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1/1/13 MIL With 195,000 soldiers, the Afghan army is bigger than ever. But it's also unstable. Rod Nordland 8:16 When are animals like humans? More often than you think, at least according to a new movement that links human and animal behaviors. KPCC's Stephanie O'Neill 1/1/13 HEAL reports. Stephanie O'Neill 4:08 We've all heard warning like, "Don't go swimming for an hour after you eat!" "Never run with scissors," and "Chew on your pencil and you'll get lead poisoning," from our 1/1/13 ART parents and teachers. Ken Jennings 7:04 In "The Fine Print," Pulitzer Prize-winning author David Cay Johnston details how the David Cay 1/1/13 ECON U.S. tax system distorts competition and favors corporations and the wealthy. Johnston 16:29 Eddie Izzard joins the show to talk about his series at the Theater, plus 1/1/13 ART he fills us in about his new show, "Force Majeure." Eddie Izzard 19:23 Our regular music critics Drew Tewksbury, Steve Hochman and Josh Kun join Alex Drew Tewksbury, Cohen and A Martinez for a special hour of music to help you get over your New Steve Hochman 1/1/13 ART Year’s Eve hangover. and Josh Kun 12:57 1/1/2013 IMM DREAM students in get financial aid for state higher ed Guidi 1:11 1/1/2013 ECON After 53 years, Junior's Deli in Westwood has closed its doors Bergman 3:07 1/1/2013 ECON Some unemployed workers are starting off the New Year with more debt Lee 2:36 1/1/2013 ECON Lacter on 2013 predictions Lacter 4:02 1/1/2013 ECON Extended lockout put NHL in dangerous place with coporate ticket buyers CC :17 1/1/2013 ECON Extended lockout put NHL in dangerous place with coporate ticket buyers Watt :54 1/1/2013 ART Salvadoran youth band makes four-day trip for Rose Parade performance Guzman 3:56 1/1/2013 SPOR The Clippers' recent success is part of an LA sports tradition CC :16 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman 1:50 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman 2:49 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman :56 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman :53 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman :57 1/1/2013 ART Ben Bergman reports from the Rose Parade route Bergman 1:44 1/1/2013 SGV Occupy float makes an appearance at the Rose Parade in Pasadena CC :19 1/1/2013 POLI LA voters will elect a new mayor this year CC :20 Lacter predicts will be fine, no matter what happens with the fiscal 1/1/2013 ECON cliff CC :20 Every year more than 50 marching bands from near and far compete for one of the 16 1/1/2013 ART slots in the Rose Parade CC :05 Every year more than 50 marching bands from near and far compete for one of the 16 1/1/2013 ART slots in the Rose Parade CC :05 1/1/2013 ENV National Weather Service issues a wind advisory CC :08 1/1/2013 ENV National Weather Service issues a wind advisory CC :17 Hundreds of thousands of people turned out this morning for the 124th annual Rose 1/1/2013 ART Parade in Pasadena Bergman 1:58 1/1/2013 POLI California cities will ban open carry of shotguns and rifles in New Year Russ :52 1/1/2013 POLI Person carrying any type of firearm openly displayed cause of public unrest CC :07 1/1/2013 POLI Gun owners to continue to work California that recognizes constitutional rights CC :11 1/1/2013 LAW Several new laws are intended to improve reporting of suspected child abuse. Milne :53 1/1/2013 POLI Lacter on the LA Mayor's race Lacter 3:53 1/1/2013 ECON Lacter on job growth in hospitality industry Lacter 3:57 1/1/2013 ECON Lacter on Rick Perry's attempt to lure business to Lacter 3:56 How will this deal affect the middle class? What about those who rely on entitlement Dan Gorenstein, programs? And does this deal really add up to make any noticeable dent in the Tom McClintock, 1/2/13 ECON country’s deficit? Adam Schiff 15:00

1/2/13 LIT What words, phrases and twitterisms are you sooo over? Call in and tell us - YOLO! 15:00:00 Will more debt hurt already fragile economic growth?Why didn’t the Fiscal Cliff deal resolve this issue? Why does the US Government need to borrow trillions of dollars simply to pay its bills? And why is the actual deadline so nebulous? Curtis Dubay, 1/2/13 ECON Michael Ettlinger 30:00:00 nature lovers and environmental groups say the Army Corps Of Engineers recently cleared too much vegetation from the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Molly Peterson, 1/2/13 ENV Area. Kris Ohlenkamp 17:00 Do you have trouble making or breaking habits? What are your plans for keeping your 1/2/13 LIT resolutions this year? Jeremy Dean 17:00 It seems that the dreaded tumble over the fiscal cliff was avoided. Though the House didn't vote until after the Monday deadline, but there is a deal. It avoids cuts to defense and other programs, and prevents an income tax increase for all but the 1/2/13 ECON richest , but it's still a short-term deal. Molly Ball 7:28

KPCC's Matt DeBord talks about economist Robert Gordon's theory that the period of 1/2/13 ECON economic growth that began in the 18th century may be drawing to an end. Matt DeBord 5:57

December 2012 was the first month on record that no adoptable healthy animals were 1/2/13 ENV euthanized by L.A. animal shelters. About 4,000 fewer animals were killed this year. Brenda Barnette 6:38

Hundreds of species of frogs from the basins of the Sierra Nevada to Panama, and 1/2/13 SCI even extending to Australia and Europe, face extinction due to a deadly fungus. William Booth 7:46

It was nearly 60 years ago that Americans fighting a grueling war in Korea saw an end in sight. The armistice to end the war was signed in July 1953, but since then, the 1/2/13 MIL Korean War has often been called, "The Forgotten War. James Matray 6:36 You've done a lot this holiday season. You've gone to see some movies, went up to the mountains for a day in the snow, maybe even headed to the mall for some post- holiday sales.So now what?If you've got kids at home for winter break and are looking for creative ways to keep them occupied, you'll want to check out a new book called 1/2/13 YOUT "Unbored: The Essential Field Guide To Serious Fun. Joshua Glenn 9:57 Shortly after President Obama took office in 2009, he vowed that he would close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within a year. But as of now it remains open.Joining us once again to talk about what's been happening of late at Gitmo is Mattathias Schwartz, a contributor for the New Yorker magazine who has been Mattathias 1/2/13 MIL covering Guantanamo. Schwartz 7:02

The draft ended almost 40 years ago, and even though the U.S. population has 1/2/13 MIL grown, the size of the military has declined. Matthew Schofield 7:10 Google is facing off against Apple, Facebook and Amazon in a tech rumble that's 1/2/13 TECH promising to heat up this year. Greg Bensinger 5:41 If your New Year's Eve plans involve going out on the town, maybe having a drink — or two, or three — Lets hope you've got a designated driver on board to shuttle you 1/2/13 TRAN around. Drew Winter 6:36 KPCC's Sanden Totten examines the unfolding drama between origami maker Robert 1/2/13 ART Lang and painter Sarah Morris. Sanden Totten 6:58 We've all been there before... dumped. Broken hearted. Certain that you will never 1/2/13 ART find love again. Meghan Laslocky 8:14 1/2/2013 IMM Starting in 2013, CA Deferred Action youth can apply for driver's licenses Guidi :57 Vietnamese Oral History Project hopes to preserve and exchange stories of 1/2/2013 OC Vietnamese-Americans of different generations Guidi 4:27 1/2/2013 POLI Mayor expected to return to from Mexico Walton :31 1/2/2013 DC California's 14 new freshmen arrive in DC Felde 1:00 1/2/2013 LAW New Year's shootings resulted in two men dead Lee :43

1/2/2013 LAW Fewer traffic-related deaths and DUIs over the New Year's holiday in California Lee :47 1/2/2013 HEAL Mexico remakes old midwife traditions Uribe 4:06 1/2/2013 SPOR The Clippers' winning streak ends at 17 games CC :14 1/2/2013 SPOR Stanford tops Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl football game CC :11 1/2/2013 SFV A paparazzo dies after trying to get pictures of Justin Bieber's car CC :11 1/2/2013 ENV Sierra snowpack surveyors will have their hands full this year Miller 1:06 1/2/2013 OBIT Clippers owner Donald Sterlin's son found dead in Malibu CC :17 1/2/2013 ECON Social Security payroll tax goes back up, slimming most paychecks a little Watt :42 1/2/2013 TT "No Kill" month in LA: no healthy dogs or cats euthanized in December CC :18 1/2/2013 IE More gusty winds are in the Southland forecast CC :18 1/2/2013 LAW Law enforcement deaths declined last year Palta :51 1/2/2013 DC California Congressman makes last case for E-verify Felde :57 1/2/2013 LAW Sandy Hood survivors attend open house at new school CC :15 1/2/2013 ECON Republican Congressman Tom McClintock voted against the fiscal cliff bill CC :25 1/2/2013 ECON Lawmakers will continue debating the debt ceiling issue next month CC :15 1/2/2013 TRAN Review of new Expo Line performance New Year's Eve McNary :47 New waiver allows immediate family members of US citizens to get green cards 1/2/2013 IMM faster, without leaving US CC :14 1/2/2013 ECON Governor Brown to propose higher funding to school with poorer students Guzman :38 An opaque measure of housing market inventory shows the market continuing to 1/2/2013 ECON improve DeBord :44 New waiver allows immediate family members of US citizens to get green cards 1/2/2013 IMM faster, without leaving US Guidi 1:42

1/2/2013 ECON Holding pattern continues for Aerospace industry subcontractor after fiscal cliff deal Watt :51 A new law kicked in Jan. 1, allowing driver's licenses for deferred action recipients, 1/2/2013 IMM but some see the law as symbolic - many already have their licenses Berestein Rojas 1:53

1/2/2013 MIL US Army sergeant recounts surprise reunion with his family aboard Rose Parade float Trujillo 4:14

1/2/2013 HEAL Fiscal cliff agreement means fewer Medicare dollars to hospitals O'Neill 1:00 1/2/2013 SAC Facebook's fall cost California's state government $900 milion Small 1:03 1/2/2013 ECON The entertainment industry retains a tax cut as part of the fiscal cliff deal… DeBord :54 1/2/2013 MEDI Apparent deal between and Al Gore Trujillo 1:33 1/2/2013 POLI State Sen. Darrell Steinberg on WSJ's list of people to watch Quinton :57 1/2/2013 POLI State Sen. Darrell Steinberg on WSJ's list of people to watch CC :16 1/2/2013 ENV Measurements show Sierra snowpack way above normal Quinton :55 1/2/2013 ENV Measurements show Sierra snowpack way above normal CC :12 1/2/2013 ECON Holding pattern continues for Aerospace industry subcontractor after fiscal cliff deal CC :16 1/2/2013 LAW Youth sports mentor Victor McClinton's funeral announcement CC :10 1/2/2013 POLI Mayors race heats up now Stoltze :55 1/2/2013 POLI Homeowners Bill of Rights goes into effect Stoltze :47 1/2/2013 POLI Key figure in LA jail abuse investigation retires Stoltze :53 1/2/2013 POLI New measure would allow most pot shops Stoltze :58 Is California on its way to looser marijuana laws? How should Los Angeles regulate Don Duncan, medical marijuana? With two competing measures on the May ballot, how will Aaron Green, 1/3/13 HEAL Angelenos cast their votes? Alice Walton 22:00 Angela Maria Immigrants closely related to U.S. citizens can now apply for visas from the U.S., Kelley, Jessica M. 1/3/13 IMM according to a rule announced by the Department of Homeland Security, Wednesday. Vaughan 18:00 The -based media company Al Jazeera has purchased former Vice President Al 1/3/13 MEDI Gore’s Current TV. Bob Wheelock 17:00 Are entertainers, their publicity machines and the star-hungry tabloids somehow complicit? In the age of Instagram, anybody with an iPhone can shoot for the stars if Dennis Zine, they’re in the right place at the right time. So why do paparazzi still go to such David S. 1/3/13 ENT dangerous lengths? Kestenbaum 15:00 In , a high school student has been suspended for writing a poem with 1/3/13 EDU violent allusions and referencing the Newtown shooting. Ailleth Tom 16:00 Who will get the next generation of tablet computer right? Why are tablets so popular 1/3/13 TECH in an era of amazing smart phones and superpowered laptops? Dan Ackerman 17:00

For once, here in California, a budget crisis is not at the top of the agenda. And 2013 is not an election year.Here to tell us which issues will be in play at the Capitol this 1/3/13 SAC year, we're joined by John Myers, political editor for the ABC affiliate in Sacramento. John Myers 8:09 Today is moving day in Congress. Whatever you thought of the old Congress — that would be number 112 — you'll now have a new class to blame for fiscal cliffs and the 1/3/13 POLI like. Kitty Felde 6:31

The Obama administration made a big change to its immigration policy yesterday. A new rule issued by the Department of Homeland Security aims to reduce the time 1/3/13 DIV immigrants are separated from their American families while applying for residency. Alvaro Huerta 6:41 From the way Mormons speak to the influence of reality TV shows, a convention of American dialect experts meets tomorrow to track developments and the direction of 1/3/13 ART . Allan Metcalf 8:05 It's official. The Al Gore-founded cable news channel Current TV has been sold to Al Jazeera. The purchase gives Al Jazeera the opportunity to establish a bigger 1/3/13 MEDI presence here in the . Brian Stelter 7:04 Rico Gagliano from the Dinner Party talks with Alex Cohen about the Hobbit menu at Denny’s, the first emergency morse code sent to ships, and the discovery of King 1/3/13 ART Louie’s blood on a handkerchief. Rico Gagliano 7:46 Many of Hollywood's elite will be paying more in personal income tax under the new rules that were part of the fiscal cliff legislation. But the corporations that rule 1/3/13 ECON Hollywood came out as winners. Ted Johnson 7:07 The Tribune Company, parent to the L.A. Times and Tribune, emerges from bankruptcy. It's board of directors reads like a who's who of the entertainment world, including executives from News Corp, Disney and Discovery. The group's background may signal which way the company moves as speculation swirls around the likelihood 1/3/13 ECON it will get rid of some assets. Andrea Murphy 6:41 Architect Chris Downey designed buildings for 20 years, but then he lost his eyesight. Using special technology he's managed to continue his career in architecture and 1/3/13 ART help design buildings for the blind. Scott Shafer 6:17 California woodworker Sung Kim creates musical devices that look and sound like 1/3/13 ART nothing else. The California Report's Rachel Dornhelm has the story. Rachel Dornhelm 5:30 ESPN writer Tim Keown tells us how California’s has become the 1/3/13 ART epicenter for a new generation of Mixed Martial Arts fighters. Tim Keown 6:25

Adam Lazarus, author of the new book "Best of Rivals: Joe Montana, Steve Young, and the Inside Story behind the NFL's Greatest Quarterback Controversy," joins the 1/3/13 SPOR show to talk about the rivalry between 49ers Joe Montana and Steve Young. Adam Lazarus 7:11 Increase in social security and state sales tax puts financial pressure on lower to 1/3/2013 ECON middle income workers Lee 1:57

1/3/2013 MIL US Army sergeant recounts surprise reunion with his family aboard Rose Parade float Trujillo 3:59

1/3/2013 ECON California has ninth largest economy in the world Russ :53

1/3/2013 EDU Lawmakers pass bills to curb California's high suspension rate Tintocalis :58 Anyone convicted of a felony that violates public trust is barred from running for office 1/3/2013 LAW in California for 20 years CC :11

1/3/2013 OBIT Music legend Patti Page dies CC :08 The American Dialect Society meets today to discuss the latest information in the 1/3/2013 TT field CC :19 A look at competing measures to regulate medical marijuana in the city of Los 1/3/2013 AT Angeles CC :11 A look at competing measures to regulate medical marijuana in the city of Los 1/3/2013 AT Angeles CC :06 Palm Springs Film Fest opens Thursday: one son's documentary looks at his father's 1/3/2013 ENT reign as editor of Esquire Magazine in the 1960's CC :14 1/3/2013 LAW The senior lawmakers in Congress are replaced by new faces CC :08

Federal authorities are on the hunt for two child pornographers they believe are in the 1/3/2013 LAW San Fernando Valley CC :16

1/3/2013 LAW Students from Sandy Hook elementary return to classroom CC :12 1/3/2013 ECON Macy's to close its Paseo Colorado store Lee 1:06 1/3/2013 DC Congressman says frosh are in honeymoon stage CC :23 1/3/2013 DC Congressman says frosh are in honeymoon stage CC :23 1/3/2013 LAW Congress includes nine new members - the largest in history CC :55 Negrete-McLead's Congressional win sets off uear of musical chairs in California 1/3/2013 SACTO legislature Small :53 Authorities released photos of unidentified suspected child pornographers traced to 1/3/2013 LAW the San Fernando Valley Palta 1:28 1/3/2013 HEAL Federal govt. approves CA health insurance exchange CC :10 1/3/2013 DC Congressman says frosh are in honeymoon stage Felde 3:16 1/3/2013 HEAL California joined Nevada to run its own health insurance marketplace Bartolione :49 California bans former state lawmakers from becoming lobbyists until they've been 1/3/2013 LAW out of office for a year Adler 1:03 Newly-retired California lawmakers are supposed to wait a year before they can lobby 1/3/2013 LAW at the state capitol, but some do anyways. CC :08 The California Nurses Association will merge with the National Union of Healthcare 1/3/2013 HEAL Workers CC 2:13 Two LAPD officers under investigation for allegedly forcing women to have sex with 1/3/2013 LAW them CC :07 1/3/2013 ECON California lawmaker proposes $10,000 public college degree Guzman :46 The justices urged the legislature to change the outdated law to correct the obvious incongruity. But as it stands, their ruling is legally correct, however morally incomprehensible it may seem to 21st century sensibilities. How could such an 1/4/13 LAW archaic law remain on the books for so long? Stanley Goldman 14:00

As social media and digital technology continue to grow, they are challenging some Gregg Leslie, Dan 1/4/13 MEDI legal and journalistic principles. Filler 18:00 With an ever aging population, how can we guarantee the mental and physical fitness of workers in these important roles? Which mental and intellectual skills decline, or improve, into old age? What are other costs and benefits associated with mandatory Dr. Gary Small, 1/4/13 LAW retirement? David DeLong 16:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell from Box Office Magazine and Henry Sheehan from to review the week’s new film releases Tim Cogshell, 1/4/13 ENT including Allegiance, A Dark Truth and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Henry Sheehan 20:00 If you’ve seen “Django Unchained,” were you offended by the violence? Or did it seem like an artistic treatment of a brutal time? Are you or any one you know Tim Cogshell, 1/4/13 ENT boycotting the film? Henry Sheehan 27:00:00 President Obama has yet to appoint a new secretary of defense, but one person on 1/4/13 POLI his reputed short-list could make history. Matea Gold 6:41 Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee want to see the filmmakers behind 1/4/13 ART "Zero Dark Thirty," and it's not to express their congratulations on the film. David Robb 8:22 Now it's time for the Friday Flashback, our weekly wrap-up of the week's big news. Joining us from Washington today, David Gura, D.C.-based reporter for Marketplace, David Gura, 1/4/13 ECON and James Rainey, political columnist for the L. and James Rainey 16:41 First a riddle...Why did the train carrying biofuels cross the border 24 times in 13 days and never unload any cargo? Stumped? OK. Here's the answer: To earn millions of 1/4/13 TRAN carbon credits. John Nicol 6:06 The Television Critics Association meets with producers in Pasadena to get a preview of the year ahead. Some of the events ahead: Al Jazeera's takeover of Current TV and Jimmy Kimmel's move to the 11:35 slot, putting him up against late-night kings 1/4/13 MEDI Leno and Letterman. Tim Molloy 7:15 Most Americans get their drinking water from fresh water sources like lakes and rivers, or from groundwater drawn from wells. But freshwater supplies are falling at a 1/4/13 ENV time when demand is rising. Alison St. John 7:19 Southern California's growing thirst for fresh water continues to put pressure on the region's two main sources of imports: The ecologically troubled San Joaquin Delta 1/4/13 ENV and the overdrawn Colorado River. Erik Anderson 4:20 For 50 years, the in Hollywood has cast its spell on both Angelenos and 1/4/13 ART visitors alike, but it wasn't always a hideaway for purveyors of prestidigitation. Joe Furlow 8:37 The wind industry is breathing a sigh of relief. Congress extended the sector's tax credits for another year.Lawmakers also restructured the deal so that any project 1/4/13 ECON started in 2013 can get the write-offs, even if they don't finish until years later. Matthew Wald 6:24 The Clippers soundly defeated the Lakers when they met early in the season and tonight is the highly anticipated rematch. “The Clippers versus Lakers is by the far the biggest Clippers game we’ve ever sold, bigger than the playoffs last year, but it’s partially because they’re playing the Lakers,” said broker Barry Rudin of Barry’s Ticket 1/4/13 SPOR Service. Brad Schy 2:01

Tonight the Lakers have an opportunity to avenge their early season loss to the Clippers. Since then, the Clippers have become one of the league's best teams, but KPCC's Ben Bergman looks at why their ticket prices still pale in comparison to the 1/4/13 SPOR Lakers. Kevin Arnovitz 7:06 Well we can all relax now that the holidays are over, put away the wrapping paper, store the decorations. Wait, no, what about "El Dia de los Reyes?" It's also known as 12th night, the feast of the magi and it's celebrated all over the world. Even here in 1/4/13 ART the US. But what is it? Stuart Ashman 5:04 Clippers tickets are more popular than ever, but they're still about hald the cost of 1/4/2013 SPOR Lakers tickets Bergman 1:46 1/4/2013 ECON Old Farm Bill remains in place CC :18 A man was sentenced three years after getting in bed with a woman whose boyfriend 1/4/2013 LAW had gone home CC 3:10 1/4/2013 ECON Cold temperatures mean strawberry growers must turn on wind machines. CC :12 An appeals court in LA wants legislators to update on 1872 measure after unusual 1/4/2013 LAW rape case CC :16

1/4/2013 LAW Authorities arrest child porn suspect after media blitz leads to tips CC :12

1/4/2013 ECON California is doing better than the rest of the US and could see more housing jobs DeBord :33

1/4/2013 POLI City Controller Greuel subpoenas city cell phone bills CC :17 Criticism of new waiver that allows immeditae family members of US citizens to get 1/4/2013 IMM green cards faster, without leaving US CC :11 1/4/2013 SEC Homeland Security doesn't have a plan to maintain agent integrity Marizco 1:03

1/4/2013 SPOR LA's basketball rivalry continues as the Clippers and Lakers face off Friday night CC :20 1/4/2013 DC California Congressman looks back Felde 4:16 1/4/2013 LAW Woman sues LAPD over alleged sexual harassment Palta :53 The lawyer for the family of a 25-year-old fatally shot by Anaheim police last summer 1/4/2013 OC is asking police to hand over documents in the case Bergman :59 1/4/2013 LAW California gun control debates continue after Newtown CC :19 1/4/2013 POLI City Controller Greuel subpoenas city cell phone bills Watt :51 Criticism of new waiver that allows immeditae family members of US citizens to get 1/4/2013 IMM green cards faster, without leaving US Guidi 1:39

1/4/2013 EDU US Department of Education official denies California waiver request Guzman :53 1/4/2013 LAW Investigation finds CA parks superiors intentionally kept millions of dollars secret Quinton :49 AG wants legislators to update an 1872 measure after unusual rape 1/4/2013 LAW case CC :09

1/4/2013 ENT Academy Awards technical achievements in filmmaking Watt :47 AG Kamala Harris wants legislators to update an 1872 measure after unusual rape 1/4/2013 LAW case CC :09 1/5/2013 ART Half marathon will run through downtown LA Romo :28 500 mourners gathered for the funeral of an LA Sheriff's Department employee and 1/5/2013 LAW beloved coach Romo 1:23 John Rabe / Piper 1/5/13 LIT Piper Laurie speaks to John Rabe about her new memoir. Laurie 12:48

Off-Ramp contributor Tanya Jo Miller is following a couple of young adults who Tanya Jo Miller / 1/5/13 YOUT graduated from Crenshaw High in 2012 as they make their way into the adult world. Tyris Williams 3:42 1/5/13 YOUT Dylan Brody writes a moving piece for the shootings in Newtown. Dylan Brody 2:48 The new release from jazz sax player Bruce Babad - A Tribute to Paul Desmond - wasn't recorded in a studio or a local jazz club, but in a private home. It happened in an A-Frame high in the Hollywood Hills, whose owner, a Texan named Betty Hoover, John Rabe / Betty 1/5/13 ART hosts Sunday afternoon concerts every month. Hoover 5:24 On a drizzly, cold Sunday afternoon on the eastern edge of , several dozen people wandered through the rain with their phones outstretched and 1/5/13 ART their heads swiveling around the landscape. Grant Slater 0:00

RH Greene tells us about Voluptua, a short-lived 1950s local tv sensation, branded RH Greene / 1/5/13 MEDI "Corruptua" by Christian protest groups. Gloria Pall 6:11 In the world of broadcast journalism, the only practice more important than spelling a Kevin Ferguson / 1/5/13 HIST word correctly is *pronouncing* a word correctly. 3:36 1/6/2013 ENV US Fish and Wildlife Service designates land to protect an endangered songbird Morales 1:24 1/6/2013 DC California Congressman camping out in office Felde 1:00 1/6/2013 ART Hollywood's Magic Castle turns 50 CC :20 Two California lawmakers say they want to make sure changes to the Medi-Cal 1/6/2013 HEAL system go smoothly Bartolone :58 Two California lawmakers say they want to make sure changes to the Medi-Cal 1/6/2013 HEAL system go smoothly CC :13 1/6/2013 EDU LAUSD boosts police patrols after Sandy Hook shooting Romo :28 1/6/2013 ENV Malibu Lagoon restoration works gets a three-month extension Peterson :44

President has nominated to serve in his cabinet as Secretary of Defense. Hagel, a Republican and former Senator from Nebraska, would Michael Cohen, 1/7/13 DC be the first enlisted soldier and veteran from Vietnam if he secures the position. Michael Rubi 13:00 Two Southern California Councilmen have proposed a 20-year property tax increase Joe Buscaino, 1/7/13 LAW to generate $3 billion dollars to repair city streets. Richard H. Close 17:00 1/7/13 ECON Even when telecommuting seems to work there are still problems. Mary C. Noonan 17:00 Legislation proposed by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco could protect California’s homeless population from discrimination. The Assembly Bill 5, better known as the “Homeless Bill of Rights” would give legal protection to homeless Paul Boden, 1/7/13 SAC people who engage in life-sustaining activities on public property. Estela Lopez 23:00 Will you be eager for a return to center ice? Or has hockey lost your attention for Bob Miller, good? What is in the new collective bargaining agreement and was it worth the wait? Nicholas J. 1/7/13 SPOR Are the Kings ready to defend the title? Cotsonika 8:00 What will you remember most about Huell? What is your favorite memory of Huell 1/7/13 MEDI Howser? John Rabe 17:00 Los Angeles public school students head back to class today for the first time since the Newtown shootings. In response to that tragedy, Los Angeles Police announced a 1/7/13 EDU new plan to ensure security at the district's schools. Mary Plummer 4:45 Professor Mary Ellin Logue of the University of Maine joins the show to tell us about 1/7/13 YOUT her research on how children play and why boys seem drawn to guns. Mary Ellin Logue 6:24 When it comes to student performance, we hear a lot about teacher evaluations and class size, but what about the classroom itself?A study in this month's Building and Environment Journal found that classroom layout can have a significant influence on 1/7/13 EDU children's grades, both positively and negatively. Peter Barrett 6:25

Under fire from federal officials about what many saw as an excessive use of tickets for minor offenses, the district police department vowed to reform the way it handles 1/7/13 EDU LAUSD cases. But, as KPCC’s Vanessa Romo reports, changes are slow to come. Vanessa Romo 4:35 Suitcase trackers, scratch-proof glass, and a fork that tracks how much you eat.You'll find all of these products at the Consumer Electronics Show, which starts today in Las Vegas. Companies use the convention as an opportunity to unveil new technologies 1/7/13 TECH that can be both kitschy and important. Scott Stein 6:05 It was a jam-packed weekend as the National Hockey League has saved what's left of its season, the Lakers look like they're in trouble, college football will crown a new 1/7/13 SPOR champ. And then there's Lance. Brian Kamenetzky 5:31 The Oscar ballots are in, and later this week we'll find out who made the cut. The 1/7/13 ENT Academy Award nominations will be announced early Thursday. Rebecca Keegan 7:23 President Obama has appointed John Brennan to head the CIA. Brennan was one of the key officials overseeing the use of targeted killings against al-Qaeda and 1/7/13 MIL militants during President Obama's first term. Joshua Foust 11:51 In Arizona, a battle is playing out in the courts over unauthorized immigrants who get 1/7/13 IMM hired for work by using fraudulent social security numbers. Jude Joffe-Block 4:29 Since 2006, more than 50 journalists have been killed or gone missing in Mexico. That's the same year former President Felipe Calderon went on the offensive against drug cartelsStories about the drug war sell papers in Mexico, but reporting on it can 1/7/13 IMM be life threatening. Bernardo Ruiz 8:13 1/7/2013 DC California Congresswoman gets foster care law passed Felde 1:00

1/7/2013 TRAN Empty oil tanker slams into San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridge, no structural damage CC :08 1/7/2013 POLI California legislators return for the first session of the New Year CC :18 1/7/2013 ART Loh Life Roses Loh 2:52 1/7/2013 ECON LA-based start-up rents out crowds of people Lee 4:08 1/7/2013 TRAN LAWA pitches LAX redesign plans Romo :46 1/7/2013 ENV Federal agencies say they'll work together to clean up a coal-fired power plant Peterson :47 Arizona county battles with unauthorized immigrants who were hired using fraudulent 1/7/2013 IMM IDs Joffe-Block 4:07 1/7/2013 ART "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" beats "Django" at the weekend box office CC :11 1/7/2013 SPOR The NHL lockout is over CC :13 Sacramento set to wrangle over healthcare reform, school funding and environmental 1/7/2013 SAC regulations Small 1:36 1/7/2013 EDU Police start daily patrols at LAUSD schools CC :11 1/7/2013 EDU Police start daily patrols at LAUSD schools CC :11

1/7/2013 OBIT Huell Howser was against any kind of tribute, and so will not have a funeral service Rabe :37 1/7/2013 OBIT Longtime TV host Huell Howser has died at 67 CC :21 1/7/2013 LAW LAPD chief says cops won't have elementary school rotations forever CC :21 1/7/2013 OBIT Longtime public TV storyteller dies Rabe 3:46 Judge orders release of thousands of documents identifying Catholic priests accused 1/7/2013 RELI of child molestation Guidi :54 1/7/2013 OBIT Fans on the street react to news of Huell Howser's death CC :12 1/7/2013 TECH Consumer Electronics Show is the week's big draw in Las Vegas CC :16 1/7/2013 OBIT Fans on the street react to news of Huell Howser's death CC :19

1/7/2013 ECON Immigration enforcement is the biggest source of federal law enforcement spending Marizco 1:01 1/7/2013 POLI New legislation would regulate ammunition sales Quinton :53 A judge orders Anaheim PD to hand over documents in a civil case involving a fatal 1/7/2013 OC shooting last summer CC :14 1/7/2013 LAW Trial resumes in case of child who killed his Neo-Nazi father 3:41 1/7/2013 POLI New legislation would regulate ammunition sales CC :14 1/7/2013 SAC Pressures to restore some budget cuts grows even as California nears solvency Small 2:06 1/7/2013 LAW Trial resumes in case of child who killed his father CC :12 1/7/2013 POLI Two LA ciy councilmen back a $3 billion bond for road repairs Walton 1:17 A judge orders Anaheim PD to hand over documents in a civil case involving a fatal 1/7/2013 OC shooting last summer Bergman 1:20 CA Republican lawmakers say they have a role in legislature with Democratic 1/7/2013 POLI supermajority CC :16 CA Republican lawmakers say they have a role in legislature with Democratic 1/7/2013 POLI supermajority Quinton :55 1/7/2013 TRAV SouthlandTestimony restaurantsbegan yesterday hope into thecash trial in atof LAXthe suspect expansion in the July movie theater Moore 4:05 shooting in Aurora, CO. Coverage of the shooting and the trial add to a fast-spreading discussion about how the media should cover mass violence. Standard media practices have evolved throughout the years to accommodate other tragedies – new outlets don’t publish details of most rapes, and especially don’t publish details about the victim and their appearance.

Suicides are hardly ever covered unless the person is especially famous; details are kept under wraps to prevent “copycat” attempts and associations between the act of suicide and notoriety. Several news outlets have argued that mass murders may be spurred on by the idea of fame. Could new, self-imposed restrictions on reporting these crimes change the impact of the press? Some have suggested leaving names and details about the perpetrators out of coverage completely, or at least until they are on trial. Many many have called for less sensationalized reporting, criticizing reporters who interview traumatized victims and witnesses in the immediate aftermath of tragic events.

Could media sensitivity have an effect on the future of violent crime? Is re-focusing Steve Buttry, Ms. 1/8/13 MEDI reporting away from perpetrators of violence a good media decision? Does the public Kelly McBride 23:00 Local governments in Los Angeles scored a victory today over environmentalists in the Supreme Court. The issue at hand was runoff from L.A.’s storm water sewer system. Groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council Inc. and Santa Monica Baykeeper were accusing Los Angeles County of violating the Clean Water Act.

The city’s runoff system carries storm water to the Pacific Ocean, and is often marked by the various materials and substances which find their way into the water due to storms and flooding. Thus, environmental groups stressed that the drainage system was allowing for the discharge of pollutants into the Pacific, as bacteria and feces were often far above normal levels. The Supreme Court, however, determined that water, and any pollutants in said water, flowing from a runoff system into the ocean wasn’t the same as actively polluting a waterway. While the legal aspects are settled for now, there is still a great deal of uncertainty surrounding this issue. Steve Fleischli, 1/8/13 LAW Mark Pestrella 8:00 The “yesterday” in the title of Jared Diamond’s new book refers to the period 11,000 years ago when hunter-gatherer groups evolved into modern human societies. Despite the emergence of civilization, organized religion, industrialization and mass communication, have we really changed that much as humans? Has ordered government supplanted or protected group harmony? Have our health, diet and family life suffered or improved thanks to modern innovations? Where do agrarian and industrialized societies intersect?

These are some of the questions Diamond attempts to answer by comparing human societies both ancient and modern, drawing on his extensive fieldwork among the traditional cultures of New Guinea, the Amazon and Kalahari which are still in existence.

What remnants of human societies past still linger in our modern DNA? Which have been lost to us, possibly forever? What do these changes mean to our collective future? 1/8/13 LIT Jared Diamond 17:00 Five years ago, California’s state prisons were full to bursting – over 170,000 inmates housed in 33 facilities. Civil rights groups decried the overcrowded conditions, which included prisoners bunked three to a cell or in outdoor pens and inmates with severe medical and mental health issues that were going untreated, sometimes resulting in death. Things got so bad that a federal court in 2009 ordered the state to reduce its prison population by 40,000 within two years.

Realignment practices have included transferring prisoners to county facilities or out of state (at a cost of over half a million dollars a day) and early release of lesser offenders, but the number of prisoners is still more than 9,000 above what the federal judges ordered. But despite the fact that some state facilities are still well over capacity and prison rights groups continue to lobby for further reductions, Governor announced today that California has sufficiently reduced its prison population and there’s no need to do more. Governor Jerry Brown, Don Specter, Julie 1/8/13 ECON Small 24:00:00 Disney theme parks have come a long way since opened in Anaheim in 1955, and showed us a vision of the future alongside Orlando’s Disneyworld in 1982. With fans young and old hoping to get the shortest possible lines to the most popular attractions, Disney is deploying more technology to boost your experience in the Magical Kingdom.

An app called MyMagic+ is being rolled out to create a more personalized visit, the company tells The Times. Taking advantage of massive WiFi networks and its thousands of visitors armed with smartphones, guests can choose how much information they’d like to share with the app, and whether to wear corresponding wristbands (called “MagicBands”). If you enter your name and other details, Snow White might greet you by name, and wish you a happy birthday. Moms in strollers could speed their way through turnstiles. And the band could even be used for purchases. The company in turn gets to speed up lines and transactions, learn more about consumers, and presumably boost purchases.

So far, it’s only heading to the theme parks. A spokeswoman for Disneyland and California Adventure says, “For now we’re just focused on Orlando-based World,” but, “we always look to enhance guest experience.” 1/8/13 ENT Brooks Barnes 13:00 Production house Laika and Focus Features were responsible for 2009’s Coraline, the first-ever stop motion 3D movie. They continued on the path of innovation this year with ParaNorman, a comedic horror film aimed at youthful audiences. The story of a young boy who can communicate with the dead, ParaNorman is the second stop motion 3D feature ever made, and the first to use 3D color printers to make character faces.

Stop motion cinematography has come a long way since the days of Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, but it’s still a painstaking practice, that relies on lifelike puppets, elaborate mini-sets and delicately crafted props. The movie attracted attention not only for the beautiful results of its groundbreaking animation technology, but also for story composition and script. One character has broken new ground with audiences and reviewers – Mitch, the older brother of the titular Norman’s friend, reveals at the end of the film that he has a boyfriend, making him the first openly gay character in a mainstream children’s animated film. Chris Butler, Sam 1/8/13 ENT Fell 10:00 California assembly woman Nancy Skinner wants the state to track every bullet and shotgun shell sold in the state. She introduced AB-48 yesterday in Oakland and gun 1/8/13 SAC rights advocates are calling it an overblown reaction. Adam Winkler 6:30 The Archdiocese was set to release as a huge cache of internal church documents as part of a settlement reached more than five years ago, but an L.A. County Superior 1/8/13 LAW Court judge has put a kink in the plan. Victoria Kim 6:26 In the movie "Alien," astronauts like Ripley traveled through space in deep sleep 1/8/13 SCI chambers. But in real life, there's no short cut for traveling to distant planets. David Dinges 7:57 The famous LA restaurant Campanile closed its doors in October as part of a plan to 1/8/13 ART reopen at LAX. It's one of 15 local eateries coming to the airport. Corey Moore 4:26 Conservationists say the demand and rising price for bluefin tuna is decimating the 1/8/13 ART fish's numbers around the world. Richard Ellis 5:27 A few days after Christmas, the state of California got an unusual visitor — A large 1/8/13 ENV gray wolf. Karen Kovacs 5:09

Blogger Brian Shimkovitz created the blog Awesome Tapes From Africa as a way to 1/8/13 ART bring to light the wealth of cassette-based music from Africa into the mainstream. Brian Shimkovitz 10:26 The U.S. Census is taken every 10 years, and there is one yes or no question 1/8/13 IMM everyone is asked: Is this person of Hispanic, Latino or Spanish origin? Mark Lopez 5:19 A number of Central American countries have been besieged by violent crime. Honduras, for example, now has the highest murder rate in the world, with 82 1/8/13 IMM homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Roberto Cajina 5:57

The US military has been developing technologies to help boost troops‚ performance abilities for years. Now, a new study looks at the future of military enhancement. Max Mehlman joins the show to discuss the ethical ramifications of an enhanced military. 1/8/13 MIL Mehlman is the co-author of the study “Enhanced Warfighters.” Maxwell Mehlman 7:35 At issue is responsibility for polluted water that flow into the Los Angeles and San 1/8/13 LAW Gabriel rivers, and eventually the Pacific Ocean, after heavy rainfalls. Molly Peterson 4:13

This year marks the 11th anniversary of the No Child Left Behind program. California Adolfo Guzman 1/8/13 EDU applied for a waiver to have some of the requirements relaxed but was denied. Lopez 3:57 Alex Cohen talks to filmmaker John Merrow about his upcoming Frontline 1/8/13 EDU documentary, "The Education of Michelle Rhee." John Merrow 10:04 1/8/2013 TRAN There's been trouble with the new Boeing 787 Lacter 4:16 1/8/2013 ENT Late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel changes time slots CC :15 1/8/2013 POLI New legislation would regulate ammunition sales Kim 1:26 1/8/2013 LAW Gov. Brown submits a plan to ease prison crowding in the state Small :55 1/8/2013 POLI The California chapter of NOW endorses for mayor CC :19 1/8/2013 HEAL Brown says he is finished with treatment for prostate cancer CC :07 1/8/2013 LAW LA Archdiocese prepares to release abuse records CC :10 1/8/2013 TT An update on the lone gray wolf roaming California CC :13 Genetics appear to play a significant role in weight gani from a high-fat, high-sugar 1/8/2013 HEAL diet O'Neill :55 1/8/2013 ART Construction crews "top off" the Broad Museum in Downtown LA CC :18 The California Association of Relators signs onto a bill to extend debt forgiveness for 1/8/2013 ECON homeowners who do short sales DeBord :38 Gov. Brown tries to vacate prisoner population cap, vows to reclaim prison medical 1/8/2013 LAW care CC :25 1/8/2013 SPOR Dodgers announce upgrades to stadium for upcoming season Moore :59 1/8/2013 ECON Boeing 787 facing more technical issues CC :13 1/8/2013 ECON Constructoin begins on the new Gerald Desmond Bridge in Long Beach Lee :50 LA Sheriffs Department says any expansion of prison realignment would mean jail 1/8/2013 LAW expansion Palta :46 1/8/2013 YOUT New report shows growing imbalance between old, young in CA Russ :46 1/8/2013 YOUT New report shows growing imbalance between old, young in CA CC :11 Missle frigate deployed from San Diego for a six-month mission in Central American 1/8/2013 LAW waters Replogle 1:13 LA Catholics react to orders release of thousands of documents identifying Catholic 1/8/2013 RELI priests accused of child molestation Guidi 2:40 1/8/2013 POLI The California chapter of NOW endorses Eric Garcetti for mayor CC :09

Gov. Brown tries to vacate prisoner population cap, vows to reclaim prison medical 1/8/2013 SAC care Small 3:21 1/8/2013 SPOR Dodgers announce upgrades to stadium for upcoming season Moore 1:46 Police Commission debates conditional official reprimands - office discipline policy - 1/8/2013 LAW for use of force situations Aguilar 1:21 "Future of the Hospital" crowdsourcing game goes national and online to find 1/8/2013 HEAL solutions for community hospital issues O'Neill :55 1/8/2013 TT Jack Black wants a Globe of his own CC :13 1/8/2013 TT Jack Black wants a Globe of his own CC :16 1/8/2013 EDU State school officials propose overhaul to standardized tests Romo 1:35 1/8/2013 ECON CA Insurance Commissioner criticizes plan by Anthem Blue Cross to hike rates CC :15 1/8/2013 EDU Mixed reactions from 11th anniversary of No Child Left Behind Guzman 1:48 When writing new gun laws, what should the focus be – banning military assault 1/9/13 DC weapons? Tighter background checks? Limits on ammunition sales? Doyle McManus 13:00

Norberto Santana, Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists riff on the latest news from the Julie Gallego, Ben 1/9/13 OC O.C. Bergma 17:00

Director Ruben Fleischer’s biggest work until now was 2009’s Zombieland. But with a star-studded cast that includes Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone 1/9/13 ENT and Nick Nolte, Gangster Squad is poised to do very well at the box office. Ruben Fleischer 17:00 As Vice President Biden looks at crafting new national gun control legislation, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes additional regulations in his state, 1/9/13 SAC California has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. William Vizzard 14:00 One of the oldest debates in our society is the fight between those who champion the traditional parenting unit of a mother and father, and those who defend the single Gayle Tzemach 1/9/13 EDU mother. Lemmon 17:00 We may understand that outward circumstances do not define happiness, but UC Riverside psychology professor Sonja Lyubomirsky believes most of us associate certain life events with happiness or misery. These preconceptions, or Sonja 1/9/13 MEDI misconceptions, restrict us from a satisfying life. Lyubomirsky 16:00 According to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2012 was the hottest year on record for the U.S. But in California, the snowpack is well 1/9/13 FOR above normal, so what's going on with the weather? Matt Inwood 6:06

Recent marijuana legalization measures in Washington and Colorado have sparked an international dialogue on drug policy, and how to change it.This is especially true 1/9/13 LAW in Latin American countries, where the drug trade has had deadly consequences. Sylvia Longmire 6:48 One thing the cartels aren't dealing yet is laundry detergent, but they may start. U.S. law enforcement officials have noticed a curious trend of Tide detergent being used to 1/9/13 LAW buy drugs Aubrey Thompson 5:35 Governor Jerry Brown is stepping up his campaign to end federal oversight of the state's prison system and quash a court order for further cuts in the inmate population. KQED's Michael Montgomery says Brown's message is simple: Michael 1/9/13 LAW California's prison crisis is over. Montgomery 2:03 Actor Jack Black talks to Alex Cohen about his new film "Bernie," his Grammy and 1/9/13 ART Golden Globe nominations, and the future of Tenacious D. Jack Black 17:01

The shrinking number of immigrants coming into California means fewer children are born here. That, combined with an oncoming tidal wave of retirees could have serious 1/9/13 ECON consequences for the Golden State, according to a new report out this week. Stephen Levy 4:39 When the Affordable Care Act goes into effect, millions of new patients will have access to health care. But the law excludes undocumented immigrants, estimated to 1/9/13 HEAL be about 11 million people nationwide. Megan Burks 4:13

The Rockets selected power forward Royce White for their first pick in last June's NBA draft. White has refused to play a minute with the Rockets as he's locked 1/9/13 SPOR in a bitter dispute with the team over how to handle treatment for his anxiety disorder. Henry Abbott 13:24 President Hugo Chavez was scheduled to be inaugurated for a fourth term on Thursday, but the Supreme Court ruled that the celebration could be postponed so Chavez could recover from the "respiratory insufficiency" he suffered after emergency 1/9/13 FOR cancer surgery on December 11. - 7:27

This Saturday will not be a good day for Burmese Pythons in Southern Florida. That's when the Python Challenge starts, a government-sponsored, month-long snake hunt, 1/9/13 ART complete with cash prizes for catching the most and longest pythons. Frank Mazzotti 6:52 1/9/2013 LAW Beleaguered medical school in South Central makes a comeback Martinez 4:34 1/9/2013 ENV UC Irvine scientist wants to control greenhouse gases Peterson :48 1/9/2013 LAW Closing arguments begin in Neo-Nazi murder trial Osen :45 1/9/2013 POLI Dems decline to endorse Stoltze :57 1/9/2013 POLI Dems make their endorsements in municipal elections Stoltze :52 1/9/2013 ENV "No Burn" alert in effect through midnight in parts of LA, Orange Counties CC :10

1/9/2013 ENT Film production up overall in LA in 2012, but still more big-budget TV projects leave CC :16 1/9/2013 ENV Cold weather, rain and high winds are expected to hit LA area tomorrow CC :17

1/9/2013 ENT Film production up overall in LA in 2012, but still more big-budget TV projects leave CC :13 1/9/2013 HIST Richard Nixon Library celebrates Nixon's centennial CC :15 1/9/2013 HIST Richard Nixon Library celebrates Nixon's centennial CC :22 1/9/2013 LAW Closing arguments begin in Neo-Nazi murder trial CC :12 1/9/2013 ECON Another hedge fund has jumped into the battle for the future of Herbalife DeBord :42 1/9/2013 POLI The LA City Council delays a vote on a proposed $3 billion bond for street repairs Walton :35 1/9/2013 POLI The LA City Council delays a vote on a proposed $3 billion bond for street repairs CC :12 1/9/2013 LAW LA sheriff releases 2012 crime stats CC :07 1/9/2013 LAW Police find body of missing woman CC :11 1/9/2013 ECON Gov. Brown unveils budget proposal for the coming year CC :13 1/9/2013 ECON Court reporter funding cuts and recruitment CC :08 The multi-billion dollar California teachers pension fund is selling off its firearms 1/9/2013 ECON holdings DeBord :39 1/9/2013 LAW Attorneys deliver closing arguments in juvenile's neo-Nazi murder trial CC :09 1/9/2013 HEAL Living in the United States could be hazardous to your health and to your life span O'Neill :55 New waiver that allows immediate family members of US citizens to get green cards 1/9/2013 IMM faster, without leaving US, means more pro-bono applications Guidi 1:26 State Controller's Office reports revenues above estimates, but fiscal condition is only 1/9/2013 ECON fair Quinton :44 1/9/2013 HEAL Health care organizations spend huge amounts of money on lobbyists in DC CC :15 1/9/2013 LAW Closing arguments begin in Neo-Nazi murder trial Osen 2:07 Governor's budget to boost funds for public schools and universities, but restrict most 1/9/2013 SAC other programs Small 1:10 1/9/2013 LAW LA's sheriff weighs in on gun control after deputies shot at with assault rifle Palta 1:34 A third suspect has been charged in the fatal shooting of a Pasadena youth sport 1/9/2013 LAW coach Aguilar :53 1/9/2013 POLI Will Hilda Solis run for supervisor Stoltze :58 Which films, actors, and filmmakers made the cut and which were left on the cutting 1/10/13 ENT room floor? Nicole Sperling 21:00 1/10/13 LAW Hear the latest LAPD news from Chief Charlie Beck Charlie Beck 25:00:00 H.D. Palmer, State Senator Mimi After years of being in debt, California’s budget deficit is gone for the first time since Walters, Astrid 1/10/13 SAC the recession. Campos 18:00 Life of Pi' writer David Magee talk about their journey to transform Yann Martel's 1/10/13 ENT magical novel into film. David Magee 19:00 While no one can argue that the Globes are the biggest party in Hollywood, there is a 1/10/13 ENT debate over the integrity and reputation of the event. Leonard Maltin 10:00 Today, Governor Jerry Brown will unveil his plans to close a $1.9 billion budget gap. That may sound like a lot of money, but $2 billion is practically peanuts compared 1/10/13 SAC with the fiscal mess Brown has faced in the past. John Myers 8:04 Today on Good Morning America, it was revealed that former USC and San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau had the degenerative brain disease called CTE when he 1/10/13 SPOR committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest. Robert Cantu 7:07 The big movie news is the Oscar nominations, and by now, you probably already know the big winner was a movie about a big guy, "Lincoln."Daniel Day Lewis, as Abraham Lincoln, received a Best Actor nomination, one of 12 the film earned, 1/10/13 ART including Best Picture. Rebecca Keegan 8:00 Fishermen are reporting huge catches of Humboldt squid off the coast of Orange 1/10/13 ART County, which can measure up to 6 feet long and weigh up to a 100 pounds. Ben Bergman 2:59 "Gangster Squad" is the latest in a long list of crime thrillers based in the City of Mark Jordan 1/10/13 ART Angels. Film historian Mark Jordan Legan tells us his 10 favorite L.A. crime films. Legan 8:31 In San Juan Capistrano, a heated battle has been raging between city planning 1/10/13 ART commission and an unlikely duo — a woman and her dinosaur. Carolyn Franks 7:02 Although one goal of President Obama's Affordable Care Act was to rein in the high cost of health insurance, dozens of health plans continue to hike up rates. In California, premiums on insurance coverage rose almost 19%. And although California Insurance Commissioner calls some of the increases 1/10/13 HEAL unreasonable, he admits that he has no authority to stop them. Dave Jones 8:35 By the end of the year, there will be a new option for Californian's shopping for health care coverage. It's called a Health Insurance Exchange, and California was the first 1/10/13 HEAL state in the nation to begin the process of creating one. Stephanie O'Neill 3:55 For years, Yosemite National Park authorities have been looking for ways to balance the interests of its 4-million annual visitors with preserving the environment. Last 1/10/13 ART week the park unveiled how it plans to do so. Kathleen Morse 7:45 For a long time geologists believed it was unlikely that a massive quake in say, San Diego could reach all the way to San Francisco.But a new study published by the 1/10/13 ENV journal Nature says that kind of mega-quake isn't out of the question. Kate Hutton 5:54 1/10/2013 POLI Entertainment companies and workers give big in LA mayor's race McNary 4:20 Fishermen are reporting more and more huge catches of "Humbolt squid" off the 1/10/2013 OC coast of Orange County Bergman 2:59 1/10/2013 SPOR The Clippers win and the Lakers lose CC :07 1/10/2013 ENT Academy Award nominations are announced CC :30 1/10/2013 ENT Nominees for the Academy Awards are out, and the host is up for an award CC :16 1/10/2013 ENT ParaNorman snags Oscar nomination CC :11 1/10/2013 ENT Steve Zeitchick on biggest Oscar snubs Unknown 3:05 1/10/2013 ENT "Silver Linings Playbook" rakes in Oscar nominations CC :10 1/10/2013 ECON For the first time in year, California's budget does not have a deficit CC :14 1/10/2013 TRAN Snowfall closes the grapevine CC :15 Gov. Brown releases state budget plan with no deficit and education fudning 1/10/2013 POLI increases CC :11 1/10/2013 ECON Supervalu sells Albertsons chain to Cerberus affiliate Lee :35 A new report shows football player Junior Seau suffered from a degenerative brain 1/10/2013 TT disease CC :17 1/10/2013 LAW Teacher talks down gunman at Taft High School CC :16 1/10/2013 POLI Kuehl announces run for LA County Supes CC :14 1/10/2013 HEAL LA County health head says LA's flu season is "roughly average" CC ;19 1/10/2013 HEAL This is supposed to be a rough flu season, public health officials predict CC :14 The US Forest Service is asking for volunteers to come up to the San Bernardino and 1/10/2013 ENV San Jacinto mountains this weekend to help count bald eagles CC :17

1/10/2013 POLI CA lawmakers express relief over Gov's announcement about erasing budget deficit CC :20 1/10/2013 LAW State court lays off court reporters, find new jobs Aguilar 1:49 Brown administration says it's committed to expanding Medi-Cal under federal health 1/10/2013 HEAL law CC :12

1/10/2013 TRAN I-5/SR-14 HOV Lane Connector allows Southland carpoolers to zip between freeways CC :17

1/10/2013 TRAN I-5/SR-14 HOV Lane Connector allows Southland carpoolers to zip between freeways Moore 1:41 The crime decline in LA County is changing the reputation of notorious crime areas, 1/10/2013 LAW like Compton Palta 2:47 1/10/2013 ECON Prop 30 seems to have put California back in the black Small 2:58 1/10/2013 SPOR LA Kings announce their new, shorter season CC :14 1/10/2013 HEAL Gov. Brown commits California to full Medi-Cal expansion in his budget proposal O'Neill :56 1/10/2013 ECON California Governor proposes large increase in public school funding Guzman :43 1/10/2013 POLI Mayor endorses Feuer for city atty, but will it help? Stoltze :50 1/10/2013 ECON Reactions to overhaul of state funding formula for public schools Guzman 3:30 Will the new rules restore trust in our super-hero athletes? How will the fans react to Elliott Almond, “cleaned up” baseball – will the games still hold the same excitement without the Lincoln Kennedy, 1/11/13 SPOR bigger-stronger- faster factor? Tomm Looney 17:00 In May of 2011, a ten-year-old boy in Riverside shot and killed his father. Now, a California judge must decide if prison is just punishment for or if this boy's upbringing Cyn Yamashiro, 1/11/13 LAW is a mitigating factor for his decision to kill his neo-Nazi father. Deborah S. Miora 31:00:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Andy Klein from the L.A. Times Community Papers chain and Claudia Puig from USA Today to review the week's new film releases including Gangster Squad, FrackNation and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Andy Klein, 1/11/13 ENT Claudia Puig 31:00:00 It's been just three years since Kickstarter was created, and already it's being called one of the most notable Internet ventures ever. 1/11/13 ENT Yancey Strickler 17:00 Last night, Vice President Joe Biden met with various leaders from the film industry to talk about efforts to curb gun violence. For years politicians have called on the entertainment industry to reduce depictions of violence, but they've been mostly 1/11/13 LAW unsuccessful. Ted Johnson 8:20

Saturday marks three years since a magnitude 7.0 earthquake hit the impoverished Caribbean island nation of Haiti. The quake caused tremendous damage in some of 1/11/13 FOR the country's major cities, including the capital of Port-Au-Prince. Megan Coffee 6:46

Now it's time for the Friday Flashback, our weekly wrap-up of the week's big news. Joining us from the offices of The Guardian newspaper in New York, Heidi Moore, 1/11/13 LAW U.S. finance and economics editor, and James Rainey, political columnist for the L. Heidi Moore 13:23 Along California's coast today, the highest tides of the winter season will batter the 1/11/13 ART shore for the third day in a row. Molly Peterson The real estate research firm Data Quick reports that for the first time since the housing crash in 2007, short sales now outnumber the sale of foreclosed homes. This is good news, not just for homeowners who find themselves underwater with their 1/11/13 HOUS loans, but for banks as well. Matt DeBord 5:18 Cue the wind machine. Ventura County farmers need it during cold nights to keep 1/11/13 ART their expensive strawberry crops warm. Brian Watt 4:07 Since the Chinese government deemed the US an "approved destination" in 2008, tourism from China has risen. It is now the top source of international tourism for LA, 1/11/13 ECON leading to a demand for Mandarin speakers. Lauren Osen 3:50 Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. On tap this week, texting prayers, Bernie Madoff's reading materials and the birth of the Texas oil Rico Gagliano and 1/11/13 ART business. Brendan Newnam 6:04 L.A. County's reputation as a crime capital is beginning to wane. Sheriff Lee Baca 1/11/13 LAW released statistics that indicate declines in crime - including in Compton. Rina Palta 2:47 In just a few months the city of Los Angeles will choose a new mayor, so today we're kicking off the first in a regular series we're calling: City Hall Pass. Think of it as your Frank Stoltze and 1/11/13 POLI ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Alice Walton 10:20 In other housing news, the curious phenomena of zombie titles. Thousands of homeowners are finding themselves legally liable for houses they didn't know they still 1/11/13 HOUS owned after banks walk away from foreclosed homes before they're final. Michelle Conlin 9:37 1/11/2013 LAW 14 people assaulted during an armed robbery in Westchester CC :06 1/11/2013 LAW A man is dead after another officer-involved shooting in Santa Ana CC :17 Recall campaign officially begins against Pasadena City Councilman who supported 1/11/2013 POLI NFL lease plan at the Rose Bowl Watt :43 1/11/2013 ECON For the firs ttime ever, China is $1 source of tourism for LA Osen 3:50 In light of the recent death of PFLAG Founder, Jeanne Manford, an interview from 1997 is aired in which she tells John Rabe about the origins of PFLAG and about her John Rabe / 1/12/13 LGB son. Jeanne Manford 5:09 John Rabe, Kevin Ferguson, Queena Kim, Phil Noyes, Christopher Twenty minute tribute to Huell Howser featuring thoughts from John Rabe, Kevin Peake, Tom Ferguson, Queena Kim, President and Vice-President of Chapman University, and Labonge, James 1/12/13 OBIT more. L. Doti 20:59 John Rabe / Kevin 1/12/13 OBIT John Rabe remembers Huell Howser after his passing. Roderick 3:46 Kevin Ferguson / 1/12/13 OBIT Kevin Ferguson talks with Matt Groening about Huell Howser's retirement. Matt Groening 4:44 Charles Solomon, author of The Toy Story Film: An Animated Journey and The Art and Making of Peanuts Animation, reviews The DVD box 1/12/13 ART set. Charles Solomon 5:17

Steve Soboroff collects historic typewriters and has machines that were previously John Rabe / Steve 1/12/13 LIT owned by Ernest Hemingway, John Lennon, Joe DiMaggio, and others. Soboroff 7:56 John Rabe speaks to Larry Davis, a gay singer who made a career switch at 74 years John Rabe / Larry 1/12/13 ART old after being discovered in a piano bar. Davis 6:53 Chris Rivera is the winner of KPCC's fourth Instagram challenge with IGLA (Instagram Lovers Anonymous) called "Double Exposed." He speaks to Mae Ryan about his Mae Ryan / Chris 1/12/13 ART winning photo of, a self-portrait incorporating the LA skyline. Rivera 3:23 The American Civil War was one of the first wars to be covered by photography. An exhibit called "Strange and Fearful Interest: Death, Morning and Memory In The American Civil War is on display at the Huntington Library. It features war imagery Patt Morrison / 1/12/13 HIST from the battlefields to Abraham Lincoln's funeral. Jennifer Watts 5:20 Nearly one-third of homeowners in the US don't have a mortgage and some of them 1/13/2013 ECON are just 20 to 24 years old Lee :32 1/13/2013 EDU Education groups take a closer look at Gov Brown's ed funding proposals Quinton :50 1/13/2013 EDU Education advocates mull over some proposals in Gov Brown's budget CC :15 The federal government has had a no-gun-sale database since 1998. California maintains its own Armed Prohibited Persons list. Yet millions of mentally ill people remain unlisted, ostensibly still able to purchase firearms legally. Vice President Biden’s task force to reduce gun violence has focused on improving the effectiveness of such databases.

Is this a realistic goal, given how many different agencies need to coordinate the information at the local, state, and federal level? Is the focus on gun access for the mentally ill an appropriate response, given the vast majority of acts of gun violence are not committed by those with mental illness? What are the practical implications of maintaining such a list? Can someone ever be removed from the list if they regain 1/14/13 LAW their mental well-being? Steve Lindley 13:00 Toxins, sewage and debris ranging from plastic water bottles to soccer balls regularly find their way Southern California’s beaches and oceans through L.A.’s waterways after a heavy rain. Now, county water officials are proposing a property-based tax to help fund clean-up efforts.

The fee would be based on the size of an owner’s land parcel; homeowners would be assessed approximately $54 a year, city parks around $600 and elementary schools around $8,000. The LACFD estimates the parcel tax would raise around $275 million a year, to be spent on various cleanup projects. Cities, homeowners associations and school districts have voiced opposition to the proposal. The county Board of Supervisors is holding a public hearing on Tuesday, and is expected to decide soon on whether to issue a special ballot asking landowners to vote on the measure.

In other environmental news, the Supreme Court has agreed to hear an appeal by the American Trucking Associations against the City of Los Angeles. The truckers are protesting regulations at the Port of Los Angeles that set standards for air quality, safety and security. , Don Knabe, Molly 1/14/13 ENV Ever since China enacted its one child policy, negative stereotypes have been used Peterson 18:00 in association with the rise of the country’s “Little Emperors.” These only children are marked as being lazy, spoiled and prone to tantrums. While that may not sound so different from our perception of only children in the United States, there is different weight to China’s situation. One only child can be a handful, but what about a whole nation of them?

Now, it looks like a recent study from Monash University in Australia reinforces those popular presumptions with research. When comparing adults born after the one-child policy went into effect to those born before the rule, the younger adults display less altruism and a higher aversion to taking risks. They also shied away from competition in relation to their counterparts born before the policy, and displayed a higher degree of negativity. Researchers also drew connections between these characteristics and China’s future economic competitiveness. As those born after the one-child policy continue to enter the workforce, eventually they will be the predominant group.

What will it mean for an entire office to be comprised of only children? What if they’re risk averse? Will that negatively impact entrepreneurship? How does this apply to the Clayton Dube, 1/14/13 ECON United States? What’s your take on all this? Do you think the plight of the only child is Jean M. Twenge 16:00 Lobbyists and legislators in Sacramento are debating whether California should boost the minimum wage. Currently, it sits at $8.00 an hour, but Assemblymember Luis Alejo's (D-Salinas) AB 10 seeks staggered increases in the coming years. His plan would bump it to $8.25 in 2014, follow with two 50 cent boosts over subsequent years, then automatically index it to inflation as of 2017.

Alejo tried a similar bill last year but it failed in the face of business opposition. Groups such as the California Chamber of Commerce and the California Restaurant Association warn of the unintended consequences of a higher minimum wage. They argue employers will cut down on hiring or move out of state. The last increase was before the great recession, back on January 1, 2008. Reacting to the freeze, a handful of California cities have instituted their own wage hikes above $10. Sylvia Allegreto, 1/14/13 ECON John Kabateck 22:00

While the trees are only saplings, the figurative seeds have been planted for a fruit park in Del Aire. A fruit park may sound redundant, but this marks a change in the way communities approach and use public space. Typically, fruit trees and the like are frowned upon for use in parks due to the risk associated with child injuries from falling. But when proposals were being accepted for changes to Del Aire Park, one group found a way to convince Los Angeles County to reconsider.

Fallen Fruit, a group of artists which focuses on community involvement projects, proposed turning Del Aire Park into a place where residents could not only gather outside, but even use the fruit trees in the park for food. It will take some time for the saplings to grow, but the ultimate vision is to use a variety of crops so that there will be some kind of fruit ripening throughout the entire year.

Beyond providing a healthy snack, what benefits do these parks provide? How did Fallen Fruit come up with the idea? Will the park primarily be maintained by the city, or resident volunteers? Are you a Del Aire resident? What do you look forward to 1/14/13 HEAL most about this park? David Burns 7:00 Depending on how you feel about television, the conference that’s wrapping up in Pasadena this week is either your dream or your nightmare. TV writers and critics from all over the country have been camped out in ballrooms watching hours and hours of new shows, meeting with stars, writers and executives, all for The Television Critics Association’s winter press tour.

While smaller cable and online channels like Sundance, Netflix and blip made their showing--impressing some of the critics with edgy new offerings and mini series--a big focus at TCA is on the networks. Specifically, whether they’re able to create exciting new content and get the ratings to support those shows. Alyssa Rosenberg, Brian 1/14/13 ENT Lowry 17:00 We just heard President Obama holding his last press conference of his first term as president. The president took on subjects ranging from the debt ceiling to gun control.For more on this we're joined now by Josh Gerstein, White House Reporter for 1/14/13 LAW POLITICO. Josh Gerstein 8:30 First we're going to start with the news everyone is talking about: the cold weather. Downtown Los Angeles hit a record low this morning at 35 degrees. The cold snap is 1/14/13 ENV now in its fifth day, but we're not burning surfboards yet. - 7:01 In November of 2010, a young Somali American man named Mohamed Mohamud was arrested in Portland, Oregon. He was charged with attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction after allegedly trying to set off what he believed to be a bomb at a 1/14/13 MIL popular tree-lighting ceremony in Pioneer Square. April Baer 6:30 On May 1, 2011 at about 4 a.m., a 10-year-old boy crept down the stairs of his family's home with a .357 magnum and killed his sleeping father with one shot to the head. The trial of the boy, now 12, has focused not on his guilt in the act, but whether 1/14/13 LAW or not he understood the difference between right and wrong. Lauren Osen 5:17 In 2011, California shifted thousands of felons to county custody. But local officials 1/14/13 LAW still lack critical information about who they are and where they reside. Julie Small 4:11 Del Aire Public Fruit Park, located here in Southern California, encourages visitors to help themselves to fruit. But will it foster a 'pick what you need' spirit? Susan Valot 1/14/13 ENV reports. Susan Valot 4:04 Flu season this year began about a month early, and it is already taking its toll across 1/14/13 HEAL the U.S. How can you protect yourself and your loved ones from the virus? Carl Zimmer 6:38 Hollywood's brightest stars were out last night for the Golden Globes, but it was the ladies who really shined. Including the evening's hosts, Tina Fey and Amy PoehlerHere to recap some of the big moments is Rebecca Keegan, film writer for the 1/14/13 ART L. Rebecca Keegan 8:25

Taft Union High School remains closed Monday after a 16-year-old walked in last week with a shotgun and critically injured one of his classmates. As news crews pack 1/14/13 YOUT up and leave Kern County, the town is still in a state of shock over the incident. Alice Daniel 3:43 This weekend, Southern California lost a prominent Holocaust survivor and educator. Leon Leyson of Fullerton died Saturday after a 4-year-long battle with lymphoma. He 1/14/13 - was 83. Leon Leyson 2:55 1/14/2013 ART Loh Life Roses Loh 2:39 1/14/2013 LAW Antonia Villaraigosa to talk immigration reform in DC today Guidi :54 1/14/2013 IE Groups may not buy Mt. Rubidoux cross site CC :18 1/14/2013 EDU CSU begins online degree program Guzman :53 1/14/2013 POLI Mayoral candidates prepare for debates Walton :31 1/14/2013 OC Former President Bill Clinton speaks Monday in Laguna Niguel Bergman :44 1/14/2013 ENV LA County officials want to tax homeowners for polluted water Peterson 3:22 Democratic Senator Leland Yee prepares legislation to make it easier for counties to 1/14/2013 HEAL implement Laura's law O'Neill 1:02 1/14/2013 SAC Police chiefs lack critical information on felons under county supervision Small 4:11 1/14/2013 EDU USC starts new semester with new security measures in place Fox :49 1/14/2013 ART Lena Dunham receives best actress awards at the Golden Globes CC :11 1/14/2013 ART Actress Jodie Foster receives special honor at the Golden Globes CC :17 NRC Chair to meet with environmental groups, some political leaders, check out San 1/14/2013 OC Onofre nuclear plant Monday Joyce 1:40 1/14/2013 LAW Trial begins against six former leaders of Bell Julian :41 1/14/2013 OBIT Youngest member on Schindler's List dies in Whittier CC :22 1/14/2013 OC The head of the NRC meets with environmental groups in Orange County CC :23 1/14/2013 ENV Cold temperatures continue in SoCal, early morning walkers don extra layers CC :12

1/14/2013 LAW Riverside judge rules boy knew it was wrong when he shot and killed neo-Nazi father CC :13 1/14/2013 ENV Cold temperatures across Los Angeles CC :14

1/14/2013 LAW Riverside judge rules boy knew it was wrong when he shot and killed neo-Nazi father CC :07 1/14/2013 ENV The recent SoCal cold snap threatens the 2 billion dollar citrus industry CC :14 LAPD arrests five people for takeover robbery at Nordstrom Rack store in 1/14/2013 LAW Westchester CC :10 1/14/2013 ECON Cold temperatures continue in SoCal. Canadian laughs at extra layers. Watt :49 1/14/2013 OC Head of Nuclear Regulatory Commission visted San Onofre plant Bergman 1:00 1/14/2013 HEAL UCLA study points to immediate health risks posed by childhood obesity O'Neill :56 1/14/2013 DC Villaraigosa lobbies for comprehensive reform CC :11 1/14/2013 EDU Crenshaw High School parents make last attempt to block reconstitution Romo :54 1/14/2013 RELI Evangelical leaders launch a prayer challenge in support of immigration reform Guidi 1:22 1/14/2013 ECON Assemblyman Alejo wants to boost California's minimum wage CC :24 1/14/2013 ECON Assembyman Alejo wants to boost California's minimum wage CC :19 1/14/2013 IE Judge finds 10-year-old boy murder neo-Nazi dad Osen 1:46 1/14/2013 DC Villaraigos nosing around for Cabinet job Felde 3:45 Legislative analyst: Governor's plan to fund healthcare for indigent Californians 1/14/2013 SAC premature Small 1:04 The head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission visited the San Onofre nuclear plant 1/14/2013 OC Monday CC :14 1/14/2013 POLI CA legislative analyst offers thoughts on Brown's budget proposal Adler :49 For the first time today, the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission visted the 1/14/2013 OC shuttered San Onofre nuclear plant Bergman 2:09 1/14/2013 POLI CA legislative analyst offers thoughts on Brown's budget proposal CC :17 1/14/2013 ENV Farmers crossing fingers amid cold snap Stoltze 3:08 1/14/2013 EDU USC starts new semester with new security measures in place Fox :49 Last night, Lance Armstrong sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. It’s a dance we’ve seen in America time and time again—disgraced celebrity seeks absolution from TV icon. Say your apologies, shed a few tears, promise to never do it again and then get out of there. But will that prove to be enough for Lance Armstrong? He was a figure so central to his sport that the current situation regarding doping seems to be an indictment of cycling in general. His critics are furious with him for letting down so many people and tarnishing the reputation of an activity that was already beset with problems of athletes using drugs. Furthermore, Armstrong has been vehemently denying drug use for years now. For him to reverse his position convinces many that this move is purely opportunistic and not genuine in the least.

How can someone lie so aggressively for so long? There are fans out there who come to Armstrong’s defense. There is the old argument that all athletes at the highest professional levels use performance enhancers of some kind, so Armstrong was simply trying to keep up. Or there are the supporters who were positively affected by Armstrong’s Live Strong organization, and aren’t really affected by what may or may not have happened in the world of sport.

So who is right? Is this sincere? Is Armstrong trying to make amends with his past Dan Empfield, and move onward and upward? Or is this just a ploy to keep competing and avoid Royal Oakes, Dan 1/15/13 SPORq ruininNew researchg his leg achasy? shown that pedophilia is not stemmed directly from childhood Ariely 47:00:00 sexual abuse. Some of the new information on the disorder comes from the Center for Mental Health and Addiction in Toronto, where studies have been conducted on convicted sex offenders.

Increasingly, pedophilia is seen as an intrinsic disorder rather than a trait developed after suffering child sexual abuse. Genetic predisposition may delineate potential pedophiles: 30% are left-handed or ambidextrous, and many are about an inch shorter than average, with a 10 point below-average IQ. The disorder has been found and researched almost exclusively in men. While many perpetrators of child sexual abuse are motivated by violent tendencies, and usually choose relatives as their victims, pedophiles are more likely to see children as romantic partners. Their sexual preference may be as biologically innate as any other, and although many pedophiles struggle with their desires, many are able to control their sexual urges.

Most psychiatrists have stopped trying to change pedophile’s sexual orientations, instead opting to help their patients find the best ways to control their sexual desire, sometimes through therapy and sometimes with hormone treatment. Is there a good Fred , Dr. Hy 1/15/13 HEAL way to create a support system for pedophiles that keeps children safe? How will new Malinek 16:00 Companies like Herbalife, Mary Kay, Avon and Amway have been around for decades. Proponents of direct sales and multi-level-marketing (MLM) companies claim they offer consumers a line of time-tested, quality products that are used and endorsed by distributors and marketed with the personal touch. For some sellers, direct sales and MLM’s can lead to financial independence - perhaps even wealth - and a chance to give a leg up to friends and family.

But for every legitimate business that uses this model, there are dozens of illegal “pyramid schemes” luring the hopeful, underemployed and desperate into a never- ending cycle of spend/recruit/spend. Recently Herbalife, the poster boy for MLM’s with a 32-year track record of success, came under attack for its marketing practices. Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman publicly labeled it a pyramid scheme, pointing out the many similarities with illegitimate businesses that make money selling dreams, not vitamins.

Pyramid schemes make their top levels rich by recruiting sellers and encouraging them to purchase vast amounts of product, attend expensive sales seminars and - of course - mine their social circles for new recruits. More often than not, the riches don’t materialize and distributors end up with garages full of product, broken marriages, ruined credit and lives. Joe Mariano, 1/15/13 ECON Stacie Bosley 23:00 Why are California’s college graduates struggling to find employment? Northern California Assemblyman Don Logue believes it’s because too many students are graduating with liberal arts degrees and entering into a job-market without a high demand for those professions. Logue’s Assembly Bill 51 proposes capping the price of science, technology, engineering, and math degrees to $10,000 dollars, which is half of the current tuition fee, on CSU Long Beach, CSU Chico, and CSU Stanislaus. Governor Rick Scott of Florida has proposed a similar initiative in Florida universities to freeze tuition rates of these majors while tuition rates continue to rise in the other fields of study.

At the University of Florida, a group of history professors have already organized a protest petition, fearing that this move would decrease the number of students studying liberal arts and thereby decrease funding in those departments. As for funding, Logue expects the state of California to pay for the financial discrepancies for these departments, and Scott hopes that Florida’s state financing and private-public partnerships will cover the expenses.

What do you think about tiered education and a $10,000 bachelor’s degree? Do you think students will change their fields of study based on these proposals? Will this Assemblymember 1/15/13 EDU alleviate employment issues? Will it affect funding for the humanities? Dan Logue 8:00 Creamy, crunchy, salty or plain – how do you like your peanut butter? Although it’s not popular in other countries, more than 75 percent of the American population consumes over one billion pounds of it annually.

However, peanut butter has not been immune to social and economic trends. Sales dropped when it got a bad rap for being unhealthy, and risen again when recession- strapped families rediscovered it as a high-protein and cost-effective food.

This prompted Hormel Foods to purchase Skippy for $700 million dollars earlier this month; the company forecasts sales of $370 million this year. “Creamy and Crunchy: An Informal History of Peanut Butter, the all-American Food,” claims to be the first comprehensive history of peanut butter.

The book covers the history of the humble peanut butter’s affect on Third-World hunger, how “Choosy mothers choose Jif” made Jif number one in peanut butter sales, proper peanut butter eating etiquette, and how a salmonella scare almost 1/15/13 LIT ruined the entire industry. Jon Krampner 16:00 On Monday, former champion cyclist Lance Armstrong apologized to staff of Live Strong, the cancer foundation he founded, the same day Oprah Winfrey is scheduled 1/15/13 SPOR to interview him. Mike Anderson 6:25

Whether or not Armstrong's confession is good for the sport is debatable. What's not in dispute is that the two-and-a-half hour interview is a boon for Oprah Winfrey, a fact 1/15/13 ECON she acknowledged on CBS This Morning: Brian Stelter 6:03

The "airpocalypse" is the term being used to describe the record high levels of pollution in China's northern region, including the capital city of Beijing. In recent days, the poor air quality has sent hundreds to local hospitals for respiratory 1/15/13 ENV problems, and the thick smog closed freeways and airports because of poor visibility. Kim Prather 6:03 This past weekend marked the third anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that killed as many as 300,000 people and left nearly a million people homeless. Yet three years 1/15/13 FOR on the crisis continues with 350,000 Haitians still in relief camps. Amy Wilentz 7:53

In 1969, a group of Native Americans occupied Alcatraz for two years. It's a history 1/15/13 ART written in graffiti that the National Park Service has been working to preserve. Alexandra Picavet 6:00 Isabela Raygoza and Joel Moya from the Latin Alternative music magazine, Isabela Raygoza 1/15/13 ART Remezcla, join Barbara Bogaev to talk about some upcoming releases. and Joel Moya 10:31 When it comes to rebuilding the Republican party in California, the challenges are 1/15/13 SAC many. Jim Brulte 6:43 Now to Washington where LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is spending the week. He'll be attending the inauguration next Monday, and in the meantime he's making the 1/15/13 IMM rounds at the US Conference of Mayors. Kitty Felde 6:37

There are new details in the mysterious death of Hollywood legend Natalie Wood.In 1981, the actress drowned off the coast of Catalina Island, while a weekend boating 1/15/13 LAW trip with her husband Robert Wagner and actor Christopher Walken. Alex Ben Block 5:27 NHL players are back on the ice, this Saturday. They resolved a labor dispute with 1/15/13 SPOR owners that led to 510 cancelled games. Jarret Stoll 3:42 Dr. Anthony More than 2 million veterans reside in the state of California, half of those live right Hassan, Elizabeth here in Southern California. Yesterday, veterans affairs was the topic of a three- Heger and Joseph 1/15/13 MIL person panel discussion hosted at SCPR’s Crawford Family Forum. Costello 17:02 1/15/2013 ECON Pension fund jus tposted huge returns on investments Quinton :48 1/15/2013 ECON CA legislative analyst offers thoughts on Brown's budget proposal Adler :41 AG Kamala Harris wants legislators to update an 1872 measure after unusual rape 1/15/2013 LAW case CC :16 AG Kamala Harris wants legislators to update an 1872 measure after unusual rape 1/15/2013 LAW case Quinton :58 1/15/2013 HEAL Parkinson's disease is linked to pesticides Khoka 1:16 1/15/2013 LAW Ice skating coach charged with molesting a skater CC :19 1/15/2013 TT The LA Kings get ready for the shortened regular season CC :18 1/15/2013 ENV China is dealing with the worst air quality in the country's history CC :22 1/15/2013 YOUT LA Youth newspaper to close after 25 years CC :22 Environmentalist Mark Gold backs proposed LA County parcel tax for stormwater 1/15/2013 ENV pollution controls CC :06 1/15/2013 ECON If you want to buy a house in the Southland, it helps to have a lot of cash DeBord :37

1/15/2013 ENV National Weather Service issued frost advisory for Tues night through Wed morning CC :11 1/15/2013 LAW LAPD closes longtime headquarters Palta :48 1/15/2013 POLI declines to place bond for road repairs on May ballot Walton :32 1/15/2013 ECON Wertz Brother Antique Mart to close on Feb. 1 Lee :55 1/15/2013 HEAL Health officials worry about drug-resistant gonorrhea Martinez 1:18 1/15/2013 ECON Gov Brown proposed state budget would restore, increase oversight of logging Quinton :48

1/15/2013 ECON Gov Brown says there are still economic hurdles ahead, despite the balanced budget CC :09 1/15/2013 OBIT LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge hosted memorial for Huell Howser CC :10 1/15/2013 OBIT LA City Councilman Tom LaBonge hosted memorial for Huell Howser CC :33 1/15/2013 IMM Westminster's Tet parade out of funds a couple of weeks before their big parade Guidi 1:22 The lawyer for a former Santa Ana city councilman charged with multiple counts of 1/15/2013 OC sexual assault is asking a judge to remove the District Attorney from the case Bergman 1:53 1/15/2013 ECON Farmers can only begin to assess crop damage from cold snap Watt :51 1/15/2013 EDU Gov. Brown pitches online college program CC :13 1/15/2013 POLI LA Supes postpone decision on parcel tax vote until March 12 hearing Whatley 3:23 Santa Clarita city councilman opposes proposed LA County parcel tax for stormwater 1/15/2013 ENV pollution controls CC :16 1/15/2013 ECON Gov Brown proposed state budget would restore, increase oversight of logging CC :16 1/15/2013 ECON Port of LA begins work on new Rail Yard Project to streamline container transfer Watt :29 Erwin What is the role of mental health in the gun violence discussion? What is the most Chemerinsky, important focus point in this dialogue? What kind of weight will President Obama’s Paul Neuharth, 1/16/13 DC executive action carry in the grand scheme of things? Doyle McManus 32:00:00 The future may involve a much more candid sexual health disclosure between partners, thanks to smartphone apps like MedXCom. The app provides a service where doctor-approved test results and medical records are verifiable via Tracy Clark-Flory, 1/16/13 TECH smartphone. Scoundrels beware. Gail Wyatt 16:00 Should personal trainers be taxed for holding classes in public parks? If you use public parks, are you bothered by an overcrowding of group fitness? What is the best Sonki Hong, 1/16/13 HEAL way to make the parks usable and fun for everyone? Karen Ginsberg 13:00 Do you have any experience in sales? Well, if you have a job in today’s society, author Dan Pink says the answer is yes. While one in nine Americans work in a traditional sales department, the other eight draw upon the same techniques 1/16/13 LIT salespeople use every day. Daniel Pink 18:00 Apted continued his own life trajectory by becoming an acclaimed director, while revisiting the series every seven years. The latest installment, directed by Apted, is 56 1/16/13 LIT Up!, which opens in L.A. this Friday. Michael Apted 17:00 This morning, President Obama is expected to announce the most aggressive and 1/16/13 LAW expansive national gun-control agenda in generations. - 14:44 President Obama unveils his administration’s plan to overhaul the nation’s gun laws Wednesday. In California, which already has some of the nation’s toughest gun laws, state lawmakers are moving forward with plans of their own to further thwart gun 1/16/13 LAW violence. Julie Small 2:59 San Diego Mayor Bob Filner has announced plans to open up an office in Tijuana. Adrian Florido explains where the office will be, what it will do and why this is another 1/16/13 IMM step in cross border cooperation. Adrian Florido 4:30 In the future, the words luxury, boxy, zombie and doozy might not hold the same weight in a Scrabble game, that is, if one UC San Diego researcher has his way. He's been floating a very controversial proposal to change the value of some tiles to more 1/16/13 ART accurately reflect modern usage. Stefan Fatsis 6:24 Joseph Rodriguez's new work is a photo series called Re-Entry in Los Angeles, featuring men and women recently released from prison as they return to life on the 1/16/13 ART outside. Joseph Rodriguez 9:15 The country's largest university system is wading into the world of online education. Yesterday, San Jose State announced it's joined forces with one of the leading for- 1/16/13 EDU profit online education companies, Udacity - 7:59 Nuclear historian Ward Wilson explodes some misconceptions about the bomb in a 1/16/13 ART new book called "Five Myths About Nuclear Weapons." Ward Wilson 12:25 Adventurer Tim Jarvis will lead a team of six on what would be the first authentic re- 1/16/13 ART enactment of Shackleton's historical journey across the Antarctic. Tim Jarvis 7:14 The National Book Critics Circle announced finalists for its annual awards earlier this week. Several California authors made the short list, including one based right here in 1/16/13 ART Los Angeles. David Kipen 7:37 1/16/2013 LAW LA DA spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons retires Whatley 3:29 1/16/2013 EDU LAUSD votes to reconstitute Crenshaw High Romo 1:24 1/16/2013 SAC California lawmakers answer to gun violence Small 2:59 1/16/2013 SPOR The San Diego Chargers announce their new head coach CC :09 1/16/2013 EDU Gov Brown proposed state budget would restore, increase oversight of logging Shuler 1:06 1/16/2013 LAW Judge to decide whether to dismiss charges against anti-gang worker CC :08 1/16/2013 SPOR San Diego Chargers will not come to LA - at least not this year CC :13 1/16/2013 ECON Dunkin' Donuts to expand business in California Lee :55 1/16/2013 ENV Tijuana nonprofit opens a composting center Flordido :50 The Los Angeles City Council considers adding a third medical marijuana measure to 1/16/2013 POLI the May ballot Walton :50 The Los Angeles City Council considers adding a third medical marijuana measure to 1/16/2013 POLI the May ballot Walton 1:17 1/16/2013 HEAL Santa Monica considers limiting personal training in Palisades Park CC :10 1/16/2013 HEAL Santa Monica considers limiting personal training in Palisades Park CC :16 1/16/2013 OBIT "Different Strokes" actor Conrad Baine dies CC :12 1/16/2013 DC Democrats line up behind President's gun proposals CC :19 1/16/2013 DC Democrats line up behind President's gun proposals Felde :57 1/16/2013 DC Foe of high speed rail gets plumb job Felde :57 1/16/2013 LAW FBI announces reward for AK47 Bandit CC :21 1/16/2013 ECON A new study funds that LA is actually well prepared to pay pension costs DeBord :49 An environmental group argues San Onofre's operator, Southern California Edison, should have been required to go through the NRC's license amendment process 1/16/2013 OC before installing new steam generators in 2009 and 2010 Bergman 2:38 1/16/2013 EDU UC Pres says he will heed warnings to avoid tuition increases CC :12 The feds have a national database used for denying mentally ill firearms, but depend 1/16/2013 LAW on the states fo rthe info Palta 2:17 Only nine SoCal cities earn top rankings from state chapter of the American Lung 1/16/2013 HEAL Association O'Neill 1:45 1/16/2013 TRAN FAA grounds all 787s, including a few daily flights out of LAX Watt :35 1/16/2013 HEAL California legislator pushes for a national mental health initiative CC :12 Very few flights at LAX are on 787 Dreamliners; one 787 was on the ground at LAX 1/16/2013 TRAN when FAA made announcement CC :19 Manti Te’o’s herculean performance on the football field following the twin tragedies of his grandmother and girlfriend dying within days of one another vaulted him to national prominence. Why did Te’o fail to disclose he never met the girl face-to-face? How was he able to speak so convincingly of meeting this non-existent girlfriend, and David Wharton, 1/17/13 SPOR of the depth of their connection? Aisha Harris 21:00 How did media outlets from Indiana’s South Bend Tribune to CBS, ESPN and the Associated Press take this bizarre fabrication, based largely on Tweets, hearsay and 1/17/13 MEDI other writers’ stories, and run the full nine yards with it? Kelly McBride 10:00 Is social media causing more anxiety than happiness? Does interacting with sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram give you FOMO? How should users handle their Caterina Fake, 1/17/13 MEDI fear of missing out – is logging off the only solution? Sophia Dembling, 17:00 Obama's administration wants to strengthen the effectiveness of mental health registries used to stop firearms sales to potentially violent individuals, a debate that's Dr. Steven K. 1/17/13 HEAL familiar to psychologists and psychiatrists. Hoge 23:00 After two incidents with lithion ion batteries that caused a small fire and the smell of smoke, regulators around the world have grounded Boeing’s newest widebody jet. Europe, India and Japan grounded 787s on Thursday following the U.S. FAA’s 1/17/13 TECH grounding of the planes on Wednesday. George Ferguson 7:00 Critics tell Dunham to put some clothes on, but fans of the show’s famously-awkward sexual scenarios have spoken up in defense of Dunham, her body, and the creative choice to focus on sex for the sake of sex, rather than what some have called “the 1/17/13 MEDI gaze.” Shira Tarrant 16:00 Lawrence 1/17/13 LAW President Obama issued 23 executive orders on gun control yesterday. Rosenthal 8:09 Escalating violence in Oakland has forced city leaders to consider a wide range of possibilities for addressing the problem, including bringing in former NYPD & LAPD 1/17/13 LAW Chief Bill Bratton as a consultant. Mina Kim 6:30 There's a rich history to the Presidential inaugurations of the past. Emphasis on the 1/17/13 POLI "rich." Kenneth C Davis 8:46 1/17/13 ART Music plays a big role during presidential inaugurations. Steve Hochman 7:51 did the sports media drop the ball in not fact checking the existence of Mani Te'o's 1/17/13 SPOR fictitious girlfriend? David Folkenflik 7:25 Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. On tap this week, the worst thing on a dinner menu, the birth of the roller coaster and going to the Rico Gagliano and 1/17/13 ART grave in style. Brendan Newnam 7:25 An issue that seems to be evergreen here in Los Angeles: medical marijuana. The city council decided yesterday to put a third pot measure on the ballot for the Frank Stoltze and 1/17/13 POLI upcoming city election. Alice Walton 8:11 A messy fight is brewing in Fresno over the city's decision to privatize residential garbage collection. This week, garbage workers are doing some heavy lifting to try 1/17/13 ECON and bring the issue to the ballot box. Sasha Khokha 4:27 Next Tuesday marks 40 years since the decision in the landmark Supreme Court case, Roe v. Wade. The issue of abortion has been a topic of debate ever since, as 1/17/13 HEAL conservatives and liberals have fought over how to interpret the court's ruling.Lynn Paltrow 7:09 A new report of the nation's hospitals found a sharp increase in the number of emergency room visits triggered by energy drink consumption. The report, published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, is the most 1/17/13 HEAL comprehensive look yet at the safety of energy drinks. Garance Burke 5:52 English class offerings at public schools are always in high demand, but because of budget cuts, many of those classes have been cut or eliminated. The California 1/17/13 EDU Report's Chris Richard has the story. Chris Richard 4:14 Penelope Eckert, professor of linguistics and anthropology at Stanford, disagrees. She and her team of researchers are traveling all over the state to prove it by 1/17/13 ART conducting a study called Voices of California. Penelope Eckert, 5:45 Did you hear that yelp of joy? That was your friend, the East Coaster, learning Dunkin' Donuts is expanding into Southern California. More than 150 stores starting in 2015.Others, though, wonder whether the chain will threaten Dan Pashman and 1/17/13 ECON doughnut business at the mom 'n pop shops that dot L. Zach Brooks 5:54 1/17/2013 DC CA high speed rail pals up with Amtrak for cost and clout Felde 1:00 The latest installment of a documentary series that follows the lives of 13 English men 1/17/2013 ENT and women comes to a theatre in LA on Friday CC :16 1/17/2013 TRAN CA high speed rail authority teams up with Amtrak to build high speed trains CC :16 Border patrol in San Diego says arrests have dropped significantly over the last 1/17/2013 IMM several years Florido :32 1/17/2013 LAW Armed robbery suspects, pursuit, Cal State Fullerton lock down, will stand trial Aguilar :53 1/17/2013 ECON Avon announces plans to close distribution center in Pasadena, but not until 2014 Watt :38

1/17/2013 HEAL Federal government awards CA $674 million for online health insurance marketplace CC :14 1/17/2013 FOR Algerian government kept US officials out of the loop in hostage mission CC :13 1/17/2013 ENT John C. Reilly plays in a bluegrass band CC :17

1/17/2013 HEAL Federal government awards CA $674 million for online health insurance marketplace Quinton :54 State audit finds "confusion and lack of knowledge" at Public Utilities Commision to 1/17/2013 SAC blame for overstated funds Small 1:22 1/17/2013 EDU 24th Street is first school to invoke parent trigger Romo 3:50 1/17/2013 LAW Bell City Council members go on trial for public corruption charges McNary 4:14 Overburdened MediCal won't be able to handle a million more kids in its dental 1/17/2013 HEAL programs O'Neill :53 1/17/2013 EDU UC Pres says he will heed warnings to avoid tuition increases Adler :51 California Dept of Insurance issues preparedness tips on 19th anniversary of the 1/17/2013 HEAL Northridge earthquake O'Neill :51

1/17/2013 ECON A new study funds that LA is actually well prepared to pay pension costs CC :23 California Congressional delegation splits down party lines on President's gun control 1/17/2013 POLI suggestions Shafer 1:00 1/17/2013 POLI Fight brews about privatizing garbage collection in Fresno Khoka 4:27 1/17/2013 ENV Levee on the Sacramento River in danger of failing CC :08 1/17/2013 ECON FTC upholds ruling against POM Wonderful for deceptive advertising Watt :40 1/17/2013 TT Linguistic researchers look into the California accent CC :11 1/17/2013 TT Linguistic researchers look into the California accent CC :08 The latest installment of a documentary series that follows the lives of 13 English men 1/17/2013 ENT and women comes to a theater in LA on Friday CC :16 1/17/2013 TRAN CA High speed rail authority teams up with Amtrak to build high speed trains CC :16 1/17/2013 DC LA Mayor delivering gun control speech Friday in DC Felde :57 Border Patrol in San Diego says arrests have dropped significantly over last several 1/17/2013 IMM years Florido :32 1/17/2013 LAW Armed robbery suspects, pursuit, Cal State Fullerton lock down, will stand trial Aguilar :53 1/17/2013 ECON Avon announces plans to close distribution center in Pasadena, but not until 2014 Watt :38 US officials are frustrated with the Algerian government's handling of the hostage 1/17/2013 FOR crisis CC :13 1/17/2013 ENT John C. Reilly shows off musical prowess CC :17

1/17/2013 HEAL Federal government awards CA $674-million for online health insurance marketplace Quinton :54 1/17/2013 HOUS Solid economic reports out this morning CC :11 California Dept of Insurance issues preparedness tips on 19th anniversary of 1/17/2013 HEAL Northridge earthquake O'Neill :50 1/17/2013 POLI CA congressmen react to Obama's gun legislation Shafer 1:00 1/17/2013 ENV Levee on the Sacramento River in danger of failing CC :08 1/17/2013 ECON California sees foreclosures drop in 2012, but still room for recovery CC :15

This fallen-hero story won't end with part two of Oprah's interview tonight. Armstrong is facing innumerable lawsuits and actions against him. So why did he finally tell the Steve Bartolucci, 1/18/13 SPOR truth? What judgements did you make after watching him last night? Dan Empfield 23:00 Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren proposes amendment to the Computer Fraud and Jody Westby, 1/18/13 LAW Abuse Act (CFAA) to exclude terms of service violations from the law. Susan Freiwald 25:00:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Henry Sheehan and Charles Tim Cogshell, Solomon to review the week’s new film releases including 56 Up, Broken City, Mama Henry Sheehan, 1/18/13 ENT and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Charles Solomon 31:00:00

When Deborah Nadoolman Landis was starting out in the costume shops of major Hollywood studios, she remembers finding “stacks and stacks” of old drawings - Deborah stuffed under tables, into walls for insulation, underfoot, being used as doormats. At Nadoolman 1/18/13 ENT that time, no one considered the sketches made for costume designs to be art. Landis 17:00

In an exclusive interview with Oprah Winfrey last night, Lance Armstrong said his regimen consisted of blood transfusions, EPO and testosterone. He also said doping 1/18/13 SPOR was an integral part of the sport and helped him win the Tour De France. Ed Engay 9:55 For years, Lance Armstrong rode with a team sponsored by the U.S. Postal Service. Armstrong is reportedly in talks to return some of the millions of dollars he received 1/18/13 ECON from the agency. Heidi Moore 6:36 We wrap up the week's news and look forward to what's to come in the Friday Flashback. This week's guests, Sophia Nelson of NBC's The Grio, and James Rainey Sophia Nelson 1/18/13 LAW of the LA Times. and James Rainey 13:58 Actor John C. Reilly is known for his comic roles in films like "Talladega Nights" and John Reilly and 1/18/13 ART "Step Brothers," but acting isn't his only forte. Friends 15:15 Latinos will have a special gala this Sunday for President Obama's inauguration: the Latino Inaugural. Hosted by Eva Longoria and featuring a star-studded cast, it's also a 1/18/13 IMM way for them to celebrate their influence on the 2012 campaign. Andrès Lopez 7:31

KPCC's Meghan McCarty is back and better than ever in a revamped and retooled 1/18/13 ART Weekend Alibi. For those that don't know, it's your guide for a fun weekend. Meghan McCarty 4:01 A recent report published in the Journal of Health, Politics and Policy and Law says hundreds of women have been denied their civil liberties because they were pregnant. The study examined specific examples, and touched on a legal grey area 1/18/13 HEAL where the rights of the mother and the fetus intersect. Matthew Staver 6:35 The city's legal bills top $1 million annually, water rates and parcel taxes remain high. 1/18/13 POLI But residents have a renewed interest in their community. Sharon McNary 4:14 More than a 100 parents from a West Adams elementary school, on Thursday, 1/18/13 EDU invoked the “Parent Trigger” law to take over the failing school from the district. Vanessa Romo 3:51 Meet the bartender in Las Vegas who mixes her potables with a heavy dose of science and technology, and a little spice, as well. Reporter Adam Burke prepared 1/18/13 ART this refreshing story. Adam Burke 7:42 Mavericks, the big wave surfing competition, will be held on Sunday for the first time 1/18/13 ART in years in Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, CA. Peter Mel 6:18 Debate heats up over whether to license an undocumented immigrant and allow him 1/18/2013 LAW to become a practicing lawyer Guidi 1:48 1/18/2013 SPOR The LA Lakers lose another big game at home CC :12 1/18/2013 ENT Cathy Rigby has portrayed Peter Pan for four decades Unknown 2:50 Health officials say widespread flu activity could indicate early or worse flu season in 1/18/2013 HEAL California CC :11 A Santa Ana judge has set a trial date for two ex-Fullerton police officers involved in 1/18/2013 OC the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas CC :12 1/18/2013 DC Senator Feinstein enlists US mayors in assault weapons ban battle CC :13 1/18/2013 SPOR Armstrong came clean in an interview with Oprah CC :23 1/18/2013 ENV The NWS is putting out a high surf advisory for LA area CC :16 1/18/2013 ECON CA unemployment rate holds steady at 9.8 percent in December CC :16 A new general manager is confirmed to oversee the Department of Neighborhood 1/18/2013 POLI Empowerment Walton 1:02 Health officials say widespread flu activity could indicate early or worse flu season in 1/18/2013 HEAL California CC :10 1/18/2013 IMM New poll shows majority of voters support legalization of illegal immigrants Uribe :48 OC woman sentenced to probation after pleading guilty to helping a World War II vet 1/18/2013 OC commit suicide Bergman :49 1/18/2013 DC California mayors come to DC for regulation relief Felde 2:28 1/18/2013 POLI The president of the Board of Public Works resigns Walton :31 A Santa Ana judge has set a trial date for two ex-Fullerton police officers involved in 1/18/2013 OC the 2011 beating death of Kelly Thomas Bergman 1:49 1/18/2013 ECON CA economy had a bad December Adler :42 1/18/2013 ECON CA economy had a bad December CC :09

1/18/2013 POLI Pasadena city councilman rebutts the recal campaign's charge of conflict-of-interest Watt 2:12 1/18/2013 LAW Judge allows lawsuit against city LAPD impound policy CC :11 1/18/2013 ENV LA County Supervisors postpone vote on property tax for water quality programs Peterson 3:34 1/18/2013 ECON Gas prices climb in Southern California Watt :32 1/18/2013 EDU Longtime UC chancellor Mark Yudoff steps down Guzman :49 There is increasing need to provide more assistance and care for victims of human 1/19/2013 IMM and sex trafficking Guidi 1:25 1/19/2013 LAW Federal charges against gang interventionist Alex Sanchez dropped Aguilar 1:20 Downey has a history of musical talent, including The Carpenters and . The town's newest addition is an 84-year-old rapper named Kwayzar. James Kim talks James Kim / with Stanley Jerry Hoffman (aka Kwayzar) about his career in showbiz and how he Stanley Jerry 1/19/13 MEDI hasn't given up looking for his big break. Hoffman 6:09 , the self-professed " of the ukulele" (because he plays it left-handed, and not restrung, just as Hendrix played the guitar) joined Off-Ramp to John Rabe, speak about the history of the ukulele, the resurgence of its popularity and he Michelle Lanz, Ian 1/19/13 MEDI spotlights some of his favorite uke heroes. Whitcomb 4:11

President Franklin Marshall, possibly the most-obscure President of all, and for whom the historical record is so scant, you might even question whether he existed at all. But Franklin Marshall has found his Boswell at last in Barry Cutler, an actor and amateur historian who lives in Palm Desert. John Rabe talks with Barry Cutler about John Rabe / Barry 1/19/13 HIST what we know about Marshall and why we know so little. Cutler 1:13

Kevin Ferguson talks with affiliates and participants in the Hearts Apart program, a nonprofit organization that gives military families a free, professional portrait session Kevin Ferguson, before deployment. There are professional artists, commercial photographers and Ross Whitaker, Pulitzer Prize winners—all trying the best they can to keep families connected. Brownie Harris, Families like Amy and Tim McCoy, of Helendale, a small community halfway between Amy McCoy, Tim 1/19/13 MIL Victorville and Barstow on Route 66. McCoy 4:24 Things got a little out of hand when Hunter Davis came into the Off-Ramp studio to John Rabe / 1/19/13 MEDI talk about his spot-on Ian McKellen impression in this million+ hit YouTube video. Hunter Davis 8:43 1/20/2013 POLI Latino Inaugural of 2013 kicks off at the Kennedy Center CC :10 1/20/2013 LAW Roe v. Wade 40th anniversary CC :20 The Mavericks Surfing competition is being held in Half Moon Bay for the first time in 1/20/2013 SPOR three years this weekend CC :08 1/20/2013 HIST Music plays a big part in the presidential inauguration ceremony CC :22 1/20/2013 ECON Honda recalls about 750,000 Pilot and Odyssey vehicles Lee :37

1/20/2013 POLI The five leading mayoral candidates debate at the annual Empowerment Congress Walton 1:58 1/20/2013 ECON Honda recalls about 750,000 Pilot and Odyssey vehicles Lee :37 Today marks President Barack Obama’s second inaugural address. While the first time was certainly a historic moment, not just for the man but for the whole country, this one marks a momentous occasion as well. Obama just fought his way through a nasty election cycle to secure his second term, and the country has a very important Aaron Blake, 1/21/13 POLI four years ahead of it. David Birdsell 31:00:00 Congress will vote Wednesday on a bill to extend the limit for the U.S. debt ceiling David Mark, Lisa 1/21/13 POLI that will allow the deadline to be postponed until May 18. Mascaro 16:00 Should you get a flu shot? How many times a day should you wash your hands to stay reasonably safe? Is it silly or effective to wear surgical masks in public places? How Dr. Jonathan can people die from a disease as common as the flu in 2013? And how do Fielding, Shannon 1/21/13 HEAL researchers create new vaccines to protect us from next year’s flu bug? Pettypiece 14:00 The TSA effectively has carte blanche to be all up in your junk, or to at least look at Michael Grabell, pictures of it, before you get on an airplane. But the federal agency announced on Brian Michael Friday that it will stop using the kind of x-ray body scanners that produced the Jenkins, Patrick 1/21/13 TRAN anatomically revealing images of passengers at security checkpoints in airports. Smith 16:00 Sullivan interviewed dozens of artists, including Len Chandler – who, along with Joan Baez and Bob Dylan, galvanized the crowd at the 1963 March on Washington – Buffy Sainte-Marie, Solomon Burke, Yoko Ono, Janis Ian and Richie Havens. And she asks the question, where have the voices of protest gone in today’s music? What forces – social, political and corporate – have conspired to silence the sounds of freedom, 1/21/13 ART justice and equality? Denise Sullivan 17:00

1/21/2013 ART Palm Springs high school marching band performs in the presidential inauguration CC :12

1/21/2013 ART Palm Springs high school marching band performs in the presidential inauguration CC :11 1/21/2013 IMM Latinos celebrate the Presidential Inauguration Davies 3:49 New options for deferred action, provisional waivers, allowing more young 1/21/2013 IMM undocumented immigrants to stay in US Guidi 2:10 1/21/2013 MEDI Loh Life Advertising Loh 2:45

1/21/2013 EDU Volunteerism "constant" on MLK Day - but more engagement is needed, leaders say Moore 2:13 1/21/2013 HEAL LA Conventiln Center hosted LA Fit Expo Walton 2:05 1/21/2013 SPOR The 2013 Super Bowl is set CC :14 1/21/2013 DIS Firefighters contained a fire at Mountain View High School in El Monte CC :17 1/21/2013 LAW Jury selection resumes in Bell city official corruption trial Cuevas 1:07 1/21/2013 LAW The LA County Sheriff's Department conducts a gun buyback event CC :10 1/21/2013 ENV EPA gives largest coal-fired plant in the US 10 years to install pollution controls Morales 1:22 1/21/2013 ENT Mama tops at the box office CC :17 1/21/2013 TRAV TSA is replacing its Rapiscan machines for less revealing scanners CC :12 1/21/2013 LAW Compton officials buy back guns with gift cards CC :14 1/21/2013 EDU Republicans think Prop 30 money should go to freezing tuition at public colleges Quinton :51 1/21/2013 EDU Republicans think Prop 30 money should go to freezing tuition at public colleges CC :18 1/21/2013 SCI Jupiter will appear extemely close to the Moon Monday night CC :08 1/21/2013 HEAL Pool entrepreneur donates $27 million to OC children's hospital CC :09 1/21/2013 LAW Compton hosts gun buyback to celebrate MLK Day Palta 1:06

Archbishop Emeritus of Los Angeles Roger M. Mahoney has again apologized for his involvement over twenty years ago in concealing child molestation by priests from law enforcement, including keeping clergy out of California to avoid prosecution. Mahoney’s apology came as his previously confidential correspondence from 1986 Harriet Ryan, 1/22/13 RELI and 1987 recently became public evidence in a civil court case. Barbara Dorris 24:00:00 Tonight, the Glendale City Council will host a discussion regarding the fate of its gun 1/22/13 ECON show, which typically comes to town multiple times a year. Paul Neuharth 7:00 With the constant fear of rising tuition costs, some college students are seeking Brandon Wade, 1/22/13 ECON alternate methods to pay for their tuition and living expenses. Kathleen Barry 16:00

Should the federal government be responsible for disaster relief? Should states more prone to natural disaster pay more in taxes? What is the best way to implement relief – should it go hand in hand with spending cuts? If a Sandy-level event were to take Barney Keller, 1/22/13 DIS place in California, how would you want it to be handled? Michele Dauber 23:00 Details have emerged in fits and starts from the messy siege in Algeria that ended Martha Crenshaw, 1/22/13 FOR Saturday. Mark R. Jacobson 15:00 On Wednesday, JPL will release a new documentary titled “The Changing Face of Mars.” Today on AirTalk, we invite the creator of the movie, Blaine Baggett to discuss JPL’s exploration of Mars over the years, as well as any exciting new developments 1/22/13 SCI being found. Blaine Baggett 11:00 Bilingual immersion programs have been growing exponentially in California. You can find a public school that teach Spanish, German, French and even Hmong. For the first of our three-part series on language immersion, KPCC's , takes 1/22/13 EDU you on a tour of some of Southern California's bilingual schools. Deepa Fernandes 7:46 Newly released documents show Retired Cardinal Roger Mahoney and other high- 1/22/13 RELI ranking officials in the diocese stymied police investigations of alleged abuse. Victoria Kim - This past weekend, MEGA - a new file storage website - made its debut. This wouldn't be all that exciting if it weren't for the site's creator - a man known as Kim Dotcom. His last venture, a website called Megaupload, was shut down for hosting pirated copyrighted material. And Dotcom has since been caught up in an international criminal investigation. Charles Graeber joins Barbara Bogaev with an 1/22/13 TECH update on the story. He profiled Dotcom for WIRED magazine in October. Charles Graeber - Developments in neuroscience have led the Supreme Court to reconsider minors' 1/22/13 YOUT culpability, but that science isn't finding its way into juvenile courts. Lauren Osen 3:58 1/22/13 TRAV Lots of changes are underway for when you take flight. Patrick Smith - In the new memoir "The Heavy," Dara-Lynn Weiss writes about her efforts to help her seven-year-old daughter lose weight. The book follows a controversial article Weiss 1/22/13 YOUT wrote for Vogue magazine. Dara-Lynn Weiss - PBS' Frontline looks at why the government has been unable to criminally convict any 1/22/13 ECON Wall Street executives for their alleged role in the housing crisis. Martin Smith -

1/22/2013 ECON Mikawaya, the maker of mochi ice cream, will launch a new line of ice cream products Lee 4:03 1/22/2013 ENV LA City Council questions rooftop solar program Peterson 1:17 Arizona lawmakers are part of a bipartisan Senate group working on immiration 1/22/2013 IMM reform O'Dowd 3:53 1/22/2013 SAC Democrat supermajority changes focus on "swing votes" CC :06 1/22/2013 SPOR Sacramento team looks like it may move to Seattle Quinton :51 1/22/2013 DIS Fourteen people hurt after apartment fire in San Pedro CC :12

1/22/2013 POLI Glendale City Council to discuss a ban on gun shows at Tuesday evening meeting Watt :43 More women work behind the camera in independent films than Hollywood 1/22/2013 ENT productions CC :17 New study counters law enforcement perception that they're constantly dealing with 1/22/2013 LAW parolees and probationers Palta :49 1/22/2013 ECON PBS Frontline documentary investigates Wall Street CC :18 1/22/2013 ECON PBS Frontline documentary investigates Wall Street CC :21 1/22/2013 DIS LAFD investigators treating San Pedro fire as "criminal" in nature CC :13 1/22/2013 DC No sweeping climate change bill expected CC :11

1/22/2013 LAW LA County District Attorney's office to review newly released records on priest abuse CC :12 1/22/2013 DC No sweeping climate change bill expected Felde :59 Federal nuclear officials will meet in Orange County to talk about restarting San 1/22/2013 ENER Onofre plant CC :15 A tour of language immersion schools in Southern California; first of three parts of 1/22/2013 EDU Bilingual Language series Fernandes 4:00 1/22/2013 DC House hearing on mental health and guns CC :23

1/22/2013 ECON Deep Space Industries announces plans for asteroid harvesting by small spacecraft CC :18 In one of the largest study of its kind, Kaiser Permanente is finding a spike in ADHD 1/22/2013 HEAL among its young patients O'Neill :51 Study finds substance use up among children and siblings of those deployed in the 1/22/2013 HEAL military O'Neill :54 Arizona under pressure to reverse driver's license decision on young undocumented 1/22/2013 IMM immigrants Joffe :56 1/22/2013 IMM Immigrant rights rally in San DiegoOrr :41 1/22/2013 ENER LA City Council decides not to block rooftop solar program Peterson :51

1/22/2013 ECON Deep Space Industries announces plans for asteroid harvesting by small spacecraft Watt :57 1/22/2013 ENV Southern California hit recordbreaking winter temperatures CC :10 1/22/2013 EDU Cal State wants a quarter billion more than in Governor Brown's budget CC :12 1/22/2013 LAW 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade decision CC :11 Possible implications of release of thousands of documents identifying Catholic 1/22/2013 RELI priests accused of child molestation Guidi 3:54 1/22/2013 DC House hearing on preventing gun violence CC :21

The reelection of recently inaugurated President Obama is a telltale sign of a greater shift in perspective among Americans on many issues including immigration policy. A newly released poll conducted by Associated Press-GfK indicates that 6 in 10 Americans now support allowing illegal immigrants to eventually become United States citizens, a significant increase driven by a turn in many Republicans’ positions since the 2012 elections. A majority in the GOP - 53 percent - now favor blazing a more inclusive trail toward citizenship. That’s a 22 percent increase from 2010.

The Republicans’ shift in their approach to immigration policy comes as the GOP seeks to increase its lackluster support among Latino voters, who rallied behind President Obama in November. In his inaugural speech on Monday, Obama declared, “Our journey is not complete until we find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see America as a land of opportunity; until bright young students and engineers are enlisted in our workforce rather than expelled from our country." Moreover, David Axelrod, one of Obama’s top advisors, stated on Monday that immigration reform will be a high priority for the Obama administration that will be prompted early on during the president’s second term.

Why has such a significant shift in immigration ideology among Republicans happened so fast? Is the GOP simply pandering to Latino voters for their support or has a more comprehensive understanding of immigration needs been adopted? What kinds of real and enduring changes in immigration policy might we see over the next Mark Lopez, Dan 1/23/13 POLI four years? Judy 14:00 Although General Stanley A. McChrystal may want to be known for enacting a counterinsurgency doctrine that changed the war in , the public may remember him more for his success in being part of the task force that captured and the accusations of insubordination that forced his resignation.

In his new book, McChrystal tells his side of the story. “My Share of the Task: A Memoir by General Stanley A. McChrystal” is not McChrystal’s outlet for criticizing government and the military, nor does it attempt to vindicate his highly publicized statements in "." Rather, he simply tells his story and attempts to personalize the soldiers fighting in the war.

McChrystal details how he grew up in a military family and then spent six years as Commander of a special operations task force in . He remembers some of the thousands of raids, explaining how creating a network between different departments led to greater intelligence that quickened their operating speed. In 2009, McChrystal became the Commander of the NATO coalition in Afghanistan and took on the task of changing public distrust toward the government and the war. In addition, he had to convince the leaders of 37 countries, as well as over 100,000 troops, that the war could be won by counterinsurgency methods of effective communication rather than brute force.

General Stanley 1/23/13 LIT A. McChrystal 15:00

Last week, George Taylor was given a two-day jail sentence and three years probation for killing his wife, Gewynn. The couple, both in their 80’s and with unspecified medical problems, had wanted to die together. After suffocating his wife with a plastic bag, Taylor attempted to do the same to himself, but failed. He pleaded guilty to the felony of assisted suicide. The outcome was the result of leniency on the part of both the prosecutor and the judge – and it’s not an isolated case.

There have been several recent instances of elderly people who made their wish to die known, and were aided in carrying out that wish by spouses, friends, or family members. Although doctor-assisted suicide is allowed in three states, California is not one of them; ending a life is clearly against the law. Yet assisted-suicide cases rarely come to trial. Prosecutors, feeling that jurors will be sympathetic to, say, a grieving, elderly person who has helped an ailing spouse to end his or her suffering, prefer to bring lesser charges.

1/23/13 HEAL Robert Weisberg 17:00 The family of deceased NFL linebacker Junior Seau sued the NFL today for “acts or omissions” about the danger of repetitive blows to the head that led to Seau’s chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) and ultimately his suicide.

Seau’s family is accusing the NFL of deliberately concealing the consequences of traumatic brain injuries, and this isn’t the first accusation made to the NFL. In fact, the Associated Press reported over 3,800 players have sued the NFL over head injuries. The Seaus are also suing the helmet manufacturer Riddell and calling the company “negligent.”

Does the NFL promote violence in the game? Do football players know the risks involved when they sign up to play? Can these lawsuits change the way American Jody Armour, 1/23/13 SPOR football is played? David Orentlicher 14:00 Reportedly, the Dodgers have agreed to a deal with Time Warner Cable for the team’s television contract. As a result, the Dodgers will now get its own channel, akin to the setup the Lakers have after their deal with Time Warner Cable last year. The specifics of the deal aren’t yet known—it has yet to be sent to the MLB for approval—but it is expected to land somewhere between $6 and $7 billion.

Previously, the Dodgers had a deal with Fox Sports, but Time Warner Cable came into the conversation when an exclusive negotiating window with Fox expired. Time Warner Cable now has television deals with the Lakers and the Dodgers, both of which were previously with Fox Sports.

So what does this mean for fans? How has the Lakers deal with Time Warner Cable played out? Can we expect to see more of the same in this deal? Bill Shaikin, Jon 1/23/13 SPOR What does it mean for the team, and for local television? Weisman 17:00 Can you imagine Los Angeles with a series of interconnected public parks? With major freeways cutting through canyons and hills? In an upcoming exhibit at Los Angeles’ A+D Architecture and Design Museum, co-curators Sam Lubell and Greg Goldin explore a version of L.A. that was imagined, but never built.

“Never Built: Los Angeles” will showcase skyscrapers and hilltop museums from famed architects that didn’t make it into the city’s skyline and will explore how the envisioned works might have changed L.A. – for good or bad. What do you think of Los Angeles architecture?

Would the city be better with more skyscrapers or more interconnected roads and public transportation? Could any of the imagined architecture be ruinous to Los Angeles lifestyle or culture? What would you change or keep the same? A+D curators Lubell and Goldin join Larry to discuss their upcoming exhibit and the architecture that Sam Lubell, Greg 1/23/13 HIST could have transformed Los Angeles. Goldin 16:00 A U.S. Court of Appeals ruled that marijuana should continue to be classified as a schedule-one drug, meaning it has no medical value and the potential for abuse is 1/23/13 HEAL high. Tony Dokoupil 5:47 The Pentagon is reportedly planning to step up its training of Mexican security forces, with a goal to teach them to pursue the cartels the same way U.S. went after Al- 1/23/13 LAW Qaida. We'll speak to Ioan Grillo, author of the book "El Narco." Ioan Grillo 6:49 Bilingual immersion programs are growing in popularity all over California, but are there actual benefits to programs that teach multiple languages at the elementary 1/23/13 EDU level? Deepa Fernandes 5:54 California's cheese makers have benefited from milk prices lower than the federal 1/23/13 ART level, but the state's dairy farmers say they can't sustain the low prices any longer. - 6:21 We all want our kids to eat healthier, but no matter how much you try to fill their lunch box with organic, whole grain whatever, it won't do much good if your kids aren't Adolfo Guzman- 1/23/13 EDU eating it. Lopez 3:00 Whale watchers off the Southern California coast saw a lot more than they expected when a chartered boat descended on a large pod of 23 gray whales, which usually 1/23/13 ENV travel alone or in groups of two or three as they migrate. - 6:15

Fronteras Desk reporter Jill Replogle takes a look at what legalization might mean for 1/23/13 IMM one industry with a high percentage of undocumented immigrant workers. Jill Replogle 4:38 President Obama has made gun control a priority, and he'll expect Majority leader Harry Reid to champion legislation in the Senate. But there's just one problem, Reid 1/23/13 POLI has portrayed himself in the past as a supporter of gun rights. Jon Ralston 7:14 Petra Haden's latest acapella "Petra Goes to the Movies" features this LA 1/23/13 ART vocalist singing famous film scores. Petra Haden 11:29 The real estate listing site Redfin recently released its list of the 10 most "up-and- coming" neighborhoods, and as no surprise to many, California dominated. So what does that mean for home buyers? We'll speak to KPCC's business reporter Matt 1/23/13 HOUS DeBord. Matt DeBord 6:10 Karen Alpert is the brains behind the parenting blog, Baby Sideburns. This week she's back to talk about the dark side of being a parent, and why we shouldn't be 1/23/13 TRAV afraid of the minivan Karen Alpert 5:19 Researchers at UCLA have discovered a groundbreaking new development in the area of brain trauma. Brain scans performed on five former, but still living NFL players revealed clues to a specific type of football-related brain damage called CTE, or 1/23/13 SPOR chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Gary Small 7:02 Ashok Rajamani's new books talks about the day he discovered he had arteriovenous malformation, or AVM, is a congenital brain injury that can cause seizures, strokes 1/23/13 ART and severe neurological problems. Ashok Rajamani 9:47 1/23/2013 ENV LA River may open another section for recreational use Peterson :48 1/23/2013 IMM Legalization of undocumented immigrants will have an effect on industry Replogle 4:03 1/23/2013 LAW 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade decision Adler :52 1/23/2013 SAC Investors try to keep the NBA's Kings in Sacramento CC :06 1/23/2013 LAW Oakland City Council voted to bring in Bill Bratton as a consultant CC :16

1/23/2013 POLI Glendale City Council votes to move forward with banning gun sales on city property CC :11

1/23/2013 POLI Glendale City Council votes to move forward with banning gun sales on city property CC :12 1/23/2013 ART Letters from Los Angeles' exhibit featured at LA Art Show CC :11 1/23/2013 POLI Gov Jerry Brown to strike different tone in State of State Adler :48 1/23/2013 POLI Gov Jerry Brown to strike different tone in State of State CC :22 1/23/2013 ECON As foreclosures in the Golden State decline, short sales pick up DeBord :43 1/23/2013 SPOR Former football player's family sues league over brain injuries CC :15 1/23/2013 SPOR Former football player's family sues league over brain injuries CC :13 1/23/2013 DC House hearing on preventing gun violence Felde 1:01 1/23/2013 ENT A fire broke out early this afternoon at Univesal Studios, injuring one CC :22 1/23/2013 HOUS Steve Cochrane says less foreclosures in CA means a housing recovery CC :13 1/23/2013 HOUS Steve Cochrane says less foreclosures in CA means a housing recovery CC :09 Last of three parts of Bilingual Language series: two Latino families' experiences in 1/23/2013 EDU language immersion Fernandes 4:00

1/23/2013 YOUT Pepper spraying incident injures 20 students at Narbonne High School in Harbor City CC :14 1/23/2013 SPOR Dodgers and Time Warner Cable proposal generates speculation Watt :57 The Los Angeles City Council will review contracts LAX gave to firms for public 1/23/2013 POLI education Walton :58 1/23/2013 SAC California's movers and shakers set top priorities for the year Small 4:14 1/23/2013 MIL Reaction to Secretary Leon Panetta lifting the ban on women in combat Unknown 2:39 1/23/2013 MIL Military women may serve in combat under Pentago rule change CC :14

1/23/2013 TRAN Southland leaders to discuss jobs related to Crenshaw/LAX light rail line construction Moore 1:02 1/23/2013 POLI Criminal trial gets underway tomorrow for ex Bell City leaders Moore :48 Azusa school innovates by on forefront of nutrition improvements by changing lunch- 1/23/2013 EDU recess Guzman 3:00 1/23/2013 POLI Glendale City Council moves to ban gun shows Watt :34 1/23/2013 DIV ACLU threatens state with lawsuit if it doesn't improve English learner services CC :23 1/23/2013 DIV ACLU threatens state with lawsuit if it doesn't improve English learner services Guzman 1:25 Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has announced officially that women will no longer be banned from front-line combat. On paper, women have been excluded since a 1994 Pentagon rule, but in practice tens of thousands have served in conflict. That fact sparked lawsuits by service women who were precluded from promotion without Hal Kempfer, accredited combat experience. Ariela Migdal, Mr. 1/24/13 LAW Kingsley Browne, 31:00:00 The GenoDroid can instantly solve a paternity question or calculate the odds of you and a partner having a child with a genetic disease. Gene Tsudik, 1/24/13 TECH Jeremy Gruber 17:00 In his State of the State today, Brown endorsed a $14 billion proposal that would modernize California’s water distribution system. Nancy Vogel, 1/24/13 ECON Barry Nelson, 13:00 Have you purchased any of these disappointing appliances and been let down by the technology? Have you seen them in use? What do you wish your appliances could do? Think outside the ice box. 1/24/13 TECH Farhad Manjoo 18:00 Peter Moruzzi tells about iconic mid-century restaurants in the U.S. and right here in Los Angeles. What’s your favorite classic watering hole? Which bygone haunts do 1/24/13 ART you miss the most, and why? Peter Moruzzi 17:00

California Governor Jerry Brown delivered his third State of the State address since Julie Small, Adolfo he's taken office. His speech outlined an ambitious and optimistic policy agenda for Guzman Lopez 1/24/13 SAC California. and Daniel Schnur 10:47 All week we've been looking into bilingual immersion programs. In her final report, KPCC's Deepa Fernandes profiles two Latino families who tried bilingual education 1/24/13 EDU with vastly different results. Deepa Fernandes 5:58 Many conservatives see the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the U.S. as clear evidence that border protection is failing. They argue that before the immigration 1/24/13 IMM system can be reformed, the border needs to be secured. Michel Marizco 4:16

The Lakers have lost 10 of their last 12 games and this morning, found themselves 1/24/13 SPOR closer to last place than a playoff spot with less than half the season left to play. Andy Kamenetsky 5:39 The city councilwoman has represented the Ninth District since 2001. She's hoping 1/24/13 POLI that 2013 is the year she becomes . Alice Walton 4:23 Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles. This week, KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton talk about the Frank Stoltze and 1/24/13 POLI leading candidates for mayor and the upcoming mayoral debates. Alice Walton 12:20 It's a landmark moment for women in the military. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Thursday is expected to formally announce that he's lifting the ban on women in combat. The move will open up hundreds of thousands more front-line jobs to women, and allow female soldiers already on the front lines to receive recognition for their Mary Jennings 1/24/13 MIL service. Hegar 9:07

Two people from Orange County recently traveled to the Syrian border to carry 1/24/13 FOR supplies and money to refugees. One of them has been there seven times in a year. Ben Bergman 3:56 A former 4th grade teacher at George de La Torre Elementary school was arrested yesterday and charged with 15 counts of "committing lewd acts and continual sexual 1/24/13 EDU abuse of numerous students. Brian Watt 5:05

The massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut has opened a new national dialogue about guns and gun violence. In some communities 1/24/13 LAW people are trying to push the idea that gun violence is a public health emergency. Mina Kim 4:30 1/24/2013 IMM Conservatives want to secure the border before reforming immigration system Marizco 4:16 1/24/2013 MIL Pentagon poised to lift ban on combat service for women Whatley 2:00 1/24/2013 LAW Fourth grade teacher arrested on accusations of molesting students CC :20 1/24/2013 POLI A profile of Los Angeles mayoral candidate Jan Perry Walton 4:24

1/24/2013 OC Two Orange County residents travel to Syria to bring supplies and money to refugees Bergman 3:57 1/24/2013 HIST California Hall of Fame inductees Adler :46 1/24/2013 EDU Former LAUSD fourth grade teacher charged with sexually abusing 20 students CC :08 1/24/2013 EDU Former LAUSD fourth grade teacher charged with sexually abusing 20 students CC :06 1/24/2013 ENV Rain to continue in SoCal through Saturday CC :13 Jerry Brown addresses college tuition increase in his California 'state of the state' 1/24/2013 EDU address CC :21 Parent of kindergarten student at George De La Torre expressed frustration after 1/24/2013 EDU Pimental arrest CC :14 1/24/2013 POLI Republicans respond fairly positively to CA Governor Jerry Brown's SOS CC :03 1/24/2013 POLI Republicans respond fairly positively to CA Governor Jerry Brown's SOS CC :14 Latest analysis of Latino electorate says California wlil be majority Latino by end of 1/24/2013 DIV year CC :21 Latest analysis of Latino electorate says California wlil be majority Latino by end of 1/24/2013 DIV year Guidi 1:05 1/24/2013 TRAN Metro: New express lanes will open in February along San Bernardino Freeway CC :14 1/24/2013 POLI Opening statements begin in Bell City corruption case Moore :44 1/24/2013 DC CA Democrat forms task force on climate change Felde :58 1/24/2013 DC CA Democrat forms task force on climate change CC :19 Parent of kindergarten student at George De La Torre expressed frustration after 1/24/2013 EDU Pimental arrest CC :37 1/24/2013 POLI Senator Feinstein introduced assault gun ban CC :11 1/24/2013 EDU Attorney representing Miramonte families says LAUSD is not protecting children CC :20 Last of three parts of Bilingual Language series: two Latino families' experiences in 1/24/2013 EDU language immersion Fernandes 3:57 1/24/2013 POLI CA Gov Brown calls for fiscal discipline, major investments in State of the State Adler :46 1/24/2013 EDU Former teacher pleads not guilty to charges of molesting 20 children, one adult CC :19 More drugs were seized at San Diego and Imperial County border crossings last year 1/24/2013 SEC than anywhere else in the nation Replogle 1:15 1/24/2013 SAC Water sellers hold key to Governor's plan to build water tunnels Small 2:35 1/24/2013 EDU Teacher held under suspicion of molesting 20 children, one adult Aguilar 4:23 1/24/2013 POLI Attorneys pitch opening statements in "Bell 6" corruption trial Moore 1:54 1/24/2013 EDU Governor uses speech as pep talk on education reforms Guzman :46

The U.S. Department of Education clarified today that K-12 schools cannot exclude students with disabilities from after-school athletics and clubs. Officials explained that they are not looking to change sports teams, but “reasonable modifications” need to be implemented for disabled students who can compete with their classmates. For example, if a deaf runner wanted to compete in track and field, schools could use a Terri Lakowski, visual cue instead of a starter pistol. Some schools have already made modifications. Bob Gardner, Bev 1/25/13 EDU Vaughn 18:00 How did public nudity become a thing in San Francisco? Why is it so important to these activists? Do you view it as a First Amendment right? Does someone else's Christina nudity interfere with your privacy or safety - as the ordinance states? DiEdoardo, 1/25/13 LAW Eugene Volokh, 14:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics to review the week’s new film releases including Parker, Tabu, John Dies at the End, Knife Fight and more. Peter Rainer from the Christian Science Monitor checks in to share the latest updates from the Sundance Film Festival. TGI-FilmWeek! Michael Vogler, 1/25/13 LAW Steve Madison 16:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics to review the week’s new film releases including Parker, Tabu, John Dies at the End, Knife Fight and more. Peter Rainer from the Christian Science Monitor checks in to share the latest updates from the Sundance Andy Klein, Lael Film Festival. TGI-FilmWeek! Loewenstein, 1/25/13 ENT Peter Rainer 31:00:00 Today, Tom Hooper stops by the studio to sit down with Larry Mantle and discuss the making of his new film “Les Miserables,” and why he chose to undertake such an ambitious project. The film has been positively received thus far, and won three Golden Globes: Best Comedy or Musical, Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. 1/25/13 ENT Tom Hooper 17:00 In his State of the State address, California Governor Jerry Brown announced he's going on a trade and investment mission to China this spring. But just how are the two economies linked? And what does Brown has in mind for strengthening ties? 1/25/13 FOR We'll find out. - 8:53 Union membership is at a 97-year low. In the past year, their ranks fell to just over 11 percent of the workforce nationally, with sharp drops in places like Wisconsin and Indiana. And, as you may remember, those states had some pretty dramatic political 1/25/13 LAB standoffs over unions. Harley Shaiken 7:26 It's time for Friday Flashback! A round up of this week's biggest stories. On tap this Christina week are Christina Bellantoni the political editor for the PBS Newshour and James Bellantoni and 1/25/13 LAW Rainey, political columnist for the LA Times. James Rainey 13:17

Come Sunday, the price of a first-class stamp is also going to increase, from 45 cents to 46. Yes, just one penny, but still. Joining us now is Ken Martin, executive director 1/25/13 ECON of American Philatelic Society, the world's largest stamp collectors organization. Ken Martin 4:45 What are we going to call the Charles Shaw brand wine now that Trader Joes has 1/25/13 ECON increased its price from a reasonable $1.99 to a whopping $2.49? Meghan McCarty 5:10 Kobe Bryant, Peyton Manning - those guys are old news. Today, we're ignoring the NBA drama and the Pro Bowl hype, and taking a look at the other biggest stars in 1/25/13 SPOR sports - people like Gretchen Bleiler, Tucker Hibbert and Shaun White. Brandon Graham 5:30 The Oakland city council has hired Bill Bratton to develop a plan to bring down the city's violent crime rate. Bratton has led police departments in Los Angeles, New York 1/25/13 LAW and Boston. Bill Bratton 4:49 It's gotten a lot more complicated in recent years to hire undocumented workers -- and that's especially true in a state like Arizona, which mandates strict hiring practices. Workplace enforcement will be a part of the upcoming debate over 1/25/13 IMM immigration reform. Jude Joffe-Block 4:09

Art has a way of redefining public spaces, particularly those marked by hardship or violence. That's what drew photographer Stefan Falke to the US-Mexico border. He's 1/25/13 ART capturing the work of artists in this region for a project he calls "La Frontera. Mónica Ortiz Uribe 4:10 Melinda Wenner 1/25/13 HEAL The Fountain of Youth may seem like it's at your grocery store. Moyer 5:17

Jazmine Mendoza After 25 years, LA Youth newspaper is closing down, and current and former writers and Andrea 1/25/13 YOUT are devastated. Domanick 2:40 Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. On tap this Rico Gagliano and 1/25/13 ART week, a house in France for a Euro! One catch: it may have ghosts. Brendan Newnam 5:30 1/25/2013 LAW What's behind the rise in gun sales over the past decade Palta 3:50

1/25/2013 OC The Anaheim Ducks face the Vancouver Canucks in their home opener Friday night Bergman 1:01 1/25/2013 HEAL USC researchers find there's a reason we tend to stare at those different from us O'Neill 2:07 1/25/2013 POLI Gov Brown spoke on ACA, high speed rail, and then veered off-script CC :11 1/25/2013 POLI Gov Brown spoke on ACA, high speed rail, and then veered off-script CC :02 1/25/2013 ART 2013 Coachella lineup announced CC :05 1/25/2013 ART 2013 Coachella lineup announced CC :07 1/25/2013 POLI LA Mayor less powerful than other cities, but hardly powerless Stoltze 4:14 Director Morgan Neville tells the story of backup singers in the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom, which became the first film to sell at Sundance 2013. Off-Ramp contributor and documentarian Ray Greene talked with Neville at Sundance soon after the director heard the good news that The Weinstein Company will be screening RH Greene / 1/26/13 ART the film in theaters. Morgan Neville 8:45 John Rabe, Off Ramp host, John Rabe, speaks to his siblings about his brother's kidney James Rabe, 1/26/13 HEAL transplant and about his sister's willingness to be a donor. Joan Rabe 10:03 Mike Roe speaks to Marvel Comics writer Sam Humphries about his new comic Mike Roe / Sam 1/26/13 LIT which takes place in Los Angeles, "Uncanny X-Force." Humphries 2:44 In the year of nylon's 75th anniversary, Marc Haefele remembers the creator of the fiber who is rarely recognized perhaps because of his suicide, Wallace Carothers. Matthew Hermes, who works at Clemson, wrote a biography about Carothers called 1/26/13 SCI "Enough for One Lifetime." Marc Haefele 4:32 John Rabe, Ed Cannibalism is the theme of the third MexiCali Biennial at Vincent Price Museum. Gomez, Luis John Rabe speaks to the curators about the art and artists being featured from Hernandez, Amy 1/26/13 ART Mexico and California. Pederson 4:07 John Rabe, David Davis, Merry Marathon Crasher is a book released on Kindle about Merry Lepper, the first Lepper, Lyn 1/26/13 SPOR American woman to run a marathon. Carman 6:47 Jeanne Cooper, the 83 year old star of "The Young and The Restless" tells John John Rabe / 1/26/13 I Rabe about her new memoir "Not Young, Still Restless." Jeanne Cooper 7:17 1/27/2013 TRAN Metro and Metrolink find solution to rider transfer issue CC :10 1/27/2013 ENV Yes, - human activity DOES affect climate Peterson :52 Metro hosted the last of three public forums on whether to extend the 710 freeway or 1/27/2013 TRAN create other transportation options in the area CC :13 1/27/2013 SCI Anniversary of both space shuttle accidents this week CC :13 Eight leading senators have reached a consensus proposal for immigration reform that allows a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the United Steven Camarota, States, as long as they pay back taxes, a fine and pass a background check. Angelica Salas, 1/28/13 IMM Meanwhile, how will Obama and the House of Representatives respond? Doyle McManus 32:00:00 Senator John Kerry signaled a possible change of policy on the use of drones. His comments came on the heels of a United Nations announcement of launching an investigation into U.S. and U.K. drone strikes at the request of Pakistan and two unidentified permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. The investigation could Danya Greenfield, 1/28/13 DC change U.N. resolutions on drone strikes. Bill Roggio 16:00 How could transgender rights change in the next four years, socially and politically? What kind of federal legislation might feasibly pass? Should gender identity Shannon Minter, 1/28/13 GEND discrimination be handled on a national level, or by individual states? Ilya Shapiro 15:00 If an unexpected disaster of the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina or Superstorm Sandy Alex Padilla, 1/28/13 SAC hit populated areas of California, would we be ready? Douglas Given 16:00 It’s awards season in Hollywood, but celebrities aren’t the only ones passing around golden statues. These days, you’re likely to see awards given out in every industry Troy Halsey, Beth 1/28/13 MEDI under the sun, from best closet organizer to longest beard. A. Livingston 16:00 Immigration reform is getting its moment in the sun. In just a couple of hours, a bi- Fawn Johnson partisan group of Senators nicknamed "the gang of eight" will unveil their proposal for and Angela Maria 1/28/13 IMM overhauling the nation's immigration policies. Kelley 8:46 With public opinion of Congress at an all-time low, the group No Labels says it's 1/28/13 POLI "dedicated to promoting a new politics of problem solving." Kitty Felde 4:07 After just 8 months on the job, San Bernardino’s acting city manager is leaving. The Finance Director is rumored to be right behind her. They are two big blows to a city 1/28/13 ECON limping through bankruptcy court. Lauren Osen 3:15 Gun violence will be the focus of a joint hearing at the California state capitol on Tuesday.California lawmakers have previously looked at banning certain weapons or 1/28/13 LAW limiting ammunition. Mina Kim 4:04 L.A. Times film writer Rebecca Keegan joins the show to discuss the latest industry 1/28/13 ENT news coming out of Hollywood. Rebecca Keegan 8:28 Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Dad in the garage with his tool box. America is a country known for it's tinkerers, people with a passion for fixing, improving and 1/28/13 ART inventing useful objects. Alec Foege 7:36 The immigration reform plan being proposed later today calls for legislation to help the agricultural industry find more workers. Some say that the nation's current guest worker program makes it hard to bring in foreign workers. Adrian Florido from the 1/28/13 LAB Fronteras Desk reports. Adrian Florido 4:19 Throughout the country, about 32,000 immigrant detainees are living behind bars, with no legal right to a visit from family or friends. Most of them have no legal 1/28/13 IMM representation at all. Rex Dalton 7:57

The last time Congress tried to pass comprehensive immigration reform was in 2007, and that was, well, a failure. Many of the measures proposed that time around are Lisa Garcia- 1/28/13 POLI resurfacing, now, in a new plan, but under a much different political environment. Bedolla 9:08 Jane Austen's classic novel "Pride and Prejudice" turns 200 today. What makes this 1/28/13 LIT piece of literature still relevant two centuries since its first publication? Audrey Bilger 7:31 The Newbery and Caldecott medal winners were announced today. They're the 1/28/13 LIT equivalent of Pulitzer prizes for children's books. Pulitzer 5:30 1/28/2013 HEAL A special legislative session to deal with health care begins today in Sacramento CC :16 1/28/2013 IE San Bernardino city searching for new city manager Osen 3:17 1/28/2013 TRAN Metro and Metrolink find solution to rider transfer issue CC :14 1/28/2013 ECON The giant pension fund is about to get back to even… DeBord :34 1/28/2013 HEAL Special session on health care starts in Sacramento CC :16 Winmakr Corp. said it plans to open five more stores in the in the 1/28/2013 ECON next few years Lee :33

1/28/2013 ENT Fruitvale wins Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at 2013 Sundance Film Fest Jahad :55 Senator Feinstein and the Senate Judiciary Committee take up the issue of gun 1/28/2013 LAW control this week Jahad :46 1/28/2013 POLI Candidates for LA Mayor meet tonight in a live TV debate at UCLA Stoltze 1:15 Federal regulators have pushed back the date when they could have a decision on 1/28/2013 OC whether to restart the San Onofre nuclear plant Bergman :59 1/28/2013 LAB Farmers want an immigration reform bill to fix their labor shortage Florido 4:17 1/28/2013 ENV Endangered species have taken up residence in an unlikely spot Hamilton 4:59 1/28/2013 ENT Argo won highest award at SAG Awards CC :08 1/28/2013 ENER Gas prices inched up over the weekend CC :10 1/28/2013 ECON Dodgers tickets go on sale Saturday with a new pricing scheme Watt :50 1/28/2013 SPOR Dodgers announce launch of TV network for 2014 CC :17

1/28/2013 LIT The Newberry and Caldecott Awards for children's literature were announced today CC :07 1/28/2013 OBIT Funk frontman Leroy "Sugarfoot" Bonner dies at 69 CC :08 1/28/2013 IMM President and Congress float immigration reform plans CC :22 1/28/2013 IMM President and Congress float immigration reform plans CC :26 An autopsy report shows man fatally shot seven times in the back by sheriff's 1/28/2013 LAW deputies CC :08 1/28/2013 ENV Greenhouse gas market rules can stand, judge determines Peterson :48 1/28/2013 ENV Lawmaker introduces quake early warning system bill CC :24 1/28/2013 LAW Arsonist sentenced to death for death in 2003 Old Fire Roman :56 The Senate has announced a comprehensive reform plan, but reaction is mixed, as 1/28/2013 IMM are its chances for success CC :25 1/28/2013 ECON Dodgers tickets go on sale Saturday with a new pricing scheme Watt 1:01 1/28/2013 LAW Shooter kills near Hoag Hospital CC :11 1/28/2013 POLI CA senator wants quake warning system Moffitt :39 The Senate has announced a comprehensive reform plan, but reaction is mixed, as 1/28/2013 IMM are its chances for success Berestein Rojas 2:03 1/28/2013 HEAL State lawmakers met for a special legislative session on health care CC :14 1/28/2013 SAC State lawmakers to tackle Medi-Cal expansion - but not the cost Small 1:33 A new autopsy report shows a man was shot by sheriff's deputies seven times in the 1/28/2013 LAW back Walton 1:02 1/28/2013 LAW Shooter kills near Hoag Hospital CC :14 1/28/2013 ENT Kevin Tsujihara named CEO of Warner Brothers Watt :41 The Boy Scouts of America may lift its ban on gay members and leaders as early as next week. The BSA reaffirmed its prohibition of homosexuals in July 2012 and has since come under fire for what many consider to be outdated and discriminatory Rabbi Sarah policies. The Scout’s national board will discuss reforms to the ban next week as part Hronsky, Peter 1/29/13 LGB of what they say has been an ongoing dialogue. Sprigg 21:00 The Service Employees International Union has yet to throw their weight behind a candidate but there are signs the nod will come soon; they’ve called Greuel and 1/29/13 POLI Garcetti back for a second interview, to be held this evening. David Zahniser 6:00 Josh Gerstein, 1/29/13 IMM Join us live as the nation awaits Obama's proposed legislation on immigration reform. David Grant 30:00:00 New Yorker writer Margaret Talbot opens the gates to 1930s Hollywood’s in her new book “The Entertainer: Movies, Magic, and My Father's Twentieth Century.” The 1/29/13 ENT memoir is a portrait of Talbot’s father, actor Lyle Talbot, the titular entertainer. Margaret Talbot 17:00 Are we unknowingly harming our bodies by sitting too much? How damaging is lack of Christian K. 1/29/13 HEAL physical activity? Roberts 10:00

KPCC reporter Matt DeBord joins Larry to discuss the rise in home prices in Los Angeles. How will changes to the housing market affect you? Will this dissuade you 1/29/13 ECON from buying a home? Do investors throw off prices? How could this affect rentals? Matt DeBord 7:00 President Obama travels to Las Vegas today to outline his proposals for changing the current immigration system. So what makes Vegas and the middle of the Mojave Desert the soapbox of choice for a seminal speech on immigration? Adam Burke from 1/29/13 POLI the Fronteras Desk explains. Adam Burke 3:33 Democratic Congressman Xavier Becerra of the 34th District, which includes the Eastside of Los Angeles, joins the show to talk about his view of how Congress is 1/29/13 IMM handling the latest immigration reform effort. Xavier Becerra 7:39 The 'Gang of Eight' immigration proposal has a number of elements that offer a path to legal residence for the millions of people here without documentation. But the plan 1/29/13 MIL calls for a pre-requisite: That the borders must first be secure. Ander Becker 8:00 Tucked away in Southern California neighborhoods, like Chino Hills, Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights, are businesses known as maternity hotels. Women travel many miles, mostly from Asia, to reach these boarding houses where they can give 1/29/13 HEAL birth to babies with automatic American citizenship. Don Knabe 5:06 Ten years ago, Alan Eckert was on the verge of earning the rank of Eagle Scout, but at the same time he was also coming to terms with his sexuality. Because of the 1/29/13 YOUT policy against gays in the Boy Scouts of America, Eckert quit. Alan Eckert 4:20

Warner Brothers CEO Barry Meyer is stepping down on March 1, and his successor has already been announced. Kevin Tsujihara, 48, will helm the company that brought 1/29/13 ECON characters like Porky Pig, Batman and Harry Potter to screens around the world. Brooks Barnes 6:01 85°C, a Taiwan-based bakery and cafe, plans to add five more U.S. stores this year. 1/29/13 ECON The chain has stores in Irvine, West Covina and Hacienda Heights. Wendy Lee 3:49 Today, we're very excited to talk about a track you won't find on iTunes or Amoeba Records. It's an extra-special project from the L.A. based group, Ozomatli. Take 1/29/13 ART Two's new theme song! Asdru Sierra 3:49 The top five candidates reached their biggest audience yet last night as they participated in the first televised debate of the election. But politicos yearning for a 1/29/13 POLI fight may have been disappointed. Frank Stoltze 8:23 In a primary with a low voter turnout, the candidate for LA mayor who wins the Jewish 1/29/13 POLI vote could win a place in the runoff election. Sharon McNary 3:09 Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor visited the KPCC studios last week for an Patt Morrison, 1/29/13 LAW event at the Crawford Family Forum. Sonia Sotomayor 10:37 This Sunday in New Orleans, the Ravens and 49ers will play in Super Bowl XLVII. Aside from from fame and glory, one of the perks of winning is a trip to the White House. President Obama is a big sports fan, routinely weighing in on a variety of 1/29/13 SPOR sports stories. David Jackson 7:53 Many folks who will tune in to the Super Bowl this weekend will watch not only on a 1/29/13 SPOR big screen TV, but also on a so-called second screen. David Steinberg 7:43 Taiwan-based bakery chain 85 Degrees C, the "Starbucks of Taiwan" expanding in 1/29/2013 ECON SoCal Lee 3:50 1/29/2013 LAW First Latina on the Supreme Court praises her grandmother in new memoir CC :20 1/29/2013 POLI How a traditionally liberal voting cohort may affect the next LA mayoral election McNary 3:09 1/29/2013 POLI LA mayoral hopefuls focus on city's economy in first televised debate CC :10 1/29/2013 POLI LA mayoral hopefuls focus on city's economy in first televised debate CC :15 1/29/2013 IMM President delivers immigration speech in Las Vegas CC :09 1/29/2013 ECON The LA housing market is rebounding, but buyers should beware DeBord :43 1/29/2013 LAW Backlash develops against "maternity hotels" for foreign women CC :14 1/29/2013 LAW LA City Council posts $10,000 reward in shooting death of young teen Devall :42 The Los Angeles City Council votes to add a third medical marijuana measure to the 1/29/2013 POLI May ballot Walton :43 1/29/2013 IMM President addresses immigration reform CC :14 Local brand of pasta recalled fo rfood label problem that could sicken some 1/29/2013 HEAL consumers O'Neill :39 1/29/2013 ENV Snowfall is below average this year Quinton :47 The Los Angeles City Council votes to add a third medical marijuana measure to the 1/29/2013 POLI May ballot Walton 1:39 California lawmakers consider providing tax relief to homeowners forced into short 1/29/2013 HOUS sale Russ :48 California lawmakers consider providing tax relief to homeowners forced into short 1/29/2013 HOUS sale CC :17 1/29/2013 IMM Activists gather in San Diego to watch Obama's immigration reform speech Replogle 1:15 1/29/2013 POLI Gun advocates appear before California legislature CC :13 1/29/2013 SAC California to focus on seizing illegal guns from felons, mentally ill Small :52 1/29/2013 TECH Man arrested for computer hacking and "sextortion" CC :17 President Mohamed Morsi has dismissed the violence and told reporters, “What is happening now in Egypt is natural in nations experiencing a shift to democracy,” but as the bodies pile up and the calls for his ouster grow louder, what Sherine Tadros, 1/30/13 FOR could be done to shift the course in Egypt? Heba Morayef 13:00 Starting next fall, the University of Wisconsin system is offering the first competency- based online degree program in the nation. This program, called the “UW Flexible Option,” will allow adult students to earn a bachelor’s by passing a series of Aaron Brower, 1/30/13 EDU assessments that determine competency in a field of study. Barmak Nassirian 18:00 In the pre-digital days it was okay to just stay home, eat chicken soup, curl up in bed and watch Andy Griffith reruns. Nobody expected you to do anything. But nowadays with our digital interconnection, we feel compelled to keep up with email, participate in 1/30/13 HEAL conference calls, and work remotely. David Couper 16:00 Blackberry rolls out two phone models today, the Z10 and Q10. But if these phones are not well received by consumers, Blackberry may be out of the smartphone game 1/30/13 TECH for good. Where do your Blackberry loyalties lie? Andrea Chang 13:00 Does digital streaming mean physical copies of movies on DVD and blu-ray disc will Ryan Lawler, Amy 1/30/13 TECH go the way of the vinyl record? Jo Smith 18:00 The common perception is that as time marches on, the human population will continue to rise. Advances in technology and health will lead to longer lives, and thus the Earth will be burdened by billions upon billions of hungry mouths to feed, both Warren young and old. And not just food, but oil, land, water and other resources will be Sanderson, Phil 1/30/13 SCI gobbled up until there isn’t enough to go around. Cafaro 17:00 This morning, the Senate Judiciary Committee is holding the first Congressional hearing on gun violence since the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. Former Arizona 1/30/13 LAW Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords made the opening statement: Dan Berman 8:32 Earlier this week, a group of senators, the so called Gang of Eight, unveiled their 1/30/13 IMM plans for immigration reform. Patrick Egan 6:22 This week Time Warner Cable announced a 25-year, $7 billion deal for a Dodgers 1/30/13 SPOR baseball channel. David Lazarus 6:16 As of January 26, it became illegal to unlock your cell phone, meaning that even if you own it outright, you can't alter the device to make it to work on another carrier 1/30/13 TECH without risking a fine. Molly Wood 6:51 Coffee growers in Central America are facing a crisis due to coffee rust, a fungus that 1/30/13 SCI prevents the plant's leaves from going through photosynthesis. John Vandermeer 5:46 We've heard a lot about immigration today but one of the other big issues President Obama pledged to tackle in his inaugural address is climate change. It's an important issue for California, which relies on heavy snow in the winter and abundant runoff in 1/30/13 ENV the spring to produce cheap energy. Molly Samuel 4:28 Professional surfer Garrett McNamara barreled down a behemoth wave off the coast of Nazaré, Portugal earlier this week, and some witnesses in his camp claim it was 1/30/13 SPOR 100-feet high. Chris Dixon 5:57 Economic growth shrank in the last quarter of 2012, according to a preliminary report by the Commerce Department. The nation's output of goods and services decreased slightly, after growing at an annual rate of more than three percent in the previous 1/30/13 ECON quarter. Ryan Avent 6:20 Just six months remain until California is set to break ground on its high speed rail project. A project with a price tag of more than $68 billion. The intensely debated plan would link San Diego to San Francisco by way of trains traveling up to 220 miles per 1/30/13 TRAN hour. Tim Sheehan 5:41 This week the State Department announced that their special envoy assigned to close the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, has been reassigned. Some say its another sign that President Obama may not fulfill his campaign promise to close the 1/30/13 LAW base. Carol Rosenberg 10:00 This Sunday's Super Bowl is the first time in American sports history that brothers will compete for a championship as head coaches. On one side, we have John Harbaugh of the Baltimore Ravens, and on the other, his little brother Jim, with the San Brian and Andy 1/30/13 SPOR Francisco 49ers. Kamenetzky. 6:11 Girls today face a lot of pressure: Be smart, popular and perfect while doing well in school, playing sports and volunteering. But too often they spend so much time meeting everyone else's expectations, which doesn't leave them much time for 1/30/13 YOUT themselves. Ana Homayoun 9:58 1/30/2013 ECON The outlook for rental property development in California is bright… DeBord :47 1/30/2013 HEAL Cases of the flu continue to rise throughout the Southland O'Neill 2:38

1/30/2013 SPOR San Francisco 49ers hope to win their sixth Super Bowl this Sunday in New Orleans CC :10 1/30/2013 LAW Stanford is being sued by environmentalists Samuel 1:03 1/30/2013 TRAN La Cienega has reopened after a road closure CC :20 1/30/2013 POLI SEIU leaders weigh who to endorse in LA mayor race CC :15 Prosecutors have charged a 75-year-old Lake Elsinore man with fatally shooting his 1/30/2013 OC doctor inside a Newport Beach medical office Bergman :38 1/30/2013 TT Lawmakers weigh how to recognize same-sex couples for immigration purposes CC :13 1/30/2013 TECH Blackberry maker changes name, unveils new devices CC :14 1/30/2013 IE House may contain explosives = authorities checking CC :26 A new survey finds California Governor Jerry Brown's approval rating is at a record 1/30/2013 POLI high - and people approve of his budget plan Russ :50 1/30/2013 TRAN Montebello-based Worlwide Aeros tests cargo airship of the future Watt :48

Are the emotional arguments in the gun control debate effective? In the wake of the Newtown school shooting, the U.S. push for gun safety reform has sparked passionate, emotional arguments from both sides of the debate. Testimony from grieving parents and frightened children has been cited in political discourse. President Obama read from the letters of schoolchildren in his speech about upcoming gun control legislation. Gun advocates have also approached the issue emotionally, with remembrances of heroic moments and elaborate stories about what could have happened differently if there were more armed “good guys.”

Perhaps the most stirring voice is that of former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, who was shot in the head during a political rally in Arizona in 2011. Yesterday, Giffords’ Senate testimony called for immediate gun reform, and packed a heavy emotional punch. Are the impassioned pleas an effective part of the gun control debate? Politicians on both sides continue to discuss legislation, economics, and constitutional rights, but the slow-going nature of policy reform leaves plenty of room for interim theatrics. Sentimental arguments for and against gun control have been thrust into the limelight. Tom Hollihan, 1/31/13 LAW Nancy Snow 14:00 After many twists and turns, it looks like the Manti Te’o story is starting to become clear.

First, he had a long-distance girlfriend who passed away after the death of his grandmother. Then, he comes out and says she wasn’t real, at which other people are labeled as perpetuating a hoax against the football player. Now, the man who was behind it all is speaking out to provide his side of the story. In an interview with Dr. Phil, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo admitted to masterminding the plan because he was in love with Te’o. In an effort to get close to him, Tuiasosopo went so far as to create an online profile, establish a back story, and even use a woman’s voice on the phone when talking to Te’o, which he did quite regularly. Now that everyone knows the what, people are asking, “Why?”

What are the psychological aspects of this story? Why would someone create a fake profile and pretend to be someone else? How did Te’o fall for it, or sustain it? And what’s next? Some are saying that Te’o has legitimate grounds to sue Tuiasosopo for online fraud. Could he have a case? If it went to court, how would a jury view Te’o’s Michael McCann, 1/31/13 SPOR plight? Dr. Clark Smith 17:00

You’re born, and your life is great. Then, you get a little brother or sister and everything changes. Suddenly, time with the family is ripped between the two siblings. Toys must be shared. The television must be split between two pairs of eyeballs. Then you grow up and go to school. You have to live in your older brother’s shadow, or worry about your younger counterpart tattling on you for doing something out of line. Everyone goes through the traditional sibling rivalry, and by the time you become an adult and start pursuing your own life, the conflict typically falls by the wayside.

But not for John and Jim Harbaugh. Who cares about some adult brothers who are still going at it? Well, John and Jim are the coaches of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, respectively. And it just so happens that those two teams are competing in this year’s Super Bowl. Winning this ultimate game would be the absolute pinnacle for any former athlete and professional coach. One of the brothers will win, and the other will lose, thus fueling an already likely sibling rivalry that will continue to go forward. 1/31/13 SPOR Dr. Jeanne Safer 17:00 Last Thursday, at the Winter XGames in Grand Junction, Colorado, 25-year-old snowmobiler Caleb Moore failed to land a backflip on his snowmobile resulting in a gruesome crash which led ultimately to his death, which was announced by his family today. It’s natural for athletes to compete at the highest levels possible, and in the extreme sports community a sense of one-ups-manship drives competitors to push the envelope of what is considered “make-able,” but how far is too far?

Do we now find extreme sports on a big enough stage that it’s time to create commission to determine safety standards? Is it time to create laws in a community 1/31/13 SPOR that’s always prided itself on not playing by rules? Lance Pugmire 14:00 Hollywood denizens know best that Scientology is at once celebrity-laden and secretive. Author Lawrence Wright tries to unfurl both in his controversial new book - so controversial it won't be published in the UK or Canada. This despite the fact Wright's unauthorized history of the church used prominent former church members, including Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis, as primary sources on the record. Wright cites reams of research in detailing the life of Scientology founder, L.Ron Hubbard, as well as 200 interviews with those close to the Church of Scientology who reveal unflattering, even frightening, accounts of the control the church wields over its members.

In response, Scientology officials state, "The book is an error-filled, unsubstantiated, bigoted anti-Scientology book." They refer to Wright's atheism and call him bigoted. Yet Wright isn't alone in this assessment.

So why did he pursue this subject? How does his research into Scientology compare to other religions Wright has focused on? What's his reaction to the accusations from Scientology representatives? And why does so much of this story come back to 1/31/13 LIT Hollywood? Lawrence Wright 25:00:00

Israeli filmmaker Dror Moreh set out with an immodest proposal. He wanted on- camera interviews with all the former chiefs of 's secret service unit, Shin Bet, about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Somehow he pulled it off and secured lengthy, candid interviews with each of the six chiefs still alive. As Moreh explains, these were "the people with the power to shape history from behind the scenes. Living in the shadows, they have never spoken about their work in front of a camera before." Their perspective might surprise you.

How did Moreh make it happen? How does he compare a history told by Shin Bet to a history told by political leaders and civilians on either side of the conflict? How has the 1/31/13 FOR documentary been received in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories? Dror Moreh 8:00 Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported computer systems in its Beijing bureau had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. This came a day after 1/31/13 TECH announced similar cyberattacks. Rob Gifford 8:25

The Grey Lady isn't the only one hiring additional security experts... The Pentagon is also expanding its cybersecurity forces. Three years ago, the Defense Department created it's Cyber Command, a group tasked with defending critical computer 1/31/13 TECH systems as well as launching offensive cyber operations. Pentagon 10:42 Last November, voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition 36, the measure that changed California's three strikes law to require that third strike be serious or violent felonies. It also allowed some of the inmates serving life sentences to have those 1/31/13 POLI sentences reduced. Kenneth Corley 7:09 Riverside/Ontario area now leads the nationThe in unemployment among large population centers. Riverside and San Bernardino both were at the top of a list of worst run cities, and a once-proud park in downtown San Bernardino has turned into 1/31/13 IE an urban eyesore. Matt DeBord 6:16 San Bernardino County supervisors voted to end the emergency proclamation against the bark beetle, a pest that had been ravaging conifers trees in the County's forests 1/31/13 IE for a decade. Timothy Paine 6:17 It's the last day of January. So, how's that New Year's resolution you made while when you were nursing your hangover going? Are you sticking to it?If you are like 1/31/13 ART most of us, probably not so well. Charles Duhigg 7:15 Tonight at the UCB Theater in Hollywood, a group of TV writers will perform an 8-bit Matthew Patrick 1/31/13 ART musical version of a "King of Kong," based on the 2007 documentary film. Davis 8:09 President Obama's Cabinet has no Latinos, which means LA's mayor could possibly 1/31/13 TRAN get serious consideration to succeed Ray LaHood. Frank Stoltze 4:42 While Villaraigosa considers a possible future in Washington, we now look at the latest in the fight to replace him as mayor of LA. It's time now for our weekly segment Frank Stoltze and 1/31/13 POLI on local politics. Alice Walton 9:01 One year ago today, a tube burst inside one the newly installed steam generators at the San Onofre Nuclear Power Plant. A tiny amount of radioactive steam was 1/31/13 ENER released, and the plant been closed ever since. Ben Bergman 6:32

1/31/13 POLI Looking for work? Here's a job description in Washington that piqued our interest: Mikhail Carpenter 5:52 An engineering professor from our own backyard is heading to the White House. Dr. Solomon Golomb has spent the past 50 years teaching engineering at the University 1/31/13 SCI of Southern California. Solomon Golomb 5:05

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Rico Gagliano and 1/31/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. Brendan Newnam 6:28 1/31/2013 POLI Senators and Assembly members throw support behind federal immigration bill CC :12 1/31/2013 ECON California no longer has the nation's worst credit rating! Adler :48 1/31/2013 TRAN After Measure J defeat, LA Metro pushing ahead with other transit plans Moore 2:22 1/31/2013 HEAL New American Heart Association PSA battles number one killer of US women O'Neill 2:45 1/31/2013 RELI LA Archdiocese has released thousands of pages of priest personnel files CC :10 1/31/2013 HOUS Southern California's homeless count continues tonight CC :33 1/31/2013 HOUS Southern California's homeless count continues tonight CC :16 1/31/2013 HOUS Southern California's homeless count continues tonight CC :16 1/31/2013 HEAL Healthcare workers picket staff layoffs outside Glendale Memorial CC :12 1/31/2013 EDU President Obama presents National Medal of Science to a USC professor CC :09 1/31/2013 LAW Take Two talks to first man released under Proposition 36 CC :16 Oscar winner joins chorus from attacked school at NFL championship. Is this a great 1/31/2013 SPOR country, or what? CC :26

1/31/2013 ECON Southern California businesses spend millions of dollars to air their Super Bowl ads Lee 2:00 1/31/2013 ECON S&P upgrades California's bond rating from an A-minus to an A CC :16 1/31/2013 POLI Democratic PAC picked Republican House targets for next year Felde 1:18 1/31/2013 ECON Super Bowl ads feed LA's commercial production and ad agency industry Watt 1:25 1/31/2013 ENV Regional regulators consider stricter pollution rules for the area's ports Peterson 2:37 1/31/2013 HOUS Counting the homeless in SoCal Fox 2:31 1/31/2013 LAW New charge from Orange County against former LAUSD teacher Pimental Aguilar 1:04 Hear from a truly distinguished panel of higher educational leaders who represent the Mark Yudof, diversity of California's public higher education institutions. Timothy Price, 2/1/13 EDU Brice Harris 47:00:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Henry Sheehan and Charles Solomon to review the week’s new film releases including Bullet to the Head, Girls Against Boys, Warm Bodies and more. Also Peter Rainer from the Christian Science Tim Cogshell, Monitor dishes on the latest news from the Santa Barbara Film Festival. TGI- Henry Sheehan, FilmWeek! Charles Solomon, 2/1/13 ENT Peter Rainer 11:00 Naomi Watts talks with Larry about the physical and emotional demands of filming "The Impossible," the challenges portraying a real-life survivor of a tsunami and the close relationship she forged with the young actor who plays her son. 2/1/13 ENT Naomi Watts 6:00 Stephen Starting Friday, February 8, the Downtown Independent Theatre is screening a Seemayer, 2/1/13 ENT documentary called Young Turks, which tells the story of the old arts scene. Pamela Wilson 6:00 Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez described the newly released personnel files of priests accused of child molestation as "brutal and painful" reading. The papers date back to the 1940s, and detail attempts by the church to shield known child abusers 2/1/13 RELI from law enforcement. Thomas Doyle 14:54

We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this Molly Ball and 2/1/13 ART week, Molly Ball from the Atlantic and James Rainey from the . James Rainey 12:16 Yesterday, a jury in Oregon found Mohamed Mohamud guilty of trying to detonate a weapon of mass destruction. The 21-year-old Somali-American was arrested in November 2010 when he tried to set off what he believed to be a bomb at a popular 2/1/13 MIL tree lighting ceremony in Pioneer Square. April Baer 5:41 A two mile-plus stretch around Trestles beach has been known for decades as a 2/1/13 OC world-class surfing spot. But is it historic? A panel will decide next week. Ben Bergman 4:32 Beyonce stirred up a bit of controversy by lip-syncing the National Anthem at Obama's inauguration. The Star-Spangled Banner is notoriously hard to perform, and many pop singers have tried and botched it. Those who want to get it right turn to 2/1/13 ART UCLA vocal coach, Michael Dean. Sanden Totten 6:47 Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported computer systems in its Beijing bureau had been infiltrated by Chinese hackers. This came a day after The New York Times 2/1/13 FOR announced similar cyberattacks. Rob Gifford 8:25 Jeff Beard once testified about inadequate healthcare in California's prisons. He now 2/1/13 LAW says the system is meeting federal standards. Julie Small 3:18 In Oakland today, officials are rolling out a new municipal ID card that has an added bonus: it's also a debit card. It's the first card of its kind in the nation, and it's designed to solve common banking problems for immigrants and people living on the 2/1/13 ECON financial edge. Aarti Shahani 3:50 Over the past century, technology has done a lot to improve the quality of movies. Technicolor helped move motion pictures beyond black and white, stereoscopic 2/1/13 ART imaging and special glasses have allowed 3-D figures to burst off the screen. John August 7:00 Earlier this week, during an interview with radio host Artie Lange, San Francisco 49ers Defensive Back Chris Culliver said gay teammates would not be welcomed on his team. The remarks struck a chord in a city known as the gay rights mecca of the 2/1/13 SPOR country. Wade Davis 7:22 Some Southern California companies – including LA-based Paramount Farms – are 2/1/13 ECON betting millions of dollars on Super Bowl commercials they hope will pay off. Wendy Lee 2:00 The NBC comedy "30 Rock," starring Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin, ended its 7-year run last night. The show was about the cast and writers of a live sketch comedy show, led 2/1/13 GEND by showrunner Liz Lemon, played by Tina Fey. Linda Holmes 7:14 California's new Secretary of Correctoins uniquely qualified to take up the state's fight 2/1/2013 LAW with federal courts Small 3:18 2/1/2013 LAW LA Archdiocese has released thousands of pages of priest personnel files Unknown 2:59 Catholic Archbishop relieves precessor of public and administrative duties following 2/1/2013 RELI molestation scandal CC :17 2/1/2013 ECON Football fans get ready to spend a lot of money for the Super Bowl Lee 1:16 2/1/2013 SCI Tenth anniversary of space shuttle Columbia is today CC :23 2/1/2013 ART New 'parklet' debuts on York Boulevard in Highland Park CC :17 2/1/2013 LAW LASD deputy pleads not guilty to murder charges Aguilar :47 A state commission will decide whether to move ahead with placing the Trestles 2/1/2013 OC surfing spot on the National Historic Register Bergman 4:04 Charles Solomon talks about Philip Glass' opera "The Perfect American." Solomon 2/2/13 ART debunks several myths about Walt Disney that the Opera explores. Charles Solomon 3:14 John Rabe / John Rabe talks with Pamela Wilson and Stephen Seemayer about their Pamela Wilson / documentary "Young Turks." The documentary looks at the 1980s LA art scene, Stephen 2/2/13 ART featuring several artists of the period as well as the homeless of Los Angeles. Seemayer 4:02 John Rabe talks with Off-Ramp contributor Gordon Henderson about his family's (mainly his wife's) propensity to bring home large, some times odd, and possibly John Rabe / unneeded, items from the Rose Bowl Flea Market. John Rabe asks: "Is there anyone Gordon 2/2/13 ART out there willing to be the Henderson's flea market chaperone?" Henderson 4:02 John Rabe visits the closed-off wing of the Alexandria Hotel with KPCC's Mae Ryan. They talk with developer Nick Hadim about his plans to restore the wing -- Hadim will not doubt be able to capitalize on the nostalgia surrounding this 'time capsule' within John Rabe / Mae 2/2/13 HIST the Alexandria. Ryan / Nick Hadim 7:45

KPCC's Sanden Totten talks with Star Spangled Banner expert and UCLA voice Sanden Totten / 2/2/13 MEDI coach Michael Dean about what some singers get wrong with the National Anthem. Michael Dean 6:47 Kevin Ferguson interviews legendary folk rock singer/songwriter Richard Thompson. Kevin Ferguson / Getting his start with Fairport Convention, Thompson's songs have been performed Richard 2/2/13 MEDI by REM, Loudon Wainwright and Los Lobos. Thompson 9:58 2/3/2013 LAW Chinese tourist stabbed to death in West Covina Aguilar :35 2/3/2013 TRAN Bus involved in crash was on federal watchlist Osen 1:00 Retired Cardinal responded to criticisms in a blog post published Friday. Archbishop José H. Gomez stripped Mahony of his administrative and public duties and accepted the resignation of bishop Thomas Curry, who allegedly assisted in the cover-up of church sexual abuse with Mahony. Gomez also agreed to fulfill a court order to deliver thousands of pages of confidential files related to Catholic priest sexual abuse.

Mahoney publicly apologized two weeks ago after the release of confidential church files showed that he had played a part in covering up sexual abuse in the church, and had kept evidence away from prosecution. In a blog post published Friday, Mahony expressed his frustration at being shamed by Gomez and argued that his archdiocese had been at the forefront of abuse victim protection. Gomez’s public rebuke continued Sunday when he addressed the Catholic community from the pulpit and in a letter.

What’s your reaction to Mahony’s explanations? Is it possible Church leadership Mary Gail Frawley- didn’t know any better how to deal with perpetrators of child sexual abuse? How could O'Dea, Jennifer 2/4/13 RELI Lastsomeone Thursday in such, the a cityposition of Whittier of (moral made) authorit a boldy moveseem regardingto have a amoral local disconnect? nature Hughes 13:00 preserve. Whittier purchased the land for this preserve, along with the mineral rights, using $9.3 million in funds opened up to the city by the passage of Proposition A. Proposition A stipulated that any land purchased must be used for conservation purposes, and thus a preserve was established.

However, now the preserve is on the table as a source of revenue, as Whittier and Matrix Oil Company are eyeing it for development and drilling. The arrival of bulldozers prompted outrage in environmentalists, as well as those convinced that this is in direct violation of Proposition A. Los Angeles County is coming down hard on Whittier, saying that the city doesn’t have the authority to decide what happens to the land, since it was purchased with county bonds. However, the city points out that the bond does not take into account mineral rights, which Whittier owns exclusively. Beyond the legal nuances of who owns what, there is also the issue of what parties would benefit from the newfound revenue, which could be upwards of $100 million per year.

The city is obviously pushing for this to beef up its budget, but the county stresses Gloria Molina, Jim 2/4/13 ENV that any financial rewards should go to county taxpayers, not the city itself. So who is Markman 19:00:00 On February 23rd Metro ExpressLanes opens the HOT (High Occupancy Toll) lanes on the I-10 freeway. The I-10 will adhere to most of the same confusing rules as the I- 110, but will the toll lanes actually relieve congestion or is Metro just trying to make money?

Metro ExpressLanes is primarily funded with a $210 million grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation. The funds have made two ExpressLanes in each direction by converting the HOV (High Occupancy Vehicle) lane and adding a new lane. The condition for the grant is the HOT lanes must allow for speeds over 45 mph at least 90% of the time. Currently, the 110 freeway is meeting that minimum requirement, according to Metro officials.

While carpoolers with at least three people are always able to use the ExpressLanes for free, two-person carpools will have to pay a toll during peak hours on the 10 freeway. Solo drivers in the ExpressLanes will be charged between $0.25 to $1.40 per mile, depending on the congestion at that moment. Single drivers who use the toll lanes less than four times a month will pay an additional $3 monthly for maintenance and revenue costs, but Metro is still analyzing the benefits and consequences of that fee and will discuss it more in March. If the ExpressLanes become overcrowded, tolls will increase to alleviate congestion in those lanes. Stephanie Metro estimates generating $18-20 million annually from the toll lanes. After $10 Wiggins, Jim 2/4/13 TRAN million for operations and maintenance, the balance will be reinvested in Thomas 15:00

Looking forward to the next presidential election, some big names have been bandied about. Even before the 2012 race was over, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were all mentioned as potential contenders for their respective parties. While Democrats and Republicans are at odds more than ever these days, all their possible candidates have one thing in common. They’re not Barack Obama.

Now, while some may think that’s a positive aspect, there’s one thing that Obama undeniably has over any other candidate in modern history. He energized and inspired the youth vote in a way that significantly contributed to his victory, particularly in 2008. None of the top tier candidates that have been discussed have the same ability to appeal to Millennials.

Hillary Clinton may appeal to young female voters, but what about their male counterparts? Joe Biden may be a hit in The Onion, but what about on the campaign trail? And Republicans have long had a problem connecting to the younger generation, no matter who the candidate is. Are there any younger politicians out there who can tap into this group in the same way that Barack Obama did? Can they also retain the other voting blocs, such as seniors and the middle-aged? Or does it Morley Winograd, 2/4/13 POLI have to be one or the other? Who do you think out there has the most youth appeal? Matt Rodriguez 22:00 Who knew that football and social media go together like chips and dip at a Super Bowl party? Everyone knows that the Super Bowl scores big viewer ratings for TV networks, but this year the Baltimore Ravens’ victory over the San Francisco 49ers also ignited more posting on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks than ever before.

During the game, there were an estimated 47.7 million social media posts, according to Trendrr TV, which tracks social media activity. That means the rate of social network bustle during this year’s big game nearly tripled since the 2012 Super Bowl, which was the subject of approximately 17 million posts.

What explains the explosion of social media activity during this year’s Super Bowl? Are Twitter and Facebook simply more accessible to more people now? Or has there been a cultural shift in how society communicates on a daily basis? Has our perspective and appreciation of social media drastically changed since the previous 2/4/13 SPOR Super Bowl and if so, why? Mark Ghuneim 8:00

Anyone who spends time with toddlers know they can have active imaginations. Now a study shows some children as young as two are capable of telling minor fibs. Researchers in the journal of Developmental Psychology say it's the first time deception has been studied in children so young. They found 25 percent of children that age say little mistruths. It's not just to cover-up things, according to these experts, but rather to show how smart or capable they are. It could be indicative of advanced mental development. As children grow, so can lying. Eighty percent of four-year olds are said to lie. However, the percentage decreases through adolescence, according to empirical evidence.

Has that been your experience as a parent? How can you teach honesty when lying is 2/4/13 YOUT a natural stage of development? How should you react when your tot tells tales? Angela Evans 17:00 More accusations of child sexual abuse are coming out of the files from the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles. One former Catholic priest who was accused of extensive Hailey Branson- 2/4/13 RELI sexual misconduct with minors went on to work at L. Potts 6:00 For decades, many of the Catholic priests accused of molestation across the country were sent to The Servants of Paraclete treatment center in the small New Mexico 2/4/13 RELI town, Jemez Springs. Tom Roberts 10:02 Take Two host A Martinez spoke with former NFL wide receiver Billy Davis and LAUSD medical advisor Dr. Jerry Bornstein about the risks to the pros and to kids just Billy Davis and 2/4/13 HEAL starting out on their favorite playing fields. Dr. Jerry Bornstein 15:36 A poor factory worker in "Les Miserables" with perfectly coiffed hair, a hard-drinking CIA agent in "Argo" with the pecs of a body-builder, and Abe Lincoln. With a pierced 2/4/13 ENT ear? Rebecca Keegan 10:35 A number of industries that need workers desperately find that immigration reform is a 2/4/13 TECH no-brainer. Industrial farming is one, but so is the tech industry. Emily Lam 6:11 A school district in the Southern California city of Fontana is already arming its police 2/4/13 EDU with semiautomatic rifles. Reporter Chris Richard has the story. Chris Richard 4:19 Nearly a decade ago, voters here approved Proposition 71, the California Stem Cell Research and Cures Initiative. The initiative made conducting stem cell research legal and authorized the sale of bonds to generate $3 billion for stem cell research 2/4/13 HEAL and research. David Jensen 6:58 King Richard III never got a funeral fit for a king. The 15th century British monarch died in combat, defending his crown from an uprising. His remains were hastily buried 2/4/13 HIST and soon they were lost to ages. Patt Morrison 5:24

By the time the Ravens sealed their Super Bowl win over the 49ers, Americans consumed around 79 million pounds of avocados. Until recently, most of those 2/4/13 SCI avocados were coming from San Diego County, the nation's top producing region. Rua Petty 7:11 Sendak's posthumous title, "My Brother's Book," comes 50 years after the publication of "Where the Wild Things Are," and is a dark and interesting final chapter for the 2/4/13 LIT widely celebrated author. Patrick Rodgers 5:12 2/4/2013 TRAN Mother and daughter experience different trauma around fatal bus crash CC :15 2/4/2013 YOUT Loh Life Morning 2 Loh 2:42 2/4/2013 HEAL Rheumatoid arthritis is a medical condition that's often misunderstood Martinez 4:22 The Los Angeles City Council is considering a ballot measure related to the Citizens 2/4/2013 POLI United court decision Walton :37 Author of bill that would exempt 20-thousand union members from pensino overhaul 2/4/2013 POLI defends meausre Adler :46 Author of bill that would exempt 20-thousand union members from pensino overhaul 2/4/2013 POLI defends meausre CC :06 Author of bill that would exempt 20-thousand union members from pensino overhaul 2/4/2013 POLI defends meausre CC :05 2/4/2013 ENT Churches make up one of hottest markets for live equipment Valot 4:03 Catholic churches address LA Archdiocese sex abuse scandal during Sunday mass 2/4/2013 RELI celebrations Aguilar 1:25 2/4/2013 RELI LA priest accused of sex abuse worked for LAUSD after leaving the church Aguilar :58 USC Human Trafficking conference concludes more research needed on the 2/4/2013 LAW prevalence of the crime Aguilar 1:00 2/4/2013 TRAN Investigators on scene at site of deadly tour bus crash in San Bernardino County CC :16 Ravens coach says it was hard to compete against his brother, who coaches the 2/4/2013 SPOR 49ers CC :12 2/4/2013 ENT Warm Bodies tops the weekend box office CC :16 2/4/2013 TRAN Tour bus crash in San Bernardino County Watt/Julian 1:57 2/4/2013 TRAN Investigators on scene at site of deadly tour bus crash in San Bernardino County CC :08 2/4/2013 POLI John Kerry reports for duty as Secretary of State CC :10 2/4/2013 POLI John Kerry reports for duty as Secretary of State CC :11 2/4/2013 TRAN NTSB investigates fatal tour bus crash CC :14 2/4/2013 POLI Early voting begins in Los Angeles municipal election Walton :36 2/4/2013 SPOR NFL still trying to find cause of Super Bowl power outage CC :14 2/4/2013 TRAN Mother and daughter experience different trauma around fatal bus crash CC :15 2/4/2013 TECH Tech entrepreneurs want more H1B visas for entrepreneurs CC :19 Mother of woman injured in crash victim assumed the worst after learning her 2/4/2013 DIS daughter was airlifted Watt :50 2/4/2013 LAW Fourth defendant in murder of off-duty LA sheriff's deputy goes to trial for murder Palta :56

2/4/2013 ECON The state's finances are improving, but it's going to be hard to put money in the bank DeBord :54 2/4/2013 LAW Tarzana teacher is arrested on molestation charges CC :15 2/4/2013 DC CA lawmakers reintroduce chopper noise bill Felde 1:01 2/4/2013 SAC California's highest court could clear legal haze on medical pot dispensaries Small 3:06 2/4/2013 TRAN Airport Commissioners to vote on modernization plan for LAX Moore :59 2/4/2013 DC CA lawmakers reintroduce chopper noise bill CC :13 A new report details how are far more diverse a population, 2/4/2013 IMM economically and otherwise, than "model minority" myths might indicate Berestein Rojas 1:40 Police have identified the couple found fatally shot in Irvine last night as a Cal State 2/4/2013 OC Fullerton coach and USC Public Safety officer Bergman 1:09 2/4/2013 TRAN Bus involved in crash was on federal watchlist Osen 3:11 2/4/2013 LAW California sues ARCO over safety violations with underground storage tanks CC :17 2/4/2013 POLI Texas Governor attempts to lure CA businesses to Texas in radio ad CC :12 2/4/2013 POLI Texas Governor attempts to lure CA businesses to Texas in radio ad CC :12

2/4/2013 EDU Warning accompanied accused priest who worked for LA Unified, archdiocese says Romo 1:02 2/4/2013 TRAN Bus in collision has a record of safety violations Osen 1:00 2/4/2013 EDU Big Hollywood donors enter school board race for first time Guzman 4:20 In 2011, Governor Brown signed Assembly Bill (AB) 109, which was called “realignment” and was designed to help reduce costs, ease overcrowding, and close the revolving door of low-level inmates cycling in and out of state prisons, which for a long time have been far beyond capacity. Offenders are ending up back on the street faster than before, and watchers of this phenomenon are wondering if realignment isn’t to blame. Could this attempt to lessen our prison population be putting a strain Frank Stoltze, 2/5/13 LAW on police departments and local communities? Tyler Izen 13:00 The California and U.S. governments have filed suit against credit ratings agency Standard & Poor's over its ratings of subprime mortgage investments. The suits claim S & P knowingly gave favorable ratings to high-risk investments so as to increase its market share and revenue. "When the housing bubble burst, S&P's house of cards collapsed and California paid the price - in billions," said California Attorney General Kamala Harris in a statement.

Was the agency just incompetent or willfully negligent? Why has the Justice Department pursued the same legal action against other credit rating groups such as Moody's? Are there political motivations behind these suits? Could the suits lead to Dean Baker, Alex 2/5/13 ECON positive change or unintended adverse consequences? Pollock 18:00 2/5/13 ECON Are raves worth the economic boost, or are they too dangerous to justify? Ron Lin 16:00

There is a dogged battle in the race for L.A. city attorney. The defending incumbent, Carmen Trutanich, is facing ambitious challengers. Mike Feuer, former state assemblyman and past L.A. City Council member, has raised nearly $1 million to aggressively take on Trutanich as a known quantity.

Also funding a tough campaign is Greg Smith. The private attorney has a formidable war chest of several hundred thousand dollars. He's using some of it to fund TV ads - the only campaign to do so. It's all in an effort to be the city's number one attorney: counsel to the mayor and city leadership; defender in court cases and prosecutor of misdemeanors. Carmen Trutanich, What kind of city attorney do Angelenos need? How can he balance the interests of Mike Feuer, Greg 2/5/13 POLI citizens with the interests of city leadership? What's your question for the candidates? Smith 31:00:00 With all their obsession over yoga, exercise, attention to alcohol consumption and the evils of smoking, you’d think baby boomers would be the healthiest generation ever. Not true, says a new study just published in JAMA Internal Medicine.

Researchers surveyed a sample of the nearly 80 million Americans born between 1946 and 1964 and compared their overall health to that of their parents at the same age. Surprisingly, the survey showed higher rates of hypertension, diabetese, obesity and high cholesterol than that of the previous generation. Similarly aged Americans in 1988 to 1994 - from 46 to 64 years old - were actually in better overall health.

2/5/13 HEAL The field of nominations for the original screenplay Oscar this year is rife with Linda Martin 9:00 darkness, violence and psychodrama - from the gratuitous shoot-em-ups and racial slurs in Django Unchained to the all-too-real, moment to moment hunt for Bin Laden depicted in Zero Dark Thirty.

Thank goodness for Moonrise Kingdom, which brings a lightness and charm to the field that make it stand out among the other, more serious entries. The film, a first- love fairy tale between two misfit pre-teens, is set on a windswept New England outpost in 1965. Its co-authors are Wes Anderson, (Bottle Rocket, The Fantastic Mr. Fox), and Roman Coppola. Coppola entered the family business portraying the young Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, Part II, directed by his father, Francis Ford Coppola.

Along the way he’s served as a cinematographer, producer, director of music videos and second-unit director to his sister, writer/director Sofia Coppola. He both wrote and directed his next release, A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, which stars Charlie Sheen, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette and yet another member of la familia Coppola, Jason Schwartzman. Anderson and Coppola previously teamed up to write The Darjeeling Limited. 2/5/13 ENT Roman Coppola 7:00 A bipartisan group of House lawmakers meet today for their first full hearing on immigration. The President and a group of senators have already publicly outlined 2/5/13 IMM framework for immigration reform. Kitty Felde 6:08

If immigration reform passes Congress, it's a given that immigrants stand to gain. But there's something in it for non-immigrants, too. We find out about the economic Christopher 2/5/13 IMM winners and losers with Christopher Matthews, a reporter for Time Business. Matthews 7:06 The last time Congress passed a major immigration bill, one of its goals was to stop the flow of undocumented migrants across the border. Instead, it seemed to have the 2/5/13 IMM opposite effect as illegal immigration surged. Adrian Florido 3:59 This week, the Boy Scouts of America could drop its policy of banning gay scouts or 2/5/13 LGB scout leaders. But one troop in Southern California took that step years ago. Corey Moore 3:42 Hollywood donates a lot of money to national politics, but local school board races Adolfo Guzman- 2/5/13 ENT have been way off the radars of these big donors. Until now. Lopez 4:27 Joy Division bassist Peter Hook's new book "Unknown Pleasures — Inside Joy 2/5/13 ART Division" chronicles the band's short history. Peter Hook 17:20 Cities, counties and medical marijuana advocates have a lot at stake when the state 2/5/13 LAW Supreme Court considers the regulatory power of local governments. Julie Small 3:06 An effort is building in Congress to change U.S. marijuana laws, including moves to 2/5/13 POLI legalize the industrial production of hemp and establish a hefty federal pot tax. Tony Dokoupil 7:15 In-N-Out president and owner Lynsi Torres is a media shy, thrice-married mother of 2/5/13 ECON twins who races hot rods in her spare time. She's also just 30 years old. Seth Lubove 6:26 There are all sorts of ways for companies to go green these days: Solar panels, eco- friendly packaging, biofuels, and now, beer. One Alaskan brewery is using the extra 2/5/13 ECON grain left over after it brews its beer to create energy. Brandon Smith 6:12 Last week, a British man walking his dog on a beach in northern England came upon what looked like a waxy and smelly soccer ball-sized rock. Turns out, it wasn't an ordinary rock, it was something called ambergris, or Sperm whale excrement, and it's 2/5/13 SCI worth more than $100,000. Christopher Kemp 12:00 A so-called "sneaker wave" is a disproportionately large wave that can sometimes appear behind a smaller one, without warning. Because they are much larger than preceding waves, sneaker waves can catch unwary swimmers, washing them out to 2/5/13 ENV sea. - 3:57 2/5/2013 TRAN Bus in collision has a record of safety violations CC :13 Southland troop leaders say eliminating "no-gay" policy could revitalize boy scout 2/5/2013 DIV programs Moore 3:42 2/5/2013 POLI Texas Governor attempts to lure CA businesses to Texas in radio ad Adler :45 2/5/2013 LAW California sues ARCO over safety violations with underground storage tanks Moffitt :45 2/5/2013 TECH Lacter on tech and media company expansion Lacter 4:04 2/5/2013 HOUS California's housing market is growing faster than the national average Adler :44 2/5/2013 HOUS California's housing market is growing faster than the national average CC :15 2/5/2013 TRAN NTSB inspecting condition of tour bus involved in deadly crash CC :17 2/5/2013 TT Immigration takes center stage on Capitol Hill CC :25 2/5/2013 POLI President wants congressional action on the budget deficit CC :16 Mayoral canddiate Wendy Greuel announces a plan to hire more police officers and 2/5/2013 POLI firefighters CC :14 2/5/2013 DC CA agriculture prompts sharp criticism at house immigration hearing CC :11 2/5/2013 DC House stakes out positions on immigration reform Felde :55 Two teenagers whose fingers were severed during tug-of-war game now out of 2/5/2013 EDU hospital CC :12 4th annual FutureBuild Conference focuses on financial feasibility of sustainable 2/5/2013 ECON building and development Watt :47 2/5/2013 POLI California Assemblyman pushes liability insurance for gun owners CC :15 2/5/2013 POLI California Assemblyman pushes liability insurance for gun owners Russ :52 2/5/2013 MEDI Rick Perry launches radio campaign boasting Texas' favorable business climate CC :10 2/5/2013 TRAN NTSB has to examine other vehicles involved in crash before moving onto the bus CC :10 2/5/2013 LAW San Luis Obispo police officer arrested on federal bribery charges CC :06 2/5/2013 TRAN Bus involved in crash was on federal watchlist Osen 1:10 The Los Angeles City Council votes to add a third medical marijuana measure to the 2/5/2013 POLI May ballot Walton :29 2/5/2013 LAW Opening statements in murder trial for slaying of LA County sheriff's deputy Palta :57 A Minnesota man will appear in a Santa Ana court today/tomorrow accused of 2/5/2013 OC running the largest Ponzi scheme in Orange County history Bergman :56 California Supreme Court reluctant to tread on local government's right to ban 2/5/2013 LAW medical pot dispensaries Small 1:45 2/5/2013 LAW California Supreme Court hears a case on medical marijuana dispensaries CC :15 2/5/2013 LAW California Supreme Court hears a case on medical marijuana dispensaries CC :07 Gov Brown dismisses news that the Department of Forestry hid money in a nonprofit 2/5/2013 POLI account Quinton :43 Local family hopes for a change on the "no gays" policy of the Boy Scouts' national 2/5/2013 YOUT board Moore 3:36 2/5/2013 RELI How culpable is Cardinal Mohony in the priest sex abuse scandal? Stoltze 4:01 Chuck Michel, Two California lawmakers have introduced legislation that would require gun owners Adam Winkler, to purchase liability insurance for damages done with their weapons. The proposed Justin Wolfers, bill, AB 231, comes in the wake of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook elementary Russell Roberts, 2/6/13 SAC school and a national discussion about gun violence and control Pete Moraga 31:00:00 Kelli Johnson, Cities are all aflutter about the newest backyard pet – the chicken. San Marino ruled Richard Ward, 2/6/13 SGV last month that residents will be allowed to raise chickens in the backyard. Kim Sturla 16:00 Today the U.S. Postal Service will announce the end of Saturday mail delivery, 2/6/13 DC effective in August of this year. Ed O’Keefe 14:00 An innovative community concept that started in Boston ten years ago is catching on quickly across the country and in Southern California. "Villages" are virtual Andrew communities that enable aging folks the option of continuing to live in their homes - Scharlach, Mike 2/6/13 HOUS rather than move into elder-care facilities. Babcock 16:00 "Frankenweenie" director Tim Burton joins AirTalk to talk about his new film, his 2/6/13 ENT filmmaking process, and his passion for the handmade feel of stop-motion film. Tim Burton 18:00 Today President Obama is expected to nominate Sally Jewell for the post of Interior Secretary. Jewell is currently the president and CEO of the outdoor and recreational 2/6/13 ECON retailer REI. Coral Davenport 8:19 Well, starting this August the postman only rings five times a week. The struggling U.S. Postal Servive has announced it is cutting Saturday mail delivery. It's a move that has been anticipated for some time as the agency has sunk deeper into financial 2/6/13 ECON instability. Heidi Moore 7:40

Two moms and their Eagle Scout son hope for an end to the Boy Scouts' "no gays" 2/6/13 YOUT policy. The longstanding ban could end in May at the group's annual meeting. Corey Moore 3:36 Heads Up California, Texas is coming for your businesses. This week, Texas 2/6/13 ECON Governor Rick Perry released this radio ad aimed at California business owners: Matt DeBoard 6:54 Both the Senate and President Obama's proposals for immigration reform are clear on one thing: For the estimated 11-million undocumented workers living in the U.S., the pathway to citizenship begins in the "back of the line," behind everyone who's 2/6/13 IMM legally waiting. John Rosman 4:01 We talk to Marty Kaplan, who worked as a speechwriter for Walter Mondale before 2/6/13 ENT moving West, where he had a successful run as a writer and producer. Marty Kaplan 10:20 Chris Lowe at CSU-Long Beach's Shark Lab explains that the current health of the great white shark population is unknown, and what the listing would mean for his own 2/6/13 SCI research. Chris Lowe 6:16 While it has a lot invested in the immigration debate, Mexico has remained mostly silent. LA Times reporter Richard Fausset explains that it's politically advantageous 2/6/13 IMM for government leaders in Mexico to stay under the radar. Richard Fausset 6:49 Every year, anticipation builds around Signing Day as the financial stakes around college football get higher. We talk to a top California college prospect and Adam 2/6/13 SPOR Kramer of the Bleacher Report about the spectacle of it all. Adam Kramer 6:31 Imagine you're at the grocery store. The organic bananas are so much more expensive, and you wonder if you should really spend the extra dough. Or maybe you're getting ready to have a baby, and can't sleep at night because you're unsure if Nathanael 2/6/13 HEAL you should head to the hospital or try for a homebirth. Johnson 12:40 This year, unseasonable weather has created serious training obstacles for Iditarod contestants in parts of the Alaska. Here with more is Greg Sellentin, publisher of 2/6/13 ENV Mushing magazine. Greg Sellentin 5:39 Executive Chef Joseph Martin oversees two restaurants, three kitchens, hundreds of employees and multiple menus of food for sports games and special 2/6/13 ART events. Hayley Fox reports. Hayley Fox 3:58 2/6/2013 ECON Feeding the fans at Staples Center Fox 3:58 2/6/2013 POLI Immigration reform proves difficult as "back of the line" policies get complicated Rosman 4:01 2/6/2013 ECON Post office plans to cut Saturday mail delivery CC :22 2/6/2013 OC California health officials fine Orange County hospital after doctor fondled patient CC :09 2/6/2013 TRAN Beverly Hills opens compressed natural gas fueling station Watt :37 2/6/2013 TT Great white sharks in California may get more protection CC :20 Today is the last day a high school senior can sign a binding National Letter of Intent 2/6/2013 TT for college football CC :12 2/6/2013 ECON Record number of California buyers paid cash for homes last year Russ :49 2/6/2013 ECON The city's online identity gets a major facelift DeBord :45 In a letter to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Senator Barbara Boxer said she 2/6/2013 OC obtained an "alarming" report about San Onofre Bergman 1:28 2/6/2013 FOR Drug violence in Mexico may be declining Florido 1:18 CA lawmakers want to ban banks, leaders from garnishing the wages of students who 2/6/2013 POLI can't repay private loans CC :13 Sheriff moves to fire accused clique of deputies who celebrated officer-involved 2/6/2013 LAW shootings Palta :40

2/6/2013 ENV Conservation groups present Army Corps with proposal to restore Sepulveda Basin Peterson 1:48 2/6/2013 ECON State report finds LA Unified, other districts, misusing lunch funds Guzman :44 There is a feverish manhunt underway in the Southland. It all started when Christopher Jordan Dorner, a former LAPD officer, posted a manifesto on his Facebook page. Dorner, who is fixating on being forced out of his job in 2009, listed dozens of targets in the document and promised to bring “unconventional and asymmetrical warfare” against any law enforcement personnel who got in his way. The violence has already been staggering.

Dorner has been connected to a double homicide in Orange County which occurred last weekend. The victims were Monica Quan and her fiancé, Keith Lawrence. Quan is the daughter of Randy Quan, a retired LAPD captain mentioned in Dorner’s manifesto; Dorner targeted Quan for his role in Dorner’s dismissal from the force. Then, very early Thursday morning, Dorner was connected to a shooting of two LAPD officers in Corona, who were protecting one of the other names on Dorner’s list. Shortly after that, two local officers were shot in Riverside, and Dorner is suspected of David Klinger, ambushing them. One of those officers has died, while others are in the hospital Rina Palta, Erika suffering from gunshot and graze wounds. Aguilar, Ben Bergman, Frank Stoltze, Brian Watt, William 2/7/13 LAW Bratton 1:37:00 Today, a bipartisan group of senators will introduce legislation which they say would strengthen the nation's mental health services and hopefully prevent violent acts by 2/7/13 HEAL the mentally ill. David O. Russell 7:53 Amid the thousands of pages of priest abuse files released by the LA Catholic Archdiocese, you find one name over and over: Cardinal Roger Mahoney. The man who led the nation's largest archdiocese for more than two decades repeatedly 2/7/13 RELI acknowledges abuse, but he never alerted law enforcement. Frank Stoltze 4:05 Funding for military grocery stores could be cut under sequestration. The stores help 2/7/13 MIL save military members and their families 30 percent on groceries. Wendy Lee 3:46 For The California Report, Erik Anderson of KPBS recently attended the largest military trade show on the West Coast and found lots of people talking about the "s- 2/7/13 MIL word." Sequestration. Erik Anderson 3:57

Pioneering make-up artist Stuart Freeborn, responsible for Yoda, Chewbacca and 2/7/13 ART many other iconic move characters, passed away earlier this week in London at 98. Nick Dudman 7:56 KPCC's Steve Proffitt has the curious story of the Vee-Jay , and how they had, and lost, the recording rights to what would become the most successful pop 2/7/13 ART band ever, . Steve Proffitt 9:57 Grammy nominee Radmilla Cody was raised on a reservation, and has been nominated for an album sung in her Native American language. From the Fronteras 2/7/13 ART Desk, Laurel Morales reports. Laurel Morales 4:43 PRESS CONFERENCE: LAPD Chief Charlie Beck briefs the public about suspect 2/7/13 LAW Christopher Dorner: - 6:20 The primary for Los Angeles mayor is less than a month away. Last night, KPCC's AirTalk hosted a debate with the five leading candidates for mayor. Reporter Alice 2/7/13 POLI Walton, who was here late covering the event, joins the show with a recap. Alice Walton 6:27 By many measures, investors are starting to feel better about the economy. Congress dodged the fiscal cliff (at least for now), housing prices are looking a little better, and 2/7/13 ECON the stock market is climbing. Paddy Hirsch 5:35 Now for a bit of positive financial news. This week Amazon announced that it would be handing out free money, in the form of 1,000 Amazon Coins. The virtual currency 2/7/13 TECH will be released in May for Kindle Fire app purchases. Matt Debord 6:01 2/7/2013 LAW Villaraigosa says "no beef" justifies the alleged Dorner killings CC :21 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :19 2/7/2013 LAW Truck resembling Dorner's prompts Torrance shooting CC :17 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :17 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :19 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :21 2/7/2013 ECON Design unveiled for new Wilshire Grand Tower CC :15 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :09 2/7/2013 ECON Real estate is recovering, but it's well off its peaks… DeBord :35 2/7/2013 LAW Dorner manhunt shifts to Big Bear CC :18 2/7/2013 POLI Los Angeles budget official outlines cuts if sales tax isn't approved Walton 1:08 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :07 2/7/2013 ECON The animation studio is cutting back workers… DeBord :49 A new report takes a close look at second-generation adult children of immigrants, 2/7/2013 IMM and now they are transforming the nation Berestein Rojas 2:30 2/7/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :14 2/7/2013 LAW Is Dorner trying to hike out of Big Bear? CC :18 2/7/2013 ENV Most of California's population relies on treating contaminated water Adler :39 State Senate Dem leadership rolls out package of bills with intent of reducing gun 2/7/2013 POLI violence CC :11

2/7/2013 ECON Proposed budget cuts to the Department of Defense could hurt military commissaries Lee 3:47 2/7/2013 POLI LA Mayoral candiates face off in KPCC debate CC :11 2/7/2013 POLI LA Mayoral candiates face off in KPCC debate CC :10 2/7/2013 POLI LA Mayoral candiates face off in KPCC debate CC :12 2/7/2013 POLI LA Mayoral candiates face off in KPCC debate CC :10 2/7/2013 POLI LA Mayoral candiates face off in KPCC debate CC :15 2/7/2013 LAW Three police officers have been shot, suspect Christopher Dorner is suspect CC :05 CHP days Dorner is suspect in police shootings; dead, manhunt underway in 2/7/2013 LAW Southern California CC :11 Police hunt for Christopher Dorner, suspected of shooting several police officers this 2/7/2013 LAW morning CC :10 CHP says Dorner is suspect in police shootings; 1 dead, manhunt underway in 2/7/2013 LAW Southern California CC :16 2/7/2013 LAW Manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues CC :14 2/7/2013 LAW Manhunt for Christopher Dorner continues CC :29 Dorner is suspect in police shootings; 1 dead, manhunt underway in Southern 2/7/2013 LAW California CC :12 This year, Los Angeles will elect a new mayor for the first time since 2005. It will be hard to match outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's flair for the dramatic, or his apparently boundless energy – for the past eight years, he’s seemingly been in every corner of the city at once. But as the last weeks of the run-off campaign unwind, the candidates are doing their best to get their messages out. Here's a chance to hear them address the issues that L.A. faces over the next four years.

It's a long list. Start with the city budget, transportation, crime and safety – add in Eric Garcetti, public health, education, energy and the environment. Not to mention potholes, Wendy Greuel, lighted billboards, runaway production and our future NFL team. What issues are Kevin James, Jan most important to you? What should L.A.’s next mayor put at the top of his or her to- Perry, Emanuel 2/8/13 POLI do list? Pleitez 47:00:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Andy Klein from the L.A. Times Community Paper chain and Peter Rainer from the Christian Science Monitor to review the week’s new film releases including A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III, Identity Thief, Andy Klein, Peter 2/8/13 ENT Side Effects and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Rainer 13:00 2/8/13 ENT Where does “Life of Pi” stand in his growing list of big-screen achievements? Ang Lee 18:00 Al Gore tells Larry about "The Future," Gore's new book that analyzes six issues 2/8/13 LIT causing the degradation of the modern world. Al Gore 17:00 Former LAPD chief William Bratton joins us to talk about what he remembers about Dorner and whether he thinks the LAPD's screening and psychological processes 2/8/13 LAW need an update. William Bratton 7:30 As authorities continue the hunt for Christopher Dorner, many wonder what might have led the former LAPD officer to possibly commit such crimes. Some who knew him as a friend say he didn't seem violent at all, but others who knew him as a cop 2/8/13 LAW say he was a bad apple. Joe Domanick 5:16 We'll talk about the week that was in this regular political reporter roundtable. On tap this week, Chrystia Freeland, editor of Thompson Reuters Digital and James Rainey Chrystia Freeland, 2/8/13 POLI from the Los Angeles Times. and James Rainey 11:24 Actor Rob Lowe joins the show to talk about his penchant for political roles, his 2/8/13 ART newest film 'Knife Fight," Rob Lowe 16:50 Ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner has been on the run for more than 24-hours, and while officials suspect he's up in the Big Bear area, and a snow storm there is Judi Bowers and 2/8/13 ENV complicating the search. Tom Allman 12:05

Many professionals are required to report suspected cases of child abuse. Failing to 2/8/13 EDU contact authorities is a crime. But those prosecutions aren’t as easy as you’d think. Vanessa Romo 5:06

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Rico Gagliano and 2/8/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. Brendan Newnam 6:28 The Oscars are a few weeks away, but the show’s geekier cousin, the Scientific and 2/8/13 ENT Technical Awards, happens tomorrow. KPCC’s Sanden Totten reports. Sanden Totten 4:18 The Grammys have been around for more than 50 years, and through that time we've seen pretty much everything. From Nikki Minaj staging a fake exorcism during the 2/8/13 TECH show to performing with Lady Gaga. Emily Reese 8:20 2/8/2013 ECON Demand for lion dancing heats up for Lunar New Year Lee 3:20 2/8/2013 ENT Grammy honor for Al Schmitt Whatley 3:54 2/8/2013 EDU Why is it so hard to prosecute mandatory reporters for failing their duty Romo 5:06 State Senate Dem leadership rolls out package of bills with intent of reducing gun 2/8/2013 POLI violence Adler :56 2/8/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :11 2/8/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :05 2/8/2013 TRAN Flights cancelled at LAX due to East Coast snow storm CC :07 2/8/2013 LAW Hunt continues for Christopher Dorner CC :19

2/8/2013 LAW Attorney for two women mistakenly shot in Torrance says incident was mishandled Watt :53 2/8/2013 TT Former LAPD chief talks about the manhunt for an ex-cop CC :22

2/8/2013 LAW Attorney for two women mistakenly shot in Torrance says incident was mishandled Watt :57

2/8/2013 LAW SB County Sheriff says officials making good progress in Christopher Dorner search CC :17 2/8/2013 SPOR Loh Life Superbowl Virgins Loh 2:49 2/8/2013 ART Award-winning conductor James DePriest died today at 76 CC :25 2/8/2013 LAW Theories and opinions about Dorner case falling like snow in Big Bear CC :17 2/8/2013 LAW Law enforcement searches Dorner's mother's home CC :12 2/8/2013 LAW Law enforcement searches Dorner's mother's home CC :17 2/8/2013 LAW Big Bear ski resorts reopen as Dorner search continues CC :08 While authorities hunt for triple murder suspect near Bear Mountain Resort, skiers 2/8/2013 LAW have their own theories of where Dorner is Palta 2:07 2/8/2013 LAW Aerial search for Christopher Dorner suspended because of snowy conditions CC :09 Two Latino Compton gang members have been indicted on hate crimes charges after 2/8/2013 LAW allegedly attacking four black teenagers Berestein Rojas 1:46 California Historical Resources Commission re-nominated California Trestles for 2/8/2013 HIST special recognition Small 1:18 2/8/2013 POLI Wendy Greuel picks up major Valley endorsements in the mayor's race Walton :35 2/8/2013 LAW A profile of suspected triple murderer Christopher Dorner Bergman 3:28 2/8/2013 ECON CA Jan revenue way above projections but unclear where money came from Adler :45 2/8/2013 LAW FBI searched Dorner's home in Las Vegas Klemack 1:28 2/8/2013 LAW FBI searched Dorner's home in Las Vegas CC :11 2/8/2013 LAW Law enforcement searches Dorner's mother's home CC :15 2/8/2013 ENT BAFTAs handed out last night, Argo took three awards CC :11 2/8/2013 ENT Mumford and Sons takes home Grammy for Album of the Year CC :10 2/8/2013 LAW Search continues for Christopher Dorner Aguilar 4:22 2/8/2013 ENT Fun took home two Grammys CC :11 2/8/2013 ENT Fun took home two Grammys CC :08 2/8/2013 ENV California boasts another national park Samuel :44 2/8/2013 HEAL Children with special needs are embraced by the ACA Korry 4:55 2/8/2013 LAW Manhunt for Christopher Dorner, reward offer, review case Aguilar 4:44 2/8/2013 LAW Authorities receive more than 600 tips in Dorner search CC :10 2/8/2013 TRAN LA County Coroner identifies chopper crash victims CC :18 2/8/2013 RELI Catholics in SoCal react to Pope's retirement CC :25 2/8/2013 RELI Local Catholic respond to Pope resignation CC :14 2/8/2013 DC JPL scientist invited to State of the Union Felde :46 2/8/2013 TRAN NTSB investigates reality TV crew's helicopter crash CC :14

2/8/2013 LAW Riverside County District Attorney announces charges against Christopher Dorner CC :20

2/8/2013 LAW Riverside Police Chief Sergio Diaz gives update on wounded Riverside police officer CC :17 2/8/2013 ECON Home prices continue to move up, but housing supply is tight… DeBord :41 2/8/2013 RELI Catholic clergy and parishioners in Southern California support Watt 1:43 2/8/2013 POLI Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa endorses sales tax increase Walton 1:28

2/8/2013 POLI CA lawmakers say state isn't prepared to hold an election following a natural disaster CC :10 Local governments wonder how to replace money a year after CA dissolved nearly 2/8/2013 ECON 400 redevelopment agencies Small 2:17 Critics of the LAPD say its Board of Rights process is stacked in favor of the 2/8/2013 LAW department Bergman 2:03 2/8/2013 LAW Police sift through hundreds of tips Stoltze 2:56 2/9/2013 LAW LAPD guarding individuals singled out in Dorner's manifesto Stoltze 1:02 John Rabe speaks with Civil War reenactors and authors of a book called John Rabe, Mark "Battlefields of Honor: American Civil War Reenactors." They discuss reenactors, Elson, Jeannine 2/9/13 ART Civil War photography, and their book. Stein 10:22 John Rabe, Ann Philbin, Andy John Rabe speaks with Hammer Mueseum director Ann Philbin, art fan Andy Schwartz, Llyn 2/9/13 ART Schwartz, and artist Llyn Foulkes at Hammer Museum about Foulkes' artwork. Foulkes 4:19 Larry Mantle, Tim 2/9/13 AT Larry Mantle speaks with Tim Burton about the creation of his film 'Frankenweenie.' Burton 17:45 Kevin Ferguson, Kevin Ferfuson speaks with Dutch artist Marinus Welman and Langer's Delicatessen Marinus Welman, 2/9/13 ART owner Norm Langer about the story behind the deli paintings. Norm Langer 6:05 A Martinez, Billy Take Two host A Martinez speaks with former NFL wide receiver Billy Davis and Davis, Dr. Jerry 2/9/13 SPOR LAUSD medical advisor Dr. Jerry Bornstein about the risks of playing football. Bornstein 15:36 Bridget Read speaks with passers-by about whether or not they believe in soulmates - 2/9/13 DIV one and only one true love for every person. Bridget Read 5:35

Kevin Ferguson speaks with Larry Serpa, an ecologist with the Nature Conservancy, Kevin Ferguson / 2/9/13 ENV about the gruesome expressions of love that go on in the animal world. Larry Serpa 6:39 2/9/13 HIST Marc Haefele tells us that the Romans didn't think Cupid was so cute. Marc Haefele 2:32 This year's Grammy Awards will be the first time a video game score has a 2/10/2013 ENT nomination CC :27 2/10/2013 ENT Bobby Sanabria is up for a Grammy for Latin Jazz CC :15 2/10/2013 ENT Grammys include little-known categories like Best Album Notes Whatley 3:33 2/10/2013 ECON George Lucas can now sell his Disney stock if he chooses… DeBord :42 2/10/2013 SPOR CSUF women's basketball team remembers 'Coach Mo' as tough, warm Moore 1:21 2/10/2013 LAW LAPD to reexamine case that got Dorner fired O'Neill :45 2/10/2013 HEAL Preteen Vaccine Week begins in California on Sunday O'Neill :40 2/10/2013 LAW LAPD to reexamine case that got Dorner fired CC :16 2/10/2013 LAW LAPD to hold news conference at 1p on case of alleged triple murder Moore :58 2/10/2013 LAW Big Bear ski resorts are open for business despite manhunt CC :11 2/10/2013 TT Racial issues at the LAPD surface in wake of Christopher Dorner allegations CC :16 Two Inglewood teachers are flying out into the stratosphere Tuesday as part of NASA 2/10/2013 SCI program CC :24 Connie Rice,Tim With a $1-million reward out for Christopher Dorner, hundreds of tipsters have called Maher, Kelly 2/11/13 LAW police. McBride 31:00:00 Should Ontario be released from LAWA’s control? What efforts have been made to regionalize on LAWA’s behalf? What would be the benefits of Ontario being under Jess Romo, Steve 2/11/13 TRAV local control? What effect would that have on the local communities? Pontell 17:00 John Thavis, In a stunning announcement today, Pope Benedict XVI said that he would be Cathy Grossman, resigning at the end of the month. Pope Benedict cites his age and health as his Father Allan 2/11/13 RELI reasons for retirement. Figueroa Deck, 23:00 What pictures fill your mind on a daily basis, and how do they help you navigate your life? What would they look like in the mind’s eye of another? How do we use our Benjamin K. 2/11/13 SCI imagination to turn clouds into circus animals, dreams into reality? Bergen 15:00 Who cleaned up at this year’s Grammys? Who deserved their awards, and who was snubbed? Rolling Stone’s Patrick Doyle joins us to discuss music’s biggest night and 2/11/13 ART weigh in on the winners and losers. Patrick Doyle 8:00 The manhunt for triple murder suspect and former LAPD officer Chris Dorner is entering its sixth day. Over the weekend, Mayor Villaraigosa announced a $1 million 2/11/13 LAW reward for information about the case. Charlie Beck 6:09 The case of Christopher Dorner has raised some questions about the LAPD and its treatment of black officers. It's a subject that Connie Rice knows very well. The L.A.- based civil rights attorney has represented dozens of black officers over the course of the past two decades, and she has interviewed hundreds of cops about race relations 2/11/13 RACE within the force. Connie Rice 9:13 parishioners are waking up today to the news that Pope Benedict the 16th is stepping down. It's been nearly 600 years since a Pope resigned from leading 2/11/13 RELI the Roman Catholic Church. Brian Watt 5:33 A fatal bus crash in the San Bernardino Mountains raises concerns about the safety 2/11/13 ECON of the discount bus business as it takes off in Southern California. Lauren Osen 4:25 A new report from the U.S. Department of Agriculture says climate change will dramatically reshape America's outdoor spaces in the coming years. The report 2/11/13 ENV compiled data from more than 1,000 studies. David Peterson 6:27 L.A. Times film writer Rebecca Keegan joins the show to discuss the latest industry 2/11/13 ENT news coming out of Hollywood. Rebecca Keegan 7:24 When Hollywood stops distributing movies on 35mm film at the end of this year, that 2/11/13 TECH leaves the few drive-in theatres around the country in the lurch. Kipp Sherer 5:15 Tomorrow night President Obama will deliver his fifth State of the Union Speech. He has a lot of ground to cover — budget deals, spending cuts, gun control, immigration 2/11/13 POLI — In all, the President will be speaking for about an hour. Glenn Thrush 6:27 Sherman versus Berman was the biggest local political story in last Novembers election. The battle between two Westside Democrats who ended up running against Shane 2/11/13 POLI each other because of redistricting. Goldmacher 8:21 The Oscar nominated film, "Silver Linings Playbook," tells the story of several people seeking to find a strategy to deal with their mental illnesses. It's been called out by doctors, educators and audiences everywhere for its ability to help remove the stigma 2/11/13 HEAL of mental illness. Jake Clark 7:45

In Hollywood, it's all about who you know, but that can be tough for military veterans 2/11/13 MIL trying to break into the industry. Now some veterans are building their own networks. Josie Huang 4:51 As the Affordable Care Act takes shape in California, embracing hundreds of thousands of children with special needs, the insurance industry is bracing for a 2/11/13 EDU battle. Elaine Korry reports. Elaine Korry 4:54 In the Salinas Valley, small farm towns like Soledad and Greenfield dot Highway 101. Most farmworkers here are from Mexico, and an increasing number are indigenous 2/11/13 IMM people from Oaxaca and other Mexican states. Lisa Morehouse 5:19 2/11/2013 ENT The Black Keys are up for six Grammys, including Best Record CC :32 2/11/2013 ECON Discount bus business is taking off in CA, but is it safe? Osen 4:26 2/11/2013 DC Activist says it'll take more than Rubio to woo Latinos Felde :55 2/11/2013 DC Activists push for Latinos in Cabinet Felde 1:15 2/11/2013 POLI Voters have their first crack at choosing LA's next mayor in just under a month Walton :35 2/11/2013 SOC Undocumented immigrants license bill has some Republican support Adler :46 New bill would make undocumented immigrants who pay taxes, pass driving tests 2/11/2013 SOC eligible for a license CC :12 Attorneys call mistaken identity shooting in Torrance 'reprehensible,' could sue 2/11/2013 LAW Torrance PD Moore 1:35 2/11/2013 DC CA freshmen adjusting to slow pace of Congress Felde 3:47 A one-million dollar reward has been offered for information leading to the capture of 2/11/2013 LAW Dorner CC :12 Attorney says two newspaper delivery women shot by LAPD doing 'fairly well' but 2/11/2013 LAW traumatized Moore 1:03 2/11/2013 LAW LAPD continues to protect officers mentioned as targets in Dorner's manifesto CC :14 2/11/2013 RELI Change in leadership at the Vatican. Live report from a Catholic Church in LA Watt :57 2/11/2013 LAW Funeral for Riverside Police Officer set for Wednesday CC :16 Josh Gerstein, 2/12/13 DC What do you want to hear from the President tonight? Sean Sullivan 13:00

As ideas of what constitutes a “traditional” family change and expand to include divorced couples, same-sex partners, and step-parents, are non-romantic parenting Darren Spedale, matches a sign of a change in the tides? Should people who raise a child together be Jennifer Lahl, 2/12/13 YOUT romantically involved? How should the law accommodate these couples? Diane Goodman 23:00 How often do women swear compared to men? And are they judged differently for it? Do you swear more than most other women? Or are you a man who doesn’t like to 2/12/13 GEND curse? Call in to AirTalk and let us know. Oh, and watch your language. Michael Adams 11:00 Texas Governor Rick Perry is in Los Angeles and Orange County this week trying to tempt California businesses to the lone star state. Yesterday, Perry told the San Jose Mercury-News that Austin, Texas is set to be the "next Silicon Valley." He said high Chuck DeVore, 2/12/13 SAC taxes and strict regulation in California are stifling growth. Carl Guardino 15:00 Are you a motorcyclist? How do you feel about these rules? Have you ever had any encounters with lane-splitting as a driver? Should motorists be more aware of cyclists Gabe Ets-Hokin, 2/12/13 TRAN when they’re driving, or is the road no place for such risky behavior? Robert Gladden 16:00 Flynt Leverett, Flynt and Hillary Leverett's new book hopes to dispel “myths” about Iran and change Hillary Mann 2/12/13 LIT 30 years of foreign policy of sanctions, isolation and attempted regime change. Leverett 17:00

Speculation is mounting over who will succeed Pope Benedict the sixteenth. Will it be a liberal or a conservative, and what does that even mean? Joining us to define terms 2/12/13 RELI is senior correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, John Allen. John Allen 4:58 While the Latino population of Catholics is fast-growing, influential and will no doubt have some bearing on the choice of the new pope, the church that once dominated 2/12/13 RELI Latin America now has serious competition from Pentecostalism. Juan Martinez 5:38 This week the Federal Trade Commission released a report saying that one in 20 consumers had significant errors on their credit reports, mistakes that could lower 2/12/13 ECON their credit scores, making them pay more for things like auto and home loans. Liz Weston 5:51 2/12/13 SPOR Wrestling is down for the count at the 2020 Olympic Games. Phil Wallace 6:24 The SAP Open tennis tournament is moving on after 125 years in the Bay Area. It's been home to some of the tennis greats, like John McEnroe, Andre Agassi and Pete 2/12/13 SPOR Sampras. Bruce Jenkins 6:35 This week for our New Music Tuesday segment, we turn our attention north to San Francisco. That's where you'll find Thao Nguyen, the Vietnamese-American lead 2/12/13 ART singer of the indie rock band Thao and the Get Down Stay Down. Alex Cohen 14:26 President Obama addresses the nation tonight in his fifth State of the Union speech. The focus will be jobs and the economy, but he's also expected to announce the 2/12/13 MIL withdrawal of 34,000 troops from Afghanistan. Gordon Lubold 5:20 Patt Morrison joins take two to talk about what kinds of infractions can get an officer fired from the LAPD. In light of Christopher Dorner's accusations and subsequent 2/12/13 LAW dismissal Morrisson will look at how typical this case is. Patt Morrison 5:57 A cover story in Esquire magazine about a former Navy Seal is generating lots of controversy. According to the report, the unnamed Seal claims he was the man who 2/12/13 MIL actually killed . Brandon Friedman 8:22 Veterans who've already gained a toehold in the entertainment business are helping newcomers break in, and the rest of the industry may be following suit. Josie Huang 2/12/13 MIL reports. Josie Huang 4:04 We speak with author and map collector Simon Garfield about his latest book, "On The Map: A Mind Expanding Exploration of the Way the World Looks," which charts the history of map making and the way maps showcase the best and worst of human 2/12/13 ART nature. Simon Garfield 10:54 Lasers can do more than taunt your tabby: a California non-profit is using thousands of lasers to create 3D digital models of the 28 cultural heritage sites along the state's 2/12/13 SCI El Camino Real. Justin Barton 5:28 2/12/2013 TT Wrestling may be on the way out of the Olympic Games CC :18 2/12/2013 ECON California economic recovery won't start until next year Milne :56

2/12/2013 ECON Clerical workers at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach reject tentative contract Lee 1:51 2/12/2013 HEAL Newly identified protein blocks HIV and other deadly viruses O'Neill :47 2/12/2013 ECON California proposes new flammability standards for upholstered furniture CC :10 New flammability rules could mean fewer flame-retardant chemicals in the 2/12/2013 ENV environment Bartolone :49 2/12/2013 POLI California needs an emergency election plan in the case of a natural disaster Adler :43 2/12/2013 ENV State lawmakers hold an oversight hearing on fracking CC :12 2/12/2013 ENV State lawmakers hold an oversight hearing on fracking Quinton :56 2/12/2013 FOR San Diego and Tijuana try to strengthen bond Orr 3:48 Vascular brain injury may play a far greater role in cognitive decline than toxic brain 2/12/2013 HEAL plaques O'Neill :52 2/12/2013 DC LA gun violence victim guest of Sen. Feinstein at State of the Union Felde :57 2/12/2013 LAW Update on the Christopher Dorner investigation Palta :46 2/12/2013 LAW Police investigating more than 1,000 tips about Dorner CC :14 Arcadia Catholic school closes because relative of Pastor of Parish is named in 2/12/2013 LAW Christopher Dorner's manifesto Watt :48 2/12/2013 LAW Police await forensic results to determine if Christopher Dorner is dead CC :20 2/12/2013 LAW Latest in Dorner standoff CC :15 2/12/2013 LAW Fish and Wildlife joined in the Dorner manhunt CC :13 Local Korean American leaders have launched a drive to urge more participation from 2/12/2013 IMM Korean immigrants in the municipal election Berestein Rojas 1:19 2/12/2013 LAW Deputy dies in shootout with suspect CC :05 2/12/2013 LAW Latest in Dorner standoff CC :24 2/12/2013 LAW Mayor Villaraigosa speakes on the potential death of Christopher Dorner CC :15 2/12/2013 LAW LAPD has not confirmed Dorner is inside burning cabin CC :07 2/12/2013 LAW Latest in Dorner standoff CC :17 Phil Willon, Ben It appears as if the manhunt for Christopher Dorner is finally over. Dorner, an ex- Bergman, Mary LAPD cop, published a manifesto with names of his targets online, before wreaking Ellen O'Toole, havoc in the Southland. He is connected to four homicides, an attempt to steal a boat, Frank Stoltze, firing on personnel from several different law enforcement agencies, carjacking, and Mary Plummer, 2/13/13 LAW holding innocent people hostage. David Schmid 47:00:00 President Barack Obama pitched new ideas to stimulate the economy, urged bipartisan approaches and emotionally called for legislative movement on gun Jonathan Wilcox, 2/13/13 DC control. Matt Rodriguez 18:00 What did you think of the president’s ideas? Are they realistic, affordable or even doable? Does his speech give us reason to be optimistic, or is Obama dreaming the Jared Bernstein, 2/13/13 ECON impossible dream? Phillip Swagel 13:00 Protestors in the film industry and in Washington D.C. have serious objections to "Zero Dark Thirty" portraying torture as the United States government’s effective method for obtaining information. Journalist-turned-writer Mark Boal, who wrote "Zero Dark Thirty," joins Larry to talk about the research involved in creating this movie and 2/13/13 ENT responds to attacks of being pro-torture. Mark Boal 17:00 Yesterday authorities cornered a man they believed to be Chris Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer accused of murder. We’ll get the latest news from KPCC’s Ben Bergman and Ben Bergman and 2/13/13 LAW Frank Stoltze. Frank Stoltze 10:20 Last night during the President’s State of the Union address, the GOP unveiled a new tool to reach Latino voters: A Spanish-language Twitter feed. We’ll talk to Republican 2/13/13 POLI political consultant Mike Madrid. Mike Madrid 8:00 Insurance companies charge a lot in premiums if you're tempting death on a regular 2/13/13 HEAL basis, and some refuse to even offer coverage. James Mills 6:09

To millions of Americans actress Valerie Harper will remain Rhoda Morgenstern, BFF to Mary Tyler Moore's and star of the eponymous spinoff Rhoda. She has a new 2/13/13 ART memoir about the character, and how its affected her working career. Valerie Harper 10:24

An asteroid that's 150 feet across is barreling towards our planet and it's expected to pass by Earth this Friday. We’ll speak about the asteroid, and other space news with 2/13/13 SCI Adam Steltzner, who recently led the landing team for the Mars Curiosity Rover. Adam Steltzner 5:25 In last night's State of the Union address, among the topics covered by President Obama was cyber security, how important it is to our nation, and how ill-equipped we 2/13/13 TECH are when it comes to protecting ourselves. Siobhan Gorman 7:38 Here to explain the history, use, and limits of executive authority is Allan Lichtman, 2/13/13 POLI presidential historian and professor of history at American Univerisity. Allan Lichtman 6:12 Early childhood education advocates say President Obama fell short in his State of 2/13/13 EDU the Union speech, but they were pleased with some of his remarks. Deepa Fernandes 6:19 Yesterday, the Los Angeles school board candidates received the largest donation-to- date for a school board contest. But it didn't come from anyone in L.A., and it didn't even come from anyone in California. It came from billionaire businessman and New 2/13/13 POLI York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. Jessica Levinson 6:19 San Diego's Mayor Bob Filner is promising his new Tijuana office will open soon, but there have been a couple hiccups so far. KPBS Metro reporter Katie Orr checks in on 2/13/13 IMM the status of the office and why the mayor thinks they need one. Katie Orr 4:07

Sriracha hot pepper sauce is huge in the U.S. So big that the potato chip maker, Lays is making a bag featuring the flavor. We’ll talk about why people love sriracha so 2/13/13 ART much with Randy Clemens, who wrote the book, "The Sriracha Cookbook." Randy Clemens 6:19

Leading polar bear researchers have just published a paper outlining possible solutions for preserving the world's declining polar bear population.Warming 2/13/13 SCI temperatures are rapidly melting the arctic ice the bears use as a hunting platform. Andrew Derocher 3:05 2/13/2013 SAC State lawmakers want tougher regulations of fracking Small 1:47 2/13/2013 POLI LA Area Chamber of Commerce endorces Wendy Greuel for mayor Walton :36 2/13/2013 DC Democrats and Republicans sit together CC :11 2/13/2013 DC Freshman Congressmen reflect on first State of the Union Felde :48 2/13/2013 FOR Mexico announces changes to federal security forces Morales :56 2/13/2013 LAW Dorner was hiding in Big Bear CC :09 2/13/2013 ENV Dept of Water Resources witholding water because of delta smelt deaths CC :13 2/13/2013 LAW Fish and Wildlife joined in the Dorner manhunt CC :20 2/13/2013 LAW Ben Bergman with updates on Dorner Bergman 2:06 2/13/2013 LAW Fish and Wildlife joined in the Dorner manhunt CC :12 2/13/2013 LAW Ben Bergman with updates on Dorner Bergman 2:00 2/13/2013 LAW Ben Bergman with updates on Dorner Bergman 2:07 2/13/2013 LAW Fish and Wildlife joined in the Dorner manhunt Julian 2:52 2/13/2013 LAW Corey Moore with updates from LAPD Headquarters Moore :54 2/13/2013 ENV Dept of Water Resources witholding water because of delta smelt deaths Quinton :50 2/13/2013 ECON Democrats proposed a bill to tax California oil Adler :51 Nuclear Regulatory Commission held another hearing on the San Onofre Nuclear 2/13/2013 ENER Plant reopening St John 1:30 2/13/2013 LAW Ben Bergman with updates on Dorner Bergman 2:09

2/13/2013 LAW Mary Plummer at the funeral of Riverside police officer killed by Christopher Dorner Plummer 2:53 2/13/2013 LAW LAPD resumes normal patrols, continues to protect families CC :17 2/13/2013 ECON Democratic lawmakers want a new tax on California oil CC :09 2/13/2013 LAW Funeral service for Riverside police officer Michael Crain CC :24 2/13/2013 DC Big Bear Congressmen cautious on new gun laws Felde :48 Home sales in Southern California have surged, but there aren't enough homes on 2/13/2013 ECON the market DeBord :38 2/13/2013 LAW Fallsvale elementary locked down for four hours during Dorner standoff CC :16 2/13/2013 SCI Asteroid veers mighty close to this planet CC :14 2/13/2013 LAW Slain cop's wife remembers him at funeral service CC :26

2/13/2013 LAW Mary Plummer at the funeral of Riverside police officer killed by Christopher Dorner Whatley 2:59 2/13/2013 HEAL Health exchange unveils benefit plan choices Quinton :50 2/13/2013 HEAL Health exchange unveils benefit plan choices CC :17 New legislation would eliminate caps on health coverage for California college 2/13/2013 HEAL students O'Neill 2:31 The foreclosure situation in California drastically improved in January, but there's 2/13/2013 ECON more to the story DeBord :55 2/13/2013 LAW Detective killed by gunman in Dorner manhunt recalled by a friend McNary 1:01 2/13/2013 SAC CA healthcare exchange sets standard benefits and cost for insurance plans Small 2:00 2/13/2013 LAW Update on the Christopher Dorner investigation Stoltze 5:58

2/13/2013 LAW AP correspondent late of this station spoke with slain SB sheriff's detective days ago CC :19 2/13/2013 LAW Dorner manhunt comes to an end Palta 1:04 2/13/2013 EDU SOTU proposal for Universal Preschool Fernandes 1:29 2/13/2013 LAW Reflections on San Bernardino detective shot by Dorner CC :16 San Bernardino County Sheriff's department still trying to confirm if remains from 2/13/2013 LAW burnedFor passengers cabin belon on gthe to CarnivalChristop hercruise Dorner ship Triumph, their trip can t end soon enough. CC :14 What was meant to be a fun vacation got cut short when the engine room caught on fire Sunday morning. Ever since then, the boat has been without electricity and dependent only on generators. Water and food have been limited, and passengers are reportedly urinating in bags. People have taken to sleeping on the boat’s deck to escape the stifling heat inside the cabins without air conditioning. Tensions are running high, and medical experts are concerned that Triumph is basically a petri dish of disease and germs just floating in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

On the bright side, the end is in sight. The ship is about 25 miles or so from Mobile, Alabama, where it is being sent to port. The only problem is that it is being pulled by a tugboat against the wind. Carnival says it expects the boat to dock sometime between eight and 11 p.m. EST. But there’s another snag, as the boat initially left from Galveston, TX. Apparently, the plan is for buses to take passengers from Mobile elsewhere, although locals are calling for passengers to stay in town and then use the local airport to get home.

After the torturous trip at sea, how will these people react to any more trials and Jimmy Mowlam, 2/14/13 DIS tribulations? How are they being compensated for their time and experience? Will this Monty Mathisen 13:00

A federal judge in Canada ruled two weeks ago that employers must reasonably accommodate child-care requests from employees. A woman employed with the Canadian Border Control claimed that she was discriminated against for having young children after the Border Control refused to allow her to work longer shifts fewer days a week. The federal court upheld a 2010 Human Rights Tribunal hearing ruling that ordered the Border Control to alter its policies. As family values moves into the forefront of employment law, businesses in Canada will have to reconsider their policies and address the concerns of parents who have concerns about child-care and maternity/paternity leave.

Ann O'Leary, Matt 2/14/13 GEND Patterson 10:00 As of this morning, American Airlines and US Airways has official combined to become the “new American Airlines.” It it’s new iteration, the airline is said to be worth a whopping $11 billion and will offer more than 6,700 daily flights in 56 countries.

The merger is reported to be a good thing for financial stakeholders, but what about consumers? How will travelers fare as a result? In the ever-consolidating world of air George Ferguson, 2/14/13 ECON travel, does the loss of competition cost the average traveler? Mark Murphy 13:00

The year 2012 came and went without an apocalyptic disaster taking place, but that doesn’t mean a major catastrophe won’t still occur. If a devastating earthquake hit tomorrow and knocked out the power grid, how much food and water would you need for your family? Where’s the safest place to go in the wake of a disastrous event?

Former U.S. Merchant Marine, EMT and wilderness firefighter Sam Sheridan offers answers to these questions and more in his new book entitled “The Disaster Diaries: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Apocalypse.” In an effort to prepare himself and his family for as many different worst-case scenarios as possible, Sheridan trained with an Olympic weightlifter, took an apprenticeship crash-course in stealing cars with an ex-gang member and completed agonizing lessons in Arctic survival.

Sheridan shares what he learned from these and other extreme experiences that might help him survive not only an initial devastating event, but potential resulting long-term post-apocalyptic environments too. Listen in as Larry is joined by Sheridan to enlighten us on how to mentally and physically endure a major disaster and its 2/14/13 DIS aftermath. Sam Sheridan 17:00 Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love in all forms, and in an increasingly digital world, many romances begin online. But are there still love stories beginning offline? Are the sparks still flying face-to-face, whether in a modern “meet-cute” or an awkward romantic mishap?

We want to hear your stories of offbeat, offline romance – the person you met in the elevator or on an international flight, the odd encounters with love-struck strangers, the weird, the wild, the romantic. Leave your stories in the comments, or tweet us 2/14/13 HEAL @airtalk. David Isay 17:00 The Archdiocese of Los Angeles has quietly added two dozen members of the church to its list of clergy accused of child molestation without publicly addressing the 2/14/13 RELI circumstances about the accused members. - 6:52 Efforts are continuing today to identify charred human remains found in a burned- down cabin in Big Bear. They are widely believed to be those of fired LAPD officer Chris Dorner, who has now been charged with murdering of four people since 2/14/13 LAW February 3rd. John Asbury 7:03 Law enforcement officers furloughed, kids kicked out of Headstart programs, dangers Christina 2/14/13 POLI to the safety of the food supply, and three-quarters of a million jobs lost. Bellantoni 7:02 From the Fronteras Desk, reporter Jill Replogle tells the story of a late Iraqi interpreter 2/14/13 FOR and Capt. Blake Hall's quest to insure his family's safe arrival in the U.S. Jill Replogle 4:31 Most money funding Los Angeles Unified school board races is coming from Adolfo Guzman- 2/14/13 EDU independent expenditure committees that can raise unlimited amounts of cash. Lopez 4:16

It's Valentine's Day, so you're probably seeing lots of images of Cupid with a bow and 2/14/13 ART arrow. But these days, the God of love might want to add a calculator to his tool kit. Dan Slater 7:47 Well whether you meet a mate online or off, new research suggests you may be syncing up with your partner in unexpected ways.A new study out of UC Davis appears to confirm the wisdom of countless love songs: That two hearts in love really 2/14/13 SCI do beat as one. Jonathan Helms 7:08 The mayoral candidate started working in City Hall as a college intern. After three 2/14/13 POLI decades of service, she's hoping to take on the city's top job. Alice Walton 4:50

It's City Hall Pass, Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of Frank Stoltze and 2/14/13 POLI downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. Alice Walton 6:34 Rico Gagliano Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and and Brendan 2/14/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. Newnam 5:40 Joey Ramone fans can finally own a piece of his life and legacy as nearly 100 records 2/14/13 ART along with a variety of other personal items is going up for auction online. Bobby Livingston 6:31 Over the years, the National Football League has tweaked its game to make it safer for its players. For example, the league has rules barring a player from crashing into 2/14/13 SPOR another by leading with his helmet. Cindy Boren 5:41 Music critic Isabela Raygoza recommends some Spanish-language romance songs 2/14/13 ART to get you in the mood for love on Valentine's Day. Isabela Raygoza 7:13 We asked you to tell us about your best exes. Maybe you wanted to lose them, but 2/14/13 ART sometimes you still love them but know you're better off broken up. Kate Anthony 3:22 2/14/2013 POLI Profile of Mayoral candidate Wendy Greuel Walton 4:50 2/14/2013 HOUS California foreclosures dropped to lowest level in seven years CC :14 2/14/2013 ECON Majority of California voters oppose tax on sugary drinks Adler :41 2/14/2013 LAW A couple allegedly held captive by ex-LAPD cop CC :12 2/14/2013 LAW Funeral service for Riverside police officer Michael Crain Cuevas 3:08 2/14/2013 LAW A couple allegedly held captive by ex-LAPD cop CC :11 2/14/2013 DC Boxer defends President's power to push climate agenda CC :19 2/14/2013 DC Boxer introduces carbon tax measure Felde :55 As part of a settlement, the Orange County Sheriff's Department can no longer order 2/14/2013 LAW Muslim women in custody to remove religious head coverings Berestein Rojas 1:02 2/14/2013 LAW More names released of clergy members accused of abusing children CC :24 2/14/2013 AT Disabled Carnival cruise ship tugged back to shore CC :19 2/14/2013 LAW Search for Christopher Dorner ends with his death Stoltze 3:37 2/14/2013 ECON LA Unified school board race could break fundraising records Guzman 4:16 2/14/2013 LAW Rina Palta on Dorner Palta 4:22 Is Congress handling cabinet nominations and sequestration budgeting in a responsible way? Are senators playing a game of chicken with what both parties agree could be devastating spending cuts? Should the president have an 2/15/13 POLI unencumbered right to pick members of his cabinet? Aaron Blake 14:00 L.A. Times finds a report given secretly to the Board of Su-per-visors detailing abuse, fatalities, and neglect of children under the care and supervision of County Departments. L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services Director Phil Browning and member of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Zev Phil Browning, Zev 2/15/13 YOUT Yaroslavsky tell if any improvements have been made. Yaroslavsky 17:00 However, as certain tragic events come to a close, such as the funeral of Riverside police officer Michael Crain, many questions linger. The public questions if police officers’ use of seven tear gas canisters, nicknamed “burners,” intentionally led to a fire that burned the cabin and Dorner. How did over 200 police officers swarm Big Andrew Bear and not find the suspect hiding just a few doors away? And, who gets the $1 Blankstein, Ben 2/15/13 LAW million dollar reward? Bergman 13:00 A meteor struck the Ural Mountain city of Chelyabinsk, Russia early Friday morning, injuring nearly 1000 people. The meteor, estimated to weigh about 10 tons, was traveling at 10 to 12 miles per second, causing a bright flash and sonic boom upon 2/15/13 DIS disintegration. Mike Brown 4:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Claudia Puig and Henry Sheehan to review the week’s new film releases including Beautiful Creatures, A Good Day to Die Hard, No Claudia Puig, 2/15/13 ENT and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Henry Sheehan 31:00:00 Along with the rise of reality television and the invention of the DVR, “binge watching” Alyssa of popular TV series is probably the biggest paradigm shift in how and what we watch Rosenberg, Beau 2/15/13 ENT TV since it went from black and white to color back in the 1950s. Willimon 17:00 During the stand off with Christopher Dorner, police used what they call 'burners', or a type of tear gas grenade. Use of the grenades quickly started a fire, which engulfed 2/15/13 LAW the cabin and ended the standoff with Dorner. - 4:22

Have you seen this ad? Yes, that’s Pamela Anderson of Baywatch fame, shilling for the company FrogAds. They and a few other companies got in trouble with the Feds 2/15/13 ECON this week for a stock scheme, known in the biz as a classic "pump and dump. Howard Lindzon 7:08 Once again, it's time for our analysis of the week that was in our weekly Friday Flashback.Joining us from the island of Manhattan is Heidi Moore, finance and Heidi Moore, and 2/15/13 LAW economic editor for the Guardian. James Rainey 16:23 Last night a large meteor exploded in the sky over the Western Russian city of Chelyabinsk. The event was captured by people with cell phones and dashboard 2/15/13 SCI cams: Bruce Betts 7:43 Walk around your neighborhood and you might see a neighbor's tree brimming with 2/15/13 LAW fruit ripe for picking. It might be tempting to help yourself, but is it legal? Tess Vigeland 6:01 KPCC‘s Corey Moore reports Metrolink plans to fix accounting problems after an 2/15/13 ECON internal report calls the agency’s bookkeeping process a “sham.” Corey Moore 2:40 If you've ever bought a personal finance book, or watched a money makeover TV show you might have heard things like: A lack of belief is keeping you from wealth or 2/15/13 ECON you're latte-ing away your financial future. Helaine Olen 7:53

When college students don their graduation caps, they may be clutching a diploma in 2/15/13 EDU one hand, but are holding onto thousands of dollars in student loan debt in the other. Janet Lorin 5:06

In 2008, Californians voted to pass Proposition 8, banned same-sex couples from marriage. In response, same-sex marriage advocates filed lawsuits challenging the 2/15/13 LGB law. The legal battle continues next month when the issue goes before the U. Steven Cuevas 5:41 Scientific evidence on the benefits of exclusive breastfeeding is uncontested, yet Ama Chris Nsiah- 2/15/13 HEAL fewer than half of mothers are still nursing at six months Buadi 6:17 It's only been a few years since the housing market imploded both here in southern California and across the country. The common refrain was that it would take another 2/15/13 HOUS few years, possibly a decade or more for housing to bounce back. Chris Thornberg 7:17 Last year home values in Phoenix were up 29 percent from the year before — the highest jump in the nation. That’s driving a rebound in new housing construction, but 2/15/13 HOUS what’s not rebounding is the labor force. Jude Joffe-Block 4:14 2/15/2013 ECON Customers go to the bank to pull out cash to fill red envelopes Lee 1:56 2/15/2013 TRANS Port volumes rise in Long Beach, fall in LA due to shift of shipping services Watt :44 2/15/2013 ECON American Airlines/US Airways join forces with merger CC :11 2/15/2013 HIST Nixon's life highlighted in new centennial exhibit in Yorba Linda CC :16 2/15/2013 ECON Audit of state Parks Department reveals accounting problems CC :13 2/15/2013 EDU Obama releases plan for early childhood education Fernandes 1:58

2/15/2013 LAW Former Seven Oaks resident Teanna Fink's reaction to Christopher Dorner drama CC :25

2/15/2013 LAW Former Seven Oaks resident Teanna Fink's reaction to Christopher Dorner drama CC :15

2/15/2013 LAW Contruction firms fined by city ethics commission over campaign money laundering McNary 1:04 2/15/2013 DC Senate committee approves another federal judge for LA Felde :50 State Senator hopes to leverage the federal tax code and raise money for college 2/15/2013 POLI financial aid CC :14 2/15/2013 TRAN American Airlines and US Airways will merge Lee :58 Democratic State Senator Leland Yee continues to push for tougher gun legislation 2/15/2013 POLI despite a threat on his life CC :18 2/15/2013 TRANS Metrolink explains why it hasn't fixed its longstanding accounting problems Moore 2:40 2/15/2013 LAW Dorner's remains positively ID'ed - now the scramble for reward money begins CC :14 A new audit says that the Parks Department has had unreported surpluses since 2/15/2013 ECON 1999 Quinton :44 Big Bear residents are questioning just how comprehensive the search for 2/15/2013 CRIM Christopher Dorner was Bergman 2:49 2/15/2013 HEAL Will banning formula help more moms breastfeed? Fernandes 5:55 2/15/2013 POLI Some Mormon church members conflicted about Prop 8 Cuevas 5:41 2/15/2013 SPOR Longtime LA Lakers owner is hospitalized CC :10 2/15/2013 SPOR LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss has been hospitalized Watt :56 2/15/2013 TT Deputies' use of 'burners' questioned in Dorner standoff CC :17 2/15/2013 ECON US House extends pay freeze for federal workers CC :19 2/15/2013 TT Authorities indict 15 people on a so-called "pump and dump" scheme CC :18 2/15/2013 LAW US port inspector found guilty of drug charges Marizco :34 2/15/2013 DC House Democrats recruit Laker star for gun violence bill Felde :59 2/15/2013 POLI Supporters of Eric Garcetti are forming a political action committee Walton :37 2/15/2013 YOUT More child deaths challenge child welfare agency CC :17 CA Republicans want audit on agencies required to report mentally ill patients 2/15/2013 SAC prohibited from owning guns to the DOJ Small :46 2/15/2013 LAW Conclusions of investigation into Dorner's final hours CC :08 2/15/2013 ENV Cleanup cost of Superfund site exceeds $1.5 million Peterson :46 2/15/2013 LAW Conclusions of investigation into Dorner's final hours CC :22 2/15/2013 LAW Conclusions of investigation into Dorner's final hours CC :21 2/15/2013 LAW Affidavit in Christopher Dorner investigation provides additional details CC :19 2/15/2013 RELI Newly released priest files lead judge to order more questioning of Mahony McNary 1:14 Judge dismisses lawsuit against USC by Chinese parents whose kids were killed in 2/15/2013 LAW an off-campus shooting Aguilar :42 2/15/2013 EDU Supt Deasy issues new guidelines for teacher evals Romo 1:27 The East Coast is still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. One family and a circle of friends is still dealing with one tiny part of the destruction it caused: the death of Claudene Christian, a former USC Song Girl who, it seemed, had found John Rabe / Matt 2/16/13 OBIT redemption before she died in the storm. White 4:24 Noelle Conti looks at the state of parking meters in Los Angeles. Conti interviews several resiednts, including Tom LaBonge. Meters are now being repaired faster than ever and the city is making substantially more money from working as opposed to not- working meters. Some residents explain that the fines are too much for people to Noelle Conti / Tom 2/16/13 POLI handle right now. LaBonge 4:16 John Rabe / Off-Ramp finds a Rose Bowl Flea Market 'chaperone' for Gordon Henderson and Gordon family. Pam Johnson accompanies the Hendersons to the flea market and they Henderson / Pam 2/16/13 ART explore, sometimes a bit chaotically, what items are about. Johnson 3:45

Every day from 9 a.m. until sunset, Nathan Pino can be found at his piano playing classical pieces by Gershwin, Rachmaninoff, and Chopin on Venice Beach Boardwalk. Pino talked with Off Ramp’s Mukta Mohan about the bands performed Mukta Mohan / 2/16/13 ART with, why he plays on the boardwalk, and shares some of his own compositions. Nathan Pino 4:04 For the first time in decades, Parks has a new album--12 tracks first released on 7" singles and are now in one CD, Songs Cycled, to be released this Spring. But before that--on Wednesday, February 27-- will celebrate the city of South Pasadena's 125th anniversary with a performance at the city's library. Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talked with Parks about the performance, politics, and the Kevin Ferguson / 2/16/13 ART new album. Van Dyke Parks 8:06 This weekend, Southern California lost a prominent Holocaust survivor and educator. A Martinez / Alex Leon Leyson of Fullerton died Saturday after a 4-year-long battle with lymphoma. He Cohen / Leon 2/16/13 OBIT was 83. Leyson 2:55 2/17/2013 TECH Library of Congress announces new plan to preserve national audio archives CC :23 2/17/2013 TT A visionary plan to reconstruct mission buildings in case of catastrophe CC :12 2/17/2013 SPOR Laguna Hills High coach reacts to wrestling ban at 2020 Olympics CC :11 2/17/2013 ENT Personal items of Ramones' lead singer Joey Ramone are for auction CC :22 2/17/2013 ENV Activists to rally against Keystone pipeline Peterson :50 New legislation would eliminate caps on health coverage for California college 2/17/2013 HEAL students O'Neill :58 2/17/2013 ECON British retailer Topshop opens its first West Coast store Lee 1:18 2/17/2013 HIST A day-long event to remember the Holocaust CC :25 The Golden State’s nearly 1000 miles of coastal terrain is perhaps its most defining feature. Not only has the California coastline shaped the state geographically, it has fundamentally influenced Californians and Americans in terms of economics, politics, social values and more. Award-winning journalist and environmental conservationist David Helvarg comprehensively examines the California coast’s heritage and impact on the United States in his new book, “The Golden Shore: California’s Love Affair with the Sea.”

In preparation for the book, Helvarg interviewed commercial fisherman, scientists and U.S. Navy officials among others. He also observed and reports on underwater exploratory science vessels, marine container ships, the San Diego Coast Guard’s nightly migrant patrol to scan for smugglers and other endeavors. 2/18/13 ENV David Helvarg 13:00 In his new book “The Future: Six Drivers of Global Change,” former Vice President and Nobel winner Al Gore draws upon his background and observation of the world to identify six issues causing the degradation of the modern world. These “six drivers” are economic globalization, worldwide digital communications, emerging sources of power that are causing a U.S.-centered system power shift, unsustainable economic growth, genetic and biotechnological advancement that is redefining the natural course of human life and evolution, and the disruption of earth’s ecosystems. Gore asserts that because of these drivers, the world is becoming more linked together and is collectively on a downward path of degradation. However, he writes, by analyzing these problems there is potential for change and changing the course of the world. Although these six problems are each given a chapter in his book, Gore also covers topics ranging from cows in Switzerland that text their owners when it’s time to breed, to genetic enhancement and population growth and income equality issues in the U.S.

2/18/13 LIT Al Gore 17:00 Just as it is today, California in the 1800’s was a place to reinvent yourself – perhaps more than once. Edward Muybridge was a man of with many hats, a series of professions and a half-dozen names. Muybridge – born Edward Muggeridge – was a bookseller, inventor, banker and even a murderer. But the calling that would earn him respect and notoriety – photography – also secured his place in history.

Muybridge’s friend and patron, the railroad tycoon Leland Stanford, was another reinvented, bigger-than-life figure in California history and founder of the Palo Alto university named for his dead son. A discussion between the two about Stanford’s beloved racehorses sparked a question: when a horse runs, do all four hooves leave the ground at any point? It was Muybridge who found a way to answer the question, thanks to innovative use of his camera. And in doing so, he originated the technique of stop-motion photography, paving the way to the invention of motion pictures years before Thomas Edison introduced his Kinetoscope.

The story of these two men, vagabond and tycoon, is every bit as cinematic as the art form they inspired. And in their intertwining journeys to California, they rewrote its 2/18/13 HIST history even as they were reinventing their own. Edward Ball 17:00 Rising tuitions, student unrest, "distanced" learning, the challenges of for-profit colleges and trimmed budgets — what do all of these factors mean for the future of higher education?

Our distinguished panel of higher-educational leaders representing the diversity of California's public higher education institutions — President Mark G. Yudof of the University of California system, Chancellor Timothy Peter White of the California State Universities and Colleges, and Chancellor Brice W. Harris of the California Mark G. Yudof, Community Colleges — weigh in one the biggest and most pressing issues facing Timothy Peter California's higher-learning systems. White, Brice W. 2/18/13 EDU Harris 48:00:00

Last week, the White House reportedly sent copies of its draft proposal on the issue to government officials who deal with border security and other immigration issues. USA Today wrote about that plan this weekend, touching off a wave of criticism from 2/18/13 IMM legislators working on their own immigration proposals. Manu Raju 7:10 As Congress prepares to tackle immigration reform, two Southland Democrats are addressing an unintended consequence of the current policy. KPCC's Washington Correspondent Kitty Felde says it involves thousands of U.S.-born children of 2/18/13 IMM undocumented parents in foster care. Kitty Felde 3:59 Roland Lazenby, who has written five books on the Lakers, talks about Jerry Buss's legacy in Los Angeles, the NBA and beyond. Buss died at Cedars-Sinai Medical 2/18/13 SPOR Center. Roland Lazenby 8:04 Writer Kevin Sites has collected soldiers' stories in his new book "The Things They Cannot Say: Stories Soldiers Won't Tell You About What They've Seen, Done or 2/18/13 MIL Failed to do in War." Kevin Sites 8:15 New studies on screen violence, accuracy in Oscar movies and our weekly Ben 2/18/13 ENT Affleck update with entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan of the LA Times. Rebecca Keegan 6:50 Whitney Young worked behind the scenes during the civil rights movement to mold many of the policies that broke down racial segregation. Filmmaker Bonnie Boswell 2/18/13 HIST had a front row seat to Young's life and career: she was his niece. Bonnie Boswell 10:50 During the Bush administration, more than 100 suspected terrorists were believed to have been held in secret CIA prisons or shipped to other countries in secret where 2/18/13 MIL they were held and interrogated. Cora Currier 12:12

Dozens of students at Pitzer, Scripps, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, and Claremont 2/18/13 EDU McKenna are lobbying their trustees to take the schools’ endowments fossil fuel free. Molly Peterson 4:30 Reporter Steven Cuevas has the story of a Mormon mother and son working to bridge 2/18/13 LGB a historical divide Steven Cuevas, 5:24 If you're a calorie counter, you are probably constantly checking the nutrition labels of everything you eat. It's just part of trying to stay fit, be healthy, keep track of your diet, right? But what if those calories you've been counting are wrong? And not just by a 2/18/13 HEAL little, but by as much as 50 percent. Rachel Carmody 7:30 Shortly before President Obama was re-elected, writer David Maraniss published an extensive biography of the 44th president. The book "Barack Obama - The Story" chronicles Mr. Obama's childhood through his post-college years in New York and 2/18/13 POLI Chicago. We'll talk to him about the book David Maraniss 10:04 2/18/2013 SPOR Buss as Laker boss Roman :58 2/18/2013 OC Nixon's life highlighted in new centennial exhibit in Yorba Linda CC :14 2/18/2013 SPOR Loh Life Superbowl Virgins Loh 2:56 2/18/2013 POLI The Pat Brown Institute for Public Affairs will host a mayoral debate Walton :53

2/18/2013 POLI Voter registration to participate in county, LA, Burbank, Bell, Cudahy elections is Tues McNary :44 2/18/2013 ENV Carbon credits auction on Thursday Peterson :53 2/18/2013 LAW Closing arguments expected Wednesday in Bell corruption trial Moore :48 2/18/2013 ECON Two Wet Seal executives resign, 35 jobs elimintated at the company Lee 1:22 2/18/2013 LAW Gathering of Scots in Long Beach includes tributes to slain officers Fernandes 2:25 Are steep government processing fees keeping more legal residents from becoming 2/18/2013 IMM US citizens? Berestein Rojas 1:30 2/18/2013 TRAN Street, sidewalk closings for Oscars set up Watt :40 2/18/2013 TRAN California's defense industry worries about sequestration Watt :53 2/18/2013 DC A thousand kids of undocumented parents stuck in LA County foster care Felde 3:59 2/18/2013 POLI Health committees hear bills that would codify aspects of ACA into law CC :13 2/18/2013 ENV CA almond growers may not have enough honey bees to pollinate this year's crop CC :11 2/18/2013 ENV CA almond growers may not have enough honey bees to pollinate this year's crop Quinton :47 2/18/2013 ENV Anniversary of the LA Aqueduct Schmidt 4:23 2/18/2013 SCI An unusual flash of light in Northern California was no big deal CC :14 2/18/2013 MIL Daughter gets the Purple Heart medal of the father she never knew CC :05 2/18/2013 MIL Daughter gets the Purple Heart medal of the father she never knew CC :10 2/18/2013 SPOR Clippers point guard Chris Paul gets MVP honors at this year's All-Star Game CC :09 2/18/2013 SPOR Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :13 2/18/2013 SPOR Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :14 2/18/2013 SPOR LA Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :15 2/18/2013 SAC State hearing to expand Medi-Cal to 1 million Californians set for Tuesday Small 1:12 2/18/2013 POLI State lawmakers consider changes to insurance market rules CC :10 2/18/2013 POLI State lawmakers consider changes to insurance market rules Bartolone :54 2/18/2013 ENER Public comment solicited over fracking CC :10 2/18/2013 SPOR Team remembers longtime owner Jerry Buss CC :16 2/18/2013 IE Riverside County Fair and National Date Fest continues in Indio CC :08 2/18/2013 ECON A look at business legacy of Jerry Buss Watt 2:43 2/18/2013 IE Riverside County Fair and National Date Fest continues in Indio Bailey 1:28 2/18/2013 IE Riverside County Fair and National Date Fest continues in Indio CC :19 2/18/2013 POLI Lawmakers want to see higher young voter turnout Quinton :52 2/18/2013 POLI Lawmakers want to see higher young voter turnout CC :14 California may have a better chance at raising the minimum wage than the federal 2/18/2013 ECON government Adler :48 2/18/2013 ECON CA legislature considers increasing minimum wage CC :09 2/18/2013 ECON CA legislature considers increasing minimum wage CC :10 Early this morning, a man committed a series of carjackings and murders in Orange County before taking his own life. When his rampage ended, four were dead (including the perpetrator) and others were wounded.

In the wake of 2012’s mass killings in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut, gun violence is in our consciousness more than ever in recent years. According to’s running tally of gun-related deaths in the U.S. since the Newtown shootings, since December 14, 2012, 1,935 Americans have been killed with a firearm. Are we seeing a trend toward more gun violence in our future, or are the recent tragedies outliers? Or could gun-related violence be on our radars more than Ben Bergman, ever before because it’s creeping into communities where it once was almost Lawrence 2/19/13 LAW nonexistent? Rosenthal 13:00 In the early 1960’s, mind-altering drugs like psilocybin and LSD got a bad rap, thanks largely to experiments that spun out of control. Psychologists Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert notoriously unleashed their “turn on, tune in” philosophy on a culture that was eager to try the new miracle drug, but ill-prepared on their own to handle its effects. As a result, psychedelics were outlawed by 1970 and research into their potential benefits halted. But recently, interest in these drugs for clinical use has been revived.

New studies have shown that the use of LSD and other psychotropic drugs greatly reduces the stress, fear, anxiety and pain associated with advanced cancer, PTSD and other conditions. After just one dose of psilocybin, administered by a doctor under controlled circumstances (which, in a nod to Dr. Leary, can include plush sofas, Persian carpets and sitar music), patients report a sense of euphoria, emotional well- being, peace and optimism that can last a year or more, greatly changing their outlook even in the face of terminal illness. Some doctors and psychologists specializing in palliative care believe that the use of psychedelics can go a long way towards providing what they term a “good death” - one that implies a positive experience, free Anthony P. of end-of-life pain, stress and remorse. Bossis, Ph.D., Charles Grob, 2/19/13 HEAL You may not know it, but there s a plan to get a black box in your car. The National M.D. 18:00 Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is pushing for mandatory crash recorders for all cars. Some groups are bristling at this effort, namely the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are worried that this will lead to tracking and recording of data that encroach on the privacy of drivers. For instance, what if you lend your car to a friend who proceeded to drive like a speed demon up and down the highway? If the data in the black box was accessed, then the information could make it back to your insurance company, resulting in a huge rate hike. And the black box would track more than just your speed, but if airbags are deployed, what seat belts are connected, the position of the brake and accelerator, and more.

With no regulations in place for how much information can be stored, critics of the plan are sincerely worried that these devices could be used for more harm than good. Supporters of the plan, however, point to the fact that most cars already have some form of a crash recorder, and that the amount of data gathered is routinely used to make cars safer for consumers. When it comes to the privacy issue, they indicate that the NHTSA doesn’t have the jurisdiction to access such information anyway. Clarence M. Ditlow, Nate 2/19/13 TECH Should cars have these black boxes in them? Will it really make driving any safer? Or Cardozo 17:00 Jerry Buss, the owner who led the team to 10 NBA championships died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center on Monday, he was 80. When Buss purchased the Lakers in 1979 he had a vision of the ‘showtime’ era and immediately drafted Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson out of Michigan State. Johnson, along with Buss, went on to be part of 10 Lakers Championships as a player and owner. Under Buss’ leadership, the Lakers became part of the landscape of Southern California, bringing in names like Shaquille O’Neal, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Dwight Howard.

During Buss’ reign, the Lakers were the NBA’s most successful franchise. Many former and current players formed strong bonds with the well-liked Buss. He was regarded as a very generous and highly revered owner. Buss was a trailblazer in the Kareem Abdul- NBA and one of the first owners to sell naming rights to his arena, the forum. He also Jabbar, Narda 2/19/13 SPOR turned the forum into not only a place to see games, but a place to be seen. Zacchino 13:00 On February 6th, a man set out on a mission. That man’s name is Joe Wagner, and his mission is to see more women on comedy shows in Los Angeles. After seeing one of his female friends complain on Facebook about not enough women being booked Joe Wagner, on shows, Wagner took it upon himself to launch a campaign of sorts to, from his Brandie Posey, 2/19/13 GEND perspective, raise awareness of the issue. Jeff Wattenhofer 17:00 As Oscar night gets closer by the minute, Hollywood insiders are busy preparing for their most important night of the year; however, there’s another venue experiencing an upswing of activity… online gambling sites. After the presidential election, the Oscars are the most gambled upon annual non-sporting event in the United States, according to some estimates. Oscar gamblers also tend to skew younger and more female.

Not all odds listings are the same, but this year, most bookmakers name Daniel Day Lewis as most likely to win Best Actor, Jennifer Lawrence to scoop up the Best Actress award, and list "Argo" and "Lincoln" as the two frontrunners for the Best Picture Oscar. Do you bet on the Oscars? What factors most influence how gamblers 2/19/13 ENT place their bets? Pat Morrow 17:00 While there are limits on how far agents can go to get their hands on illegal guns, the program is being closely watched nationwide as gun control laws remain a top issue for lawmakers. Joining us with more is Jessica Garrison who writes about the 2/19/13 LAW program for the L.A. Times. Jessica Garrison 6:49 Solar power is often hailed as one of the cleanest available sources of energy, but 2/19/13 SCI that claim may not be entirely true. Dustin Mulvaney 6:15 California is set to create the nation’s most ambitious energy makeover for public buildings. That’s because Californians overwhelmingly passed Proposition 39, which closes a corporate tax loophole and funnels much of the money to energy efficiency upgrades. The details, however, have been left to state lawmakers and, not 2/19/13 ENER surprisingly, there's disagreement over where the funds will go. Rachel Dornhelm 4:09 California’s Department of Conservation will host a public workshop on the issue in 2/19/13 ENV Los Angeles on Tuesday. Molly Peterson 5:36 The US government officially recognized Somalia’s government last week for the first time since 1991. Now the nation is rebuilding under a newly elected president, and Somalis in San Diego are eager to help. KPBS reporter Megan Burks spoke to a 2/19/13 FOR young refugee who says he can’t wait to go back permanently.Megan Burke 4:01 Hollywood's elite has spent the past few weeks on the awards circuit, picking up prizes and glad-handing at fancy parties. But the biggest award night is still to come — the Oscars. Getting there takes a lot more than just making a good movie. Gina 2/19/13 ENT Delvac reports. Gina Delvac 4:10

It's that time again! Tuesday, the day when record companies release new music. Today, music critics Oliver Wang ( and Ann Powers (NPR Music) join the show to talk about new tunes by DJ Day, Lady, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Oliver Wang and 2/19/13 ART Apples and Three Oranges, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, and Holly Williams. Ann Powers 13:36 Today LAPD Chief Charlie Beck will hold a press conference to update the public on 2/19/13 LAW the Dorner case and investigation. Rina Palta 6:29 It’s been more than six months since protests rocked Anaheim after two deadly police 2/19/13 LAW shootings. Have officers been able to restore trust with the community? Ben Bergman 4:22

This year, the first ever America's Science Idol competition was held as part of the the American Association for the Advancement of Science conference. Contestants had 2/19/13 SCI 3 minutes to give a compelling presentation on the topic of their choice. Tom Di Loberto 4:58 American Idol is one of the many reality programs on the dial, a lot of which come Gabriela Cocco- 2/19/13 ENT from the production company Bunim/Murray. Sanchez 6:21

Some good news for wine drinkers here in California. A new report on the annual grape crush shows that 2012 was a bumper year for grape-growing in the state. More 2/19/13 ECON than 4 million tons of wine grapes were grown, and they fetched record high prices. Meghan McCarty 4:26 Writer Rosie Schaap has spent a lot of time in bars – 13,000 hours by her calculations. But she's got a great reason, she's the "Drink" columnist for the New York Times Magazine. Her new memoir, Drinking with Men is an homage to the many 2/19/13 ART bars, pubs and taverns she's loved and lost along the way. Rosie Schaap 12:16 2/19/2013 DC House Democrat proposes constitutional amendment on campaign finance Felde 1:00 The economic outlook is improving for US states and California, for the big ratings 2/19/2013 ECON agency is still negative… DeBord :42 2/19/2013 OC Regulators will hold public hearings this week to address San Onofre costs Bergman :44 2/19/2013 ECON City of Pasadena is designated as a Fair Trade City Lee 1:42 2/19/2013 LAW Four dead and more wounded in OC shooting CC :11 When lawmakers talk about immigrants going to the 'back of the line' how long a wait 2/19/2013 IMM are we talking about? Answer: people can wait decades. Berestein Rojas 2:39 2/19/2013 POLI Mayoral canddiates face off Stoltze 4:30 An American group wants Cardinal Roger Mahony to avoid participation in papal 2/19/2013 RELI conclave CC :11 2/19/2013 ENV Rain is in the forecast across Southern California CC :08 2/19/2013 LAW Riverside police officer faces a long road to recovery CC :12 2/19/2013 LAW LAPD officers under police protection during Dorner manhunt speak out CC :19 2/19/2013 LAW LAPD captain talks about protective detail during Dorner search CC :20 2/19/2013 TT Gunman kills three people - and then self - in shooting spree CC :19 2/19/2013 HEAL First US-approved retinal prosthesis now available CC :19 2/19/2013 LAW Riverside police officer faces a long road to recovery CC :14 Police are investigating six different crime scenes in Orange County after an early 2/19/2013 LAW morning rampage left four people dead, including the suspect Bergman :55 2/19/2013 ENT Players place bets on who will win big at the Oscars CC :08 2/19/2013 LAW LAPD chief backs Dorner capture tactics CC :12 2/19/2013 HEAL Low protein diet found to slow Alzheimer's and improve memory in mice O'Neill :49 2/19/2013 DC Activists push immigration reform while Congress out of town Felde :56 2/19/2013 SCI Science Idol competition tries to spread the love for careers in science CC :17

2/19/2013 LAW LAPD Chief reflects on Christopher Dorner saga and its impact on the department Palta 1:47 2/19/2013 POLI A new poll finds 46 percent of likely voters oppose a sales tax increase Walton :41 2/19/2013 HEAL California may expand Medicaid program under the federal health law Bartolone :45 2/19/2013 POLI CA Senator wants to get tough on driving under the influence of drugs CC :14 2/19/2013 ENV Fracking debate in California Peterson :59 2/19/2013 LAW Canadian tourist found in a water tank at a hotel in downtown LA CC :13 2/19/2013 SAC Legislative Analyst: California will come out ahead on Medi-Cal expansion Small :54 Parks Department Director says he's committed to transparency after record-keeping 2/19/2013 ECON scandal CC :15

2/19/2013 ECON State Parks Department vows to fix problems that led to a hidden surplus of millions Quinton :51 Police still don't know why a 20-year-old man went on a deadly shooting rampage in 2/19/2013 OC Orange County Bergman 2:34 2/19/2013 POLI CA Senator proposes zero tolerance for driving under influence of drugs Adler :51 Education officials hold workshop on campus shootings for school administrators and 2/19/2013 EDU police Guzman :46 A new law proposed by State Senator Lou Correa (D-Santa Ana) would make driving under the influence of certain Class I through IV drugs illegal, unless you have a prescription. Also, common medications that contain codeine such as Tylenol with Norma Torres, 2/20/13 HEAL codeine and Xanax fall into this category. Lanette Davies 21:00

In the wake of the Christopher Dorner case, the Los Angeles Police Department has its hands full. It has been an especially busy and no doubt difficult two weeks for 2/20/13 LAW LAPD Chief Charlie Beck, but he’s making time to sit down with Patt Morrison. Charlie Beck 27:00:00

Is traditional education working? In the “Flipped Learning” method, teachers assign Aaron Sams, Gary home viewing of videotaped lectures, then spend class time helping their students S. Stager, Crystal 2/20/13 EDU solidify what they’ve learned with projects, exercises and Socratic discussions. Kirch 23:00 With the passing of Lakers owner Jerry Buss, comes not just mourning but Paul Swangard, 2/20/13 SPOR questioning over how the kids will do with the family business. Quentin Fleming 24:00:00 Police still don’t know why a 20-year-old man went on a deadly shooting rampage in Orange County yesterday morning, killing three and wounding at least two others. 2/20/13 OC We’ll talk with KPCC’s Ben Bergman, who’s been covering the story. Ben Bergman 7:17 Closing arguments began Wednesday for the trial of the six Bell officials charged with corruption. Prosecutors accused them of collecting paychecks for jobs that didn't 2/20/13 LAW exist. Defense attorneys will speak in the afternoon. Jeff Gottlieb 7:08 Climate change has been getting a lot of attention lately. It was blamed for last year's 2/20/13 ENV extreme heat and for Super-storm Sandy. Jon Christensen 8:53 "Zero Dark Thirty" is up for a Best Picture Oscar this Sunday, but the movie about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden has been condemned by some politicians who say it 2/20/13 FOR misrepresents the U. Rebecca Santana 6:49 How much does a studio gain from a best picture win? How much more money can 2/20/13 ENT an actor command with a gold statue on their resume? Gina Delvac reports. Gina Delvac 4:06 Kevin Mazur is the director and producer of a new documentary about paparazzi called "Sellebrity." Mazur joins the show to talk about his film and the paparazzi 2/20/13 ART phenomenon. Kevin Mazur 8:26 Medi-Cal, California's version of Medicaid, already provides help to nearly 8 million residents. This week, the State Assembly is considering a bill which could add more Shana Alex 2/20/13 HEAL than a million new people to Medi-Cal's rosters. Lavarreda 6:00 Los Angeles voters have a choice between the established Sacramento lawmaker or 2/20/13 POLI the longtime bureaucrat in a district that stretches from Northeast L.A. to Pico-Union. Sharon McNary 5:30 Vine debuted less than a month ago but it's already being used for commercials and movie releases. It's even suffered from a porn scandal. Here with more on Vine is Angela 2/20/13 TECH Angela Watercutter, who covers pop culture for Wired. Watercutter 6:12 The James Beard Foundation announced the semifinalists for their 2013 Restaurant Awards yesterday, and for once LA chefs are generously represented. Here to talk about some of the contenders is Patric Kuh, a recipient of a James Beard award for 2/20/13 ART his food writing at Los Angeles magazine. Patric Kuh 6:24 The collective buying power of the Latino population in the U.S. will reach an estimated $1.5 trillion in 2015. Not surprisingly, researchers say that much of that 2/20/13 ECON money will be going to buying food. Jill Replogle 4:12 Todd Martens, a critic for the LA Times who has recently written about violent video 2/20/13 TECH games, joins the show. Todd Martens 6:11 2/20/2013 LAW How the Tingirides family coped during the Dorner incident Aguilar 3:50 Gil Cedillo battles Jose Gardea in the 1st Council District primary on the streets of 2/20/2013 POLI Pico-Union McNary 5:31 2/20/2013 DIS Pine Mountain driver gets stuck CC :08 2/20/2013 TRAN Grapevine along I-5 closed due to snow CC :11 2/20/2013 ECON LA's Silicon Beach is financially strong DeBord 1:09 2/20/2013 ENV CHP closes Grapevine and Route 58 near Bakersfield due to ice and snow CC :12 2/20/2013 ECON Economists predict growth for LA's technology industry in 2013 CC :15 2/20/2013 TT Closing arguments are underway in the Bell corruption trial CC :17 Seven officers who mistakenly shot newspaper carries during Dorner manhunt will not 2/20/2013 LAW be on duty until an investigation is completed CC :22 2/20/2013 LAW Chief Beck is still deciding how to divide up Christopher Dorner reward money CC :13 2/20/2013 SCI Mars rover Curiosity collects sample from rock interior CC :24 The Southern California region is growing faster than the nation, but it still has a ways 2/20/2013 ECON to go before fully recovering DeBord :39 2/20/2013 ECON California businesses may get a sales tax break on manufacturing equipment CC :15 2/20/2013 LAW Police investigate the death of a Canadian tourist Unknown 3:52 2/20/2013 LAW Police release 911 tapes from shooting rampage, identify victim CC :20 2/20/2013 ECON California businesses may get a sales tax break on manufacturing equipment Quinton :50 2/20/2013 IMM El Paso wants a voice in immigration debate Uribe :50 Lawmakers introduce bills to help Californians who rely on contaminated drinking 2/20/2013 ENV water Quinton :49

2/20/2013 POLI California lawmakers decide how geography can affect health insurance premiums CC :15 2/20/2013 POLI Bell corruption case goes to the jury Moore :53 2/20/2013 LAW 911 tapes from deadly rampage in Orange County have been released Bergman 3:51 If your child hits his or her head and is rushed to the emergency room, he or she should automatically get a CT scan, right? Not so fast, says a recommendation from the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM,) a consortium of over 30 professional medical organizations. CT scanning is associated with radiation exposure that may escalate future cancer risk and may be unnecessary. Doctors who automatically order a CT scan, or who immediately prescribe antibiotics for respiratory illnesses are probably not ‘Choosing Wisely,’ according to the ABIM. The organization’s campaign, called Choosing Wisely, aims to “promote conversations between physicians and patients by helping patients choose care that is supported by evidence, not duplicative of other tests or procedures already received, free from harm and truly necessary.”

Which so-called ‘overused medical treatments’ have you had and do you regret having a procedure that you feel was unnecessary? How can doctors work with Daniel Wolfson, 2/21/13 HEAL patients to better prevent overusing medical treatments? Kavita K. Patel 23:00 The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) yesterday published a report that shows a steady rise in drug overdose deaths in the United States. The report states that nearly 17,000 people died from drug overdoses in 1999; in 2010 the number was almost 39,000. That's a 127% increase over the past 11 years.

Almost half of those deaths were due to opioid analgesics, such as OxyContin and Vicodin. Anti-anxiety medications including Valium were also common causes of overdose deaths.

Why have overdose deaths risen so significantly? The CDC speculates that many doctors and patients don’t realize pain management drugs can be addicting and that many deaths result from mismanagement of multiple prescription medications. California is one of the states that has an electronic database designed to monitor prescription drug use, with an eye to catching both pill-pushing doctors and doctor- shopping patients.

But is it being utilized, and if so, is it effective enough? Is the public well-informed about prescription drug abuse and overdosing? What are the signs of drug abuse? Natalie Strand, What are health care professionals and the federal government doing to prevent this M.D., Lynn 2/21/13 HEAL trend from continuing? Webster, M.D. 17:00 After weeks of negotiations, the Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO (American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) today agreed on principles for creating a new system for worker visas. This new system focuses on filling employment for lesser-skilled occupations. Although they are still hammering out details, business and labor groups have agreed on some common grounds for immigration reform.

In this proposed new system, American workers will still be given employment priority and information about job openings in lesser-skilled occupations will be more publicized. However, when employers are not able to fill the job opening with American workers, the process to hire foreign workers will be more efficient and not keep all workers in a permanent temporary status, providing labor mobility. Also, the groups call for more research and data on immigration and work visas be provided to the public.

How will this affect immigration reform? Will it take away jobs from American workers and open the doors for immigration? Is a new system feasible? Who benefits from Jeff Hauser, Mark 2/21/13 ECON this new system? Krikorian 7:00

President Obama plans to announce a big and bold scientific initiative to map the human brain. According to The New York Times, it will try to achieve for brain research what the Human Genome Project did for genetics. The report says Congress will be asked to allocate $3 billion dollars over ten years. In his State of the Union address last week, Obama said, "Every dollar we invested to map the human genome returned $140 to our economy" - meaning such projects combine scientific endeavors with economic benefits. But should we ask for a money-back guarantee?

When looking at California's investments in stem cell research - funding allocated thanks to Proposition 71 in 2004 - government sometimes has a poor track record of making good science materialize despite billions spent. What other science has government been successful at managing and investing? What about NASA getting to the moon? Or nuclear research? Could cancer research be better off if it were a centralized project of the National Institute of Health? Or has a laissez faire approach Michael Roukes, 2/21/13 SCI been more fruitful? Daniel Sarewitz 23:00 It has been seven years since Sony Corp. released a new version of its PlayStation (PS) game console, and the entertainment market has undoubtedly changed considerably in that time.

Not only does Sony now have to compete with other console proprietors like Xbox- maker Microsoft, but also with smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gaming devices hoping to carve out their share of the market. Some games for mobile devices are given away for free or for a $1, which is virtually free compared to a PS3 game that sells for nearly $60. Prices for the new PlayStation games are not yet officially announced, but Sony will have to work a little harder to convince consumers to fork over anything close to PS3 prices. With console sales slowing, some industry observers are wondering how well home video game consoles will survive in a constantly changing marketplace.

Sony certainly is not giving up on the market anytime soon and will likely fight hard to keep the PlayStation relevant. Accordingly, the new PlayStation exploits advancements in networking and cloud technology. One new feature targeting gamers who are also social networkers is the “Share” button on the new Playstation controllers, which allows players to instantly share their game status and chat on social media sites like Facebook.

2/21/13 ENT The new device will also offer gamers the ability to stream games live over the Tim Stevens 16:00

Automobile website has released the top ten cars bought in Los Angeles for 2012 based on sex.

Looking at the two lists, it appears that when it comes to cars and trucks, socio- normative gender roles are holding on strong. For instance, the list for females is comprised of smaller vehicles and no trucks. For men, on the other hand, trucks take up more than half the results. While this may not be surprising, some of the nuances of the data do have interesting implications. It seems there is a connection between domestic automobiles and men, as there are only three foreign vehicles that made it to the top ten. Also, the top result for women is the Volkswagen Beetle. This is unfortunate for VW, as the 2012 Beetle was geared towards attracting male consumers. Why doesn’t that car appeal to men? And why do men buy so many trucks, especially in L.A. where parking is notoriously awful?

Why are women more likely to buy foreign cars? Do you have a “male” or “female” car? Do you think there is a connection between one’s sex and the choice of a 2/21/13 GEND vehicle? Jessica Caldwell 8:00

Yesterday, the high court refused to block the deportation of thousands of immigrants, 2/21/13 LAW many of them here legally, who have pled guilty to committing a crime. Kevin Johnson 7:11 Now it's time for another installment in our regular look at LA City politics with City Hall Pass, your ticket to all the latest news out of downtown with KPCC's Alice Walton Alice Walton and 2/21/13 POLI and Frank Stoltze. Frank Stoltze 9:01

The all new, all-electric Tesla S is the second act for the California company that first 2/21/13 ECON produced a tiny roadster. KPCC's Steve Proffitt took a ride in one and has a report. Steve Proffitt 10:16 Sales of the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf drove off a cliff at the turn of the new year, falling by more than half. And that's despite the government rebates, savings from gas, and other incentives to get behind the wheel. For more on why this is and what that means for the future of electric cars, we're joined now by Paul Eisenstein, 2/21/13 ECON publisher of Paul Eisenstein 6:44 Four generations of the Westmore family have done hair and make-up on film and TV 2/21/13 ENT in Hollywood. They created beauty and beasts. Brian Watt 4:28

This week, fans of mid-century modern design and architecture are gathering in Palm Springs for that city's annual Modernism Week. Modernism Week actually lasts 11 2/21/13 ART days and began last weekend. Culture critic Edward Lifson joins the show with more. Edward Lifson 7:25 George Aratani, a Los Angeles businessman who donated millions in support of a wide variety of Japanese-American causes has died. We take a look back at his life 2/21/13 OBIT and legacy with his biographer, Naomi Hirahara. Naomi Harihara 5:31 Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff, who represents the 28th district in the heart of Los Angeles County, joins the show to talk about the $85 billion automatic, across 2/21/13 POLI the board spending cuts. Adam Schiff 13:00 As reform is being discussed, Republicans are bowing to political realities after 2/21/13 POLI Latinos overwhelmingly voted Democrat in November. Kitty Felde 4:30

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Rico Gagliano and 2/21/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party podcast and radio show. Brendan Newnam 6:16 California Highway Patrol officer and Medal of Valor recipient Rafael Rivera joins the 2/21/13 LAW show. Rafael Rivera 5:01 California produces more than two million tons of hazardous waste each year, but a new report from the group Consumer Watchdog finds the DTSC isn't pulling its 2/21/13 ENV weight. Liza Tucker, the author of that report, joins the show to explain. Liza Tucker 11:13 2/21/2013 SPOR Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :18 2/21/2013 DC California GOP moderating on immigration reform Felde 4:31 2/21/2013 LAW Rina Palta at funeral of San Bernardino County Sheriff's detective Palta 1:01 2/21/2013 OBIT Japanese American philanthropist George Aratani died CC :17 Majority of Californians approve of Jerry Brown for first time since he's returned to 2/21/2013 POLI office Adler :47 2/21/2013 ENT Oscars 2013: Westmore family continues to make-up Hollywood Watt 4:28 2/21/2013 HEAL How will LA families be affected if Head Start is cut due to Sequestration? Fernandes 2:36 Quthorities have released the 911 tapes from Tuesday's deadly rampage in Orange 2/21/2013 OC County Bergman 2:39 Lawmakers introduce bills to help Californians who rely on contaminated drinking 2/21/2013 ENV water CC :12

2/21/2013 POLI California lawmakers decide how geography can affect health insurance premiums Bartolone 1:18

2/21/2013 ENV New report claims hazardous waste management agency is biased toward industry Khokha 1:01 2/21/2013 SPOR The Lakers beat the Celtics in first game since Jerry Buss' death CC :09 2/21/2013 SPOR The Lakers beat the Celtics in first game since Jerry Buss' death CC :08 2/21/2013 LAW Rina Palta at funeral of San Bernardino County Sheriff's detective Palta 1:03 2/21/2013 LAW Rina Palta at funeral of San Bernardino County Sheriff's detective Palta :56 The Southern California economy is growing faster than the U.S., but it still isn't good 2/21/2013 ECON enough to make for a robust recovery DeBord :57

2/21/2013 ECON Clerical workers at Ports of LA and Long Beach approve contract with their employers Lee :51 2/21/2013 DC Governer Brown in DC for governer's meeting Felde :58 2/21/2013 SPOR Thousands of people attended funeral for detective Jeremiah MacKay CC :17 Consumer Watchdog criticizes California regulators for not doing enough to protect 2/21/2013 ENV the public from toxic harm CC :23 Memorial service held for San Bernardino County Sheriff's detective Jeremiah 2/21/2013 LAW MacKay CC :12

2/21/2013 ECON The inventory crisis in housing is affecting the Southern California market in a big way DeBord :42 2/21/2013 TRAN Air travelers react to potential added hassles if sequestration becomes reality Watt 1:08 2/21/2013 ECON Port of LA enters exclusive negotiations with SoCal developer Lee :52 2/21/2013 SPOR Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :16 LA Public Health Department tests the water at Cecil Hotel, where tourist was found 2/21/2013 HEAL dead CC :22 A new Pew Research survey shows Latino support for President Obama jumping 2/21/2013 POLI dramatically since 2011 Berestein Rojas :47 2/21/2013 SPOR Lakers owner Jerry Buss dies CC :21 2/21/2013 POLI Bill would ban interruptions of wires services Quinton :51 2/21/2013 POLI Bill would ban unauthorized interruption of wireless services CC :15 2/21/2013 HEAL New report shows big gap in the money state will owe retirees Quinton :46 2/21/2013 ECON Sequestration cuts could affect California's economic recovery Adler :47 2/21/2013 ECON California could lose $4 billion if sequestration kicks in CC :09

2/21/2013 LAW Defense says ex-Bell city council members broke no laws in drawing huge salaries Moore 1:06 Las Vegas police try to piece together what happened during yesterday's deadly 2/21/2013 LAW gunfire and car crash on the strip CC :14

While Republicans and Democrats may agree on the inevitability of the sequester, they don’t agree on the effect sequestration will likely have on the American economy. Scott Lilly, Phil 2/22/13 POLI Will it really trigger a fiscal cliff or not cause the economy any major harm? Swagel 21:00

Tim Cogshell, Hollywood’s biggest night of the year is nearly here and as Tinseltown prepares for Wade Major, Lael the Oscars, Larry Mantle and the FilmWeek critics offer their recommendations, Loewenstein, critiques, and predictions about who should, who will, and who won’t win Academy Claudia Puig, Awards on Sunday. Who do the critics think will win Best Actor, Best Actress and Peter Rainer, Best Picture? To find out, listen in as Larry hosts the Eleventh Annual FilmWeek Henry Sheehan, 2/22/13 ENT Oscar Preview at the historic Egyptian Theatre. Charles Solomon 1:13:00 School board races don’t usually garner much attention from the general public, but the races for three seats on LA Unified’s school board are making national headlines. 2/22/13 EDU KPCC's Vanessa Romo reports. Vanessa Romo 5:03 This week, David Dreier, the recently retired Republican congressman from the 26th district in the foothills east of LA, announced his next gig. He'll be leading a new commission focused on trade as part of the nonprofit Annenberg Foundation Trust at Shane 2/22/13 ECON Sunnylands. Goldmacher 6:58 We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this week, Sophia Nelson of NBC's The Grio, Beast and Essence Magazine, Sophia Nelson 2/22/13 ECON and James Rainey of the L. and James Rainey 15:03 The very first thing you'll likely hear during the Oscars this Sunday is the Academy orchestra, but who are these musicians and what do they do when it's not awards 2/22/13 ENT season? KPCC'S Kevin Ferguson reports. Kevin Ferguson 4:18 Another place in the show that we'll hear the orchestra play is before, during and after the winners' speeches. Every year you have a couple of moving speeches, a few 2/22/13 ENT awful speeches, but mostly OK speeches that no one remembers. Patt Morrison 7:13 One thing that will be different about this year's award show is the person handing the 2/22/13 ENT Oscar statue to the presenter. The tall model will be replaced by film students. Tatenda Mbudzi 6:02 President Obama has until the end of next week to weigh in on Prop 8, which goes before the Supreme Court next month. Gay rights groups want the administration to file a "friend of the court" brief urging the justices to declare California's gay marriage 2/22/13 POLI ban unconstitutional. Douglas Nejaime 5:47

Tomorrow, Cardinal Roger Mahony is scheduled to be questioned in a lawsuit about a Mexican priest accused of molesting more than two dozen children in the late 1980s. Barbie Latza 2/22/13 RELI Reverend Nicolas Aguilar Rivera fled to Mexico after parents complained about him. Nadeau 6:55 About two million Californians live in unincorporated areas, outside the sheltering arms of a city governance plan - and budget. Many of these communities are so poor, they lack basic infrastructure, like sewers or sidewalks. One of these places, a tiny town in Fresno County, has locals expecting the streetlights will be turned off next 2/22/13 SCI week. The California Report's Sasha Khokha has the story. Sasha Khokha 4:51 Most members of California's delegation are following the party script, but at least a 2/22/13 IMM couple of newcomers are treading carefully. Kitty Felde 2:58 Joining us to consider that comparison are Judy Muller, a veteran journalist who Judy Muller, and 2/22/13 LAW covered the OJ Simpson trial, and former defense attorney Stan Goldman. Stan Goldman 9:43 Nearly three years ago an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig killed 11 workers and dumped 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. BP is one of the companies being held responsible, and on Monday they head to court as a defendant 2/22/13 ECON in what could be one of the biggest civil trials ever. Ken Feinberg 9:56 2/22/2013 DC House Democrats split on some immigration issues Felde 2:40 Majority of California voters believe undocumented immigrants should have a path to 2/22/2013 IMM citizenship Adler :48 2/22/2013 EDU Battle for District 4 seat heats up Romo 5:02 At a memorial yesterday, Dr. Jerry Buss was remembered as a sports business visionary, a renaissance man, and the rare team owner who was compassionate 2/22/2013 SPOR towards his players Bergman 3:22 2/22/2013 POLI Top candidates for mayor remain nearly equal for fundraising McNary :45 2/22/2013 DC Top House GOP on armed services blames President for sequestration Felde :58 2/22/2013 ENT Film students to replace models as Oscar statue presenters CC :15 2/22/2013 ECON Obama urged Congress to avoid sequester CC :15 2/22/2013 POLI LA Opinion endorses Garcetti in Mayor's race McNary :56 Tens of thousands of prisoners have shifted from state to local supervision, creating a 2/22/2013 LAW strain on counties Russ :53 Lawmaker proposes a bill that can speed up the judicial process around California 2/22/2013 ENV Environmental Quality Act CC :14 Lawmaker proposes a bill that can speed up the judicial process around California 2/22/2013 ENV Environmental Quality Act Quinton :50 2/22/2013 POLI Central Valley Democratic Senator Michael Rubio unexpectedly resigns CC :19 California voters' attitudes toward driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants 2/22/2013 POLI appear to be softening, a new Field Poll suggests Berestein Rojas :46 2/22/2013 TRAN New toll express lanes opened on the 10 freeway CC :12 2/22/2013 HEAL Tough strain of TB found in LA's Skid Row CC :19 2/22/2013 HOUS Health officials try to tackle though strain of TB on skid row CC :16 2/22/2013 POLI Jury deciding fate of six former Bell city leaders in public corruption trial Moore 1:05 2/22/2013 LAW LASD ups patrols in area of Westmont area b/c of gang related shootings Aguilar 1:01 Off Ramp's host, John Rabe, interviews Charlie LeDuff about his new book 'Detroit - An American Autopsy.' LeDuff reads about discovering a body encased in ice in an John Rabe / 2/23/13 I abandoned factory. Charlie LeDuff 6:27 Grant Slater interviews Xavier Jombart, winner of the Instagram contest. The theme Grant Slater / 2/23/13 ART was "Shall We Dance?" Xavier Jombart 3:43 As David Dean Bottrell tells us in his lightly fictionalized one-man show, David Dean Bottrell is Working, his resume is varied. Off Ramp Host John Rabe speaks with John Rabe / David 2/23/13 ENT Bottrell about his employment history. Dean Bottrell 4:47 John Rabe and Los Angeles Magazine's Chris Nichols go to Bahooka in Rosmead to John Rabe / Chris 2/23/13 ART talk about the forthcoming closure of the iconic tiki restaurant. Nichols 5:11

Colette Miller painted wings on the pull-down security shutters at the Regent Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, and Gary Leonard photographed anyone who wanted a John Rabe / Gary 2/23/13 ART portrait. John Rabe speaks with Leonard about the project. Leonard 3:00 KPCC news editor Nick Roman joins Off-Ramp host John Rabe to talk about the life, John Rabe / Nick 2/23/13 OBIT Lakers, and legacy of Jerry Buss. Roman 4:30

Josie Huang / Kyle Take Two's Josie Huang explores American Legion Post 43 where casting agents Hausmann-Stokes 2/23/13 MIL and studio executives mingle with more than 100 veterans looking for their big break. / Mike Dowling 4:27 At the Philosophical Research Society on Los Feliz Blvd., there's a plaque that reads, "Dedicated to the truth seekers of all time." Off Ramp's Robert Garrova talked with Robert Garrova / 2/23/13 LIT Obadiah Harris, the Society's president. Obadiah Harris 5:58 Take Two's Josie Huang explores military veterans making their way through the 2/23/13 MIL Hollywood entertainment industry. Josie Huang 4:04 Roman Coppola is nominated for the Best Original Screenplay Oscar for Moonrise 2/24/2013 ENT Kingdom CC :19 Tim Burton's film Frankenweenie is nominated for the Best Animated Feature Film 2/24/2013 ENT Oscar CC :18 2/24/2013 ENT Zero Dark Thirty nominated for five Oscars CC :19 2/24/2013 LAW Memorial service held for victims of Dorner's killing spree Palta :53 2/24/2013 TRAN 405 improvements are running a year behind schedule CC :19 2/24/2013 TRAN 405 improvements are running a year behind schedule Martinez 1:23 What kinds of changes could make the Oscars more compelling? What were your favorite moments from last night’s show? Join us to discuss last night’s awards, the Nicole Sperling, biggest snubs and surprises and the most deserved wins. Brian Lowry, 2/25/13 ENT Mallika Rao, 31:00:00 NBC once dominated primetime ratings and reigned supreme for "Must see TV" shows like Friends and Law and Order. However, it's been struggling to keep up with competitors and its ratings finished last place this sweeps week, behind ABC, CBS, Fox and Univision. Former NBC President of Entertainment joins Larry to give an insider account. 2/25/13 ENT Warren Littlefield 17:00

Laura Berry, Robert M. Daines, 2/25/13 ECON How do shareholder rights coexist or conflict with corporate interests? Eric Talley 20:00 An $85 billion automatic cut is set to happen on Friday, and the Obama administration yesterday issued reports about how sequestration will affect each state. 2/25/13 POLI Kitty Felde 10:00 Many Americans like to think that they hold few, if any, racial prejudices, but when it comes to choosing friends, a number of these same people are likely to base their Anthony choices on race without even realizing it. Greenwald, 2/25/13 RACE Mahzarin Banaji 17:00 California is one of 28 states with laws on the books that allow authorities to take DNA samples from people arrested for a serious crime. The Justices will be deciding if those DNA samples violate the 4th Amendment, which guards against 2/25/13 LAW unreasonable search and seizure. Laurie Levenson 9:24 Today in Sacramento, the Assembly's Committee on Public Safety will take up special security units in the state's prison system, which was the focus of widespread hunger Michael 2/25/13 LAW strikes in 2011. Montgomery 5:47 Early reports show a jump in the ratings for this year's Academy Awards show, probably helped along by some popular films up for Best Picture. There was a stumble on the stairs, host Seth McFarlane played to mixed reviews, and the First 2/25/13 ENT Lady announced the winner for Best Picture. Rebecca Keegan 6:53 Writer Patrick Meighan normally works as a writer for Seth MacFarlanes hit show "Family Guy," so when MacFarlane was chosen to host the awards show, Patrick was 2/25/13 ART enlisted to help write material. Patrick Meighan 6:18

Making body parts from scratch sounds like the stuff of science fiction novels, but 2/25/13 SCI scientists are already creating artificial organs and tissue with the help of machines. Quentin Hardy 6:18 As the public education system becomes more rigorous and standardized, the effect is creeping down to the youngest students. Educators worry that 4-year-olds aren't quite yet ready for the academic focus that kindergarten today demands. KPCC's 2/25/13 EDU Deepa Fernandes reports. Deepa Fernandes 5:40

Tracking down smugglers and illegal immigrants, the old-fashioned way. "We do exactly what any other agent in any other vehicle does except we do it on horseback, 2/25/13 IMM that is our vehicle." Coming up, a ridealong with a Border Patrol Horse Unit.... Erin Siegal 4:18 His credentials are impeccable, but questions remain about whether his search for 2/25/13 POLI consensus will work in the city's top job. Frank Stoltze 5:28 The Center for Copyright Information has revealed more details about its Copyright Alert System, a cooperation between internet providers and content owners. The new plan, nicknamed the "six strikes" system, warns users when they are downloading or sharing owned content then issue a warning, a requirement to watch an educational 2/25/13 TECH video, or a temporary slowdown of service. - 6:57 KPCC's state capitol reporter Julie Small has been tracking California's efforts to 2/25/13 HEAL implement these reform and joins us now to talk about it. Julie Small 5:27

If sequestration cuts take effect this Friday, California stands to lose about $16 million marked for public health spending. Joining us to explain where those cuts would come from and what effect they could have on California’s public health, is Dr. Kavita 2/25/13 ECON Patel. She’s an adjunct professor at UCLA and a fellow at the Brookings Institution. Kavita Patel 7:12 Those joyful Oscar acceptance speeches we've all rehearsed in our heads a hundred times. Oscar speeches have become the stuff of legend, deconstructed and criticized as if they were one of Lincoln's great orations. No one has looked at them closer than Rebecca Rolfe. She's a graduate student at Tech who has been studying 2/25/13 ART expressions of gratitude in Oscar speeches going back to the 1950s. Rebecca Rolfe 7:09 Take Two host Alex Cohen met up guerrilla gardener and TED speaker Ron Finley 2/25/13 ART next to his garden in his South LA neighborhood. Ron Finley 8:10 2/25/2013 EDU What is TK and why is it necessary? Fernandes 5:23 2/25/2013 TECH Loh Life Facebook Loh 2:59 Gas prices in Southern California have been seeing record increases over the past 2/25/2013 ECON month, but analysts say prices will go higher DeBord :40 2/25/2013 POLI Top candidates for mayor remain nearly equal for fundraising McNary 1:18 2/25/2013 DC Most California members support an agriculture guestworker program Felde 2:38 More than a thousand people are expected to attend the TED Conference in Long 2/25/2013 ENT Beach Martinez :57 2/25/2013 ENV Declared water emergency in 4 comunities while pipeline upgraded Peterson :50 2/25/2013 ENT Argo wins Best Picture at the Oscars CC :13 2/25/2013 ENT Ang Li took home Best Director CC :11 2/25/2013 ENT Jennifer Lawrence wins "best actress" at the Oscars CC :09 2/25/2013 ART Oscars' host Seth MacFarlane CC :11 2/25/2013 ART Quentin Tarantino wins an Oscar for "Django Unchained." CC :12 2/25/2013 ENT Adele wins "best original song" at the Oscars CC :16 2/25/2013 LAW Committee on Public Safety takes up prison issues Montgomery 5:24 2/25/2013 SPOR Jimmie Johnson wins the Daytona 500 CC :08 2/25/2013 ENT Patt Morrison on the Oscars Morrison 2:53 2/25/2013 LAW Memorial service held for victims of Dorner's killing spree Aguilar 2:05 2/25/2013 ENT Patt Morrison dishes on what it was like behind-the-scenes at the Oscars CC :19 2/25/2013 LAW Irvine couple believed to have been killed by Dorner remembered at memorial CC :16 2/25/2013 ENV Guerilla gardening at the TED Conference CC :18 2/25/2013 POLI Sequestration would mean less money for public health in CA CC :24 2/25/2013 POLI Governors wrap up meeting with President Obama CC :09 2/25/2013 LAW Supreme Court looks at genetic privacy CC :12 2/25/2013 DC White House numbers on how sequestration will affect California Felde :53 2/25/2013 OBIT Former US Surgeon General C. Everett Koop died CC :19 2/25/2013 ENT Oscar telecast was most-watched in three years CC :11 Business and labor agree that immigration bill should address need for better data to 2/25/2013 IMM guide policy Joffe-Block :54 2/25/2013 ENT Visual effects firm that worked on "Life of Pi" files for bankruptcy Watt :48 Some Californians could face a cut in unemployment benefits if sequstration goes 2/25/2013 ECON ahead CC :16 2/25/2013 SAC Governor Brown, state Republicans want escape hatch on Medi-Cal expansion Small 2:35 Head of CA High Speed Rail Authority says construction on first phase should begin 2/25/2013 TRAN this summer CC :08 2/25/2013 LAW Coast Guard searches for a boat that was reported sinking CC :05 Head of CA High Speed Rail Authority says construction on first phase should begin 2/25/2013 TRAN this summer Adler :51 If no budget deal, Defense Department says it will notify 64 thousand CA workers 2/25/2013 POLI about furloughs Moore 1:09 2/25/2013 ECON Lacter on the sequestration Lacter 4:03 2/25/2013 EDU Grant sends volunteers to some of the nation's worst schools Romo :58 2/25/2013 POLI Garcetti wants to be mayor Stoltze 5:17 2/25/2013 POLI Vote by mail deadline Tuesday Stoltze :50 Nine-year-old lead actress Academy Award nominee Quvenzhane Wallis did not make headlines for winning an Oscar on Sunday, but she certainly has been the subject of many op-ed articles after satirical news outlet The Onion published a tweet about her that provoked outrage.

On Oscar night, @TheOnion tweeted: “Everyone else seems afraid to say it, but that Quvenzhané Wallis is kind of a c---, right? #Oscars2013.” The tweet was taken down within an hour of publication, according to Steve Hannah, The Onion’s CEO who apologized for the quip yesterday.

Regarding the tweet, Hannah wrote, “It was crude and offensive—not to mention inconsistent with The Onion’s commitment to parody and satire, however biting. No person should be subjected to such a senseless, humorless comment masquerading as satire.” Nevertheless, backlash against The Onion for the tweet has been fierce with some demanding the name of the individual writer who wrote the comment about 2/26/13 MEDI RepWallis.. Linda Sanchez, D Cerritos, has introduced a bill to Congress outlying a means Alyssa Rosenberg 23:00 to fund gun buyback efforts nationally. Since the Newtown shooting, local enforcement agencies have spearheaded buyback programs as a means to reduce the number of guns out in the population.

Incentives include cash or other forms of compensation, such as the retail gift cards handed out to buyback participants in Los Angeles. However, the financial backing to run a buyback with staff, logistics and rewards is not always easy to come by. That’s why Rep. Sanchez has called for a 10 percent tax on any sales of weapons considered concealable, like handguns, which would funnel into these programs to make them monetarily viable.

But critics of the proposal call into question the effectiveness of buybacks in general. They are quick to point out that there hasn’t been a documented drop in gun violence after these buybacks, and that the guns returned are antiques and unlikely to fall into the hands of a criminal. Still, Los Angeles law enforcement state that the collection of 2,000 firearms in December via these buybacks is a testament to their success.

How effective are these programs? Are they making a difference? Should taxes on Lee Baca, Sam 2/26/13 LAW gun sales be used to try and curb the spreading of guns, or is that counterintuitive? Paredes 25:00:00 It would be tough to overstate the level of interest in tomorrow's high court hearing on voting rights. The case is challenging a historic piece of legislation. In 1965, the creation of the Voting Rights Act was heralded as a landmark victory for civil rights. It outlawed discriminatory polling practices that were commonplace, particularly in the Deep South.

Now, some regions - including the petitioners of this case, Shelby County, Alabama - say the Act is for a time that has passed. They argue the federal government should no longer have oversight into the local issue of polling places or redistricting. There is a long list of stakeholders watching the case intently. It touches on politics, the law, race and history.

Is the federal government still needed to police discrimination? Are there still racist practices affecting elections? Why are political parties paying close attention to this Nancy Abudu, 2/26/13 LAW Evercase? since 1909 Florida has believed that any records made in a public agency Joshua Thompson 14:00 should be available to the public. This has been upheld in various ways and in different legislative terms. However, ruthless web entrepreneurs have taken advantage of Florida’s open government laws by posting mugshots online.

The subjects of these photos, who may not have been convicted of a crime, could google their name and stumble upon their mugshot gone viral. The Facebook page “Florida Mug Shots” has over 59,000 likes and hosts comments on daily mugshots. Websites such as continuously update the mugshots and even allow you to browse by topics such as “celebrity,” “hotties,” “scary,” and “transgender.” To remove this post, subjects can pay various amounts to have their embarrassing snaps removed. charges $399 and advertises, “You Have Nothing to Lose But the Humiliation.”

Now, a bill was filed in Florida on February 11 that would require these websites to take down personal information of those not convicted of a crime. However, this bill would also include media publications that disclose names and photos of alleged and Arthur D’Antonio 2/26/13 LAW convicted offenders in news articles. Should websites be allowed to post these III, Holden Green 17:00 You’d think a company that traffics in internet innovation would embrace telecommuting. But Yahoo’s new CEO Marissa Mayer has appeared to put the kibosh on employees phoning – or Skyping – it in. Currently, some of the Yahoo team work remotely full time, while some are occasional telecommuters. But in a recent company memo, Yahoo’s head of human resources informed its nearly 12,000 workers that starting in June, every employee will be expected to make face time full time by reporting to work at a company office five days a week.

The memo pointed to the company’s aim to make work time "more productive, efficient and fun." Studies have shown that telecommuting can be a money saver for companies, and that workers are no less productive at home using Skype, e-mail and other modern conveniences.

Employees with families appreciate having flextime options and are often willing to take a pay cut in exchange. So why the throwback attitude? Mayer has said that she wants her teams to focus more on communication and collaboration; presumably, she’s looking to the new policy to foster more watercooler conversations, bullpen sessions and overall creative spark. Mayer has a job ahead of her to turn Yahoo’s misfortunes around.

Will this method prove successful? Or will it result in a workplace full of resentful, unproductive employees? Does Yahoo risk losing valuable talent who don’t want to relocate or commute? Is it possible for a company to foster team spirit without having Beth A. its workers onsite? If you’re a Yahoo telecommuter, will this decision make you Livingston, Rose 2/26/13 ECON reconsider? Stanley 16:00 A civil war is brewing over gay marriage. At last count, 75 Republicans have signed on to an amicus brief supporting gay marriage. They'll submit that brief to the Supreme Court in support of the suit seeking to strike down Prop 8, California's ballot Sheryl Gay 2/26/13 LAW initiative that banned same-sex marriage. Stolberg 7:46 For more on the case, how it was covered by the media and what's happened in the year since, we're joined now by Eric Deggans, media critic for the Tampa Bay Times 2/26/13 LAW and author of the book "Race Baiter." Eric Deggans 11:09 As communities in Fresno grapple with keeping gangs and guns off the streets, some residents in the rural, forested ranges of Northern California say guns are a means of 2/26/13 LAW survival. The California Report's Mina Kim has the story. Mina Kim 4:55 Eddie Huang, owner/chef of BaoHaus in New York, chronicles his unconventional 2/26/13 ART career path in his new book, "Fresh Off the Boat." Eddie Huang 14:11 LA municipal elections are known for low voter turnout, but this year’s mayoral 2/26/13 POLI candidates are hoping a small increase in participation may lead them to victory. Alice Walton 3:44 While horse meat has yet to be found in the U.S., Americans have reacted to the possibility with revulsion. But people in other countries regularly eat horse meat. So 2/26/13 ART why is it such a taboo here? Marion Nestle 7:11 Researchers from the University of Nevada, Reno found a four-pound whopper of a goldfish, measuring in at a foot-and-a-half. And it wasn't alone, all told they found 15 other goldfish, which suggests that there are a lot more swimming around. For more we're joined by Dr. Sudeep Chandra, Associate Professor of Conservation Ecology at 2/26/13 SCI the University. Sudeep Chandra 8:39 The song you sing before you blow out the candles and cut the cake is aptly named "Happy Birthday to You." Turns out its copyrighted, and while you won't be hauled off to court for singing it at a party, if you run a restaurant, and waiters sing it to patrons, 2/26/13 ART watch out. Ken Freedman 8:30 DHS is mandated by congress to keep 34,000 jail beds available for immigrant detainees, but Napolitano said yesterday the department may not be able to afford 2/26/13 IMM those after the across the board cuts. Alvaro Huerta 5:39 Today is Tuesday, that day of the week when new album drops. Here to share some 2/26/13 ART of his personal faves is LA-based music critic Steve Hochman. Steve Hochman 7:00 Bankruptcy of company involved in Life of Pi visual effects highlights troubled sector 2/26/2013 ENT of movie-making industry Watt 4:11 2/26/2013 POLI Local travelers could face delays or cancellations due to sequestration Bergman 1:34 2/26/2013 DC California Senator says Edison aware fixes at San Onofre not done Felde :57

2/26/2013 HEAL Sequestration cuts will affect California medical research and public health spending O'Neill :57 2/26/2013 POLI A mayoral candidate works to increase voter turnout Walton 3:29 2/26/2013 EDU A model teacher training program in Long Beach keeps it simple Smith 4:02 Californians think it's more important to have tighter gun control than protect the right 2/26/2013 POLI to own guns Quinton :44 2/26/2013 LAW Pedro Marin was released after the change in CA's three strikes law Unknown 2:04 2/26/2013 ENER Transformer fire cause electricity outage in Whittier CC :07 2/26/2013 ECON Matt DeBord on LA housing numbers DeBord 2:36 2/26/2013 LAW New bill would require ski areas to report deaths and injuries on the slopes CC :07 2/26/2013 HOUS December LA Home prices rise 10.2 precent CC :12 2/26/2013 TT Researchers find giant goldfish in Lake Tahoe CC :15 2/26/2013 LAW Two fatal officer-involved shootings in two days in Southern California CC :12 2/26/2013 LAW Sheriff Baca responds to critics CC :15

2/26/2013 LAW Activists show support for Christopher Dorner's message at LA Police Commission CC :13 2/26/2013 LAW DHS releasing illegal immigrants ahead of sequester CC :18 2/26/2013 ENT Cablevision is suing Viacom Watt :31 2/26/2013 ENER Mayor Villaraigosa promised LA will end reliance on coal within 12 years Peterson 1:00 2/26/2013 DC Growers and farmworker union testify on guestworker Felde 1:01

2/26/2013 ECON FAA will eliminate air traffic control at several small airports if budget cuts take effect CC :10 LAPD chief to review other termination cases in the wake of Christopher Dorner 2/26/2013 LAW episode Palta :45

2/26/2013 ECON FAA will eliminate air traffic control at several small airports if budget cuts take effect Ibarra :45 LA County public health officials ask homeless shelters for medical data in TB 2/26/2013 HEAL outbreak Fox :38 2/26/2013 EDU School districts will lose millions of dollars if budget cuts take effect CC :15 2/26/2013 LAW California has 11th highest youth incarceration rate in the country CC :18 2/26/2013 LAW Audit of detective cases at Pasadena Police Department Aguilar :56 2/26/2013 SPOR A merciful end to the SoCal college hoops season Roman 1:00 2/26/2013 TRAN Two new tunnels open on a stretch of road known as "devil's slide" Samuel 1:10 Subject of Oscar-award winning documentary short honored by the city she grew up 2/26/2013 ENT in Relogle 1:00 2/26/2013 LAW Pomona police shoot and kill a man who was armed with a knife CC :12 Supreme Court justices raised doubts that they should be hearing the Prop 8 case at 2/26/2013 LGB all CC :22 2/26/2013 LAW LAPD chief says he still supports paying out Dorner reward, amidst doners pulling out CC :12 2/26/2013 HEAL California's health exchange will launch this fall CC :12 2/26/2013 ECON Sequestration is affecting low-income renters CC :21 2/26/2013 SPOR LA Kings and Galaxy visit the White House CC :15 2/26/2013 SPOR LA Kings and Galaxy visit the White House CC :15 2/26/2013 LGB West Hollywood residents listen in on Prop 8 arguments at a local bar CC :22 2/26/2013 HIST Old Tower Records building on Sunset may become a historical landmark CC :10 Opening statements begin in San Diego trial of two alleged Mexican drug gang 2/26/2013 LAW leaders Florido :41 2/26/2013 LGB West Hollywood residents listen in on Prop 8 arguments at a local bar CC :22 2/26/2013 LAW Man trapped between two boulders is hospitalized in good condition CC :12 2/26/2013 LAW California revises fire safety standards on upholstered furniture CC :10 2/26/2013 LAW California revises fire safety standards on upholstered furniture Quinton :52 2/26/2013 ENV Goodrich agrees to toxic cleanup settlement Peterson :51 Opponents of a minimum wage increase released a study that predicts job losses for 2/26/2013 LAB small businesses CC :11 2/26/2013 TRAN LA launches big bike lane project on Figueroa Fox :53 2/26/2013 LAW Jury awards $1.2 million to LAPD officer victimized by racist pranks Aguilar 1:20 2/26/2013 OC Orange County Sheriff Hutchens reveals she's fighting breast cancer CC :12 2/26/2013 HEAL CDC TB researchers leave LA, LA County health still watching new cases Fox :52 2/26/2013 EDU USC Village project development deal signed Roman :51 2/26/2013 HEAL CA legislation blocks higher health care premiums for smokers O'Neill 2:40 Barton Crockett, Have you been affected by bundling? Do you seek out smaller channels, or would you Chad Gutstein, 2/27/13 ECON rather pay a la carte? Even if you disagree with bundling, should it be illegal? Alex Ben Block 14:00 Chad Fitzgerald, Is the small increase in sales representative of a new profitable era for the music Roberto Baldwin, 2/27/13 ENT business? David Lowery 17:00 With the March 5 election approaching, Los Angeles business owners, public safety officers, and politicians find themselves in debate mode as the city considers a .5% Ruben Gonzales, 2/27/13 LAW sales tax increase to generate funding. David Adelman 16:00 The first cuts of sequestration have begun. The Department of Homeland Security released hundreds of illegal immigrants from detention this week. Will the sequester Rep. Adam Schiff 2/27/13 IMM make immigration jail spots unaffordable? , Ron Nehring 23:00 The Golden State Killer is believed to be responsible for 50 rapes and 10 murders. Michelle 2/27/13 HIST The police believe he is still alive and not yet caught. McNamara 23:00

Candidates for the LA mayor race continue to launch ads. The latest from Kevin James features Wendy Greuel and Eric Garcetti look-alikes engaged in seedy Jessica Levinson, 2/27/13 POLI activity. and Ken Wheaton 13:33 In immigration debate, politicians press for heightened border security despite a 2/27/13 IMM period of historically low violence and illegal crossings. Molly Ball 6:34 Next week Los Angeles voters will head to the polls to choose school board members in three of the seven LAUSD districts. In the northeast San Fernando Valley, one 2/27/13 EDU man's spending power is crushing his opposition. Mary Plummer 4:19 To get ready for acros-the-board spending cuts, the FAA is preparing to furlough staff 2/27/13 ECON and close air traffic control towers. This could mean delays at LAX. Ben Bergman 6:09 The NBA season is heading into the home stretch and Clipper fans are feeling pretty good. But their potential opponent - if the playoffs were to start today - are no pushovers. The Golden State Warriors are currently eighth in points per game and Brandon 2/27/13 SPOR third in rebounds. Schneider 6:43 The hooded sweatshirt has many facets. It's worn on runways, at protests, even in 2/27/13 ART boardrooms. Tim Maly details the rise of this ubiquitous piece of clothing. Tim Maly 5:27 Rep. John Campbell talks about what can and cannot be done to prevent the looming 2/27/13 ART sequestration. John Campbell 11:21 Wouldn't it be nice if, say when you're driving to a place like Big Bear, you could know about road closures - because for example, there's a massive manhunt - before you get stuck on Highway 18 for hours on end? Well, as of today, you can - if you use the Devindra 2/27/13 TRAN popular navigation app, Waze. Hardawar 6:47 The brown tree snake, a mildly venomous non-native serpent, is worrying wildlife officials in Guam. The snakes have devastated native animal populations on the Pacific making officials there try a novel approach: air-dropping poisoned mice. We'll speak with Daniel Vice. He's the assistant state director with the USDA Wildlife 2/27/13 SCI Services in Guam. Daniel Vice 5:56 The Bible of the entertainment industry has finally succumbed to the realities of the 2/27/13 MEDI print media business. Rick Edmonds 7:35 Legislators from CA's Women's Caucus sent a letter to the Academy saying 2/27/13 SAC MacFarlane's performance "crossed the line from humor to misogyny." - 2:27 Reading the top-selling book from each of the last 100 years sounds like an 2/27/13 LIT invigorating intellectual adventure. Matt Kahn 5:56 2/27/2013 HEAL UC Berkeley policy experts join with industry to create health plan for state O'Neill :47 2/27/2013 LAW Supreme Court hears arguments about the Voting Rights Act of 1965 CC :21 2/27/2013 LAW Supreme Court hears arguments about the Voting Rights Act of 1965 CC :21 2/27/2013 POLI Angelenos asked to vote on increasing the city of Los Angeles' sales tax Walton 1:59 A look at the school board race in District 6, which covers the northeast section of the 2/27/2013 EDU San Fernando Valley Plummer 4:19 2/27/2013 LAW Two police detectives shot and killed in Santa Cruz CC :15 2/27/2013 LAW Two police detectives shot and killed in Santa Cruz CC :04 2/27/2013 LAW Last-minute brief opposing Prop 8 was filed before the deadline Shafer 1:52 2/27/2013 TRAN Tanker driver 'lucky' to escape fire after 210 Freeway crash near Irwindale CC :12 2/27/2013 OBIT Canoga Park woman featured in "voicebox" anti-tobacco ad dies of cancer CC :21

2/27/2013 ECON The animation studio has hit a rough patch after the failure of "Rise of the Guardians" DeBord :37 2/27/2013 TT How do the Golden State Warriors attract so many fans? CC :18 2/27/2013 ENT Pianist Van Cliburn dies CC :10 2/27/2013 ECON Air traffic controllers worry about sequester cuts CC :09

2/27/2013 LAW Head of Mexico's most powerful teache's union was arrested for embezzling funds Florido 1:21 GOP lawmakers author legislation to make restore funding for Cal Grants at private 2/27/2013 EDU colleges CC :13 Air traffic controllers warn budget gridlock could mean gridlock at LAX and other 2/27/2013 TRAN airports Bergman 1:22 2/27/2013 POLI Field Poll finds increasing support among Californians for gay marriage Russ :43 2/27/2013 ECON If sequestration kicks in, it will affect vaccines and day care funding CC :12 2/27/2013 DC CA freshmen office reacts to sequestration Felde 2:54 2/27/2013 SCI Astronomers have calculated the spin rate of black holes CC :17 2/27/2013 LAW LAPD holds Q&A on how the Board of Rights disciplinary process works CC :13 More than a third of all homes sold in California in 2012 were foreclosures, but that 2/27/2013 ECON total has dropped significantly DeBord :43

2/27/2013 EDU A survey finds teachers have received very little training on Common Core standards Plummer :46 2/27/2013 LAW LAPD tries to clarify how its disciplinary system works Aguilar :59 2/27/2013 ART South LA resident tries to bring a sense of community back to her neighborhood California Report 3:16 2/27/2013 ECON OC Congressman doesn't consider the sequester a crisis CC :09 The city of Los Angeles appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn a lower court ruling that prevents the city from seizing the unattended property of the homeless on Andy Bales, Carol 2/28/13 LAW public sidewalks. Sobel 13:00 California Senator Mark Leno wants to make heroin and cocaine possession a Kim Horiuchi , 2/28/13 LAW misdemeanor. Cory Salzillo 18:00 How will the U.S. war on terrorism end? Max Boot joins Larry to talk about “Invisible 2/28/13 ECON Armies,” guerilla warfare, and the war we face today. Max Boot 16:00 The L.A. Unified School District has been under scrutiny this year as it has faced some major public battles. Parents, teachers, and politicians have all demanded reform, but the question is what needs to change and who can change it. In this year's school board election all eyes are on District 4’s candidates—incumbent Steve Zimmer and lawyer Kate Anderson. They join Larry for a live debate as they talk about where they stand on Deasy, why Zimmer does not agree with charter school expansion and Anderson is pushing for it, and if teacher evaluations can be tied to Steve Zimmer, 2/28/13 EDU student performance. Kate Anderson 31:00:00 Should using a gender identity that does not match one’s biological sex be considered fraudulent? Should Cal Baptist have the right to expel students who use their preferred gender identity on official school documents? What kinds of laws Mara Keisling, 2/28/13 GEND should protect gender non-conforming students from discrimination? Steve Crampton 17:00

2/28/13 POLI Los Angeles is fighting to seize and destroy some homeless people's belongings. Andrew Blankstein 8:34 Some California families do not have to imagine what the impact of sequestration might be. Subsidized early childhood education programs in California have already been cut by 40 percent over the past five years -- and Los Angeles has been hit he 2/28/13 EDU hardest. Deepa Fernandes 4:39 California scientists are concerned about losing funding for important research 2/28/13 SCI projects as budget cuts tied to the sequestration looms. Stephanie O'Neill 2:32 Despite the threat of looming across-the-board budget cuts, traders on Wall Street 2/28/13 ECON seem remarkably calm. Investment advisor Barry Ritholtz explains why. Barry Ritholtz 9:22 From the top of Mt. Everest to the Alaskan wilderness, Cindy Abbott is no stranger to 2/28/13 SPOR tough challenges. She's gearing up to run Iditarod dog sled race. Cindy Abbott 7:09 The U.S. Census has decided to remove the word "Negro" from its forms, citing complaints from some respondents who found the word offensive. Linguist John 2/28/13 RACE McWhorter talks about the cultural history of the word. John McWhorter 8:49 KPCC's political team Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton join the show for a regular Frank Stoltze and 2/28/13 POLI roundup of the latest political news. Alice Walton 16:29 2/28/13 FOR This week, the hermit kingdom seemed to emerge from its shell- just a bit. Jean Lee 5:59 Rico Gagliano The Dinner Party hosts join us to talk about a Chinese business man who outsourced and Brendan 2/28/13 ART his daughter's homework, the history of Woolworth's and teen movies. Newnam 6:36 A 23,000 square foot home designed by California architect John Lautner is for sale Adrian Glick 2/28/13 HOUS in Palm Springs. Chris Nichols tells Take Two about the building. Kudler 4:53 2/28/2013 LGB Majority of Californians now support gay marriage Quinton :54 2/28/2013 HOUS Fewer forclosed homes are selling in California Milne :48 2/28/2013 EDU Impact of budget cuts on early childhood education programs in California Fernandes 4:19 2/28/2013 HEAL Sequestration could cause cuts across health and social programs Bartolone 1:13 2/28/2013 LAW A Santa Cruz police detective killed in Santa Cruz was from the Southland CC :16 Mixed reaction on Gov Brown's plan to boost state funding for students who could use 2/28/2013 EDU support Shuler 1:16 2/28/2013 HEAL Wonder why some of us get zits? UCLA may have the answer O'Neill :47 City of LA is filing a request to overturn a ruling about the seizure and destruction of 2/28/2013 LAW homeless people's belongings left on the street Watt 2:01 Los Angeles asks the US Supreme Court to hear a case pitting homeless activists 2/28/2013 HOUS and the city against each other CC :16 2/28/2013 RELI LA Cardinal Roger Mahoney among the crowd in Rome bidding farewell to Pope CC :09 2/28/2013 HEAL LA Health officials say it's okay to drink water at Hotel Cecil CC :15 2/28/2013 ENV UC Davis researchers say Lake Tahoe clearest it's been in a decade CC :11 2/28/2013 TRAV Sequestration could delay Tioga Pass reopening and hurt eastern Sierra towns CC :11 2/28/2013 LAW LA ask SCOTUS to vacate Skid Row injunction CC :09 2/28/2013 LAW City Attorney announces new gang injunction in San Fernando Valley CC :10 2/28/2013 LAW LA ask SCOTUS to vacate Skid Row injunction CC :17 2/28/2013 LAW LA ask SCOTUS to vacate Skid Row injunction Watt 1:01 2/28/2013 LAW DEA and LAPD make dozens of arrests in multi-state drug sweep CC :18 2/28/2013 ECON Southland defense contractors scaling back in advance of the sequester cuts Bergman 2:03 2/28/2013 ENV January, February are driest on record for northern Sierra Nevada Quinton :50 2/28/2013 HOUS Homeless count results on Skid Row Fox :54 Attorneys accuse Brown Administration of suppressing report on inmate suicides in 2/28/2013 SAC CA prisons Small 1:32 2/28/2013 LAW LA City Atty to call for city's 45th gang injunction Palta 1:08 President Obama, California Assembly Speaker files brief with Supreme Court to 2/28/2013 LAW overturn Proposition 8 CC :13 2/28/2013 LAW Jury restarts deliberations in Bell corruption trial after judge dismisses woman Moore 1:22 2/28/2013 DIS Fire in Rancho Jurupa park burned about 75 acres, evacuated residents CC :20 2/28/2013 RELI Today marks the end of Benedict the 16th's papacy CC :13 2/28/2013 POLI Profile of mayoral candidate Kevin James Stoltze 4:34 2/28/2013 POLI Greuel calls on Garcetti to cut ties with oil Stoltze :56 After a brief meeting this morning between President Obama and Congressional leaders, the parties emerged resolved that there will be no deal to avoid $85 billion in Scott Horsley, Lisa 3/1/13 DC budget cuts under the moniker of “sequestration.” Mascaro 13:00 How could cuts to aerospace technology affect research and development or military Greg Bloom , technology? Should sequestration cuts be more calculated, or are indiscriminate cuts Kevin Klowden, 3/1/13 ECON the only fair solution?\ Mattie Duppler 17:00 Joe Buscaino, Janice Bellucci, Harbor Gateway is building small pocket parks. The primary purpose of these parks is Angel Jennings, 3/1/13 POLI not to provide recreation but an attempt to drive out the city's sex offenders. Janet Shour 17:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell and Peter Rainer to review the week’s new film releases including Jack the Giant , 21 & Over, The End of Tim Cogshell , 3/1/13 ENT Love, and… Peter Rainer 30:00:00 You may not notice them, but they’re there. Background actors are one of the many aspects of filmmaking that makes a movie seem realistic. Even though everyone in the audience is there to see the famous actor in the foreground, it is the extras, bit players and stand-ins who take a film to the next level by creating a world for the main 3/1/13 ART characters to live in. Anthony Slide 17:00 Tom McClintock March 1 marks the start of sequester, something that Reps. Tom McClintock and Xavier 3/1/13 POLI and Xavier Becerra are none too happy about. Becerra 16:10 The sequester: it arrives with something of a whimper. The LA mayoral race has James Rainey and 3/1/13 POLI become kind of a slug-fest, and linking together ... rats' brains? David Gura 14:22 The NFL says it will investigate claims made by three college players who say they were asked about their sexual preference and whether they “liked girls” at this year’s 3/1/13 SPOR scouting combine in Indianapolis. LZ Granderson 8:44 California already has an official song -- "I Love You California." Does it need to be 3/1/13 ART updated? Melissa Locker 7:56 If you're looking to dine out this weekend, you might want to head to Rosemead, 3/1/13 ART where Tiki restaurant Bahooka will soon close its doors. Alison Martino 8:02 The conventional wisdom in Los Angeles is that Emanuel Pleitez’s campaign for mayor is going nowhere. If so, it’s definitely going nowhere fast. The 30-year-old former tech executive is spending his final days running for mayor performing a low- tech, high-speed publicity stunt designed to increase name recognition. KPCC's 3/1/13 POLI Grant Slater followed the hopeful mayor. Grant Slater 4:06 Based on the media coverage and celebrity endorsements this LAUSD school board election has received, you’d think sitting on the seven-member panel was one of the most glamorous jobs in LA. And it is … if your idea of glamour is working crushing hours to wrangle a behemoth district that’s trying to reinvent itself amid warring 3/1/13 EDU factions, for less than $50,000 a year. Vanessa Romo 4:54 A new study out this week from the Sentencing Project finds the number of whites and Hispanics in prison have increased, while incarceration rates for black Americans have dropped. The study looked at incarceration rates across the nation from 2000 to 3/1/13 LAW 2009. Marc Mauer 6:27 A study released by the Food Research and Action Center finds that L.A. County has some of the highest rates of food insecurity in the nation: one in five people say they stuggled in the past year to buy food.

3/1/13 HEAL - 10:36 The fish and sea life that call California's oceans home have been in trouble for the past few decades. Overfishing and pollution have threatened fish populations and 3/1/13 SCI diversity. Liz Whiteman 5:18 3/1/2013 POLI Profile of longshot mayoral canddiate Emanuel Pleitez Slater 4:15 3/1/2013 POLI A profile of Los Angeles' Ninth District Walton 4:56 3/1/2013 SCI Space X launches a rocket CC :17 Unions showing clout by pouring millions of dollars into independent campaigns in city 3/1/2013 POLI elections McNary 2:03 3/1/2013 EDU Overview of LAUSD's school board races Romo 4:32

3/1/2013 ART TED Talks wrap up in Long Beach. Next year's conference will move to Vancouver Plummer 1:10

3/1/2013 POLI CA Assembly Speaker Perez thinks sequestration could stall California's economy CC :02

3/1/2013 POLI CA Assembly Speaker Perez thinks sequestration could stall California's economy CC :15 3/1/2013 ENV January, February are driest on record for northern Sierra Nevada CC :16 3/1/2013 ENV Wildfire in Riverside is contained CC :11 3/1/2013 ENV Wildfire in Riverside is contained CC :05 3/1/2013 POLI Obama Administration's decision to weigh in on Prop 8 changes the game Shafer 1:24 3/1/2013 TRAN 55 hour lane reductions on the northbound 405 begin Friday night Watt 1:14 3/1/2013 LAW Sentence handed out in case of juvenile killing his neo-Nazi father Osen :52 3/1/2013 TRAN 55 hour lane reductions on the northbound 405 begin Friday night CC :19 3/1/2013 ENV Firefighters concerned about wind while fighting 200-acre fire in Riverside County CC :08 3/1/2013 HEAL Homeless advocates have doubts about the reported TB outbreak CC :20 3/1/2013 HOUS TB or not, it's "business as usual" on LA's Skid Row CC :07

Monday, the LA Philharmonic unveiled its new season, which will start by celebrating John Rabe / Frank the tenth birthday of Walt Disney Concert Hall. The hall was designed by architect Gehry / Deborah Frank Gehry, and the news conference featured a tape of Gehry and LA Phil Borda / Gustavo 3/2/13 ART President Deborah Borda reminiscing about the hall Dudamel 2:43 John Rabe / Christopher The first Ernest Borgnine Movie Star Gala happened Saturday night at the Murray / Loretta Sportsmen's Lodge. The winner of the first Ernie was Sean Penn, who sent word that Swit / Leonard 3/2/13 ART he couldn't accept the award because he's back in Haiti, helping earthquake victims. Maltin 4:24 Kevin Ferguson / Richard Simmons / Mary Beth Kevin Ferguson goes to Richard Simmons' studio in Los Angeles to 'sweat to the Cornell / Gerry 3/2/13 ART oldies' Sinclair 5:11

Carole Bayer Sager co-wrote the songs of a generation. Come In From The Rain, Don't Cry Out Loud, That's What Friends Are For, It's My Turn. But to quote another song, the times are changing, and she told KPCC's Hettie Lynne Hurtes that as the outlets dried up for her music, and her songs started to stack up, unsung, she turned John Rabe / Hettie 3/2/13 ART to an old flirtation - painting - which has turned into a new love. Lynne Hurtes 21:49

John Rabe / L.A. County has some of the highest train fatality rates in the country and one of the Charles Flemming 3/2/13 TRAN highest for presumed suicides by train. It’s something every engineer has to deal with. / Ron Iseli 8:15 3/3/2013 POLI CA lawmakers introduce more than a dozen bills to change CEQA Quinton 1:24 3/3/2013 POLI CA lawmakers introduce more than a dozen bills to change CEQA CC :12 A nurse at an independent living facility for the elderly refused to perform CPR on a resident who was barely breathing. The nurse called 911. The dispatcher implored her to perform CPR, but the nurse said she was not allowed to do so. Laura Mosqueda, 3/4/13 HEAL David Orentlicher 30:00:00 We're two days away from the city election. The race for mayor intensified last week with candidates trading insults and attacks. Accusations of corruption and lying may get the attention of voters, but on a lighter note, celebrity endorsements have also Frank Stoltze, Dan 3/4/13 POLI been on an upswing. Schnur 17:00 Cathy Grossman, With Pope Benedict XVI now officially retired, the Catholic church is without a full- Donna Bethell, fledged world leader. How will this impact the status quo? Sister Simone 3/4/13 RELI Cambell, 23:00 Social media has become an indispensable part of our everyday life. We tweet, we IM, we Facebook, we email, we chat with our coworkers online—even when they sit just two cubicles away. As a consequence, a new style of writing has emerged. We Mignon Fogarty, are writing shorter, we are using more acronyms and abbreviations, and much less Dr. Kelley punctuation. Crowley, Ben 3/4/13 CUL Zimmer 17:00 How could treating infants early help prevent the spread of H.I.V.? Is there a way to make these drugs more affordable? Could the United States see an AIDS-free 3/4/13 HEAL generation? Michael Gottlieb 7:00 John Myers, Political Editor for KXTV in Sacramento, covered this past weekend’s 3/4/13 POLI convention. He joins the show with an update. John Myers 6:41

Grow Elect is a political action committee formed to do just that by recruiting, funding and training Latino Republican candidates for public office. The group recently hired Ruben Barrales as its new president. Barrales former San Diego Regional Chamber 3/4/13 POLI of Commerce CEO also served under President George W. Bush. Ruben Barrales 8:45 Sentencing is set for Monday for Jose Renteria, convicted last month in the fatal drive by shooting of Sheriff''s Deputy Juan Abel Escalante. His death helped change a 3/4/13 LAW neighborhood. Rina Palta 3:46

Since he became the first former gang member granted political asylum in the United States, many have followed the activism and work of gang interventionist and Homies Unidos founder Alex Sanchez. But for the last three years, many have followed him 3/4/13 LAW for a different reason-his implication in a complicated, high-profile criminal case. Erin Siegal 3:48 On Friday President Obama accused Congressional leaders of failing to reach a compromise to avoid the impending spending cuts. the end of the day. We'll talk with 3/4/13 ECON some business owners who'll feel a direct impact because of sequestration. business 3:32 L.A. Times entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday 3/4/13 ENT update of the latest from Hollywood. Rebecca Keegan 8:54 Today, the Chinese government announced the creation of an international scriptwriting contest. The idea behind the contest is to target American writers. The winners of the "Tale of Beijing" contest will all get prize money and an all-expenses 3/4/13 ENT paid trip to Beijing to meet with potential investors. Clayton Dube 7:08 Stretching from Hollywood to Echo Park, the district is booming. A flood of candidates 3/4/13 POLI are on the ballot to represent the diverse area. Frank Stoltze 4:03 It's time for City Hall Pass, your ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. Frank Stoltze and 3/4/13 POLI On tap this week, tomorrow's primary election. Alice Walton 10:09 Peter Pin is a Cambodian photographer who's been documenting Cambodian 3/4/13 ART refugees as they adapt to life in America. Pete Pin 10:44 Patients with Alzheimer's disease and other dementias find peace and joy through 3/4/13 ART Music & Memory's personalized iPod music program. Stephanie O'Neill 6:32 A lot of Los Angeles' best-known landmarks — and eyesores — came about because of the whims of top city leaders. Where will the next L.A. mayor stand on architecture? Christopher Hawthorne, architecture critic for the LA Times, has talked to the mayoral candidates about city design, and discusses which L.A. spots could use the most Christopher 3/4/13 POLI work. Hawthorne 6:33 3/4/2013 POLI USC/LA Times poll shows Garcetti and Gruel in the lead CC :24 3/4/2013 TRAN LAX: no significant delays so far following sequestration CC :19 3/4/2013 POLI President Obama announces three cabinet picks, including EPA head CC :15 3/4/2013 Loh Life Forest Lawn Loh 2:37 3/4/2013 EDU SAT college test gets a redesign Romo :59 3/4/2013 POLI A preview of Tuesday's election Walton :38 3/4/2013 SAC Thousands of students push for tuition roll back at public universities and colleges Small :58 3/4/2013 TRAN Part of Coldwater Canyon to be closed for a month for water main replacement Moore :51 3/4/2013 LAW New jury heads into another day of deliberations in Bell corruption trial Moore 1:03

3/4/2013 TRAN More work ahead on 405 construction project after crews finish early this weekend Jahad 1:04 Jury deliberations underway in lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson over faulty hip 3/4/2013 HEAL implants Jahad :58 3/4/2013 POLI Mayoral elections take place in cities across LA McNary 1:44 City Attorney Carmen Trutanich suspends personal campaigning but messaging goes 3/4/2013 POLI on McNary :44 Sentencing scheduled in murder case that helped change a gang-ridlled 3/4/2013 LAW neighborhood Palta 3:46 3/4/2013 LAW Bomb threat evacuated Mission Community Hospital in Panorama City CC :05 3/4/2013 ENT Bobby Rogers of "The Miracles" dies CC :27 3/4/2013 SPOR The Clippers lose and the Lakers win on a busy Sunday at Staples Center CC :07 3/4/2013 EDU UC Davis study finds an achievement gap between races Almanzan 3:49 3/4/2013 ENT Jack the Giant Slayer' debuts number one at the box office CC :09 3/4/2013 POLI California's Republican Party plots a comeback Detrow 3:16 3/4/2013 HEAL Elderly woman dies at a Bakersfield retirement home after nurse refuses CPR CC :13 3/4/2013 ECON Warren Buffett says 'no thanks' to buying batch of papers that includes LA Times CC :07 3/4/2013 HIST Today is National Grammar Day CC :13 3/4/2013 LAW Defendant gets life in prison without parole in murder of deputy sheriff Palta :53 Immigration legislation supporters made a sto pat the California Capitol today to push 3/4/2013 POLI for immigration reform CC :16 3/4/2013 TRAN Measuring the impact of sequestration at airports in the first days Watt 1:14 3/4/2013 LAW Local journalist killed in Mexican border city Ortiz :38 3/4/2013 EDU Hundreds of college students rally at State Capitol CC :14 3/4/2013 LAW Federal appeals court overturns sections of Arizona's immigration law Joffe-Block :46 CA Dept of Education report shows fewer CA students attending school districts in 3/4/2013 EDU financial trouble CC :14 3/4/2013 POLI Chairman of the LA County Democratic Party speaks out on a misleading mailer Walton 1:24 3/4/2013 TRAN Angeles Crest Highway is closed while CHP investigates a fatal car crash CC :15 3/4/2013 EDU New report finds 65 fewere financially-troubled school districts than last year Quinton :52 3/4/2013 POLI Election is tomorrow Stoltze 3:20 A look at the legal ramifications of a Bakersfield woman who died after staff at her 3/4/2013 LAW independent living facility refused to administer CPR Plummer 1:57 3/4/2013 POLI Crowded 13th council district race Stoltze 4:04 3/4/2013 POLI Election is tomorrow Stoltze 3:19

The Dow measures the performance of 30 of America’s best-known companies, Paddy Hirsch, including General Electric, Chevron, and Wal-Mart, but does it accurately gauge the Christopher 3/5/13 ECON state of the U.S. economy? Should the average person care? Thornberg 13:00

Governor Jerry Brown recently put out a new proposal on how to fund schools should across the state. Essentially, inner-city school districts will get more money, while Lydia Cano, Alex 3/5/13 SAC suburban, tonier districts will get less. This proposal has some critics crying foul. Alvarez 21:00 With another election day upon us, why are Los Angeles voters so apathetic to Raphe 3/5/13 SAC politics in their own backyards? Sonenshein 11:00 How can authorities keep information flowing freely while also protecting more sensitive viewers? What lessons might the U.S. apply based on other countries’ Jennie Noll , Russ 3/5/13 ENT attempts at banning porn? Warner 17:00 As KPCC's Patt Morrison reminds us, the legacy of L.A. mayors is filled with racy stories and characters seemingly plucked from the pages of a Raymond Chandler 3/5/13 HIST novel. Patt Morrison 6:50

The traditional company wellness program — think free flu shots — is gradually giving 3/5/13 HEAL way to an approach that makes less healthy workers pay more for health insurance. Kelley Weiss 4:28 A new album from Helado Negro called "Invisible Life" comes out today. This is his third album, one that he made in his apartment in New York. Negro, whose real name is Roberto Carlos Lange, recently dropped by the studio to talk about his music and Roberto Carlos 3/5/13 ART the making of his latest album. Lange 6:15 We asked YOU what you think California's state rock song should be. Some said the fairly well-known tune "California" by the group Phantom Planet, and of course Tupac Shakur's "California Love" was a popular choice. But by far, the favorite was 3/5/13 ART "California Dreamin'" by the Mamas and the Papas. - 6:55 President Obama nominated environmental official Gina McCarthy to head the EPA and MIT professor Ernest Moniz as energy secretary. If they join the Cabinet, they could be key in pushing through the kind of climate change regulations that eluded 3/5/13 ENER the administration during the past four years. John Broder 5:05 This month, new standards for teaching science will be released and for the first time, and they will include a recommendation to teach kids about the evidence for man- 3/5/13 ENV made climate change starting as early as elementary school. Stacy Feldman 7:07

New Jersey is going all in. Governor Chris Christie has signed a bill making his state 3/5/13 ECON the third in the nation, after Nevada and Delaware, to legalize internet gambling. David Schwartz 6:39 Even though SimCity's been around for decades, fans on the Internet have been buzzing about the release of SimCity 5. With more on what makes SimCity so enduring is Jamin Warren, founder of the video game magazine and website Kill 3/5/13 TECH Screen. Jamin Warren 6:15 3/5/2013 ENT SoCal libraries are rolling out a new Netflix-style movie streaming service CC :15 3/5/2013 HEAL More companies are turnign to wellness programs with financial penalties Weiss 4:29 3/5/2013 MILI Members of CA National Guard head to Afghanistan Moffitt :49 3/5/2013 MILI Members of CA National Guard head to Afghanistan CC :18 3/5/2013 POLI Polling places open across Southern California Watt 1:15 3/5/2013 ENV Americans throw away about 40 percent of their food Khokha 1:11 3/5/2013 ECON Big companies up for sale in LA Lacter 3:52 3/5/2013 POLI Polling places open across Southern California Watt 1:09 Newport Beach wants to get rid of popular fire rings that line its beaches, but the 3/5/2013 OC Costal Commission is expected to say no Bergman 2:10 3/5/2013 POLI Voters head to the polls in Los Angeles CC :18 3/5/2013 OBIT Birds and the Bees' singer dies in Southern California CC :13 3/5/2013 ENV Rain and snow headed for Southern California Hurtes :34 3/5/2013 LAW legalizes online gambling; operators hope California will follow CC :14 3/5/2013 POLI A look at the polling center at 12139 National Blvd in Mar Vista CC :11

3/5/2013 HEAL LA County begins plannin gfor 150 more beds for LA County-USC Medical Center Martinez :48 3/5/2013 ECON Northrop Grumman plans to close its Dominguez Hills facility Lee :35 Poll worker wounded in shooting outside school auditorium that was serving as a 3/5/2013 LAW polling place CC :10 3/5/2013 DIS President Obama issued a major disaster declaration for the Navajo Nation Morales :37 California's new health benefit exchange may encourage workers to abandon plans 3/5/2013 HEAL for better coverage CC :14 California's new health benefit exchange may encourage workers to abandon plans 3/5/2013 HEAL for better coverage Lee :50 3/5/2013 TRAN LAX to unveil first look of upgrades to Tom Bradley International Terminal Moore 1:02 3/5/2013 SAC Seriffs say hundreds of felons in Southern CA jails serving 5 years or more Small 1:10 3/5/2013 LAW Sheriff Lee Baca is on Twitter and has a blog CC :07 3/5/2013 TRAN Study suggests state's local road system in disrepair Quinton :52

Redux is one word to sum up yesterday’s primary election. The mayoral race between City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel will head to a May 21 Frank Stoltze, runoff, with Garcetti getting 33 percent and Greuel locking in 29 percent of the vote. Fernando Guerra, 3/6/13 POLI Miguel Santana 15:00

Starting in April, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow certain small knives and items like hockey sticks, golf clubs and pool cues be permitted carry- on items on domestic flights. Do you think they should be allowed? Kelly Skyles, 3/6/13 TRAV Robert Poole 10:00 The city council of Newport Beach has voted to get rid of fire pits on the beach, and the California Coastal Commission is reviewing the city’s request for a permit to remove them in San Diego today. Nancy Gardner, 3/6/13 ENV Jack Wu 8:00

Venezuelans are stocking up on goods fearing destabilization in the country. The Miguel Tinker death of longtime leader Hugo Chavez yesterday may leave a leadership vacuum. Salas, Christopher 3/6/13 FOR Sabatini 12:00 Clinical psychologist Dr. Meg Jay's recent TED talk encouraged young adults to realize one thing—make your twenties count. Is Jay putting too much pressure on 20- somethings or is she underestimating them? 3/6/13 CUL Meg Jay 18:00 Yesterday's election brought no big surprises, at least in the mayor's race. City councilman Eric Garcetti and city controller Wendy Greuel took the lead in competition, and the two will now face off against each other in the runoff election, scheduled for May 21. KPCC's politics reporter Alice Walton joins the show to fill us in 3/6/13 POLI on the outcome of Measure A and more. Alice Walton 5:20 KPCC's Education Reporter Vanessa Romo fills us in on the results of those 3/6/13 POLI elections and what they mean for the nation's second largest school district. Vanessa Romo 4:54 The man charged with running L.A. Unified schools reacts to the results of Tuesday's election, the influence of money in the fractious campaign and the future of the city's 3/6/13 POLI schools. John Deasy 7:05 Teacher's Union President Warren Fletcher joins the show for his take on last night's 3/6/13 EDU elections. Warren Fletcher 7:27 It's time to get a get a little exercise and take a run through the world of sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the Los Angeles sports scene for over Andy and Brian 3/6/13 SPOR a decade for the Times and ESPN. Kamenetzky 5:32 Come May 21st, there will be two names on the ballot to become the next mayor of Los Angeles: City Councilman Eric Garcetti and City Controller Wendy Greuel. Neither candidate captured a majority of the vote. Garcetti won 33 percent of the vote 3/6/13 POLI last night and the Greuel won 29 percent. Eric Garcetti 5:30 Wendy Greuel joins the show to tell us about how she's different from her opponent Eric Garcetti, her views on education policy and gaining the campaign support of 3/6/13 POLI labor groups. Wendy Greuel 5:34 In an interview published earlier this week, he defends his handling of the sexual abuse scandal that has tainted his legacy. Here with an update on what Mahony is Barbie Latza 3/6/13 RELI saying is Barbie Latza Nadeau, Rome correspondent for the Daily Beast. Nadeau 5:58 Journalist Rory Carroll spent six years observing and writing about Chavez as Latin America correspondent for The Guardian. He's just published a book, "Comandante: 3/6/13 POLI Hugo Chavez's ," about the late president. Rory Carroll 8:49 3/6/2013 EDU Voter turnout continues downward spiral Romo 1:58 3/6/2013 POLI Rundown of primary council races, runoffs McNary 1:46 3/6/2013 OC CA Costal Commission postpones decision on Newport Beach fire rings Bergman 2:34 3/6/2013 SAC State Senator logs heavy absences in run up to primary for LA City Council post Small :37 3/6/2013 HEAL State lawmakers have questoins about Gov Brown's Medi-Cal expansion plan CC :15 After last night's city election, incumbents in Districts 2 and 4 hold onto their seast as 3/6/2013 EDU District 6 heads for a runoff Plummer 1:22 3/6/2013 ENV LA Harbor Commission set to approve railyard project Peterson :42 3/6/2013 POLI Election results Stoltze 3:34 3/6/2013 POLI Supporters reflect on runoff candidates for LA Mayor CC :11 Trutanich blames his second-place finish in city attorney's race on his lack of skill 3/6/2013 POLI working with the media CC :14 3/6/2013 POLI Election results Stoltze 1:44 3/6/2013 POLI Trutanich says he's still hurting after the recent death of his mother CC :13 3/6/2013 POLI LA Mayor's race pits Garcetti and Greuel in May runoff election CC :13 3/6/2013 POLI LA Mayor's race pits Garcetti and Greuel in May runoff election CC :16 3/6/2013 POLI Election results Stoltze 3:20 3/6/2013 POLI Election results Stoltze 3:20 3/6/2013 POLI Election results Romo 1:47 Cardinal Roger Mahony spoke out to an Italian newspaper about his handling of the 3/6/2013 RELI sex abuse scandals CC :25 3/6/2013 POLI Supporters reflect on runoff candidates for LA Mayor CC :18 3/6/2013 ECON Toyota makes changes at the top DeBord :30 3/6/2013 LAW Parents of deceased grad student claim negligence on the part of the college CC :16 3/6/2013 EDU Results of school board election CC :12 3/6/2013 TRAN Snowstorm in Midwest and on East Coast delays flights out of LA area airports Watt :47 3/6/2013 POLI The leading mayoral candidates brace for impact of Measure A's failure Walton 2:14 3/6/2013 POLI Legislative hearing looks at budget forecastnig mistakes at PUC CC :17 3/6/2013 LAW LA County undersheriff Tanaka retires Stoltze :58 3/6/2013 POLI Legislative hearing looks at budget forecastnig mistakes at PUC Quinton :54 3/6/2013 POLI City Union backs Greuel for mayor Stoltze :50 3/6/2013 LAW LA Countyundersheriff Paul Tanaka retires Stoltze 1:52 Senator Rand Paul - a Republican with strong Libertarian leanings - led a nearly 13- hour filibuster in the U.S. Senate yesterday. He began during proceedings to confirm John Brennan... Stephen Vladeck , 3/7/13 POLI John Bellinger 13:00 The Navy wants to increase the number of training activities off the coast of Camp Pendleton and San Diego. Tomorrow, the U.S. Navy Pacific Fleet will propose details of underwater exercises, but environmental advocacy groups warn that sound waves of sonars cause deadly harm to marine mammals. Michael Jasny, 3/7/13 MIL Alex Stone 17:00 California has banned driving while using a hand-held cellphone since July 2008. Is technology or behavioral modification the key to ending distracted driving? Jeffrey Coben, 3/7/13 TRAV Paul Atchley 13:00 Author Dan Baum is a self-professed Democrat and gun lover. Baum argues that appreciation of guns is not as polarizing as the media might have us believe. To prove his point, he set out on a road trip to discover what America’s gun culture really looks like. 3/7/13 CUL Dan Baum 19:00

In the wake of Tuesday’s election, L.A. could soon be without any women on its 15- 3/7/13 POLI member city council. It's possible that in a few months, only one will be a woman. Alice Walton 6:30 Here to discuss what might be ahead for the City of LA in the wake of Measure A's failure is Bob Stern, former president of the LA-based Center for Governmental 3/7/13 POLI Studies. Bob Stern 7:45 We’re always told that a cheery outlook is the path to long life, but a new German study published in this month’s journal Psychology and Aging finds that pessimism leads to positive health benefits because Debby Downers tend to take more 3/7/13 HEAL precautions, fewer risks. risks 5:03

Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Rico Gagliano and 3/7/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party radio show. Brendan Newnam 7:04 Outside the jails, there's been a spike in the number of parolees going rogue. Data released yesterday shows that more than 2,000 paroled sex offenders have gone missing after they removed their GPS tracking devices. That's a 15 percent jump 3/7/13 LAW since California's re-alignment law took effect. Julie Small 4:55 Children of Mexican immigrants are going to college in record numbers, but they see themselves differently from earlier generations of Mexican-Americans. From the 3/7/13 IMM Fronteras Desk, Adrian Florido reports. Adrian Florido 4:38 While the debate has been dominated by Latinos, a wide range of Asian ethnicities 3/7/13 IMM are making their voices heard in lobbying for immigration reform. Charlie Castaldi 4:15 The Lifeline program gives discounted landline phone service to nearly 1.5 million poor people in the state. But starting this week, cell phones are now an option, too. Jennifer 3/7/13 TECH That's good news for a specific segment of the population: the homeless. Freidenbach 7:12 The once powerful number two in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is retiring. Embattled Undersheriff Paul Tanaka will step down August first, amid allegations he condoned deputy violence against inmates inside LA County jails. That alleged abuse sparked a widespread FBI investigation. For more on Tanaka's 3/7/13 LAW departure, we turn to KPCC's Frank Stoltze. Frank Stoltze 5:47 3/7/2013 HEAL CDC arrives in LA for TB investigation Fox 1:50 3/7/2013 IMM Asian community speaks up on immigration reform Castaldi 3:54 3/7/2013 LAW Inmates starting to petition court for resentencing under Prop 36 Palta 2:44 3/7/2013 LAW Undersheriff Paul Tenaka decides to retire from the LASD Aguilar 1:52 3/7/2013 ECON New York private equity firm to acquire Hot Topic for $600 million Lee :36 3/7/2013 HEAL About 26 million people are living with diabetes in the US Martinez :52 3/7/2013 LAB A wildlife expert says woman shouldn't have been killed in lion attack CC :17 3/7/2013 LAW Jury asks for testimony to be read back ot them Aguilar :48 3/7/2013 ENV Mayor of Long Beach opposes railyard project in Wilmington CC :09 3/7/2013 ENV Mayor of Long Beach opposes railyard project in Wilmington CC :14 3/7/2013 ECON Time Warner unloading magazine business DeBord 1:07 3/7/2013 ENT Mike Tyson brings his one-man show to the Pantages Uknown :18 3/7/2013 LAW Seven three strike inmates were resentenced in an LA court Palta 1:25 3/7/2013 LAW Revived bill would allow CA employees to work flexible schedules Adler :46 3/7/2013 LAW Revived bill would allow CA employees to work flexible schedules CC :15 3/7/2013 OBIT Intern at exotic animal facility died by lion attack CC :11 3/7/2013 MILI Navy wants to increase use of sonar and underwater explosives CC :25 3/7/2013 MILI Navy wants to increase use of sonar and underwater explosives CC :18 3/7/2013 ART LACMA proposes merger plan with MOCA Watt 1:03 Bill that would expand health care coverage to low-income Californians moves a step 3/7/2013 POLI closer to passing CC :11 Yesterday, the venerable Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) proposed Christopher acquiring the troubled Museum of Contemporary Art. Could this signal a shake-up in Knight, Lynn 3/8/13 ART the L.A. art scene? Zelevansky 14:00

The Los Angeles Harbor Commission yesterday approved the Southern California International Gateway (SCIG), a $500 million rail yard project that will bring a large David Pettit, 3/8/13 ECON new rail yard and trucking depot to the area near the Port of Long Beach. Roger Nober 11:00 After a career punctuated by pulverizing opponents in the ring and serving time in prison for rape, Mike Tyson’s life after boxing has resembled a never-ending confessional. Tyson tonight begins a three-night show in L.A. where he tells it all and 3/8/13 ENT no topics are off limits. Mike Tyson 11:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Andy Klein, Henry Sheehan, and Charles Soloman Andy Klein, Henry to review the week’s new film releases including Oz the Great and Powerful, War Sheehan, Charles 3/8/13 ENT Witch, Dead Man Down, and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Solomon 33:00:00 Here's a thought to consider: "American politics today has migrated from an NFL atmosphere to the Hunger Games." That bleak assessment came from Dirk Kempthorne at a bi-partisan conference held earlier this week at the Ronald Reagan 3/8/13 POLI Library in Simi Valley. Dan Glickman 7:59 Former Sec. of Labor Hilda Solis talks about her possible run for a seat on the L.A. Board of Supervisors, her accomplishments in Obama's cabinet, and her speech 3/8/13 POLI during the Latino State of the Union. Hilda Solis 10:10

A break in the gridlock on Capitol Hill, some big economic news, and the anniversary James Rainey, 3/8/13 POLI of a cultural milestone. Time for our weekly review of the news, The Friday Flashback. and Nancy Cook 10:48 Because of sequestration, the FAA will be furloughing 47,000 employees, including air traffic controllers, starting next month. There might also be epic waits at the 3/8/13 TRAN security line because the TSA says cuts will reduce their staffing as well. Barbara Peterson 7:03 To help us navigate to the best of the best bedtime books, we've called in our 3/8/13 LIT resident children's book expert, Mara Alpert, a librarian with the LA Public Library. Mara Alpert 7:00 Actress Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve – Acton's 'pride' and joy – is an 80-acre parcel of land that houses and maintains lions, tigers, leopards ... any sort of big cat 3/8/13 ART in need of a home. Kevin Ferguson 5:41 Perhaps no one knows street food better than Bill Esparza. He's a food blogger who goes by the handle "Street Gourmet LA," and he's an expert at sniffing out the best 3/8/13 ART street eats around Southern California and even as far south as Baja. Bill Esparza 8:20 3/8/2013 POLI Funeral set for Hugo Chavez; Venezuelan-Americans in LA respond CC :18 Former Moreno Valley school board member Mike Rios convicted of pimping is to be 3/8/2013 LAW sentenced Friday Jahad :39 Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy says CA spends too much money on prison 3/8/2013 LAW system :19

3/8/2013 LAW Gov Brown and Atty General Harris honored two detectives killed in the line of duty CC :21 3/8/2013 ECON AT&T announces it's hiring 500 people in CA Watt :42 3/8/2013 LAW School board member Mike Rios sentenced to 14 yaers in prison Hurtes :33 3/8/2013 LAW Small claims court alternative a victim of budget cuts Palta 1:00 3/8/2013 DIS Fire damaged a restaurant in Berkeley CC :10 3/8/2013 POLI Mayoral candidates seek the endorsements of former rivals Walton :39 3/8/2013 ECON Disney to hire 1,000 veterans over the next two years Lee :53 Federal regulators have released documents that Senator Barbara Boxer says show 3/8/2013 OC that the operator of the San Onofre nuclear plant tried to shortchange safety Bergman :54 Jury selection begins in murder trial of aman who posed as member of the 3/9/2013 LAW Rockefeller family McCarty 1:02 The LA Times reported Wednesday that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art has officially moved to acquire the museum of contemporary art, located in downtown LA. The move would put under the same umbrella two of the larges museums in LA county. For details on the proposed deal, Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson talked Kevin Ferguson / 3/9/13 ART with Christopher Knight, art critic for the LA Times. Christopher Knight 4:00 Off-Ramp producer Kevin Ferguson visits actress and activist Tippi Hedren's big-cat Kevin Ferguson / preserve, Shambala. Ferguson speaks with Hedren about her experiences and the Tippi Hedren / 3/9/13 ENV director of Shambala Preserve, Chris Galluci. Chris Galluci 5:41 People have been playing video games competitively since Pac Man. As the popularity of video games grew, so did the size of the Jefferson Yen / tournaments. One tournament took place last month on the campus of UC Dana Graham / Irvine. Off Ramp contributor Jefferson Yen went to find out how things have changed Roger Tung / 3/9/13 SPOR since the arcade game's heyday. Kenneth Pope 4:10 Peter Sagal, host of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me, the NPR news quiz, Peter Sagal / John 3/9/13 cut some fundraising segments with John Rabe. Rabe 1:39 John Rabe / Mae Ryan / Charles John Rabe explores a fallout shelter kept in pristine condition at a house recently Phoenix / Chris purchase by Chris and Colleen Otcasek in the Valley. Inside, they found untouched Otcasek / Colleen 3/9/13 HIST Kleenex, sanitary napkins, canned food, sleeping bags, magazines, and more! Otcasek 10:12 LA sketch artist Mike Sheehan spent Election Night with the Garcetti camp at the 3/9/13 ART Avalon. Mark Sheehan 0:00 Comedian Dylan Brody comments on the role of social networking in the 3/9/13 ENT entertainment industry.Dylan Brody 3:12 Charles Solomon compares animation to dance and discusses the lack of animation 3/9/13 ART in LA's 'Rite of Spring' festival. Charles Solomon 3:52 3/10/2013 HEAL A UCSF study shows risk factors for Americans over 50 years old CC :14 3/10/2013 POLI Bill would force mattress manufacturers to set up a recyclnig program CC :12

3/10/2013 POLI Budget Chair Paul Krekorian says the city should expect drastic cuts to cloes deficit CC :19 3/10/2013 ECON Woodland Hills job fair draws 3,000 job applicants Lee 1:05 3/10/2013 ECON Ross Dress for Less opens store in Historic Downtown LA Lee 1:16 3/10/2013 TT New standards for teaching man-made global warming in schools CC :18 3/10/2013 SCI Team of USC engineering students fixes LA Coliseum thermometer CC :18 3/10/2013 POLI LA Mayor race is down to Garcetti and Greuel CC :30 As California moves toward implementation of Obamacare in the state, Governor Jerry Brown and Democratic state lawmakers have hit a speed bump in how the state will pay for coverage of the poorest Californians. Holly Mitchell, 3/11/13 HEAL Dylan Roby 13:00 In her new book, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg tells women they need to “lean in,” embrace success and self-confidence, take charge of their careers. But the problem is not just women themselves, she says - it’s ingrained societal prejudices. Avivah Wittenberg- 3/11/13 GEND Cox, Brett Singer 22:00 Venezuela’s government has announced that it plans to embalm the body of recently deceased leader Hugo Chavez, so that it may displayed in a glass coffin “eternally” and inspire to keep the socialist revolution alive. 3/11/13 FOR Nina Tumarkin 12:00 As the unemployment rate continues to drop, employers have large numbers of qualified candidates from which to choose. But many companies are taking a more cautious and timely approach to hiring new labor. What can convince employers to invest in their workforce and fill vacant positions? Have you been run through the 3/11/13 ECON ringer to get a job? Cynthia Shapiro 23:00 Last week, California congressman Mark Takano wrote a letter saying that he would vote against any cuts to Medicare, Medicaid or Social Security benefits, and that he Michael A. 3/11/13 POLI would stand strong against raising the retirment age. Fletcher 9:01 Writer Mark Seal tells the story of Christian Gerhartsreiter in his book , "The Man in 3/11/13 ART the Rockefeller Suit." Mark Seal 11:17 Time now for our regular Hollywood update from Rebecca Keegan of the L.A. Times. 3/11/13 ART She's in Austin today, for the annual South by Southwest festival. Rebecca Keegan 7:32 Every year, volunteers around the nation count the number of homeless in their communities, but a specific segment of the homeless population often gets missed: 3/11/13 YOUT young people. Leo Duran 5:19 Drive across the Southwest and you are likely to encounter a Border Patrol Checkpoint. These roadside stations are set up to check immigration status. But what David Martin 3/11/13 LAW happens next is an open question. Davies 3:37

The mobile apps "Words With Friends" and "Fruit Ninja" provide a great distraction from work, but what about apps that can be the basis for work themselves? Are there 3/11/13 TECH apps that can be considered as a job creator? We'll find out. - 5:13 Imagine this: In the not-too-distant future, space might not be the place for just scientists or astronauts. It could be home to everyday people and artists too. Drew 3/11/13 ART Tewksbury from KCET's Artbound has the story. Drew Tewksbury 4:54 An online listing of outpatient surgery centers is incomplete and lacks required information on owners, their license numbers, and accreditation problems. The state 3/11/13 TECH says they're working on it. Stephanie O'Neill 4:27

3/11/2013 DIS LA fire deputy in Fukushima on second anniversary of Japan earthquake and tsunami CC :18 3/11/2013 ENV Enviromental groups filed a lawsuit against the US Forest Service Morales :49 Inland area voters in special election to fill 42nd Assembly seat vacated by Negrete- 3/11/2013 POLI McLeod McNary :42 3/11/2013 ENT Loh Life Les Miz Loh 2:42 3/11/2013 EDU New safety measure would require classroom doors to lock from the inside Russ :51 3/11/2013 EDU New safety measure would require classroom doors to lock from the inside CC :16 3/11/2013 ENV The first killer whale sighting in Orange County happened on Saturday Lee :54 3/11/2013 ENT TV Hall of Fame adds six members Lee :58 The Medical Board of California's database fails to provide consumers with data 3/11/2013 HEAL required by law O'Neill 4:28 3/11/2013 ECON Gas prices drop in SoCal CC :11 3/11/2013 IMM US Customs and Border Protection suffers budget cuts due to sequestration Replogle 3:54 3/11/2013 SAC State Sunset Review of Medical Board, rally prescription drug deaths Aguilar 1:23 3/11/2013 HEAL New bill intends to make health care more stable for the working poor CC :18 3/11/2013 HEAL New bill intends to make health care more stable for the working poor Bartolone 1:00 Kocavik and crew were among the last to be let inside the Sistine Chapel before the 3/11/2013 RELI doors closed on pope discussions Kocavik 1:39 3/11/2013 RELI Pope watch: Cardinals prepare for Tuesday's conclave CC :14 3/11/2013 ENV Anza store owner felt earthquake while filling up propane tank for customer CC :08 Court says reasonable suspicion required before border agents can search 3/11/2013 LAW computers Florido 1:20 3/11/2013 DIS A series of quakes hit SoCal Monday morning CC :12 3/11/2013 LAW Deliberations endter third week in Bell city criminal trial Moore :58 A majority of women with ovarian cancer don't receive recommended treatment, study 3/11/2013 HEAL says O'Neill :57 A 4.7 earthquake rattled Southern California this morning shortly before 10 o'clock, 3/11/2013 IE rattling the nerves of top tennis players competing in Indian Wells Bergman :53 3/11/2013 POLI Attorney Carmen Trutanich files an ethics complaint against his political rival Walton :40 3/11/2013 ECON The tallest building west of the Mississippi has been sold DeBord :35 3/11/2013 EDU Army suspends Tuition Assistance program in wake of sequestration Plummer 1:13 Is legislation the most to help people make informed choices about their health? If not, is price control a better way? Is putting a graphic advisory, a la cigarette packages in countries like Canada or England, the way to go? What's the most effective way to help consumers make the decision to kick certain bad habits 3/12/13 HEAL themselves? Dr. Peter Ubel 13:00 Who can we trust as consumers? How can we sniff out bogus reviews? What are Bing Liu, Adam 3/12/13 TECH consumer review sites doing about this growing problem? Medros 23:00 Not that anybody needs a good excuse to go to Rome, but this week is an especially crowded one there as journalists flock to Vatican City to pontificate on the selection of the next pope. And as Kevin Roderick noted in LAObserved today, local news outlets who tend to give short shrift to Sacramento politics seem to be especially well- represented there. Channel 2, KCAL 9, NBC 4, KTLA 5 and ABC 7 all have reporters Todd Mokhtari, 3/12/13 RELI on the scene. Kelly McBride 13:00 Have you dealt with the grief process online? Do you prefer privacy while you mourn, or can the support of an online community be beneficial? Is group grief a natural Ross MacDonald, 3/12/13 DIV impulse? Is it healthy? Karen North, 23:00

North Korea is threatening to break a 1953 truce and declare war against its neighbor to the south, and against the United States. Observers say even for a country known 3/12/13 FOR for saber rattling, the North Koreans are acting with particular belligerence. Daniel Sneider 9:04 Today in Rome, Catholic Cardinals are meeting to decide who'll be the next pope. The meeting, known as a papel conclave, is expected to last several days. We sent KPCC's Charles Castaldi to visit a couple of churches in Los Angeles to hear what 3/12/13 RELI parishioners are looking for in a new leader. Charles Castaldi 4:05 A new survey by Latino Decisions, a political opinion research firm, shows that across 3/12/13 LAW the board, Latinos support stronger gun laws. Adrian Pantoja 6:07 Although 72-year-old Harry Taussig is an icon for many guitar aficionados, he's never 3/12/13 ART performed live. That's about to change. Alex Cohen reports. Alex Cohen 9:05 State lawmakers are taking a close look at the Medical Board of California, and whether it’s doing enough to police doctors who freely prescribe painkillers. A recent L.A. Times investigation found the medical board took so long to investigate doctors suspected of prescription abuse that 30 of their patients died while the probe was 3/12/13 LAW underway. Scott Glover 6:55 One of the biggest tennis tournaments of the year is going on right now right here in Southern California. The BNP Paribas Open at Indian Wells attracts major tennis stars and hundreds of thousands of fans, and is proof that American tennis is alive and well. KPCC's Ben Bergman has been at the tournament and joins us now with an 3/12/13 SPOR update. Ben Bergman 5:49 Even when you think you are home alone, you're not. Your house is teeming with tiny roommates in the form of microbes. Almost all of them are harmless, and now scientists are trying to determine which microbes like to hang out in the living room, and which prefer, say, the water heater. Science writer Veronique Greenwood joins Veronique 3/12/13 SCI the show with more. Greenwood 4:56

The Heat are on an 18-game winning streak, the 7th longest streak in NBA history. Granted, the team does have one of the best players on the planet, Lebron James, and he's been having an exceptionally good season. But is a streak like this a 3/12/13 SPOR measure of how good a team is, or just good old fashioned luck? Alan Reifman 7:13 3/12/2013 POLI Special elections in Pomona, Fontana and Ontario today Adler :46 3/12/2013 POLI Two special elections in State Senate districts today CC :07 3/12/2013 RELI LA Catholics discuss what they are looking for in a new pope Castaldi 4:05 Lawmakers hold hearing on Medical Board investigation practices on doctors who 3/12/2013 SAC freely prescribe painkillers Small 3:16 3/12/2013 ECON Lacter on weekend box office Lacter 3:29 3/12/2013 ECON CSU Chancellor promises not to raise tuition for two years CC :19

3/12/2013 LAW CA Chief Justice delivered State of the Judiciary speech, railed against budget cuts CC :18 3/12/2013 DIS Three men hospitalized after a fire while making pot butter CC :07 3/12/2013 LAW LAPD will not be giving a new truck to the women shot during the Dorner manhunt CC :13 3/12/2013 RELI Robert Kovacik in Rome Kovacik 3;15 3/12/2013 DC NASA rover finds conditions suited to lfie on ancient Mars Felde 1:35 3/12/2013 LAW Women shot during Dorner pursuit still haven't gotten their promised truck CC :14 3/12/2013 DC NASA rover finds conditions suited to lfie on ancient Mars CC :13 3/12/2013 OBIT Founder of Cardenas Markets has died Trujillo 2:46 Companies, organizations with a stake in immigration reform are spending big bucks 3/12/2013 IMM to lobby legislators Replogle :53 3/12/2013 LAW Beck's personal data swiped by computer hackers CC :14 A coalition of advocacy groups is calling on CA lawmakers to leave the state's 3/12/2013 ECON landmark environmental law alone CC :06 A coalition of advocacy groups is calling on CA lawmakers to leave the state's 3/12/2013 ECON landmark environmental law alone CC :09 3/12/2013 SAC Democrats reject prison stays for paroled sex offenders who fail to register Small 1:11 3/12/2013 DC Mayor and hundreds of other Anelenos lobby for LA Felde :54 A new USC study predicts that by the end of this year, for the first time in recorded 3/12/2013 IMM history, a majority of LA County residents will be native Californians Berestein Rojas :50 3/12/2013 DC Mayor not wistful about missing out on Transportation Secretary CC :13 3/12/2013 OBIT Founder of Cardenas Markets has died CC :13 3/12/2013 OBIT Founder of Cardenas Markets has died Unknown 3:16 3/12/2013 ENV LA Supes postpone vote on stormwater property tax for at least a year Peterson :55 3/12/2013 SAC Democrats reject prison stays for paroled sex offenders who fail to register CC :11 We've poured billions of dollars in the war against terror. But according to James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, the country now has a newer, bigger enemy: cyber attacks. 3/13/13 POLI Dave McIntyre 12:00 Robert Moynihan, The 115 cardinals in Rome have chosen a new pope. White smoke billows up from Professor Cecil M. chimney of the Sistine Chapel, the bells of St. Peter's Basilica are ringing, and Robeck, Charles 3/13/13 RELI everyone watched as Argentine Jorge Mario Bergoglio was named the new pope. Reid 40:00:00 California Democrats are celebrating this morning. Last night they eked by in the polls 3/13/13 POLI to reclaim their Supermajority in the state senate. John Myers 9:36

3/13/13 EDU School offers child care program – but will sequestration cuts force it to scale back? Deepa Fernandes 5:45 A bill being introduced today could have huge implications for higher education in California. The legislation would require the state's public colleges and university to give credit to students when they take online courses, substituting for on campus 3/13/13 EDU classes they couldn't register for. Jeffrey Young 7:06

The Los Angeles Unified School District announced Tuesday that it settled 58 lawsuits over Berndt's alleged misconduct. But nearly two-thirds of the 191 civil suits 3/13/13 EDU filed against the nation's second-largest school district in the case remain unresolved. Vanessa Romo 4:08 It's time to get a get a little exercise and take a run through the world of sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the Los Angeles sports scene for over Andy and Brian 3/13/13 SPOR a decade for the Times and ESPN. Kamenetzky 9:52

Take Two's new recurring feature with Chris Nichols, editor at LA Weekly magazine. 3/13/13 ART On tap this week, ex-Disney Imagineer and amusement park designer . Chris Nichols 7:32 A new report by the Center for Investigative Reporting shows wait times for benefit 3/13/13 MIL checks have skyrocketed under the Obama administration. Aaron Glantz 7:48 A program at UCLA works to bridge the divide between military and civilian worlds. It pairs LA families with injured service members coming to town for reconstructive 3/13/13 MIL surgery. As Josie Huang found, it's an education for everybody. Josie Huang 5:01

If you were to invent a viable alternative to an e-book, you might want to patent it. For the past 200 years, that patent filing process has remained pretty much unchanged, 3/13/13 ECON but this Saturday the system is shifting from first to invent to first to file. Eric Talley 7:38 It's a brave new world, and we're not talking about the Aldous Huxley novel. How much authors should get off of used eBooks is up in the air, and Take Two examines 3/13/13 LIT how the digital world is affecting the publishing world. Jenny Shank 7:25 President Enrique Peña Nieto on Monday touted proposed new reforms to boost competition in Mexico's highly concentrated telecommunications sector, moves that could weaken the influence of billionaire Carlos Slim and television giant Televisa. We’ll speak with Tim Johnson, the Mexico City bureau chief for McClatchy 3/13/13 ECON Newspapers. Tim Johnson 6:11 Can't get a ticket to one of the hundreds of bands at South by Southwest in Austin, Texas? Well, it's not the only music fest in town. The 3rd annual Mexican-American Experience kicks off today, and and just like SXSW, the two-day event brings together 3/13/13 ART acts from all over the world. Leonard Davila 6:18 Programs in Baldwin Park school district that serve teen moms facing sequestration 3/13/2013 ECON cuts Fernandes 5:45 Advocates demand that the bank do something about its foreclosure pipeline in 3/13/2013 ECON California DeBord 1:16 California lawmakers want to allow some healthcare workers to expand their range of 3/13/2013 HEAL services under the ACA Bartolone 1:08 3/13/2013 ECON California takes six weeks to process business filings, other states take five days CC :20 3/13/2013 SCI A sea lion rescue center deals with an excess of stranded sea lion pups Plummer 2:11 A coalition of advocacy groups is calling on CA lawmakers to leave the state's 3/13/2013 ECON landmark environmental law alone Adler 1:33 3/13/2013 SAC Gov Brown proposes redistribution of education funding Shuler 3:44 3/13/2013 ECON LAUSD settles lawsuits over teacher misconduct CC :08 3/13/2013 RELI LA Archdiocese settles in 4 sex abuse cases Unknown 3:48 UCLA Anderson Forecast says US Economy is slowly ramping up for some real 3/13/2013 ECON growth, and California will share in that growth Watt 1:48 3/13/2013 LAW LA Archdiocese settles in 4 sex abuse cases CC :18 Inland area voters in special election to fill 42nd Assembly seat vacated by Negrete- 3/13/2013 POLI McLeod McNary :58 3/13/2013 LAW Lawyer for plaintiffs in Michael Baker abuse case criticizes Mahony CC :08 3/13/2013 ECON Cash investors are dominating the Southern California real estate market DeBord :44 3/13/2013 TT Lawmakers in California consider offering online courses for college credit CC :12 3/13/2013 DC More than 150 Angelenos lobbying Capitol Hill CC :21 3/13/2013 RELI Father Greg Boyle reacts to selection of Francis I CC :17 UCLA Anderson Forecast says US Economy is slowly ramping up for some real 3/13/2013 ECON growth, and California will share in that growth Watt :57 3/13/2013 DC More than 150 Angelenos lobbying Capitol Hill Felde :52 3/13/2013 RELI Governor Brown shares his reactions to the election of a jesuit pope CC :01 3/13/2013 RELI Governor Brown shares his reactions to the election of a jesuit pope CC :09 3/13/2013 RELI Election of Pope Francis marks first Latin-American and first Jesuit pope CC :20 3/13/2013 RELI LA Archbishop announced Pope selection at noon mass CC :14 3/13/2013 RELI Reaction to the first Jesuit pope CC :11 3/13/2013 POLI CA Governor says he supports the people regulating fracking CC :15 3/13/2013 ECON California and Florida have switched places as the foreclosure crisis grinds on DeBord :43 3/13/2013 RELI Rabbi Hier hails election of Pope Francis CC :13 3/13/2013 HEAL Advocates for the poor urge lawmakers to restore welfare-to-work funding CC :07 3/13/2013 HEAL Advocates for the poor urge lawmakers to restore welfare-to-work funding CC :08 3/13/2013 RELI Southland Latinos react to new Argentinian Pope Guzman 2:40 Ever since Pope Francis was named the new pope yesterday, many are asking, “Who is he?” Will Pope Francis address the issues of the Catholic Church today? Will his papacy bring in reform or will it just pass by unnoticed in history? How will being a Father Thomas Jesuit and Latin American pope influence the papacy? Rausch, Cathy 3/14/13 RELI Lynn Grossman 13:00 Is teaching deprivation the best way to achieve long-term health for overweight kids? Should potentially vulnerable teens go through this process on national television? Will it help parents and kids who are dealing with the same issues? Dave Broome, Dr. 3/14/13 YOUT Yoni Freedhoff 18:00 Is extending alcohol service hours a good idea? Would it make California cities more exciting tourism destinations? Could it put a stress on public transportation or cause more drunk driving accidents? Guest: Mark Leno, Democratic State Senator, 3rd District (San Francisco) Mark Leno, Bruce 3/14/13 ECON Lee Livingston 17:00 There’s a new military medal and it’s getting a lot of flak. Last month, former Lieutenant Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta last month approved the new Distinguished Commander Warfare Medal, which is awarded to drone pilots and cyber warfare troops that do not Nathan directly engage in ground combat. Christenson, Joe 3/14/13 MIL Davis 14:00 How will the future of AEG affect L.A. sports? Should Anschutz have sold the 3/14/13 SPOR company? Sam Farmer 5:00 Have you ever ignored a jury summons? Have you ever served on a jury? What will you do next time you’re called? 3/14/13 LAW Andrew Ferguson 12:00 When songwriter and folk hero Woody Guthrie died in 1967 at the age of 55, he left behind paintings, sketches, journals, and over 3,000 songs. His autobiography, "Bound For Glory," was published in 1943 and has become somewhat of a cult classic. But almost 50 years after his death, his only known novel has been 3/14/13 ART published. Douglas Brinkley 17:00 Yesterday the world witnessed the selection of Pope Francis of Buenos Aires, formerly Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio. He is not only the first pope from outside Europe in modern times, but also the first Jesuit, the first from Latin America, and the first named Francis, in recollection of St. Francis of Assisi, who dedicated his life to Leslie Berestein 3/14/13 RELI helping the poor. Rojas 2:22 California's Earthquake Early Warning System gave scientista a 30-second heads up, and that, in the future, might be enough to save lives. Thomas Heaton is the Director of the Earthquake Engineering Research Laboratory at Caltech joins the show with 3/14/13 SCI more. Thomas Heaton 7:45 Los Angeles County is getting a new Assistant Sheriff for custody. In other words a Jails Chief who'll be responsible for running the largest jail system in the country. 3/14/13 LAW Monday is Terri McDonald's first day on the job. Rina Palta 6:23

"Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell and its creator Rob Thomas launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise 2 million bucks for a movie version of the teen drama which 3/14/13 ENT debuted in 2004. It worked. In less than 24 hours they raised all the money. Alan Sepinwall 7:20 A nationwide shortage of honeybees could begin harming the global supply of 3/14/13 SCI almonds, which are largely grown in California, farmers and biologists say. Wendy Lee 3:36 Monarch butterfly populations are at their lowest in 20 years, with a 59 percent drop from just over a year ago. Each year these majestic insects migrate thousands of miles between the upper-U.S. and Canada to northern Mexico and Southern 3/14/13 SCI California. Chip Taylor 8:26 It's time for City Hall Pass, your ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. Frank Stoltze and 3/14/13 POLI On tap this week, tomorrow's primary election. Alice Walton 8:34

The LA Better Business Bureau is the first local chapter of the national organization to 3/14/13 ECON be expelled since Miami, 25 years ago. But do consumers still care about its ratings? Matthew DeBord 5:53 Samsung unveils its new smartphone, the Galaxy S4, in New York. Could this new 3/14/13 TECH iteration of the Galaxy series give the iPhone a run for its money (and its users)? Dan Ackerman 7:02 Rico Gagliano and Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and Brendan Francis 3/14/13 ART Brendan Francis Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party radio show Newnam 4:44 Soda Stream, the cola DIY is pulling out all the stops to try to make a dent in the American pop market. With more we're joined by Joshua Rothman who wrote about 3/14/13 ECON Soda Stream in the The New Yorker. Joshua Rothman 6:43 Here with more on the delicate balance between work and family, especially here in Southern California, we're joined by Darby Saxbe, a mother of two who works as 3/14/13 ECON assistant professor of psychology at USC. Darby Saxbe 7:51

3/14/2013 ECON This year's almond crop could be impacted by the declining population of honey bees Lee 3:36 3/14/2013 LAW Expert hired to help lower suicide rate in state prison gives up Small 1:45 The elextion ysterday of Argentina's Joge Bergoglio as the first pope from Latin 3/14/2013 RELI America drew excitement and praise in Southern California Bergman 2:22 3/14/2013 HOUS US foreclosure rates drop to 6-year low CC :11 Leader of California senate wants to provide online courses for credit at state colleges 3/14/2013 EDU and universities Adler 1:03 3/14/2013 HEAL California senator introduced bill to help meet new patient demands under ACA CC :11 Nuclear Energy Institute says there's enough uranium in Arizona to power LA for 124 3/14/2013 ENV years Morales 3:45 3/14/2013 LAB San Francisco Symphony musicians are on strike CC :11 3/14/2013 LAW State corrections officials catch parolee that had eluded them for 3 decades Watt :45 3/14/2013 TT Testing a new earthquake detection system CC :20 3/14/2013 DC Assault weapons ban bill makes it out of committee Felde :59 3/14/2013 POLI LA City Councilman Bill Rosendahl reacts to personnel change at AEG CC :12 AEG is no longer for sale. The Anchutz Company will retain ownership. Sports 3/14/2013 SPOR consultant says price must not have been right. CC :16 3/14/2013 LAW Legal aid groups sue LA courts for cutting eviction hearing services Aguilar 1:06 3/14/2013 LAW SEIU rallies against court budget cuts CC :09 3/14/2013 SAC Riverside lawmakers renew push for medical school funds Small 1:48 3/14/2013 LAW Police reclassify case of missing Fox exec as a homicide investigation Moore 1:15 3/14/2013 SPOR Future of NFL team in LA is uncertain now that AEG is no longer for sale CC :25 3/14/2013 DC CA members report on Obama meetings Felde 1:01 3/14/2013 EDU State sends out far fewer pink slips down from last year CC :10 3/14/2013 POLI Brown administration releases Delta Tunnel plan CC :10 3/14/2013 ECON Frank talks about Anschutz's decision to not sell AEG, what it means for LA team Stoltze 5:31 Two women shot by LAPD during the search for Dorner will get $40,000 to buy a new 3/14/2013 LAW truck Aguilar 1:25 3/14/2013 RELI Mahony defends his participation in choosing the Pope CC :14 Fans of the TV detective series 'Veronica Mars' have raised $3.3 million and counting to get the show onto the big screen. More than 50,000 people have made donations to the Veronica Mars movie project on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter and Warner Dawn 3/15/13 MEDI Bros. agreed to distribute and market the film. Chmielewski 24:00:00 The idea of using “truth serum” to get a subject to open up and spill the beans goes back to ancient Rome, when people noticed the tongue-loosening effects of wine. But is information obtained under the influence admissible in court? This week, a judge in Colorado ruled that prosecutors could use a “truth serum” to extract uninhibited Park Dietz, Royal 3/15/13 HEAL testimony from James Holmes. F. Oakes 24:00:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Tim Cogshell, Claudia Puig, and Charles Soloman Tim Cogshell, to review the week’s new film releases including The Call, The Incredible Burt Claudia Puig, 3/15/13 ENT Wonderstone, Spring Breakers, and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Charles Solomon 31:00:00 Perhaps you grew up knowing of Cynthia Ann Parker or perhaps you know her story from Ford's 1950s Western, "The Searchers." Glenn Frankel tells Larry about how 3/15/13 ENT this story has influenced America's treatment of cultural divides. Glenn Frankel 17:00 The Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) convened this week. Take Two checks in on the week’s agenda and where conservatives’ conversation on 3/15/13 POLI immigration stands. Alex Burns 7:57 Jerry Brown has water on his mind. Yesterday, the Governor unveiled a $23 billion plan to overhaul how the state moves water from north to south. But while the plan for this new plumbing is still in the developmental stages, critics are already coming out 3/15/13 SAC against it. Paul Rogers 6:22 Time for our weekly review of the news, The Friday Flashback. Here with us in the studio, James Rainey, political columnist for the LA Times and from New York, Heidi Moore, U.S. finance and economics editor for The Guardian economic and fiscal James Rainey, 3/15/13 POLI policy correspondent for The National Journal. and Heidi Moore 12:21 Take Two's new series, Neighborhoods, hopes to change what we know, or think we 3/15/13 ART know, about the city. First up, exploring Boyle Heights. Tess Vigeland 8:32

In the late 70s, a curious event took place in Manhattan: the arrival of the “Treasures of Tutankhamun,” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Millions of people 3/15/13 ART visited, and it caused a huge shift in how museums marketed special collections. David Kamp 10:19 L.A. Live was Tim Leiweke's baby, and he was the biggest cheerleader for bringing a 3/15/13 ECON football stadium to downtown LA. So what happened? Arash Markazi 6:48 The NFL announced this week it'll spend $60 million to research and develop new technology to prevent future injuries. But there might be millions more to be had by companies that are springing up to offer their own equipment and products to the 3/15/13 SPOR league. Darren Heitner 7:17 Take a look at the laptop or computer screen that's closest to you and you may see a little camera. As it turns out, hacking that little camera and viewing your entire life isn't 3/15/13 TECH that hard. We’ll talk with Nate Anderson from Ars Technica. Nate Anderson 6:46 The LA County Science Fair may not have enough money to provide basics like tables and chairs in the hall where projects will be displayed. Meghan McCarty 3/15/13 ECON reports. Meghan McCarty 6:41 A Pew Research study found fathers are increasingly concerned about their kids and Jeremy Adam 3/15/13 YOUT they worry they're not doing a good job as a parent. Smith 9:18 At first, Ellison was seen as a huge boon to pro tennis, but now some tournament 3/15/13 SPOR owners complain that the billionaire has been spending too much. Ben Bergman 3:25 AEG is no longer for sale. The Anchutz Company will retain ownership. Sports 3/15/2013 SPOR consultant says price must not have been right. Watt 2:43 John Rabe / After losing their baby, the Banks family donate a bassinet they had already bought to Xiomara Padilla- the Hollywood LAPD 'Soft Room.' John Rabe talks to the Banks family about their Banks / Darnell loss, what a soft room is and why it is helpful to families that find themselves in a Banks / LAPD Lt. 3/16/13 OBIT police station. Marc Reina 4:31

John Rabe talks with Father Greg Boyle about the new Pope, sex scandals, and what John Rabe / 3/16/13 RELI he hopes to see in a new leader. Father Greg Boyle 11:27 Maya Sugarman / Maya Sugarman talks to the latest Instagram challenge winner: Salvador Cappiello Salvador 3/16/13 ART who lives in Caracas, Venezuela. Cappiello 3:25 Mukta Mohan talks with Sara Velas about the Velaslavaysay Panorama in West Adams. Currently, founder and artist Sara Velas has a panorama on display called The Effulgence of the North. It's an immersive exploration of an arctic night scene illuminated by the Aurora Borealis, surrounding the reader at over feet in Mukta Mohan / 3/16/13 ART circumference and heights of up to 12 feet. Sara Velas 4:04 John Rabe talks with James Fearnley about being in a Brit-Irish punk band, firing their John Rabe / 3/16/13 ART a band member and Americans on St. Patrick's day. James Fearnley 7:39 According to Haefele: Amy Wilentz, who teaches at UC Irvine's literary journalism program, has been writing about the troubled little nation since 1986. She keeps these elements in proper proportion, and tells a rippingly human story in her latest book, Farewell, Fred Voodoo … "Fred Voodoo" being the media’s name for Haiti’s 3/16/13 LIT man on the street. Marc Haefele 3:40 In an emotionally charged Ohio courtroom yesterday, two high school students were convicted of raping a drunk and apparently unconscious girl at a party last summer. The two football players were sentenced as juveniles to a minimum of one-year for 3/18/13 YOUT sexually assaulting an unidentified 16-year old. Rachel Dissell 24:00:00 Is the Republican party out of touch? Will it take heed of this dire warning, or are its 3/18/13 POLI leaders clinging to conservative principles at its own peril? Paul West 8:00 Michael Moss joins Larry to talk about his work and how to eat healthy in a salty, 3/18/13 HEAL sugary, fatty world. Michael Moss 15:00 In October, 20,000 workers hired by the state will enroll Californians in the state’s new health insurance exchange, Covered California. The workers won’t be government employees, but they will be handing quite a bit of personal information. Should they Carla Saporta, 3/18/13 SAC undergo strict background checks? Pam Dixon 13:00

What does it take to change someone’s mind about LGBT rights on a personal level? A son or daughter? A prominent celebrity? A friend of a friend? How effective are 3/18/13 LGB these personal connections at changing public opinion in big (or small) ways? 17:00

“Our family’s falling apart.” When Bruce Feiler’s father spoke those words to him, Feiler had to face reality. And perhaps he’s not the only one who’s ever been in that 3/18/13 YOUT position. In his new book, Feiler writes about "The Secrets of Happy Families." Bruce Feiler 17:00 Former Civil Rights attorney Thomas Perez has been picked to replace Hilda Solis as labor secretary. The son of Dominican immigrants is the first Latino to be nominated to the Presidents' second term cabinet. We’ll speak with Matt Vasilogambros covers Matt 3/18/13 POLI the White House for the National Journal. Vasilogambros 7:29 Fifty years ago today, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously ruled that in criminal cases, state courts must provide counsel for defendants who are unable to afford an attorney. The case was Gideon v. Wainwright, and though it's a half-century old, the decision may be more timely than ever due to budget cuts on the California court Tani Cantil- 3/18/13 LAW system. Sakauye 8:56 This month marks the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq. We take a look back at the decade of war through the eyes of some Southern California veterans. 3/18/13 FOR KPCC’s Josie Huang reports. Josie Huang 6:19

David Gilkey is a staff photographer and video editor for NPR, and was one of the first unilateral journalists to cross the border into Iraq while embedded with the U.S. Army. 3/18/13 ART He talks about the images he captured, and what it was like working in a war zone. 13:30 L.A. Times entertainment reporter Rebecca Keegan joins us for her regular Monday 3/18/13 ENT update of the latest from Hollywood. Rebecca Keegan 8:54 Environmentalists give the outgoing mayor high marks for his efforts to increase the 3/18/13 ENV use of renewable energy, get off of coal, conserve water, and cut air pollution. Molly Peterson 4:36 Three of LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s green talking points have wider 3/18/13 ENV implications, either beyond the city or beyond environmental policy or both. Molly Peterson 3:39

Few consumers are welcoming the new Los Angeles Dodgers/Time Warner Cable TV deal because many assume the cost per month will be high. The team has yet to 3/18/13 SPOR submit their television deal to Major League Baseball for approval. We’ll find out why. Andrew Zimabalist 6:37 All of LA's nearly 4,400 intersections that have a signal, are now monitored and synchronized for better traffic flow. It's the first city in the world to do it. Reporter Colin 3/18/13 TRAN Berry has the story. Colin Berry 4:08

This morning, the Republican National Committee released a new report on its shortcomings. The 98-page analysis has been dubbed an "autopsy" of the GOP, following failures in last fall's election. For more on the digital future of the Republican 3/18/13 POLI Party, we're joined now by Steve Friess, technology reporter with POLITICO. Steve Friess 6:42 Last year, 38-year-old Ian Thorson died of apparent dehydration in a cave in southeastern Arizona. Earlier that year, he and his wife Christie McNally travelled to Arizona’s Diamond Mountain to pursue Buddhist perfection. Much of how he died has 3/18/13 LAW been shrouded in mystery. Scott Carney 14:59 3/18/2013 Loh Life Craveables Loh 2:40 3/18/2013 HEAL Media campaign tries to bring attention to uninsured Californians CC :05 3/18/2013 HEAL Media campaign tries to bring attention to uninsured Californians CC :12 3/18/2013 DC More worry than reality in sequestration fears so far Felde 3:28 3/18/2013 POLI Budget Committee hosts a public hearing on the 2013 budget Walton :29 3/18/2013 LAW Deliberations enter fourth week in Bell city criminal trial Moore 1:05 3/18/2013 ENV Assessing LA Mayor Villaraigosa's environmental legacy Peterson 4:37 3/18/2013 HEAL Media campaign tries to bring attention to uninsured Californians Bartolone 1:11 3/18/2013 TRAN Road closures this week to build a truck lane on the 5 in Santa Clarita Jahad :28 3/18/2013 SPOR Erik Mose of Ethiopia and Aleksandra Duliba of Belarus win the LA Marathon Jahad :43 54 year old, legally blind, Irvine mom Cindy Abbott comes home after the grueling 3/18/2013 SPOR adventure of running the Iditarod Jahad :43 3/18/2013 RELI Catholics celebrated new Pope at masses this weekend Fox 1:27 3/18/2013 LAW Two arrested in suspicion of shooting Fullerton police officer during traffic stop CC :09 3/18/2013 SPOR The finals of the World Baseball Classic are tomorrow night in San Francisco CC :13

3/18/2013 ECON California unemployment remains the highest in the US, but construction is surging DeBord :33

3/18/2013 EDU First Spanish-language spelling bee for high school students set for April in Azusa CC :18

3/18/2013 EDU First Spanish-language spelling bee for high school students set for April in Azusa CC :14 3/18/2013 TT California's chief justice says budget cuts are hurting state's court system CC :14 3/18/2013 LAW LA's new jails chief faces tough questions on first day CC :13 US Supreme Court reviews whether voters should provide proof of citizenship to 3/18/2013 IMM register CC :12 US Supreme Court reviews whether voters should provide proof of citizenship to 3/18/2013 IMM register CC :14 3/18/2013 SPOR Dodgers' TV deal with Time Warner creates controversy CC :19 3/18/2013 HEAL California's health exchange will create new jobs in October CC :15 3/18/2013 POLI LA City Councilman Paul Krekorian endorses Eric Garcetti for mayor Walton :31 3/18/2013 EDU CSU plans for a bigger budget thanks to Prop 30 CC :14 3/18/2013 LGB ACLU accuses Hesperia school officials of discriminating against gay students CC :12 3/18/2013 EDU CSU vows no tuition hikes in new academic year budgbet plan Moore 1:06 A new report released today finds that the San Onofre nuclear plant could operate 3/18/2013 OC safely at full power Bergman :41 FAA to decide by end of week which Air Traffic Control Towers to close due to 3/18/2013 TRAN sequestration CC :13 3/18/2013 POLI California lawmakers provide extra money to reduce paperwork backlog CC :10 3/18/2013 OC Orange County has removed about 280K people from its active voter rolls Bergman :52 3/18/2013 POLI State Assembly rushes through a budget bill Adler :45 Report estimates more firearms are being trafficked into Mexico than previously 3/18/2013 FOR thought Florido 1:26

Criminal trial begins for German national Christian Gerhartsteiter who is accused of 3/18/2013 LAW murdering a San Marino man and acting as a member of the Rockerfeller familiy Aguilar 1:33 3/18/2013 EDU Observers say Villaragosa's legacy on education is mixed Guzman 4:47 Should economic-based immigration come at the cost of family unification? Could giving visa preference to highly skilled workers and STEM graduates lead to U.S. economic growth? Should those candidates get a bigger slice of the immigration pie - Aaron Blake, or should we just make the pie bigger? If you’re a foreign-born citizen or green card Jeremy Robbins, 3/19/13 IMM holder, what would this legislation mean to your family? Judy Chu 31:00:00 Disneyland has just announced its first-ever age policy; children 13 years and younger will have to be accompanied by an adult in order to enter the Magic 3/19/13 YOUT Kingdom. 17:00 What reflections do you have on the 10th anniversary? Was it worth it? Was it a 3/19/13 FOR mistake? How has it influenced U.S. foreign policy at present? Tim Arango 13:00 Thom Tran, Sandra It's been 10 years since the start of the Iraq War. Larry is joined by four veterans who Altamirano, David share with us their personal homecoming experiences and how the transition has Barr, Michael 3/19/13 FOR been. Chan 34:00:00 Immigration reform is rarely thought of as specifically a women's issue, but it is central to the fight for women's equality. That's the argument of an organization of women 3/19/13 GEND calling themselves We Belong Together. Pramila Jayapal 6:55 In Guatemala today, General Efrain Rios Montt will be prosecuted for the crime of genocide. This case is being closely watched. Jill Replogle from the Fronteras Desk 3/19/13 FOR reports. Jill Replogle, 4:12

In the years after the US invasion of Iraq, Paul Bremer and the Coalition Provisional Authority sought to create a new Iraqi government. Rajiv Chandrasekaran, former Rajiv 3/19/13 FOR Baghdad bureau chief for , joins the show with more. Chandrasekaran 12:03 Since the U.S. opened up its doors to Iraqi refugees in 2007, more have ended up in California than any other state, nearly 20,000. An increasing number of then are arriving in Orange County and are facing big challenges once they arrive. As KPCC's 3/19/13 IMM Ben Bergman reports, they can face significant challenges. Ben Bergman 4:37 In the City of Brotherly Love, there's little love for a magazine article that's stirred up race relations. Philadelphia Magazine recently published a cover story, "Being White David Wall Rice, 3/19/13 RACE in Philly." Vilma Ortiz 9:53 Yesterday, the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism released its 2013 annual report on the state of the news media. While most all sorts of media has been negatively affected, African-American news media outlets seem to be hit 3/19/13 RACE especially hard. Eric Deggan 6:42 The outgoing Los Angeles mayor made a big play for public education. But he was rebuffed, and his smaller goals proved elusive. This is part of a series looking at the Adolfo Guzman- 3/19/13 POLI mayor's legacy. Lopez 4:47 Tuesday's the day that record companies usually release their new , so to help get caught up on the newest in music we have Oliver Wang from and Oliver Wang and 3/19/13 ART Morgan Rhodes from KPFK. Morgan Rhodes 12:59 It's game over for John Riccitiello. Yesterday, Riccitiello announced he's stepping down from his post as CEO of the video game maker Electronic Arts. He cited poor earnings as the reason for his departure. But some say the move is a bigger 3/19/13 TECH indication of the shaky future of video games in today's media market. Kyle Orland, 7:52 A new study out of Oklahoma seems to suggest that the cliff swallows there are adapting to their modified environments in an interesting way. Researchers found 3/19/13 SCI their wings may be getting shorter to help them get out of the way of traffic. Charles Brown 7:10

3/19/2013 HEAL Fourth-year medical students from USC learn where they will spend their residency Martinez 4:19 An increasing number of Iraqis are arriving in Orange County and the challenges 3/19/2013 DIV once they get there can be significant Bergman 4:37 3/19/2013 LAW LA sheriff brings new jail proposal before Board of Supervisors CC :12 3/19/2013 ENV LA DWP commissioners approve plan to end use of coal by 2025 Peterson 1:25 3/19/2013 ECON Lacter on possibility of LA NFL team Lacter 3:56 3/19/2013 EDU CSU trustees make plans for boost in budget CC :12 3/19/2013 DC Freshman Congressman and former Jesuit noviate reflects on Pope CC :24 3/19/2013 EDU Elementary school girl was almost crushed by a school bus yesterday CC :08 3/19/2013 DC Freshman Congressman and former Jesuit noviate reflects on Pope Felde 1:03 3/19/2013 OC Swallows return to San Juan Capistrano up in the air Moore 1:16 3/19/2013 LAW MS-13 gang indictment, extortion food trucks Hollywood CC :13 A common strategy to battle HIV - called "test and treat" may generate more resistant 3/19/2013 HEAL HIV O'Neill 1:01 3/19/2013 ECON UCLA Professor hired to help Washington st develop rules for marijuana sales CC :05 3/19/2013 MEDI African-American newspapers face trouble CC :13 3/19/2013 ECON UCLA Professor hired to help Washington st develop rules for marijuana sales CC :13 3/19/2013 ENT Electronic Arts CEO resigned CC :14 3/19/2013 LAW LAPD Chief says he's conducting internal survey on race relations in department CC :16 3/19/2013 ECON American Airlines and US Airways Merger CC :11 OC prosecutors charge Anaheim gang member with the attempted murder of a 3/19/2013 OC Fullerton police officer over the weekend Bergman :47 3/19/2013 LAW LAPD on MS-13 gang arrests, extortion of Hollywood food trucks CC :13 California's top Senate Democrat has introduced a bill to provide career training for 3/19/2013 YOUT teens and young adults CC :14 New study finds women in California aren't faring well as men during the economic 3/19/2013 ECON recovery CC :12 A book of short stories about US-Mexico border is this year's winner of the 3/19/2013 ART Pen/Faulkner literary award. Fronteras :59 3/19/2013 LAW LA Sheriff asks the Board of Supes to approve new jail plan Palta 1:12 3/19/2013 SACTO Republicans push to rollback realignment, build more prisons Small 2:15 Cal. Natl. Guard says its ability to respond to calls for service will be hampered if a 3/19/2013 POLI spending plan isn't approved soon in Washington. Motiff :43 Republicans in the state legislature are criticizing Gov. Jerry Brown's decision to shift 3/19/2013 SAC some prisoners from state to county jurisdiction CC :11 Cal. Natl. Guard says its ability to respond to calls for service will be hampered if a 3/19/2013 POLI spending plan isn't approved soon in Washington. CC :17 3/19/2013 ENV DWP Commissioners approve plan to get entireley off of coal by 2025 Peterson 3:21 Dept. of Managed Health Care finds Kaiser Permanente failing to provide timely 3/19/2013 HEAL access to mental health treatment Kim 1:53 CVS is bucking the trend of offering incentives, and instead will penalize workers on Deborah Peel, 3/20/13 HEAL the company’s health plan who don’t submit to health screenings. Helen Darling 31:00:00 Police Chief Beck joins Larry to talk about pocket parks, Dorner, realignment and 3/20/13 LAW property crime, ankle bracelets and car chases. Charlie Beck 17:00 Depending on who you talk to, March Madness can be a boon or a bust for employers. A recent survey says that nearly a third of employees spend an average of 3 hours per work day watching games, but other reports cite a boost in employee 3/20/13 SPOR morale that more than makes up for the loss. Kris Dunn 13:00

A recent report shows delaying marriage is a rising trend. College-educated women are reaping the financial benefits of delaying marriage and childbearing, but young 3/20/13 YOUT women with less education are reversing the order of marriage and the baby carriage. Kelleen Kaye 10:00

The jury has reached a verdict in the Bell trial. Five out of six former elected officials in Bell were convicted of abusing public funds by giving themselves high salaries. Victor Bello, George Cole, Oscar Hernandez, Teresa Jacobo and George Mirabal 3/20/13 LAW were found guilty on various counts, but Luis Artiga was found not guilty on all counts. Corey Moore 7:00 Tonight, veteran English stage actress Tracie Bennett, goes on stage at the Ahmanson to enact the final years of the late, great Judy Garland’s life in “End of the 3/20/13 ENT Rainbow.” Tracie Bennett 17:00 For a look at the whether this cooperation will stem the tide of crime and violence, we're joined by Ioan Grillo, a journalist based in Mexico City and the author of , "El 3/20/13 LAW Narco: Inside Mexico's Criminal Insurgency." Ioan Grillo 8:25 Horne v. USDA pits California raisin farmers against the Department of Agriculture. The decision could have widespread implications for property rights and government 3/20/13 LAW compensation. Karl Manheim 6:57 Former Iraqi translator Tariq Abu Khumra fled Baghdad after working for the US military. Ten years after the war began, he makes a new life for himself in California. 3/20/13 MIL He doesn't know when he'll see his family again. Mary Plummer 4:20 Matt Gallagher is a former Army captain who served 15 months in Iraq. He's one of the 15 men and women whose lives were affected by war and who contributed to the 3/20/13 MIL new book, "Fire and Forget, Short Stories from the Long War." Matt Gallagher 10:50 State GOP lawmakers say counties can't manage the thousands of new felons under 3/20/13 POLI their supervision. Julie Small 2:16 It's time to get a get a little exercise and take a run through the world of sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the Los Angeles sports scene for over Andy and Brian 3/20/13 SPOR a decade for the Times and ESPN. Kamenetzky 7:09 Inspired by March Madness, KPCC has launched its own bracket, the public radio bracket. It’s your chance to cheer on and vote for your favorite public radio show, from national shows like All Things Considered and This American Life to KPCC’s own, 3/20/13 ART including AirTalk, Take Two and Off-Ramp. Mike Roe 3:00

A tectonic that disappeared millions of years ago has turned up in Central California and Mexico. It's a big breakthrough in how we think about California's 100-million-year- 3/20/13 SCI old geology and could have implications for how we predict earthquakes. Sean Gulick 4:52 As part of our look this week at the legacy of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, we turn our attention to public safety. The crime rate hit historic lows during his tenure, but how 3/20/13 LAW much credit should go to the two-term mayor? KPCC’s Frank Stoltze reports. Frank Stoltze 5:37

Scientists are using trace amounts of radiation found in fish from the waters near the 3/20/13 SCI Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan to track their movements across the Pacific. Daniel Madigan 6:17

Fisherman in Washington state are spotting an odd creature washing up on their shores. It's a translucent glob known as a salp, jelly-fish like creatures about the size of a deflated balloon. Sometimes they swim on their own, sometimes they swim in a 3/20/13 SCI chain formation, and they've been known to show up in very large numbers. Pat Krug 5:19 One informal study of 100 LinkedIn profiles found that people with fewer grammatical 3/20/13 ART errors had a higher level of professional achievement. Mignon Fogarty 6:52 The California wine industry recently lost one of its earliest pioneers, James Barrett. 3/20/13 OBIT He was 86. - 1:49 3/20/2013 LABOR Last fall, Governor Jerry Brown vetoed the Domestic Bill of Rights. Whatley 3:02 FAA to decide by end of week which Air Traffic Control Towers to close due to 3/20/2013 TRAN sequestration Watt 1:07 Gov. Jerry Brown wants to consolidate all of California's adult education programs 3/20/2013 EDU into the state's communities college system Adler :40 New study commissioned by the group "Next 10" finds clean energy companies in 3/20/2013 ENV California are reducing pollution while creating jobs CC :13 3/20/2013 ENV A new study finds California is adding jobs in green technology and cleaner air Moffitt :54 3/20/2013 SPOR Dominican republic wins World Baseball Championship in San Francisco CC :07 3/20/2013 ENV Climate Change is headline news for California's 30-billion dollar farm economy Miller 1:48 3/20/2013 ART MOCA board asserts independence Guzman :45 Long Beach city council votes to temporarily ban new mortuaries, funeral homes, 3/20/2013 POLI crematoriums CC :12 3/20/2013 POLI Glendale City Council votes to ban gun shows Moore :33 3/20/2013 TT US Supreme Court reviews case involving California raisin farmers CC :22 3/20/2013 LAW Five of six former Bell officials found guilty of misappropriation of public funds CC :08 3/20/2013 LAW Only one Bell city official was acquitted of all charges CC :16 3/20/2013 POLI NASA tells Congress sequestration will affect future projects CC :16 3/20/2013 LAW Bell officials convicted of misappropriation of public funds Moore 1:20 3/20/2013 LAW Five of six former Bell officials found guilty of misappropriation of public funds CC :07 3/20/2013 POLI NASA tells Congress sequestration will affect future projects Felde 1:05 3/20/2013 POLI CD9 candidates talk about race in South Los Angeles Walton 1:07 3/20/2013 ENT End of the Rainbow opens at the Ahmanson Theatre CC :21 The Bell verdicts are in; now attention turns to ex-city manager Robert Rizzo, the 3/20/2013 LAW alleged puppeteer Palta 1:22 California will have to contribute billions more each year to close CalSTRS pension 3/20/2013 SAC liability Small 1:44 3/20/2013 ENV Ranchers and farmers in California deal with drought CC :19 New bill could make it easier for unemployed Californians to start their own 3/20/2013 ECON businesses CC :16 New bill could make it easier for unemployed Californians to start their own 3/20/2013 ECON businesses Russ :52 Voters support California's water bond and high speed rail projects, but only if prices 3/20/2013 POLI drop CC :09 Voters support California's water bond and high speed rail projects, but only if prices 3/20/2013 POLI drop Adler :48 3/20/2013 LAW Orange county prosecutors will not file charges in officer-involved shooting Bergman 4:29 3/20/2013 POLI Defendants react to jury verdict in Bell corruption case Moore 2:35 As part of our look this week at the legacy of Mayor Villaraigosa, we turn our attention 3/20/2013 POLI to public safety. Stoltze 5:37 3/20/2013 POLI Wesson proposes commision on city finances Stoltze :59 3/20/2013 ART MOCA trustees say they'll put museum back on course on their own Guzman 2:01 The jurors in the Bell trial are in court again today, but some juror notes to the judge raise questions about the verdicts. 3/21/13 LAW Dmitry Gorin 13:00 Jay Leno, current host of "The Tonight Show,” and NBC Entertainment Chairman Robert Greenblatt sparred over some of Leno’s jokes that were targeted at NBC’s poor ratings. Now, sources report that Leno's show will move back to New York and Jimmy Fallon may replace Leno in the next few years. Bill Carter, Joe 3/21/13 ENT Flint 17:00

Larry and our talented trio of Orange County journalists riff on the latest news from the Norberto Santana, O.C. Ben Bergman, 3/21/13 OC Martin Wisckol 17:00 What is the U.S. role in the Israeli/Palestinian conflict? Is the White House abdicating its historic position as a lead negotiator? Rashid Khalidi, 3/21/13 FOR David Makovsky 14:00 A U.K. fertility watchdog has approved a controversial new procedure to prevent mitochondrial disease. In thIs in vitro procedure, faulty genes from the mother are Shoukhrat replaced by those from a donor, creating, in effect, three parents per embryo. Mitalipov, Arthur 3/21/13 FOR Caplan, 17:00 Is Voyager I still making meaningful contributions to our understanding of space? Is the edge of our solar system a defined boundary like the strata of Earth’s atmosphere? What are we learning about the boundary between our solar system and interstellar space? 3/21/13 TECH Edward Stone, 6:00

Yesterday, NFL team owners voted 31-1 to ban the players from ducking their heads to deliver a hit with the “crowns” of their helmets. The Cincinnati Bengals were the only team to vote against the new rule, which penalizes a team 15 yards if a player uses the top of their helmet in a tackle, block, or attempt to advance the ball outside 3/21/13 SPOR the immediate area surrounding the line of scrimmage. Sam Farmer 10:00

A technological creation that has consumers swimming the other way. This week, several large grocery chains, including Whole Foods and Trader Joe's, agreed not to sell genetically modified salmon. The salmon has yet to be officially approved by the 3/21/13 ECON FDA, but if it is, it will be the first transgenic animal to enter the food supply. Whole 7:34 Many highly skilled immigrants aren't sticking around for very long. Instead, they're taking their skills and going home to places like India, China and Brazil. From the 3/21/13 TECH California Report, Aarti Shahani has more. Aarti Shahani 5:00 Patt Morrison, and KPCC's Patt Morrison sat down with Mayor Villaraigosa to talk about his leadership — Antonio 3/21/13 POLI and his love — of Los Angeles. Villaraigosa 11:08 This year marks the 75th anniversary of "kinder transport." The program brought Jewish children out of Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Poland before the Nazis tried to wipe out the Jewish populations there. Many of those "kinder," now 3/21/13 HIST mostly in their '80s, eventually ended up in California. Susan Valot 5:08 Researchers in California are launching a major study that hopes to gain a lot more information about heart disease, but they won't be conducting clinical trials in a lab. 3/21/13 TECH Instead, they'll be using, among other things, your smart phone. - 6:54 When it debuted in 2007, the LA Times' blog The Homicide Report was a breakout hit. Reporter Jill Leovy meticulously wrote about every homicide victim in L.A. County. Now the paper is reviving it by looking for a dedicated reporter. Assistant managing 3/21/13 LAW editor Megan Garvey explains that it's a difficult job. Megan Garvey 6:54 For more on the Sumo orange and its fascinating backstory, we're joined by David Karp, a writer for the Los Angeles Times, and a citrus researcher with the University 3/21/13 SCI of California at Riverside. David Karp 7:03 It's Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Frank Stoltze and 3/21/13 POLI Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. Alice Walton 7:58 Gabrielle Ludwig has faced a lot of hurdles in her mission to play basketball for the Mission College Lady Saints. She's 51, a veteran of Desert Storm and was born a 3/21/13 SPOR man. Gabrielle Ludwig 12:26 Writer Bill Streever's new book "Heat: Adventures in the World's Fiery Places," looks at the effect of heat on the human race and on the world at large. Streever traveled throughout the world to experience the effect of heat in its many forms firsthand. We'll 3/21/13 SCI talk to him about the book, and his thoughts on global warming. Bill Streever 12:33 Some businesses give more in political donations than city laws permit, example from 3/21/2013 POLI mayoral race McNary 2:50

3/21/2013 LGB Immigration advocates aren't necessarily on board with reforms for LGBT community Berestein Rojas 3:02 3/21/2013 LAW 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright Aguilar :56 3/21/2013 OC Orange county prosecutors will not file charges in officer-involved shooting Bergman 2:33 3/21/2013 LAB Farm labor groups drop off petitions at the EPA Khokha :42 3/21/2013 OBIT USC student died on spring break CC :10 3/21/2013 LAW DA says Anaheim officer was justified in shooting and killing Manuel Diaz CC :08 3/21/2013 SCI LA County Science Fair begins in Pasadena CC :10 3/21/2013 AT "The Tonight Show" could be leaving Burbank CC :23 3/21/2013 LAW Juror in the Bell corruption trial wants to reconsider the gulity verdicts Moore 1:23 3/21/2013 POLI City atty candidates clash at debate Stoltze :59 3/21/2013 HIST Library of Congress is adding audio recordings for preservation CC :08 3/21/2013 HIST Library of Congress is adding audio recordings for preservation CC :08

3/21/2013 ECON California businesses will have new health coverage options under SHOP program CC :13 3/21/2013 POLI State lawmakers plan to rewrite a water bond scheduled for the November ballot CC :17 3/21/2013 OC Diaz family protests decision not to file charges against the Anaheim officer Bergman 2:39 3/21/2013 LAW Judge in Bell corruption case declares a mistrial on some counts Moore 4:13

3/21/2013 EDU Congress saves the military's Tuition Assistance program from sequestration cuts Plummer 1:04 3/21/2013 POLI Judge declares mistrial in Bell corruption case Moore 1:43 Lawyers for alleged victims of teacher abuse say LA Unified higher ups heard 3/21/2013 EDU accusations Guzman :59 The complex case involving the deaths of a chief of Colorado prisons and a pizza delivery man is under investigation. The suspect, Evan Spencer Ebel, was a Colorado Pete Simi, Carla 3/22/13 LAW parolee and white supremacist who was killed in a shootout with Texas police. Hill 13:00 The Bell corruption trial has reached new levels of abnormality after Los Angeles Corina Knoll, 3/22/13 LAW County Superior Court Judge Kathleen Kennedy declared a mistrial yesterday. Richard Gabriel 18:00 Two new apartment buildings will go up soon in West Hollywood, that caters to young people who don’t live the traditional 9-to-5 lifestyle, but who work from home and hope to find the sense of community we envision when we think of bohemian loft Mike Leipart, 3/22/13 ART living and sharing physical space as well as wifi passwords. Amitai Etzioni 16:00 Andy Klein, Lael Guest host Patt Morrison and the critics review this week’s new releases, included Loewenstein, 3/22/13 ENT Olympus Has Fallen, Admission, The Croods, and more. TGI-FilmWeek! Charles Solomon 31:00:00 Writer and Producer David Mamet joins AirTalk to talk about the inspiration for "Phil Spector," why he chose to depict Spector’s personal side in such a way, and the 3/22/13 ENT relationship between Spector and his lawyer that drives the movie. David Mamet 17:00 Alex and A preview next week's arguments with two professors of constitutional law 3/22/13 POLI who both have stakes in the cases. Courtney Joslin 11:24 This Saturday, these images are getting tossed out of the rickshaw they rode in on: the first summit on Asian-American stereotypes takes place at the Japanese 3/22/13 RACE American National Museum in LA. Jeff Yang 10:39 We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this week, the Nancy Cook with the National Journal and James Rainey from the Los Nancy Cook and 3/22/13 POLI Angeles Times. James Rainey 14:53 Fifteen years ago, "The Big Lebowski" became an obsession for many, sparking hundreds of Halloween costumes, fan movies and something known as the Lebowski 3/22/13 ART Fest. KPCC's Kevin Ferguson reports. Kevin Ferguson 6:01 Patt Morrison, and KPCC's Patt Morrison sat down with Mayor Villaraigosa to talk about what surprised Antonio 3/22/13 POLI him about his time in office and what he hopes to see in the next mayor. Villaraigosa 11:06 It's been quite a week for space news. Bruce Betts from the Planetary Society joins 3/22/13 SCI Take Two with the latest on Voyager, Curiosity and the age of the universe. Bruce Betts 8:04 Rico Gagliano Every week we get your weekend conversation starters with Rico Gagliano and and Brendan 3/22/13 ART Brendan Newnam, the hosts of the Dinner Party radio show. Newnam 6:58 Today, it's one of San Francisco's biggest tourist destinations, attracting more than a million visitors a year. Here to tell us a little more about the history of Alcatraz is John Martino, a former park ranger at Alcatraz and the author of the book, "Fortress 3/22/13 LAW Alcatraz." John Martino 8:11 Passionate fans make LA Galaxy vs. Chivas USA matches in Major League Soccer (MLS) as intense as any matchup on the Southern California sports landscape. Compare the two MLS teams in Los Angeles, the only city in the league with two 3/22/13 SPOR soccer teams. Charles Castaldi 5:04 You might remember that we had this pledge drive, you know where we ask for your support, you know to keep giving you things like that great story on the Lebowski Fest . Well, one of the prizes we were giving away was a brand Toyota Avalon. Yesterday, 3/22/13 ART we gave a call to tell the winner the good news. Robin White - Guest host Patt Morrison is joined by KPCC film critics Andy Klein, Lael Lowenstein and Charles Soloman to review Olympus Has Fallen, Admission, The Croods and 3/22/2013 ART Starbuck Morrison 2:52 3/22/2013 ECON California businesses will have new health coverage options under SHOP program Bartolone 1:01 3/22/2013 DC Congress longs for old ways of making laws Felde 3:44 3/22/2013 SPOR LA soccer rivalry Castaldi 5:04

3/22/2013 LAB Citizens Compensation Commission isn't likely to approve any pay raises this year CC :14 3/22/2013 ENER California drafts new fracking standards Detrow :46 3/22/2013 TRAV Flight attendants are angry about change in TSA policy CC :11

3/22/2013 LAW Police estimate about two million dollars worth of cocaine hidden in big rig in Sylmar CC :14 3/22/2013 ENV Wind advisory issued for LA County on Fridays CC :07 3/22/2013 TRAN Coldwater Canyon closures start Saturday Plummer 1:04 3/22/2013 TRAN Coldwater Canyon closures start Saturday CC :09 3/22/2013 ENT Lebowski Fest kicks off in Beverly Hills Ferguson 4:10 Pilot shows complexity of skies above LA ahead of possible closures of air traffic 3/22/2013 TRAN control towers Watt 3:10

3/22/2013 EDU New state department of education book list includes first transgender themed book Guzman 1:27 Robert Garrova / Robert Garrova speaks with 97 year old architect Gordon Powers who is known for Pat Williams / 3/23/13 ART his bowling alleys. Gordon Powers 5:32 John Rabe / Getty curator Stephanie Schrader, Korean Cultural Center curator Heeseon Choi and Stephanie John Rabe explore the mystery of who the man in Peter Paul Ruben's "Man in Schrader / 3/23/13 ART Korean Costume" drawing from 1617 is. Heeseon Choi 5:05 After LA high school senior Jake Davidson asked model Kate Upton to prom, John John Rabe / 3/23/13 YOUT Rabe asks 17-year old Gracie Roman to see what it would take. Gracie Roman 3:26 Kevin Ferguson / Michelle Lanz / 'The Big Lebowski' become an obsession for thousands of people, and many of Todd McCarthy / them are in L.A. for "Lebowski Fest." KPCC's Kevin Will Russell / Jeff Ferguson reports on the film's transformation from cult classic to L.A. Dowd / Scott 3/23/13 ENT institution. Foundas 6:01 LA Magazine's Chris Nichols hosted a Hollywood Heritage Museum event for the 82- year old Gurr who was an imagineer at Disneyland and worked there since before it Bob Gurr / John 3/23/13 ART opened. Rabe 4:57 Kevin Ferguson speaks with opera composer Gabriela Ortiz about Camelia la Tejana, an opera that tells the story of a drug smuggler from Texas who shoots her male Kevin Ferguson / 3/23/13 ART partner and takes off with the money. Gabriela Ortiz 6:12 Off-Ramp contributor Jon Regardie explains the financial and political situation 3/23/13 POLI surrounding Downtown Los Angeles. Jon Regardie 3:56 3/23/13 TRAV Video about Desert Christ Park John Rabe 0:00 3/24/2013 LAW McDade family attorney comments on McDade one year shooting anniversary CC :17 The Supreme Court is having a busy week, with two hearings scheduled on cases concerning marriage equality and an announcement today that the court will take on a Michigan affirmative action case. David Savage, 3/25/13 LAW Frank Newport, 18:00 After a 20-point loss to lower-seeded Minnesota in the second round of the NCAA tournament on Friday, UCLA fired basketball head coach Ben Howland after ten years at the helm of the one-time college basketball superpower. 3/25/13 SPOR A. Martinez 6:00 If dual language immersion programs are so successful, why aren't more California Karen Cadiero- schools adopting them? What are some of the challenges and drawbacks? What are Kaplan, Roger the benefits? Lowenstein, Karen 3/25/13 EDU Nemeth 22:00 Is there a Fresh and Easy in your neighborhood? Were you impressed with the stores, or turned off? Why do you shop where you shop? What are you looking for in your local grocer? 3/25/13 ECON Jim Prevor, 23:00 Cyrpus' banking crisis and subsequent bailout raises questions about how tax regulations in the affect individual countries Scheherazade 3/25/13 ECON Rehman, Ph.D. 7:00 Three parties are fighting for the $1.2 million reward for the capture of ex-LAPD officer Christopher Dorner, but some donors are withdrawing their pledges. 3/25/13 LAW Eugene O’Donnell 17:00 Photographer Ashley Gilbertson's work is among the photos in a new exhibition at the Annenberg Space for Photography, WAR/PHOTOGRAPHY. He joins the show to 3/25/13 ART discuss his work. Ashley Gilbertson 15:11 This week the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on the constitutionality of the federal Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, and Proposition 8. Reporter Scott Shafer is in Washington D.C. for two days of arguments and has this look at what's at 3/25/13 POLI stake for both sides. Scott Shafer - Many GOP fund raisers believe this shift in views could mean an influx of cash in 3/25/13 POLI places like California, New York and Florida. Tarini Parti -

Picture a strong and positive Latino character in film or TV, and you might think of Miguel Picker and 3/25/13 RACE Edward James Olmos as math teacher Jaime Escalante in 1988's Stand and Deliver. Chyng Sun 8:53 A National Park Service plan to better protect the Merced River calls for closing some 3/25/13 ENV commercial ventures in Yosemite National Park. Molly Peterson - Nearly 6 million Americans in their 40s go to at least one movie a month, up from 3.3 3/25/13 ECON million just two years ago. Rebecca Keegan - 3/25/13 POLI Many thought this race was Greuel's to lose. Now, it's turning into a close contest. Frank Stoltze - The godfather of bodybuiding, Joe Weider, passed away over the weekend at Cedars Sinai, he was 93. He started the popular magazines like Muscle and Fitness, Flex, 3/25/13 OBIT Men's Fitness or Shape and brought weight lifting to the masses. John Balik - For years, parents have heard the warnings to not let their children zone out in front of the TV for too long; the American Academy of Pediatrics warns against any TV time 3/25/13 TECH for children under 2. Hanna Rosin 8:08 At an elementary school in Baldwin Park, children receiving a bilingual education 3/25/13 YOUT appear to be vaulting over the achievement gap. Deepa Fernandes 5:53 3/25/2013 LGB SCOTUS hears arguments on California's Prop 8 CC :19 3/25/2013 SPOR LA Galaxy and Kings visit DC CC :15

3/25/2013 HEAL California goes before a federal judge again this week on prison mental health care Jahad :42 3/25/2013 ENV Hikers say warnings needed after Eaton Canyon death Guzman 1:22 3/25/2013 SPOR UCLA lost in the first round of NCAA tournament Martinez 1:30 3/25/2013 SPOR Florida Gulf Coast makes NCAA history CC :10 3/25/2013 SPOR Howland out as UCLA basketball coach CC :15 3/25/2013 TRAN Coldwater Canyon closes Moore 1:22 3/25/2013 TRAN Daytime Coldwater Canyon closure underway in Studio City CC :10 3/25/2013 TRAN Motorists brave Coldwater Canyon Ave shutdown on first weekday closure Moore 1:37 3/25/2013 ECON AT&T West workers and company back at negotiating table Lee :40 3/25/2013 IMM Poll finds bi-partisan support amongst California voters for immigration reform CC :13 3/25/2013 EDU New Jersey is taking over Camden's school system CC :09 3/25/2013 LAW Donors to the Dorner reward fund reconsider their commitment CC :25 Tickets to sit in this week's Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage have reached a 3/25/2013 LAW high price CC :22 3/25/2013 EDU Poll shows many California voters don't want to tax themselves to fund education CC :20 3/25/2013 POLI Clinton endorses Greuel Stoltze 1:32 3/25/2013 SPOR Former UCLA basketball coach Howland will continue coaching elsewhere CC :16 Police evacuate Santa Monica city bus after device left over from training exercise left 3/25/2013 LAW on bus CC :21 Supreme Court hearings on gay marriage start tomorrow and some people are 3/25/2013 LAW braving freezing weather to be there CC :10 3/25/2013 POLI Clinton endorses Greuel CC :14 3/25/2013 ECON Watchdog group calls for big changes in California's park system Quinton :52 3/25/2013 ECON Watchdog group calls for big changes in California's park system CC :16 3/25/2013 EDU State budget cuts have led to decreased enrollment at community colleges Quinton :47 3/25/2013 LAW Airport developer charged with conspiracy and perjury CC :18 The animation studio has been struggling, with a big holiday flop and layoffs. But 3/25/2013 ECON things may be turning around… DeBord 1:13 LA has dished out $375 in reward money to those who've helped solve crimes since 3/25/2013 LAW January 2012 Palta 1:02 3/25/2013 LAW Car crashes into Glendale bakery, killing 55-year old man CC :18 Kitty Felde, Jody Armour, Lisa McElroy, Greg During the first hour of our program, we’ll broadcast the recorded audio of oral Stohr, John arguments heard earlier today at the Supreme Court. After that, our team of experts Eastman, Tara 3/26/13 LAW will discuss and analyze what was said at the hearing. Borelli 33:00:00

This morning the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments on whether lesbians and gays have the right to marry here in California. In just a few moments, we'll retrace the 3/26/13 POLI history of Proposition 8, from the moment it became a ballot measure in 2008. Scott Shafer 5:44 Monthly rents have already been hiked by $100 for some families and housing vouchers have been denied to 300 families. That's especially worrisome for the city 3/26/13 ECON with the largest homeless population in the country. Doug Guthrie 6:00

California will ask a judge to end federal oversight of mental health care in state 3/26/13 HEAL prisons. But the state's case is complicated by a stubbornly high inmate suicide rate. Julie Small 4:19 Every Tuesday record companies usually release new albums, so that's the day Take Kenneth Two reviews new music. On tap this week, we'll talk to the Los Angeles area duo the Pattengale and 3/26/13 ART Milk Carton Kids. Joey Ryan 13:45

The president of the California Hospital Association recently described trying to revamp the state's health care system to implement president Obama's Affordable 3/26/13 HEAL Care Act as, "Flying an airplane while rebuilding the engine at the same time." Peter Lee 12:18 The Van Allen Belts are a pair of rings, circling the earth, made up of charged particles. Named for astronomer James Van Allen, these cosmic doughnuts were discovered early in the space age - back in the late 1950's, when Van Allen and his Veronique 3/26/13 SCI team identified two distinct zones of radiation. Greenwood 6:05 Last night, the Long Beach school board voted to push the start times at the district's five middle schools back an hour starting in the fall. The district is considering a 3/26/13 EDU similar plan at area high schools. Stephen Ceasar 5:27 Thanks to warming ocean temperatures scientists believe that fish may have trouble growing large and the world may end up with more small fish in the water. We'll talk 3/26/13 ENV about it with marine biologist Pat Krug. Pat Krug 3:33

Take Two speaks with Dominic Priore, who hopes to convince the Hollywood's 3/26/13 ART Historic Preservation Commission to preserve the building and turn it into a museum. Dominic Priore 7:14 3/26/2013 ECON Lacter on decline of TV Lacter 2:58 3/26/2013 DC SCOTUS hears arguments on California's Prop 8 Felde 4:12 3/26/2013 HEAL CDC TB researchers leave LA, LA County health still watching for new cases Fox :52 3/26/2013 EDU USC Village project development deal signed Fox :50 The Supreme Court heard arguments today in the case of United States v. Windsor, which will determine whether the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional. DOMA Greg Stohr, John currently restricts more than 1000 federal marriage benefits to opposite sex couples, Eastman, David 3/27/13 LAW including many for veterans. Cruz 28:00:00 What should California do in response to this report? What are the best options for state parks? What other agencies, entities, and grassroots groups could do a better Stuart Drown, job? What could happen to 1.5 million acres of parkland if poor choices are made at Craig Middleton, 3/27/13 TRAV this apparently critical time? Carolyn Schoff 17:00 The Supreme Court doesn’t usually release audio recordings and transcripts of hearings on the day they occur, but the court is making an exception for this week’s Lawrence 3/27/13 LAW landmark marriage equality cases. Rosenthal 15:00 The Long Beach school board has voted to start classes an hour later for middle schoolers. If the change is adopted, that dreaded morning bell would ring at 8.50 in the morning, later than the current 7.40am start time. The school board says it will help save money. Many experts say adolescent minds will learn better with the extra 3/27/13 EDU sleep. Kyla Wahlstrom 16:00 Sara Horowitz, the executive director of the Freelancer’s Union, offers tips on how independent contractors should navigate the world of freelancing in “The Freelancers 3/27/13 ART Bible.” Sara Horowitz 17:00 When it comes to Prop 8, one major issue for the Supreme Court is the question of whether the parties defending the ban on same-sex marriage have legal standing to do so? The question came up because not one single elected official in California 3/27/13 POLI chose to defend the initiative. John Myers 6:51 Yesterday the Supreme Court heard arguments on Prop 8, and today, the high court will shift its attention to gay rights. The Defense of Marriage Act, or DOMA, is on the docket today. Kyle Cheney, healthcare reporter for POLITICO, says DOMA is all 3/27/13 POLI about health insurance. Kyle Cheney 6:41 Weddings are one of the most stressful and expensive events you can plan, so what 3/27/13 ECON happens if couple’s have to call off their wedding? Lauren Byrne 7:14 Since about the 1970s, from Archie Bunker to "Modern Family," American television has grappled with homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Alex Cohen talks with The Washington Post's Krissah Thompson about that history and how television has both Krissah 3/27/13 LGB challenged and reflected the country's views on the issue. Thompson 8:10 The L.A. Dodgers open the 2013 season against the Giants this coming Monday at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers' ownership spent the off-season giving the stadium a $100-million makeover. KPCC's Brian Watt says it's all part of a strategy to cultivate 3/27/13 ECON fan loyalty. Brian Watt 3:19 It's time to get a get a little exercise and take a run through the world of sports with Andy and Brian Kamenetzky. They've covered the Los Angeles sports scene for over Andy and Brian 3/27/13 SPOR a decade for the Times and ESPN. Kamenetzky 9:48 Illegal immigration at the US/Mexico border is at its lowest level in 40 years, but drug smuggling continues to be a problem. A new report shows that most of the people 3/27/13 LAW being caught aren't immigrants, they're U.S. citizens. Andrew Becker 8:26 Cardinal Roger Mahony promised the Catholic Church would stay at their side in the immigration fight until the end. Archbishop Jose Gomez is working to keep that 3/27/13 RELI promise to the faithful. Charles Castaldi 2:37 Scientists at the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque, New Mexico, recently led a new study on the brain and how it controls impulse and decision-making. We'll speak 3/27/13 HEAL to neuroscientist Kent Kiehl. Kent Kiehl 6:51 It's been a dry winter the last couple months here in California. Great for garden parties, but not so great for the Sierra snow pack. According to scientists' preliminary 3/27/13 SCI surveys, the snow pack is about half of normal for this time of year. Frank Gehrke 5:55 Why do some things get passed around and around and around? We speak to Jonah Berger, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Pennsylvania and 3/27/13 TECH author of the new book "Contagious, Why Things Catch On." Jonah Berger 6:39 The talk of the NCAA Basketball Tournament has to be the improbable fortune of Florida Gulf Coast University. Their fame has even created a trickle down effect to FGCU student Adebola Adigun, known by the rap handle Black Magic. He, along with fellow FGCU students created the Dunk City rap video, which has become a viral hit in its own right. We'll speak to him about campus life, and how he came up with his 3/27/13 SPOR video. Malik Adigun 4:05 During yesterday's Supreme Court hearing on gay marriage, maybe you noticed that 3/27/13 TECH many people changed their online profile pics to a red and pink equals sign. Marcia Stepanek 5:53 3/27/2013 POLI Former CIA director apologized for his affair CC :15 3/27/2013 LAW SCOTUS hears arguments on DOMA Felde 1:56 3/27/2013 POLI Final count forces Gil Cedillo into a runoff in Council District 1 McNary :51 3/27/2013 LAW The US Supreme Cout discusses the Defense of Marriage Act CC :26 3/27/2013 ENV Sierra snowpack about half of normal for this time of year CC :08 3/27/2013 SPOR The Miami Heat are closing in on the Lakers consecutive win record CC :12 3/27/2013 LAW 10-year-old missing girl found CC :17 3/27/2013 OC The South Coast AQMD is holding a public meeting to discuss fire rings Bergman :54 Cal State Long Beach president says he's leaving to become the system president of 3/27/2013 EDU LSU CC :15 Pulse of Ports forecasters say port volumes should rise in 2013 as economy grows 3/27/2013 TRAN slowly Watt :52 3/27/2013 LAW LAPD found missing 10-year-old girl CC :13 3/27/2013 POLI Streetscape issues in CD1 runoff McNary 2:14 3/27/2013 LAW 10-year-old missing girl found CC :10 3/27/2013 LAW LASD toy gun lawsuit ends with mistrial on malice question Aguilar :43 Los Angeles City Council members look at what to do with the Convention Center if 3/27/2013 POLI an NFL team does not move to the city Walton 1:01 California announces pilot program to improve health care quality and coordination for 3/27/2013 HEAL those dually eligible for Medi-Cal and Medicare O'Neill :53 A federal appeals court ruled on Tuesday that it was not unconstitutional for the Roger Jon Lancaster City Council to open its meeting with prayer. Diamond, Mathew 3/28/13 RELI Staver 23:00 California’s high speed rail project has faced opposition from several constituencies throughout the state, but its toughest criticism yet comes from longtime proponents of Ralph the project who say that too many political compromises are undermining legal Vartabedian, Dan 3/28/13 TRAN safeguards, among other complaints. Richard 14:00 Dog owners today spend an average of $655 dollars a year on health care for their pets, up 50 percent from a decade ago, and health care costs for cats are up nearly 3/28/13 ECON 75 percent. Why are owners willing to spend so much on their pets? James A Serpell 10:00

How real are North Korea’s threats? What exactly is North Korea’s military capability? 3/28/13 FOR Jim Walsh, Ph.D. 14:00 Are we just less polite or thoughtful when it comes to dealing with businesses? If restaurants adopted this more widely, would it prevent people from “no-showing?” Read the tweets and share your opinion in our poll. 3/28/13 TECH 18:00 Are these views concerning sex rooted in history, culture, and religion? Do you think there’s the potential of change? And how does the Arab world’s view of sex compare with the Western world? 3/28/13 DIV , 15:00 No, it's not the flat, bottom-dwelling sea creature you take efforts to avoid when you're wading along in the ocean. This breed of StingRay is an elaborate surveillance system that simulates a cell phone tower and is used to locate and track individual 3/28/13 TECH cell phones. Ellen Nakashima 8:26 This week, the International Monetary Fund is calling for countries around the world to halt their energy subsidies to encourage people to consume less energy. Critics reason that subsidy cuts would increase the cost of living for nearly everyone on the 3/28/13 TRAN planet by raising fuel costs, and in turn transport and food prices. Amy Myers Jaffe 10:00 For San Antonio, Texas, "Semana Santa" (Holy Week) is one of the biggest weeks for retail sales. A strong peso is raising hopes of strong sales among some retailers in 3/28/13 ECON border states. Joey Palacios 2:59 Why is the peso doing so well? To find out, we've reached Marcela Meirelles, head of 3/28/13 ECON Latin American research at the LA-based investment firm, TCW. Marcela Meirelles 5:30 California airports are competing for a federal contract to test out drones for civilian 3/28/13 TECH use. The untapped civilian market is estimated to be worth billions. John Rose 10:19 The wholesale price of these poultry pieces soared 76 percent on average last year. That rapid growth is due in part to the actual growth of chickens, they're becoming much bigger. But larger chickens aren't necessarily a good thing for restaurants that 3/28/13 SCI serve chicken wings. Mike Hughlett 5:31 Until now, it appeared labor unions preferred LA City Controller Wendy Greuel over 3/28/13 POLI City Councilman Eric Garcetti in the race for mayor. That has now changed. Frank Stoltze 4:50 It's Take Two's ticket to all the latest political news coming out of downtown Los Frank Stoltze and 3/28/13 POLI Angeles with KPCC's political team of Frank Stoltze and Alice Walton. Alice Walton 10:04 On tap this week: Why you're not allowed to say "ungoogleable" in Sweden, the elimination of entrees in restaurants, and this week back in 1989 two scientists claim Rico Gagliano and 3/28/13 ART to have discovered cold fusion. Brendan Newnam, 6:03

Millions of people live in the city, occupying diverse neighborhoods like Little Tokyo, Echo Park and Glassell Park. But how much of the city do you really know? In Take 3/28/13 ART Two's new series, Neighborhoods, reporter Tess Vigeland takes us to Leimert Park. Tess Vigeland 5:51 A "tobacco surcharge" in the Affordable Care Act could lead to higher health premiums for smokers. But a bill in the California assembly would block higher rates 3/28/13 HEAL in the state. Stephanie O'Neill 2:40 Vets returning from Iraq and Afghanistan face a 10 percent unemployment rate when they come home. But Take Two looks at one path to giving them a job: encouraging D'Artagnan 3/28/13 MIL them to become farmers. Scorza 8:22 3/28/2013 LAW Gov Brown wants to end federal oversight of state prisons, not looking likely Small 1:28 3/28/2013 POLI Environmentalists worry about Gov Brown's new tunnel plan Sommer 1:40 3/28/2013 SPOR NCAA tournament comes back to LA Moore 1:00 3/28/2013 LAW LAPD search for kidnap suspects CC :14 Mayoral candidates receive major endorsements from Magic Johnson and 3/28/2013 POLI Councilwoman Jan Perry CC :20 3/28/2013 TT Announcement of LA city commission to balance budget CC :19 3/28/2013 SCI Drones may soon be applied to commercial uses CC :25 A longtime Lake Forest city councilman and former mayor has pleaded "no contest" to 3/28/2013 OC DUI charges Bergman :34 3/28/2013 OBIT Don Payne, writer and producer, died CC :16 3/28/2013 LAW LAPD search for kidnap suspects CC :18

3/28/2013 LAW Auditor's report says CA Transportation workers falsified data on 11 different projects CC :11 3/28/2013 ECON State lawmaker wants to eliminate sales tax on college textbooks CC :08 3/28/2013 SAC Audit says lax management at CalTrans allowed technician to falsify safety data Small :59 Mayoral candidates receive major endorsements from Magic Johnson and 3/28/2013 POLI Councilwoman Jan Perry Walton 2:24 3/28/2013 LAW Northride girl gives info on suspects Aguilar 1:11 An LAUSD cafeteria worker tries his hand at acting in a new play about healthy 3/28/2013 EDU schools Plummer 1:05 3/28/2013 POLI Why labor is divided in LA Mayor's race Stoltze 4:49 3/28/2013 ECON Former Secretary of Commerce formed a panel to examine LA finances Stoltze 3:03 3/28/2013 EDU National test watchdog group says 37 documented cheating cases in last 4 years Guzman :48

The Los Angeles city Planning Commission yesterday approved two 55-story high- rises in Hollywood. These new skyscrapers, which occupies one million square feet Tom LaBonge, 3/29/13 HOUS for apartments, offices, and retailers, would be next to the Capitol Records building. Dana Perlman 13:00

NPR has decided to cancel “Talk of the Nation,” a 21-year-old call-in show produced by Boston affiliate WBUR. Starting July 1, “Talk of the Nation” will be replaced by 3/29/13 MEDI “Here and Now,” which falls into the increasingly popular “news magazine” style. Gabriel Kahn 19:00 How will Peña Nieto’s strategy differ from his predecessor, and why should we believe 3/29/13 FOR that it will cut down on death and corruption? Shannon O’Neil 12:00 Major League Baseball’s season kicks off Sunday night, with the two Texas teams going at it, but the rivalry most worth watching in 2013 could just be the one in our 3/29/13 SPOR own backyards between the Dodgers and Angels. Ned Colletti 4:00 Larry is joined by KPCC film critics Wade Major and Henry Sheehan to review this week’s releases, including A Place Beyond The Pines, The Host, Blancanieves, and Wade Major, 3/29/13 ENT more. TGI-FilmWeek! Henry Sheehan 31:00:00

Who was Dennis Hopper? The better question may be what wasn’t he? This actor, filmmaker, art collector and photographer lives on as an off-beat icon in entertainment 3/29/13 ENT history, and biographer Tom Folsom couldn’t resist the roller coaster of Hopper’s life. Tom Folsom 17:00 From the use of a racial slur to a trip to the border to appearances by the President on tv, it's been an interesting week in immigration issues. For more 3/29/13 IMM we're joined by Fawn Johnson, who covers immigration for the National Journal. Fawn Johnson 10:22 On Tuesday, President Obama signed into a law the spending bill Congress had approved last Friday, but his swipe of the pen sparked protests outside the White 3/29/13 SCI House. Bill Lambrecht 6:14 We'll talk about the week that was with our regular political roundtables. On tap this week, the Heidi Moore with The Guardian and James Rainey from the Los Angeles Heidi Moore and 3/29/13 POLI Times. James Rainey 12:58 The L.A. County Sheriff's Department marked a milestone Thursday, the first time the facility has had enough participants in educational programs to stage a graduation 3/29/13 EDU ceremony. Rina Palta 3:01 The Place Beyond the Pines, stars Ryan Gosling as Luke, a wandering soul who makes his living performing motorcycle tricks at a traveling carnival. How Gosling's character chooses to take care of a newly discovered family and how those choices affect the lives of others is the basis of the film. We’ll speak to Derek Cianfrance who 3/29/13 ART is the writer and director. Derek Cianfrance 12:53 Charles Manson and several of his followers were found guilty in the murder of seven people more than four decades ago, but now there could be some new information in 3/29/13 LAW the case. Richard Winton 6:18 Five hikers have died in the rural canyon in the past two years. Official warnings 3/29/13 - haven't kept people from taking a dangerous path to a second waterfall. Molly Peterson 3:56 In Las Vegas, plenty of people are trying to get on one list or another, at clubs, bars, restaurants and the like. But one list that no one wants to be on is the so-called 3/29/13 LIT "Black Book." John Glionna 8:29 If you are looking some other ways to celebrate with a little southern California flair, 3/29/13 ART oh, have we got suggestions for you! Charles Phoenix 5:50 Roman Mars and Eric Molinsky of 99% Invisible tell the real story about what Roman Mars and 3/29/13 TRAN happened to LA's Red Car system. Eric Molinsky 12:16 California craft distillers are pushing to change a Prohibition-era law that restricts them from having paid tasting rooms and selling bottles of their product on site. 3/29/13 ART Wineries and breweries have had that right for decades. Meghan McCarty 4:32 3/29/2013 ENV Renewed calls for safety after hiker falls to her death Peterson 3:56 3/29/2013 LAW Jail-based incarceration program reaches milestone in LA County Palta 3:01 3/29/2013 OBIT Actor Richard Griffiths has died CC :08

Williams was the author of dozens of books and founder of Crawdaddy! -- a vanguard rock music magazine that predated Rolling Stone by nearly 2 years. Kevin Ferguson Kevin Ferguson / 3/30/13 OBIT talks with L.A. Record's Chris Ziegler about Williams' life and work. Chris Ziegler 4:24 28-year old Jorge Gutierrez is 28, lives in LA, and is an activist with United We Dream. He says it was easier to come out as gay to his family than to come out as undocumented to his school. He attended anti-Prop 8 rallies in Washington DC when Frank Stoltze / 3/30/13 LGB the Supreme Court took up the case. Jorge Gutierrez 3:30 An audio essay from Dylan Brody: It’s easy to let ourselves turn into angry passengers, helpless in a world of air currents and weather patterns, moving sidewalks and unmoving doors. But with just a little bit of conscious effort, we can smile, laugh at the delays, and make sure that through the vagaries of the voyage we 3/30/13 MEDI remain, all of us, good traveling companions. Dylan Brody 3:13 John Rabe / Val 3/30/13 ART John Rabe talks with Val Kilmer about his new play 'Citizen Twain.' Kilmer 7:53 The L.A. Dodgers open the 2013 season against the Giants this coming Monday at Dodger Stadium. The Dodgers' ownership spent the off-season giving the stadium a Brian Watt / Stan $100-million makeover. KPCC's Brian Watt says it's all part of a strategy to cultivate Kasten / Janet 3/30/13 SPOR fan loyalty. Marie Smith 3:19 Alex Cohen / Kenneth Alex Cohen interviews Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan of the band Milk Carton Pattengale / Joey 3/30/13 ART Kids about their new album, playing music in Los Angeles and their influences. Ryan 13:45 John Rabe interviews Peter Rowe about the financial disaster that was Valitar. Valitar was a horse show in San Diego that recently shut down, without paying many of its John Rabe / Peter 3/30/13 ENT employees and contractors what they are owed. Rowe 8:53 Kevin Ferguson explains President Reagan's admiration for Walt Disney and his accomplishments. Reagan even mentioned Disney in his speeches. Kevin talks with Kevin Ferguson / John Highbush of the Reagan Library and Steven Clark, President of the Disney Fan John Highbush / 3/30/13 HIST Club. Steven Clark 5:50 Candidates for various LA city offices will participate in a forum on public 3/31/2013 POLI transportation and the environment Walton :33 3/31/2013 LAW Debate over plastic bag ban returns to Sacramento CC :10 3/31/2013 LAW Debate over plastic bag ban returns to Sacramento Adler :53