TV? T StlF-.l-.r.V XBOP3. t ‘XFUS CHAPMAN NATIONAL BANK oil Portland, Maine. FOUGHT FOR 13 HOURS. CAPITAL, $100,000.00 Surplus and Undivided Profits, $25,000.00 Solicits tho accounts of Banks,Mer- cantllc Firms, Corporations and Individuals, and is prepared to fur- nish its patrons tho best faciltiies and liberal accommodations. Attack United States Marines Intaiest Paid on Deposits. Spaniards SPECIAL DEPARTMENT FOR SAVINGS. Interviews and Correspondence Invited. CULLEN C. CHAPMAN, President. at Killed THOMAS H. Cashier. and EATON, Guantanamo Four, -DIRECTORS:


CSICTCD’P Forest City Dye House and Steam tN/u uw ■I LMfall wA Carpet Cleansing Works, Cape Haytien, Hayti, June 12—10.30 18 Preble St., opp. Preble House. p. m.— Eight thousand Americans,accord- Pickets Are as Yet Unaccount- to a The GEN. ALGER’S STATEMENT. ing private despatch from Port au American Prince, have landed very near Santiago Immense Amount of Work Done Prepar- nAJOR-GENERAL SHAFTER. de Cuba. ing For War. Washington, June 18.—Under oom-' most numerous gathered In American The U. S. auxiliary cruiser St. and Be Killed Also- Louis, ed for May Washington,! June 12.—Secretary Alger mand of Major General Shatter, the first waters sinoe the Civil war. The troops arrived at Mole St. Nicholas today. gave out.for publication a statement show- division of the United States army will should arrive off Santiago by Wednesday with exactness just what has been NO NEWS AT WASHINGTON. ing sail tonight from Key West for Santiago night, supposing 'the fleet proceeds at done by the war department up to this deCuba to besiege and capture that town. knots speed and landing operations moment in preparing for the United eight the Associated 30 in for General (Copyright 1898, Paess.) States army for war. The secretary said The army transports, number, left should begin by Thursday, had been care- men via Mole that this matter, which Port Tampa yesterday and are now at Shatter will not keep his cooped up Washington, June 13.—Up to 12.30 this On Board the A. P. Despatch Boat Dauntless, Off Guantanamo, Sunday Morning, June 12, St, Nicholas, fully prepared by the heads of the various noo- Key We3t. The convoying warships, be- on shipboard a moment longer than morning no news had reached thS officials 11—8 P. M.—Lieut. Col. R. W. battalion of marines which landed from the Panther departments, of oourse committed thous- Hayti, June Huntington’s transport lieved to number between 13 and 19, will essary. It is not believed that they will concerning the light at Guantanamo. ands of details but still it might convey on and on the hill the abandoned cable station at the entrance to the outer harbor of Guan- the of Friday encamped guarding to the American people soms idea of the be ready for the voyage by nightfall and be landed at Caimanara, point The report that 8000 American troops had vast work by the this force there where the American has been in off a bush attack and since 3 o’clock after- accomplish!! warjdepart- with powerful is no Guantanamo bay landed near Santiago cannot be con- tanamo, engaged beating by Spanish guerillas regulars Saturday mefit up to this time in assembling and longer reason for apprehension that the flag now flies over the heads of Sampson’s firmed and it is believed here that the noon. The was almost continuous for thirteen hours until six o’clock this morning, when reinforcements were equipping the mighty army which is now fighting attaoked while well ready to oarry Out the will of the country transports can be successfully by marines, as.that place, adapted troops have not reached these waters. landed from the Marblehead. Four of our men were killed and one was wounded. The advance pickets under in driving irom her last foothold any Spanish warships even if suoh should to serve as a naval base, and as a harbor i n the western GERMANY Lieuts. Neville and Shaw are unaccounted for. henjifihpere. have escaped the vigilant search of the of ; refuge for American vessels, is not WILL~MEDDLE. Since May the subsistence department Gibbs of the who fell in the bits loaded 12 solid miles of freight cars naval commanders at Key West and off particularly well suited for the beginning Among the killed is Assistant Surgeon John Blair Gibbs, son of Major regular army with provisions lncrndlng 29,123,945 ra- Havana. It is believed here that the Sally of military operations. His home was at in New York and he entered the service tions, weighing 82,130 tons. London June 13.—A despatoh to the Custer massacre. Richmond, Va., but he had been practising Sixteen volunteer batteries have been out of Havana of the three In 10 unless unforseen obsta- Spanish gun- days time, Mail from either in whole or in Daily Nagasaki, Japan, says: when the war He was a officer. The others killed are Charles H. Smith of Smallwood, supplied part. to create the the movement began. very popular Sargeant Sinew the of hostilities the boats was intended impres- cles are encountered, upon beginning “X have trustworthy information that of and of Mass. department has sent to the field a large sion that they were prepared to attaok Porto Rico will begin. Private William Dunphy Gloucester, Mass., Private James Mr.Colgan Stoneham, number of five inch guns and seven inch Germany is determined to prevent albom- If the has been in close but it was con- uuwiDbDia. the so, plan mis- The war Glass was wounded in The loss is unknown, ooigjo transports. department bardment of Manila." Corporal accidentally the head. Spanish probably of ammunition of Immense supplies carried for the craft were detected imme- communication by telegraph with Gen. indicate but their all kinds have been sent out. Forty-one siderable. The splashes of blood found at daylight at the positions the Spaniards occupied fatalities, ve ssels have been chartered as transports. diately by Commodore Watson’s cruisers Miles at Tampa and all of the necessary All had to be fitted for the THE TERROR USELESS. carried off the killed and wounded. purpose. and driven back pell mell into Havana instructions have been given to the com- comrades It has been difficult to get transports ■ ■ ■ —1 —* ■ — ■■■—■ 1 ■ 1 on the Pacific coast but enough will even- harbor under the protection of the guns manding general for tne preparation oi --- ■ ■■_—— tually be secured. of shore batteries. Even if these boats forces to be used in this part was which could not be used the £ The movement of troops to rendezvous the tho military Porto Kico Will Soon be on Verge md Impenetrable. The Spanish squads. came so close,’that at points there during night) points was a vast undertaking. could have done no dam- Gen. Miles in tarn has 'or of our own had escaped they of the campaign. :oncoaled in the cbapparel, had the ad- almost a hand tojhand struggle. The fearing hitting men, Altogether the troops transported, regu- ftf Ktarviiiian size or tne rurnisnea Generals and lar and volunteer, was 126 regiments in- age as the convoy been consulting Coppinger DETAILS OF rantage, the Americans on the ridge fur- offloers usedltheir revolvers. Throe Span- ihelled several squads of Spaniards after fantry, 34 regiments, or battalions, or the troop ships is sufficient to war- Lee at Jacksonville, giving the neoessary fine the formation to layllght. They dove into the bushes like troops of cavalry and 20 batteries of ar- bishing targets against sky and iards got through the'open tillery- the belief that they would have been and all is so near Jose brairle into as the shells rant detailed instructions St. Thomas, D. W. I., Juno 12.— Mr. he white tents. The Spaniards fought the edge of [ the camp. Col. Cam- dogs burrows, The statement includes a long list of THE should have essential a FIGHT. over them. they had some supplies Walter who is re- broke things transported incuding 15,000 mules, speedily destroyed ready thatj ^r^e Bett, said to have been ’rom cover till midnight, discoverable plna, the Cuban guide, discharged his 10,060 horses, 130,785 flannel 121,- to make an attaok the coul(i start with secretary of Mr. the British As the of the shirts, the oourage upon Id hand the, expedition Crawford, bnly by flashes, at whioh the marines volver arid they, turning and finding correspondent Associated 709 campaign hats and other equipments consul at San Juun de the The The had Porto Rico, Press talked with who in like proportion. The work of the en- fleet of American ships. Spanish in 24 hours. navy department lied themselves without support, ran down Major Cockrell, latter now for the States, volleys. gineer corps in eruoting batteries, acting United The began with plant- are not of formidable character, been advised of the purpose o£ the army engagement desultory side of the hill. It was dur- was in charge of the outposts, word came ing mines, etc., was reivewed. arrived here yesterday. Mr. Betts, it ap- The repeaters sounded like craokers in the reverse the a thousand Four hundred miles of cable have not one of them being the equal in power war board today was making ar- was firing at pickets, yards jf the of of been and the pears, aooused of communicating in- barrel. ing this assault that Assistant Surgeon finding the.body Sergeant delivered and 15,COO submarine mines formation inland from the camp. of the smallest of the American cruisers, for the supplying of the con- to the United States authori- Capt. Spicer’s He was shot in Smith. He was reported as having been laid in harbors and these are being in- rangement The Marblehead launched a Colt ma- Gibbs was killed. the ties the and fortifica- and was creased as material is delivered. or even of such as the little fleet. This will bo of a more concerning mines oompany was doing guard duty gunboats voying ;hino gun in her bow, pushed the head in front of his own tent,the farthest tions of San and he was therefore np be used as than that which Juan, driven finally rallying on the oamp Bancroft, which may Gen. formidable character in, He fell into the arms of ordered to leave Porto Rico. The Span- bay, enfilading the Spaniards, and it is of attack. BLANCO HEARD FROM. at 5 point Shatter’s with tho Santiago expedition, for and repulsing the enemy o’elook. The Royal is the highest grade baking powder flagship. goes iards olairo this is a broach of that some were killed. Sullivan and both dropped. A flagrant thought The ma- Private known. Actual tests show it taken of Privates and goes one* Every precaution has been by the the contemplate a joint attack upon British and dangerous for The bodies McColgan threw dust in their faces. He Tells Madrid Where American Ships plans neutrality rines trailed much blood to the water’s second bullet third further then any other brondt be to secure the of the fortifications the Mr. unless it can proved were found, both shot in the are Located. government safety the San Juan by army Crawford, Dunphy Gibbs lived ten but of idge, and there lost it. Sharks are num- Surgeon minutes, that the latter was the employer Mr. caused the troops in route to Cuba. The naval war and and the fortifications are so head. The large cavities by navy, secretary Is irous in the vioinity. The ships threw did not regain consciousness. Bett, and that the expelled of 600 Madrid, June 12.—4 p. m.—The follow- board was in session today making the that heavily armored ship only bullets, which inside a range yards, powerful not answerable for his actions to the ;heir searchlights ashore, the powerful The surgeons of the hospital corps then has been received here from indicate that the ing despatch final preparations for the disposition of can be sent against them at tho begin- have a rotary motion, British government. ileotrio eyes the removed their quarters to the trenohes Captain General Blanco: “One American sweeping deep tropical the The transports will be it is believed that denies having supplied the victims were killed at close range. are before guard ships. ning. Threfore Samp- Mr. Bett and the old stookade, north of cruiser and two gunboats with the infor- foliage disclosing occasionally skulk- about Spanish as as safe will lead this fleet. United States authorities The bodies were of shoes, hats two are before Mariel, one at kept closely together navigation son’s stripped of It The attacks were continued Havana, to. ing parties Spaniards. all resem- the camp. none will be has taken a mation referred and and horribly muti- two at San Caisarion, at will permit and the warships dis- Now that Sampson up posi- cartridge belts the rest of the Cardenas, Porto Bican refugees, mostly bled a transformation scene at a theatre. at intervals throughout and 15 men of war Thirty Matanzas, Cienfuegos posed ahead and astern on either flank. tion ashore at Guantanamo, it is expected here lated with machettos. also arrived yesterday. Each of the was with firing from small squads in Cuba. We have no women, discovery enemy greeted night, are off Santiago de that ho that two of When in the whole The fleet and the scouting vessels will be at the navy department will soon The newspapers 6ay months they were brought news frouf L'i Caimanero. by the crackle of carbine fire along the various directions. of the communication conditions will bring Porto battalion of a hollow here from thrown far out in advance trans- be In direct cable with the ;he existing formed three sides the fire slackened. A privato dspatch received of launohes gnn, searching the thickets with Toward (morning to tbe verge starvation. the situ- and in order to ensure against an which will greatly facilitate Rico square about the camp on the hill top. Mat 11a,'dated June 8. represents ports, department of es- leaden stream. is the favorite time for attack and The government the island bas Dawn ation here as improved. It attack from tho some of these ves- of the for the Below in the were the at being slightly rear, the combinedroperations army and a few public kitchens bay warships tho on tablished Shortly after midnight came the main as the east paled, marines, lying says: of those who are the most. anchor. sels, such as the St. Bouis, perhaps, will ■elief suffering Inland from the hill camp is a navy. boat destroyer The made a were aroused. Some were “In of the insurrection in the The Spanisli torpedo ,taok. Spaniards gallant their guns, spite to was now as ravine and on resist- linger far astern ready signal the The cable which cut just before the Terror is regarded useless owing deep beyond this are high Pure province the capital is resolved the southwest but were asleep as they had had no rest Absolutely the break in her boilers and the lack jharge up slope, actually ance. The spirit of the is excellent. armored cruisers at the first were landed was o hills. The adjacent is with people heavily sign marines buoyed and to She Is still country heavy nature could no The defences have been increased, fresh if means repair them. mei by repeated volleys from the main for 48 hours and tired Juan de Porto the Al- a thicket battalions of volunteers have been organ- of the approaching foe. The stately bat- as soon as cable operators and instru- 4t San Rico with growth. The sky was blanketed de and broke before wero one stand the strain. But no attack ized. the for two fonso XIII.. Isabel II., Ponce Leon, with clouds and body they longer place is victualed Indiana will it is can over when the sun set a gale tleship expected lead ments be gotten from Hayti the Joncbauca Comachat. They were all field DAKINQ POWDER 00., YORK. mouths and tne insurgents have not ven- of the the hill; but came. Three new 13-pound guns, _ROVttt. when the Juan. was blowing seaward. thick third way up they tured to make an attack.” the procession of ships, which will be the cable will be opened again. ,Uere refugees left San Night fell tilled at 5 o’clock on the to fall. era and no breeze. previous day, At 8 o’clock ruin commenced 1'owurd « at wera only six men slightly items of Interest Gathered lighthouse stands at the top. Great miles, the alleT? by Correa- and how he was killed no one knows at the entrance of the wounded, on the Baltimore, while Marblehead’s Captain. clouds of smoke and dust rose continu- harbor th?Dt0^s irom last pondants of the Press. one column accounts the Spaniards lost be- this Neither had the men been ally and when shots hit the rocks sparks leading and ’thn N^r00^iy? ween writing. York 900 and 1100 men hilled and flew back several hundred feet into the the other. Slowly they steBm„1w (Copyright, 1898, tho mustered Me- Hoff Huns Were Silenced four s wounded. Associated Press.) CAPE ELIZABETH and.tho outpostB of Lieut. Enomy’s soa. til within miles of the tmte u£nUn’ of the fllorio Fight Told the Story Spanish commodore was wounded On board the Associated Press ville and Shaw been The rain came down heavily at 8.11, they turned, Brooklyn to*t>,Q hei> and■j^e the despatch Frank and relieved. the Marblehead and captain, a lieutenant, the chap- boat Messrs. Elgin Verrlll and American Fleet. and the smoke was so thick that it was Texas o Dauntless, off Guantanamo by led to the la®’a' A-ai". and a were hilled by a .bay, Howard Smith of have Lieut. Col. and Major the effect of tho shells chusetts east.foilowln ,,, midshipman Portland, moved Huntington impossible to tell 8 Now of the Helna Sunday noon, by the Associated Press Iowa ■ str‘klng the bridge and a general signal cease firing wus Orleans, Yankee, and Ore*™ ril? heir families to their summer cottage at Cockrell gave high praise to the nerve the had Christina. She lost besides 80 men killed boat Wanda, via Kingston, June hoisted. was al- When ships all turned inth tu- Jam., By this time the enemy and had 60 The Castilla Pend Cove. ne w formation, men wonnded. 12, 1.80 p. m.—In and steadiness of officers and men, espec- most silenced. they moved in battrte lost 110 controlling;the'.outer to within 301)0 of ltim men killed and wounded. The Mrs. Edward F. Hill attended the Con- DESCRIPTION OF THE CHIEF WAR A few minutes later, with more delib- yards the b ?e shore harbor of Guantanamo where Lieut. Col. ially the young ones, as the engagement the MARVELOUS EFFECTIVENESS CF batteries suffered badly. Conference at Sebago Lake eration, the attack was recommenced. positions originally detailed ti,b battalion of marines tregational Vixen and Suwanoe Bad the American been able to engage Huntington’s landed was a a The EVENT OF LAST WEEK. Commodore division at this went on his week. baptism for large majority. Schley's the iota THE AMEMCAN GUNS. the Spanish and batteries at short on Admiral and flank to look out for riflemen or ships Friday,Rear Sampson secured time, until the end of the bombard- rin«Vitu strawberries were at Bow- men were in darkness and in a strange and the and range, the buttle would have been more oi the Cuban iiipe picked ment, could be seen faintly. White Dolphin the possession terminus of tho similar quickly over, but the Americun loss of ery June 8. clouds on the western arm of the Porter did duty French cable to Beach, land, but they stood to their posts with rising onthe^ht life would in all probability have been Hayti. The apparatus l harbor was the only sign lhat there was Airs. Harvey S. Murray and children of The remained considerable. in the office at the harbor mouth was courage and fortitude. marines, Admiral Cervera’s Ships Did Not Show another force besides the east- The forts but »t attacking silent, An Eye Witness Again Repeats the That the Americans anchored off Washington arrived at Pond Cove last erly ooluinn. oisely 7.41 o’clock a 12-inch Story night wrecked by a shell, but the cable steamer were eager for more Themselves During the gun irmnthe summer. though exhausted, Action—Firing sliattered the silence Ol Which Americans Will Never Tire of Manila, leaving the Boston and Concord week, where they will pass the The New York steamed still un- Iowa and one Adria has instruments and oloser, from to watch Gavite arsenal. operators to inflict heavy pun- iug Continued Until After Replies Had til she was 2000 yards east of the batteries end of the line to the other We Sunk the aboard Carpenters are at work finishing eight fighting, promising there was How Spanish Fleet Off were with the au- and direct communication with and a Instant of Negotiations opened rnoro Ceased. mile from the shore. In this posit- an response withering iire will soon be established. rooms in the hotel at Silver Beach ishment. They compliment the daring Cavite. thorities ashore and it was de- Washington ion most effective work was three Through clouds of smoke the earnestly The harm at done, 12-inoh sired on the Americans’ that the distance overland to Santiago, Spurwink. of the with characteristic the Associated guns on the dis- shell of the Iowa could be seen part bummer boarders arrive Spauiards (Copyright, 1898, Press.) easterly battery being striking bombardment of Manila be un- around the bay, Is about 60 miles and have begun to mounted. on the base of the Estrella correspondence of the Asso- would on the Oil battery (Special the roads have been rendered imnassable Cape. Mr. Samuel Angell of de June on necessary. camp profanity. Santiago Cuba, 6, Monday The naval reserves on the Yankee Some of the batteries the ciated Press. Bowery had a hilVopenod Copyright, 1898. The On the in front of Is by the Cubans under Pedro Perez. The Beach, partv arrive June (2 p. in.) via JuDe oheered few minutes at once, but their good aim of Lunettn, Manila, 1st. Today the amplest precautions have Kingston, Jam., 7, vociferously every the last Associated Press.) a battery of 10-lnch first division of the Cuban army claims i as shots wero seen to land. week seemed destroyed the Krupp guns, uesday—(Delayed in transiriission. by shower of These it to have 4000 men, but these figures are been taken and as the Dauntless was )— shells from the for the via guns opened on the fleet as The officers on deck at this stage of the fleet, re- Manila Bay, May 4, Hong LIMINGTON. The fleet commanded Rear Admiral Spanish Kong, passed in the and so probably over-estimated. The Cubans be- by In sou turn flow far from the mark. early morning by reinforcements were engagement rigged out their May 10.—With decks cloared for lieve that there are about 8500 soldiers June 7— leaving, landing Sampson bombarded and, silenced shells from action, doing exposed the city to a merciless bom- Limington, Despite the lower- the westers” and oilskins. The admiral went The 13-inoh the in the of which lies Massachu- shotted, crews all at quarters and bardment, which but for the humanity of vioinity Caimanera, clouds and occasional from the Marblehead. A time batteries at de Cuba this morn- in black oilskins and setts and 6truck into guns ing rainfall which stormy, Santiago below, re-appearing Oregon the hills the American have at the entrance to the inner harbor. near the batteries and throw peerin gthrough the port commodore might put continued into the ing. Not one of our ships was hit and .tramped the forward bridge. Capt.Chad- up moun- eagerly holes, to death Guantanamo city is inland about 15 evening^breaklng into wus expected. tains of earth. The thousands of the inhabitants and vflck was outside the conning tower, just Spaniards deserted Commodore Dewey, having miles. The two harbors are connected i a no casualties occurred on our side. The previously laid the oity in ruins. JGipn after the by shower, company numbering one Estimates vary as to the below the admiral. battery after battery. a to a narrow attacking made signal follow, the first of the was channel,with n dnmbbell effect. hundred and or enemy’6 fire was and An The With her two flagship, part battle over, that fifty more gathered lit the irregular badly Incessant flro was kept up by the Texas, 12-inch guns It. is the outer harbor which Admiral force, somejsaying 200 and the figures run headed for the entrance of Manila battery kept firing, but after the final homestead of Frank directed. ’The bombardment lasted from easterly column, then using its starboard and the Iowa, with her four big bay, Sampson now with the Marble- Manley Bradbury guns’ the batteries of destruction of the naval station and the holds, as as 1000. Col. batteries. The guns and ad- raked the entire hill side, while the between the island of the who resides high Campina, the Cuban 7.45 a. m. until 2 p. m. and its object buildings Brook- silencing of the Spanish ships off the oity head, Yosemite and the Vixen and a Monday evenint about one joining Morro received awfnl and New York poured in a Caballo and El battulion was punish- lyn heavy Polo Frailo, at 10 p. ra., a white ilaa was hoisted over this of marines on the crest of a ijalf mile east of says the .ards were fully accomplished. ment. The 8 battery Limington village. At guide, Spaa mostly Spanish flag on Morro Cas- Are from their destructive and 5-inch and blunt top emlnerne the en- Admiral Cervera’s did not tle was shot on Saturday night last, April 30. Here not a gun was thereafer fired. commanding this place Mr. was born and the of the ships show away,but another was quick- guns. trance on the Eastern side. In the inte- Bradbury irregulars,but reports discharge hoisted. were the guns that were to blow us out of During Monday, May 2, the Raleigh themselves. in the ly T he Brooklyn headed in further and her rior harbor are two small brought up. This was the old Bradbury Frequent pauses At and Baltimore were sent down to demand Spanish gun- of Mauser rifles would indicate that they 9.45, when there was no further re- of when the the water and the much vaunted boats and firing occurred on acconnt of squadron lighters smoko torpedo the surrender or to the forts and at Caimanera there Is a battery. homestead. Here his father. Dr. Samuel thelsmoke sponse from the the New too dense and in a destroy as enemy, York obtaining new mine field that was An expedition of three steam wero rogulars most o the guerillas car- over the lund. It is range impossible to pass headquarters on Corrogidor island. A launches, M. Bradbury, a In hanging believed signalled ‘‘Ceuse firing,” and steamed the poured in a rain officered Lieut conspicuous figure ships deadly of over without a skilled flag of truce was sent in and the surren- by Norman,Ensign Kustis, that the fortifications were se- away. 8-inch and 5-inch shells. pilot. son of Mr. politics in his day, lived for sixty years ry Remingtons. enemy’s der of the was James B. Eustis, former U. The Yankee was allowed to Ar< 10.20a signal and a Spaniards demanded, still bat- In the meantime the shells from a little light gun on the the S. Ambassador to and Cadet G. >r more. Here the Hon. James O. Brad- The Cuban guerillas as a have verely damaged. ter at three whereupon governor and the colonel , rule, away guns to the eastward, Spanish fort on the water front two miles beach announced that we had Van under the Admiral 'order was as fol- probably commanding the forces came on board Orden, general command aury ex-mayor of Saoo was reared. The more dash and than the Sampson's all that was left. west of Morro Castle, opened on of Lieut. courage regu- the been seen. The night was moon- and arranged the terms with Anderson,of the cruiser Marble- lows: As ths New York passed the New Or- Suwanee under the command of bright Capt. Cog- premises were profusely illuminated and Lieut blan of the The Americans head, last night dragged for mines, but lars. leans, Chadwick hailed on Commander and light and unfavorable for us hut the dark Raleigh. “United States Flagship New York, Capt. her, the Delhanty, the Vixen have since dismantled the found none. Lieut. A n.ltrson who dis- lecorated within and without. The oc- admiral’s and shouted to and Spanish guns, The new uniforms first off de June order, her in command of Lieut. Sharp, and thew green paint the darkness on himself at camp proved satis- rate, Santiago Cuba, 5, inky destroyed their ammunition and put all tinguished Cienfuegos, pulled lasion was the celebration of the twelfth, through the megaphone to join the Yan- moved in and with a hot tire » 1898. from their board ship prevented any estimate of our the on not to bear arms dingy within £0 yards of the tort with- and are almost invisible at a dis- kee and dismount the three to Spaniards parole mniversary of the marriage of Mr. and factory “Preparations will be made to guns the small guns soon silenced them. the United out being discovered. He found the fort engage of Morro castle. character being made. The and against States during this Mrs. Bradbury. those the batteries on right At 8.22 after three quarters of an Olympia to consist of with Among present tance of 203 yards. Monday morning, June hours war or to attempt to fire a shot at Ame- masonry three guns were Mr. and Capt. Folger shouted baok: of Commodore Baltimore slipped unseen Mrs. John Black of Ledge- 6 at 7 o’clock. The men should be given ‘‘Aye, ilring, Schley ordered through by the rican or the mounted seaward. Judging from the we can do it.” ships entering leaving bay. wood, North Dacota. Black is first The Leo guns caused several accidents their breakfast at 0.30 and the divisions aye, sir, “cease firing,” and the on the at El but a sudden iu which lied (Sir. ships gunners Frailo, roar, As this despatch is olosed on Wednes- panio theSpaniards from the jousln to the The New Orlenn’s crew gave an enthu- west moved further in until at Hon. Frank S. Black, should bo ready to form at 0 o’clock. they had a a and an eight inch shell affairs are at a standstill. Old village Fisherman’s Point, they will in drawing cartridge. Corp. Glass shat- siastic as they heard 1S00 of the flash, whistled day, Glory Sovernor of New York); Mr. and Mr-. When the preparations signal 18 is made yell Capt. Folgev's good yards range earthworks. floats over the naval station at scatter at the first approach. and this with throe over the Kaloigh and exploded close Gavite Malcom B. Orange, New Jeisey; tered his haDd. Despite the loss of the the will form Bouth of the Morro reply, following up Eight minutes later the command to and HThey left at Fisherman’s Point Cole, ships for tho and the garrison employes have evac- their Mr. and Airs. Alfred and Mrs. aa ringing cheers New York. The open fire was and the side. The ball was and a Pillsbury follows: given guns began nlong opened uated the The hospitals are full of antiquated Howitzers, several cases of men, who are keenly regretted, the ma- crew gave it back with inter- to crash and the whistle place. Raynor, Springfield, Mass; Hou. J. O. “The western column, heading flagship’s away of the 8- five inch shell from the broke the wounded. ammunition, shells and some north, est- Kaleigh cannister, Bradbury and wife, Saco; Mrs. C. K. rines that have been the Texas and inoh shells from the Brooklyn’s after mauser rifles and a of rejoice they engaged Brooklyn, Marblehead, silence ot tne American uoet. The The insulting and bombastic proclama- regimental flag the xvir. ana Then the which was close turret in of course Tnfn.nt.nr in. r) n Prinninn o Lilian, rurwituu, mrs. r. o. Massachusetts. Oregon, by, charge Lieut. Rush, there tiirm nf f.ho frnvarnnr nf Muniln hna owl. iuiiuv>t'U iuu xycw viicau 53 waft a a of the Uram j Rev. 1,. T. and In the first light on^ Cuban soil. They “The eastorn UUU hurst, of lira from hlnnlrnria and speed squadron was not precaution has been taken Staples daughter, column, heading north, dently borne fruit, for when the Petrel to guard the Limerick and M. East the New cheered lustily. The New York’s crew near this baifery, a great cheer from the Three more shots were men from disease. All George Brackett, sailed from New York the day war was York, Yankee, New Orleans, changed. iired first searohed the navy yard, the doctor the huts in the The exeroises of the did not seem to realize that the men. Ten seconds later the have sebago. evening Oregon and Iowa. Oregon Massachu- and Boston a locality been casks of had at the Concord and they were and deputation of Sisters of Meroy from razed, large were introduced by an declared and expected to land within a “When the of is cheered them and did not reply. setts landed two 6-inch shells in the same wine have been organ voluntary signal execution, 18, to after which the hospital came down to beg our men Spanish smashed, iwo Mrs. W. S. Small. Solos were “Answer that cheer,” shouted and that the promptly replied the fleet wells have been by ren- made, the columns will move ahead. Oapt. spot signaled battery was not to kill the wounded or fire on the hos- boarded up and all the dered week at Havana. Since then until they Chadwick such a by Mrs. C. S. Wilder and Mr. W. “The commander of each division will and great yell went up silenced. was out of range. Speed was then slack- drinking water used is from the from pitals. They sasrned surprised and de- supplied S. Small Chorus Star Banner. on shore of such as the New York. Big guns could be seen on the fleet. Spangled landed the Guantanamo they make signals may be necessary hill, but ened and the column headed up the bay lighted when were assured that such Miss Annie D. The there were no they Staples recited The UlVIOiUU 1UIU UUO navy regulations forbid cheering; gunners around them. The marines are well for the on the Panther and for Manila, 30 mil93 distant. practices were not in our system of war- equipped Roseact by Samnnthy Allen and have’been'cooped up marked on the but, regulations don’t count for much In thu meantime shells front what The will 1, 2, 3, accompanying drawing, few fare. The wrecks of nine vessels are campaign. camp probably be Miss when the enemy’s guns are silenced. batteries of the The American ships skirted the city named by Washington Irving. Staples Is a liad begun to fear troops forming on the circle drawn at 3000 yards enemy which were keep- dotted around in view of the in Camp McCalla. after the comman- line they that^the The urleans on ship elocutionist. Poems written for the from the eastern and western New proceeded her er- ing up a desultory were at dawn but the fleet was der of the who is batteries, firing falling early Spanish which this despach its written. Marblehead, indefatig- ocoasion were one Mrs. H. them after all. rand, joined the Yankee and and either short or able and read, by H. wouldjbeat one column heading in a northwesterly Dolphin very just over the ships. not there. Soon afterward it was dis- The was has not removed his at the Spanish transport Manila clothing McKenney written by Mrs. E. Dlmmook. and the other in a direction. bunged away merrily silent guns. One burst over the but since the bombardment. northeasterly Brooklyn, only tinguished drawn up in line of battle, oft found in three feet of mud up near the Another written Prof. Orton of Ver- This will be best The New York steamed aoross the a few skylights were This the British steamer by accomplished by chang- injured. the fortified arsenal of navy yard, but the Petrel was ablo to tow morning New a former mouth of the harbor to the col- In the meantime the strongly Cavite, mont, principal of Liraington ing the direction of the the westerly four big battle- seven miles irom Manila. The her off and she came under her Foundland, of Montreal, with a general columns, umn. signal out own Aoademy, read by Hod. J. O. column to the northeastward and ships were pounding away at the Estrella steam cargo from steamed into the har- Bradbury. easterly “Prepare for general action and close up” and anohored near the squadron. Halifax, Remarks were made Rev. L. T. the One mortar battery inside the harbor, battery and the inside harbor bor. He commander was ny westerly column to the northwest- defences was floated from the She is a beautiful little steamer of about greatly surprised which had not been seen flagship Olympia Staples, Mr. ^Malcolm B. Cole, Rev. C. S. ward, running in these direction Until before, sent one and the frightful oxplosiou of the great 200 tons. at the presence of the but he or and in unison bugle and drum called to On board were supplies for the Americans, Wilder and Hon. J. O. Mr. south of the indicated then twc shells in the direction of the flag- steam shells could he seen terri- retained composure to his Bradbury. positions; causing “general quarters” and the glorious stars navy and 500 tons of coal. The Raleigh enough dip flag in hisi remarks of the all vessels of the division ship, but not dangerously close. ble havoo. three times and then started to Bradbury spoke hoading north, and stripes waved out from ever mast- is now filling her bunkers from the coal. put memories of his the The Brooklyn, Texas, Down at the eastern end of the about. A short across his bows boyhood days stately simultaneously turning again into col- Massachusetts, line, head ami of the six of the In addition to the Manila about a dozen from the elms in front of New Possessions Put to Marblehead and Vixen were still the gall ships the residence, the work Already umn when the distance of 3000 is tiring. New York and New {Orleans put tho as small and steam Marblehead stopped him and the vessel yards squadron the Oimypia headed for their tugs launches have been of his father’s and closed with a At 10.21 (not 1.21 as Cave out of action was hands, reached. previously oabled), battery in 15 minutos. line of battle. seized and now used the Ame- boarded, her papers showing that a being by glowing tribute to his brother’s the “Vessels will be 100 general 6ignal to cease tiring was The Estrella and Catalina batteries she was bound for Jamaica. The wife, Use. yards’apart and Our formation was in oolumn, 400 rican fleet. captain hostess. Ice coffee and hoisted, the smoke cleared from ware set on fire and the yards that cream, cake, cocoa will retain their positions, the westerly away blockhouses on with a o' The terms of the of explained he had put in to see if he the sides of the and apart speed six knots. surrender Manila were served by Miss Edie M. Strout, columns using the starboard and ships they resumed the eastern end .w ere burning. The have not been could get a return oargo of sugar. He battery their blockade fullness of the day revealed the yet fixed. Miss May Small, Miss Lucie Miss the column the stations. At 9.19 the ships turned so as to was informed that he could and was Emery, easterly port battery. bring Spanish fleet of nine vessels, the Rina The commodore wants to avoid a bom- not, Hattie Moody and Miss Mabel Cousins “On the from the commander- One of the oftioers of the flagship was their unused pore batteries into and then allowed to signal play Cnristina, flagship; the Don bardment in the interests of proceed. as waiters. Mr. F. Strout dis- heard to remark: “There is a still Castilla, humanity George On board the Associated Press in chief both columns will opon or nothing opened more disastrous lire. Antonio and to from despatch fire, more D’Ulloa, Island do Cuba, Isla keep inflicting terrific loss pensed lemonade. The presents were fire will be in case the to fire at now. We have sil- 9.30 the fitful fire from one or two boat Wanda, off de June opened enemy be- just By de Luzon aud four small gunboats. The on unoffending neutrals. NEWS OF THE SPIES- numerous and Santiago Cuba, enced their Are effectually. What destruc- guns ou the fortifications showed that the costly. gins. Spanish mail steamer Mlndano was also Besides this, the rebels are massed near 11, i p. m., via Kingston, June 12, noon. tion was done by our shells it is impossi- had their “Bearings will be taken carefully and Spaniards praotically^desertod in line having been hastily fitted with the city and should it be bombarded, it HARPSWELL, distances ble to tell. The defences of Santiago de batteries and would not return Suspects Arrested on a Steamer —For three duys the scene of the chief obtained with all practicable theilre. guns. Each end of the line was would be the signal for their descent to Leaving Cuba oannot be to those of Tho Spanish West Harpswell, June 9.—A quiet home and accuracy. compared « flagship signaled at 9.37 that the batteries of and burn. The is New York military naval, operations has been San Juan de Porto Rico.” protected by eight inch guns pillage following an Saturday. wedding occurred last at the resl- “The take a batteries were silenced night Dolphin will position to evidently but, on the peninsula of Cavite. The Castilla accurate list of the damage and injuries ience Caimanera and Guantanamo bay. The The bombardment was little more than it was not until 10.05 that of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Merri- the eastward and Suwanee and Vixen tho firing was was sustained the Americans moored head and stern. The other by during the man, when their Jennie American flag is flying on the shore in to the westward as shown on the target practice. stopped. ..At that time it was not known battle of Manila New daughter Mae, plan, ships had steam up in order to be able to bay: Olympia, five shot York, June 11.—As the was uuited in to Mr. for the of after The enemy apparently deserted tbeir that a single shot of the had taken steamship marriage Chester the harbor, lirst planted on Caban soil purpose looking any mus- enemy retreat behind the mole and batteries of holes In her upper works. Baltimore, Tarta Prince guns soon after the bring effect on our was about to sail from Lamont Stover. The ceremony was per- ketry fire from the shore. commenced, ships. Cavite to accidents and take breah- three shot boles in ljer upper works and by U. S. marines from the transport and had it not been that the repair this formed by Rev. T. D. Davies of East “The fire will be deliberate and contin- Merrimac six men wounded a 4.7 inch shell Brooklyn evening for.Mediterranean heroes were understood ing spells. by North Yarmouth. relatives and a Panther, under Lieut Col. R. W. Hunt- ued are to be in Morro HAWAII IN THE SENATE. Only until the batteries silenced or an The shore batteries on the striking and a three pound ports, a detachment of marines boarded Castle there would now be little of that opened exploding few intimate friends were present. Miss ington, oovered by the guns of the cruiser order to cease firing has been made. American not serious. one ships long before they were in shell, injuries Raleigh, her with instructions to arrest Bessie a sister of the picturesque pile. shell her two.Span- Merriman, bride, Marblehead, commanded Commander “Very respectfully, Upon Time Taken to of range. pounder through whaleboat, was by The man behaved splendidly Dispose Question iards who were alleged to have in their bridesmaid, and Arthur L. Webber “W. T. Sampson, through- The Amerioan were silent until at now repaired. Boston, no damage or in- whose namo is a for out. on gnns from Portland, was best man. Miss McCall, synonym “Hear Admiral U. S. Commander- Depends Length of Session, Petrel and no posession maps, N., The 4500 yards when the Olympia swung juries. Concord, damages charts, plan^and specifi- Blanche from acted activity and in-Chief U. S. N. Atlantio Sta- bombardment of Santiago do Cuba cations and ooast defenses. In the Merriman, Willard, lighting. force, around her port broadsides and let her or injuries. The Spanish fleet was over- sio as maid although perhaps more effeotive than the of honor. Mr. and Mrs. Stover u The H has tion. drive her four inch turrets The matched in ordnance, but not in such a bay they found Eduardo Monti, said to Oregon already bombardment of San Juan de Porto Washington, June 12.—The first of guns. left this morning for a brief wedding This order carried out in most of Rico, day as to account for the marvelous be a wealthy Brooklyn who coaled in the smooth water of the harbor wasT cannot be with the Baltimore, Raleigh, Petrel, Concord and degree Spaniard, tour, with them the best wishes its details. The crews on the New York compared cannonading the week in the Senate will be devoted to was his wife and carrying Boston followed the flagship in succes- disparity in the damages inflicted. Of accompanied by ohild. ot their friends here. and has sailed away. The Tex- of the latter. The work done this morn- The other battleship went to the general quarters at 6.45. miscellaneous matters on the calendar and sion and fire as soon as their guns that throw a shell of one pound Spaniard, whose name is not should make it for a opened guns Mr, Comfort from Webster as is to be followed There was some in the ing easy land attack given, was found in another of the Larrabee, coaling today by other delay getting the the last days of it to the Hawaiian would bear on the enemy. and over the Spanish carried 90, while part who has been friends into breeze by troops. ques- and arrested. Corner, visiting ships. ships position. A light wus The engagement was as the the American fleet was armed with 118 of ship Deteotives who were As at Matanzas and at San Juan.smoke on, if present are The general with the here, returned home Thursday. blowing aDd the sky was murky. p plans pursued. Americans down the line euoh of such weapons. marines, said that papers were The squadrons of Rear'Admiral and the distance made it to swept Spanish A heavy thunder shower pas3ed over Samp- The New York steamed at the head of impossible Hawaiian is more at- was found in the of the two men that son and question attracting but fought at long range to baggage Commodore Schley are still off the tell the exact damage done by the shells. owing would convict here Wednesday evening. easterly oolumn. At 7.20 while tention than other matter now before our being from the ene- MASSACRES AT SIERRA LEONE. them. The men. were Santiago, maintaining a strict watch sigh' The at times was short and any ships kept away Mrs. Irena Thomas ill nailing to the to close was in firing wild, to brought baok on a government launch to is quite at this day and to the ships up due to these and its my owing shallow water. The modern night prevent possibility Admiral over causes. Congress upon disposition large- Liverpool, June 12.—Steamers whioh Governor’s where writing. of the of Admiral progress, Sampson leaning Z11 high power guns and the excellent gun- island, they were escape Cervera. From the rail of the forward and asked noon, while the Dolphin was lying ly depends the date of final have arrived here from Sierra Leone, re- locked Today has been the hottest day of the men who bridge adjournment nery of the Americans soon showed its up. have landed to take observations olose into a cove, a few miles east of port that a thousand persons were killed season so far. The thermometer at one Lieut. Marble in charge of the forward of the session. Senator Erye is determined effects while the shots either of the harbor it is learned all Morro Castle, she commenced on Spanish in the recent in that district. AN ENGLISHMAN RELEASED. in detinitely 8-inch turret, what he oould see from firing fell or uprising time stood 82 degrees the shade. on tho that the the to get the House resolution in tho short flew wholly over them agreaing point, Spanish the turret’s site. The lieutenant shore, apparently at some troops. up One hundred and twenty inhabitants of Harry W. Hurst’s “Comedy and Vaude- cruisers and two replied; She Americans head. Gibraltar, June 11.—The man taken torpedo boat kept this up for an hour or more. Senate as soon as it tho House and Freetown, most of them traders, are ville an destroyers “I can see yellow earth, but I oannot see passes The order of the Into custody at on the of Company,” gave entertainment are there, but those vessels are regarded The other In their Spaniards being known to have been massacred and other Algeolras, Bay the guns sir.” ships lay quietly asserts his ability to hold tho Senate in lesohed the Gibraltar, last the at Centennial Hall Wednesday evenings naval after all as yet, usual Amerloans turned shifted Spain, n!ght,on oharga by experts “Men in The New positions and there was nothing to colonists were carried into the bush by the of whloh was well attended York went ahead slowly, session for a reasonable time or until the their batteries and the lit u • having in his possession plans of the Buckram. indicate that a bombardment had stood.down # war and met a worse closely followed by the Yankee and the heavy til were boys undoubtedly fortifloations at has been As a naval officer remarked been in matter can be of. is conceded they 3UU0 or 2500yards.lt is hardly Cadiz, released, high today: New some progress a few hours before. didsposed It fate. Three hundred friendly natives Orleans, Iowa and Oregon way conceivable w ac- the which led to his arrest hav- her whole has on all hands that there is a in ith what rapidity and the white suspicions THE WEATHER. “Spain throughout history In a Later,the Dolphin signaled that she had majority were killed and beside mission- .-.A,.-. .. 1 -1 behind, direction. the been shown to be The ----- westerly dlKalllftH A P-irlnnH nf cr>M1ns>u

London, June 12.—Th^ Madrid corres- first land- Washington, June 11.—The session of Guantanamo, July 10.—The of the Times navy de- H We shall put on sale four lots of the House pondent telegraphing Satur- June 11.—The Readfield Man to on Cuban soil today was devoted to debate Washington, Young Brought June 11.—The Ger- ing in force by Americans today Newport News, Vt., the day says: partment communication was dice ted here this afternoon. Ihis upon Hawaiian resolutions. Pro- .was'Jin uan ship Constantia whose appearance “In the chamber of deputies today with off Santiago, by mins of the with a mutual withdrawal Admiral Sampson Portland last caused the dispatch is written on the ceeding began that >ff the capes night sensa- Senor Osma, a highly respected deputy, cable and with the result at Camenaras, be- by Mr. Grosvenor of Ohio and Mr. by mall, iional rumors as to Spanish Spanish blockhouse the other the Ame- warships SHIRT WAISTS questiond government, among it is now known officially that neath the folds of the Stars and Stripes. Swanson, Democrat of Virginia, of un- urking in that vicinity arrived here to- matters as to whetherja'hlocknde can rican Cuba; that it was at 10 minutes and flag floats over The Constantia is bound New It the following prices, Fivo minutes ago. I past complimentary “injurious language,” ho made effective at the tO lay. from issued them relative to each other in legitimately by ob- raised marines ANSWER TO A FEDERAL Color Sergt. Rich- by by United States Orleans to Hamburg and came to this 3 o'clock, to be exact, a with sunken it the heat of debate Thursday night when structing port 3hips, mouth of bay and that One lot Waists, made of and neat patterns in of Co. C, 1st battalion of Guantanamo COUR T for coal. percale oambric, plaids and ard Silvey the revenue conference report was under mines or whether it is allowable INDICTMENT. port all this mako at torpedoes has been maintained there since yes tripes, year’s only 37 1.2c, worth 50o and 59c. of N. Y., raised the consideration, xbere was a atten- marines Brooklyn, good for a b in this fashion to ob- thus One lot a eleigerant ter The who have Waists, made of good lawn in and green among the still smoulder dance in the galleries, but hardly Jay. marines BOWDOIN WON. quality blue, pink stripes, American flag a is not block- number. sold elsewhere for 98c. quorum was at any time upon the floor. struct port which formally glorified themselves were 300 in >nly 75c, iug logs of the fort. lives The debate will continue Monday, Tues- ade whether an effective once They were to for their One lot and 1.50 As its folds caught the breeze, 000 men blockade, obliged fight burn $1.25 Waists in gingham and percale, only 98c and and 40 mem- must be formally re-pro- and in the course of that fight to Foatofflce Inspectors From Washington Fhe Track Athletics of the Brunswick and from the troopship Panther, laid their day Wednesday, probably interrupted de- All our $1.15 and 1.98 whether it is for down the town as the site for Gingham Waists at $1.25. carbines, picks, shovels and tent poles bers will males speeches. claimed and legitimate chosen Camp on His Track and Sscmc Bis Ar- Watervllle Freshmen. their and a belligerant to employ as allies semi- barkation. Ail is ready at Guantanamo asldo to lift caps join in a DEBATE BEGUN. 1 °*t on THE the now for the States a of Obscene < shout. civilized natives living under jurisdic- landing of United Charge Sending >♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦♦ mighty regular as arrive ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦♦♦♦♦»♦+♦+ 000 men were Mr. of Illinois, ohair- tion cf an opponent, especially when troops soon as they literature the Malls. June and 'these swarming from the Hitt, Republican the Through Brunswiok, 11.—Bowdoin on foroizn there is reason to apprehend that the lat- there, marines holding the ground beach to the blockhouse on the top of man of the committee affairs, Dolby freshmen held their meet in the ter will commit all manner of exoesses that they won and by the the who arrived In track a hill ICO feet above the small was to begin Hawaiian being proteoted Among "passengers high, just recognized of rain on a annexation. now unknown to civilized war- guns the Marblehead, under Caps. train heavy traok this afternoon. ALL JACKETS fishing village of half a dozen houses debate, advooating happily Portland oh the early afternoon AT HALF PRICE. McCalla, who has during the whion marked the entrance to Guanta- The only to be considered fare. already from the The surprise of the day was the good question war so hy east, yesterday, were Postoffice namo he whether it would be wise Duke Almodovar de Rio, the foreign present distinguished him®611 who harbor. was, said, as to work done by the giant Cloudman to take wbat was in a ex- energetic and valuable services Inspectors J. D. and W. S. These houses are now a mass of smoke for this government minister, yery guarded reply tIKing the scored 24 for Bowdoin. Results: We have the best assortment of and and offered. to the strategic im- pressed the opinion that an Interrupted Onoourage belief that he will regain McGinnis of United points cloth silk capes in all desirable lengths. It flames. As the marines landed the Referring Washington, Deputy will to seo he said con- blockade must be He said the numbers he lost some “8° ICO dash—Won by Cloudman, pay you them. torch was to them at the direc- of the islands they proclaimed. years States of a yards applied portance an Re- Marshal Norton Belfast j,and 10 2-5. a small territory, but neverthe- that the question as to whether the block- through unfortunate incident. BoWdoin; time, tion of their chief officers, who are taking stituted well 1 full line of crash, duck and linen kont there ade from Cardenas to Bahai Honda was garding the fleet of no state- dressed, 1 intelligent "^appearing 220 yards dash—Won by Cloudman; SUITS. this and all other precautions and safe- less 19 great powers constantly transports, to watch their inter- ment is at the war had in his 23 2-5 seoonds. A full line of guards to lever their representatives formally proclaimed had beef) submitted obtainable department young man whom the officer time, crash, duck and linen SKIRTS. possible prevent yellow the and it is that the is as mile—Won by ests because of their peculiar looation. to powers, but they had not yet re- believed situation was Charles D. Quarter Snow, Bowdoin; 1 full line of wool and from breaking out among the men. to the custody, The prisoner 56 2-5. mohair SKIRTS. Hitt many naval authorities plied. Amerioa, he was it stood yesterday with reference time, In the harbor, to protect the landing Mr. quoted proceeded, oper- Record of son of a miller k full line of cloth that of Isl- on the of the expedition. Readfield, Me., Half mile—Won by Martelle, Bowdoin; outing Suits in all desirable shades and fabrics of the marines, lay the cruisers Marble- in assertions possession the ating against Santiago apparently starting a The only subject for an official bulletin and promihnt citizen of that town. time, a 24 1-6. Don’t about our head, Yankee and Yosemito, the battle- ands was of great importance and point- assumption tnat blookade of that port question prices; they are always the lowest. no fleet conld come from had never been today at the navy was Hob- in Mile—Won by Wheeler, Bowdoin; time, ship Oregon, thB torpedo boat Porter, ed out that formally proclaimed. department, Reoord was arrested Augusta, early to operate the Duke Almodovar said he would not son’s feat in bottling up the Spanish 6.83. the Vixen and Panther and a Asiatio waters against try Sunday on an indictment found Dolphin, coast without at Ha- to conceal his that the squadrop with the hull of the hferrltnao. morning, Mile blcyole—Won by Bowdoin . The was effected with- western touohiDg opinion attempt Small, landing Admiral Sampson no credit by the grand of the ^United States 2.56. out the of the waii for supplies and recoaling. The con- to blookade the entrance to Santiago har- withheld jury time, CRASH AND DUCK SKIRTS. necessity shelling place, or islands would be bor was the from Hobsoh for either the execution court at him with 120 hurdle—Won by as the had been by the Yankee trol of the practioally unjustifiable, adding that Bangor, charging yards Gregson, way paved use of a well-worked out sohorne time 1& 2-6. One lot Crash sold elsewhere as a leader at a an effectual barrier to attack npon our of mines for that purpose had been projection used the mails for the BowdJin; Skirts, 50c, our 39c and Marblehead on Tuesday, when the having illegally price western interests. condemned by such eminent authorities to which constructor was entitled 220 yards hurdle—Won by Gregson, Other Linen and Duck Skirts at Spanish gunboat was pat to flight and has oirQulatlon Of literature. Crash, 49c, 69c, 75c, 98c, the value of the on international as Sir Riohard Web- and he cleared away at the email Immoral Bowdoin; time 30 seconds. $1.25, 1.39, the blockhouse bombarded. Illustrating islands, law once 1.50 to of and the British and cloud of dissatisfaction that had shown Complaints from several parties in Ken- Pole vault—Won up $2.50. The Oregon and Dolphin joinod the the recent victory Admiral Dewey ster, attorney general by Newcomb, Colby; the necessity of sending reinforcements Desjardine the French consult. itself among a few of the line officers nebec that Record was sending distance 0 feet 1 lnoji. Marblehead and the Vixen there. About jurist of the oounty, was With referenoe to and because selection of a staff officer Shot put—Won Bowdoin; noon the with U00 sailors and to him reviewed. “exoiting arming matter i through’thojmalls, by Gregson, Panther, was in the person of Hobson to oonduct the questionable distance 29 feet 8 inohe'B. on under the escort Referringito the present attitude of Ha- barbarians”, the foreign minister marines board,arrived desperate reaohed the office department at the Yankee the Yosemito. All of waii in it. open friendship and the aid- oareful to avoid aoousatlons against the enterprise. post Running high Jump—Won by Withee, of and Reference was har- of the violation but he gave the made In Sampson’s state- and the two lnspeotors were Colby; eight 4 feet 11 3-4 inches. the vessels entered the broad, open ing America, involving Washington government ment to Washington, a na- the of Secre- Hammer bor and oast anchor. The small boats of of all neutrality laws before the whole chamber clearly to understand that “inspiring letter” sent to Readfield to the com- throwing—Won by Cloudman; tion humanitarian sentiments tary Long, as a basis the for investigate distance 81 feet 1 inob. the Panther were at once lowered and world, Mr. Hitt contended that Spain professing for request Hobson’s promotion. the consent plaints. Reaching there 31st, they Cloud- the of would havo a jnst and enforceable claim would certainly by instigating rebellion With Running broad jump—Won by R.M.LEWSEN&CO. task landing begun immediately. of a Secretary the found that the of was man: 20 feet. Without ceremony the frightened against the Hawaiian Republio for all among people capable of pillaging, Long particular passage person complained distance in- in the letter to which Admiral discus—Won Spaniards had fled at the sight of the damages done to her by Amerioan forces devastating, violating and torturing, Sampson an energetic young man, about 37 years 1’broWing by Bean, Colby; 538 Street. our a tremendous moral in E0W It reads: distance 96 feet. Congress Jeloa3t warships. At the entrance to the harbor aided by Hawaiin violation of neutrali- responsibility r0w0£recIis ma(Je public. of who had worked for an thn ATAfl nf t.h« n1v11l7Ad wnrlri. Each man in the work of the age, formerly Bowdoin freshmen won 76 was the headquarters of the pilots. Like ty. This country should not hesitate to engaged The points in-shore squadron would have in him Augusta firm of good stand- to 60. all Cuban this one is tortuous relieve Hawaii of the prospective burden. publishing Dolby harbors, the stuff Itut hrt f fni, mnnn nmntka tv dll Irann rnn. Mr. Hitt from a from Min- out of whioh to make a possi- and long. read dispatoh SUMNER’S HUNDREDTH BIRTHDAY. ble Gushing and the map tb® UttOL ONLU* Guantanamo is 15 miles inland, and ister Sewall in whioh he said: “The if vfIns nlng a business of.his own, in a two-story has been to £ivmi iUBj snail uv ao giwn only the pilots’ homes, the oable station strongest influence brought wooden he had built on as that given to so far as the bnlldlng that and the biookhouse are at the entrance. One of Maine’s Ancient Towns Celebrate* Cushing department can this about. ” the street'of that little BOSTON, 4; PHILADELPHIA, 2. These houses the marines found deserted. declare neutrality.” bring prinolpal vUlnge. Its Centennial. (Signed) The shells from the Yankee and Marble- Mr. Dinsmore argued that annexation The only advertising matter In his show Boston, June 11.—The fielding of Col- READ THESE head had the cable station. would mean foreign entanglement. He “John B, Long, Secretary,” window related to a lot of wire lins and in a PRICES.' demolished Hobson has and if he oheap Duffy was responsible large One solid shot had cat the wires on the protested against the suggested Anglo- TO THE won, escaped [SPECIAL PRESS.] from his the jewelry that was manufactured there by for Boston's victory today. Both side of the building and another had American alliance as being something presept imprisonment navy degree department redeem A a male We will our a the batteries and their in- much to be desired by England, but to will its promise- employe. That industry, however, pitchers did Nichols giving give patrons genuine sur- smashed dry Sumner, June 13.—Sumner began the of goodQwork, avoided the United States. Pro- consultation the records of The navy was not the to Record’s score: struments. be by of sole object which but one base on ball. The the celebration of the 100th anniversary its department shows that the recognition prise the week on low on This landing is for the establishment of testing finally against taking islands, was In his coming prices of the town accorded was his advancement energy being applied. employ x—4 a naval base for the and he said: “If we take them, God help Incorporation today. Cushing Boston, 0Q0002Q2 fleet, especially one full grade, thnt from the rank were two tpyewriters, whom he kept busy 00100001 0-2 as a coaling station. It is no place for us.” The exercises began today with a union is, 9/ Philadelphia, of Massachu- lieutenant, which he held when he took business and landing troops to against Santi- Mr. Gillett, Republican in the ‘‘ohuroh on writing addressing 7. Er- operate Sunday service the his little boat to the Albemarle, to the fetters Hits,'Boston, 10; Philadelphia, hut will be as a rendezvous for setts, in of annexation, declared circulars and at the Meats, Groceries, &c. ago, u§ed support oldest in of pamphlets Inquiry rors, Boston, 1; Philadelphia, 1, Batter- Vegetables, the fleet conditions had changed since the hill” the town. Rev. P. E. rank lieutenant-commander. In addit- and for supplies of all kinds, for greatly office showed that was send- ies, Nichols and Bergen; Platt and Mo- when the of the ion he was given a vote of thanks by post Record probably both army and navy. days of Washington policy Miller, Congregational pastor deliv- Farland. Good Round Steak, 10c 3 lb. tin of fine Congress. If Hobson is awarded in the and ; of the mail Grated Plneappla, 18c after the stars and the new country was reasonably against ered the oentennial sermon and ing receiving itheibulk Best Round Steak, 12 i-2p 8 lbs. best Immediately stripes Rev. A, same measure he if in his Rolled Oats, 23c were territorial he It will, kept business handled BALTIMORE, 16; WASHINGTON, 0. Good 18c to 22c Fairbanks raised, our men got right down to expansion. Then, said, conduoted the daily there. Rump Steak, Gold Dust, 17c Die from Massachusetts to Penn- G. Murry, Baptist, other corps, be raised to the rank of lieutenant- Roast of Beef, 8c. 10c to 12c French Mustard business. Tonts were put up in a was farther After inspectors had put In considerable 11.—Dineen Mues, 8o York to of the service. Music and commander at least, and made a full Baltimore, Jgne essayed Whole Hams, skinned back, 9c Pure Java and Mocha m twinkling. As if by a camp of U. sylvania than from New Europe. portions sing- Coffee, 15c magic constructor instead of assistant construc- time on the evidence to for thb Senators today, but was Salt Pork by the strip, 7c Pure Rio Coffee only 12 S. armed forces had been created in the He argued for Hawaii as a military and ing was rendered by a speoial centennial outside, procuring pitoh i-2c tor which he now is. 10 lb. Tub Pure Lard, 75c 10 bars best Laundry Soap, »5c naval necessity, a controlling of in the desired lines, they oalled On Mr. wild. Weyhing Was substituted. The enemy’s country. The camp was pitched point ohoir chorus composed £of the best talent Lean Smoked Shoulder, 0 l-2c Burnham's Jellycon, lOo close to the trade and naval in the Paoiflo. shore, on a splendid solid operations Record, explained the nature of their latter was hit hard, while McJames was Best forequarter Lamb, 7c to 8c l gallon can Apples. 22c of New of the town led by R. H. Stetson. Nice Corned ground A stream of limpid water flows Mr. Alexander, Republican and called for of Beef, 2c, 4c, Gc 2 lb. package of Rolled Oats, 8o OBITUARY. investigation, samples a puzzle to the visitors. Attendance Best Hebron 80c right past it and into the sea. Pickets York, said the victory of Dewey made the ; The exeroises Monday will open at 9 Potatoes, bush Try our 25c and 35c Teas. were annexation of Hawaii a necessity. his circulars and Other stock in trade. 1667. The soore: Best Pea Beans, 5c qt immediately posted, both outlying present j’olook in the forenoon with the presenta- and close to the He disolaimsd any Intention of violating camp. A WESTERNER’S JOKE. tion of a centennial U. S. flag to the town GEORGE MOODY CHAPLIN. Baltimore, 40024240 x—16 LOWEST CASH PRICES. DON’T LOSE THIS CHANCE. the post office laws, and expressed a will- Washington, 00000000 0— 0 Mr. Clark, Democrat of Missouri, op- by Horace Turner and John Turner of died TO KEEP CAMARA AT HOME. George Moody Chaplin Saturday ingness to with the laws If Flour at wholesale posing the resolutions, spoke against an Boston. comply they Hits, Baltimore, 16; Washington, 5. prices. Juno 1 m.—In the morning at the residence of hiB sister, would to him that he had in Madrid, 11, p. cham- I enlarged colonization polioy as some- latter prove an£ Errors, Baltimore, 0; Washington, 2. The will make the presentation Mrs. A. K. P. of this ber of deputies today, the government thing “gorgeous in appearance, but fatal Barton city. He on them. Batteries. McJames and Robinson; to which Dr. J. B. Robinson will way Infringed was interrogated as to whether the United in or else all is a lie.” speech was the son of William H. and and McGuire. experience history Mary J. The inspectors went from Readville tQ Dineen, Weyhing states had notified the powers of the He said Gen. Schofield had testified be- respond for the town. elolmson Moody of Naples. At the age of six years NEW 2. blockade of Cuba and whether the fore the committee on foreign affairs Bangor, and under the instruction of YORK, 6; BROOKLYN, Lambert, powers The will then be raised the ■ flag upon he was and recognized the blockade ag efiective. that Pearl harbor was the only harbor adopted by.Mr. Mrs. R, J. Distriot before the New June south 24 WILMOT STREET. Connection. jommon with and musio Attorney Dyer, placed York, 11.—Seymour’s Telephone Duke Almodovar de the n that could be and speeches, songs, of that town. was jimei0d3t Rio, foreign Hawaii fortified Chaplin He eduoated of the distriot oourt the evi- was in to the grand jury paw working order today and minister, replied that since the Paris con- “that,” declared Mr. Clark, “is under particularly appropriate present at the common schools and Westbrook dence had with the could not hit him effec- ference conditions had changed control of this and from a mili- war with After a devotional ser- they gathered, together Brooklyns radically country Spain. and at Portland col- and the had not decided no more.” Seminary Business circulars had obtained from Record powers yet tary standpoint we need vioe by a looal clergyman Mrs. Adeline they tively. The/score: whether the blockade was effective. The He declared the population of the Isl- lege. He taught several schools and for and the which had Stetson will deliver an address of wel- publications they New 10202001 x—6 government, he added, was resolved to ands were undesirable and their entry as travelled the state York, years throughout a6 secured by correspondence with him. Brooklyn, 00001000 1—2 uphold Spain’s rights and he added that an element in oar oitizenshlp was likely 30me to which W. E. Puislfer of Boston the representative of ajarge business entitled “The he did not believe it was legitimate for to bring injury to the social and govern- An A book Marriage Guide,” New 7. Er- will respond. original oentennial ode house. Hits, York, 11; Brooklyn, the United States to encourage the mental ot this an medical work entitled rors Philip- establishments country. W. Stanwood Heald of Gould and alleged New York, 3; Brooklyn. 4. Batter- as a of by aoademy In he insurgents belligerent power. He said that the proposed annexation 1884, married Noral Keating of “The Book of Nature,” were Included In ies, Seymour and Warner; Yeager, Ryan £ine[any of rhe newspapers advocate the keep- Hawaii would be tbe wedge to will follow. and Smith. entering Waterville, who with two daughters, sur- the of There at home of Admiral Camara’s fleet a that would not end until the A oentennial of war array documentary evidence. ing policy parade veterans, " of the coast. vive him. to CLEVELAND, 4; 2. for the purpose defending American territorial enlargement had fraternal sooietles sobool chil- were also circulars relating “Sportene PITTSBURG, the minister orders, He was a member Capt.'Aunon, ‘.of (marine, gone to the extent Of including the earth. of the Knights of wbioh Record claimed tb man- June with a few minor miscellan- tablets,” Pittsburg, 11.—Tannehill was in has made arrangements with the Spanish “Mr. Speaker,” ho declared, “if this dren, eto,. and Free Pythias Masons. Four years ufacture. These circulars advertised him form and was hit hard Transatlantic Steamship company for the is pursued as the want it eous exeroises will close the forenoon. poor today when polioy jingoes ago last he went to on SUITS, OVERCOATS of munition January Colorado as Some bits were needed. The transportation and supplies and you are here over the House noon a free dinner of baked “Record, the druggist." gave game was slow presiding At Boston of to the Antilles. 20 hence, will be called account failing health, returning a at “Box and years you upon brown bread and ooffee will be hts address S25, Readlleld,” and uninteresting. Attendance 8300. to the from beans, few weeks since in the recognize gentlemen Pata- last stages of others “18 Main Readlleld.” The score: served the tables on the street, and TROUSERS. gonia, the gentlemen from Cuba, the upon common.; He was TO COMMAND THE PURITAN. consumption. respected and loved There is no Main street in that and from Porto Rico, the gentle- After the dinner there will he town, Pittsburg, 10010000 0—2 gentlemen toasts, ail who knew him for The season so far has been June 11.— men from Greenland,Ithe gentlemen from by his genial there are in the Readlleld bffloo not 12000000 rather un- Washington, Capt. Frederick responses and sntiments. W. H. East- post Cleveland, 1—4 Rogers, formerly president of the naval Hong Kong, the gentlemen from Fiji, spirit and upright oharacter. He leaves 25 boxes. favorable for the Clothing business, but man will be toastmaster. An historical morejthan Pittsburg, 10; 9. Er- board, has been ordered to com- and with fear and trembling, the a wide circle Hits, Cleveland, auxiliary gentle- of; friends; to mourn his the of Distriot 1. the best of will wear out Cannibal islands as Rev. L. M. Robinson of At request Attorney rors, Pittsburg, 8; Cleveland, Batter- clothing mand the big Puritan, now with men from the he address by Phil- funeral loss. His will take place today It ies, Tannehill and Bowerman; Wilson and in lime and a certain amonnt Admiral Sampson’s fleet. He relieves gazes with gleaming eyes and glistening will conclude the exercises. Dyer, who thought wotjld be wise to of New adelphia at 2. SO m. Crlger. Captain P. F. fiarringtQD. who has been teeth upon your imposing and tempting p. apprehendthe aooused before thegrand jury has to be purchased to replace. When by the terrible strain and heat self.” I" SUNDAY GAMES. prostrated MORE TROOPS. the oourt Issued a bench warrant this becomes we invito to to which he has been his A followed this reported, necessary you subjected during great laugh prediction. BUUJJJiiN UriA TH. Inch I’linrcflnw nrtri Tlannhr TTnlfarl Qt-afac At 2; St. Louis of Chicago—Chicago, 4. in and see what we can long stay in Cuban waters. Lieut. Com- Mr. Parker, Republican New Jersey, At drop do for you. Merritt Demands an of Mrs. Alice R. of Lonisvllle—Louisville, 6; Cincin- mander W. H. Everett, commanding tbe was presiding, Mr. Reed occupying tem- Army Twenty Hallett, wife of City As. Marshal Norton Belfast went to Read- 4. We have Business Suits from 1 ~ L 4—— -3 *1.. _ U __aaa* .mAn Haa. (TL nati, $8.00 to XUUUBUIJUi eessor Horace A. serve the but Record Hallett, died very sud- fleld to document, At Cleveland—Pittsburg, 8; Cleve- $25.00. Overcoats from 5 to suonumbed to the hardships of the Cuban laughter was renewed when Mr. Clark $25.00t dely of apoplexy Sunday She was not at his of business. The land, 1. blockade. Both officers have been re- added, “It is unnecessary to say I pre- evening. place Trousers from 3 to $7.00. Good Wdifk- moved to the for the San June 11.—General Mer- was in her ordinary health the clerks said he had gone to Boston. The Naval hospital at Key West pared that regular occupant of Francisco, through WILL MANAGE THE NEW YORKS. ing Trousers from .1 to $3.00. for treatment. the chair.” ritt wants more troops. The General con- day and preparod'supper as usual. Her Officer doubted it, and he wont, to Augus- The assignment of to the Concluding his speech, Mr. Clark spoke New York, June 11.—Adrian C. Anson We are showing some attractive styles Cypt. Rogers templates leaving for Manila two weeks death occurred at 8.30. ta to tfefe if he couldjfind any trace ot the Puritan leaves a vacancy in the command of the representation of Hawaii in the has been as of the for Men’s wear. man there. engaged manager New Young of the cruiser now House and Senate and the attendant from today and it is desirous that his much wanted young Philadelphia fitting York baseball club. He took charge of Also a special line of Suits to fit out at San Francisco lor service on the danger. He attacked further the pro- forces shall precede him to the Philip The inspectors went to Augusta, too, to to annex on the that the team today. Pacific station, which he was original- position ground the pines. With what troops arrived yester- and remained there till Saturday night STOUT MEN. ly assigned several weeks ago. republio of Hawaii was the result of a THE DUTY OF MOTHERS. This announcement was made this af- the of the day and today, he has a force of about without finding the object of their search. We call attention to conspiracy upon part sugar ternoon by Andrew Freedman, president particular our interests in the islands. 16,000. It is said that during the past 48 They had£about made up their mind that SPAIN MUST PAY INDEMNITY. f the New York club. BLUE SERGE SUITS He spoke nearly two hours and was giv- has been in constant Record had to Boston. hours the general Should he gone Saturday en close attention. He was applauded Daughters Carefully SACCARAPPAS WON. for Washington, June 11.—The navy depart- conmmunication with the War Depart- night Deputy Norton continued his quest, $12.00 ment has sent orders to Admiral Sampson when he entered vigorous protests Guided in Early Womanhood. territorial ment and has ilnally demanded that the and sat up till the trains went The defeated the Bolster- to notify Admiral Cervera that, if the against launching upon expan- midnight Sacoarappas latter destroys his four armored cruisers sion. full quota of 20,000 specified by him, be through. At a livery stable ho happened Snows yesterday afternoon by a score of and Mr. of Massachu- two torpedo boat destroyers to pre- Walker, Republican Ailed. The Zealandia, Colon and China to find a span of horses that he at once 17 to 7. vent their into our setts, spoke for the resolutions. Denying What results HASKELL & falling hands, Spain, are loaded with supplies and are suffering frequently reoognized as belonging to the Record JONES, at the end of the war will be that annexation would be followed by being made to from a mother’s or more CAPE HAYTIEN HEARS NO NEWS. an he'said Hawaii for ignorance; turnout. He a close watch of pay additional at least territorial expansion, was expected to be ready departure early kept that indemnity and naval from a mother's to June 2 Clothers equivalent to the value of these vessels. a commercial, military neces- next week. The Senator and Morgan City frequently neglect span, believing that his vigilance would Cape Haytlen, Hayti, 12, p. m.— Tailors, Manufacturing No news has been it has been realized all that the sity. He digressed briefly to advocate the properly instruct her war received here to- along are being fitted out for the troops and daughter! be rewarded. hour. It Is Spanish admiral, rather than to construction of the Nicaraguan canal as Tradition day up to this probable that And Men’s permit of the both will be the end of next says “woman mustsuffer,” Record, whom the offi- the of Caimanera Furnishers, his fino squadron to be added to the Unit- one of che great needs United ready by Afterjmidnight, repairs cable can te that Hawaii and women are so was or rvionument ed States navy, might at the last moment States and contended would week. The third fleet probably will com- young taught. cer had never seen, but able to iden- completed by Thursday Friday. It is Square. when he saw that essential to control of the There is a little truth and deal understood that vessels of the Je8 Mon.Wed.Fri further resistance was be complete prise the Senator, the Morgan City, the a great tify by the inspector’s description,showed United useless, prefer to blow them canal by America. At the conclusion of of in States navy are rendering all the assist- up, perhaps Ohio and the if the latter is exaggeration this. If a young at the livery stable, in company with going so far as to himself his the House at 4.45 adjourned. Centennial, up ance possible. Other arrangements for the carry and his speech woman suffers she needs mon along with them. aocepted after Inspection. Tho Ohio ar- severely another young man. Both had been im- work are already underway. treatment and her mother should see MAINE CENTRAL CHANGES. rived today from Seattle and was turned bibing, and were very talkative. that she gets it. Mr. Record,” said THE TEMERARIO MUST GO. June 11.—E. H. who oyer to the government. “Hullo, the deputy Bangor, Carter, mothers their J. F. Bell, engineer officer on Many hesitate to take marshal, putting out bis hand, as the Buenos Ayres, June 11.—The govern- has been traveling freight agent of the Major of Merritt’s and the daughters to a physician for examina- men were get into ment Paraguay, acting upon the rep- Maine Central railroad, has been appoint- Major General staff, young abont;to the hut no to Luncheon! resentations of the United States of information of the tion; mother need hesitate consul ed freight'agent of that company in Ban- chief of the bureau carriage. at Montevideo has notified the oOmmander write her or his expedition has received orders freely about daughter “Where did lever see you?” was the of the Spanish torpedo gunboat Temera- gor, and will begin duties on Mon- Philippine Manila herself to Mrs. Pinkham and secure Then Record admitted rio, now at Asuncion, that he must dis- day. Since the resignation of H. p. to leave for Tuesday. response. that Beef vessel if he the most efficient advice without he man whom arm that desires to remain in Dowst as was the Readfleld the in- division superintendent of the is port. The Spanish commander refused AT SEA. charge. Mrs. Pinkhain's address He You may be told | Eastern and the THE MONTEREY spectors had interviewed. wanted by X to do so and thereupon he was informed division, subsequent ap- Lynn, Mass. to drive home his father's and isome Temerario must leave pointment of A. A. White to that San Cal., June 11.—The work of span, said grocers that A that the Asuncion posit- Diego, from Miss Marie of her The following letter he would be on hand whenever he was 'corned beef is FIRE as soon as the repairs machinery ion, W. L. Cobb has been acting as agent loading the Monterey with a deck load of “the same NOTICE. which must P. Pa., shows what J are completed, be quickly here. It is not yet announced who will at ten o’clock Johnson, Centralia, needed, but the officer deoided that he but it 3oal was completed this how thing;” isn’t. 1 done. take Mr. Carter’s as will and tells Mrs. the place travelling and at 12.45 the vessel got under neglect do, wouldn’t wait, so he took accused in- Eat Luncheon freight agent, or what position Mr. morning Beef. I Cobb Pinkham helped her: to custody. The office of The E. C. Jones Insurance has been tem- will occupy. way. She was joined outside the bay by SOLD BV Agency health became so poor that I FIRST-CLASS ? and the two vessels “My Record preferred not to spend the n ht ;he ccllier Brutus, I was tired all the OROCERS. A removed to tlie had to leave school. in him porarily No. 37 old Mosher Malaria Cured Pe-ru-na. TROTTING AT NORTH steamed to the westward on their jail, so the deputy took to iis Exchange StM by ANSON. rapidly dreadful pains in my a “Luncheon BeeP’ booklet mailed ? It i3 time, and had own room at Hotel North and watched to the fire of 27th. North Juno 11.—At the way to the Philippines. expected was also 8 on A store, owing Friday, May Anson, back. I troubled over request. trotting at side and him till Inspector races this afternoon, the 3.32 class with ;hat they will touch Honolulu in about of morning. King, 'I and my three chil- with menses. I was who had We shall remain at this address on our and S four was won by in irregularity retired was summoned to during repairs offioe, starters, Philips A., ;en days. lost so much that early, 1 ARMOUR PACKING I dren were subject to three Sadie weak, and flesh the officer’s CO., straight heats; H., seoond' very room and identified the pris- KANSAS CITY, MO., U. S. A. will be pleased to do your insurance as usual. We all took Charles Wilkes, third. Best time 2.86 became alarmed. My oner. Malaria. 1-2,’ ROCKLAND SCHOONER BURNING. my friends They took the 10 o’olock train for | | The 2.60 class with seven starters won by who is a firm be Haver in Pe-ru-na, and got Little mother, your Portland. Belle, HattieS., second; Maggie Boston, June 12.—The two masted r the piles time 2.39 remedies from experience, thought per- Record was in r"a I I a I through taking quinine. Hosford, third. Best 1-2. schoonor Caroline Knight, which arrived custody of a bailiff last some two might benefit me, and wrote He has dono more for us it this port weeks ago from haps they night. will be in Unit- I It with her I arraigned the SHADOWING CARRANZA. Rockland cargo of lime on fire for advice. followed the advice ed States court than elso this you today. anything was discovered morning to be in a aud used gave, Lydia E. Pinlcham’s Ins 'V' and THE E. C. JONES INSURANCE and we are now Ottawa, Ont., June 11.—Lieut. Carran- worse condition than when she you 111 quickly AGENCY 1 could, reached za and Senor Du Bose will sail for Compound and Liver Pills as I ULl safely. No pain, free from that trouble. Mrs. Anna Mad- sere. Her hatches were forced Vegetable MINISTERIAL MEETING. w no rl3k rid from open und 7 --„ i Ineltlier EDWARD f. and Montreal on June 25. In the die rigging and masts are directed, and am now as well as I The knife or ligature; harmless operation JONES, Agent Manager, Henify, Darlington, Ky.” meantime burned so that you meeting of the and it is stated in official circles are liulbe to have Portland Ministerial complete relief. Give me your address If Pe-ru-na cures in a manner hey topple over any minute. ever was. I have gained flesh and you malaria that Canadian secret service men association will be and I will tell how I and pri- Hoth sides of the vessel are out held at 10.30 a. m. sutler, you obtained safe PHILIP I. JONES, Assistant Manager. that is marvelous. vate bulged a color. X am cured of and relief. Druggists every- detectives are to watch their move- it is feared she good completely today at speedy Address, sending stamn1 j| ind and her will be- Gospel Mi63i„n haU A11 are where sell Pe-ru-na. ments cargo N. B. S.. Box 220. Lewiston, Maine. closely. come a total loss. irregularity.” > urged to be present. ^pr28TuTh&Sat-tf I PORTLAND and fed the than one hundred of and mrsnUlXAMEOtS. DAILY PRESS* start, having people pounds powder _MISCgXLAJiBopa. I'INANOIAL. an 800 or makes _ AMUSKMUXTS. ! AMCSBaCKWTSL AND on false stories of Spanish snocesses at 1000-pound projeotlle, the of each discharge In the San .Tuan and Santiago, and having expense = THli ===== MAINE STATE PKESS. neighborhood of $500.—Boston Transoript, minimized the crushing defeat at Manila Subscription Kates. ■ until it was made to appearjto the peo- MAINE KLONDIKERS. Offensive Daily (la for si* RIVERTON advance) $s per year; $3 Perspiration PARK. ple as. if not a victory on the part of the months; $1.50 a quarter; 50 cents a month. Season of 1808. at least a success is the Casco Bank Spaniards, profitless Word from the Which Left overcome skin National The Daily Is delivered every morning by Expedition readily dusting for the United States, it is in no condit- by — OK — carrier anywhere wltliln the city limits and at Portland This Spring. OPENS at ion to make direct overtures for peace, THIS AFTERNOON 2.15 O’CLOCK W'oodfords without extra oharge. with (omfort owder, which makes the PORTLAND. NIAiNE, Daily (not in advance), invariably at tha beoause to do so would be tantamount With a Free Open Air Concert The Maine whioh left here bj the Fadettes and a Grand Vaudeville Entertainment. rate of $7 a year. to confessing that it had systematically expedition, for Alaska in was at flesh sweet 1824. OORillANVS Maine State Press, (Weekly) published and persistently lied, and that would March, encamped and wholesome, and dissipates Incorporated VAUDEVILLE STARS, 50 cents for 6 Lake on whioh a CAPITAL AND SURPLUS every Thursday, $1.00 per year; own ana most also Bennett, May 24, day months; 25 cents for 3 mouths. bringd upon it, likely THIS COMPANY IS COMPOSED OF letter was written by one of the mem- AMERICA S REPRESENTATIVE VAUDEVILLE ARTISTS upon the reigning dynasty, the wrath all odor. nurses and Poisons to leave town for long ot Hundreds of trained -1-30.0XlA.cioSI a tvt wishing bers of the party to a Portland friend. F! A T=t TTTTOi addresses of of the people. Henoe its appeal to the Prima Donna Vocalist, whose voice of short periods may have the their Kemarkahi* “Uh and Wonderful*7 sweetness capti- it what it They made the journey without acoldent. vated Portland last season. lange papers changed as often as desired. powers to get them to do for There has been no Illness of any conse- ladies recommend it for this MILLION purpose. ONE \7"A-KTOIj^.i tllO Kates. wants to do, but dares not, for itself. Moxlcan Twr^y. fjQy Advertising have In Exhibitions of Foot of quence in the party. They been All POWDER Equilibrium, Transformations ^d for Doubtless Austria on account family Druggists, as and 50c. Sample box free. COMFORT CO., Hartford, Ct In Daily Press $1-60 per square, jns, divided into four summer prospecting BAH-RETT tts for one mon‘ti. Three Insertions relations would like to help Spain out, LBOJJAHD. week; $4.00 as follows: Irish of state expeditions, Copamedlaus. or less, $1.00 per square. Every other day ad- but It will do nothing,for reasons river expedition, Joshua DOLLARS, HOSIN'^, "VEKTTTS one third less than these rates. of Hootalihqua TEACHERS. vartisements, craft, except with the co-operation foiUSIG Queen of the Dancing Wire advertisements for one H. Thayer, Winterport: Fred H. Water- 1 Interest Paid on Hall square $1.00 some or all of the other and the »»♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦#»»♦» FEED BOWMAN, Vocalist and Comedy Entertainer, and La powers, WALL mite a Soubretto for one Meohanlo Falls; E. O. PAPERS Bianche, dainty3 or month, house, Andrews, o week $2.00 chance of getting that oo-ODeratlon is Afternoon performances at 3.15 clock. Evening at 8.15. is a space of the width of a col- K. Bar TIME : DEPOSITS. "A square” who Auburn; James Garland, Har- ....AT.... The Management also announces the permanent very small. Probably the diplomat engagement, for the entire season of umn and duo inch long. bor; Frank W. Howard, Dover. THE LATEST. 'FITE said that the powers would not do any- Drafts drawn on National Provincial FADETTES, Notices, on first page, one-third addi- a 16 Bkilled Special Salmon river Mr. and REDUCED Bank of or Woman’s Orchestra of Musicians, which will give tree concert. unless it Big expedition, MATES. fSAglaiid, London, In large ”S an(J at thing knew beforehand — the Park. Concerts at 2.18 and 7.15 and from 4.30 to 5.15 day evening tional. they small amounts, for sale at current rates. each afternoon Mrs. Thomas E. Jackson, Manchester, Cars leave head of Preble street 15 minutes and Auction would be agreeable to the United States, MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS Current every during day and Amusements Sales, $2.00 per Barr of Accounts received on favorable evening Me.; Mr. and Mrs. Frank D. Until 1st we OF EVERY DESCRIPTION terms. sqnare each week. Three insertions or less, stated the situation accurately. The July offer of of Brookton, formerly Augusta; Virgil Correspondence solicited from Individ- $1.50 per square. most them sympathize with Spain, are at all times to be found in our stock. C. East Fred A. our stock of uals. Corporations, Banks and others Beading Notices in nonpareil type and classed and their inclinations are to Jackson, Winthrop; Spring Patterns to undoubtedly, All orders by mall or telephone will receive aesiriDfc open accounts, as well as from 15 cents line East with other paid notices, per each do to her out of her Jackson, Winthrop. prompt attention. wishing to transact Banking buai- something help pre- at a reduction. *5®}® °* Insertion. Little Salmon river Louis great Many Our discounts to the profession are the most description through this but the of nations are expedition, Ba&k. JEFFERSON THEATRE. dicament, policies to be obtained and will Pure Notices in matter favorable everything Beading reading type, B. Brownington, Vt.; George to It an and a I Fay Brothers & Hosford, Lessees and seldom nowadays dictated by mere sentl- Carpn, of onr best marked be done make advantage pleasure Managers. i5 cents per line each Insertion. W. patterns deal with us. mont. The of and loss Is Stubbs. Port Townsend, Washington) to STEPHEN R. SMALL, Prosideit Wants, To Let, For Sale and similar adver- question profit Wo also carry a Full Assortment of is Alfred D. Cottle, Belgrade, Me.; Edward down one half. This INSTRUMENTS and MUSI- 23 cents per week in for uppermost, and sympathy easily sup- is a STRINGED fetrdtf KAR$HALL R. GODINQ, Cashier. tlsements, advance, S. N. MERCHANDISE of when the it to is a Hickey, Gorham, H. CAL every descrip- 40 words or less, r.o display. Displayed adver- pressed way points tlon. Special Announcement. Mr. Stubbs was sent Frank J. chance on _ tisements under these headlines, and all adver- different way from that wbloh enlight- by great bargains. SUPPLEMENTARY SEASON. Caron of as his sub- tisements not nald in advance, will bo charged ened selfishness suggests. To run the risk Brownington, Vt., stitute, as ho was ill and to con- SteM & Co. at regular rates. of affronting a great and growing power unable M. Sons TWO WEEKS OF OPERA IN ENGLISH with the BONDS. In Maine State Press—$1.00 tinue party farther than per square like the United States to please a decayed Sheep for first insertion, and 50 cents per for square and nation like the Spain Camp. T. C. McGOULDRIC, Manager. by the insertion. declining SHORtT HARMON Andrews each subsequent Stewart river expedition, William H. LOW, would be so obviously bad policy from Je4eo W. ALLEs spite repeated Harriet H. Randall. of him are forbidden bv “ Pr.t it in attractive form a.wfl any property by marhi that Spain has begun again to sound the | law. _tf That of the creditors of said to see if will her out CIIADBOURNE’S COMPETITOR. TO a meeting powers they help miko the prtos reasonable." WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. Banliers. Debtor,toj>rove their debts and Incase there INSTBUCXIDJf. of her The Col. E. K. O’Brien In are sufficient, assets to authorize the of present predicament. govern- Thomaston ii | Alter 32 Me. May 20th, 1398, no more permits to St- rortland. same to choose one or more assign- ment wants that the to be a 3U(A cases the work is cows or peaoe, seeing longer reported candidate for railroac ■j In always q tains other cattle Into this State from ®b|3hanse ees of his estate, will be held Tiie Worcester Polytechnic Institute continues the Massachusetts, or other New Knglaud States, at a Court of Insolvency to be holden at the war more Spain will commissioner, to succeed B. F. Chad satisfactory and lire UOKCESTMl, MASS. | briny, csoallent | under pretense that they are for beef or to Probate Court Room, in said Portland, in lose and the more onerous the conditions bourne of be turned to T. MESMKHAU, Biddeford, whose term expirei pasture, win be Issued by our said County of Cumberland, on the 20th day C. President. re.nl U. board until further in Imposed upon her must be, but dares Acts like magic; hurts some time next fall. Commissioner Chad £ notice. of June, A. D., 1898, at ten o'clock lii Courses of study Mechanical, Ctvtt and | Purposes that have the forenoon. Electrical engineering. Chemistry and General not ask for It for fear of on in- not even the bourne will seek a AnlI.1nnpi'ivrtol?*re17 Congress street before 6 p. m. Tues- After the Fire Was Supposed to Be Ont It Persons return tickets troops will be the second instance in lay. holding trip Blazed Up Again. Third: Beauty and Good- of Brit- in the electric ears for Saturday can ex- American history of the parading Nolice. ness. them for round tickets with Messenger’s ish troops on American soil, bearing shange trip About 5 a. m., yesterday,’ an alarm Office of the Sheriff of Cumberland County, of idmission to theater if presented for ex- to a The arms, in time peace. from box 63 called the department State of Maine. Cumberland, ss. June dress that includes change at the place of advance sale prior Dan- 10th, A. It is also hoped that the two companies fire close by the corner of High and D., 1898. those six notes, can never io is that on the 6th SILVERWARE at Bur- the same hour Tuesday. “The Dawn in the and TO GIVE NOTICE, I of Connecticut volunteers Camp orth streets, frame two-story THIS ot a Warrant in if Freedom” is most day June, A. JD., 1898, sing off the key of harmoni- dett, whose in the Memorial undoubtedly .the basement, double Nos. 71 was Issued out ot the Court of participation ^rick house, Insolvency A. A A. AAAAAAAA ^AAAAAAAAAA at §3 day parade created such a favorable im ■laborate production ever presented any and 73. The fire evidently in a Insolvency for said County of Cumberland, ous costuming. This Dress caught against the estate of iummer resort in this vicin- pression, may be allowed to take part in amusement small shed in^the rear of the and had ours ell, ELMER E. LAMBORD, individually and as Coods Stock of plumes the celebration. ity. made considerable headway when the a copartner of the firm of Lambord and Morton, of itself upon its harmonies in V FAMOUS WOMEN’S ORCHESTRA firemen arrived. It took but little time Cortland, I SALE. NOTES. : HARBOR adjudged to be an Insolvent Debtor, on pe- to the fire which was confined solor as weH as excellence of texture. AT RIVERTON. extinguish tition of said Debtor, which was ♦♦♦♦♦♦*♦♦♦♦ “led petition ♦♦♦«♦«♦♦♦♦♦ to the shed and ana the on the 6th day of June, A. D., 1898, to I A at Bottled Vessels Keleassd tile ell, department few mentionings caught random by the adver- Up by Open- In 1888 Miss Marlon of Boston which date interest on claims is to be com- Ogden left thinking their services no longer puted. ing of the Draw. lad an She saw about her That 1 have over Two Thons- :ising pen. inspiration. needed. But a few moments after 7 the payment of any debts to or by | EARTLEI HcCDUEH. of men into orchestras who said Debtor, and the transfer and i srganizations the firemen were called to the same delivery and pieces of Silverware again any property by him are forbidden by LANSBOWNE. Plain and two- CANVAS GRENADINES. 3 col- At times it was bright and summer were making money nnd securing fame. that I shall sell at lower turned another milestone, so to speak, in house, some sparks having worked up toned. This is a like in the harbor and at oth- could not see women That a of the creditors of said orings, yesterday, Miss Ogden why between the walls the blind attio meeting than ever before for its dramatic history and formally opened into Debtor, to prove tlielr debts and In case prices peculiarly attractive fabric for sum- 39c ers it was a little wild when the field. are squalls should not enter that They and at there are sufficient to authorize the a neat and attractive theatre to its list of caused a lively blaze, worse than assets first class goods in this city. mer, light in weight, has a lustre like the their taste in same to choose one or more of his swept up bay. squally good musloians, the first the firemen assignees does not wearable amusement resorts, over which floats a alarm. This time estate, will be a The are made Satin, wrinkle; SCOTCH LAWNS. Six in a coal and Miss held at Court of Insolvency goods by styles, The tug Honevbrook brought musio is to that of men to be and The colors are: the name of him in whose superior made sure work. The main house was liolden at Probate Court Room, in said very stylish. 42c flag bearing 1 Wm. oould ortland, In said of on Rogers, (Simpson, Blue with red. barge. Ogden believed that they compete not much some County Cumberland, Gray with red. honor it was named—Bartley MoCulIum. injured, except slight the 20tli of A. at ten & A four-master with coal and a the same field. day June, D., 1898, Hall & Rogers Blue with black. large with their brothers in o clock m the Miller), No ceremony marked the opening, but damage by water to the plastering, hut forenoon. INDIA DIMITY, Summer elegan- came in woman she Given under hand the date first above & Towle Steel gray (light and dark.) three-master, light yesterday. Being a progressive proceeded the ell and my Bro., Pairpoint 25c in a simple business-like way the ourtain, and shed were demoralized written. cies, The island travel was not idea into execution and Brown, (medium and dark.) very heavy to carry her new of the roof, C. L. companies. | at the appointed hour, was rung np, after part BUCKNAM, Tan with navy. feared the and incor- Sheriff as blue, yesterday. evidently The Fadettes were linnan tAnomDnt. Ir* ftp- Deputy of the Court ot Here are a few of the People had been rendered on organized TIia Mn 71rWflS Messenger FRENCH SATINE8, Many styles, a few selections Insolvency for said County of Cumberland. Heliotrope with blue. showers under the laws of Massachusetts. 26c the piano which were quite in harmony porated copied by Timothy Conley. There was prices: Price, 81.00 The draw of Portland bridge, which But Miss Ogden was doomed to disap- with the patriotlo oolors seen on every no one in the lower rent, the former oc- was injured last week by being run into She could organize a capital THE SIGNAL CORPS. Tea per set, 1-2 side of the theatre. pointment. cupant moving away a few days. ago. Spoons KERSEY CLOTH, for tailor made SCOTCH GINGHAMS. Here are the but she did not by British steamer Europa.was opened idea, could execute it, Lieut. has now mustered in 37 89c The play, happily ohosen, was Myron The upper tenement is No. 73, was oc- Royden doz., Gowns, firm more than for a brief time Saturday afternoon and the characteristics needed for a men as “The Dawn of Freedom,” possess cupied by Edward Conley, and the lower members of the Signal Corps. in texture, 50 laches wide, 81.00 fifty the vessels which have been bottled Ixsffingwell’s whose name Desert 12 up leader. The Fadettes, signi- Thirteen of the memhers were Spoons, per set, choice a Cuban drama of contemporaneous in- by Mrs. Lyden. Their furniture was original above the bridge were towed out into the fies “Will-o’-the-Wlsp,” did not make mustered in $ | ,59 designs, terest with the characters distributed as moved out and some of it got a wetting. Wednesday, 9 more Thursday doz., IMPERIAL SERGE. Twenty stream. One of them, the schooner Cal- headway in the mnsioal world until and 16 all made follows: great They said that they had no insurance. Friday, a total of 87 out of the 40 separate vin F. has a load of ice for Phila- later when Mrs. Caroline B. Table 1-2 in Scot- Baker, iwo years The house to Mrs. of required for the corps. all of the Spoons, per set, colors, including the new blues, 35 belonged Berry Nearly land. delphia. Two English coal barges also Jackson Breese, U. S. Consul at Nichols became associated with It and new men inch, 25c Major Buxton and is probably insured. A mustered in are electrlolans or doz., $1.79 came out. The Kalina Santiago, Bartley McCullum Many of barge and the issumed the leadership. From that H. P. Jose's tutor, thousand dollars will cover the loss. telegraph operators, including them schooner Hume were Buy Ximenes, Desert 1-2 towed 5.up through Wm. H. Pascoe ! noment the success of the movement was Merrill and G. W. Lawrence of Knives, doz., STORM SERGE. Peculiarly good Engine 8 broke; down at;the fire and the senior cannot the bridge to their destination. a sugar issured. Mrs. Nichols is a born leader, for vacation Miguel Rodriquez, wealthy was sent to the Portland for re- class in the eleotrical engineering course $1.39 be Company or dupli- Jennie Hulburt is going on the planter, John R. Armstrong is a born musician and a born wear, wheeling; dust and water Brig desides she and 1 cracked a tire. at the of Maine. One new Jose his son, James Horne ; pairs, Engine University 1-2 from its surface. cated. marine railway for an overhauling. Rodriquez, if business Medium Knives, doz., slips a msiness manager, manager A said have been man arrived from Rockland 25c Antonio Lopez, patriot, dog was to suffocated Friday night, 44 inches wide, 50c The Portland bark Normandy, Captain Norman D. Connlers iver was as suoh. When she $1.49 born joined in the house by the smoke. and two more Saturday, one from New- m. ’‘V..-f' now at Rio, will on its return a American Murphy, Philip Gordon, young , be Fadettes its members were struggling port and the other from Bangor. These load with wood for speculator, James W. Bankson Gravy Ladles, 50 to 75c FANCIES. More than seventy to Portland, spool 0 a half dozen people together A HEAVY SHOWER. Col. Manuel Guzman, of the Spanish keep three will make the required 40 and Capt. styles of choice Nov- Scotland. of else. It was hut I Army, Stephen Wright egardless anything Bntler,will start for Washington early in and Oyster Ladles, elty Dress Goods, mostly undupll- The will float over the bark Soup IVIOUSSEEAINE RAIE D’ OR. British flag SanchO, a soldier, Wm. F. Canfield , 1 short time before the be- TheWa'.er Horst a Sewer on Commercial tho his organization week, with command. It is not cateable here, checks and mixtures, Similar to hut Edmund on her next She Corporal Larce, Alvln'Kennedy $ 1.50 to 2.50 organdie, heavier Phinney, trip. < ;an to improve until Its excellence as a Street. were now 3Gc Antonio Mendos, Peter Lang known where the corps will be assigned 50c, and has a silvered pencil strips. will load lumber here for South America. 1 nuBical was Another lot of fancies that have Paquita, an Octoroon, Lisle Leigh organization acknowledged for duty. Berry Spoons, Eight styles. 39 inch, j 2)o The of the Montauk is a been and now 58o position good Julia Rodriquez, a Cuban heiress, jy the severest critlcB In Boston and New About 5 p. m. yesterday afternoon Lieut. has reoeived orders to be §1.00 1.25, indicator of the tide. She is held a Royden 99c to $ 1.69 by Estelle Dale From that time to this the fork. organ- there was a heavy shower accompanied by at Governor’s Island at 10 a. m. Blue Storm Serge, 50c, 550, bow anchor and she turns end-for-end Jane Fortune, a newspaper woman, Tuesday, Navy ceased to LACE STRIPE fifteen with every tide, her bow always pointing Beatrice Ingram zatlon has nevor strengthen, thunder and lightning. The weather to take his examination for promotion. Pie Knives, G9c, 75c, §1.00. DIMITY, in the direction from which the tide is 1 jften has taken a valued Blue styles, Mrs. A. Jackson Breese, May Davenport marriage away bureau says that in the short time the He hopes to be assigned as a firs 99c to Navy Fancies, 59c, 75c, $1.00, $ 1.50 12 Vic running. 1 but her has been filled and I, 25. load The is a latter-day melodrama and nember, place rain was falling—about 20 minutes—there lieutenant of the 23d infantry, the same The Jessie MacGregor will lumber play Blue 1 everal who have tried the matrimonial And hundreds of others Navy Brilliantlne, 50c. 75c. at wharf fur South America. not the old time race between vice and was 95 hundredths of au inch of water regiment,' in which ho.now holds a com- Dudley’s 87Vie, $1.00. Daniel Peterson and Engineer • have drifted back into the It came down in the latest Captain virtue, with the distressed heroine, at xperlment fell. sheets. Such pow- mission as a second lieutenant. This regi- fancy pieces, pat- Shrunk linen crash for separate Charles Brower ot the tug Fannie G., Sucoess Is so sweet and 10 to 3 winning out hand- 1 msiness again. er did it have that it burst a sewer at the ment is assigned to duty in the Philip- terns and very pretty. Skirts, 25c have been summoned to New York to against her, CHEVIOT CHECKS, All wool, * he of membership In a unique foot of Cross street on to the steam at the homestretch amid pleasures Commercial and and of it is already crossing We have a lot of broken bring Portland yacht Cora, somely great ap- pines part g good for which has been by the govern- is In 1 ind growing organization have proved the water many feet in the air. the Pacific to purchased plause. It strong every respeot, the spouted join Dewey. Tea Sets, such as Tea and 1 separate skirts, waists, children’s ment for tho use of the engineer hoard 1 oo for those who have tried to LININGS. a dress Is interest is sustained the strong Streets were considerably washod and were Many good coast. The Cora is of throughout, Coffee Cream Pitch- dresses, 46_inches wide, 75c, aloDg the Maine Fadettes would have done SHOE FIRM WANTED. Pots, ruined by slovenly is the characters are 1 eave it. The considerable damage must have g now 58c 173 gross tons, and S3 net. Her length dialogue good, firmly thereby orchestra but the board of trade is consider- ers, Sugar Bowles, Spoon R iinings. Here the linings are select- is 113 feet, beam 23 feet, depth 12 feet. drawn and the climaxes The rery well as a strsng been done. Before the shower the mer- The Freeport logical. Holders and Butter ed with critical care. And the price H.M. Knowles, imbition of Mrs. Nichols was to be 70 bllU tivuu ui u at T Cl Dishes. Captain superintendent scene is laid in Santiago and equal cury indicated degrees, and it dropped lltg | FRENCH C HALLIES, white and station at vicinity. battle Is fought with manufacturers, of the life saving Wakefield, she numbers her a shoe who has These goods will be sold at 1 scenic effects of this are ;o the best, and among thereafter to 54 degrses. The hill, manufacturer, signl cream R. X., has received orders to place four The play ad- quickly not with you. : irtists ladles who can the flute, the wind was from the east. lied his willingness to consider a cost to close them out. H with colored also men on duty at Point Judith and Watch mirable, not in one but every act, at play proposi- ground figures, Best Haircloth, 24 inch, 45c the cornet, the French horu, the with Hill station. are and slarinet, It was a to see the storm tion to manufacture shoes in the building black ground white and colored Another excellent 35o times they gorgeous, other acces- and snare drum as great sight Haircloth, ilidlng trombone 27 inches 2 come the It came occupied by the pro- figures, wide, >o Glove finish 3c sories such as fern plants, eto., are called veil as the violins, the violas, the sweeping up harbor. in formerly Cushings, lining cambric, THE MUNICIPAL COURT. have all the into requisition. The play is fittingly violoncellos and the oontrabasso. The a great line with heavy black clouds vided ho can advantages SterlingSilver. 1 Fast black Cambrlo, 6hi success of the orchestra is attested bv the C. A. en- ORGANDIES, Brought from Eu- for Skirts, checks costumed while Spanish soldiers, U. S. banked behind it and with the swiftness which the Cushing company F’ancy linlng3 BEFOKE JUDGE BOBINSON. 'act that for six consecutive seasons they rope, a very select and stripes, 15c and 20o all find of a railroad train. A big tour mastei joyed. troops, insurgents, eto., appro- Hied the same at one of the _ Saturday—James McKinnon, intoxica- engagement We have over 500 pieces 1 stock, most of them stark new. English Silesia, 90 of action and give a color ireatest fashionable watering-place hotels that was coming in reefed down close HYDE—SHANNON. tion; lined and costs. priate spheres of Prices, 25C, 29e, 37%c. Better grades, l2Jc, lie, 25c H. 30 the whole. ,n New York, only leaving because and about to hold her head to the Sterling Silver, 925- § Joseph McGuire, intoxication; of realism to put home took Satui I inducements were held out to A quiet wedding plaoe 1000 fine. We days in jail and lined $10 ai costs. rI’ho Tilnv was flfltfirt fiXfifillont.lv fm* treater wind. make a i last summer. John McCarthy, intoxication; $3 and shera to go to Washington day June 4th at the residence of Gen. 25 cent reduc- I BATISTE. Also a foreigner by CORTICELLI 3c. All our best as the cast indicates Mr. McCullum has It was at Washington that Manager New- straight per Corticelli skein costs. COTTAGERS Thomas W. Hyde of Bath where Mr. birth, part silk, much surrounded himself with old favorites of nan of the Portland Railroad company AWAKENED- tion on every article and we Daniel P. McCallura, intoxication; $5 was united in tc I like Organdie but softer, 30 inch, Silk for embroidering (with the sole leard them ana ne let no imiu eiapse m John Hyde marriage and costs. a Portland audience and each of them as have a stock to 50c exception of “Persian”) will be sold for Riverton for this Shot Ernestine Shannon of Bath. Mr. splendid I Daniel P. McCallum, resisting officer; mgaging them Another Warning From the Siegt Miss they appeared before the footlights re- The ladies have arrived and select from. at 3 skeins for 10c lined $30 and costs. summer. Gun at Portland Head. and Mrs. Hyde are to live in Bath. kind of a located at Morrill’s for We are closing out all Corticelli Maurice Lynch, common 00 ceived the warmest welcome— ire pleasantly EGYPTIAN DIMITV in Silk plaid drunkard; will bo in at- Goods. days in county jail. and deservedly so. Miss Lisle Leigh ihe summer. They daily effects, 8 tendance at Riverton during the entire Dwellers along the shore were MARRIAGES- Corticelli Button hole a shows in her art. She is earnest Cape styles, one of the newest things out. twist, growth season commencing today. Free open- for 5o. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. again awakened Saturday by a report 30 inches, 42c spools and her keen methods bring out the very lir concerts will be given before and after Sterling Tea from the signal gun at Portland Head. June Willis H. Williams o: Spoons, The real the rustic theatre. In Bootlihay, 1, 1 following estate transfers have soul of her character; she knows where the performance in will be about 13.30 Bowdoinhara and Miss Sophie It. Pinkham. been recorded at the This by the way, It was o’clock. The watch registry of.deeds: to use the lights and shades; her faoial performance, In Bangor, June 2, Frank It. Kogan and Heler furnished this week by had a coaster J. Burnham to Ida M. during sighted heading toward the Goode. 1-2 doz. Mary Burnham, her mobility of features are an May $2.79 per LIBBY expressions, Borman’s Vaudeville Stars, organiza- In June 2. John Wooster and Misi J. R. 00. J, R. LIBBY GO. both of Cape Elizabeth, undivided half ship channel and the regular course in Camden, notable. tion some of the “head-liners” Johnson. lot cf land with on containing Gay buildings High The Fadettes such cases was followed. The men were In Brewer, June ", Dennis S. McCormick ant street. Miss Estelle Dale made her first bow to on the modern variety stage. A the cafe while called to and Miss Kva Litt eflekl. great bargain. Edwin \Y. will also play in Manager quarters a warning shot Hamilton of South Portland a Portland audience Saturday and the look after the In Bangor,prune 1. Arthurs. Allen and Jonnlf is Smith and his assistants bred across the bow Every article gnaran- to Daniel King of Portland, land in Plea- was of the intruder. M. Moody ot Pittsfield. | is made that she is destined to inner man. Riverton will he more popu- santdale prophecy The schooner In Kichmond. June 1, Wallace P. Scott anc teed to be or i valley. summer. promptly hove to and re- satisfactory be a favorite—her pathos and pas- lar than ever this Miss Flora M. Jenkins. great outside till bach. Sale mained daylight. In Keadfield, June 1, Clarence A. Ferley o: money opens A DRUNKEN DRIVER. sion found a dramatio vent in her im- THE GEM THEATRE. Wintlirop and Augusta L. Norton of Mt. Vernon A man, under personation. She has an alluring person- This week Mr. Douglas will present In Monterey. Muss., June2, Prof. W. W. Mayo considerably the in- OFF FOR SEBAGO. and in which Nat Good- formerly of Hebron Academy, Miss Myri fluence of liquor, attracted a crowd ality, a most graceful stage presence. Confusion, a comedy large Thirty-two cyclists including three of on Miss May Davenport was effective and win made one of his heartiest successes, 'injackson, May 28. Herbert C. Hadley anc WEDNESDAY people Congress street, near the ladles started and Saturday afternoon from Annie C. Norion. Preble house, Saturday afternoon, in his played her part in a digniUea con- md which shows.tho many complications | Popular Styles, Deerings Oaks for lake on theii manner. Miss Beatrice is a and a Sebago endeavors to drive a horse, attached to a sistent Ingram which may be,'caused by baby wheels. Several more left on the after- DEA1 Hi. as and winsome as ever—her vivaci- cast will bo as follows: MORNING I buggy, through the streets. The man cute pug dog. ; The top noon train. Had for tht short sentences and it not been was unable to keep on the seat and a ty. pi’hy fetching Mortimer Mnmbleford, June 12, Mrs. Alice R., wife o: with her. Mr. Byron Douglas threatening weather about 00 would have In this city. who saw the condition the man manners still abide Bartley 48 years. 11 months, and continues until June Low stranger, Mr. Scott started. Horace A. Ilallolt, aged 1 Price, Christopher Blizzard, Cooper Arrving at Sebago the oyclert i funeral hereafter.! was took the horse by the head and McCullum lits about every character Notice of 30th. in, Dr. Bartholomew Jones, boarded the In June 11, Kobert J.,son ot Thomas | aud the steamer Louise for Bridgton. this city, led him up to the sidewalk where he held which he assumes passiDg years Mr. Francis Byrne O., and Georglana Bonner, aged 26 years 4 his Mr. Walter Thomas Here they passed the at the Cum- him until Officer Jones arrived and took have dimmed in no way broadly Rupert Sunterry, night months 2 days. berland his residence. No. 5 he first Muzzle, Mr. Robert Lowo house and yesterday morning [Funeral from parents’ both man and team to the station. humorous fashion. When appeared Inspector Charles Tuesday alternoon at 2 o’clock, James Mr. Louis F. Morrison wheeled to the steamei street, Backs. the into loud and Harrison and took at the Church of the Sacred Heart al audience broke sponta- Rose Miss Agnes Proctor [Services High Murableford, to served at 2.i.?o o'clock. neous Mr. Conniers acted his Miss Johnson Naples where dinner was applause. Violet Virginia Ill this city. June 11. George M. Chaplin aged COOK CAN’T SPOIL. Miss the Then the course was role like a melodramatic actor to the Marla Myrtle May Naples hotel. 39 years l month. The By Herself laid to which point [ Funeral mis afternoon at 2 o’clock manner born skill and at times with Babv, White’s bridge from (Monday) with Rself from tile residence of his sister, Mrs. A. K. P. Need No Cooking and the The Pug, By the to home via Gaape-N'uts great force. Mr. Bankson did a olever party intended oycle Burton. 4i Brown street. Flavor Is Assured. OPERA COMPANY. North Windham and Riverton. The in this city June 12. Alfred Stoddard, aged piece of aoting while Stephen Wright ANDREWS 7a of Messrs. F. A, years. 11 months, 18 days. Lie Gut, i Durable affair was in the hands at 10.30 $ colonel in theatre forenoon Comfortable, portrayed the Spanish an The beautiful Jefferson will [Funeral Tuesday o’clock, .75, want food that has a Elwell and C. Richardson. from Ills luie residence, rear of 667 Congress People palatable, brutal way in no wise ex- be tomorrow evening June 14, for Peicy artistically opened aftornoon street. in with Saltish same and one that will recall The storm pre- ill Another Oak, Seat, toothsome taste, aggerated, however. Mr. Pascoe is al- a short season of opera in English, by the yesterday tills City, June 12, John P. Kirby, aged 31 out of the 6 the name vented the full carrying pro years. months. a pleasant taste whenever is ways good and his finished aoting was celebrated Andrews Opera JVSONUMEWTSQ. company, to North Wind [Notice ot funeralherealiei. ( | price, $L73. is a The party got In mentioned. That feature strong quite up to the standard which he set which managers Fay Brothers and Hos- gramme. Long'Island, June 11, Ahbie Drinkwater, Open evenings. and there four or fivt wfe ot VVilliam 63 the new breakfast summers that is at a ham all right Drinkwater, aged years.i one in many ago—aud saying a ford have engaged large expense, [F uneral on are now a Grape-Nuts, The storm struck in at this Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock at We just having sale of good deal. Mr. Armstrong’s acting was them direct from their and stopped over. her late residence. food. bringing long as if had and it rained not ruinec At St. Joseph’s Home. Deering, June 12, Mrs, in a!5 No lienee the cut snort too summarily to suit his ad- successful run in Philadelphia at the Gi point Sarah ROCKERS styles. cooking is required, The 11 who were withoul Mclsaac. mirers but was allowed to Theatre. for a year. of funeral taste is not on the but what he do ravel Avenue [Notice hereafter, dependent cook, came homo in a buckboard and sc was donu well. James Horne is a double wheels John B' Antter?°n' is what the makers intend it to be. worthy The company carry cast of formeHy,VoefPonla,,dUne7’ just 17 more in another. Suoh travelling of the warmest commendation, his voice enabling them to present both did Carrie »• 0ake9’ ag0d SALE 11 is often cold and with a principals, seen. REFRIGERATOR MONDAY. served dry few had ever They reached the city 33ye“«Ka"'’ is resonant, his acting natural and and comio opora of of the saucer. grand equally well. The a! LNotiee funeral bit rich cream in part of about 8 o’clock. wheels were loft hereafter.] his speech when he refused to be an Their contains suoh repertoire operas as All wit! If one wants a hot dish, a little hot North Windham. told the party funeral executioner was cleverly done. Though Martha, Faust, Marit.ma, Cnvallieria [The services of the into fir Aller can wheels in the be- Fiske will be Held this milk ha poured over some Grape- absent for he and without numbered al“ernoon eri oon at Jocioca2 o’clock some time, at once re- Rust icana-Bohemian Girl, II Trovotore, from 78 Middle St. and about 56. Atkinson Nuts there a most I fetching ginning STEPHEN you are, stored himself to his old time popularity. Carmen, Fra Diavolo, and Traviata in BERRY, Furnishing Co., the nutritive value W. Gal dish, furnishing high Subordinate parts were rendered to ad- grand operaB, nnd Mascot—Mikado. Pina- Mrs. George Peroy of Oakland, Is it a bum? Use Dr. her Thomas’"!^ and (cald 21 M03NrxjiM:E3]>a',x’ fo. of grape sugar. equately fill the cost and with such happy fore, Pretty Persian, Pirates of Penzance, is visiting father, Mr. D. W. Clark, trie Oil. A cut? Uso Dr. Thomas’ Eclei ffltodc, Job stree trie Oil. At vonr Affrnts for Q9IAKER noil EREKEIHV RA SEES. Grape-Nuts sold by grocers. auguries for the future was Bartley Dorothy-Ermine, Iolanthe and eto., in State druQrg-igf 21o. 37 Plum Street-


A. M. Prawda, the Cumberland Murder- The LeadiDg Actor’s a xroi di »xr*err#-w Account of the So- Forty words inserted under this head Forty ,,.r ftJ|% t| t „ a*. *o *'<>r x.r* «**nt ,; >, Another Town Meeting to Be Held er, Dies in tbe State Prison. Called oneweek tor 35 cents, cash in advance. «r«" eofc LyuohIllg. Next, Attemp^at Saturday LET-Good tenements of five and ss OH SALE—• igar tobac.o e the Cumberland Mr. W. W. npoA *|v August M. Prawda, Ruby, the rooms centrally located. Prices $1(1, $11 I locai'ou. established custom; -^ man who and month. Add res:* ii. J. 1:. euro murderer, who Was sentenced in the figured in the $17 per J. C. WOODMAN, 93 Ex- required. •); : c s. Services at Camp liurdett—Children’s Sun- so-Iitf* F’*! change street ,3 j Superior Court in this city in 1894, died at lynching at Chiekamaul L _____,i;, at M. E. Church—Recruits rAM) tenement in RENT OR FOIL SALJ —House A. i\> day People’s in his ceil in the Maine state an account of his LET—Upper house No. 95 T^OR suddenly K*l‘cet. fit loci (Mr = «•:• of experiences toS JTltt J‘t" consisting ot seven rooms I lj Spiing M;iv, run: rj Received at Portland Head—Shots M. Parker of this anil !'v'l': prison at Thomaston, Wednesday. city batli; lias the sun an dav; price sis 00 1 ten room:*-, with Loti*. -Icrim be..t. ;l.[ jl \°, M,r' tor furl her Fired particulars inquire of a".'! other :uodcrti iriiprovcineuis; in good c,» tii From the Head—Personal Notes— The trial of Prawda, which consumed Ruby says': “You A L11SBY C O., 42 1-2 Exchange street. 11-1 lion, foriull particulars apply Kcal :,hi« News etc. seven of the most inter- have read, of my First National -Sunk ic:iied go ds. Haskell, Charles N. Trefethen and Wil- of pose it was at‘J*2f> I-ecteial apartments in his home In the town something fierce. I wlj! state fixtures and fimiifun- liam L. selectmen of “South Possession at once. to i*. A. Braddford, line. the case as it is and you given Apply Cumberland,[near the Yarmouth can draw Pori your 8J Exchangew street, l;ttul. a warrant for a LET—Cottages at Peaks Island, stall in -MEAIIER, Portland,have Issued Prawda was a Prus- own opinion. Me. ill fiery tempered Wednesday morning X TO Milk street Market, store 5:1 Middle St. town afternoon went over to see the special meeting Saturday sian, 32, years of age, and his wife a na- Ninth New Inquire C. A. PLUMMER, DO Union St. 10-1 York and Oil SALE—A farm in Freeport 12-2 the at the town house at 3 oo’lock make them a F. HILL & CO.’S CLOTHING, 18th, tive of about ten older friendly visit. miles 1 rom known as A. Switzerland, years Upon mv F> OOMS—Two connecting furnished front 4 railroad station, to take action on the artioles: at dinner 11 tne IL. u. On consists of 12 acre s of following than he. They had been married two return time to my rooms, either or also Larin, own camp l together singly: mostly cleared 40 tons of First—To choose a moderator to preside other iurntshed rooms land and cuts Shawfcnit Stockings, always when the crime was was seized upon a from 81 to x.o», at 217 hay. Bui l|ke years committed. He by crowd I was dings on. same are a two story at said when" Cumberland St. References required. 0 1 house satisfaction. 500 Congress meeting. had worked in the some hundred from containing ten rooms: also two bar s, gives Yarmouth pulp mill, yards the nil in Second—To see what action the town Kentucky WOR RENT—Entire floor over Haskell & good repair. Will exchange fer street. but line. Of course I * being discharged from there, secured guard made a kiok and .Tones clothing store, steam heat and use of Portland. Inqirra of A. L. will take in w relation to building a sewer, elevator included. of I-Iaskell LILIA CO., 42 1-2 street. 11-1 employment at the Eastern Forge compa- you can guess how read I was. All kinds Inquire & Junes, Exchange at a near the house of 470 Congress St., Monument Square. beginning point of wero flashed out je9-4 SALE—A new. ny’s works in Deering, and later worked guns but as l^OE modern, up to date, two WESTBROOK. York on School strange Capt. street, thence ex- it may seem 1 did not feel fear rjtO LET—We have two flats 011 Cumberland ljy the d.iv. no job as section hand on the Grand Trunk rail- any Well a ll0lHtV s the center of 1 was hustled to their St., one fl *t on Smith St. and one flat on ‘5. A1P°n ^’lu»r, rooms baths tending through Sohool up regimental head- with hotk$1*1 water, each, way. B and I told the Congress st. Flats are new and in olegaet re- open plumbing, set wash trays, Children’s day was observed at the street a distance of 850 feet to the center quarters crowd what I MISCELLANEOUS. and open lire places, _ pair will he let to small families lor a low bay windows in the livin'' On the of November 28, 1893, he thought of them, which cellars church in an of thence night might have been mice, come and look at th*m. we will make the rooms, separate and heaters, finished in Westbrook Congregational High, through High street a or I did not natural wood and went home from his work somewhat wrong right, care. Captain For Dessert.. Forty words inserted tinder this head price right. Inquire ht MUIIPHY BROTHERS, hard oil finish, separate front manner. The was distance of 240 feet to street Dow took hold me and I **** 241 and bacx doors, appropriate platform Stanford of slatted myself | one week for 25 cents, cash in advance. Congress taEe,:- s 35 acres of land; house contains 15 rooms, Stanley, the young son of Mr. L. Cobb cf Landing, four miles Song—God’sSmile, Chorus Abram G. and sent'him for whom Mr. Despaux Brunswiok will jell-4 from Portland. ALBERT H. heated by steam, cemented cellar and other bor, Geroux, WAITE, Fal- modern ReMtation—Loofeiqg toward the of Pine street, recently fell from a high as is case of his elec- mouth Foreside, Me. i_2 improvements, within five minutes a dootor. Prawda then returned appoint deputies, MORTGAGES NEGOTIATED—At 5 walk of electric cars. For full Florence Leighton and ont his head home, per particular ap- Tdght, step severely. minutes in tion to the office of sheriff of Cumberland •ft* cent, interest on Real Estate security. ply real estate office,First National Bank Dulld- Recitation—Look Up, My Boy, but spent 30 covering the § RENT—On Central avenue, Deerlng has returned after an Montreal Parties desiring to borrow or invest in gilt No" ipg, FREDERICK S. ; George Edwards which now seems assured. TO 18, nlce VAILL.8-; Harold Hamilton short dlstanoe, probably advan- County, Quebec can secure same „C«n!r<2,’ verV location, new taking edged Mortgages, by lower absence of several applying flat, 6 rooms, bath and all Chorus months. As Deputy Sheriff Clarence L. Buck- under the patronage of at the Real Estate First National Bank pantry, pOR SALE—Three fine Carriges built to or* Song—Up, tage of that opportunity to hide his gun Office, ™oderu improvements, $15. at * FREDERICK S. VAILL. 9-1 Inquire der, used a short time; light weight, late Recitation—A young Traveler, Messrs. John and Edward xjoju uas icuuctcu bci Building, PORTLAND TINWARE Woodbury with whloh the fatal shot had been fired. fiivai vjud LO JUr, CO., 100 Cross street style, open medium IMarion Andrews A. l.U.J Surry; Goddard, green him Le CLUB 6-2 lined; top Corning, three quarter All the Road of To the ana officers he Despeaux, reinforcing with indepen- CREMAZIE XTOTICK—Wanted the ladies of Portland to _ job. in Recitation—In Life, neighbors told fine can be low. Ocean View U. O. G. C. -ft know we iliave fashionable dress- shape: bought BRADLEY & ijizzie omjin commander?, stories as to his dent basking at critical times, it is gener- OF BIDDEFOBD, opened on Little Diamond 35 Preble St. conflicting doings prior rooms at 399 1-2 and are rjlOa LET—Cottages Island. SMALL, Will have a box lunoh this making Congress SL, Some of the best located Solo and Chows—Children’s Praise, 01, evening to the ally conceded that Mr. Buoknam will be to do work for reasonable cottages In shooting. prepared good Casco Bay to let for the season at SALE—Stock and fixtures of Mildred Stevens and all members are JUNE 1898. dollars and reasonable A■pOR Livery lad? requested to given his of the places in the sheriff’s 21st, prices; from five upwards. Satis- rates. A. M. SMITH. Stable. 8 and 10 Chestnut street. Will be Real Prawda was at once suspected of baing pick faction MESSRS MURRAY & Inquire 3-3 tatlon-^Every body's pusiness, a box. guaranteed. sold low If sold at once. For bring office. The at held ROUND TRIP 1 particulars in* Maty Adams, Helen Reqy the murderer. He had served two years position present by For the above, fCRETS YDE.9-1 quire at stable. Will sold as and will HPO LET—At Long Island, at West End. six g-1 Ten Children I Miss Susie B. Sterling, teacher of the bB follows, be good a Ladder Exercise, in the German army, was familiar with Deputy Sheriff Waiter H. Dresser, as newly painted and furnished Chorus going by ail Trains JUN E 81st. f'LAIRVOYAftCY—Dr. Frank C. Pierce, mag- cottages: SALE—Lot of jess than sang—Bright Things, First Intermediate school reports that the to attend the netie bathing and fishing. Apply on A"POR cheap Carriages the use of gnns, and was believed to have special Superior Court, is healer, and Mrs. Nellie B. Pierce, premises. they are worth. We want the roomT Recitatlon-r-The Way, trance test and 1-2 Upward have not been absent business medium; office hours ___ Standing and bow lop Phektons, following pupils a one of the best in the sheriffs list, but it top ana open Mattie Meserve, Virnie Spear, Katie motive in a desire to get rid of Mrs. 9 a. m. to 9 p, m. Raymond House, 60 Free St., piano box Buggies, Beach one-half da?: TO LET—Rent 125 Franklin street, between Wcgons. Road Kinmond, Hannah Mayberry Phillip Brooks, Henr? who had some and is a question whether it pays better thap FROM. Portland, Me. 8-1 a Carts, etc. Make us a bid. Myer, property, whose Cumberland and Congress. Sun all day BRADLEY &t Reoitatioc—One Hundred Per Cent. Ellis, Everett Henl?, Mildred the In SMALL, 35 Preble street8-1 Kittredge, will was in favor of his wife and a sister. deputyship which Mr Buoknam now first-class repair: bet and cold water, nice Charlie Cleaves Arthur Portland & Rochester WEDDINC RINGS. bath room and steam heat. Frank Sutherland, Elliott, Eddie as to Jet Will let to small Thou Prince The prisoner was defended by Messrs. holds, “messenger the Insolvency pOUNTRY STORE—Tenement overhead, Song—Hall Immanuel, W. Dora Portland, One hundred of them to select from. All family. as-tf v/ stable and lee house connected. Rent Chorns Gordon, Jones, S?lvester, Vena Court. he will to remain Deering, Sod George M. Selders, F. V. Chase and Perhaps prefer styles, all weights, all prices in 10, 14 and 18 per Located in at R, R. Thrasher. Falmouth, j Kt. Gold. fflO LET—.Furnished or unfurnished year. village station] Recitation—Christ’s Giving, John Burgh just where he is. Largest and best stock of rings upper small stock which will sell a Geo. H. Allan, while the state's interests Cumberland, in the A tenement at 257 State street. ati bafgain. Recitation—As God Gives, Ruth Adams Rev. Mr. Holmes preached city, a thousand of them. McKENNEY, Possession Chance for one with small capital. F. R. ?esterda? were The special liquor deputies are supposed Yarmouth, the at once. Apply on premises. and Giving, represented by Attorney General Jeweler, Monument Square. juneTdtf given maylOdtf GOULD, Greene, Me. f-1 Reoithtion—Loving at the Friends church of the cit?. to be the Yarmouth Junction, i- Mabel Haskell F. A. Powers, County Attorney Charles best paid men in the office, they Nortli Yarmouth, are Interested In SERVICES AT CAMP BURDETT. in addition to the you going, HELP WANTED. SALE—One jigger, one two horse Offerings. A. True and Assistant Rlohard getting regular salary Pownal, ALASKA—Ifor want to make in Alaskan a-pOR rack, Attorney New money two one horke racks, two one Recitation—Is This Your Home? fees on the issue and Gloucester, stocks, we have the best horse-rakes, Rev. H. B. Long of the Bethan? Con- Webb. The gun with whioh the fatal statutory service of Danville plan yet presented. tedder, one one-horse mowing machine, one Lizzie Cloudman Junction, Our sixth expedition will leave Boston Forty words inserted under this head warrant. But Lewiston J unction, dump cart. Enquire of J. B. REED, 2 Ocean the Celestial church preaohed shot was was never every Deputy Bucknam is about June 14th. Write or call one week for 25 cents, cash in adrnnoe. Song—To Bright .City, gregational ?esterda? fired, found, though Lewiston and upon E, C. St., as that under no Auburn, DAVIS & CO., 214 Boa- Wooilfords._7-1 Chorus morning to the command at Fort Burdett diligent search was made for It in the quoted saying considera- Road, Washington, street, Empire 4-2 SALE—CRoloe Pansies at Reoitation—Eor a Rainy Day, tion would he an Mechanic Falls. tom_ twenty-five and took for his “The Christian Woods, streams and near the acoept appointment as FORcents per dozen. KENDALL any ticket agent of the Grand Truiil WANTED—Situation. A capable reliable of TP OTICE—I have a nice lot of which ” ture. which numbered quite a hundred, fury, Arthur Allen Smith Railway system. rugs person wants to do general work In a M 75c. -1” 1 wilt exchange for east off small AINSPRINGS, were Theme—What is it to be self made? clothing, family of adults: would take a positioh as Hon. W, Robinson of N. assigned parts and it {Is worth? of CASTORIA being ladies’ dresses,gentlemens clothing and The best American Mainsprings, made by tbe Ntmda, %, Bessie Lee housekeeper in a reliable place where there are note Iredale childrens’ I pay cash for them if no Elgin and Waltham Warranted has bem bis Mrs. that ont of a school of 800 but 2 have Bears clothing. children; In or Portland, re- companies. visiting Lulu Kaiser the signature of Chas, H. Fletcher. it is or to Dqeriug state for one the daughters, Prophecy, May preferred. Send letters postals MR. and number in No year, McKENNEY, Jeweler Thomas passed the week. or street. quirements family. postal Monument p. Paycejoi Stroudwater street, awnj during paSt The? Music. In use more Mite. D’GROOT, 76 Middle Square,marlBdtf for than thirty years, and SUMMER RESORTS. cards answered. Addless M. L. TRUE, Wood- and RobinsOn of were remembered tributes with Theme—What onr School life does for Me. Mte. Harriet Westbrook b? floral The ___ju9-l tords, 10-1 OR musical Instruments us. Lulu Albina Cooke Kind You Have Always Bought, Ip SALE—jheganl Senjiflary, during the past weak. fitting memorial remarks b? Rev. Mr. tTorty words Inserted under this head just received,—piandj, music boxes, Valedictory,' Su§ie Wilmar OlSudman qi»© week for £5 In advance. WANTED—A respectable American lady, retinas, violins, tnandolfnA. hanins. The executive oomtalttee of the West- HolmeB. CASTORIA Cents, WANTED. *» MUiio. having had experience would like a sttua- Harmonicas, cornets, cases, violin bows super- brook school tion as housakAHnar in n. family tfrhp.rP ior violin and High alumni assofclfction RECRUITS AT PORTLAND HEAD. Conferring Diplomas. Bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher. this biiujo strings, popular music, Forty words inserted head one or two gentlemen. Address MRS. G., 173 music books, etc. Please call. IIaweS, 414 will hald a this Slngihg via® Ode. In use one week i'or 23 cent*, cash in advance. meeting eVenlngto die- Ten recruits for 2d for more than thirty years, and Brackett St. 10-1 Congress my 18-4 Andes (ddsta frilt *-Ky\ nlnmnt Xlam. batter? E, artiller? Benediction. street,_ “«Ui The Kind You Have iiwniuu, iUtlOQ. dUU OlA XU< MMUM317 In the evening there is to be a concert Always Bought, "THE BELMONT as promotA With $15.00 fj’HE Fairbanks mandolins and banjos excel, TteasurM Eastman has no- HOUSE," YVaNTED—Position by an American woman A City Issued WANTED—Partyto half Interest in a sure *' examine them at HAWES’ music store, 114 D, 7th artillery from Fort Slocum ar- the Cecilian Port- tq,ke mqney who understands housework and ts not tices to given by quartette;of CASIUKIA CAPE maker. ancl novel introduce Congress street. Instruction books of all in- die effect that during the months ELIZABETH, HIE., Unique plant afraid to work in a rived at the Head land. The the for which there Is universal de- respectable iarnily or struments. Pianos let. A number of 50 cent yestrday. exercises both afternoon and Bears the signature of Chas. H. Fletcher. goods of June, July and August the treas- mand. housekeeper’s place. Go'od wages expected. music books at 25 cents each. Su- For the four it has been June 9 lor and Transient Thorough investigation invited. Please call 18 Ave. (damaged) past nights evening are tojbe held in the Free Bap- In use for more Opens Regular this office. at Forest 8-1 for 18-4 urer's office will dose on Saturday at than thirty years, and Address “MONOPOLY,” 11-1 penor strings instruments._my neoessary to fire a shot in front of some tist church at South June 23d. Guests. Shore Dinners a specialty. 13.30 m. Windham, The Kind You Nave IVANTED—A position for general house SALE—Valuable real estate p, Always Bought. S. L. MOORE, Proprietor. of four with two chil- ,T consisting incoming vessel Which failed to obey ex- The exercises will be held at party work. Please Inquire or address 34 IIAN- FORof over 41-2 acres 11-2 house graduation; WANTED—Adren want board in land, story jnelldlw* country twenty- COCK ST., corner of Newbury street; please with L and barn located isting harbor regulations. The last fired 2.30 p. and the ooncert at 8 m. five miles out. at least. Must be a first large connected; at m., p. class ring upper left hand bell. 7-1 1192 on line of DE BRING. place in Address B. Congress street eleettics to was at 1.30 o'clock Sunday morning over Not Particular every particular. C., Stroudwater. to J. M. Enough. XFORD, MAINE, Willow Brook Farm this office. 11-1 Apply JORDAN, 4911-2 the bOW of a slo ih healthful Congress good sfz&d op. A STATEMENT FROM MISS “You will marry a tall, dark gentle- High laud, very region, pure WANTED—MALE HELP. street,__jegdtf air and water, lawn, pine forests. The Children's day exercises at the The Ladles' circle of the (Jniversallst man,” said the fortune maple-shaded a New. York SALE—New bouse on Pitt street, Oak- teller, examining Excellent iresli vegetables, abundant WANTED—For*' gentleman, KNOWLES. table, young, sound, kind horse. Must be able FORdale ; contains 7 rooms and bath, hot and Woodfords Congregational church were ohurch will meet afternoon at the lines in the fair hand. Irutts, milk, cream, eggs. Sic. Refined sur- Tuesday I to show a mile in and to he good TTrANTED—Two A 1 specialty talesmen. cold water, wired for electric con- wish to correct an item that appeared French and German conversation 2.30, patterned lights, of a patriotic nature, and were pretty the residence of Miss Ada 0. Saw- “That doesn't help me,” despairingly roundings. good actioned and tempered State Permanent position lor good men; state nects with sewer, has lot, and will bo Cole, in the I and lessons if desired. 7-1 good age large Press Saturday morning. was the and also Do not reply to lines bandied and territory preferred good ref- sold on easy terms. to CHARLES C. Und interesting. The national oolors were yer street. replied lovely blond who bad called to price, pedigree. this Apply offered two school in “Ad” unless your animal fully answers to this erences. CANNON & CO., 1609-1614 Manhattan ADAMS, No. 31 street, Portland. gramfnar positions oonsult her. “All six of them are Spring Exchange freely used in the decorations both In the Children's Sunday at the Universallst tali, house—select board, description. Address "D,” care Press office. Bldg., Chicago.13-1 Massachusetts last year, but did not ac- dark Raymond(near Poland Spring) on line of Maine Cen- __je4-4 main room and In the ohurch will 26th gentlemen!”—Nuggets. vestry. forenoon be observed the Inst., tral railroad. Good boating and fishing. Send _10-1 T*TANTED—Energetic man with some ability SALE—Farm in Bethel. Maine, 120 acres cept. I never received the offer of a high •' FOR at of tSe exercises the Sun- the last of the month. for circular. Address C. li. SMALL, Nortli TV ANT ED—The to know 1 have 300 as salesman to control specialty business in good land, 2 1-2 story house, shed and two Sunday school in state. At * * public thejppening position any present men for Portland and wortli $l2oo to all in good and sdnool children were Raymond, and women cooks lutels; women vlciniiy $1500 per barns, condition, good orchard, day formed In The from the entertainment I aspire to no honor than to b5 “Some of us will Me.___mayltf well pro- proceeds greater smart for it.” and girls for all branches of hotel Work; 50 year, must have $150. Address C. F. J., Press supplied with wood and water; also about able to Much Ado Scene is situated in the session and marohed In carrying flags of the Red Riding Hood” aggregated do good, faithful work in the But- About Nothing. Act V. I. COTTAGE girls from Galway that will go in the, country office.tt-i 200.000 feet of pine timber. About two miies ler grammar sohool. Not much! Pond’s Extract removes all BROOKSlDKpicturesque little village of Kearsarge, Apply immediately to 398 1-2 Congress St from Bethel village, and known as the Edward and singing the Battle Hymn of the which will be for ten minutes’ drive Ifom $24, spent Sunday Lucetta M. Knowles. smarting. about North Conway, MBS, PALMER’S office. 8-1 eanvassers in any A. Capen farm; will be sold on favorable terms Post and telegraph offices located near. Four WANTED—Experiencedline to act as a month and or Republic, accompanied by the piano, sohool books. June 1898. closers. $50 may be exchanged for Portland property. Portland, 11, mails daily. Boston daily papers ate 011 sale a 2d hand expenses. LUEK BROTHERS SIISS SARAH No. 135 Oxford St., While audience assisted THE TEACHERS OBJECT. WANTED—To purchase dross COMPANY, BIDEN, the by organ at the postolfice. Pleasant walks and drives. suit coat to fit large man. Address, H Montreal. apr22d M&F,3m Portland, Me. mar»-tf GOSPEL MISSION. fresh and Tress lb the chortis.5 The Rev. E. The teachers are Pure spring water, vegetables milk. office. 9.1 Joined pastor, LATE MARINE. Portland school op- address L. 0. The For circular, etc,, BARNES, WANTED-Cook on steam yacht. Apply be- P. Wilson, gave a patriotic address to the annual rally was observed the •’ Sunday June posed to participating In Dourth of Kearsarge, N. H.13-3 tween 11 and 12 o’clock, 24 Plum St. LOST AND FOUND. Boston, 12.—-Arrived, schooner WANTED—To" buy a good milking cow. Ad- children. In the evening a very success- yesterday at the Mission. In the evening Jerusha unless the is to dress W. \V. DAVIs. MaewortU 9-1 Baker, Portland; tug Hbney- July parade, city willing WANTED—By man and wife and Island the service Stb. on ful concert wa3 given by the children. was made especially appro- brook, Portland, bear the of four old. Address A. N. 8-1 run black jacket, June total expense fitting up the BOARDdaughter years Portland._ WANTED-To plated rMw for the S. F. Pear- this PRESSMANpresses and Cranston Union LOST-Lady’sBlackstrap road near mountain. Children’s were held priate occasion. Rev. school floats. Last year only $300 was E., office.jnel-tf TV ANT ED—,J elly con desert. Quality and cylinder; ax. to-i day„exeroises yes- >• man and ot work. will return to 609 CONGRESS no Made iu a only, bring samples LEFA- please son gave an address on the immediate TO THE PUBLIC. the economy equal. minute terday In some of the Deering ohurches devoted to that purpose by committee For four souvenir VOR FEINTING CO., 118 Exchange street. need of ODD FELLOWS’ MEMORIAL 8ER- packages, get spoon free between 639 Congress the work. The features Chamberlain’s Rem- and the Buy it of See City. 8-1 o as usual. sjpeoial Knowing Cough In charge of the celebration, total VICK. your grocer. demonstrations at LOST—Somewherestreet and the Public Library, Pmsth of the to be prominent stores. Trade H. handker- At the Free service was the vocal solos given edy a medecine of worth and cost of the school supplied by s case, with glasses and lace churoh, the pastor, Rev. great getting up displays was Melcher Co., Conant & and IVANTED—General agent for Portland and opera bS9 merit and valuable for June me- Patrick, jobbers ’* chief. Will tinder please leave at Congress by Mrs. Fannie with suoh artls- especially coughs, Farmington, 12.—Impressive vicinity; good position for man who T. M. Davies, preached'a special sermon Hawes, about $1300. generally. 7.7 E. P. STAPLES. colds, and we were held this afternoon knows his business ana has executive Street? tlo taste and full power and beauty of croup whooping cough, The school ohildren furnished one of morial services ability. in the morning for the children and a will hereafter warrant bottle Give experience and references. Boston Ver- that It the every the most attractive features of last year’s Franklin lodgo, No. 68, I. O. O. F., concert was given last expression was with difficulty of and will refund the by micide Co., 44 Bedford street, Boston. Mass. evening. bought us, money and it is hoped that the commit- of the MARRY 5-3-&Slt RINGS great audience was restrained from to parade, for deceased members lodgo. The ME, P’ELLIE, A THOU9AND The conoert at the Clark Memorial M. anyone wlio is not satisfied after using tee will arrange for their participation And I will such a To select froth. Diamonds, Opals, Pearls, and encores. Prof. two-thirds of a 25 or 50 cent address was by District Deputy Grand buy yon pretty Ring at E. church has been to rendering applause bottle. D. this year. A all other stones. Engage- postponed next of MeKenney's. thousand solid gold Kings Itubys and precious H. H. Crane two violin solos in his W. Heseltine, 387 Congress Edward Master Newull K. Knowlton Farming- WANTED—AGENTS. a specialty. Largest Sunday evening. 5 gave St., Diamonds, Opal-Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds and inemand Wedding Kings tb0 W. 107 Portland S. THE DEATH RATE. included 28 afl other precious stones. stock in the city. McKENNEY, Jeweler, Soul’s church usual fine style and finish of execution Stevens, St., King ton. The roll of honor names, Engagement and maruau All of Morrills Corner Wedding Rings a stock In Monument Square. that surely a endorsement Raymond, Cumberland Mills, Wm. Ox- were ten deaths in for each were specialty. Largest TITAN or lady of good address to travel and the proved strong There Portland and eulogistio remarks city. McKENNEY, The will observe day Sunday, July 3d. nard, 921 H. P. S. Jeweler, Monument appoint agents. $40 per month and expenses. of high reputation as a master and teaoh- Congress St., Goold, the week which ended Decoration ol Square. The rain during Saturday made by lodge members. mar22dtf P. W. ZIEGLER & CO., 220 Locust street, Phila- heavy yesterday afternoon er of the instrument. Mt. Davis and Congress Square Hotel. & noon. The deaths were due toi Aneurism tho graves In the cemetery closed the ser- delphia. my7wed&sat8t anderscmdams caT overflowed the drain beneath Forest avenue Mies Pearson led the congregational sing- A CARD. with of the gorta, aoute gatritls, de- vice. and the railroad traoks at the Woodfords ing cornets, and the service was a We guarantee every bottle of Cham- general Insurance success In BATTLESHIP MAINE SOUVENIR SPOONS Fire Agency station, causing the avenue to be flooded every way. berlain’s Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea bility,heart disease,intestinal obstruction, CLUB. This is the prettiest ever on Street. several inches of The sand and will refund phthisis, PORTLAND WHEEL Spoon put the NOTICE. si Exchange by water, Remedy the money to paralysis, pneumonia, senility, market. Call aud see It. McKENNEY, the was washed from beneath the tracks of PRICE OF BEER GOES UP. oue is Six bold Wheel any who not satisfied after using tumor. cyclists of the Portland Jeweler. Monument Sq uaro. mariadtf and the Maine Central for a of First Class American Foreign Companies distance about it. It is the most successful medicine iu made a The Boston, June 18.—In oonsequence of the club dash to Gray yesterday. Caucus. CHAS. C. ADAMS. 10 feat. the world for bowel for NO Republican Horace ANDERSON. passage of the war tax bill by Congress complaints, both REHEARSAL MONDAY. wheeling was until WANTED.-FMIALE HELP. ThoS. J. Little, ipeodtf children pretty good they declg increasing the tax oh liquor, and adults. For sale by D. W. to Prof. the Tiie Republicans of Cumberland are here- fermented Owing Chapman’B he reaohed marchs about a mile this side Everybody’s liable to itching piles. an agreement, not before made Heseltine & Co., 387 Qongress St., Ed- Illness, Forty words Inserted tinder tills head by notified to meet at the Town House, Sat- publlo, will not conduct a On the one week for Jt5 8 to choose H. E iVlILLS Rich and poo^ old Pand young—terrible signed by all New England brewers, With ward W. Stevens, 107 Portland St., King rehearsal in this city of Gray. return they took the cents, cask in advance. urday, June 8, at o’clock, p. m., to delegates to attend the State Convention to the torture they suffer. Only one sure oue exoeptlon on April 23, has gone S. Cumberland Wm. Ox- Monday evening. In the near future other route make the run to the city Into Raymond, Mills, be holden at Augusta, June 28, and to tran- piano cure 2 Doan's Ointment. Absolutely effect the of beer 921 than an capable to do Tuner, increasing price by »i nard, Congress St., H. P. 3. Goold, three rehearsals will be held, tlie first in less town befort girl general sact any business that may properly come par barrel. hour.reaching WANTED—Ahousowork and go to sea shore. Order elate at Chandler’s Moaio Store 431 jCnD, Congress Square Hotel. bout June Apply to before the meeting. i*i HO. \h,. shower- 15 Dow St., from G to 8 o. ir. Cohgress street. j 13-1 j p,;r order Town Committee. the montauk. New York Stock Market. SUNDAY. June 12. Passed—Schs Madagascar, Calais for New STEAMERS. CAPE ROAD’S HARD LUCK- STEAMERS. FINANCIAL APCOMERCIAL YORK. Juno 11. Arrived. laven; Henrv L Peckliam, Baltimore for Port- of Her NEW and. An Official Slatement Notable and clos- Kails Spread aud Delayed Curtain Satur- The following are to-day’s opening t)abssengers and mkattan' Bennett, New York- Anchored off Cottage City, sch Wm P Hood, SABAGO LAKE STEAMBOAT ROUT. Deeds. ilia quotations of stooks: nassengersandmase to J F Llscomb. lath for Richmond. FALMOUTH FORESIOE S. bTcE to River. day Night. ____ Opening. Closing- pbia. 9- BhUadel- Sid, sch 15 P Rogers. Songo Naples, Brtdgton, North kKSES 1A9 IttO & ,No Harrison and The BriecoaT^RaSiri^,1311/,^ Oraa aaI1 McAllister, Bridgton, Waterford. Metropolitan.162 with mo- On famous daily excursion route tlie In response to many Inquiries from vis- 33 Va M lasses. Spra&U9. Ponce, PR, Foreign Forts. and After June 10th, 1898, through Considerable inconvenience and delay Booklyn Rapid Transit. Winding Songo and Sebago’s chain of Lakes. tors and others as to the former com- Sid fm Barbados to June 10, sch Sallie On and after June 13th to make con- was caused to the electrics Saturday Philadelphia * Beading. 30 Hardhlg‘ Baltimore. prior STEAMER MADELEINE close Cape tBitatieus »f Stacie Predicts is the w|8thhe?aeitoyGT ’On, West. Carrabelle. nections with steamer for above take had loft nanders of the Montauk and events in ®B J places, just after the crowds of people Jersey Central. New York, In port at Hiogo May 15. ships May Flint, M. o. it. R. (Mountain l)iv.( tram for 8eb;i- ihe of the famous old loll jIM?n„fiuuter. Nichols, for New John I) the theatre, owing history monitor, Delaware & IHudson.110 Mauebe3ter Haynes. Matthews, Phila- York; Kelley, Chap- Will leave Portland Pier go Lake, leaving Union Station daily at 8.45 city for McCullum’s leading Markets. delpllla, ] for Lieu nant her commander, has lOIVs nan, do. a. m. •Returning, steamer leaves Harrison to draw of Portland Kearney, St. Paul.101% Sch Clara E Sid im Fred A the fact that the 106% Randal', Charleson, Philadelphia. Windsor, NS, June 5, sch Small, For Great Diamond Island at G.45, 9.00 a. m., 2.00 p. m., North Bridgton 2.15 p. m., Bridg- of ibtained a statement from the office of B. & rrott, New York. 3.30 m. the greater part C.. Q.107% 12.10, 3.15 and G.lO p. m.. For Falmouth at G.45, ton 2.45 p. m., Naples p. Connecting bridge was opened for 106% train for :he Naval War Records in Rock Island.10754 0tJR CORRESPONDENTS. 9.00 a. in., 12.10, 3.15. G. 10 p. m. For Chebeague at Lake Station with Portland and Washington u and the afternoon. sehs M Spoken and Cousins Islands, Prince’s Point, Yarmouth Boston, information tickets obtained the of the ship and the list Northwestern.. .127 H June 11-Ar, the draw was badly living history Mahnni?Apf SAEbOR. at1 9 a. in. and 8.15 p. m. at Union Station. A few days ago New York Stock aodMonoy sitrunt, Omaha. 7754 77% for Ne'v York‘ June 4. lat 32.30, Ion 77.66, barque Levi S L. steamer if officers who hate com- BSld sch,yw°MUalul for RETURN—Leave Diamond Island at 7.55. jneotf C. fi-OODRIDGE, Mgr. run Into by a distinguished 1554 Rank fi.ha, Yial,ant, summers, Gloucester indrews, from Ship Island for Boston. damaged by being (By Telegraph.) Ontario & Western. 15% Carletou fordo; 11.30 a. m., 1.30, 6.40 p. ni. Leave Falmouth at The communication is Rortiu, n ltelle, Eldrldge, ■ "" — The dumage manded her. i8: : 11.00 a. m 5.10 m. Leave whioh was passing through. Cleve.Clnn., Chicago* St. Louis SOVa 30% Nickerson, for dJ; Clara & 6.00,7.25, 1.00, p. and contains much of in- M»hlT ?i?ker3?."‘ Chebeague Island 10.15 a. in., 4.30 p. m. Leave could not be made printed below 62 5254 Borland for Monhegan. :ncendiary blaze in brown- was such that repairs CanadaSoutheru...... Min n„^eum,u’ Cousins! 10.30 a. in.. 4.45 in. Prince’s Point Montauk in addition to Blora Nickerson. Lewis, from p. considerable terest about tlie NEW YOKE, June 11. New York 116% raiiVSv,’. 8C,1S, 10.45 a. 5.00 m. at once as it would require Central.117% 11111118 Wa3llbuni’ B1ake, YILLE. m., p. in from ngi would have to te done the information already given articles Money on cal! was steady l%Kll/a preent; Lake Shore. Bangor11311 Time Table. time and the work June 11,—The town ot Brown- Sunday last loan at 69% Bangor, builders of the published in the PRESS. —: prime mercantile paper 3@4 Northern Pacific pfd__70% Leave Portland Pier for Diamond Island, Fal- mainly by the bridge, exchange dispachtes. rille had an fire this clad monitor uer cent, sterling Exchange steady, with actual American Tobacco.113% H2 incendiary morning. mouth, Chebeague and ICousins Islands and sent for that purpose. *Tho iron Moutauk, Addle who had been Ayre3 May 14, bar0c. Tampa, encountered Portland-Leave Orr’s Island, by FARE : Bath to 35 ct». ber 1864. 60c, pollock off and sus- Boothbay Harbor, trouble for 13, The are Tortugas, during which spilt sails way of above 7.00 a. in. Arrive Port- Trains leave Portland as ferry and caused considerable following ways' wholasals price» of Smoked bloaters $1 to $1 $0 HP hundred. landings, Will touch at Five Islands and follows: Acting Master W. W. Provisions. tained loss of land, 9.30 a. m. Tuesdays Crowninshield, Groceries: els We quote prime Georges Codfish new $5 76 foretopmast. Going and and Fri- 7.00 a. m. For Brunswick. Bath. Rockland, the road as well. rom 1865. ISAIAH DANIELS, Geu’l Mgr. Saturdays Ka»\ Mondays May 30, Flour. 25 for large and 400®$4 25 for small: Bank West. Augusta. Watervllle. Lisbon Falls. for the Qrulu- @6 Domestic Ports. seplt dtf days Going Weather permitting. Skowhegan. This was not the only trouble Acting Ensign Erio from Snperllne * oar at 4 2e®4 75 for and $3 60 for Lewiston via Gabrielson, Corn 41(842 large 26a$3 NEW YORK—Ar loth, sells Edward Stewart, O. C. OLIVER, President. Brunswick, Belfast, Bangor and lune 9, 1865. ■OW arades.4 at 4 so and B ucks cars 7686 00 do low .. .. 44 small; DrylBank and$5 00 for largo CHAS. R. Treasurer. dtf port. road, however, for when the finally bag Kent. Mobile; Jennie E Righter, Crossley, LEWIS. jun8 At Soring Wneat bag. Meal nag low 8 00 for small; Shore at 7606 25 for 8.30 a. m. For Danville Jc. (Poland were Navy Yards, Washington, League ®42 6004 $6 Jonathan via Mt. Desert and Machias StOt. Co Springs,) to running over the bridge they ers.ci and at6 and 3 60 to 4 Oo for Washington; Cone, Lunt, Bangor Portland, Mechanic Rumford got sland, and New York from 1866, 1875 003660 Oats, ear low 8n®37 large small. Derby. Falls. Falls, Lew- one or two of them left Patent Spnny Oats, bag low We quote cured cusk $3 76@4 26 hake Str. “Frank Jones.” iston, Wlnthrop, Oakland. Readfield. Water- so crowded that md 1878 to the present time. 39K40 ip qtl; Cld. ship George R Skolfield. Dunning, Yoko- Wneat... 6 60*6 76 Cotton Seeo. $2 26n ville June., Auburn and Lewiston. South Portland, owing 0000*24 00 00$M3 qtl. NS: Bold. Partridge Island; Melissa arrival of train leaving Boston at 7 p. in., for Lieutenant W. A. Morgan, in olearjao.. .6 65*6 86 Backed Br*> Best handllne boneless Geogs cod 6% for me- Saarbruck, Bar and inter- Str. Island Belle, 11*20 a. m. Fxprecs lor Varmouth, Free- were on again with 1877, White. Coombs, Boston. dockland, Harbor, Machiasport spreading. They put North Atlantic -tl.oulsst’g' ear low. 16 60*18 00 dium to 7Vie large; middles 8 6O0$9: boneless nedlate leave Machias- port, Brunswick, Bath. Augutta, Wfttw- squadron. Sid, Lizzie B Willey, Brunswick; Gen Sheri- landings. Returning vtlle. a crew of section roller... 6 76-26 00 bag lowle 00 Shore do Grand Bank do on (Capt II. B. Townsend.) nttsfield. Bangor. Bucksport, Bar very little delay and Commander J. L. Worden, December 00*17 6@7c; 6®7%c; cusk, dan. Hnhnlfoii fnr w-.TQwKrwTi- TTmm% MnArtsim. lort Mondays and Thursdays at 4 a. m., ar- clear do.. 6 86 00 naunocK : naae hl*v3 Harbor. Ureenville and Aroostook County, soon had 1862. Took in first attack on 66*6 MlddllngJIOOOOai? o-/* Ojsyai:; <’*wj43g s°i Grace Web- ivlng In Portland 6 a. m Tuesdays aud Fri- men soon the track and 5, part Fort rt wheat Calais: Stephen Bennett, Boston; via B. & A. R. R. for repaired nt’r bag ete. .200*17 00 fancy brands oRentlrely boned cod 11 to 16c E Houlton. Woodstock. iIoAllister, Great Ogeechee 6 ster, Castine; Acara, Boston; Mary Crosby, lays. Commencing Wednesday. May 11,1803, steam- St condition. River, Ga., COM 26 Mixed feed.... J 7 60 Smoked at 10c uie aoi- Stephen. and St Andrews, via Yanceboro in smooth running patents.. 3? lb; Halibut. straight strips Port Johnson lor Wlekford. jrassciiKcr auu ueiKui raioa luwoau, er will leave east end Portland Pier everything January 27, 1863. Took part in second small 5 for Bay and St John. Ju“r Coffee. t? lb.; extra thick 10 V«; medium 9c; by; Ar lth, schs J B Fernan- rice the best. GEO. F. EVANS, View The troubles of the road began again, ittaok on Fort (Buying* Holuen, Haskell, landing. 1.10 p. m. Mechanic Falls, Romford Falls, McAllister, February 1, selling price) Bio,roasted 11®16 chunks 10® lie. dina; Jeiome B Goodwin marisdtl General Manager. a Lo«—Largo Look, Cowan, do; WEEK DAYS. Beans, Danville Jc., Lewiston, Livermore Falls, however, when the night came. With .863. Destroyed Confederate steamer Java&Mocha do26*28 New Cape Shore Mackerel scarce at $14 for Stoddard. Edward F Shore .... 4 6 Andreasen, do; Avery. Farmington. Kingfleld. and was 50*47 Mel uses, large 2s and $13 for largo 3s. 5.50, 7.00. 8.00, 10.15 a. m., 12.00 Carrabasset Phillips of tho condition of the Nashville, February 28, 1863, hit email Hawley, Savannah; Robert Graham Dun,Lynch, m., 2.00, 3.00, and view improving do.. 2 00*3 26 Porto Rloo..... 26®80 Smoked salmon 18o lb: Med 0317c 7.25. *11.00 m. Rangeley, Wlnthrop, Oakland, Bingham IV/ UUUV.O. iUJMlvv* Ul it p herring Grade D Harrington. 5.00, 6.15, p. CAJUUaiUll * vuvu* ou Charleston; Bucnanan, Watervllle and Skowhegan. the of the electrics started uu-Dsaws. ... .aowse bov; tucks 10c: 9c: NolslatCc; PORTLAND and SMALL POINT leave View 6.20. road, managors under port boiler while lengthwise Providence; Blanche H King, do'; E Waterman, Returning Bay lauding 7.20, 1.15 m. For Brunswick. Au torpedo returning Haddock.. .1 7502 00 Faney.82*86 Bloatrers 1 60. shore do 110: canned 10.40 a. p. Freeport to in a uew curve of 00®$1 Huntley, Calais via X W Allen, Pot- 8.25, m., 12.25,2.25, 3.25, 5.25, 6.30,10.30 p. Bath. Rockland and morning put ’rom destruction steamer Hake.2 0002 25 Tea. 1 Newport; m. gusta. Boothbay Saturday Nashville, Trout fl 60; fresh halibut $2 20: salmon 30; tle. Calais via Oruzlmbo. do STEAMBOAT CO. ).10 a. m. H erring. Hex Stoulngton; Brett, all stations on the Knox and near avenue. An Amoys.22030 Iobtsers 2 20: clams $1. American sardines, via ♦Saturday Angel unexpected Sealed.,.. New Loudon; Emily s Baymore, Thompson, night only. Lincoln division, Watervllle, Skowhegan, Bet Attacked Fort Sumter with other iron- 0014c Congous.. t....26«6o quarter oils, $3 10; half oils, S6 00; three-auar- South Rock- font Un.flnw/1 TVwrn. a./I E'c.A.nff firnar,_ amount of was encountered which Maeaoroi. bi Gardiner; Charley Woolsey, Ginn. Dally round (Sundays excepted) between SUNDAYS. paving 1862. which she Japan..'.25036 ter mustards. $2 90. $3. Laura trip dads, April 7, Daring Snore is spiced. land; Robinson, Burgess, do; N H Skin- Portland and Small Point. Leave Portland Pier ville, Bangor, Bai Hai bor, Oldtown ana Mat made the of it a 822 OO0S26 Formoso...... 25085 Round shore 2b. Cape 8.00, 9.00, 10.13 a. m„ completion longer job llred 10 XV-inch and 16 Xl-inch Snore 2f herring $4(3$* ner. Mallows, Kennebec. 12.00 tawamkeag. and to Bucksport Saturdays only shot, *16 000*18 *neax. at 3 00 On anu alter 4th. 1893. m., 2.00, 3.00. 5.00 p. m. cars times. Newfoundland herring, round 25@4 Sid. schs Island, NB; April 6,io For Brunswick. Bath. Lisbon than was expected, in tact tne nrst and was hit 14 Large 8s StandardGran 5 465 Saarbruck, Partridge maylidtf JOHN TEMPLE. Manager. p. m. p bbU. split 4 60@6 26. Fihenian, Nellie J Weeliawken and Commander D. McN. Fairfax, 19, rreaeoe Ex cfine duality 5 465 Boston; Crocker. Falls, Richmond, Gardiner. Augusta passed over the curve about two o’clook April Pickled codfish 6 00®o 60: haddock $4; hali- for Portland; Maggie South River for Steamer [868. Took in attack on Morris Ellen, do; “Percy ’V” Watervllle. went part CaDe Cranberries ExtraC.... 5 09 but heads $2. Jennie E for Allvus Point. 8.15 m. For New Gloucester, Danville Saturday afternoon. Things island and Fort Righter, Washington p. Wagner, July 10, 1868. *> crate. 8 60*3 60 Yellow Extra BOSTON—Ar 10th, sells Willard saulsbury, CASCO BAY STEAMBOAT CO Junction, (Roland Mechanic Falls, In the 0....4V* CAPT. CHAS. H. H0W“ Springs), smoothly until about 7.30 o’clock With Admiral Dahluren and staff on Maine. 0 00 Bead Boston Proauus Market. Jordan, Hoboken for Medford; Julia A Baker, Auburn and Lewiston. Will leave Portland Portland, at 2.00 Custom Doqso Wharf. Fort and silenced Pea Beans.l 6601 75 Timothy. 8 8 Newburyport; do; Nathan Pier, p. 11.00 m. Express, every night for evening when a car in crossing the curve, board, engaged Wagner 650 76 BOSTON. June 10. 1898—Ths following are Roy. Qulvei, Quinn, lor Orr’s Card’s Cove, p. Night Fort Yellow syes.1 8o»l 90 Clover Lawrence Green, Provincetown; Lucy Ham- n., Lowell’s Gove, IslaDd; Bath, Lewiston, Augusta, Water- it, July 18, 1863. Engaged Wagner West, *V4®8 to-day’s quotations o( Provisions, etc.: Poor's East Brunswick, spread a rail and jumped the track. As Cal Pea.... 16601 75 do N.Y. Cole, New York; R P Chase, iuohog Bay, Point Harpswell; vllle, MoosehOad Lake. Aroostook on 24, 1803, and again August 9V401O FLO Pit. mond, Flckett, Water Bangor, again July Pours. Dus Alslie, Ivennebsc; Garnet. Itondout. Ashdale, Horse Island Harbor, Cove, WEEK Day TIME county via Old Town, Bar Harbor, Bncksport a result of which about fifteen cars, in 17 and active 76080 10010V* Terrapin, Small and TABLE. 4, engaged again August 23, New Potatoes 8304 00 Red Top, Spring patents. 6 00®6 76. Cld. schs Georgie L llibkson, Anderson, Hills- Point Sebasoo, Phlppsburg Cindy’s St. St Andrews, St John and in 15017 Harbor. Stephen, rear of the one just mentioned, all loaded and continuous duty bombarding forts BweeisJerseyS26@8 76 Rreylaloao. Spring, ciearlaua straight. 4 50i>6 00. boro; A B Perry. Conlon, Sbulee, NS; Horace Aroostook County via Vaneeboro. Halifax and 6 60 RETURNING—Leave Cundy’s Harbor at Tlinredav, 1808 train with theatre were stalled. At in Charleston harbor. a 0 Norfolk 0 00« Pork- Winter, patents. 00®G W Macomber, Bray, Kennebec and Baltimore; Commencing April 88, the Provinces. The Saturday night doe» passengers 3.00 a. 6.15 a. m.; 6.30 Lieutenant Commander John L. do Vineland,4 500*5 heavy 14 60 Winter, clear and straight, 6 2636 26 F & W Lupton, Longstreet, do for do. m.; Phlppsburg, Ashdale, For not run to Belfast, Dexter. Dover and Foxcroft five oars Davis, i. Water Small Point, 6.45 a. Forest City Landing, Peaks' Island, 5.45, the time of the mishap about all batteries Onions. Bet 0 00@2 00 medlumlS 60014 00 Extra and Seconds 00. Ar Hill, schs Sg Richardson, Bruns- m.; Cove, m.; or beyond Bangor, except to Bar Harbor August 24, 1863. Engaged Haskell, 7.00 a. m.: 7.15 a. 6.40, 8.00, 9.00, 10.30 a. m., 12.00 m., 2.13, 3.15, Fine and Supers —. Poor’s Point, Card’s Cove, m.; cars to St John. weie on the other side of the break and 1863. do|Egyp’c3 0003 25 short cut aDd wick. Ga; Niger, Adams, Wlsoasset; Newton, 5 00, 7.30 m. Sleeping on Sullivan’s island, September 8, .. Lowell’s Cove, Orr.s Island, 8.00 a. m.. arriva in 6.15, p. 14@15 clear Heath. Feriiandtiia; Gen Banks, Randall, Port- For 10.30 a. White Mountain Division, were Assisted in boat Fort Portland at 10.00 a. m. Cushing’s Island, 6.40, 8.00, m., 2.15, they utilized to transport passengers, expedition against Turkeva. Wes. 130x6 Beef—ilghtto Chicago Live stock Markot. land Hutchins.Orland; New 2601076 ; NilDesperandum, For Jurther to 3.15. 5.00, 6.15 p. m. 8.45 a. m. For Bridgton. Fabyans. Burlington Sumter night of September 9. Northern do. ...15017 heavy,..11 60012 00 Boxer, Ilart, Deer Isle; Ella M Baxter, particulars apply by installments of course, after walking CHICAGO, June 11. 1898.—Cattle—receipts Gray, J. H. Pres, and For Little and Great Diamond Islands, Lancaster. No. Stratford. Colebrook, Beecher Active against Forts Sumter and Fowls... 18014 BmestsVhDS 6 750 Gem, du; Agnes Manning, MCDONALD, Manager, duty 800; choice steers 4 90^)6 35; medium 4 50® Philadelphia; Foss, 46-3. 158 street Trefetlien’s,Evergreen Landing,Peaks’ Falls, Quebec, St Johnsbury, Sherbrooke. Mon- the distance covered by the break in the harbor. Apples. L,ara, tes ana do: do. Telephole Commercial Island, other forts in Charleston 4 65: beef do 4 10@4 46: stockers and feeders Ileyer, Mary Manning. Burr, 25.30, 6.40, 8.00, 10.30 a. m., 12.00 treal, St Paul and and Eatlngapnl’s3 60®4 50 bbi.mire 7 apr4 dtt m., 2.00, 4.20, Chicago, Minneapolis road. From 10 to 7, 1863, the Vi 07V4 8 86@$4 90; cows and heifers 3 80 Cld. schsF& T Lupton, Longstreet, Kennebec 6.15. 7.30 p. m. all points west July September do common 00 *0@* ;Texas and 478 Xl- S2(&3 doco, .’ua, 4V*feo steers 3 76. and Baltimore; Florence 1 Lockwood, Hull, For Ponce's 3.30 For Lake. of the Montauk llred 801 XV-inch Baldwins 3 00 60®* Landing, Long Island, 5.30, 8.00, p.m. Sebago Cornish,Fryeburg, Many passengers, however, 5004 MUs.compd Kennebec and New York. ■ inch and was hit 164 times. 6V406V4 floes—receipts 18,000: fair to choice 4 00® OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. 10.30 a. m., 2.00, 4.20. 6.15 p. m. Bridgton. North Conway. Fabyans. Lancaster. shots, 2 tap *» h> 10®11V*0 pails, pure 7fitwS ** from Port walked the entire distance from Angel 4 16; packers 3 80«3 97^3 ; butchers at 3 90@ Sid, tug Honeybrook, Johnson,with For Marriner’s Landing, Long Island, 10.30 a. No. Stratford, Colebrook, Beecher Falls, Lieutenant William Whitehead, May Lemon*. purellf 8Y4 »»8% for schs 4 «'5; 3 70®4 00; pigs 2 7r ®3 86. bargeCRRNo9 Portland; Goorgle in., 2.00 p. m. Lunenmirg, st Johnsbury, Newport, Sher- avenue to the theatre. As a result of all off Charleston. Messina 3 5004 50 light W 16, 1864, Bams.,.. 9 aiyVi Sheep—receipts 3 600; native 5 12Mi; Texans L Dickson, Hillsboro, NB; Horace Maoom- RETURN. brook, Montreal and Toronto. Lieutenant Commander E. O. California 3 60®3 75 dooov'rd .. Kennebec and Baltimore; F & T Lupton, this the raising of the curtain was unfor- Mathews, at. 3 60®* 60;llambs 4 00@6 00; spring lambs ber, Leave Forest 8.30. oraana OIL do tor do; Florence I Lockwood. Kennebec and DOMINION LINE. City Landing, 6.20, 7.20, 9.80, SUNDAY 1'KAINS. June 22, 1864, off Charleston. 6 00@H 6C. 10.50 a. 1 m. about minutes. Florida O 0000 00 Kerosenel20t* _ m., 00,2 3.45, 5.30, 6.30, 8,20 p. tunately delayed forty June 8Vi New Y’ork; George P Davenport, supposed coal 35.; 7.20 a. m. Paper train for Brunswick, An. Lieutenant A. S. McKenzie, 29, Calltorma, 8 50®4 00 Llgorna. Leave Ponce’s Landing. 6.05, 8.50, 11.20 a. m., Soon after commencement of the 8VV Domestic Markets. port; Victory. Ellsworth; Osprey, Maohias; A gusta, WaterviBe and Bangor. play, 1864, off Charleston. do seeding* 2 Centennial. MONTREAL and to 2.50, 5.10, 6.55 p. m. 500300 8Vi B Perry, Sbulee, NS; Silas Me Loon, Rockport, QUEBEC LIVERPOOL. 12.50 p. m. Train for Brunswick, Lewiston, electric fuse and for a while Lieutenant Commander T. S. Fille- REE*- Pratt’s Astral J' lie 11. I 898. Leave 7.05, 8.15. 11.05 a. m., 2.45, the gave out, ..10V2 Georgie D Loud, Five Islands, NS. Cushing's, Bath. Augusta. Watervllle, and Bangor. off Charleston. Eastern extra.. 012 fn halt bbl* lc extra CHICAGO—Wheat closed at 95 bid for June; Steamer From Montreal From 3.50, 5.20, 6.40 p. m. the was continued brown, July 2, 1864, AUGUSTA—Ar 9th, sch Abenaki, Port Lib, Quebec 11.00 p. m. Night Express with sleeping cars performance only by John- FreshWestern.. &12 Raisin*. 86c bldifor July; 73% asked for Sep; 72Vsc Leave Little Diamond, 6.30, 7.20, 9.20 a. m., Lieutenant Commander A. W. erty. Scotsman June 4,9 a.m. June 6. for all points. use of the head of the various cars. Held. Musctl.60 lb bxs5®6 Vs asked Dec.. 4. p.m. 12.00 m.. 12.25. 3.30, 5.35, 7.20, 7.60 p. m. lights son, off Charleston. BALTIMORE—Ar 10th, sch John K Souther, Yorkshire 9 a. m. 6. July 7, 1864, Mattel. London Corn closed easv cash and 33 11, li, p. m. Leave Great Diamond, 6.25. 7.15. 11.55 a. ARRIVALS IN PORTLAND. iny’rll 7602OC 32Va June; bid Port 9.15, This condition of affairs continued during Lieutenant Commander E. E. Stone, 18*19 Tampa. Dominion 18, 9 a. m. 18, 6. p. m. 3.25. 7.15. 7.55 m. Creamery Anoy.. Coal. for July. Abrahams. Boston. m„ 12.30, 5.30, p. From Montreal, Quebec, Took in attack C d, soli Woodward Labrador 25, 9 a. m. 6. m. Fabyans. Bridgton. the first at the end of which, Mr. Mc- November 13, 1864. part GlllEOEO vrmt SIS Retail—delivered. Oats closed 26c for cash and June: 24Vsc for 25, p. Leave Treiethen’s, 6.20, 7.10, 9.10,11.50 a. m., 8.25 a. Lewiston and Mechanic 8.30 act, Ar 11th, schs Silver Heels. Quinlan, Tarpun Vancouver 2,9 a.m. 6. in.; Falls, on Fort Fear Feb- Choice. Cumberland 25 July July 2, p. m. 12.35, 3.20, 6.25, 7.10, 8.00 p. m. the Anderson, Cape River, 00004 July. : Frank A Pa mer, Harding, Tamp co. a. m.: Watervllle and Augusta. 8.35 a. m.; Collum announced that performance Choose. Chestnut,... 00 Pork closed at 9 67 for Bay ; Leave 6.15. 7.06, 9.05, 11.45 a. ruary 17-19, 1865. On February 17, 18 06 easy cash, June and schs Sarah E Palmer, Whittier, Key West; Evergreen, m., Bangor, and Augusta dally and week days from as the was too N. Y. lorry u 010 Frauilau.. 8 00 Cld, 12.40. 3.15, 6.20, 7.05, 8.05 p. in. would then close, scenery and 19, 1865, the Montauk led the attaok July. Samuel Dlllaway, Smith, Boston; S P Hitch- Rockland, 12.23 p. m.; Kingfleld. PhllhpA Farm Vermont... 9 010 Lehigh.... ®600 Lard closed 6 72 for Leave Marriner’s Landing, Long Island, 11.30 a. Rumford of under the direction of easy 70@5 cash, June do. BOSTON ington, Bemis. Falls. Lewiston, 12.34 to set without the aid on Fort Anderson cock, Sorenson, _„ ... heavy eleotiicity. Sage..... loy. *11 Pea. 4 50 and m., 3 00 p. m. and stations 3.25 St. D. D. Porter. July. UATH-Sld 10th, sch R T Pettigrew, Morse, TO LIVERPOOL VIA. QUEENSTOWN. D. m; Lewiston way p. m.; Just then the came up, and the Rear Admiral Saturday night only, 9.30 p. m. for all landings. John. Bar Harbor.Aroostook lights Grain DETROIT—Wheat closed—NolWhite at 1 00 Philadelphia. County.Mooseheaq Acting Master W. W. Crowinshield, quocMioai. From From Time Lake and 5.45 shouted “we are for cajli; No 2 at Red cash 1 03 for 1 02 BERMUDA HUNDRED—Sid 9th, sch Lucy Sunday Table. Bangor. p.m.; Kangeley, Farming- audience satisfied—go 1805. cash; Liverpool. Steamer. Boston. 6.56 May 30, or June. A Roads. For Forest Peaks’ ton, RumfordFalls, Lewiston, p. m.; Chicago was continued to CHICAGO BOARD OF TRA Nickels. Hampton City Landing, Island, 8.00, on” and the play the Aoting Ensign Eric Gabrielson, June 9, schs M B May 18, S. 8. Canada, June 2. 7.30 a. ro. 5.00 and Montreal and all White Mountain points DULUTH—Wheat weak; No 1 Northern 110 BOOTHBAY—Ar 11th, Mahoney, i 9,00. 10.30 a. m., 12.15, 2.15, 3.15, p. m. of Friday's quotations. M June 16. S. S. Canada. June 30, 5.30 m. 8.10 p. m.; daily from P,ar Harbor, Bangor. final curtain without further mishap. 1865. Out commission, Washington, 13 for Port Reading; Alida, Boston; Ada Bowlby, p. For Cush ng's Island, 9.00,10.30 a. m., 12.15, 2.15, cash; July. Bath and Lewiston. 1.40 a. m. daily; Halifax. June 1865. WHEAT' Bangor; Willie G. Thomastou. 3.15. 5.00 m. The break on the road was 11, MINNEAPOLIS—Wheat HATES OF PASSAGE. p. St. John. Watervllle and repaired during from Amen's"Atlantic Coast:” July. Sept. weak at 1 13x4 for schs Narcissus, Boston; Carleton Belle, For Little and Great Diamond Islands, BarHarbor, Augus- Extract c Sid, a. •• •••••• June; 74s/* for Sept. First Cabin, $52.50 and upwards. Return ta. 3.50 m.. except Mondays- the progress of the play and the large “On the of Closing..*. 87% 75% Grand il!iiiks« Trefethen’s and Evergreen Landings, 8.00, 9.00 evening February 27, 1863, $lco and according to steamer and ac- Opening a • • ••••••• 88% "76% ST. LOUIS—Wheat closed at for BRUNSWICK. Ga—Sid 10th, schs Carrie E upwards 10.30 a. m., 2.1)0. 4.20 p. m. Vice Pres, and Gen. Man. had no trouble on their return Commander Worden observed the Nash- 93i/ac cash; commodation. 12.15, GEO. F. EVANS. party CORK. 8% C for July. 71s/t c bid Sept; 71 a, Dec. Look, Veazic. New York; Stella B Kaplm. f t- For Ponce’s Lauding, Long Island, 8.00, 10.30 F. B. G. P.8T.A ville in movement above MoAlli3ter. In Second Cabin, to BOOTHBY, Corn closed 31 c for Lizzie Chadwick, Park, for Darien and Liverpool, London, Lon- a. m„ 2.00, 4.20 p. m. trip. July. Sept. easv|at cash; 31x4 June: ter, do; and to Portland, June 3,189S. apriidtf on a reeonnoissunce it was discovered that 81%e for 32s’s#82% donderry Queenstown. $34 $42.50. Re- Island, 10.30 a. No tickets were taken the > o • 333* July; Sept, New York. J For Marriner’s Lauding, Long up trip Opening. ••••••• 8a% turn $66.75 to $78.40, to she had in a bend known as the Oats closed easy at 26 cash and CALAIS—Ar 11, schs McIntosh, Sarah Reed, according steamer 2.00 m. from Cape Cottage to Portland—they were grounded Closing* .•*••• 33% 34% June; 21V4c and accommodation. in., p. seven-mile and to be for and Abner Taylor. New York; Fred Holden, by the conductor and will be re- reach, supposed OATS. Sept. Steerage, to London, London- C. W. T. GODING, General Manager. punched of the Boston. Liverpool, a within reach of the guns Montauk and apr27dtf deemed for round trip ticket from Port- July. E M Cook, Newport. derry, Glasgow, Queenstown Bellast- & Rumford Falls in her former when Sept European Market*. Sid, sch to Portland land to Cape Cottage and admission to position attacking 21% 1SLNAD HARBOR—Sid sch $22.50 to $25.59 according steamer. R’y. Opening. _ _ DUTCH 10th, the fort. At she went up with illy Televraoh.1 for Promised Apply to J. B. KEATING, T. P. McGOWAN, theatre if presented for redemption at daylight Closing.«:•••••• m 22% 22% Herbert, Fall River Land. lit biinct isss. J. J.MEN SEN, C. ASHTON, or may «, Steinert & 517 street her consorts, into their former positions. LONDON. June 11. 1893.—Consols closed at FALL RIVER—Sid 10th. sch Earl P Mason, Portland, Sons, Congress be- PORK, DAVID TORRANCE & Gen. International Co. DEPARTURES. The Nashville was seen aground at a dis- 111 6-16 for money and 111 7-16 for account. CO., Agents, Steamship fore 0 p. m. Tuesday. They will be re- July. Philadelphia. Montreal. across the 11 li. sch Leon. Mtllbridge. Je2dtf for t--—: 8.30 A. M. and 1.10 F. M. From Union Station deemed for round tance of twelve hundred yards Opening ...••*•*•-•••-••• 10 40 LIVERPOOL, June 11. 1898—Cotton market Ar trip ticket, good any iHifXAXiilNA-Sid 16th. sch Laura C An- lor Poland, Mechanic Falla. Buckfield. Can- marsh, and a few shells thrown deter- Closing. ... 10 20 is quiet—American midling at 3 sales day during the week. 9-16d; York. Rumtord Falls add Bemls. In less than 6,000 bales, 300 bales for derson. New Lubsc. Calais, Si. Jo'n. N.8..Halifax, N.S- ton, Dixneld, Persons for reserved mined the range. twenty Saturday’s quotations. |inoluding specula- sch G Eastport. holding coupons and export. GLOCCESTEE—Ar llth, W Lewis, ALLAN LINE New Nova Scotia 1.10 and 5.15 n. m. From Union minutes she was on fire amid- tion and all parts of Brunswick, 6.30 a. m. seats can have them exchanged for re- forward, wheat. Island and Breton. The Falls and Intermediate and aft. Soon after, the MAIL STEAMERS. Prince Edward Cape Station for.Mechamu served seat coupons good for any next ships, large July. Sept. ^HYANNIS—In port 10th, sch Sarah Mills, _ROYAL route to and St. Andrews. Btations. day n _ SI l/_ rr «r/_ favorite Campobello the eastern week if for pivot gun, mounted abaft foremast, SAILING DATS OF STEAMSHIPS. New York lor au port. Montreal and to N. B. except Saturday, presented _1 .1_I t_ Quebec Liverpool. cars between Portland, Rumford C 86 73% Sldfm Cotuit 10th, sch Joseph Eaton, Jr, From Through prior to 6 m. using. FROM FOR i- rom Summer Falls Bemls. exchange p. Tuesday. New York. Arrangement. and loss later the smokestack went by the board, CUBA Dominie.New York. .Para, &c.. Fisher, Liverpool Steamship Montreal at Bemls for all In th< Mr. McCulium’s by the accident, June 15 WEST —Ar 4th, schs Alice Archer, On and after Monday. May Oth. steamer Connections points and soon alter the Madiana.NewY'ork. .Barbadoes. KEY Lakes. was more than $200. magazine exploding July. Sept. June 15 12 May. California. 28 May will leave Portland ou Mondays, Wednesdays Raugeley etc., ruins. York. Given. Philadelphia; 5th, Henry Claussen, Jr, shattered the smoking 'Closing.33% 34% Majestic.New -Liverpool.. June 15 19 May. Numldlan. 4 June and at 5.30 p. m. on Sale. Auk Victoria...New Torrey. do. Fridays I'lirougii Tickets this time McAllister was busily Upemug...•••«. 33 [33% York..Hamburg.. .June 10 schs Clara 20 May. Laurentian. li June PENSION VOUCHERS- “During Werkendam .New York. LYNN—Ar llth. Poppy, Bangor; Returning leave St.John and Eastport same at the Montauk, but in .AmsterdamJune 10 Ira Bliss. Rondout. 2 June. Parisian. 18 June engaged firing OATS. Orinoco.New York.. Bermuda E Rogers, New York; days. R. CL BRADFORD, Traffic Manager, excitement struck her ...'une 16 J AS—Ar llth. sens Geo 1) Perry. Bos- 9 June. Carthaginian. 25 June the attendant only July. Sept. Catania.New York. .Nassau MACH tickets issued and cheeked Portland, Maine. ....Jmie 16 do: Win Keene, Portland. 10 Through baggage five times, without damage to the vessel, 22v» York. ton M B Oakes, June._Camorman.30June received to 4.00 E. L. LOVE JOY, Superintendent, Opening...... 24y» Mongolian.New .Glasgow. ..June 17 sch to destination, E3TFreight up A Shaip Warning to Those Officials Who and at the same time the from the 24y* 21% Albert Dumols.New Y'ork. .Cape NEW BEDFORD—Ar loth, Vicksburg. Steamers sail from Montreal at 9 a. m., con- Jel8 dtf Rumford Falls. Maine. firing Closing.. HaytlJune 17 Trunk trains p. m. the was wild and with- Alene.New York..Kingston.. necting with Grand leaving Port- For Tickets and Staterooms at the Execute Them, fort on gunboats FOB*. ; June 18 HAVEN—Ar sell E U apply Parisian.Montreal LiverDool. CaNEW llth, Weaver, land the previous evening. Pine Tree Ticket Office, Monument or out injury to them. The fire upon the July. .T ..June 18 Philadelphia. Square Dominion.Montreal.. Weaver, Laurentian carries cabin passengers only. for other Information, at Company’s Office, fort destroyed one gun-carriage*. Opening. 10 12 .Liverpool..June 18 NEW LONDON—Ar 10th, sch Electa carries second cabin 9 72 Manitoba.New York. .London.. ..June 18 Bailey, Carthaginian passengers Railroad Wharf, foot of State street The destruction of the Nashville com- Closing. New York. Clay, Philadelphia. Boston & Maine R. R. The commissioner of pensions issues Campania.... .LiverDool..Juno 18 only. B. COYLE, Gen. Man. the Montauk withdrew with her York.. Ar llth. schs J D Ingraham, Augusta lor The Saloons and Staterooms are in the cen- J. pleted, Gascogne.New Havre .... June 18 In effect Oct. 4th, 1897, tie circular to notaries Portland Dally Press Stock Qootntlont. Yrork; Rival, do for do. tral where least motion is felt. H. P. C. HERSEY Agent following public force beyond the reach of guns; Ems.New York. 18 New part, Elec- marisdtf assisting Corrected Swan ds Barrett, Bankers, 18Q .Genoa.June NEWS—Ar sch is used for the Trains leave Union Station, for Searbor* aud other ran over a by Kotterdam.. ..New NEWPORT 10th, Fortuna, tricity lighting ships through- magistrates relative to the in doing so, she torpedo placed York..Rotterdam. Juno 18 Crossing. 10.00 a. m.. 5.15, 6.20 D.ra.; Scarbo Middle street. ___ Norloik. out, the at the command of the an so Button.New York. •Pern’buco..June 20 lights being • .ecution of pension vouchers: b” the enemy, inflicting injury STOCKS. Ar sch I ortuna, Norfolk for at hour of the ro Beach. Pine Point, 7.00, 10.00 a. HL. 8.3Q York.. Liverpool.. 21 llth, Chase, passengers any night. Music serious that, had she not been run Value. Bto. Cymric..New June Booms and Booms on the 6.16. 6.20 p. m.; Old Orchard. Saco, Bid Pm Asked — New Bangor. Smoking promenade Sir—Recent had this Description. K Frleuricn York. .Bremen.. .Sune 21 10.00 a. investigation by soon she would have sunk. 106 110 north loth, schs Blanche deck. The Saloons and staterooms ara deford, 7.00, 8.40, m., 12.46, 3.3U alter, Canal Bank.100 ... NOBSKA—Passed heated ailll PHILADELPHIA. hureau to ascertain the methods aground National Germanic .NewJYork..Liverpool.. June 22 BOSS 6.20 Kennebunk. 8.40 &. m. in.; 7.00. employed a of boiler Jacksonville for steam. 5.15, p. on the iron .... Hopkins. Crockett, Bticksport; by officials in Once bottom, piece Casco National Bank.100 100 102 Friesland New York. .Antwerp. .June 22 5.15 ,6.20 by public executing pension and Everett Webster, coastwise: Lizzie Baboook, Kates of passage *62.60 to!#70.00. A re- DIRECT STEAMSHIP LINE. p. m.; Kennebunkpert was secured over the hole, stanchioned Bank. ..40 30 Abydos..New York. 22 8.40. a. 5,15 m. vouohers, has demonstrated an Cumberland National .LaGualra.. June for Gardiner: Suction Is made on Bound 7.00. in.. 12.45, 3.80, p. almost and then secured with 100 Dumols.. .New York. Hlghee, Philadelphia Daylight, Trip Tickets. of the temporarily, tap- Chapman National Bank. Hy .AuxCaves.June 24 for Celina. Mur- Second Cabin—To Liverpool. London Wells Beach 7.00,8.40 a* m.. 3.30. 6.15 D. m. total disregard laws and regula- 98 ion Umbria.New York. Nickerson. Baltimore Boston; and which enabled her to perform such First National Bank.100 .Liverpool. .June 26 for Bath; D Howard *34.00 and and North Berwick, Somers worth, Dover,H 4.0a tions governing the subject. bolts, 109 111 York. ray, Philadelphia Spear, Londonderry, *36.26; return, From Boston evsry Wednesday Saturday Merchants’National Bank—76 Colorado.New .Hull.. .. 25 7.00, 0.40 a, m., 12.45, 3.30, 5.15 c. m. other service as was required during her June Philadelphia for Gardiner. *60.75 and *60.00. ,, It Is clearly evidenced that the 97 99 Obdam.New York. 25 Falker, Rochester, 7.00. 8.40 a. m., 3.80 m. illegal, on the southern coast.” National Traders’Bank.100 .Rotterdam. June Idtli, sell F Bar- Steerage—To Liverpool, London, tvs 12.45, p. and continuance 202 104 New NORFOLK—Ar Benj Poole, Glasgow, From Pliilade y anti a. m. indifferent Bank.100 Bretagne. York. ... 26 pHii Wskinasday Alton 8.40 12.45 lax, perfunctory procedure Portland National .Havre .June via News old for Belfast or Londonderry, including re- Farmington, Bay, “Note.—The officer commanding on ISO 156 low. Providence Newport iand every Northern L* now extant has become a menace to the Portland Trust Co.100 Carthaginian .Montreal.. .Liverpool. .June25 quisite for the *22.50 and *38.50. 3.30 p. in.; Div., Lakeport. now Rear Admiral SO 86 ...New ey West) voyage a. m.. 12.45 in. and safe conduct of the this occasion, Worden, Portland Has Company.50 Alexandria York.. London.... June 25 For tickets or further information to Saturday. conla. Ply month, 8.40 p. proper affairs of 102 sch Hugh Kelley, Haskell, Carteret. apply the destruction of the Nashville, Portland Water Co.... -100 104 Minnewaska. .New York. .London. ..June 25 Old, 420 Wharf. Boston. 3 p. in. From Worcester, via Somers worth* 7.00 a. m. this bureau,so far as it relates to the regards Ar llth. sch Young Brothers, Washington X. P. MCGOWAN, Congress St., J. B From Central pay- with Portland Co. .100 130 13o Chester.New York. 25 at 3 m. In- Manchester. Concord. Via Rockingham and under the attendant difficulties, St. Railroad -So’amnton. June Boston). KEATING. 611* Exchange 8!., ASHTON’S Pine street Wharf. Philadelphia, p. ment of pensions, special efforts are 128 130 Ethiopia.New 26 (and eld for 7.00 a. na., 3.30 p. in.; more than the engage- Maine Centfal K’v.100 York. .Glasgow .June 10th, schs Fred B TICKET AGKFCY. 0311-2 Congress St.. B surance one-half the rato of sailing vessels. Junction* to correct the professional pride R.R. 100 60 61 PERTH AMPOY—Ar Ba- Junction, Exeter, Haver, contemplated existing Monitor and Portland & Ogdensburg 0rlk8n.New York. .Manaos.&c.June 25 ft A. ALLAN, Montreal, 82 Stalest. for the West by the Penn. R. It and Rockingham ment between the Merrimac, lano. Gen Adelbert Ames. Boston, Freights hill. Lawrence, LowelL Boston* abuses. BONDS. Holstein.New York.. Jeremle.&e June 25 sch S and 1 India St, Portland. jly31dci South commoting lines, iorwarded free oi ^f4.05, which him a world-wide reputa- PHILADELPHIA-Ar 10th, C Tryon, by t8.40 a. m., 12.45, 3.30 m. While It is believed that many officials gave Portlandes. Tolosa.New York..MoutevldeoJuno 26 commission. t7.00, p. 1907.••••••..}J8 Gaul, Kennebec. ... Arrive in 7.2o, 10.16 a 12.5CV in tbe execution of tion.” Funding.. 102 103 Round Trip *ls.O0i Boston, mM who assist pension Portland 4s. 1902—1912 Old. schs E C Allen, Meady. Salem; City of Passage *10.00. 4.22, 7.25. p. m. Leave Boston lor Port* have no of •Confederate report. Portland Funding.106 108 D J Meals and room included. vouchers conception their 4s. 1913, MINIATURE ALM AN A<.JUN1Ti3. Augusta. Adams, Boston; Sawyer, Rogers, land, 5.59. 7,30. 8.00. 8.30 a. m., 1.00, 4.15, 63. 1899. K. R* .101 102 For or passage apply to F. P. WING, criminal liability in the premises, it is Bannor Round Pond. freight m. Arrive Portland, 10.13, 11.00 a. 116 Sunrises. 4 71 ( .... G 30 PORTLAND &WORCESTER, Boston. p. HARBOR, 6s. 1906.(Water.114 Old Ballard, Bourse. New- Agent Central Wharf, m. certain that many others to se- GOING TO BAR Bangor M^'Sh water 700 nth. schs LoringC ID., 12.00, 12.20. 5.00, 8.00 p. equally Bathes. 1898. K. R. aid .101 102 Sunsets.. 7 22 j Kennedy, Wm this line are in the nuraDer of their Moon 00 buryport; Win S Jordan, Boston; All goods shipped o.v SUNDAY TRAINS. cure an advantage June General J. S. Bath Muniolpal.101 103 rise3. OuOl Height.00— F Harbor; Abbio and Bangor, 11.—Major 4Vjs, 1907, Campbell, Stout, Bar Bowker, PORTLAND & ROCHESTER R. R. covered against war risk by opeu policies clientage, knowingly wilfully resort Bath 4s, 1921, Refnndlng ..101 108 Perry, Gloucester; Nettie Champion, Kendal], Scarboro Beach, Pine Point, Old Or- law. Schofield, commanding the aid.101 102 this company without expense to violations of the formerly Belfast 6s. 1898. R. R- Lynn; Katio c Robinson, Robert, Haliowell. Station Foot of Preble St. issued to chard, Saco, Blddeford, Kennebunk. Wells that the former class United States and Mrs. Belfast 4». down loth, str Harris- 12.55. 4.30 North To the end may army, Schofield, Municipal— J02 l?6 :vi Am iv‘ in jkwfr Reedy Island—Passed Oct. to shipper. Bench, p. in.; Berwick, Calais 4s Refunding....loO 102 burg. W for On and after Monday, 4, 1897, Passenger Low- this notice, this circular is is- on 1901—1911 Bangor ; schs Harry Haynes, Surry; Dover, Exeter, Haverhill, Lawrence, pro tit by passed through Bangor today their Municipal.106 107 trains will Leave Portland: E B SAMPSON. Treasurer and General Lewiston 6s,’ 1901, PORT OF PORTLAND. Katherine 1) Perry, for Portsmouth. ell, Boston. 4.05 a. m.. 12.66, 4.30 p. m. Ar sued. •• 105 1 or Clinton, State St, Fiska Boston, way to Bar Harbor. They will Lewiston4s, 1913, Municipal ....108 Passed down sch Colin C Baker, nawes, Worcester, Ayer Junction, Nashua Manager. 88 Building, rive Boston, 7.25 a. m.. 5.28, 8.45 p. m. Leavt be no in the occupy bin, Windham and at 7.80 a. m. and occadtf There can justification Saco4s. 1901. Municipal.■ 102 for Saugus. Epping 12.30 Mass. Boston tor Portland 3.45 a. m., arrive Port and the Recently quite a 1st fOci June 11. m. prevalent haste laxity existing in Hlggius cottage. Maine Central R R 7s, 1898, mtglOl 101% SATURDAY, nin port L Davenpoit, Watts, p. land 7.10 a. in. .. nth, schs Chas Concord and Wbich false number summer visitors 73- i9l2,cons. lutgl33 136 from from For Manchester, points North at many offices, by post-dating, large of have " Arrived. Pensacola; D H Rivers, Colcord, EASTERN OlVfblON. •* •• “4%8” 106 107 7.30 a. m. and 12.30 p. m. false claim aud “stock” Port Tampa. 9 certification, passed this city bound for that •• " 103 106 St John, NB, For Kochester, Sprlngvaie, Alfred, Water- For Way Stations, a. m.; Blddeford, a factor in through 4s cons. mtg.... Steamer Cumberland.Thompson, PORT llth. sch Maud. Rob- witnesses have become the *■ READING—Sid boro and Saco Elver at 7.30 a. 12.30 Salem, that the fear of grts,l900,exten’sn.l04 106 inson, m., and MAINE STEAMSHIP CO. Portsmouth, Newburyport, Lynn, and acknowledgement of resort, indicating Span- via Cun- Beverly. 6.35 p. m. Boston. t2.00, t9.00 a. m.* 1.00, t6.ld administration Portland dr Ogd’g g«s,l»00, 1st mtgl04 106 Phlpsburg Edith sh has sed. PROVIDENCE—Ar lOfh, sch Olcutt, For Gorham at 7.30 and 0.46 a. York Direct Line. o. m. arrive iu o.o7 a. 12.50 pension vouchers. warships pas Portland Water Co’s 6s, 1899.... 101 los Warren. nu, 12.30, &00l New Boston* m., with barges Bear Philadelphia. 6.35 and 6.20 p. m. 4.15. 9.26 p. m. Leave Boston, foi It is the Intention of this bureau, where Portland Water Co’s 4s. 1927.103 104V dysteamebr0Gladiator. Ridge I'ONTA sell Andrew Ad MAINE coal to Randall & gorua—Ar 10th, For Westbrook. Cumberland Mills, Westbrook LONG ISLAND SOUND BY DAYLIGHT. Portland, 7.30, 9.00 a. m.. 12.30, 7.00 the facts warrant 6uch action, to insti- LIFE andTalmia. Philadelphia, belts, for Baltimore. UNDERWRITERS.“"j Galveston, to loan Junction and Weodfords at 7.30, 9.45 a.m.. TRH’S per week. p. m. Arrive Portland* 11.50 .a. m.« 12.15. tute tbe SACO-Av lutn n, THREE criminal proceedings against At the of the Bsrsit. Boston. Josephine. Philadelphia. 12.30, 3.00, 6.35 and 6.20 p. ID. 4.30, 10.20 p. m. regular meetlng State of Boston stoci Candage, SALEM —Ar leave Franklin parties who in these illegal and M8oh1(|tw’Reed. Beals. Boston. loih, sell Webster Barnard, The 12.30 p. m. train from Portland oonnects Steamships alternatively SUNDAY indulge Maine were the closin' Sob Laura T Chester, and TRAINS. irregular and they aro warned Association of Life Underwriters, The following quota- i.1'' Lucknow, Mltohell, at Ayer Junction with "Hoosac Tunnel Boute” Wharf Tuesdays, Thursdays Saturdays. practices tions of stocks atBoston: Cleared. Boston for Calais (and liah at# p. m., tho Manhattan at Blddeford. Portsmouth. Saturday, appropriate resolutions on the sld). for the West and at Union Station. Worcester The Horatio Newbury, accordingly. Mexican Central .. sch Chas A Gil- for Providence and New via 5 m lor New York direct. Returning, leave Salem, Lynn, Boston. 2.00 a. 1.00 the instructions Fa Hall, "t‘_J ,h, York, Providence p port. By following strictly death of Ben Williams were Atchison, Top. S Santa R. new. Horatio Bragg, New York— bir Vi'i’nn1 Line” for Norwich and New via Pier 38. E, R, Tu esdays, Thursdays and Satur- m. Arrive In 5.67 a. m.. 4.15 p, m* matters unanimously 13s/, Steamship York, “Nor- p. Boston, printed on each vouoher, the Boston & Maine.. J su" Su3an E Nash* wich Line” with Boston and Albany It. It. at 5 p.m. Leave Boston lor Portland! 9.00 a. 0L* 7.00 adopted: Oliver. Har- for days complained of bo remieded. dopfd . Bath, Boothbay S^is.W/orS?*''’1041'- the and with tho New York all rail These steamers are superbly fitted and fur- p. m. Arrive} In Portland. 12.2o, 10.30 may entirely The were Steamw'salaoia. West, via R Lewis. — followingfigentlemen appoint- Maine Central.. bor And Wiscasset—C Passed 10th, soils “Springfield.” nished for passenger travel arid afford the most p. m. Very respectfully, ed as alternates to the oi the Port, NS r-' [N|l-'?''A,1,'|loi1J|A,VI',*Sa L H. delegates and Na- Union Paolfio.. .. 24% Sell Pride Coudon, Lockport, Kamlall, Charleston; hound Trains arrive In Portland from Worcester convenient and comfortable route between tConnects with Rail Lines for New York* Clay Evans, Commissioner. tional & Co. (,1a1 Hamburg, convention at Minneapolis, August Onion Paolfio pfd. i;o»/s _M N Rich at 1.30 p. in.; from Kochester at 6.30 a. m„ l.so Portland and New York. South and West. b ranees, round 17, 18 and 19: F. H. Americans Bell.. sell Louisa Pierson,'Rockland—Kcn- “• Jonesboro f r New and 6.52 p. m.; from Gorham at 6.40, 8.30 and Fare; one way. $5.001 trip, $3.00. except Monday. Delegates, Hazelton, ^v 1k' ol)i «irt1)3. Kwm"!1' JDaUy Three spectres that threaten baby’s life. Geo. P. F. J. B. Brack- American KtSugar. common.140% sall & Tabor. ardlner for 10.50 a. m„ 1.30, 4.16, 5.52 p. in. Goods carried are insured against AVAR Through tickets to all points for sale at Union Dewey, Brunei, Laura T Beal. •to, 11 M Tliurlow. and the terms of the Cholera diarrhoea. Howard N. .. Sell Chester, Camden-Doten A.ujjjus(rj,,of iii>- (jor- For tickets ior all points West South an. risk, under Company’s Open Station. infantum, dysentery, ed, Goold; alternates, L. Hil- Co. don, Pittston fordo; Carrie A Tioket additioual to 1). G. P. & X. A., Boston* Fowler's Grain Norton Plbladei- ply to T. F. McGILLIOUDDY, Agent, Policy without charge shipper. J.FLANDKRS, Dr. Extract of Wild Strawberry dreth, W. H. Hart, E. J. Brackett, T. S. common —J 11 phia lor (lost anchor F. LISCOMB.Ueneral Ticket Port do .*.*,"*.*". 31^ sloop Maggie, Wallace, Small Point Beverly at CaneP Hmilonen‘ Portland, Me. J. Agent. GEO. H. THOMPSON. Agent. never fails to conouer then.. Bruns. T. E- McDonald. another here and J* W. BARTLETT. ocMdtf land. Flint dr Pere Marq., ... I Blake. procured sailej) je25dtf PETERS. Sfopt TUOS. M- Agt. CHILDREN’S SUNDAY. ST. LAWRENCE. tive address of welcome. was or hinder in THE There oaoi- retaining help attain- PRESS. The decorations at this church were early God and ing such favor of man wo °llr simple and tasteful without elaborate dis- maintain it by °.wn NEW ADVERTISEMENTS TODAY. Was Celebrated in a Number of M,ireragrrSati-vvsifMarion of JJ^Sl00 The was fes- Davis, Ru n >0ld and manifestation right- play. organ handsomely ^ ^ careful eousness Cheerful obedience, at- MOORE&CO. Owen. Moore & Co. Churches clover blossoms and Orr, the OWEN, Yesterday. tooned with white Sunbeams m duties J. K. Libby Co BanT' Mlir-|0rie to assigned courtesy, of Chandler, Bessie \r ’• Son all Atkinson Furnishing Co. evergreen, as was also thefrailing the Eaton nromntness, honesty, indicate the Frank that ns into J. J. l.onlioMt. choir behind which were Berry, eons spirit brings such The Decorated With Flowers—The loft, displayed Harris^S'Belrl right Portland, June 13,1S98. Wanted—Situation. Pulpits man’s olass, Lillian handkerchiefs counter. Ia same the beautiful palms and potted plants. Jos* room of the section, ten AUCTION. Music Special for the Day—The Ser- fU?The audience church was The was adorned with Stanley McDonald. in the more F. 0. Bailey & Co.—2. pulpit platform JoUpfi filled at the concert evening. The One lot of of fine mons Addressed to the Children—The Hadassah in scalloped patterns French jardinieres of snowballs and elegant out Goodwin, the Misses r,u,w„ Drogramme given Saturday’s PRESS Found carried New Wants, To Let, For Sale. Lost, Light Dresses Appropriate for the was puccssfullyj out and was Fortyspecial Bargains and at a found under flowers. hemstitched Swiss Dimities, 16c and similar advertisements will be pleasing in every feature, the singing by yard, their heads on 6. Season. the reading and for sell- appropriate page Following responsive the children being specially fine. today’s embroidered Handker- marked down from preosdlng the anthem came the impres- scsr""1"--'”-- 25c. A number of years ago Children’s day CORPUS CHRISTI. The list briefly sive baptismal servioe, four little chil- HIGH STREET. following chiefs, soiled from hav- Also a lot of infants’ was observed by the Methodist oh arch The solemnity of the festival of dren the sacred ordinance. It was a Corpus enumerates no receiving pretty sight at them, they alone in this city. They made special High Street was appropriately observed at all ing been used to deco- hand tucked Mr. sermon to the children church Christi Bonnets, as the other denom- Wright’s yestorday at the CASTORIA recognition of Easter morning’s service the Catholio churohes At the must be seen to be wps from Luke 3:42, “And when he was while children’s yesterday. ap- rate the at Chas. H. of Sunday was department, with at been Bears the signature of Fletcher. inations did but their wealth floral being cele- Cathedral of the Immaouiate ruche, 75c, 12 years old went to Jerusalem brated. Conception their music and the they up solemn high mass was preciated. In use for more than thirty years, and deoorations, special celebrated at 10. SO three for after the custom of the feast.’’ The theme The a. 25c today. $1.00. to those of their flower committtee had o’clock m.. Bishop Healy occupying Kind You Have Always Bought. beautiful memorials beautified The OOM. The was Jesus at the age of 12 a perfeot pat- the and the throne. celebrant was Rev A DRAPERIESIR number who had were reserved pulpit-platform communion table NOTIONS COUNTER. departed, tern for J. Barry deacon, Rev. M. C. McDon- SHIRTWA ISTS COUNTER. children today. with a lavish and for one of the Sundays in June, the tasteful display of ough sub deaoon. Rev. C. W. Collins. Six of double I. His as a teaohes that pieces example boy hydrangeas, snowballs, A masterly sermon on the real One case best month of roses. Gradually many of the peonies, pansies presence of quality A lot of white lawn at the age of 12 boys and girls should and ferns. Jesus Christ in the sacrament of the faced Con- other sects fell into the same custom, so eucharist was fancy printed American Pins at a "Mrs. Winslow's booming Syrup, have thoughts of the supreme business of The Sunday school preached by Rt. Rev. 3c soil- on different Sundays in June, now, there ocoupied the front James A. Healy, D. D who took his text ton fit for Shirtwaists, slightly Has been used over Fifty Years by millions ol life. center and it would be John Flannel, port- were c. are few pews hard to from vi, 6-59. The was paper, 5 churches that do not make some of say sanctuary at mothers for their children while Teething II. That at the age 12 there should which was brilliantly ed, 29c, observance theferettier; sight, the flowers illuminated and on the altar ieres for summer cot- formerly $1. It soothes of this festival. rare cut One lot of steel Curl- with perfect success. the child, by practical preparation begun for the or the faces and were flowers. Some 50 altar boys after the thunder bright winsome sum- softens the gums, allays Fain, cures Wind Yesterday opened, of were present. In the afternoon at 6 for couch UNDERWEAR COUNTER work life. mer costumes of the children. tages, drapery, (Knitted). the and is the best showers that had in the o’clock pontifical vespers were chanted ing Tongs, wood hand- Colic, regulates bowels, prevailed night, IIL That Jesus a self consecrated by boy The double quartette which Bishop Healy of this assisted all to at remedy for Diarrhoea whether arising from warm and muggy, and as the wind often helps city by covers, etc., go One lot of lisle thread is an of reasonable the Catholio of this at were 12c. encouraging example to make High Street’s special services at- clergy city, Rev. Br3. les, 7c, teething or other causes. For sale by Drug- vered again to the east there were clouds Hurley. O’Dowd, Lee, 12 1-2C a and possible self devotion in early youth tractive was in voice O’Connor, Barry yard, combination gists in every Dart of the world. Be lure and and showers. But those churohes that good and rendered and Collins. The regular HOSIERY COUNTER Suits, to bishop preached a sec- high ask for Mrs. Winslow’s Soothing Syrup, 25 cti God*,, Organist Bain’s selections ond time the proposed to celebrate did so to largo con- with more upon great significance of price 25c. neck, short bottle In conclusion the reminded usual effectiveness. the festival. At the seelves, black a These preaober than close of the vespers One lot of gregations. are some of the thero was an genuine parents and teachers of the great import- After the imposing procession of the RIBBONS COUNTER. and at churches that observed the opening devotional servios blessed white, 79c, day. ance of sacrament participated in by the black BRIEF JOTTINGS. the transitional period, when three children were baptized. of Onyx dye lisle boys the Sacred Heart school who wore One lot marked down FREE STREET. childhood gives place to youth time. This the atttired in white of pure silk from e Dr. Fenn, pastor, preached a short suits. These were thread The rite of baptism will be administered is in the life followed the Hosiery (wo- The period epochal j sermon to the young by girls of the pharohial pulpit recess was prettily decorated people upon the schools fancy plaid Sash Rib- $1.25. at the morning service at Willlston of the young. It Is best dressed in white and strewing with of flow- religion’s oppor- meaning and use of the 6th command- men’s) Richilieu ribbed, next large pots hydrangeas,iwild flowers. Next came the Uniformed Rank, church, Sunday. tunity and the greatest hope of the O. bons, six inches at CHILDREN'S ers, snow balls and ferns. Rev. Mr. 'Wil- ment. A. H., under the direction of Capt. wide, at 28c a were UNDERWEAR COUN- The West End Methodist church will church. Parents should pair, 36c. be anxlons and the sermon the Reagan. A large number of were TER. son, the pastor preached a sermon to the After pastor in behalf alcoytes 39c a was observe Children's day next Sunday. earnest In efforts to secure the bias also in the line and at th3 end of the yard, 58c. children from Matt. v. “Ye are the early of the churoh presented three Bibles to CHILDREN’S HOSIERY COUNTER. The books at The Jefferson show that 14, of child life procession the Sacred Host was borne in the towards vital piety, five LINENS COUNTER. light of the world. The sermon was recently baptized children, Harry the ostensorium by the bishop under a One lot of rib- 47,644 people attended the theatre during Christian living. The A lot of fast Jersey illustrated with colored candles of various Fenn, Edward and Marjorie Phillips, canopy. bishop was assisted by the black rib- The children’s ooncert in the of An bed Vests and May. The evening Robbie and Edward Brown priests already named. Benediction assorted lot of Pantalet- sizes. idea was that we draw light Burgess the blessed bed cotton A five-year-old boy, George Brockman was very attractive. Besides the usual saorament was given at the Stockings, from another source; we are not self Thurston. two side altars and at blue and red all at at 145 had a nar the main altar. Glass tes, sizes, 14c, living Newbury street, exerolses there was singing by the infant vocal and plaid double lighted. It isn’t a matter of external cir- Dr. Fenn’s Sunday evening lecture The instrumental music was of heels and toes, at row He ran backwards and “When He m escape. class; Cometh," by Ruth the the usual high order. Services were also Crash at a arked down, from cumstance, the color and beauty of oan- was^upon hopeful missionary outlook 7c yard, reg- 12c a 19c. atruok One of Cummings's meat teams. Merrill; “Hail Strong Banner,” by hold in the morning at St. Dominic’s and pair, sizes 6 to 10. dles. Even a small candle can perform consequent upon the war. the Church of the Sacred ular ioc. He lost a front tooth and received bad chorus of boys; "Wreath of Roses," by Heart. price LININGS COUNTER. great work in lighting the hearts and CHESTNUT STREET. GLOVES COUNTER. bruises. six girls; “Amerloa,” by the audience: lives of other people. personal. NECKWEAR COUNTER ifhe class of 1900, P. H. S., took an out “The Glad Day or the it ear,” "Smiling The regular Children’s day servioes (Women’s). Une lot ot One lot of fine twilled It was Interesting to note how the pas- five button ing Saturday, going down to Peaks Isl by live girls, and solo Al- were held at Chestnut street churoh yes- tor’s address took with the Flowers,” by Mr. and Mrs. C. P.; Costello leave on 0 o’clock boat and children; afternoon anil The z An assorted lot of Silesia, brown and and On the attending bertina Hutchins, and several numbers terday evening. for Fort Maggioni Kid Gloves, as- tan, how the and re- Tuesday Popharo with a force the of at tht quickly comprehended school. churoh was decorated in performance Diplomacy A.- 1 _ _ _ _ TT~ the ohoir and One of the most prettily red, at 8c by of employes to put the Rookledge in Windsor Neckties at ioc sorted at a yard, been white and blue and were much colors, $1.25, Gem in the afternoon. features was the of the flags very to white candle and then a blue one and the delightful singing order preparatory opening, which will 1=2 The Ancient Order of Hibernians will in evidence. The in 12 C. solo by Mrs. Horgan, and the work bunting hung grace- The marked down from oblldren at onoe declared that the by occur on July 1. outlook for the each, great bargain. 26th. one ful festoons from all of the visit Montreal Jane the choir. There were recitations by Fred parts churoh business is gave as much light as the other. He summer’s gratifying. EMBROIDERIES COUNTER. SKIRTS COUNTER, These pleasant afternoons and evenings Louis Strout, Helen and on the front of the organ was the #i-75. a little tree candle and it Thompson, Havener, Dr. Henry A. Watts of this city was and lighted by in the state. Around the canoeists are floating np down the Lena Curtis, Mary Blake, Philip John- largest flag mairied In Also a lot of ladies’ stood a big candle and he asked a boy Portsmouth, Wednesday, to An assorted lot of One lot of fast black StroudWater. This sport is as popular as son, Miss Pearl Watson and three pulpit were prims, potted plants and cut how he was to the candle girls. Miss Anna Alton Currier, going light big and here and wrist silk taffeta ever, and the olub is in a most prosperous Rev. Mr. Wright also made brief re-, flowers, hanging there were Swiss embroidered Edg** Jersey satteen Vandah- when he had no matches. The boy quick- g Engineer Tenney, formerly of the new Skirts, condition. marks. cages of song birds. There were memor- it the little elevator, has succeeded Joseph N. Mar- been 18c and Gloves, ten shades, at ly replied, “Light with one, ials for Hattie C. Mr& Callle ings, 20c, lia trimmed with The members of the Lexington Goll TON Robinson, locomotive foreman shape, that’s lighted.” The pastor then ex- WILLIS CHURCH. tin, local of the Club have challenged the Portland Goll Green, Joseph B. Willey, George W. Ten- to at 12 i-2c a 34c, marked down from corded how even a little life exercised in The- observance of Children’s at Grand Trunk. go yard. ruffle, at of the Portland olub plained day E. C. 79c, Club. Six members nant, Jr.,: Chase, Harry Johnny Franklin H. the the right direction can enlighten the life Williston church was especially Interest- Hazelton, general LACES COUNTER. 50c. been will go to Lexington Thursday and the and Calvin Chase, Mrs. Pauline Deering $1.00. of a much older and The agent of the Equitable Life Insurance following week six members from the greater person. ing. Ferns, evergreens, palms, plants, Lace, Carl Clifford C. BeaL UNDERWEAR Wight, Mary to his home on Car- COUNTER (Men's). club will come to Portland. sermon was admirable. It not in- and were oompany,is Confined One of black UNDERWEAR Lexington only bouquets flags attraotively At the afternoon service the following lot Point COUNTER (.Muslin,)* Among the members who will play in structed and interested the children forward of roll Street, with the grip. .but arranged in the part the infants were One lot Lexington are Dean Sills, Mr. Walter C. baptized! Ruth Newman Venise and In- of natural but even the adults listened with church. The service was exclu- Judge Enoch Knight of Los Angeles, Chantilly Emerson, Mr. William C, Eaton, Mr. pleas- morning Bunting, Morris Blwln Laihrop Moulton, An assorted lot of ure. The rest of the service was to the school Cali., formerly editor of the Portland Ad- mixed, Ellis, Mr. Richard C. Payson. morning sively given up Sunday Lora Viola Winslow, Eva May Oliver, sertions at 25c, been 38c light weight of the usual charaoter. Of there were about vertiser and judge of the munioipal court, trimmed The funeral of Peroy Skillings, son oi ohildren whom 200 Stanley Warren Buth Wig- Shirts and at Nightgowns, Edward who was drowned Maogowan, is In the at the ho- and a Drawers, Skillings, In the evening the ohurch was filled at present as participants in the exercises. Paul Charles city Congress Square 48c yard. with Friday will tano in th gin Carter, Saunders. Swiss afternoon, place the Sunday Sobool concert. The school marched in at the of the tel. all sizes. embroidery, church at Peaks island, at 8 o’clock to- They beginning The exercises were extremely Interest- SILKS COUNTER. 21c, Special with much credit the musical the Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Scarborough and at day. sang chorus, programme, boys passing ing, There was singing apd reoitatlons value. empire high neck, “June “The World’s the aisle on the extreme and of Boston, formerly of Portland, have The of Elizabeth Wads “Awake,” Song," up right by Grace Moore, Etta Marlon One lot of been regular meeting Phelps, been spending several months in Mexico. printed 75c, $1.00 and worth Chapter will be held today at i Creator,” and “Nature’s Praise.” Miss the girls on the left, the two Columns Randall HOSIERY COUNTER. (Men’s.) Bennett, Thurrell, Tommy the who visited p. m. After the business meeting a Walsh a with much taste. in the rear of the church and re- Among Portlandjpeople Florentine Silks, short #1.12. pro gave reading meeting Dame, Olarence Whitney, Reginald Mc- gramme appropriate to Flag Day wil the RangeJey lake region last week were The primary exercises were very interest- turning side by side down the center Mabel One lot of seamless be carried out. The chapter would re Donald, Morse, Theodore Bur- lengths at 49c a Also a small lot of and the a short address. Then the attired little Mr. and Mrs. E. H. York, Mr, and Mrs. mostly, fine quest citizens to observe Flag Day, Juni ing pastor gave aisle. gaily folks, rowes, Harry Libby, Earl Strout, Willie cotton fast their their faces radiant with sunshine took H. S Higgins, Mr. E. K. Brown, Mr. marked down from Half-Hose, Corset 14, by displaying flags. STATE STREET. Carter, Bertie Nye,"Ada Wrigbt, Wallace yard, Covers at the The of the Ladies’ Vet seats each teacher C. S. Morton, Miss \ Kneeland, Miss K. black and russet regular meeting by classes, looking Bennett, B. McDonald, Mary Donovan, shades, same eran Firemen’s Aid will be hel< The recess and its Kneeland, Mr. 0. E. Thompson and Mr. 63c. price. Society pulpit, surroundings after her little flock. Blanche at Orient hall, this at 7.3( Evelyn Jordan, Allen, Ada at a a ser- evening were brilliant with daisies, snowballs, an anthem the Frank Clarkson. NEEDLEWORK 9c pair, good o’clock. jAn opening chorus, by Bishop, Clinton Burrowes, Frank Tre- COUNTER. BASRMENT. wild flowers and potted plants. Each and a Mr. John Philip Sousa, the noted hand- Rev. H. B. Long of the Bethanj choir, prayer responsive Scripture fethen, Miss M. Gertrude Card, Mr. Mer- viceable sock. South pew occupied by the soholars bore a large the master, will spend this summer on a Ver- One lot of church, Portland preached tc reading comprised opening exeroises, ton Whitney, Miss Edna Barbour, Miss Japanese the soldiers of Burdett on cluster of snowballs. The which the mont farm. It will be his first vacation Also a lot of Twenty-five dozen sat« Camp Prospect congregation, following primary department Alice M. Miss Susie Miss boys’ BUI yesterday. Buxton, Roye, in 16 printed Crape Cloth, for which filled every seat was ushered by was oalled into requisition. There were Rena years. teen United It is that Marson, besides the intermediate wool Sweaters, wide States expected Major Hoxie wil Carl Smith, Philip Hinkley, Walter reoitations Mr. C. L. Staples of Chicago, is visiting and send an assistant to Bar by Marjorie Sayward. Gladys and primary classes. There was a pillows, lambrequins engineer Harbor, very relatives in Portland. on this Smart, Philip Thompson, Lawrence Chamberlain, Hilda M. sailor collars with white Flags, mounted week, to superintend the mounting George Cressey, pretty flag exeroise by seven young ladies; other at a spear of the for the defense of Charles William Clement Vira Peters Rev. and Mrs. C. Morton Sills and drapery, 9c big guns French- Woodbury, Harmon, Crunn, Goodwin, a “S weet Voice of head at two men’s charming quartette, at staffs, for bay. Johnston and Raymond Smart. During and a vocal duett family will spend the summer in St. stripe, 65c, regular Henry Gooding, by Jesus,” by Misses Maude Stetson and yard.^been 15c. District son of Mr. N. B. Judge Webb, Attorney Dyer, the sermon a Harry Payson Warren Barnes and Olive Barnes, a trio Alice Andrews, dollar 25c. Clerk States Marshal Saun- M. Buxton, Messrs Chester W. quality. Davis,United was and to these chil- The of Mr. Donald LEATHER GOODS ders and baptized baptized by Marjorie Stickney, Marlon Jones and Doten and marriage Fuller, COUNTER. Deputy U. S. Marshal Smith, Harry B. Hamilton a very UMBRELLAS COUNTER. One lot of returned home from dren, who had reached the age of seveD and an exercise Don- proprietor of the Evening Courier, will Japanese Saturday Bangor, Marjorie Ross, by impressive ‘‘The Choloe of a exeroise, take metal where they have been holding court. years, Bibles were presented: Emily ald Burrowes, Dorothy Clay, Ruth Baker plaoe Jtffie 23 at Franklin, Pa., One lot of Buck- and Cream of F Banner,” in which Miss Green Warren A lot of fine twilled Sugar Sets, Sergt. Bailey company, Connec- Hart Brown, Everest Johnston, Dana K. and Madeline Kenant. the home of the betrothed. ticut volunteers, has to Hartford was leader, Mr. Clement with new mili- at were gone Simpson, Hoxle of the United States els, flag, 15c, 25c, to enlist 22 recruits. Merrill, Edgar Robinson Payson, Jr., One especially interesting feature was Youth, Miss Helen Norton, Home, Mr. Major engi- union siik Umbrellas, Elizabeth Mllliken Edward the Bibles to Forrest Doten, Miss neer board is in New York on business. and decora^- Some of the Portland bioyclists are Payson, Pay- presentation of three Lydia Temperance, Luoy tary navy One lot of Peace, Sir Harold steel porcelain planning to attend the races at Pittsfield. son Walter M. Smith. Skolfleld, Milton Hanson and Donald Thurrell, Everett, Mr. D. Howard Fuller, P. H. S., won paragon frame, rod, Patriotism, and Miss Tillie UJmer, The tions at been July 3. The exercises were the at 17c, 25c. Jardinieres, assorted col- very interesting. Grant, members of the Sunday school, Cross. Mr. Harry Humphrey officiated collegeiate tenuis championship well made, at The Brooks excursion from care Cornell $1.72, party That of “Let eaoh man take how he who have the seventh anniversary at the organ ill the afternoon and Mrs. University lafet week. at Mass., will spend two weeks passed FANCY GOODS COUNTER. ors, 21c, were Springfield, was attractive. H. W. Cobb in the evening. Rev. Mr. Miss Grace M. teacher of marked from 36c. at Old Orchard in the of bulldeth,” particularly of their baptism in infancy. An appro- Pilisbury, $2.48. early part July, Freeman gave an admirable address to' hundred of them After the Rinalnfr hv “Little Builders” musio In the Biddoford schools, visited Two will be entertained priate address by the superintenent ac- the children. One lot of Thermom=> TRIMMINGS COUNTER. at the Old Orchard house and 50 friends lh at th< by the intermediate and primary depart- oompanied the presentation. The chief features of the evening were Portland, Saturday. a odom inov cottage, wm arrive at tn< A _ _J 1^4. ments, Donald Payson “The Build- A was taken to aid the the chorus the address Mr. S. Dana, F. H. and eters in beach 1. spoke special offering selections, pastor’s W, Little fancy ^ 1U iVW UI July a nd the exercise The Choice placques, ers," Margaret “House Build- Portland Fresh Air and toward 6poken of, family of iligh street, have moved to The Russell^the soolety of a of oao Koon fOP anniversary committee of Ferr written the — — the Banner,” by su’perin'- their summer at the ^--u- cotton lodge, No. 2, U. O. of I. O. I*., are re ers, Margaret Skillings “Temple the fund for the sending of good reading tendent. cottage Cape. fancy Trimming to meet afternoon ai and Rinesthe “Foolish Mr. S. news edi- quested Thursday Builders,” Henry to the Maine soldiers at the front. George H.;MoDowell, STA TIONER Y CO UNTER. 2c 4 o’clock with CONGRESS STREET. Braids, for dresses, at OWEN, MOORE & CO. Mrs. Given, 251 Higt Builders," with response by the choir. tor ot the Evening Courier, has severed street, WEST END CONGREGATIONAL. Among other pleasing recitations was Children's day was observed at the af- his connection with that paper. JJ One lot of and a marked down The Young of The Sunday school concert at the West plain yard, People’s society Congress one entitled by five little ternoon and evening services at Congress Miss Graoe Perley Locke, daughter of church are to hoid a “Greeting” in the Square strawberry End Congregational church even- Street E. ruled Letter from sociable next boys, another’ “Our Happy Day,” with M. chnroh. The beautiful Hon. A. Loqke of this city, grad- Paper, sup- 5c. Wednesday evening in th< called out a audience. The ex- Joseph “GENTLEMEN’S GARMENTS, ing large audienoe room was more beautiful church vestry. The Connecticut boys song, by twelve little girls; “Christ and made uated at Bryn Mawr college, June 2, re- in Also an assorted lot of be the eroises under the direction of Superin- erior pads, will special guests of the evening the Hattie Brazier; “£e by the deoorations. Over the arch in the ceiving the of Bachelor of Arts quality, Whole Suits Walter I. Main’s circus is Children,” by tendent William H. assisted degree coming into Morton, by rear of the were “Chil- metal this state are my friends,” by Paul Graham, Vir- pulpit the words and in “The Group of Greek and Philo- with beautiful colored fancy Buttons, the latter part of this month. the teachers of the Sunday school, were Sanford Dorris dren 's Day” in large gilt letters. Flags sophy.” This a honor for Miss CLEANSED AND PRESSED FOR Half fare has been secured on the Maim ginia Woodbury, Corey, The ;[is great of the battle- assorted fit for exceedingly interesting. programme the rear windows and Locke pictures styles, Central tp Waterville for June 13, 14 anc Webber, Leroy Cummings and Ruth draped hung grace- as on account of the severe ox- mam included recitations by Florence Thomp- $1.30 mmm 16,when the council meeting of the Maim Turner, and “Before the Collection,” by fully from the posts which supported the aminatioh'at entrance it is|hard to enter on the cover, at shirtwaists and chil- Patriarchs Militant is to be held Sadie Isabel Morrill, Edith ships in American or Ireuch there. Helen son, Sawyer, roof. The floral decorations oonslsted of this and the is that way. Deerlng. Blanche college saying having i at The Woman’s Missionary soci Mllliken, Carroll Berry, Emer- a ic. dren’s dresses, 17c, All Foreign The music was Kotzschmar background extending aoross the plai> once entered it is harder to out. She dyeing and done etv of the Portland Methodist districi fine, pre- Blanche and get cleansing son, Ethel Miller, Lowe of from is the second to none in the ■world. will meet in Biddeford next sided at the organ and the choir rendered ioicm, graoefui'ferns,'transplanted first to graduate from this city, JEWELRY COUNTER. marked down from 24c. Thursday Sterling Dyer; songs by Martin Fobs, Miss Buth Sites, a returned missionary in grand style with tbs school as chorus- the forest and tastefully arranged wild from Bryn Mawr college, and. intends to from India, will be there. Margaret Emerson, Florence Thompson, and es, “Onward Chistian Soldiers,” the cultivated flowers and potted plants. take a post graduate course. One lot of CORSETS COUNTER. J. N. J. * In the last number of the Bulletin Bennie True, Elizabeth True and Mr. Sterling hO.\HOLDT, “Children's and “Christ In the center was a beautiful memorial ||Hon. F. F. Richards of Portland, is at published the of anthem, Day,” Ernest Haskell. PRACTICAL DYER. by ijeague Americai Evans; clarinet solo by of for Mrs. Silver Scissors at Suffer Little with response bouquet pink and white pinks Rangeley lake, on a fishing trip, accom 39c, lot of summer Works Simond’s Dve 83 Wheelmen, appeared a fine half-tom Children,” were One House, India St. Cen- Inaddition to these there several Julia was tral office 8 Elm St. picture of the surf at Cape Elizabeth. from the wen very E. Rolfe. The musio espec- panied by Hon. George D. Bisbee of Bum- been Telephone 13W. primary department, emblematic reoltations. 50c. at The photograph from whioh the cut wai I effective. dialogues,and ially fine. The chorus sung Dudley Buck’s ford Falls. Corsets, all sizes, 50c, jel3diw» made was a snap-shot by Mr. E. E, FIRST FREE BAPTIST. “All the Mr. W. G. of Cobb of East Dr. Jenkins’ address to the ohildren was “Slug Allalojab Forth,’’ day Osborne, Jr., Portland, TOILET GOODS COUNTER. value. WASTED. Deering. The ohuroh never was great taken from 2d Timothy III 16, “All First Free Baptist This Song I’m Singing,” sung by who enlisted with the Portland Cadets, Situation by a young man who understands The membership of the Maine division and is to work. Two looked more attractive than yesterday the and all joined heartily in and has been as Maine One lot of Witch Haz- At same counter, a lot bookkeeping willing League of American Wheelmen, nov Soripture is given by Inspiration of God quartette, serving hospital years experience. Graduate ot Gray’s Port- when and were and “Savoir at land Business fur- numbers 461. and it is profitable for doctrine, for re- morning ovening given singing “Angel's Song,” steward Chlckamauga, has been pro- College. Good references el Balm at a bottle. of children’s Under- nished. Address CUAS. E. Skow The raided up to the children. The of our coun- Like a to the United 7c ALLEN, police Landers’ drug stor< proof for correctness, for instruction in flag Shepherd.” moted States hospital at Maine. at 43 Middle hegan, Jel3d2w» street, yesterday, seizing f righteousness.” The dootor first of try was the keynote of the decorations. The subject of the pastor’s sermon was Camp Thomas. One lot of Madame elastic back, with of beerr, rum and spoke waists, quantity whiskey. The national was fastooned in front and Man.” The Alta the appropriateness and significance of flag “Favor with God text Mrs. Pease-Cronse of Syracuse, famous of the a the Face hose attached infant baptism and secondly of the use of pulpit recess and large banner was I Sam. 11, 26, “And child Sam- N. Y., is the guest of her cousin, Mrs. Campbell’s supporter the Bible in first of all giving informa- ocoupied a spaoe in front of the organ. uel grew on and was in favor both with Alice C. Frazier, Congress street. Powder at 15c, sold at been 50c. The men.” 36c, tion, then reproof, correction and instruc- motto “Children’s Sunday, stood the Lord and also with As an in- Mr. P. H. Woods, who was here with the Wilbur opera this at tion In righteousness. out in bold belief in red, white and blue. troduction Mr. Berry said, the favor of company spring, everywhere 25c. has left the company. Marion Manola INFANTS’ OUTFITS COUNTER. Tall trees stood on either side man is but the favor of God is A PARK STREET. evergreen desirable, Mason is now with the One lot of celluloid of the Wilburs, playing pulpit aud in front was a oboice far more to be desired and he is indeed in New York state. MILK at A lot of fine There was a happy gathering Park of has and Tooth Brush striped array cut flowers. Over the entrance fortunate who keeps the favor of Hon. Wilbur F. Lunt of New York, Cases, 11 Street church of bright faced children and ti the auditorium were glories of flags, both. That person is in favor with God formerly of Portland,is visiting in Maine. white Lawn, at 9c a STERILIZER Pretty their parents yesterday afternoon. Sever- white, blue and pink, at and flags of all nations festooned the who persistently aims to be righteous and g g al vases of the marked down largo flowers adorned pul- walls under the holds the yard, gallleries. humanity righteous in highest No AboiiTit- 21c, been 23c. Is essential to baby’s pit recess. After an organ voluntary by Question Woman Messrs. G. E. Owen, Vernon Cram, favor. Even unrighteous man hates from 12 i*2c and health in sum- Takes in Miss at the church 15c. good delight good Willey, long organist Orr. Louis Edwin Pal- in others and if it Philip Coolbroth, crime sometimes expresses Teaches Which is the Best HABERDASHERY cooking, especially there was the usual the Experience COUNTER. Also a lot of mer. has that Fine singing by choir, mer and William Fernald were hatred and his Fruity the this appreciation for right- Medicine. fancy have the best Flavor that prayer by the pastor and responsive read- We ushers, each designated by an American eousness by lynching his fellow for some troubled One lot of men’s lawn Dresses, for chil- ng followed by recitations *‘I have been severely with line of sterilizers. pleasing by flag iu ills lapel. most hateful and unrighteous act. Contin- Baker’s John Bl.tke Mabel Murray and Ray Dil- scrofula complicated erysipelas, for all two to four Also all kinds of nur- In the morning, the pastor, Rev. Lewis uing the speaker said that child is well Neckties, shapes,dark dren years, I have tried many jlon. Dr. Worden’s greeting was tben read toward the many years. remedies, sery supplies except Malvern, gave a delightful child talk to started favor of God and man the but to Hood’s Sarsapa- and medium at at marked down Extracts Flavors uy president of the Young People’s the comes into always go back colors, 50c, wearing apparel. childreu illustrating the new Je-u- who a homo, as did Samuel, They are the Best Christian there were rilla, which I find does me the most give. undoubtedly Enaavor. Then rec- in answer to his three for because the never the salem, showing its streets and threo mother’s and 25c. from 75c. ; quality varies, tatlons Lillian Edwin prayers, I have been benefited by ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ is double other con- by Murray, Blake, and and good. greatly | strength extracts, gates, asking many questions of the wisdom righteousness will grealty they are the mo3t economical six young ladies and the de- help using it, and have found nothing to 11 sequently by primary children that were and satis- a child onward In f3 use just one-half the quantity of promptly suoh favor. you partment, and an address by Rev. Mr. take its place. It? is undoubtedly the best i Baker’s ae yon would of other extracts. factorily answered. I Hannah’sjintense and H. HAY & 1 loyal love for 111. To lie convinced try Baker’s Extracts the right blood medicine on the market.” MRS. SON, McGilvray pastor, especially adapted In the ho ohuroh was wus just once. Your Grocer sells them. evening paokLd oauglit by her boy and exhibited A. | to the children. was also a H. West Maine. Thore solo by for a concert. Master Willie Holly, Farmington, -- delightful throughout his life. OWEN, MOORE & CO. Mrs. Lewis. OWEN, MOORE & CO. Middle St. Fairfield made a very bright and attrac- But while Inherited tendencies and] Hood’s Pfils cure all Liver Ills, 25 cent*. | L In