Willerby Carr Lane Primary School - Topic: Seasonal Change : 1 Strand: Physics

What should I already know? Is the • We call the general trends • The difference between hot and cold weather weather and the extremes of weather in • Played in eg made footprints, snowballs or in the same all one place a ‘’ puddles over the • There are five different • Listened to stories at Christmas set in and world? stories about a sunny . classifications of climate: polar, • Explored and handled wet and dry materials eg ice cold, temperate, dry and tropical. • The names of the 4 seasons • The UK has what is called a • The weather changes with the season ‘temperate’ climate. A temperate • Some trees and plants change with the seasons climate is one that is not too What will I know by the end of the unit? extreme. What is • Weather is the way the air and the weather feels. Vocabulary like across • It includes the outside climate changes in temperature over time the four temperature, strength of the , frozen seasons? and whether it is raining, sunny, observe to look carefully at something to see if

hailing, snowing, sleeting, foggy, or changes happen cloudy. overcast the sky is covered in • The weather changes regularly and any kind of weather that falls from the sky eg rain, sleet, snow tends to be different during rainfall air goes over the sea and then different seasons and across mountains. the moisture goes up into the different countries. sky and forms clouds. the water falls as • That as the seasons change so does rain. our outside environment and what we rainfall gauge a tool to measure the amount of rain that wear. falls. How does • There are four seasons: , season our experiences 4 seasons every the length , and Winter. year of day vary • There are always 24 in a day. autumn winter spring summer across the • During winter there are less hours sleet halfway between rain and snow seasons? temperate in Great Britain the weather and the of compared to a day which has more. temperature stays quite moderate. • temperature a measure of how hot or cold something is thermometer a tool that measures how hot or cold something is

Investigate! • The weather conditions over a week • How much rain falls in a week • Do a weather report using a map and symbols • Measure the temperature changes in a week • Over an academic year go on seasonal walks and observe the changes around the school grounds

Common misconceptions

Some children may think:

• it always in winter • it is always sunny in the summer • there are only flowers in spring and summer • it most in the winter