mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:05 Page 1 mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:05 Page 2 mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:05 Page 3

he Lagardère group is firmly to strengthen the credibility of T attached to sports and shares Lagardère’s involvement in high-level sporting values. The qualities sports and facilitate the establishment of great athletes are the same qualities of a link with various national and inter- a company needs to perform at its national athletic movements. But we peak: self-transcendence, a passion for are also sincere in our approach. When competition and team spirit. Even considered as a coherent whole, it aims though the history of Lagardère has to promote sports and the practice for long been linked with the world of sports for all, including the most dis- sport, this privileged relationship has advantaged among us. now taken a new dimension. This The second development is the devel- observation is borne out by two devel- opment of sports as a business. As a opments. media conglomerate oriented towards The sponsorship of sports is the first content production and aggregation, of these developments. It was my Lagardère could not remain indifferent express wish to see Lagardère con- to the economic potential represented tribute to the global influence of by sports. The recent acquisition of France by concretely increasing its Sportfive, which I have incorporated chances of winning medals in interna- into the new Lagardère Sports division, tional competitions. To that end, has enabled our company to expand Lagardère has implemented a number into the management and marketing of of initiatives that go beyond simple sports rights. patronage. Rather than simply provid- ing financial support, Lagardère’s strat- In the final analysis, these two devel- egy is to invest in resources for the opments – sports sponsorship and development of potential hitherto sports as business –, implemented sep- unavailable to the sports world, and arately, but complementary in their phi- then make those resources available to losophy, have a common objective: to athletes at all levels. make Lagardère a major player in the To be sure, our approach, oriented realm of sports throughout the world. towards championship athletes, is also an investment in our image. Its aim is Arnaud Lagardère mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:05 Page 4


Overview //////////////////////////////////////////////////////// p.5/24

TeamLagardère /////////////////////////////////// p.6/24 p.7/24

Lagardère Paris Racing /////////////////////// p.8/24 p.9/24

Paris Jean-Bouin ///////////////////////////////////////// p.10/24

Lagardère Athlé Tour /////////////////////////////////// p.11/24

Partnerships //////////////////////////////////// p.12/24 p.13/24

Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation ///// p.14/24 to p.17/24

The Trophée Jean-Luc Lagardère /////////////// p.18/24

The Mondial Paris Cadets /////////////////////////// p.18/24

Structure and Contacts ///////////////////////////////// p.19/24

Operating structure /////////////////////////// p.20/24 p.21/24

Contacts /////////////////////////////////////////////////////// p.22/24 mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:06 Page 5




Social action

Multi-sports Clubs

Supports for sports programmes

High-level sports performance mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:06 Page 6


TeamLagardère By bringing together trainers and scientific and medical experts in the same location, TeamLagardère has created a model for modern, innovative coaching designed to meet the complex challenges posed by high-level sports performance

Optimizing athletic performance

TeamLagardère combines a training centre with a centre for sports- related scientific expertise

eamLagardère takes a method- their athletic skills and their perfor- T ical approach to fitness train- mance skills in general. Moreover, ing based on the analyses in cooperation with the Jean-Luc performed by its Centre for Sports- Lagardère Foundation, an academic related Scientific Expertise, with a pri- training programme, specifically ority placed on athletics and . Its designed by the Paris Political Studies technical platform provides assess- Institute (Sciences Po) is also available ments of muscular, energetic, and to the athletes of TeamLagardère and technical capabilities on a training its partners. TeamLagardère also offers ground fully equipped for the analysis a wide range of services for athletes, of athletic performance. A medical clubs and federations, including the Des hommes department combining traditional med- assessment of physical and technical de sport ical monitoring and complete labora- capabilities, assistance with the design TeamLagardère is actively tory work-ups facilitates the regulation of coaching programmes, continuing involved in a short televi- sion programme on the of training loads. These facilities make education for coaches, special fitness French TV channel, TF1, it possible to establish precise refer- training courses and/or the supply of called Des hommes de ence points concerning the physical training staff, as well as participation sport (People of sport). The concept of the broad- and technical capabilities of players, in research and development pro- cast is to give the general which facilitate the identification of grammes. In addition to its direct public an insider’s view of potential for progress and the optimiza- involvement in fitness training, the the daily lives and tion of fitness training for the team’s Sports Expertise Centre is also respon- demands on the people surrounding champions, athletes. sible for producing content on the such as coaches, dieti- The goal of the scientific platform is theme of athletic training and perfor- cians, physiotherapists, to conduct research and development mance, with the objective of sharing the psychologists, fitness programmes, while the activities of the experience acquired by TeamLagardère trainers and so on. A number of technicians technical platform are supported by a with a wider audience and of participat- and scientists from training platform offering coaches and ing in the advancement of athletic TeamLagardère partici- athletes the means to improve both culture in France. pated in the programme, including Christian Miller, Patrice Hagelauer and Xavier Moreau. Also fea- tured were champions from a variety of disci- plines, such as Richard Gasquet, Tony Estanguet and Amélie Mauresmo. The broadcast highlights the expertise and various components of the ser- vices provided to champi- ons by TeamLagardère. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:06 Page 7


The Partners Club

Bringing the worlds of sport and business closer together

eamLagardère’s Partners Club members currently include such part- T unites key enterprises around ners as , Sony, Subaru common values and interests: and Babolat, which are making major the love of sport, performance and efforts towards the development of Richard Gasquet //// Team Elite team spirit. Its objective is to establish TeamLagardère through their contribu- Team Elite and closer ties between the sporting and tions of technological, material and Team Espoir business worlds in terms of communi- human resources. The technical training cation and performance. The club’s platform, which draws on the expertise of both coaches and scientific experts, serves first and A unique system Sophia Antipolis, foremost for the devel- TeamLagardère has a where future opment of the two sports unique system for the champions are born supported by The Sophia Antipolis facil- analysis of athletic per- TeamLagardère: ity, located on the French formance. Its training tennis and athletics. Riviera, is dedicated to the ground is fully equipped The Team Elite is com- training of the young men with a two-stage move- posed of some of and women comprising ment-analysis device com- France’s most accom- the Espoir (or hopefuls) prising 12 infra-red plished tennis players, tennis team. The coaching cameras for three-dimen- such as Richard staff works in close coop- sional computer-aided Gasquet, Paul-Henri eration with the entire analysis of athletic action, Mathieu and Julien team located at Jean- and seven HD video cam- Benneteau, and Bouin stadium. eras to instantaneously includes seven players The facility’s proximity to provide coaches with the in all, who benefit from the Sophia Antipolis tech- information they need to all of TeamLagardère’s nology park and the make technical correc- services in the areas of Valbonne university centre tions. This training ground fitness training and sup- makes it the perfect place was designed to meet the port for more general to combine sports and needs of both technicians educational and aca- academic studies. and scientific experts, and demic objectives. These can be used for a wide services are also made range of sports. Cindy Chala //// Team Espoir available to the next generation of French tennis players, the Team Espoir, based in Sophia Antipolis, where seven promising young hope- fuls train. TeamLagardère’s services have also been recently opened up to athletics with the objec- tive of enriching the development perspec- tives of its scientific cen- tre. The Team Athlé is made up of a group of seven young sprinters who train under the supervision of Guy Ontanon. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 8

8/24 Lagardère Paris Racing Developing all facets of sporting practice

A stadium in the heart of the 7th arrondissement Located in the heart of the French capital, the Sports Centre on the rue Eblé never fails to surprise and fascinate its visitors. In

fact, the elegance of the The rue Eblé Sports Centre ///////// building’s façade offers a striking contrast with its An ambitious project for sports in Paris interior layout, equipped with an impressive range of athletic facilities cover- Fourteen athletic programmes in two exceptional facilities ing over 6,000 sq.m, including two 25-metre pools, a 300- he Lagardère Paris Racing club tive in mind, renovation work meeting sq.m dojo (reserved for has two main Paris sites: the all environmental standards will soon the practice of martial T la Croix-Catelan Sports Centre begin at the Croix-Catelan facility. arts), a shooting range with 18 lanes, three multi- in the Bois de Boulogne Park and the Remodelling of the swimming pools is sport areas (for , Sports Centre located on rue Eblé in scheduled for completion in 2010, volleyball, modern pen- Paris’ 7th arrondissement. The club has including the installation of a retra- tathlon, and tennis), a sauna and over 17,000 members and includes ctable roof on the large pool. The ten- weights room. A bar, a fourteen athletic divisions, including nis courts will be partially renovated restaurant and several athletics, volleyball, fencing, judo and and some of them will be topped with relaxation areas complete swimming among others (see inset a bubble for the winter season. A new the areas open to mem- bers, while a variety of opposite). Its mission is to develop all clubhouse and various landscaping offices and meeting rooms aspects of the practice of sports (as improvements are also in store. At the are reserved for the entertainment, for health purposes, Eblé Centre, several projects are under employees and volunteers “handisports” for the handicapped, and study and a master plan will soon be who work for the club. Used daily by hundreds of amateur competitions) in the French put forward. members and by students capital. Its ultimate objective is to cre- These two “structures” are rooted in from several nearby ate a new model for the practice of two legal entities: first, a non-profit schools, the facility is scheduled for restoration sports in France, focussed around an organization registered under the work to bring it up to stan- enhanced athletic club concept, French law of 1901, named “Lagardère dard and give it a new including the establishment of private Paris Racing”, and secondly, a SASP modern , with the partnerships and the deployment of a (professional sports public limited com- objective of making it a standard-setting facility in technical research platform to develop pany) currently called “Nouvel Élan the world of the sports. championship athletes. With this objec- Croix Catelan”. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 9


A lush green setting Located in the heart of Lagardère group on nis. The Sports Centre has Paris’ Bois de Boulogne 1 September 2006, a 50-metre pool open from Park, la Croix-Catelan is for a period of twenty May to October and a 33- one of the French capital’s years, during which time metre heated pool open all largest and most beautiful the facility will be man- year round. As for tennis sports complexes. The aged by Lagardère. fans, with 19 clay courts public property conces- The activities are mainly and 29 all-weather courts sion was attributed by the focused on two disci- at their disposal, they can Paris City Hall to the plines: swimming and ten- indulge their passion to their heart’s delight. There are also 1500 sq.m of syn- thetic turf equipped for collective sports, basket- ball and volleyball courts, La Croix-Catelan ///////////// plus weight and exercise rooms, a solarium, three restaurants, a bridge room, several lounges, and changing rooms with thousands of lockers for the facility’s 12,000 mem- bers, who also have sev- eral relaxation areas at their disposal.

Nathalie Tauziat ///// Captain of the Lagardère Paris Racing women’s tennis team

Ladies-in-waiting The women’s tennis team of the Lagardère Paris The club of fourteen Racing club won the first- division French champi- onship title on 19 The athletic divisions of Lagardère Paris Racing November 2006. Camille Pin and her partners put in a faultless performance agardère Paris Racing currently Racing has a threefold mission: enter- during the event, winning their four tournament L includes fourteen athletic divi- tainment, training and high-level com- encounters, before easily sions. In addition to tennis and petition. Among the best known dominating the Denain modern decathlon, taken over from the athletes who train under the club’s sky- club in the finals by 4 wins la Croix-Catelan Sports Centre on 1st blue and white banner are: Loïc Attelly to 1 on the covered courts of the Saussure Centre in September 2006, twelve other divi- and the Jeannet brothers in fencing, Paris’ 17th arrondissement. sions have been added since 1 March Alain Schmitt in judo, Gilles Simon and Under the direction of 2007 with the acquisition of the rue Tatiana Golovin in tennis, Delphine captain Nathalie Tauziat and her assistant Gail Eblé Sports Centre: athletics, bad- Racinet in marksmanship, Amy Mbacke Lovera, the Lagardère minton, women’s basketball, men’s Thiam in athletics, Salim Iles and Paris Racing team won basketball, fencing, judo, swimming, Elena Bogomazova in swimming, and four out of five singles modern pentathlon, skiing, marksman- Brad Kahlefeldt in triathlon. matches. Young hopefuls Alizé Cornet and Youlia ship, triathlon and volleyball. Each of The club has an illustrious past dur- Fedossova put in an these divisions is directed by a division ing which the fifteen divisions won a enthusiastic performance president assisted by a commission. total of 87 Olympic medals and 65 alongside more experi- enced players such as A fifteenth division devoted to bridge world titles. This total could quickly Selima Sfar and Stephanie is in the process of being created. In expand in view of the projects currently Cohen-Aloro, while every- all, over 10,000 members use the under consideration by Lagardère Paris one demonstrated a facilities to practice their favourite Racing aimed at restoring the athletic remarkable degree of team spirit that promises a sports each week. divisions to a privileged position on the bright future for the club’s Each division of Lagardère Paris French sports scene. entire tennis division. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 10


Jean Bouin //////// Paris Jean-Bouin The Paris Jean-Bouin multi-sports club, comprising six sports divisions, offers its 3,000 members nearly six hectares of sporting facilities and greenery

An exclusive partnership History of Paris Jean-Bouin he Lagardère group has been Centre for Sports-related Scientific The club was founded on 1 November 1903, under T an exclusive partner of the Expertise at the Paris Jean-Bouin facil- the name CASG (Club Paris Jean-Bouin club since ity, thus providing a tremendous boost athlétique de la Société 20 January 2004 (following the for the development of all the club’s générale). The name was changed to Paris Jean- renewal of the concession by the City divisions. The top-level coaching staff Bouin in 2003. From the of Paris). The financial aid provided and facilities enable the club to train, very beginning, the club by Lagardère to the club enables it to attract and build the loyalty of top-rank- affirmed its mission as an renew its athletic infrastructures and ing athletes under the Paris Jean-Bouin all-purpose sporting facil- ity. It has been located on set up teaching teams to offer young banner, while offering the same bene- the Avenue du Général- athletes top-notch training. At the end fits to the club’s amateur athletes. Sarrail since 1925. Paris of 2005, TeamLagardère installed its Jean-Bouin has also had a concession in the Bois de Boulogne since 1969, known as the Petit Jean- The sports divisions of Paris Jean-Bouin Bouin, which has four tennis courts and a clubhouse.

// Tennis // Bridge 1,800 members, playing 340 members, chalking Three-time winner on 21 tennis courts, up over 26,000 games of the French including 14 heated and each year. men’s team tennis covered courts for winter championship use. // Rugby On 17 December 2006, Nearly 40 rugby players for the third consecutive // Athletics (Les Académiciens), time Paris Jean-Bouin won 250 members, training in playing “touch” rugby in the men’s team tennis one of the two Paris sta- their free time. French Championship diums approved for inter- against the club AS Patton national competitions. 35. Under team captain Paris Jean-Bouin also Rémi Barbarin, the team organizes five interre- includes the best French tennis players of the last gional athletics meetings Jacques Lelièvre ///// each year (i.e. Les soirées President of the Paris Jean-Bouin three years (Richard du Paris Jean-Bouin). Gasquet, Gaël Monfils, Paul-Henri Mathieu, Julien Benneteau, Nicolas // Basketball Mahut, Nicolas Devilder 260 members, divided and Edouard Roger- among 13 men’s and Vasselin), with the addi- women’s teams, including tion, this year, of Mickaël a junior boys team com- Llodra, Thierry Ascione peting at the national and Jonathan Eysseric. level. The club’s vitality is unmatched at the national // Field hockey level: Paris Jean-Bouin Nearly 300 members, includes in its ranks all the including two men’s and best French players of the women’s pennant teams moment, including the competing in the French number 1 ranked player, Elite championship circuit. Richard Gasquet.

The Paris Jean-Bouin men’s tennis team in 2005 ///// mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 11

11/24 Lagardère Athlé Tour The Lagardère group is a founder partner of the French National Athletics League

A circuit of athletes

Creation of the French National Athletics League

male and female athletes, including Christine Arron, Muriel Hurtis, Marc Raquil, Mehdi Bahla and Ladji Doucouré, will become employees of the “LNA Lagardère” and benefit from the same rights enjoyed by all employ- ees (social security cover, pension con- tributions, etc.). Eventually, the idea is to develop this programme of support partner of the French national for sportsmen and women by working A athletics team since the 2006 on aspects of training and help in European Championships in adapting to life once their professional Gothenburg, the Lagardère group made career is over. the decision to support the French The LNA will also help in establish- Stéphane Diagana //// Athletics Federation in its drive to ing and organizing events in France, President of the French National Athletics League (LNA) structure and establish the professional enabling all those involved in the dis- status of its elite athletes. The cipline (clubs, organizers, sponsors, the Lagardère group was a founder partner media) to work better together. ing of the French sporting model. It is and serves as sponsor of the new The showcase for this National this that encouraged the Lagardère National Athletics League (LNA), set Athletics League will be provided by a group to become involved, given that up in January 2007 and headed by circuit of summer meetings (a winter the initiative is driven by the same Stéphane Diagana (world 400 metre programme is also under considera- spirit that led, among other things, to hurdles in 1995) in conjunc- tion): the Lagardère Athlé Tour. This cir- the setting up of TeamLagardère. tion with Bruno Marie-Rose (former cuit, organized outside the international 4 x 100 metre relay record holder). calendar, will bring together the best This professional league (the first of elements of the LNA and star athletes its kind in France in an individual from abroad. Canal+ will serve as its Olympic sport and in the world of ath- partner TV channel, offering live trans- letics) – the basic model for which is mission of this first edition – made up provided by existing leagues in team of five stages. Indeed, the response sports (football, rugby, basketball, etc.) from the media has been highly posi- – is principally designed to increase the tive: in addition to Canal+ and its level of professionalism in French high- Sport+ subsidiary, the daily sports level sport, by giving genuine status to newspaper, L’Équipe, and Lagardère the best national representatives in group radio stations (Europe 1 and their discipline and by putting in place RFM) will also be associating them- a system that will guarantee new selves with the event. resources on a regular basis to these Innovative and progressive, the athletes, enabling them to become offi- Lagardère Athlé Tour marks an impor- cially professional. From this year, 22 tant stage in the much-needed rebuild- mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 12

12/24 Partnerships Sharing know-how and skills

French Athletics Federation

ollowing the signing of a part- F nership agreement with the French Athletics Federation (FFA), the Lagardère group is commit- ted to supporting the development of French athletics, particularly during the Bernard Amsalem //// President of the major upcoming Continental competi- French Athletics Federation (FFA) tions and in preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing. The agree- ment, which was signed on 23 March colours on their gear during the European 2006 between Arnaud Lagardère and Cup and European Championships in Gothenburg. FFA President Bernard Amsalem, has two main components: //// The athletes on the French team, their training personnel and national coaches //// The Lagardère group became an official will benefit from the advice and support partner of the French team for the years of TeamLagardère’s Sports Expertise 2006, 2007 and 2008. As a result, Centre through a programme of testing, French athletes displayed the Lagardère applied research and training.

French Federation

he purpose of the three-year T partnership agreement signed by TeamLagardère and the French Table Tennis Federation (FFTT) on 16 March 2006 is to increase French athletes’ chances of winning Nick Bollettieri /////// medals during upcoming European and Gérard Velten //// Nick Bollettieri world championship events. This agree- President of the French Table Tennis Federation (FFTT) Tennis Academy ment is structured around two main TeamLagardère has themes: become a partner of the Nick Bollettieri Academy through an agreement //// The France Promotion group (comprising grammes designed to optimize their per- concerning options for the four young French hopefuls who are formance. exchange of facilities preparing for the Beijing 2008 Olympic between TeamLagardère Games) will receive advice and support //// TeamLagardère became an official part- athletes and the American from, and benefit from the expertise of, ner of the French Table Tennis Federation academy based in TeamLagardère’s scientific platform. The and as such is entitled to use the collec- Bradenton, Florida. collaborative effort will involve an assess- tive image rights of the men’s France The agreement also con- Promotion group. The TeamLagardère cerns the pooling of the ment and analysis of the physical and two entities’ technical muscular capabilities of the group’s ath- logo will also be displayed on the sports training staff. letes and will include training pro- gear of the group’s athletes. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 13


Official Partner of Roland-Garros

rnaud Lagardère and Christian tournaments of 2005, A Bîmes, president of the French 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. Tennis Federation (FFT), signed Lagardère will be present throughout a five-year partnership agreement in the tournament, particularly on the ten- april 2005. The contract covers the nis courts. The radio station belonging Thierry Rey //////// to the group, Europe 1, will be right in the middle of the action at the Roland- Garros Stadium during the two weeks of the French Open. Paris Judo In order to ensure the This agreement is a logical result of long-term viability of a the French Tennis Federation's partner- major judo club in Paris, ship strategy, which has been in place a partnership agreement was signed between the since 2001. Lagardère group and Paris Judo (founded in 1992 at the initiative of Thierry Rey) on 6 June 2006. Its objective is to foster the emergence of Olympic and world championship hopefuls. As an official partner of the Paris Judo club, Lagardère is entitled to use the collective image rights of the club’s teams. The agreement also calls for Lagardère’s logo to be French Rugby Federation displayed on the judokas’s sports gear. In addition, Paris Judo will benefit from the advice, support and expertise of o ensure the best possible TeamLagardère’s scientific preparation of the French platform. The collaborative T effort will involve an Rugby Team (XV de France) for assessment and analysis the 2007 World Cup, to be held pri- of the physical and mus- marily in France from 7 September to cular capabilities of the 20 October, the French Rugby club’s athletes and will Federation (FFR) and TeamLagardère include the planning of training programmes signed a technical services agreement designed to optimize their on 2 October 2006. These services performance. concern an assessment of the players’ physical muscular capabilities via a study (conducted in cooperation with the FFR’s coaches) on supports.

Bernard Lapasset //// President of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 14

14/24 Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation supports talented young individuals and non-profit organizations working for greater social solidarity in the fields of Culture, Sport and Research


he Jean-Luc Lagardère ing thirty of the organization’s best T Foundation actively supports players, in the hope of identifying a the non-profit organization future champion. “Fête le Mur” founded by tennis great Children are also being offered an Yannick Noah, which offers over 2,000 introduction to culture at summer work- Yannick Noah ////////////// young people from disadvantaged shops in Sophia Antipolis organized neighbourhoods in France the chance with the support of TeamLagardère. The to develop their tennis skills. As a part workshops are being led by prizewin- of a ten-year partnership agreement ners of the Jean-Luc Lagardère with the Foundation finalized in 2006, Foundation grants. During the first ses- a “Jean-Luc Lagardère graduating sion held in April 2006, Ahmed Racing through class” has now been created, includ- Mazouz from the rap group “La New York Caution” led a rap-writing workshop The Jean-Luc Lagardère that included a final concert given by Foundation is lending its the children. support to a group of vocational school students Socially from the town of Cagnes- responsible sur-mer who have a athletes dream: to participate in Ted Fortsmann, the CEO the New York marathon in of an American investment Vivre le Sport November 2007. company, has been work- The Jean-Luc Lagardère Christophe Vatinel, a ing for disadvantaged and Foundation has offered former triathlete (ranked seriously ill children for nine of its grant winners among the discipline’s over 20 years. In order to the chance to produce a 10 best in France) is raise funds, he founded a large-format illustrated helping the students pre- pro-am tennis tournament book on sports. Featuring pare for the race, while in New York, which the one hundred photos, Vivre Armand Tomaszewski, a Jean-Luc Lagardère le Sport (published by TeamLagardère physician Foundation has decided to Editions du Chêne) and former marathon support. This financial aid illustrates the invaluable runner, is advising them will enable children with social ties fostered by the on nutrition. The stu- cancer to enjoy a fun and practice of sports. dents are also creating a relaxing stay at the For each book sold, € web site on New York, Benedict Fortsmann Silver 2 are contributed to the featuring contributions Lining Ranch in Colorado “Foot Citoyen” non-profit from artists inspired by or at Boggy Creek Gang organization. For its part, the “Big Apple”. Camp in Florida. the Jean-Luc Lagardère If you’re wondering what’s Foundation has widely dis- motivating them to run 42 tributed the book to sec- kilometres on the streets ondary schools and of New York, the reward is public-sector organizations. a Broadway musical and a party at New York’s Alliance Française. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 15


JEAN-PHILIPPE GATIEN’S ATTITUDE Jean-Philippe Gatien //////////////

ven though Jean-Philippe known as Ping Attitude. The Jean-Luc E Gatien has withdrawn from Lagardère Foundation, along with the Table Tennis competition, he French Table Tennis Federation, is the has not put away his bat (paddle) for organization’s strongest supporter. Ping letes can contribute a great deal to good. The table tennis champion has Attitude’s objective is to improve trou- inspire hope in those who have given turned his efforts to the social . bled teenagers’ sense of wellbeing up on life.” Thanks to this new organ- Convinced that his entertaining and through participation in table tennis, ization, “Philou”, as he known by the easily learned sport can foster the val- with the objective of promoting social kids, holds a weekly Ping Pong work- ues of education, solidarity and of solidarity and trust in disadvantaged shop for teenagers referred by physi- social interaction, the world champion neighbourhoods. Gatien explains: “I am cians, at the Maison de Solenn centre founded a non-profit organization convinced that former competitive ath- for adolescents in Paris.

“On guard” with Ti Colibri

he Jean-Luc Lagardère Found- enable four young female fencing T ation is supporting the initia- champions from modest backgrounds tives sponsored by fencing to train for the 2012 Olympic Games, champion Laura Flessel in disadvan- while receiving appropriate educational taged neighbourhoods and housing support. Several courses, including one estates through her non-profit organi- abroad, will be organized each year. zation Ti Colibri. Each month, Laura The courses will include fencing, Flessel’s organization supplies fencing coaching, media training, and last but equipment “to small clubs with limited not least – thanks to TeamLagardère’s financial resources catering to disad- expertise – fitness training. vantaged children who want to learn fencing”. In 2007, the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation decided to Laura Flessel ///////////////// increase its aid to the fencing cham- pion by supporting her new project. The champion’s new project, dubbed “Envole-toi” (“Spread your wings”), will mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 16

16/24 Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation supports talented young individuals and non-profit organizations working for greater social solidarity in the fields of Culture, Sport and Research

Shared values Spiralling success in Seine-Saint-Denis TeamLagardère’s champi- ons and managerial staff actively participate in the social and educational projects conducted by the he Jean-Luc Lagardère several workshops in the fields of the- Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation is a partner in the atre, digital media, music and sports. Foundation in the realm T experimental education pro- Table Tennis world champion Jean- of sports, via programmes in secondary schools, gramme set up at the start of the Philippe Gatien is facilitating the sports internship possibilities, 2006-07 school year by the Paris programme with his ping pong ses- technical support and Political Studies Institute (Sciences Po) sions, as well as offering his personal assistance, coaching and in four secondary schools in the Seine- perspectives on the world of sport, so on. These programmes, which are new to France, Saint-Denis district. Seventeen fifth including its history, geography and offer Team Elite tennis form (tenth grade) classes are partici- challenges for society. players the opportunity to pating in a far-reaching experimental The Foundation is also providing sup- give back some of their gains to the Foundation. project, aimed at giving disadvantaged port for the sports option of the Feyder students a better chance to succeed by secondary school in the town of Epinay- putting greater emphasis on culture sur-Seine by providing educational con- and sports. tent on the economy of sport and In conjunction with this experimental sports-related professions. Finally, programme, the Foundation has set up Patrice Hagelauer, a TeamLagardère executive and coach of France’s Davis Cup team, is coaching the school’s ten- Ten talent grants for nis team. young creators Support for talented young people lies at the heart of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation’s mission. New talent Each year it awards a in comedy series of grants to emerg- The first edition of a festi- ing young creators in the val dedicated to humour realms of culture and the and comedy – “Paris fait media. Annual grants sa Comédie” (Paris makes are awarded to a writer, a scene) – was held in a musician, a TV March 2007. In partner- scriptwriter, a film pro- ship with the Jean-Luc ducer, a print journalist, Lagardère Foundation, the a bookseller, a photogra- festival organized castings pher and a digital artist. for the public during its In 2007, the Foundation tour throughout France. created two new talent The regional education grants – for the Animated authorities assisted with Filmmaker Grant and the the distribution of informa- Documentary Writer Grant tion to students in disad- – thus expanding its scope vantaged neighbourhoods to the full range of audiovi- and isolated rural areas. sual activities. Three young talents, With €255,000 in grants, Charlotte Gabris, Julien de the Jean-Luc Lagardère Ruyck, and Stephane Foundation is the leading Bourin, have already patron of young received awards from the French creators. Foundation. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 17


Competitive athletes pursue excellence on two fronts

he Paris Political Studies their sports careers draw to a close, T Institute (Sciences Po) and the they will specialize in one of four Jean-Luc Lagardère Found- “majors”; communications and the ation have set out to offer top-ranking media, business administration, inter- athletes an ambitious intellectual train- national relations, or social action and ing programme designed to span their the non-profit sector. Upon completion careers. This new scheme, available for of this training programme, a certifi- the first time in France, offers sports cate will be awarded jointly by champions a tailor-made educational Sciences Po and Lagardère. In keep- programme coordinated by a “coach” ing with the wishes of Arnaud Bringing from the Sciences Po team. At the start Lagardère, the programme has a dual the blues to life… After the disaster of hurri- of their careers, the champions will objective: the pursuit of athletic and cane Katrina, the Jean- enrol in the “premium” programme, academic excellence. Luc Lagardère Foundation which is focused on general culture decided to contribute to the reconstruction effort in and advanced training in languages. As New Orleans, the capital of jazz. The aid was used to revive the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, a public educational facility with the mission of teach- The Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation in the digital era ing dance, music, the visual arts, theatre and writing to students from disadvantaged neighbour- hoods. The foundation is onvinced that digital technol- indispensable showcase for emerging currently participating in ogy will profoundly modify digital design in Europe, organized by the renovation of an audi- C torium that will give musi- tomorrow’s cultural content, Supinfocom and Les Gobelins School cians a much needed the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation of visual communication. venue in which to perform. actively supports creativity and research Each year it also awards a “Jean-Luc in this rapidly developing field. Lagardère Research Grant” to a young For example, it is supporting the E- Supélec postgrad student. magicians festival in Valenciennes, an It is also a partner of the “Digital Pathway Program”, a training and job access programme in the digital realm, intended for financially disadvantaged young Parisians. This social action pro- gramme initiated in San Francisco was set up by the Paris City Hall in cooper- ation with the Network 2000 organiza- tion and Les Gobelins School. The very first production of the 2007 graduating class is a video clip of the singer Sinclair, for distribution on mobile phones, and presented during the San Francisco International Film Festival on 5 May 2007. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 18

18/24 The Trophée Jean-Luc Lagardère and the Mondial Paris Cadets Tournaments for legendary players and juniors

Tennis greats return to the courts

The Trophée Jean-Luc Lagardère: a leg of the ATP Senior Tour

he Trophée Jean-Luc Lagardère, endary figures of men’s tennis the Twhich was created in 2004 at opportunity to fight it out on the clay the initiative of Arnaud in a round robin format. After the vic- Lagardère, Régis Brunet (CEO of IMG tories of Sergi Bruguera and Jim France), Guy Forget (tournament direc- Courier (in the first and second tours tor), and John McEnroe is a leg of the respectively), Marcelo Rios defeated ATP Senior Tour of Champions, an Goran Ivanisevic in 2006 to win the international tour featuring former third annual tour. For the first three world greats from recent ATP tours. years, the event was held on the courts This tournament, which is held annu- of the Paris Jean-Bouin stadium, but it ally in September, offers eight leg- is the Croix-Catelan sports complex in Paris’ Bois de Boulogne park that will Guy Forget //////////// Captain of the Davis Cup team and director of the Trophée Jean-Luc Lagardère host this major tennis “festival” in 2007, at the end of September.

Budding stars

The Mondial Paris Cadets

rganized by the Paris Tennis tournament for young players is being League in partnership with organized as a truly international event. O th the Lagardère group, the 10 In fact, a single country cannot enter annual Mondial Paris Cadets (Paris more than two boys and two girls in sin- Juniors World Cup) will be held from gles draws, and 40 or so different 29 June to 8 July 2007 on la Croix- nations from every continent will travel Catelan’s clay courts. In this prestigious to Paris for the tournament. A village setting, the best 15-16 year-old play- for the young players and the public ers will try their hand at succeeding will be set up for the occasion. Some French player Charlotte Rodier and the of today’s great champions, such as Argentine Guido Pella who dominated Richard Gasquet, José Acasuso, Shuai again this year, it is not at all unlikely the event last year on the courts of Peng and Gaël Monfils, began their that several budding stars will be dis- Roland Garros. This major worldwide careers with this tournament. Once covered. mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 19


Structure and contacts mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 20


agardère’s commitment to sports it is based. It is, in fact, based on the L is indicative of a profound evo- concept of patronage, with the overall lution desired by Arnaud priority of promoting sports and those Lagardère, and the result of a dynamic who practice them. that he set in motion some seven years The initiatives presented in this ago. Our approach was aimed at creat- brochure are numerous and varied. In ing an original model, totally new to the future, they will all be brought France, by freely drawing on the rigour, together within the Jean-Luc Lagardère strength and capacity for innovation of Foundation, which will thus become a a large private enterprise. coherent instrument dedicated to the It was in keeping with this spirit of expression of a unique ambition: the professionalism that we developed enhancement and development of these projects, taking care, with each potential, in all of its manifestations. project, to establish content-specific Our goal is to give all those that express partnerships with major sports figures a desire for self-fulfilment – ranging and develop our initiatives at the most from the least favoured of our fellow prestigious sports facilities. We were citizens to top-ranking professional ath- also careful to establish partnerships letes – the means to achieve their own with major sports figures and with well- level of excellence, in France and inter- known federations and businesses. As nationally. convincing as this approach may be, Arnaud Molinié we must not be misled by its original- General Partner of TeamLagardère ity as regards the foundations on which mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 21


Xavier Moreau ///// General Manager of TeamLagardère

Franck Peyre ///// General Manager of Lagardère Paris Racing

Richard Warmoes ///// General Manager of Paris Jean-Bouin

Renaud Leblond ///// Deputy Director of the Jean-Luc Lagardère Foundation

OPERATING STRUCTURE mecenat_24p_GB 30/05/07 10:07 Page 22



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