2021-22 Hunting & Trapping Seasons Summary For complete rules and regulations see Official New York Hunting & Trapping Guide to Laws & Regulations Remember to Report Your Game Harvest HuntFishNY Mobile App * 1-866-426-3778 * www.dec.ny.gov Most regulations are in effect September 1, 2021 through August 31, 2022

REGULAR & BOWHUNTING 2021 MUZZLELOADING DEER SEASONS 2021 DEER SEASONS Hunting : Hunting Hours: 30 minutes before Sunrise 30 minutes before Sunrise to 30 minutes after Sunset to 30 minutes after Sunset 2021 - 2022 Hunting & Trapping Seasons Pull

2021 BLACK BEAR SEASONS 2021 FALL SEASONS Hunting Hours: Sunrise to Sunset Hunting Hours:

Season Bag Limit: 1 of either sex - 30 minutes before Sunrise out Summary to 30 minutes after Sunset

Oct. 1 – Oct. 14

Oct. 16 – Oct. 29

Nov. 20 – Dec. 3


SPRING TURKEY SEASON (no map) Hunting Hours One half before sunrise to YOUTH HUNT Area Open Season Dates All of upstate New York north of the April 23-24, 2022 Bronx-Westchester County boundary Area Open Season Dates Same as regular spring season May 1 – May 31, 2022 Plus Suffolk County (WMU 1C) Season Bag Limits Eligible Hunters Two bearded turkeys (one bird per ) Youth 12-15 of 2021-2022 Hunting & Trapping Seasons Pull-out Summary Hunting Hours: QUAIL HUNTING BOBWHITE Hunting Hours: PHEASANT HUNTING PHEASANT RUFFED GROUSE HUNTING GROUSE RUFFED HUNTING & WEASEL OPOSSUM FOX, SKUNK, RACCOON, COYOTE HUNTING COYOTE Hunting Hours: There are no bag limits for coyotes. They may be hunted during the day or . or the day during be hunted may They for coyotes. limitsno bag are There to sunset. sunrise from hunted be only may which weasel, except night, maybe They hunted during or the day are no for There bag limitsspecies.these Oct. 25– Oct. York: New of areas other All Long Island: Oct. 1 Oct. City: York New and Island Long except Statewide Season Dates Season Regular 2021/22 O Nov. 1– Nov. Nov. 1– Nov. Oct. 16– Oct. 16– Season2021/22 Dates Season Dates Season Regular 2021/22 ct. 1 – ct. Nov. 1– Nov. O Jun hunt dates. hunt youth special during hunter. Onlythejuniorhuntermaycarrafirearm ct. 1 – ct. – Mar. 27 ior hunters(ag Closed Oct. 1 – Oct. Sept. 20 Sept. Feb. 28 Feb. Dec. 31 Dec. Dec. 31 Dec. Feb. 28 Dec. 31 Shinnecock Canal & Inlet & Canal Shinnecock of east only Cocks hens & Cocks only Cocks Feb. 28 Feb. Dec. 31 Dec. Nov. 1 Nov.

Feb. 28 Feb. – Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise Sunset to Sunrise Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise Feb. 28 Feb. Hunt Dates Hunt 2021 Youth Sept. 25– O Oct. 30 Oct. Oct. 9– Oct. 9– ct. 30 ct. – es 12-1 Daily Bag Limits Feb. 25 Feb. 6 4 – – Oct. 10 Oct. 10 Oct. 31 Oct. Oct. 31 Oct. Daily Bag Limits Bag Daily Season 5) mustbeaccompanied Sept. 26 40 10 t 4 4 Daily Bag Limits 2 2* 2*/4** 2 2 /4** Feb. 15 Feb. Season – 30 30 – – y alicensedadult t ** Regular Season Regular ** Hunt Youth * No youth hunt in WMU 2A WMU in hunt youth No HUNTING COTTONTAIL RABBIT Hunting Hours: BOBCAT HUNTING GRAY,HUNTING SQUIRREL & FOX BLACK VARYING HUNTING HARE rest of of rest openhunting the season. for the night, or day hour, any at and day; onopening After sunrise Hunting Hours: Sept. 1– Sept. York: New of areas other All Long Island: Hunting Hours: Hunting Hours: species. of regardless limit bag 6total, Daily of Season2021/22 Dates Season2021/22 Dates Season2021/22 Dates Closed Dec. 13 Dec. Jan. 1 Jan. Oct. 1 – Oct. Nov. 1– Nov. Oct. 1 – Oct. Oct. 1 – Oct. Closed Oct. 25 Oct. Oct. 25 Oct. Thereno arebag limits forbobcat. Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise Nov. 1 Nov. – – Mar. 20 Mar. Jan. 31 Jan. Feb. 28 Feb. Mar. 20 Mar. Feb. 28 Feb. Feb. 28 Feb. Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise Sunrise to Sunset to Sunrise – – Nov. 19 Nov. Feb. 15 Feb. – Feb. 28 Feb. Daily Bag Limits Bag Daily Daily Bag Limits Bag Daily 2 2 6 6 6 6 Feb. 28 Feb. without limit. limit. without at any hunted be unprotected, and are squirrels Red • must: you bobcat a take you If • pos furbear a Complete sealed. sealed. animal unsk or pelt the Get tag, may may session session AND er i nned nned 2021-2022 Hunting & Trapping Seasons Pull-out Summary gripping traps set on land may not be be not may land set on traps gripping - There are nobag limits for these species. Feb. 28 Apr. 7 – Feb. 15* Feb. 15 Feb. 25, except closedcoyote for – – Feb. 15 Apr. 7 Feb. 25 Apr. 15 Nov. 1 – Nov. 10 Closed – – – Oct. 25 Oct. 25 Nov. 1 – Season Dates Dates 2021/22 Season Nov. 10 Nov. 1 – Nov. 10 Dec. 15 Season Dates Dates 2021/22 Season Season Dates Dates 2021/22 Season set set with bait thelureif or fisher andmarten season is closed. *In the Northern Zone, body Zone, Northern the *In There are nobag limits. RIVER OTTER TRAPPING MINK & MUSKRAT MINK & MUSKRAT TRAPPING There are no bag limits. no are There limits. bag RACCOON, RED FOX, GREY FOX, FOX, GREY FOX, RED RACCOON, & OPOSSUM COYOTE, SKUNK, TRAPPING WEASEL ere are are ere For no bag bag no limits for fisher. Season limit of 6 marten. Th AND 518-623-1240. at Office Wildlife DEC website. DEC the from downloaded be can REMINDER TRAPPING Feb. 15 contact the DEC Region 5 Region DEC the contact Nov. 19 – – the the or animalpelt sealed. unskinned Apr. 7 Apr. 7 Oct. 30 Fisher only – Dec. 10 Fisher only Nov. 30 Fisher & Marten – – permit, Oct. 25 Oct. 25 Complete a furbearer possession tag, tag, possession a Complete furbearer Get Get Closed fisher trapping permit trapping fisher • • Nov. 10 Nov. 1 – Closed

Oct. 25 free Nov. 1 – Oct. 25 Closed Season Dates Dates 2021/22 Season

**A a marten

Season Dates Dates 2021/22 Season Season Dates 2021/22 2021/22 Dates Season Species

There are no bag limits. no are There limits. bag BEAVER TRAPPING BEAVER

There are nobag limits.


SHER & MARTEN If you take a fisher, marten, bobcat, or river otter, YOU MUST: MUST: YOU otter, river or bobcat, marten, fisher, a take you If

Special free permits are required marten. & fisher trapping for FI 2021-2022 GOOSE SEASONS

WOODCOCK Oct. 1 – Nov. 14



Sept. 1 – Mar. 31 (Fridays, Saturday, Sundays & Mondays Only) Closed

2021-2022 WATERFOWL SEASONS out Summary out -


Sept. 1 – Nov. 9 Closed

A migratory duck stamp is not required to hunt these three groups of .

HIP registration is required for each of these species except crow. To register: www.newyorkhip.org or 1-888-427-5447. 2022 Hunting & Trapping Seasons Pull Seasons Trapping & 2022 Hunting 2021 -

* Youth hunters, 12 to 15 years of age, possessing a junior hunting Bag Limits license and HIP registration, may hunt ducks, mergansers, Canada geese, brant, gallinules, and coot on two (2) special days The daily bag limit is the maximum number Species Daily Limit Possession Limit in each zone. Daily bag limits are the same as those allowed of birds of each species that any person Ducksa 6 18 during the regular hunting season for all species. Youth hunters may take or possess in the field during any must be accompanied by a licensed (including current HIP one day. The possession limit is three Coot 15 45 registration and duck stamp) adult hunter, but the adult hunter the daily bag limit for all migratory game Canada Geese See Map *3 times the daily limit b may only shoot migratory game birds if the respective hunting birds except geese. Snow Geese 25 No Limit season is open for hunters of all ages. Brant 2 6 a. The daily limit of 6 ducks includes all mergansers and sea ducks (scoters, eiders and long-tailed ** Crippled sea ducks may be taken under power in the Special Sea ducks) and may include no harlequin ducks and no more than 2 mallards (1 of which may be a Duck area, only. The Special Sea Duck Area is defined as all hen), 3 wood ducks, 2 black ducks, 1 pintail, 1 scaup (2 scaup are allowed during the special 20 coastal waters and all waters of rivers and stream in New York days specified above for each zone), 2 redheads, 2 canvasback, 4 scoters, 4 eiders, 4 long-tailed State seaward from the first upstream bridge. ducks or 2 hooded mergansers. For all other duck species, the daily limit is no more than 6.

*** Snow goose seasons include both the regular hunting season and a. Cackling geese and white-fronted geese may be taken as part of the Canada goose daily and the Conservation Order that runs from January 16 – April 15 in all possession limits. Snow geese and Ross’ geese may be taken as part of the snow goose limits. zones (except Long Island).