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FEBRUARY 2020 | « Joby Aviation’s S4 eVTOL took a leap forward in the race to launch commercial service with a January 15 announcement of $590 million in new investment from a group led by Japanese car maker Toyota. Joby says it will have the piloted S4 flying as part of the Uber Air air taxi network in early adopter cities before the end of 2023, but it will surely take far longer to get clearance for autonomous eVTOL operations. (Full story on page 8)

People HAI’s new president takes the reins page 14 Safety 2019 was a bad year for Part 91 page 12 Part 135 FAA has stern words for BlackBird page 22 Remote ID NPRM maps out UAS airspace integration plans by Charles Alcock

Stakeholders have until March 2 to com- in planned urban air mobility applications. Read Our SPECIAL REPORT ment on proposed rules intended to provide The final rule resulting from NPRM FAA- a framework for integrating unmanned air- 2019-100 is expected to require remote craft systems (UAS) into the U.S. National identification for the majority of UAS, with Airspace System. On New Year’s Eve, the exceptions to be made for some amateur-­ EFB Hardware Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pub- built UAS, aircraft operated by the U.S. gov- When it comes to electronic flight lished its long-awaited notice of proposed ernment, and UAS weighing less than 0.55 bags, (EFBs), most attention focuses on rulemaking (NPRM) for remote identifica- pounds. The core requirement is that UAS software. But the tablets pilots hold in tion of UAS. The proposals have important can provide “certain identification and loca- their hands are also of special note. We implications not only for how rapidly prolif- tion information that people on the ground look at some of the top tablets and how erating drone flights can be safely accommo- and other airspace users can receive.” well they play with the leading apps. dated but also how autonomously-operated, Essentially, the FAA is proposing passenger-carrying­ electric vertical takeoff three compliance methods: standard page 20 and landing (eVTOL) aircraft might function continues on page 30 CERTIFIED OUTPERFORMANCE. LEAD THE WAY NOW.

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Unprecedented performance. Industry-leading technology. Exceptional comfort.

Now certified. The Praetor 500 and the Praetor 600 are the world’s most disruptive and technologically advanced midsize and super-midsize business jets.

Both have record-breaking, best-in-class range. Enviable performance in challenging airports. Full fly-by-wire with turbulence reduction capabilities. Unparalleled comfort in a six-foot-tall, flat-floor cabin. Ka-band home-like connectivity.

Power the future. Take command. Lead the way – now.

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4 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ WINNING COMBINATION FOR YOUR BOTTOM LINE.

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Client: Textron Aviation Ad Title: CJ3+ Winning Combination Bottom Line Publication: AIN Trim: 10.8125” x 13.875” Bleed: 11.3125” x 14.375” Live: 9.8125” x 12.875” As We Go To Press MIT researchers explore BOMBARDIER BIZJET DELIVERIES annual conference and trade show called UP, BUT SHORT OF TARGET European Rotors. The first event will nanotubes for composites With four deliveries of its Global 7500 be held from November 10 to 12, 2020 slipping into the first quarter, Bombardier in Cologne, Germany. This new show is by Jerry Siebenmark handed over 11 of the new flagship intended to include all vertical takeoff models last year, shy of the anticipated and landing (VTOL) aircraft, including Engineers at the Massachusetts Insti- and rolls of material that can be incorpo- 15 to 20, according to preliminary both conventional and tute of Technology (MIT) have devel- rated in the process,” Wardle added. results released on January 16. In all, the new-generation electric VTOL (eVTOL) oped a method to use carbon nanotubes There are many advantages to making company delivered 142 business jets and aircraft being developed for so-called to produce aerospace-grade compos- from composites rather than 33 commercial aircraft last year. While urban air mobility applications. The ites without an autoclave, researchers aluminum, including savings of up the 175 deliveries were in line with the conference program will include EASA’s announced in a paper published last to 50 percent. Composites are also more 175 to 180 estimated in revised guidance annual Rotorcraft Symposium, which has month in the journal Advanced Materi- flexible and handle turbulence better than at the end of the second quarter, the been held at its headquarters in Cologne. als Interfaces. “If you’re making a pri- aluminum. Single-piece structural assem- 142 business jet deliveries were short EHA said it has the support of all leading mary structure like a or , blies are stronger, have better impact of the 150 to 155 estimated at that time. manufacturers, including you need to build a vessel, or resistance, and are easier to assemble. However, the deliveries overall made a Airbus, Bell, Leonardo, and Kopter. autoclave, the size of a two- or three- The greater strength also enables more jump over the 137 Bombardier business story building, which itself requires time robust pressurization systems, signifi- jets handed over in 2018. As for financial FAA CERTIFIES 70/75 and money to pressurize,” said MIT pro- cantly reducing the cabin altitude and results, Bombardier had estimated its G5000 FLIGHT DECK UPGRADE fessor of aeronautics and astronautics greatly improving passenger comfort. The aviation division would generate about Bombardier has received FAA certification Brian Wardle. “These things are mas- higher content of a lower cabin $8 billion in 2019 but is now expected for an upgrade to the Garmin G5000 flight sive pieces of infrastructure. Now we altitude also reduces passenger fatigue. to report $7.5 billion. The company deck in the Learjet 70 and 75. According can make primary structure materials Aluminum typically have a cabin will report full results on February 13. to the Montreal-based airframer, the without autoclave pressure, so we can altitude of as high as 8,000 feet at their new features will be incorporated on get rid of all that infrastructure.” cruising altitude. The composite-fuselage FARNBOROUGH LOGS new Learjet deliveries, including the A team led by MIT post-doctoral stu- , however, main- RECORD TRAFFIC GROWTH recently announced Liberty version of dent Jeonyoo Lee created a method to tains a cabin altitude of 6,000 feet at its Business aircraft traffic grew 5.3 the Model 75 that is expected to enter make aerospace-grade composites with- cruising altitude. percent last year at London-area service by midyear. A retrofit option out requiring an oven to fuse the mate- Composite structures are also non-­ Farnborough Airport, with 32,366 for existing Learjet 70/75s will also rials together. The team wrapped layers corrosive, which enables higher humidity movements recorded in the 12-month soon be available. The G5000 avionics of material in an ultrathin film of carbon levels on board. The low moisture content period. The privately-owned airport suite reduces pilot workload, improves nanotubes that, when electrified, gener- needed to sustain aluminum structures— has achieved three consecutive years situational awareness, “and gives pilots a ated enough heat to cure and fuse them as low as 5 to 10 percent relative humid- of record traffic growth and indicated superior in-flight experience,” Garmin said. together. As a result, the team produced ity—can be very uncomfortable over time. that the trend is set to continue in composites as strong as those made in a Low humidity dries out nasal passages, 2020 with a further 3.5 percent growth LIVING LEGENDS HONOR DICHTER conventional aircraft autoclave but only reducing the protective moisture of the in movements achieved as of mid- FOR ENTREPRENEURSHIP using one percent of the energy. mucous membranes and making passen- January. In September, Macquarie Wheels Up founder and CEO Kenny Next, the team will look for ways to gers more vulnerable to germs. Also, in a Investments and Real Assets purchased Dichter was honored with the Eren scale the process for curing large sec- very dry environment, viruses are able to Farnborough Airport from the TAG Ozmen Entrepreneur of the Year Award tions of composites that would be used survive much longer, floating around in the Group .Through 2030, local government last month during the 17th Annual for primary aerostructures to generate air and increasing the chance of infection. has approved further growth of up to Living Legends of Aviation Awards in enough pressure to fill any void between If the MIT project ultimately leads 50,000 movements per year. Subject Los Angeles. He was lauded for bringing the layers of materials. They’ve success- to greater availability of composites to further approval, this limit could, in innovation, technology, and a disruptive fully done that in the lab with very small in major aircraft structural assemblies, theory, be raised in the longer term. force to private aviation. Dichter founded samples. “There are ways to make really the weight savings, alone, could signifi- membership-based Wheels Up in 2013 large blankets of this stuff, and there’s cantly improve efficiency and reduce CONSTANT NAMES NEW CEO, with a fleet of King Airs, and since then, continuous production of sheets, yarns, emissions. n ‘REFOCUSES’ BUSINESS the operator has sold more than 8,000 Cleveland, Ohio-based MRO provider memberships, expanded its fleet to nearly Constant Aviation said a “refocus” on 200 aircraft, and grown its employment the business prompted the closing of base to more than 1,000 people. its facility at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport last month. It also said former FLIGHTSAFETY TEXTRON OFFERS COO David Davies has been G5000 EXCEL/XLS TRAINING named its new CEO, replacing Stephen Pilot initial, recurrent, and differences Maiden, who left the company on training on Garmin G5000-equipped January 1. Constant said its research /XLSs is now being shows a trend of greater demand offered by FlightSafety Textron Aviation for heavy maintenance inspections Training under an exclusive arrangement. and noted that the company is “well Those courses are now available at the positioned” to handle this at its Cleveland FlightSafety Textron Aviation Training facility. Aircraft paint and refurbishment, Learning Center in Wichita, where a specialty for Constant’s facility at differences training is available using a Orlando Sanford International Airport, is Garmin G5000 training kiosk. A -D- another segment that the company has qualified Excel/XLS simulator equipped identified as a high-growth opportunity. with Garmin G5000 will be added later this year, according to FlightSafety. The EASA, EHA PARTNER ON NEW G5000 retrofit replaces the Honeywell EUROPEAN ROTORS SHOW Primus 1000 avionics and offers fully WEF draws attention to SAF The European Helicopter Association integrated ADS-B Out, as well as PBN/ The SAF Coalition took advantage of last month’s World Economic Forum to increase the (EHA) and EASA have launched a new RNP 0.3 with LPV/APV approach capability. awareness of sustainable aviation fuel. At a press event on January 20, line crew fueled a business jet with an SAF blend for the first time at Zurich Airport.

6 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ How does CAE elevate your training experience?

1. 2. 3. With centers located in By offering relevant up-to-date Through a customer service some of the world’s most OEM supported interactive team offering a friendlier, desired locations training classes more cultural experience

4. 5. 6. By working with OEMs and By using simulators equipped By providing diverse customers NAAs to deliver programs with advanced capabilities, training for challenging and specific to your needs improving training efficiency unique circumstances

Work with the team that works with you. Toyota invests big in eVTOL maker Joby News Briefs Falcon Deliveries Flat at by Jerry Siebenmark Dassault; 6X On Track Dassault Aviation delivered 40 Falcon Billing itself as a “global mobility com- Toyota’s investment and expertise Previous investors that participated business jets last year, one fewer than it did pany,” Japanese automaker Toyota Motor are expected to accelerate the develop- in Joby’s Series C fundraising include in 2018. “While we had guided for 45 Falcon Corp. last month announced a partner- ment and certification of Joby’s eVTOL. Sparx Group, Intel Capital, Capricorn deliveries in 2019, we had to face a difficult ship with and a $394 million investment “This collaboration with Toyota rep- Investment Group, JetBlue Technology market,” it said. Falcon net order intake in eVTOL developer Joby Aviation. The resents an unprecedented commitment Ventures, Toyota AI Ventures, and AME was on par with deliveries, resulting in a 1:1 investment makes Toyota the lead of money and resources for us and this Cloud Ventures. They were joined by two book-to-bill ratio. This was two fewer than investor in Joby’s $590 million Series C new industry from one of the world’s new investors: Baillie Gifford and Global the orders for 42 Falcons that the company financing. leading automakers,” Joby founder Oryx. Joby’s investment funding, including logged in 2018, it said. Overall Falcon “Air transportation has been a long- and CEO JoeBen Bevirt said. “Toyota previous rounds, now totals $720 million. backlog at the end of last year stood at term goal for Toyota, and while we is known globally for the quality and Its all-electric-powered aircraft fea- 53 units, unchanged from a year earlier. continue our work in the automobile reliability of their products driven by tures six sets of propellers—four mounted Meanwhile, the company continues to business, this agreement sets our sights meticulous attention to detail and man- on the and two aft—with a cabin make progress on the Falcon 6X program. to the sky,” Toyota president and CEO ufacturing processes.” optimized for ride-sharing operations and Final assembly of the first 6X is set for Akio Toyoda said. “As we take up the It’s not the first time Toyota has easy passenger ingress and egress. Capa- “early 2020,” with first flight expected next challenge of air transportation together been involved in aircraft manufacturing. ble of reaching a speed of 200 mph, it is year and planned entry into service in 2022. with Joby, an innovator in the emerging Between 1943 and 1945 and under con- planned to have a range of 150 miles on eVTOL space, we tap the potential to rev- tract from the Japanese army, Toyota a single charge. It also will be 100 times NTSB Returns To Full Board olutionize future transportation and life. produced 151 units of the Ha-13A-2 radial quieter than conventional aircraft during with Graham, Chapman Through this new and exciting endeavor, aircraft engine. In 1996, the FAA certified takeoff and landing, and nearly silent in The National Transportation Safety Board is we hope to deliver freedom of movement the FV2400-2TC twin-turbocharged V-8 forward flight, Joby claims. set to return to its full complement of board and enjoyment to customers everywhere, piston aircraft engine that was jointly Joby is targeting a 2023 deployment members with the recent confirmation of on land, and now, in the sky.” developed by Toyota and Hamilton Stan- of its aircraft. Last spring, the company two new members, both of whom have Under the partnership, Toyota exec- dard as a competing engine to Teledyne hired Gregory Bowles as its head of gov- had strong ties to business and general utive vice president Shigeki Tomoyama Continental and Textron Lycoming. But ernment affairs. Bowles brought to the aviation. Michael Graham, who had been will join Joby’s board of directors while the engine was never brought to mar- job a strong background in aircraft certi- director, flight operations safety, security, the carmaker will leverage its expertise in ket. And Scaled Composites and Toyota fication, having served as co-chairman of and standardization for Textron Aviation, was manufacturing, quality, and cost controls jointly built the TAA-1 all-composite the FAA Part 23 Reorganization Aviation confirmed for terms extending through 2025. for the development and production of single-engine piston airplane, which was Rulemaking Committee as well as chair- Graham formerly chaired the Air Charter Joby’s aircraft, a piloted, four-passenger later shelved after first flight of the pro- man of ASTM International’s F44 com- Safety Foundation and led the NBAA Safety eVTOL. totype in 2002. mittee for Part 23 aircraft. n Committee’s Pilot Safety Working Group. Joining him on the board is Tom Chapman, who was confirmed for a term extending through the end of 2023. Chapman most recently was minority counsel for Bombardier’s the Senate aviation subcommittee. Tamarack Progresses On Global 5500, Bankruptcy Emergence Tamarack Aerospace Group’s plan to pay back all debtors as it emerges from 6500 gain reorganization bankruptcy has been approved by the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Washington, the U.S. approval Sandpoint, Idaho developer of Atlas active winglets said early last month. With the by Kerry Lynch Chapter 11 disclosure statement approved, Tamarack said it expects to come out of Bombardier received FAA validation bankruptcy early in the second quarter. for its newest Globals, the 5500 and EASA and FAA airworthiness directives 6500, paving the way for the aircraft to last June grounded the fleet of 91 Atlas- enter the U.S. market. With the latest equipped Citation CJ1s, CJ2s, and CJ3s, nod, Bombardier has a triumvirate of leading to Tamarack’s bankruptcy protection approvals for the models, with Transport filing. The grounding orders were later lifted.

Canada certification coming in late Sep- BOMBARDIER Tamarack president Jacob Klinginsmith said tember, followed by the European Union Bombardier handed over the first Global 6500 on order with HK Bellawings as it celebrated the company has installed active winglets Agency’s nod in October. the receipt of U.S. approval for both the 6500 and its sibling, the 5500. for 10 customers since the grounding. The first 6500 entered service in late Sep- tember following Canadian approval. As new Rolls-Royce Pearl 15 engines, repro- pilots, and operators around the world.” Aussie Wallabies Feed On Bombardier celebrated the FAA approval, filed wings, upgraded interiors, and flight HK Bellawings initially announced a Copter Carrot Bombing the Montreal-based manufacturer also deck features. The result is a 5,900-nm letter of intent (LOI) for a fleet of up to The New South Wales National Parks and announced the delivery of the initial range for the 5500 and a 6,600-nm range 18 6500s and 7500s valued at well over $1 Wildlife Service is airdropping carrots 6500 on order with -based for the 6500. billion at EBACE 2018. The aircraft man- and sweet potatoes from helicopters to HK Bellawings. Michel Ouellette, Bombardier Avi- agement company later firmed up that starving wildlife affected by Australia’s The trio of approvals come a little more ation senior v-p for program manage- LOI with orders for at least four 6500s record brush fires, now estimated to have than a year and a half after Bombardier ment and engineering, said the latest and six more options. Also, HK Bellaw- killed more than 800 million wild animals. made the surprise unveiling of the aircraft approval “starts a new chapter in our ings has firmed up at least six orders for The mission was designed to feed at-risk during EBACE 2018 in Geneva. Building Global family story…the Global 5500 and the 7500. The agreements position HK colonies of endangered brush-tail rock on their Global 5000 and 6000 predeces- Global 6500 have a strong future and Bellawings to manage the largest fleets wallabies that have seen large amounts sors, the new variants are fitted with the will earn the appreciation of executives, of 6500s and 7500s in . n of their habitat destroyed by the fires.

8 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Aviation Inter News 275x342 trim_Layout 1 03/01/2020 13:31 Page 4

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AJW Group is a world-leading, independent component parts, repair and supply chain provider, transforming efficiency in commercial, business and defence aviation. News Briefs Editorial Rolls-Royce Plans ‘Smooth’ Pearl 15 Ramp-up Rolls-Royce is ready to proceed with Defending our industry: a little context production of its new Pearl 15 that powers Bombardier’s new Global 6500 and by Mark Phelps 5500 twinjets following FAA certification of the engine on December 20. This “There’s a reason why they call it a business family also includes the Pearl 700 that will jet.” power Gulfstream’s new G700. “The Pearl That’s how Bob Taylor, co-founder 15 production line has been set up and of Taylor Guitars, described how he engines will be assembled in parallel to the explained to a friend that, no, he could BR710s and BR725s in Dahlewitz, Germany,” not “go for a ride” in the company’s said Rolls-Royce spokesman Stefan Gulfstream G450. After I interviewed Wriege. FAA certification of the Pearl 15, Taylor and co-founder Kurt Listug for a designated as BR700-710D5-21, builds profile inAIN sister publication Business upon certification the engine has already Jet Traveler a few years ago, NBAA literally received from EASA and Transport Canada. made them poster examples of responsi- ble use of a business jet. Latécoère Buying BBD’s

Taylor and Listug use the company air- JEFF BERLIN PHOTOS: Mexico Wiring Systems Biz plane to maximize Taylor Guitars’ bottom Latécoère last month inked a definitive line, and that’s all. Unfortunately, though, agreement to acquire Bombardier’s they are the antithesis of what most of the electrical wiring interconnection system public sees as the typical business jet trav- business in Querétaro, Mexico, for $50 eler. They didn’t order fancy linens for the Taylor Guitars’ Kurt Listug, above, along million. The deal is expected to close cabin; they don’t use the airplane to try with co-founder Bob Taylor, make up NBAA’s in the first half, following customary to impress friends or even clients; and if dynamic duo of business aviation end users. approvals. Under a separate long-term they ever fly for personal travel (which is agreement, Latécoère will supply electrical practically never), they adhere staunchly demonstrable that the flexibility and wiring systems for all Bombardier to the financial rules outlined by the 2002 efficiency of business flying enables the Aviation platforms—including Globals, Sarbanes-Oxley­ Act, written to crack company to prosper, much as a personal Challengers, and —from the down on corporate fraud, including illegal automobile is more efficient than public existing Querétaro facility. The sale will personal use of company aircraft. transportation. not affect the remainder of Bombardier’s To Taylor and Listug, asking to “go There have been exceptions where operations at its Querétaro site, for a ride” in the Gulfstream is as illog- steely-nerved business aviation users which will continue to produce major ical as asking if you could stop by the have spoken out; notably in the 1980s structures for Bombardier aircraft. guitar factory and play around with the when then-Chrysler president Lee milling lathes. Iacocca, faced with cutting costs to the by making the appropriate contribution FAA Opens Fire Research I really wish they could be around bone, publicly singled out the company to Carbon Footprint.” Facility in Atlantic City to explain how business aviation really jet as an untouchable resource, vital to There is a real climate crisis, and objec- The FAA completed construction and works when 99 percent of the public completing the recovery. (To appreci- tions to gratuitous flying are not without opened a new environmentally friendly reads stories about how private flying is ate how dire Chrysler’s straits were, one merit. But it’s important to grasp the con- indoor fire research center at its Atlantic nothing more than a perk for the ultra- running joke at the time was: “The good text, and to be able to explain it when the City, New Jersey facilities to conduct elite class. Even The Economist, which I news: Frank Sinatra has agreed to appear optics of irresponsible jetsetters blow the performance tests of a potential usually rely on for unbiased reporting, in Chrysler ads for a full year for the token picture out of proportion. Here are some replacement for fire extinguishing has published articles decrying business fee of one dollar. The bad news: Chrysler facts that can help you to speak up when foam used at airports. Construction of the flying as a perk enabling elite billionaires is unable to raise the dollar.”) business aviation comes under attack: new facility started in November 2018 and to “save a little time.” In another case, billionaire “Oracle of According to the Air Transport Action testing began this month. The $5 million, The current trend toward near-­ Omaha” Warren Buffett, known for his Group (ATAG), air travel of all kinds 2,500-sq-ft building will “contain and collect universal “flight-shaming” has been in no-frills lifestyle, famously spoke out in contributes a mere 2 percent of all fossil the byproducts of fire testing chemicals place for decades when it comes to flying support of the effective business case for fuel-related carbon emissions, compared and prevent any contamination of the on privately-operated jets. But I believe corporate jets, changing the name of his with 74 percent for surface travel. Business surrounding area and groundwater, allowing that if the average person understood the Bombardier Challenger from “The Inde- and personal aviation generate only 10 per- for more frequent and efficient testing.” way business aviation really works, they fensible” to “The Indispensable.” cent of aviation emissions, or 0.2 percent wouldn’t be so quick to condemn. It’s all More recently, when Elton John pro- of the 36 gigatons of CO2 generated annu- Collins Providing about the optics, and we, as an industry, vided a jet to fly England’s Prince Harry ally by the burning of all fossil fuels. HUD VR Trainer for FAA have not done a good job of keeping that and his family to visit the singer at his Further, every new generation of The U.S. FAA selected Collins Aerospace’s lens in focus. home in Nice, France, the uproar was jet engines has reduced fuel burn by head-up display (HUD) virtual- Whenever a bizav-related dust-up louder than the crowd at one of his con- double-­digit percentages. ATAG notes reality (VR) training device for use in makes the news, as with the infamous certs. But the Rocket Man didn’t shrink that today’s emissions are 80 percent research on pilot-HUD interface, pilot case of Detroit’s big three automakers fly- from his actions, tweeting: “Prince Har- less than the first passenger jets from performance, and crew workload. Its ing their corporate jets to Washington to ry’s mother, Diana Princess of Wales was the 1960s. The motivation for this is not HUD VR device incorporates the Collins discuss a government bailout, most other one of my dearest friends. I feel a pro- all altruism. Business aviation wants to Head-up Guidance System (HGS) and end-users go completely dark on the found sense of obligation to protect Harry burn less fuel because it makes flying enhanced vision system (EVS) to provide topic until well after the story fades into and his family from the unnecessary press more affordable. an “out-of-the-window” view. “The the next news cycle. That strategy may be intrusion that contributed to Diana’s Putting this in analogous “budget” HUD VR system provides increased effective in the short term, but over time, untimely death. To maintain a high level terms; if our annual carbon “spending” access to training, helping pilots get as each such episode adds another, thicker of much-needed protection, we provided were translated to $1,000, we would be much time as they need using a HUD layer to the distorted image of elitism. them with a private jet flight.” allocating $740 for surface travel and $20 on approaches and landing in difficult Rarely does anyone peek over the rim Sir Elton added: “To support Prince for aviation; and $2 of that $20 would be conditions,” said Nick Gibbs, v-p and of the foxhole to defend their use of Harry’s commitment to the environment, going to private flying, including business general manager of simulation and business aircraft, even when it is clearly we ensured their flight was carbon neutral, and personal flying. Remember that. n training solutions for Collins Aerospace.

10 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ FAA-APPROVED DELIVERINGNow


For more information, contact Dave Brown at 913-440-1714 or [email protected]. © 2019 Garmin Ltd. or its subsidiaries.

19-MCJT26193 Citation Excel_XLS G5000 Upgrade Ad-10.8125x13.875-AIN.indd 1 10/10/19 3:24 PM pilot was killed just two days later when News Briefs Part 91 fatalities lead to their Citation 560 overshot its planned destination and crashed into the sea. On Embraer Kicks Off Flexjet April 12, three were killed in the crash of a Order with Praetor 500 record high for bizav in 2019 Rockwell Sabreliner, and two perished in Flexjet took delivery of an Embraer Praetor a March 18 landing accident of an Israel 500 business jet in late December, marking by Gordon Gilbert Aircraft Industries Westwind 1124. the first delivery from the fractional operator’s $1.4 billion order for a mix of An unusually large number of fatalities The number of business jet fatalities 53 Killed in 11 Turboprop Crashes Praetor 500/600s and Phenom 300Es from accidents involving Part 91 business last year included the reported 14 pas- Historically, fatalities from Part 91 tur- announced at NBAA-BACE 2019. Compared turboprops and jets thrust the number of sengers and two crew who perished on boprop accidents exceed those from with the Legacy 450, the Praetor 500 has people who lost their lives in U.S.-registered May 5, 2019, when their N-numbered business jets, and last year was no excep- larger cabin seats, better fuel efficiency, turbine business airplanes in 2019 to their Challenger 601-3A crashed in Mexico on tion. In 2019, 52 people died in 10 Part 91 and longer range. In addition to purchasing highest level in recent history. According a flight from . Questions remain U.S.-registered turboprop accidents and new Praetor 500s, Flexjet also will convert to preliminary data gathered by AIN, the as to whether this flight was possibly an one death resulted from a sole Part 135 its Legacy 450 fleet into Praetor 500s 77 people who died in 16 accidents in 2019 illegal charter and exactly how many per- mishap. The Part 135 accident last year under an FAA-approved modification. exceeded the previous high of 76 in 2006. sons were on board. At press time, Mexi- was the May 13 midair collision between In the second half of last year, there were co’s accident investigation authority has two tour aircraft that claimed the life of Gulfstream Reaches no fatal accidents of U.S.-registered busi- not released an update. Until more offi- one person in a de Havilland Turbine New G550 Milestone ness jets, however, the 24 fatalities from cial information is known, the accident is Otter and (not shown in the charts) all Gulfstream Aerospace recently handed accidents in the first half of 2019 was the being reclassified under Part 91. five people in a piston-powered de Havil- over its 600th G550 since the large-cabin, highest number since the previous record Another four accidents involving busi- land Beaver. In 2018, six turboprop acci- ultra-long-range twinjet entered service in level of 30 deaths in 2014 (all occurring ness jets flying under Part 91 accounted dents (all under Part 91) were fatal to 16. 2003. “The G550 has solidified its place as under Part 91 in both years). There were for the 10 remaining business jet fatalities Here were the 10 Part 91 turboprop one of the most dependable business jets no fatal charter jet accidents by U.S. or last year. Two died in the May 22 crash of fatal accidents last year with the num- available,” said Gulfstream president Mark non-U.S. registered business jets in 2019. a Cessna Citation SII and a sole-occupant ber of fatalities shown in parentheses: Burns. More than 20 percent of Gulfstream January 21, Turbine DC-3 (2); January 29, aircraft in service are 550s, “proving its Beechcraft King Air 200 (3); February 28, reputation as an established and versatile AIN tables show “incidents” as well as “accidents” to distinguish mishaps based on their Piper JetProp DLX (2); June 7, Piper Jet- aircraft for business aviation.” Powered degree of severity. Investigators often draw fine distinctions between the two events, but, Prop DLX (4); June 10, Cessna Conquest by a pair of Rolls-Royce BR710 engines, typically, incidents result in minor or no damage and their investigations are sometimes (1); June 21, Beechcraft King Air 90 (11); the G550 can fly 6,750 nm at Mach 0.80. delegated to local officials. June 30, Beechcraft King Air 350 (10); It has also seen extensive use outside Accidents are events that range from minor damage to destruction and/or injuries. Also, October 3, Daher TBM 700 (5); Novem- of luxury passenger transport, including some incidents ultimately get upgraded to accident status during the investigative process. ber 30, Pilatus PC-12 (9); and December aeromedical evacuation, head-of-state 28, Piper Cheyenne (5). transport, atmospheric research, maritime The NTSB classified four of the patrol, and airborne early warning. Accidents/Incidents Worldwide accidents as personal flights, two as business flights, and one flight each as FAA’s Privacy Program (2019 vs. 2018) positioning, ambulance, skydiving, and for Aircraft Goes Live U.S.-registered Business Jets and Turboprops corporate/executive. The FAA’s Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) Total Part 91 Part 91K Part 135 Public/Gov’t Mfr. In 2019, two private non-U.S. registered program went live in late December, Business jets 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 business jets suffered fatal accidents in providing operators the means to shield Total accidents 16 14 14 11 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 which four persons died. In 2018, three their movements from publicly available Nonfatal accidents 11 10 9 7 2 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 private jet accidents resulted in 16 deaths. flight tracking. Separate from the Limiting Fatal accidents 5 4 5 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Chartered jets recorded no fatal crashes. Aircraft Data Displayed (LADD) program Fatalities 24 10 24 10 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Nonfatal accidents doubled year over year that was formerly known as the Block Incidents 66 76 49 54 2 1 15 20 0 0 0 1 from six to 12. Meanwhile, seven acci- Aircraft Registration Request, PIA is dents in 2019 involving non-N-numbered designed to address privacy concerns with Business Total Part 91 Part 91K Part 135 Public/Gov’t Mfr. turboprops were fatal to 30, compared to the traceability that comes with mode-S, turboprops 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 19 killed in five accidents in 2018. n key equipment used for ADS-B. Mode-S Total accidents 23 16 22 13 0 0 1 2 0 1 0 0 transponders right now emit the aircraft’s Nonfatal accidents 12 10 12 7 0 0 0 2 0 1 0 0 ICAO code enabling people to track aircraft. Fatal accidents 11 6 10 6 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 NEWS note For now, the FAA is administering the PIA Fatalities 53 16 52 16 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 SmartSky Networks has received an program, assigning an alternate ICAO Incidents 50 48 44 38 0 0 5 10 0 0 1 0 additional $25 million from funds man- address that is decoupled from the aircraft All data preliminary. Sources: FAA, NTSB, Aviation Safety Network, AIN research aged by the Global Credit Opportunities registration number at operator request. team at BlackRock after completing a Non-U.S.-registered Business Jets and Turboprops network deployment milestone. Global Piaggio Wins Order for Total Private Charter Other* Unknown Credit Opportunities previously commit- Nine Avanti Evos, Retrofits Business jets 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 ted to a $75 million credit facility, with Piaggio Aerospace has won a nearly $221 Total accidents 14 9 8 6 3 1 2 1 1 1 $50 million drawn initially and the final million (€200 million) contract from the Nonfatal accidents 12 6 6 3 3 1 2 1 1 1 $25 million contingent on “substantial Italian Ministry of Defense for nine Avanti Fatal accidents 2 3 2 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 progress on the nationwide network Evos and the retrofit of more than 19 Fatalities 4 16 4 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 rollout,” which SmartSky said it achieved aircraft. Under the aircraft order, Piaggio Incidents 16 10 7 6 5 2 0 0 4 2 in November. will deliver five of the twin turboprops in SmartSky is now predicting commercial a passenger and ambulance configuration Total Private Charter Other* Unknown and four for control of the country’s Business turboprops launch of its network over the continental 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 2019 2018 U.S. in the second quarter, a six-month navigation and radio systems including Total accidents 22 28 5 9 8 9 6 6 3 4 slip from the company’s most recent radar, ILS, and VOR. It also will retrofit Nonfatal accidents 15 23 3 7 4 8 5 4 3 4 previous estimate. When announced in the first Avanti used by the Italian Armed Fatal accidents 7 5 2 2 4 1 1 2 0 0 October 2014, the network was expected . The same agreement also calls Fatalities 30 19 10 2 11 5 9 12 0 0 to be available for both business aviation for the defense ministry to finalize a Incidents 10 13 5 3 2 5 2 4 1 1 and use in 2016. T commitment to retrofit 18 Avantis used by *For example: ambulance, survey, ferry, training, testing, manufacturer, government (non-military), and head of state. the Carabinieri, army, navy, and air force.

12 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \

Conveniently located approximately two miles from Texas A&M University’s Kyle Stadium, Astin Aviation recently completed construction on a 30,000 square-foot heated hangar and stunning 8,000 square-foot terminal. A modern aesthetic and convenient amenities are all the more complimented by this FBO’s hospitable and proficient staff, which specializes in game-day operations and sports charter ground handling. Schedule your arrival at • 7,000’ • Lavatory Service • Rampside Vehicle Access • Complimentary Wi-Fi • GPU/Power Cart • Crew & Rental Cars • Hangar Space up to a Falcon 2000 • Linen Service • Secure Parking • Catering Service • Game-Day Shuttles • Dishwashing Service

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Powering your flight with more than just fuel. Learn more at Uber said Hyundai will be able to pro- News Briefs duce aircraft on a far greater and more cost-effective scale than its other part- Part 135 Survey To Help Orgs ners. These include experienced aero- in Flight, Duty Rewrite space companies such as Boeing (through Business aviation organizations, including its Aurora Flight Sciences subsidiary), NBAA and NATA, have just completed Embraer, Bell, and Pipistrel Aircraft, as surveying Part 135 organizations to get a well as three startups: Karem Aircraft, more complete picture of the evolving Joby Aviation, and Jaunt Air Mobility. community as work gets underway for “Hyundai is our first vehicle partner with a potential rewrite of pilot rest and experience of manufacturing passenger duty requirements. At the behest of cars on a global scale,” said Uber Elevate Congress, the FAA last summer formally Hyundai Motor Company is developing its S-A1 eVTOL aircraft for the Uber Air rideshare air-taxi program. head Eric Allison. “We believe Hyundai established a Part 135 Pilot Rest and Duty has the potential to build Uber Air vehi- Rules Aviation Rulemaking Committee cles at rates unseen in the current aero- (ARC) to review current regulations space industry, producing high-quality, and make recommendations on any Hyundai and Uber announce reliable aircraft at high volumes to drive necessary changes. Congress stipulated down passenger costs per trip. Combin- that the ARC comprises representatives ing Hyundai’s manufacturing muscle with of industry, labor (both from Part 135 eVTOL air-taxi partnership Uber’s technology platform represents a and 91K), and safety experts, along giant leap forward for launching a vibrant with FAA officials. The ARC kicked off in by Charles Alcock air-taxi network in the coming years.” September and has already held its first Jaiwon Shin, executive v-p and head of couple of meetings. Recommendations Hyundai Motor Company and Uber are altitude of between 1,000 and 2,000 feet. Hyundai’s urban air mobility division, said from the ARC are due within 16 months working together to develop a new elec- Hyundai has yet to announce a time- its aircraft will “transform the concept of of the first meeting, but the charter tric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) line for certifying the new aircraft and it urban transportation.” However, Hyundai of the group is to last 24 months. aircraft to be used for rideshare air-taxi is unclear when it expects to fly a full- has not outlined how many engineers it service. The announcement was made scale prototype. Uber has said it wants to has working on the new program and what Frequentis Powers South on the eve of this year’s Consumer Elec- start flight demonstrations this year with experience they have in developing aircraft. America’s First Remote Tower tronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last aircraft produced by its partners and be At CES, Hyundai also unveiled its The first remote ATC tower in South month, making the South Korean auto- ready to start commercial air-taxi service Purpose Built Vehicle (PBV), an “eco- America, provided by Frequentis, was motive group the eighth prospective in 2023. friendly” ground-based mobility solution, recently inaugurated at the Santa Cruz eVTOL aircraft manufacturer selected The eVTOL, which features four sets of and the Hub, which it said will be used for military air base in Rio de Janeiro. The by Uber to support its planned Uber Air rotors for vertical lift and four propellers transfers between the PBV and the new setup includes 16 high-resolution rideshare service. for cruise flight, will seat four passengers. Hyundai eVTOL. n cameras located around the air base that At CES, Hyundai displayed a scale It will initially have a pilot on board, but the are linked to a wall of high-definition model of a “personal air vehicle” desig- plan is for the S-A1 eventually to be flown This story comes from monitors, providing controllers with a nated the S-A1. The all- autonomously. According to Hyundai, the a resource developed by AIN to provide panoramic view and the ability to zoom objective, independent coverage of new is projected to offer a range of 60 miles, aircraft’s batteries will need between five aviation technology, including electric the cameras up to 24 times. Frequentis’s speeds of up to 180 mph, and a cruising and seven minutes to recharge. aircraft developments. technology includes automated object detection and camera tracking based on image recognition. The experience gained will be used to develop standards for broader implementation. HAI names senior FAA safety exec Viola as CEO FAA Issues New Policy The Helicopter Association International summer, when Zuccaro announced his Guidelines on Charters (HAI) has selected James Viola to succeed plans to retire from the association he has “Illegal air charter operations pose a Matthew Zuccaro as president and CEO, led since November 2005. “When Matt James Viola serious safety to the traveling bringing on board a long-time government announced his retirement, the board knew will succeed public, and the FAA works aggressively to and military professional with deep aviation that replacing him would be no easy task. Matthew identify and shut down rogue operators,” safety and helicopter experience. We had to find a dynamic, innovative CEO Zuccaro as proclaimed the agency in one of several Viola joined HAI on January 16 after who has both vision and passion,” said HAI president new guidance documents intended spending more than a decade with the FAA, board chair Jan Becker. “We sought some- and CEO of for charter operators, brokers, and most recently as director of General Aviation one able to take up the challenge of leading HAI. passengers. Essentially, the agency’s Safety Assurance. In that role, he oversaw 78 HAI forward to meet the needs of a globally main point states “that pilots who are Flight Standards District Offices and 2,500 changing industry. With Jim, we found that paid to fly passengers generally can’t just employees across the U.S., responsible for leader, as well as one who understands and Zuccaro called Viola the ideal person to hold the required commercial or airline safety oversight activities involving the gen- supports HAI’s safety values.” lead the association. “You’ve got a Chinook transport pilot certificate, they also must eral aviation community. He helped launch Viola shares HAI’s vision for member driver who understands the safety and reg- be employed by the company operating the U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) as service initiatives, including a further inter- ulatory issues facing our industry, as well the flight, which must hold a certificate the initial government co-chair. national outreach, and reflects the changes as the capacity to effect change where and issued under FAR Part 119 [certification of A former U.S. Army special operations MH-6 occurring through vertical-lift aviation such when it is needed. I am proud to leave this commercial operators]. Or the pilots must and MH-47 helicopter pilot, Viola also gained as increasing use of unmanned aircraft sys- organization in Jim’s hands.” themselves hold a Part 119 certificate.” experience managing large operations during tems, the association said. An airline transport pilot with ratings for his military service. His final assignment “I am grateful to the board of directors for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, Viola has Charter Operator GrandView was division chief, Army Aviation for Current selecting me to take up Matt’s role in pro- accumulated more than 6,000 flight hours, Opening New Base Operations, steering the aviation unit station, moting the international vertical lift industry,” 1,100 with night-vision goggles. He holds three GrandView Aviation has opened a new including the prioritization and optimization of Viola said. “Matt’s unwavering advocacy for master’s degrees and is a member of the Army base at Chicago Executive Airport. 4,200 army aircraft, 100 manned units, and the safe flight of all kinds made him a pleasure Aviation Association of America, the Military The new base is the Maryland-based combat rotation plan to Iraq and . to work with while I was with the FAA. I Officers Association of America, the Veterans operator’s third and is being served by an HAI named Viola to the position fol- look forward to continuing his legacy of HAI of Foreign Wars, the American Legion, and the . The Part 135 charter lowing a search process that began last advocacy for safety.” Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. K.L. operator has a fleet of five Phenom 300s (soon to be six) and a Sikorsky S-76D.

14 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ FLIGHTSAFETY Online Tools That IS HERE FOR Support Your Training Needs Anytime YOU

Your Preparation Your Convenience Your Flexibility Get ahead of your training. Learn on your schedule. FlightSafety Interact online. LiveLearning gives FlightBag is the interactive app that eLearning offers self-paced online you a front-row seat to instructor-led, allows 60 days’ advance access to courses that allow instruction from web-based courses without leaving training materials. any online portal. your home or office. • 314.785.7815 • A Berkshire Hathaway company

FLIGHTSAFETY ONLINE TOOLS AD - AIN - Trim: 10.8125” w x 13.875” d Bleed: 11.0625” w x 14.125” d other aircraft departing ’s Imam Ukraine International demands Khomeini Airport. Some reports out of had suggested that PS752’s pilots flew off track towards a Revolutionary Guard full investigation into Iran 737 shootdown missile base. Dykhne stressed that prior to Iran’s by Reuben F. Johnson and Kerry Lynch confession of having shot down the aircraft, the airline had conducted an In the wake of last month’s downing of appears not to have followed the guid- The foundation added the interna- exhaustive set of computer modeling Ukraine International Airlines Flight ance, which would have prevented this tional community must reaffirm its com- exercises and concluded that the cause PS752 in Iranian airspace, the Flight tragic outcome.” mitment to protecting civilian aircraft. of the crash could not be explained by Safety Foundation (FSF) issued a call FSF noted the Iranian government’s At a press conference in Kyiv a few any failure in the aircraft or error by its for all countries to adhere to guidance claim the attack was unintentional, say- hours after Iran admitted responsibility crew. The UIA executives said that Iran’s surrounding civil aircraft flight through ing the aircraft was mistaken for a cruise for the attack, the airline stated that flight government must fully explain how the conflict zones. Meanwhile, Ukraine Inter- missile during the heightened tensions. PS752 had not deviated from its assigned shoot-down happened. They demanded (UIA) has demanded FSF pointed to other military con- flight path and that its pilots had been in full cooperation with Ukrainian and that the Iranian government fully explain flicts resulting in similar tragic outcomes, contact with air traffic controllers until other international aviation experts on how its Revolutionary Guard Aerospace including the U.S. Navy’s mistaken down- just before the aircraft was destroyed by site in Iran to complete a full and trans- Force shot down the UIA -800 ing of Iran Air Flight 655 over the Per- a surface-to-air missile. parent inquiry. on January 8, killing all 176 passengers sian Gulf that killed 290 people in 1988. Iran’s admission of responsibility “I am with [Ukrainian] President and crew on board. Following the shoot-down of Malaysia came just a day after officials had insisted Volodymyr Zelenskiy when I demand “The shooting down of a civilian aircraft Airlines Flight MH17 in 2014 while fly- it was “scientifically impossible” for the to know what happened in this incident operating in civilian airspace, whether ing over Ukraine, an international task aircraft to have been shot down and and a full accounting that the entire mistaken or not, represents a flagrant force on civilian aircraft operating in that technical failures on the 737 were responsibility for this incident is Iran’s,” violation of international law and an irre- conflict zones convened and led to ICAO to blame for the accident. However, on said Dykhne. The Ukrainian president, sponsible attack on the safety of interna- in 2015 clarifying guidance on roles and January 11, Brigadier-­General Amir-Ali who spoke with Iranian President Has- tional civil aviation. Under established responsibilities for states, airlines, air Hajizadehh, head of the Revolutionary san Rouhani, said, “We expect Iran…to International Civil Aviation Organization navigation service providers, and other Guard’s Aerospace Force, indicated that bring the guilty to the courts,” calling (ICAO) guidance, it is the responsibility stakeholders during times of conflict to before the shoot-down his personnel had also for the payment of compensation of the state civilian aviation agency to enable information sharing that could asked for commercial flights in Iran to be and the return of the remains of the close its airspace and provide timely risk maintain safe operations. “The Flight suspended and that this had been refused flight crew and other Ukrainians who information to airlines during military 752 tragedy underscores the importance by both Iran’s military leaders and the were on board. conflict,” said FSF president and CEO of adherence to this guidance by every country’s civil aviation authorities. Rouhani stated that Tehran “deeply Hassan Shahidi. “Iran’s civilian authority stakeholder,” FSF said. At the press conference, UIA president regrets this disastrous mistake” and, in Yevhenii Dykhne and flight operations another reversal of its initial position, vice president Igor Sosnovsky, showed has invited the U.S., Ukraine, Canada, reporters flight tracking data to support and others to join the crash investi- their insistence that their aircraft had not gation. The Boeing , which had deviated from its assigned flight path and been delivered new to the Ukrainian that the same course had been flown by carrier in 2016, was brought down by a Russian-made Tor (SA-15) air defense Ukraine International Airlines presented battery. However, the surface-to-air FlightRadar 24 data to show that flight missile unit belonged not to the regular PS752 had followed the same flight path Iranian military’s air defense command of other departures from Tehran’s Imam but to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Khomeini Airport on the day it was shot Corps. The unit in question had been down by Iranian missiles. on high alert following earlier ballistic missile attacks by Iran on U.S. military bases in Iraq. Brigadier-General Hajizadeh’s admis- sion that his forces had asked for civil airspace to be closed brought denunci- ations from Sosnovsky, who stated that Tehran should have closed the airport to all traffic until the situation in the region returned to normal. “It’s absolutely irresponsible,” he said, and accused the Iranians of failing to protect ordinary cit- izens while “playing at war.” “They were obligated to close the air- port. Obligated! Then shoot as much as you like,” he continued. The two airline chiefs declined to specify either the form or value of the compensation that they believe both the families and the air carrier are entitled to. “We are in the middle of a legal pro- cess at this point and cannot comment on these particulars,” said Dykhne. On January 10, AIN asked the Civil Aviation Organization of the Islamic Republic of Iran to answer several questions about the PS752 accident. It had yet to respond


16 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ ENSURING SUCCESSFUL CHARTERS IN THE ASIA-PACIFIC REGION

Businesspeople throughout Asia-Pacific are awakening to the benefits of air charter—not simply for meeting travel needs but to maximize productivity, create opportunities, and enjoy time savings and convenience that no airline experience can offer.

AIN PUBLICATIONS | SPECIAL ADVERTISING INSERT | 2020 “Customers first come to charter when commercial flights can’t meet their schedules,” said Keith Tsang of Singa- pore-based OJets, which provides air charter service worldwide. “Then they see they can carry eight or nine passen- gers comfortably, have meetings onboard with top executives, and make business deals in one day that would take three to do flying commercially—and they come back for more.”

Travelers eager to make the most of precious leisure time are also turning to charter. “Fiji, the Maldives, ski resorts— destinations change depending on the season,” said Tsang, OJets’ vice president of sales for Asia-Pacific. The air charter concept is simple: instead Customers should look for providers of flying according to airlines’ routes “ and schedules, customers hire a private who understand the unique dynamics aircraft to take them exactly where and when they want to go. The destina- of the Asia-Pacific market.” tions are often hours from the nearest Keith Tsang airport served by an airline, and private OJets’ vice president of sales for Asia-Pacific aviation’s flexibility allows travelers to conduct multiple meetings in far-flung cities in a single day if needed. national jurisdictions, overflight rules, Meanwhile, most charter operators REGIONAL CHARTER and other regulations make Asia-Pacific manage but don’t own the aircraft they CHALLENGES airspace among the world’s most complex. employ and must get approval for any These all create challenges to delivering charter flight from the airplane’s owner But charter in Asia-Pacific is “not ma- consistent, high-quality charter service. before confirming a trip, which can also ture,” said Tsang, and the more cus- slow the booking process. tomers know about regional challenges, “You need a lot of experience to operate in and about the differences among charter this region,” summed up Tsang. “Cus- In contrast, OJets owns all the airplanes companies, the more they can take ad- tomers should look for providers who in its fleet, which is operated by Elit’Avia vantage of its benefits. understand the unique dynamics of the Malta Limited. This allows immediate Asia-Pacific market.” bookings and confirmation—and a con- Only about 300 business jets for charter sistent, high-quality travel experience. are based in Asia-Pacific, according to Asian Sky Group, and the majority are CHOICES IN PROVIDERS Aircraft used for charter can vary widely available only when their owners aren’t AND AIRCRAFT in quality. “The jet’s age, interior ap- using them, which can limit aircraft One important distinction to recognize pointments, and entertainment and con- choice. Consequently, jets often fly long among charter providers: most are bro- nectivity systems are all important parts distances to pick up charter customers, kerages that simply arrange trips on be- of a charter flight,” Tsang noted. Does and these so-called repositioning flights half of clients with charter operators— the aircraft provided have enough room can add significantly to the cost of a char- the companies that manage and control to fit your group comfortably? Does it ter trip. Additionally, on-the-ground the aircraft. When booking a flight, bro- have enough range to reach the destina- support for private aircraft—dedicated kers must wait for operators to OK air- tion nonstop? What about a private state- terminals with customs facilities, fueling craft availability and trip details before room with bed for transpacific flights? Is and catering services, even landing and they can complete the booking, which the cabin in like-new condition, or does parking slots—are scarce, while myriad can create uncertainties and delays. it need refurbishment?

AIN PUBLICATIONS | SPECIAL ADVERTISING INSERT | 2020 OJets’ fleet consists of late-model, long- dedication to providing the pinnacle of tailored to fit customers’ needs, schedules, range Bombardier Global 5000 and 6000 service excellence and an unparalleled and preferred routes for travel worldwide. and Challenger 650 jets. These aircraft, luxury experience. Cost is a key consideration for any flight. offering a selection of cabin configura- A dedication to service underpins the rig- A charter company, after fielding a re- tions and accommodating up to 14 pas- orous standards set for OJets’ pilots and quest for an ad hoc charter trip, will pro- sengers, can take travelers anywhere in the hospitality training its multilingual vide an estimated price quote before con- the region and connect major cities in cabin attendants receive. firming the booking. The cost is based Asia-Pacific with Europe, the U.S., or Af- primarily on the aircraft’s hourly rental Recognizing the importance of regional rica nonstop. Moreover, OJets operates a rate multiplied by the flight time. But nuances within Asia-Pacific, OJets has “floating” fleet—meaning the jets have no charter isn’t a product to shop primar- built a team that speaks more than a home base they must travel from or re- ily by price. The safety systems, training, score of languages among them, ensur- turn to—which reduces repositioning fees. maintenance, capital investments, and ing charter customers have a cabin atten- The onboard charter experience—the ser- other expenses of providing high-quality dant who really understands them and vice by cabin attendants and flight crews, charter service add up and are typically their preferences. quality of catering, amenities, and at- well worth the money for the security tentiveness to customers’ requests and CONSIDERING and reliability top companies deliver. needs—can vary as much as the aircraft. CHARTER COSTS In addition to the fee for the aircraft, That’s why charter customers should con- If you travel only occasionally, on-demand many other charter expenses may be in- sider one additional regional distinction: charter allows you to book your flights one curred, depending on the provider, such Asia-Pacific’s hospitality and service cul- at a time, with no further commitment. as for premium catering or fuel surcharg- ture, which forms the core of OJets’ op- Alternatively, frequent travelers can take es. “Those items can significantly inflate erating philosophy. These principles are advantage of block-hour or jet card-type costs above the initial quote,” said Tsang, symbolized by the ensō, or “O”—Asian programs, which guarantee access to an so customers should discuss potential expression of elegance, strength, and in- aircraft as needed for a set number of additional fees, cancellation policies, and finite possibility—on the tail fin of its jets. prepaid flight hours. OJets provides both other payment issues before confirming The “enso” is also an expression of OJets’ on-demand and block-hour programs, the flight.

OJets uses a simple method to ensure that customers aren’t surprised by the final bill: its charter quotes provide an all-in- clusive price (though individual costs are fully listed); and should the customer book the trip, that’s the final price charged. On- board Wi-Fi (a rarity in Asia-Pacific) and premium catering are standard.

ASIA-PACIFIC’S STANDARD OF EXCELLENCE With more business and leisure travelers realizing the advantages that private air travel offers, industry professionals ex- pect strong growth in charter demand. Meanwhile, with its modern fleet, long experience, and dedication to service, OJets and its ensō are becoming the stan- dard of excellence for many sophisticated travelers in the region.

“We’re always ready to serve our clients,” said Tsang. “We have a lot of trusted part- ners and networks, and it all comes from expertise gained through experience.”


and then from Osaka to Istanbul, and the MNG Jet: employee acted alone in arranging second for a flight from Istanbul to Beirut. A company spokesman confirmed toAIN that, as previously reported, the aircraft escape flights for fugitive Ghosn used for the flights were Global 6000 TC-TSR and Challenger 300 TC-RZA. by Charles Alcock MNG said that it does not own these aircraft but was operating them under a As part of the probe into indicted auto management contract. It stated that the executive Carlos Ghosn’s daring escape two “leases” did not appear to be con- from Japan last month, Turkish police nected to each other and that Ghosn’s apparently continue to hold four pilots, name did not appear in any official doc- named as Turkish nationals and includ- umentation associated with them. It sub- ing two identified in an article by Forbes sequently clarified that the flights were as Noyan Pasin and Bahri Kutlu Somek. conducted as charter bookings. Also still being held is an employee of “After having learned through the Turkish charter provider MNG Jet as media that the leasing was benefitting part of their investigation into how two Mr. Ghosn and not the officially declared of the Istanbul-based operator’s aircraft passengers, MNG Jet launched an inter- were used by the automotive executive to nal inquiry and filed a criminal complaint escape from Japan to Lebanon. Accord- in on Wednesday, 1 January 2020, ing to MNG, police also impounded the to prosecute those who were involved,” two aircraft used for flights from Osaka Sasmaz said in the written statement. to Istanbul (a Bombardier Global 6000, “One employee of the company, who is tail number TC-TSR) and from Istanbul under investigation by the authorities, to Beirut (a Bombardier Challenger 300, has admitted having falsified the records. tail number TC-RZA). He confirmed that he acted in his individ- Meanwhile, Japanese justice minister ual capacity, without the knowledge or

Masako Mori announced an investigation SCHMITT BERTEL the authorization of the management of into how Ghosn had been able to leave the MNG Jet. MNG Jet is proactively cooper- country while subject to bail restrictions ating with the authorities and hopes that and having surrendered his three pass- the people who illegally used and/or facil- ports to police. At a press conference, she MNG Jet said company itated the use of the services of the com- further said immigration procedures are management was unaware pany will be duly prosecuted.” likely to be tightened at Japanese airports. that the Bombardier Global In addition to aircraft management and Interpol issued a “red notice” to Leba- 6000, left, and Challenger charter, MNG also provides a wide range nese police, asking them to arrest Ghosn, 300 on its certificate were of maintenance services for business air- who was released on $8.9 million in bail chartered to enable former craft. The company is a member of the in April 2019 and required by a Japanese automotive executive European Business Aviation Association. court to remain in his Tokyo home. He Carlos Ghosn, top, to The current ownership of the two air- holds French, Brazilian, and Lebanese escape from Japan, where craft used for Ghosn’s escape is unclear. citizenships, and had supposedly surren- he is facing charges of The Global 6000 appears to have been for- dered all his passports to Japanese police. financial misconduct. merly owned by the Qatar government’s According to MNG Jet, its crew used Amiri Flight before it joined the Turkish InterAviation Japan to provide handling aircraft register in 2018. The Challenger for the Global 6000 at Osaka Kansai we are a victim of this fraudulent scheme.” involvement with the unlawful activities.” 300 entered the Turkish register in 2012 International Airport. Japan’s NHK Turkish newspaper Hürriyet reported It said it provides “ground services” for and was then shown to be owned by Turk- news outlet quoted unnamed aviation on January 4 that Okan Kösemen, who aircraft operators, but does not own or ish leasing group Halk Finansal Kiralama industry sources in reporting that two it described as an operations manager manage the airport facilities used for pri- AS. According to MNG, both flights were U.S. citizens were on board the flight, with MNG Jet, was among the five peo- vate flights. handled at Ataturk Airport by Havas in addition to two Turkish pilots and a ple arrested by police on charges of A spokesperson for InterAviation told Celebi. MNG declined to comment to AIN flight attendant. This report also said migrant smuggling. According to this AIN that the request to provide han- on the current ownership of the aircraft. two large boxes designed to carry large report, Kösemen has told investigators dling had not come directly from MNG, It also would not confirm how many pas- audio equipment used by musicians were that an unnamed acquaintance from but from an unnamed “third-party trip sengers had been on the flights concerned, among the baggage loaded onto the air- Beirut had pressured him into assisting coordinator” that it said had made the but did say that it had not previously pro- craft, but none of these details have been in Ghosn’s escape. LinkedIn shows a same request to several handling agents vided any services to Ghosn. officially confirmed. profile for Okan Kösemen, in which he in Japan. The company said that it was Analysis of flights leaving Japan on the On January 3, MNG said it had filed a is described as MNG’s “operation and able to obtain the required permit for the evening of December 29 highlighted the criminal complaint against an employee charter sales manager.” flight from Japanese authorities before Bombardier Global TC-TSR departed who it alleged had acted alone in falsify- On January 4, a Turkish interior minis- the other handling agents. Osaka Kansai Airport at 11:10 p.m. local ing records for the two charter flights. In try spokesman confirmed that police had “Aviation security checks are done by a time and arrived at Istanbul Ataturk Air- response to questions from AIN, MNG detained seven people, including four contracted, licensed, and properly trained port at 5:26 a.m. local time. At 6:30 a.m., issued this statement: “Following the fil- pilots, two employees with an unnamed security company under the guidance Bombardier Challenger TC-RZA departed ing of a criminal complaint by MNG Jet, handling company, and an employee of a from the airport authority, as well as the Istanbul, arriving in Beirut at 6:14 a.m. against a former employee and against cargo company. The most recent informa- civil aviation bureau,” said the statement local time. Japanese officials have indi- whoever cooperated on this illegal activ- tion from MNG suggests that the latter from InterAviation. “We don’t provide cated that Ghosn had not used any of his ity, the Turkish authorities have opened three may have been released and that any security checks. Customs and immi- passports to leave the country. n an official inquiry and have arrested the the arrest of a fifth MNG employee is a gration examine inbound and outbound employee, as well as the four pilots. The further development. passengers and their baggage, which is not two planes are being held in Istanbul by InterAviation Japan provides private the business of the handling agent.” the police. The criminal investigation is aviation handling at five airports, includ- According to MNG Jet general manager ongoing. We are not authorized to com- ing Tokyo Narita and Haneda; Kansai; Can Sasmaz, the company “leased” the YOUR SOURCE FOR AVIATION NEWS ment on its developments, unfortunately. Chitose; and Chubu. In a statement to two aircraft to two different clients—one But we will keep on fighting for justice as AIN, the company said it had not had “any for a trip from Dubai to Osaka in Japan \ February 2020 \ AviationENEWSLETTER International FOR BUSINESS News AVIATION17





OpenAirplane and FlyOtto Full- opinion from former close doors in December NTSB member John Goglia by Matt Thurber Why does Indonesia rate Category 1? Two companies—OpenAirplane and Fly- prosper. Rakic and Fast didn’t just rely Otto—that were designed to simplify on revenue from OpenAirplane and Fly- I know the FAA is facing a lot of harsh the aircraft—with paying passengers—to general aviation (GA) aircraft rental and Otto but intended for both to grow much criticism since the two Boeing 737 Max the next station. It is shocking that main- charter booking ceased operating in late larger. “We bootstrapped it for three accidents less than six months apart: the tenance asked the crew to do this and even December. The companies were founded years,” Rakic said, but they realized they Flight 610 crash in Indonesia in more shocking that the crew did this. by Rod Rakic and Adam Fast, with Open- would need more funding to launch Fly- October 2018 and the In addition to the problems noted in the Airplane launching in 2013, followed by Otto. In 2015 they raised a seed round of Flight 302 crash in March 2019. But those accident report, a subsequent investigative FlyOtto in late 2016. $500,000, then those investors came back criticisms have focused on the FAA’s certi- report by the NY Times found “based on OpenAirplane solved the peren- for a bridge round of $800,000 in 2017. fication of the Boeing 737 Max and its over- interviews with dozens of officials and air- nial GA problem, where pilots who fly “We couldn’t have done it without them,” sight of Boeing. Some of that criticism is line employees, including pilots and mem- rental aircraft avoid doing so because Rakic said gratefully. justified, in particular, allowing the aircraft bers of maintenance teams…that Lion Air of the onerous checkout requirements All of the money, including funds from to be certified with just one angle-of-attack has a track record of working its pilots to at rental outlets. With OpenAirplane, some surveys conducted for large avi- (AOA) sensor for its MCAS supplemental the point of exhaustion, faking pilot train- pilots could qualify to rent from any ation companies, kept the lights on, he flight control software system. One sensor ing certification and forcing pilots to fly member company after completing a said, “but eventually we got to the point— for a critical component is a design fail- planes they worried were unsafe, includ- universal checkout. The system allowed am I tilting at windmills?” His company ure that Boeing and the FAA should never ing the plane that crashed.” The NY Times pilots to rent the same aircraft model spent two years trying to raise additional have allowed. But there are more questions investigation further found that “just as at participating rental firms, anywhere money in a Series A fundraising, pitch- that the FAA needs to answer as a result of the company does not seem pressed to in the U.S., simply by scheduling via ing it to investors in New York, Dubai, these accidents and their aftermath. adopt changes from the report…Indone- the OpenAirplane website, showing up and San Francisco, with a solid plan for While Boeing and the FAA made their sian officials were quick to defend a car- at the agreed time, and showing iden- customer acquisition costs and driving share of mistakes in certifying the 737 Max, rier that has had 11 accidents and incidents tification documentation. No further growth. “But there is just a point where my review of the available public informa- since its founding in 1999.” The report in-aircraft flight check was required. you run out of airspeed, altitude, and tion shines an even harsher light on Lion concluded, “after a crash, a company and a OpenAirplane cost nothing for pilots; ideas,” he said. Air and its operation of revenue service fly- government deny problems, deflect blame, rental outfits paid a small percentage of Rakic remains puzzled about the lack ing passengers. And it begs the question, and drag their feet on improvements.” To the rental to OpenAirplane. of interest on both the financial and why has the Indonesian government failed date, there is no indication that Lion Air FlyOtto was a unique transparent char- demand side of the business, especially to take strong action in light of the glaring management or the Indonesian govern- ter marketplace that sought to change the with FlyOtto, given the investment maintenance and other errors revealed by ment are tackling the systemic problems way brokers vie to sell a trip to a client of $10 million by Airbus in its Blade its own accident report? And, if the acci- that appear to exist at the airline. at the lowest possible cost. FlyOtto was charter brokerage and charter broker dent report wasn’t enough, a New York free to charter clients and for operators BlackBird’s raising of $10 million from Times investigation of the airline should Out of ICAO Compliance to join, and once a trip was confirmed, the venture capitalists. (BlackBird also be. If reporters could find these problems, It seems to me that from these reports Lion operator would pay a fee to FlyOtto. The offered a low-cost, Part 91 non-charter one would hope the government agency Air is not planning to take significant action FlyOtto website was simple and easy to option to its customers, which likely entrusted with ensuring aviation safety in to correct its safety issues any time soon nor understand, with no membership, and all competed with certified charter opera- Indonesia could, as well. does it appear that the Indonesian govern- a client had to do was fill out the depar- tors. See article on page 22.) ment will force the airline to make neces- ture and destination locations to get a list Pre-existing Issues sary changes or shut the airline down until of available trips. Decision To Close First, the accident report prepared by the it does. If that’s the case, then Indonesia is OpenAirplane was designed to help When it came time to make the difficult Komite Nasional Keselamatan Transpor- not in compliance with its responsibilities pilots fly more, by having access to a decision to shut down OpenAirplane tasi (KNKT)—the Indonesian equivalent as a member of ICAO, the International fleet of 457 aircraft at 109 operators in and FlyOtto, Rakic was prepared. In of the U.S. NTSB—contains information Civil Aviation Organization. Under ICAO, 30 states without needing a checkout the email to customers explaining why that should call into question Lion Air’s member countries are responsible for com- flight for each new rental location. For the company was shutting down, Rakic qualifications to fly and Indonesia’s over- plying with international aviation safety a pilot who couldn’t access the airplane wrote: “From the beginning, we designed sight of the airline. Most troubling for me standards and overseeing compliance with they normally fly, OpenAirplane offered OpenAirplane to be failsafe. This timing is the history of maintenance problems those safety standards by their air carriers. a simple alternative. Of the 19,000 pilots will give us time to process payments, before the 737 crashed on October 29. Indonesia’s apparent reluctance to take who signed up with OpenAirplane, 67 and provide for the orderly shutdown Those problems, and the failures to prop- on safety problems at Lion Air should percent lived within a reasonable dis- of the platform. We’ve always done our erly document or correct them, indicate cause the FAA to revisit its Category 1 des- tance of the nearest OpenAirplane oper- best to ensure vendors got paid before we to me that the crew on the fateful flight ignation for Indonesia under its Interna- ator, according to Rakic. For pilots who did. We built that into our system from was assigned an unairworthy aircraft. And tional Aviation Safety Assessment (IASA) travel and want to rent an airplane near day one. We’re taking care to protect no crew should have ever been given that program. Until the Indonesian government the destination, OpenAirplane provided everyone’s data, just as we have since we aircraft to fly, let alone a scheduled airline shows a willingness to take on Lion Air’s an attractive option. started back in 2012.” flight with paying passengers. safety problems, it’s hard to imagine that Unfortunately, Rakic lamented, “There “We’re not going bankrupt,” he told According to the accident report pre- it deserves to be rated a Category 1 coun- weren’t enough people like me who AIN, “and not leaving anyone holding the pared by the Indonesian government, the try. The FAA owes it to American travelers wanted to use the service. People defi- bag.” He didn’t want to be the proprietor maintenance issues with the AOA sensor to reassess Indonesia’s compliance with nitely liked the idea. The disconnect was of yet another aviation company that left began almost a month before the accident. international safety standards.  not in the service,” he said. “It ended up a bad taste in customers’ mouths. “There Thereafter, on multiple flights, there were being the volume of utilization was not are so many tales of woe how people were indications of problems with this sensor, as The opinions expressed in this column are sustainable. It’s hard to get pilots off the screwed by aviation companies when they well as with the flight control system. Main- those of the author and not necessarily couch into the cockpit. If we were able to closed suddenly.” tenance actions based on these reported endorsed by AIN. monetize good vibes, it would have been Although, Rakic, said, “I’m deeply sad problems were incomplete, inadequate, sustainable.” that the ride is ending,” he remains proud or non-existent. For example, in one case John Goglia is a safety ­consultant. FlyOtto likewise didn’t reach the vol- of having “built something that people where maintenance was unable to rectify He welcomes your e-mails at: ume of business needed to continue and continues on page 25 the problems, the crew was told to just fly [email protected]

18 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ p GO WHERE NO BUSINESS JET HAS GONE BEFORE The world’s first Super Versatile Jet takes off! The PC-24 has been engineered to be “off road” compatible from the beginning. Its outstanding short-field performance – even on grass, gravel and dirt – opens up an incredible level of mobility. You can fly closer to your destination than any other business jet before. Explore more and fly PC-24 – contact us now.

Pilatus Business Aircraft Ltd • USA • +1 303 465 9099 • for example, requires iPads that can be upgraded to a more recent version of iOS. ForeFlight now lists the iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and iPhone 5S as the minimum, although older devices can run older ver- sions of ForeFlight. The new, low-cost entry-level iPad is also fully capable of running the latest version of ForeFlight. The iPad arena has grown with new models that offer new capabilities that pilots might enjoy, and this is often enough to stimulate a buying decision. Perhaps in recognition of the iPad’s pop- ularity, most aircraft OEMs are deliver- ing their performance calculation and weight-and-balance software in iPad ver- sions. Flight planning utilities like Aircraft Performance Group’s iPreFlight Genesis, Universal Weather’s UvGO, Collins Aero- space’s ArincDirect, Honeywell GoDirect

JOHN A. MANFREDO Flight Bag Pro, and others all run on the iPad, further cementing the device’s pop- ularity among pilots. The latest and greatest iPad is the Pro series, available in 12.9- and 11-inch sizes. and as it turns out, not subject to the wouldn’t have included the charts outside While all of the newer iPads work with Top portable same certification requirements. the U.S. that Jeppesen also provides. the first-generation Apple Pencil, the Essentially, pilots just began using iPods, ForeFlight’s early efforts showed pilots Pros can use the second-generation Pen- iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tab- how easy it was to access charts on their cil, which has a much more convenient hardware for lets, and Windows laptops to carry their Apple devices, and the advent of the iPad charging mechanism where the Pencil maps and charts. Of course, there were accelerated this shift. For users who didn’t simply attaches magnetically to the side products that tried to fill the role of ded- like the Apple ecosystem, Android offered of the iPad Pro. The first-generation Pen- electronic icated chart reader before the advent of an alternative, and there are apps that cil plugs into a Lightning port, which can the tablet, but none survived in the small work on both iOS and Android, such as be inconvenient and awkward. aviation market. In what turned out to be Garmin Pilot, WingX, and iFly GPS. Some In either case, the Pencil makes using flight bags spectacularly bad timing, in 2009 SolidFX airlines insist on using Windows devices, apps that allow drawing and annotation began selling its iRex electronic paper- and this left a small market open for Win- much easier, because it automatically by Matt Thurber based device loaded with Jeppesen charts. dows-based devices. That market remains detects and eliminates any wrist contact In 2010, Apple unveiled the iPad, and tiny, however, and represents a relatively while writing on the screen. This is a much The ecosystem of aviation apps that run Android tablets quickly followed. SolidFX small portion of the EFB software arena. more natural way to write and makes on portable devices changed this year, ended up suing Boeing and Jeppesen. The Here are more details about the three using ForeFlight’s ScratchPad writing with the news that Boeing purchased the dispute centered on a claim for lost prof- hardware platforms and some of the soft- tools much more worthwhile. ForeFlight developer of ForeFlight, probably the its that SolidFX could have earned with its ware pilots are flying with. includes templates for ATIS, pilot reports, most popular electronic flight bag (EFB) own tablet app if Jeppesen hadn’t created and IFR clearances, as well as blank pages app for pilots. This not only underscored the FliteDeck app and refused to provide Apple iPad for typing text or drawing, plus annota- ForeFlight’s growing use by professional the necessary software toolkit for SolidFX A problem for iPad users is that Apple tion on maps and charts. Most other EFB pilots but also Boeing unit Jeppesen’s to deliver Jeppesen charts in its app. Of keeps improving the devices on a reg- apps offer annotation tools, such as FlyQ, acknowledgment that its own EFB apps course, SolidFX could have avoided this ular basis, and eventually the most cur- WingX, Garmin Pilot, FltPlan Go, iFly were not as popular as ForeFlight. issue by simply using U.S.-government-­ rent applications won’t run on older GPS, etc., including drawing on charts, Of the three platforms for porta- issued charts, which are free, but this devices. The latest version of ForeFlight, but not all allow drawing on maps. ble devices used by pilots, Apple’s iPad The Pro’s screen is somewhat sharper remains the most popular, in part because thanks to its “Liquid Retina” display, and ForeFlight is designed only to run on a big advantage of the larger size is less Apple’s iOS (operating system). Android- need to zoom in when trying to read based devices are in second place, followed fine print on charts. The iPad mini is an by Microsoft’s Surface tablet/laptop, which excellent size for aircraft with limited runs on Microsoft’s Windows OS. space, but a little harder to read chart The popularity of the hardware plat- information without zooming in. The form has an enormous influence on the iPad Air at 10.5 inches and iPad at 10.2 availability of software, especially in the inches are sufficiently large too. The main small-scale aviation market. Windows did difference between these two is the iPad have an advantage early on as many EFB runs on the A10 processor, not the faster manufacturers built their devices on Win- A12 in the Air and latest fifth-generation dows PCs, including going through the mini. The Pro has the A12X, and it is the enormous hassle and expense to get them only iPad with face recognition: the oth- certified by aviation regulators. However, ers still use the Touch ID button. For a the certification process itself ended up capable portable device at a bargain price, making these devices too expensive and it’s hard to beat the regular iPad, which hobbled the ability of the manufacturers retails for $329 but occasionally drops to to update the software quickly. The mar- $250 or lower. The Pro versions start at ket was ripe for disruption, and this came $799, but if planning to store more than a

about with the development of portable THURBER MATT few apps and all their data, more memory devices that were easy to use, reliable, Jeppesen’s Mobile FliteDeck is still popular among professional pilots, shown here with an may be needed, pushing the price higher, quick to update, relatively inexpensive, annotated approach plate on an iPad mounted in a . not to mention the added cost of the

20 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Pencil ($99 for first-­generation, $129 for the least-supported by aviation EFB app much easier, although I found the track- weather briefing and flight planning in second-generation). developers. While early versions of the pad somewhat over-sensitive. When flying Canada, the Caribbean, Bahamas, Mexico, Microsoft tablet suffered from perfor- with the Go, I found it worked better to use and . Android mance issues, the latest Surface products the touchscreen, either with a finger or the FltPlan Go’s strength is its integration As popular as the Android OS is, devel- are a well-designed alternative to iOS and Pen, instead of the Type Cover. with the FltPlan website, which offers opment of EFB applications for these Android devices. The Surface runs the additional tools for flight planning such devices has lagged compared to the iPad. full version of the Windows 10 OS, which Windows EFB Apps as airport information, , weight- Android tablets are available in a seem- makes it more of a two-in-one tablet/lap- Jeppesen’s FliteDeck has long been avail- and-balance, takeoff and landing data card, ingly infinite variety of sizes and configu- top than a regular tablet. This means the able in a Windows version, but not for just and integration with paid-for services rations, but despite major developers like Surface can run any Windows program, anyone to buy, only for large fleet oper- such as eAPIS U.S. Customs clearance, ForeFlight declining to port their prod- making it a useful all-in-one computer for ators like airlines, some of which refuse safety management system, flight track- ucts onto Android, there are some robust work and to run the few EFB apps that are to get on the Apple bandwagon. Jeppe- ing, and international handling in Mexico, products available for the platform. available in Windows. sen doesn’t see a market opportunity Central America, and the Caribbean. Garmin has been one of the strongest I’ve been testing a Surface Go for the for a Windows version of FliteDeck for Like most modern EFB apps, FltPlan Android supporters, continually updat- past year, and it’s the only tablet-type individual purchase, which probably has Go has a moving-map with own-ship ing the Android version of Garmin Pilot, computer I can carry that can run the a lot to do with Boeing’s investment in position (when GPS information is although it still lags behind the function- InDesign software that we use for maga- buying ForeFlight and that ForeFlight is available) and overlay of terminal charts, ality of the iPad version. Garmin’s pur- zine layouts along with the EFB apps that the company’s focus for EFB apps. Jeppe- ADS-B In weather and traffic, and Siri- are available. To get the same functional- sen stopped supporting Mobile FliteDeck usXM Weather on the map. FltPlan Go ity in the Apple world, I have to carry two VFR on December 31, 2019, moving exist- works with a variety of ADS-B In receiv- devices, an iPad and a MacBook Air. ing subscribers to ForeFlight, but the ers. It also integrates with the X-Plane and This Surface Go is the LTE Advanced other FliteDeck versions are still available FSX and Prepar3D simulation platforms, model and includes Wi-Fi and LTE cellu- for the iPad for general users. which means that users can practice fly- lar connectivity. As for Windows versions of FliteDeck, ing with FltPlan Go on either of the three There are three EFB apps that run on Jeppesen provided this statement to AIN: device types before taking to the skies. Windows computers, but only two avail- “We continue to monitor market adoption Just recently, iFly GPS added simula- able to the general public. This version, and customer requests of the Windows tor integration with X-Plane, and this will with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of stor- platform as an EFB technology in busi- help users learn how to use the app. age plus 4G+ cellular connectivity, GPS ness and general aviation, but at this time The iFly GPS features are on par with receiver, and Wi-Fi, sells for $679. If cel- it has not reached a level that would allow other sophisticated EFB apps, specifically lular service is not needed, the entry-level us to justify the investment needed. Apple the ability to select arrival and departure Surface Go with 64-GB storage and 4-GB iPads continue to be the market leader for procedures from the map and add them to RAM sells for $399, but it would need an EFBs in business and general aviation. In the flight plan, as well as selecting an instru- external GPS. Battery life for the Go with addition, we will be working to merge ment approach at the destination, which is cellular is up to 8.5 hours. With a 10-inch capabilities between Mobile FliteDeck added to the flight plan and shown on the

JOHN A. MANFREDO screen, this Go weighs 1.17 pounds, not and ForeFlight Mobile over time.” map. Weather briefings are available via Lei- An inexpensive Samsung Android tablet does including the Type Cover. An available For diehard Windows users, the sole dos’s briefing service, and iFly GPS allows just fine running WingX’s EFB app. dock ($132.99) makes connecting the Sur- choices for EFBs now are Garmin’s FltPlan the filing of flight plans. One area where face tablet to external accessories easier, Go and Adventure Pilot’s iFly GPS. Both it comes up short in comparison to other chase of FltPlan last year added a second with two high-definition video ports, a are capable, full-featured EFBs, although EFB apps is in the lack of weight-and-bal- EFB app—FltPlan Go—to its stable, and gigabit Ethernet port, four USB 3.0 ports, iFly GPS also offers synthetic vision and ance and performance calculations. Current now FltPlan Go is one of the rare EFB and an audio output. a vertical profile display. FltPlan Go is weather information is available on the map, apps—and the only free app—that offers The Go is a solid computer and tablet, free, while iFly GPS is $149.98 per year, and it is possible to optimize a flight plan the same functionality on iOS, Android, and at 10 inches, just about the perfect size plus $24.99 for the multi-platform option, based on altitude and forecast winds. and Windows platforms. The EFB from for a variety of flight decks. Useful accesso- which allows simultaneous installation The ability to draw on the map and iFly GPS also runs on all three platforms, ries include the Surface Slim Pen ($149.99) on Windows, iOS, and Android devices. A charts is another helpful iFly GPS fea- and this is the only paid-for app that offers or Surface Pen ($99.99) and Type Cover drawback for international travelers is that ture, aided by the Surface Pen. Sketches this kind of multi-platform capability. ($129.99), which includes a trackpad. The these apps primarily serve pilots flying in can also be done on airport diagrams and WingX continues supporting Android, Pen is a helpful way of interacting with the U.S., although FltPlan Go includes approach charts and pre-loaded blank and its Android version is fairly closely the Go, and the Type Cover makes typing charts for Canada and the Caribbean and pages. In the case of sketches on charts, matched to the functionality of WingX on the drawings remain with the original the iPad. However, the Android version document and don’t transfer onto that of WingX doesn’t offer the Traca feature, document when it is overlaid on the map. which allows iOS users to trace a route by drawing on the screen, nor the iOS ver- Mounting Schemes sion’s Black Box data recorder. A final note on the three tablet EFB hard- There are a surprising amount of ware platforms: one might assume that Android EFB apps, including the free the more popular the hardware, the more Avare, AvPlan EFB (iOS and Android), accessories that are available for that DroidEFB, AvNav, Naviator, SkyDemon particular tablet. But that isn’t necessar- (iOS and Android), and others. ily true. The robust Pivot cases, popular The easy availability of inexpensive with airline pilots, are available for most Android tablets and free apps like Avare and iPad models and also some of the Micro- FltPlan Go (WingX is free for flight instruc- soft Surface products, although not yet tors and active and retired military aviators) for the Surface Go. makes Android a useful way to carry along While MyGoFlight’s kneeboards and an independent backup EFB device. mountable cases are designed to fit most The best attribute of Android is that iPad models, the company does make cra- the latest versions of EFB apps run per- dles that can fit almost any type of tablet fectly well on older Android tablets. from 7 to 13 inches, and this would work for Android and Surface tablets. Ram also

Windows Surface Go THURBER MATT offers a huge variety of attachments Sadly, one of the best modern tablet Microsoft’s Surface Go Windows tablet is a solid performer but lacks attention from EFB app and suctions cup mounts with tablet cra- computers, Microsoft’s Surface series, is developers, although it runs Garmin’s FltPlan Go (shown here) and the iFly GPS apps perfectly. dles that can fit tablets of any size. n \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 21 BlackBird platform). That leaves only the letter, the FAA elaborated, “BlackBird FAA warns BlackBird, pilots issue of holding out.” manages two databases: one for aircraft available for lease and a second one for FAA Precedent commercial pilots (described as ‘inde- of possible rule violations That BlackBird and its pilots are holding pendent person[s] with a specific skill set out is supported, the FAA claimed, by [pilot]).’ BlackBird uses the databases as by Matt Thurber two legal interpretations involving avia- part of a marketplace service that serves tion ride-sharing providers AirPooler and as an aggregator of information and con- The FAA sent a letter on December 17 common carriage is present, the FAA FlyteNow. nects third-party service providers (the warning charter broker BlackBird Air that assesses whether there is: (1) a holding Essentially, because BlackBird’s online pilots) with users seeking to charter an pilots using the company’s online platform out of a willingness to (2) transport per- and app platform is available to anyone aircraft or purchase a ticket on a direct and app to fly passengers under Part 91 sons or property (3) from place to place and pilots on the platform [from the FAA air carrier. BlackBird asserts, ‘the ulti- “are holding out and thus are engaged in (4) for compensation.” letter] “are available and willing to trans- mate business goal is to create an online common carriage.” The agency said it is The FAA explained that BlackBird eas- port passengers who solicit pilot services platform that surfaces the many options planning to investigate BlackBird’s activ- ily met the last three criteria, but “hold- through the platform…A pilot’s participa- available to users; [and] NOT to provide ities and possibly also pilots flying for ing out” was subject to more discussion. tion in the BlackBird platform amounts to air transportation.’” BlackBird. In response, BlackBird “paused” The FAA letter went on: “We have little holding out a willingness to transport per- Asked about the FAA’s warning in the this feature of its offerings. trouble concluding that the pilots listed sons from place to place for compensa- December 17 letter, BlackBird founder San Francisco-based BlackBird Air is on BlackBird’s pilot database selected tion and requires certification under part and CEO Rudd Davis told AIN that the primarily a charter broker, but has also by the user are transporting persons or 119 prior to conducting the operation.” company is pausing its Part 91 pilot-hire, offered the option to hire a commercial property, from place to place, for com- BlackBird doesn’t agree with the FAA’s airplane-lease operations. Davis sent this pilot and lease an airplane to travel to a pensation. Despite BlackBird’s asser- interpretation. In its June 10 letter, the statement to AIN: “We disagree with the destination, all under Part 91. According tion that the pilots are not transporting company had explained its operation FAA’s interpretation and look forward to to Crunchbase, BlackBird has raised $15 persons or property, it is clear that they thusly: “[u]nlike air carriers, BlackBird is continued discussions on this topic, given million in venture capital funding. Black- are being hired for that very purpose. not building an operation based on crews, that their guidance isn’t law. BlackBird is Bird’s website homepage advertises: In addition, as BlackBird concedes, the aircraft, or routes. BlackBird is building the largest digital aviation marketplace “Rent a plane and go anywhere. How it pilots are being compensated for the an infrastructure that supports all of in the world and the one place travelers works: BlackBird helps you fly over traffic flight service (whether the money comes general aviation, which includes air car- can find and instantly book all private by connecting you with planes and pilots, directly from the lessee or through the riers and operators.” In the December 17 flight options. [Part] 91 operations are bringing you true freedom of flight.” the minority of our business and for the The FAA doesn’t agree with BlackBird moment we will pause that aspect of the that this kind of operation is not a char- marketplace and continue to provide ter, and it said that the company and/or charter flights and individual seats on pilots must obtain a Part 119 certificate private [Part 135] aircraft.” to transport people or property for hire The National Air Transportation Associ- or compensation. The copilot’s ation has focused increasingly on the ille- According to an FAA spokesman, “We inadvertent gal charter issue, and NATA COO Timothy haven’t taken actions in relation to Black- application Obitts sent this statement to AIN: “We Bird per se, but we alerted pilots that of the Learjet thank the Federal Aviation Administra- they could be violating the regulations if 45’s brakes tion’s Office of General Counsel, Enforce- they’re not operating under a certificate was blamed ment Division for the well thought out and issued under Part 119.” for a nosegear articulate letter to BlackBird Air regarding In the letter sent to BlackBird attor- collapse last non-Part 135 operators’ use of their plat- ney Roy Goldberg, the agency’s Office of year. form. This letter is clear guidance from the the Chief Counsel, Enforcement Division FAA and confirms NATA’s understanding made a case that BlackBird’s pilot-hire and of the regulations. We hope that pilots pay airplane-lease operation under Part 91 fits heed to the FAA’s guidance. NATA, along all the criteria that make an operation sub- UK agency blames crew braking under tow with its Illegal Charter Task Force, will ject to requiring a Part 119 certificate and in Learjet 45 nose gear collapse continue to work with the FAA on this operating under Part 135 charter regulations. very important safety issue.” For its part, BlackBird had sent a letter Inadvertent crew braking during taxi push- tapped the brakes, but was not aware of The FAA letter concluded that Black- on June 10 to the FAA outlining its busi- back likely led to the nose (NLG) having done so. Bird pilots are holding out and “engaged ness plan, explaining that it facilitates its collapsing on a 2000 Bombardier Learjet 45 Examination of the aircraft showed in common carriage. Because these oper- customers with “leasing an aircraft and… (registration C-GMCP) on May 4, 2019, at that the nose leg bracket connected to ations are subject to Part 119 certification, separately hiring a commercial pilot to fly Scotland’s Edinburgh Airport, according to a the gear actuator had failed, allowing the a pilot who holds an airline transport the aircraft the user has leased.” Because, UK AAIB final report released on January 9. NLG to collapse aft. (The Learjet 45’s nose pilot or commercial pilot certificate must BlackBird wrote, it doesn’t “own, man- There were no reported injuries to the two gear retracts in the forward direction.) obtain and hold a certificate issued under age, or maintain the aircraft and does not passengers or two crewmembers. The bracket was examined at a met- part 135 or the pilot must be employed employ pilots…” and the customer selects At the time of the mishap, the captain had allurgical lab, revealing that it had failed by a company operating the flight that is the aircraft and pilot separately, “opera- 2,669 hours in type and 12,920 hours total due to overload. There was no evidence certificated under part 119. Accordingly, tional control of the aircraft remains with time. The aircraft appears to have been oper- of material defects or fatigue, the AAIB please expect further investigative activity the user at all times.” In the FAA letter, ated by Skyservice Business Aviation. said. It added that the aircraft manufac- into BlackBird’s operations, particularly the agency wrote that “BlackBird rep- The pilots started both engines at the turer had examined photographs of the regarding its pilot database. In addition, resents that it only facilitates the agree- gate before the aircraft was pushed back structural damage to the NLG bay and we would be interested in learning of any ments, processes payments, and provides using a TLD 150 Max tug. As the aircraft stated that this damage and the damage action you intend to take in view of the customer support to all three parties was being turned to line up on the taxi- to the bracket was similar to the damage jeopardy facing pilots who participate in (user, i.e., person leasing the aircraft and way, the NLG suddenly collapsed aft and that occurred to a Learjet 45 at its pro- BlackBird’s service.” hiring the pilot; pilot; and aircraft lessee).” the aircraft came to rest. duction facility, which occurred during The BlackBird website no longer According to the FAA, BlackBird, itself, During pushback, the copilot had been pushback with brake application. The promote the original pilot-hire, air- outlined the agency’s criteria for deter- carrying out checks and had started company said it was also aware of two plane-lease concept and now offers mining whether an operator must hold adjusting the position of his ped- other in-service events in which brake potential customers the opportunity to Part 119 certification. From the Decem- als. He was bringing the pedals aft and he application during pushback resulted in book flights with certified Part 135 pro- ber 17 FAA letter: “As BlackBird noted in said there was a possibility he might have the same rearward NLG collapse. I.S. viders, to “... fly over traffic by connecting its [June 10] letter, to determine whether you with charter operators.” n

22 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ ai15790408539_CAC3063 Connect Testimonial_AIN.pdf 1 1/14/20 4:27 PM

Textron Aviation is our best parts provider overall. They have that attitude of doing what they can to get things done. — Greg Laabs | Gemini Air Group








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Client: Textron Aviation Ad Title: Connecting With Value Publication: Pro Pilot Trim: 10.8125" x 13.875" Bleed: 11.3125" x 14.375" Live: 9.8125" x 12.875" Board focusing on weather What is your solution? in Hawaii air-tour crash by Mark Huber 2ND ANNUAL Rapidly changing localized weather and 69, was flying his eighth 50-minute aerial pilot fatigue are two possible contributors tour flight of the day. The total length of to the fatal crash of an air tour helicopter his time on duty on the day of the acci- in Hawaii on December 26th that killed dent flight is not specified. Matero held SOLUTIONS the pilot and his six passengers. a commercial rotorcraft certificate issued In its preliminary accident report issued in 2011 and a second-class FAA physical last month, the National Transportation with limitations for corrective lenses. IN BUSINESS AVIATION Safety Board (NTSB) noted discordant He was scheduled to retire in early 2020. weather reports in the area of the crash Another helicopter in the area reported site, 24 miles northwest of Lihue, that hearing Matero give a position report at suggest a challenging and rapidly chang- 4:45 p.m. at reporting point “Upper Mic,” In this annual resource guide, industry-leading businesses ing weather situation. A witness 1.5 to 1.75 which would have suggested that the will explain the innovations they’ve introduced miles away from the scene in the Koke’e accident helicopter was leaving Waimea and the unique services they can provide. State Park reported hearing the accident Canyon then transitioning via the Koke’e helicopter shortly before the crash at 4:57 State Park to the Na Pali coastline. Solutions in Business Aviation will arrive in the mail alongside p.m. local time and weather conditions of The NTSB reports the accident helicop- the August issue of Aviation International News, will be 20 feet forward visibility in rain and fog. ter, a 1998 Airbus AS350 B2 , N985SA, was available at and will have bonus distribution The closest official weather reporting destroyed by impact forces and a post- at multiple industry events throughout the year. station in the area, nine miles southwest crash fire when it collided with terrain at Kauai’s Barking Sands Pacific Missile on a north-facing slope at an elevation of Range Facility (PABK), at 4:56 p.m. local 3,003 feet msl and came to rest at an ele- time reported wind from 310 degrees at 12 vation of about 2,900 feet msl. The flight knots, gusting to 15 knots; 10 statute miles originated at the Lihue Airport at 4:31 visibility; few clouds at 1,200 feet, broken p.m. The helicopter was registered to SAF clouds at 3,400 feet and 4,700 feet, over- LTD and operated by Safari Aviation Inc., cast clouds at 6,000 feet; 70 doing business as Safari Helicopters, as a deg F; and dewpoint 57 deg F. However, Part 135 on-­demand commercial air tour by 5:18 p.m. conditions had deteriorated VFR flight. Company flight following pro- to wind from 350 degrees at 10 knots; 2.5 cedures were in effect. Safari reported the statute miles visibility in rain and mist, helicopter missing at 5:31 p.m. local time, overcast clouds at 3,000 feet; tempera- 10 minutes after its scheduled arrival time ture 73 deg F; and dew point 72 deg F. back at Lihue. An extensive aerial search The NTSB also reported that the pilot, located the wreckage at 9:32 a.m. the fol- identified in news reports as Paul Matero, lowing morning. n TEXTRON AVIATION The Cessna Citation Longitude received FAA type certification on September 21.

NetJets receives first Citation Longitude Textron Aviation delivered its first Cessna the most enjoyable flight imaginable,” said Citation Longitude to NetJets, a key cus- NetJets chairman and CEO Adam Johnson. tomer for the super-midsize business jet, NetJets is the largest, publicly-announced the two companies announced on January customer for the Longitude, having agreed 6. The delivery was completed on Decem- to acquire up to 175 of the twinjets. ber 31 and the twinjet is expected to enter So far, NetJets has also taken delivery of service for the fractional provider early more than 100 midsize Citation Latitudes. this year. The $28.345 million Longitude “We are pleased to have the new Citation received FAA type certification on Sep- Longitude enter the NetJets fleet and tember 21, followed by entry into service continue to strengthen a relationship that on October 2. goes back decades,” said Textron Aviation If you are interested in advertising , please reach out to your “No matter the reason for being on president and CEO Ron Draper. Since 1984, sales rep or contact [email protected] board, from takeoff to landing, the inno- NetJets has cumulatively operated a fleet vations of the Citation Longitude make it of nearly 500 Cessna Citations. J.S.

24 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ continued from page 18 at the airport restaurant. Or when I flew the landing Shuttle runway. Maybe the with another pilot who joined me from Chi- best one was with my son flying to SPG [St. OpenAirplane, FlyOtto close up shop cago; along the shoreline and to Oshkosh, Petersburg, ] for the $100 lunch at again for an awesome $100 hamburger. Yet the airport. We met Nicole Stott cared about. I truly wish we could had to do a checkout flight every time. another one was flying with two cabin crew there. So many amazing memories and have kept doing it.” Since the “I have many, many memories that will friends [through] the famous [New York adventures… shutdown announcement, “there live with me from those flights, like when, City] Hudson River corridor and then to “It is with great sadness that I read the news has just been an outpouring of with my wife, we flew from Long Beach to Martha’s Vineyard for lunch. Another time about OpenAirplane closing, and now what is love and support and appreci- Burbank [] to pick up a friend and was flying with my family to Cape Canav- left for me? I guess, more years without flying ation. A lot of folks had their flew to Big Bear for a great $100 hamburger eral; we even had the chance to fly over general aviation…very sad indeed.” n bucket list experience in aviation enabled by this.”

Happy Flier One frequent customer who greatly appreciated OpenAirplane is Christian Calcedo, a captain based in the Middle East. “For me, aviation is not my job, it is my passion. It is my entire life,” he told AIN. Calcedo used to live in Florida and fly Cessna 172s in his spare time, but after moving to Dubai, “I realized that general aviation is non-existent here. In some places, you still have a little bit of general aviation, but it is either way too expensive or it is very restrictive—or with really inad- equate or insufficient facilities… Pilots in the U.S. do not realize how blessed they are.” For three years after moving to the Middle East, he wasn’t able to fly light airplanes but kept his interest alive by reading maga- zines and listening to aviation podcasts. One day, he heard on a podcast about OpenAirplane and how he could rent Cessna 172s almost anywhere in the U.S. with just one annual check flight. “I was super excited,” he told AIN. “That was exactly what I had been waiting for; it was per- fect for my situation.” Calcedo flies to the U.S. seven or eight times per year, staying from 24 to 48 hours. “The chance to have a nearby place to rent a C-172 pretty much anywhere in U.S., without the hassle of rental With Wireless Phone checkouts and all that, is just per- fect for someone in my situation.” Charging from Astronics He joined OpenAirplane in 2014 and has flown in the net- Luxury cabins demand luxury conveniences, and now you work about 100 hours. “I reserve can offer the latest with the Wireless Charging Module (WCM) several days in advance online. I from Astronics. Qi-certified for safety, the WCM delivers 15W receive my confirmation online. of quick-charging power in a flight-proven package already I read and study the local rules from the OpenAirplane website linefit certified by Boeing and Airbus. and I prepare myself as best as I Bring the convenience of home to your cabin. Bring in Astronics. can, gathering all the information available. On the day of the flight I show up at the FBO, they give me the keys to the airplane, I go [email protected] | out, do my preflight and go flying… as simple as that…it is brilliant.” Thanks to OpenAirplane, Cal- POWER SOLUTIONS cedo has expanded his general aviation horizons and completed many flights he otherwise would not have been able to enjoy if he

AIN_WCM_ad.indd 1 1/13/2020 12:24:33 PM \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 25 Airbus Corporate Jets offers missile-defense system by James Wynbrandt

Airbus Corporate Jets (ACJ), capped The year’s sales included four 2019 by partnering with French MRO ACJ350XWBs—the latest addition to Sabena Technics to offer directional ACJ’s VIP widebody family—with the infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) self-­ German government buying three and protection systems for its VIP airliners. one going to a private customer. The DIRCM systems use infrared lasers to jumbo jet can fly 25 passengers 11,000 protect aircraft against missiles fired nm, or more than 22 hours non-stop, and from man-portable air defense systems incorporates a next-generation carbon (manpads), today’s most widespread composite and in-flight wing missile threat, according to the French morphing technology that increases airframer. The new security offering efficiency and performance. While “expands and consolidates the widespread carbon fiber can create chal- in completion, ACJ marketing director Airbus Corporate Helicopters range of modern aircraft and services lenges for custom interior outfittings, David Velupillai said. ACJ has notched Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) that ACJ offers,” ACJ president Benoit ACJ developed the Easyfit solution for 16 ACJneo sales in total. markets corporate versions of the Defforge said. the new widebody, providing hundreds The ACJ320neo can carry 25 passen- brand’s rotorcraft. ACJ and ACH have Initially available for ACJ320 models, of pre-equipped attachment points and gers 6,000 nm, while the ACJ319neo been appearing in tandem at recent trade such anti-missile systems are available standard system interfaces to simplify can tote 19 passengers 6,750 nm, both events under the Business Aviation by from several different companies, and completions. at double-­digit operational cost savings Airbus banner to underscore the parent Sabena will act as the system integra- over previous generation ACJ320s. company’s message that “ACJ and ACH tor. Some in-service ACJs are already ACJ320neo Sales Are Promising Meanwhile, ACJ has made it easier are part of the only manufacturer to offer equipped with DIRCMs offered through The corporate version of Airbus’s new for high-end charter customers to book both corporate jets and helicopters.” third-party manufacturers. engine option (neo) line, the ACJ320neo trips aboard its jets, having launched Since its 2017 launch, ACH has teamed family, began deliveries to Airbus-­ in October the website, with bespoke design and automotive 2019 Was a Very Good Year approved completion facilities last year, created to “connect business jet trav- companies to create co-branded deluxe ACJ experienced a strong 2019, with nine the first—an ACJ320neo—was bound elers to ACJ operators,” said Defforge. helicopter interiors, including Hermes aircraft sales inked, including its first for launch customer Acropolis Avia- The site provides access to the world’s and Mercedes-Benz, an approach most ACJ350XWBs (Xtra Wide Bodies) sales, tion, a UK-based VIP charter operator. 12 charter companies operating ACJs. recently seen in January’s announcement complemented by first deliveries of its A second ACJ320neo and an ACJ319neo “Just click to book a unique flying expe- of the Aston Martin Edition of the seven-­ ACJ320neo family models. were also handed over, and all remain rience,” he added. passenger, single-engine ACH130. n

now. In late October, officials with the U.S. Collins expecting big synergies from merger Department of Justice’s antitrust division asked Collins Aerospace to divest its mil- by Chris Kjelgaard itary GPS business—which is located in Cedar Rapids, and which Rockwell Collins Aerospace will remain substan- Collins Aerospace, itself, expects Rockwell Collins which created Collins Collins brought to its merger with UTAS— tially intact following the completion of eventually to see at least $600 million of Aerospace; it has achieved about $250 as a pre-condition for DOJ approval of the parent United Technologies Corpora- cost-reduction synergies annually from million of them to date. But Ortberg said UTC-Raytheon merger. tion’s planned merger with The Raytheon the November 2018 merger between UTC and Raytheon expect most of the “The reason for that is there is an Company and Collins CEO Kelly Ortberg UTC Aerospace Systems (UTAS) and major cost-­reduction synergies from the overlap between Collins Aerospace and believes the merger will produce substan- planned 2020 Raytheon Technologies Raytheon in [the] military GPS” busi- tial new revenue synergies for his company. merger “to be primarily at the corporate ness, said Ortberg. He told AIN as far UTC’s and Raytheon’s shareholders level” of the parent companies. back as May—and reiterated to report- voted last fall to approve the planned However, he added, “we do believe ers in late October—that he sees pro- merger, which would create one of the there will be some significant revenue viding armed forces with secure military world’s three largest aerospace OEMs synergies for us in terms of [mutually air-to-ground communications and overall and the second-largest military increased business generated together accurate navigation in the GPS-denied OEM. The merger would bring under the with] the Raytheon portfolio. But we and jammed environments as repre- new Raytheon Technologies corporate Kelly Ortberg can’t do any exchange [of business plan- senting a substantial long-term busi- umbrella UTC’s Collins Aerospace and Collins CEO ning with Raytheon] until the merger ness opportunity for Collins Aerospace. Pratt & Whitney businesses beside Intel- closes.” Asked if the divestiture of its military ligence, Space and Airborne Systems and That is unlikely to be a concern for GPS business might, then, represent Integrated Defense and Missile Systems The company still Collins Aerospace, which has already an issue for his company following the divisions contributed by The Raytheon been hard at work to realize more than UTC-­Raytheon merger, Ortberg replied, Company. Assuming the planned merger has and will have $1 billion of expected revenue synergies “The company still has and will have partners receive all required regulatory GPS [technological] annually from the merger with Rockwell GPS [technological] capability. From approvals, they expect to consummate Collins. Ortberg said it expected to have a long-term perspective, those compe- the merger in April. capability. From a achieved $175 million of those synergies tencies and capabilities will still exist” At Collins Aerospace, which is expected long-term perspective, by the end of 2019. within a future Raytheon Technologies. to report higher revenues in 2019 than Although Collins Aerospace expects its As of press time for this issue, Collins any of the other three planned Raytheon those competencies business to be substantially unaffected Aerospace hadn’t yet identified a buyer for Technologies businesses, “there will be overall by the planned UTC-Raytheon its military GPS business or determined no major change in what we do” following and capabilities merger, it does already know it won’t when the DOJ-requested divestiture the merger, said Ortberg. will still exist” emerge from the merger entirely as it is would take place. n

26 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ asked for an examination of FBO pricing and tie-downs, and other aeronautical services. and fees charged by a service provider at AOPA pans the FAA’s oversight of related airport grant At the end of December, AOPA their preferred airport. AOPA argued that assurances, particularly 22b, which states responded to the report, describing it as community airports are meant to be avail- that an airport must ensure aeronautical lackadaisical and stating it “misses the able to all pilots and the traveling public on FBO pricing services are available to all users on a reason- mark.” Its primary complaint with the reasonable terms. able and not unjustly discriminatory basis. findings appears to be that it does not Further, AOPA said the report failed to The GAO, in its year-long review, developed specifically back AOPA’s call for FBO acknowledge its assertion that charts for report a statistical model to analyze variation in pricing transparency, particularly at AIP all public-use airports should clearly indi- fuel prices in the contiguous U.S., reporting grant-funded airports. The association cate available non-FBO-controlled ramp by Curt Epstein that “as of March 2019, we identified 3,070 also stated that the report did not include space for aircraft parking when FBO ser- FBOs operating at 3,016 airports located in in its analysis fees for other services such vices were not desired. n A recent report from the U.S. Govern- the contiguous United States; these airports as ramp, tiedown, security, facility, infra- ment Accountability Office (GAO) to the are included in FAA’s National Plan of Inte- structure, and access fees. “Its lack of House Committee on Transportation and grated Airport Systems (NPIAS). probing FBO fees and the satisfying of Infrastructure on the pricing of aviation airport grant requirement issues is shock- NEWS note services found that while pricing at FBOs FBO Pricing Factors ingly shallow,” AOPA wrote. Metrojet has added five Gulfstream is dependent upon many variables, it has Since 2007 the FAA has doled out more The GA organization noted that while business jets to its managed fleet, not been identified as a widespread area than $37 billion in grants to airports to fund most FBOs charge fair and reasonable bringing its tally to 16 Gulfstream air- of concern. capital development and is responsible for fees, others, particularly those in sole-­ craft, the Hong Kong-based business Industry stakeholders interviewed for ensuring compliance with requirements, provider situations, do not publish rates aviation services provider announced. the report range from airport officials to including providing airport users equal and charges, often surprising pilots with Gulfstream and Metrojet have had a FBO customers, to trade organizations access to airport services such as fueling. higher-than-expected fees. partnership since 2001 with the receipt such as NBAA, NATA, GAMA, as well as The GAO statistical model confirmed a AOPA added: “It is disappointing that the of its first GIV. In 2020, Metrojet expects the service providers themselves. The correlation between cost and demand fac- GAO, the guardian of taxpayer dollars, failed to see additional Gulfstream jets enter its GAO found that it’s the cost to build and tors and unsurprisingly found higher over- to thoroughly address all aspects of federal managed fleet. maintain facilities such as hangars and all prices charged by FBOs at airports with grant requirements. The report reflects Denzil White, Metrojet’s managing fuel farms as well as operating costs that higher cost and demand. While on-airport a complete lack of contextual knowledge director of aircraft management and influence pricing; along with other factors competition could result in lower fuel of the industry and how it is intended to charter, explained that 2019 was a such as seasonal demand and competition. prices at busy airports, the agency noted operate.” The organization also found fault tough business environment for the Some aviation groups, spearheaded by not all airports can support more than with the report’s assessment of market eco- region. “Given the recessionary envi- the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association one FBO. The report defined an FBO as a nomics, which contended that pilots had ronment, Metrojet is pleased with the (AOPA), have called for greater transparency business granted the right by the airport to the option to patronize alternative area steady growth,” White said. T of service pricing at public-use airports. They operate fueling facilities, hangars, aircraft airports if they disagreed with the pricing

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SINGLE OR DUAL GARMIN 600/700 TXi TOUCH SCREEN PFD’s CITATION’S Including our Garmin GTN 650/750, ADS-B, 500/501/550/551/S550/560 Transponder, and Audio upgrades and much more! STC \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 27 Atlas Air crew suffered confusion, says NTSB by Rob Finfrock

Although the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has not yet issued its probable cause determination in the Feb. 23, 2019 downing of an Atlas Air freighter near , Texas, information contained in the Board’s recently-released public docket on the investigation paints a picture of a confused flight crew working against one another trying to keep their air- craft in the sky. Flight 3591 from Miami International Airport (MIA) had proceeded normally for

most of its journey to George Bush Inter- NTSB PHOTOS continental Airport (IAH), with captain In this photo, taken on March 3, 2019, NTSB investigators and members of the recovery team Ricky Blakely, first officer Conrad Aska, retrieve the flight data recorder of Atlas Air Flight 3591, a Boeing 767-300 cargo jet, that and jump-seater Sean Archuleta, a recently crashed in the marshland of Trinity Bay on Feb. 23, 2019, about 30 miles from Houston’s promoted captain at , dis- George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Right, the recovered flight data recorder. cussing their respective employers and the flying qualities of the Boeing 767. with the aircraft entering light to moder- stalling. .” However, FDR data indi- after failing two check- Aska, the pilot flying, reported to Blakely ate turbulence,” according to the NTSB cates the aircraft was flying normally at outs for promotion to captain on the as the aircraft approached IAH that his pri- FDR specialist’s factual report. a computed airspeed of approximately Embraer 175 regional jet. One Mesa cap- mary flight display appeared to be showing Five seconds later, the aircraft’s 250 knots prior to the nose pitching tain who evaluated him told the NTSB incorrect aircraft orientation on the hor- go-around autothrottle mode activated and down in response to the first officer’s that Aska would “make frantic mistakes izontal situation indicator (HSI), but the “the engines began advancing to go-around control inputs. Citing a physiologist, [and] start pushing a lot of buttons with- crewmembers later determined the instru- thrust setting,” according to the report. the NTSB noted Aska may have been out thinking about what he was pushing.” ment was functioning properly. However, neither pilot seemed aware the disoriented by the increase in speed Earlier in his flying career, Aska had The situation deteriorated as the Boe- mode had been selected or that their aircraft while operating in instrument meteo- been briefly employed by regional air- ing descended through 10,000 feet msl was now configuring for a 2,000 foot-per- rological conditions. lines and Commutair and maneuvered around thunderstorms minute climb; until about 10 seconds later, According to the FDR, Blakely then but had left after four months and one circling IAH while approaching to land when Aska suddenly pitched the aircraft pulled back on his yoke as Aska contin- month, respectively, due to failure to on Runway 26L. The aircraft’s flight data nose down but did not touch the . ued pushing forward, resulting in “a split satisfactorily complete training at both recorder (FDR) noted “triaxial accelera- “Whoa, my speed, my speed,” Aska between left and right elevators…ranging carriers. He did not list his time with tion magnitudes increased” at an altitude stated, according to the NTSB’s cockpit between 2 to 7 degrees,” according to the those airlines when applying at Atlas, the of approximately 6,500 feet, “consistent voice recorder (CVR) transcript. “We’re NTSB. The aircraft continued to descend, NTSB noted. with airspeed increasing beyond 350 knots. Both Aska and Blakely, 60, also under- The plane’s switched went remedial instruction at Atlas, with out of go-around mode as the aircraft the latter enrolled in the carrier’s pro- descended through 3,000 feet, by which ficiency watch program in 2015 after he time the aircraft had descended under initially failed his 767 checkride. Blakely the cloud cover and was in visual con- was approved to fly the 767 later that ditions. The FDR indicates both Aska year, following successful retraining and Blakely then pulled back on their on proper stall recovery and missed yokes to the full aft position, where they approach procedures. remained until the aircraft crashed into Aska also failed his initial checkride at a shallow bay approximately 40 miles Atlas, due to what company pilots told the southeast of IAH. NTSB was “unsatisfactory performance “Aircraft pitch was about 50 degrees nose in crew resource management, threat down,” the FDR report stated. “Vertical and error management, non-precision acceleration went from 0 g to 4.2 g and pitch approaches, steep turns, and judgment.” increased rapidly until its final recorded He ultimately passed the checkride after position of 16 degrees nose down…The final more remedial training, with the chief recorded airspeed was 433.5 kts.” pilot at Atlas telling investigators he’d chalked up the first officer’s previous -dif Pilots’ Employment and ficulties to nerves and family issues. Training Histories Highlighted That pilot told the NTSB that he’d Investigators also found that Aska, 44, intended to informally monitor Aska’s had a problematic employment and performance going forward, but the car- Memory boards from the cockpit voice recorder of Atlas Air Flight 3591 are inspected for training history prior to his hiring at rier did not place Aska under a dedicated signs of damage and water intrusion by an NTSB engineer from the Office of Research and Atlas in 2017. He joined the freight oper- proficiency watch program as mandated Engineering’s Vehicle Recorder Division at the NTSB laboratory in Washington, March 2, 2019. ation from Mesa Airlines, which he left by the FAA. n

28 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ LEADING AEROSPACE

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Leading_Aerospace_CONTRA_FULL_TABLOID.indd 1 17/06/2019 11:55:53 continued from page 1 identification, limited identification, and operations without remote identification to be permitted within an “FAA-recog- nized identification zone.” Under standard remote identification, aircraft would have to broadcast identifica- tion and location information and simulta- neously transmit the same information to an approved UAS service supplier (USS). Identification can be based on the aircraft’s individual serial number or a “session iden- tification number” that would be assigned by the USS and would allow the operator a greater level of privacy. Remote ID USS service providers would be under contract to the FAA, under an operating model similar to that already applied by the agency for Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability (LAANC), which manages clearances for UAS operations at designated U.S. airports. Under limited identification, opera- tors would have to broadcast only the location of each UAS but would be per- mitted to operate only within 400 feet of Last year, successfully flew its VoloCity eVTOL aircraft prototype in and out of Finland’s Helsinki International Airport to a ground-based control station. Aircraft demonstrate its ability to safely operate in busy public airspace. without remote identification capability that are not covered by the limited excep- requirements will be critical to the antic- One such company is Kittyhawk, which ,UAS’s positions] for some customers.” tions to the new rule, would be confined ipated growth of the UAS industry. “We already offers its Air Control security and AirMap, another prospective USS ven- to FAA-recognized identification zones have long called for the establishment and compliance system to UAS operators. dor, applauded FAA’s proposed remote ID established within specific communities. implementation of these standards, which “Overall, the [FAA] approach is sound. rule and said that the LAANC program— Significantly, the FAA will not permit will increase the safety and security of the They have broken it out into three areas for which it already provides service—is either existing electronic surveillance tech- airspace and advance the UAS industry and the layered approach makes sense,” a proven model for how a public-private nologies, including transponders and auto- beyond what is currently possible,” com- founder and CEO Jon Hegranes told AIN. partnership can support growth in the matic dependent surveillance-broadcast­ mented AUVSI president Brian Wynne. “More advanced aircraft will need both UAS flights. “It validates a core belief we (ADS-B), or radio communications with air “The importance of remote ID regulations broadcast and remote ID functions. One hold that the only way drones can oper- traffic control services, to be used for UAS cannot be overstated, as they are neces- important caveat that you can fly offline if ate at scale is if they all participate in a remote identification. The agency decided sary to enable advanced and expanded you have broadcast capability. If you don’t connected, internet-enabled unmanned that these potential solutions were unsuit- operations such as flights over people and have to have broadcast, you can use a net- aircraft traffic management [UTM] sys- able, “due to the lack of infrastructure for beyond line of sight. They also serve as the work and be online. You can’t fly as far, tem,” company chairman and co-founder these technologies at lower altitudes and linchpin needed for future rulemakings but for short distances it is reasonable.” Ben Marcus told AIN. the potential saturation of the available that will pave the way for transformative According to Hegranes, UAS manufactur- There are already established standards radio frequency spectrum.” uses of UAS with significant benefits for ers and remote ID technology companies in place for remote ID and tracking tech- our economy and society, including wide- have “a lot more work to be done” to com- nology, as defined by ASTM International Rule Implementation Could spread UAS delivery. Finally, remote ID plete the “ecosystem” that is envisioned through its WK65041 standard issued Slow Autonomous will also help law enforcement identify for safe integration of large numbers of in July 2019. This document has been The FAA’s decision not to allow compli- and distinguish authorized UAS from those unmanned aircraft into controlled airspace. endorsed by 35 regulatory and industry ance through these existing technolo- that may pose a security threat.” “These rules will pave the way for much organizations worldwide. According to gies is a significant factor explaining the Several companies are well positioned larger autonomous aircraft,” he said. “Hav- AirMap, the standard provides, “a flexi- three-year transition period between the to take up the proposed USS role to sup- ing full visibility and ble and scalable way to remotely identify effective date of the final rule and full port remote ID implementation. In many [for UAS] is a key facet of this and we need drones while protecting operator privacy.” implementation. Earlier in 2019, the FAA cases, they have relevant experience of machinery that can use real-time data. The “The proposed Remote ID rule requires indicated that the effective date for the providing similar support for the expanded next step is connecting all these aircraft. We nearly all drone operators to share their new remote identification rules would implementation of the LAANC program. are already doing live telemetry [to track position and identifying information,” likely be in late 2021. Marcus explained. “That’s important as Some industry observers have indi- it will ultimately enable beyond-visual-­ cated that the relatively slow timeline line-of-sight flights and autonomous for implementing the rule could slow the operations. When operators share their pace of service entry for some commercial information in a UTM system, aircraft UAS operations and autonomous eVTOL can safely fly in proximity to one another aircraft being prepared for urban air and dynamically reroute based on highly mobility services. Generally, eVTOL pio- accurate airspace information including neers have been slow to publicly respond restrictions, traffic, weather, and emer- to the NPRM. Some of them have set gency activity. We’re building these capa- very aggressive timelines for the start of bilities with drones now, but we know that commercial operations by autonomous in the future the low-altitude airspace is aircraft that now seem even more chal- going to get busier with high-density lenging given the complexity of what the drone and eVTOL operations.” n FAA is proposing. In response to the NPRM, the Asso- This story comes from ciation for Unmanned Vehicle Systems a resource developed by AIN to provide objective, independent coverage of new International (AUVSI) said that effective Existing remote identification applications can display multiple drone operations managed by aviation technology, including electric implementation of remote identification separate UAS service suppliers, such as Wing (left), AirMap (center), and UASidekick. aircraft developments.

30 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ of the financial plan from [Airbus Canada Bombardier Limited Partnership] calls for additional cash investments to support production ramp-up, pushes out the break-even mulls exit timeline, and generates a lower return over the life of the program,” Bombar- dier said in the report. “This may sig- from A220 nificantly impact the joint venture value. Bombardier will disclose the amount of any write-down when we complete our program analysis and report our final fourth quar- ter and 2019 financial results.” by Gregory Polek In a statement to AIN, Bombardier said the joint venture remains under review Bombardier on January 16 signaled a by the partners and that it would release possible complete retreat from the more information on February 13. commercial aircraft business in a pre- Bombardier has invested a total of $6 bil- liminary fourth-quarter earnings report lion in the former C Series program since Last month Bombardier signaled its possible intention to withdraw from the that anticipates a $130 million EBIT loss its launch in 2008. After several delays, program, formerly the company’s CSeries, which it sold a majority stake in last year. during the period. The potential exit the narrowbody airliner won Transport from the Airbus A220 program, in which Canada certification in December 2015, Under the deal, which closed in July to its U.S. plant in Mobile, Alabama. Assem- the company still holds a minority stake, not long after a first round of talks with 2018, Bombardier agreed to fund cash bly of A220s began in Mobile last August, would follow the company’s decision last Airbus over a possible combination fizzled shortfalls of up to $925 million over the while primary production remained in year to sell its CRJ regional jet program when Airbus’s due diligence failed to find a course of three and a half years, and the Mirabel, Quebec. In a statement issued to Mitsubishi and its aerostructures compelling case for it. Finally, in October partners’ Class A shareholders would Thursday, Airbus said it remains committed manufacturing business in to 2017, Bombardier agreed to hand over 51 share the cost of any excess shortfall. to the A220 and would continue to fund the Spirit Aerosystems. The Canadian com- percent of the loss-making program to the The deal also allowed for Bombardier to program “on its way to break even.” n pany said it expected both transactions European airframer for no cash consider- force Airbus to take its entire stake in the to close by mid-year and generate $1.1 ation while retaining a 31-percent stake program in 2026 or Airbus could oblige billion in cash. in what would become the C Series Air- Bombardier to sell the stake.

“While the A220 program continues to craft Limited Partnership (CSALP). The Since the sale of the program, Airbus YOUR SOURCE FOR AVIATION NEWS win in the marketplace and demonstrate Quebec provincial government took the changed the name of the airplane to the its value to airlines, the latest indications remaining 19 percent. A220 and decided to move some production

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© SmartSky Networks, LLC 2020. All Rights reserved. \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 31 PILOT report CESSNA CITATION CJ4 MATT THURBER MATT

seats. The eight-seat interior has a single AIN flies the top-of-the line CitationJet seat opposite the main door, one double-­ club seating area, a single forward-facing­ by Matt Thurber row of seats behind that, then a belted seat in the lavatory. The nine-seat cabin The Citation CJ4 has done quite well in features the MultiScan radar, which com- in why the CJ4 isn’t as popular among the replaces the single side-facing seat near the light-jet market, carving out a prof- bines short-, mid-, and long-range radar owner-flown crowd, especially those who the entry door with a two-seat couch with itable niche for Textron Aviation with a images into a single easy-to-interpret pic- learned to fly with Garmin avionics. an armrest between the two seats. If flown well-performing capable jet serving both ture of weather and turbulence. The Pro With more than 300 CJ4s delivered single-pilot, the right seat on the flight owner-pilots and professional fliers, alike. Line 21 avionics tend to be more familiar to since 2010, the model has another advan- deck is available for passengers, bringing Entering service in 2010, the $9.41 pilots who grew up flying with traditional tage in its shared heritage, a common the total capacity to nine or 10 passengers. million CJ4 is the largest of the Cita- (FMS) inter- single-pilot type rating with other CJs, The eight-passenger floorplan is stan- tionJet series and the company’s larg- faces and thus the CJ4 is well appreciated with just two days of differences training dard, but there is no extra charge for the est Part 23 airplane, and it brought some by professional pilots. The CJ4 is one of required when moving up to the CJ4. nine-passenger layout, and it even weighs new design features to the lineup that only two current-model Citations not slightly less, cutting 10.4 pounds from the set it apart from earlier models. Like equipped with Garmin-based G3000 or CJ4 Layout empty weight. larger Citations, the CJ4 has some wing G5000 touchscreen-controlled avionics; The CJ4’s cabin is available in two configu- The cabin width is 58 inches, and height sweep, 12.5 degrees, but it also retains the other is the XLS+. This may be a factor rations, with either eight or nine passenger is 57 inches, but that is from the ceiling the CJ’s short-field capabilities. Other larger-jet features include electrically heated windshields instead of the bleed- air-heated systems on the M2 and CJ3+, as well as single-point refueling. The CJ4 also has an externally serviced flushing lavatory, which was optional until serial number 100, then became a standard feature. The biggest difference between the CJ4 and its siblings is the larger jet’s Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite, which also MATT THURBER MATT The spacious rear baggage compartment can hold up to 55.6 cu ft and 600 pounds. The cabin layout fits either eight or nine passenger seats, including the belted lav.

32 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ to the recessed dropped aisle. By compar- so much flexibility, it’s really the hot rod ison, the Phenom 300’s cabin measures of the entire fleet.” Cessna Citation CJ4 61 inches wide by 59 inches, also with a Maximum takeoff weight (mtow) of Specifications and Performance dropped aisle, and the airplane can carry the CJ4 is 17,110 pounds, and with full up to 10 passengers. The PC-24 can carry fuel (5,828 pounds) it can carry 1,000 Price (typically completed and equipped) $9.41 million 11 passengers, with 10 in the cabin and pounds of payload. The heavier Phenom Engines (2) Williams FJ44-4A, 3,621 lbs one on the flight deck. Cabin width is 67 300 (mtow 18,387 pounds) has a larger inches and height 61 inches, but the PC-24 full-fuel payload at 1,561 pounds, while Avionics Collins Pro Line 21 has a flat floor, which gives it a more the PC-24’s is 715 pounds (PC-24 mtow is roomy feel. 18,300 pounds). Passengers (typical) 1 crew + 8/9 pax The CJ4 flown for this report had the The CJ4 is powered by two 3,621-pound- nine-seat interior, which cuts down on thrust Williams International FJ44-4A Range (w/NBAA reserves, 100-nm alternate) 1,926 nm at 430 ktas the storage space next to the two seats Fadec engines with a 5,000-hour TBO. opposite the entry door. There is a double With a full load of fuel, taking off at High-speed cruise 451 ktas cupholder between the two seats. mtow with five occupants, the CJ4 can fly Some of the added length of the CJ4 1,926 nm (NBAA IFR range, 100-nm alter- Long-range cruise speed 391 ktas fuselage compared to the CJ3 comes in nate) while at high-speed cruise, which the flight deck and refreshment center is 430 ktas at FL450. The Phenom 300 Fuel capacity 5,828 lbs area. Between the door and flight deck is can fly 1,971 nm with six occupants, and Max payload w/full fuel 1,000 lbs a compact but spacious refreshment cen- the PC-24 2,000 nm with five occupants. ter, with plenty of space for a divided ice With eight passengers, the CJ4’s range Maximum altitude 45,000 ft drawer, coffee container, disposable cup drops to 1,701 nm. dispenser, trash container, bottled water At mtow, the CJ4 needs 3,410 feet to Cabin altitude at maximum altitude 7,800 ft and can storage, and snack areas. take off and can climb to its maximum The pedestal seats in the cabin all swivel altitude of FL450 in 29 minutes. Maxi- Max takeoff weight 17,110 lbs and track forward/aft and inboard/out- mum cruise speed is 451 ktas, and this board, but the two center forward-facing comes at FL310 and a weight of 14,000 Takeoff distance at mtow (sea level, standard) 3,410 ft seats also are floor-tracking. Between the pounds. On a sample 580-nm trip with double-club seats are two bi-fold tables, eight passengers, the CJ4 needs 2,756 feet Landing distance 2,940 ft and there are slimline bi-fold tables for to take off and can then climb directly to Length 53.33 ft the rear seating area. The club seat area FL450 in 17 minutes. Landing distance is can easily be expanded by moving the 2,940 feet. Wingspan 50.83 ft rear-most seats all the way back. The cabin-management/entertain- Systems and Avionics Height 15.33 ft ment system is the Collins Venue with a The CJ4 is conventional in its aluminum Blu ray media center with single-­channel structure with a T-tail , mod- Volume: 311 cu ft SiriusXM radio, a monitor on the right erately swept three- wing with hinged, forward bulkhead, two side-ledge moni- three-position flaps, and trailing-beam Width: 4.83 ft tors, and environmental system controls. landing gear. Wings and engine inlets are Cabin All lights are LED, and each seat has deiced by while the horizontal Height: 4.75 ft cabin-management and entertainment uses pneumatic boots. Speed system controls. There is also a master brakes are available for use at any speed, Length (seating area): 17.33 ft panel on the left forward side at the top extending to 40 degrees, and pan- Baggage capacity (including cabin storage) 77 cu ft/1,040 lbs of the refreshment center. The two side- els extend to 54 degrees for lift-dump ledge monitors can be moved to docking on the ground. Air-conditioning is via a FAA certification (basis, date) FAR Part 23, commuter category stations at other seating areas. vapor-cycle system. For airborne connectivity, Gogo’s air- The electrical system runs off two 300- to-ground system is an available option amp engine-driven starter-generators, but for U.S. operations, and international each engine also drives an alternator to travelers may want to add the provide power for an AC flight deck wind- Inmarsat SwiftBroadband satcom. shield and side window anti-icing and Two external storage areas are avail- defogging system. The alternators can able, one in the nose with 15 cu ft capable also back up the electrical system in case of up to 400 pounds, and in the tailcone of dual generator failure, with a trans- with a 20- by 26-inch door and a capacity former rectifier converting power to DC. of 55.6 cu ft and 600 pounds. Each engine Fadec has its own permanent magnet alternator. CJ4 Performance No icing inhibitor is needed in the What sets the CJ4 apart is its perfor- fuel as it is kept warm via a fuel-oil heat mance, a big step up for pilots grad- exchanger. uating from the smaller siblings and The CJ4’s two lead-acid or nickel-­ competitive with Embraer’s Phenom cadmium batteries are accessible from

300 and the Pilatus PC-24. Runway per- outside the airplane, unlike the batteries THURBER MATT formance of the CJ4 is similar to that of in the earlier CJs, which are inside the The CJ4’s excellent runway and high-speed performance is aided by two 3,621-pound-thrust the CJ3+, according to demo pilot Mark tailcone. Williams FJ44-4A and a moderately . Vanderpool, who is Textron Aviation’s Avionics are the Collins Pro Line 21 suite, manager of flight operations, but the which includes four 8- by 10-inch displays two control display units mounted forward but WAAS LPV is included as standard, CJ4 is 3,000 pounds heavier and can fly in portrait orientation. Two display con- of the throttle quadrant. Collins’s Multi- whether the buyer chooses one or two 200 nm farther. trol panels under the glareshield are for Scan radar, which automatically displays FMSs. Also standard is emergency descent “It’s designed as the ultimate owner-­ controlling the two outboard PFDs, while a merged picture of weather no matter mode, which activates if the system detects operator airplane,” said Ben Nofziger, a two cursor control panels manage func- the airplane’s attitude, is standard. ADS-B depressurization above 30,000 feet with Textron Aviation demo pilot who flew tions on the two center multifunction dis- Out with a single TDR-94D transponder is the engaged. with Vanderpool during this trip. “It has plays. FMS control and radio tuning is via now standard. A second FMS is an option, continues on next page \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 33 PILOT report CESSNA CITATION CJ4

continued from previous page The Pro Line 21 system is sophisticated and does everything needed in a modern business jet, but it is a little surprising that Textron Aviation doesn’t offer a synthetic vision option for the CJ4, especially consid- ering the M2 and CJ3+ both offer synthetic vision with their Garmin G3000 avionics. In fact, the company does get requests from potential buyers about moving the CJ4 to G3000. “It’s a frequent ask,” said sales engineer James Beeson during a pre-demo description of the CJ4. “But we definitely see that there’s space in the market for this aircraft.” Customers like the Collins MultiScan radar, he explained, and many pilots who flew earlier CJ ver- sions with Pro Line 21 are already used to the Collins avionics. “We are always innovating and talking to customers,” he said, “and looking for things they are wanting and improving our products. It’s not just features, but manufacturing pro- cesses, and from an ease-of-maintenance standpoint.” On the maintenance end, Textron Aviation offers its ProTech program for The Collins Pro Line 21-equipped CJ4 flown for this report was equipped with the optional

the CJ4, which fixes the cost of labor for second FMS. Dual cupholders for each pilot add a convenience to the CJ4’s flight deck. THURBER MATT scheduled and unscheduled maintenance (based on the consumer price index). By We taxied to Morristown’s Runway 5 keep the pitch to the desired 10 degrees power back for a rapid descent and signing up for all the Textron Aviation and took off carrying 3,500 pounds of fuel. and speed at 200 knots. I turned north engaged the speed brakes. There was a ProAdvantage programs, Beeson said, With three occupants our takeoff weight toward New York Stewart International subtle rumble but no pitch change, and customers get predictable costs and can was 14,078 pounds, 3,032 pounds less than Airport near Newburgh. it was easy to keep the speed at 250 kias write one check for maintenance. mtow. Calculations on the Citation CPCalc I hand flew until we climbed above the while descending at 5,200 fpm, then lev- app showed that we needed a takeoff field FL180 transition level, setting FLC mode eling off at 13,500 feet for some airwork. Flying the CJ4 length of 2,711 feet. Flaps were set to 15 and 240 knots. As we passed through I set up for steep turns at 200 knots Vanderpool and Nofziger flew the CJ4, a degrees, and at this weight, decision speed 17,000 feet, rate of climb was 3,200 fpm, at 13,500 feet and did a 180-degree turn recent model with only 700 hours logged, was 94 knots and rotation speed 97 knots. and it was still 2,700 fpm at FL230. We to the left then right. The CJ4’s handling to Morristown Municipal Airport in After lining up on the runway, I leveled off at FL330 for a speed check overall is comfortable, not too light on the northern New Jersey for my demo flight. advanced the power levers all the way and and had to pull the power back to 93.2 controls and requiring more muscle than The left seat is well furnished and it’s the Williams engines spooled up quickly. N1 to keep the speed below the redline. the entry-level M2, but that is appropriate easy to adjust it to fit, especially with the At VR, I just had to pull back slightly on The CJ4 settled at Mach 0.762 for a true for a high-performance airplane. To me, adjustable rudder pedals. Like the previ- the yoke and the CJ4 launched into the air. airspeed of 447 knots, with each engine it felt closer to a Latitude than a smaller ous CJs that I’ve flown, the CJ4 fits com- Vanderpool had warned me to watch out burning 775 pph. CJ. At slower speeds, the controls are well fortably and makes me feel like I’m part for rapid acceleration after takeoff, and After some shallow turns to feel the harmonized, and flying in the traffic -pat of the airplane. I had to pull the power back smartly to CJ4’s handling at altitude, I pulled the tern was more pleasant. Vanderpool pulled the power back on the right engine so I could feel the yaw, which wasn’t too apparent due to the rudder bias system that automatically compensates for a failed engine while requiring a small amount of rudder pres- sure by the pilot. We set up for the ILS Runway 9 approach at Stewart. Vref was 99 kias, and I hand flew the approach with the flight director guidance. The CJ4 was perfectly solid during the approach, and the landing on the 11,817-foot runway was easy, just a small amount of nose up pull as the main wheels neared the pavement, and then a smooth touchdown and gentle braking for the turn off the runway. I taxied back to Runway 9, then took off and flew in the pattern for another land- ing, which was even easier than the first. After the next takeoff, we flew back to Morristown and flew the RNAV Runway 5 approach. By this time, the CJ4 felt like an old friend, although I’ll admit that I would need some of that differences training to learn how to run the Collins Pro Line 21 avionics efficiently. n

34 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ U.S. Customs U.S. Customs coming in Now Open Strength of a Chain, 2018! Flexibility of an Independent

Your designated alternate for West Palm Beach (PBI) TFR Just 15 miles North of Palm Beach County

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2501 SE Aviation Way, Stuart, FL 34996 Phone: 772-288-6700 • Fax: 772-288-3782 • Toll free: 877-735-9538 • Safran celebrates a fantastic’ 2019 Bruno ‘ Bellanger, by Mark Huber Safran Helicopter A senior Safran Helicopter Engines execu- Ltd. (HAL). The aircraft made its first performance in the transitory regime. Engines tive called 2019 “a fantastic year” and said flight in September 2016. The 1,430 shp The -1K’s maintenance regime has been executive vice that the company was “working very hard” 1U is an increased-power derivative of the optimized with fewer scheduled tasks and president for on projects and programs in 2020, includ- 1,400 shp Ardiden 1H1, an engine that was longer service intervals and connectivity programs ing eVTOL power systems. Bruno Bellanger, co-developed by Safran and HAL and is in features such as health monitoring. Safran Helicopter Engines executive vice production with the designation “Shakti.” The Aneto has also been selected to president for programs, noted that the It powers HAL’s Dhruv and Light Com- power Airbus’s new Racer compound (VTOL) aircraft. The two companies company certified four engines in 2019, bat Helicopter, and more than 250 units helicopter. The Racer uses elements of signed a letter of intent at the 2019 Paris a feat “never seen in our company in the are in service. Since its first ground run the H160’s fuselage mated to a conven- Air Show to jointly investigate technolo- last 20 years.” Those programs included in 2015, the Ardiden 1U has accumulated tional main rotor, a box wing, and twin gies, including electrification, higher-ef- engines for the H160, approximately 1,000 ground and flight- pusher propellers. Top speed is expected ficiency gas turbines, alternative fuels, Leonardo AW189, Indian Light Utility Heli- test hours and has performed well, said to be in the area of 250 knots. and advanced engine architectures that copter (LUH), and Avicopter AC352, the Benoit Gadefait, Safran v-p of medium-­ New programs continuing under devel- reduce the acoustic footprint of tur- Chinese variant of the Airbus H175. helicopter engine programs. “Recently, opment include the Add+ demonstration bines as part of the EU-funded Horizon The Arrano 1A engine for the Air- the [LUH] conducted hot and high tests engine, the technology turboprop demon- Europe program. bus H160 received EASA type certifica- in the Himalayas, showing its abilities to strator, and hybrid and electric propul- Ballenger said that the company is con- tion in June after a test campaign that operate in this demanding environment. sion for helicopters and eVTOL aircraft. tinuing its eVTOL “journey” with a focus included more than 11,000 run hours It took off from remote areas at more The Add+ technology demonstrator is on developing hybrid propulsion systems and 2,500 flight hours. The Arrano is than 5,500 meters’ elevation [18,044 based on the current Arrius helicopter featuring a turbogenerator and electric a new-­generation engine designed to feet] in hot conditions—up to 30 degrees engine but with 30 percent of components boost motors for helicopters—technology power four- to six-tonne helicopters and C (86 degrees F), lifting more than the produced using additive manufacturing. he called “very interesting,” particularly produces between 1,100 and 1,300 shp. for single-engine helicopters. “Having Engine features include new-generation a backup system like this will make it digital controls and an efficient two-stage possible for single-engine helicopters to compressor with new variable inlet guide operate over large cities in Europe. Addi- vanes. The components improve engine tional electrical power provides the best thermal efficiency and yield a fuel burn efficiency for the cruise phase of flight and that is up to 15 percent lower than com- provides benefits for fuel savings,” he said. parable in-service engines, Belanger said. In September, Safran announced that The “gyratory” combustion chamber uses it was working with ZF Luftfahrttechnik fuel injectors made with additive manu- and MT-Propeller, jointly developing a facturing techniques (3D printing). The new turboprop engine system aimed at Arrano 1A was designed to be more easily Europe’s unmanned aircraft market. The serviced, and maintenance time required engine will be optimized for medium is half of that for previous-generation and high altitude, up to 45,000 feet, and engines, according to Safran. The com- feature Fadec and propeller control for pany offers operators complementary both power and propeller pitch. It is a services with the engine, including its derivative of Safran Helicopter Engines’ electronic engine logbook (Boost) and Ardiden 3-based Tech TP demonstration health monitoring. Bellanger said that engine. That engine made its first ground more than 1,700 Safran engines across all run in June at Safran’s Tarnos, France, models are enrolled in Boost. facility. The goal of Tech TP, which is In October, the Civil Aviation Admin- part of the European Union’s Clean Sky istration of China (CAAC) certified the 2 research and innovation program, is to WZ16, a locally produced version of validate technologies required to develop Safran’s 1,700- to 2,000-shp Ardiden 3C expected payload.” The 1U also features Employing technologies first displayed a new-generation turboprop with light- engine, which was jointly developed and what Safran calls “an innovative control in June with Add+, several major engine weight architecture, improved fuel con- built by Safran Helicopter Engines and system specifically designed for single-­ components—including nozzle guide sumption, and lower emissions. Bellanger Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC). engine rotorcraft.” The engine addition- vanes, combustion chamber, and stator said the new engine would feature “high The engine is installed in the Avic AC352 ally incorporates dual-channel Fadec, rear module—are manufactured using levels of design maturity and competitive helicopter, the Chinese variant of the automatic power check, and APU mode. selective laser melting techniques. This operating and maintenance costs.” super-medium Safran received EASA type certification allows assemblies of hundreds of pieces Bellanger said the eVTOL work with Air- twin. The AC352 first flew in December approval for its Aneto-1K engine, as fitted to be molded into a single piece. By way bus involves a “very substantial commitment 2016 and certification is planned for 2021. to the Leonardo AW189K, in December, of example, the accessory gearbox casing to the eVTOL, STOL, and logistics markets. Safran and AECC subsequently agreed following a flight-test campaign that began is now made of two pieces instead of 12. Within every company in the Safran Group, to strengthen their cooperation on the in March 2017. The Aneto family pro- Add+ also integrates components manu- there is a huge number of people investing a WZ16. Terms of the deal include study of duces between 2,500 and 3,000 shp and factured by metal injection molding, such lot in the technologies.” He stressed that the a potential joint venture in China to sup- is intended for super-medium and heavy as free power turbine blades. Bellanger mission would drive the technologies. “For port and maintain in-service WZ16s, pro- helicopters. Rated at 2,500 shp, the -1K has emphasized that Safran is already incor- the logistics market and low-end, on-de- duction launch of the first 120 WZ16s with a power-to-volume ratio that produces 25 porating 3D components into production mand mobility there is a path for a full-elec- an opportunity for 100 more engines, and percent more thermal power than exist- models, including the Arrano and Aneto. tric propulsion system, as there is for the new applications for the WZ16, including ing and similarly rated engines. Safran said But using major 3D content will allow low-payload, last-mile logistics market. Long a turboprop variant for fixed-wing aircraft. this will expand the envelope of missions engineers to “think the shape of the distances and high payload require a hybrid In November, Safran received EASA that helicopters such as the AW189K can engine quite differently,” he said. solution. But we’re still investing a lot in our type certification for the Ardiden 1U perform in applications—including off- Safran and Airbus Helicopters current thermal engines and believe we can engine, installed in India’s LUH (Light shore transport, , fire- announced over the summer that they significantly improve fuel savings and effi- Utility Helicopter). LUH is a new three- fighting, law enforcement, and military are teaming to demonstrate technolo- ciencies there. We’re also working on new tonne, single-engine, multipurpose rotor- transport—that demand increased hot- gies that reduce noise and CO2 emissions synthetic fuels. It comes down to a mix of craft designed by Hindustan Aeronautics and-high power margins and assured for future vertical takeoff and landing several technologies.” n

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Bizav groups cheer tax credit Duncan promoting SAF Aviation’s Matt Stolz, far left, The business aviation community is leads a tour resoundingly endorsing a measure of the Lincoln, included in the recently passed gov- Nebraska-based ernment-wide funding bill that industry MRO provider’s leaders say will promote and develop training area that use of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). it established The Fiscal Year 2020 funding bill, for its airframe which was signed into law on Decem- technician ber 20 shortly after clearing the House apprenticeship and Senate that week, restores an program. expired biodiesel tax credit through 2022. The tax credit applies to qual- ified producers or blenders of sustain- able fuels derived from biomass. Creek, Michigan and, later, Provo, , In a joint statement, the Sustainable Duncan looks to future with which it opened last year. “We’re work- Aviation Fuels Coalition called the tax ing to formalize the process over in Battle incentive vital to the industry’s efforts to Creek,” Rangel said. “Provo’s probably a research, produce, and scale SAF use. formalized apprenticeships little ways off as they’re building them- “Ten years ago, the business aviation selves up and we don’t want to impact community made a commitment to sus- by Jerry Siebenmark them with too much more change.” tainability and carbon-neutral growth. Duncan also is looking at adding a Utilization of SAF by business aviation Beginning this year, Duncan Aviation will and re-tooled it to match with what works powerplant apprenticeship program for operators is an important part of this launch a formalized apprenticeship pro- for Duncan Aviation in developing A&Ps those airframe technicians who want to commitment,” said the coalition, which gram that will offer paying jobs to appren- into the program we have now,” Rangel add that credential, he added. includes the European Business Avia- tices while preparing them over a year and added. “Through this course and on-the- tion Association, General Aviation Man- a half for an FAA license as airframe tech- job training, [tech helpers] get every gap A Conduit to a Future Workforce ufacturers Association, International nicians. The new program is an outgrowth that was missing and what we needed to Even with the time, energy, and invest- Business Aviation Council, National of an effort the Lincoln, Nebraska-based get them ready for testing.” ment into the apprenticeship program, Air Transportation Association, and MRO provider began several years ago to The now-extended program includes Rangel said the bulk of its airframe and National Business Aviation Association. offer on-the-job training and instruction a 90-day period to familiarize tech help- powerplant technician hires are still “NBAA’s 11,000 member compa- to new hires and existing workers inter- ers with working around aircraft and those who are already certified. nies are committed to increasing the ested in becoming A&P mechanics. “The the teams they are assigned to as well “We by no means want to slow that path, utilization of SAF in our daily opera- apprentice program has been very import- as learning the culture at Duncan. After because the knowledge base right there tions,” said NBAA president and CEO ant to us,” Duncan president and CEO those 90 days, the tech helpers transition supports their growth quicker through Ed Bolen. “This innovative fuel can Aaron Hilkemann told AIN. into the apprenticeship program. the company and supports us better right reduce CO2 emissions by up to 80 Three apprentices—or “tech helpers” off the bat,” Rangel said of experienced percent, and they are a critical part as Duncan calls them—tested for their A&Ps. “I would say probably 20 percent of of business aviation’s commitment to airframe certifications in December while Through this our incomings come through the [appren- sustainability.” five more were expected to test in January, ticeship] program.” NATA COO Timothy Obitts said the Duncan manager of aircraft services Jer- course and on-the- While current trends suggest that an tax incentives, along with other initia- emy Rangel told AIN. That’s in addition job training, [tech aging A&P workforce and too few pro- tives such as California’s Low Carbon to another three who have successfully grams and students exist to offset retire- Fuel Standard program, “will help passed the FAA examination. “This next helpers] get every gap ments and future industry needs, it’s not create the supply of sustainable avi- year [2020] will be our first full run with that was missing and a significant concern for Duncan at the ation fuels that the business aviation the [U.S.] Department of Labor [DOL] moment. Hilkemann said Duncan’s aver- industry is demanding. SAF is one of standards,” added Rangel, who also over- what we needed to get age team member has 13 years at the com- the critical pieces that will help the sees Duncan’s apprenticeship program. them ready for testing. pany and is around 39 years old. “There industry achieve cleaner skies for In November, Duncan’s re-tooled ” are some companies I know in the indus- future generations.” apprenticeship program was formally reg- —Duncan manager of aircraft services Jeremy Rangel try that have a much higher average age The industry is aggressively promot- istered by the U.S. Department of Labor and it’s going to be much more difficult ing SAF use, GAMA president and CEO and Department of Education (DOE). Duncan will have two hiring rotations [for them],” he said. Pete Bunce further said, adding “we will Previously, Duncan’s apprenticeship pro- annually for the program and expects each Still, Duncan’s program has attracted continue to work with policymakers and gram was 18 months long as required by of those classes to have between 20 and future generations of A&Ps because some other stakeholders to support its use.” the FAA for licensure testing. “We’ve actu- 25 students. Under it, they work 30 to 36 of its apprentices have come directly From an international perspective, ally progressed quite a few people through hours a week and attend classroom training from high school or college. And Hilke- IBAC director general Kurt Edwards that process, but we started thinking for four to 10 hours a week. Military veter- mann thinks it will continue to be an said the tax incentive “demonstrates about how we are going to get these guys ans who served as aircraft mechanics and effective conduit for Duncan’s future continued U.S. leadership among its extremely well prepared for the test,” Ran- attend the program under an accelerated workforce needs. international peers to encourage the gel explained, “because the test is substan- basis are eligible to use the G.I. bill to sup- “They’re getting paid for working and production and use of SAF.” K.L. tial and actually changed over the years plement their income as tech helpers. “They they get paid for…school,” he explained. and has become more and more difficult.” can utilize that to offset starting wages that “So it’s just been a very positive program That’s when Duncan contacted the DOE are normally not super high, so it helps and we’ve watched those people stay in and DOL to formally develop its appren- them make that transition,” Rangel said. the company. They’re obviously very loyal. ticeship program, which has been extended Eventually, Duncan expects to expand They’re presented their degree, you could YOUR SOURCE FOR AVIATION NEWS to 24 months. “[DOL] gave us their guide- the apprentice program to its other say, working for us and it’s been a positive lines and we worked with what they had full-service MRO locations in Battle all around.” n

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SAVE THE DATE 14-18 November 2021 DWC, Dubai Airshow Site | @dubaiairshow features including moving map, weather, traffic, and terrain. The GI 275 can also be installed as an MFD with those display fea- tures as well as interfacing with traffic advi- sory (TAS) and traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS). Other MFD features include Garmin’s SafeTaxi airport diagrams, terrain shading and obstacles, Expensive and including Garmin’s WireAware database, failure-prone audible and visual terrain proximity alerts, electric- and SiriusXM weather when paired with a vacuum-driven GDL 69 datalink, and free FIS-B (ASD-B instruments can in) weather when paired with a GTX 345 all be replaced by or GNX 375. The GI 275 can display radar Garmin’s new GI 275 information when paired with electronic displays, Garmin’s GRA 55/5500 and third-party which fit into radar . standard 3.125-inch Compatibility with Garmin’s GFC 600 panel cutouts using autopilot and many third-party rear-mounting that is available now, and the GFC 500 will be doesn’t affect the added later this year. The GI 275 replaces panel overlay cover. the primary required for the applicable autopilots. The GI 275 has Wi-Fi built-in and thus can receive database updates using The GI 275 can be configured as a CDI Garmin’s Database Concierge. Data is Garmin’s GI 275 is a direct or HSI and has inputs for two GPS sources synchronized automatically with all and two VHF nav sources. An optional mag- the installed GI 275s. Pilots can trans- netometer provides magnetic-based HSI fer flight plans wirelessly and view posi- steam gauge replacement guidance. The GI 275 can interface with tion and other information on mobile third-party navigators, not just Garmin devices via Bluetooth, but the GI 275 by Matt Thurber units, and without an adapter. As a CDI has to be paired with a GPS 175, GNC or HSI, the GI 275 can also display MFD 355, or GNX 375. n Garmin International last month unveiled traffic, weather, terrain, SafeTaxi airport a new series of instrument panel-mounted diagrams, and multifunction display-type displays that are rear-mounted into stan- maps. One GI 275 can also be a four-in- dard 3.125-inch panel cutouts, offering a one instrument that can be installed as a simple way to replace legacy vacuum- or standby display with a 60-minute backup electric-driven instruments with capa- battery. As a standby, the GI 275 includes a ble new electronic displays. The GI 275 VFR GPS for backup navigation. can replace attitude indicators, attitude The GI 275 offers both touchscreen and direction indicators, horizontal situation dual-concentric knob interfaces. Aircraft indicators (HSIs), and course deviation owners can install up to six GI 275s in indicators (CDIs), and it can also replace their instrument panels. engine instruments as a primary engine For EIS use in multiengine aircraft, a indication system (EIS). GI 275 is required for each engine. Engine The GI 275 is FAA approved and avail- indications for most Lycoming and Con- able for purchase now. Approvals cover tinental normally aspirated and turbo- more than 1,000 single- and twin-engine charged engines include RPM, manifold aircraft, plus some Class IV aircraft (com- pressure, oil pressure and temperature, muter category, for example, Beech 1900) cylinder head temperature, exhaust gas as well as Part 25 aircraft. Prices start at temperature, turbine inlet temperature, less than $4,000 and vary depending on fuel flow, fuel quantity, fuel pressure, volts, the configuration and options. and amps. The GI 275 can also provide The GI 275 isn’t conceptually new as lean-assist and exceedance alerting, which TBM, Quest deliveries sagged in 2019 other companies have developed 3.125- can be set up by the installer. Pilots can set inch replacement electronic instruments. advisory alerts to give notice of items such Deliveries softened slightly for both the for 14 of the deliveries—11 in the U.S. What makes Garmin’s move unique is that as high oil temperature, high oil pressure, TBM and Kodiak families, with Daher and three in Canada. However, three the GI 275 is compatible with many third- high CHT, etc. Engine data can be shared reporting total shipments of 68 for the were also handed over to customers party autopilots without needing a separate wirelessly with the Garmin Pilot app on combined turboprop-single product lines in China and another in . Two adapter and it can also display more infor- Apple iOS devices and also viewed on the in 2019. This marks Daher’s first report of Kodiaks went to Europe. mation including synthetic vision (optional), FlyGarmin website for later analysis. combined results since acquiring the man- As with the Kodiak, the majority of the ufacturer of the Kodiak utility airplane— TBM models went to the U.S., accounting Sandpoint, Idaho-based Quest Aircraft—in for 38 in all. Europe was the next largest October. TBM market in 2019, with three going to Daher delivered 48 TBM 910 and 940 Germany, two to the UK, and one to Rus- variants in 2019, while 20 Kodiak 100 sia. Another three went to Latin America Series II airplanes were shipped. This (two to Brazil and another to Mexico), and compares with combined deliveries of 73 one, a TBM 940, was handed over to a cus- in 2018, including 50 TBM 910/930s and tomer in Japan. Daher noted the delivery 23 Kodiaks. to Japan was the first since it had shipped North America remained the domi- several TBM 700s to Japanese customers Garmin’s GI 275 displays offer touchscreen and dual-concentric knob interfaces. Shown here nant market for the Kodiak, accounting in the early days of the TBM program. K.L. are an attitude indicator (left), multifunction display (center), and HSI with map (right).

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Open your online account with our specialized 24/7 Business Aviation Team [email protected] DEFENSE perspective F-35 deliveries exceed 2019 target Indonesia launches armed UAV program by David Donald State-owned Indonesian aerospace Lockheed Martin delivered the 134th and industrial partner nations during 2019, the readiness of the full F-35 enterprise company PT Dirgantara Indonesia last F-35 of 2019 on December 30. The while the remaining 23 were delivered to ramp to full-rate production, and we (PT DI) unveiled a domestically devel- number exceeded by three aircraft the to export customers through the Foreign continue to focus on improving on-time oped (UAV) joint industry/government goal set for Military Sales program. deliveries across the entire weapons sys- on December 30. Designed to meet the year of 131. It is the third successive The 2019 figures represent a 47 percent tem,” said Greg Ulmer, Lockheed Martin’s the requirements of the Indonesian Air year that the program has met its delivery increase over the 91 aircraft delivered in vice president and general manager for the Force (TNI-AU), the UAV bears a strong targets as the industrial effort ramps up 2018, the last of which was also a Marines F-35 program. “We have met our annual resemblance to the Chinese CASC CH-4, its annual production rate. F-35B. In 2017 66 aircraft were handed delivery targets three years in a row and which is in operation with the TNI-AU in The last aircraft to be handed over over. The Lockheed Martin-led industrial continue to increase production rates, small numbers. The vehicle, which is in 2019 was an F-35B STOVL variant team is targeting 141 aircraft for delivery improve efficiencies, and reduce costs.” capable of carrying missiles, has yet for the Marines, one of 81 F-35s to be in 2020 and is aiming to meet its peak The global fleet is due to surpass 500 to be named but is referred to as the handed over to U.S. forces during the annual rate of around 160 aircraft in 2023. aircraft early in 2020 and by the end of Pesawat Udara Nir Awak jenis Medium year. Thirty aircraft were delivered to “This achievement is a testament to 2019 had amassed more than 240,000 Altitude Long Endurance (PUNA MALE, flight hours. Training programs have unmanned MALE aircraft). qualified 975 pilots and 8,585 maintainers, Due to make its first flight in 2020, and eight services have declared initial the UAV measures 8.65 meters (28.4 operating capability. Four of them—the feet) in length, has a wingspan of 16 U.S. Air Force and Marine Corps, Royal meters, and has a maximum takeoff Air Force, and Israeli Air Force—have weight of 1,300 kg (2,866 pounds), used the F-35 in action. with a payload of 300 kg. With a fuel As the industrial program matures with capacity of 420 liters (111 gallons) for new processes and automation being its four-stroke turbocharged Rotax applied to streamline production, the unit engine, the UAV can stay aloft for up cost of the baseline F-35A has fallen to $77.9 to 30 hours, with a ceiling of 7,200 million, below the price of some of the air- meters (23,600 feet). craft’s fourth-generation fighter rivals. Sus- The PUNA MALE team plans to acquire tainment costs have also decreased year commercial off-the-shelf products such as over year, and are now 35 percent down on landing gear and flight control systems. the 2015 figure. Mission readiness rates are The program timeline suggests that climbing too, standing at around 65 percent local industry is also developing arma- fleetwide and nearly 75 percent in the oper- ment to be ready by 2024. C.C. The final F-35 to be delivered in 2019 was the 91st F-35B for the U.S. Marine Corps (BF-91). ational squadrons. n

incorporating an S740 Airborne Missile Louder ‘Thunder’ forecast for JF-17 users Approach Warning System, with relocated infrared missile approach warning sensors. by Jon Lake An air-to-air refueling probe light is fitted, and the aircraft has new LED . December saw the ceremonial rollout of production switched to the improved Waziristan. The PAF also claims that its Some sources suggest that the airframe is the first batch of eight two-seat, dual-con- Block II in December 2013. The 62 Block JF-17s shot down an Indian Air Force MiG- strengthened and that there are further trol Sino-Pakistani JF-17B Thunder fight- II aircraft introduced improved avionics, 21 and a Su-30MKI on February 27, 2019. cockpit and avionics improvements (possi- ers. It also marked the inaugural flight of a new datalink, and improved electronic The PAF will also receive 50 more bly including a single, large-area head-down the first prototype of the new generation warfare capabilities as well as increased single-seat­ JF-17s, to be delivered in a new display. The aircraft may have a revised Block III JF-17. weapons-carrying capacity. All but the Block III configuration. The Block III pro- flight management system and a new fly- The JF-17 Thunder is a lightweight, first 24 or so also incorporated an air-to- totype made its first flight on December by-wire flight control system. single-engine, multi-role fighter that was air refueling capability. Deliveries of the 15, 2019, at Chengdu, and the first two Early reports predicted that the air- jointly developed by China’s Chengdu Air- Block II variant ended in June 2019, by production aircraft are already “in build” craft would have a new Chinese-made craft Corporation (CAC) and the Pakistan which time the PAF had equipped five at Kamra. The remainder will follow at a active electronically scanned array Aeronautical Complex (PAC) and is in pro- front-line JF-17 squadrons. rate of 12 per year from 2021 onwards. radar to replace the mechanically-­ duction at PAC’s Kamra facility. The JF-17 The Thunder has already been used The Block III features an Aurora EHUD-2 scanned KLJ-7V2 X-band multifunc- has not been procured by China’s People’s operationally by the PAF, participating wide-angle holographic head-up display tion pulse-Doppler radar. There are two Liberation Army Air Force but does also in operations against militants in North and a new electronic warfare system options: the Nanjing Research Institute of use the alternate FC-1 designation and the Electronics Technology’s KLJ-7A and the Chinese name Xiāo Lóng (Fierce Dragon). Leihua Electronic Technology Research PAC completed the eight two-seat JF-17Bs Institute’s LKF601E. at Kamra in 2019 and it will produce 14 more The aircraft is expected to incor- in 2020 and four in 2021 to meet PAF require- porate a helmet-mounted display ments. The first batch of eight JF-17Bs was (possibly of South African origin, and ceremonially rolled out at Kamra on Decem- perhaps to be used in association with ber 27, 2019, in the presence of Air Chief Mar- the Denel A-Darter high off-boresight shall Mujahid Anwar Khan. within visual range air-to-air missile). In Pakistan Air Force (PAF) service, the It is also expected to be fitted with an JF-17 Thunder has accumulated about additional fuselage hardpoint intended 20,000 operational flying hours since its to carry a WMD-7 targeting pod (a Chi- official introduction to service in 2011. The Block III JF-17, which incorporates numerous enhancements, made its first flight at nese equivalent to the Lockheed Mar- Fifty Block I aircraft were delivered before Chengdu in mid-December. tin sniper pod). n

42 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ typically fitted with a 2,650-gallon water tank and a quick-fill . Erickson began flying a S-64 Skycrane leased from Sikorsky in 1971 in support of its aerial powerline construction and heli-logging operations. In 1992, Erick- son began applying the Air Crane to fire- fighting. That year it purchased the type certificate for the S-64E and S-64F from Sikorsky and rebadged the helicopter the Erickson has Erickson Air Crane. deployed six Air It also designed the microprocessor-­ Cranes to help driven Air Crane water tank for aerial fight the ravaging firefighting. A hydraulic snorkel system fires in Australia— can refill it from any fresh-water source N247AC (Jerry), in as little as 45 seconds, from depths as N189AC (Gypsy shallow as 18 inches while the helicopter Lady), N194AC is in a hover. Over saltwater, a separate (Delilah), N243AC sea snorkel with a hydrofoil ram scoop (Marty), N218AC is lowered while the helicopter skims (Elsie), and the surface at 35 knots, refilling the tank N154AC (Georgia in 30 seconds and minimizing the cor- Peach). rosive impact of sea spray on helicopter components. The tank allows a pilot to select mul- tiple dispersal rates and area coverage settings that are then calibrated to the Air Cranes battling Australian wildfires helicopter’s airspeed by the micropro- cessor unit—levels that vary from the by Mark Huber equivalent of light rain to a total tank dump. The system gives the Air Crane the Portland, Oregon-based Erickson is flying fire seasons generally did not overlap with while fighting fires in Australia. All precision-drop capabilities of a helicop- six of its S-64 Air Cranes on Australia’s Australia’s until recently. three crewmembers survived when the ter combined with the volume of a large, record-setting wildfires. More than 12 mil- Erickson has been working with Aus- 1967 S-64E, N173AC (Christine) crashed multi-engine, fixed-wing water bomber. lion acres of that country have been charred tralian partner Kestrel for 21 years. In while fighting the Thomson Complex With a nearby water source, a single Air during this year’s fire season—six times 2001, an Air Crane named “Elvis” saved Catchment fires in Gippsland, Victoria Crane can drop up to 25,000 gallons an more than that consumed during Cali- the lives of 14 trapped firefighters there. on Jan. 28, 2019. hour on a fire. fornia’s record-setting 2018 infernos that Air Cranes flying during this season’s fires Erickson holds the type certificate for The aircraft is powered by a pair of inflicted an estimated $3.5 billion in dam- are based in New South Wales, Victoria, the S-64 and operates approximately 20 Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-5A engines, has ages, consumed 1.9 million acres, destroyed South Australia, and Western Australia Air Cranes worldwide. It also services and a main rotor diameter of 72 feet, and a 10,300 structures, and left 103 dead. and include N247AC (Jerry), N189AC builds S-64s for third-party customers, 16-foot-diameter tail rotor. Deployed Air In Australia, some 130 blazes, mainly (Gypsy Lady), N194AC (Delilah), N243AC delivering two to the South Korean Forest Cranes typically travel with a six-man in New South Wales (NSW), have turned (Marty), N218AC (Elsie), and N154AC Service (KFS) in 2019, bringing that orga- crew—two pilots, two mechanics, and tourist beaches into refugee camps, incin- (Georgia Peach). nization’s fleet up to six S-64 Air Cranes. two drivers—a maintenance trailer, and erated in excess of 1,400 homes, and killed Erickson lost an Air Crane last year When rigged for firefighting, the aircraft is a fuel tanker truck. n more than 23—so far, with fires predicted to linger for weeks. Damages are expected to top the $3.3 billion incurred during the nation’s 2009 “Black Saturday” fires that torched 1.11 million acres. Area wildlife SkyCourier unharmed by explosion at Textron has been decimated. An Australian uni- versity estimates that 480 million animals Textron Aviation’s SkyCourier twin-engine Textron Aviation spokeswoman Stephanie have been killed in NSW wildfires since turboprop development program was Harder said the building houses the airfram- September. The country is under a state spared from serious damage after the mas- er’s composite manufacturing and exper- of emergency, with daytime sive building where it is being assembled in imental aircraft fabrication, including the reaching 120 degrees F and high winds east Wichita was rocked by a liquid nitrogen SkyCourier. The company later confirmed combining to overwhelm the efforts of explosion on December 27. The blast could that the SkyCourier program appeared to

firefighters on the ground and the 160- be felt and heard from several miles away. be unharmed by the explosion. “While the SIEBENMARK JERRY plus fleet of aircraft attacking the fires. There were no fatalities, but 11 people were building damage assessment continues, The ability to fight the Australian fires transported to area hospitals and another the location of the company’s Cessna Sky- and options for 50 more. Configurable for was retarded by the government’s under- four were treated and released at the scene, Courier development program in Plant 3 both cargo and commuter operations, it is funding of firefighting efforts and the authorities said. appears to have not been impacted,” Tex- designed to carry a payload of up to 6,000 slowness with which it responded with A cause of the explosion wasn’t imme- tron said in a statement to AIN. pounds with an 87-inch cargo door, a flat military assets, waiting until after the diately known but there was a 3-inch line Earlier in December, the program marked floor, and a nearly 70-inch-tall and -wide New Year to call up 3,000 reservists and carrying liquid nitrogen to the building that a milestone with the mating of the pro- cabin to accept three standard LD3 air cargo devote the Australian Army’s modest fleet ruptured and “caused a rupture to another totype’s fuselage and its high wing. The containers. of Boeing CH-47F Chinooks and Sikorsky vessel and that is the one that is currently SkyCourier’s flight test program includes In a passenger configuration, it will have Blackhawks to the cause. Also compound- venting now,” Sedgwick County deputy fire five other flight and ground test articles. seating for up to 19 passengers, with a net- ing the aerial firefighting—the longer fire chief Daniel Wegner said. He noted the plant Current testing involves the SkyCourier’s ted rear cabin area for luggage and equip- seasons in recent years in California, was on holiday shutdown so a “skeleton landing gear and avionics, and first flight is ment. Capable of flying 200 ktas, the aircraft South America, and the Mediterranean— crew” was working at the time of the explo- expected sometime this year. is powered by two 1,100-shp Pratt & Whitney that makes it harder to obtain contracted sion. “But I don’t have numbers of how many FedEx is the launch customer for the Sky- Canada PT6A-65SC turboprop engines and fixed-wing and helicopter water bombers people were in the plant at this time.” Courier, with 50 firm orders for the airplane two new 110-inch McCauley propellers. J.S. from those markets, places where local \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 43 ROTORCRAFT & unmanned systems

helicopters the Navy requires for its pri- News Update mary training mission. The new facility will be built in partnership with the Santa Rosa Long Island FBO Offers County Economic Development Office, as NYC Transfer Packages well as Space Florida, in the 269-acre Whit- Looking to provide a congestion-free ing Aviation Park adjacent to the air station alternative for business aviation customers where all helicopter pilots for the Navy, heading to New York City, FBO Republic Marine Corps, and Coast Guard currently Jet Center has partnered with aircraft are trained. Envisioned as a full-­service charter/management provider Prime Jet Part 145 repair station, the new facility to offer a New York Express package. It would offer 24/7 service, including spare features helicopter connections to and parts, warranty processing and renewal, from Manhattan and Republic Airport in The U.S. Navy has selected the TH-119, a military version of the Leonardo AW119, as its new technical and product engineering, and Farmingdale for customers booking a helicopter training platform. component and airframe repair. Prime Jet Gulfstream charter flight into “The new Leonardo TH-73A helicopters Republic. The deal adds a one-way trip for are the cornerstone of AHTS [advanced up to six passengers on a Sikorsky S-76 helicopter training system], which is the operated by AAG, at a cost of $1,900. Leonardo TH-119 wins planned replacement to address the capa- The service provides 14-minute flights bility and capacity gaps of the current aging to a choice of three downtown Manhattan TH-57 Sea Ranger helicopter training plat- heliports, or for those who choose not to U.S. Navy helo trainer deal form,” said Capt. Todd St. Laurent, Naval take the helicopter option, a complimentary Undergraduate Flight Training Systems luxury SUV transfer into the city. by Mark Huber (PMA-273) program manager. “The TH-73A will provide a modern helicopter training Zuccaro Retires from HAI The U.S. Navy has selected Leonardo’s twin H135, respectively. Leonardo said the platform that will serve rotary and tiltrotor Following a 50-plus year career in the TH-119 as its new training helicopter, the delivery of the helicopters “is expected to training requirements into the foreseeable helicopter industry and 15 years at the helm company announced on January 13. A mil- be completed in October 2021.” The air- future. These new helicopters will ensure of the Helicopter Association International itary variant of the civil AW119, the new craft will be assembled at Leonardo’s Agus- the Navy has capacity to train several hun- (HAI), Matt Zuccaro bid farewell, calling military trainer—the TH-73A—will replace taWestland Philadelphia Corp. dred aviation students per year at Naval Air the helicopter market an industry of the service’s existing fleet of Bell TH-57s. William Hunt, managing director of Station (NAS) Whiting Field in Milton.” survivors and touting a bright future with The initial contract is for 32 aircraft with Leonardo Helicopters Philadelphia, said, The Navy says the helicopter will meet opportunities ahead in vertical flight. HAI spares, support, and training and is valued “Our plan since day one has been to offer advanced rotary-wing and intermediate announced last summer his plans to retire at nearly $176.5 million. Subsequent indi- the U.S. Navy the training capabilities they tiltrotor training requirements for the U.S. this year, and the new HAI president and vidual year contracts are expected to bring asked for, without compromise. We are Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard CEO, former FAA safety official James Viola, total deliveries to 130 aircraft by 2024, with honored to deliver on that promise, build through 2050. stepped into his new role last month. a value of $648.1 million. the new fleet in Philadelphia and maintain In July 2019, Leonardo announced Leonardo had been competing with it from Milton, Florida.” that the TH-119 received IFR supplemen- UK Rotor Ranter Fined £1,600 Bell and Airbus Helicopters for the deal In September 2019, Leonardo had prom- tal type certification from the FAA. The A highly experienced UK helicopter and those companies had offered variants ised to build a 100,000-sq-ft facility in Mil- TH-119 is equipped with Genesys Aerosys- pilot has been fined £1,600 ($2,080) of the single-engine model 407 and light ton that would support the estimated 130 tems avionics and a Pratt & Whitney PT6B by the Civil Aviation Authority for a engine. It is based on the AW119 civil heli- testy on-air exchange with an air traffic copter and features an adjustable observer controller. Joel Tobias was flying his seat that provides a full view of the cock- Airbus EC120 from Manchester to pit, reinforced skids with removable shoes, Lytham St Annes last July 31 when he and has the ability for “hot” pressure refu- radioed for permission to transition eling without shutting the engine down. the airspace over Blackpool airport. All AW119s sold worldwide are manufac- The controller on frequency said she tured in Philadelphia. The AW119 is in ser- was preoccupied with assisting a lost pilot vice in 40 countries and has been selected at the time, and Tobias apparently grew The UVH R22, by military, government, and parapublic impatient with the delayed response to an unmanned customers, including the Portuguese Air his calls, which simmered into an open delivery drone, Force, New York City Department of Envi- mic rant with controller Andrea Tolley. has a payload ronmental Protection Police, and others Tobias was then advised to remain clear capacity of across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and of the airport ATZ, which he did not do. 400 pounds. Latin America. In fining Tolley, the CAA noted that “On the cusp of celebrating nearly 40 he failed to report position, direction R22 converted to long-range drone years of operating in Philadelphia, Leon- of flight, and altitude, potentially ardo is thrilled the U.S. Navy has selected endangering other air traffic in the area. Unmanned systems developer UAVOS has The aircraft can also deliver materials for our TH-119-based offer and us as a local converted a Robinson R22 into a long-range disaster and humanitarian relief. and long term partner,” said Leonardo Erickson Delivers Sixth cargo delivery drone, designation UVH R22. The UVH R22 has fully automatic take- CEO Alessandro Profumo. Air Crane to Korea The unmanned aircraft has a payload capac- off and landing modes, cruises at 86 knots, The TH-73A contract is the second big Helicopter operator and manufacturer ity of 400 pounds (at less than full fuel), a has a maximum takeoff weight of 1,400 U.S. defense win for Leonardo in recent Erickson has delivered the last of two maximum full-fuel range of 551 nm, and an pounds, and a service ceiling of 13,700 years. In 2018, partnering with Boeing, S-64 Air Crane twin-engine heavy utility endurance of six hours. UAVOS CEO Aliaksei feet. Payload with 71 gallons full fuel is 88 Leonardo was awarded a $2.4 billion con- copters to the Korean Forest Service Stratsilatau said the unmanned R22’s night pounds. A level surface of at least 50 x 50 tract for 84 MH-139 medium twin helicop- (KFS) for 2019. The latest delivery is and all-weather capabilities make it an ideal feet is required for operations. In addition ters from the U.S. Air Force to replace the designated as a K8, incorporating the platform for cargo delivery. to delivery duties, the aircraft can also be fleet of Bell UH-1Ns used to provide secu- company’s latest modifications. “Cargo companies make money only configured for agricultural applications, rity at the nation’s intercontinental bal- Those modifications include composite when that cargo gets to its destination, radio relay, video surveillance, and air- listic missile (ICBM) bases and transport main rotor blades and a . and our R22 is their guarantee at any time borne data collection such as meteorology, U.S. government and security forces. The The addition of the K8 variant brings and in any weather conditions,” he said. hydrology, and earth monitoring. M.H. MH-139s are scheduled to become opera- KFS’s operational fleet of S-64s to six tional next year. n helicopters, according to Erickson.

44 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Hawaiian air tour task force formed to battle restrictions by Mark Huber

Air tour stakeholders in Hawaii have Cynthia Thielen (R) called on the FAA to formed a task force to deal with industry prohibit air tours over residential areas issues there following several high-profile and national parks and called for the accidents and legislative backlash from immediate grounding of helitour flights certain elected officials. The Hawaii Air in Hawaii pending an investigation. In Tour Task Force’s mission is to address August, U.S. Rep. Ed Case (D-Hawaii) safety and noise issues related to rotor- proposed legislation that would all but and fixed-wing aerial tours in the state. eliminate the helitour industry nation- The task force said, “Community involve- wide. The “Safe and Quiet Skies Act” ment, public outreach, and transparency would direct the FAA to impose a series Representives from Swift and various Bahamas agencies and ministries celebrate the will be prioritized in all recommendations of restrictions on the industry, including deal that will see the nation buy 55 short and medium-range drones for various uses from the task force to industry and regula- flying no lower than 1,500 feet agl; pro- throughout the country. tors.” Initial members include the Hawaii hibiting flights over military installations, Helicopter Association (HHA), Hawaii national cemeteries, national wilderness Swift awarded Bahamas UAS contract Department of Transportation Airports areas, national parks, and national wild- Division (HDOTA), the FAA, Helicopter life refuges; and forbidding pilots to act Swift Tactical Systems has won a $17 this technology will be multi-agency and Association International (HAI), elected as tour narrators while flying. It would million contract to provide Bahamas gov- shared among all agencies.” officials and their representatives, and also require helicopters to have a noise ernment agencies and ministries with an Swift Tactical Systems already has expe- “other industry stakeholders.” signature no greater than 55 dbA during unmanned (UAS) program. rience operating in the Bahamas, flying The task force is seeking community overflight over any “occupied area,” be it The deal includes the purchase of 55 short- UAVs in support of post-hurricane Dorian involvement as it moves forward, said commercial, residential, or recreational­ and medium-range­ drones, immediate relief efforts there last year. It conducted Justin Brooke, task force co-chair and —­a standard that no currently certified surveillance capabilities, training and sup- UAV day and night missions to assess the president of the HHA. HDOTA is applying helicopter can meet. The bill would also port, and the establishment of a regional overall situation on the ground and provide for grant funding from the FAA and will scuttle federal pre-emption with regard drone academy. real-time data to enhance decision making also commit state dollars to fund public to airspace and air operations by giving Bahamas Minister of National Security for areas that were difficult to access. meetings, produce a study, and make rec- states and localities the power to “impose Marvin Dames called the drone program Alex Echeverria, Swift Tactical Systems’ ommendations concerning the helicop- additional requirements—stricter than a game-changer. “We are confident the vice president, said the company will sup- ter and fixed-wing tour industry. The task the minimum national requirements drones will change the landscape of law port the Bahamian government’s decision force’s formation is the next step forward called for in the act—on tour flights.” enforcement in the country. From fol- to “become the region’s center of excel- on the part of the industry, regulators, and Case’s bill is just the latest in a series lowing suspects of a robbery to finding lence domestically and abroad. Our deep other interested parties to address the offered by congressional representatives the location of illegal immigrants and bench of talented pilots and specialists public’s concerns regarding helicopter in recent years designed to restrict heli- having an aerial view of a prison or pin- understands how important it is to help and fixed-wing aerial tours in Hawaii. copter operations from New York to Los pointing a drug boat, we have made it government officials make faster and Members of the task force’s executive Angeles that attempted to, among other our mission and commitment to ensure more informed decisions.” M.H. committee include representatives from things, impose minimum helicopter oper- the HHA, HDOTA, General Aviation ating altitudes, set a curfew for hours of Council of Hawaii, HAI, and the Aircraft operation, and mandate flight paths. Owners and Pilots Association. Elected The HHA estimates that helicopter officials on the task force are state senator operators annually contribute $150 mil- Lorraine Inouye and state representative lion to the state economy. The associa- Mayhew is the new USHST co-chairman Chris Lee. The FAA and U.S. Army and tion points out that it has endeavored to Navy are serving as technical advisors. address the concerns of citizen groups Helicopter training industry veteran Nick May- and regulators by investing more than hew is the new industry co-chairman of the Legislative Attention $100 million in quiet-technology helicop- United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST). L3Harris Air tour operators have been under ters such as the Airbus EC130B4 in recent Mayhew succeeds Raj Helweg, chief pilot of general increased criticism and scrutiny fol- decades, adopting “fly neighborly” pro- air ambulance provider , who con- manager lowing fatal helitour accidents in 2019 grams as advocated by HAI, and employ- tinues to serve on the USHST Steering Com- Nick Mayhew in Kauai and Oahu that collectively ing the PlaneNoise noise reporting and mittee. Mayhew is currently general manager succeeds killed 10. In May, Hawaii State Rep. measuring system since 2017. n of the L3Harris Arlington Training Center in Raj Helweg Texas, where he oversees a variety of rotary, as USHST’s fixed-wing, and unmanned high-fidelity train- co-chairman. ing devices delivering flight training to both commercial and military customers. member of the International Helicopter Before his position at L3Harris Tech- Safety Foundation and the USHST for the nologies, Mayhew managed the Bristow past nine years,” said Wayne Fry, USHST Group Flight Academy in Titusville, Flor- government co-chairman and FAA Flight ida. He is a 28-year veteran of the British Standards division manager for general Royal Navy, flying the Westland Sea King aviation safety assurance. “He brings a helicopter, earning the rank of lieutenant wealth of experience to the co-chairman commander, and serving in both Persian position and a track record of successful Gulf wars. In 2017, the Helicopter Associ- team leadership and motivation. He will ation International honored Mayhew as hit the ground running as we continue the Flight Instructor of the Year. our efforts to reduce fatal helicopter acci- “Nick Mayhew has been a prominent dents here in the United States.” M.H. \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 45 ROTORCRAFT & unmanned systems Airbus, Aston Martin team on special-edition ACH130 by David Donald

Airbus Corporate Helicopters (ACH) to other areas of design, such as archi- revealed its ACH130 Aston Martin Edi- tecture, motorcycles, and now helicop- tion at an event held on January 3 at ters,” remarked Reichman. “This first Courchevel in the French alpine skiing application of our design practices to a region. The special edition is the first helicopter posed a number of interesting result of a partnership between ACH and challenges but we have enjoyed working luxury car manufacturer Aston Martin through them.” Lagonda (AML). ACH130s destined to receive the Aston Design teams at both companies have Martin Edition styling are built on the been working for more than a year to regular H130 line at Marignane in France

create the Aston Martin Edition, which and are then delivered to Airbus Helicop- DONALD DAVID is available with four external schemes. ters UK at Kidlington (London-Oxford Design teams at Airbus Helicopters and Aston Martin have been working for more than a The first aircraft, which is being used as a Airport), where they are completed with year to create the Aston Martin Edition ACH130, which is available with four external paint demonstrator but is to be handed over to the customer-specified paint scheme and schemes. The cabin is trimmed in Pure Black ultra-suede, with leather trims drawn from the a customer in the first quarter of 2020, is interior. They also receive a special plaque Aston Martin car range, while the rear of the front seats features the brogue detailing found in painted in a Sterling Green scheme, which on the instrument panel before hando- the DB11 car, and Aston Martin’s wings signature is embossed in some of the leather elements. fades into Jet Black on the undersides. ver. No price details have been revealed, The intakes are in Skyfall Silver. Other although the basic H130 has a list price of now, the partnership is focusing on ACH145s, but Lemos sees no conflict schemes are also based on the Aston Mar- €2.8 million. the ACH130 as it best fits the customer with AML tie-up due to differing cus- tin car palette, based around Xenon Grey, ACH and AML have signed a three- profile, but both parties agreed that the tomer profiles. Speaking to AIN, he , and Ultramarine Black. year partnership deal, but it is likely to learning process that is being experi- explained that the ACH145 was operated The interior offers a higher level of be extended. For AML’s part, Reichman enced with the ACH130 could lead to almost entirely by private and corporate comfort than the traditional ACH130, commented, “We don’t enter into part- more programs. owners who did not fly the helicopters which can seat up to seven including the nerships lightly,” while Lemos added ACH already has a long-term part- themselves, in much the same way as pilot. The cabin is trimmed in Pure Black that, “We’d like to extend further… we nership with German carmaker Mer- they would usually employ a driver for ultra-suede, with leather trims again only form long-term partnerships.” For cedes-Benz concerning special-edition their Mercedes automobiles. n drawn from the Aston Martin car range, colors comprising Oxford Tan, Pure Black, Cormorant, and Ivory. The rear of the front seats features the brogue detailing four rotors instead of the six previously found in the DB11 car, and Aston Martin’s shown at CES. The Nexus is designed wings signature is embossed in some of for all-electric or hybrid-electric­ power, the leather elements. but is “propulsion-agnostic,”­ accord- The two companies came together as ing to Bell, “depending on customer they “share common values,” according needs.” The four-rotor Nexus will ini- to Frédéric Lemos, head of ACH, while tially have a 60-mile electric range, but AML’s v-p and chief creative officer, that could be greater with hybrid-elec- Marek Reichman, described the partner- tric power. ship as “two unbelievable brands creating At CES, the smart city demo included a fantastic project.” tablet stations where visitors could inter- Speaking at a pre-launch media event act with AerOS and see how the flying in December at London Heliport, Lemos models are interacting. The flying mod- characterized the project as, “how to put els are not controlled by individuals flying

what makes Aston Martin so special into BELL them, but by the AerOS software, which a helicopter,” before going on to note that The four-rotor version of Bell’s Nexus could be all-electric- or hybrid-electric-powered. constantly assesses demand across the the companies had a similar customer scale-size city and deploys the vehicles profile when it came to single-engine, sin- to meet that demand. gle-pilot helicopters. The demo shown at CES also takes “The ACH130 Aston Martin Edition is Bell AerOS demo shows into account problems that inevitably optimally positioned in the market for come up during passenger and cargo hands-on owners who draw satisfaction flying operations, for example, weather from personally piloting their aircraft, how urban air mobility flies events that might require all vehicles and it generates strong brand loyalty,” to land immediately. AerOS also cre- said Lemos. “In the same way, Aston by Matt Thurber ates an optimal flight schedule based on Martin’s products are cars for drivers goal-seeking optimization algorithms who relish being at the wheel and they At this year’s CES show in Las Vegas last The Bell demo at the CES Mobility and artificial intelligence to anticipate inspire a comparable attachment to the month, Bell demonstrated a model-size Hall highlighted how “mobility as a ser- passenger behavior and desires and the brand. So they are the perfect partner for cityscape with scale flying versions of its vice” software like AerOS can manage a vehicle’s needs for battery recharging to us in developing this superb new ACH130 Nexus passenger air taxi operating autono- metropolitan area’s urban air mobility meet the schedule. Aston Martin Edition.” mously by Bell’s AerOS urban air mobility (UAM) activities. Bell intends to offer “We have to work closely with regula- For Aston Martin, the project rep- operating system. Calling it a “smart city AerOS, which runs on Microsoft’s Azure tors,” said Snyder. “We’re working on resents another avenue to explore. “We ecosystem,” Bell president and CEO Mitch platform, to cities to speed up their adop- the technology and regulations and with have our own set of automotive design Snyder explained, “this year, we’re demon- tion of UAM capabilities. cities to progress this. But we are design- principles but in recent years we have strating what governing, operating, work- Bell has also settled on a smaller ver- ing vehicles and maturing the technology, been learning how to apply our principles ing, and living in a smart city will look like.” sion of its Nexus passenger vehicle, with and driving that together.” n

46 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Blade India starts helo Blade India started helicopter air-taxi service between Mumbai, Pune, and Shirdi in late November with air-taxi service in Mumbai this Airbus H130. It added a Bell 407 recently to increase frequency and New York-based Blade Urban Air aviation—helicopters today to eVTOLs has plans to expand services to other Mobility, which offers helicopter tomorrow,” said Karanpal Singh, founder of parts of the country. air-taxi service in New York City, Hunch VenturesROBINSON_AUX_TANK_POWERLINE_AD_AIN_FEB.pdf and Blade India. N.M. 1 1/8/2020 10:37:49 AM Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and majority partner Delhi-based Hunch Ventures recently started preliminary routes in India. It also has firm plans to expand helicopter services in the busi- ness, pilgrim, and tourism sectors in India, Blade India CEO Amit Dutta told AIN. “We work with operators who TURBINE adhere to stringent quality and safety guidelines not just of the Indian regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, but of Blade U.S.,” Dutta said. He added that the short-haul pilot flights between Mumbai, Fly Long India’s commercial capital; Pune, an industrial and automobile center 75 miles away; and pilgrim town Shirdi using an Airbus H130 with a 268-mile range flown by a local operator was reaping a load factor of 80 percent since the Fly Far launch in late November. Dutta added a large majority of custom- ers had flown more than once in Optional Aux Fuel Tanks Extend that time period. In December the company furC - Flight Endurance Up to 5 Hours ther rationalized its service in IndiaM

and added frequency with a BellY 407. “We will also look at a regular CM shuttle air-taxi between Mumbai and Pune—a four- to five-hourMY road journey compressed into 37CY

minutes by air,” added Dutta. CMY He told AIN helicopter ser- K vice during a recent concert by U2 in Mumbai cut down the con- gested 2.5-hour road journey to the stadium to 15 minutes. Blade R66 OPTIONAL AUX FUEL TANKS India carried out 14 sorties for 89 passengers during this concert. 23 GALLON TANK OR 43 GALLON TANK “The Bollywood crowd loved it,” 1 HOUR FLIGHT ENDURANCE 2 HOUR FLIGHT ENDURANCE he added. OVER 100 NAUTICAL MILES* OVER 200 NAUTICAL MILES* “Today, travel is relevant. The issue we are offering is the cost of time,” said Dutta. “The com- pany has set up branded and hosted lounges at helipads, giving Contact Your Local Robinson Dealer a style and luxury to add to the experience.” Blade India is now planning to expand to the southern state of Karnataka, with Bengaluru (for- merly Bangalore) as its capital with a large business and “high- value tourism routes.” Details on this expansion will be released by the end of this month. The prod- uct is expected to be similar to *Actual flight endurance and mileage may vary. © Robinson Helicopter Company. R66 is a registered trademark of Robinson Helicopter Company Blade Bounce, its U.S. counterpart. “We want to change the way people perceive short-haul \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 47 AVIONICS & technology News Update FreeFlight Adds New Display FreeFlight Systems has begun shipping its new RAD-45 radar altimeter display, which is compatible with all of FreeFlight’s radar altimeters, including the RA-4000 and -4500 and FRA-6500. While the new display fits in the same panel space as the RAD-40, the RAD-45 takes up less space behind the panel, at just half the depth of The optional the RAD-40. The RAD-45 displays agl and touchscreens for trend indications on a bright LED read-out, the will according to FreeFlight, with automatic help pilots lower adjustment for day or night flight via a light their workloads sensor. Other features include settable using familiar decision height (DH), which illuminates gestures such as the DH LED and sets a discrete output, pinch-zoom and as well as built-in audio tone alerts and panning to operate optional night-vision goggle compatibility. EFB applications. There are five trip-point discrete outputs for 100 to 1,000 feet, which the pilot can set and that send alerts to the navigation management system when the aircraft with a physical keyboard that is mounted in descends through those altitudes. First touchscreen-equipped the pilots’ retractable tables and the KCCUs. Pilots can use familiar touchscreen ges- Garmin GTX Diversity tures to operate the new displays, including Transponders Approved Airbus A350s now flying pinch-zoom and panning. Some of the EFB The FAA has issued supplemental type apps available to pilots include computing certificate approval for Garmin’s GTX by Gregory Polek takeoff performance, accessing navigation 335D and GTS 345D diversity transponders, information and charts during cruise, and which are also approved under Transport Last December, China Eastern Airlines and center multifunction display are not displaying terminal charts in preparation Canada and EASA validation. The two took delivery of the first Airbus A350 available for the touchscreen interface. for setting up the approach in the FMS. transponders provide a diversity solution, equipped with Thales touchscreen flight The touchscreens on the A350 consist of The touchscreens eliminate many of the with top- and bottom-mounted antennas, deck displays. The touchscreens, designed one each on the outboard side of the flight previously needed cursor inputs that were which reduces antenna shading during to aid crew interaction, cockpit symmetry, deck, for each pilot, and another display necessary and allow pilots to work collab- turns or maneuvering compared to and information management, received mounted on the tilt panel above the two oratively using EFB applications on the a single fuselage bottom-mounted EASA certification in November. Some 20 flight management system (FMS) key- lower center display while not having to antenna. The GTX 335D is an ADS-B Out airlines have selected the option for their board-cursor control units (KCCUs). switch between different displays. transponder, while the 345D adds dual-link new A350s. The new displays are designed to give Boeing, meanwhile, plans to begin ADS-B In traffic and weather, which can The A350 flight deck has six large pilots quick access to electronic flight bag delivering the 777X with five Collins Aero- be displayed on compatible flight deck displays, and airlines can opt for three (EFB) functions. The touchscreen inter- space touchscreen displays in early 2021. displays or portable devices. Garmin also of those to be the Thales touchscreens, face adds another way to control the EFBs, Boeing announced the contract with Col- offers remote-mount versions of these although the two primary flight displays which previously could only be managed lins in 2016. n transponders. A separate GPS position source is required for installation. Retail prices for the GTX 335D and 345D start at $6,495 and $7,995, respectively. Garmin ups performance with GTN 650/750Xi Genesys STCs Displays for Bell 212/412 Helicopters Garmin’s new GTN 650/750Xi GPS/ $12,495 for the GTN 650Xi and $17,995 for approaches and Garmin’s visual approach Operators of Bell 212, 412, and 412EP navcoms have received FAA supplemental the GTN 750Xi. Pilots can learn how to use plus support for radius-to-fix approaches. helicopters can install the Level A-certified, type certification and are now available for the new units with Garmin’s free GTN Xi The Xi series also adds terrain alerting, with IFR-capable Genesys Aerosystems immediate shipping. The Xi units replace trainer app for the iPad. audible and visual terrain proximity alerts IDU-680 EFIS displays under a new FAA- the original GTN 650/750, which entered The main upgrade to the GTN Xi is and optional helicopter terrain awareness approved supplemental type certificate. service in 2011, bringing touchscreen con- faster dual-core processors, which allow and warning system, TAWS-A, and TAWS-B. The displays integrate with a variety trol to panel-mounted avionics and replac- for quicker startup, faster map rendering, Like the earlier GTN, the Xi series can of radios and weather radar systems ing the GNS 430/530. a “more vibrant display and vivid colors,” integrate with remote audio controls or and use Genesys’s Open Architecture The new GTNs are slide-in replace- and smoother touchscreen map panning. transponders and display that informa- System Integration Symbology for engine ments for the previous versions. Prices are Advanced navigation features include LPV tion on the GTN screen. Fully coupled information and CAS message display. IFR approaches and VNAV profiles can The displays include synthetic vision, be flown when the GTN is paired with highway-in-the-sky navigation symbology, Garmin’s GFC 500 or 600 autopilot. Other geo-referenced hover vector, helicopter available features include using Garmin’s TAWS, graphical FMS, digital flight Telligence voice control when the GTN record, night-vision goggle compatibility, Garmin’s new is connected to a GMA 35c audio panel, and search-and-rescue patterns. Final GTN 650 Xi has a global voice calling and texting on the pricing depends on the configuration faster dual-core GTN display with a GSR 56 Iridium datalink, of the installation. Typical architecture processor. and wireless connection to mobile devices includes four IDU-680s integrated with the optional Flight Stream 510. M.T. with onboard avionics and including EICAS engine and warning displays.

48 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ ADS has completed testing of a VHF Ergo Blue app solves ship location puzzle voice and data connection directly to nearby ships under an experimental by Matt Thurber FCC license. Once this capability is fully approved, ADS will offer the additional When an over-ocean flight experiences departure and arrival point or a diversion the aircraft. The ship position information capability for Ergo Blue to automatically serious problems, knowing the position airport near the outbound coast and one comes from automatic identification sys- contact ships via a VHF portable radio of seagoing ships could make the differ- near the inbound coast, then presses the tem data, which includes a live-streamed connected to the user’s iPad. ence between a disaster or a survivable “Vessels” button. Ergo Blue then displays database of 220,000 ships. ADS plans to The app transmits the automatic may- accident in the rare case where ditching the positions of ships near that route. add fixed and mobile offshore drilling rigs day distress call formatted to maritime the airplane becomes necessary. Aeronau- With airborne internet access, pilots can to the database later this year. protocols on a continuous 2.5-minute tical Data Systems (ADS) has just released see real-time updates of ship positions and Pilots and operators can subscribe loop, according to ADS, and the message the new Ergo Blue app for the iPad, and its their tracks, but Ergo Blue also calculates to Ergo Blue for $49 per week, $89 per includes the aircraft’s updated position. sole purpose is to help users identify ships predicted positions if connectivity isn’t month, or $997 per year. The weekly rate “All ships within VHF range (potentially as an emergency aid for overseas flights. available. The information about each ship is the minimum subscription length, and 200-250 nm depending on altitude) will To use Ergo Blue, the user simply inputs includes the time, vessel name, its lat/long it offers an easy way to use the app for the receive this call which is formatted to two airport identifiers, for example, a position, track, speed, and distance from occasional over-ocean flight. maritime protocols,” ADS said. n

Stevens Aerospace takes on first IS&S autothrottle of several Citation XLS G5000 upgrades OK’d in King Air The FAA has awarded an additional by Matt Thurber supplemental type certificate (STC) for the Innovative Solutions & Support In early January, Stevens Aerospace and ThrustSense King Air B200 autothrot- Defense Systems completed the compa- tle, following the system’s first STC ny’s first installation of a Garmin G5000 in May. The new STC covers engine- avionics suite in a Cessna Citation XLS. out mode/Vmca mitigation as well as This is one of the first of 10 G5000 the use of IS&S’s Integrated Standby upgrades for the XLS to be done in North Unit (ISU), which is required for the America under an STC developed by STC, as a standby instrument that can Garmin and approved in July 2019. Ste- replace other standby systems. The vens began its second G5000 XLS upgrade engine-out/Vmca is the first STC ever later last month. approved by the FAA for this function- Stevens technicians did the avionics ality, according to IS&S. upgrade at the company’s Greenville, The engine-out mode/Vmca mitiga- South Carolina facility. In addition to the tion capability automatically detects G5000 flight deck, the 15-year-old XLS the failed engine in any phase of flight also received fresh paint and a full inte- and manages the power on the good rior refurbishment with leather seats, new engine to prevent loss of directional cabinets, a reconfigured galley, and new control. passenger amenities, according to Stevens. Installation of the ThrustSense sys- The flight deck upgrade replaces the tem includes IS&S’s ISU, which con- original Honeywell Primus 1000 avion- tains the processing hardware and ics with three landscape-oriented split- software that runs the autothrottle as screen displays and two console-mounted well as the pilot controls and interface touchscreen-control pilot interfaces. The for the system. The ISU is also a certi- Garmin digital automatic flight control fied standby instrument, with altitude, system includes emergency descent mode attitude, airspeed, slip/skid, and pri- as a standard feature. Garmin’s under- mary flight and navigation information, speed protection is optional and it also according to IS&S. enables fully coupled go-arounds. ADS-B The ThrustSense autothrottle does Out is standard, as is PBN/RNP 0.3 and not involve any structural modifica- LPV/APV approach capability. tions to the throttle quadrant, and Another avionics option is controller-­ it features a clutch-less design. In pilot datalink communication with Stevens Aerospace and Defense recently completed its first installation of a Garmin G5000 addition to the engine-out safety fea- departure clearance capability, which avionics suite in a Citation XLS, along with fresh paint and interior. (Photo: Stevens) tures, ThrustSense also automatically enables pilots to use wireless clearance controls power settings of the King delivery at more than 60 airports in the Garmin SurfaceWatch runway safety Stevens has installed a G5000 suite in a Air’s Pratt & Whitney PT6A engines by U.S., along with automatic loading of services, datalink weather via Iridium Hawker 400XP, as well as completed dozens matching power to the selected air- the clearance into the G5000 avionics. satcom, Doppler weather radar, and of G1000 upgrades in Beechcraft King Airs. speed and protects against exceeding FAA Data Comm capabilities will allow Garmin’s Flight Stream 510, which pro- “Stevens is one of a select few MROs torque and temperature limits. M.T. pilots to communicate via text-like mes- vides Connext wireless connectivity in trusted by Garmin to install the new saging with FAA air route traffic con- the flight deck. Connext enables wireless G5000 avionics suite for the Citation trol centers, and this option also allows flight plan transfer and sharing of traf- Excel and XLS,” said Stevens Southeast European operators to meet Link 2000+ fic, weather, GPS, and other information region sales manager Terry Hawkins. “The requirements. among multiple mobile devices, as well as long-term collaboration with Garmin was YOUR SOURCE FOR AVIATION NEWS Other optional G5000 features for Database Concierge for wireless database excellent, the results were spectacular, the Excel/XLS include synthetic vision, updates from the Garmin Pilot app. and the customer couldn’t be happier.” n \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News ENEWSLETTER FOR BUSINESS AVIATION49





for decades to come along the Gulf Coast.” News Update Airbus plans sizable A320 Airbus opened the Mobile plant—its first U.S.-based commercial aircraft Max Crisis Leads to assembly facility—in 2015. Since then the Layoffs at Spirit production hike in Alabama factory’s workforce has grown from some Uncertainty surrounding the return to 250 to more than 1,000 by the end of last service of Boeing’s 737 Max has led key by Gregory Polek year. By the end of 2020, Airbus expects supplier Spirit AeroSystems to lay off that number to grow to 1,300. some 2,800 workers starting January 22. Airbus plans to increase its A320 produc- Airbus expects to assemble more than 130 Airbus now employs about 4,000 peo- The initial announcement came a little tion rate at its plant in Mobile, Alabama, aircraft in the U.S. each year. ple at 38 locations in 16 U.S. states. Among more than two weeks after the largest from five to seven per month by the start of “We have invested more than $1 billion its other facilities in the U.S., Airbus oper- employer in Wichita said it would next year, the company announced on Jan- in Mobile because of the terrific team of ates an engineering center in Kansas; suspend production of the troubled uary 9. The increase will help Airbus meet employees there—and because of the sup- training facilities in Florida and ; aircraft’s fuselage, pylons, wing leading its goal of producing 63 A320-family air- port and welcome we continue to receive materials support and headquarters in edges, thrust reversers, and . craft per month at its four assembly sites from the Gulf Coast community and state Virginia; a think tank (A3) in California; a “We do not know how long the pause in 2021. The company said the production and congressional leaders like Senator drone data analysis business in Georgia; in production will last, or what the rate boost and continued recruiting for the Richard Shelby, who has been with us helicopter manufacturing and assembly production rate will be when it does A220 manufacturing team will result in the from the beginning,” said Airbus Ameri- facilities in Texas and Mississippi; and a resume,” Spirit said in a statement to addition of 275 employees at the U.S. facil- cas CEO Jeffrey Knittel. “We look forward satellite manufacturing facility (OneWeb AIN. The company’s biggest program, the ity over the next year. Airbus added 600 to building on that strong relationship Satellites) in Florida. Over the last three 737NG/Max, accounted for 56 percent of new jobs at the Alabama site last year. with our neighbors. This goes beyond jobs years, the company claims to have spent Spirit’s $7.2 billion in net revenue in 2018. Considering plans already in place for to include our support of education initia- nearly $50 billion in the U.S. with more The Tier I supplier employs about 12,500 the production of four A220s per month tives and future workforce development than 450 U.S. suppliers, supporting more workers at its Wichita headquarters. in Mobile by the middle of the decade, that will positively impact the community than 275,000 American jobs. n JetBlue To Launch Carbon Offset Program JetBlue Airways will begin offsetting carbon dioxide emissions on all its domestic flights starting in July, an initiative CEO Robin Hayes said the New York-based operator needed to undergo to prepare for a “new climate reality.” JetBlue expects to offset 7 to 8 million tonnes of emissions per year. According to JetBlue, it will become the first large U.S. airline to offset emissions on all of its domestic flights. However, several European airlines already have established similar programs. Airbus now builds Since January 1, and five A320s per British Airways started to offset 100 month at its plant in percent of the CO₂ emissions on their Mobile, Alabama. domestic flights. In November last year, UK low-cost carrier EasyJet started offsetting the carbon emissions from the fuel used for all of its flights. JetBlue plans to begin using sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) on its EU resumes work on Boeing-Embraer merger probe flights from San Francisco International Airport starting this summer, JetBlue The European Commission has resumed its In an emailed statement to AIN, Boeing 2019. The sides initially had expected to said on January 6. It has agreed to review of Boeing’s proposed acquisition and Embraer stressed they “have been close the transaction by the end of 2019 purchase SAF from Finland’s Neste. of 80 percent of Embraer’s commercial engaged with the European Commission but needed to revise the timeline in Octo- aircraft division, two months after halting and other global regulatory authorities ber after the EU informed the airframers Hyundai To Take Control work on the in-depth probe. “The clock has since late 2018,” adding they have received it would conduct an in-depth investiga- of Asiana Airlines been restarted in the Commission inves- unconditional clearance to close the transac- tion into the deal. Brussels launched the ’s Hyundai Development and tigation into the joint ventures proposed tion from “almost all jurisdictions,” including Phase II probe because its initial investi- investment bank Mirae Asset Financial by Boeing and Embraer on January 6, the U.S., China, and Japan. “We continue to gation raised concern that the tie-up might Group announced plans to complete 2020,” a Commission spokesperson told cooperate with the European Commission as remove Embraer as “a small but import- their planned $2.2 billion acquisition AIN. “The new decision deadline is April it assesses our transaction and look forward ant competitive force in the concentrated of the country’s second-largest carrier, 30, 2020.” to a positive resolution,” they said. overall single-aisle market.” Asiana Airlines. Late on December 27, In November last year, the European The deal needs approval by competition To eliminate its concerns, the commis- the companies said they expect to Union’s antitrust regulator “stopped the authorities in nine countries. Seven jurisdic- sion’s competition division has requested complete the takeover by April 2020. clock” on the probe. That procedure in tions—the U.S., China, Japan, , more than 1.5 million pages of documen- The joint bidders will pay 333.8 billion EU merger investigations activates if the , , and —­have tation and data on some 1,200 sales cam- won ($278 million) for the 31 percent parties fail to provide, in a timely fashion, approved the tie-up, without demanding paigns over the past 20 years, sources stake in Asiana currently held by Kumho an important piece of information that changes to the deal. Only the EU and Brazil familiar with the case told AIN, describing Industrial. They will also spend 2.21 trillion the commission has requested from them. have not yet cleared the proposed transaction. the information request as “very volumi- won to purchase newly issued shares in Once the parties supply the missing infor- Boeing and Embraer pre-notified the nous” and representing a multitude of the the Asiana group, which also includes mation, the clock restarts and the dead- EU of their plan to combine their commer- documentation requested and analyzed Air Busan, Air Seoul, Kumho Resort, and line for the commission’s decision gets cial aviation activities in April 2018 and by the other regulators that scrutinized Asiana IDT. Hyundai is projected to end adjusted accordingly. formally notified it of the deal in August the proposed transaction. C.B up controlling 61.5 percent of Asiana’s equity, with Mirae holding 15 percent.

50 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Calhoun of the trust repair exercise. New Boeing CEO Calhoun “We’ll do so through a recommitment to transparency and by meeting and exceed- ing their expectations. We will listen, seek details goals for 2020 feedback, and respond—appropriately, urgently, and respectfully.” by Gregory Polek David Calhoun, Calhoun, 62, assumes the chief exec- president and utive’s role from Greg Smith, who took David Calhoun laid out his priorities for with excellence, maintain production CEO of Boeing. over as interim CEO from the ousted the year in a January 13 letter to Boeing health, and invest in the future, includ- Dennis Muilenburg. employees as the former GE executive ing achieving the conclusion of Boeing’s Calhoun’s resume shows various senior formally assumed the role of president planned Embraer partnership. the organization to obscure potential leadership roles within several large-scale and CEO of the U.S. aerospace giant. Calhoun moves into the chief execu- complications with the new flight-control enterprises including at the Blackstone As expected, his first concern lies with tive’s office at perhaps the most critical system blamed for the crashes of two 737 Group, Nielsen Holdings, and GE. During returning the 737 Max to service. “We’ll time in Boeing’s history, and just days Max jets within the span of five months, his 26-year tenure at GE, he led multiple get it done, and we’ll get it done right,” after the release of more than a hundred resulting in the death of 346 people and business units including GE Transpor- he proclaimed. damning emails and instant messages the worldwide grounding of the model. tation and GE Aircraft Engines. He has Calhoun also called for an effort to between employees expressing contempt “Many of our stakeholders are rightly served on the Boeing board of directors rebuild trust among the company’s for management and regulators. disappointed in us, and it’s our job to since 2009 and served as chairman from “stakeholders,” focus on values, operate The messages expose efforts within repair these vital relationships,” said October 11 to December 22, 2019. n

Flybe reaches rescue deal with UK government by Cathy Buyck

Flybe and the UK government on Jan- executive of the Airlines UK trade group uary 14 reached agreement on a deal to asserted that Brexit creates the possibility keep Europe’s largest regional carrier to shelve or lower the passenger tax on operating, following talks that report- domestic flights. Under EU rules, mem- edly included a request by the carrier’s ber states may not differentiate between shareholders to receive a reprieve to pay domestic flights and flights between EU the airline passenger duty (APD) on its countries because it considers the bloc one domestic services for three years—for a single aviation market. Applying a lower The XL can carry 30 percent more cargo, by volume, than its predecessor and total amount of around £100 million. rate for domestic flights amounts to illegal fly to a range of 2,200 nm. All parties remained tight-lipped on the state aid, according to EU regulations. content of the package, though the govern- “One of the advantages of leaving the ment vowed it would launch a review of EU is the possibility of cutting or remov- the amount of APD levied on domestic UK ing APD on domestic travel,” noted Air- First of Airbus’s BelugaXLs routes and of the country’s regional connec- lines UK CEO Tim Alderslade. The UK tivity needs. “The reviews we are announc- levies £13 per passenger departing from ing today will help level up our economy. a UK airport for flights in the EU. “Levy- is placed into service They will ensure that regional connections ing £26 in tax when, in the case of Flybe, not only continue but flourish in the years the average fare is £52, is not sustainable by Cathy Buyck to come,” chancellor Sajid Javid said. when so many other costs on airlines are “[I’m] delighted we have been able increasing,” Alderslade added. Two months after the Airbus BelugaXL sites around Europe to the final assembly to work closely with Flybe to ensure Following a series of delays, the UK gained European Union Aviation Safety lines in , France, and , Europe’s largest airline is able to continue now plans to leave the EU on January 31. Agency (EASA) type certification, the Germany. Two Rolls-Royce Trent 700 tur- connecting communities across Britain,” However, a transition period will come

OEM’s first whale-shaped oversized air bofan engines suspended on underwing transport secretary Grant Shapps said on into playYOUR until SOURCE December FOR AVIATION 31 NEWS and most, transport entered service, the company pylons power the aircraft, which has a . The department for Transport if not all, EU legislation will still apply announced on January 13. Airbus plans range of 2,200 nautical miles (4,074 km) will undertake an “urgent review into how until then, limiting the UK govern- to introduce a further five BelugaXLs by and a maximum payload of 51 tonnes. we can level up the country by strength- ment’s scope to remove or cut the 2023, providing the European airframer Based on the -200 freighter, ening regional connectivity,” he added. domestic APD in the short term. Envi- the much-needed extra transport capacity the BelugaXL incorporates several newly Lucien Farrell, the chairman of the con- ronmental groups criticized reports that it needs to support the ongoing produc- developed elements, including its low- sortium that owns Flybe, said the three the ENEWSLETTERgovernment FOR might BUSINESS shelve AVIATION or cut tion ramp-up of its commercial aircraft ered cockpit, a highly enlarged cargo bay shareholders—Virgin Atlantic, Stobart APD domestic flights. alerts programs. The company delivered 863 structure, and a modified rear and tail Group, and investment firm Cyrus Cap- “Cutting air passenger duty encourages aircraft to 99 customers in 2019, outpac- section. Because it is 7 meters longer and ital Partners—had “committed to keep- flying and should not be messed with/ ing its previous output record set in 2018 one meter wider than the ST version, the ing Flybe flying with additional funding reduced in order to save a struggling air- by 8 percent and marking the 17th yearly XL allows for 30 percent extra transport alongside government initiatives,” while line,”AERO commented DEFENSE INDUSTRY Greenpeace ENEWSLETTER U.K. chief production increase in a row, according capacity and can carry two A350 XWB Flybe stated it was “delighted with the Doug Parr. subscribe n to the company. Its backlog at the end of wings while the ST can carry only one. The support received from the government 2019 stood at 7,482 aircraft. aircraft’s wingspan extends 60.3 meters, and the positive outcome for our people, Like its predecessor, the BelugaST—also overall length stretches 63.1 meters, and our customers, and the UK.”

known as A300-600ST Super Transporter— its height tops 18.9 meters. Flybe’s financial difficulties revived the AIR TRANSPORT INDUSTRY ENEWSLETTER the BelugaXL will carry complete sections Besides the new BelugaXL, Airbus’s cur- longstanding debate on the need to reform of Airbus aircraft from different production rent Beluga fleet consists of five STs. n the UK’s APD system. In fact, the chief \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 51 FOR NEWS VIDEO FROM HELIEXPO

FOR NEWS VIDEO FROM EBACE MRO/ hot section Maintenance news by AIN Staff

business, commercial, and general like in the marketplace,” he said. So far, aviation. “There is immense growth SierraTrax has about a dozen MROs potential in the airline MRO sector participating in the new service, accord- and we have already identified sev- ing to Talley. There is no cost for MROs eral organic and inorganic growth to participate and no additional cost to initiatives along with AeroRepair’s SierraTrax customers. Founded in 2017, management,” said GenNx360 man- SierraTrax primarily serves individual aging partner Daphne Dufresne. turbine aircraft owners and operators, AeroRepair also offers landing gear, as well as operators of fleets of 15 or battery, and other component MRO fewer aircraft. It is a recommended services through sister company Hemico, service provider for Textron Aviation. which also provides parts manufac- turer approval (PMA) engineering services and designated engineering Commercial Aviation Firm representative (DER)-approved repairs. Acquires Appearance Group Besides Manchester, AeroRepair oper- Wichita-based aircraft cleaning and ates five other locations—Atlanta, maintenance company Appearance Indianapolis, Phoenix, Montreal, and Group has been acquired by Texas-based —and employs nearly 200 work- The PrimeFlight Aviation Services group ers.“[GenNx360’s] expertise in business of companies, which specialize in airport From left to right, Australia's Aviation engineering manager Andrew Ross, Premiair services and deep industry knowledge and airline services. The transaction managing director Paul Montauban, Textron Aviation senior v-p of global customer support in this space will be a great asset as between privately held Appearance Kriya Shortt, and Textron Aviation v-p and general manager of APAC service Gabriel Massey. we continue to build our portfolio and Group and PrimeFlight, a portfolio expand into new markets,” AeroRepair company of venture capital firm Carlyle Textron Acquires Australian MRO, either European Union Aviation Safety CEO Daniel Bell said. He is among Group, was completed on December 17. Expanding Its APAC Footprint Agency (EASA) or FAA registrations. “It the current management team that Appearance Group was purchased by Nearly 11 months after expanding is important for us to be prepared to will continue to operate AeroRepair. Matt Henry and his father, Don Henry, Premiair Aviation Maintenance’s serve the new Vision Jet SF50 owners in 1999 and employs about 250 people in authorized service, Textron Aviation and to provide the most sophisticated 16 states. Established in 1991, it is an FAA has acquired the Australia-based MRO’s and personalized aviation experience New SierraTrax Service Shops Part 145 repair station and specializes three locations in a bid to boost its across the Cirrus aircraft series,” said Air Mx Rates for Customers in cleaning and detailing exteriors and service offerings in the Asia-Pacific Service Basel CEO Claudio Lasagni. The Maintenance tracking outfit Sierra- interiors of business jets, as well as paint region, the Wichita airframer announced. Switzerland-based MRO has been a cer- Trax has unveiled a new service for its restoration, paint sealant, leather refin- “Throughout the past year, we substan- tified Cirrus Partner for 15 years, offering customers that shops the best rate for ishing, and minor repair to leather cabin tially increased our regional footprint, full service for the Cirrus SR22 series, maintenance on their turbine aircraft, seats and other leather soft goods. Head- capabilities and parts availability,” said including full Garmin avionics services. the Wichita-based firm announced. quartered in Sugar Land, PrimeFlight Textron Aviation senior v-p of global It also has EASA Part 145 approval for Called Maintenance Marketplace, the provides major airlines and airports customer support Kriya Shortt. “The full line and base maintenance and service allows multiple MROs to bid with ground handling services, aircraft Premiair team demonstrated their com- received FAA repair station approval on scheduled maintenance, SierraTrax services, into-plane fueling, deicing, and mitment to quality, relationships and at the end of last year. The addition of co-founder and CEO Jason Talley told terminal services. It also offers a range customer care as an ASF, and now we SF50 service was the logical next step, AIN. “and automates that [process] of cleaning services for general aviation. are excited to welcome them to Textron according to the company. “We are for our subscribers and customers.” As Aviation.” Financial terms of the deal looking forward to supporting the Cirrus scheduled maintenance on a customer’s were not disclosed. Premiair operates Vision Jet customers,” Lasagni added. jet comes due, SierraTrax sends out a Stevens Readies AOG Teams facilities in Melbourne, Coolangatta request for maintenance proposal to for Major Sporting Events on the Gold Coast, and Jandakot in participating MROs. Responses from Stevens Aerospace and Defense Systems Western Australia. From those facilities, Private Equity Firm those MROs are then passed on to the increased its AOG capabilities to sup- Textron Aviation will be able to offer Acquires AeroRepair customer who can follow up directly port business jet owners and operators aircraft maintenance and support for its Private equity firm GenNx360 has with the MROs. “It makes it very easy attending major college football bowl three brands—Beechcraft, Cessna, and acquired a controlling ownership for them to solicit four, five, or six dif- games, beginning with the Chick-fil-A Hawker—including avionics services and stake in Manchester, New Hampshire-­ ferent proposals without having to deal Peach Bowl on December 28 in Atlanta, upgrades; scheduled and unscheduled based AeroRepair Corp., a specialist with the sales pressure…and to be able the Greenville, South Carolina-based maintenance; structural and component in wheel and brake MRO services to to understand what the pricing looks MRO provider announced. Stevens repair; and overhaul and refurbishment. relocated some of its more than 45 In the past year, Textron Aviation has technicians and 17 mobile units to cities added about $100 million in parts inven- that hosted the games. “These events tory and plans to expand its exchange give our customers the added confi- and overhaul parts by about $30 million dence that we’ll be easily accessible for this year. It also expanded its parts ware- planned and unplanned maintenance house in Singapore; added a new parts events,” Stevens AOG services v-p warehouse in Australia; and named Phil- Randy Smith said. Stevens operates per- Jets Aero Services in Manila as its autho- manent AOG locations in a dozen U.S. rized service facility in the Philippines. markets that form a crescent stretching from the Atlantic Coast to Colorado. Other college bowl games the com- Air Service Basel Adds pany supported were the Capital One Cirrus SF50 Authorized Mx Orange Bowl in Miami; Outback Bowl in Air Service Basel has been approved to Tampa, Florida; TaxSlayer Gator Bowl in provide authorized maintenance and its Jacksonville, Florida; and the National Continuing Airworthiness Management Championship game in New Orleans. It Organisation (CAMO)+ services for the also plans to deploy mobile AOG teams Cirrus Vision Jet SF50, making it the first Air Service Basel has been approved to provide maintenance and its Continuing Airworthiness for other, major sporting events in 2020, authorized service center for SF50s with Management Organisation (CAMO)+ services for the Cirrus Vision Jet SF50. including the Super Bowl on February 2

52 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Located at Melbourne International Airport has four paint booths and two Airport (MLB), SEA operates from strip bays. At any given time it paints five hangars that total 100,000 sq ft. between five and eight airplanes.

ExecuJet MRO Malaysia Gains Expands Mx Philippines Certification Capabilities with New Hangar ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia has Following the receipt of Part 145 repair received Civil Aviation Authority of station certification from the FAA the Philippines (CAAP) certification and European Union Aviation Safety for line and heavy maintenance on Agency, Berry Aviation has opened a Dassault, Bombardier, and Gulfstream 31,000-sq-ft maintenance hangar at San business jets, the Kuala Lumpur Marcos (Texas) Regional Airport. The maintenance provider announced. new hangar offers 19,300 sq ft of aircraft Aircraft covered by the certification maintenance space, as well as a 3,500-sq- include Dassault Falcon 2000EX and ft component repair and overhaul area Nomad Technics completed an ADS-B Out installation on this Maltese-registered Bombardier Falcon 900EX; Bombardier Chal- and 2,800 sq ft for a parts department. Challenger 850 during its six- and 12-month inspection. lenger 300/350 series and Learjet 45; Its repair station certification includes and Gulfstream G200 and GIV jets. airframe, powerplant, propeller, and in Miami; the Masters on April 9-12 in on a Bombardier Challenger 850, Ivan Lim, v-p of MRO Services Asia accessories, with FAA authorization to Augusta, Georgia; the Kentucky Derby the Basel, Switzerland-based MRO for Execujet Malaysia, explained the work on Beechcraft King Airs, as well on May 2 in Louisville, Kentucky; and announced. The Maltese-registered Philippines is the third-largest mar- as some Cessna Citation and Bombar- the Charlotte Coca-Cola 600 on May Challenger operates under a commer- ket in Southeast Asia for business dier Learjet models, among others. 23-25 in Charlotte, North Carolina. cial air operator certificate (AOC). Under a European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) mandate, aircraft Duncan Creates Online flown in Europe are to be equipped PMA Library with ADS-B Out by June 7, 2020. Duncan Aviation has created an online The FAA mandate in the U.S. was parts manufacturer approval (PMA) January 1. Nomad said the ADS-B library comprising more than 75 PMAs installation was completed during the that are available for sale, the Lin- inspection process and the Challenger coln, Nebraska-based MRO provider was returned to the owner on time. announced. PMAs in the searchable library can be found by aircraft, PMA category (such as Aircell, airframe, Southeast Aero Wins PMA for installations, and interiors), or view- Garmin G5000 Harnesses ing the full list. The PMA library is in Southeast Aerospace (SEA) has addition to Duncan’s searchable online received parts manufacturer approval library of STCs produced by its engineer- (PMA) from the FAA for the manu- ing and certification departments. Those facture and distribution of complex The ExecuJet MRO Services Malaysia facility is located in Kuala Lumpur. can be sold as a complete STC package harnesses required for Garmin G5000 or as individual PMA parts. Since going avionics installations, according to aviation, after Malaysia and Singa- Clay Lacy Keeps Busy with live with the PMA library, Duncan said the Melbourne, Florida-based MRO pore, with about 50 business jets—a Phenom 10-year Inspections it has received multiple requests for provider. The cost and time involved number that is expected to grow. The quotes, including dust panes for Cessna in manufacturing the harnesses Kuala Lumpur facility and its mobile Clay Lacy Aviation is seeing several Citation 550s and 560s and Gogo kit prompted SEA to seek the PMA. response team also are close enough 10-year inspections for Embraer Phenom modification parts for a Wi-Fi system. The G5000 harnesses are an intri- geographically to support Philippines 100s at its Embraer-authorized service cate component of the installation customers in AOG situations, he added. centers at Van Nuys Airport (VNY) in for Citation 560XL/XLS and Beechjet Los Angeles and McClellan-Palomar Nomad Completes ADS-B 400A, according to SEA. Because of Airport (CRQ) near San Diego, the FBO/ Install on Challenger 850 the harness’s complexity, each one is West Star Completes First MRO announced. The company—which Nomad Technics recently completed tested using automated harness test Praetor 600 Paint Job also provides aircraft sales, charter, and an ADS-B Out installation and six- and equipment while each wire is laser- With its green and yellow livery, a management services—said it com- 12-month (1,000- and 2,000-hour) marked and connectors are tagged recently completed custom West Star pleted its first Phenom 100 inspection inspection and defect rectification to ease installation for technicians. Aviation paint job is not for a Green in October and had additional inspec- Bay Packers fan, officials of the MRO tions in December and into 2020. The confirm. But it is the MRO’s first paint inspection and gear overhaul typically finish on a factory-delivered Embraer takes four weeks. It includes complete Praetor 600. West Star Grand Junction interior removal and opening of all (Colorado) technical sales manager inspection panels. The landing gear is Joe Carr told AIN the customer specif- removed and sent to a certified special- ically requested his company to paint ist. The process provides for upgrading the livery on the new, super-midsize avionics and connectivity, as well as twin. And the customer, he added, seat reupholstery. The company also was not an individual, but a company is marking its 10th year as an Embraer requesting those specific colors and service center. During that time, it has not because of an affinity for a certain completed 20,000 hours of Phenom NFL team. But because there were three maintenance. It currently supports more additional colors—green, yellow, and than 100 Phenom 100s and 300s. That black—involved, the painting process includes the Phenom fleets of JetSuite, West Star Aviation recently completed the green-and-yellow livery on a customer Embraer took longer than normal. West Star’s NetJets, and Flexjet, as well as the West Praetor 600, its first on the super-midsize model. facility at Grand Junction Regional Coast Embraer Phenom demo fleet. n \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 53 TOUCHING bases FBO and Airport news by Curt Epstein

coordination with airport police and accomplish this, a Dubois County road customs); catering; flight-planning at the end of the runway will be low- facilities; crew lounge; and car rentals. ered, with a tunnel created for the run- way extension to pass over it. The first phase of the work also calls for new Dallas-area Airport To LED runway lights and other naviga- Extend Runway tional aids. Meanwhile, a second phase Dallas-area dedicated GA gateway will see the runway widened from 75 to McKinney National Airport (TKI) has 100 feet. This expansion is intended to received a $15 million grant from the spur further growth at the dedicated Texas Department of Transportation general aviation facility, which has for the expansion of its lone runway. seen a boom in large-cabin aircraft The project, which will commence in traffic over the past several years. 2021 at the conclusion of the environ- “It’s said that general aviation is the Ross Aviation has acquired the former Signature Flight Support FBO at California’s Jacqueline mental review and design processes, largest airline in the United States Cochran Regional Airport. In addition to its existing FBO, the company will continue to operate will add 1,500 feet to the current 7,002 because more business is flown with the second facility as Ross Aviation South, expanding its holdings there to 40 acres, and feet of Runway 18/36. Over the past private aircraft than any other,” said giving it the flexibility to move staff from location to location as needed. year, city-owned TKI reported more Curtis Brown, project manager for than 156,000 operations, but due to Woolpert, which has been contracted Ross Aviation Buys multimillion-dollar facility in Octo- the existing runway length, large air- by the county to provide engineer- Rival in California ber, replacing the temporary trailers craft taking off from the North Dallas ing, design support, and construc- Ross Aviation has acquired rival Signa- that it had been operating from. airport during the height of summer tion management for the work. He ture Flight Support’s facility at Cali- are occasionally forced to depart with added, “GA is often overlooked, but fornia’s Jacqueline Cochran Regional their tanks less than full. The 20-year these airports are critical to the Airport, which gives it two FBOs at Belgian FBO To Add planning period for operational activ- economic welfare of state and local the Palm Springs-area gateway. The Antwerp Hangar ity at TKI calls for increased use of businesses across the country.” new location expands Ross’s leasehold -based aviation services pro- such aircraft with heavier loads and on the airport to approximately 40 vider ASL Group, which began offering longer leg lengths. With numerous acres. It will continue to operate the FBO services last year at several Euro- alternatives in the Metroplex boasting Philippines Hangar Reaches new location, which includes a 9,000- pean locations, has broken ground on longer runways, the airport’s execu- Construction Checkpoint sq-ft, two-story terminal with offices, a 26,000-sq-ft (2,400-sq-m) hangar tives wish to remove that concern from Hong Kong-based aviation services 25,000 sq ft of community hangar at its facility at Antwerp International the minds of customers who might provider Metrojet reached a construc- space, and 17,500 sq ft of T-hangars Airport. It will join the company’s be tempted to try other airports. tion milestone last week in the devel- as Ross Aviation South, retaining existing hangar, which opened in 2006 most of the former Signature employ- to support the company’s initial private ees. Between the two locations, the jet charter business. The new structure company now has more than 122,000 features a 131-foot-wide, 26.9-foot-high sq ft of hangar space, and agreements door and is located directly across from with its hangar tenants can boost the original hangar. It is expected to that number by another 20,000 sq ft be completed in the third quarter. of large aircraft storage capability. “With the growth of our fleet and with “We see [Cochran] not only as a the expansion of our services, this new primary airport serving the Coachella hangar marks even more the impor- Valley but also as an excellent alter- tance of Antwerp for the future of our native to other facilities in the region, company,” said company CEO Philippe Metrojet has completed the roof framework on its new hangar at Clark International Airport which are becoming increasingly Bodson. In addition to Antwerp, which in the Philippines. The stressed-arch design is intended to protect the 7,000-sq-m structure congested,” said Brian Corbett, Ross’s Bodson noted is ASL’s most important from damage due to high winds. recently named CEO. “We anticipate base, the company also provides FBO hosting traffic from a variety of pre- services at the “Today, business aircraft intending opment of its new aircraft hangar and viously traditional destinations in the and Groningen Airports, as well as to operate out of McKinney must add maintenance facility in the Philippines, area, and now have the ramp space and some handling at Liege Airport. Ser- congestion to one of the commercial with the completion of the stressed hangar capacity, along with outstand- vices include short- and long-term service airports if their operations arch roof framework of the 75,347-sq-ft ing passenger and crew facilities, to parking (outdoors, with limited hangar require additional runway length,” said hangar. The technology employed in the accommodate them comfortably space available); refueling; line ser- TKI director Ken Carley. “Extending roof’s structure has been designed to throughout the year.” The airport vice, including cleaning, dishwashing, the runway by 1,500 feet will bene- meet the highest international stan- briefly had three separate FBOs, as laundry, and lav service; line mainte- fit the entire DFW area by allowing dards for typhoon and seismic loadings. the Desert Jet Center debuted its new nance; customs and immigration (in the airport to more effectively serve When completed, the building, with its role as a reliever for the region’s its 360-foot clear span opening and commercial service airports.” 70-foot-high apex will have the capac- ity to simultaneously accommodate up to 10 ultra-long-range business Indiana Genav Airport To jets, including Airbus ACJs and Boeing Begin Runway Expansion BBJs. It will be equipped with an NFPA Indiana’s Huntingburg Regional Airport 409-compliant fire-suppression system is set to begin a two-year extension to meet the world’s most stringent project on its lone runway—a project safety standards. Scheduled to open that has been planned for more than a in the second quarter, the complex decade. The $12 million project, funded at Diosdado Macapagal International by federal, state, and local grants, began Airport (formerly Clark International in November and includes the recon- Airport) will include nearly three acres struction of 700 feet of 5,000-foot of ramp space in front of the hangar, a ASL group plans to erect a new 26,000-sq-ft hangar to accommodate its growing jet charter Runway 9/27, along with extending it dedicated taxiway, and an adjoining and FBO operations at Antwerp International Airport. and its parallel taxiway by 500 feet. To 27,000-sq-ft, two-story FBO terminal.

54 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ Bahamas Airports See of which offer 5,500 foot main and Progress in Storm’s Wake 4,000-foot secondary runways. The FBO PROFILE: McClellan Jet Services The Bahamas’ Leonard M. Thompson locations will retain the Carver Aero International Airport, one of the two name, and the company told AIN it aviation gateways on Hurricane Dorian-­ has plans to further expand the brand. ravaged Abaco Island to supply fuel, Davenport, which sees approximately has reopened to international oper- 77 operations a day, has a modern ations. Known colloquially as Marsh 7,500-sq-ft terminal that includes a Harbor Airport, the facility, along passenger lobby, pilot lounge, a pair with its 5,000-foot runway, suffered of snooze rooms, a 30-seat conference damage last summer to its termi- room, flight planning area, showers, nal, which serves both commercial and crew cars. The location has a and private operations. The primary 20,000-sq-ft heated hangar, which can issue, however, was rebuilding the shelter midsize business jets on down. perimeter fencing that was destroyed In Muscatine, the FBO is open and replacing baggage screening from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. and occupies equipment to meet U.S. TSA require- the 4,000-sq-ft city-owned terminal Even with more than 200,000 sq ft of hangars capable of sheltering nearly anything ments, according to Algernon Cargill, with a passenger lobby, pilot lounge, with wings, McClellan Jet Services, the private airport-owned FBO at California’s the Bahamas director of aviation. snooze room, shower facilities, 16-seat Sacramento McClellan Airport, is fresh out of aircraft storage space. Abaco’s Treasure Cay Airport, which conference room, and crew cars. A was popular with private jet operators 6,400-sq-ft hangar with a 16-foot- for its 6,900-foot runway, has remained high door can accommodate aircraft Facility benefits from closed to international operations since up to a Citation V, and the location the August storm, and the government includes 80,000 sq ft of ramp. The its military lineage noted it plans to make the airport, which purchase also included Carver’s Part previously had limited commercial 135 operation, which currently lists Located just six miles from California’s cap- to a Boeing 767. Three of the facility’s five service, into a dedicated GA airport. It a Cessna Citation Ultra along with a ital, Sacramento McClellan Airport has had hangars can each shelter five large-cabin is looking to select an FBO services Beechcraft King Air 350, 200, and 90 a long history on its way to becoming one business jets at the same time. Home to provider to rebuild the devastated on its certificate, and a Part 145 repair of the country’s largest privately owned approximately 40 turbine-powered aircraft airport and take over operations on a station at the Davenport location. airports. ranging from a BBJ to a Pilatus PC-12, plus lease and revenue-sharing basis. Cargill Like many airports, it started out as a a variety of piston-powered airplanes, the told AIN he has had discussions with U.S. military airfield. First opened in 1935, FBO is at full capacity, according to Scott interested parties, but there is no time- New Development Ahead its vintage administration building now Owens, executive vice president and COO line as to when a deal might be reached. for Virginia Airport serves as the terminal for the airport-op- of McClellan Jet Services and Sacramento Privately owned Grand Bahama Inter- Virginia’s Richmond Executive-Chester- erated McClellan Jet Services. The base McClellan Airport. national Airport also recently reopened. field County Airport will see some new served to arm and ship warplanes headed “We’re busting at the seams,” he told AIN, The airport, which was inundated with development over the next few years. to fight in World War II, as well as to pro- adding that they recently had to reclaim water, had its commercial terminal Longtime service provider Dominion vide maintenance. It became McClellan Air some hangar space that was being used for destroyed. All flight operations there Aviation Services will break ground Force Base in 1948 and served as a major warehousing to make room for additional have since shifted to the FBO building, on a new 12,000-sq-ft hangar shortly, aircraft repair and overhaul facility until its aircraft storage. While there are still hun- which survived the storm relatively ahead of a planned relocation from the closing in 2000 when it was transferred to dreds of thousands of square feet of hangar intact. Private aviation traffic contin- dedicated GA airport’s terminal, which Sacramento County. space in play on the airport, most is occupied ues to be processed there as well. it has occupied since 1991. It expects McClellan Jet Services opened its by private flight departments, maintenance to complete a new $3 million complex doors as an FBO in September of the fol- providers, and air ambulance operators, as with hangars capable of sheltering lowing year. In 2017, the company’s parent well as a mix of federal, state, and local gov- Family-Owned Iowa large-cabin jets and a new 6,000-sq-ft McClellan Business Park negotiated with ernment flight operations. As the main stag- FBOs Are Purchased terminal in 36 to 48 months. Construc- the county to purchase the entire, nearly ing area for the region’s aerial fire fighting Illinois-based investment firm CL tion will start as soon as the airport 1,200-acre facility. operations, McClellan is home to the world’s Enterprises has acquired family-owned completes necessary infrastructure on Some signs of the airport’s former exis- largest fire-retardant reload base. aviation services provider Carver the undeveloped south side of the field. tence and purpose, such as the non-stan- That government traffic pushes the Shell- Aero, which operates the lone FBOs The county-owned airport will soon dard military pavement markings, were branded FBO’s fuel flowage to an average of at Iowa’s Davenport Municipal and be undergoing a project to lengthen its removed and recently repainted to meet 3.5 million gallons a year. Muscatine Municipal Airports, both 5,500 foot Runway 15/33 by 800 feet. n civil regulations. But others remain, such The facility is open 24/7, and its 25 as the runway’s size (10,600 feet long by employees undergo NATA Safety 1st line 200 feet wide). and customer service training. The 12,000- Another telltale indication is the mas- sq-ft, two-story terminal offers a passen- sive fuel farm, which can hold more than 1.2 ger lounge, pilot lounge with two snooze million gallons of fuel in two 630,000-gal- rooms, a flight planning area/business lon tanks. The FBO currently only uses one center, 25-seat conference room, onsite of them and rents the other out to a local car rental, and three crew vehicles. fuel transport company for diesel storage. As a privately-owned, non-tower airport, It has a pair of 10,000-gallon jet-A refuel- McClellan does not not charge any land- ers along with one 7,000-gallon and two ing, ramp, or facility fees, making it the only 5,000-gallon trucks, one of which arrived one in the Sacramento-area to eschew new in January. The 40,000-gallon avgas such user costs. supply is served by a 1,200-gallon and a Currently underway at the airport is a 1,000-gallon tanker. . $1 million project to replace the “archaic” The facility has 38.5 acres of ramp, and electrical vault. “When we are done with of the 1 million square feet of hangar space the electrical, from the vault all the way Iowa-based Carver Aero has sold its two FBOs, including this modern facility at Davenport remaining on the airport (down from a peak out to the approach lights, runway lights Municipal Airport and a second location at Muscatine Municipal Airport, to CL Enterprises, of 1.5 million), it controls 207,000 sq ft, and taxiway lights, everything will be along with a Part 135 charter certificate and Part 145 repair station. The company is the lone which can easily accommodate aircraft up upgraded,” said Owens. C.E. aviation services provider at both airports. \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 55 ACCIDENTS by David Jack Kenny

PRELIMINARY REPORTS of ¾ mile, five-knot winds from the south- subsequently found the switches con- on the scene estimated winds there at 10 east, and identical temperature and dew- trolling the fuel transfer pumps in the to 15 knots. The 3,000-by-30-foot runway No Survivors in Hawaii point of 19 degrees Celsius. “off” position. These pumps transfer fuel does not have parallel taxiways, instead, Air Tour Crash from the main tanks to the supply tanks requiring a back-taxi and use of a turn- FINAL REPORTS that feed the engines directly and are nor- around pad for southbound departures. EUROCOPTER AS350B2, DECEMBER 26, 2019, mally activated before takeoff. While the company’s General Oper- LIHUE, KAUAI, HAWAII Spurious Torque Alert The aircraft had been fitted with a ating Manual called for airport-specific Misinterpreted by Crew night-vision-goggle-compatible interior training for pilots “operating to or from Six tourists and the pilot were killed after lighting system installed under a supple- airports with special characteristics,” it their helicopter struck a ridgeline during PILATUS PC-12, JANUARY 6, 2016, mental type certificate, which included did not list those fields. However, the an air tour of the famed Na Pali coast, SAVANNAH, GEORGIA infrared filters over the instruments and witness reported having spoken with the an area of extremely rugged terrain and . Subsequent exam- pilots of both airplanes before they took widely varying microclimates. The flight The pilots misinterpreted a torque exceed- ination found that with the panel lights off, and that they’d acknowledged the was reported missing at 6 p.m., about 40 ance alert as low torque and then attempted dimmed, the low-fuel warning and mas- need to turn right and toward the eastern minutes after its expected return time. a precautionary landing without following ter caution lights could not be seen. The pass when taking off from Runway 03. Poor visibility and high winds hampered the operating handbook’s troubleshooting transmitters that activate the low-fuel initial search efforts; the wreckage was procedures, causing substantial damage annunciators also illuminate the master Flight Control Failure eventually located around 9:30 the fol- including a post-crash fire when the air- caution light but do not trigger any audi- Traced to Corrosion lowing morning in a remote area of steep plane struck a ditch while landing in the ble warning tone. terrain. Six bodies were recovered before grass perpendicular to the runway, accord- Seventeen minutes into the flight, EUROCOPTER EC135T1, FEBRUARY 26, 2019, deteriorating weather forced suspension ing to the NTSB. Takeoff performance was the helicopter yawed left “with a hard-­ OWEN ROBERTS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, of the search. The last victim was found normal, but after a positive rate of climb upward bump.” Engine, generator, and GRAND CAYMAN, CAYMAN ISLANDS the following day. was established, both pilots noted a red battery discharged warning lights illu- The NTSB reported that the aircraft crew alerting system (CAS) torque warning. minated. The nose pitched up and rolled Undetected corrosion caused a fracture of fell about 100 feet after striking the ridge The torque gauge read 5.3 psi, while nomi- right and the pilot entered autorotation the longitudinal axis tie bar in the main at an altitude of approximately 2,900 nal torque for the day’s conditions was 43.3 but had to alter his glide path to avoid rotor actuator assembly, leading to a feet. The tour was being flown by the psi. With the airplane 200 feet above the power lines and a ditch. The helicopter hard landing that damaged the tail boom, operator’s 69-year-old chief pilot. (For ground with 2,700 feet of runway remain- landed right skid-low and skidded about landing gear, and transmission deck. The details of the NTSB’s preliminary report ing and the landing gear still extended, the 100 feet before rolling onto its right side. helicopter had just lifted into a four-foot see page 24.) pilot flying chose to reduce power and turn After evacuating the occupants, the pilot hover when the pilot felt a vibration in left to land in the grass between the run- saw fuel streaming from one of the belly the cyclic followed by “a strong rearwards Five Deaths in Louisiana ways and the terminal. drains and shut down the fuel and electri- force, which he was unable to overcome.” Cheyenne Accident Data retrieved from the airplane’s cal systems to reduce the risk of fire. He immediately lowered collective, and avionics suite showed a sudden spike in the helicopter landed hard. The pilot shut PIPER PA-31T, DECEMBER 28, 2019, indicated torque from 45.0 to 71.0 psi, Missed Turn Led to down both engines and applied the rotor LAFAYETTE, LOUISIANA triggering an engine caution alert. Other Nature Air Disaster brake, and the crew evacuated the ship engine indications remained normal. Four without further incident. A Piper Cheyenne II crashed barely one seconds later the torque reading decreased CESSNA 208, DECEMBER 31, 2017, The EC135’s main rotor actuator con- minute after taking off from the Lafay- to 47.3 psi and other engine indications PUNTA ISLITA, COSTA RICA sists of three parallel hydraulic circuits ette (Louisiana) Regional Airport, killing also decreased, consistent with a reduc- that deflect the swashplate in the longi- the pilot and four of the five passengers. tion in power. Confirming prior reports, the NTSB found tudinal, lateral, and collective dimensions The surviving passenger was hospital- The NTSB noted that the PC-12’s CAS that the flight crew’s failure to make an via a system of tie rods, forks, and bell- ized with injuries described in press provides alerts only for excessive torque, immediate right turn after takeoff placed cranks. The system does not receive any accounts as including burns over 75 per- and the response to a torque alert speci- the airplane in a narrow valley with no routine maintenance while installed in cent of his body and a dislocated shoul- fied by its operating handbook is to reduce exit, flying toward terrain it could not the helicopter. der. A motorist whose car was struck by power, landing “as soon as possible using outclimb. Both pilots and all 10 passen- Split compression rings of varying the aircraft also suffered serious injuries, minimal power” if the alert does not gers were killed when the Nature Air Car- thicknesses are used as shims to stan- and two employees of a post office at the resolve. The stable values recorded for avan stalled into the ground as the crew dardize actuator length so that replacing accident site were struck by shards of other engine parameters led the Board attempted to reverse course. Investigators’ an actuator mechanism does not require flying glass. to conclude that both the torque exceed- analysis of surveillance footage suggests adjusting the swashplate linkages; the gap The airplane took off from Runway 22L ance warning and low torque indication that the airplane reached a bank angle of between the ring segments could allow at 9:20 a.m. on an instrument flight plan resulted from equipment errors. 75 degrees at a groundspeed of about 82 moisture to enter and pool against the to Atlanta’s Dekalb-Peachtree Airport. knots, well below the published stall speed outermost O-ring in precisely the area ADS-B data provided by the FAA showed Panel Dimmer Implicated for a 60-degree bank. where the fracture occurred. Metallurgic that it climbed out at rates between 1,000 in Fuel Starvation Another company airplane that left analysis found pitting corrosion on the and 1,900 fpm while making a slight right 15 minutes earlier made the right turn, surface of the tie bar and intercrystalline turn toward its assigned heading of 240 AIRBUS HELICOPTERS DEUTSCHLAND departing the valley through a gap in the corrosion and crack propagation on the degrees. Thirteen seconds after takeoff MBB-BK 117 B-2, JULY 1, 2017, surrounding hills and arriving without fracture surface. it began rolling back toward wings level, PERRYLAND, MISSOURI incident at the Juan Santamaría Interna- High of sodium and then continued rolling left. It reached its tional Airport in San Jose. chlorine were also found, consistent with peak altitude of 885 above ground level in Dimming the panel lights for a flight at The reasons the crew chose to take off moisture penetration in a highly saline a 35-degree left bank and continued rolling dusk may have prevented a medevac from Runway 03 of the privately-owned marine environment. left while descending. The last observation pilot from seeing the low-fuel or master airstrip rather than the unobstructed Following the accident, EASA issued showed it descending through 600 feet at caution lights, according to the NTSB. departure over the ocean from Runway 21 Emergency Airworthiness Directive 2,000-3,000 feet per minute while banked The pilot, three crew members, and remain unclear. Two windsock frames 2019-0087-E requiring a one-time 70 degrees to the left. The pilot did not the patient being transported suffered were present at the field but no windsocks removal and inspection of “a specific respond to a low-altitude warning from only minor injuries when the helicopter were installed at the time. The nearest group of actuators” and mandating the controller. landed hard and rolled over following certified weather station, some 25 miles replacement of any tie bars that show Local weather at the time included ver- an emergency autorotation in response away, reported winds from 090 degrees at evidence of corrosion or have exceeded tical visibility of 200 feet, ground visibility to a dual engine stoppage. Investigators four knots with gusts to 12, but a witness their authorized time in service. n

The material on this page is based on reports by the official agencies of the countries having the reponsibility for aircraft accident and incident investigations. It is not intended to judge or evaluate the ability of any person, living or dead, and is presented here for informational purposes.

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Stay up-to-date on the latest operational information critical to your job function, discover new vendors and suppliers in the growing exhibit hall, 2020 and network with your peers. Whether this is your first time joining us CHARLOTTE, NC or you’re a seasoned SDC veteran, you’ll want to make plans to attend. REGISTER TODAY DEFENSE perspective

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View AMSTAT Contacts & Fleet data from within Salesforce® VLADIMIR KARNOZOV A number of special-mission Tu-204s and Tu-214s are already in service with Russian government agencies. This command post Tu-214 is operated by the Presidential Air Detachment. Link your Accounts, Contacts & Leads to live AMSTAT Data Russia mulls idle jetliners Add AMSTAT data directly into your Salesforce® for anti-sub conversions by Vladimir Karnozov Receive alerts of changes to linked data The Russian navy has prepared a revised flying boats, 20 Tu-142 “Bear-Fs,” and 15 specification for a next-generation of the Ilyushin Il-38 “May” (an adapta- anti-submarine warfare (ASW) aircraft tion of the Il-18 airliner), including eight that permits using the Tupolev Tu-204/214 recently converted into the Il-38N version narrow-body twinjets as a platform. featuring the Novella (non-exportable Information That Moves You Forward Dubbed PLAK, the Russian acronym for Sea Dragon) sensor suite. “antisubmarine aviation complex,” the Even though all the three continue to be For additional information, please contact: future asset could be broadly similar in upgraded, their current fleet has become Andrew Young at 732-530-6400 ext. 147 or [email protected] performance to the U.S. Navy’s Boeing increasingly worn-out and outdated. While P-8A Poseidon, which is based on the Boe- the surviving Be-12s are to be replaced ing 737-800 platform. by SAR and patrol versions of the Be-200 As well as being close to the P-8A in size amphibian twinjet, a suitable replacement and payload/range characteristics, the for the other two types has yet to be selected. Tu-204/214 is also available cheaply on the The PLAK using the Tu-204/214 platform secondhand market. Over 20 such jetlin- is viewed as an affordable option and also ers are stored following their withdrawal shares commonality with other special-­ from commercial airline service. Another mission platforms already in service with dozen could be assembled by the Tu-214 the Russian armed forces. These include manufacturing plant in Kazan (KAPO), a pair of Tu-214R reconnaissance aircraft and that of the Tu-204 in Ulyanovsk with phased-array side-looking radars and (), using pre-manufactured parts a pair of Tu-214ON photo-reconnaissance from their stocks. airplanes employed on the “Open Skies” The ready availability of the Tupolev jet- program. Also, other governmental bodies— liners makes this option look more suitable such as the Presidential Air Detachment— than ordering all-new ASW aircraft of a use the Tu-204/214 aircraft in flying control special design, such as the A-40/42 Albatros post, relay, and liaison versions. amphibian developed by Beriev to Soviet Last year, the chief of aviation with navy specifications. Since the mid-1990s, the Russian navy, General Igor Kozhin, the Russian navy has wavered between the spoke of the need to induct a next-gener- Tu-204/214 and A-40/42, as both options ation ASW aircraft by 2030. The minister have benefits and advantages. for industry and trade, Denis Manturov, Although more expensive to build and responded in August with mention of maintain, and requiring costly ground a special Tu-204/214 version able to infrastructure, the amphibian aircraft can meet the given requirement. As a conse- employ recoverable (non-expendable) quence, Tupolev has resumed work on the “combat robots.” A fashionable novelty Tu-204P project, which began in the early in marine warfare, these are unmanned 1990s and subsequently experienced sev- surface vehicles (USVs) carrying eral halts and restarts. The design house and magnetic and other anomaly detec- insists that the jetliner platform offers tors, along with other sensor equipment sufficient range and on-station patrol to sniff for hostile surface and submers- time, while ensuring good levels of com- ible warships in the search area. These fort and working conditions for the crew. “combat robots” would supplement ASW In its turn, Beriev points to the equipment such as acoustic sonobuoys. Be-200’s and A-40/42’s ability to operate The Russian navy has long been seeking from water, which makes possible oper- suitable platforms that would supplement ations such as the open-ocean rescue of and then replace the three dedicated ASW crews of crippled submarines and sur- aircraft of Soviet origin. Today, the ser- face ships, and the ability to deploy and vice operates a handful of Be-12 “Mail” recover “combat robots”. n

58 Aviation International News \ February 2020 \ COMPLIANCE countdown by Gordon Gilbert

Within 6 Months foreign-registered aircraft flying under February 5, 2020 IFR. Australian-registered aircraft had Europe: Controller- to be compliant starting January 2. Pilot Datalink Com Aug. 14, 2020 Europe will require aircraft oper- EU: Pilot Mental Fitness ators to equip for controller-­ pilot datalink communications The European Union has published (CPDLC) starting February 5. revised air operations safety rules to incorporate provisions to better Feb. 18, 2020 identify, assess, and treat the psycho- EASA: Halon Banned logical fitness of air crew. The rules include alcohol testing of flight crews Under EASA rules, operators of large during ramp checks, are applicable airplanes and large helicopters shall to commercial air transport opera- ensure that built-in lavatory extinguish- tors and go into effect August 14. ers on aircraft newly certified on or after Feb. 18, 2020 do not use Halon as the extinguishing agent. The goal is to grad- Within 12 Months ually mitigate the environmental impact Oct 1, 2020 that Halon extinguishing agents in fire- Australia: Rest and Duty Times fighting equipment have on the layer and climate. The requirement New fatigue rules apply to holders of applied to portable extinguishers on commercial air operator certificates these classes of aircraft starting last May. (AOCs), including charter, on-demand air taxis, and Part 141 flight schools. March 2, 2020 NEW Operators who select the prescribed FAA: UAS Remote ID limits must be in compliance by June 30, 2020. Operators who develop their own An FAA notice of proposed rulemak- fatigue system must ing (NPRM) will require remote and be in compliance starting October 1. automatic identification of unmanned aircraft systems that would provide Jan. 1, 2021 position information to receivers EASA: Cockpit Voice Recorders on the ground. The resulting new rules are expected to be fully imple- Cockpit voice recorders with a record- mented by the end of 2024. Excep- ing duration of at least 25 hours will New technology. Regulations. Mandates. tions will apply to amateur-built be required on commercial airplanes Acronyms. Lots of acronyms. Business UAS, drones operated by the U.S. with an mtow of 60,000 pounds or aviation can be confusing and noisy. government, and UAS weighing less more manufactured from Jan. 1, 2021. than 0.55 pounds. Comments on Duncan Aviation continuously strives to be the NPRM are due on March 2. Beyond 12 Months the voice of clarity by providing information about important topics in business aviation June 1, 2020 March 25, 2021 in clear, concise, no-nonsense language. Our EASA: Drone Regulations Australia: Flight Operations goal is to educate customers so they can make the most informed decisions possible Technical and operational requirements Ten new flight operations regulations for their aircraft, passengers and company. for drones are covered in these rules. will consolidate the operating and flight For example, new drones will have to rules, as well as certification and man- Download our books, podcasts, and be individually identifiable, allowing agement requirements, for a variety of webinars, all highlighting Duncan Aviation’s the authorities to trace a particular aircraft and operations in Australia. The technical experts whom operators can drone if necessary. They also cover rules will apply to all pilots and opera- call and speak with whenever they need each operation type, from those not tors in Australia and will commence on clarification or more information. requiring prior authorization to those March 25, 2021. The regulations covered involving certified aircraft and oper- include: general operating and flight ators, as well as minimum remote rules; certification and management of pilot training requirements. The new commercial aircraft operating certifi- rules, effective June 1, replace existing cates; and small and large airplanes and national drone rules and requirements rotorcraft. in European Uunion member states. Experience. Unlike any other. Jan. 1, 2023 and Jan. 1, 2028 June 7, 2020 4 Months to Deadline Aircraft CO Emissions Australia/Europe: 2 Standards for CO2 emissions apply to ADS-B Out Mandate deliveries of current in-production The ADS-B Out retrofit requirements in large aircraft starting Jan. 1, 2023. All DUNCAN AVIATION’S GARMIN G1000® Australia and Europe take effect June 7. covered in-production airplanes must CULTURE FEATURING NXi KING AIR In Europe, this mandate applies only to meet the standard by Jan. 1, 2028. Jet TODD & ROBERT DUNCAN OPERATIONAL BENEFITS aircraft with a mtow exceeding 5,700 kg airplanes with an mtow under 12,500 PODCAST WEBINAR (12,566 pounds) or having a maximum pounds, and piston-engine airplanes February Release February 26, 2020 cruising speed greater than 250 knots. and turboprops below 19,000 pounds In Australia, this mandate applies to mtow, are exempt. n

AIN_DuncanAviation_Jan2020.indd 1 1/16/2020 4:53:11 PM \ February 2020 \ Aviation International News 59 PEOPLE in aviation Compiled by Kerry Lynch


GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) named in four space flights and has held several man- sales manager, representing western U.S. and Pat Sheedy to take the helm of its Ireland-based agement positions with NASA. all of Canada. FINAL FLIGHT helicopter leasing business, Milestone Aviation The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Guardian Jet named Casey Crafton tech- Group, as CEO. He succeeds Greg Conlon, who elected Collins Aerospace CEO Kelly Ortberg nical services manager. Crafton most recently Murray Q. Smith, who made his mark recently was promoted to GECAS president chairman of the board of governors for 2020. served as an assembly technician at Pratt & on aviation journalism steering his and CEO. Sheedy steps into his new role with Kathy Warden, chairman, CEO, and president Whitney and as a lead aircraft technician at Professional Pilot magazine for more 19 years of international financial services expe- of Northrop Grumman, is the new vice chair. Embraer Executive Jet Services. than five decades, died on Decem- rience, the majority of which was spent with RTCA added Nathan Boelkins, Michael FlightSafety International promoted Rich- ber 25. He was 89. “As you may GE’s Aviation Risk Management business with Ingram, and Lorne Cass to its board of direc- ard Hallows to assistant manager of its Farn- know, he had to step down from a focus on emerging markets. He most recently tors. Boelkins oversees the Commercial Avion- borough training facility. Hallows joined the his captain position due to medical was chief risk officer and head of portfolio and ics portfolio for Collins Aerospace; Ingram is Farnborough center in 2014 as an instructor in reasons, although he still visited underwriting, and before that, he was senior v-p v-p and general manager of Honeywell Aero- the Sikorsky S-92 training program and most the office regularly. He will be truly and regional risk manager for GECAS in Dubai. space Cockpit Systems; and Cass is v-p of oper- recently was assistant director of standards. missed around here,” the magazine FLYdocs named Carl Davis chief technol- ations and industry affairs for . Air Service Basel named Benedict Staehe- said in announcing Smith’s passing. ogy innovation officer. Davis has more than The DuPage Airport Authority (DAA) lin head of customer relations and projects. In “We want to reaffirm our full com- 10 years of experience as a chief technology appointed Mark Doles executive director. addition, Pirmin Schärli is now maintenance mitment to this industry and assure officer including for Bibby Financial Services Doles has served with DAA for more than 30 lead. you that Pro Pilot will carry on with (Verus360 division) and analytics company years in many roles, including as director of Western Aircraft promoted Beau Hawkins Murray’s mission.” DC-Storm (a Rakuten acquisition). the DuPage Flight Center. to avionics sales manager. Honored during the 9th annual Liv- Dassault Aviation named Charles Wemaëre Hong Kong-based Metrojet Limited hired C&L Aerospace named Miguel Delgado ing Legends of Aviation Awards in 2012, v-p of worldwide spares, responsible for spare Kobus Swart as director of flight operations. regional sales manager for Latin America and Smith was well known within aviation parts and logistics efforts for the global Falcon Metrojet Engineering Clark appointed the Caribbean. circles as he remained deeply involved fleet. Previously deputy manager, Wemaëre Sarith Vaikuntanas general manager of its AssuredPartners Aerospace added two in the magazine that he launched 53 joined Dassault in 2011 as a spares sales MRO in the Philippines, replacing Wesley Slate new aviation insurance executives: Doug years ago. Aimed at issues affecting director following an extensive career in the who has held the position since September Bontrager based in Indiana and Kris Parsons pilots, managers, and dispatchers, the automotive industry. 2018. in Atlanta. Bontrager will focus on aerial appli- magazine perhaps is best known for its Scott Meyer joined Flying Colours as v-p FlightSafety International promoted Mat- cators and other commercial aviation busi- reader surveys. and general manager of its St. Louis, Missouri thew De Foe to manager of the company’s nessest. Parsons has 19 years of experience in “For decades, Murray Smith and facility. Meyer brings nearly 30 years of inter- Paris Le Bourget training facility. De Foe has aviation insurance. his team have brought well-deserved national aerospace and aviation management served with FlightSafety since 2008, beginning Southern Cross Aircraft added Denise attention to the people and companies experience to his new role, formerly serving as as an instructor on Bombardier jets in Tucson, Alonso to its aircraft sales team. Alonso, who that represent the best of our industry,” CEO of Comlux America in Indianapolis and as Arizona, later becoming program manager, will represent Southern Cross in Brazil, has said NBAA president and CEO Ed Bolen. executive v-p of business development for the director of training, and UAS business devel- held roles with charter fractional ownerships, “His boundless energy and insight will Comlux Group. opment and ultimately assistant manager in airport real estate, and manufacturers. be missed.” The Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) Tucson and West Palm Beach, Florida. Western Aircraft promoted Steve Myers to For Smith, flying was a life-long named Alison Lynn v-p of communications. FlightWorks appointed Mike Jefcoat as jet service manager and Steve Rozbora tur- passion, and he held his ATP and Most recently director of product communica- director of operations. Jefcoat has more than boprop production manager. Myers has served CFI certificates until the day he died. tions for the American Chemistry Council, Lynn 25 years of Part 121 and 135 aviation experience, with Western Aircraft for 13 years, holding roles Born in Chicago, Smith joined the also has served on the staff of U.S. Rep. Mac with a background with airline and flight school previously as lead and team lead. Rozbora pre- Leo Burnett Advertising Agency after Thornberry (R-Texas) as communications direc- operations. In addition, FlightWorks named viously spent 21 years with Honeywell. obtaining a degree in journalism tor and later as the spokesperson and director Kevin Bryant chief pilot. Bryant also has more The Mason City Airport Commission from the University of Illinois and of member initiatives for the House Committee than 25 years of aviation experience, including appointed David Sims airport manager of began his career as a technical writer, on Armed Services. with Part 91, Part 121, and Part 135 companies. Mason City Municipal Airport in Iowa. He suc- according to Airport Journals. But Safe Flight Instrument Corporation pro- West Star appointed Tommi Krell director ceeds Pamela Osgood, who is retiring after shortly after that, he joined the U.S. moted Maria Ferrara to v-p of manufacturing. of employee communications and component serving as airport manager for 17 years. Sims Navy and, among other things, was Ferrara joined Safe Flight in 2005 and most marketing for the company’s component repair has spent the past 13 years serving in airport tasked with writing reports on evalu- recently was director of quality assurance. business units, including Dallas Aeronautical operations at Mason City. ations of autopilots, flight directors, NBAA is adding to its board of directors two Services, Flite Components, and Avant Aero- Peter Schmitz joined The Loomis Com- and weather radar, Airport Journals new members: Kate Fraser, who is head of space. Krell, who will continue to direct corpo- pany as an aviation broker. Schmitz previously reported. This was all experience safety for California-based eVTOL developer rate communication across West Star, joined served as aviation practice leader at Lockton that eventually would play into his Joby Aviation, and Charlie Precourt, a former the company earlier this year after serving as and the global CEO for Aon’s Aviation Specialty. venture a decade later as he founded astronaut who is v-p and general manager head of global MRO marketing for Jet Aviation. Daniel Klass was named assistant director Pro Pilot. of propulsion systems at Northrop Grumman Woolpert hired Vivek Khanna to serve as for Dubuque Regional Airport in Iowa. Klass has Smith is survived by his wife Mar- Innovation Systems. Before her work at Joby, the firm’s Texas aviation design practice leader. more than 30 years of aviation experience, first cia “Eleni,” who has been the assis- Fraser led aviation policy for Uber and has Khanna has held multiple senior management working at the airport in 1987 with Crescent Avi- tant to the publisher and directed worked with regulators and policymakers and engineering roles in the aviation industry ation and then Dubuque Air Service before mov- advertising sales for the magazine, to pave a path for UAM and has served with with a background in general aviation and ing into Dubuque Regional Airport operations. along with his two sons, David and the FAA’s Office of Accident Investigation and commercial airports Rachel Hill joined the Aircraft Electronics Alexander.  Prevention. Precourt previously was involved Garrett Ondrus joined Skandia as regional Association as director of advertising. 

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OPERATING LEASE SEMINAR…March 24-26, FEBRUARY Doubletree by Hilton Sawgrass Mills, JUNE AIR OPS EUROPE 2020…February 4-5, Brussels, Belgium. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Info: NBAA WHITE PLAINS REGIONAL FORUM…June 10, Westchester County Airport, White Plains, New York. Info: Info: operating-lease-aviation-finance-seminar-2020/. PILATUS OWNERS AND PILOTS ANNUAL CONVENTION… SINGAPORE AIRSHOW…February 11-16, SUN ‘N FUN…March 3-April 5, Florida Air Museum, June 11-13, Lansdowne Resort and Spa, Leesburg, VA. Changi Exhibition Center, Singapore. Info: Lakeland, Florida. Info: Info: RTCA SC-135 ENVIRONMENTAL TEST…February 17-20, CBAA CONVENTION…June 16-18,-Toronto, Canada. NIAR at Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas. APRIL Info: Tel: (613) 236-5611; Info: (202) 330-0654; email: [email protected]; AERO FRIEDRICHSHAFEN…April 1-4, Messe Friedrichshafen, Friedrichshafen, Germany. Info: JULY February 24-26, Orlando, NBAA LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE… FARNBOROUGH INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW… Florida. Info: TECHNICAL ASPECTS OF A LEASED ASSET…April 21, July 20-24, Show Centre, ETPS Rd, Farnborough, England. NH Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Info: 31 (0) Info: +44 (0) 1252 532800; [email protected]; 206841351; [email protected]; everestevents. MARCH EAA AIRVENTURE…July 20-26, EAA Aviation Museum, AIR CHARTER SAFETY SYMPOSIUM…March 3-4, REGIONAL ASSOCIATION Oshkosh, WI. Info: NTSB Training Center, Ashburn, VA. Info: SPRING CONFERENCE…April 21-23, Hilton Scottsdale NBAA SAN JOSE REGIONAL FORUM…March 5, Resort, Scottsdale, Arizona. Info: OCTOBER San Jose International Airport, San Jose, California. racca-spring-conference-registration/ Info: NBAA BUSINESS AVIATION CONVENTION MAINTENANCE RESERVES SEMINAR…April 22, & EXHIBITION…October 6-8, Orange County March 5-7, Convention Center Orlando Executive Airport, INTERNATIONAL WOMEN IN AVIATION CONFERENCE… NH Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam, Netherlands. Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL. Orlando, FL. Info: 202-783-9000; Info: 31 (0) 206841351; [email protected]; Info: events/2020-nbaa-business-aviation-convention-exhibition/. …October 19-21, Marriott NBAA SCHEDULERS AND DISPATCHERS CONFERENCE… INTERNATIONAL AIR SAFETY SUMMIT EURASIAN BUSINESS AVIATION SUMMIT AND EXHIBITION… Rive Gauche Hotel & Conference Center, Paris. March 10-13, Charlotte Convention Center, April 28-30, Gostiny Dvor Exhibition Complex, Moscow, Russia. Info: Charlotte, North Carolina. Info: Info: +7 9372 757 085; email: [email protected]; NBAA INTERNATIONAL OPERATORS CONFERENCE… NOVEMBER March 16-19, Charlotte, North Carolina. FSF 65TH ANNUAL BUSINESS AVIATION SAFETY Info: SUMMIT…April 29, 30, Savannah Convention Center, BAHRAIN INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW…November 18-20, Savannah, Georgia. Info: (703) 739-6700; Sakhir Air Base, Kingdom of Bahrain. Info: +44 1252 532800; FSF 6TH ANNUAL SINGAPORE AVIATION SAFETY event/65th-annual-business-aviation-safety-summit/. [email protected]; SEMINAR…March 17-20, Singapore Aviation Academy, Singapore. Info: summit-seminar/6th-annual-singapore-aviation-safety-seminar/ MAY DECEMBER AIRCRAFT ELECTRONICS ASSOCIATION INTERNATIONAL EUROPEAN BUSINESS AVIATION CONVENTION & MEBAA SHOW…December 8,-10, CONVENTION AND TRADE SHOW…March 24-27, EXHIBITION…May 26-28, Palexpo Convention Center, Geneva, DWC South, Dubai, UAE. Nashville, TN. Info: Switzerland. Info: [email protected]; Info:

Indicates events at which AIN will publish Indicates events for which AIN will provide Indicates events at which AIN on-site issues or distribute special reports. special online coverage or e-newsletter. will ­produce videos.

See for a for comprehensive a comprehensive long-range long-range aviation aviation events events calendar. calendar.

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