6 IndustryNews tional hubtorespondthechallenges. an actionplanandacentralizedinforma- formed anindustry taskforcetocreate Impact ontheSport Response to Coronavirus IndustryPrepare USTA, COVID-19 and supportwith thedicult decisions.” is comingtogethertoprovide guidance environment, theentire tennisindustry tainties causedby thisrapidly shifting ners andothers. USPTA, TIA,ITA, industry mediapart- the taskforce,whichincludesPTR, issued by thetaskforce. with aunified front,” readastatement that ourindustry facesthischallenge “Now, morethanever, it is important A RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY SPORTS RACQUET “As allofusconfrontthemany uncer- USTA CEOMichaelDowse initiated Industry tions andstakeholders March, industry organiza- throughout theU.S in s thecoronavirus spread Information tohelpyou runyour business May 2020 May 2020 can take tomove forward. suggested actionsandbest practiceswe subject-matter expertsand others for providers, facilities, manufacturers, sport. Inaddition,thegroupwill call survey toassessthecurrent state ofthe come backstrong. to best prepareoursportandindustry to front lineoftennis. dations onfi nances andresourcesforthe financial supportandother recommen- ties andindividualstoaccesspotential ties, prosandplayers. safety standards atthistimeforfacili- three mainareas: The taskforcecirculatedanindustry 3. 2. Helpful informationforfacili- 1. The taskforce’s workisfocusingon How toensurethebest healthand How touseshort-termdowntime News they mayhaveplannedwiththeRFlogo. Federer norUniqlohaveindicatedwhat for arumored $30millionannually. Neither leaving thebrand andsigningwithUniqlo to wearNike shoesathismatchessince remainder ofitsFederer apparel. Nike reportedly usedthattimetosellthe use thelogoforpastcoupleofyears,as Grand Slamchampionwasnotallowedto to his“RF”logofrom Nike. The20-time join Uniqloin2018,hasobtainedtherights positions within Canada. positions within HeadCanada. America. Bardsley hasheldavariety of vice president ofmarketing forNorth Head veteran, has beenpromoted to forward.” well-equipped toleadoursalesteam respected withinourindustryandis of HeadNorthAmerica.“Heiswidely chief executive officer andpresident he hasheldatHead,” says Kevin Kempin, and hashadsuccess inevery position ber ofkey industrypartners. egy, buthe’ll expand hisrole withanum- tech rep program andkey accountstrat- manage thepro specialtysalesefforts, for theUnitedStates.He’ll continueto been promoted tovicepresident ofsales since joiningHeadnineyears ago, has various seniormanagementpositions two seniormanagers. Back From Nike Federer Gets‘RF’Logo Bardsley toSeniorPositions Head NamesKeenan, HeadNorthAmericahaspromoted Roger Federer, wholeft Nike apparel to The 38-year-old superstarhascontinued Additionally, Jeff Bardsley, a27-year “Joe istheconsummateprofessional Joe Keenan, whohasserved in

www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com GETTY IMAGES Dunlop_SX_Comparison_PrintAd_8.25x10.75.indd 1 DUNLOP S 7 Make every shot count. Our new S new count. Our shot Make every IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT MORE SPIN, % designed to help you play at pace with more spin, power and control, control, and power spin, more with pace at you play to help designed X SPIN M 300 HAS 300 IT’S ABOUT MORE IN. ORE for true consistency. Welcome to spin redefined. redefined. to spin Welcome consistency. true for DUNLOPSPORTS.COM X racket series with SPIN BOOST technology is is technology BOOST SPIN with series racket S SERIES SPIN X 3 DUNLOP S % CONSISTENCY M ORE X 300 HAS 300 19/12/2019 15:06 X S X X SSPIN S SERIESSPIN SPIN SERIES SERIES



Make every shot count. Our new SX racket series with SPIN BOOST technology is X X Make designedevery shot to count. helpMake you Our every play new shot at S pace count.racket with Ourseries more new with spin, S SPINracket power BOOST series and control,withtechnology SPIN BOOST is technology is designed tofor help true you designedconsistency. play at to pace help Welcome with you more play to spin atspin, pace redefined. power with and more control, spin, power and control, for true consistency.for Welcome true consistency. to spin redefined. Welcome to spin redefined. DUNLOPSPORTS.COM DUNLOPSPORTS.COMDUNLOPSPORTS.COM

*Tests conducted by Sumiotomo Rubber Industries, Kobe, Japan. All rackets tested using robotic swing test in controlled conditions. Data measured using Trackman monitoring system. Spin data based on RPM comparisons. Consistency data is based on ball trajectory and landing location.

Dunlop_SX_Comparison_PrintAd_8.25x10.75.indd 1 19/12/2019 15:06

Dunlop_SX_Comparison_PrintAd_8.25x10.75.inddDunlop_SX_Comparison_PrintAd_8.25x10.75.indd 1 1 19/12/2019 15:06 19/12/2019 15:06 W 8 Matching Ultra gear bags and backpacks are also available. bagsandbackpacksarealsoavailable. Matching Ultragear Ultra 100L($189), Ultra100UL($179), Ultra108($189) andUltraPro($249). oriftheyplayed singlesordoubles.”regardless ofage power andstability, whichwerethetwokey benefits players said theyneeded, working withhundredsofplayers, wewereabletocreatearacquet thatdelivers racquet,” says WilsonRacquetHans-MartinReh.“After SportsGeneralManager IndustryNews Wilson DebutsNew Ultrav3 RACQUETS RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY SPORTS RACQUET Visit wilson.com/ultraformoreinformation. The Ultrav3lineconsists offive models:Ultra100(suggestedretail price$199), “We wanted toanswer thequestion ofwhatexactlydoesthisplayer want intheir F or more shots athingofeasefromanywhere onthecourt,” says thecompany. ers whodesirearacquet that“doestheworkforthem,makingpower ilson recentlyintroduceditsall-newUltrav3frame,designedforplay- infor News mation, pleas May 2020 May 2020 L f Club o l cal l o w of OVE l 8. o mebrs b s aginst ofering t e r 380. s p o r t s 9460 o n the and the or phenom. ade studen vist L w w advntge. w Y .l wil ou OVE o p l b a st wil y LOVE e m r o s r p LOVE e o . r w t facing s i n . c ® m o m o r e ® . (cell) [email protected]. Krass at813-684-9031,813478-3384 ethic. For more information,contact tunity toshowcasetheirskillsandwork coaches oncourtandhavetheoppor- Cambridge, Mass. • Lehigh UniversityinBethlehem, Pa. • Waltham, Mass. • scheduled for: universities. Thecampsare currently made upofheadcoachesatcollegesand college tennisandlearningfrom astaff 14-18 whoare interested inplaying Clinics Tour, designedforplayersages College Exposure Camps& Charities programs. local WTA communities through WTA positivity andinspire confi dence in invest dedicatedresources topromote Lilly PulitzerandWTA Charitieswill ties. Throughout the2020campaign, WTA’s philanthropic arm,WTA Chari- will launchwitha$50,000 donationto sport scienceandmedicineteams. including chairumpires, offi cials and side teammembers attournaments, outfitting theWTA corporate court- vider throughout the2020season, WTA’s exclusive fashionuniformpro- campaign. part ofLilly’s new“BetheSunshine” and optimisminfuture generations as initiative, aimedtoinspire confi dence are unitingforayouth empowerment Tennis Association. Thetwo brands a newpartnership withtheWomen’s inspired fashionbrand, announced World TeamTennis. been namedtheOffi cial MobileAppfor by sportstechstart-upBleachrLLC, has new mobiletennisappcreated andrun Tennis Exposure Camps Krass AnnouncesCollege For World TeamTennis TennisONE IsOfficial App Partners withWTA Fashion Brand LillyPulitzer LillyPulitzer, thePalm Beach- Coach EdKrass hasannouncedhis The TennisONE App,acomprehensive July 25-26,atHarvard Universityin July 12-16and18-2212-22,at June 27-28, atBrandeis Universityin In thecamps,playersinteract with The “Be the Sunshine” campaign The “BetheSunshine”campaign Lilly Pulitzerwillalsoserve asthe www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com


Set for its 45th season in 2020, WTT will join a growing number of interna- tional tennis events to be featured on People the new TennisONE App, a year-round Watch mobile hub for all things tennis. Fans who download the TennisONE App will be able to follow WTT teams and players, Babolat Marketing Manager Sally coach Jay Gooding is the new head coach check live scores, watch video streams, Morris received the company’s “Tennis for the Orlando Storm of World Team- monitor league standings and enjoy Runs in Our Blood Award” for 2019, for Tennis. He is co-founder of the Gooding social games that elevate the mobile her service as U.S. employee of the year. Todero Academy in Orlando, Fla. fan experience. The 2020 WTT season is scheduled to USTA Senior Director Jeff Ryan has Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka will showcase nine teams and 63 matches been named executive director of the be the subject of a Netfl ix documentary from July 12 to 30, with the semifi nals Winston-Salem Open. He succeeds Bill series. The fi lm will follow the two-time and fi nals at the Orleans Casino in Las Oakes, who resigned in January to pursue Grand Slam from the 2019 US Vegas Aug. 1 and 2. The TennisONE App other opportunities. Oakes had been the Open through each of this year’s major is available on both iOS and Android and director of the Winston-Salem Open since tournaments. Netfl ix did not disclose a can be downloaded in the App Store and its inception nearly 10 years ago. Ryan title for the series, nor when the series on Google Play. has been with the USTA since 1997 and would be available to subscribers. has worked extensively with the three USTA, PBI Team Up Davis Cup events that have been held in Jeff Davis has joined LSI Industries as To Grow Tennis in U.S. Winston-Salem at the Joel Coliseum. president of LSI Lighting, responsible for The USTA and Peter Burwash Inter- the company’s sales functions and com- national announced a partnership in Former ATP Tour pro and veteran tour mercial planning efforts. which both parties will combine

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www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com May 2020 RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY 9 10


May 2020 May 2020 maximum spinandcontrol.” to optimizeprecision shotmakingwith string pattern fortopplayersdesigned “Rogue DuoHybridprovides ahybrid years,” saysAshaway’s SteveCrandall. popularity inbadmintonforseveral excellent repulsion, saysAshaway. maximizes shuttle speedandgenerates spin. BetaPolymer string technology gripping surfaceforcontrol andsharp an orange 0.61mmstringwithatextured durable stringbed.Thecrosses are RD61, 0.68 mmstring,designedtoprovide a hybrid sets. specificallyformulatedforusein combines twoAshawayBetaPolymer set forbadminton.RogueDuoHybrid Rogue DuoHybrid,itsfirsthybridstring tennis coachfortheirchildren. help parents findasafe,high-quality and becomingSafePlaycompliantto registering, creating acoachingprofile USTA’s NetGeneration youth brand by U.S. willengageinandsupportthe PBI tennisprofessionals locatedinthe ties, tobolstertheirown lesson plans. include videolesson plansandactivi- to USTA coachingcurriculums,which ings. PBIcoachesalsowillgainaccess PBI’s current youth andadultoffer grams andapps,inorder toenhance Net Generation andadultsuiteofpro- to PBI,includingaccess totheUSTA’s art coachingtoolsandprogramming on attracting younger players. sport oftennis,withparticularfocus resources tocontinuegrowing the IndustryNews String SetsforBadminton Ashaway Introduces Hybrid

Ashaway Racket Stringshasintroduced Visit ashawayusa.comformore info. “Hybrid stringinghasbeengaining The mainsare madeofRD68,ablack As partofthisnewpartnership, all The USTA willprovide state-of-the- www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com -


PTR has been re-accredited by the U.S. Center for Coaching TM Excellence (USCCE) and National TRU-BOUNCE Council for Accreditation of Coach- #1 CRACK REPAIR ing Education (NCACE) at Level 5  Exclusive Technology Long-term Repair accreditation for its PTR Master of  Recommended by Engineers, Architects, Park & Rec. Contractors Tennis–Performance program. and TRU Tennis Players  Add years to your cracked courts affordably Facing the coronavirus pandem-  No Bubbles, No Dead Spots, No Hollow Sounds ic, Roland Garros announced that it is moving the 2020 tournament “COURTS WILL BE 100% TOURNAMENT PLAYABLE” from its May-June slot on the ten- TM nis calendar to Sept. 20 to Oct. 4. TRUBOUNCE GUARANTEED The move means the clay-court Grand Slam will be held at the CALL FOR A CERTIED CONTRACTOR IN YOUR AREA! same time as the popular Laver Cup exhibition, among other ATP [email protected] | 1-877-5 RiteWay and WTA tournaments. www.ritewaytennis.com

As the U.S. battles the corona- virus, the USPTA has removed its paywall on TennisResources.com, so members can choose continu- ing education courses from the entire library at no cost.

The Laver Cup, an annual team competition that pits Team Europe against Team World, recently announced a new sponsorship with Marriott International that gives Marriott Bonvoy members access to tickets and preferred accommodations near the tourna- ment. This year’s event is slated to take place in Boston Sept. 25-27.

TGA Premier Sports, a provider of Watch in-school and community-based the Ball youth tennis programs, has been named to Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500, a distinction the publication NEVER says indicates TGA is among com- give up panies “that continue to evolve to keep going strong year after year.” The 41st annual Franchise 500 appeared in the January 2020 issue of Entrepreneur, with TGA Premier Sports at No. 460.

www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com May 2020 RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY 11 12 Italy • • Colo. • • • Master RacquetTechnicians Names NewMRTs, CSs U.S. RacquetStringers Assn. IndustryNews Marcello Surace, Palmi Reggio, Lorenzo Panena, Brescia, Italy Kirstie Hearn,Colorado Springs, Federico Gatti, Felegara, Italy Le Chen,SunnybankHills,Australia RACQUET SPORTS INDUSTRY SPORTS RACQUET May 2020 May 2020 • Lakewood, Colo. • • • • • Texas • Certified Stringers Craig Starke, OklahomaCity, Okla. Daniel Alexander Rosner, Levi Renteria, Thermal,Calif. Alexander Prince,Rocklin, Calif. Asako Ishil-Judon, Acton, Mass. Javier Contreras, Austin,Texas John David Albright,Friendswood, pickleball.com, orcall760-473-3069. honeycombed polypropylene cores. guard toreduce drag andvibration, and and leavesthepaddle;anupdatededge that increase frictionastheballmeets create paddleswithtexture-free faces pickleball championSteveDawsonto with headofpaddledevelopmentand reduce vibration. energy transfer systeminthecore tohelp company’s paddlesutilizeanembedded with asuggestedretail priceof $169. The ventionally rectangular Pro Touch, both are theovalOvationTouch andthecon- poned duetothecoronavirus. the BNPParibas Open,were post- Hartzman, IWTG director. period oftimeisimpressive,” saidFred and impactonthesportinavery short innovation totennis,anditsgrowth tennis events andprogramming. ogy, assets andresources tosupport integrate Universal Tennis’ technol- which IndianWells Tennis Garden will nounced anewpartnership under (IndianWellsTennisGarden.com) an- and theIndianWells Tennis Garden New PickleballPaddles Pro-Kennex Introduces ect isbyMcConnell &Associates Corp. St. Louis,Ill.Theaward-winning proj- the February issue. They are inEast 2019,ties for was incorrectly listedin Distinguished OutdoorTennis Facili- Tennis Courts, oneoftheASBA’s The locationoftheLincolnPark Correction I.W. Tennis Garden, UTRPartner Universal Tennis (MyUTR.com) Pro-Kennex's latestpickleballpaddles For more information,visitpro-kennex- Pro-Kennex saysitsengineersworked The first events, scheduledduring “Universal Tennis isbringing www.tennisindustrymag.com www.tennisindustrymag.com