Bingo Review

1. – a tiny living thing that can be seen only with the aid of a .

2. - a single that are much smaller than or cell.

3. – another well-known ; similar to bacteria.

4. Pili – helps the bacteria stick to surfaces

5. Flagella – allow the bacteria to move

6. Cilia – short, hairlike that grow on the surface of a .

7. – is a that forms two genetically identical cells.

8. Conjugation – happens when two bacteria combine their genetic material.

9. Anaerobic - bacteria that does not need oxygen in order to survive

10. Aerobic – A bacterium that needs oxygen in order to survive.

11. – a strand of DNA and RNA that can infect and replicate in a cell

12. – a that can attach to a and make it useless

13. Vaccine – a mixture containing material from one or more deactivated .

14. – allows to adjust to changes in their host cell

15. Host Cell – what the living virus can infect

16. – eukaryotic that have similar characteristics to other living things

17. Characteristics – this determines how protists are divided; plant, animal, or .

18. Plantlike Protists – produce through

19. Funguslike Protists – responsible for breaking down dead plant and animal

20. Great Potato – caused by a funguslike protist that caused thousands of people to die of starvation

21. Protozoans – protists that resemble tiny

22. Fungi – a microorganism that cannot make their own food.

23. – the inability to make their own food (example would be fungus)

24. Mushroom – is an example of a club fungi

25. – is an example of a sac fungi

26. – a caused by a protozoan

27. – a pseudopod that moves through the environment and obtain food.

28. – an example of a plantlike protist

29. Prokaryotic Cell – a that doesn’t have a nucleus or any other membrane bound

30. Eukaryotic Cell – an organism that contains a nucleus and other membrane bound organelles