Title Author Call # AR Undefeated Alexander, Kwame E Alex Case for Loving Alko, Selina E Alko 4.3 5 O'Clock Band Andrews, Troy E Andr 4.5 Trombone Shorty Andrews, Troy E Andr Shakespeare Dream Armand, Glenda E Arma 5.3 Fifty Cents and a Dream Asim, Jabari E Asim 4.9 Preaching to the Chickens Asim, Jabari E Asim 4.3 Secret Garden of George Washington Carver Barretta, Gene E Barr Amazing Age of John Roy Lynch Barton, Chris E Bart What Do You Do with a Voice Like That Barton, Chris E Bart Hallelujah Flight Bildner, Phil E Bild 3.9 Marvelous Cornelius Bildner, Phil E Bild 4 Ron's Big Mission Blue, Rose E Blue 2.9 Fancy Party Gowns Blumenthal, Deborah E Blum No Small Potatoes Bolden, Tonya E Bold 4.8 Fly High! The Story of Bessie Coleman Borden, Louise E Borden 4.5 Nina Briere-Haquet, Alice E Brie 3.1 Feed Your Mind Bryant, Jen E Brya 4.6 Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite Celenza, Anna E Cele is a Verb Chambers, Veronica E Cham Fearless Mary Charles, Tami E Char Beautiful Shades of Brown Churnin, Nancy E Chur Let the Children March Clark-Robinson, Monica E Clar 3.8 Before She was Harriet Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin Benny Goodman and Teddy Wilson Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 5 Counting the Stars Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 5.9 Overground Railroad Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 4.2 Power of Her Pen Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 5.9 Satchel Paige Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 5.2 Words Set Me Free Cline-Ransome, Lesa E Clin 4.4 Am I a Color Too? Cole, Heidi E Cole 2.2 Just as Good Crowe, Chris E Crow 4.9 Parker Looks Up Curry, Parker E Curr Jamela's Dress Daly, Niki E Daly 3.3 I Saw Your Face Dawes, Kwame E Dawe Unstoppable Garrett Morgan DiCicco, Joan E Dici Poe Won't Go DiPucchio, kelly E Dipu Stompin' at the Savoy Donohue, Moira E Dono Place Inside of Me Elliott, Zetta E Elli Hush Harbor Evans, Freddi E Evan 4.7 Casey Jones's Fireman: The Story of Sim Webb Farmer, Nancy E Farm 3.5 Patchwork Quilt Flournoy, Valerie E Flou 3.7 Rosa Giovanni, Nikki E Giov 4.9 Jimi: Sounds Like a Rainbow Golio, Gary E Goli 5.6 Jimi: Sounds Like a Rainbow Golio, Gary E Goli 5.6 First Step Goodman, Susan E Good 4.7 Talkin' About Bessie: the Story of Aviator Elizabeth Grimes,Coleman Nikki E Grim 6.1 When Gorilla Goes Walking Grimes, Nikki E Grim 3 People Could Fly: The Picture Book Hamilton, Virginia E Hami 2.9 Ella, Queen of Jazz Hancocks, Helen E Hanc Buzzing with Questions Harrington, Janice E Harr 5.4 African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR Rise! Hegedus, Bethany E Hege 4.9 Mamie on the Mound Henderson, Leah E Hend 5.2 Lift Your Light a Little Higher Henson, Heather E Hens Dave the Potter Hill, Laban E Hill 6 When the Beat was Born Hill, Laban E Hill 4.2 Angel Just Like Me Hoffman, Mary E Hoff 2.9 Happy to Be Nappy Hooks, Bell E Hook 2 Carter Reads the Newspaper Hopkinson, Deborah E Hopk 4.5 Steamboat School Hopkinson, Deborah E Hopk 4.2 Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt Hopkinson, Deborah E Hopk 3.8 Oldest Student Hubbard, Rita E Hubb I, Too, am American Hughes, Langston E Hugh My People Hughes, Langston E Hugh Brown: the Many Shades of Love James, Nancy E Jame All Different Now Johnson, Angela E John 3.1 Angel City Johnston, Tony E John 3.2 Bread for Words Keller, Shane E Kell I Have a Dream King, Martin Luther Jr. E King 4.7 Making Their Voices Heard Kirkfield, Vivian E Kirk Sweet Dreams, Sarah Kirkfield, Vivian E Kirk 3.2 Ride to Remember Langley, Sharon E Lang Vision of Beauty Lasky, Kathryn E Lask 6.3 Vision of Beauty: The Story of Sarah Breedlove WalkerLasky, Kathryn E Lask 6.3 Voice of Her Own Lasky, Kathryn E Lask 5.9 Voice of Her Own:The Story of Phyllis Wheatley, SlaveLasky, poet Kathryn E Lask 5.9 Meet Miss Fancy Latham, Irene E Lath Take a Picture of Me, James Van der Zee! Loney, Andrea E Lone 4.3 Patricia's Vision Lord, Michelle E Lord 4.4 Ready to Fly Lyon, Lea E Lyon Dream Builder Lyons, Kelly E Lyon 4.7 Ellen's Broom Lyons, Kelly E Lyon 4.5 Going Down Home with Daddy Lyons, Kelly E Lyon 3.5 Muddy Mahin, Michael E Mahi 3.7 Grandad Mandela Mandela, Zazi E Mand 3.8 Vast Wonder of the World Mangal, Melina E Mang 5.6 These Hands Mason, Margaret E Maso Molly Bannaky McGill, Alice E Mcgi 4.8 Brave Ballerina Meadows, Michelle E Mead 3.3 I and I Medina, Tony E Medi I am Meltzer, Brad E Melt 3.7 I am Jackie Robinson Meltzer, Brad E Melt RA I am Martin Luther King, Jr. Meltzer, Brad E Melt I am Meltzer, Brad E Melt RA 3.1 As Good as Anybody Michelson, Richard E Mich 4.1 Quickest Kid in Clarksville Miller, Pat E Mill 2.9 Doctor with an Eye for Eyes Mosca, Julia E Mosc 3.3 Girl with a Mind for Math Mosca, Julia E Mosc Frederick Douglass: the Lion who Wrote History Myers, Walter Dean E Myer Harlem: a Poem Myers, Walter Dean E Myer I've Seen the Promised Land Myers, Walter Dean E Myer 5.8 Almost to Freedom Nelson, Vaunda E Nels 4..4 African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR Bad News for Outlaws Nelson, Vaunda E Nels 5.2 Book Itch Nelson, Vaunda E Nels 3.3 Don't Call Me Grandma Nelson, Vaunda E Nels RA 3.6 Let 'er Buck Nelson, Vaunda E Nels 4.7 Mister and Lady Day Novesky, Amy E Nove 3.3 Sulwe Nyong'o, Lupita E Nyon Molly, By Golly Ochiltree, Dianne E Ochi 5 Visiting Langston Perdomo, Willie E Perd 1.6 Bill Pickett: Rodeo Ridin' Cowboy Pinkney, Andrea E Pink 5.4 's Step-Stomp Stride Pinkney, Andrea E Pink 4.2 Shades of Black: a Celebration of Our Children Pinkney, Sandra E Pink 2.2 : the Tale of a Vocal Virtuoso Pinkney, Andrea E Pink Lift as You Climb Powell, Patricia E Powe 4.2 I Am a Promise Pryce, Shelly Ann E Pryc Ruth and the Green Book Ramsey, Calvin E Rams 4.6 Bell Rang Ransome, James E Rans Freedom Ship Rappaport, Doreen E Rapp RA 2.8 Martin's Big Words Rappaport, Doreen E Rapp 3.4 Let Them Play Raven, Margot E Rave 5.2 Reid, Megan E Reid 4.4 Back of the Bus Reynolds, Aaron E Reyn 3.3 Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky Ringgold, Faith E Ring 4.1 Harlem Renaissance Party Ringgold, Faith E Ring Tar Beach Ringgold, Faith E Ring 3.4 Grandpa Stops a War Robeson, Susan E Robe Testing the Ice Robinson, Sharon E Robi 3.9 Only Passing Through Rockwell, Anne E Rock 5.2 Only Passing Through: The Story of Sojourner TruthRockwell, Anne E Rock 5.2 Spy Called James Rockwell, Anne E Rock 5.2 Cool Cuts Roe, Mechal E Roe Happy Hair Roe, Mechal E Roe When Rosa Parks Went Fishing Ruiz, Rachel E Ruiz 3.8 Little Melba and Her Big Trombone Russell-Brown, Katheryn E Russ 4.7 Voice Named Aretha Russell-Brown, KatherynE Russ 4.7 D is for Drinking Gourd Sanders, Nancy E Sand 7.7 So Tall Within Schmidt, Gary E Schm 4.7 Pappy's Handkerchief Scillian, Devin E Scil 4.9 Malcolm Little Shabazz, Ilyasah E Shab 6.5 Coretta Scott Shange, Ntozake E Shan 4.9 Ellington Was Not a Street Shange, Ntozake E Shan , the Man Who Could Float Like a Butterfly,Shange, Sting Ntozake Like a Bee E Shan Coretta Scott Shange, Ntozake E Shan 4.9 Brown Sugar Babe Sherman, Charlotte E Sher Swish! The Slam-Dunking, Alley-Ooping, High-FlyingSlade, Harlem Suzanne Globetrotters E Slad Don't Say Ain't Smalls, Irene E Smal 3.6 Brick by Brick Smith, Charles Jr. E Smit Shaka: King of the Zulus Stanley, Diane E Stan 5.5 Riding to Washington Swain, Gwenyth E Swai RA 3.8 I Love My Hair! Tarpley, Natasha E Tarp 3.3 Poet Tate, Don E Tate 4.5 I Have Heard of a Land Thomas, Joyce E Thom 3.1 African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR My Name is Truth Turner, Ann E Turn 4.4 Harriet Tubman Vegara, Isabel E Vega Martin Luther King, Jr. Vegara, Isabel E Vega Muhammad Ali: a Champion is Born Vegara, Isabel E Vega Rosa Parks Vegara, Isabel E Vega Nana Akua Goes to School Walker, Tricia E Walk RA 4.3 Between the Lines Wallace, Sandra E Wall 4 Harlem's Little Blackbird Watson, renee E Wats 4.4 When Martin Luther King, Jr. Wore Roller Skates Weakland, Mark E Weak 4.2 When played Basketball Weakland, Mark E Weak 4.1 Before John was a Jazz Giant Weatherford, Carole E Weat 3 Box Weatherford, Carole E Weat By and By Weatherford, Carole E Weat 3.7 Freedom in Congo Square Weatherford, Carole E Weat 5.4 Gordon Parks Weatherford, Carole E Weat 4 Leontyne Price Weatherford, Carole E Weat 4.8 Moses Weatherford, Carole E Weat 4 R-E-S-P-E-C-T Weatherford, Carole E Weat Schomburg: the Man Who Built a Library Weatherford, Carole E Weat Sound That Jazz Makes Weatherford, Carole E Weat 4.7 Sugar Hill Weatherford, Carole E Weat 3.5 Unspeakable Weatherford, Carole E Weat Voice of Freedom Weatherford, Carole E Weat 5.8 Listeners Whelan, Gloria E Whel 3.6 Jazz Age Josephine Winter, Jonah E Wint 4.4 Thurgood Winter, Jonah E Wint 5.6 Sonny's Bridge Wittenstein, Barry E Witt Show Way Woodson, Jacqueline E Wood 3.8 This Is the Rope Woodson, Jacqueline E Wood 3.6 Diversity and Entertainment Green, Amanda J 302.2 Controversial Monuments Green, Amanda J 303.3 Timeline of the Slave Trade in America Littlejohn, Randy J 306.3 6.8 Slavery: Bondage Throughout History Watkins, Richard J 306.3 9.3 They Called Themselves the KKK Bartoletti, Susan J 322.4 9.2 Bus Ride that Changed History Edwards, Pamela J 323 5.5 Freedom Walkers Freedman, Russell J 323 7.7 Jim Crow Laws and Racism Fremon, David J 323 7.4 I Have a Dream Graves, Kerry J 323 6.7 Leaders of Black Civil Rights Vernell, Marjorie J 323 9.5 Happy Birthday, Martin Luther King Marzollo, Jean J 323.09 4.2 Hidden Black History Green, Amanda J 323.1 Dream of Freedom McWhorter, Diane J 323.1 9.1 Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up by Sitting Down Pinkney, Andrea J 323.1 5.2 Civil Rights Movement for Kids: A History with 21 ActivitiesTurck, Mary J 323.1 What Was the March on Washington Krull, Kathleen J 323.11 6.1 Locked Up for Freedom Schwartz, Heather J 323.11 6.6 What Is the Civil Rights Movement? Smith, Sherri J 323.11 Birmingham 1963 Tougas, Shelley J 323.11 7 If You Were a Kid During the Civil Rights MovementHooks, Gwendolyn J 323.1196 4.4 Black Voter Suppression Tyner, Artika J 324.6 Enemies of Slavery Adler, David J 326.8 6.9 African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR To Be a Slave Lester, Julius J 326.973 6.9 Vigilante Danger Tyner, Artika J 362.8 Getting Away With Murder: the true story of the emmettCrowe, till caseChris J 364.15 8.7 Little Rock Girl 1957 Tougas, Shelley J 379.2 7 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Gnojewski, Carol J 394.261 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Rissman, Rebecca J 394.261 Kwanzaa Rissman, Rebecca J 394.2612 3.5 Nelson, Vaunda J 394.263 2.5 Juneteenth Rosinsky, Natalie J 394.263 4.2 Brothers of the Knight Allen, Debbie J 398.2 4.5 Leola and the Honeybears Rosales, Melodye J 398.2 4 Can You Guess My Name? Sierra, Judy J 398.2 4.9 Mightier Than the Sword Yolen, Jane J 398.2 5 People Could Fly Hamilton, Virginia J 398.2097 4.3 More Tales of Uncle Remus Lester, Julius J 398.2097 Tales of Uncle Remus Lester, Julius J 398.2097 Raw Head, Bloody Bones Lyons, Mary J 398.2097 4.8 Never Forgotten McKissack, Pat J 398.2097 4.1 Jump Again Parks, Van Dyke J 398.2097 Jump On Over Parks, Van Dyke J 398.2097 Jump! The Adventures of Brer Rabbit Parks, Van Dyke J 398.2097 Faithful Friend San Souci, Robert J 398.2097 5.2 Secret of the Stones San Souci, Robert J 398.2097 4.5 Talking Eggs: A Folktale from the American South San Souci, Robert J 398.2097 4.4 John Henry Lester, Julius J 398.22 4 Peggony-Po, a Whale of a Tale Pinkney, Andrea J 398.22 3.9 Hidden Figures Shetterly, Margot J 510.92 8.2 African American Sanna, Ellyn J 641.59 Jacob Lawrence Venezia, Mike J 709.2 5.2 Duke Ellington Venezia, Mike J 780.9 5.9 Becoming Weatherford, Carole J 782.42 5.8 Negro Leagues Doeden, Matt J 796.357 6.8 What Were the Negro Leagues Johnson, Varian J 796.357 We are the Ship Nelson, Kadir J 796.357 5.9 You Never Heard of Willie Mays? Winter, Jonah J 796.357 4.8 Burns, Kylie J 796.4 6.5 Dark-Thirty McKissack, Patricia J 808.8 4.6 Ashley Bryan's ABC of African American Poetry Bryan, Ashley J 811.54 Great Migration Greenfield, Eloise J 811.54 3.4 Come Sunday Grimes, Nikki J 811.54 4.6 Hopscotch Love Grimes, Nikki J 811.54 When Daddy Prays Grimes, Nikki J 811.54 4.4 Fortune's Bones Nelson, Marilyn J 811.54 5.6 We Troubled the Waters Shange, Ntozake J 811.54 I Remember: Poems and Pictures of Heritage Hopkins, Lee J 811.6 RA Black and White Airmen: Their True History Fleischman, John J 940.54 7.6 Who Were the ? Smith, Sherri J 940.54 5.5 Tuskegee Airmen Doeden, Matt J 940.544 5.2 What Was the Underground Railroad McDonough, Yona J 973.7 5 January's Sparrow Polacco, Patricia J 973.7 4.4 Muhammad Ali: a Champion is Born Barretta, Gene J B Ali African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR Who Is Muhammad Ali? Buckley, James J B Ali 5.8 Becoming Muhammad Ali Patterson, James J B Ali 5.4 Who Was ? Labrecque, Ellen J B Angelou 5.8 Who Was Louis Armstrong? McDonough, Yona J B Armstrong 5.2 Who Was Kobe Bryant? Labrecque, Ellen J B Bryant Who Was George Washington Carver? Gigliotti, Jim J B Carver 5.9 Who Was Roberto Clemente? Buckley, James J B Clemente 5.9 Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History Harrison, Vashti J B Collection Who Was Frederick Douglass? Prince, April J B Douglass 5.7 Who Was Duke Ellington? Payne, M. D. J B Ellington Who Is Aretha Franklin? Medina, Nico J B Franklin 5.9 Who Is Anderson, Kirsten J B Harris Kamala Harris Schwartz, Heather J B Harris Who Was ? Stine, Megan J B Jackson 4.5 Who Is Michael Jordan Anderson, Kirsten J B Jordan Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Adler, David J B King Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. Adler, David J B King 3.8 Who Was Martin Luther King, Jr.? Bader, Bonnie J B King 5.2 Who Was ? Heran, Gail J B King 4.7 Maritcha: A Nineteenth Century American Girl Bolden, Tonya J B Lyons 7.7 Who Was ? Pollack, Pam J B Mandela 5.9 Who Was Bob Marley? Ellison, Katie J B Marley 5.5 Robby Novak: Kid President and Promoter of PositivityBarghoorn, Linda J B Novak 5.3 : president for a new era Brill, Marlene J B Obama 5.6 Who is Barack Obama Edwards, Roberta J B Obama 5.1 Who is Michelle Obama? Stine, Megan J B Obama 4.7 Michelle Obama Wheeler, Jill J B Obama 4.8 Who Was Jesse Owens Buckley, James J B Owens 5.9 Who Was Rosa Parks? McDonough, Yona J B Parks 4.8 Who Was Jackie Robinson? Herman, Gail J B Robinson 4.5 Who Was Sojourner Truth McDonough, Yona J B Truth 4.8 Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad Martin, Michael J B Tubman 3.7 Who Was Harriet Tubman McDonough, Yona J B Tubman Who Was Harriet Tubman? McDonough, Yona J B Tubman 4.6 Harriet Tubman Rau, Dana J B Tubman 4 Harriet Tubman Shone, Rob J B Tubman 4.2 Who Was Booker T Washington? Buckley, James J B Washington 6.3 Who Was Ida B. Wells Fabiny, Sarah J B Wells Who Are Venus and Serena Williams Buckley, James J B Williams 6 Who Is Gigliotti, Jim J B Wonder 6.1 Story of Ruby Bridges Coles, Robert J Brl B Bridges 4.4 Addy series Porter, Connie J History Amer Addy Bud, Not Buddy Curtis, Christopher Paul J History Curt 5 Elijah of Buxton Curtis, Christopher Paul J History Curt 5.4 Journey of Little Charlie Curtis, Christopher Paul J History Curt 5.8 Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963 Curtis, Christopher Paul J History Curt 5 Best Bad Luck I Ever Had Levine, Karen J History Levi 4.2 Color Me Dark McKissack, Patricia J History Mcki 4.9 Friendship for Today McKissack, Patricia J History Mcki 4.1 How High the Moon Parsons, Karyn J History Pars Cast Two Shadows Rinaldi, Ann J History Rina 4.1 African Americans 7/7/2021

Title Author Call # AR Color of Fire Rinaldi, Ann J History Rina 4 Letter Rinaldi, Ann J History Rina 4.7 Unlikely Friendship Rinaldi, Ann J History Rina 4.6 Friendship Taylor, Mildred J History Tayl 4.1 Land Taylor, Mildred J History Tayl 5 Let the Circle be Unbroken Taylor, Mildred J History Tayl 5.7 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Taylor, Mildred J History Tayl 5.7 Song of the Trees Taylor, Mildred J History Tayl 3.8 Voting Rights Act of 1965 Burgan, Michael J History You Story of Juneteenth Itfinoski, Steven J History You Harlem Renaissance Lassieur, Allison J History You Guide for Using Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry in theLevin, Classroom Michael J Pro 813.54 Underground Railroad Cummings, Judy J Pro 973.7 Good Kind of Trouble Ramee, Lisa J Reality Rame 4.5 Clean Getaway Stone, Nic J Reality Ston 5 Genesis Begins Again Williams, Alicia J Reality Will 4.5 Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond Woods, Brenda J Reality Wood 4.3 Jaha and Jamil went Down the Hill Kroll, Virginia MG 398.8 3.8 Jesse Owens Vegara, Isabel E Vega Prince Vegara, Isabel E Vega Black Lives Matter Tyner, Artika J 323.1 Singer and the Scientist Rose, Lisa E Rose Who Is RuPaul? Medina, Nico J B RuPaul