Term Definition Air Break An on-air presentation by a . Air Personality A disc jockey that works on the air at a radio station AQH Average Quarter A piece of on a radio show typically scripted or highly planned Branding The consistent way a radio station presents itself on the air Music that is used to bring audiences in and out of stop sets during talk shows or in and out of air breaks. Call Letters FCC's designation of three or four letters to identify a station. In radio terms, the device on which programming occurs in an hour of broadcasting Cold End A song or piece that comes to an abrupt end Crossfade A smooth transition between elements Cue Prompting someone to speak. May be verbal or non-verbal Daypart Dividing a broadcast into several different segments for programming purposes. make up dayparts. Dead Air Broadcasting a but nothing on the signal Double Clutch Hitting the same button twice while producing Drive Radio daypart where is highest as people are typically driving to and from work Drop-in A short radio announcement between two songs or two broadcast elements. Fade To lose audio gradually FCC Federal Commission. 7-member government agency that regulates broadcasting Feedback loop between audio input and output Frontsell/Backsell Frontsell-talk about what's coming up. Backsell-talk about what was just broadcast Two speakers that are placed on or in the ears that allow only the user to hear the audio clearly Hit the Post Speaking up until the lyrics of a song begin Hot In radio terms, something is very loud Intro In radio terms, the start of a broadcast element Legal ID In FCC terms, the station's call letters followed immediately by the . A legal must be done at :00. Liner In radio terms, an announcement read by a radio announcer or personality Loose In radio terms, broadcast elements do not match up when heard by the listener back-to-back. Position Here at WBDG, the microphone should be directly near your mouth. Off Air Broadcasting no signal Outro In radio terms, the finish of something. A list of songs to be broadcast on a radio show Positioning Statemen How a radio station places itself in the market. "Your station for variety." Pot Potentiometer…the part of the audio console that can make things get louder or softer. Prep Preparation…key for any radio show Ramp A music bed that leads up to some sort of pre-recorded announcement. Segment A part of a Doughnut An announcement followed by a ramp then followed by an announcement Soundbyte A clip of audio that is used in a larger audio piece Speaker Muting Speakers shut off to prevent audio feedback. Station Name What the radio station calls itself on the air. Radio Now, Giant 90.9, and Hot 96.3 are all examples. Stop Set A block of commercials or other announcements. Tight In radio terms, broadcast elements match up when heard back to back by the listener. Train Wreck Playing two songs from wildly different genres with little or no element in between. Terms