Can you kill a god? Can he feel pain? Can you make him bleed?

What do gods eat?

Does delegate authority?

Why does Zeus get together with ?

Which gods are really the children of Zeus and Hera? Anthropomorphic Greek Egyptian ἡ ἀμβροσία

τὸ νέκταρ nectar ὁ ἰχώρ Games and Traditions

epichoric = local tradition Panhellenic = common, shared tradition Dumézil’s Three Functions of Indo-European Society (actually ’s three parts of the soul)

religion priests τὀ λογιστικόν sovereignty 1 kings (reason) justice

τὸ θυμοειδές warriors military 2 (spirit, temper)

craftsmen, production τὸ ἐπιθυμητικόν farmers, economy 3 (desire, appetite) herders fertility

Iapetus X Cœus Phœbe Cronos

Atlas gods (next slide)

Maia Rhea Cronos ?

Hestia Hera Zeus

Ares (et al.)

Maia Leto

Hephæstus ZEUS Heaven


HADES Underworld ἡ Ἐστία Latin: Vesta ἡ Ἥρα HERA Latin: Juno Boōpis Cuckoo Cow-Eyed (Peacock?) Scepter, Throne Argos, Samos Samos (Heraion) Argos Heraion, Samos Not the Best Marriage the poor, shivering cuckoo the golden apples of the (the Daughters of Evening) honeymoon

Temenos’ three names for Hera

Daidala Athena Hera

Milky Way Galaxy Hera = Zeus

Hephæstus ? ὁ Ζεύς, τοῦ Διός ZEUS Latin: Juppiter -bearer Eagle Cloud-gatherer Lightning Bolt

Olympia, ἡ ξενία ὁ ὅρκος horcus ἡ δίκη oath dicē justice Dodona


Crete Dodona: Gaia, Rhea, , Zeus Olympia: Zeus, Hera (Heraion), Leto Zeus Maia

Apollo Artemis Hermes

Athena, via Zeus

Dikē ? justice the fates

Plus random mortals and … Zeus

ὁ Ἥφαιστος HEPHÆSTUS Latin: Vulcan Amphigueeis Lame hammer, tongs Kullopodion cap Crooked-Foot backwards feet Polytechnes Of Much Art Lemnos Lemnos

Aristocracy < οἱ ἄριστοι (aristoi)

καλοὶ κἀγαθοί (kaloi k’agathoi) The Good and the Beautiful κακοί (kakoi) The Bad

χρηστοί (khrestoi) Useful, Honest People πονηροί (poneroi) Useless, Burdensome ὁ Ἄρης ARES Latin: Mars

Brotoloigos weapons Murderer

Enyalios ’s

Zeus = Hera

Ares Aphrodite


Penthesilea Harmonia

αἱ Μοῦσαι Latin: Musæ

books The Nine Muses: Daughters of Zeus and

Calliope epic history lyric poetry tragedy choral poetry/dancing poetry hymns (sacred poetry) astronomy comedy Leader: Apollo