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Adurant • Called: Vása, the Heart of Fire, the Daystar • A tributary of Gelion. Anarríma Aegnor • A star • Elvish son of Finarfin. Andram Aelin-uial • The Gates of Sirion. • The Twilight Meres Anduin the Great The After-born • A river in Arda • Men Angainor The Aftercomers • The chain that bound Melkor • Men Angband Arda • Melkor’s fortress in the Northwest, • The World created by Eru and the commanded by • Called: The Firmament, the World, the • Called: The Hells of Iron Earth, Eä, the Kingdom of Arda, the Veil of Arda, the Little Kingdom, the Outer Lands, Angrod the Hither Lands, Middle-Earth, Endor • Elvish son of Finarfin.

Alcarinquë and Elemmírë Apanónar • Stars • Men

Aldaron Araman • Oromë • Land between the Pelóri and the Great Sea in Aman. Alqualondë • The mansions of Olwë in Aman. Aratar • Called: The Haven of Swans. • Manwë, Varda, Ulmo, Yavanna, Aulë, Mandos, Nienna, Oromë. Aman • Called: The High Ones of Arda • Home of the Valar. Across the Outer Sea from Arda Aredhel the White • Called: The Land of Aman, the Blessed • Elvish daughter of Fingolfin. Realm, the Guarded Realm • Called: Ar-Feiniel, the White Lady of the . Amon Ereb • A hill in Ossiriand where Denethor died Ard-galen during the First Battle of the Wars of • A plain in Arda North of Dorthonion. . • Called: The Pass of Sirion.

Amon Gwareth Ar-Feiniel • A mountain in Tumladen. • Aredhel the White

Amras Arien • Elvish son of Fëanor. • The chosen to guide Anar.

Amrod Aros • Elvish son of Fëanor. • A river in East Beleriand.

Anar the Fire-golden Arossiach • The Sun. • The Fords of Aros. Tolkien Encyclopedia

Being Ascar • The Great Music • A tributary of Gelion • Called: Rathlóriel. Beleriand • Western lands Astaldo • Tulkas The Black Foe of the World • Melkor Atani • Men Blessed Realm • Aman Aulë • Ainu of Earth. A Valar. Spouse of Yavanna. Brilthor An Aratar. Created the Dwarves. • A tributary of Gelion. • Called: Friend of the Noldor, the Maker, Mahal Brithombar and Eglarest • Ports in Arda The Avari • Elves who did not follow Oromë into Aman. Calacirya • Called: The Unwilling • A valley in the Pelóri running to the sea. • Called: The Pass of Light Avathar • ’s lair beneath the Bay of Eldamar The Calaquendi in Aman. • The Eldalië

Balrogs Caranthir • The Valaraukar • Elvish son of Fëanor.

Barad Nimras Carnil and Luinil • A watchtower built by Finrod on the shores • Stars of West Beleriand. The Caverns of Narog The Battle • High Faroth • The Battle of the Powers Celeborn The Battle of the Powers • The tree in Top Eressëa “descended” of • The war between Melkor and the Valar Galathilion in Tirion. after the awakening of the Elves • Called: Nimloth, the White Tree of Numenor • Called: The Battle Celebrindal The Battle-under-Stars • Idril • The Second Battle. Celegorm Bauglir • Elvish son of Fëanor. • Melkor Celon The Bay of Balar • A tributary of Aros. • A bay in Arda, facing the Outer Sea, fed by the Sirion river. Children of Eru • Children of Iluvatar The Bay of Eldamar • A bay in Arda, close to Aman. Children of Iluvatar • Called: Elvenhome • Elves, men • Called: Children of Eru Tolkien Encyclopedia

• The House of Fëanor The Children of the Sun • Men The Doom of Mandos • The Prophecy of the North Círdan the Shipwright • The Elvish leader of the Falathrim The Doom of the Noldor • The Prophecy of the North Count of Time • Time system derived from the Two Trees Doomsman of the Valar • Mandos Crissaegrim • The abode of eagles in East Beleriand. Dor Caranthir • Thargelion Crowned with Stars • Oiolossë Dor Daedeloth • The land of Melkor. Cuiviénen • The Water of Awakening, a bay in the Dor Dínen Northeast where the Elves awoke. • Land in Lothlann. • Called: The Silent Land. Culúrien • Laurelin Doriath • Eglador Curufin • Elvish son of Fëanor Dor-lómin • Drengist Curufinwë • Fëanor Dorthonion • Northern highlands in Arda Daeron the Minstrel • The chief lore master of Elwë. Drengist • The fjord in Araman where Fëanor left Dagor Aglareb Fingolfin. • The third battle in the Wars of Beleriand, in • Called: Dor-lómin, Losgar which Fingolfin and defeated the who pushed through Ard-galen. Duilwen • Called: The Glorious Battle. • A tributary of Gelion.

Dagor-nuin-Giliath Durin • The Second Battle • One of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves

Dark Enemy of the World The Dwarrodelf • Melkor • Khazâd-dûm

The Daystar Dwarves • Anar • Creatures created by Aulë • Called: The Seven Fathers of the Dwarves Days of the Bliss of • The years of the trees Eä • Arda The Deep Elves • The Noldor Eagles of the King • Yavanna’s protectors of the forests. The Dispossessed • Called: The Lords of the West Tolkien Encyclopedia

Eärendil Elentári • The • Varda

Eärwen Elvenhome • Elvish daughter of Olwë. Wife of Finarfin. • The Bay of Eldamar

The East Vale Elves • Thargelion • Created by Eru • Called: The Children of Iluvatar, the The Echoing Hills Firstborn, the Quendi, Elder Children of • Ered Lómin Illuvatar

Eglador The Elves of the Darkness • The land of Elwë and , protected by • The Moriquendi the Girdle of Melian. • Called: Doriath, the Hidden Kingdom The Elves of the Falas • The Falathrim Eglath • Friends of Elwë who remained in Arda. The Elves of the Light • Called: The Forsaken People. • The Eldalië

Eithel Sirion The Elves of the Twilight • The Vale of Sirion • The Sindar

Elbereth Elu • Varda • Elwë

Eldalië Elwë • The Vanyar, the Noldor, and the Teleri. • The Elvish king of the Teleri. Brother of • Called: The Calaquendi, the Elves of the Olwë. Spouse of Melian. Light, the Three Kindreds of the Eldar. • Called: Singollo, Greymantle, Elu Thingol, the Hidden King. Eldar • Elves who followed Oromë into the West, The Encircling Sea into Aman. • The Outer Sea

The Eldar of Beleriand Endor • The Sindar • Arda

Eldarin Engwar • The tongue of the Eldar • Men

Elder Children of Illuvatar Eöl • Elves • Of the kin of Thingol. The only to visit Nogrod and Belegost. Of Nan Elmoth. Elder Days Father of Maeglin.

Elendë Eönwë • A Maiar. Herald of Manwë. Elenwë • Elvish wife of Turgon Ered Engrin • The Iron Mountains Elemmírë Tolkien Encyclopedia

Ered Gorgoroth • A valley in Beleriand where Ungoliant hid. The Fen of Serech • Called: Nan Dungortheb, the Valley of • A swamp in Arda near the Vale of Sirion. Dreadful Death The Fair Elves Ered Lindon • The Vanyar • Mountains in Ossiriand The Falathrim Ered Lómin • Elves of the Teleri who remained in Arda • Hills in Arda with Ossë. • Called: The Echoing Hills • Called: The Elves of the Falas

Ered Luin The Fall of the Noldor • Mountains in Arda. The source of the • The Kinslaying at Alqualondë tributaries of Gelion. • Called: The Blue Mountains Fëanturi • Mandos, Lórien; masters of spirits. Ered Nimrais • Mountains in Arda Fëanor • Called: The White Mountains • Elvish son of Finwë and Míriel Serindë. Husband of Nerdanel. Ered Wethrin • Called: Curufinwë, Spirit of Fire. • Mountains in Arda • Called: The Mountains of Shadow Feast of Reuniting • Mereth Aderthad Eressëa • An island in the Bay of Eldamar. Home of Felagund the Teleri. • Finrod • Called: The Lonely Isle The Flower of Silver Eriador • Isil

Eru Finarfin • The creator. • Elvish son of Finwë and Indis. Brother of • Called: The One, Iluvatar Fingolfin. Husband of Eärwen. Father of Finrod, Orodreth, Angrod, Aegnor, and Esgalduin . • A river separating Neldoreth and Region. Fingolfin Estë • Elvish son of Finwë and Indis. Brother of • A Valier. Spouse of Lórien. Clad in grey. Finarfin.

Everlasting Whiteness Fingon • Oiolossë • Elvish son of Fingolfin. King of the Noldor after Finwë. The Ever-cold • The Hill of Himring. Finrod • Elvish son of Finarfin. Ever-young • Called: Felagund, Lord of Caves, Hewer of • Vána Caves

Ezellohar Finwë • Mound of Valmar. • Called: Corollairë, the Green Mound Tolkien Encyclopedia

• The Elvish king of the Noldor. Husband of The Girdle of Melian Míriel Serindë and Indis. Father of Fëanor, • A barrier of light around Eglador. Finarfin, and Fingolfin. Giver of Fruits The Fírimar • Yavanna • Men Glaurung First War • The first of the Urulóki. Waited in Angband. • Battle between Melkor and Tulkas for Arda Glingal and Belthil The Foe of the Valar • Two statues of trees that Turgon made in • Melkor Gondolin after the Two Trees.

The Ford of Brithiach The Glorious Battle • A ford on Sirion. • Dagor Aglareb

The Ford of Stones Gondolin • Sarn Athrad • Ondolindë

The Fords of Aros Gothmog • Arossiach • The lord of who killed Fëanor. • Called: The Lord of Balrogs The Forest between the Rivers • Taurim-Duinath Gorthaur the Cruel • Sauron Formenos • The treasury of Fëanor in Aman during his The Great Echo banishment. • Lammoth

The Forsaken People The Great Gulf • Eglath • A bay in Arda facing the Outer Sea

Friend of the Noldor Great Lake • Aulë • Lake in Arda • Called: The Inland Sea, Helcar, the Sea of Galadriel Helcar • Elvish daughter of Finarfin. The Great Rider Galathilion • Oromë • Tree modeled after Telperion, formed by Yavanna in Tirion. The Greater Gelion • A source of the Gelion. Galvorn • A black metal made by Eöl The Green-elves • The Laiquendi The Gates of Sirion • The falls of Sirion in East Beleriand, ending The Green Isle in Ramdal. • Tol Galen • Called: Andram, the Long Wall. The Green Mound Gelion • Ezellohar • A river in Arda The Grey-elves • The Sindar Tolkien Encyclopedia

The Hildor Greymantle • Men • Elwë Hildórien The Guarded Realm • Land in the East of Arda where Men first • Aman awoke.

Guests The Hill of Himring • Men • A hill in East Beleriand among the March of Maedhros. The source of the Little Gelion Hadhorond and Celon. • Khazâd-dûm • Called: The Ever-cold

The Haven of Swans Himlad • Alqualondë Hísilómë The Heart of Fire • Land to the West of Thangorodrim in which • Anar the Siege of Angband occurred. Held by Fingolfin and Fingon. The Heavy-handed • Called: The Land of Mist, Hithlum • Men Hithaeglir Helcar • Mountains in Arda • The Great Lake • Called: The Towers of Mist

Helcaraxë The Hither Lands • A bay in the North of Arda, facing the Outer • Arda Sea, near to Aman The Hither Shore The Hells of Iron • Nevrast • Angband Hithlum Helluin • Hísilómë

Hewer of Caves The Hollowbold • Finrod • Tumunzahar

The Hidden King The Holy Mountain • Elwë • Oiolossë

The Hidden Kingdom The House of Fëanor • Doriath • The Noldor that left with Fëanor from Aman to reclaim the . The Hidden Rock • Called: The Dispossessed • Ondolindë Hunter High Faroth • Oromë • A deep gorge in the bank of the Narog where Finrod built his stronghold. Hyarmentir • Called: The Caverns of Narog, Nargothrond • A mountain in Pelóri

High Ones of Arda Iant Iaur • The Aratar • A stone bridge in Nan Dungortheb. Tolkien Encyclopedia

Idril • Sentient beings • The Elvish daughter of Turgon. • Called: Celebrindal, the Silver-foot, Kementári • Yavanna Illuin • Northern lamp Khazad-dûm • Mansions of Durin in The Mountains of Iluvatar Mist. • Eru • Called: The Dwarrodelf, Hadhorond, .

Ilmarë Kindler • Handmaid of Varda. A Maiar. • Varda

Ilmen King of Arda • The sky. • Manwë

Indis The King of Eagles • A Vanyar. Elvish wife of Finwë. • Thorondor

Ingwë King of the Sea • The Elf king of the Vanyar • Ulmo

Inland Sea The Kinslaying at Alqualondë • The Great Lake • Fëanor’s raid of the Teleri’s swan ships. • Called: The Fall of the Noldor Inner Seas • Waters within Arda Last Battle • Armageddon The Inscrutable • Men Lady of the Seas • Uinen Irmo • Lórien Lady of the Stars • Varda The Iron Mountains • Mountains in Arda surrounding Utumno. Laiquendi • Called: Ered Engrin • The secret fighters of Elwë. • Called: The Green-elves Isil the Sheen • The Moon. Lake Helevorn • Called: Rána, the Wayward, the Flower of • A lake in Arda under Mount Rerir. Silver. Lammoth Isle of Almaren • Land in the North of Arda where Ungoliant • First dwelling of the Valar; in the Great attacked Melkor. Lake • Called: The Great Echo

The Isle of Balar The Land beyond Gelion • An island in the Bay of Balar, near to Aman. • Thargelion

Ivrin The Land of Caranthir • Pools in Arda near Ered Wethrin • Thargelion

Kelvar The Land of Seven Rivers Tolkien Encyclopedia

• Ossiriand Lord of Waters The Land of Willows • Ulmo • Nan-tathren Lords of the Valar Laurelin • The Valar • One of the . Light green and gold leaves with golden flowers. Lords of the West Waxes after noon. • The Eagles of the King • Called: Malinalda, Culúrien Lórien Legolin • A Valar. A Fëanturi. Master of visions and • A tributary of Gelion. dreams. Dwells in Lórien. Spouse of Estë. Brother of Mandos. Lenwë • Called: Irmo • Elvish leader of the Nandor. Father of Denethor Lórien • Home of Lórien Light • The Great Music Losgar • Drengist Linaewen • A swamp in Hithlum. Mablung

Lindon Maedhros • Ossiriand • Elvish son of Fëanor

The Little Gelion Maeglin • A source of the Gelion. • Elvish son of Eöl.

Little Kingdom Maglor • Arda • Elvish son of Fëanor

The Lómelindi Maglor’s Gap • Nightingales • In Mount Rerir.

The Long Wall Mahal • The Gates of Sirion. • Aulë

The Lonely Isle Máhanaxar • Eressëa • Council of the Valar near Valmar. • Called: The Ring of Doom The Lord of Balrogs • Gothmog Mahtan • A Noldor smith. Father of Nerdanel Lord of the Breath of Arda • Manwë Maiar • Lesser Valar Lord of Caves • Finrod Maker • Aulë Lord of Forests • Oromë Malinalda • Laurelin Tolkien Encyclopedia

• Lakes in Arda in the Sirion. Mandos • Called: Aelin-uial • A Valar. A Fëanturi. Keeper of the Houses of the Dead. Spouse of Vairë. Dwells in Mereth Aderthad Mandos. Brother of Lórien. An Aratar • A great feast held by Fingolfin near Ivrin. • Called: Námo, the Doomsman of the Valar • Called: The Feast of Reuniting

Mandos Middle-earth • Home of Mandos • Arda

Manwë Minas Tirith • Ainu of the air and wind. A Valar. Spouse of • A watch-tower built by Finrod in Varda. An Aratar. “His raiment is blue, and Dorthonion. Commanded by Orodreth. blue is the fire of his eyes, and his scepter is of sapphire.” Mindeb • Called: Súlimo, Lord of the Breath of Arda, King of Arda Mindon Eldaliéva • The Tower of Ingwë The March of Maedhros • Mountains in East Beleriand. Míriel Serindë • Elvish wife of Finwë. Melian • A Maiar. Spouse of Elwë. The Misty Mountains • Mountains in Arda Melkor • An Ainur. Sought the Flame Imperishable Mithrim and created discord. • A long lake in Arda. • Called: Darkness. , the Dark Enemy of the World, the Black Foe of the Moria World, the Foe of the Valar, Bauglir • Khazäd-dûm

Men Morgorth • Created by Eru • Melkor • Called: The Children of Iluvatar, the Followers, The Dominion of Men, the Atani, The Moriquendi the Guests, the Strangers, the • The Úmanyar and the Avari Secondborn, the Third Theme of Ilúvatar, • Called: The Elves of the Darkness the Aftercomers, the Hildor, the Apanónar, the After-born, Engwar, the Sickly, Fírimar, The Mortals the Mortals, the Usurpers, the Inscrutable, • Men the Self-cursed, the Heavy-handed, the Night-fearers, the Children of the Sun, the Mount Rerir Second People. • A mountain in Arda above Lake Helevorn. The source of the Greater Gelion. Menegroth • Called: Maglor’s Gap. • The halls of Elwë and Melian in Doriath between Neldoreth and Region on Mount Taras Esgalduin, built by the dwarves. • A mountain in Arda. • Called: The Thousand Caves. Mountains of Aman Menelmacar • Pelóri • A constellation The Mountains of Defense The Meres of Twilight • The Pelóri Tolkien Encyclopedia

Nevrast The Mountains of Mithrim • The home of Turgon in Vinyamar near the • Mountains in Arda. sea. • Called: The Hither Shore The Mountains of Shadow • Ered Wethrin Nienna • A Valier. Sister of the Fëanturi. An Aratar Nahar • Oromë’s white horse The Night-fearers • Men Námo • Mandos Nimloth • Celeborn Nan Dungortheb • Ered Gorgoroth Nimphelos • A great pearl held by the dwarves at Nan-tathren Belegost. • Land in East Beleriand. • Called: The Land of Willows Ninquelótë • Telperion Nan Elmoth • The home of Eöl in Northern Beleriand. Nivrin • A wood in Doriath. The Nandor • Called: The West March • Elves of the Teleri who remained in Arda. Noldor Nargothrond • The Elves of Finwë. • High Faroth • Called: The Deep Elves

Narog The Noontide of the Blessed Realm • A river in Arda near the Mountains of • The days of the Eldar in Aman. Shadow fed by the pools of Ivrin. Númenóriens Nauglamír • A golden necklace made by the dwarves Oiolossë given to Finrod. • Highest mountain on Earth. In Pelóri in • Called: The Necklace of the Dwarves Aman. • Called: Taniquetil, Everlasting Whiteness, The Necklace of the Dwarves Crowned with Stars, Amon Uilos, the Holy • Nauglamír Mountain

Neldoreth and Region Oiomúrë • Forests in Arda • Mists in Araman

Neńar and Lumbar Olórin • Stars • A Maiar.

Nerdanel Olvar • Elvish daughter of Mahtan and wife of • Plants Fëanor. Olwë Nessa • Elvish lord of the Teleri. Brother of Elwë. • A Valier. Spouse of Tulkas Father of Eärwen. Tolkien Encyclopedia

Ondolindë • Mountains in Aman. Includes Oiolossë and • The city that Turgon built in Tumladen on Elerrína. Amon Gwareth. • Called: The Mountains of Aman, the • Called: The Rock of the Music of Water, Mountains of Defense Gondolin, the Hidden Rock, the Tower of the King. Powers of Arda • The Valar Ormal • Southern lamp Powers of the World • The Valar Orocarni • Mountains of the East The Prophecy of the North • The warning that Mandos gave to the Orodreth House of Fëanor as they left Aman. • Elvish son of Finarfin. • Called: The Doom of the Noldor, the Doom of Mandos Oromë • A Valar. Spouse of Vána. An Aratar Queen of the Earth • Called: Aldaron, Tauron, the Lord of • Yavanna Forests, the Hunter, the Rider, the Great Rider Queen of the Stars • Varda Ossë • A Maiar. Vassal of Ulmo. Spouse of Uinen. Queen of the Valar • Varda Ossiriand • The land of the Nandor. Queens of the Valar • Called: The Land of Seven Rivers, Lindon • The Valier

Outer Lands Quendi • Arda • Elves

Outer Ocean Ramdal • The Outer Sea • The end of the Gates of Sirion in East Beleriand. Outer Sea • Called: The Wall’s End. • A great sea bordered by Arda, Aman, and the Void. Rána • Called: Ekkaia, Belegaer, the Great Sea of • Isil. the West, the Outer Ocean, the Encircling Sea Rathlóriel • Ascar The Pass of Aglon • The gate of Doriath between the Hill of The Rider Himring and Dorthonion. • Oromë

The Pass of Light The Ringwil • Calacirya • A stream in East Beleriand, emptying into Narog. The Pass of Sirion • Ard-galen The River Ascar • A river in Arda Pelóri The Rock of the Music of Water Tolkien Encyclopedia

• Ondolindë Silpion Rúmil • Telperion • Elvish lore master of Tirion. The Silver-foot Salmar • Idril

Sauron The Sindar • A Maiar • The elves of Elwë and Melian. • Called: Gorthaur the Cruel • Called: The Grey-elves, the Elves of the Twilight, the Elder of Beleriand The Sea of Helcar • The Great Lake Singollo • Elwë Secondborn • Men The Sirion • A river in Beleriand emptying into the Bay The Second Battle of Balar • The battle between the Noldor and Melkor in the Wars of Beleriand in which Fëanor Soronúmë was killed. • A star • Called: Dagor-nuin,Giliath, the Battle- under-Stars. Spirit of Fire • Fëanor Second Music • Heaven Spring of Arda • Called: The Last Battle, the End • The years of the lamps

The Second People Strangers • Men • Men

The Self-cursed Súlimo • Men • Manwë

Seven Fathers of the Dwarves Talath Rhúnen • Durin • Thargelion

Shepherds of the Trees Taniquetil • Oiolossë Sickle of the Valar • Valacirca Taurim-Duinath • Forests between Sirion and Gelion. The Sickly • Called: The Forest between the Rivers. • Men Tauron The Siege of Angband • Oromë • Held by Fingolfin after Dagor Aglareb. Teleri The Silent Land • Dan Dínen. Telperion • One of the Two Trees of Valinor. Dark green Silmarils and silver leaves. Waxes before Noon. • The three gems crafted by Fëanor that held • Called: Silpion, Ninquelótë the light of the Two Trees. Tolkien Encyclopedia

Telumendil The Followers • A star • Men

Thalos The Great Music • A tributary of Gelion. • The creation of Eru and the Ainur • Called: The Flame Imperishable, the Deeps Thangorodrim of Time, the Timeless Halls, the Secret Fire, • Peaks in Angband Being, the Light, the Song, the Vision

Thargelion The Holy Ones • The land about Lake Helevorn. • The Ainur • Called: The Land beyond Gelion, Dor Caranthir, the Land of Caranthir, Talath The Kingdom of Arda Rhúnen, the East Vale • Arda

The Abyss The One • The Void • Eru

The Ainur The Rider • Spirits created by Eru • Oromë • Called: The Holy Ones Sarn Athrad The Children of Iluvatar • A ford on the Gelion river. • Elves and men, created by Eru alone • Called: The Ford of Stones • Called: The Firstborn and the Followers The Sea-elves The Darkness • The Teleri • Melkor The Secret Fire The Deeps of Time • The Great Music • The Great Music The Song The Dominion of Men • The Great Music • Men The Strong The Earth • Tulkas • Arda Tauren-Faroth The Eldalië • Forest in East Beleriand.

The Eldar Telchar • A smith of the dwarves in Nogrod. The End • The Second Music The Teleri • The Elves of Elwë. The Firmament • Called: The Sea-elves • Arda The Thousand Caves The Firstborn • Menegroth • Elves The Timeless Halls The Flame Imperishable • The Great Music • The Great Music The Tower of the King Tolkien Encyclopedia

• Ondolindë • Hithaeglir

The Valar Tulkas • Ainu descended into Arda. • A Valar. “His hair and beard are golden, • Called: The Powers of the World, the and his flesh ruddy.” Spouse of Nessa. Powers of Arda, Lords of the Valar, the • Called: Astaldo, the Valiant, the Strong Deathless Tumladen The Valier • A hidden vale that Turgon discovered in • The Queens of the Valar Dorthonion fenced in by mountains.

The Veil of Arda Túna • Arda • A hill within Calacirya

The Vision Turgon • The Great Music • Elvish son of Fingolfin. Lord of Gondolin. Husband of Elwë. The Void • Space Two Trees of Valinor • Called: The Abyss, the Walls of the Night • Telperion and Laurelin, planted by Yavanna in Valinor. The War of Beleriand • The war between the Noldor and Melkor. Úmanyar • Elves who set out for Aman but turned The World aside. • Arda Ungoliant The Third Theme of Ilúvatar • An evil spirit in the shape of a huge, • Men gluttonous spider created by Melkor.

Thorondor Uninen • The king of the Eagles. • A Maiar. Spouse of Ossë. • Called: The King of Eagles. • Called: Lady of the Seas

Tilion The Unwilling • The Maia chosen to guide Isil. • The Avari

Time Ulmo • Ainu of the waters. A Valar. He is seen as, Tintallë “a mounting wave that strides to the land, • Varda with dark helm foam-crested and raiment of mail shimmering from silver down into Tirion shadows of green. Ulmo’s voice is deep as • The city of the Elves upon Túna. the deeps of the ocean which only he has seen.” An Aratar Tol Galen • Called: Lord of Waters. King of the Sea • An island in the Gelion. • Called: The Green Isle Ulumuri • The great horns of Ulmo, made of white The Tower of Ingwë shell. • Tirion’s lighthouse • Called: Mindon Eldaliéva The Urulóki • The fire-drakes of the North The Towers of Mist Tolkien Encyclopedia

The Usurpers • Men Vása • Anar Utumno • Melkor’s first fortress in the South Vinyamar

Varda The Wall’s End • A Valier. Spouse of Manwë. An Aratar • Ramdal • Called: Lady of the Stars, Elbereth, Queen of the Valar, Tintallë, the Kindler, Elentári, Walls of the Night Queen of the Stars, • The Void

Vairë The Wayward • A Valier. Spouse of Mandos. Healer of • Isil. hurts. • Called: The Weaver Weaver • Vairë Valacirca • A Northern constellation The West March • Called: The Sickle of the Valar • Nivrim

Valaraukar The White Lady of the Noldor • Demons of terror created by Melkor. • Aredhel the White • Called: Balrogs. The White Mountains Valaróma • Ered Nimrais • The horn of Oromë The White Tree of Numenor The Vale of Sirion • Celeborn • A vale in Arda South of Ard-galen. • Called: Eithel Sirion. Wilwarin • A star Valiant • Tulkas Yavanna • A Valier. Seen as, “a tall woman and robed Valimar in green; but at times like a tree under heaven, crowned with the Sun; and from all The Valley of Dreadful Death its branches there spilled a golden dew • Ered Gorgoroth upon the barren earth, and it grew green with corn; but the roots of the tree were in Valmar the waters of Ulmo, and the winds of • City in Valinor Manwë spoke in its leaves.” Spouse of Aulë. An Aratar Valinor • Called: The Giver of Fruits, Kementári, • Region of Aman behind Pelóri. Queen of the Earth

Vana • A Valier. Spouse of Oromë. • Called: The Ever-young

Vanyar • The Elves of Ingwë. Followed Oromë into Aman. • Called: The Fair Elves