IAML Electronic Newsletter No. 12, April 2004 digitize approximately 100 pieces of public IAML-IASA 2004 in Oslo domain Nebraska sheet music. These pieces are either written by Nebraska com- Call for presentations posers or lyricists, or have Nebraska re- Do you have a new project? Do you lated subjects. The resulting web display have some news which might interest other will set the pieces in historical and cultural delegates? Would you like to give an up- context, providing a history of the music of date on existing work? If so, you would be Nebraska to the 1920s. welcome to make a short presentation at Carolyn Dow, 4/17/04 the Introductory Session of the Congress at 9.15 on Monday 9 August. Presentations The Felicja Blumental Music can be as short as you like, but should not Center and Library exceed 10 minutes. I look forward to hear- [This article is a result of my visit to this library ing from you. Please send brief details to last February. I was also fortunate to attend a very Pam Thompson as soon as possible: interesting talk given there by composer Zvi Avni, [email protected]. on “Cubism in Painting and Art”. The Felicja Blu- mental Library had been a long-time IAML mem- Pam Thompson, Chair, IAML ber. However, due to very severe budget restric- Programme Committee tions, they dropped the membership a few years ago. I am glad to report they are renewing it now. Music (in) libraries –mf] The Felicja Blumental Music Center and News from Spain Library, formerly known as AMLI (Americans for a Music Library in ) In the wake of the recent train bombings, Central Music Library in Tel-Aviv was Roger Flury has checked with the Spanish established in 1951. It moved from its old Branch of IAML, and informs us that all its home to a new (and beautiful) building in members are safe. 1996, dedicated to the memory of the pian- ist Felicja Blumental (a pupil of Karl News from Japan Szymanowski, and dedicatee of works by A large SP record collection, belonging Villa Lobos, Penderecki and Lutoslawski). to the Nanki Music Library (founded by Yorisada Tokugawa in 1918 and home to The library, which is in the process of most of the William Hayman Cummings computerizing its collection, houses ap- collection), and which were thought to proximately 85,000 titles of books on mu- have been lost during WWII, were recently sic and scores, 65 periodical titles, 18,000 found in the NHK Hamamatsuchoh Build- records, over 4730 compact discs, videos, ing (Nippon Hohsoh Kyohkai Broadcast- archival collections and a collection of ing Station). musical instruments. 10/19/03, Tsuneko Arakawa The library’s archives house many nota- ble collections. Among the most important Nebraska sheet music ones are the archives of violinist Bronislaw Huberman, of composers Menashe Ravina The Polley Music Library of Lincoln Ci- and Yitzchak Edel, of composer and cellist ty Libraries (Lincoln, Nebraska, USA) has Joachim Stutschewsky, as well as the Fe- been awarded a grant through the Library licja Blumental Collection which includes Services and Construction Act to digitize many scores and recordings from the pian-

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IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and most of the orchestras in the country, choirs and the New Israel Opera. All these and others have benefited for years from the large and varied materials the library has to offer. Through on-line connections the Library is able to supply requested information to international institutions, organizations and private individuals. Irit Schoenhorn

Mahler Rosé collection exhibit Portions of the Gustav Mahler-Alfred Rosé Collection at the University of West- ern Ontario are on exhibit until October at ist’s personal collection. It also includes a the Jüdisches Museum Wien (Jewish Mu- collection of concert programs. These col- seum Vienna). The collection on display at lections are open for research and many the museum consists of original materials scholars from Israel and abroad have bene- such as letters, photographs, telegrams, fited from them. concert programs and music scores. The Western contribution of 71 items is part of The library also has a collection of eth- a larger exhibit about Jewish life in Vienna nic and European musical instruments. during the interwar period. The late Maria Many of these come from the collections C. Rosé, the widow of Music Professor of the late Prof. Edith Gerson-Kiwi, the Alfred Rosé, donated the Mahler-Rosé late violin builder, Moshe Weinstein and Collection to Western in 1983. The collec- others. tion is considered essential material for any The music library has a circulation de- serious scholar involved in research into partment that lends its collection of books, the life and times of the composer, his scores and recordings as well as a refer- brother-in-law Arnold Rosé, and his ence room, periodical collection, an audio- nephew and niece, Alfred and Alma Rosé. visual department and an exhibition hall. The UWO Music Library holds other spe- One of the outstanding exhibitions dis- cial collections. played here was the International Arnold UWO, 4/16/04 Schönberg Exhibition, which was formally opened in the presence of the composer’s Hell’s diaries daughter, in November 1999. New York Univer- The Center’s lovely concert hall which sity’s Elmer Holmes seats 115, offers a wide variety of pro- Bobst Library has grams ranging from chamber concerts, acquired a substantial lectures and master-classes to programs for portion of the per- the city’s school children. A monthly sonal papers of schedule of events is posted in the library Richard Hell, legendary punk rock veteran and sent out to the library’s mailing list. and leader of the Voidoids. There are over These programs are supported by the Fe- 30 feet of material, considered by scholars licja Blumental Foundation. historical documents of the 70s downtown The library’s members and users include New York scene. As well as being an in- musicians, music lovers, schools, institu- fluential musician, Hell has produced sig- tions of higher learning, conservatories, the nificant work as a writer and visual artist

2 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004 and published a collection of pamphlets by Other conferences Patti Smith, former television bandmate Several conferences on music-related Tom Verlaine, renowned rock journo Nick topics will take place in the fall: Tosches and others. • DRH2004 (Digital Resources for the NYU, 1/28/04 Humanities, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, September 5-8). News from Algeria • Wedelmusic 2004 (4th International The BNA (Bibliothèque nationale Conference on Web Delivering of Mu- d’Algérie, Hamma) has opened in January sic, Barcelona, September 13-15). an audiovisual department, which com- • Nadia Boulanger and American Music prises five spaces: audio, video, CD, mi- (Boulder, Colorado, October 7-9). crofiche and slides. It has also a 50-place • ISMIR 2004 (5th International Confer- projection room and a recording studio. ence on Music Information Retrieval, L’Expression, 2/5/04 Barcelona, October 10-14). Librarians are urged to participate, contribute their 5.5 millions CDs for free knowledge and share their needs. In 2002, five of the largest American • SMC’04 (Sound and Music Comput- distributors of recorded music and three ing, Paris, October 20-22). large music retailers had agreed to settle a long-running price-fixing case by paying a New records $67 million sum in cash and distributing The Vienna Philhar- approximately 5.5 million CDs to “public monic Orchestra has just entities and non-profit organizations in released on the DGG label each state to promote music programs.” a boxed set of Beetho- The states involved in the suit have started ven’s nine symphonies, receiving the windfall: each one will now directed by Leonard Bern- decide how to divvy up its chunk of the stein. Its recording of Mahler’s Symphony settlement. In Ohio for instance, the attor- no. 3 conducted by Boulez, released last ney general's office is coming up with a year, has won the 2004 Grammy award in formula that will give $3 million in CDs to the category “best orchestral performance.” libraries based on their circulation and to The French INA-GRM music research school districts based on their enrollment. center has issued in 2003 a CD, “Pierre Akron Beacon Journal, 3/10/04 Henry: Labyrinthe: expédition sonore en The Fairfield Ledger, 4/19/04 10 séquences”, on the occasion of the Stereophile, 10/6/02 commemorating concert for his 75 birth- day, and in which Henry played for the Events, publications first time with sounds created by others – the GRM composers who gave him this IAML events material as a homage. • IAML UK/IRL annual study weekend French national music bibliog- (Dublin, June 11-14). Program, book- raphy ing form and full details are available on the Web site of the group. Col- The electronic version of the music sec- leagues from other countries are wel- tion of the French national bibliography come. lists all the printed music and books about • IAML-IASA 2004 “music and multi- music education published or distributed in media” (Oslo, August 8-13). Don’t for- France, and which reach the legal deposit. get to register on time. Records can be retrieved in Unimarc/ISO

3 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004

2709. The interface is only in French, don’t Standards and Technology forget your dictionary. 3/24/04, Sébastien Gaudelus RISM Data – Music Incipits in MARC21 DigiCULT issues The report of the MARC Advisory Digital Culture (DigiCULT) is a European In- Committee, discussing the “changes formation Society Technologies (IST) Support Measure geared at establishing a regular technology needed to accommodate RISM Data– watch for cultural and scientific heritage. This study Music incipits,” was made available at covers several areas of interest, formulates a series about the time the previous IAML News- of recommendations and provides a roadmap of letter came out. It expresses “concern on how cultural heritage technologies will or could some of the complex coding […]” and on develop in the near future. the lack of consultation on the proposal in ● The fifth thematic issue “Virtual the UK community. Communities and Collaboration in the Heritage Sector”, is now available. It con- Wireless music player centrates on the question of how heritage NETGEAR's new MP101 Wireless Digi- institutions might benefit from fostering tal Music Player is a wireless (802.11b and virtual communities related to core activi- 802.11g) network adapter for home ste- ties such as exhibitions, educational pro- reos. It connects any stereo system in the grammes or in support of scholarly com- household to the wired or wireless home munities. There is growing volume of evi- network, enabling listening to digital music dence to suggest that cultural heritage in- files (MP3, Windows Media) stored on any stitutions' adoption of virtual communities PC from any room in the home on the will broaden the reach, value and relevance home stereo system, as well as streaming of cultural heritage. The vision to link the RealNetworks' Rhapsody™ Internet juke- collections and work of heritage institu- box service. tions with virtual communities promises to considerably change the way we access, The digital future(s) of music communicate about, share our understand- ing of, and participate in the experience of In an interesting article, the Chicago cultural heritage. Sun-Times tries to project into the future the current trends in the way people con- ● The DigiCULT Technology Watch sume and listen to music, as it has evolved Report 2, on “Emerging Technologies for from the invention of recording though the Cultural and Scientific Heritage Sec- subsequent upheavals. It has asked 20 top tor”, has also been published now, and is people of the Chicago music industry to available in low and high resolutions. It “look into [their] crystal ball and tell what examines the following technologies: [they] think the music industry will look - The Application Model like five years from now”: live concerts, - The XML Family of Technologies radio, CDs… While most foresee with glee - Cultural Agents and Avatars, Elec- or gloom the digital future – together with tronic Programming Guides and Per- an increased dematerialization and disap- sonalisation pearance (of media, of shops, of groups, of - Mobile Access to Cultural Information venues… of people?) – John Laurie be- Resources lieves the electronic fad will eventually - Rights Management and Payment pass. Needless to say (but we will), these Technologies trends affect even more so classical music, - Collaborative Mechanisms and Tech- what with the bankruptcy of orchestras, the nologies reduction in the budget of libraries and other such sad events.

4 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004

A glimmer of hope comes from the Music business Opera Company of Brooklyn, which de- cided not to use anymore a computer that replicates an orchestra in place of live mu- US composers doing well sicians. A deal reached with the musicians' ASCAP (the American Society of Com- union explicitly bans the use of the com- posers, Authors and Publishers, represent- puter, known as a virtual orchestra ma- ing over 175,000 composers, lyricists and chine, or any other type of synthetic mu- music publishers) announced record reve- sic, the union and opera announced in early nues of 668 million $, through “the devel- February. The bone of contention is Real- opment of cutting-edge technology, the time Music Solutions’ virtual orchestra, focus on cost reduction and commitment to which is used by some producers to reduce negotiating the best licensing deals for its the number of human orchestra players in members,” according to John LoFrumento, productions and thereby reduce costs. ASCAP chief executive. What will they think of, next – use a com- UPI, 2/11/04 puter to replicate the public? 2/10/04, AP Texas Symphony to recover 3/28/04, Chicago Sun-Times The San Antonio Symphony is on its way back to financial health with a $5.5 Apple shuns RealNetworks million annual budget approved last week RealNetworks offers a digital music ser- by a federal judge. vice called Rhapsody that competes with The San Antonio orchestra is one of Apple’s successful iTunes. The increased three American symphonies in reorganiza- isolation of RealNetworks, crushed be- tion after filing bankruptcy, the others be- tween Microsoft and Apple, has led its ing the 125-year-old San Jose Symphony CEO Rob Glaser to appeal directly to Ap- (CA, fate unknown) and the Colorado ple’s Steve Jobs in a proposal to join forces Springs orchestra (to be reborn as the against Microsoft, but it seems that Apple Colorado Springs Philharmonic). The Flor- hasn’t bitten into the offer. ida Orchestra of Tampa, the Savannah, Mr Glaser issued a veiled warning that it GA. Symphony, and the Washington, D.C., might then be forced to seek a partnership and New York Chamber symphonies have with Microsoft and switch its download recently gone out of business. format from Dolby Advanced Audio UPI, 3/26/04 Coded (AAC, also used by Apple’s iTunes) to Microsoft’s Windows Media The Sony-Bertelsmann music Audio (WMA). merger plans At issue, however, is the music industry The BMG-Sony Music deal will create push to have “bitter” technology rivals, the world's second largest record label, most notably Apple and Microsoft, have behind Universal Music Group. The deal their music download formats interoperate excludes Sony's recorded music business by 2005. The main difficulty is that of con- in Japan. The newly formed company, to verting a file protected by one type of be based in New York, is to be known as digital right management system into an- Sony BMG. other, involving sharing trade secrets and potential sound degradation in the process. Both companies notified EU regulators of their merger Jan. 9, leading the Com- Various reports, 4/16/04 mission to hold an initial review of the deal that is also being investigated by U.S. anti- trust regulators.

5 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004

The European Commission said on April established in 1945 and is known today as 2 that it had suspended its investigation the oldest award honoring conductors for and will ask for more information about their dedication to American music. Past the proposed linkup from the two compa- recipients include Leonard Bernstein, nies and its rivals to evaluate whether the Eugene Ormandy, JoAnn Falletta, Michael deal violates EU competition rules. Tilson Thomas and James DePreist. If eventually approved, the Sony-BMG The Gamecock, 3/24/04 deal would reduce to four the number of major global music companies. Philadelphia Academy of Mu- AP, 4/9/04 sic to receive $15 million gift Four months after Awards, grants a $50 million gift to the Philadelphia Or- Composer Paul Moravec wins chestra, the Annen- berg Foundation is 2004 Pulitzer Prize in music giving $15 million to ASCAP Composer Paul Moravec has the endowment of been awarded the 2004 Pulitzer Prize in the Academy of Music, which will cele- Music for Tempest Fantasy, a chamber brate its 150th anniversary in three years. piece for clarinet and piano trio, which was The latest Annenberg gift brings to at least premiered on May 2, 2003 at Manhattan's $89 million the amount the two philan- Morgan Library by Trio Solisti and clari- thropists have given to the orchestra and netist David Krakauer. The five movement the Academy in the last few decades. Tempest Fantasy is a musical meditation on aspects of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The 2004 Morton Gould Young It will be published by Subito Music in late Composer Award Winners April. A recording will be available on the Arabesque Recordings label in 2004. The ASCAP Foundation has announced the winners of the 2004 ASCAP Founda- The Pulitzer Prize in Music is awarded tion Morton Gould Young Composer "For distinguished musical composition of Awards from among 500 submissions. The significant dimension by an American that winning composers share prizes of ap- has had its first performance in the United proximately $40,000. States during the year." The recipients are: Randall Bauer of Conductor Donald Portnoy re- Princeton, NJ , Kyle Blaha of Rochester, NY (Belleville, IL); Michael Djupstrom of ceives Ditson award Ann Arbor, MI (St. Paul, MN); Avner Donald Portnoy, music director and con- Dorman of New York, NY (Tel-Aviv, Is- ductor of the USC Symphony Orchestra, rael); Kenneth Froelich of Bloomington, was awarded Columbia University's 2004 IN (Chester, PA); Judd Greenstein of New Ditson Conductor's Award. A graduate Haven, CT (NY); Yotam Haber of New from the Juilliard School, Portnoy is York, NY (The Netherlands; Vincent known for both his conducting abilities and Chee-Yung Ho of Los Angeles, CA (Al- his talent as a violinist. He founded the berta, Canada); Takuma Itoh of Houston, American Arts Trio, which has toured in TX (Menlo Park, CA); Vera Ivanova of the US, and South America. Rochester, NY (Moscow, Russia); Jona- The conductor's award is given to one than Keren of New York, NY (Israel); person out of every conductor chosen by Caroline Mallonee of Baltimore, MD the advisory committee. The award was (Durham, NC); Paula Matthusen of Brook- lyn, NY (Tempe, AZ); John Mayrose of

6 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004

Durham, NC (Shelby, NC); Sean Music, such as Aaron Copland, Steve McClowry of New York, NY (Rockford, Reich and Frank Zappa. IL); Nathan Michel of Princeton, NJ • Pennsylvania Radio Associates, Inc., to (Charleston, SC); Karola Obermueller of preserve and restore audio archive of Cambridge, MA (Seeheim, Germany); interviews and documentary radio pro- Daniel Ott of New York, NY (Neptune grams with many pioneers of electronic City, NJ); Norbert Palej of New York, NY and modern music, such as Wendy (Krakow, ); Joshua Penman of Ann Carlos, Robert Moog, Philip Glass, and Arbor, MI (Brookline, MA); Huang Ruo of Pierre Henry, among others. New York, NY (Hainan Island, China); • Trustees of the University of Pennsyl- Wonhee Shin of Cincinnati, OH (Seoul, vania, to produce archival transfers of Korea); David Stovall of New Haven, CT 532 tapes of Philadelphia Orchestra (Fairfax, VA); Wang Xi of Ithaca, NY concerts that were broadcast on the (Shanghai, China); Zhou Tian of Philadel- Philadelphia radio station WFLN be- phia, PA (Hangzhou, China). tween February 1960 and April 1977. Sequenza21, 4/19-26/04 In addition to conductor Eugene Or- mandy, the recordings include guest US Recording Academy grants conductors and soloists such as Ric- cardo Muti, Wolfgang Sawallisch, The Recording Academy announced on Zubin Mehta, Sir Georg Solti and Van 3/24 that more than $650,000 will be pre- Cliburn, among others. sented to 21 projects in the form of Re- cording Academy grants, to benefit a broad The Academy determines grant recipi- spectrum of projects. Among the 2004 ents based on criteria such as merit, grant recipients: uniqueness of project and the ability to • Brandeis University, to preserve its accomplish intended goals. The deadline Electronic Music Collection, which in- each year for submitting grant applications cludes a series of pioneering sound re- is October 1. Applications for 2005 will be cordings made at the University's Elec- available at www.grammy.com/grant.pdf tronic Music Studio in the 1960s, after May 1, 2004. works by James Tenney and Ivan Van- BusinessWire, 24/3/04 dor, Frederic Rzewski, Mauricio Kagel and Robert Voss. Other News of interest • New York Public Library for the Per- forming Arts: to clean, transfer, and la- bel 22 two-inch quadraphonic videos to Newly discovered Renaissance more appropriate formats on beta cam, music digibeta, and DVD. These videos in- A painting by Filippino Lippi (c1457- clude non-commercially issued re- 1504, and pupil of Botticelli, himself stu- hearsals, master classes, and interviews dent of Filippo Lippi, the father of Filip- with the American tenor Jan Peerce. pino), “Madonna and Child with Singing • Other Minds (San Francisco, CA), to Angels”, is currently on exhibit at the Pa- archive, catalog and disseminate the lazzo Strozzi in Florence (until July 11). It materials that comprise the KPFA mu- is only recently that Timothy McGee, pro- sic archives. This analog collection of fessor emeritus in music at the University 5,000 tapes represents more than 3,500 of Toronto, has discovered that the scroll hours of performances and original, held by the angels contains indeed music, live conversations and interviews with whose incipit is identical to that of one of many of the most innovative creators the most popular Renaissance songs (“For- and practitioners of 20th Century New tuna Desperata”), but which then continues

7 IAML Electronic Newletter N° 12 April 2004 differently. Only the first half of this piece composers who have used this simple and is visible. It was given its world premiere memorable theme for at least 350 years (an during the exhibit and can be listened to Alia Vox record says “La Folia: 1490- here, if you can’t go to Florence. 1701)? All you want to know about it – all known compositions, recordings and pub- Discovery Channel, 4/16/04, lications – can be found on the site of Paul The Guardian, 3/10/04 Gabler, aptly named la folia, a musical VPO to digitize its archives cathedral. The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra will P.S. 1 opens a Web radio restore and digitize all its sound archives all the way back to 1929. They comprise Founded in 1971, P.S.1 Contemporary mostly concerts directed by legendary con- Art Center is one of the largest and oldest ductors. The project will aim at allowing arts organizations in the United States sole- one to find any recording by “just pushing ly devoted to contemporary art. On 4/19, it on a button”, as well as editing some of the opened a Web art radio station, which will concerts on CD. broadcast historical audio material from a variety of sources, like the sound archives SwissInfo, 4/2/04 of the Museum of Modern Art. UK first Punjabi music school The Punjabi Academy of Music and Transition Dance, the first school in the UK dedicated solely to Punjabi music and dance, has Huib Deetman, 1934-2003 been set up in West Bromwich. The centre It is with great sadness that we report the will teach Bhangra (a lively form of folk death, on 9th November 2003, of Huib music and dance that originates from Pun- Deetman. From 1969 to 1988, Huib was jab) and aims to promote art and culture. Music Librarian of the Amsterdam Public Gucharan Mall, a teacher at the centre, Library, where he modernised the system said: "It is a big boost for the Midlands and installed a public lending music library with everything happening in .” and discothèque. Within IAML, he played The BBC, 3/26/04 an important role in the Public Libraries Commission. A full obituary will appear in On The Web and elsewhere a future edition of Fontes. Ruth Hellen La Folia online music reviews Nikita Bogoslovsky This gem of a site, started in 1998, con- Russian composer tains a wealth of very interesting in-depth Nikita Bogoslovsky has reviews of classical (and contemporary) died in Russia aged 90. A recordings, contributed by a group of select disciple and close friend writers, under the careful supervision of of composer Alexander the editor, Mike Silverton. One of the re- Glazunov, he wrote 8 cent articles (March 2004) is “Nono’ Shrug symphonies, string quartets, an opera, a at Immortality: La lontananza nostalgica ballet, several operettas and musicals, 300 utopica futura” by composer Grant Chu ballads, as well as music for 120 films and Covell, and is well worth reading. 80 shows (not to forget 9 humor books), Speaking of La Folia surely brings to becoming one of the most famous musical mind Corelli, Marais and maybe Rachman- figures in the Soviet Union. inoff… but what about the more than 150 Pravda, 4/4/04