jazz, the support to stabilize the repertoire, master classes for England artists. Dunham technique, continuity in artistic


directorship and performances and administrative staff and RAS Community Theatre, management, residencies by professional artists. Inc. elderly Connecticut artists in Miami, FL $5,000 Oakland Ensemble Theatre nontraditional settings. Philadelphia Dance For partial support of one Oakland, CA $10,000 Company original and one classic or To support artists’ fees and Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia, PA $39,000 contemporary Spanish related production and lnc. To support professional theater production, and the promotion expenses for a Philadelphia, PA $10,000 dance training, presentation of three one-act season of full-length theater To support artists’ fees and performances, and related plays for residents of Dade productions, costs incurred for a season administrative expenses in County. of multidisciplined 1986. Ododo T~eatre Foundation, performances, exhibitions, Radio Bilingue, Ine. lne. and concerts. Plaza de la Raza, lnc. Fresno, CA $5,000 Tucson, AZ $5,300 Los Angeles, CA $60,000 To support a series of To support the theater Pan Asian Repertory To support the Professional advanced and intermediate workshop series, the Theatre, Inc. Arts Training Program and radio broadcast workshops organizational development New York, NY $19,600 administrative costs of the on program production. program, anda guest artist To support workshops and School of Performing and residency, staged readings for career Visual Arts. Recreation Center for the training in eastern and Handicapped, Inc. OId Creamery Theatre western theater techniques, a Pontiac Art Center San Francisco, CA $5,000 Company, Inc. touring program, and Pontiac, MI $5,000 To provide support for the Garrison, IA $7,500 special performances for the To support a visual and Three Way Street Theater To support a regional Asian-American community, performing arts training and Company’s training touring theater program presentation program for program and performance offering performances to a Paul Robeson Community local minority artists, schedule for talented wider rural population. T~eatre Group disabled actors. Seattle, WA $8,900 Printmaking Workshop, Opera de Camara, Inc. To provide administrative Inc. Rep, Inc. Candado, PR $11,400 assistance. New York, NY $20,000 Washington, DC $40,000 For the development of To support fellowships To support the 1985-86 artistic and administrative People’s Music School, Inc. targeted for emerging season of stage and touring personnel, and a production Chicago, IL $7,600 artist/printmakers and theater productions. season of traditional and To support administrative mid-career artists of Asian, contemporary Spanish costs for the advanced level African, Hispanic, and Rhode Island Black Heritage operas, music training program, Native American descent. Society which offers free classes in Providence, RI $21,300 Opera de Camara, Inc. music theory, voice, and Prints in Progress To support the performance Candado, PR $2,500 instrumentation to minority, Philadelphia, PA $20,000 season, which is developed To support an intensive moderate, and low-income To support professional through the "research-to­ dance training program in students, advanced fine arts classes, performance" method, ballet, modern, and jazz and the apprenticeship and centered around subject dance with Native Folkloric Perseverance Theatre, Inc. scholarship program, matter relating to the interpretations and Douglas, AK $10,000 community served. workshops with To support in rural Alaska Programs for Alternative performances for the an intensive professional Crealive Education (PACE) Richard Allen Center for community, training program in Detroit, MI $10,000 Culture and Art, Inc. playwriting, directing, acting To support multi-arts New York, NY $35,500 Opera de Camara, Ine. and technical theater skills, workshops by professional For the theater’s mainstage Candado, PR $7,000 which culminates in a public and community artists, productions and theater To support the development performance, laboratories, which provide of artistic and administrative Puerto Rican Traveling professional training in the personnel, including a Philadelphia Dance Theater Company, lnc. theatrical arts for minority season of professional music Company New York, NY $42,600 artists. theater performances. Philadelphia, PA $45,000 To support the theater To support professional training unit, a professional Road Company Opus, Inc. dance instruction and bilingual performing arts Johnson City, TN $17,750 Hartford, CT $4,000 training in 1987 leading to a training program for To provide support for the To support for part of the performance series, aspiring young actors, performance season, and to director’s salary and including salaries for the


assist with organizational mechanism for jazz professionally led classes in To support a concert music development, students, watercolor, mural-making, series for public broadcast and silkscreen for emerging featuring artists native to Rod Rodgers Dance St. Louis Conservatory & community artists, the state. Company, Inc. Schools for the Arts New York, NY $23,000 St. Louis, MO TF $30,000 Settlement Music School of South Side Community Art To support the professional To support the Midtown Philadelphia Center training program in 1987 for School, offering instruction Philadelphia, PA $15,100 Chicago, IL $10,500 young talented dancers and training in dance, To support the "Advanced To support ah exhibition through workshops and theater, music and the visual Study Project" providing series featuring local, performance opportunities, arts as well as for the proíessional instruction in regional, and international including administrative development of the New theory and chamber music black artists, and training costs. Jazz Prograrn. coaching for aspiring programs emphasizing students with career development in the Rod Rodgers Dance Salmon Valley Civic Arls artist-instructors from the fine arts for exceptionally Company, Inc. Council, Inc. Philadelphia Orchestra. talented students. New York, NY $20,000 Salmon, ID $4,000 ¯ To support administrative To support advanced Seven Stages, Inc. South Side Family Chamber costs with professional training workshops taught Atlanta, GA $10,000 Orchestra training in 1986 for young by visiting professional To support the production Chicago, IL $5,000 talented dancers through artists in pottery, and administrative costs of To support rehearsal time workshops and performance photography, and chemical new works by southern for the South Side Family opportunities that provide dyeing of fibers, artists. Chamber Orchestra, which linkage between the school offers training and and the professional Samahan Philippine Dance Sew Productions, Inc. performances in classical company. Company, Inc. San Francisco, CA $15,000 music for minority El Cajon, CA $5,500 To support the 1985-86 communities in Chicago. St. Louis Black Repertory To support a performance theater season and to Company, lnc. season of original and newly implement the development Southern Alleghenies St. Louis, MO $9,000 choreographed works based campaign. Museum of Art To support theater on the folklore, legends, Loretto, PA $11,000 productions in 1987, a dance rituals, social life, and Social and Public Art To support the exhibition series, a guest artists historical events indigenous Resource Center activities of the museum’s program, and other related to the Philippines. Venice, CA $21,000 two major’extension costs. To support administrative facilities in Johnstown and San Jose Taiko Group costs along with the resource Blair serving the artistic St. Louis Black Repertory San Jose, CA $4,200 center’s work with needs of these rural Company, Inc. To support the promotion professional muralists, communities. St. Louis, MO $10,000 of the of To support the production Japanese drumming--Taiko-­ Social and Public Art Southern California Asian- of plays in 1986, a dance including administrative Resource Center American Studies Central concert series, and year- costs. Venice, CA $7,500 Los Angeles, CA $13,000 round classes and touring, To amend a previous grant To support a fellowship including administrative School of the Garden State for administrative costs and program for emerging Asian costs. Ballet the center’s work with Pacific film/video artists Newark, NJ $15,100 emerging professional during which they will St. Louis Conservatory and To support the professional muralists during 1986. develop their production Schools for the Arts instruction program in skills in small (super 8) film St. Louis, MO TF $35,000 ballet, modern, and jazz Society of the Third Street productions reflecting Asian To support the Midtown dance for the Newark Dance Music School Settlemen~, Pacific themes. School during 1986, which Theatre, a company Inc. offers quality instruction composed of talented New York, NY $10,000 Southwest Repertory and training in dance, minority youth. To support the Performing Organization theater, music, and the Arts Corps Training El Paso, TX $5,000 visual arts for gifted Self-Help Graphics and Art, Program anda scholarship For artistic salaries and fees students; and the New Jazz Inc. program, in connection with the Program, which combines Los Angeles, CA $15,000 theater’s three-play Spanish workshops and To support managerial and Sound and Print United, language season. performances asa training administrative costs for an lnc. exhibition program and Rocky Mount, NC $5,900


Southwestern Association on on improved communication To support a musical exhibition of contemporary Indian Affairs, Inc. of live theater for deaf concert series featuring Dakota craftswork of the Santa Fe, NM $8,000 individuals, black artists, including Plains Indians. To support the management workshops and seminars and salary costs for visual Street Players Theatre, Inc. centered on their Tokunaga Dance Ko., Inc. arts services to Native Norman, OK $3,000 development; and for the New York, NY $6,000 American artists and For the Writers Work Youth Arts Management To support the scholarship craftspeople. Group-Playwright Internship Program in 1986. program, providing Development Project, which professional dance training Spanish Dance Theatre, Inc. provides professional Thelma Hill Performing relating to the philosophy of Boston, MA $2,500 training to playwrights in Arts Center, Inc. Japanese heritage. To support a workshop the State of Oklahoma. Brooklyn, NY $11,400 program that provides To support the Youth Arts Traveling Performing Arts professional development in Studio Museum in Harlem, Management Internship Company traditional Spanish dance. Inc. Program in 1987, the Black Oakland, CA $3,400 New York, NY $50,000 Film Series, anda musical To support a training Spanish English Ensemble To support the artists-in­ concert series including program for aspiring Theatre, Inc. residence program offering workshops and seminars professional singers. New York, NY $9,000 fellowships for studio space centered on their To support the development and art supplies to development. Union Settlement and production of new outstanding emerging artists, Association works by Hispanic the intern program in Theatre Dance, Inc. New York, NY $13,400 playwrights in 1986, museology, and St. Croix, VI $6,800 To support a professional advanced level training in administrative costs. To support performances orchestra and an advanced the theater arts, guest and advanced jazz and level instruction program in residencies, and related Studio Museum in Harlem, modern dance classes that Latin music, theory and administrative costs. Inc. include guest artists, and instrumentation, including New York, NY $12,600 workshops to develop performances for the Spanish English Ensemble To support the artists-in­ individual choreography and community. Theatre, Inc. residence program during performance quality. New York, NY $9,000 1986. United Indians of All Tribes To provide support for the Theatre of Yugen, Inc. Foundation development and production Taller Puertorriqueno, Inc. San Francisco, CA $5,400 Seattle, WA $10,000 of plays by Hispanic Philadelphia, PA $3,500 To present public To support an arts training playwrights in 1987; To support an exhibition performances of traditional program for Native advanced professional program of emerging local Japanese comedies fora American youth and training for actors in music, artists through a multi­ wider audience, operational costs for the dance, and improvisation; purpose cultural center Daybreak Star Art Gallery and for development and serving the Hispanic Theatre of the Performing and the Sacred Circle administrative costs, community. Arts Gallery of American Indian Shreveport, LA $7,600 Art. Spanish Theatre Repertory Thalia Spanish Theatre, Inc. To support salaries and Company, Ltd. Sunnyside, NY $14,300 other administrative United Projects, Inc. New York, NY $28,400 For three theatrical expenses. San Francisco, CA $14,700 To support performances of productions in Spanish and To support a professionally classic, modern, popular the salary of a development Throne Dance Theatre, Inc. directed theater arts training and experimental Latin director who will give New York, NY $4,200 program which focuses on American-Spanish plays for professional instruction to To support an intensive gifted youth providing the local community, aspiring actors from the multi-cultural dance training workshops in music, dance, including administrative Borough of Queens. program in modern ballet and drama that culminates support, through classes and in special performances and Theater of Universal Images performances that prepare full-scale productions. Stage Hands, Inc. Newark, NJ $21,300 students for eventual Atlanta, GA $10,000 To support the 1985-86 residency in the theater’s Universal Jazz Coalition, To support the theater season and related company, including lnc. interpretation of administrative costs, administrative costs. New York, NY $7,600 performances for the deaf in To support the "Discovery sign language utilizing the Thelma Hill Performing Tipi Shop, lnc. Program," a technique of "shadowing," Arls Center, Inc. Rapid City, SD $3,000 workshop/performance and workshops that focus Brooklyn, NY $11,400 To support a special music training program for


aspiring artists using costs for services rendered Chinese dance, and Alternate Roots, lnc. professional jazz musicians by the Ensemble Manager, administrative expenses. Atlanta, GA $17,100 as teachers, evaluators, and professional performance To support ongoing artistic motivators for new talent, training, and the Your Heritage House, lnc. and administrative technical development of new musical Detroit, MI $5,000 assistance and skills Urban Gateways compositions for touring of To amend a previous grant workshops for rural and Chicago, IL $40,000 the Wajumbe Cultural for administrative support, urban Appatachian arts To support cultural outreach Ensemble. programming, and the communities, and the programs in the inner city, exhibition program in 1986. publication of the professional training for "Where We At" Black newstetter. artists, and related Women Artists Group, Inc. Your Heritage House, lnc. administrative costs. B-r-ooklyn, NY $5,000 Detroit, MI $22,500 Arts Council of San To support a travelling To support administrative Antonio, Inc. exhibition featuring works San Antonio, TX $23,100 Utah Ballet Folklorico costs of artistic To support documentary Company by the group members as programming for arts products in printed and Salt Lake City, UT $4,200 well as by guest artists, training, an artist residency video forro highlighting To support administrative program, and exhibitions, significant aspects of the costs with the workshop Xicanindio Artists Open Dialogue II program, which provides Coalition, Inc. Conference held in San professional development in Mesa, AZ $15,000 Antonio during May 1985. traditional Mexican dance, To support the position of SERVICES TO music, history, and folklore; director of development, THE FIELD Arts Media Service, Inc. and to support the statewide research and documentation Washington, DC $120,000 dance company tour. of Atzec and Mayan ritual Fora cooperative agreement dance to establish a dance Support is provided to to enable qualified experts Visual Arts Research and training program, and organizations of regional to perform artistic and Resource Center Relating to related costs, or national scope whose administrative evaluations of the Caribbean primary function is to approximately 300 New York, NY $5,000 YMI Cultural Center, lnc. Expansion Arts applicants Asheville, NC $4,000 offer quality technical To amend a previous grant assislance and/or services and provide technical for administrative, program, To support partial salaries assistance. and publication costs during of management and to expansion arts 1986. administrative personnel, organizations. Arts Media Service, Inc. Washington, DC $254,900 Visual Arts Research and YMI Cultural Center, Inc. 12 GRANTS For a cooperative agreement Resource Center Relating to Asheville, NC $5,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: to provide for research, the Caribbean, Ine. To support a visiting artists’ $586,900 production and distribution New York, NY $55,000 program and theater of publications, and other To support arts productions. African American Museums direct services to the programming for the center Association, Inc. Expansion Arts field; and to including exhibits, ¥oung Filmakers Washington, DC $11,300 conduct up to 500 onsite workshops, performing arts Foundation, lnc. To support resource evaluations of Expansion presentations, anda New York, NY $10,000 information programs for Arts applicants and grantees magazine. To support the assistance of and about black museums, during the grant period. full and partial scholarships including a monthly Waianae Coast Cuiture & for Asian, Black, Latino, newsletter anda brochure Carter G. Woodson Arts Society, Inc. and Native Americans who listing black museums and Foundation, Inc. Waianae, HI $15,000 are committed to a career in AAMA services. Newark, NJ $4,300 To support cultural film or television. To support the African- enrichment programs and African American Museum American Cultural ongoing professional Young People’s Chinese Association Education Touring workshops that provide Cultural Center, Inc. Washington, DC $28,400 Program. training in dance, music, New York, NY $2,900 To amend a previous grant and crafts of the Hawaiian To support the artist-in­ to support Phase II of the Dance Giant Steps, Inc. Islands. residence program, master "Black Colleges Collections: Brooklyn, NY $4,500 classes, development of new Our Commonwealth," a To support the publication Wajumbe repertory works and multiphase project for the of Attitude: The Dancer’s San Francisco, CA $7,600 performances featuring conservation and study of Monthly, an informative journal for minority To support administrative traditional and classical the art holdings in black colleges, dancers.


Native American Centre for SPECIAL second-year support for Winston-Salem Foundation the Living Arts, lnc. subgranting to small and Winston-Salem, NC $50,000 Niagara Falls, NY $21,900 PROJECTS minority arts For the publication of the organizations: The following Turtle Quarterly. The Community organizations received Foundation Initiative is a Albuquerque Community third-year support for Southern Arts Federation, pilot collaborative effort Foundation subgranting to small and Inc. with local community Albuquerque, NM $36,000 Atlanta, GA $75,000 minori& arts To support an initiative to foundations designed to organizations: secure private money on California Community develop rural and ethnic arts Foundation California Community in the Southeast. a permanent basis for small and medium-sized Los Angeles,Los CA Angeles,$100,000 CA $100,000Fouudation Visual Arts Research and arts groups, with ah Columbus Foundation Resource Center Relating to emphasis on expansion Columbus, OH $50,000 Community Foundation of t~e Caribbean, Inc. arts organizations. The Greater Baltimore Atea New York, NY $20,000* three-year grants from Community Foundation of Baltimore, MD $40,000 To support the Third the Expansion Arts East Tennessee International Conference Program ate used to Knoxville, TN $49,000 Columbus Foundation focusing on the impact of subgrant to local arts Columbus, OH $50,000 African traditions and Community Foundation of culture in the Americas. groups and the community foundation’s Baltimore,Greater Baltimore MD Atea $40,000 New Fund Hampshire Charitable match is deposited in Xicanindio Artists Concord, NH $50,000 Coalition, Inc. permanent endowment. Miiwaukee Foundation Mesa, AZ $6,400 Milwaukee, WI $35,000 Rhode Island Foundation To support Hispanic arts 15 GRANTS Providence, RI $50,000 information network New Hampshire Charitable services. PROGRAM FUNDS." $800,000 Fund Winston-Salem Foundation Concord, NH $50,000 Winston-Salem, NC $50,000 The following Rhode Island Foundation TF--TREASURY FUNDS organizations received Providence, RI $50,000 *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION


/ANUAlt’Y 29 ]() 31 ~987 ¯ 1~:1K(), NI,?¿A1)A



Casey, Michael T. chanting with master To study Cambodian FOLK ARTS Durham, NC $1,300 musician Wynn Charles. classical Khmer dance with 7o study Irish Galway-style master dancer Chandara GRANTS flute playing with master Gillespie, Gail Chhim. traditional artist Jack Coen. Athens, OH $1,200 209 GRANTS To study traditional fiddle Mua, Lee PROGRAM FUNDS: Cesar, Kamala playing with master artist Portland, OR $2,100 $3,052,650 New York, NY $3,600 Ernest Carpenter of Braxton To study songs of the To study traditional Indian County, West Virginia. traditional Hmong wedding Bharatanatyam classical ceremony with master artist dance with master dance Gutierrez, Juan J. Bua Xou Mua. FOLK ARTS Lakshmi. New York, NY $2,500 To study the making of Sata, Warren T. APPRENTICESHIPS Cockernam, Ronald J. traditional Puerto Rican Pasadena, CA $1,500 Mt. Airy, NC $1,400 bomba and plena drums To study Japanese Taiko To enable performers of To study traditional with master artist Francisco drumming with master artist craftspersons to study Appalachian banjo playing . Seiichi Tanaka. with traditional masters with master artist John J. in their fields. Tate. HasselI-Habteyes, Lois Severe, Robin St. Thomas, VI $2,000 Helix, OR $5,000 Colmenarez, Mary L. To study traditional St. To study rawhide braiding 34 GRANTS Sacramento, CA $1,500 Thomas, Virgin Islands with Duff Severe, former PROGRAM FUNDS: To study traditional storytelling with master National Heritage Fellow. $78,900 Mexican Huastecan dance raconteurs Ector and Elmo with master artist Artemio Roebuck. Shepherd, William D. AbduI-Malik, Ahmed H. Posadas. Tacoma, WA $2,000 New York, NY $2,500 Heward-Mills, Ivy Naa To study French Canadian To study traditional Middle Conway, E.C. Koshie button playing Eastern oud (lute) with Chapel Hill, NC $3,000 Silver Spring, MD $2,000 with master musician M. master oudist Simon To study traditional To study traditional Keith Corrigan. Shaheen. traditional banjo playing Ghanaian dance and musical with master artist Calvin accompaniment with Ga Thoe, John C. Allick, Wilfred E. Cole of Hillsville, Virginia. master Yacub Addy. Iowa City, IA $3,200 St. Croix, VI $3,000 To study Scandinavian To study traditional Cook, Dennis G. Kinsler, Ralph woodcarving with master Trinidadian drumming with Hyrum, UT $900 Sneedville, TN $1,200 traditional artist Philip Master Trinidadian Support to study ornamental To study coopering with Odden. drummer Wynn Charles. rawhide braiding with Rick Stewart, who himself master craftsman Dewitt was once apprenticed to the Thompson, Matt G. Bhattacharya, Dhiraj Palmer. late Alex Stewart, a cooper Huntsville, UT $2,000 Hyattsville, MD . $3,000 and former National To study saddlemaking with To study traditional (East) Heritage Fellow. master leather worker Glen Indian tabla drumming style Friend, Robyn C. Redondo Beach, CA $2,500 Thompson. and repetoire with master Lacouture, Marcelle musician Broto Roy. To study classical Persian song style and repertoire Austin, TX $4,200 Verter, Errol J. with master Persian vocalist To study Louisiana French a Breaux Bridge, LA $3,300 Bobe, Edwin Sixto Morteza Varzi. capella singing with master To study construction of a New York, NY $2,500 artists Inez Catalan and tradition Cajun bateau with To study traditional Afro- Lula Landry. master artisans Albert and Cuban bata drumming with Garcia, Rudy F. Palo Alto, CA $1,500 Anthony Latiolais. master drummer Felipe To study traditional Lewis, Jimmy Garcia. Mexican jarana jarocha Arlington, VA $1,700 Vidrine, John S. To study traditional Mamou, LA $1,300 Byrd, Susan J. guitar style with master artist Artemio Posadas. Ghanaian percussion with To study traditional fiddle- Bella Vista, AR $3,000 Ga master drummer Yacub making with master Cajun To study shifu (woven-paper Addy. fiddlemaker Lionel Leleux. cloth) making with master Geerman, John G. St. Croix, VI $3,000 artist Sadako Sakurai. To support traditional Men, Savoeun Trinidadian drumming and Van Nuys, CA $3,000


Ward, Carol Norkai Bennett, Earnest Peou, Khatna Filipino rondalla (stringed Silver Spring, MD $2,000 Indianapolis, IN $5,000 Silver Spring, MD $5,000 orchestra) music. To study traditional For Mr. Bennett’s For Ms. Khatna’s Ghanaian dance and musical continuing contribution to continuing contribution to American Indochinese accompaniment with master excellence in the art of excellence in performance as Association of San Ga artist Yacub Addy. Anglo-American whittling, a Cambodian court dancer Fernando Valley and choreographer. Van Nuys, CA $18,300 Xiong, Chao V. Cordero, Itelen To support group classes by Salt Lake City, UT $2,000 Cochiti, NM $5,000 Reed, Ola B. master artists in Cambodian To study the traditional For Ms. Cordero’s Rising Sun, MD $5,000 classical and folk dances for Hmong queej, a multi-reed continuing contribution to For Ms. Reed’s continuing the Khmer community. pipe instrument, with master excellence in the art of contribution to excellence in musician Yang Wang Toua. Pueblo pottery, performance asan Appalshop, lnc. Appalachian banjo picker Whitesburg, KY $7,000 Yaasi, Jessie S. Domsch, Sonia and singer. To support a regional radio Washington, DC $2,000 Atwood, KS $5,000 series focusing on To study traditional For Ms. Domsch’s Workman, Nimrod southeastern Kentucky and Ghanaian dances and their continuing contribution to Mascot, TN $5,000 southwestern Virginia folk musical accompaniment with excellence in the art of For Mr. Workman’s musicians, singers, and Ga master artist Yacub Czech-American bobbin lace continuing contribution to storytellers. Addy. making, excellence in performance us an Appalachian ballad Appalshop, Inc. Yanez, Manuel A. Fontenot, Canray singer. Whitesburg, KY $8,500 Los Angeles, CA $2,000 Welsh, LA $5,000 To support a series of To study the Bolivian For Mr. Fontenot’s community presentations charango (shell-backed continuing contribution to including exhibits, film guitar) with several Bolivian excellence in performance as FOLK ARTS showings and a festival charango masters, a Black Creole fiddler. ORGANIZATIONS paying tribute to a select group of local traditional Jackson, John artists. Fairfax Station, VA $5,000 To enable nonprofit NATIONAL For Mr. Jackson’s organizations to support Arvada Center for the Arts continuing contribution to such folk art activities us and Itumanities HERITAGE excellence in performance as localfestivals, concerts, Arvada, CO $10,000 FELLOWSHIPS a Black songster and exhibits, and touring To support a series of guitarist, performances. Grants are concert presentations and also awarded for workshop demonstrations To recognize, through a Longoria, Valerio featuring the arts of one-time-only grant documentation of San Antonio, TX $5,000 traditional arts through Colorado’s Japanese, Irish, award, a few of the For Mr. Longoria’s Black, and nation "s exemplary continuing contribution to radio, film, and Hispanic-American excellence in performance as recording; and for master traditional folk general assistance to the communities. artists and artisans whose a Mexican-American field. significant contributions accordionist, Association for Cultural to the health and Equity, Inc. Nevaquaya, Doc Tate 150 GRANTS New York, NY $10,000 happiness of the nation Apache, OK have gone largely $5,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: Support for a tour of New For Mr. Nevaquaya’s $2,616,450 York State featuring the unrecompensed, continuing contribution to music and dance of the excellence in performance as Alabama State Council on Black Caribs (Garifuna). 12 GRANTS a Comanche Indian flutist, the Arts and Humanities PROGRAM FUNDS: Montgomery, AL $23,000 Audienees for the Arts, lnc. $60,000 Ortega, Luis To support the state folk New York, NY $20,000 Paradise, CA $5,000 arts coordinator program. To support a concert series Ardoin, Alphonse For Mr. Ortega’s continuing at the World Music Institute Eunice, LA $5,000 contribution to excellence in Amauan Workshop entitled "The New For Mr. Ardoin’s continuing the art of. New York, NY $14,000 Americans," featuring the contribution to excellence in Hispanic-American rawhide To support a series of traditional musics of recent performance asa Black work. workshops and public immigrant groups to the Creole accordionist, performances of traditional U.S.


Audiences for the Arts, Inc. congregation in the northern To support a series of To support the extension of New York, NY $10,000 Blue Ridge Mountains. instructional workshops in the position of staff To support the production Chinese traditional, ethnic, folklorist for seven months by the World Music California Arts Council and minority dance, to organize demonstrations, Institute of a series of Sacramento, CA $23,700 workshops, performances, cassette tapes and an Support for the position of City Lote: The New York exhibitions and accompanying booklet of state folk arts coordinator Center for Urban Folk accompanying interpretive historical background and with the Oalifornia Arts Culture materials. descriptive notes Council and related costs. New York, NY $10,000 documenting a variety of To support a festival of Columbia Art League Hispanic, Asian, Afro- and California State University urban folk arts in Central Columbia, MO $24,800 Anglo-American musics in Fresno Foundation Park celebrating a diversity To support a regional folk the United States. Fresno, CA $26,500 of traditional musicians, arts survey and travelling To support a series of instrument makers, and exhibition, including public Balch Institute presentations in local musical traditions in the presentations. Philadelphia, PA $15,700 schools and community sites New York City metropolitan To support the preparatory during a semester-long area. Consortium for Pacific Arts fieldwork for a folk arts university residency by and Cultures exhibit planned to showcase master Cajun musician City Lote: The New York Honolulu, HI $7,100 examples of individual Dewey Balfa. Center for Urban Folk To support a planning Pennsylvania craftsworkers Culture meeting of cultural leaders within their community Capital Children’s Museum New York, NY $17,000 and experts in South Pacific contexts. Washington, DC $18,000 To support a series of culture to designa survey, To support artist and Hispanic traditional music assessment, and plan of Baltimore City Foundation, consultant fees for a month­ concerts and instrument- action to support the Inc. long festival of Indo- making workshops at the traditional arts and artists of Baltimore, MD $29,500 American folk art in the Museo del Barrio. the American Pacific. To support the position of greater Washington, DC Baltimore city folklorist and area. City Lore: The New York Country Music Foundation, related costs. Center for Urban Folk Inc. Capp Street Foundation Culture Nashville, TN $9,000 Bemidji State University San Francisco, CA $17,500 New York, NY $9,000 To support ah internship in Bemidji, MN $26,600 To support beginning classes To support the production the Country Music To support the firs(phase anda series of master of a long-play album and Foundation. of a project to document classes in traditional Filipino cassette tapes documenting and disseminate the tradi­ t~ulintang performance, the traditional repertoire of Country Music Foundation, tional sacred and secular several New York City- Inc. songs of the Ojibway Indian Centrum Foundation based a cappella Black Nashville, TN $15,100 tribe. Port Townsend, WA $6,000 quartets and small choral Support to complete a To support fieldwork and ensembles, discography of traditional Berkeley Society for the other costs of a special music featured on historic Preservation of Traditional program highlighting City of Los Angeles country music recordings. Music, Inc. traditional fiddlers of the Los Angeles, CA $26,300 El Cerrito, CA $30,000 northwest as part of the To continue support of the Country Roads, Inc. To support a 16mm film annual Centrum Fiddle pilot Los Angeles municipal Arlington, MA $9,900 giving a comprehensive Festival. folk arts program. To support fieldwork overview of the traditional leading to ah exhibition of muslo of French Louisiana Chemung Valley Arts Coconino Center for the the folk arts of the from the turn of the century Council Arts, Inc. Southeast Asian refugees through the present. Corning, NY $7,000 Flagstaff, AZ $16,200 living in the Boston area. To support field research To support fieldwork to Brown University and local presentations of identify Native American Cultural Council Providente, RI $27,800 traditional arts and artists of traditional artists in Foundation To support completion costs the rural Central Southern Northern Arizona and to New York, NY $7,000 for a 16mm film Tier region of New York present them in a Festival of To support a traveling documenting traditional State. Native American Arts. multi-media exhibition by hymns, oratory, prayers, the Song Bank portraying rituals, and personal Chinese-American Arts Coconino Center for the the lullaby tradition in New narratives of a rural Baptist Council, Inc. Arts, Inc. York City. New York, NY $5,000 Flagstaff, AZ $10,300


Danish Immigrant Museum Country Radio Reunion" First District Agricultural Georgia Sea Island Folklore Elk Horn, IA $9,900 held in Jonesborough with Association Revival Project, Inc. To support a survey of the Center for Appalachian Oakland, CA $12,000 Brunswick, GA $10,000 Danish-American traditions Studies and Services. Support for a folk arts Support for new fieldwork of the upper Midwest and component of the 1986 for the tenth annual Georgia the presentation of a Ethnic Folk Arts Center, Festival at the Lake in Sea Islands Festival. selection of these traditions Inc. Oakland. at the annual Tivoli Fest in New York, NY $25,000 Han Sheng Chinese Opera Elk Horn, Iowa. Support for a series of Florida Department of State Institute music and dance Bureau of Florida Foiklife Washington, DC $12,000 Davis & EIkins Coilege presentations by traditional Programs To support a series of Elkins, WV $12,400 European and White Springs, FL $17,400 master classes in singing, For the Augusta Heritage Mediterranean-American To support the initial phase movement, and orchestral Center to support a series of artists as part of the of an exhibition on the accompaniment of Peking- residencies with master celebration of the 100th material, visual, and folk style Chinese opera. Appalachian folk artists, anniversary of the Statue of arts of Florida. featured also in a folk Liberty. Hawaii Craftsman festival at the end of the Florida Department of State Honolulu, HI $7,200 series. Ethnic Folk Arts Center, Bureau of Florida Folklife To amend a previous grant Inc. Programs to include completion costs Department of Culture, New York, NY $32,000 White Springs, FL $29,500 for a lómm film Recreation & Tourism To support a nationwide Support for a pilot folk arts documenting the Hawaiian Division of the Arts tour of "Cherish the in education project in the quilting tradition. Baton Rouge, LA $11,100 Ladies," a concert West Palm Beach county To support the further presentation featuring school system. Institute of Alaska Native implementation of a traditional Irish-American Arts, Inc. computerized folklife survey women musicians. Florida Department of State Fairbanks, AK $23,500 of the folk arts and folk Bureau of Florida Folklife Support for the fourth artists of Louisiana. Exploratorium Programs annual Athabascan Old- San Francisco, CA $13,100 White Springs, FL $12,200 Time Fiddling Festival held District of Columbia To produce a series of To support a video program in Fairbanks, Alaska. Commission on the Arts & concerts and demonstrations documenting master Greek Humanities of traditional Indian tsabouna (bagpipe) player Institute of Puerto Riean Washington, DC $30,000 instruments and music in Nikitas Tsimouris. Culture To support a folk arts conjunction with "5000 San Juan, PR $10,000 program including a full- Years of Indian Music." Four Mile Historic Park, To support a series of time professional folk arts Ine. instructional workshops in coordinator for the District Ferrum College Denver, CO $4,900 traditional Puerto Rican of Columbia. Ferrum, VA $22,700 Support for a festival taino pottery making. Support for a pilot position coordinator/intern for the Documentary Arts, Inc. for a regional folklife fourth annual Colorado Institute of Puerto Rican Dallas, TX $14,700 coordinator at the Blue State Folklife Festival in Culture To support a series of radio Ridge Institute and related Denver, Colorado. San Juan, PR $17,300 programs featuring costs. To support a series of traditional music in Texas. Friends of the Morikami, instructional workshops in FieldHi Folk Arts Fair Inc. the fabrication and Documentary Educational Portland, ME $6,300 Delray Beach, FL $10,400 performance of the Puerto Resources, Inc. To support a folk arts fair To support celebrations of Rican guiro. Watertown, MA $36,700 presenting traditional Maine Japanese traditional To support a film crafts, storytelling, and holidays and the art forms Internationai Foik Art documenting music. (music, dance, crafts) Foundation French-American and associated with them. Santa Fe, NM $32,200 Anglo-American traditional First Church of Christ, To support a state folk arts group dance styles in New Congregational Georgia Endowment for the coordinator to assess state England. Middletown, CT $5,600 Humanities traditional arts resources To support a series of Atlanta, GA $29,000 and plan folk arts East Tennessee State performances of traditional To support a state folklife programming on a statewide University Cambodian music and dance coordinator to develop folk basis. Johnson City, TN $5,500 in Connecticut and arts programming To support an "Old Time Massachusetts. throughout Georgia.


International House of Kenyon College survey of Nebraska’s To support an exhibit Philadelphia Gambier, OH $4,600 quilting tradition, documenting the art and Philadelphia, PA $10,000 To support the 15th annual artifacts of Northern New To support a folk-artists-in- Gambier Folk Festival. Louisiana Heritage Mexican Hispanic midwinter schools program in Foundation, Inc. masquerades and their Philadelphia. Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas Baton Rouge, LA $13,100 central characters, the Horton, KS $9,100 To support the mounting of abuelos ("grandfathers"). International House of To support a series of a major exhibir of Philadelphia workshops featuring Louisiana’s living folk arts Mississippi Department of Philadelphia, PA $6,500 Kickapoo/Potawatomi and culture in the State Archives and History To produce a "Best of material culture including Capitol. Jackson, MS $35,000 Folklife Center Concert" at ribbon work, woodcarving, To support the position of the International House in and teepee making. Maine State Commission on state folk arts coordinator Philadelphia. the Arts and related costs. La Casa de la Raza Augusta, ME $35,000 Iowa Arts Council Santa Barbara, CA $12,300 Support for the position of National Councii for the Des Moines, IA $9,200 Support for collection, state folk arts coordinator Traditional Arts To support an exhibition of documentation and for Maine and related costs. Washington, DC $25,000 historic and contemporary presentation of Mexican and Support for the 1986 traditional Amana crafts. Chicano folktales in Santa Malone Arts Council, Inc. National Folk Festival. Barbara and Ventura Malone, NY $17,000 Italian Folk Art Federation Counties, California. To support an exhibition National Council for the of America featuring French-American Traditional Arts Philadelphia, PA $11,700 La Compania de Teatro de traditional arts in northern Washington, DC $46,000 To amend a previous grant Aibuquerque, lnc. New York State. To organize and administer to complete a series of four Albuquerque, NM $4,700 the 1986 assembly of LP recordings of regional To support a series of mini Massachusetts Council on National Heritage Fellows, Italian folk music in the concerts by "Los Reyes de the Arts & I-lumanities including public appearances U.S. Albuquerque." Boston, MA_ $35,500 and public concerts by the To support the position of fellows. Jewish Community Centers La Compania de Teatro de state folk arts coordinator of Greater Philadelphia AIbuquerque, Inc. for Massachusetts and National Council for the Philadelphia, PA $4,200 Albuquerque, NM $3,000 related costs. Traditional Arts To support a "Celebration To support a long-play Washington, DC $64,350 of Jewish Folklife," record documenting Mattatuck Historical Society Fora contract to provide highlighting the folk artistry traditional Hispanic music Waterbury, CT $7,800 technical assistance to of senior adults, including in New Mexico. To support the Waterbury Native American tribes, support fora consulting Traditional Music Festival at local ethnic associations, folklorist anda portion of La Raza Bookstore the Mattatuck Museum. and rural community the artistic and program Sacramento, CA $2,000 organizations in the lees. To support the presentation Michigan State University development, support, and of an exhibition by Mexican East Lansing, MI $33,000 evaluation of ongoing folk KAA & TL’ATK papier mache artist Pedro Support for the position of arts activities. Development Corporation Linares, centering upon the state folk arts coordinator Ketchikan, AK $18,800 Day of the Dead (Dia de los and related costs. Nevada State Council on the Support fora series of Muertos) Celebration. Arts instructional workshops on Michigan State University Reno, NV $17,900 traditional Halda, Tlingit, Laotian Handcraft Project, East Lansing, MI $27,800 Support for projects and Tsimshian crafts. Inc. To support the Michigan administered by the state Berkeley, CA $7,500 Quilt Project and the folk arts coordinator of Kentucky Center for the Support for ah exhibir and preparation and installation Nevada. Arts sales facility featuring the of a major statewide quilt Louisville, KY $13,000 needlework of Hmong, exhibition in celebration of Nevada State Council on the To support a research and Mien, Khmu, and Lao the 1987 Michigan Arts presentation project of local craftswomen, sesquicentennial Reno, NV $11,100 folk artists in the Kentucky commemoration of To support a survey of the River Valley. Lincoln Quilter’s Guild statehood, traditional arts and artists in Lincoln, NE $17,500 Lincoln County, Nevada. To support a statewide Millicent Rogers Museum Taos, NM $22,200


New Mexico Arts Division resident in northern time assistant, and related traditional arts of the Santa Fe, NM $16,900 Virginia. costs. Haida, Tlingit, and Support for a weekend Tsimshian people of Alaska. Hispanic folk music festival, Oboade Institute of African Rio Grande Arts Center, "La Musica de Los Viejitos Culture lnc. Sharlot Hall Historical II." Alexandria, VA $8,000 Alamosa, CO $22,900 Society of Arizona To support the presentation Support for the 1986 San Prescott, AZ $18,200 New York State Council on of traditional West African Luis Valley Folklife Festival. To support the Sharlot Hall the Arts music and dance at a Museum’s Cowboy Folklore New York, NY $27,000 Ghanaian-style durbar River City Festivals Project including school and To support a salary fora celebration. Association, Inc. public concerts, a series of program associate to assist Baton Rouge, LA $22,600 cowboy dances, anda in the administration of the OId Town School of Folk To support the third annual conference on traditional Council’s Folk Arts Music, Inc. Louisiana Folklife Festival storytelling. Program, and related costs. Chicago, IL $4,400 featuring traditional crafts Support for a concert and music of Louisiana. Sheboygan Arts Foundation, North Carolina Arts Council featuring Mexican-American Inc. Raleigh, NC $22,700 and Puerto Rican traditional Roberson Center, Inc. Sheboygan, WI $27,100 Support for "The Black musicians from Chicago and Binghamton, NY $25,000 To support a touring Folk Heritage Tour." Puerto Rico. To support ah exhibition, exhibition of the folk and catalogue, and public traditional arts of North Carolina Folklife Pasacat, Inc. programs concerning Wisconsin. Institute National City, CA $5,000 Eastern European Durham, NC $20,000 Support for musicians’ lees embroidery traditions in Skokomish Indian Tribe To support a Festival of and the repair and, where New York. Shelton, WA $30,000 Native American Arts and necessary, purchase of To support a Skokomish Culture featuring North distinctive Filipino musical Sacred Harp Publishing folk arts program which will Carolina and other instruments in order to Company, Inc. include exhibits, workshops, American Indian folk artists produce a performance Temple, GA $5,000 demonstrations and and ah associated celebration of traditional Support for a series of apprenticeships conducted in symposium. Filipino music and dance. Sacred Harp singing schools the tribe’s community in the southeastern United center. North Carolina Quilt Performance Artists States. Project, Inc. Nucleus, Inc. Society for Asian Music, Durham, NC $30,500 San Antonio, TX $20,000 Salish Kootenai Community Inc. Support fora program of To support a festival College New York, NY $6,000 quilt documentation days by showcasing outstanding Pablo, MT $15,000 To support a series of the North Carolina Quilt traditional Texas-Mexican To support a videotape on concerts presenting Project. conjuntos, sponsored by the the traditional arts of the outstanding Asian musicians Guadalupe Cultural Arts Salish and Kootenai Tribes. either resident in the United North Dakota Council on Center. States of on tour. the Arts Santa Fe Council for the Fargo, ND $17,600 Portable Channel, Inc. Arts, Inc. South Carolina State To support an exhibit Rochester, NY $3,200 Santa Fe, NM $22,000 Museum featuring American Indian To support a radio show To support a project to Columbia, SC $12,500 needlework traditions from documenting traditional document traditional Support for the design, reservations in North aspects of the June 1986 Hispanic New Mexican creation, and installation of Dakota, which will tour conference on cultural entriegas and songs of a decorative wrought iron reservations and galleries in conservation in California ceremony and to disseminate work by former National North Dakota. Indian communities, entitled them through radio series, Heritage Fellowship "Weaving Ancient cassette alburas, and lecture recipient Philip Simmons. Oboade Institute of African Traditions into the Fabric of demonstrations in northern Culture Modern Indian Life." New Mexican villages. South Dakota Arts Councii Alexandria, VA $30,000 Sioux Falls, SD $25,400 Support fora second tour Rhode Island State Council Sealaska Heritage Support for the position of of southern states by on the Arts Foundation state folk arts coordinator "Odadaa!," an ensemble of Providence, RI $22,500 Juneau, AK $31,800 of South Dakota and related traditional Ghanaian Support for the state folk To support "Celebration programs. musicians and dancers arts program in Rhode ’86," a festival of the Island, the hiring of a part


Southern Arts Federation, of "Handmade and traditional Penobscot arts coordinator to head the Inc. Heartfelt: Contemporary including basketry, war recently formed Western Atlanta, GA $20,000 Folk Art in Texas," the first clubs, and walking sticks. Folklife Center. Support fora concert tour major exhibition to examine of southern states by the current state of visual University of, Mississippi Utah Folklife Center traditional performing and material folk art in Main Campus Salt Lake City, UT $30,000 artists of the Cumberland Texas. University, MS $6,500 To support a film Plateau atea of Kentucky To support a long-play documenting traditional and Tennessee. Texas Folklife Resources recording and booklet of cowboy poets of the West. Austin, TX $9,800 descriptive notes State Foundation on Culture To support "Lift Every documenting the musical Utah Folklife Center and the Arts Voice: 50 Years of Texas performance of traditional Salt Lake City, UT $14,000 Honolulu, HI $28,000 Black Gospel and lined-out hymns, spirituals, To support the third annual Support for the Preaching," a series of and gospel music performed Cowboy Poetry Gathering. documentation and radio segments documenting in the Clear Creek presentation of paniolo the development of black Missionary Baptist Church. Vermont Council on the (cowboy) artistic traditions sacred music in Texas. Arts, lnc. in Hawaii. University of South Montpelier, VT $30,000 Texas Tech University Carolina at Columbia To support the production State Foundation on Culture Lubbock, TX $29,000 Columbia, SC $35,000 of a video tape featuring and the Arts Support fora training To support the position and traditional handwork in Honolulu, HI $36,300 program to teach traditional activities of state folk arts Vermont. To support the position of storyboard carving of Palau. coordinator at the state folk arts coordinator McKissick Museum and Virgin Islands Councii on of Hawaii and related costs. United Indian Health related costs, the Arts Services, Inc. St. Thomas, VI $8,500 Staten Island Council on the Trinidad, CA $24,500 University of South To support the third annual Arts, Inc. Support for a vídeo Carolina at Columbia Island Center’s Caribbean Staten Island, NY $15,000 documentary on several Columbia, SC $17,000 Folk Arts Festival, featuring To support the Staten Island traditional art forms of To support research and traditional Cruzan Folk Artists in Education northern California Native presentation of the craftsmen, musicians, and program. American tribal groups, traditional arts of the Afro- quadrille and bamboula American communities of dancers. Talking Drums, Inc. University of Hawaii at the Port Royal Sound atea Middletown, CT $3,300 Manoa of South Carolina. Visual Arts Research and To support a series of Honolulu, HI $4,000 Resource Center Relating to workshops in traditional To support a Micronesian University of Texas Institute the Caribbean, Inc. Ghanaian drumming Cultural Fair in connection of Texan Cultures at San New York, NY $10,000 techniques, with ah exhibition of the art Antonio To support a series of of Micronesia, mounted at San Antonio, TX $23,600 concerts of Afro-Caribbean Tennessee Arts Commission the Art Gallery of the To support a special traditional music by local Nashville, TN $30,000 University of Hawaii. component of the 1986 Haitian, Puerto Rican, Support for the position of Texas Folklife Festival, Trinidadian, and African- state folk arts coordinator in University of Hawaii at featuring the traditional arts American artists anda Tennessee and related costs. Manoa of Houston’s parallel series of lectures on Honolulu, HI $15,700 Afro-American Afro-Caribbean traditional Tennessee Folklore Society To support a statewide tour communities, arts and culture. Murfreesboro, TN $22,000 of traditional Hawaiian Support for the Tennessee music and musicians, Utah Arts Council Volunteers for the State Parks Folklife Project, highlighting music of the Salt Lake City, UT $8,400 Improvement of the 18th providing local artists fees ukelele, slack key guitar, To support a series of radio District, Inc. and research and and local and regional song programs on Utah Nashville, TN $13,000 interpretation costs styles dating from the early storytellers with related To support concerts, connected with the Crockett 20th century, cassette recordings and presentations and Bicentennial Celebration. booklets, demonstrations in local University of Maine at community centers focusing Texas Folklife Resources Orono Utah Folklife Center on traditional Ghanaian Austin, TX $35,000 Orono, ME $7,300 Salt Lake City, UT $34,000 arts. Support for the preparation, To support ah exhibition of To support the position of a selection, premiere, and tour western regional folklife


Washington State Arts art of Hmong women from intensive program of Commonwealth of Commission Laos anda day-long festival workshops and master Pennsylvania Councii on the Olympia, WA $20,000 in conjunction with the classes focusing on the Arts To support the position of a exhibit, artistic traditions of East Harrisburg, PA $30,000 state folk arts coordinator European Jewry. and related costs. Ybor City Museum Society, Florida Arts Council Inc. Tallahassee, FL $26,000 Washington State Folklife Tampa, FL $15,600 Council To support a festival STATE ARTS Idaho Commission on the Olympia, WA $10,100 celebrating the traditional AGENCY Arts To support fieldwork anda crafts and performing arts Boise, ID $27,000 slide-tape program centered of Tampa’s APPRENTICESHIP on the use of wood in the Spanish-American and PROGRAM Iowa Arts Council art of local traditional Cuban-American Des ~4oines, IA $12,300 artists, in preparation for ah communities. (PILOT) eventual major exhibition. Kansas Arts Commission Yeh Yu Chinese Opera Funds ate available to Topeka, KS $26,400 "Where We At" Black Association, Inc. state arts agencies for the Women Artists Group, Inc. New York, NY $10,300 development of in-state Mississippi Arts Commission Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Support for instructional apprenticeship programs. Jackson, MS $10,000 To support a series of workshops in the traditional arts and orchestral concert presentations in 13 GRANTS Missouri State Council on local schools and performances associated the Arts community centers featuring with Chinese Peking Opera. PROGRAM FUNDS." St. Louis, MO $30,000 traditional steel drum music $297,300 of the Brooklyn Trinidadian Yellowstone Western New York State Council on community. Heritage Center Foundation Aiabama State Council on the Arts Billings, MT $9,500 the Arts and Humanities New York, NY $25,000 Wisconsin Arts Board To support the Heritage of Montgomery, AL $30,000 Madison, WI $27,800 the Yellowstone Festival. Rhode Island State Council Support for the position of Arkansas Arts Council on the Arts state folk arts coordinator in YIVO Institute for Jewish Little Rock, AR $20,000 Providence, RI $13,100 Wisconsin. Research, Inc. New York, NY $5,200 Colorado Council on the Wisconsin Arts Board To support the lees of Arts and Humanities Madison, WI Women’s Community, Inc. artistic personnel $22,800 Los Angeles, CA $8,500 Denver, CO $24,700 To support an exhibition participating in the Yiddish and catalogue on the textile Folk Arts Institute, and ah




INTER-ARTS ri,o Ar,s Work Center in Residency program, \vhich availability of resources Provineetown, lnc. provides more than 15 to artists working in GRANTS Provincetown, MA $20,000 artists with technical interdisciplinary forms, To support a fellowship assistance, equipment, and to encourage dialogue program providing 20 young facilities for the creation of 265 GRANTS artists and writers with an video, , and links between PROGRAM FUNDS: opportunity to live and compostion, and mixed contemporary arts $4,044,289 work in Provincetown for media, organizations and seven months, regional creative artists, TREASURY FUNDS: Ucross Foundation and to expose the work lnstitute for Art and Urban Clearmont, WY $12,000 to broader audiences. $100,000 Resources, Inc. To support residencies for The Touring and Long Island City, NY more than 30 writers, Commissioning Initiative $15,000 composers, and visual artists is designed to address the To support the residency in this colony situated on an difficulties involved with ARTISTS’ and studio workshop historic cattle ranch near programs, which provide 20 Sheridan, Wyoming. producing large-scale COLONIES artists representing a variety experimental work as well of disciplines, with studio Virginia Center for the as encourage the To enable artists" space in P.S. 1 in Queens of Creative Arts dissemination of colonies and other artists" at The CIocktower in Sweet Briar, VA $22,500 interdisciplinary work of workplaces to provide Manhattan. To support more than 230 artistic distinction opportunitiesfor creative artists’ residencies for throughout the country. MacDowell Colony, Inc. writers, visual artists, and artists from various New York, NY $25,000 disciplines to pursue their composers from throughout 84 GRANTS To support residencies of the country. work, free from composers, writers, visual PROGRAM FUNDS." distractions, and media artists at the Yellow Springs Institute for $1,040, 720 oldest continuously runnin.g Contemporary Studies and 13 GRANTS artists’ colony in the United the Arts TREASURYFUNDS: PROGRAMFUNDS: States. Chester Springs, PA $12,000 $I00,000 $200,000 To support the Performance Middle Village Summer and Interdisciplinary American Music Theater Corporation of Yaddo Theatre Workshop Limiled Residency program. Festival, Inc. Saratoga Springs, NY New York, NY $3,000 Philadelphia, PA $25,000 $25,000 To support housing, To support the creation, To support residencies for subsistence, expanded development, and more than 160 writers, publicity efforts, and related INTERDISCI­ production of Jacob’s composers and visual artists, costs for the Palenville Room, a collaborative work Interarts Colony. PLINARY ARTS by composer Morton Cummington School of lhe PROJECTS Subotnick, designer Robert Arls, Inc. Millay Colony for lñe Arts, Israel, and director Wesley Cummington, MA $22,500 Inc. For projects of high Balk. To support the residency Austerlitz, NY $20,000 artistic quality that program, which provides To support residencies for American 60 writers, composers, and involve two or more art artists with living and forms, including Theater Corporation working facilities in a visual artists at the estate of New York, NY $5,000 community setting, the late Edna St. Vincent collaborations, special To support the creation of a Millay. arts events, or projects new collaborative work by Dorland Mountain Colony, that assist artists working composer and Inc. Ragdale Foundation in with advanced author Kenneth Koch. Temecula, CA $8,000 Lake Forest, IL $12,000 technologies. The To support the residency To support residencies of Initiative for Artworks Gallery, lne. program, which provides 45 120 writers, visual artists, Interdisciplinary Artists is Hartford, CT $3,000 writers, composers, and and composers, a pilot program designed To support the presentation visual artists an opportunity of an interdisciplinary event Real Art Ways Raw lnk, andfunded in to pursue their work free cooperation with the by jazz composer/performer from distraction in a natural Ine. Jackie McLean with visual and simple environment. Hartford, CT $3,000 Rockefeller Foundation artist Romare Bearden. To support the Urban Artist to broaden the


Atlantic Center for the Arts~ To support the production choreographer Deborah poetry, music, and visual lnc. of Plato’s Cave, Rothko’s Gladstein. art. New Smyrna Beach, FL Chapel, Lincoln’s Profile, a $3,000 new interdisciplinary work Dean Dance & Music Exploratorium To support the development by California artist Mike Foundation, Inc. San Francisco, CA $20,000 of a new collaborative work Kelley. New York, NY $10,000 To support the creation of a as part of the center’s artist­ To support the creation and series of works through in-residence program. Creation Production development of a new work collaboration between Company, lnc. of music and dance by emerging artists-in-residence California Institute of the New York, NY $7,000 choreographer/composer and the Exploratorium’s Arts To support the creation and Laura Dean. staff of artists, scientists, Valencia, CA $15,000 presentation of a new technicians, and computer To support the creation and interdisciplinary work District Curators programmers. production of Hunger, an adapted from Marcel Washington, DC $15,000 hour-long collaborative Duchamp’s Large Glass, by To support the completion Feedback Productions, Inc. work by video artist Ed director/choreographer and production of Long San Francisco, CA $10,000 Emshwiller and composer Susan Mosakowski and Tongues, by To support the creation and Morton Subotnick. composer Vito Ricci. composer/performer Julius production of Over Their Hemphill and writers W.A. Heads, a collaboration Carnegie Library of Cultural Council Brower and Greg Tate. between the new vaudeville Pittsburgh Foundation performance group Fratelli Pittsburgh, PA $5,000 New York, NY $7,500 and director Sylvia To support a series of To support the staging of Experimental Tucker. interdisciplinary XS: The Chamber Work, a Foundation, Inc. performance events at the new collaborative work by New York, NY $10,000 Fiji Theater Compauy, lnc. Museum of Art. visual artist Joseph To support the creation of New York, NY $17,000 Nechvatal and composer Flowing Rocks/Still To support a new Celebration Theater Rhys Chatham. by the Elaine Summers interdisciplinary work by Ensemble Dance and Film Company. theater/visual artist Ping Portland, ME $5,120 Cultural Council Chong and audio/visual To support the creation of Foundation Elaine Summers artist Jan Hartley. Space, The Last Frontier, a New York, NY $10.,000 Experimental Intermedia collaboration between the To support Sonic Foundation, Inc. Film in the Cities, Inc. Celebration Theater Architecture in the creation New York, NY $8,000 St. Paul, MN $12,000 Ensemble and visual artist of an environmentally To support a new To support two residencies Katarina Weslien. interactive sound installation interdisciplinary work with nationally recognized by visual artist Mary Buchen incorporating music and experimental Cinema Events Group, Inc. and composer/musician Bill computer animation in a live theater/performance artists New York, NY $6,000 Buchen in Candlestick State performance by composer Joe Chaiken and Chris To support the creation and Recreation Area in San David Behrman and Hardman. development of Looking Francisco. visual/computer graphics Through Glass, a new artist Angela Greene. First Night, Inc. collaborative work by Dance Base, Inc. Boston, MA $10,000 filmmaker/director Jon New York, NY $5,000 Electronic Arts Intermix, Support to commission and Rubin and composer Glenn To support the creation of a Inc. produce an outdoor, Branca. new interdisciplinary work New York, NY $10,000 multimedia installation. by choreographer Gary To support the development Colorado Dance Festival, Lund, sculptor Mary and construction of a Foundation for Dance Inc. Buchen, and multimonitor, computer- Promotion, Inc. Boulder, CO $12,500 composer/performer Bill controlled, audio/video New York, NY $20,000 To support the creation of Buchen. installation by vídeo artist To support the American an interdisciplinary work by and premiere of Miami Beach, a choreographer Blondell Dance Theater Workshop, composer/musician Nicolas collaborative work by Cummings and Inc. Collins. composer Lorenzo Ferrero, performer/composer Keith New York, NY $6,000 choreographers Bill T. Jones Terry. Support to commission and Exit Art, Inc. and Arnie Zane, and visual produce a new collaborative New York, NY $3,000 artist Stephen Sprouse. Committee for the Visual work by composer/video To support the production Arts, lnc. artist Sam Kanter and of "The Immigrant Cafe," New York, NY $7,000 a performance series of


Frederic Burke Foundation eighth annual New Music work by playwright Greg Lakoff, visual designer for Education America Festival. Mehrten and video artist Thomi Wroblewski, and the San Francisco, CA $15,000 David Schweizer. Paul Dresher Ensemble. To support the San Instituie of Contemporary Francisco New Vaudeville Art Maryland Art Place, Inc. for Circus Festival, sponsored by the Boston, MA $15,000 Baltimore, MD $7,500 Arts-Big Apple Circus San Francisco State To support the creation and To support a visiting New York, NY $20,000 University. development of Whitewater, directors residency program To support the development a new interdisciplinary work and ah interdisciplinary of a new work involving George Coales Performance under the direction of performance program, composer Linda Hudes and Company writer/filmmaker John Artistic Director Paul San Francisco, CA $17,500 Jesurun and Massachusetts Institute of Binder. To support the creation and composer/visual artist Technology production oí a new work Christian Marclay. Cambridge, MA $5,000 OntologicaI-Hysteric by a collaborative artistic To support the creation and Theatre, Inc. team. L.A. Theatre Works production of "Radio New York, NY $19,000 Venice, CA $10,000 Interference," which will be To support the development Haleakala, Inc. To support the creation and collaboratively developed by of Film is Evil: Radio is New York, NY $17,500 production of Zoonomia, a San Francisco’s Antenna Good, a collaboration Support to commission a new hour-long Theater and the Film/Video involving series of three new interdisciplinary work by division of MIT. playwright/director Richard interdisciplinary works to be photographer Jim Farber, Foreman, filmmaker Babette created by teams of authors choreographer Rudy Perez, Mattress Factory Mangolte, composer Daniel and performance artists, and composer Don Preston. Pittsburgh, PA $7,500 Moses Schrier, and vídeo To support the commission artists John Sanborn and Harvestworks, Inc. Loris Bend Foundation and production of a new Mary Perilo. New York, NY $15,000 New York, NY $3,000 site-specific performance To support "Sound Wave For the creation and work by New York-based Foundation NYC," a special arts event, performance of Landing on artists Eiko and Koma. Saugerties, NY $4,000 which will commission and the Other Side, the live For the creation of a live exhibir a series of new performance sequel to In Mel Wong Dance theater piece involving live interdisciplinary works by Orbit. Foundation, Inc. and recorded sounds, slides, emerging audio artists from Ne~ York, NY $4,000 and film. This is a story across the country. Los Angeles Contemporary To support the creation and about ah old woman’s life, Exhibitions, Inc. production of a new which will incorporate Harvestworks, Inc. Los Angeles, CA $3,750 collaborative work by performances by three New York, NY $4,000 To support the development choreographer Mel Wong, artists over age 60. To support the creation and and presentation of a new filmmaker Ted Timreck, performance of a new work music/film work by and composers Rob Kaplan Pennyante Performance, by interdisciplinary artist composer Kraig Grady and and Skip La Plante. Inc. David Garland. cinematographer Keith New York, NY $7,500 Barefoot. Music Theatre Performing To support the creation and House Foundation for the Group, lnc. development of a new Arts, Inc. Lucinda Childs Dance New York, NY $15,000 collaborative work by New York, NY $7,000 Foundation, Inc. To support the creation of a choreographer Eric Barsness To support the creation of New York, NY $20,000 collaborative work by and composer Frankie comprehensive musical and To support the creation and writer/director Anne Mann. movement scores of development oí a new Bogart, composer Seth Meredith Monk’s seminal collaborative work by Cooper, and visual designer Performance Space 122, Inc. works The Games and choreographer Lucinda Carol Mullins. New York, NY $15,000 Recent Ruins. Childs, writer/filmmaker To support the East Village Susan Sontag, and visual Musical Traditions World’s Fair Performance Berkeley, CA Houston Festival artists Tadashi Kawamata $6,000 Festival, a ten-day festival Foundation, Inc. and Douglas Stein. To support Tropic of featuring multimedia and Houston, TX $20,000 Entropy, a new interdisciplinary artists from To support the commission Mabou Mines Development interdisciplinary work throughout the country. and the presentation of a Foundalion, lnc. involving director Richard series of nine sound New York, NY $15,000 E.T. White, writer/actor Performance Space 122, Inc. installations as part of the To support It’s a Man’s Rinde Eckert, New York, NY $6,000 World, a new video/theater linguist/author George To support the creation and


production of a new Red Wing Performing work The Construction of choreographer Trisha Brown interdisciplinary Group, Inc. Kwan-Yin Lake by artist and sculptor Donald Judd. dance/theater work by New York, NY $3,350 John Connell. choreographer Ishmael To support the creation and University of California-San Houston-Jones in production of Beau and School of Hard Knocks, Diego collaboration with Belle Gesture, the fifth in a Inc. La Jolla, CA $10,000 poet/novelist Dennis Cooper series of collaborative works New York, NY $12,000 To support the creation and and composer Chris created and performed by To support the creation of a development of a new Cochrane. writer/performer Tom new interdisciplinary collaborative work by the Cayler, composer Kay performance work by interdisciplinary Portland Center for the Cummings, and choreographer/performer performance group (THE) Visual Arts choreographer Clarice Yoshiko Chuma, visual and composer Anthony Portland, OR $6,000 Marshall. artist Yvonne Jacquette, and Braxton. To support a commission composef/performer Nona and presentan evening- Reduta Deux, Ltd. Hendryx. Washington Project for the length new work by The New York, NY $10,000 Arts, lnc. Girl Artists, a five-member To support the creation and Skysaver Productions, Inc. Washington, DC $5,000 interdisciplinary development of Song of New York, NY $12,000 To support a new performance collective, in Lawino, a dance/theater To support the creation of collaborative piece by collaboration with visual work based on the narrative The Measure of Man, the Montana artists Pat Zentz artist Jon Gierlich and song/poem of the same fourth work in a series of and Dennis Voss. director Wendy Westerwelle. name by African poet Ocot collaborations highlighting p’Bitek, the history of science. Wendy Woodson and Primary Performance Present Company, Inc. Group, Inc. Rio Grande Union, lnc. Theater for the New City Washington, DC $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 New York, NY $10,000 Foundation, Inc. To support the creation and To support the creation and To support the creation of a New York, NY $17,500 development of a new production of Camelia, a new collaborative work by To support the development interdisciplinary work by new collaborative work by visual artist David Ireland, and presentation of choreographer Wendy choreographer Jim Self, composer Alvin Lucier, and Homecoming, an original Woodson, visual artist Nade composer A. Leroy, and choreographer Douglas street opera for the 1986 Haley, and composer Achim visual artist Frank Moore. Dunn. Summer Street Theater Nowak. Traveling Festival. Public Art Fund, Inc. Salt Lake Art Center Wooster Group, lnc. New York, NY $10,000 Salt Lake City, UT $6,000 Thought Movement Motor, New York, NY $20,000 To support the commission To support the commission lnc. To support the creation of a of 12 new 30-60-second and production of a large- New York, NY $5,000 new music/film/theater computer animated public scale visual/sound To support the creation of a work by filmmaker Ken art works by artists from a environmental work by new performance piece by Kobland, composer Erik variety of disciplines, visual artist David Furman choreographer Charles Lindgren and director and sound artist Alex Moulton, composer Scott Elizabeth LeCompte. Re--Chez Theatre, Inc. Caldiero. Johnson, and designer New York, NY $7,500 Charles . Initiative for To support an intensive Samaya Foundation Interdisciplinary Artists nine-week laboratory for New York, NY $15,000 Transmedia Kinetrics new work directed by To support the creation and Coalition, Inc. Contemporary Arts Center theater artists Ruth production of Ms. Liberty, New York, NY $20,000 New Orleans, LA $5,500 Maleczech and Lee Breuer. a performance event To support the creation and To continue support of the celebrating the 100th development of Sooner or Southeast Interdisciplinary Red Eye Collaboration anniversary of the Statue of Later. Fund, a grant program for Minneapolis, MN $2,500 Liberty under the direction artists in the Gulf Coast To support the second part of Barry Bryant. Trisha Brown Dance states of Louisiana, of A Mind Like Water, a Company, Inc. Mississippi, and Alabama. multimedia piece involving Santa Fe Council for the New York, NY $7,500 writer Steve Busa, composer Arts, Inc. To support the development Diverse Works, Inc. Mike Aubart, choreographer Santa Fe, NM $5,000 and creation of the visual Houston, TX $14,250 Alan Lindblad, and visual To support the development presentation and sound To continue support for the artists Sally Brown and and presentation of "The environment for a new Interdisciplinary Arts Barbara Abramson. Kwan-Yin Lake Lectures," collaborative work between Fellowship Program, a joint part three of the continuing


program with the Southwest program will include artists Presenting Organizations American Center for Alternate Media Project. from Minnesota, Iowa, are designed to improve Students and Arlists Grants will be awarded to Wisconsin, North Dakota, the ability ofprofessional Paris, France $10,000 artists from Texas, and South Dakota. presenting organizations To support artists’ lees and Oklahoma, Arkansas, to present diverse, high- production costs during the Kansas, Missouri, and Touring and quality arts programming 1986-87 presentation season. Nebraska. ($5,000 of this grant was Commissioning Initiative in their communities. transferred from Services to Presenting International Activities). 80 Langton St. Brooklyn Academy of Organizations grants are San Francisco, CA $9,000 Music, Inc. awarded to state and Anchorage Concert To continue support for Brooklyn, NY $75,000 grants for interdisciplinary regional arts agencies and Association, Inc. TF $100,000 Anchorage, AK $27,000 work by artists in northern To support the commission service organizations to California and Oregon. and production of four help presenters improve To support promotion and interdisciplinary works as their professional skills, development efforts during Hallwalls, Inc. part of the 1986 Next Wave Dance/Inter-Arts/State the 1986-87 presentation Buffalo, NY $14,250 Festival and to support the Programs season. To support a grants touring of an Presenting/Touring Appalshop, Inc. program to interdisciplinary interdisciplinary work by Initiative grants are artists in upstate New York, Whitesburg, KY $7,500 choreographer Nina Weiner awarded in conjunction To support the 1986-87 western Pennsylvania, and architect Laurinda with the Dance and State presentation season. eastern Ohio, and West Spear. Virginia. Programs to increase the quality and quantity of Arts Center and Theater of Dance Theater Workshop, Schenectady, Inc. Los Angeles Contemporary Inc. dance presentations throughout the nation. A Schenectady, NY $12,500 Ex~ibit~~ns, Inc. New York, NY $60,000 To support artists’ fees and Los Angeles, CA $14,250 To support performances of partial list of these grants To continue support for a interdisciplinary work as is included in this section; promotional costs during the program of direct grants to part of the touring the remaining grants are 1986-87 presentation season. artists in the southern residencies sponsored by the included under the same Arvada Center for ~he Arts California and Nevada National Performance subcategory in the Dance region. and Humanities Network (NPN). and State Programs. Arvada, CO $9,000 Special Constituencies To support a joint audience Nexus, Inc. Museum of Contemporary Model Projects grants are development project among Atlanta, GA $14,250 Art members of the Rocky To support a cooperatively Chicago, IL $55,000 awarded to presenting administered grant program To support touring organizations to Mountain Arts Consortium. with More Productions for performances of Ping encourage and assist artists in Georgia, Kentucky, Chong’s The Angels of greater access to arts Arvada Center for the Arts North Carolina, and South programsfor older and and Humanifies Swedenbourg; the Arvada, CO $7,500 Carolina. commission and production disabled audiences. To support audience of a new collaborative work development activities Real Art Ways Raw Ink, by choreographer Elizabeth 118 GRANTS during the 1986-87 lnc. Streb and video artist Mary PROGRAM FUNDS: presentation season. Hartford, CT $14,250 Lucier; and preliminary To continue support of the development of a new work $2,140,584 Program Initiative Category Baltimore Theatre Project, by composer Robert Ashley, lnc. in the New England states visual artist Jannis Grants lo Presenting Organizations Baltimore, MD $5,000 of Connecticut, Rhode Kounellis, and composer To support artists’ fees and Island, Vermont, Carlo Quartucci. Massachusetts, New Alternative Center for audience development Hampshire, and Maine. lnternational Arts, lnc. efforts during the 1986-87 New York, NY $10,000 presentation season. UCVideo, Inc. To support audience Minneapolis, MN $14,250 PRESENTING development activities Blaek Arts Alliance, Inc. To support the Inter-Arts ORGANIZATIONS during the 1986-87 Austin, TX $5,000 Initiative Program, a joint presentation season. To support audience effort of UCVideo and the development activities Southern Theater. The lncludesfour during the 1986-87 subcategories: Grants to presentation season.


Board of Trustees of the Community Culture of production costs for performance programs Leland Stanford Junior Queens, Inc. performance/discussion during the 1986-87 University Flushing, NY $7,500 programs during the 1986-87 presentation season. Stanford, CA $10,500 To support the 1986-87 presentation season. To support production costs presentation season at the Institute of Contemporary during the 1986-87 Colden Center. Friends of the Arts, Inc. Art presentation season. Locust Valley, NY $5,000 Boston, MA $16,500 Contemporary Arts Center To support artists’ lees and To support a series of Brooklyn Academy of Cincinnati, OH $5,000 promotional costs during the collaborative arts events Music, Inc. To support the first city­ 1986-87 presentation season, during the 1986-87 Brooklyn, NY $130,000 wide festival of presentation season. To support artists’ lees and contemporary performance Friends of the Nancy Hanks promotional costs during the art events held in the spring Center, Inc. Jacob’s Pillow Dance 1986-87 presentation season, of 1986. Washington, DC $5,700* Festival, Inc. which includes the Spring To support the dedication Lee, MA $12,500 Dance, Chamber Music, and Contemporary Arts Center activities for the Nancy To support the summer 1986 DanceAfrica series as well as New Orleans, LA $15,000 Hanks Center. series of music and dance the Next Wave Festival. To support audience presentations. development efforts during Haleakala, Inc. Catamount Film and Arts the 1986-87 presentation New York, NY $75,000 Japanese American Cultural Company season. To support the 1986-87 and Community Center St. Johnsbury, VT $10,000 presentation season at The Los Angeles, CA $25,000 To support artists’ lees and Creative Time, Inc. Kitchen. To support audience production costs during the New York, NY $17,500 development activities 1986-87 presentation season. To support production costs Hallwalls, Inc. during the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 Buffalo, NY $10,000 presentation season. Center for Contemporary presentation season. To support audience Arts of Santa Fe, Inc. development activities John F. Kennedy Center for Santa Fe, NM $13,000 Dance Theater Workshop, during the 1986-87 the Performing Arts To support a series of Inc. presentation season. Washington, DC $30,000 interdisciplinary arts events New York, NY $44,000 To support the 1986 in the 1986-87 presentation To support promotional and Helena Film Society, Inc. presentation season of the season, production costs during the Helena, MT $15,000 American National Theater. 1986-87 presentation season. To support audience Centrum Foundation development activities Joyce Theatre Foundation, Port Townsend, WA $5,000 District Curators during the 1986-87 Inc. To support the 1986 Washington, DC $23,500 presentation season. New York, NY $23,000 Centrum Summer Season of To support artists’ lees and To support the theater and arts presentations, production and promotional Houston Festival dance events during the costs during the 1986-87 Foundation, Inc. 1986-87 presentation season. City of Madison presentation season. Houston, TX $13,000 Madison, WI $10,000 To support a broad range of La Jolla Museum of To support the 1986-87 80 Langton St. arts presentations at the presentation season at the San Francisco, CA $6,000 1986 New Music America La Jolla, CA $7,500 Madison Civic Center. To support artists’ lees and Festival. To support "Performance production costs during the Parameters," a series of City of San Antonio 1986-87 presentation season. Humboldt State University collaborative arts events San Antonio, TX $7,500 Foundation during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Elaine Summers Arcata, CA $22,000 presentation season. presentation season of the Experimental Intermedia To support community- Carver Community Cultural Foundation, Inc. based residencies and La Mama Experimental Center. New York, NY $7,500 promotional costs during the Theatre Club, Inc. To support a series of 1986-87 presentation season New York, NY $22,000 College Community collaborative arts events in of CenterArts. To support artists’ lees and Services, Inc. the 1986-87 presentation promotion and production Brooklyn, NY $18,500 season. Institute for Art and Urban costs during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Resources, Inc. presentation season. presentation season at the Exploralorium Long Island City, NY Brooklyn Center for the San Francisco, CA $10,000 $7,500 Performing Arts. To support artists’ lees and To support exhibition and


Lewis-Clark State College N.A.M.E. Gallery the 1986-87 presentation Snug Harbor Cultural Lewiston, ID $5~000 Chicago, IL $5,000 season. Center, Inc. To support artists’ To support the 1986-87 Staten Island, NY $7,500 residencies during the 1986 presentation season. Performing Arts Center and To support artists’ lees and presentation season. Theater promotion costs in the Native American Centre for Clearwater, FL $15,000 1986-87 presentation season. for the the Living Arts, Inc. To support programming Performing Arts, Inc. Niagara Falls, NY $7,500 during the 1986-87 season at Society for the Performing New York, NY $38,500 To support performances of Ruth Eckerd Hall. Arts To support the Out-of multidisciplinary arts events Houston, TX $34,000 Doors and Community featuring Native American Performing Arts Council of To support artists’ lees and Holiday Festivals during the artists, the Music Center audience development costs 1986-87 presentation season. Los Angeles, CA $15,000 during the 1986-87 Natural Heritage To support audience presentation season. Los Angeles Contemporary Trust/Artpark development activities and Exhibitions, Inc. Lewiston, NY $25,000 arts events in local schools Spoleto Festival USA Los Angeles, CA $13,000 For support of redesigned during the 1986-87 Charleston, SC $73,500 To support the 1986-87 and expanded audience presentation season. To support the presentation season of development efforts during tenth-anniversary 1986 music, dance, and the 1986 summer season. Portland Center for the presentation season. performance art. Visual Arts New Performance Gallery of Portland, OR $6,000 Stockton State College Los Angeles Festival San Francisco To support promotion and Pomona, NJ $5,000 Los Angeles, CA $50,000 San Francisco, CA $17,000 development costs during To support expanded To support the U.S. To support the 1986-87 the 1986-87 presentation programming and participation in this four- presentation season of season, promotion costs during the week international arts American Inroads. 1986-87 presentation season. festival scheduled for Purdue University Main October 1987. New York Shakespeare Campus Sun Valley Center for the Festival West Lafayette, IN $14,500 Arts and Humanities McCarter Theatre Company New York, NY $50,000 To support artis.~s’ Sun Valley, ID $10,000 Princeton, NJ $10,000 To support American residencies during the To support audience To support artists’ lees and participation in the sixth 1986-87 presentation season, development activities audience development costs international "Festival during the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 Latino en Nueva York." Real Art Ways Raw Ink, presentation season. presentation season. Inc. Newport Harbor Art Hartford, CT $15,000 Sushi, Inc. Mobius Theater, Inc. Museum To support audience San Diego, CA $8,000 Boston, MA $5,000 Newport Beach, CA $5,000 development activities To support "Neofest IV" To support the 1986-87 To support the during the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 presentation season of "Contemporary Culture" presentation season, presentation season. music, video, theater, and series during the 1986-87 visual arts events, presentation season. San Antonio Performing Symphony Space, Inc. Arts Association New York, NY $7,000 MoMing Dance & Arts On the Boards San Antonio, TX $7,500 To support the 1986-87 Center, Inc. Seattle, WA $28,500 To support "New Directions presentation season. Chicago, IL $10,000 To support artists’ lees and II" and audience To support artists’ lees and audience development costs development costs during Texarkana Regional Arts & production costs during the during the 1986-87 the 1986-87 presentation Humanities Council, Inc. 1986-87 presentation season, presentation season, season. Texarkana, TX $12,500 To support audience Museum of Contemporary Painted Bride Art Center San Francisco development activities Art Philadelphia, PA $18,000 Performances, Inc. during the 1986-87 Los Angeles, CA $10,000 To support the 1986-87 San Francisco, CA $15,500 presentation season. To support the 1986-87 presentation season. To support the presentation season of the "Innovations" series during Trustees of the University of MAPROOM. Performance Space 122, Inc. the 1986-87 presentation Pennsylvania New York, NY $10,500 season. Philadelphia, PA $20,000 To support artists’ lees and To support the International promotion expenses during Children’s Festival and the


"Off-Broadway’s Best" development efforts in the development efforts during New York Foundation for series during the 1986-87 1986-87 presentation season, the 1986-87 presentation the Arts, Inc. presentation season of the season. New York, NY $7,500 Annenberg Center. University of Massachusetts To support presenter service Amherst Campus Wooster Group, Inc. activities during the 1986 United Jewish Y’s of Long Amherst, MA $10,000 New York, NY $7,500 presentation season. Island, Inc. To support artist residency To support the visiting Plainview, NY $5,000 and outreach programs artists series during the Utah Arts Council To support the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 1986-87 presentation season. Salt Lake City, UT $5,000 presentation season, presentation season. To support presenter service Young Men’s & Young activities during the 1986-87 University of California- University of Nebraska- Women’s Hebrew presentation season. Berkeley Lincoln Association Berkeley, CA $34,000 Lincoln, NE $33,000 New York, NY $65,000 Washington Performing To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Arts Soeiety presentation season of Cal presentation season in presentation season at the Washington, DC $6,884 Performances. Kimball Hall. 92nd Street YM-YWHA. To support a seminar focused on common University of California-Los University of Texas al Services to Presenting concerns of presenting Angeles Austin Organizations organizations and the Los Angeles, CA $20,000 Austin, TX $ I0,000 development of strategies To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Arts Alaska, Inc. for addressing the needs of presentation season at the presentation season of the Anchorage, AK $6,500 the field. Center for the Performing Performing Arts Center. To support presenter service Arts. activities during the 1986-87 Washington State Arts University of Washington presentation season. Commission University of California- Seattle, WA $10,000 Olympia, WA $5,000 Santa Barbara To support the 1986-87 Association of College, To support presenter service Santa Barbara, CA $15,000 presentation season at University and Community activities during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Meany Hall for the Arts Administrators, Inc. presentation season. presentation season of the Performing Arts. Madison, WI $40,000 Arts & Lectures Program. To support presenter service Western States Arts Urban Institute for activities during the 1986-87 Foundation University of Houston- Contemporary Art presentation season. Santa Fe, NM $10,000 University Park Grand Rapids, MI $5,000 To support presenter service Houston, TX $7,500 To support a series of Association of College, activities during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 collaborative arts events University and Community presentation season. presentation season for the during the 1986-87 Arts Administrators, lnc. Lawndale Department of presentation season. Madison, WI $12,500 Dance/Inter-Arts/State Art. To support the analysis and Programs Walker Art Center, Inc. printing of research Presenting/Touring Minneapolis, MN $85,000 University of Illinois investigating the financial Initiative Urbana-Champaign To support audience condition of representative development activities and Champaign, IL $10,000 presenting organizations. Arts & Humanities Division, To support the 1986-87 artists’ fees during the West Virginia Department presentation season of the 1986-87 presentation season. Mid-America Arts Alliance of Culture & History Krannert Center for the Kansas City, MO $15,000 Charleston, WV $8,600 Performing Arts. Wang Center for the To support presenter service To support dance Performing Arts, Inc. activities during the 1986-87 presentation activity during University of lowa Boston, MA $10,000 presentation season, the 1986-87 presentation Iowa City, lA $30,000 To support "Perfect season. Discovery," an educational National Association of To support the 1986-87 outreach initiative, during presentation season at Artists’ Organizations, Inc. Commonwealth of Hancher Auditorium. the 1986-87 presentation Washington, DC $5,000 Pennsylvania Council on the season. To support presenter service Arts Universily of Kansas Main activities during the 1986-87 Harrisburg, PA $56,800 Campus Washington Performing presentation season. To support dance Lawrence, KS $5,000 Arts Society presentation activity during To support audience Washington, DC $50,000 To support audience the 1986-87 presentation


season. (The total grant To support "ARTSIGN," a Trustees of the University of Arts International, Inc. amount of $72,600 was program that will make the Pennsylvania Washington, DC $5,000 awarded jointly with the arts accessible to deaf Philadelphia, PA $5,750 To support the composition, Dance Program). Alaskans. For the development of ah publication, and audio description service for dissemination of booklets on Mid-America Arts Alliance College Community the blind and visually international touring. Kansas City, MO $35,000 Serviees, Inc. impaired patrons of the To support dance Brooklyn, NY $12,480 Annenberg Center. Association of College, presentation activity during To support a comprehensive ’ University, and Community the 1986-87 presentation program to serve a large Art Administrators season. (The total grant number of disabled and Madison, WI $60,000 amount of $106,800 was older people with SERVICES TO For a cooperative agreement awarded jointly with State performing arts to provide the means for Programs). programming, THE ARTS qualified experts in the field to perform artistic and South Carolina Arts Exploratorium For activities that serve administrative evaluations of Commission San Francisco, CA $9,000 professional artists and applicants to the lnter-Arts Columbia, SC $21,400 For support of a disabled arts organizations Program. To support dance access coordinator staff involved in more than presentation activity during position, development of one art form on a Atlanta Art Papers, Inc. the 1986-87 presentation outreach programs for older Atlanta, GA $7,500 season, adults and the hearing national or regional level. To support a program to impaired, and provision of The Arts Management develop on-site regional Southern Arts Federation, sign-language interpretation lnitiative is designed to editors in the Southeastern Inc. for Exploratorium events, explore approaches that region. Atlanta, GA $25,600 assist small arts To support dance Greater Ashland Atea organizations to acquire Center for Occupational presentation activity during Cultural & Economic professional managers Hazards, Inc. the 1986-87 presentation Foundation Development with the commitment and New York, NY $20,000 season. Foundafion, Inc. skills required to meet To support the Arts Ashland, KY $12,500 their needs and to Hazards Information Tennessee Arts Commission To support a staff position provide the managers Center’s work asa national Nashville, TN $12,800 to develop and coordinate clearinghouse on health To support dance outreach to special with expanded hazards in museums and presentation activity during populations for Paramount opportunities for career performing arts facilities. the 1986-87 presentation Arts Center activities, deve[opment. season. Chicano Humanities and Hospital Audiences, Inc. 33 GRANTS Arts Council, Inc. Texas Commission on the New York, NY $12,340 PROGRAMFUNDS." Denver, CO $10,000 Arts To support the 1986-87 $463,000 To support a series of Austin, TX $34,200 season of arts presentations workshops providing artists To support dance in communities throughout Arts & Business Council of and regional arts presentation activity during the New York City area. Ne~v York City, Inc. organizations with practical the 1986-87 presentation New York, NY $10,000 information on marketing. season. Humboldt State University To support the development Foundation and evaluation of Business City Celebration, Inc. Western States Arts Arcata, CA $5,930 Volunteers for the Arts San Francisco, CA $5,000 Foundation To support the increased programs throughout the To support the Fiscal Santa Fe, NM $55,600 involvement of special country. Sponsorship program, To support dance constituency populations in providing fiscal sponsorship presentation activity during CenterArts presentations. Arts Council of Greater and managerial services to the 1986-87 presentation New Orleans emerging nonincorporated season. Sangre de Cristo Arts & New Orleans, LA $3,000 performing arts groups in Conference Center, Inc. To support a project to the Bay Area. Special Constituencies Pueblo, CO $10,000 increase the services and For support of outreach impact of the Louisiana Clearinghouse for Arts Model Projects efforts to special Volunteer Lawyers for the Information populations during the Arts. New York, NY $20,000 Arts Alaska, Inc. 1986-87 presentation season. To support the collection, Anchorage, AK $7,000 organization, and


dissemination of To support and disseminate Publishing Center for Arkansas Arts Council information on arts information about the Cultural Resources, Inc. Little Rock, AR $9,000 management and arts alliance’s Organizational New York, NY $20,000 To support the expansion resources, and íor the Development Project. To support assistance for and improvement of a state development of a two essential components of management development "classified" service for Montana Institute of the the center’s activities-­ grant program for emerging available working and living Arts Foundation publication planning and arts organizations and the space in the tri-state area. Billings, MT $10,000 distribution support to more development of additional To support salaries and than 150 arts organizations, management training Cultural Council continued fundraising opportunities. Foundation activities for the foundation Sangamon State University New York, NY $20,000 and the organizations it Springfield, IL $7,500 Association of Hispanic To support financial serves. To support fellowship Arts, Inc. management and consulting assistance to minority arts New York, NY $20,000 services to developing arts National Associalion of managers attending the To support development and groups in the New York Artists’ Organizations, Inc. summer session of the training for potential arts City area. Washington, DC $8,000 Sangamon Institute in Arts administrators who will To support publication of Administration. work with small Hispanic Film in the Cities, Inc. The Bulletin, and provide arts organizations. St. Paul, MN $6,000 technical assistance to Theatre Development Fund, To support funding for the artists’ organizations. Inc. Connecticut Commission on third year of a three-year New York, NY $15,000 the Arls project to develop new National Council on the To support the National Hartford, CT $20,000 sources of financial support Aging, lnc. Services and the Theatre To support salary assistance for individual artists in the Washington, DC $30,000 Access Project to assist the to participating Midwest. To support the Center on development of handicapped organizations and additional Arts and Aging, which audiences for the training based on the needs Foundation for the provides information, performing arts, thereby identified in the first year of Community of Artists, Inc. consultation and technical increasing earned income for this project. In addition, a New York, NY $12,000 assistance to professionals in arts groups, one-day Arts Managers To support the expansion of the arts and aging fields. Forum will be conducted. FCA’s health insurance Volunteer Lawyers for the program for artists and to New York Foundation for Arts, Inc. Delaware State Arts Council assist in the development of the Arts, Inc. New York, NY $10,000 Wilmington, DE $21,000 a federally chartered credit New York, NY $15,000 To support legal assistance To support salaries and union. To support the continuation to artists and to disseminate training to develop a core of and expansion of Artists’ information on arts-related new managers for arts Fund for Artists’ Colonies, Information Project. legal issues throughout the organizations in Delaware. country. Inc. South Carolina Arts New York, NY $5,000 New York Public Library To support and foster Astor, Lenox and Tilden Washington Project for the Commission patronage of writers, Foundations Arts, Inc. Columbia, SC $15,000 $20,000 Washington, DC $5,000 To support salary subsidies, composers, and visual artists New York, NY career development, and through support of five of To support the expanded To develop a video lending hours that the Performing service of artist-produced on-site consultation for America’s leading artists’ community-based arts colonies. Arts Research Center is videotapes and video available to the public, programs on contemporary organizations. art topics. Harvestworks, Inc. University of Massachusetts New York, NY $4,000 Performing Arts Services, Inc. Women’s Studio Workshop, Amherst Campus To support In Between Amherst, MA $15,000 Sounds, a technical services San Francisco, CA $5,000 Inc. group for artists and arts To support programs Rosendale, NY $20,000 To support "Bridges," a organizations who utilize designed to improve the To support a national program designed to place new technologies in their marketing skills and directory of contemporary new arts managers in small work. resources of multicultural women artists. New England arts dance, music, and theater organizations. Massachusetls Cullural organizations through Arts Management Alliance, Inc. marketing techniques and Initiative Boston, MA $10,000 materials tailored to the organizations.


INTERNATIONAL Company to perform at the Interagency Festivals of Perth and Chateauvallon Arts Festival Washington, DC $4,833 Sydney, Australia in ARTS in France in July 1986. To support costs of working January and February 1987. ACTIVITIES with other agencies Brass Chamber Music concerning international Texas Chamber Orchestra Society of Annapolis, Inc. activities supported by the Houston, TX $4,752 To broaden the exposure Annapolis, MD $4,100 Endowment. To support rehearsal and ofAmerican artists and To support artists’ fees and artists’ fees for audiences to international rehearsal costs for Japan-US Friendship performances at the Festival arts activities and performances of the Commission de Lille in November 1986. cooperate with other Annapolis Brass Quintet at Washington, DC $40,100 federal agencies in the Festival de Lille in To support the 1986 United Trisha Brown and Company international activities November 1986. States/Japan Exchange New York, NY $15,000 Program, which provides To support artists’ fees for highlighting American performances at the Perth arts. Beginning in Fiscal E. Monte Motion, Inc. five mid-career artists each New York, NY $4,000 year with an opportunity to (Australia) Festival in 1985, the USIA/NEA To support rehearsal costs work and study in Japan. February 1987. Festivals Initiative was of the Elisa Monte Dance implernented to further Company in preparation for Japan-US Friendship U.S. Institute of Theater expand the participation its appearance at the Commission Technology ofAmerican artists and International Festival of Washington, DC $25,000 New York, NY $10,000 arts organizations in Dance in Montpellier, To support the 1987 United To support the development international arts festivals France, in June 1986. States/Japan Exchange of ah exhibition on United and exhibitions. Program, which provides States theatrical design for Foundation for Dance five mid-career artists each the Prague Quadrennial of year with an opportunity to Theater and Scenic Design 18 GRANTS Promotion New York, NY $2,000 work and study in Japan. in 1987. PROGRAM FUNDS: To support artists’ fees to $199,985 enable the Bill T. Paul Taylor Dance Wooster Group Jones/Arnie Zane & Foundation, Inc. New York, NY $12,000 American Center for Company to perform at the New York, NY $5,000 To support artists’ fees for Students and Artists Israel Festival in Jerusalem To support rehearsal costs The Wooster Group in Paris, France ($5,000) in May 1986. of the Paul Taylor Dance connection with their Funds transferred to Company in preparation for performances of The Road Presenting Organizations House Foundation for the its appearance at the to Immortality (Part Two) category on page 66. Arts, Inc. Avignon Festival in France at the Edinburgh Festival in New York, NY $15,000 in August 1986. August 1986. American Repertory Theater To support artists’ lees for Cambridge, MA $20,000 perfor~nances by Meredith Speculum Musicae YIVO Institute of Jewish To perform Euripides’ Monk and her company at New York, NY $7,000 Research, Inc. Alcestis, a new production the London Dance Umbrella To support rehearsal lees to New York, NY $5,000 adapted, directed, and during September 1986. musicians for performances To support artists’ lees for designed by Robert Wilson, at the Warsaw Autumn Kapelye in their at the Festival d’Automne in Houston Ballet Foundation, Festival during September performance at the Festival París during September Inc. 1986. de Lille in November 1986. 1986. Houston, TX $5,000 To support artists’ lees to Steppenwolf Theater Bella Lewitzky Dance enable the Houston Ballet to Chicago, IL $6,200* TF--TREASURY FUNDS Foundation perform at the Singapore To support artists’ lees for *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION Los Angeles, CA $10,000 Festival of the Arts in June performances of John To support artists’ lees to Guare’s Lydie Breeze at the enable the Lewitzky Dance 1986.




AIIbery, Debra L. Dobyns, Stephen J. , Richard L. LITERATURE Exeter, NH Watertown, MA Seattle, WA GRANTS Anderson, Barbara A. Drake, Barbara A. Jaeger, Lowell L. 271 GRANTS Tucson, AZ Portland, OR Bigfork, MT PROGRAM FUNDS: Anderson, Jon V. Espada, Martin N. Janowitz, Tama $4,721,935 Tucson, AZ Boston, MA New York, NY Barker, Wendy B. Estaver, Paul E. Jones, Edward P. Boerne, TX Gainesville, VA Arlington, VA FELLOWSHIPS Bates, Randolph Feldman, Alan G. Kincaid, Jamaica FOR CREATIVE New Orleans, LA Framingham, MA New York, NY WRITERS Beer, Ralph R. FIorey, Mary B. Knox, Caroline lncludes two Helena, MT Hamden, CT Westerly, RI subdivisions: Fellowships Benedict, Dianne Ford, Richard Koestenbaum, Phyllis for Creative Writers Scarborough, ME enable exceptionally Coahoma, MS San Jose, CA talented published writers Berriault, Gina Galvin, James A. Kraft, Eric L. ofpoetry, fiction, and Mill Valley, CA Iowa City, lA Newburyport, MA other creative prose to set aside timefor writing, Blaise, Bharati M. Garitos, John B. Lee, William D. research, or travel in Long Island City, NY Boston, MA Paragonah, UT order to advance their careers. Fellowships for Boatin, Elaine F. Gilbert, Christopher Lesley, Martin C. Somerville, MA Translators allow for the Lansing, MI Portland, OR translations into English Brady, Joan Giscombe, Cecil S. Lieberman, Laurence J. of major literary works New York, NY in other languages. Ithaca, NY Urbana, IL Senior Fellowships Carter, Mary A. Glantz, Kenneth Lindner, Vicki E. support and honor Tucson, AZ New Preston, CT New York, NY creative writers and other literary professionals who Cassells, Cyrus C. Goldbarth, AIbert Livesey, Margot have received the highest Lancaster, CA Austin, TX Cambridge, MA critical acclaim óut who Citino, David J. are not necessarily widely Goldberg, Barbara J. Loewinsohn, Ronald W. Marion, OH Berkeley, CA known outside the Bethesda, MD literary fie[d. Cole, Richard D. Hahn, Kimiko S. Luria-Sukenick, Lynn New York, NY New York, NY New York, NY 105 GRANTS PROGRAM FUNDS: Collins, Kathleen Hemphili, Essex C. McEIroy, Joseph P. $2,184,000 Piermont, NY Washington, DC New York, NY Fellowships for Creative Cortez, Jayne Herman, Michelle B. McKinney, Irene W. Writers New York, NY Iowa City, IA Clinton, NY Davis, Jon E. Hogan, Linda K. Millhauser, Steven L. The following creative Provincetown, MA writers received $20,000 Minneapolis, MN Mamaroneck, NY each: De Haven, Thomas Hribal, Claude J. Mitchell, Roger Jersey City, NJ Minneapolis, MN Bloomington, IN Ackerman, Diane St. Louis, MO Djanikian, Gregory Hudgins, Jr., Andrew L. Myers, Jack E. Philadelphia, PA Montgomery, AL D~llas, TX


O’Hehir, Diana F. Stark, Sharon A. from Russian of Sergei Senior Fellowships Oakland, CA Lenhartsville, PA Dovlatov’s Our People, a collection of 13 stories Morris, Wright Obejas, Alicia Strand, Mark portraying life during four Mili Valley, CA $40,000 Chicago, IL Salt Lake City, UT generations in Russia, the Soviet Union, and the Randall, Dudley F. Oliver, Juan J. Strong, Jonalhan United States. Detroit, MI $40,000 La Jolla, CA Somerville, MA Gardner, Geoffrey Taggart, John P. Cambridge, MA $20,000 Poets & Writers, lnc. Prose, Francine C. $94,000 Krumville, NY Shippensburg, PA To support the translation New York, NY from French of an extensive To support the fees paid to manuscript readers during Rind, Sherry A. Taylor, Henry S. selection of the poetry of Redmond, WA Lincoln, VA Jules Supervielle the fiscal 1986 review process (1884-1960). for the Creative Writing Rivard, David A. Taylor, Richard L. Fellowships. San Francisco, CA Frankfort, KY Gullon, Agnes M. Merion, PA $10,000 Roper, Robert Thrapp, Daniel H. To support the translation Berkeley, CA Tucson, AZ from Spanish of The Wars LITERARY of Our Ancesters, a major Rose, Joel S. Vaughn, Stephanie work by Miguel Delibes (b. PUBLISHING New York, NY Ithaca, NY 1920), one of Spain’s leading novelists. Includes three Ruark, Gibbons Violi, Paul R. subcategories: Assistance Newark, DE Putnam, NY Lazard, Naomi to Literary Magazines Greenwich, CT $20,000 grants help nonprofit Rush, Norman Weiner, Hannah A. To support the translation literary magazines lhat New City, NY Providence, RI from Urdu of the poetry of Faiz Ahmed Faiz, a leading regularly publish poetry, Russell, Thomas L. Wieners, John J. Indian poet who died in fiction, literary essays, Memphis, TN Boston, MA 1984. and translations. Small Press Assistance grants Salaam, Nubia Kai Worsley, C.D. Lustig, Josef support small, Detroit, MI New York, NY Washington, DC $10,000 independent presses that To support the translation publish contemporary Sapia, Yvonne V. Fellowships for from Czech of The Bitter creative writing. Lake City, FL Translators Smell of A lmonds, a Distribution Projects holocaust novel reputed to grantsfund nonprofit Scalapino, Leslie Bierhorst, John be Arnost Lustig’s major work. organizations for the Oakland, CA West Shokan, NY $20,000 distribution of To support the translation contemporary creative Schnackenberg, Gjertrud C. from Aztec of The Ballads Porter, William A. Tacoma, WA of the Lords of New Spain, Glendale, CA $20,000 literature. one of the two principal To support the translation Schneider, Philip H. manuscripts of Aztec poetry from Chinese of the selected 95 GRANTS Wichita, KS dating 1550-1585. poetry by the 14th-century PROGRAMFUNDS: poet Shih-wu, also known as $1,222,075 Shivers, Louise S. Christ, Ronald J. Stonehouse. Augusta, GA New York, NY $10,000 Assistance to Literary To support the translation Schmidt, Paul F. Magazines Silber, Joan K. from Spanish of Lumperica, New York, NY $20,000 New York, NY an experimental novel by To support the translation from Russian of a volume Agni Review, Inc. Chilean writer Diamela Eltit Amherst, MA $6,000 Simpson, Mona E. (b. 1949). of poems by Velimir To support payments to New York, NY Khlebnikov (1885-1922), a authors and printing and Frydman, Anne founder of the Russian typesetting costs for two Stap, Donald L. Baltimore, MD $20,000 Futurist movement, issues. Casselberry, FL To support the translation


Arts Journal authors, production costs, technical staff, as well as Ploughshares, lnc. Asheville, NC $3,700 and advertising for two production costs. Cambridge, MA $10,000 To support the publication issues of Ironwood. To support payments and of a special poetry issue, lves, Rich production costs. Eshleman, Clayton Missoula, MT $3,900 Arts and Humanities Los Angeles, CA $10,000 To support payments to Poetry in Review Council of Tulsa, Inc. To support payments to authors and production Foundation, Inc. Tulsa, OK $9,400 authors and production costs for two issues of The New York, NY $10,000 To support payments to costs of Sulfur Magazine. Montana Review. To support payments to authors and production authors, production costs, costs for issues two of Formations Foundation Jones, Richard A. and promotion of Nimrod. Wilmette, IL $10,000 Earlysville, VA $7,000 Parnassus. To support payments to To support payments to Ascent authors and production authors and production Rudman, Mark Urbana, IL $3,000 costs for three issues of costs of Poetry East. New York, NY $10,000 To support payments to Formations. To support payments to authors and the costs of Kansas State University authors and production production for three issues. Gosciak, Josh Foundation costs of Pequod. New York, NY $4,340 Manhattan, KS $3,705 Boston Critic, lnc. To support payments to To support payments to Society for the Study of Boston, MA $9,500 authors and production authors and production Native Arts and Sciences To support the publication costs for Contact H costs for four issues of The Berkeley, CA $8,800 in the Boston Review of Magazine. Literary Magazine Review. To support payments to poetry and short fiction and authors and production to support an advertising Grand Street Publications, Massachusetts Review, lnc. costs for two issues of Io. campaign. Inc. Amherst, MA $8,000 New York, NY $10,000 To support payments to Southern Methodist Boulder Assembly on the To support payments to authors and production University Arts and Humanities, Inc. contributors and improved costs for one special issue. Dallas, TX $8,525 Boulder, CO $9,940 distribution. To support payments to To support the publication Morrow, Bradford authors, the costs of a direct of Rolling Stock and Greenfield Review Literary New York, NY $10,000 mail campaign, and payments to its authors. Center, Inc. To support payments to advertisements in trade and Greenfield Center, NY authors, subscription drives, ~~ational literary journals for Calyx, Inc. $7,500 advertising, and production the Southwest Review. Corvallis, OR $10,000 To support payments to costs Conjunctions. To support payments to authors and production and Stephens College Northwestern University authors and production design costs for two double Columbia, MO $9,000 costs for Calyx. issues of The Greenfield Evanston, IL $10,000 To support payments to Review. To support payments to authors and production College of the Mainland authors and the costs of costs for two issues of Open display advertisements for Texas City, TX $3,500 Halpern, Daniel Places. To support payments to New York, NY $10,000 TriQuarterly in other national literary journals. authors, technical assistance To support the publication Tendril for graphic design, and costs of two issues of Antaeus, Green Harbor, MA $10,000 of promotion and one regular issue and one Ohio University Main To support payments to advertising for Sidewinder. devoted to writing on Campus authors, production costs, nature. Athens, OH $3,600 and advertising and Coordinating Council of To support a special issue of promotion for three issues. Hancock, Craig Literary Magazines The Ohio Review containing Valatie, NY New York, NY $2,645 essays on the poetic line in Threepenny Review $10,000 To support payments to To support payments to contemporary American Berkeley, CA $10,000 authors and production authors and related costs of poetry. To support payments to costs for Groundswell. publication for Paris authors and the costs of a Review. Partisan Review, lnc. direct mail campaign to Helicon Nine, A Journal of Boston, MA $9,000 increase subscriptions. Women’s Arts and Letters To support payments to Cu~ldihy, Michael Kansas City, KS $10,000 authors. Tucson, AZ $8,000 To support payments to To support payments to authors, editors, and


Trask House Books, lnc. University of Southern Small Press Assistance one collection of poetry and Portland, OR $2,000 Mississippi prose by Irish American To support payments to Hattiesburg, MS $10,000 Alice James Poetry writers. authors and production To support payments to Cooperative, Inc. costs for two issues of authors, production costs Cambridge, MA $8,100 Conlon, Faith Hubbub. for two issues, anda direct To support the promotion Seattle, WA $12,000 mail campaign to increase and advertising for the To support the publication Trustees of Columbia subscriptions to The Beatrice Hawley Award and by The Seal Press of two University in the City of Mississippi Review. the production costs of books: a collection of New York publishing the winning writings by Japanese women New York, NY $9,100 University of Utah volume, anda novel by Sara To support payments to Salt Lake City, UT $9,900 Schulman. authors and production To support payments to Anderson, James costs for two issues of authors and production Portland, OR $25,000 Contemporary Arts Translation. costs for Quarterly West. To support the publication Educational Project, Inc. by Breitenbush Books of Los Angeles, CA $25,000 University of Alabama University of Virginia five titles. To support the publication University, AL $3,080 Charlottesville, VA $10,000 of titles by Sun and Moon To support the publication To support payments to Benington, George Press, including a collection of a special spring 1987 authors, production costs, Portland, ME $5,000 of poetry, a collection of issue of the Black Warrior anda development To support the publication tales, a first novel, and an Review. consultant for Callaloo. by Coyote Love Press of anthology of contemporary four books: Voiceprints, a poetry. University of Denver Washington County Arts collection of poems by Colorado Seminary Council, Inc. David Walker; Blush, a Ellis, Donald S. Denver, CO $9,930 Hagerstown, MD $2,785 collection of poems by Colin Berkeley, CA $17,270 To support payments to To support the publication Sargent; Three American To support the publication authors and production of two issues of the One-Act Monologues by of two novels by Creative costs for four issues of The Antietam Review. Dan Domench; and Arts Press. Denver Quarterly. Rainmakers by D. Ward. Webster Review Graywolf Press University of Hous~on- Corporation Bridwell, Tom St. Paul, MN $12,000 University Park Saint Louis, MO $4,900 Grenada, MS $7,500 To support the publication Houston, TX $10,000 To support payments to To support the publication of six titles. To support payments to authors, production costs, by Salt-Works Press of authors and production and distribution for two books of poetry, one book Gunderson, Joanna costs for issues of America’s issues, of prose, and another book New York, NY $12,000 Review, formerly (Revista that will be selected in a To support the publication Chicano-Riquena). Wigton, Robert S. competition fora first book by Red Dust of novels anda Tucson, AZ $2,000 by a Mississippi writer, series of shorter works. University of Missouri To support payments to Columbia, MO $10,000 authors, production costs, Carnegie-Mellon University Halpern, Daniel To support payments to and a subscription campaign Pittsburgh, PA $15,000 New York, NY $25,000 authors and production for the Sonora Review. To support the publication To support the publication costs for three issues of The of six books of poetry, by Ecco Press of four Missouri Review. William Bonifas Fine Arts books, including a Center, Inc. Centrum Foundation -translation of stories by University of Nebraska Escanaba, MI $3,200 Port Townsend, WA Hildesheimer, the collected Lincoln, NE $I0,000 To support payments to $25,000 stories of Pavese, anda To support payments and authors and production To support the publication collection of poems by related costs to authors in costs for two issues of of six volumes of poetry and Thomas Transtromer. Prairie Schooner. Passages North. literary prose for Copper Canyon Press. Head, Gwen T. University of North World Poetry, Inc. Seattle, WA $17,000 Carolina Cambridge, MA $8,100 Coffee House Press To support the publication Chapel Hill, NC $3,000 To support payments to Minneapolis, MN $25,000 by Dragon Gate of books of To support production costs authors of The American To support the publication poetry and fiction, anda and an expansion of the Poetry Review. of two novels, two selection from the press’s distribution of Carolina collections of short fiction, yearly open reading Quarterly. three books of poetry, and competition.


Heyeck, Robin Perlman, Jim and the winner of the 1986 Watershed Foundation Woodside, CA $8,030 Stevens Point, WI $17,000 Illinois State Washington, DC $25,000 To support the publication To support the publication University/Fiction Collective To support the production by The Heyeck Press of two by Holy Cow! Press of five national fiction competition, of new titles in the books of poetry, titles: one collection of Watershed Tapes series of poetry, one collection oí University of Houston- poetry cassettes. Institute for Publishing poetry and prose by a University Park Arts, Inc. Cherokee Indian writer, and Houston, TX $25,000 Wendell, Julia Barrytown, NY $29,500 three children’s books by To support the publication Sparks, MD $10,000 To support the publication Meridel Le Sueur. by Arte Publico Press of six To support the publication of books of prose, poetry, works of fiction and four and promotion of two titles and dramatic writing for Poets & Writers, Inc. books of poetry, by the Galileo Press--a Station Hill Press. New York, NY $30,000 novella anda collection of To support the publication University of Illinois, poetry. McPherson, Bruce R. of two novels and one Urbana-Champaign New Paltz, NY $30,000 collection of poetry by Champaign, IL $20,000 Woodman, Allen To support the publication Persea Books. To support the publication Tallahassee, FL $4,915 by McPherson Company of of three of the four titles To support the publication seven titles including five Rea, Tom published each year in the by Word Beat Press of a novels, a short story Story, WY $3,080 Illinois Short Fiction Series collection of short stories collection, anda book of To support the publication and three volumes of originally published in The creative essays, by Dooryard Press of The poetry. North American Review. Pine Figures, a book of Milkweed Chronicle, Inc. poetry by Stephen Knauth. University of Iowa Young, Geoffrey M. Minneapolis, MN $8,000 Iowa City, IA $11,950 Great Barrington, To support the publication Review of Contemporary To support the publication MA $11,380 and promotion by Milkweed Fiction of books of short fiction in To support the publication Editions of seven books. Elmwood Park, IL $17,000 the Iowa Short Fiction by the Figures of five To support the publication Series. books, including a first New Rivers Press, Inc. of four titles by the Dalkey novel; a first collection of St. Paul, MN $18,000 Archive Press. University of Massachusetts short stories; a collection of To support the publication Amherst, MA $3,860 poems; and two books of 13 titles, including five in Santa Barbara Community To support the publication combining poetry, prose the General Publishing Development Corporation by the University of poetry, and dialogue. Program, three in the New Santa Barbara, CA $23,000 Massachusetts Press of the Rivers Abroad Series, one in To support the publication 12th Juniper Prize book. Distribution and General the Many Minnesotas Series, and distribution of Charles Olson and Robert Creeley: Literary Publishing and four in the Minnesota University of Pittsburgh Projects Voices Series. The Complete Pittsburgh, PA $7,500 Correspondence, volumes 7 To support the publication Coordinating Council of Ortenberg, Neil and volume 8 by Black of titles in the Pitt Poetry Sparrow Press. Literary Magazines New York, NY $30,000 Series. New York, NY $4,000 To support the publication Society for the Sludy of $7,000* by Thunder’s Mouth Press Wainhouse, Austryn For a cooperative agreement of six titles, three of which Native Arts and Sciences Marlboro, VT $11,785 Berkeley, CA to expand the Literature are part of the classic $11,000 To support the publication Program’s International reprint series. To support the publication by The Marlboro Press of of titles by North Atlantic two novels by Ferdinando Bookfair Project to hire a project assistant to prepare Owl Creek Foundation, lnc. Books, including a novel, a Camon. book of literary nonfiction, an exhibit for two Missoula, MT $16,725 international bookfairs in To support the publication anda collection of poetry. Wampeter Press, lnc. time to meet project of two large volumes: an Green Harbor, MA $30,000 anthology of northwestern Teachers and Writers To support publications that deadlines. Collaborative include books of essays, a creative nonfiction and an Coordinaling Council of anthology of contemporary New York, NY $30,000 novel, and a literary To support the publication anthology collection of short Literary Magazines German poetry in New York, NY $75,000 translation, of five titles by the Fiction stories. Collective, including three To support four programs novels by new authors, one that offer services providing collection of short stories, information and assistance


to literary magazines and Centers that offer a To support writers’ fees and To support the Residencies small press publishers and variety of activities related costs for Hawaii’s for Writers project. editors, receive grants for projects statewide literary arts that benefit the literary program. St. Louis County Heritage & Interseclion community and its Arts Center San Francisco, CA $31,000 Howard County Poetry and Duluth, MN $6,000 To support the nationwide audience. Literalure Society, Inc. To support writers’ lees and distribution of small press Columbia, MD $5,000 related costs for residencies. books and literary 57 GRANTS To support the Residencies magazines by Small Press PROGRAM FUNDS: for Writers project. San Jose Poetry Center, Ine. Distribution. $525, 770 San Jose, CA $7,000 Institute of Alaska Native To suppol~~ the Residencies National Poetry Series, Inc. Residenciesfor Writers Arts, Ine. for Writers project. New York, NY $11,850 Fairbanks, AK $10,000 To support the series in Albany State College To support the Residencies South Carolina Arts under~vriting the production Albany, GA $10,000 for Writers project. Commission costs oí poetry books. To support writers’ fees and Columbia, SC $8,000 related costs for four five- lntersection To support the Residencies Segue Foundation, lnc. day residencies. San Francisco, CA $5,000 for Writers project. New York, NY $4,680 To support the Residencies To support the distribution California State University for Writers project. Symphony Space, Inc. and promotion of small Los Angeles, CA $7,400 New York, NY $3,800 press books and literary To support writers’ fees for Kansas State University of To support the Residencies magazines with a special three four-day residencies. Agriculture and Applied for Writers project. focus on experimental Science writing. Centrum Foundation Manhattan, KS $5,750 Thurber House, Inc. Port Townsend, WA To support the Residencies Columbus, OH $I0,000 Watershed Foundation $10,000 for Writers project. To support the Residencies Washington, DC $28,000 To support writers’ fees and for Writers project. To support the Poets’ Audio related costs for residencies. Kentucky Arts Council Center tape cassette Frankfort, KY $8,500 Trustees of Amherst College distribution project. Cleveland State University To support the Residences Washington, DC $7,800 Cleveland, OH $6,770 for Writers project. To support writers’ fees and To support writers’ fees and related costs for residencies related costs fora series of Maine State Commission on at The Folger Shakespeare AUDIENCE workshops for Cleveland the Arts Library. area writers. Augusta, ME $6,100 DEVELOPMENT To support the Residencies University of Houston- Connecticut Commission on for Writers project. University Park Includes three the Arts Houston, TX $9,300 subcategories: Residencies Hartford, CT $10,000 Manhattan Theatre Club, To support writers’ fees and for Writers grants are for To support the Residencies Inc. related costs for residencies for Writers project. New York, NY $9,000 by nationally known writers. developing audiences for To support the Residencies published writers of Cummington School of the for Writers project. University of Montana poetry, fiction, and other Arts, Inc. Missoula, MT $5,920 creative prose. Audience Cummington, MA $3,000 New England Foundation To support the Residencies Development Projects To support writers’ fees and for the Arts for Writers project. grants are awarded to a related costs for three one- Cambridge, MA $10,000 small number of month residencies. To support the Residencies University of Nebraska organizations for the for Writers project. Omaha, NE $2,310 promotion of literature Fine Arts Work Center in To support the Residencies Provincetown, Inc. Northeast Louisiana for Writers project. through cooperative University literary promotion Provincetown, MA $5,000 To support writers’ fees and Monroe, LA $7,970 Vermont Couneil on the projects, regional related costs for residencies. To support the Residencies Arts, Inc. bookfairs, exhibits of for Writers project. Montpelier, VT $7,050 literary works, and Hawaii Literary Arts To support the Residencies syndicated review Council One Red Vaudeville Show for Writers project. networks. Literary Honolulu, HI $10,000 Seattle, WA $10,000 ~


Walker Art Center, lnc. assist individual writers and program for contemporary To support literary Minneapolis, MN $9,000 writers’ organizations literature, programs and services. To support the Residencies throughout the state to for Writers project, make greater use of each New York City Board of Loft, Inc. other’s resources. Education Minneapolis, MN $24,100 To support the Loft’s William Bonifas Fine Arts Brooklyn, NY $15,525 Commonwealth of To support the development primary activities of literary Center, Inc. readings, workshops, Escanaba, MI $1,000 Pennsylvania Council on the and production of radio To support fees for a writer Arts programs focusing on first classes, the Mentor series, Harrisburg, PA $15,545 novels and new novelists, residencies, competitions, and related costs in a week- and membership services. long residency. To support the Pennsylvania Writers Collection. Oregon Coast Council of Women’s Community, Inc. the Arts Poetry Society of America Los Angeles, CA $3,775 COMPAS, Inc. New Port, OR $5,190 New York, NY $9,585 To support the Residencies St. Paul, MN $18,000 To support a three-day To support the readings, for Writers project. To support the production conference for regional lectures, and workshops at by Bookslinger of a major small presses, their authors, PSA. promotional catalog and local writers, and the Wyoming Council on the St. Mark’s Church in-the- Arts periodic supplements general public. featuring new titles from Bowery Cheyenne, WY $4,170 New York, NY $20,000 To support costs related to 195 small press publishers Painted Bride Art Center and 3,100 titles. Philadelphia, PA $2,500 To support the literary writers’ residencies, To support writer’s fees and programs including Coordinating Council of related costs for a one-week readings, lectures, A udience Development Literary Magazínes residency for poet Dennis workshops, residencies, and Projects New York, NY $9,000 Brutus. classes of the Poetry To support the National Project. American Audio Prose Third World Book Fair. PEN American Center Library, Inc. New York, NY $8,000 Woodland Pattern, Inc. ColumNa, MO $30,000 Generalist Association, Inc. To support the Milwaukee, WI $15,000 To support the New York, NY $16,350 PEN/ Award for To support the ongoing comprehensive audio library To support the New York fiction, activities of this literary of American prose artists Book Fair. book center. reading and discussing their South Carolina Arts works. Great Midwestern Commission Writer’s Center Bookshow Columbia, SC $3,600 Bethesda, MD $27,300 Aztlan Cultural, Inc. Minneapolis, MN $10,000 To support the South To support The Writer’s Oakland, CA $7,500 To support a book fair of Carolina Fiction Project. Center’s literary programs To support a series of literary and alternative small and services to writers and literary events and press books and journals. University of Houston- independent literary presses. workshops at locations in University Park the interior and central coast In Our Time Arts Media, Houston, TX $8,500 regions of California. Inc. To support a series of ten New York, NY $14,000 mini-book fairs at small PROFESSIONAL Before Columbus To support the weekly cities and towns in Texas, Foundation half-hour radio program "A administered Uy arte DEVELOPMENT Berkeley, CA $5,000 Moveable Feast." Publico Press. To support the presentation To support a limited of public panels, symposia, lnternational Poetry Forum Yellowstone Art Center number of national and courses on current Pittsburgh, PA $4,000 Foundation topics, activities, and organizations that To support a series of Billings, MT $6,960 provide professional debates of issues relating to poetry readings in the 20th­ To support the Regional contemporary American anniversary season of IPF. Writers Project and aid in assistance to creative writing and publishing, regional audience writers, andfor unique Maine Writers and development, literary projects not Carolina Wren Press, Inc. Publishers Alliance eligible for support in Chapel Hill, NC $4,000 Brunswick, ME $4,000 Literary Centers other categories. To support the efforts of To support a cooperative North Carolina Writers promotion and distribution Beyond Baroque Foundation Network to encourage and Venice, CA $17,500


11 GRANTS PEN American Center Visual Studies Workshop, PEN American Center PROGRAM FUNDS: New York, NY $80,000 Inc. New York, NY $100,000 $585,090 To support five ongoing Rochester, NY $13,000 To support the P.E.N. programs that provide To support the services Syndicated Fiction Project, Academy of American services to American writers, provided by this production which during 1987 will Poets, luc. facility, continue to provide quality New York, NY $43,000 Poets & Wñters, luc. unpublished short stories to To support four ongoing New York, NY $150,000 Voluuteer Lawyers for the newspapers across the activities, general operating To support the services and Arts, Iuc. country. expenses and a publications provided for New York, NY $15,500 comprehensive catalog of the literary community and To support a series of Pushcart Press, lnc. recordings of poets and general public, workshops for independent Wainscott, NY $80,000 writers, publishers and individual To support a six-month University of Texas at writers, extension of the Literature Associated Writing Dallas Program’s Small Press Programs Richardson, TX $33,990 World Print Council Promotion Project. Norfolk, VA $65,000 To support the services San Francisco, CA $65,000 To support the continuation provided by the American To support the high quality Trustees of Amherst College of Associated Writing Literary Translators typography, printing, and Amherst, MA $25,000* Programs’ services to Association for American consulting services and To support the organization, writers, translators, educational programs of the coordination, and West Coast Print Center. implementation of a seminar Committee on Poetry, Inc. University of Texas at by the Folger Shakespeare New York, NY $6,600 Dallas Library to enable qualified To support lees for poets Richardson, TX $33,000 experts (publishers, editors, and the costs of production To support administrative SPECIAL writers, and literary and distribution of a costs, editorial services, and PROJECTS professionals) to meet for a monthly radio program on translators’ fees for a seminar focused on the poetry, program by the American problems of the distribution Literature Translators For projects that benefit of contemporary creative PEN American Center Association that will the Literature Programas literature and on the New York, NY $80,000 coordinate the translation of a whole and are not development of strategies To support five ongoing literary works published by eligible under other for addressing these programs that provide small presses in the United categories, problems. services to American writers. States into French, German, .and Spanish. 3 GRANTS *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION PROGRAM FUNDS: $205,000



Film in the Cities, I,c. California Institute of the Marton, Pier E. MEDIA St. Paul, MN $45,000 Arts Chicago, IL $10,000 ARTS ~o support regional Valencia, CA $30,000 To support the production fellowships for media artists To support the vídeo of an experimental in the upper Midwest. component of a multimedia videotape. GRANTS collaboration between Ed Pittsburgh Film Makers, Emshwiller and Morton N~w York Foundation for 232 GRANTS Inc. Subotnick. the Arts, Inc. PROGRAM FUNDS: Pittsburgh, PA $45,000 New York, NY $30,000 $11,386,701 To support regional Cantow, Roberta To support the completion fellowships for media artists New York, NY $17,000 of a documentary film by TREASURY FUNDS: in the Mid-Atlantic region. To support the production Kathe Sandler. of an experimental narrative $914,599 Southwestern Alternate film. New York Foundation for Media Project, Inc. the Arts, Inc. ~ Houston, TX $45,000 Clark, Larry New York, NY $25,000 ~’o support regional Oakland, CA $10,000 To support the production FILM/VIDEO fellowships for media artists To support research and of a documentary film by PRODUCTION in the South Central region, development of a script for Errol Morris. a feature film. includes two University of Colorado Ning, Stephen C. New York, NY $25,000 subcategories: Regional Boulder, CO $45,000 Community Media To support the Rocky Production Group, Inc. To support the production Fellowships are awarded Mountain Film Center’s of a dramatic film. to media arts centers to regional fellowships for Dayton, OH $40,000 administerfellowship media artists in the West. To support the production Okazaki, Steven programs for regional of a documentary film by Berkeley, CA $25,000 James Klein and Julia film and video artists. Production Grants To support the production Production Grants ’ Reichert. of a documentary film. support outstanding Aaron, Jane F. productions in film and New York, NY $15,000 Davis, Katherine J. Portable Channel, Inc. video that emphasize the To support the production Belmont, MA $24,000 Rochester, NY $18,000 of an animated film. To support the production To support the production use of these media as art of a documentary film. of an animated film by Skip forms. Appalshop, Inc. Battaglia. Whitesburg, KY $23,000 Educational Broadcasting 38 GRANTS To support the production Corporation Positive Productions, Inc. PROGRAM FUNDS: of a video documentary by New York, NY $50,000 Washington, DC $40,000. $1,080,000 Mimi Pickering & Anne To support the completion To support the production Lewis Johnson. of a series of documentary of a narrative film by Haile Regional Fellowships films by Frederick Wiseman. Gerima. Blashfield, James R. Appalshop, Inc. Portland, OR $15,000 Fagin, Steve Rappaport, Mark Whitesburg, KY $45,000 To support the production Richmond, CA $24,000 New York, NY $10,000 To support regional of ah animated film. To support the research and To support the production writing of a film script. fellowships for media artists of an experimental in the Southeast. Brekke, Paui D. videotape. Seattle, WA $20,000 Rose, Kathy L. Boston Film/Video To support the production Hiil, Gary R. New York, NY $15,000 Foundation, Inc. of an . Seattle, WA $25,000 To support the Boston, MA $45,000 To support the production post-production fora To support regional Cabin Creek Center for of an experimental project combining live dance fellowships for media artists Work and Environmental videotape, with filmed dance. in New England. Studies, Inc. New York, NY $35,000 Landow, George Rose, Peter Center for New Television To support the production Los Angeles, CA $25,000 Philadelphia, PA $25,000 Chicago, IL $45,000 of a documentary film by To support the production To support the production To support regional Barbara Kopple. of an experimental of an experimental fellowships for media artists videotape, videotape. in the Great Lakes région.


Shulman, David 70 GRANTS the-art CMX computerized access to film and video New York, NY $20,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: video editing facilities post-production facilities.. To support the production $1,150,000 workshops, and Video of a video documentary. Networks newsletter. Center for New Television 185 Nassau Street Chicago, IL $31,200 Vasulka, Woody B. Corporation Berks Filmmakers, Inc. For a variety of distribution Santa Fe, NM $25,000 Brooklyn, NY $11,500 Reading, PA $4,800 and marketing initiatives, To support the completion For artists’ access to video For exhibition programs of provision of post-production phase of an experimental post-production facilities, independent and facilities, and video video work. seminars in advanced video experimental films with exhibitions. editing, and exhibitions, visiting artists. Velez, Edin Chicago Filmmakers New York, NY $25,000 Black Filmmaker Chicago, IL $16,800 To support the production Appalshop, Inc. Whitesburg, KY $27,800 Foundation For exhibitions of of an experimental New York, NY $14,500 independently produced videotape. For the media center to exhibir film and video, For distribution and experimental, documentary, maintain the Appalachian marketing services to and narrative film, and Video Repetorie, Ltd. filmmakers, film exhibitions provision of access to film New York, NY $50,000 Motion Picture and Sound Archives, circulate films by with visiting artists, critical editing equipment. To support the production symposia, and programming of a documentary film by Appalachian filmmakers worldwide, and operate a information services. Cine Accion, Inc. Deborah Shaffer. recording studio. San Francisco, CA $4,800 Boston Film/Video For independent film/video Viola, Bill Art Institute of Chicago Foundation, Inc. screenings, programming of Long Beach, CA $25,000 Boston, MA $25,800 independent works on cable To support the production Chicago, IL $27,800 For film and video For workshops, exhibitions, television, and for the of an experimental video and provision of access to publication of Cine Accion project, exhibitions, visiting artists and critics, maintenance of film and video News. post-production facilities. WGBH Educational a film and script study collection, and circulation of City Movie-Center Foundation Capital Children’s Museum Kansas City, MO $10,500 Boston, MA $30,000 film programs to other cities. Washington, DC $7,200 For exhibitions of To support the production To support Super-Media independently produced and of an experimental Arts Center for Children, a classi¢ narrative features and videotape by Dan Reeves. Asian Cine-Vision, Inc. New York, NY $22,000 sub-unit within the museum short films with visiting For film and video where children are able to filmmakers and program Walker Art Center, Inc. work on media projects in notes. Minneapolis, MN $14,000 exhibitions, the Asian- To support a video American International Film collaboration with resident installation by . Festival, access to vídeo media artist Stan Collective for Living production and Woodward. Cinema, Inc. post-production facilities, New York, NY $16,800 workshops, and Bridge Carnegie Institute For an exhibition program MEDIA ARTS magazine. Pittsburgh, PA $20,200 of independent and classic For film and vídeo narrative film, filmmaking CENTERS Astoria Motion Picture and exhibitions with visiting workshops, and critical Television Center artists, publication of the publications. To assist media arts Foundation, Inc. Film and Video Makers Astoria, NY $6,700 Travel Sheet, and Community Film Workshop centers in a variety of maintenance of a film study projects that make the For film and video of Chicago exhibition series, Saturday collection. Chicago, IL $11,900 arts o f film, video, and screenings for children, For provision of access to radio more widely lecture series, workshops, Center for Contemporary post-production film appreciated and anda research collection at Arts of Santa Fe, Inc. facilities, filmmaking practiced. Centers may be the American Museum of Santa Fe, NM $4,800 workshops, and an annual independent of associated the Moving Image. For film and video film festival. with another exhibition programs of organization, such as a Bay Atea Vídeo Coalition, independent, experimental, Contemporary Arts Center Inc. documentary, animated, and New Orleans, LA $9,600 museum, university, or classic narrative film; and For a regional showcase of state arts agency. San Francisco, CA $24,200 For provision of state-of­ film and video and


workshops with visiting Film Arts Foundation Helena Film Society, lnc. technical workshops, and media artists. San Francisco, CA $28,300 Helena, MT $4,800 production services for For workshops, weekly To show independently cable. Double Helix Corporation works-in-progress produced film and rarely St. Louis, MO $5,800 screenings, and an annual seen American and foreign Long Beach Museum of Art For video exhibitions, Bay Area Filmmakers narrative features. Foundation training, access to video showcase. Long Beach, CA $29,700 facilities, technical assistance Independent Media Artists For extensive exhibition to artists, operation of a Film in the Cities, Inc. of Georgia, Inc. programs, installations, noncommerical FM radio St. Paul, MN $32,600 Atlanta, GA $21,100 access to post-production station, and programming For provision of access to For an annual film and facilities workshops, anda of independent video on film and audio facilities, video festival, technical videotape library. cable television, education programs, workshops, access to film workshops, screenings, and facilities, and regular Los Angeles Contemporary Downtown Community publications, film/video exhibitions. Exhibitions, Inc. Television Center, Inc. Los Angeles, CA $11,500 New York, NY $26,400 Filmforum, Inc. Institute of Contemporary For video installations and For access to basic and Los Angeles, CA $7,700 Art performances, many with CMX computerized editing For exhibition programs of Boston, MA $15,800 visiting artists. facilities, technical experimental film with For film and vídeo workshops, production visiting artists, workshops, exhibition programs with Media Project services, Community and and seminars, original program notes and Portland, OR $10,100 Experimental Television visiting artists. For regional film and video Festivals, and distribution. Foundation for Art in services, including film and Cinema Inter-Media Art Center video distribution, Electronic Arts Intermix, San Francisco, CA $14,900 Huntington, NY $16,800 workshops, seminars, and Inc. For the Cinematheque’s For video production exhibitions. ~ New York, NY .$27,800 exhibition program of workshops, performances, For distribution of independent and exhibitions with visiting Millennium Film Workshop, and provision of access to experimental film and the Inc. video editing facilities, publication of ARC: artists, and access to facilities. New York, NY $19,200 International Film Journal For experimental film Experimental Television ofArt, Reviews, and International Center for exhibitions with visiting Center, Ltd. Criticism. artists, access to Oswego, NY $9,100 8mm Film and Video, Inc. post-production facilities, For this post-production Global ¥illage Video Somerville, MA $2,800 and publication of center to offer access to Resource Center, Inc. For exhibitions, children’s Millenium Film Journal. electronic image processing New York, NY $11,500 films, lectures, and Super-8 equipment and conduct ah For film and video workshops with visiting Minnesota Film Center artists-in- residence exhibitions, video artists at Taller de Cine la Minneapolis, MN $11,500 program, production workshops, an Red. For exhibition of more than annual documentary,film 300 programs of Facets-Mnitimedia, Inc. festival, and access to video International House of independently produced and Chicago, IL $21,100 post-production facilities. Philadelphia international features, many For film exhibition Philadelphia, PA $25,800 with visiting filmmakers, programs, visiting I-Ialeakala, lnc. For exhibition programs of and the Rivertown USA filmmakers, the Children’s New York, NY $18,700 the Neighborhood Film Film Festival. Film Festival, and monthly For media exhibitions, Project, including visiting publications, installations, a video viewing room, anda special filmmakers, touring Moving Image, Inc. videotape library at The programs, and the New York, NY $28,800 Film Art Fund, Inc. Philadelphia Equipment For Film Forum’s exhibition New York, NY $9,600 Kitchen. of independently produced For film and vídeo Resource for Media Arts project, documentaries, animated exhibitions, visiting artists Hallwalls, Inc. films, and premieres of programs, a film research Buffalo, NY $7,200 American and foreign collection, and publications For video exhibitions with Locus Communications, at Anthology Film Archives. visiting artists anda video Inc. dramatic features, with viewing room. New York, NY $6,700 extensive program notes. For provision of access to field production facilities,


Museum of Broadcasting Ohio University Main Southern California Asian- extensive program notes, New York, NY $6,700 Campus American Studies Central and access to a film research For television and radio Athens, OH $4,800 Los Angeles, CA $14,300 library. exhibition programs and To support the Athens For film and video retrospectives with extensive Center for Film and Vídeo, production workshops, University of the District of program notes, a regional center presenting media management services, Columbia screenings of film and exhibitions, publications, Washington, DC $9,600 Museum of Holography video, annual film and video and distribution by Visual To support the Black Film New York, NY $4,800 festivals, access to film and Communications. Institute, an exhibition For the exhibition of video post-production center offering weekly film holograms and holographic facilities, conferences, and Southwestern AIternate exhibitions with guest objects, and access to the journal Wide Angle. Media Project, Inc. filmmakers and lecturers. holographic production Houston, TX $24,000 facilities for visiting artists. Pittsburgh Film Makers, For a varied program of Upstate Films, Ltd. Inc. exhibitions, workshops, Rhinebeck, NY $4,800 Museum of Modern Art Pittsburgh, PA $21,100 provision of access to film For exhibition programs of New York, NY $36,500 For film exhibitions, and video post-production independent and classic Fora film exhibition workshops, distribution, and facilities, and publiction of narrative films, program with visiting artists, provision of access to film Southwest Review documentaries, international a research center which facilities. Magazine. cinema, experimental film, includes a film study and animated features, and collection, a film stills Portland Art Association UCVideo, Inc. a visiting filmmaker collection, video exhibitions, Portland, OR $16,300 Minneapolis, MN $25,000 program, including lectures installations, and For exhibition programs, For access to production by visiting critics and distribution, education and outreach, and post-production scholars. film and video festivals, facilities, technical New Community Cinema production workshops, and workshops, video Utah Media Center, Inc. Club, Inc. a circulating film collection exhibitions, distribution, Salt Lake City, UT $9,600 Huntington, NY $10,100 at the Northwest Film Study and local cable For film and video For exhibition of Center. programming of exhibitions, a national independently produced independent work. festival, statewide touring features and short Real Art Ways Raw Ink, programs, and media experimental, documentary, Inc. University of California- workshops. animated, and narrative Hartford, CT $9,600 Berkeley films with visiting For film and video Berkeley, CA $37,200 Walker Art Center, Ine. filmmakers, exhibitions, performances, For a film exhibition Minneapolis, MN $25,000 provision of access to video program with visiting artists For exhibition of film and New Orleans Video Access and audio facilities, and and critics anda research video, visiting artists, Center, Inc. workshops, center and film study performances, publication New Orleans, LA $13,900 collection at the Pacific Film of commissioned critical For access to Regents of the University of Archive. monographs, and post-production facilities, Colorado maintenance of a film study production services to Boulder, CO $25,000 University of California-Los collection. artists, technical workshops, For film exhibitions, visiting Angeles and assistance to video artists, touring packages, Los Angeles, CA $16,800 Washington Project for the makers in gaining access to access to film editing To support the UCLA Film Arts, Inc. cable, facilities, and maintenance Archives, a film archive arld Washington, DC $11,500 of a film study collection at study center with exhibition For video exhibitions, and Nine One One the Rocky Mo~untain Film programs of independently installations, film exhibition Contemporary Arts and Center. produced and classic programs, lectures and Resource Center narrative film. workshops, and access to Seattle, WA $9,600 South Carolina Arts film and video For Focal Point Media Commission University of Nebraska- post-production facilities. Center to conducta Columbia, SC $29,700 Lincoln program of film and video For outreach with touring Lincoln, NE $14,900 Whitney Museum of exhibitions with visiting film packages access to film For an exhibition program American Art artists and provide access to and video facilities, artists­ at the Sheldon Film Theater New York, NY $26,800 film and video facilities, in-residence, and a of independently produced For exhibition of filmmaker-in-schools and classic narrative films, independent and program, visiting artists programs, experimental film and video,


the new American 1 GRANT four new productions of dramatic television series for Filmmakers Series, and the PROGRAM "Dance In America" and family audiences. Whitney Biennial. FUNDS: the premiere by Washington $400,000 Opera of Gian Carlo New York Center for Visual Young Filmmakers Menotti’s new opera, Goya. History Foundation, lnc. American Film lnstitute New York, NY $225,000 New York, NY $18,200 Washington, DC $400,000 Educational Broadcasting To support "Voices and For access to film and video For a cooperative agreement Corporafion Visions," a series for public production facilities, to conduct the Independent New York, NY $500,000 television about American production and directing Filmmaker Program, a To support "American poets and their work. workshops, seminars, and national grant program for Masters," a series of distribution services, documentary portraits of advanced film and video American artists. New York Foundation for artists, the Arts, lne. Edueational Broadcasting New York, NY $100,000 AMERICAN Corporation To develop and produce New York, NY $1,250,000 short documentaries by FILM PROGRAMMING To support a television Charles Guggenheim on INSTITUTE IN THE ARTS series on the arts for young American artists for people. (The total grant theatrical distribution. Supportfor the American amount of $1,500,000 was To develop series of funded jointly with the Arts Nguzo Saba Films, lnc. Film Institute, founded in programs on the arts for in Education Program). San Francisco, CA $50,000 1967 to preserve the national broadcast on To support a documentary nation’s artistic and television and radio. Educational Broadcasting on the dance team of cultural resources in film Corporation Fayard and Harold and television. 34 GRANTS New York, NY $25,000 Nicholas, produced by Car.ol PROGRAM FUNDS: To support the research and Munday Lawrence. 1 GRANT $5,862,401 development of a six-to­ PROGRAM FUNDS: eight-part television series Public Art Fiims, Ioc. on the . New York, NY $100,000 $1,450,000 TREASURYFUNDS: For research, development, American Film lnstitute $914,599 John F. Kennedy Center for and production of the first Washington, DC $1,450,000 the Performing Arts program in a three- part To support exhibition, Television Grants Washington, DC $32,000 public television series on education, public services, To support the videotape the cultural and historical and Academy internship Chicago Educatioual archive project associated impact of the comic strip. programs; television and Television with the Kennedy Center video services; the Center Chicago, IL $50,000 Honors. Public Television Playhouse, for Advanced Film Studies; To support the completion lnc. the Mayer Library; and of "America by Design," a Lincoln Ceuter for the New York, NY $450,000 CAFS Fellow Film five-part series for public Performing Arts, Inc. TF $250,000 Distribution. television. To support the 1987 season New York, NY TF $325,000 of "American Playhouse." Educational Broadcasting To support the 1987 season Corporation of "Live from Lincoln Public Television Playhouse, AFI New York, NY $150,000 Center." Inc. xo support the public New York, NY $25,000 INDEPENDENT television presentation of To support the research and FILMMAKER five programs from Leonard Assoeiation, l~e. development of an arts PROGRAM Bernstein’s historic "Young New York, NY TF $250,000 magazine series for public People’s Concerts." To support the 1986-87 television. season of "Live from the AFI administers for the Edueational Broadeasting Met." Sundanee Institute for Film Endowment a program of Corporation and Television grants to media artists New York, NY $1,010,401 Metropolitan Pittsburgh Salt Lake City, UT $25,000 working in animated, TF $89,599 Public Broadcasting, Inc. To research and develop a documentary, To support the 1986-1987 Pittsburgh, PA $300,000 public television series on experimental, and ’ season of "Great For the 1986-1987 season of the history of the movies in America. narrative film and vídeo. Performances," including "Wonderworks," a


Twin Cities Public Minnesota Public Radio, Pacifica Foundation distribute selected short Television, Inc. Inc. Los Angeles, CA $12,500 films by independent St. Paul, MN $250,000 St. Paul, MN $10,000 To support the participation filmmakers to To support the 1987 season To support the 1986-87 of American artists in commerical movie of "Alive from Off season of "St. Paul Sunday "Horspeil/USA(2)," a series Center." Morning," a weekly 90- of dramatic productions, theaters throughout the minute program of chamber co-productions, and United States. Twin Cities Public music performance and exchanges between West Television conversation. German Radio and 1 GRANT St. Paul, MN $150,000 American radio artists, in PROGRAM FUNDS: To support the presentation Minnesota Public Radio, association with KPFA-FM $50,000 of works by contemporary Inc. and Fantasy Studios. dance companies and St. Paul, MN $30,000 Foundation for Independent choreographers in the 1987 To support the 1986-87 Radio Foundation, Inc. Video and Film, Inc. season of "Alive from Off season of "A Prairie Home New York, NY $80,000 New York, NY $50,000 Center." Companion." To support production of To support the up to 40 new half-hours of administration of the "Short the "Bob and Ray Public Radio Grants Minnesota Public Radio, Film Showcase" project. Inc. Radio Show." California State University St. Paul, MN $10,000" To support a special live Vineyard Theatre and Long Beach Foundation Workshop Center, Inc. Long Beach, CA $75,000 national telecast on PBS of AFI/NEA FILM To support KLON-FM’s "A Prairie Home New York, NY $15,000 production of "Pacific Companion," to To support production of PRESERVATION commemorate the reopening "Vintage Jazz at the Coast Highway," a weekly Vineyard," a series of one- PROGRAM series on classical music of the World Theater in St. hosted by Robert Winter. Paul. hour programs based on concerts of music from the To help organizations Fresno Free College National Public Radio, Inc. ’20s, ’30s, and ’40s. locate, preserve, and Washington, DC $435,000 catalog film of artistic Foundation WGBH Educational Fresno, CA $17,500 To support production of value. "Performance Today," a Foundation To support programs in the Boston, MA $30,000 series "Samuel ’s daily two-hour program 1 GRANT featuring concert music, To support production of Birthday Festival of Radio four programs in the series PROGRAM FUNDS: Plays." commentary, and critical reviews in the arts. "American Music Makers," $500,000 a series of one-hour Friends of West Virginia programs exploring the American Film Institute Public Radio, Inc. National Radio Theatre of Chicago music and lives of 20th ForWashingt°n’a cooperativeDC agreement$500’000 Charleston, WV $130,000 century composers, Chicago, IL $25,000 for the AFI/NEA Film To support production of To support production of "Mountain Stage,"a series WNYC Foundation Preservation grant program "A Midsummer Night’s for nitrate preservation of programs featuring Dream," with the Grant New York, NY $50,000 regional and national To support "Radio at the efforts administered by the Park Orchestra and Chorus National Center for Film musical performers, featuring the music of Public," a series of 26 new storytelling, poetry, humor, and starring half-hour plays produced in and Video Preservation. and audience interaction. Robert Mandan, Georgia collaboration with the New Engel, Fritz Weaver, and York Shakespeare Festival’s Johns Hopkins University Rene Auberjonois. Public Theater. Baltimore, MD $100,000 RADIO To support production of Newark Public Radio, Inc. PROJECTS "American Radio Newark, NJ $150,000 Showcase," 52 half-hour To support production of SHORT FILM Includes two programs, consisting of the "American Jazz Radio SHOWCASE subcategories: Radio audio documentaries by Festival," a series presenting audio artists pkesenting Production grants performances by leading support outstanding innovative sound portraits American jazz artists. The Foundation for of people, places, issues, Independent Video and single productions and and events. Film administers for the series for radio ¯ Endowment a program to broadcast. Workshops


grants enable Boardman, William M. for radio of ’s "Dead Kostelanetz, Riehard organizations to offer Woodstock, VT $5,000 Souls," produced by Irina New York, NY $4,000 To support a series of audio services to radio To support continued S. Thompson. art projects. producers or invite production of "The Panther Program," a monthly half- Golding, Barrett W. nationally recognized hour cabaret for radio. Bozeman, MT $3,000 Levine, Ketzel radio producers for To support a series of half- Shushan, NY $5,000 workshops. Composers’ Forum, Inc. hour audio art pieces. To support production of New York, NY $5,000 "A Day in the Life," a 53 GRANTS To support "Contemporary Harvestworks, Inc. series of six-to-ten-minute PROGRAMFUNDS: Music: Three Perspectives," New York, NY $3,900 protqles of artists who are $470,000 a series of programs To support publication of living in the U.S., either by presenting music from the several issues of Tellus, ah choice or in exile. Radio Production archives of Real Art Ways, audio magazine published Experimental Intermedia bimonthly and produced by Louisiana Jazz Federation, Foundationa, and Carol Parkinson, which Ine. Alaska Public Radio New Orleans, LA $12,000 Network Composers’ Forum, incorporates audio art, new To support production of Anchorage, AK $8,000 produced by Mary Luft. music, poetry, and drama, "Jazztown," a series of To support production of and features work by leading independent radio programs presenting "Alaskanarts," a weekly Cultural Councii 15-minute program Foundation producers. Louisiana jazz artists in live performance, produced by presenting arts features, New York, NY $8,000 To support production of l-Iouston Festival Steve Pierce. news on Alaskan art and Foundation, Ine. artists, and audio art pieces "Sound Waves," a series of Houston, TX $10,000 Ludwig, Meredith E. by Alaskan audio artists, 4-1/2-minute modules To support broadcasts from $5,000 produced by Margo presenting a history of audio Russellville, KY the eighth annual New To support production of : Melnikove. art and portraits of artists working in the genre, Music America Festival, "Piled High," a series in 65 produced by Michael three-minute episodes, with American Audio Prose produced by Bill and Mary Galbreth, including original music, tracing the Library, Inc. Buchen for Sonic commissioned radio theater adventures of a character on Columbia, MO $10,000 Architecture. opera works, interactive live a where there is no To support the American Elaine Summers broadcasts from various waste of any kind. Prose Artists series featuring locations, and an evening of distinguished American Experimental Intermedia new compositions. writers reading and Foundation, Inc. Multi-Media Training discussing their work, New York, NY $5,000 Institute James, E.L. Washington, DC $10,000 produced by Kay Bonetti. To support a series of programs on alternative New York, NY $5,000 To support production of To support production of Ameriean Composers music in different "Destination Freedom," a "Table of Contents," a Orehestra,lne. contemporary cultures, series of half-hour dramas series of half-hour programs focusing on the struggles New York, NY $15,000 produced by Phill Niblock. based on the fictional and achievements of Afro- To support a series of 90­ Hodges family and their minute concert programs, Fontana, Bill P. American leaders from reactions to news of the Denmark Vesey to W.E.B. produced by Steve Berkeley, CA $4,000 arts, the community, and DuBois, hosted by Oscar Robinson. To support production of "The Sounds of Asia," a the nation as they listen to Brown, JR. and produced series of programs on the their favorite radio by Lyn M. Dyson. Baleh Institute program. Philad¢lphia, PA $2,000 sounds of mainland China, National Radio Theatre of To support the first of seven Korea, Indonesia, and Hong Jazz Composer’s Orchestra Chieago half-hour documentaries Kong. tracing the last 200 years of Association, Inc. Chicago, IL $20,000 American immigration, Frank, Joe New York, NY $6,000 To support production of To support three one-hour produced by Greg Allen. Washington, DC $7,000 "World Rep," a series of To support production of concert programs of programs presenting great "Prayers," a series of contemporary music, hosted plays from western theater, Baskas, I-Iarriet by Carla Bley and produced $2,000 dramatic programs, produced by Yuri Rasovsky. Portland, OR by Brooke Wentz. To support a radio work on women and architecture. Globe Radio Repertory Seattle, WA $12,000 To support an adaptation


New Radio & Performing Real Art Ways Raw lnk, "Panorama Hispano," a for children; and museum Arts, Inc. Inc. series of arts magazine radio exhibitions. Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Hartford, CT $7,000 programs focusing on To support production of To support series II of Hispanic history, music, Earmark, Inc. "New American Radio," a "Conversations with drama, literature, and art; Philadelphia, PA $10,000 series of half-hour programs Composers," produced by produced by Bruce To support the showcasing new Joseph Celli. Matthews. "Massachusetts Radio documentaries, plays, audio Training Project," a series art pieces, and other works, Semmens, Frank L. WNYC Foundation of radio production produced by Helen Rochester, NY $5,000 New York, NY $10,000 workshops for producers. Thorington. To support the children’s To support production of series "Legends of the "Kids America," a daily Harvestworks, Inc. Ossman, David II. American Indians," tracing 90-minute program for New York, NY $5,000 Brookline, MA $9,000 the diverse range of North ehildren combining call-ins; To support a radio To support production of a American Indian folk tales, features on computers, production radio version of Gulliver’s language, history, literature, artist-in-residency program. Travels. Snake Theater, Inc. and music, produced by Sausalito, CA $5,000 Lawrence J. Orfaly. KUVO/Denver Educationai Pennsylvania Public Radio To support production of Broadcasting Associates, Inc. "The New Season," six live Youth News, Inc. Denver, CO $10,000 Philadelphia, PA $7,000 one-hour programs by Oakland, CA $7,000 To support a four-day To support the 1986 season sound artist John Rieger of To support production of conference on Hispanic of "Totally Wired: Artists the Antenna Theater. features for the series cultural and arts in Electronic Sound," a "Youth on the Air," programming. weekly series of one-hour Symphony Space, Inc. consisting of youth programs on new New York, NY $7,000 perspectives on the arts and National Federation of d~evelopments in the electro­ To support production of dramatizations of news Community Broadcasters, acoustic sound arts, "Wall to Wall Shubert" and stories about youth issues, Inc. produced by Kimberly Haas. "Selected Shorts," produced produced by D. Richard Washington, DC $12,000 by Allan Miller. Eckel. To support attendance by Radio Bilingue, Inc. American producers at the Fresno, CA $i,000 Western Wind Vocal ZBS Foundation second World Conference of To support production of Ensemble, Inc. Ft. Edward, NY $12,000 Community Broadcasters. arts segments on the series New York, NY $8,000 To support production of "Noticiero Latino," To support production of "Auto Art," a series of Nationai Federation of produced by Samuel seven half-hour programs of satirical audio art pieces Community Broadcasters, Orozco. vocal music, presenting focusing on the automobile Inc. Shaker hymns and songs, and how it affects the way Washington, DC $20,00’0 Radio Foundation, Inc. jazz songs by Ellington and we think and act, produced To support services to New York, NY $49,100 Gershwin, madrigals, voices by Thomas Lopez. public radio programmers, To support production of of Latín America, and the producers, and stations, "The Bob and Ray Public work of Charlie Morrow; Radio Services and including consultation Radio Show -- Series 3," produced by Ella Gregory. Workshops services, distribution produced by Larry activities, workshops, Josephson. Wisconsin Public Radio Bascomb Memorial conferences, publications, Association, Inc. Broadcasting l~oundation, and research. Radio Road Gang, Inc. Madison, WI $8,000 Inc. New York, NY $10,000 To support production of Miami, FL $1,500 National Public Radio, Inc. To amend a previous grant "Sidran on Record," a To support a production Washington, DC $10,000 from the Folk Arts Program series of one-hour programs workshop conducted by To support production to support "The Nature of featuring Ben Sidran independent radio producer workshop residencies at Music," 13 half-hour discussing new jazz record Elisabeth Perez-Luna. NPR for eight independent programs providing a releases and classic reissues, of station-based producers philosophical and practical along with indepth issues, Capital Chiidren’s Museum of specialized audience enquiry into the music of produced by Linda Clauder. Washington, DC $10,000 programs. mankind, produced by Karl To support provision of Signell. Wisconsin Public Radio facilities to radio producers, New Wave Corporation Association, Inc. residencies by independent Columbia, MO $12,500 Madison, WI $12,000 producers Connie Goldman To support the 1986 To support production of and Skip Pizzi, workshops Midwest Radio Theater


Workshop, consisting of provision of facilities, lnternational Film Seminars, exhibition programs with sessions on writing, acting, production services, In . accompanying catalogs are adaptations, comedy, conferences, workshops, New York, NY $6,000 toured to museums, media directing, sound effects, residencies, and distribution. To support the 32nd annual arts centers, libraries, and basic advanced production, Robert Flaherty Film universities. distribution, and audience Seminar, bringing together artists and scholars for Art Institute of Chicago development. NATIONAL screenings and discussions Chicago, IL $8,800 Pacifica Foundation SERVICES on documentary film. To support distribution of Los Angeles, CA $12,000 artists’ videotapes to the To support a marketing Nationai Assembly of State home market by the Video project designed to increase Includes tire Arts Agencies Data Bank Study Center. subcategories: Washington, DC $10,000" individual and institutional Film News Now use of the Pacifica Radio Conferences and To provide travel assistance Archive, a collection of Workshops ofpriority in time for state arts agency Foundation, Inc. 22,000 readings, issues in film and video, personnel, whose New York, NY $6,100 performances, actualities, responsibilities include the To support the distribution Distribution on a of independent film and documentaries, interviews, national of regional basis media arts, to attend media and lectures, arts presentations at the video. of artistically significant 1986 annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Radio Theatre films and videotapes. National Assembly of State National Asian American New Cumberland, PA Circulating Exhibitions to Arts Agencies. Telecommunications $5,000 expand audiences for film Association To support an East Coast National Film Preserve, Ltd. San Francisco, CA $4,600 and video art. To support a distribution radio drama workshop Publications on practical , NH $4,600 conducted by David To support the 13th project of Asian American Ossman, Jay Allison, and and aestheticmedia arts Telluride Film Festival. films and videotapes, which Joe Frank. issues. Combined Services would not otherwise reach a for projects that provide Sinking Creek Film broad audience. Peters, Leslie A. a combination of the Celebration, Inc. New York, NY $5,000* above. Greeneville, TN $13,200 Women Make Movies, Inc. To support a two-phase To support screenings, New York, NY $4,600 To support distribution of model marketing project 31 GRANTS workshops, and lectures at through which the Sinking Creek Film films and videotapes by and independently produced PROGRAM FUNDS: Celebration. about women. projects will be marketed to $349,300 Circulating Exhibitions public radio stations as Conferences and United States Film and packages, rather than Video individually. Funding was Workshops Salt Lake City, UT $6,100 American Federation of required in order to have To support the presentation Arts results from the project in Black Filmmakers Hall of of American independent New York, NY $7,900 time for review at an Fame film, screenings, seminars, To support the touring of upcoming Media Arts Oakland, CA $4,600 and workshops at the eighth "The First Decade: Advisory Panel meeting, To support workshops for United States Film Festival. Ethnographic Art independent film artists Documentaries from the covering editing, Women in Film, Inc. Margaret Mead Film Southern Educational cinematography, and special Communications Washington, DC $4,600 Festival," a retrospective Association effects. To support the fifth film program. Columbia, SC $8,000 "Women Make Movies" To support production of a Eugene O’Neili Memorial film festival. Film News Now Theater Center, Inc. Foundation, Inc. how-to-do-audio booklet for Waterford, CT $6,100 children who are eight-to-ten Distribution New York, NY $4,600 To support the 12th annual To support a national tour years old. New Drama for Television project, a one-month American Federation of ofContinents," "Journey Across a program Three of Western Public Radio, Inc. workshop des~gned to Arts San Francisco, CA $8,000 New York, NY $13,200 films from Africa, including improve the quality of a catalog and speakers. To support services to writing for television. To support the Independent independent radio Film Distribution Program, producers, including through which 12 film


Museum of the American Combined Services work broadcast on public To support the Script Indian television. Development and June New York, NY $8,800 Educational Film Library Laboratory programs, which For amend a previous grant Association, Inc. Independent Feature assist independent directors, for a circulating exhibition New York, NY $18,400 Project, Inc. writers, and producers to of works from the Native To support the American New York, NY $14,500 develop their skills and American Film and Video Film Festival, information To support services to projects through Festival. services, and publications, encourage the production collaboration with the best and distribution of professional talent. National Center for Jewish Film Fund, lnc. independent feature films. Film, Inc. New York, NY $11,400 Waltham, MA $15,800 To support services to International Center for To support a circulating independent filmmakers, 8mm Film and Video, lnc. exhibition of Yiddish feature including seminars, technical Somerville, MA $4,600 SPECIAL To support technical films made between 1923 assistance, anda newsletter. PROJECTS and 1949. assistance to Super-8 film artists, including workshops, Film Society of Lincoln For projects that concern South Carolina Arts Center, lnc. a monograph, and film Commission transfer services, special artistic New York, NY $30,400 opportunities. Columbia, SC $15,800 To support the "New To support the "Southern Directors/New Films," the Media Alliance, Inc. Circuit" tour of inclusion of independent New York, NY $3,000 2 GRANTS independent film and video films in the New York Film To support expansion of the PROGRAM artists to six southeastern Festival, and Film "On-Line" facilities access FUNDS: cities. Comment. program, through which $75,000 independent video artists are University of California-Los Foundation for lndependent provided access to state-of­ Center Theatre Group of Angeles Video and Film, Inc. the-art editing equipment. Los Angeles Los Angeles, CA $13,000 New York, NY $35,200 Los Angeles, CA $25,000" To support, as part of the To support services to Media Center for Children, To provide timely support 1985-86 Festival of India, independent media artists Inc. for operating expenses of the circulation of a program and media arts centers, New York, NY $8,800 Taper Media Enterprises, of films from India, including a magazine, a To support information the media production unit organized by the UCLA festivals bureau, seminars, services and a quarterly of the Mark Taper Forum. Film Archives in association and information services, review of films and with the Museum of Modern videotapes for children. Nationai Alliance of Media Art. Greater Washington Arts Centers, Inc. Educational San Francisco International Staten Island, NY $42,000 Telecommunications Video Festival $8,000* Publications Association, Inc. San Francisco, CA $17,600 To support the third year of Arlington, VA $13,000 To support the annual San the NAMAC Management Visual Studies Workshop, To support the Independent Francisco International Assistance Program, Inc. Minority Producers Video Festival, Send providing small grants to Rochester, NY $12,000 Laboratory at WETA-TV, magazine, and ongoing media centers to allow them To support the coverage of providing video artists with exhibition programs, to develop long-term independent film and video an opportunity to work with managerial and fiscal in Afterimage, a monthly professional broadcasting Sundance Institute for Film stability. journal, and Television personnel and to have their Salt Lake City, UT $22,000 TF--TREASURY FUNDS *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION




MUSEUM Dennison, Lisa Marzio, Peter C. unique to this region--and to New York, NY $5,000 Houston, TX $5,500 develop a broader GRANTS To support travel to Latin To support travel to Brazil, understanding of the impact America to conducta Uruguay, Argentina, of imports on this art. feasibility study for an Colombia, and Venezuela to 509 GRANTS exhibition of Contemporary study building and Yassin, Robert A. PROGRAM FUNDS: Latin Amerj.can art. ~, , - curatorial capabilities of Indianapolis, IN $4,500 $10,901,285 ~~~t~~ ~ ~~¿­~,’~-~.g? ~ ’~~institutions in those To support travel to Latin Fagaly, William A.w~a~~’’~~ countries. ~c. ~~/ ~~ America to develop future New Orleans, LA $8,440 /~ ~~T-~,~. exchanges of exhibitions and TREASURY FUNDS: To support travel to several Newton, Jr., Henry T. programs. $600,000 West African countries to Williamstown, MA $9,950 visit museums of art and To support travel in the ethnography and to travel to U.S. and Europe in order to tribal villages, continue scientific MUSEUM FELLOWSHIPS investigation of ’s TRAINING Fiske, Betty J. technical procedures. FOR MUSEUM New York, NY $~5,000 PROFESSIONALS To support travel in Japan Noon, Patrick J. To assist museums and to study materials, New Haven, CT $17,750 universities in training techniques, and conservation To support salary and travel museum professionals To enable currently in France months to employed museum of Ukiyo-e prints, and technicians through research and chart the role arts-relatedformal professionals to take Goldwater, Marge that English art played in leaves of absence of up college-level programs, Woodmere, NY $3,200 the development of French internships, and to one year to undertake To support travel romantic painting during the independent study, throughout Latin America 1820s and 30s ~¿~~.~~ ~ ~~¿,’~~’÷ apprenticeships. to visit artists and arts ~ research,otherwise travel,improveOr their institutions. ~~.~-~ ~ ¢’~ Seto, John H. 18 GRANTS professional ~{d..L~ ~.,0~ ~~, Birmingham, AL $4,714 PROGRAM FUNDS: qualifications. Karcheski, Jr., Walter J. To support travel in the $275, 700 Holden, MA $5,000 U.S. and Canada to study To support travel to Italy, collections of Chinese Film in the Cities, lnc. 19 GRANTS Switzerland, and Austria to ceramics with an emphasis St. Paul, MN $13,800 PROGRAM FUNDS: study arms and armor, on pieces of the Tang To support an internship in $128,084 dynasty (618-907). ~ ~’ film/vídeo/performance ¿~u~~~~.’~~.J’ á~~ ~~~ ~~.,,..~L~,¿~~,,. ~. ~ exhibition and one in the Knaub, Donald E. ~~ Caldwell, John S. Dallas, TX $3,000 Takahisa, Sonnet ’ ~" Photography Gallery. Pittsburgh, PA $5,000* To support travel to South Seattle, WA $5,300 To support travel to several and Central American ar~j~~ To support travel in the Fine Arts Museums Latin American countries to museums ~ ~~-, . ~ United States to research, Foundation research and view recent ~~~ ~-7~v~~,¢,,~ ~f’ ~~~~;-~’~’ document, and evaluate the San Francisco, CA $7,000 developments in the Latin LaRocca, Donald J. range of social, political and To support the Fine Arts American contemporary art Philadelphia, PA $5,600 economic dynamics that Museums of San Francisco’s scene. ~~~~,~~ ~&.~. t~-~:~ To support travel to affect relations between year-long curatorial ~ ~~,~ i ~~,í.~ ¿~­ .~~2 Austria, Germany, and the museu, ms and their p_ublics, f_~ ,.. internship in American art. Czestochowski, Joseph S. Italian Tirol to research the c~-~.~b~~~~-L~t) ~~t:qA~ &~~ ~ Cedar Rapids, lA $3,500 armorer’s art as practiced in Townsend, Richard F. -3,~~~. Fine Arts Museums To support travel to South Medieval and Renaissance Chicago, IL $6,400 Foundation and Central America to visit Europe. To support travel to Latín San Francisco, CA $12,000 with artists and museum America for research for a To support funding for the officials. ,~~~:~-~~~ Zt~~. ~~ Martin, Lynda K. major exhibition. ,~f~’ffz~«~ t,T(’, .. Fine Arts Museums of San ~~" ~ J’-/a~~~~~’~~-’-’’~~: ~~.~ga~¢/~¢-(’-¿’J~, r.tv~~ Long Beach, CA $4,500 ~,,~t~.1 /)~~’~~~-4"9 ~~¢Francisco’s year-long Dear, Elizabeth A. To support salary and travel !~rechsel, Gali A. ~_t~..t, ,~~~. 7 curatorial internship in Santa Fe, NM $4,500 to Germany, Switzerland, Birmingham, AL $11,23Ó American art. To support travel to Central and France to~study To support travel and South America to visit Bauhaus and throughout the deep South Hampton University museums. ¿LM~ ~ ~ ~~’~. textiles with a particular to study southern-made Hampton, VA $20,000 ~~í~¿¢-.,v ~ "~’ ~ Nt~~q ~ focus on cross-media textiles--the types of fabrics, To support the university’s influences, techniq~es, an~ styles , ~ graduate program in


museum studies, which Museum Practice beginning Uuiversity of Southern of a catalogue of traditional includes semester-long fall 1987. California native American art from internships in museums. Los Angeles, CA $20,000 the Subarctic as part of the Smitñ College To support internship series, "Studies in International Museum of Northampton, MA $11,000 stipends for students in their Anthropology and Material Photography at George To support stipend and third year of the Museum Culture" at the Haffenreffer I-Iouse travel for a post-graduate Studies Program. Museum of Anthropology. Rochester, NY $11,000 curatorial internship at the To support two Smith College Museum of Colorado Springs Fine Arts post-graduate level Art. Center internships. CATALOGUE Colorado Springs, CO Smith College $30,400 Museum of Fine Arts Northampton, MA $10,000 To support the publication Boston, MA $11,000 To support a curatorial To document collections by the Taylor Museum of a To support two one-year internship program at the of to publish catalogues catalogue documenting curatorial internships in Smith College Museum of of handbooks on approximately 250 pieces of curatorial departments Art. collections, pottery made by the Pueblo appropriate to the intern’s Indians of New Mexico in training. Soiomon R. Guggenheim 48 GRANTS the historic period circa Foundation PR OGRAM FUNDS: 1600-1940. New York University New York, NY $12,000 $1,041,000 New York, NY $43,400 To support a curatorial Duke University To support an internship internship at the Baltimore Museum of Art, Durham, NC $8,200 program in Curatorial Guggenheim Museum Inc. To support the cataloguing Studies conducted jointly focused on the planning and Baltimore, MD $15,000 of the university’s medieval with the Metropolitan preparation of an To support the development collection of approximately Museum of Art. exhibition, of a detailed plan for 280 objects dating from the computerized documentation early 11th century through Oberlin College Solomon R. Guggenheim and to hire a cataloguer to the late 16th century. Oberlin, OH $10,5.00 Foundation prepare the existing records To support an internship in New York, NY $12,000 for computerization, l)uSable Museum of African the Allen Memorial Art To support a one-year American Itistory, Inc. Museum’s education curatorial internship at the Bass Museum of Art Chicago, IL $25,000 department. Guggenheim Museum during Miami Beach, FL $20,000 To support the inventory which the intern will To support the research of and documentation of the Philadelphia Museum of Art participate in all phases of the museum’s permanent museum’s permanent Philadelphia, PA $20,000 organizing and collection in preparation for collection in an effort to To support two programming for two loan a comprehensive scholarly improve care and post-graduate internships in exhibitions to be presented catalogue, presentation of the the Department of Prints, at the museum, collections. Drawings, and Photo~graphs. Birmingham Museum of Art Trustees of Boston Birmingham, AL $15,000 Gonzaga University Regents of the Uuiversity of University To support the publication Spokane, WA $12,000 Michigan Boston, MA $12,000 of the first handbook of the To support the cataloguing Ann Arbor, MI $10,000 To support internships for museum’s Asian art of Gonzaga University’s To support the university’s " two advanced graduate collection, permanent collection of old Graduate Program in students in the American master and contemporary and New England Studies Museum Practice beginning Brandywine Couservancy, prints, including prints fall 1986, which includes Program. lnc. recently donated to the formal courses leading to a Chadds Ford, PA $17,900 university from the Bolker Certificate in Museum University of Iilinois To support research and Collection. Practice. Urbana-Champaigu preparation for a catalogue Champaign, IL $20,000 of the Brandywine River Kendall Whaling Museum Regents of the University of To support the university’s Museum’s permanent Trust Michigan graduate program in collection of 19th- and Sharon, MA $15,000 Ann Arbor, MI $20,000 Museum Studies at the 20th-century American Art. To support the publication To support intetnships as Krannert Art Museum. of a catalogue entitled OM part of the university’s Brown University World Prints in the Kendall graduate program in Providence, RI $15,000 Whaling Museum, To support the publication 1520-1785, with


approximately 225 European by the Los Angeles County New Bedford Glass Society, in the Histoire Naturelle des fine-arts prints from the Museum of Art of Volume I Inc. Indes, an album created by lóth to the 18th centuries, of a two-volume catalogue New Bedford, MA $9,600 ah artist/seaman who sailed entitled Indian Sculpture, To support the research and with Sir Francis Drake. Luis A. Ferre Foundation, which will cover the period documentation in Inc. from circa 500 B.C. to 700 preparation for a catalogue President & Fellows of San Juan, PR $3,400 A.D. of the museum’s collection Harvard College To support the services of a of New Bedford and related Cambridge, MA $40,000 consultant who will identify, Museum of Fine Arts glass. To support the publication interpret and write a brief Boston, MA $40,000 of a catalogue of the report on the Timothy Reed To support research and New York Public Library Maurice Wertheim Collection of African Art at writing of a catalogue of Astor, Lenox and Tilden Collection of Late 19th- and the Museo de Arte de medieval metalwork which is Foundations Early 20th-Century Art. Ponce. the second volume in a New York, NY $18,200 series of three. To support the President & Fellows of Massachusetts Historical documentation of paintings Harvard College Society Museum of Fine Arts, and sculpture housed in the Cambridge, MA $30,000 Boston, MA $20,000 Houston Research Libraries and the To support the publication To support the publication Houston, TX $8,400 consolidation of existing of a scholarly catalogue of of an illustrated catalogue To support research and records to provide greater the University Art of the society’s collection of documentation of three accessibility for scholars and Museums’ collection of American portraits to areas of the permanent the public. Greek, Roman, and include works by , collection: photographs, Etruscan sculpture. Stuart, Harding, and J.S. prints, and covers from the New York State Historical Sargent. publication Arbeiter Association Proprietors of the Boston Illustrierte Zeitung. Cooperstown, NY $30,000 Athenaeum Minnesota Historical So¢iety To support the publication Boston, MA $9,700 Saint Paul, MN $15,000 Museum of Holography of a collections catalogue of To support the cataloguing To support the publication New York, NY $14,500 the association’s folk art of approximately 1,250 entitled The Prints of Adolf To support the creation of a portraits, which include additional items in the Dehn, a catalogue raisonne complete set of computer- some 165 works dating from Athenaeum’s prints, of the graphic works in the based catalogue entries for the mid-18th century to the photographs, and drawings society’s collection, the museum’s entire mid-19th century, collection. collection that can be Montdair Art Museum printed out for internal use, Peabody Museum of Salem Research Foundation of Montclair, NJ $40,000 for scholarly use, andas an Salero, MA $35,000 State University of New To support the cataloguing aid to the public. To support a major York of the museum’s collection inventory effort to Albany, NY $17,500 of American paintings, Museum of New Mexico document the collection of To support the services of a prints and drawings, and Foundation decorative and part-time Assistant Registrar sculpture (approximately Santa Fe, NM $30,000 objects in the China Trade at the Neuberger Museum 1,800 objects), which will To support the publication Museum of Milton which is for two years to assist the lead to a checklist to be of a catalogue of to be incorporated into the Registrar in completing computerized and published, approximately 100 of the Peabody Museum’s existing documentation of 4,000 most important works from systems, objects and preparing data Museum Associates the permanent collection of for computerizing these Los Angeles, CA $40,000 the Museum of Fine Arts, Pierpont Morgan Library files. To support research and which will present an New York, NY $25,000 preparation of a manuscript overview of the history of To support the research to Rutgers, The State for a two-volume scholarly art in New Mexico. produce a catalogue of the University of New Jersey catalogue documenting the William S. Glazier New Brunswick Campus Robert Gore Rifkind Neison Gallery Foundation Collection of illuminated New Brunswick, NJ $15,000 Collection of German Kansas City, MO $4,000 manuscripts to replace ah To support a monograph Expressionist graphic art at To support the services of earlier out-of-print edition, documenting the Jane V. the Los Angeles County an outside consultant to Zimmerli Art Museum’s Museum of Art. document the Persian Pierpont Morgan Library collection of paintings, collection of the Nelson- New York, NY $13,100 watercolors, drawings, and Museum Associates Atkins Museum of Art. To support research of the prints by George Overbury Los Angeles, CA $40,000 ink and watercolor drawings Hart. To support the publication


Saint Louis Art Museum the collection of the Folger of a catalogue that will artistic resources through St. Louis, MO $25,000 Shakespeare Library. contain an illustrated, reinstallations, collection To support the publication documented checklist of the sharing, and education of a definitive catalogue on Trustees of Princeton entire collection at the programs. the carpets and textiles in University Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery. the Museum’s Islamic Princeton, NJ $25,000 56 GRANTS collections, which will also To support the completion serve as a handbook for the of the photodocumentation University of New Mexicn PROGRAM FUNDS: reinstallation of the Ancient, of each object in the Main Campus $1,265,610 Islamic, and Asian Art permanent collection and Albuquerque, NM $15,000 collections, research for a publication of To support the research and Akrnn Art Institute ancient art works in the preparation by the Akron, OH $15,000 St. Mary’s ­ollege of collection. University Art Museum of To support the publication California copy for a catalogue of a catalogue to accompany Moraga, CA $13,000 Trustees of the Berkshire raisonne of archival an exhibition of the Edwin To support a catalogue of Mnseum holdings of lithographs C. Shaw Collection of the Hearst Art Gallery’s Pittsfield, MA $13,900 produced at the Tamarind American Impressionist and collection of works by To support the survey, Lithography Workshop, Inc. Tonalist paintings. William Keith (1838-1911), evaluation, and research of to be published in the museum’s permanent University of Sout~ern Arkansas Arts Center conjunction with the 150th collection. California Little Rock, AR $5,000 anniversary of his birth in Los Angeles, CA $12,000 To support an exhibition 1988. Trustees of the University of To support the research and and catalogue entitled Pennsylvania documentation of the " After San Diego Museum of Art Philadelphia, PA $35,000 collection of Old Master Surrealism," drawn from San Diego, CA $15,400 To support the publication paintings at the Fisher works on paper dating from To support the research and of the first of two volumes Gallery in preparation fora 1936 to the present. cataloguing of the Japanese on the museum’s south published catalogue. woodblock print collection. Italian pottery in the Arkansas Arts Center "Corpus Vasorum University of Washington Little Rock, AR $10,000 Telfair Academy of Arts & Antiquorum" series. Seattle, WA $40,000 To support a two-year Sciences, Inc. To support the publication touring exhibition and Savannah, GA $25,000 University of Arizona of a catalogue featuring accompanying catalogue To support the research and Tucson, AZ $35,000 masterpieces from the entitled "Familiar Reality," documentation of the To support the cataloguing Museum’s Northwest Coast drawn from the permanent Telfair Academy’s collection of nearly 20,000 prints in Collection of Indian Art at collection. of paintings by American two newly acquired the Burke Memorial and European artists born collections: the Ansel Washington State Museum. Art Institute of Chicago before 1900. Adams Archive and the Chicago, IL $50,000 Garry Winogrand Study Waiker Art Center, Inc. To support the reinstallation Textile Museum of D.C. Collection of the Center for Minneapolis, MN $15,000 of the Art Institute’s Washington, DC $22,500 Creative Photography. To support the publication European Decorative Arts To support a catalogue of a catalogue of the Walker Collection in the newly assistant to help integrate University of Illinois Art Center’s collection of constructed south wing. two accession systems in Urbana-Champaign 20thocentury European and order to prepare a central Champaign, IL $20,000 American painting and Asian Art Museum catalogue and checklist of To support photography sculpture. Foundation of San the permanent collection of and publication of a two- Francisco textiles and rugs and to volume catalogue by the San Francisco, CA $25,000 complete documentation on World Heritage Museum To support three thematic uncatalogued objects, entitled The Ancient Vases UTILIZATION exhibitions drawn from the at the University of lllinois, OF MUSEUM permanent collection: Trustees of Amherst Coilege Urbana-Champaign in the "Marvels of Medieval Washington, DC $22,300 international series "Corpus RESOURCES China: Those Lustrous Song To support research and the Vasorum Antiquorum." and Yuan Lacquers," preparation of a scholarly To help organizations "Ganesha, the Elephant- catalogue of some 180 University of Nebraska- make greater use of Headed God," and paintings devoted to Lincoln permanent museum "Ancestral Dwellings: Shakespearean subjects in Lincoln, NE $35,000 Furnishing the Han Tomb." To support the publication collections and other


Baltimore Museum of Art, Everhart Museum of were used by the people of Jewish Museum Inc. Natural History, Science 19th- and early 20th-century New York, NY $20,000 Baltimore, MD $35,000 and Art rural Japan. To support an education To support the reinstallation Scranton, PA $20,000 project to be developed in and refurbishing of the To support the reinstallation Huntington Galleries, Inc. conjunction with the galleries housing the Cone of the museurn’s American Huntington, WV $10,000 exhibition "Treasures of the collection, art collections in the Central To support the organization Jewish Museum," an art Gallery. of and tour of ah exhibition historical survey of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts of "Master Etchings" permanent collection. and Sciences Fine Arts Museums drawn from the permanent Brooklyn, NY $50,000 Foundation collection. Marquette University To support an exhibition San Francisco, CA $24,600 Milwaukee, WI $ó,000 and catalogue of Korean art To support the production Institute of Contemporary To support the research and drawn entirely from the of an educational videotape, Art the publication of a ’s children’s catalogue, and Boston, MA $5,910 catalogue of the New Deal permanent collection, teacher’s guide that will To support the introduction Era mural paintings by Joe focus on approximately 20 of an arts component into Jones and James B. Brooklyn Institute of Arts paintings in the Fine Arts an already existing Turnbull in the Haggerty and Sciences Museums’ American education program, "Facing Museum’s permanent Brooklyn, NY $25,000 Galleries. History and Ourselves," to collection. To support the publication be done in collaboration of a catalogue to accompany Fine Arts Museums with South Boston High Metropolitan Museum of an exhibition of German Foundation School. Art Expressionist prints selected San Francisco, CA $30,000 New York, NY $75,000 from the Brooklyn To support two thematic lnternational Center of To support the installation Museum’s holdings, exhibitions and an Photography of the reserve collections of accompanying publication New York, NY $24,100 the museum’s American Cedar Rapids Museum of of Japanese prints drawn To support the production Wing in the Henry R. Luce Art from the collections of the and promotion of Study Center. Cedar Rapids, lA $25,000 Achenbach Foundation for "Photography: An To support the reinstallation Graphic Arts. Introduction," a videotape Mexican Museum of the Museum’s collection which is to be developed San Francisco, CA $30,000 of works by Grant Wood Guild Hall of East jointly by ICP’s Education To support an exhibition and Marvin Cone in its Hampton, Inc. and Collections and catalogue of Mexican newly expanded facility. East Hampton, NY $18,600 Departments. folk art from the Nelson A. To support an exchange of Rockefeller Collection. Cincinnati Museum exhibitions between the lnternationai Museum of Association Guild Hall Museum and the Photography at George Minneapolis Society of Fine Cincinnati, OH $20,000 Provincetown Art Museum. Eastman House Arts To support the redesigning Rochester, NY $25,000 Minneapolis, MN $30,000 of the musical instrument Heckscher Museum To support an exhibition of To support the reinstallation galleries and subsequent Huntington, NY $9,500 original photographs and reinterpretation of reinstallation of the To support the development surveying the development several of the period rooms collection, of a short pilot videotape of architectural photography at the Minneapolis Institute and teacher’s guide between 1840 and 1900. of Arts. Corning Museum of Glass introducing the museum’s Corning, NY $10,000 fine art collection to International Museum of Museums at Stony Brook To support the installation secondary school students. Photography at George Stony Brook, NY $25,000 of the museum’s collection Eastman House To support an exhibition of sulfide-decorated glass Henry Street Settlement Rochester, NY $48,300 and catalogue of works by objects dating from the late New York, NY $10,000 To support a major Shepard Alonzo Mount 18th and 19th centuries. To support museum exhibition and catalogue (1804-1868). education/community arts which will tour to three Denver Art Museum, Inc. programs for school groups other museums of works by Museum of Fine Arts Denver, CO $25,000 and senior citizens, the 19th-century English Boston, MA $25,000 To support the development photographer Julia Margaret To support the installation of a theoretical model and Honolulu Academy of Arts Cameron (1815-1879), of American neoclassical exemplars for interpretive Honolulu, HI $21,200 drawn from the museum’s marble sculptures from the installations of the To support ah exhibition of permanent collection . permanent collection in the permanent collection. Japanese folk textiles which Founders Gallery to coincide


Parrish Art Museum, Inc. Rhode Island School of design consultant to with the publication of a reorganize the exhibition catalogue and the reopening Southampton, NY $17,600 Design space of the lower galleries, of the Evans Wing. To support the d¢velopment Providence, RI $14,200 of slide-sound programs to To support a collaborative and the reinstallation of the Museum of the American expand the museum’s project in which RISD and museum’s permanent Indian/Heye Foundation educational services, the Haffenreffer Museum coll¢ction of art in these New York, NY $7,700 will share professional staff galleries. To support the touring of Peabody Museum of Salem and collections of African "Shawnee Home Life: The Salem, MA $10,000 art and Native American Trustees of the Corcoran Paintings of Earnest To support an exhibition of art. Gallery of Art Spybuck," drawn from the 18th-, 19th-, and 20th­ Washington, DC $35,000 museum’s permanent century Japanese tattoo art SanFrancisco Museum of To support an exhibition collection, originating in the late Edo Art and catalogue of the period. San Francisco, CA $25,000 gallery’s collection of New Bedford Glass Society, To support a series of bronzes and watercolors by Inc. Pennsylvania Academy of exhibitions drawn from the Antoine Louis Barye New Bedford, MA $3,900 the Fine Arts permanent collection to be (1796-1875). To support the production Philadelphia, PA $50,000 accompanied by catalogues of videotaped interviews To support the publication or brochures. University of Missouri- with surviving artisans of of a catalogue raisonne of Columbia New Bedford’s long the academy’s collection of Seattle Art Museum Columbia, MO $7,200 tradition of glass works on paper and an Seattle, WA $24,700 To support the loan for manufacturing (1866-1956) exhibition selected from To support the production exhibition of several pieces and silver-making (1975­ these holdings, of two interpretive of ancient glass and works present), monographs on aspects of of European art from the Pennsylvania Academy of the museum’s permanent Toledo Museum of Art to New-York Historical Society the Fine Arts collection: one on ivories the University Museum of New York, NY $6,800 Philadelphia, PA $25,000 and one on African art. Art and Archaeology. To support the development To support an exhibition of of a narrated slide the academy’s collection of South Dakota Memorial Art University of South presentation to be used as American sculpture, Center Carolina at Columbia an introduction to the organized chronologically, Brookings, SD $2,500 Columbia, SC $20,000 society’s permanent surveying the history of To support the To support a long-term collection. American sculpture from documentation and installation of southern folk William Rush to the present, installation of three art from the McKissick New York Public Library collections of Native Museum’s permanent Astor, Lenox and Tilden Philadelphia Museum of Art American art, mainly Sioux, collection, augmented by Foundations Philadelphia, PA $50,000 recently given to the center, several loans from private New York, NY $20,000 To support an exhibition of collections. To support ah exhibition of West African tribal art with Textile Museum of D.C. illuminated Jain accompanying catalogue and Washington, DC $25,000 University of Utah manuscripts, cloth paintings, related programs drawn To support an exhibition of Salt Lake City, UT $15,500 and painted hanging scrolls from the collection of the Indian shawls from the To support traveling selected from the Spencer University Museum museum’s permanent exhibitions, developed by Collection of the New York (University of collection, the Utah Museum of Fine Public Library. Pennsylvania). Arts, to schools in districts Thomas Gilcrease Museum served by the Northeast Panhandle-Plains Historicai President & Fellows of Association Utah Education Services. Museum Harvard College Tulsa, OK $30,000 Canyon, TX $3,900 Cambridge, MA $20,000 To support an exhibition University of Vermont and To support an exhibition To support an exhibition and comprehensive State Agricultural College catalogue of the museum’s and catalogue entitled and catalogue entitled Burlington, VT $13,400 "Masterpieces of Native "Mark Rothko: The collection of prints by 19th­ To support the development century artist Thomas American Basketry," drawn Harvard Murals," to of interpretive and from the museum’s include large canvases Moran. educational materials to collection and supplemented created for Harvard’s accompany two new by individual loans. Society of Fellows dining Trustees of Princeton permanent installations of room in the early 1960s. University American and European art Princeton, NJ $40,000 at the Robert Hull Fleming To support the services of a Museum.


Whitney Museum of University of South Baltimore Museum of Art, works from the Albright- American Art Carolina at Columbia Inc. Knox Art Gallery’s New York, NY $10,000 Columbia, SC $2,900 Baltimore, MD $12,400 permanent collection. To support the "Artreach" To support the services of a To support the purchase of series of lectures for visiting specialist who will conservation laboratory Center for Puppetry Arts, elementary and secondary evaluate and recommend equipment, including a Inc. classes in the New York City improvements for the vacuum hot table, x-ray Atlanta, GA $3,700 atea. museum’s educational machine, and To support conservation programs, particularly those photomicroscopy treatment of more than 40 Worcester Art Museum related to folk art exhibits, equipment, percent of the center’s Worcester, MA $35,000 puppet collection. To support the exhibition, Baitimore Museum of Art, catalogue, and educational Inc. Chicago Historical Society programs for "The Golden CONSERVATION Baltimore, MD $7,000 Chicago, IL $12,000 Age of American To support the conservation To support the conservation Watercolors." To enable museums to treatment of selected objects of approximately 26 oil plan conservation from the museum’s paintings and watercolors of collection of 17th-, 18th-, the World’s Columbian programs; implement and 19th-century portrait Exposition held in Chicago VISITING conservation treatment miniatures, in 1893. SPECIALISTS for permanent collections; conduct Bass Museum of Art Cincinnati Museum worl¢shops, training Miami Beach, FL $20,000 Association To enable museums to centers, and intern To support the conservation Cincinnati, OH $10,000 engage outside programs to train treatment of a portion of To support a survey that consultants for such conservation the museum’s painting and will identify conservation projects as collection professionals; and polychromed wood sculpture needs and establish research, educational collection, treatment priorities for the purchase conservation museum’s costume programming public equipment. relations arldfundraising Bernice P. Bishop Museum collection. activities. 95 GRANTS Honolulu,To support HI a conservation $10,000 Conservation Center for Art PROGRAM FUNDS." survey at the Pacific and Historic Artifacts 3 GRANTS $1,377,000 Regional Conservation Philadelphia, PA $13,400 PROGRAM FUNDS." Center of selected Pacific To support a master $15,300 Akron Art Institute objects in the ethnology apprentice internship in Akron, OH $8,300 collection at the Bishop paper conservation. Art Museum Association of To support conservation Museum. America treatment of Claes Conservation Center for Art San Francisco, CA $10,000 Oldenburg’s "Soft Inverted Bernice P. Bishop Museum and Historic Artifacts To support the services of Q," a large-scale outdoor Honolulu, HI $14,800 Philadelphia, PA $5,000 visiting specialists who will sculpture. To support ah advanced To support the purchase of conduct on-site evaluations one-year internship in a new suction rabie and to assist museums in AIbany Museum of Art, ethnographic conservation, related attachments. methods of long-range Inc. planning, collection Albany, GA $5,000 Bowdoin College Corning Museum of Giass management, To support the matting of a Brunswick, ME $7,400 Corning, NY $6,000 computerization, museum portion of the museum’s To support the conservation To support conservation education, and exhibition 20th-century American art treatment at the Museum of treatment of the Strauss design, collection. Art of seven major collection of glass drinking American paintings by John vessels of all periods from New Bedford Glass Society, American Museum of Smibert, Joshua Johnston, 1500 B.C. to the 19th Inc. Natural History John Usher Parsons, John century. New Bedford, MA $2,400 New York, NY $20,000 Sloan, Marsden Hartley and To support the services of a To support the purchase of Soyer. Crocker Art Museum visiting specialist who will microscope equipment for Association create and implement the museum’s conservation Buffalo Fine Arts Academy Sacramento, CA $8,200 museum education laboratory. Buffalo, NY $12,500 To support the conservation programs. To support the conservation treatment of 24 master of a selection of major drawings and five northern


-California contemporary San Francisco Arts Maryland Historical Society Museum Associates paintings from the Commission. Baltimore, MD $18,600 Los Angeles, CA $16,200 museum’s permanent To support the conservation To support a one-year collection. Henry E. Huntington treatment of ten key pieces internship in paper Library & Art Gallery of furniture in the society’s conservation at the Los Denver Art Museum, Inc. San Marino, CA $17,500" permanent collection. Angeles County Museum of Denver, CO $12,000 To support conservation and Art. To support the conservation other related costs resulting Massachusetts Institute of treatment of selected objects from a serious tire at the Technology Museum of American Folk from the museum’s native Gallery of Art. Cambridge, MA $6,700 Art arts, new world, and textile To support the conservation New York, NY $2,500 collections. Henry Francis du Pont treatment of objects in the To support the conservation Winterthur Museum, lnc. museum’s Forbes Whaling treatme~it of five portraits Fine Arts Museums Winterthur, DE $22,500 Collection. of members of the Hale Foundation To support the conservation family by the 19th-century San Francisco, CA $11,300 treatment of the museum’s Maui Historical Society naive artist Thomas Ware. To support the purchase of furniture collection. Wailuku, HI $2,600 a stereomicroscope and To support a conservation Museum of American other equipment for use in Huntington Galleries, Inc. survey of the society’s Textile History, Inc. the museum’s painting Huntington, WV $5,000 collection, treatment of North Andover, MA $3,200 conservation laboratory. To support the conservation selected objects of priority, To support the purchase of treatment of approximately and the purchase of a polarized light microscope Fine Arts Museums 52 hand-knotted Turkish environmental monitoring for the museum’s Textile Foundation and Caucasian prayer rugs. devices for improved climate Conservation Center. San Francisco, CA $12,500 control. Indiana University Museum of Contemporary To support the conservation Art Bloomington, IN $6,400 Mills Coilege treatment of the museum’s Chicago, IL $2,500 To support the Oakland, CA $15,600 collection of Anatolian To support the preservation flat-weave rugs. conservation/restoration of To support the conservation approximately 28 ancient of Max Neuhaus’s "Sound treatment of selected works Installation," permanently marble sculptures, small from the gallery’s collection Founders Soeiety Detroit installed within a stairwell terracotta and ceramics in of works on paper, Institute of Arts wall of the museum. Detroit, MI $20,000 the Vladimir Simkhovitch Collection at the Indiana Minneapolis Society of Fini To support the first phase Museum of Contemporary University Ait Museum. Arts of a pioject to conserve the Art Minneapolis, MN $8,600 institute’s series of four Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Laguna Beach Museum of To support the early 16th-century Flemish To support the conservation tapestries. Art conservation/restoration of Laguna Beach, CA $1,400 seven objects in the of a group of 20th-century American paintings by Frances Godwin & Joseph To support the conservation institute’s collection of Ternbach Museum treatment of five Carbro and Mark American furniture. Rothko. Flushing, NY $4,500 Trichrome color To support the conservation photographs by the artist Missouri Botanical Garden Museum of Fine Arts treatment of selected Paul Outerbridge. Board of Trustees paintings in the museum’s Boston, MA $16,000 St. Louis, MO $10,000 To support a one-year permanent collection. Los Angeles County To support the conservation advanced internship in the Musenm of Natural History treatment of selected books Conservation Laboratory of Franklin Furnace Arehive, Foundation from the Missouri Botanical Ine. the museum’s Prints and Los Angeles, CA $10,000 Garden Library’s Rare Book Drawings Department. New York, NY $3,100 To support the continuation Collection. To support a conservation of a project to preserve the Museum of Fine Arts survey,of the organization’s museum’s nitrate film and Munson-Williams-Proctor Boston, MA $10,000 holdings, glass plate negatives. Institute To support the development Utica, NY $3,400 of a treatment plan for the Friends of the Arts Lyman AIlyn Museum, Ine. To support the conservation conservation of a chapel San Francisco, CA $25,000 New London, CT $4,700 treatment of three American wall from the ancient To support the preservation To support the conservation paintings by Ralston Egyptian Tomb of of the fresco murals in Coit treatment of some 200 of Crawford, William Harnett, Nefermaat and Atet at Tower to be overseen by the the museum’s works on and William T. Richards. Medum, circa 2613-2589 paper. B.C.


Museum of Modern Art example of Buddhist for the museum’s St. Joseph College New York, NY $16,000 painting of Nepal, and an conservation laboratory. West Hartford, CT $1,700 To support the purchase of appliqued tanka of To support a conservation a low-pressure conservation Tsongkhapa. Philadelphia Museum of Art survey of the College Art table. Philadelphia, PA $12,000 Gallery’s permanent Newport Harbor Art To support the conservation collection. Museum of Modern Art Museum treatment of individual New York, NY $10,000 Newport Beach, CA $12,000 pieces of 18th- and 19th­ Saint Louis Art Museum To support a conservation To support the conservation century American furniture St. Louis, MO $18,000 analysis of works in the treatment of selected in the museum’s permanent To support the conservation museum’s Riklis/Lindner paintings by California collection, and restoration of works of Collection of the McCrory artists in the museum’s art from the museum’s Corporation. permanent collection. President & Feliows of ancient, Asian, and Islamic Harvard College collections. Museum of the American Northeast Document Cambridge, MA $65,000 Indian/Heye Foundation Conservation Center To support conservation Saint Louis Art Museum New York, NY $21,300 Andover, MA $7,700 training at the Harvard St. Louis, MO $11,100 To support the conservation To support the purchase of University Art Museum’s To support the purchase of treatment of a group of equipment fora new paper Center for Conservation and equipment for the museum’s early Native Ameñcan conservation laboratory Technical Studies. new textile conservation works on paper known as space specifically designed laboratory. "ledger art," in the for treatment of oversized Putnam Foundation museum’s permanent objects. San Diego, CA $4,700 Santa Barbara Museum of collection. To support the conservation Art Northeast Document treatment of the Timken Art Santa Barbara, CA $12,000 New-York Historical Society Conservation Center Gallery’s painting Madonna To support the conservation New York, NY $14,000 Andover, MA $19,300 and Child with St. treatment of Japanese To support the purchase of To support a one-year Elizabeth, the Infant St. woodblock prints, textiles a combination internship in paper John and St. Justine by and works on paper by Rico hot-table/suction table for conservation. Paolo Veronese (1528-88). Librian in the museum’s the society’s newly’ permanent collection. established painting Oakland Museum Regents of the University of conservation facility. Association Michigan Santa Barbara Museum of Oakland, CA $7,700 Ann Arbor, MI $20,000 Natural History New York University To support the conservation To support the evaluation Santa Barbara, CA $4,500 New York, NY $5,000 treatment of selected and treatment of a selection To support a conservation To support the 12th annual paintings by California of Asian paintings from the survey of a select group of Art Conservation Training artists Arthur and Lucia collection of the Museum of ethnographic works of art Programs Conference, Mathews. Art and the training of three within the museum’s which brings together apprentices in the diagnosis Anthropology Department students from the six Oklahoma Historical Society of conservation problems collection. professional training centers Oklahoma City, OK $1,400 peculiar to Asian paintings. in the U.S. and Canada to To support the conservation Smith College discuss results of research treatment of six examples of Renaissance Society of the Northampton, MA $5,500 carried out at each ledger art in the society’s University of Chicago To support the conservation institution, permanent collection. Chicago, IL $10,000 treatment of six Italian To support the purchase of paintings in the Museum of New Yor~ University Pennsylvania Academy of major equipment to meet Art’s permanent collection. New York, NY $95,000 the Fine Arts the conservation needs of To support the university’s Philadelphia, PA $11,000 the university library’s Solomon R. Guggenheim graduate training program To support the conservation collections of rare books Foundation in conservation at the treatment of selected works and manuscripts. New York, NY $18,800 Institute of Fine Arts from the Charles Bregler To support the purchase of Conservation Center. Collection of Thomas Research Foundation of a multi-purpose, Eakins materials. State University of New low-pressure conservation Newark Museum York table and accessories for the Association Philadelphia Museum of Art Albany, NY $95,000 treatment of paintings at the Newark, NJ $11,100 Philadelphia, PA $25,000 To support the SUNY at Guggenheim Museum. To support the conservation To support the purchase of Buffalo graduate training treatment of a mandala, ah x-ray diffraction equipment program in conservation.


Spertus Museum of Judaica Trustees of Princeton from the School of Fine Williamstown Regional Art Chicago, IL $5,000 University Art’s permancnt collection. Conservation Laboratory, To support a comprehensive Princeton, NJ $16,400 Inc. survey of art in the To support the purchase of University of Nebraska- Williamstown, MA $9,100 museum’s permanent equipment for the Art Lincoln To support the purchase of collection to determine Museum’s new conservation Lincoln, NE $10,000 spotlights, easels, anda specific conservation needs, studio. To support the conservation Hygrothermograph for treatment of selected works WRACL’s expanded work Storm King Art Center Trustees of Princeton on canvas and works on and storage areas. Mountainville, NY $21,500 University paper in the Sheldon To support the conservation Princeton, NJ $25,000 Memorial Art Gallery’s Williamstown Regional Art treatment of five To support the conservation permanent collection. Conservation Laboratory, monumental outdoor treatment of three works in Ine. sculptures by Alexander the museum’s collection of University of Notre Dame Williamstown, MA $14,000 , Robert Grosvenor, 20th-century outdoor du Lac To support a , and sculpture. Notre Dame, IN $6,000 master-apprenticeship in Alexander Liberman. To support the conservation furniture conservation. Trustees of the Berkshire treatment of selected Telfair Academy of Arts & Museum paintings in the Snite Worcester Art Museum Sciences, lnc. Pittsfield, MA $3,400 Museum’s permanent Worcester, MA $10,000 Savannah, GA $15,000 To support the conservation collection. To support a conservation To support the conservation of three paintings in the survey of the museum’s treatment of selected museum’s permanent University of Rochester collection of Japanese paintings from the collection: Albert Bierstadt’s Rochester, NY $7,700 prints, books containing academy’s permanent Connecticut River Valley To support the conservation prints, and oversized collection, and Giant Redwoods of treatment of selected objects. California and Ralph paintings in the Memorial Textile Conservation Blakelock’s Rocky Art Gallery’s permanent Workshop, Inc. Mountains. collection. South Salem, NY $17,000 COLLECTION To support a Trustees of the Corcoran University of Wisconsin- master-apprenticeship in Gallery of Art Madison MAINTENANCE textile conservation. Washington, DC $5,000 Madison, WI $18,000 To support a condition To support the conservation To help museums Toledo Museum of Art survey of approximately 350 treatment of Madonna and preserve collections works on paper by Toledo, OH $18,000 Child Enthroned with Saints primarily of artistic American artists from the and Angels, a painting by To support the conservation significance through treatment of The Crowning gallery’s permanent the 16th-century Italian collection, artist Defendente Ferrari in identifying and solving of Saint Catherine painted problems in the areas of by Peter Paul . the collection of the University of California- Elvehjem Museum of Art. climate control security Trustees of Amherst College Santa Barbara and storage. Washington, DC $12,000 Santa Barbara, CA $10,000 Wadsworth Atheneum To support the conservation To support a conservation Hartford, CT $18,700 35 GRANTS treatment of selected 18th­ survey of the museum’s To support the purchase of PROGRAM FUNDS: and 19th-century British and entire coIlection, a vacuum hot table anda $490,ó00 American paintings from the stereo zoom microscope for University of Delaware the Atheneum’s new Folger Library’s collection TREASURYFUNDS: of 180 Shakespearean Newark, DE $95,000 conservation laboratory. $600,000 themes. To support the graduate Art Conservation Program Western Pennsylvania Allentown Art Museum Trustees of Iowa College sponsored jointly by the Conservancy Allentown, PA $5,100 Grinnell, IA $16,300 University of Delaware and Mili Run, PA $20,600 the Winterthur Museum. To support the conservation To support a survey of To support the conservation existing museum space, with treatment of approximately treatment of the furniture University of Montana and cabinetwork designed a view toward renovation to 34 oil paintings and works provide new housing for the on paper from Grinnell Missoula, MT $6,000 by Frank Lloyd Wright for To support the conservation . textile and works on paper College’s permanent collections. collection, treatment of selected works


Art Institute of Chicago system hardware Montclair Art Museum Palm Springs Desert Chicago, IL $50,000 encompassing all public Montclair, NJ TF $20,000 Museum, Inc. To support conversion of a places and storage areas. To support the purchase and Palm Springs, CA $20,000 gallery formerly used for installation of a high-density To support the purchase of period rooms to study Fine Arts Museums storage unir designed for the a Spacesaver High Density storage. Foundation museum’s sub-basement Mobile Storage System for San Francisco, CA $25,000 atea, which will house the the museum’s permanent Art Institute of Chicago To support the museum’s collections of collection of paintings, Chicago, IL $5,000 implementation of Native American art and works on paper, To support engineer and earthquake-proofing artifacts, costumes, and photography, sculpture, and construction consultants’ procedures in the storage Chinese snuff bottles, textiles. services to plan the redesign facilities in the M. H. de and construction of a study Young Memorial Museum. Museum of Contemporary Research Foundation of center for architectural Art State University of New drawings within the Ward Fine Arts Museums Chicago, IL $15,000 York Gallery. Foundation To support the upgrading Albany, NY $25,000 San Francisco, CA $10,000 and renovation of the To support the purchase of Asian Art Museum To support a survey of the museum’s climate-control equipment to upgrade the Foundation of San climate-control needs of the system, art storage facilities for the Francisco galleries in the M. H. de Brainerd Art GaIlery’s San Francisco, CA $4,300 Young Memorial Museum. Museum of Fine Arts, paintings, works on paper, To support the purchase of Houston and sculpture at Potsdam dehumidifiers and Friends Foundation of Houston, TX $75,000 College. humidistats for the museum Memphis Museum TF $45,000 galleries housing the Avery of Art, Inc. To support renovation of Saint Louis Art Museum Brundage Collection of Memphis, TN TF $140,000 the museum’s basement art St. Louis, MO $15,000 archaeological metal art To support the renovation storage areas. TF $35,000 objects, and expansion of the To support the installation museum’s art storage Museum of the American of a Honeywell tire and Cincinnati Museum facilities within the 1915 and Indian/Heye Foundation security system in the Association 1955 structures, replacement New York, NY $6,200 museum’s West Wing. Cincinnati, OH $20,700 of the climate control To support the installation To support the installation systems and the addition of of a climate-control unir to Southern Vermont Artists, of closed-circuit television security, tire detection, provide a stable and Inc. security systems and the alarm and supression appropriate environment for Manchester, VT $5,000 purchase of a two-way systems, the storage of the museum’s To support the upgrading of portable radio system used photographic and film the storage area in the by museum guards. Internationai Folk Art materials. Southern Vermont Art Foundation Center, including purchase Columbia College Santa Fe, NM $20,400 Nelson Gallery Foundation and installation of sliding Chicago, IL $1,600 To support renovation of Kansas City, MO $28,600 racks and flat storage files. To support the installation the storage areas at the To support the upgrading of of a dehumidification Museum of International the Nelson-Atkins Museum Spertus Museum of Judaica system to control humidity Folk Art. of Art’s primary storage Chicago, IL $5,000 levels in the fireproof vault area with the purchase of To support a climate-control of the Museum of Mexican Museum specially designed survey of the museum’s Contemporary Photography. San Francisco, CA $15,000 equipment, galleries and storage areas. To support the upgrading of Columbus ChapeI-Boalsburg the museum’s storage Newport Harbor Art Textile Museum of D.C. Estate Society, Inc. facilities, including Museum Washington, DC $5,000 Boalsburg, PA $6,900 renovation and the purchase Newport Beach, CA $%000 To support.an examination To support a survey of the of equipment. To support the purchase and of the existing climate- climate control and security installation of equipment control system in ah effort at the museum of art and Milwaukee Public Museum designed to improve storage to balance temperature and history. Milwaukee, WI $19,000 conditions for the museum’s humidity levels. TF $15,000 permanent collection of Denver Art Museum, Inc. To support the purchase of post-World War II Denver, CO TF $25,000 storage equipment for the California art. To support the purchase and proposed mezzanine floors. installation of tire-control


Trustees of Princeton Walters Art Gailery the Freedman Art Gallery of Art Museum Association of University Baltimore, MD $47,500 the work of Peter Campus. America Princeton, NJ $16,000 To support enhanced San Francisco, CA $15,000 TF $53,000 storage, climate control, and Alternative Center for To support the organization To support the design and safety for the gallery’s lnternational Arts, Inc. and circulation of an installation of storage 800-volume manuscript New York, NY $10,000 exhibition of folding screens facilities for the Art collection. To support an exhibition of made by contemporary Museum’s permanent work by emerging, lesser- artists. collection of Far Eastern, Walters Art Gallery known contemporary artists Pre-Columbian, Classical, Baltimore, MD TF $190,000 ¯ from the Midwest. Aspen Center for the Visual Northwest Coast Indian, To support storage Arts and African works of art. renovation and the American Crafts Council Aspen, CO $20,000 installation of new climate- New York, NY $50,000 To support Trustees of the Berkshire control and security systems ~ To support an exhibition of "Sculpture/Aspen," an Museum in the gallery’s 1904 contemporary crafts by exhibition of contemporary Pittsfield, MA $8,800 building, acknowledged masters and ontdoor sculpture. To support a survey and to also by younger artists. complete final working Whitney Museum of Baltimore Museum of Art, drawings for the installation American Art American Federation of Inc. of the climate-control New York, NY $13,000 Arts Baltimore, MD $35,000 system for the museum’s art TF $27,000 New York, NY $20,000 To support an exhibition of galleries. To support the installation To support an exhibition of the work of contemporary of an integrated the photographic work of artist Scott Burton. University of Norte Dame computerized security Josef Albers. du Lac system incorporating fire Baltimore Museum of Art Notre Dame, IN $5,000 protection, climate control, American Federation of Baltimore, MD $20,000* To support the development and energy usage systems. Arts To provide timely additional of plans for upgrading New York, NY $37,000 support for an exhibition of climate control, security and To support an exhibition of the work of Bauhaus artist storage systems in a 35-year Italian 19th-century Oskar Schlemmer old wing of the Snite painting. (1888-1943). Museum of Art. SPECIAL EXHIBITIONS Arkansas Arts Center University of Wisconsin- Little Rock, AR $5,000 Annandale-on-Hudson, NY Madison To support the showing in $25,000 Madison, WI $50,000 To enable museums to Little Rock of an exhibition To support an exhibition at To support the upgrading of organize special of French drawings from the the Blum Art Institute of the Elvehjem Museum’s exhibitions of to borrow Musee Fabre, Montpelier, works by artists such as climate-control and security exhibitions organized by France, organized by the Rauschenberg, Albers, systems, other museums. Trust for Museum Noland, and de Kooning Exhibitions in Washington, produced while they were at UtahState University 232 GRANTS D.C. in Logan, UT $5,000 North Carolina at various PROGRAM FUNDS: periods between 1948 and To support the purchase and $6,262,691 Art Institute of Chicago installation of shelves for Chicago, IL $140,000 1953. storage of solander cases To support an exhibition of Albany Museum of Art, Bard College and metal map cases for Inc. Japanese Buddhist art from large matted works at the Albany, GA $5,000 the Todai-Ji monastery- Annandale-on-Hudson, NY Nota Eccles Harrison To support the showing in temple complex. $15,000 Museum. Albany of a retrospective To support an exhibition at Art Institute of Chicago the Blum Art Institute of exhibition of the work of paintings and drawings by Visual Studies Workshop, photographer Gordon Chicago, IL $14,000 Inc. Parks, organized by the To support the planning of contemporary artists who Rochester, NY $3,500 Ulrich Museum of Art at a comprehensive exhibition use classical of antique To support the purchase of Wichita State University. of Paul Gauguin’s work motifs or academic/ equipment for storage of the including sculpture, historical styles in print collection. AIbright College ceramics, drawings, prints, their work. Reading, PA $12,700 and manuscripts. To support ah exhibition at


Baruch College Fund production of a catalogue to Bucknell University Center for Expioratory and New York, NY $4,300 accompany an exhibition Lewisburg, PA $15,000 Perceptual Arts, Inc. To support an exhibition at entitled "Latin American To support a retrospective Buffalo, NY $8,500 the Baruch College Art Presence in the United exhibition at the Center To support an exhibition of Gallery of the City States, 1920-1970," as well Gallery of the work of work by four contemporary University of New York of as travel costs related to American social-realist photographers--Jim Stone, the work of women future exhibitions, painter Philip Evergood. Mary Jessie Garza, Willy surrealist artists. Middlebrook, Jeff Thomas-­ Brooklyn Institute of Arts Buffalo Fine Arts Academy commissioned to do Beaver College and Sciences Buffalo, NY $48,000 photographic "portraits" of Glenside, PA $6,500 Brooklyn, NY $25,000 To support an exhibition of Buffalo. To support two one-person To support the museum’s recent American sculpture at exhibitions at the Art 24th National Print the Albright-Knox Art Center for Inter-American Gallery of works by Exhibition. "Gallery. Relations, Inc. contemporary artists Mark New York, NY $10,000" Tansey (paintings) and Brooklyn Institute of Arts California International Arts To support an exhibition of Charles Simmonds (clay and Sciences Foundation works by the Uruguayan sculpture). Brooklyn, NY $10,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 artist Pedro Figari To support the planning of To support an exhibition of (1861-1938). Boise Gallery of Art an exhibition of gowns, the surrealist photography Association accessories and other designs of Lee Miller. Chicago Itistorical Society Boise, ID $10,000 by couturiers Charles Chicago, IL $50,000 To support an exhibition of Frederick Worth, Emile California State University To support an exhibition of work by contemporary Pingat, and Jacques Doucet. Fullerton Foundation, Inc. the works of architect Louis figurative artists whose work Fullerton, CA $20,000 Henry Sullivan (1856-1924), uses allegorical, mythical, Brooklyn Institute of Arts To support an exhibition of which is being jointly and metaphorical imagery, and Sciences cast glass organized with the Saint Brooklyn, NY $100,000 sculpture/installation work Louis Art Museum. Bronx Museum of the Arts, To support an exhibition of by American and European Inc. the work of Gustave contemporary artists in the Chicago Office of Fine Arts Bronx, NY $15,000 Courbet (1819-1877). CSUF Art Gallery/Visual Chicago, IL $20,000 To support a survey Arts Center. To support an exhibition of exhibition of work by Brooklyn Institute of Arts the work of contemporary contemporary artists who and Sciences California State University sculptor . ate members of the Brooklyn, NY $22,800 Long Beach Foundation American Abstract Artists To support a monumental, Long Beach, CA $25,000 China Institute in America, Association. site-specific installation To support an exhibition of Inc. work by contemporary artist kinetic sculpture at the New York, NY $10,000 Bronx Museum of the Arts, Alexis Smith in the University Art Museum. To support the showing in Inc. museum’s Grand Lobby. New York of "Puppetry of Bronx, NY $20,000 California State University China," an exhibition To support "Curators Brooklyn Institute of Arts Long Beach Foundation organized by the Center for Choice III," the third in a and Sciences Long Beach, CA $25,000 Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. series of annual exhibitions Brooklyn, NY $15,000 To support "Centric," an devoted to the work of To support the planning of ongoing series of small-scale Chinese Culture Foundation younger artists, a comprehensive exhibition exhibitions of contemporary of San Francisco of the work of Albert art at the University Art San Francisco, CA $30,000 Bronx Museum of the Arts, Bierstadt. Museum. To support an exhibition of Inc. art from the Sichuan Bronx, NY $25,000 Brown University Center for Contemporary Province (southwest China) To support an exhibition of Providence, RI $20,000 Arts of Santa Fe, Inc. that has survived from the works by artists To support an exhibition at Santa Fe, NM $5,000 tombs of the Han Dynasty experimenting with the Bell Gallery examining To support the showing in (206 B.C. - A.D. 220). computers asa means to the varying attitudes toward Santa Fe of an exhibition find and create new images, pagan mythological themes centering on ’s Cincinnati Museum in both eastern and western Roden Crater Project, Association Bronx Museum of the Arts, . organized by the Art Cincinnati, OH $50,000 Inc. Museum at the University of To support an exhibition of Bronx, NY $21,400" Arizona, Tucson. the work of artist Frank To support the timely Duveneck (1848-1919).


City of Los Angeles Contemporary Arts Center De Cordova and Dana Israeli artists whose work Los Angeles, CA $15,000" Cincinnati, OH $20,000 Museum and Park has not been shown in the To support the showing at To support an exhibition of Lincoln, MA $25,000 United States. the Los Angeles Municipal work by contemporary To support an exhibition of Art Gallery of "The Other environmental artist Gary expressionist work produced Exit Art, Inc. Gods" Containers of Rieveschl. by artists in Boston from New York, NY $5,000 Belief," an exhibition the immediate post-war To support an exhibition organized by Fondo del Sol Cornell University years to the present, documenting five year-long Visual Arts and Media Ithaca, NY $38,000 projects undertaken since Center in Washington, D.C. To support a retrospective Denver Art Museum, lnc. 1976 by performance artist exhibition at the Johnson Denver, CO $58,000 . Committee for the Visual Museum of Art of the work To support a retrospective Arts, Inc. of contemporary artist Joan exhibition of the work of Federal Council on the Arts New York, NY $15,000 Mitchell. Lucas Samaras. and Humanities To support an exhibition at Washington, DC $5,861 Artists Space of the work of Cornell University Drawing Center, Inc. For the costs associated with younger and emerging Ithaca, NY $20,000 New York, NY $35,000 the administration of the European artists whose To support an exhibition at To support an exhibition of Arts and Artifacts work has not been shown in the Johnson Museum of Art British, Dutch, and Flemish Indemnity Program. New York. of the work of 19th-century master landscape drawings landscape painter David from the Courtauld Institute Fine Arts Museums Committee for the Visual Johnson. Galleries in London. Foundation Arts, Inc. San Francisco, CA $18,000 New York, NY $15,000 Corning Museum of Glass Drawing Center, Inc. To support the planning of To support an exhibition at Corning, NY $75,000 New York, NY $10,000 an exhibition of artwork Artists Space of work by To support an exhibition of To support "Selections," a produced by the young emerging artists who ancient Roman glass, series of exhibitions of Teotihuacan culture. contemporary works on are working in various Fine Arts Museums forms of abstraction. Craft and Folk Art Museum papel Foundation Incorporating the Egg and San Francisco, CA $20,000 Contemporary Arts the Eye Drawing Center, Inc. To support an exhibition of Association of Houston Los Angeles, CA $10,000 New York, NY $30,000 the Civil War paintings of Houston, TX $45,000 To support the showing in To support an exhibition of Winslow . To support an exhibition of Los Angeles of the French drawings, dating from the 14th through the the work of contemporary exhibition "Alvar Aalto: Florida International artist . Furniture and Glass," 19th centuries, from the ’ organized by the Museum of collections of the National University Miami, FL $10,000 Contemporary Arts Modern Art, New York. Museum, Stockholm. To support the showing at Association of Houston the University Art Museum Houston, TX $30,000 Currier Gallery of Art 80 Langton St. of "Post-War Paintings To support an exhibition of Manchester, NH $15,000 San Francisco, CA $10,000 from the Rose Art Museum, the work of contemporary To support a retrospective To support an exhibition of Brandeis University," an Texas painter Melissa exhibition of the work of specially commissioned exhibition organized by the Miller. artist Jane Freilicher. videotapes by contemporary video artists, designed Rose Art Museum. Contemporary Arts Currier Gallery of Art specifically for viewing on mini-TVs. Fort Wayne Museum of Association of Houston Manchester, NH $12,000 Art, Inc. Houston, TX $30,000 To support an exhibition of Ft. Wayne, IN $15,000 To support "Perspectives," the work of Marguerite and Everson Museum of Art of To support an exhihition of an ongoing series of small- William Zorach. Syracuse and Onondaga County contemporary American scale exhibitions of Indian art. contemporary art. Dayton Art Institute Syracuse, NY $25,000 Dayton, OH $35,000 To support an exhibition of Founders Society Detroit Contemporary Arts Center To support an exhibition of computer assisted works of art. Institute of Arts Cincinnati, OH $10,000 Indian art from the Pala Detroit, MI $50,000 To support ah exhibition of Dynasty period (8th through To support an exhibition of recent work by 12th century). Exit Art, Inc. Muromachi period contemporary artists Jenny New York, NY $11,000 (1338-1573) ink paintings Holzer and . To support an exhibition of work by contemporary from Japanese collections.


Franklin Furnace Archive, Installation Gallery Institute of Contemporary International Center of Inc. San Diego, CA $5,000 Art Photography New York, NY $10,000 To support ah exhibition of Boston, MA $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 To support ah exhibition of the work of contemporary To support "Issues," ah To support an exhibition the work of Kenneth Dewey. artist Glen Rubsamen. ongoing series of small-scale entitled "Portrayals" exhibitions of contemporary consisting of work by Franklin Furnace Archive, Institute for Art and Urban art. contemporary photographers Inc. Resources, Inc. who challenge the idea of New York, NY $15,000 Long Island City, NY Institute of Contemporary conventional portraiture. To support ah exhibition on $20,000 Art the avant-garde book. To support an exhibition at Boston, MA $40,000 International Exhibitions P.S. 1 of works by To support an exhibition Foundation Friends of Puerto Rico, Inc. contemporary artists who that will examine the effects Washington, DC $30,000 New York, NY $10,000 specifically acknowledge of media (TV/film/print To support an exhibition of To support the fourth Latin diverse inspirational or advertising) on drawings from the American Graphic Art spiritual sources for their contemporary sculpture in collections of the National Biennial at the Museum of work. the t980s. Gallery of Scotland. Contemporary Hispanic Art. Institute for Art and Urban Institute of Contemporary International Exhibitions Grand Rapids Art Museum Resources, Inc. Art Foundation Grand Rapids, MI $15,000 Long Island City, NY Boston, MA $20,000 Washington, DC $17,000 To support an exhibition of $25,000 To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition at the work of approximately 19th-century French handcrafted furniture P.S. 1 of the work of ten artists whose new drawings from the produced in Grand Rapids contemporary artist Michael abstract work has arisen out Boymans-van Beuningen between 1890 and 1920. Tracy. of and in response to a Museum in Rotterdam. period dominated by Greenville County Museum Institute for Art and Urban figurative painting. International Museum of of Art Resources, Inc. Photography at George Greenville, SC $20,000 Long Island City, NY International Arts Relations, Eastman House To support "Here and $30,000 Inc. Rochester, NY $20,000 Now," an ongoing series of To support ah exhibition of New York, NY $20,000 To support an exhibition small-scale exhibitions of site-specific works by artists To support a five-part, surveying the development contemporary art. who participated in P. S. l’s multi-media exhibition of of photojournalism in inaugural "Rooms" Mexican-American art. America. Hallwalls, Inc. exhibition ten years ago. Buffalo, NY $10,000 International Center of John & Mable Ringling To support the Visiting Institute for Art and Urban Photography Museum of Art Foundation Curators Program which Resources, Inc. New York, NY $25,000 Sarasota, FL $50,000 each year allows two Long Island City, NY To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition on younger curators the $10,000 photographs by 19th-century the technique and craft of opportunity to organize To support ah exhibition at American , painter, ormolu (gilt bronze) in exhibitions which explore The Clocktower of the photographer, and journalist France from 1680 to 1820. critical issues in minimalist work of William J. Stillman. contemporary art. California artist John Kimbell Art Foundation McCracken. International Center of Fort Worth, TX $100,000 Hudson River Museum al Photography To support ah exhibition of Yonkers, Inc. Institute for Art and Urban New York, NY $15,000 Mayan art. Yonkers, NY $7,630 Resources, Inc. To support a retrospective To support the planning of Long Island City, NY exhibition of the work of La Jolla Museum of an exhibition of drawings by $90,000 photographer Ralph Steiner. Contemporary Art contemporary artist Al To support ah exhibition La Jolla, CA $20,000 Held. organized by P.S. 1 of International Center of To support works by Photography "Exhibition/Parameters," Indianapolis Museum of Art presented by the American New York, NY $30,000 ah ongoing series of Indianapolis, IN $50,000 Pavilion at the 1986 Venice To support "New contemporary site-specific To support ah exhibition of Biennale. Directions," an ongoing (interior and exterior) Latín American art dating series of small-scale installations by from World War II to the exhibitions of contemporary contemporary artists at the present, photography, museum.


La Jolla Museum of Museo de Arte de Ponce of Metropolitan Museum of works by Philadelphia artist Contemporary Art graphic art from Puerto Art Tom Chimes. La Jolla, CA $20,000 Rico. New York, NY $125,000 To support a retrospective To support an exhibition of Moore College of of work of Luis A. Ferre Foundation, Gothic and Philadelphia, PA $13,400 contemporary artist Jene Inc. from Nuremberg. To support an exhibition at Highstein. San Juan, PR $10,000 Goldie Paley Gallery of To support ah exhibition at Metropolitan Museum of contemporary advertising La Jolla Museum of Museo de Arte de Ponce of Art photography. Contemporary Art work by five major Puerto New York, NY $70,000 La Jolla, CA $25,000 Rican artists. To support ah exhibition of Museum Associates To support an exhibition of , Los Angeles, CA $75,000 sculptures, videotapes and Luis A. Ferre Foundation, painting. To support ah historical documents of past Inc. survey exhibition at the Los performances by San Juan, PR $50,000 Mexican Museum Angeles County Museum of contemporary artist Viro To support ah exhibition at San Francisco, CA $17,100 Art of abstract painting Acconci. Museo de Arte de Ponce of To support a survey from 1890 to the present. the work of Puerto Rican exhibition of work by Bay Light Work Visual Studies, artist Jose Campeche. Atea artist Carmen Lomas Museum Associates lnc. Garza. Los Angeles, CA $50,000 Syracuse, NY $4,900 Madison Art Center, Inc. To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition of Madison, WI $10,000 Mid-America Arts Alliance film costume design at the photographs, photo-collages To support the showing in Kansas City, MO $10,000 Los Angeles County and montages, drawings, Madison of "Farm ’ To support the organization Museum of Art. lithographs, and book-works Families," an exhibition of and touring of visual arts by contemporary artist John photographs by Archie exhibitions to small and Museum of Contem0orary Wood. Lieberman, Rhondal medium-sized museums and Art McKinney, and Tom Arndt, exhibitions spaces Chicago, IL $75,000 Lill Street Gallery organized by the Art throughout the Alliance To support an exhibition of Chicago, IL $11,000 Institute of Chicago. member states by the Visual British sculpture spanning To support ah exhibition of Arts Touring Program. the years from 1968 to 1986. contemporary American Marquette University ceramic sculpture. Milwaukee, WI $30,000 Minneapolis Society of Fine Museum of Contemoorary To support ah exhibition at Arts Art Long Island University the Haggerty Museum of Minneapolis, MN $11,000 Chicago, IL $15,000 Greenvale, NY $8,600 Art of Jesuit art from North To support the Minnesota To support an exhibition of To support ah exhibition at American collections. Artists Exhibition Program the work of contemporary Hillwood Art Gallery of at the Minneapolis Institute artist Donald Sultan. works by Walter Murch. Maryland Institute of Arts. Museum of Contemporary Baltimore, MD $25,000 Minnesota Museum of Art Los Angeles Contemporary To support ah exhibition of Art Exhibitions, lnc. work by contemporary St. Paul, MN ’ $30,000 Chicago, IL $20,000 To support ah exhibition of Los Angeles, CA $15,000 artists who use fiber as their To support "Options," an To support an exhibition medium, traditional ceremonial art ongoing series of small-scale examining surveillance from the Sepik River and exhibitions of contemporary techniques as the subject of Massachusetts Institute of Asmat regions of New art. artists’ work. Technology Guinea. Cambridge, MA $20,000 Moore College of Art Museum Art of Contemporary Luis A. Ferre Foundation, To support an exhibition Inc. Philadelphia, PA $15,000 Chicago, IL $30,000 organized by the Committee To support an exhibition of San Juan, PR $40,000 on the Visual Arts of works To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition at the poster and related work the work of contemporary by artists whose painting by teachers and students at Museo de Arte de Ponce of and sculpture, though French artist Christian contemporary Latín the Basel School of Design, Boltanski, organized in abstract, incorporates Switzerland. American ceramics, images of forms and forces conjunction with the New in the natural world. Museum of Contemporary Luis A, Ferre Foundation, Moore College of Art Art in New York. Inc. Philadelphia, PA $8,500 San Juan, PR $20,000 To support ah exhibition at To support ah exhibition at Goldie Paley Gallery of


Museum of Contemporary Museum of Modern Art New York Public Library Pasadena Gallery of , Art New York, NY $75,000 Astor, Lenox and Tilden Contemporary Arts Los Angeles, CA $75,000 To support ah ×hibition of Foundations Pasadena, CA $28,000 To support a year-long the arts produced in Vienna New York, NY $15,000 To support "The Pasadena exhibition entitled at the turn of the century. To support an exhibition of Exhibition," consisting of "Individuals: A Selected the work of papermaker works by contemporary History of Contemporary Museum of New Mexico Douglas Morse Howell. artists that document, Art, 1945-1966." Foundation interpret, and/or respond to Santa Fe, NM $20,0~0 Newport Itarbor Art the Pasadena community. Museum of Fine Arts To support "New Mexico Museum Boston, MA $50,000 Photographic: 20th Century Newport Beach, CA $40,000 Pennsylvania Academy of To support an exhibition of Contributions," a series of To support an exhibition of the Fine Arts Boston painting dating from historical and contemporary drawings illustrating the Philadelphia, PA $38,000 1870 through 1930. photography exhibitions, transition of American To support a retrospective Surrealism into Abstract exhibition of the work of Museum of Fine Arts Museum of Photographic . Jack Tworkov. Boston, MA $75,000 Arts To support an exhibition of San Diego, CA $7,500 Newport Harbor Art Pennsylvania State 17th-century Dutch To support an exhibition of Museum University Main Campus landscape painting organized the work of photographer Newport Beach, CA $25,000 University Park, PA $2í,000 in collaboration with the Roy DeCarava. To support the 1986 To support an exhibition of Rijksmuseum in Newport Biennial exhibition, watercolors and mixed . New Museum media works by German New York, NY $30,000 Oakland Museum Expressionist painter Emil Museum of Fine Arts To support ah exhibition of Association Nolde. Boston, MA $50,000 work by contemporary Oakland, CA $15,000 To support an exhibition of artists who alter their daily To support an exhibition of Philadelphia College of Art paintings, drawings, and lives as a way of making the work of contemporary PhiladelPhia, PA $10,000 photographs by American art. sculptor Italo Scanga. To support an exhibition on artist Charles Sheeler. processes in graphic design New Museum Oakland Museum education pioneered by the Museum of Fine Arts, New York, NY $38,000 Association Basel School of Design, Houston To support an exhibition of Oakland, CA $5,000 Switzerland. Houston, TX $55,000 new European conceptual To support the planning of To support a retrospective art. an exhibition on the Arts Philadeiphia College of exhibition of the and Crafts Movement in Textiles and Science photographs and films of New Museum California (1880-1930). Philadelphia, PA $15,000 Robert Frank. New York, NY $38,000 To support an exhibition at To support an exhibition of Oregon Arts Commission the Goldie Paley Design Museum of Modern Art the work of contemporary Salem, OR $10,000 Center documenting the New York, NY $50,000 artist Hans Haacke. To support the organization Bauhaus Weaving To support an exhibition of and touring of several small Workshop and its influence work by contemporary artist New Museum visual arts exhibitions on modern American textile Richard Serra. New York, NY $15,000 produced by Visual Arts design. To support an exhibition of Resources, University of Museum of Modern Art the work of contemporary Oregon Museum of Art. Philadeiphia Maritime New York, NY $75,000 Swiss artist Markus Raetz. Museum To support a comprehensive Paine Art Center and Philadelphia, PA $15,000 exhibition of the work of New-York Historicai Society Arboretum To support an exhibition that will include New York, NY $10,000 Oshkosh, WI $13,800 that explores the mermaid as works in all media and from To support the showing in To support ah exhibition of an artistic motif in the all periods of the artist’s New York of "Niagara: the work of American decorative, fine, and folk career. Two Centuries of Changing Impressionist painter arts. Attitudes, 1697-1900," an Theodore Robinson. Museum of Modern Art exhibition organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art New York, NY $80,000 Corcoran Gallery of Art, Parrish Art Museum, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $70,000 To support "Projects," a Washington, DC. Southampton, NY $25,000 To support ah exhibition of series of small, frequently To support an exhibition of from Munich changing exhibitions of the oil paintings of (1885 to 1905). contemporary art. American artist John Marin.


Phillips Collection Herron Gallery by Santa Barbara Museum of artist Jenny Holzer by the Washington, DC $50,000 contemporary Chilean artist Art University of California’s To support an exhibition of Alfredo Jaar. Santa Barbara, CA $20,000 Stuart Collection. the work of artist John To support an exhibition of Graham (1887-1961). Rapid City Fine Arts works by contemporary Studio Museum in Harlem, Council, Inc. artists working with Inc. Pierpont Morgan Library Rapid City, SD $6,700 computer technology. New York, NY $15,000 New York, NY $47,000 To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition of To support an exhibition of the work of contemporary Santa Barbara Museum of the work of contemporary 16th-century Netherlandish artist Carol Hepper at the Art artist Howardena Pindell. drawings. Dahl Fine Arts Center. Santa Barbara, CA $55,000 To support an exhibition Studio Museum in Harlem, Portland Art Association Renaissance Society at the surveying the avant-garde Inc. Portland, OR $35,000 University of Chicago movement in Hungary. New York, NY $20,000 To support an exhibition of Chicago, IL $10,000 To support an exhibition of work by Milton Avery, To support an exhibition of Seattle Art Museum the work of photojournalists Mark Rothko, and Adolph work by artists who ate Seattle, WA $40,000 Moneta Sleet, Peter Gottlieb from the 1920s and graduates of the California To support a retrospective Magubane, Robert ’30s. Institute of the Arts. exhibition of the work of Sengstacke, and Ozier artist Jacob Lawrence. Muhammad. Portland Art Association Renaissance Society at the Portland, OR $20,000 University of Chicago Seattle Art Museum Temple University To support "Perspectives," Chicago, IL $12,000 Seattle, WA $35,000 Philadelphia, PA $15,000 an ongoing series of small- To support an exhibition of To support ah exhibition of To support an exhibition at scale exhibitions of the work of contemporary Yuan and Ming dynasty the Temple Gallery of the contemporary art at the British artist Victor Burgin. ceramics from the Idemitsu work of Phillips Simkin. Portland Art Museum. Museum of Arts, Japan. Saint Louis Art Museum Texas Tech University Portland Center for the St. Louis, MO $20,000 Seattle Art Museum Lubbock, TX $15,000 Visual Arts To support "Currents," ah Seattle, WA $15,000 To support an exhibition at Portland, OR $9,000 ongoing series of small-scale To support "Documents the University Museum of To support two consecutive exhibitions of contemporary Northwest," ah ongoing work of contemporary solo exhibitions of work by art. series of small-scale artists based on their English artist Bill Woodrow exhibitions of work by interpretations of west Texas and Oklahoma-based Saint Louis Art Museum contemporary Northwest music. sculptor Ken Little. St. Louis, MO $50,000 artists. To support an exhibition of Trustees of Mount Holyoke President & Fellows of the art of the Jonkonnu, Solomon R. Guggenheim College Harvard College. Carnival, and Husein Foundation South Hadley, MA $65,000 Cambridge, MA $15,000 Caribbean festivals. New York, NY $50,000 To support an exhibition at To support ah exhibition at To support an exhibition of the Art Museum of the the Sackler Museum of new San Francisco Camerawork, the work of contemporary work of Berthe Morisot. American photography by Inc. British artist Richard Long younger artists. San Francisco, CA $7,600 at the Solomon R. Trustees of Princeton To support ah exhibition Guggenheim Museum. University President & Fellows of series of contemporary slide Princeton, NJ $50,000 Harvard College projection works. Spirit Square Arts Center, To support an exhibition at Cambridge, MA $50,000 Inc. the Art Museum of 18th­ To support an. exhibition at San Francisco Museum of Charlotte, NC $15,000 century Central European the Busch-Reisinger Museum Art To support an exhibition at drawings from American of the work of Russian San Francisco, CA $45,000 the Knight Gallery of the collections. avant-garde painter, To ~upport the "Biennial work of contemporary artist photographer, typographer, IV" exhibition. Judy Pfaff. Trustees of the Corcoran and architect El Lissitzky. Gallery of Art San Jose Museum of Art Stuart Foundation Washington, DC $30,000 Purdue University at Association La Jolla, CA $20,000 To support "Spectrum," an Indianal~olis San Jose, CA $7,500 To support a ongoing series of small-scale Indianapolis, IN $11,500 To support an exhibition of campus/community-wide exhibitions of contemporary To support a site-specific the work of painter Robert multimedia installation of art. installation piece at the Colescott. the work of contemporary


Trustees of the Corcoran ongoing series of small-scale contemporary artist Barbara University of Texas at Gallery of Art exhibitions of contemporary Kruger. Austin Washington, DC $35,000 art at the University Art Austin, TX $10,000 To support a retrospective Museum during 1986-87. University of Iowa To support an exhibition of exhibition of the work of Iowa City, IA $30,000 the pre-Raphaelite Oscar Bluemner. University of California-Los To support an exhibition of collections of the Delaware Angeles the drawings of Joseph Art Museum at the Trustees of the Corcoran Los Angeles, CA $40,000 Stella. Huntington Art Gallery. Gallery of Art To support an exhibition of Washington, DC $45,000 California assemblage dating University of Iowa University of Texas at To support the Corcoran’s from 1945 at the Frederick Iowa City, IA $30,000 Austin 40th biennial exhibition of S. Wight Art Gallery. To support an exhibition at Austin, TX $4,000 contemporary American the Museum of Art of the To support travel to visit painting. University of California-San art of the Mesquakie, a museums and museum Diego group of Native Americans directors in Argentina, Trustees of the University of La Jolla, CA $12,000 living in central Iowa. Uruguay, Brazil, Colombia, Pennsylvania To support an exhibition at Venezuela, and Ecuador. Philadelphia, PA $30,000 the Mandeville Art Gallery University of Kansas Main To support of film and vídeo Campus Virginia Commonwealth "Investigations," an installation works by Lawrence, KS $30,000 University ongoing series of small-scale contemporary artists. To support an exhibition at Richmond, VA $25,000 exhibitions of contemporary the Spencer Museum of Art To support an exhibition at art at the Institute of University of California- of works by Japanese the Anderson Gallery of the Contemporary Art. Santa Barbara women artists from the 17th work of contemporary artist Santa Barbara, CA $15,000 through the 19th centuries. Sue Coe. University of Akron Main To support an exhibition of Campus the work of contemporary University of Massachusetts Visual Arts Center of Akron, OH $15,000 artist Terry Winters. Amherst Campus Alaska To support ah exhibition of Amherst, MA $15,000 Anchorage, AK $7,800 film installation projects by University of California- To support ah installation in To support an exhibition of contemporary artists Paul Santa Barbara the University Gallery by the work of contemporary Sharits, James Carpenter, Santa Barbara, CA $20,000 contemporary artist Peter artists Nancy Holt and Anthony McCall, and Bill To support ah exhibition at Shelton. Michelle Stuart. Lundberg at the Emily the University Art Museum Davis Gallery. based on Anthony Van University of North Dakota Visual Studies Workshop, Dyck’s Iconographie. Main Campus Inc. University of California- Grand Forks, ND $7,500 Rochester, NY $8,000 Berkeley University of Illinois To support ah exhibition of To support ah exhibition of Berkeley, CA $20,000 Urbana-Champaign the sculpture and contemporary Japanese To support Champaign, IL $10,000 installation work of photography. "Matrix/Berkeley," an To support an exhibition of contemporary artist Mark ongoing series of small-scale clay sculpture created by Lere. Wadsworth Atheneum exhibitions of contemporary Cornwall and Wallace Hartford, CT $30,000 art at the University Art Kirkpatrick. University of North Dakota To support "Matrix," an Museum in 1985-86. Main Campus ongoing series of small-scale University of IIlinois Grand Forks, ND $25,000 exhibitions of contemporary University of California- Urbana-Champaign To support a retrospective art. Berkeley Champaign, IL $9,000 exhibition of the work of Berkeley, CA $50,000 To support an exhibition at Expressionist painter Peter Wadsworth Atheneum To support ah exhibition Gallery 400 of works by Dean, dating from 1970 to Hartford, CT $10,000 entitled "Made in U.S.A.: contemporary artists whose the present. To support the showing in Art from the ’50s and ’ó0s" work features the elements Hartford of "Hidden at the University Art of "history painting." University of Texas at Heritage: Afro-American Museum. Austin Art, 1800-1950," an University of IIlinois Austin, TX $30,000 exhibition organized by the University of California- Urbana-Champaign To support ah exhibition at Bellevue Art Museum, Berkeley Champaign, IL $10,000 the Huntington Art Gallery Washington. Berkeley, CA $33,000 To support ah exhibition at of work by Latin American To support the Krannert Art Museum artists living in New York "Matrix/Berkeley," ah of the work of since 1970.


Walker Art Center, Inc. Western Washington work by four contemporary SPECIAL Minneapolis, MN $75,000 University Latino artists now living in To support an exhibition of Bellingham, WA $30,000 the United States: Paul PROJECTS recent American sculpture. To support ah exhibition of Sierra, Amelia Mesa-Bain, site-specific sculpture by Luis Serrano, and Alejandro To support a limited Walker Art Center, Inc. contemporary artists on the Romero. number of innovative Minneapolis, MN $20,000 grounds of the campus, projects that will have a To support "Viewpoints," Williams College broad impact on the ah ongoing series of small- Whitney Museum of Williamstown, MA $15,000 scale exhibitions of American Art To support an exhibition of museum field as a whole. contemporary art. New York, NY $50,000 contemporary small-scale To support an exhibition of sculpture by American 3 GRANTS Washington Project for the sculptural video installation artists. PROGRAM FUNDS: Arts, Inc. work from the past 20 $45,300 Washington, DC $13,300 years. Yellowstone Art Center To support an exhibition of Foundation Gallery Association of New work by contemporary artist Whitney Museum of Billings, MT $6,800 York State, Inc. Cynthia Carlson. American Art To support the showing in Hamilton, NY $13,150 New York, NY $50,000 Billings of "Thomas Hart To support the production Wave Hill, Inc. To support a retrospective Benton: An Intimate View," of an instructional Bronx, NY $15,000" exhibition of work by an exhibition organized by videotape, Basic Art To support planning for and American sculptor John the Nelson-Atkins Museum Handling. exhibition of "Perceiving Storrs. of Art in Kansas City, the Garden: Robert Irwin at Missouri. Interagency Wave Hill, " for summer Whitney Museum of Washington, DC $2,500 1987. American Art Yellowstone Art Center For an interagen¢y New York, NY $45,000 Foundation agreemcnt between the Western States Arts To support the 1987 Billirígs, MT $4,200 National Endowment for the Foundation Biennial exhibition of To support two site-specific Arts and the Institute of Santa Fe, NM $30,000 contemporary American art. sculptural installation Museum Services to support To support the third projects by contemporary a study, eharged to the Western States Exhibition, Whittier College artists Fernanda D’Agostino Federal Council on the Arts including work by Whittier, CA $4,300 and Dean 3ohnson. and Humanities by contemporary artists To support an exhibition at Congress, to collect data on throughout the western the Mendenhall Gallery of all federal support for region, museums. Toledo Museum of Art Toledo, OH $29,650 To support the Toledo Museum of Art in efforts to involve underrepresented populations in the museum.





Colorado Philharmonic Marlboro School of Music, Orchestral Associa,ion MUSIC Orchestra, Inc. Inc. Chicago, IL $17,000 GRANTS ~vergreen, CO $6,000 Philadelphia, PA $29,000 To support the scholarship To support the program of To support the program of aid program of the Civic scholarship aid. scholarship aid. Orchestra of Chicago. 837 GRANTS PROGRAM FUNDS: Cornish Institute Music Academy of the West Peabody Institute of Johns $11,643,120 Seattle, WA $5,000 Santa Barbara, CA $11,000 Hopkins University To support the program of To support the program of Baltimore, MD $12,000 scholarship aid. scholarship aid. TF $10,000 TREASURY FUNDS: To support the program of $2,980,000 Eastern Music Festival, Inc. Music Associates of Aspen, scholarship aid. Greensboro, NC $4,000 Inc. To support the program of Aspen, CO $19,000 Philharmonic-Symphony MUSIC scholarship aid. TF $20,000 Society of New York, lnc. To support the training New York, NY $32,000 PROFESSIONAL Harlem School of the Arts, components of the Aspen To support the Music ~nc. Festival Orchestra and the Assistance Fund TRAINING New York, NY $7,500 Aspen Chamber Symphony, Scholarships and the To support the program of the Training Program for Orchestral Fellowship To foster the career scholarship aid for post- Young Conductors, and the program. development of secondary students enrolled Opera Training Program. committed, talented in the Master Voice Class. Pierre Monteux Memorial musicians through New England Conservatory Foundation of Music Hancock, ME $10,000 support of their training To support the program of and education as artists. New York, NY $32,000 Boston, MA $22,000 To support the program of To support the program of scholarship aid at the Pierre Grants are awarded to scholarship aid. scholarship aid anda course Monteux School. post-secondary programs entitled "The Business of that provide outstanding Kent State University Main Music." Quartet Program, Inc. advanced training for Campus Rochester, NY $5,400 professional careers in Kent, OH $8,100 New School for Social To support the program of music. To support the program of Research scholarship aid. scholarship aid at the New York, NY $9,000 38 GRANTS Blossom Festival School. To support the program of Research Foundation of the PROGRAM FUNDS: scholarship aid for students City University of New participating in the New York $386,000 Kneisel Hall Blue Hill, ME $3,000 York String Orchestra New York, NY $3,000 To support the program of Seminar. To support the program of TREASUR Y FUNDS: scholarship aid. scholarship aid at the $100,000 Northern Illinois University Conservatory of Music, Los Angeles Philharmonic DeKalb, IL $4,000 Brooklyn College. Boston Symphony Orcñestra Association To support the program of Boston, MA TF $60,000 Los Angeles, CA $14,000 scholarship aid for the Research Foundation of the To support the fellowship To support the Los Angeles Department of Music. City University of New program at Tanglewood Philharmonic Institute. York Music Center. Oakland Symphony Flushing, NY $3,000 Manhattan School of Music Orchestra Association To support the program of Bowdoin Coilege New York, NY $20,000 Oakland, CA $6,000 scholarship aid at the Aaron Brunswick, ME $4,000 To support the program of To support the Minority School of Mnsic. To support the program of scholarship aid. Orchestral Fellowship scholarship aid at the Program. St. Louis Conservatory & Bowdoin Summer Music Mannes College of Music Schoois for the Arts School. New York, NY $20,000 Oberlin College St. Louis, MO $4,500 To support the program of Oberlin, OH $10,000 To support the program of Cieveland Institute of Music scholarship aid. To support the program of scholarship aid. Cleveland, OH $6,000 scholarship aid for the TF $10,000 Conservatory of Music. To support the program of scholarship aid.


San Francisco Conservatory Ekizian, Michelle L. Lee, Thomas of Music, Inc. Mamaroneck, NY $15,000 West Somerville, MA San Francisco, CA $7,500 COMPOSERS To support the composition $15,000 To support the program of of a cantata for four solo To support the eomposition scholarship aid. FELLOWSHIPS voices and instrumental of a work for orchestra, a ensemble, a virtuoso work work for chamber ensemble, Trustees of Boston Includes two for and conga anda work for string University subcategories: Composers drums, anda work based on quartet. Boston, MA $5,000 Fellowships provide for traditional Armenian folk To support the program of the creation of songs for eight solo voices. Lewis, Robert Hall scholarship aid for students completion of musical Baltimore, MD $15,000 enrolled in the Boston Freedman, Hal To support the composition University Opera Workshop. works. Collaborative New York, NY $12,000 of a work for large Fellowships ate available To support the composition orchestra and vocalists on University of Cincinnati tO composers and their of a song cycle, scenes of Hieronymous Cincinnati, OH $5,000 collaborators, including Bosch. To support artists’ lees for librettists, video artists, Hykes, David B. the pilot residency project filmmakers, poets, of New York, NY $15,000 Schindler, Allan W. with the Taft Ensemble. choreographers for the To support the composition Fairport, NY $11,000 creation of completion of of a mass fora cappella To support the composition University of Hartford ttew works, voices, utilizing techniques of a work for instrumental West Hartford, CT $6,000 in harmonics and chant, to ensemble and electronic To support the program of be performed at the sound (with tape option), scholarship aid at the Hartt 21 GRANTS Thoronet Abbey in France. anda work for percussion School of Music. PROGRAM FUNDS: This is one of the and computer generated $274,500 US/France Fellowship tape. University of Massachusetts Exchange projects, which Amherst Campus Composers Fellowships enables ten American artists Sheinfeld, David Amherst, MA $5,000 and museum professionals San Francisco, CA $15,000 To support the program of Aldridge, Robert L. to work and study in To support the composition scholarship aid for the 1986 Jamaica Plain, MA $6,000 France. In return, a similar of a symphony in three Jazz in July summer To support the composition number of French artists movements. workshop, of a work for and receive awards to pursue chorus, a work for violin their disciplines in the U.S. Sheng, Bright Z. University of Southern and African drums, anda Flushing, NY $15,000 California work for violin and chamber Kohn, Karl G. To support the composition Los Angeles, CA $9,000 ensemble. Claremont, CA $15,000 of a concerto for violin and To support the program of To support the composition orchestra. scholarship aid. Amlin, Martin D. of a work for solo voice, Boston, MA $12,000 chorus, and orchestra; anda Torke, Michael T. West Virginia University To support the composition concerto for two . New York, NY $10,000 Morgantown, WV $3,000 of a concertino for To support the composition To support the program of and percussion, a sonata for Kramer, Jonathan D. of a work for chamber scholarship aid and master viola and piano, a song Cincinnati, OH $10,000 ensemble. teachers’ fees at the cycle for soprano and piano, To support the composition Conductors’ Guild Summer a solo guitar piece, anda of a work for chamber Van de Vate, Nancy Institute. piano sonata, orchestra. Plainfield, NJ $15,000 To support the composition Brief, Todd L. La Montaine, John M. of a work for orchestra, and New Haven, CT $14,000 New York, NY $15,000 Hollywood, CA $15,000 a concerto for violin and To support the program of To support the composition To support the composition orihestra. scholarship aid at the Yale of a work for symphony of a piano concerto. School of Music. orchestra, and a work for Weisgall, D. flute and harp. Lang, David A. Great Neck, NY $15,000 Yellow Barn New York, NY $15,000 To support the composition Putney, VT $5,000 Eberhard, Dennis J. To support the composition of an opera in one act To support the program of Lakeline, OH $15,000 of a work for narrator, scored for small ensemble. scholarship aid. To support the composition electronically altered tuba, of a concerto for harp and 16 instruments and orchestra, computer tape.


Welcher, Dan E. Heaiy, Scott M. Vidacovich, John Decker, Edward T. Fairport, NY $9,000 Jérsey City, NJ ~ $4,000 New Orleans, LA $5,000 Riv¢r Edge, NJ $2,500 To support the composition To support costs of a To support costs of a vídeo To support study with of a , demonstration recording of demonstration recording, guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli. original compositions. Collaborative Fellowships Warren, James C. Fagan, Christopher D. Kenmotsu, Robert D. E1 Paso, TX $7,400 Brooklyn, NY $3,100 Nixon, Roger A. New York, NY $4,400 To support a series of To support study with San Mateo, CA $9,500 To support costs of a lecture/performances in saxophonist David Murray. To support the composition demonstration recording of colleges and high schools. of a musical setting of original compositions. Fitzgerald, Joseph selected poetry by Geoffrey Washington, Kenneth Jamaica Plain, MA $2,600 Chaucer; translated by London, Barbara M. Brooklyn, NY $8,500 To support study with collaborator Anne Dover, NH $8,100 To support performances bassist Harvie Swartz. Worthington Prescott; To support a series of featuring the music of jazz scored for chorus, soloists, trio/quartet concerts, composer Tadd Dameron. Garcia, Charles M. and narrator. Bronx, NY $3,500 Lynch, Brian H. Wilensky, Daniel L. To support study with New York, NY $3,800 New York, NY $3,900 trombonists B6nny Powell To support costs of a To support costs of a and Steve Turre. demonstration recording of concert of original JAZZ original compositions, compositions anda Graves, Aaron R. N. FELLOWSHIPS demonstration recording. Washington, DC " $3,300 Madsen, Peter C. To support study with Brooklyn, NY $3,600 ¥asinitsky, Gregory W. pianist Kenn~eth Barron. Nonmatching fellowships To support costs of a Pullman, WA $2,600 ate awarded to demonstration recording of To support costs of a Harris, Dwayne establishedjazz musicians original compositions, demonstration recording of Chicago, IL $3,100 for performance, original compositions. To support study wíth composition, study, of to Mansfield, Ernie percussionist Alan Dawson. honor distinguished jazz Oakland, CA $4,200 Study/Apprentices masters who have To support a series of Hartigan, Royal J. significantly altered the performances in the San Angerami, Richard C. Pittsfield, MA $2,600 art forro. Grants ate also Francisco Bay area anda Albany, NY $4,700 To support study with awarded to individuals of demonstration vídeo To support study with percussionist Edward for innovative jazz recording, pianist Richard Beirach. Blackwell. projects that benefit the Marentic, James ‘l. Bixler, David F. Hickey, ,loan B. field of jazz. New York, NY $3,200 Racine, WI $2,800 Chicago, IL $4,000 To support costs of a To support study with To support study with 57 GRANTS demonstration recording of saxophonist George pianist James McNeely. PROGRAM FUNDS: original compo~itions. Coleman. $242,200 Hill, Jennifer S. Richeson, David T. Bryant, Lance D. New York, NY $3,200 Performance Little Rock, AR $3,900 Markham, IL $3,100 To support study with To support costs of a To support study with saxophonist Joe Lovano. Daniels, Eddie K. demonstration recording of saxophonist Frank Foster. New York, NY $8,600 original compositions, lsrael, Mark S. To support a series of Carroli, Gregory A. Greeley, CO $1,100 lecture/concerts. Sarath, Edward W. Greeley, CO $1,100 To support study with Iowa City, IA $5,700 To support study with trumpeter Jerry Hey. Hagans, Timothy L. To support a series of free vibraphonist Mike Mainieri. Bedford, MA $2,100 concerts. Kelly, Kathy M. To support costs of a Dawkins, Ernest D. Chicago, IL $2,100 demonstration recording of Smith, Michael A. Chicago, IL $3,600 To support study with original compositions. Skokie, IL $3,400 To support study with vibraphonist David Samuels. To support costs of a saxophonist Andrew White. demonstration recording of original compositions.


Kreitzer, Scott E. Study/Professionals Hatza, Gregory G. Bae, Ik-Hwan N. Miami Beach, FL $2,200 Baltimore, MD $11,700 New York, NY $12,500 To support study with Davis, Mike E. To support jazz To support costs of a solo saxophonist Edward New York, NY $2,700 performances and lectures as violín recital in Alice Tully Daniels. To support study with part of the "Art in the Hall at Lincoln Center in saxophonist Robert Mintzer. Marketplace" Program at New York City during Lagrone, Jr., James Harborplace Mall in 1987-88. Cincinnati, OH $1,200 Herring, Vincent D. Baltimore. To support study with New York, NY $4,700 Bartlett, Eric F. trombonist L. W. "Slide" To support study with Taylor, Arthur S. New York, NY $11,300 Hampton. saxophonist John New York, NY $7,200 To support a series of solo Stubblefield. To support costs associated recitals throughout the McCord~ Kimberly A. with the continuation of a United States that will Greeley, CO $1,100 Napoli, Louis S. series of oral history culminate in New York, and To support study with Brooklyn, NY $2,700 projects documenting the will include the performance saxophonist Ann Patterson. To support study with contributions of principals of a new work by a local percussionist Keith involved with the composer. Nicolazzo, Rachel C. Copeland. development and exposition Brookline, MA $4,200 of creative improvised Berg, Christopher B. To support study with Pitts, Christopher B. American music. New York, NY $10,100 pianist Richard Beirach. Highland Park, MI $3,800 To support the study and To support study with Wilber, Robert S. preparation for a major solo Schneider, Maria L. saxophonist George New York, NY $7,300 classical guitar recital during Windom, MN $4,400 Coleman. To support the continuation 1987-88 in New York City, To support study of of a series of transcriptions and expenses related to ¢omposition with composer Shahid, Jaribu A. of the original recordings of promotion. Bob Brookmeyer. Detroit, MI $4,400 King Oliver’s Creole Jazz To support study with Band. Black, Robert A. Stata, Robert G. bassist Richard Davis. Hartford, CT $11,250 Rochester, NY $2,000 American Jazz Master To support costs for the To support study with Stripling, LIoyd B. Fellowship presentation of solo double bassist Ray Drummond and Euless, TX $3,400 bass recitals throughout the Rufus Reid. To support study with Gordon, Dexter K. United States during trumpeter Bill Dobbins. New York, NY $20,000 1987-88. Sutton, Jr., Ronald N. Washington, DC $4,900 Thompson, Richard D. Bradetich, Jeffrey D. To support study with Rochester, NY $3,100 Evanston, IL $12,000 saxophonist Jackie McLean. To support study with To support the hiring of a percussionist Keith SOLO manager in 1987 to arrange Thompson, Robert F. Copeland. solo . Palm Harbor, FL $2,800 RECITALISTS performances around the To support study with Young, Charlie FELLOWSHIPS country, and costs trumpeter John McNeil.’ Arlington, VA $3,800 associated with promotion. To support study with For awards to support Turco, Richard M. saxophonist Jackie McLean. Chapdelaine, Michael J. Greeley, CO specific projects directly Albuquerque, NM $11,900 $1,200 related to artists" solo or To support study with Special Projects To support the preparation saxophonist David Liebman. duo recital careers, and presentation of solo classical guitar recitals Batiste, Alvin Fellowships during fiscal Turk, Michael New Orleans, LA $10,000 1986 were awarded to during 1987-88 in historic Cambridge, MA $2,100 To support jazz instrumentalists other buildings throughout the To support study With performances and lectures as than keyboard recitalists. United States. multi-reedist Jerry Bergonzi. part of the "Art in the Marketplace" Program at 17 GRANTS Miland, Emil T. Willson, Ian San Francisco, CA $6,100 Oakwood Mall in Gretna, PROGRAM FUNDS: To support costs for the Oakland, CA $2,500 Louisiana. $165,850 To support study with preparation and presentation saxophonist Joe Henderson. of unusual works for cello and piano (performed with


duo artist Robin Sutherland, Sislen, Myrna C. Affiliate Artists, inc. Dale Warland Singers piano) which will be Arlington, VA $9,300 New York, NY $19,000 St. Paul, MN $20,000 included in several tours To support costs for To support artists’ fees for TF $10,000 throughout the U.S. in management and promotion the recital and To support increased 1987. and related travel costs in "informance" portions of singers’ fees, artistic staff 1987. the Xerox Pianists Program. salaries and accompanist’s Miller, Sandra N. fee, and to support New York, NY $12,100 Sutherland, Robia Affiliate Artists, Inc. improved management To support costs for the San Francisco, CA $6,100 New York, NY $47,500 through increases in preparation of a To support costs for the To support the participation administrative staff salaries demonstration tape, preparation and presentation of instrumentalists in the during the 1986-87 season. promotion expenses, and the of unusual works for cello Corporate Sponsored presentation of a recital for and piano (performed with Residency program. El Paso Pro-Musica solo baroque flute in New duo artist Emil Miland, El Paso, TX $9,500 York in 1987. cello) which will be included Young Concert Artists, Inc. To support lees for singers in several tours throughout New York, NY $47,500 and soloists, ah increased Moersch, William the U.S. in 1987. To support services to salary for the choral New York, NY $11,900 American solo recitalists, director, and improved To support costs relating to Waitzman, Daniel R. including booking and management through a the preparation and Flushing, NY $12,000 management services, marketing/promotion presentation of a New York To support costs for the publicity materials, and position. solo recital during presentation of a major New career counseling and 1987, and to support York recital in 1987 for solo guidance. Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. management expenses, flute, baroque flute, and New York, NY $27,500 recorder. To support singers’ lees and Niedt, Douglas A. ah increased salary for the Kansas City, MO $10,500 Yasinitsky, Ann M. music director during the To support the development Pullman, WA $4,500 CHORUSES 1986-87 season. in 1987-88 of contemporary To support costs for the American repertory for the presentation of a series of To. improve the artistic & Society guitar, and costs related to solo flute recitals in 1987-88 quality of choruses; to Boston, MA $8,000 producing a demonstration in Oregon, Washington, enhance opportunitiesfor TF $10,000 tape. Idaho, and Montana. To support singers’ fees and choral singers, an increase in the artistic conductors, and director/conductor’s salary. Parloff, Michael accompanists; and to New York, NY $11,500 To support the presentation CAREER make choral Los Angeles Master Chorale of a major New York City performances more Association solo flute recital in 1987. DEVELOPMENT widely available. Los Angeles, CA $15,000 ORGANIZATIONS TE $10,000 Ramsay, Wilson N. 56 GRANTS To support singers’ lees Nashville, TN $4,000 FOR SOLO PROGRAM FUNDS." during the 1986-87 season. To support costs related to RECITALISTS 838o, ooo the development of a Music of t~e Baroque Concert Series, Inc. demonstration tape and To assist organizations, TREASUR Y FUNDS: promotion materials for solo Chicago, IL $12,000 recitals in 1987. other than presenting $70,000 TF $10,000 organizations andfor To support singers’ lees, an Rosenfeld, Jayn F. Solo Recitalists Professional Choruses increase in salary for the Princeton, NJ $8,800 educational institutions, music director, ah To support costs for the that ate devoted Cantari Singers of educational outreach presentation and promotion primarily to the Columbus Ohio program, anda series of of solo flute recitals in professional career Columbus, OH $9,000 run-out concerts. possible areas such as development of American To support singers’ fees and improved management Musica Sacra, Inc. Cambridge, Pittsfield, and solo recitalists, Worcester, Massachusetts; costs. New York, NY $5,000 San Francisco, California; To support singers’ lees and and San Juan, Puerto Rico 3 GRANTS Concert Chorale of Houston increased salaries for the in 1987-88. PROGRAM FUNDS." Houston, TX $9,500 music director and executive $114,000 To support singers’ lees. director.


Orchestral Association To support singers’ fees, to Oakland Symphony Cincinnati Musical Festival Chicago, IL $20,000 improve the salaries of the Orchestra Association Association TF $10,000 chorus director and Oakland, CA $5,000 Cincinnati, OH $2,000 To support singers’ lees accompanist, to pay master To support ah increase in To support improved lees during the 1986-87 season, teachers’ lees, and to the number of paid singers for the artistic staff. support voice coaching for in the chorus. Philadelphia Singers individual singers. Coilegiate Chorale, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $4,200 Plymouth Music Series New York, NY $2,000 To support increased Choral Arts Society of Minneapolis, MN $15,000 To support increases in salaries for the singers, Philadelphia To support singers’ and salaries for the music accompanist, and the Philadelphia, PA $5,000 soloists’ lees and to assist director and accompanist, administrators. To support increased lees with improving management improved management in for the artistic director, concerning publieity and the arca of publicity, and Pro Arte Chamber Singers accompanist, and singers, promotion, soloists’ lees. of Connecticut, Inc. and for soloists’ lees. Stamford, CT $6,000 San Francisco Chamber Columbus Symphony To support increased Choral Guild of Atlanta, Singers Orchestra, Inc. salaries for the singers, Inc. San Francisco, CA $2,000 Columbus, OH $2,000 music director, and Atlanta, GA $2,000 To support an increase in To support increased accompanist. To support singers’ lees. salary for the music salaries for the chorus director, director and accompanist. Robert Page Singers and Larry Parsons Chorale, Inc. Orchestra Buckhannon, WV $2,000 San Francisco Symphony Community Chorus Rocky River, OH $7,500 To support increases in San Francisco, CA $10,500 Westerly, RI $2,500 TF $10,000 salaries for the music To support singers’ lees. To support soloists’ lees and To support increased director/conductor, singers, improved salaries foí" the singers’ lees and to improve accompanist, and manager; William Hall Chorale music director and manager. management through an and for soloists’ lees. Pasadena, CA $5,000 increase in the general To support increases in the Emerald City Arts manager’s salary. Mendelssohn Choir of number of paid singers in Seattle, WA $2,000 Pittsburgh the Chorale. To support improved San Francisco Chanticleer, Pittsburgh, PA $12,000 management in the atea of Inc. To support singers’ and Other Choruses with no season ticket sales and to San Francisco, CA $25,000 soloists’ lees and an increase paid singers: support ah increase in salary TF $10,000 in salary for the executive for the music director for To support increased director. Atlanta Arts Alliance, Inc. Seattle Men’s Chorus. salaries for the singers and Atlanta, GA $7,300 improved management and Milwaukee Symphony To support salaries and lees Friends of the Brattleboro publicity expenses. Orchestra, Inc. for master teachers, teaching Music Center, Inc. Milwaukee, WI $12,000 and conducting assistants, Brattleboro, VT $5,000 Vocal Arts Ensemble of To support increases in and chorus librarians for To support soloists’ lees. Cincinnati salaries for the chorus education projects of the Cincinnati, OH $2,000 directors and managers and Atlanta Symphony Houston Symphony Society To support increases in to pay singers’ lees. Orchestra Chorus. Houston, TX $2,000 singers’ lees. To support increases in the Minnesota Chorale Choral Art Society chorus manager’s and William Ferris Chorale Minneapolis, MN $5,000 South Portland, ME $2,000 artistic staff salaries. Chicago, IL $3,000 To support singers’ lees. To support soloists lees and To support ah increase in ah improved salary for the Jane Hardester Singers salary for the music director National Choral Executive Director. Torrance, CA $3,500 and the administrative Foundation, Inc. To support increased assistant. Washington, DC $12,500 Choral Arts Society of salaries for the music To support lees for singers, Washington director and the Other Choruses with four increased salaries for the Washington, DC $4,500 accompanist, and to support of more paid singers: music director, accompanist To support soloists’ fees and improved management and managing director; and technical assistance in costs. Baitimore Symphony technical assistance in fundraising. Orchestra Association, lnc. publicity, subscription sales, Baltimore, MD $5,000 and fundraising.


Masterworks Chorale concerning publicity and Association of Professional Almont Ensemble Boston, MA $3,500 promotion, and to increase Vocal Ensembles Monrovia, CA $3,100 To support increased the salaries of the music Philadelphia, PA $18,000 To support a tour to the salaries for the artistic staff, director and aczompanist. To support a regional Northwest United States as improved management workshop on "The Effective well as professional costs, soloists’ fees, anda Pro Arte Double Chorale Board," and an outreach development activities. choral festival workshop. Paramus, NJ $2,000 campaign. To support soloists’ fees. American Camerata for Musical Arts Association New Musie Cleveland, OH $10,000 Rochester Civi¢ Music Wheaton, MD $3,100 To support increases in the Rochester, MN $2,500 To support the 1986-87 new salaries of the chorus To support technical CHAMBER music concert series as well director and accompanist, assistance in fundraising, MUSIC/NEW as the positions of Personnel and for master teachers’ and and increases in salaries for MUSIC/JAZZ Manager and coaches’ fees and expenses, the music director and Conductor/Artistic Director. accompanist. ENSEMBLES Musical Arts Workshop American Composers Las Vegas, NV $2,000 Saginaw Choral Society To assist organizations Orchestra, Inc. To support improved Saginaw, MI $2,000 that perform chamber New York, NY $15,000 salaries for the artistic staff, To support fees associated To support the 1986-87 music, recent concert season which technical assistance in with a vocal artist residency 20th-century music, with fundraising and promotion, project which will include a features American and singers’ fees. performance of ’s ah emphasis on American composers exclusively. Requiera, and in-school works, and jazz in its Musikanten, Ine. demonstrations, traditional or current Amherst Saxophone Society, Bethesda, MD $2,000 forros. Assistance is also Ine. To support an increase in San Francisco Girls Chorus, available to organizations Buffalo, NY $3,900 salary for the Music Ine. providing services to the To support the Amherst Director. San Francisco, CA $3,500 Saxophone Quartet’s artist- chamber and new music in-residency project in To support ah improved fields, National Aeademy of Arts salary for the music Buffalo. Champaign, IL $3,000 director. To support increases in the 114 GRANTS Apple Hill Center for salaries of the artistic staff. Singing City PROGRAM FUNDS: Chamber Music, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $3,000 $483,300 East Sullivan, NH $6,100 Oratorio Society of To support technical To support artists’ fees, Washington, Inc. assistance in administration Chamber Music/New partial salary support for a Washington, DC $4,500 of a computerized Music Ensembles concert manager, and To support increases in management system, related costs for the 1986-87 salaries for the music Aeolian Chamber Players, concert season. director and accompanist, Windy City Performing Arts lnc. soloists’ fees, and improved Chicago, IL $3,500 New York, NY $3,100 Aspen Wind Quintet, Inc. ,management costs in To support improved To support artists’ fees and New York, NY $4,100 fundraising, audience salaries for the conductor related costs for the 1986-87 To support a tour to the development, promotion, and accompanist, soloists’ season. South. and publicity, fees, and improved management expenses. Albany Symphony Aston Magna Foundation Oregon Repertory Singers Orchestra, Inc. for Music, Inc. Portland, OR $4,000 Services to the Field Albany, NY $3,000 Great Barrington, MA To support an increase in To support rehearsal costs $4,100 salary for the accompanist, American Choral of contemporary American To support the 1986 summer improved management costs Foundation, lnc. works programmed on the festival. concerning publicity, and Philadelphia, PA $3,500 1986-87 classical soloists’ fees. To support the compilation subscription series. Atlanta Chamber Players, of an annotated listing of Inc. Portland Symphonic Choir information, reviews, and Alea III, Inc. Atlanta, GA $4,100 Portland, OR $2,000 critiques of major American Boston, MA $2,600 To support an artistic To support improved choral works written and To support artists’ fees and director and artists’ fees management costs performed between 1980 and related costs for the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 season. 1985. concert series.


Audubon Quartet, lnc. American VocalArts Chicago Ensemble Da Capo Chamber Players, Blacksburg, VA $5,100 Quintet. Chicago, IL $2,200 Inc. To support the 1986-87 To support artistic lees, as New York, NY $8,600 music seminar at Mt. Boston Musica Viva, Inc. well as administrative and To support tour concerts, Gretna. Boston, MA $5,100 promotional costs during the concert-talks, and To support artists’ lees, 1986-87 season, management improvement Aulos Ensemble, Inc. improve management, and during the 1986-87 season. New City, NY $3,200 design a Cleveland State University To support artists’ fees for marketing/promotional Cleveland, OH $3,000 Detroit Contemporary the 1986-87 season of campaign during the 1986-87 To support concert costs of Chamber Ensemble, Inc. touring concerts, season, two recent American works Ann Arbor, MI $2,000 during the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees and Aria Group Brass Chamber Musie promotion costs during the Association, Ine. Society of Annapolis, Ine. Collage, Inc. 1986-87 season. Stony Brook, NY $5,600 Arnold, MD $3,900 Boston, MA $5,100 To support artists’ fees, a To support artists’ fees, To support costs of a new Dinosaur Annex Musie development director, anda rehearsal lees, and related music concert series during Ensemble, Inc. national tour during the costs for the Annapolis the 1986-87 season. Watertown, MA $2,000 1986-87 season. Brass Quintet during the To support artists’ lees 1986-87 season. Colorado Springs Symphony during the 1986-87 concert season. Baltimore Consort, Ine. Orchestra Association Baltimore, MD $4,000 Brooklyn Philharmonic Colorado Springs, CO To support an early music Symphony Orchestra, Inc. $3,600 Dorian Woodwind series, outreach programs, Brooklyn, NY $4,500 To support a tour by the Da ,Foundation, Inc. and touring concerts. To support costs of Vinci String Quartet during New York, NY $3,300 performing new music in the the 1986-87 season. To support a national tour during the 1986-87 season. Banchetto Musieale, Ine. 1986-87 concert season, Cambridge, MA $5,100 Composers in Red Sneakers, To support artists’ fees, California Chamber Ine. Early Music Foundation, touring concerts, and Symphony Society, Ine. Watertown, MA $3,000 Inc. improved management Los Angeles, CA $2,000 To support artists’ lees, New York, NY $2,700 during the 1986-87 season. To support two series of expand the concert series, To support artists’ fees and chamber music during the and hire part-time related costs for the 1986-87 Bay Atea Women’s 1986-87 season, administrative staff during season of the Ensemble for Early Music. Philharmonie the 1986-87 season. San Francisco, CA $3,700 California Institute of the To support artists’ rehearsal Arts Contemporary Music Forum Empire Brass Quintet, Inc. and performance lees during Valencia, CA $4,100 Washington, DC $3,100 Boston, MA $3,800 To support artists’ fees fora To support a free concert of the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ lees, as Midwest tour. well as production and 20th-century music. Boston Camerata, Ine. marketing costs during the Capitol Chamber Artists, Boston, MA $2,400 1986-87 season. Ensemble of Santa Fe, Inc. To support artists’ lees and Inc. Santa Fe, NM $2,000 Albany, NY $3,800 management costs during Cornish Institute To support a series of community outreach the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ lees and Seattle, WA $2,000 related costs for the To support a major concerts during the 1986-87 performance of new music, Boston Chamber Musie community concert during season. Society, Ine. the 1986-87 season. Chamber Music Society of Friends of the Philadelphia Boston, MA $2,000 To support a series of mini- Grand Rapids, Inc. Cultural Couneil String Quartet residencies in New England Grand Rapids, MI $2,000 Foundation Seattle, WA $3,400 and related costs during the To support a recital at New York, NY $4,000 To support the Olympic 1986-87 season. Orchestra Hall in Detroit, To support a concert series Music Festival-Concerts in Michigan. at Abraham Goodman the Barn during the summer Boston Chamber Soloists, House, the premiere of one of 1986. Ine. Chieago Brass Quintet new work, and expenses of Boston, MA $2,000 Chicago, IL $3,100 regional touring by the New To support artists’ fees and To support the hiring of a York Woodwind Quintet related expenses during the full-time administrator and during the 1986-87 season. 1986-87 season of the related costs.


Gageego, lnc. lntersection Minneapolis Artists concert/lectures during the New York, NY $2,000 San Francisco, CA $3,100 Ensemble 1986-87 season. To support a new music To support partial salary for Minneapolis, MN $4,100 concert series during the a managcr, related expenses To support the annual New York Consort of Viols, 1986-87 season, of booking concerts in the concert series during Inc. United States, and 1986-87. New York, NY $2,400 Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. promotion of the ROVA To support a program of New York, NY $3,600 Saxophone Quartet’s annual Mostly Muslo, Inc. 17th century English consort To support the extra Bay Arca concert series. Westfield, NJ $5,100 music during the 1986-87 rehearsals necessary to To support the chamber season. program and perform new Kronos Performing Arts music series during the music during the 1986-87 Association 1986-87 season. New York Cornet and season. San Francisco, CA $8,100 Sacbut Ensemble, lnc. To support the sixth annual Mozartean Players, lne. New York, NY $2,500 Group for Contemporary contemporary chamber Bronx, NY $3,600 To support the 1986-87 Music, Inc. series during the 1986-87 To support the New York chamber music concert New York, NY $5,100 season. City chamber concert season season. To support a series of new in 1986-87. music concerts during the Lark Society for Chamber New York Foundation for 1986-87 season. Music Music For A While the Arts, Inc. Portland, ME $3,600 Stony Point, NY $2,000 New York, NY $4,600 Harmonie Ensemble, Inc. To support a chamber music To support a series of To support preparation of New York, NY $3,700 concert series during the performances of Chaucer new repertoire for the Ridge To support artists’ fees and 1986-87 season, and Becket--A Canterbury String Quartet for the production costs fora Tale and workshops. 1986-87 concert season. chambcr music concert Long Island Baroque series during the 1986-87 Ensemble, Inc. Musical Elements/Daniel New York New Music scason. Woodbury, NY $3,100 Asia, Inc. Ensemble To support subscription New York, NY $2,500* New York, NY $7,100 Hesperus concerts during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 To support a series of new Arlington, VA $2,000 season and educational concert season, a regional music concerts and To support artists’ lees for outrcach programs, tour, and administrative workshops during the the 1986-87 concert season, expenses. advertising costs, additional Los Angeles Philharmonic 1986-87 season. administrative staff, and Association Musicians’ Accord, Inc. Odyssey Chamber Players, other related costs. Los Angeles, CA $4,100 New York, NY $2,700 Inc. To support the new music To support artists’ fees, New York, NY $2,000 House Foundation for the subscription series during auditorium space rental, To support the Brooklyn Arts, Inc. the 1986-87 season, publicity, transportation, Celebration Series during New York, NY $5,000 and related expenses for a the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees, MSQ Enterprises, Inc. series of new music concerts marketing/advertising, Mt. Kisco, NY $5,100 in New York City during the Papageno Society transportation, and To support the Music 1986-87 season. New York, NY $3,500 conference lees for the Mountain concert series, a To support artists’ lees, Meredith Monk Vocal regional touring program, New Jersey Chamber Music supplementary publicity, Ensemble’s 1986-87 regional anda series of children’s Society, Inc. and the hiring of a publicist tour. concerts during the 1986-87 Montclair, NJ $2,600 for Raphael Trio’s 1986-87 season. To support a series of radio concert series at Carnegie Infusion broadcasts on National Recital Hall. Brooklyn, NY $2,000 Maumee Valley Musical Public Radio anda tour To support artists’ lees, Arts Society program both in New Jersey Parnassus Contemporary additional concerts, Bowling Green, OH $3,100 and out of state during the publicity, and increased Music Foundation, Inc. To support a chamber music 1986-87 season. New York, NY $4,600 compensation for series featuring the Tower To support a regional tour administrative personnel Brass Quintet during the New Music Consort, Inc. and concert series during the during the 1986-87 new 1986-87 season. New York, NY $8,800 music concert season. To support a tour program, 1986-87 season. a new music concert series, anda series of


Performers’ Committee, Renaissance Concerts, Inc. To support artists’ lees Sylvan Winds, Inc. Inc. West Bloomfield , MI during the 1986-87 season. New York, NY $2,600 New York, NY $6,100 $2,000 To support the 1986-87 To support concerts and To support artists’ fees and San Francisco Symphony chamber music/new music workshops of 20th-century related expenses fora San Francisco, CA $5,200 concert season. music during the 1986-87 chamber music series during To support artists’ lees for season, the 1986-87 season, the New and Unusual Music Theater Chamber Piayers, Series during the 1986-87 Inc. Pittsburgñ New Music Rosewood Chamber season. Washington, DC $5,100 Ensemble, Inc. Ensemble, lnc. To support the 1986-87 Pittsburgh, PA $6,600 Sunnyside, NY $2,000 Sea Cliff C~amber Players, chamber music season. To support subscription To support the chamber Inc. concerts during the 1986-87 music concert subscription Sea Cliff, NY $5,100 Tremont String Quartet, season, series during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 lnc. season, chamber music concert Geneseo, NY $4,500 Pomerium Musices, lnc. season. To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $4,100 Roxbury Arts Group, Inc. chamber music/new music To support a concert series, Roxbury, NY $2,000 Sequoia String Quartet season. tour concerts, and early To support artists’ fees and Foundation music workshop/seminars related expenses for concert Los Angeles, CA $2,600 Trustees of Amherst College during the 1986-87 season, performances and other To support artists’ fees for Washington, DC $5,700 activities conducted by the the "Sequoia String Quartet To support artists’ fees for Pone Ensemble for New ensemble. & Friends" concert series the Folger Consort during Music, Inc. during the 1986-87 season, the 1986-87 season. New Paltz, NY $2,000* St. John Evangelical To support the 1986-87 new Lutheran Church South Dakota Symphony Twentieth Century Consort music concert season. New Carrollton, MD $2,600 Orchestra Washington, DC $5,100 To support artists’ touring Sioux Falls, SD $3,100 To support artists’ fees, Georges Arts fees and related expenses for To support the regional production expenses, and Council, Inc. the Borealis Wind Quintet touring program of the administrative costs directly Riverdale, MD $2,500 during the 1986-87 season. Dakota Wind Quintet related to a series of new To support artists’ fees and during the 1986-87 season, music concerts during the administrative costs during St. Louis Brass Quintet 1986-87 season. the 1986-87 concert season St. Louis, MO $3,300 South Dakota Symphony of the Monumental Brass To support chamber music Orchestra University of Rocñester Quintet. concerts by Trio Cassatt Sioux Falls, SD $4,600 Rochester, NY $5,100 during the 1987 season. To support the regional To support a series of touring program of the residencies at the Eastman Pro Musica Rara, Inc. School of Music during the Baltimore, MD $2,300 St. Luke’s Chamber Dakota String Quartet To support non-subscription Ensemble, lnc during the 1986-87 season. 1986-87 season. concerts during the 1986-87 New York, NY $6,100 Washington Chamber concert season. To support artists’ fees and Southern Methodist related costs for chamber University Society, lnc. music concerts during the Dallas, TX $6,100 Hyattsville, MD $2,000 Reich Music Foundation To support artists’ fees and New York, NY $4,100 1986-87 season. To support the new music concert season of Voices of the salary fora managing To support administrative director during the 1986-87 costs and the 1986-87 new St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Change during 1986-87. music concert season. Society season. St. Paul, MN $3,100 Speculum Musicae, Inc. Washington Music Relache, Inc. To support costs incurred by New York, NY $5,600 Philadelphia, PA $4,500* a revision of the new music To support artists’ fees, Ensemble, Inc. To support the new music work Encantadas, by production costs, improved Washington, DC $2,000 artistic direction, anda To support artists’ fees and concert season during American composer Tobias administrative costs during 1986-87. Picker. special concert series during the 1986-87 season, the 1986-87 season. Renaissance Band Calliope, San Francisco Inc. Contemporary Music Syimar Corporation New York, NY $3,600 Players Minneapolis, MN $2,000 To support tour-residencies San Francisco, CA $6,600 To support the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 season, chamber music season.


Waverly Consort, Inc. music field during the American Composers Baltimore Symphony New York, NY $8,100 1986-87 season, including Orchestra, Inc. Orchestra Association, Inc. To support artists’ lees and information collection and New York, NY $14,600 Baltimore, MD $85,450 related costs for national dissemination as well as the To support the 1986-87 TF $100,000 touring during the 1986-87 Chamber Music America subscription series of four To support the 1986-87 season. Residency Program. concerts in subscription series of anda fifth concert in "Celebrity" and Western Wind Vocal another location. "Favorites" concerts held in Ensemble, Inc. Meyerhoff Symphony Hall. New York, NY $5,000 American Symphony To support the 1986-87 ORCHESTRAS Orchestra, Inc. Baton Rouge Symphony chamber music season. New York, NY $39,000 Association ’ To improve artistic To support the 1986-87 Baton Rouge, LA $24,400 Sunday afternoon Zeitgeist quality and management To support the engagement St. Paul, MN $2,500 subscription series in of full-time string players To support a new music of orchestras in all Carnegie Hall and in-school for the core orchestra in the concert tour during the sections of the country; concerts. 1986-87 season. 1986-87 season, encourage orchestras to broaden their repertoires Ann Arbor Chamber Bay Area Women’s Jazz Ensembles to include not only works Orchestra Philharmonic of many historical Ann Arbor, MI $3,850 San Francisco, CA $7,800 Bay Area Jazz Society periods, but particularly To support increased To support the engagement San Francisco, CA $6,000 music of our time with remuneration for the core of a music director and To support the United Front ah emphasis on American orchestra, engagement of rehearsal and performance ensemble in a series of works; provide young American artists, and lees for musicians. concerts showcasing the professional opportunities reduced-rate run-out works of jazz composer Eric concerts in the community. Binghamton Symphony and Dolphy. for American artists and Choral Society, Inc. conductors; and Arkansas Orchestra Society, Binghamton, NY $13,650 Blacklight, Inc. encourage orchestras to Inc. To support expansion of the Chicago, IL $6,500 increase and educate their Little Rock, AR $19,500 string sections, engagement To support a tour of the audiences and serve the To support the educational of a development staff Shadow Vignettes ensemble, larger community, activities of the AOS String person, and related costs for Quartet in public elementary the 1986-87 season. Capp Street Foundation 159 GRANTS and middle schools, the San Francisco, CA $3,000 engagement of a special Birmingham Symphony PROGRAM FUNDS: guest artist, and run-out Association To support the ALIVE! $6,233, 700 quintet’s series of concerts. Birmingham, AL $29,250 workshops and evening To support subscription concerts at colleges and a TREASURYFUNDS: Atlanta Arts Alliance, Inc. concerts, expansion of tours community center. $2, 710, 000 Atlanta, GA $85,450 and run-outs to cities in TF $100,000 Alabama, and family Jazz Alliance, Inc. Artistic and To support regional touring concerts. New York, NY $3,000 Administrative Activities in the Southeast and To support a series of educational programs Boise Philharmonic concerts by the orchestra, Albany Symphony reaching pre-school through Association, Inc. featuring the music of Orchestra, Inc. high school children. Boise, ID $9,700 outstanding jazz composers Albany, NY $29,250 To support the engagement and performers. To support the presentation Austin Symphony Orchestra of principal players, in- of the 1986-87 classical Society school concerts in Idaho by Services to Chamber series, including repeat Austin, TX $24,400 chamber ensembles, and Music/New Music/Jazz performances in Troy, New To support the engagement run-out concerts to southern York. of a music director, guest Idaho and eastern Oregon. Ensembles artists and principal string players, and expansion of Boston Symphony Chamber Music America, Amarillo Symphony, Inc. Inc. Amarillo, TX $7,300 the orchestra’s subscription Orchestra, Inc. New York, NY $40,000 To support elementary and series and mini series. Boston, MA $183,000 To support a broad range of junior high in-school TF $100,000 concerts. To support the 1986-87 services to the chamber subscription series.


Brooklyn Philharmonic Charlotte Symphony Dallas Symphony players, and school concerts. Symphony Orchestra, Inc. Orchestra Society, Inc. Association, lnc. Brooklyn, NY $33,700 Charlotte, NC $41,500 Dallas, TX $85,450 El Paso Symphony To support the educational TF $100,000 Orc~estra Association TF $20,000 $13,650 To support the continuation program, community To support the 1986-87 El Paso, TX concerts, ensembles services, classical subscription series, To support the 1986-87 of the Meet the Moderns subscription series. Series, the educational and run-out concerts in ah audience development program, and free summer North and South Carolina. program, youth concerts, concerts in the parks, run-out concerts, and Elgin Symphony Orc~estra Chattanooga Symphony community services. Association Elgin, IL $4,800 Buffalo P~ilharmonic Association, lnc. Chattanooga, TN $4,800 Dayton P~il~armonic To support the engagement Orchestra Society, Inc. of a principal second Buffalo, NY $96,900 To support the engagement Orchestra Association TF $30,000 of musicians and guest Dayton, OH $39,000 violinist, violist, and artists and programs in the To support additional player, operations To support the "Live manager, and part-time Sessions" Series at Amherst 1986-87 season, rehearsal time and campus of SUNY, educational/outreach music librarian. additional rehearsal time, Cincinnati Symphony activities of the full Orc~estra orchestra and its five Erie Philharmonic, lnc. young people’s concerts, $15,600 and engagement of Cincinnati, OH $119,600 ensembles. Erie, PA additional staff. TF $100,000 To support additional To support the 1986-87 Delaware Symphony rehearsal time, educational Canton Symphony subscription series. Association concerts, and discounted Orchestra Association Wilmington, DE $24,400 tickets for students and Canton, OH $21,900 Colorado Springs Symphony To support increased senior citizens. Orchestra Association salaries for musicians and To support the ensemble Eugene Symphony program involving a string Colorado Springs, CO the engagement of a quartet, brass quintet, $31,700 marketing director. Association, lnc. woodwind quintet, and a To support the increased Eugene, OR $11,700 percussionist, salaries and benefits of Denver Symphony To support the engagement orchestra musicians. Association of five full-time principal Cedar Rapids Symphony Denver, CO $101,700 players. Orchestra Association, Inc. Columbus Symp~ony TF $30,000 Cedar Rapids, IA $13,650 Orchestra, Inc. To support state touring, Evansville Phil~armonic To support the engagement Columbus, OH $48,000 ensemble services, and free Orc~estral Corporation of a string quartet. TF $30,000 concerts featuring young Endowment Fund Trust To support the education artists. Evansville, IN $15,600 To support the engagement C~amber Orc~estra of New program. Des Moines Symphony of woodwind and percussion England, Inc. ensembles, anda marketing New Haven, CT $3,850 Concerto Soloists Association To support additional Philadelphia, PA $34,100 Des Moines, IA $19,500 director. rehearsal time. To support increased To support the 1986-87 salaries for the core subscription series. Fairbanks Symphony orchestra. Assoc., Inc. C~arleston Symp~ony $17,500 Orchestra Detroit Symphony Fairbanks, AK Corpus Christi Symphony Orchestra, Inc. To support the Charleston, SC $4,800 performances of a To support the engagement Society Detroit, MI $119,600 of young American guest Corpus Christi, TX $4,800 TF $100,000 commissioned work by John To support educational and Adams and touring by the artists. To support free performances of the Messiah outreach programs, Arctic Chamber Orchestra. in Spanish and English, a additional rehearsal time, Charleston Symphony and the performance of Orc~estra free chamber concert, Fairfax Symp~ony Orchestra Charleston, WV $7,800 community concerts, the American music. McLean, VA $13,650 engagement of a bilingual To support "It’s Simply To support young people’s Symphonic," an in-school concerts and the engagement administrator, and school Duluth-Superior Symphony concerts. Association program, chamber orchestra of string players, Duluth, MN $15,600 performances, ensemble To support additional performances in the parks, rehearsal time, the and the engagement of an engagement of five principal education coordinator.


Fargo-Moorhead Orchestrai Joaquin Valley and Island Philharmonic Society, perform with the orchestra Association employment of a string trío Inc. and to provide special Fargo, ND $7,800 to perform with the , NY $41,500 services. To support the engagement orchestra and provide To support the 1986-87 of a guest artist by four lecture/concert subscription series. Lincoln Symphony orchestras in North Dakota demonstrations in the Orchestra Association for performances, master Fresno schools. Jackson Symphony Lincoln, NE $4,800 classes, and recitals. Orchestra Association To support student concerts, Grand Rapids Symphony Jackson, MS $13,650 and the engagement of two Flint Institute of Music Society To support the string string quartets. Flint, MI $13,650 Grand Rapids, MI $28,800 education program, To support the youth TF $20,000 engagement of a core Local 802 Senior Musicians concert activity and To support continuation and orchestra, and expansion of Association development efforts for the expansion of the core artistic and administrative New York, NY $5,800 Flint Symphony Orchestra. orchestra program, staff. To support the 1986-87 series of concerts in senior Florida Orchestra, Inc. Greater Akron Musical Jacksonville Symphony citizen centers and Tampa, FL $38,300 Association, Inc. Association community auditoriums in TF $30,000 Akron, OH $15,600 Jacksonville, FL $29,250 New York and Long Island To support expansion of the To support the "Picnic To support the engagement by the Senior Musicians Masterworks Series, state Pops Concerts," young of a core orchestra, Orchestra. touring, and youth concerts, peoples’ concerts, and community concerts, and educational and outreach the expansion of the Long Beach Symphony Florida Symphony performances by ensembles, subscription series. Association Orchestra, Inc. Pasadena, CA $4,800 Orlando, FL $34,100 Honolulu Symphony Society Johnstown Municipal To support additional To support the education Honolulu, HI $38,500 Symphony Orchestra rehearsals for the young and outreach programs. TF $20,000 Johnstown, PA $3,000 people’s concerts and the To support the 1986-87 To support the engagement subscription series. Florida West Coast subscription series, the of string players. Symphony Orchestra, Inc. Starlight Festival, statewide Los Angeles Chamber Sarasota, FL $9,700 touring, and educational Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra Society, Inc. To support the engagement programs. Society, Inc. Los Angeles, CA $38,500 of a principal trumpet, Kalamazoo, MI $13,650 TF $20,000 trombone, and horn players. Houston Symphony Society To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Houston, TX $96,400 subscription series, subscription series and Fort Wayne Philharmonic TF $50,000 engagement of guest Orchestra, Inc. To support the 1986-87 Knoxville Symphony conductors. Ft. Wayne, IN $24,400 main subscription series and Society, Inc. To support the continued free concerts at the Miller Knoxville, TN $11,700 Los Angeles Philharmonic engagement of a core Outdoor Theatre. To support the engagement Association orchestra to perform with of a core orchestra. Los Angeles, CA $183,000 the full and chamber Hudson Valley TF $100,000 orchestras and provide Philharmonic Society, Inc. Lansing Symphony To support the 1986-87 ensemble services. Poughkeepsie, NY $24,400 Association, Inc. winter season activities. To support the engagement Lansing, MI $4,800 Fort Worth Symphony of principal string players, To support the engagement Louisviile Orchestra, Inc. Orchestra Association, Inc. the in-school residency of American guest artists on Louisville, KY $38,300 Ft. Worth, TX $38,500 programs, additional the subscription series, TF $30,000 TF $20,000 rehearsal time, and the collaboration with choral To support the presentation To support Texas run- establishment of a planned and opera organizations in of contemporary American out/tour concerts and the giving program, the region, and music on the 1986-87 educational program, improvement of the "Masterworks" series. Indiana State Symphony orchestra’s management. Fresno Philharmonic Society, Inc. Marin Symphony Association Indianapolis, IN $85,450 Lexington Philharmonic Association Fresno, CA $13,650 TF $100,000 Society San Rafael, CA $13,650 To support run-out concerts To support community Lexington, KY $11,700 To support the preparation to communities in the San services. To support the engagement and performance of a of a core of musicians to


commissioned work by for adult New Orleans Philharmonie Orchestra of lllinois Fund, Mark Volkert and the audiences. Symphony Soeiety Ine. addition of two concerts to New Orleans, LA $72,200 Chicago, IL $4,800 the subscription series. Nashville Symphony TF $40,000 To support additional Association To support community rehearsal time and related Memphis Orchestral Society, Nashville, TN $34,100 outreach concerts, costs for five subscription Inc. To support the engagement educational concerts, and programs, increased Memphis, TN $18,000 of additional musicians, concerts of new music by remuneration for principal To support the engagement increased wages/benefits for American composers, players, and the engagement of contract musicians anda all musicians, expansion of of a concertmaster. development director, young people’s educational North Carolina Symphony concerts in the state, and Soeiety, Inc. Ore~estral Association Midland-Odessa Symphony family concerts. Raleigh, NC $33,600 Chicago, IL $183,000 & Chorale, Inc. TF $20,000 TF $100,000 Midland, TX $11,700 National Symphony To support the educational To support the Chicago To support the youth Orchestra Association of program that involves Symphony Orehestra’s concert activities. Washington, D.C. ensembles, chamber 1986-87 subscription series. Washington, DC $144,000 orchestra, and full orchestra Milwaukee Symphony TF $100,000 concerts. Oregon Symphony Orchestra, Inc. To support the 1986-87 Association Milwaukee, WI $65,900 subscription series. Northwest Cñamber Portland, OR $96,400 TF $100,000 Orchestra TF $50,000 To support expansion of the Nebraska Chamber Seattle, WA $7,300 To support the engagement 1986-87 subscription series, Orchestra To support the 1986-87 of additional , a youth concerts, run-outs and Lincoln, NE $2,500 subscription series and fundraising development regional touring, radio To support performances of run-out concerts at the program, and the broadcasts, and American music on the Pantages Theatre in "Symphony Sunday" family collaborations with the subscription series. Tacoma. concert series. Florentine Opera. New Hampshire Symphony Ohio Chamber Orchestra Orpheon, Inc. Minnesota Orchestrai Manchester, NH $9,000 Society, Inc. New York, NY $7,300 Association To support the subscription Cleveland, OH $7,300 To support the subscription Minneapolis, MN $119,600 series of concerts in To support additional series, "Happy Concerts for TF $100,000 Manchester, New rehearsal time and related Young People," and To support community Hampshire. costs for each of the additional rehearsal time. services, engagement of orchestra’s three summer orchestra musicians as New Haven Symphony series concerts. Orpheus Chamber soloists, and extra rehearsal Orchestra, Inc. Ensemble, Inc. time for the Minneapolis New Haven, CT $41,500 Oklahoma Symphony New York, NY $24,400 Symphony Orchestra. To support young people’s Orchestra, Inc. To support a subscription concerts, pre-school Tiny Oklahoma City, OK $28,800 series in communities Music for Westchester, Inc. Tots concerts, anda TF $20,000 surrounding New York City. White Plains, NY $4,800 telemarketing program. To support run-out To support for the White concerts. Owensboro Symphony Plains Symphony additional New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, Inc. rehearsal time, engagement Orchestra Omaha Symphony Owensboro, KY $2,900 of administrative staff, and Newark, NJ $48,300 Association To support the engagement reduced ticket prices for TF $20,000 Omaha, NE $28,800 of resident musicians. special community groups. To support the educational TF $20,000 program. To support educational ¯ Pasadena Chamber Musical Arts Association concerts by the full and Orchestra Cleveland, OH $183,000 New Mexico Symphony chamber orchestra and Pasadena, CA $2,900 TF $100,000 Orchestra ensembles in Omaha and To support additional To support the Cleveland Albuquerque, NM $28,800 regions of Nebraska and rehearsal time and related Orchestra’s outreach TF $20,000 western Iowa. costs for the performance of concerts in neighboring To support the educational new music. communities, educational outreach program and concerts at Severence Hall, statewide touring. anda matinee series in


Pasadena Symphony Phoenix Symphony Queens Symphony To support the subscription Association Association Orchestra, Inc. concert series. Pasadena, CA $19,500 Phoenix, AZ $38,500 Rego Park, NY $15,600 To support the major TF $20,000 To support the Saginaw Symphony subscription series and To support expansion of the implementation of a Association engagement of a music 1986-87 subscription series, marketing plan and Saginaw, MI $3,850 director, educational concerts to To support the engagement Pittsburgh Symphony reach under-served of principal players and Philadelphia Orchestra Society audiences, related costs. Association Pittsburgh, PA $119,600 Philadelphia, PA $183,000 TF $100,000 Renaissance Concerts, Inc. St. Louis Symphony Society TF $100,000 To support a young people’s West Bloomfield , MI St. Louis, MO $158,600 To support the 1986-87 concert program anda $2,900 TF $100,000 subscription series, concerts summer program in western To support the engagement To support the for students and children, a Pennsylvania consisting of of a full-time violinist, telemarketing and in-school chamber series, anda open air concerts at Point increased remuneration for programs and the Chamber lecture series called State Park and free concerts musicians, and related Music St. Louis series. "Orchestra Insights." in Allegheny County. expenses. St. Paul Chamber Orchestra Philharmonia Baroque Portland Maine Symphony Rhode lsland Philharmonic Society Orchestra of the West Orchestra Orchestra St. Paul, MN $101,000 Berkeley, CA $9,700 Portland, ME $37,000 Providence, RI $29,250 TF $60,000 To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 To support the continuation To support the Ordway subscription series, rehearsal subscription series, of school services and Music Series, continuation time and touring, related expenses, of the Baroque Series, and Pro Arte Chamber the Friday Morning Concert Philharmonia Virtuosi Orchestra of Boston, Inc. Richmond Symphony Series. Corporation Boston, MA $2,900 Richmond, VA $41,500 Dqbbs Ferry, NY $12,200 To support the engagement To support statewide San Diego Symphony To support increased of a full-time general touring and run-out concerts Orchestra Association remuneration for the manager and assistant by the Symphony, Sinfonía, San Diego, CA $136,100 orchestra’s core musicians, manager, and ensembles. TF $20,000 To support the 1986-87 Phiiharmonic Orchestra of Pro Musica Chamber Rochester Civic Music subscription series. Florida, Inc. Orchestra of Columbus, Inc. Rochester, MN $13,650 Ft. Lauderdale, FL $31,700 Columbus, OH $2,500 To support increased San Francisco Symphony To support the 1986-87 To support expansion of the remuneration for musicians, San Francisco, CA $183,000 subscription series, subscription series, performances by core strings TF $100,000 performances of new works, in hospitals, and the To support performances of Philharmonic Society of additional rehearsal time, engagement of a fundraising contemporary music on the Northeastern Pennsylvania anda fully staged development consultant and subscription season, Avoca, PA $13,650 production of ’s Orfeo development assistant to children’s concerts, and an To support the engagement ed Euridice. implement a planned giving audience development of guest conductors and for program, campaign. the young people’s ensemble Puerto Rico Symphony program. Orchestra Corporation Rochester Philharmonic San Jose Symphony Santurce, PR $34,100 Orchestra, Inc. Association Philharmonic-Symphony To support the engagement Rochester, NY $96,400 San Jose, CA $41,500 Society of New York, Inc. of Puerto Rican and TF $50,000 To support the "Brown Bag New York, NY $183,000 American soloists and To support the subscription Concert" series, children’s TF $100,000 conductors with the series, student concerts, concerts, and the in-school To support park concerts, a orchestra, student and run-out concerts to upstate music education program. performance of a world run-out concerts, and the New York, and free concerts premiere, educational issuance of half-priced in parks and shopping Santa Barbara Symphony activities, anda concert at tickets to disadvantaged malls. Orchestra Association the Harlem Abyssinian persons. Santa Barbara, CA $9,700 Baptist Church. Sacramento Symphony To support the Sunday Association matinee series and the Sacramento, CA $28,800 concert previews for special TF $20,000 constituencies.


Santa Rosa Symphony Spokane Symphony Society engagements of the Toledo Wichita Symphony Society, Association Spokane, WA $29,250 Symphony. Inc. $24,400 Santa Rosa, CA $2,900 To support the engagement Wichita, KS To support youth concerts of core musicians. Tueson Symphony Soeiety To support run-out and the production of a Tucson, AZ $24,400 concerts, engagement of the development brochure. Springfield Orehestra To support the engagement Graduate String Quartet, Assoeiation, Ine. of core musicians, and young people’s Savannah Symphony Springfield, MA $39,000 concerts. Soeiety, Inc. To support the engagement Tulsa Philharmonie Society, Savannah, GA $11,700 of additional string and Inc. Winston-Salem Symphony To support the engagement woodwind players, Tulsa, OK $31,700 Assoeiation, Incorporated of a core orchestra for educational concerts, and To support the engagement Winston-Salem, NC $13,650 subscription series concerts, outreach programs, of musicians for a full-time To support the engagement a chamber orchestra series, core orchestra, of principal players, the and young people’s Springfield Symphony education program, and concerts. Association Utah Symphony Society "Concerts for Kids." Springfield, MO $2,900 Salt Lake City, UT $96,900 Seattle Symphony To support the annual fund TF $30,000 Young Men’s & Young Orchestra, lnc. campaign. To support concert Women’s Hebrew Seattle, WA $96,900 performances, including Association TF $30,000 Springfield Symphony regional, subscription, New York, NY $39,000 To support expansion of Orchestra Association, Inc. choral, free outdoor, youth, To support the 1986-87 services and rehearsals for Springfield, IL $2,900 ballet, opera, and summer season activities for the Ninety-Second Street Y the musicians. To support the expansion of pops concerts. repeat concerts. Chamber Orchestra. Shreveport Symphony Ventura County Symphony Society Symphony Society of Association Youngstown Symphony Shreveport, LA $9,700 Greater Hartford, Inc. Ventura, CA $3,850 Society, Inc. To support the engagement Hartford, CT $21,500 To support the engagement Youngstown, OH $13,650 of an educational TF $20,000 of a concertmaster. To support orchestra costs coordinator, and to provide To support the development for pops concerts and ensemble and orchestra of outreach programs and Vermont Symphony engagement of a marketing concerts, the Discovery Concerts. Orchestra Association, lnc. director. Burlington, VT $11,700 Sioux City Symphony Symphony Society of San To support ensemble and Services to the Field Orchestra Association Antonio school performances, a Sioux City, IA $2,900 San Antonio, TX $28,800 planned giving program, Affiliate Artists, lnc. To support an educational TF $20,000 and the performance of New York, NY $26,900 program, a Sunday To support the 1986-87 American music. TF $100,000 afternoon Messiah subscription series. To support continuation of performance, and an Virginia Orchestra Group Exxon/Arts Endowment $29,250 increase in the number of Symphony and Choral Norfolk, VA Conductors Program. new works on the Society of Cheyenne, Inc. To support additional subscription series. Cheyenne, WY $2,900 rehearsal costs and Affiliate Artists, Inc. To support the engagement expansion of youth concerts. New York, NY $34,100 Sonth Bend Symphony of young American guest To support continuation of Orchestra Association, lnc. artists. Wheeling Symphony the Seaver Conductors Society, Inc. South Bend, IN $9,700 Award. Wheeling, WV $2,900 To support the engagement Syracuse Symphony of core musicians. Orchestra, Inc. To support the engagement American Symphony Syracuse, NY $96,900 of Appalachian String Orchestra League South Dakota Symphony TF $30,000 Quartet and an additional Washington, DC $183,000 Orchestra To support regional, school, string player to perform To support management Sioux Falls, SD $13,650 family, and summer parks with the orchestra, serve as seminars, regional To support the engagement concerts, teachers, and provide workshops, educational of additional full-time ensemble services, manuals, guides, and musicians and key Toledo Orchestra publications. principals. Association, lnc. Toledo, OH $41,500 To support the continued


American Symphony Center for Contemporary University of lllinois Festival of New American Orchestra League Arts of Santa Fe, Inc. Urbana-Champaign Music in 1986. Washington, DC $48,800 Santa Fe, NM $2,000 Champaign, IL $3,000 To support the Orchestra To support the presentation For the Krannert Center for Basically Bach Festival of Management Fellowship of solo concerts, the Performing Arts to Philadelphia Program which involves the support the presentation of Philadelphia, PA $2,000 identification, selecf!on, and Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. young emerging American To support artists’ fees at training of candidates who New York, NY $3,000 artists as part of its the 1986 Basically Bach show potential as To support the presentation MARQUEE Series. Festival of Philadelphia. professional managers of of solo recitals in a series symphony orchestras, called "Art Songs at Five" University of Wisconsin-Eau Boston Symphony . during the 1986-87 season. Meet the Composer, Inc. Claire Orchestra, lnc. Eau Claire, WI $3,500 Boston, MA $3,300 New York, NY $38,500 Norton Gallery & School of To support residencies of TF $22,400 TF $20,000 Art, lnc. recitalists. To support soloists’ and To support the cont.inuation West Palm Beach, FL conductors’ fees at the 1986 of composer residencies in $2,500 Xavier University season of the Tanglewood various symphony To support the presentation Cincinnati, OH $7,000 Festival. orchestras, of recitalists in the gallery’s To support the presentation 26th season of classical of nine classical piano, four Bowdoin College Southern Methodist concerts called "Tuesdays classical guitar, four jazz Brunswick, ME $1,500 University with Music." piano, and three guitar solo To support artists’ fees at Dallas, TX $4,000 recitals during the 1986-87 To support a study to assess the 1986 Bowdoin Summer Phillips Collection season. Music Festival. the impact of the Washington, DC $10,000 Exxon/Arts Endowment To support the young Conductors Program. Cabrillo Guild of Music soloists portion of the Aptos, CA $13,300 collection’s "Sunday xo support the Cabrillo Creative Projects Afternoon Concerts." MUSIC Music Festival in summer FESTIVALS 1986. St. Louis Symphony Society Pro Musicis Foundation, St. Louis, MO $5,000 Inc. California Institute of the To support a video program To assist organizations New York, NY $9,500 that offer a series of Arts to be used at the young To support a series of Valencia, CA $3,500 people’s concerts and Kinder concerts of emerging high-quality music events To support artists’ fees for Konzerts for the 1986-87 American recitalists, that are special in nature, the 1987 Contemporary season, coordinated within a Music Festival. St. Louis Ciassical Guitar specific period of time, Society and presented ata Caramoor Center for Music St. Louis, MO $4,000 centralized location, and the Arts, Inc. To support a series of Katonah, NY $5,900 SOLO concerts and lecture 49 GRANTS To support artists’ fees, RECITALISTS demonstrations featuring PROGRAM FUNDS: rehearsal costs, advertising classical guitar artists $294, 700 and promotional expenses at PRESENTERS Manuel Barrueco, Eliot the 1986 season of the Fisk, Douglas Niedt, and TREASUR Y FUNDS: Caramoor Festival. To enable music duo artists Ronald Pearl and presenting organizations Julian Gray. $100,000 Chicago Park District to present solo recitalists, Chicago, IL $17,300 Temple Beth El of Boca Aspen Music Festival, Inc. To support artists’ fees at recitalists with Aspen, CO $10,800 accompanist, or duos of Raton, Inc. the 52nd season of Grant Boca Raton, FL $2,500 TF $8,000 Park Concerts in 1986. great talent who have not To support the Temple’s To support artists’ fees at yet received national "Sunday at Three" music the 1986 Aspen Music Festival. Colorado Music Festival recognition as recitalists, series presenting young Boulder, CO $9,700 emerging American To support the tenth season 10 GRANTS recitalists. Associated Students of of the Colorado Music PROGRAM FUNDS." Sacramento State College Festival in 1986. Sacramento, CA $5,900 $47,000 To support the ninth


New Hampshire Music Eastern Music Festival, Inc. the 1986 Cascade Festival of marketing, promotion, and Greensboro, NC $1,900 Music. production expenses at Festival, Inc. TF $12,900 Viennese Sommerfest VII in Center Harbor, NH $8,800 To support artists’ lees at Houston Festival summer 1986. To support the Foundation, Inc. programming of works by the Eastern Music Festival American composers at the in summer 1986. Houston, TX $2,500 Monadnock Music To support artists’ lees for Peterborough, NH $12,300 1986 New Hampshire Music Festival. Fontana Concert Society chamber ensembles, To support the 1986 season Kalamazoo, MI $1,000 choruses, jazz ensembles of the Monadnock Music and the Houston Symphony Festival. Oakland University To support the 1986 Festival Rochester, MI $3,500 of Chamber Music at the at the 1986 Houston Festival. Festival Association To support artists’ lees of Shelbyville Art Emporium. San Luis Obispo, CA $5,000 the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at the 1986 Foundation for Baroque Houston Festival To support artists’ lees at Foundation, Inc. the 1986 San Luis Obispo Meadow Brook Music Music, Inc. Festival. Greenfield Center, NY Houston, TX $7,400 Mozart Festival. $1,000 To support artists’ lees for the eighth annual New Mozart on the Square Ojai Festivals, Limited To support the 24th annual $14,300 Festival of Baroque Music Music America Festival in Philadelphia, PA $2,000 Ojai, CA April 1986. To support the 1986 season To support artists’ lees of in summer 1986. of Mozart on the Square. the Los Angeles Inter-American Music and Philharmonic at the 1986 Fredric R. Mann Music Music From Bear Valley, Ojai Festival. Center Arts Festival Foundation Philadelphia, PA $7,900 Silver Spring, MD $12,300 Inc. To support artists’ lees for To support lees for Bear Valley, CA $1,000 Peter Britt Gardens Music American artists at the 1986 To support the annual and Arts Festival the Philadelphia Orchestra, Association choral, jazz and opera Inter-American Music festival in the Sierras in Festival. Alpine County, California. Medford, OR $2,500 performances at the 1986 To support artists’ lees at summer festival. Lincoln Center for the Musica Sacra, Inc. the 1986 Peter Britt Festival. Performing Arts, Inc. New York, NY $5,400 Friends of the Arts, Inc. Philharmonic-Symphony Locust Valley, NY $1,500 New York, NY $2,100 To support the eighth To support the sixth annual TF $16,400 annual Basically Bach Society of New York, Inc. To support American Festival in 1986. New York, NY $14,600 Festival in TF $12,200 September 1986. artists’ fees at the Mostly Mozart Festival in summer Musical Arts Association To support American 1986. Cleveland, OH $1,500 artists’ lees at the festival of Friends of the Brattleboro contemporary music in May Music Center, Inc. TF $10,800 Brattleboro, VT $8,400 Los Angeles Philharmonic To support artists’ lees for 1986. To support the 1986 New Association the "Summerfest" England Bach Festival. Los Angeles, CA $2,400 celebration and for the Ravinia Festival Association TF $17,300 Blossom Serenades at the Chicago, IL $9,700 To support lees of emerging Grand Teton Music Festival, To support American artists Blossom Music Center in Inc. lees and additional orchestra 1986. American artists at the 1986 Teton Village, WY $15,000 rehearsals at the 65th season Ravinia Festival. To support orchestra and of the Hollywood Bowl Natural Heritage chamber music concerts and Summer Festival in 1986. Trust/Artpark Rochester Philharmonic an American composer-in- Lewiston, NY $4,000 Orchestra, Inc. Midsummer Mozart To support artists’ lees for Rochester, NY $3,000 residence at the 1986 Grand To support artists’ fees, Teton Music Festival. San Francisco, CA $2,500 the music presentations of To support American artists the 1986 festival at Artpark. adding members to the lees at the 12th annual orchestra, and travel and Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. New College Music Festival, per diem costs at the fourth New York, NY $5,100 festival in 1986. To support the Adirondack Inc. Finger Lakes Music Festival. Minnesota Orchestral Sarasota, FL $2,000 Festival of American Music To support artists’ lees for in summer 1986. Association The San Antonio Festival, Inc. Minneapolis Symphony the New College Music San Antonio, TX $5,000 ¯ Festival in June 1986. To support lees for Haydn Festival Association Orchestra Minneapolis, MN $13,300 American artists during the Bend, OR $2,500 1986 San Antonio Festival. To support artists’ lees at / To support artists’ lees,


Spoleto Festival USA distribution of American Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. Leonarda Productions, Inc. Charleston, SC $13,300 music. New York, NY $3,500 New York, NY $2,000 To support artists’ fees at To support the company’s To support marketing and the tenth Spoleto Festival 29 GRANTS recorded performances for distribution of the U.S.A. in 1986. PROGRAM FUNDS: the American Choral company’s catalogue $248,500 Masters Series (Volume 6) listings, including a sampler Sunriver Music Festival, Inc. and the New American cassette project. Sunriver, OR $2,000 Albany Symphony Choral Series (Volume 5), To support the Sunriver Orchestra, Inc. with distribution by Louisville Orchestra, lnc. Music Festival in summer Albany, NY $7,000 Composers Recordings, Inc. Louisville, KY $7,000 1986. To support the recording of To support the recording Ezra Laderman’s Group for Contemporary and distribution of Stephen University of Oklahoma Pentimento through Music, Inc. Albert’s River Run on the Norman Campus Composers Recordings, Inc. New York, NY $4,000 orchestra’s First Edition Norman, OK $2,500 To support the recording of Records label. To support fees of violin and piano works by Baley, Virko Charles Wuorinen through professional American Las Vegas, NV $2,000 MT3, Inc. artists at the 1986 Early To support production and Bridge Records, Inc. Grinnell, lA $2,500 Baroque Performance distribution, through Orion To support production and Workshop and Festival at Master Recordings, of House Foundation for the distribution of composer Lake Tahoe. Sculptured Birds and Arts, Inc. David Ashley White’s New York, NY $4,000 chamber music. University of Oregon Main Partita. To support the recording of Campus Cincinnati Symphony compositions and Meet the Composer, Inc. Eugene, OR $12,800 Orchestra performances by Meredith New York, NY $60,000 To support lees for Cincinnati, OH $10,000 Monk, with production and To support a four-disc set American artists at the 1986 To support musicians’ lees distribution by of recordings of newly Oregon Bach Festival. and post-production and ECM/Warner Brothers commissioned works, with Records, Inc. distribution costs for the production by Nonesuch Vermont Mozart Festival Records. release of Elliot Carter’s Houston Symphony Society Burlington, VT $4,500 Variationsfor Orchestra and To support artists’ lees at Piano Concerto through Houston, TX $8,000 Michigan State University the 1986 Vermont Mozart New World Records. To support the recording of East Lansing, MI $4,000 Festival. Fantasy for Doublebass and To support the Verdehr Columbus Symphony Orchestra by Frank Proto, Trio’s recording of Images Victoria Bach Festival Orchestra, Inc. Violin Concerto by Marc by Katherine Hoover and Association, Inc. Columbus, OH $4,000 Neikrug, and Contrabassoon Inventions on the Summer Victoria, TX $2,500 To support the recording of Concerto by Donald Erb Solstice by Charles Hoag, To support artists’ lees, Roger Sessions’ Symphony (Composers Recordings, with production and publicity, and promotion No. 4, Symphony No. 5, Inc.). distribution by Leonarda expenses at the 1986 Texas and Rhapsody through New Records, Inc. Bach Festival. World Records. Jazz Composer’s Orchestra Association, Inc. Mikhashoff, Yvar E. Waterloo Foundation for Composers Recordings, Inc. New York, NY $17,500" Buffalo, NY $2,000 the Arts, Inc. New York, NY $17,000 To support the timely To support the first Stanhope, NJ $2,500 To support a full-time staff printing of the 1986 New recording of piano works by To support lees of emerging position in promotion and Music Distribution Service Ross Lee Finney American artists at the 1986 marketing, and the second catalog. (Composers Recordings, Waterloo Music Festival. release of the Anthology Inc.); a second volume of Jazz Composer’s Orchestra piano works by Virgil Cassette Series during ~ 1986-87. Association, Inc. Thomson, and the recording New York, NY $20,000 of works by Percy MUSIC Consortium Recordings To support the production (Spectrum Records). Los Angeles, CA $7,000 of New Music Distribution RECORDING a~o support recording, Service’s 1987 catalogue, a Mills, Margaret marketing, distribution, and marketing campaign to Greenwich, CT $2,000 To assist nonprofit administrative operations of expand the customer base, To support the recording of the company’s Laurel and print and radio Sonatina by Elizabeth organizations in the promotion. recording and Record label, Lauer, Of Shadows

136 the seventh annual Numberless by Miriam Rensselaer Polytechnic 80 GRANTS Institute PROGRAM FUNDS: Rootabaga jazz festival in Gideon, I/ariations and 1986. Themefor Piano by Troy, NY $2,000 $841,970 Anthony Newman, and To support post-recording Carver Community Cultural Intercalations by Richard costs for the release of A La Jazz Presenters Mode by Neil Rolnick, Center Wilson through Newport San Antonio, TX $7,000 Classic, Ltd. through Composers Afrikan Poetry Theatre, Recordings, Inc. lnc. jazzTo festival support the anda tenth separate annual Miunesota Composers Jamaica, NY $2,400 series of clinics in 1986. Forum Rod Rodgers Dance To support a concert-lecture Company, Inc. St. Paul, MN $4,000 series during the 1986 Central Pennsylvania To support a recording of New York, NY $4,000 season. To support the recording of Friends of Jazz, lnc. the Minneapolis Artists Harrisburg, PA $5,000 Ensemble performing Against Great Odds by Art School Jimmy Owens. To support the sixth jazz Quintet by Frank Proto, Set Carrboro, NC $3,100 festival presenting soloists, for String Quartet, Piano To support expansion of the St. Louis Symphony Society small ensembles, and big and Bass by Charles Ives, weekly jazz series to include bands. Fantasia on Themes of St. Louis, MO $20,000 concerts by national guest Marin Marais by John To support the recording of artists, and for increased ’s Charlie Parker Memorial Tartaglia, and Four on the promotion during the Foundation Floor by Libby Larsen. Symphony No. 4, with 1986-87 season. production by New World Kansas City, MO $8,000 Records. To support a public concert Mother Lode Musical Artists Coilective, Inc. and clinic program featuring Theatre and Seminars, Inc Hartford, CT $27,500 Syracuse Society for New Art Blakey and the Jazz Kentfield, CA $2,000 To support the 1986-87 Messengers. To support the ensemble’s Music, Inc. season of tribute concerts Syracuse, NY $2,000 recording of Stephen honoring jazz artist Betty City Celebration, lnc. Massett’s Parlour Ballad To support a recording of Carter, and the master jazz San Francisco, CA $8,000 and Melodeon Ballad Surma Ritornelli by session series. Christopher Rouse, To support Jazz in the through the Musical City’s 1986 festival Heritage Society. Impromptu by Daniel Arts & Humanities Division, Godfrey, Society Music by presenting Bay Area West Virginia Departmeut ensembles. New York New Music James Willey, and an of Culture & History work by Ann Ensemble Charleston, WV $2,500 City of Atlanta, Bureau of New York, NY $2,000 Silsbee, with release by To support national and Spectrum Records. Cultural Affairs To support post-production local artists’ fees for the Atlanta, GA $24,000 costs associated with the tenth annual West Virginia To support the ninth annual recording of works by Young Men’s & Young Jazz Festival in 1987. Stephen Dembski and Women’s Hebrew Atlanta Jazz Festival and Association expansion of the city’s 1986 release of the album by Arts Festival Association of summer jazz series. Composers Recordings, Inc. New York, NY $7,000 Atlauta, Inc. To support the Y Chamber Atlanta, GA $5,000 City of Gainesville, Florida Parnassus Contemporary Symphony in a recording of To support jazz Stephen Albert’s Flower of Gainesville, FL $4,500 Music Foundation, lnc. presentations during the To support the 1986-87 jazz New York, NY $2,000 the Mountain, with the 1986 festival, featuring lead concert and workshop series To support the recording of production by Nonesuch saxophonist Lou Donaldson. works by Stefan Wolpe to Records. presenting local ensembles with national artists. be released by Composers Bismarck Junior College Recordings, Inc. Bismarck, ND $4,900 Cooper Union for the To support on-campus and Recorded Anthology of Advancement of Science and JAZZ community concerts, Art’ American Music, Inc. lectures, and clinics during $20,000 New York, NY $14,000 New York, NY the 13th annual Jazz To support a serie~ of To support the To assist organizations of Celebration in 1987. administrative and the highest artistic level concerts by jazz artists marketing staff, and Butch Morris, Hilton Ruiz, in presenting jazz artists Carl Sandburg College Craig Harris, and Harry C. production and distribution and ensembles. Galesburg, IL $2,000 activities during 1-986-87. To support guest artists’ Pickens. lees and travel expenses for


Creative Arts Coilective, the 1986 free summer a new subscription series at expenses for the third Lake Inc. concert series at Prospect the Fine Arts Center of George Jazz Weekend in Detroit, MI $13,000 Park, and for the indoor SUNY. 1986. To support the 1986 season Picnic House series. of concerts, guest artists’ Jackson Arts Alliance Manna House Workshops, residencies, and workshops. Greater Grand Crossing Jackson, MS $7,000 lnc. Organizing Committee To support artists’ fees and New York, NY $2,400 Cuyahoga Community Chicago, IL $4,900 related expenses fora jazz To support a series of jazz College District To support a jazz and festival in May 1987. concerts during the 1986-87 Cleveland, OH $7,500 festival, featuring the tríos season and lecture To support the seventh of Wynton.Marsalis and Jazz in Arizona, Inc. demonstrations in F, ast annual Jazzfest of concerts Ramsey Lewis as well as Phoenix, AZ $2,400 Harlem public schools. and clinics, local musicians. To support the jazz artist-in­ residence program of clinics Minnesota Orchestral Detroit Council of the Arts Henry Street Settlement and performances at Association-The Detroit, MI $11,000 New York, NY $6,000 Phoenix elementary and Minneapolis Symphony To support the 1986 summer To support the 1986-87 secondary schools, and atea Orchestra jazz series presenting Professional Concert Series, colleges. Minneapolis, MN $19,000 national and local artists, and resident and guest To support guest artists’ artists’ jazz workshops. Jazzmobile, Inc. fees, marketing, production Detroit Renaissance New York, NY $44,000 and promotion costs for the Foundation Highland Jazz, lnc. To support the 1986-87 1986-87 season of jazz Detroit, MI $5,000 Newton, MA $6,000 season of summer mobile concerts at Orchestra Hall To support artists’ lees and To support the 1986-87 concerts throughout the and the Minneapple Jazz related travel expenses for season of concerts by local states of New York and Festival. the 1986 Montreux Detroit and emerging jazz New Jersey, in Baltimore, Jazz Festival anda series of musicians. Maryland, and Washington, Monmouth County Library concerts at local D.C.; and to support public Freehold, NJ $4,900 auditoriums. Highlights in Jazz school lecture- To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $2,000 demonstrations and season of jazz concerts at District of Columbia Public To support the 1986-87 jazz concerts. Monmouth County and Library concert series presenting Passaic Public Libraries. Washington, DC $2,000" all-star New York ensembles Jazztrack, Inc. To support artists’ lees for at New York University’s New York, NY $3,000 Mt. Hood Festival of Jazz presentation of a work by Loeb Student Center. To support the 1986-87 Foundation, Inc. Archie Shepp and Malcolm concert series presenting Gresham, OR $3,700 Goldstein commemorating Howard University New York artists. To support the annual the life and work of Dr. Washington, DC $5,000 festival presentation of Martín Luther King, Jr. To support artists’ Kansas City Jazz Festival national, regional and local performance lees and Committee jazz artists. Eneke-the-Bird, Inc. production expenses fora Kansas City, MO $4,900 Tucson, AZ $2,400 concert of original works by To support local and Nationai Association of Jazz To support concerts and Oliver Nelson. national artists’ lees ~nd Educators workshops by duos Oliver promotional expenses for Manhattan, KS $12,000 Lake/Leroy Jenkins and Improvised Music the 1986 Kansas City Jazz To support artists’ lees and Willie Ruff/Dwike Mitchell. Collective, Inc. Festival. related administrative New York, NY $6,000 expenses for the 1987 NA JE Flynn Theatre for the To support the 1986 Second Kuumbwa Jazz Society Conference in Atlanta. Performing Arts, Ltd. String Summit of concerts Santa Cruz, CA $8,000 Burlington, VT $10,000 and improvisational To support national and New Mexico Jazz To support the third annual workshops, emerging artists’ lees for the Workshop, Inc. Discover Jazz Festival in 1986 concert series at the Albuquerque, NM $7,000 1986, with expanded International Art of Jazz, Kuumbwa Jazz Center. To support the annual Guest regional promotion for Inc. Artist Series of public audience development. Stony Brook, NY $28,000 Lake George Arts Project, To support the 1986-87 Inc. andworkshops, concerts masterduring classes, 1986-87. Fund for the Borough of season of public concerts, Lake George, NY $8,000 Brooklyn, Inc. workshops and To support artists’ lees and Brooklyn, NY $6,000 performances at elementary related administrative To support artists’ fees for and secondary schools, and


Arts Midwest Painted Bride Art Center, University of Idaho Jazz lnstitute of Chicago, Minneapolis, MN $40,000 Inc. Moscow, ID $7,000 Inc. Philadelphia, PA $13,000 To support artists’ Chicago, IL $6,000 To support the fourth year To support the 1986-87 performance and workshop To support the first-year of the regional jazz program for the Great Lakes region, season of jazz concerts by fees for the 19th Lionel salary of an administrator, nationally known artists and Hampton-Chevron Jazz and expansion of services to the upper Midwest region. local musicians, and to Festival in 1986. Kuumbwa Jazz Society continue development of the Santa Cruz, CA $4,000 promotional campaign. University of Illinois To support the third-year Brooklyn Philharmonic Urbana-Champaign salary of the director. Symphony Orchestra, Inc. Regents of the University of Champaign, IL $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $6,000 Michigan To support the fifth annual Manna House Workshops, To support guest jazz artists’ fees, promotion and Ann Arbor, MI $10,000 jazz festival in 1986. Inc. production costs related to To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $5,000 season of jazz concerts, University of Minnesota of To support the second-year performances of workshops, Minneapolis-Saint Paul salary of the compositions during the and l¢ctur¢ demonstrations Minneapolis, MN $3,000 development/public 1986-87 season. presented by Eclipse Jazz. To support the eighth relations associat¢. annual jazz festival, Clark College Rutgers, The State featuring saxophonist Richie National Association of Jazz Atlanta, GA $30,000 University of New Jersey Cole and pianist Ross Educators To support the 1986-87 New Brunswick Campus Tompkins conducting high Manhattan, KS $6,000 Black College Jazz Network New Brunswick, NJ $6,000 school clinics and To support the second-year Tour of renowned artists in To support guest artists’ performing in concert with salary of the program concerts and workshops at fees, production and the University of Minnesota director, southern college and publicity expenses fora Jazz Ensemble. university campuses. series of mini-residencies, National Jazz Service and public concerts during University of South Florida Organization Dance Visions, Inc. 1986-87. Tampa, FL $12,000 Washington, DC $40,000 New York, NY $4,000 To support a series of jazz To support the second-year To support musicians’ Sum Concerts, Inc. residencies and concerts and salary of the executive rehearsal and performance Houston, TX $17,000 the 1987 Suncoast Jazz director, fees, and related promotion To support the seventh Festival. and production costs for annual Houston Jazz New Mexico Jazz presentations of a Festival. Wichita Jazz Festival, Inc. Workshop, Inc. collaborative work by Wichita, KS $12,970 Albuquerque, NM $9,000 Marvin Hannibal Peterson Tucson Jazz Society, Inc. To support artists’ fees, To support the first-year and choreographer Dianne Tucson, AZ $10,000 promotional and production salary of the executive McIntyre. To support guest jazz costs of the 15th annual director. artists’ fees, publicity and festival in 1986. Howard University production costs for the Spokane Jazz Society Washington, DC $10,000 ninth annual Jazz Sundae William Paterson College Spokane, WA $9,000 To support the jazz oral festival and the sixth annual Wayne, NJ $7,000 To support the history project, including Primavera: A Celebration of To support guest artists’ establishment of a salary for interviews and videotaping Women in the Arts. fees for the 1986-87 Jazz the executive director, of artists who performed Room concert series, from the 1940s through University of California-Los Jazz Special Projects 1960s. Angeles Jazz Management Los Angeles, CA $6,000 Administrators of the Jazzmobile, Inc. To support promotional and Highland Jazz, Inc. Tulane Educational Fund New York, NY $16,000" administrative costs for free Newton, MA $4,000 New Orleans, LA $8,000 To support a concert jazz concerts and radio To support the first-year To support preservation and celebrating the issuance of a broadcasts in 1986-87. salary of the music director, cross-indexing of rare, U.S. postage stamp native New Orleans commemorating the 87th University of Hartford International Art of Jazz, phonodiscs of the William birthday of the late Edward West Hartford, CT $14,000 Inc. Ransom Hogan Jazz Kennedy "Duke" Ellington. To support guest artist Stony Brook, NY $6,000 Archive. residencies, public To support the second-year workshops, lectures, and salary of the development concerts during 1986-87. director.


Los Angeles Jazz Society Wesleyan University Arts Alaska, Inc. music and a special Los Angeles, CA $6,000 Middletown, CT $6,000 Anchorage, AK $10,000 production featuring the To support the 1986 tribute To support guest speakers’ To support the presentation works of George Gershwin. concert in honor of an honoraria, artists’ of statewide tours by outstanding jazz musician, performance fees, domestic musical groups and solo Canfllelight Concert Soeiety, travel, and related recitalists during the 1986-87 Inc. National Jazz Service administrative costs of a season. Columbia, MD $5,600 Organization symposium: "Jazz To support the presentation Washington, DC $30,000 Improvisation in a World Arts Midwest of emerging American Fora cooperative agreement Music Context." Minneapolis, MN $33,000 chamber ensembles and solo to administer the Music To support artists’ fees for recitalists during the 1986-87 Program’s Jazz onsite Yale University the presentation of chamber season. evaluation project during New Haven, CT $10,000 music, jazz, solo recitalists, 1986. To support interviews, new music, chorus and Carnegie Hall Soeiety, Inc. transcribing, and related orchestra performances in New York, NY $68,000 New York Shakespeare travel and administrative the Midwest during the To support the presentation Festival costs for "The World of 198~5-87 season, of American chamber and New York, NY $10,500 " and the jazz ensembles, solo To support commissions and subsidiary Billy Strayhorn Arvada Center for the Arts recitalists, and orchestras premiere performances of Oral History Project. and Humanities during the 1986-87 season. new works hy Dave Arvada, CO $2,000 Holland, David Murray, To support artists’ fees for Centrum Foundation and Don Pullen. the presentation of Port Townsend, WA $7,000 American chamber To support the presentation Research Foundation of MULTI-MUSIC ensembles and solo of chamber music and jazz State University of New PRESENTERS recitalists during the 1986-87 ensembles in concerts and York season, festivals during the 1986-87 Albany, NY $7,500 season. To support artists’ fees, To assist organizations Associated YM-YWHAs of production and promotion that present two of more Greater New York, Inc. Charles River Concerts, Inc. expenses for mini concerts of the following genres of New York, NY $3,000 Boston, MA $5,000 by guest artists, anda major music." chamber music or To support Downtown To support the presentation concert by Albert King new music, chorus, jazz, Music Productions, of emerging American during the 1986-87 season at orchestra, and solo featuring contemporary and chamber ensembles and solo the College at Old recitalists, traditional chamber works recitalists in a series of Westbury. and orchestral concerts. Boston debut performances. 65 GRANTS Beethoven Society, Inc. Richmond Jazz Society, Inc. PROGRAM FUNDS: Connoisseur Concerts Richmond, VA $6,000 New York, NY $2,000 Association To support the "Jazz On $725,500 To support the presentation Spokane, WA $5,000 Richmond Radio" project, of chamber ensembles and To support artists’ fees and produced for WKIE-AM. Aiternative Center for solo recitalists at Alice Tully related expenses for the International Arts, Inc. New York, NY $15,000 Hall in New York City. presentation of emerging Rod Rodgers Dance To support the presentation American chamber Company, Inc. Board of Trustees of the ensembles and solo New York, NY $6,000 of new music, jazz, and solo Leland Stanford Junior recitalists during the 1986-87 To support musicians’ fees recitalists during the 1986-87 University season. season. and related rehearsal and Stanford, CA $7,000 production costs for To support the presentation Contemporary Arts Center collaborative jazz-dance Artist Series at the Pabst, of emerging jazz and new New Orleans, LA $12,000 works hy Billy Taylor, Inc. music ensembles during the To support the presentation Jimmy Owens and Milwaukee, WI $1,900 1986-87 season of Lively of emerging jazz and new To support artists’ fees and Arts. choreographer Rod Rodgers. related expenses for the music ensembles during the 1986-87 season. National Jazz Service presentation of chamber Brooklyn Academy of music and solo recitalists Music, Inc. Organization during the 1986-87 season. Cornish Institute Washington, DC $75,000 Brooklyn, NY $38,000 Seattle, WA $5,000 To support the technical To support the presentation To support the presentation assistance program for jazz of chamber music, new of emerging jazz and new artists and organizations.


music ensembles in Friends of the Brattleboro ensembles and solo recital To support regional tours by residencies and Music Center, Inc. performances, new music and jazz performances during the Brattleboro, VT $9,500 ensembles during the 1986-87 season. To support the presentation LPL Plus APL 1986-87 season. of solo recitalists and Lewiston, ME $6,000 Creative Music Foundation, chamber music ensembles To support statewide tours Mount Saint Mary’s College Inc. during the 1986-87 season, and residencies by a Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Woodstock, NY $10,000 chamber ensemble anda To support the Da Camera To support the presentation Haleakala, Inc. solo recitalist during the Society’s presentations of of emerging jazz and new New York, NY $16,500 1986-87 season, emerging American chamber music ensembles in To support artists’ fees and ensembles and solo residencies and related costs for the 1986-87 Lincoln Center for the recitalists during the 1986-87 performances during the Contemporary Music Series, Performing Arts, lnc. season of "Chamber Music 1986-87 season, featuring new music, jazz, New York, NY $27,000 in Historic Sites". and solo recital To support artists’ fees and District Curators performances, related costs for the Music Before 1800, Inc. Washington, DC $12,000 presentation of emerging New York, NY $2,500 To support the presentation Hebrew Arts School American solo recitalists and To support the presentation of emerging jazz and new New York, NY $16,000 ensembles as part of the of emerging American music ensembles and solo To support the presentation 1986-87 season of the Great chamber ensembles and solo recitalists in residencies and of chamber music, choral Performers Series. recitalists during the 1986-87 performances during the music, new music, and solo season. 1986-87 season, recital concerts during the Madison Art Center, Inc. 1986-87 season at Merkin Madison, WI $2,000 New England Foundation District of Columbia Concert Hall. To support the presentation for the Arts ommission on the Arts & of a new music ensemble Cambridge, MA $25,000 Humanities Hudson River Museum at anda solo recitalist during To support regional touring Washington, DC $16,000 Yonkers, Inc. the 1986-87 season, and residency activities of To support presentations of Yonkers, NY $3,500 regional orchestras and chamber music and jazz To support the presentation Mamaroneck Free Library chamber music, choral, jazz, ensembles as part of the of American chamber Mamaroneck, NY $9,000 and new music ensembles Rouse Company’s "Art in music, jazz ensembles, and To support the presentation during the 1986-87 season. the Marketplace" program. solo recitalists during the of emerging jazz and new 1986-87 season, music ensembles, and solo Pittsburgh Center for the Dumbarton Avenue Concert recitalists in residencies and Arts Series Inter-Media Art Center performances at the Emelin Pittsburgh, PA $2,500 Washington, DC $2,800 Huntington, NY $5,500 Theater for Performing To support artists’ fees for To support artists’ lees and To support the presentation Arts. the presentation of chamber related expenses for the of emerging chamber music, music, jazz ensembles, and presentation of emerging jazz, and new music Market Square Concerts solo recitalists during the American chamber ensembles during the Harrisburg, PA $2,500 1986-87 season. ensembles and solo 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees and recitalists during the 1986-87 related expenses for the Portland Center for the season. Isabella Stewart Gardner presentation of emerging Visual Arts Museum, Inc. American solo recitalists and Portland, OR $5,000 Film in the Cities, Inc. Boston, MA $3,500 chamber ensembles during To support the presentation St. Paul, MN $5,500 To support the presentation the 1986-87 season, of emerging American To support the presentation of chamber music ensembles chamber and new music of jazz and new music and chamber orchestra Mid-America Arts Alliance ensembles and solo arfists during the 1986-87 concerts during the 1986-87 Kansas City, MO $30,000 recitalists during the 1986-87 season. To support tours and season. season, residencies of music Friends of Chamber Music John F. Kennedy Center for ensembles, orchestras, and Q.R.S. Arts Foundation, Kansas City, MO $3,000 the Performing Arts soloists throughout the Inc. To support the presentation Washington, DC $10,000 region during the 1986-87 Buffalo, NY $2,500 of emerging American To support artists’ lees and season. To support arfists’ lees for chamber ensembles and solo relat¢d ¢xpenses for the the presentation of emerging recitalists during the the 1986-87 season of Terrace Mid-Atlantic States Arts American chamber music 1986-87 season. Concerts featuring chamber Consortium, Inc. and jazz ensembles for the Baltimore, MD $17,000 "Rising Stars" series.


Real Art Ways Raw lnk, Unison Learuing presentation, of chamber Western States Arts lnc. Community, Inc. music, orchestral music, Foundation Hartford, CT $8,000 New Paltz, NY $2,900 solo recitalists, and jazz Santa Fe, NM $25,000 To support the presentation To support artists’ fees for performances during the To support artists’ fees, for of new music, jazz, and solo the presentation of chamber 1986-87 season, presenting music ensembles recitalists performances music, new music, jazz, and and solo recitalists during during the 1986-87 season, solo recitalist performances Van Cliburu Foundatiou, the 1986-87 season. during the 1986-87 season. Iuc. St. Louis Conservatory & Ft. Worth, TX $5,000 YM-YWHA of Metropolitan Schools for the Arts Unity Institute To support artists’ lees for New Jersey St. Louis, MO $12,000 Montclair, NJ $3,300 the presentation of chamber West Orange, NJ $10,000 To support the presentation To support artists’ lees for music ensembles and solo To support artists’ lees and of American chamber the presentation of chamber recitalists performances related costs for the ensembles and solo music ensembles and solo during the 1986-87 season, presentation of chamber recitalists during the 1986"-87 recitalist performances music, new music, solo season, during the 1986-87 season. Vineyard Theatre and recitalists, and jazz Workshop Center, Iue. performances during the Schubert Club, Inc. University Community New York, NY $4,700 1986-87 season. St. Paul, MN $6,000 Concerts, Inc. To support the presentation To support the presentation Silver Spring, MD $8,600 of chamber music and jazz Young Men’s & Young of emerging American To support artists’ fees for ensemble performances Womeu’s Hebrew chamber ensembles and solo the presentation of chamber during the 1986-87 season. Assoeiation recitalists during the 1986-87 music ensembles and solo New York, NY $20,000 season, recitalists performances Visiting Artists, Iue. To support the presentation during the 1986-87 season. Davenport, lA $9,000 of chamber music, solo Snug Harbor Cultural To support the presentation recitalists, and jazz during Center, Inc. Uuiversity of California- of chamber music, the 1986-87 season. Staten Island, NY $2,500 Berkeley orchestral music, solo To support the presentation Berkeley, CA $7,200 recitalists and jazz of chamber music, new To support artists’ fees and performances during the music, jazz and solo related costs for the 1986-87season. CONSORTIUM recitalist performances presentation of new music during the 1986-87 season, and solo recitalist Walker Art Center, Iuc. COMMISSIONING performances during the Minneapolis, MN $20,000 AND Southern Arts Federation, 1986-87 Cal Performance To support the presentation COMPOSER-IN- Iuc. Series. of chamber music, new Atlanta, GA $45,000 music, and jazz ensemble RESIDENCE To provide fee support for University of Hawaii at performances during the regional presenters of Manoa 1986-87 season. Consortium chamber music, jazz, Honolulu, HI $9,500 Commissioning grants orchestras, and solo To support a statewide tour Washington Performing recitalists, of a chamber music Arts Society enable consortia of at ensemble anda solo Washington, DC $27,000 least three performing Stoekton State College recitalist during the 1986-87 To support artists’ fees for organizations or solo Pomona, NJ $3,500 season, the presentation of chamber recitalists to commission To support the presentation music, orchestral music, and and perform new works. of chamber musJc, new University of lowa solo recitalist performances The Composer- music, jazz, orchestral, and Iowa City, IA $6,000 during the 1986-87 season, in-Residence category solo recitalist performances To support the presentation provides support to during the 1986-87 season, of chamber music, solo Western lllinois University establish a collaborative recitalist performances, and Macomb, IL $7,500 working relationship Sun Vailey Center for the residencies during the To support artists’ fees for between a composer and Arts and Humanities 1986-87 season at Hancher the presentation of solo Sun Valley, ID $4,000 Auditorium. recitalists and jazz two or more music To support the presentation performances during the performing organizations of chamber music, new University of Massachusetts 1986-87 season, which wish to sponsor a music, jazz, orchestral, and Amherst Campus residency. (No grants solo recitalist performances Amherst, MA $9,500 were awarded in this during the 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees and category during Fiscal production costs for the 1986).


costs during the 1986 10 GRANTS Robert Helps, Hale Smith, Morton Gould, Allen PROGRAM FUNDS: and Mel Powell for works Shearer, Russell Woolen, season. that will be performed twice and Cary John Franklin for $198,000 each by Mastrogiacomo works that will be Chamber Music Chicago performed twice each by Chicago, IL $3,400 Atlanta ¥irtuosi Duo, Delphin & Romain, and Grant & Winn. San Francisco Chanticleer, To support a summer Foundation, Inc. the Gregg Smith Singers, residency and workshops Atlanta, GA $15,000 Meet the Composer, Inc. Oratorio Society of during 1986. To support commissions for Washington and Plymouth Werner Torkanowsky, New York, NY $18,000 To support commissions for Music Series. Chamber Music Hawaii George Perle, and Stanislaw Charles Wuorinen, Carla Honolulu, HI $2,000 Skrowaczewski for works Bley, and John Harbison To support the Monday that will be performed twice for works that will be Night Candlelight Concert each by the chamber performed twice each by CHAMBER/NEW series at the Lutheran ensembles Atlanta Virtuosi, pianists , Church of Honolulu New England Piano Alan Feinberg, and Robert MUSIC featuring standard repertoire Quartet, and Cambridge Shannon. PRESENTERS that includes some American Chamber Players. music. New Music Consort, Inc. To enable music Chamber Music Northwest, New York, NY $21,000 Chamber Music Northwest, lnc. To support commissions for presenting organizations Inc. Portland, OR $18,000 Mario Davidovsky, Leon and music festivals to Portland, OR $9,700 To support the 1986 summer To support commissions for Kirschner, and Anne present chamber music William Kraft, David Schiff, LeBaron for works that will and recently composed chamber music festival in and William Albright for be performed twice each by music--with ah emphasis Portland. works that will be chamber ensembles New on American music--of Chamber Music Society of performed twice each by Music Consort, Atlanta the highest artistic level chamber ensembles Chamber Players, and Baltimore, Inc. and of national or Baltimore, MD $2,000 Chamber Music Northwest, Theater Chamber Players of regional significance. Toledo Symphony and New the Kennedy Center. To support the 1986-87 College Music Festival. concert series that includes Oberlin Coilege 78 GRANTS 20th-century compositions Dinosaur Annex Music Oberlin, OH $18,000 PROGRAMFUNDS: as well as music from the Ensemble, Inc. To support commissions for $353,900 standard romantic o repertoire. Watertown, MA $24,000 Donald Erb, Stephen To support commissions for Dembski, and Lukas Foss 80 Langton St. . William Thomas McKinley, for works that will be San Francisco, CA $6,600 Chamber Music Society of David Stock and Les performed twice each by the To support artists’ fees for Logan, Inc. Thimmig for works that will violinists Gregory the 1986-87 concert season Logan, UT $2,000 be performed twice each by Fulkerson, James Buswell, featuring young emerging To support partial fees and clarinetists Richard and Ronald Copes. American artists, related expenses for Stoltzman, Larry Combs, emerging American chamber and Michele Zukovsky. Pittsburgh New Music Buffalo Fine Arts Academy groups. Ensemble, Inc. Buffalo, NY $4,400 Indiana University Pittsburgh, PA $21,000 To support a series of new Chamber Music Society of BIoomington To support commissions for music concerts presented Salt Lake City, Inc. Bloomington, IN $21,000 Anthony Korf, Richard during the 1986-87 season. Salt Lake City, UT $2,000 To support commissions for Felciano, and Jean-Charles To support the 1986-87 Frederick Fox, Juan Orrego- Francois for works that will Canterbury Schooi, Inc. chamber music concert Salas and Fisher Tull for be performed twice each by New Milford, CT $2,000 season featuring local works that will be Pittsburgh New Music To support the 1986-87 musicians and visiting performed twice each by Ensemble, Musical Music at Canterbury series, ensembles of national and saxophonists Eugene Elements/Daniel Asia, San international renown. Rousseau, Kenneth Fischer, Francisco Contemporary Cape & Islands C~amber Chamber Music Society of and Michael Jacobson. Music Players, and Sonor. Music Festival, Inc. Yarmouth Port, MA $3,400 St. CIoud, Inc. Mastrogiacomo Duo, lnc. San Francisco Chanticleer, To support artists’ and St. Cloud, MN $2,000 To support artists’ fees and Tallahassee, FL $18,000 Inc. composers’ fees and To support commissions for San Francisco, CA $24,000 marketing and advertising related expenses during the To support commissions for 1986-87 concert series.


Charles Ives Center for Creative Time, Inc. Friends of Chamber Music Institute of Contemporary American Music New York, NY $5,700 of Miami, Inc. Art Roxbury, CT $2,900 To support a series of new Miami, FL $2,000 Boston, MA $5,100 To support artists’ fees for music performances during To support artists’ fees for To support the the seventh annual summer the 1986-87 program season, the 1986-87 concert season, programming of new and program, which will focus within on American experimental Cultural Council Friends of Chamber Music the performance series music. Foundation of Stockton "Friday Night Specials" New York, NY $2,000 Stockton, CA $2,200 during the 1986-87 season. Chestnut Hill Concerts, Inc. To support the Washington To support computerization Guilford, CT $2,900 Square Contemporary Music of the mailing list in an International Brass Quintet To support the 17th summer Series, which emphasizes effort to increase the Festival, Inc. season of chamber masic vital new American chamber audience for the 1986-87 Baltimore, MD $7,800 concerts, music at the New York season. To support American University Theatre. artists’ fees, promotion and Cincinnati Chamber Music Friends of the Arts, lnc. presentation of concerts Society Cunningham Dance Locust Valley, NY $4,500 during the 1986-87 season, Cincinnati, OH $2,000 Foundation, lnc. To support the presentation the College/Pro To support artists’ fees and New York, NY $5,000 of American chamber Symposium, and to help related expenses for the To support the music ensembles during the establish the Young Artists 1986-87 concert season, component of a series of 1986-87 season. Program. performances during the Coleman Chamber Music 1986-87 season. Gruber Foundation League of Composers Association of Pasadena, Goffstown, NH $2,200 International Society for California Dance Theater Workshop, To support artists’ fees, Contemporary Music US Pasadena, CA $2,000 lnc. strengthen administrative Section, Inc. To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $5,900 management, and initiate a New York, NY $3,400 concert season, including a To support the tenth new chamber music series To support new music work by a major American Economy Tires Music on public television during concerts during the 1986-87 composer, season of works by the 1986-87 season, season. contemporary composers Composers’ Forum, Inc. during the 1986-87 season. Guild of Composers, Inc. 13eague of Composers- New York, NY $10,800 New York, NY $2,900 International Society for To support artists’ fees and East Carolina University To support concerts of Contemporary Music related expenses for the Greenville, NC $2,000 contemporary chamber Corporation Boston Section 1986-87 concert series To support a chamber music music during the 1986-87 Wellesley, MA $2,000 featuring emerging concert series and master season. To support 20th-century composers, c|asses during the 1986-87 chamber music concerts season. Hallwalls, Inc. during the 1986-87 season. Concert Artists Guild, Inc. Buffalo, NY $5,700 New York, NY $2,900 Elaine Summers To support the 1986-87 Los Angeles Contemporary To support artists’ fees, Experimental Intermedia concert season, to increase Exhibitions, Inc. administration, promotion, Foundatiou, Inc. visiting composers’ Los Angeles, CA $2,900 and travel costs for the New York, NY $4,100 honoraria, and to increase To support artists’ 1986-87 concert season. To support the 1986-87 the salary of the music honoraria and related costs concert season featuring new curator, for the presentation of new Contemporary Arts Center and innovative music in an music to the Los Angeles Cincinnati, OH $9,600 informal atmosphere, lmprovisational Music community during the To support the presentation Company 1986-87 season. of new music during the Fairbanks Symphony Allentown, PA $3,300 1986-87 concert season. Association, lnc. To support artists’ fees and Marlboro School of Music, Fairbanks, AK $5,500 related costs for the 1986-87 Inc. Contrasts in Contemporary To support the 1986-87 concert series. Philadelphia, PA $2,900 Music, lnc. chamber music concert To support artists’ fees and New York, NY $7,300 series which includes Independent Composers related expenses incurred in To support the 1986-87 workshops and lessons for Association the presentation of chamber composers’ showcase series Alaskan performers and Los Angeles, CA $5,300 music during the 1986-87 which features lectures for the listening To support new music concert season. contemporary music, audience, during the 1986-87 season.


Mary Luft & Company, Inc. Mostly Music, Inc. North Texas State Rockport Chamber Music Miami, FL $2,900 Chicago, IL $6,600 University Festival, Inc. To support composers’ fees To support artists’ fees and Denton, TX $2,000 Rockport, MA $2,000 and related expenses in the marketing costs during the To support the 1986-87 To support increased artists’ arcas of new music and new 1986-87 concert season, series of experimental music lees for the 1986 season. jazz during 1986. primarily featuring works of Museum Associates living American composers. Roulette Intermedium, Inc. Massachusetts Institute of Los Angeles, CA $16,700 New York, NY $6,300 Technology To support the "Monday Ouray Performing Arts To support artists’ fees, Cambridge, MA $8,800 Evening Concerts" and Guild management, production, To support artists’ and "The Day Before Monday Ouray, CO $3,600 and related costs for the composers’ fees, production Series". To support the 1986 "Music 1986-87 season. costs of special projects, and in Ouray" concert series, audience development Music at Gretna, Inc. including one free children’s San Francisco Conservatory during the 1986-87 concert Mt. Gretna, PA $3,900 matinee performance, of Music, Inc. season. To support artists’ San Francisco, CA $2,000 performance and mini- Pittsburgh Chamber Music To support artists’ lees for Midland Center for the residency fees during 1986. Society, Inc. the June 1986 Chamber Arts, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA $2,900 Music West Festival. Midland, MI $3,700 Music in Deerfield, Inc. To support the 1986-87 To support chamber music Deerfield, MA $2,000 concert season including one Santa Fe Chamber Music concerts and related costs To support artists’ fees, part emerging chamber group. Festival, Ltd. during the 1986-87 season, of an administrator’s salary, Santa Fe, NM $15,900 and administrative costs Relache, Inc. To support artists’ fees and Miils College directly related to the Philadelphia, PA $8,800 related costs during the Oakland, CA $2,400 community outreach To support new music 1986-87 concert season. To support the 1986-87 program, concerts and related performance series in the expenses during the 1986-87 Sarah Johnson & Friends Bay Area featuring a diverse Nathan Mayhew Seminars season. Charleston, SC $2,000 group of composers and of Martha’s Vineyard, Inc. To support artists’ and allied artists, with particular Vineyard Haven, MA $2,400 Research Foundation of artistic directors’ fees, attention given to the To support the 1986 summer State University of New strengthening of the inclusion of ethnic music festival. York mangement, and related minorities and women Albany, NY $2,300 costs of the series during composers. New Music-New Mexico, $2,000* 1986-87. Inc. To support, on behalf of Minnesota Composers Albuquerque, NM $3,200 SUNY/Buffalo, the fourth Seattle Chamber Music Forum To support "Concentration North American New Music Festival St. Paul, MN $13,300 ’86-’87," a series of new Festival which features the " Seattle, WA $2,900 To support artists’ and music concerts, To support the artists fees music of American and related expenses for the conductors’ fees and related composers. costs during the 1986-87 Newberry Library 1986 festival. radio series and concert Chicago, IL $3,900 Research Foundation of season. To support artists’ fees and State University of New Si-Yo Music Society related costs for the concert York Foundation, Inc. Mohawk Trail Concerts, series, "Early Music from Albany, NY $3,300 New York, NY $4,900 Inc. the Newberry Library.". To support artists’ fees for To support chamber music concerts during the 1986-87 Greenfield, MA $5,300 the fifth annuai "Music in To support an American Newport Harbor Art the Mountains," a 20th­ season. concert on the Fourth of Museum century American music Society for Chamber Music July at historic Deerfield, Newport Beach, CA $2,900 series at SUNY/New Paltz. school/community concerts, To support performances of in Rochester, Inc. and new expressions in music Roanoke Valley Chamber Rochester, NY $6,300 composer/performer/audience Mosic Society, Inc. To support the tenth annual and related costs during the Baroque Festival, featuring discussions of contemporary 1986-87 season. Roanoke, VA $2,000 works performed at the To support artists’ fees and early music played on period summer chamber music related expenses for the instruments. concert series. 1986-87 concert series.


Sun City Fine Arts Society, residency program of Bay Area Women’s Meet the Composer, Inc. Inc. American chamber artists Philharmonic New York, NY $70,000 Sun City, AZ $2,400 and composers. San Francisco, CA $2,000 To support payment of To support artists’ lees and To support the partial salary composers’ lees for MTC related expenses for the Yeilow Springs Institute for of the coordinator of the events throughout the U.S., 1986-87 concert season. Contemporary Studies and Women Composer’s the National Network of the Arts Resource Center. Regional MTC Affiliates, Symphony Space, Inc. Chester Springs, PA $2,900 expansion of MTC’s support New York, NY $8,800 To support a series of Charles Ives Center for for jazz composers, To support a free "Wall to chamber music concerts American Music production of a composer Wall Schubert" birthday during the 1986-87 season. Roxbury, CT $3,800 handbook, and initiation of music marathon and To support administrative media projects. contemporary music and technical assistance for concerts during 1986-87. the seventh annual summer Minnesota Composers program which will be a Forum Syracuse Friends of SERVICES TO composers’ workshop St. Paul, MN $7,100 Chamber Music, Inc. COMPOSERS focusing on American To support services to De Witt, NY $4,100 experimental music, composers, including a To support concerts in monthly newsletter, Grants ate awarded to Composers Conference and which younger musicians as organizations for projects workshops, seminars, and well as well-established Chamber Music Center the composer advocate ensembles ate presented that serve composers on a Wellesley, MA $4,700 position. during the 1986-87 season, national of regional To support the 41st annual basis. Composers Conference Minnesota Orchestral Syracuse Society for New consisting of seminars, Association-The Music, Inc. 16 GRANTS rehearsals, readings, private Minneapolis Symphony Syracuse, NY $10,600 PROGRAM FUNDS: lessons, and instrumental Orchestra To support artists’ fees, $156,000 demonstrations. Minneapolis, MN $2,000 presentation of emerging To support musician’s fees American performers and American Academy in Rome Composers’ Forum, Inc. and other related costs for a composers; free workshops, New York, NY $3,000 New York, NY $2,000 "reading rehearsal" project lectures, and school To support a one-year To support publication of a with the Minnesota concerts; and for continued fellowship for a composer to quarterly newsletter Orchestra. improvement of managerial live and work at the containing articles by and publicity skills during American Academy in composers and listings of Musical Traditions the 1986-87 season. Rome. concerts. Berkeley, CA $2,000 To support the American Warren Wilson Coilege, Inc. American Music Center, lnspired Teaching Studios, Gamelan Institute, a Swannanoa, NC $3,900 Inc. Inc. division of Musical To support the 1986 New York, NY $42,700 Dallas, TX $5,700 Traditions; the publication Swannanoa Chamber To support library and To support Texas of Balungan; and the Festival. information services, the Composers Forum in the archives of the American composers’ copying grant composers’ lees grant Gamelan Institute. Washington Project for the program, staff salaries, program to sponsoring Arts, Inc. distribution of recordings, organizations, including New Wilderness Washington, DC $2,900 cataloging and maintenance those providing commissions Foundation, Inc. To support the New Music of scores, anda link-up with in connection with the Texas New York, NY $2,500 Program during the 1986-87 a national library computer Sesquicentennial Project. To support the contributors’ season, data base. honoraria, salaries, League of Composers- production expenses and Wave Hill, Inc. Arts Midwest International Society for distribution expenses of Ear, Bronx, NY $2,900 Minneapolis, MN $2,500 Contemporary Music Magazine ofNew Music. To support artists’ fees and To support composers’ Corporation Boston Section related expenses of the participation in the Meet the Wellesley, MA $2,000 Real Art Ways Raw Ink, 1986-87 chamber music Composer/Midwest To support the publication Inc. series, program, and distribution of a Hartford, CT $2,000 comprehensive calendar of To support the expansion of Yeilow Barn contemporary music the publication series to Putney, VT $5,900 activities in the Boston atea. include a section devoted to To support the 1986


new music composers and institute which will support salaries, audio equipment Affiliate Artists, Inc. activities throughout New composer-oriented and other related costs for New York, NY $10,000 England. developmental activities and the upgrading of the Audio To support a program whích will contribute to Studio at the Hartford Arts will assist in the career collaborations between Center. development of composers and other accompanists. creative artists. Rensselaer Polytechnic CENTERS FOR lnstitute American Dance Festival, NEW MUSIC Elaine Summers Troy, NY $2,000 Inc. Experimental Intermedia To support the purchase of Durham, NC $6,000 RESOURCES Foundation, Inc. equipment to upgrade the To support a New York, NY $2,000 current computer music composers/choreographers Grants are awarded to To support administrative studio facilities, residency program. innovative music costs associated with facilities, including requests from artists for Research Foundation of the American Music Center, studios technical assistance in the City University of New Inc. and computer centers in use of the foundation’s York New York, NY $45,000 order to encourage facilities. New York, NY $9,500 To support activities for the To support continued third annual American collaboration between Harvestworks, Inc. improvement of the Center Music Week scheduled to composers and other New York, NY $3,000 for Computer Music at take place November 2-8, creative artists. To support technicians’ fees Brooklyn College through 1987. and other related costs for a equipment purchase and 13 GRANTS cornposer residency program other related costs. American Women PROGRAM FUNDS: at the Public Access Composers, Inc. $61,000 Studio. University of California-San McLean, VA $15,000 Diego To support the tenth and/or service Massac~usetts Institute of La Jolla, CA $3,000 anniversary celebration of Seattle, WA $4,000 Technology To support the purchase of American Women To support the purchase of Cambridge, MA $7,000 equipment to upgrade the Composers, Inc. equipment to upgrade the To support the partial UCSD Center for Music current electronic music purchase of a 4X computer Experimei~t’s facility. Board of Trustees of the studio, a~d to support a system for the Experimental Leland Stanford Junior series ofworkshops for Music Studio. University of Rochester University studio users. Rochester, NY $3,000 Stanford, CA $10,000 North Texas State To support the audio To support a television Board of Trustees of the University reconfiguration of the real- program featuring Wynton Leland Stanford Junior Denton, TX $6,000 time studio at the Eastman Marsalis in collaboration University To support the purchase of School of Music. with Dexter Morrill about Stanford, CA $7,800 equipment for the Center the process of creating To support the purchase of for Experimental Music and music with a computer. a multi-track mixing console Intermedia and also for for the Center for Computer composer residencies to Boys Clubs of America Research in Music and create works in the CEMI SPECIAL New York, NY S12,000 Acoustics. studios. PROJECTS To support the Young Artists Program. California Institute of the Peabody Institute of Johns Arts Hopkins University To fund innovative and Brooklyn Academy of Valencia, CA $4,000 Baltimore, MD $2,000 exemplary projects that Music, Inc. To support the purchase of To support the purchase of have a broad impact on Brooklyn, NY $10,000" additional equipment for the equipment to establish a the music field but ate To provide timely support Electro-Acoustic Studio and system for digital sampling not eligib/e under the for William Bolcom’s full- travel costs for composer of sound for the Computer otherfunding categories, length song cycle, Songs of residencies. Music Studio. Innocence and Experience, to be performed as part of Cornish Institute Real Art Ways Raw Ink, 22 GRANTS BAM’s "Next Wave" PROGRAM FUNDS: Seattle, WA $4,000 Inc. festival. To support the purchase of Hartford, CT $5,700 $437,000 new equipment for the To support technician’s


Chamber Music Society of Los Angeles Phiiharmonic National Symphony Strings for Schools, lnc. Lincoln Center, Inc. Association Orchestra Association of Malvern, PA $4,000 New York, NY $15,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Washington, D.C. To support chamber music To support the Together To support a contemporary Washington, DC $8,000 performances in elementary with Chamber Music music festival in To support the Youth and secondary schools. Program and the Student 1987. Fellowship Program. Ticket Subsidy Program. Theatre Development Fund, MCA Educational Orchestral Association Inc. Congress of Strings Activities, Inc. Chicago, IL $3,000 New York, NY $5,000 Scholarship Fund, Inc. Rockville, MD $8,000 To support the fourth and To support the performing New York, NY $4,000 To support the organization, fifth segments of a series of arts voucher program, the To support the program of presentation, and films for children being non-subsidy ticket program, scholarship aid. documentation of a two-day created by the Chicago the publication and public symposium in Symphony Orchestra. distribution of the annual Goldman Memorial Band, Washington, D.C. on the directory, New York On Inc. nature and purposes of Pittsburgh New Music Stage, and the new New York, NY $15,000 music criticism and music Ensemble, Inc. telephone information To support the 1986 summer journalism. Pittsburgh, PA $4,000 service, "Voucherline." season of free outdoor To support "Music Lives! concerts. Mid-America Arts Alliance Pittsburgh International Walter W. Naumburg Kansas City, MO $200,000 Music Festival," celebrating Foundation, Inc. Indiana State University To support a pilot project the tenth anniversary of the New York, NY $8,000 Main Campus of regional orchestra tours Pittsburgh New Music To support the chamber Terre Haute, IN $20,000 during 1987-88. Ensemble. music ensemble which is To support "Music of the selected by the foundation Americas" at Indiana State National Museum of San Francisco Symphony to appear in Alice Tully University. Women in the Arts, Inc. San Francisco, CA $5,000 Hall in conjunction with a Washington, DC $15,000" To support the costs of work commissioned To commission a work by commissioning two new specifically for the group. Ellen Taaffe Zwilich for the works by John Harbison opening of the museum in and . TF--TREASURY FUNDS April 1987. *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION




OPERA­ California Institute of the The Mighty Casey by Music Theatre Performing Arts William Schuman and Group, Inc. MUSICAL Valencia, CA $26,900 Jeremy Gury. New York, NY $15,300 To support the development To support rehearsal and of Hunger(s) with music by Goodspeed Opera House pre-production costs of THEATE R Morton Subotnick and Foundation, Inc. Vienna, conceived and GRANTS images by Ed Emshwiller. East Haddam, CT $25,600 directed by Martha Clarke, To support the Goodspeed­ composed by Richard Cleveland Opera Theater at-Chester Workshop Series Peaslee, with libretto by 180 GRANTS Cleveland, OH $5,000 during the 1986-87 season. Charles Mee, Jr., at the PROGRAM FUNDS: To support the creation and Lenox Arts Center. $3,891,500 development of Haydn’s I-Iouston Grand Opera Head by Larry Baker, Assoeiation, Ine. Musical Theatre Works, Ine. composer and librettist. Houston, TX $10,000 New York, NY $15,400 TREASURY FUNDS: To support the creation of To support the $1,900,000 Composers’ Forum, Inc. The Making of the reading/workshop program New York, NY $4,000 Representativefor Planet 8 of New American works. To support the revision, with music by development, and pre­ and libretto by Doris New York Opera Repertory NEW production costs of a . Theatre chamber opera. New York, NY $8,000 AMERICAN International Arts Relations, To support the creation of WORKS oes Moines Metro Opera, Inc. The Composing of the Inc. New York, NY $25,600 Heliotrope Bouquet by To create, develop, Indianola, IA $26,800 To support The Hispanic composer Roger Trefousse To support rehearsal and American Music Theatre and playwright Eric rehearse, and produce Laboratory. contemporary American pre-production costs of the Overmyer. opera-musical theater world premiere of Lee Hoiby’s opera, The International Arts Relations, New Dramatists, Inc. works; encourage their Tempest. Inc. New York, NY $10,000 introduction into the New York, NY $24,100 To support the 1986-87 standard repertory; and Eugene O’Neill Memorial To support creation and opera workshop. make audiences more Theater Center, Inc. development of a new music aware and appreciative of Waterford, CT $43,900 theater piece by librettist New York City Opera, Inc. them. To support the National Maria Irene Fornes and New York, NY $26,700 Opera/Music Theater composer Tito Puente. To support rehearsal and Conference. pre-production costs of the 30 GRANTS Lyric Opera Center for world premiere of X by PROGRAM FUNDS: Friends of the Davis Center, American Artists Anthony Davis, Thulani $492,500 Inc. Chicago, IL $26,700 Davis, and Christopher To support rehearsal and Davis during the 1986-87 American Music Theater New York, NY $7,000 To support the pre-production costs of a production season. Festival, Inc. new opera by composer-in­ Philadelphia, PA $17,500 development, rehearsal, and pre-production costs of Trio residence William Neil and Opera De Camara, Inc. To support the creation and librettist Frank Galati. development of a new music by Non Ain. Candado, PR $10,000 theater work by composer To support rehearsal and George Coates Performance Medicine Show Theatre pre-production costs for El William Bolcom and Ensemble, Inc. Mensajero de Plata by librettist Arnold Weinstein. Company San Francisco, CA $26,700 New York, NY $3,000 composer Roberto Sierra To support the development and librettist Myrna Casas. American Repertory Theatre To support creation, of a new music theater.piece Cambridge, MA $26,900 development, rehearsal, and pre-production costs of ah by composer Lawrence Opera Theatre of Saint To support the development "Butch" Morris. Louis of Alcestis, adapted and original music-theater performance work. St. Louis, MO $10,000 directed by Robert Wilson, Minnesota Opera Company To support rehearsal and with a prologue by Heiner St. Paul, MN $32,600 pre-production costs Muller and original music Glimmerglass Opera To support the Minnesota by .’ Theatre, Inc. associated with a revised Cooperstown, NY $5,000 Opera Institute during the verson of William Mayer’s To support the rehearsal summer of 1986. A Death in the Family and pre-production costs of


during the 1986-87 PRODUCERS Kirck, Robin AMAS Repertory Theatre, production season. Berkeley, CA $13,000 lnc. GRANTS -ro support the creation and New York, NY $11,200 Performing Arts Repertory development of Slow Fire by To support the 1986-87 Theatre Foundation, lnc. To assist individual composer Paul Dresher mainstage season of original New York, NY $5,000 producers in the creation, director Richard White, and musical theater. To support the creation of a completion, adaptation, librettist Rinde Eckert. musical about Martin and development of new American Repertory Theatre Luther King, Jr. by Lorwin, Liza Cambridge, MA $11,300 composer and lyricist music theater works. New York, NY $15,000 To support the production Charles Strouse and To support the creation and of The Juniper Tree by playwright Leslie Lee. 10 GRANTS development of The Warrior Philip Glass, Robert Moran 19ROGRAM FUNDS: Ant with book, lyrics, and and Authur Yorinks; and a Playwrights Horizons, Inc. $112,000 direction by Lee Breuer; and production of The Balcony New York, NY $26,800 music by Bob Telson. by Genet, directed by To support Playwrights Allen, Lewis JoAnne Akalaitis with an Hor~zons Musical Theatre New York, NY $I0,000 Mattox, Janis R. original score by Reuben program. To support the creation of Woodside, CA $5,000 Blades. Jump, with music by Van To support the creation and Snake T~eater, Inc. Dyke Parks and libretto by development of Shaman. Anchorage Civic Opera Sausalito, CA $8,000 Michael O’Donoghue. Association, lnc. To support the creation and Shapiro, Leonardo Anchorage, AK $I0,000 development of El Indio by Costinescu, Gheorghe New York, NY $11,000 To support the 1986-87 Chris Hardman with an New York, NY $I0,000 To support the development season of productions original score by Jira McKee To support the development of "The Project" including fees for artistic and Jones. of The Musical Seminar. by writer Leonardo Shapiro and technical personnel. composer Julie Lyonn SOON 3 Theatre Freydberg, James B. Lieberman and designer Bil Arizona Opera Company San Francisco, CA $5,000 New York, NY $20,000 Mikulewicz. Tucson, AZ $4,000 To support the development To support the creation and To support the 1986-87 and pre-production costs of development of The production season in Subatomic Transit by Alan Country Wife written by Phoenix and Tucson. Finneran and composer Bob Richard Maltby, Jr. with PROFESSIONAL Davis. music by David Shire. Arkansas Opera Theatre, COMPANIES fue. Vineyard ~Theatre and Gordon, Peter L. Little Rock, AR $5,500 Workshop Center, Inc. New York, NY $6,000 For opera companies to To support orchestra íees New York, NY $5,000 To support the creation of improve their artistic during the 1986-87 To support a series oí The Society Architect quality and production season. rehearsed readings in a Ponders the Golden Gate administrative skills, workshop setting as part of Bridge with music composed reach new audiences, and Atlanta Civic Opera the ongoing musical theater by Peter Gordon, libretto by broaden their repertoire Association, Inc. development program Lawrence Weiner, and Atlanta, GA $3,000 choreographed episodes by to include more works by To support the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 American artists, production season. . production season including artistic, technical and Washington Opera Kalfin, Robert 90 GRANTS administrative expenses; and Washington, DC $10,000 New York, NY $12,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: the educational outreach To support rehearsal costs To support the development $2,286,500 program. for the world premiere of of Spring Awakening, with Gian Carlo Menotti’s opera music by Richard Isen, TREASUR Y FUNDS: Augusta Opera Assoeiation, based on the life of Goya. lyrics by Joel Beard, and $1,900,000 Inc. book by Joel Beard and Augusta, GA $4,000 David Petrarca. Albuquerque Opera Theater To support the 1986-87 Albuquerque, NM $3,000 production season and the King, Keith To support travel fees for resident artist and New York, NY $10,000 the music director to cast educational programs. To support the development the 1986-87 season and of Second Species by Keith rélated costs. King and Skip LaPlante.


Baltimore Opera Company, Colorado Opera Festival season of productions costs of a musical for the Inc. Colorado Springs, CO including artistic, technical, 1986-87 season. Baltimore, MD $18,000 $3,000 and administrative expenses; TF $15,000 To support the summer 1986 orchestra lees; anda Kentucky Opera To support the company’s production season, modified telemarketing Association, Inc. production and campaign. Louisville, KY $24,000 administrative activities, and Connecticut Players To support marketing and the implementation of the Foundation, Inc. Glimmerglass Opera educational activities for the Baltimore Opera Studio. New Haven, CT $6,200 Theatre, Inc. 1986-87 season of To support the Long Wharf Cooperstown, NY $11,700 productions. Birmingham Civic Opera Theatre’s production of To support production costs Association Kurt Weill’s Lost in the including lees for artistic Long Beach Civic Light Birmingham, AL $3,000 Stars including artistic, and technical personnel for Opera Association To support the 1986-87 technical, and administrative the summer 1987 Long Beach, CA $3,000 production season, expenses during spring 1986. performance season. To support the 1986-87 production season, including Central City Opera House Dallas Civic Opera Goodspeed Opera House lees for artistic and Association Company, Inc. Foundation, Inc. administrative staff. Denver, CO $20,000 Dallas, TX $42,400 East Haddam, CT $57,300 TF $15,000 TF $75,000 TF $40,000 Long Beach Grand Opera To support the summer 1986 To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Long Beach, CA $3,000 production season, including production season including season of mainstage To support artist salaries íor the engagement of artistic "Opera on the Go" productions, including lees the 1986-87 production and support personnel for residencies, the student for administrative personnel; season including Carlisle the Apprentice Artist performance program, and the Library of the Floyd’s Susannah, Douglas Program. Affiliate Artist residencies, American Musical Theatre. Moore’s The Bailad of Baby and capital campaign Doe, and Benjamin Britten’s Charlotte Opera development personnel. Hawaii Opera Theatre Midsummer Night’s Dream. Association, Inc. Honolulu, HI $31,000 Charlotte, NC $9,500 Dayton Opera Association To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Dayton, OH $3,000 production season including Chicago, IL $179,500 performance season. To support the services of a the engagement of artistic TF $110,000 marketing consultant and and management personnel, To support the 1986-87 Chautauqua Institution related costs during the and lees and travel for guest season of productions. Chautauqua, NY $19,000 1986-87 production season, artists. TF $10,000 Lyric Opera of Kansas City, To support the 1986 Des Moines Metro Opera, Houston Grand Opera Inc. production season, including Inc. Association, Inc. Kansas City, MO $24,500 artists’ lees of Chautauqua Indianola, IA $13,800 Houston, TX $174,200 TF $15,000 Opera Company. To support singers’ salaries TF $95,000 To support the 1986-87 and related expenses for the To support the 1986-87 production season, including Chicago Opera Theater 1986-87 season of production season, including fees for artistic and Chicago, IL $25,400 productions, fees to the Houston administrative personnel. To support the expansion of Symphony, guest artists, the 1986-87 season of East West Players, Inc. management personnel, and Memphis Opera Theatre, productions and related Los Angeles, CA $3,000 the development and Inc. costs. To support the production marketing programs. Memphis, TN $8,000 costs of four performances To support the 1986-87 Cincinnati Opera of a work-in-progress during Indianapolis Opera production season, including Association, Inc. the 1986-87 season. Company, Inc. the engagement of artistic, Cincinnati, OH $32,000 Indianapolis, IN $3,000 managerial, and technical TF $40,000 FIorentine Opera Co., Inc. To support the 1986-87 personnel; and the Southern To support the 1986-87 Milwaukee, WI $20,000 production season and the Opera Theater. season of productions, the To support the 1986-87 education and outreach Young American Artist season of productions, program. Metropolitan Opera Prograrn, and the F~nsemble Association, Inc. Company of Cincinnati Fort Worth Civic Opera International Arts Relations, New York, NY $360,600 Opera outreach activities. Association, Inc. Inc. TF $500,000 Ft. Worth, TX $10,000 New York, NY $8,000 To support artistic and To support the 1986-87 To support the production


technical preparation for the New Cleveland Opera To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 1986-87 season. Company production season, production season, including Cleveland, OH $18,000 the engagement of Michigan Opera Theatre To support costs of Opera Association of New administrative, artistic, and Detroit, MI $36,700 telemarketing, direct mail, Mexico production personnel. TF $20,000 and group sales for the Santa Fe, NM $93,400 to support the 1986-87 1986-87 production season. TF $95,000 Opera Theatre of Saint production season; and the To support the 1986-87 Louis educational, community New Orleans Opera production season. St. Louis, MO $50,400 outreach, and artist-intern Association TF $50,000 programs. New Orleans, LA $19,000 Opera Colorado To support the 1986-87 To support engagement of Denver, CO $3,000 production season. Minnesola Opera Company the New Orleans To support the 1986-87 St. Paul, MN $41,900 Philharmonic Orchestra, production season of opera­ Opera/Omaha, Inc. TF $30,000 artistic personnel, and a in-the-round performances Omaha, NE $18,000 To support the 1986-87 student performance for the including the engagement of To support the 1986-87 season of productions and a 1986-87 production season, artistic, technical, and season of productions, ticket summer production of a administrative personnel, subsidies, Opera/Omaha’s classic American musical. New York City Opera, lnc. Opera Live education New York, NY $105,000 Opera Company of program, an expanded Mississippi Opera TF $75,000 Philadelphia rehearsal period, and the Association, lne. To support the summer/fall Philadelphia, PA $38,000 engagement of artistic Jackson, MS $6,000 1986 production season, TF $25,000 personnel. To support the 1986-87 including rehearsal and To support the 1986-87 production season, performance fees for artistic mainstage production Orlando Opera Company, , personnel, season. Ine. Mobile Opera, Inc. Orlando, FL $3,000 Mobile, AL $3,000 New York Gilbert & Opera Ebony/Philadelp~ia, To support artistic and To support the 1986-87 Sullivan Players, Inc. lnc. production costs for the season of productions; New York, NY $3,000 Philadelphia, PA $7,000 1986-87 production season. discounted student tickets; To support the expenses of ¯ To support ttie 1986-87 educational programs; and providing additional artistic, production season and Pennsylvania Opera Theater artistic, technical, and managerial and fundraising community outreach Philadelphia, PA $9,500 administrative personnel, direction to the company for programs, including the To support the company’s the 1986-87 production engagement of artistic and educational outreach Music Theatre Performing season, administrative personnel, program during the 1986-87 Group, inc. production season. New York, NY $28,600 New York Shakespeare Opera Festival Association, Pennsylvania Stage TF $15,000 Festival Inc. Company To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $36,800 Glens Falls, NY $22,400 Allentown, PA $3,000 season of productions at the TF $30,000 TF $10,000 To support artistic and Lenox Arts Center. To support the 1986-87 To support the 1987 Summer Festival season of administrative fees for the production season of new 1986-87 season of new Natural Heritage musical theater, productions of the Lake Trust/Artpark George Opera, including the musicals. Lewiston, NY $9,500 North Light Repertory engagement of artistic and Pittsburgh Opera, Inc. To support the 1986 season Company, Inc. management personnel. Pittsburgh, PA $24,000 of opera productions, Evanston, IL $6,100 To support the 1986-87 including the engagement of To support the 1986-87 Opera Grand Rapids production season, including young American singers; musical theater productions. Grand Rapids, MI $3,000 the engagement of artistic, and continuing promotion To support the 1986-87 managerial, and technical activities for Artpark. Odyssey Theatre Foundation season of productions, personnel. Los Angeles, CA $3,000 including the engagement of Nevada Opera Association To support the 1986-87 artistic and management Playwrights Horizons, Inc. Reno, NV $10,000 season of musical personnel. New York, NY $24,000 To support administrative productions. To support one musical expenses for the 1986-87 Opera Guild of Greater theater piece which will production season. Opera Association of Miami, lnc. receive full production in Central Ohio Miami, FL $50,200 either the Mainstage or Columbus, OH $5,000 TF $100,000 Studio Theatre.


Portland Opera Association, Sarasota Opera Association, Syracuse Opera Company, To support production of Inc. Inc. Inc. Going Hollywood during the Portland, OR $22,000 Sarasota, FL $4,000 Syracuse, NY $9,000 1986-87 season of To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 productions at Arena Stage. production season including production season of production season. the engagement of artistic Carmen, The Barber of Washington Opera and technical personnel. Seville, and Hansel and Teatro de la Opera de Washington, DC $45,100 Gretel. Puerto Rico, Inc. TF $100,000 Revels, Inc. San Juan, PR $3,000 To support artist lees for Cambridge, MA $5,200 Seattle Opera Association, To support the 1986-87 the 1986-87 season of To support artistic, Inc. production season, productions. technical, and administrative Seattle, WA $58,000 costs during the 1986-87 TF $105,000 Theatre de la Jeune Lune Yeh Yu Chinese Opera season of fully staged To support the 1986-87 Minneapolis, MN $3,000 Association, inc. seasonal, celebratory Silver Series and the Wagner To support a full-time music New York, NY $3,000 productions. Festival. director for the theater To support the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 production season of Sacramento Opera Guild Shadow Box Theatre, Inc. production season. Chinese opera, including the Sacramento, CA $3,000 New York, NY $3,000 engagement of artistic, To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Theatre Under the Stars, technical, and administrative production season, season of musical Inc. personnel. productions, including the Houston, TX $3,000 St. Luke’s Chamber engagement of artistic and To support the 1986-87 Ensemble, Inc technical personnel, production season of New York, NY $3,000 musical theater, including REGIONAL To support the 1986-87 Skylight Comic Opera, Ltd. engagement of artistic and TOURING season of new productions Milwaukee, WI $10,300 technical personnel. of West Side Story, Ibert’s To support the resident Angelique, and Haydn’s artists and apprentice Tri-Cities Opera Company, To enable professional L’Infedelta Delusa. program during the 1986-87 Inc. nonprofit opera or season of productions. Binghamton, NY $24,300 musical theater San Diego Opera To support the 1986-87 companies to tour in Association Solvang Theaterfest production season, multi-state regions. San Diego, CA $25,000 Santa Maria, CA $3,000 TF $60,000 To support a project to hire Tulsa Opera, lnc. $38,700 23 GRANTS To support the 1986-87 four musical artists in Tulsa, OK PROGRAM FUNDS: production season, including residence on a year-round TF $20,000 the engagement of artistic, basis to assist both To support the 1986-87 $396,500 production season. technical, and production mainstage musical and Arts Midwest personnel. Musicfest productions. Utah Opera Company Minneapolis, MN $18,000 Salt Lake City, UT $5,000 For fee support during the San Francisco Mime Spanish Theatre Repertory 1986-87 season to not-for- Troupe, Inc. Co., Ltd. To support the 1986-87 production season including profit organizations in the San Francisco, CA $6,200 New York, NY $7,500 atea served by the agency ¯ To support a project to To support the 1986-87 the costs of implementing "Supertitles." which in turn present tours contract artistic personnel to production season of a by the Skylight Comic provide members of the zarzuela and musical Opera, Midwest Opera troupe with advanced anthologies, including the Virginia Opera Association, Theater, and Michigan training in preparation for engagement of artistic and Inc. their first full length opera, production personnel. Norfolk, VA $25,000 Opera Theater. 1936, during the 1986-87 TF $10,000 Early Music Foundation, season of productions. Spoleto Festival USA To support the 1986-87 Charleston, SC $22,500 production season, including lnc. the engagement of artistic, New York, NY $6,000 San Francisco Opera TF $10,000 To support the 1986-87 Association To support the 1986 technical, and administrative touring season of San Francisco, CA $89,700 production season, including personnel, TF $230,000 artistic and technical productions, including administrative expenses, To support the 1986-87 fall personnel. Washington Drama Society, and summer season of lnc. musicians’ fees, and travel productions. Washington, DC $16,400 to booking engagements.


Michigan Opera Theatre Opera/Omaha, Inc. with state and local arts 14 GRANTS Detroit, MI $6,500 Omaha, NE $7,500 organizations in Texas, PROGRAM FUNDS: To support the 1986-87 To support touring and Oklahoma, and Louisiana, $399,000 touring season of the opera­ residencies of Cinderella performances and in-residence program of during the 1986-87 season, residencies of Texas Opera Affiliate Artists, Inc. fully staged productions to a of Nebraska Opera Theater. Theater during the 1986-87 New York, NY $6,500 multi-state region, season. To support artists’ lees and Performing Arts Repertory related expenses for the Mid-America Arts Alliance Theatre Foundalion, Inc. Texas Opera Theater, Inc. "informance" services of Kansas City, MO $10,000 New York, NY $3,000 Houston, TX $112,500 the Affiliate Artists To support a 1986-87 tour To support To support rehearsal, Corporate Sponsored of Lyric Opera of Kansas Theaterworks/USA fora production, and touring Residency Program. City’s Tosca, New York tour during the 1986-87 during the 1986-87 season. City Opera’s Madama season of a musical revue American Music Cenler, Bütterfly, and Robert developed frorn the Virginia Opera Associalion, Inc. Ashley’s Atalanta. company’s repertory of Inc. Néw York, NY $6,900 more than 40 original Norfolk, VA $7,500 To support preparation and Midwest Opera Thealre and musicals. To support rehearsal, distribution of opera front School production, and touring sheets and assistance to St. Paul, MN $23,500 Pittsburgh Chamber Opera during the spring of 1987. composers to extraer and To support rehearsal, Theater reproduce performance production, and touring Pittsburgh, PA $3,000 Waverly Consort, Inc. materials for works of opera during the 1986-87 season. To support touring and New York, NY $5,000 and music theater. residencies during the 1986­ To support a 1986 tour in Mother Lode Musical 87 production season, the Midwest and New Houston Grand Opera Thealre and Seminars, Inc England regions of The Association, Inc. Kentfield, CA $3,000 San Francisco Mime Christmas Story. Houston, TX $13,000 To support touring in the Troupe, Inc. To support the Houston western states of authentic San Francisco, CA $13,000 Western Opera Theater, Inc. Opera Studio, an advanced gold rush musicals during To support a tour of 1936, San Francisco, CA $75,000 music theater training 1986-87. ah original, full-length To support the 1986-87 tour program utilizing the musical theater production including the costs for the resources of the University New York City Opera, lnc. during the 1986-87 tour. engagement of artistic and of Houston and the New York, NY $30,000 production personnel, travel Houston Grand Opera. To support rehearsal, Skylight Comic Opera, Lid. expenses, and educational production, and touring to a Milwaukee, WI $3,000 and promotional materials. Levine, Ruth multi-state region in March To support rehearsal, Bethesda, MD $50,000 and April of 1987 of the production, touring, and Western Stales Arts To administer the Opera- New York City Opera residencies during the Founda|ion Musical Theater’s onsite National Company. 1986-87 season. Santa Fe, NM $13,500 program from October 1, For lee support during the 1986 to September 30, 1987. North Carolina Opera Southern Arts Federation, 1986-87 season to not-for­ Charlotte, NC $3,000 Inc. profit organizations in 12 Lyric Opera Center for To support touring during Atlanta, GA $10,000 western states served by the American Arlis~s the 1986-87 production For fee support to foundation, which in turn Chicago, IL $30,200 season, southeastern presenters in present tours by the Western To support the 1986-87 support of Texas Opera Opera Theatre and Texas season of training and Opera de Camara, Inc. Theatre and North Carolina Opera Theatre. performance experience for Candado, PR $3,000 Opera. young singers. To support touring, including the engagement of Stage S~ruck, Inc. Lyric Opera of Chicago artistic and production New York, NY $3,000 SERVICES TO Chicago, IL $6,500 personnel during the 1986-87 To support touring during THE ART ~ro support a project to season, the company’s 1986-87 provide "hands-on" production season, experience for young arts Opera New England, Inc. To assist organizations managers who serve as Lyric l~oston, MA $7,500 Texas Commission on the that provide services to Opera interns during the To support rehearsal, Arls the opera-musical theater 1986-87 season. production, and touring Austin, TX $30,000 field asa whole or a during the 1986-87 season. To support, in cooperation sector of ir.


Metropolitan Opera Adler Fellows; and music, of two one-act operas, Music Theatre Performing Asso¢iation, Inc. language, and movement including the engagement of Group, Ine. New York, NY $17,300 coaches for the center in the artistic and production New York, NY $9,000 To support the Metropolitan 1986-87 season, personnel and related costs To support a project to Opera’s 1986-87 Young during the 1986-87 season, engage the services of stage Artist Development Wolf Trap Foundation for director Anne Bogart as Program. the Performing Arts Carnegie Hall Society, Inc. artistic associate for the Vienna, VA $6,100 New York, NY $10,000 1986-87 performance season National Institute for Music To support the summer 1986 To support the 1986-87 at Lenox Arts Center. Theater production season, including season of concert opera Washington, DC $108,000 fellowships for young artists performances of vintage Musical Theatre Works, Inc. To support Singer Project and salaries for resident American musicals. New York, NY $15,000" Support Grants, Singer teaching staff and guest To support the expansion Contract Support Grants, artistic staff. Chicago Opera Theater and development of the and Internships. Chicago, IL $10,000 company’s activities during To support a project to the 1986-87 season. National Music Theater engage the services of Network, ~ne. SPECIAL conductor Steven Larsen as National Public Radio, lnc. New York, r~Y $4,300 PROJECTS artistic associate for the Washington, DC $10,000 To support the Creator- 1986-87 performance season. To support the production Subscriber Outreach and distribution of a series Project. For organizations and Concert Royal, Inc. of broadcast operas through individua& to pursue New York, NY $10,000 the "NPR World of Opera" New York Publie Library outstanding, exemplary To support the production during the 1986-87 season. Astor, Lenox and Tilden ideas that advance the of a baroque opera. Foundations forms of opera and New York City Opera, lnc. $8,600 New York, NY musical theater. Concert Foundation for the New York, NY $50,000 To support the Theatre on Extension and Development opera projects and To support the Fire Film and Tape (TOFT) of the American Emergency Fund Campaign. project, artistic associates ate also Professional Theatre, Inc. funded under th& New York, NY $10,000 OPERA America, Inc. OPERA America, Inc. category. To support a program Washington, DC $25,000 Washington, DC $90,700 designed to present all To support the "Opera for To support programs of 13 GRANTS aspects of producing in the 80’s and Beyond" services to professional PROGRAM FUNDS: theater with emphasis on the program. opera companies. $205,000 financial and legal aspects. Opera Orchestra of New OPERA America, lnc. Boston Coneert Opera, Ine. Metropolitan Opera York, Inc. Washington, DC $25,000 Boston, MA $6,000 Association, lnc. New York, NY $10,000 To support the Special To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $30,000 To support fees for artistic Constituencies Technical production season of To support the Metropolitan personnel and the Young Assistance Program. concert performances. Opera Audio Archives Artists’ Program for the Project. 1986-87 production season San Francisco Opera Boston Early Music Festival, concert performances. Associafion Inc. San Francisco, CA $25,900 Cambridge, MA $10,000 TF--TREASURY FUNDS To support the salary To support the production *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION expenses for seven of the




THEATER Department of Theatre and playwrights to set aside Dance. time for writing, FELLOWSHIPS research, travel, and AND GRANTS Yale University other activities to COMMISSIONS New Haven, CT $45,000 advance their careers. 259 GRANTS To support the salaries of FOR PROGRAM FUNDS: master teachers. TRANSLATORS $10,185,405 15 GRANTS PR OGRA M FUNDS: $155,000 To enable produced translators of plays to set PROFESSIONAL FELLOWSHIPS ~eebe, Richard C. aside timefor specific FOR MIMES New Haven, CT $17,000 translation projectsfrom THEATER other languages into TRAINING 7"0 assist the work and Gotanda, Philip K. English« artistic growth of San Francisco, CA $17,000 To encourage ongoing exceptionally talented 3 GRANTS Havis, Allan PROGRAM FUNDS: efforts to raise professional mime artists Kerhonkson, NY $17,000 professional standards by working independently of $30,000 assisting pro f essio nal pro f essional mime lnnaurato, Albert F. Feingold, Michael E. training of theater artists companies. New York, NY $20,000 at the highest level. New York, NY $15,000 To support a translation 7 GRANTS Johns, Andrew from French of three full­ 6 GRANTS PROGRAMFUNDS: New York, NY $15,000 length and two one-act plays $155,000 $50,000 Lauro, Sbirley that exemplify the main currents of 18th-and 19th­ Araerican Conservatory Carryer, Barbara Bailey New York, NY $20,000 century French comedy. Theatre Foundation Brooklyn, NY $5,000 San Francisco, CA $30,000 Machado, Eduardo O. Gyorgyey, Clara To support salaries for Curchack, Fred I. South Pasadena, CA $20,000 Orange, CT $7,500 master teachers. Petaluma, CA $7,200 Mann, Emily of theTo supportHungarian the translation comedy League of Professionai Foreman, Ronlin D. Grandview, NY $20,000 Adashiba, a contemporary Theatre Training Programs, Magnolia Springs, AL work by Karoly Szakonyi. Inc. $7,500 Nieboer, Roger New York, NY $10,000 San Francisco, CA $15,000 Heim, Michael H. To support Actor Hoyle, Geoffrey Cambridge, MA $7,500 Presentations and the Pryor, Deborah C. San Francisco, CA $10,300 Virginia Beach, VA To support the translation Design Portfolio Review. $15,000 of Maria and the Angels, a Munroe, Jan H. contemporary work by New York University Atlanta, GA $5,000 Reardon, Dennis J. Czechoslovakian author New York, NY $15,000 Guilderland Ctr, Pavel Kohout. To support the salaries for Pitt, Leonard NY $37,500 master teachers in the MFA Berkeley, CA $5,000 acting program at the Tisch Ribman, Ronald School of the Arts. Stein, Daniel A. South Salem, NY $37,500 Milwaukee, WI $10,000 ONGOING Juilliard School Steinberg, Ooug~as ENSEMBLES New York, NY $45,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 To support the salaries for master teachers. Steppling, John To help existing theater FELLOWSHIPS South Pasadena, CA$17,000 companies create or University of Wisconsin- POR strengthen continuing Milwaukee PLAYWRIGHTS van Itallie, Jean-Claude relationships with artists Milwaukee, WI $10,000 Charlemont, MA $17,000 in order to work in ways To support the salaries for not otherwise possible. master teachers in the To enable exceptionally talented professional


provides for increased A Contemporary Theatre, To support the 1986-87 8 GRANTS artists’ compensation and Inc. season of productions. PROGRAM FUNDS: for the addition of an actor Seattle, WA $35,000 $1,215,300 to the ensemble. To support artists’ fees and American Players Tñeatre, salaries and for production Inc. American Repertory Theatre Trinity Repertory Company expenses of the mainstage Spring Green, WI $7,500 Cambridge, MA $209,100 Providence, RI $148,000 and Young ACT programs To support artists’ fees and To support the second-year To support the third year of in the 1986-87 season, production expenses in the activities of the ongoing ongoing ensemble activity, 1986-87 season. ensemble, which involves which provides for annual A Traveling Jewish Theatre increased compensation and employment for an San Francisco, CA $17,500 American Repertory Theatre extended employment for increased number of artists To support the costs of Cambridge, MA $260,000 the acting ensemble, an and the further development artistic personnel and To support the 1986-87 enlarged core acting of the conservatory and performances for the season of productions. ensemble, and an expanded fellowship programs. 1986-87 season. Resident Artists’ Program. American Repertory Theatre Washington Drama Society, Actors Theatre of of Cincinnati Appalshop, Inc. Inc. Louisville, Inc. Cincinnati, OH $7,500 Whitesburg, KY $40,000 Washington, DC $466,500 Louisville, KY $170,000 To support artists’ salaries To support the third-year To support the third, To support the 1986-87 and production expenses for activities of Roadside fourth, and fifth years of season of productions, the 1986-87 season of Theater’s ongoing ensemble, the ongoing ensemble at touring. which has provided Arena Stage, providing Actors Theatre of St. Paul increased employment, Appalshop, Inc. increased compensation, annual unemployment for St. Paul, MN $7,500 the ensemble enlarging the To support the 1986-87 Whitesburg, KY $27,500 training, guest artist acting company, increasing season of productions. To support artists’ fees and residencies, and artistic salaries, and production and exchanges for ensemble compensation for artists, and adding artists to the Aiabama Shakespeare touring expenses for the members, ensemble and Living Stage Festival, Inc. 1986-87 season of Roadside company. Anniston, AL $7,500 Theater. Milwaukee Repertory To support the 1986-87 Theater, Inc. Wooster Group, lnc. season of productions. Arizona Theatre Company Milwaukee, WI $97,900 New York, NY $113,300 Tucson, AZ $75,000 To support the third, fourth To support the third year of Alaska Repertory Theatre, To support artistic salaries and fifth years of thc ongoing ensemble activities, Inc. and production expenses for ongoing ensemble, inch~ding which provides for increased Anchorage, AK $50,000 the 1986-87 season. enlarging the acting artists’ compensation, To support the mainstage company, increasing increased fringe benefits, productions, touring, and Ark Theatre Company, Inc. employment, allowing for and the addition of outreach programs in the New York, NY $7,500 observerships and training members to the ensemble. 1986-87 season. To support artists’ fees and opportunities, and engaging salaries for the 1986-87 a resident vocal coach. Ailey Theatre season. Houston, TX $50,000 San Francisco Mime PROFESSIONAL To support the 1986-87 Arkansas Arts Center Troupe, Inc. season through enlarging the Little Rock, AR $7,500 San Francisco, CA $60,000 THEATER acting company, producing To s~pport ah artist To support the third-year COMPANIES plays from the classic exchange program and activities of the ongoing canon, enlarging the Young production expenses for the ensemble, which provides Company, and adding staff. 1986-87 Children’s Theatre for increased artistic salaries To assist in the season. and fringe benefits, the development of artistic, American Conservatory addition of a playwright to administrative, and Theatre Foundation Arkansas Repertory Theatre the company and training community service San Francisco, CA $60,000 Company for the ensemble members, activities ofprofessional To support the 1986-87 Little Rock, AR $7,500 theater companies, season, including artists’ To support the 1986-87 Spanish Theatre Repertory season of productions. Company, Ltd. lees. New York, NY $80,500 178 GRANTS PROGRAM FUNDS: Americao Place Theatre, To support the third year of Inc. the ongoing ensemble, which $7,080,000 New York, NY $t5,000


Asolo Theater Festival Broom Street Theater, Ltd. To support artists’ fees and to the 1986-87 season of Association, Inc. Madison, WI $7,500 salaries for the 1986-87 productions. Sarasota, FL $7,500 To support artists’ fees, season. To support artists’ fees and salaries, and travel for the Dallas Theater Center salaries for the 1986-87 1986-87 season. Circle Repertory Theatre Dallas, TX $115,000 season. Company, Inc. To support expenses related Center Stage Associates, New York, NY $115,000 to the 1986-87 season of Atlanta Arts Alliance, Inc. lnc. To support the 1986-87 productions. Atlanta, GA $20,000 Baltimore, MD $150,000 season of productions, To support Alliance Theatre To support mainstage including the play Das Puppenspiel Puppet Company’s 1986-87 season, productions and the development program and Theatre, Inc. playwright development, summer residencies. Westfield, NY $7,500 Available Potential artistic associate, and To support artists’ fees and Enterprises, Ltd. oatreach programs in the Circle in the Square, Inc. salaries in the 1986-87 Northampton. MA $7,500 1986-87 season. New York, NY $50,000 season. To support artists’ salaries To support actors’ rehearsal and lees for the 1986-87 Center Theatre Group of and performance salaries Delaware Theatre Company season of No Theater. Los Angeles and artistic lees related to Wilmington, DE $7,500 Los Angeles, CA $305,000 production expenses for the To support artists’ salaries Berkeley Repertory Theatre To support the 1986-87 1986-87 season, and lees during the 1986-87 Berkeley, CA $40,000 mainstage season and new season. To support the 1986-87 play development programs Cleveland Piay House production season of classic at Mark Taper Forum. Cleveland, OH $7,500 Dell’Arte, Inc. and new plays using To support the 1986-87 Blue Lake, CA $7,500 crossword media Center for Puppetry Arts, season of productions. To support artists’ fees, approaches. Inc. salaries, and production Atlanta, GA $50,000 Community Arts expenses during the 1986-87 Bert Houle-Sophie Wibaux To support artists’ fees and Foundation season. Mime Theatre salaries and for production Chicago, IL $7,500 San Francisco, CA $15,000 expenses during the 1986-87 To support increased artists’ Denver Center for the To support the development season, lees and salaries and Perfor.ming Arts of new works and the production expenses during Denver, CO $65,000 expenses of the home and Chicago Theatre Group, the 1986-87 season of Body To support the expenses of touring seasons. Inc. Politic Theatre. the mainstage productions Chicago, IL $120,000 and new play development Blake Street Hawkeyes To support the 1986-87 Coney Island, USA programs in the 1986-87 Berkeley, CA $7,500 season of productions at the Brooklyn, NY $7,500 season. To support the 1986-87 Goodman Theatre. To support the 1986-87 salaries of the ensemble, season of productions. East West Players, Inc. Child’s Play Touring Los Angeles, CA $7,500 Boston Theater Group, Inc. Theatre Connecticut Players To support artists’ lees and Boston, MA $7,500 Chicago, IL $7,500 Foundation, Inc. salaries for the 1986-87 To support artists’ lees and To support the 1986-87 New Haven, CT $175,000 season. salaries for the 1986-87 season of professional artists To support production season of productions, performing original stories expenses and increased El Teatro Campesino and poems written by artists’ lees during the San Juan Bautista, CA Brass Tacks children. 1986-87 season of the Long $32,500 Minneapolis, MN $7,500 Wharf Theatre. To support workshop To support the expenses of Children’s Theater production costs for the the 1986-87 season of Company and School Creation Production 1986-87 season. productions. Minneapolis, MN $115,000 Company, Inc. To support the expenses of New York, NY $7,500 El Teatro de la Esperanza Brooklyn Arts and Culture the mainstage productions, To support artists’ lees and San Francisco, CA $7,500 Association, Inc. touring and outreach salaries in the 1986-87 To support artists’ lees and Brooklyn, NY $7,500 programs during the 1986-87 season, salaries and production To support the development season, expenses during the 1986-87 of a new touring production Crossroads, Inc. season. during the 1986-87 season of Cincinnati Playhouse in the New Brunswick, NJ $12,500 Spectra Mime. Park To support expenses related Cincinnati, OH $7,500


George Coates Performance Henry Street Settlement salaries for the 1986-87 Empty Space Association season of productions. Seattle, WA $42,500 Company New York, NY $40,000 To support production San Francisco, CA $15,000 To support expenses related To support artists’ fees and to five mainstage L.A. Theatre Works expenses and increased Venice, CA $12,500 artists’ salaries for the expenses for the creation of productions during the an original work. 1986-87 season of the New To support artistic salaries 1986-87 season, Federal Theatre. and production and touring expenses for the 1986-87 Ensemble Studio T~eatre, George Street Playhouse, lnc. Inc. Honolulu T~eatre for Youth season. Honolulu, HI $10,000 New York, NY $12,500 New Brunswick, NJ $7,500 La Mama Experimental To support artistic To support the expenses of To support artists’ salaries, compensation during the the mainstage productions, design fees, and production Theatre Club, Inc. 1986-87 season, new play development, and costs for the 1986-87 season. New York, NY $170,000 outreach programs in the To support the 1986-87 season of productions. Eugene O’Neill Memorial 1986-87 season. House Foundation for the Theater Center, lnc. Arts, Inc. Waterford, CT $150,000 Great American Mime New York, NY $22,500 League of Theatre Artists, Experiment, lnc. To support a four-week tour lnc. To support expenses related $7,500 to the National Playwrights Atlanta, GA $7,500 of a new work created by Albany, NY To support artistic salaries Meredith Monk in To support increased artists’ Conference and the National compensation and mainstage Critics Institute. and production expenses for collaboration with other the 1986-87 season, artists during the 1986-87 productions during the season. 1986-87 season of Capital Eureka Theatre, lnc. Repertory Theatre. San Francisco, CA $17,500 Great Lakes Shakespeare Association, lnc. Huntington Theatre To support artists’ fees and Little Flags T~eatre salaries for the 1986-87 Cleveland, OH $27,500 Company, lnc. season. To support artists’ salaries Boston, MA $7,500 Foundation, lnc. in the 1986 summer season. To support the 1986-87 Belchertown, MA $7,500 season of productions, a To support artists’ Fiji Theater Company, lnc. compensation during the New York, NY $7,500 Group I Acting Compauy, young critics institute, anda To support artistic fees and lnc. student matinee program. 1986-87 season. production expenses for a New York, NY $200,000 new production developed To support the 1986-87 Independent Eye, Ltd. Los Angeles Actors’ Theatre during the 1986-87 season, season of touring Lancaster, PA $10,000 Foundation productions. To support artists’ fees in Los Angeles, CA $35,000 Friends Mime Theatre- the 1986-87 season. To support the 1986-87 London Theatre Workshop, Guthrie Theatre Foundation season of productions. Lid. Minneapolis, MN $300,000 Indiana Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee, WI $7,500 To support the expenses of Inc. Louisville Children’s the mainstage and touring Indianapolis, IN $7,500 Theatre Stage One To support the artistic $7,500 salaries of the Creators activities for the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Louisville, KY Project. season, production season. To support increased artists’ fees, salaries, and Fulton Opera House Hartford Stage Company lnternational Arts Relations, production costs for the Foundation Hartford, CT $170,000 Inc. 1986-87 season. Lancaster, PA $7,500 To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $12,500 season, including continued To support the English Mabou Mines Development To support increased artists’ Foundation, luc. fees and salaries and for investigation and Language Hispanic interpretation of classic American theater program New York, NY $85,000 production expenses for the To support artists’ salaries, 1986-87 season of texts, development of new during the 1986-87 season. performances, plays, and related costs, the development of new Intiman Theatre Company work, and the 1986-87 season of productions. Genesee Valley Arts Hartman Regional Theatre, Seattle, WA $12,500 Foundation, lnc. lnc. To support the 1986-87 $7,500 season of productions. Magic Theatre Foundation Rochester, NY $10,000 Stamford, CT $35,000 To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Omaha, NE Jomandi Productions, lnc. To support production season and the development season, including increased expenses and artists’ fees artists’ salaries, and a Atlanta, GA $7,500 of new plays and emerging To support artists’ fees and and salaries during the playwrights at GeVa continued focus on new 1986-87 season. Theatre. scripts.


Magic Theatre, Inc. To support artists’ fees, Not Just Mime, lnc. People’s Light & Theatre San Francisco, CA $32,500 salaries, and production Albany, NY $7,500 Company To support the 1986-87 expenses during the 1986-87 To support artistic and Malvern, PA $7,500 season of productions, season, technical fees and salaries To support the work of an during the 1986-87 season, ensemble, the development Manhattan Punch Line Mixed Blood Theatre of new plays, and the Theatre, Inc. Company Odyssey Theatre Foundation creation of a second New York, NY $7,500 Minneapolis, MN $7,500 Los Angeles, CA $30,000 company of young actors To support artists’ lees and To support the 1986-87 To support artists’ fees and during the 1986-87 season. salaries during the 1986-87 season of productions, salaries during the 1986-87 season of productions, season. Performing Arts Repertory National Theatre of the Theatre Foundation, Inc. Manhattan Theatre Club, Deaf, Inc. OId Globe Theatre New York, NY $7,500 Inc. Chester, CT $15,000 San Diego, CA $195,000 To support the development New York, NY $62,500 To support the 1986-87 To support artists’ fees and of new writers and To support artistic salaries season, including rehearsals salaries for the 1986-87 production expenses during and production expenses and the development of new season, the 1986-87 season. during the 1986-87 season, works. Ontological-Hysteric Performing Artservices, Inc. McCarter Theatre Company Negro Ensemble Company, Theatre, Inc. New York, NY $7,500 Princeton, NJ $60,000 lnc. New York, NY $50,000 To support artists’ fees and To support artists’ fees, New York, NY $120,000 To support the production salaries during the 1986-87 salaries, and production To support the 1986-87 costs for the 1986-87 season, season. expenses during the 1986-87 season of productions. season. Oregon Shakespearean Philadelphia Company New City Theatre Festival Association Philadelphia, PA $7,500 Merrimack Regional Seattle, WA $7,500 Ashland, OR $110,000 To support artists’ salaries, Theatre, lnc. To support artists’ fees and To support the 1986 season fees, and travel during the Lowell, MA $7,500 salaries in the 1986-87 season of productions. 1986-87 season. To support production costs of productions. of a new play based on the Otrabanda Company Philadelphia Drama Guild, writing of Jack and New Dramatists, lnc. New York, NY $7,500 Inc. a production of Lysistrata. New York, NY $22,500 ¯ To support the development Philadelphia, PA $7,500 To support artists’ fees, of a new work during the To support the 1986-87 Metro Theater Circus salaries, and travel in the 1986-87 season, season of production. St. Louis, MO $10,000 1986-87 season. To support touring of Padua Hills Playwrights Philadelphia Festival productions, increase artists’ New Hampshire Mime Workshop Festival Theatre for New Piays fees and salaries, and Company Dance Theatre Santa Monica, CA $7,500 Philadelphia, PA $7,500 administrative costs. East To support the 1986-87 To support production Portsmouth, NH $7,500 season, including acting and costs, a playwright residency Mettawee Theatre To support the development playwriting workshops, and readings, and the Compauy, lnc. and performance of an development of new plays Salem, NY $12,500 expanded repertoire for the Pan Asian Repertory during the 1986-87 season. To support the 1986 summer 1986-87 season of the Theatre, lnc. tour of outdoor Pontine Movement Theater. New York, NY $7,500 Pickle Family Circus, Inc. performances in upstate To support artists’ fees and San Francisco, CA $35,000 New York and New New York Shakespeare salaries for the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 England. Festival season of productions, season, which includes New York, NY $315,000 touring on the East and Milwaukee Repertory To support artists’ fees and Paper Bag Players, Inc. West coasts. Theater, Inc. production costs for the New York, NY $25,000 Milwaukee, WI $140,000 1986-87 season. To support home season Pittsburgh Public Theater To support artists’ salaries and touring expenses, the Corporation and production expenses for North Light Repertory development of new work, Pittsburgh, PA $32,500 the 1986-87 season. Company, Inc. and artistic and technical To support the 1986-87 Evanston, IL $17,500 salary increases during the season of productions. Missouri Repertory Theatre, To support the 1986-87 1986-87 season. Inc. season for productions. Kansas City, MO $10,000


Playwrights Horizons, lnc. Road Company Second Stage Theatre, lnc. for young audienc¢s, New York, NY $125,000 Johnson City, TN $10,000 New York, NY $10,000 training, and outr¢ach To support activities related To support artistic salaries To support artists’ lees and programs. to the development of new associated with new show salarios during the 1986-87 American playwrights, dev¢lopment and touring, season. Spanish Theatre Repertory composers, and lyricists. Company, Ltd. Roadside Attractions, Inc. Sew Productions, Inc. New York, NY $70,000 Playwrights’ Center, Inc. Detroit, MI $7,500 San Francisco, CA $7,500 To support incr~ased Minneapolis, MN $15,000 To support the expenses of To support increased actors’ production costs and artistic To support programs and the mainstage productions, lees during the 1986-87 lees in the 1986-87 s¢ason. services for the development and outreach programs in season of the Lorraine of playwrights during the 1986-87 season of Attic Hansberry Theatre. Springfield Theatre Arts 1986-87. Theatre. Association, Inc. Skysaver Productions, Inc. Springfield, MA $7,500 Plexus, Inc. Roundabout Theatre Ncw York, NY $7,500 To support the 1986-87 Arcata, CA $7,500 Company, Inc. To support production costs season of Stag¢W¢st. To support artists’ salaries New York, NY $10,000 and the development of new Steppenwolf Theatre for the 1986-87 season. To support artistic lees, work during the 1986-87 salaries, and production season. Chicago, IL $20,000 Portland Stage Company, expenses during the 1986-87 To support artistic salaries Inc. season. Snake Theater, Inc. during the 1986-87 season. Portland, ME $12,500 Sausalito, CA $12,500 To support increased artistic S.U. Theatre Corporation To support production Studio Theatre School lees, salaries, and Syracuse, NY $22,500 expenses for Antenna Corporation production costs during the To support the 1986-87 Division’s Etiquette of the Buffalo, NY $45,000 1986-87 season, season and national tour of Under Caste, a new work To support increased artistic Syracuse Stage. d¢veloped during the lees and expenses related to Practicai Cats, Inc. 1986-87 season, the 1986-87 production Salt Lake Acting Company season. New York, NY $7,500 Salt Lake City, UT $7,500 To support artists’ lees and Snake Theatre, Inc. To support artists’ lees and Sundance Institute for Film salaries during the 1986-87 salaries during the 1986-87 Sausalito, CA $10,000 season. To support artists’ fees and and Television season, salaries for Nightfire Salt Lake City, UT $7,500 Puerto Rican Traveling Theater’s 1986-87 season. To support the expenses of San Diego Repertory the 1986 Playwrights’ Theater Company, Inc. Theatre, Inc. New York, NY $20,000 Soho Repertory Theatre, Conference for the San Diego, CA $7,500 development of new plays. To support salaries and To support artists’ fees and Inc. production costs related to salaries during the 1986-87 New York, NY $7,500 the 1986-87 season, To support artists’ lees and Tacoma Actors Guild season. salaries during the 1986-87 Tacoma, WA $7,500 Repertory Theatre of St. San Francisco Mime season. To support actors’ salaries Louis Troupe, Inc. and production expenses St. Louis, MO $17,500 San Francisco, CA $37,500 SOON 3 Theatre during the 1986-87 season. To support the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 San Francisco, CA $7,500 season of productions, season of productions To support production costs Talking Band, Inc. including a West Coast tour. for Subatomic Transit New York, NY $12,500 Ridiculous Theatrical during the 1986-87 season. To support artistic fees and Company, Inc. Seattle Chiidren’s Theatre production expenses for the New York, NY $60,000 Association South Coast Repertory, Inc. development of new works To support production costs Seattle, WA $7,500 Costa Mesa, CA $60,000 during the 1986-87 season. for the 1986-87 season. To support increased artists’ To support the expenses of fees ánd salaries, production the 1986-87 season. Tears of Joy Theatre River Arts Repertory expenses, and the Vancouver, WA $7,500 Company, Inc. development of a new work Southeastern Academy of To support the 1986-87 New York, NY $7,500 during the 1986-87 season. Theatre and Music Inc. season of productions and To support the 1986 summer Atlanta, GA $7,500 touring. season of productions and Seattle Repertory Theatre To support the 1"986-87 the expansion of the New Seattle, WA $190,000 season of Academy Theatre, Play Series. To support the expenses of including mainstage, new the 1986-87 season, play development, theater


Theater for the New City season and the development Whole Theatre Company, Foundation, Inc. of new playwrights. Inc. PROFESSIONAL New York, NY $32,500 Montclair, r~J $10,000 THEATER To support artists’ salaries Theatre of Man To support the 1986-87 PRESENTERS during the 1986-87 season. Berkeley, CA $7,500 season of productions. To support artists’ lees, Theatre de la Jeune Lune salaries, and travel during Williamstown Theatre Designed to reach Minneapolis, MN $7,500 the 1986-87 season of Foundation, Inc. underserved audiences, To support artists’ lees and Nighletter Theater. Williamstown, MA $17,500 this category provides salaries for the development To support the 1986-87 supportfor presentations and production of a new Time and Space Limited season, of performances by work during the 1986-87 Theatre Company, Inc. nonprofit professional season. New York, NY $7,500 Wilma Project touring companies To support artists’ salaries Philadelphia,’ PA $7,500 (current grantees of the Theatre for a New and travel during the 1986-87 To support artists’ lees and Audience, Inc. season, salaries during the 1986-87 Theater Program) in New York, NY $7,500 season of the Wilma places where such work is To support artists’ salaries Trinity Repertory Company Theater. not normally available. and fees and production Providence, RI $215,000 costs during the 1986-87 To support the 1986-87 Wisdom Bridge 9 GRANTS season, season of productions. Chicago, IL $40,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: To support increased artistic $300,000 Theatre IV Underground Railway salaries, rehearsal, and Richmond, VA $7,500 Puppets and Actors, Inc. production expenses in the Aiternate Roots, Ine. To support artists’ lees and Cambridge, MA $7,500 1986-87 season. Atlanta, GA $45,000 salaries for the 1986-87 To support artists’ salaries To support fees to season, and fees during the 1986-87 Women’s Interart Center, presenters to engage season. Inc. performances by Academy Theatre Mask Ensemble New York, NY $12,500 Theater, Great American Portland, OR $7,500 University of North To support artists’ fees and Mime Experiment, Jomandi To support artists’ Carolina at Chapel Hill salaries during the 1986-87 Productions, Road compensation and touring Chapel Hill, NC $7,500 season. Company, and Roadside expenses for the 1986-87 To support designers’ Theatre throughout the season, salaries during the 1986-87 Wooster Group, Inc. southeastern states. season of The Playmakers New York, NY $60,000 Theatre Project Company Repertory Company. To support the 1986-87 Arts Midwest St. Louis, MO $7,500 season of productions. Minneapolis, MN $75,000 To support artists’ lees, Victory Gardens Theater To support presentations by salaries, and production Chicago, IL $15,000 Workshop for the Players the Acting Company, A expenses during the 1986-87 To support artistic and Art Foundation, Inc. Traveling Jewish Theatre, season, technical staff salaries New York, NY $7,500 Children’s Theatre related to the 1986-87 season To support artists’ salaries Company, Guthrie Theatre, Theatre X, Inc. of productions, and fees during the 1986-87 Milwaukee Repertory Milwaukee, WI $15,000 season of WPA Theatre. Theater, Mabou Mines, To support salaries of Virginia Stage Company Negro Ensemble Company, artistic and administrative Norfolk, VA $7,500 Yale University and the Roadside Theater in personnel. To support the 1986-87 New Haven, CT $165,000 the Midwest. season of productions. To support expenses related Theatre and Arts to the Yale Repertory Mid-America Arts Alliance Foundation of San Diego Washington Drama Society, Theatre’s 1986-87 season. Kansas City, MO $35,000 County Inc. To support lees paid by La Jolla, CA $37,500 Washington, DC $260,000 Zachary Scott Theater presenters to American To support artists’ lees and To support expenses of Center Repertory Theater, salaries during the 1986 Arena Stage and the Living Austin, TX $7,500 Children’s Theater season of productions at La Stage during the 1986-87 To support Project Interact Company, and Guthrie Jolla Playhouse. season, during the 1986-87 season of Theater for presentations productions, throughout the region. Theatre by the Sea, Inc. Portsmouth, NH $7,500 To support the 1986-87


Mid-Atlantic States Arts presenters for performances, contacts, consultations, and Theatre Communications Consortium, Inc. residencies and workshops collaboration, reference, and Group, Inc. Baltimore, MD $25,000 by Roadside Theater resource services. New York, NY $240,000 To support fees paid by throughout rural areas of To support programs such presenters to engage the the state. Levine, Ruth as service to artists, literary Bethesda, MD $150,000 services, management Acting Company, To amend a previous services, general programs, Crossroads Theatre, Mabou cooperative agreement for and publications. Mines, and Negro Ensemble the administration and Company for performances NATIONAL coordination of all site Theatre Development Fund, throughout the region. RESOURCES report activities of the Inc. Theater Program, including New York, NY $5,000 Movement Theatre To support the nationwide International, Inc. site visits to theater To assist organizations companies and mime artists, services of the Costume Philadelphia, PA $15,000 that provide services to To support presentations, training institutions, and Collection. residencies, and workshop the theater fieM on a grantees and applicants to performances by Pickle national scale, the Ongoing Ensembles Yale University Family Circos, Dell’Arte category. New Haven, CT $2,500 Players, and Celebration 13 GRANTS To support expenses Ensemble Theater at the $610,500 Movement Theatre associated with the 1987 International Mime lnternationai, lnc. publication of Theater California Theatre Council Philadelphia, PA $15,000 magazine. and Clown Festival. Los Angeles, CA $5,000 To support services to the New England Foundation To support the publication, clown and mime fields. for the Arts promotion, and distribution Cambridge, MA $25,000 of two volumes of West New York Public Library SPECIAL To support fees paid to Coast Plays. Astor, Lenox and Tilden presenters for performances Foundations ARTISTIC by Pan Asian Repertory, Colman, Peter New York, NY $62,500 PROJECTS San Francisco Mime Baltimore, MD $20,000 To support the programs of Troupe, Trinity Repertory, For a cooperative agreement the Theatre on Film and to administer an interim Tape Library, including For unusually meritorious and the Wooster Group videotaping and transfer creative projects that throughout the New assessment to determine the England region, effectiveness of the Ongoing costs, acquisition of theater- provide of disseminate Ensembles category, related tapes, preservation examples of outstanding Painted Bride Art Center and storage programs, and artistic achievement, and Philadelphia, PA $1,250 Drama League of New public service viewing, that would not be To support a presentation York, Inc. accomplished without New York, NY $5,000 Performing Arts Journal and residency by Meredith $30,000 Endowment assistance. Monk’s House Foundation To support expenses related New York, NY to the orientation phase of To support publication and for the Arts in the 1987-88 19 GRANTS season, the Directors Apprenticeship distribution of Performing Program. Arts Journal and books with PROGRAM FUNDS: Southern Arts Federation, play anthologies and $319,605 Inc. Foundation for the criticism on drama and Atlanta, GA $70,000 Extension and Development theater. A Traveling Jewish Theatre To support fees paid to of the American San Francisco, CA $52,000 presenters to engage A Professional Theatre, Inc. Theatre Communications To support residencies of Traveling Jewish Theater, New York, NY $37,500 Group, Inc. Joseph Chaikin, Mira The Acting Company, To support the Management New York, NY $13,000" Rafalowicz, and Steve Reich Technical Assistance To support a seminar at to work with the ensemble Center for Puppetry Arts, on the development and Negro Ensemble Company, programs, which a national artistic and San Francisco Mime agenda will be discussed, premiere of a new work for Troupe for performances International Theatre and the publication and the stage. throughout the Southeast. Institute of the United dissemination of the States, Inc. proceedings for community Actors’ Equity Foundation, Virginia Commission for the New York, NY $25,000 leaders in the TCG Inc. To support expenses membership. New York, NY $10,000" Arts To support a symposium to Richmond, VA $8,750 associated with providing To support fees to individual services and


begin the "Non-Traditional Harold Clurman Theatre Philadelphia Festival Vivian Beaumont Theater, Casting Project," a long- New York, NY $10,000" Theatre for New Plays Inc. term effort to broaden the To support a series of prose Philadelphia, PA $1,580 New York, NY $30,000* ways in which ethnic artists readings and the production To support a new play To support production costs and women participate in of a new prose work by commission for Dennis of The Transposed Heads, the theater. Samuel Beckett as part of McIntyre. an original musical theater an 80th birthday work, which is a joint Baltimore Center for the celebration. Repertory Theatre of St. venture between American Performing Arts, Inc. Louis Music Theater Festival and Baltimore, MD $25,000" International Arts Relations, St. Louis, MO $6,400 Lincoln Center Theater. To support the expenses of Inc. To support a commission United States Theater New York, NY $5,850 for James Nicholson to Companies to perform in To support a commission write a new play. Baltimore, Maryland in for Eduardo Manet to write June 1986. a theatrical adaptation of a San Francisco Mime DIRECTOR novel by Alejo Carpentier. Troupe, Inc. FELLOWS Chicago International San Francisco, CA $4,950 Theatre Festival International Arts Relations, To support a commission Chicago, IL $25,000* Inc. for playwright John O’Neal To assist the career To provide timely support New York, NY $30,000 to write a new play for the development of directors for the activities of the To support the commission mime troupe’s 22nd annual who have demonstrated month-long Chicago and translation of three free outdoor summer ah ability and International Theatre original plays on the performances, Festival. commitment to work in Hispanic-American professional theater. experience. Second Stage Theatre, Inc. Dell’Arte, lnc. New York, NY $10,000 Blue Lake, CA $5,000* L.A. Theatre Works To support a commission 1 GRANT To support salaries and Venice, CA $18,000 for Michael Weller to write PROGRAM FUNDS: travel costs for the Dell’Arte To support the residency of a new play for the $125,000 Players Company’s Robert Israel during the company’s 1986-87 season. engagement at the Expo ’86 1986-87 season. Theatre Communications World Festival in South Coast Repertory, Inc. Group, Inc. Vancouver, British Magic Theatre, Inc. Costa Mesa, CA $7,825 New York, NY $125,000 Columbia. San Francisco, CA $5,000* To support a commission To support the To support the collaboration for to develop a administration of activities Eureka Theatre, Inc. of the Magic Theatre, new play. to assist exceptionally San Francisco, CA $5,000 Vaudeville Nouveau, and talented stage directors in To support a commission Joseph Chaikin in the Steppenwolf Theatre their early career for Joseph McClinton to creation and performance of Chicago, IL $50,000 development. translate two German plays a theater piece. To support the development The Park by Botho Strauss and unusual production *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION and The Robbers by Philadelphia Company costs of a stage adaptation Friedrich Schiller. Philadelphia, PA $18,000 of John Steinbeck’s classic To support the engagement novel, The Grapes of of design consultant James Wrath. F. Ingalls.




VISUAL Adkins, Terry R. Brill, Glenn Davis, Michael New York, NY $5,000 Oakland, CA $5,000 San Pedro, CA $15,000 ARTS Ahrens, Hanno D. Brown, Carol de Fazio, John GRANTS New York, NY $5,000 Miami Beach, FL $15,000 New York, NY $5,000 AIquist, Lewis Burton, Scott DeVore, Richard 463 GRANTS Tempe, AZ $15,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: New York, NY $15,000 Fort Collins, CO $15,000 $5,736,800 Andrews, Dana Butter, Tom Delaney, Janet Chevy Chase, MD $15,000 New York, NY $5,000 San Francisco, CA $5,000 Anthony, Peter Butts, Harvey Dennis, Donna VISUAL r~ew York, NY $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 ARTISTS Avaios, David Cannon, Kevin Deschamps, Francois FELLOWSHIPS San Diego, CA $5,000 New York, NY $5,000 New Paltz, NY $15,000 Fellowships were awarded Aycock, Alice Capps, Kenneth di Corcia, Philip-Lorca in 1986 to artists working New York, NY $15,000 Carlsbad, CA $15,000 New York, NY $5,000 in sculpture, Bac~man, Shelley Carlson, Deborah Doktorski, Eileen photography, and crafts. Philadelphia, PA In 1987, fellowships will $5,000 Whitmore Lake, MI $5,000 East Brunswick, NJ $5,000 be offered to artists Bail, Lillian Carson, Canalice Dominguez, Eddie working in painting, New York, NY $5,000 Berkeley, CA $5,000 printmaking /drawin g /artists Tucumcari, NM $5,000 books, and new genres Barry, Steve Casebere, James , Eilen (formerly conceptual New York, NY $5,000 New York, NY $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 /performance/new gentes and video). Regional Beresford, Michael Cederquist, John Eberle, Edward Fellowships ate Barrington, RI $15,000 Capistrano Beach, Pittsburgh, PA $15,000 administered by regional CA $15,000 Berger, Paul Elliott, Lillian and Patricia arts organizations Seattle, WA through cooperative $15,000 Chamberlin, Henry Hickman Boulder, CO $5,000 Berkeley, CA agreements with the Bero, Mary $15,000 Endowment. Programs Madison, WI $15,000 Cheng, Carl Erickson, Gary funded this year will Santa Monica, CA $25,000 Rush City, MN $5,000 make fellowships Bertoni, Christina available in 1987 to Pascoag, RI $15,000 Clark, Jon Erman, Geraldine artists living in Elkins Park, PA $15,000 Cambridge, MA $5,000 participating states who Bladen, Ronald work in sculpture, New York, NY $25,000 Cohen, Helen Ervin, Kathey Groveland, CA $5,000 St. Joseph, IL $5,000 photography, and crafts. Blomdahl, Sonja Seattle, WA $5,000 Coles, Thelma 237 GRANTS Feeney, Sandra Austin, TX $5,000 Providence, RI $5,000 PR OGRAM FUNDS: Bloomfield, Lisa $2,535,000 Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Cook, Lía Feldmao, Bella Berkeley, CA $15,000 Berkeley, CA $15,000 Abduljaami, John Bootz, Antoine Oakland, CA $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Coplans, John Feldman, Roger New York, NY $5,000 Seattle, WA $5,000 Aclaras, Hank Bourdon, Robert Cookeville, TN $5,000 Houston, TX $15,000 Crozier, William Fink, Larry New York, NY $15,000 Creek, PA $15,000 Aclaras, Phoebe Brauner, Mama Philadelphia, PA $15,000 Edmonton, Alberta, Currier, Anne Fischer, R.M. Canada $5,000 ! Alfred, NY $15,000 i New York, NY $15,000


Gustafson, Pier Kaida, Tamarra McAuley, Skeet Fong, Betty Dallas, TX $5,000 Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Boston, MA $5,000 Mesa, AZ $5,000 Knorr, Karen McGowan, Kenneth** Frame, John Gustin, Christopher New York, NY $5,000 Los Angeles, CA $5,000 South Dartmouth, MA London, England $5,000 $5,000 Kostelanetz, Richard~" McMillen, Michael Franco, Angel Santa Monica, CA $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Hanson, David New York, NY $15,000 Billings, MT $5,000 Larson, William McQueen, John Frey, Viola Alfred Station, NY $15,000 Oakland, CA $15,000 Harding, Tiro Philadelphia, PA $15,000 Saint Paul, MN $15,000 Medel, Rebecca Galgiani, Phillip Lawton, James $5,000 Smithville, TN $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 Harned, Richard Penland, NC Columbus, OH $5,000 Lazenby, Dexter Mendoza, Tony Gardner, Ann Miami, FL $5,000 Seattle, WA $5,000 Hartshorn, Willis Boston, MA $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Levine, Edward Messner, Ann Garten, Cliff New York, NY $15,000 St. Paul, MN $5,000 Havel, Joseph Greenville, NC $15,000 Sherman, TX $5,000 Light, Ken Minkowitz, Norma Garvens, Ellen Westport, CT $15,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Healy, Sherry Vallejo, CA $5,000 Northbrook, IL $5,000 Lippold, Larry Monk, Nancy Gibson, Ralph Pasadena, CA $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 Heinecken, Robert San Francisco, CA $5,000 Chicago, IL $25,000 Livingstone, Joan Monti, John Gillen, John Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Culver City, CA $15,000 Heller, Pamela Chicago, IL $15,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 MacGaw, Wendy Moonelis, Judith Gips, Terry New York, NY $5,000 Takoma Park, MD $5,000 Hellmoth, Suzanne and Farmington Hills, MI$5,000 Jock Reynolds Washington, DC Machin, Roger Murray, Frances Glancy, Michael $15,000 Tucson, AZ $5,000 Rehoboth, MA $5,000 Chicago, IL $5,000 Hensley, Thomas $15,000 Magel, Catharine Nagelbach, Fred Glatt, Linnea Floyd, VA Evanston, IL $5,000 Dallas, TX $15,000 New Haven, CT $5,000 Hili, Robin Maron, Jeffrey Nagle, Ron Gohlke, Frank Brooklyn, NY $5,000 San Francisco, CA $15,000 Minneapolis, MN $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Itorn, Roni Maroney, Dalton Nardi, Dann Gonzalez, Arthur New York, NY $5,000 Bloomington, IL $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Arlington, TX $5,000 lwata, Kiyomi Martin, Andrew Newman, John Gordin, Misha Upper Grand View, $15,000 Troy, MI $15,000 NY $15,000 Denver, CO $5,000 New York, NY Martori, Patricia Nicholson, Laura Graves, Kenneth Jarvis, Martha Houston, TX $5,000 State College, PA $15,000 Washington, DC $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Maruyama, Wendy Nixon, Nicholas Grazda, Ed Jensen, Judy Cambridge, MA $15,000 New York, NY $5,000 Austin, TX $5,000 Oakland, CA $5,000 Mason, George Noland, Wiiliam Grito, Thomasin Jones, Kim $15,000 Berkeley, CA $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Portland, ME $15,000 New York, NY Mayer, Edward Nonas, Richard Grimmer, Mineko Jones, Kristín and Andrew New York, NY $15,000 Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Ginzel Delmar, NY $15,000 New York, NY $5,000


Oestreich, Jeffrey Roberts, Holly Serrano, Andres Thiewes, George Taylors Falls, MN $15,000 Zuni, NM $5,000 New York, NY $5,000 South Woodstock, VT $15,000 Oshita, Kazuma Rohm, Robert Shea, Judith Ncw York, NY $5,000 Wakefield, RI $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Thomas, Lew Houston, TX $15,000 Pashgian, Helen Rojek, Christine Shechet, Arlene Pasadena, CA $15,000 Chicago, IL $5,000 New York, NY $5,000 Thompson, Rena Chalfont, PA $5,000 Peterson, Kristin Roloff, John Silverthorne, Jeffrey Emeryville, CA $5,000 Oakland, CA $15,000 Central Falls, RI $15,000 Tillman, Patricia Waco, TX ~5,000 Pfaff, Judy Rosen, Annabeth Simons, Sheryl New York, NY $15,000 New York, NY $5,000 Oakland, CA $5,000 Tobin, Dennis Bloomington, IL $5,000 Pharis, Mark Ross, Judith Slosburg, Jill Houston, MN $15,000 Bethlehem, PA $5,000 Cambridge, MA $5,000 Toland, Deborah Seattle, WA $5,000 Polseno, Donna Rowland, Anne Snyder, Kit-Yin Floyd, VA $15,000 Cambridge, MA $5,000 New York, NY $5,000 Toth, Carl Bloomfield Hills, MI Powell, Gordon Ruffner, Ginny Sonnier, Keith $15,000 Oak Park, IL $15,000 Seattle, WA $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Toubes, Xavier Prifti, David Rupp, Sheron Squier, Joseph Chapel Hill, NC $5,000 Brighton, MA $5,000 Florence, MA $5,000 Alameda, CA $5,000 Trinkley, Karla Prip, Janet Russell, Jeffrey Staley, Christopher Boyertown, PA $5,000 Cranston, RI $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Wichita, KS $5,000 Tucker, William Prip, John Sanborn, Jim Starn, Douglas and Michaei Cochecton, NY $15,000 Rehoboth, MA $15,000 Washington, DC $15,000 Starn Boston, MA $5,000 Underñill, William Quagliata, Narcissus Saret, Aian Alfred, NY $15,000 San Francisco, CA $15,000 Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Stephenson, John Ann Arbor, MI $15,000 Utterback, Connie Quigley, Robin Sasaki, Toshio Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Providence, RI $15,000 Brooklyn, NY $15,000 Sterritt, Coleen Los Angeles, CA $5,000 VanAIstine, John Rabinowitch, David Savulich, Andrew Jersey City, NJ $15,000 New York, NY $15,000 Long Island City, NY $5,000 Stone, George Venice, CA $15,000 von Rydingsvard, Ursula Ransom, Brian Sawyer, Margo New York, NY $15,000 Claremont, CA $5,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Stoppert, Mary Chicago, IL $5,000 Voulkos, Peter Reiquam, Peter Saxe, Adrian Oakland, CA $15,000 Seattle, WA $5,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Sturman, Eugene Venice, CA $15,000 Warashina, Patricia Reiss, Roland Schaechter, Judith Seattle, WA $15,000 Claremont, CA $15,000 Philadelphia, PA $5,000 Sultan, Larry Greenbrae, CA $5,000 Watkins, James Rezac, Richard Sc~einer, Michaei Providence, RI $5,000 Chicago, IL $15,000 Providence, RI $5,000 Swartz, Linda Cambridge, MA $5,000 Wax, Jack Richter, Scott Schlesinger, John Cranston, RI $5,000 New York, NY $15,000 Brooklyn, NY $5,000 Szabo, Stephen Washington, DC $5,000 Weiss, Dick Roberts, Amy Senner, Eileen Seattle, WA $15,000 Seattle, WA $5,000 Venice, CA $5,000 Takamori, Akio Helena, MT $5,000


Welsh, Stanton Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, exhibitions of emerging and Asian American Dance Oakland, CA $5,000 Oklahoma, or Texas. mid-career artists at Theater, Inc. Alternative Museum. New York, NY $7,500 Weslien, Katarina Mid-America Arts Alliance To support exhibitions at Portland, ME $5,000 Kansas City, MO $25,000 AIternative Work Site, Inc. the Asian Arts Institute, the To amend a previous Omaha, NE $15,000 visual arts program of this Whitehead, Frances cooperative agreement for a To support the Bemis multidisciplinary arts Chicago, IL $5,000 catalogue documenting the Project, a working facility organization. work of regional fellowship which provides studio Wilhite, Robert recipients in painting, residencies and stipends for Boston Visual Artists Los Angeles, CA $15,000 printmaking, drawing, and visual artists. Union, Inc. artists books. Boston, MA $5,000 Wilson, Stanley Anderson Ranch Arts To support information, Los Angeles, CA $5,000 Southern Arts Federation Foundation resource, and advisory Atlanta, GA $100,000 Snowmass Village, CO services for the visual artist Witkin, JoeI-Peter Fora cooperative agreement $10,000 community of New Albuquerque, NM $15,000 fora regional fellowship To support a visiting artists England. program for artists working collaborations program at Woodman, Betty in photography and Anderson Ranch Art8 Boulder Arts Center Boulder, CO $25,000 sculpture who ate legal Center. Boulder, CO $10,000 residents of Alabama, To support visual arts Wulff, Ann Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, ARC Educational exhibitions at the Boulder Sacramento, CA $5,000 Louisiana, Mississippi, Foundation Center for the Visual Arts, North Carolina, South Chicago, IL $5,000 including group and solo Zed, Aggie Carolina, of Tennessee. To support a program of exhibitions, installations, Richmond, VA $15,000 exhibitions, installations, and temporary sited workshops, and sculpture. Zehr, Connie performances at ARC Fullerton, CA $15,000 Gallery. Brandywine Graphic VISUAL Workshop, Inc. Zimmerman, Arnold ARTISTS Art Awareness, Inc. Philadelphia, PA $8,000 New York, NY $5,000 Lexington, NY $8,000 To support a visiting artists ORGANIZATIONS TO support a program of program that allows artists Zynsky, Mary Ann visual arts exhibitions, to experiment with a large- Lynnfield, MA $15,000 To enable organizations performances, installations, format offset press. **Deceased. originated by orfor and project residencies. "~1985 Fellowship funded during artists to conduct a Capp Street Project fiscal 1986. Art Institute of Chicago San Francisco, CA $10,000 variety of activities that Chicago, IL $38,000 encourage the artistic To support an artists-in­ Regional Fellowships To support Video Data residence program for visual growth of individual Bank’s production and artists that involves creation Arts Midwest visual artists, distribution of video and presentation of site- Minneapolis, MN $70,000 documentation on specific work. For a cooperative agreement 129 GRANTS contemporary art, artists, for a regional fellowship PROGRAM FUNDS: and original vídeo works. program for artists working Catskill Center for in crafts and photography $1,874,500 Photography, lnc. Artemisia Fund, lnc. Woodstock, NY $17,500 who are legal residents of Advaita Society Chicago, IL $10,000 To support exhibitions of Illinois, Indiana, lowa, Berkeley, CA $7,000 To support visual arts photography and related Michigan, Minnesota, North To support working exhibitions and lectures at media, lectures, workshops, Dakota, Ohio, South facilities for printmakers Artemisia Gallery. and publications. Dakota, or Wisconsin. anda program of Artists in Residence, Inc. Mid-America Arts Ailiance exhibitions, installations, Center for Book Arts, lnc. and performances at Kala New York, NY $10,000 New York, NY $15,000 Kansas City, MO $75,000 Institute. To support exhibitions, the To support workshops in For a cooperative agreement Current Issues Program, for a regional fellowship the book arts and AlternaIive Center for and services, exhibitions of contemporary program for artists working in photography who are International Arts, lnc. book works. legal residents of Arkansas, ToNew support York, solo NY and group $25,000


Center for Contemporary Contemporary Arts Center Erie Art Museum exhibitions, performances, Arts of Santa Fe, Ine. New Orleans, LA $45,000 Erie, PA $10,000 and vídeo screenings. Santa Fe, NM $12,500 To support visual arts To support exhibitions, To support visual arts exhibitions, lectures, panel lectures, and workshops at Foundation for Today’s exhibitions, installations, discussions, and publications Clayspace. Art/Nexus performances, and working at this multidisciplinary arts Philadelphia, PA $12,500 facilities for photographers organization. Exit Art, lnc. To support visual arts at this multidisciplinary arts New York, NY $7,500 exhibitions, performances, organization. Contemporary Crafts To support a program of lectures, and services. Assoeiation exhibitions, accompanied by Center for Exploratory and Portland, OR $10,000 publications, lectures, and Franklin Furnaee Archive, Perceptual Arts, Inc. To support an exhibition other public events. Inc. Buffalo, NY $25,000 and lecture program at New York, NY $30,000 To support exhibitions of Contemporary Crafts Eye Gallery To support a program of photography and related Gallery. San Francisco, CA $5,000 installations related to the media, visiting artist To support solo and group book arts and presentations programs, artist projects, Craft Alliance Education photography exhibitions, of performance art. and services to artists. Center St. Louis, MO $5,000 Eyes and Ears Foundation Friends of Puerto Rico, Inc. Center for Visual To support exhibitions, San Francisco, CA $5,000 New York, NY $12,000 Communications related lectures, and To support exhibitions and To support exhibitions and Dallas, TX $5,000 workshops, access to working facilities services for contemporary To support photography for visual artists at Artists’ visual artists at the Museum exhibitions and lectures at Creative Time, lnc. Television Access. of Contemporary Hispanic Allen Street Gallery. New York, NY $40,000 Art. To support the presentation Fabric Workshop, lnc. Center on Contemporary of new work by visual Philadelphia, PA $10,000 Galeria de la Raza Art artists in temporary public To support an artist-in­ San Francisco, CA $15,000 Seattle, WA $15,000 sites throughout New York residence program for To support visual arts To support visual arts City. printmaking on fabric, exhibitions, installations, exhibitions, related events, and performances. and publications. Cultural Council Fiberworks Foundation Berkeley, CA $10,000 Glass Art Soeiety, lne. Cincinnati Artists’ Group New York, NY $5,000 To support an exhibition Corning, NY $15,000 Effort, Inc. To support visual arts program that features the To support the annual Cincinnati, OH $12,500 exhibitions, video screenings work of contemporary fiber conference, publications, To support a series of and productions, and artists, and services. exhibitions, installations, publications for and performances. Collaborative Projects. 55 Mercer Artists, Inc. Group Material, lnc. New York, NY $8,000 New York, NY $8,000 Clay Studio Detroit Foeus To support visual arts To support a series of group Philadelphia, PA $5,000 Detroit, MI $12,000 exhibitions, exhibitions. To support visual arts To support solo and group exhibitions, visual arts exhibitions and Film in the Cities, lnc. Haleakala, Inc. publications. St. Paul, MN $25,000 New York, NY $20,000 Committee for the Visual To support a series of To support visual arts Arts, Ine. Diverse Works, lnc. photography exhibitions, exhibitions and New York, NY $50,000 Houston, TX $15,000 lectures, and workshops, performances, including To support at Artists Space To support exhibitions, documentation of these solo and group exhibitions; installations, and service Fog Store, Ltd. activities at The Kitchen. programs of financial programs. Bronx, NY $5,000 assistance to visual artists; To support visual arts Hallwalls, Ine. and Artists File, a slide 80 Langton St. exhibitions, installations, Buffalo, NY $40,000 registry. San Francisco, CA $45,000 performances, lectures, and To support an exhibition To support visual arts workshops at Fashion and performance series, Contemporary Art exhibitions and presentation Moda. discussion and lecture Workshop of performance art programs, and publications. Chicago, IL $5,000 documentation, lectures by Fondo Del Sol To support visual arts artists, and fees to artists at Washington, DC $12,500 exhibitions. New Langton Arts. To support visual arts


Haystack Mountain School workshops, and publication Maryland Art Place, Inc. coalition of visual artists of Crafts of Forum magazine. Baltimore, MD $7,500 organizations. Deer Isle, ME $10,000 To support a program of To support a visiting artist La Raza Bookstore visual arts exhibitions, National Councii on program involving a number Sacramento, CA $7,000 installatious, and Education for the Ceramic of crafts media. To support a series of visual performances. Arts arts exhibitions and Bandon, OR $10,000 Historic New Harmony, Inc. accompanying publications Mattress Factory To support the annual New Harmony, IN $5,000 at Galeria Posada. Pittsburgh, PA $10,000 conference and publications To support visual arts To support a series of site- of this national service exhibitions, including artists’ Light Factory specific installations by organization. fees at the New Harmony Charlotte, NC $10,000 visual artists. Gallery of Contemporary To support photography New Organization for the Art. workshops, lectures, and Mayor’s Advisory Visual Arts exhibitions. Committee on Art and Cleveland, OH $5,000 Houston Center for Culture To support service programs Photography Light Work Visual Studies, Baltimore, MD $12,000 for artists of the region. Houston, TX $17,500 Inc. To support exhibitions, To support a program of Syracuse, NY $25,000 installations and related New York Experimental exhibitions, lectures, To support a program of programs at School #33 Art Glass Workshop, Inc. fellowships to atea artists, photography exhibitions, Center. New York, NY $20,000 and publication of a lectures, an To support working quarterly journal, artist-in-residence program, Midtown Art Center facilities, artists’ residencies, and publication of Contact Houston, TX $5,000 exhibitions, and publication Installation Gallery Sheet. To support visual arts of New Work magazine. San Diego, CA $8,500 exhibitions, lectures, and To support visual arts Lill Street Gallery panel discussions. New York exhibitions, including artists’ Chicago, IL $10,000 Institute, Inc. honoraria. To support exhibitions of Minneapolis Society of Fine New York, NY $5,000 ceramic art, workshops, Arts To support a collaborative Institute for Art and Urban lectures, and services for Minneapolis, MN $10,000 project that will result in Resources, Inc. artists. To support exhibitions, creation and presentation of Long Island City, NY lectures, and publications new work. $35,000 Los Angeles Center for organized by the Minnesota To support a series of Photographic Studies Artists Exhibition Program. Nexus, Inc. exhibitions at the Los Angeles, CA $25,000 Atlanta, GA $40,000 Clocktower and the Special To support exhibitions of Mobius Theater, Inc. To support exhibitions in Projects Program at P.S. 1. photography and related Boston, MA $5,000 Nexus Gallery and artists’ media, lectures, workshops, To support a series of books projects of Nexus Inter-Arts of Marin and publication of the sculpture installations. Press. San Anselmo, CA $5,000 journal Frame/Work. To support artists’ lees and Movimiento Artistico del Nine One One materials costs for Los Angeles Contemporary Rio Salado, Inc. Contemporary Arts and temporary sited Exhibitions, Inc. Phoenix, AZ $7,500 Resource Center installations. Los Angeles, CA $42,500 To support a visiting artist Seattle, WA $10,000 To support visual arts program anda workshop To support visual arts exhibitions, installations, series, exhibitions, installations and International Arts Relations, performances, anda services to visual artists. Inc. bookstore for the N.A.M.E. Gallery New York, NY $17,500 distribution of artists’ Chicago, IL $15,000 Northwest Artists Workshop To support exhibitions of books. To support visual arts Portland, OR $15,000 works by Hispanic visual exhibitions, performances, To support a program of artists at INTAR Latin Los Angeles Institute of catalogues, and lectures, exhibitions augmented by American Gallery. Contemporary Art lectures, and services for Los Angeles, CA $35,000 National Association of artists. Kansas City Artists To support visual arts Artists’ Organizations, Inc. Coalition exhibitions, projects, Washington, DC $20,000 185 Nassau Street Kansas City, MO $5,000 performances, and service To support the annual Corporation To support exhibitions, programs, conference and ongoing Brooklyn, NY $5,000 panel discussions, services of this national To support computer


graphics workshops for Pottery Northwest, lnc. Pyramid Prints & Self-Help Graphics and Art, visual artists. Seattle, WA $7,500 Paperworks, Inc. Inc. To support a series of Baltimore, MD $8,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Oregon Center for the visiting artist workshops and To support working To support artists involved Photographic Arts, Inc. lectures, facilities in the paper and in two silkscreen Portland, OR $18,000 book arts, a visiting artists printmaking workshops. To support photography Printed Matter, Inc. program, and exhibitions. exhibitions at Blue Sky New York, NY $7,500 1708 East Main, Inc. Gallery, a lecture series, and To support a program of Randoiph Street Gallery, Richmond, VA $15,000 publications, assistance to artists for the Inc. To support exhibitions, publishing of artists’ books Chicago, IL $15,000 performances, lectures, and Painted Bride Art Center, for Line II Association. To support solo and group publications. Inc. exhibitions and a program Philadelphia, PA $5,000 Printed Matter, Inc. of performance art Sheboygan Arts Foundation, To support visual arts New York, NY $30,000 presentations. Inc. exhibitions, installations, To support the international Sheboygan, WI $45,000 performances, and lectures distribution of artists’ books Real Art Ways Raw Ink, To support exhibitions and at this multidisciplinary arts and monthly window Inc. related documentation, organization, installations. Hartford, CT $12,500 workshops, lectures, and the To support visual arts Arts/Industry Program at Pewabic Society, Inc. Printmaking Workshop, programming at this the John Michael Kohler Detroit, MI $15,000 Inc. multidisciplinary presenting Arts Center. To support exhibitions and New York, NY $8,000 organization. an artists-in-residence To support a program that Social and Public Arts program focusing on will make working facilities Rowan Art Guild, Inc. Resource Center contemporary ceramic art. available to visiting artists. Salisbury, NC $5,000 Venice, CA $17,500 To support exhibitions and To support a program of Photographic Resource Pro Arts related programs at gallery exhibitions, Center, lnc. Oakland, CA $5,000 Waterworks Gallery, performances, and services Boston, MA $20,000 To support exhibitions, including the payment of to visual artists. To support photography artists’ fees, and the artists’ honoraria. exhibitions, lectures, visiting publication of a newsletter. Society for Photographic artists programs, and San Francisco Camerawork, Education, Inc. services photographers and Project Artaud Inc. Albuquerque, NM $12,500 critics. San Francisco, CA $5,000 San Francisco, CA $22,500 To support national and To support ah exhibition To support photography regional conferences, Pilchuck School program and the payment of exhibitions, lectures by publications, and services of Seattle, WA $22,500 artists’ fees at Southern visiting artists, and this national service To support workshops and Exposure Gallery. publications, organization for artists and visiting artists programs for educators working in artists working in glass. Project, lnc. Santa Barbara photography. Cambridge, MA $8,000 Contemporary Arts Forum, Pittsburgh Center for the To support photography Inc. Society of North American Arts exhibitions, lectures, and Santa Barbara, CA $15,000 Goldsmiths Pittsburgh, PA $5,000 lees to artists at the To support exhibitions, a Milwaukee, WI $7,500 To support visual arts Community Arts Center. performance series, and the To support the publication exhibitions at this payment of honoraria to of technical reports, touring multidisciplinary arts Public Art Fund, Inc. participating artists, workshops, and other organization. New York, NY $15,000 services of this national To support artists lees and Sculpture Space, Inc. service organization for the Portland Center for the related costs for public art Utica, NY $15,000 metal arts. Visual Arts projects. To support a working Portland, OR $17,500 facility for creation of Southwest Craft Cen~er To support visual arts Pyramid Arts Center, Inc. large-scale sculpture anda San Antonio, TX $5,000 programming, including Rochester, NY $20,000 residency program. To support visiting artist statíc and nonstatic To support exhibitions and and artist-in-residence exhibitions, temporary performances, a visiting programs. installations, and lectures by artist and lecture series, and visiting artists, artist services.


Spaces Visual Studies Workshop, Women’s Interart Center, Houston Conwill, Mario Cleveland, OH $12,000 Inc. Inc. Lara, Marlene Malik, and To support exhibitions, Rochester, NY $50,000 New York, NY $5,000 Matt Mullican to create installations, performances, To support a program of To support visual arts temporary installations in and public forums, exhibitions, lectures, exhibitions at the Interart de Atlanta’s Piedmont Park. residencies, and access to St. Amand Gallery. Sun Valley Center for the press facilities that results in California Arts Council Arts and Humanities the creation or presentation Women’s Studio Workshop, Sacramento, CA $18,750 Sun Valley, ID $12,500 of new work in Inc. To commission artist Bruce To support visual arts photography, book arts, Rosendale, NY $7,500 Nauman for a neon programming, including printmaking, and vídeo. To support working sculpture to be installed on working facilities for visiting facilities, exhibitions, and the facade of the artists at this Washington Project for the residencies focusing on book Otis/Parsons Exhibition multidisciplinary arts Arts, Inc. arts, papermaking, and Center overlooking organization. Washington, DC $45,000 printrnaking. MacArthur Park. To support visual arts Sushi, Inc. exhibitions, temporary California Arts Councii San Diego, CA $15,000 public art projects, artists’ Sacramento, CA $20,000 To support visual arts residencies, a series of "ro commission muralist exhibitions, lectures, and lectures, catalogues, and ah ART IN PUBLIC Judith Baca to plan and presentation of performance artists’ bookstore. PLACES execute a major addition to art. the "Great Wall of Los Western New York Artists To enable city and state Angeles". UCVideo, Inc. Gallery, Inc. governments, educational Minneapolis, MN $5,000 Buffalo, NY $5,000 City of Dayton To support exhibitions, To support visual arts institutions, and other Dayton, OH $25,000 workshops, and working exhibitions and honoraria organizations to To commission two facilities for visual artists for artists, commission works of art permanent works by artists working with computers and as permanent features of Andrew Leicester and electronic image Wheaton Historicai such sites, as parks, Andrea Blum in separate technologies. Association plazas, waterfronts, neighborhoods of Dayton. Millville, NJ $5,000 airports, subways, and Upstairs To support a residency public buildings. Also City of Santa Monica Tryon, NC $5,000 program for artists working funded are short-term Santa Monica, CA $20,000 To support exhibitions and in hot glass at the Creative installations of To commission artists services for visual artists. Glass Center of America. Douglas Hollis and Carl experimental works that Cheng for two public Urban lnstitute for White Columns, lnc. demonstrate further artworks on the beach at Contemporary Arts New York, NY $10,000 potentialfor art in public Santa Monica. Grand Rapids, MI $7,500 To support exhibitions, places. To support visual arts performances, and the City of Tempe exhibitions and lectures by payment of lees ~o visual 23 GRANTS Redevelopment and Housing visiting artists, artists. PROGRAM FUNDS: Division $459, 750 Tempe, AZ $45,000 Visual Arts Center of Women and Their Work, To commission artist Mary Alaska Inc. Art in the Stations Miss for the Hayden Square Anchorage, AK $12,000 Austin, TX $20,000 Detroit, MI $25,000 Sculpture. To support exhibitions, To support visual arts To commission artist Joyce working facilities, a visiting programming and services to Kozloff fora ceramic tile Fairmount Park Art artist series, and artists’ visual artists through this installation in the Association services, multidisciplinary presenting "Financial" Station of Philadelphia, PA $12,000 organization. Detroit’s new above-ground ~ To support the participation Visual Arts Information transit system. of visúal artists in a study of Service Women’s Community, Inc. the potential for creative Minneapolis, MN $5,000 Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Arts Festival Association of urban lighting in To support publication of To support the working Atlanta, Inc. Philadelphia. Artpaper, ah artist-produced facility and the gallery Atlanta, GA $15,000 ¯ journal of information and program of the Woman’s To commission artists dialogue about visual arts in Building. the Midwest.


Fellows of Contemporary Metropolitan Dade County Visiting Artists, Inc. national journal about Art Miami, FL $15,000 Davenport, IA $30,000 performance art. Los Angeles, CA $10,000 To support six artists’ To commission artist Elyn To commission Mitchell participation in the planning Zimmerman to work in Atlanta Art Papers, Inc. Syrop to transforma small stages for the redesign of a collaboration with architect Atlanta, GA $18,000 shuttle bus into a mobile former zoo site at Crandon Paul Broches on the design To support publication of public artwork. Gardens in Miami. and construction of a new Art Papers, a bimonthly plaza overlooking the journal on visual arts Hackensack Meadowlands Natural Heritage Mississippi River in activity in the Southeast. Development Commission Trust/Artpark Davenport. Lyndhurst, NJ $35,000 Lewiston, NY $25,000 Buffalo State Coilege To commission artist Nancy To support a series of Walker Art Center, Inc. Foundation, Inc. Holt to complete the design temporary installations by Minneapolis, MN $25,000 Buffalo, NY $4,660 phase and oversee the ten visual artists in residence To commission artist Siah To support a series of week- construction of the final at Artpark during the Armajani for a pedestrian long residencies at closure features for a 57­ summer of 1986. bridge connecting Loring Burchfield Art Center by acre landfill artwork entitled Park with a new sculpture four photographers entitled "Sky Mound," located next Otis Art Institute of Parsons garden. "Buffalo Views: A to the New Jersey Turnpike. School of Design Photographic Forum and Los Angeles, CA $20,000 Residency." Jackson-George Regional To support installations by Library artists George Herms, Luis Center for New Art Pascagoula, MS $10,000 Jimenez, Eric Orr, and Jon VISUAL Activities, lnc. To support artists’ fees for Petersen aL MacArthur ARTISTS New York, NY $18,000 site-specific works in the Park. To support publication of reading stacks of the FORUMS the quarterly periodical community’s newly Pasadena Gallery of Bomb. constructed regional library Contemporary Art To enable artists to facility. Pasadena, CA $6,000 assemble with Chicago New Art To support a commission professional peers, Association Maryland Art Place, Inc. for artists Helen and teachers, students, and Chicago, IL $5,000 Baltimore, MD $28,000 Newton Harrison to plan a the public to debate To support publication of To support a commission major public work as part issues, share information, New Art Examiner, a for visual artist Jeffrey of the Los Angeles County and compare methods, journal of visual arts Schiff for Liberty Plaza in flood control system. activity in several regions. downtown Baltimore. Grants support visiting Spaces artist programs, Committee for the Visual Mayor’s Advisory Cleveland, OH $5,000 conferences and Arts, Inc. Committee on Art and To commission artist Buster symposia, and New York, NY $7,000 Culture Simpson to create a series of publications that To support publication of Baltimore, MD $20,000 permanent public artworks contribute to the national the periodical Real Life To support a commission in Cleveland’s historic dialogue on Magazine, which presents for artist Martin Puryear to Warehouse District. contemporary art. critical writing by visual work with city planners, artists. officials, and local residents Stuart Foundation to develop a unifying art 57 GRANTS La Jolla, CA $20,000 PROGRAM FUNDS." Daniel Ciark Foundation element on the city’s major To commission artist Goffstown, NH $15,000 east-west corridor, North William Wegman for ah $374,835 To support the semi-annual Avenue. outdoor public work on the journal Studio Potter. campus of the University of Artspace, Inc. Metropolitan Dade County California-San Diego. Albuquerque, NM $10,000 East Carolina University To support publication of Miami, FL $10,000 Greenville, NC $2,500 To commission artists Claes University of Iilinois Artspace, a quarterly To support an artists-in­ Oldenburg and Coosje van Urbana-Champaign journal on contemporary art residence program. Bruggen to create a Champaign, IL $20,000 in the Southwest. monumental fountain for To support a commission Fine Arts Work Center in the Downtown Government for artist Toro Otterness to Astro Artz, Inc. Provincetown, Inc. Center park site. create a series of works for Los Angeles, CA $7,000 Provincetown, MA $2,500 the Krannert Art Museum’s To support publication of To support a visiting artists new wing. High Performance, a


and critics-in-residence on the subject of To support publication of symposium in Burnham program, performance art. Dialogue, a bimonthly Park. journal of visual arts Fresno Arts Center Los Angeles Institute of activity in the Midwest. Southern Illinois University Fresno, CA $3,000 Contemporary Art at Carbondale To support a three-day Los Angeles, CA $15,000 Photographic Resource Carbondale, IL $2,500 symposium on California To support publication of Center, Inc. To support a visiting artists women artists, the quarterly Journal: A Boston, MA $5,000 lecture series entitled "The Contemporary Art To support publication of Photograph as Narrative." Friends of Photography Magazine. Views, a quarterly journal Carmel, CA $5,000 of writing about Texas Sculpture Symposium, To support one issue of Midmarch Associates, lnc. photography, lnc. Untitled devoted to Judith New York, NY $5,000 Helotes, TX $5,000 Golden’s photography. To support "Artists Talk on Regents of the University of To support a series of Art," a year-long series of Colorado panels presented in Galería Studio 24 forums on contemporary art Boulder, CO $5,000 conjunction with the sixth San Francisco, CA $5,000 issues. To support a visiting artists biennial Texas Sculpture To support Galeria de la program which will present Symposium. Raza’s publication of Mills College artists and critics for Community Murals Oakland, CA $5,000 lectures, performances, and Trustees of Hampshire Magazine, an To support a visiting artist other public events. College artist-produced quarterly program which will bring Amherst, MA $5,000 about mural art. nationally known women Rutgers, The State To support a year-long artists to the college. University of New Jersey visiting artists residency Georgia State University New Brunswick, NJ $5,000 series entitled "Method and New England Foundation To support a series of Perspective in Atlanta, GA $4,000 for t~e Arts Photography." To support a year-long Cambridge, MA seminars in which series of workshops and $5,000 printmakers and printers To support the touring of will give studio University of Akron accompanying lectures by visual artists throughout visiting artists. demonstrations. Akron, OH $10,000 New England in conjunction To support publication of a with the foundation’s monograph on the work of Heresies Collective, Inc. touring exhibitions program, Silver Mountain Foundation New York, NY $15,000 for the Arts visual artist Adrian Piper. $7,500 To support publication of New Mexico State New York, NY two issues of Heresies, a To support publication of University of Arizona University three issues of Aperture, a Tucson, AZ $7,000 periodical about work by Las Cruces, NM $5,000 women visual artists. quarterly journal of To support The Archive, a To support a year-long photography, serial publication which visiting artists program, presents 20th-century Institute of Contemporary photography from the Art October Magazine, Ltd. Society for Photographic $2,000 Education, Inc. Center for Creative Boston, MA New York, NY $25,000 Photography’s permanent To support a series of To support publication of Albuquerque, NM $20,000 discussions between artists the quarterly journal To support publication of collection. in conjunction with four issues and an index for October, which presents University of Arkansas exhibitions of their work. writing about theory and Exposure, a quarterly journal of photography Fayetteville, AR $3,000 practice in contemporary To support a visiting artists International Society for art. criticism. Arts Sciences and program. Technology, Inc. Opportunities for the Arts, South Carolina Arts San Francisco, CA $5,000 Inc. Commission University of California-San To support publication of Columbus, OH $3,000 Columbia, SC $2,500 Diego writing by visual artists in To support the Dialogue To support a touring visiting La Jolla, CA $5,000 the quarterly journal Criticism Workshop at the artists program in South To support "The Art of Leonardo. Taft Museum and the Carolina. Video: Eight Perspectives," Contemporary Arts Center a series of lectures, Long Island University in Cincinnati. South Loop Planning Board seminars, and workshops Greenvale, NY $1,875 Chicago, IL $7,000 presented by visiting artists, To support a lecture series Opportunities for the Arts, To support "Sculpture curators, and critics. at the Hillwood Art Gallery Inc. Chicago," a month-long Columbus, OH $5,000 outdoor sculpture


University of lllinois Virginia Polytechnic To support a national Cultural Council Urbana-Champaign Institute Educationai conference entitled "The Foundation Champaign, IL $2,500 Foundation, Inc. Contemporary Woman in New York, NY $75,000 To support a lecture series Blacksburg, VA $5,000 the Visual Arts,". To support a cooperative entitled "Forro and To support a conference on agreement to administer ­ Function." critical issues in the visual ZG Magazine funds for on-site evaluations arts sponsored by a New York, NY $5,000 of Visual Arts Program University of New Mexico consortium of four To support the publication applicants and grantees. Albuquerque, NM $3,000 institutions, of ZG, a critical journal of To support a series of activity in contemporary art Fairmount Park Art lectures by visitlng artists Visual Studies Workshop, (This 1985 grant was funded Association and critics entitled "Art in Inc. during fiscal 1986). Philadelphia, PA $25,000 the Instant Future--A.D. Rochester, NY $25,000 To support a three-day 2000." To support critical, conference on public art to theoretical, and historical be held in Philadelphia in University of North Dakota writing about photography October 1987. Grand Forks, ND $2,500 and visual arts books in the SPECIAL To support a visiting artists monthly journal Afterimage. PROJECTS Interagency program. Washington, DC $4,310 Walker Art Center, Inc. To support a very limited To support a panel system University of South Dakota Minneapolis, MN $6,000 that reviews and selects Main Campus To support a two-day number of model projects visual artists for federal Vermillion, SD $2,000 conference entitled "New that assist artists in art-in-architecture projects, To support a visiting artists Media America." innovative ways and are primarily for the General program, not eligible under the Services Administration. Washington State University other categories. University of Southern Pullman, WA $5,000 Lorian Association California To support a coordinated 17 GRANTS Issaquah, WA $15,000" Los Angeles, CA $3,300 visiting artists and critics To support artist Naj To support ah artists-in­ PROGRAM FUNDS: programat Washington $488,405 Wikoff’s evolving design of residence program State University, the Prairie Ship Liberty, ah presenting Terry Allen and University of Idaho, American Academy in Rome 11-story-tall environmental Alexis Smith. Spokane Falls Community sail sculpture, which toured College, and the Cheney ToNew support York, a NY pilot project$15,700 several communities across University of Texas at El Cowles Memorial Museum. which will allow two mid- the country, culminating in Paso career visual artists the New York City as part of El Paso, TX $2,000 Wesleyan University opportunity to collaborate the 1986 Statue of Liberty To support ah artists-in­ Middletown, CT $2,500 Centennial celebration. residence series resulting in To support a visiting artists for three months in Rome. the creation of new work. and critics program entitled American Craft Council Mid-Atlantic States Arts "Making and Viewing Consortium, Inc. University of Texas at San New York, NY $5,000 Contemporary Art". To support a feature article Baltimore, MD $28,850 Antonio in American Craft on the To support the Mid-Atlantic San Antonio, TX $2,000 White Walls, Inc. crafts artists who received Residency Program in the To support a series of visits Chicago, IL $5,000 Visual Arts. by artists who have Endowment Visual Artists To support publication of Fellowships in 1986. sustained significant and the periodical WhiteWalls, a Mortimer Fleishhacker innovative visions in their magazine of writing by Clearinghouse for Arts Foundation work over a considerable visual artists. San Francisco, CA $25,000 period of time. Information New York, NY $49,898 To support expansion of the Woman’s Art, Inc. Foundation’s newly Virginia Commonwealth To support a cooperative Knoxville, TN $5,000 agreement for research to established Eureka University To support publication of compile and compare Fellowships Program for Richmond, VA $2,000 Woman’s Art Journal, a information about sources visual artists. To support a visiting artists semiannual critical journal, of direct support for visual program. artists and provide ah index Partners for Livable Places Women’s Art Registry of of funding sources for use Washington, DC $30,000 Minnesota by artists, To support a project which Minneapolis, MN $9,000 will compile information


about all Endowment Art in Southeastern Center for Visiting Artists, Inc. Washington Project for the Public Places grants Contemporary Art Davenport, IA $13,000 Arts, Inc. awarded since 1967, and Winston-Salem, NC $75,000 To support a documentary Washington, DC $25,000 make that information To support the sixth year of publication of a To support "War and available to the public the Awards in the Visual collaborative public art Memory--Response to a through the Partner’s Arts (AVA) program, project conducted by Monument," a.year-long Livability Clearinghouse. Visiting Artists, Inc. for the collaboration among visual University of Massaehusetts City of Davenport. artists Terry Allen, Richard Printed Matter, lnc. Amherst, MA $68,647 Posner, and Reese Williams; New York, NY $5,000 For a cooperative agreement Visual Studies Workshop, and writer Jane Creighton. To support development of for the Arts Extension In . a technical services program Service to organize and Rochester, NY $25,000* *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION tO arts organizations that documenta series of To support a three-day are establishing bookstores meetings analyzing issues symposium that will address for artists’ books, central to the development the future of visual artists of public art programs at organizations, including Small Business the local, state, and federal accompanying Administration levels. The results will be documentation in Washington, DC $3,000 published and distributed Afterimage. To support editing of a nationwide. training handbook used in the SBA Business of Art and the Artist technical assistance workshops.






ARTS.I,T~’T Commonweaith of Maryland S,ate Ar,s Council Rhode Island State Council Pennsylvania Council on the Baltimore, MD $27,100 on the Arts EDUCATION Ar,s Providence, RI $91,100 Harrisburg, PA $68,700 Massachusetts Council on the Arts & Humanities South Carolina Arts ~RANTS Connecticut Commission on Boston, MA $88,300 Commission the Arts Columbia, SC $101,500 105 GRANTS Hartford, CT $69,200 Michigan Council for the PROGRAM FUNDS: Arts South Dakota Arts Council $5,092,494 Delaware State Arts Council Detroit, MI $104,500 Sioux Falls, SD $53,300 Wilmington, DE $32,200 Minnesota State Arts Board State Arts Council of Department of Culture, St. Paul, MN $108,700 Oklahoma ARTIST Recreation & Tourism Oklahoma City, OK $83,100 Division of the Arts Mississippi Arts Commission RESIDENCY Baton Rouge, LA $82,300 Jackson, MS $31,700 State Foundation on Culture GRANTS and the Arts District of Columbia Missouri State Council on Honolulu, HI $61,900 For a national state-based Commission on the Arts & the Arts program that places Humanities St. Louis, MO $43,100 Tennessee Arts Commission Washington, DC $12,200 Nashville, TN $92,500 professional artists in Montana Arts Council residencies in educational Florida Arts Council Helena, MT $39,400 Texas Commission on the settings. Tallahassee, FL $71,800 Arts Nebraska Arts Councii Austin, TX $79,000 54 GRANTS Georgia Council for the Omaha, NE $139,500 PROGRAM FUNDS." Arts and Humanities Utah Arts Council $4,059,600 Tucker, GA $80,200 Nevada State Council on the Salt Lake City, UT $78,700 Arts Alabama State Council on Guam Council on the Arts Reno, NV $37,800 Vermont Council on the the Arts and Humanities and Humanities Arts, Inc. Montgomery, AL $77,700 Agana, GU $22,000 New Hamps~ire State Montpelier, VT $38,300 Councii on the Arts Aiaska State Council on the ldaho Commission on the Concord, NH $53,600 Virginia Commission for the Arts Arts Arts Anchorage, AK $108,800 Boise, ID $45,200 New Jersey State Council on Richmond, VA $25,800 the Arts Arizona Commission on the Illinois Arts Council Trenton, NJ $97,800 Washington State Arts Arts Chicago, IL $94,900 Commission Phoenix, AZ $100,400 New Mexico Arts Division Olympia, WA $71,900 Indiana Arts Commission Santa Fe, NM $106,100 Arkansas Arts Council Indianapolis, IN $110,000 Wisconsin Arts Board Little Rock, AR $82,500 New York State Council on Madison, WI $77,500 Institute of Puerto Rican the Arts Arts & Humanities Division, Culture New York, NY $215,800 Wyoming Council on the West Virginia Department San Juan, PR $12,600 Arts of Culture & History North Carolina Arts Councii Cheyenne, WY $35,400 Charleston, WV $35,600 Iowa Arts Council Raleigh, NC $60,200 Des Moines, IA $101,500 California Arts Council North Dakota Council on Sacramento, CA $188,300 Kansas Arts Commission the Arts Topeka, KS $81,100 Fargo, ND $37,200 SPECIAL Colorado Council on the PROJECTS Arts and Humanities Kentucky Arts Councii Ohio Arts Council Denver, CO $50,800 Frankfort, KY $89,100 Columbus, OH $163,900 Forprojects that Oregon Arts Commission demonstrate and further Commonwealth Council for Maine State Commission on knowledge of the arts Arts & Culture the Arts Salero, OR $93,200 Saipan, CM Augusta, ME and artists in the $16,200 $88,400 educationalprocess, of


that provide assistance Central lntermediate Unit 10 G.A.M.E., Inc. Kansas City Chapter of and services on a regional University Park, PA New York, NY $19,100 Young Audiences, Inc. or national level to local, $19,100 To support components of Kansas City, MO $19,100 To support "Project the Institute for Integrated To support "Arts state, or regional arts Arts Education in the final agency personnel, artists, Apples," for developing a Partners," a program that model of arts advocacy, year of its pilot phase, assists school districts in educators, and support, and staff developing quality, administrators involved development for secondary Gallaudet College sequential arts education, in the arts and education, schools. Washington, DC $19,100 K-12. To support a videotape 51 GRANTS Children’s Art Carnival package which will present: Kidsnet PROGRAMFUNDS: New York, NY $10,400 a dance choreographed by Washington, DC $17,500 $1,032,894 To create a series of Merce Cunningham, a To support Kidsnet, a programs on Afro-American laboratory dance performed computerized database on Alliance for Arts Education artists that reflect their lives by deaf and hearing dance children’s radio and Washington State and times, materials used, students, and an overview of television. Seattle, WA $13,900 design approaches, and the creative process involved To develop regional relevant techniques, in developing the two Metropolitan Arts Council, leadership among local arts dances. Ine. in education advocates. COMPAS, Inc. Omaha, NE $18,600 St. Paul, MN $24,100 Henry Street Settlement To conducta series of Alliance for the Arts, Inc. To support three New York, NY $13,800 in-service workshops for New York, NY $15,400 components of "Dialogue," To design, develop, and artists, educators, and staff To provide for schools a program using implement a media arts members of human services computerized, on-line access professional writers to component within the agencies. to information about improve the teaching of Settlement’s existing Arts-in- educational programs creative writing in schools. Education Program. Metropolitan Opera offered by the city’s cultural Association, lnc. organizations. Contemporary Arts Center lnsiitute of Art and New York, NY $22,900 New Orleans, LA $11,100 Disabilities To support a teacher American lnstitute of To establish an artists’ Richmond, CA $9,200 training model that will Architects Foundation, lnc. resource network and center To produce a series of focus on the creative process Washington, DC $21,600 through which artists can be workshops for artists, art and provide teachers with To conducta national integrated into arts supervisors, art teachers, the skills, information, and information survey of education programs, special education teachers, approaches to help their Architects-in-Schools and school administrators, students create and produce programs and prepare Educational Broadcasting original opera/musical detailed descriptions of these Corporation International Council of theater. individual programs. New York, NY $250,000 Fine Arts Deans To support a television ’ San Marcos, TX $7,500* Mississippi Arts Commission Arts & Humanities Division, series on the arts for young To support pre-conference Jackson, MS $7,500 West Virginia Department people. (The total grant planning meetings and To support concurrent of Culture & History amount of $1,500,000 was post-conference publication one-day workshops in music Charleston, WV $10,050 funded jointly with the of a report on a conference education and art education To provide West Virginia Media Arts Program). covering the topic: "Toward at regional sites in the state. performing artists with a the 21st Century in the program designed to develop Film in the Cities, Inc. Arts." Museum Associates classroom presentations and St. Paul, MN $19,100 Los Angeles, CA $20,400 materials related to various To develop a media arts KCTS Association To support "Evenings for subject curricula, curriculum for physically Seattle, WA $25,000 Educators," a series of handicapped and health To fund post-production education programs for Bowling Green State impaired students at the activities for "The Big A," teachers. University junior or senior high school an instructional television Bowling Green, OH $10,800 level, series in the visual arts for New York Foundation for To support various phases children ages six through the Arts, Inc. of Arts Unlimited, an arts Fulton County Arts Council nine. New York, NY $24,100 and aesthetic education Atlanta, GA $19,000 To support The Journey program. To support a summer Artist- Within, a 30-minute 16mm Teacher Institute. color documentary about


teacher and poet Richard Robert W. Woodruff Arts Therapeutic Recreation Very Special Arts Lewis. Center, Inc. Advisory Council Massachusetts Atlanta, GA $5,070 Albuquerque, NM $15,300 Boston, MA $16,600 OPERA America, Inc. To support production of To support the "Partners in To support the second year Washington, DC $19,100 Lessonsfor Learning: Art" program between of the New England Artists To support the continued Handbook of Museum- artists and art educators in Training Project. development of a broad- Related Lesson Plans, an New Mexico and Indiana. based opera education interdisciplinary teacher Very Special Arts Minnesota curriculum resource handbook. Trustees of Dartmouth Minneapolis, MN $16,900 guide/package. College To support the Special San Francisco Ballet Hanover, NH $6,600 Network Project. Orleans Parish School Association For the Hopkins Center to Board San Francisco, CA $10,400 conducta three-day regional Washington Special Arts, New Orleans, LA $19,100 To support development of artist and teacher workshop, Inc. To support the Training model dance activities for anda summer artist and Washington, DC $13,000 Institutes component of the schools in San Francisco. teacher training institute at To support the organization Arts Connection Mainline Dartmouth College. and implementation of a project. Snowbird Institute tri-state clearinghouse in arts Snowbird, UT $10,000 UCVideo, Inc. and arts education for Pennsylvania State To support in-service Minneapolis, MN $11,600 disabled populations. University workshops during summer To support a conference to Univérsity Park, PA $3,000* 1987 in the subjects of teach educators about the Washington State Arts To support publication of music and dance for Utah utilization of video arts in Commission the proceedings of a arts educators, education, and to develop conference on the History of and print a supporting Olympia, WA $20,400 teacher training manual. To support development and Art Education, at Penn SOLVE implementation of State during which 52 Atkinson, NH $30,074 papers were presented to 132 To support the evaluation University of Kentucky Curriculum Enrichment participants from this by RMC Research Research Foundation Materials for use in the country and several other Corporation in Hampton, Lexington, KY $16,600 common schools in nations. New Hampshire, of pilot For the Appalachian Center conjunction with "Beyond programs for a children’s to conduct a series of Blue Mountains." Performing Arts Council of television series on the arts. educational workshops in the Music Center various art forms for Western New York Institute Los Angeles, CA $19,100 Studio in a School primary level teachers and for the Arts in Education, To support the Summer Association, Inc. principals. Inc. Institute for Educators and Brooklyn, NY $12,000 Buffalo, NY $19, I00 Workshops for Teachers To support planning and Urban Gateways To develop a comprehensive series, and to develop ah development of a videotape Chicago, IL $19,100 Teaching-Artist/Performing expanded corps of teaching project that will focus on art To support the Artist training program. artists and sequential media and materials and Teacher/Artist Collaborative curriculum materials, their application in the Training (TACT) Project Western States Arts elementary classroom, through on- and off-site Foundation Performing Tree teacher training. Santa Fe, NM $3,000 Los Angeles, CA $19,100 Teachers and Writers For technical assistance and To suppo.rt three weekends Collaborative Utah Arts Council support services related to of "Arts Retreats" at the New York, NY $11,600 Salt Lake City, UT $21,600 program evaluations. Idyllwild School of Music To support publication of To train key personnel to and the Arts for elementary further the development of *CHAIRMAN’S ACTION and secondary teachers in The T&W Handbook of comprehensive arts the Los Angeles City and Poetic Forms. education in the state. County Schools. Tennessee Arts Commission Vermont Studio School, Inc. Ririe-Woodbury Dance Nashville, TN $10,400 Johnson, VT $20,400 Foundation To support an arts To establish residencies for Salt Lake City, UT $15,400 education project, including arts educators. To support production, a narrated videotape and recording, and editing of a lesson plans. videotaped teaching guide for dance improvisation.


A,chi,ectural Foundafion of Loyola University of St. Norbert College EDUCATION Northern California Chicago De Pere, WI $19,000 PROGRAM San Francisco, CA $6,400 Chicago, IL $11,000 To support development, To host a regional To support the design and testing, and dissemination of GRANTS conference to bring together production of a series of resources associated with the those working in the field to videotaped visual arts Arts for Special Children share information on model workshops for classroom program. 7 GRANTS programs, strategies, and art teachers in Chicago. PROGRAM FUNDS: curriculum, and resources-­ School District 88 $94,900 published and unpublished. Putnam City Independent Stone Park, IL $9,700 School District I-1 To support the development To support arts education City and Borough of Juneau Oklahoma City, OK $11,800 of a model program for the projects. School District To support ah Arts in implementation of creative Juneau, AK $17,900 Mathematics special project dramatics as a regular part Alliance of lndependent To implement and evaluate in three Arts in Education of the classroom curriculum. Colleges of Art an ongoing arts in education school sites. Washington, DC $19,100 program for teachers in To implement a professional grades K-12 through a development series of one- comprehensive curriculum day regional conferences for development and training high school art teachers, program.




LOCALS presenting performers, Dutchess County Arts STATE-LOCAL exhibitions and Council, Inc. TEST residencies; (d) building Poughkeepsie, Ny $150,000 PARTNERSHIP audiences; and (e) To support a major annual GRANTS festival, long-term P ROGRAM providing technical marketing, and regranting. assistance and services, Grants ate awarded to GRANTS Jackson Arts Alliance state arts agencies on Jackson, MS $150,000 behalf of a state-wide 17 GRANTS To support long-range consortium of local arts PROGRAM FUNDS: DIRECT planning, regranting, agencies. These grants $2,204,000 audience development, must be matched at 3:1 GRANTS TO technical assistance, a with new state and local LOCAL ARTS festival, and an expanded public dollars over a AGENCIES arts in education program, three-year period. The Locals Test Program King County Arts is a new initiative Grants are awarded to Commission 2 GRANTS established in 1983 to test local arts councils of Seattle, WA $150,000 PROGRAM FUNDS: ways in which the commissions and must be To support the $305,000 Endowment might matched at least 2:1 with commissioning and performance of new works Michigan Council for the providefunds to local new local public dollars Arts arts agencies to serve asa over a three-year period, in the context of a major performing arts festival. Detroit, MI $150,000 catalyst for increased To support a statewide plan, supportfor the arts by 10 GRANTS Miami Valley Arts Council with the Michigan local governments. The PROGRAM FUNDS: Dayton, OH $150,000 Association of Community goals of the Program are $1,695,000 To support regranting, a Arts Agencies, to forma to promote increased and cultural directory, and regional network that makes sustained public funding Chieago Department of promotion of cultural the best use of combined for the arts at the state Cullural Affairs events, resources through touring, and local levels; to Chicago, IL $245,000 information sharing, and encourage joint planning To support a comprehensive New Haven Department of regional technical assistance needs assessment, regranting Cultural Affairs workshops. among state and local for outreach projects, and arts agencies, artists, arts New Haven, CT $150,000 . funding of seven pilot To support development and North Dakota Couneil on organizations, and neighborhood arts councils, staffing of an arts facility, the Arts sources of support; and Fargo, ND $155,000 to elicit a variety of Combined Arts 8: Education Salt Lake Arts Council To support a statewide plan imaginative proposals Council of San Diego Foundation to serve asa model for rural that might serve as County Salt Lake City, UT $200,000 arcas and test the viability modelsfor others. The San Diego, CA $150,000 To support regranting, of the Test Program in Program funds a limited To support regranting, involvement in urban supporting developing arts number ofprojects that audience development, and design, facility councils, encouraging technical assistance through improvement, expanded autonomy, engendering local have been carefully an arts governmental fiscal support, developed through a agency services, and clearinghouse/resource programming for and creating a statewide planning process to center, underserved constituencies, vision of expanded arts respond to local needs, programs. Funds may be usedfor District of Columbia Springville City Corporation (a) regranting to Commission on the Arts & Springville, UT $150,000 professional artists and Humanities To support an annual arts organizations of high Washington, DC $200,000 festival, regranting, facility SERVICES TO quality, particularly those To support regranting, renovation, and construction THE FIELD with limiled access to technical assistance, and of an arts park and development of an arts amphitheater. other funding sources; (b) presenting and support A limited number of developing capital network in culturally matching grants are made resources for local arts underserved arcas of the available to national, organizations; (c) city. regional, of state


associations of local arts 5 GRANTS strengthen, and support National Assembly of Local agencies, and colleges or PROGRAM FUNDS: local arts agencies during Arts Agencies 1985. Washington, DC $25,000 universities for the $204,000 For a cooperative agreement purpose of providing Fulton County Arts Council National Assembly of Local for on-site evaluations of specific services, technical Arts Agencies local arts agencies and assistance, professional Atlanta, GA $17,500 To support an update of the Washington, DC $76,500 technical assistance. development, and To support programs and continuing education study Local Government programs on a regional and the Arts. activitieSstrengthen,thatandaSsiSt,support ArtsNati°nalAgenciesASSembly of Local or national basis for local National Assembly of Local local arts agencies during Washington, DC $35,000 arts agency personnel. Arts Agencies 1986. To support a national Washington, DC $50,000 meeting of local arts agency To support programs and leaders. activities that assist,




STATE Delaware State Arts Council Michigan Council for the South Dakota Arts Council Wilmington, DE $325,700 Arts Sioux Falls, SD $326,700 Detroit, MI $423,300 P RO GRAM S Department of Culture, State Arts Council of Recreation & Tourism Minnesota State Arts Board Oklahoma GRANTS Division of the Arts St. Paul, MN $366,900 Oklahoma City, Baton Rouge, LA $370,200 OK $356,600 73 GRANTS Mississippi Arts Commission PROGRAM FUNDS: District of Columbia Jackson, MS $348,600 State Foundation on Culture $30,969,994 Commission on the Arts & and the Arts Humanities Missouri State Council on Honolulu, HI $330,700 TREASURY FUNDS: Washington, DC $325,700 the Arts $200,000 St. Louis, MO $376,500 Tennessee Arts Commission Florida Arts Council Nashville, TN $373,400 Alabama State Council on Tallahassee, FL $449,600 Montana Arts Council Helena, MT $328,000 Texas Commission on the the Arts and Humanities Georgia Council for the Montgomery, AL $364,900 Arts Arts and Humanities Nebraska Arts Council Austin, TX $507,300 Tucker, GA $387,400 Alaska State Council on the Omaha, NE $337,000 Arts Utah Arts Council Guam Council on the Arts Nevada State Council on the Salt Lake City, UT $337,500 Anchorage, AK $324,500 and Humanities Arts Agana, GU $201,200 American Samoa Council on Reno, NV $329,300 Vermont Council on the Arts, Inc. Culture, Arts & Humanities Idaho Commission on the New Hampshire State Montpelier, VT $324,700 Pago Pago, AS $200,400 Arts Council on the Arts ¯Boise, ID $330,100 Concord, NH $330,000 Virgin Islands Council on Arizona Commission on the the Arts Arts Illinois Arts Council New Jersey State Council on St. Thomas, VI $201,200 Phoenix, AZ $355,300 Chicago, IL $451,500 the Arts Trenton, NJ $405,700 Virginia Commission for the Arkansas Arts Council Indiana Arts Commission Arts Little Rock, AR $345,700 Indianapolis, IN $381,900 New Mexico Arts Division Richmond, VA $384,300 Santa Fe, NM $335,200 Arts & Humanities Division, Institute of Puerto Rican Washington State Arts West Virginia Department Culture New York State Council on Commission of Culture & History San Juan, PR $355,400 the Arts Olympia, WA $369,400 Charleston, WV $340,800 New York, NY $523,600 Iowa Arts Council Wisconsin Arts Board California Arts Council Des Moines, IA $351,800 North Carolina Arts Council Madison, WI $373,600 Sacramento, CA $622,600 Raleigh, NC $390,600 Kansas Arts Commission Wyoming Council on the Topeka, KS $346,800 North Dakota Council on Colorado Council on the the Arts Arts Arts and Humanities Cheyenne, WY $324,400 Denver, CO $355,800 Kentucky Arts Council Fargo, ND $326,400 Frankfort, KY $361,500 Ohio Arts Council Commonwealth Council for Columbus, OH Arts & Culture Maine State Commission on $442,400 REGIONAL Saipan, CM the Arts $200,200 Augusta, ME $331,900 Oregon Arts Commission ARTS Commonwealth of Salero, ON $349,500 PROGRAMMING Maryland State Arts Council GRANTS Pennsylvania Council on the Rhode Island State Council Arts Baltimore, MD $369,200 Harrisburg, PA $455,200 on the Arts Massachusetts Council on Providence, RI $329,700 For regional groups of the Arts & Humanities two or more state arts Connecticut Commission on agencies to support arts the Arts Boston, MA $415,600 Sout~ Carolina Arls Hartford, CT Commission programs planned and $355,100 Columbia, SC $357,100 implemented on a multi- state basis.


7 GRANTS Western States Arts on-site evaluations of agency operating PROGRAM FUNDS: Foundation current and potential procedures. $2,994,500 Santa Fe, NM $678,000 applicants to State To support regional Programs. National Assembly of State Arts Midwest programs and activities in Arts Agencies Minneapolis, MN $508,500 AIaska, Arizona, Caliíornia, Washington, DC $35,000 To support regional Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, To support the convening programs and activities in Montana, Nevada, New SPECIAL and administering of a North Dakota, South Mexico, Oregon, Utah, PROJECTS national Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Washington, and Wyoming. workshop/conference of lllinois, Michigan, Ohio, state arts agency community and Indiana. For special initiatives that coordinators, in connection are of national with State Programs. Consortium for Pacific Arts STATE significance and serve as and Cultures mode]s in the artsfield. National Conference of Honolulu, HI $169,500 SUPPORT Included are State Legislatures To support regional Denver, CO $10,000 programs in American SERVICES Dance/Inter-Arts/State To support research for and Samoa, Guam, and the Programs publication of an update of Northern Marianas. To support costs of Presenting/Touring Arts and the States, a services provided on a lnitiative grants, which compendium of state arts Mid-America Arts Alliance national basis to state are awarded in legislation. Kansas City, MO $339,000 arts agencies and regional conjunction with the To support regional groups. Dance and State Southern Arts Federation, programming and Programs to increase the lnc. operations in Arkansas, 3 GRANTS quality and quantity of Atlanta, GA $11,000 Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, PROGRAM FUNDS: dance presentations To support administrative Oklahoma, and Texas. costs associated with the $300,000 throughout the nation. A operations of the Mississippi Mid-Atlantic States Arts partial list of these grants Arts Commission. Consortium, Inc. National Assembly of State is included in this section; Arts Agencies the remaining grants are Baltimore, MD $452,000 Washington, DC $242,000 Dance/Inter-Arts/State To support regional included under the same Programs programs, research, and To support general operations and activities for subcategory in the Dance Presenting/Touring operations in Delaware, the state arts agencies, including and [nter-Arts Programs. District of ColumNa, Initiative Maryland, New Jersey, New arts policy development, training and skills 7 GRANTS Arts Midwest York, Pennsylvania, PROGRAM FUNDS." Virginia, and West Virginia. development, information Minneapolis, MN services, ah annual meeting, $98,500 TF $128,200 New England Foundation and periodic workshops and To support dance for the Arts seminars. TREASUR Y FUNDS: presentation activity during Cambridge, MA $339,000 $200,000 the 1986-87 presentation To support regional arts National Assembly of State season. projects in Connecticut, Arts Agencies Alabama State Council on Maine, Massachusetts, New Washington, DC $35,000 the Arts and Humanities Mid-America Ar~s Alliance Hampshire, Rhode lsland, To support maintenance of Montgomery, AL $22,500 Kansas City, MO and Vermont. the National Standard for To support a rural arts TF $71,800 Arts Information Exchange, development program. To support dance Southern Arls Federation, and the development of ah presentation activity during Ine. automated data base for National Assembly of Slate the 1986-87 presentation Atlanta, GA $508,500 collecting and analyzing Arts Agencies season. (The total grant To support regional information from the final Washington, DC $20,000 amount of $106,800 was descriptive reports of state To provide an ongoing awarded jointly with the programs and activities in arts agencies, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, program of on-site Inter-Arts Program). consultant visits to state arts Kentucky, Louisiana, National Assembly of State agencies and regional TF--TREASURY FUNDS Mississippi, North Carolina, Arts Agencíes organizations in an effort to South Carolina, and Washington, DC $23,000 enhance evaluation of Tennessee. For the administration of






CHALLENGE ¢enter for Puppetry Arts Internafional Museum of Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, Atlanta, GA $350,000 Photography at George Inc. GRANTS Eastman House Pittsburgh, PA $100,000 Center for Southern Rochester, NY $131,000 49 GRANTS Folklore Pittsburgh Center for the CHALLENGE Memphis, TN $100,000 Jacob’s Pillow Dance Arts Festival, Inc. Pittsburgh, PA $200,000 FUNDS: $20,719,804 Colonial Williamsburg Lee, MA $300,000 Foundation for the Abby Public Television Challenge Grants are Aldrich Rockefeller Folk John F. Kennedy Center for Foundation for North Texas awarded to cultural Arts Center the Performing Arts Dallas, TX $250,000 institutions or groups of Williamsburg, VA $250,000 Washington, DC $1,000,000 cultural institutions that San Francisco Museum of have demonstrated a Connecticut Players Mic~igan Opera Theatre Modern Art commitment to artistic Foundation, lnc., for Long Detroit, MI $200,000 San Francisco, CA $600,000 quality and have arts Wharf Theatre programs of recognized New Haven, CT $300,000 Museum of Contemporary San Francisco Opera Art Association significance. The funds Cooper Union for t~e Los Angeies, CA $500,000 San Francisco, CA are used to broaden the Advancement of Science and $1,000,000 base of contributed Art Museum of Fine Arts private support and New York, NY $700,000 Boston, MA $861,804 Seattle Opera Association, achievefinancial stability. NOTE: The total grant lnc. Dallas Symphony award was $I,000,000, Seattle, WA $300,000 Association, Inc. $138,196 of which was Round Eight Challenge Dallas, TX Grants: Thefollowing $600,000 obligated during Fiscal 1985. Society for the Performing grants were announced Detroit Symphony Arti during previous fiscal National Public Radio, Inc. Houston, TX $127,000 Orchestra, Inc. Washington, DC $250,000 years but were obligated Detroit, MI $200,000 South Coast Repertory during Fiscal 1986. NOTE: The total grant New England Conservatory Costa Mesa, CA $350,000 Descriptions of these award was for $900,000, of Music grants may be found in $700,000 of which was Boston, MA $350,000 Syracuse Symphony previous annual reports, obligated during Fiscal 1985. Orchestra, lnc. New Moseum Syracuse, NY $350,000 American Crafts Council Film Society of Lincoln New York, NY $150,000 New York, NY $500,000 Center, lnc. Twin Cities Public New York, NY $200,000 New York Public Library Television, Inc. American Dance Festival, Astor, Tilden, and Lenox St. Paul, MN $500,000 Inc. Harlem School of the Arts, Foundations for the Durham, NC $250,000 lnc. Performing Arts Research University of Nebraska- New York, NY $150,000 Center Lincoln for lhe Lied Center American Repertory Theatre New York, NY $500,000 Lincoln, NE $250,000 Cambridge, MA $750,000 Houston Grand Opera Association, Inc. Oklahoma Summer Arts Visual Arts Research and Arts Connection Houston, TX $1,000,000 Institute Resource Center Relating to Ne\v York, NY $200,000 Oklahoma City, OK the Caribbean, lnc. lnstitute of Contemporary $200,000 New York, NY $150,000 Atlanta Arts Alliance, Inc., Art for t~e Atlanta Symp~ony Boston, MA $250,000 Oregon Shakespearean Waverly Consort, lnc. Orchestra Festival Association New York, NY $100,000 Atlanta, GA $500,000 Interlochen Center for the Ashland, OR $350,000 Arts Whitney Museum of Ballet Theatre Foundation Interlochen, MI $200,000 Pacific Nort~west Ballet American Art New York, NY $900,000 Association New York, NY $800,000 International Center of Seattle, WA $500,000 College Community Photography Young Audiences, Inc. Services, Inc. New York, NY $100,000 P~iladelphia Orchestra New York, NY $200,000 Brooklyn, NY $100,000 Association Philadelphia, PA $1,000,000


~ Hawaii Opera Theatre Round )Vine Challenge v~ Bella Lewitzky Dance endowment anda cash Foundation reserve. Honolulu, HI $250,000 Grants: The following To eliminate notes payable grants were committed Los Angeles, CA $100,000 0 To establish an endowment, v Denver Center for the and establish a cash reserve. during Fiscal 1986for Performing Arts obligation during Fiscal ~/’ Boise Gallery of Art Denver, CO $400,000 ~" Houston Ballet Foundation 1987. One grantee, Boise, ID $100,000 To establish an endowment Houston, TX $500,000 though, obligated part of To augment an endowment, and implement a major To augment an endowment. its total commitment artistic initiative to develop during Fiscal 1986, and is ,f Boston Ballet professional youth-oriented q’ Houston Symphony indicated with a dagger Boston, MA $500,000 programs designed to Orchestra (~-). To renovate its facility, enhance the tole of the arts Houston, TX $650,000 in the curriculum. To augment an endowment. ~’/A Contemporary ~/Buffalo Fine Arts Academy for the AIbright-Knox Art v" Des Moines Metro Opera ~~’Hubbard Street Dance Theatre/ACT Gallery Des Moines, IA $100,000 Company Seattle, WA $I00,000 Buffalo, NY $600,000 To establish a cash reserve. Chicago, IL $100,000 To augment a cash reserve To establish a cash reserve. and an artistic reserve fund, To augment ah endowment. "q~ Drawing Center and to purchase equipment. 4" Buffalo Philharmonic New York, NY $200,000 V’Indiana State Symphony Orchestra To eliminate notes payable Society f Affiliate Artists and to augment an Indianapolis, IN $850,000 $175,000 Buffalo, NY $425,000 New York, NY To eliminate accumulated endowment. To augment ah endowment. To establish a cash reserve. deficits and augment ah endowment. "/Exploratorium ’{ Indianapolis Museum of Art Alley Theatre San Francisco, CA $650,000 Indianapolis, IN $400,000 Houston, TX $500,000 ~~ Chamber Music Society of To augment an endowment. To establish an endowment. To augment an endowment. Lincoln Center Field Museum of Natural ~/tInternational House of t/American Center for New York, NY $250,000 To augment an endowment. History Philadelphia Students and Artists Chicago, IL $500,000 Philadelphia, PA $125,000 Paris, France $100,000 ~ Chicago Opera Theater To establish an endowment. To purchase equipment and To eliminate accumulated renovate the theater facility. deficits and notes payable, Chicago, IL $200,000 To augment a cash reserve ,~/Fine Arts Muse’ums of San and to establish a cash and to implement a major Francisco V Joyce Theater Foundation reserve, artistic initiative. San Francisco, CA $600,000 New York, NY $300,000 To augment an endowment. To eliminate notes payable, v"Art Center College of ~’ °Cleveland Ballet . augment a cash reserve; and Design Cleveland, OH $200,000 t,’" Flynn Theatre for the implement major artistic Pasadena, CA $250,000 To establish an endowment Performing Arts initiatives involving the To augment an endowment and implement a major Burlington, VT $100,000 Joyce Theater Foundation’s To purchase equipment for presenting program, tiArts Center and Theatre of artistic initiative Schenechtady strengthening its co-venture the facility, education program, and with San Jose. American Theater Schenectady, NY $100,000 " " Ford’s Theatre Society Exchange. To eliminate accumulated ’¿"COMPAS Washington, DC $200,000 deficits and establish an St. Paul, MN $100,000 To augment a cash reserve V/’KCTS Association endowment. To eliminate accumulated and ah endowment. Seattle, WA $500,000 deficits and to establish an To establish a cash reserve "/Asia Society endowment and cash / Guadalupe Cultural Arts and purchase equipment. New York, NY $400,000 reserve. Center To augment an endowment, San Antonio, TX $100,000 ’,#Los Angeles County V’ Contemporary Arts Museum To eliminate notes payable, Museum of Art tiBaltimore Symphony Houston, TX $200,000 establish an endowment, Los Angeles, CA $1,000,000 Orchestra To augment ah endowment, and implement a major To augment an endowment. Baltimore, MD $850,000 artistic initiative establishing To augment ah endowment. "Dallas Opera the Guadalupe Press. ~,/Mann Music Center, Inc. Dallas, TX $600,000 Philadelphia, PA $100,000 To eliminate accumulated To establish ah endowment. deficits and to augment ah


/ Marlboro School of Music qNew Orleans Museum of reserve, and create a capital v/San Francisco Ballet Philadelphia, PA $200,000 Art fund for the eventual Association To augment an endowment. New Orleans, LA $200,000 purchase of an off-site San Francisco, CA $600,000 ’ ~ To augment an endowment, rehearsal and production To augment an endowment ’~’ Museum of Fine Arts, facility, and establish a cash reserve. Houston ~,/" New World Houston, TX $500,000 Records/Recorded "[ Performing Tree " ~/Spirit Square Arts Center To eliminate notes payable. Anthology of American Los Angeles, CA $100,000 Charlotte, NC $350,000 Music To establish ah endowment To renovate the facility. ~ Music-Theatre Performing New York, NY $100,000 and implement a major Group/Lenox Arts Center To establish a cash reserve artistic initiative of new ’f’Sundance Institute New York, NY $150,000 and implement a major program development in Salt Lake City, UT $225,000 To eliminate notes payable artistic initiative involving opera, folk art, and jazz. To eliminate accumulated and establish a cash reserve, the production of compact deficits and establish an discs and cassettes in ~/’ Philadelphia Museum of Art endowment and cash ~/Nashville Symphony addition to traditional LP’s. Philadelphia, PA $1,000,000 reserve. Nashville, TN $200,000 , $750,000~ To augment ah endowment ~/ Newark Public To augment an endowment. ’~Syracuse University Theatre an establish a cash reserve. Radio/WBGO-FM Corporation Newark, NJ $250,000 ,/" Presiden! and Fellows of Syracuse, NY $200,000 JN a{ional Black Thea{re To eliminate notes payable Harvard Universi{y To augment a cash reserve New York, NY $100,000 and establish an endowment Cambridge, MA $500,000 and ah endowment for the To purchase equipme.nt and and cash reserve. To augment an endowment Syracuse Stage. renovate the facility, for the Graduate School of ’¢’ Nor{h Carolina School of Design. " Thea{er for the New Ci{y V/New Dramafis{s the Arts Foundation Foundafion New York, NY $125,000 Winston-Salem, NC ~/Rhode Island School of New York, NY $350,000 To establish an endowment. $400,000 Design To establish a cash reserve / To augment ah endowment Providence, RI $1,000,000 and to renovate a facility. v New Haven Symphony for the North Carolina To establish a cash reserve. Orcheslra School of the Arts. /" Toledo Symphony New Haven, CT $100,000 "/" Roches{er Philharmonic Toledo, OH $150,000 To eliminate accumulated v/OId Globe Thea{re deficits and to augment ah Orches{ra To augment an endowment. San Diego, CA $500,000 Rochester, NY $425,000 endowment. To eliminate accumulated To augment ah endowment. ~t"Wal{ers Art Gallery deficits, augment an Baltimore, MD $400,000 endowment, establish a cash To augment an endowment.




ADVANCEMENT Aspen Center for the Visual Hallwalls, lnc. On the Boards Arts Buffalo, NY $3,000 Seattle, WA $3,000 GRANTS Aspen, CO $3,000 TF $7,000 TF $7,000 TF $7,000 75 GRANTS Helena Film Society, Inc. Pan Asian Repertory PROGRAM FUNDS: Bilingual Foundation of the Helena, MT $3,000 Theatre, Inc. Arts Fundacion Bilingue de TF $7,000 New York, NY $3,000 $193,200 las Artes, Inc. TF $7,000 Los Angeles, CA $3,000 Humboldt State University TREASURY FUNDS: TF $7,000 Foundation Real Art Ways Raw Ink, $2,132,355 Arcata, CA $3,000 lnc. Catamount Film and Arts TF $7,000 Hartford, CT $3,000 Company TF $7,000 Advancement grants are St. Johnsbury, VT $3,000 intended to help arts Jamaica Center for the TF $7,000 Performing and Visual Arts, Richard Allen Center for organizations strengthen Inc. long-term institutional Culture and Art, Inc. Center for Occupational Jamaica, NY $3,000 New York, NY $3,000 capacity and enhance Hazards, Inc. TF $7,000 TF $7,000 their artistic quality and New York, NY $3,000 diversity. Each award is TF $7,000 Jubilee Community Arts, Sew Productions, Inc. tailored to meet the Inc. San Francisco, CA $3,000 special needs of each Chicago Children’s Choir Knoxville, TN $3,000 TF $7,000 grantee and is preceded Chicago, IL $3,000 TF $7,000 by a preparation stage of TF $7,000 The Group up to one year, during Luis A. Ferre Foundation, Seattle, WA $3,000 Clearinghouse for Arts Inc. for Museo de Arte de TF $7,000 which technical assistance Information Ponce services, as well as New York, NY $3,000 San Juan, PR $3,000 Visual Arts Center of preparatory grant funds, TF $7,000 TF $7,000 Alaska are provided. Anchorage, AK $3,000 Columbia Art Association Metropolitan School for the TF $7,000 The following Columbia, SC $3,000 Arts, Inc. TF $7,000 organizationsfrom the Syracuse, NY $3,000 Thefollowing design arts, expansion TF $7,000 organizations were arts, inter-arts, and Committee for the Visual Arts, Inc. Mixed Blood Theatre awarded either full or museum fields received New York, NY $3,000 Company partial installment of support for the TF $7,000 Minneapolis, MN $3,000 funds for carrying out Preparatory Stage of ah TF $7,000 their multiyear plan as Advancement Grant: Contemporary Arts Center submitted to the New Orleans, LA $3,000 Museum of American Folk Endowment at the end of AIbany Museum of Art, TF $7,000 Art their Preparatory Stage: Inc. New York, NY Albany, GA $3,000 $3,000 District Curators TF $7,000 Academy of Media and TF $7,000 Washington, DC $3,000 Theatre Arts TF $7,000 National Center of Afro- Anehorage Concert San Francisco, CA American Artists, Inc. TF $10,534 Association, Inc. East Tennessee Community Boston, MA Anchorage, AK $3,000 $3,000 Design Center, Inc. TF $7,000 AMAS Repertory Theatre, TF $7,000 Knoxville, TN $3,000 Inc. TF $7,000 Oakland Ensemble Theatre New York, NY TF $26,726 Artists Foundation, Inc. Oakland, CA $3,000 Boston, MA $3,000 East West Players, Inc. TF $7,000 Los Angeles, CA $3,000 and/or service TF $7,000 Seattle, WA TF $30,246 TF $7,000 OId Creamery Theatre Asian Ameriean Dance Company, Inc. Guild Hall of East Asian Cine-Vision, Inc. Theater, lne. Garrison, IA $3,000 New York, NY TF $23,084 New York, NY $3,000 Hampton, Inc. TF $7,000 TF $7,000 East Hampton, NY $3,000 TF $7,000


Independent Eye, Ltd. Victory Gardens Theater Asian American Dance At The Foot Of The Theater, Inc. Mountain Lancaster, PA TF $75,000 Chicago, IL TF $75,000 Minneapolis, MN New York, NY TF $75,000 International Art of Jazz, Writer’s Center Inc. Bethesda, MD TF $24,672 Asian Cine-Vision, Inc. Boston Film/Video Stony Brook, NY New York, NY Foundation, Inc. TF $50,000 Aspen Center for the Visual Boston, MA TF $22,927 Richard Sommerfeld Island Philharmonic Society, Associates Arts Cabrillo Guild of Music Inc. Washington, DC $85,200 Aspen, CO Aptos, CA TF $75,000 Melville, NY TF $75,000 To amend a previous contract for Fiscal 1985 to At The Foot Of The Colorado Philharmonic, Mabou Mines Development complete financing for local Mountain Foundation, Inc. consultants and to provide Minneapolis, MN Inc. technical assistance to the Evergreen, CO TF $75,000 New York, NY TF $75,000 Washington Project for the Bilingual Foundation of the Community Arts National Council for the Arts with a publishable Arts Fundacion Bilingue de report on WPA. las Artes, Inc. Foundation Traditional Arts Los Angeles, CA Chicago, IL TF $75,000 Washington, DC TF $17,500 The rollo wing Contemporary Arts New Performance Gallery of organizations were Boston Film/Video Educational Project, Inc. San Francisco awarded computer Foundation, Inc. Los Angeles, CA TF $23,823 San Francisco, CA equipment made available Boston, MA TF $25,000 through a partnership Cabrillo Guild of Music Dan Wagoner Dance agreement with Apple Aptos, CA Foundation, Inc. Poets and Writers for Computer, Inc., for the New York, NY TF $62,720 Persea Books benefit of the National Canton Symphony New York, NY TF $24,999 Endowmentfor the Arts DanceWorks, Inc. Orchestra Association New York, NY TF $75,000 Portland Maine Symphony Advancement Program Canton, OH Orchestra participants: Danspace Portland, ME TF $75,000 Catamount Film and Arts New York, NY TF $50,645 A Traveling Jewish Theatre Company Portland Stage Company, San Francisco, CA St. Johnsbury, VT Ensemble Studio Theatre, Inc. Inc. Portland, ME TF $75,000 Academy of Media and Center for Contemporary New York, NY TF $75,000 Theatre Arts Arts of Santa Fe, Inc. Recorded Anthology of San Francisco, CA Santa Fe, NM Eureka Theatre, Inc. American Music, Inc. San Francisco, CA New York, NY TF $75,000 AMAS Repertory Theatre, Center for New Television TF $75,000 Inc. Chicago, IL New York, NY South Dakota Symphony Center for Occupational Ferrum College for Blue Orchestra Albany Museum of Art, Hazards, Inc. Ridge Institute Sioux Falls, SD TF $75,000 New York, NY Ferrum, VA TF $75,000 Inc. Albany, GA Speculum Musicae, Inc. Chamber Music Northwest, Foundation for Dance New York, NY TF $75,000 Anchorage Civic Opera Inc. Promotion, Inc. Portland, OR New York, NY TF $75,000 Theatre de la Jeune Lune Association, Inc. Anchorage, AK Minneapolis, MN Chicago Children’s Choir Graywolf Press TF $75,000 Chicago, IL St. Paul, MN TF $54,127 Anchorage Concert Trisha Brown Dance Association, Inc. Anchorage, AK Chicago Opera Theater Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. Company, Inc. Chicago, IL New York, NY TF $64,127 New York, NY TF $75,000 and/or service Seattle, WA Clearinghouse for Arts House Foundation for the University of Houston- Information Arts, Inc. Central Campus for Arte New York, NY New York, NY TF $61,827 Publico Press Artists Foundation, lnc. Houston, TX TF $11,671 Boston, MA


Colorado Phiiharmonic, Film Arts Foundation Los Angeles Contemporary OId Creamery Theatre Inc. San Francisco, CA Exhibitions, lnc. Company, Inc. Evergreen, CO Los Angeles, CA Garrison, lA Foundation for Dance Columbia Art Association Promotion, Inc. Luis A. Ferre Foundation, OId Town School of Folk Columbia, SC New York, NY Inc. for Museo de Arte de Music, Inc. Ponce Chicago, IL Committee for the Visual Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. San Juan, PR Arts, Inc. On the Boards New York, NY New York, NY Mabou Mines Development Seattle, WA Foundation, Inc. Community Arts Graywolf Press New York, NY Opera/Omaha, Inc. Foundation St. Paul, MN Omaha, NE Chicago, IL Margaret Jenkins Dance Gregg Smith Singers, Inc. Studio, Inc. New York, NY Pan Asian Repertory Contemporary Arts Center San Francisco, CA Theatre, Inc. New Orleans, LA New York, NY Guild Hall of East Metropolitan School for the Contemporary Arts Hampton, Inc. East Hampton, NY Arts, Inc. Pennsylvania Opera Theater Educational Project, Inc. Syracuse, NY Philadelphia, PA Los Angeles, CA Hallwails, Inc. Minnesota Composers Poets and Writers for Buffalo, NY Creative Time, Inc. Forum Persea Books New York, NY St. Paul, MN Helena Film Society, Inc. New York, NY Dan Wagoner Dance Helena, MT Mixed BIood Theatre Portland Maine Symphony Foundation, Inc. Company Orchestra New York, NY House Foundation for the Minneapolis, MN Arts, Inc. Portland, ME DanceWorks, Inc. New York, NY Monadnock Music Portland Stage Company, New York, NY Peterborough, NH Humboldt State University Portland,Inc. ME Danspace Foundation Museum of American Folk Arcata, CA New York, NY Art Real Art Ways Raw Ink, New York, NY Independent Eye, Ltd. Inc. District Curators Hartford, CT Washington, DC Lancaster, PA Music Theatre Performing Group, Inc. Recorded Anthology of East Tennessee Community International Art of Jazz, New York, NY Inc. American Music, Inc. Design Center, Inc. New York, NY Knoxville, TN Stony Brook, NY National Center of Afro- American Artists, Inc. Richard Ailen Center for East West Players, Inc. Island Philharmonic Society, Boston, MA Inc. Culture and Art, Inc. Los Angeles, CA New York, NY Melville, NY National Council for the 80 Langton St. Traditional Arts St. Luke’s Chamber San Francisco, CA Jamaica Center for the Washington, DC Performing and Visual Arts, NewEnsemble, York, Inc NY Ensemble Studio Theatre, Inc. New Performance Gallery of Jamaica, NY Inc. San Francisco Sew Productions, Inc. New York, NY San Francisco, CA Jubilee Community Arts, San Francisco, CA Eureka Theatre, Inc. Inc. Oakland Ensemble Theatre Knoxville, TN Social and Public Art San Francisco, CA Oakland, CA Resource Center Ferrum College Kentucky Opera Oberlin Dance Colleclive Venice, CA Ferrum, VA Association, Inc. San Francisco, CA Louisville, KY South Dakota Symphony Orchestra Film Art Fund, Inc. Sioux Falls, SD New York, NY


Speculum Musicae, lnc. Theatre de la Jeune Lune Visual Arts Center of Writer’s Center New York, NY Minneapolis, MN Alaska Bethesda, MD Anchorage, AK Teachers and Writers Trisha Brown Dance TF--TREASURY FUNDS Collaborative for Sun Press Company, Inc. Washington Project for the New York, NY New York, NY Arts, Inc. Washington, DC The Group Victory Gardens Theater Seattle, WA Chicago, IL




NATIONAL Currie-Church, Jean the Design Arts Program Marty, David Detroit, MI $3,920 during the summer session. Fargo, ND $4,062 ENDOWMENT 7o participate asa Fellow in To participate as a Fellow in FELLOWSHIP the Expansion Arts Program Judge, Evadene the Office of Public during the summer session. Lake Forest, IL $3,718 Partnership during the PROGRAM FOR To participate asa Fellow in summer session. ARTS DaSilva, Wanderly the Literature Program MANAGERS ~ew York, NY $3,600 during the fall session. Maupin, Lynn To participate as a Fellow in Springfield, IL $3,980 the International Activities Kahin, Sharon To participate asa Fellow in To providepromising Office during the spring Dubois, WY $4,150 the Office of Public arts managers with a session. To participate asa Fellow in Partnership during the national overview of arts the Museum Program spring session. activities, acquaint Davis, Sally Ann during the spring session. participants with Sacramento, CA $4,452 Maurin, Gayle Endowment policies, and To participate asa Fellow in Kavelman, Buff Kansas City, KS $3,900 encourage them to bring the Locals Test Program New York, NY $3,600 To participate asa Fellow in during the fall session. To participate as a Fellow in the Dance Program during fresh insights to the the Design Arts Program the spring session. Endowment. Due to the Doty, Jay during the spring session. timing offellowship Claremont, CA $4,400 McBeth, Geraldine sessions, all grants under To participate asa Fellow in Kaye, Andrew Sacramento, CA $3,818 this Program are awarded the Music Program during New York, NY $3,578 To participate as a Fellow in as Chairman’s Actions. the summer session. To participate asa Fellow in the Design Arts Program the Folk Arts Program during the fall session. 45 A CTIONS Elliott, Susan during the spring session. FUNDS: $174,054 New, York, NY $3,660 Mendelson, Michael To participate asa Fellow in Klein, Eiliot Washington, DC $3,500 Aiudi, Robert the Opera-Musical Theater Sacramento, CA $4,452 To participate asa Fellow in Middletown, CT $3,850 Program during the fall To participate as a Fellow in the Music Program during To participate asa Fellow in session, the Office of Public the fall session. the Locals Test Program Partnership during the fall during the spring session. Generette, Lauren session. MerrilI-Mirsky, Carol Binghamton, NY $3,752 Santa Monica, CA $4,414 Black, John To participate asa Fellow in Korza, Pamela To participate asa Fellow in San Antonio, TX $4,166 the Music Program during Amherst, MA $3,650 the Office of Special To participate as a Fellow in the spring session. To participate asa Fellow in Constituencies during the the Inter-Arts Program the Visual Arts Program spring session. during the summer session. Giberson, Phyllis during the summer session. Lexington, KY $3,850 Osborn, Barbara Brannock, Amy To participate as a Fellow in Leptich, Dean New York, NY $3,600 Sacramento, CA $3,720 the Literature Program El Centro, CA $4,250 To participate asa Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in during the spring session. To participate asa Fellow in the Inter-Arts Program the Arts in Education the Office of Policy and during the spring session. Program during the fall Greene, Vanessa Planning during the summer session. New Orleans, LA $3,700 session. Quauhtlatoa, Cobacha To participate as a Fellow in Denver, CO $4,226 Brown, Kenneth the Expansion Arts Program Lindbom, Joanne C. To participate asa Fellow in Staten Island, NY $3,608 during the fall session. Midland, MI $3,840 the Dance Program during To participate asa Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in the fall session. the Office of Civil Rights Jackson, Joyce the Office of Policy and Bloomington, IN $4,000 Planning during the rail Racelis, Felix during the spring session. session. To participate asa Fellow in Los Angeles, CA $4,300 Camp, Kimberly the Folk Arts Program To participate asa Fellow in Camden, NJ $3,662 during the spring session. Marshall, Thomas the Opera-Musical Theater To participate asa Fellow in Chicago, IL $3,750 Program during the summer the Expansion Arts Program Johnson, Karen To participate asa Fellow in session. during the spring session. Eugene, OR $3,908 the Dance Program during To participate asa Fellow in the summer session.


Schneeman, Liana Simon, Alissa Venegas, Haydee Wolfe, Leslie Bellefonte, PA $3,563 Minneapolis, MN $3,900 Ponce, PR $4,000 St. Paul, MN $3,700 To participate asa F¢llow in To participate as a Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in the Office of Policy and the Media Arts program the Museum Program the Challenge Program Planning during the spring during the summer session, during the fall session, during the summer session. session. Strohecker, Carol Wester, Marete Wrigh[, Rebecca Sears, Sheila Boston, MA" $3,750 Philadelphia, PA $3,708 New York, NY $3,600 Canon City, CO $3,727 To participate as a Fellow in To participate as a Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in To participate asa Fellow in the Research Division of the the Inter-Arts Program the Challenge Program the Locals Test Program Office of Policy and during the fall session, during the spring session. during the summer session. Planning during the fall session. Whittaker, Jetta Younger, Catherine Silverman, Nicki Sommerville, MA $3,600 Phoenix, AZ $3,820 Los Angeles, CA $3,900 Taylor, Terri Lynn To participate asa Fellow in To participate as a Fellow in To participate asa FeIlow in DeForest, WI $3,750 the Research division of the the Folk Arts Program the Challenge Program To participate as a Fellow in Office of Policy and during the fall session. during the rail session, the Office of Special Planning during the summer Constituencies during the session. summer session.


RESEARCH The following contracts Massaehusetts lnstitute of For a monograph were awardedfor Teehnology (Dr. Mark ("Regional Variation in DIVISION monographs using data Davidson Schuster) Public Participation in the GRANTS Cambridge, MA $8,500 Arts") that will be from the 1982 and 1985 For a monograph concerned with geographic Surveys of Public ("Comparison of Patterns location and participation, To assist the Arts Participation in the Arts: of Funding by Public Arts for example, in the South Endowment, artists, arts Audiences and of Public and in smaller places. A organizations, and the Child Trends, Inc. Participation") that will second objective is to public by developing, Washington, DC $7,500 compare participation summarize how alternative analyzing, and For a monograph patterns in the regions and leisure activities enhance or disseminating new ("American Readers of in 14 states and several cities impede arts participation in information on the needs Literature--Novels, Short that can be broken out different regions and in Stories, Poetry, and Plays") separately. These patterns different residential and conditions of the arts locations. A third section of field and by developing that will examine and will be examined in relation interpret the survey data to funding patterns by the the proposed monograph evaluation studies of related to the American Arts Endowment and by the will summarize how features program effectiveness, publics that read novels, relevant state and local arts of the urban context (such Programmatic activities short stories, poetry, and agencies, as racial composition, are noted below." plays. To be considered are general affluence, density, the audience size, Massachusetts Institute of occupational composition as 27 ACTIONS composition, and geographic Technology ([Ir. Mark well as location size and FUNDS: $480,398 distribution. This Davidson Schuster) region) influence the ’fit’ monograph will also Cambridge, MA $8,500 between individual Brookings Institntion examine the relationship For a monograph predictors of cultural Washington, DC $30,000 between lifestyle and other ("Amercian Visitors to Art participation and actual To support the editing and leisure activities. Museums and Art participation. provision of data files Galleries") that will examine obtained from the Internal Child Trends, Inc. and interpret the responses University of California (l~r. Revenue Service concerning Washington, DC $ 7,500 to questions in the survey Alan Andreasen) nonprofit arts organizations For a monograph about training and active Los Angeles, CA $9,650 from 1971 to 1985, so that ("Americans and Their participation in the several For a monograph the information can be used Musics") that will examine forms of visual arts in ("Audience Development for research purposes, the survey data on music addition to attendance at art Applications of the Survey preferences and museums, and art or craft of Public Participation in Bureau of the Census participation from several fairs in relation to the Arts") that will define Washington, DC $20,000 points of view. These demographic characteristics, audience development For an interagency include." the role of music in lifestyles and other activities that arts agreement to produce American life, the indicators of quality of life. organizations can put into special tabulations of data characteristics of the action based on the findings about performing arts audiences for the 13 Orend, Dr. Richard J. of the survey. Particular organizations and retail art different musics in the Herndon, VA $8,995 attention will be given to galleries from the Economic survey, comparison of music For a monograph ("The defining sub-groups of the Census of 1982. preferences in terms of age Relationship of Arts population for which cohorts, and the emergence Education and Parental particular strategies can be Publishing Center for of new musical taste Influences to Arts suggested. Cultural Resources patterns. Participation") that will New York, NY $25,000 examine and interpret the University of Southern To amend a previous grant Keegan, Dr. Carol survey data related to the California (Dr. David for the completion and Arlington, VA $7,500 effects of instruction and Waterman) printing of the manuals For a monograph training in the arts and early Los Angeles, CA $7,900 Surveying Your Arts ("Participation in Ballet") exposure to the arts upon For a monograph Audience and Where Artists that will examine and later participation in the ("Participation in the Arts Live-1980, and to continue interpret the answers to arts, lifestyles, and other via the Media of Radio, TV, editorial work towards eight questions on ballet in indicators of quality of life. and Recordings") that will publication of three relation to demographic examine the characteristics monographs, characteristics, lifestyles, Trustees of Columbia of participants and and other variables available University (Dr. Judith R. nonparticipants via radio, in the questionnaire. Blau) TV, and recordings and New York, NY $9,500 compare them with those of


participants and patterns of attendance, and all artist occupations and that will be recommended nonparticipants in the audience overlap, with earnings for other for detailed study. related live activities. In professional workers. The addition, the monograph The following contracts monograph will also InfoQuest will identify and describe the examine earnings differences Rockville, MD $2,030 were awardedfor To produce readable unique characteristics of the monographs using the in light of characteristics audience that participates such as work experience, abstracts of all arts Decennial Census Artist age, industry of education documents filed in only via the media as well as Public Use Sample Files: the crossover audiences, employment, geographic the Education Research location, etc. Information Center (ERIC) American University (Dr. system supported by the West, Waller G. Muriel Cantor) Orend, Dr. Richard J. Department of Education. Columbia, MD $8,875 Washington, DC For a monograph ("Barriers $9,250 Herndon, VA $8,632 The abstracts being For a monograph For a monograph produced relate to: and Demand for Increased ("Employment in the Participation in the Arts") ("Employment of Visual literature, literary styles, and Performing Arts") that will creative writing; dramatics; that will examine and Artists") that will describe describe employment in the how employment in the film production and film interpret the data obtained performing arts occupations in the survey related to visual arts differs from study; design; crafts; (actors/directors, dancers, employment in other arts aesthetic education; the fine desire for increased musicians/composers) both participation in the arts and disciplines as well as arts (dance, music, theater individually andas a group employment in other arts, and visual arts); and perceived barriers to such and compare them to other participation. It will professional occupations in teacher supply and demand arts occupations and other general. Characteristics such (art, music, etc.). compare the responses from professional occupations, the same individuals as earnings, weeks worked concerning their per year, industry of Washington Consulting participation via the media Cirro, Dr. Constance F. and employment, etc. will be Group Deirdre A. Gaquin examined. Washington, DC $10,000 of TV, radio broadcasts, Washington, DC and recordings. $9,990 For consulting services in For a monograph University of California (Dr. connection with the design Yale University (Dr. Paul ("Overview of the Artist Roger Montgomery) of a questionnaire Population, 1950-1985") that Berkeley, CA $9,520 containing arts education DiMaggio) will describe trends in the questions to be administered New Haven, CT $9,495 For a monograph For a monograph size and geographic ("Employment in Design to a sample of schools by ("Participation in the Arts distribution of the artist Occupations") that will means of a Fast Response population from 1950 to 1985 describe employment in Survey System by Westat, in Terms of Race and and compare it to that for Ethnicity") that will design professions and how Inc., a contractor of the examine and interpret the other professional workers it differs from employment Department of Education. and the labor force asa in other arts occupations. data from the surveys for whole. the three races and 20 ethnic The following contracts groups for which there is Thefollowing contracts concern publication and Cirro, Dr. Constance F. and dissemination: information. It will consider Deirdre A. Gaquin concern arts education: technical issues associated Washington, DC $9,990 with the subsamples and Child Trends, lnc. Anne Masters Design For a monograph Washington, DC $7,000 give particular emphasis to ("Employment of Women Washington, DC $6,040 the identification of To examine all of the For preparation and printing and Minority Artists") that of a public information audiences by race and will describe the abstracts, as well as reject ethnicity and in terms of characteristics of women abstracts that are not brochure that will age, education, and other and minority artists and considered important, to disseminate the major relevant variables, organize the remaining findings of the Survey of compare their characteristics abstracts under appropriate Public Participation in the Ziff Marketing, Inc. with those of other artists subject headings and Arts. Brooklyn, NY $10,000 and other professional prepare an overview workers, For a monograph statement which describes Seven Locks Press ("Participation in Opera, (Dr. Randall the contents of abstracts for Bethesda, MD $8,718 Musical Theater and each subject heading. These For editorial services and Operettas") that will K. Filer) overview statements will printing associated with a New York, NY $10,000 monograph based on a examine factors related to For a monograph ("Artists’ identify the abstracts that attendance, barriers to more Earnings") that will examine indicate substantial manuscript entitled, "The frequent attendance, and compare earnings across importance and usefulness Careers and Opinions of of the source documents Administrators of U.S. Art


Museums, Resident Theatres, Orchestras, and Local Art Agencies" by Dr. Paul DiMaggio.

The following cooperative agreement relates to activities outside the Research Division, but is included in this section for accounting purposes:

Jack Faucett Associates Bethesda, MD $210,313 For a cooperativo agrccmcnt to cvaluatc the fundraising capacity, managcmcnt and board strength, financial position, likely grant impact, and application readiness for up to 200 FY 86 Challenge Grant applicant institutions.





OFFICE FOR agreement with the MODEL Exploratorium Department of Housing and san Francisco, CA $9,000 SPECIAL Urban Development, the PROJECTS Listed under the Presenting CONSTITUENCIES t~.s. Administration on Organizations category in Aging, and the Farmers The following model the lnter-Arts Program. Home Administration of the For technical assistance projects assist and U.S. Department of demonstrate ways for arts Greater Ashland Arca projects by artists and Agriculture. Cultural and Economic arts organizations to groups to make the arts more available to Foundation make the arts more Smithsonian lnstitution Ashland, KY $12,500 accessible to disabled Washington, DC $8,750 disabled, older, and Listed under the Presenting people, older adults, and To produce a publication institutionalized Organizations category in populations. These people living in that will share information the Inter-Arts Program. projects were supported institutions, and resources with museum staff nationwide on by the lnter-Arts Hospital Audiences involving disabled and older Program, with guidance New York, NY $12,340 5 ACTIONS people in rnuseum and technical assistance Listed under the Presenting FUNDS: $50,264 programs, from the Office of Organizations category in Special Constituencies. A the Inter-Arts Program. American Institute of Technical Assistance Architects Foundation Washington, DC $5,105 total of $105,000 in funds National Council on the Washington, DC $21,250 To support technical supported 9 model Aging To update and expand the assistance projects such as projects. Washington, DC $30,000 American Institute of the printing of 1,000 copies Listed under the Services to Architects Foundation of the Arts and 504 Arts Alaska the Arts category in the (AIAF) computerized data Handbook, and access Anchorage, AK $7,000 Inter-Arts Program. base on design for aging, workshops at national Listed under the Presenting which involves a meetings of arts groups. Organizations category in Sangre de Cristo Arts and comprehensive search to the Inter-Arts Program. Conference Center, Inc. identify, gather, and United States Department of Pueblo, CO $10,000 organize recent information Justice Humboldt State University Listed under the Presenting and resources that are useful Washington, DC $12,000 Foundation Organizations category in to architects in designing for To support t\vo one-year Arcata, CA $5,930 the Inter-Arts Program. aging; and make revisions in artist residencies, jointly Listed under the Presenting the Design for Aging: Ah funded with the Organizations category in Trustees of the University of Architects Guide for AIAF’s department’s Federal Bureau the Inter-Arts Program. Pennsylvania forthcoming reprint of the of Prisons. Two Philadelphia, PA $5,750 publication, professional artists develop Community Services, lnc. Listed under the Presenting their respective art forros Brooklyn, NY $12,480 Organizations category in Interagency Activities and provide comprehensive Listed under the Presenting the Inter-Arts Program. Washington, DC $3,159 arts programs for inmates. Organizations category in To support activities related the Inter-Arts Program. to the Arts Endowment’s




PREAMBLE create and sustain not only a climate ¯ Increase the performance, encouraging freedom of thought, exhibition, and transmission of art Throughout the ages, man has imagination, and inquiry, but also to all people throughout the nation; striven to go beyond the limits of the material conditions facilitating ¯ Deepen understanding and the immediate physical world to the release of this creative talent..." appreciation of the arts among all create that which was not there people nationwide; before and thus nourish the human MISSION ¯ Encourage serious and spirit. Our first record of man’s meaningful art programs as part of perception of the world around hito The mission of the National basic education; was through art scratched on cave Endowment for the Arts is: ¯ Stimulate increasing levels of walls, carved in stone, or modeled ¯ to foster the excellence, nonfederal support of the arts; in clay. Man’s need to make, diversity, and vitality of the arts in ¯ Improve the institutional experience, and comprehend art is the United States; and capacity of the best of our arts as profound as his need to speak. It ¯ to help broaden the availability organizations to develop, produce, is through art that we can and appreciation of such excellence, present, and exhibit bold and varied understand ourselves and our diversity, and vitality, fare; and potential. And it is through art that In implementing its mission, the ¯ Provide information about the we will be understood and Endowment must exercise care to arts, their artistic and financial remembered by those who will come preserve and improve the health, and the state of their after us. environment in which the arts have audiences. This nation’s governance is based flourished. It must not, under any on our people’s commitment to circumstance, impose a single How: The Endowment, in freedom of imagination, thought, aesthetic standard or attempt to conjunction with private and public and expression. Our many aesthetic direct artistic content, partners, carries out its mission and cultural traditions are precious through grants programs anda wide to us--for the rich variety of their IMPLEMENTATION range of leadership and advocacy beauty andas a symbol of the activities. The Endowment also diverse nature of the United States. Who: The Endowment assists serves as a national forum to assist Primary support for the arts has individual artists, those who act on in the exchange of ideas and as a always come directly from the behalf of artists or audiences, catalyst to promote the best people of this nation: artists in organizations whose primary developments in the arts and localities all across the country who intention is artistic or educational, education about them. The create and sustain the arts and and state and local arts agencies. Endowment’s grants programs contributors who support the arts Demonstrated or potential excellence include individual, project, and out of conviction and as a matter of and capacity to conceive, develop, longer-term institutional support. civic and regional pride, or present a work of art are primary Endowment decision-making is It was in this context that the criteria, guided by peer panel review and the National Foundation on the Arts National Council on the Arts and by and the Humanities Act was enacted What: Endowment activities." additional advice from the artistic in 1965. The Congress found that ¯ Demonstrate national fields and their public and private "the encouragement and support of recognition of the importance of supporters. The Endowment works national progress and scholarship in artistic excellence; closely with its public partners (the the humanities and the arts, while ¯ Provide opportunities for artists state and local arts agencies) to primarily a matter of private and to develop their talents; reflect regional, state, and local local initiative, is also an ¯ Assist in the creation, perspectives and assist cooperation appropriate matter of concern to the production, presentation/exhibition in implementation of government Federal Government..." of innovative and diverse work that arts support programs. The The Congress also found that has potential to affect art form and Endowment’s programs are aimed at "while no government can calla directly or indirectly result over time benefitting all people of this nation, great artist or scholar into existence, in new art of permanent value; regardless of sex, race, creed, it is necessary and appropriate for ¯ Assure the preservation of our national origin, handicap, age, or the Federal Government to help cultural heritage; habitat.


Jessica Chao The individua& listed Chicago, IL Sarah Lawless Artist Residency Grants Executíve Director Assistant Director below were members of Denver Center Theatre Children’s and Cultural the Endowment’s Fiscal Anne EI-Omami Company Programming, PBS 1986 panels, which met Assistant Professor of Denver, CO Washington, DC between October 1, 1985 Visual Arts Education Artist Residency Grants Dance/Film/V ideo and September 30, 1986, and Curator of Education to make Spencer Museum of Art Warren Newman Sage Cowles recommendations to the University of Kansas Superintendent, Dancer, choreographer National Council on the Lawrence, KS South Pasadena Trustee, Cowles Foundation Special Projects Unified School District Minneapolis, MN Arts and the Chairman. South Pasadena, CA Dance Company Grants The applications Artist Residency Grants General Services to the Field presented to these 1986 Charles Ghigna Chairman Special Projects panels for Creative Writing Lynn Dally recommendation included Founder and Artistic many for funding in the DepartmentAlabama School of Fine FounderAgnes Saalfieldand President, Director same year, and many Arts Studio In A School Jazz Tap Ensemble others for funding in Birmingham, AL Association Los Angeles, CA Fiscal 1987. With very Special Projects New York, NY Overview Meeting few exceptions, the grants Artist Residency Grants Challenge Vernon W. Goodin listed in this annual Susan Dowling report reflect Program Director North Dakota Council Producer, New Television recommendations from on the Arts Workshop, WGBH-TV panels that met in Fiscal Fargo, ND DANCE Boston, MA 1985 and Fiscal 1986. Artist Residency Grants Dance/Film/ Video Jeremy Alliger Albert B. Head Executive Director Timothy Duncan Executive Director Dance Umbrella General Manager Alabama Arts Council Boston, MA San Francisco Ballet ARTISTS IN Montgomery, AL General Services to the Field San Francisco, CA Residency Grants DanceCompany Grants E D U CAT I 0 N Arti,, Tandy Beal Sue Heath Artistic Director Douglas Dunn Libby Chiu Artist Residency Grants Friends of Olympia Station Artistic Director Principal, Patrick J. Coordinator Santa Cruz, CA Rio Grande Union, Inc. Kennedy Elementary School Utah Arts Council Dance/Film/Video New York, NY Boston, MA Salt Lake City, UT Dance/Film/Video Artist Residency Grants Special Projects Jeraldyne Blunden Artistic Director Christine EIbel Caroline M. Cleaver Adrienne Nescott Hirsch Dayton Contemporary Executive Director Program Coordinator Executive Director Dance Company San Francisco Bay Area Artist Residency Grants Illinois Arts Council Dayton, OH Dance Coalition Program Chicago, IL Choreographer’s Fellowships San Francisco, CA Georgia Council for the Artist Residency Grants General Services to the Field Arts Lisa Booth Atlanta, GA Lonna Jones Executive Director Stephanie French Artist Residency Grants Education Specialist Lisa Booth Manager for Cultural US Department of Management, Inc. Affairs and Special Terry Conrad Education New York, NY Programs Architect, sculptor Washington, DC Dance Company Grants Philip Morris, Inc. Albuquerque, NM Special Projects New York, NY Special Projects Trisha Brown Challenge Joan Kingston Artistic Director Amina Dickerson Dance educator Trisha Brown Company President, DuSable Museum Salt Lake City, UT New York, NY of African-American Artist Residency Grants Dance Company Grants History Overview Meeting


Robert Gladstein Repertory Company Suzanne Shelton Lee, MA Assistant Director New York, NY Professor Choreographer’s Fellowships and Ballet Master Choreographer’s Fellowships University of Texas Grants to Dance Presenters San Francisco Ballet Dance scholar and critic General Services to the FieM San Francisco, CA David Lyman Austin, TX Choreographer’s Fellowships Music and dance critic Dance Company Grants Dan Wagoner Cincinnati, OH Artistic Director Barry Glass Choreographer’s Fellowships Linda Smith Dan Wagoner and Dancers Artistic Director Artistic Director New York, NY Aman Folk Ensemble Hoyt T. Mattox Repertory Dance Theater Overview Meeting Los Angeles, CA General Managet Salt Lake City, UT Dance Company Grants Society for the Performing Dance Company Grants Sylvia Waters Grants to Dance Presenters Artistic Director Camille Hardy Arts Houston, TX General Services to the FieM Alvin Ailey Repertory Dance critic and writer Overview Meeting Ensemble Chicago, IL Challenge Allegra Fuller Snyder New York, NY Dance/Film/Video Grants to Dance Presenters Chairwoman and Professor Dance Company Grants Overview Meeting Department of Dance Challenge Dianne Mclntyre UCLA Robert Weiss Grants to Dance Presenters Artistic Director Los Angeles, CA Artistic Director Sounds in Motion Overview Meeting Pennsylvania Ballet Susan Hardy New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Director, Cal Performances General Services to the FieM Gus Solomons Dance Company Grants University of California Artistic Director Berkeley, CA Arthur Mitcheil Solomons Company/Dance Eiko Grants to Dance Presenters Artistic Director New York, NY Co-Artistic Director Dance Theatre of Harlem Choreographer’s Fellowships Eiko & Koma Melissa Hayden New York, NY New York, NY Former dancer Challenge Kent Stowell Overview Meeting Faculty Member Artistic Director North Carolina Marcia Noebels Pacific Northwest Ballet School of the Arts Executive Director Seattle, WA Winston-Salem, NC New England Foundation Overview Meeting DanceCompanyGrants for the Arts Challenge DESIGN Cambridge, MA Ken Hertz Overview Meeting IvanSygo.a ARTS President Director, Pentacle Atlanta Ballet Heinz Poll New York, NY Adele Bacow Atlanta, GA Artistic Director Overview Meeting Overview Meeting Ohio Ballet Director of Design Akron, OH Bennett Tarlelon Massachusettsand Development Council on Barbara Horgan Dance Company Grants Director of Special Projects Executive Director the Arts and Humanities Tennessee Arts Commission New York City Ballet Dana Reitz Nashville, TN Boston, MA New York, NY Artistic Director Design Demonstration Dance Company Grants Design Advancement/ Dance Company Grants Field Papers, Inc. Grants to Dance Presenters Dance/Film/Video New York, NY Organizations Overview Meeting Dance/Film/Video Rebecca Terrell Challenge Executive Director James F. Barker Mark Russell State Dance Association Dean,Architect School of Marda Kirn Executive Director, P.S. 122 of Florida Director New York, NY Tallahassee, FL Architecture Colorado Dance Festival Choreographer’s Fellowships Mississippi State University Choreographer’s Fellowships Mississippi State, MS Boulder, CO General Services to the Field Grants to Dance Presenters John Sanborn Design Communication Filmmaker/videomaker Liz Thompson Daniel Lewis New York, NY Executive Director Artistic Director Dance/Film/Video Jacob’s Pillow Dance Daniel Lewis Dance--A Festival


Bernd Foerster, FAIA Sandra C. Howell, Ph.D. Catherine Bateson Lo Yi Chan Environmental Psychologist Architect Professor, Environmental Cultural Anthropologist Design Associate Professor Faculty Member Partner Department of Architecture Amherst College Prentice & Chan, Olhausen College of Architecture New York, NY and Design Massachusetts Institute of Amherst, MA Kansas State University Technology President, Institute for Challenge Cambridge, MA Intercultural Studies Manhattan, KS Henry N. Cobb Design Advancement/ Design Exploration/ New York, NY Research Overview Meeting Architect Organizations Founding Partner, Kenneth Frampton Catherine Howett Harold Borkin I.M. Pei & Partners Professor Architect, computer expert New York, NY Architect, architectural Overview Meeting historian School of Environmental Professor and Chairman of Design Doctoral Program Professor and Chairman Dana Cuff Graduate School of University of Georgia College of Architecture Athens, GA and Urban Planning Assistant Professor Architecure & Planning University of Michigan of Architecture Book Review Editor Rice University New York, NY Landscape Journal Ann Arbor, MI Design Exploration/ Madison, WI Design Exploration/ Houston, TX Design Fellowships Research Design Advancement/ Research Organizations Charles P. Graves, FAIA Aria Louise Huxtable Peter C. Bosselmann Architecture critic Urban designer Christine D’Arey Architect, competition advisor New York, NY Associate Professor of City Executive Director Overview Meeting and Regional Planning Alaska State Council Professor of Architecture University of California on the Arts University of Kentucky Anchorage, AK Lexington, KY Linda Jewell Director, Environmental Design Demonstration Adjunct Professor and Simulation Laboratory Design Fellowships Director Berkeley, CA Overview Meeting Robert Gutman Department of Landscape Design Advancement/ Architecture Organizations Norman R. DeHaan Sociologist of Architecture Interior designer, Visiting Professor Harvard Graduate School of Design Michael Brill architect of Architecture Princeton University Cambridge, MA Architect, researcher Owner Principal Professor Norman DeHaan Associates Princeton, NJ Professor of Sociology Hunter Reynolds Jewell School of Architecture Chicago, IL Raleigh, NC and Environmental Design Design Advancement/ Rutgers University New Brunswick, NJ Challenge SUNY-Buffalo Organizations Design Advancement/ Buffalo, NY Design Exploration/ Design Exploration/ David G. De Long Research Organizations Research Architect, architectural Dolores Hayden Luis Jimenez historian Sculptor Robert Campbell Chairman Planner, author Graduate Program Professor, Graduate School Hondo, NM Architect Design Advancement/ Architecture Critic in Historic Preservation of Architecture Boston Globe University of Pennsylvania and Urban Planning Organizations University of California, Collaborations in Boston, MA Philadelphia, PA Art/Design--Letter of Overview Meeting Overview Meeting Los Angeles Design Advancement/ Los Angeles, CA Intent Organizations Colden FIorance Design Exploration/ Research Marilyn Johnson Architect Curator of American Heather Willson Cass, AlA Partner Craig Hodgetts Decorative Arts & Interiors Architect, writer, educator Keyes Condon Florance Chairman, Department of Principal Architects Designer, planner Cass & Pinnell Architects Washington, DC Professor of Architecture Museum Studies University of Pennsylvania Fashion Institute of Washington, DC Design Advancement/ Technology Design Demonstration Organizations Philadelphia, PA Collaborations in Design Demonstration New York, NY Art/Design--Letter of Overview Meeting Intent


Dennis B. Jones Roz Li Donald T. Meeker Hellmuth Obata & Architect, computer expert Principal, Roz Li Architects Environmental graphic Kassabaum, Inc Associate Professor New York, NY designer St. Louis, MO of Architecture Design Fellowships Principal, Meeker/Blum, Design Demonstration Virginia Polytechnic Inc. Institute and State Weiming Lu New York, NY Nicholas Quennell University Urban designer and planner Design Advancement/ Architect, landscape Blacksburg, VA Executive Director, Organizations architect Design Fellowships Lowertown Redevelopment Partner Corporation Grover Mouton Quennell Rothschild R. Lawrence Kirkegaard St. Paul, MN Artist Associates Accoustic consultant Design Advancement/ Assistant Professor New York, NY President, R. Lawrence Organizations of Architecture Design Communication Kirkegaard & Associates, Tulane University Inc. Donlyn Lyndon New Orleans, LA Reuben M. Rainey Downers Grove, IL Architect, writer Design Advancement/ Chairman, Landscape Challenge Professor of Architecture Organizations Division University of California, Collaborations in School of Architecture Steven A. Kliment Berkeley Art/Design--Letter of University of Virginia Architect Principal Intent Charlottesville, VA Vice President, Practice Lyndon/Buchanan Design Exploration/ Management Associates Associates Gene A. Norman Research Newton, MA Berkeley, CA Architect Design Communication Design Exploration/ Chairman Nancy Rosen Research New York City Landmarks Independent art advisor Jennifer K. Lawson Preservation Commission Principal, Fine Arts Media consultant Robert Maxwell New York, NY Planning Associate Director Architect Design Demonstration Group Drama and Arts Programs Professor and Dean New York, NY Corporation for Public School of Architecture Rai Y. Okamoto, FAIA Design Demonstration Broadcasting Princeton University Architect, urban designer, Washington, DC Partner city planner Partner Catherine Ross, Ph.D. Design Advancement/ Douglas Stephens and Urban planner Organizations Partners Okamoto Murata Princeton, NJ Mittelstadt AssociateCity Planning Professor Program Wayne P. Lawson Design Exploration/ San Francisco, CA Design Fellowships College of Architecture Executive Director Research Georgia Institute of Ohio Arts Council Technology Columbus, OH Katherine McCoy Charles Hall Page Design Fellowships Graphic, industrial, Architect/urban planner Atlanta, GA President Design Advancement/ interior designer Organizations Tunney F. Lee Co-Chairman Page Anderson TurnbuII, Architect Department of Design Inc. Deputy Commissioner Cranbrook Academy of Art San Francisco, CA Beatrice Farrar Ryan Division of Capital Planning Partner Challenge Interim Director and Operations Department of Construction McCoy and McCoy and Land Use Boston, MA Associates Joseph Passonneau Design Fellowships Architect, urban designer, Seattle, WA Bloomfield Hills, MI Challenge Design Fellowships preservationist Philip H. Lewis, Jr. Principal, Joseph Passonneau & Partners Frank E. Sanchis III Professor of Landscape Mary McFadden Preservationist, architect Architecture Fashion and jewelry Washington, DC Overview Meeting Vice President Director, Environmental designer Stewardship of Historic Awareness Center President, Mary McFadden, Neii H. Por/erfield Properties University of Inc. National Trust for Wisconsin--Madison New York, NY Landscape architect Corporate Director, The Historic Preservation Madison, WI Design Fellowships in the United States Overview Meeting HOK Planning Group Senior Vice President Washington, DC Overview Meeting


Tisa Chiang Organizations Thomas Schumacher John L. Wong (Performing Arts/Theater) Architect Landscape architect Artistic Director Associate Professor Principal Designer Pan Asian Repertory SWA Group Theater William Daniels of Architecture New York, NY Director School oí Architecture Sausalito, CA Jubilee Community Arts University of Maryland Design Exploration/ Expansion Arts Organizations Center College Park, MD Research Knoxville, TN Design Communication (Performing Arts/Theater) Catherine Wyler Panel Chairman--All Television Programmer Fay Chiang Sections Stuart Silver Poet Independent museum design Director, Children’s and Murry Depillars consultant Cultural Programming Director Public Broadcasting Service Basement Workshop, Inc. Dean, School of the Arts Vice President Virginia Commonwealth Design Communications Washington, DC New York, NY Design Communication Expansion Arts University Knoll International Organizations Richmond, VA New York, NY Expansion Arts Challenge Patty A. Yancey (Visual/Design/ Graphic designer Literary /Media) Organizations Executive Director (Visual/Design/ Edward F. Smith, AIA, Literary/Media) Arch.D. Homer Council on the Arts Rodrigo Duarte Clark Homer, AK Project Director Professor of Architecture Miriam Colon Edgar Graduate School of Design Communication Teatra Nacional de Aztlan Santa Barbara, CA Actress Architecture Expansion Arts President University of Utah Organizations Puerto Rican Traveling Salt Lake City, UT (Performing Arts/Theater) Theater Design Fellowships EXPANSION New York, NY Dudley Cocke Expansion Arts Douglas F. Stoker ARTS Managing Director Organizations Architect Roadside Theater (Interdisciplinary) Partner Whitesburg, KY Skidmore, Owings & Merrill Dennis Ferguson Acosta Expansion Arts Catherine Edge Chicago, IL Managing Director, INTAR Organizations Foundation Consultant Design Exploration/ New York, NY (Performing Arts/Theater) Calabasas, CA Research Challenge Overview Meeting John Colon Community Foundation Wolf Von Eckardt Maxine Brown Musician Initiative Design critic Director, The Kentucky Executive Director Washington, DC Foundation for Women Maryo Ewell Design Fellowships East Harlem Music School Louisville, KY New York, NY Director, Community Expansion Arts Expansion Arts Programs Donald Watson, FAIA Organizations Organizations Colorado Council on the Architect, researcher (Visual/Design/ (Performing Arts/Dance, Arts and Hunamities Chairman Literary/Media) Music, Combination) Denver, CO Masters of Environmental Services to the Field Design Program Hugh Burroughs Thomas Cullen Challenge School of Architecture Program Officer Yale University Playwright Anlhony Gitlens Hewlett Foundation Director New Haven, CT San Francisco, CA Fulton County Arts Council Director, BIack Film Design Fellowships Services to the Field Atlanta, GA Institute Challenge University of the Margot Wellington Services to the Field Community Foundation Challenge District of Columbia Urban design consultant Initiative Washington, DC New York, NY Expansion Arts Design Advancement/ Waller Dallas Organizations Mary Schmidt Campbell Director, School of Theater Organizations Executive Director Philadelphia College (Visual/Design/ Studio Museum of Harlem of Performing Arts Literary/Media) Ph|lil~ N, W|nslow, ASLA Overview Meeting New York, NY Philadelphia, PA Landscape architect Overview Meeting New York, NY Expansion Arts Design Fellowships


Sam Grabarski Glenda McGee Community Foundation Expansion Arts Musician Director Initiative Organizations Executive Director Performing Arts Program (Performing Arts/Dance, Minnesota State Arts Board Southern Arts Federation Katherine Pearson Music, Combination) St. Paul, MN Atlanta, GA President, Community Overview Meeting Expansion Arts Foundation Kary Shulman Organizations of East Tennessee Administrator, San Eugene Grigsby (Performing Arts/Dance, Knoxville, TN Francisco Painter Music, Combination) Expansion Arts Hotel Tax Fund Professor, School of Arts Organizations San Francisco, CA Arizona State University Lyn McLain (Interdisciplinary) Expansion Arts Phoenix, AZ Music Director and Organizations Expansion Arts Conductor Cynthia Pitts (Interdisciplinary) Organizations D.C. Youth Symphony Board Member (Visual/Design/ Washington, DC Inner City Arts Council Jack Skuce Literary/Media) Expansion Arts Milwaukee, WI President Organizations Overview Meeting Skuce and Associates, Inc. Tullia Hamilton (Performing Arts/Dance, Washington, DC Vice President Muslo, Combination) William Pratt Overview Meeting Columbus Foundation Director Columbus, OH Ron Milner Organizational Services Lenwood SIoan Community Foundation Playwright, educator, critic Montana Arts Council Dancer, choreographer Initiative Detroit, MI Helena, MT consultant Expansion Arts Expansion Arts New York, NY Louis R. Leroy Organizations Organizations Overview Meeting Painter (Performing Arts/Theater) (Visual/Design/ Expansion Arts Executive Director Literary/Media) Organizations San Antonio Arts Council Gloria Mitchell (Performing Arts/Dance, San Antonio, TX Administrator Tina Ramirez Music, Combination) Expansion Arts National Center for Afro- Artistic Director Organizations American Artists New York City Hispanic William Strickland, Jr. (Interdisciplinary) Boston, MA American Dance Company Director Overview Meeting Services to the Field New York, NY Manchester Craftsmen’s Challenge Overview Meeting Guild Worth Long Pittsburgh, PA Director, Radio Marjorie Moon Cleo Parker Robinson Community Foundation Documentary for Director Dancer, choreographer, Initiative Southern Regional Project Billie Holiday Theater educator Atlanta, GA Brooklyn, NY Artistic Director Walter Turnbull Expansion Arts Expansion Arts New Dance Theatre, Inc. Director, Boys Choir of Organizations Organizations Denver, CO Harlem (Interdisciplinary) (Interdisciplinary) Expansion Arts New York, NY Organizations Expansion Arts Oscar Maciel Linda Kerr-Norflett (Performing Arts/Dance, Organizations Artist Chairman Music, Combination) (Performing Arts/Dance, Executive Director Department of Dramatic Music, Combination) Mission Cultural Center Arts Lois Roisman San Francisco, CA North Carolina Central Executive Director Patrice Walker Expansion Arts University Jewish Fund for Justice Assistant Director for Organizations Durham, NC Washington, DC Programs (Visual/Design/ Expansion Arts Expansion Arts Texas Commission on the Literary/Media) Organizations Organizations Ar t s (Interdisciplinary) (Performing A rts/Dance, Austin, TX Shahida Mausi Music, Combination) Expansion Arts Executive Director Esther Novak Organizations Detroit Council on the Arts Vice President Lolita San Miguel (Performing Arts/Theater) Detroit, MI Cultural Programs Artistic Director, Ballet Services to the Field AT&T Foundation Concerto de Puerto Rico Challenge New York, NY San Juan, PR


Margaret Cox Shawn Wong Lance Lee Lyn Austin Writer Craftsman Producing Director Vice President and Founder and Director Music Theater Group Executive Director Professor Coca-Cola Foundation Asian American Studies Rockport Apprenticeshop Lenox Arts Center Rockport, ME Lenox, MA Atlanta, GA University of Washington Artists" Colonies/Services Seattle, WA Interdisciplinary Arts Expansion Arts Hiromi Lorraine Sakata Projects Organizations Ethnomusicologist Sharon Donohue (Interdisciplinary) Associate Professor Leon Bates Executive Director Department of Pianist Southern Arts Federation Burt Woolf Ethnomusicology Philadelphia, PA Atlanta, GA University of Washington Challenge Dance/Inter-Arts/State President Programs Burt Woolf Management, Seattle, WA Xheodore Berger Presenting/Touring Inc. Initiative Brookline, MA Adrienne Seward Executive Director Expansion Arts Folklorist New York Foundation Organizations Professor of English for the Arts Jeanne Erwin (Interdisciplinary) Colorado College New York, NY Vice President Colorado Springs, CO Artists’ Colonies/Services Community Relations Gilberto Zaldivar and Public Affairs Executive Director Nicholas Spitzer Ron Bowlin Morgan Trust Company Louisiana State Folklorist Director, Kimball Hall New York, NY Spanish Theater Repertory Challenge Company Division of the Arts University of Nebraska New York, NY Baton Rouge, LA Lincoln, NE Expansion Arts Presenting Organizations Derek E. Gordon Organizations Hector Vega Executive Director (Performing Arts/Theater) Ethnomusicologist Montgomcry Byers Division of the Arts Professor President Department of Culture, University of Puerto Rico Byers-Schwalbe & Associates Recreation, and Tourism San Juan, PR New York, NY Baton Rouge, LA Presenting Organizations Artists’ Colonies/Services John Vlach FOLK ARTS Crafts specialist, folklorist Fred Calland Camille Hardy Director, Folklore Program Senior Producer Dance critic and writer John Burrison National Public Radio Chicago, IL Folklorist University Washington, DC Dance/Inter-Arts/State Director, Folklore Program Washington, DC Interdisciplinary Arts Programs Georgia State University Projects Presenting/Touring Atlanta, GA Dave Warren Initiative Historian, anthropologist Nancy Clarke Larry Danielson Director, Cultural Research Executive Director Susan Hardy Folklorist and Resources Center American Music Center Executive Director Associate Professor of Institute of American New York, NY Association of College, English Indian Art Artists" Colonies/Services University, and Community University of lllinois­ Santa Fe, NM Arts Administrators Champaign-Urbana John Clauser Madison, WI Urbana, IL Director Presenting Organizations Yellow Springs Institute E. Richard Hart Chester Springs, PA Omus Hirshbein Poet Artists" Colonies/Services Director, Performing Arts Executive Director INTER-ARTS 92nd Street YM-YWHA Institute of the Tony Conrad New York, NY NorthAmerican West Amy Aspell Filmmaker, composer, Challenge Albuquerque, NM Executive Director performer Arkansas Arts Council Buffalo, NY Christopher Hunt William Ivey Little Rock, AR Interdisciplinary Arts Festival Director Folklorist Artists’ Colonies/Services Projects Pepsico Summerfare Executive Director Purchase, NY Country Music Foundation Presenting Organizations Nashville, TN


Bill T. Jones Laurence D. Miller, III Paul Schmidt Presenting/Touring Artistic Director Director Writer, actor Initiative Foundation for Dance Laguna Gloria Art Museum New York, NY Promotion Austin, TX Interdisciplinary Arts New York, NY Interdisciplinary Arts Projects Challenge Projects Arlene Shuler LITERATURE Howard Klein Carol Morgan Deputy Director Deputy Director Executive Director Wallace Funds Marvin Bell Arts and Humanities Cummington Community New York, NY Professor, English Rockefeller Foundation of the Arts Presenting Organ&ations Department New York, NY Cummington, MA University of Iowa Interdisciplinary Arts Art&ts’ Colonies/Services Gus Solomons Iowa City, lA Projects Artistic Director Fellowships for Creative David Oppenheim Solomons Company/Dance Writers Saliann Kriegsman Dean New York, NY Dance writer, critic, Tisch School of Fine Arts Dance/Inter-Arts/State T.C. Boyle historian New York University Programs Fiction writer Chevy Chase, MD New York, NY Presenting/Touring Woodland Hills, CA Interdisciplinary Arts Challenge Initiative Fellowships for Creative Projects Writers Mary Regan Morton Subotnick Overview Meeting Shigeko Kubota Executive Director Composer (Professional Development) Video artist North Carolina Arts Council Pecos, NM New York, NY Raleigh, NC Interdisciplinary Arts David Bradley lnterdisciplinary Arts Challenge Projects Novelist Projects Associate Professor of Dana Reitz Suzette Surkamer English, Temple University Eric Larrabee Choreographer Director Philadelphia, PA Writer Artistic Director Arts Development Division Literary Publishing Member, New York Council Field Papers, Inc. South Carolina Arts for Humanities New York, NY Commission Ernest Brawley New York, NY Interdisciplinary Arts Columbia, SC Fiction writer Artists’ Colonies/Services Projects Presenting Organizations Faculty Member University of Wyoming Steven Leahy Maxwell Roach Bennett Tarleton New York, NY Executive Director Percussionist, composer Executive Director Audience Development Leadership Tomorrow New York, NY Tennessee Arts Commission Fellowshipsfor Creative and Business Volunteers Presenting Organizations Nashville, TN Writers for the Arts Dance/Inter-Arts/State Overview Meeting Seattle, WA David Ross Programs (Professional Development) Artists" Colonies/Services Executive Director Presenting/Touring Institute of Contemporary Initiative Germaine Bree Nathan Leventhal Art Writer, editor, educator President, Lincoln Center Boston, MA Jerry Willis Winston-Salem, NC for the Performing Arts Presenting Organizations Public Events Manager, Fellowshipsfor Translators New York, NY Challenge California Institute of Presenting Organizations Technology Jared Carter Ralph Sandler Pasadena, CA Poet, educator, editor Hoyt T. Mattox Managing Director Challenge Indianapolis, IN Executive Director Madison Civic Center Literary Publishing Society for Performing Arts Madison, WI Roland Wilson Presenting Organizations Fellowshipsfor Creative Houston, TX Producing Director Writers Presenting Organizations and General Manager Overview Meeting Challenge Miriam Schapiro Music Hall Center (Professional Development) Dance/Inter-Arts/State Visual artist for the Performing Arts Programs New York, NY Detroit, MI Presenting/Touring Artists" Colonies/Services Dance/Inter-Arts/State Initiative Programs


Robert Creeley Fellowshipsfor Creative Molly Peacock Noel Young Essayist, poet, novelist Writers Poet President, Editor Ithaca, NY Faculty Member Capta Press Fellowshipsfor Creative Robert Hemenway Friends Seminary Santa Barbara, CA IVriters Fiction writer, editor New York, NY Literary Publishing Faculty Member A udience Development A udience Development David Damrosch Warren Wilson College Fellowshipsfor Creative Translator, educator Tucson, AZ Writers Facult-y Member Fellowships for Creative Overview Meeting Columbia University Writers (Professional Development) Brooklyn, NY LOCALS Fellowshipsfor Translators Larry Levis Margaret Peden Poet Translator TEST Faculty Member Professor of Spanish Poet University of Utah University of Missouri P RO GRAM Faculty Member Salt Lake City, UT Columbia, MO English Department Literary Publishing Literary Publishing Arizona State University Fellowships for Creative Overview Meeting William Aguado (Professional Development) Executive Director Tempe, AZ Writers Bronx Council on the Arts Fellowships for Creative Overview Meeting Writers (Professional Development) Alberto Ríos Bronx, NY Poet James Ballinger Lynn Emanuel Cynthia Macdonald Chandler, AZ Fellowships for Creative Director Poet Poet, librettist Phoenix Art Museum Faculty Member Director Writers University of Pittsburgh Creative Writing Faculty Phoenix, AZ Pittsburgh, PA University of Houston Irene Skolnick Overview Meeting Houston, TX Director, Subsidiary Rights Maxine Brandenberg (Professional Development) Fellowships for Translators Harcourt, Brace, Executive Director Jovanovich Colorado Alliance of Robert Fox Carol Muske New York, NY Business Poet, fiction writer Poet, essayist, educator Literary Publishing Denver, CO Writer in Residence Visiting Writer, University Overview Meeting (Professional Development) Christopher P. Bruhl Ohio Arts Council of Southern California Executive Director Columbus, OH Los Angeles, CA Literary Publishing Fellowships for Creative Peter Stitt Council for the Arts Audience Development Writers Critic, nonfiction writer in Westchester Overview Meeting Associate Professor White Plains, NY (Professional Development) Gloria Naylor University of Houston Writer Houston, TX Derek E. Gordon George Garrett New York, NY Literary Publishing Executive Director Writer, editor, playwright Literary Publishing Fellowships for Creative Division of the Arts Faculty Member Writers Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism University of Virginia Joyce Carol Oates Baton Rouge, LA Charlottesville, VA Novelist, poet, critic Elizabeth Tallent Fellowshipsfor Creative Faculty Member Fiction author Writers Princeton University Espanola, NM Wayne P. Lawson Princeton, NJ Fellowshipsfor Creative Executive Director David Godine Fellowshipsfor Creative Writers Ohio Arts Council President Writers Columbus, OH J.E. Wideman Godine Publishing Company Selina Ottum Boston, MA Linda Pastan Fiction writer Literary Publishing Poet Faculty Member Executive Director Professor University of Wyoming Metropolitan Arts Ivy Goodman American University Laramie, WY Commission Fiction writer Potomac, MD Fellowships for Creative Portland, OR Washington, DC Literary Publishing Writers Literary Publishing A udience Development


Mary Anne Piacentini Television St. Paul, MN Diane Karp Executive Director Cambridge, MA American Film Institute Professor of Cultural Arts Council Childrens’ Television Series Review Temple University of Houston Philadelphia, PA Houston, Texas Peter Chow Thomas Hardy Childrens" Television Series Executive Director Program Officer David Speedie Asian Cine Vision, Inc. Public Telecommunications SaliAnn Kriegsman Director New York, NY Facilities Program Dance writer, critic, Arts and Urban Program Media Arts Centers U.S. Department of historian W. Alton Jone Foundation Commerce Chevy Chase, MD Charlottesville, VA Marie Cieri Washington, DC Childrens" Television Series Media consultant National Services William Stewart Former Director Sarah Lawless Managing Director Visual Arts and Media Quentin Hope Executive Director Arena Stage New England Foundation Executive Director Denver Center Theater Washington, DC for the Arts KANZ-FM Company Cambridge, MA Pierceville, KS Denver, CO Media Arts Centers Radio Projects Childrens’ Television Series David Creagh Sam Hope William McCarter MEDIA General Manager Executive Director President, WTTW-TV wjI~U-F~4 National Office for Arts Chicago, IL ARTS Baltimore, MD Accreditation in Higher Childrens’ Television Series Challenge Education Chloe Aaron Reston, VA Arthur Mitchell President David Davis Childrens’ Television Series Artistic Director/Founder Chloe Aaron Associates President and Executive Dance Theatre of Harlem Weston, CT Director Richard Hunt New York, NY Challenge American Playhouse, PBS Sculptor Programming in the Arts New York, NY Chicago, IL Mary Lea Bandy National Services Childrens’ Television Series Diana Muldaur Director, Film Department Challenge Actress Museum of Modern Art Norman Jayo Former President, Academy New York, NY Linda Dubler Independent radio producer of Television Arts and Media Arts Centers Film/Video Curator Oakland, CA Sciences Film/Video Production High Museum of Art Radio Projects Pacific Palisades, CA Atlanta, GA Film/Video Production Terri Payne Butler Film/Video Production Bruce Jenkins (Prescreening) Director, Film Department Margaret Myers Lexington, MA Walker Art Center Media Coordinator Childrens" Television Series Louise Etra Minneapolis, MN Pennsylvania Council Vídeo artist Film/Video Production on the Arts Joyce Campbell Computer graphic designer (Prescreening) Harrisburg, PA Vice President of Consultant Challenge Programming Oakland, CA Kate Johnson Radio Programming in the and Station Manager, American Film Institute Chairman, Arts WETA-TV Review Education Division Washington, DC Minneapolis Institute of Art Davia Nelson Programming in the Arts Lawrence Fraiberg Minneapolis, MN Independent radio producer President of Broadcasting Childrens" Television Series Watsonville, CA Charlotte Carver Operations, MCA, Inc. Radio Programming in the Executive Director New York, NY Jackie Kain Arts South Dakota Arts Council Programming in the Arts Video Consultant Sioux Falls, SD Former Director Katharine Pearson Programming in the Arts Emily Galusha National Vídeo Festival, Executive Director Board Member AFI Community Foundation Los Angeles, CA Peggy Charren Former Administrative of East Tennessee Founder/President Director Film/Video Prodüction Knoxville, TN Action for Chíldren’s Film in the Cities (Prescreening) Media Arts Centers


Richard Pena Neil Sieling William Watson Edgar Peters Bowron Film Center Director Exhibition Coordinator Flutist The F~lizabeth and John Art Institute of Chicago University Community Executive Director Moors Cabot Director of Chicago, IL Video The Television Arts Project the University Art Museums Fihn/Video Production Minneapolis, MN New York, NY Film/Video Production Childrens" Television Series Cambridge, MA (Prescreening) Overview Meeting Elizabeth Perez-Luna William Siemering Roy B. White Independent radio producer General Manager Former President, Film Luis Cancel Philadelphia, PA WHYY-FM Exhibitor Director Radio Projects Philadelphia, PA Mid-States Theatres Bronx Museum of the Arts Radio Programming in the Radio Programming in the Cincinnati, OH Bronx, NY Arts Arts American Film Institute Overview Meeting Review Challenge Richard Pelerson Rhea Sikes Artistic Director Child Development Thomas Wylie Linda L. Cathcart USA Film Festival Specialist Arts management Director Dallas, TX Washington Island, WI and media consultant Contemporary Arts Museum Film/Video Production Childrens" Television Series Former Executive Director Houston, TX (Prescreening) Boston Film/Vídeo Special Exhibitions Sandy Smolan Foundation Overview Meeting Michael Rothbard Independent filmmaker Boston, MA Vide~ artist New York, NY Media Arts Centers Arley G. Curtz Executive Director Film/Video Production Executive Director Inter-Media Art Center (Prescreening) James Yee Wisconsin Arts Board Bayville, NY Executive Director Madison, WI National Services Milos Stehlik National Asian American Care of Collections Founder/Director Telecommunications Nancy Rouc~er Facets Multimedia Association Anne d’Harnoncourt Director, Project Heart Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA The George D. Widener Decatur, IL Media Arts Centers Challenge Director Childrens" Television Series National Services Philadelphia Museum of Art Philadelphia, PA Alan Sandler Carl Stone Overview Meeting Director, Public Education Independent radio producer American Institute of Co-Artistic Director MUSEUM I. Michael Danoff Architects 1986 New Music America Director Washington, DC Festival Museum of Contemporary Henry Adams Art Childrens" Television Series Los Angeles, CA Curator, American Art Radio Projects Nelson-Atkins Museum of Chicago, IL Joan Shigekawa Art Care of Collections Television producer Cicely Tyson Kansas City, MO Program for Art on Film Actress Utilization of Museum Hugh M. Darles Metropolitan Museum Pacific Palisades, CA Resources Director, La Jolla Museum of Art American Film Institute of Contemporary Art New York, NY Review La Jolla, CA Elizabeth Batchelor Special Exhibitions Film/Video Production Conservator American Film Institute Melinda Ward Cincinnati Art Museum Overview Meeting Review Television Producer Cincinnati, OH Robert M. Doty Childrens" Television Series KTCA-TV Care of Collections Minneapolis, MN Director Gary Shivers American Film Institute Budd Harris Bishop Currier Gallery of Art General Manager Review Director Manchester, NH WUNC-TV Columbus Museum of Art Challenge University of North Morrie Warshawski Columbus, OH Carolina Former Executive Director Overview Meeting Chapel Hill, NC Bay Area Video Coalition Radio Projects San Francisco, CA Radio Programming in the Film/Video Production Arts ~ 229 ADVISORY PANELS

Teri J. Edels~ein Dewey F. Mosby University of Georgia Townsend Wolfe, III Director Director, Picker Art Gallery Athens, GA Executive Director Mount Holyoke College Colgate University Special Exhibitions The Arkansas Art Center Art Museum Hamilton, NY Little Rock, AR South Hadley, MA Professional Development Thomas S. Schorgl Utilization of Museum Professional Development Executive Director Resources Harold Nelson Indiana Arts Commission Overview Meeting George R. Ellis Director, Touring Indianapolis, IN Director Exhibitions Program Challenge Honolulu Academy of Arts Art Museum Association Honolulu, HI of America Linda Shearer Utilization of Museum San Francisco, CA Curator of Contemporary MUS I C Resources Special Exhibitions Art Museum of Modern Art EIwyn Adams David Goist Christina Orr-Cahall New York, NY Violinist Chief Conservator Curator of Art Special Exhibitions Associate Professor of North Carolina Museum of The Oakland Museum Music Art Oakland, CA Alan Shestack University of Florida Raleigh, NC Utilization of Museum Director Gainesville, FL Care of Collections Resources Minneapolis Institute of Solo Recitalists Fellowships Arts Sidney M. Goldstein Paul N. Perrot Minneapolis, MN Larry Austin Associate Director Director Challenge Composer Saint Louis Art Museum Virginia Museum of Fine Director, Electronic Studios St. Louis, MO Arts Robert A. Sobiezek North Texas State Care of Collections Richmond, VA Director of Photographic University Challenge CoIlections, International Denton, TX Douglas K. S. Hyland Museum of Photography at Centersfor New Music Director Dean A. Porter George Eastman House Resources/Services to Birmingham Museum of Art Director Rochester, NY Composers Birmingham, AL Snite Museum of Art Special Exhibitions Professional Development University of Notre Dame Faye Bailey South Bend, IN Hollister Sturges Executive Director Antoinelte King Special Exhibitions Chief Curator Florida Orchestra Conservator of Drawings Indianapolis Museum of Art Tampa, FL Museum of Modern Art Danielle Rice Indianapolis, IN Orchestra New York, NY Curator of Education Professional Development Care of Collections Philadelphia Museum of Art David Baker Philadelphia, PA Dianne Vanderlip Professor of Music J. Patrice Marandel Utilization of Museum Curator of Contemporary Indiana University Curator Resources Art Bloomington, IN European Painting Denver Art Museum Challenge Detroit Institute of Arts Allen Rosenbaum Denver, CO Detroit, MI Director, The Art Museum Special Exhibitions Edward Baker Special Exhibitions Princeton University Executive Director Princeton, NJ Ricardo Viera Charlie Parker Memorial Eric S. McCready Care of Collections Director Foundation Director Overview Meeting Lehigh University Art Trumpeter, conductor Archer M. Huntington Art Galleries Kansas City, MO Gallery David Ross Bethlehem, PA Jazz Presenters/Jazz University of Texas Executive Director Special Exhibitions Ensembles Austin, TX Institute of Contemporary Challenge Art Katharine J. Watson Carmen Balthrop Boston, MA Director Soprano Dan Monroe Challenge Bowdoin College Museum Artist-in-Residence Director of Art University of Maryland Portland Art Association Richard Schneiderman Brunswick, ME Washington, DC Portland, OR Director Utilization of Museum Music Festivals Professional Development Georgia Museum of Art Resources Overview Meeting


Lee Betton Federation of Musicians Richmond News Leader Los Angeles, CA Director Union AFL-CIO, Local 47 Richmond, VA Orchestra Arts Organization Programs Los Angeles, CA Multi-Music Presenters/Solo Music Recording Recitalists Presenters Roger Diekerson Colorado Council on the Composer Arts Denver, CO William Brown Noel Da Costa Board Vice President Music Festivals Singer Composer New Orleans Arts Council Professor of Voice Faculty Member New Orleans, LA Martín Bookspan University of North Florida Rutgers Uni,versity Composers Fellowships Vice President Jacksonville, FL New York, NY Moss Music Group Chamber/New Music Composers Fellowships Lueille Dixon Executive Producer Ensembles Bassist New York Philharmonic Geraldine De Haas Member, Executive Board Broadcasts Philip Brunelle Associate Director Local 802, American New York, NY Music Director of Performing Arts Federation Music Festivals Plymouth Music Series Illinois Arts Council of Musicians Minneapolis, MN Chicago, IL New York, NY Louis Borro Chorus Jazz Presenters/Jazz Jazz Fellowships Music Director Ensembles San Francisco Chanticleer Reginald Buekner Judilh Drueker San Francisco, CA Pianist, composer Dominique-Rene de Lerma Cultural Director Chorus Associate Professor of Professor of Music Temple Beth Shalom Music Morgan State University President Henry Bowers and Afro-American Studies Baltimore, MD JND Concert Foundation, Vice Chancellor University of Minnesota Chamber/New Music Inc. Student Affairs Minneapolis, MN Ensembles Miami, FL North Carolina State Jazz Fellowships Multi-Music Presenters/Solo University Loma Cooke de Varon Recitalists Presenters Raleigh, NC Melanie Burrell Chairman Multi-Music Presenters/Solo Cellist Department of Choral John Eaton Recitalists Presenters Denver Symphony Orchestra Conducting Composer President, ICSOM New England Conservatory Professor of Music Indiana University Bobbie Bradford Denver, CO of Music Saxophonist, composer Orchestra Cambridge, MA Bloomington, IN Faculty Member Chorus Composers Fellowships California State College David Bury President Brazeal Dennard J. Christopher Fahlman Altadena, CA Manager, Blossom Music Jazz Fellowships Green Mountain Director Consortium Brazeal Dennard Chorale Center Assistant General Manager Alvin Brehm of the Performing Arts Member Assistant Director Detroit Council of the Arts Media Activities Double bassist, composer Detroit, MI Dean, Music Division Vermont Council on the SUNY-Purchase Arts Chorus Cleveland, OH Brattleboro, VT Music Festivals New York, NY Challenge Chamber/New Music Challenge James DePreist Ensembles Chamber/New Music Music Director and Presenters Conductor Joseph Flummerfelt Oregon Symphony Artistic Director Jane Brockman Heidi Castleman Orchestra Principal Conductor Faculty Member Westminster Choir College University of Connecticut Violist Portland, OR Professor of Viola Orchestra Lawrenceville, NJ Vernon, CT Chorus Centers for New Music Eastman School of Music Rochester, NY Robert DeWitt Resources/Services to Partner; Paul, Hastings, Henry Fogel Cornposers Chamber/New Music Ensembles Janofsky, & Walker Executive Director Chicago Symphony Garnett Brown Member, Executive Francis Church Committee Orchestra Trombonist, Composer Los Angeles Chamber Chicago, IL Board Member, American Cellist Music Critic Orchestra Challenge


Erick Friedman Barry Jekowsky University of Miami Gustav Meier Violinist Principal Timpanist Coral Gables, FL Music Director, Greater Director, String Program San Francisco Symphony Composers Fellowships Lansing Southern Methodist Orchestra Jazz Presenters Symphony Orchestra University Sausalito, CA Faculty Member Dallas, TX Solo Recitalists Fellowship« Sharon LeeMaster University of Michigan Solo Recitalists Fellowships Director, Annual Fund Ann Arbor, MI Multi-Music Presenters Willard Jenkins Program Music Professional Training Jazz Program ~oordinator Combined Arts and Bruce Hangen Arts Midwest Education Manuel Juarez Melendez Music Director Minneapolis, MN Council of San Diego Production Specialist Portland Symphony Multi-Music Presenters/Solo San Diego, CA Department of Public Orchestra Recitalists Presenters Chamóer/New Music Programs Omaha Symphony Presenters National Museum Omaha, NE T. Marshall Jones of American History Orchestra Trombonist, composer Wendell Logan Washington, DC Chairman, Music Faculty Member, Oberlin Multi-Music Presenters/Solo Richard Harrison Department College Recitalists Presenters Flutist, New Orleans Albany State University Conservatory of Music Philharmonic Orchestra Albany, GA Oberlin, OH Dorothy Rudd Moore New Orleans, LA Jazz Fellowships Chamber/New Music Composer, educator, Orchestra Presenters concert singer James Jordan New York, NY Margaret Hawkins Director of Music Edwin London Music Recording Director, Performance New York State Council Composer Activities on the Arts Chairman, Music Robert Morgan Wisconsin Conservatory of New York, NY Department Pianist Music Music Recording Cleveland State University Coordinator, Instrumental Educator Shaker Heights, OH Music Choral Director James Kreger Centersfor New Music Director, Jazz Programs Milwaukee Symphony Cellist Resources/Services to Houston High School Orchestra Faculty Member Composers of Performing Arts Milwaukee, Wl The Juilliard School Houston, TX Music Festivals New York, NY Humbert Lucarelli Jazz Presenters/Jazz Solo Recitalists Fellowships Oboist Ensembles Omus Hirshbein Faculty Member Director, Performing Arts Helen Laird Hartt School of Music S~even Mosko 92nd Street YM-YWHA Soprano New York, NY Composer New York, NY Dean, College of Music Solo Recitalists Fellowships Professor of Music Multi-Music Presenters/Solo Temple University California lnstitute Recitalists Presenters Philadelphia, PA Rober~ Martin of the Arts Music Professional Training Cellist, Sequoia String Sagus, CA Robert Holmes Quartet Composers Fellowships Pianist, composer, educator Oliver Lake Faculty Member, University Nashville, TN Saxophonist, composer oí Southern California Bruce Nehring Jazz Fellowships New York, NY Los Angeles, CA Founder and Director Jazz Presenters/Jazz Music Professional Training El Paso Pro-Musica Keith Holzman Ensembles El Paso, TX Independent record Frank Lee McCarty Chorus producer Michael Lankester Composer Los Angeles, CA Music Director Associate Professor of Rober! Page Music Recording Hartford Symphony Music Assistant Orchestra University of North Conductor/Director of Michael Jaffee Hartford, CT Carolina Choruses, Cleveland Artistic Director Challenge Greensboro, NC Orchestra Waverly Consort Centersfor New Music Music Director, New York, NY William Lee, III Resources/Services to Mendelssohn Challenge Composer, arranger Composers Choir of Pittsburgh Executive Vice President Pittsburgh, PA and Provost Chorus


Joan Panetti Amherst College Robert Sherman University of Massachusetts Composer Amherst, MA Executive Producer, Amherst, MA Faculty, Yale University Chamóer/New Music WQXR-FM Multi-Music Presenters/Solo School of Music Presenters Artistic Director Recitalists Presenters New Haven, CT "Friends of the Arts" Composers Fellowships Sheldon Rich Beethoven Festival Vincent Wagner Executive Director New York, NY Artists Manager Peter Pastreich Santa Fe Chamber Music Music Festivals Vice President, Kazuko Executive Director Festival Hillyer San Francisco Symphony Santa Fe, NM Abbey Simon International, Inc. Orchestra Chamber/New Music Pianist New York, NY San Francisco, CA Presenters Faculty Member Chamber/New Music Orchestra The Juilliard School Presenters Dollye M.E. Robinson University of Houston Steve Paxlon Assistant Dean Houston, TX Lewis Waldeck Composer Professor of Music Music Professional Training Administrator Assistant Professor Jackson State University Symphonic Department Texas Tech University Board Member Lawrence Leig~ton Smith American Federation of Lubbock, TX Sout~,ern Arts Federation Music Director Musicians Composers Fellowships Jackson, MS Louisville Orchestra New York, NY Music Professional Training Music Academy of the West Orchestra Harvey Phillips Louisville, KY Tubist Seymour Rosen Music Festivals Dale Warland Faculty Member Dean, College of Fine Arts Composer Indiana University Arizona State University Mary Sommervold Music Director Bloomington, IN Tempe, AZ Member Dale Warland Singers Solo Recitalists Fellowships Multi-Music Presenters/Solo South Dakota Arts Council St. Paul, MN Recitalists Presenters Sioux Falls, SD Music Recording Sally Placksin Orchestra Producer, jazz historian Donald Roth Challenge Andrew WhiIe New York, NY Executive Director Saxophonist, composer Jazz Presenters/Jazz Syracuse Symphony Paul Sperry Washington, DC Ensembles Orchestra Tenor Jazz Fellowships Syracuse, NY Faculty, The Juilliard Joseph Polisi Orchestra School James Wierzbicki President Challenge Aspen Music Festival Music Critic The Juilliard School New York, NY St. Louis Post Dispatch Bassoonist Kalamu Ya Salaam Music Festivals St. Louis, MO New York, NY Executive Director Orchestra Music Professional Training New Orleans Jazz and Daniel Stolper Challenge Heritage Foundation Oboist Renny Pritikin New Orleans, LA Faculty Member Raymond F. Williams Writer Jazz Presenters/Jazz Michigan State University Guitarist Executive Director Ensembles East Lansing, MI Director, Music/Dance New Langton Arts Chamber/New Music Section San Francisco, CA Gunther Schuller Ensembles North Carolina Arts Council Chamber/New Music Composer, conductor Raleigh, NC Presenters Artistic Director John Swallow Solo Recitalists Fellowships The Festival at Sandpoint Associate Professor of Bernard Rands Newton Centre, MA Trombone, Yale University Composer Music Professional Training School of Music Composer Faculty Member Norwalk, CT Faculty Member School of Music Tom Shaw Chamber/New Music University of California Boston University Cellist, Audubon Quartet Ensembles Berkeley, CA Boston, MA Blacksburg, VA Centersfor New Music Composers Fellowships Chamber/New Music Frederiek Tillis Resources/Services to Ensembles Director, Fine Arts Center Composers David Reck and Afro-American Music Professor of Music and Jazz Studies


Carol Wincenc Musical Artists Professional Producers Grants Flutist New York, NY Companies/Regional (Prescreening) Faculty Member Professional Touring/Services/Special Manhattan School of Music Companies/Regional Projects Jack O’Brien New York, NY Touring/Services/Special Artistic Director Solo Recitalists Fellowships Projects Ellen Fitzhugh Old Globe Theatre Lyricist San Diego, CA William Winstead Lee Breuer New York, NY Professional Bassoonist Co-Artistic Director New American Works/ Companies/Regional Professor of Bassoon Mabou Mines Special Projects/ Touring/Services/Special Florida State University New York, NY Producers Grants Projects Tallahassee, FL New American Works/ Overview Meeting Solo Recitalists Fellowships Special Projects/ Paulette Haupt Producers Grants General Director Alton Peters Robert Woods Overview Meeting Lake George Opera Festival Member, Board of Trustees Executive Vice President Artistic Director Metropolitan Opera TELARC Corporation Christine Bullin Opera-Musical Theater New York, NY Cleveland, OH Manager Conference Professional Music Recording San Francisco Opera Center Eugene O’Neill Theater Companies/Regional San Francisco, CA Center Touring/Services/Special Professional New York, NY Projects Companies/Regional New American Works/ Touring/Services/Special Special Projects/ Michael Price OPERA­ Projects Producers GrantsExecutive Director Overview Meeting Overview Meeting Goodspeed Opera House MUSICAL East Haddam, CT Theodore Chapin Robert Heuer New American Works/ THEATER Managing Director Assistant General Manager Special Projects/ Rodgers & Hammerstein Greater Miami Opera Producers Grants Association Dominiek Argento New York, NY Overview Meeting New American Works/ Miami, FL Composer, educator Challenge Minneapolis, MN Special Projects/ Sarah Richards Producers Grants Executive Director New American Works/ Henry Holt Special Projects/ Overview Meeting State Foundation on Culture Producers Grants Challenge Artistic Director and the Arts Baton Rouge Opera Honolulu, HI Baton Rouge, LA Jaek Beeson Angelo Del Rossi Professional Executive Producer New American Works/ Companies/Regional Composer Special Projects/ Professor of Music Paper Mill Playhouse Touring/Services/Special Millburn, NJ Producers Grants Projects Columbia University Overview Meeting New York, NY Professional Overview Meeting Professional Companies/Regional Companies/Regional Touring/Services/Special Ardis Krainik Touring/Services/Special Projects General Manager Tenor Projects Lyric Opera of Chicago Artistic Director Robert Driver Chicago, IL New School for the Arts Overview Meeting Andre Bishop General and Artistic Montclair, NJ Artistic Director Director Challenge Playwrights Horizons Syracuse Opera Company Terrence McEwen Syracuse, NY General Director Robert Stearns New York, NY San Francisco Opera Professional Professional Director of Performing Arts Companies/Regional Companies/Regional San Francisco, CA Walker Art Center Touring/Services Touring/Services/Special Challenge Minneapolis, MN Projects New A merican Works/ Nicholas Muni Special Projects/ Gene Boucher Martin Feinstein Stage Director Producers Grants Baritone General Director New York, NY Metropolitan Opera Washington Opera New American Works/ National Executive Secretay Washington, DC Special Projects/ American Guild of


Jonathan Tunick Yale School of Drama Marcia Noebels Arvin Brown Composer Waterford, CT Executive Director Artistic Director New York, NY New American Works/ New England Foundation Long Wharf Theatre New American Works/ Special Projects/ for the Arts New Haven, CT Special Projects/ Producers Grants Cambridge MA Overview Meeting Producers Grants Challenge Carl Petrick Peter Carnahan Arnold Voketaitis Sheryl Woods Executive Secretary Director, Theater Program Bass-baritone Soprano Seattle Arts Commission Pennsylvania Arts Council Chicago, IL Philadelphia, PA Seattle, WA Harrisburg, PA Professional New American Works/ Artistic Advancement Companies/Regional Special Projects/ Clement Price Producers Grants Immediate Past Chairman David Chambers Touring/Services/Special Artistic Director Projects New Jersey State Arts Council Repertory Theater Michael Walsh East Orange, NJ of St. Louis Critic St. Louis, MO Time Magazine STATE Robla Tryloff " National Resources New York, NY Executive Director Maria Acosta Colon New American Works/ PROGRAMS Nebraska Arts Council Consultant Special Projects/ Chair, National Assembly of State Arts Agencies San Francisco, CA Producers Grants Susan Freeman Professional Theater Overview Meeting Chair, North Dakota Omaha, NE Companies Council on the Arts Overview Meeting Willie Anthony Waters Fargo, ND Artistic Director David Copelin Greater Miami Opera Mary Hays Director of Play Association Executive Director THEATER Development Miami, FL New York State Council Arena Stage Professional on the Arts Jessica Andrews Washington, DC Companies/Regional New York, NY Managing Director Professional Theater Touring/Services Indiana Repertory Company Companies New American Works/ Richardo Hernandez Indianapolis, IN Special Projects/ Program Associate Artistic Advancement Peter Culman Producers Grants Texas Commission on the Managing Director Arts Philip F. Arnoult Center Stage Hugo Weisgali Austin, TX Actor, Director Baltimore, MD Composer, conductor Baltimore Theatre Project Artistic Advancement Great Neck, NY Adrienne Nescott Hirsch Baltimore, MD Overview Meeting Executive Director Professional Theater Colleen Dewhurst Challenge Illinois Arts Council Companies Actress Chicago, IL Overview Meeting President Ira Weitzman Actors’ Equity Association Musical Theater Program Wayne P. Lawson Thomas Babe New York, NY Director Executive Director Playwright Overview Meeting Playwrights Horizons Ohio Arts Council Darien, CT New York, NY Columbus, OH Overview Meeting Peter Donnelly New American Works/ Playwrights Fellowships Executive Managing Special Projects/ Douglas Nava Director Producers Grants Past Member Conrad Bishop Dallas Theater Center (Prescreening) Colorado Council on the Artistic Director Dallas, TX Arts and Humanities Independent Eye Challenge George White Montrose, CO Lancaster, PA Thomas G. Dunn President Playwrights Fellowships Eugene O’Neill Theater Playwright James R. Nelson Executive Director Center Executive Director John Bos New Dramatists Co-Chairman Alabama School of Fine Consultant New York, NY Theater Administration Arts Mt. Vernon, VA Professional Theater Program Birmingham, AL National Resources Companies


Alan Eisenberg Bill lrwin Cynthia Mayeda Barbara Rosoff Executive Secretary Mime, clown Managing Director Artistic Director Actors’ Equity Association New York, NY Dayton Hudson Foundation Portland Stage Company New York, NY Mimes Fellowships MinneapoIis, MN Portland, ME Challenge Professional Theater Artistic Advancement Jon Jory Companies David Emmes Artistic Director Hal Scott Artistic Director Actors Theatre of Louisville Ben Moore Director South Coast Repertory Louisville, KY Producing Director North Newark, NJ Theater Professional Theater Seattle Repertory Theater Professional Theater Costa Mesa, CA Companies Seattle, WA Companies Challenge Challenge Michael Kahn Adele Shank Robert Falls Artistic Director Sharon Ott Playwright Artistic Director The Acting Company Artistic Director San Francisco, CA Goodman Theater Artistic Director Berkeley Repertory Theater Playwrights Fellowships Chicago, IL Shakespeare Theatre at the Berkeley, CA Professional Theater Folger Library National Resources Nancy Staub Companies Washington, DC Program Associate Overview Meeting Professional Theater George Parides Kennedy Center for the Companies Director, Theater Program Performing Arts Gerald Freedman North Carolina Arts Council Washington, DC Artistic Director Sarah Lawless Chape! Hill, NC Professional Theater Crear Lakes Shakespeare E×ecutive Director Professional Theater Companies Festival Denver Center Theater Companies Cleveland, OH Company M. Burke Walker Artistic Advancement Denver, CO Jerry Patch Artistic Director Professional Theater Literary Manager The Empty Space Theatre Gary Gisselman Companies South Coast Repertory Seattle, WA Artistic Director Overview Meeting Costa Mesa, CA National Resources Arizona Theater Company Playwrights Fellowships Tucson, AZ Thomas Leabhart Wendy Wasserstein Challenge Mime Thomas Pawley Playwright Assistant Professor Member, Missouri State New York, NY Adrienne Nescott Hirsch Pomona College Council on the Arts Playwrights Fellowships Executive Director Claremont, CA Jefferson City, MO Illinois Arts Council Professional Theater Overview Meeting Paul Weidner Chicago, IL Companies National Resources Stage Director Challenge Associate Chairman Robert Leonard Michael Pedretli School of Theater Bert Houle Artistic Director Movement Theatre New York University Artistic Director The Road Company International New York, NY Bert Houle Mime Company Johnson City, TN Philadelphia, PA Artistic Advancement San Francisco, CA Professional Theater Mimes Fellowships Mimes Fellowships Companies William Wingate Dennis Powers Executive Managing Jorge Huerta Robert Marx Director of Communications Director Professor, Drama Critic, dramaturg American Conservatory Center Theatre Group Department New York, NY Theatre Los Angeles, CA University of California National Resources San Francisco, CA Professional Theater San Diego, CA National Resources Companies Artistic Advancement Marguerite Mathews Overview Meeting Artistic Director Robin Reiter Sandra Hughes Pontine Movement Theater Executive Director James Yos~imura Artistic Director Portsmouth, NH Southeast Banking Playwright Great American Mime Mimes Fellowships Corporation Chicago, IL Experiment Foundation Playwrights Fellowships Atlanta, GA Miami, FL Mimes Fellowships Challenge


Hele, Drult English Portland, OR San Francisco, CA VISUAL Founder/Director Visual Artists Organizations Overview Meeting Helen Drutt Gallery ARTS Philadelphia, PA Cindy Kelly Michael McTwigan Visual Artists Organizations Director, Visual Arts Editor Ricardo Block Program American Ceramics Photographer James Enyearl Maryland State Arts Council New York, NY St. Paul, MN Photographer Baltimore, MD Visual Artists Forums Overview Meeting Director, Center for Art in Public Places Photography Fellowships Creative Photography Laura Miilin Tucson, AZ Susan King Commercial book Jack Boulton Challenge/Special Projects Book artist, educator distributor Art Advisor Santa Monica, CA Seattle, WA Chase Manhattan Bank Sue Graze Visual Artists Forums Visual Artists Forums New York, NY Curator, Contemporary Art Overview Meeting Dallas Museum of Art Mark Klett Richard Misrach Dallas, TX Photographer Photographer Michael Brewster Sculpture Fellowships Studio Manager Emeryville, CA Sculptor Photography Collaborative Photography Fellowships Los Angeles, CA Denny Griífith Facility Sculpture Fellowships Painter Arizona State University Julio Milchel Executive Director Tempe, AZ Photographer Scoll Burlon Opportunities for the Arts Visual Artists Organizations New York, NY Sculptor Columbus, OH Photography Fellowships New York, NY Visual Artists Organizations Chrislopher Knight Art in Public Places--Letter Art Critic Barbara Norfleel of Intent Kathy Halbreich Los Angeles HeraM Photographer Collaborations in Director of Exhibitions Examiner Photography Curator Art/Design--Letter of List Visual Arts Center Los Angeles, CA Carpenter Center Intent Massachusetts Institute Overview Meeting for the Visual Arts of Technology Harvard University Mel Casas Cambridge, MA John Kreidler Cambridge, MA Painter Challenge/Special Projects Program Executive Photography Fellowships San Antonio, TX San Francisco Foundation Challenge/Special Projects Wayne Higby San Francisco, CA Marc Pally Ceramist Challenge/Special Projects Painter, sculptor Marie Cieri Alfred, NY City Planner Director Crafts Fellowships Mark Lere Community Redevelopment Visual Arts and Media Sculptor Agency New England Foundation Hudson Los Angeles, CA Los Angeles, CA for the Arts Performance artist Visual Artists Organizations Overview Meeting Cambridge, MA Director, Feature Gallery Visual Artists Forums Chicago, IL lnverna Lockpez Michael Peed Visual Artists Organizations Sculptor Wood artist Ahita Conlini Director Bozeman, MT Presidnet David Jacobs Latin American Gallery of Crafts Fellowships Creative Time Art historian, editor, International Arts Relations New York, NY photographer New York, NY Lisa Phillips Overview Meeting Tucson, AZ Visual Artists Organizations Associate Curator, Whitney Challenge/Special Projects Visual Artists Forums Museum of American Art Richard Loving New York, NY Jennifer Dowley Luis Jimenez Painter Visual Artists Organizations Director Sculptor Chicago, IL Overview Meeting Headlands Art Center Hondo, NM Overview Meeting Sausalito, CA Art in Public Places Jim Pomeroy Art in Public Places--Letter Overview Meeting Sarah Lutman New genres artist oflntent Executive Director San Francisco, CA Collaborations in Mel Katz Mortimer Fleishhacker Overview Meeting Art/Design--Letter of Sculptor Foundation lntent


Nancy Rosen Jaune Quick-To-See Smith Rita Starpattern Cesar Trasobares Art consultant Painter Sculptor Artist Principal Corrales, NM Director Executive Director Fine Arts Planning Group Visual Artists Forums Women & Their Work Art in Public Places New York, NY Austin, TX Program for Art in Public Places Alexis Smith Visual Artists Organizations Miami-Dade County Sculptor Overview Meeting Miami, FL Betye Saar Venice, CA Art in Public Places--Letter Painter, sculptor, Art in Public Places Michael Steiner of Intent printmaker Sculptor Collaborations in Los Angeles, CA Robert Sobieszek New York, NY Art/Design--Letter of Sculpture Fellowships Director Sculpture Fellowships Intent Photographic Collections Mary Anne Scherr International Museum of Susan Stinsmuehlen Margaret Wharton Metal artist Photography at George Glass artist Sculptor Faculty Member Eastman House Austin, TX Glenview, IL Parsons School of Design Rochester, NY Overview Meeting Sculpture Fellowships New York, NY Photography Fellowships Crafts Fellowships Challenge/Special Projects Anne Wilson Howard Spector Kenneth Trapp Fiber artist Helen Shirk Photographer Associate Curator of Crafts Chicago, IL Metal artist Executive Director and Decorative Arts Crafts Fellowships San Diego, CA Los Angeles Center for Oakland Museum Crafts Fellowships " Photographic Studies Oakland, CA Jackie Winsor Los Angeles, CA Crafts Fellowships Sculptor Kenneth Shorr Visual Artists Organizations New York, NY Photographer Sculpture Fellowships Tucson, AZ Photography Fellowships


Fiscal Year 1986 Summary of Funds Available~ Appropriation: Regular Program Funds2 $115,747,932 Appropriation: Treasury Funds (to match nonfederal gifts) 8,389,600 Appropriation: Challenge Grant Funds (to match nonfederal gifts) 19,577,000 Appropriation: Policy, Planning, and Research1’3 704,716 Appropriation: Arts and Artifacts Indemnity Fund 285,200

Total Federal Appropriations $144,704,448 Nonfederal Gifts1 140,322 Unobligated Balance, Prior Year~ 22,228,295

Total Funds Available $167,073,065

~Excludes administrative operating funds. 2Not less than 20 percent for support of state arts agencies and regional groups. 3Administrative funds (see Office of Policy, Planning, and Research section). Fiscal Challenge Year Grant 1986 Commitments/ Funds Obligated Obligations Obligationss Dance $8,963,600 $4,350,000 Design Arts 3,914,423 2,450,000 Expansion Arts 6,652,663 750,000 Folk Arts 3,052,650 100,000 Inter-Arts 4,144,289 4,350,000 Literatu re 4,72 I, 935 -­ Media Arts 12,301,300 2,300,000 Museum 11,501,285 9,811,804 Music 14,623,120 7,575,000 Opera-Musical Theater 5,791,500 4,000,000 Theater I0,185,405 4,275,000 Visual Arts 5,732,490 1,031,000

Arts in Education 5,092,494 1,100,000 Education 94,900 -­ Locals Test Program 2,204,000 -­ State Programs 23,778,600 -­

Advancement 2,447,850 Challenge --4

Policy, Planning, and Research~’3 704,716

Total Funds Obligated $125,907,220 $42,092,804

4Shown in Challenge Grant Column. ~Of the $42,092,804 committed, $20,719,804 was obligated in Fiscal Year 1986.


Arts Arts Administrative Autliorizalion Appropriation Funds Fiscal 1966 Program Funds $ 5,000,000 $ 2,500,000 $ 727,000* Treasury Funds** 2,250,000 34,308

Total Funds for Programmmg $ 7,250,000 $ 2,534,308 Fiscal 1967 Program Funds $ 5,000,000 $ 4,000,000 $ 1,019,500" State Arts Agencies (block) 2,750,000 $ 2,000,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (7,750,000) (6,000,000) Treasury Funds** 2,250,000 1,965,692

Total Funds for Programmlng $ 10,000,000 $ 7,965,692 Fiscal 1968 Program Funds $ 5,000,000 $ 4,500,000 $ 1,200,000" State Arts Agencies (block) 2,750,000 2,000,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (7,750,000) (6,500,000) Treasury Funds** 2,250,000 674,291

Total Funds for Programmmg $ 10,000,000 $ 7,174,291 Fisca! 1969 Program Funds $ 6,000,000 $ 3,700,000 $ 1,400,000" State Arts Agencies (block) 2,000,000 1,700,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (8,000,000) (5,400,000) Treasury Funds** 3,375,000 2,356,875

Total Funds for Programm~ng $ 11,375,000 $ 7,756,875 Fiscal 1970 Program Funds $ 6,500,000 $ 4,250,000 $ 1,610,000" State Arts Agencies (block) 2,500,000 2,000,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (9,000,000) (6,250,000) Treasury Funds** 3,375,000 2,000,000

Total Funds for Programmlng $ 12,375,000 $ 8,250,000 Fiscal 1971 Program Funds $ 12,875,000 $ 8,465,000 $ 2,660,000* State Arts Agencies (block) 4,125,000 4,125,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (17,000,000) (12,590,000) Treasury Funds** 3,000,000 2,500,000

Total Funds for Programm~ng $ 20,000,000 $15,090,000


Arts Arts Administrative Authorization Appropriation Funds Fiscal 1972 Program Funds $ 21,000,000 $20,750,000 $ 3,460,000* Stat¢ Arts Ag~ncics (block) 5,500,000 5,500,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (26,500,000) (26,250,000) Treasury Funds** 3,500,000 3,500,000

Total Funds for Programming $ 30,000,000 $29,750,000 Fiscal 1973 Program Funds $ 28,625,000 $27,825,000 $ 5,314,000" State Arts Agencies (block) 6,875,000 6,875,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (35,500,000) (34,700,000) Treasury Funds** 4,500,000 3,500,000

Total Funds for Programming $ 40,000,000 $38,200,000 Fiscal 1974 Program Funds $ 54,000,000 $46,025,000 $ 6,500,000" State Arts Agencies (block) 11,000,000 8,250,000 (Subtotal--Program Funds) (65,000,000) (54,275,000) Treasury Funds** 7,500,000 6,500,000

Total Funds for Programming $ 72,500,000 $60,775,000 Fiscal 1975 Program Funds*** $ 90,000,000 $67,250,000 $10,783,000" Treasury Funds** 10,000,000 7,500,000

Total Funds for Programming $100,000,000 $74,750,000 Fiscal 1976 Program Funds*** $ 113,500,000 $74,500,000 $10,910,000" Treasury Funds** 12,500,000 7,500,000

Total Funds for Programming $126,000,000 $82,000,000 Transition Quarter July 1, 1976--September 30, 1976 Program Funds*** -- $33,437,000 $ 2,727,000" Treasury Funds** -- 500,000

Total Funds for Programming -- $33,937,000 Fiscal 1977 Program Funds*** $ 93,500,000 $77,500,000 $11,743,000" Treasury Funds** 10,000,000 7,500,000 Challenge Grants** 12,000,000 9,000,000 Photo/Film Projects 4,000,000 -­

Total Funds for Programming $I 19,500,000 $94,000,000


Arts Arts Authorization Appropriation Fiscal 1978 Program Funds*** $105,000,000 $ 89,100,000 Treasury Funds** 12,500,000 7,500,000 Chall¢nge Grants** 18,000,000 18,000,000 Photo/Film Proj¢ct 2,000,000 -- Administrative Funds such sums as 9,250,000 necessary

Total Funds $137,500,000 $123,850,000 Fiscal 1979 Program Funds*** -- $102,160,000 Treasury Funds** -- 7,500,000 Challenge Grants** -- 30,000,000 Administrative Funds -- 9,925,000

Total Funds such sums as $149,585,000 necessary Fiscal 1980 Program Funds*** -- $ 97,000,000 Treasury Funds* * -- 18,500,000 Challenge Grants** -- 26,900,000 Administrative Funds -- 12,210,000

Total Funds such sums as $154,610,000 necessary Fiscal 1981 Program Funds*** $115,500,000 $113,960,000 Treasury Funds** 18,500,000 19,250,000 Challenge Grants** 27,000,000 13,450,000 Administrative Funds 14,000,000 12,135,000

Total Funds $175,000,000 $158,795,000 Fiscal 1982 Program Funds*** -- $103,330,000 Treasury Funds** -- 14,400,000 Challenge Grants** -- 14,400,000 Administrative Funds -- 11,326,000

Total Funds $119,300,000 $143,456,000 Fiscal 1983 Program Funds*** -- $101,675,000 Treasury Funds** -- 11,200,000 Challenge Grants**, -- 18,400,000 Administrative Funds -- 12,600,000

Total Funds $119,300,000 $143,875,000


Arts Arts Authorization Appropriation Fiscal 1984 Program Funds*** -- $119,000,000 Treasury Funds** -- 9,000,000 Challenge Grants** -- 21,000,000 Administrative Funds -- 13,223,000

Total Funds $166,500,000 $162,223,000 Fiscal 1985 Program Funds*** -- $118,678,000 Treasury Funds** -- 8,820,000 Challenge Grants** -- 20,580,000 Administrative Funds -- 15,582,000

Total Funds such sums as $163,660,000 necessary Fiscal 1986"*** Program Funds*** $121,678,000 $115,747,932 Treasury Funds** 8,820,000 8,389,600 Challenge Grants** 20,580,000 19,577,000 Administrative Funds 15,982,000 14,822,508

$167,060,000 $158,537,040 Arts and Artifacts such sums as Indemnity Fund necessary 285,200

Total Funds $167,060,000 $158,822,240 Fiscal 1987 Program Funds*** $123,425,120 $121,761,000 Treasury Funds** 9,172,800 8,420,000 Challenge Grants** 21,403,200 20,000,000 Administrative Funds 16,205,280 14,900,000

Total Funds $170,206,400 $165,081,000 *These funds were jointly provided to the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities until the two agencies were administratively separated in 1978. **Federal funds appropriated by Congress to match nonfederal donations to the Endowment. ***Not less than 20 percent of Program Funds ate required to go to state arts agencies and regional arts groups. ****Appropriation reflects reduction of $7,123,000 pursuant to Public Law 99-177, the Balanced Budget and Emergency Deficit Control Act of 1985.

243 CREDITS Published by the Office of Communications National Endowment for the Arts Washington, D.C. 20506 Director: Dodie Kazanjian Editor: Joan Bowersox Jurenas Designer: Jack Frost Printing Officer." Murray Welsh

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