2012 Annual Report

Vision To grow world class players through leadership, innovation and partnerships we will build and connect communities to while meeting the needs of our Associations.

Purpose Growing world class players through being a world leading organisation.

Registered Office: 94H Duke Street, Frankton. Hamilton. Postal Address PO Box 5036, Frankton. Hamilton. 3204

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Solicitors Cruickshank Pryde, Invercargill Auditors PKF Martin Jarvie, Wellington

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North Island Under 13, 15 and 17 Champions 2012. 2 | P a g e

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Membership ...... 4

President’s Report ...... 6-8

Chief Executive’s Report ...... 9-11

Racqueteers Report ...... 12-13

Events Report...... 13-15

Inter Association Report ...... 16-19

Technical Officials Report ...... 20-21

High Performance Report…………………………………………….…22-24

Coaching Report …………………………………………………………25-26

Section 2: 2011 Results

International Events………………………………………………………27

National Championships ………………………………………………..28-35

Inter Association Results………………………………………………….36-44


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Life Members Graham E Feist Walter J Glengarry Derek Light

Richard Purser Heather J Robson MNZN Jeffrey E Robson MBE

Gilda Tompkins Murray Weatherston J Marten Young

Walter J Glengarry (passed away September 2011)

Officers & Board Patron President Jeffrey Robson MBE Bevan Smith Vice President Immediate Past President Nigel Skelt Murray Weatherston Chairperson Deputy Chair Jan Giffney Bevan Smith Board Members Jan Giffney, Bevan Smith, Val Dorling, Michelle Hollands, Aaron Spence. Nigel Skelt. Paul Bradshaw. Daniel Shirley (since retired)

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Staff Chief Executive Nicki Martin Administrative Secretary Natalie Westley (from Feb 2011)

Racqueteers (F/T) Corinne Barnard

Events Manager (F/T) Julie Carrel (from Jan 2011)

High Performance (F/T) TJ Weistra (from Nov 2010)

Coaching Development (F/T) Nick Chambers (from Oct 2011)

P/T – Part time. F/T – Fixed Term.

New Zealand Thomas Cup Team


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President’s Report

It was a great honour and privilege to be The Board has met six times, one of which voted in as President of Badminton NZ at last was a telephone conference call. year’s AGM, and humbling when I think of Attendance has been Aaron Spence (6), the many fine people who have held this Daniel Shirley (4), Jan Giffney (6), John Wong position over the years. (2), Michelle Hollands (5, one by Skype), Nigel Skelt (2), Paul Bradshaw (4), Val Dorling (6) Normally, the first meeting of the board is and myself (6). Nigel’s absences have been held the morning after the AGM, however we in part due to his significant commitments as didn’t have a quorum for this so we deferred Deputy Vice President of the BWF. it to a telephone conference call in December. The board unanimously voted It is not ideal that we have had board Jan Giffney to be chair for another year. This members resign mid-term. John Wong has turned out to be her last, as she is retiring tendered his resignation in February, and from the board at the upcoming AGM. Being soon after Associations were notified Chair is a volunteer role that consumes a regarding the opportunity to nominate a huge amount of time and requires replacement. Paul Bradshaw, Chief tremendous wisdom, fortitude and Executive of Badminton North Harbour, was diplomacy. Jan has displayed all these appointed prior to our April meeting. qualities, and her skills will be sorely missed. Dan Shirley resigned just prior to our October Early on, the Board adopted a new strategic meeting. Dan expressed regret that he plan and were called upon to make a couldn’t fulfil his two year term and referred decision about whether we upheld the to overseas travel commitments as the previous board’s decision to cancel the 2012 reason for his on-going unavailability for NZ Open. Despite pressure from our meetings. We were benefiting greatly from international body to go ahead, we felt the Dan’s high performance experience and he financial risks to the organisation were will be missed. significant and the need to free our Chief Executive’s time from this project meant we should stick to our guns and not go ahead. Later on in the year we were able to negotiate and sign an agreement with Match Point Events Ltd. to run the tournament for 4 years with no financial risk to Badminton NZ. If anyone can pull this off and grow the event, we know Julie can.

Despite the comings and goings, the Board have worked well together with everyone contributing where they could and working well in a spirit of unity and rigorous debate on the issues at hand.

The year has had its share of challenges. Being an Olympic year we were hopeful that

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Michelle Chan would qualify to attend. While On a more positive note the board have she qualified by the BWFs standard, entered into a relationship with Tightlines to regrettably she did not by the NZOC’s. be involved in promoting the sport of Speed Michelle and her supporters put a huge effort Badminton (also called Speedminton). We in to helping her qualify and it is saw this as an opportunity that could, over understandable that many were deeply time, be complimentary to Badminton and saddened that she didn’t quite meet the be a source of revenue for Badminton NZ. criteria. Understandably questions were Val Dorling has represented our interests on a asked as to why we didn’t nominate Michelle development committee with the for selection but we were bound by an responsibility of developing Speedminton agreement with the NZOC that we would not alongside Badminton. Some may assert that nominate athletes who didn’t meet the this might take away from badminton, criteria. however the Board concluded that this could be complimentary, and over time could Back in 1999, the Council adopted a develop in a similar way to how Touch took misconduct policy that has hardly ever had off in New Zealand alongside Rugby. to be used. Regrettably this year the Board Furthermore Speedminton has the received a complaint about two of our advantage of being able to be effectively athletes. Accordingly, a Disciplinary Panel played outdoors. The arrival of Speedminton was formed of Michelle Hollands, Val Dorling is an opportunity to expand rather than be and I, as chair, to hear the matters and make separate competing entities. a ruling on each. Both players were found to be in breach of the misconduct policy and both appealed the decisions as it related to them. Each case was separately heard by an Appeal Committee, which included Aaron Spence and two independent legal representatives. In the first case, the original decision was upheld, in the second case the original decision was overturned.

Both these complaints involved the use of social media and as was shown at the Olympics, the use of social media has increasingly become a form of Some of the highlights of 2012 have been communication that needs to be utilized attending the 75th Anniversary of the Waikato carefully and respectfully. These matters Badminton Association and talking to some have exposed some significant holes in our of the old timers there who have dedicated policy that will need to be addressed. a lifetime of service to our sport. The glowing Unfortunately putting these Appeal terms in which they talked about how much Committees together has been a costly badminton had given back to them as exercise and the money would have been people was an inspiration. It was also great to better utilised elsewhere. However, another be present at the Wisden Cup final and way of looking at this is that the expenditure witness a great badminton spectacle. has been an investment in the culture of our Waikato won the trophy but badminton was game. Hopefully we don’t have to pull this the big winner. policy, or an amended version, out for another decade or so.

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As I write I look forward to attending the 50th

Anniversary celebration of North Harbour Badminton Association on November 10th. What a great achievement and what a great contribution that Association has made to badminton in New Zealand over the years.

I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation to our Chief Executive, Nicki Martin, for her efforts this year. Leading a nation of passionate Badminton people can be a bit like herding cats at times. It is a fine line trying to keep people happy but at the same time making necessary decisions for the progress of the game that sometimes are not too popular. I appreciate the candour, diplomacy and professionalism she brings to our sport.

In conclusion I would like to thank all the Oliver people who have served our game in a multitude of ways, whether in their Association teaching kids to play, volunteering at some event, and offering skill in a committee of their Association or of Badminton NZ. Collectively as we unite together for a bigger purpose than ourselves we will see our sport flourish and thrive.

Yours sincerely

Bevan Smith


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Chief Executive’s Report

What a year it has been. Badminton has the training, living expenses and travel costs certainly been through some ups and downs of a ‘future Olympic super star’ costs on this year, not only within New Zealand but average $100,000 per year and that does not also on the global stage. While badminton cover the parents living costs. became one of the most talked about sports The reality of sport in New Zealand is that of the Olympics, for all the wrong reasons, the unless you are getting the results on the World positives were that people were talking Stage sports will not get funding. To get the about badminton. results requires a serious amount of self- While outside of the badminton community funding. And unless Central Government people were talking about badminton at the policy changes in the next few years, then Olympics, there were tough questions at this is the environment that we need to home to be answered about our own accept. position. While as a community we would While this might sound all doom and gloom, have all loved to have sent Michelle to the we only need to look at our current group of Olympics, the realisation of High Performance national squad players who are finding the Sport in NZ is that selection to global multi- way and the funding to travel overseas and sports events and the funding that comes compete on the world stage. Michelle Chan with it, is only going to sports (and athletes) is permanently based in and this who are medalling at World Championships European base as seen her world ranking rise and Olympics. For badminton this is very to a career best of 37. Oliver Leydon-Davis frustrating and is very much the ‘which came and Kevin Dennerly-Minturn have returned to first the chicken or egg question?’ …. We lost Ikast for a second year based in Denmark. our High Performance funding years ago due Already in one year they have climbed to 68 to lack of results and now we can only secure in the World Rankings from somewhere close this funding if we are successful on the World to 200 12 months ago. Stage. But what does that success look like? It comes in the form of medals and titles, and Joe Wu travelled to Central America earlier until we start achieving these astronomical this year and within 6 weeks improved his feats then we will not get funding. ranking from mid-200s to 157. As I write this report six kiwi girls are finishing off their training So what does this mean for badminton in New Zealand? I want to share a couple of and packing their bags to head to Europe to compete in 5 events before Christmas. While global stories to put this into context. ½ of the this group of players are committed to Great Britain Gold Medallists at the Beijing qualifying for the 2014 Commonwealth Olympics were educated in the Private (fee paying) sector. Games, they also acknowledge that for their game to improve they need to be heading The parents of American swim start Ryan outside of Oceania more often. Lochte (winner of 11 Olympic medals) filed for bankruptcy at the conclusion of the 2012 Qualifying for Commonwealth Games 2014 began in earnest this year. While it is still a Olympic Games. In a series of interviews it year outside of the start of the qualifying emerged that the Lochte’s are not the only period, BNZ acknowledges that the building Olympic parents suffering financial woes. A recent study in the USA found that to fund and preparation work needs to start in 2012

9 | P a g e to give our players the best platform for the place at the finals in Wuhan, China. This was start of the qualification period in 2013. great result, but one that, unfortunately, our girls could not match in the Uber Cup For New Zealand to qualify a team to qualifiers. The same team travelled to China compete in Glasgow, we need to be ranked later in the year to experience one of the in the Top 6 Commonwealth countries on the greatest team events. The team found the BWF World Teams Ranking list. Today we are competition strong and lost to Russia and 9th on that list, ranked 32 in the world. Japan in the pool play. occupy the 6th spot and are ranked 21. To increase our World Team Ranking relies Oceania Championships in Ballarat, saw on our individual player world rankings, Michelle Chan and James Eunson win the therefore to qualify we need players to have ladies and men’s singles, respectively. rankings inside the Top 75(at a minimum) BNZ teamed up with Tightlines to launch across all five disciplines. The only way to do Speed Badminton at the start of the year. A this is to earn points playing BWF events selection of National Squad and ABA players regularly. For players to qualify individually, joined ‘Sam the Weatherman’ on top of TVNZ they also need to be ranked in the Top 6 to promote both sports. While there has been Commonwealth Countries in the ranking of mixed response from the badminton their discipline. community to Speedminton, this does offer To support the players on their qualifying some schools, towns and rural areas the journey BNZ has set up a fundraising initiative opportunity to have a badminton experience called 14. Our first project has been selling without the need for a badminton hall, court fundraising t-shirts, hoodies and beanies, with and net. A lot of primary schools do not have players being offered the opportunity to sell sports halls / facilities that enable students to the items and raise funds for their own player play badminton. Speedminton offers outdoor account. We are actively promoting the badminton to those schools. players through a new website and In May, Waikato hosted the Pan Pacific test dedicated Facebook page. BNZ will continue match between New Zealand and Australia, to work on these type of initiatives to support followed by the New Zealand Junior our players the best we can. International. While in the team event Australia beat the kiwi’s in the individual www.14.net.nz event New Zealand won two titles (Samuel Ho/ Riga Oud and Lilian Shih / Felicity We have also contracted the services of TJ Leydon-Davis). Weistra to work with the group of players to help coordinate their overseas travel and The Long Term High Performance Plan was events. TJ has been able to utilise his put into action with the development of European networks to support these players regional under 13 and 15 programmes. It was with access to training and cheaper disappointing that two of the regional accommodation. This work will continue programmes did not go ahead, but pleasing during 2013 and throughout the qualifying the see the results from the successfully period. completed Northern Region Camps. This is a long term approach and results cannot be Looking at activities within New Zealand the expected immediately. It will be interesting to Thomas Cup Team kick started the 2012 see which players come back for Year 2 and season off by beating Australia in the Thomas how we progress in the other two regions. Cup qualifiers and earning themselves a

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The development of the new Coaching was a great opportunity to hear from other Framework has been a success for BNZ this sports about how they are developing their year. Three Associations trialled the new game and growing their fan base. One of the modular framework and the final product key themes from this conference was that given the tick of approval from Sport NZ. We ‘sport is in the business of entertainment’ and now have a coaching framework which we have to think entertainment to compete provides coaches with the flexibility to be with other sports to increase our participation specialists in their own areas and engage in numbers. The other key theme, was our learning through a variety of means. At the addiction to gaming trust funding and that as end of 2012 a series of road shows will be organisations we need to become a business delivered throughout New Zealand to ensure with a sport attached, rather than sport all regions are fully informed about the new driven organisations in order to survive in the framework. future.

Racqueteers has continued to flourish and This conference clearly identified that we the number of kids participating in need to take a more marketing / Racqueteers has broken the 10,000 mark. BNZ communications approach to core activities will look to continue to develop and promote to ensure the survival of our sport. We need to the programme during 2013. make badminton an experience that draws participants back time and time again. The events programme has continued to be delivered to a high standard. New initiatives 2012 has certainly been an interesting year. I such as Under 13 Nationals and junior circuits would like to take the opportunity to thank were introduced and will continue to be the BNZ Board for working hard alongside me supported during 2013. While there was no and being brave in making some tough New Zealand Open this year, Auckland did a decisions. It has been positive working with a great job in delivering the Sotx Auckland Board who focus on delivering against the International and providing an opportunity Strategic Plan but are prepared to challenge for players to earn BWF points on home soil. the norm and think about things differently. I BNZ will be undertaking a review of events also would like to thank Jan for her support as during 2013 and will also look into Chair over the last two years. opportunities to run more social events to I would also like to thank Natalie, Julie, engage a wider participation base during Corinne, Lynne, Ray, TJ and Nick for the work the year. that they have contributed to the The introduction of League Planner for Inter organisation during this year. To all the Association results has been successful, with committee members, volunteers and feedback from Associations being positive. technical officials who have helped delivery The BNZ office could only input as fast as we badminton once again during 2012. received result sheets and dependent on the quality of how they were completed. Nicki Martin Towards the end of the year I attended the Sport Business Conference in Auckland. This Chief Executive

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Racqueteers Report

Inspiring kids to be Badminton fanatics. is joining forces with Coach Development and will be delivering a series of Road Shows The focus this year has throughout the North and South Island, which been on resource will include the delivery of the Racqueteers development and Leaders course. The first course is being production. Both the delivered in the Northern Region at the end teachers resource of November. manual (which has 12 lesson plans) and the games book (which has 78 fun games and activities) have now been completed and are available to purchase. Other parts of the programme have included bringing the ‘incentive badges’ in line with the Racqueteers programme and giving them a new look and feel aligned with the Racqueteers brand. Newly designed schools participation certificates have been designed and are available to purchase through the new website. Participation rates within Racqueteers has seen a considerable increase in the last 12 The Racqueteers website has been launched months. At the end of last year 4,889 kids had and is a great portal for all schools participated in the programme. At the end of badminton information and to order 2012 that number had dramatically resources. I would like to acknowledge Susannah Leydon-Davis who helped in the increased to 10,615. early stages to start the site. 48 schools have taken part in the www.racqueteers.co.nz programme & 10 associations are delivering Racqueteers. The three hour Racqueteers coaching course for tutors has been one of the first new 9 coaches have participated in the tutors modules developed within the new coaching course and can now train Racqueteers framework and has already been Leaders locally within their own Associations. endorsed by Sport NZ. In total 12,346 kids have participated in Any member Association school based badminton programmes 10,615 kids (Racqueteers & non-Racqueteers schemes), can run this module with a participating with 1,606 kids in Intermediate schools also in qualified trainer. getting involved. Racqueteers Racqueteers

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Badminton remains the 10th most played strategic aim to have all Associations sport within Secondary Schools & the recently delivering Racqueteers by 2017. published Sports NZ Young Persons Survey puts badminton at the 7th most played sport for young Asian Boys & 5th most played sport for young Asian Girls. Moving forward, member Associations need to take some time during their meetings to discuss and plan whether this is a programme they want to invest in. If so, then methodically apply the programme over the coming years, which I can assure you will result in increased numbers participating in badminton in your clubs and Association. The key is to work with the schools and ensure you have someone responsible for Corinne Barnard Racqueteers in your Association. Racqueteers Coordinator Work continues with the development of have-a-go days, secondary school teachers and a data collection tool to ensure that we have an easy to use yet reliable way to capture and analyse actual participation numbers.

We will aim to roll out Racqueteers to more Associations during 2013 with the five year

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Events Report

2012 has once again been a busy year in the Badminton New Zealand Hosted Events area of Events. Events are the showcase of our sport; for this reason it is important that In total there were 16 Badminton New across the board we continually strive to Zealand events, involving over 1,700 players, deliver quality events at all levels to both hosted by our Association’s: meet the needs of the badminton community but also to get the badminton  Sotx Auckland International – message out to the public of New Zealand. Auckland Our events, for affiliated members are very  New Zealand Junior International and reliant on the various programmes and infra- the Pan Pacific Trophy - Waikato structure within associations; events being the  Alpers Lodge New Zealand National end product which demonstrate the success Championships – Auckland or otherwise of these other programmes; i.e.  Auckland City New Zealand Masters an association which has sound National Championships – North administration and well planned structured Harbour coaching, development and high  New Zealand u23 National performance programmes are, and have Championships – North Harbour shown to be, the ones who have players  New Zealand u19 National participating in and benefitting from the Championships – Wellington competition provided through our events.  Prince New Zealand u17 National Championships – Waitakere Sanctioned Events  New Zealand u15 National Championships – North Harbour These are predominately Association events,  New Zealand u13 National which Associations plan, promote and run to Championships – Nelson meet the needs of the players in their area.  NZCT New Zealand Secondary Schools In total there were 61 Association Championships – Canterbury  New Zealand Division 1 & 2 (Wisden & sanctioned events throughout the country, in Slazenger Cup) - Waikato all age groups from under 13 through to  Li-Ning North Island Open – North seniors; with over 2,100 players Harbour participating. All sanctioned events are part  South Island Open – Canterbury of the national player points system which is  North Island u19 Championships – Bay now used extensively for the seeding of of Plenty events. There have been significant  Lion Foundation South Island u19 improvements in this area of operation over Championships – Canterbury the past three years with most events now  North Island Age Group (u17/15/13) offering on-line entry and all draws Championships – Manawatu* conforming to the set regulations; giving  ILT South Island Age Group (u17/15/13) uniformity to all the events feeding into the Championships – Southland player points system. * - not part of the hosting bid process Thank you to Janice Cudby and Rob James for their assistance with the sanctioned Congratulations and thank you to the hosts events this year. and in particular the Event Directors of these 14 | P a g e events who have all gone the extra mile to ensure that their event was organised and delivered to their best.

It is important that through these events we keep challenging ourselves to raise the bar to continue to deliver quality events so that we can showcase our sport more and more. It was good to see North Harbour become the first national event to align themselves with a Charity and make a considerable donation from the event entry fees to the Cancer Society of New Zealand.

Feedback from players and Associations about all of these new initiatives has been extremely positive with the success and support likely to build as associations and players become more familiar with them.

An Event Organisers practical work-shop weekend was held in May which enabled more people to become up-skilled in the area of event organisation; the challenge New initiatives introduced in 2012 were: now is to apply the theory to the practical situation.  The introduction of the Speedminton sponsored North Island u17 & u15 Thank you to all event organisers, volunteers Circuits and technical officials, your energy,

dedication and enthusiasm to make our  The introduction of u13 Player Points events happen, are appreciated

 The introduction of u13 North Island, South Island and National Championships Julie Carrel Event Manager

 A change in format for the New Zealand u19, u17 and u15 National Championships which included open entry into the inter-association competition and the u17 and u15 events being held on separate weeks.

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Inter Association Report

A full season of Inter Association and a were promoted to Wisden Cup for 2013. change to the recording method of results Waikato 2 were relegated to Division 3 for provided a new way for Associations to 2013. check out their results and results of their competition. Seniors Division Three – New Zealand Final

League Planner was used for the first time Otago 1 defeated Wellington 1 in the NZ and while there were a few glitches on the Division 3 Finals to win the division and whole this was a successful first season of its promotion to Slazenger Cup for 2013. use.

A total of 224 teams entered Inter Association for 2012, which was one more than 2011. While most competitions have remained constant it is interesting to note the decrease in Under 23s and 19s.

Inter Association

Section 2012 2011 2010 Entries Entries Entries Senior 6 6 6 Division 1 Masters and Veterans North and South Senior 6 6 6 Island Division2 Senior NI Div 25 25 28 This is still the most popular category with no 3-5 major issues. There have been some murmurs Senior SI Div 3 9 7 7 about the 15 year age span (35-49) causing Masters NI 51 53 52 some teams to think twice about playing. Masters SI 15 14 15 Veterans NI 37 36 32 Maybe Veterans & Super Vets should drop by Veterans SI 11 11 10 five years to have a 10 year age gap in all 3 Super Vets NI 9 11 11 Under 23 4 6 6 categories. Under 19 10 11 19 Masters North Island Division 5 was spilt into a Under 17 20 18 22 northern zone of 8 teams playing 1 weekend Under 15 21 19 23 Total 224 223 237 of 3 ties each and 2 of 2 ties; and a Southern Zone of 7 teams paying over 4 weekends.

Seniors Division One and Two – Wisden Veterans North Island Division 4 had 5 teams in Zone A and 5 teams in Zone B with play and Slazenger Cups: offs. Held at Waikato this year, with Waikato Super Veterans retaining the Wisden Cup for the third year running. Wellington North were relegated to Following a request to have a social section, Slazenger Cup for 2013 and Auckland 2 after Super Veterans were split into 2 Divisions. The winning all their ties and the Slazenger Cup 16 | P a g e idea is to limit Division 1 to a maximum of 6 Spot the Referee…. teams and allow Division 2 to grow – providing playing opportunities for those who just want to play.

During this year Division 1 had 5 teams and chose to play 1 round of 4 ties over two weekends.

Division 2 only had 4 teams and played 2 rounds (6 ties each) over 3 weekends.

All 9 teams were together for 2 weekends to maintain the social aspect. Team Entries for 2013

The deadline for entries into the 2012 Inter Association competition remains as 2011, being the end of September. A September close off date, allows plenty of time for the draft draw to be available at the November AGM. For those Associations travelling long distances, the earlier we can get the draw released, the cheaper flights can be booked. Although one or two Associations are unhappy with the early deadline, the majority Results of Associations are happy and understand It was disappointing to see further issues the complexity involved in developing the again this year with not receiving results draw. promptly and forms not correctly filled in. In Seniors North Island Division 3 to 5: some cases only Christian names were used on the results sheets and this made it near on - 24 entries (same as 2012): impossible for the office to enter results. - 1 team has withdrawn and there is 1 new A number of ranking reports were not team. received and this makes the capturing of - No team was promoted to Div 2 as Otago results more difficult. won the Division 3 NZ Final. This leaves 10 teams in Division 3 so one team is to move Referee Reports also became more and down to Division 4 (we are looking for more uncommon as the season progressed. volunteers). Unfortunately, at a couple of key ties the lack of a Referee on site became a real issue and when some tie sheets were lost towards the Masters North Island: end of the season, it highlight further the real 49 entries: 1 new and 3 withdrawn need for someone to act in the referee role on the day. - 2 less than in 2012 -Division 5 (13 teams) has 7 x Northern Region BNZ needs to consider greater enforcement of the submission of Ranking Sheets, correctly teams and 6 Central Region teams completed Results Sheets and the presence 2 x draws will be prepared of a Referee during the ties. 1 with Zones of 6 and 8 17 | P a g e

Veterans North Island: home ties and to all team captains and managers who put in the extra effort to 41 entries: 4 new ensure that their teams were ready and able -4 more than in 2012 to be on court on time. -Division 4 has 14 teams A special thanks to Badminton NZ Office, 2 zones of 7 John Milne, Graham Feist, Robert Bryce, Viv Super Veterans North Island: Ninnes, Dave Cochrane, Suzanne Mattingly, Peter Murray and Inger Walbridge for their 11 entries: 2 new and 2 more than 2012. assistance during the year.

Division 1 – 5 teams

Division 2 – 6 teams Ray Walbridge

My thanks to all Associations for organizing Inter Association Convenor

18 | P a g e

Division & Trophy Winners 2012

Division 1 New Zealand Wisden Cup Waikato 1 Division 2 New Zealand Slazenger Cup Auckland II Division 3 New Zealand RSL Cup Otago North Island Hawksworth Cup Wellington South Island Pearce Cup Otago Division 4 North Island W F Smith Cup Taranaki 1 South Island D Cessford Cup Not held Division 5 North Island G E Feist Hutt Valley 2 Masters North Island Division 1 K Niven Trophy North Harbour 1 North Island Division 2 V Stanford Cup Wellington 1 North Island Division 3 Waikato 2 North Island Division 4 Manawatu 1 North Island Division 5 North Harbour 4 South Island Division 1 Pryde Trophy Otago 1 South Island Division 2 Canterbury Cup West Coast South Island Division 3 Whittaker Cup South Otago Veterans North Island Division 1 Massey Cup North Harbour 1 North Island Division 2 Taranaki 1 North Island Division 3 Wellington North 2 North Island Division 4 Waitakere 4 South Island Division 1 S Phillips Cup Canterbury 1 South Island Division 2 B Baker Cup Canterbury 2 Supervets North Island Auckland 1 Under 23 New Zealand R Purser Trophy Auckland Under 19 North Island Division 1 Woolworth Cup Auckland 1 South Island Division 1 Woolworth Cup Marlborough New Zealand Division 1 Vincent Trophy Auckland 1 New Zealand Division 2 B Stevens Shield Not Contested Under 17 North Island Division 1 Murray Auckland 1 Weatherston Shield South Island Division 1 Canterbury Cup Canterbury New Zealand Division 1 Neil Gardiner Auckland 1 Cup New Zealand Division 2 Hawksworth Waitakere Shield Under 15 North Island Division 1 Gilda Tompkins Auckland 1 Shield South Island Division 1 Canterbury Cup Canterbury New Zealand Division 1 Marten Young North Harbour 1 Cup New Zealand Division 2 Hawksworth Hutt Valley Shield

19 | P a g e

Technical Officials

New Zealand Technical Officials continue to Greg Pitcher perform at an exceptionally high level both Oceania Championships & Thomas & Uber at an International level and at a National Cup Preliminaries (Ballarat) level. It is encouraging to see some new faces joining our small team and we are Bikash Mukherjee continuing on our goal of up-skilling and training as many Officials around NZ as we Oceania Championships & Thomas & Uber can. Cup Preliminaries (Ballarat)

2012 has been an exceptionally busy year. Sidney Galos Some of our highlights for the year include: Oceania Championships & Thomas & Uber Training Courses Run: Cup Preliminaries (Ballarat)

Referees Course – Auckland Dean Griffith

Umpires Course – Auckland Oceania Championships & Thomas & Uber Cup Preliminaries (Ballarat) Umpires Course – Christchurch

International Appointments:


Lynne Nixey

Oceania Championships, Thomas & Uber Cup Preliminaries, Australian Open, Deputy Referee Vietnam Open

Julie Carrel

Attended BWF Referees Course (Kuala Line Judge Lumpur) Greg Pitcher Umpire London Olympics Richard Bramley Greg Busch London Olympics, Singapore Open World Junior Championships (Japan) Trish Gubb Assessing Australian Open, World Junior Championships (Japan) Rob Denton

Justin Zuo BWF Assessor World Junior Championships (Japan) Macau Open, Australian Open, Chinese

20 | P a g e

It is awesome to see that NZ Technical purposes. Hopefully this ongoing training will Officials cover all aspects of Officiating at an lead to more people being available to our extremely high level. Associations in future years. Unfortunately to gain the wealth of knowledge our top Qualifications Gained: Officials have, takes time and just doing a course will not adequately prepare you for Justin Zuo- Achieved Oceania Certificated Officiating. As with most things – it is the Umpire level practical experience and ongoing practise that really counts. Julie Carrel- Passed BWF Referees Theory Course NZ Technical Officials continue to be small in numbers and we are always looking for more Bikash Mukherjee- Achieved Level Three people who would like to take up an National Umpire Officiating role. If your Association can put together a group of people, the NZ Technical Alan Thomas - Achieved Level Three National Officials Committee is more than willing to Umpire come and give assistance with either running a full course, or, if preferred, a ‘mini-course’ Sidney Galos - Achieved Level Two National where just one aspect of Officiating is looked Umpire at – eg Service faults. We are also more than willing to visit Associations to talk to Team Greg Busch- Achieved Level Two National Managers about their roles for Inter- Association. Just get in touch with any of the Umpire NZ Technical Officials Committee. Richard Skarott- Achieved Level Two National On that note – my thanks once again go the Umpire people on the NZ Technical Officials Committee. The committee is made up of a keen band of people from throughout New Zealand. They are: Trish Gubb (Auckland), Dorothy Callister (North Harbour), Richard Bramley (Canterbury), Julie Carrel (Badminton NZ Events), Greg Busch (Manawatu) and Greg Pitcher (Waitakere). At any time, Associations can contact any of these people for assistance with things Official – or contact me direct.

In addition to the International appointments shown above, there is also the NZ National schedule of events with all national sanctioned events having a NZ Technical Official present in some role.

Training continues to be one of the most important roles of the Technical Officials Committee. In addition to our formal courses that have been run during the year, there was an on-going program being run of up- Lynne Nixey skilling our current officials. It was Chair encouraging to note how many events had Technical Officials Committee of NZ a Deputy Referee appointed for training

21 | P a g e

High Performance Report

At the 2011 AGM a new Long Term High and Tom Armstrong & Tony Griffen (U15 Performance Strategy (LTHPS) was presented coaches) have worked hard with the players after a lengthy consultation process with which has been beneficial to their associations and regions across New Zealand development. as well as key people within the Badminton Community and from outside the sport. 2012 was structured to implement stage one of the new LTHPS being the Regional U13/15/17/19 High Performance Programme. After much deliberation around the operational side of the implementation, it was decided by the High Performance Committee to initially only focus on the implementation of the U13 and U15 programme in 2012 before adding the U17 age group in 2013 and U19 in 2014/2015.

Operational meetings were held in North,

Central and South with the appointed coaches/managers. In these meetings the Central: 2012 programme was mapped out for each All was on track to deliver the programme in region (dates, venues, required resources the Central Region but nominations were too etc.). Following these meetings information low to go ahead with the first camp was sent out to associations calling for scheduled for July. In hindsight the timing of nominations and information was placed on that first camp was too close to the North the BNZ website to promote the programme. Island Championships so we postponed the North: first camp until September. We also held a meeting during the North Island The programme in North received 42 Championships in Palmerston North to ensure applications which were all accepted. the information with regards to the Specific details were sent to players and programme was received and understood. associations to ensure all were well informed The meeting was very well attended and of the programme and expectations. With various questions were clarified. one more camp to go the programme has been running throughout the year and the Unfortunately, despite positive feedback feedback from players and parents has been after the meeting, nominations did not come positive. I have sought feedback throughout in and despite chasing for several weeks the the camps from parents and players and programme had to be cancelled due to have addressed some minor concerns they insufficient numbers. This was obviously had with regards to some of the activities disappointing especially given the fact that and we have made some adjustments along Central had been very vocal during the the way. consultation process in 2011 and giving strong signals that BNZ needed to deliver a Players have been great in their attendance regional programme. and the effort they put in during the camps. Tracey Hallam, Aaron Spence (U13 coaches) 22 | P a g e

Players from the Central Region were invited accommodation to heavily reduced to join the programme in Northern Camps. accommodation as well as being allowed to train with their respective national squads South: before and after tournaments to assist them All was also on track to deliver the with their preparation and transition between programme in the South Island with a great events. Players have also been invited to take group of coaches despite some early part in friendly test match between Ireland concerns about the venue of the first camp and The Rest of the World. being Dunedin. We discussed this in great length again and came to the conclusion that Dunedin was still the best venue for the first camp. Nominations then came through and we had a pleasing number of 32 players being put forward which was very positive and sufficient to provide a quality programme.

After all arrangements had been put in place two major associations chose to withdraw Besides the above arrangements I have been their players the week before the camp was in touch with a second Club in Denmark to due to start. coordinate a similar set up / deal as we We were unfortunately left with no other currently have going with IKAST. The second option other than to also cancel the Club is based in Arhus, Denmark, and is programme for the South Island. Players from offering New Zealand players, through the South Island were invited to join the Badminton New Zealand, the opportunity to programme in North. be based there during the European season.

Commonwealth Games 2014 Campaign Conclusions

As part of the 2014 CWG campaign it was my It will not come as a surprise that I have task, where requested by players, to support mixed feelings about this year’s players travelling overseas during the 2012 achievements from a High Performance period for international competitions. I have Coordinator perspective. The regional HP been closely involved with assisting Joe Wu programme in North has been well received for his competition stint in Central and South and is running according to plan but having America, by accessing my contacts / had to cancel the programmes in Central & network in that part of the world in order to South leaves a bitter taste as I had so much arrange some good deals for Joe especially hopes and expectations that this programme with regards to accommodation. As I am would be the start of something good and writing this report I am in the process of also necessary for the future of high finalising arrangements for six New Zealand performance Badminton in New Zealand. players heading over to Europe in the Somehow there is too much resistance November and December period for which I towards doing things differently and I have have managed to organise accommodation no answer to the solution for that. If we want and training deals in Scotland, Wales and to be successful long term then the culture Ireland with Turkey and Norway still pending. and attitude towards high performance The arrangements put in place with the needs to head into a new direction. A above mentioned countries range from free direction that is consistent with what is being 23 | P a g e achieved across the globe and at the indicator of a good high performance moment we are falling behind at an alarming programme being “commitment”. rate because we are unable to persuade TJ Weistra players, parents, associations and regions of the single most important key performance High Performance Coordinator

24 | P a g e

Coach Development Report

The annual report for coach development Framework, Community Sport Plan and is focuses on the achievements over the last 12 underpinned by the Long Term Athlete months and relates to the next 12 month Development model used widely across the planning period. In the last 12 months Sport globe to develop an effective sports delivery New Zealand (formerly SPARC) have worked model. with many codes to develop a coaching Stage 1 of the framework is now complete, structure or framework that supports athletes meaning that the development and and coaches at all levels. These frameworks foundation pathways for coaches and are designed to assist sports to be able to participants are now imbedded across all create and foster an environment where coach development activities nationally. coaches are recognised, as is their lifestyle Training is taking place throughout the and approach or time available towards country during the last quarter of 2012 to coaching. At the coalface of this approach is ensure that these modules of delivery support a “needs based”, athlete first philosophy that the quality standards that Badminton New ensures maximum benefit to participants. Zealand has come to expect. For Badminton New Zealand this has meant a Stage 2 focuses on the Performance radical change in our approach to coach community, highlighting the desire for more development, moving away from a competitive play, closely followed by the framework that relied on coaching courses high performance community to round off and moving towards a more regionally and the framework. locally adaptable modular system. A modular system is developed to be able to The diagram below gives the timelines provide more frequent and personal required for the Coach Development Dept contacts with coaches and allows new and and reflects the key KPI’s below: existing coaches to develop at their own pace and in line with other commitments  Coach Development Framework they may have. Whilst the development of published online and opportunities the coaching framework may have changes sought to officially transition from the the athlete development pathway by old framework to the new one – enlarge is the same. COMPLETE / ONGOING  Development / Foundation Resources The athlete pathway and coach complete - COMPLETE development framework are located in the  Development of Coaching Facilitator rear of this document. The athlete pathway Training through Coach Development clearly identifies the different communities Roadshow - ONGOING and variations in participants across a very  Develop a minimum of 500 new wide demographic of players. This pathway is coaches nationwide through the directly linked to the coach development foundation/development communities framework that provides the necessary  Development of an advisory group to knowledge and information required to develop performance communities deliver a supportive and thriving environment  Development of an advisory group to that suits the needs of all participants. This develop high performance community framework and pathway is also aligned to in conjunction with HPSNZ and aligned the Sport NZ Coach Development to HP Strategy 25 | P a g e

 Develop an effective and 2.Development of Performance Advisory comprehensive database of coach Group activity within NZ and investigate a 3.Development of HP Advisory Group number of options to register and license all coaches across NZ Long term outcomes:

The timeline below reflects the working 1.Development of performance coaches schedule for the July 2012 – June 2013 and HP coaches aligned to BNZ HP strategy contract for coach development 2.Licensing system to assess quality control It is clear that in the short term a number of standards nationwide with associations actions need to be complete to ensure that the new framework can be adopted. These key tasks include:

1.Delivery of national road show to highlight the new framework and train the appropriate people to deliver these components across the communities

2.Development of database to capture participant information

Medium term outcomes are: Nick Chambers

1.Development area of framework being Coaching Development delivered throughout associations

Develop Coach 500 met of License new Performa Sytem coach nce and investiga conta HP ted CDF modules Published ct June July 2012 2013 Dec 2012

Database Coach Develop developed to Facilitator Advisory capture Training group for coaching Performa information July 2012 - nce and Dec 2013 June 2013 HP

Dec 2012

26 | P a g e

2012 Results

International Events held in New Zealand


Sotx Auckland International

Mens Singles Lai Chien Cheng Chinese Taipei

Womens Singles Chang Ya Lan Chinese Taipei

Mens Doubles Kevin Dennerly-Minturn/Oliver Leydon-Davis New Zealand

Nurviat Hanadia Keshya/Devi Taka Womens Doubles Permatasari Indonesia

Mixed Doubles Tom Armstrong/Tracey Hallam England

New Zealand Junior International – hosted by Waikato

Boys Singles Wei Jian Ai Malaysia

Girls Singles Jennifer Tam Australia

Boys Doubles Samuel Ho/Riga Oud New Zealand

Girls Doubles Felicity Leydon-Davis/Lilian Shih New Zealand

Mixed Doubles Sawan Serasinghe/Gronya Sommerville Australia

27 | P a g e

New Zealand National Championship


Alpers Lodge New Zealand National Championships - hosted by Auckland

Mens Singles Tjitte Weistra Waikato

Womens Singles Lilian Shih Auckland

Mens Doubles /Joe Wu Auckland/Northland

Womens Doubles Stephanie Cheng/Kylie Luo Auckland

Mixed Doubles Henry Tam/Kylie Luo Auckland

New Zealand Under 23 National Championships - hosted by North Harbour

Mens Singles Ashraf Dhoray Auckland

Womens Singles Angie Leung Auckland

Mens Doubles Michael Fowke/Oliver Leydon-Davis Waikato

Womens Doubles Lilian Shih/Carmen Yuen Auckland

Mixed Doubles Oliver Leydon-Davis/Felicity Leydon-Davis Waikato

New Zealand Under 19 National Championships - hosted by Wellington

Boys Singles Samuel Ho Auckland

Girls Singles Lilian Shih Auckland

Boys Doubles Samuel Ho/Riga Oud Auckland

Girls Doubles Lilian Shih/Felicity Leydon-Davis Auckland/Waikato

Mixed Doubles Kerwyn Lee/Lilian Shih North Harbour/Auckland

28 | P a g e

New Zealand Under 17 National Championships - hosted by Waitakere

Boys Singles Pun Thepkunhanimit Taranaki

Girls Singles Angie Leung Auckland

Boys Doubles Raymond Ke/Daniel Lee Auckland

Girls Doubles Rowena Devathasan/Deborah Yin Auckland/North Harbour

Mixed Doubles Ben Lie/Rayna Phillips North Harbour

New Zealand Under 15 National Championships - hosted by North Harbour

Boys Singles Benjamin Hillier Auckland

Girls Singles Christine Zhang North Harbour

Boys Doubles Harrison Jin/Alex Qu Auckland

Girls Doubles Sally Fu/Ker’Sara Koh Auckland/Wellington

Mixed Doubles Benjamin Hillier/Sally Fu Auckland

New Zealand Under 13 National Championships - hosted by Nelson

Boys Singles Dacmen Vong Auckland

Girls Singles Tamara Otene North Harbour

Boys Doubles Dacmen Vong/Edward Lau Auckland/North Harbour

29 | P a g e

New Zealand Masters Championships - hosted by North Harbour

35s Mens Singles Tjitte Weistra Waikato

35s Womens Singles Jenny Matthews North Harbour

35s Mens Doubles Tjitte Weistra/Alistair Gatt Waikato

35s Womens Doubles Tracey Hallam/Doriana Rivera Aliaga Waikato

35s Mixed Doubles Tjitte Weistra/Doriana Rivera Aliaga Waikato

40s Mens Singles Ram Lankhan India

40s Womens Singles Julie Scott Hutt Valley

Wellington/North 40s Mens Doubles Dean Galt/Kerrin Harrison Harbour

40s Womens Doubles Denise Darling/Tanya Riddick Taranaki

40s Mixed Doubles Nick Hall/Brigid McIntrye Waitakere

45s Mens Singles Ram Lankhan India

45s Womens Singles Tanya Riddick Taranaki

45s Mens Doubles Richard Kelly/Steve Milliken North Harbour

45s Womens Doubles Denise Darling/Tanya Riddick Taranaki

45s Mixed Doubles Steve Milliken/Tanya Riddick North Harbour/Taranaki

50s Mens Singles Trevor Phillips Waitakere

50s Womens Singles Jackie Downs Waikato

50s Mens Doubles Vaughan Coley/Grant Demenech Hawkes Bay/Waitakere

50s Womens Doubles Kay Kanaris/Robyn Kinnear North Harbour

50s Mixed Doubles Grant Demenech/Val McLoughlin Waitakere

30 | P a g e

55s Mens Singles Jeff Spearman Auckland

55s Mens Doubles Paul Chai/Ket Yong Auckland

55s Mixed Doubles Ket Yong/Robyn Kinnear Auckland/North Harbour

60s Mens Singles Robert Cyca Bay of Plenty

60s Womens Singles Cheryl Lawrence Taranaki

60s Mens Doubles Paul Chai/Larry Curtis Auckland

60s Womens Doubles Jennifer Brittan/Laureen Cooper Waitakere

60s Mixed Doubles Ian Sinclair/Kris Fluerty-White Southland/Waitakere

65s Mens Singles Angus Husin Auckland

65s Mens Doubles Valentine Cleaver/Graham Feist Taranaki/Wanganui

65s Womens Doubles Jennifer Brittan/Sally Grennell Waitakere/Auckland

65s Mixed Doubles Valentine Cleaver/Cheryl Lawrence Taranaki

70s Mens Singles Jimmy Lim Hawkes Bay

70s Womens Singles Jill Massey Auckland

70s Mens Doubles Arthur Dickinson/Bill Reid Auckland

70s Womens Doubles Grace Clements/Jill Massey Northland/Auckland

70s Mixed Doubles Noel Nicol/Grace Clements North Harbour/Northland

31 | P a g e

North and South Island Championship


Li-Ning North Island Championships - hosted by North Harbour

Mens Singles James Eunson Southland

Womens Singles Anna Rankin Southland

Mens Doubles Ashraf Dhoray/Brent Miller Auckland

Womens Doubles Marie Inoue/Kylie Luo Northland/Auckland

Mixed Doubles Henry Tam/Kylie Luo Auckland

South Island Championships - hosted by Canterbury

Mens Singles Alfred Wong Canterbury

Womens Singles Tegan Weston Nelson

Mens Doubles Alfred Wong/William Chen Canterbury

Womens Doubles Tegan Weston/Marcia Ho Nelson/Canterbury

Mixed Doubles Glen Price/Joanne Seddon Canterbury

North Island Under 19 Championships - hosted by Bay of Plenty

Boys Singles Dylan Soedjasa North Harbour

Girls Singles Lilian Shih Auckland

Boys Doubles Dylan Soedjasa/Kerwyn Lee North Harbour

Girls Doubles Lilian Shih/Felicity Leydon-Davis Auckland/Waikato

North Mixed Doubles Kerwyn Lee/Lilian Shih Harbour/Auckland

Lion Foundation South Island Under 19 Championships - hosted by Canterbury

Boys Singles Dylan Soedjasa North Harbour

Girls Singles Rayna Phillips North Harbour

Boys Doubles Dylan Soedjasa/Kerwyn Lee North Harbour

Girls Doubles Rayna Phillips/Deborah Yin North Harbour

Mixed Doubles Dylan Soedjasa/Deborah Yin North Harbour

32 | P a g e

North Island Under 17 Championships - hosted by Manawatu

Boys Singles Daniel Lee Auckland

Girls Singles Angie Leung Auckland

Boys Doubles Daniel Lee/Raymond Ke Auckland

Auckland/North Girls Doubles Rowena Devathasan/Deborah Yin Harbour

Mixed Doubles Daniel Lee/Angie Leung Auckland

ILT South Island Under 17 Championships - hosted by Southland

Boys Singles Josh Finnie Otago

Girls Singles Michaela Andrews Otago

Boys Doubles Josh Finnie/Daniel Cleminson Otago

Girls Doubles Michaela Andrews/Anna Coster Otago/Canterbury

Mixed Doubles Josh Finnie/Michaela Andrews Otago

North Island Under 15 Championships - hosted by Manawatu

Boys Singles Benjamin Hillier Auckland

Girls Singles Ker’ Sara Koh Wellington

Auckland/North Boys Doubles Benjamin Hillier/Alan Wong Harbour

Girls Doubles Ker’ Sara Koh/Sally Fu Wellington/Auckland

Mixed Doubles Benjamin Hillier/Sally Fu Auckland

33 | P a g e

ILT South Island Under 15 Championships - hosted by Southland

Boys Singles Adi Menon Canterbury

Girls Singles Nicole Kellett Otago

Boys Doubles Adi Menon/Hayden Struthers Canterbury

Girls Doubles Nicole Kellett/Zoya Timms Otago/Marlborough

Mixed Doubles Avinash Shastri/Nicole Kellett Otago

North Island Under 13 Championships - hosted by Manawatu

Boys Singles Edward Lau North Harbour

Girls Singles Catelyn Rozario North Harbour

North Boys Doubles Edward Lau/Dacmen Vong Harbour/Auckland

North Girls Doubles Catelyn Rozario/ Jacqueline Yu Harbour/Auckland

Mixed Doubles Oscar Guo/Catelyn Rozario North Harbour

ILT South Island Under 13 Championships - hosted by Southland

Boys Singles Josh Kellett Otago

Girls Singles Ella Smith Southland

Boys Doubles Josh Kellett/Caleb Young Otago/Southland

Girls Doubles Ella Smith/Claudia Smith Southland

Mixed Doubles Josh Kellett/Adithi Alexander Otago

34 | P a g e

North Island Junior Circuits – sponsored by Speedminton

Final Placings

Under 17

Qualifying events: Waikato, Wellington North, Taranaki, Counties Manukau, North Island and National Championships

Boys Girls

1st Vivian Washington - Auckland Rayna Phillips - North Harbour

2nd Daniel Lee - Auckland Rowena Devathasan - Auckland

3rd Niccolo Tagle - North Harbour Caragh Alley - Wellington North

4th Ben Lie - North Harbour Angie Leung - Auckland

5th Pun Thepkunhanimit - Taranaki Deborah Yin - North Harbour

Under 15

Qualifying events: Wellington, Auckland, Hutt Valley, Northland, North Island and National Championships

1st Benjamin Hilllier - Auckland Sally Fu - Auckland

2nd Alan Wong - North Harbour Ker'Sara Koh - Wellington

3rd Chris Steeghs - Waikato Selena Wu - North Harbour

4th Alex Qu - Auckland Celeine Shao - Auckland

5th Harisson Jin - Auckland Niamh Alley - Hawkes Bay

35 | P a g e

Inter-Association Final Placings

New Zealand Division 1 - Wisden Cup New Zealand Division 2 - Slazenger Cup

Hosted by Waikato

1st Waikato I 1st Auckland II

2nd Auckland I 2nd North Harbour II

3rd Ascot Park Hotel Southland 3rd Big Brand Leisure Waitakere II

4th Waitemata Pro-Shop Waitakere 4th Canterbury

5th North Harbour I 5th Bay of Plenty

6th Wellington North 6th Waikato II

North Island Division 3 South Island Division 3 - Zone A

1st Wellington I 1st Nelson

2nd Auckland 3 2nd Canterbury 3

3rd Wanganui 3rd Marlborough

4th Counties Manukau I 4th West Coast

5th Hutt Valley I

6th Hawkes Bay I

7th Northland

8th Manawatu I

9th Waikato 3

South Island Division 3 - Zone B

1st Otago 1

2nd Canterbury 2

3rd Southland 2

4th Otago 2

5th South Canterbury

36 | P a g e

South Island Division 3 – Pool 1 Play-offs

South Island Division 3 – Pool 2 Play-offs

1st Otago 1 1st Southland 2

2nd Nelson 2nd Otago 2

3rd Canterbury 3 3rd Marlborough

4th Canterbury 2 4th West Coast

New Zealand Division 3 Final

1st Otago

2nd Wellington

North Island Division 4 North Island Division 5

1st Taranaki I 1st Hutt valley 2

2nd Wellington 2 2nd Oroua

3rd Auckland 4 3rd Manuwatu 2

4th Wellington North 2 4th Northland 2

5th Waitakere 3 5th Taranaki 2

6th Counties Manukau 2 6th Thames Valley

7th North Harbour 3

8th Bay of Plenty 2

9th Horowhenua Kapiti

37 | P a g e

Masters North Island Division 1 Masters North Island Division 2

1st North Harbour 1 1st Wellington 1

2nd Waikato 1 2nd Wanganui 1

3rd Waitakere 1 3rd Waitakere 2

4th Auckland 1 4th Counties Manukau 1

5th Bay of Plenty 1 5th North Harbour 3

6th North Harbour 2 6th Northland 1

7th Hawkes Bay 1 7th Hutt Valley 1

8th Auckland 2 8th Auckland 3

9th Taranaki 1 9th Wellington North 1

Masters North Island Division 3 Masters North Island Division 4

1st Waikato 2 1st Manawatu 1

2nd Waitakere 4 2nd North Harbour 4

3rd Waitakere 3 3rd Taranaki 2

4th Oroua 4th Hawkes Bay 2

5th Bay of Plenty 2 5th Thames Valley 1

6th Auckland 4 6th Waitakere 6

7th Wellington North 2 7th Waitakere 5

8th Waikato 3 8th Bay of Plenty 3

9th Horowhenua Kapiti 9th Counties Manukau 2

Masters North Island Division 5 - Zone A Masters North Island Division 5 - Zone B

1st Eastland 1st Wellington 2

2nd North Harbour 5 2nd Hutt Valley 2

3rd Auckland 5 3rd Wellington North 3

4th Auckland 6 4th Horowhenua Kapiti 2

5th Northland 2 5th Hawkes Bay 3

6th Waikato 4 6th Wanganui 2

7th Thames valley 2 7th Wellington 3

8th Waikato 5

38 | P a g e

Masters North Island Division 5 - Finals Masters South Island Division 1

1st Wellington 2 1st Otago 1

2nd Eastland 2nd Nelson

3rd North Harbour 5 3rd Canterbury 1

4th Hutt Valley 2 4th Southland 1

5th Marlborough 1

Masters South Island Division 2 Masters South Island Division 3

1st West Coast 1st South Otago

2nd Canterbury 2 2nd Marlborough 2

3rd Southland 2 3rd Canterbury 3

4th Otago 2 4th South Canterbury

5th Southland 3 5th Southland 4

39 | P a g e

Veterans North Island Division 1 Veterans North Island Division 2

1st North Harbour 1 1st Taranaki 1

2nd Waitakere 1 2nd Bay of Plenty 1

3rd Wanganui 1 3rd Northland 1

4th Wellington North 1 4th Counties Manukau 1

5th Waitakere 2 5th Hawkes Bay 1

6th Auckland 1 6th North Harbour 2

7th Waikato 1 7th Manawatu 1

8th Waitakere 3 8th Waikato 2

9th Auckland 2 9th Horowhenua Kapiti

Veterans North Island Division 3 Veterans North Island Division 4 – zone A

1st Wellington North 2 1st Bay of Plenty 2

2nd Hutt Valley 1 2nd Waitakere 4

3rd Auckland 3 3rd North Harbour 4

4th Thames Valley 4th Counties Manukau 2

5th Northland 2 5th Waikato 3

6th Oroua Veterans North Island Division 4 – zone B

7th Eastland 1st Wellington

8th North Harbour 3 2nd Manuwatu 2

9th Auckland 4 3rd Wanganui 2

4th Taranaki 2

Veterans North Island Division 4 – Play-offs 5th Hutt Valley 2

1st Waitakere 4

2nd Bay of Plenty 2

3rd Manawatu 2

4th Wellington

40 | P a g e

Veterans South Island Division 1 Veterans South Island Division 2

1st Canterbury 1 1st Canterbury 2

2nd Nelson 1 2nd Marlborough

3rd Otago 1 3rd Nelson 2

4th Southland 1 4th Southland 2

5th Couth Canterbury

6th Otago

Super-Veterans North Island – Division 1 Super-Veterans North Island – Division 2

1st Auckland 1 1st North Harbour

2nd Taranaki 2nd Auckland 2

3rd Counties Manukau 3rd Hawkes Bay

4th Waikato 4th Oroua

5th Northland

41 | P a g e

New Zealand Under 23 - Richard Purser Trophy New Zealand Under 19 – Vincent Cup

Hosted by North Harbour Hosted by Wellington

1st Auckland 1st Auckland I*

Roland Jeffrey Physio North 2nd Waikato/Bay of Plenty 2nd Harbour

3rd Mainland 3rd Wellington North

4th North Harbour 4th Pop n Good Popcorn Waikato

5th Marlborough**

6th Canterbury

7th Manawatu

8th Wanganui

9th Auckland II

10th Wellington

* = Winner North Island Woolworth Cup

** = Winner South Island Woolworth Cup

New Zealand Under 15 – Marten Young New Zealand Under 17 – Neil Gardiner Cup Trophy

Hosted by Waitakere Hosted by North Harbour

1st Auckland I 1st North Harbour I

2nd North Harbour I 2nd Auckland I

3rd Auckland II 3rd Auckland II

4th Otago/Nelson 4th Waikato

5th Auckland III 5th Auckland III

6th Waitakere 6th Bay of Plenty

7th North Harbour III

8th North Harbour II

9th Pub Charity Canterbury

42 | P a g e

North Island Under 15 – hosted by North Island Under 17 – hosted by Manawatu Manawatu

Division 1 – Murray Weatherston Shield Division 1 – Gilda Tompkins Shield

1st Auckland I 1st Auckland I

Roland Jeffrey Physio North Roland Jeffery Physio North 2nd Harbour I 2nd Harbour I

3rd Auckland II 3rd Pop 'n' Good Popcorn Waikato

4th Hawkes Bay 4th Auckland II

5th Wellington North 5th Auckland III

6th Auckland III 6th Manawatu I

Roland Jeffery Physio North 7th Manawatu 7th Harbour II

8th Bay of Plenty 8th Wellington

Division 2 – Hawksworth Shield Division 2 – Hawksworth Shield

1st Waitakere 1st Hutt Valley

2nd Pop ‘n’ Good Popcorn Waikato 2nd Bay of Plenty

Roland Jeffery Physio North 3rd Harbour II 3rd Hawkes Bay

4th Taranaki 4th Wanganui

5th Counties Manukau 5th Manawatu II

6th Hutt Valley

7th Wanganui

43 | P a g e

South Island Under 15 – hosted by South Island Under 17 – hosted by Southland Southland

Division 1 – Canterbury Cup Division 1 – Canterbury (Ron Smith) Trophy

1st Canterbury 1st Canterbury

2nd Otago 2nd Marlborough

3rd Nelson 3rd Otago

4th Balmoral Lodge Southland I 4th West Coast

5th Ascot Park Hotel Southland II Division 2 – Otago Shield

Homestead Villa Motel 1st Southland I

2nd Kelvin Hotel Southland II

3rd Lonestar Café Southland III

4th Thar & Feather Southland IV

NZCT New Zealand Secondary Schools Championships – hosted by Canterbury

Boys – Carlton Cup Girls – Carlton Cup

1st Westlake Boys High I 1st Westlake Girls High

2nd Hutt Valley High 2nd Macleans College

3rd Auckland Grammar I 3rd Otago Girls High *

4th Otago Boys High I * 4th Wanganui High

5th Mount Albert Grammar 5th Hutt Valley High

6th Westlake Boys High II 6th Burnside High

7th Auckland Grammar II 7th Waikato Diocesan for Girls

8th Queen Charlotte College

9th Palmerston North Boys High

10th Wanganui High

11th St Andrews College

12th Lincoln High

13th Burnside High * = winner Timaru City Trophy for top placed South Island team

44 | P a g e

BADMINTON NEW ZEALAND gratefully acknowledges the financial assistance of:

45 | P a g e