the Anti- Movement the Anti-Apartheid Movement 89 Charlotte Street London WIP 2DQ Tel 580 5311 C MINUTES OF NATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING Sunday 22 October 1972 : DATE OF NEXT MEETING Sunday 3 December 1972 2.30 pm PRESENT: Roger Haworth (NUS), Mike Terry, Sara Trask at Central Cllegiate .(Liberation), Christopher Pulley-Susanna Pulley- Bldg, 15 Cowe'St WC1 Arvind Tanna (West Wales AA), Vic Heath, Paul Blomfield (York AA), Roger Trask, Nancy White, Stuart Winstanley Alan Baldwin (Africa Bureau), Chris Myring (Birmingham Univ. Ext. Affairs), Patricia Moberl7, Mike Gerrard, michael Ward (Fabian Society), Richard Furtado, Sally C. Davies (Manchester AA), Judy Cotter, Ursula Brown, John Sprack, Roger Henshaw (AUEW/TASS), Tony O'Dowd, Jack Woddic, Joyce Leeson, Fred Carneson, Wilson Katiyo (SCm), Terry Trench (ACTT), Rica Hodgson (IDAF), Betty Northedge (West London AA), Bob Cant, Polly Gaster (CFMAG), Sarah Darling, Aziz Pahad, Joan Darling (Hampstead AA), Roy Neweon, Ethel de Keyser, Vella Pillay (CHAIRMAN), Abdul Minty, Digby Jacks (NUS). 1) The following officers of the Movement were elected: President - Bishop Ambrose Reeves Vice Presidents - Joan Lestor mP Jack Jones The Rt Revd Trevor Huddleston The Rt Hon. Jeremy Thorpe Sponsors - Basil Davidson Lord Brockway Lord Collison Thomas Hodgkin The Rt Hon. Reg Prentice MP Da-vid Steel MP Angus Wilson P 2) NATIONAL COMMITTEE (a) Organisations with voting right: It was agreed that the British Overseas Socialist Fellowship, the Tobacco Workers Union and the Union of Liberal Students be transferred to the Observer category; and that the Labour Party Young Socialists, the musicians Union, the National Union of mineworkers and the LCS Political Committee be included in this category, the first and last being transferred from the list of Observers. The Chemical Workers Union was now part of the Transport and General Workers Union, which has Observer status on the National Committee. This left two plcoe-to be filled in the voting rights category. (b) Observer Organisations: It was agreed that invitations be issued to the following organisations to be Observers on the National Committee: Institute of Race Relations, National Union of School Students, National Organisation of Labour Students, Black Panther movement, Black Unity and Freedom Party, Black Workers Coordinating Committee, Catholic Institute of International Relations, International Socialists. (c) Southern African Orqenisations: It was repdrted that since the South African Students Association was no longer in existence, they had been dropped from this category. Aoreed to inform African reprepresentatives in this country that should they wish their organisations to become members of the National Committee they should apply. It was also pointed out that representatives of liberation movements not represented in the UK were welcome to attend meetings when they were in London. j

3) XECUTIVE COMMITTEE The followijTg were elected: Chairman - 3ohn.Ennals' Vice Chairmean -f fke Terry Horl. Secretary " Abdul minty Ron. Tr'aairr - Tony- Q'Dowd Executive Secretary - Ethel do Keyser B ordinary. membrs. Roy Newson John Sarah Darling Roger Trask. Chzistabal Gurney Velle Pilley Stuart Winstanley Azlz Pahad 4) RESOLUTION ON UGANDAN PGANS. The AGM had referred this resolution and the amendments to the National Committee, and it was agreed to formulate a resolution and send it to NC membersfor discussion, at the -next meeting. 5) ANY OTHER BUSINESS Agreed to send the movement's sympathy end gpod wishes to Barbara Haq, who had retired as Ceneal Secretary of Liberation due to ill health. DATE OF NEXT NATIONAL COMMITTEE MEETING Sunday 3 December at 2.30 pm in the Conference Room, Central Collegiate Building, 15 Gower Street, London WCl