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Tuesday 18th July 2017, International Nelson , 09:00 (UTC+1)  The Elders, an international group of ex-world leaders founded by , releases a short documentary celebrating their ten years of work across the globe.  The film features never-before seen footage of Nelson Mandela, President Carter and meeting in 2007 to set the agenda of their work.  The film’s launch coincides with both Nelson Mandela’s birthday and International Nelson Mandela Day.

Tuesday 18th July 2017 marks a significant milestone for The Elders as they celebrate ten years since Nelson Mandela founded the group, brought together for peace, justice and human rights. The group will gather in to celebrate a decade of accomplishments with a screening of the documentary, and to launch their latest campaign, Walk Together; which aims to show solidarity with those who are most downtrodden and vulnerable in today’s world.

"We have nothing to lose, we have our careers behind us. So we should be free to raise our voices and steer people in the right direction.”- , Chair of The Elders, former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Laureate.

The film begins with footage from The Elders’ first meeting in 2007, and includes unseen footage of Nelson Mandela with accompanying interviews from President and Nobel Peace Laureate, ; Co-Founder of The Elders, Graça Machel; and first female President of Ireland, . The documentary celebrates their work across the world, providing insight into the delicate negotiations that have gone on to address conflicts and geopolitical tensions in Iran, the Korean Peninsula, Cyprus and Israel/Palestine, and the group’s public advocacy on issues such as climate change, child marriage, equality for girls and women, and refugees and migration.

"We have all come a long way in the past decade, but our , following in ’s footsteps, will continue." –Graça Machel

The Elders invite all viewers and supporters to join the Walk Together campaign to continue Nelson Mandela’s walk to freedom and tackle faultlines of division. We encourage you to share the video via Facebook or Twitter, or to feature the video on your website to help The Elders celebrate the achievements of the past decade and to continue to give the citizens of our world for the next ten years.

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About The Elders The Elders are independent leaders using their collective experience and influence for peace, justice and human rights worldwide. The group was founded by Nelson Mandela in 2007.

The Elders are , Kofi Annan (Chair), Ban Ki-moon, , (Deputy Chair), , Ricardo Lagos, Graça Machel, Mary Robinson and .

Ela Bhatt, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Jimmy Carter and are Elders Emeritus.

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