Name: ______Naming the Elements

Directions: Elements are named after people, places, and things. 1. Use each element once to match the element name to the proper “people, places, or things.” 2. Using the periodic table, find the elemental’s and write it in the space after each “people, places, or things” sentence.

People, Places, or Things

1. ______Named for Dubna, a city in Russia where many new elements were created. _____ 2. ______Named for Berkeley, a city in California where many new elements were created. _____ 3. ______Named after the state of California. _____ 4. ______Named for 's home country of Poland. _____ 5. ______Named after the country of Germany. _____ 6. ______Named after 's home country of France. _____ 7. ______Named after the planet Uranus. _____ 8. ______Named after Neptune. _____ 9. ______Named after the planet Pluto. _____ 10. ______Named after the continent of Europe. _____ 11. ______Named after , who discovered the nucleus. _____ 12. ______Named after Glen Seaborg, an American who created many new elements. _____ 13. ______Named after the Danish scientist Neils Bohr. _____ 14. ______Named after , who discovered fission with her nephew, Otto Frisch. _____ 15. ______Named after Marie and Pierre Curie, who discovered radiation. _____ 16. ______Named after the physicist . _____ 17. ______Named after , who created the first controlled nuclear reaction. _____ 18. ______Named after Alfred Nobel, who developed . _____ 19. ______Named after the inventor of the cyclotron, . _____ 20. ______Named after America. _____ 21. ______Named after Dimitry Mendeleyev, who created the first periodic chart. _____

Element Names

Americium Dubnium Neptunium Curium Francium Rutherfordium Fermium Mendelevium Californium Meitnerium Polonium Europium Plutonium Bohrium Lawrencium Uranium Einsteinium Nobelium Berkelium Germanium Seaborgium