2020 Stringing Prices

Purple = Solid core, single wrap Orange = Multi-filament Blue = Mono-filament Cyan = Natural Gut

Tennis Babolat For the casual player, this single wrap polyamide provides Syn Gut excellent comfort at an affordable price. £25.00 (Black) 1.30mm (2752)

Wilson One of Wilsons best selling as it is a superb value Sensation multi-filament string. Sensation offers good levels £26.00 (Natural) 1.30mm of power with reduced vibration for enhanced comfort. (2342)

For the player looking for that extra power. High performance Velocity MLT multi surrounded with a layer of thicker filaments and a £28.00 (Natural) 1.30mm low friction coating for more power and higher spin potential. (3698)

Babolat Pro Hexagonal shape provides increased bite the ball, Hurricane Tour combined with great power,comfort and durability make this an excellent string for hard hitters £28.00 (Yellow) 1.30mm (123) Good for: Spin, Durbaility Great option for hard hitters looking for durability, control Pro Redcode and spin. It offers a crisp feel with good directional control £28.00 (Red) 1.30mm and excellent bite making it ideal for a player with fast and (2789) aggressive stroke style. Head Hawk High level monofilament for high-level, hard hitting (Grey) 1.3mm baseline players. Featuring the Hawk range Crystal Core £29.00 Technology, which perfectly balances power and control. (3697) Babolat RPM Used by and Tsonga. Ultimate spin and power are combined in this string, thanks to its octagonal Blast (Black) 1.25mm £30.00 shape. Good for power and spin. (125) A multi filament string which is comforable, with an Babolat Xcel extra durable layer to provide durability and better string £30.00 (Black / Natural) 1.30mm tension holding. (124) Good for: Comfort and power The most used string on ATP tour; used by Andy Murray. Luxilon Alu Power Designed to be super durable but remains very playable (Grey) 1.25mm £30.00 thanks to the thinner gauge. The best polyester string. (2163) Luxilon recommend that you reduce tension by 10%

Combing the best of both worlds, this hybrid provides Hybrid - RPM Blast 1.25mm excellent power & comfort due to the natural gut, £35.00 Babolat VS Touch 1.3mm whilst providing plentiful spin thanks to the bite of the (828) RPM Blast. The ultimate string in terms of comfort, power and feel. Natural Gut 140 years of designing and innovating technologies have £45.00 Babolat VS Touch 1.3mm led Babolat to produce the best gut on the market. (3700) Pre-stretched to reduce tension loss. Maintains playability at high tensions very well. Other strings easily available to order from: Customers own string £15.00 Head, Gamma, Solinco, Tecnifibre, , Ashaway, Babolat, Karakal, Grommet strip £6.50 Luxilon, Mantis, Prince & Volkl 2020 Stringing Prices

Green = Multi-core with Multi-wrap Grey = Composites (Nylons & aramid fibres) Orange = Multi-filament Cyan = Natural Gut


Superior power and maximum feel. Multifilament core Head Perfect provides plentiful power, whilst an Anti-Abrasion £18.00 Power coating provides excellent durability.. (3702) (Natural) 1.30mm A power rich string finished with Nano Elastomer resin, Karakal enhancing the feel and durability of the string. Ideal string £19.00 Hot Zone for players looking for more power with good balance, (3701) (Blue) 1.20mm comfort and control. Ashaway A classic string. Multi filament core with double braided Supernick XL multi filament jacket gives playability and durability. £21.00 (135) (White) 1.25mm Textured surface for better control.

Ashaway A perfect string for players who want power, durablility and a soft feel. As used by many pros £22.00 Ultra Nick 17 (486) (Optic Green) 1.25mm Ashaway Excellent playability, top tier power, good durability. Better performance than Ultra Nick, at a slight cost to £22.00 Power Nick 18 durability (due to the diameter of the string) (4488) (Red) 1.15mm Tecnifibre 305 Maximum shock absorbtion. Great compromise between power and control. Multi filament. £22.00 Green Thicker gauge enhances durability. (136) (Green) 1.25mm

Tecnifibre High elasticity string giving you maximum power and feel. DNAMX A very popular choice since its release in 2016. £24.00 (Black) 1.25mm (2804) Grommet strips £6.50


Fine gauge multifilament for feel and control. Titanium Yonex BG 65Ti coated for added durability. Good for attacking players. £20.00 (139)

Carbon Nanofibre givees great response combined with Yonex Nanogy high durability. Good for players looking for increased £21.00 shuttle speed from a resilient string. (140) Utilising high-modulus Vectran as well as the Yonex original Yonex BG80 high-intensity nylon multifilament provides a solid feeling. £22.00 Power Slightly finer diameter providing the forenamed POWER given to this string. (3703) The Ashaway Fire family maintains its tension superbly. Ashaway At 0.66mm diameter, the Zymax 66 Fire Power provides Zymax 66 ultimate power, whilst maintaining tension and outlasting £21.00 Fire Power it’s competition in durability! (4495)