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Overview dimensions, or technological changes to explore these historical changes. , Alternate History brings up many thoughts , and time/dimensional travel and feelings. To historical purists, this stories are good examples of this subcategory of can look like . of Alternate History. Alternate History rides a fans view these as “What fine line between and If” scenarios that challenge us to think at this point. outside historical norms to how the world could be different today. Within the science Whatever type of Alternate History you fiction genre, alternate history can take on enjoy, each challenges your preconceived many sub- such as , understandings and feelings for a time period alternate timelines, steampunk, and in history, perhaps offering you new dieselpunk. All agree that Alternate History perspectives on the people and events involved. speculates to altered outcomes of key events in history. These minor or major alterations Most common types of have ripple effects, creating different social, political, cultural, and/or scientific levels in Alternate History? the world. Alternate History has so many sub-genres Alternate History takes some queues from associated with . Each one has its own Science Fiction as a genre. Just like Science unique alteration of history, many of which Fiction, Alternate History can be organized are considered genres or themes unto into two sub-categories that are “Hard” and themselves. “Soft” like Science Fiction.  80s invasion of United “Hard” Alternate History could be viewed as States stories and themes that stay as true to actual  Axis victory in World War II history as possible with just one or two single  Confederate victory in American changes that change the outcome, such as Civil War the Confederate Army winning the Civil War  Dieselpunk or the Axis winning World War 2. These  Historical Revisionism stories then delve into what this historically  Parallel Timelines significant change would have on the greater  Steampunk world. Here Historical Fiction and Historical  Time Travel-Induced Historical Revisionism ride a fine line, dependent upon Changes the purpose of the Alternate History story. Following are sources of information “Soft” Alternate History, much like Space pertaining to Alternate History to assist and other softer science fiction stories, prospective game masters, game designers, are a little more loose with their history writers, and storytellers in knowing where elements, often utilizing time travel, parallel to start their research.

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Conspiracy and Alternate History in Russia: 11/22/63: A A Nationalist Equation for Success? By King, Stephen By Laruelle, Marlene Source: The Russian Review, v71 n4 1945 (October 2012): 565-580 By Forstchen, William and Gingrich, Newt

Fallacies and thresholds: Notes on the early evolution of alternate history By By Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey Source: Historical Social Research, v34 n2 Ada or Ardor: A Family Chronicle (2009 04 20): 99-117 By Nabokov, Vladimir

Past Tense: The best of today's alternate history isn't likely to cheer you up. But it By Amis, Kinglsey certainly won't bore you. By Smoler, Fredric Alternate of the World Source: AMERICAN HERITAGE, 50, no. 5, By Buchholz, Matthew (1999): 45-48 Aristopia The Third Reich in Alternate History: By Holford, Castello Aspects of a Genre-Specific Depiction of Nazi Culture Aristotle and the Gun By Winthrop-Young, Geoffrey By de Camp, L. Sprague Source: The Journal of Popular Culture, v39 n5 (200610): 878-896 Bring the Jubilee By Moore, Ward Warping Time: Alternate History, Historical , and the Postmodern uchronie A Different Flesh québécoise By Turtledove, Harry By Ransom, Amy Source: Extrapolation, v51 n2 (201001): 258-280 By Asimov, Isaac

What Almost Was: The Politics of the End of the Beginning: A Novel of Alternate Contemporary Alternate History Novel History By Schneider-Mayerson,Matthew By Turtledove, Harry Source: American Studies, 50, no. 3 (2009): 63-83

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Flashpoint - Comic Then Everything Changed: Stunning By Johns, Geoff Alternate Histories of American Politics: JFK, RFK, Carter, Ford, Reagan Histoire de la Monarchie universelle By Greenfield, Jeff By Geoffroy, Louis Timeline 191 How To Write Alternate History By Turtledove, Harry By Wolf, Grey If It Had Happened Otherwise By Dreyfuss, Richard and Turtledove, Harry By Squire, Sir John - Comic By Moore, Alan By de Camp, L. Sprague What Ifs? of American History: Eminent Imagine What Might Have Been By Fry, Stephen By Cowley, Robert

The Man in the High Castle By Dick, Philip K. By de Camp, L. Sprague

Men Like Gods Why Alternate History Matters: The World By Wells, H.G. Hitler Never Made By Rosenfeld, Gabriel By Pratchett, Terry Games Over the Top: Alternate Histories of the First World War Achtung! Cthulhu – RPG By Tsouras, Peter and Jones, Spencer BioShock – Computer Game Brave New World - RPG P.'s Correspondence Castle Falkenstein - RPG By Hawthorne, Nathaniel - Computer Game Command & Conquer: Red Alert - Computer The Against America Game By Roth, Philip - Tabletop & Computer Game The Day after Ragnarok - RPG The Proteus Operation - RPG By Hogan, James P. Dust - Tabletop Game

Cyclopaedia 15 – Alternate History Page 3 of 4 Dust Tactics - Tabletop Game The Man in the High Castle - TV - Computer Game Red Dawn Freedom Fighters - Computer Game Six-String Samurai Forgotten - RPG - TV Gear Krieg - RPG The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald Godlike: Superhero Roleplaying in a World Timeline - TV on Fire, 1936-1946 - RPG Voyagers! - TV GURPS Alternate Earths - RPG Watchmen Iron Sky: The Board Game - Tabletop Game Mason-Dixon: The Second - Tabletop Game The Price of Freedom - RPG Locations Rivet Wars: Eastern Front - Tabletop Game Secrets of the Dust - RPG Anachro Con Shadows of Normandie - Tabletop Game http://www.anachrocon.org/ Space: 1889 - RPG S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Computer Game Anomaly Con Tannhauser - Tabletop Game http://www.anomalycon.com/ Twilight 2000 - RPG : New Order - Computer Game The Museum of Alternate History World at War: America Conquered - http://www.museumofalternativehistory.co Tabletop Game m/

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11.22.63 - TV People Amerika - TV An Englishman's Castle - TV Ascension - TV L. Sprague de Camp Blackadder - TV The Boys From Brazil Robert Sobel CSA: The Confederate States of America Harry Turtledove District 9 Doctor Who - TV Fatherland The Final Countdown The Good Dinosaur Iron Sky Kiki's Delivery Service

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