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Volume 21 Number 2 Honoring You, Honoring Our Regiment June 2021 A Salute to Your Service: Cav vs. Covid-19: From the Saddlebag 2021 Regimental Reunion 2021 Reunion = GO As of May 26, it appears that the Covid-19 Happy 246th Birthday U.S. Army! The upcoming reunion--September 1-5, in our nation’s capital--salutes the service of strictures imposed by Federal and Virginia those who have served or still serve in the health officials will be entirely lifted in the 14th Cavalry. District of Columbia and Virginia by mid- June—great news for our reunion. Perhaps more that any reunion we’ve Already in both jurisdictions, people who had in 20 years, this one may be both the have completed their vaccination regimen can most engaging and the most memorable congregate without masks in large groups. reunion of all. (The Nationals baseball team an- First, the reunion will bring us together nounced yesterday that Nationals Park plans for the first time in over two years. to fully open on June 11 and, as noted below, Second, it celebrates the 120th the new Army museum will open June 14.) Anniversary of the 14th Cavalry. All Air travel has been safely operating during who attend will receive a large four-color the past several weeks, and currently masks memento that highlights the legacy--battles, are required on board and in terminals. The mask requirement may be lifted by late Au- roles and locations--of the Regiment gust/September 1st (reunion travel time). throughout a century-plus of its history. Our host hotel and transportation compa- Plus, we plan an unveiling of a special ny have routinely updated us about the steps tribute to the Regiment during the day we they are taking per instructions of the Virginia visit the new National Museum of the U.S. Department of Health to ensure the health Army. and safety of their customers. Likewise the Third, it offers rare opportunities to go Military District of Washington and the 3rd behind the scenes to see and hear about the Infantry Regiment (The Old Guard). 3rd Infantry Regiment’s (The Old Guard) We will meet with representatives of both Caisson Platoon and its Tomb Guard at Ft. Myer, Va., and with staff members of Army Museum Praised Platoon. And you’ll be able to say, “I was the Army museum at Ft. Belvoir, Va.. on The new National Museum of the at the Tomb the year it celebrated its 100th June 14. If conditions reverse the current U.S. Army has been named a “10 Best anniversary” (see box on page 8). good health and safety outlook and threaten New Attractions of 2020” by USA our reunion plans we will let you know. Today. Be among the first to visit the mu- Army Museum Opens seum. It and other notable sites are on the itinerary of our Regimental Reunion The long-awaited opening of the new our featured 2021 reunion event—a visit in September. Read the feature article National Museum of the U. S. Army to the museum on September 6—even on this page. will occur on June 14, according to an more sweet. For the latest Museum updates visit announcement on May 14 by the Army The reunion planners have made a Historical Foundation. The June 14 open- group reservation for us on that date. All ing (actually re-opening) is fitting in that who register before that date to attend Stable Call Feedback, the date is the 246th birthday of the Army the reunion will be permitted entry to the Next Call July 22 and also national Flag Day.You will recall museum at no charge, and no individual The recent Stable Call via Zoom that the museum was to open last year on reservations are necessary. Our planned attracted 15 veterans of the /Af- June 14 only to be prohibited by Covid-19 visit duration is four hours. Admission ghanistan and Cold War periods. They restrictions. They later eased sufficiently includes the static exhibits and the Army shared recollections of their early days to allow officials to announce a new Theater presentation, “Of Noble Deeds,” in the Regiment. Not surprisingly, most opening on November 11. But as that date an immersive exploration of what it had to do with humorous screwups and approached and the pandemic worsened means to be an American Soldier. serious missions. But no matter the the museum doors were closed. But if you want to do more than simply That long and painful history makes continued on page 9 continued on page 7 Commander’s Hatch, page 2 1-14 SITREP, page 3 CONTENTS CSM’s Corner, page 2 2-14 SITREP, page 4 Commander’s Hatch

I trust and hope this issue of our 2021 Reunion come everyone into the proud community newsletter finds everyone well! We have It would be an added bonus to hear of service that we represent. certainly endured some challenging times some of those personal stories at our Join the Team over the past year, but I am optimistic Regimental Reunion as well! Please If you are interested in represent- (once again!) about what lies before us. join us 1 to 5 September in Crystal City, ing and serving our Association through It is that balance of remembering the past Va. for what is sure to be an exciting elected office or in another capacity the and thinking ahead that is on my mind. and memorable program. In addition to window of opportunity for that action is The late John W. Gardner is credited hearing and telling tall tales of triumph now. Please consider adding your name with saying that “history never looks and tribulation at the Watering Hole, the to our forthcoming ballot, which will be like history when you are living through history of our Army will be on full display presented to our membership via both it.” We have all recently lived through at the National Museum of the U.S. Army absentee ballot and during our annual various events that will be judged and at Fort Belvoir. I remain convinced that meeting at the reunion in September. remembered by history in some form. every Soldier and Veteran, regardless of What I would like to call your attention length or era of service, will be proud to See You in September to however, is the wonderful recollection be represented by this amazing landmark. I look forward to seeing you at our of history that is currently being shared Grow & Sustain reunion and hearing everything that is on on our Association website in the form of As we remember the past, I remain your mind, and hopefully a ‘war story’ personal essays. greatly concerned about the status of as well! As always, thank you for all you have done and continue to do for each Memories of Service our membership and our ability to grow other, the 14th Cavalry, the Army and our I invite you to go to and and maintain our Association into the Nation. view the “Trooper Memories” under the future. Please continue to reach out to “History” tab. This addition to our web- anyone you know with an affiliation to Honoring You, Honoring Our Regiment! site contains memories of members re- the 14th Cavalry and talk to them about counting their experiences while serving the Association and the comradeship that SUIVEZ MOI in the 14th Cavalry Regiment. Currently we represent. If we all invite and bring there are stories from 15 Troopers that are someone to the reunion or a virtual Stable both entertaining and informative. There Call that would be a great start! Brian and are also instructions on how to submit I continue to focus the majority of our ef- your own story, if interested, and I en- forts on our post-2000 Squadron Troopers Jim Dunivan, Col., U.S. Army, Ret. courage everyone to add their experiences and leaders, but it will take the combined President, 14th Cavalry Association as a piece of history for others to enjoy. effort of us all to share the word and wel- CSM’s Corner I’m always humbled by the sacrifice, and then on “CPL Michael Oreskovic” to dedication, and spirit of the young men read his story. I promise, you will not be and women who have given so much to disappointed. this great country of ours. We so often do Also, I want to remind everyone of CHARGE! is available at not hear or read about the actual circum- our reunion, 1-5 Sept 2021, in Crystal on the 1st of March, stances these Soldier’s find themselves in City, Va. It’s going to be a great reunion June, September & December. and how they deal with tragedy in their with many activities and opportunities lives. That is why I like to highlight in to reconnect with old friends. Please join Next Deadline: 1 Sept 2021 this column the sacrifices of members us and register by going to our website: Editor: who served in our Regiment. Gordy Bratz This is about CPL Michael Ores- Finally, I know this CHARGE! will be [email protected] kovic or “Oreo” as he was affectionately published near Memorial Day and I want (757) 564-1134 called while serving with B Troop, 1st 3009 Larkspur Run to ask everyone to remember all those Williamsburg, VA 23185-3766 Squadron, 14th Cavalry. His story begins who did not come home, especially those October 5, 2004, but I cannot begin to Soldiers who served in the 14th Cavalry Secretary: give it justice in my own words, so it is in Regiment. Max Whipps his words, minus some colorful language [email protected] to protect the innocent. He provides Honoring You, Honoring Our Regiment! (503) 954-1864 a very detailed timeline with humor, SUIVEZ MOI 3800 NE 72nd Ave honesty, and humility of what occurred Portland, OR 97213-5710 to change his life. It’s too long to add to this column, so I ask that you go to our Send membership renewals and website, and under “His- changes to email and postal addresses Brian Shover, CSM, U.S. Army, Ret. tory,” click on “Cav Troopers Remember” to Secretary. Vice President, 14th Cavalry Association

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From Joint Base Lewis-McChord, we 2nd Lieutenant Jean Garcia, a Spur the Section Live-Fire Exercise (LFX) that offer our salutations and appreciation to Candidate at the time, said, “The Spur took place at the end of this quarter. This address the Troopers, family and friends Ride was a great experience by challeng- LFX was a great event for the Squadron. of the 14th Regiment. We humbly express ing us physically and mentally on indi- It was our first integration in many years our gratitude toward to the members if the vidual trooper skills. Having the troop- of Trooper dismounts and Mobile Gun 14th Cavalry Association for all of your ers come together to complete the final System operating as a combined- extended support. mission gave me an opportunity to meet arms team. We are happy to report to Since returning from the Joint Readi- other Troopers in the Squadron and build our 14th Regiment family that it was a ness Training Center (JRTC), our sights off our strengths and weaknesses.” As 2nd success, and we strive to continuously are set on our Pacific Pathways rotation to Lieutenant Garcia denotes, all Spur Hold- enhance our lethality and ability to Guam. To fully prepare for this rotation, ers helping run the event put forth a great operate as a combined-arms team. we have pushed our Troopers physi- effort to make the tradition a success. cally and mentally - not only in lethality, The last event of the Spur Ride was what but within the deep roots of the Cavalry brought everything together by empha- culture. We strive for our Troopers to un- sizing the importance of our history and derstand what it means to “BE CAV AND our family. We visited the cemetery on BE PROUD.” With COVID-19 affecting Post and talked about some of the great how we operate in regards to mandated Troopers who have given their life for safety protocols, we spent countless hours our country and the Cavalry. The next planning how to safely hold our first Spur morning, our soldiers finished with a ruck Ride since the pandemic began. march back to our Squadron area and a ceremony. There is no better feeling than Spur Competition upholding a tradition that continues to be The week of the Spur Ride started passed down. with teaching our Troopers the history of the Cavalry and the meaning of our spurs. We then covered the rich history of the 14th Regiment and finished with the history of our Squadrons. To remain eligible and move forward to the Spur Ride, each trooper had to pass the History of the Cavalry’s written examination. For the culminating Spur Ride, our Troopers started with a 0300 layout that led to an 8-mile ruck out to the training area. The Spur Candidates then had to complete a series of lanes, which led to a final day and night area reconnaissance mission. Troopers were grouped into random teams and had to work together to successfully complete the mission.

SUIVEZ MOI Preparing for Guam As we prepare for Guam deployment J. Clint Tisserand and deterrence mission, our Troopers LTC, AR continue to better themselves individually Warhorse Troopers conduct an 8-mile march and as sections. These past two months, Commanding with fully-loaded rucks as the vie for their our soldiers have spent many days on the Silver Spurs. ranges and out in the field preparing for

Volume 21 Number 2 CHARGE! Page 3 2nd Squadron “Rattlesnake” SITREP

Aloha! To our 14th Cavalry Associa- Training Area (PTA). PTA is essential to tion Ohana. We Rattlesnakes began our the Squadron’s ability to build experts train-up for crew gunnery and weapons and conduct focused training to build core qualifications at Pohakula Training Area competencies at the individual level. 164 (PTA) by conducting individual training Lightfighters across the Squadron quali- using virtual trainers to increase profi- fied EXPERT and strive to master the ciency of crew commands and exposure skills required to excel during EIB/ESB. to gunnery training. And the Squadron continued our “People First” focus on our Soldiers and their Families. This included welcoming everyone back from leave and leveraging our energy coming into 2021. Engaged CSM Clint Keeley, second from left, accepts leaders continue to be in the barracks, the colors of 2-14 at the Squadrons’ Change looking soldiers in the eyes, visiting resi- of Responsibility ceremony in March. dences on and off post and demonstrating actions over words. “This is our Squad.” CSM Keeley is no stranger to the Squad- We held multiple events to provide ron having served in the Squadron as a Soldiers with information on future op- ‘Snakes vie for EIB/ESB qualification. Platoon Sergeant in Ace High during its portunities. We Rattlesnakes hosted the last deployment to Iraq in 2011. Commissioning Program Seminar, the And we also conducted MORTEP, Crew The Squadron executed a time-honored Schools and Opportunities Seminar, as Gunnery, a Team LFX (Comanche Cavalry tradition in March: our cherished well as an information session on the Troop), a Live TOW shoot, and individual “Spur Ride.” The Spur Ride focused on Foreign Affairs Officer (FAO) func- qualifications on all of our available Expert Soldier Badge tasks to ensure the tional area. The Commissioning Program weapon systems. Soldiers are maximizing preparation for Seminar had officer representatives from EIB/ESB. The Rattlesnakes ended the ROTC, OCS, Green to Gold, and West month on another high point executing Point to speak to Soldiers about com- our bulk COVAX #2 shots, bringing us to missioning opportunities. At the Schools 35% of the force complete. and Opportunities Seminar we brought April began with the Squadron focused representatives from the Squadron, from on EIB/ESB Train-up consisting of two Lightning Academy, and from Special weeks of EIB/ESB tasks that included Operation Recruiting to discuss opportu- Land Navigation, Weapons, Patrols, and nities such as Ranger School, Air Assault, Medical Lanes. The Snakes entered SFAS, Jungle School, and RSLC. test week with 114 candidates and after Throughout the month of February the a grueling week of intense training the Squadron remained laser focus on People Squadron’s experts emerged after the final First, conducting Readiness Day that fo- event, 12-mile foot march and OBJ Bull. cused on reaching a better understanding Bounty Troopers conduct live TOW missile The Squadron’s focus on building experts of perception biases through the Life Raft shoot. resulted in 24 Rattlesnakes earning their Activity. The event allowed our Troopers EIBs (7) and ESBs (17). to conduct team building activities and Training at the PTA has enabled our As we approach the deadline for this provided a venue to begin a “dialogue” Troopers and the Squadron itself to issue we are preparing for upcoming Bi- that can continue beyond our monthly become Ready for upcoming challenges lateral Exercises across the U.S. Army Pa- Readiness Day events. Our People First at individual, crew, and team levels; to cific area of responsibility throughout the focus during the month was predictability become Expert “Warriors” with individual month of May. We can’t wait to share our while executing competing requirements. weapon systems and to set the conditions continued adventures with our extended Our efforts towards small victories in the for the Squadron to maximize our results Ohana across generations and the Pacific barracks and footprint are intended to in EIB/ESB ‘21. Northwest. Until we see you again on the increase pride in where we live. “This is high ground “Let’s Do it Right!,” “Follow My Home.” Our energy is put toward in- The Rattlesnakes began the month of Me,” “Rattlesnakes.” spiring Soldiers to be part of solutions and March conducting redeployment and re- SUIVEZ MOI tell us what will have the greatest impact. covery operations from PTA. The Squad- “This is our Squad.” ron also prepared for a period of transition Matthew P. Leclair During the last two weeks of February as we said goodbye to CSM Josh Harrison LTC, IN the Squadron trained at the Pohakuloa and welcomed CSM Clint Keeley. Commanding

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payment you want to make--online by credit card or by mailed check. To pay by check, print the registration form and mail it with the check, payable to Secretary, 14th Cav Assn, 3800 NE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97213-5710.

Modern Crowne Plaza Hotel; Reserve Room by August 1 Set on a tree-lined street in Crystal City, just 15 minutes from both Ronald The Potomac Tavern Reagan National Airport and the National Airport (Code: DCA) and many near¬by A Tomb Guard soldier pays solemn respects Mall, the modern, well-appointed, full- service Crowne Plaza is our host hotel. restaurants, although several are within at the Tomb of the Unknowns. walking distance, as is the Blue-Yellow line Metro stop. Underground parking is Time is Passing available at $20/day, a 50 % discount. The clock is ticking. We have planned For exercise, visit the hotel’s fitness and budgeted for 125 to attend. We center or its outdoor pool. encourage inviting your friends. One does not need to have served with the Daily Highlights Regiment to enjoy being with current Here are the highlights of the four and former members of it. That number days following registration day with the of attendees combined with the registra- Welcome Stable Call. During Days 2, 3 tion rate will cover the costs of three days Entrance of Crowne Plaza Hotel, Crystal and 4 (Thursday, Friday & Saturday), the of coach transportation to memorials, City reunion contingent will be divided into monu¬ments and the Army museum, food groups Red, White and Blue (to avoid and drinks at Stable Call and five nightly Reserve your room before August overtaxing the visited venues). Over the socials in the Watering Hole, the special 1. That guarantees the special single or course of those days each group will have gift, and your entrée, wine and the “el- double occupancy room rate of $89.00 the same itinerary. egant features” of the Regimental Honors per night plus fees and tax. Call toll free On the fifth day, Sunday, the groups Banquet. (OK, so we know the Cav don’t 1-800-227-6963. Identify yourself as a disband and the contingent reforms as one need elegant, but…hey the ladies are with member (or guest) of the 14th Cavalry to take part in the activities of the final us.) Unfortunately, as of mid-May, we are Association and give them Group Code day of our 2021 reunion, our visit to the 99 short of 125. “CAV.” Reservations made after August Army museum. 1 can only be accepted on a space- and The planned visits to The Old Guard’s Register Now: Online, special rate-available basis. Caisson Barn and the Tomb Guard’s by Mail or On-site Quarters are literally once-in-a-lifetime The fee to attend this 5-day event is opportunities. At the Caisson Barn you’ll $165 paid by check or $170 paid by credit hear Caisson Platoon soldier-horsemen card. (Paying by check relieves the Assn. talk about how they care for tack and of paying credit card processing fees). horses. If you can only register at the reunion come to the hotel. Secretary Max Whipps, will be in the lobby on Day 1 and each morning thereafter to give you a Welcome Packet. If you can only attend on Sunday—to take advantage of the transport to the The Veranda Café Army museum and attend the Regimental The hotel’s Veranda Café serves break- Honors Banquet and Watering Hole—be fast, lunch and dinner daily. Its Starbucks at the hotel by 10 a.m. The registration fee has daily breakfast and lunch selections. for Sunday-only attendance is $75. A soldier discusses the care and maintenance Register online at At The Potomac Tavern of tack. the menu on the top of the page, click on The Potomac Tavern, a hit nighttime “Reunions” then on “2021 Regimental spot, serves sandwiches and short-order And you’ll see the horses that pull black Reunion.” Then scroll to the bottom of the items and has a full range of beverages. artillery caissons topped with a flag-draped page and click on the link to the Registra- The hotel has free shuttle service from/ casket to the final resting place of a fellow soldier. tion Form that applies to the method of to Ronald Reagan Washington National continued on page 6

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hat, the latest in apparel, a new cap, a belt buckle or a Regimental Print.

Concluding Day The last day opens with the annual Members’ Meeting followed by our visit to the National Museum of the U.S. Army at Ft. Belvoir. The 13th Congress, 2nd session, wrote in A sentinel guards the Tomb of the on April 18, 1814: “To provide for the collec- Unknowns 24/7. tion and preservation of such flags, standards, and colors as shall have been or may hereafter At about mid-day, you’ll depart Arlington A farrier dresses the hoofs of a horse be taken by the land and naval forces of the National Cemetery by coach for the Lincoln ” (Statute II, Chapter 78). Now, before it participates in a funeral Memorial and a box lunch under the trees. procession. 207 years later, the Army museum is ready From here you are in walking distance of the to reopen. (It opened Veterans Day 2020 new Desert Storm/Desert Shield Memorial, The Caisson Platoon has many differ- and closed less than 30 days later due to the the Korean War Memorial and the Vietnam Covid-19 pandemic.) ent horses, but SGT York is a horse like Memorial. no other. Born in 1990, he was originally a buggy racing horse. He came to The Old Guard in 1997. SGT York has never been ridden. He serves as a Caparisoned Horse and has participated in many funerals. One of the oldest and most evocative of military traditions in a full honor funeral is that of the riderless, caparisoned horse. The horse is led behind the caisson wear- ing an empty saddle with the rider’s boots reversed in the stirrups. Clad in stainless steel, the180,000 square A portion of the evocative patrol at the foot museum evokes the strength and stay- Korean War Memorial. ing power of the Army itself. Then again by coach you’ll go to the World War II Memorial before returning to the hotel by mid-afternoon. Another group will be taken in mid- morning by coach to the National Mall, passing the new Eisenhower Memorial on the way. On the Mall the coach will make a series of five stops so you can visit Smithson- ian museums (including the most recent, the African-American and new addition to the The 7,500 square foot entry hall with 190 American-Indian), the National Galleries and battle streamers overhead. Entrance at left. the National Archives until late afternoon. Hall of Soldiers center. History of the Army A rider-less horse with boots reversed in the The third group has an open day. Do what etched on the black wall at right. stirrups indicates the warrior will never ride you’d like to do. Visit the 9/11 Memorial at again. the nearby Pentagon, the FDR Memorial, the MLK Jr. Memorial or the Jefferson Memo- After being with the Caisson Platoon rial. Or go to the restaurants and shops at you’ll go into Arlington National Cemetery the newly developed Wharf waterfront on to witness a wreath-laying by the Association Maine Ave in the District, or shop at nearby and a Changing of the Guard ceremony. Pentagon City. Or, take in a Washington Nationals-New York Mets ballgame (Days Then, you’ll be treated to an even more 3, 4, 5). Or simply pamper yourself at the rare occasion: A tour of the under-the-Tomb hotel’s pool and patio. quarters of the Tomb Guard Platoon. This will be as much a crowning event as that of visit- Supply Room Open A Gallery of Soldiers’ Stories. ing the Army museum. The Supply Room will be open Day 1 through Day 4. Get your Stetson campaign continued on page 7

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The reunion draws to a close with the see the exhibits or visit the cafe or the Regimental Honors Banquet. The main Army store, check out the Army Action course choices are: Tenderloin of Beef with Center—the Holdout!Bunker Defense VR Mashed potatoes and Asparagus, Chicken and 4D arena for an immersive presence Piccata, breaded and pan fried with Lemon inside a digital world while engaging sim- Cream Sauce, seasoned and seared Tilapia ulated rifle target. Or the VR Transporter with Mashed potatoes and Asparagus, and wearing a hi-tech head-mounted display Chef’s Vegetarian plate, served with a while an elevated motion platform pitches fresh Garden Salad, Dinner Rolls, Red and and rolls, mimicking the real world. Or, White wines, Iced and Hot teas, Coffee and the Army Action Pod, a motion capsule Portion of the Iraq- exhibit. Chocolate cake. theater featuring a futuristic movie. There Gentlemen are requested to wear military is a small charge for these experiences. uniform, Business suit, Coat and tie or open shirt and slacks. Ladies are requested to wear cocktail dress, business suit, or informal evening dress. The evening concludes with Last Call in the Watering Hole.

Daily Schedule Read the day-by-day schedule at Escapee from East What it means to be an American soldier, “Reunions,” then “2021 Found, Helped comes alive in the immersive theater with Reunion,” then scroll down past the two a 306-degree screen and external sensory sets of photos and click on “See day-by-day by 3-14 Troopers sight, sound and movement aspects. Feel program here.” snow falling at Valley Forge and the effects “She survived her escape because of of rough terrain while in a tank. Who’s Registered? See the latest list of those who are the Americans (soldiers) who helped her.” already registered: On the website as That was the declaration in a letter sent to Seven galleries present the Army’s the 14th Cavalry Association earlier this history in chronological order and thematic above and scroll down even further and click on “See who has already registered year. import using both actual and artifact It was written by the daughter of a once equipment, uniforms and documents, some here.” Unfortunately, only 26 people have registered as of May 27. young girl who was found in the forest on 30,000 in all. the west side of the East-West Interzonal There’ll be time to see it all. The café Border in Germany by soldiers of the 3rd serves lunch. While we’re at the museum, Squadron, 14th Armored Cavalry Regi- we will unveil a plaque dedicated to the ment, in 1951. Regiment along the Path of Remembrance. The letter revealed that the child left her mother and siblings in Gotha, East Germany, that year and made her way by train toward the border east of Bad Hers- feld. There she made her way through a forest to the border, crossed it, and entered a forest on the opposite side in West Ger- many. There, the letter said, “She was found Path of Remembrance at the Army Museum. by American soldiers. Now 91 years old, all she remembers is these soldiers took We’ll depart the museum and return to her to a nearby hotel and listened to her the hotel about mid-afternoon. story. Eventually she emigrated to Canada to build a life.” The daughter concluded the letter writ- ing, “I may not be able to thank these men personally, as they may have passed on, but I am grateful for their service and what they did during a difficult time.”

The Arlington Ballroom: scene of our Regimental Honors Banquet.

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Hallowed Casket & Stormy Sea Marine guards covered the casket with canvas and then secured it on the deck of the USS Olympia before they lashed themselves to the ship’s stanchions. Tossed about by twenty-foot waves that topped the pilot house, they feared each roll of the ship might be its last. Today we know that the hallowed casket, bound from France to the Washington Navy Yard in 1921, rests safely in the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery.

Members of the Caisson Platoon escort a fallen soldier to Arlington National Cemetery.

Page 8 CHARGE! Volume 21 Number 2 Saddlebag continued from page 1 some 30-plus years between the GWOT Biofeedback Devices enemy battle tanks out to 10,000 meters. and CW generations, the tales and banter The U.S. Army is conducting several The Army wants to field the CCMS-H among the group proved again that there studies designed to use wearable devices- sometime between 2028 and 2032. “We are no stronger and more enduring bonds -special watches and rings that track heart want to be able to shoot on the move and than those of soldiers. rate, body temperature and other physi- ... we want the missile to get there quicker The next Zoom Stable Call will con- ological data--to evaluate how soldiers than it currently takes our TOW missiles vene Thursday, July 22, at 8 p.m. Easter respond to stress and physical exertion. to [travel] max distances,” said an official. Daylight Time. Watch your inbox for a About 1,000 soldiers from the 25th He did not provide the TOW’s maximum message soon after Independence Day Infantry Division in Alaska are wearing flight time. And we also want troops to be with the Zoom call-in and ID numbers. Whoop biofeedback devices as part of able to lock the new missile on target be- Invite others to join in; one does not need a study to measure the mental health of fore and, if necessary, after launching, he to be a current or former member of the troops operating in extreme cold environ- said. It should also be maneuverable so it Association or the Regiment to partici- ments. Another 530 members of 10th can go after enemy vehicles hiding behind pate. Mountain Division at Fort Drum, New cover. ( York, are participating in a yearlong On the SBCT Horizon human performance study that has them Women in Armor Talking to the Maneuver Capabilities wearing similar devices to track not just There are currently 560 officer and Development and Integration Director- physical exertion but also how their heart enlisted women in the Armor branch: 192 ate at Fort Benning, Ga., in April, Col. rate responds to stress. lieutenants and captains, no majors or Damien Mason, director of the Army Ca- The Army is hoping that some of the above, and 368 EM. Four female offi- pability Manager Brigade Combat data taken from these biofeedback devices cers have commanded at company level. Team, laid out changes to both the forma- will help the service design more effective Presently, “… it is expected that the first tion and the gear that SBCT soldiers will training scenarios as part of its synthetic woman (in the branch) will command a see the future. training environment, an effort to create battalion or squadron around 2028.” (U.S. The Army plans to add an electronic realistic training simulations using gam- Armor Association) warfare platoon, a cyberspace electro- ing technology. ( magnetic activities cell, drones, additive New Army Doctrine manufacturing and drone maintenance Replacement for the TOW? The Army’s new warfighting doctrine, platoons, an additional platoon to each coined Multidomain Operations, or MDO, cavalry squadron, two more artillery guns addresses its role in potential conflict per battery, a third engineer company, with near-peer adversaries, namely China robotic combat vehicle operators and an and Russia. Unlike previous doctrines attached mobile short-range weapons based on unified land operations, MDO system. (Army Times) addresses operations across all domains for the first time. The MDO field manual “The King” Returns is expected to be released in mid-2022. Elvis Presley is due to return to a (Defense News) German town where he lived in the late 1950’s as an Army private in the 32nd Armor & Cav Foundation Armor, 3rd Armored Division. The latest “Sprocket & Spur,” the A nearly six-foot tall bronze statue newsletter of the National Armor and of him is to be erected in August on a Cavalry Heritage Foundation, contains Army officials at Fort Benning want pedestrian bridge spanning the Usa River several announcement of interest to the to replace the venerable tube-launched, in Bad Nauheim. mounted warrior community. optically-tracked, wire-guided—TOW- For example, information about the -missile with an advanced projectile that Armor and Cavalry monument and its un- can kill enemy tanks at more than twice veiling on July 10 and dedication on Nov. the range. 11 at Pattons’ Park adjacent to Ft. Ben- The Army fielded the first TOW mis- ning; the availability of memorial bricks sile system in 1970. It was initially wire- for emplacement at the monument; the guided, so soldiers had to remain station- fund raising campaign for the monument; ary and vulnerable to the enemy as the and, new info about the Foundation’s missile tracked to the target. The current partnership with the U.S. Army Armor TOW, which has a range of about 3,750 and Cavalry Collection at the Collec- meters, has a fire-and-forget operation. tion’s new Training Support Facility at Ft. The future Close Combat Missile Benning. For more information call (706) System-Heavy (or CCMS-H) retains The 440-pound statue replicates a pose of 341-6123 or go to www.armorcavalryher- many of the TOW’s advantages but has Pressley’s during a photo shoot in March 1958. (Stars & Stripes) the capability to kill the most advanced

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