General Admission Launch Viewing from Space Center Visitor Complex Information

(This information sheet revised July 14, 2009)

Mission: STS-127 Endeavour th *Target Launch Date: Wednesday, July 15 , 2009

*Target Launch Time: 6:03 pm EST *Please note: Launches are always subject to change and unanticipated delays. For an updated launch schedule, please visit www.ksc..gov or call 321-449-4400.

Thank you for purchasing a Launch Viewing package to view a launch on Visitor Complex property. Witnessing a launch is truly one of the most thrilling experiences in the world, and one that you won’t soon forget. Because viewing a launch is such a unique experience, we have provided the following detailed information on exactly what you should expect. If after reviewing the enclosed information you have additional questions, please call 321-449-4400 between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm ET. We are open seven days a week to assist you.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS What should be in this package? 5 Car Placard- On launch day, Kennedy Space Center is a restricted area and will be open only to launch viewing ticket holders who have received an official launch car placard. All vehicles must display this placard on the driver’s side front windshield of the vehicle in order to gain access to Kennedy Space Center on launch day. It is valid for all passengers in the vehicle. If you do not have an STS-127 placard, you must arrive by or before 11:00 am or you will not be permitted through the Kennedy Space Center gates and unable to get to the Visitor Complex.

5 Receipt and Confirmation Order Sheet-Please check your receipt to ensure that you have been correctly charged for the appropriate set and amount of tickets.

5 Information- This Frequently Asked Questions sheet includes information regarding your designated arrival time, security information and launch day information.

5 Tickets- • If you purchased Admission Launch Viewing from Kennedy Space Center, your Admission ticket is labeled “KSCVC LVO STS-127 AD (or CH).” (AD is the adult ticket, CH is the child ticket.) This ticket is valid for admission on launch day and may be used one additional day within a 7 day time period. IMPORTANT: Your arrival time for launch day is printed on the STS-127 launch car placard. (See “What Time Should I Be There?”)

What do I do if my package is missing any of these items or if the number of tickets I received is not the number I ordered? Please call us as soon as you realize the error at 321-449-4400. We will correct the situation immediately.

Are these tickets for a specific date or a specific mission? The tickets you have purchased to see the launch are mission specific (STS-127), not a particular date. Launches are designated by the letters STS (Space Transportation System), and a number that designates the

LVO, pg. - 1 - shuttle flight. It is often followed by the name of the particular orbiter that is being used for that mission. Example: Endeavour.

Launching humans into space is still a very complex business, and the safety of the crew is NASA’s number one priority. Hundreds of different factors can cause a scheduled launch date to change many times. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UP WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH. Your best source for current launch information is www.ksc.nasa.gov. In the event that the launch is rescheduled, please download the latest Launch Information Sheet at http://www.KennedySpaceCenter.com/LVO.pdf or call 321-867- 2525 for the Visitor Complex operating hours and arrival times.

What happens to my tickets if the launch date moves or is delayed?


Admission Tickets If the launch date moves or delays prior to your arrival at Kennedy Space Center: • Tickets are mission specific, not date specific. The tickets you have are good for the next launch attempt. Your car placard is also still good for subsequent launch attempts.

If the launch date moves or is delayed after you have arrived at Kennedy Space Center: • Your used Admission ticket will be valid for limited admission for subsequent launch attempts within the launch window. If the launch moves out of that window, you must purchase another Launch Viewing ticket.

Dine With an : If you have a ticket for one of the previous launch attempts of STS-127: • You may return the ticket for a refund or reschedule for a regularly scheduled 12:30 pm Lunch With an Astronaut. Please call sales office at 321-449-4400.

What driving directions should I follow? Access to Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is permitted via State Road 405 in Titusville or State Road 3 in Merritt Island. Please refer to the parking placard in your packet for a map.

What time should I be there? Due to the increase in security and the anticipated number of visitors, your “Arrive By” has been set for you on launch day. Please refer to your car placard for this time. YOU MUST ARRIVE BY YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME. If you do not arrive by or before your scheduled time, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get through security.

Security will be checking every person via metal detectors and opening every bag, so please expect delays. (Please carefully review the security brief enclosed in this packet.)

While planning your trip to the Kennedy Space Center, plan for and expect heavy traffic. There will be many other launch viewers and heavy traffic from all major roadways leading to Kennedy Space Center, so plan your driving time accordingly. A good rule of thumb is to double the normal driving time allotted. For example, the normal drive time from Orlando is approximately one hour, so on launch day, allow at least two hours.

NOTE: These times are valid only if the launch is still scheduled for the date listed on the flyer. In the event that the launch is rescheduled, please download the latest Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Launch Information sheet at http://www.KennedySpaceCenter.com/LVO.pdf or call 321-449-4400 for the Visitor Complex operating hours and arrival times.

What do I do when I arrive at Kennedy Space Center on Launch Day? Follow signs to regular Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex guest parking. Once you arrive at the main campus of the Visitor Complex, you can bypass the ticket booths and go directly to the main turnstiles where you will present your Admission tickets.

LVO, pg. - 2 - There are many activities planned for the day including, special astronaut appearances. Please pick up a Daily Schedule from the information counter once you arrive at the Visitor Complex for a complete list of times and activities.

What is the viewing area like? This is an outdoor viewing site at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex with limited seating and no covered viewing. This package does not contain the Launch Transportation Ticket, therefore, you will NOT be boarding a bus to go out to the NASA Causeway. However, even though you will not be able to see the space shuttle sitting on the from Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, you will have a view of the space shuttle immediately after it has cleared the tree line following initial lift-off. Additionally, a large outdoor screen is located directly adjacent to the viewing area and will carry images of the launch preparations and the actual launch.

What should I bring with me? The launch viewing area is an open field that is standing room only. You are free to bring blankets and compact “umbrella-style” folding chairs that are carried in shoulder bags, but flat folding chairs, lawn chairs and large beach umbrellas are not permitted. Regular hand-held umbrellas and umbrella-style strollers are permitted. For summer launches, you should bring insect repellant, sunglasses and sunscreen. Don’t forget your camera; a shuttle launch is the ultimate photo . The viewing area is six miles away from the shuttle launch pad. Some people bring binoculars, telescopes and tripods, cameras and long-range lenses. Because sound travels slower than light, you will see the shuttle launch before you hear it, so watch!

Where can I get something to eat? There are a number of dining options available at the main Visitor Complex. Orbit Cafeteria is located next to the IMAX Theater and has a wide variety of American, Southern and Italian cuisine. Additional satellite food venues are available throughout the Visitor Complex.

Where can I find launch souvenirs? The Space Shop, located at the main Visitor Complex, carries a full selection of mission specific merchandise, including T-shirts in adult and kid sizes, hats, mission patches and pins, collectible coins and postal caches. If you miss them there, you can also order online at www.kennedyspacecenter.com and click on The Space Shop.

I am trying to find a hotel and plan on seeing some of the Orlando area attractions while I am in . What should I do? We can assist you with area hotel arrangements, as well as provide you with recommendations for local restaurants and attractions. Call 321-449-4400 between 9:00 am – 5:00 pm or visit www.kennedyspacecenter.com. We are open 7 days a week to assist you.

NASA’s Safety Statement: Please be advised that hazards are inherent in launching and launch viewing of a space shuttle mission. By accepting the invitation to view the launch or landing you do so with the understanding of the potential risk. Although NASA applies stringent principles and techniques to protect the general public, workforce, and property for all areas of the Kennedy Space Center during launch, in the event of an inadvertent circumstance, hazards including debris, blast and toxics could occur.

It is imperative that you stay within controlled areas, with your group, and strictly follow all instructions provided by NASA. Although an accident during the liftoff of the space shuttle is highly unlikely, some safety precautions are necessary. As is the case with the launch of a space vehicle, a potential danger exists from toxic vapors contained in any cloud formed as a result of a launch mishap. In the event of an accident, all persons at the Kennedy Space Center should take shelter immediately in the nearest air-conditioned building. Those at launch viewing sites not near an air-conditioned facility should take shelter in a bus with the windows closed, the air conditioner off and await further instructions.

LVO, pg. - 3 -


-On Launch Day- YOU MUST ARRIVE BY YOUR SCHEDULED ARRIVAL TIME Your Admission ticket is valid for admission to the Visitor Complex during this time.

• KSCVC will be accessible to guests with car placards beginning at 9:00 am on July 15, 2009 and will remain open until 9:00 pm.

• The security gates to Kennedy Space Center close to ALL incoming traffic (with or without placards) approximately 2 hours before launch and will reopen approximately 1 hour following launch.

The following items are NOT permitted at the Visitor Complex

• Firearms of any type (with or without a permit) • Hard-sided coolers, luggage or other • Ammunition (live or spent) large bags • Pepper/mace sprays • Non-operating electronic devices • Knives of any size • Large beach umbrellas • Box cutters or like items • Lawn or folding chairs (blankets and • Nail clippers with knife blades “umbrella-style” folding chairs that are • Any other sharp/pointed items, including pointed carried in shoulder bags, are scissors or nail files permitted) • Laserpointers

All bags, purses and other items will be opened and inspected at the Visitor Complex. If any of the above items are discovered, you will be required to return them to your vehicle. If the items are confiscated for security reasons, they will not be returned.

Since all guests are required to pass through the metal detectors, please reduce the number of items you normally carry.

Guests could face delays entering the Visitor Complex as a result of the additional security measures.

IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KEEP UP WITH THE DATE AND TIME OF THE SHUTTLE LAUNCH. Your best source for current launch information is www.ksc.nasa.gov. In the event that the launch is rescheduled, please download the latest Launch Information sheet at http://www.KennedySpaceCenter.com/LVO.pdf or call 321-867-2525 for the Visitor Complex operating hours and arrival times.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support of NASA & Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. We sincerely hope you enjoy your day with us.

LVO, pg. - 4 -