Hamlet Three, Scene One

44. Claudius and hide to spy on whom? and

45. During Hamlet’s famous “to be or not to be” speech, what is he contemplating?


46. How does Hamlet insult Ophelia?

Tells her to go be a prostitute

47. Does Hamlet know they are being watched?

Not at first; he figures it out when he hears a noise. Ophelia lies to him when he asks her where her father is.

48. What does Claudius think is the cause of Hamlet’s madness? What does Polonius think? Claudius thinks he is plotting something.

Polonius still thinks he is in love with Ophelia.

Act Three, Scene Two

49. What is Hamlet hosting for the royal court of ? A called The Murder of Gonzago.

50. What does Hamlet ask to do for him? He asks him to watch Claudius’ reactions to the play.

51. Who does Hamlet sit with during the play? Ophelia; he also makes very inappropriate comments to her.

52. What does Hamlet say is the name of the play?

The Mousetrap.

53. What is Claudius’ reaction to the play? He gets upset and storms out; he calls off the rest of the performance.

54. Hamlet says to Rosencrantz and Guildenstern: “Why do you think I am easier to be played upon than a pipe?” Why does he that? What does he mean? He knows they are trying to get information out of him. He thinks that they are insulting his intelligence.

55. Who wants to see/speak with Hamlet at the end of scene two?

Act Three, Scene Three

56. Where is Hamlet going? Who is going with him?

England; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

57. Who is going to spy on Hamlet and Gertrude’s conversation? Polonius

58. Hamlet has the chance to kill Claudius, why doesn’t he? Claudius is praying (confessing) and he thinks that Claudius will go to heaven if he kills him then.

59. Claudius is torn between two choices; what are they? Confess publically, give up his Queen and his crown, but be able to go to heaven. Keep what he has, live with his sin, and go to hell when he dies.

Act Three, Scene Four

60. What is the setting of the scene? Gertrude’s bedroom

61. Where is Polonius? What happens to him? Polonius is behind the arras (curtain) spying. Hamlet stabs him.

62. For whom does Hamlet mistake Polonius?


63. What does Hamlet ask his mother? What two People does he compare?

He asks his mother how she could bear to marry Claudius. He compares his father and his uncle (Claudius).

64. The appears – can Gertrude see him? What does the ghost tell Hamlet?

No, Gertrude cannot see the ghost. The ghost tells Hamlet to help his mother but to hurry up and kill Claudius.

65. What does Hamlet ask his mother not to do?

He asks her to stop sleeping with Claudius.

Act Four, Scene One

66. What does Gertrude tell Claudius?

She tells him that Hamlet has killed Polonius and dragged away the body.

Act Four, Scene Two 67. Who has gone to find Polonius’ body?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern

Act Four, Scene Three 66. Where does Hamlet say Polonius is?

He says he is at supper where he is being eaten.

67. Hamlet is leaving to go where?


68. What does Claudius send with him?

Sealed letters asking the ruler of England to execute Hamlet.

Act Four, Scene Four 69. Where is ’ army headed?


70. Who does Hamlet meet?

A captain from Fortinbras’ army who tells him that the land they are fighting over is not worth much.

71. How does this meeting affect him?

Hamlet compares himself to Fortinbras and gets upset because Fortinbras is willing to go to war to avenge his father and Hamlet cannot even manage to kill his uncle.

Act Four, Scene Five 72. What is wrong with Ophelia? What has caused this?

She has lost her mind because Hamlet killed her father; she may also be pregnant with Hamlet’s baby.

73. Who returns to Denmark? Why is he angry?

Laertes is angry because his father is dead and he did not get a proper burial. 74. Why is Claudius worried?

Claudius is worried that the people will turn against him and that he will be killed.

75. What does Ophelia think she is giving everyone?


Act Four, Scene Six 76. What is delivered to Horatio?

A letter from Hamlet saying he is on his way home.

77. What has happened to Hamlet?

His ship was attacked by pirates and he snuck on board and made a deal with them.

Act Four, Scene Seven 78. What are the two reasons Claudius will not execute Hamlet?

He does not want to upset Gertrude. He is afraid that there will be a rebellion because the people love Hamlet.

79. What is brought to Claudius?

A letter from Hamlet saying that he is returning alone.

80. What plan do and Claudius come up with for Hamlet?

Hamlet and Laertes will fight a duel; Laertes will have a sharpened sword and Hamlet wont.

81. What is their back up plan?

To poison the tip of the sword so that Laertes only has to scratch Hamlet. Claudius will also poison Hamlet’s drink.

82. What has happened to Ophelia?

She has drowned.