The Hyde Park Bulletin Volume 19, Issue 7 February 13, 2020 Neighbors embroiled in debate HPAA-MAC hosting two over Burger King on River Street exhibits in February

Residents speak with the owner of the Shops at Riverwood Todd Finard, right, at a recent meeting regard- ing the installation of a new Burger King at the location. Juror Robert Siegelman stands by the artwork of Gail Bos. PHOTO BY MARY ELLEN GAMBON COURTESY PHOTO Mary Ellen Gambon hearing, the application for Association (BFNA), the Staff Reporter Burger King’s opening until 2 Edgewater Drive Neighbor- Jeff Sullivan abstract and drawing shows, we a.m. was deferred so that there hood Association (EDNA) Staff Reporter just wanted something that re- It was standing room only could be further community and the Ruskindale/Roseberry ally stood out, something differ- on Thurs., Feb. 6, as more than outreach and the closing time Road Neighborhood Associa- The Hyde Park Art Associa- ent, where our artists are being 100 residents jammed into the could be pushed back to mid- tion (RRRNA) all came to tion at the Menino Arts Center really creative with the concept community room at 912 River night. voice their opinions, most (HPAA-MAC) held an opening of body landscape,” she said. “I St. to hear about plans for a Finard prefaced the two- clearly opposed to the Burger reception for two exhibits on sent them four phrases: ‘cel- proposed Burger King and hour meeting by saying that, King. The associations stretch Saturday, Feb. 8. ebrate the natural curves and other businesses at the Shops while the Burger King may down River Street toward The dual exhibits, The Body shapes while embracing how the at Riverwood on River St. have appeared on some neigh- Cummins Hwy. Landscapes and the Curry Col- light wraps around them, ab- Todd Finard of Finard bors’ radar screens only re- Also in attendance were lege Senior Art Exhibition will stract representations of the Properties, the developer/ cently, he began his investment representatives from several be on display at the MAC until body with a distinct focus on owner of the Shops at in the neighborhood 13 years local political offices. Bryan March 1. Body Landscapes, ac- form, shape and negative space. Riverwood, explained that he prior and discussed the Burger Flynn, the Hyde Park liaison cording to HPAA Representa- A body looking like a mountain; wanted to reach out to multiple King with the East River Street for the Mayor’s Office of tive Sashja Lucas, was origi- an example of two different re- neighborhood groups about Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Services nally put together because she alities existing together, and to plans for the shopping center, (ERNA) in 2016. (ONS), ran the meeting with and other HPAA members use your own body as a means particularly the Burger King. Members from ERNA, the Burger King wanted to do something a bit of expressing the relationship to At a Jan. 15 Licensing Board Belnel Family Neighborhood Continued on page 11 different from what they were nature.” doing before. Art Exhibits HPNA talks 11 Dana, Crane Ledge “I think we’ve had so many Continued on page 10 Jeff Sullivan Neponset River Staff Reporter Greenway Council plans The Hyde Park Neighbor- hood Association (HPNA) met on Thursday, Feb. 6 and dis- Hyde Park trail walk cussed the ongoing plan at 11 Mary Ellen Gambon Discussion about Hyde Park Dana Ave. Staff Reporter topics was encouraged because The project, which proposes of the attendance of members 24 units and 24 parking spaces, The Neponset River from the Fairmount Hill Neigh- has come under fire once again. Greenway Council (NRGC) borhood Association (FHNA) Originally, neighbors fought held its monthly meeting, this and Cathy Horn, the founder of the City on which Neighbor- time in Hyde Park at the Area Keep Hyde Park Beautiful hood Shopping 2 District the E 18 police station, on Wed. (KHPB). property fell within. Specifi- Feb. 5 to discuss upcoming Chair Jessica Mink, a About 30 residents came to the most recent Hyde Park Neighborhood cally, NS-2 district residents be- Roslindale resident, proposed Association meeting and discussed the ongoing 11 Dana Ave. saga. events and goals. lieve the property requires a The NRGC is comprised of and scheduled a trail walk be- PHOTO BY JEFF SULLIVAN parking ratio of two spaces for four towns: Hyde Park, ginning at Paul’s Bridge at 10 each housing unit. The devel- project with no variances or developers on the first issue, , Milton and a.m. through to Fowl Meadow oper believed the zoning re- oversight from the Zon- now the Inspectional Services Dorchester. Monthly meetings quired a one-to-one ratio, mak- ing Board of Appeals required. HPNA rotate among these communi- Trail Walk ing the project an as-of-right While the city agreed with Continued on page 9 ties. Continued on page 7 Page 2 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 HP Ave. meeting talks resident concerns safety, congestion Jeff Sullivan muter Rail on the tracks’ Staff Reporter eastern side, which creates these choke points. In fact, The Boston Transporta- from Wolcott Square to For- tion Department’s (BTD) est Hills, there are only Transit Team met with seven crossovers to the west about 40 residents on Feb. of the city. That’s fewer 11 at the District E-18 Sta- than two per mile. tion of the Boston Police Despite these issues, Department on Hyde Park BTD Transit Director Matt Avenue. Moran says he’s hopeful The open house was de- that residents and the city signed to illicit feedback can work together, along from residents concerning with state agencies and the the 4-plus mile stretch of MBTA, to make the corridor Hyde Park Avenue, between more transit friendly. Wollcott Square and Forest “We’re still collecting Hills. Residents walked data, we’re just in the ex- through several informa- ploration phase,” Moran tional stations at the meet- said. “We don’t have any ing where about a dozen city preconceived notions about workers and transportation what Hyde Park Ave. should officials provided the cur- have. We’re just really lis- Residents filtered in and out of the police station in Hyde Park to discuss what they see as problems on Hyde rent conditions of Hyde tening to what people say Park Avenue. Park Avenue and asked resi- and getting feedback. Basi- PHOTO BY JEFF SULLIVAN dents where they see the cally, ideas and concepts most problems. people have about what date. He said residents thing to change.” accessibility improvements Historically, Hyde Park could be improved, delays should go and share their The stations outlined and the possible addition of Avenue has had severe con- for buses, vehicles and thoughts there if they current conditions and pos- bike lanes. While it would gestion problems in several bikes and just try to collect couldn’t make it to sible improvements that the be somewhat problematic to key choke points. Wollcott all of that before we start Tuesday’s meeting. BTD’s team said were in add a full dedicated bus lane Square, for instance has had the process of design.” “We’ll continue to get re- their “toolbox.” Those im- to Hyde Park Avenue, as the problems that the BTD is And he said the BTD still sults on that,” he said. provements include adding street is different widths looking to address with the wants your input after the “We’ve gotten a good re- more crosswalks in areas throughout its length, the synchronized signalization meeting. Moran said the sponse, more than 300 where they are more than BTD stated it is a tool they of the Father Hart Bridge, survey online now at people, and that number has 1,000 feet from each other, could use. The other tool is but other problem areas boston.gov/departments/ gone up a bit in the last few adding curb extensions to that they can install queue have yet to be addressed. transportation/hyde-park- days. It’s fantastic for a lo- improve vehicle line of Hyde Park Ave. The whole corridor runs avenue-multimodal-corri- cal community survey. It sight on pedestrians, adding Hyde Park Ave. Continued on page 12 parallel to the MBTA Com- dor, does not have an end shows people want some- February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 3 Communication process grilled as BK discussed at ERNA meeting Mary Ellen Gambon noting that he talked to “ev- Staff Reporter ery conceivable retailer.” “I asked for permission, More than 40 residents at- and I want to be really clear tended the East River Street on that,” Finard said, “by Neighborhood Association coming to a series of East (ERNA), mainly to hear the River Street group meetings.” latest on the Burger King that In an effort to be a good is one step away from going neighbor, Finard has offered into the Shops at Riverwood to help the Boston Preparatory retail plaza. Charter School across the There was a two-hour street raise $100,000 to finish meeting among plaza owner the work needed on their and developer Todd Finard kitchen to allow them to serve and three neighborhood three healthful meals to their groups on Thurs., Feb. 6 (see 700 students each day. related article). At this meet- “I hope that the kids eat at ing, Finard talked about how the school and they walk right he was willing to work with past the Burger King and they the community on the three do not go there,” he said. “But remaining parcels to be devel- that’s not going to happen.” oped to see what options they Helena Tonge, president of would like. the Belnel Family Neighbor- Todd Finard presented his plan for Shops at Riverwood once again at the East River Street Neighborhood “What I’m hoping is that hood Association, questioned Association. the conversation creates more the number of parking spaces PHOTO BY MARY ELLEN GAMBON opportunity,” Finard said. “It that would be allowed, asking creates an opportunity in how many off-street would be Several people in the said. “I feel like people aren’t to other neighborhood groups, terms of what can we do with “out into the community.” crowd said they did not fault always adequately notified, as it was when the ZIP code the community directly in Finard said that he com- Finard, and they applauded but that’s not Todd’s fault. was changed back from 02126 terms of things that the com- plied with every City ordi- some of the improvements, He’s done everything by the to 02136 in her neighborhood. munity does want to see.” nance and has been “com- such as the Price Rite and the book.” ERNA chair Barbara Finard said that Burger pletely transparent.” Goodwill. “By virtue of structure, Hamilton took offense to that King was neither his first “I think there is a broken Bryan Flynn, the Hyde folks felt left out,” Finard statement. choice nor ERNA’s, but he City system,” he said. “I get Park liaison for the Mayor’s said. “There is a communica- “There was a time when needed to bring it in to spur assigned to an Impact Advi- Office of Neighborhood Ser- tion problem that can be they were all coming to this further development in the sory Group. If there are five vices (ONS), said he did not solved.” meeting, as well as Belnel,” plaza. different neighborhood know how many groups there Valerie Almeida, the chair Hamilton said, noting the “My argument was and groups, let’s make damn sure were in Hyde Park because of the Roseberry Road- ERNA emails go out to all continues to be that BK gen- that the next time a not all of them meet monthly. Ruskindale Road Neighbor- group members. “I used to erates energy and traffic that developer’s developing that “If you have a beef, have a hood Association, said that in- flier the neighborhood. So as will get the rest of the shop- they know exactly who the beef with us, the zoning, the formation should have been ERNA Meeting ping center to built,” he said, neighborhood is.” way things are set up,” Flynn dispersed better by the ERNA Continued on page 9


1MFBTFMPHPOUPUPPVSXFCTJUFIZEFQBSLZPVUIIPDLFZDPNUPSFHJTUFS PSDPOUBDU+BZ3PVSLFKSPVSLF!IPUNBJMDPNGPSNPSFJOGPSNBUJPO Page 4 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 “And don’t forget to Two Roslindale Homeowners Recieve thank the taxpayers!” Checks from HIC Guaranty Fund The specifics of the story have been partially forgotten, but the punchline has not: it is verbatim. It seems that a number of years ago the Mayor was at a tree-lighting in Roslindale at the beginning of the Christmas season. Many people and in- stitutions were being thanked for making the lighting memo- rable: politicians, commission- ers, a choral group, and prob- ably whoever provided the hot cocoa. Even though the aging My Kind Burnside Street resident was not a particularly avid Celtic of Town/ fan, at the end of the Mayor’s Joe Galeota speech thanking so many he took a page from the late, leather-lunged “Snuffy” Dillon Even at those press confer- Left to right: Representative Angelo M. Scaccia, Roslindale homeowner Doreet Goldhaber, Roslindale of . ences following the arrest of the homeowner Guerda Conserve, and Undersecretary of the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regu- lation Edward A. Palleschi. For those of you unfamil- Marathon bombers, when vari- COURTESY PHOTO iar with this Boston Public ous law enforcement agencies Undersecretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation Edward A. Palleschi to present Works employee’s pronounce- were acknowledged and Roslindale residents Guerda Conserve and Doreet Goldhaber with checks from the ment on March 17, 1963, he thanked for their participation Commonwealth’s Home Improvement Contractor (HIC) Guaranty Fund. The homeowners re- was the fan who bellowed a in the capture, there is no ceived checks for $7,000, and $10,000 respectively. “We love ya, Cooz!” from the memory of taxpayers being The Guaranty Fund program compensates consumers up to $10,000 for unpaid judgments rafters during a very awkward thanked for providing the ve- against contractors for poor workmanship and failure to adhere to the terms of their contract silence when Bob Cousy be- hicles and the huge amounts of (https://www.mass.gov/home-improvement-contractor-arbitration-and-guaranty-fund). came verklempt as he made a overtime pay. thank-you speech during his Perhaps that Vietnam Navy retirement festivities at the Gar- veteran from the U.S.S. Wasp Mayor Walsh announces working den. Dillon’s four words broke and U.S.S. Boston, struggling the tension and reflected the on Social Security to maintain sentiments of the other 13,908 a way of life for himself and his group to study broker fees in Boston fans in attendance. wife of almost half a century, Building on his commit- derlying challenges of housing built over 65 percent of the new Back to the (almost) should be chauffeured to every ment to expanding access and affordability in Boston.” homes in , with present. At the conclusion of dedication, whether on the city, removing barriers to housing The state of re- 20 percent of new homes being the mayor’s oration expressing state, or national level, so that for residents, Mayor Martin J. cently passed state law in 2019 affordable housing, according appreciation to so many people his brief sentence can be heard Walsh recently announced that intended to stabilize housing to the Metropolitan Area Plan- for making the lighting cer- loudly and clearly. he is launching a working group and protect tenants, which has ning Council. Boston has sur- emony happen, the old man As the enrollment in the city to study broker fees in Boston, led to a change in brokerage passed 32,000 units permitted piped up for all to hear and ap- public schools declines, per- and how they impact renters fees in . under the administration’s plaud, “And don’t forget to haps he should be brought to across the City of Boston. In his State of the City ad- housing plan, including over thank the taxpayers!” the city council chambers, Mayor Walsh will name mem- dress last month, Mayor Walsh 6,200 affordable housing units Over the years I’ve at- where the council is poised to bers of the working group by pledged to dedicate $500 mil- and over 500 units for senior tended dedications of various pass a bloated 1.26 billion dol- the end of February, which will lion over the next five years to housing. More than 1,000 BHA “things” by the city. And he’s lar budget, up 80 million dol- include a wide range of stake- create thousands of homes units have been renovated and right: there is a whole litany of lars from last year, making the holders. This working group across Boston affordable to the Department of Neighbor- people who are thanked at the cost of educating each child on builds on the Walsh households with low and hood Development (DND) has dedication of playgrounds, average more than a whopping Administration’s work to en- middle incomes. These new in- assisted over 600 homebuyers firehouses, schools, ballfields, $20,000. (Granted, it costs sure all those who live in Bos- vestments will support the in purchasing their homes. and swimming pools ranging more to educate a child not pro- ton have access to equitable, City’s goals of creating rental Boston’s strategy of increas- from state reps to architects to ficient in English or a child with affordable housing choices. and homeownership opportuni- ing overall supply of housing construction companies but sel- special needs, but . . . .) His “The housing crisis in our ties, preserving public housing units is beginning to show a sta- dom, if ever, are you and I tax- presence in that storied cham- city requires a comprehensive, units, and establishing the first bilizing effect on the housing payers thanked. On a national ber might cause the City Coun- and multi-pronged approach to city-funded voucher program. market. Year over year rental level it seems certain that when cil to ask for noticeable belt achieve our goal of creating and Through increases in the listing data from 2017 and 2018 dams are built and laws are tightening by the School De- preserving new housing, while City’s operating and capital in Boston shows rents increas- passed, a litany of “thank-ees” partment before he can bellow, also ensuring that our housing budgets, the investment will ing by 2.7 percent in older are articulated, but never the “And thanks to Boston taxpay- is accessible to all residents,” double the City’s current fund- housing stock, and 3.3 percent taxpayers who provide for the ers, both commercial and resi- said Mayor Walsh. “I am proud ing in affordable housing to in all housing, including newly- federal funding. dential, for providing the fun to pull together this working $100 million. Additional rev- built stock. group to move us forward in enue will be generated by sell- Boston has been trending determining how broker fees ing the Lafayette Garage, as away from large year-over-year To advertise, call the Bulletin are impacting our renters and well as working with the Mas- increases in rent costs for sev- our housing market in Boston. sachusetts Legislature to ap- eral quarters as development at (617) 361-8400 This is another tool we are put- prove a transfer fee of up to 2 catches up with demand, creat- ting forward to tackle the un- percent on private real estate ing more rental opportunities sales over $2 million in the City across the City. This trend con- The Bulletin Newspapers, Inc. of Boston. These combined in- tinued in 2019: a year-over-year vestments will increase the comparison of the first two “Your Hometown Newspapers” available funds for affordable quarters in 2018 and 2019 show Boston Office Norwood Office 661 Washington St, 661 Washington St, Conserve our housing to five times current rent prices incrementally in- Suite 202 Suite 202 resources. funding levels over the next creasing by 1.7 percent in older Norwood, MA 02062 Norwood, MA 02062 five years. housing stock, with a 1.5 per- Tel: (617) 361-8400 Tel: (781) 769-1725 Recycle this Fax: (617) 361-1933 Fax: (781) 501-5611 newspaper. Since Mayor Walsh took cent increase in all housing email: [email protected] email: [email protected] office, the City of Boston has stock. February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 5 Six proposals for ten acres on former Boston State Hospital land Richard Heath to build 60 town houses called Staff Reporter Audubon Estates on the land that slopes down to a narrow The last 10 acres in the de- boundary with the Mass velopment of the sprawling Audubon Boston Nature Cen- campus of Boston State Hospi- ter. tal was put out to bid by the Fifty-one houses would be Dept. of Capital Asset Manage- for sale and nine would be re- ment (DAMM) in May 2019 served as rental for Dept. Men- and six proposals were received tal Health clients. Micheal in October. Washington is the architect. The sloping, wooded, bow- Cruz was one of the origi- tie shaped parcel has a Harvard nal developers of the Boston Street frontage and is adjacent State land; designated in Sept. to the UMass Biological Labo- 1997. After a row of century- ratories on the Roslindale edge old, lead paint-contaminated of the property. The nearest buildings were removed; Cruz address to the parcel is 460 built 99 subsidized rental and Walk Hill St. ownership homes on the land Those six, ranging in scope between 2004 and 2019. from 60 townhouses to 375 The second, Lena New Bos- units of cluster housing and a ton/2Life Communities submit- Green New Deal Innovation ted “Audubon Necklace”, 200- Center - were reviewed at two units of housing clusters for public meetings hosted by seniors, foster housing, sup- DCAAM on Feb 4 and 6 at the portive housing and Jerry Rappaport (center )of Lena New Boston describes his plan to DCAMM Commissioner Carol Gladstone Brooke Charter High School. homeownership designed by (right). PHOTO BY: RICHARD HEATH The Brooke School itself Prellwitz-Chillinski architects. was built on hospital land in Lena New Boston already In its proposal, Lena New homes for first time buyers in him. 2018. has invested $150 million in the Boston states it will utilize its three to four-story residential In the front row were six Four of the proposals - Cruz development of 319 units of approved Article 80 agreement buildings and scattered members of the nine member Development, Lena New Bos- rental and ownership housing and expand its 40R zoning dis- townhouses. Jason Szyminski Boston State Citizens Advisory ton, Primary Corporation and since it was designated devel- trict approval. of The Architectural Team is Committee that has been over- Thomas F Welch - have past oper of 50 acres by DCAMM The third, The Planning Of- the lead architect. seeing Boston State develop- experience in the 24-year en- In 2004. fice of Urban Affairs with its More than a hundred people ment since 1985. As they did deavor to redevelop the surplus Collectively called principal partner Caribbean In- came to see the first three plans with the first round of develop- state hospital land. “Olmsted Green,” work began tegration Community Develop- on Feb 4. ment, they will select the devel- Demolition of its 23 build- in 2008 on the parcel next to ment, plans to build 197 units Steven Andrews Director of oper for the last ten acres. ings began in Nov. 1996. the Brooke School; the final of mixed income housing in- Real Estate for DCAMM coor- The numbers flew fast and On Feb. 4, 2020 three pro- phase, adjacent to the adver- cluding affordable assisted dinated the meeting and furious as Lena New Boston posals were presented. The tised ten acres, of 80 owned rental, supportive housing with DACAMM Commissioner Six Proposals first, Cruz Development plans homes is under construction. a health care clinic and 32 Carol Gladstone introduced Continued on page 13 Page 6 The Bulletin February 13, 2020

Please write to: THE BULLETIN Council to look at high Tell ‘em 661 Washington St, Suite 202 what you Norwood, MA 02062 Tel: (617) 361-8400 rise safety following suicides think with a Fax: (617) 361-1933 e-mail us at person from the ledge and se- those that have occurred from [email protected] Jeff Sullivan Please include your name, Staff Reporter cured them without incident. happening,” he said. “We Letter To address & telephone number. Unsigned letters will not be This prompted District Attor- should also have a broad con- The Editor published. District 8 City Councilor ney for Suffolk County Rachel versation to discuss access to and Council President Kim Rollins to speak on the issue. mental health resources and Janey and District 2 City Coun- “Garages are unique struc- counseling, as well as how high cilor Edward Flynn called for tures. Unlike the majority of tall rise facilities, such as parking 3PEECH ,ANGUAGEAND(EARING!SSOCIATES a hearing to discuss possible buildings and skyscrapers, garages, can employ measures OF'REATER"OSTON 0# regulations to high rise garages where the public does not have that help prevent suicides.” after three separate incidents of access to the top floor, some At-Large City Councilor #ENTERFORDIAGNOSTICANDTHERAPEUTICSPEECHANDLANGUAGE suicide at the Renaissance garages allow parking and pub- Annissa Essaibi-George said /4 ANDHEARINGHEARINGAIDSERVICESn!LL!GES Parking Garage. lic access on their roof or top she wholeheartedly supports The call comes after the floors. Signage and obstruc- access to mental health ser- deaths of Erin Pascal, her two tions are easy fixes. Many vices. children Allison and Andrew, bridges throughout the Com- “That’s critically important Boston College student monwealth have made such al- to this conversation,” she said. Alexander Urtula and another terations and enhancements. A The Boston Renaissance unnamed person on Dec. 9. simple sign directing those in Parking Garage stated, after “Over a period of the last emotional pain to resources the most recent incident, cam- seven months, there were many could save a life. I don’t think eras have been installed at the incidents involving deaths, ear- that is asking too much.” building and security has been lier this month, another person Flynn echoed Rollins’ state- upgraded to 24-hour shifts. tried to jump from a six-story ment, saying that most tall For more information on garage,” he said. “These tragic buildings have barriers and suicide prevention resources, incidents call attention to the fencing to prevent people from visit the Chap- security measures at high rise jumping with the exception of ter of American Foundation for garages, as well as a lack of garages that are accessible to Suicide Prevention web site at measure at garages that prevent the public with little security or https://afsp.org/chapter/afsp- 7EAREDEDICATEDPROFESSIONALS WHOCAREABOUTHELPINGYOUIMPROVE people in distress from jump- barriers. He also added that massachusetts/. ANDMAINTAINTHEQUALITYOFYOURLIFEBYMAXIMIZINGYOURABILITYTO ing, and helping them find re- signage to direct distressed in- At the time of this publica- HEARANDUNDERSTANDTHEPEOPLEAROUNDYOUANDSTAYCONNECTED sources.” dividuals to resources could be tion, more than $130,000 has 'IVEUSACALLTODAYFORMOREINFORMATION Flynn was referring to an employed at garages. been raised for Pascal’s hus- “Installing cameras at top band Adam. For more informa- 4WO,OCATIONS incident reported earlier on Jan. 19 when several Brighton Dis- levels, putting in landscaping to tion on how to donate, go to .ORTH-EADOWS2OAD -AN -AR$RIVE 5NIT trict D-14 Boston Police Offic- block an open landing area and gofundme.com/f/2jra3- -EDlELD -! 0LAINVILLE -! ers responded to a call report- training parking garage staff on adam- 4EL   4EL   ing a suicidal person at the suicide prevention; we should pascal?utm_medium=referral&utm_source= work with parking garage op- unknown&utm_campaign=comms_wxqb+2jra3- WWWSPEECHLANGUAGEANDHEARINGASSOCIATESCOM parking garage at 5 Guest St. adam-pascal. Officers were able to grab the erators to prevent tragedies like 




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$FOUSF4U8FTU3PYCVSZt WPHUSFBMUZHSPVQDPN '0--08640/ February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 7 Trail Walk continued from page 1 To advertise, call the Bulletin at (617) 361-8400


ÓäÎäÊ i˜ÌÀiÊ-Ì°]Ê7iÃÌÊ,œÝLÕÀÞ]Ê ÊäÓ£ÎÓ pÊÊʏœV>Þʜܘi`Ê>˜`ʜ«iÀ>Ìi`ÊȘViÊ£™nnÊÊp

The Neponset River Greenway Council discussed several upcoming trail walks to boost residents' awareness $33(7,=(56 of what the Neponset River has to offer.   )UHQFK2QLRQ6RXS  PHOTO BY MARY ELLEN GAMBON  Ê &UDQEHUU\3HFDQ6DODG  on Sat. Feb. 29. The two-mile on the market. The property, to Sen. Mike Rush’s office. Ê Àià ʓˆÝi`ÊwÊi`Ê}Àii˜ÃÊÜˆÌ ÊV>˜`ˆi`Ê«iV>˜Ã]ÊÃ՘Ê`Àˆi`ÊVÀ>˜LiÀÀˆiÃ]ÊÊ walk on the Burma Road Trail which is owned by Jubilee Chris- Mink said it is important to Ê iÌ>ÊV iiÃiÊ>˜`Ê œ“i“>`iÊ À>˜LiÀÀÞÊ6ˆ˜>ˆ}ÀiÌÌi°  will end at Truman Parkway. The tian Church in Mattapan, has put have DCR at the table, especially Ê &RUULEđV&UDE&DNHV  rain-snow date will be the follow- the land on the Hyde Park- since four of its roads – Storrow Ê *>˜ÊÃi>Ài`Ê œ“i“>`iʏՓ«ÊVÀ>L“i>ÌÊV>ŽiÃʜ˜Ê>ÊLi`ʜvÊ}Àii˜ÃÊ ing day. Roslindale border near American Dr., Soldiers Field Rd., Day Blvd. Ê Ìœ««i`ÊÜˆÌ Êi“œ˜Ê*i««iÀʈœˆ° “We will meet at the parking Legion Highway up for sale. and Morrissey Blvd. would be (175ˆ(6 lot at Paul’s Bridge, which is on “Right now, my heart is at transferred to the Massachusetts   *ULOOHG)LOHW 6KULPS  the Milton side of the river,” ex- Crane Ledge,” Mink said. “We Department of Transportation Ê Àˆi`Ênʜâ°ÊwʏiÌʓˆ}˜œ˜Ê>˜`ÊÌ܈˜ÊL>Ži`ÊÃÌÕvvi`Êà Àˆ“«]ʓÕà Àœœ“Ê plained Mink, a former president want the City to buy it. We are (MassDOT) under Gov. Charlie Ê `i“ˆ‡}>âi°Ê-iÀÛi`ÊÜˆÌ Ê«œÌ>̜Ê>˜`ÊÛi}iÌ>Li]ÊÜիʜÀÊÃ>>`°  of the Massachusetts Bicycle talking to the presidents of the Baker’s proposed budget.  %DNHG6FDOORSV &UDE0HDW&DVVHUROH  Coalition (Mass Bike). “We’re Hyde Park Neighborhood Asso- Future events include the Ê -i>ÊÃV>œ«ÃÊL>Ži`ÊÜˆÌ ÊÕ“LœÊÕ“«ÊVÀ>L“i>Ì]ÊÃi>vœœ`ÊÃÌÕvwʘ}]Ê going to walk up into the Fowl ciation (HPNA) and the Mount Spring Neponset Trial Bike Ride Ê i“œ˜Ê܈˜iÊ>˜`ÊÃi>ܘi`ÊVÀՓLðÊ-iÀÛi`ÊÜˆÌ Ê«œÌ>̜Ê>˜`ÊÛi}iÌ>Li°  Meadow Marsh on Burma Rd, Hope Canterbury Neighborhood from Castle Island to Paul’s Ê %ODFN$QJXV3ULPH5LE  Ê "Ûi˜ÊÀœ>ÃÌi`]ÊLœ˜iiÃÃÊ«Àˆ“iÊÀˆL]ÊÃiÀÛi`ʈ˜Ê˜>ÌÕÀ>ÊÕÊÕðÊ-iÀÛi` which is a two-mile-long trail. Association (MHC) seeking let- Bridge and back, which will take Ê ÜˆÌ Ê«œÌ>̜Ê>˜`ÊÛi}iÌ>Li]ÊÜիʜÀÊÃ>>`° “We will not go all two miles, but ters of support to be sent to the place on Sat., March 21. The 50th  we will do some of it, turn around church.” anniversary of Earth Day is Wed.,  %DNHG+DGGRFN2VFDU  ÊÊÀià ʘ>̈ÛiÊ>``œVŽÊwʏiÌ]ÊL>Ži`ÊÜˆÌ ÊVÀ>Lʓi>Ì]ʏi“œ˜‡Üˆ˜iÊ>˜`Ê and come back.” Former names for the land Apr. 22. The Neponset RiverFest Ãi>ܘi`Ê,ˆÌâÊVÀ>VŽiÀÊVÀՓLÃ]Ê̜««i`ÊÜˆÌ Ê>ë>À>}ÕÃÊ>˜`Êi“œ˜Ê For those who are inclined to include Sally’s Rock and Pine will be held Sat., June 20 at the ˆÛiÊ->ÕVi°Ê-iÀÛi`ÊÜˆÌ Ê«œÌ>̜Ê>˜`ÊÛi}iÌ>Li°  become trailblazers, Mink said Garden. DCR Neponset Park in  &DSWDLQ%OLJKđV3ODWWHU  the walk will continue to cross Mink added that she hopes to Dorchester. ÊÊÀià ÊÃV>œ«Ã]ÊÃVÀœ`]Êà Àˆ“«]Ê>˜`ÊÜ œiÊV>“Ã]ÊyÊ>à ÊvÀˆi`Ê>˜`Ê the Neponset Valley Parkway. see the land preserved as open “This is the best Hyde Park ÃiÀÛi`ÊÜˆÌ ÊvÀi˜V ÊvÀˆiÃ]Ê œ“i“>`iÊVœiÊÏ>ÜÊ>˜`ʜ˜ˆœ˜ÊÀˆ˜}ð “We are going to look at space, as the area has incredible attendance we’ve had for a really '(66(57  routes back from that Paul’s vistas of southwest Boston. In long time,” Mink said, encour- Ê %DLOH\đV&KRFRODWH0RXVVH  Bridge area to the trail on Truman addition, any development would aging more people from Hyde ÊÊ,ˆV ]ÊVÀi>“ÞÊV œVœ>ÌiʓœÕÃÃiÊyÊ>ۜÀi`ÊÜˆÌ Ê >ˆiÞ½ÃÊÀˆÃ Ê Ài>“Ê Parkway that don’t go through disturb the ledge, impacting the Park to attend meetings. ̜««i`ÊÜˆÌ ÊÜ ˆ««i`ÊVÀi>“°Ê the intersection with the traffic housing down below. The next NRGC meeting in Ê ,-Ê*9 ÊÊ9"1,Ê6",/ Ê/1 - lights and don’t run parallel to Also discussed was the recent Hyde Park will be on Wed., June 6 / -Ê /Ê£äqÓ Neponset Valley Parkway,” she signing of the Wetlands Ordi- 3. For more information, visit ZZZFRUULESXEFRP said, noting that the sidewalk is nance. neponsetgreenway.org. narrow and the traffic is heavy. “That’s only the ordinance, Mink’s personal vision, she but it doesn’t implement it into said, would be to put a crossing the zoning regulations,” Mink at Truman Parkway, create a path said. “But it could give the Con- on the land, which is owned by servation Commission more the state’s Department of Conser- teeth in controlling development vation and Recreation (DCR), than they have now, because this and then create a new pedestrian is stronger than the state law. ” and bicycle bridge at Paul’s She added that “zoning regu- Bridge. lations are historic,” meaning that “I think that some people they don’t take into account fu- think we’ve done so much in this ture conditions and climate area, that it’s time to put DCR change. funding somewhere else,” she One issue that illustrates said, stressing that more can be Mink’s point and impacts the achieved. greenway is the delayed con- Horn said she has been doing struction of Morrissey Blvd. be- a walking tour series and had cause of the rising tides and the hoped to do one along Burma bomb cyclone. The work that Rd., so this dovetailed nicely was supposed to be done by 2021 with her idea. has not yet commenced. FHNA members Joe and “You can no longer say that Janet Smith added that this is the dry land will always be dry,” she perfect time of the year to do the said. walk because issues with ticks, Another issue Mink raised mosquitoes and flooding are so was that, in the past, representa- low. tives from the DCR and the vari- “It’s about an hour and fifteen ous police districts would attend minutes, maybe,” Joe Smith said the meetings. of the walk. “It’s all flat and it’s Lisa Consalvo, chief of staff really walkable, and it’s delight- to state Rep. Angelo Scaccia, said ful.” that she would put a request in to Another important issue for DCR that a representative attend. Hyde Park is that Crane Ledge is She also said she would reach out Page 8 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 Around the Neighborhood

CITY 23RD ANNUAL TASTE OF more information, please contact HYDE PARK LIBRARY WILL BE HELD Elayne Baskin at 617—474- Poetry Contest for All Ages UPCOMING EVENTS SATURDAY JUNE 20, 2020! 1143. Ext. 404. BROOKWOOD The Friends of the West AT Our annual Taste of Allston, COMMUNITY FARM Roxbury Library presents the Come out to support Austra- which highlights the delicious FEBRUARY VACATION Brookwood Community 31st Annual Poetry Contest for lia at the All for Australia restaurants of Allston and also WEEK PROGRAMS Farm is currently accepting sup- All Ages. Submissions are due fundraiser on February 13 where the diverse business mix, will be All About Anansi- porting memberships and regis- by Friday, March 20. all proceeds will benefit Zoos held on June 20th! There will be On Wednesday, February 19 at tration for farm shares. This This year’s theme is “Space.” Victoria’s Bushfire Emergency live music, lawn games, and 10:30 a.m. please join storyteller, non-profit farming operation on Awards ceremony to be held on Wildlife Fun plenty of family-friendly fun, so Valerie Stephens, as we learn all the border of Milton and Canton April 30 at 6:30 pm at the West - Celebrate Little Joe’s 27th bring the whole crowd! Early about Anansi the spider, who was cultivates 5 acres using organic Roxbury Library. Poems can be birthday on February 17! Sign a Bird Tickets to go on sale in born amongst the Ashanti oral practices. More information can submitted either by email to birthday card for Little Joe and March! culture of the people of Ghana be found at [email protected]; enjoy cake from Montilio’s Bak- and become one of the more fa- www.brookwoodcommunityfarm.org. by mail to Poetry Contest, West ing Company before exploring PROGRAMS AT mous characters in folklore. We Roxbury Branch Library, 1961 the rest of the Tropical Forest! THE BRIGHTON LIBRARY will celebrate the much-beloved Centre St, West Roxbury, MA Bring an old phone or tablet to trickster spider who has brought 02132; or delivered by hand to recycle in honor of Little Joe. POETRY PRESENTATION joy to many generations through FALLS PREVENTION the poem drop box in the West - Solve the case at Franklin February 13, 6:30 p.m.-7:30 interactive stories, games, and CLASSES FOR SENIORS Roxbury Library. Learn more Park Zoo’s ZOOdunnit event p.m. Local author Ric Calleja songs. The Highland Street Many older adults experience about the contest at during February school vaca- will share his poetry and discuss Foundation made funding for a fear of falling. People who de- www.friendsofthewrlibrary.org tion week February 17-23rd. the importance of writing acces- this program possible. Ages 6- velop this fear often limit their - Get ready for a wild party! sible poetry. Feel free to bring a 13. activities, which can result in POETRY READING Lion brothers, Dinari and poem of your own to share. Re- physical weakness, making the Saturday, February 15, 2020 Kamaia, are celebrating their freshments will be served at 6:00 BOOK DISCUSSION risk of falling even greater. A - Poetry Reading from 1 – 3 pm 11th birthday on March 7 and p.m. Courtesy - Friends of the GROUP Matter of Balance: Managing On Saturday, February 8, 10 you’re invited to join in on the Brighton Branch Library. A book discussion group Concerns About Falls is a pro- am – 11:30 am, the Friends of the fun. meets at the Brighton Library/40 gram designed to reduce the fear West Roxbury Branch Library - On March 14 join the St. NATIONAL PARKS Academy Hill Road (617)782- of falling and increase activity will sponsor a poetry workshop Patrick’s Day celebration, com- DEPARTMENT 6032 on the last Wednesday of levels among older adults. led by poet Mary Pinard at the plete with green-themed animal February 27 at 6:00 each month at 11:15 am. The fea- Classes run for 8 weeks and in- West Roxbury Branch Library at enrichment. p.m. National Parks Department tured selection for January 29th clude fun videos, group discus- 1961 Centre Street. On Saturday, - Dance and limbo your presents, ”I Give to my Mullato at 11:15 am. Everyone is invited sion, a safe surroundings survey, February 15, 1 – 3 PM workshop way through the Tropical For- Women Margaret”- Female Inde- and new members are welcome. and mild exercise to increase participants will have the oppor- est at the 21+ event on March pendency and African American strength and flexibility. It is of- tunity to share their poems with 21! Dependency in a Colonial Mas- BEGINNING fered at no charge. Those using fellow poets. sachusetts Household. Two ex- INTERNET CLASS a cane or walker will also ben- The program is free and open ALLSTON / BRIGHTON traordinary women lived in the Mystified by the net? Don’t efit from this program – it is a to all high schoolers and adults. same Charlestown household as know how to surf? Help is avail- great class to help improve your To register by email, send your ICE SKATING the beginning of the 18th cen- able on a one on one basis to get balance and self-confidence. name, and phone number or New Learn-To-Skate tury. This program will explore you started. Call for an appoint- Location: Springhouse Senior email address to: classes for children, ages 4 to the unusual legal measures ment and ask for a librarian. Living, 44 Allendale Street in [email protected] 18. Classes at Brookline/ that widow Elizabeth Thomas Brighton Branch Library/40 Jamaica Plain Day and Time: or register at the front desk of the Circle Reilly Memo- Inscribed in her will. It will also Academy Hill Road/ (617) 782- Thursdays, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 library. rial Rink, 355 Chestnut Hill delve as deeply as possible into 6032. p.m. Class Dates: March 5th – Avenue, are also available. Margaret’s world, following her April 23rd, 2020 For more infor- READ IT AND MEET! Classes are held on Thursdays to the end of her life. ESL CONVERSATION mation or to register for this Book discussion on Stories at 4:00 p.m., Fridays at 4:00 GROUPS workshop contact Ann Glora at from the Shadows by Dr. Jim p.m. and Sundays at 1:00 p.m. PLAYGROUPS Two ESL conversation group 617-477-6616 or O’Connell on Tuesday, March 24 Use figure, recreational or Every Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. meet at the Brighton Library. [email protected] at 7 pm at the West on Centre, hockey skates. Beginner, inter- - Parent-child playgroup for One on Monday afternoon at 1732 Centre St, West Roxbury. mediate and advanced classes Allston and Brighton families! 12:30 pm; the other on Thursday WEST ROXBURY / (author will not be present) are available. For information Allston-Brighton Family Sup- evening at 6:15 pm. Come and ROSLINDALE Sponsored by the Catholic com- and to register, call Bay State port Network weekly playgroup practice your language skills in an munities of West Roxbury, Skating School at 781-890- for caregivers and their children informal and friendly setting with PARKWAY ROTARY TO Roslindale, Jamaica Plain and 8480 or visit online at 1-4 years old. Enjoy structured other new English speakers. DISTRIBUTE CARDS AND Hyde Park. Adults of all faiths www.BayStateSkatingSchool.org. free play, stories, circle time Brighton Branch Library/ 40 Acad- FLOWERS invited to share thoughts on this Celebrating Over 50 Years! songs, and parachute play. For emy Hill Road (617) 782-6032. The Parkway Rotary in West collection of stories from Dr. Roxbury is working on a service O’Connell’s 30 years of caring project to provide care and for the homeless in Boston. Book support to local seniors. Our available from amazon.com and first project for 2020 is giving is also in the Boston Public Li- $VN7KH'RFWRU away valentine flowers and brary system. Registration is re- -XQLRU'DPDWREHJDQVHUYLFLQJYHKLFOHVLQ+HRZQVDQED\FHQWHU LQ0LGGOHERUR0$-XQLRULVDQ$6(FHUWLILHG0DVWHU7HFKQLFLDQ valentine cards to local se- quired to reserve a seat at West $6(FHUWLILHG/DQG$6(FHUWLILHG1DWXUDO*DV niors. We will be distributing on Centre. Contact Mary Cam- the cards and flowers at Edel- pion at 617-323-4410 x13 0D]GD6LJQDWXUH weiss Village (2220 Centre [email protected] Street) in West Roxbury on No registration fee but we ask 0D]GDLVLQWKHGRRUFDUEXVLQHVVDQGGRLQJDJUHDWMREDWLW7KH0D]GDLVDPLGVL]HFDU Friday, February 14th at 10am that you bring a $5 gift card to WKDWVHDWVZLWKFRPIRUW\HWGULYHVDQGKDQGOHVOLNHDVSRUWVFDU3RZHUFRPHVIURPDOLWHU to over 200 seniors in various Dunkin Donuts on the day of the parts of Edelweiss Village to event to support Dr. O’Connell’s WXUERPDNLQJKRUVHSRZHUYLDDUHDOPXOWLPRGHVSHHGDXWRPDWLFWUDQVPLVVLRQQR&97 both residents and day pro- ministry. WUDQVPLVVLRQKHUH3RZHULVLQVWDQWLQWKHVSRUWPRGHWKHWUDQVPLVVLRQLVLQVWDQWDQGILUPWR gram participants. VKLIW7KH0D]GDLVDIXOO\ORDGHGFDUDQGWKHVWDQGDUGHTXLSPHQWOLVWLVYHU\ORQJ7KHIURQW THE EVENING GARDEN 1DSSDOHDWKHUVSRUWVHDWVDUHKHDWHGDQGYHQWLODWHGZD\SRZHUGULYHUVZD\SRZHUSDVVHQJHU WARD 20 MEETING CLUB OF WEST ROXBURY LQFKFRORUWRXFKVFUHHQGLVSOD\UHDUFDPHUDUHDUVSRLOHUVSHDNHUDXGLRV\VWHPVXHGHDQG Boston’s Ward 20 Demo- “Heirloom and Native ZRRGWULPLQVHUWVODQHGHSDUWXUHODQHNHHSDVVLVWGHJUHHYLHZPRQLWRUQDYLJDWLRQEOLQG cratic Caucus will be Saturday, Plants: A Living History” with VSRUWPRQLWRUUHDUFURVVWUDIILFDOHUWDXWRKLJKEHDPSOXVDORWPRUH7KLVFDUZDVDMR\WRGULYH February 15th at the Irish So- John Forti DQGYHU\TXLHWERWKRQWKHKLJKZD\DQGEDFNURDGV:KDWHYHUVSHHG,ZDVWUDYHOLQJWKHHQJLQH cial Club, 119 Park Street. Wednesday, February 12, DQGWUDQVPLVVLRQZHUHLQDSRZHUUDQJH7KHVXVSHQVLRQZDVH[FHOOHQWRQDOOURDGSDYHPHQWV Door open at 8:30 am, caucus 2020 - The Elks Lodge, 1 Morrell 2XUWHVWFDUKDGRSWLRQDOVRXOUHGSDLQWRSWLRQIRUWKDW\RXFRXOGORRNGHHSO\LQWRDQG starts at 9:30 am St, West Roxbury, MA. We re- VHH\RXUVHOIORRNLQJLQ$FDUJRPDWDQGVLOOVFXIISODWHV'HVWLQDWLRQ The caucus is being held to quest a non-member donation of (3$FLW\KLJKZD\DYHUDJH(YHU\RQHWKDWURGHLQWKHFDUZDVDPD]HGWKDWWKLVZDVD elected delegates to the Mas- $7.00. Doors open at 6:30 PM. 0D]GD3ULFHGDWEDVHDVWHVWHGIRUDOOWKLVFDUKDVWRRIIHUDORQJZLWK sachusetts Democratic Con- We welcome all and hope to PRQWKPLOHSRZHUWUDLQPRQWKPLOHEXPSHUWREXPSHUZDUUDQW\ vention on May 30th in Lowell greet you there. If you have any questions For those interested in gar- please email Calendar -XQLRU'DPDWRWKH³$XWR'RFWRU´KDVDJUHHGWRILHOGDXWRUHSDLUTXHVWLRQVIURP%XOOHWLQDQG5HFRUGUHDGHUV [email protected] 3OHDVHVHQG\RXUTXHVWLRQVWRQHZV#EXOOHWLQQHZVSDSHUVFRPDQGZHZLOOGRRXUEHVWWRJHWWKHPDQVZHUHG Continued on page 14 February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 9 HPNA Meeting continued from page 1 ERNA Meeting Department is siding with resi- proposing housing near tation, and there are 100 seats dents. The plan originally Cleary Square with no first at the Police Academy so continued from page 3 called for the first floor to be floor businesses either. we’d love to have you come.” far as I’m concerned, I didn’t drop the ball.” considered a basement, but ISD “We spent a year-and-a- Neponset River Greenway Annette Thierren, a teacher who has lived in Hyde Park has agreed with residents that half zoning this as a Neigh- Council representative Jes- for the past five years, learned about the group through the it is the first floor with parking, borhood Shopping District, sica Mink informed the newspaper. and may be a zoning code vio- and there’s no way we’re go- HPNA membership that the “I come here and I love being a part of this group and the lation requiring a variance and ing to say yes to no retail,” he Greenway Council is orga- sense of community you have instilled,” she said. “How- approval from the ZBA (which said. “Months later (after the nizing several walks in the ever, I do realize that the communication process is broken. is all residents wanted in the 11 Dana Ave. issue) precedent coming months. The first and No matter how active these associations are, they are still first place). was exampled by this group only concretely-scheduled associations.” The city stated it would re- saying ‘we’re going to do it walk is on Feb. 29 at Paul’s Although Thierren said she is not for the Burger King, quire the developer to halt just like that.’” Bridge, off of Brush Hill there are a number of platforms available for people to be in progress on the project, but ac- In other news, Smith also Road. contact with each other via social media and Google Docs. cording to a notification issued came to represent the “We’re doing our first “I think you have done a good job in reaching out to the by the city, foundation con- Fairmount Hill Neighborhood walk in the Fowl Meadow community,” Ledum Nardee said to Finard. “I also recognize struction was found to be in Association (FHNA) on a Marshes and we’re to walk that folks appreciate you developing parts of this neighbor- progress. While demolition was meeting they have coming up north a little ways,” she said. hood. But the fact remains that we can’t live in true harmony approved, construction was or- on Feb. 27 at 7 p.m. at the Mink also discussed an with Burger King.” dered to be paused. Boston Police Academy on upcoming walk at Crane “The community is not just saying no without trying to “It’s a $350 fine to stop this Williams Street. He said while Ledge, which is the path be- provide a solution,” Tonge said, noting she wanted to put to- because there is no building they will still have their regu- hind the Walgreens/Stop and gether an advisory committee to help find other opportuni- permit, so they must cease,” lar meeting, they will also be Shop Plaza on American Le- ties. said HPNA Vice President hosting local author Michael gion Highway. “That ship, unfortunately, has sailed,” Finard said. He said Ralph Contellesso. Boudreau to talk about his “This is at the very north- Burger King has a 10-year lease with two five-year options. “Three-hundred-and-fifty novel “Last Ride to ern edge of Hyde Park,” she “No, it hasn’t,” Tonge replied. dollars is not the right amount Readville.” said. “If you go up the hill, “We have to move forward,” another woman shouted. of money to tell people this isn’t “This is a local author it’s about a 60-foot rock out- Other business options mentioned by Finard were a rehab the right thing to do,” said resi- who went to Hyde Park High cropping. It’s the eastern facility, a cell phone operation and a dry cleaners. dent Joe Smith. “It should be School and written a book edge of the Stonybrook Val- Almeida announced that she, Hamilton and Tonge agreed $350 a day. We have parking loaded with stuff about Hyde ley, and the Stony Brook to hold a joint neighborhood meeting. tickets more than $350 I think.” Park,” he said. “We’re going River runs under all of Hyde In another neighborhood communications issue, residents Resident Craig Martin to have this meeting just to Park.” complained about the constant speeding on Wood Ave. and elaborated on the issue, and hear about his journey and to She said they will be or- the impact on nearby streets. said they will be appealing the hear more about Hyde Park ganizing a walk in the near Flynn encouraged people to contact his office, as well as original ruling for the NS-2 is- and how he got interested in future. For more information, the City Council, with calls and emails to demonstrate their sue as well. He also pointed writing a book about it. We reach out to Mink at concern. He also said complaints should be addressed to Chief out that this could be a big fu- invite everybody in Readville [email protected] or of Streets Chris Osgood. ture issue, as a developer is and Hyde Park to this presen- check out MassPaths.net. Page 10 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 DEATHS Art Exhibits continued from page 1 :(//60(5( GENTILE Vienna Of Hyde Park, 02180(176 passed on Feb. 10. Cherished daughter of the late Dante and :ൺඌඁංඇ඀ඍඈඇ6ඍඋൾൾඍ Veglia Gentile. Devoted sister 5ඈඌඅංඇൽൺඅൾ $ඍ)ඈඋൾඌඍ+ංඅඅඌ6ඍൺඍංඈඇ of Anna Spano and the late ඐඐඐ:ൾඅඅඌආൾඋൾർඈආ Emelina McMahon. Loving  aunt of Lawrence Spano, Pe- ter McMahon, Marisa ,1+20($332,170(176$9$,/$%/( McMahon and the late Susan, Henry and Charles McMahon, and John Spano. All Services will be private at the family’s request. For online guestbook, About a dozen Curry College seniors also listened to Siegelman, look- please visit ing for tips on how to improve their craft. thomasfuneralhomes.com COURTESY PHOTO And so dozens of artists submitted work for the exhibition, which MURPHY was curated by Museum of Fine Arts School at Tufts Robert Doris E. (Butler) Of Siegelman. Dedham, formerly of “I really wanted to keep it lively since it’s the Body Landscape, Readville, passed peacefully but make sure it had a little bit of an edge to it,” he said. of Feb. 4 surrounded by her “It’s to celebrate the human body and also transform the way loving family at the age of 94. you’re looking at it,” Lucas said. “But I left it up to Seigelman. He $&(1785<2)6(59,&(727+(&20081,7< Beloved wife of the late Ri- said, ‘what are the parameters, you know how far can you go in chard F. Devoted mother of terms of what is allowed to be shown here?’ I said, ‘just no pornog- Audrey Kelly and her husband raphy, obscenity,’ and so this is what we have.” 0%-522!9&&*()'').3 Robert of Tewksbury, Laurie Seigelman said he went through a large number of pieces be- Kelly and her husband Will- fore settling on the 17 shown at MAC. '%/2'%&$/(%2493/.3 iam of Foxboro, James and his “It was quite a long list that I went over many times,” he said. “I wife Sandra of Dedham, and '6/&3"-)0.&4$3&."5*0/4&37*$&4 didn’t have a list of the artists, I had a list of information about the the late Richard Murphy, Jr. work but I didn’t have the artists' names. Even so, there were a few and Lisa J. Donoghue. people I recognized, and a few people I know, so that was kind of Mother-in-law of Karen the hardest part of jurying this. But then I had people I knew who I Murphy of Hyannis. Loving didn’t recognize. But I kept focusing on how to make this a really “Nana” of 9 grandchildren, 2 good show, and I hope that it is.” great-grandchildren and also Seigelman added that of the many pieces that didn’t make it in, survived by many loving he said that artists should not be discouraged or tfeel their pieces nieces, nephews, in-laws and were not good. He said he tried to consider every piece with every $FOUSF4USFFU 8FTU3PYCVSZ ." friends. A Mass of Christian   other one to create, hopefully, a coherent exhibit. Burial was held on Tuesday, “Sometimes it just doesn’t fit,” he said. #PTUPOT.PTU1SPNJOFOU"OE.PEFSO'BDJMJUZ February 11th at St. Mary’s Lucas said while some of the pieces were a bit abstract, like church, Dedham. Interment at Christina Hajosy’s Trophy Wife photography piece, the idea was 0VSXFMMJMMVNJOBUFEMBSHFSPPNTBOETNBMMFSNPSFJOUJNBUF The Gardens of Gethsemane to take something known to the viewer and transform it to look at SPPNTBDDPNNPEBUFBMMUZQFTPGGVOFSBMTFSWJDFT Cemetery, West Roxbury. it another way. 13&ʰ/&&%1-"//*/("7"*-"#-& Please, In lieu of flowers, all “So you’re taking something, obviously it represents the body, N donations can be made to The but you’re forcing it into another way of looking at it into a land- Julia Ruth House, 199 Canton -FBSONPSFBCPVUVTBUXXXQFNVSSBZGVOFSBMDPN scape,” she said. St., Westwood, MA 02090. Artist and South End resident Michael Costelleo said he ap- N For guestbook, please visit plied to the show specifically because Seigelman was curating it. '".*-:08/&%"/%01&3"5&% Thomasfuneralhomes.com “The figurative art community in Boston is not large,” he said (FPSHF'%PIFSUZo&EXBSE+%PIFSUZo&EXBSE+%PIFSUZ+S with a laugh. “I’ve met him before over the years, looked at his 1BUSJDL+5XPNFZo#SZBO')JHHJOTo+FSSZ-PDLF work and I was thrilled that he invited me. My pieces are kind of Obituary Policy inspired by the work of John Coplans, the photographer. He mostly The Bulletin Newspapers and did self portraits where he zeroed in on his own body or a body $1,190.00 The Boston People’s Voice part and kind of filled the rectangle with flesh, which is kind publishes obituaries from in- of what I was going for.” SINGLE GRAVE formation supplied by funeral Hajosy said her pieces were inspired by hunters she knew CANNIFF MONUMENT homes. Relatives and friends growing up in Georgia. The idea was to mount fashion mani- 36" Edward T. Polished also may supplement infor- kins (and they were real manikins) to trees in the same fash- 1908-1987 mation by e-mailing to ion a hunter might mount a deer or moose. She said the piece Barre, VT Granite [email protected] near her house in Canton always invite comments when she by Monday at 1 p.m. Photos has people come work on the house.

24" also will be accepted. “I don’t mutilate them, I just give them space to be them- selves,” she said. “it’s kind of a whole lot of different feelings Novena to St. Jude that I see in them. But they’re starting to clothe themselves CANNIFF Oh Holy St. Jude Apostle and Mar- again with lichen and mold, and some of them have fallen tyr, great in virtue and rich in from their original positions.” miracles, near Kinsman of Jesus This is the third year the HPAA has teamed up with Curry Christ faithful intercessor of all who MONUMENTS invoke your special patronage in time College for their senior art exhibition, and students Dalymar of need, to you I have recourse from Ruiz-King and Emmanuel Cazeau said they were excited to 531 Cummins Highway, Roslindale, MA 02131 the depths of my heart and humbly be a part of it. beg to whom God has given such 1.3 miles from Roslindale Square great power to come to my assistance. “We have exhibitions at school but not public like this,” from Washington Street Help me in my present and urgent pe- Ruiz-King said. “It feels like the gateway to graduate from tition. In return I promise to make being a student artist to a professional artist and having your your name known and cause you to 617-323-3690 be invoked. Say three Our Fathers, work out there.” three Hail Marys and three Glorias. “Just looking around, it’s all really interesting,” Cazeau 800-439-3690 Publication must be promised. St. said. “I want to see that next step for me, because I’m a pho- Jude pray for us and all who invoke Open Monday through Saturday 9am–9pm your aid. Amen. This must be said for tographer and I want to see that detail and next step in my Sunday 12–5pm nine consecutive days. This Novena has creativeness that I want to pursue and I see some of it here.” never been known to fail. For more information, go to HPAA-MAC.org. —S.G.H. February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 11 had the position. Other issues included trash, Burger King continued from page 1 “Since Helena’s been on the restaurant being open un- board, she’s been very tena- til midnight and pollution of cious,” Flynn said, noting he the river. didn’t know the organization “I totally hear your con- existed because it meets quar- cerns about the kids coming terly. into Burger King,” Dhanani “It’s like you’re keeping said. “Not everyone is a fan of your information in a silo,” Burger King. My feelings are Annissa Lane said to Finard. not hurt. I’m willing to do what “If you had done your due dili- it takes. The menu is evolv- gence, we wouldn’t be here.” ing.” Sharon Liszanckie, the Ex- He said he is willing to ecutive Director of Boston work with the community by Prep, said that she “will do ev- potentially shutting down the erything in (her) power” to dining room before 8:30 a.m. keep her students out of the Flynn said he spoke with Burger King. The school has Mayor Marty Walsh the night built a kitchen to provide before the meeting. healthful meals. However, she “This came from the would like to partner with the Mayor’s mouth: ‘Let me know Burger King. what the community wants,’” “We’re going to do every- Flynn said. “So I’m glad that thing that we can to make the everybody came tonight … I’m Suffice to say, residents had serious concerns about Burger King moving into the neighborhood. Here, food that we serve healthy and Belnel Family Neighborhood Association President Helena Tonge said she and the association would op- going to go to the Mayor and attractive and free,” she said. pose the restaurant "vehemently." say this was a very contentious Joy Oliver, a long-time PHOTO BY MARY ELLEN GAMBON meeting.” resident and teacher, said lo- After the meeting, Finard ERNA co-chair Barbara wrote a letter of support for the “The East River Street cal officials should be held ac- said he and Dhanani are will- Hamilton. Representatives Burger King with a drive- Neighborhood Association has countable for bringing quality ing to work with the commu- from Rep. Angelo Scaccia’s through. A copy of the letter is been meeting for the last 25 development to Hyde Park. nity by offering preference for office, Rep. Dan Cullinane’s available on the website link years,” she said. “It’s been open “My question is what are local employment. They will office, and City Councilor at- Finard gave at the meeting on to any community. We’ve had you doing to bring businesses also be helping the school Large Annissa Essaibi-George, the project named many, many people from the to Hyde Park in general?” she fundraise for the kitchen and City Councilor at-Large courbanize.com/projects/ Belnel community here. We’ve asked. “Right now the best are willing to partner. , Councilor at- shops-at-riverwood/informa- had people from the Roseberry/ thing about Hyde Park is that “I want you to understand Large Michael Flaherty and tion. This led to City support, Ruskindale community who you can get in your car, and in that this is not too late,” Lane District Five City Councilor the Burger King being built for have been welcomed to our 10 minutes you can drive to said. “Our kids aren’t up for Ricardo Arroyo. $1.2 million, and Dhanani go- meetings.” Dedham. If we want better auction.” Before addressing the ing for a common victualers li- Helena Tonge, the presi- choices, we need to hold the Finard also said he intends Burger King, Finard explained cense to open until 2 a.m. dent of the BFNA, said Finard fire to the feet to our represen- to proceed with the Licensing that he originally purchased the Finard stressed he followed the was directed to ERNA, Hyde tatives.” Board application, but the former Bay State Paper Com- City’s protocol to the letter. Park Main Streets and the Many residents advocated community outreach process pany paper mill in 2006 be- “That’s when, for lack of a Hyde Park Board of Trade ini- for higher-end establishments, will not end. There will be an- cause he saw a retail vacuum. better term, all heck broke tially. However, she believes such as a Panera Bread. other community meeting at Since then, he has worked to loose,” Finard said. “It really that, because of the impact of “Panera won’t come to the Match Charter School caf- transform the site. Finard started this larger conversation the Burger King, and the num- Hyde Park for one reason and eteria, 2nd building, 100 brought in the anchor grocery about Burger King.” ber of neighborhood associa- one reason only, and that’s Poydras St. on Thurs., March store Price Rite. In addition, the For Finard, the Burger King tions in the vicinity, including called daytime population,” 19 at 7 p.m. plaza includes Santander Bank, is the spark for two other plots her own, more voices should Finard said. Perfect Dental, Dollar Tree, on the site, plus what is referred have been included in the con- Iora Health Care and Goodwill. to as the “smokestack building” versation before it came to a “When the world kind of to be developed. But without head now. .%7#!,6!29#%-%4%29 woke back up around 2012 and his meeting his financial obli- “You’re marketing to 3ERVINGTHE"OSTON#OMMUNITYSINCE .ON3ECTARIAN 2EASONABLE0RICINGAND-ANY/PTIONSTO#HOOSE&ROM 2013, we wanted to build again, gations to Dhanani, he will be 95,000 people in two miles,” 'RAVE0RICINGSTARTINGAT  and finding retailers to come sued, and he in turn will be tied she said. “I’m looking at the 0ACKAGE0RICINGFROM )NCLUDES'RAVE0URCHASE open anywhere in this world of up in litigations with the City, crème de la crème here. If you &IRST/PENINGAND,INER Amazon … was a very, very forestalling any economic de- can get a Burger King here, #REMATION.ICHESSTARTINGAT INCLUDES.ICHE0URCHASE difficult thing,” Finard contin- velopment in the plaza. then get a nail salon or a &IRST/PENINGAND)NSCRIPTION ued. That was when he met Zo Residents also questioned Verizon Wireless.”    Dhanani, the owner and opera- whether alternative restaurants Her biggest concern, ech- -ONTH.O)NTERESTON'RAVE0URCHASES 0RE.EED/PENING!RRANGEMENTS tor of the proposed Burger were sought. They also ques- oed by much of the crowd, was ,OTSWITH-ULTIPLE'RAVESAND/VERSIZE'RAVES!VAILABLE King. His company owns and tioned whether fast food op- for the hundreds of students at /VERTIME&EES!PPLYTO3ATURDAYAND(OLIDAY)NTERMENTS 4(%"##!&!-),9/&#%-%4%2)%3 operates more than 400 Burger tions such as Burger King and Boston Prep in grades six -AIN/FlCE,OCATEDAT#UMMINS(IGHWAY 2OSLINDALE -! King and Popeye’s franchises Popeye’s (which wanted to through 12. 0RICING)NFORMATIONAND-APSAVAILABLEONLINEAT around the country. Dhanani come but was not allowed) “There’s 700 children WWW"OSTON#EMETERYORG came from to attend the were targeted because the across the street and 500 chil-   sINFO BCCACOMCASTBIZNET meeting. neighborhood is primarily dren three blocks away,” In 2016, Dhanani and people of color. Tonge continued. “The major-  Finard met with ERNA at the Finard mentioned two op- ity of those students are stu- Area E 18 police station to pro- tions discussed were a 99 and dents of color. Above 50 per- pose the Burger King to the an IHOP. However, during the cent are receiving free or re- group. recession, the only duced lunch. That basically “In that conversation, I said restauranteur who would come tells you what their pocket to Barbara and the others, ‘With to the table was Dhanani. IHOP value is. all due respect to Burger King, pulled out “in the 11th hour,” “As a community, we’re 7UXPDQ3DUNZD\+\GH3DUN0$ it isn’t my very, very, very first according to Finard. here to run that interference,” +LJKODQG6WUHHW0LOWRQ0$ choice,’” Finard said. “I want “I assure you that we looked she stressed, noting the school 7HO)D[ outdoor umbrellas with seating far and wide,” Finard said, not- is trying to provide healthy on the river. But unless I start ing that Starbucks toured the meals. “These are our kids, and ZZZK\GHSDUNSHGLDWULFVFRP developing back up again and property that day. we are taking ownership.” &DURO\Q)6D[0'‡$QWKRQ\1&RPSDJQRQH-U0' get this thing going, it’s not When a woman said she Finard said he was directed (OLVDEHWK.'L3LHWUR0'‡.DUD55\DQ0' coming.” found out about Burger King by the City and an Impact Ad- 2OXWR\LQ2)D\HPL0'‡&DURO\Q2:DOVK0' In January 2017 Finard met “after the fact,” Hamilton spoke visory Group was formed. )HOORZVRIWKH$PHULFDQ$FDGHP\RI3HGLDWULFV again with ERNA, and ERNA out. Flynn noted it was before he Page 12 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 Project to Recognize a FIRST in Hyde Park The Friends of the Hyde Park Library and the Hyde Park Historical Society would like your help to raise funds for a simple gravestone for Rebecca and Arthur Crumpler. The sig- nificance of Dr. Rebecca Crumpler (1831-1895) • The first African - America women who earned a medical degree in the US. • 1864 - Graduated from the New England Female Medical College which later became Boston University School of Medicine. • Worked in the Boston area and in post Civil War Virginia and Delaware. • 1882 - Wrote A Book of Medical Discourses – In Two Part, ‘dedicated to mothers, nurses, and all who may desire to mitigate the afflictions of the human race’. • Included on the Boston Women’s Heritage Trail. · Owned property in Hyde Park with her husband who was a former slave. Members of the New Mission High School boys basketball team from the 2009-2010 school year were • Buried in Fairview Cemetery, Hyde Park WITHOUT a honored at half time last Saturday, Feb. 1 during a home game with Hope, RI at the school in Hyde Park. marker of recognition. The team won the Division 4 state title and reunited with Coach Cory McCarthy for a ten year reunion Please go to http://www.friendshplibrary.org/ for details on celebration. COURTESY PHOTO how to contribute and to learn more about this remarkable couple. The website will be updated regularly with historical details. You are invited to a presentation about Dr. Crumpler, Hyde Park Youth Basketball Week 8 Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 1:30pm, at the Hyde Park Histori- The Hyde Park Youth Bas- his team get the victory. The ready to face the Blue Devils, cal Society/ Hyde Park Library. ketball Association (HPYBA) Darkside hope they can keep this and the Raptors hope they can season is turning the corner to train rolling next week against get the whole team to work to- the end of the season. The stand- the 3-Pointers and the Hoyas gether as they prepare to face the ings have not moved much and look to make the last few games Sonics. Hyde Park Ave. if the games keep on the path turn their season around starting continued from page 2 they are on, the playoff seedings next week against the Cowboys. Sonics 28 - Blue Devil 26 may not change. The players of The last game of the week- jumps, which would allow buses to go around on the the Instructional Division for 6- 3-Pointers 2 - Cowboys 0 end and probably the most ex- right of congested intersections and jump to the front, 9 year olds at the Ohrenberger Unfortunately the Cowboys citing. The Blue Devils came essentially. Community Center have been were not able to get enough from being down 7 points to ty- Residents’ initial reactions were mixed, to say the looking more and more like players to the game this week ing the game, but they unfortu- least. young stars. The Ray Foley and and had to forfeit against the 3- nately could not keep the Sonics “Living in Roslindale and seeing what has happened Craig Curran divisions had an- Pointers. This gave the 3-Point- from scoring with seconds left in the morning at Roslindale Square down Washington other exciting week of games ers a chance to prepare for their in the game. The Blue Devils Street during the morning hours for the bikes and the filled with drive, passion, and in- game against the Darkside next were led on offense by Chandler buses has been huge, because that keeps the traffic mov- tensity. Each of the teams has week, and the Cowboys hope to Frederick who was on fire from ing,” said Neponset Avenue resident Dan DiSangro. come a long way from the start get all of the players together beyond the arc. When he felt “That was huge, but I don’t know if it would make a of the season and with only three this week as they prepare for the shots were not falling he huge difference in Hyde Park in the morning. The houses games left, it should be one of their game against the Hoyas. would drive to the basket. De- are different too, not everybody has driveway parking. I the more exciting season fina- fensively it was Yamil Araujo don’t know, I don’t have any quick answer solutions, les yet. Foley Division Standings and Jaden Pinet who were able but I would like to see a lot of the median on Hyde Park W L T to force the Sonics offense to the Ave. looked at, because there’s a lot of openings for il- Foley Division Results Darkside 7 1 0 left slowing their momentum legal U-turns.” Darkside 49 - Hoyas 34 3-Pointers 6 1 1 down all day. The player with Resident Janet Smith said she would like to see pe- This game was off to a slow Cowboys 1 6 1 the most heart today was Vasani destrian improvements right outside the Police Station start but the Darkside picked up Hoyas 1 7 0 Figueroa. He was able to get and the intersection of Hyde Park Avenue and River the pace in the second half to many steals, fought hard to win Street, as drivers just don’t seem to stop for folks cross- seal the deal on yet another win Curran Division Results the ball, and when he got trapped ing the street. in their streak. The Darkside driving to the hoop, he passed the “I have to cross the street a lot, and this intersection saw a week of scoring from ev- 3-Pointers 26 - Raptors 21 ball out gaining many assists this right here must be one of the most dangerous intersec- eryone on the team. Jay Jack- The first half of this game game. The Sonics also played tions in the city,” she said. “Nobody stops for pedestri- son and Marvin Egbon led the made fans believe that it was go- this game with heart and passion ans, and people complain about them and bus service is team in scoring with 19 and 10 ing to be back and forth but the unlike any other team. They always very crowded.” points respectively. On the de- 3-Pointers had something else in were led by Quinton Avevor and Resident Craig Martin said promises of decreased fensive side, it was Phalen mind. The 3-Pointers were led GionniCenteio on offense both congestion had been made to Boston residents before, Brown leading the team in re- by Jayden Raymond on offense finding the lane and making their most famously during the , and that turned out bounds as well as having a hand- scoring 12 points by driving way to the hoop scoring 12 points not to be the case. He said he’s wary about improve- ful of blocked shots. The Hoyas through the lane to the hoop and each. However, it was the de- ments, just to put it mildly. put up a great fight behind the Jeremiah Andrade who scored fense of Dailon Long and Leon “Quite frankly I don’t trust them for a second,” he defensive skills of MacKenley 6 put-back points. Defensively, Michel-Fortune that sealed the said. “All of a sudden they’re out for road improvements, Pierre who was strong in the it was Joshua Torres who led the deal for the Sonics preventing the but at the same time they’re out trying to put an apart- paint and Timothy Trotman who team and showed them how to Blue Devils from scoring with ment complex on every friggin’ parcel on Hyde Park Ave. was ready to pick up the ball play with heart locking down his the clock running out. The Blue That’s their vision; build it and they will come. The carrier as soon as they crossed man the whole game. For the Devils look to regroup this week bottom line is that roadway can’t handle more volume.” half court. On offense, Louis Raptors, it was Alex Dias who at practice as they plan their strat- Gerrado was able to find lanes stepped up on offense moving egy for their game against the 3- and find his way to the basket, the ball quickly up the court, dis- Pointers, and the Sonics will keep REPORTER Wanted and when that would not work, tributing it well, and scoring 10 working on improving their skills STRINGER REPORTER he found Jerry Langston for a points. He was assisted by the this week as they prepare for their The Bulletin Newspapers, Inc. is seeking stringer reporters. short range jumper. Both of layup skills of BJ O’Neil who game against the Raptors. Some experience in news reporting required. these players were able to score scored 8 points himself. On de- The position will include covering meetings, 7 points leading their team this fense, Marvin Egbon was able Curran Division Standings and reporting on all news stories. week. The difference in this to get big and block some shots W L T game was the Darkside’s Justin and Feliciano Tavares was able 3-Pointers 6 1 1 Please call (617) 361-8400, Elow who was able to turn on to get a few steals at the top of Sonics 5 3 0 E-mail resume and cover letter in confidence to: [email protected] or FAX to: (617) 361-1933. the gas in the second half scor- the key. The 3-Pointers will Blue Devils 2 5 1 ing 8 important points helping work hard this week as they get Raptors 2 6 0 The Bulletin Newspapers is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer February 13, 2020 The Bulletin Page 13 Freight Farm. campus as a place, the glue to Six Proposals continued from page 5 Stantec will do the master bring everyone together. People planning and is project archi- will want to come here to eat in tect; DREAM Collaborative is our four different eating expe- design architect. riences.” Thomas Welch of Roxbury One Mattapan resident is proposing 140-units of work- stood up to question who those force and ownership housing he people would be. and his partner Joseph Savage “Don’t just show me black call “Orchard Village.” and brown people in the pic- Designed by Stull and Lee tures,” he said. “This is the kind (who also designed the biologic of living for who? Show me the labs in 2003), the development black and brown people who will be a cluster of “villages” will be living here. Who will with a “local village center” manage this?” adjacent to the biologic lab Thomas Welch, like Cruz, is grounds. proposing low-density The Feb 6 meeting was workforce housing for moder- again coordinated by Andrews; ate-income families and resi- also in the audience, as she was dents. on Feb 4, was Muge Undemir, “These would be affordable BPDA senior planner and direc- for nurses and teachers,” he tor of Plan Mattapan (the JP/ said. Joe Savage (right) architect David Lee and Thomas Welch ( right). Rox of Mattapan). He and his construction PHOTO BY: RICHARD HEATH Green Innovation partner manager Patrick O’Donnell and The Planning Office listed “I’m confused about the training and learning center Lorel Holmes said the “crown spent most of their time talking the unit count for specific de- name, “Audubon Estates.’ It with programs including culi- jewel” of the development is about how their “Orchard Vil- mographics and income levels; might imply a partnership that nary training, food service man- the learning center which will lage” will be unique. seniors, supportive, affordable, doesn’t exist,” she said. agement for hotels and restau- have certificate programs “There will be no carbon at market rate and foster care. Jerry Rappaport of Lena rants and heavy equipment op- awarded by area colleges. all in this development,” said Because with the exception New Boston emphasized social eration. Holmes stressed that their O’Donnell. “Heating and cool- of Cruz, each development equity for workforce housing Co-op member Joyce plan will preserve all trees. ing will be strictly geothermal. team are joint ventures with a and a shuttle service to Forest Tremblay is the principal archi- “There are very few build- This is very important to us. wide variety of providers for Hill Station. tect. ings,” she said. The first ever geothermal com- specific types of housing: se- Lena New Boston is a joint Primary and Accordia Part- Partner Sheldon Lloyd of munity built in New England.” nior, workforce, ownership and venture of four different com- ners, of which Sykes is presi- City Fresh Foods put their pro- Andrews said that the des- supportive as well as providers panies, but Rappaport wanted dent and managing partner re- posal in a dark context. ignated developer would file of social and health care ser- the audience to know what spectively, have joined with the “The looming threat is with the BPDA for the Article vices, day care, Lena New Boston has done in- Pennsylvania company Toll gentrification,” he said. “What 80 Large Project Review and an intergenerational and foster vestment at Boston State land. Brothers Apartment Living to you’re seeing now in Impact Advisory Group would care, wellness, craft centers, “We’ve put in $150 million create what it calls “The Cam- Chinatown [unaffordable com- be formed. and restaurants. already,” he said. “ And we’re pus”, 375 units of cluster hous- mercial rents] is coming to According to the BPDA, David Lopes of Wellington going to add another $40 mil- ing in three story buildings built Mattapan.” “Muge Undemire has been en- Hill was critical of that new lion in the next two years.” over podium parking. Primary’s Kirk Sykes called gaged in the process as part of approach. “Allow us to complete the Primary calls it a “self sus- his proposal “smart local liv- the Plan Mattapan and is on the “We don’t need charity,” he job we started. Let us build taining community that will ing”. selection committee” the Bos- said. “We need jobs. This is just Audubon Necklace, We have a grow its own food.” His development is largely ton State Hospital Citizens Ad- another dynamic of ‘we thought proven 15 year track record.” The homes will be provided large buildings grouped around visory Committee. about you and this is what we The Planning Office of Ur- with a “ 24/7/365” growing an oval courtyard, which he The committee’s next pub- think you need.’” ban Affairs is affiliated with the community” with food grown described as the signature ur- lic meeting is March19 at The Fatimah Ali Salaam, chair Archdiocese and was estab- on the Clark-Cooper commu- ban planning element. Foley Building, 249 River of the Greater Mattapan Neigh- lished in 1969. nity gardens at the Boston Na- “We called it ‘campus’ for Street at 6 pm when the propos- borhood Council, noted that the It was the only team to tell ture Center and from the a reason,” he said. “It will be a als will be discussed. developments were all isolated. The Bulletin its development “They’re all little gated costs. It will give $500,000 to communities,” she said. the Boston State Hospital Trust Both Cruz and Lena New administered by the Citizens Boston stressed their prior ex- Advisory Committee and its   perience with Boston State build-out of 197 units of hous-  Hospital. ing is estimated at $70 million.    """ "#  Daniel Cruz said that what Architect Jason Syzminski Cruz has already built on the 18 said the site is a difficult steep acres on the east campus would slope and to minimize site work !# be duplicated on the ten acres costs, the three mid-rise build- “Affordable for sale hous- ings and two clusters of 12 #   ing,” he said. “That’s the way town houses will follow the    you bridge the wealth gap. contours of the land. That’s how you build equity.” Thursday Feb. 6 the three !6 He said 15 percent would be proposals included the sole eco-    rental units for DMH clients. nomic development plan called "3308)&"%-"/& %&%)". 83&/453&&5 8&45309#63: Architect Micheal Washing- The Green New Deal Innova-   4JOHMF'BNJMZSNT CFET CBUI 4JOHMF'BNJMZSNT CFET CBUIT ton said that the 60 units would tion Center offered by $IBSNJOHCVOHBMPXTUZMFIPNFMPDBUFE #FMMFWVF)JMM-PDBUJPO"UUFOUJPO be spread out over 18 buildings Neponset Cooperative Trust. ! " # POBEFBEFOE, DPOUSBDUPSTJOWFTUPST, in three to four clusters. Westland Gate Capital is one “We want as much trust member and another, City greenspace as possible,” he Fresh Foods, is one of four an- said. “Six units per acre. It’s chors tenant; another member !! "  not overbuilt. It’s all about the is Commonwealth Kitchen. .).(-.2/1'$, greenspace. A lot more private City Fresh will distribute the &$++     ./',$(+ space around the homes.” Cruz food grown in the one-acre /&$/+.)$&*&.-3$5&., said the development would Mattapan Harvest Greenhouse. take about five years to com- Green New Deal describes 41*&3430"% /&850/ )"4-&5453&&5 304-*/%"-& plete. itself as a business park and 4JOHMF'BNJMZSNT CFET CBUIT $POEPSNT CFET CBUI Julie Brandlen is director of operating space for small busi- *ODSFEJCMFMPDBUJPO0OFMFWFMSBODI .PWFJOSFBEZ1FOUIPVTFDPOEPTUFQTUP the Mass Audubon Nature Cen- nesses at risk of being dislo- MPDBUFEJO0BL)JMM1BSLTFDUJPO, 3PTMJOEBMF7JMMBHFBOEUSBJO, ter that immediately abuts one cated in Boston. four town house cluster. It will have a work force   '-1/'1/''1!'01.4%2/5     Page 14 The Bulletin February 13, 2020 PARKWAY YOUTH Family Center, Phil’s Barber continued from page 8 SOCCER LEAGUE IS Shop in West Roxbury, Elie’s Calendar ACCEPTING Barber Shop in West Roxbury dens that inspire a sense of time ture qualifies for Massachusetts COMEDY NIGHT APPLICATIONS and Sebastian’s Barber Shop in and place, this presentation will Master Gardener education cred- TO BENEFIT Parkway Youth Soccer Roslindale. foster a better understanding of the its. ANNA’s PALS League is accepting applications Parkway Youth Soccer is in most tried and true plants (natives) John, a garden historian, eth- Join us for a night of for the 2020 season. Games be- its 42th season. Children born and the significance of heirloom nobotanist and garden writer, is the laughter with comedian gin in April. There will be 2 sea- between Jan 1, 2005 and Dec. (open-pollinated) plants our role in Executive Director of the 37-acre Christine Hurley! Christine sons, spring and fall, played at 31, 2015 are eligible to play in their preservation. John Forti Bedrock Gardens in New Hamp- has been entertaining sold Millennium Park, West Roxbury. the regular league. High school brings to life the unique and liv- shire. Facebook audiences world- out crowds by finding humor Applications may be down- students born between 2002 and ing history of these plants that have wide follow his posts as The Heir- in everyday situations. We loaded and printed from the 2004 are eligible to play in a defining presence in our region. loom Gardener - John Forti. Learn are lucky to have her join us ‘parkwaysoccerwestroxbury’ site the Senior Division. Applica- He explores and gives voice to the more about John Forti and his gar- Friday March 13th! on Google. Applications may tions received after Feb. 28 de- history they keep alive. This lec- den interests at www.JForti.com also be picked up at the Roche pend upon availability of space. For more information, contact Legals 617-962-4271. PARKWAY CONCERT ORCHESTRA - MARCH 8 &RPPRQZHDOWKRI0DVVDFKXVHWWV &RPPRQZHDOWKRI0DVVDFKXVHWWV 7KH7ULDO&RXUW±3UREDWHDQG)DPLO\&RXUW'HSDUWPHQW 7KH7ULDO&RXUW3UREDWHDQG)DPLO\&RXUW Parkway Concert Orchestra 68))2/.'LYLVLRQ'RFNHW1R68&&$ &,7$7,21213(7,7,21)25 '2&.(71R683($ continues its 75th anniversary &,7$7,21213(7,7,2172  6XIIRON3UREDWHDQG)DPLO\&RXUW )250$/$'-8',&$7,21season with ‘Sounds of the Sym- &+$1*(1$0(   1HZ&KDUGRQ6W (VWDWHRI/HR9)LW]VLPPRQ  6XIIRON3UREDWHDQG)DPLO\&RXUW phony Orchestra’ on Sunday, %RVWRQ0$ 1HZ&KDUGRQ6W March 8 at 3:00 p.m. at Holy  'DWHRI'HDWK  %RVWRQ0$ ,QWKH0DWWHURI&DVH\$UJ\OH5LFNV  Name Parish Upper Church, $3HWLWLRQWR&KDQJH1DPHRI$GXOWKDVEHHQILOHGE\ 7RDOOLQWHUHVWHGSHUVRQV 1689 Centre Street, West &DVH\$UJ\OH5LFNVRI$OOVWRQ0$ $3HWLWLRQIRU)RUPDO3UREDWHRI:LOOZLWK$SSRLQWPHQWRI3HUVRQDO5HSUHVHQWDWLYH Roxbury. Music Director Tho- UHTXHVWLQJWKDWWKHFRXUWHQWHUD'HFUHHFKDQJLQJWKHLUQDPHWR KDVEHHQILOHGE\ mas Kociela will conduct a lively &DVH\$UJ\OH/DXW]HQKLVHU -RDQQH)LW]VLPPRQVRI'HGKDP0$ program including the first ,03257$17127,&( UHTXHVWLQJWKDWWKH&RXUWHQWHUDIRUPDO'HFUHHDQG2UGHUDQGIRUVXFKRWKHUUHOLHI DVUHTXHVWHGLQWKH3HWLWLRQ movement of Schubert’s Sym- $Q\ SHUVRQ PD\ DSSHDU IRU SXUSRVHV RI REMHFWLQJ WR WKH SHWLWLRQ E\ ILOLQJ DQ phony in C major, selections DSSHDUDQFHDW6XIIRON3UREDWHDQG)DPLO\&RXUWEHIRUHDPRQWKHUHWXUQGD\ 7KH3HWLWLRQHUUHTXHVWVWKDW RI7KLVLV127DKHDULQJGDWHEXWDGHDGOLQHE\ZKLFK\RXPXVWILOHD -RDQQH)LW]VLPPRQVRI'HGKDP0$ from Elgar’s Enigma Variations, ZULWWHQDSSHDUDQFHLI\RXREMHFWWRWKLVSURFHHGLQJ EHDSSRLQWHGDV3HUVRQDO5HSUHVHQWDWLYH V RIVDLGHVWDWHWRVHUYHRQWKHERQGLQDQ music from ‘Hamilton’ and ‘The :,71(66+RQ%ULDQ-'XQQ)LUVW-XVWLFHRIWKLV&RXUW XQVXSHUYLVHGDGPLQLVWUDWLRQ Sound of Music’ and the finale 'DWH)HEUXDU\


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^ƵĞƌŝĚĞĂƵ :ĞŶŶĂ>ĞŵŽŝŶĞ dŝŵ,ĞĂƌŶ ,ĞůĞŶ'ĂƵŐŚƌĂŶ >ŝŶĚĂƵƌŶĞƩ ĂƌŽůDĞĞŚĂŶ ƌƵŬŝŶƐ ZŽď'ƌĂĚLJ ϲϭϳͲϮϴϱͲϱϵϮϰ ϲϭϳͲϴϯϱͲϴϵϭϭ ϲϭϳͲϴϯϵͲϰϯϵϱ ϲϭϳͲϳϳϴͲϯϭϬϰ ϲϭϳͲϯϯϱͲϮϴϮϰ ϲϭϳͲϴϭϲͲϳϲϵϯ ϲϭϳͲϰϬϲͲϴϬϭϵ ϱϬϴͲϮϮϭͲϴϵϴϵ

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