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PAINFUL ACCIDENT. ROBBERS PREPARED A PICNIC LUNCH. FATAL FLOODS WEST om Brown Burned at the Axle Works Wednesday. Spread Contents of Pantry on Lawn at Special Sale For July Skelley Home. Seven Persons Drowned by the Tom Brown was the victim of a Good Citizens of New Jersey T a lk Overflow of Kansas and painful accident at the Lee & Porter of Taking Vengeance on Some burglars have started an in­ LACE CURTAINS DRESS GOODS and SILKS Oklahoma Rivers. Axle Works, Wednesday morning. Negro Brutes. novation in Benton Harbor in the We offer five hundred pairs Lace We offer one table full of §1.00 He had filled a piece ®f gas pipe way of novel house breaking parties. quality fancy silks in remnants for Curtains at 35e to §5—very much THOUS ANDS DRIVEN FROM HOME with sand to make it solid so that it FOUR WRETCHES ARE CAUGHT Monday night- the home o f Henry nuder price. There is most every 39e. could be bent into a circle. The ends Skelley on Garfield avenue was singled kind of curtain in this lot. Wool Dress Goods, black and of the pipe were closed and it was out after the family had retired and colors, §1.00 quality at 35c. Our annual sale of Lace Curtains Most off the Inhabitants of the Ar­ put into a forge t® heat preparatory Authorities B ope to Prevent a Lynch- entrance was effected through the One lot $1.50 quality, 50c. mour dale Have to Seek Safe ^ ing by Adopting the Railroad­ for June has become one of the feat­ to the bending operation. The sup­ kitchen window by taking off the 15c Fancy Lawns, 8c. Places — Heavy Prop­ ing Process. ures of our business. position is, that the sand was moist, screen. While we sell curtains all the year 20c Fancy Lawns, 10c. erty Loss. 25c India Linen, black and colors., thus forming steam in the closed pipe The robbers made no search for round for less money than any one Philadelphia, July S.—Through the else, this sale will put every other 10c. causing it to explode. money or valuables. No, no that one in the shade for prices and 25c black India Linen remnants- Oklahoma City, O. T., July 8.'— A Mr. Brown was standing at the good work of the New Jersey and was not in theii line, instead they quality. 5c. waterspout, accompanied by terrific forge when the explosion occurred, Pennsylvania authorities, coupled with went to the pantry, depleted the wind, "passed through Clinton, O. T., fortunate circumstances, all the ne­ RIBBONS and LACES 10c White goods, 5c. the steam and hot cinders being blown shelves of their good things to eat, 12Xc White goods, 7Xe. and vicinity at midnight Wednesday groes implicated in the rape of Mrs. We offer one lot of Yal. Laces, night, in which six persons were killed into his face, burning bim quite bad* Charles Biddle at her home near Bur­ spread a table cloth on the lawn in about the 5c quality, for leper yard; MILLINERY and seveml injured. The dead are: y. One of his eyes was |torn by a lington, N. J., last Tuesday are now he back yard and started to have a other lots at 2c, 3c, 5c, 10c per yard The season has been backward— Mrs. Baker and three children, Mr. ami cinder in sucb a manner that it was under arrest Aaron Timbers, the lead­ picnic supper. and upwards. we have not sold as many hats as we Mrs. John Flenner. All were drowned. necessary to take two stitches in the er of the attacking party, and Joseph When everything had been nicely We offer all kinds of laces very anticipated. We offer §5.00 Ladies’ Reports from Araphaie, Weatherford, eyeball. Sims are in the Lancaster county jail, arranged Mr. Skelley was awakened much under value during this sale. trimmed and street hats at half the Geary, Cordell, Anadarco and other price they were made to sell at.. Dr, Emmons was called and dress- having been captured in Columbia near by the ck^jle of the thieves and We offer at special prices a great points in western Oklahoma tell of / Yon might be interested in buying ed 'the wounds. The doctor informs Lancaster; William Austin is in Moya- they were frightened away at his ap­ variety of fancy and plain Ribbons great damage by flood. two when you can get them for the us that he looks for no serious results mensing prison here, and Thomas pearance. The kitchen lamp was at 10c, 15c and 25e per yard. price of one. Rive Thousand Driven from Home. Jones is in the Burlington county jail from the accident. found at full blaze without a chim- Kansas City, Mo., July 8.—Armour- at Mount Holly. The machinery of dale, the packing house suburb of <♦ ❖ *1* the law for the transfer of the three key and the side board was in a state ■ • COME AMD SEE US Kansas City, Kan., has been practical­ The Famous Story of “ Mrs. Wiggs” and: men in Penns3rlvania jails to New Jer­ of topsy turveyness. ly deserted, most of its 5,000 citizens sey has already been set in motion. Nothing was found missing.—News- having been driven from their homes “ Lovey Mary” to be Seen on the by the overflow of the Kaw river for Stage at the Grand Opera Public Cbunor for Vengeance. Palladium. ’ \ GEO.WYMAN&C2. the second time in thirteen months. House, Chicago. For fear that the citizens of Bur­ ♦> *2* lington county might take the law into West and southwest of here, in Kan­ What promises to be one of the BOGUS GREENBACKS. SOUTH BEND, 1ND. sas and Oklahoma, serious- conditions their own hands the authorities of exist. A t Wichita, Emporia and Win­ quaintest and oddest of all this sea­ that county have promised a speedy ------Closed evenings except Saturday------field the Cottonwood, the Neosho and son’s theatrical offerings—a play nov­ trial for the accused men. Public This Secteou Has Plenty of Spurious the Arkansas rivers are cansing the elty that comes heralded as the laugh­ clamor for vengeance was increased Money. when it became known that Mrs. Bid­ most disastrous flood in the history of ing hit of the season—is soon to be those places, and it is believed that dle has collapsed under the strain. She the worst is yet to come. seen by Chicago playgoers on the lapsed into semi-consciousness, coming Examine your $10 notes and $5 sil­ Losses Reach an Immense Sum. stage of the Grand Opera House, to her senses only to go into a series ver certificates carefully before ac­ All Kansas streams are high, and where dear, delightful Mrs. Wiggs of spasms. The family physician was cepting them, for counterfeits, said thousands of acres of rich farming land (that now national favorite, whose in attendance most of the day. At one time her condition was so serious that to be good imitations, are in circula­ has already been inundated, causing unfailing eheerfullness and deep hu­ losses to crops tbat -will run into the it was deemed best to send for all the tion, is the warning just sent out. IBANAHRS, IIIICH, LEMS hundreds of thousands of dollars. man sympathy have made her every­ relatives of the family. She has some­ There are two forms of the spur­ V We have the largest stock of Groceries to select from in Buchanan. Farmers at a dozen different points body’s friend, and who bids fair to what improved. ious $10 notes. One is o f the series “ We sell more, and are able to give you better prices. We can give you have been forced to flee from their become an immortal creation of Still Danger of Trouble. of 1901, check letter “ C” with J. W. good, fresh goods at the bottom prices. homes, driving their cattle before them American realism and humor) is to There is no denying the fact that Lyons register, and Ellis H. Roberts and taking their horses and what there is still danger of trouble if Tim­ make her bow before the footlights treasurer. It is a lithographic pro­ ‘S lbs rice for . . . » ...... — 25c Large size wash pan for ---- -: ___ 10c household goods could be gotten to­ bers and his companions are soon taken »4 lbs rice for ...... 25c Dish drainers just what you want 10c gether quickly to higher ground. on Sunda'y evening, July 10. Madge to Burlington. Expressions are heard duction, apparently the work of per­ :3 lbs of the best rice on the market, 25c Egg beaters...... 10c Seven Lives Have Been Lost. Carr Cook, the expert comedienne, on all sides that the farmers of the sons responsible for previous count­ ’"“^ “iSQJbs granulated sugar...... 1.00 Double chopping knives ...... 10c As far as known seven lives have who has so distinguished herself in a county and citizens of Burlington erfeits, and is printed on two pieces i\ lbs pruiies'iCx .. w . , ---- -— 35c Basting spoons ...... 5 and 10c been lost—one at Wichita, Kan., and wide range of character roles, is said should not wait for the slow moving of thin paper of good quality, between Six at Clinton, O. T. The wife and two of the law. The county authorities, (i Always use Goshen Flour for good French shoe blacking...... 5c to give the half-humorous, half-touch­ which silk threads have been distri­ '* ^reacl, Pies and Cakes. Can openers, what you need 5 and 10c children of Case Woods, a policeman however, are taking every precaution, ing and wholly lovable old lady an and feel confident that they will be buted. The portrait of Lewis and We always enjoy a good cup of Cof­ Sink brushes, a good one ...... 5c at Wichita, reported drowned were rescued. Railroad service south and ideal incarnation. Chicago playgo­ able to meet any overt act that might Clark appear somewhat blurred and fee, we carry Chase & Sanborns line, Granite pie tins ------10c west of Kansas City is demoralized, ers can soon listen to the quaint say­ be attempted. It is possible that the scratchy. it is known everywhere as being the Sewing machine oil and a good can 10c three prisoners in this state will not numerous washouts being reported and ings, the ludicrous “ malapropisms,” The other $10 note is a crude best Coffee on the market, 20c, 25c.30c, Glass tumblers, each ...... 2c trains on the Rock Island, the Santa he taken to New Jersey until feel­ and 4oc a pound. Can rubbers made of the best rubber to Fe, the Union Pacific and the Mis the famous epigrams of Mrs, Wig ing against the men had calmed down. blurred half-tone engraving, printed Household Furnishing Goods. be had, you will need them. souri Pacific are stalled. from her own. lip—hear a lot of new Sims Puts in a Defense. on this paper. This counterfeit is Our Tea Stock was never more complete than at the present time, and £ ones, too, it is promised— and see her Timbers and Sims were arrested in poor, and should be detected. TEN THOUSAND HOMELESS A. ^ we have the Tea that will please you. J looking straight at them across the Columbia. After confessing to their The $5 silver certificate is a litho­ That Is the Figure Sent to Secretary Taft footlights. She will be seen in her part in the outrage they were taken graphic imitation printed on heavy to the county jail at Lancaster. Tim­ Special Sale Saturday, July 2 < by Mayor Gilbert. own famous tin-roofed, two doored paper. Red and blue ink lines are bers says there were only three in the It pays to trade at a large store that, is well stocked. / Kansas City, July 8.—Major Gilbert, cottage, making the most of her semi­ party, Austin, Sims and himself. Sims made to represent the silk fibre of the of Kansas City, Kan., is using all grotesque soverty, with a serene opti disclaims all knowledge of anything genuine. the rqeans at his command to care for mism and a cheerfulness, looking af­ that transpired upstairs, and says he ^ the hundreds of homeless people who ter her three little “ jography” named never went beyond the first floor, Record 4‘Ads” Pay. have been driven from the flood-strick­ where he had been placed on guard. en districts. Last night he sent the girls (Asia, Australia and Europen a), In the last Friday issue of the R e c ­ W . H . sheltering and “‘sticking up” for run­ Phone 27 Buchanan following telegram to Secretary of IGORROTES PUT ON “PANTS” o r d appeared a small local, advertis­ War Taft: “Ten thousand people have away Lovey Mary, with little Tommy ing for a belt that had been lost. They Are Bright Red and Those Not been driven from their homes in Kan­ and running the affairs of the Cab Saturday tbe belt was brought into sas City, Kan., by floods. I earnestly Wearing: Them Are Indulging bage Patch in her own motherly way request that you direct the commander in Ridicule. our office and the party who found it at Fort Leavenworth to issue rations In the three-act dramatic version of St. Louis, July 8.—Several of the was paid the reward. This shows Democratic Caucus., Tfte TVorld’ s G reatest as we may need. Please answer.” . Alice Hegan Rice’s phenomenally Igorrotes who. are on exhibition in the that R e c o r d “ ads” pay. A Buchanan township Democratic Newspap e r ' Topeka, Kan., July 8.—The flood is popular story, both of which have Philippine reservation donned “pants In looking over the colams of the very severe in the southern part o f the Caucus will be held in John C. D ick’s been dramatized for Liebler & Co. yesterday. Their new raiment consists Wednesday issue o f our contempor­ | office, Saturday, July 9, 1904 at 3 state. Nearly 200 families £Lre home­ by Anne Crawford Flexner (at the of a pair of bright red silk trunks, ! o’clock in the afternoon, for the pur­ less in Iola and the same number at ary we find an “ ad” for the same lost HE C1M TRIBUNE. Winfield. At the latter place the flood gifted authoress’ personal request) an almost skin tight. Only a few of the I pose of selecting delegates to attend natives put on the new garment and belt, four days after it had been re­ the county convention at Niles, July is as high as last yeaxv The Cotton­ effective opportunity has been given stored to its owner, proving very con­ wood and Neosho at Emporia are re­ they were roundly ridiculed by their Up-to date farmers read, 19, and for the transaction of other Mrs. Wiggs for a revelation of her companions who still retained the na­ clusively that if you want quick re­ business that may come before the ceding slowly. Wichita, Kan., July. 8. -— Wichita more deeply human tenderness ana tive costume. mits from your advertising, place it caucus. By the authorities in charge of the has experienced the most serious flood heart interest, while the newly invent­ in the R e c o r d , the people’s paper. Si J o h n C. D i c k . Igorrotes it was stated that the trunks Practical Farming,” F r a n k Sa n d e r s . in the history of the city, the result ed stage plot will give an added in­ The paper that has the circulation. of the overflow of the Arkansas river. were but an experiment, and that it R . V . Cl a r k . terest, it is claimed to the relations of was probable that the natives would 6 ❖ ❖ The test Agricultural Department Township Committee. All the northwestern part of Wichita Mas. W iggs and Lovey Mary, anc be allowed to return to their original Niles Boy Seized With Cramps While Dated June 30, 1904. is under water. Three hundred houses in the West. are surrounded, the water at many will invest the runaway flight o f the costume, as the new one serves no bet­ Bathing. reaching to the second story windows unhappy orphanage waif with an in­ ter for a covering and destroys the iTTiraTrmpri>*rnTumiiiiyTii anthropological value *of the exhibit. Irving Smith, aged 19, was .drown* Wine Lo-Ti. creased dramatic significance. ed in Barren Lake, four miles east o f For W om en - Made of beef, iron, wine, nervine, Memorial Meeting as Winona Lake, Warsaw, Ind„ July 8.—A memorial Lovey Mary is the romantic figure Four Carnegie Mills Close Down. here, Monday. He was spending the cascara and Aromatics, is the most Pittsburg, July 8.—Operations have Fashions, meeting in honor of Coates Kinney of this dramatic version, and she is Fourth there, and after dinner don­ Beauty Hints, perfect food tonic in existance. It and Dr. H. S. Cunningham was held said to have a thoroughly sympathet­ been suspended at the four steel hoop plants of the Carnegie- Steel company ned his bathing suit and rowed out Household. Hints, j agrees with all other medicines and by the Western Association of Writbrs ic stage depiction by Mabel Taliafer Book Reviews. now in its nineteenth annual session at two at Youngstown and one each at 100 feet from shore. There, where • nqver fails to give permanent strength ro, who has been for several seasons Winona lake. Those who addressed the Girard and Warren. These are the only the water was about seven feet deep For M em j and vigor. Pleasant to take, it in- works of the big steel concern that meeting were Stephen M. Reynolds past America’s most distinguishes he dived from the boat, and was evi­ Market Report, ' creases the weight and improves the John Uri Lloyd, Dr.- J. C. Culbertson child actress. Miss Mabel is just have been under the wage scale of the Amalgamated Association of Iron, dently taken with a cramp. Many Sporting News, appetite' Large bottles, 50c at Dr Emerson Yenable and George B. Lock- now on that trembling line between Fair Politics. Steel and Tin Workers. All the other people saw him, but did not realize E. S. Dodd & Son’s. wood:. girlhood and young womanhood, the plants of the company are operated; on when he came to the surface the first I For Children- Those Jewels Are Paste: age o f sixteen, and she here strikes a a strictly non-ufiion basis. time and then went down again that .London, July 8.—The jewels of the dramatic note a little more emotional Cut-Outs, Marquis of Anglesey, one,of the chief May Hold Fewer Conventions. there was anything the matter. He Comics, and young womanly than was afford Detroit, July 8.—-The board of man­ was a well known young man o f Niles Stcries. assets relied upon by his many credit­ S ors, have been discovered to be made ed her either as Esther in “ The Chil­ agers of .the Baptist Young People’s being employed as clerk in a local McCuicheon's Cartoons mainly of paste. The workmanship is dren of the Ghetto” or as Ermyngarde Union at the opening session of the grocery. so exquisite that experts on making in “The Little Princess.” The i fourteenth international convention in Light Guard armory made the impor­ ❖ ❖ «$> a first examination were deceived anc sweetness of Lovey Mary should fine T w i n e , T w ine, valued the famous jewel collection at tant recommendation that the society A Costly Mistake. $4-00 a Year Daily. magnetic personality in this winsome $850,000. hereafter hold biennial instead of, an­ Blunders are sometimes very expen­ $6.50 Daily and Sunday. Best Twine made lie Cask, young artiste, whose" deeper taLen nual international conventions. The Another Arrest for Beavers. sive,. Occasionally life itself is the was impressively revealed when she board’s report recommended that the l l i c Sept. 1st. New York, July 8. — George W next convention be held in July, 1906. price of a mistake, but you’ll never played the Fairy Child in that ex Beavers, ex-snperintendent of the sal­ be wrong if you take Dr. King’s New" aries and allowances bureau of the quisite poetic idyl of Irish peasant Life Pills for Dyspepsia, Dizziness, postoffice department, has been rear- life,“ The Land of Heart’s Desire.” The great Weber Pianos at the o*d. Benton Harbor Abstract Co,—Abstracts of rested in Brooklyn, but paroled pend Headache, Liver or Bowel troubles. <5> ❖ -title. Real estate mortgage loans. Of ing the hearing. reliable music store of Elbel Bros., They are gentle yet thorough. 25c. dice 104 Water St.. Benton Harbor. Mich. Subscribe to the Record, only $1 South Bend, Ind. t. f. at W. N. Brodrick’s Drug Store. jr- v* »,

! m-''sesa*~fsr*ftrrm s m m FATALLY WOUNDED. On the Steps 1 Thinking' Him a Hold-up-Man, Driver Of the Scaffold Fires at Youth. [Original.] All The Latest Spiro’s ® - * The great fear of a gang of profes­ I t was moonset, a blood red crescent sional highwaymen and housebreak­ sinking into a band of yellow just over Hats, Gaps, Negligee and Fancy ers that has operated p successfully in the roofs of London. The day had been The largest and best Clothing Store in Northern Berrien county fpr the last two weeks, a holiday, for King Henry VIII. had divorced his queen, Anne Boleyn, not Shirts Shoes, and All Gents was the direct cause of one of the by process of law, but by the ax. And Indiana is at your service. saddest accidents in the history of St. now from many a chimney smoke rose Furnishing Goods. Joseph late Saturday night. on the still air while housewives be* Thousands of spring suits and overcoats from the While entertaining the belief that a neath were preparing the evening meal. horse attached to a laundry wagon All London had attended the execu­ best manufactures in the XJnitedStates are here for was about to run away, John King, tion, and all London was hungry. you to choose from. All our suits from $7.50 up are aged 19 years, son of Capt, James The young Earl of Emberton, who Cigars and Tobaccoes & King, of Chicago, attempted to stop since childhood had been in France, strictly wool, well made, trimmed with good, durable the horse. Andrew Rodgers, the had just returned and was passing over Tower hill. Before him against linings and fit well. All suits from $12.50 up are hand driver, who was moving west on the yellow strip loomed the silhouette Orders taken for Continental made throughout by custom tailors, have hand shap­ Winchester avenue, feared he was scaffold, the sinking moon at the mo­ about to be held up, and began firing ment standing above it, its lower horn ed collars and lapels, and are equal in appearence and at the form of the unknown man in seeming to rest upon the block where Tailoring Company. that day had been bowed the head of wear to the finest made-to-measure garments. the darkness. King was shot through the young queen. the right thigh and was thought, to OUR CHILDREN’S DEPARTMENT is the larg “ Singular,” muttered the earl, “that Guarantee a fit or no Sale. 6 be seriously wounded, but the latest the red crescent should be in that posi est in South Bend. We always show the very latest reports say that he will recover. tion.” The affair was an accident aud no As he drew near the scaffold h» novelties in Boys’ wear, and at very reasonable prices. heard a low moan and then noticed foi prosecution will be made. the first time, seated on the lowest OUR HAT DEPARTMENT occupies the entire ♦> ♦> ♦> step, a woman, her head bent to her “ I owe my whole life to Burdock knees, her face buried in her hands. $ JOHN MORRIS north side of the store, 165 feet in length. We carry Blood Bitters. Scrofulous sores cov­ “Madam;” he said, greatly surprised i The up*to date Furnisher ered my body. I seemed beyond cure. “I marvel to find you in this gr'ewsome every staple and novelty style which is in demand, place at such an hour. How came you and if you want a hat or cap at 25c or 50c, or a hat at B. B. B. has made me a perfectly well here?” woman.” Mrs. Chas. Hutton, Ber- The woman raised her head, and Em­ $1.00, $2.00, $3. 00 to $5.00 you will find the style you ville, Mich. berton saw that she was young and "comely. She was not weeping, yet on want here. Thoughtful. her face was a strange distress. Her costume was rich, denoting that she Uncle Sam’s Land General “ Joe” Wheeler relates the OUR FURNISHING- GOODS DEPARTMENT was of high degree, her robe being of following amusing incident that took silk, though without any adornment - \ contains hundreds of different styles of new spring place during the night of the El whatever. Around her neck was a ©pen to You shirts, neckwear and underwear from 25c up in price, Caney affair: broad black velvet band, but even from Chamberlain, S. D., has been designated by v “ General Lawton’s division was this no jewel or trinket was suspended I in all the latest colorings and designs. “ Oh, sir,” she said, “ take me away I President Roosevelt as the place for drawing marching back to El Poso, there to I was here with the crowd today, and take up a new position in the morn­ when it was over all went to their 382,000 acres now in the Rosebud Indian Res­ ing. The general in company with homes but I. It was cruel to leave m« ervation. July 28 is the date. The only THE ONE PRICE CLOTHIERS. Major Creighton Webb, inspector here alone.” “But your menials? I f your friends general of his stag, was standing at railroad to Chamberlain and the shortest line, deserted you, surely those dependent the edge of the road, watching his upon your bounty”— Chicago to the Rosebud Reservation, is the Sam’! Spiro troops file past. Just as the dawn “They all went together, and I, was breaking the colored troops dazed by the multitude, the solemn words of the man of God, the grim came in sight. They gave evidence (Chicago, Milwaukee St 119*121 South MicMgaia St. figure of the execution, the glitter of of being dead tired, but were never­ the ax in the sun, must have fallen theless full of ‘ginger.’ into a swoon, for I have only just now Paul Railway “ General Lawton’s attention was come to consciousness.” Chamberlain and Yankton are points of regis­ “I cannot Imagine,” said the earl, South Bend © attracted to a certain corporal of the perplexed,. “how your friends and try. • July 5 to July 23 are dates of registry. 25th Infantry, a great six-foot negro, servants could have been so brutal.” who in addition to a couple of guns “Brutal! Can you expect tenderness Permits to go on the reservation will be issued and two cartridge-belts loaded full, from a people whose king’s divorces at Chamberlin and Yankton. Chamberlain, are written in blood?” The Niles papers are agitating the was carrying a dog. The soldier to “ Come away,” said the young man. Geddes, Platte and Yankton are the best * whom the other gun belonged was B uchananJRecord. question of a paid fire department “You are trembling; you are faint places from which to enter the reservation. 4 *s ______TWICE A WEEK.______and a fire alarm system. When it limping alongside his com rad. Your mind must be diverted at one® takes’fifteen minutes for the fire com­ - “The General halted the men. from this bitter experience.” Better write today for illustrated folder with panies to go ten or twelve blocks, it ‘Here, corporal,’ said he to the six- “Where shall I go?” she asked, fixing M. C. CHAMBERLIN despairing eyes upon him. maps, and full information about routes aud PUBLISHER. begins to look as if they needed them. foot man, ‘didn’t you march all last “To your people.” night?’ train service. Sent for two cents postage. _ 0 . P. WOODWORTH The Twin. Cities at the north end of “ Oh, my people!” she said, a wail in her . “Do you think that they EDITOR. the county have for some time been “ ‘Yes, sir,’ responded the negro, R. e . JO N E S, 32 Campus” Martini^, saluting. would welcome me after what occur­ trying to put on “ airs,” and at last red today?” Entered at the Post-office at Buchanan, Mich, “ ‘And fought all day?’ Michigan Passenger Agent, • DETROIT. ^ as second-class matter. they can do so. A gang of robbers “Then you must come with me,” .said and hold-up men are making their “ ‘Yes, sir,’ the earl. “To stay here another hour TEEMS “ ‘You have, besides been marching would drive you to a madhouse.” headquarters there. Very metropoli­ In Emberton’s heart suddenly, with­ Republican Senatorial Convention for $ 1 ,0 0 IPESJR. Y R A R . since ten o’clock to-night?’ tan are they. out requiring time to develop, there the Seventli Senatorial District Special sale onu/ “ ‘Yes sir,’ was born a great love for this- desolate The opening of 9,000,000 more acres of Michigan. JULY 8, 1904. “ ‘Then,’ said Lawton, ‘why on beiug who had passed through so Trimmed goods . of land to homestead settlement is earth are you carrying that d o g ?1 strange an ordeal. Since she did not Notice is hereby given that the' REPUBLICAN TICKET an event that seems to please every­ “ Well, General,,’ replied the ne­ move he sat down beside her. A convention’ for nominating a candi­ next Friday and.Ji body. History was writ large by the gro, showing his white teeth in a chill, wind made her shiver, and he date for the office of State Senator NATIONAL broad grin, ‘the dog’s tired!’ ”—July folded his cloak around her, leaving Republican party when it passed the from the seventh senatorial district Saturday. M r sa For President— Woman’s Home Companion. his arms about the cloak. His eyes homestead law. Its irrigation act ❖ ❖ <* fell upon the band at her neck, and as of Michigan; for the election of a Parkinson. THEODORE ROOSVELT also will be of vast importance to the Record Office Book Bindery. his hand rested upon her shoulder he Senatorial Committee for the ensuing For Vice President— country. took the ribbon in bis fingers and two years, and for the transaction of Bring in your books that have CHARLES W. FAIRBANKS moved it just so far that in the dim such other business as may regularly Niles merchants have started a re­ loose covers and have them rebound light he saw what he thought was a CONGRESSIONAL NOMINATION. or repaired, and put in as good shape come before it, will be held in the vival in the town. They expect to fine red line. She drew his hand away. For Representative in Congress— as new at a reasonable cost. Hers was as cold as ice. council chambers at the city of Do- convert the dead beats into good cash EDWARD L. HAMILTON. ♦> ♦> -> “ G© with me,” he pleaded. “ You are wagiacy Cass county, on-Tuesday, the paying customers or have nothing to REPRESENTATIVE Wonderful Nerve. cold and desolate. I will warm your 19th day of July, 1904, at 11:00 heart with mine. I will make you for­ For Representative 1st District:— do with them. The salvation on this Is displayed by many a man endjur- o’clock a. m. proposition is free, but the goods get this dreadful place. I will take you NATHAN V. LOVELL, ing pains of accidental Cuts, Wounds, to sunny France. This dreary town is At the convention held September BAKED GOODS ALSO of ELu Claire. must be paid for or they don’t get Bruises, Burns, Scalds, Sore feet or riot fit for one so delicate, so sensitive. 30, 1902, the following preamble and them, stiff joints. But there’s no need for Fine line of fresh candies ' COUNTY TICKET. Rather tough on the dead In France there are no troubles. The resolution was adopted: it. Bucklen’s Arnica Salve will kill court and the nobles live in bright Par­ beats. “ Whereas, the counties of Berrien B e r th a R o e For Judge of Probate— the pain and cure the trouble. It’s is, with its gardens, while the peasants FRANK H. ELLSWORTH, Wine Lo-Ti (Coonley’s beef, iron the best Salve on earth for Piles, too. tread the purple grapes in the wine and Cass form this Senatorial Dis­ 25c, at W. N. Brodrick, druggist. The Cottage Bakery Benton Harbor. and wine with nervine) is the perfect vats, singing gayly. I came from there trict: only today. We will go back together.” For Sheriff— food tonic. There is no other like it R e s o l v e d , that the county being SCORES ON THE BALL FIELDS She turned her eyes upon his and the unit, that each county in said SOY CLARK, Pipestone. or equal to it. Price 50c at at Dr. E. seemed to drink in every word. He For Clerk— S. Dodd & Son’s. fancied a color coming- into the pale district be entitled to equal represen­ Chicago, July . — Following are SAMUEL B. MINERS, 8 cheek; that the icy hand he held in his tation in all Senatorial Conventions ♦> ♦> ♦> the base ball scores: Silver Pla Royalton. was less cold. hereafter to be held in said District, CHURCH NOTES. League: No games played—Weath­ ■ “I will go with you,” she said, “and If you want the very best For Register of Deeds— er. said representations to consist of PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH love you forever, but first let me take Silver Plate, We have it. I. L. H. DODD, American: At New York—Boston 4, one last look at the block.” twenty-five (25) delegates each, the Services next Sabbath morning, And such a splendid variety, Buchanah. New York 1; at Cleveland—Detroit 2, “No, no,” be cried; “no more of same to be chosen in a convention 10:30, preaching by the pastor Rev. Cleveland 4; at St, Louis—Chicago 1, For Treasurer— death! Come rather into life.” held in each respective.county.” that whatever is wished for is W. D. Cole. St. Louis 0; at Washington—Rain. Despite his pleadings she moved up ALVA SHERWOOD, In accordance with the above ac­ pretty certain to he found in Sabbath School and Bible Classes Association: At Milwaukee—Toledo thq steps, looking back at him wistful­ 1, Milwaukee 4; (second game) Toledo tion, the counties o f Berrien and Cass Three Oaks. after morning service. Subject of ly. He held her hand, but it seemed to in the gathering. For Presecuting Attorney— 0, Milwaukee 2; at Minneapolis—Lou­ slip from his- as if it were unreal. He are each entitled to .twenty-five (25) study, “ Jeroboam’s Idolatry.” isville 3, Minneapolis 2; at St. Paul— CHARLES E. WHITE, Niles, caught at her robe, but it was flutter­ delegates in this convention. The ChristianEndeavor Meeting at 6:30 Columbus 0, St. Paul ; at Kansas City 6 ing in the wind and eluded his grasp. republican organization in each W. S. Jones For Circuit Court Commissioners— p. m., topic, “ Some modern idols and —Weather. “ Listen,”, she said, pausing. county will govern itself accordingly. Reasonable J ew eler MILLARD A. SEITZ, how to overthrow them.” Western: , At Colorado Springs — It seemed that he could hear a low Denver 4, Colorado Springs 7. Dated, June 28, 1904. Benton Harbor. No evening preaching during the murmuring of many voices. Then all WILBUR A. BURNS, Niles. Amateur Press Association. was still. Chas. E. Sw eet, Chairman, hot weather. You are cordially in­ Baltimore, July .—The annual re­ For Drain Commissioner— 8 She moved on, mounting each step B. F. E a r l , Secretary, EXCURSIONS vited to all the services of the church. VIA THE union of the United Amateur Press As­ heavily, as if weighted with lead, till- Senatorial Committee. JOHN A. BURBANK, Lake. sociation of the United States has be­ she had reached the platform. Then, For Surveyor— Saved From Terrible Death gun here. -After listening to an ad­ waving her hand to him as if in adieu, ❖ ❖ ♦» \ WILLIAM A. CLEARY, The family of Mrs. M. L. Bobbitt dress of welcome by O. Albert Baugh, she kneeled and placed her head upon Coonley’s Cough Balsam, made of World’s Fair St. Louis. chairman of the reception committee, the block. St. Joseph. wild cherry ,horehound ,spikenard and of Bargerton, Tenn., saw her dying and the holding of a business session Emberton fancied he heard some­ Round trip tickets at low rates For Coroners— and were powerless to save her. The the delegates rode on tallyhos through thing moving swiftly through the air. honey, is a perfect remedy for coughs On sale at all ticket stations. Ask agents for rates, limit of tickets and CHARLES A. COLLIER, most skillful physicians and every the burnt district and were afterwards a thud as of steel entering wood. and colds, particularly recommended full particulars. t f. Benton Harbor. remedy used, failed, while consump­ entertained at Pimlico at a dinner. The next morning at daylight as the for children. Pleasant to take and watch moved aeross Tower hill he dis­ ❖ »> ( A. W. PLATT, Niles. tion was slowly; but surely taking her helps at once. 25c and 50c at Dr. E. Guatemala Town Destroyed. covered the Earl of Emberton lying in Domestic Troubles. S. Dodd & Son’s. ❖ ❖ ❖ life. In this terrible hour Dr. King’s San Francisco, July 8.—Private ad­ a stupor at the foot of the scaffold. He It is exceptional to find a family Russiats navy is well represented New Discovery for Consumption vices received by cable are to the ef­ was taken to his home, where he lay for months with a diseased brain, and where there are no domestic troubles on the sea—taking into consideration turned despair into joy. The first fect that the port of Champerieo, when his reason returned he left Lon­ Remnantns of Rib­ occasionally, but those can be lessen­ Dottle brought immediate relief and Guatemala, was almost, if not wholly, both the top and bottom. destroyed by a tornado. Details are don1 forever. Even in his beloved ed by having- Dr. King’s New Life its continued use completely cured lacking, but the few words received France he found neither health nor bons, Silks? Dress Pills around. Much trouble they her. It’s the most certain cure in the happiness. No one save a menial was It is said that twenty thousand peo­ indicate that the landing facilities save by their great work in Stomach world for all throatand lung trou­ were swep.] away, and In such an ever admitted to his bedroom, and aft­ Goods etc. Cheap ple were in St. Joseph the 4th but as bles. Guaranteed. Bottles 50c and event the buildings ashore must have er his death a portrait was discovered and Liver troubles. They not onl_ usual the celebration was mostly on $1,00. Trial bottles free at WV N. suffered considerable d&mage, above bis mantel-his sovereign'# be* relievo you but cure. 25c, at W . NV at B oardm an’s Sat. Brodrick’s drug store. Brodpek’S drug store. Hefldftd queen.u ■ i. i ^« l 1 .■ J .P'1Anne F, ■ ■ *1'^ Bolero.” 'J* P InfW Success Washington Letter. IMPORTANT OPERATION Editor o f the R ecord, Todaythe President left for “ Going on in the War-Zone, hut the Jap Thire’t Dear Sir.—With your permission I summer capital,” on Long IslaR^l, Hides Them—Closing in on wish to present to your many readers nothing where he- will re'ceive the committee Port Arthur. a few thoughts suggested to my mind Lika It. sent to inform him of his nomination Tolcio, July 8.—Operations of a par­ by a conversation that occurred on Reduces the Inflammation. Stops the Pain* ...... f 12:42 A, H and where he will thereafter remain amount importance are going on with­ ...... f 5:Vt A At. your street not many months ago in the war zone, but the government Instant R elief and Cure fo r till towards the end of August. Dur­ ...... 9:40 A M which ran something after the fol­ succeeds in veiling them in almost ab­ Rheumatism, Neuralgia,. Tooth­ ______3:13 P.M. ing the last few days he has held in­ ... f 5:19 P M lowing. solute secrecy. 32 f 6 :38 p M terviews with a good many promin­ ache, Headache, Sprains, Bruises* “ Now just let. uslook up the record Che Foo, July 8.—A trustworthy ent members o f his party. Cuts, Larne Back, Cramps and of that man a little bit. A portion Chinaman who has arrived here from a .KAN* The democratic leaders are making point on. the east coast of the Kwan m. st.rp only to let of the property he is now handling Pales m the Stomach* a strenuous effort to flock together, Tung peninsula, near Port Arthur, Price fifty cents. All Druggists. | ...... G f& tlo AM came from his parents and the rest his i., No.15 $>13 AM but it seems certain that they will brings the information that on the 5th- wife furnished. But what has he Z app, T e x . Oct. 211903. ;J£ ...... f 10:43 A.M. flock separately more or less up to of July one division of the Japanese ______3:40 PM ever done that has proved a success?' A. H. Lewis Medicine Co., St. Louis, Mo. - T" 20 Special 2:31 p.m the very close o f the St. Louis con­ army reached the northeast slope of Gentlemen:— We think Nature’s Oil is the heat Impress 7:47 P.M. Now it is evident that the standard the Takushan mountain, the summit of limiment made. We have used it for Rheumatism,- p , Local Agent. vention next week, and perhaps there­ of success that was in the mind of which is less than three miles' from Neuralgia, Toothache in fact for all kinds o f/ A after. Several of the most promin­ Port Arthur. aches and pains. It Never has failed to give us * E Passengers. the individual uttering these words ent of them who are not at all in the The Japanese are now massing men instant relief and cure. F. T. MnXBR. was purely that of accumulating habit of holding harmonious confab­ to march upon the Russian marine Every Bottle Guaranteed. property and hoarding up money. camp that commands the principal ulations have held pow-wows here Now let me say, the standard of pass through the hills, which is direct­ this week and last in which several -57 success in life is as varied and almost ly back of Port Arthur/ This camp is hatchets have been buried with ap­ considered vital to the safety of the as numberless as humanity iy 1, 1904 propriate ceremonies. Among other fortress. itself. It is thought by many occurrences is the avowal of Senator Washington, July 8.—The Japanese an as follows: that “success is that which suc­ legation has received the following ca­ Gorman that Cleveland isn’t so bad a d, Muskegon, ceeds.” But that does not always blegram from. Tokio dated yesterday: man after all and he is willing to The Old Reliable Vw, Bay City, prove true. For some times that “Admiral Togo reports that on July 5 “ trail through the mire” again if our gunpoat Kaimon while on a special New Buffalo, which for the time being appears to he can’t do better. He is in favor of mission in the waters outside of Talien- 'Chicago and be a great-failure changes to a glor­ wan in a dense fog struck a Russian Folk for the Vice Presidency. The S:35 A. M. and ious victory. mine and sunk. Three officers, includ­ i boodler-snatchers of Missouri doesn’t !■ Yery many men starting out in life ing Commander Takahashi, and mine- want to go on the ticket at all, but teen petty officers and men are miss­ Benton Har­ with the thought of amassing prop­ the American people have a soft spot ing. . The. rest were saved.'.’ The gun­ ms north and erty, in after years think they have in their heart for men like Cleveland boat was a wooden ship. succeeded in life, if at the close of an Instruments that'were never and Folk who declare with every F . M o e i*x.e k . eventful career in which they have NEGRO FOR THE WHITE HOUSE found wanting, though often tried. $ show of sincerity that they do not ;en’l Pass. Agent. d one but little to bless the world, want the presidential nomination. Liberty Party Nominates for Both Presi­ F aithful to the man who makes done but little for God or humanity, dent and Vice Presi­ Ex Senator Jones, who, I suppose done but little to bring sunshine to dent. and guarantees them, the one who will call the convention to order, Chicago and the widows heart or joy to the or­ St. Louis, July 8.—After reconsider­ thinks Cleveland would mean wreck sells them and the-one who buys phans home, yet i f he can at last even ing its action in indorsing the candi­ and ruination.. It need not be for. dacy of President Roosevelt for re- and owns them. « 1 under a bowed form with grey hairs, tten that Jones is as bitter as gall election in place of making its own W e/ dim eyes, and a broken down and at present towards almost everybody nominations, the National Negro Lit> Michigan wrecked constitution, count his Equal to Any and everything. He wanted a nice erty party nominated. William T. Scott, ts, hoarded wealth by the thousands, to of East St. Louis, and W. C. Payne, xs leave Niles soft birth on the Panama Commis­ that' man there is success in life. But of Warrenton, Ya., fo r president and Superior to Many sion, and said; some very pleasant with “God who knows our frame” vice president, respectively, of the GOING SOUTH ngs about President Roosevelt, United States. aily ex. Sunday this is the smallest, the least, of all 8 , ...... S:24am But after being looked over he was ov­ S. P. Mitchell, of Memphis, declined jv....__1:35 pm standards of success that can be given the nomination for first place on the p ...... 6:15 pm er looked. It is understood that lead or suggested as proof of man’s success negro ticket, but will manage the cam­ Music Store Agent, 5 Democrats declined to indorse Niles, Mich. in life. paign as chairman of the executive his application. committee, with headquarters in Chi­ Branch House of the great W. W. With God such a life is but a sad Dominic I. Murphy fared better. cago. Kimball Co. Chicago. Of course failure, Luke 12, 15-21 are Christ’s N A straight Democrat, and Pension Poles Ready for Insurrection. prices must he lower than at the words on this subject and read as Commissioner under Cleveland London, July 8.—According to a spe­ store that-handles a dozen makes. follows: “And he said unto them, cial dispatch from Vienna the Polish years ago, lie has secured the lucra­ Ill W, Washington St. Take heed and beware of covetous­ tive post of secretary to the Panama papers report that the governor gener­ ness for a man’s life consisteth not in al of Warsaw has asked permission to Commission, for having done valu­ place Russian Poland in a minor state S 0 OTH BE NO,- * IND. o a t s ’9 the abundance of the things he pos­ able service for Roosevelt’s adminis of siege, as otherwise it will be im­ FFALO sessed. And he spoke a parable tration. As publisher of a leading possible for bim to prevent an upris­ unto them saying. The ground of a Roman Catholic organ, he defended ing of the disaffected population. certain rich man brought forth plen­ our Philippine policy in dealing Fairbanks Returns to Indianapolis. tifully, and he thought within him­ with the friars and, verily, he hath Indianapolis, July 8.—Senator Fair­ POSITIONS are CERTAIN self saying. What shall I do because J his reward. He will not dodge his banks, Republican candidate for vice | I have no room to bestow my fruits, president, lias returned home from To all who will attend our school and complete a course in SHORTHAND duties on account of the insalubrity and BOOKKEEPING. ‘ Over 4 0 students placed in good positions by us every and be said, This will I do, I will Michigan. After attending to some pri­ of the canal zone, but will cheerfully vate business he will go to Oyster Bay. month. Graduates making from $ 5 0 to $150 per month. Let us help you pull down my barns and build great-1 Me Mm tMther Just as oftea a3 he is He will speak here July 14, welcoming to be successful. er and there will I bestow all my absolutely compelled to. the Philippine commission. Summer Term Now in Session fruits and my goods. (None of the Partisiail headquarters here are by Close Call for Another Horror. Write today for catalog and further particulars. poor or needy get any.) And I will ^ means asieep. The Republican New York, July 8. —Disaster was say to my soul, Soul thou hast much managerSj having got the personnel narrowly averted when the steamer goods laid up for many years take | and tlie plat£orm ,ofE their Grand Republic, sister ship of the Gen­ eral Slocum, scraped the side of the thine ease eat, drink, and be merry.” have made copious extracts from'the (This the rich and successful man Coney Island boat Dreamland in a Congressional Record, from the dense fog off Sea Gate, Goney Island. said.) But God said unto him, “ Thou speeches of Aldrith, Allison, Dolli- fool this night thy soul shall be re­ ver, and Lodge in the Senate, and National Prohibition Headquarters. Chicago, July 8.—Oliver TV. Stew­ quired of thee. Then where shall Payne, Grosvenor, Dalzell, Littlefield, these things be which thou hast pro art, chairman of the' Prohibition na­ GRAHAM & MORTON Landis and Hepburn in the House tional committee, has opened campaign vided? So is he that layetJh up treas­ *v-~- and within the next two months these headquarters in the "Woman's Temple ures for himself and is not rich to- ROUTE will fly to the uttermost corners of at 184 LaSalle street, on the filth floor. LOUIS wards God.” ^ the Union on the wings of the frank­ TATIOH GO1 Y 2 6 t h Although Christ never went to ed mail. CHE WEATHER B etw een W all street to do a banking business, ALO The Democrats have made extracts •OO P . M. never was a , The following- is the official weather | 30 A. M. from twenty-five speeches for the forecast up to 8 oclock to night: ...P oin ts in: NEW Board o f Trade, was poorer than the Illinois—Partly cloudy, with showers £USD STATES. same purpose, the orators including £.30 P. M. beasts of the field or the fowls of in central and south portions; slightly ,7.3.0 A. M. such men as Senators Carmack, Ba­ warmer in central portion; northeast ha for WORLD'S heaven, haying no place to lay his winds. ^1). & C.N . Co. con Patterson, Gorman, and Culber­ Indiana—Partly cloudy, with show­ fehlsan Resorts* head or call it home, and only went f $ 3 .5 0 on e w ay, son, and Representatives John Sharp ers on south portion; variable winds. jU;50; Stateroom s . Lower Michigan—Partly Cloudy; about doing good to poor suffering Williams, Claude Kitchii^ John sited Pamphlet. fresh northerly winds. *tates* humanity, yet was his life a failure Lind, and Bourke Cockran. At a Wisconsin—Partly cloudy, with prob­ ♦ ST E A M E R S ably showers in west portion; north­ |3^1,Conventions on earth? It is said in the scriptures score of tables and headquarters are Brand Trunk R y . east to east winds. IBUFFALO and that God has chosen the poor of this ranged a lot of young men and girls Iowa—Showers; east to southeast f JScAanfr,Yr ] days excepted. Saturdays only 8 p, m. during July and August. is to run a Dalrymple house soon. book. But they are equally unavail- July . : ...... 38% .39% .38% .38% ris ( September . .. .32%. .33 .32% .32% Fare on day trips 75c one way and $1.00 round trip. Tickets good at Mrs. Sarah Leiter is enjoying a able, because they are so fragmentary December .. . .88%- ,33% .33% .33% i n Pork— any time $1.00 one way and $1.50 round trip. ttees have visit with her sister from Harrisburg, and desultory, and the Republican 12.90 July ...... 12.80 We sell St. Louis Exposition tickets at less rate than all rail. Ask irge o f the Pa. committee has given them up in de- September ...12.90 13.07% 12.85 13.05 October ...... 13.05 13.07% 13.05 13.07% | any of our agents for rates. Mrs. Ed Leiter picked fourteen | spair L a rd — July ...... 7.02% 7.07% 7.02% 7.07% The right is reserved to change this schedule without notice. •S I. Gorham. cases of cherries from one tree on AFTER DEAD BEATS. September ... 7.15 7.20 -7.10 7.20 •J. S. Morton, Sec’y and Treas., Benton Harbor. Levereich, Mrs. Sarah Leiter’s place, last week. Short Ribs— July ...... 7.42%. 7.50 7.42%. 7.50 J. H. Gkaham, Pres. Chicago 1 . Nearly everyone celebrated tbe 4th ] Niles Merchants Have Organized a September ... 7.65 7.70 7.60 7.70 Chicago Dock foot of Wabash Ave. Telephone 2162 Central. Fatter Prid- October — ".. 7.67% 7.75 7.67%. 7.75 either at South Bend or St. Joseph, Credit Exchange. Chicago Live Stock. l several not pulling in until the 5th.. ,. , , Chicago, July 7. __ , , ,, , , . A credit exchange has been organ- Hogs—Estimated receipts for the day, if* ' / Frank Blodgett called on relatives . - , , , . , , . ,TM ewis# Kep- ° lzed by about 25 merchants in Niles 33,000; sales were made at |[email protected] 'It-/ F l \ V' Wednesday returning to Jackson in|The idea iB t0 head of dead beat8and for pigs, [email protected] for light, [email protected]'5 rirs.TT* Ofoyle,D r. for rough packing, [email protected] for mixed, the afternoon. to-protect themselves from grafters and [email protected]% for heavy packing and <£♦ *£+ shipping lots, with the bulk of the trad­ A central credit office will be main­ ing at [email protected] for fair to good aver­ he “DANDY” Windmill ages. How’s This? tained, and a customer wanting to We offer one hundred dollars reward for any Cattle—Estimated receipts for the For $18.50 case of catarrh that cannot he cured by Hall's obtain credit from any merchant will day/ 8,000; quotations ranged at $5.90@ catarrh cure. 6.60 for choice to extra steers, $5.0O@ F. J. CmartTET & CO, Toledo,0. have to go there for it, instead of to 5.80 for good to choice do., [email protected] You Gan’t Beat It>. £ We the undersigned, have known F. J . Cheney firman, the individual merchants. The ex­ for fair to good do., [email protected] common ' I for the last 15 years, and believe him. perfectly to medium do., $4.75@6,40 fed western honorable in all business transaction ana financi­ steers, [email protected] stodkers and feeders, Oren Mar- ally able to carry out any obligations made by change will keep on file the credit NEARSON&JARVIS m ily [email protected] cows, [email protected] heifers, $2.25 their firm. ratings of all customers, so that when General Repairing and Machine Work libles West & Truax, wholesale druggists, Toledo, 0 @4.25 bulls and oxen, [email protected] stags, J C. Waldlng, Kinnan & Marvin, wholesale druggists one is in arrears with one merchant [email protected] Texas steers, and [email protected] ' Phone, Residence 48, Shop 50 issen- Toledo, O. veal salves. - Hall’s Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting he-will be unable to transfer bis trade Sheep and Lambs—Estimated receipts Life directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of., ,, . .. . „ . . for the day, 10,000; quotations ranged at Buchanan, Michigan. .iOitizen m filesystem. Testimonials sent free. P rice‘75c I to another Without first paying the [email protected] westerns, [email protected] natives, they perbottle. Sold by all druggists. I y,- ! I HaH's* sadly Fills or* tbs best. I debts against him. [email protected] yearlings, [email protected] western m a ch __, ,, lambs, and [email protected] native lambs- o n l ^ % V. Mr \ ES*dae Bg-rg^gPfSa IM*&#»» Am —jne-r-— -t- tt’ tsaaBi * A*#*^*#*#*#- 4* Mats* Bentley,” replied the old butler) SS CARDS pausing, “and dey ain’t got back yit, tank de Lawd, but I spec ’em ev’y mini \b. L. E. Pink, Homeopathic Physician an ute, suh.” ff Surgeon, (pee and Residence on Main «■ Kchanan, Micj ’ CHAPTER IX. SUPPORT •5*# sHS* For Love of ►K? iOTLiiE'CiJitis, M, D., Physician and Surged he spoke a fresh, youthful SCOTT’S EMULSION serves as a Office, nvijRoe’s Hardware. Telephone 3 *!«■& | | voice was heard in the hall. OBuchanan, •&«* B y C Y R U S bridge to carry the weakened and && ItSMCOil “ Father, Kate, where are starved system along until it can find TOWNSEND you? Come see our string *£}■ firm support in ordinary food. BRADY, of— Why, what’s all this?” said a Colvin, «•«- Author of “The Grip of Honor,” “The Southerners,” #*£» young man, standing, astonished, in the Send for free sample. PHYSIdAW & SURGEONS SHS* “Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer,” “A door of the room. It was Philip Wil­ SCOTT & BOWNE, Chemists, Telephone Iromifflce to houee accessible fron *>£}■ * Are'stieet sail hoursof day or night. Doctor: of Philosophy,” Etc. ton, holding a long string of fish, the 409-415 Pearl Street, New York. ■*j3■ it® 50c. and $1.00; all druggists. Office. over Carisr & CarmSf’e shoe store. Copyright, 1898, by CHARLES SCRIBNER’S SONS result of their day’s sport. Behind him ( Residence,, 15 Cayuga Street! '£}• ®> stood the tall, stalwart fig’ure of the old sailor. “Talbot—you? Where are at the indomitable'old soldier, the near­ father and Kate? What are these men J. As!’©airland, M. IX, Lightly leaping to the ground and added, as if in answer to the old Washingtons Trousers were not the kind est one struck down from the blow of doing in the dining room? Oh, what man’s anxious look, “it is true. I love stepping up to the object before him. the clubbed musket of the sturdy old Is that?” he said, sinking back In hor­ PKYSI^kftJ & SURGEQM. men wear now*a-days in every-day affairs, he bent down and laid his hand upon her, and she has confessed that she man, the second pistol shot, which hit ror from the corpse of the soldier. Office .--Roe B lock, Pront Street. What they need are the longer garments it, and then started back in surprise loves me. Oh, who will protect her him in the forehead, his fall across the “ Dunmore's raiders have been here,” Residence, % ey Aye.— opp. School House which I make so perfectly, and horror. “It’s a man!” he exclaim­ now?” path. Faithful unto death at the post . “And Katharine?” ed. “Dead, yet warm still. Who can “ God, sir,” said Bentley solemnly, of duty. The little drama was perfect­ “A prisoner, with your father, Philip, it be?” The moonlight fell upon the but with a strange pang of almost ly plain to him. But who were these but-1 trust both are uninjured.” JOHN HERSHENOW, pebbly beach of the river a little far­ womanly jealousy in his faithful old raiders? Who could they be? And “Mr. Seymour, sir, where is he?” said JlergSiant Tailor. ther out. Overcoming his reluctance, heart. Katharine? the deep voice of the boatswain as he he half lifted, half carried the body “Aye, old friend, he will watch over “ Oh, my God!” he' exclaimed, stung advanced farther into the room. The out where the light would fall upon her. He knows best. Now help me into quick action at the thought of a light fell full upon him. He was a its face. This face, which was un­ up.” possible peril to his love. “Come, Dick, splendid specimen of athletic man-, PHYSIC M D SURGES! WANTED known to him, was that of a desperate “No, sir. Beg pardon for disobeying to the house. She may be in danger.” hood — tall, powerful, long armed, Diseasesf Women a Specialty looking ruffian, who was dressed in a orders, but you are to lie still. We will “But dis libe one, Mars’ Hil'ry ?” , slightly bent in the shoulders. Decision Office over ipress office. Office hours soiled and tattered uniform, the coat carry you to the carriage. Nay, sir, “ Quick, quick! Leave him. We will and courage were seen in his bearing 10 a. m. untilp. in.; in at all other times VOUNG LADIES to work in of which was red. The man’s hand you must. You are too weak from loss see about him later.” and were written on his face, burned except when J in actual practice. ■ Corset Factory. Steady employ tightly clasped a discharged pistol. of blood with two wounds on you to With no further attempt at caution, a dull mahogany color by years of ex­ Residence rher Lake and Front streets, ment and good wages. A modern He had been shot in the breast, for stand it. A few days will bring you they sprang recklessly up the steep posure to the weather. He was clothed formerly theHubbell residence. Calls well ventilated factory to work in. about all right, though, I hope, sir.” promptly attded to day or night. where his coat had fallen open might path and, gaining the brow of the hill, in the open shirt and loose trousers of “All ready, Bentley?” said Talbot, Apply at once byletter or in person to Phone, isidenee and Office 112 . be seen a dark red stain about a rag­ ran at full speed toward the house. a seafaring man, and he stood with his coming into the room. “The negro ged hole in bis soiled gray shirt. The He noticed that there were no lights feet Slightly apart, as if balancing boy-s have rigged up a stretcher out of bullet had been fired at short range, in the negro quarters, no sounds of the himself to .the uneasy roll of a ship. a shutter, and with mattress and blan­ DR. JTBSJB F IL M A I? too,- for there were powder marks all merrymaking usually going on there Honesty and fidelity and intelligence kets in the carriage I think we can Kalamazoo Corset about his breast. Talbot noticed these in the early evening. Through the spoke out from his eyes, and affection manage, driving carefully, to take him things rapidly, bis mind working quick­ open windows on the side of the house and anxiety were heard in his voice. over without any great discomfort. I he had a hasty glimpse of the disorder­ “Lieutenant Seymour,” he repeated, Company ly. have sent Dick on ahead to ride over OPPICSrPOST-OPPICE^BLOCK, “Oh, Mars’ Hil’ry — wha-wha’s de ed dining room. The great doors of the “where is he, sir?” to Dr. Craik’s and bid him come to the mattah? I kyarnt hoi’ dese hosses. hall were open. They were on the “There,” said Talbot, stepping aside Hall at once, so Mr. Seymour will be Nitrous OxidFas Given in Extracting Teeth Dey’se surufin wrong, sko’ly,” broke in porch now—now at the door of the and pointing to the floor. well looked after. By the way, Blodgett the groom, bis teeth chattering with iSsF’Beli. Bee 99. Sole Makers of hall. It was empty. He paused a “Not dead, sir, is he?" is dead. I had almost forgotten him. terror. second. “ Katharine, Katharine!” he “Not yet, Bentley,” Seymour) with re­ AMERICAN BEAUTY CORSETS He evidently met and fought those fel­ “ Quiet, man! Don’t make so much called aloud, a note of fear in his voice, gaining strength, replied. “ I am not lows at the landing. We found him at noise. This is the dead body of a man, 0. Butler, “Where are you? Colonel Wilton!” done for this time.” the foot of the steps by the boat land­ a soldier. He has been shot too. Take In the silence which his voice had “Oh, Mr. John, Mr. John,” said the ing with two bodies. That reminds me the horses back beyond the old tree on TflST. broken, he heard a weak and feeble old man tenderly, bending over him, “I one of them was alive when we came 1DDEIM BLOCK Kalamazoo, Mich. the little bend there. Tie them secure­ moan, which struck terror into his thank God to see you alive again. But, by. I told the men to bring all three of Phone 22. ly and come back here quickly. Make heart. as I live, they shall pay dear for this— no noise. Bring the pistols from your the bodies up. Here they are now. He ran hastily down the hall and whoever has done it—the bloody, ma­ Are any of them alive yet, Caesar?” 50 YEARS® holsters.” stopped at the dining room door aghast. rauding ruffians!” “No, suh; dey’s all ob ’em daid.” rank Aryker, Co. Drain Commis- EXPERIENCE As the man turned to obey him Tal­ sionoffice corner Front and Main The smoking candies in the sconces “Take the two redcoats into the din­ F bot glanced about in perplexity, and his were throwing a somewhat uncertain “ Yes, Bentley; I join you in that Sts., Buclia., Mich. Belle phone 29. vow,” said Talbot. ing room with ’the other one. Lay light over a scene of devastation and “And I, too,” added Philip bravely. Blodgett here in the hall. He must ruin. The furniture of the table and - “And I,” whispered the wounded have been killed instantly. Well, good- jag} ONEY f.OAN on farm s at lo w Interest’ the accessories of the meal lay in a by; I shall be over in the morning,” he iw l long!with prepayment privilege. J, man. j broken heap at the foot of it, the chairs W.BE E, Buchanan, Mich. “It’s one more score that has got to exclaimed, extending his hand. T rade M a r k s were overturned, the curtains torn; the “Goodby, sir,” said the seaman, tak­ D e sig n s be paid off by King George’s men, one great sideboard had been swept bare C o p y r ig h t s & c. more outrage on this country, one more ing it in his own huge palm. “Take Anyone sending a sketch and description may of its usual load of glittering silver. tPeroil <§* Son quickly■------ascertain--- our__ opinion . __ free___ ■whether _ an_ debt we owe the English,” Bentley care of Lieutenant Seymour.” invention la probably patentable. Communica­ At his feet lay the body of a man in “Oh, never fear; we will.” tions strictly confidential. HANDBOOK on Patents the now familiar red uniform, blood continued fiercely. sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents. “No; these were Americans—Virgin­ “And may God give the men who Funai ©Bfectors Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive from a ghastly sword thrust clotted special notice, without charge, in the ians, more’s the shame—led. by that did this into our hands!” added Bent­ about his throat, the floor about hi§ ley, raising his arms solemnly. 1080 Oak Street, head being covered with ominous blackguard Johnson. He has long hat­ Scientific Uericatu ed the colonel,” replied Talbot. “Amen,” said Talbot, with equal Phone 118 BUCHANAN, MICHIGAN A handsomely Illustrated weekly, largest clr stains. A little farther away on the gravity. dilation of any scientific journal. Terms, ?3 a floor near the table there was the body “Curses on the renegades!” said the year;J V fourAUUA monthsiUAVUUUVI VM$1. Sold by all newsdealers. II VMVW* W St old man. “Who is it that loves free­ Seymour was tenderly lifted into the MUNN 00 861Broadway, New York of another man in another uniform, a carriage and attended by Talbot, who naked sword lying by his side. He had dom and sees not that the blow must Branch Office, 625 P St., Washington,]}. C. be struck today? How can any man sat by his side. Followed by two- a frightful looking wound on his fore­ servants, who had orders to get the head, and the blood was slowly oozing born in this land hesitate to”— He stopped suddenly as his eyes fell upon horses, which they found tied where out of his coat sleeve, staining the lace they had been left, the carriage drove at his left wrist. Even as he looked Talbot, whose previous irresolution and refusal had been no secret to him. off to the Hall. With what different the man turned a little on the floor, thoughts 'was the mind of the young M M m , l a and the same low moan broke from his “Don’t stop for me, Bentley,” said that young man gently. “I am with man busy! Scarcely an - hour had lips. Talbot stepped over the first body elapsed since he galloped over the road to the side of the other. you now. I came over this evening to tell our friends here that I start north a light hearted boy, flushed with hope,. My God, it’s Seymour!” he said. He filled with confidence, delighted in lii/ Ivice, bow to obtain patents, trade marks, [ knelt beside him, as Katharine had- tomorrow as a volunteer to offer my copyrights,etc., iN ALL COUNTRIES. decision, anticipating a reception, med­ done. “Seymour,” he called, “Sey­ services to General Washington.” Btisiness direct with Washington saves time,! “Oh, Hilary,” exclaimed Philip joy­ itating words f love. In that one hour money and often the patent. mour!” The man opened his eyes slow­ the boy had changed from youth to Patent and Infringement Practice Exclusively. ! ly and looked vacantly at him. fully, “I am so glad! Would that Write or come to us at f Katharine and father could hear you man. The love which he had hardly .we could keep 623 Ninth Street, opp. United States Patent Office,] “ Katharine!” he murmured. now!” dreamed was in his heart had risen faouiaout Tfifedford’s Black- WASHINGTON, D. C. “What of her? Is she safe?” asked like a wave and overwhelmed him. The DraiWe have used iU n the Talbot in an agony of fear. Seymour lifted his unwounded arm fambver two years with the and beckoned to Talbot. “God bless capture and abduction of his sweet­ bestfults. I have not had o “Raiders—prisoners,” continued Sey­ heart, the whole brutal and outrageous^ doctae house for that length you, Talbot,” he said. “To hear you olticisa doctor in itself and proceeding, bad filled him with burntf mour brokenly in a whisper, and then say that is worth a dozen cracks like al widy to m&kera person well feebly murmured, “Water, water!” wrath. He could not wait to strike a and]”—JAMES HALL, Jack- this, and I feel stronger every minute. sonvl. “Here) Dick, get some water quick­ blow for liberty against sucb tyranny If it were not for the old wound I ly! First hand me that decanter of now, and bis soul was full of resent­ B{ this great medicine They ran at full speed toward the house. wouldn’t mind this thing a bit. But wine,” pointing to one which had for­ ment to tbe mother be bad loved and reliomach pains,frees the there is something you must do. There nnESTCii’S m sust eyes fell upon a small sloop rapidly tunately escaped the eyes of the ma­ honored because she bad held him consfl bowelsels andinvigor- disappearing down the river under full rauders. He lifted Seymour’s head is an armed cutter stationed up the back. All of tbe devoted past was atesrpid liver and weak- river at Alexandria. Send some one to en&eys sail in the fresh breeze which had gently and with a napkin which he had forgotten in one impetuous desire of notify the commander of the Virginia KNHYMVU.PUS sprung up. She was too far away now picked up from the floor wiped the the present. Tomorrow should see him to make out any details in the moon­ bloody face, washing it with the water naval militia there. They will pursue on the way to the army, he swore. He light, but the sight was somewhat un­ the groom quickly brought from the and perhaps recapture the party. But wrung bis hands in impotent passion. usual and alarming, he scarcely knew well outside. the word must be carried quickly. I “Katharine, Katharine, jvhere are Why. fear it will be too late as it is.” you?” he murmured. Seymour stirred. is ary in the home where "I got dem tied safe, Mars' Hil’ry!” Then he poured a little of the wine- “I will go, Hilary, if. you think best.” % TH’s Black-Draught is down the wounded man’s throat, next “Are you in pain, my friend?” keamilies living in the called out the voice of the boy from “Very well, Philip. Take your best “No,” said toe sailor quietly, his the road. slit the sleeve of his coat and saw that horse and do not delay a moment. comiles from any physi- S afe. Always reliable. Kiiidiea, ask Druggist for the scarcely healed wound in the arm heart beating against the blood stained cirC been kept” ' in ' healtihealth CHICHESSBfi’S ESMJSH in Bed ana “All right, Dick. We will leave this Katharine’s liberty and your father’s S o ld metallic boxes, sealed with blue ribbon. had broken out again. He baudageti handkerchief as he echoed in his soul foiyvith this medicine as Take no other. IBefose dangerous substli one here and try to find out What’s life, perhaps, depend upon your prompt­ the words he had heard: “Katharine, thty doctor. Thedford’s Cations an d sanitations. Buy of your Druggist, wrong. You follow me and keep the it up with no small skill witn sonie o/ ness. Better see Mr. ^West as you go or send 4c. in stamps for Particulars, Tests, the other neglected table linen, and Katharine, where are you? Where are Brought cures bilious- pmonials and “ B e lie f fo r ILadics,” in letter, pistols ready.” through the town—your father’s agent, npepsia, colds, chills and by return Mail. 10 ,0 0 0 'f estimoniala. Sold by the effect upon Seymour of the stinm you?” f all Druggists. “Yes, mars’ ; I got dem.” The man you know—and ask him to call upon f^ji blood, headaches, lant and of these ministrations was at CHICHESTER CHEMICAL CO. was brave enough in the presence o t me tomorrow. Stop at the Hall as you (To be continued.) div constipation, colic SI00 M a d is o n Sqttnaire. P H IZ iA , open danger. It was only the spiritual once apparent. With a stronger voic-c come back.” *;• anst every other ailment STmtlnn SMo V3»»» a- he said slowly: be the stomach, bowels he feared. “All right, Hilary, I will he in Alex­ Bids. “Dunmore men—Captain Johnson- litkidneys so nearly con- They had scarcely gone ten paces andria in four hours,” said Philip, run­ Notice is hereby given, that I will trjealth. farther toward the path when at the colonel a prisoner—Katharine a iso- ning out. receive sealed bids, for the furnish­ St. Louis foot of it they stumbled over another God grant—no harm intended!” . “Bentley, I am going to take Lieu­ body. “Hush, hush! I understand. Bui tenant Seymour over to my plantation. ing of material and putting in of a “Here is another one. What does it where are the slaves?” Will you stay here and look after the heating and ventilating plant in Bu­ World’s Fair “Terrified, I suppose—including.” mean? See who it is, Dick.” house until I can notify-"Colonel Wil­ chanan High School Building, Bu­ The groom, mastering his instinctive “ Dick, see if you can find any of ton’s agent at -Alexandria to come and VIA chanan, Mich., according to plans aversion, bent down obediently and, them. Hurry up. We must take Mr. take charge, or until we hear from the lifting the face, peered into it. It was Seymour back to Fairview tonight and colonel what is to be done? You can and specifications now on file in my lighter here, and he recognized it at report this outrage to the military com­ come over in the morning, you know, office. Bids to be' received no later mander at Alexandria. Oh', that I had once. and hear about our ‘ protege. I am than J uly 15, 1904, at ten o’clock a. a boat and a few men!” he murmured. “Hit’s Mars’ Blodgett, de kunnel’s afraid the slaves would never stay m The right to reject any and all Katharine was gone. He would not here alone. They are so disorganized Sale of tickets begins April 25th. old sojuh man. Him got a bullet hole in de fohaid, suh. Him a daid man tell his story tonight. She was in the and terrorized now over these unfor­ bids is hereby reserved, Fair opens April 30th. sholy, an’ heah is his gun by his han’,” hands of a gang of ruffians. He knew tunate occurrences as to be almost W . H . K e IiBe e , he said in an awestruck whisper. the reputation of Johnson and the mo­ useless.” Director of school district. No. 1 Rates from Niles, Mich., will be as tives which might actuate him.’ There “ Blodgett! Heavens! It can’t be.” “Aye, aye, sir. If Lieutenant Sey­ follows: had been a struggle it was evident; fractional. “Yes, suh; it’s him, an’ dere’s anoder mour can spare me I will stay.” ♦2» »> SEASON TICKETS good returning until perhaps she had been wounded, killed. “Yes, Bentley, do. I shall be in good one ober dah. See, suh!” He laid his A Very Close Call. December 15, 1904, at §15.00 hand upon another body in the same Agony! He knew now how he loved hands at Fairview Hall.” her, and it was too late. SIXTY-DAY TICKETS good returning within uniform as the first one. This man “This is arranged, then,” said Talbot. “I stuck to my engine, although sixty days, hut not later than December groaned slightly. Presently the groom returned, fol­ “ It is 9 o'clock. I think we would bet­ every joint ached and every nerve lowed by a mob of frightened, terror 15, 1904, at §12.50 “Dis one’s not daid yet,” said Dick ter start at once. I will go out and see was racked with pain,” writes O. W. excitedly. “He been hit ober de haid, stricken negroes, who had fled at the that the arrangements about the car­ DA FIFTEEN-DAY TICKETS good returning first advent of the party. Talbot is­ Bellamy, a locomotive fireman, of within fifteen days, at 11.35 his face all bloody. Oh, Mars’ Hil’ry, riage are made properly myself,” he dem raidahs you done tell me ’bout sued his orders rapidly. “ Some of you- said, stepping through the door. Burlington, Iowa. “ I was weak and COACH EXCURSION TICKETS good return been heah. Mars’ Blodgett done shot get the carriage ready. We must take Seymour’s hand had closed tightly pale, without any appetite and all ing within seven days, will be sold only Lieutenant Seymour to Fairview Hall. dat one by de riber on de waf an’ den over something .which had happened to run down. As I was about to give for advertised coach excursion days. Some of you go down to . the landing hit dis one wid his musket, an’ den dey fall near where it lay. “Bentley, he up, I got a bottle of Electric Bitter^ . tickets to be good only in day coaches done shoot Mars’ Blodgett. Oh, Mars’ and bring up .the bodies of three men called, “what is this in my hand?” whether on regular or special trains, Hil’ry, le’s get out ob heah.” there. 'Y o u go with that party, Dick. “It is a handkerchief, Mr. John—a and after taking it, I felt as well as I Phoebus, you get this room cleared up. every Tuesday and Thursday from May Talbot saw it all now—the slow and Woman’s handkerchief, too, sir, and ever did in my life.” Weak, sickly, Hurry, stir yourselves! You are -all stealthy approach of the boat from the covered with blood.” run down people always gain new 17th to June 30th, inclusive, at $8.05 right now. The raiders have gone and little sloop out in the river (it had dis­ “Has it any marks on it?” said Sey­ life, strength and vigor from their For full Information and particulars as appeared round the bend, lie noticed), are not likely to return.” mour eagerly. to rates, tickets, and limits, call on Agents Blodgett’s quiet watch at the foot of “Why, ‘where is Master Philip, I “Yes, sir. Here are the letters K. use. Try them. Satisfaction guar­ “ Big Four Route,” or address the under­ the path, the approach of the men, Wonder? Was he also taken?” he said W. embroidered in this corner.” - anteed by W. N. Brodriek Price 50 ; ^ © © e© © ® l a signed. Blodgett’s challenge, the first one shot suddenly. “Have any Of you seen “I thought so,” he smiled triumphant­ cents. WARREN J. LYNCH, Gen’l Pass. & Ticket Agt. dead as he caihe up, the pistol shot him?” he asked of the servants. ly. “Will you put it inside my waist­ *;♦ ^ “He dean sona awux flshin’ wid Cincinnati, Ohio. Which missed him, the rush of the wen coat there, over., my heart? Yes,” he Bring your printing to the Record

i > .4^ A * k BUCHANAN MARKETS Years of suffering relieved in a Week ending July -8. Subject to t PERSONAL. ♦ night. Itching piles yield at once to change; 1 the curative properties o f ' .Doan’s Butter l a c Ointment. Never fails. At any Miss Maude Smith Lard 8* c IS visiting m drug store, 50 cents. % Eggs Elkhart, Ind. Stop!!! 14c J. W. Beistle is right in line with Potatoes, new $ . . Old 80e R. Davis of Marcellus, is visiting 1 00 the many improvements that are be­ The Pears-East Grain Co„ report at the home of B. F. Davis. \ And buy your bug killers, ing this place. He is having Next Saturday, July 9 the following prices on grain to-day: Mr. Ohas. Blake, of South Bend, his three houses on Clark street re­ Wheat No. 2 Red and White. 98c Paris Green visited relatives in town this week. painted, which adds greatly to their Corn, Yellow 42c Miss Ethel Hamilton and Mr. John appearance.. London Purple Abies spent the fourth in South Bend. Closing of Mails. Sheriff Collins, of Berrien county, White Hellebore Mr, and Mrs. John Jarvis, of Do- Great Flour i was made the Michigan member of GOING EAST wagiae, were Buchanan callers this the committee that will officially and 9:15 a. m., 12:15 and 4:45 p. m . week. notify the nominee of the convention GOING WEST' Insect Powder, Mrs. G. E. Howe, of Kalamazoo, is for the office of- President of the 7:45 a. m., 12:15 p. m., 3:15 p.m. visiting her mother,* Mrs. M. M, United States. v«r - o ff 6:00 p. m Church. GOING NORTH Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Bunker spent Sonoma, eight miles out of Battle 7:45 a. m., 5:45 p. m. Monday in South Bend with their Creek, is all wrought up over a thing BUCHANAN CASH GROCERY daughter. the like of which has not happened in the last eight years. Citizens gen­ IR. E. S. DODD i Miss Bessie Babcock, of Benton Bread, Pies and Oakes at W. H. Leaders in LOW PRICES Harbor, is visiting her sister, Mrs. erally are celebrating and there is Keller’s. Druggists and Booksellers. Zed Jarvis. talk of calling a mass meeting and buying some fire works in order that and First Class Goods FOR SALE—Ten seven months old Mrs. Clark Bristol and daughter, pigs. J. E. Coveney. June, of Battle Creek, are visiting rel­ Over one hundred persons are en­ BAXNTON BROS., Props. 20c Coffee is a winner with our atives in this place, rolled at the summer session of the trade, try it. W- H.* Keller. I. L. H. Dodd was in Benton Har­ West Michigan Normal school. The bor yesterday to attend the funeral of school is being conducted in the Cen­ W. H. Keller has a~~ change of “ ad” the late Frank R. Gilson. tral high school building at Kalama­ It will pay you to read it. Miss It For « * - Mrs. Geo, Anderson, of Benton zoo pending the erection of the new Jin attractive meal of Star & Richmond Pianos on easy rlarbor, is visldng at the home- of buildings, m course of construction. payments, at Elbe! Bros’, South Bend. ler Sister, Mrs. lima White. well-prepared food, go to At a meeting of the Board of Edu­ WANTED— Room and board by a Mr. an'd Mrs. L . L . Bunker were in cation held Wednesday evening, Miss young man of good habits. Address Niles Wednesday attending the funer­ Hazel Henderson, of West Liberty, The City Restaurant al of Mrs. Frank McMaster, of Ga- R ecord office. Iowa, was engaged as music and Pleasant and Comfortable ien. drawing teacher for next year. The Combs, hair brushes, tooth brushes, Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Jennings, of position was tendered to Miss Pendry, Engineer*® Tools Rooms. etc. Paw Paw, were guests of relatives in but she did not wish to accept, as she Mrs. Nettie Lister, Proprietor. B i n n s ’ M a g n e t St o r e . Buchanan and vicinity for several expects to take a further course the The Ladies’ P. and H. Society of days the past week. coming year. the Larger Hope chuich will meet at Misses Alta and Dell Treat and The “ Under the Oaks” celebration Mrs. Clark Phelps, Wednesday, July nephews, Cleon Hathaway and*Clyde f O. JM. M arsh | at Jackson, Wednesday, was a great 13, at 2 p. m. Treat returned from South Haven the Shoe repairing®,neatly -done first of the week. success. Speeches were made by Mr. Gust D. Zimmerman has pur­ many of the prominent Republicans at Carrner and Carraer’s. t f Mrs. Carrie Cain went to Dowagiac throughout the country, including chased the Bronson farm north of last Saturday night to visit her broth­ town of Cornelius Yoorhees, and will er, Mr. Wm. Koons, and family, re­ secretary of state, John Hay, and move onto the place at once. turning home Tuesday. Chas. W. Fairbanks candidate for vice-president. A large crowd was Letters unclaimed remaining in P. Chas, Simpson received a telegram present. When you have a good O. at Buchanan, Mich., for week end yesterday that his brother was drown­ thing stay by it. ing July 4, 1904: Frank Bettan. ed at Detroit. He started for that Mrs. C. D. Kent entertained a num ostal card, Mrs. Lide Young. citv on the noon train. ber of her friends at progressive pe- If we have pleased you stay by us. Miss Sue Eastman returned yester­ dro,last night, m honor of her,Chica­ Wr'enclies, Hammers, Oilers, etc., aH of tlie Lo-tus Pellets jo u will find are the day afternoon to her home m Buchan­ go friends, about thirty-five being Leave your package at Sheet’s Cafe, lest family pills, curing indigestion Lest quality and workmanship, now selling at an after a two weeks’ visit at the A. present. The prize, a very beautiful next door to Boardman’s Store or the and constipation and all diseases of Ricahy home.— Benton Harbor Re­ hand decorated plate, was won by about one-third less than the nsual price. We also (£> Laundry. ;he liver and stomach. Small and view . Mrs. Col. Frost. Dainty refreshments > offer a fine line of HOUSEHOLD HARDWARE BOCiMMN STEAM LAUNDRY Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Kinyon, of were served. The score cards were 4. The Buchanan fishing club wil’ greatly reduced in price. hold their annual outing at Hotel de Tampa, Fla., are in Cassopolis visit­ embossed in colonial figures and were ing Mrs. Kinyon’s sister, Mrs. O. E. Porter, up-the-river, next Sunday in charge of Master Webster Kent. Woods. . They will visit in Buchanan Preparations are being made for s j LOCAL NOTES ! in the near future. Jefferies’ Orchestra, of Jackson­ *■ great time. ©. A. W estgate, Misses Harriett Boughton, of St. ville. 111. who are giving a course of Win. YanEvery has purchased the Joseph and Ethel Parkinson, o f Bu­ musical entertainments at the Clear BsaefoaEsam* MicMgan. The best Can Rubbers at W.H. Kel- bnilding and lot, now occupied by chanan, were guests of Mrs. Kate Lake Farm, have made arrangements le f’s. him as a Wall Paper store, on Day’s Harris at Indian and Sister lakes over to give a sacred concert at the Pres­ Try our 50c Tea it is all right W, avenue, from Dr. R. W. Culver, con the fourth.— Dowagiac News. byterian church next Sunday morn­ H. Keller. sideration $550. Miss Beatrice Mansfield returned ing and at the Methodist church in from St. Joseph Wednesday, after the evening. Mrs. J, B. Johnson, Flour sale next Saturday, Buchan­ K Niles had a fire Saturday afternoon several days’ visit. While there Miss vocalist with the orchestra, will ren­ an Cash Grocery. and the house burned down before Mansfield was the guest at a house der a soprano solo both morning and Paper napkins, crepe, tissue, etc. the fire department arrived upon the parly given by Miss Catliryn Ray. evening. Fresh Vegetables B i n n s ’ M a g n e t S t o r e . scene. Better come to Buchanan anc. Miss Dorothy Dajme, better known Chas. Euston a young lad of Ber­ find out how it is done. in Buchanan as Bessie Cross, is vis­ Gasoline 14c per gallon, at Buchan­ iting for a few days with her aunt, rien Springs, will have cause to re­ an Cash Grocery. For forty years Dr. Fowler’s Ex A full supply, Hew Cabbage, String Beans, Mrs. Byron Brant and Mrs. Flavia member the fourth of July, 1904. tract of W ild Strawberry has been Airs. Alma White residing on Roe Warner. Miss Dorothy is recently Monday morning he was firing a small Rheubarb, Onions, Cucumbers, O curing summer complaint, dysentery street, is quite ill. from San Francisco, where she just cannon on the streets of the village, diarrhoea, bloody flux, pain in the closed an engagement with the Weber and in some manner scattered powder STRAWBRRRIRB Camera supplies of alT kinds. stomach, and it has never yet failed, & Field Company. around the cannon on the ground,and B in n s ’ M a g n e t St o r e . to do everything claimed for it. ♦j ♦♦♦ when the powder went off Charley FOR SALE—Good second hand got a good portion of it in his face. •Miss Nellie Catncart, of tlxe R ecord FOR SALE—Forty acres of land KENT buggy, harness and robe's. The doctor who attended him picked -ffor-ce, is taking a much needed vaca with a comfortable house and barn •aion. five acres of timber and a small or­ j8p C. M. Bir d . powder out of his face for. several hours, but the lad will be marked for Trade is on the increase on our chard, situated one mile north of The ladies’ of the Methodist church life. bread of Baking Powder, 1 lb 10c. Dayton, Mich. For particulars in will have a home baked goods sale The funeral of the late Frank R. W. H. Keller, quire of Enos Holmes. tf at the store of W. F. Runner, Satur­ John Ralston, of Benton Harbor, is August Designer Gilson of Benton Harbor was held day, July 9. m the jail at Elkhart, as a result of Henry Rundall, living m the north­ atthefamily residence at 10:30 o’clock From the front-cover page where For the past few days this section a trip to Indiana on a mission of love. west part of the township is reported has been fortunate in receiving the yesterday, conducted by Rev. Louisa smiles the prettiest of summer girls the munincipality may let others Ralston says he sold liis fine business as being very ill. S. Haight, pastor of the First Univer- to the last article in the advertising favors o f the weather man. Copious know that she feels good. The event in Benton Harbor to satisfy his wife’s salist church at Benton Harbor. pages, the Desiginer for August is Children’s day exercises will be showers have brightened vegitation is the birth of a child within the lim demands for traveling at home and During the funeral services all busi­ fall of the breath of out-of-doors, as observed at the Christian church, wonderfully. The crops are looking its of the burg. abroad. When his bank account be­ ness houses of the city were closed. is befitting a number which is to be Sunday, Jnly 10. All are invited. good and all that is needed now is came exhausted, he says she deserted Mrs. Gertrude Koenigshof and G The remains were interred in the read during the most sultry month of some good warm growing weather. him. Learning of her presence at C. H. Fuller has just added some D. Zimmerman were married in Niles family lot at Morton cemetery. C. the year. Those readers who have Elkhart, he went to Mrs. Ralston new steele row boats to his already Elmer Hawblitzell, Lakeville, says last Sunday. They will live on the H. Newell of Coldwater, president of art aspirations will thorougly enjoy large fleet at Coney Beach, Clear “ Wine Lo-ti” (Coonley’s beef, iron Bronson place north of town. with a plea that she return and live the Michigan Press Association, and the enticing description Lilian O. Lake. and wine with nervine) brought my with him, adding that he would for­ other prominent newspaper men of Paschal gives.of The Hampton Pines wife out and done her more good than Misses Ethel and Grace Hamilton give her. Instead of acceding to his the state, attended the funeral. Art Colony, while others who run to Dr. E. S. Bell, occulist, will be at any other medicine we gave her. entertained a few of their friends overtures, she taunted him and he j rhyming will prefer The Poetry of Dr. Emmons’ office Buchanan, Satur Give me two more bottles for my Sunday evening, in honor of Alice struck her, as a result of which I Bring your printing to the Record j Rural Homes, by John De Morgan,, day, July 16. Glasses fitted and all father.” Price 50c a bottle at Dr, E. and.Lilly Dolph, of Three Oaks, was arrested and is now serving a Scenes from Sunbonnet Land, by diseases of the eye treated, j 15 S. Dodd & Son’s. term in jail. Harxiette W ilbur, is the droUest and The Ladies’ P. and H. Society of liiisi liiiH isit prettiest of picture plays for the wee A household necessity. Dr. Thom­ Sunday and Monday were a busy the Larger Hope church, will give a When the interurban cars reached Is proof in Itself in tots, and older folks who are fond of as’ Eclectric Oil. Heals burns, cuts, days at St. Joseph’s marriage mill. picnic dinner,- on the school grounds, Niles Fourth of July morning, hun­ any court of law. amateur theatricals are given abun­ -wounds of any sort; curesjsore throat, Fifty-five licenses were ground out Wednesday afternoon July 13. A dreds of people were in waiting. In dant opportunity in A Little Scheme, •croup, catarrh, asthama; never fails, by the county clerk and his assist­ pleasant time is anticipated. fact, from 7 to 11 o’clock, Main St., ants. The greater part o f them being in the vicinity of the interurban sta - S i l l .by Cora S. Day. More Fans, by an U. S. Corn Cure for ladies is clean from Chicago. The .ministers and Mrs. Juliet M. Baird w ill start a tion, was packed. The railroad Ex-Soldier,is a timely article and the amd colorless, sure and safe, stopping MAGE justices of the peace were kept busy class in voice culture at the Advent company furnished two cars on each short stories are Bonnibell’s Dinner, iffie pain at once and curing in a few OE THE tying knots. church, Saturday. evening. Lessons trip, but half a dozen would not by Harriet Whitney Durbin, and A days. Price 15c, two' for 25c at Dr Cloudland Captive, by Mrs. Frank will be 25 cents in the class. All have been too many. As it was, IE, S. Dodd &Son. Kit, the horse owned by Frank Lee. Fancy work comprises, Tene- interested are requested to attend. people, was jammed into suffocation. Dickinson met with an accident last It was a great sight. Young men riffo Lace, Hardanger Embroidery, The suggestion might be timely to Friday night that caused her death. Beadwork on Canvas, and Separate and boys stood in the car windows, the young man who hitched his horse She run into a pitchfork in the barn Motifs in Tatting. The patterns in­ while others clung to the hand rails M e e on Pc rtage street last night while he causing blood poison to set in, mak­ is that firm’s guarantee to the con° clude advance styles for Autumn, and for dear life. The number of tickets went out v alking with his girl, that ing it necessary to chloroform her. s u m e r that the contents are sound a special article For New ^Arrivals CASTOR IA sold for-South Bend was 2,200, but ' it would be cheaper in the end to She was 85 years old and has been in For Infants and Children. in the bean, One in flavor and d u st of course several hundred paid their from Stork Town. Many other good take the girl riding, then the horse Mr. Dickinson’s family for over 33 and sm ell proof. things are ready to fly forth from the The Rind Yon Dave Always Bought fare. That no one was injured in the would not be so apt to lie down and years. They feel the loss deeply, mad rush for a ride, is a miracle fisfc Fer and Drink pages of the August Designer,but one break the thill; but then the livery­ having become so attached to the Bears the must open its covers and loose them South Bend held the greatest cele­ ft* KU. fettMt. •Ml man must make his money some way, Signature o f faithful animal. bration in its history and Nilesites For sale by for oneself, for space will not permit and when buggies are broken he can further details. were well pleased.—Niles Star* Buchanan Ca$h Grocery, collect damages and buy new ones. Bying your printing to the Record future political conspirators from en­ co uUiilttee, reacned the Stand and read gramme of the leaders e&ii be carried gaging in like practices. the report seating all the Illinois dele­ out. The vote yesterday on the Illi­ * * * *-*.-*. * gates whose seats were challenged, ex­ nois case was the test as to president, cept one—the other contests were easi­ and favorable to Parker. There were “As far as I am individually con­ ly settled. 946 votes cast of the 1,000 votes in the cerned I have no complaints to make. The nominees of the present national Bryan’s speeches—for he made two convention, the "fifty-four of Illinois —were hot denunciations of the ma­ jbeing withheld. The negative vote on convention will- receive the honest and jority report, while replies were made Bryan’s minoi*ity .report was 647, hearty support of myself and my by Head, Quinn (chairman of the Illi­ Which is twenty votes short of the friends, and the Democracy of no part nois state convention), and Major Men- necessary two-thirds to nominate. of the country will be more loyal to zies, of Indiana. The result of the de­ It represented with spine exceptions the ticket than the disfranchised Dem­ bate and vote has been stated in the the Parker strength, although it had ocracy of Chicago.” foregoing. in it also some of the opposition, in­ INVITATION TO BRYAN Fails to Down the Hopki ns Men The report of the committee on per­ cluding the thirty-two votes of Mas­ Tlije R in d Y on Have Always Bought® and w hich Isas beem manent organization was made. Will­ sachusetts. At the same time there in the Contest in the Prai­ Prohibition Leader Indicates a Desire to in use- f@i* over 30 years, lias hom e tlie signature of iams named Senator Bailey and Repre­ were cast on the** other side eighteen Swallow tlie Nebraska Democrat­ and lias "been made under Iiis per** rie State. votes of South Carolina, twenty-six sentative Coekran as a committee to- ic Loader. ' sonal supervision since its infancyo escort Representative Clark to the plat­ votes of Kentucky and eighteen votes b form to assume the chairmanship. of Louisiana, making a total of sixty- Harrisburg, Pa., July 8.‘ — Rev. Dr. ^ Allow no one to deceive you in this. VOTE IN THE CASE IS A TEST Williams said in yielding the gavel two votes from states that have de­ Silas C. Swallow, the Prohibition nom­ All Counterfeits, Imitations an d44 Just-as-good,? are TfouA that he was not reluctant to part with clared for Parker. Deducting the thir­ inee for president, has sent the follow­ Experiments that trifle with and endanger the health it, and his sigh of relief when his la­ ty-two votes of Massachusetts, and ing telegram to William J. Bryan at Infants and Children—Experience against Experiinento s ' * Showing That the Parker Men Have bors were over showed he was in adding the sixty-two votes ol’ the Park­ St. Louis: “ My Dear Bryan—-Read Numbers, 10th chapter, 29th verse. Eearly a Two-Thirds Ma­ earnest. Clark was given a round of er states, gives a total of 677 votes, Come.” jority. applause as he took possession of the which may be classed as Parker with What isiCASTORIA gavel. some exceptions from the Parker'states Following is the verse: “And Moses which did not vote Parker or anti- said unto Hobab, the son- of Raguel Castoria is a harmless ^substitute for Castor Oil, Pare® CLARK QUOTES SCRIPTURE Parker on the contested case. the Midianite, Moses’ father-in-law, goric, Drops and Soothing Syrups. It is Pleasant. It OVATION TO THE NEBRASKAN It would seem likely that these few w'e are journeying unto the place of contains neither Opium,, Morphine nor other Narcotic H© Also Quotes Shakespeare as a Preface votes could be balanced by those who which the Lord said, I will give it you; substance. Its age is its guarantee. It destroys Worms to His Speech. come thou with us, and we will do thee voted in the affirmative yesterday and and allays Feverishness. It cures Diarrhoea and Wind Which Is Followed "by One for Judge As soon as the applause had subsid­ good, for the Lord has spoken good are likely to vote for Parker today. Colic. It relieves Teething Troubles, cures Constipation Parker — Champ Clark Takes ed Clark began his speech as follows: But in addition to the 677 votes ac­ concerning Israel.” Gavel and Talks Polities. “In his haste King David said that all counted for there are fifty-four in Illi­ and Flatulency. It assimilates the Food, regulates the St. Louis, July S.—The Democratic men are liars. Had he been in Chica­ nois that are ready to come to Parker NEWS FACTS IN OUTLINE Stomach and Dowels, giving healthy and natural sleep. national convention yesterday adopted go while Senator Henry Cabot Lodge when he needs them. The only hope The Children's Panacea—The Mother’s Friend. the anti-Parker men have Is based on Vice President Lewis, of the United the reports of the committee on rules, was reading the Republican platform Mine Workers, has gone to Columbus, credentials and permanent organiza­ ho would, no doubt, have pronounced the gold standard plank in the plat­ form, which they hope will put some O., to attend a conference relative to G E N U I N E C A S T O R I A ALWAYS tion. The session opened at 10 a. m., the same opinion more leisurely, for Southern states in opposition* a strike. an hour later took a recess until 2 p. surely there never was more mendacity General Thomas B. Howard, of the Bears the Signature of packed into the same space in any doc­ Those at this writing spoken of for m.f and adjourned at 6:20 until 10 a. vice president are: Ex-Governor Fran­ Confederate army, is dead at Washing­ m. today. Temporary Chairman Will­ ument purporting to be a grave state ton after a brief illness, aged 84 years. paper. Shakespeare says: cis and Governor Dockery, of ^Mis­ iams presided at the morning session. The coal operators in the Kanawha “ ‘Thrice is he armed, that hath his souri; John W. Kern, of Indiana; Jas. R;.- Williams, of Illinois; John W. Dan­ coal fields have entered into a com­ quarrel just; bination to fight tbe demands made by “ ‘ And he but naked, though locked iel., fo Virginia; Governor Ay cock, of the U. M. W. up in steel, North Carolina; George Turner, of ‘“ Whose conscience with injustice is Washington, and Governor Beckham, Andrew Hanson, alleged Chicago corrupted.’ of Kentucky. “fire bug,” was sent to the penitentiary for insane criminals at Chester, 111., by The KM You Hare Always Bo “In the impending conflict our quar­ MAYOR HARRISON’S STATEMENT rel is just and we are in the right be­ Judge Clifford. In Use For Over 30 Years. yond all cavil. To state it in a general He Says He Only Wanted to Get the Illi­ Judge Iloldom decided the Chicago THE CENTAUR COMPANY. 17 MURRAY STREET, NEW YORK CITY. way our contention is tbat tbe gov­ nois Case Exposed. municipality not liable in any way ernment shall be restored to the‘dem­ for the Iroquois theater disaster. St. Louis, July 8.—Mayor Carter H. Robert B. Roosevelt, Jr., cousin of ocratic-republican basis on which the Harrison, of Chicago, has issued a fathers of the republic intended it to the president, was arrested at Isiip rest and shall be made once more a statement, in which he says that in L. I., and fined $25 for running his government of the people, hi" the peo­ undertaking the Illinois contest “we automobile at an excessive speed. ple and for the people, instead of a were really inspired with but little Edward G. Ward, Jr., of Bloomfield, government of the classes, by the hope of success; that is, in regard to N. J., who was killed while celebrat­ The following extract from a letter just received classes and for the classes. getting seated, knowing as we have ing the Fourth, was the victim, his fa­ “To state it with mox-e particularity, known from the beginning that the ther believes, of explosives of his 9wn will be interesting to wall paper purchasers we insist that extorant taxation shall invention. exigencies of political combinations W. F. Runner, Buchanan, Mich. be reduced to just and reasonable would in all likelihood prevent a de­ L. F. Scholes, of the Don Rowing rates; that extravagance in appropria­ club, of Toronto, won the Diamond Dear Sir:—“ The machines of the Potter Wall Paper Mills are running cision of the case upon its merits. night and day, producing the best Wall Paper for the cheapest prices CHAMP CLARE. tions shall cease: that economy shall What we anticipated has become an sculls at Henley. prevail in all the transactions of the ever known in the history of this industry. We can always deliver the During the day several speeches were accomplished fact. The right was on The cholera epidemic is rapidly government; that all the departments goods. . Shipment is invarably made the day your order is received. No made, -chief of which was William J. our side, but the controlling forces in spreading throughout northern Persia. shall be thoroughly investigated from The Pnratine plant ox the Atlantic substitutions. No excuses.” P o t t e r W a l l P a p e r Mil l s . ■Bryan’s effort to overthrow the report the convention have shown -themselves top to bottom by congressional commit­ Refining company at Philadelphia, of the credentials committee and seat unwilling to waive the possibilities of tees; that all evil-doers of whatever de­ political advantage that justice might burned. Loss, $160,000. Have yon seen samples and learned prices contesting delegates from Illinois. The gree shall be driven from the public be done.. It is estimated that 8,000 men are controversy was ended by the rejec­ service and properly punished; that the “The principal motive of our con­ involved in a strike of longshoremen tion of the minority report of the com­ trusts shall be proceeded against by test has been to'let the country at large at Havana. 9 mittee 'by a vote of 647 nays to 301 ayes indictment as are common and smaller know the conditions which prevailed The factory of the Union Interior m R u n n e —'Illinois not voting. criminals; that the constitution accom­ in the Illinois state convention; and by Finish company, LaSalle and Fifty- IBryan’s Speech Changed Few Votes. panies the American flag into our new bringing to bear upon those conditions third streets, Chicago, was destroyed possessions.” Though Bryan’s speech and his ap­ the searchlight of public opinion deter by fire. Loss, $75,000. pearance on the floor of the convention He then proceeded to condemn the was cheered far beyond any previous president's Panama canal policy, and demonstration it made few votes. The said it was “rot” to say that it must alignment of delegates on the first test be supported on tbe grounds of pa­ of strength in the convention proved triotism. “ George III did wrong. Our the correctness of previous estimates fathers - fought and conquered him. of the division between those who fa­ Theodore Roosevelt does wrong. We vor the radicals and those who are will oppose and overthrow him.” supporting the conservative element Referring to the tariff he said: “ One which is now in control. of their false pretenses—the one on which they harp the most this year— Ovations to Bryan and Parker. ENDERS & MOO The ovation given to Bryan was one is that the Democratic party is in-fa­ S T. JO SEPH , MICHIGAN. of the greatest ever transpiring at any vor of free trade. The charge is utter­ of the notable events for which the ly false—a lie made of whole cloth. Coliseum is famed. It was begun be­ * * * It was never a free trade par­ fore the afternoon session of the con­ ty and is not now. * * * Demo­ Are Still Celebrating tention had been called to order, and crats favor the cutting down of ex­ continued for twelve minutes with so orbitant tariff rates to a reasonable basis. The Fourth has come and gone, but we are still celebrating our great mid-summer sale. We much furor that Temporary Chairman * *#*■** * Williams and all of his assistants, in­ have just as many bargains as ever. They are real live ones. Don’t fail to visit us and take cluding a hundred policemen, were un­ “ The true Democratic position on able to restore order. Quiet came to the tariff is this: Recognizing the advantage of them during this sale. Remember a dollar saved is a dollar earned; the easiest •the convention only after the Parker fact that a large portion of our rev­ way to earn is to save. The way to save is to buy goods at cost, like we are offering yon. enue has always been raised from cus­ forces joined In, and by persistent ef­ Space will not permit of our telling you about many of them, but here are a few. forts turned the tide by a counter great toms duties or taxes, Democrats divide demonstration for the New Yorker, so all imports into three classes—neces­ Men's and Soy's Shirts. Speclal Bargains ►that the favorite candidate for the saries, comforts and luxuries—and con­ 'nomination for president finally reaped tend that the tariff taxes should .be The greatest bargains and largest assort- A dolfar saved is two dollars earned, the harvest of enthusiasm sown for highest on luxuries, lower on comforts, ment to choose from ever offered in the city, read these special bargains and save two dol- and lowest or none at all on. the neces­ ►Bryan. All 1904 patterns and designs and all sizes. lars instead of one. saries. They furthermore say that 2.000 yards fine India linen regular 2Qe GREAT FIGHT WAS ON ILLINOIS taxes should be uniform on all ar­ 35c and 40c Shirts', sale price 25cr value, sale price...... 8 1-2c ticles belonging to one class. Tbat Is 50c “ “ “ ’ 37c 50 curtain ends in many beautiful patterns Philippine Islands Refused Representa­ the Democratic party’s position from 75c “ “ “ 48c and designs, retailing regularly for 75c to tion—Chairman Uses a Megaphone. ___ —v which it will not be driven or coaxed $1.00 “ “ “ 88c $2.50, your choice...... 48c The morning session of the conven­ or bullied. $1.50 “ “ “ $1.19 2.000 yards wash goods including cotton After stating the case as to the mer-. voiles, batiste, French ginghams, etc. regular tion was without material interest ex­ Don’t wait, lay in a supply at once. chant marine as it looked to him the 25c values, sale price...... 17c cept for the dissension caused by ob­ 300 yards fancy striped lawn aud foulards, jection to that part of the report from speaker said: “Why have things come Hice Neckwear. . to this shameful, this pitiful com­ 25c and 35c values, price...... 19 c Regular 50c organdi Czarine,______25c the committee on rules which provided plexion in a country that has the finest A large assortment of 1904 cravats—all for the seating of delegates sent by 500 yards of silk, many beautiful patterns material for ships and sailors in the the latest shades and patterns. and all the up-to-date colors, regularise to insular possessions. Several delegates world? Because our exorbitant tariff 50c, 75e and ©1 00 Ties 39c ©1.25 values, sale price...... 39c discussed the report, and roll call was system has made it impossible for an 25c, 35c .and 49c “ 19c One lot wash goods, 25c values...... 15c asked for, but the report was adopted American to build a ship in competi­ 25c Bows 15c Fifty patterns of ladies’ silk dress trimmings ►finally without resorting to that tion with the British shipbuilders on High Grade Hats a variety of handsome patterns and variety of method of determining the action the River Clyde.” Ladies* Hose. colors, ranging in price from 10c to $1.65 at ►■of the convention, but as a result of Of trusts he said, after controverting It is a well known fact that a man may be ever so well dressed otherwise, JUST ONE-HALF PRICE a ruling by the temporary chairman, the claim of Republicans to be “trust if he has a sloucliy or poor fitting hat he has the appearance of being pooriy Special lot of Extra good 15c and 20c Bleached and unbleached toweling 8c acquiesced in by the convention, which- busters” : “Here we have the strange dressed, he has not that appearance of prosperity a stylish hat gives him. . values at values...... \...... 5c had the effect of refusing representa­ spectacle — the mystifying anomaly READ THESE PRICES—Is there any need for any one to be witnout all one lot of children’s and Misses’ 15c tion to the delegates who had come —of three of the chief trust magnates Ladies’s Silk Petticoats. up-to-date and becoming hat? and e values at from the Philippines. in the land securing the appointment 20 All $3 00 Hats, Sale Price . §2 40 EXTRA SPECIAL It remained for the afternoon ses­ to the senate of Attorney. General THESE ARE GREAT BARGAINS—DON'T “ 2 50 “ “ “ 7 90 VALUES sion to create that degree of strife Philander C. Knox, who has been ex­ MISS, THEM. which makes a convention interesting ploited far and wide as the greatest “ 2 00 “ “ “ 1 40 One lot silk petti­ to the masses. This was the contest trust buster on terra firma.” “ 1 50 “ “ „ “ 1 20 Don’t Forget coats, regular ©12 relating to the Illinois delegation. It Plain people ■* * # cannot be “ 1 00 “ a “ 79 Those Raincoats. value, yours for this was known that Bryan would take an censured because by an old process These are all 1904 models, both fedora arid stiff hats, all latest colors. sale...... $8.98' active part In the matter at odds be­ they figure it out that two and two STRAW HATS AT ABOUT ONE-HALF. PRICE. We are offering you the best value and lieved to be overwhelmingly against make four, and that the transfer of the greatest bargains in up-to-date raincoats EXTRA SPECIAL Tdm. The galleries and other space in Mr. Knox from the cabinet to the sen­ Men’s Hose ever given. All 1904 patterns and strictly Si 75 ladies’ jackets;, the hall allotted to spectators showed ate at the behest o f Messrs. Frick, Cas­ first-class. up-to-date 1904 pat- ■ how great a drawing card he is. Prac­ satt and Cameron, taken in connection All the latest up-to-date shades and patterns. Better ©L0 00 Coats $6 98 terns, a variety of > tically every seat was occupied and the with the change of feeling in Wall get a supply—you don’t get such bargains every day. latest colors, all' aisles were crowded. It was when street in favor of the president, has a 12 50 “ 9 98 sizes, regular prices © ryan appeared on the floor at the aft- sinister meaning.” Loud cheers fol­ 7c and 10c Hose, Sale Price " 5 c ' 15 00 and ©16 00 Coats 10 98 renge from $7.50 to Krnoon session that the ovation de­ lowed the close of the chairman’s i5c and 20c “ “ “ 10c 18 00 “ 20 00 “ 12 98 $15, special sale scribed about was given him. speech, and adjournment was taken to price------. $3. 48 ? When at 2:30 the temporary chair­ 10 a. m. today. 25c “ “ 15c Something Special ' man was able to make himself heard Fine French Imported Hose for Little Tots Corset Specials he demanded order and called for the TO ADJOURN SINE DIE TODAY Sale price c Parker’s StrengtU Shown in the Vote on 19 The McKay Common Sense Combination Two dozen Royal Worcester Corsets, up— report of the committee on credentials. Illinois —For Second Place. Waist and Hose Supporters for hoys and girls, to-date, stylish and well made- The confusion was so great that Will­ white and drab, sizes 2 to 8 years. Just the $1 50 Corsets to go at 98c iams used a megaphone to make him­ St. Louis, July 8.—Before tonight the Democratic convention will have All table Linen and napkins one-fourth off thing for warm weather. Regular 50c values 2 00 “ “ “ “ $1 25 self heard and various delegates used this sale...... 25c similar instruments in addressing the adopted a platform, nominated candi­ 2 50 “ “ “ “ 1 69 chair. There was some delay before dates for president and vice president, Head, the chairman q£ s$gd§§g§l0 and gdjourned £ine die^ if the pro* »