The Greek legends appear in many different mythological works, and not all the authors agree about which gave birth to whom when. The major accounts include 's , ' Bound, 's , and, of course, , , and . and the Elder That Existed Before The Olympic Nox (Night) and (Darkness) gave birth to a variety of beings that beautify Out of the spinning the night or that torment before began three forces . The Three were or beings emerged. One was so powerful that not even Erebus, or darkness. The next Key: the gods could avert their was Gaea, the -. decisions. wove the Primal The third was , or irrational : Primordial Forces of Night cloth of life, then desire. In some , Eros measured its length, and Chaos is equated with , and Green: Primordial Forces of cut the thread of life he is instead considered the son when it was time for mortals to of . Red: die. Collectively, they are called the Moira or the . Blue: Titans An alternative genealogy has them born from a union of Gold: Gods with . : Lesser Deities

Nox Erebus Gaea Eros

Ether (heavenly light) When overthrew and murdered his father, (daylight) , he feared that his Doom As the ages passed, the feminine force own children would treat Mortis () Gaea (Earth) either split in half or gave birth to him in the way. To Morpheus () Uranus, the sky. The Earth and the Sky prevent his children from Dreams became lovers, and they spawned a series ever doing so, he ordered (Vengeance) of children. In some versions, , the his wife to swallow Uranus Gaea Pontus primeval , is another lover of Gaea. Between her children whole as soon The Three Fates: the three of them, Earth, Sky, and Sea manage as they were born. She Clotho to give birth to both marvels and monstrosities. smuggled one son, Zeus, Lachesis to safety. He later grew up Atropos and overthrew Chronos, at The Three Furies: which point Rhea vomited up the other godlings she had swallowed. (m. )

The three (singular ), one-eyed monsters, were among Gaea's first children. Their names, Brontes ("thunderer"), Steropes ("flasher"), and ("brightener"), show that they were 3 Cyclopes 3 associated with storms. They later aided Zeus by helping forge bolts for Zeus to use as javelins against the titans. They are not Like the cyclopes, the hecatoncheires were abused by related to the cyclopes that plague in The . the titans because of their ugliness. They were monstrous Those cyclopes descend from Poiseidon's line. each possessing one hundred arms and limbs. Argus, however, was a giant with one hundred eyes. These monsters willing served Zeus in exchange for their freedom from imprisonment in . Sirens The sirens and Scylla were some of the monsters Odysseus faced on his voyage to and Doris (m. . The Gorgons river gods Latona Thea were -headed Nereus) creatures so ugly their () appearance petrified men. killed one of the Gorgons, Nereides , and used her head as a weapon to petrify his enemies.

Chronos Rhea () Themis or Sea foam

Atlas (m. ?) Prometheus Typhoeus

Unlike most of the titans, who fought against the Greek gods and were Aphrodite punished by the victorious deities, wise Prometheus (forethought) saw the First Olympian Gods: eventual outcome, and he talked his dumb brother Epimetheus (hindsight) into joining the winning . missed the boat, however, and the Zeus, , Poiseidon deities punished him by leaving him the task of holding up the sky for all . He did have time to sire a half- daughter, Maia, who would , , , later give birth to after being seduced by Zeus. For a time, Prometheus was a favorite of the gods. But later, he took pity on cold, Hephaestus, and . Hermes shivering mortals and stole from the gods to give to them. Zeus was so angry with Prometheus for breaking up the divine monopoly on fire that he (Their genealogy continues ordered him chained to a mountain where of prey tear out and eat on the next sheet.) Prometheus' for all eternity. The divine , being an immortal, cannot die, and his liver regenerates each night to be eaten anew.

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