Programs of Study Leading to an Associate Degree

or R-TV 15 and Business Practices 3.0 R-TV 96C Campus Station Lab: 1.0 of Radiologic . This is a licensed profession, CHLD 10H Child Growth 3.0 R-TV 96A Station Lab: Studio 1.0 Hosting and Management Skills and a valid Social Security number is required to obtain and Lifespan Development - Honors Procedures and Equipment Operations R-TV 97A Radio/ Industry 1.0 state certification and national licensure. or R-TV 96B Campus Radio Station Lab: Disc 1.0 Seminar Required Courses: PSYC 14 Developmental Psychology 3.0 Jockey & Anchor/Reporter Skills R-TV 97B Radio/Entertainment Industry 1.0 RAD 1A Clinical Experience 1A 5.0 and R-TV 96C Campus Radio Station Lab: Hosting 1.0 Work Experience RAD 1B Clinical Experience 1B 3.0 PSYC 1A Introduction to Psychology 3.0 and Management Skills Plus 6 Units from the following courses (6 Units) RAD 2A Clinical Experience 2A 5.0 or R-TV 97A Radio/Entertainment Industry Seminar 1.0 R-TV 03 Sportscasting and Reporting 1.5 RAD 2B Clinical Experience 2B 3.0 PSYC 1AH Introduction to Psychology - Honors 3.0 R-TV 97B Radio/Entertainment Industry 1.0 R-TV 04 Broadcast News Field Reporting 3.0 RAD 3A Clinical Experience 3A 7.5 and Work Experience R-TV 06 Broadcast Traffic Reporting 1.5 RAD 3B Clinical Experience 3B 3.0 SPCH 1A Public Speaking 4.0 Plus 6 Units from the Following Courses: 6 Units: R-TV 09 Broadcast Sales and Promotion 3.0 RAD 3C Clinical Experience 3C 7.5 or R-TV 05 Radio-TV Newswriting 3.0 R-TV 10 3.0 RAD 4 Clinical Experience IV 4.5 SPCH 1AH Public Speaking - Honors 4.0 R-TV 06 Broadcast Traffic Reporting 1.5 and Producer Techniques RAD 30 Radiographic Pathology 1.5 or R-TV 17 Radio and Podcasting 3.0 R-TV 11B Advanced Radio Production 3.0 RAD 31 Fluoroscopy and Radiobiology 5.0

SPCH 2 Fundamentals of 4.0 R-TV 31 DJs 3.0 R-TV 31 History of Radio DJs 3.0 RAD 32 Digital Imaging in Radiology 2.0 PROGRAMS OFSTUDYLEADING or R-TV 32 Radio - TV Internet Applications 3.0 R-TV 32 Radio-TV Internet Applications 3.0 RAD 50 Introduction to Radiologic 3.0 TO ANASSOCIATE DEGREE SPCH 8 Professional and Organizational 4.0 R-TV 35 Pop Culture in the 3.0 R-TV 35 Pop Culture in the Media 3.0 and Health Care Speaking R-TV 99 Radio/TV Special Projects 2.0 R-TV 99 Radio/TV Special Projects 2.0 RAD 61A Theory of Radiologic Technology 4.0 or R-TV 101 Work Experience in Broadcast 1.0 R-TV 101 Work Experience 1.0 RAD 61B Radiographic Procedures I 3.0 SPCH 8H Professional and Organizational 4.0 Entertainment in Broadcast Entertainment RAD 61C Radiographic Procedures I Laboratory 1.5 Speaking - Honors Total Units 29.0 Total Units 32.0 RAD 62A Theory of Radiologic Technology 4.0 Total Units 54.5 - 57.5 RAD 62B Radiographic Procedures II 3.0 Radio : On the Air Radiologic Technology RAD 62C Radiographic Procedures II Laboratory 1.5 : Arts Division Technology and Health Division RAD 63 Theory of Radiologic Technology 4.0 Behind the Scenes Degree S0605 Degree S1206 RAD 64 Theory of Radiologic Technology 4.0 Arts Division The Radio Broadcasting On-The-Air degree is designed The Radiologic Technology program, which is ac- RAD 91 Patient Care in Radiologic 3.0 Degree S0606 to prepare students for an entry-level job in perfor- credited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Total Units 78.0 The Radio Broadcasting Behind-the-Scenes degree is mance areas of the broadcasting industry, including Radiologic Technology (JRCERT), is designed to prepare Additional Notations designed for students who are interested in the non- , news anchor, sportscaster, and commercial students to function as certified radiologic technolo- Admission Requirements: performance side of the broadcasting industry. Instruc- voice-overs. Students also receive instruction in the gists. Students will gain knowledge and understanding In addition to meeting Mt. San Antonio ’s aca- tion prepares students for entry-level jobs including business side of the industry and can further customize of the diagnostic uses of x-ray, as well as the technical demic standards for admission, applicants must be in production, promotion, copywriting and management. their program by selecting from a variety of courses. skills to use x-ray equipment in both laboratory and good standing and satisfy the following requirements: Students also receive instruction in the business side of Required Courses: clinical settings. The courses are developed to enable a) File a college application and be accepted as a the industry and can further customize their program by R-TV 01 Introduction to 3.0 students to operate x-ray equipment, assist in the student at Mt. San Antonio College. selecting from a variety of courses. Practical hands-on R-TV 02 On-Air Personality Development 3.0 diagnosis of disease, and to observe proper medical b) Take the college placement examination which experience is available at the campus radio stations. R-TV 05 Radio-TV Newswriting 3.0 ethics. Students will learn the nature of radiation, the is used as an indicator. If you have already taken a college placement test exam within the past Required Courses: R-TV 07A Beginning Commercial Voice-Overs 3.0 principles of , the structure of x-ray , two years at another school, arrange to have R-TV 01 Introduction to Electronic Media 3.0 R-TV 11A Beginning Radio Production 3.0 and the operation of a clinical x-ray department. your scores forwarded to the Technology and R-TV 09 Broadcast Sales and Promotion 3.0 R-TV 15 Broadcast Law and Business Practices 3.0 To remain in the program, students must maintain Health Division Office. (If you tested at Mt. R-TV 10 Radio Programming and Producer 3.0 R-TV 17 and Podcasting 3.0 a grade of “C” or better in all courses. San Antonio College, the Technology and Health Techniques R-TV 96A Campus Radio Station Lab: Studio 1.0 Upon completion of the Associate in Sciences degree in Division Office will obtain the test scores as long R-TV 11A Beginning Radio Production 3.0 Procedures and Equipment Operations Radiologic Technology, graduates are eligible to apply for as an “Application for Admission” is on file with R-TV 11B Advanced Radio Production 3.0 R-TV 96B Campus Radio Station Lab: 1.0 the registry examination through the American Registry Disc Jockey & News Anchor/Reporter Skills of Radiologic Technologist and the Certification the Admission and Records Office.) Arrangement

Section 8 91 PROGRAMS OF STUDY LEADING TO AN ASSOCIATE DEGREE requirements to includeprogram prerequisites Complete h) all AS degree General Education and national licensure. Number isrequired to obtain state certification licensed profession, andavalid Security Social Possess Card. g) avalid Security Social This isa provide copy ofdiplomaasproof of high school completion. High schoolgraduate orequivalent. Please f) into the program. Applicant mustbe18years ofageupon entrance e) program beginseachsummerintersession. Technology Office. andHealthDivision A Allapplications are dated upon receipt inthe ext. (909)274-7500 Office 4750. HealthDivision Technology Program to the Technology and Submit anapplication fortheRadiologic d) andtheotherto Admission and Records. sent to Technology Office andHealthDivision Antonio College transcript courses). mustbe One completed (highschool, andotherthanMt. San Forward two official transcripts ofall coursework c) Walnut 91789-1299 CA Grand Avenue 1100North Radiologic Technology Program Technology andHealthDivision Mt. Antonio San College beaddressed Office theDivision asfollows: request transcripts. Requestthetranscript for Antonio San College, to itisnotnecessary were taken and/orthedegree obtainedat Mt. otherto Admission andRecords. Ifthecourses Technology andthe Office andHealthDivision official One transcriptmust besent to college transcript showing thedegree issued. student to obtain two official copiesofthe required, however, fora itwillbenecessary degree, theEnglishplacement test is not ext. 4265.For students whopossessacollege Friday. You may themat contact (909)274-7500 Assessment Center isopenMonday through placement examination ifrequired. The adate Schedule andtimeto take thecollege Center shouldbemadewiththeService to Programs ofStudyLeadingtoanAssociateDegree 92 2015-16 Mt. San Antonio2015-16 Mt. College San Catalog a) All students entering theRadiologic a) Program CompletionRequirements: than onemonth priorto beginningof aprogram. notify theapplicant oftheacceptance by mailno less application. to willmake effort The every Department of theabove admissionrequirements anddate of ofstudents isbaseduponthecompletion Selection Procedure: isrequiredSelection to complete thisprocess.) number education phase(avalid Security Social background checkpriorto entering the clinical All students willberequired to passacriminal c) willbeprovided at timeoforientation. into theclinicalsetting. Forms andinformation radiologic technology students before entrance ofthephysical examination part forall immunization anddrugtesting isrequired as A physical examination, b) includingcertain once you have beenaccepted. contacted withdate andtimeoforientation duringthespringsemester. You willbe Radiologic Technology willbeheld Department orientationA mandatory meetingwiththe a) 4.MEDI90Medical Terminology Acceptance Requirements: 3.PHYS 1Physics ANAT 36HumanPhysiology 2.ANAT HumanPhysiology or 10BIntroductory ANAT 35HumanAnatomy 1.ANAT HumanAnatomy 10AIntroductory or to seekapproval. department Chairoftheappropriate theDepartment transcripts/course outlinesmustbereviewed by course orhigherto thecourses listed below and institutions. Course mustbeanequivalent seekvariances forcourses completed at other before admissionto theprogram. Students may Students mustcomplete prerequisite courses withaminimumgrade of “C” ineachcourse. Complete thefollowing prerequisite courses i) education requirements for graduation. withaneducational advisorto review general Students are required to make anappointment listed below (i)before admissionto theprogram. permitthestudent to applyfortheregistry Technology willbegiven. This will certificate documenting completion inRadiologic theAssociate degree before acertificate education requirements to complete necessary majorcourse requirements andthegeneral Technology Program MUSTcomplete allthe b) Lift armsabove b) thehead to move thex-ray tube wheelchair orgurneyto an x-ray table orto a patient bed. Transport, a) move, lift, ortransfer patients from a to capacity, beable to: functions lectual andsensory strength, motor coordination, manualdexterity, intel- the radiologic technology student musthave sufficient In order to ensure student andpatient andwelfare, safety Abilities: andPhysical Required Skills &YQPTFEUPQSPEVDUTDPOUBJOJOHMBUFY t 3FRVJSFTEFDJTJPOTBDUJPOTDSJUJDBMUPQBUJFOUTBGFUZ t 4VCKFDUUPNBOZJOUFSSVQUJPOT t )BOEMFFNFSHFODZPSDSJTJTTJUVBUJPOT t of circumstances widevariety psychological andphysical disabilities, andundera culture, ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, $POUBDUXJUIQBUJFOUTIBWJOHEJòFSFOUSFMJHJPVT  t 4VCKFDUUPCVSOTBOEDVUT t 4VCKFDUUPIB[BSETPGøBNNBCMF FYQMPTJWFHBTFT t &YQPTFEUPPEPSPVTDIFNJDBMTBOETQFDJNFOT t &YQPTFEUPIB[BSEPVTBHFOU CPEZøVJETBOEXBTUFT t 3FHVMBSMZFYQPTFEUPUIFSJTLPGCMPPECPSOFEJTFBTFT t disease, withoutpriornotification .BZCFFYQPTFEUPJOGFDUJPVTBOEDPOUBHJPVT t licensed radiographers. This course isoptional. Working Environment: thefinalsemester forgraduate students and A course inmammography isalsooffered in c) from thedepartment. butmay betaken elsewhere withpriorapproval course isoffered through Continuing Education acourse invenipuncture forradiographers. This general education, students mustalsocomplete In additionto themajorrequirements b) and Radiologic Certification of Technology. Radiologic Technologist andtheCalifornia of exam through theAmericanRegistry

patient andto complete safety classes successfully. must beable to write speak, andread Englishto ensure sion into theRadiologic Technology Program, students inEnglish isnotacriterionAlthough proficiency foradmis- established technical qualities. Skills: English Language proper exposure (and/or “s” number),andother patient positioning, accurate procedural sequencing, radiograph for thepurposeofidentifying proper View andevaluate therecorded imagesofa k) procedure withspeedandaccuracy. patient’s condition andrequirements ofthe according factors to theindividualneedsof Calculate proper technical andselect exposure j) entering theprogram. averbal communication assessment priorto second language may berequired to complete andfaculty. Students forwhichEnglish isa communicate withphysicians, technical staff, procedural direct information to patients, andto SpeakEnglishclearlyenoughto explain and i) individualsremote from thelocation ofthestudent. to respond to orcallsforhelpfrom directions Hear well enough(average 30decibelsforboth h) ears) patient care situations. related to technical andprocedural standards of Function adequately g) understressful situations until aphysician arrives. care firstaidandemergency intheabsence ofor duringradiographic procedures, providing basic to thepatient physical andemotionalsupport ofpatients, healthandsafety providing respondRapidly to situations involving the f) procedures andstandards ofspeedandaccuracy. fortheexamination according to established Physically place patients intheproper positions e) exhibiting aggressive behaviors. causedby patients himselforherselffrom injury Maneuver d) well enoughto physically protect radiographic whileconducting examinations. procedures andstandards ofspeedandaccuracy fluoroscopic equipment according to established Move, adjust, and andmanipulate portable c) assembly.