2.2.8 National Airport

Airport Overview Description and Contacts of Key Companies Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator Runways Helicopter Pad(s) Airport Infrastructure Details Airport Operating Details Customs Guidance Storage Facilities Airfield Costs Fuel Services Charges Security

Airport Overview

The airport is the main regional airport in the lake zone catering over 400,000 passengers and 13,000 aircraft movements per year on average.

Airport Location and Contact

Country Tanzania

Province or District Mwanza

Nearest Town or City Mwanza Town with Distance from Airport Distance (9.3 km)

Airport’s Complete Name

Latitude -2.444485 (S 2026' 40'')

Longitude 32.932667 (E 320 55' 58'')

Elevation (ft and m) 3,763 ft



Managing Company or Airport Authority Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA)

Management Contact Person Airport Manager,

Mwanza Airport,

P.O Box 1926,


Tel: +255 28 256 0067,

Fax: +255 28 256 0962,

Email: [email protected]

Open From (hours) 24 Hrs

Open To (hours) 24 Hrs

Description and Contacts of Key Companies

Companies operating in this airport includes Company Ltd, Services, Fast Jet, Serivices, Coastal Travels Ltd that are dedicated in passenger transportation.

For more information on airport contacts, please see the following link: 4.5 Tanzania Airport Company Contact List

Information on some aviation service providers can be found at: http://www.azfreight.com/

Page 1 Passenger and Cargo Performance Indicator

The airport serves a little of cargo together with the main part of dealing with passengers.

Performance for 2016

Per Year Per Month Per Day

Total Aircraft Movements 13,355 1,113 37

Total Passengers 400,457 33,371 1,112

Total Capacity of the Airport (MT) 2,170 181 6

Current Activity of the Airport (MT)

Current use by Humanitarian Flights (UNHAS) Number of Flights n/a n/a


The Mwanza airport runway is reliable in all-weather as per the ICAO standards.

Runway #1

Runway Dimensions Length (3300m) X Width (45m)

Orientation 12/30

Surface All weather asphalt – ICAO Standards

Helicopter Pad(s)

Helipad #1

Present No

Largest Helicopter that can Land -

Width and Length (m) -

Surface -

Airport Infrastructure Details

The Mwanza airport infrastructure is good and reliable for all-weather, making it an important node to the Lake zone on air transportation. The airport has mobile refilling vehicles.

Customs Yes JET A-1 fuel Yes

Immigration Yes AVGAS 100 Yes

Terminal Building Yes Single Point Refuelling Yes

Passenger Terminal Yes Air Starter Units Yes

Cargo terminal No Ground Power (mobile)

Pax Transport to Airfield Yes Ground Handling Services Yes

Control Tower Yes Latrine Servicing Yes

Weather Facilities Yes Fire Fighting Category (ICAO) Yes

Catering Services Yes De-icing Equipment No

Page 2 Base Operating Room Yes Parking Ramp Lighting Yes

Airport Radar No Approach & Runway Lights Yes



Airport Operating Details

Operating Details

Maximum Sized Aircraft that can be Offloaded on Bulk Cargo n/a

Maximum Sized Aircraft that can be Offloaded on Pallet

Total Aircraft Parking Area (m²) 45,000 sqm

Storage Area (m3 and MT)

Handling Equipment

Elevators / Hi Loaders No Max Capacity (MT) Max Height


Loading Ramps No

Other Comments

Customs Guidance

The customs office is working on the same schedule than the Mwanza airport, i.e. from 06:00 to 18:00. Since the volume of activities at the airport is not high, the customs clearance processes and procedure relatively takes short time.

For more information on customs in Tanzania, please see the following link: 1.3 Tanzania Customs Information

Storage Facilities

The airport activities are currently mainly focusing on passengers and small cargo. No large cargo is transiting by Mwanza Airport.

Airfield Costs

Fuel Services Charges

Fuel refilling is done by third party fuel companies on agreements with airline operators.

Price per Litre USD - $

Jet A-1 Yes



Security equipment for screening of cargo ie X-Ray Machine. Also, they have CCTV cameras and X Ray machine for hand/cabin baggage and check in baggage.

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