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-- I VOLUME I11 January 30, 1970 NUMBER 3 SGA Briefs TICKETS FOR "The Classics -IV" Concert are on sale in the Eookstore. $2 per ticket. This concert is sponsored by DBJC. The Concert will be held Jan- uary 30, at 9 PM at the Peabody Auditorium.

If you feel any type of improvement is needed in any area of the school, or if you have a gripe about anything, ,obtain a Resolu- tion Form from the SGA Of- fice and put your com- The DC-3 that Goodyear Rubber conlpany donated to Embry- plaint in writing. R-sol- Riddle. The plane has a beautiful interior complete utions must be signed be- with carpeted rest rooms. fore they can be processed * *

.,I . YearbookTheflrst~age has been complet- of the , . ERA1 IN RUSSIA 1 ed. A professional photo- BY AN51 MARIE PIRES them. The group was free grapher has been retained While most Riddle stu- to go sightseeing on their to take pictures of every dents were h?,led for home own., student, at about half the over the Christmas Vaca- The Russian trip con- regular studio price. tion, a group of 15 people sisted of visiting Moscow ,took off from N.Y.C. via for one week, Kiev for S.A.S. Airlines! Destina- five days and Lenningrad tion -- Russia! for one week. There is a possibility The group included Mr. Some of the highlights that an aerobatics course and Mrs. Hunt, Dr. and Mrs while in Russia were: might be included in the Sain and four Riddle stu- rnspecting a cloth mill Pro Pilot and Air Science dents - Richard bansozzi, similiar to a factory curricula. Virgil Stringlield, Buasey where the group observed Alsupp and Davi3 Gray. the people at work; visit- The other Seven prople ing the pioneer palace came from areas across the where youth clubs slmilar Resolutions submitted country - from New Orleans to our Boy Scouts perform this week: The lawns and to Maine; Embry-Riddle extra-curricular activi- areas surrounding the dor- alsossent fliers to other ties, such as painting; mitories are a disgrace colleges concerning the attending shows at the and in dire need OF clean- trip. congress of Palaces inside tng up. The fire fight- I had the opportunity the Kremlin, and even ob- lng equipment that covers to talk to Dr. Sain ab?ut serving the Winter Palace the airport and the school the trip. ::e explainad in Leningrad - the home of is woefully inadequate. that it was a "package the Czars - which contains Better traffic control is deal" which ~ncluded a an art collection of works needed on the road leading place to stay, three meals from all over the world. from the new campus. It a day and two bus tours In each city the group has been requested that 'with an English speaking visited Educational Insti- academic credit of 4 hour guide each day. Mr. Hunt tutions such as the Uni- he given for ?he CFI had made previous arrange- versity of Moscow, where course. ments with the Intourists- they talked to the En~lish **** A ' Soviet Unlon Travel speaking teachers and stu- Agency - who provided a dents. place to stay, the tours One tour provided by Richard Acee wishes to the Intourists took the' thank the SGA for their and information .. . in places . to se~. although these group to the Wedding Pal- gift to him while he was .tours were provided, no ace to obeerve a wedding! hospitalized. one was forced to go on In Bussia, many buildings CONTINUED NEXT PAGE -CONTINUED NEXT PAGE - Page 2 SGA BRIEFS CONTIF!IIC? NEWS & VIEWS The Inter Fraternity BY Linda Colgan F, out of 30 schools re- Council along with the SGA sponding to a questionaire plans to snonsor a "Greek In response to our con- 26 are in favor of such an Week" in tne latter part structive criticism con- organization and 28 Stu- of February. cerning the library (AVION dent Governments are will- January 23). Mr. Sauls ing to support it. has forwarded to us a text book which has been used If you are in favor (or In lieu of coat racks,, frequently by students, not in favor) of such an coat hooks will be put up the last user apparently idea, please check the box in the A .L P classrooms. .tearing out three valuable below and drop in the sug- cha~tersfor his own use. aestian box in the Student hi; is certainly theckind 6iIii1~~ of action which discourag-. es administrative pro------. grams. - I am in favor of a *** - state student council. The Phoenix will be - taking pictures starting I am not in favor. at 9:30 a.m., Tuesday, - February 3. These will be _-L-CC--_-L---L-r------taken alphabetically over a two week period. RUSS,IA CONTINUED

are named Palaces which Jerry Berndt, SGA Pres- refers to "Home of". Here ident, has recently been in this extravagant home corresponding with the Un- of weddings, a wedding iversity of Florida at similiar to our church Gainsville in conjunction weddings was being held with forming a "student and provided by the state' .association" for the uni- as church weddings are not versities, colleges and recognized in Russia. ,junior colleges, private Dr. Sain summarized his' BROWSING* and public, within the trip by stating that the BY MARTY STILLING State of Florida. people were hard-working, frief~dlyalthough they do Note: In an effort to ~ccording to a letter not take the initiative in stimuZate objective criti- from the U of 1: speaking, and genuine cism and awaken the der- pride in their country. mant inteZZectuaZ on our There are several rea- They all want to come to' campus, I hope to present eons why we feet that a the U.S.A. ZiberaZ and progressive state student association As it was so bitterly point of view in a series wiZZ better fiZZ our needs cold during 'the trip of articles intitzed BROWSING. Reviewing con- than a nationaZ one. AZZ (reaching 25 below 0) Dr. state supported schooZs Sain said that a tip for tzmpoiary- and pzrtinent wiZZ be effected equaZZy future travelers would be probZems I wiZZ attemp.! to by the Board of Regents LO come "Prepared", :.-hew- bri-zg to prtnt opznzcns ever, a summertime visit both interestzng and en- and the state legislature. lightening. Our probZems wiZZ be simi- is recommended. lar -since the poZiticaZ Many people have asked and cuZturaZ cZimate of what the fist symbolized. the state would be almost The Difference Is... the same for aZZ of us. "If our people fight DELICIOIIS! one tr~beat a time The proximity of one f all will be killed. member schooZ to another They can cut off our. increases the ease and fingers one by one, of commun,~cation, but if we join to- aids the abiZity to attend gether we will make conferences, and drastic- a powerful fist." aZZy cuts ernenses in se- Little Turtle veral ways from traveZ to Miami Indians . dues. AZso, having mem- 1791 Dinner To GO bership from only FZorida ... Not a symbol of vio- 'wouZd turn our viable BUCKETS ...... a BARRELS lence but of struggle. Not voice of the students of .. -. . .. . like revolution brlt rather the state of FZorida whe- f * * *1.4TERING SERVICE* ** % of a cnlturol ideological ther in TaZZahassee or in . .. rev-lution. A gesture the presa on matters con- made in Jefense of one's cerning aZZ of thc! memlh!r ' ' We~yhmrd way of living. The fist cotZeges. FRIED CHICKEN stands for unity among 911 vuor AVC ~SIW people forced to band to- According to in£orma- , gether tight - like a tion .supplied by the.U of ' 6 fist. ------THE KAMANAHWANNA LETTERS NEWSIN BY GARY ANDERSON Dear Dean Fella: BY RIJHARD T. WHITE TO: Arthur Kamanahwanna Much thanks for school- The First monthly meet- FROM: Dean of Exchange Stu bus tires and for return- ings of the Trimester of -dents ing dart. Both were very the Student Flight Council SUBJECT: Welcome to Embry good. was held on Thursday, Jan- Riddle uary 22. Among the fol- We of the administra- Arthur Kamanahwanna low-up items discussed was tion at ERA1 join with the ++++ the aircraft squawk/main- faculty and students in TO: Dean Deadly tainar.ce procedure. As in welcoming you to our FROM: Director of Housing the plst the flight line school. YOU are the first SUBJECT: Arthur Kammanah- admi!listration was quick exchange student from the wanna to act on student com- Rickyrak Islands. plaints and a modified We have the squawk procedure was in- Sincerely yours, Rickyrak goverrment con- stalled. Mr. Boaz re- Marvin R. Deadly cerning Arthur's rather ports, however, that not Co.,U.S. Cavalry, Ret. Strange eating habits. all students are coopera- Unfortunately, they were ting with the new systems ++++ not much help. As a mat- and until they do, air ter of fact, they 'craft malfunctions might Dear Dean Fella: back asking if his room- go unreported. mates and the tires had Remember those teacher Much thanks for memo, been government inspected. evaluation foams you it was very good. So was I would appreciate it if filled out at the end of roommate feller. Keep em you would speak to him a- each Tri? Look fqr an ap- coming. bout this situation. propriate form on the Arthur Kamanahwanna , + + + + flight line for voluntary ++++ Dear Housing Director Fel- to help maintain a TO: Dead Deadly la: high quality faculty of FROM: Director of Housing CFI's. With this, Mrs. SUBJECT: Missing student Much thanks for Dean Walker's review of tench- Fella You sent- was ing materials, all written In the past munths,four very good. . up into a voluminous re- of Arthur Kamanahwanna 's port, should delight even roommates have disappeared Arthuf Kamanahwanna Ed Karvonen. Seriously, Also, local farms are mis- though, we at the AVION sing four goats, two sheep are most impressed with and a cow. the dedicated-concern for Simon Dingo improvement of the Flight Private, USMC, Ret. AM EARLY + + + + Department. To: Arthur Kamanahwanna BIRD-S LOG FROM: '~olidayInn SUBJECT: Meal Ticket I BY RICHARD T. WHITE It has come to our at- . The alarm clock went tention that your meal off at 5:30 a.m. After ticket with us was only slamming it down on the used once. May we remind flosr I realized that this you that the U.S. Depart- was the day - :be day I ment of State has taken had promised myself a solo care of your provisions flight in uncluttered air- here. Also, we would like space, without takeoff de- to know what you are eat- lay, and with easy entry ing? into Ormond's traffic pat- + +++ tern. Dear ~oliday.Inn Fellas: I arrived on the flight line at 6:15 just as the Thankyou for meal-tick- Dispabzher opened up and, et. It was very aood. without further delay, carefully reviewed and Arthur Kamanahwanna signed the squawk sheet +++-I- for 76. The flight line ERAI Vice President, Ar- TO: Dead Deedly was quiet- so quiet, in turo Freen, divining for FROM: Director of Housing fact, that I could hear water in Daytona Beach SUBJECT: Missing Tires the Tower's air condition- last Sunday. ing system running. Just It has come to my at- over the new complex the tention that the tires on sky was lit in a multitude all the school buses are of crimsvr shades and as I missing and the night unhooked the tie-down- watchman was found with a chain I could vision my- poison dart in his .neck. self flying into that pan- Please check with Arthur orama - maybe Southeast - Kamanahwann,a slnce the to the Bahamas - the ever- Rickyrak Islanders are the glorio~sretreat of Frank onlv ~eoole in the world Kingston Smith enveloped itiilAusing them. by one of those ad Photos . ++++ $:<:>;:; <:, ,: ,,-, r: ,,.c.r. :i;:~~S'.."'"."..'..."":I*..' .?..7.... ".: 'CON~~NUED PAGE 12 . Page 4 ZQA AHP ''TIE@ ZXA PI.SIGMA PHI SIfi1Vl.4 PH'I UEI.T.4 ALPHA ETA RHO BY ART ERJCSON BY JIM TILLOTSON BY GEORGE BREWER Last Sunday saw the in- The Professional COm- As the sun rose over itiation of eight new mittee of Pi Chapter has Daytona Beach Sunday morn- Brothers and a new faculty formally announced their Ing, many people bolted advisor with a formal din- plans for the current tri- breakfast and packed off. ner at Howard Johnson's mester and will present to the beach or elsewhere west. Our new faculty ad- their second program this for a day of relaxation. visor is Mr. J.T. Elliot, Friday at 8:00 with films Such was not quite the and the new Brothers are: from Hughes Aircraft Co. caFc at the Rho House. Dne Bob Irgila; Ralph Fabozzi; entitled "The Prime Dimen- by one the ambulatory sur- Ed Fusco; John Jezek; Pat sion" and "A Life in Your vivors of Saturday nights' Phelan; Kent Roper; Joe Hands." Feel free to stop Rush Party arrived to ex- Sedlacek; and Hank Toohey. by if you are interested, change notes on the suc- because this committee has cess of the evening. As Spring Rush time is up- been doing an outstanding Red-eyed Brothers brooded on us once again and Pi job and w& would like ev- over coffee and left-over Siqma Phi is in the run- eryone to benefit from it. potatoe chips the facts ning. February 6th has were painfully brought been set for our Rush Par- With softball season out. ty. The time and place rapidly approaching things will be announced by pos- look really good for the It was actually a very ters in prominent areas a- SPD's, so we felt that ev- successful evening - and round the campus and in eryone should have fair we have a.list of 23 pros- this column next Friday. warning to be on the look- pective Pledges to show out for the guys from Pi. for it. Those who did I wish to announce that We really do hope that the sign up at the party will Pi Sigma Phi is now incor- league has a good turnout receive invitations to a porated. The final paper- because it benefits only smoker to be held sometime work has been completed yourself. this week in order to in- and the State has issued troduce the prospectives the Corporation Charter. Our Rush Party was held to the membership on an From here we are off to last Friday night and take informal basis. Anyone better things. it from yours truly, that who did miss the Rush Par- everyone did have a good ty and is still interested Will anyone with any time. Seriously, the in Pledging should call knowledge of tt? wherea- Brothers are really the Frat House at 252-9503 bouts of a possible Frat pleased with the people or drop a note in ERA1 Box House please drop a note who came by and showed in- 11. in Box 1447 with some des- terest and we are all sure criptive information? that they can be nothing Up and coming is the Several Brothers seem an- but an asset fo our Fra- spring sports season and xious to get out of our ternity. In anticipation right at the top of th; beautiful dorms. of the Rush Party, the red list are Alpha Eta Rhos room had a complete remod- all star softball and .vol- At this time I would el ing job with the work leyball teams. Practice like to express our con- and ~deasof Brothers Cur- sessions are pending be- dolences to Alumni Brother ry, Waltz and ~iillotson, fore the start of the sea- James Eckenrode and his and needless to say, we son next week - and hope- wife Brenda hr the loss are all proud of it and we fully we will do better at of their son. We wish did our best to break it softball than football. Brenda a speedy recovery in Friday night. from this very trying or- Friends of Brothers deal. Keep reading this col- Gary Anderson and Bob Kem- umn from the Professionals per were shocked to learn Brother Reid Swartz was because there is a lot that they had become elected to take - :er as more coming up this tri- pinned, fortunately cot to treasurer at Tuesday night mester which can be a ben- each other, but to Miss meeting. Greek Week Fra- efit to everyone. Anne Sheridan .and Ginger ternity competition was Mundy respectively. also discussed and plans So that's it for this will be finalized as soon week, but we'll be back That's about it for this as a date is set for Greek again, so be sure to laok week. See you all Saturday Week. us up. night at the races. If anyone is interested SIGMA CHI bry Riddle, is also 2 Sig- in rushing Pi Siqma Phi, ma Chi FraterniLy Alumni. we would like your name, DELTA BY DON OSMUNDSON and box number so that we Mr. .John Delafosse and can contact you personally and get a count of possi- The Sigma Chi Delta Sky Brown, Sigma Chi Delta ble pledges for this tri- Fraternity is proud to an- Rush Chairmen, are cur- mester. nounce the selection of rently planning the upcom- Mr. dshn Danforth as our ing Fraternity activities faculty advisor. Mr. Dan- for the new Pledges. forth, who is. here at Em- CONTINUED NEXT PAGE SIGMA CHI DELTA CONTIP!UED STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Sigma Chi Delta would like to express its gra- TREASURY REPORT titude towards the over- whelming interest in our January 26, 1970 Fraternity by the Student ~odvand other administra- I tion officials. I January 19 Balance 873.05 22 Ck. 1083-plastic letters and Since the SGA has ex- sign Jukebox sign 2.50 870.55 pressed its interest in Ck. 1084-G. Berndt-hospital the combined SGA Bar-B-Q, gift for R. Acee 10.36 860.19 an Inter Fraternity Greek Ck. 1085-Mainland High-ad- Week, which will be held vertising 40.00 820.19 at the end of February. Ck. 1086-H.M. Fallat-ERA1 This event should be very Sharpshooters-initial interesting in a sense funding 50.00 770.19 'that it will be our first 23 Ck. 1087-5. Rinkle-secretary 25.00 745.19 combined Fraternity and SGA function. ------C-r--.-=r=F------.------THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH the responsibility for any cap antics in the quizzes situation always sides of jokes, mistakes, and The 3rd meeting of the back to SGA. Of course, personal perogatives sol- SGA this trimester was on the other side of the idly split the newspaper held Tuesday at 12:21 in coin, there is a happy from its parent organiza- Room 108. It started out thought this week - the tion. There were certain 'with under 20 representa- first since this column cooling off periods, such tives, but fortunately, started. The Council, for as after the fear of a ?heir numbers did not dic- some reason failed (maybe newspaper purge, or after tate their energy. The they just forgot) to spend Linda Colgan, AVION Editor meeting was even attended any of our money. spoke to the SGA. But by the Dean of Men, Mr. these periods were too Spears, who not only short and quickly forgot- filled in the council on A LONG SIMMERING FEUD ten as mistakes, feature some relevant disciplinary The most recent out- stories, different opin- policies, but listened to break of feelings in the ions, misunderstanding of the entire meeting. SGA about the Student pa- objectives and irritating per is neither a surprise weekly columns steadily The meeting began with nor unique to ER. Possi- accumulated. This trimes- the president spending a bly it all began way back ter met the SGA not only considerable amount of 'last trimester when the with the same initiating time on such items as a retiring SGA president Jan type of material, but more letter from ar ;.ssociation Collins moved on to the of it. Again they faced for voluntary steriliza- AVION Staff and understan- the sarcasm of the SGA tion for Planned Parent- dably supported a fellow SNAPSHOT which they prob- hood, the increasing price AVION member Dave McCall ably hold in as much ques- of milk, the lack of rep- for SGA President. Mr. tion as its author; but ,resentatives checking ~c~alllost to the present moreover, they must now their SGA mailboxes, the SGA president Jerry Berndt suffer the slings and ar- Friday 13 Blood Drive, a Thus the lines of loyalty rows of another outrageous bigger cut of the take were unconsciously drawn, column INSTANT ANALYSIS. from the machine;., and the not to come to light until This nagging, coupled with disciplinary board. From Pirsident Berndt's letter possible exposure of there Terry Owens, speaker to Stetson about the Octo- school problems (such as of the council, kept ber 14 Peace Moratorium. last week's feature on the things moving right along The issue as a finishing Library) may have caused so that more time could be touch to a seauence of mad the latest hassle.CONTINUED spent discussing the new constitution ( a logical thought). Unfortunately, when the Council got to that point, it decided to table the discus-*on of and PORSCHE the new consti tbcion. NOW' seemingly with no where to 4 - BPECIALIST - go, the Council turned v Fl* Tmlll 11 C-lm l#mh Eldr RehIYlu its attention not to the committee reports, which1 were skipped, not to any future plans, but to its m. I &B displeasure with the AVION fi financing- &r?!ed ME..... 3 And coincidentally enough, a sacrificial lamb was e- ven in attendance so all their cutting wouldn't be fruitless. One sad thought about this spectacle .is regardless of what is said SNAPSHOT CONTINUED- majority of the represen- CpVA USED tatives, because as it was implied, they felt every- BOOKSTORE AVION UNDER one does not have the op- The ERVA ~ised ~ookstore portunity to express their wii; be open everyday this INVESTIGATION personal opinion by writ- trimester. The hours are: ing. A theory, of course, ' Monday - 12:30 - 3:30 wh~chis abstractly true, Tues. - 11:30 - 2:30 The fluctuating gap be- granting the physical ob- Wed. - 12:30 - 3:30 tween the Student council' stacles. Thurs. - 11:30 - 2:30 and the student paper e- AVION UNDER ATTACK...EARLY Friday - 12:30 - 3:30 rupted into an ocean of IN THE MEETING... Saturday - Closed allegations this last The call for some kind Tuesday at the regular of cooperation and school At present, we are sel- council meeting. The con- spirit by the 2nd Vice ling only used books, tinuing SGA disenchantment President, Phil Woodruff, slide -:ules, and CR2 com- with one of its subordi-' early in the meeting puters. However, our fu- nate organizations presum- served to begin the stream ture plans are to sell ably deepened over the of allegations which ac- clipboards for the Cessna printing (last issue) of cused the paper of uncoop- 172, assorted greeting the article "Head Sounds", erativeness and biasedness cards and to operate a by Marty Stilling. (Read More specifically, the SGA flee market. Why sell i- Marty this week in Brow- which sponsors the news- tems on the bulletin sing). The final assault paper to the tune of about board, bring them into us. on the AVION was led by $800 per trimester, is When they are on display, Jerry Hood who successful- displeased with the poor they will sell much faster. ly gained back the repre- use of emphasis, the lack sentatives' support short- of coverage on construc- The books we need now ly after Steve Atha tive events around campus, are : (AVION CO-Editor) respon- .and the unfriendly unuse- Business Law ded to the first two at- ful overemphasis of SGA Accounting tacks. and ER faults. One exam- Making of an Economic ple mentioned was the A - society Mr. Hood's allegations, VION filler jokes which Economics, McConnell which were enthusiastical- always begin with "You Practical Air Naviga- ly received, stated that know you've been at Riddle tion last week's article "Head, too long when ..." These Colrege Algebra Sounds" by AVION Agitator allegations were later Introduction 'to Psy- Marty Stillings represent- followed up by a more chology ed an "Anti-US, Anti-Es- stinging indictment of A- Any Engineering books tablishment and everything VION ranfiom organization Any A & P Books else opinion". Further- by Dave Raben, Treasurer, more, Mr. Hood pointed out in the form of four ques- We are open to all stu- this is not a "Political, tions. dents, staff and faculty.' School' and that the type. 1. Did the AVION lose an So far 240 students have of opinion expressed In. expensive camera, if so, sold their books in our that article is not one how much did it cost? And store, this trimester. So, which most students want why did the AVION, which bring yours in, we'll sell to read, nor does it even is so quick to 'jump at SGA them, too: belong in a Student news- faults fail to make any paper. He seemed to feel mention of this incident? **** that the article was in 2. Why weren't last tri- left field and should be .mester financial ,.reports left out. As for the turnad in? b -- author, Mr. Hood's opinion, 3. Why hasn't an i.nventory was that Mr. Stillings is of AVION equipment been not attempting to be edu- turned in? cated, but to use his stu-, 4. Why is the AVION office dent status to gain a often left unattended and 'newspaper position from open? -At'-, which to expound upon his' Fortunately, a quali- i.. sLc,,+ own opinions and thereby fied AVION spokesman was cultivate a following a- present, Steve Atha, ., SONY mong his fellow students. (something that has been *ANASONIC% the exception rather than Mr. Stillings, a 19 year the rule) and through his JVCr old student at ERA1 does efforts a SGA/AVION rip -KENWOOD- hold a newspaper position. was averted. Averted, how However, it is not as ever until Jerry Hood's . DUAL "AVION AGITATOR". A quick , attack on theatlieadSounds" -FISHER- investigation has re- article, which either be- vealed the title to be a cause of its surprise or -'KLH* joke. His position is seriousness or both closer to a feature writer stirred the Council to o- m-w-f 12-6 pm or columnist. The article verwhelmingly support the - "Head Sounds" was a per- motion to have the Exe'bu' t.tim.8at 10-5pm. sonal somewhat poetic in- tive Board investigate the reJp.ir Sewb terpretation of the song AVON . "Fortunate Son". Unfortu- I 2S3-2987 I nately, it did not seem to NR- be well received by the ,m -p-.-.-----.-...-.. -.- --. -- -- ~- -- -. Page 7 - - T6E PLL ON AMERICAN CAMPUSES BY RICHARD T. WHITE In a 1966 survey 141 ccl- that young people are act- leges were reported to ing diiferently." . A recent article in the have a policy of prescrib- Wall Street Journal (1/1?/ ing the pill but fewer Most coeds querried at 70) depicts the efforts of than half would prescribe the above mentioned col- several universities in it to unmarried.women and leges were overwhelmingly helping coed students ob- only 12 of these strictly in favor of readily avail- tain birth control pills. for "contraceptive" pur- able contraceptives. Tyi- Henry weinstein, staff re- poses. However, because ical comments were: I .porter for the Journal of many changes in the think 99% of the girls who lists the Universities of past few years, a new sur- go on the pills are al- Michigan, Chicago, ,Illi- vey will soon be underta- ready sexually active." nois, Washington, as well ken. It is already known and "Peo:jle are losing as Yale, Cornell and five that single girls may ob- their llptightness about school,^ of the University tain the pill at Michigan getting close to one a- of California as recent State, Cornell and Yale. nother physically." entries into the world of Dr. James Agna of An- changing mores. tioch College in Ohio re- **** quires parental permission Although each school before prescribing the justifies its policy pill to minor coeds. "If change in its own rhetoric I can read between the Mr. weinstein concludes lines of permission 1 get that sexual mores have from parents," he says, "I changed and schools can get the impression that best serve,their students they're resigned to the by adopting to that change situation and recognize - MEET THE DEAN - Breakfast will be served from 6:00 to 9:30 -- 7 days a week in the ERA1 Dining Room. Holiday Inn Breakfast Menu in effect. Luncheon will be served cafeteria style from 11:OO to 2:00 daily. Dinner will also be served cafeteria style from 5:00 to 8:00 daily. Steaks to or- der . **** Monday Lunch: Monday Dinner: Open Face Hot Turkey Sandwich Roast Boneless of Beef w. gravy Chile con Carne w/beans Baked Chicken w/dressing,giblet Chopped Sirloin Steak gravy Soup of the day Itallan Spaghetti w/meat sauce Assorted Sandwiches Tuesday Lunch: Tuesday Dinner: Grilled Cheesebergers on Bun Baked Meat Loaf w/mushroom sauce Ravioli in tomato sauce Boiled Ham and cabbage Fried Flounder Filet - Tar- tar sauce Barbeque quartered chicken Wednesday Lunch: W-sday Dinner :

Baked Macaroni & Cheese Beef Stew & Garden Vegetables Grilled-Ft. Long Frankfur- ters Roast Young Tom Turkey 6 Dress- i no Broiled Beef Liver & Onions Grilled Center cut ~orkcho~s Thursday Lunch: ~huisda~Dinner: Sloppy Joe on Bun Braised shortribs of beef Steamed Jumbc ;:nockwurst w/ Fricassee of Chicke.7 w/butter- Sauerkraut milk biscuits Baked Spaghetti w/tomato Veal Parmesan w/spaghetti sauce ~rida~Lunch: Friday Dinner: Bell Pepper stuffed hr/ roast Roast boneless round of beef beef hash sliced to order Breaded snapper fingers , Golden Brown fried chicken tartar sauce Chili and macaroni Broiled fresh bass filet Saturday Lunch: ' Saturday Dinner: Grilled Hamburqer on toasted Corned Beef & Cabbage bun Chicken chow mein w/crisp Bar-b-q spareribs noodles Grilled frankfurters w/bhtsd Oven baked chuck wagon herna Sunda Lunch: Sunda Dinner: *ng *ng chicken, baked ham and sauce, %lorida seafood creole w/ steamed rice, baked meat balls & egg noodles ______----d------.------Page 9 I' DIVING EAGLES BY RALPH C. WICKLUND The Diving Eagles' SCU- BA course is tentatively scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 10, 1970 All those wishing to take this course please contact Ralph Wicklund, BOX 413, 'A.J. Bland, Box i162, Paul Fowler, Box 1023, or Ron Byerly, Box 771.

The eyes of interna- covered 8ll.?~~s,a dis- T0nigt.t the Diving tional tar.ce of 307.30 miles, at Eagles .)ill be making a will focus January 31-Feb. an average speed of night dive at Blue Springs 1 on Daytona International 102.074 mph. All certified divers who Speedway. This spacious The three hour races wish to participatelease $3 million mecca of speed were thrillers, but Speed- call 252-7521 before 5 PM is the home of teh 24 way President Bill France and YOU will receive in- Hours of Daytona (formerly had visions of expanding formation pertaining to the Daytona Continental) the event to one of signi- the dive. which each season kicks ficant intern?.tional sa- off the important 11-race ture. He wanted to bring If anyone knows of or World Constructor's Champ- racing teams to Daytona has any diving equipment ionship series. from every corner of the for sale, please leave a In just eight short world. SO, in 1964 the note in Box 413 describing years this event has grown -continentalwas increased the equipment, including into one of the gains of to 2000 kilometers and be- the price. auto racing. came one of the points It is a test of man and ,races in the World Con- The Diving Eagles went machine rivalled only by structor's Championship to Salt Springs and to the 24 Hours of LeMans. series. Blue Springs this past It is, in essence, Ameri- success and good for- weekend. ca's answer to the famed tune continued on the side French classic which dates of and Rodriguez On Saturday divers back to the early 1920's. in the first 2000 km eve* Went to Salt ~prin- to Starting in 1962, three as Pedro and teammate phi1 practice spearfishing.This years after the opening of Hill of Santa Monica, Gal. is a good place to sharpen the Speedway, the race was led a 1-2-3 sweep by the the eye for ocean spear- born as a three-hour en- Italian marque. fishing since the fish in duro called the Daytona a new star appeared on the springs are smaller Continental. ;t was con- the International sports and faster and harder to ducted assa three hour car racing scene in 1965-- hit. event for two years, then in the form of a ruggedly as a 2000 kilometer race beautiful and ~ery fast On Sunday we went to for the next two seasons-- Ford Prototype coupe pre- Blue Springs where, as 1964 and 1965 -- and ulti- pared by Californian Car" members of the Daytona mately became the 24 Hours roll Shelby. Beach Skin Divers, we as- of Daytona in 1966. ~h~ ~~~~i~~~-~~d~~~~d sisted in the removing of Looking back over the was driven to its first the warning sign which.was history of intmrnational ~onti~entalvictory by the anchored in the cave 90 endurance racing at Day- late and a feet below the surface. tona, one finds the record smmoth, untiring veeeran The sign was brought UP to books punctuated with named ~l~~d~.~~b~.~h~ be repainted and it will names of motor racing's pair established a 2000 km be replaced again to warn greatest men and machines. record, completing divers of the dangers of won the 1,244.56 miles in 12:27.09 cave-diving. first Continental in 1962, for an average speed of' in a famous finish that 99.945 mph. Shelby's bel-, The next meeting of the saw the popular Gurney lowing GT Cobras finished Diving Eagles will be Mon-

kick his Lotus 19 across second, third, fourth, , 'day, February 2, 1970, in the finish line unuer the sixth and tenth -- for an .Building A, Room 102. power of hLs machine's impressive show of force Prestolite battery Dearborn products. * * * * Gurney had Cuured the Thencame the first 24 INTRAMURAL, 3.81 mile course 82 times, Hours of Daytona in 1966 - NOTICE a total distance of 311.11 a race nearly twice as miles for an average speed. long as the 2000 kiJometer All game schedules and' of 103.665 miles per hour- runs. rosters for Spring Intra- despite his crawling fin-l Ford, this time with murals will be posted in ish! the powerful 7-liter MKII' Me Student Center on Hun- In 1963, Pedro Rodri- Prototype, dominhted the day, Febiunr; 2nd. Volley guez of Mexico City paced '66 show with a three-car ball will begin early in the field in a Ferrari, sweep, and once again the that weeK so be sure to followed closely py Roger combo of Miles/Ruby made check. Softball starts on Panske of Gladwyn, Pa., in . ocf with the big marbles. Sunday, February 8th. For another of the Italian In one of the finest more information, contact racers. . ... Yoqng Rodriguez 'CONTI I~L'ED NEXT PAGE ' Ray Lee, Box 455. Page 10

Sax and of JOIN E,R,Ab I, Germany quided a stream- BOWLING LEAGUE lined new 907 Prototype to K)RMuLA VEE AND EARN PE CREDIT DAYTONA BEACH, FLA.. .The victory ahead of two simi- . inagural running of the lar cars mark the ALL STUDENTS, FACULTY Trans-Atlantic Challenge straight year that race for SCCA Formula Vees a manufacturer had MEMBERS AND GIRLS Frlday , Jan. 30, kicks off ~~~~~~a~h~~2~~en",~pOf ~NV~TED! the busiest month in the Elford and Neerpasch HALIFAX BOWLING LANES Of SP~~~er~~!~n~:actually shared driving Daytona MASON AVENUE. Speedway. chores during the closing stages with all the rest IF NO,TRANSPORTATlON, CON- Over 170 Formula Vees of Porsche's team drivers- TACT I KE MCFARLAND, ERAI will be fighting for the so , Hans BOX $566, 60 starting berths in the Hermann, JosSlffert, Joe $22,500 challenge event. Buzzetto and Jo Schlesser The action begins with the shared in the glory of first of three 15-lap Porsche's first Daytona I=+' qualifying heats over Day- win. tona's twisting 3.81 mile Winning speed for the t road/track circuit, Frlday Elford/Neerpasch Porsche 1 at 11:30 a.m. The 20-lap was 106.532 mph for the b finale is slated for a 5PM 2,561.70 mile distance. k starting time. Last year, there was no 1 **** sweep--no factory domina- b tion--and a surprise, but t by no means underserving, BACKGROUND CONTINUED winner emerged for the 24 pe;formance ever recorded Hour classic. In endurance racing any- of Media, where, Miles and Pa., and Chuck Parsons of ground out 2,580.75 mi;z ~0sAngeles, Calif. sur- for the 24:01.02 test at vived a tremendous battle @ @ an a verage speed of Of attrition to take Roger 107.388 mph. hi* pseed Penske's Lola-Chev to the 1 st111 stands as a record circle- for the 24 Hours of Day- Donohue and Parsons torta ! averaged 99.268 mph and Holly Hill Plaza Ferrari returned in covered 2,283.75 mjles in force for the 1967 race, a gruelling race that saw determined to regain pres- a Seemingly unbeatable - L .------tlge lost at the hands of five-car Porsche team fal- Ford. A ter to mechanical ills Ferrari battle kept every- during the long night one guessing in the early

again claimed victory in the guy who crosses the America's longest and most finish line first. demanding road race. And there's more to . chris and the late that simple little saying Italian ace Lorenzo Bandi- than meets the eye.. .at ni paced a 1-2-3 finish least when men and nachine for Enzo Ferrari, averag- team test each Other ing 105.587 mph in their against the fate of 24 red 330 P4 Prototype. It lo was also a clean sweep for foreign driving stars as second went to Ludovico Scarflotti of Ttaly and Mike parkes of England, and third place was won by Awouu&!~~~Ruv~~shirts M Pedro Rodriguez of Mexico w Lmnardo Strtraui knitw8.r and Jean Guichet of France. Lord@ff swgaterS 9 Freema, ihues During these first six years, the unobtrusive little German Porsches, 0ir-k. (III-woR~MC-tS * usually with engines no oe* Lakelad &psndleton jackets larger than 2-liters, had been running well up among Hart .Schafmer&Marxcloth88 the leaders and had fin- ished as high as fourth. germs- press But the Germans were soon to have their day--and it came on February 5, 1968. -=.- Vie Elford of England Page 11 three-time World Formula I champion Jack Brabnam to lead the team. Joining Brabham will be young French Formula 3 PORSCHES & FERRARI'S driver Francois Cevert, and in the second blue Ma- FAVORED tra will be Grand Prix re- gular Jean Pierre Beltoise DAYTONA BEACH, FLA. ..With and Henri Pescaro1.0, both. Germany's clockwork Por- ed to back-up the faster of France. sches and Italy's prancing 5-liter cars. Matra achieved world- favored, a host wide note last year when a of international racing Three of the world's Ford-pow-red Formula I Ma- machinery will battle Jan. most highly regarded dri- tra brought 31 - Feb. 1 in the 24 vers will carry the Pranc- the world drivers' title. Hours of Daytona, toughest ing Horse insignia into Matching this exotic array endurance race in America. Daytona's annual endurance of foreign powered machin- battle. , ery will be a Chevyengined Porsche, determined to Dan Gurney and Jackie Ickx Lola Mk3B to be driven by defend its f irst-ever will each be lead drivers Pan Am Stars John Cannon World Constructor's title, in the new 600--horsepower of Pasadena,Ca. and George will be represented by six 5125 Ferraris. Eaton of Canada. cars capable of winning overall honors. winner It was "darkhorse" Lola Andretti is teamed with that last year upset the Three of the durable Arturo Merzario of Italy; favored teams of Porsche German machines are works- Gurney is with defending and Ford in the 24 Hours backed 917s, fastest and 24 hour champ Chuck Par- of Daytona. Mark Donohue most recent of Porsche's sons, and Ickx is to share and Chuck Parsons survived racers. Two of the 4.5- driving chores with Peter an unbelievable battle of liter cars will be entered Schetty of Switzerland. attrition to take a popu- by John Wyer Engineering lar win in Roger Penske's of England, who inherited The year-old 312P mod- blue-and-yellow Lola. Porsche's factory teem for els, entered by Luigi Chi-. 1970. netti's North American Ra- Penske has switched al- cing Team will be driven legiance this year to A- It was Wyer who managed by , Wilton, merican Motors and will the efforts of Ford when Conn., David PipertEngland have Donohue and Revson the GT-40 captured the Sam Posey, Sharon, Conn. rate as favorites in the Constructor's title in and Mike Parkes of England touring category against a 1968, plus ims--essivewins large field of Camaros and 'at Sebring and LeMans last Wednesday's opening Mustangs. year. practice session for the sports, prototype, grand Practice for the corn-. Another 917 will be touring and touring cars bined sports, prototype, commanded by Austria's may produce a new challen- grand touring and touring Porsche-Salzburqteam. ger to the expected supre- cars gets underway Wednes- macy of Porsche and Ferra- day at 1:00 p.m. Night Driving the Wyer cars ri. practice will be held from will be Brian Hedman of 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. both England, Pedro Rodriguez Matra of France ha: im- Wednesday and Thursday, of Mexico, of ported a pair OF highly and qualifying for all 65 Switzerland and Leo Kin- refined V-12 prototypes to starting positions is Fri- nunen of Finland. The Daytorla, and has hired day from 9:00 AM to Noon. Austrian 917 will be han- dled by England's Vic El- ford and Kurt Ahrens of Germany. Three privately-entered 908 prototypes also will see action in the 24 Hour test. This is the same 3- liter machine that led Porsche to the world cham- pionship last season. Leading the privateers are Englishman Tony Dean and Peter Gregg of Jackson- ville, Fla., both rated among the world's best en- durance pilots. Ferrari will debut its potent but unproven 5125 model at Daytona, with five of the new cars sla- ted for competition. Ano-. ther pair of last year's drivers. They are inpreparation for the 24 Hours of 312P prototypes are enter- Daytona staged this weekend. Page 12 EARLY BIRD CONTINUED NADER'S crashworthiness" of the wL1.ve all seen in F_Iyi!gg Beech Bonanza as compared Preflight and englne RA- with other light planes. start complete - it's now I Pm not yet convinced 6:35 as I pick up the mike that the 2000-pound Bonan- to call ground control. ATTACK G-A za is constructed any dif-, From the tower Gene greets BY RICHARD T. WHITE ferently (RE:crashworthi- me with a half-startled ness) than any of its com- "Good Morning, Riddle 76"- In a 98-page report is- petitors. first customer sued by consumer protec- of the new day. tionist Ralph Nader last ONe of the most errone- week, small-plane manu- ous allegations of the re-. factures were charged with port claims that 70% of On the runway, the wind turning out "the most le- the liyht planei in pro- is calm - dead calm, I,m the1 of the major forms of ductir,n today will eventu- cleared for takeoff and If ally have an accident. proceed to the VOR. The you've ever felt like the Thj.s statement is without air seems motionless as I victum of a gross liar, foundation and is so mis- view the picturesque "in- this has got to be the ul- leading as to seem it was stant sunrise,, climbing timate. To say that fi- written by an uninformed .through 400 feet. gures don't lie - but li= third grader. Nader re- ars sometime figure won't peats his blatant petti- Omond Beach was still even touch the scope of ness further on in an un- asleep and the wind sock Nader's misleading impli- researched dissertation on hung limp during my six aircraft seatbelts. touch and go's. At 7:15 I The report prefaces the The report claims that was joined by 75 who had the same aspira- problem by implying thct aircraft seatbelts aren't tions as me, so off I went the FAA isn't as Stringent as strong as auzo seat- t3 the practice area for a on crashworthiness as the belts. A check of Part.23 few lazy while working Government is on cars. of the FAR'S, however, In- my way back to DAB. The Certainly, 200 pounds of dicates that aircraft were a pattern of sym- crash protection would seatbelt mountings must be for the air was bring the Cessna 150 dwon stressed for 4 g's upward, clear, cold and still in to a solo-only aircraft 9 g's forward, and .2f g's the early mornina sunlight and the C-172 down to a sideways force. To the I was to land, three place plane - not 170-pound pilot this would while still three miles very practical indeed. be a minimum protection of see, few others Further on Nader's com- 3/4 of a ton. Further- have yet to appreciate the ments are the "excellent more. the observant oilot beauty of an early morning CONTINUED NEXT PAGE flight. As I tie5 the great bird down I reconsidered this proposition. The air. was smooth as silk. No traffic. The sheer beauty Iofsunrise on the airman's world. I was now convinced that I must fly more often in the early morning. It's refreshing to one's mind buried in the classroom all day. How about you? sga student aid Care to rendezvous at 3000 over the VOR? I'll see you there soon.



. . - Page 13 soared upward Gith a rush beard speaketh to the of wind. knight in this manner: And there corneth a Eeel- "Verily, verily, I say ing of great joy to the unto thee, thou hast lost knight. He zoometh around all directional control the sky with abandon until and it were better that an hour had gone and it thou hadst taken this bird were time to returneth the again ,around. It is writ- bird. The warrior descen- ten that he who bounceth ded from high places and shall encounter the ceook- flew beside the black ed path.'Tis far better to earth, causing the bird to push the throttle than cease its roar. He turneth boot the rudder, for the it toward the alighting s?ur is quicker than the path and pulled down some' rein. feathers along the back of each wing. As the bird "Eowever, the records approached the ground, it of thy form indicate thou was seen that one wing hast only seven and a half, flew lower than its mate. hours of bird time in the, Some said this was because last few months. For this) the wind blew across the thy supervisor shall be. black earth. called to task. The bird ?lit on one foot,whereupon it launched "Go, and when thou com- itself into the air again, est again to the bird, 'turned its nose into the bring the senior knight wind, and lit hard to the that he may instruct thee extent that its legs were how to alight thy bird spreadeth on the hard with safety." ground. Its whirling nose bit angrily into the black -taken from U.S. Army Aui- earth and thc beast cast ntion Digest one wing down and slid a- long on its belly. The NADER'S RADERS CONTINUED iron monster came to a has already noticed that grinding halt and a great the aircraft seatbelt is ,quiet descended upon the often an auto seatbelt, place. The knight dis- from the same manufacturer mounted and woefully re- and made from the same 'garded the crumpled bird. fabric. Is the general aviation And there came a troop industry going to stand of castlemates calling for this llbelous report?

themselves investigators, This- -- is the industrv whose o or sooth," sayeth tk and they took measurements record is twenty-nine knight, and rose from the and did all manner of times safer than the equi- round table. "Mine IN things to the broken bird. valent 100 million passen- basket hath emptied into And all who witnessed the ger miles traveled in the proper channels. Now falling of the bird were automobiles. We believe is the time to mount the called and spake long to that the future success of iron bird and sox forth. them and they writcth in general aviation depends The month end approacheth the nook. on the alacrity of the in- and I am short the fourth dustry's rebuttle to Ralph hour. " Then he 'of the gray Nader. So saying, the warrior arose from his desk,zipped into his armor and left that place of cubicles. He traveleth to the place of the roaring birds, signeth .the necessary fb~ms and strappeth en s canvas bag. Striding around ths winged monster, he pulleth here and poketh there in a man- ner to checketh the firm- ness of the fowl's feath- ers. Seemingly pleased with the condition of the beast the knight mounted and did various things to the bird's interior which caused it to roar and . b , .:.Y.AAAHA OP DAYTONA maw PAOYA.-D shake. It waddled off to I*...O IIDO.",ODD AYI. .OYn DIII0Y.L FYDIIy *W .I--- a stretch of black earth, took a runninq leap and, Page 14 Ihl§TITUTK)NS WCTHN THE NSTlm THE PLACEMENT OFFICE - can we do about it? If By RICHARD WHITE j~;;-jo;;~;tudents program.on the you're not yet a senior, The result of two or What's happening to the Your chances are better.. three years efforts as a career placement program? We can all pressure ttie . administration and the student of Embry-Riddle . may come in the form of Mansfield: As of January budget committee to hire military enlistment, grad- 1, all student hiring is a Professional: a civilian uate school or a being done from one cen- who knows his way around job often leading to a tral office - The Place* the aviation industny. We career in the aviation in- merit office. We've hired can also implore the ad- dustry. ~f the latter is a student assistant to ministrat.ion to remove the your choice how do you go handle some of the Paper work-stl:~y program from about looking for employ- the PI-acement Office so ment? It is certainly a =:I~~I~ the work that Cull attention can be rare case when a student study program Jeopardizing given to career jobs. If has a job waiting for him the long run needs of the YOU are a Senior you are without his first solici- seniors near graduation? probably well aware that ting for such. As in most you're pretty much on your other colleges, Embry- id- Maasfield: Yes, there is own when looking for a die has a placement office not sufficient emphasis on career position. to assist the graduate In jobs graudates. ------finding a job - but, if the school's budget that;s;:where the similiar- permits, I to hire a Next Week: Part Three----

The membership drive is Action Shot: on at full speed. If you Shown here is an ERMAE are interested in joining pilot and his model in ac- this professional organi- tion. zation, please fill out ,the form at the bottom of

Publicity Committee . . ;.-.: ;.-.: ....,~... . . ' ? , m,,.> ., -.. , . 1. '/., '. TO: The ERAI Student '. . ' .' ,..." ; .;. ;' Branch of American Institute of Aero- nautics and Astro- nauics ERAI BOX AIAA ' EMBRY-RIDDLE MA1 LkOOM

PLEASE SEND ME FURTHER INFO AND AN APPLICATION BLANK, Inaction shot: . NAME------. Here is an ERMAC pilot ERA, BOX with hie plane in inaction - . ~. stration, tie faculty ard student body. The AlfION deadline is every Monday afterizoon at 5:00 p.m. PZease mark aZI :tenis AVION and deposii 5,: the basket in the braiZzr, th, DAYTONA BEACH .4ERO. CLUB. suggestion oozes, or ERAI (OVER 30 YRS. ON THE DAYTONA BEACH AIRPORT) Box 1568. FOR ERAI STTKDENTS ONLY The opinions expressed in INITIATION FEE CUT IN HALF this paper are not neces- sarily those of the Insti- 50 dollars FOR A -0 YELAR tute or all members of the MEMBERSHIP Student Bod!,, nor do let- ters a:.~:?:.:?.: in th~:A- LOW MONTHLY DUES OF $12.50 8 LOW HOURLY RATES VIOP neces::airZy refZect >.,nc ! mpinior: of this nebis- paper. j'li t<8ra: L,; mi,? (,'r Z,:,?s , ,a .b,',1itc,rS: ,,.'t,3t'c .I 111 I L~,..,-. i,. .,.,. !./g~: i!ck9 Yozo~j