We love to eat the food that we grew up with, the dishes of our mothers, our grandmothers, our families. At Spanish Diner, we are bringing what we love from home – eggs, stews, – and sharing them with you. ¡Buen provecho! JOSÉ ANDRÉS ¡COMO EN CASA! START YOUR MEAL LIKE A SPANIARD! Aceitunas aliñadas $5 Boquerones en Vinagre $12 Croquetas de cocido $12 Gordal, manzanilla and arbequina White Spanish anchovies served with Beef, ham, chicken and Spanish olives marinated with citrus, José Andrés potato chips and olives béchamel fritters and herbs Vaso de gazpacho y sus Patatas bravas $9 Mejillones en escabeche con picatostes $6 Fried potatoes with spicy tomato patatas chips y Espinaler $12 Chilled tomato, cucumber and green sauce and alioli Preserved mussels in escabeche pepper soup, like mamá used to make sauce served over potato chips with Ensaladilla rusa $10 Espinaler sauce Tortilla de patatas chips $9 Potato salad with Spanish conserved Spanish omelet made with José Andrés tuna, carrots, peas and mayonnaise potato chips and caramelized onions

SPANISH SPECIALTIES LA HUERTA Jamón ibérico de Chorizo ibérico de SOUPS AND SALADS bellota Cinco Jotas $23 bellota $15 48-month cured ham Dry-cured acorn-fed ibérico El Gazpacho y su En España los tomates from the legendary, sausage with pimentón Liturgia $10 se comen así $12 acorn-fed, black-footed The famous gazpacho served Tomato salad with extra ibérico pigs of Spain Queso Manchego $12 like at home virgin , spring 3-month aged sheep's onions, salt and pepper Jamón ibérico $15 milk cheese Ensalada de Aguacate y 36-month cured ibérico mojo verde $12 Ensalada de garbanzos con ham served with Anchoas de Avocado, mojo verde and tomate y huevo duro $13 picos Santoña $16 goat cheese Chickpea salad, hard boiled Anchovies from Santoña eggs, cumin, tomate fresco, Lomo ibérico de served over pan con tomate Cogollos de lechuga spring onions, olive oil and bellota $15 a la cordobesa $12 sherry vinegar

Cured acorn-fed ibérico Pan con tomate $10 Gem lettuce, fried garlic, pork loin Toasted slices of pimentón, extra virgin olive oil Cogollos con piquillo y uniquely crispy and and sherry vinegar queso Manchego $13 Salchichón ibérico ethereal brushed Baby gem lettuce dressed de bellota $15 with fresh tomato and Ensalada mixta $13 with extra virgin olive oil and A dry-cured sausage extra virgin olive oil Gem lettuce, tomato, onion, sherry vinegar, confit piquillos made with acorn-fed Spanish conserved tuna and Manchego cheese ibérico pork

BOCATAS SANDWICHES Bikini mixto $12 Bikini "Angel Muro se Mollete de Queso manchego $12 The very famous pressed fue a Mexico!" $14 Crispy, light bun with Manchego cheese ham and cheese sandwich with cooked ham, from Barcelona cheese, avocado and fried egg Mollete de jamón ibérico $14 Crispy, light bun with ibérico ham Bikini cuatro quesos $12 Mollete de sobrasada y mahón $14 Payoyo, Valdeón, Mahón and Crispy, light bun with sausage, Mahón Mollete de jamón ibérico y queso $15 Tetilla sandwich cheese, honey Crispy, light bun with ibérico ham, Manchego cheese Garbanzos Bar Pinotxo $15 Signature dish of chickpeas with morcilla from Bar Pinotxo at La Boquería Market, Barcelona. Served with a fried egg BREAKFAST ALL DAY

HUEVOS ROTOS CASA LUCIO Fried eggs, potatoes Casa Lucio is a classic Madrid destination where the owner Lucio Blázquez has been wowing Madrileños with his light touch, quality ingredients and home-style cooking since 1974.

Choice of two, four, or six eggs

Plain $12 $16 $20 Chistorra $16 $26 $36 Morcilla $17 $27 $37 Jamón $20 $29 $38 Mixto $21 $30 $39

MAS HUEVOS MORE EGGS! Huevos fritos con pisto manchego $12 Huevos fritos con aguacate $13 2 fried eggs served with the traditional stew of 2 fried eggs, avocado eggplant, peppers and zucchini Huevos fritos Verano en Zahara $10 Garbanzos Bar Pinotxo $15 2 fried eggs, sliced tomatoes, salt, pepper, oregano The signature dish from Bar Pintoxo at La Boquería and olive oil Market in Barcelona: chickpeas with morcilla served with a fried egg

EXTRA: Fried Egg $2 | Fried Potatoes $7 | Avocado, Half $2 | José Andrés Chips $4 | Pan de Cristal $4 Alioli $1 | White Rice $4 | Side Salad $4 | Sliced Tomato $4 | Pork Sausage $3 | Chistorra $3 | Morcilla $3 OUR GRANDMA'S CUISINE Sopa de cocido $12 Bacalao frito con pisto Pollo guisado con arroz $20 Chicken, beef, pork and vegetable manchego $18 Chicken, caramelized onions and broth, angel hair pasta, chickpeas Fried salted Spanish cod with sherry wine stew served with garlic and chorizo the traditional stew of eggplant, sautéed rice peppers and zucchini Fabada Asturiana $18 Fricando de ternera $20 Fabes stewed with morcilla, chorizo Calamares en su tinta $16 Traditional Catalan beef stew, and smoked Ibérico pork Squid ink stew served with garlic mushrooms, white rice sautéed rice Lentejas con chorizo $14 Callos con garbanzos $16 Lentil, carrot and potato stew Canelones gratinados Madrid style beef tripe stew with with chorizo con foie $18 chickpeas and chorizo Chicken, pork and duck foie gras Coliflor con béchamel $14 baked pasta with béchamel sauce Albondigas con tomate y Cauliflower gratin with and cheese. Christmas every day! patatas fritas $16 béchamel sauce Ibérico pork with tomato Macarrones con chorizo $16 sauce and fried potatoes Traditional macaroni pasta with tomato sauce and chorizo baked with Manchego cheese

PLATOS COMBINADOS COMBO PLATTERS DESSERTS Arroz con leche $8 Butifarra con mongetes, alioli y piquillos $18 The very famous rice and Ibérico pork sausage, white beans, milk pudding from Asturias confit piquillo peppers, alioli sauce Flan de Mamá Marisa $8 Calamar a la plancha, 2 huevos fritos José Andrés' mother's flan recipe y patatas fritas $18 served with whipped cream Seared fresh squid dressed with garlic and parsley, Tarta de queso $8 2 fried eggs and fried potatoes San Sebastian, “burnt” style goat Cinta de lomo a la plancha con patatas fritas, 2 huevos fritos y 2 croquetas de pollo $18 Tarta de chocolate y queso $8 Seared spiced pork loin, 2 fried eggs, fried potatoes San Sebastian, “burnt” style goat and 2 chicken fritters cheesecake…with chocolate!

Arroz a la Cubana $13 Piña Borracha $8 2 fried eggs, sautéed rice, Compressed pineapple with rum, tomato sauce, ibérico pork sausage lime and mint. Summer vibes!

**Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs, may increase your risk of foodborne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.