08120 APRIL 29, 1972 $1.25 A BILLBOARD PUBLICATION SEVENTY -EIGHTH YEAR The International -Record-Tape Newsweekly HOT 100 PAGE 68 TOP LP'S PAGES 70, 72 O r TAPE CARTRIDGE PAGE 48 Piracy Law's Foes Top Execs Will Co -op Ad Money Charge 'Ambiguity' Attend Meeting By MILDRED HALL Gets Closer Look -Top executives WASHINGTON - Failure of Court Judge June L. Green and from the music- record -talent fields By JOHN SIPPEL the new antipiracy law to designate Howard F. Corcoran and Senior encompassing the global spectrum Record com- pointed out that his firm has ' rights in the new re- Circuit Court Judge Charles Fahy, will converge on the Acapulco - cording copyright was the hottest spokesmen for the Attorney Gen- panies are taking a closer look at established placement patterns Princess Hotel, Acapulco, Mexico, through working so many local issue in oral argument before a eral's office, and the Recording for the fourth annual International cooperative advertising appropria- three -judge court in Federal Dis- Industry Association of America tions because of fast -rising costs co -op programs for a variety of Conference begin- and the manufacturers in all fields. trict Court here last week. The (RIAA) held that the law was ning Sunday (30) and running in all advertising media case involved was of a new breed of rec- ACB primarily checks all types the Ronald proper and constitutional in every through Saturday (6). emergence Shaab challenge to the constitu- respect, and that Shaab had failed ord /tape marketing executive, a of print media, while DAF checks tionality The turnout will surpass that of revealed. out print, radio, TV, direct mail of the law, S. 646. The to prove his claim. They asked last year's IMIC meeting at Mon- national check has hearing was on cross notions for for dismissal of the case. With already strained ad budgets and outdoor advertising expendi- treux. Switzerland. Registrations tures. Forlenza said that his clients, summary judgment on the plead- Plaintiff Shaab's Washington at- for the Conference for those who facing the forthcoming additional ing, which could result in an early torney, Jim Fisk, claimed the law do not have time to heavy cost of TV spot advertising (Continued on page 6) decision and preclude was apply through 15), marketing ex- the necessity not only unconstitutional, but James O. Rice Associates will be (Billboard, Apr. for further trial. had an "ambiguity" concerning ecutives are keeping an eagle -eye In the hearing before District accepted at the IMIC registration co- (Continued on page 4) desk in the lobby of the Acapulco on a once -loosely administered op ad program. It is known that Fan Fair Sells Princess. major record companies are using The executives will consider the veri- pressing problems facing the in- professional co -op advertising fying agencies, such as Advertising Country LP's French Mfrs Raising Retail dustry today at a variety of seminars. In addition, many firms Checking Bureau (ACB) and Dis- By BILL WILLIAMS tributor Advertising Fund Control, $ After Wholesale Increase (Continued on page 10) Inc., (DAF) Staten Island, N.Y., to NASHVILLE -Music City Rec- ord Distributors, taking a leaf from By MICHAEL WAY continuously scrutinize co -op ad- vertising requests for credit (RFC) the Gospel Music pages, sold more $5,000 worth of country al- PARIS -French record manu- simply moved product, in many U.K.'s January to establish credence. than facturers have passed on to the cases, to a higher category ACB, which has offices cross - bums during the First Annual In- code. Fan Fair (Billboard, public retail price increases of up This is because retailers are to Sales Up country, not only checks out ternational to 20 percent following the Fi- be allowed to keep only Output, RFC's, but it also can completely April 22). to exist- of the nance Ministry's decision to un- ing profit margins. The simple By BRIAN MULLIGAN implement a local co -op ad pro- Hutch Carlock, president firm, set up a record sales center freeze pre -tax wholesale prices for code switches have been made so Staff Member, Music Week gram nationally after a company the first time in nine years. that the increases can be shared or company and ad agency have in the midst of the 155 display During that period prices have by the manufacturing and retail -The British record created the program. Both ACB booths at the Municipal Audi- barely risen. French records have sides of the industry. industry made a bright start in and DAF, which is headed by Sal torium, and began what he feels a low wholesale and a high retail Only one category as such, has 1972 with a 7 percent increase in Forlenza, veteran marketing exec- will grow into a massive sales "luxury rate" value added tax. been increased in price -the production and an encouraging 19 utive at Columbia and ad agency event. Today, however, manufacturers dwindling 45 rpm EP, which has percent lift in sales in January chief until he opened his own co- Stocking only LP's, Carlock and have not increased the prices of the been increased from $2.10 to compared with the previous year. op ad firm two years ago, check his workers discovered two fac- 25 existing categories, but have $2.40. Most major companies, According to the latest figures the validity of advertising requests tors: emotionalism plays a part in however, have taken the oppor- (Continued on page 6) for credit. ACB's Bill Panczak (Continued on page 54) tunity to hike the single from $1.50 to $1.70. The most spectac- Jukebox Key ular increases have been with the middle -price category. From the former retail price of $4.85, To LP Spurt the category has risen to $5.30, $5.68 and $6.34. By EARL PAIGE Other rises include double - -The dominance of (Continued on page 58) the LP and its effect on jukebox programming is pointed up by a study showing that album move- Rosen Planning ment on the charts is now twice as fast as two years ago. The al- bum pace pickup is occurring while Retail Expansion singles are moving on the charts By MAURIE ORODENKER almost twice as slowly. - Raymond The dichotomy of fast -breaking Rose. & Co., for many years one singles causes headaches for juke- of the leading wholesale distribu- box programmers. LP's receive tors, looks for its growth in an immediate airplay and trigger re- expansion of its retail record and quests for jukebox singles, which music shops. The Rosen firm, (Continued on page 56) which distributed a large line of records, dropped its wholesale rec- ord operation because it was not profitable. The company is more The Scene optimistic about its retail opera- tion. The largest music seminar of the year, IMIC -4, is now in full A whole new world of sound in stereo and 4- channel. RCA in- Franklin Music Shops, operating swing at the Acapulco Princess Hotel in Acapulco, Mexico. troduces Quadradisc, the compatible stereo/4- channel record. Showcased in exclusively in shopping malls, You still have time to register and attend IMIC -4, sponsored The first discrete system record to give perfect sound on both plan for wide expansion. Apart by the Billboard group. For further information, contact Cole- stereo and 4- channel equipment -and at no increase in cost. This Issue from a shop in the area, man Finkle, Acapulco Princess Hotel, Acapulco, Mexico. Montenegro's "Godfather" heads RCA Quadradisc release. (Continued on page 8) (Advertisement) (Advertisement)

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QUESTION: Which record company has put fire new names into the top 50 since the first of the year? Answer on Page II.

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EDITORIAL BMI to Honor Polygram, MGM Tie Meaningful Event Writers, Pubs Wrap -Up This Week to their homes Thousands of fans have returned YORK agreement headed by Jacques Chabrier, who around the world, satisfied that they finally have gained a form of NEW YORK -BMI will honor NEW -The the writers and publishers of the bringing MGM Records into the also is serving as acting president recognition from the music industry. Polygram Corp. fold is expected of the music firm. Chabrier, who in songs in its repertoire that were The consumers who attended the first international Fan Fair most performed in 1971, at a din- to be concluded this week in Los came to Chappell from the finan- Nashville not only saw and heard 105 artists perform, but were able ner in the Georgian Ballroom of Angeles. Polygram Corp. is the cial field, will devote his primary to mingle with them, get tapes and autographs, have pictures made, New York's Hotel Americana on recently formed U.S. based cor- attention to his Polygram post as and buy their records. It was a rewarding experience. The fact that May 25. porate entity which embraces vice president in charge of finance men of the stature of Irwin Steinberg, Charlie Fach, Bill Farr, Harry Edward M. Cramer, president Chappell Music, , once he can turn over the presi- Jenkins, Vito Blando, Frank Mancini, Wade Pepper and others saw of BMI, will present the awards, , and now will in- (Continued on page 74) MGM Records. fit to become a part of the event made it even more meaningful. assisted by members of the writer clude Those who put it together, particularly Irving Waugh and Hubert and publisher administration divi- It is understood that under terms Long, deserve the the entire industry. They have sion, of which Mrs. Theodora of the deal, the new firm will as- congratulations of Zavin is senior vice president. sume MGM's artist obligations re- Cook Judging pioneered a major form of recognition. A special award for the single troactive to Sept.1, 1971. most performed song in 1971 Closing of the deal will be from the BMI catalog will be high- handled between Robert Brockway, Tokyo Festival light of the evening. recently appointed president of TOKYO-Hal B. Cook, pub- NARM Board Setting Up Sy Oliver and his orchestra Polygram Corp. and Ken Single- lisher of Billboard Magazine and will play during dinner and for ton, MGM film company vice vice -president of Billboard Publica- dancing after the presentations. president. Brockway will be board tions, will be a judge at the first Special Advisory Groups Oliver himself won two BMI chairman of MGM Records, Inc., Tokyo Song Festival, May 13 in awards for his songs "Yes Indeed" similar to the position he now the 8,000 -seat Nippon Budokan NEW YORK - The NARM groups. The committees will assist and "Opus Number The lat- holds on the boards of Mercury board of directors has established the board of directors in their spe- One." Hall ter composition also received a and Polydor. Song Festival will special advisory committees for the cial areas of competence. BMI Performance Award. The Chappell Music board is The Tokyo 1972 -73 year, including manufac- The appointment of the manu- have two top prizes, one for the turers, distributors and retailers' facturers advisory committee marks best of 20 finalist Japanese songs the first time that record manufac- and the other for the best of ten turers' representatives have taken international song entries. Guest an active, official role in the plan- Fete Support for artists are the Sylvers, from the ning of NARM projects. Members U.S., French stars Danyel Gerard Engineers Set of the manufacturers committee and Michel Delpech, plus Italy's will be Bob Fead, A &M Records; Nicola di Bari, winner of the 1971 Bruce Lundvall, Columbia Rec- Ackerman in High San Remo Festival. Talks ords; Lou Simon, Mercury Rec- NEW YORK -Major recording writers Hall of Fame and editor of The festival will be broadcast on Audio ords; Mort Hoffman, RCA Rec- and allied industries companies are "This Business of Music," one of live over national Japanese tele- ords; Brown Meggs, Capitol Rec- supporting the award luncheon for the foremost texts on the music in- vision and radio. Japan's finalist ords; Joel Friedman, Warner Bros. Paul music of dustry. He is also a of the entries were narrowed down from Ackerman, editor member week- At Convention Records; Herb Goldfarb, London Bilboard, to be held May 17 at the Commission for the White House 50 semifinalist submissions in Records; Rick Frio, MCA Rec- Plaza Hotel. At the luncheon, Record Library. ly television shows throughout LOS ANGELES -The new tech- ords; Philip Jones, Rec- Ackerman will be the recipient of The 77- year -old Third Street February and March. nology of quadrasonic sound, as ords; Michael Lipton, United Art- New York's Third Street Music Music School is the oldest com- William D. Littleford, president well as "Audio in AM /FM /TV ists Records; Al Bell, Stax Rec- School's Annual Award for Dis- munity school in the U.S. Located of Billboard Publications, wrote to Broadcasting," and "Magnetic Re- ords; and Iry Biegel, . tinguished Service to American in New York's East Side, it has the festival committee, "We are cording and Reproduction," are The distributors advisory com- Music. The luncheon is sponsored afforded thousands of underprivi- proud to recognize the contribu- among key subjects slated for dis- mittee will be chaired by Harry by Recording and Allied Industries leged children opportunities in tion of the Tokyo Song Festival cussion during the 42nd conven- Apostoleris, NARM treasurer and and proceeds will be used to pro- music education. About a third of in strengthening the international tion of the Audio Engineering owner of Alpha Distributing Co. vide scholarships to the Third its 900 students are on full scholar- bonds that link all our peoples Society (AES), to be held at the Serving on the committee will be Street Music School for children ship. through the world of music " Hilton Hotel here, May 2 -5. Ernie Leaner, United Record Dis- of underprivileged and low- income According to AES, president, tributors; Gene Silverman, Merit families. J.G. Woodward, registrations for Distributing Co.; Sheldon Tirk, Henry Brief, executive director the meeting have increased by 38 Midwest Ltd.; Dan Heilcher, Hei- of the Recording Industry Associa- 14 to Get Memphis Music percent over 1971, and exhibi- licher Bros.; Seymour Greenspan, tion of America and Chairman of tion space has been solidly booked Summit Distributors; and Hutch the affair, reported the following for several months. Carlock, Music City Record Dis- had purchased Scholarship Tables Awards; Hayes to Perform Among exhibitors scheduled to tributors. at $500 each. (2 show new equipment at the con- tables), American Federation of MEMPHIS -Fourteen accolades Gene Settler, vice president, RCA vention David Rothfeld of Korvette's will be announced June 3 at the Records. are, Agfa- Gevaert Inc., will of the retailers Musicians, Billboard Publications Ampex Corp., the TEAC Corp. be chairman (2 tables), Broadcast Music, Inc., second annual Memphis Music , riding the crest of of advisory committee. Other com- Records, Capitol Rec- Awards festivities. popularity as Oscar and Grammy America; Sansui Electronics; will be Russ Solo- Brunswick , JVC America, Inc.; mittee members ords, CBS Records Group, CBS In- A special trustees award plus a winner, heads the list of artists mon, Tower Records; Barrie Berg- special award to the company performing. Others on the bill in- MCA; North American Philips Bar; ternational, Chappell & Co., Inc., Corp.; Maxell Corp.; Nippon Co- man, the Record John Cohen, London Records, MCA Records, based outside of Memphis making clude , Jackie De Shan- lumbia, Inc.; and Westrex Record- Disc Records; Merrill Rose, Rose Music Performance Trust Funds, the greatest contribution to the non and the Staple Singers. Record Stores; and Jerry Smith, promotion of Memphis music, will Hayes was last year's winner ing. -Gem. National Music Publishers Associa- The AES Convention is held bi- Parkview tion, Peer International, RCA Rec- additionally be proffered. of the male vocalist annually in New York and Los Other committees that will be ords, Sire and Nashboro Records, Among the presenters announced and top album awards. The Staples Angeles. It addresses itself to prob- announced shortly are the 1973 Music Publishing are Dionne Warwicke, last year's won the best vocal group cate- lems and innovations within the NARM convention committee, the Co. and Warner Bros. Records. winner in the outstanding female gory. Last year was the break- audio industry, and is a major scholarship selection committee, Ackerman, a member of Bill- vocal category; , ex- through for Al Green with two forum for key technicians of the and the NARM anti- piracy com- board's staff since 1934, is winner ecutive vice president, Atlantic Memphis- produced hits, "So Tired industry. mittee. of the Jesse H. Neal Editorial Records; Larry Uttal, president, of Being Alone" and "Let's Stay Achievement Award for Outstand- Bell Records; Walt Maguire, vice Together." ing Journalism. He is a recipient president, London Records; Mauri of the Connie B. Gay President's Lathower, vice president, Capitol Starday- King's Award for outstanding service to Records; Ron Alexenburg, vice Col Studios Doing the Country Music Association. He president, ; Hal Cook, 7 New Distribs is director of the Song- publisher, Billboard Magazine, and executive NEW YORK-Starday -King has appointed seven new distributors Custom Work Again for its group of labels. All Starday- NASHVILLE - Columbia Stu- month period, there will be a King product will be handled by dios, threatened with a shutdown "reconsideration." A &I Record Distributors, Campus here less than a month ago, now Almost immediately after the Record Distributors, Eureka Dis- will be available for full -time cus- short-term agreement was reached, tributors, Heilicher Brothers, Music tom work again. two of Columbia's engineers here Media, Records Etc. and Tri-City Harold Hitt, studio manager, resigned to take comparable posi- Distributors. said the firm is rescinding its pol- tions at the House of Cash, the icy of limiting studio use to Co- operation. Earlier lumbia -Epic artists only. With a had left Columbia as DAVE CLARK few notable exceptions, this policy a producer to move to the House has been in effect for the past of Cash. FETE MAY 6 couple of years. Also in recent weeks, two other Just prior to March 31, the key employees have left the com- -A testimonial threat of closing -down the studios pany: Bill Fitzgerald, who headed - dinner for Dave Clark of Duke/ disappeared when a compromise up the administration, and Cecil Peacock Records will be held was reached between Columbia Scaife, who was in charge of the here May 6 at the Sheraton Inn and the International Brotherhood custom pressing business. Ronnie Hotel. The same day the board of Electrical Workers regarding Bledsoe, a native of this city, re- of the National Association of the use of guest engineers. turned in charge of operation, with Television & Radio Announcers The compromise called for a Billy Sherrill, as vice president. (NATRA) will meet. six -month period beyond that ex- Hitt said the re- opening of the piration of contract date in which studios for custom work was due it was agreed that guest engineers to extra availability now that all could come into the studios, with of the facilities have been com- For More Late News house engineers standing by. A pleted. "We now have three full pay increase also was agreed upon 16 -track studios," Hitt said. There PAUL ACKERMAN, music editor of Billboard, is flanked by a group of See Page 74 at the time. At the end of the six also are quad mixing facilities. scholarship students at the Third Street Music School.

Billboard is published weekly by Billboard Publications, Inc., 165 W. 46th St., New York, N. Y. 10036. Subscription rate: annual rate, $35; single -copy price, $1.25. Second class postage paid at New York, N. Y., and at additional mailing offices. Current and back copies of Billboard are available on microfilm from 3M /1M Press, P.O. Box 720, Times Square Station, New York 10036. Postmaster, please send Form 3579 to Billboard Publications, Inc.. 2160 Patterson St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45214. Area Code 513, 381 -6450. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 3 www.americanradiohistory.com General News Piracy Law Foes Attack Continued from page 1 recorder properly complies with author when a Executive reproduction is Turntable compulsory licensing terms. made." authors' rights that Acting Attor- At one point, presiding Henry Droz, chief of ney General Kleindienst himself judge RIAA's attorney Sidney Dia- Arc -Jay -Kay Dist., Detroit, has re- June L. Green asked Fisk why mond bore the brunt of most of signed to live in . Droz is considering a number of had warned against, during hear- the songwriters' association ings on S.646 was Judge Fahy's teasingly persistent Coast offers in the record industry. Droz with before the House not intervening in this suit, started Decca in Copyrights Subcommittee. as questions about this aspect of the 1948 in Detroit. He started his own distributorship RIAA was doing. The Shaab at- copyright law. there, Arc, Attorney Fisk, who was first torney cited the current court in 1954, selling out to Handleman in 1963. He will be replaced to speak at the hearing, began "You make a rendition," case against film producers, the said the by Tom Schlesinger, last with Motown as creative service director, by dismissing the whole piracy networks and judge, "but it is his (the author's) issue which others over allegedly a post he left six weeks ago. Schlesinger was gave the bill its im- unfair employment-for -hire con- music." And again, "You can get the original local petus, as moot at this point for tracts that deny authors further a copyright on a rendition of promotion man for Jay -Kay, Detroit, in the early '50's and was both new and old recordings. Fisk his music," without the author's use of their own works. (Networks formerly Mercury national promotion director. . . . Charles based the claim on (1) the new consent. "Isn't that ?" are also currently the target of a piracy Lourie named director of merchandising, Epic /Columbia labels. copyright protecting records from "No," Justice Department suit to separate said Diamond, because He had been associate director of Merchandising for the label unlicensed duplication, which will them from all controlling inter- the making of a record was sub- be . granted in the copyright re- ests in entertainment programs on ject to a license. since December, 1971. Iry G. Pfaff has been appointed vision bill now before congress; prime evening hours.) "You mean you give him two director of distribution of Bell & Howell's consumer products and (2) the "Duchess Music" case Fisk in which also reiterated his argu- cents ?" the judge asked. He lis- groups. Patrick E. Mills has been named products services di- a Federal Appeals court ment that the antipiracy bill fos- tened ruled it illegal to duplicate rec- without comment to the rector at the same company. tered an existing monopoly by the RIAA attorney's explanation that ords simply by payment of me- "communciations * * * chanical royalties media" which, "in the aggregate" the two cents to he said, had a lion's share for Bill (Billboard 3/25/72 and 4/22/72). of talent authors in 1972 was substan- Singer appointed Eastern regional sales manager of under contract. He said the mo- tial as against its value in 1909. Polydor. Singer was previously Eastern regional sales manager As a result, Fisk told the court, nopoly situation virtually assured all unlicensed duplication now vio- that songwriters could not "com- Rebuttal for Mercury, and held the same post with Command. He has lates federal law. In their turn to with Fisk was given a brief rebuttal been a salesman and branch manager for MGM. Singer will speak, pete manufacturers in RIAA," both government and RIAA by recording themselves. Also, period, in which he again re- report to Phil Picone, director attorneys said the "Duchess Mu- of sales for Polydor.... Worthy Fisk said the law was unfair be- minded the panel that the "deriva- Patterson named Eastern district sales manager for Warner/ sic" was a publisher case against tive" works being copyrighted by unauthorized cause the has no right Reprise duplication and had to make copies of a recording of manufacturers under compulsory Records. Patterson succeeds Lou Dennis who was no place in Shaab's attack on a licensing could be in violation recently promoted to head Warner Bros.' tape operations. Pat- recording his own music, because there is copyright law. no compulsory licensing of of the copyright law. terson will be based in New York and will Fisk said his client agreed that copy- cover the , righted recordings -only of the He concentrated most heavily on Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington markets as well as recordings are entitled to copy- copyrighted music. the law's right, but he argued that Congress amibiguity which would New York. He was previously national sales manager for Chess had RIAA's attorney countered that allow a recording totally lacking come up with an amendment there are hundreds of independents in "creativity" Records, and also had been national promotion director at that violates the constitution's re- to be copyrighted, record companies who find talent, in violation of the constitutional Famous Music. . . . Emiel Petrone promoted from salesman quirements for creativity or "au- many new ones going into business requirement. thorship" in all copyrighted ma- He described a re- to general manager of the Los Angeles branch of UDC, the every day -and a number turning cording of dogs barking a version terial. Further, he said S.646 is in distribution arm. . . . Ron Goldstein out substantial hits. of "Jingle Bells," and asked who violation of Sec. 1 of the exist- The government attorney, should promoted from sales manager to general manager of ing law which says the author's Har- be entitled to copyright old Shapiro, and the RIAA such a work? "This bill," he said, Records. consent is necessary for obtaining counsel new each pointed out that the "has put a disastrous ambiguity copyright on "derivatives" or new recording copyright was not into the copyright new versions of a copyrighted law." work made subject to compulsory li- The court will have to decide -such as a new recorded censing by congress because version of a song. the whether to agree with plaintiff effect would be merely one of Shabb and declare the law flawed In charging the antipiracy copying another's work. the law with "ambiguity," Fisk quoted On and unconstitutional -or whether other hand, he argued, compulsory to let the amendment stand, pend- Acting Attorney General Klein - licensing of the underlying dienst's warning about the situation music, ing its expiration (Jan. 1, 1975), the "raw material," gives the pub- in the expectation that congress of recordings made under compul- lic the sory licensing benefit of diverse renditions. will correct any faults in the rec- of music, when the "The difference is between copy- PATTERSON PETRONE GOLDSTEIN manufacturer would be copy- ord copyright wording when it acts righting ing and new renditions -that dif- on the overall revision. a recording without the ference is at the heart of this Jeff Barry has joined A &M as a staff ,,roducer. He will be consent of the original owner of legislation," said Shapiro. In any case, the loser in the working the music. District Court case will most cer- with artists Robin & Joe, Bill Medley and Cheryl Kleindienst had written: "This Unfair Discrimination tainly take the argument before Dilcher. . . . Jerry Goroway, national sales manager of Audio section seemingly creates an issue The attorney general's spokes- the Supreme Court. Dynamics, appointed to the same position at Benjamin Electronic as to whether a record manu- man did acknowledge that con- Sound Co.... Larry Pagel named Western regional marketing facturer relying on the provisions gress was concerned about the director of Gibbs Sound Products. . Loss, of 17 U.S.C. 1(e) -the compulsory possibility of unfair discrimination Jack former licensing clause -would be entitled against authors under the antipi- merchandising manager of Kustom Electronics, Inc., named to copyright his recording. . . It racy law -and so had limited the Label Formed Kustom's regional sales manager for Texas, New Mexico, Okla- is likely that a court would find life of S. 646 to three years. The homa and Kansas. . . . Andy Janis acceptance named Midwest promotion of the royalty [by the overall revision of copyright, manager and sales director of Stereo Dimension Records. Janis songwriter] to imply consent. which congress hopes to pass be- By MacDermot Nevertheless we believe this am- fore the antipiracy law expires will report to Fred Edwards, national sales manager, and will biguity should be removed." (Jan. 1, 1975), may make some NEW YORK - Galt MacDer- cover Chicago, St. Louis, , Buffalo, and Implied Consent changes in the wording, he added. mot, of "Hair" and "Two Cincinnati. The suggested wording to safe- Senior Circuit Court Judge Gentlemen of Verona," has formed guard the record manufacturer Charles Fahy did most of the ques- Kilmarnock Records, an indepen- Mike was not put into the bill. But Thaler, marketing director, has been appointed general tioning-much of it on the fact dent label. The new firm will con- manager of Dubbings Electronics. He RIAA's attorney, Sidney Diamond, that compulsory licensing is im- centrate on specialized succeeds William Callahan. in product, his turn before the panel. posed on authors, but not on the which will be marketed via mail Tom Dittrich, assistant controller, has been promoted to con- argued that congress had expressed new recording copyright owners: orders. a few "unorthodox retail- troller, and Ken Staker has been named national sales manager. its intent in the House commit- "There is compulsory licensing of ers" and independent distributors. . tee report, that manufacturers Mordy Foodym left Crown Radio Corp. where he was of the plaintiff's product for two Kilmarnock's initial new recordings could assume "im- release of 10 national sales manager. . . . Stan Lewerke joined Eureka Dis- cents, but when reproduced, there includes "Ghetto Suite," plied consent" of authors when the is no compulsory license tributors, Los Angeles, in the promotion department to handle for the poems of and Bronx grade - school children set to music by Tamla /Motown. He was formerly head of promotion at National MacDermot, interpreted by Angie Tape & Records in Torrence, Calif.... Clair Brush appointed Ortega; a film soundtrack, "For- Warner /Reprise West Coast press representative. She had tune and Men's Eyes "; the original been with as press representative.... Charles cast recording of MacDermot's "Is- abel's a Jezebel "; three other Mac- A. Barrett has relocated to London to become director of In This Issue Dermot offerings, "Hair- Cuts," European Operation for Totem Pole Ltd., a public relations firm "Shapes of Rhythm" and a sound- headed by Norman Winter. CAMPUS 36 track, "Martine's Movie (Woman CLASSICAL 47 Is Sweeter) "; two separate LP's in- Gordon Anderson appointed regional promotion manager, troducing Fergus MacRoy, a Nova COUNTRY 51 Scotia folksinger, and "The English North Central Region, at . He'll be responsible INTERNATIONAL 58 Experience," a rock album. for maintaining liaison with program directors, disk jockeys, JUKEBOX PROGRAMMING Kilmarnock executives are Mac- subdistributors and major singles retailers as well as Columbia's 56 Dermot, president; Walter Robin- local field promotion and New York national promotion per- MARKETPLACE 46 son, managing director; and John sonnel. He'll also be responsible to Steve Popovich, Columbia's RADIO Holden, chairman of Kilmarnock 33 North, the new company's Cana- director of national promotion, for the supervision and direction SOUL 44 dian affiliate. of local promotion efforts by branch promotion managers in TALENT markets located within his region. Anderson joined Columbia 37 in October, Dorothy Schwartz to TAPE 1969.... appointed assistant CARTRIDGE 48 Berger Dies Marvin Schlachter, president of Chess /Janus Records. She'll MIAMI Berger, 54, 20- also continue in her present position as manager of business FEATU RES Hits of the World 61 -Joe Albums year veteran of the sales side of affairs.... Harvey Urman named major accounts and promotion FM Action 34 55 the Hot Country Singles 52 record /tape industry, died here for Stereo Records. the past two years Stock Market

The Rascals: `The Island of ReaÇ' on Columbia Records and Tapes


www.americanradiohistory.com Billboard® General News The International Music Record-Tape Newsweekly Starday-King Irving Mills Yearns For Billboard Publications, Inc., 9000 Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. 90069 Area Code 213, 273 -7040 Cable: Billboy LA "Melodic Jazz" Return N.Y. Telex -Billboy 620523 IIIZ5 Publisher: HAL B. COOK Associate Publisher: LEE ZHI10 Mandala Deal LOS ANGELES -In order to the public. Today, there are too NEW YORK - Starday -King return to its former place of many songs which never get any EDITORIAL Records and the new Mandala eminence, jazz must be written effort after they've fallen off the EDITOR IN CHIEF: Lee Zhito (L.A.) EXECUTIVE EDITOR: Paul Ackerman (N.Y.) Records label have concluded a sweet and melodically as in the charts. There are too many songs NEWS EDITOR: John Sippel (L.A.) distribution agreement, whereby past, Irving Mills, dean of Amer- and records released and not DEPARTMENT EDITORS Starday -King holds exclusive U.S. ica's jazz executives maintains. enough work put behind them." distribution rights to all Mandala Mills, who operates out of Beverly MUSIC EDITOR: Paul Ackerman (N.Y.) CLASSICAL MUSIC: Robert Sobel (N.Y.) He pointed out that bands, such ASSOCIATE MUSIC EDITOR: Mike Gross (N.Y.) COUNTRY MUSIC: Bill Williams (.) releases. Hills and Westwood offices here, Based at the Soundview Studios stated that "wild and improvised" as the once -famed Mills Blue RADIO & TV: Claude R. Hall (L.A.) GOSPEL MUSIC: Bill Williams (Nash.) Rhythm , took the finest mu- TAPE CARTRIDGE: Bruce Weber (L.A.) : Julian Coleman (L.A.) in Long Island, N.Y., Mandala jazz won't be played consistently by so sicians from many sources and JUKEBOX PROGRAMMING Earl Paige (Chi.) TALENT: Mike Gross (N.Y.) was formed recently by Louis radio stations that it becomes Lefredo, Robert John Gallo and indelibly imprinted on the mind of wove them together especially for CARTRIDGE TV: Eliot Tiegel (L.A.) CAMPUS: Sam Sutherland (N.Y.) recordings which became huge Vinnie Traîna, formerly a produc- the listener. INTERNATIONAL NEWS EDITOR: Ian Dove (N.Y.) hits, where today there are hun- SPECIAL ISSUES EDITOR: Eliot Tiegel (L.A.) tion team. The Mandala Mills, who started in 1919 to dreds of recording units splitting ASSISTANT SPECIAL ISSUES EDITOR: Ian Dove (N.Y.) artist roster in- build a pioneer music complex the best musicians. cludes Ben E. King, the Vibra- that ASSISTANT CARTRIDGE TV EDITOR: Radcliffe Joe (N.Y.) eventually included music tions, Robert publish- Mills is also as COPY EDITOR: Robert Sobel (N.Y.) John Gallo, the ing, personal management, book- serving a con- CHARTS and REVIEWS: Director, Don Ovens (L.A.); Manager, Ira Trachter (L.A.) Chiffons, Aesop's Fables and Don public sultant for a major film corpora- Larusso. Singles set ing, relations and merchan- for release dising divisions, is now tion, studying the acquisition of a EDITORIAL NEWS BUREAUS shortly are "Simple operating music Song," by Irving Mills Music, assisted by his publishing firm or firms, he CHICAGO, Ill. 60606, 150 N. Wacker Dr. Area Code 312, CE 6-9818 Robert John Gallo; "Wind Up said. Bureau Chief, Earl Paige sons Paul, who Toy," by the Vibrations; and acts as professional LONDON: 7 Carnaby St., London W.1. Phone: 437.8090 "Take manager, and Robert, who heads Cable: Billboard London, Bureau Chief, Mike Hennessey Me to the Pilot," by Ben pp a general E. King. Albums music printing house MILAN: Piazzale Loreto 9, Milan, Italy. Tel: 28.29.158., Bureau Chief, Germano Ruscitto. by Gallo, King in Westwood. Cable: Billboard Milan. and the Vibrations are slated for Peer -Southern NASHVILLE, Tenn. 37203, 1719 West End Ave. Area Code 615, 329-3925 May and June release. Recordings Mills is currently lining up in- Bureau Chief, Bill Williams by the Chiffons, Aesop's Fables ternational representation for his NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036, 165 W. 46th St. Area Code 212, PL 7 -2800, Mike Gross and Don Larusso are in progress. JATP (BMI); Lynnstrom (ASCAP) SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. 94109, 1331 Washington St. Area Code 415, 771 -7008. Bureau Chief, and Hi -Cue & Stone Pact Paul Jaulus Productions (ASCAP) firms. Mills pointed out how the NEW TOKYO: Atlantic Bldg. 4F; 20-6 Azabu likurach Minato -Ku. Tel: 03- 585 -3368. Bureau Chief, YORK -The Peer- South- Ben Okano great standards of the past, such ern Organization and the Henry WASHINGTON, D.C. 20005, 733 15th St., N.W. Woodward Bldg., Rm. 533. as "Stardust," actually were first Stone Publishing Co. have con- Area Code 202, 393 -2580. Bureau Chief, Mildred Hall recorded forty years ago as jazz cluded an agreement for Peer - vehicles. Consistent play of the FOREIGN CORRESPONDENTS Gold Southern to represent the entire : Ruben Machado, Lavalle 1783, Buenos Aires. beautiful melodies standardized the Stone catalog worldwide except the : David Elfick, 7 Myrtle St., Crows Nest, Sydney. Tel: 929 -0499. Hoagy Carmichael song and a song U.S. and . Stone copyrights AUSTRIA: Manfred Schreiber, 1180 Wien XVIII, Kreuzgasse 27. Tel: 43.30.974. like I Can't Give You Anything include Betty Wright's hit singles But Love," he pointed out. Mills BELGIUM: Al de Boeck, Co- operator BRT, Zandstraat 14, 2410 Herentals, Belgium. Tel: Awards "Clean Up Woman" and "If You 014- 23848. looks to college audiences to re- Love Me." : Henry T. Johnston, Av. Rio Branco 25, Rio de Janeiro. Tel: 233 -4977. kindle jazz interest. CANADA: Ritchie Yorke, "Fragile," the Yes album on At Negotiations were conducted by 15 Austin Crescent, 4, Ontario. A publisher must consistently CZECHOSLOVAKIA: Dr. Lubomir Doruzka, 14, Zeleny pruh, lantic, has been certified as gold Mario Conti, international profes- Prague 4 Branik. Tel: 22.09.57. stay behind a song in order to sional EIRE: Ken Stewart, Flat 5, 141, Rathgaí Road, Dublin 6, Eire. Tel: 97.14.72. by the RIAA. manager for Peer- Southern, * * * make it a standard, Mills said. "In Robert C. Kingston, the firm's : Kari Helopaltio, Perttula, Finland. Tel: 27.18.36. the FRANCE: Michael Way, Tom Jon e s' two -record set, old days, a national profes- managing director in Britain, and 41, rue des Favorites, Paris 15. Tel: 532.81.23. sional staff kept GREECE: Lefty Kongalides, Hellinikos Vorras, Thessaloniki. "Live at Caesar's Palace," on Lon- after all types of Allen Grubman, attorney for Tel: 48.000 and 43.329. exposure to keep a song before HOLLAND: Bas Hageman, Hymnestraat 9, Apeldoorn, Holland. Tel: 62735. don, has been certified gold by Henry Stone. HUNGARY: Paul Gyongy, Derek Utca 6, Budapest, Hungary. Tel: 35- 88.90. the RIAA. ISRAEL: Avner Rosenblum, 8 Gezzer St., Tel Aviv, Israel. Tel: 23.92.97. * * * MEXICO: Enrique Ortiz, Nuelo Radio Mil, Insurgentes Sur 1870, Mexico 20, D.F. Engelbert Humperdinck's Lon- NEW ZEALAND: P. don LP, "Another Time, Another -Sonic J. Monaghan, Ultra c/o Box 79, Wellington. Holds 'Show' Place," PHILIPPINES: Oskar Salazar, 1032 Matimyas St., Sampaloc, Manila. has won gold certification HEMPSTEAD, N.Y.-Over 150 tries; Irving Joel, chief engineer POLAND: Roman Waschko, Warszawa 45, Magiera 9 m 37, Poland. Tel: 34.36.04. from the RIAA. guests and members * * * of the Audio of A &R Studios; Schimon Ron of PORTUGAL: Jose Manuel Nunes, Radio Renascencz, LDA. Rua Capelo, 5 -2° LISBON. Tel: 3 01 72. Engineering Society traveled to Electric Lady Studios; Randolph : Antonio Contreras, 26 Gertrudis St., Santurce. "In the Rain," the Dramatics Ultra -Sonic Studios to attend the Brown of Bell Sound; Stax single, has achieved and Joel SCANDINAVIA (Denmark and Norway): Espen Eriksen, Bestumveien 21d, Oslo, Norway. Tel: gold cer- facility's demonstration and a dis- Joseph of Joseph Associates. 55.71.30. tification from the RIAA. cussion of 16 -track "layering" For Ultra -Sonic hosts were : Maria Dolores Aracil, Stu- Andres Mellado, 22. Madrid. Tel: 449.14.68. techniques on April 15. dio president Bill Stahl and en- SWEDEN: Kjell Genberg, P.O. Box 84, 137 01 Vasterhaninge, Stockholm. Tel: 075022465. gineers John Bradley, Steve SWITZERLAND: Ultra-Sonic engineer Mike Col - Goetz, Bernie Sigg, Im Sonnenhof, 8371 Oberwangen Switzerland. Tel: 073 41 11 72. Jeff Kracke, and Mike Colchamiro. REPUBLIC OF S. AFRICA: Peter chamiro presented a demonstra- Feldman, 51 van Riebeeck Ave., Alberton, Transvaal. Farrell Pub Sid Feldman of Mastertone Re- URUGUAY: Carlos A. Martins, CX8 Radio tion of the techniques, creating Sarandi, Montevideo. cording Studios is President of the U.S.S.R.: Vadim D. sounds available only through Yurchenkov, 14 Rubinstein St., Apt. 15 Leningrad, 191025. Tel: 1533 -41. New York of the WEST GERMANY: multi- tracking. Following the Chapter Audio Intersong Pact dem- Engineering Society. Munich: Ursula Schuegraf, Prinzregentenstrasse 54, Munich 22. Tel: 29.54.32. onstration, guests were invited to Also in at- Hamburg: Walter Mallin, 334 Wolfenbuttel, Hermann -Lons-Weg 6. Tel: (05531) 3267. NEW YORK- Pocket Full of "mix" a session on Ultra -Sonic's tendance were Norman Baer of YUGOSLAVIA: Borjan Kostic, Balkanka 30, Belgrade. Tel: 64.56.92. Tunes (BMI) and Every Little board. Audio & Electronic Consulting Tune (ASCAP), the publishing Services, co- designer of Ultra - di- Among those attending SALES vision of the Wes Farrell Organi- were Sonic's board, and James Thomas zation, has completed negotiations Ted Rothstern of Media Sound; Pepper, AIA, architect of the Stu- DIRECTOR OF SALES: Peter Heine (L.A.) with Intersong Music, of Ham- Edmund DeBlasia; Litton Indus- dio. ASSISTANT SALES DIRECTOR: Marty Feely (L.A.) burg, Germany, for Intersong to EASTERN SALES MANAGER: Mike Eisenkraft (N.Y.) be sole licensee for Farrell's pub- NATIONAL TALENT COORDINATOR: Bill Moran (L.A.) lishing firms in several European CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SALES: Ron Willman, Mgr. (N.Y.) markets. Intersong has fulfilled Co -Op Money Watched PRODUCTION MANAGER: John F. Halloran (L.A.) this function for the past three CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING MANAGER: Murray Dorf (N.Y.) years. Continued from page 1 form similar to one used at Mer- CIRCULATION MANAGER: Jerry Hobbs (N.Y.) cury for many years. Both Vel Thornton, administrative among whom A&M head of have been Capitol, and demand a copy of REGIONAL OFFICES the Farrell Organization, MCA, CBS and Motown, actually has appointed Estelle Moses the statement from the medium to CHICAGO, Ill. 60606, 150 N. Wacker Dr. Area Code 312, CE 6.9818 to send him the entire RFC for co-op Steve Lappin work with all of the company's the account, covering the exact ad- advertising and he checks it out as vertising placement. In the case JAPAN: Shin -Nichibo Building 2 -1, 1 -Chome Saragaku -Cho, Chiyoda -Ku. Tel: 294 -76 -22 foreign licensees. of Bureau Chief, Henry Drennan to actual cost, proper placement radio spots, an affidavit of per- and LONDON: 7 Carnaby St., London W.1., Phone: 437 -8090 other factors specified by the formance is required with the RFC Andre de Vekey, Regional Publishing Director company or ad agency in making by both. LOS ANGELES, Calif. 90069, 9000 Sunset Blvd. Area Code 213, 273 -7040 Deane Files Suit the placement. ACF's clients have Bill Moran, National Talent Coordinator included RCA and Atlantic, Studies made by major record it was firms indicated NASHVILLE, Tenn. 37203, 1719 West End Ave. Area Code 615, 329-3925 learned, and they operate similarly. that literally mil- John McCartney Against Tetra lions of dollars could be recouped NEW YORK, N.Y. 10036, 165 W. 46th St. Area Code 212, PL 7 -2800 Incorrect Costing Out annually from this continual study Ron Willman, Manager of Consumer Electronics LOS ANGELES Marvin Sales Deane, - Marketing executives in the of co-op advertising requests, it former general manager was learned. INTERNATIONAL SALES and promotion chief of the now- record /tape industry have long : Andre de Vekey, Billboard Publications, 7 Carnaby St., London W.1. defunct Tetragrammaton Records been aware of the habit of some Phone: 437 -8090, Cable Billboard, London label, filed suit in local Superior important retail accounts of billing Italy: Germano Ruscitto, Billboard Gruppo sri., Pizzale Loreto 9, Milan. Tel: 28.29.158 court against his ex- employers for their co-op advertising at a na- January Sales, Spain: Rafael Revert, S.E.R. Ave. Jose Antonio 32, 2nd floor, Madrid 13. Tel: 23.28.000 $54,960. tional rate, while the ad was actu- Benelux, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Scandinavia, West Germany: The suit claims Deane is owed ally run at a contract local rate, Johan Hoogenhout, Smirnoffstratt 40, s-Hertogenbosch, Holland. Tel: 47688 which, in some cases, could be 40 Output Are Up France: Olivier Zameczkowski, 14 Rue Singer, Paris 16 this sum for the unexpired term of his three -year contract with to 50 per cent under the national Mexico: Enrique Ortiz, Nueleo Radio Mil, Insurgentes Sur 1870, Mexico, 20, D.F. rate. In addition, distributors have Continued from page 1 Puerto Rico: Antonio Contreras, 26 Gertrudis St., Santurce, Puerto Tetragrammaton at $35,000 an- Rico. nually. habitually returned RFC's as much la: Christian Roux, Radio Exitos 1090, Calle El Retiro, Qta. Vilma, El Rosal, He was employed by the published by the Department of Caracas, Venezuela Campbell, Silver & Crosby Co. as nine months to a year after the Trade, production hit the 11 mil- label from March, 1968, to Sept., actual advertising expenditure was lion mark, but while manufacture Microfilm rolls of Billboard (6 months per roll) can be purchased through 3M IM /Press, 521 1969. used. This tardiness d is r up t e d of singles was a massive 27 percent W. 43rd St., New York, N.Y. 10036. William Hutcheson, Area Code 212, 524 -6374 proper accounting procedure. ahead of January, 1971, albums Subscription rates payable in advance. One year, $35 in U. S. A. (except Alaska, Hawaii and Barbara were down by 6 percent to 5.8 Puerto Gosa, advertising ad- Rico) and Canada, or $75 by airmail. Rates in other foreign countries on request. ministrator at A &M, recently set million copies, the first time a Subcribers when requesting change of address should give old as well as new address. Tiegel Marries fall -off Published weekly. Second -class postage paid at New York, N.Y., and at additional mailing up a 90 -day deadline for approval comparative in production offices. Copyright 1972 by Billboard Publications, Inc. The company also publishes of advertising RFC's, while Mort had been recorded since June last Amusement Business, Discografia Internazionale, Gift & Tableware Reporter, Merchandising Bonnie Kaplan year. Week, Record Mirror, Record & Tape Retailer, Weiner, marketing director at Vend, World Radio Television Handbook, Ameri- iP"r LOS ANGELES -Eliot Tiegel, Metromedia, has a 75-day dead- The 19 percent increase in sales can Artist, High Fidelity, Modern Photography, Billboard's special issues' editor, line. Weiner also said that he has brought in a gross of $10.2 million Photo Weekly. Postmaster, please send Form married Bonnie 3579 to Billboard Publications, Inc., 2160 Kaplan, secretary introduced a numbered, printed of which exports, up by 8 per- Patterson St., Cincinnati, Ohio 45214. Area to entertainment industry fashion form which authorizes distributor's cent to $1.3 million, accounted for Code 513, 381 -6450. Vol. 84 No 18 designer Bob Snyder, April 21. requests for co -op advertising, a 13 percent of sales. 6 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com www.americanradiohistory.com General News Metromedia Parties New Look NEW YORK -Metromedia Rec- former Steve Miller Band drummer ords has revamped its key staff and singer. Studio Track positions, signed several new acts Jack Wiedenmann, r e cent 1 y and is scheduling a pair of parties named Metromedia president, was in Boston and San Francisco to Columbia a &r chief for seven By SAM SUTHERLAND introduce the label's new look. years and later moved to Para- The Boston Any attempt to pinpoint Todd Many artists have approached single by Canadian artist Pagliaro, fest is set for May mount Records, where he was in- Rundgren's 12 and final details were not ready musical style has a similar degree of control over produced by George Lagins; two strumental in bringing to the label usually resulted in comparisons, at press time. The San Francisco Melanie, Commander Cody's Lost their rceords, but Rundgren's sheer Greg Hambleton productions, bash takes place with one song traced to the early variety sets him apart. From his Thundermug for Axe Records, to Sunday (30) at Planet Airmen and the Blue Who while another the St. Francis Hotel with a budget Thumb track may "BMI performances" on the first be distributed here by London, catalog. strike the listener as reminiscent of some $25,000. Press and music The new Metromedia leader side, designed to reach the broad- and the Rain album for Bell. personnel throughout of anyone from to est audience, he runs quickly the Western switched youthful Dave Knight the . Meanwhile, Peter Houston has U.S. are being flown in. from national promotion director through styles that are alternately engineered dates for Ian & Sylvia's Performing at both parties will to a &r director, bringing Stan Rundgren himself remains non - rich and mellow, then very hard next Columbia release, along with be Metromediá s newest artists; Monteiro from Grunt Records to commital about the major influ- indeed. sessions for Dr. Music, produced by Gross National Products, a Boston replace Knight. Mort Weiner was ences behind his work, and, just "," a track from Doug Riley for Dr. Music Produc- rock -theater group, and Tim Davis, (Continued on page 74) as he varies his production tech- the first side, is both a tions. Dr. Music will be released niques to suit different artists he the disc jockey and an authentic through GRT in Canada and Bell works with, he utilizes a full range Motown studio production, captur- in the States. of musical ideas and engineering ing the spirit of the mid -60's at Finally, the new Stampeders' methods for his own work. "I have that label. From the clonking tom - single, produced for Music World no actual style," he states simply. tom and the rumbling bass, to the Creations and Bell Records by "I can make it sound like just horn charts and wailing chorus, Mel Shaw, has just been cut there. about anything." the track incorporates most of the musical and technical ele- * * * Such a statement might strike At Fantasy's Berkeley, Calif., the studio veteran as arrogant, ments of Motown. The track re- quired more recording and mixing Studios, Redwing and Alice Stuart particularly when the statement is are both nearing completion of made by a man still in his 20's. time than any other, and Rund- gren's meticulous sense of detail their second albums for the label, Yet, as Rundgren points out, he has with Creedence engineer Russ practically lived is exemplified by his success in in the studio for Gary producing both acts. Newly - over a year, working on his pro- reaching the goals he set for him- self on the song. For the drum signed, Walter Hawkins & Selah ductions of other artists during the are starting on their first Fantasy day and returning home to put sound, mike placement, drum tun- ing, and mixing were all equally album, with Tom Fogerty and together his own tracks at night. Merl Saunders co- producing. Fog- "To spend that much time listening important in creating the right feel. As for the "really pinny hise" of erty is also producing Roger Col - to that many different styles of lin's first r &b album for the label. music, you reach a point where the vocals, Rundgren followed Motown's lead by using excessive Jim Post is in, producing his you known pretty much every- second album for Fantasy with Ed thing there is to be reached with- e. q. during the mix to reach the Bogas desired presence. On the final sharing the production. Tom in the realm of possibility," he Fogarty has helped out with feels. track, his lead vocal follows the back- curve of 's vocal ground vocals, and Jim Schwall His recent double album, "Some- from the Siegel -Schwall style ( "the greatest vocalist in has thing /Anything ? ", lends support to also had a finger in the pie. that claim, providing a showcase world," for Rundgren), while a background chorus of over -dubbed , pianist in the for a wide range of musical styles quartet, is in and a generous sampling of Rund- Rundgrens in black-face and drag supports him nicely. mixing his first self -produced sides gren's various technical abilities for Prestige. as engineer and producer. On three Also included in the work are several tracks recorded in his liv- And, also for Prestige, Ozzie of the four sides, he plays not Cadena informs us of Charlie just something, or anything, but ing room at 2501 Aatral Drive, Earland's near L. A. Runt Recorders, as he work back seat at Van everything: All vocals, all instru- (Continued on page 74) ments, and all electronic effects fondly refers to that room, con- are solely his, and the final mix sisted of an Ampex 8- track, an old is his work as well. P. A. mix, a Teletronix limiter, and one Neumann U87 mike sus- pended from a mop handle. For most instrumental parts, he ran moving? Rosen Planning his instruments directly into the tape recorder, and a Putney syn- Please let us know Retail Expansion thesizer and a "really cheap" rhythm box, re -wired for more 5 weeks in advance before Continued from page 1 complex rhythmic patterns, fur- ther increased his capabilities. changing your address. Franklin Music operates three big For Todd Rundgren, the album stores in this market -in the Ne- is "a whole representation of my To expedite service, shakiny, Plymouth and Echelen life style." In trying to take the (N.J.) shopping malls. state of the art beyond its present place magazine address Edward Rosen, president of the level, Rundgren believes that the label here and print Rosen company, revealed plans to musicians must be totally unaware operate more stores in this area of the studio and its possibilities your new address below. in the Exton and in the Oxford for creating music. Whether or Valley shopping malls scheduled not his music succeeds remains a to open in 1973. "We hope to personal matter, but it is difficult have 10 stores in operation in to overlook his versatility. 1974," said Rosen, disclosed that each store has sales volume * * * TALENT a of Ed Hershman, Executive Vice about $1 million. .another good reasol for subsc' _ President of Quadraphonic Sound of the Over -all, the Rosen distributing internat.onal music recc- ._. firm, Complex, Inc., has announced also heavy in the appliance that the Miami -based area, expects sales of about $50 operation In million in has acquired property on Wylie Billboard. the year ending this Street in month, which- would be down Hollywood, Fla., for the Place your ! slightly from permanent home of the company. Get into It a year ago. Rosen Designed by company president attributed the slump to liquidation David old of the wholesale record operation. Hieronymus and executive For new sales volume, producer Kevin McManus, the Rosen $500,000 facility will is counting heavily on RCA's contain two mailing label studios, each equipped with 16- I Billboard 2160 Patterson Street Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 plans to produce and market a Please fill me in track machines and a 24 -input on your exclusive Talent coverage and authoritative new magnetic tape player for here. coverage of all phases of the international music industry first thing, home TV viewers. console set up quad, stereo, and every Monday. mono mixing. Also slated for the operation I 1 year $35 3 years $75 new renewal, will be disk payment enclosed mastering facilities later Molaman Record Distributors for cutting both stereo and quad bill me masters, and acoustical echo cham- above subscription rates for Continental U.S & Canada 12038 Wilshire Boulevard bers. A musicians' lounge, a re- Please check nature of business 1 hearsal hall and executive suites I 1. Retailers of Records, Tapes 6. Schools, Colleges, Libraries, Los Angeles, California 90025 will be incorporated into the de- Playback Equipment Audiophiles sign, and plans also include video 2. Distributors, Operators, One- 8. Music Publisher, Songwriter, CALL COLLECT tape equipment for entry into the Stops, Rack Jobbers Unions field of video cassette manufactur- I 3. Radio Management & C, ing. /N 9. Writers, Reviewers, Newspapers & nome I Broadcasters Magazines (213) 477 -1037 Completion of the studio is set 4. Mfrs. /Producers of Records, for November. I Tapes, Equipment Other Top 100 one -stop. address 5. Talent- Artists, Performers, Agents, Terry Brown, chief engineer at Managers (please specify) Toronto Sound Studios, Ltd., has I reported recent activity Name Lowest one -stop prices in the U.S. there. A city I single l'fas just been completed Fastest Service Write or call there by April Wine, produced Company Address - for Big Tree Records by Ralph state zip 4344 I for info. Murphy, with Brown himself en- I City State & Zip gineering. Brown's other engineer- #5300 ing dates have included an album Mail to: Billboard, Subscriber Nr Type of Business Title Member of NARM by Dixie Rumproast, produced for Service, 2160 Patterson Street, w4 AMAIN' JO EhailkkkiNIM11 .11111111=wmINMO Nimbus Nine and Dunhill Records Cincinnati, Ohio 45214 by Bob Ervin; an album and 8 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com THEIR ROOTS ARE IN THE GROUND, THEM BRANCHES ARE IN THE WIND. NEMNOW ThEY'VESOWN. 'ROOTS MID BMNCN' BY THE DILLMDS.

The Dillards on tour with Ohio State : St. John's Auditorium Baylor University, Waco, Texas May 6 Convention Center Auditorium Miami of Ohio April 27 Millett Hall University of Houston May 7 Hofeinz Pavillion McCormick Place, Chicago April 28 Arie Crown Threatre University of Texas, El Paso May 8 and 9 Sun Bowl University of April 29 Urbana Assembly Hall University of Texas, Austin May 10 Municipal Auditorium Southern Illinois University April 30 Outdoor Performing Arts Facility University of Missouri, Columbia May 12 Brewer Field House Northern Illinois University May 2 Field House Michigan State University May 13 Jenison Field House University of Wisconsin May 4 Field House Notre Dame University, Indiana May 14 Athletic & Convocation Center Minneapolis: May 3 St. Cloud University Kent State, Ohio Halenbeck Hall Memorial Gymnasium May 15 May 5 Municipal Auditorium May 16

On Anthem Records& Tapes.

P-oducer: Richard Podolcrr LP: ANS-5901 8 Track: 29602 tD Cassette: 39602 Contact your UCC Distribjtor ANTHEM

www.americanradiohistory.com F`nancid News Off the Ticker Earnings Reports Market Quotations Warner Communications Inc., said Alan H. Cohen, executive vice As of closing, Thursday, April 20, 1972 New York, which owns Warner president.... Sony Corp., Tokyo, KOSS CORP. 3rd qtr. to NAME 1972 Week's Vol. Week's Week's Week's Net Bros. film studio; Warner Bros. - said earnings are expected to rise Mar. 31 1972 1971 High Low in 100's High Low Close Change Reprise, Atlantic, Atco, Cotillion in the first half ending April 30 Net sales $ 1,740,564 $ 1,413,126 and ; music pub- to the equivalent of $19.5 million, Net ncome 140,610 116,878 Per share .09 .07 Admiral 27 8 250 231/4 217/s 217/a - 1í/s lishing; distribution companies; and from $16.9 million A &E Plastik Pak Co. 127/8 1410 3 in the preced- 9 mo. per share .29 .09 3% 83/4 6% 7% + two chains, ex- ing half and $10.9 million a year American Auto Vending 153/8 67/s 115 141/s 123/4 122/4 - 1í/s pects to report a 17 percent gain before. First half sales are ex- VIEWLEX INC. ABC 76í/a 25 4171 72í/a 661/2 695yá + 51/4 3rd qtr. to Ampex 257/s 7 838 9 83/6 8V2 - in first quarter earnings and a 28 pected to Radio 141/4 5 103 67/8 climb to $295.5 million Feb. 29 1972 1971 Automatic 7% 6% - 1/2 percent gain in revenue. Earnings $263.6 ARA 1763/4 117 160 1763/4 1722/4 1751 + 1/ from million in fiscal Net sales $11,812,000 $ 9,956,000 would rise to $12.1 million, or 58 1971's Avco Corp. 207/s 121/ 652 18V2 17 173/8 - 11/8 final half and $239.3 mil- Net income 69,000 17,000 Avnet 15% 8t/a 863 141/2 13% 13% 7/a Per share - cents a share, from $10.3 million, lion in fiscal 1971's first half... . .02 Bell & Howell 682/4 32í/e 450 683/4 671/4 68 Unch. 9 mo. per or 50 cents a share, a year earlier, Ampex Corp., Redwood City, share .16 .10 Capitol Ind. 217/8 8 466 111/4 8t/2 91/2 - 12/4 Certron 8% 21/8 268 43/s 4 4 t/4 Calif,. said it agreed in principle MAGNAVOX CO. - CBS 577/e 3OVs 3415 547/8 521/2 53Vs - 41/e to sell a small television equipment Qtr. to Columbia Pictures 17% 65/4 417 137/8 13 131/8 1e Mar. 31 - manufacturing operation to CCA 1972 a1971 Craig Corp. 9 2% 298 5% 43á 53/8 + 1/ Sales . $161,943,000 $152,869,000 Creative Management 172/4 75/8 320 151/2 141 147/e + 3Yá Electronics, Gloucester City, N.J. Net income .. 6,455,000 7,846,000 Disney, Walt 1747/8 77 1417 1747/8 1611 169 + 7V2

Per share . 51/2 Unch. Terms were not disclosed. Ampex .37 .45 EMI 6 3 287 55/e 5% /e said the proposed sale was part of a- Restated to reflect the acquisitions General Electric 701/s 527/8 1886 697/4 6T/a 67% - 17 its program to discontinue of Bristol Laminating Corp. and Insta- Gulf + Western 442/4 19 2418 441/4 411/ 421/ - V2 product matic Corp. on a pooling-of-interest Hammond Corp. 137/8 81/2 285 111/8 101/2 1012 - 1/4 lines that have been grossly un- basis. Randleman 47 291/2 213 33 311/8 321/s + 3/4 Harvey Group 87/s 31/8 37 5 45/e 43/4 Unch. profitable. . . . Columbia Broad- WALT DISNEY 61/8 53/4 6 1/e casting System Inc., New York, PRODUCTIONS Instruments Systems Corp. 12 4% 624 + Qtr. to ITT 673/8 457/8 6468 557/8 521/8 541/4 - 1 expects earnings for 1972 to run April 1 1972 1971 Interstate United 131/z 6 965 91/4 73/4 9 + 1/4 well ahead of the $2.22 per share Revenues $75,421,000 $35,346,000 Macke 161/2 8% 363 161/2 15% 161/2 + 7/6 44 in operating net realized last year. Net income ... 8,056,000 4,441,000 Matsushita Electric Ind. 28% 161/ 1860 281/8 263/4 27 - 1/8 Per share .66 .33 Mattel Inc. 521/ 18% 926 263/4 25 251/2 Unch. CORD k MCA 353/4 173/4 463 35 321/ 321/ - 23/4 1 Six Month Memorex 791/2 191/ 2047 331/ 305/8 32% + 2 MGM 267/8 151/2 360 21 187/8 20 + 78 Extends Ima7ryfhäzrks z47 Revenues $134,854,000 $72,846,000 Net income .. 84,409,000 9,624,000 Metromedia 387/8 173 /a 776 343/4 327/8 335íe + 11/s Top Executives 143 5 all!he L1.Ts. ai?dacko ,Sfifatzs Per share 1.06 75 3M 1495/8 951/8 677 1481/ 1411/2 - forma/Um Avg. shares 13,591,00 12,829,000 Motorola 103 511/ 951 1047/8 961/ 981/8 - 3V2 Jonathan Cloud ,," 1 To Attend Meet Fully diluted share earnings were 62 No. American Philips 373/4 217/8 171 37 353/4 36 - SMASH HIT Pickwick International 497/8 32 217 497/8 48 487/s + 1 a / I cents for the quarter and $1 for the six months of 1972 compared with 33 cents Playboy Enterprises 25 163/4 1254 25 22V2 .247/8 + 15/8 Y' war, Continued from page 1 and 75 cents in 1971. RCA 45 26 7934 393/4 38 38% - 7/8 er lt JONATAARcrom Servmat 401/ 25V2 316 3314 315/8 31Ya - 1% 7/f Sony Corp. 393/8 141/ 1656 383/8 35 365/8 3/a (N v. . c ) have taken exhibit space, and the MARVIN JOSEPHSON ASSOCIATES - ,O1 luJ rcaDgr!Alt: acnme 3rd qtr. to Superscope 325/8 91/8 344 173/8 157/8 157/8 - 11/4 200 W. á1ló '. N.Y, Billboard Group of Publications 15/8 Mar. 31 1972 1971 Tandy Corp. 49 30% 1384 47 4414 443/4 - S. with Telex 223/8 73/4 1726 111/2 103/4 11 V2 P We rVlii7e-7 in association Magtec will Revenues $ 3,063,600 /e - aco an $ 2,518,000 Tenna Corp. 111/2 41/4 1582 107 97/8 105/8 + 1/4 f'Y A áxeia4 create a cassette report covering Net income . 477,500 250,100 Transamerica 2312 143/8 2380 231/s 22% 22% + 1/8 Per share .46 the Conference. a.27 Triangle 223/4 14% 58 191/2 19 19 1/4 a -Fewer shares. - 20th Century-Fox 17 75/8 749 147/8 141/s 141/2 - 1/4 Vendo 171/2 97/8 291 161/2 14% 15V2 + 4É WABASH MAGNETICS INC. 107/8 81/ 9 13/4 Qtr. to Viewlex 127/8 55/8 1324 - Warner Communications 47% 257/8 1030 441/8 43 44 + Ye March 31 selling records or 1972 1971 Wurlitzer 201/ 101/8 100 193/8 177/e 183/4 + 11/e tapes by mail? EXPERIENCED Sales $ 6,899,000 $ 5,579,421 Zenith 547/8 36% 623 471/2 463íé 467/8 - 1/4 Net income . 192,500 40,000 Per share RECORD .11 .02 As of closing, Thursday, April 20, 1972 our automated custom Avg. shares . 1,774,779 1,773,790 Week's Week's Week's Week's OVER THE COUNTER' Week's OVER THE COUNTER* Week's pressing & duplicating EXECUTIVE TRANSAMERICA CORP. High Low Close High Low Close Qtr. to plant makes us the Former head of Interna- Mar. 31 1972 1971 tional Operations for ma- Revenues ..$463,144,000 $364,213,000 ABKCO Ind. 41/2 4 4 Koss Electronics 123/4 121/8 123/4 most competitive Income 18,496,000 13,341,000 Audiophonics 4V2 2V2 21/2 Magnetic Tape Eng. 8V2 77/8 8 161/s 161/e jor with Cap. pains 3,536,000 1,256,000 Bally Mfg. Corp. 471 451/ 451/ M. Josephson Assoc. 181/4 20 Mills Music 13 1212 13 in the east. bNet Income 22,032,000 14,597,000 Cartridge TV 381/ 361/8 361/s years diversified back- aPer share NMC 131/s 11 ... .28 .21 Data Packaging 83/4 83/4 83/4 ground in all phases Avg. shares 64,571,000 63,782,000 Perception Ventures 31/2 314 131/2 write or call for our of a -Based on income before capital Gates Learjet 1312 125'a -- Recoton 41/4 4 131 125yá record industry. Desires gains. b-Equal to 34 cents a Goody, Sam 81 73/6 73/8 Schwartz Bros. share in 34 34 mail order price list. 1972 and 23 cents a share in 1971. GRT Corp. 51 412 43/4 Telecor, Inc. 361/4 management position on Integrity Entertain. 113/4 111 -- Teletronics Int. 133/4 123/4 -- NORTH AMERICAN Kirshner Entertain. 37/8 31/2 312 United Record & Tape 4 33/4 4 West I I PHILIPS GISKMAKERS, Coast, but wi Qtr. to 'Over -the- counter prices snown are "bid" (as opposed to "asked "). Neither the bid nor the INC. relocate. Mar. 31 1972 1971 asked prices of unlisted securities represent actual transactions. Rather, they are a guide to Sales $142,278,000 a$119,943,000 the range within which these securities could have been sold or bought at the time of 925 n. third street, Contact: bNet cnt. op. 4,967,000 3,794,000 compilation. Loss disc. Box 1013 op. 644,000 948,000 The above contributed to Billboard by Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith, Inc. Members phila., pa. 19123 Net income 4,323,000 2,846,000 of the New York Stock Exchange' and all principal stock exchanges. Billboard Publications Per share .49 .32 (215) a- Restated to exclude sales aggre- 627 -2277 9000 Sunset Boulevard gating $9,123,000 relating to activities (212) 966 -3158 Los Angeles, Calif. 90069 sold or discontinued. b -Equal to 56 cents a share in 1972 and 43 cents a State Office Backs Klein share in 1971. MOTOROLA INC. 1st qtr. to Claim on Bangladesh $$ Mar. 31 1972 1971 Sales $248,724,389 $199,581,565 NEW YORK-An investigation Allen Klein, president of Abkco Net income .. 8,103,469 5,409,221 conducted by the New York State Industries, Inc. Per share ... .60 .41 Avg. shares .. 13,521,887 13,344,583 Attorney General's office into the Richard C. Agins, assistant at- finances from the for torney general, told the UNICEF MINNESOTA MINING & MFG. 1, committee that "the office of the 1st qtr. to Bangladesh held here last Aug. Mar. 31 1972 1971 and the album Attorney General has conducted Sales $496,400,000 $435,300,000 which followed, "discloses no evi- an investigation into the Net income 54,700,000 47,000,000 dence of an impropriety," accord- for Bangladesh and the record al- Per share .97 .84 any Avg. ing to C. Lloyd Bailey, executive bum sales, and has not found shares 56,300,030 56,111,306 director of the U.S. Committee for basis on which to commence any CRAIG CORP. UNICEF. action or to continue the investiga- 9 mo. to tion at this time." Mar. 31 1972 1971 Bailey said that the investigation was In announcing the results of the Net sales . $37,455,000 $42,354,000 initiated at the request of Oper inc. (loss) a459,000 (142,000) investigation, Bailey said that he Per share (loss) .15 (.05) was particularly pleased to make Net income (loss) b821,000 (142,000) this communication public in order Per share .26 c(.05) Label a -After deducting $50,000 settlement Mogul) to disprove various assertions of patent litigation with Gates Learjet about the original concerts and Corp. b -After income tax benefit of In the album which have been pub- $362,000. c -Fewer shares. Countersuit lished, including those in a recent LOS ANGELES Mogull's A &E PLASTIK PAR -Artie article in New Yorker Magazine. 1st qtr. to Signpost label has filed a coun- "Apple Records and Mr. Klein Mar. 31 1972 in 1971 tersuit Superior court here have been in continuing consulta- Sales $ 8,244,000 $ 7,983,000 against Congregation Productions tion and cooperation with the U.S. Net income 788,000 346,000 and MGM Records in the continu- Per share .22 .10 Committee for UNICEF on all ing dispute over "Softly Whisper- these matters," he added. ing I Love You" by the English Congregation. Hilliard's Widow The case had been opened pre- Para Promo viously with a suit in the same on Starts Disk Firm court by Mike Curb's Congrega- tion Productions, claiming that Micol's Themes LOS ANGELES -Mrs. Jacque- the Signpost release of the English NEW YORK -In a special pro- line Hilliard, widow of Bob Hil- Congregation's chart single was motion campaign, Paramount Rec- liard the writer of hits like "Any improperly using the billing and ords has scheduled the playing of Day Now "' and "Our Day Will reputation of the Mike Curb Con- the single "Micol's Themes" in 75 Come," has founded Dalya Rec- gregation group. An injunction percent of theaters screening of ords and Dalya Music. against further sales of "Softly Vittoria Di Sica's "The Garden of The company's first release is a Whispering I Love You" and the Finzi -Continis." tune Hilliard co -wrote with Leon $100,000 damages were sought. Although it is from the film, Ware, "Outside of Memphis." The countersuit by Signpost asks the track is not included in the Vocalist on the single is Shelley an injunction against the Mike soundtrack album, but was cut spe- Fisher, who composed O.C. Smith's Curb Congregation's cover album, cially for single release. It was "Big City Lights" and hits for Gar- "Softly Whispering I Love You," written by Joe Brooks and per- land Green and other artists. and $350,000 damages. formed by Ettore Stratta. 10 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD. www.americanradiohistory.com I. America 2. Malo 3. 4. T. Rex 5. Tbdd Rundgren

Warner- Reprise believes a record company has to be more than lucky. Here's how Warner- Reprise has put five new names into this year's top 50:

Les Anderson. Rapidly Eddie Rosenblatt. Making sure the hottest R &B promo man in the U.S. On Warners' varied albums are well repre- the road now, breaking Paul Kelly, Malo, sented in the nation's stores in his job: and The Meters for Warners. Sales Manager. Deeply into Seals and Lj Crofts' career. Clyde Bakkemo. Warners' Gen- Ron Saul. He's Promotion Director. eral Manager. Easy to get on the phone. A master at finding Top 40 singles to break One of Clyde's specialities: Capricorn's out of Warner /Reprise LPs: ask Les Allman Brothers Band. Check the charts ( "Desiderata ") Crane how potent Saul and on that one too. his field force are.

Diana BaIOCCa. She buys space Don Schmitzerle. General Man- and time for WB's touring acts. Warners ager for Reprise's artists. One of the world's backs artist gigs more fully than any other foremost experts on The Mothers and The company. Diana helped organize all those Beach Boys. Currently guiding Reprise's radio remotes. introduction of its new Cold Blood album. Personally.

Stan Cornyn. The force behind Russ Shaw. Representative (along WB's Creative Services. The man who sets with Alan Rosenberg and others) of Warners' Warners' advertising style, like "I'm Alice. Flying Squad. They cover the country with Fly Me to Fort Knox." Oddly enough, his touring acts like America. Extra -personal favorite project is "Sesame Street." service.

Hal Halverstadt. Merchandising Joe Smith. Exec VP, and an abso- Director. Hal makes sure that no album lute mover when it comes to getting things gets "released." Individual attention for done. Now. To Peter, and to Paul, and to each LP. Hal's behind the Todd Rundgren Mary, Joe Smith isn't an executive. He's an push. army.

Pete Johnson. Editorial chief. Each Ed Thrasher. Probably the hottest week, Pete creates Warners' hit magazine, Art Director in the business now. (Ed just Circular. Write Pete if you want a free sub- walked off with 60% of the awards at one scription. Or just need to get a message Art Directors' show.) across.

MO ostin. President of the whole Billie Wallington. When, where - thing. An easy man to get an honest an- ever you look, you can't escape publicity swer from. Everyone thinks Mo makes lots on or , this lady's of sense. After makes Top publicity department has to get a lot of Ten, Mo may relax more. the credit.

Bob Regehr. From Alice Cooper's Lenny Waronker. A &R head coming out party to T. Rex' last record tour, Lenny represents Warner's high standard Bob and crew are the ones who do it: Artist of recording (Arlo Guthrie, Van Dyke Parks, Relations to them means Total Artist Assis- , and Randy Newman are tance. Ask Alice. among his oeuvre). Without Warner's elite artist roster, all these other execs would be watching an awful lot of daytime N.

If you're looking for answers, those are some of the answers. Some of the reasons that Warner /Reprise is getting to be popular.

www.americanradiohistory.com NEIL YOUNG / OLD MAN / THE NEEDLE AND THE DAMAGE DONE. A new single from Harvest exclusively on Warner Bros. /Reprise 1084 and Ampex distributed tapes / Direction: Geffen Roberts Company.

www.americanradiohistory.com Soulful, , funkiness Jr. and lau by bra GroverO ashing turner Elvin Jones (insert).

Two Davis, producer eo Macero strengths and to jaoz's his expansions. Miles

Hot licks are the amplified diet h st Jo hv .o a of McLaughlin á meld into blazing energy S portions of

Yoto Respond To Blood Of lifolok csmplsti#i,ss JAZZ IN THE EARLY 70'70'S is reaching a new By Elio# Tieq,l audience of enthusiastic your,g li steners. The music is +or often freer, wilder, often unstructured, wildly electronic, 7 s and has been called "extended energy jazz" or cosmic jazz" by some players. although you may not appreciate cr understand the new These may be the terms in the years to come c!escrib- f areas in which the music progresses), is attrituted di- swing, ing the 1970's jazz just as , , rectly by some observers to the intñnse level to whici , the cool West Coast school, avant- garde, all rep - rock moved two years ago. and Cream, M the sound today a "new dialect," one in sented progress in their own decades. chel calls for example, developed a highly infer se, roaring, blazing, a seriss of dialects which have built a rich history for The electronic instruments which jazzmen have come fiery style of amplified playing which boggled the mird to master, have helped expand the tone colorations of the music. of oft- drugged listeners and straights alike. to borrow that word, involves pro- jazz, but amplified music is iot the only form of jazz The current dialect, a the energy a sound, one whici which has energetic followers Ed Michel, Impulse's &r direc-cr, admits viding oontñmporary background listened hars tempo cit./ There are some down- the -middle hard improvisors jazz is often very hard to listen to. "But if you've Fantasy's Ralph Gleasor as "double rocs, amplified and who are also reaping the benefits of newly found advo- to Hendrix and Cream and other erergy gene-a_ed time.' A conga drum along with With dead, Nhere co double time. "It's the impulse of cates. So the combination of these mainstream modern- it's the only place you can go. Jimi tambourine, provide this y take ists plus the open end energy players, blends nicely into all the Jimi Hendrix people go? They evolve natural the urban co-e ghetto,' Gleason says. "So you into energy jazz." someone Ike Esther Philips who's been the same a picture of fresh creativity for the audience comprising sound to the "contempo -ary years." Michel calls the sound of the 7J s past John Coltrare way for 15 years, and you add this background LP a Jazz, in riding an upswing trend, is in a period of jazz. It's open structured, not necessarily li-n ted har- her new and it's smash." unbridled creativity, with wide open experimentation ex- monically or melodically. "It can mange direction at ary Gleason says there are no longer any musical cate- Gladys panding the concepts of the -music, causing dollars and point," Michel continues. "There is a greater intensxy gories. He hears , Nina Simone, cents awareness on the part of record companies, gen- now and the form is substantially different. Before ycu Knight and tie Pips, , Nat Cole, Miles all strung together on FM. erating a new spirit of recorded activity, cpeniing the could relate to a song form with its harmonic and melodic Davis and Gene Ammons vistas of the concert field with record company spon- var ations. You may have a song structure but it's zn Thu trumpet players in Malo, the new Warner Bro ;. sored tours, and breaking trough at the retail level 'indicator' now. For many players the structural limita- Latin- _rien-ed band sound like they've been influenced with major exposure for LP's now proudly categorized as tions of older forms of jazz are gore. There zre number by Diay Cille;pie and , Gleason says. Other jazz. of oands which can make it work; tiere's a young audi- musicians are going back to the roots of jazz to find in- The interest in jazz today by the growing number of ence which can handle it. They take this sound for spiration. new ears (once you become a jazz buff you remain one, granted. They're the post Hendrix people." (Continued on page 14) APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 13

www.americanradiohistory.com companies are going to be awfully surprised about what's happening in the market. They don't realize what a vital segment of the market it is." Columbia realizes! Traditionally involved with jazz in some form, the company has been responsible for help- ing generate interest among young people and FM broadcasters through its aggressive promotional efforts for its modernist school led by Miles Davis. Teo Macero, Miles' producer for 14 years, sees an involved kind of person. an experimentally bent person who is turning to avant -garde music with a beat. The cat wants to play; he knows he doesn't have to use the bar line. The performer will be the composer with an instrument. The musicians are looking for atonal, , spontaneous combustion." In the , the modernist is organized, Macero claims. "They have a great sense of order now and a sense of organization in their heads." So the jazz- man doesn't waste studio time. Macero also records , and Charlie Mingus. Davis' music in his new "Live and Evil" LP is a new statement beyond his "Bitches Brew" pack- age. There are tinges of African music, of classical music. Producer "He's written the tunes and is exploring the possibility of new textures. And he's amplified everything." rock, the more Ham ro it's Mond: This LP is made up of contributions from very strong -zz soloists who follow Miles' style orientede. more of descending and flash- oe f hear ing notes, of pinched tones and melody lines which Q know no ending. f 1h, - Newj1)91 o rS ,q re" Others- - , out 0, A r Cüflj/flt f AddTd From , The R , A Ghett

The new jazz players are "coming from the ghettos," and they will skuffle and Producer - Macero says. "They are hungry music ob e the Thy ele: do something." non selling public jazz "The more I hear rock," says John Hammond, Colum- image While it' means othejndusryda bia's sage producer, "the more it's jazz- oriented." Young musicians have gotten a little more adventeurous than they were able to in . Hammond predicts that within one year, jazz will be at its zenith, at a point higher in popularity than it's ever been. Recalling the swing era days when bands palyed for dancing, Ham- mond cajoles: "If we can get our rock groups to get blackProducer people back to dancing with jazz, the bigger jazz will be. instrumentalLester r ' and John McLaughlin and his Maha- umerytal music." in th vishnu Orchestra are where the young audience is, e studio): "Jazz Hammond feels. This young audience, in reaching back today (remember that Ed Michel is to listen to other "dialects" Continued from page 13 called each creative development a new dialect), has made the reissue business a good one. Says Hammond: Jazz is played best by black people, the noted "We figure 90 percent of the buyers for our Bessie critic contends, adding: "Who are the originators? It's Smith albums are kids." The four LP's black music." porary jazz music." There is also a very substantial young are near 165,000 sales in the U.S. , the multi -reed specialist, clas- listening audience which believes in breaking down musi- Ninty percent of Weather Report's devotees are young sifies jazz as "black classical music," and he cites the cal boundaries and allowing this instrumental music to people. Chase is all kids. Weather Report is space music. contributions of , Sidney Bechet, Billie come through. Its members don't play melody per se, but improvise Holiday and Charlie Mingus as "beautiful black classical Sonny Lester, president of the totally free thoughts, with organized starts and stops. music." label, calls today's jazz "black instrumental music," and Chase's four trumpets are sharp and shrilly, with some Atlantic's jazz producer Joel Dorn prefers the term instrumentally is how he is gearing his company. He good improvised solos by leader Bill, but the group's "adult black music" when referring to the music he hears a pop, r &b sound mixed together to form an vocalist, G.G. Shinn sounds too much like David Clayton - records with , Rashaan Roland Kirk and instrumental form of commercial jazz. Thomas, late of Blood, Sweat and Tears. Chase's per- . Atlantic's decades -old comittment to There is a concern for minute preparation which cussive sound is very hard. the music is paying off strongly this year. "We can now marks many of today's jazz producers. "You have to Notes Hammond: put legitimate dollars into making jazz product and more handle the production like it was a pop date," Lester "Jazz is fundamentally the art of surging improvisa- than get a return for the investment," Dorn says. says. After he signed Richard Groove Holmes, Lester tion and most good rock has it and all good ob-

The average sale of a jazz LP has risen to 35,000 spent-two weeks planning the LP. There will be pop tunes viously has it . . . Miles' success helped determine from around 12,000 a couple of years ago. Dorn points like "American Pie" and a contemporary rhythm section. Columbia's course to pursue further with jazz." out. Lester has released seven LP's since last November The word jazz has connotated intercourse in the Bobby Shad, the energetic head of Mainstream, says when he started the company. He plans promotional early blues days. But Hammond doesn't feel there is jazz of all styles is selling, from a soul inspired sound campaigns for the music. type dates will anything wrong with the word jazz as a stylistic defini- to way out . Interest in the music comes still occur, but Lester notes: "I feel from a business tion. "It's a good unrespectable American word," he from college stations, from FM stations, from stores standpoint I can't afford to give distributors product says with a hearty laugh. which "load up a rack with 400 different selections - which isn't thought out. It's not a matter of blowing, Buddah has just launched the Cobblestone series and something you never saw before." walking away and getting it as cheap as you can." the group also still distributes the Skye label. Says Joe Shad feels many of the younger players came out Creed Taylor is known for taking time in preparing Fields the national sales manager: "We are using the of the acid rock mold and brought into their jazz playing his albums. The consumer is very discerning," he says, word jazz in promotion and are in fact using the word electronic accessories like echoplexes and echo delays. and he won't be ripped off with a so -so jazz album." more than ever. Our policy for Cobblestone is going to Shad's newest move to expand his jazz coverage is Most companies put an artist in the studio and three or be 'natural jazz' -I think the day when an a &r man to develop a combination sound built on jazz, rock and four hours later they have a tape which becomes the just laid down a basic r &b track and got some jazz horns blues. LP, Taylor feels. over the top, has waned." Orrin Keepnews, another devoted jazz producer, speaks His CTI label, almost two years old, promotes im- Several months ago Bob Thiele, head of Flying enthusiastically about the challenge of creating a musical provised jazz. His new Kudu label offers melodic and Dutchman, stated he would never use the word jazz form for a new audience. funky sounds, drawing a more commercial type of song. because it cut down on sales. In light of the new feeling He is working on an LP with which "Melodic things with a rhythmic base are what's selling," for jazz, Thiele has rethought his initial comment. is an amalgam of ideas and technologies. Henderson is he says. The word jazz has had a bad connotation within a new member of Blood, Sweat and Tears and his play- Taylor believes today's jazz swings more than it has the record and broadcast industries. "When you used the ing of tenor sax, soprano sax, flute and alto sax, turns in past years and he hears a lot of 6/8 and 12/8 word jazz, distributors, dealers and disk jockeys shied him into his own band. rhythms. "People are getting tired of rock and they are away from the products. But the public goes into a He will play all these instruments on the upcoming looking for rhythmic, melodic excitement with a little store and looks for the jazz section." Milestones LP. Multi- tracking and overdubbing will be more sophistication. There's no place else to go but Thiele keeps the word off his liners because he used to generate an excitement which rock listeners can to jazz." doesn't want this negative attitude to hold back the appreciate. Taylor can feel the current climate for new jazz exposure for the product. "There seems to be an inbred Keepnews, a &r director of the company, a division listeners. His Grover Washington Jr. LP, "Inner City attitude against the word. It's only been during the past of Audio Fidelity Enterprises, scored a coup when he Blues" is past 185,000 copies. "Two years ago you did year that people realized that jazz sells." signed Sonny Rollins, the masterful saxophonist. Rollins headstands if a jazz album went 25,000," he says. Thiele says commercial jazz which sells spans Ornette hasn't recorded for four years and had been away from The phenomenal success of Miles Davis on Columbia Coleman to . the New York club scene for two years prior to his recent where his recent LP's have gone into the hundreds of Thiele hears a kind of easy listening jazz, which is booking at the . Keepnews is planning thousands category, has inspired other jazz aficionados reasonably melodic, has a contemporary rhythm sound an in- person LP as Sonny's first Milestrones effort. to feel the potential in this new reach -out -and -touch -me and is orchestrated. This kind of music is typified by Keepnews feels the "vacuum caused by the relative market. 's LP's. "I'm not putting this music decline of heavy has been filled by contem- "Jazz is selling," Taylor says emphatically. "The big (Continued on page 20) 14 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com Released in Europe A new one last year for the where it was charts, with selected as organist Charlie jazz album of Earland in the 1971 by Melody demanding company Maker and won the of Hubert Laws and top awards of the Lee Morgan, for whom Jazz Academy of this was the last session. Paris and the The album makes no Academie Charles Cros. compromises. (Specially priced Three - CHARLES EARLAND -Intensity Record Set.) Prestige 10041 THE GREAT CONCERT OF CHARLES MINGUS Prestige 34001

The Colossus from Everything you wanted Columbus puts the to know about the sax, torch to material from taught in convincing , Stevie and hedonistic fashion Wonder, and by an acknowledged his own sweet self. master. Shake it up RUSTY BRYANT -Wild Fire Prestige 10037 baby. SONNY STFT-Black Vibrations Prestige 10032



Timely and timeless sides from Dexter, Idris and Purdie and the unquenchable Ammons & Stitt and Inc.

Distributed by Fantasy Records where music counts most Also available on Ampex Tapes.

www.americanradiohistory.com 1 E T'

Basiemen play for an enthused audience (insert) as OUNT BASIE AND the Queen Elizabeth 2 tours the Caribbean. to -do Basie fans for whom the music clearly was a major inducement. THE CUNARD LINE Curiously, the rest of the entertainment, all supplied have conspired to find a By Leonard Feather by a London agency, is in complete contrast. In the location for jazz that beats numerous bars and lounges scattered throughout this anything on . luxurious, 56,000 ton movable city, I heard pop singers, It began in January of The orchestra recently completed its third annual rock combos, light classics, bland bossa nova sounds. 1970 when, as an experi- voyage in March, with a near -capacity crowd of close to Yet the same passengers who find these groups accept- ment, the line booked 1,600 for a 13 -day cruise that took in brief visits to able gather enthusiastically in the 850 -capacity Double 's orchestra to St. Thomas, V.I., Barbados, La Guaira (Caracas), Curacao Room for Basie's two nightly sets. play a 10 -day, three -stop and Port-au- , Haiti.) The Double Room, the ship's largest entertainment Caribbean cruise aboard jazz, particular of the Basie variety, seems area, occupies part of two decks, with a spiral staircase the Queen Elizabeth 2. ideally suited to the seagoing vacationer. The audience is winding from the Upper Deck, where fans sit and sip and Though publicity and pro- predominantly white and middle -aged to venerable; yet listen, to the Quarter Deck below, where they listen and motion were limited and the ship was about half full, the there is a substantial number of blacks (there were ad- dance. Part of each set is played concert style to an venture seemed worth repeating: Early last year the vertisements placed by travel agencies in the New York attentive crowd; after a while Basie invites the audience Count tried it again and business doubled to about 1,500. Amsterdam News) and a fair proportion of younger, well- (Continued on page 20)

Jimmy BREAKTHROUGH! RICIfARd DAVis :Tune -Up! Heath Barry Harris , , Alan Dawson KENNY BARRON:ROB CRANSHAW, MTUME Al. TOOTIE JAZZHEATH Tiff Tht Philosophy of ThE SpIRITUAf Cedar Wallon /liank Mobley WET MANI t11C INS

NEPTUNE THE GAP SEALER BREAKTHROUGH RICHARD DAVIS TUNE -UP! The Visitors Jimmy Heath Cedar Walton /Hank Mobley Quintet the Philosophy of the Spiritual Sonny Stitt CST 9010 CST 9012 CST 9011 CST 9003 CST 9013

E5k&14, Ete'VLIC Arranged & Conducted by Gar McFarland LlintJIiL/M featuring Ron Carter& AErto TOTAL SUBMISSION THE REAL STEVE KUHN CREQUE DOORS Emanuel K. Rahim & The Kahllqs Ruth Brown BDS 5098 Neal Creque Eric Kloss CST 9014 CST 9007 CST 9005 CST 9006 DISTRIBUTED G4/ BY COBBLESTONE THE NEW NAME IN JAZZ

16 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com BRTMUBECS QUARTET Akin Dawson v WtS140 Jock Six saULL " C _ú


TPUTH IS FALLEN-Dave Brubeck (SD-166) Ar_ extended work, written by Dave Brubeck. which combines jazz, rock, chorus and the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Dave has dedicated i` to "the slain stLdents of Kent INSTANT DEATH - University and Missis 3ippi State, and all the. (SD -1611) other innocent victims, caught in the crossfire King of :ze e_ec-ric sax, Eddie Harris is heard between repression and rebellion" in his fir studio recording in over a year. THE LAS: SET AT NEWPORT- His mu biarship s, as always, superb. = DAVE BRUBECK QUARTE; featuring Gerry MulbyaA, Alan Dawson and AFRICAN CCOKBCOG- Jack Six (SD -1670) RANDY WESTON sSD -?6O9) Recorded live on July 3, 1971 at the Newport Pianist /comaser Rar-dvWeston is heard :n a Jazz FéEtivi, this recordng captures one of the brlliant syntEes s of _American jazz and most intense sets ever payed by the incom- African music. Also featured on this 'excellent parable Dave Brubeck Quartet. recording are Booker Ervin on tenor sax and Big Black on congaE.

-1 an started here. Atlantic Records and Thpes t ATLANTIC www.americanradiohistory.com AZZ CLUBS, once the major showcase for artists, now compete financially with col- LT, lege concerts and large general audience facili- HE CL B ties. Rising talent costs have cut into the profitability of the clubs, forcing many to close. H IN The following survey put together by Nat Freed- E/4LT KY ITH(DV( land with assistance from field reporters, ana- lyzes the national club circuit. LI N6 ELS EWII

Shelly's Manne Hole in Holly- Both room present s m a l l e r wood is considering moving lo- groups. cations, according to manager A new San Diego showroom, Rudy Onderwyzer. The Manne- Funky Quarters, 5970 Fl Cajon Hole books nationally famous Blvd., is occasionally booking jazz acts and finds itself caught jazzmen like and Ken- in a profit squeeze by rising ny Barrell successfully, among talent costs. "When we have to its pop acts. put in a cover charge to pay the It's still possible to find live bill of a name act, it loses some jazz in Chicago on any given of our audience," he laments. night, though the scene is cer- The Manne Hole management tainly not what it used to be. Cor- feels that the room's medium respondent Earl Paige lists the size is not competitive in today's following Chicago jazz clubs: higher -priced talent market. "We Mister Kelly's, owned by Nor- might have to expand to a show- The Manne Hole in man Kean, president; Arts & Lei- Hollywood room or cut back to a more (left) sure Corp., London House, owned is tops as a setting for intimate casual operation with- name acts, by Arts & Leisure Corp.; Happy but it faces high sal- out the big names, the way we ary demands. Medium, owner Arts & Leisure (above) started out," Rudy says. "There is a regular Corp., occasionally features jazz along the circuit with were lines around the block when gigs around programs in downstairs Flower New York and Los we had Miles Davis, but we can't Pot; Alice's Revisited (occasional Angeles. book him every week." programs); Arie Crown Theatre, The Hong Kong Bar, jazz room McCormick Place on the Lake of the giant Century Plaza Hotel, New York's club scene suf- Baron gets off on jazz (Gene stance, one of the Steak and (occasional jazz programs); Liv- reports business up noticeably fered from the jazz -is -dead syn- Ammons at the time of writing) Brew restaurants had ing Room, shows Friday-Sunday after a slow '71. Hotel official drome, as did most other cities, and jazz rooted soul; Jimmy for several weeks, the Cookery and Thursday; AFAM Gallery Cof- Blake Chatfield feels that luxury several years ago when it seemed Ryans, the last of the 52nd has , followed by feehouse; Corona; Gemini; 131- spending opened up at Christ that rock was moving into the Street Clubs still in the general Eddie Haywood (New York's 35 E. 103rd; Four Torches. mastime and is continuing steady. no- cover -no- minimum situations. area, unveils its version of Dixie- cabaret ruling limits these places Also: Alfies, Adventures in Jazz The six -year -old club seats 230, Now it appears healthier. The land (currently led by an on- to and bass -stringed in- Orchestra, Sundays 3 -7 p.m.; books acts for three weeks and patient is alive, perhaps not well - form ) six nights a struments only, no drums Johnny Lattner's Marina City as has three shows nightly. but seemingly on the way to re- week; and Slugs out in the East these are considered too noisy Restaurant, Jazz at Noon with covery. Village presents the avant un- and liable to incite antisocial The Lighthouse, a Hermosa Chicago businessmen performing; The Mount Rushmores of the guarded. behavior). Boomers has jazz and Beach fixture since 1947, finds Village Tavern, Sunday program, New York scene are still there: And the Dixieland clubs con- soul food (Kenny Barron, Ray itself now serving a predomi- Ragtime and All That Jazz, Long the Half Note still presents its tinue, whether forcing the musi- Bryant, etc.). The West Boondock nantly young and black audience. Grove, Ill.; Wise Fools Pub, Mon- mainstream -modern policy (James cians to don straw hats, or work employs pianists such as Nat A lot more young Mexican - day jazz program; Lurleans; Big Moody, Zoot Sims, , in between virtuosi. The Jones and Lance Hayward with Americans are showing up too, Horn, Ivanhoe, Ill., Routes 176 Jimmy Rushing, etc.); Max Gor- Red Garter has traditional jazz - attendant . according to Ross Levine who & 183. don is trying for the longevity oriented sessions on Sunday, the has been owner of the room Guitarists are finding their way Cincinnati, reports correspond- record at his Village Vanguard Gashouse and the Music Box since his father Johr, died last back into the svelte nightlife ent Bill Sachs, sports a number (he recently scored a great coup has Graham Stewart on various year. Lighthouse crowd -pleasers scene such as George Barnes of clubs using jazz acts on an by getting Sonny Rollins out from evenings; Arthur's has the Grove are artists like Pharoah Sanders, and Bucky Pizzarelli, or Chuck occasional basis but more operat- under the bridge and getting Street Stompers, on Monday Gabor Szabo, and Carmen Mac- Wayne at the St. Regis. ing under an exclusive jazz poli- standing up and standing room nights, and Your Father's Mus- Rae. Lunchtime cy. Except where mentioned, tal- only crowds); Top of the Gate tache has Red Balaban's busi- jazz is increasing "We expect talent costs to go via the Jazz Attractions ent bookings are made on a carries on its value for money nessmen on Sunday evenings. society up about $500 a year per act," who are weekend basis. policy of presenting good trios, But the big improvement is currently promoting Levine says. "And especially with weekly generally piano -led, for the price the number of jazz pianists work- lunch jazz affairs, with traveling expenses for East Coast The Buccaneer Inn, Ed Bentz, anything from singers owner, home base for the Dee of a drink or a meal: The Club ing in unlikely places -for in- to big acts jacking up their prices it bands, at the Playboy Club. cuts into our profits. But with Felice group; The Lookout House, The Rainbow Grill books big the right booking we can keep Allen Kirkpatrick, general man- and small bands and two new enough volume coming through ager, Fort Mitchell, Ky., uses oc- rooms have recently opened: the to make it pay." The Lighthouse casional jazz name act or groups Baron on one or two -week basis; Beverly Steak House and Fiddle - maintains a full schedule of week- stix. Wells and the Apollo, both end matinee workshops for local Hills, Dick Schilling, general man- in Harlem, go with hard driving bands, student discounts and ager, Alexandria Pike, Southgate, Ky., uses occasional jazz name bluesy jazz. even a Wednesday ladies night. act or groups on one or two - Los Angeles boasts four major At this writing, The City, a week jazz rooms booking top national new club managed by Donna basis. acts, a brand -new with Sloate, h0J just finished its first Mahogany Bar, Rudy Greiser, ambitious plans and a busy cir- month's booking of owner -booker; The Blind Lemon, cuit of smaller clubs that keep and Mavis Rivers. The jazz sup- Eddie Shepherd, owner -booker; many rising or lesser -known jazz- per club, located at 940 N. La Reflections; Dale Maloney, man- men working. Cienega Blvd., is apparently hav- ager; Ken Kornell, booker; The This past year has seen an ing success in reaching its po- Inner Circle. unusual amount of movement tential clientele of 30-40 -year- Some active Boston jazz spots within the jazz club scene. For olds who were big jazz fans dur- are the Jazz Workshop, Paul's example, Howard Rumsey ing their 20's. Mall, Amaru's. has left his long -time post with Among the most consistent In Pittsburgh, jazz can be the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach jazz bases in Central Los An- heard at Crawford's Grill, the and will be affiliated with a new geles are the York Club, 7210 Jazz Attic, Harmar House or the club now under construction at S. Western Ave., the Parisian Colony. Occasional jazz is availa- the Hermosa Beach Fisherman's Room, 4960 W. Washington Blvd., ble at a dozen other local clubs. Wharf. and the Pied Piper, managed by In Minneapolis -St. Paul, the Contradictory reports about the Freddie Jett, 4325 Crenshaw Once Groveland has opened in a popularity of jazz in Los An- Blvd. All these clubs provide church basement, featuring local geles comes from various clubs. steady work for the recording bands at $1 admission. Another Donte's, in North Hollywood, but lesser -known jazzman, such new room is the Take Five Club. finds business up somewhat in as Ike Isaacs or Brother Jack In Dallas, the Villager books the past 12 months, according to McDuff, regulars on this circuit. name jazz acts and on occasion co -owner Bill McKay. "We find The larger 's Flat club the Losers' Club does too. San as we're moving away from the of John and Madora Daniels, Antonio is largely a Dixieland West Coast 1950's jazz star book- 4225 Crenshaw Blvd., has moved town with the Landing a leading ings we're getting more young more towards a soul policy, but room. The Palms is the newest people in," he says. The 125 - the owners are preparing to take Southside room. seat club started as a musicians' over a smaller bar next door and Detroit's Sheraton -Cadillac Ho- hangout in the suburban San operate it as a jazz room. tel books name jazz into the Ca- Fernando Valley six years ago. Two more jazz showcase clubs sino Room and Jim Taylor's Hot With the right booking, such as opened up in the San Fernando Jazz Society presents programs Buddy Rich's big band or local Valley last year: Jazz West, 13952 around town. Across the border favorites like Willy Bobo and Ventura Blvd., Sherman Oaks, in Windsor, Canada, the Elm- guitarist , it can pack and the Baked Potato, 3787 Ca- wood Casino hosts top bands like every show. huenga Blvd. W., Studio City. Count Basie. 18 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com CO\TEVRORARY AS J JIS VA

cuore di mama maynardfergusoo S

MRL 340 - "A TIME IN MRL 352 "IN PERSON" MRL 355 - " CUORE DI MRL 359 - "DUES" MY LIFE" CARMEN McRAE LIVE MAMA" MORGANA KING Nat Pavone, Don Rader, with and Morgana King and the Harry Hall, Dick Hur- his Orch. Torre Zito Orch. witz, Kenny Rupp, Rob McConnell, Ronnie Cu- ber, Willie Maiden, Frank Vicari, , Mike Abene, Ronnie Mc- Clure, Tony Inzalaco

mike longo the awakening 3Ì 3113

MRL 357 - "THE MRL 351 - "SENYAH" MRL 349 - "THE LOUD MRL 356 - "PURE AWAKENING" ROY HANES MINORITY" DYNAMITE" MIKE LONGO George Adams, Law- FRANK FOSTER BUDDY TERRY ,, Virgil rence Killian, Don Pate, Kenny Rogers, Cecil , Eddie Hen- Jones, , Ron Marvin Peterson, Carl Bridgewater, Charles Mc- derson, Kenny Barron, Carter, Alex Gafa, Schroeder, Roland Ghee, Marvin Peterson, , Stan , James Prince Dick Griffin, Earl Dun- Clarke, Mchezaji, Billy Moody bar, Stan Clarke, Gene Hart, Mtume, Jenny Perla, , Jan White, Airto Moreira Hammer, Richard Pratt, Omar Clay, Elvin Jones, Airto Moreira,



SEE YOU IN ACAPULCO! OR , 1700 BROADWAY NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019 SEND FOR FREE CATALOGUE DEPT. BB www.americanradiohistory.com V E R Y O N E N 11a, e knows that the Continued from page 14 key to building down," Thiele says. "In order to Can artist's ca- CT I Ds make it come off, you have to reer is having find the greatest players. You just him communi- can't eat dinner and have Ornette cate before WELCOME Coleman playing." an audience. Ornette's new LP, "Science Fic- Creed Taylor has taken this tion" is a melange of darting Co coed dashes of sound in short sputter- concept and come up ing stances. There is total free- with BASF dom for expression wherever that a successful concert takes the soloists. package in which all the performers on his CTI Jazz is also Les McCann's very and Kudu labels perform in force, compli- Package flowing amplified piano solos on menting each other and yet "" in which show- ing their a cohesiveness keeps all the parts individual strengths. to the within an organized structure; So far, the CTI concert show jazz is also Johnny Hammond's has been a major success, not funky organ excitement inter- only in selling tickets, but in A spersed - Packs with gutsy solos by tenor also providing an artistic show- man Grover Washington Jr.; jazz case for the re- creation of music AMERICAN is also Michael White's sparkling which was initially released in LP and torrid violin playing on "Spirit form. / Dance;" jazz is flutist Hubert CTI developed a good selling i Laws' lilting romantic ability; jazz i 0 is 's open- p MUSIC ness and expansion of the melo- dic structure of his compositions; jazz is the fire and dynamics of and the inclusion of a string quartet and a woodwind SCENE quintet within his always search- ing polyphonic band; it is the Latin adventures of Cal Tjader; it certainly is the organized From One Quality Manufacturer beauty of ' big band with its fresh spacous sound; it to Another, is the clean section work of the Count Basie Band, and it most emphatically is the always chal- We're Glad to Have You Aboard. lenging, always inventive genius of Duke Ellington, the elder Thanks for Selecting statesman of jazz now that Satchmo Armstrong is sadly no American Sound longer jazz's world ambassador. It is also whatever new artist breaks through this week. to be One of Your By no means is the list ever ending. Quality Suppliers. D?/ h A Ic Continued from page 16 to dance, and for the most part Freddie the floor remained crowded. Hubbard's sonorous trumpet playing is a top draw for CTI in person and For our stopover in Barbados on disks. the show was transferred to a de- lightful "concert under the stars" setting on the Lido around one with each act doing 15 minutes of the ship's spacious swimming with backing by the other mem- pool areas. A popular local ca- bers of the cast. The artists play lypso group, the Merrymen, was the tunes they have recorded, Warren, Michigan 48091, U.S.A. added for local warmup color. that's what the public likes. We Why the Basie initiative (ar- carry our own sound system, ranged through Willard Alexan- sound man, light man and sound der's office) has not been fol- truck." lowed up by other booking agents and managers is something of a CTI will not be taping any mystery. Certainly no artist could more concerts for future LP's ask for a better gig. From the until the musicians change their musician's standpoint this is a repertoire. After the New York paid vacation. The 18 jazzmen date, the package is scheduled and their wives all get the hon- for two weeks in Europe in ored -guest treatment and are pro- August, touching down at Mu- vided cabin space that could have been sold for $35,000. nich, Germany; Holland, France Last year they worked every and Belgium. night, but cruise director John Taylor estimates that 80 per- Butt decided that this constituted cent of the audience at the con- overexposure; consequently this certs is black and the other 20 time out they are performing Hubert Laws' open flute playing percent is young whites. CTI picks only seven of the 13 nights. draws attention to his skill. Given these optimum playing up all union, promotion and conditions, the band is in superb talent costs. The company pays form, offering sounds that are LP as a result of a first concert its people what they would get neither radical enough to shock at the Hollywood Paladium last at a . the senior citizens nor old -hat year. Consequently, the com- The price of a ticket changes enough to bore the young. One pany's booking office run by with the city. It was a $6.50, wonders when - the logical follow Peter Paul, has booked the pack- $5.50, $4.50 situation for the ups with Ellington, Kenton, Her- age in Cincinnati, Cleveland, De- Cincinnati, Chicago, Cleveland man and perhaps such combos and Detroit affairs. The Felt as the Modern Jazz Quartet troit and Chicago. and Forum price could range from a will finally be Upcoming are dates for the 13 $12.50 top to $7.50, and the arranged. artist casts at the Felt Forum in 17,000 -seat Hollywood Bowl range One promising indication is the New York June 30, a possible could span $7.50 to $2.50. booking of pianist Bill Evans for engagement at the Hollywood a transatlantic crossing June 2 The key to his concert pack- Bowl July 30 and an August tour on the QE2. Taking only his age, Taylor believes, is offering of Europe. bassist, he will play just one con- a "pretty tight ensemble with cert during the five -day voyage, Paul looks for cities which the advantage of star impro- pick up a drummer in London have a collegiate relationship visors." for a couple of weeks' work, and (since this is the most interested "If we break even or lose return to New York on the same group o listeners) in which to money on this venture, we've single- concert basis. book the package. gotten our artists out there in If only every major ship could front of the people who are really do regularly for every jazz group Our type of concert package devoted fans of this music. These what Cunard has undertaken with has never been made available people don't have a scholastic Basie and Evans, those faltering to the public before," Creed interest in the music; they really earthbound jazz clubs might be Taylor states. We are presenting care about its entertainment expendable. forever. a completely rehearsed package value." 20 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com Sma I i die Distribu gars Seek L J

T h_ a n th hrn Ass College students have been with professionals all for $99.50 charge. Summer Sessions he is involved with. Jazz labe s beam, Third World, The Old learning how to play jazz by By Earl Paige the costs, so that include: Arcana, Arcane, Archive Masters and Vogue. playing with professionals for sev- underwrites all Sessions, are no for the school, mall indepen- of Folk (more jazz than the name As the labels indicate, Flerlage eral years. Summer there costs Brown points out. dent jazz -label would limply), Audiophile, Band- and other NAIRD distributors are Inc., a new company, is devel- Meade are week -long distributors stand, Bet -Car, Blackbird, Blue bringing in much product from oping a program of The first two projects already around for the first Angel, BYG (Archive of Jazz), international markets. In fact, clinic- concerts centered set will be at Nebraska Wesleyan And time organizing Chiaroscuro, Disques Shandar, one of Flerlage's best sellers last and Don Ellis. in Lincoln, July 30 and Redlands because they E.C.M. (), Euphonic, year was the new Cecil Taylor on of course their respective bands.. University in California, August 6. are encounter- GHB, Halcyon, Herwin, Histori- Di s q u es Shandar. His initial The new firm is an outgrowth Students go to "classes" with ing many of cal, Jazzette, Jazzology, Jazzum, quantity was sold out with three of Steiner -Meade Artist Manage- members of whatever band is in the problems Matchbox (U. K. label), Melo- phone calls, even though he paid ment which handles both band- "residence" at the school. The major whole- deon, Merry Makers, Music for a record premium in import leaders and books them around leaders and their sidemen offer s a le r s have Collectors, Nessa, Pearl, Pinacle, costs. the country. their expertise to each individual long wrestled Revelation, Pointing to still another prob- The clinic- concert concert en- player and there are a series of with. Rare , tails one -week of elbow rubbing Take Ray Flerlage of Kinnar Shandar, Southland, Solo, Sun- (Continued on page 26) (Continued on page 26) Distributing in Chicago who at- tended the first meeting of the new National Assn. of Indepen- dent Record Distributors (NAIRD) recently in the windy city. Flerlage, as with most of NAIRD's members, is far from totally involved in jazz. However, WORLD OF JAll WORLD OF JAll WORLD OF JAll of his 115 labels, a substantial ,.1., :v.:N. 30 percent are jazz. Several fea- TROUT IN ture blues and jazz. Interestingly BLUE TIRED JAll IN BLUES enough, it was during a recent CATS THE RAIN BREWIN' I WONDER MARMADUKE WHY YOU blues festival at the University of MADE ME CRY KRETA Chicago BUTCH BRING TM here that NAIRD got its BACK ALIVE JUST LIKE THAT organization rolling with a news EMPTY JUST TAKE TWO BOTTLE BLUES LONELY letter and other planned steps. BUGS THE TRAILER HIGH TENSION The idea for NAIRD was pushed CHIPS RIDING BOOTS FRENCH BEAT primarily by Rosenthal, STROLLIN' Gene VELY LORRAINE Adelphi Dist., Washington, D.C., THOUGHTS BLUES THE VWINGIN' ROYAL THIRDS Dennis Bursh, Oden Dist. Minne- P FLUSH NUANCES ANA HORN PORK JOCKEY apolis, and Gary Seibert, Orwaka LINE UP AND BEANS SHOWTHE Dist., Portland, Ore. The BLACK ME A group SWISS AIR HEAVEN ROSE represents a fairly well spread - QUATRE RAGTIME MAINS IS MONEY out network with others including VIBES RECORDED RECORDED Bill Thomas, Detroit; Riverboat ON BALLY LP RECORDED BAL 12003 a 12005 A L B U M THESEL AND 02 f ON BALLY by USL By Enterprises, Mass.; LP DAVID BEE AND OOAUO Cambridge, HAZY HIS ORCHESTRA IHE E BOLLING OSTERWALD AND BY AND ALLSTARS Bluesline, New CLAUDE BOLLING I Orleans; House SEXTET AND ALL STARS P I A N O Dist., St. Louis; Atlantis, , and Bill Nowlin, Som- merville Mass. Flerlage, who for many years worked with a pioneer in inde- pendent small label distribution, K. O. Asher, says that when NAIRD members started compar- WORLD OF JAll WORLD OF JAll WORLD OF JAll ing notes they were amazed and "very unhappy" to find that TEA PARTY there was a big difference in VOLUME the STRICTLY FOR SWINGING prices KYX WHEN I WAS YOUNG being charged by labels. FAIR DIANA LAUGH OR "I started with one label pay- QUADS TALK 5 SCOTS CRY ing $2.75 and worked it down to IMPROMPTU THE MOST AUTUMN $2.50. I met another distributor ULTRAVIOLET .1 MOOD HAMPDEN who was paying $2.40 for the GIBRALTAR ROCKS ROARS FERDINAND DOWN SOUTH same line and then another man GOOD LIFE BLUES COOL THISTLE AND COZY who was still paying $2.75. The SNOWFACE SWING TRINETTE variations were unbelievable and LAST HEADIN NORTH RESORT IN EXTREMIS not tied to volume but seemingly TAM O'SHANTER EDDIE DOUBLE GEE LEE to mere chance and the power BLAIR'SS PICNIC SCOTCH of dealing. PICCADILLY KILTIE JOE'S BLUES JUMPS LOCH "One benefit of the newsletter NESS CLACHNACU ANNOTER Recorded will be to let everyone know LOCAL on Columbia by DENNIS about the prices being charged," ARMITAGE Quartet RECORDED A L 43.1 M CLAUDE ON BALLY Rocord6d BOLLING and he points out. JOHNNY LP BAL on OCT DLP All Stars KEATING 1200, BY JOHNNY 3066 AY GOSTA THESELIUS AND ALL KEATING AND and All Stars Independent distributors such STARS PIANO HIS ALL STARS as Flerlage have a sort of built - in protection in that they are extremely knowledgable about what is often esoteric product. Robert Koester of Jazz Record Mart calls the NAIRD type dis- RAD tributor a "new breed." WORLD OF JAll w OF JAll Says retailer and Delmark label president Koester: "These THE CROWD UUC E MOUSE IN are people who have a passion A CIAG COOL COLLINS about certain areas of music. ppM Volume SMILE Many are what you would call DON'T FEVER 'freaks' about blues, jazz or other BADGER EARTH music. I think this network of BO GAME 8 FINDERS KEEPERS URBON STREET such distributors is a very signif- A FEW DOZEN OF THE BEST FRENCH LOVE icant movement" DIXI UT NON STOP Flerlage agrees that the ex- OCKTONB PUNCH JAll INSTRUMENTALS FROM GO DDI.NG IN LEO perience and subjective involve- FLAGSTAFF LEO IN ment of independent LO NG FLAPPER OUR CATALOGUES distributors ISLAND like himself makes them very SOU PADDLE WHEEL valuable to retailers. Even where MEMPHIS DRAG ND 0 ! , MISSISSIPI PICT'S LAMENT dealers can buy a certain label f19R A MPAR STRUT SOBBIN' at a better price from a far -off T COMPANY source, RIVERBOAT AND . TO THE EXIT they often prefer to deal KIP Pres. & Gen. Mgr. F.R. Faecq close at home to receive the per- MATINEE WITCH OF SALEM sonal services 13 Madeleine St. -1000 Brussels ALBUM -. and advise people VINE BLUE .. STREET e,A .1 <>:x.. . like Flerlage offer. Cables: WORLDMUSIC -Telex: 23539 VLADIV SHUFFLE . PIIANO,T Certainly, reading Flerlage's OSrOkT list of labels would not give any but the most knowledgable dealer an inkling of the kind of product APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 21 www.americanradiohistory.com Individualistic stylists infusing modern excitement into jazz include the blues interpreter Esther Phillips (left); the eclectic (above center) and the gutsy saxophonist Lou Donaldson (above right).

JAZZ POPS UP in the most FANTASY: Its roster includes Charlie Mingus titles and two Sarah Vaughan, Alice Clark /Ernie Bobby Shad plans five LP's a delightful places. It is being re- Cal Tjader, Kenny Burrell, Tod Archie Shepp LP's cut in France. Wilkins, Hadley Caliman, Reggie month. He has released 42 since corded by major labels and by Cochran and the Material from the Vault catalog Moore, Charlie Williams, Buddy June of 1971 and his roster in- small esoteric companies. Here Band. The company has six Duke is also being repackaged. Terry, Mike Longo, and Art cludes in addition to the afore- is a rundown on what most corn - Ellington packages purchased PRESTIGE: It has a double Farmer. Reissues from Zoot Sims mentioned: Harold Land, Roy panies are into. from Duke. It will release three pocket $6.98 series of reissues and Maynard Ferguson. Owner (Continued on page 26) by Miles Davis, the MJQ, , Charlie Mingus, Sonny Rollins, Eric Dolphy, Yussef La- teef, Thelonius Monk, Mose Alli- son, John Coltrane. There is a regular release program entailing LP's by Gen e Ammons, Joe WELCOME Jones, the Boogaloos, Rusty Bryant, Charles Earland, , Leon Spencer, . ATLANTIC: Its roster includes: Dave Brubeck, , Gary TO Burton, Ron Carter, Les McCann, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, David (Fat- head) Newman, Eddie Harris, , Charlie Mariano, , Modern Jazz Quar- tet, Max AMERICA! Roach, Mongo Santa - maria, Randy Weston, Young - Holt Unlimited, Joe Zawinul, Phil Woods. Just released are Brubeck's first two LP's for the company, "Live At Newport" (with Gerry Mulligan) and "Truth Is Fallen" BASF RECORDS (a studio date) and the first teaming of Gary Burton with Stephane Grappeli (recorded in Paris). Upcoming are a double

set Herbie Mann anthology, Mon - GLAD TO HAVE YOU ON BOARD go Santamaria (live in London), a double set of "" featuring , Dizzy

Gillespie, Al McKibbon, Thelon - ious Monk, Sonny Stitt, Kai Wind- ing, (done in London), a Turk Murphy dixieland package and a set by Randy Weston cut in 1964. SHOREWOOD VERVE: Artists include , Jimmy Smith, Lalo Schif- rin. Reissues will cover , Duke Ellington, Count FAC

SHOREWOOD Herbie Mann's lilting flute and WE INSPIRE THE OTHERS fiery rhythms marry cultures into 110 W 57TH STREET, NEW YORK, N.Y. 10019 212 489-6370 a contemporary sound. 22 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com What's New? BASF BASF -one of the world's largest producers of quality magnetic tape for the music industry is proud to announce that they are now expanding further into the music field by introducing a great library of POP, JAZZ, CLASSICAL, and ETHNIC music to the NORTH AMERICAN MARKET. Starting May 15, 1972, through exclusive , BASF will offer records and tapes of top artists on these top labels:

CORNET harmonia A. mundi MPs T570 STEREO Here's Openers!


Don 'Sugar Cane' Harris Earl ` Fatha' Hines Dave Pike Set Fiddler On The Rock Fatha & His Flock On Tour It's Nice to be With You Infra-Red Watch What Happens 20878 20749 20708 20739 20712


_ The Kenny Clarke Big Band Trio Oscar Peterson Don Cherry Motions & Emotions All Smiles Play Chords Hello Herbie Eternal Rhythm 20713 20686 20631 20723 20204

For further information on the BASF music line call or write:

In the U.S.A. In Canada

BASF Canada Ltd. BASF Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 430 Crosby Drive Station St. Laurent Bedford, Mass. 01730 Montreal 379, Phone: (617) 271 -4000 Phone: (514) 735 -5111

www.americanradiohistory.com classical musicians were asked to get into a groove they weren't comfortable in. Any kind of music presented honestly which doesn't make people feel uptight has a good chance of success," Mangione says by phone from his Rochester, N.Y. home. Mangione's first LP was based on his quartet working with the Rochester Philharmonic in a program of the composer's own works. "Ten years ago the orchestra wouldn't have extended the invitation," Mangione says resolutely.

When he was tendered the invitation to develop a work for the Philharmonic, Chuck realized he couldn't ask the symphonic players to be jazz musicians, so he augmented his own group with several sidemen like trumpeter Al Porcino. 'People were only asked to do that which they did well," is the way Mangione explains it. Young people today seem to be more prepared to accept good music in any form, hence the enthusiastic reception to "Friends and Love" which Mercury Records taped. Jazz and classical music can blend, Mangione believes because the major classical orchestras are suffering financially and this marriage is one way of attracting new devotees. The key is to take key jazz soloists and place them within the orchestral framework. "It's a whole avenue that can be explored and it could bring in a whole new element to discover sym- phonic music." Mangione has been on the faculty of the Eastman School of Music for four years where he teaches arrang- ing and improvisation with one fifth of the student body into jazz studies. Who is qualified to write jazz for a symphonic setting? Chuck says only those persons who can relate to the symphonic player. When he writes for a symphony orchestra, he provides Jazz composer Chuck Mangione rehearses the Rochester Philharmonic. His music marries jazz with classical open space for the jazz soloist. On cue everyone proceeds and it swings! to the next notated area. "I don't write free music," Chuck says. In some instances the music is predeter- mined. It's not just open. As a conductor, it's my job IN THE 1950'S there was the Move- Chuck Mangione, made a stab at blending jazz with to hold both sides together, watching when the soloists ment designed to "sophisticate" jazz and give it a white classical music and zonk . . . it worked. And how! The are finished. Most conductors haven't had any experience collar flavor. The blending of some classical elements result was a hit LP, "Friends and Love" and a chart working with jazz groups within classical groups." with the hard basic ingredients of jazz single, "Hill is Where the Lord Resides." failed because Mangione has been working on a quintet LP which is the music was downright dull. Why did Mangione's works work in an area where slated for completion shortly. "Jazz has to swing," he Last fall, 30 -year old composer, flugelhorn player others failed? The answer seems to be that in the past, says, adding: "that's the feeling behind my writing."

Lacking For Fre hness On A Pad Date? H ire A d >;z S t'e a

tional reasons why Merenstein musician. "These guys are capa- uses them. ble fo playing root music within He also works with jazz side- other structures. They can play men on his pop dates because all styles with equal taste and ability. for eight years he was a freelance engineer in New York specializing 's "" in jazz dates. He estimates mix- LP was done with no basic ar- ing around 200 albums. rangements. "Van's material was Now at 36 he is well into the very spontaneous. He'd lead the field, but he retains players and they had to respond HEN his roots with those of America's to his musical moods, and it takes someone of great back- you use a jazz musician on a root music by hiring among ground and ability to do that." pop date, you open the door others the late trumpeter Lee Morgan; vocal arranger Clark Merenstein feels that by play- for greater contributions from Burroughs (of the Hi -Los) drum- ing jazz, the younger musician the players and for freshness be- mer Johnny Guerin, bassist Rich- learns a form of inner competi- cause they contribute more." ard Davis; drummer Connie Kay; tion within a group. "lt lets him pianist Don Randi and reedman stretch out more because it's These are the reasons why Jerome Richardson. nicely inner competitive. A guy Lewis Merenstein, currently rid- will play a line. Someone will "It's my opinion that the finest ing a streak of pop productions pick it up and say, 'I'll show him musicians are those who have a I can play it nicer.' " ranging from Van Morrison to jazz background," Merenstein inde- Cass Elliot to the Association, emphasizes. They have a cata- Merenstein has been an relies on jazzmen whenever he log of experience they can keep pendent producer for four years. can. putting on you until the right He has recorded the Barry Gold- sound comes up." berg Reunion for Kama Sutra; When I use a jazz man on a Charlie Musslewhite for Van- pop date, it's not to let him When working with young rock guard; Van Morrison for Warner play jazz," Merenstein says in musicians who know of his back- Bros.; Miriam Makeba for WB; Los Angeles prior to a meeting ground, Merenstein acts as an Spencer Davis for CBS; George with arranger Benny Golson who encyclopedia of sorts by answer- Burns for Buddah; John Cale for is doing the charts for the As- ing questions about name jazz Columbia; Biff Rose for Buddah; Lou Merenstein (right) works with an engineer on a pop date. He is a sociation's debut Columbia LP. musicians he may know and the Glass Harp for Decca; Cass former jazz session engineer. "It's to gain the best supporting about their techniques on their Elliot for RCA; Turly Richards for performance possible." instruments. WB and Charlie Starr for Atlantic. The jazz musician knows his If there's one aspect of jazz When he does a vocal LP he that day, the rhythm section will you have a rhythm section and instrument best, he has a greater which irks Merenstein constantly likes to record the lead singer come up to her level, or vice singer there's that nervous ability to play and he seems it's the limiting of a person's and the rhythm section simul- versa. I'm a great believer in energy that makes everyone want more dedicated. Those are addi- ability by labelling him a jazz taneously. "If the singer is on high energy in the studio. When to perform." 24 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com festivals is talent Pike Roberta Flack, Dave Brubeck, Cannonball Adderley, Nina Simone, Herbie Mann, Donny Hathaway. Says Wein: "It's a format we've developed and it works. We present artists with heavy urban appeal that attracts a 70 to 80 percent black audience. The soul artists included are valid additions because of their relationship to the development of jazz." Wein considers 1972 will be his strongest year yet, with the Newport York as his . The Houston Festival, an outgrowth of the Texas Longhorn Festival, is the first event of its kind held in the Astrodome. He is returning to Atlanta this year after an absence of a couple of years and has high hopes for the Bay Area Festival in Oakland which he considers should develop into a festival equal in stature to Newport. The Hampton Festival, where he is partners with the city, is the first one he's presented there. Wein believes in work ng with the civic authorities. His New York Festival shares profits after expenses with the National Urban League and the New York Urban League, both black organizations. He has involved former Mayor Robert Wagner heavily in the event-"the greatest friend the festival could have," says Wein -and finds "total cooperation" from the Parks Committee, Lincoln Center, Loew's Hotel chain (who will give Wein office headquarters) and the various organizations concerned with putting on a 27 event Festival with an estimated budget of over $550,000. This is a breakdown of major festivals in the U.S.: Spring Jazz Festival, Los Angeles, Pilgrimage Theater. This is a series of free Sunday concerts supported by the Musicians Union Local 47 and the County of Los Angeles, running through June 25. Bill Plummer and the Plum -Line opened the series April 23; followed by the Clare Fischer Organ Quartet April 30; Mark Levine Nontet May 7; Bud Shank Quintet May 14; and his Men May 21; Nellie Lutcher Quartet May 28; Mike Morris and Windows, Fred Ramirez Quintet June 4; Baroque Jazz Ensemble and the Craig Hundley Quartet June 11; the Curt Berg Sextet June 18 and Roger Kellaway (Continued on page 26) Bay Area favorites performing at Concord: vibist Cal Tjader, saxophonist Gerry Mulligan, pianist Dave Bru- beck, alloist Paul Desmond.

estivais are a traditional form of happy medium for jazz. In the United George Wein is the medium's man on the go, putting together JStates,1 packages for various cities and providing employment for top name musicians. On the West Coast, the Monterey bash is solid and sure and riot free. Billboard jazz buff Van Dove spoke with Wein in New York about his festival business. The -New York, nine days of concerts, jam sessions, boat rides, street fairs, seminars all devoted to jazz, blues and gospel, is shaping up as probably the world's biggest jazz bash. All of which must sooth producer Wein after the outrages committed to his Newport Festival last year when kids trashed the veteran and best known jazz festival. Now almost a year later Wein is able to reflect calmly: "The after- effects haven't been as severe as I first thought. In fact the business of last year's festival has made little difference. Occasionally you run into questions and it has to be explained that we run jazz festivals - not rock events." Newport in New York, 1972 is only the tip of the iceberg for Wein's activities in America. This year he has festivals set for Oakland, the Hampton Institute in Virginia, Atlanta, Houston, Cincinnati and New Orleans. He uses a backbone of name talent such as Ray Charles, B.B. King, a Jimmy Smith jam session format, Lou Rawls, Ike and Tina Turner, and a special Giants of Jazz group (Gillespie, Stitt, Winding, Monk, Blakey) that leads the band at Monterey. Wein has just taken on a world tour. Also sprinkled into this basic format at various

in and program director Burt azz radio is far Burdeen doesn't want the sta- from dead and, tion identfied as strictly a jazz in fact, seems outlet. to be showing new life. For WHIB -FM in Chicago has a one thing, a jazz program on weekends. WBEE hard core ele- is mostly jazz, but also gives ment of jazz Chicago listeners some gospel fans have been programs. Saturdays is all jazz, quietly contin- Sunday is all religious programs. uing to push WXFM -FM has the Ray Flerage jazz music. show on Friday which plays some Next, there's a jazz. J hardcore tremedous re- One of the loyal, surgence at the college level and fans of jazz -Homi Mehta- many college stations not only decided to do something about it. have separate jazz shows but He got two local Michigan radio weave in quite a lot of jazz cuts stations to carry his show, taped into their pro- at home, once a week and also gramming on campus after cam- arranged for WBAI -FM in New pus. York to carry the show. It's The third element is the steady called "Patterns in Jazz" and is growth of progressive black sta- done strictly from the heart. tions such as WDAS -FM in Phila- KPRI -FM in San Diego is now delphia and WLIB-FM in New carrying a jazz show, featuring York; these stations are a vast most product by black artists, exposure medium of jazz by after midnight. black artists. And, of course, reg- WNOP, Newport, Ky., is the ular progressive rock stations Saul Levine: owning a jazz station is a dedicated Jim Gosa brings pure professionalism to KBCA and only station in the Cincinnati have given exposure in some proposition. lots of good music. area programming jazz in its fashion works. to jazz various forms almost exclusively. But, naturally it's the jazz Operating from sun -up to sun- radio show or the jazz station 24 -hour operation, with the fol- Angeles area, with KVFM -FM (an- Van Jay from midnight to 7 a.m. down, WNOP devotes about 90 that makes the most contribution lowing offering segmented jazz: other San Fernando Valley out- every night but Sunday. percent of its time to jazz, ring- to the music in general. In Los KPFA -FM, KQED -FM, KLAX -FM, let) offering jazz on weekends. In Fort Lauderdale, Fla., WCKO- ing in only an occasional rock Angeles, KBCA -FM is into its 13th KSFO (Staurday mornings and New York's broadcasting activ- FM provides jazz while WWYD- tune to break it up. At approxi- FM in Pittsburgh, mixes in MOR mate hourly intervals, this sta- with jazz, but has some pure tion breaks in with a comedy jazz shows. Former New York album session. Program director host Mort Fega is now on KXIV, Ray Scott says WNOP is the only Phoenix, midnight to 4 a.m. six station in the country operating nights a week. 10 & under such a format. Las Vegas has one jazz outlet, Johnnie Swift's 2 a.m. -6 a.m. WEBN -FM, the Frank Wood venture on KLAV. Cincinnati station, boasts a soild One of the best jazz stations in jazz library, but has used it the country, although the pres- sparingly in recent months, ac- entation is so smoothly middle cording to program director Dave year of 24 -hour jazz, with KJLH- Saturday and Sunday evenings) ity centers around selected pro- of the road in approach that Howe. We formerly spotted con- FM with a softer sound also 24- and KSAN -FM. grams on WLIB, WLIB -FM (which people listening have to double siderable jazz," says Howe, "but hours stereo and KTYM -FM into Sid McCoy's late night show was formerly all- jazz), WQXR and thinik in order to realize it's a have cut down in recent months. a bluesy bag. In San Francisco. on KGIL is the only AM station WBAI -FM. WRVR -FM has the city's jazz station, is WSDM -FM in We now program it mostly as KJAZ -FM is the Bay Area's only programming jazz in the Los only all night request show with Chicago. Pop and rock are mixed (Continued on page 26) APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 25 www.americanradiohistory.com 1_1 D istrib u to I_1 Continued from page 21 lem of the independent distrib- utor, Flerlage said that even Continued from page 25 without any transition," Levine says. though the surtax was off, he so- called 'texture music' as a ended up paying seven times Levine acknowledges that seg- matter of variation." mented programming, whereby what he has paid for other Euro- WCIN, op- Continued from page 22 COLUMB A: Artists include Station Cincinnati, pean labels such each personality specializes in a Byrd, as Saydisc, erating around the clock six days Haynes, Fran k Foster, Barry Miles Davis, Charlie certain sound, can cause a drop- Roots, Matchbox, ECM and a week, is still programming some Miles, Hal Galper, Blue Mitchel, , Ramsey Lewis, out factor. But that's the nature Vogue. jazz, mostly by black artists, but Davey Hubbard, Sonny Red, Cur- Ornette Coleman, Compost, Don of jazz where the listener is "This is because they used an the station policy is predomi- tis Fuller, Mitchell -Ruff, Johnny Ellis, Bill Evans, Keith Jarret, generally a devotee of one partic- agent in Paris and a forwarder nately soul. "We're not all black LaMont Johnson and John McLaughlin, , ular style. Coles, (who is also a bonding agent and in our programming," says Bob McPherson. Charlie Mingus, Weather Report, Four months ago KBCA moved Charles a customs house broker) here. Lewis, program director. "We CONTEMPORARY: Its roster in- Jack DeJohnette, Blood, Sweat to deluxe offices on the 20th We paid $173 in extra charges also spot white artists if they Manne, Woody and Tears, Chase (on Epic). floor of a Westwood office build- cludes Shelly for 200 disks in one shipment." have the soul sound." Huey al- Future releases: Weather Report, ing. The station's revenue has Shaw, Simmons, with Other big sellers on Shandar -FM, has been a study of acts playing the WAEF Cincinnati, gone up around 10 percent each bums actively selling by Andre were two Sun Ra LP's and two Apollo, Bessie Smith, Billie Holi- programming jazz sparingly for year for the past five. The brunt Previn and the Lighthouse All Albert Aylers! One Ayler disk won day, , Count some time, says program director of the advertisers are local; there Stars. the Grand Prix Du Disques best Steve Sanders. "However," says MILESTONES: its roster Basie, Dave Brubeck, Charlie has been a cutback in national New to jazz memorial award of 1971. Sanders, "with the recent change is Rollins, with LP's by Byrd, John Paul Hammond. spots. Sonny Thus, bringing in such product is in management, we are presently Gary Bartz, Jim Hall, Paul Bley, RCA: The label's reissue pro- The majority of the station's an investment in building pres- mulling plans for a new two -hour gram is a "revitalization" of its listeners are black. It lists among Johnny Lytle and Joe Henderson. tige for the small distributor, on spot- vintage series, and this is where show Sunday nights, the top 10 in Pulse surveys and Reissues by , Char- Flerlage says, even if the profits lighting Dixieland most of the jazz activity lies. and modern jazz artists are all aware of the lie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. are slim. NAIRD's big hope is jazz." IMPULSE: Its roster includes Buddy Rich is the major modern value of a promotional visit. The that profits can be improved KBCA in L.A. stands alone in Michael White, , attraction. The Vintage series has interviews run from the banal performances by Henry Red along with the state of the small number of consecutive years it C l i f f Coulter, to well executed, depending on Alice Coltrane, distributor of jazz and other has been programming jazz. Saul Pharoah Allen, Charlie Barnet, Count who is on the air. Sanders, Mel Brown, music. Levine, its owner, says the reason . There is enough Basie, Sidney Bechet, Johnny Jim Gosa, a 20 -year radio the station has survived is based material Dodds, Duke Ellington, Benny veteran, is tops in developing by the late John Col- on two reasons. First, "you have release LP's Goodman, , meaningful chatter sessions with trane to two this to be dedicated to the format of year. , , musicians. He has been with the Wingy Manone, , 1.10 F I programming jazz. If one year station four years. He represents GROOVE MERCHANT: Artists doesn't work out too well, you Bennie Moten, King Oliver, Orig- the breed of disk jockey who is include Odonel Levy, Groove Continued from page 25 work harder the next year." And inal Dixieland Band, Don Red- devoted to his music and to FM Holmes, Jimmy McGriff, Jeremy and his cello quartet June 25. second, you have to be con- man, , Fats which allows him a form of free- Steig, Chuck Corea, Joe Thomas. Disneyland Big Band Festival, sistent. Waller. "Fast buck operators dom he could not get anyplace There are some MPS tapes from May 27, Anaheim, Calif. Artists can't make it with jazz. You have Germany on Count Basie; owner CAPITOL: Cannonball Adderley else in broadcasting. to be named. to take a long range approach. Lester is its leading modern attraction. It has cost him dollars salary- Sunny has purchased back University of California Berk- There are no bucks in A reissue program provides titles fast jazz." wise, but he emphasizes he from UA tapes of a jazz wave eley) Jazz Festival, April 27 -29, Levine also speaks by Stan Kenton, Art Tatum, of being would not work for an AM rock concert series done in Europe schools Greek Theater. (Tickets able to represent the broad spec- covering Freddy Hubbard, Gerry Mulligan, Billie Holiday, station because "after 20 years Kenny $3 and $4). trum of jazz music in a profes- Coleman Hawkins, Miles Davis, in the business, I don't want Burrell, Thad Jones -Mel Lewis. A New Orleans Jazz and Heritage sional way, recognizing always title is slated Serge Chaloff, King Cole Trio, somebody in a music library tell- Woody Festival, April 27 -30. Produced by that the jazz audience is frag- for release this month. Herman, an all stars ing me what to play. I like the package. Wein with a grant from the Miller mented by stylistic tastes. responsibility for programming CTI: Artists include George So while BARNABY CANDID: These are Brewing Co. for the third straight there is no basic my own show." Benson, , Freddie Hub- year. Signed are Roberta Flack, playlist or format, Levine wants reissues of LP's going back to the Gosa is on from 7 -10 a.m. He bard, Hubert Laws, Kenny Burrell, B.B. King, the Giants of Jazz with each of his personalities to build early 1960's and include: Cecil uses his own tastes in program- Stanley Turrentine, Jackie and Dizzy Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, Art his own sound and program pro- Taylor, Archie Shepp, Charlie ming, and he has for all his Roy Kral. Owner Creed Taylor Blakey, Thelonious Monk, Kai fessionally within the structure Mingus, Booker Little, Eric time in radio built "groups of plans an LP by Jackie and Roy Winding, Al McKibbon, Jimmy of his musical tastes. Dolphy, Steve Lacy, Roswell music" which make a statement. with a new commercial slant. Smith, the Olympia , "You have Rudd, , Clark Terry, to maintain a full Like starting with Harry Bela - Catalog material covers Astrud Mardi Gras Indians, Pete Foun- Phil Woods, Abbey Lincoln, perspective and not get pulled fonte's "Danny Boy," then segu- Gilberto, Bill Evans and Antonio tain, Papa French and the Origi- Booker Ervin. into playing one facet of the ing into Bobby Scott's "My Carlos Jobim. nal Tuxedo Orchestra. BLUE NOTE: Artists include: music and calling that the jazz Brother Sleeps In Vietnam" and KUDU: Artists include Esther First Annual Bay Area Jazz Donald Byrd, Lou Donaldson, of the future." then into Roberta Flack's "Busi- Philips, Hank Crawford, Grover Festival, June 9 -10, Oakland Coli- Ronnie Foster, Grant Green, An experienced radio man can ness Goes On As Usual." Washington Jr., Johnny Ham- seum, produced by Wein and fea- "I Barbara Ann Humphrey, Bobby blend in sounds without glaring don't make any comments," he mond. This is a subsidiary of turing Ray Charles, B.B. King, Hutcherson, Elvin Jones, Horace holes. "You can't go from Bessie says. "The music itself makes CTI. Silver, the Three Sounds. Ike, Tina Turner, Stan Getz, BLACK JAZZ: Smith to electronic jazz of 1972 the statement." Artists include COBBLESTONE: This new label Jimmy Smith, Kenny Burrell, owner pianist Gene Russell, has LP's featuring Grant Green, Clark Terry, Joe Newman, Zoot W a l t e r Bishop, Doug Cam, Richard Davis, Freddie McCoy, Sims, I l l i n o i s Jacquet, Miles Rudolph Johnson, Calvin Keys, Elmore James, Sonny Stitt, Barry Davis, Donny Hathaway, Les Mc- Chester Thompson, Henry Frank- Harris, Sam Jones, Alan Dawson, Cann, Nina Simone, Dizzy Gil- lin, Ken Chaney, LJ LJ LJ Frank Garden. Eric Kloss and Neal Creque. lespie, Thelonious Monk, Sonny k Co LLr® lJ l 1 This label was in formed March, A &M: Artists include: Quincy Stitt, Art Blakey, , Al has 1971, released six titles and Jones, Roger Kellaway, Tom McKibbon. Continued from page 21 to 500 students. Meade envisions plans eight year. this Russell is Scott and Gerry Mulligan, Tim St. Louis Riverfront National jams involving students and pro- from eight to 10 of these week- starting a vocalist's label, Tiara, Weisberg and the big bands of Ragtime Jazz Festival, June 7-11, fessionals. long clinics this summer. to showcase Charles Dennis and Mel Lewis-Thad Jones and Jack Golden Rod Showboat. This fes- Each student is tested to ascer- If a band is already on the Carie Williams. Daugherty. tival features three out -of -town tain his competence level and he road, it is routed to the school FLYING DUTCHMAN: Artists BRUNSWICK: bands and six to eight ragtime is paired with others of a similar via bus; otherwise it may have to include Leon Thomas, Harold and the Inner Circle make their pianists. bent. Out of this paring a num- fly to the school. Alexander, Gil Scott Heron, Gato debut here. Newport Jazz Festival New - ber of bands are developed which Summer Sessions also invites Barbieri, Abbie Lincoln, Cornell BLUE THUMB: The Crusaders York, July 1 -9, Radio City Music work together during the week. music educators like Hank Levy, DuPree, Pretty Purdie, Charlie offer a funky soul sound. There Hall will host two midnight jam Technical aspects of each instru- director of stage bands at Tow- Brown. Owner Bob Thiele has re- is also catalog LP's by Mark/ sessions on the 3rd and 6th and ment, improvisation, arranging son State in Baltimore and pro- leased seven LP's taped at last Almond the British band which include Barney Bigard, Ben Web- and composition are taught. fessional musicians like Kai Wind- year's by has left the label. ster, Lionel Hampton, Benny Car- An ideal situation is from 200 ing to participate in the program. Chico Hamilton, Larry Coryell, OVATION: A new Joe Morello ter, Elvin Jones, McCoy Tyner, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson, Oliver package is being worked on by , , Teddy Each student picks three study Nelson, Purdie, Alexander and president Dick Schory. LP's in Wilson, , Dizzy areas in which he wishes to spe- Thomas. the catalog are by Joe Venuti, Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Art Kibbon; Cannonball Adderley and cialize. When the bands are bro- Paul ken down by sections, there is a Horn and Harvey Mandell. B l a k e y, Cannonball Adderley, the Thad Jones -Mel Lewis Band. THIS ONE'S FOR YOU!` DELMARK: one -to -one relationship between LP's in production: Sonny Rollins, Thad Jones, Woody Fourth Annual Concord, Calif., Sonny Stitt, teacher and student, Meade Maurice McIntyre, Herman, Charley Mirigus. This is Jazz Festival. Three weekends in George Freeman, claims. Jimmy Forest the first time in the famed thea- an outdoor setting, starting July with Grant Green and Elvin Jones, ter's 40 -year history that a jazz 28 -30; August 4 -6 and 11 -13. An- There are thousands of student Art Hodes with Volly DeFaut and concert will be held on its stage. nounced thus far are Ella Fitz- jazz bands actively working in Earl Hines. Planned reissues: There will be nightly concerts at gerald and , Herbie colleges and in high schools, George Lewis, Clancy Hayes, both Philharmonic Hall and Car- Mann and Dave Brubeck. hence there is a growing interest Joseph Jarman, Leon Sash. Del - negie Hall July 1 -6 and concerts among young people to learn the Fifteenth Monterey mark has 24 LP's in its catalog. at Yankee Stadium the 7th and Annual Jazz serious side of jazz. Many of CREATIVE WORLD: Stan 8th. Festival, Monterey, Calif., Sept. these young musicians seem in- 15 -17, Fairgrounds. Artists to be Kenton. Ohio Valley Jazz Festival, River- tent on going into the music pro- announced. WARNER BROS.: Herbie Han- front Stadium, July 21 -22, pro- fessionally. GENE MAYL'SI cock and Malo, a Latin- tinged duced by Wein in association with Miami Beach Jazz And Pop Fes- Thus the slant is on education band from San Francisco are the Dino Santangelo. Carded for the tival, August 10-23, produced by and communicating, Meade DIXIELAND RHYTHM KINGS established and new names. opening night are Ray Charles, Leisuretech, Inc. Artists to be points out. Charts are provided vs BOX 366 o ! :: ÿ SHEBA: George Shearing's own Ike, Tina Turner, B.B. King, Lex announced. for the students to work with. DAY'T'ON, OHIO label has four LP's by the pianist, McCann, Jimmy Smith, Kenny "Vintage Sounds," a jazz, folk, The company plans filming much `45401 all new works, including one with Burrell, Clark Terry, Joe Newman, blues series of concerts at the of the activities so that parents guest vocalist Joe Williams. 222 - 2413 =' , Zoot Sims and Illi- Chateau Winery, Saratoga, Calif., can view their kids "at work." SKYE: Its LP activity involves nois Jacquet. Saturday's roster Sept. 16 -17, 23-24. Produced by Kenton has been a leading ad- , Bob Freedman, includes Lou Rawls, Nina Simone, Gary Jackson for the Paul Mas- vocate of clinics for young peo- ; THE FINEST IN DIXIELAND JAZZ Roger Shriver and a Gary Mc- Giants of Jazz with Monk, Gilles- son Vineyards. Artists to be an- ple and Ellis joined the band- 1 ` Farland reissue. pie, Blakey, Stitt, Winding, Mc- riou nced. wagon last year. 26 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Is Rea thier i Fra-ie Record Than i Perso

The Duke of Ellington is a favorite American import for French listeners. By Geoffrey Minish His voice is in good shape, too, that the audience for so- called "Le free" has been featured and before he finally packs his is found basical- regularly at the American Center was middle - for Students and Artists, a pri- last regular gig at L'Ecusson, horn away I hope someone re- ly among the nostalgic a bar in the Les Halles area. cords his version of "Work Song," aged. The young French, rock - vately- financed Paris organiza- Chances are, however, you will where he drops his customary oriented and political, are more tion. Musicians who have played wind up in the Latin Quarter, urbanity and projects straight naturally drawn to free -form jazz, at the Center include Clifford where out of the dozen -odd Pa- soul. with its harsh tonalities and Thornton, subsequently refused Power associations. (Continued on page 61) risian jazz spots, there can be The Trois Mailletz, incidentally, Black found within a minute's walk - displays excellent judgment in its the Caveau de la Huchette and choice of sidemen -musicians the Chat Qui Peche, both on Rue like Michel Sardaby, a sensitive de la Huchette, and the Trois blues pianist, and vibesman ES, Mailletz, on Rue Galande. Claude Guilhot, who looks like a If you like dancing, the best Sorbonne professor but swings Parisian jukeboxes still play Sid- is the Caveau de la Huchette, like Hampton. from the desk of ney Bechet, but its invariably which features traditionalists like It must be admitted, however, "Petite Fleur." This is the age Maxim Saury. The Chat Qui of rock, even in conservative Peche, just across the street, has France, and Bechet would be wooden benches instead of danc- lucky nowadays to draw his mass ing space and specializes in mod- Perception audience of the 1950's. Jazz has ern jazz: Art Farmer, Jean -Luc become a minority art again in Ponty, Phil Woods, etcetera. P:A France: there is no Django Rein- The Trois Mailletz has a small hardt to stir national pride, gypsy dance floor, favored by the Sat- or no gypsy, there is not even a urday night crowd, but people go Today DDJ Boris Vian to sell jazz to the left mostly to listen. It is the likeliest EXITED Bank intelligentsia. place to catch one or other of So to the traveller who flies such long -term expatriates as Bill tZ. M w "' into Orly and wants to hear a Coleman, Hal Singer, and Benny ' little music, I'd be inclined to Waters. CO M PUY / say: next flight to "Take the They are not, frankly, an all - / D- cQyG=1 Copenhagen and ask where Ben star trio. Singer's tenor style 0` Webster is playing." leans toward rhythm 'n' blues, The MPS firm at Villingen in % Black Forest region of West ,, .,v4 Actually, the scene is not as and multi -reedman Waters, a the bad as all that. If your wallet can sideman with Jimmy Harrison in Germany is totally devoted to stand it, you can go up to the the Charlie Johnson band in the jazz. 1t.Lt.C Hilton rooftop restaurant '20s, can sound perfunctory at The firm was founded in 1968 Paris M , and listen to Stephane Grappelli, times. He is best on , but by Hans -Georg Brunner -Schwer, ,, for whom partnership with Django features it less than his alto one of the family that founded / must have been a mixed blessing, and tenor. the highly successful radio and / i i JR °. ../ wI : . i. his own brilliance dimmed by the Similarly, Coleman has taken record player manufacturing firm, i.. ! Saba. In fact even before 1968 ,4 shadow of genius. to subordinating his trumpet to been putting Or you can head for La Cala- the flugelhorn. His trumpet play- Brunner -Schwer had 7t1-vs-tA24- (-L?-/co4) vados, a night spot near the ing, however, still has its dancing out jazz releases on the Saba Avenue Georges V, where Ameri- agility, and if he is not quite the label. can veteran Joe Turner demon- musician he was in the '30s, time A dedicated jazz fan and mu- CPi'i/ z strates the vanishing art of stride has nonetheless failed to tranish sician since his youth, Brunner - U, piano. You could even look his coppery tone, one of the Schwer is a firm friend of jazz 42,4ta41. around for Mezz Mezzrow, whose most distinctive sounds in jazz. pianist Oscar Peterson and it is no accident that the half dozen or so albums that Peterson has "(PeR4 recorded for MPS rank among the most impressive of all his many LP's, both in terms of (f?..tao-m) technical quality and creative achievement. Ó.c4.4- .!YZY!'L /V,JCi And each time Peterson comes / to Villigen to record, he gives a concert in the village hall. Apart from recording big k4V961 names like Peterson, MPS also gives recording opportunities to lesser-known international and PAUL German jazz talent. with ANTHONY C Much of the production is handled by noted jazz critic Joachim E. Berendt and new re- DONE TASTEFULLY...FITS ANY FORMAT... leases include "Canto on Guitar" WITH ADULT APPROACH...FOR COLLEGE by Baden Powell, "From Vienna AND YOUNG ADULT (18- 35)...TAILORED With Art" by the Art Farmer PROMOS AND COMMERCIALS...WILL INCLUDE Quintet, "High Voltage" by the STATION PROMOS...ONE HOUR MINIMUM... , "Album" VARY...PAUL IS HEARD IN 40 COUNTRIES... 165 W. 46th Street TIMES by the Dave Pike Set, "Feeling New York, is Believing" by Erroll Garner, N.Y. 10036 dl ' "Unbroken" by the Buddy Tate F c cit MET., RECORD (212) 765 -9690 INC FOR DETAILS, WRITE: Celebrity Club Orchestra, and INC.I the s.a. 8. "Our Kind of Sabi" by Eddie rception records inc., today records inc. are distributed throughout u. P.VCON PRODUCTIONS, P.O. BOX 33035 canada by ampex corp. 8. distributed on records in canada by Louiss, John Surman 20028 (301) 568 -5837 and Daniel polydor of canada. WP.SHINGTON, D.C. Humair. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 27 www.americanradiohistory.com jazz field which does not augur 4,000,000 watts being belted at box office and expect things to too well for any dramatic renais- them all the time." happen. You have to generate The English Scene: sance in the future. One person who is happy with excitement from all angles." This is especially sad when one the jazz scene in Britain today Brian Blain, chairman of the -from a concert- promoting view- Put An Imported realizes that the U.K. has, for Jazz Centre Society and the Brit- Tit 50 years or more, been one of point at any rate -is Robert ish Musicians' Union Music Pro- the more jazz- conscious coun- Paterson, head of International motion Secretary, takes a hope- tries in the world. Certainly, Light Entertainment. Paterson, ful, if objective line. "It would be On An LP It has And Draws Silos though, the scene who presented jazz concerts easy to make a noise and say By Stan Britt finds itself at the cross -roads featuring artists of the stature of that the state of jazz has never right now. On the one hand, not Miles Davis, Omette Coleman, been better. But this is not true. so the Giants of Jazz, Duke Elling- HE FUTURE OF JAZZ, far as the a great deal of interest is being In many cases, there is a sense ton, Sarah Vaughan and Benny United Kingdom is concerned, is difficult to shown by the average British jazz of despair from local musicians Goodman, agrees that in promot- =.. predict. fan in the out -and -out avant - as to what to do. garde school, while ing certain jazz concerts he is With rock having made heavy inroads into on the other, "No, jazz isn't exactly dead. traditional, "taking one helluva chance." what was once a fairly healthy scene, jazz seems mainstream and mod- But it's being murdered ern (bop and post -bop) - to have taken even more of a back seat than music has He is very pleased with the strangled-by political and back- usual. British jazz lost a lot of its potency -and its response to last year's "Jazz musicians find it difficult to ground problems. I am never audience. make anything like a full -time living from the Weekend" last November -fea- pessimistic about the music. But music. As far as the British record in- turing Davis, Coleman, Giants of what is desperately needed right Some, like , have broadened dustry is concerned, jazz is very Jazz and Kid Thomas & His Pres- now is help in presenting jazz via their horizons to take in scoring for motion much a word to be treated with ervation Hall Band. "We worked the various media-radio, TV,- pictures. Others, such as , Kenny caution. Jazz records -with the very hard to promote those con- and a certain kind of promotional Baker and Bob Efford -all former members of exception of a freak boom during certs," he recalls. "The interest ability to get the music across in the Ted Heath Orchestra- now earn their living the late 1950's and early '60's, the weekend was very gratify- in a proper manner." which rocketed the names ing. It would have been tragic, of Blain stresses, too, the need such as , Terry Light- however, if a superb outfit like for a network of outlets "anal - foot and into hit the Giants of Jazz had played to agous to jazz," in the same way parade status -have never re- a half -empty house." as chamber music groups are motely compared with pop disks And for the future? Paterson presented live. in terms of overall sales. believes jazz concert promotion, "There is a jazz audience out Very little newly- recorded jazz despite a certain falling off in there. For instance, the JCS put is issued in Britain at present jazz appreciation in the U.K., can on a Michael Gibbs concert be- that which is released here work. "First, it depends on whom -and fore Christmas, at the Round sells with but modest results. you bring in: Ellington, Goodman House, and in aid of the Clyde There is, however, a market for and Miles Davis are big business. shipyard workers. There were imported Then, it's up to the promoters LP's and reissues. 2,000 to remind the public what great paying customers present. One person who is aware of The audience, by any stretch of music jazz is. It's up to the pro- this market is Doug Dobell, pro- the imagination, wasn't really a moters to come up with constant prietor of one of the most fam- jazz audience. But band re- reminders that jazz is both im- the ous jazz specialist shops in Lon- ceived a standing ovation. We've don and boss of the 77 jazz portant and fundamental. just got to keep on trying to put label. Says Dobell: "There's a "I don't think you can put on over the message. . . big swing towards the '30's, '40's and possibly the '50's -and it's a jazz concert, sit back at the Amen! the older jazz buyer who is pur- chasing the records. "Nostalgia does play a part in the purchasing of this reissued material from years ago. But the music has got to be of high quality. It's the better material E 1 that is selling-not the rubbish that was churned 30, 40 or 50 years ago." Dobell says that 85 percent of his jazz sales these days are from Johnny Dankworth (above) represents a British bandsman who has imported records. "The demand i E RS1TY broadened his scope; Miles Davis (below) is a welcome visiting force. is certainly there, and we aim to cater for it," he declares. "I don't think the local record com- live in Copenhagen, was under- panies issue much product here lined recently at a Benny Good- because there is insufficient de- man concert in Copenhagen. For mand for it." this concert Decca sent people One company which has been from London to record the event releasing a fair amount of jazz in quadrasonic. in recent years is Polydor, which In Denmark it is not only the has access to the catalogs of "new jazz" which is popular, also V e r v e, Bethlehem, Roulette, jazz of the swing area is still in Roost, Black Lion and Freedom demand, and this goes for the latter two featuring -the re- local music too. Some years ago cordings made by local jazz rec- EMI reissued a series of Danish ord producer Alan Bates. OOD jazz from the 40's and today jazz never dies. A great jazz re- One man responsible for se- Dansk Grammofon is reactivating cording may be 20, 30 or 50 lecting jazz repertoire for release its Storyville jazz label with the years old, but still sells, says here is Trevor Timmers. His com- orchestra of Papa Bue. Initially Karl Emil Knudsen, managing di- ments on jazz are far from en- Dansk grammofon will reissue rector of Dansk Grammofon in thusiastic. "Jazz is dead," he the old records of Papa Bue from Denmark and a keen jazz fan says, "and I speak as a person 15 years back, but later some since the days of the swing era. who has loved the music for a new sides will be recorded. In his opinion the sales of jazz long, long time." Some years ago Papa Bue was records at the moment are small Although Timmers agrees that difficult to sell, but now he's re- but steady, and slowly growing. there will always be a market capturing his old popularity again for certain reissued product - Jazz has also achieved a cul- and tours of Sweden, Switzerland, "things like the Armstrong Hot tural status while pop is "only" Germany and Austria have proved Five and Seven, Ellington, Bessie entertainment. The Danish Min- successful. Recently he recorded Smith, or Getz' "Focus " -he istry of Culture is therefore giv- a double LP in Dresden, East feels that what is happening to- ing money to promote jazz re- Germany, to be released on the day is the gradual emergence of cordings by local jazz musicians. Amigo label in the East European The Dansk Jazz Kreds (Danish a new music. countries and on Storyville in jazz circle) each year nominates Denmark. This label will also This "new music " -as repre- a jazz musician of the year and issue 15 LP's of material Knud- sented by the efforts of young the Ministry of Culture pays for sen has bought from abroad, con- British musicians like Michael an LP of his own choice of reper- sisting of jazz from the 40's by Gibbs, John McLaughlin and toire. The jazz musician of the artists like Jimmie Lunceford, Mike Westbrook and bands like year 1971 was tenor sax player smaller Ellington bands, Art Centipede and Nucleus. These, Jesper Thilo, and Karl Emil Knud- Tatum, Barney Bigard & the together with American musicians sen will produce his LP. This LP Teddy Wilson sextet. These rec- such as Gary Burton, Roland is recorded on a non -profit basis. ords were originally issued in in the financially rewarding area in general has dropped off alarm- Kirk and Miles Davis, will be in The great names in internation- the USA on labels like Black & of session work. ingly during the past five years. the vanguard of future develop- al jazz are best sellers in Den- White, Hot Records Society and Others still, like Dick Morris- Although concerts by big -name ments. "Miles Davis," feels Tim - mark where records by Miles Majestic. sey, Dave Quincy and Terry U.S. artists like Buddy Rich, Harry mers, "is a prime example of a Davis, Charlie Parker, Duke El- There are also some local re- Smith (all with jazzman who has the jazz -rock band James, Duke Ellington, Benny changed his lington and others have a loyal cordings on smaller Danish labels If), find musical satisfaction - Goodman and, more recently, style somewhat, is making a liv- public. like CSA and Spectator, having and acceptance- nowadays by Stan Kenton, continue to attract ing and good music." The importance of the Danish slow, but steady sales. Spectator, utilizing their talents on the healthy box office receipts, there The "new music," says Tim - jazz scene, which has a good a label based in Alborg, recently fringes of pop music. appears to be a certain inde- mers, is being appreciated by reputation thanks to various recorded Dollar Brand with fair But British jazz apart, aud- the cisiveness among promoters and today's 18- year-olds, who are "be- clubs and the fact that many success, but distribution is a ience for this vital kind of music producers operating within the coming sick of hard rock, with foreign musicians have come to problem for the small label. 28 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Radio -TV programming '72 Radio Prog. Forum to Focus Record -Radio Interdependence By CLAUDE HALL LOS ANGELES -The fifth an- Billboard will consult a special ad- and recording art- nual Billboard Radio Program- visory panel of key executives ist; programming consultant Ken ming Forum will be held Aug. from both the radio and record Draper; programming consultant 17 -19 at the Century Plaza Hotel industries to firm the final agenda Mike Joseph; Jerry Stevens, pro- here. Speakers and topics for the for the three -day Forum. gram director, WMMR -FM, Phil- Forum, attended by more pro- adelphia; James Storer, vice presi- gram directors than any other The Forum will begin with a dent, Storer Broadcasting; Neil meeting in the industry, are now general session on Thursday after- Rec- sessions Bogart, co- president, Buddah being consolidated from a survey noon and the Thursday ords; Joe Smith, vice president, conducted among radio stations will be followed by a cocktail Bros. Records; party hosted by Billboard. All day Warner George coast to coast and encompassing all Wilson, program director, WOKY, of the major formats. After the Friday and Saturday morning will Milwaukee; John Catlett, general results of the survey are tabulated, be devoted to workshop sessions. manager, WBBM -FM, Chicago; A Saturday awards luncheon will Mike McCormick, program direc- conclude the Forum. tor, WLS, Chicago; John Murphy, KITY -FM This year, awards will be pre- head of AVCO Broadcasting; Har- To sented to both outstanding radio vey Glascock, then general man- men and outstanding record pro- ager of WNEW, New York, and Country Music motion men. Further details about now owner of a Florida radio sta- KIKK, HOUSTON COUNTRY music operation, believes in a touch of SAN ANTONIO Mission the awards competition will be tion; Gordon McLendon, presi- beauty for its promotions. Here, artists Jack Greene Broadcasting has put -KITY -FM, announced in a week or two. dent, McLendon Broadcasting; and KIKK program director Bill Bailey team up on a Miss Go -Texas their affiliate to KONO here, John Detz, general manager, promotion for Jax Beer. From left: KIKK account executive Jim Cum- into The Forum, the only meeting of WABX -FM, Detroit; Big Wilson, a country music format. National its kind, will focus more on music mings, former Miss Go -Texan Dana Palmie, Greene, 1972 Miss Go- program director Bill program director, WPGC, Wash- Texan Lois Coonce, recording artist Jerry Clower, Jeannie Seeley, and Wheatley, and records this year as they per- ington; John Randolph, program who also programs WWOK in Mi- tain to radio than in years past. Bailey. Kneeling is Joe Polichino, Jax Beer distributor. ami, will soon director, WAKY, Louisville; Bill have another coun- Advance registration will be $135 Bailey, program director, KIKK, try music station under his and a block of 200 rooms at an Houston; Peter Yarrow, recording as well in . KITY- -KTBR especially low fee have been set artist; Ron Jacobs. program direc- FM, which had been MOR, is fea- aside in the hotel for registrants New Arkansas FM -er turing the similar Top 40- tor then of KHJ, Los Angeles, approach on a first -come, first- served basis. and now program director of KGB, as WWOK and WAME in Char- Registrations for the Forum should lotte, both Mission San Diego; and an honor roll of Rock stations. KONO be sent to other leading radio and record Using Progressive is Top 40. Forum, Billboard Magazine, 9000 executives. In addition, key offi- LITTLE ROCK-KLAZ -FM, a We promise to turn down no one. Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. cials of advertising agencies and 90069. in new 100,000 -watt stereo progres- We will audition and listen to and As previous years, col- national advertising representatives music group or artist New FM Affiliate lege students will be allowed to sive rock station, will go on the air consider any have contributed major efforts in here shortly before May 1, ac- that will present us with their register on a special scholarship the past, including Dave Klemm Features Country basis sponsored by Billboard, for cording to program director Barry product." of Blair, Frank Boyle of Robert Wood. "We were scheduled to go GLEN FALLS, N.Y. -WBZA- $50. E. Eastman, and Jim Greenwald Luminaries' List on the air no later than May 1, FM, a new country music station, of KATZ. but it looks as though we will be WFMT -FM Takes has just gone on the air here as an Previous Forums have featured As in the previous years, a than affiliate on the air a few days earlier to WBZA, which programs such leading executives from the considerable turnout of leading had previously been estimated. First Place in contemporary music. Dennis H. radio and record industries as pro- radio executives are expected to Curley, president and general man- gramming consultant Bill Drake; attend from overseas. Previous "We will operate on 98.5 MH ager of the two operations, said the Rick Sklar, program director of Forums have drawn radio men with a target audience of 18 -35 Armstrong Award new operation will broadcast 6 WABC, New York; Robert E. Lee, from all over the world, including year olds . . . with primary em- CHICAGO - WFMT -FM, clas- a.m. -midnight seven days a week. commissioner, Federal Communi- Peru, Mexico, Germany, Australia, phasis on the 18 -25 year olds. For sical music station in Chicago, won Local and network news will be cations Commission; John Kay, re- Brazil, Japan, Canada, England, simplicity's sake, we are terming first place for music with their by the two stations. cording artist; Felix Papparlardi, Spain France and Puerto Rico. the station progressive rock; how- "Midnight Special" program in the ever, on a scale of one -to -ten, with annual Major Armstrong Awards very heavy freeform underground ceremonies here during the annual as number one and Top 40 as convention of the National As- number ten, we will fall in the sociation of FM Broadcasters, Apr. Coburt Syndicating Mancini TV area of about four and a half. We 7 -9 at the Palmer House. Named very LOS ANGELES today Burt have already set into motion after the late Major Edwin H. -Music Sugarman. Coburt will syndi- "because very few TV studios, un- means of surveying our is "going in all directions," accord- cate the show. Stan Harris is pro- fortunately, are set up with the elaborate Armstrong, who invented FM ing to , RCA Rec- ducer-director. audience to determine if we are broadcasting, the awards program equipment needed to compete with on target wtih the music." ords artist. And the beauty of this Because he is a musician who the quality you get in a recording is sponsored by the Armstrong is that it gives everybody "incentive takes great pride in his work-he studio." The major problem with The biggest problem at the Memorial Research Foundations library. to try something . . . instead of has about 40 albums to his credit television, Mancini felt, is that moment is building a music and administered by the Columbia writing down, we're writing up to on RCA and has scored more than "they don't think about sound that 'We particularly need help in re- University School of Engineering our listeners for a change." 130 movies in addition to count- much." So, after achieving a high ceiving product from the west and and Applied Science where he was And Mancini, who admits freely less TV shows-all of the music, quality sound, the musician usually east coast groups that are not well a professor. that he owes a large part of his except the vocals for the new TV has to compensate by mixing it known in this part of the country. In the non -commercial division, initial fame to "The Peter Gunn series, will be prerecorded. In fact, down to go over that five -inch the music award went to KANU, Show," a TV show for which he Joe Reisman, the man who pro- speaker in most TV sets, trying to University of Kansas, Lawrence, wrote the theme, is back at work duces his records, will produce all retain as much quality as possible. FCC Receives Kan., for its program "Aaron Cop- writing another theme for another of the music for the series and the But, TV sound is basically a hand- land." WLIB -FM, New York, re- TV show, this time his own show. music will be mixed down by icap. GE's Discrete ceived a merit certificate for its "The Henry Mancini Generation," Mickey Crofford at the RCA Rec- If a guy's makeup is bad, they'll music program `Tribute to Louis a new half -hour music show, will ords studios here. spot the show. But if the sound is Armstrong." In the non -commercial hit the air sometime this Septem- The TV music will be Broadcast Bid division, CBL -FM, Toronto, re- produced bad . . . right on," he said. "But ber. Mancini is producing the show in the same studio most of his the sound on our show will be as LOS ANGELES -General Elec- ceived a merit certificate for in conjunction with Coburt, a firm records are produced in and with good as can be done on TV." tric's audio electronics products "Glenn Gould Plays Bach," and operated by Pierre Cossette and the same techniques, Mancini said, In conjunction with the show, department has filed a technical KPFK -FM, Los Angeles, for "Stra- RCA records will release a new report with the Federal Com- vinsky in Rehearsal." album called "The Henry Mancini munications Commission covering Generation," featuring the new field testing of its 4- channel dis- theme he's writing for the show. crete FM broadcasting system. Diller on Piano? Richard T. Grafton, general As for the show itself, the for- manager of the department, said mat calls for emphasis on the band, transmission of the GE system is which will perform two numbers compatible with existing monaural each show. The show will feature and stereo receivers and music a 40 -man band. In addition, there systems. Both matrix and discrete will be two guest artists per show. 4- channel tapes and disks can be Would you believe Phyllis Diller broadcast using the GE concept. playing piano? The tests were conducted at the Mancini will be writing and ar- firm's FM station, WGFM -FM in ranging constantly for the show Schenectady, N.Y., during non - and will offer to arrange special broadcast hours. material for guests on the show. And he points to 500 of his own recorded to draw Diamond Sparkles from. DENVER -"The Dan Diamond An interesting facet of the show Show," a three -hour weekly syn- is that there will be no "no- nos." dicated radio program produced Rock artists will be featured in the here by the Kidder Organization, TV show as well. "Rock has taken is now in 52 markets, according to WGAR MUSIC DIRECTOR Chuck ,de&ee4 +! s a very sophisticated turn . it's firm president David L. Kidder. Collier, right, received a gold AL HERSKOVITZ, operations director of KPOL in Los Angeles, chats a far cry from the early days to The show, featuring oldies and hu- plaque from Lew Crane for being with RCA Records artist Henry Mancini, left. The station featured a Chicago and Chase. The musicians mor, is delivered on six seven -inch one of the first stations in the week -long salute to Mancini and his music. Others being saluted in- certainly never wing it in Chicago reels each week and requires the nation to program his hit "Desi- clude , Sammy Davis Jr., Andy Williams, and Ed Ames. or Chase. The young people com- using station only to insert local derata." Crane visited the Cleve- Each artist participates in the station's daily programming. (Continued on page 46) commercials and station IDs. land oldies station while on tour. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 33 www.americanradiohistory.com These are the albums that have been added this past week to the nation's leading progressive stations. In many cases, a particular radio station may play all of the cuts on a given album, but the cuts listed here are the preferred cuts by most I I* of the stations. Representing more than 30 of the largest population centers in the nation and Billboard's correspondents for the leading progressive FMt stations programming new albums. Artists are listed alphabetically, and the markets researched include: NEW YORK: Dick Bozzi, WCBS -FM; Dennis Elsas, WNEW -FM; DETROIT: Lee Abrams, WRIF -FM; MILWAU- KEE: , WZMF -FM; COLUMBUS: Lou Henry, WCOL -FM; Phil Sheridan, WNCJ -FM; DAYTON: WTUE -FM: PHILADEPHIA: WMMR -FM, Ed Sciaky; DENVER: Susan Carter, KFML -FM; BALTIMORE: WKTK -FM, Pete Larkin; NASHVILLE: Ron Huntsman, WKDA -FM; EUGENE: Gary Palmatier, KZEL -FM; PORT- LAND: KINK -FM, Bruce F,,.,khouser; NEW ORLEANS: Bill Burkett, WRNO -FM; PROVIDENCE: John Rodman, WBRU - FM; CLEVELAND: Seth Mason, WUCR - FM; SAN JOSE: Doug Droese, KSJO -FM; SAN ANTONIO: Ted Stecker, KEEZ -FM: FRESNO: Mark Sherry, KPIG -FM; TUCSON: Steve Russell, KWFM -FM; EUREKA, C.4 : Ted Alvy, KFMI -FM.

IMUS IN THE MORNING, "1200 ROGER COOK, "Meanwhile Back CHESTER BURNETT -H O W L I N' HUDSON, "Hudson," Playboy GUNS AND BUTTER, "Guns and Hamburgers to Go," RCA at the World," Kama Sutra WOLF, "A K A," Chess /Janus Cuts: "Leaving It's Over." Butter," Cotillion Cuts: "1200 Hamburgers to Cuts: All. Stations: WNCR -FM, WNEW -FM Stations: WTUE -FM Cuts: All. Go," "Rev. Billy Sol Hargis," Stations: WNEW -FM Stations: KEEZ -FM "Rent -A -Car Phone Call." KINKS, Warner Bros. RASCALS, "The Island of Real," "Kronikles," Stations: WMMR -FM WNCI -FM JOHNNY CASH, "A Thing Called Columbia Stations: RED, WILDER, BLUE, "Darkness, Love," Columbia Cuts: "Lucky Day," "Brother Darkness," Pentagram (Single) Cuts: All. SUSAN TAYLOR, "Finally Getting BILLIE HOLIDAY, "God Bless the Tree," "Island of Real," "Hum - Stations: WNEW -FM Child," Columbia Stations: WNEW -FM min' Song." Home," JMI Cuts: "Through the Looking Cuts: All. Stations: W M M R -F M, WBRU- Glass," "A Way to Go On." JESSE WOLF AND WINGS, "Jesse Stations: WMMR -FM RAY CHARLES, "A Message From FM, W K T K -F M, WZMF -FM, Stations: WCOL -FM Wolf and Wings," Shelter the People," ABC WCOL -FM, KSJO -FM Cuts: All. Cuts: All. WAR, Day "All Music," United Stations: WNEW -FM JOHN STEWART, "Sunstorm," Stations: WNEW -FM Artists LABELLES, "Moon Shadow," War- Warner Bros. Cuts: "All Day Music." ner Bros. (single) Cuts: All. ZEBIN METHA, "The Planets," Stations: WRIF -FM JOYOUS NOISE, "Wandering Stations: KZEL -FM Stations: WCOL -FM, WNEW -FM Man," Capitol London Cuts: All but "Silver Guitar." Cuts: All. DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET, C R E E D E N C E CLEARWATER, Stations: KEEZ -FM FREDDIE KING, "Lowdown in "The Stations: WNEW -FM "Mardi Gras," Fantasy Lodi," Shelter (single) Last Set at Newport," Atlantic Cuts: "Take Five," "Open the Cuts: "Someday Never Stations: KZEL -FM, KFMI -FM Comes," "Need Someone to QUICKSILVER, "Comin' Thru," Gates." EXCEPTIONS: "Royal Philharmon- Hold." Capitol Stations: WCOL -FM, KZEL -FM ic Orchestra," Phillips Cuts: "Doin' Time in the USA," NEW Cuts: All. Stations: WRIF -FM, WRNO -FM, BIRTH, "," "Chicken," "M o j o," "Don't RCA DOCTOR JOHN, "Gumbo," At- Stations: WNEW -FM WKDA -FM, WKTK -FM, WCBS- Lose It." FM Stations: KZEL -FM lantic Stations: KFIG -FM, KSJO -FM, Stations: WKDA -FM, WNEW -FM KWFM -FM, WMMR -FM, WKDA- TAMI -LYNN, "Mojo Hand," Cotil- THE VISITORS, "Neptune," Cob- FM, W N C R -F M, WNEW -FM, MAIN INGREDIENT, "Bitter lion (Single) KEEZ -FM Sweet," RCA DELANEY AND BONNIE, "D & B blestone Together," Columbia Stations: WNEW -FM Cuts: "Naima, "China." Stations: KZEL -FM Cuts: " Know and Stations: WMMR -FM AND GRAHAM Know," "C o m i n g Home," BUFFY STE.- MARIE, "Moon Shot," NASH, "Crosby and Nash," At- DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET, "Sound of the City." Vanguard JENNIFER, "Jennifer," Reprise lantic "Truth Is Fallin'," Atlantic Stations: WRIF -FM, WTUE -FM, Cuts: All. WRNO -FM, KWFM -FM Cuts: "P. F. Sloan," "These Stations: Cuts. All. WNCI -FM Stations: WNEW -FM Days," "Magdalene (My Regal Stations: WKTK -FM, KZEL -FM )." BRIAN AUGER'S OBLIVION EX- LOU REED, "Lou Reed," RCA BURUNDI BLACK, " B u r u n d i Stations: W Z M F -F M, WMMR- Stations: WMMR -FM PRESS, "Second Wind," RCA PAUL BUTTERFIELD, "Golden Black," Vanguard (Single) Cuts: "Freedom Jazz Dance," FM, WNEW -FM "Truth." Butter," Elektra Stations: KFIG -FM DAN HICKS AND HIS HOT LICKS, Stations: WNCR Stations: WCOL -FM, WNCR -FM -FM, KFMI -FM, GRANT GREEN, "S ha des of "Strikin' It Rich," Blue Thumb KINK -FM, Green," Blue Note SMITH, PERKINS AND SMITH, Cuts: "Moody Richard," "I DUANE AND GREGG ALLMAN, Stations: KFMI -FM, WNEW -FM "Smith, Perkins, and Smith," Scare M y s e I f," "Woe, the Island Luck." "Duane and Gregg," Bold JAKE AND THE FAMILY JEWELS, "The Big Moose Calls His Baby ROLLING STONES, "Tumbling Cuts: "In the Aftermath," "Say KFIG -FM, WNCR -FM, Cuts: "Walk Me Out," "The Stations: Sweet Lorraine," Polydor Dice," Rolling Stones (single) No More," "M i g h t y Good WNEW -FM, KWFM -FM, WMMR- Morning Dew." WKDA -FM, Cuts: All. Stations: WRNO -FM, KFMI -FM, Time." FM, KZEL -FM, KINK -FM Stations: WCBS -FM Stations: WNEW -FM, WKTK -FM, KZEL -FM Stations: KSJO -FM KFML -FM, KFMI -FM DEREK AND THE NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE DOMINOES, SAGE, "Powerglide," Columbia "Layla," Atlantic Cuts: " Layla." NEW YORK ROCK ENSEMBLE, Cuts: "Rainbow," "Califorr °J Stations: WKDA -FM "Freedomburger," Columbia Day," "Sweet Lovin' One," Cuts: "More "Runnin' Back to You," "Dim Like the Master," Lights, Thick Smoke," "Hello "Kiss Your Future," "Barrel B. W. STEVENSON, "B. W. Ste- Full of Wine." To The Editor Marylou." venson," RCA Letters Stations: WNCR Stations: KFML -FM, KFIG -FM, Cuts: "Texas Morning," -FM, WBRU -FM WNCR -FM, KFMI -FM, WBRU- "Wasted Too Much Time," Hope the information above will "Save A Little Time for Love." Dear Editor, FM, W K T K -F M, KWFM -FM, PROCOL HARUM, "Live In Con- help you in suggestions for other WMMR -FM Stations: KWFM -FM cert," As I indicated in our phone con- A&M versation Tuesday, WDXY took stations. Stations: WZMF-FM, WNCR-FM, Bob Powell WBRU-FM your suggestion regarding voter HUNGRY CHUCK, " H u n g r y CARGOE, "Cargoe," Ardent registration seriously, and did Program director Chuck," Bearsville Cuts: "Come Down," "Time," something about it. On Monday, WDXY Cuts: All. "Feelin' Mighty Poorly." DEEP PURPLE, "Machine Head," March 20, we broadcast eight hours Sumter, S.C. Stations: WNEW -FM, WMMR -FM Stations: KWFM -FM Warner Bros. from the Sumter County Voter Cuts: "Highway Star." Registration Board, encouraging Dear Editor: Stations: WRNO 21 in TONY JOE WHITE, "The Train I'm ELTON JOHN, "Rocket Man," -FM, WTUE -FM young people 18 to to come Since I began my radio career On," Warner Bros. Uni (Single) to register to vote. We didn't as an announcer, I've discovered and we didn't Stations: WBRU -FM, WNEW -FM Stations: WBRU -FM , "Manassas," change our format, that on an average of seven out Atlantic do anything special. We did our of ten rock announcers terribly normal programming, but we did JOHN BALDRY, "Everything Cuts: "Song of Love," "Any- disclaim country music. Now I , "Bootleg Him," it from the Voter Registration must admit that country music is Warner Stops for Tea," Warner Bros. way," "Move Around," "Look Bros. at Board. not my preference but after work- Cuts: All. Cuts: "Come Back Again," My Shadow." Stations: KFML -FM, peo- ing in rock -oriented formats for Stations: WNEW -FM, WKTK -FM "Seventh Son," "Mother Ain't KINK -FM, At the end of the day, 294 Dead," "," "Hambone." KSJO -FM, WMMR -FM, KWFM- ple had registered. This is three about 181/2 months, I found my- KUZN, West Stations: WKDA -FM, KFML -FM, FM, K F M I -F M, WKTK -FM, times the number of people who self employed at CONGRESS OF WONDER, "Soph- KEEZ -FM, WBRU -FM, KFMI -FM, WRNO -FM, KZEL -FM had registered in the previous week. Monroe, La., which is a progres- moric," Fantasy ' WMMR -FM, WKTK -FM, WCBS- In a followup spot campaign sive country music station. Stations: WNEW -FM FM throughout the rest of the week, a I thoroughly enjoyed my work total of 488 people registered the there and learned many helpful last four days. facts concerning the music indus- STORY SLATED try. I am now employed as a six - I am enclosing a picture made midnight rock an n o u n c e r at during t h e broadcast. The an- . . WKRM, Columbia, Tenn., and "TRYUS . YOU'LLIKUS" ON CAMPBELL nouncer shown is Charlie Jay, who since rock music is my thing, I'm did the 3 to 5 p.m. show that day. having a great time. In my opiniori LOS ANGELES -A 12 -hour WDXY personalities who Our Silk Screened T- Shirts radio documentary on Other though, the adjustment from rock the life in the broadcast were and music of Glen Campbell participated programming to country program- Tell the Whole Story Ron Stevens, Monty Jett, and my- ming is a helluva' lot easier than will be syndicated by Diamond self. We were assisted from time P. Enterprises in from country to rock. Thanks We in here the near interviews from specialize silk screening promotional items for the record future. to time with spot KUZN! industry like Tee and Tank shirts -Needle Point Kits, Totes Bags city and county -elected officials Gary W. Powley - Phillip Browning, producer, who did pitches for people to come Bike Bags, Leathers, etc., etc. WKRM said that Campbell will partici- down and register. The cooperation Columbia, Tenn. pate throughout the 12- chapter we received from the members of JUST ASK Real Quick Delivery profile both as artist and com- the registration committee was fan- Columbia Call (213) WE 8 -2727 mentator; this is the same for- tastic and the response from our Dear Editor: mat used by the firm for its listening audience was overwhelm- You will have to look very far Capitol or MCA X -RATED GARMENTS documentaries on Bert Bacha- ing. To my knowledge, this is the to find a broadcaster who more rach, , and Paul has admires and respects his competi- To Mention a Few Los Angeles, Ca. 90046 first time such a broadcast Anka. been done, but it merely reaffirms tor than I do Bill Weaver. He our belief in the power of radio. (Continued on page 44) 34 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Radio -TV programming Vox Jox The lineup of KEWP, a daytime By CLAUDE HALL I'm looking for fulltime work MOR station in Little Rock, in- Radio -TV Editor after May 11. I have two years' cludes Len Day 6 -9 a.m., program experience and can be reached director Jay Stone until noon, Jim at 512 -928- 0428. ". . . New staff Jones noon -3 p.m., and music di- lis, long-time soul personality at lineup at WAGL. Lancaster, S.C., rector Dave Kelly until signoff. KNOK, Fort Worth, has joined includes: Jim Mitchell, Bill Griffin, Programming consists 75 percent WBAP -TV, Fort Worth, as assis- and Steve Casey. President of the of LP cuts. The station needs bet- tant public affairs coordinator. station is Len Phillips, who says that the staff dug the Charlie Tuna ter record service.... KEX, MOR . . . Ted Randal and Bob Sharon station in Portland, boosted ratings are now consulting XPRS, Los An- article and wonders when the next at night with a three -week special geles, and have taken the station one is coming. . Soon, Len. on old -time radio, including shows all -soul (it was a mixture of white * * * featuring and Fibber and black records). Playlist is now Dave Clark, one of the black McGee & Molly. . . But two of 50 tunes, plus oldies. Mike Payne veterans of the record promotion the shows were "Your Hit Pa- and Jay Thomas are new soul per- business, will be honored with a rade" with and "The sonalities added to the station's testimonial dinner at the Shera- Bing Crosby Show" with Fred roster. ton -Metro Inn, Detroit, on May Allen and Peggy Lee. I wouldn't * * * 6. Wish I could be there. mind hearing those last two tapes Lineup at WKOP -FM, progres- * myself. sive rock station in Binghamton, Neil D. Weiser, former program MERCURY Records presented CKLW- Windsor /Detroit music director * * * N.Y., includes Jack Michaels, Tom director of WINO at Brooklyn Rosalee Trembly with four gold records to commemorate the weeks Polytech, Brooklyn, N.Y., seeks a Neil McIntyre is program direc- Jefferson, Michael J. Raymond, 's "I Gotcha" was No. 1 on the top 40 station. There to cele- tor of WPIX -FM, New York; and Ron Clay. Raymond is pro- summer gig. Call him at 516 -285- brate the station's breaking of the record (from left) local promotion weekend oldies personality Gus gram director. Station needs better 5453. Wants me to mention his manager Jack Ashton; national r &b promotion manager Andre Montell, buddy Don K. Reed, who does Gossert has departed the station. record service. . Mike Alpert, publicity director Mike Gormley and national promotion director Stan Tom Clay has left KPPC -FM, first ticket, 213 -762 -4816, looking weekends on WCBS -FM, New Biy. Los Angeles.... Glynn Beam, 21, for work. Ten years of experience. York. . Ron Fell, music direc- tor of KNBR, San Francisco, has married, eight years of experience . . . Gary Fuller has departed as in Top 40, seeks job. Call him at general manager of KAFY, Bakers- been promoted to program direc- tor of the station. . Lineup at 405- 947 -1803.. . . Got a lot of field, Calif., and is now at one Rocker Airing people looking for jobs, so I'll of the TV stations in town. New KLMS, Lincoln, Neb., includes Radio Meeting mention some of them right now: general manager of KAFY is Jim Ron Jones with newsman Craig William C. Moyes, 603 -646 -4378, Price Jim Lightfoot, I'm Swope in a team show 5 -9 a.m., 'Live' Jazz is looking for a good program di- sorry to hear, has died of a heart Lynn Townsend 9 -noon, Fred WPRI -FM, pro- rector job. Sales manager of Me- attack. I remember him well from James until 4 p.m., followed by Set May 12-13 SAN DIEGO - Lee Thomas with newsman Mar- ridian Productions, Boston, this the old WBZ, Boston, days. NASHVILLE Relations be- gressive rock station here, will past year. Was announcer at KGW, * * * shall Prichard in a team show, - live jazz concerts in and J. Marshall Stewart from 7- tween record companies and radio broadcast Portland, some while back. . . . Brad (Mike Lee) Aaron, former station personnel, as well as hot with the Funky Quar- Jim Buchman, 518- 756 -8105, was morning drive man and music midnight. All -night man is Dave conjunction Lapham. Station programs singles clocks and formats, will be among local music club, according at WPTR, Albany, N.Y. Got a 26 director of WNIO, Youngstown, is the topics coming up for discussion ters, a 50 percent, albums 50 percent... . in the Oct. /Nov. APB. Seven years now all -night at WXUS -FM, pro- during the third annual Country to program director Jim La Fawn. of experience.... Bob Campbell, gressive rock station in Lafayette, Jack Shaw has left KMYO in awak- Little Rock to join WFUN in Radio Seminar here May 12 -13 at "Jazz, the dormant giant, 617- 944 -7513, ex- deejay seeking Ind. . Mort Fega is now host- the King of the Road Motor Inn ens!" to into radio after a year - ing "Night," a new six nights a Miami as production man; joining program manager is here. Mac Allen, - plus outside. . Donald Bell, week show at KXIV, Phoenix, KMYO Chuck Stevens from Several record companies, Poly Decatur, Ala. of WKDA here, will serve as 216 -652 -9453, just out of the air midnight to 5 a.m. He'd been do- chairman of the agenda for the dor and Blue Note, have pur- force, has first ticket, worked at ing a Sunday afternoon jazz show two -day country music meeting. chased blocks of time during Armed Forces Network, Taiwan. and I suspect that jazz will be the Lineup at W PTR, Albany, N.Y., includes: program director J.W. Barbara Starling at Royal Ameri- "Third World Sounds," a nightly * * * staple diet of the all -night show. in is serving Wagner 6 -10 a.m:, Gil David until can Records Nashville after -midnight jazz show on the Lineup at KFOX, Long Beach, . . . Rick Hoover, not too long 2 p.m., Boom Boom Brannigan as registration coordinator. station, he said. Now, Funky now includes Gene Price 5:30 -9 out of the service, is doing week- Other topics that will be dis- Quarters and KPRI -FM will team a.m., Charlie Williams 9 -noon, ends and fill work at KSWM, 2 -6 p.m., Chris Randle (just re- in- turned from WBMJ in Puerto cussed during the meeting will up to broadcast a series of jazz Don Hinson noon -3 p.m., Joe Aurora, Mo., and pleads for both clude news and public service, concerts from Studio West. Ferguson 3 -7 p.m., and program country music and Top 40 record Rico) 6- midnight, and Scotty McAndrews all-night. Rick Ryder sales motivation, and the handling director Bill Wamsley was looking service. Also states: I'll tender of package live shows. for a 7- midnight man a week ago. a challenge to Gerald Hooper's does weekends. . . . Lineup at The other day I was chasing claim for longest air . Satur- WINF, , Conn., in- AFB Service cludes Francis, man- Bob Hamilton's Porsche around days, I come on at 1 p.m. and stay Jim station the streets of Beverly Hills (and until midnight signoff for FM. ager and music director Jeff Sings To Home Units then discovered that it was some- The FM is automated and so my Jacobs, Dan Foley, and Jay Dia- WAYE body else's Porsche) but eventu- evenings are strictly production mond. New format of the station HOLLOMAN AFB, N.M. - ally ended up at the castle Mike and news and such. Live board includes easy listening singles and News KVOH, closed circuit music sys- Curb lives in high atop one of the AM signs off at sunset. album cuts and the station needs 5 -Min. tem just launched at Holloman Anyway, which hills here. Hamilton was there with that's 11 hours, as compared to better MOR record service. . BALTIMORE -WAYE, Air Force Base, plans to extend his charming wife and Ted Atkins Gerald's 10 hours." The third annual Country Radio bills itself as Baltimore's alterna- to service every housing unit on and his wife, along with Casey * * * Seminar will be May 12 -13 at the tive media, is now singing the the base, according to program Kasem, Mark Elliot, Carol Curb, Louis Rinaldi, 24, music direc- King of the Road Motor Inn, news. In addition, it's relaying director Frank Absher. And plans and the European recording artist tor of KATY, San Luis Obispo, Nashville. For details, contact news broadcasts of the BBC, Ra- are to increase broadcasting hours Danyel Gerard. I only stayed an Calif., 805 -543 -7604 seeking new Barbara Starling, Royal American dio Australia, and Radio Moscow, until midnight (the station now Records, 615- 298 -4436. Mac Allen, according to general manager Har- signs off at 5 p.m.). The station hour or two, because it was long job. . Dennis Weaver, Im'- after midnight, and anyway the Press Records artist, sat in as a program manager of WKDA, vey Tate. plays everything, blending the mu- object of this whole session that deejay 7 -9 a.m. on KPDX, Long Nashville, is chairman of the The style of singing the news- sic as best as possible, with the night was a trivia contest, largely Beach, the week of Apr. 17 -21. agenda and you can expect a very casts will vary. Items can be sung exception of "acid music and nasal between Kasem, Atkins, and Curb. Ed Brady has left WKNT, good seminar. to a rock tune, a rhumba, or an country music." You had to identify the color of Kent, Ohio, to move to WBNR, * * * original waltz! Four voices and the label, the artist, etc., of various Beacon, N.Y. He's doing afternoon WIBF -FM, Philadelphia, is a six musical instruments are being records. And the record had to be drive and handling music at the big band station, but devotes con- used. The station is working with Geo. Kirby Series siderable time to jazz, to wit: a Cleveland firm on production. a top 10 hit, etc. Kasem kept Beacon station. . WANL, a George Effective April 10, the The five- minute news -casts are LOS ANGELES-"The changing the rules every two min- country music station in Lineville, "Friends Kirby Show," a new half -hour utes, otherwise I think that Hamil- Ala., is putting a new FM station With Pleasure" jazz shows will be featured every hour on the hour. series 7:20 a.m. -11 a.m. Monday through syndicated comedy -music ton and I could have copped the on the air in the near future and produced by Winters /Rosen Prod. honors because how many guys needs Top 40 singles for it. Lineup Friday with Dave Solomon host. From noon to 4:15 p.m.., Buzz in association with Group W in radio do you know that know on the country station now in- New AM Show Broadcasting, will hit the air in who cut the original "Rag Mop" cludes Woldo, Randy Morgan, Allen is host. The S a t u r d a y the show night jazz show 10- midnight is September. Taping of record? Or how about "Toolpush- Bob Haynes, and Roger Gaither. began last week in Toronto. er From Snyder ?" But I've got to Terrell Metheny is now at alternately hosted by Solomon, Spots Names Allen, and Ted Taylor, with a give Atkins, Kasem, and Curb KONO, San Antonio. . . H. ATLANTA -WSB, 50,000 -watt credit-they're record freaks of the Walter Hart puts in his bid for Sunday 8- midnight jazz show M OR operation here, has intro- first water. the longest single air stint: "At hosted by Taylor. The jazz move- duced a daily morning showcase * * * WKBX in Winston -Salem, I sign ment on the station has been that will feature recording stars. 45 rpm RECORDS Dave Marshall writes: "After a on and off on Sunday, which for largely due to the sponsorship of Each morning, a prominent per- oldies by mail year of skiing, dishwashing, and the month of April will begin at two record stores in the area - sonality from show business or studying law, I've joined Jim Ja- 5:45 a.m. and end of 7 p.m. The the Bryn Mawr Record . Shop and politics or some other field, is in- cobs, Bob Dennis, and Marc entire time is done solo with no The House of Jazz. Guests on the vited to join morning personality Woods at WONS, Tallahassee, a relief. By the way, my average "Friends With Pleasure" shows Bob Van Camp as guest an- progressive MOR station." Mar- work week encompasses some- have included Stan Kenton, May- nouncer. The idea came about OLDIES shall had been with WOWO, Fort thing like 65 to 70 hours." nard Ferguson, Lionel Hampton when, as part of the station's Gold- and others. from Wayne, Ind., back in 1970. . * * * en Anniversary celebration dur- Winn White is now program di- Then, along comes Wayne * * * ing March, former WSB person- rector of WHON -FM, Hartford, Griggs, KNBO, New Boston, Tex.: Ken Kohl has returned to alities returned to the studios for 1955 Conn., a 24 -hour progressive rock "I use the air name of Bruce WLIR -FM, Hemstead, N.Y., as mike duties. station. He wants Lon Thomas, Wayne and I work weekends here. program director. Rest of staff to who worked with him in the mili- On Sunday, I sign on at 6 a.m. includes Chris Feder as music di- tary, to contact him.... Bill Wil- and sign off at 6:45 p.m. But rector and air personality Joel MOR Hit List 1970 Moss, Don K. Reed, Malcom CHESTNUT HILL, Mass. - All original artists. Davis, Neal Martin, Steve Straub - The Music Director firm here has For complete catalog send $1.00 ing, and Dave Scott.... Just ran just made available an oldies list (deductible from any subsequent order) across a letter from Terrell of MOR records, according to staff to: Metheny Jr. written when he was member Herb Jackson. The list Radio -TV Mart still at KYMO in Little Rock: features records that hit Bill- BLUE NOTE SHOP See Page 46 "Since your item about my son, board's top 20 from 1950 through 156 Cont.', Ave., Albany, N.Y. 12206 (Continued on page 45) 1959. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 35 www.americanradiohistory.com Campus News Yale Couple Means Business By SAM SUTHERLAND What's Happening NEW HAVEN, Conn. -In an Agency, Sanyak Records is able to product, and these factors have effort to provide students at Yale minimize operating costs by selling combined to make these outlets By SAM SUTHERLAND University with lower prices on only to university students. ASA the most popular among Yale for records and tapes, a student couple, provides initial capital and handles years. The United Federation of Teachers has produced a voter regis- Michael and Susan Folz, have been all of Sanyak's accounts, as well as Viewing this traditional prefer- tration promotional film which they are making available to all operating their own record service, billing purchases to students' bur- ence for the Broadway stores as interested parties who might be able to distribute the film to appro- Sanyak Records, under the aus- sar's accounts when records are the primary reason for the stu- priate audiences. Susan Eisenberg, speaking for the federation, de- pices of that school's Associated charged. For these services, ASA dents' submission to higher prices, scribes the eight- and -a -half minute color film as "aimed primarily Student Agencies. receives a percentage of Sanyak's the Folzes began their service in at youth, including those who are high -school Ordering of records is made net annual profit. February. Because of their status minority and working through the Folz's home phone, While local record outlets and as a student agency, which obli- age." She also notes that the film has a folk -rock score, and record where Mrs. Folz compiles orders discount stores in downtown and gated them to sell only to students, companies and film distributors alike could use the film as a tag for pick -up or delivery. Students suburban New Haven offer com- Sanyak's founders discovered that for screenings and concerts. may then pick up their orders at petitive prices on product, Yale they could not use campus media All inquiries should be directed to Miss Eisenberg, c/o United Hendrie Hall, a university facility students have generally brought which reached the outside com- Federation of Teachers, 260 Park Avenue South, New York 10010. which houses the Associated Stu- most of their business in the past munity. In place of such adver- The phone is 212 -777 -6570. dent Agencies. Sanyak uses the to Cutler's Record Shop and the tising, Sanyak printed flyers for * * * ASA offices two days a week for Yale Co-op, both located on distribution to s t u d e n t s' rooms Toby Mamis of Apple Records professes concern over servicing the distribution service and, while Broadway, near the center of the throughout the campus. of David Peel's latest album, "The Pope Smokes Dope." Those as delivery of orders to student rooms campus. In addition to the con- 75 Orders is available for a nominal charge, venience of its location, the Yale yet unenlightened by the release, and desiring service, should contact most of their business is conducted Co -op offers charging privileges, "We received about 75 orders Mamis at Apple in New York. through Hendrie Hall. while Cutler's emphasizes wide the next day," Mrs. Folz noted, "and we sold 150 As an Associated S t u d e n t selection and rapid service on new between and 200 WEGL -FM, Auburn University, notes that is now records that first week." Since Program Director and Music Director at the station. While Carter then, the service's weekly volume three -month vacation has has remained stable, usually has held those positions since '71, a recent matching those initial figures or apparently caused some confusion. Now that he's back and suffi- IRTS Honors Sammy Davis, running slightly in excess. ciently rested, service should be referred to him. While a $5.98 album brings * * * $4.98 at Cutler's, and sells for Campus Dates: Capricorn Records artist Jonathan Edwards will Whitehead at 10th Meet about 20¢ less at the Co -op (with be appearing at Union College in Cranforn, N. J. on Thursday (27). NEW YORK -Stage, screen and tional Radio and Television So- patronage refunds lowering the ... Livingston Taylor, also on Capricorn, will perform at Millersville recording artist Sammy Davis Jr. ciety. The Conference was held price further for members), Sanyak State College, Millersville, Pa., on Friday (28). . Columbia's and Clay T. Whitehead, director, April 20 -22 at the Hotel Commo- underprices those outlets by pricing Ravan, It's a Beautiful Day, and Taj Office of Telecommunications Pol- dore. their albums triple- header tour with Genya at $3.87 for $5.98 Mahal will play the Univ. of Nebraska in Lincoln (25) and the icy, The White House, were guests Whitehead spoke at the Thurs- list, and $3.31 for $4.98 list. Tapes 2). . . Poppy Records' of honor and luncheon speakers at day luncheon, and Davis spoke at and cartridges comprise less than Univ. of Wisconsin in Stevens Point (May the 10th Annual College Confer- the Friday luncheon. 10% of their business, with most star will lecture at Chico State College, Chico, Calif. ence sponsored by the Interna- in (25); Sponsored annually by the IRTS titles ordered in eight- track. San- on Monday (24); Arizona State Univ. Tempe and Scottsdale and underwritten by the IRT yak charges $4.92 for $6.98 list Community College, Scottsdale, Ariz. (26). . . Townes Van Zandt, Foundation, the cartridges, again underpricing the also on Poppy Records, gives a concert at Mercer University in college confer- Broadway outlets. ences are designed to examine the Macon, Ga. on Saturday (29). . . . Kama Sutra artists Brewer & WGSU-FM state of the broadcast Sanyak's ability to effectively School in industry and undercut Shipley will perform at Shawnee Mission South High the prospects for students who Broadway prices yet turn Kansas City, Missouri on Saturday (29).... Bonnie Raitt, Warner want to enter broadcasting. over a steady profit stems partially Radiothon from their relationship with ASA Brothers Records artist, appears at Brown Univ., Providence, R. I., This year's theme, "Issues in GENESEO, N.Y. -College sta- and partially from their distribu- on Sunday (30). . Capitol Records group Seatrain will be per- Broadcasting," featured discussions tion arrangement. After examining forming at the College of Emporia, Kansas on Thursday (27), and tion WGSU -FM, State University examining five major forces at local distributors, the Folzes de- at Franklyn College, Franklyn, Indiana on Saturday (29). . . Also College of Arts and Science in work today in the quickly changing Geneseo, is seeking support for a cided to work through Co- opera- recording for Capitol is James Cotton, who brings his band to broadcasting w o r 1 d: "Consumer- station radiothon from record com- tive Creations, a local retail outlet Colgate College, Hamilton, N. Y. on Saturday (29). ism /Advertising," "Program Con- that also handled wholesale distri- panies. trol /Freedom of Broadcast Jour- * * * The radiothon, which will be bution. To date, the Folzes have PICKS AND PLAYS: SOUTH -WUSF -FM, Univer- nalism," "Broadcast Technology," had few problems locating titles -Florida conducted during the week of "Licensing /Access," and "Employ- sity of South Florida, Tampa, Dave Dial reporting: "Thick as a April 24, is hoped to assist the ordered, and service on new prod- ment and Economics of the In- uct has been good. Brick," (LP), Jethro Tull, Chrysalis (import). . . . WFPC, Florida senior class in establishing "a cot- dustry" will be the topics. tage -type home to provide a per- 800 Pieces Presbyterian College, St. Petersburg, Steve Graves reporting: "Great sonal social adjustment for local In addition to Davis and White- To date, Sanyak has seen no Scott," (LP), Tom Scott, A &M.... Alabama-WECL -FM, Auburn boys who, due to a maladjusted head, many other prominent fig- need to increase its staff, and Folz Univ., Auburn, James M. Carter reporting: "Manassas," (LP), ures in broadcasting and allied home life, have been committed to feels that, with just his wife and Stephen Stills, Atlantic. . . . WVSU, Samford University, Birming- reformatories or similar institu- fields participated. himself working, they could handle ham, Henry Parkman reporting: "Chelsea Girls," (LP cut, Feedback), tions." While a physical facility for In coordinating this year's con- up to 800 pieces a week. While ference, the IRTS has placed an Spirit, Epic.... South Carolina -WUSC, Univ. of South Carolina, the home has been donated, along he doesn't consider Sanyak "a tre- Columbia, Alan Reames reporting: "Machine Head," (LP), Deep with $1,000 pledged by the senior emphasis on contact between stu- mendous windfall," the business Purple, Warner Brothers. . . . Texas Southern class as its Class Gift, the cost of dents and professionals through has enabled him to keep the bills -KSMU, Methodist this "experiment in juvenile prison a series of panels, discussions and paid and support his family while Univ., Dallas, Linda Nuffer reporting: "History of ," reform" will be approximately luncheons. Citing an "informal" remaining in school. With im- (LP), Eric Clapton, Atco. . Kentucky -WEKU -FM, Eastern $5,000. structure as the basis for the meet- proved communication to the stu- Kentucky University, Richmond, Hal Bouton reporting: "Don Randi ings, a banquet was held April In raising the remaining $4,000, dent body, which has been difficult Trio + Eat The Baked Potato," (LP), Don Randi Trio, Poppy. . . John A. Davlin, Station Manager, 20, featuring top entertainment, to reach because of off -campus Virginia -WUVT, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg: "In the Rain," the is asking that college promotion followed by an "Open -End" in- students, Sanyak expects to broaden formal talk session. Dramatics, Volt. men at the companies contribute its business, and additional minor WEST California KCHO -FM, Chico State College, Chico, "any recordings or other give- While no conference was held problems, mostly with distribution - - aways" they might be able to pro- last year,, recent conferences have of very rare titles, are gradually Mark Mallicoat reporting: "First Taste of Sin," (LP), Coldblood, vide." All gifts would be identified displayed a geographical distribu- being overcome. Reprise.... KUSF, Univ. of San Francisco, Rick Lucas reporting: on- the -air as given by the corn - tion covering 46 states. This year's "Uncle Jim's Music," (LP), Uncle Jim, Kapp.... KCPK, California pany, although the station's non- delegation exceeded 200, said Rob- State Polytechnic College, Pomona, Tom Baker reporting: "Electric ert H. Boulware, executive direc- commercial status prohibits further Light Orchestra," (LP), Electric Light Orchestra, United Artists... . designation. tor of IRTS. In most instances, A &M SHIPS KFJC -FM, Foothill College, Los Altos Hills, Steve Alt reporting: Davlin may be contacted at 716- participating schools sent small "I Get the Sweetest Feelings," Earthquake, A &M. .. . Wyoming- 245 -5586. (Continued on page 61) 'VOTE' SINGLE KUWR-FM, University of Wyoming, Laramie, Fred N. Leemhuis LOS ANGELES -"The Pow- reporting: "Got to Find the Light," Thomas & Richard Frost, Uni. er 18," a special voter registra- Colorado-- KASF -FM, Adams State College, Alamosa: "Isle ABC /Impulse In New Tour tion Public Service single being of View," (LP), Jimmie Spheeris, Columbia. . . . Oregon -KLCC- released only to radio stations, FM, Lane Community College, Eugene, Dave Chance reporting: BOSTON -The first test by U., Worcester, Mass., (9); U. of is now being shipped by A &M "My Impersonal Life," Blue Rose, Epic. . . Washington -KZAG, ABC /Impulse in operating cam- Mass., (10), Amherst; Brown U., Records, according to Andy pus jazz concerts in this area Providence, (14); Thornton Acad- Gonzaga University, Spokane, Cregg Hersholt reporting: "Warmth Meyer, Director of College of Your Eyes," Lazarus, Bearsville. (Billboard, Apr. 8) was so success- emy, Sacco, Me., (15); and Yale Promotion and Artist Tours for ful that Steve Blocker, based here U., New Haven, 16. Thornton was the label. MIDWEST -Illinois-WIDB, Southern Illinois Univ. at Carbon- as national jazz promotion direc- a high school date, with Blocker Written and performed by dale, Wally Wawro reporting: "Angel from Montgomery," Bonnie tor, already is lining up a West noting the very favorable response Mustang, the single was pro- Koloc, Ovation. . WKDI, WKDI -FM, Northern Illinois Univ., Coast tour for mid -May. He ex- from teen audience. WBCH -FM duced by Clare Baren, of DeKalb, Curt Stalheim reporting: "Johnny B. Goode," Jimi Hendrix, pects junket to span form Vancou- aired all five hours of the second A &M's Creative Services De- Reprise.... WRSE -FM, Elmhurst College, Elmhurst: "Kink Kron- ver, B.C. to southern California show live. partment, marking the first re- ikles," (LP), The Kinks, WPGU -FM, Univ. of Illinois, in two weeks of routing. Reprise.... Blocker said he felt Impulse al- lease produced solely by a Champaign, John Parks reporting: "Tumbling Dice," Rolling Stones, The northeast experiment, which woman at that label. bum sales had received a 500 to Rolling Stones. . . . Michigan Western began Apr. 7 at Fenway theater In servicing stations -WIDR, Michigan Univ., 800 percent boost from the tour. with the Kalamazoo, Bill McKettrick reporting: "One Year," (LP), Colin here with two capacity 1,600 -seat "Sales on Michael White, a new record, Meyer stated, "We are houses at $2 each, did between very much concerned with this Blunstone, Epic. . . . WFRS, Ferris State College, Big Rapids: on artist, were especially notable," he 80% and full capacity the said. single and would like to see it "History of Eric Clapton," (LP), Eric Clapton, Atco. . . . WORB, other six dates. Cast at Fenway receive as much airplay as pos- Oakland Community College, Farmington, Jim Nuznoff reporting: included Pharoah Sanders, Alice Blocker said that Ted Gehrke, sible to help voter registration." "Jubilee Cloud," John Kongos, Elektra. . . WAYN, Wayne State Coltrane and Michael White, with manager, had been The single will receive initial Univ., Detroit, Rob Wunderlich reporting: "Bitter," Main Ingredient, Sanders and his group departing hired to coordinate the forthcom- exposure when KABC Televi- the remainder of the dates because ing junket, with hopes that John RCA. . . . WSDP, Plymouth High School, Plymouth, John Dobel sion "" in Los reporting: "A Possible Projection of previous booking commitments. Klemmer, Archie Shepp and Mel Angeles airs a special feature of the Future," (LP), Al Kooper, Other campus dates, where ducats Brown might work dates on the on the song with Jerry Moss Columbia.... Ohio-WBGU -FM, Bowling Green State University, were $1, included: University of tour, along with other acts fea- and Mustang. Bowling Green, Jeff Polzin reporting: `Beans," (LP), Beans, Ava- Rhode Island, Kingston (8); Clark tured on the eastern trek. (Continued on page 45) 36 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com Talent Clubs Go 'Concert' in Chicago By EARL PAIGE Talent In Action satisfy both musicians and fans that found in auditoriums. There CHICAGO -The desire by con- tal frontline is all acoustic, Hicks' - with renovated auditoriums. are six AT 7 Voice of the Theater MALO temporary acts to achieve concert fluent guitar, a fiddle and bass. in Wright also heads a record com- speakers, strategically spaced, that like sound - or even better - PURE PRAIRIE LEAGUE One of the two hyperactive and ex- clubs is causing more entrepreneurs pany, Twinight Records, with three are very much like the monitors for con- found in recording studios. Carnegie Hall, New York tremely proficient girl vocalists to improve facilities and even de- subsidiary labels: Sunlight who the unison vocals with acts, Blues on Blues and carry sign clubs with a concert atmo- temporary The light system has 18 spot- As a rock 'n' roll band, Malo Hicks even doubles on second fid- a spiritual brand. Twinight sphere, believes Pete Wright and Torrid, lights. There is a full -time sound may seem a bit limited by the dle. Howard Bedno, who just opened is a soul label. and light man. The performers of its material. As a Licks perform Hicks is more homogeneity The Hot a new club here in Old Town. Moreover, Wright even have a monitor speaker and sep- Latin band, the group might not originals with mordant themes like Wright and Bedno are all the vertical because he also operates arate equalization and mixing fa- with ven- latest head -shop type record store compare too favorably "Where's the Money ?" His more aware of how groups become Ears, a cilities on stage. The system ac- erable, traditionally oriented Latin Blue Thumb album, "Striking It disenchanted with poor club facil- also near the Old Town district. commodates 12 microphones. Ad- in to reveal how bands. Rich," contains more material ities, Wright said. Moreover, they Wright declined ditionally the club, called the is not really either, how- vein, with even deep- money was put into the club Malo the same but have hired as manager, Dick Las- much Brown Shoe, is a building made of ever, and, as a young group of er and tighter multiple images. sen, who operated several rock but described the sound and light wood thus affording even more to cre- Dan nearly approaching" Spanish- Americans trying Though still a minority taste, showcases here trying valiantly to system "as good acoustic characteristics. Re- ate contemporary music that em- Hicks & His Hot Licks have cadres corded music between acts is sup- braces both cultures, this band gen- of rabid follows in many major plied from a cassette system built erates remarkable crowd reactions. markets. Their fans generally turn into the console. Jorge Santana's guitar work may out in sufficient numbers and en- From The One unusual aspect of the club not be revolutionary, and the thusiasm to make each Troubadour is that it will on Sundays feature band's brass section hardly dazzles return engagement a major occa- jazz. Joe Segal's Modern Jazz listeners with pure technique, yet sion, absolutely refusing to stop Music Capitals Showcase, formerly housed in the such objectivity collapses quickly applauding till the band slouches North Park apartment building, as their set progresses and the band back for their encore. will feature two shows. For these, fills its audience with laughter and NAT FREEDLAND of the World admission is $4, $3.50 for students motion, delivering the good time and $3 for members of a jazz club. they had promised at the outset. DOMESTIC Since the club doesn't serve liquor For a crowd dominated by mem- VIC DAMONE on Sundays, minors can come in bers of this city's Spanish speak- Riviera Hotel, Las Vegas Williams. . John Silberman too. ing population, the Warner Broth- NEW YORK Don Wood of N.W. Ayer Combining standards and con- and Talent Set ers Records act was a joy, and kids temporary songs Vic Damone is Victoria Lucas Associates has have written the music for the alike were on their re- Some of the talent already ap- and parents in perfect control of both himself been retained to handle public 60 and 30 second radio spots feet by the end of the third tune. Jazz Fes- of the new public pearing and lined up include Bill and the audience. He is one of the lations for the Newport which are part with special guests Opening the set and working singers left, to be held in NYC from recruitment program for Evans trio few romantic, lyric tival, service James Moody, Gene Ammons, hard against a resistant audience and he's one of the best. July 1 -July 9.... Composer- artist the Boy Scouts of America. The impatiently demanding the head- has written a Mike Abene, and Stanley Turrentine, Max Roach (Continued on page 42) Ellie Greenwich arranger was and the Buddy Rich band. liners was Pure Prairie League, jingle for General Mills (Cheerios) production was by David Lucas Playing a Wright is holding Rich over for RCA Records artists. which will be used in a new na- Associates. "Cousin" Bruce Mor- hybrid of country and rock, the tional television and radio cam- row, WABC, New York, radio a regular date Tuesday (25) and NOW AVAILABLE! will, in this instance, charge $4 be- band covered familiar territory, paign, "Breakfast Together. ". . personality did the voiceovers. The rock 'n' roll with cause it's a 16 -piece orchestra. sweetening their WE Mike Michaels, Music House edi- commercials have been distributed pedal steel and clean harmonies. 1972 tor, has completed the score for to over 600 Boy Scouts p.r. repre- Normally, Wright is charging $3 finally LOA with a two -drink minimum. Beer Their obvious enthusiasm a six -minute film for the Elks sentatives around the country, and overcome the inertia of the crowd, . . is $1 and mixed drinks $1.50. The Clubs of America. Produced by are now on the air. . Mark - particularly during their brisker THEATRIC Sybil Goldrich and directed by Almond, Blue Thumb artists, have club serves sandwiches and will several add to the menu soon. tunes, which included DIRECTOR Larry Potlow, the film depicts a added Geoff Condon as its sixth strong originals and a solid cover horn, Wright opened with Linda Ron - The most comprehensive directory to TV, day in the life of a woman who man. Condon plays french Bash." and stadt and Donnie Hathaway and of Dylan's "Million Dollar motion picture, theater, recording works with cerebral palsy patients. trumpet, cornet and valve trom- entertainment services ever published. - has presented or will present Alex SAM SUTHERLAND . The Jeff Beck Group, Epic bone. The group begins a cross More than 12,000 listings. artists, will be at Carnegie Hall on country tour shortly. Harvey, Hope, Wilderness Road, & Mary Complete coverage on Los Angeles, May 5 for two performances. . . DAN BOTTSTEIN Steve Goodman, Chuck FARINA & San Francisco, , Hawaii. Capricorn artist Alex Taylor and Perrin, Fanny and Todd Rundgren. MIMI He and Bedno looked for over a Alphabetical listings of key organiza- New Riders of the Purple Sage, TOM JANS New York, Chicago, Nashville. of are in concert at the LOS ANGELES year before finding the building tions In Columbia, CHRIS SMITHER packed pages for Academy of Music, May 2, for sang to the that was once the Paul Bunyon 324 information- Dianne Davidson only $6.95. two shows. Tranquility, Epic music at a Troubadour lunch- Restaurant. Bitter End, New York press Complete money -back guarantee. group, is also on the bill. . . . by Chess -Janus. . . Asked about the poor image eon catered Mimi Farina and Tom Jans, of 10% discount for 3 or more purchases. Mouzakis, whose first album on Mark -Almond to be videotaped some people have of Old Town, a A &M Records, performed on April British Records is "Magic of the Main live at San Diego's Funky Quar- district 15 blocks north 12 in an attenuated folk style GOUSHÁ /TIMES MIRROR Tube," appears for the East Coast a music special with downtown Loop section here, ters for pilot which was largely devoid of energy P.O. BOX 6227 Model United Nations Conference, FM sound simulcast. Wright said: "The Old Town image and substance. Although they gen- World Affairs Symposium, on Sat- never a young SAN JOSE, CA. 95150 have added hang -up was erated some heat with Merle Hag - urday (22), at the Nether Provi- Flame, Problems are ex- two former members of people's hang -up. "Mama Tried," Farina and Please rush me copies of the new 1972 way gard's dence High School, Wallingford, the South African group they pro- aggerated. If there was trouble Jans were generally listless and un- WEST COAST THEATRICAL DIRECTORY Pa. duced, Drummer Ricky Fataar and up on Diversey (10 blocks out of exciting. at $6.95 for one, or $6.25 each for three or Our House, a group discovered guitarist -singer Blondie Chaplain, the district) it got labeled as Old Accompanying themselves on more, plus sales tax. I understand that if by Jerry Alters, musical director whose specialty is hitting high Town." acoustic , Farina and Jans I am not completely satisfied with the in- Directory, I can return it within 10 days of the Show, notes. . Dennis "McCloud" He said new street lighting sang "You're 16," poking self-con- makes its first personal appearance Weaver, who recorded a country stalled at the expense of the Old scious fun at the Ozzie and Har- without obligation. at the Holiday Inn in Paramus, album for Im'press, was guest disk Town merchant's association and riet -type TV family situation Name N.J., on Saturday (22).. . RCA's jockey on the KFOX morning a new consciousness by the police comedy, rendered Farina's compo- Julie Budd guests on the Johnny show all this week. department is bringing the district sition, "Reach Out," about a sui- Title Carson Show, Friday (28), and the Captain Beefheart joins Jethro back quickly. cide whom she said was right to Company Mike Douglas Show, May 3. . . Tull's U.S. tour. . The Doors As for the club's name, an asso- do away with himself (life is so Address Latin singer -guitarist Falana has swing to Europe after playing a ciate in Wright's record shop sug- awful, but try to hang on anyway, been held over at Jack Dempsey's free concert at Fresno to aid voter gested something from left field. she advised the audience), and City and will shortly have all the more Restaurant, registration. Brown Shoe seemed "Letter to Jesus," probably Fari- State _ Zip his initial single released on the Black Oak Arkansas has opened appropriate when they remembered na's best composition. Iglee label. The disk, "La a publishing firm, Far -Fetched it is across the street from the Dr. Singer- songwriter -guitarist Chris Sombra Del Olvido" b/w "El Por- Music and a production company, Scholls shoe factory here. Smither opened the program with diosero," is published by Peer - Sweet Tater, in Beverly Hills. The an impressive set of blues tunes, Unsurpassed in Quality at any Price Southern. A Falana LP is also group also added Jackson Aldridge several of which sparkled with rue- slated for April release on Discos on drums. . . . Rod Nelson to Perform ful humor. Highlights included the Iglee. . . . Bang, new Capitol McKuen's new Ballet and Piano title song from his latest Poppy GLOSSY group, will apepar with Alice Concerto will both be premiered At Jazz Contest album, "Don't Drag It On," a sad - in 5, and . . Cooper Houston, May in England next month. Oliver sweet "Lonesome Georgia Brown," Dallas, May 6 &7. Their debut Rick Springfield set- MONTEREY, Calif. - Australia's Nelson and his band will perform and a funny, raunchy "I Could PHOTOS Capitol album, "Bang," and single, ting a U.S. singing tour. Love You Like a Man." 100-8x10 $13.95 "Questions," have hit the charts. to score at a special concert June 3 as a Marc Bolan of T-Rex second Cali- BOTTSTEIN 1000-8x10 $95.00 Evolution's Lighthouse is on next Fellini movie. T -Rex will climax to the annual DAN the fornia High School 1000 Postcards $55.00 the bill with the Beach Boys at have its own label in Japan, dis- COLOR PRINTS the Competition. 4C. Metropolitan Sports Stadium, tributed by Toshiba and Polydor. of Denver high DAN HICKS 100 -8x10 Bloomington, Minn., June 10. LaMont Johnson of Sun, An all -star band school students will also guest. $89.00 Lighthouse's latest single is "I Just Moon and Stars scored "How & HIS HOT LICKS -4( 11000 Be Your Friend." Jimmy and Judges at the event, sponsored 8x10 COLOR Wanna Come Nobody's On Our Side" Jazz Festival, Troubadour, Los Angeles lenner of C.A.M.- U.S.A., producer "Weekend Warriors." by the Monterey MOUNTED will select individual players who ENLARGEMENTS $175.00 of the first two Lighthouse albums, Guess Who cuts its second RCA Dan Hicks has probably created 3,000 Postcards will comprise an all-star band a complete musical 20 "x30" $6.50 begins production on the group's Hollywood studio album. more unique, 30 "x40" $9.50 ;120.00 third in va- which will appear at the festival, universe than any other artist in LP May at Thunder Sound Cheech & Chong's first TV Special Color Studios in Toronto. Sept. 15 -17. the history of rock. It is a re- C.A.M.- U.S.A. riety show appearance set for Process publishes all Lighthouse material, "Rollin' On the River." markable synthesis of 1930's Terry - as well as producing the act. Procol Harum and Ten Years Top Booker toon soundtracks, Andrews Sisters 0 Beverly Bremers, Scepter artist, After touring Japan together. . Z.Z. harmonies, rambunctious country surreal- will perform on American Band- John Kay headlines Per- HOUSTON -Bill Ham, veteran fiddle, driving speed and OPY APT stand on Saturday (22).... War- forming Arts Center. . . . Casey promotion man for H.W. Daily istically irreverent lyrics. a ner Bros. artist Mary Travers will Anderson at the Ice House. . Dist., who personally manages The group performs before oto9rapherr star in six TV specials to be filmed blues marvelously hokey canvas back- Ko Ko Taylor, Chicago Z.Z. Top, the London label rock A Division of JAMES J. KRIEGSMANN in England over an eight -week singer of "Wang Dang Doodle" trio, is seeking a national booking drop of full moon rising over an period, beginning on June 2 for fame at the Ash Grove. agency affiliation for the group. impossibly lush beach lined with 165 W. 46th St., N.Y. 36 PL 7 -0233 the BBC. Guest stars include Don Bill Marx, Harpo's son, sound - Trio just did a Coast tour and palm trees. They all wear junkshop McLean, John Denver and Paul (Continued on page 38) now want to tour nationally. gangster costumes. The instrumen- APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 37 www.americanradiohistory.com Talent

From The DAILIES TASTE McGovern Benefit Music ON 'SUGAR Capitals NEW YORK - "Sugar," a musical, with book by Peter Is Easy Winner of the World Stone; music by Jule Styne; lyr- The Carole King -James Taylor - The only thing close to any ics by Bob Merrill, opened at Barbra Streisand benefit for Sen. political soft -sell came when Sena- DOMESTIC Majestic Theater on April 9. tor and Mrs. McGovern appeared Following are excerpts from the George McGovern's Presidential with the stars for their curtain Continued from page 37 MEMPHIS daily newspaper reviews. campaign at the Forum in Los call. And the candidate confined TIMES (Clive Barnes): "It Angeles was Southern California's his short remarks to thanking the tracked the music for AIP's new- Mayor Wyeth Chandler gave an doesn't work as a musical and most important and charismatic stars and audience for turning out. est horror flick, "The Death - "official welcome" to Isaac Hayes, I imagine it wouldn't even have In all, the show stands as a model master." ... "Jesus Christ, Super- king of "Hot Buttered Soul," on worked had it had better mu- major concert since the same for the right way to run any sort star" to be filmed by Universal his return home with an Oscar for sic, lyrics and book. . promoters, Concert Associates, of major benefit. in Israel. Music will be prere- his "." Chandler NEWS (Douglas Watt): ". . put into the corded in London with the Lon- also gave Hayes a proclamation a musical of such unswerving don Philharmonic. from Gov. Winfield Dunn making mediocrity that it is sometimes same packed 18,700 -seat hall some Rod McKuen celebrates his him an honorary colonel and aide - hard to keep one's mind on it." three years ago. birthday with two Carnegie Hall de -camp and a House of Represent- POST (Richard Watts): "There The evening began -after Oscar - Mariposa fest concerts for the fourth year in a atives resolution naming him an is no more charmingly humor- winner Gene Hackman and the row. Dates will be recorded for a honorary sergeant -at-arms. . . . ous actor anywhere than Rob- other movie star ushers finished live album on Stanyan.... Smith - Entertainer Jerry Lee Lewis, riding ert Morse, and his delightful seating the audience -as Miss Perkins -Smith start their European a new crest of fame with "Chan- performance is one of the many King in a gingham maxi -dress and July 14.16 tour at the Liverpool Cavern, a tilly Lace," has begun an extended blessings. . . . Taylor in his white suit ambled spawning grounds of . European tour on which he will onto the stand and began playing TORONTO -The talent lineup The Dillards, now signed to play 32 shows in 21 days. He will a few acoustic duets. The pair al- for the 12th annual Mariposa Folk Anthem Records, tour 17 cities play dates in England, France, ternated throughout the first half Festival, to be held at Toronto's with Elton John. Norway, Sweden, Germany, Bel- nounced the signing of White of the 31/2 -hour show, backed Little Jimmy Osmond's MGM gium and Holland. Witch, Maxayn and Eric Quincy through most of the set by Tay- Centre Island on July 14, 15 and debut is "Long Haired Lover From Greta Keller, whose recordings, Tate to the Macon based label. lor's all -star group. Miss King 16, was announced this week. . a week of - Liverpool." Bobby Doyle concerts and nightclub appear- . . . After completing played most of her Grammy Among the newcomers to the split as Blood, Sweat & Tears night stands in Tennessee, winners solo. Her voice was a ances have spanned nearly half a one Festival are slide guitarist Ry pianist -vocalist, where he'd re- century, will present one -woman Georgia and Florida, the Atlanta little raspy on the big notes. She placed David Clayton -Thomas. concerts Monday and Tuesday (24, Symphony Orchestra will give two hasn't performed since her sum- Cooder, Chicago singer -writer John Reason given was "conceptual dif- 25) at Memphis Little Theater. additional subscription series con- mer tour, after which she went Prine, blues musicians Roosevelt ferences in the presentation of Country Caravan, a series certs in Symphony Hall on April into seclusion to have her child. Sykes and Sleepy John Estes and music." 27. Richard Burgin, pro- But her warm stage presence and of country -western music shows 26 and Lonnie Young's Fife and Drum B.B. King performs at Chino launched six years ago at the fessor of violin and conductor of unique gift for having intimate Band. Prison May 15.. . Quincy Jones Mid -South Coliseum, has com- the Flordia State University Cham- conversation with large audiences to compose a tribute to Malcolm pleted its 25th show in the highly ber Orchestra, will conduct the was as distinctive as ever. Returning to Mariposa are the X for the Los Angeles Philhar- successful series, co- sponsored by symphony in a program featuring Taylor was at his mellow best, New Lost City Ramblers, the monic. . Johnny Mercer and guest violinist Ruth Posselt. . . WMQM Radio and Carlton Haney. his voice full and robust. Although Penny Whistlers, David Bromberg, Jimmie Rowles wrote the official Eddie Steward, manager of WMQM Late April concerts will be given the sound equipment was general- "Frasier, the Sensuous Lion" song said attendance for the previous in this city by Jethro Tull (27), ly excellent, some of Taylor's Utah Phillips and Michael Cooney. for Lion Country Safari.... Con- 24 shows has averaged more than Jesus Christ Superstar (28 and 29) acoustic picking got a little lost The Canadian contingent is cert Awciates.put on seven major 6,000 each. and the Carpenters (29).... Redd among the other instruments. But headed by Bruce Cockburn and Minelli will give shows 1rf three nights April 14 -16. The Kingston Trio has opened Foxx and Liza what came through was admirable Murray McLauchlan, Dave Brand - concerts on June 8 NAT FREEDLAND a one -week gig at Le Restaurant Civic Center and fluent. A Carole King -James street and ragtime pianist John International atop the Mid -City and 27 respectively. Taylor duo record album would Arpin. be a musical event worth waiting TOP QUALITY Building. . . . The SHELLY PISANI Festival organizers said some 65 Combo has a regular Sunday en- for. acts comprising 200 performers gagement at the Club Car Lounge After the intermission, the will take part in this year's Mari- of the Admiral Benbow Airport. SAN FRANCISCO studiedly professional presentation posa, the largest Canadian event ál 8X10 its . Pianist Van Cliburn, guest Columbia's local a & r chief was a distinct contrast to the looser of kind. ` PRINTS artist with the Memphis Symphony George Daly sat -in with Jimmy flow of the King -Taylor set. Artistic director of Mariposa, Orchestra next Oct. 7 -8, will have Witherspoon during a recent week- Quincy Jones brought on an all - Mrs. Estelle Klein, said that Mari- LITHOGRAPHED ON HEAVY KROMEKOTE some football competition. The end engagement at the Inn At The star studio orchestra with person- posa was continuing its policy of Memphis State -Tennessee football nel like Jerome Richardson on as BLACK & WHITE PRINTS Beginning. . San Francisco at- presenting performers from game has been shifted from Knox- Creighton Churchill now a reeds and drummer Paul Hum- many different folk traditions as 500 $20.75 1000 $31.75 torney -- -- ville to Memphis on Oct. 7. . vice -president of American Talent phrey. Garbed in a flowing Afro possible. COLOR PRINTS Charley Pride, a record- setter in Associates, locally based talent robe, Jones led his aggregation his performances at the 1969 Mid- Epic's Chase back in through a driving, foot -tapping 35 1000 -- $200.00 agency.... South Fair, appears a cinch to town after a one -week tour of Ja- minutes featuring an extremely come back more in next fall's of his Cody Touring Send for a sample 8X10 color for pan. . . . Slim Chance who quit funky new arrangement edition. Pride drew 17,423 people "Ironside" TV theme. He even print and black & white 8X10 Crootna to go on his own has East plus prices for other sizes in and $58,047.25 in a pair of Mid- signed with Columbia.... The Su- played some electric piano and Coast South Coliseum performances dur- sang a bit in but effective black & white and full premes return to the Fairmont Ho- talky NEW YORK -Commander details ing the Fair three years back. style. on ordering. tel's Venetian Room for three Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen, Richard Roundtree, of Shaft weeks, opening Thursday (27). Miss Streisand didn't get on- Paramount recording group, are fame, participated in the first an- Sonny & Cher scheduled to be stage till nearly 11 p.m. But her touring the East Coast. PICTURES nual Miss Essence of Tennessee there from May 18 through June electric presence and stunning Cody's album, "Lost in the 1867 E. FLORIDA ST. pageant, sponsored by United 7 have been replaced by Edie vocal power enchanted the pre- Ozone," and single, "Hot Rod SPRINGFfELD, MO. 65803 Sisters and Associates. Stax Rec- Adams. dominantly rock -oriented audience, Lincoln," are both on the charts, ords contributed production facil- '77 and despite the hundred or more early and Paramount is backing the act's ities for the pageant. Deanie Park- Sergio Mendes & Brazil who the Rawls the Circle Star Theatre, departers filed to exits tour with a full -scale marketing er, public relations gal for Stax, is Lou to beat the usual horrendous and merchandising effort. Promo- a leading figure in the sponsoring San Carlos, attractions May 9 through Cold Blood is the Forum traffic jams. Her 45 min- tional support includes radio and organization. . . . Trapeze, an 14.... ute set was an anthology of window presentation at Win - print advertising and full English group, and Moloch, a Streisand hits ranging from "Stoney and poster displays for each city 5 & 6. . . . Ten Memphis recording group, will be terland on May End" to "People." Looking luscious Cody visits. featured in the second in a series Years After at the Santa Clara Fair, San Jose, on (28) in a black shantung trouser suit Stops on the tour are Miami; of 12 rock concerts planned by County with a low -cut blouse, she rested Cherry Hill, N.J.; Baltimore; Pas- Is Evan Mots of Pacific, Stockton, The Organizers for Overton Park and Univ. between numbers with her bit of saic, N.J.; New Haven; Boston; EXCITING and Picuruar. Roberta Flack and Dorry Shell Sunday (23). (29).... taking deep hits on a purported Buffalo; ; Swarth- WW1 join forces for one night yoa stay at die Hathaway joint. Many felt that she stole more and Keene, May 5 at the Berkeley N.H.; College BEL AIR SANDS only on the show, but all the music was Park, Md.; Washington, D.C., and . Famous ATLANTA Community Theatre... so excellent it's hard to make dis- Bloomfield, N.J. One of America's outstanding Music's Marty Thau in town look- Peter Giddings of the Beyer - tinctions. Fortunately, the set was Cody's new album, "Hot Licks, RESORT MOTOR HOTELS on ing over the local music scene. Ru- Revox was the guest taped for possible live album re- Steel, Truckers' Favorites," SUNSET BLVD. and SAN Corporation mor has it that they will open an Cold DIEGO FREEWAY (Hwy. 405) speaker at a recent Atlanta meet- lease. is scheduled for release shortly. office here. . . . Burl Ives makes In the Neighborhood of ing to stimulate interest for a pro- club Movie one of his rare appearances and TV Stars posed Southeastern Section of the when he opens May 4 at the Nug- Audio Engineering Society. . Two Olympic -size Pools get in Reno. Wading Pool Children's Play Prominent personalities from the 'Sugar' Sweet for Morse Area Poolside Dining Private worlds of show business, journal- Atlantic's comedian George Car- Patios Excellent Food ism and politics are joining WSB's lin, currently with an album in the Cocktail Lounge Bob Van Camp on his popular charts, to headline the May 6 show The- But Light as Theater Rita from morning drive time program. The at Marin Veterans' Memorial 517.50 Single with NEW YORK "Sugar" is a of an million- - $21.50 Double guest lineup includes Eva Gabor, atre, San Rafael, Capitol's - advances eccentric Write for Complete Governor Jimmy Carter, Atlanta J. J. Cale.... Muddy Waters and lightweight entertainment with aire played by Cyril Ritchard. details and Color Mayor Sam Masse11, columnist Big Mama Thornton showcase an only the brilliant comic perform- Roberts, however, remains true to Brochure or make Jack Anderson and NBC newsman evening of the blues on (29) at ance by Robert Morse to give it his own sex and winds up with Reservations Pepperland, San Rafael, and (30) true musical comedy dimension. the band's vocalist Sugar Cane, NOW. Herb Kaplow. . Tommy Cash, Bob Luman, Roy Drusky and Jim at the Berkeley Community The- The book by Peter Stone, out of played by Elaine Joyce with ac- Ed Brown were among the coun- atre. . . RCA recording the cast the film "Some Like It Hot" and ceptable wide -eyed innocence. try and western celebrities partici- album of Gene Kelly's production the score by Jule Styne and Bob There should be an antic zest to pating in a baseball game against of the musical "Clown Around" Merrill, offer only a few jolly all this but it just never seems Atlanta's professional athletes prior now running at the Oakland Coli- moments. to get rolling properly. to the Braves game with the Cin- seum through (30). The show Morse and his sidekick, Tony There are some bouncy melodies cinnati Reds on April 23. Follow- moves to S.F.'s Cow Palace for a Roberts, put on drag and join an in Styne's music but Merrill's lyr- limited run May 2 through 7.. . MOTOR HOTEL ing the regularly scheduled Nation- all -girl orchestra to get away from ics are only moderately inventive. al League game, the entertainers Galaxy promo rep Dubose Ste- Chicago mobsters bent on rubbing Both have done better work for 11461 Sunset Blvd. phens on the road with J.J. them to at San gave an Atlanta Stadium concert them out. The chase takes the theater. Diego Freeway (Hwy. 4051 Malone's single "It's a Shame," a LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA 90049 in observation of Country Music Florida where Morse finds that Phone local sales breakout. . . . Fantasy United Artists Records has the 213- 476 -1241 Day. . . . Phil Walden, President he enjoys being a "girl" especially FREE GARAGE PARKING of Capricorn Records, has an- ( Cóntinued on page 42) when it comes to the lecherous original cast album rights. 38 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Zarlin theØvplagingyoursony.

Send us the song in your heart. If you're an unpublished Name, address, phone, age, sex and occupation of the composer, you can enter the Amateur Popular Song composer(s) as well as the lyricist(s). Composition Contest with songs of any style. Grand Send your entries to: Popular Song Contest Section, Prize: 100,000 yen (that's approximately 300 bucks), a Yamaha Foundation for Music Education, c/o Yamaha Certificate of Honor, and a Gold Medal. Plus a little International Corporation, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, helpful publicity for your song. California 90620. Here's all you have to do: Send us as many entries Songs selected after the preliminary judging shall be as you like, to arrive no later than May 15, 1972. All performed in public at the contest finals at Nemu -no -Sato entries must include: Title of song Manu- Yamaha Music Camp in Japan on October script of the song with complete melody E L F P 8, 1972. Multiple prizes may be awarded. and lyrics. Please indicate preferences, if O del Send us your song today! For you "Pro" any, to style, tempo and type of perform- 4 composers: Watch for announcement of er. One set of lyrics, typed out or 4tie, Yamaha's second annual contest for written legibly on a separate sheet. C7 0 "Published" composers.


www.americanradiohistory.com o SIC Is 60 lei


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- )'i',1'.

r N

www.americanradiohistory.com CURRENT SINGLES FROM ALBUM GM 17000 Collection Box b/w Hound Dog

GM 17001 I'm All Cried Out b/w The Sun Don't ShineThe Same

So, says Q., "What was so good about them ? ". "Ah ", says A., "Well, it must have been the music." It chugged along, crowed, laughed, bandied about, that music; truthfully, it was a nose- thumbing experience, and in these "ultra- heavy" times, that is no mean feat. There ain't no flies on White Cloud, sweetheart; no melodramatics either. -"ON THE HORIZON" CIRCUS f_rOO D MEDICINE, is distributed by Starday -King Records, Nashville, Tennessee

www.americanradiohistory.com Talent

From The 'Carnival' Concept Seen for Music Capitals Miami Pop, Jazz Festival MIAMI BEACH, Fla. -Miami Beach as a swinging, reasonably of the World Beach's Pop and Jazz Festival priced resort that is easily acces- has been jazzed up from the sible and offers recreation to ap- DOMESTIC original concept of a superstar peal to all. We're aiming mainly at musical event to include a wide the 18 to 40 -year age group." Continued from page 38 Clearwater Revival, Freddie King air people in a cocktail session at range of outdoor daylight activities Along with six musical super- and Tony Jo White, Friday (21); to complement the nighttime mu- has pulled "Someday Riverfront Stadium Monday (10) star productions plus four musical Never and Faces, April 28; to announce for the 11th sical aspect, "but there will be special interest nights, Comes" as a single from the plans Goodwin's and Lee Michaels, May 5. . more music than ever," claimed Creedence Clearwater Annual Ohio Valley Jazz Festival plan calls for a sports car rally, Revival new The Creedence Clearwater Revival to 21 Charles Cinnamon, festival direc- motorcycle races, LP. PAUL JAULUS be held here July -22. the world's larg- tour also includes concerts at Vet- Local Columbia Records boss - tor. est beach party, sailing regattas, erans Memorial, Jacksonville, (18); man Jim Scully and his crew made Out of 26 promoters from all skin diving and fishing jaunts. .MIAMI Orlando Sports Stadium (19); and the scene at the Reflections Club over the U.S. the Miami Beach Negotiations are already under- West Palm Beach Auditorium Tuesday night (11) to enjoy a rock Tourist Development Authority way with booking agents through- As the winter season drew to (20). . . . by Wilderness Road out the session and awarded Leisuretech, Inc. a Cali- U.S. for superstars in the a close this week, Miami Beach , R.E.O. Speedwagon, who were in whole spectrum of musical tastes hotels reported a very good season. fornia promotion firm, headed by and appeared in for a one- nighter.... Marc Man- Michael Goodwin, the contract to for concerts. Goodwin expects to . Sammy Davis, Jr., at the Play- a four and a half hour concert at ges and Charles Goodrum have have some top-notch "name" acts boy Plaza drew in tremendous stage the Pop and Jazz Festival, Pirates World, April 17. . . j o in e d the producer / director booked within two weeks and the crowds August 10 -23. each evening during his Curtis Mayfield a show staff at WLW -I, Indianapolis. . . whole package signed by May 1. headlines "I envision a two nightly performances. . WCPO -TV management apparently 'carnival' concept The Miami Beach TDA's finan- Friday (28) at the University of to counter the widely held im- The Fifth Dimension, at the Diplo- Miami, then will wing to Acapulco is still on the search for a host to cial liability will be limited to mat, played to capacity audiences. head up an hour -long, five- day -a- pression that Miami Beach is an $100,000 amount it will cost to entertain at the Billboard con- expensive, -the And Tom Jones at the Deau- vention. week comedy interview format to stuffy area catering if the festival makes no money. ville Star Theatre drew heavily. fill the void left recently by the more to middle -agers than swing- Leisuretech will, however, post all Melanie will make her only ers," Goodwin said. Because of the successful win- Florida date of the season Friday departure of Nick Clooney. WCPO deposits for talent and front mon- ter, several announcements from (21) at the Fort Hesterly Armory toppers put the idea to Mel 'forme "The solution is to project a ies and use the $100,000 as a line the hotels indicate that the sum- new summer in Tampa. . . during the latter's recent engage- image for Miami of credit to protect against losses. mer will be equally as profitable. Ten Years After makes one ment at the Lookout House, Cov- The Diplomat announced it will Florida stop on its U.S. concert ington, Ky., but previous commit- enlarge its secondary nightclub, tour performing Friday (21) at the ment prevented Torme from con- The Tack Room, and will create Miami Marine Stadium. . . sidering. West Coast comedian Stu a major 500 -seat nightclub -lounge Jethro Tull will play two Florida Gilliam stopped off here last week that will book contemporary acts dates on its American tour- Satur- for similar talks with WCPO Signings in a First Edition -Carpenter range. day (29) at West Palm Beach Au- bosses, but no score as yet. And, at the same time, Irving ditorium and the following night at The Gross Brothers, country Cowan, president of the Holly - The Association has signed with Miami Marine Stadium. . singers from Rising Sun, Ind., Hunnicutt Morse and the Fastest wood-By- The -Sea resort said that Miami group Game, just signed hopped into Nashville Tuesday (11) Columbia. The group's first single Band Alive has signed recording the hotel will run headline acts for the label, "Darling Be Home with Associated Booking, has been to appear at the International Fan and management contracts with during the summer in the main working steadily the state Clubs' fifth annual dinner and Soon," is set for immediate re- around Ringling Bros. nightclub, The Cafe Crystal. . . with show held at the Hermitage Hotel lease. An album, "Waterbeds in and Barnum & a college concert at Rollins, Bailey Miami Beach jazz and pop fes- Winter Haven, a Boca Raton ap- there as part of the first Country Trinidad," will follow shortly. music and talent subsidiar- tival execs have been meeting with pearance at The Purity and at the Music Fan Fair conclave.... Bob Both records were produced by ies, Wheel Records and Feld Bros. individual promoters to get the Sarasota Civic Auditorium. Their Braun, host of Avco Broadcasting's Lewis Merenstein. The Associa- Management. The group's initial Wheel single, August event under way. Miami single is getting good "50 -50 Club" on WLW -T and af- tion will tour when the LP is "Peaceful Children" "Senorita" Back Beach is trying to stage a air play (Fort Lauder- filiate stations, has a new single released. . . . Singer /songwriter b/w "Goin' to Toronto," has over WSRF been released. major jazz and pop music festi- dale), and is number four on coming out next week on Lou Carole Sager has signed with val. The festival had originally WYND. The group recently con- Chitty's Wrayco label. Top side is Metromedia. Her debut single is Joe Reed of the Proffer, Mar - been planned as a joint TDA -Play- tracted Cameron Productions to "Bless 'Em All," backed by one of "Where I Want to Be" b/w "Easy melzat & Reed group signed as a boy International Inc., venture. to Forget," which she co- build a $15,000 P.A. system. . . Bob's oldies, "Sweet Violets." Ses- authored soloist by Columbia. His first However, the TDA and Playboy Joe Donato and his trio moved sion was cut recently at Shad with George Fischoff. Mike Ber- single is "Don't Run From My were . unable to reach a contract into the Jamestown Club after a O'Shea's Counterpart studios here, niker produced the disk. The Love." . . Ranjii, Indian -born agreement and the TDA decided year at the Nasta.... Dave's Trio with Cliff Lash arranging and con- 5 Satins have signed with Music singer, signed to Anthem Records to underwrite the two -week festival Bank Productions. appearing at the Vanguard. . . ducting. Lending with the voices Their first single and is being produced by Snuff itself. . . . the is Smokey Robinson and the were Marian Spelman and Gwenn for firm "Fate Has a Garrett. . Pete McCabe, Mike Englebert Humperdinck officially Miracles appeared at the Seven Conley, "50 -50 Club" regulars. Brother" b/w "All I Need Is Stanley and Two Guns, and White closed the winter season at the Seas Lounge, Newport, on their While at Counterpart, Braun made You," produced by Jay Warner. C a l f signed by Denver -based . Diplomat. . . . final southern tour. Hawaiian singer four other cuts to complete an al- The Glass Bottle has signed Tumbleweed Records. . Tiny Ireland went to the Islands when Dick Jensen followed Smokey Rob- bum slated for release in the fall. with Musicor. The act's initial Tim to Scepter Records, initial the Dublin Corporation show band inson into the club for a week's General American Records, with single for the label, produced by single is "I'm Just Another Pretty Bill Ramal Dick . . filled a two -week booking at engagement. . . . SARA LANE headquarters here, last week re- and Goodman, Face. ". Singer-songwriter John King's Inn, Freeport, Grand Ba- leased a single, "All Good Gifts," is scheduled for release in May. Herald to the Paramount label. Ben Sidran has signed with hama. . . CINCINNATI by the Last Galaxie, from the Herald was formerly lead singer Sound and Company, an Argen- firm's "Selections From Godspell" Blue Thumb.... Jason has signed with the Greenbriar Boys. . . tina combo just concluded a 10- Bruce Nelson, former WUBE album, currently netting above - with Flying Dutchman. His first Arthur Lee, late of Love, signed day engagement at the Fontaine- program director and afternoon average air play in the Cincy, New single for the company, "I've Been as a solo artist with A &M. Lee bleau Hotel... . drivetime voice who left here a York, Detroit and Philadelphia Down" b/w "Happy Birthday to will be producing his first album The Hollywood Sportatorium year ago to take a similar post at sectors. GAR a. &r. vice -president You Girl," was produced by Steve for the label this month with a &r's had its first sellout (15,000 tickets) WMIL, Milwaukee, has left the Bob Lanier and wife Mary, who Metz and David Lipton. . . . Allan McDougall as associate. when appeared latter station to take over the 3 -7 contributed the lead vocal on "Day April 9. It was the first South p.m. shift at KENR, Houston. He'll By Day" in the "Godspell" album, Florida appearance for the English be moonlighting as country pro- are back on the job after a brief group. Pink Floyd appeared April motion man with GNP -Crescendo vacation in Nassau as the guest 15 and the group brought its own Records. . . . Jazz impresario of GAR president Jim Mills. The quadrasonic sound system. Other George Wein and his local associ- latter cracked for the trip in ex- Talent In Action confirmed dates for Hollywood. ate producer Dino Santangelo pression of Lanier's all- around Sportatorium include the Creedence played host to the area press and good job on the "Godspell" deck. The talent line -up for George Continued from page 37 The Allmans play an uncompro mising brand of blues, spearheaded Wein's 11th Annual Ohio Valley His powerful "Didn't We," can Jazz Festival, to be held at River - by Gregg Allman's gutsy vocals make you cry. He whales on the and fine keyboard work, and ATTENTION front Stadium here Friday and Sat- up -beat "Can't Stop Loving You," Dicky urday, July 21 -22, stacks up as fol- Betts' scintillating lead guitar. All Record Distributors and sings "Sweet Caroline," the Butch Trucks and Jai lows: Friday -Ike and Tina Tur- way the lyricist intended. His own Johanny ner, Ray Charles and His Orches- Johanson, on drums provide strong . _ hits, "You're My There's MONEY In B. Breaking Heart" rythmic flow tra, B. King, Les McCann and and "I Have But One Heart," have abetted by Berry Party Records & Tppes the Jimmy Smith Jam Session with dynamic new arrangements. Oakley on bass. Clark Terry, Kenny Burrell, Joe Most of the Allmans' material and we've got -pm Newman, Damone has a certain charisma was from their Roy Haynes, Zoot Simms, which engulfs the audience the mo- two chart Capri- and Illinois Jacquet; Saturday ment he corn albums, "Eat a Peach" and Nina Simone, - steps on stage singing "Live at Fillmore Lou Rawls, the Thad "More Than Yesterday." He is one East," "Stormy Jones -Mel Lewis Orchestra, the Monday," "Statesboro Blues" and of the few singers who can stop "Trouble & Cannonball Adderley Quintet, and and pleasantly talk to a crowd No More" were among Zeb the Giants of Jazz with Thelonious the standouts of the evening. Monk, Dizzy without gasping for breath or DAN Gillespie, Sonny Stitt, showing bad timing in jokes. He BOTTSTEIN Art Blakey, Kai Winding and Al McKibbon. knows how to communicate both The Osmond in speaking and singing. LEE ANTHONY SHOW O(.SÍfl easy Brothers set for the With Richard Palumbi conduct- ci: Ohio State Fair, Columbus, Aug. ing the Jack Orchestra, Fiddlestix, New York 28 -29, with the Heywoods, local Cathcart are back again the Vic Damone Show is well The nine -piece mild -rock group, slated worth any price and should Lee Anthony Show, a little be group with big ambitions, - to accompany the Osmonds on the made mandatory for any aspiring is play date. . . . Belkin Productions singer. LAURA DENI ing its heart out to meagre audi- Funnier than ever, try -urn, you'll like-urn brings Jehro Tull to Cincinnati ences, Wednesdays and Saturdays, Stars of Golf Game, Pool Game, an others Gardens for a May 9 showing. at the Fiddlestix Supper Club on . Promoter W. James Bridges ALLMAN BROTHERS 's Upper East Side. Now recording on their own and good-music station WWEZ Headed by song and dance man, Swamp Root Label team to show off the George Academy of Music, New York Lee Anthony, the group is a com- posite of talented Pressed & Distributed by Shearing Quintet in a single per- The Allman Brothers opened and enthusiastic formance at the Taft Theater their April 14 with performers, working within the RIMROCK Sat- concert "Ain't urday night (29). . . Soul singer Wastin' Time No More," and broad format of blues, soul, pop for full information write: Kenny Smith sports a new single, wasted no time in surging through and rock. Rimrock Records, Concord, Ark. 72523 "Lord, What's Happening to Your a program of compelling tunes Aided by good arrangements, or call AC 501- 668 -3404 People ?," on the General Ameri- which had the sellout crowd in a and the charisma of lead artists, can label. BILL SACHS happy state of euphoria. (Continued on page 54) 42 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com APril

When we introduced our first elease, we said we were somewhat tradition- bound. And, for us at Playboy Rec- ords anyway, what's more traditional than a foldout? So, the theme for our newest release is, naturally, April Foldout. April Foldout is what happens when you cpen our lat- est rnerchandisirg kit. Unfold it, and you'IR find every- thing you should know about our newest artists (includ- ing latest news cn Tim Rose, Hudson, and Jim Sullivan).

Company. Michael Jarrett. Matthew & Peter. Tim Rose. (PB 101; Company. (PB 107) We're All Goin' Down Under The Arch. (PB 105) Hudson. (PB 132) Take some of today's pop Together. (PB 1o4) Matthew and Peter are Jim Sullivan. (PB 103) hits like "Without You," Michae Jarrett has spent street singers, And their Playboy's founding artists. "Just An Old- Fashioned seventeen years on the street happens to be And when you receive your Love Song," and "Sum- road -writing (for tie under and around the April Foldout, you'll see mer of '42." Add a pre- likes of Elvis), and sing- Washington Square Arch just how well they're doing. viously uncut ing, and living. Now, in in Greenwich Village. We've prepared a very gem like "Summer his own first album, he Matthew writes the songs impressive sampling of Ends," set them all in re -lives some of his ex- and plays the guitar. current reviews and air some of the most gor- periences. Here's a Peter plays the flute. play information. And it's geous arrangements fascinating album-the They both sing about all part cf April Foldout. you've ever heard, and culmination of 17 years in their lives as 20th cen- Enjoy you've got Company -a the life of an artist. tury minstrels. t's a group with a glorious unique and very personal new sound. listening experience.

April Foldout. Open up. Look and listen. It's or way of putting you in the center of things.

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Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 4/29/72 Soul Sauce BEST SELLING By JULIAN COLEMAN Soul Singles Lincoln Heights, O., Cincinnati suburb, recently paid tribute to black poet Nikki Giovanni by proclaiming April 14, "Nikki Gio- * STAR Performer -LP's registering greatest proportionate upward progress this week. vanni Day." day was marked with a motorcade and ceremony This Last TITLE -Artist, Label & Number Weeks on This Last TITLE -Artist, Label & Number Weeks on The Week Week (Dist. Label) (Publisher, Licensee) Chart Week Week (Dist. Label) (Publisher, Licensee) Chart where Miss Giovanni received an honorary Doctor of Humanities 1 1 DAY DREAMING 7 - WOMAN'S GOTTA HAVE IT 1 degree from Wilberforce University. . . . Walter Hawkins, former , Atlantic 2866 , United Artists 50902 lead with Edwin Hawkins Singers, has inked with Fantasy. (Pundit, BMI) (Unart/Tracebob, BMI) with 2 3 LOOK WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ME 5 27 27 IF THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL LOVE B.B. King, has signed for an exclusive long -term contract Al Greene, Hit 2211 (London) (Jec, BMI) (I Don't Want No Part Of It) 3 Persuaders, Win Or Lose, 222 (Atco) the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel. King, a very important factor in the 7 TAKE YOU THERE I'LL 5 (Cotillion /Win Or Lose, BMI) rock music scene, is scheduled to appear at the Hilton Casino Staple Singers, Stan 0125 (East /Memphis, BMI) - LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE 1 on 17th for two -week gig. . . . Is Abner getting Jackson 5, Motown 1199 (Recordo, BMI) Lounge May a Q10 OH GIRL 4 back in the grooves? Chi -Lites, Brunswick 55471 29 31 ENNY- MENNY- MINY -MO 4 (Julio- Brian, BMI) 8th Day, Invictus 9117 (Capitol) (Gold The Magnificent Montague, who's worked from coast to coast 5 2 IN THE RAIN 10 Forever, BMI) Dramatics, Volt 4075 (Groovesville, BMI) as a soul jock since 1957, is airing nightly midnight to 4 AM on 34 IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU 3 11 FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE 5 Donnie Elbert, All Platinum 2333 XEMO, 150,000 watts station in Tiajuana, Mex. Roberta Flack, Atlantic 2864 (Storm King, (Multimood, BMI) BMI) on tour with Redd Foxx 31 29 DARLING BABY 8 Warner Brother's Stovall Sisters 7 4 ROCKIN' ROBIN 7 Jackie Moore, Atlantic 2861 (Jobete, BMI) April 29 thru mid -July. At the end of each show, they will be , Motown 1197 (Recordo, BMI) "Bring It All Together," which should be 32 33 I BEEN LONELY FOR SO LONG 3 doing a number called 8 9 ASK ME WHAT YOU WANT 7 Frederick Knight, Stax 0117 (East /Memphis/ hitting NBC television's Sanford & Son Show soon. Redd plays the Millie Jackson, Spring 123 (Polydor) Lowery, BMI) (Will -Du /Bill -Lee /Gaucho /Belinda, BMI) role Les Anderson at Warner Brother's will provide 33 36 FREE YOUR MIND 3 of Sanford. 9 5 HEARSAY 9 Politicians, Hot Wax 7114 (Buddah) (Gold the itinerary soon. Soul Children, Stax 0119 (East /Memphis, Forever, BMI) BMI) 39 STOP THIS MERRY -GO -ROUND 4 In the 15 issue of Soul Sauce we stated that Artco 10 8 BETCHA BY April GOLLY, WOW 9 Bill Brandon, Moonsong 9001 (Mercury) a Stylistics, featuring Russell Thompkins Jr., (Moonsong, BMI) Productions in Hollywood had completed auditioning for television Avco 4591 (Bellboy /Assorted, BMI) series, "Funky Five," based on the career of the Jackson 5. How- 11 6 LAY AWAY 8 35 30 BREAKING UP SOMEBODY'S HOME 7 Ann Peebles, Hi 2205 (London) the Jackson Five or any Isley Brothers, T -Neck 934 (Buddah) ever, it is not based on the life of (Triple Three, BMI) (South Memphis, BMI) Funky Five is an all new group out LET'S STAY TOGETHER other established group. The 12 12 I HAD IT ALL THE TIME 9 36 38 4 to earn a reputation of their own merit. Tyrone Davis, Dakar 4501 (Brunswick) Isaac Hayes, Enterprise 9045 (Julio /Brian, BMI) (Sfax /Volt) (Joe, BMI) In a move to increase its involvement in soul music, NARAS 18 WALKING IN THE RAIN WITH THE 48 GOT TO FIND MY BABY 4 Cream has elected RCA's Buzz Willis national promotion director of R &B ONE I LOVE 6 James Gadson, 1014 (Bennett Love Unlimited, Uni 55319 (MCA) Ents.) (Butter /Pip, BMI) products to its governing board. (January /Sa- Vette, BMI) 44 YOU AND I 3 14 15 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH Black Ivory, Today 1005 (Perception) BITS AND PIECES: THE NIGHT 6 (Patrick Bradley, BMI) A -Go -Go Gladys Knight & the Pips, Soul 35094 's five -day stand at Hollywood's Whisky- (Motown) (Combine, BMI) 39 40 HOT THANG 3 Eddie Senay, Suusex 230 (Buddah) (Interior/ was recorded for a live album to be released soon on Ode Records. 15 17 WALK IN THE NIGHT 4 Sorn, BMI) at the Fox Jr. Walker & the All Stars, Soul 35095 Speaking of live recordings, 's concert (Motown) (Jobete, ASCAP) 45 HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED IS 5 Esther Phillips, Kudu 904 (CTI) (Thiele West Coast Theatre, Long Beach, will also go in for an album 16 '13 POOL OF BAD LUCK 5 Ltd., ASCAP) pressing. Main Ingredient's latest album on RCA should be a mon- Joe Simon, Spring 124 (Polydor) (Assorted, BMI) 49 THIS LOVE'S FOR REAL 2 ster with cuts like: "Everybody Plays the Fool" and "Traveling." 17 16 TAKE A LOOK AROUND 9 Impressions, Curtom 1970 (Buddah) Temptations, Gordy 7115 (Motown) (Tosci, ASCAP) . . . & will at Roberta Flack Donny Hathaway appear together ( Jobete, BMI) SMILIN' 1 . . . - UCLA's Pauley Pavilion, Westwood, Calif., May 6. Belated 21 MY HONEY & ME 6 Sly & the Family Stone, Epic 5 -10850 congratulations to the Isaac (Black Moses) Hayes for his dual Emotions, Volt 4077 (Klondike, BMI) (CBS) (Stone Flower, BMI) 19 14 I GOTCHA 15 ANGEL OF MERCY 1 Academy Awards. . . . Be aware of two new Merc singles by Joe Tex, Dial 1010 (Mercury) - Albert King, Stax 0121 (East /Memphis, BMI) Jerry Butler and Melba Moore! (Tree, BMI) 20 22 DOING MY OWN THING 3 - LEAN ON ME 1 Johnny Taylor, Stax 0122 Bill Withers, Sussex 235 (Buddah) NEW & ACTION LP'S: (Conquistador, ASCAP) (Interior, 8Ml) Roberta Flack, "First Take" (Atlantic); Jimf- Hendrix, "In the West" 21 23 EVERYTHING GOOD IS BAD, 45 47 'UMH SONG 2 EVERYTHING BAD IS GOOD 7 New Birth, RCA 74 -0657 (Rutri, BMI) (Reprise), Esther Phillips, 'From a Whisper to a Scream" (Kudu); 100 Proof (Aged In Soul), Hot Wax 7202 (Last Night) I DIDN'T GET TO Stevie Wonder "Music of My Mind" (Tamla); Joe Tex, "I Gotcha" ( Buddah) (Gold Forever, BMI) - 35 IF YOU LOVE ME LIKE YOU SAY 4 SLEEP AT ALL 1 (Dial); Jimmy Castor Bunch, "It's Just Begun" (RCA); CM- Lites, Betty Wright, Alston 4609 (Atlantic) Fifth Dimension, Bell 45-195 (January, BMI) "A Lonely Man" (Brunswick); Billy Preston, "I Wrote a Simple (Sherlyn, BMI) - BODY & SOUL 1 37 LOVE'S STREET AND FOOL'S ROAD 5 Soul Generation, Ebony Sounds 175 Ingredient, (Posner BMI) Song" (A &M); Soul Children, "Genesis" (Stax); Main , MGM 14353 (Kid's Music, /Micro -Mini, "Bitter /Sweet" (RCA); Rufus Thomas, "Did You Heard Me" (Stax); BMI) 48 50 A MILLION TO ONE 2 42 JUST AS LONG AS YOU NEED ME , De -Luxe 8459 (Starday /King) Chairmen of The Board, "Bittersweet" (Invictus); Ray Charles, (Razzie Dazzle, BMI) (Part 1) 3 BRING IT HOME (And Give It To Me) .1 "Message From the People" (ABC); Calvin Scott, "I'm Not Blind . . . Independents, Wand 11245 (Scepter) - (Butler, ASCAP) Hot Sauce, Volt 4076 (Perk's Music /Su -Ma, I Just Can't See" (Stax); Change Of Pace, "Bring My Buddies Back" BHI) 25 26 LITTLE GHETTO BOY 6 (Stonelady); Gladys Knight & the Pips, "Standing Ovation" (Soul). Donny Hathaway, Atco 6880 (Kuumba, - YOU AND I 1 ASCAP) Tony & Carol, Roulette 7123 (Jamf, BMI) SOUL SAUCE 'PICKS & PLAYS: Staple Singers, "I'll Take You There" (Stax); one of the fastest moving records this year and No. 1 in many markets.... Chi -Lites, "Oh Girl" (Brunswick); No. 1 at WMBM, Miami. . . . Roberta Flack, "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Atlantic); record that Letters to the Editor broke first pop . . . now a soul giant. How's that for a switch ? ?? Love Unlimited "Walking In the Rain With the One I Continued from page 34 process of buying. And KLOK did of the year for KVIC. Dave Jag- Love" (Uni); Emotions, "My Honey & Me" (Volt); Betty Wright, indeed sweep the market - and ger our night man, finally got fed "If You Love Me Like You Say" (Alston); Solomon Burke, "Love's has done a remarkable job with has been a formidable competitor up with the teeny -boppers (namely KLOK, and I am delighted that, Donny Osmond fans) calling up "Just as Long as ever since, especially because of Street and Fool's Road" (MGM); Independents, at long last, somebody has credited its great strength in San Francisco. when he was trying to play heavy You Need Me" (Wand); Bobby Womack, "Woman's Gotta Have It" him with the formula which so But, in Santa Clara County, at music. Dave suggested a once -and- to (UA); Jackson 5, "Little Bitty Pretty One" (Motown); Donnie Elbert, many stations are now trying least, KLOK has not always had for -all Donny Osmond face off. imitate. its own way. The recently-an- By means of petition, KVIC would I (All Bill Brandon, "Stop This "If Can't Have You" Platinum); Because of this admiration for nounced Oct. -Feb. Pulse, for ex- lay it on the line . to play or Merry -Go- Round" (Moonsong); Pick -WWRL, NY. . . . James Bill, I hesitate to correct the im- ample, gives KLOK the following not to play Osmond's music with 4. afternoon man Phil Robbins tak- Gadson, "Got to Find My Baby" (Cream); Black Ivory, "You and plication of a statement in the daypart shares: 17, 8, 6 and It Weaver story, but I know that gives KLIV 7, 11, 10 and 13. ing the Osmond side. I" (Today); Impressions, "This Love's for Real" (Curtom); Sly and both you and he will understand Robert S. Kieve In the next seven days the sta- the Family Stone, "Smilin" (Epic); Albert King, "Angel of Mercy" my compulsion to do so. The story General Manager tion was deluged with calls and numbers of letters. One Fifth Dimension, "(Last says: "Actually, a rocker had the KLIV countless (Stax); Bill Withers, "Lean on Me" (Sussex); San Jose market wrapped up until San Jose, Calif. school actually set up a petition - Night) I Didn't Get to Sleep at All" (Bell); Soul Generation, "Body KLOK changed to the Weaver signing period so the s i g n i n g Dear Editor: disrupt classes. & Soul" (Ebony Sounds); Tony & Carol, "You & I" (Roulette); format and Weaver swept the mar- would not ket in a couple of months." It started as a joke but mush- When the final vote did come, Hot Sauce, "Bring It Home" (Volt).... Richard Pegue at WVON, The rocker was KLIV, a sta- roomed into one of the biggest Donny Osmond prevailed by a Chicago, reads Soul Sauce. Do you. tion which we were then in the audience participation promotions (Continued on page 45) 44 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Soul

Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 4/29/72 Vox Jox BEST SELLING Continued from page 35 it was a fib about him being forced to drink up that Bud him- Kevin, working as an air person- self. Jim Long, general manager SouI LP's ality, a number of people have of TM Productions, promised me commented about their surprise a six pack of Lone Star during STAR LP's registering greatest proportionate upward progress this week. at my being that old, so I think the NAB convention a week ago, * Performer I should clear it up by letting you but when I went to the TM suite know that Kevin is the only six - it, West had drunk it This Last TITLE Artist, Label & Number Weeks on This Last TITLE Artist, Label & Number Weeks on to get Jim Label) Chart year -old jock in America. Actual- all up or something. Maybe West Week Week (Dist. Label) Chart Week Week (Dist. ly, Kevin is 17 and a senior in are con- and the Great Weenie 1 1 LET'S STAY TOGETHER 11 26 28 IN THE BEGINNING 6 high school in City. spiring against me. AI Green, Hi SHL 32070 (London) Isaac Hayes, Atlantic SO 1599 He's about to celebrate first anni- * * * versary at WKY, after working at Dave Hall, program director, 2 2 YOUNG, GIFTED & BLACK 11 - IT'S JUST BEGUN 1 KWHP -FM for six months prior WTFS, Texarkana, Tex., writes: Aretha Franklin, Atlantic SD 7213 Jimmy Castor Bunch, RCA LSP 4640 to that. It's good to acknowledge let it be said that Elvis "Never 4 28 26 WHAT'S GOING ON 46 these young men beginning in is still King. As part of 3 9 FIRST TAKE not the Roberta Flack, Atlantic SD 8230 , Tamla TS 310 (Motown) broadcasting, but I think it also our 25th anniversary celebration, very important to congratulate the we designated Easter Sunday as men who have the guts to hire 4 3 STYLISTICS 22 45 DON'T TURN AROUND 7 Sunday as Day. We Avco AV 33023 Black Ivory, Today TLP 1005 (Perception) young men to good stations. dug out all our albums and singles Though I've never met or even and played nothing but Elvis music 5 4 SOLID ROCK 14 - A LONELY MAN 1 with Danny Williams, he Chi -Lites, BL 754179 talked all day, letting listeners call in and Temptations, Gordy G 961 L (Motown) Brunswick should be saluted for putting his request their favorites. The re- ratings on the line and investing sponse was fantastic." Lineup at 6 6 BEALTITUDE /RESPECT YOURSELF .... 7 31 25 COMMUNICATION 24 in the future of our business by WTFS now includes Lee Wallis, Staple Singers, Sfax STS 3002 Bobby Womack, United Artists UAS 5539 hiring and training young men. Jim Reed, Glen Martin, Warren Kevin is not the first young fellow Cullom, Mike Downs, and Jim 7 DONNY HATHAWAY LIVE 8 32 34 REVOLUTION OF THE MIND/ Atco SD 33 -386 RECORDED LIVE AT THE APOLLO ....19 Danny has trained. With more Nicholas.... Bob (Bob Lafferty) guys like Williams, our industry , Polydor PD 3003 Karr is the new program director 8 5 WHATCHA SEE IS WHATCHA GET. ..16 should be in better hands tomor- and afternoon man at KFEQ, St. who once Dramatics, Volt VOS 6018 38 I WROTE A SIMPLE SONG 3 row." And Terrell, Joseph, Mo. Don Gill, previous Billy Preston, A &M S8 3507 on the air as Mitch worked program director, has moved to 9 8 GOT TO BE THERE 13 letter: Kevin Michael, signed his KLIN in Lincoln, Neb. At the Michael Jackson, Motown M 747 L 34 33 MOODY, JR. 15 Michael's father. same time, Bill Foster has re- Jr. Walker & the All Stars, Soul S 733 L (Motown) * * * joined the station in the morning 10 10 ALL DAY MUSIC 23 Larry Belter, WUBE program slot and Tom Range does the War, United Artists UAS 5546 "April 35 24 STREET CORNER SYMPHONY 12 director, Cincinnati, writes: evening work. KFEQ programs Persuasions, Capitol ST 872 11 13 MALO 9 1 was our third anniversary of an MOR- country mix. . . . Jon Warner Bros. WS 2584 playing country music and we hit Holiday, program director of 36 31 SANTANA 30 Big it with a Oldie Weekend, KIRO, , urgently needs 16 IN THE WEST 7 Columbia KC 30595 playing all oldies for 48 hours. oldies from all labels. Jimi Hendrix, Reprise MS 2049 Audience response was tremendous * * * 37 30 BLACK MAGIC 5 Reeves & the Vandellas, Gordy and local record shops report 13 12 BLACK MOSES 20 Martha KJOY, Stockton, Calif., is look- G 958 L (Motown) strong sales on old records. Our ing for a first ticket production Isaac Hayes, Enterprise ENS 2-5003 now is myself 5 -9 a.m., (Stax /Volt) lineup man able to work swing shifts. 38 29 RARE EARTH IN CONCERT 11 9 Paul O'Brian Jack Reno -noon, Airchecks to program director Rare Earth R 523 D (Motown) noon -3 p.m., John R.W. Wallin 14 14 STANDING OVATION 15 Don Hofmann. . . Bill Cranney, Gladys Knight & the Pips, Soul S 736 L 3 -7 p.m., Lee Warren 7-midnight, program director WHUC, Hudson, (Motown) 39 36 GENESIS 4 and Dave Scott midnight-5 a.m. N.Y. 12534, writes that the station Soul Children, Stax STS 3003 Dave Bunce handles separate was hit by fire and the entire 15 17 QUIET FIRE 21 country music programming on music library went up in smoke. Roberta Flack, Atlantic SD 1594 40 42 LOVE UNLIMITED 2 WUBE-FM 7- midnight." He needs records desperately for Uni 73131 (MCA) * * * Top 40 format. 20 FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM ....10 the station's Esther Philips, Kudu KU 05 (CTI) 41 41 2 Rick Newell is leaving KOOW WGNY in Newburgh, N.Y., loaned Nite -Liters, RCA LSP 4580 in Alliance, Neb., to join KISD the station its remote van and 21 MUSIC OF MY MIND 5 MYSELF 3 in Sioux Falls, S.D., as mid -day WHUC was back on the air in Stevie Wonder, Tamla T 314 L (Motown) 42 44 .GOIN' FOR Dennis Coffey, Sussex SXBS 7010 (Buddah) man. . Bill Bailey writes that just a bit more than eight hours "the rejects from the armed forces 18 18 LA. MIDNIGHT 9 on the only 250 -watt transmitter B.B. King, ABC ABCX 743 43 39 CRUSADERS 1 7 are taking the San Angelo market not destroyed. Blue Thumb BTS 6601 (Famous) by ground assault." Lineup at * * * 19 19 INNER CITY BLUES 20 KPEP, 1,000 -watt daytime country Adair reports in from Grover Washington Jr., Kudu KU 03 (CTI) 44 37 YOU WANT IT, YOU GOT IT 6 Frank Detroit Emeralds, Westbound WB 2013 station, includes Johnny Jay 6 -10 KADI -FM, St. Louis; he'd been (Chess /Janus) a.m., program director Jim Weath- The 20 15 JACKSON 5's GREATEST HITS 17 at WKIC, Charleston, Ill.... Motown M 741 L erford until 12:30 p.m., Bailey un- lineup at WAEB, Allentown, Pa., 45 49 BEST OF FREDA PAYNE 4 til 3:30, and Don Norman until includes program -music director 21 23 PAIN 11 Invictus ST 9804 (Capitol) signoff. Ron Perry and Jerry Gene Werley 6 -10 a.m., B.L. Travis Ohio Players, Westbound WB 2015 (Chess /Janus) 46 46 AL GREEN GETS NEXT TO YOU 32 Magee do weekends. Bailey and until 2 p.m., Joe McLaine 2 -6 p.m., Hi SHL 32062 (London) Jay were in the service together. and Jeff Frank 6- midnight. Sta- 22 11 DROWNING IN THE SEA OF LOVE .... 6 3 And, as for the military takeover, tion scored a 33 in the Oct. /Jan. Joe Simon, Spring SPR 5702 ( Polydor) 47 47 INDIVIDUALLY & COLLECTIVELY not only have Jay and Bailey Pulse from 6 -10 a.m., a 36 from 5th Dimension, Bell 6073 assaulted the market, but "retired 10 a.m.-3 p.m., 38 from 3 -7 p.m., - I GOTCHA 1 Joe Tex, Dial DL 6002 (Mercury) 48 48 WILD HORSES /ROCK STEADY 2 Major R. Don Masters is in the and 40 from 7- midnight. Nobody Johnny Hammond, Kudu KU 04 (CTI) news department at KCTV -TV else was very close. . Roger 24 22 SHAFT 38 (Masters once told Jay and Bailey Wiggs is getting married and Soundtrack /Isaac Hayes, Enterprise /MGM 49 50 LOVE STORY 2 what to do), but Maury Voity of would you believe that the WYNA, ENS 2 -5002 (Stax -Volt) Whispers, Janus JIS 3041 KWLW -FM news and John Mit- Raleigh, N.C. personality is 25 27 THERE'S A RIOT GOIN' ON 24 50 35 THIN LINE BETWEEN LOVE AND HATE 6 chell of KTEO news are both mil- marrying a girl named Linda Sly & the Family Stone, Epic. KS 30986 Persuaders, Win Or Lose SD 33 -387 itary men from nearby Goodfellow Biggs. That's too much, Roger. (CBS) (Atlantic) Air Force Base." . . . Lloyd Flaum, part-time per- * * * sonality at WOUR-FM, Utica, David Christian, 616- 454 -1415, N.Y., seeks full -time work in pro- three years of experience in Top gressive rock or Top 40. . . . 40 and MOR, seeks new position. Benjamin L. Hooks, a 47 -year- A note from Bob Brite, KICK, old Memphis attorney has been Springfield, Mo.: "I think it is named as the newest commissioner -Fo absolutely inane the way some of the Federal Communications Letters What's Happening jocks are falling over themselves Commission. It's great to see a to find out so many details Black on the commission, but I about the notebook Charlie would have much preferred a Continued from page 36 Tuna uses to prepare his com- radio man, black or white. The Editor ments. All I personally want to * * * lanche. . WDUB, Denison Univ., Granville, Mark Moormann o page 44 find out was: Five holes or three? Dale P. Zahn, 312 -748 -4534, Continued from reporting: "Sittin' In," (LP), Kenny Loggins with Jim Messina, Now, if only Gary Owens would seeks work in any format. Was four -to- one -margin. Those for Columbia. . Missouri- KCLC -FM, Lindenwood Colleges, St. breathe into a baggie and mail morning man at WJOB, Ham- Donny numb e r e d 4,446 and Charles, Chuck Lackner reporting: "Backwoods Woman," (LP), it to me, I could open it up in the mond, Ind. Married, 22 years old. against 1,193, a total of 5,639. Dianne Davidson, Janus.... KRC, Rockhurst College, Kansas City, middle of Studio A some morning Lineup at WOBM -FM, Toms The numbers may sound small to Pete Modica repoprting: "Life and Breath," Climax, Rocky Road. to see what would happen " River, N.J., includes music direc- some larger markets but when you Seeley re- The Electric Weenie, a humor tor Dick Gunton, Greg Koziar, consider that almost 6,000 persons . . . Iowa- K'DIC -FM, Grinnell College, Grinnell, John sheet, is celebrating its second an- Rich McDonough, Steve Paul, and responded in a market of 50,000 porting: " /David Crosby," (LP), Graham Nash /DaVid niversary "for only the smaller all -night man Fred Simmonds... . in one week, the picture changes a Crosby, Atlantic. stations with low budgets" and A survey by Record Source Inter- bit. is offering a six -month get- national found that 13.5 percent The current lineup is Rick Ste- EAST -Massachusetts -WERS -FM, Emerson College, Boston, acquainted deal. Write The Electric of the stations reporting were vens, I pull the 9 -1 p.m. bit fol- Alan Dorfman reporting: "Nashville Sneakers," (LP cut, Rockin'), Weenie, 970 E. Dayton Circle, broadcasting at least some of the lowed by Phil Robbins until 6 Guess Who, RCA. . . . WRBB -FM, Northeastern Univ., Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33312. The time in quadrasonic sound. Has and then Dave Jagger until mid- Donna Hochheiser reporting: `," (LP), Bobby Whit- Great Weenie himself said to be one of systems, that night. lock, ABC /Dunhill. . . . WCSB, Grahm Jr. College, Boston, Ro "We called your hotel when you of course, but that's a very inter- Incidentally, the NAB section reporting: "Where There's A Will, There's A Way," Delaney were here in Miami figure. If the Guelpa for the NARM esting FCC ever ap- was out of sight and must reading St. Anselm's College, convention, but couldn't get you. proves discrete quadrasonic broad- for all markets. & Bonnie, Atco.... New Hampshire -WASC, Had a six pack of Bud which I casting, you can expect the per- Doug McMay Manchester: "1200 Hamburgers to Go," (LP), Imus in the Morning, was forced to drink myself." centage to zoom higher. Program Director RCA. . . . WCAC, New Hampshire College, Manchester: "The Knowing the Great Weenie, I think (Continued on page 46) KVIC, Victoria, Tex. (Continued on page 54) APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 45

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Send 35e for 2,000 -listing catalog. (601) 5/6 challenging interesting job with 728 16th Ave. S. Greensboro, N. C. 27401. money of secondary importance. Will- Mail orders filled. Record Center, 1895 ing to locate anywhere in the good Nashville, Tenn. 37203 W. 25th St., Cleveland, Ohio 44113. (216) (Registration fee is for old U.S.A. If you need a dedicated Call: Nashville (615) 244-4064 241 -0107. ap29 filing, handling and evaluation.) hard working individual who really ap22 loves radio I'm the man for the job. tfn Hi there! I'm looking for a better Resume and Air Check (Not phony radio job. One that a person can have audition tape) available upon request. We Will Not the feeling of being a pro. 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College, majored in journal- with a thru F over high quality lines. area. Good schools, shopping, 4 bed- ism. I have good deep resonant voice. first -class F.C.C. license . 168 Grant St., Buffalo, N.Y. 14213 baths, den, office rec. room. I know music, LOVE answering this ad may be one of JIM HOLT ENTERPRISES my6 rooms, 31 COUNTRY MU- the best moves you've ever made. AUDITION Richly planted. Privacy. Call: (212) 246- SIC. I WANT TO BE A PRO. Give me SHOWCASE 7769 week days; (914) 762.2782 evenings, a chance, I will produce. Are you in Sale of our Top 10, nl rated station, 6777 Hollywood Blvd. forces me to look for a position with Hollywood, Calif. 90028 weekends. Box SS, c/o Billboard, 165 W. medium to large market? In the Ky., 46th St., N.Y.C. 10036. tfh Tenn., or Ala., area? Let me know more stability. I'm not a drifter, but (213) HO 9 -3721 eow 30,000 POP, ROCK, OLD, RECENT JUKE - who you are. All other areas I will looking for security with a challenge. box records, assorted famous artists. consider. I can do announcing, sales A former number -one -rated jock, Reasonable offer. Phone: (212) 647 -9425. and fill in on almost anything. Sen' now an award -winning drive -time Box 6007, c/o Billboard, 165 W. 46th St.. your needs to Box 490, Radio -TV Job news editor with a well -known major "DIRECTORY OF ENTERTAINERS AND New York, N.Y. 10036. ap29 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Mart, Billboard, 165 W. 46th Street. station. A take -charge, seasoned Talent Promoters "-$1.00. "Directory of New York, N.Y. 10036 or phone 308- broadcasting pro, with over 15 years Music Lovers "-$1.00. Send to Leonard 345 -3776. 5 experience, I have served as news Austin's Promotions, 202 Walnut, DeSoto, SOUTHWEST: RECORD SHOP, ESTAB- director, program director, on cam- Iowa 50069. tfn lished 1964. Downtown prime location. era newsman talk show host, music High volume, repeat business. Exclusive director, and production manager. catalog- coupon motivation. Specializing: Married . . Air Force veteran . prefer the south and western COMEDY MATERIAL Oldies 45's, Million Sellers Musical Ac- 2 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN HEAVY cessories. $25,000. Star Discos- Records, , but willing to relocate HELP WANTED Box 1055, El Paso, Texas 79946. (915) 533- TOP-40 AM LIVE SHOW AND SEMI - anywhere in the nation or Canada, PROG AUTOMATED FM. Recent for the right opportunity. A mature, 7508. my6 work in advertising co., writing and authoritative voice and delivery, and EXPERIENCED MAN WANTED. AGE producing commercials. Good in pro- can aggressively seek out news. If 25-45. Able to read Schematics. Late DJ COMEDY COURSE duction and music. Excellent recom. you're looking for more than just equipment, jukeboxes, of mendations. Want to get back on adequacy check this ad first. shuffle alleys, Learn the BIG SECRET being WANTED the air. Age 21. etc. Raney Music 528 North Carver, funny. Listener's TWO WORLDS. SITUATIONS Jeff Prentice, 118 Box 489, Radio -TV Job Mart, Bill- Greensburg, Ind. 47240. my13 KEY IMAGE. The TEN N. Adams St., Akron, Ohio 44304. board, 165 West 46th Street, New Important Phone 376 Weapons of humor much more! -2861. 5/6 York, N.Y. 10036. 4/29 $13.95 U.S. MONEYBACK- GUARAN- LYRICIST WITH PUBLISHER CON - TEE! No COD. Overseas add $3 for tacts seeking music writer to collabo- airmail. Calif residence 5% tax. De- AVAILABLE! rate, 50 -50 basis. A. L. Riley, 1302 South NAL PO Box 2616 Dept. B-1, Dublin, Florence Place, Tulsa, Okla. 74104. ap29 my6 LAW STUDENT (in upper part of Calif. 94566. class) with outstanding background as composer, singer and organist, POSITIONS OPEN Outside sales for large wholesale dis- available summer 1972 leading to per- tributor of prerecorded tapes and acces- manent connection with law firm or sories. New York, territory. "FREE" CATALOG . EVERYTHING entertainment oriented corporation. Excellent opportunity for right man. for the Deejay! Comedy, books, air - Possesses deep sensitivity, communi- Major market talent being sought by Salary plus commission plus expenses. checks, wild tracks, old radio shows, cation with creative people. Unlim- major station in the most dynamic Experience essential or do not apply. FCC tests, and more! Write: Command, ited contacts with venture capital Vox Jox area in the U.S. First priority goes to Call (212) 336 -4888. my6 Box 26348 -B, San Francisco 94126. tfn groups. Wall Street underwriters. filling a 7 to mid slot with an expe- Good understanding of franchising - rienced and dedicated "communi- licensing. Availability of marketing, cator" personality. Professional pro- NEW COMEDY! 11,000 RIOTOUS CLAS- business contacts in cities thruout duction is vital, musical knowledge sified gag lines, $10. Unconditionally U.S. -Europe. Has many, many things Continued from page 45 important and a 1st ticket a must. guaranteed. Comedy catalog free. Orrin to offer the right employer. Salary Work a 4d -hour week and enjoy liv- RECORD MFG. SERVICES, Edmund, Mariposa, Calif. 95338. je24 requirement $25,000 on average basis. ing and playing in America's vaca- An appointment will be mutually ad- WYNA, country music station, tion Mecca. The market is Orlando, SUPPLIES & EQUIPMENT vantageous. Highest references. Raleigh, N.C., was seeking an an- Fla., and the station is WLOF . . . a super-plant with super -staff work- Write MEM c/o Box 6008 Billboard, nouncer- salesman. Talk to pro- ing for super -bread. This position 165 West 46th St., New York, N.Y. gram director Rich Rein. . . will remain open for as long as i RECORD PRESSING PRICES 10036. ap29 takes to locate our man, so pleas- Dan 12" FOR SALE Dworkin, program director of . . . no phone calls. , Send all first 7" WSLT, Ocean package; all material returned. Jerry Qty. 45 RPM 33 1 3 RPM City, N.J., writes Thompson, P.D., WLOF. P.O. Box 100 $ 80.00 $115.00 that he has started airing the new 15746, Orlando, Fla. 32808. An equal 300 95.00 186.00 Jerry Blavat syndicated radio show. opportunity employer. 4/29 SCHOOLS & 1000 145.00 375.00 ATTENTION: MUSIC BUYERS Show, starting out on Saturdays Write for special prices on quantities INSTRUCTIONS only, will go five nights in May. of over 1000. Prices include: master- LP Records, Major Labels, promo- HIRING: Announcer and clown to ing 2 color label and plain sleeve. tionally priced -write or call for I didn't even know Blavat was Orders shipped within 10 days if free catalog. F.C.C. 1ST CLASS LICENSE IN 5 travel throughout Mid -east U.S. with weeks. R.E.I. will train you. For more now into syndication. Regular Thrill Show. Send pictures, salary accompanied by certified check or A A Sound Distributors, Inc. air and background to VARIETY AT- money order with the exception of information call toll free: 1.800-237 -2251. personalities on WSLT includes TRACTIONS, INC., P.O. Box 2276, custom designed jackets or special P. O. Box 571 Yd.. approved. tan Larry Keene, Phil Sheridan, Zanesville, Ohio 43701. 5/20 custom designs. Information on re- Pennsauken, N.J. 08110 quest for custom jacket design, pro- (609) 663 -2902 ap29 Dworkin, and Tony Blum. . . . motion and national distribution. TERMS: 50% deposit, balance C.O.D. "Wanted- Production man with good ONEIDA VIDEO -AUDIO voice and creative production and TAPE CASSETTE CORP. copy ability,. We're number one and 760 Blandina St., Utica N.Y. 13501 Coburt Syndicates looking for a number one man. All Telephone (315) 735 -6187 FOR SALE company benefits. Contact Perry St. tfn Continued from page 33 John, KSO, Des Moines. Phone: 515- 6 x 9 SPEAKER GRILLS CLASSIFIED 265- 4251." 4/29 ing into the music field today are Chrome Red Black Blue like as not to have a college degree DISTRIBUTING SERVICES ADVERTISING in music and be well- versed in We're looking for an announcer, Gray Green strong on production. Prefer some- White Gold music history. That was not the one from N.C., Va., or Tenn. Contact ATTENTION, RECORD OUTLETS. WE case even as early as 10 years ago." Russ Barrett, at 919- 537.4184. 5/6 have the largest selection of 45 rpm 12 - 25 @ $0.95 each DOESN'T oldies and goodies at 250, each, also 25 - 100 @ $0.90 each And, as a man responsible for the major label LP listings at promotional 100 - @ each sale of roughly 13 million albums prices. Send for free listings. All orders 500 $0.85 Alaska's largest market; five station, welcome. Apex Rendezvous, Inc., 1135 500 or over $0.80 each over the past 10 years for RCA, competitive. 50,000 watts with good W. Elizabeth Ave., Linden, N.J. 07036. Terms: FOB your store on Prepaid COST, Mancini should know. His records all country format wants experienced tfn orders; otherwise shipped COD. professional ONLY with solid voice, are produced through Mancini En- proven production, first phone. Per- WHILE OTHER PEOPLE ARE RAISING ATLANTEX SALES CO. terprises and his two major pub- manent! $1,000.00 or more; depends their prices, we are lowering ours. Major P.O. Box 475 IT PAYS, on you. Plus medical. Company ex- label LP's are low as $1.00. Your choice. lishing firms, in partnership with panding. Tape, resume, photo, refer- Write for free listings. Scorpio Music Atlanta, Texas 75551 ences. Fleming, KYAK, 2800 E. Dow- Distributors, 6612 Limekiln Pike, Phila- my20 Larry Shayne, are Northridge ling Rd., Anchorage, AK 99507. 5/6 delphia, Pa. 19138. Dealers only, tfn Music and Southdale Music. 46 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com Classical Music

British Decca, Orchestra Ink DGG Records Disk Pact on Messiaen Work Listening NEW YORK The executive May 3. The also - contract calls for Gala for Bing These are best sell ng middle -of- the-road singles compiled from committee of the National Sym- the recording of Tchaikovsky's national retail sales nd radio station air play listed in rank order. phony Orchestra Association has "Symphony No. 4." NEW YORK -Deutsche Gram - approved a contract with Decca These recordings, both to be ,,, ::, ..,.. mophon has recorded the Metro- a Records of London to make the conducted by Antal Dorati, will . world premiere recording of be released politan Opera Gala for Sir Rudolf " (Dist. Label) (Pub., Lic.) ; Oli- under the London label 3 3 0 vier Messiaen's "La Transfiguration in the U.S. and worldwide under Bing, which was held on Saturday de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ" the Decca label. Final contractual (22) at Lincoln Center. The gala 1 1 1 FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE 8 at the end of the current regular terms between Decca and the As- honored Bing for his 22 years with Roberta Flack, Atlantic 2863 season. Recording sessions will be sociation have yet to be deter- (Storm King, BMI) scheduled between April 28 and mined. the Metropolitan, from which he is 2 6 9 VINCENT 6 retiring as general manager. Don McLean, United Artists 50887 (May Deutsche Grammophon recorded 4 12 14 ght) IhDIDN T GET TO SLEEP AT ALL 5 the video soundtrack for a CBS 5th Dimension, Bell 45 -195 (January, BMI) Television Network program, 5 10 15 MORNING HAS BROKEN 4 which will air excerpts of the gala , A &M 1335 (Irving, BMI) on Sunday (30). The label will 7 7 11 CANDY MAN 9 release an album of the event on Sammy Davis Jr., MGM 14320 (Taradam, BMI) May 15. 18 33 - ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE SCHOOLYARD 3 Such artists as Joan Sutherland, Paul Simon, Columbia 4 -45585 (Charing Cross, BMI) Anna Moffo, Montssaret Caballe, 13 26 33 LOVE THEME FROM "" Robert Merrill, Leontyne Price, (Speak Softly Love) 4 Andy Williams, Columbia 4 -45579 Renata Tebaldi and Franco Corelli (Famous, ASCAP) attended. 3 3 3 A HORSE WITH NO NAME 8 America, Warner Bros. 7555 (Warner Bros., ASCAP) 10 11 12 BETCHA BY GOLLY, WOW 7 Stylistics, featuring Russell Thompkins, Jr., Avco 4591 (Bellboy /Assorted, BMI) Stentor Label 9 9 10 SUAVECITO 7 Malo, Warner Bros. 7559 (Centerbury, BMI) 6 4 4 A COWBOY'S WORK IS NEVER DONE 8 Sonny & Cher, Kapp 2163 (MCA) On First Disk (Chrismarc, BMI) CONCLUDING AGREEMENT record by 14 14 20 LEGEND IN YOUR OWN TIME 5 to the Metropolitan Opera Gala for LONDON -First recording Carly Simon, Elektra 45774 Sir Rudolph Bing, are (left to right) Thomas Mowrey, a &r producer for the new Stentor label was made (Quackenbush, ASCAP) Deutsche Grammophon; retiring Metropolitan Opera in St. 8 2 2 EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE 15 general manager, recently Giles Church, Bobby Vinton, Epic 5 -10822 (CBS) Sir Rudolph Bing; William Eliscu, president of Gemini Productions; and Cripplegate, London. It was of (Miller, ASCAP) Herman Krawitz, 15 15 17 DAY DREAMING 5 assistant manager, Metropolitan Opera. Rachmaninov's hitherto unrecorded Aretha Franklin, Atlantic 2866 "V e s p e r s for Unaccompanied (Pundit, BMI) 16 16 19 NICE TO BE WITH YOU 6 - Choir," sung by the Bruckner Gallery, Sussex 232 (Buddah) Mahler Choir conducted by Wyn (Interior, BMI) 25 38 - BEG, STEAL OR BORROW 3 Morris. New Seekers, Elektra 45780 Stentor Record directors are (Leeds, ASCAP) 11 8 8 HEART OF GOLD 9 John Simco Harrison (chairman), Neil Young, Reprise 1065 (Silver Fiddle, BMI) Geraldine Harrison (secretary), 19 27 37 DOCTOR MY EYES 4 conductor Wyn Morris, recording , Asylum 11004 (Atlantic) engineer Bob r, Malcolm (Open Window /Companion, BMI) Auge 12 5 5 ROCK & ROLL LULLABY 12 Henderson and Don Norman, all B.J. Thomas, Scepter 12344 well known in musical and record- (Summerhill Songs /Screen Gems -Columbia, BMI) 20 20 22 TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST 6 ing circles. Isabella Wallich, origi- Engelbert Humperdinck, Parrot 40069 (London) as one of the (Colgems /Horizpic, BMI) nally named 21 21 24 LET'S STAY TOGETHER 5 founders, withdrew b e f ore the Isaac Hayes, Enterprise 9045 (Sfax /Volt) company was formed. (Jec, BMI) 29 - - THE YOUNG NEW MEXICAN PUPPETEER 2 "We plan to make both classical Tom Jones, Parrot 40070 (London) and pop recordings," chairman (Pincus & Sons, ASCAP) 35 40 - DO YOU REMEMBER THESE 3 John Simco Harrison told Bill- Statler Brothers, Mercury 73275 board, "mainly of works that have (House of Cash, BMI) 39 - - MENDELSSOHN'S 4th () 2 not been overdone in recordings by Apollo 100, Mega 615 -0069 (Campbell -Connelly, ASCAP) other companies. Bob Auger has 32 32 39 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT 4 both produced and engineered the Gladys Knight & the Pips, Soul 35094 first production, in the future (Motown) (Combine, BMI) but 22 22 26 I ONLY WANT TO SAY 5 we shall use individual producers 16 Franck Pourcel, Paramount 0151 (Famous) for different recordings." (Leeds, ASCAP) 31 31 - THE FAMILY OF MAN 3 Planned Stentor recording for Three Dog Night, Dunhill later in the year will be a new ver- 4306 (Crosskey, ASCAP) 28 29 36 LOVE THEME FROM "THE GODFATHER " 4 sion of the completion of Mahler's 28 Ferrante & Teicher, United Artists 50895 "Symphony No. 10" by musicol- (Famous, ASCAP) ogist Deryck Cooke. - DIARY 1 Bread, Elektra 45784 (Screen Gems -Columbia, BMI) - MISTER CAN'T YOU SEE 1 Dutch Confab Buffy Sainte- Marie, Vanguard 35151 (Acuff -Rose, BMI) 40 - - TAOS NEW MEXICO 2 On Wind Music 31 R. Dean Taylor, Rare Earth 5041 (Motown) (Jabete, BMI) AMSTERDAM - The Royal 24 24 32 MEDLEY: AIN'T NO SUNSHINE/ Dutch Federation of Harmony and 32 YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE 5 Brass Orchestras will organize an Steve Lawrence, MGM 14368 international conference during (Interior, BMI /Peer Int'I, BMI) August 1973. It will be held in 17 13 6 MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION 12 the Congress Building at The Paul Simon, Columbia 4 -45547 Hague. (Charing Cross, BMI) - HOT ROD LINCOLN 1 GARRICK OHLSSON, the first and only American to win the Chopin Chief aim of the conference will Commander Cody and his Lost Planet Airmen, International Piano Competition in Warsaw and one of the country's be to increase international co- Paramount 0146 (Famous) (4 Star, BMI) - IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME 1 foremost concert artists, signs a with Angel Records. operation in the world of wind Carpenters, A &M 1351 music. Among topics to be dis- (Screen Gems -Columbia, His first album for Angel will be recorded in September for release in BMI) cussed are standardization of the 37 - - AM I LOSING YOU 2 January 1973. His current two- record set, recorded at the Chopin strength of orchestras, normaliza- Partridge Family starring Shirley Jones Featuring David Cassidy, Bell 45-200 competition, is currently available in the United States on the Con- tion of the partitures and conduc- (Screen Gems -Columbia, BMI) noisseur label. At left is Angel's John Covney. tors notations, unification of trans- 31 33 23 23 CHANTILLY LACE 6 position and notation of orchestra Jerry Lee Lewis, Mercury 73273 (Glad, BMI) partitures, exchange of inter- national repertoire and problems - LOVE THEME FROM 'THE GODFATHER" (Speak Softly Love) 1 of educating young instrumen- Al Martino, Capitol 3313 (Famous, ASCAP) talists. when answering ads . . . - THE MASTERPIECE 1 Information about the confer- 39 Charles Randolph, Greane Sounde, Ranwood 922 ence can be obtained from the (September, ASCAP) Say You Saw in Billboard Secretary of the First International - NATURAL CAUSES 1 It Band Conference, Congresbureau 40 Richard Landis, Dunhill 4307 Inter Scientias, P.O. Box 9058, The (Twill /Portobello, ASCAP) Hague. Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 4/29/72 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 47 www.americanradiohistory.com Tape Cartridge Texans Gird to Combat 4- Channel Sales Climb; Unlicensed Duplicators LOS ANGELES associa- $400 -$600 Pacing -An Recording Merchandisers Units has a tion has been formed to combat membership of distributors, retail- LOS ANGELES channel should take all industry unlicensed tape duplicators in the -Four- leaders and records and I simply don't know ers, tape duplicators and record is gathering momentum in the $400 lock them in a room without food what to tell him," said one record Southwest, according to Sam manufacturers to educate retail- Marmaduke, to $600 -price range and showing and water until they come up with store manager. president of Western ers and eliminate unauthorized tape strong sales in middle- range. Merchandisers in Amarillo, Texas. a form of standardization." Most software dealers remain duplicators in Texas, New Mexico, Software is causing The Southwest Association of Retailers say that they are doing problems, optimistic about the future, how- Oklahoma, and Arkan- both in lack of standardization and ever, even though they feel the fu- sas, Marmaduke quite well with the configuration said. now, considering the relatively lack of quantity. ture market for 4- channel is at The organization has several small part of the tape /audio mar- "RCA throwing its weight be- least a year away. Radio Shack's priorities: to educate law enforce- ket it accounts for presently. hind the discrete disk is just adding Despite the many problems in ment agencies to both federal and more confusion to an already con- the 4- channel field, buyers are op- state laws governing unlicensed Consumers buying 4- channel Cassette Deck now appear to have divided into fused situation," said the buyer timistic on the whole. One mass FORT WORTH Radio Shack duplicators to initiate legal pro- for a large mass merchandising merchandiser summed up the feel- - ceedings, to two distinct areas: the audiophile has introduced a stereo cassette alert retailers to the who is chain. "Certain benefits will come ings of many when he said, "A lot dangers of selling unlicensed purchasing the higher -end out this, deck, model SCT -6, with Dolby prod- units and the below -30 of however, since RCA is of dealers are waiting for the CES uct, and to raise a war chest to buyer who selling its disk noise reduction circuitry, at is purchasing adaptors and 4- at the same price to see what the manufacturers have $199.95. combat tape piracy. as a stereo record, Columbia is decided to do. I think we will find Two meetings channel tape and audio in the $200 A tape bias switch permits the have been held in to $400 brackets. bound to come down in price for more emphasis on 4- channel at use of either standard or chro- Dallas, and an executive committee its SQ record." the show and more emphasis at has been formed consisting In addition, dealers are planning The mium dioxide cassettes. The unit of Mar- more display space and heavier complaint of too much retail." features separate channel level con- maduke, Billy Emerson (son of confusion among consumers is still The fall should see stepped -up Bill Emerson) advertising campaigns for 4 -chan- trols, a master record level control, of Big State Dis- nel this evident, particularly among soft- ads, more inventory, more display tributing Co., Bill Rudolph fall. Many are also going ware retailers digital counter, automatic end -of- of into special hi -fi supplements pub- who are not exposed and more sales in 4- channel. It tape shutoff, and separate Warner /Elektra, Atlantic Records, to 4- channel hardware. may be a few years before it be- mike Murray Habbaz lished by local newspapers as a and auxiliary inputs for sound -on- of United Distrib- new advertising outlet. "A guy asks me if he can play comes a real mass market item, sound recording. uting Corp. and Jack Parker of an SQ disk on a standard stereo, but the next couple of months MCA. Most retailers also feel that this summer's Consumer Electronics or what kind of effect he can ex- should see things really starting to Marmaduke said the organiza- pect 4- Show, June 11 -14, from channel tapes and pick up. tion is planning to hire will be more of Recording an investi- an audio show than last year's with Tape gator to work with law enforce- many Scotch ment agencies and with believing 4- channel will MAGNETIC TAPE RIOT! retailers dominate the exhibit ENOCH LIGHT: on the pitfalls of stocking un- floor. Scotch 1800 ft. 7" reel, 1 mil polyester The same retail complaints esh; licensed that 4150, factory f Special $1.95 titles. have plagued per reel, $22.50 doz., $1.75 in lots "Many retailers just aren't aware 4- channel since its of 48; $1.60 (5001, prepaid. introduction, however, of the laws and have little knowl- are still evi- 1200 dent. Dealers believe some #611, foot edge of bootlegged product," he that Proper Demonstration MPEX 11/2 mil acetate pro- form of hardware standardization MAGNETIC TAPE fessional grade. said. "We are going to initiate is a must if 4- channel is ever go- Factory fresh, $1.68 an education program per reel, $18.00 by explain- ing to make a large impact on the (121; $66.72 1481 ; $120.00 (961 ing the law and showing dealers tape /audio market. Right Record (Ampex Uses /Scotch may be assorted/ just what to look for in unlicensed 'Ql FAMOUS MAKE tape Hurdles Hamper LOS ANGELES is an satisfying cartridges or records is `DOLBY CASSETTE DECK -"There Another problem in combating Lack of adequate software and increasing interest in 4- channel a great disservice to progress of tape piracy, he said, is many law lack of software standardization discrete sound," claims Enoch 4- channel consumer acceptance," enforcement agencies are not aware also continues to be a problem. Light, president of Project 3 Rec- Light said. of the new federal law and a state Retailers feel that RCA's entry ords. into the 4- channel disk field will "Equipment producers should law (S 748) governing unauthor- "The quadrasonic cartridge seems check out the product (software) ized duplicating, distributing and only add to an already confused to be the most in demand product situation. The feeling concerning which they are considering buy- selling. in the 4- channel category," he said. ing to make sure repertoire Wollensak Model #4760 "In Columbia's SQ disk and the vari- "But the flooding of the market that List $299.95, Dealer Price $197.96 small towns, particularly in is new 4- channel titles rather than New Mexico, Oklahoma, and ous 4- channel tapes on the market with very inferior product, which, now is that there is still not enough adaptations of old 2 -track re- SAXITONE TAPE SALES Louisiana, where there are no state in most cases, is not even good cordings." 1776 Columbia Rd., NW, Wash. D.C. 20009 laws to curb tape pirates, many repertoire. stereo, let alone a 4- channel re- (Continued on page 64) "We're doing fairly well with 4- cording, is going to set back the Light feels that manufacturers channel, said the audio buyer for public's acceptance of the quad- should be aware that the most a large East Coast mass merchan- rasonic concept." important idea in the production dising chain. "Surprisingly, there of quadrasonic software (cartridges, WRITE The executive believes that FOR is more response in the higher -end some hardware manufacturers open reel and disk) is that new YOUR FREE areas, around the $600 level. This recordings should be planned right CATALOG! are buying demonstration records ASK THE MAN WHO KNOWS is the audiophile doing the pur- for strictly price, and "there are from the arrangement stage. chasing here. We're selling our many record producers who are "It is essential to remind equip- ... what's new in domestic and imported share of adaptors, and with extra putting together what they call 4- ment manufacturers that the true cartridges ... and how to identify what's speakers and small amps, we're do- channel cartridges and 4- channel 4- channel cartridges and open reel ing well with the under -30 needed with Pfanstiehl's new cartridge catalog. con- records which not only do not tapes are discrete, which means sumer. produce quadrasonic results, but that the quadrasonic effect is pro- "The younger market is simply don't even produce good stereo duced by all four channels main- more aware of sound," the buyer results. taining their own definition and said. "Four- channel offers a tre- "This matter (poor quality) must independence," Light said. "Un- Pframlie/d mendous boost for contemporary be brought to the attention of fortunately, this effect is difficult music; kids know this." equipment manufacturers, using the matrix for FACTORY -TO-YOU SALES REPS. because to achieve Manny Nathan of Arrow Elec- presenting these completely non- 4- channel records." KNOW all about cartridges and will tronics, New York City, agreed. simplify your merchandising problem! "The exotic stuff, the higher end, is moving well," he said. "As 3300 WASHINGTON ST. BOX 498 PFANSTIEHL WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS 60085 for the home entertainment type of 4- channel and adaptors, they're ASC Doing BASF holding their own. Right now, it's the audiophile and young consum- ers who are doing most of the purchasing." Tapes Duplicating "I find 4- channel definitely pick- LOS ANGELES - American pany duplicated music titles for ing up," added a spokeman for a Sound Corp., Warren, Mich., tape Columbia and Capitol Records in large East Coast audio mass mer- duplicator, is custom duplicating 1967 -69 before the record com- BUY DIRECT chandiser." Sales are great corn- BASF's prerecorded 8 -track and panies established their own tape AND SAYE $ $ * pared to a few months ago when cassette music titles in the U.S. divisions, and for Ampex and 4- channel meant just adaptors. and Canada. Lear Jet during those years. #54 STEREO CARTRIDGE CARRYING CASES "We're moving a lot of product BASF will distribute the prod- It continues to duplicate for a in the higher -end brackets. This Holds 24 8 -Track Tapes uct, with repertoire coming from few smaller independent record fall we will be using more display sources in Germany, Holland, companies, Osborn said, but Amer- or 48 Cassettes Covered in space for 4- channel as well as France and the United Kingdom. ican Sound's emphasis has shifted handsome Alligator Vinyl Red running more ads, especially in American Sound has an exclusive toward the spoken word market. special hi -fi newspaper supple- Flocked High Impact Styrene one -year contract with BASF, said It is custom duplicating car- ments." Harris Osborn, sales and mar- tridges and cassettes for Grolier insert. What complaints do most retail- keting vice president of the dup- Corp. and Zeb Billings Sight and THIS MONTH'S SPECIAL ers have concerning 4- channel, and licating firm. Sound Corp. and duplicating cas- how would they like these com- BASF has set up a separate settes for Time-Life and the New 50 pcs. $3.00 each plaints to be remedied? music division to market tapes York Times, among others, Os- "There's just too much confu- and records and will not funnel born said. 150 pcs. 2.75 each sion for the consumer," said Bart distribution through its blank tape American Sound operates from Miller, president of a Colorado 500 pcs. 2.65 each and cassette equipment wings. two plants (19,000 square feet) chain. "We plan to soft -pedal 4- (Billboard, April 8.) and does its own plastic molding Cases packed 1 per box and packed 72 pcs. to a skid. channel until some sort of stan- American Sound, a subsidiary via a sister company, Dyna -Day dardization comes along. If this of Condamatic Corp., Warren, Plastics, Hazel Park, Mich. standardization does happen, I can Mich., is involved primarily in Osborn said the company is also Cuslom fase Mfg. Co., Inc. see the 4- channel business picking custom duplicating educational - setting up an independent distribu- up." Wanted: Distributors, 5511 -19 Bragg Blvd. Private institutional- industrial cassettes and tion network to market 4- channel Tough Solution cartridges, but at one time was 8 -track discrete music. It will li- State -wide P.O. Box 5625, Fayetteville, N.C. labeling master distributors One dealer offered a slightly a pioneer custom duplicator in cense music and duplicate product done and Reps. more blunt solution to the stand- the music business. to be marketed under American NO PHONE ORDERS -BY MAIL ONLY ardization problem. "I think we According to Osborn, the com- Sound. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com Tape Cartridge

TV Dealers Utilize Tape and Audio Maxell's New Data Cassette NEW YORK Maxell's mag- computers, desk -top calculators, LOS ANGELES an effort audio equipment is the increased Rick Miller of Hall's Appli- - -In netic tape division has introduced data storage, analogue data record- to capture more of the youth mar- amount of technicall knowledge re- ances, Largo, Fla., said that getting a Data Cassette, DC -300, for the ers and for communication termi- ket, increase profits, offset discount quired by the sales personnel and more involved in tape /audio prod- nal use, said Marvin Soloff, sales and department store competition the difficulties inherent in train- ucts is "our No. 1 priority this professional market. manager of OEM and professional and diversify merchandise mix, ing the sales staff. (Continued on page 64) The product can be used for products. more TV dealers are adding tape/ audio products to their stores. Spurred on by the success of tape /audio specialty stores, TV dealers getting into this product category feel they can compete successfully not only with specialty outlets but also with department stores. Why the new King 8-Track Winder costs so damn much. Tom Peterson of Peterson Dis- count Centers, Portland, Ore., has four stores and has added audio to his product mix. Last year Peterson said 20 per- After almost three years cent of his business reflected sales of making the world's fastest in tape /audio products while today more than 80 percent of his total cassette winders, we've just sales volume is done in the stereo come out with an 8 -track category. Peterson carries mainly com- model. ponent systems up to $500, al- Its price: $4,850. O.K. though his best seller is an 8 -piece system selling at $250. Peterson's Why so damn much? primary line is Sharp, with JVC Performance. and other import brands complet- ing the selection. One operator on one The retailer also noted that he King Two Spindle 8 -Track has switched from newspapers as Winder can produce 2,400 an advertising medium to televi- sion, and virtually 100 percent of beautifully wound cartridges his advertising efforts and dollars in an 8 -hour shift. go to the broadcast media. As testament to the retailer's Compare this to any ability to capture an entirely new other 8 -track winder. Take market in the under -25 segment of the population, Peterson said that three of them and one operator. Small wonder that anybody who's out of 40 credit sales written over 1,600 anybody is now using King Cassette the first week in April, the average You'll get about cartridges age of the consumer was 22 years. per shift. Winders. Technical Savvy Need spend $300 more on Another dealer, Stan C. Brown You'll about How we do it all. of Davis -Brown Co., Costa Mesa, machines. Look. You either design and build Calif., has entered tape /audio re- times tailing and plans to increase his And you'll pay rent on three things to the highest possible standards stores' coverage over the next year the floor space. or you don't. in this segment of the market. He carries stereo units from Plus, you won't get: At King, we design and build tape Sony, Superscope and Sylvania. A footage count accurate to winders to the highest possible standards. Brown noted that one of the rea- 2 sons the traditional appliance-TV within %. All our machines are virtually hand- dealer might hesitate regarding Accurate drop loop length control. made. (We sub -contract the paint job.) And unmatched tension control. The guys that make them are all All of which you do get with the highly skilled experimental machinists. Craig Settles King 8- Track. And 30% of their time is spent on (Incidentally, we've also got an research and development. Learjet Tiff incredible Automatic Splicer to go with it.) If you want to make the most abso- LOS ANGELES -Craig Corp. What we've already done for lutely precise, reliable, and advanced tape has settled its patent litigation with is Gates Learjet Corp., according to cassettes. tailoring systems available today, this a company statement. the only way to do it. Craig's principal supplier of 8- Of course, if you also need a high- track players has also reached a speed cassette winder, there's still the Wanna see it? preliminary settlement for past royalties together with provisions King Cassette Winder. We'd like you to see our operation for future licensing under the Lear- And, of course, it's pretty damn firsthand. Anytime. If that's inconven- jet patents; Craig has agreed to pay Learjet $50,000. costly too: $6,995. ient, we've got machines in use all over the Craig also agreed not to appeal But, while one operator on any two world, so we should be able to set up a the decision of the District Court in Denver. other machines is putting out a mere 500 demo either at or near your factory. "The court ruled that Craig vio- cassettes per shift, one operator on three Just write or call our Paul McGonigle lated four patents on 8 -track stereo equipment. King Cassette Winders at: King Instrument Two of the patents related to a will put out 1,800 to Corporation, Kane method of holding the cartridge in place, a third covered the method 2,000 per shift. Industrial Drive, Hudson, of shifting the pickup head into And all the King Mass. 01749, 617 -568 -8771 position to obtain the recording from proper channels, and the operator has to do is sim- (Telex 94- 8485). fourth patent related to the auto- ply place the empty cas- He'll be happy to matic switch that makes the car- on machine. why tridge play when it is inserted and sette the show you you can activates the radio when the car- Because ours is the only buy a cheaper winder tridge is withdrawn. cassette winder with con- than a King. sistent, repeatable, auto- And pay more AM's 'QHF' matic splicing and wind-in money. of leader. Blister -Pack In addition, we've LOS ANGELES -Audio Mag- netics has introduced its Quadra- got the industry's most sonic High Frequency (QHF) cas- accurate tension control, sette line in blister -pack format. The series is a professional low - and tape handling so noise high frequency tape available precise and gentle that World leader in in 30, 60, 90 and 120 -minute tape tailoring systems. lengths, a cassette head cleaner, even 1/4 mil (C -120) is no and 5- and 7 -inch reels. problem. Each cassette will be packaged in a Philips hard plastic box blister-packed in a single unit. "Blister packaging recognizes the need for more impulse items for retailers," said Scott Conover, sales vice president. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 49 www.americanradiohistory.com ctitztry Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 4/29,'72

* STAR Performer-Singles registering greatest proportionate upward progress this week.

This Last TITLE -Artist, Label & Number Weeks on This Last TITLE -Artist, Label & Number Weeks on Donna Fargo. Week Week (Dist. Label) (Publisher, Licensee) Chart Week Week (Dist. Label) (Publisher, Licensee) Chart 1 1 CHANTILLY LACE /THINK ABOUT IT 38 25 TO GET TO YOU (8 DARLIN' 8 Jerry Wallace, Decca 32914 (MCA) Jerry Lee Lewis, Mercury 73273 (4 Star, BMI) (Glad, BMI /Jack & Bill, ASCAP) 39 32 BALLAD OF A HILLBILLY SINGER :11 2 2 DO YOU REMEMBER THESE 8 Freddy Weller, Columbia 4 -45542 The Statler Bros. Mercury 73275 (House of (Green Grass, BMI) Cash, BMI) 40 33 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN 17 3 3 MY HANG -UP IS YOU 14 , RCA 74 -0615 , Capitol 3261 (Baron /Nelson, BMI) (Blue Book, BMI) happiest girl 55 ANYTHING'S BETTER THAN NOTHING 4 4 4 SOMEONE TO GIVE MY LOVE TO 8 & Sherry Bryce, MGM , Epic 5 -10836 (CBS) 14365 (Sawgrass, BMI) (Jack & Bill, ASCAP) 42 43 I'M THE MAN IN SUSIE'S MIND 6 5 6 JUST FOR WHAT I AM 9 Glenn Barber, Hickory 1626 (Acuff -Rose, BMI) in the whole U.S.A. , RCA 74 -0655 (Blue Crest/ Hill & Range, BMI) 43 42 , APRIL & ME 10 Dick Curless, Capitol 3267 (Central Songs, 6 7 TOUCH YOUR WOMAN 8 Dolly Parton, RCA 74 -0662 (Owepar, BMI) 44 45 WE FOUND IT IN EACH OTHER'S Q13 /TURNIN' OFF A ARMS /SUNNY SIDE OF LIFE 6 MEMORY 6 Roger Miller, Mercury 73268 (Miller/ , Capitol 3294 (Blue Book, Dealousie, BMI /Tree, BMI) BMI) 51 SHOW ME 3 Q 11 ALL THE LONELY WOMEN Barbara Mandrel!, Columbia 4 -45580 (Tree, BMI) IN THE WORLD 7 Bill Anderson, Decca 32930 (MCA) 46 47 A SONG TO SING 5 (Stallion, BMI) Susan Raye, Capitol 3289 (Blue Book, BMI) 9 9 NEED YOU 10 47 31 I'LL STILL BE WAITING FOR YOU 12 David Rogers, Columbia 4 -4551 (Malapi, & his Buckaroos, Capitol 3262 Jamie, BMI) (Blue Book, BMI) 10 5 ALL HIS CHILDREN 11 53 YOU'RE EVERYTHING 6 Charley Pride, RCA 74-0624 (Leeds, ASCAP) Tommy Cash, Epic 5 -10838 (CBS) ( Algee/ Flagship, BMI) 15 (Lost Her Love) ON OUR LAST DATE 5 Conway Twitty, Decca 32945 (MCA) 49 46 THE WRITING'S ON THE WALL 14 (Acuff -Rose, BMI) Jim Reeves, RCA 74 -0626 (Tuckahoe, BMI) 12 12 AIN'T NOTHIN' SHAKIN' 9 50 29 ONLY LOVE CAN BREAK A HEART ....16 Billy "Crash" Craddock, Cartwheel 210 Sonny James, Capitol 3232 (Arch, ASCAP) (Arc, BMI) 61 I'LL BE THERE 2 16 ME & JESUS 7 Johnny Bush, Million MIL 1 (Scepter) Tom T. Hall, Mercury 73278 (Hallnote, BMI) (Hill & Range, BMI) 14 8 WHAT AIN'T TO BE, JUST MIGHT 52 54 LEGENDARY CHICKEN FAIRY 6 Jack Blanchard & Morgan, HAPPEN 10 Misty Mega 615-0063 (100 Oaks /Birdwalk, BMI) Porter Wagoner, RCA 74 -0648 (Owpar, BMI) 53 50 ARKANSAS 9 21 IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT 7 Wilburn Brothers, Decca 32921 (MCA) Dave Dudley, 73274 Mercury (Sure -Fire, BMI) (Passkey, BMI) MADE IN JAPAN 1 24 MANHATTAN, KANSAS 5 Buck Owens & His Buckaroos, Capitol 3314 Glen Campbell, Capitol 3305 (Tree, BMI) (Blue Book, BMI) 17 10 CRY 14 Lynn Anderson, Columbia 4-45529 65 A SPECIAL DAY 3 (Shapiro -Bernstein, ASCAP) Arlene Hardin, Columbia 4 -45577 (Two Rivers, ASCAP) 18 20 BE MY BABY 6 Jody Miller, Epic 5 -10825 (CBS) 56 62 GIRL IN NEW ORLEANS 2 (Mother Bertha /Trio, BMI) Sammi Smith, Mega 6140068 (Tree, BMI) 19 17 WE CAN MAKE IT 12 57 59 YELLOW RIVER 10 , Epic 5-10831 (CBS) (Algee/ Compton Bros., Dot 17408 (Famous) (Noma, Flagship, BMI) BMI)

20 14 WHEN YOU SAY LOVE 14 58 58 THAT'S ALL THIS OLD WORLD NEEDS . 8 Bob Luman, Epic 5 -10823 (CBS) Stonewall Jackson & the Brentwood (Jack & Bill, ASCAP) Children's Choir, Columbia 4 -45546 (Vintage, BMI) 37 LOST FOREVER IN YOUR KISS 4 Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, RCA 59 63 MR. FIDDLE MAN 5 74 -0675 (Owepar, BMI) Johnny Russell, RCA 74 -0664 (Glaser, BMI)

34 HAPPIEST GIRL IN THE WHOLE U.S.A 6 60 60 SING ALONG SONG 3 Donna Fargo, Dot 17409 (Famous) (Prima Mayf Nutter, Capitol 3296 (Blue Book, BMI) Donna Fargo always wanted to shake up the Donna /Algee, BMI) 23 23 EVERYBODY'S REACHING OUT FOR 61 68 I'LL BE WHATEVER YOU SAY 4 Wanda Jackson, Capitol 3293 (Conbrio, BMI) country music scene with her own style of music. SOMEONE 11 Pat Daisy, RCA 74 -0637 Her songs.. Her voice. (Jack, BMI) 73 IS IT ANY WONDER THAT I LOVE YOU 2 24 18 FAR FAR AWAY 11 Nat Stuckey, RCA 74 -0687 (Jack & Bill, She's smiling today because she's done it! , Hickory 1623 (Acuff-Rose, BMI) ASCAP) LONELY "The Happiest In The Whole 25 22 THE DAY THAT LOVE WALKED IN 11 74 JUST PLAIN 2 Girl U.S.A." is David Houston, Epic 5-10830 (CBS) Ferlin Huskey, Capitol 3308 (Hall -Clement, Donna's own song, and has all it takes to be the (Algee /Flagship, BMI) BMI) 26 19 A THING CALLED LOVE 14 64 64 TRY IT, YOU'LL LIKE IT 3 biggest smash in the whole U.S.A.! Johnny Cash and the Temple Evangel Jimmy Dickens, United Artists 50889 Choir, Columbia 4 -45534 (Vector, BMI) (Accoustic, BMI)

27 27 I STARTED LOVING YOU AGAIN 13 65 66 COUNTRY WESTERN TRUCK Charlie McCoy, Monument 8529 (CBS) (Blue DRIVIN' SINGER 2 Book, BMI) Red Simpson, Capitol 3298 (Central Songs, 28 28 FOOLS 7 BMI) Johnny Duncan, Columbia 4-4556 (Pi -Gem, 66 67 I AM I SAID 7 "The Happiest Girl BMI) Bill Phillips, United Artists 50879 35 SEND ME SOME LOVIN' 5 (Prophet, ASCAP) Hank Williams, Jr. & Lois Johnson, MGM In The Whole U.S.A:' 14356 (Venice, BMI) 67 69 I'LL NEVER FALL IN LOVE AGAIN 4 Liz Anderson, Epic 5 -10840 (CBS) 30 26 YOU'RE MY SHOULDER TO LEAN ON 11 (Blue Seas /Jac /Morris, ASCAP) DOA -17409 Lana Rae, Decca 32927 (MCA) (Forrest Hills, BMI) 68 72 ONE MORE TIME 2 44 LONESOMEST LONESOME/ THAT'S Joanne Heel, Decca 32950 (MCA) b/w "The Awareness of Nothing" (Cockerroach, BMI) WHAT LEAVINGS ABOUT 3 , Columbia 4 -45583 (Charlie Boy/ 69 71 I'D RATHER BE WANTIN' LOVE 5 Ra -Jane, ASCAP /Screen Gems -Columbia, Leroy Van Dyke, Decca 32933 (MCA) latBMI) (Contention, SESAC)

41 WHAT AM I GONNA DO 5 70 70 JOSIE 2 Bobby Bare, Mercury 73279 (Screen , Monument 8536 (CBS) Gems -Columbia, BMI) ( Resaca, BMI) DOT CAB DRIVER 1 RECORDS 33 30 COTTON JENNY 15 Hank Thompson, Dot 17410 (Famous) Anne Murray, Capitol 3260 (Blackhawk, BMI) (Early Morning, CAPAC) ELEVEN ROSES 1 40 LOVE - ME 8 Hank Williams, Jr., MGM 14371 tit Decca Jeanne Pruett, 32929 (MCA) (Williams, Jr., BMI) (Moss Rose, BMI) - YOU ALMOST SLIPPED MY MIND . 1 35 36 SMELL THE FLOWERS 5 Kenny Price, RCA 74 -0686 (Danor, BMI) Jerry Reed, RCA 74 -0667 (Vector, BMI) 74 75 DID YOU EVER THINK 2 36 39 IF YOU EVER NEED MY LOVE 6 Don Gibson & Sue Thompson, Hiskory 1629 Jack Greene, Decca 32939 (MCA) (Sawgrass, (Acuff -Rose, BMI) BMI) - TRAVELIN' MINSTREL BAND i 37 38 THE KEY'S IN THE MAILBOX 6 , Columbia 4 -45581 Published by Prima Donna Music Tony Booth, Capitol 3269 (Fort Knox, BMI) (Jack & Bill, ASCAP) Exclusive representation: Stan Silver

52 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

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www.americanradiohistory.com Country Music

Nashville Scene

By BILL WILLIAMS The winner of the Wilburn Brothers contest to promote their record, "Arkansas" is Mrs. J. O. Moore of Pasadena, Texas. She gets a five acre ranchette in Har- dy, Arkansas. The record has been the biggest thing the Wilburns have had in a number of years. . . . Dick Heard's Royal Ameri- REGISTRANTS gather at the First International Fan Fair held in Nash- DOLLY PARTON and Porter Wagoner perform at the RCA segment of can label has leased the Tandem ville. Fan Fair. records song, "Borrowed Angel," and signed the artist, Mel Street, Fair Is Boon for Music City District to a long-term contract. Joe Dea- ton, president of Tandem, will con- In Continued from page 1 his sales- center area again next tinue to produce the artist. . . . Talent Action the sales of country product as year, and feels it will grow. Million Records has signed a well as Gospel, This feeling, too, was evidenced Continued from page 42 piano, imparting a clearer, harder and retail stores group from a hippie commune Cassidy still are failing generally to stock at the IFCO meeting, where fans edge to their style. And had an opportunity to air griev- near Nashville. The group, known Lee Anthony, and Bostonian Paula site in the cockpit of his awesome good country albums. an inter- The emotionalism ances, make suggestions, and plan as The Farm Band, has cut several Christian, they provide , grinning constantly as he pattern was lude of good entertainment. a solid ryth- obvious. Following labels' talent ahead. The overwhelming feeling sessions under the guidance of rivets their music to was that it was one of the most Miss Christian sounds like an mic base. shows, fans came downstairs to Claude Gray. understudy of Melba Moore. Her for Epic Records. the center in the lower level and successful ventures ever under- Spirit records taken, and that it will grow ten- Tiny Harris is booked into the stage presentation, though rough Dr. John opened the show, sup- bought records. is basically good, Gospel artists fold in number in subsequent years. Golden Nuggett, Las Vegas until around the edges, planting gris -gris with a more traditionally have and she commands the vocal range straightforward stage presentation successfully sold their albums May 10th. . . . Lorene Mann, in No -Name Showcase which permits her to serve offer- of New Orleans music. While some lobbies after performing. The only major complaint was picking up another idea from an ings from the songbooks of con- more Carlock said he listeners may have preferred considered the that lesser-known artists had little outdoor sign, has her new release temporary as well as mainstream feathers and less history, Reben- venture a "rousing success." It or no chance for showcasing, and had virtually no promotion. ready. It's called "Hertz and lyricists. nack's affection for his roots is a suggestion was made that some Much the same can be said of justified by his command of these At the meeting of the Interna- sort of side area be set up next Avis." ... Donna Fargo has done has his grass- tion Lee Anthony who styles. Dr. John records for Atco. Fan Club Organizations year for the small -label artists to several shots on local television in roots in religious singing. His (IFCO), there was a solid ex- perform. SAM SUTHERLAND Contacted about this, . . . includes tidbits from Si- pression Nashville. Tom T. Hall has songbag of displeasure over the "Grand Ole Opry" manager Bud mon & Garfunkel, Bill Withers, failure of retailers to stock a new international fan club presi- even Wendell said he would give the Carole King, Tim Rice and Three BOBBY GOLDSBORO the name artists in country music. suggestion every indication. WSM dent, Margaret Patterson, of Roa- Dog Night. "We were delighted to get the and the Country Music Associa- noke...;The Hubert Long agency The group does not yet have a Century Plaza Hotel, opportunity to buy the albums tion were co- sponsors of the event, has hired Billy Wilhite as an agent recording label. Los Angeles here because we certainly can't and Wendell was its chairman. RADCLIFFE JOE get them at home," one member Many participants in this year's for the firm. The onetime man- Even someone who finds the of the audience said. This brought event already have sought booth ager of George Jones has consid- predominant sentimentality of Bob- home -and- a volley of voices saying much reservations for next year, and erable booking experience. Hu- SPIRIT by Goldsboro's recent the same thing. Many more of family songs more cloying than others have made tentative ac- bert's condition shows no improve- those came from major metropoli- commodations reservations, al- DR. JOHN not-and who can do without tan markets. Loudella Johnson, though the exact date for next ment. . . . Bill Anderson is tour- Carnegie Hall, New York cricket imitations every two min- got to respect his talent co- president of IFCO, said this is spring has not yet been decided. ing the Midwest and Canada... . utes -has Following a dramatic personnel as a writer and performer. the most chronic complaint among An announcement concerning this Glen Barber is sweeping through the fan club presidents. will take place following a meeting change last fall, Spirit regrouped In Goldsboro's luxury show- Carlock plans to be back with of the Fan Fair committee. Washington and Oregon. . . . with Ed Cassidy and room debut at the Westside Room, LeRoy Van Dyke has done a series of the original band balancing their he displayed a resonant, mellow of commercials for the Aves Ad- contemporary eclecticism against voice under full control at all the full -blooded rock 'n' roll of the times. His between -songs patter vertising Agency. . . . Joining the Stachely brothers, two young Tex- was relaxed and not overly cutesy. ranks of those who have moved ans whose music is built from It was overall a very solid, pro- to the Tulsa music complex are rhythm & blues. fessional stage presence he showed. Donna Carlton and the Tennessee While devotees of the older And when you hear a concen- Spirit may lament the decreased trated selection of the songs he has Sound Road Show. emphasis on the more delicate, at- written or chosen to record during A song written and sung by mospheric areas that characterized the past decade, it is easy to un- Johnny Cash highlights a seven - much of the band's earlier music, derstand exactly why Goldsboro has minute film expected to be of- the new Spirit has a vitality that had one of the steadiest hit -making cannot be ignored. Al Stachely careers in contemporary music. fered as a campaign aid to the brings obvious skills as a solid "With Pen in Hand," "Funny Little 2,200 United Way organizations bassist, a strong vocalist, and a Clown," "Honey" and the others in the U.S. The song, called "God's promising writer to his new role, could never have been anything Children" was taped in Las Vegas and younger brother John plays but hits. And the latest Goldsboro guitar with an economy and au- UA single, a wry tale of a hitch- while Cash was appearing there. thority that belies his years. hiking waif, "California Wine," is . . . Hap Wilson, general profes- As for the old- timers, John probably his finest, most mature sional manager of Central Songs Locke now plays acoustic grand product yet. NAT FREEDLAND and Beechwood Music in Nash- ville, has hired Louie Innis in the FANS GATHER at the big tent adjacent to the Opryland complex for field of writer relations. Innis has the old -time Fiddler's Contest as part of the Fan Fair convention in Nashville. been in the business for 26 years. ... The Country Gentlemen, Reb- What's Happening el artists, played a benefit at Rich- Brite Star's Pick Hits Brite Star's Pick Hits ...... mond, Ky., for victims of the re- Continued from page 45 "I GOT NEWS " -Peckham and Carter cent flooding. Appearing with them Farmer," (LP), Randy Edleman, Sunflower.. . WNHS, The New Command Performance were Pure Prairie League, The Hampton School, New Hampton, Craig Seufert reporting: "Can "GEORGE C" -Mac Letson (Woodymac) Dave Workman Blues Band, The You See Him," Batdorf & Rodney, Atlantic. . New York - DAY IN THE "A LIFE OF A FOOL"-George Jones (RCA) Bombers, and Rich Kirby. Another WRCC, Rockland Community College, Suffern, Steve Siciliano re- "RAIN " -The Innovations (Condaye Records) porting: "Take a . . performance is planned. Sad Song," (LP), Godfrey Daniels, Atlantic. "CALIFORNIA MEM'RY "- Billie Jo Spears (Capitol) WNPC, State Univ. College at New Paltz, David Salkin reporting: "YOU DON'T KNOW MY MIND " -Jimmie Skinner (Prize) Little Richie Johnson came to "Questions," Bang, Capitol. . WORC, Oswego College, Oswego, "CITY OF SOULS" -Steve Scott (Bard of Buffalo) Nashville to cut new sessions. He .. "SWEET SIXTEEN King (Kent Records) Patricia O'Connor repoprting: "Nashville Sneakers," (LP cut, " -B.B. is producing Jimmy Snyder, the "CAN'T HOLD BACK THE TEARS" -Billy Means (Picture) Rockin'), Guess Who, RCA. . . . New Jersey - WFDU -FM, Fair - "HE MADE YOU FOR ME"-Earl Connelly (Maycon) LeGarde Twins and Buck Gold- leigh- Dickinson Univ., Teaneck, Eileen St. Laurent reporting: "Hold "SWEET REVENGE" -Ernie Odum (Claudia) stein for American Heritage Rec- Your Head Up," Argent, Epic. . . . Maine -WNCY -FM, Nasson "TO BE MY BRIDE" Logan -Chuck (Torino) ords. . . . Ray Chaney, owner of College, Springvale, Joe Bartucca reporting: "Queues," (LP), Vigrass "ONE MORE"-Gene Tyndall (Twilight) the country nightclub in Fort & Osborne, Unit. . -WKUL, Waynesburg College, ALBUM OF THE WEEK: Waynesburg, Gary Olsen reporting: "Lean on Me," Bill Withers, A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME Worth, the Stage Coach Inn, has -Ray Sanders Sussex. . a new release on Eagle Records, .. WNTE -FM, Mansfield State College, Mansfield, Dave (United Artist) Wood reporting: "Angel from Montgomery," Bonnie Koloc, Ovation. For Promotion, Distribution, Dee¡ay Coverage, Press Release Service, Major Label Cl) produced by Durwood Haddock. . WLVR, Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, Jim Contracts, Movie Promotion see Ad in Class. Today; Cameron reporting: Brite -Star's Billboard's Mart . Jim Ed Brown's band may be SEND YOUR RECORDS FOR REVIEW TO Brite -Star Promotions, 728 16th Avenue "Chuck Rainey Coalition," (LP), Chuck Rainey, Cobblestone. . . South, Nashville, Tenn. 37203. (615) 244-4064. the best educated in the business. WRCT, Carnegie -Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, Brad Simon reporting: Hank Corwin, his steel man, has Brite Star's Pick Hits ... Brite Star's Pick Hits . . . "A Tribute to ," (LP), Various artists, Warner (Continued on page 55) Brothers & Columbia. 54 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Billboard SPECIAL SURVEY For Week Ending 4/29/72 Country Music C6EMtry BE A BELIEVER! LP's Nashville * STAR Performer -LP's registering proportionate upward progress this week. "DIAMOND" SELLS This Last TITLE- Artist, Label & Weeks on Scene Week Week Number (Distributing Label) Chart

1 1 BEST OF CHARLEY PRIDE, VOL. 2 6 Continued from page 54

RCA I SP 4682 two years at Juilliard; Earl Erb, 2 3 MY HANG -UP IS YOU 8 Freddie Hart, Capitol SD 11014 his lead guitarist, has put in seven "BIG BLUE DIAMOND" years of private study, and the 3 2 SINGS HEART SONGS 23 Charley Pride, RCA LSP 4617 Cates Sisters, who travel with him, have their doctorates in philosophy. 4 4 ONE'S ON THE WAY 5 Loretta Lynn, Decca DL 7 -5334 (MCA) Bill Walker has produced ' first release on Capitol. ><, 5 5 CRY 4 Lynn Anderson, Columbia KC 31316 He is growing in stature more and more as a producer as well as an 6 6 BORDER LORD 6 Kris Kristofferson, Momuiment KZ 31302 (CBS) arranger. . . . Singer Jack Greene won a singular honor in the Ten- 10 LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT A SONG iir 4 nessee legislature. "BIG BLUE DIAMOND" Merle Haggard, Capitol ST 882 He was made an honorary Sergeant At Arms of the 8 9 LEAD ME ON 12 Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn, Decca DL 75326 (MCA) House of Representatives. Special accolades were delivered to him, 9 8 FOR THE GOOD TIMES 87 Ray Price,. Columbia C 30105 and he was given a standing ova- tion. Greene has contributed heav- itr 16 BEDTIME STORY 4 , Epic KE 31285 (CBS) ily to the music industry. . . . 11 12 EASY LOVING 32 had one of the most Freddie Hart, Capitol ST 838 clever booths at the Fan Fair. She paid tribute 15 I CAN'T SEE ME WITHOUT YOU 5 to all the other artists, Conway Twitty, Decca DL 75335 (MCA) and had a theme of "Love" throughout. 13 13 REAL McCOY 5 Her banners carried Charley McCoy, Epic Z 31329 (CBS) the initials LSD, which stood for "BIG BLUE DIAMOND" Love Skeeter . . . 14 11 IT'S FOUR IN THE MORNING 6 Davis. Jerry , Mercury SR 61359 Clower highlighted the event with 15 7 GOOD HEARTED WOMAN 9 the presentation of a Gideon Bible Waylon Jennings, RCA LSP 4647 to , the "Opry" man- ager. Jerry 16 14 BIGGEST HITS OF SONNY JAMES 8 has been a member of Capitol ST 11013 the Gideons for 17 years. Dolly Parton's 17 18 I'M A TRUCK 12 parents were present Red Simpson, Capitol ST 881 at the "Opry" for the first time in their lives. 18 20 IN THE BLUE CANADIAN ROCKIES 3 They brought her a Mom & Dads, GNP Crescendo GNPS 2063 charm bracelet with 14 charms, 19 19 TOUCH YOUR WOMAN 5 each a silhouette of her parents Dolly Parton, RCA LSP 4686 and her 12 brothers and sisters. 20 22 (I've Got A) HAPPY HEART 12 . . . Charley McCoy is working Susan Raye, Capitol ST 875 only selective bookings despite the 33 SMELL THE FLOWERS 5 surge in popularity Jerry Reed, RCA LSP 4660 from his re- cordings. . . . Marty Robbins flew - THE "KILLER" ROCKS ON 1 Jerry Lee Lewis, Mercury SRM 1 -637 to Arizona to shake off the flu, 23 21 INNERVIEW 7 and then rushed back to perform Statler Brothers, Mercury SR 61358 at Fan Fair. . . . Mack Vickery 24 24 BILL & JAN (Or Jan & Bill) 12 is changing his name to Atlanta Bill Anderson & , Decca DL 75293 (MCA) James. . . . An album called 25 I 25 SHE'S ALL GOT 19 "Greatest Hits of Hylo Brown" is Johnny Paycheck, Epic E 31141 (CBS) being released in Europe and Ja- 26 23 RANGER'S WALTZ 25 Mom and Dads, GNP Crescendo GNPS 2061 pan on the London label. 27 26 THE RIGHT COMBINATION /BURNING THE MIDNIGHT OIL 14 Porter Wagoner & Dolly Parton, RCA LSP 4628

28 27 TURN YOUR RADIO ON 13 Ray Stevens, Barnaby Z 20809 (CBS) 29 29 ROSE GARDEN 71 Lynn Anderson, Columbia C 30411 30 28 THE JOHNNY CASH COLLECTION: HIS GREATEST HITS, VOL. 2 28 Columbia KC 30510

A THING CALLED LOVE 1 Johnny Cash, Columbia KC 31332 'WARD 32 17 HOW CAN I UNLOVE YOU 22 JAM Lynn Anderson, Columbia C 30925

33 31 THIS IS TOMMY OVERSTREET 10 JACK GREENE and Jeannie See- Dot DOS 25994 (Famous) ley perform at the Decca segment 34 34 VERY of Fan Fair in Nashville. BEST OF MEL TILLIS 10 13 , U IAM0N D.. MGM SE 4896

35 30 ANNE MURRAY & GLENN CAMPBELL 21 Capitol SW 869 -Just To Name A Few Believers- 36 37 TAMMY'S GREATEST HITS, VOL 2 35 Tammy Wynette, Epic E 30733 (CBS) NOTICE # 1 Jaclison, Mis.>. T 1 Houston, Texas 37 40 WE ALL GOT TOGETHER AND 2 # 5 Shreveport, La. 431 Denver, Colo. Tom T. Hall, SR Mercury 61362 Any company or individual #41 Norfolk, Va. i+t 5 Raleigh, N.C. 38 32 WE GO TOGETHER 26 signing country a r t i s t # 1 Victoria, Texas *10 Ord, Nebraska George Jones & Tammy Wynette, Epic KE 30802 (CBS) "Billy Don Burns" to a #30 Roanoke, Va. 434 Buffalo, N.Y. 39 35 HANK THOMPSON'S 21 San Antonio, Texas jt 1 Newberry, N.C. Dot DOS 2 -200 (Famous) recording contract is sub- # 3 #17 Salt Lake City, Utah i1í52 Eau Claire, Wisc. 40 41 LOVE IS LIKE A SPINNING WHEEL 3 ject to legal action by Jan Howard, Decca DL 7 -5333 (MCA) #10 Cincinnati, Ohio *74 St. Joseph, Mo. Shane Wilder Record Pro- #56 Lansi-g, Mich. íE10 Springfield, Mo. YOU BETTER MOVE ON 1 Billy "Crash" Craddock, Cartwheel CIW AL 05001 ductions, represented by And Many Others 42 39 WHAT AIN'T TO BE, JUST MIGHT HAPPEN 8 the legal firm of Best, Best Porter Wagoner, RCA LSP 4661 and Krieger, Palm Springs, EXCLUSIVEV ON 43 43 BEST OF BUDDY ALAN 2 Capitol ST 11019 California 92262. 44 45 THIS IS JERRY WALLACE 2 Decca SL 7 -5294 Artist is under a long -term TARGET (MCA) RECORDS

WHEN YOU SAY LOVE 1 contract to Shane Wilder Distributed By Mega Records & Tapes Bob Laman, Epic KE 31375 (CBS) Record Productions.

APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 55 www.americanradiohistory.com Jukebox programming

Albums Moving at Fast Pace ADULT PROGRAMMING

Continued from page 1 Crosby, Stills & Nash" (25). "Led .weeks for Engelbert Humperdinck's Fast Foods Chain President Zeppelin II" peaked after 17 "Release Me"; the shortest of the are often not available. Producers weeks, "Tom Jones" after 15 and 10 LP's were "Album 1700" by of 7 -in. jukebox albums are trying "Three Dog Night Was Captured Peter, Paul & Mary and "Blood, Tells Objections to Jukebox to bridge the gap. Live at 11. Sweat & 65 weeks. the Forum" after The Tears," both By EARL PAIGE and GRIER LOWRY Little LP's Unlimited of subur- Temptations' "P u z z l e People" The chart life dropped for the cur- ban Northfield here has doubled peaked after 9 weeks, Creedence rent period where the longest is rate its KANSAS CITY, Mo.-Jukebox Take up needed space; the of jukebox album re- Clearwater Revival's "Willie & the Carpenters' "Close to You" at 84 a leases from six operators and programmers face Slow down customer turn- every two months Poor Boys" after 7 and Rolling weeks and the shortest, another but not impossible challenge over; two years ago to six every month hard Stones' "Let It Bleed" after 5. Carpenters' album, 47 weeks. in selling the idea of jukeboxes to Are not attractive to adult now, said Richard Prutting, presi- Of the 1970 group, the Beatles' The problem perplexing jukebox dent. management of fast food outlets customers; "Abbey Road," showed a degree programmers is exemplified in the now gradually changing to sit - selling, A study of 10 Contain mostly best albums on Bill- of chart life not found today. The fast rise of the Neil Young LP. down operation. A hint of this is hit records which are not the old board's recent "Top LP's & Tape" LP took three chart leaps to land Prutting pointed out that there has in the attitude of Smaks, Inc., favorites and easy listening type Chart shows that up until the week No. 1 Nov. 1, 1969 and remained been only one single available they peaked they were on the president Ted C. Llewellyn here. music that appeals to older cus- chart No. 1 for 8 weeks finally peaking since Jan. 1, "Heart of Gold" b/w Smaks, Inc., a Midwest chain of an average of 8.8 weeks. tomers; Another off Jan. 24 after 15 weeks on the "Sugar Mountain," during which around 40 outlets, is not using Result in a noise level pre- group of 10 LP's from a similar chart. However, it remained on time the album shot to No. 1. period in 1970 jukeboxes and instead is using venting proper communications be- did not peak until the chart for 83 weeks until May Prutting's Young LP will not be background music. The outlets fea- tween our front line and back line they were on the chart an average 15, 1971 when it fell off at No. available for another two weeks of 16.8 weeks. ture inside dining and seat around personnel. 176. (it will contain "Heart of Gold," 40 people. For some time, the jukebox in- The contract with 1967 is even The chart life comparison of 10 "Harvest," "Old Man," "Alabama" more In outlining his objection to dustry has been addressing itself dramatic. The 10 albums on oldest LP's at this time in 1967 and "Needle & the Damage Llewellyn noted that in the chart longest this time five jukeboxes, to developing new locations. The showed albums ranging from "Fid- Done"). a previous operation of 11 service Music Op e r a t ors of America years ago had an average chart dler on the Roof" at 131 weeks Prutting and Yudkofsky both type jukeboxes life of 93.3 weeks. The drive -in restaurants, (MOA) business seminar series in average to "Man of La Mancha" at 67 pointed out that they must be were used and found profitable. conjunction with the Notre Dame dropped to 89.1 weeks in 1970 and weeks. The longest chart life for careful in selecting jukebox LP the is 65.5 now. Speaking of older operation, Center for Continuing Education the 1970 study period was 106 (Continued on page 57) which was subsequently sold. he pointed the "Albums are happening like they specifically at changing were singles," said: nature of fast food franchises. commented Roger "Each of these units had dining At the initial seminar, marketing Harvey, associate of Bernie Yuk- rooms and we used jukeboxes in dofsky, president of another juke- instructor Dr. John Malone sug- box album production Plug 'Fabulous Fifties' Hits each operation. This was a profit- gested operators develop a sales firm, Gold v t u r Mor Distributor, Englewood, N.J. By MAURIE H ORODENKER able en e although careful presentation brochure, which need The screening of the record selection not be elaborate. It would contain, comment is ironical in view PHILADELPHIA Bla- was necessary to the hit rec- of the slow-up in - Jerry a stack of promotional Geater- tailor for example, photographs of the singles activity. vat, one of the leading deejays Grams in each location. ords to the taste of our average newer machines, particularly the A recent chart analysis showed here during what he calls the down We did experience stereo that the duration of time from "People can write any customers.... furniture, or home console point of review "fabulous fifties," is re- creating tune they want," he explains. some difficulties in customer turn- styled "jukeboxes." to peak position on that era of music via specially weeks we the five over because of the reluctance on that op- the "Hot 100" was "Every two add Malone also suggested an average of programmed jukeboxes. The ma- most requested tunes to the box. the part of the jukebox patron to erators develop a projected rate of 9.9 weeks as compared 5.7 to chines have been reconditioned He explained he, as op- leave before number played. We e s. He said: weeks five years ago also that return on juke box (Billboard, and redesigned and Blavat is get- gets the first $35 of the also found that the presence of the "Figure the profit Mar. 18). The study erator, out projected also showed ting a guarantee of $35 a week play each week with the rest going jukebox was an attraction in itself per square foot; ask management a decrease in the number of singles from being released. locations. to the location owner. "They even to the younger set. These people if they are making that kind of Apart from his record and TV keep the keys," added Blavat. would meet at our restaurants to money in the kitchen." Another report on Billboard rec- music we were not ord reviews points shows, Blavat was also a pioneer When not opening up new loca- listen to the and Some of the k e y objections up the contrast. tions for his Geater Boxes, Blavat in the jukebox music business." Llewellyn raises have been met by LP's released in 1971 totaled in record hops and bannered the play of music. Now fronts a nitery revue with a rock Thus. Llewellyn believes juke- operators. Howard Ellis, former 4,277, up 6:5 percent from 4,016 nights each in 1970; singles that he has left the airways, Bla- 'n' roll combo different boxes: MOA president and an Omaha op- totaled 5,372, in the near- Attract the teenage crowd, in down 5.5 percent vat aims to continue his popular week at various clubs erator, has jukeboxes Lums out- from 5,685 the by Southern New Jersey area. which is not Smaks' market group; lets. He told over two years ago previous year (Billboard, Apr. 8). appeal via jukeboxes which he Examples of merchandises as "Geater Boxes." how he convinced management albums peaking that jukeboxes need not be synony- after relatively short periods on It is the programming that the charts include makes the Blavat- operated music mous with loud music. Neil Young's Recent surveys have shown that "Harvest," which peaked 18 machines different from all others. Mar. there is considerable easy listening after three weeks on the chart. It A Geater Box is loaded with old- Coin Machine World Moreover, labels was knocked off by "America," ies only -Fabulous Fifties favor- music available. which peaked ites like Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great are reissuing thousands of stan- after four weeks at dards and oldies (Billboard, Apr. No. 1 and after being Balls of Fire," Bill Haley's "Rock on the chart Ola, Ed Doris, developed the pro 15). Rolling Meadows, Ill. operator six weeks. Around the Clock," Tony Ben - NEW MOA DATE Grand Funk Railroad's jected gains in locations due to instance, is "E Pluribus nett's "Rags to Riches," Frank Si- Music Operators of America Wayne Hesch, for Funk" also peaked furniture -styled machines such as buying oldies by Elvis Presley. after six weeks. natra's "Nancy," Joan Weber's (MOA) has changed the date of its Rock -Ola's Model 447 (Billboard, "Let Lover," Tom Jones, Johnny Mathis and The LP in the recent chart Me Go, and Johnny exposition at the Conrad Hilton April 1). Doris predicts another deter- study that took longest Ray's "Little White Cloud That Hotel in Chicago to Sept. 14 -16 other artists with the same to peak was 250,000 locations will open up (see mination he buys new records and Don McLeans' "American Pie," Cried." and for the first time in several separate story on Smaks Inc.). which will on said play on oldies is exceptional. left the top position after a "I started less than a month ago years close "the convention Rock -Ola is coming to the atten- suitable run of seven a Saturday night. The date was In terms of repertoire weeks for a total and already I've placed eight tion of the financial media now for adult locations, there is also a chart life at that point of 17 boxes," said Blavat. His Geater changed to avoid conflict with the that it is being represented by the weeks. Cat Jewish holidays. growing catalog of jukebox Stevens' "Teaser and Boxes are specially designed and public relations firm Public Rela- albums. the Fire Cat" peaked after 13 reconditioned music machines. tions Board in Chicago. weeks and Faces' The objection to customer slow- "A Nod is as While Blavat is the operator, all SWEET ROCK -OLA also be met by program- Good as a Wink to a down can Blind Horse" the machines are provided by Rock -Ola's furniture -look juke- BALLY EXPANDS ming shorter records (moss stan- peaked after 11 weeks. Chicago's David Rosen, local Wurlitzer dis- "At box was used recently in Chicago Bally Manufacturing Corp. of dards and oldies are short), Carnegie Hall" peaked after tributor, his collaborator in this by Carson, Pirie, Scott & Co. here dif- 10 weeks. Al Green's "Let's Chicago recently acquired sub- There are certainly enough Stay new venture. in the perfume department. Fa- stantially all the assets of the West ferent jukebox models and wall Together" peaked after 8 weeks The machines are placed largely berge, to plug a new cologne called German gaming equipment manu- box combinations to appeal to fast and "Led Zeppelin" and "Concert in , youth spots and tav- Music, gave away 45 rpm record- many for Bangle Desh" both peaked facturer Gunter Wulff Appartebau. food franchise managers, erns. Blavat tailors the record of- ings of "Music" which were also (Continued on page 57) operators agree. after 7 weeks. fering for each machine to fit the demonstrated on the machine. Examples from the 1970 study particular clientele of each loca- moreover were a include Customers given "Santana" (35 weeks), tion. And just in case his judg- raffle ticket and a chance to win FLA. PROGRAMMER "Blood, Sweat & Tears" (29) and ment may go wrong, Blavat leaves the jukebox, valued at "$2,000, even more," a sales person con- fided. Give New Singles Chance ROCK -OLA STORY LP's Unlimited Expands By SARA LANE In a city like Chicago where NORTHFIELD, I11.- Little LP's bum business as the prime concern most newspaper jukebox industry CLEARWATER, Fla. - Wel- This patient philosophy ties in Unlimited is expanding its opera- of the company. stories hint at gangland conspira- coming requests from location well with a recent study showing tion beyond that of producing The firm's catalog of jukebox cies, the straight article is rare. owners and leaving new releases on that records are taking a longer albums is steadily expanding too. jukebox albums. Richard Prutting, However, Chicago Today financial the jukebox for at least five weeks period to peak on the charts and He plans to release in the next columnist George Lazarus recently president, indicated are two elements in the program- therefore stay on the charts longer that he plans two weeks albums by Neil Young, profiled Rock -Ola Manufacturing ming philosophy of M. A. Brewer, (Billboard, Mar 18). to form a label, although he said Sonny & Cher, Freddie Hart, Lo- Corp. in his column Marketing co -owner of Gulf Coast Music retta Lynn, Myron Floren and Al The study showed that 10 rec- there is little definite at this time. Today. Lazarus' interview with here. ords on the "Hot 100" took an Jolsen. executive vice president of Rock- He will maintain the jukebox al- Prutting, now working with a As with other more astute pro- average time of 9.9 weeks from dozen different labels, said he grammers who are aware of the time of review to peak position as long life records are now enjoying compared to 5.7 weeks five years must seek out the advice of one - ago. Average weeks on chart was L. A. Location stops and jukebox programmers in Programmer's on the charts, Brewer tries to buy Suit ordert o know what product to re- early and take advantage of the 9.3 compared with 7.3 in 1967. LOS ANGELES-Superior Mu- lease. For example, Freddie Hart build -up in popularity. Brewer's patience is wise as sic & Amusement, the jukebox has two albums but Prutting chose Potpourri "I pay particular attention to shown by examples during the past agency of Michael Frontina and the older one with "Easy Lovin'." Billboard's 'New Radio Action and several months of records that Ben Gonzales, has filed suit in He said: "I think that song will be- Billboard Pick Singles' page be- took considerable time to peak. court here against Jazz. Atlantic: Yusef Lateef, "Nubian cause many records I buy won't Undisputed Truth's "Smiling Faces William and come a standard and the one -stops Lady /Below Yellow Bell" 5114; Eddie Phyllis Beausoleil's Stardust Room agreed." Harris, "Instant Death /A Little Wes" receive heavy air play until two or Sometimes" took 17 weeks to peak. for $17,466. The suit claims the The next release will bring the 5115. three weeks." Requests, of course, are an early local nitery broke a long -term $30- Little LP's Unlimited catalog to Polka. E. Benedict, "Rock & Roll Brewer then gives the new re- sign of a potentially popular rec- Polka/Too Soon to Know," Canyon 101; ord. "I try to give 100 percent cov- weekly jukebox rental contract 88 titles (see separate story on al- Frankie Yankovic, "Happy Wanderer leases a chance by leaving them on with Superior after 26 weeks. bums). Polka /Geraldine Waltz," V Records 507. the boxes. (Continued on page 57) 56 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com Jukebox programming What's Playing? Give New Singles Chance A weekly programming profile of current and oldie Coin selections from locations around the country. Continued from page 56 "The Family of Man" and many of the 5th Dimension's releases. Buchanan, Mich.; Easy Listening Location erage in requests," said Brewer, a Current Releases: Machine former insurance salesman who Despite the current popularity of "A Horse With No Name," America, said he got into the jukebox busi- oldies and standards, Brewer only Warner Bros. 7555; Frank ness by a fluke. occasionally is asked for the old Fabiano, "A Cowboy's Work is Never Done," World Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey programmer, Sonny & Cher, Kopp 2158; "One of my standard questions re- issues. "Every Day of My Life," Bobby Vinton, when I first see a location owner Fa biano Epic 10822; Continued from page 56 Like trips Amusement Co. "Heart of Gold," Neil Young, Reprise is to ask what his requests are for any programmer, he up. "I covered with 'Down by the 1065; The German firm will be called the week. Of course, if there's "Mother G Child Reunion," Paul Simon, some drunk in the bar asking for Lazy River' believing it would play Columbia Gunter Wulff GMBH and will 45547. something I know won't be played, like crazy -but it did nothing in continue under the direction of my locations." Chicago; High School Age Location Gunter Wulff and Harro Koehke I will ignore that. But requests are any of Current Releases: as managing directors. The extremely important." Recent advance purchases in- Paul Brown, pur- "The Family of Man," Three Dog Night, chase means that Bally is now the Other programming criterions cluded Van Morrison's "Cannon- operator; Dunhill 4306; Glenn Campbell's "Morning Has Broken," Cat Stevens, largest marketer of slot machines include careful listening to radio ball," "Manhat- Betty Schott, AGM 1335; in Europe, said president William stations. He said he listens all the tan Kansas," Isaac Hayes's "Let's programmer; "Me and Julio Down by the School - T. O'Donnell. time and constantly switches from Get Together" and "Joe Simon's yard," Paul Simon, Columbia 45585. "Pool of Bad Luck." Western one station to another. He studies Picks: ROCK -OLA SCHOOLS the Addition- were Automatic "Tumblin' Dice," Rolling Stones, Roll- charts assiduously. "A couple of these recom- Music Co. ing Stone 19103; At recent schools conducted by ally, he listens to the advice of mended by Yoss and I usually take "Baby Blue," Badfinger, Apple 1844. field service engineer William Paul Yoss, manager of the See - his word on what's going to make Chicago; Soul Location Findlay at Portale Automatic Sales, burg -South Atlantic one -stop chain it. "I have found him to be the Los Angeles and Empire Dist. Chi- with headquarters in Miami. most knowledgable one-stop person cago. In Los Angeles: Jim Wilkins, Brewer said that during the four in the state. Nine times out of ten, Moses Proffit, Current Releases: Phillip Giannone, Portale; Hy he's right in his predictions." operator; Weiner, Chuck Carter, 20th years he and his brother have "I'll Take You There," Staple Singers, Jr owned Gulf Coast Music he has Gulf Coast locations are still ex- John Strong, Stax 0125; Century Music, Los Angeles; How- periencing good play on Al Green's ard Smith, D & H Products, Tem- tried various one -stops but finds progra m mer, "Look What You Done for Me," Al that he gets the best service from "Let's Stay Together," which disap- Green, Hi 2211; ple City; L. A. Sterling, Baldwin peared from the "Hot 100" Mar. South Central Park; A. L. Dugger, Dugger Mu- South -Atlantic. "They give me at Novelty Co. "Hearsay," Soul Children, Stax 0119. least an 80 percent fill on requests. 18 after 15 weeks on the charts. sic, Los Angeles; Jim Widge, Cliff The 5th Dimension's "Last Night I Griffin, Servomation, Ontario; Ber- If they don't have a request in stock, they try to get it from their Didn't Sleep at All" and America's Fargo, N.D.; Country nie Schlossman, Stan Mar Amuse- "A Horse With No Name" are two Location ment, Los Angeles; Larry Lewis, other branches." Current Releases: He said mobile one -stop trucks others still spinning boxes for "What Ain't to Be," Porter Wagoner, Joe and Emil S. Winter, Tri Brewer. Amusement, San B a r o; covering Florida "only carry fairly RCA 0648; ern din 80 "A Thing Called Love," Johnny Cash, Ralph Henning, Dick Dickerson, small quantities of each record. If Brewer said percent of his Columbia 45534; AAA Amusement, Oceanside (see I am second or third in line on locations are now at two for a Gerold W. "Chantilly Lace," Jerry Lee Lewis, Mer- quarter play. High school age lo- cury 73273; photo). In Chicago with hosts Gil the truck route, the record I want Staska, "All His Children," Charley Pride, RCA Kitt (Empire owner), Joe Robbins will probably be gone." He said cations are however still three for programmer, 0624. and Jack Burns; Frank W. Polyak, mobile one -stops do not fill re- a quarter. United Music Co. Oldies: Rock -Ola; Leo Zeitlin, Flip's En- quests efficiently enough to suit How did an insurance man wind "For the Good Times," Ray Price, Co- terprises; Samuel Ward, Blue Bird him. up as a jukebox operator? "My lumbia 45178; Inc.; Ray Breen, Argary Eaton, Although is located brother had come to Flo rid a "Easy Lovin," Freddie Hart, Capitol Brewer 3115; Clover Music; Jerry Schultz and across the state from Miami, looking for work and found a job "Never Ending Song of Love," Dickie Charles W. Smith, State Music; Ed- South -Atlantic has a WATS line with Gulf Coast Music. I started Lee, RCA 1013. ward Vaissulos and son, Apollo that allows Brewer to call in an dropping around not only to visit Fertile, Minn.; Campus /Young Adult Location Vending; Clarence Thiel, Jerry order each Thursday at a regular my brother, but also to try to sell Ebert, Syl Kindler, Hastings Dist., time, usually between 2 -4 p.m. The some insurance to the employes." Current Releases: Milwaukee; Arnold Emmerling, "Horse With No Name," America, order is received the next day. Dropping around soon turned Duane Knutson, Warner Bros. 7555; Windy City Music; James Scott, Gulf Coast's locations stretch into part -time work and the busi- programmer, "Heart of Gold," Neil Young, Reprise Allied ABC; Al Hucjek, Hi Fi Mu- from Hudson to Sarasota. They are ness so interested Brewer that he 1065; sic Co.; Leo Gingrey, United; Pat- "Lion categorized as country, kid, lounge got out of insurance and became a Automatic Sleeps Tonight," Robert John, rick G. Corcoran, Sandler Vending, full -time employee. He and his Sales Co. Atlantic 2846. Minneapolis; and soul. Some of the country Ruddy Sherman, spots allow Brewer to mix country brother took over Gulf Coast when Oldies: South Central Novelty Co.; Arnold the previous owner died. "Candida"; and lounge -type music. At least a Sharrow, Boyde L. Simpson, dozen the "I "It's Too Late." Amusement Service Co., LaPorte, of lounge locations now wouldn't trade places with go for , records such as anyone," Brewer said. Galion, O.; Country Location Ind.; Rene E. Pirard, Mike Cacor- ovski, W. Lipinski, John Stasi, Current Releases: Frank "(Lost Her Love) on Our Last Date," DeWar, Melody Music J Conway Corp.; Dale Presterl and Rich Larry Twitty, Decca 32945; Faust, "Manhattan Kansas," Glen Campbell, Ensch, North Shore Vending, Ke- programmer, Capitol 3305; nosha, Wis.; Ronald Hayes and ELECTRIC SCOREBOARDS "If It Feels Good, Do It," Dave Dudley, i Large Mercury Ronald Thornton, Ron's Service; 10¢ 1- ployer or 2- player by simple Hopkins 73274. plug switchover. Also 2 for 25f ploy. Music Co. Oldies: Richard Fousek, Alfred Reiter, Easily serviced. Large metal coin box. selection Paul Friedman, Apex; Donald "Chantilly Lace," Jerry Lee Lewis, Mer- OVERHEAD MODEL of cury 73273; Cole, Carl Rushton, Dave Logs- billiard e/IL "Cry," Lynn Anderson, Columbia 45529. (Natural finish hardwood cabinet.) don, Calderon Bros. Vending, In- Two -faced. Scores 15 -21 and /or cloth, balls Omaha; High School Age Location dianapolis; Dave Magum, R. Van - 50 pts. F.O.B. Chicago $169.50 and cue Current guri, Joseph Patterson, Empire; Releases: Bruce McDonald, sticks Howard Ellis, Valley Music Heavy -Duty COIN BOX - operator; "A Horse With No Name," America, Write for Warner Bros. 7555; Made of steel with dark Rollie Terms: IA dep., Now Stevenson, "Puppy Love," Donny Osmond, MGM brown baked enamel fin- Catalog programmer, 14367; ish. 10¢ or 25¢ opera- bal. C.O.D. or S.D. Coin-A-Matic "I Gotcha," Joe Tex, Dial 1010; Albums Moving tion. Large coin capacity w /Ntl. Rejectors. Size: Musc Co. "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done," MARVEL Mfg, Company Sonny & Cher, Kapp 2163. 8" x 16" x 4 ". Electric 2845 W. Fullerton, Chicago, Ill. 60647 At Fast Pace counter optional. Phone (312) 342 -2424 Portland, Ore.; Campus /Young Adult Location PROMMIER Current Releases: Don Anderson, "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," material because they do not en- operator; Roberta Flack, Atlantic 2864; "Heart of Gold," Neil Young, Reprise joy a return privilege on product Margaret A. 1065; unsold. There is also a delay in KING'S Stew service for all "A Horse with No Name," America, preparing the mini jackets, though Barnes, Warner Bros. 7555. ate programmer, Prutting does not use exact repli- Oldies: cas as Yudkofsky does. BULK VENDING MACHINE OPERATORS A &A "Spanish Harlem," Aretha Franklin; "When there is as tremendously Amusement "Stagger Lee," Tommy Roe. Co. popular artist, the jukebox pro- MERCHANDISE -Leaf ball gum wrapped gum, charms, filled Rockford, Ill.; Country Location grammer can try to use older ma- capsules, panned candies, bulk & vacuum packed nuts, ball terial if he can find point pens, combs, lc tab, 5c package gum, 5c & 10e vending Current Releases: it and make pack candy bars. sure he is using everything avail- SUPPLIES -Empty capsules V- VI-V2, coin weighing scales, Charles Marik, "I Started Loving You Again," Charlie able that is good," said, McCoy, Monument 8529; Prutting counters & wrappers, stamp folders, decals; route cards, pad- operator; "Lost Forever in Your Kiss," Porter "until the jukebox album is avail- locks, spray paints, machine cleaners & lubricants, paper cups Wagoner G Dolly Parton, RCA 0675; able." for hot nut venders & hot beverages. Jerry Schultz, "A Thing Called Love," Johnny Cash, progra He pointed out that Elton John's EQUIPMENT -All Northwestern bulk venders, cast iron stands, m mer, Columbia 45534; "Tumbleweed Connection" juke- wall brackets, sanitary & stamp venders, new & reconditioned "All His Children," Charley Pride, RCA bulk venders of all kinds, parts for all bulk venders. Star Music Co. Pick to cover pop: box LP is still selling well. One "I Started Loving,You Again," Charlie reason, he points out, is that John McCoy. Mail this coupon for details and price. on the Northwester, has had only two singles released SUPER SIXTY (uwatrated), vend. gum- channe. Also ask for Rolling Meadows, Ill.; General Locations in the past year, according to Star Information on other Northwestern machlnea. Current Releases: Title Strip Co. lists: "Friends," in NAME TITLE DEPENDABLE "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face," February, "Levon" in December. I FAST SERVICE, Roberta Flack, Atlantic 2864; However, Prutting counters the COMPANY LOWEST PRICES "Doctor My Eyes," Jackson Browne, I Robert Hesch, Asylum 11004; fast pace of LP's by pointing out ADDRESS FROM LARGEST programmer, "A Horse with No Name," America, that he is selling large quantities INVENTORY IN Warner Bros. 7555; of albums featuring standard reper- CITY STATE ZIP THE U.S. "Heart of Gold," Neil A & H Young, Reprise toire and artists such as Jan Gar- Fill in coupon, clip and mail to: 1065; Send Entertainers "Way of Love," Cher, Kapp 2158. ber, the Ink Spots, Les Brown and for Oldies: prices and others. This too, though, may tie in T. J. KING 8t COMPANY INC. "Green, Green Grass of Home," Tom to the steadily decreasing illustrated Jones; amount 2700 W. Lake St. Chicago, Ill. 60612 literature. "Chances Are," Johnny Mathis. of singles product available for Phone: 13121 533 -3302 certain programming requirements. L APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 57 www.americanradiohistory.com International News Reports

Col Canada Is Helping Stereodune Is Play Gets Strong Play Olympic Team, Schools -And Only 6 Months Old Bought by COPENHAGEN - The Young has comprised all Mogensen songs By RITCHIE YORK Play Records label, headed by except one. The album sold 10,- Joergen Klein, has established it- 000, and the title song in single TORONTO -Columbia Records Olympic Games, and the other self solidly in just over six months version reached 40,000. of Canada is lending its support half will remain with local school A U.S. Group of existence, including a Danish Mogensen's single debut for to a charity album project de- boards. An enormous national chart topper throughout three of Play was "Soendag Morgen" a Dan- signed to raise a total of $1 mil- media advertising campaign will TORONTO -A group of U.S. those six months. ish translation by Mogensen and lion for the Canadian Olympics be conducted to ensure consumer businessmen has acquired Stereo - Kleinert, formerly chief of Ok- Kurt Ard of Kris Kristofferson's team and local school boards. knowledge of the project prior to dyne (Canada) Ltd. and the com- "Sunday Morning Comin' Down." Four separate anthology albums the student house calls. pany will become a fully -functional tav here, founded Play on Aug. 15 of last year, plus his own publish- Other Play artists are Weavers of Canadian music are being pro- Friedman said that it was hoped record -tape operation. Green from Britain, who have duced through the auspices of Co- $500,000 would be raised for each Ron Newman, music marketing ing enterprize JK Music, and is also running Kleinerts Musik For - scored their biggest European suc- lumbia's Special Products division of the two recipients. "We have executive, has been appointed cess in Denmark, and girl singer -with the themes or rock, MOR, experienced tremendous co- opera- president of the new company. lag, a family business. He also represents London's Avenue Rec- Karin Paaske. An LP round-up of country and French Canadian. tion from record companies, the Newman was formerly national Play's single successes during its As part of a nationwide Olym- minister of education and local sales director of album product ords here, with a sales tally of 45,000 budget albums over six short history has sold over 7,000 pic week in Canada, school chil- school boards," Friedman said. at Motown in Detroit, and prior copies. dren across the country will em- Most of Canada's foremost re- to that, he was national sales man- months, and Norwegian Continen- bark on a door -to -door album sale cording artists have agreed to do- ager of Motown's Canadian dis- tal Cassettes. The latter's sales fig- campaign. nate familar cuts to the project. tributor (at that time) Phonodisc. ures for the same period is 40,000, Columbia Special Products man- The only two artists which have Newman returned to Canada an exceptional achievement in view UA Pub Bows ager, Len Friedman, said each of declined to take part are Gordon some two years ago to head of the low -key state of the Danish the albums will be packaged in Lightfoot and the Guess Who. Stereodyne. During that period, the tape market heretofore. Label in England a high -quality gatefold jacket and But the majority of hot Ca- organization has grown rapidly, Play's marathon No. 1 in Den- will sell at $5 per unit. nadian acts have indicated their especially in the rack jobbing mark was "Fut I Fejemoejet" LONDON -Avalanche Records The albums will be pressed with willingness to help out wherever field. Stereodyne now operates (roughly "Things Are Happening ") has been launched in England as a special Olympic gold medal possible. This includes Lighthouse, tape /racking branches in Vancou- written and recorded by John the label of the United Artists label at Columbia's newly- opened Crowbar, the Stampedes, Chilli - ver, Calgary, and Mon- Mogensen, which hit the chart top Music Publishing Group here. The plant. wack, Anne Murray and Doctor treal, with a Moncton (N.B.) on Dec. 15 and stayed there until office is headed by Noel Rogers, Friedman said that Columbia Music. branch and offing. March 24 this year. It has sold managing director of UA Music anticipates losing money on the Columbia is actually coordinat- Primarily Stereodyne has been over 50,000 copies to date. for the United Kingdom and Eu- project, but is prepared to proceed ing the project through Fried - involved in the manufacture of Kleinert signed Mogensen while rope. Recording operations are because of the worthy nature of the man's office. The actual artist 8 -track and cassette tapes under still at Oktav Records, now run - handled by Roger Welch. Promo- endeavor. lineup for each of the four disks the trade mark of Dynapak. by managing director Boerge Bind - tion is the baliwick of Mike Claire Half of the profits will go to will be announced shortly. The The company has just acquired erup. Kleinert produced Mogensen's and Richard Gillinson. the Olympic Trust Fund to send Olympic week will take place the Canadian tape distribution rights LP "Der Er Noget Galt I Dan- Debut release on the new label Canadian athletes to the next first week of June. to the Alshire, Somerset and Oscar mark" ( "There's Something Rotten is Ed Welch's single, "I Should labels and other licensing agree- In Denmark ") for Oktav, which Have Been A Lady." ments are now being negotiated. Bob Karr will continue on as U.K. Recommends Code of national sales manager, and he is now on a national trip with New- Klees Gets $35G in man outlining the company's plans. Conduct for List Pushers Newman said that the intention LONDON The government The full report of the working is to build Stereodyne into an in- Libel Action Vs. Pub - ternational operation headquar- has recommended a code of con- party will not be published until TORONTO -Stan Klees, one of During the trial, Klees said he duct for pop festival promoters. next month, although among its tered in Canada. U.S. principals in the venture are James L. Daigle Canada's most prominent record believed he had been blacklisted, Graham Page, Minister for Local recommendations is a proposal producers of the sixties, this week an independent body of un- and Robert H. Jackson of Cleve- and that he learned through art- Government and Development, that land. was awarded $35,000 in damages told the standing committee de- paid advisers should be created plus costs in a libel action in the ists he handled that they would bating the Night Assemblies Bill to investigate the difficulties and Ontario Supreme Court. not get airplay if he continued as in the House of Commons that problems of pop festivals. It would their producer. the code of conduct should be also employ paid advisers to col - Klees' action, which took al- created and regularly revised by a laborate with both local authori- most five years to reach the Cobb's story included several EMI Italy in courts, was against the Telegram team of independent advisers. ties and promoters. quotes from the then CHUM The report comments: "There Publishing Co. Ltd., writer David The code is one of the proposals appears to be a trend towards two Cobb, CHUM Ltd. and former music director Bob McAdorey, made by a working party set up separate types of festival; those Dept. Shifts CHUM music director, Bob Mc- referring to the artistic ability of by Peter Walker, Minister for the organized for profit and those Adorey. Environment, to investigate "the Klees. organized for some kind of com- MILAN -EMI Italiana's crea- Klees had sought $60,000 per- role of voluntary organizations munity or social purpose. It would tive and commercial departments Witnesses for CHUM and the and youth in the environment." sonally, $30,000 on behalf of his seem that an independent national are being shifted from Milan to company, Stan Klees Ltd. in busi- Telegram included Arc Records' body of unpaid advisers represent- Rome effective July 1. The firm's ness as Red Leaf Records, and executive Bill Gilliland, CKLG ing young people with previous promotion and PR office, headed $25,000 in punitive damages. music director Roy Hennessy, 2d Non -Stop experiences and local authorities by Marco Bignotti, has been work- Ocean's manager Tom Wilson and should be set up." ing out of the capital city since The case, which took almost Gary Parr of CKLG Kingston. Music AM Play four weeks to be heard, was tried The advisers would be able to Feb. 1 and the new move means The Canadian Radio -Television PARIS - The French ORTF test the feasibility of proposed it will now be joined by the mar- before a civil jury and Justice state radio -tv network has inaug- Mayer Lerner. Commission, the regulatory body festivals and possibly, with the co- keting, sales, domestic and inter- for broadcast licenses, is reported urated its second non -stop music national pop, operation of various trust grants, classical and art Through his counsel Boris Frees - to have ordered a complete tran- AM program FIM, to serve the make available finance for non- departments. southern Marseilles region. man, Klees claimed that an article script of the trial. Among Klees' profitmaking festivals. EMI's publishing company, Voce which appeared in the Toronto most successful artists were Little The decision was taken follow- The code of conduct created by del Padrone, remains in Milan Telegram in July, 1967, under the Caesar and the Consuls, Jack Lon- ing the success of FIP, France the advisory team, Page told the and the moves do not effect the by-line of David Cobb, contained don and the Sparrow, Shirley Mat- Inter Paris, created in 1971 mainly standing committee, would create a firm's pressing plant at Caronno defamatory statements. thews and the British Madbeats. for housewives and motorists. The greater liaison between promoters Pertusella. accent is on music, with brief and local authorities and it would However, the shift has resulted news, weather and traffic condi- also serve as a guide if cases want in a shake -up of executive per- tion inserts. appeal. sonnel within the organization. The commercial department has S. R. Fest Singles Slow been split into two divisions, mar- MILAN -Sales of singles from before the festival indicating that keting and sales, with Bignotti tak- this year's San Remo song festival many people recorded the three - French Mfrs Raising Retail $ ing on responsibility for the former. have on the whole been dissap- day event on tape as it was being Lino Terruzzi, Continued from page 1 have remained within the system manager, interna- pointingly low according to deal- televised rather than buy the sin- records and tapes must bear the tional catalogue, and Michele Cor- ers. Of the singles following the gles that were subsequently re- sleeve albums from $5.68 to $6.34. code letter referring to the whole- radi, manager, classical catalog, festival earlier this year, "Jesshel" leased. Cheaper rate albums, formerly sale price. will work in conjunction with by Delirium which topped the Bignotti. $4.20 have risen to $4.85, and in Trade reaction has Italian charts and "I Giorni Dell'ar- one case, the category has risen been totally Giampiero Schussel, a&r man- cobalene" by Nicola di Bari, festi- favorable to the price move in the ager of the pop department, has val winner, Cohen Concert in from $3.38 to $4.20. wake of dwindling result- have both done fairly Low -price budget albums have profits resigned in the reshuffle but will well saleswise as have the entries ing from the price freeze and continue to work now leveled out in price to either -mounting with the com- of Nada (RCA), Peppino Gagliardi Vienna Cut Live while ever production and pany- probably as a producer. (King -Cetra), $2.30 and $2.54, certain artistic costs. Vogue general man- /Fenit Gianni Mor- VIENNA Leonard Cohen's manufacturers have increased de- andi (RCA) and Marcella (CBS - - $7.34 ager Cesar Rossini summed it up: Sugar). recent concert at the Vienna Kon- luxe classics albums from "We are very happy zerthaus was recorded live for an and $7.70 to $8. after nine Lamm Dies years of price -fixing. Basic ma- In fact, Marcella was virtually album and in addition a 11/2 hour Certain other changes have been NASHVILLE-Funeral services book -records terials, salaries and other costs unknown before her festival ap- color film was shot by Cohen's made in childrens have gone up so much." were held here Monday (18) for pearance. own film production unit. where a double tax system prevails, Robert (Bob) Lamm, the vocalist but cassettes and cartridges appear CBS president Jacques Souplet, who sang the first million- selling However, sales of most of the The film is expected to be re- to have remained untouched for newly -elected president of the record recorded here, Francis other entries have been less en- leased in September with an album the moment. French trade association SKICOP, Craig's "Near You." He received couraging which dealers feel is a following at the end of the year. The French recording indus- described the increases as a the standard $50 vocalist's fee in reflection of the low standard of Although all the seats in the try information center CIDD, in "minimum," when profit margins 1947. He also sang on the sequel the San Remo songs this year. 2,000 seater hall had been sold a circular announcing the Ministry were "at the limit." Both Souplet song recorded by Craig, "Beg Your Some Italian industry leaders are out an estimated extra 300 turned decision said: "It is understood that and RCA president Ted Insley Pardon." Later he sang with John also beginning to feel that the an- up to see Cohen perform. The each producer has complete liberty agreed the increases would not Gordy and . Blinded nual festival is becoming less sig- tickets for the show ranged from to determine wholesale prices affect sales, although Insley noted in infancy, he overcame his handi- nificant as the years go by. $1.20 to $9.50. Following the within or outside the code letter there may be a two -month settling- cap by transcribing music and It is reported that sales of blank Vienna Concert, Cohen is making system." As all major companies in period. lyrics into Braille. cassettes rose sharply immediately further appearances in Europe. 58 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

www.americanradiohistory.com International News Reports

From The Polydor to Issue First Music Capitals Canada Intl Disk by Andersson STOCKHOLM - Polar artist ping a place in the Swedish best- of the World Executive Lena Andersson, 17, gets her first seller chart. international disk release this Miss Andersson was invited to SAN JUAN week booking. Many local celebri- month when Polydor issues "Saj take part in the Tokyo festival ties from government and enter- De Med En Sang "-"Better after Stig Anderson, her manager Olga Guilott (Musart Records) tainment- advertising fields, includ- Turntable To Have Loved (Than and record producer but not a in a four -week Never engagement at ing Gov. Luis A. Ferre, attended Loved At All) " -in Britain and relative, played the disk to repre- Caribe Hilton Hotel as a solo the opening night (April 11). Avel- sentatives of Watanabe Music at Bobby (Dimension) several other territories. The B act.... Darin lanet will also play three luncheon Clyde McGregor named national side is "Cecilia." MIDEM in January. She will re- at El San Juan Hotel.... Dakota concerts at Sheraton Hotel hacked merchandising manager for Play- cord a single in Japanese during Staton (MGM- Capitol) in her first Polydor holds release rights in by Apollo Sounds and Los Thun- boy Records. McGregor, who was her 14 days in Tokyo, and prepare 1972 booking at El Flamboyan the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, an album for the same market. ders during secretary week April formerly Hotel. 26-28. Other Puerto Rican /Latin associated with Astra New Guinea, Fiji, Germany, She was discovered by Anderson RCA Distributors Kelvinator recording artists busy at the fol- Records and Kinney Music will Switzerland, Austria and Japan. just over a year ago. Sales of P.R. hosted a party for lowing spots were: Julio Angel report, to general sales manager. She recorded a German version, Bjorn Ulveaus and Benny An- Mexican pianist -singer -composer (TR Records) at El Hipocampo. and will represent Scandinavia at dersson, co- writers of "Better To Armando Lee Barley. Tokyo Manzanero at El Josco . Danny Rivera (Velvet) as an the Music Festival on May Have Loved," are already well Nightclub where the artist is also actor -singer in the play "Un Sabor * 13 with "Better To Have Loved." known in Japan, where their own booked for a long engagement. a Miel" (A Taste of Honey) at the Dan LaRoche has been ap- The song was recording of their song, "She's My Manzanero is the composer of the written by Benny Tapia Theatre. pointed national sales and promo- Andersson, Stig Anderson and Kind of Girl," is a hit with sales tune "Somos Novios" (We are Hugo Santana, Brazilian singer over the 250,000 mark. Sweethearts) later made into the tion manager for the Boot family Bjorn Ulveaus, and the English (Hit Parade Records) at a new lyrics were penned by Tony Wad- international number "It's Impos- Santurce nightclub La Coneja. of labels. LaRoche's main ob- dington and sible." He will also appear on Wayne Bickerton. Raymond G. Carpenter, executive jective will be to co- ordinate the Bickerton produced the disk in Philips -Sonora TV Channnel 4 during this stint. of Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), London Chucho Avellanet (UA Latino) sales and promote activities cf the with Ulveaus and Benny based in Miami, presented the Andersson, and the song came and Lissette (Borinquen Records) Shrine Project of the National distributor, London Records. Prior Gets a Trophy opened their third in the Swedish eliminating main attraction show Exchange Club to the Public Music to joining Boot, LaRoche worked contest for this year's STOCKHOLM A diamond at El San Juan Hotel for a four- Eurovision - Schools of Puerto Rico at a cele- for Stereodyne and Phonodisc. Song Contest, subsequently win- disk trophy has been awarded by bration held in the Board of Edu- Phillip- Sonora for over 50,000 cation Building in Hato Rey. The sales of the LP "Pa Rymmen Med Freedom Shrine consists of 29 Pippi Langstrump" (Escaping With GRT Handles historical documents from priceless R. Rennie to Phonogram ). Receiving the originals that depict the early award are the Pippi children, who history of the U.S. Dr. Jose M. LONDON -Roland Rennie, for- Under Gottlieb's new blueprint, are Inger Nilsson (Pippi), Maria Recoton Line Gallardo accepted the gift in the mer managing director of Poly - John Mair is promoted to general Persson (Annika), and Per Sund - name of the music schools. The dor, has been appointed creative sales manager with responsibility berg (Tommy), and also the com- TORONTO - GRT of Canada director of Phonogram, in a will establish a brass band of the school, all high - per- for national sales, special projects, poser Georg Riedel and lyricist separate division sonnel reshuffle initiated by exec- to handle its line of Recoton Ac- school age students, played during export and international exploita- Astrid Lindgren. cessories. the act. utive chairman Steve Gottlieb in tion, and Hilton Price becomes Other albums and musicassettes Puerto Rico's Gov. Luis A. his first move since the departure general marketing manager. The Recoton division will be -un- of Fred Marks. in the series are "Har Kommer der the direction of Harry Hrabin- Ferre, who is also an accomplished Replacing Mair as home sales Pippi Langstrump" (Here Comes sky, who has amateur pianist, played as soloist Rennie, chairman of DGG Lon- manager is Bill Groves. John Hard- been upped to don since John Fruin took over Pippi Longstocking) and "Pippi national sales manager for acces- with Orquesta Sinfonica under the as man will concentrate on special Langstrump Pa De Sju Haven" sories. direction of maestro Enrique Gui - head of Polydor two years ago, projects, with Roy Tempest switch- will be given the major responsi- (Pippi Longstocking Of The Seven Hrabinsky resides in Calgary gui at a concert dedicated to the ing from the post of pop product Seas), and total sales of the three Puerto Rican Youth, at El San bility for securing product, a role manager to export and interna- and functions as Western region he fulfilled albums are nearing 345,000. sales and promotion manager. Juan Hotel. The governor played with distinction dur- tional exploitation manager. Beethoven's Third ing his spell at Polydor. He takes Since many of Canada's largest Concerto for In the marketing division, Rex piano and orchestra, the first move- up his duties on May 1. Future accessory buyers are located in of DGG's London Oldfield becomes pop marketing Alberta, Hrabinsky will continue ment. This act was sponsored by office remains the Federation of P.R. Musicians undecided, but it -is likely to re- manager with responsibility for to base himself out of that prov- main product, promotion and press ac- ince. He will retain (AFM Local 468), Festival Casals, in existence, although not his western Inc., under Rennie's daily control. tivities. sales position, but is turning pro- Music Performance Trust motion Fund and El San Juan Hotel. It Other jobs within Phonogram, over to Glen Gore -Smith, including those of John Franz as who was GRT's national was televised via Channels 6 & 3. promo- ANTONIO CONTRERAS head of a &r and Fred Kent as tion manager. financial controller, remain un- Gore -Smith requested that he be Greece Fest changed. transferred to his home province, LONDON and he will work out of a Van- In an effort to build up its A completely new appointment couver office. creative strength and to achieve is that of Alan Powell, formerly Brian Ayres has been appointed greater chart penetration, Pye is July 1 -9 with the sales force, who will Ontario promotion manager, and cutting down its artist roster and head an artists relations depart- the entire promotion staff will now in the next few months will be NEW YORK - The Olympiad ment. report to marketing manager, Ed starting on all -out bid to develop of Song, an international pop mu- "This will be a team operation LaBuick. Montreal - based K e n a new image for the company. sic competition, will be held for with the emphasis on the creative Dion has been retained to handle In the past year creative director the fifth year at the Panathenean area where we have not necessari- After their GRT promotion in the East. (Continued on page 60) Stadium in Athens, on July 7, 8 ly been strongest," commented and 9. Gottlieb. International Hit More than 48 countries are ex- pected to compete in the 5th DI RCA New U.K. Olympiad for prizes in songwriting ANTO OSANNA Outlet and performing. Songs must be the submitted by May 10, and will be 'Superstar' For Fantasy - Prestige judged by an international jury. The Olympiad of Song is under Rush DELIRIUM LONDON the patronage of the Greek Min- Cover -New outlet for the Much of it has not been avail- PARIS have broken big Fantasy -Prestige catalog in the UK able in Britain istry of Civilization and Sciences. -Barclay and the French and RCA will be publishing company Sim -Beuscher will be RCA. The American com- releasing it in a series of bargain - George Ekonomidis is artistic di- in the International pany has acquired the label, pre- price double albums. rector, and T. Cambas is deputy have rushed a cover -version album Deal also in- of "Jesus Christ Superstar," fea- Market viously with United Artists, on a cludes the tape rights, but not until artistic director. three -year licensing deal and will after June Publicity for the Olympiad is turing most major Barclay artists, with their 30 when Fantasy's ar- to coincide with the pre- be releasing the new Creedence rangement with Ampex expires. being handled by Michael Pan - French Clearwater Revival album, "Mardi ayotopoulos, of the Greek press miere of the show on April 19. S. Remo Hit Gras" May 5. Responsibility for the Fantasy and information service. The album, jointly promoted by So far no other material has label will be in the hands of Rich- Barclay a &r manager Richard Ben- been given a release date, but ard Swainson, with Graham Hay - net and Charlie Ganem of Sim - RCA is planning to turn the spot- som managing the Prestige catalog. Beuscher, includes Joel Daydé JESAHEL Presidentti to performing the title number, light on the extensive Prestige In Europe, Fantasy remains with to- FONIT SPF 31293 jazz catalog in the coming months. the gether with the Poppys child group same licensees as during its Tour Britain with Artists who have recorded for association with UA. However, the Hosanna," Eddie Mitchell Prestige include Dave Brubeck, contracts - Tasavallen Presi- with "Even On My Mind" and Also available are now direct with dentti, a leading Finnish heavy Nicoletta with "I Don't Know How Gerry Mulligan, John Coltrane, Bellaphon i i (Germany), M u s d s c band recording To Love which has on Musicassette Miles Davis, the Modern Jazz (France) and EMI (Holland, Bel- for Love Records, Him," already Quartet and Thelonius Monk. gium and Scandinavia). will be the first group from this been recorded in French by Vogue MC 151 country to tour Britain when they artist . begin a month of UK engagements The French lyrics of the show on May 12. have been written by Pierre De- Sonet Deal With Venice The British gigs are being spon- lanoe, program chief at the Eu- sored by Sonet Productions Ltd., rope No. 1 independent radio sta- AT PRESENT ALSO AMSTERDAM-Following ne- Joop Portengen is the general which is also mounting promotion tion, and the album also includes gotiations between Art and Doro- manager of Sonet -Holland, and on the group's latest album pro- songs by Barclay artists Jeannie ENGLISH VERSION thy Rupe of Venice Music Inc., among other copyrights recently duced in Sweden by Sam Charters, Bennet, Nino Ferrer, Mariane acquired for the territory is American Hollywood, the blues expert now resi- Milne and Maurice Dulac, Em- Dag Haeggovist of theme from the internationally dent there, and a solo LP by group manual Boosz and Zanini. Sonet Sweden and Joop Portengen successful Swedish "Pippi Lang - guitarist Jukka Tolonen. Barclay released the original of Sonet -Holland, the Dutch Sonet strump" movie and TV series, and During the British tour, Tasa- version a year ago. The French FONIT CETRA company will now represent Ven- several Skip Battin - vallan Presidentti will feature their version has been produced by S.p.A. ice in Holland. Venice continues as songs from the latest Byrds albums new lead singer Eero Raittinen, Richard Bennet and Barclay artis- one of the world's most important on CBS. Sonet -Holland also pub- who succeeded British -born Frank tic director Leo Missir. The French Via Bertola, 34 rock catalogs with records by El- lishes Country Joe's "I Feel Like Robson. After the UK dates the stage recording, produced by Andre vis Presley, the Beatles and Tom I'm Fixin' To Die Rag" featured group returns for a tour through Chapelle, is being released by TURIN (ITALY) Jones among others. in the Woodstock movie. Scandinavia. Philips. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 59

www.americanradiohistory.com International News Reports

TORONTO two -day pop festival was held over touring the British group Gringo the Easter weekend at the Robin- here. . Sonet group November From The RCA Bob Cook announced son Lake pleasure resort, near Jo- touring Norway, and the same this week that the Canadian divi- hannesburg. More than 5,000 young label's Jerry Williams will repre- sion will introduce discrete four - people gathered to hear local acts. sent Sweden at a Bulgarian song Music Capitals channel records here in the next RPM Records launched a new festival on June 4.... Paul Jones few months.... the announcement label, Epidemic, featuring local will tour Sweden in July, backed of the World followed extensive discussions be- acts, on March 27. New Johannes- by local group Dandys and his own tween Cook and Rocco Laginestra, burg group Late Harvest made pianist Jon Asken. . . . Polydor president of RCA. . . The Cana- their debut on the label with the group Contact in Norway promot- Continued from page 59 ing May 14. The Beach Boys were dian Talent Library has released number "Humdinger." The pub- ing their LP "Utmarker." ... CBS previously with Reprise in the three new albums "Montage" tipping Lynn Ander- Prince has dropped 30 per- - lishing company to handle the mu- confidently Peter U.S. and EMI in the rest of the with Hagood Hardy and the Mon - new single "Cry" for success. cent of the company's artist roster sic has also been formed under son's world. PHILIP PALMER tago; a favorite hymns album by the title of Contagious. . . . Rob A new artist agency has been and is currently negotiating with the Carl Tapscott Singers; and an Clancy, formerly a top promoter launched in Sweden called Scan- two well -known artists to join the LP featuring Dave Woods, Arnie International Entertain- Prince admitted to Billboard in Natal, has joined Sagittarius dinavian label. DUBLIN Chycoski, Al Stanwick, and Russ as ment & Music AB, run by Thomas in the past Pye has become Management company manager. that Little -the CTL now has 222 In a deal between Clive Nordlund. The company's first known as a company with com- The new Hawk label issued four ... Calder member stations. . . . Veteran is a here but which has LP's within a week. They are by and Peter Walsh in London, Clive major undertaking tour petent distribution Canadian broadcaster and gag - American gospel group notably strong in talent the Indians, the Cotton Mill Boys, Calder Productions has acquired by the not been writer, Al Boliska, died in Toronto the South rights to Andrae Crouch and the Disciples areas, particularly in attracting Tracy & the Grassroots and the African feature Dublin Ramblers. The new this week at age 39. . Boliska recordings by The Troggs. The from April 18 through 30. The name artists. Pye has now final- City was label, distributed by Release, is run the author of a series of pro- initial release is a Reg Presley group's new album is released here ized a deal with Creed Taylor for gramming aids and books on the label. the launch under their own logos from Tom Costello Ltd. by Brian composition "Feels Like A Wo- on the Pilot "World's Worst Jokes." . Lon- man." Calder returned recently the American CTI and Kudu Molloy. . Among visitors to KJELL E. GENBERG of don's Rick Jones flew into Toronto from a three business visit labels. CTI and Kudu will be in- Ireland in May are Rod Stewart -week and the Faces, New World, Rod this week for a 24 -day promotion to Hamburg and London and has troduced in May with albums by visit Jones, whose single Gil- McKuen, Tom Paxton and Kris acquired for his music publishing MEXICO Grover Washington, Astrud "Saskatchewan Sunrise" is getting company, Musicpiece Publishers, Kristofferson. . . The new Sands' berto and Esther Phillips. Deal is a lot of attention, is a Canadian representation for The First Iberoamerican Song for three years and covers the UK 45 for RCA will be "Salvation Africa south of Festival in the city of Madrid, living in London (UK). . . . the the Sally." . The first album by equator for the Catrine, Carn- and some export territories. At visit was organized by London's bro Spain, will be celebrated Oct. 12. the moment Pye's major product Roly Daniels and Green County, and Gale catalogs. He also The committee of this festival has due for release soon, will include Alice Koury.... Columbia hosted acquired several other copyrights supplier is the Festival label which a press party at Sam the Chinese been integrated with Eduardo and Olivia "My Elusive Dreams," "Gentle from the Gem Music Group, the Venezuela, Castro Neves produces Labi Siffre Food Man for Lynn Anderson and Hamburg -based Sirkorski Publish- Reyna of . . nearly a on My Mind," "Sunday Mornin' Delgado Newton John. After Johnny Paycheck following their ing group and the Mustard group. from Brazil, Genaro year as a caretaker secretary of Comin' Down" and "Help Me Parker from Peru and Tomas appearance at Massey Hall. . . . including the new Johnny Johnson Make It Through the Night." . . The TV chan- the Music Publishers' Association Columbia's Bill Eaton is putting a and The Bandwagon Garcia from Spain. following the death of Archie Al O'Donnell has joined the re- single "High nels affilliated to the OTI will be renewed push on the James and Dry" which is composed by Tony last May, David Toff organized Woods Band. . The in charge to select the song and Montgomery the Good Brothers album. . . group, Shades of Mac - McCauley. has finally been elected secretary Wewford Buddah is release interpreter of each song of the Murrough, who made a good im- to the latest Sea Ralph Simon, of Sagittarius of the APA. He will have a three - Dog single, "I Don't Wanna different countries and the winner year contract with the MPA and pression on RTE Television's Management, has returned from a will select the country of the next last Hear," last week's Maple Leaf three -week business visit to the one of the conditions of the job "Reach for the Stars" year, System side was festival. The Third Festival of the have a single out on winner.... pro- States, London and Israel. with was that he ceased to be a full - Dolphin, duced by the group with Terry (International) Song here in Mexico publisher. He has as- It's "Julia," written by Jon Leding- Cape Town agent Selwyn Miller, has been postponed until next June. time music Filion. . . . Edward ham (otherwise known as Bear setting and concluded an agreement for signed his David Toff Music cata- Jona- a Edgardo Obregon became new than up national tour to coincide the Buck Ram Platters to do a log and the Era catalog to Mini - Kelly). with the release of their new "Mas- a &r man of Discoe Ciane. Obre- music and Chappells respectively. six -week of Africa gon used to be in a &r at Peerless Maurice Henry, leader and querade" single. . CKGM has south of the equator. Negotiations founder member of Ballymena's broken the Lynda Lane single of records and now feels more liberty Harry Saltzman's music publish- are underway for some of the old in new recordings. which is Freshmen, has left the band to "The Best Part (of Breaking Up ") to experiment ing company, Hilary, run Platters record catalog to be re- Luis "Viv Hernandez cut at Bramwell, go into arrangement. His first out- on Tuesday Records. . . . Doctor by Ron Kass and Tony issued and promoted to coincide Raff label the songs "El Maniqui" has signed a sub -publishing deal fit in this new capacity is Cathy Music returned to Toronto this with the tour. The Miracles have and the Fugitives, from County week after a two -week promotion (Maniquin) and "Mariposa" (But- with the recently formed ASCAP been set for the supporting cast. ENRIQUE ORTIZ . . tour terfly). company, Swamp Fox Music. The Mayo. The organizers of this concentrating on the group's Peter Vee's EMI single "Can We company handles the compositions year's Castlebar International Song debut album -Bell is to release Get to That," which was produced have had 1,500 inquiries the LP stateside. of Tony Joe White and the three - Contest by Clive Calder, is planned for re- HAMBURG year deal was concluded by Kass so far -from such countries as the L o v e Productions' president, lease in Canada and Sweden. The Leading record companies in and Bramwell with Tony Joe U.K., the U.S.A., Australia, Den- Francis Davies, in London this single, which was a hit in South White's manager, . mark, Switzerland and West Ger- week and next setting up European West Germany are anticipating a Africa, has also been released in later this year. White comes to this country in many. The contest starts on Oct. licensing deals and arranging Crow- the United Kingdom, Australia price rise on singles . Executives from several firms ex- June for personal appearances for 2, but all entries must be in by bar's first tour of Britain. . and the States. May 31. Details may be obtained Crowbar lead singer, Kelly Jay, pect a rise of between 10 and 20 the MAM organization.... Song- PETER FELDMAN writer- producer and music publish- from director John McHale, Pa- meanwhile, took part in the Arn- percent. . . The Christian Demo- er Tony Hiller who has been in trician Park, Castlebar, County prior High School's teach -in "On cratic Union has started an experi- . music for its elec- America this week reports that his Mayo, Ireland. . . Danny Doyle Being a Canadian" (14). Sun STOCKHOLM ment using pop song, "United We Stand," which is on the road with his own Dog has just signed Ontario group tion campaign. At a recent concert he wrote with Peter Simmons, was band, Music Box. Among those Truck.... Daffodil's King Biscuit Sam Charters, in Baden -Wuerttemberg 12 per- one of the most performed Brit- supporting him will be female Boy on a Maritimes tour as action expert now living in Sweden, is formers appeared in the show ish songs in the ASCAP repertoire singer Maxi and Stuart Smith, continues on his critically ac- compiling a "Legacy of the Blues" sponsored by the CDU at a cost in 1970. Hiller also reveals that who came to Ireland from Scot- claimed "Gooduns" album. series of albums for Sonet. The of 150,000 marks. Among the per- there is a strong possibility that land several years ago.... Poly- Capitol president, Arnold Gisewich, first three LP's are being released formers who appeared at the con- in England by Sonet this month, and Martin the song will be used by the Demo- dor /Philips general manager Derek in Los Angeles this week. . . cert were Ulli Martin cratic party during the coming Hannan said that the company Donny Osmond's "Puppy Love" and feature Bukka White, Snooks Mann and during the show vari- Eaglin and Champion Jack Dupree, appeared to present presidental elections. . Peter will continue to sell existing stocks qualified as a Canadian gold disk ous candidates and future releases will include Big . . . Aldersley, head of the RCA crea- of Atlantic product as before - this week. . . Ann Stark has left a short address. tive services department left the and that any new supplies will CFRW and joined CKY Win- Joe Williams, Mighty Joe Young and Juke Boy Bonner. Charters, Intercord -an offshoot company company to develop his own firm come under their new distribution nipeg as promotions director. of the Deutscher Buecherbund -is which will be involved in confer- deal with CBS, which runs out on Berandal Music hosted author of "The Bluesmen" and as- sociated with Prestige, Folkways planning to set up its own distribu- ence and festival organization and June 1. a concert -press party for Joe tion network following the end of Probst. . .and Vanguard before moving to radio and TV production. Quality's Edward, its with Deutsche Austrophon. Joe Cuddy is to sing in Yugo- Harding and George Sweden, has supervised recordings deal John Mosely, director and technical slavia at the Split song contest set to appear Intercord will begin with 12 sales- consultant of the Command re- on "Rollin' On the River" (May 6). for the series in London, Chicago, in July. He will sing a Joe Burkett- Fraser New Orleans and San Francisco men and will initially deliver to cording studios has recently com- Andy Gilligan song, "The Lonely and DeBolt at Grum- dealers in Stuttgart, Munich, Ham- bles (May 2 -7) . followed by as well as here. pleted a scientific study of quad- Beach Boy." ... Colin Blunstone, Polydor burg, Frankfurt and Koln. It is raphonic matrix systems to deter - Winnipeg's Rick Neufeld.... New pactee Thorstein Berg- who was last in Dublin in 1969 man is touring Swedish museums, understood that Intercord is cur- mine which gave the best results. Ocean single is called "Make the with three Ameri- when he was promoting "She's Sun Shine," where he performs poems by Swed- rently disussing Mosely is currently in America Not There" (and was then billed according to Media can labels to arrange local distri- disclosing his findings at a special Man publicist Skip Fox.... George ish poet Dan Andersson, and his as Neil Macarthur) guested on bution. . . . Nineteen West Ger- seminar and he is scheduled to be Hamilton IV currently playing a new LP includes 12 Andersson "Ken's Klub." poems with music by Bergman set man newspapers with a total daily in Los Angeles on May 4 to attend tour of England -he appeared at readership of 3.5 million have to seven of them . . Polydor a similar convention. Dublin group Some People play the International Festival of Coun- joined together in Audivisions Ge- a series of one nighters in Ger- try Music in London with Anne singer -guitarist Ron Cornelius was Following the success of sellschaft AVT in an effort to Chicory many Murray. . . . introduced at Leonard Cohen's during May for the Gisela Latest package in build a privately owned radio and Tip's recent UK hit, Son of My Gunter agency. They will be DGG's Festival of Hits series is Stockholm on April 3 ... Metro- Father, producer Roger Easterby - TV station in Bavaria. As yet no working with such artists as the from Verdi. . . New Stampeders' nome promoting Gordon Light and Des Champ have signed a five - foot's latest LP on Reprise, and information is available. . . . Doors, Everly Brothers, Frankie single is called "Wild Eyes." . . year worldwide deal for exclusive Valli and Rick Nelson. The new Barry Paine of MCA reports that Bernt Stars new one called "Ving- Guenter Rudin is currently in rights to product produced by Some People single on Pye is Osibisa will play Vancouver (28). slag" with arrangements by Bjorn the process of organizing his fifth their Santa Ponsa company with their revival of "Mammy." Pat Cudney now managing J:son Lindh, known in the States 'Pop Festival de Alemania' sched- 3 CBS.... BASF, the German tape After five years making disks, Big Breathless who features Jeff Plaw- as Jayson Lindh. . . Sonet now uled to be staged on June and giant, will launch its own record Tom and the Mainliners, Ireland's man on electric violin and mando- representing British Blue Mountain 4 by the Aleman Studio at Palma label in the UK in September. label, and has released singles by de Mallorca. The success of the top country 'n' Irish band (Big lin. . Fludd preparing to cut a David Rickerby, staff member of De Hems, Tiger Sue, Steve Ryder festival depends on record com- Tom was voted Ireland's No. 1 new album for Kinney (US) To- BASF's UK operation, is in charge country singer in the latest "New ronto. RITCHIE YORKE and Sequoia. pany participation. The r e c or d of setting up the launch and al- Polydor has signed singer Liliane manufacturers have to cover all Spotlight" poll), hit the No. 1 spot though no distribution deal for the with "Broken Marriage Vows," the Hakanssen. . Thomas Ledin's the costs of their respective artists label has been concluded he has lead track on their three -song JOHANNESBURG debut RCA album "Restless Kind" appearing at the f e s t iv a 1.. . had with RCA meeting Werner Mueller and his band will talks several independent maxi -single on Denver. Manager Jose Feliciano was discussed at an producers to supply product for arrived here April in Brussels recently to set releases begin a tour of Japan on May 3. John McCormick claims a total 4 for a series of concerts in the the label. . . . The Beach Boys outside Sweden, with the first in Mueller and his band will be ac- of 200,000 sales for their eight Republic. He will be playing have signed a worldwide record- dates Portugal as an EP. . Polydor companied by 16 violinists and singles, and the band's latest album, in Cape Town and ing contract with the Warner Johannesburg. artist Bobby Lee in London pro- five trombonists. . . . American label. WEA (Kinney) will release "The Image of Me," has topped He is accompanied by his bassist moting his English release "Big singer is scheduled its first product by the group, a the 20,000 mark. Big Tom will Ted Arnolds, drummer Paulinho Boss Man" produced by Mike to make concert appearances in single called "You Need a Mess guest on Margo's forthcoming RTE Magalaes and road manager Rob- Hurst which is to be released also Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, B e r l i n, ert Drew.... Also in South Africa in . and Munich of Help to Stand Alone," in the Television series, which will go out Germany, France and Italy... Hamburg from June near future. A new album is also for a series of concerts is Earth,' Columbia has signed the new group 3 to 10. The concerts are being being prepared which will be re- later this year. Kitt, who will be appearing before Landslaget, and released an LP. arranged by the Lippman and Rau leased to coincide with the act's KEN STEWART white and black audiences.... A European Music Agency AB agency. WALTER MALLIN 60 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com ?HITS OF THE WORLD AUSTRIA 20 34 COULD IT BE FOREVER - 8 DAY AFTER DAY -Badfinger 3 2 MARGARITA- Roberto Cherish David Cassidy Bell (Apple) Nuevo Montuno (Fania) SPAIN SINGLES (Carlin) (KPM) Wes Farrell 9 UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR YOU TO 4 4 LA Mayorales (Courtesy of `El Musical ") This 21 15 IT'S ONE OFTHOSE GO /WE CAN MAKE THE ESCOBA-Los *Denotes local origin Week NIGHTS -Partridge Family MORNING -Elvis Presley (RCA) (Dark) SINGLES 1 HOW DO YOU DO ?- Windows (Bell) Wes Farrell (Screen 10 MOTHER AND CHILD 5 3 GUEDE ZAINA- Johnny El (Golden 12) Gems /Columbia) REUNION -Paul Simon Bravo (Borinquen) This 2 SPOON -Can (United Artists) 22 16 AMERICAN PIE-Don (Columbia) 6 8 COMO EL ALAMO AL Week 3 -T. Rex McLean (United Artists) - CAMINO -Julio Iglesias I *YO NO SOY ESA -Mari Trini (Ariola) Ed Freeman (United Artists) (Alhamba) (Hispavox) Hispavox 4 ARE GOIN' DOWN 23 28 JORDAN SACRAMENTO MIDDLE OF JAPAN 7 SINA JUANICA Rafael 2 *EL CHICO DE LA ARMONICA -Les Humphries Singers (Decca) THE ROAD-RCA Sunbury - -Orq. -Micky (RCA) RCA 5 MEINE TRAUME- (Courtesy: Music Labo, Inc. Solano (Kubaney) Mireille Gracomo Tosh Garrett *Denote 3 THE WITCH QUEEN OF NEW Mathieu (Ariola) 24 13 MEET ME ON THE CORNER local origin 8 - QUIERO ABRAZARTE ORLEANS -Redbone (CBS) 6 - (Polydor) -Lindisfarne (Charisma) SINGLES TANTO-Victor Manuel Armonico 7 SACRAMENTO -Middle of the Bob Johnson (Hazy) This (Kubaney) 4 *I LOVE YOU BABY (In Spanish) Road (RCA) 25 23 BLUE IS THE COLOUR - Week 9 HABLA -Tempo 70 -Tony Ronald (Movieplay) Penta 8 PAPA JOE-Sweet (RCA) Chelsea Football Team - (Mericana -Caytronic) Music 1 CHISANA KOI* 9 APRES TOI -Vicky (Philips) (Penny Farthing) -Larry -Mari Amachi 5 *SI YO FUERA RICO -Nuestro 10 MOTHER (CBS /Sony)-Watanabe 10 6 SERA -Carlos J. Beltran AND CHILD Page (Stirling MacQueen) (Velvet) Pequeno Mundo (Movieplay) REUNION -Paul Simon (CBS) 26 39 TAKE A LOOK AROUND 2 KEKKON SHIYO YO*- Takuro Iberica - Yoshida (CBS /Sony)- P.M.P. Chappel Temptations. Tamla Motown LPs 6 GIVE IRELAND BACK TO THE (Jobete /Carlin) Norman 3 I'D LIKE TO TEACH THE IRISH -Wings (EMI) EGO WORLD TO SING 1 BELGIUM (Dutch) Whitfield -New Seekers ROBERTO & SU NUEVO 7 MY WORLD -The Bee Gees (Courtesy: Humo) 27 25 I AM WHAT I AM- (Philips)- Eastern Music MONTUNO -(Fania) (Polydor) Fontana 4 TOMODACHI YO NAKUNJA 2 JOSE CHEO (Vaya) SINGLES (Essex) Denny Cordell FELICIANO- 8 *EN ESTE MUNDO EN QUE Trojan (Screen Gems/ NAI *- Kensaku Morita (RCA) - 3 JOHNNY EL BRAVO -(Borinquen) VIVIMOS -Karina (Hispavox) 1 SAMSON AND DELILAH - Grapull) Dave Bloxham Sun Music 4 DANNY RIVERA -(Velvet) Universal Middle of 5 YURUSARENAI AI* -Kenji 5 the Road (RCA) 28 37 A THING CALLED LOVE - TEMPO 70- (Mericana -Caytronics) 9 -Chicory 2 SON OF MY FATHER -Chicory Johnny Cash /Evangel Temple Sawada (Polydor)-Watanabe Tip (CBS) 6 WAKARE NO Tip (CBS) Choir CBS (Valley) Larry ASA- Pedoro & 10 *UN BESO Y UNA FLOR-Nino 3 APRES TOI -/ Hubbard Capricious (Atlantic) -Suiseisha SINGAPORE Bravo (Polydor) Fontana -Zafiro (Philips) 29 20 TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST 7 HACHI NO MUSASHI WA (Courtesy: Rediffusion, Singapore) 4 POPPA JOE-Sweet (RCA) -Engelbert Humperdinck- SHINDANOSA* -Takao Hirata SINGLES 5 BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY-Daniel Decca (Screen Gems/ & Selistars (Dan) -Tokuma This SWITZERLAND Boone (Penny Farthing) Columbia) 8 YOAKE NO TEISHABA* -Shoji Week (Courtesy: Radio Suisse Romande) 6 INKPOT-Shocking Blue (Pink 30 22 MOTHER AND CHILD Ishibashi (Crown)-Crown This Elephant) REUNION -Paul Simon 9 DAREKA GA KAZE NO 1 WITHOUT YOU-Nilsson (RCA) Week 7 ALS HET OM DE LIEFDE GAAT (CBS) -Paul Simon (Pattern) NAKADE *-Tsunehiko Kamijyo 2 MOTHER AND CHILD 1 HOW DO YOU DO -Mouth and -Sandra En Andress (Philips) 31 AMAZING GRACE -Judy (King) -April Music REUNION -Paul Simon (CBS) 8 BEG STEAL OR BORROW -New - 10 DAY AFTER DAY-Badfinger Mac Neal (Philips) Collins Elektra (Harmony) 3 MY WORLD -The Bee Gees 2 BLACK DOG -Led Zeppelin Seekers (Philips) Mark Abramson (Apple) -Shinko (Polydor) 9 VERLAAT ME NOOIT-Salim 32 30 11 SHUCHAKU EKI * -Chiyo (Atlantic) SON OF MY FATHER 3 JOE (RCA) Seghers (Monopole) Chicory Tip (CBS) - Okumura (Toshiba)-Watanabe 4 STAY WITH ME -Faces (W.B.) POPPA -Sweet 10 HOLY -R. 12 4 OLD MAN MOSES -Humphries DAY -George Baker Easterby /D. Champ (ATV MOTHER OF MINE -Neil Reid 5 HORSE WITH NO NAME- Selection (Cardinal) Kirshner) (London) -Folster America (W.B.) Singers (Decca) 13 5 TELEGRAM SAM -T. Rex 33 27 GOT TO BE THERE SHE'S JUST 6 (Naturally) - -Bjorn & Benny (Epic)-Shinko ALONE AGAIN - (Ariola) Michael Jackson (Tamla Gilbert O'Sullivan (Mam) 6 MOTHER AND CHILD BRAZIL Motown) -Hal Davis 14 TOMODACHI *-Saori Minami (CBS /Sony)- Nichìbn 7 DAY AFTER DAY-Badfinger REUNION -Paul Simon (CBS) (SAO PAULO) (Jobete /Carlin) 7 BABY I FEEL SO FINE 34 29 I'D LIKE TO 15 ATARASHII BOKEN* -Four (Apple) - (Courtesy: IBOPE) TEACH THE 8 MY -Chicory Gilbert Montagne (CBS) WORLD TO SING -New Leaves (CBS/Sony) -April Music SON OF FATHER 16 THAT'S THE WAY A Tip (CBS) 8 SACRAMENTO -Middle of the LP's Seekers (Polydor) -Cookaway WOMAN Road (RCA) This (David Mackay) IS- Messengers (Rare Earth) 9 PUPPY LOVE -Donny Osmond Month Jobete /Taiyo - (MGM) 9 L'AUBE-Musique du Film (Pathe) 35 45 RUNNIN' AWAY-Sly & The 10 NEVER BEFORE-Deep Purple 17 TAIYO GA KURETA KISETSU * 10 ROCKIN' ROBIN- Michael 1 ROBERTO CARLOS Family Stone, Epic (Kinney) - Jackson (Motown) (Purple) -Roberto Sly Stone Aoi Sankakujyogi (Columbia) Carlos (CBS) All Staff - 2 MOACYR ESPECIAL -Moacyr 36 33 BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY Daniel Boone Penny Farthing- 18 AME NO AIRPORT * -O Yan Hui Franco (Copacabana) Hui (Toshiba) -Takarajima 3 BANDEIRA 2 INTERNACIONAL (Stirling MacQueen) Larry Page 19 DAKARA WATASHI WA -Trilha Sonora (Som Livre) KITAGUNI 4 CONSTRUCAO -Chico Buarque 37 42 NEVER BEFORE -Deep Pur- E *- Cherish (Victor) ple (Hec) -Deep Purple -Victor Jazz Is Healthier on French Records (Philips) 20 KAMOMEMACHI 5 MEMORIAS DE UM SARGENTO 38 31 I CAN'T HELP MYSELF -Donnie Elbert (Asco) M INATOM AC H I * -H irosh i from page 27 France, but hardly flourishing. Martinho da Vila (RCA) Itsuki (Minoruphone) Continued (Jobete /Carlin) -Nichion The situation is healthier on the 39 35 BERNADETTE -Four Tops re -entry into France because, of- BRAZIL (Tamla Motown) -Jobete/ record scene. Particularly en- (RIO DE JANEIRO) Carlin MALAYSIA ficials said, he was a Black couraging is the French compa- (Courtesy: IBOPE) 40 41 AT THE CLUB /SATURDAY (Courtesy: Rediffusion, Malaysia) Panther. NIGHT AT THE MOVIES nies' willingness to gamble on LP's SINGLES Thornton had flown over to This -Drifters. Atlantic Screen This reissue programs, of which the Month Gems /Columbia play in a concert at the now - 41 38 POPPA JOE -Sweet (RCA) Week most spectacular to date is 1 BANDEIRA - complex in 2-Varios (Odeon) Phil Wainman (Chinnichap/ 1 MY WORLD -Bee Gees (Polydor) demolished cultural Pathe -Marconi's set of 18 Django 2 ROBERTA CARLOS- Roberto Rak) 2 DOWN BY THE LAZY RIVER - Les Halles. (The show's title: Carlos (CBS) ..2 - ROCKET MAN -Elton John Osmonds (MGM) Reinhardt LP's, spanning the gui- 3 MOACYR ESPECIAL -Moacyr DJM (DJM) 3 MARILLO -Tony Christie (MCA) Who Killed Albert Ayler?) Steve tarist's career from 1928 to 1950. Franco (Copacabana) 43 - OPEN UP -Mungo Jerry 4 SWEET SEASONS-Carole King Lacy gigs regularly in Paris, and 4 O PRIMEIRO AMOR-Varios Dawn (Our Music) Barry (Ode) Pathe -Marconi also keeps the (Odeon) Murray 5 MOTHER AND CHILD the Art Ensemble of Chicago per- Dicky Wells Paris sessions in cat- 5 0 TODO VAPOR -Gal Costa 44 44 MOTHER OF MINE -Neil REUNION -Paul Simon (CBS) formed a series of weekly con- (Philips) Reid (Decca)-Dick Rowe/ 6 AMERICAN PIE -Don McLean alog, and has put out an LP of 6 CONSTRUCAO Buarque Paris Vieux Colom- -Chico Ivor Raymonde (Chappell) (UA) certs at the numbers recorded in the mid - (Philips) 45 50 WADE IN THE WATER 7 THE WAY OF LOVE -Cher bier theater and recorded the 7 BLACK MOSES -Isaac Hayes Ramsey Lewis, Chess (Carlin)- (Kapp) 30's by the Europe -based Willy (Stax) Esmond Edwards 8 SUNSHINE -Jonathan Edwards soundtrack music for the Franco - such names 8 TIM Lewis band, featuring MAIA -Tim Maia (Polydor) 46 40 DOWN BY THE LAZY (Capricorn) Canadian film "Les Stances A 9 EXPLOSAO MUSICAL -The RIVER-Osmonds -MGM 9 STAY WITH ME-Faces (Warner) as , , Fevers (Odeon) (Copypright 10 HURTING EACH OTHER Sophie." 10 SHAFT Control) - Herman Chittison, and Adelaide -Isaac Hayes (Stax) Michael Lloyd /A. Osmond The Carpenters (A &M) Live jazz, then, is surviving in 47 32 BROTHER CCS -RAK (CSS/ Hall. BRITAIN RAK) Mickie Most Another company committed to 48 - THAT'S WHAT I WANT TO MEXICO (Courtesy Record & Tape Retailer) BE -Neil Reid (Decca) reissues is RCA, which draws on *Denotes local origin (Chappell /Soloman) Ivor SINGLES the American Victor catalog. An Raymonde This Last Tape This Last Week Week RCA Fats Waller box set of five Week Week 49 - A WHITER SHADE OF PALE-Procol Harum 1 2 CORAZON DE ROCA -Los LP's has reportedly sold well, 1 1 AMAZING GRACE-Royal Magni Fly Fresno (Capitol) Scots 43 Happenings despite its near -$20 price. RCA's Dragoon Guards Band 50 SMOKE GETS IN YOUR 2 1 DESIDERATA -Arturo RCA (Harmony) Pete Kerr EYES -Blue Haze A &M Benavides (Warner Bros.) all -jazz Black and White series 2 2 WITHOUT YOU -Nilsson (Chappell) -Phillip Swern/ 3 10 NO SE HA DADO CUENTA has so far concentrated mainly (RCA) -Richard Perry Johnny Arthey Roberto Jordan (RCA) (Apple) 4 5 THEM CHANGES (Cambios) Continued from page 50 on the swing era, but an excep- 3 4 - - (Mercoury) tion is a two -LP Beiderbecke set, -Apple HOLLAND 5 3 COMO HAS HECHO -Los Sanders, Eliot D. Erlichman, (Startling) (Courtesy Radio Veronica and Bas Map Lazo (Orfeon) Domenico Mitchell E. Scott, Wally Wirtz, ranging from Goldkette through 4 5 SWEET TALKING GUY - *Denotes local origin Modugno (RCA) Whiteman to the cornetist's last Chiffons London -(Robert SINGLES 6 4 GO AWAY LITTLE GIRL Bill Ludwig, Howard Shaw, Jerry Mellin) This (Vete muchachita)-Donny Goldstine and Larry Schneider... . shaky session with Hoagy Car- 5 19 UNTIL IT'S TIME FOR YOU Week Osmond (MGM) Magnavox has introduced a stereo michael. TO GO -Elvis rresley, RCA 1 7 7 THE TALK OF ALL THE USA - VIDA -Los Sonadores (CBS) system, model E1000, featuring a (Essex) Middle of the Road (RCA) - 8 9 NO TENGO DINERO -Juan The most important RCA proj- 6 3 BEG STEAL OR BORROW - Universal Songs Gabriel (RCA) tuner -amplifier, FM -AM with AFC, ect, however, is its reissuing in New Seekers -Polydor 2 POPPA JOE -Sweet (RCA) 9 6 EL AUSENTE -Lorenzo de FM stereocast indicator, 8 -track (Valley) David Mackay Universal Songs - Monteclaro (Gas) chronological order of its entire 7 7 player, 6 -inch speakers and an MEXICAN PUPPETEER - 3 ALS HET OM DE LIEFDE GRAT* 10 - ME HE QUEDADO SOLO Duke Ellington catalog. Alternate Tom Jones -Decca -Sandra & Andress (Philips) Juan Gabriel (RCA) - automatic record player. (Ambassador) Gordon Mills Dayglow - takes are included wherever pos- 8 6 HOLD YOUR HEAD UP 4 FREEDOM -Max & Katie Kissoon sible, although some people may Argent -Epic (Berulam) Rod (Young Blood)- Belinda POLAND Argent /Chris White 5 SON OF MY FATHER -Chicory Sanyo Lower 'Q' Price feel that three successive ver- 9 (Courtesy: Music 17 RUN, RUN, RUN -Jo Jo Tip (CBS) -Veronica Clubs Coordination sions of "Washington Wobble" is Gunn -Asylum (Rondor) 6 DON'T TURN ME LOOSE*- Council) Continued from page 50 Jo Jo Gunne Greenfield and Cook (Polydor)- *Denotes local origin a bit too much of a good thing. 10 8 ALONE AGAIN (Naturally) Dayglow SINGLES Model RD 8300 system is play- At the moment of writing, the Gilbert O'Sullivan -Mam 7 INKPOT * -Shocking Blue (Pink This 8350 (MAM) Gordon Mills Elephant) -Dayglow Week back only, while the RD series has only reached May, 11 10 HEART 8 2 /4- channel tape deck includes OF GOLD -Neil LOOK WOT YOU DUN -Slade 1 YELLOW 1929, so there are countless Young (Reprise)- Kinney (Polydor) -Dayglow CAB MAN -Gun both record and playback func- (Neil (Muza) treasures to come. Young /Elliot Mazer) 9 APRES TOI -Vickey Leandros 2 ROCK AND ROLL -Led Zeppelin tions. 12 9 DESIDERATA - (Philips) The CBS series, "Aimez -Vous (Warner) (Atlantic) The new cassette tape recorders -Fred Werner /Les 10 BEG STEAL OR BORROW -The 3 I'VE GOT A MEETING -Christie Crane (Screen Gems/ New Seekers (Philips) -Basart (Profit) feature a new serve motor design Le Jazz ?" includes a coupling of Columbia) 4 Duke's Liberian and Harlem 13 11 JAIL BAIT-Wishbone Ash and a two position bias circuitry CRYING, LAUGHING, 5 ZOLW NA LOVING, LYING -Labi HONG KONG GALAPAGOS -*Test for use with standard or chromium suites, and an LP of the Luis ( -) Siffre -Pye (Groovy) Labi (Courtesy Radio Hong Kong) 6 ST. TROPEZ -Pink Floyd dioxide tapes. Russell Okehs, produced in the Siffre *Denotes local origin 7 FIREBALL Purple (Harvest) 14 26 COME -Deep Okeh studios in the late '20s. WHAT MAY- SINGLES 8 PUT YOUR MONEY DOWN Vicky Leandros Philips This Christie (Profit) - Vogue's low- priced (about $3) (Louvigny -Marquee) Leo IRTS Honors Two Leandros Week 9 STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN -Led "The Many Faces of Jazz" series 1 WITHOUT YOU -Nilsson (RCA) Zelin Continued from page 36 15 12 DEBORA /ONE INCH ROCK 2 AN OLD FASHIONED LOVE 10 SUNSHINE- Guni(Muza) contains more than 50 items, ETC. -T. Rex (T. Rex) SONG-Three Dog Night delegations, thus permitting wide ranging (Essex) -Tony Visconti (Stateside) from Kid Ory to John 16 14 FLOY JOY -Supremes -Tamla 3 BE YOURSELF-*Teddy Robin representation. Handy. If you are looking for Motown (Jobete PUERTO RICO the /Carlin) (Philips) A limited number of t r a v e l 1944 Hawkins Apollo sessions W. Rohinson 4 SWEET SEASONS -Carole King (Courtesy WUNO-San Juan Star) grants, sponsored by the IRT 17 18 WHAT IS LIFE Olivia (Ode) SINGLES that produced "Rainbow Mist" Newton -John (Pye)- Foundation, are being made avail- 5 JESUS/MR CLOUD - This Last and "Yesterdays," you will (Welch /Farrar) (Columbia) Week Week able to schools outside the 100 - find 18 21 RADANCER- Marmalade 6 IRON MAN -Black Sabbath 1 1 AH. AH, OH, NO- Willie mile radius them here. Vogue also has the Decca (Catrine)- Marmalade (Vertigo) Colon (Fania) of New York City. 19 French concession Commo- 24 STIR IT UP-Johnny Nash 7 MY WORLD -The Bee Gees 2 5 ANACAONA -Cheo Feliciano Special hotel accommodations were for CBS (Rondor) -Johnny Nash (Polydor) (Vaya) arranged at the Hotel Commodore. dore. APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD 61 www.americanradiohistory.com Billboard Album Reviews APRIL 29, 1972 I ROBERTA F1ACi(& DONNY NAINAWAY., Dt.,.l JOHNS GUMBO CHÁRÌ FS ,sv=:,°..,. M' 2 v.-s ca + B! *sr so to it "- 0 »aF tea peek 1'RP' -Vr- :^N 9["10aí Á- 4614-,+t-4,, *f*. 414- R gc.rt a message from the ;rPeo0e ''/tYMVK1YNAN,.'' OPON-Not Fa sak


P STEPHEN STILLS - ROBERTA FLACK & DONNY CHI- LITES- RAY CHARLES - DR. JOHN- Manassas. sifr HATHAWAY- A Lonely Man. Message From the People. Gumbo. Atlantic SD 2 -903 Atlantic SD 7216 Brunswick BL 754179 ABC ABCX 755/TRC Atco SD 7006 Stephen Stills offers his new group and loads of class material in this two -record The dynamite teaming of Miss Flack and The Chi -Lites have another sure -fire winner Here's one of the most commercial and package. Dallas Taylor, drums, and Chris Hathaway on this initial package will lead here. This foursome -knows the score with best performed packages of Ray Charles' Traditional in scope, classic in style, this Hillman, guitar, are old standby sidemen to many more super hit LP's. Along with both soul and pop appeal. "Oh Girl," a career! He's always been at home with LP is at one and the same time a tribute of Stephen's, while Al Perkins (steel guitar), top 20 single after only three weeks out, country -flavored tunes and it's evident in their hit singles "You've Lost That Lovin' to the blues greats and to the roots of to- Paul Harris (organ & piano), Jo Lala (congas is included as well as "The Coldest Days his delivery of John Denver's "Take Me Feeling" and Carole Kong's "You've Got a & percussion) and Calvin (Fuzzy) Samuels of My Life," "The Man and the Woman" Home Country Roads." The Right Reverend day's pop music. "Iko Iko," the hit single, (bass) Friend," they have a top treatment of the and track Group also excels are the other major members of the the title "A Lonely Man." with compositions from the pop leads the consumer appeal here, but "Tipi - unit. The material ranges from the country standard "For All We Know," and a power- gains more classic reputation with each rock side of music. Listen to Melanie's tina," "Mess Around" and "Blow Wind tinged "Fallen Eagle" to "Song of Love," a house reading of "I Who Have Nothing." release and this entry will prove to be "Look What They've Done to My Song good pop bet. Should prove a giant LP, pop and soul. the most rewarding. Ma" (much single potential). Blow" have great appeal.

TRAE jNlÏifLiit refi



JOHN BALDRY- MAIN INGREDIENT - DAN HICKS AND HIS HOT LICKS - CAT MOTHER - MOTHERS - Everything Stops for Tea. Striking It Rich. Just Another Band From L.A. Sweet. Polydor PO 5017 Warner Bros. BS 2614 Bitter Blue Thumb BTS 36 Bizarre /Reprise MS 2075 RCA LSP 4677 Cat Mother's third album is immensely en- Long John Baldry has been a towering fig- That charlatan of the past Dan Hicks & The Mothers have served a unique purpose joyable and warmly appealing. They play ure (literally) on the British rock scene for This is the Main Ingredient's first album His Hot Licks are at it again they're off during the past five years, they are the lo these past 10 years. During that time since the death of lead singer Donald Mc- and creating some of the mellowest music with tremendous enthusiasm and spon- conscience, the essence of rock. Refusing to he has aligned himself with undisputable Pherson but their style remains relatively this side of the Canadian Rockies. Don taneity, an unfettered, emotional direstness take themselves or anything else seriously talents of Rod Stewart ( "Steam Packet ") the same possessing the clearest and closest Hicks is straight out of the forties (one they mercilessly satirize such sacred cows is intrinsic to their music. Unusual in an and Elton John ( "Blueology ") and they in harmony heard from a male vocal group. has the eerie feeling that he would be as Jack La Lane, Frederick's of Hollywood turn have produced a side each on his The trio offers "Where Do Broken Hearted most at home backing Cass Daley or some- age of overproduction and overdubbing is and the ubiquitous Eddie of Zachary All. latest album. Baldry is essentially a visual he Lovers Go," "Traveling" and "You Got to one of her ilk) and yet and his group their remarkably clean and precise sou" Under the tutelage of that "mad" genius performer but a great deal of his charisma Take It." The standout of this package is have immense present -day appeal. This is a Frank Zappa they have produced an album Standouts are to the President, comes through especially on his throat -tear- "Everybody Plays the Fool." The group al- tantalizing album which defines him as a "Letter which has (at last) some (a great deal ing vocals. ways a winner in the soul market. sensitive and gifted artist. "Greenwood Shuffle" and "Heebie Jeebies." of) commercial potential.

nI:MM RECOR01 RAOro 51A1101 0[aYK[. SIT MA RESAA[, »


MEET THE BRADY BUNCH - DENNIS LAMBERT- CANDLE - SAWBUCK- - Paramount PAS 6032 Bags & Things. Green Bottle GBS 1003 In Search of Space. This album is a first on two counts, it Fillmore Z 31248 (CSBS) United Artists UAS 5567 Dunhill DSX 50119 marks the recording debut of Candle and Ask any nine -year -old; this IP is going to it is the initial release of Charlie Greene's Sawbuck, a new San Francisco band, gen- In this, their second LP, Hawkwind nearly be a big hit. "I Just Want to Be Your Dennis Lambert has fashioned an album in "Greene Bottle" label. The total feel of erates a feeling of togetherness. They are brings to fruition it's claim of being a Friend" and "Ain't It Crazy" are probably which both and material the album can be summed up in one more than competent musicians and flow truly "mind- expanding" rock group. Their are completely absorbing. There is a warm word . pleasant. There is nothing harsh through their repertoire assurance music is forcefully compelling, electronic the key tunes here, but semi -choral ver- with glowing that prevails, a gentle- or grating about Candle's music, their and ease. Producing a sound that has a and repetitive. Listening to this LP is sions of "American Pie" and "Me and You ness of touch and quiet humor is prevalent. forte being multitextured ballads, poignant definite Allman Brothers flavor they gen- virtually a "trip" in itself, an air of vignettes - and a Dog Named Boo" also stand out. The His virile vocalizations stand out on such little highlighted by emotion erate more than a bit of excitement. Their decadent sarcasm prevails. This LP is cuts as "Rock and Roll Mood," "0f All filled vocals and richly constructed back- backings and lyrics are imaginatively im- essentially an auditory "Star Trek." High- TV show of the Brady Bunch will be the the Things" and "I Didn't Sing (in the New ings. S p e c i a l I y captivating is "Sleepy pressing. Especially good are "Sing This. lights are "We Took the Wrong Step," key sales impetus here. York Subway)." Lylah." Song," "Sweet & Sour" and "Believe." "You Know You're Only Dreaming," etc.


b1 ) -) i:'11 é1yC',). )1 THE SET AT NEWPORT


DENNIS WEAVER DVORAK: PIANO QUINTET IN A, GREATEST HITS FROM "LA DAVE BRUBECK QUARTET BUDDY RICH - - - London. OP. 81- BOHEME" & MADAMA Rich in Im'press IMPS 1614 The Last Set at Newport. RCA LSP 4666 Artur Rubinstein/ BUTTERFLY - Price /Moffo /Tucker/ Atlantic SD 1607 Recorded live at Ronnie Scott's in London, The TV star of "McCloud," and formerly Guaneri Quartet. Merril I /Tozzi /Lei nsdorf. this well -paced, superbly arranged LP, pro- "Gunsmoke," makes his singing disk debut RCA LSC 3252 RCA VCS 7093 A historic album- recorded live at the duced by Pete Spargo, will prove a big with a program aimed at both the pop Newport Jazz Festival, July 3, 1971 -this chart item in both jazz and pop. Don and country markets. With chart potential Piestrup's "The Word," 's Very likely the greatest piano quintet ever RCA stalwart all -star casts performing two LP is also a great entertainment package. for both, Weaver offers an infectious "Time Being" are highlights along with of the young Puccini's most popular operas Dave is here, rhythm number "Time," an original "Where written, this surprisingly little -heard master- Brubeck's "Take Five" plus "That's Enough" (by Jon Hendricks) fea- Have the Wild Blackberries Gone" (dueling are reissued in a clever excerpt package. three other cuts, including "Blues for piece of quiet beauty makes a smashing turing Kathy Rich on vocals. Ms. Rich Lots of great music in a bar- with his wife Gerry) and the poignant "I convenient Newport" more than 16 minutes long. has a fine voice for jazz singing and return to the a top Still Sing Jesus Loves Me." The moving catalog with -form gain format. Anna Moffo's sensitive "Mi Father Norman O'Connor, the jazz priest, should find herself an active career in the "No Name" is also a highlight. Rubinstein at the keyboard. Chiamano Mimi" aria is a standout. does the introductions. years to come.

www.americanradiohistory.com Who is and why are people saying such nice things about him? There are people in the industry who've started noticing Billy Joel, and are saying nice things about him. We'd like to thank them. * For those of you who don't know about Joel yet, a short story. Billy Joel started writing music when he was seven. He was too lazy to read his Bach or Schubert, so he'd make up parts to fake out his mother. The story continues with young Joel growing up with other people's music, until he got tired of trying to be hip and started thinking for himself. His first album is a personal one, out of his life and his thoughts. He plays an incredible grand piano, and is backed up by some great people. Larry Knechtel, Rhys Clark, Denny Siewell, Sneaky Pete, Sal De Troia and Don Evans. We hope you like "Cold Spring Harbor ". But as Billy says, "If you're not crazy about

it, it makes a great frisbee." FPS -2700

Single : "Tomorrow Is Today" * b/w "Everybody Loves You Now" Thank You List FPA -0906

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NAZARETH -Warner Bros. BS 2615 CALVIN SCOTT -I'm Not Blind . . . I Nazareth consists of four amiable Scots- Just Can't See. Stax STS 2046 men who are better than average musicians Calvin Scott has come up with a debut NATIONAL BREAKOUTS and who arrange songs and write lyrics album for Stax that could prove to be a that are rich in dimensional imagery. hit. He's at his best with Holland, Dozier &

Guitarist Manuel Charlton is an enlight- Holland's "Can I Get a Witness," "Shame SINGLES ened talent utilizing his guitar on mourn- on the Family Name" and "I've Never ful refrains as well as flashy riffs and Found a Girl." Nice soul entry, maybe pop. There are no National Breakouts this week. breaks. Dan McCafferty is a convincingly confident vocalist seemingly comfortable in any medium of song. Highlights include ALBUMS "Witchdoctor Woman," "The King Is Dead" CLASSICAL and "I Had A Dream." CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL Mardi Gras, Fantasy 9404 SMITH -PERKINS -SMITH Island 9317 CHI -LI1FS A Lonely Man, Brunswick BL 754179 - SW ® (Capitol) PHILIP GREEN: SAINT PATRICK'S MASS - Three fine southern musicians have formed Canon Sydney MacEwan /Trinity Chorale. a group whose quiet intensity both vocally RCA Red Seal LSC 3276 and instrumentally complements the com- Philip Green's new mass is a charming REGIONAL BREAKOUTS plexity and involvement of their best songs: oddity that will probably be heard often in 'Save Me," "In the Aftermath," "I Cry coming years. The "Saint Patrick's Mass" Mercy," "On Alone," and is both hard -driving and strong in Irish SINGLES "Can't Go Back." Progressive radio ex- feeling. As soloist, Canon Sydney MacEwan posure should arouse considerable interest with his delightful lilting brogue lends an There are no Regional Breakouts this week. in the new group. added dimension of authenticity to the Dear FIND Dealers: debut recording. JOHNNY TILLOTSON- Buddah BDS 5112 ALBUMS Johnny Tillotson has a fine LP that should The first FIND Supplement is bring him back into the spotlight. Using ALLMAN BROS. Duane & Greg, Bold 33 -301 (BOSTON) much Micky Newbury material ( "Make Me contained in last week's Bill- Believe," "She Even Woke Me Up to Say JAZZ Goodbye," "I'll Remember the Good ") board. This Supplement is a list Tillotson does a super job. He offers a beautiful reading on "The Flower Kissed HORACE SILVER -Total Response. of all NEW RELEASE merchandise Blue Note the Shoes That Jesus Wore." Another high- BST 84368 (United Artists) added to FIND inventory since light is Tillotson's own "I Love Lovin' This is a rather compelling jazz work Bubbling Under The You." concerned with the unity of mind and our last catalog. body. The sound is raw basic jazz riffs, WAYNE CARSON -Life Lines. Monument the lyrics rather heady philosophies and Z (CBS). In 30906 today's music world the concept more than a little interesting. IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU the composers are singing their own mate- Silver is an excellent jazz pianist and it rial and Wayne Carson will rise to the top is at once obvious that he wholeheartedly REMOVE THIS SECTION FROM in this new trend. His fine, now classic, believes in what he is expounding. This songs such as "The Letter," "No Love at BILLBOARD AND PLACE IT ON has strong possibilities of being a com- 101. BREAKING UP SOMEBODY'S HOME Ann Peebles, Hi 2205 (London) All," "Tulsa" and "Neon Rainbow" (all mercially successful album. included here) have important parts YOUR CUSTOMER SPECIAL OR- 102. played SUGAREE Jerry Garcia, Warner Bros. 7569 in setting pace during the past few years. DER DESK; THIS SECTION COM- 103. DON'T WANT TO SAY GOODBYE Raspberries, Capitol 3280 Carson has a good voice and treats his songs sensitively and warmly. "Laurel 104. HE WILL BREAK YOUR HEART Johnny Williams, Epic 5 -10845 (CBS) PLIMENTS THE REGULAR FIND Canyon" and "All Night Feeling" deserve BLUES 105. FEEL THE NEED Damon Shawn, Westbound 193 (Chess /Janus) much attention. A welcome addition to CATALOG ON YOUR FIND SPE- 106. IF YOU LOVE ME Betty Wright, Alston 4609 (Atlantic) the LP scene. EDDIE (CLEANHEAD) VINSON -You Can't CIAL ORDER DESK. 107. WOMAN'S GOTTA HAVE IT Bobby Womack, United DUANE Artists 50902 & GREG ALLMAN -Bold 33 -301 Make Love Alone. Mega M31 -1012 108. AMERICAN TRILOGY Elvis Presley, RCA 74-0672 Since there is a dearth of liner notes the Well -known alto saxist from the Johnny origin and age of the album remains a The complete May FIND Catalog 109. DOING MY OWN THING Johnnie Taylor, Stax 0122 Otis show "Cleanhead" goes it on his own matter of guesswork (a rough estimate to break up the Montreux Festival with 110. FREE YOUR MIND Politicians, Hot Wax 7114 (Buddah) would be early 1969 the will be issued the last week in after demise the sssshifty kinda' blues he's so well of "Hour Glass" and pre -Allman 111. JUST AS LONG AS YOU NEED ME, Pt. 1 Independents, Wand 11245 (Scepter) Brothers known for in the U.S. Aptly assisted by Band). At any rate there is worth here May. This catalog will contain 112. DO YOU REMEMBER THESE Stotler Bros., Mercury 73275 sideman great Larry Coryell, this live per- other than being a collector's item, it is formance continues to reflect the Euro- all new label product all 113. MY HONEY & a and ME Emotions, Volt 4077 clean, gently flowing album with an pean admiration for blues. Should find absence of flash There a 114. CALIFORNIA WINE Bobby Goldsboro, United Artists 50891 and glitter. is easy FM play on "Cleanhead Blues" and new release product received by laid -back mellow feel to Duane's guitar 115. OPEN UP YOUR HEART Rainbow, Evolution 1056 (Stereo Dimension) "I Had a Dream." FIND since our last catalog. work, strong tracks are "Melissa" (which 116. ME & JESUS Tom T Hall, Mercury 73278 was reborn for the "Peach" album) and "Come & Get Me." 117. I GOT SOME HELP I DON'T NEED B B. King, ABC 11321 FIND SHIPS PRODUCT OUT THE 118. YOU AND I Black Ivory, Today 1508 (Perception) ALYCE KING -A Time for Love. Ranwood RELIGIOUS R 8093 SAME DAY WE RECEIVE YOUR 119. LOVE THEME FROM "THE GODFATHER" ..Roger Williams, Kapp 3665 (MCA) Stepping out of the "family" format comes ORDERS. HOWEVER, YOU CAN 120. BRING IT HOME (And Give It To Me) Hot Sauce, Volt 4076 Alyce King, the King Sister long credited RALPH CARMICHAEL - Hymns at Sunset. 121. TO BE FREE , Blue Thumb 209 (Famous) for her "velvet voice." It is a lovely Light LS 5594 HELP EXPEDITE SERVICE TO YOU album, arranged and conducted by her Here 122. HOME IS WHERE THE HATRED is a fine spiritual LP, one that IS Esther Philips, Kudu 904 (CTI) son Alexis de Azevedo, an accomplished fare very BY MAKING. CERTAIN THAT ALL should well with folk who 123. BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY Daniel Boone, Mercury 73281 composer and pianist. Lee Gilette produced appreciate the beauty and calm of hymns. YOUR ORDERS CONTAIN THE 124. HOT & NASTY , A&M 1349 this LP which should attract much atten- Arranged by Ralph Carmichael, produced tion through more play. Highlights include by Lee Gillette, they spotlight "Just a 125. LIFE & BREATH FIND ORDERING NUMBER, IF Climax, Rocky Road 30061 (Bell) "Young and Foolish," "A Time for Love," Closer Walk With Thee," "What a Friend 126. LONESOMEST LONESOME Ray Price, Columbia 4 "Little Girl Blue" and "Here's That Rainy We Have in Jesus," Tcok a Miracle" THE ITEM BEING ORDERED -45583 "It IS Day." She offers a super reading on "I and "The Lord Is My Shepard." Special Get Along IN THE FIND CATALOG OR ITS Without You Very Well." highlight is "In the Garden." SUPPLEMENTS. OTHERWISE WE HAVE TO RECODE ALL YOUR ORDERS. THIS DELAYS SHIP- MENT TO YOU AND ADDS TO * * ** 4 STAR * * ** OUR COSTS.

201. ASYLUM CHOIR Look Inside, Smash SRS 67107 (Mercury) POPULAR * * ** RELIGIOUS * * ** 202. NITE- LITERS Instrumental Directions, RCA LSP 4580 DOUG KERSHAW- Kershaw (Genus Cambarus). BILL GAITHER TRIO -My Faith Still Holds. Hickory LPS 163 Heart Warming R 3161 203. MAC DAVIS ..I Believe In Music, Columbia C -30926 204. AL KOOPER ..Projection of the Future /Chlidhood's End, Columbia KC -31159 MANZANILLA SOUND -Make Mine Manzan- 9 MUSICAL PACKAGES -World Action Sing- illa. GNP Crescendo GNPS 2062 ers with Richard and Patti Roberts /Ralph 205. RUFUS THOMAS Did You Heard Me, Stax STS 3004 GEORGE CRUMB: BLACK ANGELS/CHARLES Carmichael. Light LS 5597 206. INVICTUS' GREATEST HITS Various Artists, Invictus ST 9807 (Capitol) JONES: STRING QUARTET NO. 6- SONATINA- MARJORIE HAYWARD MADEY -We Praise FIND Service International 207. McKENDREE SPRING 3, Decca DL 75332 (MCA) CRI SD 283 Thy Name. Link CS 7233 GEORGE E. BROOKS & THE INK PAUL DOWNING the Beginning God. P.O. Box 208. TONY MOTTOLA Superstar Guitar, Project 3 PR 5062 SD SPOTS - -In 775 Sing Country and Their Own Hits. Paula First Foundation FE 1800 209. WILD TURKEY Battle Hymn, Reprise MS 2070 Terre Haute, Indiana 47803 LPS 2212 210. MOM & DADS ...In the Blue Canadian Rockies, GNP Crescendo GNPS 2063 A. C. 812 -466 -1282 RAY REPP -Hear the Cryin'. Myrrh MST 6509 SOUL * * ** 211. CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD Bittersweet, Invictus ST 9801 (Capitol) CHANGE OF PACE -Bring My Buddies Back. and 212. DIANNE DAVIDSON Backwoods Woman, Janus JLS 3043 CLASSICAL * * ** Stonelady 1001 213. TIM ROSE 101 FIND Service International Playboy PB E. POWER BIGGS PLAYS 24 HISTORIC LITTLE MILTON'S GREATEST HITS -Chess Suite 415 ORGANS IN 8 COUNTRIES COVERING 7 CH 50013 CENTURIES OF MUSIC BY 24 COMPOSERS - 9000 Sunset Blvd. E. Power Biggs. Columbia MG 31207 GOSPEL * *** Los Angeles, California 90069 FRANZ LISZT'S GREATEST HITS OF THE VARIOUS ARTISTS Top Ten TV Dealers Utilize Tape and Audio 1850's-Jorge Bolet. RCA LSC 3259 -Gospel Music's A. C. 213 -273 -7040 for 1971. GMA R 3169 BACH FOR BAND -London Symphonic Band Candy Tusken Continued from page 49 men from a nearby university, (Williams). Columbia M 31126 capitalizing on the notion that JAZZ * * ** (Advertisement) BEETHOVEN: FIFTEEN VARIATIONS -EROICA year." Hall's Appliances is a five - youth can sell youth better than THEME AND FUGUE /SCHUBERT: MOMENTS HANK CRAWFORD-Help Me Make It Through store chain. anyone. MUSICAUX -Clifford Curzon, Piano. London the Night. Kudu KU 06 CS 6727 "We'll retain our present appli- Miller said that the decision to DEBUSSY: PRELUDES BOOKS 1 & 2 -Jean- ance-TV mix in terms of space, go into tape /audio products was Rodolphe Kars. London CSA 2230 inventory and attention," Miller made largely because a large por- JOHN OGDON PLAYS ALKAN- Concerto for said, "but we'll become known in tion of the surrounding market is Solo Piano. RCA LSC 3192 ALBUM REVIEWS at least a couple of our outlets as over 50 and retired and there VIENNA OF JOHANN STRAUSS -Von Karajan with the stereo existed a need Philharmonic Orchestra. London RI SPOnIB11T headquarters." to create business STS 15163 among the relatively free The chain plans to recruit sales- -spending CHOPIN POLONAISES 1-7-Antonio Barbosa. But of the album rel youth and young adult segment of Connoiseur Society CS 2041 of the week in all cate- the university community. gories as picked by the BB SOUNDTRACK Combat Duplicators Howard Cohn of Ken Crane's * *** Review Panel fer tep sales Magnavox City, Hawthorne, Calif., SOUNDTRACK -The Hot Rock. Prophecy SD and chart movement. Continued from page 48 noted that his company's experi- 6055 (Atlantic) ence with stereo compacts, partic- JPICIAL MIR1T police officials and deputy dis- BLUES * * ** ularly those systems priced under Albums with sales potential trict attorneys are not aware of $200, has been very successful and VARIOUS ARTISTS-Dark Muddy Bottom Blues. Specialty SPS 2149 that are dararving of special laws nor have the time to pursue tends to generate a significant violators," Marmaduke said. consideration at both the amount of the day -to -day sales dealer and radio level. Despite the new federal law and volume. COMEDY * * ** WHITE a strong state statute in Texas The general feeling among those SLAPPY -Elect Sloppy White, Vice FOUR STARS - President. Laff A 159 a second offense is a felony -boot- dealers who carry only one or two *Albums with sales potential legging is rampant, especially in lines was that as more independent * * * POLKA within their category of small towns, he said. "Only a dealers become involved with au- * *** chart strong organization on a local level dio, the consumer will begin to LIL WALLY- Unforgettable Hits. Jay Jay music and possible 5134 items. can stamp out unlicensed tape think of such outlets as good audio LIL WALLY BOMBS -The King of Happiness. duplicating." sources. Jay Jay 5133 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

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2. I am: An independent retailer, operating Application (state how many) outlets; Store Name: FIND / P.O. Box 775 Part of a chain -store operation with Terre Haute, Ind. 47808 (state how many) outlets; Phone (812) 466 -1282 Individual: 3. I handle the products checked: 1. I have checked below the type.of outlet with which Owner: Manager. LP Records 8 -Track Tapes I have answered the questions below and will hear from you as soon as you have reviewed my appli- Cassettes Open -Reel Tapes

cation. I understand that this application puts me 4. My record /tape department is: under no obligation whatsoever. Clerk- serviced Telephone: Qualification Data Self- serviced 1. I have checked below the type of outlet with which Self serviced with clerk assistance I am associated. Address: Record /Tape Store Discount Store 5. I buy my record /tape product from: Home Entertainment/ Variety Store Distributors Appliance Store Supermarket One -Stops City, State, Zip: Department Store Drug Store Serviced by Rack Merchandiser Rack Merchandiser

One Stop Other: 6. I subscribe to Billboard. Yes No BB 42972

www.americanradiohistory.com NUMBER OF phis, BMI) Flip: "Baby I'm A -Want You" (4:38) (Screen Gems- Colum- SINGLES REVIEWED LAST WEEK bia, BMI) ENTERPRISE 9049 (Stax/Volt) THIS WEEK 64 RADIO ACTION: WTIX (New Orleans) 70 also recommended ELTON JOHN -ROCKET MAN (4:35) (prod: Gus Dudgeon) (writers: John -Taupin) (James, BMI) Flip: "Suzie CURTIS MAYFIELD -Beautiful Brother of Mine (4:01) (prod: Curtis May- (Dramas)" (3:25) (James, BMI) UNI 55328 (MCA) field) (writer: Mayfield) (Camad, BMI) CURIOM 1972 (Buddah) The records listed on this page represent the pew CRIMSON AND CLOVER -Born Too Late (2:25) (prod: Rich Sargent & additions and picks of more than 150 radio stations /PLASTIC ONO BAND With ELE- Jerry Meyers) (writers: Tobias- Strouse) (Mansion, ASCAP) BELL 45 -211 RADIO ACTION: WXLY (Spokane); WHHO (Harnell N.Y.) in 50 markets polled each week for Top 40, MOR, PHANTS MEMORY -WOMAN IS THE NIGGER country and soul, along with the picks of the Bill- OF THE WORLD (5:15) CORNELIUS BROTHERS 8 SISTER ROSE -Too Late To Turn Back Now (3:12) (prod: Bob Archibald) (writer: (prod: John & Yoko Cornelius) (Unart/Stagedoor, BMI) board Review Board. The picks are based upon the and Phil Spector) (writers: Lennon -Ono) (One UNITED ARTISTS 50910 Music also claimed by Maclen /Northern Songs, BMI) Flip: "Sisters 0 commercial potency of the disc. Sisters" (3:46) (Ono, BMI) APPLE 1848 BLOODROCK- Erosion (2:57) (prod: Jim Rutledge) (writer: Nitzinger) RADIO ACTION: KDAY (Los Angeles) (Fancy Space, BMI) CAPITOL 3320 RADIO ACTION: WBRV (Boonville, N.Y.); KMDO (Ft. Scott, Kansas)

BRENDA LEE EAGER & PEACHES -In My World TIM ROSE -It Takes A Little Longer (2:50) (prod: Gary Wright) (writers: (2:40) Wright- Upsurge) (Irving, BMI) PLAYBOY 50005 RADIO ACTION: KMBY (Monterey) (prod: & James Blumenberg) (writers: Butler- Bowles- Brown- Blumenberg) (Butler, ASCAP) Flip: "I'm A Lonley Woman" PETER YARROW -Wave Me the Sunshine (2:50) (prod: (2:15) (Butler, ASCAP) MERCURY 73292 Phil Ramone & Milt Okune) (writer: Yarrow) (Mary Beth, ASCAP) WARNER BROS. 7597

LUNAR FUNK -Slip the Drummer One (3:25) (prod: Marlin McNichols) POP (writers: Davis- Flemister- Williams) ASSOCIATION - DARLING BE HOME SOON (Tedrolee, ASCAP) BELL 45 -214 (3:14) MICHEL LEGRAND -Jesus Christ Superstar/Day By Day (2:39) (prod: NEIL (prod: Lewis Merenstein) (writer: Sebastian) (Koppeluran- Rubin, BMI) Michel Legrand) (writers: Rice -Webber /Schwartz) (Leeds, ASCAP /Va- DIAMOND - SONG SUNG BLUE (3:15) Flip: No info available. COLUMBIA 4 -45602 lando /New Cadenza, ASCAP) BELL 45 -215 (prod: Tom Catalano /Neil Diamond) (writer: Diamond) (Prophet, ASCAP) RADIO ACTION: WGHQ (Kingston, N.Y.) Flip: "Gitchy Goomy" (3:49) (Prophet, ASCAP) UNI 55326 (MCA) RADIO ACTION: WHB (Kansas City); WPOP (Hartford); WDRC (Hart- HILLSIDE SINGERS -Kum Ba Yah (3:01) (prod: Al Ham Productions) JACKIE DeSHANNON- VANILLA OLAY (3:01) (writers: Ham ford); WCAR (Detroit) -Shaw- Shaw-Mayo) (Valando /Mayoham, ASCAP) METRO - (prod: Jerry Wexler, & Arif Madrin) (writer: DeShannon) MEDIA 246 (Plain & Simple, ASCAP) Flip: No info available. ATLANTIC 2871 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL -SOMEDAY SMOKE -Oh Love (Well We Finally Made It) (2:56) (prod: Barry White) (writer: White) (SaVette /January, MOSOUL NEVER COMES (3:55) BMI) 45-1971 RAIDERS POWDER BLUE MERCEDES CASS ELLIOT -That Song (2:07) (prod: (prod: Creedence Clearwater Revival) (writer: Fogerty) (Jondora, BMI) - QUEEN Lewis Merenstein) (writer: Dean) (Dean, ASCAP) RCA 74 -0693 Flip: "Tearin' Up the Country" (2:13) (Jondora, BMI) FANTASY 676 (2:38) RADIO ACTION: KLIF (Dallas); KOL (Seattle); KILT (Houston); KRUX (prod: M. Lindsay) (writer: Lindsay) (Boom, BMI) Flip: No info avail- Jeff Sturges and UNIVERSE-San Antonio (3:09) (prod: Johnnie Spence) (Phoenix); WSGN (); KCBQ (San Diego); KCPX (Salt Lake able. COLUMBIA 4 -45601 (writer: Lopez) (M.A.M., ASCAP) MAM 3620 (London) City); WILB (Utica; WDRC (Hartford); WSGA (Savannah); WHHO (Hor- nell, N.Y.); KYLT (Missoula); KFXD (Boise); KBYR (Anchorage); KWOS -Guess Who (2:51) (prod: Jimmy Bowen) (writer: Belvin) (Jefferson City, Mo.); KROW (Sacramento) (Michele, BMI) REPRISE 1085 ED WELCH- CLOWNS (2:38) RADIO ACTION: KGKL (San Angelo, Texas) (prod: Mike Alberquerque) (writers: Welch- Paxton) (United Artists, GRAHAM NASH & DAVID CROSBY- IMMIGRA- ASCAP) AVALANCHE 36010 (United Artists) DIONME WARWICKE- Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head (2:56) (prod: & ) (writers: Bacharach -David) (Blue Seas/ TION MEN (3:02) Jac /20th Century, ASCAP) SCEPTER 12346 (Prod: Graham Nash, David Crosby & Bill Halverson) (Giving Room, BMI) RADIO ACTION: WFBM (Indianapolis); KDEN (Denver) Flip: No info available. ATLANTIC 2873 PIPES AND DRUMS AND THE MILITARY BAND OF THE ROYAL SCOTS DRAGON GUARDS SCHERRIE PAYNE -V.I.P. (3:13) (prod: Holland- Dozier-Holland) (writers: - Bond -Perry -Johnson) (Gold Forever, BMI) INVICTUS 9114 (Capitol) JAMES BROWN -THERE IT IS Part 1 (3:05) AMAZING GRACE (2:19) FAT CITY -Morning Go Away (3:31) (prod: Milton - (prod: James Brown) (writer: Brown) (Dynatone (writer: traditional) Okun) (writer: Dan /Belinda, BMI) Flip: (Sunbury, ASCAP) Flip: No info available. RCA off) (Cherry Lane, ASCAP) PARAMOUNT 0162 (Famous) No info available. POLYDOR 14125 74 -0709 MELBA MOORE -I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else (2:45) (writers: Moore -Jones, Jr.) (Press, BMI) MERCURY ISAAC HAYES & -AIN'T THAT 73289 LAURA GREENE- MEMORIES AND SOUVENIRS LOVING YOU (FOR MORE REASONS' THAN 8th AVENUE BAND -The Whole Thing (2:50) (prod: John Hill) (writer: (2:40) Hill) (Colgems, ASCAP) COLUMBIA 4 -45593 ONE) (4:22) (prod: Van McCoy & Joe Cobb) (writers: McCoy -Cobb) (McCoy, BMI) MOUTAIN-Waiting To Take You Away (3:80) (prod: Felix Pappalardi) (prod: Isaac Hayes & David Porter) (writers: Jones -Banks) (East Mem- Flip: No info available. CAPITOL 3300 (writer: West) (Upfall, ASCAP) WINDFALL 537 (Bell)

SCHERRIE PAYNE- V.I.P. (See Pop Pick) CRUSADERS PUT IT WHERE YOU WANT IT also recommended (2:50) COUNTRY (prod: Stewart Levine) (writer: Sample) (Four Knights, BMI) Flip: No info available. BLUE THUMB 208 (Famous)

RADIO ACTION: WGRT (Chicago); KDIA (tan Francisco); KEWI RAY PILLOW -She's Doing It To Me - SONNY JAMES- THAT'S WHY I LOVE YOU LIKE Again (2:40) (prod: Hugh Prescott (Topeka) Jim Malloy) writers: Wilson- Dobbins) (100 Oaks, BMI) MEGA 615 -0072 I DO (2:42) RADIO ACTION: KVET (Austin); KOKE (Austin); WSLR (Akron) (prod: Kelso Herston) writer: Max Morrow) (Beechwood, BMI) Flip: "Still Water Runs Deep" (2:16) (Marlon, BMI) CAPITOL 3322 RADIO ACTION: WBAB (Ft. Worth); WTHE (Mineola); KCKN (Kansas BOBBIE ROY- One Woman's Trash (Another Woman's Treasure) (2:44) City); WIVK (Knoxville); WJJD (Chicago) (prod: Bill Walker) (writer: Lane) (Tree, BMI) CAPITOL 3301 RADIO ACTION: WPLO (Atlanta); WBAP (Ft. Worth); KCKN (Kansas) TAMMY WYNETTE -REACH OUT YOUR HAND also recommended (2 :50) DAVID FRIZELL -Shake Hands With the Devil (2:37) (prod: Ron (prod: Billy Sherrill) (writers: Sherrill -Wynette) (Algee /Altam, BMI) Chancey) (writer: Kris Kristofferson) (Moss Rose, BMI) CARTWHEEL 211 Flip: No info available. EPIC 5-10856 (CBS) RADIO ACTION: KVET (Austin); WKDA (Nashville); KFDI (Wichita); LUNAR FUNK -Slip the Drummer One (See Pop Pick) RADIO ACTION: KCKN (Kansas City) WITL (Lansing) SMOKE -Oh Well (Love We Finally Made It) (See Pop Pick) GEORGE JONES -LOVING YOU COULD NEVER BE BETTER (3:01) MELBA MOORE -1 Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else (See Pop Pick) (prod: Billy Sherrill) (writers: Montgomery- Montgomery-Tate) (Altam, OSCAR WEATHERS -Pledging My Love BMI) Flip: No info available. EPIC 5-10858 (CBS) (3:11) (prod: Van McCoy & Gilda Woods) (writers: Washington -Robey) (Lion, BMI) TOP & BOTTOM RADIO ACTION: KCKN (Kansas City) 412 (Jamie /Guyden) RADIO ACTION: KDIA (San Francisco); WGRT (Chicago); WOL (Wash- JEANNIE C. RILEY -GOOD MORNING COUN- ington, D.C.) TRY RAIN (2:17) SOUL KOOL GANG 8 -Music Is the Message (Part 1) (prod: Vienneau) (3:40) (prod: Jim (writer: Raven) (Acuff -Rose, BMI) Flip: "This Is theOGang)yTHE (writer: Kool & the Gang) (Delightful/Gang, BMI) For You" (2:25) (Kimchelle, BMI) MGM 14382 Kbol E RADIO ACTION: WINN (Louisville); WBAP (Ft. Worth); WKDA (Nash- ville); KCKN (Kansas City) JAMES BROWN -THERE IT IS PART 1 (See Pop Pick) JAN HOWARD -LET HIM HAVE IT (2:17)

(writer: Peters) (Peters, BMI) Flip: "Remember the Good" (2:38) (Acuff - Rose, BMI) DECCA 32955 (MCA) ISAAC HAYES & DAVID PORTER -AIN'T THAT RADIO ACTION: KOKE (Austin); WJCO (Jackson, Michigan); WMUS LOVING YOU (FOR MORE REASONS THAN (Muskegon); KSON (San Diego); WINN (Louisville); WBAP (Ft. Worth) ONE) (See Pop Pick) ROY DRUSKY -THE NIGHT'S NOT OVER YET HOT (3:31) CHART EAGER & PEACHES -IN MY WORLD (prod: ) (writers: Foster -Rice) (Jack & Bill, ASCAP) Flip: "Sunshine And Rainbows" (2:40) (Green Grass, BMI) MERCURY 73293 (See Pop Pick) RADIO ACTION: KCKN (Kansas City); WPAB (Ft. Worth) ACFION BOBBY WRIGHT -SOMEBODY'S BREAKIN' MY LAURA GREENE -MEMORIES AND SOUVENIRS (See Pop Pick) HEART (2:22) 20 * (31) HOT ROD LINCOLN -Commander Cody, Paramount (writer: Harris) (Contention, SESAC) Flip: "There She Goes" (2:24) (4 Star, BMI) DECCA 32954 (MCA) 32 * (62) LITTLE CURTIS MAYFIELD - BEAUTIFUL BROTHER OF BITTY PRETTY ONE- Jackson 5, Motown RADIO ACTION: KOKE (Austin); WSEN (Syracuse); KSON (San Diego); WBAP (Ft. Worth); KFDI (Wichita); WVOJ (Jacksonville) MINE (See Pop Pick) 50 * (new) TUMBLING DICE -Rolling Stones, (Atlantic)

66 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD

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TITLE, Weeks On Chart TITLE, Weeks On Chart TITLE, Weeks On Chart Artist (Producer) Label, Number (Distributing Label) 1-3 Artist (Producer) Label, Number (Distributing Label) )-3 Artist (Producer) Label, Number (Distributing Label)

1 1 THE FIRST TIME EVER I SAW YOUR FACE 9 35 30 GIVE IRELAND BACK TO THE IRISH 8 82 I'VE BEEN LONELY FOR SO LONG 2 Roberta Flack (Joel Dorn), Atlantic 2864 Wings (The McCartneys), Apple 1847 Frederick Knight (E. Walker) Stax 0117

2 ROCKIN' ROBIN 8 45 YOU COULD HAVE BEEN A LADY 6 85 I'M MOVIN' ON 2 Michael Jackson (Mel Larson & Jerry April Wine (Ralph Murphy) Big Tree 133 (Bell) Marcellino), Motown 1197 John Kay (Richard Podolor) Dunhill 4309 42 NICE TÓ BE WITH YOU 10 3 I GOTCHA 13 Gallery (Mike Theodore & Dennis Coffey), 71 75 IKO IKO 3 Sussex 232 (Buddah) Joe Tex (Buddy Killen), Dial 1010 (Mercury) Dr. John (Jerry Wexler & Harold Battiste(, Atco 6882 38 35 (The Day I Lost You Was) 6 BETCHA BY GOLLY, WOW 10 Stylistics Featuring Russell Thompkins Jr. THE DAY I FOUND MYSELF 11 72 77 CHANGES 3 (Thom Bell), Avco 4591 Honey Cone (Staff), Hot Wax 7113 (Buddah) (Ken Scott), RCA 74 -0605

4 A HORSE WITH NO NAME 11 39 29 CRAZY MAMA 14 73 69 MONEY RUNNER 8 America (Ian Samwell), Warner Bros. 7555 J. J. Cale (Audie Ashworth), Shelter 7314 (Capitol) Quincy Jones (Quincy Jones), Reprise 1072 40 41 MISTER CAN'T YOU SEE 5 7 DAY DREAMING 7 Buffy Sainte -Marie ( Buffy Sainte - 74 78 TELEGRAM SAM 2 Aretha Franklin (Jerry Wexler -Tom Dowd -Arif Marie & Norbert Putnam), Vanguard 35151 Mardin), Atlantic 2866 T. Rex (Tony Visconti) Reprise 1078 52 WALKING IN THE RAIN 5 IN THE RAIN IO 75 83 LEAN ON ME WITH THE ONE I LOVE 5 2 Dramatics (Tony Hester under the supervision Withers Love Unlimited (Barry White), Uni 55319 (MCA) Bill (Bill Withers) of Don Davis), Volt 4075 Sussex 235 (Buddah) 42 43 POOL OF BAD LUCK 6 9 A COWBOY'S WORK IS NEVER DONE 10 Joe Simon (Staff) Spring 124 (Polydor) 76 71 COTTON JENNY 5 Sonny & Cher (Sonny Bono & Snuff Garrett), Anne Kapp 2163 (MCA) Murray (Brian Aherne), Capitol 3260 43 44 CHANTILLY LACE 9 Jerry Lee Lewis (Jerry Kennedy), Mercury 73273 10 DOCTOR MY EYES 7 OLD MAN 1 Jackson Browne (Richard Sanford Orshoff), 53 SYLVIA'S MOTHER 5 Neil Young (Elliott Mazer & Neil Young) Asylum Reprise 1084 11004 (Atlantic) Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show (Ron Haffkine), Columbia 4 -45562 12 LOOK WHAT YOU DONE FOR ME 5 95 LOVE THEME FROM "THE GODFATHER" 2 Al Green (Willie Mitchell) Hi 2211 (London) 45 39 DO YOUR THING 10 Nina Rota (Tom Mack) Paramount 0152 (Famous) Isaac Hayes (Isaac Hayes), Enterprise 9042 19 BACK OFF BOOGALOO 5 (Star /Volt) IT'S GOING TO TAKE SOME TIME 1 Ringo Starr (), Apple 1849 46 55 I SAW THE LIGHT 4 Carpenters (Jack Daugherty) A &M 1351 Todd Rundgren (Todd Rundgren) 14 THE FAMILY OF MAN 6 Bearsville 0003 (Warner Bros) AIN'T WASTIN' TIME NO MORE 1 Three Dog Night (Richard Podolor) Dunhill 4306 Allman Brothers Band (Tom Dowd) Capricorn 0003 56 ASK ME WHAT YOU WANT 6 (Warner Bros.) 16 VINCENT /CASTLES IN THE AIR 7 Millie Jackson (Raeford Gerald & Don French) Don McLean (Ed Freeman), United Artists 50887 Spring 123 ( Polydor) AMERIKAN MUSIC I Steve Alaimo (Chips Moman) Entrance 7507 (CBS) 15 BABY BLUE 6 48 50 LET'S STAY TOGETHER 5 Badfinger (Todd Rundgren) Apple 1844 Isaac Hayes (Isaac Hayes) Enterprise 9045 Stax /Volt) UPSETTER 1 Grand Funk Railroad (Terry Knight) Capitol 3316 15 11 PUPPY LOVE 10 49 49 BE MY LOVER 8 Donny Osmond (Mike Curb & Don Costa), Alice Cooper (Bob Ezrin), Warner 83 86 TAOS NEW MEXICO 3 MGM 14367 Bros. 7568 R. Dean Taylor (R. Dean Taylor), Rare Earth 5041 (Motown) 20 OH GIRL 4 TUMBLING DICE 1 Chi -Lites (Eugene Records) Brunswick 55471 Rolling Stones () 84 Rolling Stones 19103 (Atlantic) 84 SIMPLE SONG OF FREEDOM 5 Buckwheat (Andy DiMartino), London 176 17 8 HEART OF GOLD 13 81 DIARY 2 Neil Young (Elliot Mazer & Neil Young), Reprise 1065 Bread (David Gates) Elektra 45784 85 87 VAHEEVELLA 3 Ken Loggins with Jim Messina (Jim 52 57 LEGEND IN YOUR OWN TIME 6 Messina), Columbia 4 -45550 23 I'LL TAKE YOU THERE 4 Carly Simon (Paul Samwell- Smith) Elektra 45774 Staple Singers (AI Bell) Stan 0125 86 88 BEG, STEAL OR BORROW 2 53 47 ROCK AND ROLL 7 New Seekers (David Mackay) Elektra 45780 21 SUAVECITO 9 Led Zeppelin (Jimmy Page), Atlantic 2865 Malo (David Rubinson), Warner Bros. 7559 67 YOU ARE THE ONE 8 AIN'T THAT PECULIAR 1 Fanny (Richard Perry) Reprise 1080 31 HOT ROD LINCOLN 6 Sugar Bears (Jimmy Bowen), Big Tree 122 (Bell) Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen (Bob Cohen 59 LAY -AWAY & Commander Cody) Paramount 0146 (Famous) 55 5 100 DADDY, DON'T YOU WALK SO FAST 2 Isley Brothers (R., 0. & R. Isley), Wayne Newton (Wes Farrell) T -Neck 934 (Buddah) 78 -0100 (RCA) 27 MORNING HAS BROKEN 5 Chelsea Cat Stevens (Paul Samwell- Smith), A & M 1335 64 LOVE THEME FROM "THE GODFATHER" 4 89 96 LOVE'S STREET AND FOOL'S ROAD 3 26 SLIPPIN' INTO DARKNESS 15 (Speak Softly Love) Soloman Burke (Solomon Burke), War (Jerry Goldstein), United Artists 50867 Andy Williams (Dick Glasser) (Columbia 4 -45579 MGM 14253

23 18 11 70 WALK IN THE NIGHT 5 TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST 1 Dennis Coffey and the Detroit Guitar Band Jr. Walker & the All Stars (Johnny Bristol), Engelbert Humperdinck (Gordon Mills) (Mike Theodore), Sussex 233 (Buddah) Soul 35095 (Motown) Parrot 40069 (London) HEARSAY 24 25 EVERY DAY OF MY LIFE 14 58 60 7 91 92 EVE 4 Soul Children (Jim Stewart & Al Jackson), Bobby Vinton (Jimmy Bowen), Epic 5 -10822 (CBS) ( & Jim Capaldi) Stax 0119 Island 1204 (Capitol) 25 13 ROUNDABOUT 12 59 61 AM I LOSING YOU 5 Yes (Yes and Eddie Offord), Atlantic 2854 92 LOVE THEME FROM "THE GODFATHER" Partridge Family starring Shirley Jones & - 26 17 MOTHER AND CHILD REUNION 13 featuring David Cassidy (Wes Farrell), (Speak Softly Love) 1 Bell 45 -200 Paul Simon (Roy Halee /Paul Simon), Al Martino (Pete DeAngelis) Capitol 3313 Columbia 4 -45547 89 ISN'T LIFE STRANGE 2 93 I JUST WANNA BE YOUR FRIEND 1 Moody Blues (Tony Clarke) - 27 28 JUMP INTO THE FIRE 7 Threshold 67009 (London) Lighthouse (Jimmy Lenner) Evolution 1058 Nilsson (Richard Perry), RCA 74 -0673 (Stereo Dimension) 61 66 WHAT'D I SAY 4 33 CANDY MAN 8 Rare Earth (Rare Earth) Rare Earth 5043 (Motown) 94 97 MENDELSSOHN'S 4th Sammy Davis Jr. (Mike Curb & Don Costa), MGM 14320 (Second Movement) 3 62 65 I HAD IT ALL THE TIME 6 Apollo 100 (Miki Dallon), Mega 615 -0069 37 RUN, RUN, RUN 7 Tyrone Davis (Willie Henderson) Dakar 4501 (Brunswick) Jo Jo Gunne (Jo Jo Gonne), 95 99 QUESTIONS 2 Asylum 11003 (Atlantic) 73 EVERYTHING GOOD IS BAD, Bang (Michael Sunday) Capitol 3304 36 ME AND JULIO DOWN BY THE EVERYTHING BAD IS GOOD 5 96 98 LONG- HAIRED LOVER FROM LIVERPOOL 2 SCHOOLYARD 4 100 Proof (Aged in Soul) (Greg Perry & General Johnson, Hot Wax 7202 (Buddah) Little Jimmy Osmond (Mike Curb & Paul Simon (Roy Halce /Paul Simon) Perry Botkin Jr.) MGM 14376 Columbia 4 -45585 79 SMILIN' 2 38 TAXI 8 Sly & the Family Stone (Sly Stone) 97 - HOW DO YOU DO 1 Epic 5 -10850 (CBS) Harry Chapin (), Elektra 45770 Mouth & Mac Neal (Hans van Hemmert) Phillips 40715 (Mercury) 90 OUTA -SPACE 2 62 LITTLE BITTY PRETTY ONE 2 Billy Preston (Billy Preston) A &M 1320 Jackson 5 (Mel Larson & Jerry Marcellino) 98 WE'RE FREE 1 Motown 1199 Beverly 66 72 TO GET TO YOU 7 Bremers (Levine/Brown /Eichner) Scepter 12348 33 34 HELP ME MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT 6 Jerry Wallace (Joe Johnson), Decca 32914 (MCA) Gladys Knight & the Pips (Johnny Bristol) 67 63 JOSIE 8 99 - YOUNG NEW MEXICAN PUPPETEER 1 Soul 35094 (Motown) Kris Kristofferson (Fred Foster), Monument Tom Jones (Gordon Mills) Parrott 40070 (London) (Last Night) I DIDN'T GET TO 8536 (CBS) 100 - WHERE THERE'S A WILL THERE'S A WAY 1 SLEEP AT ALL 5 68 74 JUBILATION 6 Delaney & Bonnie (Jimmy Miller 5th Dimension (Bones Howe), Bell 45 -195 (Paul Anka- ), Buddah 294 & Delaney Bramlett) Atco 6888

I Gofcha (Tree, I BMI) 3 (Last Night) Didn't Get to Long Haired Lover From Puppy to e (Spanka, BMI) 15 Too Beautiful to Last (Colgems/ I Had It All The Time Sleep At All (January, Liverpool (Burda /Virgin Ear, Horizpic, ASCAP) 90 100 A -Z - (Publisher w Licensee) (Julio- Brian, BMI) 62 BMI) 34 ASCAP) 9 6 Questions (C.A.M. /U.S.A., Tumbling Dice (Promopub, HOT BMI) 95 I lust Wanna Be Your Friend Lay -Away (Triple Three, B.V., ASCAP) 50 Ain't That Peculiar (lobete, Chantilly Lace (Glad, BMI) . 43 Everything Good Is Bad, Me and Julio Down By the (C.A.M: U.S.A , BMI) 93 BMI) 55 BMI) 87 Everything Bad Is Good Schoolyard (Charing Cross, Rock and Roll (Superhype, Cott. (Early Morning, I Saw the Light Upsetter (Storybook, BMI) 82 (Earmark/ Lean on Me BMI) D ASCAP) Ain't Wastin' Time No More J me 76 (Gold, Forever, BMI) 63 (Interior, 75 BMI) 3 53 Screen Gems -Columbia, Vaheevella (Gnossos, ASCAP) 85 (No Exit, BMI) 80 A Legend In Your Own Time Mendelssohn's Rockin' Robin (Recorda, Cowboy's Work Is Never BMI) 46 4th (Second Tunes, Am losing ou (Screen The Family of Man (Almo /Cross BMI) 2 Vincent (Mayday/Yahweh Done (Chrismare, BMI) 8 Iko -Iko Trio Melder, (Quackenbush, ASCAP) 52 (Campbell-Connelly, Gems -Columbia, BMI) 59 Key, ASCAP) 12 (Ace- / 4 Roundabout (Cotillion, BMI) 25 BMI) 13 Crazy Mama (Moss -Rose, Let's Stay Together (let, Movement) American Music (Press, BMI) The First Time Ever I Saw Run, Run, Run (Hollenbeck Walk In The Night (lobete, BMI) 39 I'll A Takeke You There (East/ 13641) 48 Mister Can't You See (Acuff-Rose, Ask Me What You Want Your Face (Storm King, D Bulge, BMI) 29 ASCAP) 57 BMI) Memphis, BMI) 18 Little Bitty Pretty One 4 (Will-Du /Bill -Lee/ Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast Money ) Runner (Pawnbroker, Walkin' in The Rain With The In The Rain (Groovesville, (Record°, BMI) 32 Simple Song of Freedom Gaucho/Belinda, BMI) 47 (Jewel, ASCAP) 88 AS Love (January/SaVeffe, Give Ireland Back to the BMI) 7 Look What You Done 3 (Hudson Bay, BMI) 84 Day Dreaming For Me MornT )Has Broken (Irving, 7 BMt)1 41 B aby Ohre (Apple, ASCAP) 14 (Pundit, BMI) 6 Irish (Maclen /Kidney Punch, I'm Movin' On (Hill A Range, gP Slippin' Into Darkness (United (lei, BMI) 10 2 We're Free (Pocketful of Tunes, (The Day I Lost You Was) The BMI) BMI) 70 BMI) Back Off B0000ioo 35 Love Theme from "The Godfather" Artists, ASCAP) 22 BMI) 98 Day I Found Myself Mother and Child Reunion (Startling, BMI) 11 (Gold Isn't Life Strange (Leeds, Smilin' (Stone Flower, BMI) .. 64 Forever, BMI) Hearsay (East /Memphis, (Charing Cross, BMI) 2 6 What'd I Say (Progressive, Be My Lover (Bizarre /Alive 38 ASCAP) 60 Suavecito (Centerbury, BMI) .. 19 ) BM() Martino)SoFamousYe ASCAP) 92 67 Ent., BMI) 49 Diary Screen Gems /Columbia, 58 It's Going to Take Some Time Sylvia'° Mather (Evil Eye, Heart of Gold (Silver Fiddle, Love Theme From "The Nice to Be With You Where There's A Will There's B eg, Steal or Borrow (Leeds 51 (Screen Gems /Columbia) 79 7 BMI) 44 BMI) Godfather" (Speak Softly Love) (Interior, BMI) 3 A Way (Delbon- Cotillion, ASCAP) 86 Do Your Thing (East/Memphis, 17 I've Been Lonely For So Long 45 Help Me Make It Through the (AndAyP) Williams) (Famous, Taos New Mexico (lobete, BMI) 100 B etcha By Golly, Wow /Lowery, Oh Girl (Julio- Brian, BMI) . 16 Night (Combine, BMI) 56 (Bellboy /Assorted, BMI) 4 Doctorr My Eyes (Atlantic /Open 33 B/MemphisMn 69 Old Man (Broken Arrow, BMI) 83 You Are The One (Town Crier, Window /Companion, BMI) 9 A Horse With No Name (WB, Love Theme From "The 77 Taurus (Interior, BMI) 23 BMI) 54 Candy Man (7aradem, BMI) BMI) 28 ASCAP) Joffe ( Resaca, (Nina Rota) . a 5 BMI) 67 Godfather" Oufa -Space (Irving /Wep, BMI) 65 Taxi (Story Songs, ASCAP) 31 You Could Have Been Lady Castles in the Air (Mayday/ Eve (Freedom Songs, ASCAP) .. 91 Not Rod Lincoln (4 Star, Jubilation (Spanka, BMI) 68 (Famous, ASCAP) 78 Telegram Sam (Wizard, (Buddah, ASCAP) 36 Yahweh Tunes, BMI) 13 Every Day of My Life (Miller, Jump Into the Fire (Blackwood, Love's Street And Fool's Road Pool of Bad Luck (Assorted, ASCAP) 74 Young New Mexican Puppeteer Change (Tantric, BMI) 72 ASCAP) 24 How MDo You On (We, ASCAP) 97 BMI) 27 (The Kid's Music, BMI) 89 BMI) 42 To Get to You (4 Star, BMI) 66 (Pincus 8 Sons, ASCAP) .... 99 Compiled from national retail sales and radio airplay by the Music Popularity Charts Dept. of Billboard.

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We released "Rockin' Robin" and "Got To Be There" and had two Number One records. Now we're about to release "I Wanna Be Where You Are And have another Number One hit. And there's more where those hits came from. Get them all from the source: Michael Jackson's Top Ten album "Got To Be There'.' It's one long -playing line up of hits. From one incredible talent.


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TAPE Compiled from National Retail Stores by TAPE PACKAGES the Music Popularity Chart Department PACKAGESTAPE woo PACKAGES AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE .tw w and the Record Market Research Depart- A Awarded RIAA seal for sales of 1 Million v meof of Billboard. Y Y STAR PERFORMER -LP's registering great - ; Y Y se se dollars at manufacturer's level. RIAA seal W W W C est proportionate W W C w W W C audit available and optional to all manu- W W upward progress this w W W o W W o week. of NA Indicates not available w c o facturers. (Seal indicated by red bullet). W s 3 >< E 0 3 3 se o 3 3 y 1- o y ARTIST W y ARTIST ÿ W y ARTIST ÿ Ñ h ce H d V, J 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) S 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) co oe 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) 'ó < ce * 3 11 ROBERTA FLACK 37 38 7 SAVOY BROWN 73 74 7 NA First Take Hellbound Train Burgers Atlantic SD 8230 Parrot XPAS 71052 (London) Grunt FTR 1004 (RCA) 38 29 14 OSMONDS 91 29 GODSPELL NA 2 1 11 AMERICA y Phase III Warner Bros. BS 2576 W Original Cast MGM SE 4796 Bell 1102 3 2 9 NEIL YOUNG 39 33 21 TRAFFIC NA 75 78 4 BOBBY VINTON Harvest Low Spark of High -Heeled Boys Every Day of My Life Reprise MS 2032 Island SW 9306 (Capitol) Epic KE 31286 (CBS) 4 5 7 ALIMAN BROS. 40 34 13 A CLOCKWORK ORANGE 112 37 SHAFT Eat A Peach Soundtrack Soundtrack /Isaac Hayes . Capricorn 2CP 0102 (Warner Bros.) Warner Bros. BS 2573 Enterprise /MGM ENS 2 -5002 (Stax /Volt) 5 4 15 41 36 21 ROBERTA YES FLACK 77 81 7 JACKSON BROWNE NA Fragile Quiet Fire Asylum SD 5051 (Atlantic) Atlantic SD 7211 Atlantic SD 1594 78 80 6 LEE MICHAELS NA 6 6 22 NILSSON NA 52 3 DEEP PURPLE Space Takes Nilsson Tßí Machine Head &336t Schmilsson A &M SP 4336433 RCA LSP 4515 Warner Bros. BS 2607 79 83 7 GUESS WHO NA 43 44 6 LILY TOMLIN 7 7 12 PAUL SIMON NA Rockin' And That's The Truth Columbia KC 30750 RCA LSP 4602 Polydor PD 5023 80 84 65 CAT STEVENS NA 8 9 13 BREAD 123 2 JOE TEX NA Tea for the Tillerman Baby I'm -A Want I Gotcha You A &M SP 4280 Elektra EKS 75015 Dial DL 6002 (Mercury) 81 86 4 ANDY WILLIAMS 12 5 HUMBLE PIE NA 45 48 22 ALICE COOPER Love Theme From "The Godfather" Smokin' Killer - Columbia KC 31303 A&M SP 4342 Warner Bros. BS 2567 82 65 21 'S GREATEST HITS, 10 10 56 CAROLE KING 46 45 32 CHEECH & CHONG NA VOL. 2 Tapestry Ode SP 77010 (A &M) Columbia KG 31120 Ode SP 77009 (A &M) 83 85 6 BOBBY SHERMAN'S GREATEST HITS, NA 11 8 12 AL GREER 47 42 6 GORDON LIGHTFOOT VOL. 1 Don Let's Stay Together Quixot Metromedia KMD 1048 Hi SHL 32070 (London) MS e056 84 63 7 SPIRIT 12 11 11 48 40 18 JACKSON ARETHA FRANKLIN NA 5 NA Feedback Young, Greatest Hits Gifted & Black Epic KE 31175 (CBS) Atlantic SD 8213 Motown M 741 L 92 6 STEVIE WONDER NA 13 13 11 62 27 FIDDLER ON THE ROOF GEORGE CARLIN NA ,, Music W Of My Mind FM -AM . Soundtrack Tamla T 314 L (Motown) Little David LD 7214 (Atlantic) United Artists UAS 10900 86 69 20 FACES 14 16 10 SONNY & CHER 50 41 7 KRIS KRISTOFFERSON A Wink Is as Good as a Nod to a All I Ever Border Lord Need Is You Blind Horse Kapp KS 3660 (MCA) Monument KZ 31302 (CBS) Warner Bros. BS 2574 15 15 25 DON McLEAN 51 53 10 DAVE MASON NA 122 2 ELVIS PRESLEY American Pie He Touched Me United Artists UAS 5535 Blue Thumb BTS 34 (Famous) RCA LSP 4690 52 54 7 CHARLEY PRIDE 109 2 GRAHAM NASH /DAVID NA 88 87 12 DAVID CASSIDY CROSBY Best of, Vol. II Atlantic SD 7220 Cherish RCA LSP 4682 Bell 6070 53 56 28 THREE DOG NIGHT 17 19 89 79 24 SLY & THE FAMILY STONE 12 MALO Harmony Warner Bros. BS 2584 There's a Riot Goin' On Dunhill DSX 30108 Epic KE 30986 (CBS) 18 18 6 PARTRIDGE FAMILY 54 57 19 BADFINGER NA 90 90 6 DENNIS COFFEY NA Shopping Bag Straight Up Goin' for Myself Bell 6072 Apple ST 3387 Sussex SXBS 7010 (Buddah) 19 20 17 GEORGE HARRISON & FRIENDS NA 55 46 29 SANTANA 91 94 5 FIFTH DIMENSION NA Concert for Bangla Desh Columbia KC 30595 Apple STCX 3385 Individually & Collective)Collectively 56 60 7 CABARET NA Bell y 31 24 WAR Soundtrack * 92 93 35 BLACK SABBATH All Day Music ABC ABCD 752 Master Reality United Artists UAS 5546 57 49 26 T. REX Warner Bros. BS 2562 21 23 17 ROLLING STONES Electric Warrior 93 97 7 KENNY LOGGINS WITH JIM MESSINA Hot Rocks, 1964 -1971 Reprise RS 6466 London 2PS 606/7 Sittin' In 67 4 TEN YEARS AFTER NA Columbia C 31044 22 17 21 CAROLE KING & Company ßf 94 95 7 Music Deram DES 18064 (London) Ode SP 77013 (A &M) United Artists UAS 5565 23 14 10 JIMI HENDRIX 59 59 48 CARPENTERS A&M SP 3502 In the West 95 89 76 JESUS CHRIST, SUPERSTAR Reprise MS 2049 Various Artists Decca DXSA 7206 (MCA) 24 25 9 DONNY HATHAWAY 60 64 32 CHER NA Kapp KS (MCA) 15 NA Live 3649 96 55 J.J. CALE Atco SD 33 -386 Naturally 61 61 7 JAMES GANG Shelter SW 8098 (Capitol) 25 27 6 'S WHITE TRASH NA Straight Shooter NA Roadwork ABC ABCX 741 97 99 18 RARE EARTH IN CONCERT Epic KEG 31249 (CBS) Rare Earth R 534 D (Motown) 62 47 15 EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER NA 26 21 8 BLOOD, SWEAT & TEARS Pictures at an Exhibition 98 82 12 ELVIS PRESLEY NA Greatest Hits Cotillion ELP 66666 Elvis Now Columbia KC 31170 RCA LSP 4671 1 CREEDENCE CLEARWATER FESTIVAL 99 101 51 JETHRO TULL 27 24 23 LED ZEPPELIN NA Mardi Gras Atlantic SD 7208 Fantasy 9494 Rep rise MS 2035 28 NA 30 5 CREAM 64 68 10 JO JO GUNNE NA 100 100 9 JIM CAPALDI NA Asylum SD 5053 (Atlantic) Live, Vol. 2 Atco SD 7005 65 66 22 GRAND FUNK RAILROAD NA Capitol SW 9314 29 22 11 MICHAEL JACKSON NA E Pluribus Funk 101 102 9 CRUSADERS NA Got to Be There Grand Funk Railroad SW 853 (Capitol) 1 Motown M 747 L 66 58 21 ISAAC HAYES Blue Thumb BTS 6001 (Famous) 37 15 DRAMATICS Black Moses 102 106 44 YES ALBUM NA Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get ENS 2 Enterprise -5003 (Stax/Volt) Atlantic SD 8283 Volt VOS 6018 67 71 23 CARLY SIMON 31 32 10 STAPLE SINGERS Anticipation 103 72 26 DONNYYou With To You Love Bealtitude /Respect Yourself Elektra EKS 75016 With Love Stax STS 3002 ME SE 4797 68 50 14 TEMPTATIONS 104 104 5 MEL A NA Solid Rock 39 3 HISTORY OF ERIC CLAPTON Four Sides of, * Gordy G 961 L (Motown) Atco SD 2-803 Buddah BDS 95005 69 51 25 CHICAGO 33 29 30 CAT STEVENS At Carnegie Hall 105 108 31 SONNY & CHER LIVE Teaser & the Firecat Columbia C4X 30865 Kapp LS 3654 (MCA) A&M SP 4313 70 70 11 APOLLO 100 NA 106 77 12 OSIBISA 34 35 23 ELTON JOHN Joy Woyaya Madman Across the Water Mega M31 -1010 Decca DL 75327 (MCA) Uni 93120 (MCA) 71 73 6 JOE SIMON NA 107 105 37 MOODY BLUES 43 4 GODFATHER Every Soundtrack Drowning In the Sea of Love Good Boy Deserves Favour Spring SPR 5702 (Polydor) Threshold THS 5 (London) Sramouat PAS 1003 (Famous) 72 75 4 CHASE 3 KINKS 36 26 20 STYLISTICS NA Ennea Kink Kronikles Avco AV 33023 Epic KE 31097 (CBS) Warner Bros. 2XS 6454


110°1"1° Irfr Nothing but Rave Reviews... like this one from the Los Angeles Times...

Robert Hilburn Debut! in Vegas with the songs and .a Superstar Instead, Cash stuck Cash music show. musical important d need midnight demonstrated ag ree, theamostá been sorely in two shows, Cash wilq late Hank Williams which has Ln the a deep since the pop Las Vegas, lost glamour is a man with figure e current to returr some once again he se ne to Rodgers purpose, of Jimmie late superstars and of new .es, musical integrity to win an to its showroom Cash. t either quality just singer). as ma qh n Johnny corpromise has long been recognized found one Thursday response, favor. Though Cash excel- and audience audience's a in any of valuable In both artistry refused to engage one of our most a pure show at the Thus, Cash He didn't show, btfromeboth Cash's opening LasV gdsrHilto showroom cliches: lence of his Hilton in its refusal of Las Vegas (s and a triumph a comedian standpoint showroom was return open the show with metfrog entertainment with Las Vegas since Elvis Presley's as much to do), to compromise even greater. an openinggetve even Presley continues stature I seen o`andd,f nñ makes Cash's ago have to use an orchestra tradition, impact. more compelled you'd d has the Hilton emotional in all the songs only runsa hsuper first loca' appappearance ignored days B( uc engagementgot Making his club acts these in Cash (whose Las Vegas' Cash received ae standing all night the future of than 10 years, Imp) sc s Dream," Wednesday), but enriched. when r walked fullythings as "The Once in My picture has been ovation nd two more ovations Water" and "For starentertainment dinner show Thursday Over Troubled at the Life "). more fovations received threeee we are proud to announce Johnny Cash's return T to the (DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED) I LAS VEGAS HILTON THE INTERNATIONAL HOTEL VO LE ATTRACTIONS. LTD. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT Holiff, President AGENCY FOR 1 THE PERFORMING ARTS. INC. Saul Marty Klein, Vice President

www.americanradiohistory.com - ,. r POSITION Compiled from National Retail Stores by TAPE re TAPE I The Music Popularity Charf Department .o. PACKAGES 109.200 AVAILABLEPACK AVAILABLE I and the Record Market Research Depart- A (; t Awarded RIAA seal for sales of 1 Million e. ment of Billboard. c.) Y W be Y dollars at manufacturer's level. RIAA seal W W a audit available and optional to all manu- W ó NA Indicates not available w W W PACKAGES Y ° facturers. (Seal indicated by red bullet). Y p AVAILABLE 3 p 3 3 oo w = m ARTIST W = ARTIST ce W ex ÿ á bC a STAR PERFORMER -LP's registering great - 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) ,; 5 ,' t- 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) W est proportionate upward progress this w week. W 3 3 >< 184 2 JERRY LEE LEWIS NA 1 SOUL vs I- ARTIST á < ° CHILDREN v The "Killer" Rocks On Genesis 5 3 Title, Label, Number (Dist. Label) oc Mercury SRM 1 -637 Stay STS 3003 139 140 7 ESTHER PHILLIPS NA 1 HENRY MANCINI & DOC SEVERINSEN 109 110 4 LORETTA LYNN From a Whisper to a Scream Brass On Ivory One's On the Way Kudu KU 05 (CTI) RCA LSP 4629 Decca DL 75334 (MCA) 140 144 63 BLACK SABBATH 171 172 4 MERLE HAGGARD 110 119 5 STEVE MILLER NA Paranoid Let Me Tell You About A Song Warner WS Recall the Beginning . . . Bros. 1887 Capitol ST 882 A Journey From Eden 181 11 BILLY PRESTON NA 17r 167 19 PAUL WILLIAMS NA Capitol SMAS 11022 I Wrote a Simple Song Just An Old Fashioned Love Song A&M SP 3507 111 96 7 GLADYS KNIGHT & THE PIPS A &M SP 4327 Standing Ovation 142 139 34 SUMMER OF '42 173 173 4 DIONNE WARWICKE NA Soul S 736 L (Motown) Soundtrack From Within Warner Bros. WS 1925 Scepter SPS 2 -598 112 88 46 ROD STEWART NA 143 143 4 LES McCANN 174 165 25 ROD Every Picture Tells a Story STEWART ALBUM Invitation to Openness Mercury SR 61327 Mercury SRM 1 -609 Atlantic SD 1603 113 113 41 ALLMAN BROS. BAND 196 2 JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH NA NA 144 145 25 DENNIS COFFEY & THE DETROIT NA At Fillmore East i17 It's Just Begun GUITAR BAND RCA LSP 4640 Capricorncorn SD 2-802 (Atco) Evolution 114 115 4 LYNN ANDERSON 176 177 3 RATCHELL Sussex SXBS 7004 (Buddah) Cry Decca DL 75330 (MCA) Columbia KC 31316 145 146 5 BOBBY WHITLOCK NA NA NA 1 STEPHEN STILLS 128 23 COMMANDER CODY & HIS LOST NA Dunhill DSX 50121 Manassas Atlantic SD 2 -903 PLANET AIRMEN 146 149 5 MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS NA Ozone 1 DR. HOOK & THE MEDICINE SHOW Black Magic 1 - Paramount PAS 6017 (Famous) Ytf Columbia C 30898 Gordy G 958 L (Motown) 199 2 MOTHERS 1 SAMMY DAVIS, JR. 147 135 22 CHARLEY PRIDE NA Just Another Band From L.A. Now, Yi Sings Heart Songs Reprise MS 2075 MGM SE 4832 RCA LSP 4617 117 98 10 B.B. KING 180 185 5 BUCKWHEAT NA 148 153 10 ISAAC HAYES NA L.A. Midnight Movin' On In ABC ABCX 743 the Beginning London 2PS 609 Atlantic SD 1599 133 4 CHAKACHAS NA 181 186 6 JESSE COLIN YOUNG 149 151 38 WHO Jungle Fever Together Who's Next * Polydor PD 5504 Warner Bros. BS 2588 Decca DL 79182 (MCA) 119 103 23 PETER NERO NA 182 182 3 DAVID BOWIE NA 150 151 4 TAMMY WYNETTE Summer of '42 Flunky Dory Bedtime Story Columbia C 31105 RCA LSP 4623 Epic KE 31285 (CBS) 120 114 26 HUMBLE PIE NA 183 1 A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE, 151 137 25 NEIL DIAMOND - Performance: Live Rockin' the Fillmore VOL 1 Stones A &M SP 3506 Uni 93106 (MCA) Various Artists 121 124 29 QUINCY JONES Columbia KC 31171 152 155 3 FREDA PAYNE NA Smackwater Jack 184 192 3 DAVID CLAYTON-THOMAS NA Best of A &M SP 3037 Columbia KC 31000 Invictus ST 9804 (Capitol) 122 76 19 JAMES BROWN NA 185 126 14 DIONNE WARWICKE 153 130 10 FIRESIGN THEATER Revolution of the Mind /Recorded Dionne Dear Friends Live at the Apollo Warne Bros. BS 2 585 Columbia KG 31099 Polydor PD 3003 186 190 16 MARKrALMOND NA 154 154 85 CARPENTERS - 1 CHI -LITES Blue Thumb BTS 32 (Famous) Close to You A Lonely Man 187 179 13 KENNY ROGERS & THE FIRST EDITION A&M SP 4271 Brunswick BL 754179 Ballad of Calico 155 118 23 HUDSON & LANDRY NA 124 107 7 FREDDIE HART Reprise 2XS 6476 Losing Their Heads My Hang-Up Is You NA Dore 326 188 200 2 SNNIgPEEBLESthe Capitol SD 11014 Heart 156 120 14 JERRY GARCIA 125 125 6 TODD RUNDGREN Hi SHL 32065 (London) Garcia Something /Anything? 189 1 A TRIBUTE TO WOODY GUTHRIE, Warner Bros. BS 2582 - Bearsville 2BX 2066 (Warner Bros.) VOL. 2 157 157 32 AREIHA FRANKLIN NA 175 2 FLEETWOOD MAC Various Artists, Aretha's Greatest Hits Bare Trees Warner Bros. BS 2586 Atlantic SD 8295 Reprise MS 2080 190 197 9 QUINCY JONES NA 176 13 MAHAVISHNU ORCH. NA 127 127 8 MICHEL LEGRAND NA Ndeda WITH JOHN McLAUGHLIN "Brian's Song" Theme & Variations Mercury SRM 2 -623 The Inner -Mounting Flame Bell 6071 191 193 4 BIG SUR FESTIVAL /ONE HAND Columbia KC 31067 128 111 82 SANTANA CLAPPING 159 168 47 MARVIN GAYE NA s What's Goin On Columbia KC 30130 Columbia KC 31138 Tamla TS 310 (Motown) 129 131 7 HARRY CHAPIN 192 1 IMPRESSIONS 160 156 NA - 12 PERSUASIONS Heads & Tales Times Have Changed Street Corner Symphony Elektra EKS 75023 Curtom CRS 8012 ( Buddah) Capitol ST 872 130 132 4 CONWAY TWITTY 193 1 RAY CHARLES 161 164 2 BLACK IVORY NA - I Can't See Me Without You Message From the People Don't Turn Around Decca DL 75335 (MCA) ABC ABCX 755 /TRC Today TLP 1005 (Perception) NA NA 131 134 35 AL GREEN 194 198 5 ,, HIS ORK & CHORUS 178 2 COLD BLOOD Gets Next to You First Taste of Sin Joy Hi SHL 32062 (London) Columbia C 31301 Reprise MS 2074 132 129 18 GROVER WASHINGTON, JR. 195 195 4 ROGER WILLIAMS NA 163 163 78 SLY & THE FAMILY STONE'S Inner City Blues Love theme from The Godfather" GREATEST HITS Kudu KU 03 (CTI) Kapp KS 3665 (MCA) Epic KE 30325 (CBS) 158 3 DELANEY & BONNIE NA 196 1 MYSTIC MOODS ORCHESTRA 164 121 13 DETROIT EMERALDS NA - D & B Together Love the One You're With You Want It, You Got It Columbia KC 31377 Warner Bros. BS 2577 Westbound WB 2013 (Chess /Janus) 134 116 25 MELANIE NA 197 1 TOM RUSH 165 117 9 CANNED HEAT Gather Me Merrimack County Historical Figures & Ancient Neighborhood NRS 47001 (Famous) Heads Columbia KC 31306 United Artists UAS 5557 135 136 5 FANNY 198 1 LOVE UNLIMITED 166 138 9 CONWAY TWITTY & LORETTA LYNN NA Fanny Hill Uni 73131 Lead Me On Reprise MS 2058 (MCA) Decca DL 75326 (MCA) NA 136 142 14 HENRY MANCINI, HIS ORK & CHORUS 199 1 MARY TRAVERS MANDRILL NA - Big Screen, Little Screen Morning Glory Mandrill Is RCA LSP 4630 Warner Bros. B5 2609 Polydor PD 5025 1 JOHNNY - CASH 200 - 1 JOHN KAY A Thing Called Love 171 4 BANG Unsung Songs & Little Known Heroes Columbia SRM 1 -637 Capitol ST 11015 Dunhill DSX 50120

Chakachas 1 8 Roberta Flack 1, 41 Kris Kristofferson 50 Freda Payne 152 Spirit 84 Harry .Chapin 129 Fleetwood Mac 126 Led Zeppelin 27 Ann Peebles 188 Staple Singers 31 TOP LP's &TAPE Ray Charles 193 Aretha Franklin 12, 157 Michel Legrand 127 Persuasions 160 Cat Stevens 33, 80 Chase A -Z (LASTED BYARTISfS) 72 Jerry Garcia 156 Jerry Lee Lewis 138 Billy Preston 141 Rod Stewart 112, 174 Cheech & Chong 46 Marvin Gaye 159 Gordon Lightfoot 47 Esther Philips 139 Stephen Stills 177 Cher Allman Brothers Band 4, 113 60 Grand Funk Railroad 65 Kenny Loggins w /Jim Messina 93 Elvis Presley 87, 98 Stylistics 36 America 2 Chicago 69 Love Limited 198 Charley Pride 52, 147 Al Green 11, 131 T. Rex 57 Lynn Anderson 114 Chi -Lites 123 Loretta Lynn 109 Godspell 74 Rare Earth 97 Temptations 68 Apollo 100 70 Eric Clayton 32 Guess Who 79 Les McCann 143 Ratchell 176 Ten Years After 58 A Tribute to Woody Guthrie David Clayton -Thomas 184 Merle Haggard 171 Don McLean 15 Martha Reeves & The Vandellas 146 Joe Tex 44 1 Cold Blood Vol. 183 162 George Harrison & Friends 19 Mahavishnu w Orch /John Kenny Rogers A The First - Vol. Dennis Coffey 90, 144 Three Dog Night 53 2 189 Freddie Hart 124 McLaughlin 158 Edition 187 Commander Cody 115 Lily Tomlin 43 Badfinger 54 Donny Hathaway 24 Malo 17 Alice Cooper 45 Rolling Stones 21 Traffic 39 Bang 168 Isaac Hayes 66, 148 Henry Mancini & Doc Cream Todd Rundgren 125 Mary Travers 199 Shirley Bassey 94 28 Jimi Hendrix 23 Creedence Clearwater Severinsen 170 Tom Rush 197 Conway Twitty 130 Big Sur Festival 191 Revival 63 Hot Tuna Henry Mancini Crusaders 73 136 Santana 55, 128 Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn. .166 Black Ivory 161 101 Hudson & Landry 155 Mandrill 167 Savoy Brown Black Sabbath 92, 140 Sammy Davis Jr. 199 Humble Pie 37 Bobby Vinton 75 9 120 Mark -Almond 186 Bobby Blood, Sweat & Tears 26 Deep Purple 42 Impressions Sherman 83 War 20 192 Dave Mason 51 Simon David Bowie 182 Delaney & Bonnie 133 Michael Jackson Carly 67 Dionne Warwicke 173, 185 29 Melanie 104, 134 Joe Simon 71 Bread 8 Detroit Emeralds 164 Jackson 5 48 Lee Michaels 78 Grover Washington Jr. 132 James Brown Paul Simon 7 122 Neil Diamond 151 James Gang 61 Steve Miller Band 110 Bobby Whitlock 145 Sly & The Family Stone . ..89, 163 Jackson Browne 77 Doctor Hook & The Medicine Jesus Christ, Superstar 95 Moody Blues 107 Who 149 Sonny & Cher 14, 105 Buckwheat 180 Show 178 Jethro Tull 99 Mothers 116 Andy Williams 81 J.J. Cale Soul Children 169 96 Dramatics 30 Jo Jo Gunne 64 Mystic Moods Ork 196 Paul Williams 172 Canned Heat 165 Bob Dylan 82 Elton John 34 Graham Nash & David Crosby ..16 Soundtracks Roger Williams 195 Jim Capaldi 100 Emerson, Lake & Palmer 62 Quincy Jones 121, 190 Peter Nero 119 Cabaret 56 Edgar Winter's White Trash 25 George Carlin 13 Faces 86 John Kay 200 Nilsson 6 A Clockwork Orange 40 Stevie Wonder 85 Carpenters 59, 154 Percy Faith 194 B.B. King 117 Osibisa 10610 Fiddler On The Roof 49 Tammy Wynette 150 Johnny Cash 137 Fanny 135 Carole Kng 10, 22 Donny Osmond 103 Godfather 35 Yes 5, 102 David Cassidy 88 Fifth Dimension 91 Kinks Jimmy factor IRnnrh roc 108 Osmonds 38 Shaft 76 Jesse Colin Young 181 www.americanradiohistory.com On the morning of April 16, 1972, Apollo 16 was launched into orbit on a journey to the moon. A few mornings earlier Uni Records launched a new Elton John single into a world -wide orbit. WHAT A TRIP! Both laLnchings bound to set new records. 211HaJ

OK?Produced by Gus Dudgeon Uni 55328

MCA Records, Inc

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Knight Levels New Studio Suits Vs The Funk Track NEW YORK - Terry Knight, Knight said, "I have gone to the who has already filed lawsuits highest court in the state to de- totalling $55 million against Grand Continued from page 8 Funk Railroad and John Eastman, fend my rights and I have asked has leveled additional suits against the Supreme Court for the follow- Gelder Studios, in Englewood Grand Funk in the Supreme Court ing: an injunction against John Cliffs, N.J. Earland's album has just been completed there, and the of New York. Eastman and his firm to stop him Knight said he "asked date was noteworthy as Lee Mor- has the from interfering with my agree- gan's last session. Charts for the Supreme Court to declare and de- session fend my rights." The new suit con- ments with Grand Funk Railroad; by Virgil Jones. tends that, declaring my rights under the man- * * * "through the efforts of Back in New York, The Hit Knight supervising and guiding agement agreement and the record- the talents and abilities of Factory is chugging along, with Mark ing agreement; declaring my rights B.B. King's new album being pro- Farner, Don Brewer and Mel under the songwriters agreements; Schacher, the group Funk duced there by Joe Zagerine for Grand an injunction against Farner, Rr "Dunh'll. Also in are Jimmy Railroad has achieved worldwide Brewer and Schacher to stop them acceptance and success. Carol, working on an album pro- from further breaches of contract; duced by Joey Levine for A &M "Under Knight's production and damages as the court may see fit Records; and Valerie Simpson, AT ATLANTIC Records' party for Dr. John and his new album, direction, Farner, Brewer and against Farner, Brewer, Schacher producing her next Motown album "Gumbo," at L'Etoile in New York last week, shown above, left to right, Schacher have acheived great suc- and Eastman; punitive damages of with old friend Nick Ashford. are Dr. John, Jerry Wexler, executive vice president, Atlantic, and cess as recording artists with their $5 million against the Eastman Down on 8th Street, Electric recorded product released by Capi- defendants; all costs and legal Lady just mixed Richie Havens' Tony Lawrence of the Harlem Cultural Music Festival. tol Records." The group's actual fees." live performances of "Freedom" contract is with Good Knight Pro- Knight pointed out that these and "Handsome Johnny" from the ductions, which leases their record- new lawsuits were in addition to Westbury Music Fair. Bob Mar - ing to Capitol and EMI. those he previously filed against gouleff and Malcolm Cecil engi- Atl's 2d Group of Label The suit further maintains that, Grand Funk and Eastman for $55 neered the dates, and the MGM under Knight's direction, "Farner million in damages. single should be out now. and Brewer have achieved great Artist Posters to Dealers success as songwriters." Storybook NEW YORK -Atlantic Records artists, including David Crosby, Music Co., another of Knight's sub- has shipped the second group in a Graham Nash, Stephen Stills, the sidiaries, publishes Grand Funk's series of portraits of label artists Bee Gees, , Greg songs. Musical Isle Spots to key national dealers. The posters Lake, Carl Palmer and Herbie The suit also contends that not were designed by Stanislaw Zagor- Mann. only has Grand Funk's manage- ski, who has created many Atlantic "To my knowledge," said Ro- ment contract with Knight been To Back LP Product record covers, as well as cover lontz, "this is the first time a re- breached, but that Farner, Brewer illustrations for such publications cording company has commis- and Schacher "have failed and re- NEW YORK -Musical Isle of growth in the sales, the TV will as Time Magazine. sioned an artist of Mr. Zagorski s fused to confer with Knight." America, in Chicago, will support be at least partly responsible." Atlantic commissioned the series stature to create portraits of re- key hit album product with in- The three albums involved Grand Funk's in the under the supervision of Bob Ro- cording artists on such an extensive actions, alleges depth television spot ad campaigns. current promotion are all being lontz, publicity and advertising vice scale." the suit, "will continue to hold Tied in with the Goldblatt chain specially marked in the retail out- Nine posters are included in the Knight up to professional scorn president. In February, five posters of 36 stores, this latest move into lets. Also part of the integrated keynote the new series. They are packed nine - and will continue to cause ir- were distrbiuted to TV advertising of disk product fol- package are special signs and dis- company's Soul Explosion release. to-a- carton for dealer use. Warner - reparable harm and damage." In lows a similar experiment carried play material, bearing the tie -in the Included were portraits of Aretha Elektra- Atlantic Distribution Co. suit, Knight said that "these out recently by Musical Isle, San slogan, "as advertised on TV." Franklin, Roberta Flack, Wilson branches throughout the U.S. will artists possess special, unique, in- Francisco. Handbills on the album special, di- supply to deal- imitable and extraordinary talent Pickett, Les McCann and Eddie the poster packets MIA's current TV promotion in recting customers (again with the Harris. ers, one stops and racks. and ability as performers and can- "as advertised on TV" tagline) to not be replaced." The relationship, Chicago is focused on three chart The new group of posters fea- The next group of posters in the albums by American, Yes and the record department for the ture many of Atlantic's top rock series will be ready in June. he added, "is very prestigious and week's specials are given away in has a value which is not readily Harry Chapin. The spots are run- ning on WFID -TV, a sta- other parts of the large, multi - ascertainable in money." UHF department Goldblatt stores. Knight previously hit East- tion, for three consecutive Fridays, John ending April 28. Each of the five Earlier, a Musical Isle, San man, the New York attorney and spots which being Francisco, campaign, featuring a brother -in -law of ex- beatle are aired are Paul one -minute long. All three LP's are special price deal on Lawrence Turntable McCartney with a $5 million law- Executive pitched on each spot. Welk LP's, was successful enough suit for allegedly interfering with for the firm to do a followup Grand Funk's contracts. Knight "Rather than flood the airwaves effort. In this case, many different Continued from page 4 claimed that Eastman enticed the over a whole weekend," said Tony stores and chains are involved, group away from him. Dalesandro, general manager of with time buys centered in slots sales manager and assistant product manager.... Bob Broderick MIA, Chicago, "we've decided to adjacent to the actual time of the appointed controller of Elektra Records. He had been with stretch the same spots out for three Lawrence Welk TV show. weeks and use them five times each Warner Bros. Inc. where he was assistant treasurer for the past Sparks Seeking Friday. That seems to be the most four years. effective time. We have already LP Follow -Up Pact Release noticed a bulge of activity the next day and even more of a bulge the By Chesapeake LOS ANGELES -Randy Sparks following Monday. We will do this has filed suit in local Superior of months, NEW YORK Following court to be released from his artist off and on for a period - di- contract with and will then compare the gross rectly upon the release of the first Panache Productions. the chain from Box Band Sparks signed with the office in sales in Goldblatt Chesapeake Juke album the same period a year ago, against by Greene Bottle Records, the la- Feb., 1971, and his contract was noticeable since transferred this year. If there is a bel has begun recording the group's to MGM Records. second LP. Greene Bottle will re- The suit contends that the con- lease a single from the first album ANDERSON URMAN YOUNG tract now is invalid because Sparks shortly. was never returned a copy for his Happy Tiger The second Chesapeake Juke Nolan Crane has been promoted from Capitol Records' St. own use. Box Band LP, like the first, will Sued By Col be produced by Steve Sawyer and Louis territorial manager to Midwest account executive for LOS ANGELES - Columbia Rusty McFinn, who have also custom record pressing and tape duplicating sales. He will be Polygram, MGM Tie Broadcasting has filed suit against written all selections. Arrange- Happy Tiger Records in Superior ments again will b e by Ron based in Chicago.... Roger Karshner, former Capitol Records Continued from page 3 Court here, charging that the label Frangipane. promotion vice president, named music development director owes CBS $18,425 for recording Greene Bottle has launched a for the Hanna -Barbera dency of the music firm to a suc- July national marketing campaign on cartoon production company.... Marty cessor. production services due since 1971. the act's first album, including Klein, vice president and head of the concert department at Each of the firms operating heavy time- buying, print advertis- Creative Management has left the company to form his own under the Polygram corporate um- Last month Monarch Record ing and sales incentives. Mfg. also sued Happy Tiger in Los concert promotion organization. . . . Jay Dunn named assistant brella will continue to function asking autonomously as individual Angeles Superior Cour t, national promotion director of Warner Bros. Records. Dunn's enti- $39,492 in allegedly unpaid bills ties. Once the deal is closed for responsibilities will be administration of regional promotion and $1 million exemplary damages. CAP WAFTS MGM Records, Mike Curb will The Monarch suit charged that managers, as well as assisting in the over-all operation of the continue to run the firm as its promotion department. He had been label's national special president. Happy Tiger was improperly cap- SCENTED 'LP' italized and not operating in com- projects director. . . . Stu Kirby appointed vice LOS ANGELES Capitol president and pliance with the California corpora- - general manager of Catalog Music. Kirby had been professional tion code (Billboard, Mar. 4). Records is utilizing a raspberry MM's New Look fragrant sticker to merchandise manager for Clear Sky, Deer Patch and Sweet Rivers Music, an album by the Raspberries, the publishing arms of Ampex Records. . . . Martin Paulsen Continued from page 8 a new group. has joined the Music Performance Trust Funds as Spyder's Gang in The stickers have been de- general upped from national sales director manager. He had headed his own company, Independent Indus- to director of marketing and mer- Tie With Messina signed by Linear Products, New York and Los Angeles, with the tries, Inc., headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., and prior to chandising. This entire team will NEW YORK -Joe Messina has be present at both the Boston and National Cash Register Com- that he was an executive with Columbia Records for 13 years. been engaged to produce Spyder's pany, Dayton, Ohio, impreg- San Francisco affairs. . Earl Shendell, former executive board member of Local 802, Gang for their newly formed pro- nating the stickers with a Wiedenmann called the goal of duction company, Enchanted Door Micro -Scent, a chemical process AFM, has joined the executive staff of Music Fair Enterprises. the new Metromedia operation to Productions Co., Inc. permitting fragrance oil to make the label a strong con- Spyder's Gang has been touring produce a Stan Lewerke joins Eureka Distributors, Los Angeles, in temporary scent. company, broadening the country with Spyder Turner. The group's debut LP is be- the promotion its base of appeal and attracting The tour took the act through the department to handle Tamla /Motown. He was ing released in conjunction with formerly head of promotion at National Tape & Records in more consistent hitmakers besides South, the Midwest, and the North- a campus concert tour. Bobby Sherman. east. Torrance, Calif. 74 APRIL 29, 1972, BILLBOARD www.americanradiohistory.com WOMAN IS THE NIGGER SISTERS 0 SISTERS OF THE WORLD



with Elephant's Memory with Elephant's Memory and Invisible Strings and Invisible Strings

Apple 1 _ f www.americanradiohistory.com Annie is Anne Murray and she's recorded an album for herself, for you.

1 C ST- 11(12 (U.S.) Produced and Arranged by Brian Ahern ST -6376 (Canada) Capitol