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Pursuit of excellence by all and easier access to East-West University’s through relevant, effective and main web pages. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic adviser at least once convenient education. each term and reference the catalog under which they enroll as degree-seeking. Equal educational opportunity The online academic catalog will be for all racial, ethnic and socio- published annually, allowing changes to economic groups. programs and courses in order to be more visible for each new academic year. The current schedule of classes is available on Program offerings of liberal East-West University’s main web page. arts and along with job and career related The provisions of this catalog are not to be regarded as an irrevocable contract between professional education geared the University and the student, nor an offer to to the service economy of enter into a contract. While every effort is modern times. made to ensure the accuracy of the information provided in this catalog, it must be understood that all courses, course Service to humankind with a descriptions, designations of instructors, global, multi-cultural and curricular and degree requirements and other academic information described herein are future-oriented perspective. subject to change or elimination at any time without notice or published amendment to this catalog. The University reserves the right PURPOSE AND STATUS to change any provision or requirement at This online academic catalog is the official any time. This right to change provisions and source for East-West University academic requirements includes, but is not limited to, programs and courses. Students are the right to reduce or eliminate course encouraged to utilize the catalog along with offerings in academic fields to add materials provided by the individual requirements for graduation. Fees and all academic programs (and the advising other charges are subject to change at any worksheet) to plan their path to graduation. time without notice. Students should consult the appropriate academic or administrative The online academic catalog offers many department, or other service provider, for features to assist students, including currently accurate information on any advanced search options, intuitive , matters described in this catalog.

4 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT of acceptance using open conversations to CATALOG? improve awareness and enhance harmonies Students are expected to meet the program and by hosting events and sponsoring and degree requirements under the catalog activities that reflect our mission. year in which they are first enrolled as It is the policy of East-West University not to degree-seeking, provided that they complete discriminate improperly against any graduation requirements within a continuous matriculated student, employee or period of no more than eight years. See prospective employee on account of age, race, Catalog Year and Degree Requirements for color, religion, ethnic or national origin, more information. gender, sexual orientation, or being differently abled. Such policy is in 2013-2016 Academic Catalog (Archived) compliance with the requirements of Title - Select from the drop-down menu in VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title IX of the top right corner of the screen. the Education Amendments of 1972, the 2012 or earlier catalogs: Contact the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all other Registrar’s Office. applicable federal, state, and local statutes, ordinances, and regulations. Inquiries DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIVITY concerning the application of any of these East-West University strives to celebrate may be directed to the University humanity in all its wondrous and complex Provost or to the Director of the Office for variation. Because we value diversity, it is our Civil Rights, Department of Education, mission to sustain a community where all Washington, D.C. for laws, such as Title IX of may flourish, safe to embrace both shared the Education Amendments of 1972 and the experiences and differences. To this end, we Rehabilitation Act of 1973, administered by treat all with respect and compassion. We that department. respect, understand, and embrace the differences and similarities among our ACCREDITATION students, staff, faculty and the community we East-West University (the University) in proudly serve. As a community, East-West Chicago, Illinois, is accredited since 1983 University encourages the richness of by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) diversity and values the dignity of all persons. of the Central Association of Colleges We strive to foster an equal and positive and Schools; it has been placed on probation. learning environment that reflects the diverse nature of the people of Chicago, Illinois, the For information on NCA accreditation, nation, and the world. We seek to connect contact (800) 621-7440 East-West University campus culture and 230 LaSalle Street, Suite 7-500, behavior to our commitment to inclusivity Chicago, IL 60604-1411 and diversity by cultivating an environment

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6 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Fall Quarter 2020 September 28 - December 10 New Student Orientation Wednesday, September 23 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, September 25 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, September 25 Classes begin Monday, September 28 Late registration Monday, September 28 - Friday, October 2 Last day to change schedule Friday, October 2 Midterms Wednesday, October 28 - Thursday, October 29 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, November 13 Thanksgiving break (University closed) Thursday, November 26 - Sunday, November 29 Final examination period Wednesday, December 9 - Thursday, December 10 Winter break (for students) Saturday, December 12 - Sunday, January 10 Winter break for staff (University closed) Monday, December 21 - Friday, January 1 Winter Quarter 2021 January 11 - March 25

New Student Orientation Friday, January 8 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, January 8 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, January 8 Classes begin Monday, January 11 Late registration Monday, January 11 - Friday, January 15 Last day to change schedule Friday, January 15 Martin Luther King Jr. day (University closed) Monday, January 18 Midterms Wednesday, February 10 - Thursday, February 11 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, February 26 Final examination period Wednesday, March 24 - Thursday, March 25 Spring break (for students) Saturday, March 27 - Sunday, April 4

Spring Quarter 2021 April 5 - June 17

New Student Orientation Thursday, April 1 Last day to withdraw without penalty Monday, April 5 Last day for proficiency testing Thursday, April 1 Classes begin Monday, April 5 Late registration Monday, April 5 - Friday, April 9 Good Friday Friday, April 2 Last day to change schedule Friday, April 9 Midterms Wednesday, May 5 - Thursday, May 6 Apply for graduation Monday, May 10 - Friday, May 14 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, May 21 Major field assessment test(required for all seniors and optional for juniors) Friday, May 14

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 7

Memorial day ( University closed) Monday, May 25 Final examination period Wednesday, June 17 - Thursday, June 18 Graduation ceremony Saturday, June 20 Summer break (for students) Saturday, June 22 - Sunday, July 5 Summer Quarter 2020 July 6 - August 27 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, July 3 Classes begin Monday, July 6 Late registration Monday, July 6 - Tuesday, July 7 Last day to change schedule Friday, July 10 Midterms Wednesday, July 29 - Thursday, July 30 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, August 14 Final examination period Wednesday, August 26 - Thursday, August 27

8 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Academic Calendar 2021-2022

Fall Quarter 2021 September 27 - December 9 New Student Orientation Wednesday, September 22 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, September 24 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, September 24 Classes begin Monday, September 27 Late registration Monday, September 27 - Friday, October 1 Last day to change schedule Friday, October 2 Midterms Wednesday, October 28 - Thursday, October 29 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, November 12 Thanksgiving break (University closed) Thursday, November 25 - Sunday, November 28 Final examination period Wednesday, December 8 - Thursday, December 9 Winter break (for students) Saturday, December 11 - Sunday, January 9 Winter break for staff (University closed) Monday, December 20 - Friday, December 31 Winter Quarter 2022 January 10 - March 24

New Student Orientation Friday, January 7 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, January 7 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, January 7 Classes begin Monday, January 10 Late registration Monday, January 10 - Friday, January 14 Last day to change schedule Friday, January 14 Martin Luther King Jr. day (University closed) Monday, January 17 Midterms Wednesday, February 9 - Thursday, February 10 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, February 25 Final examination period Wednesday, March 23 - Thursday, March 24 Spring break (for students) Saturday, March 26 - Sunday, April 3

Spring Quarter 2022 April 4 - June 16

New Student Orientation Friday, April 1 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, April 1 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, April 1 Classes begin Monday, April 4 Late registration Monday, April 4 - Friday, April 8 Good Friday Friday, April 15 Last day to change schedule Friday, April 8 Midterms Wednesday, May 4 - Thursday, May 5 Apply for graduation Monday, May 9 - Friday, May 13 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, May 20 Major field assessment test(required for all seniors and optional for juniors) Friday, May 13 Memorial day ( University closed) Monday, May 30

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 9

Final examination period Wednesday, June 15 - Thursday, June 16 Graduation ceremony Saturday, June 18 Summer break (for students) Saturday, June 18 - Sunday, July 4 Summer Quarter 2022 July 5 - August 25 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, July 1 Classes begin Monday, July 5 Late registration Monday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 6 Last day to change schedule Friday, July 8 Midterms Wednesday, July 27 - Thursday, July 28 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, August 12 Final examination period Wednesday, August 24 - Thursday, August 25

10 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Academic Calendar 2022-2023

Fall Quarter 2022 September 26 - December 8 New Student Orientation Wednesday, September 21 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, September 23 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, September 23 Classes begin Monday, September 26 Late registration Monday, September 26 - Friday, September 30 Last day to change schedule Friday, September 30 Midterms Wednesday, October 26 - Thursday, October 27 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, November 11 Thanksgiving break (University closed) Thursday, November 24 - Sunday, November 27 Final examination period Wednesday, December 7 - Thursday, December 8 Winter break (for students) Saturday, December 10 - Sunday, January 8 Winter break for staff (University closed) Monday, December 19 - Friday, December 30 Winter Quarter 2023 January 9 - March 23

New Student Orientation Friday, January 6 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, January 6 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, January 6 Classes begin Monday, January 9 Late registration Monday, January 9 - Friday, January 13 Last day to change schedule Friday, January 13 Martin Luther King Jr. day (University closed) Monday, January 16 Midterms Wednesday, February 8 - Thursday, February 9 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, February 24 Final examination period Wednesday, March 22 - Thursday, March 23 Spring break (for students) Saturday, March 25 - Sunday, April 2

Spring Quarter 2023 April 3 - June 15

New Student Orientation Friday, March 31 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, March 31 Last day for proficiency testing Friday, March 31 Classes begin Monday, April 3 Late registration Monday, April 3 - Friday, April 7 Good Friday Friday, April 7 Last day to change schedule Monday, April 10 Midterms Wednesday, May 3 - Thursday, May 4 Apply for graduation Monday, May 8 - Friday, May 12 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, May 19 Major field assessment test(required for all seniors and optional for juniors) Friday, May 12 Memorial day ( University closed) Monday, May 29

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 11

Final examination period Wednesday, June 14 - Thursday, June 15 Graduation ceremony Saturday, June 17 Summer break (for students) Saturday, June 17 - Tuesday, July 4 Summer Quarter 2023 July 5 - August 24 Last day to withdraw without penalty Friday, June 30 Classes begin Wednesday, July 5 Late registration Monday, July 5 - Tuesday, July 6 Last day to change schedule Friday, July 7 Midterms Wednesday, July 26 - Thursday, July 27 Last day to withdraw from a class (W grade recorded) Friday, August 11 Final examination period Wednesday, August 23 - Thursday, August 24

12 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 LOOKING FOR ROOM CALL (312)

Academic Advising and Counseling The L Lounge/E102 939-0111 ex. 2102 Admissions Admissions Office/W830 939-0111 ex. 1830 Alumni Services Development Office/W819 939-0111 ex. 1819 Academic Program Director Receptionist/W800 939-0111 ex. 1800 Building Management Management Office/W610 312-427-9580 Book Store Bookstore/SLC Lobby 312-450-3752 Career Services W813 939-0111 ex. 1813 Chancellor Chancellor's Office/W804 939-0111 ex. 1804 Computer Services Computer Services/E210 939-0111 ex. 3620 Co-op Education Co-op Office/W410 939-0111 ex. 1410 Credit by Examination Associate Provost’s Office/SLC 5th Floor 939-0111 ex. 3501 Development and Grants Office Development Office/W819 939-0111 ex. 1819 Financial Aid Financial Aid Office/W806 939-0111 ex. 1806 General Information Receptionist/W800 939-0111 ex. 1800 Human Resources Business Office/W808 939-0111 ex. 1808 Instructors Receptionist/W800 939-0111 ex. 1800 International Student Advisor Admissions Office/W829 939-0111 ex. 1829 Library Services Library/SLC 5th Floor 939-0111 ex. 3500 Lost and Found Security Office/SLC Lobby 939-0111 ex. 3100 Donation Development Office/W820 939-0111 ex. 1820 News and Notices Public Relations Office/W821 939-0111 ex. 1821 Payment Business Office/W811 939-0111 ex. 1811 Publications Publications Office/W821 939-0111 ex. 1821 Public and Media Relations Public Relations Office/W821 939-0111 ex. 1821 Registration Registrar’s Office/W802 939-0111 ex. 1802 Scholarships and Awards Financial Aid Office/W806 939-0111 ex. 1806 Security Security Office/SLC Lobby 939-0111 ex. 3100 Student Activities The L Lounge/E102 939-0111 ex. 2102 Student Housing SLC/6th Floor 939-0111 ex. 3606 Student Success Center Success Center/W3rd Floor 939-0111 ex.1301 Transcripts Registrar’s Office/W802 939-0111 ex. 1802 Tutoring Tutorial Lab/SLC 5th Floor Veteran’s Information Financial Aid Office/W806 939-0111 ex. 1806 ACADEMIC INFORMATION ROOM CALL (312)

Behavioral and Social Sciences SLC/5th Floor 939-0111 ex. 3501 Biological Sciences E407 939-0111 ex. 2407 Business Administration W816 939-0111 ex. 1816 Computer and E212 939-0111 ex. 2212 Electronics Engineering Technology E301 939-0111 ex. 2301 English and Communications E403 939-0111 ex. 2403 Islamic Studies W800 939-0111 ex. 1800 Mathematics E206 939-0111 ex. 2206 Office Administration W816 939-0111 ex. 1816 Provost W803 939-0111 ex. 1803

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East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 15

The University

FOUNDING AND LEGAL AUTHORIZATION PHILOSOPHY In December 1978 a diverse group of visionaries East-West University represents a unique began to plan a new, urban, non- development in the annals of higher education denominational institution of higher learning in institutions in the city of Chicago and its Chicago. These founders recognized a need to suburbs. The University is established primarily expand educational access in the city, and had a to preserve and extend and to integrate and unique vision for doing so. East-West University transmit knowledge of human beings was incorporated in Wisconsin as a non-profit concerning themselves, the universe, and their corporation on February 22, 1979, and was Creator. It strives to develop in its graduates the legally recognized by all three states (Wisconsin, wisdom derived from human heritage, the spirit Illinois, and Indiana) that make up the greater of inquiry that leads to discovery, and the sense Chicago metropolitan area. The Internal of dedication which spends itself in the service Revenue Service awarded East-West University of humankind. It inspires the students to 501(c)3 status, making it tax-exempt and eligible pursue natural and supernatural truths and to receive tax-deductible charitable gifts. imbibe the urge to live a fuller and more fruitful life. It is both comprehensive and pluralistic in The University received approval and operating terms of clientele, academic programs, authority from the Illinois Board of Higher educational delivery systems, research and Education in May 1980, and the University’s first publication projects, and sources of financial class began on September 15, 1980. The Illinois support. Student Assistance Commission certified the University in June 1980, and the United States MISSION Department of Education did so in July of 1981, Pursuit of excellence by all through making the University students eligible for all relevant, effective and convenient types of financial aid. In November 1981 the education. University was authorized by the United States Equal educational opportunity for all Citizenship and Immigration Service (now a part of the Department of Homeland Security) to racial, ethnic and socio-economic enroll non-immigrant students from other groups. countries and certify student visa applications. Program offerings of liberal arts and sciences along with job and career East-West University is listed in all related professional education geared to comprehensive higher education directories and the service economy of modern times. guides. The University has been regionally Service to humankind with a global, accredited by the Higher Learning Commission multi-cultural and future-oriented since December, 1983, and is currently on perspective. probation, preparing for a review in November 2016.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 17 PURPOSES type such as health care, business and The following are the purposes in support of the engineering professions, entertainment and University’s philosophy and mission: recreation, the arts, religion, government and education at all levels, are uniquely related to To Provide Relevant, Effective and Convenient human welfare and to the development of Education: human beings. They touch profoundly the lives The founders of East-West University believe of individuals and determine the range of there will always be a need for colleges and personal opportunity. universities which offer relevant, diversified, and attractive academic programs at convenient To Cultivate Dedication to Serve Humankind times and places, which employ effective modes With a Global, Multi-Cultural and Future- of educational delivery, and which adopt a policy Oriented Perspective: of low tuition and opportunities to seek Also worthy of serious thought is a global, multi- financial aid. To meet the needs of students cultural, and future-oriented perspective of higher coming from different racial, ethnic, cultural, learning that is often neglected in universities and and socioeconomic backgrounds, the academic colleges. We are living in an increasingly programs of East-West University encompass interdependent and interconnected world in many aspects of human life. They include both which exponential growth is causing a serious liberal and professional education as well as shrinkage of space and resources. Astonishing studies related to the arts, family, and practical advances in scientific and technological living so intellects are sharpened, perspectives innovations transgress, indeed in some cases broadened, and effectiveness in life and in obliterate, national boundaries. National interest vocations increased. can no longer be defined and attained in isolation from the global interest. If humankind is to To Foster Equal Educational Opportunity for All survive in this fast changing world, we need a Racial, Ethnic and Socio-Economic Groups: profound reshaping of higher education, so an The principle of equality of educational international intellectual community can be opportunity and of human worth is the created which has the ability to adapt to an centerpiece of all academic and fiscal planning uncertain future and which can innovate, of East-West University. improvise, and solve problems with no precedent. As its name connotes, East-West University strives To Offer Programs in Liberal Arts and Sciences to meet these goals in its educational, research, Along With Job and Career Related Professional and informational programs. Its international Education Geared to the Service Economy of faculty resources focus on building bridges of Modern Times: harmony and cooperation among nations and Higher education plays an important part in the people of the East and of the West for a better trend towards increasing consumption of understanding of the human family professional services. Indeed, it is virtually the only source of personnel for such services. The THE LOCALE AND CONSTITUENCY OF production of services uses few raw materials THE UNIVERSITY and is remarkably clean in its environmental The locale of East-West University is the City of effects. Services, particularly of the professional Chicago and its suburbs extending beyond the

18 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 State of Illinois into the States of Wisconsin and Center, Millennium Park, the Art Institute, Indiana – one of the largest metropolitan areas Buckingham Fountain, Orchestra Hall, Soldier of the world. Not only is this area the merging Field, theaters, the financial district, federal and point of the eastern and western United States, state office buildings, and fine restaurants are all but it has become a confluence of the distinctive within easy walking distance. features of the western world and the communities. Almost 22% of the STUDENT LIFE CENTER population of the City of Chicago, over half a The Student Life Center provides academic and million people, are either foreign-born or native- recreational facilities, meeting and conference born of foreign or mixed parentage. About 36% rooms, informal gathering places, a restaurant of Chicagoans, 5 years and over, speak a and 70 apartments for college students affiliated language other than English at home. There are with a promising institution of higher learning: literally hundreds of thousands of west and east East-West University (EWU). Recreational Europeans, Italians, Greeks, Turks, Africans, facilities include the full-size basketball court, a Arabs, Iranians, Pakistanis, Indians, Southeast cardio and strength training fitness center as Asians, Chinese and Japanese, as well as well as a yoga room. African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, Latin- Americans and others living here together – an Academic facilities include the University incredibly rich and vital constituency worthy of library, tutoring center, an open computer lab pride for any great university. and two classroom spaces, one traditional and another computer lab-based. Conference LOCATION AND CAMPUS FACILITIES facilities include the Riaz H. Waraich The Chicago campus facilities of East-West Auditorium for lectures, Conference Rooms University consists of the East building located East and West for small group meetings as well at 816 South Michigan Avenue, the West as the 17th Floor Multipurpose Room and building at 819 South Wabash Avenue, and the terrace for receptions. Student Life Center (SLC) located at 829 South Wabash Avenue, in the South Loop of the The Student Life Center provides free open downtown area. The three buildings are wireless on all main floors (floors 1-6) for connected by an enclosed walkway. Michigan members of the University community. Avenue is one of the most imposing thoroughfares in America. Grant park and Lake Student housing called Flats at East-West Michigan are located to the east of the campus University is located on floors 7-16 of the and the towering buildings to the west and the Student Life Center. Apartments are furnished north form a setting that is attractive and with a bed, desk, desk chair, dresser, wardrobe memorable. The architectural grandeur and as well as a refrigerator, freezer and microwave. beauty of downtown Chicago is world- Utilities are included within the license renowned. Chicago’s Museum Campus, agreement (including cable TV, Internet, heat, comprising the Adler Planetarium, the Field water, garbage, and electricity). Other amenities Museum of Natural History, and the Shedd available to residents include lounges, on-site Aquarium, is a short walk to the southeast of the laundry, vending machines and bicycle storage. campus. The Chicago Public Library Cultural License agreements are valid for 9 months (late

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 19 September-mid June). Summer housing is also resources in their teaching. available. Applications are available online at Students and faculty are encouraged to The Flats adopt the spirit and practice of learned Student Housing Office can be contacted at inquiry and contribute to research and 312.939.0112 or [email protected]. publications as far as possible. The existence of administrative core STUDENT POPULATIONS group, faculty council and curriculum East-West University serves all those who are committee ensures participatory desirous and capable of undertaking higher academic governance. education. The student populations that the The University’s annual schedule is University is specifically committed to serve comprised of three quarters of 11 weeks include among others: students who are seeking each and a summer session which quality education to pursue excellence in their varies in duration. lives; students from low-income families who Research and publication programs, are motivated to enroll with the help of state and institutes and centers of different area federal tuition grants, loans, and institutional studies and national and international scholarships; active employees of business and level conferences and symposia industrial concerns who want to enroll in organized on a continuing basis over conveniently offered programs with the help of time are other salient features of the financial assistance or employer provided University’s educational delivery system. tuition reimbursement; mature and experienced Small class sizes. persons who have acquired competencies needed for a successful life and are now seeking The University’s organization includes students, to earn a degree; students from various ethnic faculty, staff, administrators, directors and and immigrant communities; and foreign trustees, and interested community members students. working together in a closely integrated manner and interacting in university governance. The CHARACTERISTICS OF THE receptiveness to each other’s evaluation in terms INSTRUCTIONAL SYSTEM of expectancies and commitments made creates The more important characteristics of the a high level of accountability in the development University’s instructional system are the and implementation of plans related to the following: instructional system.

Courses are offered in the day and STUDENT BILL OF RIGHTS evening to fit time preferences of the All students enrolled at East-West University majority of students. may rightfully expect that the faculty and The instructional methods are reviewed administrators of the University will maintain periodically, so students have the benefit the conditions which facilitate learning. of effective learning settings. Students are encouraged to exercise their right Academic support services help to free inquiry in a reasonable and peaceful instructors incorporate technological manner. and pedagogical innovations and

20 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 STATEMENT OF ACADEMIC FREEDOM and provide the interpretative and legal basis for As an essential element of living up to the institutional actions. philosophy, adhering to the mission, and pursuing the purposes of East-West University as GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION stated in its publications, the University endorses Board of Directors of the Corporation in principle the Statement of Academic Freedom Ultimate custodianship of the University’s adopted by the American Association of interests is vested in a seven-member Corporate University Professors in 1940, inclusive of later Board of Directors, which includes the founders amendments. More specifically: of the University Corporation. The board functions as a Foundation Board in accordance a. Teachers are entitled to full freedom in with the provisions of its Articles of research and in the publication of the Incorporation, by-laws, and all pertinent results, subject to adequate performance of statutes. Directors may attend meetings of the their other academic duties; but research Board of Trustees as non-voting observers. for pecuniary return should be based upon an understanding with the authorities of Board of Trustees the institution. The operation and development of the University b. Teachers are entitled to freedom in the and the regulation and management of its affairs classroom in discussing their subject, but are governed by the 13-21 member Board of they should be careful not to introduce into Trustees. Nominations to membership of the their teaching matter which has no relation Board of Trustees may be made by any current to their subject. Trustee of the University. The Board of Trustees c. College and university teachers are citizens, has direct responsability for the operations of the members of a learned profession, and University through its powers to appoint and officers of an educational institution. When supervise the Chancellor of the University. Other they speak or write as citizens, they should functions of the Trustees include mobilizing be free from institutional censorship or resources and building assets of the University discipline, but their special position in the on a continuing basis, approving policies and community imposes special obligations. As strategic plans, and the annual budget for the scholars and educational officers, they University’s operation and development. The should remember that the public may judge incumbent trustees of the University represent a their profession and their institution by wide variety of backgrounds, demonstrate their utterances. Hence they should at all exceptional professional caliber, and bring a wide times be accurate, should exercise experience of community involvement and appropriate restraint, should show respect public interest work. for the opinion of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not The Chancellor speaking for the institution. The Chancellor is the Chief Executive Officer of the University and an ex-officio member of the The institutional policies and regulations Board of Trustees and of all Committees of the applicable to any and all of the above areas are Board. Among the Chancellor’s responsibilities discussed in East-West University publications are:

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 21 Supervising the day-to-day operation of The Administrative Core Group, which the University in accordance with the oversees University management policies approved by the Board of Trustees. issues, and makes or reviews Enforcement of University rules and recommendations to the Chancellor and regulations. the Board of Trustees. Management of fiscal matters. The Faculty Council, which adopts and Appointment, supervision, evaluation revises academic policies, programs, and removal of all academic and curriculum, and faculty personnel administrative personnel of the University. policies. Initial approval and presentation to the The Curriculum and General Education Board of Trustees of the policies and Committee, which makes procedures of all academic and reccomendations to the Faculty Council administrative committees and councils on all curricular matters and the of the University. General Education program. Preparation of reports on the state of the The Standing Committee on University University required by various agencies. Planning, which creates, tracks, and Managing the University’s relations adjusts the strategic plan. with other educational agencies and The Development and University institutions. Relations Committee, which coordinates the functions of the offices of Administrative Organization development, grantsmanship, public The organizational structure of the University relations, and publications. integrates relationships and functions of The Student Success Committee, which employees in a way designed to support the works to enhance student persistence, institutional mission. The organizational chart retention, and graduation. illustrates this organizational structure and fundamental accountability, authority, and The General Assembly of the University responsibility relationships. consists of all full-time members of the academic and administrative staff and the A team decision-making approach ensures Chancellor. It meets at least twice a year for extensive communication among top and planning retreats. It makes policy midlevel executives and the faculty, improving recommendations for action by the Chancellor the quality of decisions, facilitating team for purposes of the University’s efficient allegiance, and educating team members operation and development. It may also appoint concerning the intricacies of each major advisory committees on academic programs, operating unit of the University. it also provides and recommend policies regulating student peer regulation of performance expectations work, fiscal resources, administrative and timeliness. Key decision-making groups are organization, and other aspects of institutional comprised of selected members of the governance. administrative and academic staff of the University and include:

22 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 ADMISSION AND REGISTRATION INFORMATION

Admission and Registration Information

ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS THE ADMISSION PROCESS East-West University welcomes applications A student applying for admission at East- West for admission from all who are desirous and University must: capable of undertaking college-level education. The University’s programs require seriousness Submit a completed East-West of purpose, high motivation, and emotional University application for admission maturity. and the non-refundable application fee. Submit a high school diploma or the East-West University has rolling admissions; G.E.D. certificate. applications for admission are reviewed and Submit official copies of transcripts processed all year round. Students can begin from all previously attended schools, their studies at the University either in the fall colleges and universities. quarter, which normally starts at the end of Submit completed FERPA form. September, or the winter quarter, which Submit ACT or SAT test results. begins in early January, or the spring quarter, Meet with a University admissions which begins in April, or the summer session counselor. which begins in early July. Take the University placement tests in English and mathematics, if applicable. The following are requirements for all These tests are administered free of applicants seeking an associate or a bachelor’s charge. Students with at least 12-quarter degree: hours of college level transfer credits or equivalent in English and mathematics Graduation from an accredited high with grades of C or better from an school, G.E.D. or high school equivalent. accredited institution may be exempted Official transcript from an accredited from these tests. high school and/or college. ACT or SAT examination results. IMMUNIZATION As required by the Illinois Department of In addition to the above requirements, Public Heath, full-time students born on or applicants seeking individual courses should after January 1, 1957, and enrolling or be aware that other requirements might apply continuing at East-West University must depending on the course/program of study. present proof of immunization as described in Special consideration will be given to those Illinois Public Act 85-1315, title 77: Public who may not meet the above requirements on Health, part 694 as amended. a case-by-case basis.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 25 TRANSFER STUDENTS AND CREDIT BY Such transfer credits will be applied to the EXAMINATION requirements of a degree program if students East-West University welcomes students who complete their residency requirement and the wish to transfer from other schools, colleges remaining coursework in their major and minor and universities. Applicants must follow the fields of study. Credit for transfer courses regular admission procedure. Transfer completed more than ten years before the time students should contact the admissions office of admission may be denied. No credit for the for further details. course work completed at another institution will be accepted if the same or equivalent course East-West University considers granting is taken at East-West University. Credit hours transfer credit for the following: earned at colleges which operate on a semester basis will be multiplied by 1.5 in order to convert College level courses in which a student them to quarter hours. has earned a C grade or better taken at regionally accredited or state approved PRIOR LEARNING ASSESSMENT institutions of higher learning in the East-West University recognizes the growing United States. geographic and career mobility of modern College level courses in which a student post-industrial society. The University also has earned a D grade can be applied recognizes that the traditional timetable for towards General Education courses only. higher education is not appropriate for 92 credit hours of credit will be awarded everyone, particularly working adults who may upon review if the student earned an have already acquired relevant, useful, and associate degree from an accredited verifiable competencies from nonacademic institution upon review. experiences — career employment, special Foreign transcripts evaluated at the training, volunteer work or community student’s expense by an outside agency service, recreation and travel, military designated by the University. experience, or self-directed study. Credits from independent study courses approved by the National University To meet the need of such students, the Extension Association. University offers an option for Prior Learning Proficiency examinations such as the Assessment within each of its existing degree College Level Examination Program programs. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is a (CLEP), DANTES, or an East-West process through which learners identify areas of University proficiency examination in learning from their past experiences, program-specific courses. demonstrate that learning through appropriate Military service school courses. documentation, and submit their materials Assessment of knowledge gained from related to specific course objectives so that they experience, independent study, or other can be assessed and possibly awarded academic non-traditional approaches to education credit. PLA will reduce the repetition of in accordance with the University relevant, course-related material for learners procedures. with prior learning (or with prior degrees). PLA can reduce the time required to earn a degree.

26 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Prior Learning Portfolio Development is a Portfolios based on the evaluation services process that East-West University provides for performed by faculty experts. Quarter credits students to document their prior learning. awarded to students through Prior Learning East-West University makes no promises to Assessment are posted to the student’s record prospective students regarding credit for prior after payment of a reduced tuition charge of learning until this Portfolio evaluation has $250/quarter credit. been conducted. In PLA200, Prior Learning Assessment (a course designed in accordance INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS with the principles established by the Council The University welcomes students from all for Adult and Experiential Learning), each over the world. Any student who is not a student prepares and submits a collection of citizen or permanent resident of the United documents that establish and support a claim States or its territories will be considered an that he or she has the particular skills, international student. All international knowledge, values, attitudes, understandings, students transferring from another U.S. achievements, experiences, competencies, institution or coming directly from abroad are training, and certifications that will align with encouraged to contact the International specific EWU course outcomes. The portfolio Student Advisor as soon as they decide to developed in the PLA200 course should not study at East-West University. In addition to only describe the relevant experience but the standard requirements, international should also identify the particular learning student applicants must complete the outcomes. Students will also offer a critical following steps before they are accepted for self-assessment of what college-level learning admission and before a U.S. immigration has been acquired through selected non- form I-20 is issued: traditional experiences. Submit the East-West University Once the Prior Learning Portfolio is international application for admission completed and submitted, faculty evaluators with the non-refundable processing fee. appraise it for the evidence demonstrating that Submit a financial affidavit of support those skills are tied to the outcomes of specific from a parent, guardian, sponsor or EWU courses. Faculty evaluators who are government agency. subject matter experts will determine if the Submit original and English translation Prior Learning is acceptable for credit. of official transcripts from secondary school through college level. PLA provides a method to help encourage Submit the Test of English as a Foreign non-traditional learners to pursue a degree. It Language (TOFEL) results for students can help them make the transition to higher from non-English speaking countries. education, permit them to avoid redundant courses that cover what they have already Upon arrival at the University, the students are learned, and shorten their time to graduation. required to take theUniversity placement tests, unless they can demonstrate TOFEL score of East-West University assesses fees for the at least 520 (score of 200 on the computer evaluation of Prior Learning Assessment based test) or they are transferring at

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 27 least 12-quarter hours of college level who complete the Honors program will have a credit in English with grades of C or special designation on their diplomas as well better from a U.S. institution. as their name added to a special honors plaque Submit a transfer release form for at the University. transferring students to East-West University. Transfer release forms are RE-ENTERING STUDENTS obtained from the International Student Students who interrupt their studies at East- Advisor of East-West University. West University for more than one full academic year must complete a readmission International students arriving from abroad form at the Counseling and Student Affairs should immediately contact the University to Office. Such students will be subject to the arrange for classes and other necessary most current program and degree matters. For additional information, please requirements. consult the International Student Advisor. The University will issue an I-20 form upon the FINANCES: TUITION AND FEE receipt of all necessary documents and STRUCTURE associated fees. For employment The tuition and fees listed are applicable for authorization, the I-20 will be endorsed only 2017-18 academic year. after the student completes one full year of study (three quarters). Likewise, a transfer I-20 will be issued only after one full year of study at East-West University.

Effective Fall 18 quarter, you are allowed to take vacation in Summer Quarter. Due to extenuating circumstances, i.e. illness in family, emergency leave can only be approved by the International Student Advisor with proper documentation. It is mandatory that proper permission is granted so you can maintain your F1 status.

HONORS PROGRAM Acceptance into the program will be based on a composite of grade point average and ACT scores. In addition to the coursework, the Honors program will offer special benefits and activities for its students, such as priority registration, an Honors Webpage, social functions, and internship opportunities. To complete a degree from the Honors program a student must maintain a 3.25 GPA. Students

28 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

Tuition and Fees 2020

Application for admission fee (non-refundable)* $40.00 Application for admission fee for foreign students residing in the U.S (non-refundable)* $40.00 Application processing fee for students abroad (non-refundable)* $300.00 Registration fee per quarter (non-refundable) $15.00 Late registration fee applied during the first week of a quarter (non-refundable) $200.00 Tuition per quarter hour $710.00 Tuition per quarter for students taking 10 to 16 credit hours (Full-time status requires at least 12 credit hours.) $7,100.00 Laboratory fee per course $200.00 Change of schedule fee $20.00 Non-refundable fee per quarter hour for proficiency examination $250.00 Prior learning assessment fee per quarter hour of credit earned by student $250.00 University services fee $435.00 Replacement fee for student ID $10.00 Graduation fee** $250.00 Diploma replacement fee $125.00 Transcript fee (3-5 business days) $5.00 Urgent next-day request transcript fee $10.00 Urgent same-day request transcript fee $20.00 Returned check fee $50.00 Mailing fee out of U.S. $100.00 Airport pick-up fee $100.00 Credit card processing fee on total payment 3.5% Check processing fee $10.00 Collection agency fee on total debt 25%

* These fees are payable once and include the costs of processing the application. ** Graduation fees provide for the diploma, cap and gown, and commencement exercises. It is payable at least one month before graduation.

NOTE: Tuition and fees for 2021 - 2023 will be announced later.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 29 PAYMENT OPTIONS various financial aid programs available from Students must pay all tuition and fees due and the U.S. Department of Education and other payable at the time of registration for every government agencies are responsible for the quarter under one of the following two timely submission of all forms, applications options: and documentation required by those agencies. If a student fails to submit the Option one: Single payment of full tuition at necessary materials by the proper deadlines the time of registration or prior to the and therefore is deemed ineligible for financial beginning of the quarter. aid, the student then becomes solely Option two: one-half of the tuition to be paid responsible for making payments due to the at the time of registration, one fourth of the University. tuition plus an additional charge of $30.00 four weeks after classes begin, and the FINANCIAL AID AND SCHOLARSHIPS remaining one fourth plus an additional The Student Financial Aid Office is charge of $30.00 seven weeks after classes responsible for administering and begin. coordinating aid funds from federal, state, private and University sources. The primary Failure to pay all charges by the eighth week of goal of the Student Financial Aid Office is to the quarter might result in the student’s provide adequate financial assistance to dismissal from all classes and the loss of applicants who, without such aid, would be academic credit for the quarter, unless the unable to attend East-West University. student makes arrangements with the Through grants, part-time employment and Business Office. Interest will be charged on scholarships, students are provided monetary outstanding balances. assistance to meet the basic cost of their educational program. The Director of Financial Aid will verify in writing if the student is eligible to receive A variety of financial aid is available to financial assistance, which will be credited to qualified students attending East-West student’s account when received by the University. Programs, policies and application University. procedures are defined in the East-West University Financial Aid Narrative, which may In extenuating circumstances, the student be obtained from the Student Financial Aid may make special payment arrangements Office. Questions concerning financial aid directly with the Business Office. should be directed to this office.

No student having any unpaid account will be FEDERAL AND STATE GRANTS issued an official transcript, letter of verification or diploma. Furthermore, students Illinois Student Assistance Commission will not be allowed to register for any new Monetary Award Program () quarter until all accounts for the preceding This program is administered by the Illinois quarter are adjusted with the Business Office. Student Assistance Commission (ISAC) and Students who are eligible to participate in the assists Illinois residents who attend an

30 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 approved Illinois college. Awards are based on Federal PLUS Loan information reported on the Free Application PLUS loans enable parents with a good credit of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). ISAC rules history to borrow money to help pay education limit eligibility to dependent students whose and housing expenses for their dependent parents are Illinois residents and to self- undergraduate students. supporting or independent students who have resided in Illinois for 12 continuous months The interest rate is set on July 1 and varies prior to September 1 of the award year for annually. Housing loan funds are only which the grant is made. The maximum available for the Flsats at the Student Life amount of an award for 2017-2018 academic Center (SLC), 829 S. Wabash Avenue, year is $4,720.00. Chicago, IL 60605.

Federal Pell Grant (FPELL) Federal Direct Loan maximums vary The Federal Pell grant is a federally funded according to academic level. Students apply for program. Eligibility requires that an applicant all direct loans by filling out the FAFSA. For has not received a bachelor’s or professional specific information students should contact degree and is a U.S. citizen or permanent the Student Financial Aid Office. resident and demonstrates financial need. The amount of the award is based on the student’s Federal Supplemental Educational prior-prior calendar year income and asset Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) information provided on the FAFSA. The The FSEOG is a federally funded program. maximum amount of an award for the 2017- The purpose of this grant is to provide 2018 academic year is $5,920. additional aid to students who exhibit exceptional financial need. To become eligible, Federal Direct Loan Program the student must file the FAFSA and have a There are two types of Federal Direct Loans – valid Student Aid Report (SAR) on file Subsidized and Unsubsidized. Subsidized indicating eligibility for a Federal Pell grant. federal direct loans are based on financial need The amount awarded to a recipient depends and University policies. Repayment is deferred on financial need, the amount of other aid until the student graduates or ceases to enroll received, and the availability of funds at East- at least half-time, and the government pays the West University. interest while he/she is enrolled in school. Unsubsidized federal direct loans are not Federal Work Study Program (FWSP) based on need. A student may borrow the cost The FWSP provides salaries for jobs for of education minus all other financial aid students with demonstrated financial need received, including any subsidized federal and who maintain satisfactory academic direct loan, according to University policies. progress. Students awarded FWSP funds can However, the student must pay the interest earn money to help pay education expenses. while he/she is enrolled, or it may be accrued Students can work either on- or off-campus. and capitalized. Repayment of the principal is Off-campus jobs will be with private, non- deferred until after the student graduates or profit organizations or public agencies that ceases to enroll at least half-time. encourage community service work. Students

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 31 awarded Federal Work Study are paid at least availability of funds. Only full-time students the current federal minimum wage or higher, (taking a minimum of 12 credit hours per depending on the type of work performed. quarter) are eligible for one of the following Students are paid by the hour and receive a scholarships except the Merit Scholarship paycheck biweekly. Federal Work Study which can be combined with one additional students are not permitted to work more than scholarship. 20 hours per week during the academic year and cannot work during their scheduled class times. Students apply for Federal Work Study by filing the FAFSA.


Scholarship Maximum Award (upto) Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017

Instututional $6,030 $2,010 $2,010 $2,010 Academic Scholarship

*To be eligible for the above scholarship, a student must complete his/her degree program (Associate and/or Bachelor’s) and maintain a quarterly and cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher and pass designated course with a “C” or better.. A student must continue as full-time without interruption until graduation. Students may carry the cumulative scholarship balance, interest free, from quarter to quarter in the same academic year. The entire amount of the cumulative scholarship will be credited to the student’s account upon completion of each academic year.

Scholarship Maximum Award (upto) Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017

Continuing Education $5,025 $1,675 $1,675 $1,675 Scholarship

Obtain sponsorship by employer and maintain quarterly GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Graduation Incentive $1,200 $400 $400 $400 Scholarship

Maintain quarterly GPA of 2.0 or higher.

32 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Merit-5 Scholarship $1,500 $500 $500 $500

Maintain quarterly and cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.

Merit-3 Scholarship $1,000 $333 $333 $334

Maintain quarterly and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

HIGH SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP Merit Based Awards All East-West University Scholarships will not exceed the direct cost of attendance (tuition) when combined with federal grant awards such as the Pell Grant and Illinois MAP Awards.

GPA ACT 17-18 SAT ACT 19-21 SAT ACT 22-36 SAT 800-899 900-999 1000-1600

3.5 - 4.0 $4,500 $6,000 $7,000 3.0 - 3.49 $3,000 $4,500 $6,000

2.5 - 2.99 $1,500 $2,000 $2,500

Recipients of High School Merit Based Awards must maintain a cumulative GPA equivalent to, or exceeding, the transfer GPA of acceptance at EWU. The cumulative GPA will be evaluated quarterly.

TRANSFER MERIT SCHOLARSHIP GPA Transfer Merit 3.5 -4.0 $3,500 3.0 - 3.49 $2,500 2.0 - 2.99 $2,000

Recipients of Transfer Merit Based Awards must have a minimum of 30 earned credit hours and maintain a cumulative GPA equivalent to, or exceeding, the transfer GPA of acceptance at EWU. The cumulative GPA will be evaluated quarterly.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 33 NEED BASED SCHOLARSHIP Freshman and Transfer GPA EFC 0-2000 EFC 2001-4000 EFC 4001-5273 3.75 -4.0 $4,000 $3,500 $3,000 3.5 - 3.74 $3,500 $3,000 $2,500 3.0 - 3.49 $3,000 $2,500 $2,000 2.0 - 2.99 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500

ACADEMIC PROGRESS SCHOLARSHIP Freshman and Transfer Need Based Awards for freshmen and transfers using a combination of high school or transfer GPA and Expected Family Contribution (EFC). Recipients of Need Based Awards must maintain a cumulative GPA equivalent to, or exceeding, the transfer GPA of acceptance at EWU. The cumulative GPA will be evaluated quarterly.

Class Year Maximum Award Fall 2016 Winter 2017 Spring 2017

Sophomore (45+) $1,500 $500 $500 $500

Junior (90+) $2,000 $666 $667 $667

Senior (135+) $2,500 $833 $833 $834

Maintain quarterly GPA of 3.0 or higher.

HOW TO APPLY Independent students, as defined by the Students are required to submit financial aid US Department of Education, must applications on an annual basis. Priority submit their tax returns and their consideration for receipt of financial aid and spouse’s if applicable. Tax returns must scholarship funds administered by the Student be signed or have the preparer’s Financial Aid Office shall be given to sections completed. students who submit all required Income Certification Statements – documentation by the assigned deadline. Students or parents on public aid or The following forms, depending on the social security are required to submit individual’s status, are required to process the the income statements from financial aid: corresponding offices. Non-tax Filer Verification Statement – Free Application of Federal Student Aid Students and/or parents who did not (FAFSA). file the tax return are required to sign a Federal income tax returns with all statement and have it attested by the schedules and W-2 forms for the prior- local IRS office. prior year. Dependent students must Verification Worksheet – Students submit their tax returns and the returns selected for verification identified by the of their parents or guardians. star on the Effective Family

34 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Contribution are required to submit this DETERMINING FINANCIAL AID worksheet with proper signature. The number and amount of financial awards Citizenship/Residency Verification – A and payments are subject to availability of copy of the Resident Alien Card or institutional, federal, and state aid funds. The citizenship documents must be Student Financial Aid Office will help the submitted to the Student Financial Aid student determine the type of aid available and Office. applicable. Several types of aid may be Student Certifications – Students must combined or packaged to meet the student’s fill out information concerning computed financial need. Need is determined statement of educational purpose, the by subtracting the expected family statement of registration status and the contribution from the student’s total certification of the Anti-Drug Abuse Act. educational expenses. The parents’ Immunization records. contribution is calculated on the basis of their Copy of Social Security Card. income and assets as well as a consideration of A picture ID. family size, number of family members currently in college, retirement allowances, tax WHO CAN APPLY paid, and other allowable factors. The student To be eligible to receive federal assistance, a is also expected to make a calculated student must: contribution toward college expenses from income, savings and other assets. A federal Be enrolled for 8-16 credit hours in a need analysis, called Federal Methodology degree-seeking program. approved by the U.S. Congress, is used to Have a high school diploma or G.E.D. evaluate a family’s financial circumstances. A certificate. student who meets the independent student Be registered with the Selective Service definition is evaluated on the basis of his or if required to do so her (and spouse’s, if applicable) financial Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. national circumstances. (including natives of American Samoa or Swain’s island),U.S. permanent WHEN TO APPLY resident who has an I-151 or I-551 or I- Financial aid applications must be submitted 551-C, refugee, indefinite parolee and/or each academic year. Students are encouraged humanitarian parolee, Cuban-Haitian to apply early (after October 1st). The Student entrant, conditional entrant, or non- Financial Aid Office attempts to provide citizen with a temporary resident card currently enrolled East-West University (I-688). Supporting documentation may students with information about applying for be required to verify residency or financial aid, but ultimately it is the student’s citizenship status. responsibility to contact the Student Financial Maintain satisfactory academic progress. Aid Office regarding application procedures. Not be in default of any loan or owe a For specific application deadlines, contact the repayment on a Federal Pell Grant, Student Financial Aid Office. FSEOG, or state grant.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 35 REFUNDS AND THE RETURN OF TITLE IV number of calendar days in the quarter. REFUNDS POLICY Scheduled breaks of more than four If a student withdraws from the University, consecutive days are excluded. The order of then the school or the student may be required return will be Federal Direct Unsubsidized to return some of the federal funds awarded to loan, Federal Direct Subsidized loan, Federal the student. The student may also be eligible Direct Plus loan, FPELL, and FSEOG. for a refund of a portion of the tuition and fees paid to East-West University for the quarter. If If the student did not receive all of the funds the student received financial assistance from that were earned prior to withdrawing, a post- outside of the family, then a portion of the withdrawal disbursement may be due. If the refund will be returned to the grant, post-withdrawal disbursement includes loan scholarship or loan source from which the funds, the student must give permission before assistance was received. East-West University’s the funds can be disbursed. East-West refund policy exists for calculating the refund University may automatically use all or a portion of institutional charges. of the post-withdrawal disbursement of grant funds for tuition, fees, and room and board The federal "Return of Title IV Funds" charges. Permission is required to use the post- formula dictates the amount of Federal Title withdrawal grant disbursement for all other IV aid that must be returned to the federal school charges if any. Students will be notified government by the school and the student. of post-withdrawal disbursement eligibility The federal formula is applicable to a student within 30 days of the date of withdrawal receiving federal aid, other than Federal Work- determination. The school must return the Study, if that student withdraws on or before Title IV funds within 45 days of the date the the 60% point in time in the quarter. The school determines the student withdrew. federal formula requires a return of Title IV aid if the student received federal financial NOTE: If funds are released to a student assistance in the form of a FPELL grant, because of a credit balance on the student’s FSEOG, Federal Direct Student Loan account, then the student may be required to (unsubsidized and subsidized) and Direct Plus repay some of the federal grants if the student (Parent) loan and withdrew on or before withdraws. completing 60% of the quarter. The official withdrawal date is recorded by the Registrar REFUND POLICY on the administrative management system. If a student wishes to withdraw, completely or Last day of student academic activity is partially, from courses for which the student has considered as an unofficial withdrawal date in registered, the student must complete, sign and case student did not officially withdraw. If the submit, personally or by mail, the prescribed student officially withdraws from all classes, forms to the Registrar’s Office. Verbal Title IV Refund calculation will be done using withdrawals are not accepted. If a student ED express within 30 days of withdrawal. The officially withdraws from all courses before percentage of Title IV aid to be returned is classes begin, all money paid to the University, equal to the number of calendar days except the nonrefundable fees, will be refunded remaining in the quarter divided by the within 30 days of said withdrawal. Full-time

36 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 students who partially withdraw to less than 12 personal problems. Apart from academic hours before classes begin will have their tuition advising, counseling is also available from the adjusted to the hourly rate. After classes begin, Student Success Center and the Financial Aid the following schedule is effective based on the Office. date of complete official withdrawal: The staff of the Counseling and Student Affairs During the first week of classes 80% of Office engage in the following activities: the tuition and refundable fees will be credited to the student’s account or Meet with program directors regularly refunded. to ensure continuity for students. During the second week of classes 50% Counsel students who have not met the of the tuition and refundable fees will University’s Satisfactory Academic be credited to the student’s account or Progress requirement and monitor their refunded. success. During the third week of classes 30% of Participate in assigned University the tuition and refundable fees will be committees. credited to the student’s account or Act as intermediaries between the refunded. student body and University personnel, Effective the first day of the fourth week explaining University policies and of classes, no credit will be made for procedures to the former and bringing complete or partial withdrawal. student opinions to the latter. Ensure that students are properly Cash refunds will be disbursed directly to the advised and are aware of all program student only if all official charges to the requirements, including advising student’s account are paid in full. students who plan to transfer credits to East-West University. All applicable refunds will be disbursed to the Coordinate registration activities. student within thirty days after receiving a Enforce the Student Code of Conduct withdrawal request. In the event of a student’s for the safety and protection of the death, all remaining charges on the student’s University community. account will be cancelled. Organize activities to help students and alumni identify and secure COUNSELING AND STUDENT AFFAIRS employment, internships and The Office of Counseling and Student Affairs cooperative education activities. oversees extra-curricular activities and assists in Plan and coordinate the graduation creating co-curricular activities. Each of the ceremony. East-West students is assigned an advisor from that office so there is always someone from the ALUMNI SERVICES University available to help that student achieve University alumni are offered privileges to use academic, vocational, and career goals, select the University library and computing facilities, courses that will lead to progress towards a audit courses upon payment of registration degree, and discuss university-related or fees only, and use career services.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 37 BOOKSTORE SERVICES personal development. Such goals may be The bookstore at East-West University carries accomplished through cultural and social textbooks and other classroom assigned activities, the mentoring program, volunteer instructional materials. It also carries programs related to the instructional program, classroom supplies and University athletics and student government. The promotional items. Book rental services are University encourages and supports the also available. formation of student organizations and clubs that allow students to work together towards a CAMPUS SECURITY common goal. The University administration The security of the campus and its occupants must approve all organizations. is the responsibility of the security staff. They monitor identification of all persons on STUDENT PUBLICATIONS campus. Students, faculty and staff should The Phantom Press is the official student report injuries, thefts, accidents, items lost and newspaper of the University, published found or any unusual circumstances to the periodically throughout the academic year. security staff office. The University also supports and encourages other student publications. COMPUTER SERVICES All East-West University students have access to TUTORIAL SERVICES e-mail, the worldwide web and current academic The University provides tutorial services in and non-academic computer programs. The areas of Mathematics, Writing, Computer University maintains state-of-the-art computer Science, Biology, and Electronics Engineering laboratories both for instructional purposes and Technology at no cost to students. Additional student work. Email is an official means for tutorial services will be added as needed. communication within East-West University. Students are expected to check their official STUDENT POLICIES East-West University account on a frequent and All students enrolled at East-West University consistent basis in order to stay current with may rightfully expect that faculty and University communications on the Student administrators of the University will maintain Portal. Students are also expected to use their the conditions which facilitate learning. East-West University account for communication Students are encouraged to exercise their right with instructors in their courses. The use of an to free inquiry and free speech in a reasonable outside email account for assignment and peaceful manner. submissions and faculty correspondence is discouraged as a University policy. STANDARDS OF STUDENT CONDUCT All persons shall respect and obey civil and STUDENT ACTIVITIES criminal laws and shall be subject to legal Co-curricular (outside of the classroom) penalties for violation of the laws of the city, activities are intended to provide students with county, state, or the nation. All persons shall the opportunity to be better prepared to fulfill obey the rules, regulations and policies of the the duties of citizenship in a democratic University. Violation of such rules and society and enrich their educational and regulations, which include but are not limited

38 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 to the following, may result in disciplinary other objects that might be used as action including probation, suspension and/or lethal weapons on the University dismissal: campus or at functions authorized by the University. Failure to display University ID while Discriminatory behavior while on the on campus. University campus or at an activity Unauthorized presence on or use of authorized by the University which is University property. inconsistent with the University, city, Dishonesty such as cheating, county, state, or federal non- plagiarism, or knowingly furnishing discrimination policies and statutes. false information to the University Threatening or using physical force, administration or faculty. obstructing or attempting to obstruct Forging, altering or misusing any any student or instructor from attending University document or identification or instructing classes at the University. card. Threatening or using physical force, Willful disobedience to directions of obstructing or attempting to obstruct University officials acting in the employees of the University from the performance of their duties. performance of their duties. Obstruction or disruption of classes, Dressing in blatantly inappropriate administration or any authorized attire. University activity. Theft or deliberate damage to property belonging to the Violation of the above code stipulations may University, a member of the University also lead to the termination of a student’s community or a campus visitor. federal, state, and institutional financial aid Smoking on the University campus. and/or scholarship. The Student Conduct Assaulting, threatening, harassing or Committee decides on most violations. endangering the health or safety of any Depending on the severity of the violation, individual. immediate action may be taken by the Using, possessing or distributing Committee.. alcoholic beverages on University premises or at functions authorized by DISCIPLINARY ACTION the University. Students are required to abide by the rules, Using, possessing or distributing any regulations and principles of the University as illegal controlled substance on the stated in the Student Handbook and other University campus or at an activity University publications. They are expected to authorized by the University. conduct themselves at all times and in all Being under the influence of alcohol or places with propriety. A breach of University any illegal controlled substance on the rules or conduct prejudicial to the interests of University campus or at an activity the University may require appearance before authorized by the University. the Student Conduct Committee. This Possessing or using firearms, Committee is composed of faculty, explosives, dangerous chemicals or administrative staff members and students.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 39 All concerned parties will appear before the Committee and abide by the action taken. The Student Conduct Committee decisions can be arbitrated through the Office of the Provost or the Office of the Chancellor. All appeals must be submitted in writing. A student dismissed from the University for reasons other than academic work will be required to appear before the Student Conduct Committee for re- entrance. Additional information and details are available in the Student Handbook.

RESPONSIBILITY FOR LOSS OR DAMAGE The University is not responsible for any personal injury or the loss of personal property on the premises of the University, whether such injury or loss occurs by theft, fire or otherwise. Students will be personally responsible for any damage caused by them to laboratory equipment, furniture, facilities or any other University property and will be charged for such damage. Charges of this kind will be treated as a regular fee and must be paid by the end of the term during which such damage was caused or assessed. Financial aid will not cover for the charges incurred.

DRUG FREE CAMPUS East-West University adheres to, supports and is in full compliance with the requirements that maintain it as a drug-free institution of higher learning.

SMOKING POLICY The East-West University campus is a smoke- free campus. Smoking is not permitted on the University campus and off-campus sponsored activities.

40 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 ACADEMIC INFORMATION

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Academic Information

ADVISING AND COUNSELING STUDENT CLASS STANDING East-West University assigns each of its Class standing is determined according to the students an academic advisor so that there is number of quarter hours earned by a student: always an experienced and knowledgeable guide to help the student achieve academic, 0-44 hours Freshman vocational, and career goals; select courses 45-89 hours Sophomore that will lead to progress towards a degree; 90-134 hours Junior and provide a mature and trusted counselor 135 and above Senior with whom he or she can consult on university-related or personal problems. Apart from academic advising, counseling is Students with substantial college experience available from the Student Success Center may be granted advanced standing after the and the financial aid staff as well. proper assessment and evaluation of such experience by the appropriate faculty DEVELOPMENTAL COURSES members and, in the case of foreign The University offers courses in writing, transcripts, a recognized outside evaluation reading comprehension, mathematics and agency. Students having foreign transcripts freshman seminar for students who need are responsible to pay such evaluation additional work in preparing for college-level agency’s fee. Information and forms are study. Incoming students may be required to available in the Registrar’s Office. take the University’s placement tests in these areas. Those students who score below the FULL TIME/PART TIME STATUS designated cutoff points are then placed in Students attending 12 or more hours during a the appropriate developmental courses which term are considered full-time. Those they must take in addition to the 92 or 180 attending less than 12 hours during a term credit hours needed to graduate with an are part-time. Students are advised to take 16 associate or bachelor’s degree respectively. credit hours of work per quarter if they wish These developmental courses do not count to complete the associate or bachelor’s degree towards graduation requirements. in two years or four years respectively.

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS Each credit hour is based on the equivalent of 92 credit hours is the established minimum one hour of classroom instruction and other graduation requirement for the Associate of required work each week for eleven weeks of Arts or Associate of Applied Science degree the quarter. Courses which include laboratory and 180 credit hours is the established experience may include additional contact minimum graduation requirement for the hours but not additional credit hours. Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Students have an overload if they are degree. Graduating student must have a registered for more than 16 credit hours each cumulative GPA of 2.0 or better.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 43 quarter. Students who wish to register for an Complete the application form available overload must be given permission by the from the Registrar’s Office prior to the relevant program director or academic beginning of the quarter in which the advisor. Overload requires additional fees. proficiency examination is desired by The maximum load permitted is 20 credit the student. hours. Pay the appropriate fee in advance. Take the examination on the prescribed PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION date. East-West University recognizes that some students have acquired proficiency in college- The academic credit awarded through the level material outside the traditional college proficiency examination is added to the classroom. The College Level Examination quarter hours earned but is not added to the Program (CLEP) provides these students with quarter hours attempted, nor is it included in the opportunity to demonstrate their college- the grade point average. Proficiency level learning through examinations that examinations are subject to the following assess the knowledge and skills taught in regulations: common college courses. Students who pass CLEP examinations are awarded the number Proficiency examinations may not be of credits suggested by the CLEP system. taken to improve grades or remove The academic credit awarded through CLEP failures in courses. is added in the number of credit hours A student may take a proficiency earned, but not added to the quarter hours examination only once in each course attempted, nor is it included in the grade approved for proficiency examination. point average. Proficiency examination does not count towards fulfillment of residency The University may offer its own proficiency requirement for an associate or examinations for those courses for which bachelor’s degree. CLEP examinations are not available. Credits Proficiency examinations are generally earned through these examinations may be administered on the Friday before the used to satisfy course requirements and start of every term (excluding summer). credit hour requirements. A student may be granted credit through proficiency examinations for a Students who wish to take proficiency maximum of 20 credit hours. examinations in these courses must follow these procedures: A non-refundable fee is charged for each East-West University proficiency Consult with the program director to examination. If a course requires a laboratory find if a proficiency examination has demonstration, an additional laboratory fee been approved for the specific course. may be charged. Obtain permission from the program director to take the proficiency Students may also take proficiency examination in that course. examinations in order to waive CI101

44 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 (Computer Technology and Applications) student must meet the specific performance requirement. Such test will be administered criteria of each course as set forth by the by the Admissions Department. There is no University faculty before credit is given. charge for such proficiency examination. RESIDENCY REQUIREMENTS INDEPENDENT STUDY A minimum of 24 and 48 credit hours of Under special circumstances, a student may work completed in residence (at least half of take a course as independent study with the which should be in the major) is required for prior permission of the program director. students working towards an associate and a The appropriate forms must be obtained bachelor’s degree respectively. Residency is from, and after completion must be defined as class work which is completed by a submitted, to the Registrar’s Office within the student at East-West University during a first week of the relevant term. particular quarter. No extension courses, credit by examination, assessment of STUDENT ATTENDANCE experiential learning, or developmental All students are required to attend their courses apply towards residency requirement. classes and do their academic work with punctuality and diligence. Students who miss MAJOR FIELD EXAMINATION any class or classes for any reason are entirely As part of qualifying for graduation, all responsible for the classes missed, and it is students scheduled to complete degree the individual student’s duty to contact the programs must satisfy all requirements of the instructor(s) concerning any make-up work. University’s assessment program. This Furthermore, failure to attend classes in program assesses the competencies in the which a student is enrolled will jeopardize student’s field of study. financial aid awards. GRADUATION PROCEDURES Students can interrupt their educational Students entering East-West University for program at East-West University without the first time are bound by the catalog of their prejudice but are encouraged to notify their year of entrance. If a student misses one academic advisor in writing. Students absent academic year he/she will be considered as a from the University for more than one year re-entering student and is bound by the must complete an Application for Readmission catalog of the year of re-entrance. with the Counseling and Student Affairs Office. The graduation ceremony to award associate ACADEMIC STANDARDS and bachelor’s degrees is held annually at the East-West University adheres to the end of the spring quarter. The date of requirements and recommendations of the graduation stated on the diploma will be the Illinois Board of Higher Education, the end of the quarter date in which the student Higher Learning Commission of the North completes the degree requirements. Central Association of Colleges and Schools and to the federal and state regulations Bachelor’s degree seeking students who have governing student financial aid. Every earned 135 quarter hours or more and

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 45 associate degree seeking students who have specificied deadline. earned 45 quarter hours or more will be Clear all financial obligations to the notified during the summer by the Registrar’s University. Office of their eligibility for graduation. The student must then contact during the fall Graduating students who achieved quarter the appropriate program director who cumulative GPA of 3.5, 3.75 and 4.0 will have will complete a degree audit and will develop their diplomas designated cum laude, magna the graduation contract to be signed by the cum laude and summa cum laude student. The contract will be submitted to the respectively. Registrar’s Office for review and forwarded to the program director for approval. DOUBLE MAJOR A student interested in pursuing a double Candidates for a bachelor’s degree can major in the same division must meet all participate in the graduation ceremony requirements for both majors. One diploma pending the completion of no more than 16 will be awarded to a student completing two credit hours after they have fulfilled the majors in the same division. Separate residency requirement and have attained the diplomas will be awarded to a student required cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the end of completing majors in two different divisions. the winter quarter preceding the ceremony and must register for the following quarter. DEAN’S LIST Full-time students who achieve a cumulative Candidates for an associate degree can grade point average of 3.5 or higher qualify participate in the graduation ceremony for inclusion in the Dean’s list. pending the completion of no more than 8 credit hours after they have fulfilled the HONORS LIST residency requirement and have attained the Full-time students who achieve a quarterly required cumulative GPA of 2.0 by the end of grade point average of 3.5 or higher qualify the winter quarter preceding the ceremony for inclusion in the Honors List. and must register for the following quarter. SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS Only degree candidates may participate in the POLICY graduation ceremony. Every student All students at East-West University must graduating from East-West University must: meet the University’s standards for Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). The Meet the academic requirements of the following policy (effective Fa-16 quarter) program in which he/she is majoring. applies to all undergraduate students, Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.0. regardless of programs, in the completion of Pass all outcome measures required by all coursework up to and including the the major field examination. bachelor’s degree at the University. Students Fulfill the residency requirement. are expected to adhere to the guidelines of Submit the Application for Graduation SAP for both Grade Maintenance to the Registrar’s Office by the (Qualitative) and Timely Completion

46 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 (Quantitative). Students work closely with SECTION 2: Measurement of Timely their advisor to maintain good academic Completion standing. Credit evaluation for measurement of Timely Completion is calculated as follows: SECTION 1: Measurement of Grade Maintenance Grades of A, B, C, or D are earned credits To achieve satisfactory academic progress for for completion in a timely manner. Grade Maintenance, the student must Grades of F, W, or I are considered achieve a cumulative C (2.0) grade point hours attempted, but no credit is average (GPA) at the end of every quarter. earned. When the student’s cumulative GPA falls Developmental courses grades of A, B, below 2.0, the student is placed on C, or D are considered to be earned Academic/Financial Aid Warning, credit for completion in a timely Academic/Financial Aid Probation or manner. Academic/Financial Aid Dismissal. Incomplete grades are not earned credit until a passing grade is posted. An 1. An Academic/Financial Aid Warning or Incomplete grade will revert to an F if Academic/Financial Aid Probation period the work is not completed by the end of is an 11 week quarter. During the the following quarter. warning period or probation period. Repeated classes are considered hours 2. At the end of the Probation period, if the attempted in all quarters, but are earned student is not making Satisfactory credit in the quarter the highest passing Academic Progress, all financial aid will grade is posted. be terminated and the student is subject to Academic Dismissal. The student has To achieve Satisfactory Academic Progress the opportunity to continue enrollment for Timely Completion, the student must only if the Academic Progress Committee complete 67% of the cumulative hours accepts his/her appeal based on mitigating attempted. Timely completion is audited circumstances. (See Appeal Process) quarterly. When a student is not in good 3. After a successful appeal, the student will standing for Timely Completion, the be placed on Academic/Financial Aid Academic Progress Committee will Probation for the subsequent quarter. An implement Academic/Financial Aid Academic Plan will be provided to the Probation or Academic Dismissal status. student by an appropriate advisor (depending on the major) which includes 1. An Academic/Financial Aid Warning the completion rate by quarter and the or Academic/Financial Aid Probation required GPA. If the student is meeting period is an 11 week quarter. During the the requirements of the Academic Plan, warning or probation period, the student financial aid eligibility will continue. is eligible for financial aid. 4. The student’s progress in meeting the 2. At the end of the Probation period, if the progress requirements of the Academic student is not making Satisfactory Plan will be evaluated every quarter. Academic Progress, all financial aid will

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 47 be terminated and the student is subjected However, the existing SAP policy will still to Academic Dismissal. The student has apply in both cases. the opportunity to continue enrollment 8. SAP policy applies to students enrolled in only if the Academic Progress Committee summer term. accepts his/her appeal based on mitigating circumstances. (See Appeal Process) Appeal Process 3. After a successful appeal, the student will When mitigating circumstances (illness, injury, be placed on Academic/Financial Aid or life change) interfere with Satisfactory Probation for the subsequent quarter. An Academic Progress, the student shall have the Academic Plan will be provided to the opportunity to appeal. The appeal must include student by an appropriate advisor why he/she failed to make Satisfactory (depending on the major) which includes Academic Progress, and what has changed that the completion rate by quarter and the will allow the student to achieve Satisfactory required GPA. If the student is meeting Academic Progress. Students will be given three the requirements of the Academic Plan, chances to make an appeal. The first two Financial Aid eligibility will continue. appeals are done through the Counseling and 4. The student’s progress in meeting the Student Affairs department. If the appeals are timely completion requirement of the approved, the student will be placed on Academic Plan will be evaluated every Academic Probation 1 and 2. If the student does quarter. not meet the Academic Plan and does not make 5. The maximum hours attempted cannot Satisfactory Academic Progress, the student will exceed 150% of the hours stated in the then have to apply for a 3rd and final appeal catalogue for program completion, or before the Academic Progress Committee. Academic Dismissal may result. East- Supporting documentation will be required for West University requires a minimum of 3rd appeal. The Academic Progress Committee 92 credit hours for associate and 180 will review Academic Probation 3 or Academic hours for bachelor’s degree completion. Dismissal taking into consideration eligibility Hence, the attempted hours cannot for enrollment and the student’s probability for exceed more than 138 or 270 hours for success in the program. If the Committee associate or bachelor’s degree respectively. approves the appeal, the student must follow the 6. Attempted hours will be counted Academic Plan to ensure future success. towards maximum time frame even if the student does not receive Title IV aid. Grades The student will be on Academic Probation 1, from accepted transfer coursework are not 2 or 3 for one quarter only. If the Academic included in the East-West University grade Plan is being followed successfully, then point average. Accepted transfer coursework Academic Probation 1, 2 or 3 will continue. is included in a student’s calculation of The student is eligible for financial aid for completion rate and maximum time frame. each quarter that Academic Probation 1, 2 or Transfer credits are considered as hours 3 is extended. If the student does not meet attempted and hours earned. the requirements of the Academic Plan, the 7. Students have an option to change their student may be Academically Dismissed after major and/or pursue a second degree. Probation 1, 2 or 3.

48 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Students who have been Academically C (average) Dismissed after Academic Probation 3 are D (lowest passing grade) ineligible to appeal their academic standing F (failure) and must follow the Readmission after P (pass) Dismissal process. I (incomplete) W (withdrawal) Readmission after Dismissal AU (audit) GF (Grade Forgiveness) Students who do not complete an appeal or whose appeal is denied must sit out from East- A grade of W indicates official withdrawal West University for at least one consecutive from a course through the last day of the quarter. During this time, the student must seventh week of classes. A student may not attend another college or university and officially withdraw from any classes after the demonstrate academic progress at that seventh week except in case of illness or institution for at least one consecutive quarter serious injury causing incapacity before the prior to applying for readmission at East-West end of the quarter. The grades of I, P, GF and University. However, a student is eligible for W are not counted in the computation of the readmission after taking off for one academic grade point average, but will be counted year. Students interested in readmission should towards attempted hours. speak with the Counseling and Student Affairs Office. A grade of I (incomplete) may be changed to A, B, C, or D if, within one quarter of the A readmitted student will be placed on an award of such a grade, the student Academic Plan and must meet their academic satisfactorily completes all the course plan and fill out an Appeal for Reinstatement. requirements. If the student fails to complete Proof of successful completion of one quater the work required within the following quarter with a 2.0 (c) average from another school will (not including summer session), the be required at the time of readmission. A incomplete will automatically be changed to F. readmitted student will be eligible for Incomplete grade does not affect the measures financial aid. of quantitative and qualitative progress.

EVALUATION AND GRADING Students may choose to audit a course. Student performance in a course is evaluated Under this option the student’s obligation is through standardized and instructor-developed to attend the course. Tests and other forms of tests, classroom performance in exercises and evaluation are optional. No credit is earned, assignments, oral conferences, and/or other but an entry of AU (audit) is included on the norm-referenced and criterion referenced permanent record. An AU cannot be measures. A permanent record of the grade in converted into any other grade. Standard fees each course is maintained in the Registrar’s are charged for audited courses. Office. Course outcomes are recorded on the official transcript by letter grades: Both the grade point average during a A (excellent) particular quarter and a student’s cumulative B (good) grade point average are computed by:

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 49 Calculating quality points by record and will appear on transcript. multiplying the number of credit hours Only the higher grade will be calculated of a particular course by the numerical in computing the grade point average equivalent of the grade earned in the which will affect the qualitative and course (A=4.0, B=3.0, C=2.0, D=1.0, quantitative components of satisfactory F=0.0), academic progress. Adding all the quality points of all the A grade earned at East-West University courses taken by the student at East- cannot be replaced by transferring the West University in which grades from equivalent course from another college. A to F were earned, and A financial aid recipient may only repeat Dividing the total of quality points by a course in which a grade of D is earned the number of credit hours of all those if that course falls in the major field of courses. study.

PROCEDURE FOR RECORDING GRADES SCHEDULE CHANGES Faculty members submit grades within 48 Courses may be changed with an additional hours of the last day of the quarter. An charge. Change of schedule forms must be instructor has one quarter to change incorrect signed by the advisor and submitted to the grades. After the deadline is passed, a grade Registrar’s Office. assigned by the instructor can be changed only by special petition to the Chief Academic Students may withdraw from courses by Officer. An adjunct instructor cannot assign a submitting a withdrawal form to the Registrar’s grade of incomplete (I) to a student unless the Office within the first seven weeks of a quarter. instructor obtains consent from the Program Dropped courses will be designated by a W on Director. the student’s permanent record.

GRADE APPEALS A student who does not follow the Students contesting a grade must file a appropriate procedure will receive an F grade written appeal with the supporting for the course not completed. documents to the Registrar’s Office within one quarter of receipt of that grade. Official withdrawal occurs only when a withdrawal form has been submitted to the REPEATING A COURSE Registrar’s Office. Notification to an The policy for repeating a course to improve instructor or withdrawal by telephone is not a previously earned grade includes the sufficient to withdraw or cancel registration. following provisions: TRANSCRIPTS The repeated course is subject to Transcripts of the academic record show regular registration and financial students’ courses and grades, and for policies. graduates, the degree, major or majors and Both the earlier and the later grade will academic honors. An official East-West appear on the student’s permanent University transcript may be issued to the

50 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 student, and mailed or faxed to a third party A student may challenge the accuracy of the directly with consent of student. Applicable University record with the appropriate fees are listed under the tuition and fees University office. structure. East-West University can release certain Transcripts may be requested in person, in information on a discretionary basis without writing, or online at prior student consent. Such information is For routine never knowingly provided to any requester processing, transcripts are issued within five for commercial purposes. Requests to working days from the request. Same day and withhold information should be made in next-day processing of transcripts is also writing to the Registrar’s Office. available. Transcripts will be issued upon clearance of all outstanding charges. The fee COOPERATIVE EDUCATION PROGRAM for all transcripts is nonrefundable. East-West University’s Cooperative Education program provides the opportunity for PRIVACY OF RECORDS students to gain valuable workplace East-West University complies fully with the experience while receiving college credit. As a Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act result of this program, students can graduate (FERPA) of 1974 as amended. Only East-West with experience related to their majors. University faculty and staff, acting in the student’s educational interest or performing Cooperative Education provides qualified University related functions, shall have access to students with the opportunity to develop student records. academically, personally and professionally. The program is open to degree seeking students No one outside the University shall have with a GPA of 2.5 or higher. Degree seeking access to, nor shall the University disclose students must have completed a minimum of information from, student records without 45 credit hours in order to be eligible for the the written consent of the student except in Cooperative Education program. accordance with the . Bachelor’s degree seeking students can earn Prior student consent is required to disclose up to eight hours of academic credit toward student records to the parent of a dependent their major for Cooperative Education work; student as defined by Section 152 of the associate degree seeking students can earn Internal Revenue Code of 1954. up to four hours of credit. Students are required to complete 100 documented hours A student may inspect information contained of work for the employers to receive college in his or her record with the exception of credit. In addition, students must submit a financial information submitted by parents or journal/log documenting the activities, confidential recommendations related to submit a reflective paper, and submit an admission. employer evaluation.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 51 Students interested in Cooperative Education should contact their academic advisor.

ACADEMIC PROGRAMS The overall objectives of the University’s academic programs leading to the degrees listed in the chart are:

To encourage the acquisition and improvement of knowledge, attitudes, values and marketable skills required for intellectual excellence and job efficiency. To develop and strengthen open, accepting and understanding human relationships. To develop an appreciation of and interaction with the social experiences of all cultures.

52 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 COURSE DESCRIPTIONS

There will also be examination of the standard- ACCOUNTING setting process, the accrual process, and AC101 | Fall/Winter preparation of financial statements. This course FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING I uses a rules-based approach to solve complex 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: MT155 accounting problems with consideration of US This introductory financial accounting course and international standards. Ethical considerations presents accounting as an information system that will be addressed. produces summary financial statements, primarily for external users. Students study the forms of AC305 | Spring/Even year business Organization, recording and analyzing TAXATION transactions, and financial statement preparation. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Ethical situations will also be addressed. AC102 or consent of the Program Director A study of the theory and principles of federal AC102 | Winter/Spring income taxation for individuals. The course reviews FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING II preparation of tax returns in accordance with the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AC101 internal revenue code and other supplementary IRS A sequel to AC101, this financial accounting rulings. Emphasis is given to real-life scenarios and course continues the study of the fundamental cases. Students will prepare complex individual tax principles and procedures of accounting. The returns using a professional computer package. course includes a study of cash; inventories; property, plant, and equipment; intangible assets; AC306 | Spring or as needed current liabilities; corporations (including capital MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING II stock and dividends); long-term liabilities (bonds 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AC207 and notes); the statement of cash flows, and A sequel to Accounting 207, this course continues financial statement analysis. Ethical situations will the study of accounting as a system of producing also be addressed. information internal management use. This course includes a study of centralized and AC207 | Fall/Spring decentralized organizations, responsibility MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING I accounting, transfer pricing, differential analysis, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AC102 cost allocation, activitybased costing, and cost This course presents accounting as a system of management for just-in-time environments. producing information for management decisionmaking. The course emphasizes the AC310 | Spring or as needed identification and interpretation of data for planning, ADVANCED TOPICS IN TAXATION controlling, and evaluating performance of a 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC305 and business and its components. Manufacturing cost Consent of the Program Director systems, incremental analysis, and capital budgeting Taxation of corporations, partnerships, and are covered in the context of business returns. specific trusts. Students will practice preparation of various types of tax returns. There is coverage of AC303 | Winter tax regulations related to specific current topics in INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I taxation and continued discussion on 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AC207 representation of clients before the Internal This intermediate accounting course is a Revenue Service. continuation of the study of accounting theory and practice as it relates to current assets, including monetary assets, receivables, and inventories.

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AC315 | Spring/Odd year AC345 | Winter or as needed ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS PRINCIPLES OF FRAUD INVESTIGATION II 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC102 & CI101 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC340, Consent A study of internal control systems, data of the Program Director & Junior standing An processing concepts, and accounting procedures intermediate course in fraud examination and controls. The course focuses on typical elaborating on topics which are introduced in accounting information systems. Using AC340. Most examination will contain professional software, students gain hands-on representative questions from the CFE (Certified experience in financial planning and modeling. Fraud Examiner) examination.

AC320 | Fall or as needed AC401 | Spring/Odd year FORENSIC ACCOUNTING AUDITING THEORY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Consent of the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC102 & Junior Program Director & Junior standing standing Emphasis on federal legislation related to fraud An examination of the accounting profession, examinations. Topics include coverage of laws professional ethics, auditors' legal responsibilities, preserving the rights of individuals suspected of and financial audits by external auditors. The committing fraud, laws that govern civil and course surveys the development of auditing criminal prosecutions, the admittance of evidence, standards: the generally accepted auditing and the testimony of expert witnesses. standards and official pronouncements. Practical applications are presented as illustrative cases. AC330 | Spring or as needed The case coverage includes audit planning, CRIMINAL TAX PRACTICE AND PROCEDURE internal control evaluation, substantive audits and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC305 and audit reporting. Sarbanes-Oxley is also presented. Consent of the Program Director and Junior standing AC420 | Spring or as Needed This course studies federal criminal tax law and CURRENT TOPICS AND CASES IN procedure, including the prosecution and defense FORENSIC ACCOUNTING of Title 18 and Title 26 criminal tax offenses, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Consent of the federal and local rules of criminal procedure, pre- Program Director & Junior standing trial practice, methods of proof, representation of This course will cover applicable current issues in witnesses, federal sentencing guidelines, and forensic accounting and review questions from the related civil considerations. CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) examination.

AC340 | Winter or as needed ARABIC PRINCIPLES OF FRAUD INVESTIGATION I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Consent of the AR101 | Fall | Program Director and Junior standing ELEMENTARY ARABIC | 4 CREDITS | An introductory course in fraud examination PREREQUISITE: None methodology covering skimming, cash larceny, An aural-oral approach to the Arabic language, billing schemes, check tampering, payroll pronunciation and fundamental grammatical schemes, fraudulent financial statements, principles introduced through drill in the basic interviewing witnesses and writing investigative language. Special emphasis is placed on skills of reports. listening and speaking, followed by practice in reading and writing.

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BIOLOGY AR102 | Winter | ELEMENTARY ARABIC II | 4 CREDITS | BL101 | Fall/Winter/Spring PREREQUISITE: AR101 or equivalent or consent of INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY instructor 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion or A continuation of AR101. placement out of EN123 An introductory science course covering the nature AR103 | Spring of science, the unity, diversity, and classification of ELEMENTARY ARABIC III life forms and the evolution of life. Activities 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AR102 or include videos, lectures, discussions, and a term equivalent or consent of instructor paper. A continuation of AR102. BL103 | As Needed AR201 | Fall INTRODUCTION TO GENERAL BIOLOGY INTERMEDIATE ARABIC I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AR103 or equivalent Provides an understanding of the diversity of life or consent of instructor on . The coure describes the basic concepts of A course for students who have completed one year life sciences such as order and organization in of Arabic; review of grammar with emphasis on the living organisms, cell structure & function, cell irregular verbs and syntax; practice in reading, division, photosynthesis, pathways of cellular composition and conversation based on matter respiration, DNA-RNA-Protein paradigm, the relating to the Middle Eastern countries. human body, genes & heredity characteristics and evolution. AR202 | Winter INTERMEDIATE ARABIC II BL111 | Fall/Winter 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AR201 or BIOLOGY OF THE CELL equivalent or consent of instructor 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Prerequisite: A continuation of AR201. Completion or placement out of EN123 and MT123 COREQUISITE: BL112 AR203 | Spring An exploration of the architecture of matter from INTERMEDIATE ARABIC III the level of the atom through the level of the cell. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AR202 or The structure and bonding behavior of atoms and equivalent or consent of instructor biological molecules, essentials of biochemistry, A continuation of AR202. structure and functions of cell organelles, and the reproduction and differentiation of cells is AR310 | Fall emphasized. SURVEY OF ARABIC LITERATURE: CLASSICAL PERIOD | 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Junior BL112 | Fall/Winter standing BIOLOGY OF THE CELL: LABORATORY A study of pre-Islamic period to 1500 CE; the 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Prerequisite: golden age of Arabic poetry; the rise of belletristic Completion or placement out of EN123 and MT123 writings; prose style; folk literature; selected COREQUISITE: BL111 readings; narrative genres: sacred and profane. Demonstrations and experiments are performed which illustrate the principles of Biology 111. Also included are microscopy, field trips, videos, and a term paper.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 89

BL121 | Winter/Spring BL161 | Fall BIOLOGY OF THE ORGANISM INTRODUCTORY EEG I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion or BL 112 | COREQUISITE: BL122 placement out of EN123 and MT123 | The comparative anatomy and physiology of COREQUISITE: BL162 organisms is explored with the aim of The first course of a series designed to educate understanding how life forms have evolved and students on methods of measurement, notation, how each life form is adapted to its respective and methodology in a clinical niche. Emphasis is placed on plants and animals, electroencephalography (EEG) laboratory. Essential selected aspects of human anatomy and physiology, mathematical concepts, responsibilities and ethics and basic ecological principles. of laboratory technologists, instrumentation, and interpretation of data are discussed. In conjunction BL122 | Winter/Spring with BL162, this course introduces students to BIOLOGY OF THE ORGANISM LABORATORY laboratory techniques essential for 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and BL 112 Neurotechnologists. COREQUISITE: BL121 Examination of the adaptive strategies of diverse BL162 | Fall organisms. Activities include field trips, INTRODUCTORY EEG I LABORATORY experiments, videos, microscopy, dissections, use of 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion or anatomical models, and a term paper. placement out of EN123 and MT123 | COREQUISITE: BL161 BL140 | Fall/Spring Measuring technique is emphasized. Students BIOGEOGRAPHY practice and gain proficiency in the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion or 10-20 system of electrode placement. placement out of EN123 Natural history and evolution of planet earth. The BL171 | Winter geological structure of the earth tectonic plates will be INTRODUCTORY EEG II discussed: how ocean floor and form, 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL161 and BL162 break apart and reform – and the physical sources of COREQUISITE: BL172 volcanoes and earthquakes. Interactions among the A course designed to introduce students to the earth’s solid surface, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and theory and science of electroneuro- diagnostics biosphere will be covered; term paper inclueded. technology with an emphasis on safety, polarity, localization and types of electrodes, as well as optimal impedance of electrodes.

BL172 | Winter INTRODUCTORY EEG II LABORATORY 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL161 and BL162 | COREQUISITE: BL171 Electrode placement and measuring techniques are emphasized and students gain further proficiency in the 10-20 system of electrode placement.

90 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

BL173 | As Needed BL180 | Fall/Winter/Spring INTRODUCTORY PSG | 2 CREDITS INTERNSHIP I | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PREREQUISITE: BL161 and BL162 | BL161 and BL162 COREQUISITE: BL174 Practical experience in a hospital setting where The history and overview of sleep medicine, ethics, students observe the practice and application of roles, and professional behavior of sleep medical technology including observation of and technologists are covered. Patient and equipment participation in diagnostic procedures under the preparation procedures, monitoring techniques and direct supervision of a qualified neurotechnologist. documentation, therapeutic interventions, protocols for monitoring, intervention and scoring, cardiac BL201 | As Needed event recognition and management (EKG), patient GENETICS AND EVOLUTION safety and emergency protocols are all discussed. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 and MT155 Classical Mendelian genetics, modern molecular BL174 | As Needed biology of DNA regulation, natural selection and INTRODUCTORY PSG LABORATORY | evolutionary history are discussed. Special 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL161 and emphasis placed on human evolution. Activities BL162 | COREQUISITE: BL173 include field trips, videos, and a term paper. Sleep pattern recognition, instrumentation, cardiac event recognition and management (EKG), practical BL202 | Winter/Spring sessions and other appropriate practicals to support HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I BL173. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: BL203 BL175 | As Needed Investigation of the structure and function of the INTRODUCTORY IOM, EP AND human body from cells, to tissues, organs, and NEUROTECHNOLOGY | 2 CREDITS | organ systems. Integumentary, skeletal, muscular, PREREQUISITE: BL161 and BL162 | and nervous system are covered. Videos, computer COREQUISITE: BL176 software, and online resource, are used to illustrate Analysis of the anatomy and physiology of the basic concepts of anatomy and physiology. Term central and peripheral nervous system, sensory and paper included. motor pathways necessary for understanding the procedures and applications of Intraoperative BL203 | Winter/Spring Neuromonitoring (IOM). Includes an introduction HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY I to the electronics and instrumentation for IOM LABORATORY | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: hardware and software. Foundational concepts of BL111 and 112 or BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: Intraoperative Neuromonitoring and evoked BL202 potentials are covered. The structure and function of the human body are explored through various activities including use of BL176 | As Needed anatomical models, microscopy, demonstrations, INTRODUCTORY IOM, EP AND experiments, and applicable dissections to illustrate NEUROTECHNOLOGY LABORATORY and expand the topics of BL202. 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL161 and BL162 | COREQUISITE: BL175 Appropriate practical and technical sessions to illustrate and support concents described in BL175.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 91 healthcare providers and integrate holistic health BL204 | Spring/Summer practices into the healthcare system. This course HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II will enhance knowledge of holistic health 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL202 and BL203 protocols that can restore wellness for good health COREQUISITE: BL205 and when particular ailments demonstrate an Endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, immunity, imbalance in the body and lifestyle. respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems are covered in this second part of Anatomy BL222 | Fall/Winter/Spring and Physiology sequence. Term paper included as REPRODUCTION AND SEXUALITY | part of course. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore Standing BL205 | Spring/Summer Reproductive strategies of diverse life forms are HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY II compared and contrasted with that of humans. The LABORATORY | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: anatomy and physiology, neuroendocrinology, and BL202 and BL203 | COREQUISITE: BL204 development of the female and male reproductive The structure and function of the human body are systems, as well as human embryology, are explored through various activities including use of emphasized. The biology of sex determination and anatomical models, microscopy, demonstrations, sexual orientation and cultural factors that affect experiments, and applicable dissections to illustrate sexuality and gender roles are also considered. and expand the topics of BL204. Special emphasis is placed on birth control methods, abortion, sexually transmitted diseases, BL210 | As Needed and new reproductive technologies. Term paper MICROBIOLOGY included. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 and CH111 and 112 | COREQUISITE: BL211 BL223 | Fall/Winter/Spring Biology of microorganisms such as bacteria, NUTRITION viruses, fungi, and protozoa are covered. Pathogens, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore antiseptic and sterilization techniques, and medical Standing applications are discussed. Term paper required. An examination of the role of nutrition in human health and disease. Human digestion and BL211 | As Needed metabolism as well as macronutrients and MICROBIOLOGY LABORATORY micronutrients are discussed with the goal of 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and enabling the student to become a more 112 and CH111 and 112 | COREQUISITE: BL210 sophisticated consumer and to practice preventive Laboratory to accompany BL210 lecture. Safety, medicine through appropriate nutrition and sterile technique, culture and identification of lifestyle choices. Students learn how to evaluate microorganisms is emphasized. Includes study of their nutritional intake and improve their anaerobic pathogens. nutritional status so as to improve the quality of their lives. Nutrition assesment and term paper BL214 | As Needed required. HOLISTIC HEALTH 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None Provides an exposure and working knowledge to the role of holistic health practices and integrative medicine. The course will introduce the terminology used to facilitate discussion with

92 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 mediation or prayer in maintaining brain health is BL227 | Winter/Spring explored. Practical techniques to improve brain use BOTANY | 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 to maximize the student’s long- term academic and and 112 or BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: BL228 professional potential are discussed. Term paper An in-depth study of plant structure and function, included. survey of various phyla of the plant kingdom, and related evolutionary and environmental issues of BL251 | As Needed botany are discussed. Term paper required. MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 oJ r BL228 | Winter/Spring BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: BL 252 BOTANY LABORATORY This course covers the structural, functional, 2 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or and genetic characteristics of prokaryotic and BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: BL227 eukaryotic cells and selected viruses, Laboratory studies to complement BL227. Lab macromolecular syntheses, regulation of gene activities include microscopy, live and preserved expression, chromosome organization, and specimens examination, and field trips. intracellular protein trafficking. The molecular basis of cellular ultrastructure, hormone action, BL230 | Spring signal transduction mechanisms, cell cycle control, ZOOLOGY proliferation, and differentiation will also be 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or examined. Term paper included. BL121 and 122 | COREQUISITE: BL231 Survey of the animal kingdom with focus on BL252 | As Needed comparative anatomy and evolution. This course is MOLECULAR AND CELLULAR BIOLOGY based on phylogenetic overview of the animal LABORATORY | 2 CREDITS kingdom, examining selected classes of PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or BL121 and 122 invertebrates and vertebrates to elucidate the COREQUISITE: BL251 evolution of the major organ systems, especially Experimental techniques of molecular digestive, excretory, reproductive, and nervous biology and molecular genetics designed to systems. Term paper included. accompany the lectures in BL251.

BL231 | Spring BL261 | Spring ZOOLOGY LABORATORY | 2 CREDITS | INTERMEDIATE EEG PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or BL121 and 122 | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL171 and BL 172 COREQUISITE: BL230 OREQUISITE: BL262 Laboratory studies to correlate with BL231. Lab The student is provided with a foundation in activities include microscopy and use of preserved the theory and practice of a medically oriented animal specimens. laboratory. Instrumentation, activation procedures, and chart abstracting are emphasized. Study of BL233 | Winter/Spring medical instrumentation and theory, including BRAIN HEALTH basics of analog and digital instrumentation, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore calibration, care and use of electrodes, electrical Standing safety, activation procedures, artifacts, montages, Structure and function of the human brain and classification of wave activity. Emphasis in this including details of sensory, motor, and integrative course is on clinical correlations. systems important for our perceptions and behavior are covered. The role of nutrition, exercise, and

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 93

BL262 | Spring BL271 | Fall/Winter INTERMEDIATE EEG LABORATORY ADVANCED EEG 2 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: BL261 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL261 and BL262 Instrument operation, recognition of artifacts, and EEG pattern interpretations in disorders such as performance of medical monitoring are introduced seizures, headaches, brain tumors, cerebral vascular in a laboratory setting. Emphasis is placed on lesions, encephalitis, psychiatric disorders, performance of routine EEG. A continuation of premature birth, brain abscess, coma, chorea, and EEG wave pattern recognition and interpretation drug intoxication are discussed in detail. Laboratory and the relationship between pattern recognition work is integrated with lecture. and diagnostic technique. BL273 | As Needed BL263 | As Needed ADVANCED POLYSOMNOGRAPHY INTERMEDIATE POLYSOMNOGRAPHY 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL263 and BL264 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL173 and Scoring event recognition and management, BL174 | COREQUISITE: BL264 instrumentation, multiple sleep latency testing Discussions of clinical detection of sleep (MSLT), multiple wake testing, abnormal and disorders and use of EEG technology in pediatric sleep is described. Students are taught in sleep labs. Neural aspects of sleep pathways and the preparation for the RPSGT registry exam given by autonomic nervous system are also discussed. the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists. BL264 | As Needed INTERMEDIATE POLYSOMNOGRAPHY BL275 | As Needed LABORATORY ADVANCED IOM 2 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: BL263 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL265 and BL341 Appropriate practicals to support BL263 including Theory and performance of procedure based examples of various sleep disorders. monitoring plans used in Intraoperative Neuromonitoring. Trouble shooting and BL265 | As Needed instrumentation setup, MEP, SEP, Free run and INTERMEDIATE IOM Triggered EMG for all spinal surgeries including 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL175, BL176, minimally invasive techniques are considered SSEP, BL341 Fundamental concepts in anesthesia basics MEP, ABR and EEG for craniotomies and skull base and practical anesthesia are discussed. Basic procedures, cranial nerve EMG monitoring, SSEP pharmacology of sedatives, muscle relaxants, and and MEP brain mapping, documentation and legal other drugs and their respective effects on IOM. A issues are also discussed. Laboratory work is wide array of IOM surgical cases are explored with integrated with lecture. further investigation into IOM hardware and software including program construction. Other topics include the surgical environment, HIPPA, JHACO, AORN, CPT billing and hospital coding protocol. Includes a laboratory component.

94 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 nuclear import/export, protein quality control, BL279 | As Needed membrane trafficking and more. We will highlight SCIENTIFIC THOUGHT AND PROCESSES how these processes contribute to the function of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 and the whole organism and how their disruption can sophomore standing lead to disease. The course provides a survey of scientific landmarks in history and the essence of scientific BL329 | As Needed thought and methodology are explored. In addition, SPECIAL TOPICS IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY physical, chemical, and biological theories and laws 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Junior standing are discussed to help students better understand A seminar style course covering research literature the scientific process and appreciate their place in related to molecular biology. Students will present the Cosmos. seminars related to specific research topics and lead discussions with peers related to the selected BL280 | Fall/Winter/Spring research. Term paper related to the research topic is INTERNSHIP II | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: required. BL180 Practical experience in a hospital setting where BL340 | Fall/Winter/Spring students observe the practice and application of a SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH medical technology including observation of and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Junior standing participation in diagnostic procedures under the This course will prepare students for research by direct supervision of a qualified technologist. exploring topics that include the selection of appropriate project, formulation of hypotheses, and BL291 | As Needed experimental design. Hands on research is included SEMINAR IN BIOLOGY | 4 CREDITS | and term papers that are exceptional will be PREREQUISITE: Completion of at least one 200- submitted for publication in research journals. level Biology course A literature research course that involves reading BL341 | Winter/Spring primary research papers in scientific and technical EVOKED POTENTIALS journals, assessment of experimental designs, and 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL175 and 176 interpretation of data in these primary papers. COREQUISITE: BL265 Students present their findings in class Recording techniques and basic data presentations and a term paper is required. recognition of visual, auditory, and somatosensory evoked potentials. Students perform evoked BL321 | As Needed potentials according to the ACNS guidelines and ADVANCED CELL BIOLOGY are prepared for the ABRET registration exam in 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL251/252 evoked potentials. The course will provide an in depth study of different developmental diseases on a cellular level. BL351 | As Needed Principles of cell biology and genetics of specific GENETICS | 4 CREDITS syndromes will be stressed. Specifically, the course PREREQUISITE: BL111 and 112 or BL121 and 122 will develop insight into the complexities of cell This course deals with the traditional principles of structure and function and the molecular events Mendelian genetics, population and evolutionary that mediate cellular processes, with a focus on genetics, and molecular genetics. Emphasis is cytoskeletal dynamics, metabolic processes, cell placed on human genetic diseases and molecular signaling and genetics. In this course, you will be biotechnology applications in the twenty- first provided with an understanding of the cytoskeleton, century. Term paper required.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 95

BL354 | As Needed BL393 | As Needed HISTOLOGY EPILEPSY AND LONG TERM MONITORING 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Junior standing 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL271 or Consent This course will focus on the basic characteristics of Instructor and identification of the primary vertebrate tissues, Covers techniques of recording EEG with and as well as their organization into organ systems. without synchronous audio-video. Types of Where appropriate microanatomy will be integrated seizures, clinical manifestations, and pattern with organ functions. Examination of microscope recognition are covered. Ambulatory EEG and slides, light micrographs, and electron micrographs pentobarbital coma, Wada testing, and awake of tissues and organs will be used in the study of cortical stimulation are also considered. vertebrate histology. Lecture and laboratory. Term paper required. BL398 | Spring NEUROTECHNOLOGY CAPSTONE COURSE BL390 | As Needed 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL343 or Consent MOLECULAR RESEARCH METHODS AND of Instructor LABORATORY TECHNIQUES A capstone course for the neurotechnology, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: BL321 and 322 polysomnography, and intraoperative A survey of modern molecular methods including neurophysiological monitoring programs that will those in nucleic acid, protein, and immunological culminate in students integrating their areas. The course is designed to introduce methods to understanding of neuroscience and EEG, PSG, or students that will allow them to apply modern IOM. Students will review the research literature, biological laboratory techniques to research questions write papers, and present seminars based on their and clinical practice. Term paper included. theoretical and clinical knowledge.

BL391 | As Needed BL402 | Fall BIOSTATISTICS NEUROSCIENCE I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT221 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: BL202 and BL203 Application of statistics in biological science with A comprehensive examination of the human emphasis on quantitative analysis of data and nervous system including study of the surface and statistical inferences. The course will cover probability cross-sectional anatomy of the spinal cord, theory and distributions, descriptive statistics for brainstem, and cortex. Sensory, motor, and limbic central tendency and dispersion, hypothesis testing pathways and their normal function and and confidence intervals for means, variances, and pathophysiology are described. Advanced topics in proportions, the chi-square statistic, categorical data the scientific literature are researched by students analysis, linear correlation and regression model, as and presented in oral and written format to further well as analysis of variance. Term paper required. deepen their understanding of neuroscience. Term paper required.

96 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

BL403 | Winter BL451 | As Needed NEUROSCIENCE II MOLECULAR PHYSIOLOGY 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BL342 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: Junior standing Sensory, motor, and limbic neural systems are The emphasis is on the molecular and cellular examined in this course with clinical correlations of mechanisms underlying physiological processes. related neuropathology. Sensory organs and sensory Structure-function relationship will be addressed processing as well as motor function and muscle throughout the course. The primary goal of the physiology are considered along with higher cortical course is to develop an understanding of the functions such as language. Term paper required. principles of the physiological processes at molecular and cellular levels. Term paper required. BL411 | As Needed ADVANCE GENETICS | 4 CREDITS | BL493 | As Needed PREREQUISITES: Junior standing READINGS IN BIOLOGY | 2 CREDITS | This course is designed for upper level PREREQUISITE: Junior standing undergraduate students, builds on Genetics, and A literature research course, which involves reading emphasizes human medical genetics. Topics of primary research papers in scientific and covered include but are not restricted to: known technical journals, assessment of the experimental human genetic disorders, use of karyotyping, designs, and interpretation of the data in these microsatellite analysis, and sequencing in the primary papers. Students present their findings in diagnosis of genetic disorders. Use of pedigrees, class presentations; term paper included. epidemiological and molecular studies in the identification of genetic contributions to multi- BL499 | As Needed factorial conditions and diseases are also discussed. SENIOR CAPSTONE PROJECT Term paper included. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing Capstone project for seniors in the Biology Program. BL413 | As Needed Students explore a research topic in conjunction with IMMUNOLOGY | 4 CREDITS faculty in the department who serves as project advisor. PREREQUISITE: Junior standing Students develop hypotheses and conduct experiments Cells and organs of immune system in health that are part of ongoing research efforts of biology and disease are discussed. Topics covered include department faculty. Students will present their research innate and adaptive immunity, molecular findings in oral and written format and as appropriate mechanisms of antibody diversity, major research findings are presented at local and national histocompatibility complex, complement system, meetings as well as submitted for publication. immunodeficiency, allergies, immunology of cancer and organ transplantation. Recent developments in techniques and immunotherapies will also be discussed. Term paper required.

BL414 | As Needed ENDOCRINOLOGY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Junior standing The study of hormones and other signaling molecules and their functions in growth control, maintaining homeostasis, and reproduction. Term paper incorporated into course

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BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION BS210 | Fall BS101 | Fall/Winter/Spring BUSINESS LAW INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Consent A study of the concepts, principles, and rules of COREQUISITES: EN151 & MT155 law that apply to the practice of business in an An examination and analysis of the basic structure everchanging world. This course includes legal and practices of the business community and their and equitable principles related to business impact on economic, political and social associations, partnerships and corporations. institutions of the American society. This course Students are exposed to the functions and will cover current business topics. Students will responsibilities of how various present in oral and written format throughout the business departments relate to a legal construct. A course. strong ethical responsibility is emphasized throughout the class. Other concepts include BS201 | Winter diversity, employment law, cyber law and privacy, ENTREPRENEURSHIP Equal Employment Opportunity issues. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: AC101 A fundamental approach to entrepreneurship and BS251 | Fall opening a small business. The course considers MANAGING GROWTH OF THE BUSINESS planning, capital procurement, profit analysis, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS 101 regulatory requirements, management arts, and This course exposes students to the unique business plan requirements. A final project challenges of managing the growth of small consisting of a detailed business plan will be businesses. It concentrates on company issues required. during implementation and growth phases, as well as long-term management considerations. The BS205 | Fall/Spring differences between small firms and large BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS organizations, management needs, practices, and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: BS101 financial resources are examined. This course will assist students in developing the skills needed to communicate effectively in diverse BS271 | Winter work environments. The course will examine and ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND THE USE OF practice essential skills for success in TECHNOLOGY management. Emphasis is placed on research, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS 201 organization, writing, and presentation of Students will learn the necessary skills to create business communications. Topics integrated successful, high-value enterprises, with an throughout the course include global emphasis on markets for technology and venture communication, business ethics, and cultural capital. Case studies will analyze current differences in the business environment. information and marketing technologies. Technological applications and ethical/cross- cultural considerations in the workplace are also BS281 | Fall discussed. ENTREPRENEURIAL MARKETING 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS 201 The course focuses on the key marketing strategies relative to new venture initiation, as well as marketing decisions for small and growing organizations. In the course, students learn to apply

98 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 marketing concepts and address special challenges of business and management. Ethical dilemmas and opportunities unique to entrepreneurial firms. will be presented with a focus on the idea that The course will also address creative approaches to “Following the Rules is Sometimes Not Enough.” marketing communications. The case method will be utilized.

BS301 | Winter/Spring BS421 | Winter ENTREPRENEURIAL FINANCE CURRENT TOPICS IN INTERNATIONAL 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: BS 201 & FN 201 BUSINESS This course identifies and follows the wealth 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS321 creation cycle beginning with company startups, This course is designed to follow BS 321. The successive stages of private equity financing, and course examines strategic management concepts ending with the harvesting of created wealth as they relate to international business. The focus through a sale, merger, or initial public offering. of this course will be on current events that affect Emphasis is placed adaption of financing and the landscape of international business. This financial contracts for entrepreneurial firms. allows the student to apply his/her knowledge of Topics also include information asymmetry international business to a particular region of the problems, the high degree of uncertainty, and world with a strategic emphasis and to learn the conflicts of interest associated with start-ups. impediments and opportunities for international commerce. The area of focus changes. BS 310 | Spring or Summer ADVANCED TOPICS IN BUSINESS LAW BS441 | Winter 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS 210 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND POLICY Current topics in Business Law are addressed with 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing emphasis related to current events. A current This course is the capstone course of the business example would be the role of the United States administration curriculum. Emphasis is on Supreme Court or laws related to diversity issues. implementation and control issues. This course uses case studies to reinforce the essential BS321 | Fall concepts of the business administration INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS curriculum. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: BS101 & Junior standing An analysis of the international BS 493 | As needed business environment and the role and behavior of DIRECTED READINGS multinational corporations in today’s ever- 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Consent of the changing geopolitical landscape. The course Program Director considers the implications of sovereign states, This course allows students to pursue study with a economic blocks and world trade, monetary faculty member in an area not offered in the transactions, national cultural structures, political, traditional business curriculum. It may be used to social and ethical issues. Emphasis is placed on satisfy elective credit and may not be used as a contemporary issues and related ethical substitute for a concentration course without the considerations. written permission of the Program Director.

BS350 | Winter BUSINESS ETHICS | 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: BS101 & Junior standing A study of contemporary moral standards and their relationship to professional ethics in all areas

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BS 494 | As needed CH151 | Winter/Spring | INDEPENDENT STUDY IN BUSINESS INORGANIC CHEMISTRY II |4 CREDITS | 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE:Consent of the PREREQUISITE: CH111 and CH112 | Program Director COREQUISITE: CH152 This course allows students to pursue independent A continuation of CH111 covering the study of study with a faculty member in an area not offered solids, liquids, gases, solutions, acids, bases, and in the traditional business curriculum. It may be neutralization. Application of physical and chemical used to satisfy elective credit and may not be used theory to inorganic chemistry including chemical as a substitute for a concentration course without equilibrium, chemical kinetics, solution theory, the written permission of the Program Director. electrochemistry, as well as a brief introduction to the chemistry of carbon containing compounds with special emphasis on biological systems are CHEMISTRY covered. Term paper included. CH101 | Fall/Winter/Spring INTRODUCTORY CHEMISTRY | CH152 | Winter/Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN123 and MT123 INORGANIC CHEMISTRY II LABORATORY An introductory chemistry course recommended 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH111 and CH112 | for science majors. Fundamentals of chemistry and CJ OREQUISITE: CH151 basic mathematical premise required for higher Further development of laboratory techniques is chemistry courses are covered. Topics include emphasized; Use of modern laboratory instrument scientific measurements, mole concept, chemical is introduced and qualitative analysis scheme, bonding, and stoichiometry. Practical sessions kinetic assays and equilibria are explored. included and term paper required. CH211 | Spring CH111 | Fall/Winter ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I | 4 CREDITS INORGANIC CHEMISTRY I | 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH151 and CH152 PREREQUISITE: Completion or placement out of COREQUISITE: CH212 EN123 and MT123 | COREQUISITE: CH112 Introduction to the chemistry of carbon containing Basic concepts of atomic structure, the elements compounds. The structure, nomenclature, types, and periodic table, compound formation, chemical and reactions of the groups of organic compounds bonding, nomenclature, chemical equations, and are discussed. By building upon the concepts the nature of chemical reactions. The student will developed in previous chemistry courses, the learn analytical thinking and advance their problem student will understand the synthesis of organic solving skills. Term paper required. compounds used in medicine, industry, and commerce. Term Paper included. CH112 | Fall/Winter INORGANIC CHEMISTRY I LABORATORY CH212 | Spring/Summer 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion or ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I LABORATORY placement out of EN123 and MT123 | 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH151 and COREQUISITE: CH111 CH152 | COREQUISITE: CH211 Fundamental laboratory procedures involving The chemistry of living compounds is developed. glassware, weighing balances, and manipulations of Behavior, origins, and properties of the amino materials are performed. Laboratory skills in acids, proteins, nucleic acids, and other compounds observation and reporting are gained by hands-on of life are covered. Special emphasis is given to experience. enzymatic reactions.

100 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 CI105 | WINTER CH261 | Fall/Winter WEB PAGE DESIGN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH211 and PREREQUISITE: CI101 CH212 | COREQUISITE: CH262 An introductory web design course that explains A continuation of CH211 expanding on the the fundamentals of how the Web works, chemistry of life: carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, including working knowledge of HTML. Topics nucleic acids, organization of molecules into include how to create page layouts, templates, and membrane structures and other organelles. Special links, set font styles, create tables, align images, emphasis on metabolism and enzymatic reactions. create rollovers, work with form objects, redefine Term Paper included. HTML with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and integrate images. Lab fee assessed. CH262 | Fall/Winter ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II LABORATORY CI205 | SPRING 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH211 and ADVANCED WEB PAGE DESIGN CH212 | COREQUISITE: CH261 4 CREDITS Laboratory exercises to enhance knowledge of PREREQUISITE: CI105 biomolecular structure and function. Concepts of This course is designed for students who are chromatography, electrophoresis, centrifugation, interested in web site development. The students will and enzymatic characterizations are covered. be introduced to basic principles of programming and client side script language. The course will use CH351 JavaScript to develop dynamic web pages. By the end BIOCHEMISTRY of the class, the students will understand core 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CH211 and CH212 JavaScript including language elements and client Chemistry of life is explored: carbohydrates, side JavaScript including objects that control the proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, organization of browser and its contents. Lab fee assessed. molecules into membrane structures and other organelles. Course is a culmination of the CI213 | FALL/WINTER/SPRING chemistry curriculum as it relates to biology. DESKTOP SPREADSHEET APPLICATION 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI101 COMPUTER AND INFORMATION SCIENCE A windows-based spreadsheet application will be CI101 | FALL/WINTER/SPRING used in this course. Topics include design, COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY AND formatting, printing, formulas and functions, APPLICATIONS graphing and data analysis. Lab fee assessed. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: None CI215 | WINTER This course is a general introduction to hardware JAVA I and software as they apply to personal computers. 4 CREDITS It emphasizes the use of typical software packages PREREQUISITE: CI101 including word-processing, spreadsheet, This is an introductory course of JAVA presentation, and web page design. In addition, programming. It covers control structures students will be introduced to the concepts of including selection and loops, methods, single- operating systems, network, security, and privacy. dimensional arrays, multidimensional arrays, and Lab fee assessed. foundation of objects and classes. Lab fee assessed.

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CI216 | SPRING CI246 | FALL C# I C# II 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI101 PREREQUISITE: CI216 This is an introductory course of C#, an object- A continuation of CI216 covering the topics of oriented programming language. It covers C# arrays, event-driven programming, user interfaces, control structures, methods, object-oriented and inheritance. Lab fee assessed. programming, and string. It is focused on building the foundation necessary to understand the CI251 | WINTER capabilities of the C# programming language. Lab PYTHON II fee assessed. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI221 CI220 | SPRING A continuation of CI221 covering the topics of CYBER ETHICS dictionaries, classes and objects, inheritance, 4 CREDITS recursion, and Graphical User Interface (GUI) PREREQUISITES: Sophomore Standing programming. Lab fee assessed. This course introduces the legal issues relating to the use of computers and the Internet. Topics CI256 | FALL being covered include privacy, professional ethics, HTML5 freedom of speech, intellectual property in 4 CREDITS cyberspace, fair user and ethical hacking, PREREQUISITE: CI101 trademarks, internet fraud, electronic evidence, An introductory web design course that explains and cybercrimes. the family of current and future document types and modules that reproduce, subset, and extend CI221 | FALL HTML. Topics include how to create syntax and PYTHON I document, create tables and forms, design page 4 CREDITS layouts, use graphics, video, local storage, color, PREREQUISITE: CI101 images and tools, validate files, and use Cascading This is an introductory course of Python, an object- Style Sheets (CSS). Lab fee assessed. oriented programming language. It covers Python decision structures, repetition structures, functions, CI270 | WINTER files, lists and tuples, and string. It is focused on INTRODUCTION TO MOBILE DEVELOPMENT building the foundation necessary to understand the 4 CREDITS capabilities of the Python programming language. PREREQUISITE: CI256 Lab fee assessed. An introductory course in developing applications on mobile platforms such as: iPad, Android, and CI245 | SPRING Blackberry. The development platform will be JAVA II jQuery Mobile that will use a touch optimized 4 CREDITS HTML5 UI to enable students to get a feel for the PREREQUISITE: CI215 effort required in building applications on mobile This course is in continuation of CI215 and covers devices. Lab fee assessed. strings and Text I/O, inheritance and polymorphism, abstract classes and interfaces. Design platform–independent Graphical User Interfaces using Swing. Lab fee assessed.

102 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

CI275 | SPRING CI307 | WINTER COMPUTER ORGANIZATION AND CYBER SECURITY ARCHITECTURE 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: CI301 PREREQUISITES: CI101 and MT153 This course covers the basic concepts in computer This course covers numeric representation logical security. Topics include privacy and personal gates, latches, adder design, architectural information, computer crime, legal and ethical components, ALU, bus, I/O devices and issues in computer security, identification and processors, memory organization, instruction set authentication, cryptography, operating system design, tradeoffs addressing techniques, security, network security, World Wide Web interconnection structures, CPU structures, security, and database security. Lab fee assessed. parallel processing and computer architecture systems. CI309 | SPRING FORENSICS AND INCIDENT REPONSE CI280 | FALL 4 CREDITS DATA ANALYSIS PREREQUISITES: CI307 4 CREDITS Introduction to the topics of forensic PREREQUISITES: CI221 fundamentals and technologies, digital evidence This course covers the fundamentals of data collection, and evidentiary reporting. Students will Analysis by using Python. Topics include learn how to integrate these techniques into the introduction of numpy and pandas, importing and incident response framework. Lab fee assessed. processing data, cleaning and transformation of data, grouping and aggregation, data visualization, CI310 | WINTER and time series and statistical modeling. Lab fee PRINCIPLES OF DATABASE assessed. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: Sophomore standing and CI301 | FALL consent of instructor DATA COMMUNICATIONS An introductory course to address the fundamentals 4 CREDITS of database modeling principles and the language PREREQUISITE: CI275 provided by database management systems. Introduction to data communication concepts and Complete coverage of the relational model and an facilities with an emphasis on protocols and updated coverage of SQL plus an overview of interface specifications. It will cover terminology, network and hierarchical systems. Lab fee assessed. common carriers, modes, codes used, application, and concepts of electronic communication CI320 | FALL systems. DATA STRUCTURES 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI245 Implementation and application of the essential data structures used in computer science. It covers basic data structures such as linked lists, stacks, queues, and trees. Particular emphasis is given to the use of object-oriented design and data abstraction in the creation and application of data structures. Lab fee assessed.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 103

CI321 | WINTER CI340 | SPRING COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: CI215, CI216, or CI221 and PREREQUISITES: CI251 CI275 This course covers concepts and applications of Introduction to operating system concepts, Artificial Intelligence (AI). A fundamental logical including system organization for uniprocessors model, knowledge, reasoning, rules, and basic and multiprocessors, scheduling algorithms, machine learning methods will be discussed. Lab process management, deadlocks, paging and fee assessed. segmentation, files and protection, and process coordination and communication. CI354 | SPRING SQL SERVER DATABASE PROGRAMMING CI328 | WINTER 4 CREDITS INTRODUCTION TO DATA SCIENCE AND BIG PREREQUISITE: CI310 DATA This course covers defining data storage, 4 CREDITS constructing simple and complex SQL queries, PREREQUISITES: CI251 implementing primary key, domain and This course focuses on the fundamental topics in referential integrity, writing stored procedures and data science by using Python. Topics include data triggers. Lab fee assessed. manipulation, simulation and static visualization, data analysis with statistics, machine learning, and CI355 | FALL methods for handling very large-scale data DATA WAREHOUSING collections (Big Data). Lab fee assessed. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI354 CI335 | FALL This course covers the fundamental concepts of E-COMMERCE AND WEB I data warehousing and its function in an 4 CREDITS organization. Students will be introduced to the PREREQUISITE: CI205 concepts of designing business requirements, This course is designed for students who are dimensional modeling. interested in web-based e-commerce applications. Students will be introduced to the technology CI356 | FALL infrastructure that forms the foundation for all OBJECT-ORIENTED PROGRAMMING IN JAVA web, internet security, and encryption. By the end 4 CREDITS of the course, students will understand the PREREQUISITE: CI245 different types of e-commerce, concepts of This course covers Object-Oriented Designing and business and revenue model, web infrastructure, Programming. It includes inheritance, static and web sites, security and encryption, and payment dynamic binding, exception handling, event- systems. driven programming, java collections framework, and multithreading. Lab fee assessed.

104 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

CI357 | SPRING/EVEN YEAR CI420 | WINTER/ODD YEAR SOFTWARE ENGINEERING ALGORITHMS 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI320 PREREQUISITE: CI320 This course covers the fundamentals of software This course introduces the design, behavior and engineering. Topics include the concepts of analysis of computer algorithms and their software quality, design methodologies, process relationship to the basic data structures. models, software testing and maintenance. Searching, sorting and combinational algorithms are emphasized. Worst case and average bounds, CI358 | WINTER on-time and space usage. DATA WAREHOUSING AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE I CI425 | SPRING 4 CREDITS CLOUD COMPUTING PREREQUISITE: CI355 4 CREDITS A continuation of CI355 covering the topics of PREREQUISITE: CI321 master data management, designing and This course covers the various concepts, developing the Extract Translate and Load (ETL) technologies, and architectures related to cloud System, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) computing. Topics include cloud characteristics, design, and familiarization with the Microsoft cloud delivery models (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), Data Warehousing/Business Toolkit. Lab fee cloud deployment model (public clouds, assessed. community clouds, private clouds, and hybrid clouds), and cloud computing mechanisms. CI365 | FALL ASP.NET MVC WEB APPLICATION CI428 | SPRING 4 CREDITS ADVANCED DATA SCIENCE AND BIG DATA PREREQUISITES: CI246, CI256, and CI354 4 CREDITS This course provides students with hands on PREREQUISITES: CI328 experience creating dynamic web applications A continuation of CI328 covering the topics of using ASP.NET MVC and C#, and working with natural language processing (language detection Microsoft SQL server as database backend. Topics and translation), data mining twitter, machine include Entity Framework, URL routing, creating learning (classification, regression and clustering), web services, RESTful services, security, deep learning, and big data with Hadoop and authentication and responsive design. Each Spark. Lab fee assessed. student will build a web application project such as online game, chat, E-commerce, forum or wiki. CI433 | FALL/ODD YEAR Lab fee assessed. CRYPTOGRAPHY 4 CREDITS CI415 | SPRING/EVEN YEAR PREREQUISITE: CI275 DATA MINING This course provides an introduction to the theory 4 CREDITS and practice of cryptography. It covers conventional PREREQUISITE: CI310 and public-key cryptography, authentication and This course covers the concepts and the process of digital signatures. data mining. Students will understand knowledge such as clustering, classification, regression, decision tree and the methods to interpret the results.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 105

CI434 | FALL/ODD YEAR CI456 | SPRING NETWORK SECURITY BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE II 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: CI301 PREREQUISITE: CI358 This course provides an introduction to network This course covers the concepts of business security. Topics include firewalls, security auditing intelligence using the Microsoft SSRS toolkit with and assessment tools, Virtual Private Network the following topics: BI architecture, design and (VPN) and Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS). Lab development, deployment, security, usage fee assessed. monitoring, and operations and maintenance. Lab fee assessed. CI435 | WINTER E-COMMERCE AND WEB II CI457 | FALL/ODD YEAR 4 CREDITS SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING PREREQUISITE: CI335 4 CREDITS This course is designed for students who are PREREQUISITE: CI357 interested in e-commerce. Students will be This course covers in detail the design and introduced to the business concepts and social-legal implementation of software systems using the issues that surround the development of e-commerce waterfall life-cycle model. It covers the software and the real world e-commerce experience. By the testing strategies, designing test plans and test end of course, students will understand e-commerce cases, design reviewing and inspections, required marketing concepts and communication, ethical, specification, and user manuals. Lab fee assessed. social, and political issues of e-commerce, retail, services, business-to-business, auctions, portal, social CI492 | AS NEEDED media, and digital online media. SENIOR PROJECT 4 CREDITS CI455 | SPRING PREREQUISITES: Senior standing and consent MOBILE AND WEB USER EXPERIENCE of instructor 8 CREDITS Senior students present a practical project in any PREREQUISITES: CI365 and CI435 business field by using any programming This course is designed for students who are language or website script language. Lab fee interested in designing usable web sites for both assessed. mobile and computer. The students will be introduced to the usability engineering lifecycle. COOPERATIVE EDUCATION By the end of the course, students will understand how to design, develop, and evaluate web sites CP300 | As needed including guidelines, heuristic evaluation, and COOPERATIVE EDUCATION I paper prototyping. Lab fee assessed. 1-4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing Students apply what they have learned in their academic programs to the workplace under the supervision of both the employer and the University. Cooperative education objectives are particularized in accordance with demands of the workplace and career needs of the student.

106 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

CP301 | As needed CJ220 | Winter COOPERATIVE EDUCATION II CRIMINAL LAW AND PROCEDURE 1-4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CP300 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ 201 Continuation of CP300. The course requires Overview of the development of law and legal students to assume greater responsibility institutions from historical, comparative and and achieve more complex objectives than in the contemporary perspectives; legal issues associated previous course. with investigation of crime, collection of evidence, adjudication, sentencing and appellate rights.

CRIMINAL JUSTICE CJ230 | Spring CJ201 | Fall/Winter/Spring INTRODUCTION TO INVESTIGATION INTRODUCTION TO THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ201 SYSTEM Review and critique of methods used for 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 reconstructing criminal acts using information The study of the evolution and contemporary derived from people, physical evidence and records; operations of criminal justice agencies and how scientific, organizational and legal considerations in different parts of the system interrelate; major conducting such investigations. policy issues and problems facing the system from policing through probation and parole and the use CJ240 | Fall of discretion. POLICE ORGANIZATION AND MANAGEMENT 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ202 CJ202 | Winter An exploration of the functions, management and ADMINISTRATION OF THE CRIMINAL organization of police and related investigative JUSTICE SYSTEM agencies, with special emphasis given to those on 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ201 the local level; understanding the nature and Justice administration in the United States experience of being a police officer. including determinate sentencing laws and community policing and corrections; exploration of CJ250 | Winter the roles and responsibilities of the police in society PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY IN with special emphasis on leadership and CRIMINAL JUSTICE community relations; legal, technical, and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ202 administrative topics in justice administration. The historical evolution, philosophical justification and political context of human rights is explored. CJ203 | Fall The balance between individual rights and social ADMINISTRATION OF THE JUVENILE JUSTICE responsibility within the context of the SYSTEM contemporary criminal justice system is explored. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ201 Organization and administration of the juvenile CJ260 | Spring justice system in the United States; a review of CONSTITUTIONAL LAW | 4 CREDITS | criminological theories, organizational decision- PREREQUISITE: CJ202 making, and a consideration of contemporary The development of United States constitutional justice policies with specific attention to juveniles. law and legal institutions from historical and contemporary perspectives; interrelationships of law, custom, morality and social change. The legal profession is also explored.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 107

DIGITAL MEDIA CJ270 | Fall CRISIS INTERVENTION AND DEVIANT DM180 | SUMMER/EVEN YEAR BEHAVIOR DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ202 or PS330 or 4 CREDITS consent of instructor PREREQUISITE: None The application of theories and multidisciplinary Theory and practice of digital photography. Focus approaches to planning for crisis intervention for on composition, lighting, and software incidents which threaten the safety and security of enhancements. Lab fee assessed. both the public and individuals; causes and consequences of social deviancy and its impact on DM/EN220 | FALL the individual, group and society. INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL FILM 4 CREDITS CJ276 | Winter PREREQUISITE: None CRIMINAL PROFILING Introduction to video production. Includes 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: CJ270 or PS330 or screenwriting, lighting, camera work, and video consent of instructor and sound editing. Final project an approximately Examines theories of crime causation with respect to five minute film. Lab fee assessed. crimes committed by the most violent offenders in society. Identifies research done, and the history of DM/EN225 | WINTER Criminal Personality Profiling, beginning with the DESKTOP PUBLISHING earliest explanations through the beliefs of modern 4 CREDITS science, as well as psychological and sociological PREREQUISITE: CI101 explanations. Identifies various known offenders, Principles and practices of gathering, evaluating, examines their backgrounds, and explains how current and presenting information for mass audiences, research into homicide, sexual offenses and serial killers with attention to print and electronic media. can provide clues to the identity of unknown offenders. Students will learn the latest publishing software. Lab fee assessed. CJ280 | As needed CRIMINAL JUSTICE INTERNSHIP DM240 | SPRING 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: CJ202 & CJ220 COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGN I Observation and participation in the work of a 4 CREDITS criminal justice agency, public or private; work is PREREQUISITES: CI101 supervised by a faculty member and management This course will teach students to use Adobe personnel of the agency. Illustrator for graphic designs. The course concentrates on the application of design elements CJ494 | As needed in graphic design. The topics are include drawing CONTEMPORARY TOPICS IN CRIMINAL and composing illustrations, transforming and JUSTICE distorting object, creating and using patterns, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: 12 hours in applying different effects and creating 3D objects. criminal justice and consent of instructor Lab fee assessed. Critical study of a select topic concerning specific aspects of criminal justice. Emphasis will be placed on the use of primary sources. May be repeated once for credit.

108 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

DM245 | FALL DM285 | WINTER COMPUTER GRAPHIC DESIGN II ANIMATION FOR THE WEB I 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: DM240 PREREQUISITE: CI101 This course is the second course of graphic This course introduces an animation tool for designs. The course is focused on complex drawing objects, creating animated graphics and designs. Using Adobe Illustrator, students learn to movies, adding sound/video and publishing finish complex designs. Lab fee assessed. animated movies for digital media and web. Lab fee assessed. DM260 | FALL DIGITAL IMAGING: PHOTOSHOP I DM/EN290 | SPRING 4 CREDITS DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTION PREREQUISITE: CI101 4 CREDITS This course introduces the most features of Adobe PREREQUISITE: CI101 Photoshop. Student will learn how to work with Focus on film editing. Particular emphasis on layers, make selections, incorporate color working with large audio and image files. Lab fee techniques, painting tools, working with special assessed. layer functions, creating special effects with filters, adjusting colors, clipping masks, transforming DM/EN295 | SUMMER/ODD YEAR type, liquefying an image, performing image DIGITAL AUDIO PRODUCTION surgery, and creating images for the Web. Lab fee 4 CREDITS assessed. PREREQUISITE: CI101 This course acquaints the student with the theory DM265 | WINTER and techniques of sound recording as applied to DIGITAL IMAGING: PHOTOSHOP II film and video. Professional digital sound creation 4 CREDITS and editing software will be introduced. This PREREQUISITE: DM260 course will also examine how the artist uses the This course is the second course of digital techniques of multi-track sound recording imaging. The course introduces advanced features principles to achieve the goal of integrating audio of image processing. Using Adobe Photoshop and visual imagery. Lab fee assessed. software, students learn to perform complex image manipulations. Various image rotation, DM305 | SPRING editing, and enhancement techniques will be ANIMATION FOR THE WEB II covered. Lab fee assessed. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: DM285 DM275 | FALL This course is the continuation of DM 285, and COMPUTER GAME DESIGN I introduces the students to advanced features of web 4 CREDITS animation. The course covers the latest techniques PREREQUISITES: CI101 for creating cutting edge productions. Students will This course takes students through the creative earn more advanced skills such as masking, game-making process from theory to project transformation, distortion, motion techniques and completion. Students will use software to create a character animations to create vivid movies for video game with everything from health meters to digital media and the web. Lab fee assessed. collision detection. Lab fee assessed.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 109

DM320 | FALL/ODD YEAR DM490 | AS NEEDED DIGITAL VIDEO/AUDIO PRODUCTION DIGITAL MEDIA PORTFOLIO PRODUCTION 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: DM290 PREREQUISITES: Senior level and DM240, This course is integrated of digital video and audio DM260, DM285 and DM290 productions. It includes a comprehensive project This course requires senior students to finish a using all the technologies covered in DM290. comprehensive project using all the technologies Final project an approximately twenty-minute covered in the previous courses. The project will film. Lab fee assessed. include print and web design components.

DM325 | SPRING/EVEN YEARS DRONE TECHNOLOGY SPECIALIZATION VIDEO SPECIAL EFFECT DESIGN 4 CREDITS DT103 | WINTER/SUMMER PREREQUISITES: DM290 FUNDAMENTALS OF DRONE TECNOLOGY The student will learn the tools of After Effects for 4 CREDITS compositing, animation and special effects that PREREQUISITES: None motion-graphics exports, visual effects artists, web Intro to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), designers and film and video professionals need. and the technologies involved in their operation; Students will practice and composite layers in Coverage includes UAV components, command and various methods, apply and combine sophisticated control (C2) communication systems, basics of flight, visual and audio effects and animate both objects regulatory and regulations, safety and societal and effects. Lab fee assessed. considerations; Components of UAVs. .Basics of flight and flight control systems; Basic regulations DM370 | WINTER/EVEN YEAR applicable to UAV flight;Overview and background, 3D ANIMATION DESIGN definitions, history of UAVs c. classifications of UAVs, 4 CREDITS scale, lift generation method, and contemporary PREREQUISITES: DM305 design consideration. Applications in military, The course covers 3D animation designs, and government, civil, societal impact and agriculture. incorporating the use of drawn, vector, and Operational considerations, liability, legal issues, bitmapped formats as a means of generating insurance, and ethical implications Telemetry launch animated sequences. Lab fee assessed. / recovery systems, ground control stations. Concepts of flight, aerodynamics, lift, weight, thrust drag; Flight DM377 | WINTER/ODD YEAR performance, climbing vs gliding flight, range/ COMPUTER GAME DESIGN II endurance, stability and control. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: DM275 DT202 | FALL This course is the second course of computer FUNDAMENTALS OF AVIATION ENGINEERING game design. Students will create complex and 4 CREDITS realistic landscapes, work with existing models PREREQUISITES: PH 220 and DT 103 and skins, design levels, assign character actions, The fundamental concepts, and approaches of and create lighting and shadow effects. This aerospace engineering, are highlighted through course offers the chance for students to immerse lectures on aeronautics, astronautics, and design. themselves in a 3D world. Lab fee assessed. Atmosphere and Basic Aerodynamics Temperature, Pressure and Altitude, Density, Humidity, Absolute Humidity, Relative Humidity

110 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 and the Dew Point, International Standard Atmosphere (ISA), Aerodynamics, Airfoils , Airfoil, Up wash and Downwash, turbulence, EC201 | Fall/Winter Stagnation Point and Stagnation Pressure Layer, PRINCIPLES OF MICROECONOMICS Laminar and Turbulent, Flow Free and Relative 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 or Consent Flow/ Wind, Angle of Attack, Angle of Incidence, of BHS or BS Program Director Wing Area Shape of the Airfoil, Nomenclature, A study of the theories of microeconomics Thickness/Chord Ratio, Angle of Attack, The including the relationship between supply and Wing Shape, Wing Span Aspect Ratio, Wind demand, price and production in perfectly Loading Root Chord, Tip Chord, Swept Wing, competitive, monopolistic competitive and Sweep Angle, Mean Aerodynamic Chord. oligopoly, and monopolistic market structures. Emphasis and examples are related to current DT302 | SPRING local, national, and international events which DRONE FABRICATION ENGINEERING relate to microeconomic theory. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: DT 202 and ET 300 EC202 | Winter/Spring Frame: engineering knowledge and knowledge of PRINCIPLES OF MACROECONOMICS the materials such as metal (light), plastic, wood 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 or Consent slats. Design of wooden frame, Motors:Ordinary of BHS or BS Program Director quad, 4 motors design, Octocopter and eight A study of macroeconomic issues including factors of motors design. The brushless motors – function of economic growth (productivity), unemployment and stator a d rotor; ESCs or electronic speed control: inflation. Government policy that attempts to balance charge of delivering power to the motors. ESC and economic, political and social considerations is design based on Arms; Propellers: the propellers, examined with an emphasis on contemporary events. and the frame of drone; Connectors:connectors and welding the motors and ESCs, connectors for EC311 | Spring the power distribution board. The power COMPARATIVE ECONOMIC SYSTEMS distribution; Batteries: battery and Li-Po batteries 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Consent of BHS or and their power differ. Battery monitor and proper BS Program Director usage. Mounting pad, Controller- RC receiver: A study of the historical development of economic Camera: USB key theories of capitalism, fascism, socialism, and communism. The relationship between economic DT303 | SPRING theory and current global macroeconomic issues is DRONE FABRICATION ENGINEERING LAB examined with small group discussion and 4 CREDITS presentation requirements. Current topics in the CO-REQUISITES: DT 302 geopolitical world are covered as necessary. Drone schematics, Understanding the Architecture, calibration of test equipments: RF generator, Audio generator, RMS calibration, frameassembly, motor assembly, ESC calibration, control-system, Python interface, connector assembly, power calibration, Audio and video interface, USB key interface.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 111 laws and circuit equations; Source transformations; EC431 | Fall Thevenin’s and Norton’s theorems; Millman’s INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS theorem and superposition theorem Step response 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: EC202 & Senior of 1st order (RC, RL) and 2nd order (RLC) circuits, standing Phasor analysis, impedance calculations, and An examination of global economic considerations computation of sinusoidal steady state responses; including trade issues and current trade treaties, Instantaneous and average power, complex power, international monetary policy, balance of payment maximum power transfer, apparent and real power, issues and regional economic integration. Special power factor correction. emphasis is given to matters related to current economic events and how they affect both global ET107 | Winter/Spring and domestic economic policy. CIRCUIT ANALYSIS LABORATORY 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET106 Laboratory experiments in the measurement of ELECTRONICS circuit analysis. Design and implementation of ET101 | Fall/Winter/Spring circuits, such as Thevenin, Norton, Millman, and BASIC ELECTRONICS | 4 CREDITS Superposition theorems, Pi-to-Star and Star- to –Pi, PREREQUISITE: None RC, RL, and RCL series and parallel combinations; Areas of study include fundamentals of atomic experimental exercises in the use of laboratory structure, electronic configuration, SPDF levels, instruments; voltage, current, impedance, charge, current, EMF, power, resistors, capacitors, frequency and waveform measurements; frequency inductors as active and passive elements, and transient response construction of passive elements, frequency, sweeptime, principles of various instruments such ET150 | Fall/Winter/Spring as D.C. power supply, function generator, INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL SYSTEMS oscilloscope and sweep generator. Introduction to 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET106 AC, Electromagnetism, Motors and Generators COREQUISITES: ET151 & MT158 Areas of study include base conversions, base ET102 | Fall/Winter/Spring operations, complements, logic gates, Boolean BASIC ELECTRONICS WORKSHOP algebra, proof by induction, SOP, POS, universal 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET101 gates, combination circuits, K-, multiplexers, COREQUISITE: MT155 decoders, encoders, comparators, PLA, PLC, PAL, Construction of simple and complex circuits using RAM and ROM. resistors, inductors and capacitors with D.C. and A.C. power supplies Hands-on training with D.C. ET151 | Fall/Winter/Spring power supply, function generator, oscilloscope and DIGITAL SYSTEMS LABORATORY sweep generator, Spectrum analysis, logic probe 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET150 and pulsars. Building a simple motors, and Laboratory activities involve design, dynamo. implementation and trouble shooting of SSI, MSI and LSI integrated chips with concepts introduced ET106 | Winter/Spring in ET150. Cost effectiveness, compact circuits and CIRCUIT ANALYSIS | 4 CREDITS reliability are the principal goals while using IC’s. PREREQUISITE: ET102, MT156 Intro to OPAMPS COREQUISITES: ET107 and MT160 Volt-ampere characteristics for circuit elements; independent and dependent sources; Kirchhoff ’s

112 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

ET155 | Winter/Spring ET208 | Winter SOLID STATE DEVICES UNIX FOR ENGINEERS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET106 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: CI 209 & ET 155 COREQUISITES: ET156 & MT160 COREQUISITE: MT201 Introduces and explains terminology, models, Fundamental concepts of operating systems, properties, and concepts associated with hands-on introduction to UNIX. user interfaces, semiconductor devices. Provides detailed insight UNIX shell commands, the UNIX file system, task into the internal workings of the “building-block” management, common system utilities, the UNIX device structures such as the pn-junction diode, programming environment, applications Schottky diode, BJT, MOS capacitor and MOSFET. for circuit verification and testing, port interfaces. Presents information about a wide variety of other devices including solar cells, LEDs, HBTs, and ET270 | Fall/Spring modern field –effect devices. Systematically develops DIGITAL CIRCUITS I the analytical tools needed to solve practical device 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: ET150 and MT201 problems. Solar Cells LED and HBTs COREQUISITE: ET271 Tri-state logic, latches, flip-flops and characteristics, ET156 | Winter/Spring counters, shift registers, sequential circuits, state SOLID STATE DEVICES LABORATORY table, state equation, state reduction and race 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET155 problem. Lab experiments include designing, testing, and fabricating HW rectifiers, FW rectifiers, biasing, ET271 | Fall/Spring BJT, UJT, MOSFETs, and small signal amplifiers. DIGITAL CIRCUITS LABORATORY I Experiments with solar cells and LEDs 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET270 Practical lab experience with LSI, MSI chips is used ET203 | Fall to construct memory elements, counters, registers FUNDAMENTALS OF COMMUNICATION and various synchronous circuits. Micrologic ENGINEERING software is used to simulate circuits. Labs on 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: ET155 & MT 160 analyzing sequential circuits and EPROM Types of noise, S/N ratio, frequency spectrum, block diagram of communication system and ET290 | Fall/Spring signals, Am, FM. PM, and Angle modulations, MICROCONTROLLERS spectra Angle modulation, Frequency division, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: ET270 & CI216 multiplexing, Sampling theory, Quantization Introduction to Embedded Systems and theory, Digital line coding methods, Digital signal, Microcontroller-Based Circuit Design, Instruction Set Analog versus digital communications. Emphasis Architecture , Assembly Language Programming and on engineering applications of theory to General Purpose Digital I/O, Java Programming communication system. Review and the Compiler , Debugging Software and Hardware, Threads, Tasks and Simple Scheduling , Threaded Program Design, Using and Real-Time Operating Systems, Serial Communication Peripherals, Digital I/O Peripherals: T/C and PWM, Analog I/O Peripherals, Simulation Design and Debugging

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 113 Timing in Verilog Simulations, Transistors Timing, ET291 | Fall/Spring Virtuoso layout Editor; Design rule checking MICROCONTROLLERS LAB Standard Cell Design Template; Spectrum Analog 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET270 & CI216 Simulator, Cell Characterization, Verilog Synthesis; Simple arithmetic operations: Multi precision Abstract Generation, Encounter GUI; Chip addition / subtraction / multiplication / division. Assembly, Design Practice. Programming with control instructions: Increment / Decrement, Ascending / Descending order, ET300 | Winter/Spring Maximum / Minimum of numbers, Rotate FILTER DESIGN instructions, Hex / ASCII / BCD code conversions, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: ET216 & MT203 nterface Experiments: A/D Interfacing, D/A COREQUISITE: ET301 Interfacing, Traffic light controller, Interface Solution to the filtering approximation problem via Experiments: Simple experiments using 8251, Butterworth, and Chebyshev, transfer function 8279, 8254, Demonstration of basic instructions scaling and type transformations. Effects of A/D with 8051 Micro controller execution, Conditional and D/A conversion, digital filter design methods, jumps, looping, Calling subroutines, Stack active filter design using operational amplifiers, parameter testing, Parallel port programming with operation and design of switched capacitor filters, 8051 using port 1 facility, Stepper motor and D / A active filter design using operational amplifiers, converter, Study of Basic Digital IC’s (Verification operation and design of switched capacitor filters. of truth table for AND, OR, EXOR, NOT, NOR, Single supply Op-Amp. NAND, JK FF, RS FF,D FF), Implementation of Boolean Functions, Adder / Subtractor circuits. ET301 | Winter/Spring Combination Logic; Adder, Subtractor, Code FILTER DESIGN LABORATORY converters, Encoder and Decoder, Sequential Logic; 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET300 Study of Flip-Flop, Counters ) synchronous and Laboratory experiments in the design, synthesis and asynchronous), Shift Registers, Clipper, Clamper, testing of filter circuits involving Nth order VCVS, Peak detector, Timer IC application, VCO and PLL. multi-stage circuits, notch filters and single source are conducted. Frequency response experiment ET295 | Winter/Spring ELECTRONICS CAD ET303 | Winter 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET290 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING I Introduction, CAD Tool flows, Custom VLSI and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET203 Cell Design Flow, Hierarchical Cell, Tool Setup and COREQUISITE: MT201 Execution Scripts, Typographical Conventions, Introduction to analog communication systems, Cadence DFII and ICF, Cadence Design and signals and spectra, electromagnetic spectrum and Framework, Starting Cadence, Composer its usage, communication channels and Schematic Capture and creating New Working propagation characteristics, amplitude modulation, Library and new cell; creating the Schematic View and demodulation - spectra, circuits and systems, of a Full Adder and symbol. Creating a Two-Bit frequency modulation/demodulation, frequency adder using the Full Adder; Schematics the use division multiplexing, radio transmitters and Transistors; Printing Schematics and Modifying receivers, sampling theory, pulse modulation and PostScript; Plot Files, Pin, and Cell Naming Verilog demodulation spectra, circuits & systems, circuit Simulation; Verilog Simulation of Composer noise, performance of analogue communication Schematics; NC Verilog: Simulating a Schematic systems in AWGN and fading channels. Behavioral Verilog Code in Composer; Generating a Behavioral View; Stand-alone Verilog Simulation,

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ET315 | Winter/Spring ET364 | Winter/Spring INTEGRATED CIRCUITS | 4 CREDITS RF CIRCUIT DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS II PREREQUISITE: ET300 and MT201 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET330 & MT202 COREQUISITE: ET316 Interconnecting networks, network properties and Analysis, design and fabrication of silicon bipolar applications, scattering parameters, basic resonator and MOSFET monolithic integrated circuits. and filter configurations, special filter, realizations. Consideration of amplifier circuit design and filter implementation, coupled Filter semiconductor fabrication techniques. Integrated operational basics, RF diodes, bipolar- junction transistor. RF amplifiers with different amplifiers, current field effect transistors, high electron mobility, sources, active loads, and voltage references, Design transistors, Diode models, transistor models, of IC analog circuit building blocks. measurement of active devices, scattering parameter device characterization. ET316 | Winter/Spring INTEGRATED CIRCUITS LABORTORY ET370 | Fall/Winter 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET315 DIGITAL CIRCUITS II | 4 CREDITS Circuit simulation using Spice-2 is strongly PREREQUISITE: ET270 & MT203 emphasized while designing and verifying COREQUISITE: ET371 integrated circuit layout, fabrication techniques and Fault analysis, testing, fault detection, fault masking, building monolithic integrated circuits. error correction codes, D/A converter circuitry, DAC specification, DAC application, A/D converter ET320 | Fall circuitry, digital RAMP and A/D converter. LASER FUNDAMENTALS | 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: ET155 and MT201 ET371 | Fall/Winter Introduction to lasers, energy states and gain, the DIGITAL CIRCUITS LABORATORY II Fabry-Perot Etalon, transverse mode properties, 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET370 gain saturation, transient processes. Introduction to Lab projects involving fault detection, D/A circuits, nonlinear optics, supportive technologies, design of A/D circuits and fault masking are demonstrated. laser systems, conventional gas lasers, conventional solid-state lasers, transition metal solid-state lasers, ET375 | Winter/Spring and other major commercial lasers. ENVIRONMENT ELECTRONICS DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS ET330 | Fall/Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET155 & MT201 INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS I Understanding environment, analysis, different types 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET155 & MT202 of energy, system design, power electronics, energy Signal sources, RF power amplifier fundamentals, calculations, conservation of energy, alternate fuels high power RF amplifiers, impedance matching, and practical approach, storing energy. general aspects of industrial standards, protocols, limitations, and applications. ET378 | Fall DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET364 & MT430 COREQUISITE: ET379 Discrete time signals and systems and properties, analysis of discrete time systems, frequency response, Z-transform and properties, stability and complete response, structures for discrete time

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 115 systems, properties of analog filters and frequency transformations, design of finite impulse response ET430 | Winter | Spring | INDUSTRIAL digital filters, design of infinite impulse response, ELECTRONICS II digital filters, discrete fourier transform and fast 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET330 & MT203 fourier transform algorithm and applications. Introduction to transmission lines, basic understanding of electrical grid, Smith charts, ET379 | Fall power measurement and control, troubleshooting DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING LABORATORY and maintence of RF power systems in modern 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET378 electronics communications, industrial applications Practical lab experiments are conducted to of RF Power. various frequency response of digital and analog filters. Micro logic software is used to simulate ET475 | Fall/Spring circuits. ENVIRONMENT ELECTRONICS DESIGN AND APPLICATIONS II ET403 | Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET375 & MT202 DIGITAL COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING II Study of solar energy, solar panels, conversion 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET303 & MT430 factors, losses, invertors, DC and AC signals, Classification of signals and systems, orthogonal storing and conversion ratio, reflectors, optics and functions, fourier series, fourier transform, Spectra energy. and filtering, sampling theory, Nyquist theorem, random processes, autocorrelation, power spectrum, ET485 | Spring systems with random input/output, quantization, EMBEDDED DESIGN compression, and PCM, elements of compression, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET150 & MT203 Huffman coding, elements of quantization theory, COREQUISITE: ET486 pulse code modulation (PCM) and variations, Introduction to CPU architecture, instruction Set, Rate/bandwidth calculations in communication QwikFlash target Board, program development, (P1 systems, Communication over AWGN channels, Template), structured assembly preprocessor, signals and noise, Eb/No, receiver structure, alphanumeric liquid-crystal displays (P2 Ttmplate), demodulation and detection, correlation receiver and rotary pulse generators, interrupts and interrupt matched filter, and MFSK, coherent and non- timing, analog-to- digital conversion, I/O pin coherent detection, bommunication overbband- considerations. limited AWGN channel, elements of coding. ET486 | Spring ET420 | Fall/Spring EMBEDDED DESIGN LABORATORY FIBER OPTICS 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: ET485 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: ET378 & MT202 Labs are conducted using the PIC18F452, time- Optical energy, optical fibers, fiber optic interval measurements, and serial peripheral light sources, fiber optic transmitters and receivers interface for I/O expansion, output time-interval and fiber optic systems are covered. Spectroscope , conrol (P4 Template), SMBus/I2C for peripheral Diffraction Grating, Polarization of light. chip Access, UART, and Programming peripheral chips.

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ET492 | Fall/Winter/Spring EN084 | As needed SENIOR PROJECT ESL LOW-INTERMEDIATE READING 4 to 8 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing PREREQUISITE: Placement or consent of Instructor Non-native speakers will work on understanding Topics for the senior project may involve analog printed texts in formal English, increase vocabulary, circuits, communication, digital or network. and learn to read faster. Texts will include short Students are encouraged to design, implement and narratives, poems, newspaper articles and other verify circuits based on an innovative and practical appropriate genres. approach. EN091 | As needed ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE ESL INTERMEDIATE WRITING/GRAMMAR PREREQUISITE: Completion of low-intermediate EN081 | As needed level or placement ESL LOW-INTERMEDIATE The course will help non-native speakers express WRITING/GRAMMAR their ideas in written English. Students will write a PREREQUISITE: Placement 5-paragraph narratives and practice developing The course will help non-native speakers write memos (e.g. field trip report), resumes, letters (e.g. correct sentences and paragraphs in English. It will a letter of complaint, a letter of recommendation, introduce the concepts of topic sentence, support etc.). Students will also practice writing formal and the concluding sentence of a paragraph. By the letters for academic and work-related purposes. The end of the course students should be able to write course will help nonnative speakers use and short paragraphs about themselves, their families, understand the meanings of most formal their jobs, their experiences in America, etc. The grammatical structures. By the end of the class, course will help non-native speakers create formally students should be able to recognize and correctly correct simple sentences and understand the use all verb forms and conditional infinitives as well meanings of different verb and noun forms. By the as modal verbs for past events. Attention will be end of the class, students should be able to given to academic patterns, such as the use of the recognize and correctly use such verb forms as passive voice. Emphasis is on daily use in practical simple present, past and future and progressive situations. past, present and future. EN093 | As needed EN083 | As needed ESL INTERMEDIATE ORAL COMMUNICATION ESL LOW-INTERMEDIATE ORAL PREREQUISITE: Completion of low-intermediate COMMUNICATION level or placement PREREQUISITE: Placement This course will help non-native speakers reduce The course will help non-native speakers reduce their accent, differentiate between similar sounding their accent, practice using English with native English words and make formal presentations on speakers, and make short presentations about academic and cultural topics. The course will themselves, their jobs, their hobbies, etc. The involve note-taking while listening to guest course will also involve listening to radio, TV and speakers and mass media. Conversation strategies audiotapes. will be discussed and practiced. Students will make presentations using PowerPoint and other media.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 117 such as expressing disagreement, expressing EN094 | As needed support, changing subject, and introducing ESL INTERMEDIATE READING examples. The course will include watching and PREREQUISITE: Completion of low- intermediate discussing video materials as well as listening to level or placement news broadcasts and recorded novels. Non-native speakers will work on their vocabulary and reading strategies. Texts will cover specific EN098 | As needed academic areas, mass media and fiction. Students ESL ADVANCED READING will practice textual analysis and discuss their 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion of readings. Some TOEFL-preparation strategies will low/intermediate be used. level or placement Non-native speakers will prepare to read complex EN095 | As needed academic and business materials. TOEFL reading ESL ADVANCED WRITING/GRAMMAR strategies and exercises will be used. Students will PREREQUISITE: Completion of intermediate level also read and discuss a novel, some of the texts or placement required in American high schools, and materials Non-native speakers will express their ideas in of current interest. formal academic English. Students will learn about the conventions of work-related documents, such as ENGLISH cover letters and reports, as well as academic prose, such as essays. Students will write a short research EN121 | Fall/Winter/Spring paper using MLA and/or APA style of citation; look COLLEGE READING at differences in style between newspaper articles, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Placement personal letters, fiction, creative non-fiction; This reading course is designed to help students develop memos and cover letters; and further master the foundational reading skills of word develop resumes. TOEFL-preparation strategies will recognition, vocabulary, development, and basic be used. Non-native speakers will use and comprehension. To improve reading skills, students understand the meanings of complex grammatical practice their writing skills as reading and writing structures, such as conditional and complex subject are related skills needed for success in college. (e.g. “He is known to have published several Reading and writing are based on relevant books”), commonly used in formal English. The contemporary materials. Credits do not count course will concentrate on real-life usage of formal towards graduation. structures, drawing examples from political speeches, respectable mass media outlets and EN123 | Fall/Winter/Spring academic lectures. Upon completion students may COLLEGE WRITING transfer into college-level Rhetoric courses. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Placement This course helps students express their ideas in EN097 | As needed writing. Students improve their grammar while ESL ADVANCED ORAL COMMUNICATION discussing and writing about topics relevant to their 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Completion of life. The course builds skills necessary for college- low/intermediate level or placement level writing. Credits do not count towards Non-native speakers will practice English graduation. intonation patterns, make formal presentations on academic and cultural topics, and practice notetaking. Students will role-play work related and academic situations and use conversation strategies

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EN151 | Fall/Winter/Spring EN155 | Fall RHETORIC AND STYLE INTRODUCTION TO JOURNALISM 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN123 or Placement 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: placement above This course is designed to familiarize students with EN 123 the writing process, empowering them to effectively The course addresses the following issues: What is produce polished, coherent academic essays, which fake news? What is real news? How do ethics, employ critical, analytical and research skills. This honesty and bias weigh in when gathering and course applies a holistic approach to academic reporting news? What are the most effective ways of writing while helping students to develop clear, presenting and reporting news to the public? thoughtful essays in standard academic forms. Students understand the changing role of journalism and learn the art of reporting and EN152 | Fall/Winter/Spring writing narrative stories. Readings include some of WRITING FROM SOURCES the best examples of modern journalism from a 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 diverse range of authors and sources. Coursework The second part of the required freshman writing includes news reports, features, narratives and sequence. Students read essays and books written interviews that are ready for publication. The for a general educated audience, paraphrase and students leave class with a mastery of basic summarize them, isolate premises and evaluate the journalism skills and a portfolio of their best pieces. evidence of arguments. Students incorporate their readings into original papers, and practice EN156 | Fall documenting their research. ENGLISH TUTORING WORKSHOP 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 EN153 | Fall An introduction to tutoring. Course conducted as a HONORS ENGLISH practicum in the Writing Center, overseen by the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Placement head of tutoring. Emphasis is placed on interaction Students analyze outstanding literary and between tutor and client and strategies to help the nonfiction texts, write documented research papers, client master written Standard English. Includes a and give talks based on their research papers. review of mechanics and punctuation, written Freshman writing course which members of the clarity, methods of research, standard Honors Program can take instead of the documentation, and a survey of the types of writing EN151/EN152 sequence. demanded by different disciplines and addresses the different strategies required for English as a EN154 | Fall/Winter/Spring second language students and native speakers. TECHNICAL COMMUNICATION 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 EN157 | Fall/Winter/Spring Organization and design of standard documents PRACTICAL RESEARCH WRITING common to business, science and technology, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 letters, memos, reports and resumes. Emphasis is In this class students pose questions and use placed on audience, purpose and style. research to help develop and justify answers. Students will find data, determine its validity, and analyze practical implications of the data. Students will produce an annotated bibliography using MLA style, a literature review, and a research paper.

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EN160/CI105 | Fall/Winter/Spring EN201/BS205 | Fall/Spring WEB PAGE DESIGN BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISTE: CI101 4 CREDITS An introductory web design course that explains the PREREQUISITES: BS101, EN152, and EN166 fundamentals of how the web works, including This course will assist students in developing the working knowledge of HTML and web-authoring skills needed to communicate effectively in an tools. Topics include how to create links, set font increasingly diverse work environment. styles, create tables, align images, build frames, Communication theories and skills essential for create rollovers, work with form objects, redefine success in management, with emphasis placed on HTML with style sheets and integrate images. research, organization, writing, and presentation of business communications will be examined. Topics EN166 | Fall/Winter/Spring integrated throughout the course include global SPEECH communication, business ethics, and cultural 4 CREDITS | Prerequisite: None differences in the business environment. Included An introduction to public speaking. Requires oral are technological applications and ethical and cross- presentations by students in a variety of public cultural considerations in the workplace. speaking situations. Emphasis is placed on diction, delivery, audience analysis, purpose and research. EN205 | Fall CREATIVE WRITING EN175 | Fall/Even Year 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL MEDIA A writing workshop for students interested in 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: placement above writing fiction and poetry. Basic techniques of story EN123 telling and description. This course deals with the language and concepts of contemporary media. Students study the digital EN217 communication tools and their effect on PERSUASION AND PUBLIC ISSUES communication and economic and social 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 structures. Students acquire basic writing skills Students study the ways to present versions of necessary to create messages for the multimedia reality by selecting and structuring information. environment, such as web-based and other digital Students analyze the nature and impact of rhetoric formats including text, audio, still images and in public controversy. Critical analysis of the effect moving images. Upon completion of the course of speeches, debates, commentaries. Rhetorical students will be able to write multimedia scripts, analysis of arguments. Students explore and understand the nuances of writing for multimedia practice effective persuasive techniques. vs. standalone texts, and understand the limitations and advantages of multimedia as conduits for EN227 |as needed communication. INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE 4 CREDITS | PREREQUSITE: EN152 The course studies what makes a poem, a story or a play good literature. Students learn to appreciate cultural contexts, conventions of genres, innovations and skills of the writers, and to make informed value judgments about works of literature.

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EN/DM220 | Fall EN260 | Fall INTRODUCTION TO DIGITAL FILM APPLIED GRAMMAR 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 Introduction to video production. Includes The course explores the difference between screenwriting, lighting, camera work, and video and prescriptive and descriptive approaches to sound editing. Final project an approximately five grammar, and introduces the structure of the minute film. Lab fee assessed. on the level of phonetics, morphology and syntax. The students learn how the EN/DM228 | Winter/Even Year knowledge of structure can be applied to their DESKTOP PUBLISHING writing, to views about non-standard dialects, and to 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: CI101 and EN152 teaching English. Principles and practices of gathering, evaluating, and presenting information for mass audiences, EN270 | Fall/Odd Year with attention to print and electronic media. MYTHOLOGIES OF THE WORLD Students will learn the latest publishing software. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: placement above Lab fee assessed. 123 Myths from Africa, , , and the Americas. EN249 | as needed Study of the relation between myths and the INTRODUCTION TO FILM cultures that create them. Contemporary fiction 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: placement above influenced by the mythic tradition. 123 What makes a movie a great film? There 1000 of EN271 | Fall/Even Year movies. Then there are films! By taking SCIENCE FICTION Introduction to Film, students will understand the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 difference between the two. This course will focus Discusses classic and modern science fiction primarily on a survey of genres, directors, literature and films. Identifies the appeal of the aesthetics, and the cultural relevance that these genre, its generic features, and the social issues it films impacted their respective audiences and addresses. society, from the silent 20's to the classic Noir of the 40's, the iconic cinema of the 1970's and into the EN/DM290 | Winter age of the blockbuster and independent cinema of DIGITAL VIDEO PRODUCTIONS our era. Students who take this cinematic journey 4 CREDITS will have a greater understanding of great films and PREREQUISITE: CI101 or consent of instructor what they mean to the human condition. Focus on film narration and editing. Particular emphasis on working with large audio and image files. Lab fee assessed.

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EN/DM295 | Winter EN351 | Fall/Odd Year DIGITAL AUDIO PRODUCTION FILM ADAPTATION 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and PREREQUISITE: CI101 or consent of instructor sophomore standing This course acquaints the student with the theory Students will analyze the film adaptation of novels. and techniques of sound recording as applied to Emphasis on film language, editing, and pacing. film and video. Professional digital sound creation and editing software will be introduced. This course EN352/DM320 | Spring will also examine how the artist uses the techniques DIGITAL VIDEO/AUDIO PRODUCTION of multi-track sound recording principles to achieve 4 CREDITS the goal of integrating audio and visual imagery. PREREQUISITES: EN290 and EN295 Lab fee assessed. This course integrates digital video and audio productions. It includes a comprehensive project EN301 | as needed using all the technologies covered in EN290 and ADVANCED COMPOSITION EN295. Final project an approximately twenty 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 minute film. Lab fee assessed Sophisticated level of reading and writing. Intensive analysis of complex essays, using the EN360 | As needed ideas of one essay to explore the implications of NARRATIVE AND HORROR another. Study of unusual writing techniques. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and Practice creating writing pieces modelled on sophomore standing unusual techniques of advanced writers. Discusses classic and modern horror literature and films. Enhances students ability to identify patterns. EN341 | Fall/Odd Year Identifies the appeal of the genre, generic features, AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE and the social and psychological issues it addresses. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: EN157 and sophomore standing EN361 | As needed Major works of fiction, prose and poetry by African THE ROLE OF ROMANCE IN LITERATURE American writers. A brief overview of the historical, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and social, and political context of African-American sophomore standing literature. Discusses classic and modern romance novels and films. Enhances students ability to identify patterns. EN342 | Winter/Odd Year Identifies the appeal of the genre, generic features, LATIN AMERICAN FICTION and the social and psychological issues it addresses. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and sophomore standing EN362 | As needed Major works of fiction by Latin American writers. A MYSTERY AND SUSPENSE brief overview of the historical, social, and political 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and context of Latin American literature. sophomore standing Discusses classic and modern mystery and suspense novels and films. Enhances students ability to identify patterns. Identifies the appeal of the genre, generic features, and the social and psychological issues it addresses.

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EN366 | as needed EN375/MR311 | Winter/Even Year COMEDY PUBLIC RELATIONS 4 CREDITS 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE: EN157 and sophomore standing PREREQUISITE: MR201 or consent of instructor The course explores what makes a work of This course emphasizes the communication and literature of a film funny. What are the patterns the presentation elements of the public relations which create a comedy? Students read and view function. The course introduces strategic issues comedic literary works and films. They explore the and effective practices of communication between structure and conventions of comedy, and comedy’s organizations and their constituencies. Includes the role in imaginative and human life as seen through study of public opinion research, media relations, ethical, cognitive, and literary theory. Enhances public communication campaigns, consumer students ability to identify patterns. identity, and representational ethics. Students gain practical experience in writing news releases, EN370 | Fall/Winter/Spring conducting surveys, and designing integrated GROUP DYNAMICS AND TEAM BUILDING campaigns. Oral and written group and individual 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 presentations are required. Application of the principles of group dynamics to effective communication in a variety of contexts. EN380 | Spring/Odd Year Students examine the effects of group structure, NEGOTIATION collaboration, and decision-making on 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 performance. Special emphasis on critical thinking Negotiation theory and its application to the world and personal involvement in the group process. of work. Topics covered include negotiating in Students will work on a collaborative research multi-party situations; challenges of representing project and will organize a symposium. groups whether they are corporations, class parties, or families; the effect of intra-group and inter-group EN371 | Winter negotiations, barriers to dispute resolution; and the SOCIAL MEDIA IN TODAY’S WORKPLACE role of third parties in complex negotiations. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 This applications-based course provides an EN404 | Fall/Even Year overview of technology tools used in the digital age. STUDIES IN THE BIBLE Students will learn how to create projects using 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and new media such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as sophomore standing analyze the appropriate use of media choices in This course is appropriate for people of any faith professional settings. The course is designed to (Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, atheist, Christian, assist students in understanding and effectively Hebrew or Zoroastrian). It addresses the origins using a variety of technology tools. and structure of the foundational text of the three Abrahamic faiths. Who wrote the Bible? When? EN373 | Fall Where? How do we know? Explores selections INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATION from the Old and New Testament. Analysis of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 literary form and of the historical and cultural A study of the communication variables in contexts. Discussion of sources and canon intercultural contexts including culture and formation. meaning, nonverbal styles across cultures, culture shock and communication, and values in intercultural professional settings.

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EN406 | Winter/Even Year EN453 | Summer/Odd Year WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE GENDER AND IDENTITY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 sophomore standing Investigates how gender is constituted, how it We will study seven of the greatest plays ever changes over time, how it interacts with other written. They depict the joys and ambiguities of cultural institutions and symbols, and considers the love, the illusions of politics, the depths of hatred, social and individual consequences of notions of and the need for forgiveness. They portray some of gender and the role of gender in forming identity the greatest characters in literature in the most and structuring personal experience. beautiful language in English. HM491 EN412 | Spring/Odd Year SENIOR SEMINAR MEDIA AND SOCIETY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 Capstone course to East-West University’s A study of the way media shape messages; the bachelor’s degree general education requirement. economic, psychological, and cultural effects of Students explore the relationship between media; and the interaction of media with humans. technology and humanity. Course requires close textual explications, class presentations, and a EN433 | Spring/Even Year major research project. Required for all graduating LANGUAGE AND SOCIETY seniors. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN260 An introduction to sociolinguistics with emphasis EN493 | As needed on the relation of language to social stratification READINGS IN ENGLISH AND and cohesion. Students explore the role of language COMMUNICATIONS as a social and political instrument. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing An intensive study of a major writer or issue of EN440 | Winter current interest. PERSUASION AND DEBATE 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN157 and FINANCE sophomore standing The persuasion and debate course is designed to FN201 | Winter/Spring improve critical thinking and argumentation skills. PRINCIPLES OF CORPORATE FINANCE The student will develop the ability to apply those 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 skills in a variety of communication situations An overview of basic concepts, principles, and (business, legal, personal). Students will research, recent innovations in financial management. analyze, and develop sound arguments on various Topics covered will include risk and return, relevant issues and apply the basic principles of valuation, capital budgeting, capital structure and argumentation to various forms of debate. cost of capital, dividend policy, financial planning, international financial management and corporate restructuring. Current events related to corporate finance will be addressed.

124 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 required.eory of money, banking, and financial FN205 | Fall/Winter institutions. Topics covered include the gold standard, PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING the structure of central banks and the Federal Reserve 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 system, theories of money demand and money This course includes basics of personal financial supply, the relationship between money supply and planning for different objectives, based upon the risk overall economic activity, and the theoretical and tolerance and financial position of the individual practical aspects of monetary policy. Current topics investor. Portfolio planning and asset allocation, related to the economy will be discussed. retirement planning, housing and its financing, estate planning, and elder issues are included. FN323 | Winter Students will gain an understanding of personal COMMERCIAL BANKING financial planning and develop the skills necessary to 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FN201 or consent make informed decisions about personal finance. of the Program Director Information related to the CFP (Certified Financial A comprehensive study of commercial banking Planner) examination will be presented. and its role in the economy. This course emphasizes the practical application of economic FN302 | Fall principles as they relate to bank management and THE STOCK MARKET AND INVESTMENTS regulatory policy. Topics include banking history 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FN201 or consent and regulation, consumer and commercial credit of the Program Director analysis, asset and liability management, risk Introduction to securities markets and how they management, loan policy, and money function. This course covers the interpretation of management services. Current trends such as market changes, capital flow, and factors bailouts, on-line banking, and internationalization influencing stock market prices. Strategies and will also be addressed. theories of investing are studied using various analytical tools and sources of investment FN333 | Fall information. Case studies and stock market games FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS are used to simulate real-life scenarios. Special 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: AC101, FN201 or attention is given to investing in difficult and FN205, or consent of the Program Director everchanging economic conditions. The role of This course, designed to prepare students to ethics in stock trading is also a topic of discussion. effectively interpret and analyze financial statements, explores financial reporting topics in FN320 | Spring depth. This course will cover the ethical challenges MONEY AND BANKING faced relative to financial statement analysis and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 stock analysis. statement analysis. This course addresses classical and contemporary issues in the thMotion in one, two and three FN341 | Winter dimensions, kinematics equations and problem- INTERNATIONAL FINANCE solving, Newton’s laws and applications, work, power, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FN201 or FN 205 and energy, impulse, momentum, center of mass, or consent of the Program Director circular motion, gravity, and solids and fluids are This course will introduce students to global considered. Heat and temperature, laws of financial markets. Emphasis is placed on thermodynamics, thermal properties and processes, operations of multinational firms and foreign heat calculations and production of energy through exchange markets. Topics include international solar panels, adiabatic and isothermal properties of financial markets, international banking, currency alternate fuel source are also discussed. Term paper derivative markets, Euromarkets, risk

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 125 management, and investment decisions in the global marketplace. The current state of FR201 | Fall international banking will also be discussed. INTERMEDIATE FRENCH I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FR103, its FN350 | Fall equivalent or consent of instructor REAL ESTATE ANALYSIS A course for students who have completed one year 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FN201 or FN 205 of French; review of grammar with emphasis on the or consent of the Program Director irregular verb and syntax, practice in reading, This course covers finance related to residential composition and conversation based on matters and commercial real estate. The material covered relating to French-speaking peoples and cultures. will explore functions of commercial banks and other financial institutions that provide funding FR202 | Winter for real estate projects, as well as direct entry into INTERMEDIATE FRENCH II the real estate industry. Financial analysis of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FR201, its commercial real estate projects will be covered. equivalent or consent of instructor A continuation of FR201. FRENCH FR203 | Spring FR101 | Fall INTERMEDIATE FRENCH III ELEMENTARY FRENCH I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FR202, its 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None equivalent or consent of instructor An aural-oral approach to the French language. A continuation of FR202. Pronunciation and fundamental grammatical principles are introduced through drill and basic HISTORY language. Special emphasis is placed on skills of listening and speaking followed by practice in HS119 | Fall reading and writing. WORLD HISTORY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN121 or placement FR102 | Winter An introduction to the concept, definition, and ELEMENTARY FRENCH II applicability of the terms history and world history 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FR101 or consent of and an examination of select historical instructor developments, cross-cultural contacts, and political, A continuation of FR101. social and cultural events of modern civilizations.

FR103 | Spring HS122 | Fall/Winter ELEMENTARY FRENCH III UNITED STATES HISTORY SINCE 1865 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: FR102 or consent of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN121 or placement instructor A historical survey of the social, economic, political A continuation of FR102. and intellectual development of the United States from the end of the Civil War to the present time.

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HS231 | Fall HS336 | Fall/Winter AFRICAN HISTORY AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Junior standing standing A survey of African-American history from its A survey of African civilization from pre- colonial African background until modern times. The through the modern period of emerging evolution and legacy of slavery, the significance of independent nations. Select countries will be used Reconstruction and its opposition, the rise of to illustrate the varying patterns of colonialism and discrimination, self- help organizing by African- nation building in Africa. Americans, two World Wars and major northward migrations, and the civil rights and nationalist HS241 | Winter movements will be analyzed. SURVEY OF LATIN AMERICAN CIVILIZATION 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore HS491 | Spring standing TOWARDS A GLOBAL COMMUNITY A survey of the development of Latin American 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: One history course civilization from its origins to the present time. The & Junior standing course gives an overview of the political, social, A description, analysis and interpretation of economic, cultural, and intellectual developments of 20th century world history with emphasis on a Latin America with emphasis on the traditions of global perspective. This course focuses on the indigenous people, the nature and impact of interaction and interdependence of contemporary European intrusions, colonial institutions, evolution civilizations and regions, inter-and intra-cultural of the modern nation states, and current challenges. tensions, the emergence of a global society confronted with demographic, technological, HS251 | Spring environmental, and ideological challenges with SURVEY OF MIDDLE EASTERN CIVILIZATION emphasis on the time since 1945. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing HS493 | As Needed A survey of the development of Middle Eastern READINGS IN HISTORY civilization from its origins to the present time. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: 12 hours in This course gives an overview of the political, social, History, Senior standing and consent of instructor. economic, cultural, and intellectual developments Directed intensive reading with focus on a select of the with emphasis on the traditions topic. May be repeated once for credit. of indigenous people, their cultural and political impact on regional and world history, imperial HS494 | As Needed expansions and invasions, evolution of the modern TOPICS IN AMERICAN HISTORY states and movements, and current challenges. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: One 300- level history course and consent of instructor HS326 | Winter Critical study of a select topic concerning specific CONTEMPORARY AMERICA aspects of American history. Emphasis will be 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: one history course placed on the use of primary sources. The topics or PL101 & Junior standing will vary. May be repeated once for credit. A description and critical analysis of contemporary America, including social, cultural, economic, intellectual and political conditions of the United States since 1945.

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HUMANITIES HM211 | Spring HM101 | Fall ETHICS AND SOCIETY HUMANITIES I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN151 A study of contemporary moral standards and their An analysis of the artistic and philosophical creations relationship to society. Emphasis is on discussions of a specific culture and the relationships of those concerning modern ethical systems as they creations to that culture’s historical situation, social influence personal, professional and public institutions, and technological capabilities. conduct. Topics include the nature of the human personality with its rights and duties, the HM102 | Winter individual’s relation to the family and society, and HUMANITES II the nature of social justice. 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN151 An analysis of how ideas develop as they pass from HM279 | Fall/Winter/Spring one culture to another, adapting to changing world EAST-WEST SIGNATURE COURSE views and different artistic media in the process. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITES: EN152 and sophomore standing HM103 | Spring An interdisciplinary examination of the challenges HUMANITIES III and opportunities created by the development of 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN152 technology and contact of different cultural groups. An analysis of one contemporary issue as it is Required for all graduating students. presented in both discursive and artistic form with particular emphasis on its historical origin and the HM280 | Fall/Winter/Spring languages and ideologies through which it is RESEARCH IN THE LIBERAL ARTS characteristically represented. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 Students will create a comprehensive project that HM111 | Spring synthesizes the concepts learned throughout their INTRODUCTION TO ART associate of arts degree in the Liberal Arts. This 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN151 course serves as the capstone course of the Analysis of the visual arts with emphasis both on associate arts degree and will be taken the last composition and cultural and social influences. quarter of their pursuit of that degree.

HM120 | Fall INTRODUCTION TO MUSIC 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN151 Study of music fundamentals, rhythmic structure, and form, together with listening lessons to illustrate different forms of music.

HM210 | Winter/Spring INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPHY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN152 A survey of the fundamental questions about self, society, and the universe. Focus is on metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics, theories of knowledge, as well as philosophical concepts and methodologie

128 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 aspirations and struggles of present day Muslims; ISLAMIC STUDIES contemporary Muslim organizations; Muslim IS111 | minorities in the contemporary world; and INTRODUCTION TO ISLAM AND MUSLIM planning for the future of Muslims. CIVILIZATION 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: EN151 IS222 | An interdisciplinary course on religions of man and FUNDAMENTALS OF RELIGION: FOCUS ON civilization with special reference to Islam; ISLAM philosophical issues of reality, knowledge and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 values; Islamic system of beliefs, worships and An interdisciplinary course on religions of values derived from the Quran and Sunnah; the man, focusing on Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, nature of Muslim society and its social, political and and Islam. Basic beliefs, economic dimensions; a review of Muslim history commandments and institutions of each religion since 610 CE; Muslim contributions to civilization, are studied in historical perspective and with culture, sciences and the arts; and the issues and reference to contemporary realities. The present concerns of Muslims of the modern era. day world of Islam is discussed in relation to the believers of other principal faiths. The ideal and real IS112 | impact of each religion on the individual human KNOWLEDGE AND HUMANITY: THE ISLAMIC being and on the economic, social and political PERSPECTIVE dimensions of the society is investigated. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 A general survey of the important areas of IS331 | knowledge impacting human life. Preliminary BASIC SOURCES OF ISLAMIC THOUGHT facts, concepts, theories and generalizations 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 concerning matter and energy, the earth, life on The course has three main topics: The Quran and earth, human life, human society, art, technology, Tafsir, nature of revelation, compilation and religion and history are reviewed. Basic beliefs and preservation of the Quran, its structure, content and commandments of Islam about knowledge and major themes, its inimitability and uniqueness and humanity are discussed. The course is intended to its translations and major commentaries. Sunnah help students develop their own self-concept, and Hadith: the Prophet's life and traditions, worldview and philosophy of life and understand transmission and methodology of Hadith, the perennial questions of why some communities principles of authenticity and credibility, major and nations rise and others fall in various time- compilations of Hadith and the role and relevance space contexts and what role religion plays in this of Hadith to determine Islamic injunctions. Fiqh process. and Shariah: the Islamic law and jurisprudence, legislative functions of the Quran and Sunnah, IS221 | constitutional, criminal, civil and family laws of THE CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM WORLD Islam, major schools of Islamic law and their 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 distinguishing features. A geographical, demographic and socioeconomic survey of the contemporary Muslim world; religious IS441 | unity and sociocultural/linguistic diversity of the CONTEMPORARY MUSLIM THOUGHT Muslims of Asia, Africa and the Western world; the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: EN151 ‘Ummah’ consciousness; Muslim revivalist and A study of Islamic thought relating to the reform movements; Orientalism and its critique; experience and challenges of modern man, Muslim Islam as an ideology and complete way of life; theology, eschatology and the principles of justice,

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 129 law and freedom. Muslim thinkers of the last two centuries and their systems of thought, the MN314 | Winter Islamization debate, Muslim economic and political WAGE AND BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION thought, Muslim philosophy of science and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MN201 or consent , Muslim universities and educational of instructor endeavors, and the futures of Muslim thought. This course covers the administration and execution of compensation and benefits in the MANAGEMENT modern firm. Compensation models and theory are included as well as monetary and non- MN201 | Fall/Winter monetary benefits, job sharing, flex-time, cafeteria PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT | plans and domestic partner benefits and rights. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 A study of the function and underlying social and MN316 | Spring motivational issues that affect mangers and CURRENT ISSUES IN LABOR AND supervisors in today’s complex and diverse MANAGEMENT LAW business environment. Emphasis is on the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Consent of the practical applications of management principles in Program Director existing and emerging businesses. This course This course focuses on the growth and considers leadership theory, decision-making development of employee–sensitive organizations issues, communication issues and motivational and unions. The course considers labor laws, equal theory. employment opportunity, collective bargaining techniques, negotiation techniques, grievance MN310 | Winter procedures and government participation in ORGANIZATION THEORY AND labor/management processes. Emphasis is given to DEVELOPMENT current events in the area of employment. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MN201 A study of the elements of organizational behavior MN317 | As needed that focus on human behavior, diversification, and BASICS OF MANAGEMENT SCIENCE global awareness. Elements of quality, technology, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MT221 & Juniorn ethics, organizational design, performance, standing conflict, leadership and behavior modification are An introduction to the application of mathematical examined. models in the management decision-making processes. Topics such as linear transformation, MN312 | Fall/Spring matrices, mathematical models, constraint HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT optimization, linear programming and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MN201 or consent formulation solution are studied. of instructor This course examines the Human Resource (HR) MN325 | Fall and as needed function in today’s multicultural, diverse and CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN SPORTS AND changing business environment. The purpose of ENTERTAINMENT MANAGEMENT the approach is to expose the student to the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MN201, Junior functions and responsibilities of the modern HR standing, & consent of the Program Director department with a strong ethical emphasis. This course is a survey course and is designed to Individual and group presentations, as well as provide students with an overview of the basic roleplay, are included. organizational and business structure of the sport, fitness, and leisure industries. The content areas

130 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 include professional, Olympic, intercollegiate, and MARKETING the fitness promotion business sector as well as an introduction to the management of a signed artist MR201 | Fall/Winter in the entertainment sector. The course introduces PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING students to a variety of managerial topics that are 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: BS101 unique to the S&E industry. Topics covered will An introduction to marketing using a managerial include marketing, management, finance, facility approach. Topics include product development, operations, and legal aspects. pricing methodology, promotional strategies and product distribution. The course also analyzes MN341 | Spring and as needed marketing strategy's social, environmental and ETHICAL LEADERSHIP AND CORPORATE ethical impact. SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MN201 & BS350 MR310 | Fall/Even year or as needed or consent of instructor ADVERTISING This course will examine the ethical dilemmas of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MR201 or consent leadership, the foundations, and context of moral of instructor choice, the moral implication of decision-making This course defines the principles, processes, and within public organizations and the impact upon deployment of advertising and sales promotion staff, morale, personal integrity and citizens. The functions for both profit and non-profit purpose is to make visible the ethical challenges organizations. Major advertising media such as and decisions criteria facing leaders, to explore the print, display, radio, television and internet leadership role in sharing the organization's methodology are considered. An extensive final ethical culture, and to examine governmental group project is required. alternatives in a post-Enron, post-Madoff world. MR311 | Winter/Even year or as needed MN421 | Spring PUBLIC RELATIONS CURRENT TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MR201 or consent 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MN201 & Senior of instructor standing This course is an examination of socializing agents, This course is a seminar on current topics in structural constraints and demographic parameters management. The topics include a critical that influence consumer behavior and buying evaluation of crisis management and corporate decisions in a market-defined social environment. crisis communication, polarity management, The emphasis is on communication and on the change management, diversity management and presentation elements of the public relations engagement with various local, state and federal function. The course introduces strategic issues and political entities in a business environment. effective practices of communication between Activities involving ethical lobbying will also be organizations and their constituencies. It includes the included. study of public opinion research, media relations, public communication campaigns, consumer MN493 | As needed identity, and representational ethics. Students gain SPECIAL TOPICS IN MANAGEMENT practical experience in writing news releases, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing conducting surveys, and designing integrated Special contemporary topics in management will campaigns. Oral and written group and individual be identified and presented with emphasis on presentations are required. application and implications of management techniques.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 131 concentrate on a particular country or region and MR325 | Winter/odd year will use this country as a source for their final SELLING TECHNIQUES project and presentation. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MR201 & Junior standing MR360 | Spring or as needed This course covers sales and selling methods, the SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT MARKETING integration of the art of selling into the total PREREQUISITES: MR201 & Junior standing marketing processes and programs, and the value This course will compare and contrast the field of of establishing appropriate communication sports and entertainment marketing with the between sellers and buyers. Ethical and social practices and applications of mainstream factors are also studied. marketing. Coursework will include a historical overview of sports marketing and will examine the MR335 | Winter application of marketing principles to collegiate ADVANCED MARKETING MANAGEMENT and professional sports organizations and the 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MR201 & Junior entertainment industry and the professional sports standing enterprise in general. Course content will be a Methods of marketing management are studied combination of lecture, guest speakers, assigned with emphasis on organization, buyer behavior, readings, videos, case studies, research product and market development, and promotion. assignments and special projects. There are also ethical dimensions and international marketing integrated throughout the MR420 | As needed course. Case studies, oral and written SPECIAL TOPICS IN MARKETING presentations, and market plans are included. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Senior standing Special and contemporary topics in marketing will MR340 | Spring be identified and presented with emphasis on MARKETING RESEARCH application and implications of management 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MR201 & Junior techniques. standing This course introduces techniques of marketing MR440 | Spring research. The emphasis is placed on systematic STRATEGIC MARKETING PROBLEMS research design and the accumulation and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MR201 & Senior interpretation of information for marketing standing decision-making. This course is a presentation of concepts, principles and case studies of strategic problems in product MR355 | Winter and service development. The primary emphasis is INTERNATIONAL MARKETING STRATEGIES on pricing tactics, consumer reaction and market 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MR201 impact in relation to the product life cycle. This course introduces students to the environment and basic principles underlying the design and implementation of marketing strategies across countries and within foreign countries. Topics will cover the global market environment, and the decision issues and problems faced by international marketers in planning and conducting activities on product, distribution, promotion, and pricing. Students will

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MATHEMATICS MT160 | Winter/Spring MT123 | Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer ELEMENTARY PLANE TRIGONOMETRY INTRODUCTION TO ALGEBRA 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT158 4 CREDITS Right triangle and oblique triangle PREREQUISITE: MT121 or placement trigonometry, angles in degrees and radian This is the first in a sequence of algebra courses. measures and arcs; basic six trigonometric Topics include transition to algebra, evaluating functions and their graphs, trigonometric algebraic expressions, equations and inequalities, identities, including addition laws, double- angle applications and word problems, the graph of a and half-angle formulas, inverse trigonometric linear equation, slope of a line, properties of functions, law of sines, law of cosines, the algebra exponents, scientific notation, polynomials and of vectors, simple harmonic motions, polar operations with polynomials. Credits do not count representation of complex numbers. towards graduation. MT170 | Winter/Spring MT153 | Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer FINITE MATHEMATICS GENERAL EDUCATION MATH 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT156 4 CREDITS Methods from linear algebra and probability PREREQUISITE: MT123 or placement are developed and applied to applications related Topics include systems of linear equations and to business. Topics include functions, graphs, inequalities, sets, operations on sets, Venn systems of linear equations and inequalities, diagrams,geometry, sequential counting principle, matrix algebra, linear programming, counting combinations and permutations and basic technique and probability. concepts of probability, and statistics. MT200 | Fall/Winter/Spring MT155 | Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer BUSINESS CALCULUS INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT156 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT123 For students majoring in business. Introduction to Topics include factoring, solutions of quadratic calculus topics include: limits, continuity, equations, logical statements, arithmetic in functions, differentiation and integration of different number bases, especially binary, octal polynomial. Applications are developed and and hexadecimal, by factoring, rational expressions, applied to business oriented. simplification of radicals and exponents, the quadratic formula, graphing and applications to be used MT201 | Fall/Spring throughout the course. CALCULUS I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT160 MT158 | Fall/Winter/Spring A first course in calculus sequence introduces the COLLEGE ALGEBRA idea of limits, continuity, and derivatives. Further 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT155 with “C” topics include techniques of differentiation, grade oJ r higher L’Hopital’s Rule, higher order derivatives, and Topics include graphing polynomial and related rates. rational functions, synthetic division, solution of quadratic equations and higher degree polynomial equations, exponential and logarithmic functions, matrix algebra, determinants and solutions of linear systems of equations.

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MT202 | Fall/Winter MT302 | Winter CALCULUS II ADVANCED CALCULUS II 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT201 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT301 A continuation of MT201, this course covers A continuation of MT301. Topics include applications of the derivative, the indefinite multivariable differentiation, differentials, integral, and the definite integral and its extremal problems, Lagrange multipliers, chain applications. Newton’s method, the mean- value rule, mean value theorem, Taylor series in theorem, and the fundamental theorem of multivariate case, implicit and inverse mapping calculus are among the other topics covered. theorems, Jacobian and Laplace transforms.

MT203 | Spring MT306 | Spring CALCULUS III LINEAR ALEGBRA 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT202 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT201 or MT200 A continuation of MT202, this course covers the Topics covered are: linear systems of linear advanced techniques of integration, the evaluation equations, determinants, vector spaces, linear of the improper integrals, an introduction to transformations and matrices, Inner orthogonality, differential equations, and infinite series. Specific eigenvalues; eigenvectors; and diagonalization topics include integrating with computer algebra together with selected applications, such as systems, slope fields, Euler’s method, and Markov processes, linear programming, economic convergence tests for infinite series. Maclaurin models, least squares, and population growth. and Taylor series are discussed as well. Some of the basic theorems will be explored rigorously while other results will be MT221 | Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer demonstrated informally. FUNDAMENTALS OF STATISTICS 4 CREDITS MT310 | Fall PREREQUISITE: MT156 and CI213 ELEMENTARY DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS Descriptive statistics, analysis and presentation of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT203 single variable data, including graphs, Pareto An introductory look at classifying and solving diagrams, histograms, measures of central basic types of differential equations. There is a tendency, measures of dispersion and measures of focus on the first and second- order differential position, analysis of bivariate data, including linear equations, both linear and non-linear, and their correlation and linear regression, probability and application to the physical sciences and probability distributions, including mean and engineering. Analytical and numerical techniques variance of a discrete probability distribution and for solving will be discussed. binomial distribution, normal distributions and applications of normal distributions. MT311 | Fall ABSTRACT ALGEBRA MT301 | Fall 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT203 ADVANCED CALCULUS I Introduction to modern algebra. Topics include 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT203 elements of axiomatic set theory, group theory, Multiple integral and applications, differentiation ring and field theory, permutation groups, and integration of vector fields and vector subgroups, cosets and Lagrange's theorem. functions, line and surface integrals, Green's theorem, Stoke's theorem, divergence and curl and applications.

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MEDICAL OFFICE TECHNOLOGY MT322 | Spring INFERENTIAL STATISTICS MD115 | As Needed 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT221 INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL BILLING Inferential statistics with applications to business 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program and behavioral science, hypothesis testing, or consent of the Program Director Introduction to including one-tailed and two-tailed tests in procedures and processes of medical billing. Areas distributions for estimating (mean) with known covered include the professional environments such (standard deviation), inferences involving one as medical office, government, insurance carriers, population, including Student’s statistic for hospitals; types of health insurance, claims, estimating with unknown, Chi- square contracts, payment plans and options, forms and distributions for estimating variances, inferences legal issues. involving two populations, including estimating mean difference using two dependent samples MD117 | As Needed and two independent samples respectively, MEDICAL TERMINOLOGY applications of Chi- square statistics, including 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program multinomial experiments and contingency tables. or consent of the Program Director This course provides an overview of the range of MT411 | Spring medical terminology (anatomic, diagnostic, INTRODUCTION TO REAL ANALYSIS systematic, and operative) commonly used in 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT301 pharmaceutical, medical, orthopedic and A rigorous treatment of the topics from calculus: rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapy, topological properties, sequences, the mean value and allied health fields. Word formation, roots, theorem, convergence, continuity, Cauchy prefixes and suffixes, standard abbreviations. sequences, differentiability and integrability. Emphasis is placed on appropriate selection of available reference materials and correct and MT430 | Fall accurate usage. ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT306 & MJ T310 MD120 | As Needed An introduction to a variety of advanced MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION mathematical topics, emphasizing their 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program application to . These or consent of the Program Director include complex variables, complex integral An introduction to the field of medical transcription; calculus, Taylor and Laurent series and the residue familiarization with the work environment, ethical theorem. Also partial differential equations, and legal responsibilities. Emphasis will be place on specifically diffusion equations, wave equations, skills to transcribe with speed and accuracy, basic and the Laplace equation. Fourier series, Fourier transcription guidelines, and preparation of medical integrals and Fourier transforms as well. documents. Areas covered include the integumentary, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive and endocrine systems, and urinary, reproductive, musculoskeletal and nervous systems.

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MD125 | As Needed MD202 | Spring ADVANCED MEDICAL BILLING ADVANCED MEDICAL CODING PROCEDURES 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MD115 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program Continuation of MD 115. or consent of the Program Director Preparing claims with using major insurance This course is a continuation of MD 132 and carriers: Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Medicare and completes the preparation of the basic Medicaid. Champus. Correlation of health competencies required by the American Health information with billing processes. Electronic Information Management Association (AHIMA) claims. This course completes the preparation for for certification. certification in medical billing. MD220 | Spring MD126 | Spring ADVANCED MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION HUMAN ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY FOR 4 CREDITS MEDICAL OFFICE STAFF A continuation of MD120. Emphasis will be placed 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program on skills to transcribe with speed and accuracy and or consent of the Program Director the preparation of medical documents. This course investigates the structure and function of the human body from cells through tissues, MD234 | Spring organs and the various systems. Basic concepts of MEDICAL OFFICE AND SIMULATION anatomy and physiology. MANAGEMENT 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program MD132 | As Needed or consent of the Program Director INTRODUCTION TO MEDICAL CODING This course specifically prepares program 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program participants to register and take the American or consent of the Program Director Health Information Management Association This course prepares the student for medical (AHIMA) certification exam. AHIMA certification coding and data entry of medical information. is the industry standard for health information Included are such topics as ICD-9-CM specialists focusing on billing and coding. classification, HCFA-1500 form, diseases tabular list and diseases alphabetic index, coding processes, OFFICE ADMINISTRATION procedural coding, symbols and conventions, and primary and secondary statements. OA101 | Fall/Winter KEYBOARDING I MD136 | Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None INTRODUCTION TO HUMAN DISEASES FOR This course covers techniques of keyboarding and MEDICAL OFFICE STAFF the fundamental skills of typing, mastering stroke 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: Certificate program control, building speed and accuracy. The student or consent of the Program Director will learn the basic format for letters, manuscripts, This course will address the etiology of the human tabulations and other simple communications and pathologic process. Various diseases will be studied will achieve a minimum speed of 25 words per encompassing the basic human functions such as minute. cerebrovascular, neurological, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, and post-mortem analysis of trauma and surgical related incidents. Emphasis will be placed on vocabulary proficiencies.

136 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

PHYSICS OA109 | Fall MICROSOFT SUITE: WINDOWS, WORD, PH101 | Fall/Winter/Spring EXCEL INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS 4 CREDITS | COREQUISITE: OA101 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Completion or This course introduces select principles and placement out of EN123 and MT155 practices of the Microsoft Office program, covering A survey of concepts in physics for non-majors. theoretical and practical applications of the Topical themes in mechanics and motion, heat, Windows Operating System: Microsoft Word and sound, waves, optics, electricity and magnetism are Excel. covered. Theories in quantum and nuclear physics conclude the course. Practical sessions included OA110 | Winter and term paper required. MICROSOFT SUITE: ACCESS, POWERPOINT, OUTLOOK PH110 | Fall/Winter 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: OA109 or consent COLLEGE PHYSICS I of instructor 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT160 This second course in the operations of the COREQUISITE: PH111 Microsoft Office program covers the elements of Motion in one, two and three dimensions, the Access database, the presentation techniques kinematics equations and problem solving, Newton’s of PowerPoint, and the basic features of the laws and applications, work, power, and energy, Outlook mail program. Emphasis is placed on impulse, momentum, center of mass, circular using all the programs of the suite in an motion, gravity, and solids and fluids are considered. integrative fashion. Heat and temperature, laws of thermodynamics, thermal properties and processes, heat calculations OA214 | Winter and production of energy through solar panels, BUSINESS WRITING adiabatic and isothermal properties of alternate fuel 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: OA101 source are also discussed. Term paper required. Basic letter and memo writing principles, presenting models for composing effective PH111 | Fall/Winter correspondence. Emphasis is placed on preparing COLLEGE PHYSICS LABORATORY I correspondence aimed at specific goals such as 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: MT160 inquiries, applications, acknowledgments, and COREQUISITE: PH110 formal reports. Labs in mechanics, hydraulics, sound, electricity, and optics are conducted pertaining to OA231 | Spring the theory covered in PH110. SPECIAL PROJECTS IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION PH210 | Winter/Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: OA109 or consent COLLEGE PHYSICS II of instructor 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PH110 and PH111 This course provides intensive instruction in COREQUISITE: PH211 select areas of office skills relevant to aspects of Wave motion and sound, electricity, DC and AC Office Administration. Appropriate internships systems, magnetism, light, reflection and may be provided if applicable. refraction, polarization, diffraction, magnification, utilization of microscope and spectroscope, and relevant topics in modern physics are discussed. Term paper required.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 137 of the velocity of sound and frequencies of wave PH211 | Winter/Spring trains, ultra and super sonic waves, and Doppler’s COLLEGE PHYSICS LABORATORY II principle and applications are all discussed. Term 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PH110 and paper required. PH111 | COREQUISITE: PH210 Labs are conducted in kinematics, kinetic and PH231 | Spring potential energies, simple machines and circular COLLEGE PHYSICS LABORATORY III motion. Labs also include thermal properties and 2 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PH210 and solar energy verifications. PH211 | COREQUISITE: PH230 Labs are conducted in hydraulics and sound and PH220 | Spring complement the theory taught in PH230. ENGINEERING PHYSICS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MT201 POLITICAL SCIENCE COREQUISITE: ET 106 & ET 155 Electrostatics and electrodynamics using integral and PL101 | Fall/Winter/Spring differential approach to Gauss's Law, Faraday's law, INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN amperes circuital law. Dielectric polarization, electric GOVERNMENT displacement, susceptibility and permittivity, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE OR COREQUISITE: Maxwell's equation and their importance are EN151 considered. Terminology and classification of An introduction to the study of the United States magnetic materials, introduction to electrodynamics, national government. Course consists of a general optical fiber communication, optical fiber system. survey of the constitutional basis of American Introduction to atomic spectra, quantum mechanics, government and the development of representative, modern physics, solid state, high temperature judicial and administrative procedures. An superconductors are also discussed. exploration of contemporary trends and problems of the democratic process are identified. PH221 | Spring ENGINEERING PHYSICS LABORATORY PL103 | Winter 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: MT201 STATE AND LOCAL GOVERNMENT: POLITICS COREQUISITE: PH220 AND POLICIES This laboratory course is a hands-on experimental 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE OR approach of concepts taught in PH220. Labs COREQUISITE: EN151 include areas of electricity, magnetism, optics, and This course covers structure and characteristics of modern physics. state and local governments, revenue-generating methods to maintain state and municipal solvency, PH230 | Spring and problems caused by such federal policies as COLLEGE PHYSICS III revenue sharing and income tax. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PH210 and PH211 COREQUISITE: PH231 PL203 | Summer Introduction to hydraulics, calculation of forces inside POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY the fluids; hydraulic system design and applications, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL101 mechanical advantages, Bernoulli’s equation, tapering A critical survey and evaluation of global, sections, center of gravity and meta-centric heights, hemispheric and regional structures of natural buoyancy and specific gravity. Introduction to sound, geographic patterns and the role such factors play in transverse waves, longitudinal waves and calculations understanding socio-political, economic and cultural of SHM and wave length, resonance and calculations developmental processes of peoples and nations.

138 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 PL313 | Fall/Winter PL214 | Winter POLITICS OF AMERICAN MINORITIES POLITICS: PUBLIC OPINION, PRESSURE 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PL101 GROUPS, AND POLITICAL PARTIES & Junior standing 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL101 A survey and critique of sociopolitical activities of Basis, formation, structure, and expressions of American minorities with special emphasis on the public opinion and influence of corporate and African-American, Hispanic- American and similar public sector lobby groups; an analysis of their ethnic and social minority communities in the potential influence in the formulation of perceived United States. Comparison of the potential interests, subsequent public policy and political application of contemporary international human implementations. and minority rights law, as contrasted with the more conventional use of domestic civil rights legislation, PL226 | Spring in addressing the concerns of such populations will AMERICAN POLITICAL BEHAVIOR be explored. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL101 Structure and functioning of political parties at the PL317 | Winter local, state, and national levels; impact of socio- AMERICAN CONSTITUTION AND THE economic, demographic, cultural, and religious SUPREME COURT trends upon the political process. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL313 An examination of the function of the U.S. PL310 | Winter Supreme Court and its historical and contemporary DEVELOPMENT OF POLITICAL THOUGHT impact on American society. Emphasis will be given 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL101 & Junior to cases and developments which directly influence standing current concerns and issues. A study of major political theories, including anarchism, conservatism, liberalism, nationalism, PL381 | Spring fascism, socialism, communism, postmodernism INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS | and religious political movements. A survey of major 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PL101 political and social theorists will also be explored such & Junior standing as Plato, Ibn Khaldun, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Locke, A comprehensive study of selected topics related to French revolutionaries, John Stuart Mill, Thomas international affairs and diplomacy, economic and Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Karl Marx, Lenin, Mao as political power relations among developed and well as contemporary political movements in Asia, developing nations of the world, their respective Africa, and Central/South America. foreign and defense policies, and the role of international organizations. Particular emphasis PL311 | Winter will be devoted to the current operations and WORLD POLITICAL SYSTEMS: IDEAL AND challenges of the United Nations and its allied ACTUAL human rights, development, peacekeeping and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PL101 & Junior humanitarian activities. standing A study of the geo-political and socioeconomic PL461 | Summer characteristics of world political ideologies and THE MODERN NATION STATE systems such as democracy, capitalism, socialism, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PL 311 absolute and constitutional monarchy, theocratic An examination of the assumptions of structure and secular states, fascism and dictatorship. and functioning of the modern nation state and the strengths and limitations of addressing current

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 139 national and global challenges; the impact of multinational corporations, environmental and PS202 | Winter/Spring health issues, and demographic shifts will be EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY analyzed; issues concerning regional globalism and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PS101 global regionalism will also be discussed. This course covers conditions and factors of learning as described in the basic theories, growth PL493 | As Needed and development of the learner, and the issues of READINGS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE retention and transfer of learning. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Senior standing, 12 hours in political science and/or history and PS203 | Fall/Winter/Spring consent of instructor PSYCHOLOGY OF THE AFRICAN- AMERICAN Directed intensive readings with focus on a selected EXPERIENCE topic. May be repeated once for credit. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PS101 A study of the socio-psychological and residual PL 494 | As Needed cultural influences of slave Americans. A review CONTEMPORARY TOPICS IN POLITICAL and critique of major contemporary research which SCIENCE evaluates discrimination both for and against 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: one 300 level various minority groups. course in political science and consent of instructor PS310 | Spring Critical study of a select topic concerning specific URBAN PSYCHOLOGY aspects of political science. Emphasis will be 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior placed on the use of primary sources. May be standing repeated once for credit. The application of psychological concepts and social research techniques in the study of urban PSYCHOLOGY problems. A review of the psychohistorical evolution of modern American cities and their PS101 | Fall/Winter/Spring subsequent ecological impact on the individual, INTRODUCTION TO PSYCHOLOGY family, community and institutional development. 4 CREDITS PREREQUISITE OR COREQUISITE: EN151 PS311 | Winter Analysis and description of the structure and LIFE SPAN DEVELOPMENT content of psychology and the application of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior scientific method in the study of human behavior standing and mental processes. A review of the biological, The scientific study of life span themes and the cognitive and environmental factors that influence multimodal domains of human development. The human behavior and development. course will explore the varied theories associated with human development, as well as the biological, PS201 | Fall/Winter/Spring cognitive, psychological, socio-cultural and CHILD DEVELOPMENT life cycle forces. Students will cover the varied 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PS101 dimensions of human development from infancy A general introduction to physical, intellectual, into childhood and from childhood into emotional, social and personality development adolescence and late adulthood. through early adulthood.

140 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

PS321 | Winter PS347 | Fall SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior PSYCHOLOGY standing 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS 101 & Junior Survey of research and theory in representative standing areas of social psychology including verbal and non- Examines theories, research and analysis of human verbal communication, conformity, attitude behavior within industrial environments. The basic development and change. theories and practices in the areas of job analysis and placement, training systems, evaluation and PS330 | Fall performance appraisal will be explored. Methods ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY and findings of the studies of people at work will 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 likewise be investigated. & Junior standing The study of human behavior is considered on a PS350 | Winter/Spring continuum ranging from normal to abnormal. PHYSIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY Description, treatment and prevention of adult 4 CREDITS behavior abnormalities including character PREREQUISITE: PS101 & Junior standing disorders, neuroses, psychoses, organic disorders, This course studies the biological events, such as and psychophysiologic, autonomic and visceral genetic, neural, and endocrine, that underlie disorders are covered. human thoughts, feelings, and actions. It will investigate research in this area and focus on the PS341 | Fall/Spring relationship between bio-physiological processes THEORIES OF PERSONALITY and human behavior. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior standing PS410 | Fall An analysis of major humanistic, behavioristic and EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY psychoanalytic theories of personality. This course 4 CREDITS focuses on the study of personality development over the PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior standing life cycle including principles of personality assessment. This course covers the design, conduct and interpretation of experiments in varied areas of PS346 | Fall psychology, experience in laboratory procedures and MOTIVATION statistical analysis. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: PS101 & Junior standing PS412 | Spring This course covers the methods, results and PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING interpretation of varied forms of research which are 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: PS101 designed to explore basic motivational processes in & Junior standing animal and human subjects. An exploration of A survey of representative techniques and various sociopsychological, cognitive, behavioral, instruments used in psychological testing; biogenetic models and experimental paradigms will emphasis is placed on the concepts of test be undertaken. objectivity, standardization, reliability and validity. Students will be exposed to basic instruments in assessing intelligence, personality, and career interest.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 141

PS491 | As Needed SC301 | Winter CONTEMPORARY ISSUES IN PSYCHOLOGY HISTORY OF SOCIOLOGICAL THOUGHT 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Senior standing, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SC101 & Junior 12 hours in psychology, and consent of instructor standing Directed intensive reading with focus on a selected Critical analysis and interpretation of sociological topic. May be repeated once for credit. theories and writings with emphasis on those which have had a strong impact on contemporary sociological thought to illustrate both the breadth of SOCIOLOGY ideas as well as contemporary controversies. Readings SC101 | Fall/Winter/Spring and discussion of representative sociological works INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY with emphasis on 19th and 20th centuries. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE OR COREQUISITE: EN151 SC311 | Fall/Winter This course covers major concepts and theories POPULATION AND HUMAN ECOLOGY | about human social behavior, its relationship to 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 socialization and social change, social institutions & Junior standing and values. The application of the scientific method The interdependence of population, environment, and data gathering techniques in the study of social technology and patterns of social organization; behavior will be explored. interrelationship of human, natural and man- created resources; and a consideration of current SC201 | Fall/Winter/Spring theories, problems, issues and possible solutions, SOCIALIZATION trends in population dynamics, fertility, mortality 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SC101 and migration are discussed. An interdisciplinary approach to socialization; the interrelated effects of maturity and understanding; SC312 | Spring and the role of culture, peer, family and reference HUMAN RELATIONS groups. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior standing SC202 | Winter/Spring A study of the interaction of people in the business and GROUP PROCESSES industrial complex. Emphasis is placed on the necessity 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SC101 for a cooperative environment to satisfy individual needs A participation approach to basic group contacts, as well as to increase production efficiency. understanding the individual’s role as a group member, leadership roles and styles, effectiveness SC313 | Fall and strategies for encouraging group involvement ENVIRONMENT OF THE COMMUNITY and achievement of group goals. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior standing SC212 | Winter The technological and ecological systems in the INTRODUCTION TO ANTHROPOLOGY urban community; the interrelated effects of socio- 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SC101 political actions, conflicts and programs; changes in The study of man, evolution of human beings, the urban environment; the environment as a physical differences in races, cultural development conditioning agent in human life; and an analysis and selected topics are covered. of the relationship of mental health and social well- being to urban systems are discussed.

142 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023

SC320 | Fall/Winter/Spring SC335 | Fall/Spring INTRODUCTION TO SOCIAL WORK SOCIAL RESEARCH METHODS 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101, MT154 & Junior standing & Junior standing This course is an introduction to the social work An overview of basic data collection, research profession through an identification of the major design and analysis techniques as they pertain to human problems in society and the role of both the major forms of social research. A pilot study society and social service in response to such project is required to familiarize the student with problems. Students will have the opportunity to research design techniques and subsequent critique the management and operations of a social statistical and/or related options for data analysis. service agency and evaluate current ways in which agencies interpret problems and administer services. SC363 | Winter/Spring THE FAMILY SC322 | Fall/Winter/Spring 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior CRIME, SOCIETY, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE standing An interdisciplinary, cross-cultural focus 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC 101 & Junior on the family as a social, psychological, political and standing economic unit; patterns of communication and An evaluation of current theories and philosophical respect; roles and adjustments of members; parent frameworks concerning crime, types and frequencies and child relationships; and the effects of culture of crimes, the adult and juvenile offender and an and urban stress on family units. overview of current programs for rehabilitation and prevention. Such an analysis is done within the SC371 | Fall/Spring context of recognizing society’s obligation to maintain WOMEN IN SOCIETY an appropriate balance between its need to maintain 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & legitimate forms of social control while striving to Sophomore standing ensure social justice for every citizen. A sociological inquiry into the status, problems and prospects of women in contemporary society. SC333 | Fall/Spring Explores feminist political activities and female SOCIAL PROBLEM SOLVING power resources. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior standing SC384 | Fall/Spring Theories of interpersonal, group and social conflict, SOCIETY AND CULTURE analysis of communication patterns and diffusion 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior processes, sources of conflicts, agents of change standing and applied intervention strategies are covered. A multidisciplinary, multicultural overview of the nature of ethnic and racial groups, their characteristics and cultures, theories of immigration, assimilation and adjustment, social and cultural pluralism, and implications for using racial and cultural values for planning social programs.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 143

SPANISH SC424 | Fall/Winter ISSUES IN WELFARE SP101 | Fall 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC101 & Junior ELEMENTARY SPANISH standing | COREQUISITE: SC430 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: None A general overview of welfare programs from An aural-oral approach to the Spanish language. historical time to the present and legislative Pronunciation and fundamental grammatical proposals presently under consideration by the principles are introduced through drill and basic federal government. Includes an in-depth study of language. Special emphasis is placed on skills of federal policy process, program planning, listening and speaking followed by practice in budgeting, design and implementation of social reading and writing. welfare programs. SP102 | Winter SC430 | Fall/Winter ELEMENTARY SPANISH II SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE I 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SP101 or consent of 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: SC320 instructor. COREQUISITE: SC424 A continuation of SP101. This course provides students with a structured practice experience in a social agency setting. SP103 | Spring Theory from classroom is used and integrated with ELEMENTARY SPANISH III beginning practice skills. 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SP102 or consent of instructor SC431 | Spring A continuation of SP102. SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE II 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SC430 SP201 | Fall Builds on practice experience acquired in SC430. INTERMEDIATE SPANISH I There is continued emphasis on integration and 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITE: SP103 or consent of use of classroom theory. instructor A course for students who have completed one year SC493 | As Needed of Spanish; review of grammar with emphasis on READINGS IN SOCIOLOGY the irregular verb and syntax, practice in reading, 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: Senior standing, 12 composition and conversation based on matters hours in sociology & consent of instructor relating to Latin American countries. Directed intensive readings with focus on a selected topic. May be repeated once for credit.

SC494 | As Needed CONTEMPORARY TOPICS IN SOCIOLOGY 4 CREDITS | PREREQUISITES: one 300 level course in sociology and consent of instructor Critical study of a select topic concerning specific aspects of sociology. Emphasis will be placed on the use of primary sources. May be repeated once for credit.

144 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Directory

BOARD OF DIRECTORS Dr. Mohammad Wasiullah Khan ADJUNCT FACULTY Panjab University (Pakistan) Borman, David Mr. James Thomas BS-English Literature, Economics DePaul University CHAIRMAN MA-Urdu Literature MS-Accounting Rev. B. Herbert Martin Jr. MEd-(Honors)-Secondary Education Carnes, Beverly VICE CHAIR Indiana University University of Illinois Mr. Bill Aossey EdS and PhD-Educational MSW-Social Work Ms. Carol Bell Administration Chang, Keng-Wei Dr. Tariq Butt Dr. Injoo Kim University of Wisconsin-Madison Dr. Danny K. Davis Kwangwoon University (Korea) MS-Food Science Dr. Abdul Sultan Hassam BS-Computer Science Cushingberry, Dana Dr. Sakhawat Hussain Illinois Mr. Tariq Junejo Governors State University MS-Computer Science MA-Communications Dr. Khursheed A. Mallick PhD-Computer Science Mr. Tracy Meeks Gurramkonda, Reddy Mr. Badrinath Mirmira Dr. Abdullah O. Nasseef Sri Venkateswara University, (India) Osmania University (India) Dr. Daudur Rahman PhD-Zoology BS-Electrical Engineering Mr. Sher M. Rajput Haji, Ogar University of Illinois at Chicago Mr. John J. Scott DePaul University MS-Electrical Engineering Dr. M. Ashraf Toor MS-Computer Science & Computer Science Kim, Haemoon Dr. Karishma Mukherji FULL TIME FACULTY Illinois Institute of Technology Y.M.T Homeopathic Medical College, Mr. Carl Cooper MBA-International Trade & Finance Mumbai (India) California Coast University BA-Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery Knight, Cranston MBA DePaul University Loyola University Trinidad State University MA-Community Counseling PhD-History AAS-Law Enforcement Dr. Maria V. Polski Kwon, Sung-uk Mr. Robert C. Creel III Moscow State University (Russia) Pace University University of New Orleans MA-English and Linguistics MS-Computer Science MS-Mathematics Moscow State University (Russia) Lee, Chung Mr. Kenneth W. Gaines PhD-Linguistics Illinois Institute of Technology Loyola University Chicago Dr. Julie Zhang PhD-Computer Science BS-Cell Biology Beijing Broadcasting Institute (China) Levine, Jeffery Roosevelt University BS-Electrical Engineering John Marshall Law School MA-Training and University of Wisconsin-Stout JD-Law Development/Telecommunications MS-Management Technology MBA-Accounting and International DePaul University Business PhD-Computer Science Dr. Madhu Jain Jiwaji University (India) BS-Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics Rajasthan University (India) MS-Physics Rajasthan University (India) PhD-Physics

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 145

Mesyef, Tatyana COMPUTER CENTER THE FLATS AND THE Illinois Institute of Technology Mr. Xinghua Guo STUDENT LIFE CENTER PhD- Mechanical Engineering Network Specialist Ms. Rachel Goldstein Nowak, Edward C. Mr. Jesus Pacheco Regional Manager John Marshall Law School Manager, Computer Center Ms. Briana Johnson JD – Law Leasing Manager Pi, Michael (Xiujun) COUNSELING AND STUDENT ”The Flats at East-West University” is University of Otago AFFAIRS managed by CA Management Services. PhD-Anatomy Dr. Nadia Hallak Pitzele, Robert Director Counseling and Student University of Chicago Affairs MS-Physics Rahim, Rizwana DEVELOPMENT AND UNIVERSITY Osmania University, Hyderabad RELATIONS, PUBLICATIONS PhD-Botany Mr. Zafar A. Malik McKenney, Amanda Dean for Development and University State University of New York Relations MA-Teaching Adolescent English Ms. Barbara Abrajano Education Director of Development and Community Engagement ACADEMIC AND Mr. Kafi Khan ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICERS Assistant to the Chancellor Dr. M. Wasiullah Khan Chancellor FINANCIAL AID Dr. Madhu Jain Mr. Cesar Campos Provost Director of Financial Aid Mr. Zafar A. Malik Ms. Beverly Lee Dean for Development and University Asst. to Financial Aid Director Relations LIBRARY ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT Ms. Michelle Kopteros Ms. Deborah Deji Librarian Administrative Assistant/HR and Mr. Houston Lawrence Accounting Librarian

RECEPTIONIST PHYSICAL FACILITIES Ms. Asha O. Jackson Mr. Tasleem Raja Receptionist Facilities Manager Mr. Juan Gonzalez ADMISSIONS Maintainence Mr. Raul Andrade Ms. Maria Zavala Director of Admissions Custodian Ms. Purvi Lodhavia Admissions Advisor RECORDS Ms. Asma Adnan Registrar

146 | East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 Glossary of Terms

ACADEMIC PROBATION BACHELOR’S DEGREE (BA, BS) CREDIT A student whose cumulative grade A degree granted by a college or The amount of college credit earned point average falls below 2.00 is university which recognizes a by satisfactory completion of a specific placed on academic probation. A student’s satisfactory completion of an course taken for one quarter. Each student whose cumulative grade point organized program of study consisting credit represents one hour per week of average falls below 2.00 for three of 120 to 130 semester credits or 180 to lecture or recitation, or a longer time consecutive quarters is subject to 195 quarter credits, normally taking in laboratory or other exercises not dismissal from the University. four years of full- time study. including preparation.

ACADEMIC STATUS COMMITTEE COMMUNITY OUTREACH CREDIT BY EXAMINATION A committee comprised of selected Designed to assist with public Course or unit credit granted for faculty, staff and student members to awareness of the University. demonstrated proficiency through which a student may appeal for testing. reinstatement after academic or any CONTINUING STUDENT other suspension. A student registering for classes who CREDITS ATTEMPTED attended the University during the Total number of credits in which the ADMINISTRATION previous quarters. A student student is enrolled at the end of the Officials of the University who direct registering for the fall quarter is a non-penalty drop period, which is the and supervise the activities of the continuing student if he or she total number of credits for all courses institution. attended the University previously. appearing on the student’s transcript.

APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION COREQUISITE CREDITS COMPLETED A form provided by the University on A requirement that must be satisfied Total number of credits in the courses which the student enters identifying at the same time a particular course is for which a student received a grade of data and requests admission to a taken; usually a corequisite requires a A, B, C, D, or P. specific quarter or session. A student concurrent enrollment in another may not register and enroll in classes course. DISMISSAL until the application has been accepted. A student on academic or progress COUNSELING probation for three consecutive quarters ASSESSMENT EXAMINATION Guidance provided by counselors in may be dismissed from the University. Mandatory examination collegiate, vocational, social and Once dismissed, the student may not administered at East-West University personal matters. attend classes for a specified period and to test the graduating students’ must petition for readmission at the competency in an entire program area. COURSE end of that period of time. A particular portion of a subject ASSOCIATE DEGREE (AA, AAS) selected for study. A course is identified EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM A degree granted by a college or by a subject title and course number A planned sequence of credit courses university which recognizes a with the prior two letters of the subject, leading to a defined educational student’s satisfactory completion of an for example: Accounting 101. objective such as an Associate or a organized program of study consisting Bachelor’s degree. of 60 to 65 semester credits or 90 to COURSE TITLE 96 quarter credits, normally taking A phrase descriptive of the course ELECTIVES two years of full- time study. content, for example the course title of Courses which a student may choose AC 101 is “Principles of Financial without the restriction of a particular Accounting I.” major program area.

ENROLLMENT That part of the registration process during which students select classes.

East-West University | Catalog 2020-2023 | 147 FULL-TIME STUDENT MINOR STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION A student may be verified as a full- The subject field of study which a An organization to which all currently time student if he/she is enrolled and student chooses for secondary enrolled East-West University students active in 12 or more credits during a emphasis. are eligible to join in order to serve term. their interests and to provide PLACEMENT TESTS appropriate activities for them. GENERAL EDUCATION CORE Tests given prior to admission which REQUIREMENTS are used to determine the student’s SUBJECT A group of courses selected from assignment to the most appropriate A division into which knowledge several disciplines which are class level. customarily is assembled for study, required for graduation regardless of such as Mathematics or Psychology. the program major. PREREQUISITE A requirement that must be satisfied SUBJECT DEFICIENCY GRADE POINTS before enrolling in a particular course, Lack of credit for a course or courses The numerical value of a college letter usually a previous course, a test score required for some particular objective, grade: A-4, B-3, C-2, D-1, F-0. or consent of the appropriate such as graduation or acceptance by department. another institution. GRADE POINT AVERAGE A measure of academic achievement PROFICIENCY EXAMINATION TRANSCRIPT used in decisions on probation, An examination by which a student An official list of all courses taken at a graduation and transfer. The GPA is demonstrates sufficient knowledge of college or university showing the final determined by dividing the total grade a particular course. grade received for each course. points earned by the number of attempted credit hours. QUARTER TRANSFER One-third of the academic year, usually Changing from one collegiate GRADE POINTS EARNED 11 weeks. institution to another after having met Grade points times the number of the requirements for admission to the credit hours for a class. RECORDS OFFICE second institution. The office and staff that certifies a I- INCOMPLETE student's legal record of college work; TRANSFERABLE CREDITS The administrative symbol “I” is also provides legal statistical data for College units earned through recorded on the student's permanent the University. satisfactory completion of courses record in situations where the student which have been articulated with other has not been able to complete a course REGISTRATION institutions. due to circumstances beyond his/her The process whereby a student whose control. The student must complete the application has been accepted formally TRANSFER COURSES course within the following quarter or enters the University for a specific Courses completed in another the “I” becomes a letter grade quarter and receives a institution and accepted for credit by determined by the instructor. Courses Registration/Fee Receipt. The the University in lieu of equivalent in which the student has received an student may enroll in open classes as courses offered by the University. Incomplete (“I”) may not be repeated part of the registration process. unless the “I” is removed and has been UPPER DIVISION replaced by a letter grade. SATISFACTORY ACADEMIC PROGRESS Courses at the junior and senior levels Student maintaining a cumulative of the University. LOWER DIVISION grade point average of 2.0 or better. Courses at the freshman and W sophomore levels of the University. SCHEDULE OF CLASSES An administrative symbol assigned to A publication used during registration a student's permanent record for all MAJOR giving the Subject Title, Course classes which a student has dropped. A planned series of courses and Number, Course Title, Credits, Time, activities selected by a student for a Instructor, and Location of all classes WITHDRAWAL special area of concentration which are offered in a quarter. The action a student takes in dropping designed to teach certain knowledge all classes during any quarter. and skills.

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