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Leading Sports Brand Boosts Productivity by 10% at Its European

Leading Sports Brand Boosts Productivity by 10% at Its European



Customer ASICS Europe BV

Partner Dalosy

Industry Retail/Sports

Challenge ASICS wanted to deploy multipurpose, future-proof Android devices and boost efficiencies at its European warehouses

Solution • Zebra TC8000 Touch Leading Sports Brand Boosts Mobile Computers: • 316 standard range scanners and 25 Productivity By 10% At Its European extended range scanners • SimulScan software Warehouses With Zebra Technology and All Touch Terminal Emulation software as ABOUT ASICS EUROPE B.V. standard the TC8000s • Zebra TC8000 Quick- draw Holsters and Zebra ASICS Europe BV is the European subsidiary TC8000 Forklift Mount of ASICS Corporation, a leading designer Challenge Holsters Having recently launched an updated, • SOTI MobiControl ® Cloud and manufacturer of running as well as for TC8000s other athletic and lifestyle footwear, apparel coordinated Warehouse Management System, • Other scanner models: ASICS was also looking to replace the Zebra LI2208, LS1203, LS4278 and accessories. ASICS was founded in 1949 and LS3578 by Kihachiro Onitsuka. The ASICS name is an Workabout Pros it had been using at its • Zebra GK420D Label European warehouses. ASICS approached Printers and HC100 acronym of the Latin phrase ‘Anima Sana in Wristband Printers Corpore Sano’, which means ‘A Sound Mind in a partner, Dalosy, with whom it had already • Zebra OneCare Select Support Package Sound Body.’ The Japanese true performance established a long-term partnership, to brand is market leader in performance running research the best device for its needs. With Results offices in the Netherlands and Belgium and • 10% + increase in footwear with flagship models such as GEL- warehouse productivity Kayano, GEL-Nimbus, GEL-Cumulus and GT over 40 years of experience, Dalosy offers with subsequent excellent turnkey solutions and total packages of ROI Series, as well as various core performance • Multifunctional device sports, such as . ASICS is also known for mobile solutions including mobile devices, saves time and cost wireless, native apps and services. It is a Zebra • Reduction in paperwork its popular lifestyle . The ASICS Tiger relating to warehouse and collection offer sneakers Technologies Premier Solution Partner. tasks • Improved real-time based on iconic shoes from the 80’s and 90’s. The plan was to adopt a future-proof device operational visibility ASICS has two European distribution centres – working on an Android platform which would • Excellent user feedback • Easier to configure, based in France and Germany – and has a increase efficiencies at its centres. Moreover, update and manage long history of working with Zebra hardware ASICS wanted a single device to manage all device via SOTI MobiControl Cloud at these sites. its warehouse tasks: a truly comprehensive SUCCESS STORY ASICS

The TC8000s are wirelessly connected to ASICS’ WMS via Velocity software, so all “We have recently warehouse activities can be immediately updated our logged and information exchanged in real WMS. We needed time whilst workers are on the warehouse a new mobile floor. The all-touch terminal emulation client computer with the running on the devices and powered by on-board software Wavelink translates the green screen interface and processing to an intuitive all-touch interface without power to run the ASICS having to modify the back end of the new systems. We system. ASICS have customised the 4-inch selected Zebra’s touchscreen with a lock screen and just four TC8000s, as this buttons: one to connect to the WMS, one for a single device calculator, one for an hour registration tool and meets all our the final one for systems administration (rarely requirements. used by warehouse staff). Our warehouse teams love the Warehouse staff used to carry extra ergonomic, batteries with them but this is no longer lightweight design upgrade. Having tested various devices with necessary. The TC8000 has a very powerful of the TC8000s; Dalosy, it rapidly became clear that Zebra’s ‘triple-shift’ battery housed in its handle for they offer the best TC8000 Touch Mobile Computers were the easy replacement, which has reduced device mix of comfort and only devices that could meet all ASICS’ needs. downtime and ensures workers can continue efficiency. The Dalosy organised a successful pilot phase at to operate efficiently during their 5–8-hour new solution is the warehouses prior to full deployment. shifts. The TC8000s even remain already delivering operational and connected to Wi-Fi during 10% uplift in Solution a battery change. productivity at ASICS warehouse teams now use Zebra’s our two European ASICS uses the enterprise mobility TC8000 for all warehouse processes, including distribution management solution SOTI MobiControl® goods inbound, stock movements, stock counts, centres.” Cloud to configure, update (for example, replenishments, picking, goods outbound and the data wedge settings for scanning) and Robin returns processing. The TC8000s will also be manage the TC8000s remotely and out of Bouwmeester, deployed at ASICS’ new distribution centre warehouse working hours, to minimise device WMS Specialist, in France, which is due to open at the end of downtime. This saves time and ensures staff ASICS next year. The long range scanners are used keep working efficiently. Moreover, the on forklift trucks; the short range scanners TC8000s are protected by a three-year Zebra are used by pickers on foot. Both versions OneCare Select Support package for repairs also offer hands-free proximity scanning. The and replacements, in case of any faults or SimulScan software running on the TC8000s damages. means workers can capture multiple barcodes simultaneously with a single scan.

2 zebra technologies SUCCESS STORY ASICS

during a shift and scan the location, item and Results trolley for each SKU – in total, circa 2400 scans The TC8000s have improved the comfort and – are saving up to an hour per shift, equating to the efficiency of ASICS’ warehouse workers, a 10% uplift in productivity. who have been quick to adopt the new devices. The clever, ergonomic design of the TC8000, The solution has also increased operational with its front-facing, easy-to-see screen, has visibility. In the German warehouse, workers eliminated the need to ‘tilt and verify’ after used paper-based processes for picking. every scan and the proximity scanning also However, equipped with the TC8000, they makes it easy for operators to work hands are now moving to an automated scanning free. The tactile keyboard takes up less space picking process, which is saving time and costs than a traditional keyboard; this contributes to and increasing the availability of real-time the TC8000 being 33% lighter than standard information. Staff can now also change the cost mobile computers, especially appreciated centre they are working on – from picking to during long shifts. However the devices remain inbound goods, for example – directly on- exceptionally rugged and robust. Teams screen, without having to return to the office. also praise the crossed laser feature, which Finally, looking forward, the Android operating means they can scan in different ways, the fast system and feature-rich TC8000 will allow scanning and processing speeds and the long ASICS to explore a wider range of functions battery life. The TC8000 has improved sound in the future; these may include voice picking, to confirm the scan and the possibility to switch connecting to interactive warehouse glasses to a vibrate mode, in case of exceptionally high and using the camera for pictorial tracking. background noise levels in the warehouse. Workers who pick, on average, 800 SKUs


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