Handout #1

Character List for from The Folger Shakespeare Library Edition

Characters in the

The Francisco Hamlet, Prince of , son of the late Barnardo Danish soldiers King Hamlet and Queen Marcellus Queen Gertrude, widow of King Hamlet, now married to Claudius , Prince of , brother to the late King Hamlet A Captain in Fortinbras’army

Ophelia Ambassadors to Denmark from , her brother , father of and Laertes, councilor to Players who take the roles of Prologue, Player King Claudius King, Player Queen, and Lucianus in The Murder Reynaldo, servant to Polonius of Gonzago

Horatio, Hamlet’s friend and confidant Two Messengers Sailors Voltemand Cornelius Gravedigger’s companion Rosencrantz Doctor of Divinity Guildenstern courtiers at the Danish court Osric Attendants, Lords, Guards, Musicians, Laertes’ Gentleman Followers, Soldiers, Officers A Lord Handout #2 A Captain in Hamlet Character Connecons Fornbras’ Army Brothers

Fornbras/ M M Prince of Norway

The Late (dead) King Hamlet Claudius/ Gertrude/ King of Denmark Widow of King Ambassadors Sailors Two Messengers Hamlet, now to Denmark married to Claudius from England

Polonius/ father of Hamlet/Prince of Denmark Ophelia and Laertes, councilor to King Claudius. Horao/ Marcellus Bernardo Hamlet’s friend Reynaldo/servant and confidant to Polonius The Ghost ! Danish Soldiers Laertes Ophelia •Attendants Her Brother •Lords Francisco •Guards •Musicians Players Gravedigger Gravedigger’s •Laertes ’ Followers • Companion Soldiers Doctor of •Officers Divinity Who take the roles of Courtiers Prologue, Player King, Player Queen, and Volmand Cornelius Rosencrantz Guildenstern Osric A Gentleman A Lord Lucianus in The Murder of Gonzago Handout #3

Based on the character connections you have mapped out using the character list for Hamlet, please complete the following statements.

1. I think that the late King Hamlet died of/from______


2. I think Ophelia will marry/fall in love with______

3. A “doctor of divinity” is______

4. I think Hamlet and King Claudius have a: positive negative relationship because ______(circle one) ______

5. In the story, the will______

6. I think that Prince Fortinbras and King Claudius are: enemies friends (circle one)

7. I think that______will______because______(name of character) (action) (reason for the action)