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VOLUME 1: “THE BIG SCREEN” VOLUME 3: “INDUSTRIAL POWERHOUSE” 18301-18303 Super Hero Explosive orchestra, heroic theme, uplifting, spirited 18501-18503 Industrial Giant Energized, determined,asserted rhythmic motion 18304-18306 The Final Mission Dramatic action, driving percussion, dark & determined 18504-18506 The Liberty Theme Trumpet intro, touches of Americana, spirited 18307-18309 Westward Ho! Early American, Appalachian “Hoe-down”, festive 18507-18509 Industry on the Move Automated, evolving,confident, industrial assembly 18310-18312 Hollywood Horror Psychological, mysterious, dark strings, evolving 18510-18512 Automation Nation Modern, robotic, unique sound design rhythms 18313-18315 Echoes of America Heartfelt, Americana, feature with full orchestra 18513-18515 Industrial Visionaries Forward moving, spirited, corporate image 18316-18318 The Aviator Scenic vistas, uplifting, colorful orchestrations 18516-18518 R & D Beat Colorful, contemporary 18319-18321 Alien Action Modern, determined, powerful, driving 18519-18521 Industry in Action Trumpet opening, constant motion, confident, upbeat 18322-18324 Mountain Eagle Peaceful, introspective, acoustic gituar feature 18522-18524 Industrial Expo Power fanfare intro, uplifting, spacious & grand 18325-18327 Strange Cinema Quirky, woodwinds & swaggering bones 18525-18527 Leading the Way Upbeat, positive, contemp. rhythm section, 18328-18330 The Plains of Africa Log drums, distant Native chanting, ethnic rhythms 18528-18530 Time Marches On Unique chime-clock intro, futuristic, automated pulse 18331-18333 Shoulder of Orion Futuristic, breathy, celestial, textural 18531-18533 Pride of America Stately, thematic, corporate image, relaxed tempo 18334-18336 Free-World Fanfare Power fanfare, energized, dramatic, confident motion 18534-18536 Industrial Challenge Positive, forceful, confident, up tempo VOLUME 2: “TELEVISION PLUS” VOLUME 4: “ROCK ‘N ROLL CALL” 18401-18403 Thrill Seekers Powerful horns, driving rhythm section, energized 18701-18703 Carlos Lives Melodic rock, latin percussion, positive, free 18404-18406 Rumble Seat ‘40’s drum feature, cool, swinging, Dixieland flavor 18704-19706 Texas Slide Southern , cool chuggin’ rhythm, grass slide lead 18407-18409 Malibu Sole’ Feel-good samba, flute & steel drum leads, easy tempo 18707-18709 Growlin’ and Howlin’ Late 50’s Rockin’ stroll, sax lead, piano solos 18410-18412 Perfect Strangers Lt. contemp. theme, steady pulse, melodic piano & guitar lead 18710-18712 Roll That Stone Garage feel 2 and 4, down and dirty, drum intro 18413-18415 Good to be Alive Fun activated rhythm, uplifting, confident, contemp. instrument 18713-18715 50’s B’ Good The vibe of Chuck, Jerry Lee and that great 50’s era 18416-18418 Boogie-Woogie Bop Pumping boogie-woogie piano, string & 18716-18718 I Remember Jimi The psychodelic sound of the 60’s, tribute to Hendrix 18419-18421 Livin’ the Good Life Uptempo modern theme, catchy, solid movement 18719-18721 Rockin’ The blend of and jazz, funky, sax lead 18422-18424 Pure and Simple Light & relaxed, acoustic gituar melody, easy,rhythmic 18722-18724 Big Bottom Fat and Ballsy, hard driving guitar and sax 18425-18427 Digital Badlands “Wild West”, ‘60’s Italian-made Western - updated 18725-18727 More Than Money Upbeat, positive feel, sax lead, solid driving back beat 18428-18430 Private Dic’s Modern, action - oriented, determined 18728-18730 Surfer Scene The California surfer sound, drum feature, strat guitar 18431-18433 Independence Day Early-American fife & drums, upbeat, patriotic theme 18731-18733 Heavier Than Metal Intense chain saw, power , heavy metal licks 18434-18436 Little Tot T.V. Snappy, joyous feel, comic counds, laughing hyena melody 18734-18736 Movie Modern Hip Hop Blues, full live horn section, sassy 18437-18439 This Week in Sports Powerful horns, driving rhythm section, energized

1 SuperThemes Visit the CSS Music e-store at ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 VOLUME 5: “AN AMERICAN PORTRAIT” VOLUME 9: “NATURE SPHERE” 18801-18803 The Pioneers Sweeping, Copelandesque, trumpet solos, grandeur 19201-19203 Kilomanjaro Rain African-S. American Rhythms, ethnic flute 18804-18806 Wabash Cannon Ball Chuggin’ back porch feel, banjo, fiddle, harmonica interplay 19204-19206 Ocean Scape Panoramic, crashing waves, spiraling, swelling 18807-18809 Lonesome Prairie The quintessential sound of the early settlers 19207-19209 Nature Sphere Modern textures, dring acoustic guitar, lyric melody 18810-18812 French Cajun Dance Free spirited, historical cajun flavor, joyous, accordian 19210-19212 Rain Forest Lush, flowing water, haunting wood flute, atmospheric 18813-18815 Amazing Grace Bluesy, reverent, dobro lead, heartfelt 19213-19215 Web of Life Positive, contemporary, easy, relaxed, colorful 18816-18818 Banjo Hill Breakdown good time stomp, trading banjo and fiddle, banjo feature 19216-19218 World of Darkness Dark, mysterious, cello, flute, atmospheric 18819-18821 Battle Hymn of the Republic Somber memorial, trumpet solo, authentic field drum 19219-19221 Earth Watch Joyous, upbeat, strong theme, world ethnic flavor 18822-18824 Dixie Banjo lead, light bounce, simple and personal 19222-19224 Predator and Prey danger, excitment, animal stalk, chase, and capture 18825-18827 Letters from Gettysburg Heartfelt and private, solos filled with longing 19225-19227 Peaceful Meadow Tranquility, flute and Clarinet duet, spacious 18828-18830 Liberty Lil Saloon Wild West saloon style piano solo, upbeat 19128-19230 Light on the Landscape Travelogue, picturesque, positive, forward motion 18831-18833 Ghost Dancers Authentic flavor of the native American war chant w/drums 19231-19233 Waterhole Wildlife Light comedy, colorful orchestration, playful 18834-18836 Song of the Spirit World Native American flute set in a natural environment 19234-19236 Uncertain Future Unresolved, flute, oboe, cello, introspective VOLUME 6: “THE DREAM IS ALIVE” VOLUME 10: “THE SPIRIT OF SUCCESS” 18901-18903 American Anthem Heartfelt Americana, soaring solo trumpet, beautiful 19301-19303 Spirit of Success Motivational, industrial, strong + positive 18904-18906 The Dream is Alive Poignant woodwinds, sweeping middle, moving, broad. 19304-19306 Forward Energy Contemporary rythmic feel, bold, assertive 18907-18909 Grand Canyon Grandiose fanfare, powerful horns, inspiring 19307-19309 Brave New World Innovative, techno-power, forward motion 18910-18912 Last Full Measure of Devotion Poignant string memorial, deep sorrow, rich, broad 19310-19312 Alive and Well Positive, feel good, light industrial, acoustic guitar 18913-18915 The Power Within The feeling of awe, regal and inspiring 19313-19315 The Road to Glory Action sports, powerful, challenging, bold 18916-18918 Battle Cry Serious, military, ominous, march like 19316-19318 Information Superhighway Techno-computer, broad regal horns, exciting 18919-18921 Humble Beginnings Heartfelt, flute and oboe, American, reflective 19319-19321 Brighter Side of Life Easy rock, positive, uplifting 18922-18924 Spirit of the Sea Hollywood swashbuckler, spirited, confident 19322-19324 Prime Time Sports Powerhouse sports, hard driving horn melody 18925-18927 The American Experience Timeless Americana, piano + strings, touching 19325-19327 Bound and Determined Building, determined, confident 18928-18930 Dreams Made Real Modern orchestra rock anthem, strong, driving 19328-19330 The Adventurers Heroic, exciting percussion, hard driving 18931-18933 In Command Trumpet pyramids, fast and exciting, powerful 19331-19333 Telecom 2000 Techno-industrial, robotic, unusual 18934-18936 Follow Your Dream Proud and Stately, determined, hopeful 19334-19336 Issues & Answers Forward motion, assertive, confident VOLUME 7: “NEW AGE COLLAGE” VOLUME 11: “SUPER CINEMA” 19001-19003 Autumn Flowing Expressive acoustic guitar, introspective, evolving 19401-19403 Hollywood Blues Chase High energy, harmonica and blues band chase 19004-19006 To Fly with a Dream Inspirational, motivational, driving, powerful 19401-19406 Manhunt Dark and percussive, unsettled, building 19007-19009 Reflections in Time Simple and touching, poignant memories, joy and sorrow 19407-19409 Law and Order Strong theme, determined, medium tempo 19010-19012 Standing in the Light Peaceful, positive, forward motion, catchy 19410-19412 Rapid Fire Exciting, explosive, rapid action 19013-19015 So Far Away Powerful sax, rock ballad, soulful guitar 19413-19415 Danger On The Bayou Bluesey harmonica, dark, atmospheric 19016-19018 Windward Sails Tranquil guitar duet, reflective and free 19416-19418 The Last Goodbye Poignant, personal and romantic 19019-19021 Free Fall Light , lyric bass solo, rythmic + rich 19419-19421 Under Cover Mood, mystery, suspense, intrigue 19022-19024 Life So Bright Positive, progressive ryth. sec., soprano sax 19422-19424 Energy Express Percussive, powerful, driving 19025-19027 Blue Rock Solitude Introspective guitars, spacious, dreamlike 19425-19427 Panorama Broad images, orchestral, grand 19028-19030 Ho Mi Han Childlike, touching, bittersweet, timeless 19428-19430 Traveling Music, Please Light, catchy, colorful and travelogue 19031-19033 The Mystery Waltz Strangely sad, uncertain, Victorian, soul searching 19431-19433 Special Forces Robotic, energized, forceful 19034-19036 Velvet Rain Crystal voices, soothing, melting, relaxing 19434-19436 American Heart Heartland America, simple, nostalgic VOLUME 8: “SUPERSTYLES VOLUME 12: “BIG SCREEN II” 19101-19103 Cajun Celebration Louisiana party music, good time cajun accordian 22201-22203 Feature Presentation Bold, symphonic, exciting intro, lyric theme 19104-19106 and Pepper Hot salsa, driving horns/ latin percussion 22204-22206 Epic Western Grandious, powerful, full orchestra Americana 19107-19109 Country, Country Back porch strummin, upbeat, twang pickin’ solo 22207-22209 Big Screen March Hollywood adventure march, noble trumpet lead, positive 19110-19112 Reggae jammin’ Laid back, feelin’ good, 2 beat groovin’ 22210-22212 Gothic Hero Dark super hero theme, exciting, orchestra and choir 19113-19115 Midnight Jazz Smokey sax solos, bluesy, upright bass, piano, drums 22213-22215 The Homecoming Heartfelt, Americana, moving solo trumpt, sweeping 19116-19118 Rock Dis’ Boat straight ahead guitar rockin’, lots of guts 22216-22218 Dangerous Business Modern, flowing, sequential, mysterious 19119-19121 Hey Marvin Motown with a New Jack feel, soleful guitar lead 22219-22221 The Conqueror’s Epic fanfare, massive symphonic feel, rolling nautical effect 19122-19124 Rocket 50’s strat guitar rockabilly, lots of fun 22222-22224 Mysterious Adventure Dark, Orchestsral, erie choral swells, big 19125-19127 New Jack EZ Easy Feeling, new jack , strong theme 22225-22227 Calando Amour Sax solo, acoustic guitar, clarinet, warm tender, heartfelt 19128-19130 Funkenstein Nasty street funk, rap influences, raw 22228-22230 The Plot Thickens Hollowood mystery, thriller, moody, intriging 19131-19133 Cosmopolitan jazzy and fun, catchy theme, relaxed, simple 22231-22233 Fields of War Battlefield tribute, distant bugle calls, dark, ominous 19134-19136 House Science Unusual house feel and melody, driving, upbeat 22234-22236 I’ll Always Remember Light comedy, romance, relaxed, easy, strong theme

ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 Visit the CSS Music e-store at SuperThemes 2 VOLUME 13: “SUPER SYMPHONIC”* VOLUME 17: “EXOTIC DESITNATIONS” 22301-22303 Pictures At An Exhibition (choral) Broad, Regal, Moving, Stately Brass intro 22701-22703 Sands of the Middle East (Middle East) auth. Baglama-saz & tambura rythms, driving & rich 22304-22306 Concerto #3, 1st Mvmt. Moderate tempo, elegent 22704-22706 African Vista (Africa) scenic, open, authenic, ivory horn & hand percussion 22307-22309 Water Music, Hornpipe Trumpet fanfare, Stately, Proud, Flowing 22707-22709 Latin Dance (Latin America) Hot salsa flavor, colorful brass, solo piano, fun! 22310-22312 Piano Concerto #2, 1st Mvmt. Colorful interplay, bouncing, playful, 22710-22712 Paris Street Song (France) Acordian and acoustic guitar duet romantic, nostalgic 22313-22315 Divertimento #1 in D Allegro Spirited, bouncing, joyous, determined 22713-22715 The Pacific Rim (Asia) New Age influence, rich, expansive, evolving 22316-22318 Divertimento #1 in D Andante Heartfelt, warm, elegant, sweet, flowing 22716-22718 Zydego Party (New Orleans) Up beat, fun cajun dance, acordian feature 22319-22321 Divertimento #1 in D Presto Fast flourishes, exciting, driving, aggressive 22719-22721 Bombay (India) Exotic flavor, mysterious, classic sitar, table rythms 22322-22324 Trumpet Voluntary Trumpet fanfare, bold, rejoicing, uplifting 22722-22724 Flower of the Orient (Asia) Tender, child like, koto, folk flute, warm, inviting 22325-22327 Schcrzando in C Major Playful, colorful, exuberant, with motion 22725-22727 Carribean Hideaway (Carribean) Colorful, percussion, light festive feel, fun 22328-22330 La Rejonissance Festive, cheerful, rejoicing, lively 22728-22730 Exotic Destinations (Ancient World) Exploration, mysterious, hypnotic 22331-22333 Trumpet Tune Regal, trumpet fanfare, uplifting, celebratory 22731-22733 Carnival of Venice (Italy) The timeless classic performance on concertina & 22334-22336 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Elegant, wistful, rich, vibrant 22734-22736 Mist on Fujiama (Japan) Introspect, somber koto, Okawa drums, Hyoshigi blocks VOLUME 14: “SUPER SWING” VOLUME 18: “DANCE/TECHNOLOGY” 22401-22403 Harlem 1930 Down and Dirty, depression era feel, sassy solos 22801-22803 Work It Mega Mix Bass bomb, dance rap, hard driving, aerobic workout 22404-22406 Bugle Blues War era trumpet jump, exciting, fun, colorful 22804-22806 Aerobic Raver High energy aerobic, exciting, floor feel 22407-22409 American Patrol Trumpet, sweet piano, mid tempo, old time memories 22807-22809 Jack Swingin’ New Jack swing, positive, feel good grovin’ 22410-22412 Jazz Heads Cool jazz shuffle, groovin’, late night talk show feel 22810-22812 Maestro Techno Euro techno house, industrial sound design 22413-22415 Samba Sunny Lounge, Late Night Jazz Session, carefree, easy swingin’ 22813-22815 World Beat Box Voices of the world, strange and exotic, solid beat 22416-22418 When The Saints Upbeat, New Orleans style, good time feel 22816-22818 Ooh La La Boom Boom Voices of children, colorful vocal effects, driving rythms 22419-22421 America The Beautiful Patriotic swing, relaxed- nostalgic, bluesy 22819-22821 Information Explosion Rapid fire musical montage, wild, high technology 22422-22424 Prohibition Blues Tin pan alley stomp, solid, soulful and dirty 22822-22824 Techno-Sphere Other worldly, futuristic, erie, flowing, liquid 22425-22427 Ride Them Changes Trumpet Lead, Sax transition, late night feel, upbeat rhythm 22825-22827 Digital Determination Forceful, robotic, driving, sequential, modular 22428-22430 The G’ Men Cool, driving swing, sinister, catchy, old cartoon feel 22828-22830 Cyber-Sailing Positive, forward motion, light and airy sound colors, evolving 22431-22433 Blow Pops Piano, Boisterous Trumpet, snappy, saxophone transitions 22831-22833 Alien Outlaw Dark, energized, powerful, squential, futuristic 22434-22436 Cool It Big Boy! Soulful and sexy, provocative, laid back, cool! 22834-22836 Holloween House Mix Bizzar nightmare dance, industrial horror fx, solid groove

VOLUME 15: “OLYMPIAD” (SPORTS SPECTACULAR) VOLUME 19: “INDUSTRIAL SHOWCASE” 22501-22503 Olympic March Powerful fan fare, uplifting march, majestic orchestra 24701-24703 The Spirit of America Bold Americana, uplifting, powerful 22504-22506 The Victory Lap Driving shuffle, positive colorful theme, confident 24704-24706 Finding the Courage Driving, exciting, dramatic 22507-22509 Super Charged Ultra high energy, edge, intense, aggressive 24707-24709 All Eyes Forward Innovative, industrial sounds, assertive 22510-22512 It Hard Kickin’ power shuffle, hard edged guitar and horns, great feel 24710-24712 The Big Show Power shuffle, sports brass, determined 22513-22515 Sports Spectacular Show opener, punchy brass, energized groove, exciting! 24713-24715 Always Positive Contemporary, confident, solid pulse 22516-22518 Dramatigo Sports action, dramatic, orchestral, serious 24716-24718 Standing Tall Show opener, spirited, big orchestra 22519-22521 Super Sports Power intro, positive, strong trumpet theme, great theme 24719-24721 Dot Dot Dash Futuristic, telecommunications, robotic 22522-22524 Hail The Hero’s Heroic brass fanfare and theme, heartfelt sports tribute 24722-24724 World View Today Powerful, orchestral, Lively 22525-22527 Hot Shots Hard drving, confident, exciting 24725-24727 Working Together Confident, relaxed, forward looking 22528-22530 Let The Games Begin Regal, orchestral intro, evolving, spirited 24728-24730 The Warrior Spirit Hard edged, driving, percussive 22531-22533 Legends Of Sports Powerful, punchy, action packed and paced 24731-24733 The Winning Edge Powerful, driving, positive 22534-22536 The Road To Glory Proud, determined, big stadium shuffle 24734-24736 Innovation Nation High tech sounds, bold, determined VOLUME 16: “BIG CORPORATE” 22601-22603 Enter the Internet Bold, forward looking, powerful, determination VOLUME 20: “JUST FOR KIDS” 24801-24803 Tiny Toe Nails Child like, playful, fun and games 22604-22606 Big Corporate Confident, regal, solid, strong corporate theme 24804-24806 Happy Feet Funny sounds, fun house can-can, jumpin’ 22607-22609 Leaders of Tomorow Broad, powerful intro, motivational theme, exciting 24807-24809 Little Devils Ghoulish um-pa-pa, bouncy 22610-22612 America on the Move Patriotic, pushing forward, positive, brass and flute solo’s 24810-24812 Kid Science Crazy, fun, driving, odd-ball science 22613-22615 World View Competitive, serious, rythmic string theme, evoluing, energized 24813-24815 Bouncing Balls Joyous, bouncy, playful 22616-22618 Industrial Elegance Pop classical mic, contemporary rythm sec., piano feature scenic 24816-24818 Cheese Corn Animated, quirky, memorable, one of a kind 22619-22621 Staying Power Driving competitive, agressive, full orchestral, big 24819-24821 Klassical Kids Cheerful, classical, miniature orchestra 22622-22624 Scenic Sevenity Pastoral, natural, positive, oboe/french horn duet, contemp. 24822-24824 Western Spaghetti Cool cowboy feel, twangy guitar, filmesque 22625-22627 Our Great Land Inspiring fan fare, touching full orchestra, broad, proud 24825-24827 Funny Papers Carefree clarinet bounce, fun, lite comedy 22628-22630 True Determination Solid drive, orchestral rock, powerful, motivational, determined 24828-24830 The Banana Dance Good time caribbean, steel drums, horns 22631-22633 Cutting Edge News Mod., punchy news theme, exciting, techno horns and perc. 24831-24833 Secret Agents ‘60’s spy theme, bond-esq, go-go boots 22634-22636 Allegro Animato Classical piano solo with orc., elegant, stately, confident 24834-24836 Hanging 10 and a Half Up-tempo, surfer tune, mysterious

*Volume 13 Composers: Selection #1– M. Moussorgsky; #2 – Brandenburg; #3,10 – Handel; #4, 9 – D. Wurst; #5,6,7,12 – Mozart; #8,11 – Purcel

3 SuperThemes Visit the CSS Music e-store at ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 VOLUME 21: “LIGHT JAZZ” VOLUME 25: “INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY”(SCIENCE & TECH.) 24901-24903 Movin’ At Midnight Good time groove, guitar/ sax, slick 27301-27303 Powerful Machines Bold, power brass and percussion 24904-24906 Baby Jack New jack jazz, harmonica and guitar, easy 27304-27306 Art of Innovation Confident, hopeful, positive feel 24907-24909 Shadow Dancing Late nite feel, soulful soprano sax ballad 27307-27309 Communication Nation Bold techno theme, steady and determined 24910-24912 Free Flight Lite jazz rock, guitar lead, funk feel 27310-27312 Age of Exploration Futuristic, expansive, wonder and discovery 24913-24915 Summer Sky Line Soulful sax ballad, tender, lonesome joe 27313-27315 Steady As She Goes Positive techno shuffle, confident, catchy 24916-24918 All The Way Up Positive, lite hip hip, colorful soprano sax 27316-27318 Simple Science Contemporary groove, light scientific 24919-24921 I Remember When Pop jazz ballad, relaxed, heartfelt 27319-27321 Traveling Through Time Time clock concept, broad, innovative 24922-24924 Keep It Coming Walking jazz guitar solo, carefree, cool 27322-27324 Radical Technology Driving, futuristic, dance-techno 24925-24927 A Day in the Park Relaxed bossa, melodic alto sax 27325-27327 Imagineering The Impossible Wheels in motion, positive, steady 24928-24930 Piano Groovin’ New jazz, funky shuffle, good time 27328-27330 Ideas for Tomorrow Techno imaging, light automation 24931-24933 The Soft Touch Cocktail piano, nostalgic jazz piano 27331-27333 Breaking the Bit Barrier Evolving, evocative, in motion 24934-24936 Pearls in the Sand Cha cha flute, colorful, festive 27334-27336 Galileo Other worldly, primal, vast, percussive

VOLUME 22: “ACOUSTIC GOLD” (aerobic, fashion, house) 25001-25003 Just Around The Corner Pastoral, scenic, reflective, piano feature VOLUME 26: “SUPER DANCE” 27401-27403 Aerobic All The Way Assertive, tight, punchy 25004-25006 Great Chef’s Relaxed, guitar feature, mellow jazz 27404-27406 Go For IT Kickin’ house, fun, exciting 25007-25009 Moving Mountains Powerful, determined, driving, emotional 27407-27409 Mambo To The Right Hot house mambo, a Latin classic 25010-25012 The Eyes of Autumn Whimsical piano feature, heartfelt, flowing 27410-27412 This Feels So Good Stadium aerobic, sports anthem 25013-25015 Candlelight And Wine Intimate solo guitar, warm, sophisticated 27413-27415 Heavier Than Hip Hop Hard edged hip hop, slammin’ 25016-25018 Danny Boy Soulful sax feature, reverent, a classic 27416-27418 Warm That Body Up Good time feel, upbeat, solid 25019-25021 Scenic Sketches Picturesque piano, evolving, w-movement 27419-27421 Four On The Floor Power aerobic, tons of percussion 25022-25024 On the Water Edge Classical guitar feature, poigniant, simple 27422-27424 Feel The Funk Tight hip hop, lots of attitude 25025-22027 Seasons Change Evolving, alluring, pastoral, tranquil 27425-27427 Cool It Down Steady pulse, easy flow, contemp keyboard 25028-25030 Walk Me Home Cool walking jazz guitar, bouncy, bluesy 27428-27430 Aerobic Beat Box Percussive Sound FX, energized 25031-25033 Green Sleeves Relaxed jazz waltz, alto sax and piano 27431-27433 Big House Booming Powerful, driving, big Euro- bass 25034-25036 Better Days Happy waltz, carefree, joyous 27434-27436 Bend A Little Solid house flow, fat bass & horns VOLUME 23: “SUPER SCOPE”(bold, emotional, panoramic) 25101-25103 Sunfire Canyon Naturesque, broad, colorful Americana VOLUME 27: “BIG SCREEN III” 27501-27503 Heros of Hollywood Heroic action march, Hollywood style 25104-25106 Courage Under Fire Dramatic, with motion, determined 27504-27506 The Big Picture Big Hollywood, majestic, sweeping 25107-25109 History In The Making Broad theme, spacious orchestration 27507-27509 Action Assault Power Sci-Fi action, exciting, orchestral 25110-25112 Birth of Freedom Patriotic flavors, touches of heroism 27510-27512 City Slackers Comedy Western, light hearted & upbeat 25113-25115 Letters Home Poignant, reflective, war remembrance 27513-27515 Stunning Scenery Picturesque, moving, pastoral 25116-25118 Mountain Majestic Vast images, full orchestra, emotional 27516-27518 History on the High Seas Epic swashbuckler, adventurous, dynamic 25119-25121 Eye of the Eagle Exciting, spirited, determined 27519-27521 Alien Encounters Awe struck feel, other worldly, enveloping 25122-25124 Fields of Valor Battlefield tribute, serious, reverent 27522-27524 Virtual Warriors Dark & dangerous, hard driving Techno action 25125-22127 The War Lords Dark, military, war strategy 27525-27527 Web Of Intrigue Mysterious, dramatic, sweeping 25128-25130 This Golden Plain Outdoor motion, broad nature theme 27528-27530 Under The Gun Bold, driving action, thriller-esque 25131-25133 Vanishing America Contemplative, heartfelt, Americana effigy 27531-27533 Running From The Lawless Big hits, rapid fire, evolving 25134-25136 Tranquility Base Dramatic, cinematic, spiraling, bold 27534-27536 The Torch Of Freedom Stately, panoramic, broad orchestration VOLUME 24: “ACOUSTIC PIANO” 27201-27203 Sails In The Sun Peaceful, heartfelt imagery ,naturesque VOLUME 28: “COUNTRY/BLUEGRASS” 27601-27603 Swinging West Fiddle feature, good time western swing 27204-27206 Dawn’s Theme Catchy bounce, positive, joyous 27604-27606 Country Steel Classic country ballad featuring Steel Pedal 27207-27209 The Light Touch Simple, poignant, easy feeling 27607-27609 Riding the Fiddle Express Chuggin train feel, jumpin’ blue grass 27210-27212 Rock’n’ Those Keys Rock’n’ show theme, fun, up 27610-27612 The Western Waltz Sweet Cumberland fiddle, & guitar 27213-27215 Native American Impressions Solitude, tranquil, naturesque 27613-27615 Roots of Rockabilly Clock Rock feel, jumpin’ harmonica & guitar 27216-27218 Memories and More Pastoral, romantic, hopeful 27616-27618 King of the Keys Time honored honky tonk piano feature 27219-27221 Got To Get Away Colorful, upbeat Latin, festive 27619-27621 Non Stop To Nashville “Boot-Scootin” country two stepper 27222-27224 Acoustic Meditation Ethereal, picturesque, flowing, graceful 27622-27624 Branson Boggie Knuckle busting country boogie piano 27225-27227 Plain Talking Piano Peaceful, relaxing, feel good 27625-27627 Bluegrass Annie Appalachian hoe down feel, fiddle & guitar 27228-27230 Straight As An Arrow Determined, positive, solid pulse 27628-27630 Honky Tonk Hearts Classic Honky Tonk piano feature 27231-27233 Twilight Textures Rich, pastoral, meditative 27631-27633 When Floyd Met Chet Good time Nashville pickin’ & grinnin’ 27234-27236 The Eyes of America Heartfelt Americana, memories, simple images 27634-27636 Cajun Country Cajun dance flavor, guitar & acordian

ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 Visit the CSS Music e-store at SuperThemes 4 VOLUME 29: “BEST OF THE BLUES” VOLUME 33: “BIG SCREEN IV” 27701-27703 Saturday Night Live-Wire Late night blues, rock’n New York feel 28901-28903 Movie Magic Explosive opener,cinematic,Hollywood 27704-27706 Heavy Harmonica Blues Down & Dirty harmonica feature 28904-28906 Larger Than Life Exciting,spirited orch,driving 27707-27709 Blues Around The Clock Classic 50’s jumpin’ sock hop blues 28907-28909 The Patriot Grandiose,sweeping,emotional power 27710-27712 Down On The Delta Raw , rural harmonica & slide steel 28910-28912 Extreme Determination Driving,forceful,big and bold 27713-27715 Blue Cats Burning Fast jazz blues, walking bass feel 28913-28915 The Great Mariners Orchestral wonderment,colorful motion 27716-27718 Texas Barbecue Red hot southern boogie blues 28916-28918 Espree Decor Patriotic,military precision,colorful 27719-27721 Baby You Done Me Wrong Soulful slow minor blues 28919-28921 Alien Abduction Dark,subdued power,broad orch 27722-27724 The Clapper Song Cool walking blue jazz, clapping featured 28922-28924 Relentless Runners Energized,dramatic motion,big 27725-27727 Truck’n Blues Hard driving train track boogie, raw 28925-28927 Cinematic Sea Rolling ocean,vast,epic orchestra 27728-27730 Bawdy Blues The old take it off, feathers sax & all 28928-28930 Building Of A Nation Powerful,Trumpet feature,determined 27731-27733 Delta Blues Boys More great dirty Delta blues, full band 28931-28933 Unraveling The Mystery Mystery,evolving,determined 27734-27736 Jazzed On The Blues Smooth night jazz feel, easy does it blues 28934-28936 Gothic Horror Erie,textural,haunting VOLUME 30: “BIG CORPORATE II” VOLUME 34: “WORLD TRAVELER” 27801-27803 An Idea Takes Flight Positive drive, strong theme, self confident 29001-29003 African Sun Joyous,ethnic percussion,nature 27804-27806 In The Drivers Seat Hard driving & exciting, rapid fire horns 29004-29006 Holiday In Hawaii Quintessential Hawaiian flavor,steel guitar 27807-27809 The Pride Is Back Stately anthem, picturesque Americana 29007-29009 Caribbean Carnival Festive Steel Drums,good times 27810-27812 The Path To Success Contemporary, assertive, automation 29010-29012 Road To The Andes Peruvian ensemble,spirited folk 27813-27815 World Wide Events Bold news & info theme, driving 29013-29015 Outback In Australia Outback sounds,untamed,primal 27816-27818 Flow of Information Hi-Tech, automated, determined 29016-29018 Dancer Energized Latin percussion,ethnic dance 27819-27821 Nasty NASCAR’s Raw energy funk-rock, horns and guitar, kickin’ 29019-29021 New Asia Asian contemp urban,rich textures 27822-27824 The Power Of The Positive Contemporary rhythms,positive,assured 29022-29024 Irish Jigging Contemp Irish dance,festive,fun 27825-27827 Meeting Challenges Head On Show opener, confident, positive drive 29025-29027 Warm Water Getaway Positive up tempo,party feel 27828-27830 Process The Power Positive, solid tech beat, confident 29028-29030 World Exotica Rich world-beat flavors 27831-27833 Industrial With An Attitude Industrial Funk, solid beat, forceful 29031-29033 Night On The Town Smooth Hip Hop,relaxed,textural 27834-27836 Underground Automation Solid automation groove, catchy theme 29034-29036 Ballad of the Emigrants Pastoral ethnic,homespun VOLUME 31: “THE GREAT OUTDOORS” VOLUME 35: “BIG CORPORATE III” 28701-28703 Looking Down On Mother Earth Grand, reverent, flowing 29101-29103 Built To Last Power opener,positive,broad driving theme 28704-28706 Picture Perfect Relaxed, positive,heartfelt 29104-29106 Life And Times Exciting, determined, show theme 28707-28709 Running The Rapids Upbeat action, forceful rhythms 29107-29109 Leadership Works Bold horn theme,technology,drive 28710-28712 Shimmering Stars Wonder, awe, ethereal magic 29110-29112 Race Day Hard driving,exciting,competitive 28713-28715 Little Nature Easy, peaceful, reflective 29113-29115 Feel The Power Power shuffle,assertive,driving 28716-28718 Fighting The Big One Exciting, driving, outdoor adventure 29116-29118 Inter net Racer Exciting telecommunications,persuasive 28719-28721 The Best Things In Life Simple, honest, easy 29119-29121 Big And Bold Orchestral power,strength and determination 28722-28724 Song Of The Seasons Picturesque, easy feel, positive 29122-29124 Positive light Positive imaging,with motion 28725-28727 On My Way Confident, traveling, steady pulse 29125-29127 Bold Ideas Broad,power imaging,steady pulse 28728-28730 Relax And Unwind Tranquil images, acoustic textures 29128-29130 The Perfect Choice Contemporary feel,upbeat pulse 28731-28733 Soft Valley Peaceful, tranquility, colorful 29131-29133 Teaching Technology High Tech,innovative,machine like 28734-28736 Majestic Miles Grand,flowing,with motion 29134-29136 Industrial Accomplishments Solid motion,determined,confident

VOLUME 32: “SUPER ROCK” VOLUME 36: “INSTRUMENTAL VOICE”(BOLD CINEMATICS) 28801-28803 Dude That Kicks Radical rock,extreme attitude 29201-29203 Moment Of Emotion Moving,expansive,heartfelt images 28804-28806 Extreme Athletes Hard driving sports,excitement,energy 29204-29206 Carmina Choir Energized power choir,big and bold 28807-28809 Don't Go There Son Jungle feel,urban textures 29207-29209 My Heart Beats On Boys choir elegy,rich,broad 28810-28812 Bone Gritty blues,down and dirty 29210-29212 Warlords Of The Cinema Film action,robust and full 28813-28815 Alternative Front ,youth market 29213-29215 Titania Celtic colors,longing,folkish 28816-28818 Metal Mania Heavy metal mayhem,powerful 29216-29218 Crimson Tidal Wave Powerful,driving,filmesque 28819-28821 Power Ballad Power guitar anthem,determined 29219-29221 Bold Beauty Majestic choir and trumpet,heartfelt theme 28822-28824 Pole Skateboard rock,lots of attitude 29222-29224 Gregorian Textures Ancient world,chanting monks 28825-28827 Downhill Demon Power sports,exciting 29225-29227 Give Me Some Gospel Earthy, Gospel touches, bluesy 28828-28830 Bang On It Southern power boogie 29228-29230 Celestial Voices Otherworldly,ethereal wonder 28831-28833 Willy Wet Hipped out rhythm vamp,boogie 29231-29233 The Call Of Honor Stately choir,proud,building 28834-28836 Party House College rock,meaty,forceful 29234-29236 Shadow Of Fear Dark,ominous,foreboding

5 SuperThemes Visit the CSS Music e-store at ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 VOLUME 37: “SOLO GUITAR” VOLUME 41: “GLAM JAM”(HARDCORE DANCE AND FASHION) 29301-29303 The Color Of Emotion New Age 33501-33503 Pulsation Driving dance, percussive 29304-29306 Sliding Down Blues 33504-33506 Shake Hot energy, exciting 29307-29309 Quiet Corner Jazz 33507-33509 New York New York Urban attitude, street vibe 29310-29312 Memories We Made Folk feel 33510-33512 Flow Techno driving, pure energy 29313-29315 Juke Boxing Country 33513-33515 Retro Glam Old school house, R and B vibe 29316-29318 R and B Me 33516-33518 Yea Yea Yea Positive power dance, catchy 29319-29321 Fire Of Desire Spanish stylings 33519-33521 That American Edge In the pocket attitude 29322-29324 Rural Reflections Heartland Americana 33522-33524 Knowledge Wisdom Understanding Ethno world feel, rich textures 29325-29327 Two By The Fire Warm and romantic 33525-33527 Attitude Adjustment Straight ahead energy 29328-29330 Push And Pull Rock 33528-33530 Wild World Safari flavors, African rhythms 29331-29333 Classical Touch Classical flavors 33531-33533 Fashion Revolt Driving house feel 29334-29336 Flow River Flow Naturesque 33534-33536 Techno Glam Computer dance, robotic groove VOLUME 38: “BIG SCREEN V” VOLUME 42: “INDUSTRIAL FIREPOWER” 32801-32803 Hollywood Heroes Super Hero stuff, classic hollywood feel 33601-33603 Coming On Strong Dramatic Industrial, driving feel good theme 32804-32806 Wild Wild Westerns Big and bold western, full orch 33604-33606 Power Surge High energy rock, cutting edge feel 32807-32809 Warriors Primal brass and perc, battle music 33607-33609 Turn It On Bold industrial driver 32810-32812 Star Fighter Action orchestra, exciting and colorful 33610-33612 Holly Cows Up beat pulse, colorful energy 32813-32815 Modern Main Title Dark and evolving, SFX groove 33613-33615 Rev It Up Positive power with strong theme 32816-32818 I’m Going In Urgent, determined orchestral motion 33616-33618 Blow The Doors Off Hard driving sports,excitement,energy 32819-32821 Cowboy Country Classic western feel, with positive motion 33619-33621 Like A Vengeance Radical rock, extreme attitude 32822-32824 Action Packed Continuous big energy, rescue music 33622-33624 Purr Like A Kitten Hipped out rhythm driver 32825-32827 Macho Music Determined attitude, forceful 33625-33627 Totally Positive Positive theme, simple and direct 32828-32830 Alien Resurrection Outer worldly, dramatic 33628-33630 Industrial Firepower Heavy house rock, lots of attitude 32831-32833 Two People Personal theme, warm and romantic 33631-33633 Hands Off The Merchandise Up Beat Pulse, Great Energy 32834-32836 Aggressive Action Exciting, big cinema feel, mission music 33634-33636 Mind Blower Grooving techno metal, powerful VOLUME 39: “BIG CORPORATE IV” VOLUME 43: “SUPER SCENIC” 32901-32903 Power Packed Power show opener, dramatic imaging 33701-33703 Soaring With The Sun Orchestral movement, positive flow 32904-32906 Unstoppable Momentum Dramatic industrial, driving feel good theme 33704-33706 The View From The Rim Heartfelt grandeur, strong theme 32907-32909 Continued Success Positive theme, simple and direct 33707-33709 White Water Ahead Exciting outdoor action 32910-32912 The Rules Are Changing Urban rock, in yo face corporate 33710-33712 Painted Sunset Simple nature, feel good theme 32913-32915 America In Motion Up beat pulse, colorful energy 33713-33715 Good With Guitar Acoustic Guitar, reflective 32916-32918 Inter net Express High Tech, innovation and determination 33716-33718 The Journeymen More determined, confident 32919-32921 Call Of Freedom Energized orchestra, spirited and bold 33719-33721 Off Road Revival Up beat, colorful, positive 32922-32924 Drive It Home Power and energy, sports or telecom drama 33722-33724 Good Friends Good Times Down home feel, simple movement 32925-32927 Down To Earth Honest, feel good pulse 33725-33727 Burst Of Energy Driving rhythms, fun energy 32928-32930 Independence Beat Patriotic overtones, forward motion 33728-33730 Heroes Of The Heartland Heartfelt, lightly heroic 32931-32933 Sports Crazy High energy rock, cutting edge feel 33731-33733 Positive Experience Simple textures, easy and relaxed 32934-32936 Dream Working Positive technology with strong theme 33734-33736 Taking It All In Vista music, scenic and expansive VOLume 40: “OPERA & LIGHT CLASSICAL” VOLUME 44: “WORLD TRAVELER II” 33001-33003 La Donna E' Mobile Rigoletto Act 3 Verdi Spirited, joyous movement 36501-36503 Montezuma South American flavors 33004-33006 Entr'acte to Act 3 Carmen Carmen Act 3 Bizet Rich with emotion, flowing 33504-36506 Spanish Allure Picturesque Spanish guitar 33007-33009 Vesti La Giubba Pagliacci Leoncavallo Dark longing, heartbreak 36507-36509 Equatorial Wonder Enveloping,earthy 33010-33012 Meditation Massenet Hauntingly beautiful, romantic 36510-36512 West Of Riti Percussive,ethnic 33013-33015 Libiamo Ne' Lieti Calici La Traviata Act 1 Verdi Exciting, giant ending 36513-36515 Journey Of The Santoor Dulcimer textures,evolving 33016-33018 Air Adagio Bach Flowing, light and colorful 36516-36518 Dream Dancer Festive world rhythms 33019-33021 Prelude #4 in C Minor Bach Deeply emotional, pleading 36519-36521 Rain In The Forest Pan flutes,earthy moods 33022-33024 Divertimento No. 2 Mozart Dark intro, simple and reflective 36522-36524 Gamelan Asian atmospheres 33025-33027 Sonata in B Flat Major Adagio Mozart Classical Piano, elegant, soft 36525-36527 Hidden Village World Ethno,traveling music 33028-33030 Concerto Grosso in D minor Vivaldi Rich and warm, romantic 36528-36530 The Mystic Of Setar Persian influences 33031-33033 Andante in Eb Major Dittersdorf Festive, up beat 36531-36533 Song Of The Wood Positive and alluring 33034-33036 Avia Tenagila Lamenting, Graceful 36534-36536 Off The Map Percussive explorations

ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 Visit the CSS Music e-store at SuperThemes 6 VOLUME 45: “BIG SCREEN VI” VOLUME 49: “X ROCK II” (EXTREME URBAN, ROCK AND CLUB) 37001-37003 Heart Of The Giant Powerful vista music 38701-38703 Fly Is Fly Lots of attitude, urban, rock, club 37004-37006 Urban Mayhem Heavy street influences 38704-38706 Juiced Aggressive, urban, rock, club 37007-37009 Rapid Assault Pure percussive energy 38707-38709 Low Flow Down tempo, urban, rock, club 37010-37012 Elusive Evolving,suspense 38710-38712 Wound Tight High energy, urban, rock, club 37013-37015 Heroism Determined,strong theme 38713-38715 Hot Toddy Driving, urban, rock, club 37016-37018 Spy Guys Modern techno industrial thriller 38716-38718 Why You Was Trippin Mean streets, urban, rock, club 37019-37021 Galactic Action Exciting and heroic 38719-38721 Boom Boom Dance driven, urban, rock, club 37022-37024 Eyes Of America Grandiose,emotional 38722-38724 Road Hazard Urban, rock, club 37025-37027 Drum Driven Energized percussion 38725-38727 Shake It Off Solid flow, urban, rock, club 37028-37030 Brick Face Urban textures 38728-38730 Party Party Party Dance driven, urban, rock, club 37031-37033 The Rescuer Bold and determined 38731-38733 Fire Breather Hard edged, urban, rock, club 37034-37036 Unlock The Mystery Suspenseful,intriguing 38734-38736 Get On Out Urban, rock, club VOLUME 46: “WORLD TRAVELER III” VOLUME 50: “BIG SCREEN VII” - 12/2005 37101-37103 World Adventurer Mixed cultures 38801-38803 Lift Me Up Moving, emotional, big orchestra, heartfelt, inspirational 37104-37106 Mayan Mystery South American,textural 38804-38806 Edge Runners Urban action, chase, driving, exciting 37107-37109 World Of The Drummer Percussive,evolving 38807-38809 Action In The West Excciting, western, americana, orchestral 37110-37112 Joey In The Scrub Australian influences 38810-38812 Deeper And Deeper Mysterious, evolving, dark, elusive, mood 37113-37115 Under The Dragon's Head Asian atmospheres 38813-38815 Brotherhood of Bravery Heartfelt, heroic, moving, dtermined, longing, americana 37116-37118 Red Flamenco Flamenco guitar inspired 38816-38818 Urban Action Hard edged, drum driven, street influences, aggressive 37119-37121 Dawn On The Rim Grand vista music 38819-38821 Seductive Steamy, tension, surrounding, intigue, suspense 37122-37124 Floating On The Tang Ku Evocative,surrounding 38822-38824 Mean City Raw urban, street groove, hip hop influences, aggressive 37125-37127 Canopy Of Green Mixed cultures 38825-38827 Tell Me The Truth Sincere, heartfelt, simple, poignant, reflective 37128-37130 Celtic Glenn Irish world 38828-38830 No Turning Back Determined, mission music, intense, emotional action 37131-37133 Sea Of Light Picturesque,positive 38831-38833 Supernatural Battle Orchestral action, aggressive, powerful 37134-37136 On The Climb Determined,rhythmic 38834-38836 Deception Mysterious, suspenseful, clue solving, elusive, mood

VOLUME 47: “GO HARD OR GO HOME” VOLUME 51: “REAL LIFE” (EMOTIONS, CONFLICTS, RELATIONSHIPS) 37201-37203 Power Hungry Energized,driving 38901-38903 A Life Story Reflective, reminiscence, soul searching, multi emotional 37204-37206 One Big Bad Boy Confident,assertive,attitude 38904-38906 Troubled Past Dark, foreboding, evolving, surrounding, serious 37207-37209 Tight Urban energy 38907-38909 New Kid In Town Optimistic, hopeful, easy going, simple 37210-37212 Hammer Down Hard driving action 38910-38912 Spinning Out Of Control Unsettling, addiction, uncertain motion, psychological 37213-37215 Perfection Solid industrial theme,positive 38913-38915 The Early Years Heartfelt, simple, innocent, revealing, uncomplicated 37216-37218 Nothing But Smoke Blues with major attitude 38916-38918 He Said She Said Evolving, thought provoking, drama, multi emotional 37219-37221 Bury The Needle Heavy duty speed rock 38919-38921 Rock Bottom Despair, desperation, loss, dark, foreboding 37222-37224 Classic Lines Industrial technology 38922-38924 Glimmer Of Hope Hopeful, poignant, uplifting, positive, heartfelt 37225-37227 The Front Runner Positive energy,solid feel 38925-38927 Tension Always There Tension, discomfort, uncertainty, strong emotions 37228-37230 Lefty Urban attitude 38928-38930 Life Goes On Soul searching, revealing, emotional interplay 37231-37233 Step Aside Dramatic and bold 38931-38933 Trial By Fire Anger, clashing emotions, violent, strong attitude 37234-37236 Low Riders Street feel, confident 38934-38936 Under The Surface Mysterious, suspense, evolving, questioning, psychological

VOLUME 48: “X ROCK I” (EXTREME URBAN, ROCK AND CLUB) VOLUME 52: “MODERN VIBE” (HIP HOP, TRANCE & FASHION) 38601-38603 Candy Apples Aggressive, urban, attitude, rock guitar, extreme 37501-37503 The Player Hip Hop soul feel good, down tempo, attitude, urban 38604-38606 Wicked Sister Powerful, urban, club, rock guitar, extreme 37504-37506 Red Carpet Dance, trance, driving, house, , fashion 38607-38609 Motor Groove solid energy, driving, rock guitar, extreme 37507-37509 Public Eye Hip Hop, soul attitude, urban 38610-38612 Gorilla Filmmakers Primal, urgent, aggressive, rock guitar, extreme 37510-37512 Street Hip Hop, stutter effect, glamour, urban pulse, fashion 38613-38615 High Life Positive vibe, solid groove, rock guitar, extreme 37513-37515 Dream Come True Dance, trance, club, driving, house, electronica, fashion 38616-38618 Head Rusher Speed driven, exciting, action, rock guitar, extreme 37516-37518 Chill Groove Hip Hop, soul, attitude 38619-38621 Built For Speed Hard edged groove, determined, rock guitar, extreme 37519-37521 Heart of Gold Dance, club, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 38622-38624 Radical Faction World influences, solid feel rock guitar, extreme 37522-37524 Bling Bling Hip Hop, soul, smooth, urban, down tempo 38625-38627 Skin Peeler Forceful, determined, rock guitar, extreme 37525-37527 Danger Boys Urban, hip hop, film, espionage, rock, driving 38628-38630 Nitro Rebel southern, urban, solid feel rock guitar, extreme 37528-37530 City Vibe Hip Hop, urban, scenic, down tempo, cool, fashion 38631-38633 Right On The Money In the pocket groove, blues, southern, rock guitar, extreme 37531-37533 Mysterious She Is Mysterious, danger, house, dance, driving 38634-38636 Going Down Hard Aggressive, driving, rock guitar, extreme 37534-37536 Dream Bossa Bossa, flowing, graceful, rich, pad, dreamlike

7 SuperThemes Visit the CSS Music e-store at ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 VOLUME 53: “X HOUSE”(HOUSE, RAVE, TRANCE, FASHION) VOLUME 57: “HOT HOUSE I” 39401-39403 Hot House Dance, house , urban club, feel good 41601-41603 Keep It Going Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 39404-39406 Lift Me Up Dance, house , urban club, feel good 41604-41606 Star Power Dance, trance, club, driving, house, electronica, fashion 39407-39409 Love Of My Life Dance, house , urban club, feel good 41607-41609 In The Moment Hip hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion, dance 39410-39412 Temptation Urban, club, cool vibe, city 41610-41612 Got To Have It Hip Hop, glamour, urban pulse, fashion, dance 39413-39415 Feel It Dance, house, urban, club percussion 41613-41615 Rave On The Black Sea Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 39416-39418 House Talk Dance, house, urban, club 41616-41618 All About Attitude Hip Hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion, dance 39419-39421 Move Groove Dance, house, urban, club, feel good 41619-41621 Models Of Milan Dance, trance, club, house, electronica, fashion 39422-39424 Face The Music Dance, house, urban, club, trance 41622-41624 Paparazzi Beat Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 39425-39427 Global Eyes Dance, house, urban, cub, world feel 41625-41627 Dream State Hyponotic, dance, ambient, modeling, house, fashion 39428-39430 Soul Trance Dance, house, urban, club, trance 41628-41630 Beautiful Creation Hip Hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion, ambient 39431-39433 Anient Beauty Dance, vocal, house, youth, trance, club 41631-41633 Modern Makeover Dance, trance, club, house, electronica, fashion 39434-39436 Dramatic Divas Dance, up tempo, house, urban, club 41634-41636 On The Runway Dance, trance, club, house, electronica, attitude,ambient VOLUME 54: “MODERN VIBE II”(HIP HOP, TRANCE & FASHION) VOLUME 58: “HOT HOUSE II” 40301-50303 Lover Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 41701-41703 Here We Go Now Dance, trance, club, driving, house, electronic, fashion 40304-40306 Obsession Dance, hip hop, urban, electronica, fashion 41704-41706 Black Sea Underground Dance, trance, driving, house, electronic, fashion 40307-40309 Bust The Mix Hip Hop, glamour, urban pulse, fashion 41707-41709 Rags To Riches Dance, trance, club, electronica, fashion, attitude 40310-40312 Makeover Man Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, fashion 41710-41712 Putting It All Together Hip Hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion, clock feel 40313-40315 Fashion Emergency Dance, trance, club, driving, house.electronica, fashion 41713-41715 The A List Dance, trance, club, house, electronica, fashion, attitude 40316-40318 House Trance Dance, trance, driving, house, elecronica, fashion 41716-41718 Hypnotic Hip hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion, ambient 40319-40321 Phantom Rider Dance, danger, trance, house, elextronica, mysterious 41719-41721 Danger In Her Eyes Hip hop, urban, down tempo, mystery, dance, fashion 40322-40324 Keep It Simple Hip Hop, urban, down tempo, cool, fashion 41722-41724 The World Is Watching Dance, trance, hip hop, house, electronica, fashion 40325-40327 Glamour Groove Dance, trance, modeling, house, electronica, fashion 41725-41727 Attitude In Control Hip hop, urban, down tempo, smooth, fashion, ambient 40328-40330 City Never Sleeps Hip Hop, urban, down temp, cool, dark 41728-41730 New Face of Fashion Dance, trance, club, house, electronica, fashion 40331-40333 Euro Girls Hip Hop, urban, scenic, down tempo, cool, fashion 41731-41733 Speak The Truth Hip hop, urban, trance, cool, fashion, ambient, smooth 40334-40336 Dangerous Territory Dance, trance, driving, house, electronica, mysterious 41734-41736 Walk The Talk Dance, trance, hip hop, house, electronica, fashion VOLUME 55: “BIG SCREEN VIII” (CONQUEST) VOLUME 59: “ROCK & URBAN MUSCLE” 40801-40803 Conquest Huge choral energy, orchestral, explosive, driving. film 42301-42303 Crowd Pleaser Upbeat, rock, extreme, feel good, urban, sports 40804-40806 Warriors Of The Sky Determined, orchestral, action, suspense, cinematic, war 42304-42306 Urban Muscle Rock, extreme, tricky, driving, urban, exciting 40807-40809 Pirates And Plunder Big orchestral swashbuckler, action, heroic, film, war 42307-42309 I Like It Fast Upbeat, driving, rock, extreme, sports, guitar, racing 40810-40812 Barbarians Ominous, orchestral, tension, battle horns, cinematic 42310-42312 Fight Extreme, rock, dark, fight shouts, rebelious, anthem 40813-40815 Guts And Glory Heroic, orchestral, action bold, broad, military, war 42313-42315 Huge Down tempo, rock, extreme, , powerful, raw 40816-40818 Ancient Empires Bold, orchestral, heroic, gothic, war, action, drama, film 42316-42318 Hot Button Rock, extreme, urban, driving, raw, youth, guitar 40819-40821 Battle Lines Suspense, orchestral, tension, military trumpet, film 42319-42321 Edge of Your Seat Driving, extreme, powerful, racing, urban groove 40822-40824 Danger In The Air Determined, orchestral, urgent, action, danger, suspense 42322-42324 No Regrets Down tempo, rock, extreme, grunge, piano lead, raw 40825-40827 Command And Control Bold, orchestral, heroic, war, adventure, drama, action 42325-42327 Glitch Metal Rock, guitar, sports, glitch style, raw, urban, hip hop 40828-40830 Revolution Dark, folkloric, heroic, war, action, adventure, drama 42328-42330 Belly Of The Beast Speed rock, extreme, exciting, grunge, street, urban 40831-40833 Time Is Running Out Determined, orchstral, action, danger, suspense, war 42331-42333 Jump The Gun Energy, rock, guitar, powerful, driving, racing, urban 40834-40836 Mission Accomplisheds Resolved, orchestral, broad, war, heartfelt, Americana 42334-42336 Mister Feel Good Raw, laid back, dark, street, emotional, heartfelt, lonely VOLUME 56: “DRUMSCAPES” VOLUME 60: “URBAN SLAM” (DANCE, HOUSE, RAP) 41001-41003 Grid Iron Guts College drum line, exciting, hip hop, sports, rock 42601-42603 Let It Go Baby Hip hop, urban, powerful, rap, dance, down tempo 41004-41006 Above The Hoop Hip hop down tempo, urban, attitude, street, sports 42604-42606 Dream Weaver Trance, ambient, dance, red carpet, electronica 41007-41009 Drama Drums Powerful,exciting, orchestral, drama, film, sports, rock 42607-42609 Do It Like That Now Hip hop, urban, rap, dance, down tempo,catchy 41010-41012 Son Of A Gun Sports, trance, club, driving, house, electronica, urban 42610-42612 Slick Chics Trance, driving, dance, club, red carpet, electronica 41013-41015 Gots To Roll Hip hop, down tempo, urban, attitude, street, sports 42613-42615 The Way She Walks Cool, laid back, dance, hypnotic, red carpet, electronica 41016-41018 Beat Of The Islands Hawaiian drums, exciting, ethnic, driving, ceremonial 42616-42618 Rap On The One Hip hop, urban, rap, down tempo, edgy, dance, youth 41019-41021 Dangerous Drums Mysterious, danger, hip hop, orchestral, dark, sports 42619-42621 Too Much Money Trance, percussion, dance, club, red carpet, electronica 41022-41024 Run For Your Life Powerful, exciting,suspense, action, chase, film, sports 42622-42624 Born To Love You Trance, dance, red capet, electronica, intense, dance 41025-41027 Time Is Ticking Time clock effect, urban, hip hop, building, med. tempo 42625-42627 That Great Feeling Dance, trance, positive, red capet, electronica, house 41028-41030 Furious Flow Exciting, raw, dramatic, chase, action, film, sports, rock 42628-42630 Yours Forever Trance, ambient, dance, hypnotic, red carpet, house 41031-41033 Beat Down Hip hop, down tempo, urban, attitude, street, sports 42631-42633 Spy Groove Ambient, dance, hypnotic, red carpet, espionage, trance 41034-41036 Drum Blaster Action, chase, powerful, exciting, raw, film, sports, rock 42634-42636 Red Carpet Renegade Trance, driving, house, club, red carpet, electronica

ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 Visit the CSS Music e-store at SuperThemes 8 VOLUME 61: “THE ANCIENT WORLD” VOLume 65: “Big burning rock” 42901-42903 Destroyer Of Worlds Dramatic, choir, orchestra, powerful, dark, destruction 44701-44703 Back Biter Down tempo, extreme, grunge, raw, urban , metal 42904-42906 From Distant Shores Exploration, hopeful, longing, courage, textural 44704-44706 Sweet Life Feel good, extreme, metal, sports, driving, urban, raw 42907-42909 For King And Country Regal, broad, military, orchestral, female vocal 44707-44709 New Sheriff In Town Gritty, down tempo, extreme, swampy, blusey shuffle 42910-42912 Mysteries Of The Ancients Mystery, suspense, sense of awe, choir, orchestral 44710-44712 Road Rocker Nasy, driving, boogie feel, sports, racing, metal 42913-42915 Divide And Conquer Militaristic, march, dark, primitive, destruction, orch. 44713-44715 Rolling Heavy Upbeat, driving, sports, racing metal, aggressive 42916-42918 Babylon Middle eastern, exotic, ethnic instruments, evolving 44716-44718 Down The Rat Hole Speed rock, punk, urban, tricky, metal, aggressive 42919-42921 Army On The Move Powerful, explosive, driving, big hits, dark, military 44719-44721 Horizon Hunter Dark, suspense, tension, raw, espionage, reality based 42922-42924 Masters Of The Sea Bold, dramtic, nautical, broad, courage, determined 44722-44724 Rock Me Right Feel good, metal, sports, medium tempo, urban, raw 42925-42927 A House Divided Suspense dar, orchestral, intrigue, deception, revenge 44725-44727 Every Day Matters Upbeat, driving, sports, racing, metal, aggressive 42928-42930 Valley Of The Kings Sense of awe, revelation, broad, dark mission 44728-44730 Ride Hard Rude, extreme, sports, racing, metal, techno, drivng 42931-42933 Pirates And Scoundrels Swaggering, light comedy, villains, orchestra and tuba 44731-44733 Blood In The Water Tricky guitar, powerful, urban, extreme, metal, driving 42934-42936 Jewel Of The Desert Exotic locations, middle eastr, ethnic, rich, mysterious 44734-44736 Terminal Velocity Down tempo, extreme, grunge, raw, urban, metal VOLUME 62: “CLUB LIFE” VOLume 66: “Rock & rebellion III” (STAND & DELIVER) 43401-43403 Take It From The Top Trance, dance, club, red carpet, electronica, house 44901-44903 I Am A Warrior Power Anthem, down tempo, grunge, metal, alternative 43404-43406 Welcome To Club Oblivion Trance, ambient, youth dance, red carpet, electronica 44904-44906 Fire This Mother Up Feel good, extreme, metal, sports, driving, urban, raw 43407-43409 Pump That Beat Vocal, house, dance, club, red carpet, electronica 44907-44909 Punk Out Punk, speed, metal, extreme, sports, rock, racing 43410-43412 Close To Me R&B, laid back, dance, hypnotic, red carpet, trance 44910-44912 Tough As Nails Primal, tricky, rock, urban, extreme, metal, powerful 43413-43415 In The Big House Underground, trance, dance, club, red carpet, house 44913-44915 Hot And Heavy Urban, catchy, rock, southern, extreme, sports, racing 43416-43418 Sound Of Bump Trance, ambient, dance, hypnotic, red carpet, house 44916-44918 Monster Speed Speed, rock, sports, racing, raw, extreme, metal 43419-43421 Hollywood Hot Dance, club, red carpet, electronica, youth, house 44919-44921 Hands Off My Baby Gritty, four on the floor, swampy, bluesy, hot, raw 43422-43424 In Your Mind Ambient, dance, hypnotic, trance, red carpet, house 44922-44924 Walk The Walk Feel good, rock, extreme, metal, sports, urban, raw 43425-43427 Everybody Move Dance, positive, red carpet, electronica, house, club 44925-44927 Bodies In Motion Tricky, feel good, rock, electronica, urban, high tech 43428-43430 Club Underground Euro trance, ambient, hypnotic, electronica, house 44928-44930 Stand And Deliver Down tempo, rock. extreme, grunge, dark, urban, metal 43431-43433 Hard On The Floor Euro house, rave, dance, red carpet, electronica, trance 44931-44933 What Are You Waiting For Solid, chunkin, upbeat, rock, extreme, sports, racing 43434-43436 Get In The Groove Drum fature, dance, aerobic, up beat, world percussion 44934-44936 It All Came Crashing Down Building, moody, rock, extreme, raw, metal, alternative VOLUME 63: “ROCK AND REBELLION I” VOLume 67: “combat rock” 43701-43703 Domination Aggressive, driving, extreme, sports, racing, metal 45301-45303 One Dangerous SOB Aggressive, tricky, glitch, racing, sports, extreme 43704-43706 Big Guns Down tempo, grunge, powerful, raw, urban, metal 45304-45306 Running Red Hot Upbeat, sports, racing, metal, aggressive, driving 43707-43709 Free And The Brave Power driver, urban groove, hot, raw, youth, extreme 45307-45309 Best Of The Best Nasty, attitude, extreme, metal, sports, urban, raw 43710-43712 Cold War Spy, dark, suspense, tension, raw, reality based 45310-45312 Armed To The Teeth Dark, raw, big drums, driving, espionage, film, warfare 43713-43715 Red Metal Speed rock, sports, grunge, street, urban, racing 45313-45315 Bullet Time Speed rock, tricky, urban, metal, aggressive, extreme 43716-43718 Blood And Bone Tricky, metal, sports, urban, aggressive, raw 45316-45318 Dangerous Duty Urban, espionage, tension, driving, techno, aggressive 43719-43721 Hell On Wheels Driving, racing, extreme, metal, aggressive, powerful 45319-45321 In It To Win Heroic, determined, horn theme, film, orchestral 43722-43724 Take A Shot Down tempo, hip hop, grunge, raw, powerful, feel good 45322-45324 Rolling Thunder Upbeat, driving, extreme, sports, racing, metal 43725-43727 Blaze Of Glory Speed rock, exciting, youth, grunge, sports, racing 45325-45327 Warriors Code Nasty, attitude, extreme, sports, urban, raw, alternative 43728-43730 Brain Tricky, metal, sports, urban, raw, aggressive, open 45328-45330 Low And Slow Down tempo, grunge, dark, raw, urban, metal 43731-43733 King Of The Ring Down tempo, tricky, urban, grunge, powerful, raw 45331-45333 Hell In A Handbasket Evolving, dark, mystery, extreme, grunge, dark, raw 43734-43736 You Only Live Once Anthem, grunge, powerful, raw, urban, metal, extreme 45334-45336 Going For Broke Dark, raw, big drums, espionage, film, warfare, driving VOLUME 64: “ROCK AND REBELLION II” VOLume 68: “Encounters” (TENSION, SUSPENSE, AGGRESSION) 44001-44003 Rock and Rebellion Rude, driving, extreme, energy, sports, racing, metal 45401-45403 Time Tracker Percussion, dramatic, nature, exciting, building 44004-44006 Heart Of Darkness Upbeat, driving, extreme, sports, guitar, racing, metal 45404-45406 Hunt Is On Aggressive, percussion, primal, energy driving, drums 44007-44009 Sounds Like Fun Feel good, eextreme, metal, sports, driving, urban, raw 45407-45409 Heart Beating Tension Ominious, tension, unsettled, dark, suspenseful, eerie 44010-44012 Hard Life Down tempo, grunge, dark, raw, urban, alternative 45410-45412 Clock Watching Time clock, relaxed, measured, suspense, evolving 44013-44015 Asta Lavista Baby Upbeat, driving, energy, sports, racing, aggressive 45413-45415 Right Where I Want You Mystery, suspense, nature, building, percussive 44016-44018 As Good As It Gets Positive, extreme, metal, sports, urban, alternative 45416-45418 Heart Pounding Hard Rapid, big percussion, suspenseful, danger, power guitar 44019-44021 The Worker Song Vocal, medium tempo, tricky, urban, grunge, industrial 45419-45421 Remember To Breathe Floating, suspense, medium tempo, textural, urban beat 44022-44024 No Excuses Down tempo, power driver, urban groove, hot, energy 45422-45424 All Five Senses Mysterious, suspenseful, wild, hand percussion, nature 44025-44027 Blown Away Rude, down tempo, power driver, urban groove, hot4 45425-45427 Something Primal Primitive, untamed, nature, log drum, building 44028-44030 Bad Boy Bad Girl Dark, mood, suspense, tension, espionage, film, reality 45428-45430 Waiting for the Right MomentEerie, nature suspense, damatic, serious, building 44031-44033 In The Hunt Driving, nature, mysterious, sports, racing, metal 45431-45433 Hold It Right There Waiting, stalking, percussion, suspense, naure, big build 44034-44036 Knuckle Sandwich Energy, powerful, urban, extreme, tricky, aggressive 45434-45436 End Of The Day Relaxed, peaceful resolve, nature, reverant, scenic

9 SuperThemes Visit the CSS Music e-store at ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 VOLume 69: “Big Screen 9” (A NIGHT AT THE MOVIES) VOLume 73: “Big Screen 10” (THE POWER OF PASSION) 45601-45603 With All My Might Dramatic, film heroic, determined, orchestral, war 47401-47303 Dark Hero Gothic, dramatic, heroic, orchestral, superhero, villian 45604-45606 Rise Of A Hero Inspirational, bold, heroic, driving, noble, orchestral 47404-47406 Meet The Dysfunctionals Playful, cartoon, comedic, cinematic, zaney 45607-45609 Hurry Up People Playful, chaotic, joyful, comedic, cinematic, zany 47407-47409 Rise Of The Superhero Gothic, dramatic, determined, orhestral, mystery 45610-45612 Today Is The Day Powerful, dramtic, determined, urban beat, orchestral 47410-47412 Hollywoood Speed Chase Extreme, rock, orchestral, urban, car chase, exciting 45613-45615 Mission Is A Go Spy stuff, mission music, time clock, secret agents 47413-47415 Soldier Salute Inspirational, bold heroic, tribute, main title theme 45616-45618 Armies of Darkness Dark, male choir, orchestral, powerful, gothic, primal 47416-47418 Superthemes March Dramatic, film heroic, orchestral, inspirational 45619-45621 Big Stuff Going Down Rock, powerful, dramtic, urban beat, orchestral, spies 47419-47421 Mission Hollywood Mission music, time clock, undercover, secret agents 45622-45624 We Depart At Dawn Adventurous, determined, exploration, big percussion 47422-47424 Mischief Maker Light, wistful, cartoon, fun, odd, enchanted, spirits 45625-45627 Farthest Reaches of Space Celestial, wonderment, etherial, expansive, planetarium 47425-47427 Man Of Iron Gothic, dramatic, heroic, determined, orchestral 45628-45630 Furious Street Chase Extreme, rock, high octane urban car chase, exciting 47428-47430 Love Everlasting Touching, heartfelt, love, compassion, beauty, loss 45631-45633 Busy Life Light, wistful, nostalgic, fast paced, evolving, film 47431-47433 Waiting Game Spy stuff, time clock, intrigue, undercover 45634-45636 Adventure Is My Middle Name Dramatic, heroic, determined, broad, exploration 47434-47436 Leap Of Faith Anticipation, time clock, countdown, dark, mysterious VOLume 70: “HOT AND HEAVY ROCK” VOLume 74: “EDM Hard Hits” 45801-45803 Dialed In Glitch, dub step break, urban, driving, extreme, metal 47901-47903 Ready For This Vocal, party feel, electrohouse, dance, club, red carpet 45804-45806 Dog On A Chain Down tempo, extreme, grunge, dark, raw, metal 47904-47906 Feeling Fine Electro pop, electrohouse, party, dance, club 45807-45809 Amped Upbeat, driving, extreme, sports, racing, metal 47907-47909 You Go Round and Round Full vocal, , electrohouse, dance, club, dance 45810-45812 Knock Out Blow Tricky guitar, aggressive, urban, extreme, metal 47910-47912 Ain’t It Beautiful Dubstep, dirty dutch, , electrohouse 45813-45815 Go Big Gritty, down tempo, metal, hot, raw, youth 47913-47915 Bring The Beat Progressive trance, festival, anthem, energy, festival 45816-45818 Today Was My Best Day Feel good, alternative, sports, medium tempo, raw 47916-47918 Red Rhino Electrohouse, progressive trance, festival, anthem 45819-45821 Texas Justice Wild west, gun fighter, swampy, twang, energy, raw 47919-47921 Getting Hard Hardstyle, dirty dutch, swedish, dubstep, club 45822-45824 I Love It Feel good, metal, sports, medium tempo, urban, raw 47922-47924 Dude That Is Messed Up Dubstep, world flavored lead, hardstyle, dance, club 45825-45827 Throttle Up Upbeat, urban, driving, sports, racing, metal 47925-47927 Everybody Scream Party, anthem, festival, vocal, rap, insane bass 45828-45830 Bold School Feel good, classic southern, med. tempo, raw, alternative 47928-47930 My Boy Drops A Big Beat Electrohousse, progressive trance, house, dutch 45831-45833 On A Mission Upbeat, spy, film sports, metal aggressive, extreme 47931-47933 I’m Over It Reality vocal, hardstyle, electrohouse, mashed up 45834-45836 Hit The Ground Running Good ol’boy rock, bluesy, swampy, southern boogie 47934-47936 Make Some Noise House, feel good, party tune, melodic lead, trance VOLume 71: “swampbilly rockers” VOLUME 75: “MUSCLE ROCK” (AGGRESSIVE ROCK EMOTIONS) (RURAL ROCK WITH AN EXTREME EDGE) 48301-48303 Heavy Hitter Rock, sports, grunge, raw, urban, metal, dark 46501-46503 Sticky Fingers Gritty, etreme, swampy, bluesy, edgy, raw, guitar 48304-48306 Muscle Rock Gritty, mean, nasty, rock, driving, raw, metal 46504-46506 Swampbilly Swampy, hip hop beats, cajun flowers, 48307-48309 Get Me Some Tricky guitar, powerful, urban, driving, edm elements 46507-46509 Sidewinder Primal, swampy, dangerous, bluesy, raw, bayou 48310-48312 Riding Shotgun Upbeat, driving, rock southern, energy, sports, racing 46510-46512 Swamp Master Rude, sports, bluesy, southern, metal, tricky 48313-48315 Heavy Duty Beauty Aggressive, boogie, rock, southern, shuffle, raw 46513-46515 Dirty Pool Nasty, grunge, sports, racing, aggressive, driving 48316-48318 Mother Of All Drama BuildsEpic, building, massive, trailer, film, suspense 46516-46518 You Got What It Takes Solid guitar, suspenseee, powerful, urban, driving 48319-48321 Southern Charmer Good ol’ boy rock, bluesy, urban, raw, glitch, swampy 46519-46521 No More Mister Nice Guy Powerful, attitude, grunge, raw, urban, extreme 48322-48324 Naughty Naughty Glitch, nasty, urban, driving, metal, intense 46522-46524 Riding High Upbeat, driving, sports, racing, metal, agressive 48325-48327 Wild Cherry Upbeat, urban, driving, tricky, rock, sports, racing 46525-46527 No One Does It Better Extreme, grunge, dark, raw, urban, alternative 48328-48330 Tough Cookie Gritty, attitude, rock, raw, mean, extreme, energy 46528-46530 Go Get It Tricky guitar, powerful, urban, extreme, aggressive 48331-48333 Hot Headed Upbeat, urban, driving, rock, sports, racing, metal 46531-46533 Talking Smack Raw, competitive, grunge, dark, urban, extreme 48334-48336 Will To Win Down tempo, rock, sports, grunge, dark, raw, metal 46534-46536 Wild As Lightning Driving, tricky guitar, powerful, urban, extreme VOLUME 76: “BIG SCREEN 11- DRAMATICA” VOLume 72: “CLUB LIFE II” (EMOTIONAL THEMATICS FOR MOVIES AND TV) (DANCE, HOUSE, TRANCE, DUBSTEP, URBAN NIGHT LIFE) 48401-48403 Escape From Scorpio Explosive, dramatic, gothic, film, heroic, orchestral 46801-46803 Louder Soccer mania, sports, club, dance, dubstep, driving 48404-48406 This is All Out War Massive, orchestral, dramatic, film,heroic, war 46804-46806 Check It Out Catchy, trendy, dance, club, red carpet, house 48407-48409 I Can Fly Uplifting, orchestral, colorful, dramatic, vista, nature 46807-46809 Sick Bass Vocal, catchy, dance, club, dubstep, house 48410-48412 In It To Win It Mission music, rock, action,film, orchestral, spy stuff 46810-46812 Love Club Fashion, red carpet, electronica, house, club 48413-48415 I Believe In You Heartfelt, emotional, piano, orch. memories, gentle 46813-46815 Hot Body Aerobic, world vibe, sports, glamour 48416-48418 Fighting Evil Superhero, gothic, rock, dark, film, heroic, orchestral 46816-46818 Underground Beat Dark, raw, minimal, house, club, dubstep 48419-48421 Visionary Mind Magical, wonderment, discovery, choir, orchestral 46819-46821 Fashion Goddess Trance, ambient, dance, red carpet, fashion, glamour 48422-48424 High Above The World Bold, inspirational, heroic, imagination, film, orchestral 46822-46824 Minute By Minute Minimal, house, fashion, glamour, red carpet, diva 48425-48427 Stories From The Middle East Evocative, vocal, dark, documentary, war, percussion 46825-46827 Beautiful Girl Trance, dance, uplifting, red carpet electronica 48428-48430 I Have A Plan Mission music, espionage, suspense, orchestral 46828-46830 Game Changer Slamming dance, club, dubstep, electronica 48431-48433 Soaring On The Wind Floating, climbing, suspension, graceful, magical, choir 46831-46833 Hit Me Up Catchy, trendy, club, red carpet, electronica 48434-48436 Middle East Mystery Mysterious, vocal, dark, documentary, war, ancient 46834-46836 Snow Summit Dramatic, electronica, sweeping, majestic, sports

ONE-STOP Source 800-468-6874 Visit the CSS Music e-store at SuperThemes 10 VOLume 77: “Big Screen 12 - DRAMATICA 2” VOLume 81: “BIG SCREEN XIV - EPIC 2” (EMOTIONAL THEMATICS FOR MOVIES AND TV) (BATTLE, FANTTASY, HEROIC, WAR, EMPIRE, GAME MUSIC) 48901-48903 Heroes Never Die Explosive, dramatic, heroic, bold, sweeping, epic 52401-52403 An Epic Warrior Dramatic, Anthem Choir, Honor, Game, Fantasy, Inspiring 48904-48906 Chasing Evil Dark, danger, dramatic, battle, evil, chase, action 52404-52406 Power Of The Epic Dragon Bold Battle, Asian, Taiko Drums, Game, Empire, Samurai 48907-48909 Dramatica Epic, soaring, bold, sweeping, choral, beautiful 52407-52409 Sing Of Epic Glory Vocal, Choir, Intense, Suspense, Good vs. Evil, Dark 48910-48912 Under The Cover of Darkness Mysterious, gothic, choir, dark, war, ancient, suspense 52410-52412 On An Epic Mission Heroic, Anthem, Taiko drums, Bold, Uplifting, Choir, Sports 48913-48915 World Domination Epic, driving, explosive, heroic, war, battle, game 52413-52415 Warrior Of The Epic Order Mystical, Mythology, Wizard, Honor, Glory, Game, Fantasy 48916-48918 Rise Of The Dead Power, rock, dramatic, suspensive, mysterious 52416-52418 One Epic Moment March, Heroic, Big Drums, Game, Suspense, Building, war 48919-48921 High Octane Chase Extreme, rock, chase, action, suspense, intense 52419-52421 Guardians of the Epic World Action, Heroic, Choir, Driving, Science Fiction, Bold, Brass 48922-48924 Gates Of Destiny Dark, epic, bold, passion, choral, gothic, massive 52422-52424 Epic Danger And Suspense Dark, Dangerous, Suspenseful, Evil, Doom Warlords, Game 48925-48927 Caution Clock Countdown Timeclock, suspense, sports, face off, reality 52425-52427 Epic Battle Build Gothic, Battle, Courage, Emotional, Suspense, Game, Action 48928-48930 Action Alert Mission music, rock, action, dramatic, urban beat 52428-52430 Hero Of Epic Courage Action, Taiko drums, Fantasy, Mission, Sports, Game 48931-48933 I Can Make It Dark, determined, mission music, suspense, dramatic 52431-52433 Drums of the Epic World Taiko drums, Ethnic percussion, Driving, Game, Battle 48934-48936 Hold Your Fire Suspense, dark, mission music, action, thriller 52434-52436 Epic Determination Competition, Driving, Game, Courage, Sports, Challenge VOLume 78: “ELECTRO LOVE” VOLume 82: “BIG SCREEN XV - EPIC POWER” (EDM, CLUB, ELECTROHOUSE, GLAM, DUBSTEP, PROGRESSIVE TRANCE AND HARDSTYLE) (HEROIC ROCK AND EMOTIONAL INSPIRATION} 49801-49803 It Hard Dubstep, scorched lead, dance, club, edm, dirty dutch 52801-52803 Hercules Explosive, rock, epic, heroic, determined, orchestral, bold 49804-49806 Enchante Electro pop, future house, fashion, edm, glam 52804-52806 I Will Fight On Dark, driving, rock, guitar, orchestral, action, game, spy 49807-49809 Play Me Electrohouse, progressive, dance, dupstep, house, edm 52807-52809 Eye Of The Warrior Rock, guitar, explosive, superhero, epic, orchestral, choral 49810-49812 Live It Up House, feel good, party tune, dance, glam, edm 52810-52812 She Is Stronger Huge, explosive, superhero, orchestral,dramaticl, sweeping 49813-49815 Love Summer New , retro disco, future house, edm, glam, runway 52813-52815 Do Or Die Dark, Action, suspense, rock, orchestral, mysterious, bold 49816-49818 Fun Boy Dubstep, hardstyle, electrohouse, dance, club, house 52816-52818 Reaching To The Sun Massive, edm, choir, superhero, epic determined, nobel 49819-49821 Girl With Diamonds , future house, runway, ambient, glam 52819-52821 Wheel Of Fire Dark, epic, bold ,rock, passion, choral, gothic, massive 49822-49824 Electric Zen Feel good, future house, runway, ambient, edm, glam 52822-52824 Make It To The Top Driving, mission music,rock, action, orchestral, urban beat 49825-49827 Come Back To Me Lush, easy, feel good, future house, ambient, love 52825-52827 Giant Monsters Battle, metal, beast, huge, explosive, driving epic, heroic 49828-49830 You Make Me Shine Future house, feel good, runway, ambient, edm, glam 52828-52830 Epic Quest Huge, choir, war, explosive, epic, heroic, rock, bold 49831-49833 Glamour Girl Walking Deep house, positive, future house, runway, glam, edm 52831-52833 Mysterious Signals Suspense, evocative, dark, thriller, action, stalking, scary 49834-49836 Electro Love Monster bass, progressive electro, hardstyle, edm 52834-52836 Empire Star Beautiful, female, vocal, epic, soaring, Asian, orchestral VOLume 79: “ROCK AND REBELLION 4” VOLume 83: “FRIGHT NIGHTS OF HALLOWEEN” (INTENSE AND EMOTIONAL) 53601-53603 At The Stroke of Midnight Catchy, organ, ghouls, fun, haunted, funky, weird, comedy 50401-50403 Living The Dream Hot, edgy, driving, extreme, sports, urban, metal 53604-53606 Beware The Floating Phantom Eerie, theramin, spooky, ghostly, creepy, scary, horror 50404-50406 Hot Sugar Nasty, driving, attitude, extreme, urban, sports, metal 53607-53609 Bone Dance in the Skeleton Club EDM, driving, dance, ghouls, weird, comedy, urban, rock 50407-50409 Mighty Mighty Feel good, extreme, metal, sports,urban, raw, driving 53610-53612 Dark Night Shadows Danger, suspense, eerie, spooky, cathedral organ, horror 50410-50412 Delicious Metal Tricky, extreme, grunge, dark, raw,urban, metal 53613-53615 Evil Ghost Groove EDM, , theramin, fun, haunted, funky, dance 50413-50415 Wild Beast Gritty, extreme, primal, hot, raw, edm, dark 53616-53618 Madman Plays His Organ Cathedral organ, dark, gothic, horror, ghostly, creepyl 50416-50418 Let It Fly Feel good, extreme, metal, sports, driving, raw, edm 53619-53621 Night at the Creepy Clown Club Rock, metal, horror, screams, zombie, fun house, dance 50419-50421 Trouble Maker Extreme, electronic, nasty, sports, attitude, urban 53622-53624 Oozing Eerie Tension Frightening, horror, haunted, ghostly, menacing, scary 50422-50424 Nasty And Naughty Dirty South, edgy, extreme, sports, attitude, metal 53625-53627 Rowing the Ghost Ship Pirates of the dead, evil, vocals, Davey Jones, chimes, dark 50425-50427 Wall of Steel Tricky guitar, electronic, urban, extreme, metal 53628-53630 Zombie Apocalypse Creepers Graveyard, frightening, horror, clanking, ghostly, scary 50428-50430 Red Snow Dramatic, building, climbing, extreme, attitude, sports 53631-53633 Up In The Attic Danger, suspense, bells, ghostly, creepy, piano, horror 50431-50433 Scatterbrain Aggressive, edm, electronic, urban, intense, sports 53634-53636 Lock All The Doors Frightening, horror, zombies, graveyard, phantoms, terror 50434-50436 Without Warning Dangerous, evil, stealthy, suspense, primal, intense VOLume 84: “EPIC UNDERSCORE” VOLume 80: “BIG SCREEN XIII - EPIC” 53701-53703 Action Hero Unleashed Explosive, dramatic, super hero, epic, heroic, percusive, bold 53604-53606 Attack and Destroy Mission music, urgent, action, techno, glitchi, special ops (MASSIVE - DARK - DRAMATIC) 53707-53709 Be Strong Be Brave Epic, heroic, bold, brass, massive, orchestral, moving 51601-51603 Epic Mysterious, action, urgent, massive, epic, driving, dramatic 53710-53712 Desire Romance and Beauty Mythology, love theme, fantasy, relationship, ancient, longing 51604-51606 Dark Warrior Appears Dark, anti-hero, fantasy, explosive, dramatic, epic, heroic 53713-53715 Ground Game Warriors Heroic, special forces, power driver, rock, extreme, urban 51607-51609 Crucible of Fire War, conflict, ancient, urgency, dark, determined, action 53716-53718 Into Dreamlandia Wonderment, childlike, weird waltz, imagination, longing 51610-51612 Epic Flight Arial, drone, landscape, picturesque, scenic, soaring, sweeping 53719-53721 Mayhem Demon Chase Dark strings, driving, danger, battle, action, evil, mythology 51613-51615 Give Me Strength Riser, noble, courage, honor, warrior, tragedy, tribute, dark 53722-53724 Not Messing Around Dark, pulse, timclock, rock, metal, grunge, raw, glitch, techno 51616-51618 Dark Warrior Lives Mysterious, super hero, anti-hero, suspence, underworld 53725-53727 Secrets Betrayal and Treachery Mythology, warcraft, envy, strife, anger, revenge, hatred 51619-51621 We Got a Situation Here Mission music, urgent, action, dramatic, determined, bold 53728-53730 Time of Legendary Courage Dark, determined, heroic, action, suspense, mythology 51622-51624 Epic Sci Fi Dark, fantasy, danger, outerspace, wonderment, dramtic 53731-53733 Tomorrow We Must Be Stronger Dramatic, heroic, determined, adventure, war, fantasy 51625-51627 Dark Forces Mysterious, gothic, dark, war, ancient, suspense, action 53734-53736 Wounded But Not Defeated Determined, noble, dark, heroic, forboding, war, conflict, choir 51628-51630 Ruler of the Night Villain, dark, anti-hero, explosive, dramatic, action, epic 51631-51633 Building the Perfect Beast Riser, massive, super hero, courage, horror, warrior, action 51634-51636 Epic Action Dark, driving, danger, urgency, heroic, bold, dramatic, action

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