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SEE PAGES 7-10 TheWeathei8 Sunny and quite cool today, THEDAILY FINAL clear and cold tonight. Tomor- row sunny, a little milder. V""" Red Bank, Freehold "T" \ Long Branch J EDITION Monmouth County's Outstanding Home Newspaper 34 PAGES VOL.95 NO.78 RED BANK, NJ. FRIDAY, OCTOBER 20,1972 TEN CENTS uiiuuiiruiuiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiniiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiinnuiinmiiinii uiiiiiiniiiiiiumiiiiiniiitiniiun iMiiinmiuuiiiinuiii Say Partial Truce Under Discussion SAIGON (AP) - Henry A.: the fighting is going on." namese information ministry tite government proposal," Kissinger met again with The chief stumbling block to in a communique yesterday said one political foe of the President Nguyen Van Thieu a cease-fire agreement has said the president had re- president. "We feel he is only today amid reports that a par- been Thieu's rejection of the newed his vow "never to ac- pretending to ask for opinions tial cease-fire was being dis- Communist condition that he cept" a coalition regime. to strengthen his position. We- cussed. resign and give way to a A number of Thieu's politi- are not willing to be used for Kissinger went to the presi- three-faction coalition govern- cal opponents refused an in- such propaganda, so we have dential palace in the after- ment including the Commu- vitation to meet with him last refused to meet with him." noon for his third meeting in nists. night to discuss the current Thieu once before sought two days with Thieu. He was There has been widespread status of the peace effort. the counsel and support of his accompanied by U.S. Am- speculation that Kissinger is "Many of us feel that Thieu political opposition, in the bassador Ellsworth Bunker, trying to persuade Thieu to is trying to create a myth early days of the Communist Deputy Ambassador Charles step down, and the South Viet- about opposition to a tripar- offensive last spring. S. .Whitehouse and Gen. Creightori W. Abrams, the : . ' Register staff Photo U.S. Army chief of staff. DEBATERS Rep. James J. Howard, D-N.J., left, and William F. Dowd/his Republican challenger, South Vietnamese sources face overflow crowd last night at Brookddle Community College during their first debate of the cam- who reported that a cease-fire Rqigh. The hour-long debate was moderated by Mrs. Bernetta Loftus, Morristown, state voter service proposal was figuring in the Sherwin Defense chairman for League of Women Voters, sponsors of the forum. talks said it probably called for only a partial truce as a "good will" gesture that could lead to further agreements. "It is impossible to have any cease-fire that could be Asks Dismissal enforced, even by inter- By WILLIAM J. ZAORSKI Contracting Co., Matawan, for it. Mr. Manzo was the sec- national body," said one South are on trial in connection with ond low bidder at $607,000. Vietnamese official. "It might FREEHOLD — The defense charges arising from an al- mean an end to bombing and in the trial of Secretary of leged $10,000 political cam- It also alleges that Mr. mining of the North and per- State Paul J. Sherwin and two paign kickback for a road con- Manzo gave the check to Mr. haps an exchange of prison- others on bribery-conspiracy struction job. Loughran for the state GOP ers, but it would be impossible charges is expected to begin The three are charged with finance committee to get the' to guarantee any kind of a Tuesday when the trial re- allegedly trying to get re- Centrum bid rejected. cease-fire in the South where sumes. jected the 1603,000 bid of Cen- The state rested its case trum Construction Co., Clif- The trial resumes Tuesday yesterday morning after call- ton, for construction work on because there is a judicial ing one witness. During its an eight-mile stretch of Rt. 46 seminar in Cherry Hill today Cahill Raps presentation the last four is Knowlton and White Town- and Monday is a legal holiday. days, the state called a total ships. In yesterday's session, the NJEA Stand of 19 witnesses. Mr. Manzo is charged with state elicited testimony from Superior Court Judge giving a $10,000 check to the James J. Malloy, chief of the On Appointee Francis X. Crahay is ex- state Republican Party fi- Bureau of Federal Aid Coordi- pected to decide Tuesday nance committee as a bribe nation, who said the state had ATLANTIC CITY (AP) — morning defense motions to and Mr. Sherwin and Mr. asked that the contract be Gov. William T. Cahill has dismiss the charges on. I.oughran are charged with awarded then asked it be re- rapped the knuckles of the grounds that the state failed accepting the check as a jected and later asked that it HOWARD: We need bold moves toward solving DOWD: The chief function of n representative Is New Jersey Education Associ- to present a prima facie case bribe. be awarded. domestic problems which have been sitting on the to represent the views of his district. ation and defended his reap- against each of the three de- Through its witnesses, the The state had intended to bock burner. pointment of Dr. Carl M. Mar- fendants. state sought to show that Mr. call two other witnesses but burger as education commis- Mr. Sherwin, who is on Sherwin tried to have state Special State Prosecutor, Mat- sioner. leave of absence from his Transportation Commisioner thew B. Boylan said that be- state position; William Lough- John C. Kohl reject the Cen- -Only if the state Senate re- cause of a sidebar conference ran of Sea Girt, and Michael trum bid and readvertise for with the judge, the two were fuses to confirm Marburger Manzo, president of Manzo bids so Mr. Manzo could rebid Teachers' Strike Focal Point, will he make another appoint- not needed. ment, the governor told the convention of the New Jersey School Association here Fuse in Ho ward-Do wd Debate yesterday. 1,000 Petition County LINCROFT — The Free- Dowd had mailed to Freehold posed state legislation which! who overflowed Forum 5 at On Wednesday the Fair hold Regional teachers' strike area voters telling "outright would have given teachers the Brookdale Community Col- Play Committee of the associ- of six months ago provided lies" about his actions during right to strike. lege. 'ation called on the governor the focal point for the most the strike. Mr. Howard criticized Mr. The debate was sponsored and the Senate to refuse Mar- lively discussion in this year's by the college and the Mon- burger's reapointment. For Horse Show Site Mr. Dowd centered his criti- Dowd for mailing a flyer first - debate between Rep. cism of Mr. Howard for re- which accused the congress- mouth County League of LINCROFT - A petition servation tract in that town- could dovetail its needs with James J. Howard, D-NJ., and Women Voters. The committee accused marks made before 5,000 man of interfering with the. Marburger of refusing to rec- signed by more than 1,000 ship for development of a per- those of the state. his Republican challenger teachers at a New Jersey teacher negotiations, and After brief opening re- horseowners and horse lovers manent show-facility object- The horse show facility the William F. Dowd. ognize the New Jersey Public Education. Association rally in joining in a teacher picket marks, the candidates re- Employment Relations Act, of has been presented to the ing to increased traffic on county parks people have in Mr. Dowd.accused Mr. Asbury Park in April during line. sponded to questions and the mishandling the statewide county Board of Parks and roads they consider already mind would include in its first Howard of "supporting an ille- . the striked . ' . •"1 never walked in the pick- very first one caused an up- school testing program, of Recreation Commissioners inadequate. phase development, three gal strike," and Mr. Howard • Mr. Howard told the teach- et line," Mr. Howard said, roar from the largely youthful bungling multiunit school supporting the parks system's County Parks Director show rings, a schooling area, responded by saying Mr. ers, "just as you have the "and I never carried a pla- audience. staffing experiments and of move to develop a horse show James J. Truncer reiterated outside course, plus public Dowd told "outright lies." right to work, you have the. card; I didn't become in- Someone asked why Mr. attempting "to radicalize high staging area for the county. yesterday that the recreation seating, sanitary and parking It appeared that both men right to withhold your ser- volved in any negotiations, Howard opposed a bill which school students" in 1970. The petition presented by system had never specified facuities. vices." That comment, Mr. and I wasn't even in Freehold had come prepared last night would have given the Presi-. Carolyn B. Boysenko of Mor- the Durand tract for more More than 20 additional to do battle on this particular Dowd said, showed support during the strike." • dent the right to restrict trav- Cahill said he nominated ganville, was signed by mem- than routine investigation and for the illegal strike and was acres of property have been issue. Mr. Dowd was armed He said Mr. Dowd had cam- el by Americans to nations Marburger because "in this bers of the Monmouth Hunt, is indeed still studying several purchased to expand Shark with newspaper clippings designed to encourage the paigned unfairly because with such as Vietnam? day and age when education the Monmouth Horse Show, 4- other open areas of the coun- teachers to strike. River Park. The commission- quoting a speech Mr. Howard the mailing of the flyer "the i Measure Defeated •• is so sensitive, so difficult and H clubs and private owners ty. ers approved the purchase of delivered during the height of Denied by Howard -damage has been done. I The bill, which was de-_ ^complex, based on an over- from throughout the county. High on the study list is a 13.6 acres from Charles and the strike. Mr. Howard denied it can't defend myself." feated, was proposed after the all evaluation of this man in Homeowners from subdivisi- 42-acre tract already owned Doris Paresi of Wall Township Mr. Howard pulled out a saying that he was simply The hour-long debate was Kcontroversial visits to, |torth the three years I've been in ons in Freehold Township by the county off East Free- for $50,000 and 7.56 acres from campaign flyer he said Mr. voicing his support for pro- frequently interrupted by thp^ Vietnam by Actress Jane office, I think he's done a have consistently opposed use hold Road between Rts. 537 Felix and Carmel Santaniello, • supporters of both candidates. See Howard, Page 2 competent job." of the 92-acre Durand Con- and 33. also of Wall Township, for Mr. Trunccr said ho is in- $29,000. vestigating state plans to de- velop an equestrian center at The county will be fully the Monmouth Battleground reimbursed from state Green The Inside Story Man a I a pan Residents Press Fight park site to see if the county Acres and federal funds. .—tarthoogMfortailgatcrs Page 20 \ rt_ _ _ •• SHSHS==Ess For Realignment of Turnpike Link A Middletown Lady, Freehold results, entries, selections Page 27 MANALAFAN - An engi- that it would be futile to mittee has two courses of ac- the present alignment. Town- . . * ~ Bridge Advice .23 DAILY REGISTER neer for the N.J. Turnpike request a change. tion it could follow. One would ship attorney Marvin E. Classified 2843 PHONE NUMBERS told more than 350 angry resi- But more than 1,000 resi- be to ask the Monmouth Coun- Schaefer said then he would AnAP 1 ask Force C«mies..~ .23 Main Office. 741-9019 dents last night that any rea- dents who signed a petition ty Superior Court to issue an investigate possible legal ac- A Middletown lady whose family settled in the township CMfemporary life. 20-22 Classified Ads 741-SSM lignment of the controversial opposing the planned route of order that turnpike officials tion, and the committee in- before the turn of the century will be the subject of another CiMSwnd Prate.- 23 Legal Adv 741-Mlt turnpike link toll road here the road think it can be show cause why work on the structed the township engi- profile feature by Bob Bramley, of The Dally Regis- Edttalab C Display Adv 741-M1* will not occur until Environ- changed. As a result of their project should not be halted. neer to prepare possible alter- ter's Middletown bureau. It is scheduled for Monday's edi- Eatertatament ».,. .7-W Circulation Dept 741-3330 mental Impact hearings are recent campaign, a meeting The other is to compare the nate routes for the road. tions. FtedL ...... is Sports Dept.: 741-M17 held in December. was held last night between township's ordinance regu- Hearing Planned The tale will be about her political activities and of honors Contemporary Life 741-M19 And Mayor A. Barry Brandt residents and Allen Lewis, lating pollution and noise lev- Mr. Lewis said that before she has been accorded, but mainly it will dwell on the affec- HMiMRfinfsuu.uu.»M..k...aa.*...23 turnpike engineer for the proj- work can begin on the road, " The Nickelodeon 25 Accounts Payable 741-Mlt revealed last night that in els with state environmental tionate relationships she's had with youngsters in her neigh- Accounts Recelvable...741-t«lt 1971, then Committeeman Al- ect; Robert D. Halsey, Mon- guidelines with the possibility hearings on an environmental borhood. fefe 18,19 Middletown Bureau.....«71-225« bert Garlinghouse attended a mouth County Planning direc- of strengthening the munici- impact study of the road must The Register's Sherry Conohan has been part of an Associ- Sports . ....24-27 Freehold Bureau.... 462-2121 state meeting on the align- tor; Committeemen Kenneth pal regulations. See Pike, page 2 ated Press three-member task force that has prepared a four- Smf. Field, Steam .^.26 Long Branch Bureau...222-Ml« ment and told the committee U. Olsen and Gerald K. Loeb. The committee last week part series on New Jersey's "suburban sprawl." wtiiwMiimiwuiiiiimiimiiiimniHiiiHiiH' and Mayor Brandt. passed a resolution opposing Singles meet tonight. Alpine Manor, Highlands. (Adv.) The stories about the state's population explosion and its Kay-S Capers Chefs Special SL95 Attend Showcase I Mayor Brandt said the com- effect on suburbia and local governments will begin in Mon- The Deggie Newspaper. 229- Served daily, 12-8 p.m. Peter- 1st Monmouth Arts Fair. Mu- Notice is hereby given that Drug Addiction Problem? day's Daily Register, Northern Monmouth County's largest KAY9 (Adv. son's Riverside Inn. (Adv.) sic, Arts, Dance, Theatre 75 1973 Grand Am the regular public meeting of newspaper and Monmouth County's most interesting news- the Twp. Committee of the Call 988-8333 Virgin Island rental. Ocean productions and exhibits. Sat., Immediate delivery. Rassas For Help jiapcr. There will be a special meet- Sun., Oct. 21, 22, Monmouth Pontiac, 395 Broad St., Red Twp. of Middletown has been view, two-room apartment, •rescheduled from Tues., Nov. Day or night (Adv:) 1150 week, for two. 741-1528. ing of the Board of Adjust- College. Free! (Adv.) Bank. 741-5180. (Adv.) Fashion Bazaar Introductory Offering ment of the Borough of. New 14, 1972 to Mon., Nov. 13, 1972 Libble's Country Store 167 Lincoln Ave., Elberon Out- V, „ (Adv.) on Corner Cabinets-English Im- Shrewsbury to be held Wanted: People, ll a.m. Sun. Cypress Inn Brunch at 8 p.m., said meeting to. be Unusal gift items. 9 Church • let for designer sportswear at port Regency Reproductions. To The Cabaret? Thurs., Oct. 26, 1972, at 8:15 to go with our hymn books. Every Sun. 11 a.tn.-3 p.m. held in the Municipal Meeting St., Sea Bright. 10 a.m. to 5 exorbitant reductions. Also, Foster Clarke of London, 769 Guess who is coming p.m. at the Borough Hall, 556 Old First Church. 69 Kings Adults $2.95, children $2.25. Room, Twp. Hall, Klngs.Hwy, p.m., Tues. through Sat. imports — Coats, Pants, River Rd., Fair Haven. 84*-' 542-8836 (Adv.) TintonAve. (Adv.) Highway, Middletown. (Adv.) (Adv.) Middletown, N.J. (Adv.) (Adv.) Dresses, Sweaters. (Adv.) 2822. (AdV.) t The Daily Register, Red Bank-Ml

lit RT. IS, MIDDLETOWM, N.J.. 07741 30 EAST MX » ST.. FBEEHOLD. N.J.. 07711 J7t SRPAOWAY. LON6 BRANCH, M.J.. 07749 VOTE Ettafellitnd In 1171 by Jonn H. COOK and Henry Clay PUBLISHED BY TH E RED BANK REGISTER AA«mber oflhe Associated Pr««~ The Associated Prtn U entitled «x- cluiivelv to the use lorrepublkollonol all the local news printed In this REPUBLICAN . Mwitaptr os well o» oil AP news dlspolcties.

Carl Hoffman's Cllft Waldron'a nCr Pine Hill Ramblers New Shades of Grass Adults $2.00 ° ' Students $1.00 Apple Country Bottle Hill Boys The I aKICa^^QIUI ATIMM> "I ' String Band Adults $4.00 . . Cultural Affaire Department 842-1900, Ext. 314 ,. . Information Call: (201) 842-1900, ex«. 314 , [COBBLESTONES Najajto If, MlaWamwn. 1 mite m. af IM Star* «1«M W The Dafly Register, Eed Bank—AUddietown, N.J. FridayPlayer, October 21,1*72 s to Open Showcase I Opens Season Next WeekOnMonmoutheollegeCampus NAVESINK - Monmouth discretions can be difficult to WEST LONG BRANCH — Monmouth County Parks Sys- ern; the Youth Chorus singing guitar by Frank Muchall, and Players will open their season recall under certain circum- Showcase I, a mammouth, tem, the Shore Chapter of highlights of a program a piano class demonstration. at the Navesink Library with stances. Eveline Merlin and multi-faceted exposition of the New Jersey Architects and presented on their recent Eu- Modern dance selections Robert Anderson's comedy, Dave McAneny are featured arts, is scheduled to include the Monmouth Arts Council ropean tour, demonstrations and a creative dance class "You Know I Can't Hear You in this play, directed by Mr. an ambitious montage of just Information center. of classical guitar by Jared will also be sponsored by Con^ When the Water's Running," McAneny. about every children's and In addition to the numerous Phillips, and folk and rhythm servatory members. next Friday. John Hemleb is the execu- adult event available for dis- adult events, there will be a With an 8:30 p.m. curtain, tive producer for the produc- semination in the medium. wide variety of programs de- the comedy will be repeated tion, with Judy I>omench Complete schedule and map signed for children. FREE MOVIE TICKET Oct. 28 and again on Nov. 3.4, stage managing the entire compendiums of the more Tomorrow and Sunday, "MARJOE" invites One Free Admission with and 10. series. than 75 events planned for to- from 1 to 4 p.m., a supervised "Water's Running" consists Tickets may be purchased morrow and Sunday at Mon- arts and crafts area, where one paid admission, every nite 6:30-7:15. of four one-act plays. The- at the box office. Billy Fansler mouth College, Cedar and children can experiment with {Bring this ad for FREE ADMISSION) first, "Shock of Recognition," of Red Bank is in charge of Norwood Ave.. will be avail- paint, clay and other craft directed by Chet Hammann, reservations and season tick- able for visitors at the college materials, will be available. will feature William "Bill" ets. Group arrangements can campus. The school's parking, Poppet Show Scheduled G R A N T' S Colligan as the actor who is be made through Mr. Leidner for a nominal fee, and dining Other events tomorrow in- seeking a role in which he of Locust. facilities will be open to Show- clude a Children's Puppet must appear in the nude. case 1 visitors. Theater by the Monmouth Thorn Leidner will play the Admission is free to the ac- County Parks System, "Music producer;. Frank Baldwin, the Doll, Toy Show tivities and exhibits which will For Children" by Carl Orff of playwright, and Holly Heath, be held from 11 a.m. to 10 the Monmouth Conservatory I WHITE STREET -TAT. the secretary. Is Set at Allaire p.m. tomorrow and from 1 to of Music, "The Amazing Ran- RED BANK /t/" "Footsteps of Doves," di- ALLAIRE — The Deserted 10 p.m. Sunday. The arts pan- di," a magic program, and a rected by Mary Pahlow, will Village at Allaire Auxiliary orama, a first endreavor to Children's Choir performance features Agnes Kwuc and Bill will present its Antique Doll spotlight Monmouth artists, is presented by the Monmouth fA realstay millions of COMEDY CHARACTERS — Dave McAneny of Colligan as a husband and and Toy Show tomorrow on being sponsored by the Mon- Civic Chorus. Rumson and Eveline Merlin of Monmouth Beach wife who are shopping for a the second floor of the Gener- mouth County Arts Council, Sunday presentations will are featured in "You Know I Can't Hear You new bed after 20 years of al Store at Allaire State Park, the Junior League of Mon- include the Conservatory pro- le refuse to belief When the Water's Running," to be presented by married life. The salesman Over the years, this exhibition mouth County. Monmouth duction of "Little Red Riding the Monmouth Players at the Navesink Library will be played by Jay Cohen, of dolls and toys has grown in College, and the N.J. State Hood" and The Children's Oct. 27 and 28 and Nov. 3. 4 and 10. Aurora Jordan will be seen as popularity. Council On The Arts. Theater Acting Workshop the single girl. There will be over a dozen Art activities, sponsored by sponsored by the Parks Sys- Democrats Plan Dinner Dance Tho third play, "I'll Be dealers and several private the Monmouth County Arts tem. MATAWAN TOWNSHIP - cratic Organization plans a Home for Christmas," is a collections on display. A spe- Council, will feature demon- Young people are also in- The Monmouth County Demo- cocktail party and dinner study of a father's ideas on sex- cial feature will be Claire strations, exhibits, and vited to attend programs by dance tonight in Buck ual habits among the very Archer of Belmar, one of our booths. the Bucky Stevens Jazz Quar- Smith's restaurant, Palmer young. The ideas are stoutly local artists who is a member Demonstrations will include tet, the Wicker Memorial MARJO Ave., East Keansburg. opposed by his wife. Chet of the Manasquan River Art such mediums as sponges; Church gospel singers, and COLONIAL The cocktail hour will.take Hammann and Dorothy Turn- Group, who will do "Pastel Japanese brush painting, acr- "The Joyful Noyze" rock KEANSBURG 787-0300 place from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. It er will play the parts of the Sketches" and cut silhouettes ylics, watercolor, oils, wood- group featuring Mad John. Free Smokina Section will be followed by, a steak married couple with Lovee. during the day. Another un- cuts, stitchery, egg tempra Other musical offerings, all You ye never seen a dinner at 8:30 and dancing. (iiorno playing the part of the jsual feature will be the local paints, portraits, sculptures, sponsored by the Con- FRI., SAT., SUN daughter. The play is directed Wall Chapter of the American ceramics, collage. Intaglio servatory, will include a by Renee Maxwell. Field Service which will sell prints, loom weaving, ink, and chamber music concert, a movie like it rm0M THE MASTK Of SHOCK The last of the quartet, their collection of dolls sent to stencils. Women's Chorus rendition of A SHOCKING MASTERPIECE "I'm Herbert," deals with two iiem by former Exchange Stu- Exhibitors, with booths in .motets, madrigals and an- \ people who, while growing dents from their home coun- Wilson Hal), will include the thems spanning periods from ALFRED old, find that past in- tries. Middletown Folk Festival, the Renaissance to the mod- MARJOE HITCHCOCK'S ,

FRENZY"/ N TC This Weekend at the Movies plus UTC show EVERY ' These schedules are provided by SAT. and SUN. - A Boy Named KEANSBURG MENLO PARK Charlie Brown 2:0O; The Vlroln and the (REGULAR ADMISSION PRICE -AND- the theater and the times are for Gypjy 5:40; «;5Q; Elvero Modloon 7:20; COLONIAL- CINEMA- today only. FRI. — p|ay Misty For Me 7:00; FRI. — The New Centurions 2:00; INCLUDES LATE SHOW) CLINT EASTWOOD 10:40; Frenzy a:40 4:00; 4:00; 8:00: 10:00 RED BANK DRIVE-IN- SAT. — Kidnapped 2:00; Play Misty SAT. — Journey to the Center of the "PlAY MISTY FOR ME" FRI. and SAT. — Sports 7:00; Slaugh- For Me 7:00; 10:40; Freniy 1:40 Earth 12 noon; The New Centurions CINEMA III— ter 7:40; 11:15; Three In the Cellar 9M SUN. — Kidnapped 2:00; Play Misty 2:00; 4:00; 6:00; !:O0; 10:00 - FRI. and SAT. — Morloe 7:00; J:45; SUN. — Slauahter 7:00; 10:40; Three For Me 7:30; Frenzy 9:10 SUN. — The New Centurions 2:00; 10:30; Concert For Bangladesh 12 Mld- In the Cellar 9:00 MATINS nlle „ 4:00; 6:00; 8:00; 10:00 THE CONCERT tomfhf SlmnmhM I »M SUN. — Mor|oe 7:00; 1:45; Concert ASBURY PARK MIDDLETOWN SAT. & SUN. 2:00 P.M. Sol. Sm. MM. Mil •MiMI 1:09 For Bangladesh 10:30 SAVOY— TOWN EAST- CARLTON- FRI. _ Deep Throat 7:00; 1:30; ?:4S FRI. — The Last of the Red Hot EAST BRUNSWICK lot* Shaw Tonight "UST SUMMIT' FRl. - Skyjacked »:30; 10:00; Konsaj SAT. — Deep Throat 7:00; 1:35; 10:00 Lovers 7:30; 9:30 TURNPIKE- City Bomber t: 15 SUN. — Deep Throat 2:00; 7:00; 1:30; SAT. and SUN. - The Lost of the Red FOR SAT. — Your're A Good Boy Chorlle Hot Lovers 2:00; 4:00:6:00; 8:00; 10:00 INDOOR- STARTS WEDNESDAY Brown 2:00; 4:00; Skylackcd 6:30; FRI. — Oh Calcutta 7:50; 9:50 10:00; Kansas city Bomber 1:15 LYRIC- TOWN WEST- SAT.and SUN. — ABoy Named SUN. - You're A Good Boy Chorlle FRI. — Funny Girl 7:25: 10:00 FRI. — The New Centurions 7:30; Chorlle Brown 2:30; 4:25; Oh Calcutta "BLUEBEARD" Brown 2:00: 4:00; Skvlacked 6:00: 9:30; SAT. — Funny Girl 2:00; 4:40; 7:20! 9:30 6:20; 8:20; 10:00 .Konias City Bomber 7:45 10:00 SAT. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown BANGLADESH SUN. — Funny Girl 2:30; 5:00; 1:00 2:00; 4:00; The New Centurions 6:00; OUTDOOR- EATONTOWN OCEAN TOWNSHIP i:00; 10:05 .. FRI.; SAT.; SUN. — Morloe 7:00; COMMUNITY— SUN. — Same as Saturday 10:35; Vanishing Point 8:40 ADMISSION ONLY FRI. - Trie Vlrpln and the Gypsy CIRCLE- 2:00; 1:30; Elvera Madlgan 3:30; 7:00; FRI. — The New Centurions 2:00; KEYPORT 7:20; 9:25 STRAND— TO LATE SHOW 2 mi. SOUTH JCT. RTE. J5 S 36 FRI.; SAT.; SUN. — Teenage Fan- They Ve not tasies 7:15; 9:35 Lesson In Sex 8:25; WALTER READE ** HULET 264 2200 cool slick ATLANTIC 10:4S THEATRES heroes. '• NEPTUNE HAZLET " • They're worn, CINEMA • 291-0148 NEPTUNE CITY- FRI. — Andromeda Strain 7:30; Air- PLAZA- EARIY BIRDS TONiTE tough men ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS port 9:45 FRI. — Marloe7:25; 9:25 and that's why SAT. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown SAT. — A Boy Named Chortle Brown 6:30-7:1 S-$1.50 Walter Reade Theatres 2:00; Andromeda Strain 7:30; Airport 2:00; Mar|oe B:00; 10:00 AT MOST THEATRES they're so SUN. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown dangerous. SUN. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown 2:00; Mar|oe 5:25; 7:25; 9:25 2:00; Andromeda strain 7:00; Airport RT. 35 DRIVE-IN— FRI.; SAT.; SUN. — Hlckey and BRICK TOWN Boggs 7:00; 10:30; Lawman 9:00 THE HOTTEST THING • BRICK PLAZA- MATAWAN FRI.; SAT.; SUN. — Vampire Clrcui, BILL COSBY. ttOBMU CULP Countess Drocula. Call theater for time. CINEMA 34- ON WHEELS* FRI. — The New Centurions 7:20; MALL CINEMA 1- 9:15 FRI. — The New Centurions 7:20; SAT. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown 3:0O; The New Cenlurlons 7:40; 9:35 SAT. — A Boy Named Chorlle Brown SUN. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown RAQUEL • 2:00; The New Centurions 7:30; 9:35 2:00; The New Centurions 5:25; 7:20; BURT LANCASTER SUN. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown 9:15 2:00; The New Centurions 5:10; 7:25; WELCH 2 ?:30 PERTH AMBOY MALL CINEMA 2- AMBOY DRIVE-IN- FRI. — Funny Girl 7:00; 9:40 FRI.; SAT.; SUN. — Slaughter 7:00; SAT. — Funny Girl 2:00; 7:00; 9:40 10:22; Boxcar Bertha 1:47 KANSAS CITY: A geniiini horror tilt with a SUN. — Funny Girl 2:30; 5:00; 1:00 strinii twist" FREEHOLD MALL 1- A1 A A MUSIC IM Otflir. A MIHQRIC tlW Of FRI. —Marjoe7:25; 9:25 SAT. — A Boy Named Chorlle Brown MAKERS undiminiiknl horror." *.,..,«.»»» 3:00; Mar|oe 7:40; 9:40 SUN. — A Boy Named Charlie Brown THEATRES fWWm ••••"• • • • • PLUS-2nd BIG HIT 2:00: Morloe 5:25; 7:25; 9:25 HELD OVER MALL 2— MONDAY IS DATI NIGHT FRI. — Funny Girl 7:00; 9:40 We are holding for "THE SALZBURG SAT. — Funny Girl 2:00; 7:00; 9:40 a second big week - SUN. — Funny Girl 2:30; 5:00; »:00 CINEMA 34 Matawan CONNECTION" NORTH OF RED BANK M.M.SUMM 2ndBIGWUK RECORD CROWDS AGREE GEORGE C. SCOTT BARBRA STREISAND This is bigger than SAl.AWWN.ATjr.M. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS STACY KEACH > J3MAR SHARIF ATLANTIC CINEMA— 2 BIG FEATURES FRI.; SAT.; SUN. - The Other 7:00; 10:15 Salisbury Connection 1:40 THE CHARLTON HESTON "DEEP THROAT" "A BOY NAMED For a quick curry sauce you FUNNY GIRL YVETTE MIMIEUX CHARUE BROWN" can use a can of condensed NEW CENTURIONS WALTER PIDGEON PLUS-2nd BIG HIT tomato soup seasoning it with LESLIE UGGAMS "TARZANS curry powder, Worcestershire PLIZAHaikt IN TWO BIG - XX - FEATURES sauce, instant minced onion and H4MJI Eatontown DEADLY SILENCE" a dash of vinegar. Good with A REAL STORY MILLIONS SKYJACKED shrimp served over rice and OF PEOPLE REFUSE TO BELIEVI MAT. WED. 2:00 P.M. BOTH RATED G topped witb peanuts. STRAND THEATRE MARJOE SKKJKKED - KEYPORT - SKOAL CHILDREN'S PANAVISION* ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• NOW THRU TUES. MATINEE EXCLUSIVE be the most beautiful film ever made. ENGAGEMENT —Newsweek.© 2nd SMASH WEEK CINEMA 34 Matawan



r!iyTPM!~^ndrew M'l»W"n. vice president and manager rS^Ban£ andJrust Company. Bradley Beach, shows Miss lle fro m colle SBIUPLES musT BE SOLD !? J' "S"?? ctlon of campaign buttons touring V a an d Trust Com an h! PnhJt c« "n P y °«lces. The collection is owned county su I v, ' Perintendent of elections. It will be at the HT snumGS UP TO TWO DAYS ONLY SAT., OCT 2tst, SHOP'TIL 6PM Sterner Outlines County VETERANS DAY, MON., OCT. 23rd, SHOP 'TIL 9:30 PM Planning Board Projects EA'ST KEANSBURG - project calls for the ex- throughout the state. The Monmouth County Planning penditure of $410 million in buses will be used by private Board Chairman E. Donald bond issue revenue for^tate carriers as a form of state Sterner once again has re- highways, an amount that subsidy. peated his support for the $650 would yield $189 million in fed- Fuel Tax million transportation bond is- eral matching funds. Mr. Sterner said the cost of sue on the .Nov. 7 ballot. The remainder of the bond the bond issue will be paid by Mr. Sterner also outlined issue, some $210 million, is the gasoline tax "we are all board projects for next year earmarked for mass transit now paying." He said the cost to the 19th annual dinner and facilities. will not be reflected in proper- conference of the Monmouth The $240 million will include ty taxes.. County Planning .Board at $41 million to buy 1,500 new The chairman said the fol- Buck Smith's Tavern. buses and build bus-oriented lowing projects depend upon The state transportation park-and-ride facilities the issue's passage: The Rt 33 bypass, and the dualization of Rt. 9 in Howell and Rts. 33, 35 and 36. fl Tax Payment Delays He said, in addition, that the Central Railroad from Red Bank to Lake wood would be Blamed on Collector electrified, and rights of way HAZLET - Frank Koss Jr., Mr. Barnes was appointed will be acquired along the Republican candidate for tax tax collector earlier this year railroad from Keyport to collector, criticized the in- by the Democrat-controlled Highlands and from Matawan cumbent township tax collec- Township Committee'. Mr. to Freehold. tor Walter W. Barnes for Koss charged that this ap- "This would preserve the being lax in collection of taxes pointment came about "be- lines for future transportation resulting in the Board of Edu- cause of party allegiance." use," he said. cation's bank account being "This is a ridiculous situ- Mr. Sterner said that next overdrawn. ation," the GOP candidate de- year Rt. 18, between Rt. 9 and The GOP candidate said. clared. "The Board of Educa- Rt. 34 in Colts Neck, the re- "It is the duty of the tax col- tion expects to pay service maining section of Rt. 18 that lector to collect all real prop- charges of approximately six will connect with the Eaton- .erty taxes arid personal per cent on jhe $81,000 over- town circle, and the freeway r taxes." He referred to a state- draft. from Eatontown to the N.J. 5$f ment made 6y: Francis X. Turnpike, will be completed. Shields, township treasurer, "The township had to break The chairman said new that this most recent situation $120 in savings accounts, studies next year will be was due to not getting enough thereby losing Interest," Mr. made to update the population money in time from taxes. Koss said, "and there is still report to reflect the 1970 cen- approximately $75,000 to be "If we are not getting sus and to update the land use' paid for Septembers allot- enough money in time from designations on the county ment from the township. . . taxes as Mr, Shields in- Master Plan. we can't tolerate this non- dicates':" said for. Koss, sense any longer." "there is no one to blame but Bat Mitzvah Celebrant the tax collector^ ' Running 'with Mr. Koss on RUMSON — Paul Jeffrey "With most individual prop- the Republican ticket are Guth, of Middletown, son of erty, taxefe being paid with Charles J. Morgan, candidate Mr. and Mrs. Murray Guth, mortgages," he continued, "it for Township Committee, and will be tailed to the Torah as *v< could be business or com- John M. Costigan, township a Bar Mitzvah tomorrow at ^ 7 mercial outfits that are late." clerk candidate. Congregation B'nai Israel. \ •»J*J4 'I

SEE 10 CATEGORIES LISTED BELOW FOR SPECIAL DISCOUNTS! TWO DAYS ONLY SAT., OCT 21st, SHOP'TIL 6PM EVERY "SPANISH" BEDROOM SUITE REDUCED HOMEOWNERS OCTOBER OFFERINGS 20% OFF EVERY LAMP THROUGHOUT THE SHOWROOM REDUCED : 6N ALL RAIN GUTTER INSTALLATIONS. .032 WHITE ALUMINUM USED EXCLUSIVELY TO FORM EVERY RECLINING CHAIR REDUCED zz_ • THIS FINE QUALITY SEAMLESS RAIN GUTTER FOR A CUSTOM FIT ON YOUR HOME. REG PRICED FROM $1.50 PER LINEAL FT. INSTALLED. ' EVERY DESK REDUCED FREE INSTALLATION ON THE STORM DOOR OF YOUR CHOICE. OVER 30 STYLES TO SELECT FROM. ALL WITH SAFETY GLAZING, ALL PRICED BELOW MFGS. SUGGESTED RETAIL. CALL FOR A FREE BRO- EVERY MODERN SOFA REDUCED CHURE. REG PRICED FROM $55.00 PLUS A $12.00 INSTALLATION CHG. A $$$ SAVING VALUE EVERY MATTRESS AND BOXSPRING REDUCED ON OUR WHITE ALUMINUM TRIPLE TRACK COMBINATION STORM WINDOW. HEAVY DUTY FRAME FULLY WEATHER STRIPPED, STABILIZER BAR, AND CORROSION RESISTANT - EVERY ORIGINAL OIL PAINTING AND WALL DECOR REDUCED 20% ING REG PRICED :.MI S;it, 'lil the-clock gate- Individually Educated "They can be stated very genial new friends to enjoy everything with. keeper look after New Shrewsbury Man simply," Mr. DiMaio said. "Each child is being .educated Best of all, remember that fabulous vaca- your privacy and at a level and rate and in a' safety. Held in Failla Case way that is appropriate at tion feeling of waking up in the morning, ASBURY PARK - A third On Oct. 10, Theophus Web- that time. Teachers spend knowing the day is all yours. To do as you But back to suspect in the robbery-murder ster, 25, and Deborah Dell, 22, more time in diagnosing last month of Assemblyman the objects of a 13-state alarm youngsters' needs and helping please. Free of pressures and demands. the fun. There's Silvio J. Kailla, D-Hudsnn, in connection with the killing, them attain them. Teachers has been arrested by city po- wrre arrested in a New York spend less time_under- We've built all that into, everyday living always some- lice. < City apartment. They were taking those tasks that are not Michael Carter. 22, of Drift- confined to the Monmouth directly connected, with here at Leisure Village West (newest addition thing to do. And wood Road, New Shrewsbury County Jail awaiting a prelim- youngsters' Instruction pro- was taken into custody and inary hearing Nov. 3. grams," the superintendent to the original Leisure Villages at Lakewood). someone to do it booked on robbery and mur- Carter was arrested when concluded. Except, here it's even better than vaca- with. Join your der charges. He was then police stopped the car in The multiunit organization placed in the custody of au- which he was riding at Asbury has been researched and in op- tion. You don't have to pack up and go home friends by trie big thorities in neighboring Nep- and Drummond Aves. eration for approximately tune, where Kailla was shot to Failla, a freshman legisla- tour years within Wisconsin after a couple of weeks. You are home. pool. Develop death Sept. lfi. tor, was attacked after leav- under the auspices of the Wis- Carter's arrest was the first ing a tavern in a run-down, consin Research and, Devel- You don't even get homesick for your your green ? , indication that anyone other section of Neptune. His pres- opment Center for Cognitive than two suspects charged ence in the neighborhood has Learning located at the Uni- near-and-dear ones. They're still near thumb. Fisin,in Mrs.MargaretThomasand husband Charlj not been fully explained. versity of Wisconsin. enjoy life at nearby Leisure VillageE; earlier was being sought. enough to come over as often as usual, and. the private lake. (where all photographs were taken).! share the fun. Get up a foursome for bridge or golf—bn As to accommodations, it would take a your own course. Discover new talentsin The Lawn Doctor Says... pretty high-priced resort even to begin to yourself. Take painting lessons. Ceramics. match pur Leisure Village condominiums. Woodworking. You'll enjoy your own brand-new, air- Or when you feel like it, just stay home conditioned, one-story home with modern and take all day to read a good book. After kitchen, GE appliances, clean electric heati all, it's your vacation, isn't it? •-••.•'- individual area thermostats. A home that The best you ever had. And you can afford! SEED takes the pressure off you. it on a retirement income. Condominiums | Outdoors, the maintenance staff sees to range from $21,000 to $38,700, with reason- I ,,, tedious chores like seeding, mowing, raking, able monthly living costs from $77 to $160, !; including everything but financing, I Why not drive down one day soon, and | have a look at the model homes? I And if you have a chance to talk to any of

T^« Li-vn Doctor*' uniqu* i««dinj mafriod with limullonMut itratien aprf iquacorl molftt lota fall the thousands of men and women actually iteming possible and procficol. During ih« coal wtoihcr, gresi l> most ectfvi In building root tyitims «nd *'«•"• experiencing life at one of our Leisure I October fe»i ih lot ion it viry valuable In iht plant. In motr cam, iht planfi will usually rtmoin grain wtll inie December. Connoty to lomt peoplt't beliifi, grttrt >»*M Th« Lawn Doctor'* rylkinf Kmiucky fllulimi • PtnAlttf* •««! «Mtfiofl U**i&i) bant • Mft *T Ctaj • Ma kr life for themselves. A way to start living I OUT-PATIENT SERVICES l>ut (ultctivi p'oiitmi for nia, tl1*1iifcri « *»4y 01 Uatt «•<*.- Inrnl Charles Thomas with fellow V^lagers on the shuffleboard courts. when you stop working. • Sui * fortr Aelltt FMTIUZATKMfc lm hriRt mint {«niqfmrMt, • riliilin 4M0 > rowtr M Oilho 111111. 0u»nl <10 0 • won. bintot) • DuntaH ii DM • Up to Vh »1. el mtf ] > ftrtilill 112232 • , Ua ••u * • • •* >m» twnte Ktiwi) hire* toil «1MI. hjf mra. t Sunday afternoon is "rush hour." You may im m* ** ton, aim • M prefer to visit Monday through Saturday. CntKt •»< mini l« mini *4 mrtluf on* klll t!W. 14 iff | r<$ IMCIM ml MM {O ««•• •* «I«IUI r>tofNBti*»Urn*CMWM 1 ffmrbrii) t linin b| [IMCI • DKIIUI k> D—ml AiMmi maul... kwHMi ofUari Mat. Shimfock fiMHVftit tntinli tMtnl • Tu*run b, Duw.1 • llni-IMm tr J IIHVieH: When you stop working, start living. 95 • r«ltla«||Hi I trifcframu ttttncntll (ib(I * •Dw•thtrr tMiuit taw Mr** (li *»a •! r\• Hmt MkiMM FUHQICIDEI: rmnlrifn #iu» iHUil {ijntimit Ktfwi) Tirun For seeioslrjil raaiona: MalirlaU, <••!•» VtitppWtHwt IIB rtfitltrMl tnt lte*nM4 M •!•*• law n^uirM. , Leisure Village I Auto-Lawn AT MANCHESTER, NEW JERSEY »°»Y»^ / """I ifrM»J«rriftifctf«c«*Mr . ... «* r»» im DKMT OnftM ***i B«ww APPLIANCES Leisur* Vill.r. West S Buckingham Driv. 671-2229 741-2325 ™= Lakahunt, N«w J«n«y 08733 (201) 637.9881 1 A Leisure Ifectijiolojy Community e 1S74 Ltsrmr» ftchnolo«y Corp. Village has its own resort-sized pool, sun patio. lie Daiy Register, Bed Baak-Middtetewn, N.J. Friday, October », 1572 13 Property Tax Changes to Be Based on Best Guesses By MICHAEL i.SNIFFKN there was integration, then uonal hieaian income is now sulting the Brookings study. such a test. It's not the kind ef "But everything is much AnKtated Press Writer compensatory education — Nixon sent a tentative out- situation where you can run a more complicated than it first $10,000. For these people, if seems. It's easy to draw dia- Last ti a Series spending more money on poor the tax is regressive, then a line for a value-added tax to controlled experiment easily. performing pupils where they the Advisory Commission on grams and supply and de- in trying to determine plan being studied by Presi- Intergovernmental Relations "My best guess is that there mand curves and write theo- what's best for your pocket- went to school without regard dent Nixon to replace^ school is some part of the property to integration. Then there was to study. The outline sug- retical treatises, but as a pro- book in various plans to re- property taxes with a federal gested raising $18 billion an- tax shifted and some part fessor of mine once said at the form or replace the property Head Start — beginning edu- value-added tax, essentially a borne by capital in general cation earlier to make up for nually with $5 billion to be re- end of a lecture: 'Everything tax, you enter a thicket of national sales tax passed on to funded to lower income but I don't know how much," depends on everything else.' " problems on which even econ- the lack in some homes of a the consumer, would mean a Okner says. "The results may familiarity with books and groups to achieve a progres- omists disagree or are unde- tax reduction. But if the tax is sive rate structure in part. differ from applying or in- And so the debate on the cided. reading, pencils and writing. progressive then the plan un- creasing a property tax than property tax like the debate And still the performance in The other $13 billion would from removing or lowering But in this election year it der study by Nixon would be given to states to fund lo- on so many other social and will be hard to avoid hearing ghetto schools lags behind na- mean a tax increase. existing property taxes. For economic problems will be tional averages and it is still cal public elementary and instance. I doubt my rent some campaigner condemn The authors of the Brook- • secondary schools on the con- conducted and policies will be "the regressive property not agreed what public policy ings study, economists Joseph would go down if my land- made on the basis of best will solve the problem. dition that local property lord's property tax were cut. tax," and some real efforts Pechman, now an adviser to taxes for schools be elimi- guesses. likely will be made to change Now there is a cry against Democratic presidential can- nated on residential and non- or eliminate part of it. the property tax. And on a didate George McGovern, and residential property. l\ may strike some people fundamental question econo-' Benjamin "Okner, did not mists disagree: Do you pay According to the Brookings as folly to change tax policy come to a conclusion. Instead, study, if you make $10,000 the when experts cannot agree on hidden property taxes? That they printed tables based on is, do landlords or the busi- value-added tax would cost the impact of those changes. both assumptions. you $110. This would replace a But it is not uncommon in this nessmen you deal with pass Using 30,000 American fami- WE NEED YOU' the property tax on their residential property tax for country, and others, for social ly units they calculated what schools of $60 if the property buildings on to you in the percentage the tax took of in- and economic public policy form of higher rent or prices? tax is progressive, or a resi- that will affect generations to come, including not only the dential property tax for Become a Friendly Visitor be made on the basis of the The answer will determine amount subject to federal schools of $130 if the tax is best possible guess of the ef- whether the property tax can taxes but the untaxable por- TAX STRUCTURES — Benjamin Okner, right, is regressive. Help Others by Visiting fect — even though there may be called progressive or regr- tion of capital gains and other co-author of study made by the Brookings In- Or to put it another way, un- not be enough evidence to be essive. While that may seem' deductions. stitution on the effects of a progressive or regres- der the progressive assump- the Lonely and Shut-ins certain or.the evidence may like an academic argument, it Here is what progressive sive property tax which would be particularly cru- tion the value-added tax be contradictory. goes right to your wallet. and regressive mean in dollar cial for Americans who make between $10,000 would increase the total tax Next 14 hour Training Course For example, in education A Crucial Dedslw terms according to their fig- and $15,000-a-year. Economist Mason Gaffney, left bill by $50 while under the Begins Monday, Oct. 30 - Nov. 2nd this country has tried several A study by the Brookings ures:. feels that property tax increases are not passed regressive assumption it policies, that might better Institution shows that this is If landlords and business- on to tenants and customers because according to would decrease the total tax have been called theories, to particularly crucial for Amen-, men do not shift the property the law of supply and demand, if the price of an bill by $20. Remember these improve the education of dis- cans who make between taxes on their buildings to oth- item rises, fewer people will buy unless the de- are national averages, which FAMILY & CHILDREN'S SERVICE advantaged children. First, % 10,000 and $15,000. The na- ers, then the tax is progres- mand also Increases. include some very low proper- OF MONMOUTH COUNTY sive from middle incomes on more from the rich than from ' these arguments seems to de- ty tax areas. up — in other words, it takes the poor. scribe reality for you, then if How or when will econo- to Register or for Information Property Tax Impact a larger percentage of income Citing a number of studies, you make between $10,000 and mists resolve this argument? as income rises. Gaffney estimates that 5 per $15,000 you can tell whether "I'm not sure I can answer The property tax then takes cent of all families in the na- the value-added tax plan that," says Okner. "At some call 222-9100 2.6 per cent of the income of tion own around 60 per cent of being studied by Nixon for point it may be possible to Thx ad ptcsented as a public service On Various Persons by N&v jersey Natural Gas. people who make $10,000 to the property. property tax relief will raise empirically test it but I'm not | By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS 115,000; it takes 5.7 per cent of or lower your taxes, by con- sure how one would conduct the income of people who make Depending on which of Here Is a table, prepared by the Brookings Institution, $25,000 to 150.000; and it takes showing bow the property tax affects various persons, depend- 22.4 per cent of the income of ing oh whether it is progressive or regressive. The figures are people who make $100,000 to national averages, including some areas with low property $500,000. ON SALE FRIDAY - SATURDAY 9 A.M. 'TIL 10 P.M. taxes. At the lowest levels it is not The left-hand column lists gross income in thousands of progressive, taking 7.2 per OPEN SUNDAY 9 A.M. 'TIL 6 P.M. - MONDAY 9 A.M. 'TILT0 P.M. dollars. The middle column shows the property taxes paid as a cent of the income of those ITEMS PERMITTED BY LAW percentage of income if the tax on buildings is not shifted to who make nothing through renters and consumers. The right-hand column shows the $3,000, but this can be ex- . property taxes paid as a percent of income U the tax on build- plained in part by elderly ings is shifted to renters and consumers. people who make little now Income Not Shifted Shifted but over the years bought 0-3,000.. 7.2 pet.. 13.0 pet moderate or even expensive 3-5,000 5.4 pet 8.0 pet. homes. II 5-10.O0O :. 3.6 pet 5.9 pet. If landlords and business- 10-15,000 2.6 pet '...4.9 pet. men shift the property taxes 15-20,000 ..2.9 pet 4.7 pet. on their buildings to renters 20-25,000 : 3.7 pet .4.4 pet. and consumers, then the tax 25-50,000 5.7 pet 4.4 pet. is regressive — in other . 50-100,000 . 14.1 pet 3.7 pet words, it takes a larger per- .100-500,000 22.4 pet I...-.....3.5 pet. centage of income from the lower incomes than from the JUT REG* PRICI higher incomes. Impact Estimated Those, who make nothing to FOR $3,000 a year pay 13 per cent of income in property taxes; ONIX those who make $10,000 to GET 2"GALLON $18,000 pay 4.9 per cent of that in property taxes; those who make $25,000 to $50,000 pay 4.4 per cent of that in property taxes, and those who make $100,000 to $500,000 pay 3.5 per cent of that in property taxes. Im? Here are the basic argu- ments: lecorairt? If the tax is shifted, or regr- p7 I . /;. essive, what is happening is that when a landlord or a businessman receives a prop- Leisure [> i erty tax increase he raises the rent or the prices he charges in order to maintain his profit Time M margm. Few tenants have not heard of a landlord saying he is raising the rent because his taxes went up. If the tax is progressive, the landlord or businessman ab- ONE COAT LATEX ONE COAT LATEX sorbs a property tax increase ONE COAT LATEX INTERIOR LATEX and tries to cut costs some FLAT WAIL PAINT INTERIOR WALL PAINT SEMI GLOSS ENAMEL other way. GLOSS WHITE ENAMIL Economist Mason Gaffney Ideal for wood- I REG. For Walls and I REG. Flat white and 20 - ___ White and 20 col-1 work, cabinets, I PRICE Callings. Easy I PRICE colors. Ideal for I "EQ. ors. Interior trim I REG. thinks that, in general, prop- rntw ceilings and walls. I PRICE 95 erty tax increases are not bathroom, etc. In- I dean up with wa- I and walls. Scrub-1 PRICE terior trim. Scrub- I SECOND ter. Interior White I SECOND SECOND bable enamel fin-1 passed on to tenants and cus- bable fHsh. I GALLON scrubbabiB | QAU.ON Ish. SECOND tomers because, according to GALLON .GALLON the law of supply and de- IT MAKES A LOT OF CENTS. mand, if the price of an item rises, fewer people will buy AND NICKELS. unless the demand also in- creases. Thus, the landlord or mer businessman who raises AND DIMES. prices simply to reflect a tax increase would be left with AND QUARTERS. unrented apartments or un- sold goods on which he would either have to take a loss or AND HALVES. bring the price back down to rent or sell them. Taking the argument a step AND DOLLARS. further. Gaffney says that since most property is held by AND DOLLARS. a relatively small but wealthy percentage of the population, a property tax increase which OPEN YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY is not passed on must take

"ANCHOR YOUR SAVINGS FOR INSURED EARNINGS" Hike Slated For Sunday MIDDLETOWN — The Po- ONE COAT WHITE ONE COAT ENAMEL ONE COAT LATEX rky Park Citizens Committee ONE COAT FINISH Marine (PPCC) will conduct its first CEMENT WALL PAINT FLOOR & DECK PAINT WHITE SEMI GLOSS SAND TEXTURED WHITE fall hike through the Poricy WATERPROOF For concrete or Paints and lex- Waterproof for wood floors. Ideal Scrubbable finish. B ocr> Brook area Sunday. Ideal tor wood- I nto. lures. Hldos im- View basements and lor patio or ga- porfeciions on REG. £93 Those participating in the PRICE work, kilchen. I PRICE garage. Easy rage. Choose walls or ceilings. two-hour walk will leave the brush or roller ap- Orey. red, green. bathroom. I parking lot of Nut Swamp plication. SECOND SECONDS SECONDS and Loan Association School at 1:30 p.m. The hike GALLON GALLON will include the Cotton Tract, 671-2400 the Gebhardt Farm, the Boy Scout Tract and the Link, which connects other sections NEW HOME OFFICE: of Poricy Park. Hikers are urged to wear appropriate footwear for 1184HWY.35/MIDDl£TOWN parts of the trail which may be wet. Children are welcome. The next PPCC hike is PERGAMENT, HAZLET: ROUTE 35 AND POOLE AVENUE • Convenient Branch Offices in: scheduled Sunday, Nov. 22, ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS • UNCROFT 14 The DtSy Beglstcr, Red Baak—MMdfetvwB, N.J. Friday, October 21, U72 LAST TWO DAYS Area Institutions Share State Grants 7 9M. TODAY & SMHDMMOAIL. TRENTON — Six Mon- for modernization, expansion erview Hospital, Red Bank, to Monmouth Medical Center, In 24 hospitals with a totalV Approval was also denied mouth County hospitals and or new construction. be used for an eight-bed surgi- Long Branch, will receive cost of $132,332,314 and pro-x for a proposal by the Jersey health care institutions are Dr. James R. Cowan, state cal intensive care unit and a 11,970,840, for staffing a com- jects in other health care fa- Shore Medical Center. Nep- among.48 state facilities to commissioner of health, has four-bed respiratory care munity mental health center, cilittesforf8.898.298. tune, and the Monmouth Me- share $141,230,612 in state aid approved $245,806 for Riv- unit. development of a nuclear medi- dical Center, Long Branch, cine center which will extend Projects for which approval for establishment of a joint present facilities in the hospi- has been withheld in the Mon- cardio-vascular surgery pro- tal to the county area, and in- mouth-Ocean area are: a' re- gram to provide services to stallation of closed circuit placement of the present Monmouth, Ocean and Atlan- television system. building of the United Cere- tic Counties. The grant will also finance bral Palsy Treatment Center, Also rejected was a 40 in- development of a laboratory Long Branch; construction of patient bed proposal at the computer program. a 312-bed Neptune Inter- PMK Rehabilitation Center, Health Facilities 0 mediate Care Center; con- Freehold; and a 50 in-patient mw " „ Health care approvals in- version of beds in the Abjo renaDUitatlon facility at the 12x9 Twouoisj-olive Comm. Ant •»»• clude a new 92-bed facility for Villa, Keansburg, from shel- Tower Lodge Extended Care 12»12 J Harvest Gold Comm. Nyl - - »• Facility, Wall Township. 10x12 Ofongcode Tones Comm. Nylon '"• T. Marshall Intermediate ter care to lower level inter- 10.6x12 Tuscun Gold Sculpt.

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Hart, who told members "We must turn our energies to 12x11 Green Volley Sculpt. Nyl _ Oceon Grove 10x12 Lime Soge Twist Acr Red Bank exploration of the ocean's resources to feed mankind," shakes hands with 10.9x1 Ml Upper Freehold Member Federal Reserve System / Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Golden Velvet Carved Nyl „ Lions president G. Stephen Ingram, as first vice president Jack Bogardus 12x10 Gieen Valley Velvel Plush looks on. 10.4x12 Fown Poly. Shog— 9.3x12 Orangeade Tones Nyl Comm... __. 9.10x12 Lemon-lime Chromatones Comm. Nyl - 9x12 Russet Gold Nyl.... 10.4x12 Forest Green Embossed Kodel. 10x12 lime Sage Sculpt. Nyl-_ CROW UGHTguide to' Candidates Urge 12x13.6 Gold Tones Acr...... 10x15 Rose Carved Nylon 12x11 Turquoise Olive Com Acr. _ . 105x12 Tuscan Gold Sculpt. Nyl. .. RegionalPlanning 9.6x11 Lime-Sage Heavy Shog Nyl . _ -the biggest whiskey news since Repeal! 9.8x10 Neatherlnd-Out.Acr 11x11 Bronie Shag Nyl ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS fluences the lives of people 9.6x14.5 Red & Black Shag Poly Not a Bourbon. Lighter Nothing shy about it — A regional planning com- outside this borough. 10.3x12 Geld Fantosy Carved Kodel _. mittee to coordinate land area Land values also come into 8.2x14.3 Ruse! Gold Sculpt. Nyl than Scotch. Smoother than Don't be fooled by CROW LIGHTs use and to preserve the exist- the picture. 10.2x12 Avc Random Sheared Nyl.. gentle manners though. This is real * 11x11.2 Brown Poly. Shag Canadian. ing character of this and The Democrats contend llixllJ lime Soge Acr _ whiskey all light Fully 80 proof But neighboring municipalities is what goes on in neighboring It's an all-new category it may well be the most civilized whis- 9x12 OliveTojws Embossed Kodel. ... being urged by the Democrat- communities affects each mu- SAT. ONLY-10:00 A.M. of whiskey, just authorized. key in history. ic candidates for Borough nicipality directly. "Declining Council. real estate values in one place It's here. Now. Light Whiskey. Great mixed—or neat The candidates, Eugene J. can easily cause would-be in- Not a brand. A revolutionary new Pick up your first bottle of CROW Caffrey and Vernon E. Clinch, vestors and responsible devel- class oi whiskey—unlike Bourbon.Rye, LIGHT on your way home tonight. also said zoning ordinances opers to shy away from the 9x 12 IND-OUT. K 6x9 FRINGED OVAL Scotch, blends or any of the traditional Start by pouting it straight, over ice here, in Highlands and in Mid- whole area," they said. whiskeys you've known. cubes in a wide glass. Wait. Let it chill dletown Township should be The two Democrats said the Light Whiskey. The lightest, Then take it slowly, one smooth sip at made compatible. current Republican adminis- smoothest whiskey ever made in a time. "It may well be in our joint tration has an obligation to in- America! Ahhh. interests to create a regional itiate steps required for in- VALUES TO S50.00 ± VALUES TO S80.00 terrriunicipal cooperation and YoucMSubstiwteCROWLIGHT, master plan with zoning ordi- Its own light taste that joint planning does not shot for shot, in all your favorite whis- nances which take into ac- count the fact that the land- have to wait until Jan. 1. Light Whiskey is made possible by key drink recipes. And it mixes better scape knows no municipal Both candidates have sweeping new U.S. Government regu- with fruit juices than do traditional boundaries," said Mr. Caf- pledged to work for area-wide SAT. 10 A.M. BOMBS lations.They permit radically different whiskies. frey. planning immediately upon OOOKTON yam distilling and aging techniques (see CROW LIGHT is every bit as His running mate, Mr. taking office. Commercial Tweed Nyl. , ___..59. box) which produce a whiskey with a good as our 137 years of experience Clinch said, "Atlantic High- Blue-Green Sculp. Nyl „ 49 3 delightful character all its own. can make it. In fact, we're so sure you'll Red £ Black Nylon Shog _. 49. ^ lands is not an island and land Moss Green Sculp. Nyl 99. ]9 ^ One sip of CROW LIGHT will be pleased with it, we're willing to re- use in Highlands and Middle- Levin Heads Sherwood Forrest Green Sheared Acr .-. B9. 9!. show you that Light Whiskey is a fund every penny if you aren't. town, particulary in areas ad- Plush Meadows Green Heavy Poly. Shag 49. 3 « clean break with the past. Light with- Go ahead. We trust your judgment. joining this borough, is of vi- Ecology Unit Ocean Tones Tight Comm. Nyl 129. 19 J tal interest to each resident. Nutria Beige Sculp. Nyl .. „. ... 49 9' J out being thin. Mild without being Try CROW LIGHT tonight. A dean Candy Red Cobblestone Nyl..: '_Z._ZIZZj?! 19 1 One Community WEST LONG BRANCH - bland. break with the past; Arnold B. Levin has been Nylon Commercial Tweed ^49. "We are, in fact, one com- Green Shadows Patterned Nyl _ . 59 Note: ForBourbondrinkers, named chairman of the Envi- Sky-Blue Plush Nyl _ LZZZt?! munity, and an ill-conceived ronmental Commission.. ' there's always Old Crow development plan and short- Other members are Joseph sighted decisions by one mu-. Why "Light Whiskey" Don't confuse new CROW LIGHT P. Henry, Charles C. Gahler, nicipal government can ad- is the first utterly with our famous Old Crow. They're Donald R. Mayer, Robert B. $ oo3 O y new whiskey in 40 years. entirely separate, different products. versely affect the quality of PART ROLLS 144 c°AR P ET life for all of us," he contin- Ostergaard. Kenneth Walters We make Old Crow— and plenty of it and Fred B. Metier. DEsatmoN VALUE ued. Golden Morning Tones Sculp Nyl . Since Repeal, the same strict regu- —for the millions who enjoy smooth, Among the first consid- 12x25 289. lations have controlled whiskey The Democrats specifically 12x21 Blue Horizon Sculp. Nyl !95. erations of the group is the Two-Tone Twist Nyl Shag making in America. mellow Bourbon, America's most pop- cited the Mount Mitchell area 12x25.9 249. cataloging of all open land in 12x29.6 Avocado Green Sculp Nyl 299. • But in 1968, to enable domes- ular drink. where the three municipal' the borough and the analysis 12x30 ' Mint and Avocado Twist Nyl Shog 299. '• tic distillers to make a whiskey borders come together. 12x23.10 Sea Misl Green Sculp Nyl of all existing ordinances of 295. with the lightness of Scotch and "12x30 Two-Tone Golden Twist Nyl 399. Canadian, the Government speci- It is quite possible, they environmental significance. 12x30 Forest Tones Poly. Shog 395. fied rules for a totally new kind contend, that the character of A basic need, as seen by the 11.9x29.9 Sun ond Wheat Tones Poly Shog 339. of American whiskey—to go on development on the three commission, is definition of 11.10*27 Orange, Gold and Brawn Poly Shag 349. 1 11.10x27 Blue and Green Paly Shag sale this year. sides will end up uncompli- environmental problems 349. 12x28.6 Aqua and Green Twist Nyl Shag 349. The new regulations meant that mentary to one another and faced by the community and 11.10x27 Gold ond Wheat Tones Poly Shog Americans could, for the first time, 359. destroy the natural beauty of an estimate of their mean- 12x30.6 Sea Misl Green Twist Acnlon 5Sog 365. distill whiskeys above 160 proof. the landscape forever. 12x37.6 Golden Odyssey Sculp Nyl . . 395. And age them in seasoned oak ings. barrels. The candidates stressed The commission hopes to L. All RUGS SUBJECT TO PRIOR SAIE The result: the revolutionary, that there are other areas of meet in the near future with remarkably smooth, new class of concern. neighboring conservation products—Light Whiskey! "This borough has just as commissions and state and lo- much of a stake in what JVIid- cal authorities. dletown allows in the High- 671-5880 lands of Navesink, at river's School Given FRI. 10-9 edge, on Rt. 36 or in Leonardo as the residents of Middle- 5 Typewriters 10-6 Try CROW LIGHT tonight town do," Mr. Caffrey said. MATAWAN — Five IBM Guaranteed to be the smoothest whiskey you ever tasted Mutual Interests typewriters have been "We are just as interested presented to Matawan Re- or your money back!* in what Highlands approves gional High School by the •We'll refund purchase price to purchaser if he u in any manner dissatisfied with CROW LIGHT. Send bottle with unused content! via Railway on Mount Mitchell, on the wa- board of the Matawan Com- EipfOJ collect to: Crow Distillery Company, 13th and Bernheim Lane, Louisville, Kentucky 40201—and provide the following Information: terfront or near Twin Lights munity Adult School. Your Dime, iddren, your comments, purchase size and price, store name and address. as anyone in that town," con- The machines will be used tinued Mr. Clinch. by the high school students LIGHT WHISKEY • EIGHTY PROOF • CROW DISTILLERY COMPANY- LOUISVILLE KENTUCIW They said what is done in and adults taking evening this municipality directly in- classes. "43 HI. 35 Credit Card Use Tike Daily Register, Bed Bank-Middle town, N.J. Friday, October 2t, 1172 15 By SYLVIA PORTER checks in transactions they Japanese Automaker three them By ROGER E. SPEAR margins, will probably contin- pxxl only at a particular store MONEY'S ue to be a problem. However, or chain of stores? Q — Would you please ex- Successful this may be offset if Magna- Do you use at least one of WORTH plain where I can buy stock in vox continues to make head- these cards regularly ? . "The most remarkable find- Toyo Kogyo? — J.H. way in regaining its former 10 Investing per cent share of the color TV Do you think of your card or gi s familieg s using cred ward a checkless society as A — Shares of this Japanese - And no matter what your J? ^ " 1 cards primarily as a source of ltcardd s tentd l0 write m( the result of credit card use." automaker are traded Over- market Start-up costs on the special group, you write more l. >re credit, and in only a secon- onth than fami . Another prime implication the-Counter and may be pur- company's new line of all sol- acceptance for this line. Be- checks th V f dary way as a convenience? famiUes who do f .T* - is that our consumer debt pat- chased through a retail bro- chased in 1966 at $43 and 100 id state TV sets are now be- cause shares have good long- notusecardsecards lies who do not use such Do you write more checks tern is being changed by the kerage house. Because Ameri- Addressograph-Multigraph hind, thus earnings should range, potential, my advice What are some of the funda- ^^."emphasizep s MandeUndeU. (NYSE) bought in 1969at $73? than you used to, despite your TT obob addition of credit card debt to can Depository Receipts are benefit from the enthusiastic would be to hold. mentaentll iimplications of all ^^ "ou"ouss contradictiocontradictionn iiss -R.W. use of the cards too? this? " other types of consumer debt. not yet available in this secu- substanUated. even when ad- rity you will have to purchase A — At the present time you Do you have a basic, nag- are made for a The use of credit card debt ging fear that credit cards One prime implication is ge the foreign shares which are have an indicated paper loss that, although all credit cards m me of he Card is most pronounced among make it too easy for you to ^ , i "«^ higher income families, which subject to an 11 per cent inter- of $4,600 or 40 per cent of your are substitutes for money or originally invested capital. Fix up buy things you do not really witr! often have no other consumer est equalization tax. Toyo, want or cannot honestly af- debt and certainly could bor- producer of the Wankel-poW- While this is a rather bleak ford? row at less than an 18 per cent ered Mazda car, is Japan's picture, the future for both is- with money sues may be justifiably view- Do you, as a result of this annual rate. But these fami- third largest automobile pro- lies aren't taking on long-term ducer with sales at about the ed more optimistically. In the basic fear, tend to think of Big Potential case of Addressograph, the re- from us debt; they're using the cards ?900,000 level. These shares your cards as an evil — a nec- covery trend has been amply essary evil, but still an evil — as convenience and they pay are currently quoted in the |2 See us about a home off the debts quickly. price range. demonstrated by operating re- and not as a good thing? sults. For the fiscal year en- improvement loan. Low bank If you answered yes to ev- In China Trade And a third implication is Q - Should I sell 100 shares ded July, sales moved 6 per rates. Convenient ery one of these probing ques- that most of you are using of Magnavox (NYSE) pur- "cent higher to $436 million. repayment plans. tions, you are typical of your eminent common sense Some 3.8 per cent of total today's credit-card user, ac- Is Seen for V.S. in handling your credit cards Power Physics sales was taken down to in- cording to the first com- — recognizing their dangers come resulting In earnings of as well as their allure. Most prehensive study ever made NEW YORK (AP) - A are among the hardest work- Profits Up $2.07 versus 62 cents a share Americans are indeed their of Credit Card Use in the China authority who repre- ing, most intelligent workers in fiscal 1971. Further gains own best money managers. U b ," soon to be published by sented 14 American com- in the world.. They intend to EATONTOWN - Power are indicated for the current the University of Michigan In- panies in trade negotiations exceed Japan in economic Physics- Corporation has an- year and shares should be stitute for Social Research this year at Canton and Pek- growth." nounced sharply increased held for partial recovery. ($4, paperbound). ing estimates that within 10 sales and earnings for the They are thrifty, have no in- Magnavox has reported re- years the United States could year ended, June 30,1972. TooEasy ternal or external debt — they duced earnings in the first be selling $5 billion worth of Sales increased to $2,027,896, "Kew Americans teha 10 bought their United Nations two quarters this year, think of credit cards as a good goods a year to China. mission building for hard cash up from 11,715,042 the prior Mjmbtr F.O.I C. year, while net income in- despite an 8 per cent higher thing, whether they use them Harned Pettus Hoose, a Los — and are shrewd traders. 1 level of sales. Furthermore, or not," says Dr. Lewis Man- Angeles attorney who was Hoose noted that in order to , creased to $139,882 or $.42 per • share from $70,700 or $.24 per. no significant recovery is an- FRST dell, who directed the ISR born and raised in China, capitalize on price differ- ticipated before the final study. "Fully 75 per cent of all noted in an interview that a entials in the world markets • share for the previous year. NATIONAL The net income of $139,882 in- quarter when consumer prod- respondents said that credit sudden increase in China they are currently exporting uct sales generally surge. BANK cards made it too easy to buy trade not only would mean a rice and importing wheat. cludes an extraordinary item COlDNIALto of $14,350. or $.04 per share. Price-cutting on television The bank thai looks out lor you things." vast outlet for the huge U.S. When he was growing up in sets, which has narrowed Now check where you, a production machinery but a China during the 1930s, Hoose credit card owner, fit in the source of raw materials also. said, he often heard the com- wide range of users analyzed. In "hundreds of hours of ment. "Mei yii fa-tze," or — If you have a higher than talks" with high-level trade "There is no solution." On his average income and higher officials of the People's Re- return he heard, "Yu pan'fa," than average education, public, Hoose, who helped or "There is a way." you're more likely to be a brief President Nixon for his The Chinese, he concludes, card user than those with low- February visit, was told, "We are now ready to enter Phase er incomes and educations. are a very, very rich nation in Three of their development "Income is the major de- minerals because we came The first phase was the re- terminant of credit-card use," into the industrial world late." volution, the second the solu- Lawreace S.Grosnaaa uriKT bros. Mandell concludes. Among those in-great quan- tion of material problems. — If you are a young family tities are copper, iron, lead, "They have solved their and have children, you are manganese, zinc, molybdenum material needs," Hoose said Grossman more likely to use cards than and tin. "AH are in over- flatly. "I reject the notion' other groups and more likely supply," he was told. And that they are starving equally. Joins Firm to incur debt on your cards China,is already recognized China is now well fed and as having the world's largest than other groups. "Another clothed, and in some medical MARLBORO — Council tungsten and antimony re- determinant of credit-card areas, such as in eradicating President Lawrence S. Gross- serves. use is related to the age of the venereal disease, they exceed man has-joined the Red Bank SAU EVENT family head." In addition, it has oil re- oar accomplishments." law firm of Drazin, Warshaw, — If you live in the suburbs, serves large enough to make Phase Three is the industri- Auerbach & Rudnick, 25 Reck- it's probable that you are an the nation self-sufficient. alization. China, he said, "has less Place. active credit card user, while These supplies have been esti- decided it shall have industry Mr. Grossman is also trea- SPECTACULAR CLEARANCE "families living in central mated to place the Chinese forthwith, even if they have to surer of th Western Main-- Our entire inventory . cities or rural areas are least ,12th among oil reserve, na- buy it with the money they mouth Utilities Authority. likely to use such cards." tions, but Hoose now believes earn."- He was graduated from the of retail nursery stock! — If you use your cards to those reserves are grossly un- The situation presents Wharton School of Finance buy clothing more than any derestimated. Americans with an unparal- and Commerce, JUniversity of Evergreens, shade trees, flowering other category of goods, He said trade officials told leled opportunity to present . Pennsylvania, with a degree trees & shrubs. Ready to plant now! you're typical. On both bank him: "We are an oil rich their wares and show their in finance, and received his - and store credit cards, cloth- country, possibly one of the skills if, said Hoose, using the ' law degree from Vlllanova tag is the most frequent' type three greatest oil reserve na- words reiterated so" often by University. SAVlE 'otturchase. tions in the world." the Chinese, "our relations Mr. Grossman has been — And if you're in any in- The Chinese think their off- continue." practicing law in New Jersey come group below the very shore reserves are very sig- ' Hoose cited two conditions for seven years and is a mem- top, you use your card to ob- nificant, especially in the. which could deter trade: ber of the state Bar Associ- tain credit, and this is the northeast, Hoose reported, ad- "I can foresee it failing to ation, American Bar Associ- most important use you make ding that a Chinese geologist develop if we do not grant ation, and the Monmouth and. of the card. You see your card told him that inland "there is them 'most favored nation' Middlesex County Bar Associ- as another instrument for tak- a vast ocean of oil under and treatment, or equality on tar- ations. He resides with his ing on installment debt and adjoining the Gobi Desert." iffs, or if we attempt to ex- wife and two children at One you treat your card debt like These, he said, are among ploit their resources." Victoria Court, Morganville. an installment loan — paying the assets the Chinese believe a little each month, generally will permit them to afford Hunniiiiuiiiiiiiiiiuiiinniiiinnmiiiiiimiiiiniiiiiiuiiniiiiuiiiiiiliniii iiiiniiii the minimum allowable, massive imports'of American monthly payment. industrial machinery. A sec- ; Local Securities — But if you're in the high- aid great asset, he said, is the - est income group, you use people. "Our people will work Representative inter-dealer quotations at approximately 3pm • your card as a convenience — very hard," negotiators told yesterday from NASD. Prices do not include retail mark-up ; and whatever debt you Incur him. mark-down, or commission: on the ..card,, you attempt to Adds Hoose: "Don't under- -pay off as quickly as you can. estimate that promise, they BANKS Dlr. BM \71 American Bancorp..... 18 1 18% Belmar-WaU National ;...... '...... '. 70" 75 . Colonial First National Bank (x) 6% 6% Central Jersey Bank (x).. .'..'..'. 14% 14% Franklin State Bank 29 31 CASUAL FURNITURE First Merchants Nafl Bank (x) 11%' n% 1 First Nat'l Bank Toms River (x) '. 25 26% Save on entire inventory of unusual First State Ocean County (x) 18% 19% • Jersey Shore Bank wrought aluminum by "Medallion" fluffy litlle capc-slwve : 24 - 25% Bank of Manalapan ; 25 i and ... "Arlington House" wrought blouses of Enkalurc* Middletown Banking Co. (16% St. Div.).!""" 23 26 iron summer furniture-seating, New Jersey National Corp 31 31% Fashion pecks over your dining & occasional pieces included. . Ocean County Nat'l (x) 75 NIIDIIIIIIT with a citpc- People's Nafl Bank, Lakewood (x) 150 sloeyp. lieuuliful blouse Shore National Bank ?, ; ill lailnoil lilmk <>> Trust Co. of Ocean County (x) :...... ; v 47 whitr u( oasjH'itrtvEii United Counties Trust Co....A...... ;...r...... ' ' 1 23 lure ' to lu-ct'iil all your United Jersey Banks of N.J „.:...... 57 new palauo pants. Sixes (x) Plus Stock S ML. By Ruth Man- INDUSTRIAL Hu-aliT LUl. bulbs Asked Aerological Research „ lc 5e $16 'Alkon Industries : '.. 3 4 Crocus, tulips, hyacinths, Atlantic Appliance Co., Inc • ,,, 1% [Brockway I..'..!.""."!!!.""" daffodils, rock garden bulbs 25% 26% and lots more... Buck Engineering ' H 9 Electronic Associates m » 8% Electronic Assistance !.!.."...!. 3 3% Foodarama 4 Gibson-Homans li* THRIFTY HOMEOWNERS BUY NOW Interdata 12 International Components Corp & GET MORE FOR LESS! King James Extended Care . .. white quantities last Laird 7 Metallurgical International 2 OFF Scons Midland Glass 7% Monmouth Airlines ENTIRE Monmouth Capital ,... Monmouth Industries INVENTORY; i Muttiobal Nylon. Monmouth Park .fertilizer': 11% seed ' N. J. Natural Gas 17% I'BnUrr Precision Optics supplies the Rowan Controller I."".!""!!""!'! 2% garden, Servomation 27% FamJyi center CANAI Southern Container 2 Spiral Metal 2% IVtuiv Rt. 71, Monmouth Rd., West Long Branch, N,J. RED BANK: 30,BROAD STREET U. S. Homes 2fi United Telecontrol Electronics 4 201 /229-25B7 • Open daily incl. Sunday 9 to 6 ASBURY PARK: 600 COOKMAN AVE. Walter Reade Organization, Inc 1% 2 " Master Charge • Bankamericard Window Tel % \ t> Itn TUINI* MM. CMOtN CIKItt llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIUIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII^ 16 the Daily Register, Red Bank—Mlddktown, N.J. Friday, October2t, 1*72 » Committee Chairman Lauds Democrats Set Drive WASHINGTON - New Jer- sons displaced by federal pro- ulated, there are tew accept- sey Congressman James J. grams; and an Omnibus Riv- able areas where power Howard has received com- ers and Harbors and Flood plants can be constructed. mendation from the chairman Control bill designed to pro- Mr. Blatnik said he was par- For Colts Neck Seat of the House Public Works tect lives and property from ticularly impressed with the College, Mr. Kurtz is a former Committee for his role in win- floods, improve navigation on work Mr. Howard had contrib- COLTS NECK — The newly ning passage of major com- the nation's waterways, and uted to the $24.6 billion water reorganized Colts Neck teacher. Presently he is a principal in the insurance mittee legislation in the clos- halt the erosion of our shore- pollution control bill. BIRDS Democratic Club has ing days of the 92nd Congress. lines. "Under the terms of this 'launched a concerted effort, firm of Miller, Foley and Kurtz, East Brunswick. Committee Chairman John Public HorES bill, New Jersey's eligibility including mailing campaigns, was made, second only to New • BIRD SEED* CRACKED CORN "meet the candidate" meet- Mr. Kurtz has been active A. Blatnik said Rep. Howard "As chairman of the House ings, and a cocktail party, to here in sports activities, in- "rendered invaluable serv^e Committee on Public Works, York in the amount of federal win a spot on the all-Republi- cluding coaching basketball m our legislative hearings, in it has been a pleasure and a grants available, and Con- SUNFLOWER SEEDS • BIRD FEEDERS can Township Committee. and Little League baseball the drafting of these impor- privilege for me to serve with gressman Jim Howard made William M. Kurtz, com- teams and serving on the tant and complex bills, and in Congressman Jim Howard in an outstanding contribution in board of directors of the town- his knowledgeable and per- his eight years in the Con- helping to write this bill," Mr. mittee candidate, has sched- gress," Rep. Blatnik said. Blatnik added. uled 15 meetings to meet resi- ship Sports Foundation. suasive presentations during • SUETCAKES •BIRDHOUSES He is a member of the Stew- the House debates that led to Mr. Blatnik also praised Mr. Discussing the water pollu- dents throughout the town- passage of these measures." Howard for chairing a series tion control bill. Rep. Blatnik ship's three voting districts. ardship Committee of St. Pe- ter's Episcopal Church, Rep. Blatnik said Congress- of energy crisis hearings. said he had never seen a "bet- •BIRD BATH WARMERS At 3 p.m. tomorrow the pub- Freehold. man Howard played a leading "Congressman Jim Howard, ter coordinated, better pre- lic is invited to attend a cock- part in the end of-the-session in his usual hard-working pared, more nonpartisan ef- tail party at the Colts Neck Mr. Kurtz is no newcomer to government and civic en- passage of the committee's manner, took a deep look into fort in my entire 26 years in. Inn, Rt. 537, for Mr. Kurtz, $24.6 billion water pollution the ever-increasing problem the Congress. and Rep. James J. Howard, deavors. His father, William Kurtz Sr., served as speaker control bill which sets as a na- of our energy crisis in the D-N.J., who is running for re- tional goal the complete United States," Mr. Blatnik Crafts Day Slated election in the Third Congres1 of the state Assembly during Gov. Robert B. Meyner's clean-up of America's waters said. MIDDLETOWN - The chil- sional District. by 1985; the Fedetal-Aid High-, Mr. Howard, during the William M. Kurtz terms of office. dren's department of the pub- Flyers were mailed earlier way Act of 1972, which author- hearings, pointed out that lic library will conduct a Point Road with his wife Lu- A South Amboy native, Mr. this month to residents in- Kurtz Jr. served in that Mid- izes funds for completion of New Jersey is the most den- crafts day tomorrow.' forming them of Mr. Kurtz's cille and five sons, William Highway System by 1979, and sely populated state in the na- Youngsters are invited . to Jr.; Jeffrey; Glen; Eric, and dlesex County city as presi- candidacy and background. dent of the Lions Club and provides for a major ex- tion and because of that, New make Halloween mobiles' W SINCE 1926 A resident here the past two Gordon. pansion and improvement of Jersey has great energy de- president of the Board of Edu- which will be used to decorate' FAIR HAVEN SHREWSBURY years, Mr. Kurtz lives at Five A graduate of Lafayette cation. He also served as non-interstate roads through- mands. the children's room. The li- president of the Middlesex, out the country; a Uniform ' On the other hand, the New brary will be closed Monday 747-1030 741-6300 County Insurance Agents As- Relocation Assistance Act to Jersey congressman said that, in observance of Veterans Greenspan to Head sociation. provide financial help for per- because New Jersey is so pop- Day. Jewish Appeal Unit DEAL — Harold Greenspan He and his wife, Reba, and has been named chairman of two sons live here. the advanced gifts division of Headquarters for the annual the 1972 Federated United campaign is the YM-YWHA, Jewish Appeal of the Shore 100 Grant Ave. Area. Mr. Greenspan, president of Kleen-Rite Janitorial Service, Volunteers Avon, long associated with Jewish and civic charities and Sought By causes, has been involved in the United Jewish Appeal for Foundation more than a decade. ENGLISHTOWN - The Na- "The needs of world Jewry tional Foundation for Sudden are greater today then ever- Infant Death, 3 Chamber before. It is hoped that our Lane, is seeking people will- advanced gifts division will be ing to help operate backyard. able to raise 30 per cent of our Halloween Parties on Sunday, 1972 goal of $500,000," said Mr. Oct. 29th to benefit the foun- Greenspan. dation. The money will go into The parties would consist of three major areas: to Israel costume contest, dunking for for help in health, welfare and apples, bicycle decorating and education, and for support of doll carriage contest. that land's skyrocketing im- Winners will receive prizes migration and absorption and all will receive cider and costs, as well as to local needs donuts. •for community services, espe- The foundation will provide cially for the aged and the necessary items for each per- young. son willing to give a Hallo- Mr. Greenspan is a trustee ween party for the children in of Temple Beth El, Asbury their area. Park, treasurer of the Hillel The National Foundation School, Wanamassa, and a for Sudden Infant Death is a '• member of the advisory board non-profit organization dedi- of the Monmouth YM-YWHA. ' cated to solving the mystery of "Crib Death." More than' 10,000 babies per year die of Roll Call SIDS. It is the major killer of in- Service Set fants under one year of age. At Church Parish Slates HIGHLANDS - Rev. Charles Marker, superinten- St. Jude Rites dent of the Northeast District ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS of the United Methodist — Special St. Jude's Devo- Church Southern New Jersey tions will be conducted in St. . Conference, will be the speak- Agnes Catholic Church in er at the annual roll call ser- preparation for the Feast of vice at First Methodist St. Jude on Oct. 28. Church Sunday. The devotions will be con- A 6130 p.m. roast beef din- ducted Sunday through ner will precede a hymn sing Friday by the Rev. Noel Scan- at 7 p.m. and the 7:30 p.m. Ion. service. The junior and senior On Sunday only one service choirs will present appro- will be conducted at 7:30 p.m. priate anthems. It will consist of special pray- Rev. Lloyd R. Applegate', ers, sermon and Benediction pastor, will conduct the wor- of the Most Blessed Sacra- ship service. Lay leader G. L. ment. Whitfield will lead the hymn On Monday through Friday,. sing. Masses will be celebrated at 9 Mr. Marker, who resides in a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Sermons Neptune, came to the New will be preached at the Mass Jersey Conference in 1939. and special St. Jude's Prayers, He has served congrega- will be recited during this/ tions in Tansboro, Groveville, time. Confessions will be Trenton, Princeton iind Moo- heard after the Masses. restown. Superintendent Marker was appointed to head Temple Plans • the Northeast District in 1970 by Bishop Prince A. Taylor. Sabbath Meal The church is located at 103 MATAWAN - The Ritual Bay Avenue. Committee of Temple Sha- lom, a Reform Congregation, Guild Plans will sponsor its annual Family Sabbath Meal on Friday Nov. Fashion Show 3, at 6:30 p.m. MAROBORO - The Wom- Following the family Sab- en's Guild of Old Brick Re- bath Meal, participants will formed Church will sponsor a join with the congregation for Fashion Show at 8 o'clock the worship service at 8:45 tonight in Volharden Hall. p.m. On Sunday the Pastor's Ser- mon at the 11 a.m. service will be "A Church ... By Any Other Name." The Junior High Youth Fel- lowship will meet at 7:15 p.m. Sunday in Volharden Hall. "Some people say I was crazy to spend more than $9000 The Confirmation Class will, meet at 7:15 p.m. Monday and' for our Mercedes-Benz. But when my wife and kids are out there by themselves, the Senior High Youth Fellow- : ship at 7:15 p.m. Tuesday. A on a day like today, that car is the best investment I ever made!' GET CASH FAST! UP TO'10,000 FOR HOME OWNERS Mercedes-Benz Wai ke loans to butln Monmouth County Investment Corp.f.; tin •* i i fA/ i A Monmoulh County Company f v ! {:.;, ',\\ I 4 i OlIO I Highway 'JS.Mtddlolown \* Murpjiy & Pavison, Inc. • Licensee G Douglas Alan, Inc. U.S. Highway #9 at Circle, Freehold, N. J. 07728 Phbner 201-462-5300 100 Oceanport Ave., Little Stiver, N. J. 077,39 Phone: 201-842-5353 the' Edgar B. Mooneys Are Scarce ByBETTESPEBO LITTLE SILVER — "There are not many Ed Mooneys in Business State Calls for College Expansion this world..." once ,wrote TRENTON — The New Jersey Department of Higher Edu- Benjamin F. Michtom. then Personality cation proposed a plan today that calls for a massive ex- chairman of the board of the pansion of college education in the state but apparently re- Ideal Toy Corporation, New treats from a demand for open enrolment at community col- York. He is still chairman, only leges. Mr. Michtom said it simply now the membership numbers The state Board of Higher Education was expected to and succinctly. But as in all closer to 500, and the club adopt the master plan at its regular monthly meeting today. cases of classic under- name is now Monmouth ; Chancellor of Higher Education Ralph A. Dungan said the statement, manifold ex- Beach Bath and Tennis Club. program was designed to lay out broad general goals for the periences and accom- The membership at the pri- state in the next decade rather than serve as a specific blue- plishments by Edgar B. vate tennis club he owns here print. Mooney Jr. underlie what is is about 1,500. The plan anticipates that undergraduate enrolment in the summed up in a mere nine Incidentally, he did get state will grow from about 133,000 this year to at least 230,000 words. someone to play with him. by 1985. There are not many Ed And now, several successful About 206,000 of the students in 1985 would be from New Mooneys in the world? How tournaments later, he rates Jersey, which means the state would educate roughly 68 per could there be? himself as: "I would say that cent of its young compared to 43 per cent now. When was the last time you I'm an intermediate player, However, Dungan said the figures may be subject to sharp met a man who: but aspiring to points beyond revision because of the growing trend of "stop outs." The term — Started as an office boy that." applies to college students who interrupt their college careers and rose, in 13 years, to be Seven-Day Week for jobs and otjier pursuits, and it is uncertain how many re- vice president and the young- He doesn't get much chance turn to get their degrees. est ever member of the board to play now, because he works of directors in the Bates. Fab- 12 to IS hours a day, seven Institute Poll Puts Nixon Ahead ric Corporation. days a week. That hasn't TRENTON — The Eagleton Institute of Polities of Rut- — Became president of 'daunted his enthusiasm, how- gers University has released findings of an election poll that Marketing and Merchandising ever, for a sport whose big- falls about halfway between the findings of Democrats and Co., Inc., Which had exclusive gest asset, as he sees it, is its Republicans support of the presidential election. worldwide rights for the "Bot- family aspects. The survey said that President Nixon leads Sen. George any Brand" franchise. With that in mind, the McGovern by 54 to 31 per cent in New Jersey in a poll con- BOOT, Allen Recruit Mooneys practice what the ducted between Oct. 6 and 5. — Was recruited by Booz, family head preaches, for all The New Jersey McGovern campaign says its polls place Allen & Hamilton manage- are active in the sport. That McGovern about 15 points behind the president while GOP sur- ment consultant firm, while includes Mrs. Mooney, the for- veys have reported a Nixon lead of some 30 points. still in his 30's, to not only pull mer Phyllis Kavookjian, a Endicott Johnson Corp. shoe Rumson native; "Trip" (Ed- - WHfi RtgWtr phot* by Don Ural The survey asked 1,221 persons, "Suppose the election for manufacturers out of a TENNIS, ANYONE? — Edgar B. Mooney Jr., a Rumson resident and president and owner of the Little President were being held today and you had to choose right gar B. Mooney 3rd 19, a Mar- $14,000,000 loss to a $2,000,000 quette University student and Silver Racquet Club, plays the role of spectator while club members in the background put the club's now — would you vote for Richard Nixon the Republican, or profit, but also to effect that six indoor courts to good use. George McGovern, the Democrat?" head tennis pro at the Toms red into black switch while di- River Country Club); daugh- "All things being equal — The survey also reported that 53 per cent said they were recting the company's suc- fldential battle and war de- the, bunker. Unless the victim sense. Democrats and 35 per cent Republicans with the remainder ter Shawn, 16, a member of scriptions for the government. cared to impale himself, he He did not go to college be- intelligence, business integri- cessful defense against a Glen the Rumson-Fair Haven High claiming independent status. . .-. Alden Co. stock proxy raid. Mr. Mooney was one-of three stood for weeks in that pitch cause his family could not af- ty, loyalty to the people you Meanwhile the New Jersey Committee for the Reelection School varsity tennis team; remaining historians who darkness. ford it. Though he was offered serve ("Now at the club,, of the President reported that in a door-to-door survey of * — Performed marketing Michael, 12 (who also doubles were not killed or wounded in — "These tortures might football scholarships, he took that's the public. Unless we 286,708 voters in the state it found 56.5 per cent who favored consultant services for fields as a member of the Rumson- World War II. : ' sound .unreal — unbelievable an office boy post at Bates to serve them properly, we Nixon, about 16 per cent backing McGovern and 27 per cent encompassing advertising, Fair Haven Pop Warner foot- War Memories — untruthful. They are not. I help support his mother and won't succeed.") — the guy who said they were still undecided. The figures represented sports, toy and textile in- ball team), and Patrick, 9. Mi- He has many memories of have seen the results of the sister at home. who works harder should sue-, findings through the early part of this week, a committee dustries, including the "Tarn-- chael and Patrick attend For- the 3% years he spent writing tortures mentioned and have No College Degree ceed more substantially," he spokesman said. • my" doll campaign for the. restdale School, Rumson. commented. Ideal Toy Co. ' -. ' . about the men and memories spoken to the victims. They In an age when college de- In a telephone survey in the )O largest New Jersey coun- The Little Silver Racquet of what Americans of that era are the truth." grees are becoming nearly as Not Indispensable ties the GOP said it found 53.8 per'cent of 153,«79 voters back- — Worked as national retail Club, with six indoor and six had viewed as The Great For his Army service, Mr. numerous as crabgrass, and There is one other, point Mr. ing Nixon with the remaining 46.2 per cent either undecided or sales manager for Montgom- outdoor courts, has open time. War. But the most poignant, Mooney received the Legion in many instances about as Mooney did not mention, for McGovern. ; ery Ward & Co., one of the But Mr. Mooney stresses the perhaps, are those in an ad- of Merit, the French Croix de useful, Mr. Mooney com- though his philosophy, siph- three largest retail operations club will keep present mem- dress Mr. Mooney, a.member Guerre, the Silver Star, the ments: oned through his comments- MayorQibson's Choice Rejected in the United States. bership's interests as a prior- of The Owl-rags Press Club, Bronze Star and three Battle and his demeanor, hinted at — Served as vice president ity when trying to fill it. gave to Press Club members Stars. "Not going to college gave it. It would be modesty. NEWARK — Mayor Kenneth A. Gibson said yesterday the of the Licensing Corporation Private Corporation concerning the Nazi concen- His preparation for that me a greater desire to per- "I don't consider myself a failure of the City Council to approve a man he chose for om- of America, a franchising or- the He declined to comment on tration camp of Dachau, Army mission, as well as for form because I had to per- success," he concluded. "I'm budsman £ a denial to people of Newark of, "a man who ganization dealing with such which he saw right after it form. I wanted to make a would be capa6fe. of ridding city government of many of the the club's financial picture, his business acumen, revolved not indispensable! Don't think groups as Major League Baser pointing out it is a private cor- was liberated by the Allies. not so much around con- mark for myself, so I knew I any man is!" " malpractii^sjt&i^Jwe all know'jMUsk" , ,, ball, National Basketball As- poration. And hints are really would have to work harder." The CitpMMifcU voted fl. tp-^Wednesday night to reject sociation, U.S. Lawn Tennis Mr. Mooney's impressions ventional schooling but more Ableit Mr. Mooney is in the hard to garner from his con- of the camp were also the sub- so about the subjects that are He makes those years of best position to know* we bet the appointment BfRobert B. Washington it. who teaches ad- Association, Lamar Hunt's versation. ministrative law at Catholic University in Washington, as the World Championship Tennis ject of a story written by not given degree status in riding the corporate ladder, Bates, Endicott Johnson, city's first ombudsman. The couricilmen opposing the appoint- Inc., U. S. Professional Golf- On the one hand, he makes Keith George in the Bingham- educational institutions: not to mention three years of Ideal Toys, Montgomery ment made it clear1 they opposed the. program itself and not er's Association and Ski In- comments like; ton, N.Y., Sun-Bulletin in 1961, Imagination, initiative, cour- "commuting" from Red Bank Ward, and now the Little Sil- Washington personally. structors of America. — "My specialty is getting shortly before Nazi leader age, and a keen Intellect pep- Airport to Binghamton, N.Y., ver Racquet Club, would beg people out of the red and into Adolph Eichmann was to go pered with plenty of common sound easy. to differ. The ombudsman Idea originated in Scandinavia, A citizen , Racquet CM> President the black." on trial in Israel for his al- with a gripe against the government can all the ombudsman The man of those accom- leged war crimes. and tell him of his dissatisfaction. The ombudsman may then — "When you are first start- plishments is Mr. Mooney, •ing out, you have to be pre- The War Department aur investigate and.jgass>onAis.tindHigs^ ...— ^ who heads the Little Silver 1 > Scime: months fagi M council had approved the idea qJT an pared to atjpaT lbs« tneiiey thor's writings were con- Racquet Club. He is president for a couple of years." ombudsman, which would be underwritten by'the federal gov- of a corporation that took fidential, but in a letter he ernment. ' — "Tennis has a great future wrote after first viewing the over the club a year ago from and so on, but there is a limit ravages of Dachau, Mr. Gibson, in a statement issued yesterday, said the con- its founders, Nat and Claire to the number of people that tradiction would "cause Washington to think twice before ap- Tall, who built the complex Mooney revealed the abject proving any programs for the city of Newark." The mayor will play — and pay for that horror in the hopes that such here about four years ago. play." revelation would prevent the said, "I am sending money ($261,000) back to Washington that Marketing, in his own opin- RED BANK, N.J. FRIDAY. OCTOBER 20,1972 17 could be used to insure the people of the City of Newark that But on the other hand, the repetition of so much mass in- ion, is the strong suit in Mr. club has received local Plan- humanity. each and every; department which is operating on taxpayers' Mooney's multifaceted busi- money would toe the mark and that they .would be guaranteed ning Board approval to ex- His thoughts are reproduced iiuniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiinmuiiinin iiiiiitiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiii ness expertise. And a tennis pand the present facilities, ad- a dollar's worth of service for a dollar spent." player himself, he never hesi- here, in part, as they appeared ! ding several more courts. The in The Sun-Bulletin, for they i .' ' '_' •''',. tates to promote his latest corporation is also thinking in product. give an insight riot only into a Insurance Firms to Pay Fund terms of a new building, just whole era of history but also "Tennis is a dignified north of the present complex, into the character of Edgar B. TRENTON — The Unsatisfied Claims and Judgment sport," Mr. Mooney com- on Birch Ave. that would turn Mooney Jr. The letter ex- Fund, which presently is jointly funded by motorists and insur- mented. "It is courteous but the club into a sports comple: x cerpts ance companies, will be funded entirely by the insurance linns competitive, inexpensive but with facilities such as paddle after Jan. 1, when the state's no-fault auto insurance law takes underlined with affluency. It Earlier Thoughts tennis and ice skating rink. — "A day at Dachau was effect, state. Motor Vehicle Director Ray J. Marini has're- has character—but it's fun." Completion target date is : never without agony for the vealed. • '•. •' . . •' , >••'/• : , Spoken like a true tennis 1973. individual... Skinny, nude . At present, uninsured drivers are required to> pay $50 to proponent, and that Mr. Sports Interests -bodies with arms and legs the fund when they register theifrcare, Marjni noted yes- Mooney was long before he Mr. Mooney's sports inter- that could be encircled with terday. Insurance companies are assessed a maximum of bought a racquet club. But he ests stretch back to long be- thumb and index fin-* three per cent of the cash value of their automobile insurance readily admits he is not in fore they were ever syno- ger... One prisoner tells of a sales. danger of winning the Davis nomous with money. He man hanging by his thumbs Marini said he would lift the three per cent ceiling on in- Cup. played baseball, basketball all day on the parade grounds surance company payments after Jan. Lto guarantee that "we Monmouth Beach Club and captained the football as an example for passing have a fund to cover whatever it costs to satisfy claims About 10 years ago, when he team at Leonardo High School prisoners. against uninsured drivers." was a member of Monmouth (now Middletown High). His — "Or a man, caught in an The no-fault-law, adopted by the state Legislature earlier Beach Club, Mr. Mooney de- high school football team, on attempt at escape, would be this year, empowers the motor vehicle director to remove the cided to take up tennis. which he played quarterback, tied to a stake in the kennels ceiling. "I was sitting there at the lost one game in three years. where tremendously large Marini said he did not know whether the new policy will club, in my whites,' with my After high school, he played and hungry Doberman - mean that insurance companies will have to pay more to the new racquet in my hand," he for the Leonardo (semi-pro scher dogs, infuriated by SS fund than they do at present. recalled. "But no one would football) Field Club. While in men, would mutilate a man in play with me, because I the U.S. Army in the early one ferocious leap. wasn't good enough." School Funds Block Is Sought 1940's, he was quarterback on — "The most common tor- TRENTON — A eoalitionjtf19 civic, educational and reli-_ —About that timo, he was the Army football team that asked to be the club's tennis ture was the binjker, a small gious groups has filed suit in U.S. District Court here in an at- won several Eastern Confer- room about two feet square tempt to block the disbursement of $19.5 million in state funds chairman, an admittedly ence championships. He was somewhat dubious distinction and seven feet high. Here a earmarked for private and parochial schools. selected All (Army)-Confer- man was made to stand for because there were only 38 ence quarterback. Rtjlittr Stall Phot* The coalition. Public Funds for Public Schools of New Jer- tennis members. two weeks with only bread sey, contends that "immediate and irreparable injury" would The Army led Mr. Mooney, and water to keep him alive. HAPPY BIRTHDAY — Mrs. Velma Dey presents framed birthday poem occur if a preliminary injunction is not granted. "I took the chairman's job who enlisted as a private and His thin body, starved with to Donald E. Lawes Sr. on behalf of employes of Lawes Coal Co., Shrews- Attorney Ellen B. Kukla of Livingston, representing the because I thought then, per- retired as a captain, to sev- malnutrition, might be able to bury. Mr. Lawes celebrated his 75th birthday yesterday, still head of the plaintiffs, charged in papers filed yesterday that the dis- haps someone would play with eral other distinctions. He crouch or even sit in the limit- company he founded In 1926. bursement of the funds would violate the First Amendment of me," Mr. Mooney com- was chosen by the U.S. War ed space, but the guards the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits governmental support • mented. Department to be one of sev- eliminated that comfort by for religious institutions. The rest would appear to be en combat historians and cor- erecting a short needle-sharp Mrs. Kukla claimed immediate relief is necessary since Mooney-magic-touch history. respondents who wrote con- pole situated in the center of many local boards are in the process of hiring teachers for Employes Fete Lawes nonpublie schools in the belief that the state will reimburse them for the teachers' salaries. School boards in Teaneck, Livingston and West Orange al- Brookdale Gives Hosie L. Scott ready have hired nonpublie school personnel, she charged. On His 75th Birthday 3.65 Million Eligible to Vote SHREWSBURY - Donald made the presentation of the He was succeeded as com- TRENTON — A record 3.65 million New Jersey residents New Personnel Services Post E. Lawes Sr., was honored on framed poem, which is en- pany president a few years will be eligible to cast ballots Nov. 7. according to unofficial LINCROFT - Hosie L. baccalaureate degree at New- tor, both in the Community his 75th birthday yesterday titled "The Sycamore Trees." ago by his son Donald E. tabulations. Scott, Matawan Township, ark State CoUege. He is chair- Services Learning Center, at with a very personal gift from It describes the towering Lawes .Jr. The senior Mr. The figures represent an increase of 300.000 voters over youth program director of the man of the advisory board for annual salaries of ? 10,000 and employes of Lawes Coal Co., trees on Sycamore Ave. in old Lawes is now Chairman of the the number eligible in 1968. a jump largely attributed to the Community YMCA in Red Brookdale's Educational Op- J9.350, respectively. the firm he founded nearly Shrewsbury in the vicinity of Board. registration this year of voters in the 18-to-21 year age brack- Bank, has been hired as assis- portunity Fund Program. The trustees accepted the half a century ago. Christ Church. He is active in the Fuel ets. tant director of college per- The trustees also approved report of board auditor Ar- His special gift was one of Mr. Lawes was born to Mr. Merchants Association and George Bloom.- supervisor of the election division in the sonnel services at Brookdale appointment of three other mour S.Hulsart. the many poems written over and Mrs. William Henry has served as its president. Secretary of State's office, said the normal registration in- Community College. full-time and 30 part-time fac- Mr. Hulsart recommended the years by Mr. Lawes' Lawes Oct. 19, 1897, in He is still active in many com- crease in a presidential election year is about three per cent. The county college's board ulty members. that priority be given to pro- mother, Maria Smock Thomp- Shrewsbury on a farm along munity affairs and continues This year's increase is nearly 10 per cent, he noted. of trustees last night ap- The full-time faculty ap- cessing the business office op- son Lawes, lettered on framed what was then known as to play an active part hi the Bergen County registered the sharpest gain in eligible vot- proved appointment of Mr. pointments include Douglas erations on the college com- parchment, mounted over a Lawes Bridge Road. family business. ers, up 42,067 to 520,551. Second was -Essex County, which Scott to the $10,00Q-a-year job, E. Gosnell, Bay Head, direc- puter so that its reports can picture of Christ Church He niarried the former Bes- gained 37.111 additional voters for a total of 429.762. effective Nov. l. tor of research, at an annual be of current value in the fi- where the Lawes family wor- sie Camp Baker in 1924, and Mr. and Mrs. Lawes are the. Canden, Morris. Monmouth, Ocean, Union and Middlesex Mr. Scott was awarded an salary of $20.0.00; and John nancial administration of the shipped for many years. two years later founded the parents also of a daughter, Counties each registered about 25.000 additional voters. Associate in Arts degree in so- Pretrenka, Woodbridge, assis- college. The computer oper- Mrs. Velma Dey of Mata- fuel and feed business that Barbara, now Mrs. H.D. Mer- Other counties with less registration gains included Hunt- ciology from Brookdale this tant professor, and Sheryl L. ation previously was for non- wan, who has been with the has been a Shrewsbury fixture cer, Jr. and have seven erdon. Mercer and Somerset. .year and is working toward a Conn, New Milford, instruc- business office purposes. company for many years, for 4tt years. grandchildren. 18 The Dally Register, Red Bank—MMdtetown, N.J. Friday, October 21,1172* Congressional Black Caucus Gets a Roasting droves) honored Hiss Angela By LESTER EINSOLV1NG whites," the Rev. Joseph Jack- Addressing delegates from bale* congressmen as: people ... If segregation is Davis. son, president of the 6.3 mil- his denomination's 30,000 local "A segregated pattern of wrong according to principle, INSIDE Detroit's white-hating min- After having dared to at- liop-member National Baptist churches at a national con- life that serves the cause of it can bring deliverance to no ister Albert Cleage, once a tack the recent vogue in Convention, has now roasted vention in Forth Worth, Tex.,t the old form of discrimination race." preposterous nominee for up. And even white liberal* "black theology" as "a gospel the Congressional Black Dr. Jackson described the and segregation more than it Dr. Jackson has been bit- RELIGION president of the National are beginning to rebel from of hate of blacks against Caucus, as well. unofficial organization of serves the rights of any terjy denounced as an "uncle Council of Churches, has now what St. Louis University Pro- Tom" by assorted Mau Maus gates- of. any race. When our led his "shrine of The Black fessor James Hitchcock de- of the Stokeley. Carmichael denomination was founded 92 Madonna" out of the United scribes as "automatically school (who, as the late years ago, we intentionally Church of Christ into his own approving whatever demands Whitney Young put it, "has a avoided any such racially seg- Black Christian Nationalist certain Hack groups dedde to Some Former Priests Hoping following of about 50 militants regated titles. And unlike the denomination. (One of the late make." and 500 white reporters.") Congressional Black Caucus, Drj Martin Luther King's lieu- Columnist Sidney Callahan California's flamboyant we do not exclude members of tenants, the Rev. Wyatt T. Democratic Congressman of the liberal National Catho- any race." Walker, has rightfully de- lic Reporter, for example, Ron Dellums, one of the Black Dr. Jackson's willingness to scribed Cleage's Black Jesus To Get Back Into the Church Caucus' most outspoken mem- writes: . •• "• stand up to even the angriest cult as "ersatz Christianity.") I saw that a person deprived who are expecting their first in a way, that he can't say bers, was virtually speechless militants (including some who "This ethnic thing is mostly PHOENIX, Ariz. (AP) - Militant agencies such as a fraud ... the movement is Some members of the Catho- of close relationships with oth- baby in January, met three mass publicly. We both very with rage at the statement of tried to disrupt the con- ers suffered in his devel- years ago. Juanite was a nun ^definitely feel priests will this black leader of the na- vention) appears to be part of IFCO, (Inter-Religious Feder- i over and basically bankrupt lic clergy who left their posi- ation of Community Organiza- . . I am a mixture of French, tions to marry are hoping to opment, and he can become who already was taking steps eventually be able to be mar- tion's fourth largest denomi- ' a growing and decisive to leave. He was a priest. ried.' nation. change in the nation's tions), whose director, the Scotch. Welsh, English, Irish rejoin the ministry, but also selfish." and Cherokee. Why should 1 Mrs. McCauiey, an attrac- "He had a hard decision to Jerry and Julie Pitts, mar- "I won't dignify Jackson's churches and synagogues. Rev. Lucius Walker, helped are speaking out for their arrange the BEDC meeting identify with any of them? My right to be wed. tive, warm woman, says she make," she says. "He loved ried only four months ago, statement with a comment." Like the nation as a whole, the priesthood, and I did't met at the Franciscan Renew- which produced the hate-filled grandchildren will be even In Phoenix about 85 former met Bob after she left reli- replied Bellums. (Speechless-, organized religion is becom- more mixed — and who gives gious life. Bob decided to want to tear him from it. We al Center where he was a ness is something of a novelty ing progressively bored and Black Manifesto, are seeing Catholic priests, nuns and their funding gradually drying 'a damn?" monks have joined together in leave the priesthood after 21 agreed to separate for a prjest and she was working as for Bellums, whose GOP oppo- firmly resistant to ex- an organization called The years when he realized he was whole month, with no commu- a volunteer. She is Protestant nent, Peter Hannaford, has ploitation by minority group New Ministry. In other areas, in love with her. nication between us, so he Jerry, 33, still consideres charged that the congressman -racists — whose de- FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH former clergymen also are Waatod to Marry could determine what he himself a priest, although he has accepted $20,675 for giv- mands over the past decade joining together for mutual assis- "He had no quarrel with the would do. He called me three was excommunicated because ing lectures last year — while have often had prosperous re- ATOP TOWER HILL RED BANK tance and the hope of chan- priesthood, he just wanted to weeks later and asked me to he didn't go through laiciza- during the first six months of sults. Cordially Invites You to Attend neling their talents back into marry," she^ says. "If the marry him. tion. He acts as pastor for a 1972 he missed 35 key roll call The notorious Black Eco- WORM* SBWKB AT 9:00 AND 11.-00 A.M. the church. regulation about priests mar- Don, 35, left the priesthood' small community of couples votes.) nomic Development Confer- S«nMflbyDr.W*itaR "WhatHMtaniToBea who decided to continue to Protastant Today" Shirley McCauley married rying changes, he'd be gald to in 1970 and waited seven But Dellums' administrative ence (BEDC) — for which the Anthems by Tower Hill Choir her husband. Bob, two years go back in." months for permission papers worship with him when he assistant,. Charles Ward, told Episcopal Church's General married. Nursery Care provided ago. She was a nun for seven Bob. 42, now works as reli- from Rome before word came this column: Convention arranged a and years before leaving the con- gious eduction director at a back that be had been refused Joan Greene, 34, married her '• "Why don't you ask Jackson $200,000 subsidy in 1969 - is vent in 1968. He was a priest. Catholic church in Scottsdale, laicization, or a return to the husband, Tom, four years just now many whites were at now virtually defunct. ORGAN REOTAl AT 4:30 PA "I was very happy in reli- but, his wife says, he still ac- lay state. ago. Before their marriage, that convention?" So is the Rev. Ralph Aber- gious life," says Shirley, 33, tually considers himself a Did Not Reapply Tom, 48, was a school princi- To this question. Dr. Jack- nathv's Southern Christian By our Minister of Music, Mr. Robert Ivey. Works by now a teacher in Phoenix. priest. The two decided not to pal and a Benedictine monk of son replied calmly: Leadership Conference, which Buxtehude, Bach, Mendelssohn, Arm, Messaen and "But' I came to feel 1 could "Being married to a priest reapply for laicization and 23 years. "There were no white dele- in a recent national con- Vlerna develop better as the person I is a unique experience," she were married a year ago in "Something just happened. gales — but we would have vention (from which expected Child Care provided. was meant to be with the says. "Bob is such a devel- August. When he told me he was in been happy to welcome dele- delegates stayed away in complement in marriage, with oped human being, and our "He would like to be a. love with me, 1 panicked. Then its closeness. marriage is so rich. I couldn't priesi, still," his wife says. I realized I was in love with "In a religious community think of living any other way "He is celebrating mass regu- him too. And I thought, 'Wha you have many relationships now. The spirituality is still alrly with another married better man in the world could but they are not close. You there, it's just less formal." priest and about 12 other I ever have?' I feel very live your lives together alone. Juanita and Don Cordero, couples. But he feels cut off, lucky."

Club pays

TO SING ON SUNDAY — The Kings Crusaders, a youth group from Barnsboro Unfted Methodist '•r\ Church In Camden County, will perform at 7 p.m. Sunday In the United Methodist Church, Atlantic Highlands. Their leader Is the Rev.Carlton W. Bodlne Jr., son of the pastor at the host church. Program to Focus on Youth ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS school students from Barns- Jr., son of the pastor at the body Bigger Than You and I," — Focus will be on youth for a boro United Methodist host church. and "The Crowning Day." musical program to be Church in Camden County, The group, which consists of Before the program, group interest presented at 7 p.m. Sunday in will be performing songs pop- an orchestra and a chorus, members will have dinner the United Methodist Church, ular with members of their will be singing "I Know," with the young people from Third and Garfield Avenues. generation. Their director is "Reach Out," "Something • this church who are sponsor- Some banks merely offer you a small trinket, often worth less The King Crusaders, high the Rev. Carlton W. Bodine About That Name," "Some- ing the event. than 500, for joining their Christmas Club. At New Jersey Na- tional Bank, we'll pay you 4j/2% interest on all completed accounts. Israel's 2 New Chief Rabbis This means when your check arrives next year, you'll get all the money you saved, PLUS the money you earned in interest. That's enough to buy several little trinkets or something you Forged by Sword and Bible really need. So if you think you can use some extra money for Christmas TEL AVIV (AP) - Legend mistaken. I do not intend to low — to its former glory." ligious sites such as the Wail- says that the Old Testament ' deviate one iota from Halacha Goren, 55, a father of three, ing Wall as fast as the army shopping next year (plus a little something for yourself), visit was handed down from heav- — ancient Jewish law," Goren and Yosef, 52, who has 11 chil- could capture them, some- any of our offices and open your Christmas Club account. Start en, a sword was wrapped in said after the election. But he dren, are expected to take of- times praying while the guns now to make next Christmas more interesting. the scrolls. added he intends to prove that fice in about two months. Go- were still firing. This week two men forged "it is possible to live In mod- ren was elected to lead Is- Talked with Nasser by the sword and the Bible em times in keeping with the rael's Ashkenazic community In Israel's first war in 1948, arc preparing to take over as law." of European-born Jews. Yosef he gathered Jewish dead from SAVE THIS chief rabbis of Israel, the new AMOUNT EVERY Yosef said his ambition was heads the Sephardim of ori- behind enemy lines. On one WEEK FOR SO $ 1.00 $ 2.00 $ 3.00 $ 5.00 $ 10.00 $ 20.00 twin popes of the Jewish to "restore the rabbinate — ental extraction. foray he^held political dis- WEEKS state. which has sunk to an all-time Goren was considered a cussions with an obscure Egyp- One is a retired brigadier child prodigy among Biblical tian commander, Col. Carnal RECEIVE A general, Shlomo (Jorcn, silver- Abdel Nasser, later president CHECK FOR $51.13 scholars. He wrote his first THIS AMOUNT $102.25 $153.38 $259.63 $511,28 $1022.50 bearded former chaplain to 6 Attending book at 17, and was predicted of Egypt. NEXT OCTOBER the Israeli defense forces, vet- by Israel's first chief rabbi to. As chief military chaplain, eran paratrooper, winner of a Convention be "the wonder of a gener- Goren managed to integrate sharpshooter's badge, and the MATAWAN TOWNSHIP — ation and stand among the religious soldiers of the east- man who succeeded in mould- Six members of Temple Beth greatest of Israel." ern and western communities, ing ancient Jewish law to suit Ahm are attending the bien- He stands high among Is- whose different customs often life in a modem army. nial convention of the North- raeli generals. In the 1967' led to violence. The rabbi has The other is Iraqi-born Ova- ern New Jersey Region of the midcast war, he hopped said he hopes to carry on the diah Yosef, who as a rabbinic- United Synagogue of America around the fronts by helicop- integration among civilians. al judge in Egypt 24 years ago this weekend in Kiamesha ter, reconsecrating Jewish re- To most Israelis, who arc opposed the authorities and Lake, N.Y. not particularly religious, the helped hundreds of Jews es- Representing the temple Temple Slates fine points of Jewish law mat- cape in a modern exodus to will be Herbert Barrack, con- ter little. But the nonreligious Israel. gregation president: Mrs. Rev. Higgins are deeply affected by "other Gorcn and Yosef were eleet- Donna Barrack, member of NEW SHREWSBURY — issues left unanswered — to ea last Sunday to head the re- the Board of Education; -Don- Rev. Joan Higgins, director of their satisfaction — by the ligious establishment by 150 ald Broder, regional vice the Interfaith House, will be outgoing chief rabbis. Such Jewish Biblical scholars and president of the USA and past the speaker at tonight's' ser-, as: Can bastards marry? Are Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ; politicians who reject the in- president of the temple; Mrs. vice at M on mouth Reformed conversions by nonorthodox tolerance of the previous chief Rita Broder, educational vice Temple. rabbis legal? Can public MONMOUTH COUNTY: AsbUry park • Deal • Freehold • Howfttl Township • Long Branch rabbis toward Israel's secular president of the temple Sister- transport and entertainment Neptune Township (3) • Ocean Qrova • Oceanport • Ocean Township • West Long Branch majority. Her topic will be "On Being hood; Mrs. Iris Reisberg, God's Servant," Dr. Alton run on Saturday, the Jewish Other Offices in HUNTERDON and MERCER COUNTIES "Anyone who thinks I am. Board of Education chairman, Winters will, conduct the wor- Sabbath? And the most divi- going to cause revolutions is and Melvln Reisbere. ship service. sive of all — who is a Jew? f Register, Bed Buk-Bfiddtetewa, N.J. Frfciay, October 21, U72 Homecoming Miss Nancy Houston Rites Set 100th Anniversary Observed At Church To Speak Thursday KEANSBURG- The By McAuley Street Mission RED BANK - A talk en- United Methodist Church will observe "Homecoming Day" NEW YORK (AP) - When Uutst. • McAuley's "vision" from. has been augmented by indi- titled "Is Anybody at Home?" vidual counseling and small' will be presented at 8:30 p.m. Sunday with services at 9:30 a stubble-chinned, boozy- "God is salvation, rather God was a shelter where men and 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. breathed Bowery tramp then sobriety." said the like his former self could be Bible study groups. Thursday in the First Church Both the Rev. Mr. Leger of Christ Scientist, 211 Broad Featured at the 4 p.m. ser- shuffled into line at the union's executive secretary, "cleansed" inside and out. It vice will be Dr. D. Reginald McAuley Street Mission this the Rev. Emile Leger, ex- was realized in 1872 with the and Kenneth Miner, acting su- St. perintendent of the McAuley In her address. Miss Nancy Thomas, radio speaker of week, top on his mind prob- plaining the evangelistic, fun- founding of the Water Street "The Bible with Dr. Thomas" ably was a hot meal, a damentalist code. "If God mission — a refuge near the Mission, notice a change in E. Houston will stress individ- the type of person they help. ual responsibility for contrib- and author of the books "Love change of clothes or a tempo- saves a man, he will sober waterfront where a tramp can So Amazing" and "To Know rary haven from the October him up." get a sandwich, a cup of cof- Most obvious is the increase uting to peace in the commu- in drug addiction to compete nity and in the world. The God's Way." chill. The Rev. Mr. Leger, who fee and his soul fed on lively gave up insurance work to gospel services peppered with with alcoholism and the decr- public is invited to attend the Born of Welsh parents in But the tawdry, long, g/ey easing age of the man who program at no charge. London, Dr. Thomas was min- line symbolized a century of serve the missions, said that testimony from saved men. An advertisement in Saturday seeks the hand-out or coun- Miss Houston, who resides ister of the Llandianam Pres- service to destitute New 65,000 of the country's down- byterian Church, one of the Yorkers as the downtown and-outs last year "professed" newspapers read: "Every- selling, they said. in Urbana, 111., is on a tour as body welcome, drunkards ex- Boys of 15 have stayed at- a member of the Christian most noted-..pulpits of the Manhattan shelter — founded an allegiance to Jesus and Presbyterian Church in by Jerry MacAuiey, a re- solved their problems. pecially." the shelter. Miner said, noting Rev. J«lu S. Grand Science Board of Lectureship. that young people are more Since 1954. she has been de- Wales. formed hard-drinking ex- Salvation is what happened Just about everything but convict — celebrated its 100th to Jerry McAuley more than the concern, the Christian phi- open to talking about their voting herself to the healing -He came to the United problems. He said the mission Rev. Grauel ministry of Christian Science. States in 1954 to assume anniversary. 100 years ago. An Irish immi- losophy and the line at the grant with a counterfeiter for door has changed since provides shelter for 80 men a She will relate incidents of duties as minister of the Pres- The Mission claims to be day, with some remaining as spiritual healings, including byterian Church in Phila- the oldest rescue mission in a father, he came to New McAuley first opened his To Address delphia's Germantown. the world, and the anniver- York at age 13 to roam the doors. long as a year. Each day, 200 that by a young victim of tu- Miss Nancy Houston meals are served. berculosis. While serving there. Dr. sary celebration highlighted a city's waterfront as a river The McAuley Mission Thomas received from the convention here this week of thief. moved to larger quarters, on Around the country, the Rev. B'nai B'rith She will be introduced by being coordinated by Mrs. Mr. Leger said, the gospel Judith Wadsworth of Colts Freedoms Foundation, a top the International Union of By age 19, he was serving a Lafeyette Street, six blocks MATAWAN - The Rev. Joseph Palmer of Middle- from the Bowery. A sterilizing missions also have begun town. Arrangements are Neck. award in the category of Gospel Missions — 350 Shel- 15-year jail term in Sing Sing. John Grauel, a Methodist min- "spiritual values" for the col- ters that serve the skid rows A boxer and ex-convict, room for old clothing, modern new programs for destitute ister, will speak on "Israel" or film, "Land Where Our Fa- of America and- several for- "Awful" Orville Gardner, showers and a chapel deodo- women, unwed mothers and at a 10 a.m. breakfast meet- thers Died," made at Valley eign countries. preaching at the jail, was the rized and sanitized during the wandering youths. ing Sunday of Bayshore 24 Girls Competing Forge. Their rehabilitation work — •start of M/c"A'u"ley's con- nightly service replaced a "We're perfectly unique be- Lodge. B'nai B'rith, in Buck Sacred music for the ser- which includes the dis- version, but it took Bible read- cavernous air shaft which cause we're open 365 days a Smith's, Palmer Ave., East vice will be presented by the tribution of five million meals ing,'bouts of alcoholism and ventilated the old meeting year, 24 hours a day," he said. Keansburg. In Church Contest Chancel and Chapel Choirs, • and 2.5 million lodgings a year missionary help to complete room filled with New York's "There will always be a mis- to 12, and 13 and up. There under the direction of Lois — stresses good old-fashioned the transformation when he most unwashed men. sion because the least, the During World War II, Rev. RED BANK -The crown- last and the lost will always ing of "Miss Shrewsbury Ave- will be one winner from each Sullivan, and the Cherub religion and the need to be returned to the streets of New Testimony from the re- Grauel resigned his post as group. Each participant will Choir. "reborn" through Jesus York. formed at the gospel services be with us." pastor of a "sea", parish on nue A.M.E. Zion Church" will take place at 3 p.m. Sunday. receive a prize. the coast of Maine and joined Contestants, in addition to the American Christian Pales- Mrs. Cora Mackey is chair- man of tbe event, which is those pictured, are Anita GRAND OPENING! / IMMEDIATE OCCUPANCY tine Committee after hearing Seay, Elizabeth and Eunice reports of Nazi persecutions. being planned in conjunction with Women's Day. A pro- Washington, Adrienne Bates, Rev. Grauel then joined the gram and social will follow Tina Hill, Robin Parish, Paul- Haganah, where he was ac- the contest. ine Booker, Renetta Bennett, tive for several months as a The 24 contestants are di- Kim Stevens, Lisa Logan, leader of the ill-fated ship vided into categories for tod- Kathryn Bracy, and Mamie ."Exodus".. His testimony dlers through six years, ages 7 WaUer. about the affair led to the rec- ommendation for the partition of Palestine and the eventual Lutheran Church Women establishment of the State of- Israel. Open Eleventh Convention Rev. Grauel just returned ATLANTIC CITY — Wom- tomorrow at the Sheraton- from a 2%-month stay In Is- en from 175 Lutheran congre- Seaside Hotel and Motor Inn rael, where he lectured as gations will attend the elev- here. part of the United Jewish Ap- enth annual convention of the Mrs. Cynthia Wedelof peal's college student pro- New Jersey Lutheran Church Washington, D. C, president gram. Women to be held today and of the National Council of Churches, will speak at a Fes- tival Service to be held at 8:15 p.m. today at the First United What Is Happening To Marriage? Presbyterian Church.here. "Mrs. Arthur W. Ebischbach of Matawan, president of the N.J.L.C.W., will head the This grave and growing problem will be the sub- business sessions. The Rev. ject of a series of discussions this Fall at our 9:15 Robert R. Strohl, pastor of St. a.m. Service of Morning Prayer. Mark's Lutheran Church, Trenton, will be convention chaplain. .'•* Leaders of. seminars planned for 9 a.m. tomorrow EVERYONE IS INVITED TO ATTEND include Mrs. Gladys Naylor of New York City, staff member of Church Women United; 4. Sunday Oct. 22nd. Mrs. Grace Zcrbe of Hazelton, Pa.. Board member of the na- "Christian Marriage And tional Lutheran Church Wom- The Pursuit Of Happiness." en; and the Rev. & Mrs. Ron- 9:15 am ald T. Englund of Willingboro. missionaries who returned in August from a four-year as- signment in Tanzania, East TRINITY EPISCOPAL CHURCH Africa. Pastor Englund 65 West Front St. Red Bank served First Lutheran Church, East Orange, from 1960-68. 47 YEARS SERVING RED BANK First Floor Second Floor Second Floor First Floor EST. 1935 5-ROOMJ1BR) t* 5-ROOM(2BH$i|#5AA COUNTS PRE-WINTER TOWNHOUSE TOWNHOUSE ?O4/TUV 20% DOWN PAYMENT •NOTE: THESE ARE INTRODUCTORY PRICES ON THE FIRST 32 TOWNSHOUSES ONLY. BEGINNING NOVEMBER 15 ALUMINUM .-r..» PRICES WILWILL BBE INCREASEINCREASED $3,00$3,000 OON ALALL UNITSUNITS.. HURRYHURRYll Yours on the shores of the scenic Shrewsbury. SIDING Imagine discovering this kind of Townhouse Treasure. efficient central air conditioning and warm air heat, Elegant Condominium residences designed for the all at no extra cost. • -i ultimate in gracious living. As a resident, you will have the use of 2 on-slte Stately homes ideally, situated amidst spotless ocean swimming pools and tennis courts—of which you also beaches, state and county parks, near the recreational become part-owner. And, as a resident of Monmouth waterways of Pleasure Bay and the Shrewsbury and Beach, you'll be entitled to membershlp'in the Monmouth Navesink Rivers. Beach Pavilion. Imagine all this within an hour's drive Imagine spacious rooms replete with tasteful amenities of New York! such as hardwood floors and outdoor patios. And Now stop imagining. Because this Treasure Hunt's modern conveniences such as Westinghouse dish- for real. And it ends at... washers, garbage compactors, double oven and ranges, Directions: From New York, go south on Garden State range hoods, refrigerator-freezers, washers and dryers. Parkway to Exit 117. Head south on Highway 36 to Beach Road Your townhouse>will also be equipped with clean, (opposite Monmouth Beach Club). Head west on Beach Road and turn right onto Riverdale Avenue. Then straight to the Townhouse Treasure at Pirates Cove.


Brighten your home and save costly repainting. Our quality siding is installed by experts, and will give your home a new look you'll be proud of. See the lat- est, shake shingle, rough sawn, wood grain, or the standard 5" or 8" alum. siding in all the latest colonial colors, you'll be pleased you chose Prown's. MEADOtnfW AVENUE, (OFF RIVERDALEe) MONMOUTH BEACH, NEW JERSEY •A PRIVATE CLUB FOR MONMOUTH BEACH PESIPENTS 32 Brood St. 741-7500 Red Bank SEPARATE FEE

HOURS Exclusive Agents: THE PAUL BRAGAR AGENCY, INC. Realtor Dillr and Siturday 8-5:30 Frl.andW.d.'tiH.p.m. 794 Broad St., Shrewsbury, N.J. / Phones: 747-0221 • 870-2040 • 842-6020 MEMBER MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE The D«fly Eegtetar. Red Eaak-mSOtUm, N.J. Friday, October 21,1172 Hunt Meet Is Mecca For Tailgate Hoppers

By MARGOT SMITH Thinking also of warming up from the inside out, Cynthia and William J. Buff Jr. of Rumson, will use the faculties of MIDDLETOWN — Good eating has been one of the Mon- their giant (and familiar) bus to cook up hot chocolate, coffee mouth County Hunt Meet's main attractions ever since the and tea. "Unless the ground is too soft," Cynthia says. "It's late Amory L. Haskell Sr. set up picnic tents and treated the trouble enough that we have to take down a portion of the local farmers to a "thank you" for the use of their land for the fence to get in, without worrying about getting studcin mud." steeplechase event. The rest of the Buffs' menu is popular with Billy, Mark, Since the first race in 1926, the farmers have diminished, Keith and Ginger, and easy on Mom — sandwiches and fruit. but the food has not. The backs of many a Monmouth wagon Robert W. Maxwell is the fellow in the genuine Scottish will drop tomorrow afternoon and make tailgate hopping the kilt. He and wife Alice, will be in the midst of what she calls second most active sport of the afternoon. "A typical American meal," starting with Boeuf Bourgui- Picnic baskets, thermos jugs.and Styrofoam chests will di- gnonne! Saffron rice, sliced ripe tomatoes, cucumbers and a vulge a variety of Interpretations of what goes well on an Oc- fruit centerpiece will be part of their spread and, knowing tober day, hopefully in the sun, surely with a few nippy Alice, a little touch of the Indonesian wouldn't be, a surprise breezes to sharpen appetites. among the "assorted casseroles" she plans to have. There are many who will swear that fried chicken and The James H. Gans station wagon will leave Locust laden champagne are traditions that can never be slighted. Practical with broiled chicken and a load of "last 'minute" thoughts ones like Mrs. Lawrence A. Carton 3rd, of Lucust, will add that Mrs. Gans says will include chips, apples, coke, brownies that you can't beat crispy brown drumsticks for convenience. and deviled egg hor d'oeuvre. The beverages will be bouillon Her own traditional addition to the menu to be shared with the with sherry if it's cold, bullshots made with cold bouillon plus, if Cartons Jr., also of Locust, is quiche Lorraine made in big it's warm, and whiskey sours either way. Mr. and Mrs. Stuart square pans, cut square and packed in stryofoam trays. J. Young Jr. of Rumson, will be their guests. As for the champagne, Mrs. Albert L. Diano of Rumson, Like a lot of others, the Harry O'Mealias of Middletown also of a practical bent, says "It's a lot easier than mixing will make their decisions tomorrow morning. "With four chil- drinks." dren coming home from school, all bringing roommates and The Dianos and the Olaf Hammers of Middletown, will set friends, and five adult couples joining us, I've only gotten as a metal folding table with linen cloth, center it with a big bowl far as the Bloody Mary's," Mrs. 0. said laughingly. of apples and serve up piping hot chile con carne with leaves And there's one lady who plans to bring no food at all. of French bread. The group, including the young Diano boys She's Mrs. Amory L. Haskell, honorary chiarman of the Meet, and the Hammers' four married children, will have a three- who'll be too busy making sure everything goes right. "I gallon canteen of staunch soup to take the chill off late after- smile, though, she says at the people who come from Rumson, lUflitar (Ml PliMt noon hours. "The colder it gets, the more friends we make," They think Middletown is*'way out in the country, and they FOOD FOR THOUGHT — Children romp while grownups chomp at last year's race meet at Woodland Betty Diano says, "and most of them are tiny ones." come with enough provisions to last a week!" Farm. The annual outing always calls for family fun and lots of food.

Lamb for the Weight-Wary

By BARBARA GIBBONS West Shore Trail, Sparta, N.J. 07871). GOURMET BOOKSHELF For a slimming dinner with hearty old A Treasury of White House Cooling by for- country flavor, try savory cabbage rolls The Slim Gourmet mer White House chef Francois Rysavy and stuffed with lamb. It's a dish with such robust Frances Spatz Leighton, 352 pages, Putnam, good spirits and folksy friendly warmth that Vfi teaspoons garlic salt $7.95. it's hard to think of as diet-wise, even though pinch of basil In a presidential election year, even the it's only 223 calories a serving. 1 onion, minced cookbooks are political! But this one is parti- This ground meat dish uses Iamb instead 1 tablespoon chopped parsley san only to good food and interesting reading. of beef. Even though lamb and beef have com- - legg It features more than 500 recipes and 300 parable fat content and calorie counts, lamb l tablespooon Worcestershire sauce menus — intimate family meals to the most- wears most of its fat around the outside where Sauce: elaborate state dinners. The entertaining host- the knife-wielding calorie-counter can get at 1 can (20 ounces) tomatoes ess will love it: what fun to treat guests-to the it! Beef fat, on the other hand, is generally 2 tablespoons wine vinegar same dinner JFK Served the French Minister marbled throughout the meat. 4 tablespoons water (reserved from cabbage) of Culture! 3 tablespoons catsup But Rysavy is most entertaining when he LEAN LEG OF LAMB 1 tablespoon cornstarch cooks up an insider's view of presidential gas- When it comes to lamb, the weight-wary garlic salt and pepper tronomy. P'or example! President Nixon per- wife is wise to stick with leg of lamb. That's Cut cabbage in quarters and remove the sonally prefers meat loaf and hamburger. Ken- the least fattening cut: about 1,000 calories per core. Cook in boiling water two to three min- nedy favored Yankee cooking while Jackie fa- pound (boneless), compared with 1,500 calories utes, just long enough to soften cabbage. Sepa- vored anything French. She preserved her fig- 1 ure by eating only one real meal a day, just for lamb rib/ * rate leaves. 7 The think-ahead cook can turn lamb leg Combine filling ingredients and mix thor- barely! " ' into meals'for two nights. Have the broad end oughly. Spoon some filling into each leaf and Abe Lincoln was an even more Spartan cut into steaks, as many as you need. Then roll up, tucking in ends. diner, nibbling on fruit while the fancy courses have the remainder trimmed of fat and bone Arrange the rolls in a large skillet or remained virtually untouched. Taft, on the oth- and custom-ground to order. Trimmed of all heavy pot. Add tomatoes and vinegar. Cover er hand, weighed 320 pounds and favored dish- fat, the lean ground lamb will be 'only 600 ca- and simmer over low heat for one hour. Re- es like roast suckling pig. Eisenhower was a lories per pound. (Regular packaged ground move rolls to a serving dish. Combine catsup, man of plain tastes, while Johnson is recalled lamb can be twice that!) The less fat, the less cornstarch and water and stir into simmering as the un-picklest of presidential eaters: he cholesterol, too! tomatoes until slightly thickened. Season to loved everything, especially Mexican food. taste and pour over cabbage rolls. Jefferson, the original White House gour- Here's a caloric-wise, heart-smart dinner Rminr sum PHM« from ground lamb: Makes six servings 223 calories each. met, credited his longevity to a love of vege- FASHIONABLE EVENT — A collection from Rumson Roulete at the LAMB STUFFED CABBAGE •" Swiss Steak, Chili Con Carne,,Beef Bur- tables and wine. FDR was a fish-fancier who Champagne Brunch In Old Orchard Inn, Eatontown, presented by the AAin- 1 head of cabbage gundy — for these and other slimming dishes Hiked to play bartender. Van Buren. Fil|more islnk Auxiliary of Children's Family and Service, Long Branch is modeled Filling: from lean beef, send a stamped, self-addressed and Pierce all barred liquor from the White by threesome, Mrs. Alfred R. FIttante, Middletown, left, chairman of the 1% pounds ground leg of lamb, trimmed of fat envelope and 25 cents to Slim Gourmet Low- House. And Zachary Taylor is believed to have benefit; Mrs. Robert Stava, also Middletown, and Mrs. Frank Gilbertson, 1 tablespoon cornstarch Cost Beef Dishes, in care of this newspaper, 50 died of food poisoning! B.G. Rumson.

PREPARE FOR COLLEGE BOARD EXAMS with the Home Economics Program "Lovejoy College Entrance Examination Review Course" Slated by New Group an Intenilva r«vl«w of mathematics and varbal skill* and teat taking lechnlquaa. Beginning Thursday, Novsmbsr 9,1972, is editing the Consumer Af- Six 2 hour aesslons. Small classes. Remedial aul NEPTUNE - Two guest of Mrs. Ruth S. Ballou. who provided In Readlng-Math-Spelllng, Grades 1-12. speakers will highlight the fall coordinates federal, state and fairs Local Assistance News. f meeting of the newly-formed local programs for the state Mrs. William Budderow, Monmouth-Ocean Home Eco- Division of Consumer Affairs. Freehold, and Mrs. Harry W. Call: nomics Association Tuesday An experienced home eco- Lafko, Toms Kiver, head the at 7:30 p.m. here in the Com- nomics teacher, Mrs. Johnson planning committee for the LEARNING munity Room of the Neptune is chairman of the home eco- meeting. BbroniH CENTERS Municipal Building, Spring- nomics department at Hack- All home economists in dale Ave. ensack High School. Her talk Monmouth and Ocean coun- 252 BROAD STREET RED) BANK will review the home econom- ties are invited to attend with HOURS: NOON-t P.M. 8424121 Mrs. Louisa Johnson will guests. present "Career Planning K ics program career units she ONE DAY ONLY Thru 12" and will illustrate set up in a pilot federal pro- her presentation with a film gram there. October 23rd showing experiences at Hack- Mrs. Ballou brings wide ex- ensack High School. perience in consumer and en- 1 "Protecting YOU - The vironmental problems to her introducing job. One of her responsibilities Consumer" will be the topic for ARTS & CRAFTS Ideas Prospective Parents Items Course Is Offered Instruction BELFORD — Is a pregnant Leonardville Road, Belford. woman really eating for two? For further information, call Oil Painting for Btghmrs (Adults) 799 River Rd. IN ALL DEPARTMENTS This is one aspect of fetal MCOSS Headquarters, Red Fair Haven 07701 growth that will be discussed 8 2-hour lessons on this Season's Greatest Fashion looks Bank. Registrations are still Tuesdays (begin Oct. 24) 741-5745 when the MCOSS Family open. or Wednesdays (begin Oct. 25) Health and Nursing Service „ REMEMBER: When you add this reduction "The Baby Is Born" is the 10:00 -12 noon To register tor lessons and/or work- to our everyday low price, you save 30% to 40% off Prospective Parents Class topic for the Oct. 31 class, 12:30-230 ' shops come In or mall the following In- meets Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. when there will be an in depth $20 plus $1 registration fee for 8 lessons formation with registration payment. , regular prices sold elsewhere "Mother/Baby Relation- (Art supplies not included In cost) Make checks payable to: the Idea-syn- -discussion of what the moth- crasy ships for Nine Months," the er-to-be will experience begin- second in a series of eight ning with her arrival at the Come early for the best selection classes will be for ladies only. hospital up to and including Holiday Workshops for Making Other classes are open to the time of birth. , Name. prospective fathers and Gifts, Cords,* Decorations grandfathers. 2-hour workshops on Saturdays Address. In addition to a discussion Nov. 4,11,18,25 Dec. 2,9.16,23 FACTORY WIVES VISIT CLUB Adults & Youth 10:00 -12 noon Phone. concerning the prospective RED BANK - Approxi- Children (8 -12 yr.) 2:00 - 4:00 DEPARTMENT STORE mother's eating habits, an op- $5 lor each 2-hour workshop (limit ol Oil Painting (day & time) £:. mately.40 members and their 2 per person) (Art supplies Included 44 APPLE ST. NEW SHREWSBURY portunity will be given to wives attended the recent an- St enclosod learn exercises that will be In cost) Payable at registration nual ladies' night at the Root Holiday Workshop (dale(s) & time) helpful both during pregnancy All Instruction given by OPEN Mom-Sot. 9:30-5:30: Thun. ft M. Till 9 P.M. 842-2727 Beer and Checker Club. Her- i5 lor each enclosod and at the time of birth. man B. Huber, Little Silver, is MarparetWolvirton8£.D«

By DR. JAMES M. LONG With continued improvements in living including medical care, nutritional foods and more time for leisure we will live Family Counselor longer lives. As the years increase adjustments in our lifestyle may be indicated. Hpwever, there are certain areas which do not change with age. We will continue to need love and require end of their sexual activity. Beacuse of their attitude they de- affectional and sexual relationships. velop a fear about their sexual performance. As a result they Within the last 20 years, investigators have turned their at- retreat from physical interaction—not realizing that their own thinking is their main problem. tention to the study of sex and the older person. Although their 1 findings are limited, the studies indicate that some type of ad- Actually the older man may be a better sex partner than justment might be necessary in one's sexual behavior; how- his younger brother because with age, he may become, better ever, there was no basis to believe that the older person „ able to control his performance. should curtail his interest. . Must Share Understanding Numerous unsubstantiated reasons have been given to in- In order to maintain an active sex life, the older couple dicate that sex was inappropriate for the older person. Mis- must share more understanding of each other. It seems rea- conceptions about an active sex life as a health threat include sonable to assume that couples who have had a relatively good the fear of heart attacks, or other physical harm to the body. sex relationship will liot have the difficulty others experience It appears that the general public seems to share the attitude in their later years. It is not uncommon to hear a wife com- that sex and older years are incompatible. Their beliefs are plain of "her husband's" neglect in their love life. The withdrawal openly expressed; for example, if an older man expresses se- of the husband's attention arouses emotional feelings within xual interest he is referred to as a "dirty old man." Such atti- his wife. She begins to feel inadequate and asks herself "What tudes cause the older person to feel guilty and ashamed of his is the matter with me?" TKese feelings contribute to addition- sexual feelings. A third, negative conditioner is the feeling al problems within a marriage. that sex is to have children and should not be indulged in for Within the last decade drastic change has taken place pleasure. * within our society. Therefore, it is time for the myths and mis- Women Reticent conceptions against sex activity of the older person to be Researchers report that collecting information about sex eliminated. The aged have a natural right to their own form of Rtjlittr Slot! nut* and the aged is difficult to accomplish; it appears that women sexuality. CAMPAIGN LUNCHEON — Mrs. Ann D. Flynn, Monmouth County Federation of Republican Women's are more reticent than men to discuss and reveal their sexual * • • campaign chairman, greets her seated guests, left to right, Dr. Rita Hauser, co-chairman of the Com- experiences. Masters and Johnson proved wrong the mis- Dr. Long will be hapnj to answer any questions directed mittee to Re-elect the President; William F. Dowd, candidate for Congress, and U.S. Senator Clifford conception that women in the 50-70 year age group lacked in- to him by mail to The Dally Register, Red Bank, N. J. 07701. P. Case, at the federation's annual campaign luncheon yesterday in the Shore Casino, Atlantic High- terest in sex, or were biologically inadequate to pursue an ac- Confidentiality will be respected. lands!. tive sex life. Unfortunately, many older men who limit their sexual activity do so as a result of faulty information; because they believe that the natural slowing down process signals the Lawyer Predicts the Ms. Voters Will Determine Election Outcome By SHERRY CONOHAN A number of other promi- expected he would bring year. "I hope it's there for campaign manager for the "I think we have a chance nent Republicans also were on - about a cease-fire in Vietnam good. And if it's there for Committee to Re-elect the of getting nine," he said. "I ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS hand, including State Senators in the "near future." She good, it's because you've kept President, reported that a poll think we have an excellent — Sen. Clifford P. Case, R- Joseph Azzolina, Alfred N. stressed that this was purely in there," she told the lunch- the organization had taken in chance of getting eight." N.J., yesterday warmly en- Beadleston, and Richard R. her own opinion and not based eon guests. "Women have to the state showed Mr. Nixon Mr. Sears said Mr. Dowd dorsed William F. Dowd, the Stout; State Assemblymen on any inside information, but keep at it to maintain the winning til per cent of the was one of the congressional • conservative Republican can- Brian T. Kennedy and John I. added, "The signs certainly gains that are made." vote to 30 per cent lor Sen. candidates considered to be .didate for Congress in the Dawes; Monmouth County' look good." « "I have no doubt," the di- McGovern, reflecting the na- an excellent chance of elec- Shore area, and urged the •freeholders Joseph C. Irwin' Mrs. Hauser also looked minutive 37-year-old lawyer tional picture. tion. GOP women of the county to and Albert E. Allen; County ahead to the days beyond the added, "that within my life- But, he told Hie women, "We know our candidates keep working hard for his Clerk Benjamin H. Danskin, election and said the party time I shall see women as "My message is don't believe are attractive and running election. the county GOP chairman, would have to work to build governors, senators in the it until Nov. S." good campaigns," he said. "Bill's a con- and County Surrogate S. up the number of registered U.S. Senate and, who knows, Emphasis Shifting "We know the ingredients are servative. . .and we ought to Thomas Gagliano. Republicans. She said party one day—you know what!" lie said the same poll, un- there for a real Republican have plenty of it," Mr. Case, a Also Mrs. Katherine K. Neu- registration had fallen to This obvious reference to fortunately, also showed that sweep." noted liberal, told the annual berger, Republican National where Republicans now ac- the presidency drew warm ap- only fi<) per cent of those who Mr. Dowd, in brief remarks, ;gn luncheon of the Committeewoman for New counted for only about 24 per plause from the federation said they favored Mr. Nixon continued his effort to link his Monmouth County Federation Jersey; Mrs. Nelson Gross, cent of the registered voters. women. were sure they would go to opponent, Mr. Howard, close- of Republican Women. first vice president of the New She said Democrats also had "It's something you've got the polls to vote while 90 per ly with Sen. McGovern. He "We ought to have a few Jersey State Federation of suffered a drop in registered to work for," Mrs. Hausor cent of the McGovern suppor- also said he was just as close- others too," he added. Republican Women, and Har- party members in a trend to- said, and urged any women in ters indicated they would. He ly aligned with President Nix- "Our differences leave us ry L. Sears, state campaign ward more independents. the federation who are think- said the state organization on. both in the ballpark," he said chairman of the Committee to "In order to build the party ing of running for local office, now was shifting its emphasis A check to help his cam- of his and Mr. Dowd's philo- . Re-elect the President. we have to open our doors to no matter how lowly, to do so. from canvassing In Retting paign was presented to Mr. sophies. "On those things on " Dr. Rita Hauser, co-chair- many people—not only the' More Women Voters out the vote. Dowd by Jennifer Charles, which we agree, we agree vio- man of the national Com- young, but to those people She told the group that erec- In an interview, Mr. Sears, \iy2. the granddaughter of lently." mittee for the Re-election of who may not have had as tion projections indicate that a former state senator from Mrs. Joseph T. Gauss of Mr. Case, a candidate for the President and headline much representation in the three million more votes will Morris County, predicted the Shrewsbury. Jennifer is the re-election himself, said the speaker at the luncheon, said past as they should have be cast by women than by GOP would wrest control of daughter of-Mr. and Mrs. Bar- campaign this year offered an she was confident President had," she said. men. "This means," she said, the New Jersey connressiona' ry Charles, of Mt. Penn, Pa. excellent opportunity for Re- Nixon would carry New Jer- Increased Role for Women "that really truly the women delegation from the Demo- Her mother, the former Mary publicans to win back the sey this year. She told the fed- She noted there had been an will determine the outcome of crats in the election. The Jane Gauss, was a classmate Congressional seat now held eration members it was im- increased role for women in this 1972 election." Democrats presently hold an of Mr. Dowd's at Kcd Bank by Democrat James J. How- portant to get elected to Con- both party conventions this Mr. Sears, the New Jersey H-7 edge. Catholic High School. ard. He said Mr. Dowd is gress as many Republicans as "just about there now and you possible to back him up dur- people can make the differ- ing his next term. BROAD ence." - Warnings Given About 500 women attended She cautioned against over- the luncheon which was held confidenc£,Jy)w&v1;f, and at the Shore Casino. Other warned that if Hie voter turn- GOP candidates among the out is low, as the experts are guests included Mr. Dowd, predicting, the Republican Harry Larrison Jr. and Er- party faced a certain element ELECTION OUTLOOK^- Harry L. Sears, state nest G. Kavalek. Mr. Larrison of danger. .campaign chairman of the Committee to Re-elect and Mr. Kavalek are seeking Mrs. Hauser, who served as the President, discussesRepublican prospects in re-election as Monmouth the U.S. representative to the foods pl SALE PRICE EfftCTIVi OCT. 20 thru OCT. 26, 1972 New Jersey with luncheon guest. County freeholders. United Nations Commission on Human Rights before tak- ing up her present post, ex- LWV Discussions Set tolled the President's efforts . NEW SHREWSBURY — vacancies in the Legislature? will be the topic of an evening in foreign affairs and said she What method or methods Should these be specified by unit meeting also Tuesday at VICKS would you recommend to fill statute, in the Constitution, or 8:15 p.m. in the home of Mrs. Guest Night both? Should changes be S. M. Hoffman, East Bergen |-made in the manner of pay- Place, Red Bank. Areas of At Church ment of legislative salaries? concern to be discussed are COUGH U.S. Congress, election of the OCEANPORT - The These questions and others United Methodist Women of will be discussed in a unit president, apportionment and DISCS voting rights by law. Mrs. Oceanport United Methodist morning meeting of the Red Church will host Guest Night, Bank Area League of Women Donna Mahoney is chairman and Mrs. Barbara Skoog will Oct., 25 at 8 o'clock in the Voters Tuesday at 9:15 a.m. church, 50 Main St. here in the home of Mrs. Ger- preside. ald Baker, Wellington Drive. The Generation Gap, a Representative government PARENTS MEETING women's folk group of St. RED BANK — "Pets and . Paul's United Methodist Gillette Preschoolers" will be the top- Church. Herbcrlsville. will BROMO SELTZER FACEGUARD ic of Mrs. Alice Forshee of the sing secular and sacred music WORLD SERIES STAIMESSSnniUDES Monmouth Nature Center at a. - on the Christian theme of SPECIAL 79 parents meeting of the Tower brotherhood. Olfctte will buy youaslx month Hill Cooperative Nursery aubacriptiian tnq^wj mngaylw I School Wednesday at 7:45 GAME NIGHT PARENTS p.m. here in Westminster Hall EAST KEANSBURG — The When you buy THAC H Cartridge 5's of the First Presbyterian Middletown Chapter of Wom- Church, Harding Road. Mrs. en's American Organization LISTERINE LISTERINE BRING YOURVA -5 YR.OIDS Forshee is naturalist at the for Rehabilitation through LOZENGES BREATH SPRAY FORA Monmouth Museum nature Training will conduct a game center on the Brookdale Com- night Wednesday at 8 p.m. .09 munity College campus, Lin- here in Buck Smith's. Tickets croft. may be purchased at the door. 45s FREE 493-4022 2113 Rt. 35, OAKHliRST « - FREE - SHICK SUPER II ESTIMATES • DESIGN MENNEN E VISION TEST DRAWINGS VISIT FACTORY* SHOWROOM »I Dolly, . I0J Sot. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH *•• W.o » Frl. RAZOR 4 E. RIVER RD., RUMSON REFILLS 5's THURSDAY, OCT. 26, KITCHENS MASTERS] 9:30-11 and 1-3 MCMNSAREBnTERAJKM 39 EARLY DETECTION MA Y PREVENT Hara ara 3 Raaaona., . • Carved Solid Wood Ceira PERMANENT EYE WEAKNESS Daaply Scutonirad Dasign SPONSORED BY THE PUBLIC HEALTH • Hand Rubbed Oil FinUhea Somervllle - 83 Main SI. I Orange - 301 Main SI. I Union -1029 Sluyveiant Avt. NURSING ASSOC. OF RUMSON, SEA BRIGHT, •ring Out Oiab'a Natural •aauty Plalnlleld-1«9 E. Front I BloomlMd - 23 Broad St. I Red Bank - 58 Broad 81. Mid FAIR HAVEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE Morrlatown • 26 N. Park | BarganlloM- 40 S, Washington AM. | Hackanaack - 630 Main SI. • All-Vinyl Intariora Inc. Shelve* Prices ellective Oct. 20 thru Oct. 261/1, Wi - We teservt lite right to Until quantities. Not responsible lor typographical girvrs. NEW JERSEY STATE COMMISSION FOR THE Protacif Awrinil Putt, mini • MHpaa Chan til BLIND Ifyouari'buildlnganewhoua* .... Itdiunf »K-MKHchip. _ XL I tie OaBy Register, Red^ank-Middletown, N.1- Friday, Ort«b«r 21,1*72 October Square Okayed Bridals en pairs of faded socks, torn Dear Ann Landers: Your pajamas and underwear and answer to "Berkeley Biff" re- RED BANK - Cox-LettierIn St. An- bride's cousinsi , and Karen shirts with frayed collars, garding four-letter words was with missing buttons. thony Catholic Church here Moffat. good but you should have hit Ann Landers Saturday Miss Marie Elena Alan Cholminsky was best Our first inclination was to. him harder. Granted, words return the boxes but my hus- Lettieri became the bride of - man. The ushers were Mr. are only sounds, but by the sick. It would be simple to William F. Cox. Msgr. Salva- Herrmann, Robert Cox. broth- slap me across the room if he band and I decided that no in-, same token, treaties and li- heard me use a filthy word. switch since I've had two suit was intended. Those tore DiLorenzo, pastor, offici- er of the bridegroom, and censes are only scraps of pa- years of college chemistry, zo- ated at the ceremony and be- Louis' Lettieri, the bride's Some kids my age think I am people are just ignorant. We per. It's what those sounds and weird when I tell them to ology, biological science. But sent the few wearable suits to stowed the Papal Blessing. brother. scraps of paper MEAN that wouldn't it be considered odd There was a reception in The bride was graduated watch their mouths when I'm the dry-cleaners and then to matters. Most decent people around, but in my opinion if two nurses got married? — Goodwill Industries. The rest the Molly Pitcher Inn, here. from Red Bank Catholic High Mrs. Steps*! Wheeler are made uncomfortable by Service Oriented The bride is the daughter of School and received a BS de- there's lot more wrong with- of the cloths we will use as (The former dirty words. Refraining from kids who can't express them- Mr. and Mrs. Gerard J. Let- gree in education from Tren- Lorraine Depko) making people uncomfortable Dear S.O.: Today=nothing is polishing rags. Mrs. WUUam Cox tieri, 28 Crest Road, Middle- ton State College. She teaches selves without talking dirty considered odd. Tell your fa- Now the question: Should is simply good mariners. No than with me. If I'm a square, (The former town. The bridegroom's moth- fourth grade in the Middle- one has the right ot embar- ther that many normal males we acknowledge receipt of the Mane Lettieri) er is Mrs. Mary Cox of Point town Village School. O.K.. but I'm proud to be a boxes? If so, what should we rass others. In Texas a person Texas Baptist. — Tyler Teen. have found a rewarding ca- Pleasant. His father is de- Mr. Cox is an alumnus of can get arrested for using reer in the nursing profession. say? - Not THAT Poor In W. ceased. Point Pleasant High School. foul language in public. Dear Ty: I'm a far cry from But I do feel that they ought Va. Mrs. William Herrmann He served with the Army in 17, and I'm no Texas Baptist, to call male nurses something Dear Virginia: Acknowl- Korea and is employed at the I am 17 years old and proud but I agree. Shake hands with was matron of honor for her to say that my father would else. edge the boxes. Say: "Thank sister. The bridesmaids were Yachtsman's Center, Brielle. a square from Iowa who liked you." Period. the Misses Lucille Porcelli The couple will reside in Ea- your letter. Dear Ann Landers: This Confidential to: Help and Mary Ann Laplnski, the ton town. Wheeler- Dear Ann Landers: My 20- question I want to ask is a Needed With Old Mac Donald: year-old boyfriend, after two highly personal one and I re- Is he the one with the farm? Depko years of college, has decided luctant to ask anyone we If he is, I hope he has a good Toner-McCarthy to be a nurse. My parents are know. It places not only me, crop next season, because KEYPORT - St. Joseph's schocked. My Dad's comment but my family in a very un- KEANSBURG — St. Ann's Mrs. Toner was graduated Catholic.Church was the set- from your description he was, "the kid must be gay." I flattering light. Can you doesn't have anything else go- Catholic Church was the set- from Middletown Township, ting here Saturday for the tried to assure Dad that Gor- help?. ting here Saturday for the High School and Monmouth marriage of Miss Lorraine ing for him. don is a perfectly normal, In the last month two rela- Discover how to be date marriage of Miss Donna Lynn County Vocational School of' Depko, daughter of Mr. and healthy, virile guy and his tives passed away. Both times McCarthy, daughter of Mr. Beauty Culture. She is a beau- Mrs. John V. Depko Sr., 96 bait without falling hook, line major interest is taking care • we received huge boxes of and sinker. Ann Landers' and Mrs. John McCarthy, 7 tician at Plain and Fancy Broadway, and Stephen of sick people. Dad can't un- clothing from the families. Willis Ave., and Glenn Toner, Beauty Salon, Keyport. Charles Wheeler, son of Mrs. derstand why Gordon doesn't booklet, "Dating Do's and First, let me tell you that we Don'ts," will help you more son of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Edward Ellsworth Sr., 4 An- go to medical school and be- are not. poverty stricken, al- Gibson, 28 Franciscan Way, Mr. Toner, an alumnus of derson St., Union Beach, and poised and sure of yourself on Raritan High School, is a car- come a doctor. But Gordon though I guess one might say Hazlet. the late Charles William doesn't want to be a doctor. we are probably the least af- dates. Send 35c in coin along penter with Local 2250, Red Mrs. Frank Esposlto Wheeler. with a long, stamped, self-ad- The Rev. Frederick A. Va- Bank. The couple will reside (The former He prefers the relationship fluent members of the family. lentino, pastor, officiated at There was a reception in that exists between patient dressed envelope and your in Matawan. Angela Jack) Many of the garments were Mrs. Glenn Toner the ceremony and celebrated the American Legion Hall, and nurse. twenty years old and in need request to this newspaper. (The former the Nuptial Mass. here. I am considering a career in of dry-cleaning. Shoes were Doima McCarthy) There was a reception in Esposito-Jack The bride was attended by nursing now that Gordon has included, heels run down, Buck Smith's Restaurant, KEYPORT - St. Joseph's John Esposito, the bride- Mrs. Harvey Smith, matron of talked so much about the sat- holes in the soles, and broken East Keansburg. Catholic Church was' the set- groom's brother, was best honor, Mrs. Clifford Ward and isfactions of caring for the laces. There were several doz- Win ting here Saturday for the man. The ushers were Mark Miss Susan Wheeler, the ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS Miss Karen McCarthy was bridegroom's sister. * maid of honor for her sister. marriage of Miss Angela E. Hasemann. Arthur W. Scout Cookie Campaign — Louise Mierzwa and Kathy Bridesmaids were the Misses Jack, daughter of Mr. and Jack, the bride's brother,' Dennis Dayback was best Krieg, students at Henry Hud- Barbara Schwahl and Dale Mrs. Arthur Jack, 803 Ed- Nickolas Spera, and Carmine man. The ushers were Wayne Unwraps on Oct. 28 son Regional School, High- munds Ave.. Union Beach, Mazza, cousin of the bride- Connelly and, Frank De Nor- lands, were named winners of Foulks, cousins of the bride. scio. Seniors take orders during the Cathy Reynolds, Geraldine and Frank Esposito, son of groom. FARMINGDALE - The the Girls State contest spon- Mr. and Mrs. Frank Esposito Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler, who Fall Cookie Campaign of Mon- spring sale. , sored by the Ladies Auxiliary Oavino and Andrea Gibson, Mrs. Esposito was gradu- Troops benefit by earning a the bridegroom's sister. Sr., 903 Greenwood Ave., will reside here, are gradu- mouth Council of Girl Scouts of Sandy Hook Bay Post, Cliffwood Beach. There was a ated from Keyport High ates of Keyport High School. gets under way at 9 a.m. Oct. per package profit for their American Legion. James Toner was best man reception in Buck Smith's School and is attending Rich- Mrs. Wheeler will attend Mon- 28 and will run through Nov. troop treasury. Council ben- The girls will report on their for his brother. The ushers ard's School of Beauty Cul- mouth County Vocational 5. Junior and Cadette level efits by receiving the balance Restaurant; East Keansburg. ture, Red Bank. She is em- Girls State activities at the were John McCarthy, the - Mrs. Cecelia Hedglin was School of Nursing. The bride- scouts will participate in the of the profit, after expense's, auxiliary's November meet- bride's brother; Wayne Gib- ployed by Bell Laboratories, groom, who is employed by A. Fall Campaign. Brownies and and these profits are directed matron of honor. The brides- Holmdel. ing. ' . son, brother of the bride- maids were the Misses Patri- T. Mallet Roofing Co., here, toward better, and enhanced committee chairmen include groom, Vincent McKenna, cia Ann Jack, the bride's Mr. Esposito, an alumnus of plans to attend the State Po- Table Settings girl program. •-.; Mrs. Mildred Meinert, Ameri- James Colbert and Charles cousin, Eileen Kennedy, Don- Matawan Regional High lice Academy of New Jersey Orders will be delivered to canism and Past Presidents Downey. na Petrick and Barbara School, is with United Parcel in September. Are Featured - the purchaser after Nov. 28 Parley; Mrs. Susy McCaffery, . Smith. Karen Liegel was flow- Service, Edison. OCEANPORT — Theand the monies will be collect- entertainment, and ways and er girl and Michael A. Turner, After a wedding trip to Flor- TWINS MOTHERS EVENT Oceanport Garden Club will ed upon delivery of the cookie means; Mrs. Audrey Steitz, the bride's cousih, was ring SOUTH AMBOY - Mem- meet Thursday at 11:30 a.m. packages. FBI Agent ida, the couple will reside in bers of the Twins Mothers Girls State; Mrs. Nina Hoare. bearer. Old Bridge. in the Oceanport Community Profits realized from cookie poppies;Mrs. Jan Gaffey, pub- Mrs. Arthur Woods Club of the Raritan Bay Area Center. A social hour will be sales make it possible to offer will entertain their husbands licity, and Mrs. Vivian Egidio, (The former Nancy Fix) Is Slated followed by a 1 p.m. program better scout programs. Gold Star Mothers. Auction, Flea Market at a meeting Tuesday at 8:15 titled "Welcome to My Woods-Fix p.m. here in the First Presby- Table." Table settings will be terian Church, 150 Broadway. NEW MONMOUTU - Miss Speaker by Mrs. Edward Petko, West Mrs. John Costello, Edison, is AUenhurst. Nancy Carol Fix and Arthur WANAMASSA - J. Wallace At Camp Arrowhead chairman of the program, Richard Woods were married LaPrade, special agent in MARLBORO — An auction, clothing, books and lawn which will include an original Mrs. Eugene Noris and Mrs. here Oct. 7 in St. Mary's Cath- charge of the Newark office flea market and ski swap will mowers. playlette written by the moth- olic Church. The Rev. Gerard Edward Urion were hostesses of the Federal Bureau of In- .be staged tomorrow and Sun-, The ski swap will be con- ers. All couples of twins and at a joint meeting of the J. McCarron officiated at the vestigation, will be guest' day here at the YMCA. triplets are welcome. Mrs. afternoon ceremony, which • ducted by the Arrowhead Ski Oceanport club and the Vil- speaker at the 10th anniver- Camp Arrowhead, Rt. 520 (op- Costello is in charge of neces- lage Garden Club of Middle- was followed by a reception in sary of the Insurance Women Club Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 posite Marlboro Psychiatric p.m. Anyone desiring to pur- sary reservations. town. the Lighthouse, B^ast Keans- of Monmouth County Oct. 24 Hospital). burg. at 6:30 p.m. here in Paul Sam- chase or sell ski equipment Arrowhead/Bayshore board may do so. The parents of the couple peri's. Mrs. Ruth Hancox is of management is conducting are Mr. and Mrs. William V. program chairman. Mrs.' this event, with Donald Fix, 127 10th St., Beiford, and Elizabeth Wesselman will pre- Gatsch, Colts Neck, as gener- Club to Sell Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods. 58 side. Invitations are being ex- al chairman. The auction Sat- William St., Long Branch. tended to employers of mem- urday will be from 11 a.m. to Pumpkins bers of the Insurance Women. Miss Carol A. Fix was maid 1 p.m. followed by sales to 6 MIDDLETOWN — The Ju- of honor for her sister. Also Plans are under way for p.m.. here in the John Bird nior Woman's Club of Middle- attending the bride were the Education Day, under the Gymnastics Pavilion, rain or town will sponsor a pumpkin Misses Kathryn Zampcllc, her chairmanship of Mrs. Jaye shine. Sunday sales will be sale tomorrow frem 10 a.m. to> cousin, and Susan B. Mande- Nicoletti. The event is set for from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Among : 6 p.m. in front of Grant's in ville. Nov.4 from 9a.m. to 4p.m. in- the items available are TV ttjp Middletown Shopping Cen- Bruce Renedetti was best the Old Orchard Inn, Eaton- sets, appliances, furniture, ter, Rt. 35. man. The ushers were town. Charles I'lolkin, Raymond Mrs. Alice Nemeth is ac- Mrs. Jean Siversen of Port' Papa, John l.avnllo and Den- cepting reservations for a the- Qkulski-Bolich Monmouth will paint cartoon characters on the pumpkins. nis Spears. ater party Dec. 2 to a matinee BERWYN, Pa. - The Mrs. Woods is a graduate of •performance of "Sugar." United Methodist Church was Mrs. Carl Hugin and Mrs. Middletown Township High Keith Humphrey, manager the setting here Oct. 6 for the Laurence Fish are co-chair- School. The bridegroom is an of Asbury Park office of Gen- marriage of Miss Anne Free-, men of the event, proceeds of alumnus of Long Branch High eral Adjustment Bureau, was man Bolich, daughter of Mr. which will benefit local chari- School and attended Glass- guest speaker at the chapter's and Mrs. Percy Gray Bolich. ties. Mr. and Mrs. Irving Predmore boro State College. September meeting. Jr., 8 Hopi Drive, Middletown, HALLOWEEN PARTY N.J., and James Brian KATONTOWN - The Ea- Okulski, son of Mr. and Mrs. The Predmores Mark DANCING MATILDA tontown Elks Lodge Hallow- Fabian J. Okulski of this' Ballet . Acrobatic een party and dance will tin place. Tap Jazz Toe tomorrow at 9 p.m. here in St. The Rev. Redvers R. Turn- Golden Anniversary Character HASAN Dorothea's Family Center, er officiated at the afternoon ceremony. FAIR HAVEN - Mr. and Mrs. Irving C. Predmore, 24 De Modern Broad St. Angelo Rapolla is Normandie Ave., were feted here Oct. 1 at a 50th wedding an-, chairman. Tickets may be The couple were attended Children From 3 Up by Miss Sherrie Leonards and niversary buffet dinner party in the home of Mrs. Predmore's Class and OLD PURPLE purchased at the door. There sister and brother, Melissa and Vernon, Little, also of De Nor- will be prizes for best cos- James Leonards. Private Lessons tumes and games are sched- Mrs. Okulski attended mandie Ave. VELVET DRESS. uled. Hay Hall orchestra will Charles E. Ellis School for Friends from Pennsylvania and Ohio were among some 50 • play for dancing. A buffet will Girls, Newton Square, Pa., guests. be served and beverages . Rumson-Fair Haven Regional Mrs. Predmorc is the former Hazel Little. Mr. Predmore available. High School, Rumson, N.J., is retired from the Boro Busses Company, Shrewsbury, where and the Barbizon School of he worked for more than 50 years. Modeling, Red Bank, N.J. The celebrants have a daughter, Mrs. Gerald Kern who When you are making also resides here, and a granddaughter. Miss Linda Kern, a DANCE muffins do not beat until Mr. Okulski attended ••:.tf smooth. The batter will be schools in Berwyn and is em- school teacher in Norwalk, Conn. lumpy but the lumps will disap- ployed at Caley's Rehabilita- • Acrobatic • Gymnastic CHINESE AUCTION NURSE TO DISCUSS V.D. pear as the muffins bake. tion Center, Wayne. NEW MONMOUTH - St. • Balance Beam The couple reside in Devon, RED BANK - Edith Hecht, Mary's Rosary Altar Society R.N., head nurse of Clinics at where the wedding reception will conduct its annual Chi- was held in their apartment. Riverview Hospital, will be EXCEPTIONAL! Girls kaihable boot-top length ny- nese Auction Tuesday at 8 guest speaker at a meeting of lon, quilted coat with quilt-lining. Fox trim on hood CAKE SALE p.m. in the school cafeteria, People for Planned Parent- and hem. Patch pockets. Rust, purple and berry. ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS here. .Refreshments will be hood Tuesday at 8 p.m., here — A benefit cake sale will be served. at 141 Bodman Place. Her top- SI2-ES4-5-6-6X.. .26.00 conducted tomorrow here at RUMMAGE PLUS FOOD ic will concern the new V.D. Finast. Bayshore Plaza, by Clinic at Riverview. • RED BANK — The United SIZES 7-8-10-12-14. .28.00 > Twirling the Atlantic Highlands Aux- Presbyterian Women of the SPECIAL CLASSES iliary to the Bayshore Com- • EDUCATOR TO SPEAK First Presbyterian Church HOLMDEL — Ralph Hen- For 2 and 3 yr. Olds munity Hospital. will conduct a Rummage and DOROTHY TOLAyU TOYS drickson, coordinator of ele- You can always charge it! Riglatmr Mow! Homemade Food Sale mentary education for Holm- REGISTER NOW! Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. del, will be guest speaker at ALL AOE8INCL. TEENS here in. Westminster Hall. •nd ADULTS the Indian Hill School PTA DOROTHY Expert Instruction Harding.Road, atop Tower meeting Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Reasonable Rate* \ . tvu-f Hill. Remnants of sewing the all purpose room. A dis- TOLAND YOUTH yardages will be Included in cussion period will follow. \pprjiMli' the variety of rummage arti- DANCE IEAH MAUER Hl\j:J^^nrJ * FA cles on sale; Bread, cakes, To add lots of flavor to mash- .CENTER • to WWTB sr. STUDIO SCHOOL OF DANCE cookies, candy,, jellies and ed yams mix them with butter, 01 tt. lliry.til'1. It.,1 Hunk 37 E. FRONT AT., RED BANK jam will be sonic of the home- brown sugar, nutmeg, cloves, 8

\n'N* 57 58 59 63 CANtW-WHATARE GONNA LlAVt, '.' ~i", ~ VOU DOING IN THK 66 nnue cum? I EARLV.5IR.J-T0 PLACE 69 DLTECTVE K MOUT TO CATCH THL WATCHING THE. KILLER.? MOTEL'S ONLY COLOR TV «T_~ Your Horoscope, Birthday ber that the fruits of a friend's be persuaded into saying FRIDAY, OCTOBER 21 - certainly it makes you a "yes" when you mean "no." Born today, you are always sought-after guest of any kind labors arc as precious to him as yours are to you. TAURUS (April 21-May 21) quick to see and then grasp an of get-together. — Make your own decision opportunity. Even as a child, A born promoter, you are SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23- Dcc. 22) - Wishful thinking is this morning and you will be you were able to discern never at a loss for ideas; able to make the kind of gains Which of many prospects whether the need be for bas- not enough to guarantee you success this Saturday. Take you deserve. Keep on guard Nubbin would serve you best. Indeed, ics or for methods by which against pretty speeches. you were often the one in the basics may be transformed family members into your family to make the decision confidence; watch their inter- GEMINI (May 22-June 21) HO...I DON'T into feasible, profitable endea- as to what course of action to vors. You know how to ap- est grow. — Though you can hardly see OWN IT... take for the greatest gain, CAPRICORN (Dec. 23-Jan. clearly into the future, you proach people of influence can into the past. Take advan- though such a role usually had and how to sell the idea of 20) — Take care not to shade to be played in secret and the truth in the telling of your tage of your good memory your product; you are espe- and teach yourself a lesson. with a considerable amount of cially good at this should that tale of hardship. You will get in order nol to arouse all the sympathy you need CANCER (June 22-July 23) product be yourself — which — Depend upon another's sen- the ire of those adults in the it often is! without embroidering. family who felt they — or at AQUARIUS (Jan. 21-Keb. sitivity and you may well of- To find what is in store for fend a third party unwittingly least one of them — ought to you tomorrow, select your 19) — Allow your sympathies be calling the shots. to branch out to those who — and unwillingly! l-ook to birthday and read tbc corre- yourself for truth. You possess a marvelous sponding paragraph. Let your need it most. Don't keep a sense of humor and know just kind heart behind a facade of LEO (July 24-Aug. 23) - birthday star be your daily You may be able to "think" a how to use it to best advan- guide. uncaring. tage. Never one to laugh at PISCES (Feb. 2OMarch 21) thing true if you try hard Saturday, October 21 enough. Take care, however, AndyCapp another, you are, on the other LIBRA (Sept. 2£0ct. 23) — — A single warning against hand, first to laugh with an- exaggeration should be not to depend upon this power DN GIMME THAT A day when your native ac- absolutely. IT'S SOUL DESTROYING *• THAT'S JUST WHERE' other/ With your vivid fancy quisitiveness may land you jn enough. Don't be afraid to FLO. I'VE B v -1 BET NOI^VE [•* ffc MRONGXLB/ER.' and your razor-sharp wit, you difficulties with one of whom speak your piece to one who VIRGO (Aug. 24-Sept. 23) — MEFEETJOFF-THEt'RE BEEN STUCK IN J 1 are as creative in your humor you have recently become freely asks your opinion. An endeavor that is thrust THE PARK ALL *-s J^J AN 'ERE'S THE as you are funny. In fact, it is very fond. Have a care! ARIES (March 22-April 20) upon you may ultimately take DENVIN A,$L0K£THE your heart and mind com- RIGHT T1 AFTERNOON II iBIUIARb CHALK this combination of creative SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) — Stand on your own two feet, and funny that makes you the — Be careful how you criti- especially where the fate of pletely. Immediate attraction WORK WATCHtN^ is not necessary for success. THE ' T PROVE life of almost any gathering; cize another's work. Remem- children is concerned. Don't FOOTBALL SheinwolcPs Bridge Advice By ALFRED SHEINWOLD This exchange gives up a sec- failed to drop so obligingly. South dealer ond heart trick instead of a Upon reaching dummy with Easl-West vulnerable We continue today on the club. The advantage is that the ace of spades you could Blondie subject of how to keep the the trick is given up to West lead a diamond, hoping that ON SECOND THCUJ6HT, v dangerous opponent out of the instead of to East. East had the ace. It was wiser NORTH I THINK ILL DO SOME lead. One method that some- West cannot afford to lead to play first for the clubs 4 A973 CHORES AROUND times escapes notice is the diamonds for then your king since that would give you two v> QJ THE HOUSE loser-on-loser play. would surely win a trick. chances for the contract. O 7: West opens the king of West's safest return is a DAILY QUESTION + AR763 hearts, winning the first trick. . The opponent at your right WEST EAST West then shifts to a low club Clubs bids one spade, and you hold : • R • 2 and you put up dummy's ace. OAK842 C? 97653 You win in dummy with the S-8 H-A K 8 4 2 D-A 8 6 3 C-J 5 OQJI0 9 You're worried about the nine of spades and ruff a club. 2. What do you say? O AH) 4. 15 22 4 KQI0 diamonds. If East gets the You lead a trump to dummy's Answer: Double. This asks lead, he will attack diamonds seven and ruff another club. SOUTH partner to bid his best suit. 4 KQI 10654 and you may then lose two As it happens, all of the out- You will be happy if partner tricks in the suit. For this rea- O 10 standing clubs drop. You can bids hearts or diamonds and O K54 son you want to keep East out get to dummy with the ace of you wilf be content even if he of the lead. • 94 • spades in order to discard dia- responds in clubs. This ta- South West North EiM The best way is to lead the monds on dummy's last two keout double gives you the 4 4> All Pass Pogo queen of hearts from dummy. clubs. best chance to find a good fit; - C K use THAT


OAKLAND (AP) — "I getting on base," Tenace said. singled up the middle. Allan hander Carroll. The Scoreboard had also prayed," said Angel Mangual, That's when he homered. "In Lewis ran for Marquez and, ' Wrong Decision erupted in the fifth when Te- "that it would go through." the ninth, when I got a single, with Tenace coming to bat. With southpaw Tom Hall nace, who managed a mere Mangual' prayers were an- I was thinking home run." Reds Manager Sparky Ander- heating up in the bullpen, An- five homers during the regjr- swered in a hurry last night Tenace, is honest about hits son went to the mound. derson decided to, stay with lar season, tagged his third o? as his bouncer found its way homer potential. Tenace had already socked his relief ace, Carroll. It was the Series. • through Cincinnati's drawn-in "1 don't consider myself a his third home run of this the wrong decision. The ball sailed down the left infield for the ninth-inning power hitter," he said. "I'm a pitcher-dominated series in Mincher took one ball and field foul line and just stayejl pinch-single that scored the line-drive hitter. But in this the fifth inning and Anderson drilled a single to right, scor- fair as it went into the seati winning run in Oakland's 3-2 Series, the man upstairs has wanted Borbon to be careful ing Lewis with the tying run over the 330-foot sign- j victory over the Reds in game been good to me." with the A's catcher. When and Tenace raced to third as That single run stood up for No. 4 of baseball's 69th World That man wasn't bad to Borbon fell behind 2-1 on the Tolan skidded-in the heavy A's starter Ken Holtzman un- Series. Mangual or the rest of the A's batter, Anderson went to the going of the wet outfield. til the eighth when the Reds It was the third successful either. mound again and this time he Now the Reds pulled their rallied for two. pinch-hitter of the inning for Mangual. batting for win- brought Borbon back to the infield in as Williams went to Dave Concepclon opened the A's, who now lead the ning pitcher Rollie. Fingers, dugout with him. another hitter, Mangual, who the eighth for Cincinnati with Series 3-1 and are one victory ' punched the ball through the Relief ace Clay Carroll was 6-for-16 as a pinch hitter a grounder in the hole be- away from their first world drawn-in Reds infield and was came out of the bullpen for during the regular season. tween third base and short- championship since 1930, mobbed by his happy team- Cincinnati to face Tenaee. The crowd of 49,410 was on stop and barely beat Bert when they played in Phila- mates who emptied onto the Carroll had 37 saves during its feet as the Puerto Rican Campaneris' throw to first.. delphia. field as Tenace crossed thje the regular season and had outfielder jumped on Carroll's When umpire Bob Engle sig- The A's had four hits in plate with the winning run. picked up another in Cincin- first pitch and drilled it into nalled Concepcion safe, first their dramatic ninth-inning Reds Rally in 8th nati's 1-0 third-game victory right field, bringing Tenace in baseman Mike Hegan banged comeback and the only one The Reds had rallied for a in the World Series. to jump up and down furiously his fist on the ground in ang- from a regular was dene Te- 2-1 lead on Bobby Tolan's two- He threw one more ball, on home plate with the win- er. ' nace's single. Tenace, who out, two-run double in the then Tenace singled to left, ning run. Julivan Javier batted fqr had homered for the A's only eighth inning. Reliever Pedro moving Lewis to second. It also set of a huge display pitcher Don Gullett and sacri- run until the ninth, mused Borbon got leadoff man Mike Here, A's Manager Dick Wil- of fireworks from the ex- ficed Concepcion to second, AP Wlrtphoto over his part in the comeback. Hegan to open the A's ninth. liams went to his bench, in- ploding Scoreboard in center bringing up the Reds' leadoff SECOND BASE SHUFFLE- Hal McCrae of the Cincinnati Reds takes Reverse Thinking Oakland's pitch-hitting spe- serting Don Mincher, a left- field and brought the A's rac- man, Pete Rose. out second baseman Dick Green of the Oakland A's last night. AAcCrae "When I went to bat in the cialist, Gonzalo Marquez, bat- handed batter, to swing for ing out of their dugout in cele- Rose, who had been robbed was forced at second when Denis AAenke hit into a forceout. fifth, I was thinking of only ted for George Hendrick and Dick Green against right- bration. of an extra-base hit oh Matty, Alou's running catch in the sixth, rapped a shot up the , middle. Holtzman deflected . the ball to second baseman !) Erving Returns to Squires Green, who threw out Rose as ji Concepcion, carrying thej? tying run, moved to third. » Williams to Moon* > Manager Williams went to Until Court Settles Case the mound and waved Hn fire- balling Vida Blue, Jo face NORFOLK, Va. (AP) - ginia, estimated to call for The Hawks "certainly have Erving told the news confer- speedy Joe Morgan, who is Julius Erving announced yes- ?500,UOO for a four-year span. ence/-y5sterday he had been • no feeling pro or con. It hitless in 13 series at bats. terday he will return to the "We are thrilled to have doesn't affect us one way or "workin&out on my own" for Morgan walked on a 3-2 pitch.. Virginia Squires of the Ameri- him back, and we expect him another," said Richie Guerin, the last week in New York can Basketball Association, to play up to his level of last Hawks' general manager. and is in good condition, al- On the next;pitch," Morgan-' pending disposition of his year." Foreman said. "We took off for second an&Tolanii: Guerin said Erving was just though "f may be a little court suit to break his four- think he will." overweight." 2-for-15 to that point, laced art' restless and that, under an in- double to right, scoring both'' year contract with the Squires The Squires' owner said he and play in the National Bas- junction, the player had to Asked how he expected his runners and giving the Beds and Erving "have an under- work for the Squires if he per- relations with other Squires v ; ketball Association. standing" that neither will the lead.