Now available from Ashgate Publishing… Volume 12, Tome I: Kierkegaard’s Influence on Literature, Criticism and Art Edited by Jon Stewart, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

Kierkegaard Research: Sources, Reception and Resources

Tome I explores Kierkegaard’s influence on literature and art in the Contents: Preface; Alfred Andersch: reading Søren Kierkegaard as Germanophone world. He was an important source of inspiration flight to freedom, Alina Vaisfeld; : a for German such as , , Rainer sickness unto death, Stefan Egenberger; : ‘Nennen’s Maria Rilke, Alfred Andersch, and . Kierkegaard’s mir an Bessern’, Steen Tullberg; Friedrich Dürrenmatt: a Swiss author influence was particularly strong in during the generation reading and using Kierkegaard, Pierre Bühler; Theodor Fontane: a of modernist authors such as , , Robert probable pioneer in German Kierkegaard reception, Julie K. Allen; Musil, and Hermann Broch. Due presumably in part to the German : literary transformations of identity, Sophie Wennerscheid; translations of Kierkegaard in the Austrian cultural journal Der Theodor Haecker: the mobilization of a total author, Markus Kleinert; Brenner, Kierkegaard continued to be used by later figures such as : reading Kierkegaard, Nicolae Irina; Rudolf Kassner: the novelist and playwright, Thomas Bernhard. His thought was also a physiognomical appropriation, Steen Tullberg; Karl Kraus: ‘the appropriated in through the works of Max Frisch and miracle of unison’ – criticism of the press and experiences of Friedrich Dürrenmatt. The famous Czech author Franz Kafka identified isolation, Joachim Grage; Thomas Mann: demons and daemons, personally with Kierkegaard’s love story with Regine Olsen and made Elisabete M. de Sousa and Ingrid Basso; : Kierkegaardian use of his reflections on this and other topics. themes in The Man Without Qualities, David D. Possen; : unsatisfied love and the poetry of living, Leonardo F. Lisi; Martin Walser: the (un-)certainty of reading, Sophie Wennerscheid; Indexes.

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