Global Update on Inter-Agency Meetings/Deadlines as of 30 June ______

For additional information, please contact Tanja Sleeuwenhoek: [email protected]

30 June s Geneva, Mr Martti Ahtisaari, the newly appointed Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on the Humanitarian Crisis in the briefed agencies on his forthcoming mission to Ethiopia and Eritrea (Lianne Kuppens)

1 July s New York, ECHA meeting (Richard Alderslade, WUN)

2 July s Geneva, Inter-agency meeting on (Rayana Bu-Hakah, Cintia Diaz) s Geneva, NGO/IASC monthly meeting. The theme was “Camp Management Toolkit” (Lianne Kuppens, Tanja Sleeuwenhoek) s Geneva, informal briefing on children and women in the oPt by David Bassiouni, special UNICEF Representative for the oPt (Ambrogio Manenti)

3 July s New York, Framework Team meeting on Guinea and Yemen. (Teguest Guerma, WUN) s Geneva, Twenty-eight meeting of the UN Development Group. EHA prepared the brief for agenda item 3 on preparations for the Iraq reconstruction Conference in the Fall 2003 (DG, CCO)

4 July s Geneva, donor briefing on (Lianne Kuppens)

7 July s Deadline for inputs for the next IASC Newsletter (Focal Point: Tanja Sleeuwenhoek) s Deadline for comments on the UNDG/ECHA Working Group on Transition issues country study on Afghanistan (Focal Point: Rayana Bu-Hakah) s Deadline for comments on he Regional Consolidated Appeal for southern Africa (Rayana Bu-Hakah) s Deadline for comments on the report of the Seventh Inter-Agency Task Force on Disaster Reduction, Geneva 10-11 April 2003 (Focal Point: Isis Pluut)

8-9 July s Geneva, IASC-WG (attending: Johanna Larusdottir and Tanja Sleeuwenhoek) s New York, UNDP workshop on conflict analysis (attendance Richard Alderslade, WUN)

10 July s New York, UNDG Technical Group on Iraq (attendance: Richard Alderslade, WUN, M. Jama, EMRO) s Geneva, CAP Sub Working Group (tbc)


s Deadline for comments the Terms of Reference for the consultancy/assessment of the possible humanitarian and socio-economic impact of the UN sanctions imposed on all round logs and timber products originating in Liberia, and the list of questions (Focal Point: Luzitu Simao).

10-11 July s Paris, Biennial Workshop of the UN Inter-Agency Network on Women and Gender Equality and the OECD/DAC Working Party on Gender Equality on Gender and Post Conflict Reconstruction: lessons learned from Afghanistan (Rayana Bu-Hakah). nd s Dakar, Senegal, 2 Regional Humanitarian West Africa Meeting (OCHA), (attendance tbc)

11 July s Geneva, UNDG/ECHA Working Group on Action 2 of the UN Secretary- General’s Reform Report (strengthening human rights related to UN actions at the country level). (Helena Nygren-Krug, STU).

11-15 July s Geneva, ECOSOC (attending: Johanna Larusdottir, David Nabarro, Alessandro Loretti, Tanja Sleeuwenhoek, other EHA staff, Michel Tailhades, HIV/TSH) s 11 July, p.m., Round Table on Humanitarian Financing s 14 July, am, Round table on the transition form relief to development s 14 July, p.m., Round Table on HIV/AIDS in emergency settings

14 July s Geneva, HLWG meeting, at the Ambassadorial level, with Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF (attendance tbc)

16 July s New York, Framework Team meeting on Haiti (attendance: WUN)

23-24 July Nairobi, Kenya, International Aid % Trade Africa 2003 Conference organized by International Aid & Trade (originally scheduled for 23-24 June) (attendance: Ms Nadège Ondziel-Banguid, PA/EHA-AFRO)

1 September One-day workshop to discuss the draft recommendations emerging from the IASC Review (attendance: David Nabarro, Johanna Larusdottir, and Tanja Sleeuwenhoek).

17-18 September New York, IASC-WG meeting (attendance: David Nabarro, Tanja Sleeuwenhoek)

30-31 October (first choice) or 23-24 October (second choice) ISDR Task Force meeting (attendance: WHO and PAHO)

12-13 November Geneva, IASC WG meeting (attendance: David Nabarro, Tanja Sleeuwenhoek)


18-19 November CAP Launch (attendance: DG/EHA)

11 December Geneva, IASC Plenary (attendance: DG/EHA)

December IOM Council meeting (attendance: tbc)